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MSNBC Jim Miklaszewski 8/11/98 "Five years ago, the Pentagon commissioned a report that predicted an onslaught of terrorist attacks against the United States, but it kept the study secret. NBC News obtained a copy of the classified forecast, titled Terror 2000, and its predictions have come true. DRAFTED BY 41 terrorism experts, the report was considered so disturbing by Pentagon officials that they refused to release it to Congress or the public. "They said: This is outrageous, this is crazy," said Marvin Cetron, an author of the report, explaining the feelings of fellow participants. "They felt it was too far out and it would scare the hell out of the general public."."

Fox News & Dallas Morning News 3/6/99 "…Federal agents failed to tell the security staff for Gov. George W. Bush about a plot by a group of militant separatists to kill him two years ago, The Dallas Morning News reported Saturday. An FBI informant who infiltrated the antigovernment Republic of Texas said he told the agents about two meetings when assassination was discussed. Dudley M. Thomas, director of the state agency that protects the governor, said his officers should have known about the threats. But FBI agents said they didn't confide in the agency because the threats were not considered credible…."

8/18/98 Orlando Sentinel Charley Reese "Contrary to the rhetoric of the Clinton administration and the Beltway Babblers, terrorism is not a criminal act in the ordinary sense. Terrorism is a political act, a response to U.S. foreign policy. It is an act of war waged by people too weak to have a conventional army or one large enough to take on the United States. Therefore, capturing an individual terrorist does not even address the problem. People who execute terrorist actions are expendable, replaceable soldiers. Catch one, kill one, and two will take his place. Because the terrorism is political, so, too, is the solution. One ends terrorism by ending the policies that create it.. The Clinton administration perpetuates this wrong evaluation of reality by implying that terrorists are evil and mad, like some demons, who, for no rational reason, strike out at the innocent. They like to say, as if they were heroic defenders en route to liberate France, ``We will not be deterred.'' Notice, however, that they never say what we will not be deterred from doing. "

WorldNet Daily 9/4/98 Joseph Farah "Forget the sideshow of Monica Lewinsky. It's time for Americans to consider whether Bill Clinton is the man they want in the White House as the world plunges into the brink of political, social, ethnic, religious and economic upheaval. Here are just a few of the hot spots: *The failure of the Russian economy:.*The rise of terrorism: ..*Iran's move toward Afghanistan:. *The resurrection of Saddam Hussein: ..*The instability of central Africa: .*A wider Balkans conflict:.. *The grudge match in central Asia: India and Pakistan.The conflict in Cyprus: .*Israel and the Palestinians.*North Korean threat: .*The U.S. economy in crisis: With the Asian and Russian economies falling like dominoes, the American economic boom appears to be on the verge of failing..*China and Taiwan:. *The Y2K crisis: .There are many more potential flashpoints. All of them are made more dangerous by the vacuum of moral leadership and the lack of commitment to principles and ideals that made America a shining city on a hill. It's time for Americans to get a grip. Bill Clinton is not up to this job.."

Freeper John Wurtz 10/15/98 reports " Central bankers around the world are in sheer terror of what is coming in the world economy. A third of the world is in depression. A third of the world is in recession. We are most of what's left and it looks grim for 1999 as Greenspan sees giant waves of US layoffs looming in the wake of cheap imports and foreigners unable to buy our exports. Forget inflation - we're headed for a serious deflationary recession or worse. Any stock rally may be a last chance to bail out before a massive downturn in the market."


USA Journal Online 10/26/98 Jon Dougherty ".In case you haven't noticed, Hollywood is doing us all a favor for a change. Since not many people believe what they hear on the mainstream media and fewer people read newspapers anymore, Hollywood is using our televisions and movie houses to issue us a warning. Take heed; this is important. A couple of new movie releases - a made-for-television movie on NBC last night and a big screen production to be released this week - are about terror or terrorist-related scenarios in which government must step in to corral the people to "deal" with the problem. This is especially ironic, considering that the U.S. government has been using U.S. cities for U.S. troops to practice "invading" for over three years now. And it is ironic considering what most people who should know have been saying about the very real threat of terrorism in the United States. We've already witnessed some of it at the World Trade Center and, in my opinion, in the shooting down of a U.S. airliner in New York within the past few years... Most potential enemies today have no such fear of the Clinton administration. After watching the Clintonites bungle virtually every foreign policy challenge they've faced for the past six years [and seeing what the Clintons will do for campaign money], they have concluded that their window of opportunity is fast approaching."

USA Journal 12/15/98 Jon Dougherty ".A report cited yesterday in the New York Post should serve as a wake-up call to Americans who are foolishly unconcerned about potential terrorist attacks on our native soil. The Post - citing information gleaned from this week's issue of Time magazine - said that "intelligence sources" told Time that Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Laden "could be targeting New York City and Washington, D.C. for deadly bombing attacks." The Post said "the bloody violence may come as bin Laden plans his revenge on the United States for the cruise-missile attacks that blew up his terrorist camps in Afghanistan last August." "Among other likely city targets are the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, Times Square and Rockefeller Center during the holidays," the report noted. Well, rat's bit. I'd say that considering the bungling of the Clinton administration in the arena of foreign policy over the past six years, this information isn't a shocker but is entirely believable. Bungling foreign policy - while not necessarily affecting our precious stock market -- is aggravating to people of other nations because we allow them to look to this country far too often to solve their problems. But the leaders of other nations are usually interested in having the American taxpayer - not the U.S. State Department - provide these "solutions," if you follow me. Without American money, most countries that look to us for support now would cease to do so in a heartbeat..."

From Freeper Brian Mosely AP 12/15/98 ".Army officials downplayed the threat posed by the spill of 140 gallons of the deadly nerve agent Sarin at the first chemical weapons incinerator in the continental United States.."


New York Times 1/28/99 William J. Broad Judith Miller Freeper Stand Watch Listen ".But civil libertarians and some Administration officials fear that such military power could slowly expand to threaten the privacy, liberty and lives of private citizens. Defenders of the plan, including Pentagon officials, insist that it would do no such thing and that the nation needed homeland defense to deal with terrorists armed with deadly germs, chemicals and skills for attacking the nation's key computer networks.."

San Francisco Examiner 2.2.99 Rob Morse ".AMERICA was settled by people escaping czars, kings and other despots with armies at their disposal. Nowadays the czarist threat is strictly domestic. We already have a drug czar whose troops wage a continually losing war against drugs, despite broad powers of search and seizure. Now we have a terrorism czar with secret armies already in the field, and more to come. I don't know about you, but that terrifies me more than terrorism does. Richard A. Clarke, appointed by President Clinton as the government's counterterrorism coordinator, has a secretive mentality, a desire to raise public fears and an $11 billion annual budget to fight the threats Clinton says are under the bed. That vast space beneath the national box spring has to be filled, now that communism has crawled out and slouched away. Our terrorism czar not only wants to protect America from chemical and biological attack, he wants to protect us from those who attack business and governmental computer systems.. Just what America needs - more SWAT teams, and military ones, even though the military has traditionally been barred from civilian police work. The federal teams, to be attached to the National Guard, are meant to go to the scene of chemical or biological attacks and help local authorities. The teams are to be called Rapid Assessment, Identification and Detection, or RAID, as in the chemical warfare we wage on bugs.. Befitting an age of wide-screen Dolby disaster, Cohen says we live under the threat of "catastrophic terrorism." You'll hear that phrase often in coming months, and it bodes ill for our rights. "We're going to have to reconcile how much we're willing to give up in the way of our individual liberties in order to be secure," said Cohen in a speech in December. ."

Drudge 4/2/99 Freeper Rudder "...In the past 48 hours, the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY in Ft. Meade, Maryland has intercepted information coming out of Yugoslavia -- information involving an apparent plot to target the Georgetown home of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. "The NSA intercepted a discussion of a street address in Georgetown," one well-placed source told the DRUDGE REPORT late Friday from Washington. "When it became clear that it was Albright's house, the agency immediately passed on the information." Albright's house is located in an elite residential section of Georgetown and neighbors have not been officially advised of the development. But word was spreading throughout the neighborhood on Friday. "Why are we not being told about what is going on?" one neighbor questioned. "This is something we should know about! We are walking on eggshells." The WASHINGTON POST is holding details of exactly what was intercepted by the NSA, according to publishing sources. It is not known if the paper is planning to report the development. One resident in Georgetown, that spoke to the DRUDGE REPORT on condition of anonymity, is angry that Albright has not moved to a more secure location during the NATO bombing campaign of Yugoslavia. "She should not be this exposed, living in that house during all of this," said the source, who lives doors down from Albright..."

World Net Daily 2/26/99 David Bresnahan "...Sgt. Jeff Norgrove was a crew chief on board a Night Stalker helicopter. He served in Somalia supporting the Rangers, in Honduras with the Delta Force, and in other areas. He is well acquainted with the training and activities of the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Airborne -- the Night Stalkers. Norgrove added his confirmation that black helicopters do exist and have been flying around U.S. cities on training missions for years. WorldNetDaily has previously reported that Army public affairs officers have also confirmed such reports.... Night Stalkers recently carried Delta Force soldiers in and out of numerous towns in Texas for various training exercises over a two-week period. Operation Last Dance brought controversy when reports in WorldNetDaily were confirmed that live fire was used in civilian areas.... Some Night Stalker training exercises are conducted over U.S. cities without permission from local officials. The goal of such exercises is often to see how far they can go without being detected. Many civilians have faced ridicule over the years for reporting black helicopters coming out of nowhere and disappearing into the night. Such sightings were Night Stalkers on training missions, and the people who reported them should not be labeled as extremists or wackos, according to Norgrove. Night Stalkers often are sent on missions directly into cities to see how far they can get before someone calls 911. They monitor police frequencies and listen for when a complaint comes in. When they are reported to local police they abort the mission.... Norgrove is concerned about the possibility that Night Stalkers and Delta Force soldiers might one day be sent on a mission to fight American citizens. "If it were to ever come down to and actual weapons confiscation scenario, I don't know if I could honestly tell if they would do it or not. I would probably say that 60 percent of them would not do it, because they're well versed about why they're there -- for the Constitution and for domestic and foreign things," he explained. But would they fire on American civilians? "You know what, I would probably guess some of the younger ones would, especially some that are coming out now. Now, when I was in we were pretty rock-steady. We realized what we were there to do was to fight terrorism and outside threats. When we would train in the cities themselves we realized this was training for when we were put elsewhere. That was spelled out to us then. It wouldn't surprise me at all if people took that attitude now. Things have changed quite a bit in the past six or seven years," explained Norgrove. He confirmed that he participated in exercises in which live rounds were used on a number of training missions in U.S. cities. "Now I don't condone that. Especially in a city setting, or even in a rural setting," he commented...."

Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph 3/1/99 "…CIVIL LIBERTARIANS, FOR instance, responded with alarm to a report in The Washington Post that Defense Secretary William Cohen is seeking "a permanent task force, headed by a general officer, to coordinate the military's response to a chemical or biological attack on the United States." …THESE HARSH CRITICISMS are justified when put in context of the administration's overall record on such matters, which shows a pattern of chipping away at various freedoms. For instance, at the administration's behest, Congress inserted a provision in defense authorization legislation last year allowing federal agents to conduct "roving wiretaps" - tapping not only a suspect's phone lines, but the lines of any phones he may be likely to use. The FDIC adopted a regulation requiring banks to provide the government with sensitive information about deposits. The administration has also pushed for such measures as broader federal wiretap authority, expanded federal access to the travel records of suspected terrorists and broader definitions of terrorism to allow federal agents wider investigatory powers…." 6/4/99 Alan Keyes "...But whatever kind of "victory" Bill Clinton claims, I think that the rest of us ought to hang our heads in shame. The NATO campaign has followed a strategy that we know to be wrong and deeply immoral. The moral norms that as a decent and civilized people we have worked to establish condemn a strategy that aims to break and destroy the civilian people of a country in order to achieve political objectives. The classic definition of terrorism is the use of force against civilians in order to get them to do your bidding as a result of the terror induced in their hearts. And we have been practicing a strategy based on just such a use of force..."

WorldNetDaily 6/3/99 Tanya K. Metaksa "....Now when one Hollywood celebrity suggests that a Hollywood icon should be "shot" there are no editorials, no gnashing of teeth, just deafeningly cold silence. Has Spike Lee forgotten his civil rights history? As president of the Screen Actor's Guild, Charlton Heston led the Hollywood contingent of no more than 30 (including those that came from New York) to the now famous 1963 March on Washington. Remember most "parlor liberals" didn't participate in "the March." If Spike Lee knew anything about Charlton Heston he would have read his book, "In the Arena," and know it ends with an excerpt from Dr. King's famous speech. But America's civil rights history also has its birthplace in the struggle to own firearms..... But, there is the rest of the story. Because of this "racial incident" the Ku Klux Klan in 1927 lobbied for the passage of Michigan's first gun control law, which required citizens to acquire purchase permits after mandatory inspections prior to acquiring a gun. Guess who this law was aimed at? ....In self-defense the Monroe chapter of the NAACP decided to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. In 1957, 60 members of the Monroe chapter of the NAACP affiliated with the National Rifle Association of America. They received firearms training. And, when the Klan motored in for another night of tyranny, they came face to face with the Second Amendment. The terrorists failed that night because one right prevailed. You see, Spike Lee, the Second Amendment is colorblind. You may think it funny to suggest that someone who has been and remains in the forefront of our civil rights struggles should be shot. But I don't. I didn't think it was funny when Ice-T and Time Warner recorded a song called "Cop Killer," and neither did Charlton Heston. He stood before the Time Warner Board of Directors at their annual meeting and read to them the disgusting lyrics that advocated killing cops. You may not agree with Charlton Heston, but you know where he stands: fighting for freedom....."

New York Times 6/25/99 Stephen Labaton "...An unusual coalition of liberals and conservatives persuaded the House of Representatives to approve legislation Thursday to make it much harder for Federal and state law enforcement authorities to confiscate property before they bring criminal charges in narcotics and other cases. By an unexpectedly lopsided vote of 375 to 48, the House for the first time rolled back 30 years of criminal measures passed at the height of Government "wars" on drugs and terrorism. Those measures substantially broadened the power of Federal and state authorities to seize houses, cars, cash, boats, planes and other assets before filing criminal charges. But in recent years the seizure of property from people who were never convicted -- and in some cases never even faced charges -- raised concerns among both liberals and conservatives that the powers were being abused....."


Seattle Times 7/18/99 John Omicinski "...Infighting and confusion among eight Cabinet departments and 96 federal agencies have left the nation without a national strategy against terrorists or states developing arsenals of so-called weapons of mass destruction, said a panel led by former CIA Director John Deutch and former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa. "The U.S. government is not effectively organized to combat proliferation" of terror weapons, the report concluded.... "Nearly nine years after this wake-up call," said the report, "and after billions of dollars of (weapons of mass destruction) technology expenditures, we see that there has been relatively little progress made in any of the areas vital to combating WMD proliferation." ....The report revealed that fissionable material had been stolen seven times from Russian facilities since 1992, but it didn't speculate where the bomb-making agents wound up. Indirectly, the report pointed a finger of blame at President Clinton. Better government organization could not overcome "a lack of commitment at the top," it said, while calling on the president to appoint a "National Director for Combating Proliferation." National Security Director Sandy Berger is too overwhelmed to focus on proliferation, said Specter, and a "czar" is needed with direct access to the president and the power to knock heads among the departments...."

Insight 8/9/99 J Michael Waller "...Proliferators of weapons of mass destruction have found creative ways of financing their doomsday work -- through unwitting American investors. So concludes a bipartisan commission chaired by former CIA director John M. Deutch..... The Deutch commission recommends that the federal government consider options for denying proliferators access to U.S. capital markets, including national-security disclosure requirements for foreign-government-controlled or -affiliated organizations seeking entry to U.S. capital markets. Among the U.S.-based financial houses managing Communist Chinese bonds are CS First Boston, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan Securities and Chase Manhattan. The financial section of the 280-page Deutch report vindicates years of lonely work by Roger W. Robinson of the Center for Security Policy. Formerly senior director of international economic affairs on President Reagan's National Security Council, Robinson virtually has been alone in warning that Communist China's multibillion-dollar bond issues in the United States are duping U.S. investors into bankrolling Beijing's secret weapons-of-mass-destruction programs -- weapons that China willingly provides to regimes such as Iran, Iraq, Libya and North Korea....." 7/20/99 MENL "…The commission, headed by former CIA director John Deutsch, criticizes U.S. preparations for a biological, chemical and nuclear attack as insufficient. The report is to warn that Washington is likely to face an increasing danger from weapons of mass destruction by non-Western countries. Analysts agreed. "In the last three years, hatred in some quarters against the U.S. has increased," said . Robert W. Chandler, an author and expert on weapons of mass destruction. "At the same time, technology has advanced to the point that the WMD battle can be brought to our shores as well as on a foreign battlefield. The commission's bleak assessment is a correct one, and the U.S. needs to take decisive steps now to prevent and counter WMD attacks." U.S. official say terrorists could also employ such weapons. They said terrorists, particularly Islamic militants, are adapting advanced technology, including the use of encryption to relay instructions and terrorist plans without fear of them being intercepted by Western law enforcement. "Some of the fundamentalist groups -- I could talk about this at a different session -- use communications which are designed to avoid surveillance," FBI director Louis Freeh told the House Armed Services Committee July 13. "And encryption is, of course, a tool that is known to them and available to them." …..

The Center For Security Policy 7/21/99 "... Why was President Clinton's Rose Garden statement yesterday -- in which he urged Senate hearings this fall and final action on the 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty -- all but ignored today by the Nation's leading newspapers?.... Whatever the reason, the White House press corps' failure to publicize these presidential remarks does not bode well for the power-play that anti-nuclear activists within and outside the Clinton-Gore Administration hope to unleash in the next few weeks in a bid to secure Senate advice and consent to this controversial and fatally flawed accord....The following were among the more egregious misrepresentations in Mr. Clinton's statement: "We have, today, a robust nuclear force." The fact is that we are not sure whether today's U.S. deterrent is "robust." In the interval since 1992, when the United States unilaterally suspended its underground nuclear test program, officials at the national laboratories responsible for certifying the stockpile have been reduced to making informed guesses about the actual condition of our arsenal.... "Nuclear experts affirm that we can maintain a safe and reliable deterrent without nuclear tests." Actually, some do; some don't. In fact, until Mr. Clinton's first Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary blackmailed the U.S. nuclear laboratories into agreeing to support the CTBT, virtually no one in positions of responsibility for the American deterrent believed that it could be safely and reliably maintained in the absence of periodic underground testing... "If our Senate fails to act, the treaty cannot enter into force for any country." The implication is that if, on the other hand, the Senate does act, the CTBT will come into force. This is not the case. Unless and until all other nuclear powers -- including North Korea, which has shown no interest in joining the treaty regime -- become state parties, the Comprehensive Test Ban cannot, by its own terms, come into force.... He declared: "The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty will strengthen our national security by constraining the development of more advanced and more destructive nuclear weapons, and by limited the possibilities for more countries to acquire nuclear weapons. It will also enhance our ability to detect suspicious activities by other nations." In fact, due to the inherent unverifiability of a "zero-yield" Comprehensive Test Ban, there is no way to say for certain whether other nations are exploiting the ability to conduct undetectable low-yield and/or de-coupled tests to develop "more advanced and more destructive nuclear weapons." .....More to the point, there is now an active world market for nuclear weapons-related know-how and technology. Nations no longer need to test their own nuclear devices; they can buy tested ones from the likes of Russia and China..... "

APWashington 7/25/99 Cassandra Burrell "…Today's terrorists find ways to raise their own money -- through drug trafficking, for example -- rather than rely on direct help from foreign governments, the State Department's acting counterterrorism coordinator said Friday….. Groups involved in the bombing nearly a year ago of U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, he said, ``are more in the mold of the new terrorist threat -- groups that are often self-financed with less direct linkage to state sponsors.'' ….A growing connection of narcotics trafficking and terrorism can be seen around the globe, Sheehan said. ``You can see it in Colombia, all the way through the Bekaa Valley in the Middle East, all the way out to South Asia and in Afghanistan and in other parts of the world,'' he said…. Today's terrorists also are more violent. ``These terrorists want a `body count,''' Sheehan said. ``For this reason, our efforts against terrorism must remain strong and consistent.'' …"

AP National Jeannine Aversa 7/25/99 "…The Clinton administration is preparing to allow U.S. companies to sell food and medicine to three countries listed as terrorist states -- Iran, Libya and Sudan. The regulations are expected to be issued soon and would allow U.S. companies to obtain a license from the Treasury Department to sell food and medicine to three countries, a department official said Friday….."

World Net Daily 7/23/99 Jon Dougherty "…Under the auspices of combating illegal drugs, guarding borders and preventing terrorism, new provisions in the House and Senate Defense Appropriations Bills seek to increase the use of the U.S. military in domestic law enforcement. According to sources, the bill would end the requirement for local law agencies to reimburse the federal government for any local use of military equipment, as well as enable the Department of Defense to deploy military troops in cases of anticipated or actual terrorist attacks….. For example, one provision would remove the requirement for local law enforcement agencies to reimburse the DOD for use of military resources, at the discretion of the Secretary of Defense. "That is currently the main practical check on the use of military equipment by local police," Kopel told WorldNetDaily. He added that he is worried about an overall growth in the federal government's "tendency to militarize local police officers." …"

Washington Post 7/26/99 William Cohen "…The United States now faces something of a superpower paradox. Our supremacy in the conventional arena is prompting adversaries to seek unconventional, asymmetric means to strike our Achilles' heel. At least 25 countries, including Iraq and North Korea, now have -- or are in the process of acquiring and developing -- weapons of mass destruction. Of particular concern is the possible persistence in some foreign military arsenals of smallpox, the horrific infectious virus that decimated entire nations down the ages and against which the global population is currently defenseless. Also looming is the chance that these terror weapons will find their way into the hands of individuals and independent groups -- fanatical terrorists and religious zealots beyond our borders, brooding loners and self-proclaimed apocalyptic prophets at home. This is not hyperbole. It is reality. Indeed, past may be prologue….What would that day look like? A biological agent would sink into the respiratory and nervous systems of the afflicted. The speed and scope of modern air travel could carry this highly contagious virus across hemispheres in hours. Indeed, the invisible contagion would be neither geographically nor numerically limited, infecting unsuspecting thousands -- with many, in turn, communicating the virus to whomever they touch. The march of the contagion could accelerate astoundingly, with doctors offering little relief. Hospitals would become warehouses for the dead and the dying. A plague more monstrous than anything we have experienced could spread with all the irrevocability of ink on tissue paper. Ancient scourges would quickly become modern nightmares… As part of a federal interagency effort launched last year by President Clinton and led by the National Security Council, the Defense Department is doing its part to prepare the nation for the catastrophic consequences of an attack that unleashes these horrific weapons…. First, any military assistance in the wake of a domestic attack must be in support of the appropriate federal civilian authority -- either the Department of Justice or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Second, an unequivocal and unambiguous chain of responsibility, authority and accountability for that support must exist. Third, military assistance should not come at the expense of our primary mission -- fighting and winning our nation's wars… Fourth, our military response efforts will be grounded primarily in the National Guard and Reserve…. Special National Guard teams are being positioned around the nation to advise and assist communities upon request. Finally, we must not and trample on American lives and liberties in the name of preserving them. Fears about the military's role in domestic affairs are unfounded, as evidenced by a long history of reasonable and successful military support to communities ravaged by natural disasters, such as fire and flood…."

AP 7/23/99 Michael Sniffen "…The FBI halted the popular public tours of its headquarters building Friday for an indefinite period in response to an unconfirmed, nonspecific threat against bureau facilities in this city, a spokesman said. NBC News reported that the threat concerned possible terrorist attacks by followers of Osama bin Laden, the wealthy Islamic radical who is charged in this country with masterminding last August's bombings of U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people, including 12 Americans. Law enforcement officials, requesting anonymity, would say only that ``recent events suggest it's fairly evident Bin Laden's followers would be the prime suspects.''…"

WorldNetDaily 7/26/99 "...The government has announced that it "requires a new smallpox vaccine to deal with the consequences if smallpox were used as a terrorist weapon against the civilian population." That announcement, via the Commerce Daily Bulletin, was the first time the government has asked for smallpox vaccine to be manufactured in over 26 years. The virus is supposed to have been officially eradicated from the face of the earth in 1972, but few believe that it was. There have long been reports that some countries and terrorist organizations have secret smallpox samples and have been developing the virus as a bio-weapon. The United States currently has only 15.4 million doses of vaccine and last Wednesday the government not only put out a call for a minimum of 40 million additional doses of vaccine, but also said it sought vaccine manufacturers who could "achieve FDA licensure and initiate large-scale production of a new vaccine in the shortest time possible."... According to the articles' writer, Richard Preston (author of the best-selling "The Hot Zone," about the deadly African Ebola virus) the U.S. government has a classified list of over 11 nations or groups suspected of either already having a secret stockpile of smallpox, or of trying to steal, or buy one. This list includes Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Cuba and Serbia. Also suspected are the terrorist organization of Osama bin Laden and the Aum Shinrikyo sect of Japan which released nerve gas in a Tokyo subway in 1995. Preston points out that last year "North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan in a test. ... " 7/29/99 "...- The Clinton administration has launched an effort to warn Americans that they are susceptible to a biological or chemical weapons attack. .... "A chemical or biological strike on American soil could quickly surpass any community's ability to cope," Cohen wrote. U.S. military officials said the Cohen article was part of a government effort to make Americans aware of the nonconventional weapons threat. They said the Pentagon and other U.S. agencies agree with a recent report by former Central Intelligence Agency director John Deutch that urged more cooperation between agencies and greater measures to prepare for a biological attack....."

Navy News & Undersea Technology 8/2/99 Lisa Troshinsky "...Due to the increased threat of terrorism on U.S. soil, the Navy and Coast Guard are transforming their capability from protecting U.S. ships in foreign ports to protecting their ships in U.S. ports. At the same time, with the availability of new technologies, the services are beefing up their ability to protect U.S. assets in ports worldwide. The United States is now able to deploy heavily-armed small boats, underwater sensors, and command and control capabilities to U.S. ports where U.S. aircraft carriers or Military Sealift Command (MSC) ships, that have less security, are loading up for deployment overseas. ...The regional head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation counter-terrorist operations stated that a large number of portable weapons have passed into the hands of various organizations since the break-up of the Soviet Union and that the expectation is that sooner or later these weapons will be used against CONUS (Continental U.S.) targets. Previously, the protection of U.S. ports was primarily a Coast Guard mission; but with the increased threat, the Navy has stepped in to help carry out the new mission. To replace or purchase updated equipment needed to protect U.S. ports, the Navy and Coast Guard are currently buying hardware. Also, a Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) working group to review asymmetrical warfare and coastal security was started three to four months ago to review capabilities. ...."

New York Post 8/5/99 Niles Lathem "... Eight months after landing on the FBI's Most Wanted list, terror kingpin Osama bin Laden has become one of the most popular figures in the Middle East - with thousands of fanatics now ready to do his bidding. And U.S. officials fear that the millionaire Saudi expatriate - bunkered down with his four wives and 15 children in a remote mountain region in Afghanistan - is set to activate his followers for a series of new attacks on U.S. interests - including financial centers in New York. "He's bigger than life because of all the focus on him. He's got followers he doesn't even know about ready to die for him," said terrorism expert Harvey Kushner of Long Island University. ...Law-enforcement agencies are said to be particularly concerned about some kind of attack on New York and have recommended stepped-up security at the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank. "I believe he is operating under the assumption that if the United States is going to go after his money, then he's going to go after America's money," said Kenneth Katzman, a former CIA analyst now at the Congressional Research Service. More chilling still is the possibility that bin Laden has acquired chemical weapons. Experts say there is evidence that there have been meetings between al-Qaeda operatives and Iraqi chemical scientists, and that bin Laden has constructed crude laboratories for chemical-weapons development in Afghanistan...."


Drudge (Tomorrow's Washington Post) 8/7/99 "...According to publishing sources, the Sunday WASHINGTON POST will feature an explosive article exploring a new book by two Chinese colonels who advocate "terrorism, narcotics trafficking, drug smuggling, environmental degradation and computer viruses" as methods to defeat America in the "war of the future"! POST reporter John Pomfret was granted a rare interview in Beijing with Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, the authors of "Unrestricted War" -- both of whom express a deep fear of an America that imposes its ways around the world through various methods including war..... "

Kanwa news 7/10/99 "...The Chinese press has highly praised a newly published book called 'Go-beyond-the-limit War' recently. Inside the Chinese army, some scholars believe that this book will give a birth to a new military thinking in China. Co-authored by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, both the senior colonels of the Chinese air force, this book was published by the Literature and Art Publishing House of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. .... The so-called 'GBLW' means mainly include the action of computer hacking, the city guerillas, and the 'financial terrorism' etc.. The book states, 'although China is not wealthy, it is not a problem for it to spend 100 billion US dollars in attacking an unprepared power. This is enough to create a financial crisis'. ...."

Washington Post 8/8/99 John Pomfret "...Among their sometimes creative and sometimes shocking proposals for dealing with a powerful adversary are terrorism, drug trafficking, environmental degradation and computer virus propagation. The authors include a flow chart of 24 different types of war and argue that the more complicated the combination - for example, terrorism plus a media war plus a financial war - the better the results. From that perspective, "Unrestricted War" marries the Chinese classic, "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, with modern military technology and economic globalization...."

WORLD TRIBUNE.COM 8/9/99 "...Saudi fugitive Osama Bin Laden is believed to have up to 20 nuclear bombs and is seeking to launch a massive terrorist strike against the United States, a congressional investigator and author says. Yosef Bodansky, a researcher of the House Task Force for Counterterrorism and author of a new book on Bin Laden, told a news conference on Friday that Bin Laden has been seeking to follow up on his bombings of two U.S. embassies in east Africa one year ago. Echoing U.S. officials, Bodansky said Bin Laden was thwarted in plans to blow up the U.S. embassy and two consulates in India in last December and January. Bin Laden has biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, Bodansky said. The nuclear weapons include suitcase bombs acquired through Chechniyan rebels and received technical help from Iraq..... Bodansky said Bin Laden remains in Afghanistan. He said the Saudi is located in Islam Darva, about 80 kilometers northwest of Kandahar. When he wants to communicate with the outside world, he travels to Jalalabad...."

NATIONAL PRESS CLUB 8/6/99 "...PRESS CONFERENCE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB MORNING NEWSMAKER WITH YOSSEF BODANSKY, AUTHOR; SUBJECT: INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM NATIONAL PRESS CLUB WASHINGTON, D.C. 10:00 A.M. EDT FRIDAY, AUGUST 6, 1999 "...MR. BODANSKY:... Essentially, if one is to sum up the situation today as far as international terrorism, Islamic terrorism is concerned, we're sitting on a volcano. We feel the earth rumbling, with perhaps the smoke coming from a variety of cracks. Everybody knows that eruption is essentially inevitable, probably imminent, but nobody knows where it's going to erupt, how soon, and exactly where.... The first key event took place in the first days of December last year, in that when bin Laden received the fatwah, a religious decree from the high court of Afghanistan, the leading Ulama -- religious court -- permitting, among other things, the use of weapons of mass destruction against innocents -- against American civilians. Terrorists in the past have had weapons of mass destruction -- never in the quantity and quality of bin Laden's -- and we'll go into that in a few minutes. The important thing is never have they had any authorization to use them. And this is the first time, considering the fact that bin Laden is the guest of the Taliban, he is seeking permission, justification or legitimization to use these weapons from the same group of learned individuals that also guide the Taliban is of extreme importance. Then, on July 15, Sheik Omar Bakri Muhammad, an individual that sits in London and defines himself as the "eyes and ear" of bin Laden, issued an open letter to bin Laden that was read in the mosque the next day, Friday the 16th, in which he urged him to come and strike out now. The letter itself is of extreme importance because of bin Laden's agreement with the Taliban. In accordance with that agreement, bin Laden is not to initiate anything, but as an emir, he is obliged by Islamic law to answer the demand of his disciples to lead them in a jihad if they so wish. So there is this greater justification for him to do something without violating his agreement with the Taliban....."

NATIONAL PRESS CLUB 8/6/99 "... Bin Laden does have chemical, biological -- a diverse collection of chemical, biological weapons, as well as nuclear weapons. This is a few of the ex-Soviet suitcase bombs acquired through the Chechens. Far more important than the possession of items of one kind or another, including production capacity, is the fact that his organization has been able to recruit a large number of experts, including experts in weaponization and experts in delivery. Most of them are what we call "lily white," i.e., they have never been in any trouble with security services in any country, so we don't have anything about their faces, fingerprints and the like. And they can operate wherever they want to...."

Associated Press 8/8/99 William Mann "...Sen. Orrin Hatch predicted Sunday the United States eventually will make an example of Osama bin Laden but refused to say whether that might include killing the accused terrorist leader. Hatch, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the CIA and FBI know where bin Laden is, generally know what he is doing and are aware that top Arabs are funneling money to him, Hatch said. ``Ultimately, we're going to get him,'' predicted Hatch, a Utah Republican seeking the GOP presidential nomination. ``And ultimately, we're going to make an example of a person who literally is causing death all over the world, or at least trying to cause death all over the world.'' ..."

NATIONAL PRESS CLUB 8/6/99 "...We have high hopes that they will indeed be able to deliver bin Laden or any of his assistants. But beyond what we know or don't know about the inner dynamics of the Pakistani government, there is a very, very simple objective logic to it. Bin Laden is the hottest commodity. The moment they hand him over to the United States, alive or dead, they're not going to have it any more. They will not be able to dangle it and to trade it for support, understanding or anything else from the West. So it does not serve their national purpose to hand him over. Furthermore, as Pakistan is getting more and more into a variety of rogue-state behavior in the nuclear field and vis-a-vis India, they need greater and greater, quote "understanding," unquote, from the United States. Therefore, they need to heighten and to increase the value of the bin Laden commodity. And the only way to increase the value of the bin Laden commodity is to make the United States want him even more. And why should we want him even more? After he strikes again...."

BBC 8/8/99 "...India's Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee, has called on the United States to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. He was speaking at a rally in the northern state of Punjab - bordering Pakistan - at the start of his campaign for September's general election. Delhi accuses Islamabad of supporting insurgents in Indian-administered Kashmir. Addressing large crowds, Mr. Vajpayee accused Pakistan of renewed cross-border attacks in Kashmir, and said it was trying to open up new fronts with India. "Peace with Pakistan is not possible until Pakistan withdraws the terrorists. I assure the countrymen that the neighbours will not be allowed to succeed in their attempts," Mr. Vajpayee told supporters in the industrial town of Ludhiana. Pakistan has denied involvement in the 10-week military conflict in the Kargil sector of Kashmir...."

Inside The Navy 8/9/99 Christopher Castelli "... Deadly foreign-sponsored terrorism will bloody American soil in the 21st century, and the United States and other major powers will struggle to contain foreign crises similar to Kosovo and Rwanda, says an assessment by a national security commission chartered by the Pentagon. In the next 25 years, U.S. citizens on American soil will increasingly become targets of foreign terrorists armed with weapons of mass destruction, the commission will tell Defense Secretary William Cohen on Aug. 15 when it submits a report on the future global security environment....But some key themes planned for the first of the commission's three reports -- the threat of terrorism and WMD, the possible failure of states, and the crises that can happen when governments lose control -- echo observations first made in 1997 by the QDR and the National Defense Panel. Based on the summary, dated July 1, the Hart-Rudman commission's first report is likely to paint a grim picture of a world in which today's understanding of geography, technology, and ethics will certainly be challenged in new ways -- frequently with potentially dangerous consequences....Increasingly, the United States will become subject to terrorism attacks that military superiority will be helpless to prevent, the summary states. "For the first time since the War of 1812, Americans will die on continental American soil, potentially in substantial numbers, as a result of foreign action," the summary predicts...."

Hot Daily News - ISLAMABAD, Pakistan 8/9/99 AP "...One year after terrorist bombs ravaged its embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and killed 224 people, the United States is no closer to arresting the man it believes masterminded the attacks. Washington has put suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden on its 10 Most Wanted List, offered a $5 million reward for his arrest and tried to make international pariahs of his hosts, Afghanistan's Taliban rulers. The efforts have largely failed. Because of fresh but unspecified terrorist threats, the United States is closing embassies and halting its popular public tours of FBI headquarters in Washington......The Taliban, who control 90 percent of the country and preach probably the harshest brand of Islam operating in the world today, seem unlikely to give up a man extolled as a hero by radical Islamic groups. In July, however, the Taliban did end their pretense of not knowing where bin Laden was, acknowledging he still lived in Afghanistan and still was a guest to be protected. They also denied reports he was planning to seek sanctuary in another Islamic country....``Bin laden is training his own people for terrorist activities around the world,'' said an Afghan who once trained with bin Laden at Tora Bora, also in eastern Afghanistan. ``They include Sudanese, Algerians, Tajiks, Iranians and Egyptians,'' he said. ``Osama has dozens of camps. They train on anti-aircraft guns, explosives, chemical and biological weapons.'' The same Afghan warrior, who didn't want to be identified because he feared for his life, said he had been trained to use chemical and biological weapons. The training was conducted by a North Korean.

UPI 8/10/99 "...The Clinton administration warns Americans (Tuesday) that they should avoid travel in the tribal areas of northwest Pakistan along the frontier with Afghanistan, where indicted bomber Osama Bin Laden has found safe haven. The State Department says there is a "growing body of information" suggesting Bin Laden, who has been indicted for masterminding the bombing last year of American embassies in east Africa, is planning an attack against U.S. interests in the Northwest Frontier Provinces of Pakistan. .."

SPECIAL TO WORLD TRIBUNE.COM 8/11/99 "...U.S. military planes carrying commandos have landed in Pakistan in what appears to be the start of an offensive against Saudi fugitive bomber Osama Bin Laden, Arab reports said. The reports said the U.S. warplanes landed in Islamabad on Monday. The United States has denied the report. Bin Laden is believed to be hiding in Afghanistan and the ruling Taliban faction have called on Muslims to stop the incursion by Washington. Al-Jazeerah television, monitored by the BBC in Jordan, said the two planes landed at two airports around Islamabad. It said dozens of U.S. military commandos took up combat positions near the planes and barred anyone from approaching the area. Al-Jazeerah reported that the operation was in apparent preparation for a military strike against Bin Laden. Bin Laden has been accused by the United States of having responsibility for the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania a year ago that killed at least 226 people, including 12 Americans. Earlier, the Afghani opposition on Monday accused the ruling Taliban of massacring hundreds of villagers in territory north of Kabul captured and occupied for three days last week...." PTI 8/12/99 "...DUBAI: The privately-owned Qatari television Al Jazeera has stood by its report that US military planes had landed in Pakistan with commandos to strike at terrorist mastermind and Saudi dissident Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. The television's correspondent in Islamabad in a late night telecast on Tuesday said his information came both from well-informed Pakistani sources and the Pakistan-backed Taliban, which is fighting to extend its control over the remaining 10 per cent of territory in Afghanistan. The correspondent said the US embassy in Islamabad had been secretly evacuating its diplomatic staff fearing retaliation from the Taliban backers. Already about 75 Americans had left Pakistan....."

WorldNet Daily 8/12/99 J R Nyquist "... According to Yosef Bodansky, a researcher attached to the House counter-terrorism task force, a Middle East terrorist is now believed to have as many as 20 suitcase nuclear bombs. In addition, this same terrorist is alleged to possess biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction. Supposedly, Chechnyan rebels managed to steal nuclear suitcase bombs from the Russian military. These bombs were then smuggled out of Russia and sold to Osama bin Laden, an international fugitive and terrorist hiding in Afghanistan..... More recently, Clinton Administration officials have accused Osama bin Laden of plotting bomb attacks against the United States Embassy and two consulates in India. The U.S. government has offered five million dollars to anyone who provides information leading to bin Laden's arrest or conviction. In Afghanistan bin Laden is considered a war hero for risking his life in the struggle against Moscow's client armies. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Afghans were dismayed at the idea that bin Laden was a threat to America....Bodansky's sources, however, are suspect. One must always treat the claims of Russian officials with near-total skepticism. Can we really believe that the anti-Soviet bin Laden would work closely with former Soviet commandos who were his deadly enemies in the past? And what sort of Russian special forces soldier would assist an anti-Russian terrorist? It is doubtful that any such person has ever existed in the ranks of Soviet or Russian special forces. In the last analysis, it is more likely that Bodansky has been fed false information. The same goes for the Saudis, who have probably been duped by Russian intelligence agents.... The most alarming thing about the bin Laden story is the way it helps the nuclear war strategy of the Kremlin. According to the highest ranking defector from the Russian General Staff, Colonel Stanislav Lunev, a surprise Russian nuclear strike would begin with the deployment of 7,000 Spetsnaz commandos to the United States.....The United States early warning network consists of three DSP launch detection satellites and six radars. The satellites are presently in geosynchronous orbit over the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. These satellites are able to detect Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) and Submarine Launch Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs) once their engines are ignited during a launch sequence. Each of the three DSP satellites has a ground station with uplinks. If these ground stations are destroyed by suitcase nukes, and if the early warning radars are damaged, the United States would be blinded....Now that we've been told that any Spetsnaz commandos caught on American soil are probably working for bin Laden, we will be looking the wrong way...."

FoxNews Reuters 8/15/99 "...Afghanistan's ruling Islamic Taliban movement is holding talks with the United States about Saudi-born terrorism suspect Osama bin Laden, an independent Afghan news agency with good Taliban contacts said Sunday. Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) quoted informed sources as saying New York was the venue for the first talks since Washington ordered a cruise missile strike on bin Laden's suspected Afghan hideouts on August 20 last year. The Pakistan-based agency said the Taliban had made it clear to the United States that bin Laden, accused of masterminding U.S. embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam a year ago, remained their "guest'' and they would not ask him to leave...." 8/6/99 Preston Mendenhall "...Until now, it's been the stuff of movie scripts and science fiction. A mad leader or terrorist from a rogue state threatens the world with a pilfered nuclear arsenal. But heading into the new millennium, there appears to be a precariously thin line between fact and fiction. The "nuclear club" is now host to nuclear armed powers with uncertain futures, smaller states with large agendas and a host of pretenders probing the perimeter for a way inside. ...'

Agence France Presse 8/9/99 "... A series of bomb attacks allegedly carried out by Moslem extremists have rocked two southern Philippines provinces, injuring two people and spreading panic, officials said Monday. A homemade bomb allegedly planted by the Abu Sayyaf group exploded early Monday inside a high school in Basilan province, causing no injuries but forcing officials to suspend classes for the day, provincial governor Wahab Akbar said. The school blast came barely 12 hours after Abu Sayyaf rebels Sunday night lobbed a grenade into the provincial office of the education department in Basilan, wounding a security guard and a passerby. The victims, Ramon Duran and Saudi Maulana, were rushed to a nearby hospital where they are in critical condition, Akbar said. Meanwhile, two homemade bombs allegedly planted by the larger rebel group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) also exploded in Ipil town in Zamboanga del Sur province Sunday evening, but caused no injury. The first explosive, placed outside a restaurant in Ipil went off about 8:00 p.m. (1200 GMT). Seconds later, a second explosion was heard outside an electronics store some 500 meters (yards) away from the restaurant, local military spokesman Major Albert Gapilano said. ..."

Agence France Presse 8/10/99 "...Eight Britons and two Algerians were condemned as terrorists Monday by a Yemeni court and jailed for between seven months and seven years for planning a murderous bombing campaign. Judge Jamal Mohammad Omar, pronouncing the guilty verdicts, told a packed Aden court the 10 men had "associated to form an armed gang intending to carry out murderous acts of sabotage and terrorism." Defence lawyers immediately lodged an appeal. Two British Moslems, Mohsin Ghalain, 18, stepson of London-based Islamic firebrand Abu Hamza al-Masri, and Malek Harhara, 26, of Yemeni origin, were both jailed..."

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 7/8 1999 Jonathan B. Tucker & Amy Sands "...In a January speech to the National Academy of Sciences, President Clinton warned that "the enemies of peace realize they cannot defeat us with traditional military means" and are therefore working on "new forms of assault," including chemical and biological weapons (CBW).....At first glance, the threat of chemical and biological terrorism seems to be increasing. Before the late 1980s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) typically encountered about a dozen incidents a year involving terrorist threats or actual attempts to acquire or use chemical or biological materials-or (rarely) radiological or nuclear materials. In 1997, however, the FBI opened 74 investigations involving CBW or nuclear materials, and in 1998, it launched 181 investigations.1 Nevertheless, about 80 percent of these cases turned out to be hoaxes and the remainder were threats, small-scale attacks, and failed attempts at delivery. In the United States, a mass-casualty attack with a chemical weapon has never occurred-and only one successful incident of biological terrorism has been reported. In 1984, members of the Oregon-based Rajneeshee cult deliberately contaminated restaurant salad bars in the town of The Dalles with salmonella bacteria, affecting 751 people temporarily with a diarrheal illness. Their objective was not to kill people but rather to sicken voters and keep them at home so as to throw the outcome of a local election in the cult's favor..... ....."

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 7/8 1999 Jonathan B. Tucker & Amy Sands "...The historical record suggests that only a tiny minority of terrorists will be motivated to carry out an indiscriminate chemical or biological attack, and that few if any of this subset will possess the necessary technology and expertise to actually accomplish it.

Thus, the most likely incidents of chemical or biological terrorism in the future will involve hoaxes and relatively small-scale attacks. Moreover, although chemical or biological agents are often termed "weapons of mass destruction," some terrorists have sought to employ such agents in a limited manner to assassinate individuals. Of course, governments cannot afford to be complacent about the potential for high-casualty chemical and biological attacks by terrorists who gain access to military-grade agents and delivery systems-particularly if they receive assistance from a state..... Nevertheless, ad hoc or "transnational" terrorist organizations, such as the group that bombed the World Trade Center, have inspired growing concern because they may be only loosely affiliated with a state sponsor and hence less constrained. Terrorists with ample financial resources might also seek to purchase technical know-how by recruiting scientists formerly employed by countries with advanced chemical or biological programs, such as the Soviet Union, South Africa, or Iraq..... The potential threat posed by lone terrorists and small splinter groups, who can easily slip through the surveillance net, may lower confidence in the ability to prevent acts of chemical or biological terrorism before they occur. Even so, better profiling of terrorist groups should enhance the ability of law enforcement officials to assess the credibility of terrorist threats and to manage the current epidemic of anthrax hoaxes...."

New York Post 8/13/99 "...Just last week, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, speaking on the first anniversary of the deadly U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, vowed to wage an all-out war against terrorism. This week, President Clinton turned that promise into a joke by offering to commute the justifiably harsh prison sentences of 14 FALN terrorists, including the wife of its bomb-maker mastermind, the notorious William Morales. The FALN, for those who may have forgotten, was a small group of separatists who launched a deadly "war of nerves" to bring about independence for Puerto Rico. Over a six-year period, the group claimed responsibility for more than 100 bombings that took six lives and injured some 130 people. New Yorkers had particular reason to fear the FALN: In 1975, it bombed Fraunces Tavern in the Wall Street area, killing four...."

Sacramento Bee 8/15/99 Nando Media AP "...A Puerto Rican independence activist imprisoned for anti-American bombing attacks says he is unlikely to accept an "insulting" conditional clemency offer from President Clinton, a local newspaper reported Saturday. Elizam Escobar is the fourth of 16 convicted activists to speak out against the pardon offer, which the Clinton administration made Wednesday..... The Justice Department said the 16 activists are eligible for clemency if they renounce violence, agree not to meet with other people with criminal records and write to request clemency. Eleven prisoners would be released immediately, two more after serving additional time and three would have unpaid fines lifted. "What I can't accept is that it restricts my association with the independence movement as a condition of probation," Escobar said, quoted by the paper. "They want to keep punishing us and exclude us from political life on the island."..."

TimesofIndia 8/20/99 Mahendra Ved "…For the unemployed Uighur Muslim youths, a six-month contract for $20,000 to wage a "jehad", be it Kargil, Kabul or Dagestan, is an attractive proposition when compared to the average $25 salary if they were employed. They get enrolled in Xinjiang in China where they are targeted for their religious beliefs and political opposition to Beijing. They also come from the neighbouring Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where their activities are under constant watch by the authorities, ostensibly under Chinese pressure. A score of them were killed in Kargil, and the matter was taken up with the Chinese. The trend, reflecting the foreign-sponsored spread of religious extremism, has caused concern among the Central Asian Republics, forcing the governments to act. Authoritative reports here say Pakistan's ISI representatives recruit these youths either as tourists or students. They also travel as Hajis, and when the pilgrimage is over, they disappear. Once the journey begins, the youths' parents receive the money. "In Central Asian context, this is big money. So, even if the son does not return home, the family is well off," says an Asian diplomat who has been monitoring these movements. They travel on passports of different Islamic nationalities, which can be procured at a price…."

10/96 James K. Campbell, Cmdr. US Navy, Paper "Wepaons of Mass Destruction in Terrorism, The Emerging Threat" "Recognizing the weapons of mass destruction threat in general terms, President Clinton signed Executive Order No. 12938 on November 14, 1994. This order declared a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat proliferation of weapons of mass destruction pose to the national security, foreign interest, and economy of the United States. On November 9, 1995, a continuation of this order was declared by Executive notice. This declared state of a national emergency has continued."

2/98 Col. David Franz, USAMRID, A top authority on Bio-Terror to ABC Prime Time "the likelihood of there being an attack someplace in the United States is - is fairly high, probably in the next five years."

5/98 USA TODAY, Anti-terror 'czar' to coordinate $7B effort "….Richard Clarke, 47, a career State Department official and special assistant to the president for national security affairs, will be named the government's first national coordinator - a job dubbed by some as "terrorism czar." Clarke's job will help develop policy and coordinate anti-terrorism efforts for every branch of the federal government, including the FBI, CIA and departments of Justice, State and Defense…."

10/98 From ABC News Special, "A New Age of Terrorism" "threats from within could be as serious as those around the globe. … Fringe domestic organizations made up of religious fanatics, secret right-wing militias, anti-abortion extremists and ethnic hate groups have been showing keen interest in biochemical weapons, according to FBI sources….More than three dozen incidents on U.S. soil of people attempting to develop or use such weapons are now under active investigation by the FBI's antiterrorism unit. That's double the number from the previous year…."

State Department Document #10535, Patterns of Global Terrorism: 1997, April 1998 "During 1997 there were 304 acts of international terrorism, eight more than occurred during 1996, but one of the lowest annual totals recorded since 1971. The number of casualties remained large but did not approach the high levels recorded during 1996. In 1997, 221 persons died and 693 were wounded in international terrorist attacks as compared to 314 dead and 2,912 wounded in 1996. Seven US citizens died and 21 were wounded in 1997, as compared with 23 dead and 510 wounded the previous year. Approximately one-third of the attacks were against US targets, and most of those consisted of low-level bombings of multinational oil pipelines in Colombia. Terrorists there regard the pipelines as a US target. The predominant type of attack during 1997 was bombing; the foremost target was business related….There were 13 international terrorist incidents in the United States during the year, 12 involving letter bombs: In January a total of 12 letter bombs with Alexandria, Egypt, postmarks were discovered in holiday greeting cards mailed to the United States. On two separate days during January, nine letter bombs were discovered in the Washington, DC, and United Nations offices of the Saudi-owned al-Hayat newspaper. In addition, three letter bomb devices were sent to the federal prison in Fort Leavenworth Kansas. None of the letter bombs detonated, and there were no public claims of responsibility. A similar device mailed to the al-Hayat office in London on 13 January did explode, injuring two persons. Subsequently, three more devices were found. The incidents are under investigation by the FBI. On 23 February a Palestinian gunman entered the observation deck at the Empire State building in New York City and opened fire on tourists, killing a Danish man and wounding visitors from the United States, Argentina, Switzerland, and France before turning the gun on himself. A note carried by the gunman indicated that this was a punishment attack against the "enemies of Palestine."…"

NY Times 8/27/99 David Johnston "…A wide range of Federal law-enforcement agencies that were asked to review a clemency petition filed by imprisoned members of a Puerto Rican nationalist group unanimously opposed any leniency in the weeks before President Clinton offered to commute the sentences of 16 members of the militant organization, officials said Thursday. The clemency petition was flatly opposed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Prisons and United States Attorneys in Illinois and Connecticut, the officials said...."

Jane's Defence Weekly 8/25/99 Bryan Bender "…The US Department of Defense (DoD) is considering re-locating the offices of senior civilian and military officials in the vast Pentagon complex due to what is perceived as their increased vulnerability to sniper fire, rocket-propelled grenades and other potential terrorist threats, according to officials. Many senior-level civilians and military officers ­ including Defense Secretary William Cohen, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the secretaries of the army, air force and navy and numerous under- and assistant secretaries ­ are located in the five-sided building's outer-ring of offices, known as the 'E-ring'. However, with large windows and other ..."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 8/21/99 Prof George Johnson "…In 1972, the United States signed the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, calling for the destruction of all stocks of offensive bioweapons agents, and termination of all bioweapons research. Research on bioweapons in this country ground to a halt. Russia also signed the treaty, but instead of stopping, it massively expanded its bioweapons program. The cessation of American vaccination for smallpox (a disease the World Health Organization declared eradicated worldwide in 1980) was viewed by the Russians as another opportunity to gain military advantage. It began a program to use the smallpox virus as a. weapon – that is, to modify the virus so that particles of it could be efficiently disseminated in tiny aerosol droplets. Russia then set out to produce the weaponized smallpox virus on a very large scale. By 1989, dozens of tons of smallpox reportedly had been produced. It is not easy to make a bioweapon. Plague and most other disease-causing bacteria and viruses are simply too difficult to grow and dispense. Only smallpox, and anthrax are easy to produce, easy to dispense and deadly. When dispersed as an aerosol, smallpox has a case fatality rate of 30 percent, anthrax more than 80 percent….. With the economic meltdown of the Soviet Union, the Russian bioweapons program ground to a halt. Many scientists working for it migrated to other countries seeking employment. Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria actively recruited them. No one knows what bioweapon samples these scientists might have taken with them. That is the nightmare we face, that smallpox is no longer confined to two vials stored in laboratories here and in Russia - a genie in two bottles but rather has been released. Rogue states and religious cults may well have access to it….."

New York Post 9/8/99 Editorial "...Maybe the White House is telling the truth, after all. Maybe President Clinton's clemency offer to 16 FALN terrorists really wasn't motivated by his wife's Senate campaign. The evidence: The Clinton administration is acting as though it believes that violent terrorists just don't belong in U.S. prisons. Two weeks ago, to scant public notice, the Justice Department opened the prison gates to violent radical Silvia Baraldini. An Italian diplomat's daughter, she was sentenced to 40 years in prison in connection with several robberies carried out by black militants - including the 1981 Brink's armored-care holdup in Nyack, in which two cops and a security guard were murdered. Baraldini also has been linked to the jail break in which Joanne Chesimard - now living in Cuba - fled a New Jersey prison. And she was sentenced to an additional three years in a separate case for criminal contempt after she refused to testify before a grand jury investigating the FALN. Over the past decade, the Justice Department - citing the violent nature of her crimes - had rejected five requests by the Italian government to let Baraldini serve the remainder of her sentence in a Rome prison. This year, however, the request was granted. Why? Because the Clinton administration felt it needed to make a conciliatory gesture in order to placate Italy's left-wing government, which was angered by the bizarre acquittal last spring of U.S. Marine pilot Richard Ashby, whose low-flying plane sliced a gondola cable in the Alps, killing 20 people...."

Jewish World Review 9/8/99 Cal Thomas "...THE CONTROVERSY that erupted following President Clinton's offer to pardon 16 jailed Puerto Rican terrorists belonging to the FALN if they promised not to do it again misses something. President Clinton may have discovered a brilliant way to reduce the surplus prison population that is costing the taxpayers billions of dollars and warehousing people, many of whom will go back to prison for other crimes should they be released. Imagine the conversations now taking place in jails throughout the country. Inmates may think if they promise never again to murder, rape, rob, forge checks, burglarize, embezzle, perjure, drive while drunk, sell or do drugs, kidnap or commit other crimes, they, too, could win commutations...."

Washington Post 9/7/99 Lynne Duke William Claiborne "…Twelve Puerto Rican militants imprisoned as members of a violent independence movement yesterday accepted President Clinton's offer of conditional clemency, an initiative that sparked heated opposition, even from Hillary Rodham Clinton. By accepting clemency, the prisoners have agreed to obey several conditions: that they renounce the use of violence for any purpose and accept restrictions on their travel and their right of free association. They will also be subject to the same restrictions placed on any paroled felon…."

Orlando Sentinel 9/7/99 "….Under increasing White House pressure, at least five Puerto Rican prisoners eligible for immediate release under President Clinton's controversial clemency offer will accept the deal today, friends said Monday. Word also is expected today from another six prisoners on whether they too will accept the offer for immediate freedom as long as they renounce violence….."

AP 9/7/99 "…All but two jailed Puerto Rican nationalists have indicated they will accept President Clinton's offer of clemency, the White House announced today. Two others whose fines would be reduced have more time to respond. "The president expects all those who accept the conditional clemency grant to abide fully but its terms, including refraining from the use of advocacy of the use of violence for any purpose and obeying all the statutory conditions of parole,'' White House press secretary Joe Lockhart said in a statement….."

New York Post 9/6/99 Deborah Orin "…The Clinton White House forgot one key thing - the FALN bombers had real victims who still suffer horribly. When those victims decided to speak out and fight back, it suddenly got very hard to claim that members of the Puerto Rican bombing group were freedom fighters who deserved a get-out-of-jail card. Very hard when you looked at the fingerless right hand of New York City Detective Richard Pastorella, maimed and blinded in both eyes as he tried to defuse an FALN bomb on New Year's Eve 1982. Very hard when Joe Connor, his voice shaking, said his dad was blown up on his ninth birthday - and he hates to think his dad's life counts for nothing because Bill Clinton wants to put his wife in the Senate. Once the victims spoke out, a storm escalated as mainstream Democrat after Democrat - Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan, former Mayor Ed Koch - blasted the idea….."

AP 9/1/99 "…A House committee subpoenaed all administration records Wednesday related to President Clinton's decision to offer clemency to 16 Puerto Rican militants. Subpoenas issued by Rep. Dan Burton's Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, which were obtained by The Associated Press, seek records from the White House, Justice Department and the Bureau of Prisons. Sen. Orrin Hatch, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also requested information from the Justice Department in anticipation of expected congressional hearings on the matter sometime this month. In a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, Hatch, R-Utah, said he was troubled by published reports indicating the Justice Department did not make a formal recommendation to the White House on the clemency issue despite the law enforcement officials' vigorous objections. He also said he was bothered by reports that there were Bureau of Prison recordings of the inmates in which they plotted to again use violence…."

AP 9/1/99 Shannon McCaffrey "…A House committee subpoenaed all administration records Wednesday related to President Clinton's decision to offer clemency to 16 Puerto Rican militants. Subpoenas issued by Rep. Dan Burton's Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, which were obtained by The Associated Press, seek records from the White House, Justice Department and the Bureau of Prisons. Sen. Orrin Hatch, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also requested information from the Justice Department in anticipation of expected congressional hearings on the matter..."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 9/1/99 John Godfrey "…A Senate committee will make a formal inquiry into President Clinton's decision to offer clemency to 16 members of a Puerto Rican group that bombed U.S. military and political sites. "U.S. policy toward terrorism has always been clear and consistent: We must make no concessions to terrorists. President Clinton's abrupt reversal of U.S. policy deserves scrutiny by Congress," Sen. Paul Coverdell, Georgia Republican, said in a written statement yesterday. Mr. Coverdell heads the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on terrorism….."

Wall St. Journal 8/30/99 Joseph Connor Thomas connor "…t was a beautiful winter day, Friday, Jan. 24, 1975, when our family was shattered by the bombing of Fraunces Tavern in New York. Our father, Frank Connor, was brutally murdered in the attack, an attack for which the Puerto Rican terrorist group known as the Armed Forces for National Liberation, or FALN, claimed responsibility. Our mother had spent much of the day preparing a special meal to celebrate our recent ninth and 11th birthdays. We never ate that meal. Shortly after coming home from school, we learned that our father had been with clients at Fraunces for lunch that day. After an agonizing vigil, his colleagues at Morgan Guaranty delivered the final, devastating news to our mother, our grandmother and us. Our father was 33 when he was killed. The only child of an elevator operator and a cleaning lady, he was born and raised in a working-class section of Manhattan, attended City College and worked his way from the ground floor up to a successful career in business. His 95-year-old mother, like the rest of our family, has never recovered from his death. Although our mother has remarried and we now have families of our own, not a day passes without our feeling the void left in our lives. And now, President Clinton has offered clemency to 16 incarcerated members of the FALN with terms of up to 70 years still to serve. The president calls them "nonviolent." True, none of those being offered pardons were convicted of planting the Fraunces Tavern bomb, or for that matter of any murder. But they were the core members of an organization responsible for more than 100 bombings across the U.S. during the 1970s and 1980s that killed six and injured many more….."

Inside Politics (Washington Times) 8/30/99 Greg Pierce "…"Some Justice Department officials are still simmering over President Clinton's decision last month to commute the sentences of 16 Puerto Rican nationalists," Newsweek reports in its latest issue. The magazine said "the most damning evidence" against the nationalists, "is still-secret audiotapes made by the Bureau of Prisons." "The tapes record at least some of the prisoners saying that 'as soon as they get out of there, they were going to return to violence,' one law enforcement official said. As a result, the Bureau of Prisons -- which rarely participates in pardon and clemency debates --strongly recommended against leniency. …."

Fox News 8/30/99 "….Some imprisoned members of a militant Puerto Rican nationalist group discussed returning to violent ways if they go free under a plan by President Clinton to have their sentences commuted, a magazine report said Monday. Secret audiotapes made by the Bureau of Prisons recorded at least some of the prisoners saying that "as soon as they get out of there, they were going to return to violence,'' Newsweek quoted a law-enforcement official as saying in its issue dated Sept. 6. It said that as a result of the tapes the Bureau of Prisons - which rarely participates in pardon and clemency debates - strongly recommended against leniency for the 16 members of the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN), which authorities said made 130 bomb attacks on political and military targets in the United States between 1974 and 1983 The New York Times reported Friday that Clinton bypassed objections of the FBI, the Bureau of Prisons and several U.S. attorneys general when he offered to reduce sentences of the 16 imprisoned members, convicted on charges of conspiracy, possession of unregistered firearms, and other crimes not directly linked to deaths or injuries….."

New York Times 8/31/99 Gov. Frank Keating "…On April 23, 1995, President Clinton came to Oklahoma to stand with us in the wake of the worst domestic terror bombing in American history. He called that act "a terrible sin." He told us justice must be done. And as we buried 168 friends and neighbors and cared for hundreds who were grievously wounded, we believed him. Today, one of the Oklahoma City bombers, Timothy McVeigh, is awaiting execution. His co-conspirator, Terry Nichols, faces life in prison with no possibility of parole. Those sentences are just. Sadly, President Clinton is now considering offering clemency to 16 other terrorists, members of the Puerto Rican group F.A.L.N. This group's terror cells have been responsible for some 130 bombings in American cities. They killed at least six people and injured more than 70. The terrorists to whom he has offered clemency were convicted of crimes that directly supported bombers and killers, from conspiracy and transporting weapons to aiding in an armored car robbery -- acts very similar to those committed by Mr. Nichols in support of Mr. McVeigh. The F.A.L.N. terrorists deserve to serve the sentences imposed on them by American juries…."

Washington Times 8/31/99 Tod Lindberg "…The world is, to be sure, a dangerous place, what with thousands of nuclear weapons in none-too-stable Russia, China bent on increased militarization, an irrational government in rapid decay in North Korea, India and Pakistan now at nuclear daggers drawn, Saddam's ambitions intact in Iraq, and a number of what Thomas Friedman calls "super-empowered" individuals, such as Osama bin Laden, bent on upsetting the status quo. To judge by the polls, Americans seem rather blase about all of the above, having grown accustomed to peace and prosperity in the course of a decade of both. That leaves the worrying to elite opinion, and elite opinion has by and large been happy to oblige. Our partisan system ensures that, at all times, at least some people are decrying a world going to the devil. More seriously, others have stepped forward to warn that the position of pre-eminence we gained when the Cold War ended is only temporary in character, soon to give rise to new challenges as our power declines in relative terms and others rise. …." 8/31/99 James Pinkerton "…THE CLINTON administration has enmeshed itself in the politics of terrorism or, more precisely, the politics of forgiving and forgetting terrorism, from the 50 states to Puerto Rico to Italy. The White House and the Justice Department have sent a clear signal: Even convicted violent terrorists who remain defiantly remorseless for their crimes can expect lenient treatment-if they have friends in high or vote-rich places. ….And so the key question isn't just what role, if any, the prospective New York Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton played in the sudden decision to appease powerful Puerto Rican-American politicians in New York by offering to release 16 Puerto Rican terrorists. It's also whether the proposed release is linked to the actual release of an Italian national who was sent to prison in part because she refused to testify against those same Puerto Ricans. At a time when the president is trying to rally the forces of international antiterrorism, it seems strange that the United States is unlocking the terrorists it has managed to catch at great cost……"

World Net Daily Exclusive 8/31/99 David Limbaugh "…. So, you still don't think the president's character matters? Then, consider this. The Constitution provides that the president shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for federal offenses, except in cases of impeachment…… Chief Justice Taft, speaking for the Court in Grossman, explained the purpose of this awesome grant of power: "Executive clemency exists to afford relief from undue harshness or evident mistake in the operation or enforcement of the criminal law. ... Our Constitution confers this discretion on the highest officer in the nation in confidence that he will not abuse it." Let's remember these sobering words as we feast upon another Clinton outrage. By now, most of you are probably aware that President Clinton offered clemency to 16 Puerto Rican members of FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation), a terrorist group advocating independence for Puerto Rico. FALN made 130 bomb attacks on political and military targets in the United States between 1974 and 1983, killing six and injuring dozens, including several New York police officers…."

Washington Post 9/1/99 Michael Kelly "…From 1974 to 1983, two organizations seeking independence for Puerto Rico -- the Armed Forces of National Liberation (known for its Spanish initials as FALN) and a splinter group called Los Macheteros -- waged a terror campaign against American police, political and military targets. The groups carried out at least 130 bombings, which killed six people and seriously wounded dozens. Eventually, 16 defendants were convicted on charges ranging from armed robbery to weapons violations to sedition. None was found to have been directly involved in any of the lethal bombings. But, for their unquestioned involvement in the campaign that produced those murders, all 16 received very heavy sentences. Puerto Rican political activists, New York politicians representing Americans of Puerto Rican lineage and liberal human rights activists have long campaigned for clemency for the FALN prisoners. But this campaign was hampered by the awkward fact that none of the prisoners ever showed the slightest interest in expressing regret for the murders and maimings committed by FALN or in renouncing future acts of terror. (Indeed, Newsweek reports, U.S. Bureau of Prisons audio tapes have captured some of the prisoners saying they would return to violence upon release.) …."

Reuters 9/4/99 "… White House officials gave 16 jailed Puerto Ricans nationalists until Friday at 5 p.m. EDT to renounce violence or lose the clemency offered by President Clinton on Aug. 11, an administration spokesman said Saturday. In a letter sent Friday to the lawyers for the jailed members of the Armed Forces of National Liberation, known by its Spanish acronym FALN, the Clinton administration set the Friday deadline, Jim Kennedy, the spokesman, said. ..."

Fox News Wire 9/5/99 Reuters "…A key Senate Democrat added his voice Sunday to the chorus urging President Clinton to drop a clemency offer for 16 members of a Puerto Rican guerrilla group that is suspected of carrying out at least 130 bombings in the United States. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary panel, said the president should not wait five more days, as he has proposed, for the Puerto Ricans to forswear violence as a condition of release from prison…."

New York Post 9/3/99: Deborah Orin & Gregg Birnbaum "…

President Clinton bypassed normal procedures for granting clemency when he offered it to 16 FALN members who hadn't personally signed a request for it, federal documents show. "We need to get to the bottom of this mystery at once," said Rep. Vito Fossella (R-S.I.), who yesterday fired off a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno demanding details. The Justice Department issues an "important notice" to anyone seeking commutation of a jail term: "You are required to execute and sign the form provided in order that your petition may be considered." But White House scandal spokesman Jim Kennedy yesterday confirmed to The Post that the 16 members of the Puerto Rican terror bombing group never signed or filed the form - their lawyer filed a petition on their behalf. "The petition was sent in by their attorney, a number of people filed petitions on their behalf," Kennedy said, adding that the FALN members "have indicated that was being done on their behalf." But Kennedy last night couldn't say precisely how the members of the FALN - whose Spanish acronym stands for Armed Forces of National Liberation - did that, or whether they filed any kind of written statement. Justice Department spokeswoman Chris Watney said that in the three prior cases in which Clinton commuted jail terms, the individuals personally filed and signed the forms requesting him to do so. Clinton's offer for clemency has been contingent on a renunciation of violence by the 16 FALN members, but so far none has met the conditions. Meanwhile, former Mayor Ed Koch joined those blasting Clinton's clemency plan and advised the president to drop it "like a hot potato." …"


Tampa Tribune Reuters Anthony Boadle "…Bomb attack victims and Republican congressmen denounced President Clinton Wednesday for freeing jailed members of a Puerto Rican nationalist group, a move they said was aimed at helping his wife win a U.S. Senate seat. Republicans have called congressional hearings and subpoenaed White House and Justice Department documents related to Clinton's offer of clemency to 14 members of the FALN, a radical group that was responsible for a series of bombings in the 1970s and '80s. The Republicans want to know why the president overruled the objections of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Prisons in granting clemency….."

AP 9/14/99 Shannon McCaffrey ".... The FBI, scheduled to testify at a Senate hearing on clemency granted to 16 Puerto Rican militants, backed out at the last minute under pressure from the White House, a Republican senator asserted today. Sen. Paul Coverdell of Georgia accused the White House of ``trying to build a fortress around their decision'' to grant clemency to the Puerto Rico nationalists. ``I think it's pretty clear that the White House is behind this,'' Coverdell said. ``You've got to wonder what would cause the White House to bypass a chance to explain themselves.'' ....The FBI did not return a phone call seeking comment. But a Justice Department letter to Coverdell signed by acting Assistant General Jon P. Jennings explained that because the power to grant clemency is the president's exclusively, there are constitutional questions about whether it would be appropriate for FBI officials to testify. ...."

CNN 9/14/99 ".....Citing the president's right to the "confidential advice" of his senior staff, the White House is refusing to cooperate with a Senate inquiry into President Bill Clinton's decision to grant clemency to 16 convicted Puerto Rican nationalists. "The Constitution of the United States vests exclusive power to grant clemency in the president," wrote Cheryl Mills, deputy counsel to the president, in a letter to Sen. Paul Coverdell (R-Georgia). Coverdell, who is chairing hearings on the issue, had asked for the testimony of Beth Nolan, the White House counsel; Maria Echaveste, deputy chief of staff; and Jeffrey Farrow, co-chairman of the Interagency Group on Puerto Rico. "The senior staff of the White House serves the president by providing confidential advice on a wide range of policy issues," Mills wrote. "Both Congress and this administration have adhered to the long-established precedent that, consistent with principles of separation of powers, the president's senior advisers traditionally do not testify before Congress on such issues." ....."

Ft Worth Star-Telegram/NY Times 9/14/99 William Safire "....It is as if Bill Clinton looked us directly in the eye and, waggling his finger, said: I want you to listen to me. I never discussed clemency for terrorists with that woman, Ms. Clinton. Not a single time; never. That is in essence his line in pretending he was not using the power of the presidency to help get the first lady a job in New York. ...... Although a charge of "sedition" has been an abomination in America since 1801, these were no mere protesters exercising free speech. These convicted gunrunners incited followers to "armed struggle" that killed 6 people and maimed scores more. Ignoring opposition by law enforcement officials, the least clement president in recent history--who turned down 3,000 other pleas--OK'd this one. Then his political ploy backfired. When Hillary saw she was losing more upstate and suburban votes than would come from New York City Hispanics, she frantically reversed field......Too late; most of the convicts grabbed the deal to walk and are now hailed as heroes. "I did not discuss it with her," insists the president who discusses every political angle with her. ....Try that for credibility; He supposedly panders to an ethnic group that his wife needs without even a hint from her, and when the misuse of his pardon power to shore up her campaign becomes a front-page controversy--they never talk....."

AP 9/14/99 Shannon McCaffrey "....The Senate denounced the Clinton administration's clemency deal with Puerto Rican separatists on Tuesday, and one Republican accused the administration of blocking FBI testimony at a hearing on the deal. In a 95-2 vote, the Senate criticized the arrangement that allowed 11 Puerto Ricans on Friday to leave federal prisons where they had been held for nearly two decades. The House approved a similar resolution last week 311-41. Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat and Clinton administration loyalist, said he voted for the resolution because the administration failed to give him a reason to vote against it....."

Chattanooga Free Press 9/16/99 ".... In plenty of time to avoid a dangerous and outrageous mistake of presidential judgment, the FBI warned President Bill Clinton against his plan to free 16 Puerto Rican terrorists. The Bureau of Prisons warned him against it. Former federal prosecutors warned him against it. Many outraged American citizens warned him against it. But with Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton proposing to run for the United States Senate in New York -- and New York having 1.3 million Puerto Ricans -- Mr. Clinton did not listen....."

UPI 9/16/99 "... Attorney General Janet Reno says President Clinton has invoked executive privilege barring testimony by White House aides or access to documents directly relating to his decision to grant clemency to 16 Puerto Rican prisoners. Clinton's decision was transmitted in a letter to Rep. Dan Burton, R- Ind., Chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform. Clinton offered clemency to 16 Puerto Rican prisoners, members of the FALN liberation army, none of whom had been involved directly in terrorist acts in the United States...."

CNN 9/14/99 "....The Justice Department on Tuesday prevented the FBI from testifying at a Senate hearing on President Clinton's decision to grant clemency to members of the Puerto Rican independence group FALN. In what appeared to represent continued tension between the Justice Department and the FBI, a senior Justice official sent a letter to Foreign Relations subcommittee chairman Sen. Paul Coverdell (R-Georgia) late Monday saying, "We cannot authorize their appearance at tomorrow's hearing." The letter was signed by Acting Assistant Attorney General Jon Jennings, who heads the Justice Department's Office of Legislative Affairs. "In light of ... the fact that the hearing may, in significant part, address the exercise of an exclusive presidential prerogative, we are carefully reviewing this matter and consulting with the White House regarding how most appropriately to proceed," the letter said. ....An FBI official told CNN Monday that Assistant Director Neil Gallagher intended to testify before congressional panels about the FALN issue on Tuesday and Thursday of this week and would express the FBI's opposition to the president's clemency offer. An FBI official told CNN on Tuesday, "They pulled the plug on us," referring to the Justice decision to prevent the FBI testimony. ...."

New York Post 9/15/99 Brian Blomquist Robert Hardt Jr. "....The Senate yesterday voted 95-2 to condemn President Clinton's clemency to 16 Puerto Rican militants - as the White House stonewalled questions on how the decision was made. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said the White House stonewalling was a key reason for voting to condemn Clinton's clemency grant. "I have repeatedly requested information on these cases. I have been given no such information and therefore have voted to support the resolution," Schumer said. Sen. Paul Coverdell (R-Ga.) charged that the White House, in a last-minute move, "pulled the plug" on a witness from the FBI who was set to testify to a Senate hearing on Clinton's controversial clemency decision. The stonewalling appears only to have fanned the flames against Clinton's clemency, which led to the freeing last week of 11 jailed members of the FALN, a Puerto Rican terrorist group responsible for 130 bombings and six deaths. In a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, Coverdell wrote, "It is completely unacceptable for the administration to refuse to discuss the president's decision to offer clemency to 16 convicted terrorists."....."

Wall Street Journal 9/14/99 Howard Safir NY Police Commissioner "...With last Friday's release of 11 of the 14 FALN terrorists, President Clinton has committed an ill-advised and egregious error. He has broken the fundamental rule in addressing terrorism: Never negotiate deals with terrorists. Mr. Clinton has sent the message that the lives of American citizens, and of the heroic police officers who defend them, are disposable. As the police commissioner of New York City, I represent 40,200 officers and take responsibility for the safety of 7.4 million residents. I have become all too familiar with the violence that has been perpetrated by the members of the Puerto Rican separatist group known as the FALN and the manner in which my city and my officers have suffered at their hands. During a nine-year reign of terror, the FALN was responsible for at least 150 bombings that killed six people and injured more than 70. The brunt aimed at the people of New York City, who endured more than 70 attacks and accounted for four of the deaths and 57 of the injuries...."

New York Post 9/15/99 Eric Fettmann "...NOW that Bill Clinton has significantly lowered the bar on the standards for keeping unrepentant criminals behind bars - particularly if freeing them might conceivably help his wife's political career - it's not surprising that Jonathan Pollard's supporters are pressing the White House to grant him clemency, as well. Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1985 for delivering military secrets to Israel, the former U.S. Navy analyst has become a cause celebre for large segments of the Jewish community; in Israel, not surprisingly, he is generally regarded as a hero on all sides of the political spectrum. There are strong arguments that Pollard should never again enjoy freedom, and they have been made repeatedly by the Justice Department and the intelligence community. But there is also a persuasive case to be made that there are enough gray areas - particularly in the way the government has dealt with Pollard - to merit a serious review. ...."

Inside The Pentagon 9/14/99 "....American soil will likely be bloodied by deadly terrorism in the 21st century and the U.S. military will be called upon frequently to deal with security crises, says a report prepared by a national security commission chartered by the Pentagon. The U.S. military may be unable in the next 25 years to prevent terrorists from killing large numbers of innocent citizens on American soil, the report states. War will remain bloody, and the vulnerability of the United States to non-traditional attacks will grow with rapid advances in information technology and biotechnology, it adds. For many years to come, Americans will become increasingly less secure and "much less secure than they now believe themselves to be," the report states. The report is the first of three that will be produced by the commission, which is undertaking a sweeping review that Defense Secretary William Cohen has called the most comprehensive effort of its kind since the National Security Act of 1947. The panel, which recently renamed itself the "U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century," is planning to unveil the report to the public on Wednesday (Sept. 15) at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The group, under the leadership of former Sens. Gary Hart (D-CO) and Warren Rudman (R-NH), had been called the Hart-Rudman Commission....."As the desire for self-determination spreads, and many governments fail to adapt to new economic and social realities, minorities will be less likely to tolerate bad or prejudicial government," the report says. Therefore, the number of new states, international protectorates, and zones of autonomy will increase, and many will arise from violence, the commission predicts. The major powers will struggle to devise an accountable and effective "institutional response" to such crises, the report states....."

The Washington Post 9/9/99 Michael Kelly "....Advocates of clemency have claimed that all or almost all of the 16 prisoners had -- prior to this week's statement -- expressed regret for these actions and had renounced violence. The White House has been forceful in advancing this claim. In a column on this subject last week, I wrote that "none of the prisoners ever showed the slightest interest in expressing regret for the murders and maimings committed by FALN or in renouncing future acts of terror." False, said James Kennedy, a spokesman for the White House counsel. All of those offered clemency had expressed regret and renounced violence, insisted Kennedy. "Each of them has indicated that they were renouncing violence, and they have a number of statements that were made in different settings to that effect," Kennedy told me. "They have spoken of their repudiation of violence and their intention to disavow their past actions and pursue peaceful paths." In support of this claim, Kennedy's office directed me to the President's Interagency Group on Puerto Rico, which faxed me a package of documents. The documents included a joint statement made by the prisoners to Congress in 1997 and a selection of individual statements. The joint statement rationalizes FALN's terror campaign as service in "a just cause, seeking to end colonialism, a crime against humanity," and asserts FALN's "right under international law to use all means available." The statement adds that FALN (in the commission of 130 bombings) exercised this right with "respect for human life," and took "all possible measures to ensure that innocent people [were] not harmed." But, the wretched thing continues, "that is not to deny that in all liberation processes, there are always innocent victims on both sides."...... Indeed, none of the 16 prisoners has ever admitted to complicity in any of the fatal bombings or expressed specific remorse for those bombings. No one has ever apologized to the families of the murdered. The statement signed by the 12 who have accepted commutation does renounce the use of violence, but it expresses no contrition or responsibility for past actions. ....."

Fox news 9/9/99 "....The U.S. House of Representatives criticized President Clinton Thursday for granting clemency to members of a Puerto Rican nationalist group responsible for a series of bombings in the 1970s and 1980s. The Republican-controlled chamber voted 311-41 to pass a resolution that said the president "should not have granted clemency to the FALN terrorists.'' Twelve jailed members of the FALN, the Spanish acronym for the Armed Forces of National Liberation, accepted Clinton's offer Tuesday and will be freed in the next few days after serving 16 to 19 years. Republican congressmen, who rushed the resolution through in one day, said Clinton's decision was politically motivated and aimed at helping his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, win Hispanic support for her likely U.S. Senate candidacy in New York. They said the president was being soft on terrorism....."

New York Post 9/9/99 Marilyn Rauber "....A top aide to John Cardinal O'Connor said yesterday the archbishop of New York never backed clemency for FALN terrorists - despite White House claims that he did. "He has not taken a position on this. I don't expect that he will," said O'Connor's spokesman, Joe Zwilling. "We've been trying to set the record straight." The White House has invoked O'Connor's name to bolster Clinton's controversial decision to offer clemency to 16 members of the radical Puerto Rican independence group that was tied to 130 bombings..." 9/9/99 "....A resolution condemning President Clinton's offer of clemency to 16 Puerto Rican militants sailed through the House of Representatives today by a vote of 311-41. "This action is more than misguided. It is more than wrong. It is a very real threat to the safety and security of the American people," Rep. Thomas Reynolds, R-N.Y., said of the president's clemency offer....... Today's House vote, which came after a heated debate, is little more than symbolic as the president has the sole authority to make clemency grants. ....Another New York Democrat, Rep. Nydia Velasquez, blamed the resolution on politics surrounding the Senate race. .....Meanwhile, a spokesman for Cardinal John O'Connor said the Catholic leader was not among the supporters of the prisoners' release, as some activists and officials had claimed. O'Connor's spokesman, Joe Zwilling, said the cardinal had written a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno asking for a review of the prisoners' cases but had never called for clemency. ....."

Washington Post 9/10/99 Charles Babington "....President Clinton, facing mounting criticism for granting clemency to members of a Puerto Rican terrorist group, yesterday gave his fullest explanation yet for the decision, saying he was swayed by his lawyer's recommendation, the lengthy sentences already served by the members, and the lobbying of former president Jimmy Carter, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu and others...."

New York Post 9/9/99 Marilyn Rauber "....A top aide to John Cardinal O'Connor said yesterday the archbishop of New York never backed clemency for FALN terrorists - despite White House claims that he did. "He has not taken a position on this. I don't expect that he will," said O'Connor's spokesman, Joe Zwilling. "We've been trying to set the record straight." The White House has invoked O'Connor's name to bolster Clinton's controversial decision to offer clemency to 16 members of the radical Puerto Rican independence group that was tied to 130 bombings in the 1970s and 1980s. Tuesday, Clinton spokesman Joe Lockhart told reporters: "This is an issue that the Council of Churches, Cardinal O'Connor, [South African Bishop] Desmond Tutu, former President [Jimmy] Carter, have all urged the president to take action on." ...."

New York Post 9/10/99 Marilyn Rauber Murray Weiss "....Democrats deserted President Clinton in droves yesterday as the House voted overwhelmingly to condemn as "deplorable" his clemency offer for 16 FALN militants. In one of the sharpest repudiations ever of Clinton's policies, 93 Democrats joined all 218 Republicans in accusing Clinton of "making terrorism more likely" by sending "an unmistakable message to terrorists that the United States does not punish terrorists in a severe manner." Seventy-one Democrats, including House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt, opted not to vote at all. Only 41 Democrats, many of them House liberals, stuck by Clinton's decision - a decision that his own wife, who's mulling a New York Senate run, now opposes. "Making concessions to terrorists is deplorable," the House said in a non-binding resolution pushed by Rep. Vito Fossella (R-S.I.). ...." 9/10/99 Editorial "... Congress wants some answers from the White House about President Clinton's outrageous clemency deal with the FALN. But the administration has gone back into its customary stonewall mode, crying wolf yet again with a specious claim of "executive privilege." "The Constitution specifically and exclusively provides for the president to have sole power to grant clemency," says White House legal spokesman Jim Kennedy. "Failure to protect that privacy puts at risk the rights and powers given to future presidents." Nonsense. Congress, sadly, may not be able to undo Clinton's politically motivated clemency deal, but that doesn't mean the legislative branch can't ask questions about it. Especially in a case like this - where there are far too many unsettling questions that need to be asked. A growing movement in Congress - Democrats as well as Republicans - wants those questions answered. Yesterday, the House overwhelmingly approved a symbolic resolution condemning the clemency offer. Only 41 congressmen voted no, while scores of Democrats joined the GOP in assailing the president. ....."

Jewish World Review 9/10/99 Julia Gorin "....WHO EVEN KNEW that the Puerto Rican community wanted 16 terrorists released from prison? I never heard anyone desperately clamoring for the FALN members' freedom until Bill Clinton offered it. Oh there were always the activists and the politicians, but that's how many people? Like six all together? Is this really what New York's at-large, law-abiding Puerto Rican citizenry wants? Even if it were, surely there must be less hazardous ways to court the Puerto Rican vote for Hillary's Senate run. For example, why not offer every Puerto Rican family free roundtrip airfare to la isla bonita? Or invite them to a barbecue at the White House....." 9/10/99 Pete Yost "....The Puerto Rican nationalists granted clemency by President Clinton began leaving prison today, including one who drove out of an Indiana prison in a gold Mercedes, ending a 90-year sentence. ``I'm elated that I'm free, here with my family,'' Ricardo Jimenez told reporters as he left the prison south of Terre Haute, Ind. His sister was among two other people in the car. Jimenez, who lived in Chicago before his arrest, has said he wants to return to Puerto Rico. Dan Dunne, a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, said 11 of the 16 people offered clemency by Clinton were being released today....." 9/8/99 "...TO THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES: With a view to receiving the advice and consent of the Senate to ratification, I transmit herewith the International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 15, 1997, and signed on behalf of the United States of America on January 12, 1998. ......In recent years, we have witnessed an unprecedented and intolerable increase in acts of terrorism involving bombings in public places in various parts of the world. The United States initiated the negotiation of this convention in the aftermath of the June 1996 bombing attack on U.S. military personnel in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, in which 17 U.S. Air Force personnel were killed as the result of a truck bombing. That attack followed other terrorist attacks including poison gas attacks in Tokyo's subways; bombing attacks by HAMAS in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; and a bombing attack by the IRA in Manchester, England. Last year's terrorist attacks upon United States embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam are recent examples of such bombings, and no country or region is exempt from the human tragedy and immense costs that result from such criminal acts. Although the penal codes of most states contain provisions proscribing these kinds of attacks, this Convention provides, for the first time, an international framework for cooperation among states directed toward prevention of such incidents and ensuing punishment of offenders, wherever found. In essence, the Convention imposes binding legal obligations upon States Parties either to submit for prosecution or to extradite any person within their jurisdiction who commits an offense as defined in Article 2, attempts to commit such an act, participates as an accomplice, organizes or directs others to commit such an offense, or in any other way contributes to the commission of an offense by a group of persons acting with a common purpose.....WILLIAM J. CLINTON THE WHITE HOUSE, September 8, 1999....."

The Ayn Rand Institute 9/10/99 Andrew Bernstein "...While President Clinton's recent recommendations for tighter gun-controls met with general approval, his move to pardon FALN terrorists is encountering widespread criticism. Yet the two proposals stem from the same mistaken belief - i.e., that the fundamental cause of any crime is the weapon used, not the person using it. Clinton endorses measures such as a requirement that all guns in the home be locked up, and a mandatory waiting period for buying a gun, even after a check of the purchaser's records shows no criminal history. Why? Although it is true that guns can be used for crime, so can almost anything else. The overwhelming majority of gun owners are not criminals. A private individual's possession of a gun - unlike, say, his possession of a cruise missile - may serve a perfectly legitimate purpose. People use guns for hunting, collecting and - most important - self-defense against criminals. Why should such valid activities be punishable by law? ...... What explains Clinton's attempts to restrict innocent gun owners w hile pardoning terrorists? Why is he so hostile toward guns, yet so accommodating toward actual criminals? The answer is he believes that guns or bombs, rather than the character of those who use them, are responsible for the criminal act. From this it follows that guns should be banned while perpetrators should be pardoned. Such twisted logic results in policies that consistently aid the guilty and harm the innocent...... This consequence of abetting criminals while harming the innocent is a hallmark of many of Clinton's policies. Saddam Hussein, for example, is allowed to continue his reign in Baghdad, with his capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction unchecked. The Chinese dictatorship - which openly considers America its primary enemy, steals U.S. nuclear secrets and threatens military action against a free Taiwan - is appeased by Clinton with most-favored-nation status. The terrorist Osama bin Laden, who was involved in the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, is still free more than a year later. It is only the American citizen, seeking a gun for self-protection, who is the target of a serious crackdown by our government....." 9/10/99 "....Eleven of the 14 Puerto Rican nationalists granted clemency by President Clinton left prison today, more than 16 years after they began serving time for planning bomb attacks. Clinton had extended clemency to 16 Puerto Rican nationalists, but two rejected the offer. Of the 14 who accepted, 11 were released today from eight prisons across the country, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons said. One must serve another five years of his sentence, and two others who were not in jailed had their fines lifted. In Dublin, Calif., four female prisoners walked out of a federal prison this afternoon....."

Boston Globe - ( 9/11/99 Susan Milligan "....When it began, only a small constituency cared about the freedom of 16 inmates who were part of an armed, violent struggle for Puerto Rican independence. But after a series of miscalculations by the White House, the debate over what should happen to the 16 prisoners - 11 of whom were released yesterday - created a massive political explosion. Indeed, the aftershocks are still coursing through New York, Washington, and San Juan: President Clinton, who offered clemency to the 16, is being derided in Congress and by law enforcement officials for being soft on terrorism. His wife, Hillary, has so angered Puerto Rican leaders over her position against clemency that she risks losing a critical base of support in her bid for the US Senate, while looking like a panderer to other voters....Furthermore, prosecutors did not have available to them the federal antiterrorism act, which was passed in 1990 - seven years after the Armed Forces of Liberation members in question were convicted, Romero-Barcelo noted. Even Amnesty International, the leading organization monitoring political prisoners, refuses to give the 16 convicts the status of ''prisoners of conscience.'' ''To be a prisoner of conscience, you cannot commit violence, and you cannot advocate violence,'' said Amnesty International spokesman Sean Crowley. ''This is a terrorist organization. These people don't qualify.'' ...." 9/11/99 AP James Anderson "....Crowds waving flags and chanting nationalist hymns hailed a group of pardoned prisoners at San Juan airport Saturday, even as some leaders warned that the controversy surrounding their release could hurt the island. ``These people are not terrorists. They are heroes, and we support them 100 percent,'' said Leonore Munoz Gomez, 59, who has objected to the widespread condemnation in the United States of President Clinton's offer of clemency for 16 pro-independence militants. Eleven were freed Friday after some 20 years behind bars. Two prisoners rejected the offer, one accepted a deal to serve five more years and two who had already served out jail sentences were forgiven outstanding fines....."

Washington Times National Weekly Edition 9/13-19/99 Andrew Cain "....Two White House aides -- one prominent, one little known -- were instrumental in bringing a clemency recommendation for 16 Puerto Rican terrorists to President Clinton's desk. Mr. Clinton made his offer Aug. 11 based on the recommendation of Charles F.C. Ruff, who days before left his job as White House counsel. But Jeffery Farrow, the little-known co-chairman of the President's Interagency Group on Puerto Rico, had publicly pushed Mr. Clinton to act on a clemency request for the jailed terrorists as far back as November 1997. "I would say it is important to respond to the clemency petition, as tens of thousands of letters have been written to the president about it," Mr. Farrow said, according to a story in the San Juan Star that ran Nov. 9, 1997. Mr. Farrow, a former Carter administration aide, now says he was more of a conduit for the petitioners' request than a White House advocate for clemency. ....."

New York Post 9/13/99 Deborah Orin Maria Alvarez "....Defiant freed FALN convict Ricardo Jimenez yesterday refused to apologize for his role in the terror bomb group - claiming he's a "freedom fighter" while the United States is out to "terrorize" Puerto Rico. "It is an international crime that the United States has retained Puerto Rico in a colonial status," Ricardo Jimenez told NBC's "Meet the Press." "There's been an objective by the United States government to terrorize the Puerto Rican nation ... You have never, never respected us," said Jimenez - who arrived in Puerto Rico around 7:30 last night. Jimenez rode out of jail in a flashy gold Mercedes last Friday thanks to President Clinton's controversial clemency deal, which cut his 90-year jail sentence to 19 years served and let him walk free. He was convicted in 1982 on seditious conspiracy, armed robbery and weapons charges. Jimenez was asked several times by NBC anchor Tim Russert if he wanted to apologize to the families of FALN bomb victims but he never did so, arguing instead that the United States deserves the real blame. He said he was acting against colonialism and that's "rightfully just" just like the American Revolution and George Washington. ...."

New York Post 9/14/99 "....'Acts of terror in all their forms have no place in a democratic society," State Department spokesman James P. Rubin said late yesterday morning, at about the same time that the FALN terrorists set loose by President Clinton last week were getting acquainted with their new surroundings. Rubin was referring to the latest of several recent apartment bombings in Moscow. And he was absolutely correct, even if the president that he works for doesn't understand the point - that there is no living with terrorism, no matter where the bombs happen to go off. Just as there should be no quarter shown to terrorist bombers - irrespective of the causes that motivate them, and the length of time that has transpired since their victims were buried. The passage of time is a critical element in the FALN controversy. Maybe Bill Clinton thought that New York had forgotten all about the bombings that killed six and wounded 130 in the late '70s and early '80s. (Fat chance.) ...."

New York Post 9/14/99 Maria Alvarez Marilyn Rauber ".... Freed FALN prisoners yesterday vowed to join forces to resume their political activism - starting with a mass rally next week - and claimed they have the OK from the feds. "We plan to be together - all of us," Ida Luz Rodriguez said outside the federal courthouse in San Juan. "Being in jail has not broken my spirit." The move came despite a federal parole rule that bars parolees from associating with anyone with a criminal record - such as fellow FALN convicts - "unless he has permission of his parole officer." Nine members of the Puerto Rican terrorist group, freed on parole Friday after President Clinton granted them clemency, said U.S. probation officials in San Juan stipulated only that they must inform their probation office before any get-together. Eustaquio Babilonia, deputy probation chief in San Juan, declined to discuss the restrictions, other than to note they have pledged, as a condition of clemency, "not to engage and promote violence." A probation spokesman in Chicago - where two other freed FALN members are living under that district's jurisdiction - wouldn't comment on whether the co-mingling ban has been lifted for the pair, but noted "it is the normal practice" to enforce the ban......"

New York Post 9/18/99 Brian Blomquist "....John Cardinal O'Connor, in his first statement on the FALN flap since his brain surgery, stressed yesterday he never asked President Clinton to free the Puerto Rican terrorists from prison - contrary to White House claims. In his weekly column for Catholic New York, O'Connor tried to settle the dispute about his role in the FALN controversy. "I did not ask for the release of the Puerto Rican federal prisoners called FALN," he wrote. O'Connor wrote in yesterday's column that he wanted "simply a review" of whether the FALN members deserved clemency - confirming a story last week in The Post - and that he never urged any action at all. "It has been my long-standing custom to raise questions rather than give advice on such matters," O'Connor wrote. The White House had invoked O'Connor's name in offering clemency to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists - 14 of whom accepted the offer. ...."

ABC (Australia) 8/29/99 Chris Bullock "....Chris Bullock: The allies of World War II were the first to develop sophisticated BWs. The British were the first to abandon them after the war, preferring nuclear weapons. The United States kept going until the end of the 1960s. Christopher Davis: It's often been said that the United States program was a failure, it didn't work, that's why they abandoned it, and it was pretty small change. This is not so. I will give you just a couple of facts off here: there were seven BW agents weaponised and stockpiled by 1969. That means you've gone through the entire program of research, from the literature all the way up to producing weapons that you can deploy. One of the most fascinating things which I always point out on this slide is the US Naval BW trials flotilla. If it had gone off on its own in some unilateral declaration of independence, it would have formed the fifth largest Navy in the world, and that was just for the trials. This gives you an idea of just how big the program was. Huge. Some things that were looked at: a biological agent capability for Polaris, never done, but certainly looked at. The Snark cruise missile project, that was never produced but that was the way that the industrial BW program of the United States was going for a proper dissemination system, and in fact in 1969 just before it closed down they were seeing the results of successful trials in the Pacific.....Chris Bullock: The sensitivity in Australia and New Zealand is because of the size and importance of the farming sectors. When the Soviets were developing their germs through the 60s, 70s and 80s, the West was suffering from what Christopher Davis calls 'nuclear blindness'; the US and Britain, he says, could not see beyond the nuclear threat. The real breakthrough in Western knowledge about the Soviet's biological weapons program came with the defection to the United States in 1992 of Dr Ken Alibek. Ken Alibek, (that's his Westernised name) worked at the top of the Soviet Union's Bioweapons Directorate for 20 years. He's detailed the germ agents they developed, such as anthrax, smallpox, Ebola, Venezuelan encephalitis and many other genetically engineered bugs for which there is no vaccine or prophylactic treatment. Ken Alibek told of his surprise at the difference in mentality between Washington and the Kremlin about what should and shouldn't be used in germ warfare. Ken Alibek: When I came to the United States we had a lot of discussions on how for example one or another country would be developing biological weapons. And do you know what was interesting to me, it's a widely accepted idea in this country that biological weapons could be developed just in one case; if there is protection or treatment or prophylaxis against one another agent. In the United States, until this country terminated its program, there was a requirement; if there was no treatment or prophylaxis you cannot use a given agent for developing and manufacturing biological weapons. People were trying just to apply exactly the same mentality to other countries involved in developing biological weapons. For example, for the Soviet Union, the best biological weapons were biological weapons without any possible treatment and prophylaxis. Ebola was considered one of the best possible agents for biological weapons; Marburg, smallpox and huge number of attempts to genetically alter diseases like plague, anthrax, tuleramia. In the late '80s the country was able to start developing new prototypes of bacterial biological weapons based on multi-resistant strains, meaning that all existing treatments available in the West wouldn't be possible to apply because these agents would overcome antibiotic treatments. We cannot ignore this situation. I'm 100% sure that some biological weapons and their killing capability are more effective than some forms of nuclear weapons. Thank you....."


Fox News (Hannity & Colmes) 9/20/99 Freeper truthkeeper "….HEADS-UP/BREAKING NEWS: Dan Burton was a guest on Hannity tonight to discuss tomorrow's FALN clemency hearings. He said the F.B.I. had been subpoened, and they had said that one of their agents would be making an opening statement on the matter. (I forgot to write down the agent's name, sorry.) But just before his appearance on Hannity tonight, Burton received notification (from the F.B.I., I believe) that the Justice Dept. FORBADE the F.B.I. from making any opening statement at tomorrow's hearings, and Sean read this announcement from a newswire on the air. Burton was thoroughly disgusted, as usual, and said "We will not be deterred…"

Media Resource Center 9/20/99 Freeper seamus "….In today's Media Resource Center daily briefing, they go over what happened on the Sunday shows this week. On Fox News Sunday, there was this tid-bit: The same night, FNC's Jim Angle showed the FBI video in his piece. Special Report with Brit Hume host Tony Snow set up his story by reporting that "Congressman Dan Burton plans to use the tape [of two freed FALN members constructing a bomb] next week at a hearing about President Clinton's decision to offer clemency to the two alleged bomb builders and 14 other members of the FALN." Snow added: "Despite that damaging video, the White House insists that building a bomb isn't the same as using one." …."

New York Daily News ( 9/20/99 Stanley Crouch "…Once Democratic senators like New York's own Chuck Schumer joined in denouncing President Clinton's clemency for the FALN prisoners, things were made clear about this administration. When Bill Clinton exits the White House in 2001, his image will be one of the grimmest in the nation's history…But there is no way that one can look at Clinton and not feel that his story, like that of Nixon, has tragic dimensions. …… If the analysis of Mr. Bill is at all correct that he has a tendency toward reckless, self-destructive behavior, this clemency business is part of the proof. How much sillier an idea could he have come up with? Was it intended to help his wife in her run for the Senate? Are Puerto Ricans supposed to be that gullible?

Catching herself before going over the cliff, Mrs. Bill at least mooned the clemency idea. But with the FALN members who got out sounding as if they are still in a time warp, another truckload of eggs has been dumped on the face of the President, who refuses to release documents explaining his decision…." 9/20/99 Lisa Richwine "….Sen. Orrin Hatch vowed Sunday to subpoena Justice Department officials, possibly including the attorney general, in a bid to determine whether the Clinton administration broke agency rules in granting clemency to 16 Puerto Rican nationalists. Hatch, a Utah Republican who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he wanted to determine whether Attorney General Janet Reno or the agency's pardon attorney issued opinions on the clemency, as he said they should have under Justice Department rules…… ``We want to know why the Justice Department failed to abide by its rules,'' Hatch said on the television show ``Fox News Sunday.'' He said evidently neither Reno nor the agency's pardon attorney issued opinions on the case. ``Neither of them apparently did, and apparently they didn't even consult with the FBI, the various police organizations throughout the country, the bureau of prisons, all of which were against this,'' he said. Reno might be among the officials the committee would subpoena, Hatch said, but he complained, ``It's very difficult to ever get her to testify in detail.'' ….President Clinton said he granted clemency to members of the Armed Forces of National Liberation, a pro-independence group known by its Spanish acronym FALN, because their sentences were excessive given that none were directly involved in the group's bombings from 1974 to 1983 or convicted of offenses that caused harm to other people. Critics said the United States was being too lenient on terrorism by releasing the prisoners, who had spent more than 16 years behind bars….."

New York Post 9/21/99 Marilyn Rauber "….House GOP investigators yesterday accused the Justice Department of trying to gag an FBI official set to testify today about President Clinton's clemency for FALN militants. House Government Reform Committee staff director Kevin Binger said Justice pulled the plug on the official's written testimony just before it was to be submitted in advance to the panel. It was unclear why the text was pulled, or if the Justice Department will allow FBI terrorism assistant director Neil Gallagher to address that testimony when he appears today. Last week, Justice nixed Gallagher's appearance before a Senate hearing on Clinton's controversial decision to offer clemency to 16 members of the FALN terrorist group. Justice spokeswoman Gina Talamona denied the department was trying to gag anyone. "You just want to make sure it's accurate testimony," she said. Gallagher, along with a top aide to Attorney General Janet Reno and a Bureau of Prisons official, have been subpoenaed to appear before the panel today. …."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/21/99 Ben Anderson "…. The House Government Reform Committee will convene hearings Tuesday on President Bill Clinton's decision to offer clemency to 16 convicted terrorists who were members of a militant Puerto Rican independence group. Meanwhile, the full House is set to consider the joint resolution passed by the Senate last week deploring Clinton's grant of clemency. Clinton approved the clemency request made on behalf of the imprisoned members of the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN by its Spanish initials) despite objections from the Bureau of Prisons and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. FALN is reportedly responsible for 130 bombings and numerous other violent acts, which left five people dead, and 84 wounded in its 20-year effort to gain total Puerto Rican independence from the United States. Of the 16 terrorists freed under Clinton's executive clemency, two have purportedly been recorded on FBI surveillance tapes constructing a bomb and devising an assault on Leavenworth Prison to break out a fellow FALN member. Eight were arrested in a stolen van, allegedly preparing to abduct an affluent Chicago businessman. Employees of then Carter-Mondale campaign headquarters in Chicago found themselves in the midst of an armed take-over and were held hostage, allegedly at the hands of FALN….."

Judicial Watch 9/21/99 Joe Giganti "…Thomas Connor, whose father, Frank Connor, was killed at Fraunces Tavern 24 years ago by terrorists, will appear before the House of Representatives today and ask it to investigate the following aspects of President Clinton's clemency grant: Why the President disregarded the recommendations by the FBI, Justice Department and Bureau of Prisons that the terrorists not be released? Why the victims and their families were neither given proper notification of the clemency as required under the Victims' Rights and Restitution Act of 1990, 42 U.S.C. Section 10607(c)(5), nor a meeting with Janet Reno, as pro clemency supporters were granted? Why the President initiated the clemency process without a formal request from the terrorists themselves? Whether Hillary Rodham Clinton's political aspirations in New York State played a role in the clemency grant? ….As Mr. Connor points out in his statement, "By offering this clemency, the President has endangered America. His action renders void the judgment of the juries and federal judges who imposed long prison sentences on these violent felons because they knew the facts and the terrorists' motives. His explanation of why this action was taken is not only weak, but insults the intelligence of the American people who obviously know that it was done for political purposes." 9/21/99 AP "….The brother of a Puerto Rican separatist shown in a grainy videotape allegedly making a bomb accused lawmakers today of playing party politics in showing the old surveillance footage at a Congressional hearing. House Republicans are using the videotape in an attempt to counter claims that the Puerto Rican militants freed in a grant of clemency by President Clinton had not been involved in violent acts carried out against U.S. targets two decades ago. "Here they are making bombs. I'd say that's pretty violent," said Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the House Government Reform Committee. But Julio Cortes, brother of freed prisoner Edwin Cortes, told The Associated Press today that the tape was "old news."…." 9/21/99 Shannon McCaffrey "…In a letter to a Democratic lawmaker, President Clinton today denied that political considerations played a role in his decision to grant clemency to 14 Puerto Rican nationalists. He also defended invoking executive privilege in refusing to provide a House inquiry with documents related to the decision and said the "extremely lengthy sentences" the prisoners were serving was a major factor in his decision….." - An AP News Analysis 9/21/99 Walter Mears "….Absolutely, President Clinton said twice, for emphasis, when he denied that politics was involved in the clemency he offered 16 Puerto Rican separatists, in what Congress calls a deplorable concession to terrorists. Whatever the reasoning behind his decision, it has absolutely not been good politics for him, or for his wife's Senate campaign in New York. In a five-page letter explaining his decision, Clinton said he did not minimize the ``serious criminal conduct'' of the people he granted clemency, but that their long prison sentences were out of proportion to their crimes In his letter to Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., on Tuesday he repeated that he acted on the advice of his White House counsel. ``His recommendation and my decision were based on our view of the merits of the requests,'' Clinton said. ``Political considerations played no role in the process.'' …"

The Daily Oklahoman 9/22/99 Freeper vrwc54 "…THE most dangerous movements facing the United States today are the loosely associated, so-called militia groups and others who believe that disagreements with their fellow citizens and their government are to be resolved not by lawful means, but by force ...(Who said this?) Now we have a dozen or so Puerto Ricans who have all been convicted in legitimate trials and legal procedures who are going to be freed simply on their promise to go and sin no more. What idiot agreed to this? Bill Clinton, president of the United States. Tulsa World, in an editorial …"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 9/20/99 Editorial "…IF PRESIDENT CLINTON granted clemency to Puerto Rican militants on the "merits," as the White House claims, why has he suddenly clammed up? The White House is rejecting Congress' subpoenas of documents and witnesses related to Clinton's clemency decision, invoking executive privilege. It says since Congress has no authority to overturn the president's decision, lawmakers have no right to investigate how it was made. That argument may be legally valid, but it's hardly in the national interest. Congress and Americans certainly have a right to know what discussions would compel Clinton to free 11 members of a Puerto Rican terrorist organization responsible for 130 bombings, six deaths and scores of injuries in this country….."

Fox News 9/22/99 Shannon McCaffrey AP "....A top FBI official told Congress he regards Puerto Rican militants freed in a grant of clemency by President Clinton as "terrorists'' who continue to represent a threat to the United States. The description by Neil Gallagher, the FBI's assistant director for national security, came Tuesday as President Clinton tried again to explain why he granted clemency, this time in a five-page letter to a Democratic congressman. Meanwhile, The New York Times reported in today's editions that an unsigned letter prepared for FBI Director Louis J. Freeh stating the FBI was "unequivocally opposed'' to the clemency offer was among thousands of documents sent to Congress. The Times quoted senior law-enforcement officials as saying Freeh read the letter before it was forward to Congress with other background documents and that the letter accurately reflected his position.....The FBI was one of several law enforcement organizations opposed to the clemency. Asked about the continuing threat of the FALN and its sister group in Puerto Rico, Los Macheteros, Galllagher ticked off a handful of more recent bombings in Chicago and Puerto Rico believed to have been conducted by the groups....."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 9/22/99 Sean Scully "....The 16 Puerto Rican terrorists offered clemency by President Clinton are not nonviolent criminals as portrayed by the administration but had a direct hand in actual or potential deaths and injuries, FBI counterterrorism official Neil J. Gallagher said yesterday. "I think these are criminals and terrorists and represent a threat to the United States," Mr. Gallagher, the bureau's assistant director for national security, told the House Government Reform Committee. "It's my concern that releasing these individuals will have both a psychological and operation impact on active terrorist organizations [that could] reinvigorate them," Mr. Gallagher told an earlier hearing before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that funds counterterrorism efforts...... Michael B. Cooksey of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons testified that one of the terrorist leaders offered clemency, Oscar Lopez, plotted a spectacular and violent escape by helicopter from the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kan., in 1984. After discovering that plot, Lopez was sentenced to an additional 15 years and was transferred to "supermax" prisons in Illinois and Colorado, which house the most dangerous federal prisoners. Mr. Clinton offered Lopez a reduced sentence but the convict refused to renounce violence and remains behind bars.....Even Democrats who normally support Mr. Clinton appeared troubled by the clemency. Rep. Henry A. Waxman, California Democrat, appeared shaken by the victim testimony and backed away from earlier support for the president. "I don't know how I would have come up with the decision he made," said Mr. Waxman, the ranking Democrat on Mr. Burton's committee. "I probably wouldn't have." ...."

Bob Lonsberry 9/21/99 Bob Lonsberry "...Like the thing with the Puerto Rican terrorists. Every major federal law enforcement agency told the president not to allow them out. Senators Moynihan and Schumer of New York both opposed the move. Essentially all of the Senate and the vast bulk of the House voted to reject the president's clemency offer. And yet Bill Clinton let 11 terrorist conspirators loose. In all of his administration before, he had only released three criminals, and never against the advice of his own bureaucracy. But now he let out a passel of people whose repeatedly stated ambition is the violent overthrow of the United States. To top it off, federal probation officials across the county waived - without being requested to do so - a prohibition on consorting with ex-cons. That meant convicted conspirators received special permission from the federal government to congregate for whatever purpose they saw fit. A week after leaving a federal prison cell, Clinton's terrorists were in San Juan, speaking at a rally, setting in motion who knows what chain of events. The bottom line is American security was damaged by the release of these people. They may personally pose the threat of renewed bomb attacks. Worse, their sweetheart deal may embolden other terrorists, who have been shown that - if your cause is good enough - you can get away with terrorism in the United States. ...."

AP 9/21/99 "....Sen. Jesse Helms expressed dismay on Tuesday over reports that an alleged Cuban "spymaster,'' who he said was known for his support for "terrorism and espionage,'' is being approved by the State Department to be posted at Cuba's diplomatic mission here. Helms, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, said the American people "will be outraged'' if and when they learn of the appointment of Fernando Garcia Bielsa, who was once assigned to the Cuban mission to the United Nations....." Sources 9/21/99 Dr Clifford Kiracofe "...The Clinton administration for months has refused to turn over to Congress foreign policy documents that implicate it in the Taliban reign of terror in Afghanistan, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), told SOURCES. A number of members of the U.S. House of Representatives believe the Clinton Administration played a key role in creating the Taliban by giving a "green light" to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States to organize, fund and direct the terrorist movement that has now taken control of Afghanistan, he said. "We have tried for a year and a half to obtain documents on our Afghan policy," Rohrabacher told SOURCES in an exclusive interview Friday. Rohrabacher says he has evidence the Clinton administration encouraged and approved the creation of the terrorist Taliban movement. Certain key officials in Middle Eastern countries have confirmed the administration's role in direct conversations with him. He also explained he has additional evidence from a number of confidential sources close to the matter. Meanwhile, Rohrabacher believes the State Department is stonewalling his requests for information on its policy toward the Taliban because administration officials fear the disclosure of facts to Congress would confirm a U.S. role in the operation involving the fundamentalist Islamic movement. Nonetheless, Rohrabacher, who is a member of the International Relations Committee, is pressing on with his requests for documentation of U.S. policy. "Our Chairman, Congressman Gilman, and others are supportive," he told SOURCES. The Taliban regime in Afghanistan is now an "epicenter" of international terrorism, Rohrabacher told SOURCES. A key aide in the Reagan White House and a journalist by profession, Rohrabacher said he saw Osama bin Laden's camp during a secret visit to Afghanistan in 1988. Rohrabacher has closely followed Afghan affairs for over a decade. Rohrabacher confirmed recent SOURCES reports regarding the formation of the Taliban by the Pakistani Interior Ministry and Inter-Services-Intelligence organization (ISI). Rohrabacher said there is no question Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States were brought in to finance the operation....."

New York Post 9/23/99 "...So Bill Clinton now wants us to believe that giving clemency to imprisoned terrorists of the FALN constitutes a great act of moral courage on his part! Past presidents, Clinton noted in a letter to Congress, made similar decisions and did "what they believed was right, even in the face of great controversy. I have done the same." That's an insult to past presidents. To take the most pertinent example, Harry Truman chose to commute the death sentence of a Puerto Rican terrorist who tried to assassinate Truman himself - a personal act of mercy by an intended victim. In sharp contrast, Bill Clinton hasn't even had the decency to explain his decision to the victims of the men and women he set free. Compounding the outrageousness of his decision, Clinton just this week had the temerity to lecture the U.N. General Assembly about the need to combat terrorism - this after a decision that, according to the FBI, returned "committed, experienced, sophisticated and hardened terrorists" to a "clandestine movement." In his letter toCongress, Clinton rejects suggestions that he ignored the recommendations of the FBI and U.S. attorneys, insisting he "carefully weighed them in making this difficult decision." But even that statement is disingenuous: Every single law-enforcement agency whose advice was solicited firmly opposed granting clemency. ..."

World 9/23/99 "....The Commission on National Security, sponsored by President Bill Clinton and Congress, released a 143-page report on Tuesday that presented a dire forecast of the prospect of terrorism in the United States. The commission was composed of 25 former defense officials who served under U.S. administrations. "For many years to come, Americans will become increasingly less secure," the report said. "America will become increasingly vulnerable to hostile attack on our homeland, and our military superiority will not entirely protect us. Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers. Threats to American security will be more diffuse, harder to anticipate and more difficult to neutralize than ever before." The key threat is terrorist use of biological weapons. The report says terrorists are acquiring biological weapons and other technological tools for attacks. "The most serious threat to our security may consist of unannounced attacks on American cities by sub-national groups using genetically engineered pathogens," the report said. "In the hands of despots, the new science could become a tool of genocide on an unprecedented scale." The report says terrorists have greater access to technology and can launch cyber attacks that disrupt air traffic control systems and create hundreds of air collisions and accidents. Commission members said the report reflects intelligence reports and follows similar studies by the Pentagon and Congress. "This report is hardly apocalyptic," former Senator Warren Rudman said. "I have all the facts."...." 9/22/99 Katharine Seelye "...The Federal Bureau of Investigation "unequivocally opposed" President Clinton's offer of clemency to 16 Puerto Rican nationalists, asserting that the release of most of the prisoners would reinvigorate their terrorist movement, according to a letter prepared by the F.B.I. The letter, prepared for the bureau's Director, Louis J. Freeh, said the clemency "would likely return committed, experienced, sophisticated and hardened terrorists to the clandestine movement" for Puerto Rican independence. The letter also said the clemency would "psychologically and operationally enhance" the militant organization F.A.L.N., which killed five people and maimed 83 in the 1970's and 80's. ..... A draft of the letter was sent from the F.B.I. to the Justice Department for review prior to Freeh's signature, law-enforcement officials said. The letter was among the thousands of documents sent by the White House to Congress in response to subpoenas for information about the President's clemency decision. The letter said that Freeh had objected to clemency when the matter was first raised in 1994, and as recently as June 28; even so, the letter said, Freeh was unaware that the President was actually contemplating any commutation when the White House announced its offer on Aug. 11....."

Augusta Chronicle 9/24/99 "….In what is being spun as his ``most complete explanation'' yet of why he offered clemency to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists, President Clinton vehemently denies politics played any role. Any other president might be given the benefit of the doubt, but not this one. Clinton's like the little boy who cried ``Wolf.'' He has lied so much that even when he tells the truth nobody believes him. In the controversial Puerto Rican clemency case, though, there's less reason than ever to believe him or the first lady. This is the couple who boasts they discuss everything with one another (except, apparently, Clinton's infidelities). And now they claim they did not discuss the pardons before he announced them. …."

New York Post 9/26/99 David Bar-Illan "….

THE Hamas chieftains arrested in Jordan on Wednesday and the perpetrators of the recent bombing attacks in Russia have in common Iranian sponsorship. But it would be wrong to blame only the Ayatollahs' regime for today's terrorism and its gruesome successes. The West - Washington, Europe and even Israel in recent years - must share responsibility for these successes, because the message the terrorists have been receiving from the democracies in the past half-century is unmistakable: Terrorism pays! In the case of Russia, there is an added irony. Many in Moscow's leadership today filled major roles in the Soviet regime, which was the most active sponsor of terrorism in history. Now they must pine for the time the Kremlin was on the giving rather that the receiving end of terrorist bombs. The West, unlike Russia, has not sponsored terrorist movements. But nor is it an all-out fighter against terrorism, or even an innocent bystander. For decades, Western countries provided safe haven and free passage to terrorist organizations, in return for promised immunity from terror operations on their soil. A notorious example was the case of Palestinian arch-terrorist Abu Daoud, mastermind of the Munich massacre in which 11 Israeli athletes (including an American citizen) were murdered. In the 1970s, the French government actively helped him evade Israeli pursuers. But soon after the Oslo process began, Israel, too, allowed him to move freely - to and from the Palestinian autonomy, where he is lionized as one of the heroes of the "armed struggle" against Israel. Now he expects to profit from the publication in the U.S. of a book about his terrorist exploits….."

Insight Magazine/NEWSMAX.COM 9/24/99 Michael Waller "….Insight has learned that while the White House prepared to grant clemency to 16 imprisoned terrorists, it pressured the State Department to grant a visa to Fernando Garcia Bielsa, a high-ranking Cuban Communist Party official in charge of supporting the very terrorist groups to which the prisoners belonged. The visa would allow Garcia Bielsa to work under diplomatic cover at the Cuban Interests Section on 16th Street in Washington, just blocks from the White House. . . . . Garcia Bielsa is not a typical gray apparatchik. As chief of the America Department of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee, he is responsible for the party's covert operations -- including agent-of-influence activity and support for Puerto Rican terrorism against the United States. . . . . The America Department, known by its Spanish initials DA, long has been Castro's main instrument for coordinating terrorism in the Western Hemisphere. A 1975 Senate investigation on Cuban support for terrorism found that the DA began directing terrorist operations in Puerto Rico and in the Midwestern and Eastern United States in 1974.. . . "

New York Post 9/27/99 Brian Blomquist "…. President Clinton is telling radical militants that "Americans are fair game," by blocking enforcement of a law that lets victims sue and collect from governments that support terrorist activities, says grieving father Stephen Flatow. Flatow said he thought he found an ally in his search for justice when President Clinton signed a 1996 law that permitted him to sue the government of Iran for backing the Islamic terror bombers who killed his daughter in Israel. But Flatow, a New Jersey businessman, says he's been betrayed by Clinton, who has invoked a "national security waiver" that blocks him from collecting the $247 million he won in a lawsuit against Iran in federal court….."

The Center For Security Policy / 9/23/99 "….. Twice in as many weeks, Samuel Berger -- the China trade lawyer-cum-Democratic political operative turned President Clinton's National Security Advisor -- has prevaricated publicly about his direct, personal involvement in decision-making that led to the early release of sixteen convicted Puerto Rican terrorists. For his mendacity in this matter, if not for the content of his flawed security policy advice, Sandy Berger should at last be relieved of his duties On 8 September, Berger held a press conference in Aukland, New Zealand…… Q. Sandy, did the National Security Council, was it involved in the granting of clemency to the Puerto Ricans? Did the President discuss with you and the National Security Council? …….. Mr. Berger: Let me say this, I'm aware of no such contacts…..Then, during his appearance on the NBC Sunday morning program "Meet the Press" on 19 September, Berger repeated this line in an interview with host Tim Russert. Mr. Russert: Why did the president release the Puerto Rican terrorists from prison? Mr. Berger:….. So, again, although I was not part of that decision, I find the president's explanation perfectly reasonable... Mr. Russert: The president did not seek your advice on this? Mr. Berger: This is not -- again, I do foreign policy. Puerto Rico is not an issue that comes within the jurisdiction of the NSC. …..

The Center For Security Policy / 9/23/99 "….. This proof surfaced at a hearing called yesterday by Sen. James M. Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee's Readiness Subcommittee. The subject of the hearing was the closely related issue of the future status of the live-fire training range on the island of Vieques near Puerto Rico. Just how closely related the two questions are was evident in a note made public by Sen. Inhofe.(1) Written in the President's hand, dated 26 July and addressed to "Sandy," it refers to a 21 July letter Mr. Clinton had received from Ruben Berrios Martinez, the president of the separatist Partido Independentista Puertorriqueña. Martinez made clear that his letter was being sent from the beach of the Vieques live-fire range -- which he was then occupying, together with other nationalist trespassers:…. [I also want to] bring to your attention once more the plight of Puerto Ricans who have languished in U.S. prisons during almost two decades, for activities related to their struggle for Puerto Rico's independence....The international community views them as political prisoners, not common criminals, who deserve the exercise of your constitutional powers of executive clemency without delay." …..In response, the President sent the following tasking note to Berger (underscoring in the original): Sandy 1) I agree with this -- this is wrong. I think they don't want us there. That's the main point. The Navy can find a way to work around it -- 2) What about the prisoners[?] Need Reply…"

The Center For Security Policy / 9/23/99 "…..It is not publicly known at this time what was the nature of the Sandy Berger's "reply" to the President's tasker concerning making the Navy find a work-around (indisputably a matter within the purview of the National Security Council) and the "prisoners" (which Berger insists was not). Clearly, however, Mr. Clinton did contact his National Security Advisor about the latter subject almost two months ago. Berger's repeated misrepresentations on that score are all too reminiscent of his lack of candor with respect to other matters of high policy. Recent examples include: what he knew about Chinese spying at the U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories and when he knew it(2); his suggestions that nobody at the White House was aware until late August about reports of Russian money-laundering operations that have been going on for years; his claim on last weekend's "Meet the Press" that "China has substantially decreased its at least nuclear cooperation with Pakistan as a result of an agreement that we reached when the president went to China"(3); and his failure to keep President Clinton from making dangerously erroneous and misleading claims (e.g., to the effect that there are "no missiles pointed at our children," the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty will curb nuclear proliferation, Yasser Arafat is a man of peace and the readiness of our armed forces has not suffered from their over-commitment in peace-keeping operations from Kosovo to East Timor). …."

The Center For Security Policy / 9/23/99 "….. No less importantly, Mr. Clinton needs to be told that the Navy simply cannot "work around" the permanent loss of the Vieques live-fire range. To their credit, senior military officers -- from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Hugh Shelton(4) to Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni,(5) the Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Central Command to the two witness before Sen. Inhofe's subcommittee, Vice Admiral William Fallon (USN) and Lieutenant General Peter Pace (USMC),(6) the Commander, U.S. Second Fleet and Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Atlantic, respectively -- have been trying to tell the truth about Vieques. The question is: Will Congress listen to them, see to it that the laws against trespassing on federal property(7) are enforced against Martinez and his cohorts and act to return this vital national asset to appropriate and necessary use by the U.S. military? Or will it allow President Clinton, as with the FALN clemency decision, once again to ride roughshod over the advice of the responsible authorities, further emboldening the anti-American aspirations of Puerto Rican separatists at grave risk to national security? …" 9/27/99 J R Nyquist "…. Between 1974 and 1985 the FALN (Puerto Rican Armed Forces of National Liberation) organized 120 terrorist bombings in the United States. Many Americans were killed in those bombings, and many more were crippled. In 1983, another Puerto Rican terrorist group known as the Macheteros, attacked and robbed a Wells Fargo armored car in Connecticut. The Macheteros intended to use the money to finance a terrorist campaign against the United States. Working under the cover of Puerto Rican nationalism and claiming to act on behalf of the "oppressed people of Puerto Rico," the FALN and the Macheteros are nothing but Communist revolutionaries. Both groups were organized by Fidel Castro's secret police….. While Timothy McVeigh awaits execution and has no chance of receiving a pardon for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing, President Clinton has seen fit to pardon 11 FALN terrorists and five Macheteros who have been serving prison sentences in the United States. …..If we look back to the Vietnam War, we find that Clinton gave active support to the Viet Cong -- who were also terrorists. Clinton also gave his support to the Marxist-Leninist dictatorship of Ho Chi Minh. Writing to ROTC Director Eugene Holmes in December 1969, Clinton admitted to working for a Communist front organization, the Vietnam Moratorium. Clinton acknowledged, "One of the national organizers of the Vietnam Moratorium is a close friend of mine. After I left Arkansas last summer, I went to Washington to work in the national headquarters of the Moratorium, then to England to organize Americans for the demonstrations of Oct. 15 and Nov. 16." ……." 9/27/99 J R Nyquist "…. The Vietnam Moratorium was first conceived at a meeting in Stockholm in May 1969. The meeting was sponsored by the Soviet-controlled World Peace Council through the auspices of the National Committee to End the War in Vietnam, also known as the Student Mobilization Committee -- or MOBE. According to a secret FBI memo issued in October 1969, "Communists are playing dominant roles in ... the Student Mobilization Committee." Present at the Stockholm meeting was the Viet Cong leader Nguyen Thi Binh. Also present was a North Vietnamese Communist official, Nguyen Minh Vy. As it happens, the work of MOBE was praised by Leonid Brezhnev and Aleksei Kosygin. In July 1969 MOBE was reorganized by veteran Communist Party member Sidney Peck and a group of activists from the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), a Marxist think tank from which President Clinton has made several key appointments. IPS was founded by Richard Barnet and Marcus Raskin in 1963. Most of the money they used came from the Samuel Rubin Foundation. According to Dr. Rael Jean Isaac, Rubin was a Comintern member and a Communist agent. …… Should we be shocked to discover that President Clinton has appointed outright Marxist subversives from the IPS to key government jobs? An IPS leader and an outspoken Marxist, Derek Shearer, was appointed as one of Clinton's top economic advisors, and was later appointed U.S. Ambassador to Finland. IPS leader Morton Halperin, a supporter of the notorious KGB agent and CIA turncoat Philip Agee, is now a leading official in the State Department. Anthony Lake, Clinton's one-time National Security Advisor, was once an IPS instructor. Given these appointments, President Clinton's clemency for Puerto Rican Communist revolutionaries shouldn't surprise anyone. According to a recent article by J. Michael Waller in Insight magazine, the White House has been secretly pushing to get a U.S. entry visa for Castro's terrorism chief, Fernando Garcia Bielsa. Waller explains that Bielsa, a high ranking Cuban official, is charged with overseeing the terrorist activities of the FALN and the Macheteros. ….."

USA Today 10/5/99 John Hamre ".....A column in USA TODAY last week implied that the Defense Department is seeking an active role in domestic law enforcement. That is absolutely wrong. Ironically, we strongly agree with the headline (''Terrorist attack in U.S.? Don't put military in charge," The Forum, Thursday). Like any federal agency with the appropriate training and resources, the Defense Department has a proper role to play in preparing America for a terrorist attack involving chemical or biological weapons. As part of an ongoing federal interagency effort and because it has long prepared to face such attacks on the battlefield, the Defense Department is doing its part to prepare the nation by supporting lead federal agencies in their efforts. However, we fully understand and have stated repeatedly that any such assistance will be in support of the appropriate federal civilian authority -- either the Department of Justice or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Our efforts to date -- including special National Guard teams that will advise and assist communities upon request and the training of local emergency "first responders" under a program mandated by Congress and now being transferred to the Justice Department -- remain consistent with this supporting role. There are no plans to create a "Homelands Defense Command" or any other military institution to oversee civilian-led response efforts......"

UPI Wire 9/27/99 Pamela Hess ".....A new Pentagon and CIA-sponsored study on biological terrorism says that U.S. public health should now be considered an indicator of national security, as adversaries are believed to be increasingly seeking to use viruses and diseases as weapons. The study, not yet publicly released, says the public health system is ill-prepared to respond to an attack. There is no organized reporting structure for tracking outbreaks, the stockpiles of vaccines and antibiotics are inadequate, and there is no "surge" capability in the event of widespread infection. The report's suggestions for addressing the situation range from the steadfastly bureaucratic - improving communication between all parties - to Big Brother-esque: random testing of urine in public facilities to detect outbreaks of new diseases before they reach epidemic proportions. One potentially explosive recommendation is for the government to stockpile a secret, super-strong antibiotic that could kill off genetically engineered microbes if they were ever used as a weapon against the American public. But it would only be used in an emergency state; otherwise, the bacteria could develop a resistance to it, rendering it ineffective. That means, of course, that many victims would have to succumb before a cure would be employed. The study suggests the government could develop the antibiotic and then withhold its use - for example, via a patent - until a bio event, reserving it as a "drug of last resort." ....." - Inside Cover 10/5/99 "....The London-based Terrorism and Security Monitor is reporting that US intelligence sources are worried that terrorist Osama Bin Laden may be planning a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil. US sources are said "to be particularly concerned about some kind of attack on New York, and they have recommended stepped-up security at the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve. U.S. Authorities believe Bin Laden may have acquired chemical weapons. ...."


The Associated Press, via News Plus 10/9/99 ".....The State Department list of terrorist organizations issued Friday, with abbreviated versions of State's descriptions:

Al-Qaida, believed headed by Osama bin Laden, who is based in Afghanistan.


Abu Nidal Organization, possibly based in Iraq, operating internationally.
Abu Sayyaf Group, Islamic separatist group in southern Philippines.
Armed Islamic Group, Islamic extremists aiming to overthrow Algerian government.
Aum Shinrikyo, Japanese cult.
Basque Fatherland and Liberty, aimed at establishing independent homeland in Spain's Basque region.
Gama'a al-Islamiyya, Egypt's largest militant group.
Hamas, concentrated in the Gaza Strip, responsible for attacks on Israel.
Harakat ul-Mujahedeen, Islamic militants based in Pakistan.
Hizballah, radical Shia group formed in Lebanon.
Japanese Red Army, aims to overthrow Japanese government and foment worldwide revolution.
Al-Jihad, Egyptian Islamic extremist group.
Kach, radical Isaeli group opposed to Israeli government.
Kahane Chai, offshoot of Kach.
Kurdistan Workers Party, Marxist-Leninst insurgent group in Turkey.
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Tamil Tigers), most powerful Tamil group in Sri Lanka.
Mujahedeen Khalq, Iraq-based group opposed to Iranian regime.
National Liberation Army, pro-Cuban, anti-American guerrilla group based in Colombia.
Palestine Islamic Jihad-Shalqaqi Faction, militant Palestinian group.
Palestine Liberation Front-Abu Abbas Faction, militant Palestinian group.
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Marxist-Leninist group that has hit both Israeli and Arab
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, opposes Yasser Arafat's Palestine
Liberation Organization.
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, largest insurgent organization in Colombia.
Revolutionary Organization 17 November, radical leftist group in Greece.
Revolutionary People's Liberation Party, Marxist, anti-American, anti-NATO Turkish group.
Revolutionary People's Struggle, strongly anti-American group in Greece.
Shining Path, largest Peruvian insurgency.
Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, Marxist-Leninist movement in Peru. ....."

BQ's View - With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/13/99 "....This the sobering bottom line of the first report from the U.S. Commission on National Security for the 21st Century ... Co-chaired by Warren Rudman and Gary Hart ... ... This is not a group of alarmists, or flakes, or right-wing hacks ... I don't think either Rudman or Hart are known as staunch, stalwart Conservatives ... The commission included leaders from the military, academic and business sectors of our society ... It included Andrew Young, former Mayor of Atlanta ... If this commission predicts that, within the next 25 years, Americans will likely die on American soil, I'd take that very seriously ... Their report has been sent to Secretary of Defense William Cohen and the House Armed Services Committee ... ... It would help greatly if the daily media would take their thumbs out of their mouths long enough to inform the American Public ... Why is it that they're not reporting on this? ... Are they concerned about panic? ... I don't think we need to worry about panic as much as accountability, especially when President Clinton is trying to push a ban on our ability to protect ourselves ... A nuclear test ban ... And especially when we are not really making our country safe from terrorism ... ... The report evaluates our national security and projects what to expect in the next 25 years ... Have a seat ... It's not a pretty picture ... Weapons of mass nuclear, chemical and biological destruction will proliferate ... We should expect conflicts in which our adversaries, because of cultural affinities different from our own, will engage in acts of violence that are shocking to our sensibilities ... ... The report describes a world in which U.S. intelligence and diplomacy will be inadequate to protect our interests and security ... Advancing global technology will destabilize nations and cultures, resulting in "anti-technology backlashes" ... Those same forces will "batter the concept of national sovereignty" ... ... Doesn't it strike you as curious that the Deputy Secretary of State has been proclaiming how great this will be in the next 25 years, that we will have no sovereignty ... This is Strobe Talbot's world ... Strobe Talbott is looking at this report and talking about it in the most positive terms ... Saying that we will be one global community ... ... In other words, according to this balanced commission that represents the very heart of our political, business, military and foreign policy establishment, the world is going to become unhinged in the next 25 years ... They warn that we will not be able to manage the global chaos abroad or stop it from reaping its gruesome harvest here on our soil ... Right in our heartland ...... It's disgraceful that the mainstream press has not covered this ... It's disgraceful that President Clinton has not addressed it ... It's terrible that we are being bullied by the U.N. and misled by the likes of Strobe Talbott, who predicts that we're going to be one global community while ignoring dire threats to our national security ... "

AP-Washington Post 10/20/99 Tom Raum "....."There still remains doubt that Russia has completely dismantled the old Soviet program," Kenneth Alibek, who defected to the United States in 1992, told a House Armed Services Committee hearing. Alibek, who was deputy director of the Soviet's civilian biological weapons program, said Russia still has at least three plants capable of producing biological weapons...... U.S. government experts on biological and chemical weapons didn't shed much light on what might be going on in Russia. But Hans Mark, director of the Pentagon's Chemical and Biological Defense Program, told the panel that "the chemical and biological weapons threat is potentially increasing in diversity and frequency." More than 20 countries may now have biological weapons capability, Mark said......Moscow had no fewer than 70 "different agents in biological weapons," including new strains of smallpox and plague, Alibek said. ....."

FOX/AP 10/20/99 Shannon McCaffrey "....President Clinton's clemency offer to 16 Puerto Rican nationalists helped heighten the threat of terrorism from militant groups seeking independence for the island, the Justice Department said in a report made public Wednesday. The report, presented at a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the clemency offer, said Puerto Rican separatist groups pose an "ongoing threat'' to national security. "Factors which increase the present threat from these groups include renewed activity by a small minority advocating Puerto Rican statehood, the 100-year anniversary of the U.S. presence in Puerto Rico and the impending release from prisons of members of these groups jailed for prior violence,'' said the report....."

UPI (via Drudge) 10/20/99 Pamela Hess "....The United States is 25 to 30 years behind in the development of vaccines against biological weapons and must dramatically alter its approach if it's ever to catch up, said Ken Alibeck, former deputy director of the Soviet civilian biological weapons program. ...... He said the Soviet Union developed at least 100 strains of disease for use in weapons, but the United States is still developing antidotes for those developed in the 1970s. Developing single vaccines for each strain is an unworkable solution, he said. Instead, he recommends a novel approach: directing research toward strengthening the human immune system to resist all viruses rather than just inoculating against a few. ....The Defense Department's efforts stop short of Alibek's vision. Military planners are trying to develop vaccines that can handle more than one virus by addressing a common pathogen, defense officials told the committee on Wednesday. Because of Russia's economic troubles an unknown number of the 50,000 to 70,000 employees of biological weapons laboratories may be selling their expertise abroad, Alibek warned. "Russia has at least two strains of plague which are resistant to vaccines," Alibek said....."

The Washington Times 10/21/99 Jerry Seper "....President Clinton offered clemency to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists a month after Attorney General Janet Reno concluded in a report that their release from prison posed an ongoing threat to U.S. national security. But Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., citing Mr. Clinton's claim of executive privilege, refused yesterday to tell a Senate committee whether the Justice Department had recommended against the president's offer of clemency...... "In granting clemency to 16 convicted terrorists and members of the FALN and Los Macheteros, President Clinton set free individuals who had engaged in sedition and openly advocated war against the United States and its citizens," Mr. Hatch said. "The FALN and Los Macheteros -- including the clemency recipients -- have actively waged such a war by, among other acts, planting more than 130 bombs in public places including shopping malls and restaurants." ...."

The New York Times 10/21/99 Neil Lewis ".....The Justice Department took extraordinary steps to enhance the chances of clemency for a group of imprisoned Puerto Rican nationalists after receiving regular expressions of interest from the White House, according to documents released Wednesday. In one instance, the department's top officials repeatedly urged the prisoners' supporters in Congress to persuade them to fashion a statement of repentance to help their chances of release. The documents released at a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee also show that the Puerto Rican nationalists did not apply for clemency personally, as is usually required, but department officials processed an application anyway. Under department regulations, a personal application is usually required to start the process, because such a move is taken as a sign of remorse for the criminal acts........ The details and sequence of events leading up to Clinton's clemency offer have remained murky because the White House and Justice Department have declined to release much information, citing executive privilege. Because the Constitution explicitly gives the president the sole authority to issue pardons, administration lawyers have argued that the president's discussions with subordinates over the issue of clemency for the Puerto Rican prisoners is privileged and need not be disclosed..."

The Times of India, via News Plus 10/21/99 ".....The United States, which is seeking extradition of international terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden from Afghanistan, has said it is prepared to work with the Taliban militia to end terrorist networks in the war-torn country. Assistant secretary of state Karl F Inderfurth has said that Washington would be willing to make arrangements at the border to take charge of Osama Bin Laden to have him tried....."

Reuters 10/21/99 ".... The Justice Department took extraordinary steps to enhance the chances of clemency for imprisoned Puerto Rican nationalists after receiving regular expressions of interest from the White House, the New York Times said Thursday....The fact that the prisoners failed to apply for clemency themselves suggests that they had not abandoned their position of rejecting the authority of the U.S. government, the Times said......"

American Journal Psychiatry 10/17/99 Reuters ".... Biological and chemical weapons pose a very real domestic threat, and psychiatrists should be trained to deal with such an attack in the opinion of Dr. Cleto DiGiovanni, Jr., of the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. DiGiovanni reviews the potential neuropsychiatric effects of such an attack in the October issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry. Nerve agents such as sarin, tabun, soman and VX can cause intellectual impairment, anxiety, psychomotor retardation, and sleep disturbances, Dr. DiGiovanni writes. In some instances, he says, exposure to nerve agents has caused "...depressed mood, social withdrawal, insomnia with unpleasant dreams and 'antisocial thoughts'." ...... Dr. DiGiovanni concludes with a solemn warning. "Remote though the possibility of a terrorist-authored chemical or biological incident in an American community may be, we must prepare for one. The agents are too easy to acquire or manufacture and too easy to disperse for us to ignore that possibility." ...."

Emerging Infectious Diseases 7-8/99 James LeDuc John Becher "....The possible use of smallpox virus as a weapon by terrorists has stimulated growing international concern and led to a recent review by the World Health Organization of the global availability of smallpox vaccine. This review found approximately 60 million doses worldwide, with little current vaccine manufacture, although limited vaccine seed remains available (1). Ongoing discussions in the United States suggest that the national stockpile should contain at least 40 million doses to be held in reserve for emergency use, including in case of a terrorist release of smallpox virus (O'Toole, this issue, pp. 540-6). The current U.S. stockpile contains approximately 15.4 million doses of vaccinia vaccine (Dryvax) made from the New York City Board of Health strain of vaccinia and was produced by Wyeth Laboratories in 13 separate lots. The vaccine is lyophylized in glass vials with rubber stoppers and sealed with a metal band. When rehydrated, each vial contains 100 doses and has a potency of at least 108 plaque-forming units (pfu)/ml. Some vials of the vaccine stockpile have shown elevated moisture levels and thus failed routine quality control testing; however, the vaccine in these vials remains potent, and the failed lots have not been discarded. The diluent used to rehydrate the vaccine contains brilliant green, which makes the vaccine easier to visualize when administered with bifurcated needles. Over time, the brilliant green has deteriorated, and most of the available diluent does not pass quality control. Discussions are under way with Wyeth to begin production of sufficient new diluent for the entire stockpile. The vaccine is administered by superficial inoculation (scarification) with a bifurcated needle. Fewer than 1 million bifurcated needles are held as part of the stockpile. As with the diluent, Wyeth has been requested to produce additional bifurcated needles.....While the intentional release of smallpox virus would represent a global emergency, the existing national stockpile could be effectively used to limit the spread of disease and buy time while the pharmaceutical industry begins emergency vaccine production. James W. LeDuc and John Becher Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA ...."

Fox News-AP 10/19/99 Edith Lederer ".....The Security Council today discussed the increase in global terrorism, with U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke calling on all nations to stand together and relentlessly combat terrorists and their supporters......"We thought that the recent upsurge in terrorist actions, including against United Nations personnel, would warrant a reiteration of the Security Council readiness to contribute to the fighting of international terrorism,'' Russia's U.N. ambassador, Sergey Lavrov, the current council president, said Monday. The council's formal meeting follows its threat last Friday of limited sanctions if Afghanistan's Taliban Islamic movement does not deliver Saudi exile Osama bin Laden to stand trial for last year's twin U.S. embassy bombings in Africa....."

The New York Times 10/20/99 David Johnston "....The Justice Department formally urged President Clinton in December 1996 to deny clemency to imprisoned Puerto Rican nationalists, a recommendation that the White House never acknowledged in the furor over the Presidential decision last month to commute the sentences of the members of a militant group. The recommendation, dated Dec. 19, 1996, was cited in a 1997 letter to Charles F. C. Ruff, the former White House counsel, from Margaret C. Love, then the pardon attorney at the Justice Department. ..."

Miami Herald 10/19/99 Pablo Alfonso, El Nuevo Herald "....A Cuban exile living in Switzerland contends that Cuba has been experimenting since 1980 with bacteriological warfare, using birds as carriers. In his book Cuban Nature, Carlos Wotzkow writes that the government of President Fidel Castro developed ``an idea that aimed at carrying out biological warfare against the territory of the United States by delivering infectious diseases through mites or other parasites attached to migratory birds.''...... ``The idea was to inject the mites and migratory birds with leptospiral viruses,'' Wotzkow said last week from Switzerland. Presumably, the viruses would be transmitted to humans by mosquitoes that had bitten the birds. Luis Roberto Hernandez, a professor of entomology at the University of Puerto Rico, said he was on the research team....."

10/20/99 Shannon Mccaffrey, Associated Press ".....Just a month after President Clinton offered clemency to 16 Puerto Rican separatists, a report from Attorney General Janet Reno said that the nationalist groups they had been aligned with posed an "ongoing threat'' to national security. "Factors which increase the present threat from these groups include ... the impending release from prisons of members of these groups jailed for prior violence,'' Reno's September 1999 report said. The report - the Justice Department's Five Year Interagency Counterterrorism and Technology Crime Plan - was made public at a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today on the controversial grant of clemency Clinton made to Puerto Rican separatists, most of them associated with the terrorist group FALN......Republican senators at the hearing and the lone Democrat in attendance, ranking minority member Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, scolded the Justice Department for failing to contact victims of FALN violence, either to gather their input on the potential offer of clemency or to even inform them that the prisoners were being released...... "I think we could do a better job ... getting in touch with victims,'' Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder admitted. Holder said it was likely that Justice Department officials would "tinker'' with internal regulations to make it a requirement that direct input from victims be obtained as part of the clemency process. Lawmakers also said that before the prisoners were released, Justice Department officials should have attempted to obtain information from the jailed militants about violent fugitives from their groups still at large, some still on the FBI's Most Wanted list....."

BQ's View With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/20/99 "....... We're learning virtually nothing from the daily media about the key finding of the U.S. Commission on National Security for the 21st Century, co-chaired by Warren Rudman and Gary Hart, that Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers ... The report has been sent to Secretary of Defense William Cohen and the House Armed Services Committee ... ... Other than one article in The Washington Times, headlined "Apocalypse Soon," there's been virtually nothing ... ... Weapons of nuclear, chemical and biological destruction are going to proliferate, and we're not going to be able to pull together a coalition to prevent this terrorism from occurring abroad or on our soil ... The commission expects casualties - possibly in large numbers - on U.S. soil ... ... Fowler says she's disturbed that our press is more interested in copying the style of Oprah Winfrey than letting people know what is really going on ... She said her committee had a very good hearing on the report, which is now available to the public ... It's the first of three and is only eight pages long ... "

AMERICAN RIFLEMAN 11-12/99 Institute for Legislative Action Report "....[Clinton] He demands more gun control laws. He wastes millions of tax dollars on useless gun turn-in schemes. And with a wink, he releases into society criminals convicted of nearly three dozen violations of federal firearms laws, not to mention laws dealing with explosives, arson and bank robbery. Twelve of the terrorists were convicted of possessing "unregistered firearms," meaning, of course, they were caught with firearms regulated under the 1934 National Firearms Act, such as machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. Nine were convicted of carrying firearms during the commission of seditious conspiracy and interference with interstate commerce by violence. Nine were convicted of interstate transportation of firearms with intent to commit seditious conspiracy and interference with interstate commerce by violence. Three were convicted of conspiracy to make a "destructive device" (such as a pipe bomb). And, finally, two were convicted of possessing firearms without serial numbers. ...."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....The greatest scandal of the Clinton presidency may be yet to come. It includes some of the same elements of the previous Clinton scandals, but also one crucial additional element. It is about national security -- but does not center on Communist China. It is about a Justice Department cover-up -- but revolves around successful prosecutions that were later unmade, rather than prosecutions that were never made. Yet, it involves neither sex nor campaign money -- as far as is known.....Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee released the unclassified version of a report from Attorney General Janet Reno, titled, "The five-year interagency counterterrorism and technology crime plan." The report concludes that many Cold War-era terrorist threats have diminished or disappeared. But Reno cited one notable exception: Increased threat "Puerto Rican terrorist groups...are an exception and represent an ongoing threat," said Reno's report. " They have previously used violence in an attempt to achieve independence for Puerto Rico. In an 11-year span, Puerto Rican terrorists were responsible for more than 100 bombings and arsons, in both Puerto Rico and on the U.S. mainland. Factors which increase the present threat from these groups include renewed activity by a small minority advocating Puerto Rican statehood, the 100-year anniversary of U.S. presence in Puerto Rico, and the impending release from prison of members of these groups jailed for prior violence." .....The obvious conclusion? The Justice Department believes that, when President Clinton released a group of Puerto Rican terrorists in August, he was using his power as president to "increase the present threat" of terrorism against the United States. Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee Oct. 20, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, a Clinton political appointee, made a feeble attempt to argue that the report was not referring to the Puerto Rican terrorists Clinton released, but to some other Puerto Rican terrorists due to be released in the near future....."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....Clemency advocates knew terrorists weren't repentant Notes from a November 1997 meeting among Adams, Holder and Democratic reps. Jose Serrano of New York, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois and Nydia Velasquez of New York indicate that when Holder asked whether the terrorists had really repented, Serrano gave evasive answers. "Whether you are repentant or not goes to who we are as a human being," he said. "The fact that they have not applied reinforces the political nature of who they are." According to notes from an April 1998 meeting with clergymen who supported clemency, Holder asked the Rev. Paul Sherry, who claimed to have met with most of the FALN members, whether or not they had renounced violence. "Rev. Sherry said they would not change their beliefs. This probably meant they would not change their beliefs about Puerto Rican independence, although he gave a carefully phrased answer that did not make it entirely clear that they had renounced the use of violence."......Justice solicited a repentance statement The Justice Department repeatedly urged Gutierrez, who acted as a liaison with the FALN prisoners, to secure statements of remorse. He promised Holder they would be forthcoming, but they never materialized. FALN convicts never renounced violence A collective statement, signed by the FALN prisoners, not only does not renounce violence, it rationalizes it. "Invoking the right under international law to use all means available does not mean we used them with no respect for human life," the statement said....."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....U.S. attorneys and FBI opposed clemency Adams wrote talking points for Holder to use when he informed U.S. attorneys that Clinton would release the terrorists. The notes indicate that the prosecutors opposed clemency.....In an unsent letter to Rep.Henry Hyde, R.-Ill., FBI Director Louis Freeh said that "the FBI was unequivocally opposed to the release of these terrorists under any circumstances and had so advised DOJ." ....In a letter to Rep. Henry Waxman, D.-Calif., Clinton said, "Whatever the conduct of the other FALN members may have been, these petitioners, while convicted of serious crimes, were not convicted of crimes involving the killing or maiming of any individuals." ...."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....Current sentencing guidelines would have been just as severe Clinton and others have claimed that FALN members were given inordinately long sentences and that under current guidelines their penalties would be less severe. But in response to an inquiry from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R.-Utah, Tim McGrath, the staff director of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, wrote that under the new rules, FALN members not only would have been given sentences just as severe, but most likely would have been charged under the Treason guideline. "Because the object of the FALN conspiracy, and the conduct alleged as part of the conspiracy, amounted to an avowed intent by the members of the conspiracy to wage war against the United States, a court could appropriately find that the most analogous guideline is ... Treason." ....."

Chattanooga Free Press 10/31/99 "....The usual practice for criminals to get out of federal prisons early is for the convict, personally, to initiate petitions for clemency, on which appropriate officials then act. But now it has come out that those 16 Puerto Rican terrorists whom President Bill Clinton was so eager to free did not go through the usual procedures. In fact, some of them refused to ask for clemency. That's how they emphasized their mistaken view that the United States government had no authority over them. So if the terrorists wouldn't apply for clemency themselves, who drew up their petitions? Documents released by the Senate Judiciary Committee show that the terrorists were helped by the Justice Department, headed by Clinton-appointed Attorney General Janet Reno...."

Fox News Channel E-mail 10/29/99 "…. Fox News Channel, in stark contrast to other news networks, is sticking with the FALN story, and FNC's David Schuster is on top of the latest revelation: a letter covered by executive privilege was mistakenly turned over to the Senate Judiciary Committee revealing that in 1996 the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT advised against clemency for imprisoned members of the FALN. This past August, President Clinton offered clemency to these prisoners against the advice of a number of federal agencies….."

United Press International 10/26/99 Pamela Hess "....A congressman charged on Tuesday that the Soviet Union may have hidden explosives, radio-transmitters and possibly suitcase-sized nuclear weapons in the United States during the Cold War. Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Penn., said the secret installations were to be used in sabotage operations against U.S. power systems and other key infrastructures in the event of a war or other major crisis. Two such caches discovered last winter in Switzerland and Belgium were identified in KGB archives that also suggest hidden U.S. sites exist, possibly in Brainerd, Minn., around an oil pipeline in Texas, and in New York, California and Montana. .... ''I am outraged the (Clinton) administration has not even asked the question of the Russians about where the specific sites are in the United States,'' Weldon said at the hearing. ''We believe it is absolutely essential that the United States aggressively pursue the Russian government to identify all pre-deployed weapons sites in the United States and that we eliminate such remnants of the Cold War,'' Weldon wrote. ''We are concerned that the United States still lacks the critical information necessary to remove these known dangers to its citizens.'' .... Weldon also suggests in the letter that suitcase-sized Soviet ''atomic demolition units'' may also be hidden in the United States, offering a perfect weapon for terrorists bent on destruction. With the disclaimer that ''no one knows what a Russian suitcase bomb would look like,'' Weldon presented a mock-up of just such a weapon in a brown leather attache case at the opening of the hearing. ....."

Columbus Dispatch Editorial 10/26/99 "…. The FBI opposed it. Federal prosecutors opposed it. The national Fraternal Order of Police opposed it. Victims and their relatives opposed it. All were against President Clinton's offer in August to pardon 16 members of FALN, a terrorist group seeking independence for Puerto Rico that killed six people and wounded scores in a wave of bomb attacks during the 1970s and 1980s. On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee learned that Attorney General Janet Reno warned the administration last month that the FALN was a continuing threat to national security and that the danger would increase if the president went ahead with the clemency plan. But he set the terrorists free anyway. National security threat? Big deal. Clinton had his eye on a more important problem: getting his wife elected to the United States Senate….."

Conservative News Service 10/26/99 Lawrence Morahan "….US lawmakers are calling on the Clinton administration to immediately release a copy of a letter by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi which they believe lets Gadhafi off the hook for his suspected role in ordering the bombing of Pan Am 103 in 1988. The letter, which may have been approved by representatives of the Clinton administration and the Blair government in Britain, reportedly gave assurances to Tripoli that the trial of two Libyan suspects by a Scottish court in The Hague will not "undermine" Gadhafi's regime. This is widely viewed as an immunity deal for Gadhaffi - a vow not to hold him responsible for the terrorist act, sources familiar with the case told….."


FOX News 11/8/99 AP James Anderson ".....Guillermo Morales has few regrets about his armed struggle for an independent Puerto Rico, his bold flight from U.S. justice and his life in exile in Fidel Castro's Cuba. But that exile carries its price: a diminished role that Morales, a key figure in the Armed Forces of National Liberation, or FALN, has come to accept grudgingly....... Morales is among several dozen U.S. fugitives living in Cuba, which has no diplomatic relations or extradition treaty with the United States. Others include Joanne Chesimard, a Black Panther Movement member convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper, and Michael Finney and Charles Hill, wanted in the 1971 slaying of a New Mexico state policeman and a jet hijacking to Cuba. .......Morales watched from afar as several FALN colleagues who served an average 20 years in U.S. prisons were recently freed under a clemency offered by President Clinton. One was Dylcia Pagan, with whom Morales has a son...... "

WorldNetDaily 11/99 David Bresnahan "….The crash of EgyptAir 990 is the most recent example of an apparent Clinton Administration policy to deny terrorist involvement in airline disasters, according to independent investigators. With an extensive background as a flight crash investigator, Cmdr. William Donaldson (Ret.), and former Federal Aviation Administration investigator Rodney Stitch, both believe a terrorist bomb on board the plane most likely caused the crash of EgyptAir 990. Donaldson's independent study of a previous air disaster, the 1996 crash of TWA flight 800, led him to conclude that crash was caused by a missile fired by terrorists. Stitch concurs that a missile was the most likely cause of the TWA disaster. Moreover, Stitch has compelling evidence that the U.S. government allowed over 100 U.S.-made Stinger missiles to be put on the open market, likely finding their way into terrorist hands. Both investigators contend that President Clinton has a specific policy of denial to avoid tough questions and the pressure to take military action against terrorists….."

The Jerusalem Post 11/4/99 Marilyn Henry "….Stephen Flatow, saying he has been betrayed by the White House, is calling on prospective Senate candidate Hillary Clinton to oppose a Clinton administration policy that thwarts the legal options of families of terror victims. Flatow has accused the White House of leading him "down the primrose path" by signing anti-terrorism legislation that allowed him to sue Iran and then blocking his effort to collect a $247.5 million court-awarded judgment. He said the administration is "protecting terrorists."….."

Boston Globe 11/4/99 Jeff Jacoby "…..Nothing, President Clinton knew, could make up for the loss of their loved ones. But at least the families of Americans murdered in terrorist attacks should have the right to sue the nations that dispatched the killers. About that he was adamant. As he stood before the cameras on Feb. 26, 1996 - two days after the Cuban Air Force murdered four unarmed Americans who were flying a humanitarian mission over the Florida Straits - his sincerity seemed beyond question…… Within weeks Congress passed the law Clinton wanted - the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1996. The president signed it with much fanfare. It empowered American citizens for the first time to seek damages in federal court from foreign governments that sponsor terrorism and to collect the judgment out of those governments' frozen assets in the United States……. Among those invited to the signing ceremony was Stephen Flatow, whose daughter Alisa had been murdered a year earlier. A Brandeis University student spending a semester abroad, she was one of seven victims killed when a terrorist trained by Islamic Jihad blew up the bus they were riding…..''We didn't take on the responsibility of suing a foreign country lightly,'' Flatow told a Senate hearing last week. ''In fact, we might not have done it at all if not for the very clear signals from the Clinton administration that it would back us.'' Meanwhile, the families of the men shot down by Cuban missiles - Armando Alejandre, Carlos Costa, Pablo Morales, and Mario de la Pena - went to court as well. They, too, had been encouraged by the Clinton administration. In private meetings in Washington they were assured that the government would support their efforts to seek compensation from the Cuban government. Relying on that assurance, they filed suit. In December 1997, the Florida families were awarded $187 million in damages by the federal court in Miami. Three months later, Alisa Flatow's parents won a $247.5 million judgment against the government of Iran. Overnight, everything changed. Suddenly the administration was doing everything it could to prevent the families from collecting. The Treasury Department refused to release any Iranian or Cuban assets. Dismayed, Congress passed an amendment to the Anti-Terrorism Act that stripped Treasury of its power to thwart the families. Clinton signed the new bill - then turned around and signed a directive suspending it for reasons of ''national security.''……"

AP 11/6/99 "….The Puerto Rican nationalists offered clemency by President Clinton were members of two groups with ties to Cuban intelligence agents, The Hartford Courant reported. In a story in Sunday's editions, the newspaper said FBI files on a Wells Fargo robbery in West Hartford document Cuba's support for the Puerto Rican independence movement. The contents of the files have not been disclosed until now, the Courant said. The FBI monitored conversations and meetings between Cuban intelligence agents and members of the group Los Macheteros, Spanish for "The Cane Cutters.'' "Numerous court-authorized interceptions of conversations ... have determined that the Cubans support and direct the Macheteros at a firsthand level,'' the FBI said in a confidential memo. ….."

The Washington Times 11/11/99 "....The White House has decided to keep Cuba off the list of major drug transit countries. In a letter to Rep. Benjamin Gilman dated Nov. 10, and obtained by The Washington Times editorial page, President Clinton outlines a summary of why he kept Cuba off the list. However, the president raises more questions than he does answers and contradicts a statement that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) made this year regarding Cuba. ...... In his letter, Mr. Clinton said although the White House has detected "what appears to be" drug trafficking via Cuba's air and sea space, this activity has dropped off significantly since last year. The president's letter reflects comments made by the White House's own drug czar, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, who said in May that drug flights over Cuba increased by almost 50 percent last year. Given this flurry of activity in 1998, why did the White House fail to put Cuba on the "majors" list that year? There are more questions here than answers...."

AP 11/10/99 "….. A congressman investigating President Clinton's offer of clemency to 16 Puerto Rican separatists subpoenaed the White House for information on the separatists' purported ties to Cuba. Rep. Dan Burton called for any records showing a link between the 16 and the Cuban government. The Indiana Republican also issued subpoenas to the Justice Department and FBI. Burton wrote a letter to CIA Director George Tenet asking for surveillance intercepts and any other records on the Cuba-Puerto Rico connection. He also sought a briefing on the agency's knowledge of the pro-independence guerrilla groups the 16 belonged to. He gave the CIA until Nov. 18 to comply. ….."

Associated Press 11/7/99 "….The Puerto Rican nationalists offered clemency by President Clinton were members of two groups with ties to Cuban intelligence agents, The Hartford Courant reported. In a story in Sunday's editions, the newspaper said FBI files on a Wells Fargo robbery in West Hartford document Cuba's support for the Puerto Rican independence movement. The contents of the files have not been disclosed until now, the Courant said. The FBI monitored conversations and meetings between Cuban intelligence agents and members of the group Los Macheteros, Spanish for ``The Cane Cutters.'' ``Numerous court-authorized interceptions of conversations ... have determined that the Cubans support and direct the Macheteros at a firsthand level,'' the FBI said in a confidential memo….."

The Courant 11/7/99 Edmund Mahony "….A two-year FBI investigation of the 1983 Wells Fargo robbery in West Hartford documented in striking detail how Cuban support for the Puerto Rican independence movement played out on a day-to-day basis during the most violent period of the movement's modern history. But the results of that investigation, as it touched on the Cubans, were not disclosed - until now. Employing eavesdropping equipment and exhaustive surveillance, the FBI collected what at times amounted to running accounts of conversations and meetings between Cuban intelligence agents and members of the pro-independence group Los Macheteros. Based on the evidence, the bureau concluded in a confidential briefing memo that: ''Numerous court-authorized interceptions of conversations between the Macheteros leaders have determined that the Cubans support and direct the Macheteros at a firsthand level.'' In addition to analyzing the FBI investigation, The Courant spent six months revisiting the scene of meetings between the Puerto Rican independentistas and their Cuban contacts, interviewing 50 sources including former Cuban agents, FBI agents and investigators for the U.S. Congress; and reviewing hundreds of pages of documents. The newspaper's examination reveals that the violent nationalist movement - at least from the early 1960s to the mid-1980s - was an essentially unified movement supported by senior Cuban officials….."

The New York Post 11/9/99 Deborah Orin "....A new bombshell document on President Clinton's get-out-of-jail deal for FALN terrorists shows a key White House aide said freeing them could boost Vice President Al Gore politically. "The VP's Puerto Rican position would be helped," says the e-mail sent in March by Jeffrey Farrow, head of Clinton's Inter-Agency Group on Puerto Rico, to Clinton's deputy chief-of-staff, Maria Echaveste. The memo says "the issue should be resolved soon," and suggests that congressional advocates of FALN clemency might meet with Gore if Clinton weren't available. It's one of several documents showing that key White House aides served as active advocates for freeing the prisoners linked to 120 bombings in the 1970s and 1980s......"

Associated Press 11/9/99 Afghan leader Amir-ul-Momineen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid ".... The following is the text of an open letter addressed to ``the people of the United States of America.''..... The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan came into existence by the Taliban Islamic Movement after a period of total anarchy, chaos, crime, terror and turmoil in our country. It has been well received and supported by the people of Afghanistan. This is because the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has established a system of government that is to the wishes of its people, void of any crime, corruption, and (we) created an atmosphere for a peaceful living condition...."

Associated Press 11/9/99 Afghan leader Amir-ul-Momineen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid ".... In spite of all this accomplishment, we thought the U.S. will help us overcome some of the hardship and pay close attention to the sacrifices of the Afghan people against the Soviet Union, which resulted in the disintegration of their empire and the elimination of their threat to world peace. Instead, the U.S. chose to ignore us and actively orchestrated a (U.N.) Security Council resolution for economic sanctions against our country. Despite such negative attitudes, we have chosen and shown readiness for negotiations, but the U.S. government seems to be (bent) on force and looking down onus. This attitude will not help the United States because the Russians were thinking along the same line and look what happened to them...."

Associated Press 11/9/99 Afghan leader Amir-ul-Momineen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid ".... In addition, on Sept. 6, 1999, we (sent) a letter to the White House. In it, we pointed out to them that those who are not on the just side, may God face them with earthquake and storm. You are all witness to the fact that since the date of that letter, one strong earthquake and two devastating storms have taken their(toll) in the United States. What we are trying to tell you is this: once our people were brutally murdered by the Russians and this time the U.S. is thinking of an open hostility and wants to impose economic sanction upon us. If the United States wants to impose sanctions upon us, it must be known that God is on the side of the just and no one can challenge God. Therefore, I call upon the people of the United States of America to bring pressure on their government and ask them to cease hostility with us. If you do not take a step (in) this direction (then) you will be surprised about what is coming to you and you will not be able to do anything about it. ...."

Scripps Howard News Service/Nando 11/16/99 Dan Thomasson "…. One of the more disturbing developments in recent law enforcement history is the FBI's decision to set up a division devoted solely to investigating domestic terrorism. The bureau announced last week that it would separate the functions of counterintelligence and anti-terrorism, placing each under an assistant director who would report first to the FBI's deputy director and then to the director, Louis J. Freeh. The news caused only little ripples in the public pond but sent real shock waves through other law enforcement agencies - local, state and federal. Missing from the announcement was any meaningful definition of what constitutes "domestic terrorism," and efforts by other federal agencies to elicit one has produced only the vague "I'll know it when I see it" reply once used to define pornography. Without a clear-cut definition, the bureau has carte blanche to enter any case, no matter how small. The fact is, hundreds of agents assigned specifically to deal with the problem are doing just that, stepping all over crime scenes that once belonged to a variety of other agencies….."

Philadelphia Inquirer 11/14/99 Steve Goldstein "….Nearly five years ago, the apocalyptic cult Aum Shinrikyo released sarin gas into the Tokyo subway system, killing a dozen people and sickening hundreds. Aum also released something else, with far greater impact - the specter of terrorists using chemical or biological weapons to murder thousands of people. Since the Tokyo crisis, there have been no mass attacks using unconventional weapons in the United States or against Americans abroad. Nevertheless, there has been a mushrooming of concern about bioterrorism in government circles - complete with commissions, congressional hearings, and a thriving herd of consultants and defense contractors grazing on an expanding antiterrorism budget. Terrorism is now a growth industry. The possibility of a chemical or bioterrorism attack is increasingly defined as "not if but when." ….."

Washington Weekly 11/15/99 "…..House Government Reform Committee Summary of FALN Case ….] …… The Committee on Government Reform has conducted an investigation of the President's decision to offer clemency to sixteen FALN and Macheteros terrorists. Subpoenas were issued to the White House for documents, a public hearing was held on September 21, 1999, and this report has been issued. The Committee has reached the following conclusions as a result of its investigation:

* Some Within the White House Saw Political Benefit in the Release of these Terrorists...

* The Sentences Imposed Upon the FALN and Macheteros Prisoners Were Fair.. .

* The President and His Spokesman Misrepresented Facts Concerning the Terrorists…

* Those Offered Clemency were Violent Offenders…

Oscar Lopez: An individual so "non-violent" that he wouldn't renounce violence to get out of prison. In addition to crimes committed in furtherance of FALN goals, he plotted two escapes from federal prison. One was from Leavenworth Penitentiary and, according to a Victim Impact Statement, he "planned to blow up Fort Leavenworth with the most powerful plastic explosives known to the military, riddle guard towers with rounds from automatic weapons, and throw grenades in the path of those who pursued them. To achieve their goals, Lopez and Brown considered killing the inmates who threatened Richard Cobb, killing George Lebosky after they became suspicious of him, and killing firearms dealer Michael Neece to gain his weapons." He set in motion plans to obtain the following for his escape attempt: fragmentation grenades, smoke grenades, phosphorus grenades, eight M-16 rifles, two silencers, 50 pounds of plastic C-4 explosives, eight bulletproof vests, ten blasting caps to use with plastic explosives, 100 thirty-shot clips to use with automatic weapons. In Lopez' probation officer's assessment, "[Lopez'] level of remorse, rehabilitation and positive regard for this court's process is minimal, if not nonexistent. He demonstrates a sustained consistent commitment to the use of violence and weapons. He will use any means to gain freedom for the purpose of undermining the principles of the United States government. He has already determined that human life is expendable for this purpose."

Juan Segarra-Palmer: In 1987, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit found that: "The [federal] district judge also found that [Juan] Segarra-Palmer had organized and taken part in the attack in Puerto Rico on a United States Navy bus taking sailors to a radar station, on December 3, 1979, in which two sailors were killed and nine wounded."

Edwin Cortes: While planning Oscar Lopez' escape from federal prison, the following statement by Cortes was recorded by the FBI: "[y]es, but she [Alejandrina Torres -- another recently freed terrorist] has to have it loaded and cocked further back. If they have to shoot, they can shoot."

Finally, the seditious conspiracy counts in the indictments of fourteen of the individuals offered clemency included the construction and planting of explosive and incendiary devices (bombs) at 28 separate locations.

* Those Offered Clemency Were Very Unlikely Candidates for Clemency...

* The White House Seemed to Want Clemency More than the Terrorists...

* Some White House Employees Thought the Sixteen Terrorists Were Political Prisoners...

* The Department of Justice Appears to Have Changed its Recommendation to the White House in Order to Help the White House. The first Justice Department recommendation to the White House appears to have taken an unambiguous stand against clemency. Later, in June of 1997, the White House recognized that the Justice Department still opposed clemency. In July 1999, however, according to a publicly reported leak from the Justice Department, a second report was sent by the Department of Justice to the President and no official recommendation was made. Instead, according to the Justice Department source, the report "contained what law-enforcement officials said was a more carefully worded analysis that presented the President with multiple options for each prisoner, from unconditional release to no leniency whatsoever." If this is true, the Committee is concerned that the Justice Department side-stepped giving an unambiguous recommendation.

* Law Enforcement Organizations Were Not Adequately Consulted Prior to the President's Decision...

* The Victims Were Ignored...

* The President's Clemency Offer Worked Against Solving Numerous Crimes...

* The Clemency Decision Undermines the United States' Position in the International Fight Against Terrorism.. .

* The President Has Set a Different Standard for Terrorists Who Are United States Citizens....

* The Clemency Decision Empowered Two Dangerous Terrorist Organizations…. "


PR Newswire 12/5/99 "…..The National Security Agency is now drafting "memoranda of understanding" to clarify ways in which it can help the FBI track terrorists and criminals in the United States, territory in which it is generally off-limits, Newsweek has learned. The FBI, never known for its technical know-how, welcomes the help from the high-tech NSA, but some senators are uneasy about letting the NSA eavesdrop more in the United States, report Washington Correspondent Gregory Vistica and Assistant Managing Editor Evan Thomas in the current issue of Newsweek….."

The Scramento Bee 12/5/99 Gary Delsohn Sam Stanton "….. For nearly a year, they talked in code, discussing things like baking, sugar, cakes. They used countersurveillance techniques to avoid detection, even when going to the market. When one of them bought an assault rifle at a gun shop in Reno last month, they joked about the new "toy." And when one of them mentioned possible targets, terms like "twin sisters" or "the movie theater" were used. ….. "No, there's nothing like that," Patterson said, laughing when asked if he was involved in a plot to blow up the propane plant. He declined to discuss the case further. But this much is certain: The federal agents who were first tipped to the possibility of such a threat nearly a year ago took the matter very seriously and believe if the plan had been carried out countless people could have been killed. ….."

St. Pete Times 12/10/99 Leanora Minai "……Donald L. Beauregard sold Hickory Farms summer sausage, smoked cheese and stone ground crackers. Away from work, he pushed domestic terrorism, according to federal authorities. "The thing that separates him is the fact that he made some very violent threats and that he took some action to carry out the threats," said Frank Gallagher, FBI special agent in charge of the Tampa office. In the indictment, federal officials cite 40 "overt acts" that they say Beauregard or his conspirators committed. They say the St. Petersburg militia leader went from talking about anti-government ideas to criminal conspiracy. ….."

AP 12/15/99 Tom Raum "....Thirteen people suspected of planning year-end terrorist attacks against Americans have been arrested in Jordan, U.S. officials said today. The group included 11 Jordanian nationals, an Iraqi and an Algerian, said the officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity. Previously, the officials would say only that about a dozen had been arrested in the Middle East, without specifying the country. Those arrested had recently arrived from Afghanistan, where they had received military training, including training on explosives and weapons, said the officials. The suspects were arrested by Jordanian security forces. The Clinton administration said there is a direct link between the terrorist group led by Saudi exile Osama bin Laden and those arrested on grounds they were planning an attack against Americans......"

World Net Daily 12/15/99 Andrew Sandlin "..... The recent demonstrations in Seattle against the WTO remind us faintly of the 60s' massive protests against "The Establishment." Despite variations, both were the expression of political revolutionists who obviously had no Christian outlook on life and on social change. Theirs is the politics of terror, not of Christianity. This sort of political protest is the child of the French Revolution. The French Revolution was the first atheistic revolution in the history of mankind - the first truly political revolution of any kind, in fact. As Robert Nisbet observes in his masterly The Social Philosophers, it set the precedent for violence and terror as principled tactics of political resistance, forced into the service of an ideology. It was, in other words, violence and terror by political calculation. It has been a technique of many on the Left for 200 years, and lately certain desperate and deluded figures on the Right have co-opted it in their war on abortion - bombing abortion clinics, assassinating abortionist doctors, and so on. The objective of political terror is not so much the harm it does to whom it is directed, but rather the harrowing impact on those who witness it. This is true whether the terrorists are statists terrorizing their citizens or practicing anarchists terrorizing the civil government. Stalin's massacre of the peasants was less a retribution for their intransigence than an example to other citizens - for many generations. In other words, political terror is pure theater, a calculated spectacle. It is especially seductive to terrorists in an age in which images can be transmitted around the world in real time. .....Christianity is unequivocally opposed to political terror. Political terror is the gospel of coercion. It is the tactic of men who deny the power of God, of the Biblical gospel, of regeneration. Political terrorists believe that man is a "plastic being." He can be reshaped by external means....."

Drudge 12/11/99 Barry Schweid "…..Americans around the world were warned Saturday by the State Department that there is "credible evidence" terrorists could strike at large holiday gatherings. A worldwide caution issued by the department told U.S. citizens abroad to avoid large crowds and gatherings and to keep a low profile. The statement gave no details of the evidence and did not reveal which group may be the cause of the warning. But a senior U.S. official told The Associated Press that the threat was linked to Osama bin Laden, who the U.S. government believes is the head of a terrorist network and is accused of involvement in the bombings last year of U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The Saudi-born bin Laden is believed to have been given sanctuary by the militant Islamic Taliban group in Afghanistan. "The U.S. government has credible information that terrorists are planning attacks specifically targeting American citizens during the period of time leading up to and through the beginning of the New Year and Ramadan events and celebrations," the announcement said……"

The Hartford Courant 12/12/99 Edmund Mahony "…. The Puerto Rican activist who lobbied the White House for years before winning the release in August of 14 members of violent Puerto Rican independence groups is himself a leader of the terrorist group, the FALN, according to a congressional report distributed Saturday. The report shows that the activist, Luis Nieves Falcon, a lawyer and university professor in Puerto Rico, corresponded and met with senior White House officials about the release as the coordinator of the Puerto Rican Committee for Human Rights. U.S. Rep. Dan Burton, R-Indiana, who chairs the House Committee on Government Reform, said in the report that his staff has been informed by law enforcement sources that Nieves Falcon ``is a member and a leader'' of the FALN, the Spanish acronym for the Armed Forces of National Liberation. Burton said his law enforcement sources asked that their identities not be divulged. Burton also released heavily edited law enforcement reports that suggest FALN members and related individuals still pose serious threats of violence. …."


CNN 12/13/99 David Ensor "…. U.S. officials have revealed that about a dozen suspects were arrested by local authorities in the Middle East and accused of plotting to attack Christian targets in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the region over the Christmas and New Year's period. The officials did not say in what countries last week's arrests took place because they said operations are still ongoing. Some sources also suggest there may have been plans to hit targets in Rome. Officials said Monday that all those arrested have been linked to the organization of Osama bin Laden, the accused terrorist mastermind of the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. One senior official told CNN that the suspects have confessed to planning two specific attacks. …."

U.S. News & World Report 12/20/99 Paul Bedard "…. Here's one crisis Attorney General Janet Reno will be able to walk away from unscathed. Justice Department officials are busy planning a "topoff" exercise-for top officials-that's to be the broadest effort yet to test how the feds react to a major terrorist act on U.S. soil. The exercise will be sprung unexpectedly between April and June. The drill, sought by Congress, will simulate a chemical, biological, or nuclear attack-or some combination-and will involve thousands of local, state, and federal officials……"


Washington Post 12/16/99 RH Melton "....Terrorists armed with weapons of mass destruction pose a "genuine threat" to United States security, but there is "too much ambiguity" about who would be in charge if an attack took place, according to the first report of a commission appointed to assess the nation's vulnerability. The 18-member commission, chaired by Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore III (R), said terrorists armed with ever-changing technology could strike virtually at will against federal, state and local governments that in too many cases fail to communicate with each other. ..."

Virtual NY and UPI 1/6/00 AP "…A Pakistani Islamic cleric, freed by India as a swap deal to end the Indian Airlines hijacking, has called on his followers to destroy the United States and India. Surrounded by automatic gun-wielding bodyguards, Maulana Masood Azhar made a fiery speech to nearly 15,000 supporters in front of an Islamic seminary and vowed to liberate Kashmir from Indian rule. During his 25-minute speech, Azhar said, "I have come here because this is my duty to tell you that Muslims should not rest in peace until we have destroyed America and India." Azhar told a cheering crowd, "Go and tell Indians and those who have suppressed Muslims that mujahideen are a force of Allah and we will soon hoist the flag of Islam all over the world." "I have only come here because I need warriors. I will not rest until Muslims get liberated," he said. The crowd shouted in approval, "Allah is great," and, "Death to India, death to the United States." …."

ABC News Online 1/8/00 J Jennings Moss "…..A headline on a Web site for Arab-Americans says much about the climate in that community: The Sky Is Falling. After the arrests of several Algerians, many of whom are suspected of planning terrorist activity, Arab-Americans say they're being unfairly targeted by law enforcement and wrongly stereotyped by the public……For years, Arab-Americans have had to confront the stereotype of the fanatic, militant Arab bomber. That hostile climate intensified with the December arrest of Algerian national Ahmed Ressam for allegedly trying to bring a car loaded with explosives into the United States from Canada. A series of other arrests followed Ressam's. Two weeks after his capture, authorities in New York, Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles have questioned scores of Algerians and others who may - or may not - have ties to terrorist organizations. Some were held on immigration violations…….. "

New York Times 12/28/99 Barbara Crossette "….In the waning days of this fall's General Assembly session, a majority of nations, united by concerns about terrorism, voted to establish an international agreement to stop the flow of money to terrorist organizations. The agreement, the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism, is intended to encourage nations to monitor closely the collection or deposit of funds in banks by foreign organizations that may be using the money to buy arms or to support in other ways terrorists in another country…… While many nations, large and small, welcomed the growing international determination to cut off sources of income for terrorist groups, the convention may be of most immediate help to Sri Lanka, where a violent Tamil separatist movement against an ethnic Sinhalese government has been sustained almost entirely by money raised in ethnic Tamil communities in Canada, the United States, India and Southeast Asia, diplomats and Sri Lankan officials say…… "

WorlNetDaily 12/27/99 J.R. Nyquist "….Last week U.S. intelligence agencies received information that terrorists were planning to bomb New York, Washington, D.C., and Seattle. According to foreign intelligence sources, various terrorist groups are on the move. Previously, on Dec. 14, U.S. officials apprehended Ahmed Ressam, an Algerian, at a Canadian border crossing. Officials say Ressam was attempting to transport explosives (or "bomb parts") past a border checkpoint near Seattle. Another Algerian, identified as Mustafa Roubici, was arrested at a Vermont border crossing. No actual explosives or weapons were found in the Vermont case, but special dogs detected the odor of explosives and weapons in the back seat and trunk of the vehicle. It is believed that Ressam and Roubici belong to a terrorist organization called the Armed Islamic Group, which has carried out attacks in Algeria and France. It is said that the Armed Islamic Group is connected with Osama bin Laden……To better understand who bin Laden is, and how the present Islamic terror network originated, it is important to start with the first organizers of it. In the mid-1980s PLO leader Yasser Arafat -- a client of East European Communists -- began employing Islamic terminology in his speeches. Combining Leninist and Islamic phrases, Arafat spoke of the Arab revolution and "the will of Allah" in a single breath. A man utterly without religion, Arafat recognized the advantage in hijacking sincere Islamic believers to the cause of Moscow-sponsored international terror. Khalil al-Wazir, PLO military chief at the time, brought about a secret alliance in Jordan between the Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Marxist Cells (a secret Communist organization within Jordan). In fact, the PLO set up joint training camps for young Communists and Muslims who would be sent to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan…."

WorlNetDaily 12/27/99 J.R. Nyquist "….One has to learn to think deviously in order to understand the politics of South Asia and the Middle East. The Kremlin's allies in the Middle East helped to build an all-Arab mujahideen fighting force. This force was then sent to Pakistan for advanced training, then entered the fighting in Afghanistan. This force included members of the Egyptian Takfir wa-al-Hijra, the group responsible for assassinating President Anwar Sadat. Accomplished under Islamic colors, the assassination of Sadat was much desired by Moscow. After all, the courageous Arab leader had kicked the Russians out of Egypt and made peace with Israel. If one looks at the alliance between these early Islamic fanatics and the Communists, one cannot help being amazed. Communism is pure atheism -- totally opposed to all religious belief; and yet, the Communists saw fit to support, train and infiltrate the most fanatical Islamic groups. The penetration and exploitation of radical Islam by Moscow is nothing new. Those who have not studied the Afghan war, who do not know Russian tactics up close, probably do not realize that the Kremlin typically creates and controls its own opposition. In that way, enemies can be maneuvered more easily into traps….."

WorlNetDaily 12/27/99 J.R. Nyquist "….Evidence of bin Laden's collusion with the Russians is only indirect, but Bodansky tells us that during the crisis in Somalia, when bin Laden was organizing the armed forces that later killed 18 and wounded 78 American soldiers near the Mogadishu airport, bin Laden had tapped former Afghan Communist pilots to fly special re-supply missions into Somalia….. Osama bin Laden participated in a suspicious battle fought against the DRA in 1989. It was the so-called battle of Jalalabad….. Given Bodanksy's information, we know that bin Laden worked with Hekmatiyar, who later became prime minister of Afghanistan. Drug trafficking, of course, is Moscow's main weapon of penetration and subversion worldwide. Eventually Hekmatiyar's cover was blown when a Russian cargo plane was forced down near Kandahar. It was laden with 3.5 million rounds of ammunition -- from Russia with love -- for Hekmatiyar's troops….."

WorlNetDaily 12/27/99 J.R. Nyquist "….There is no way of telling what bin Laden's true allegiances are. The terrorist world is a "wilderness of mirrors." But as the United States braces itself for a possible terrorist event, we should all be aware that Moscow could be the ultimate behind-the-scenes mastermind. We have to remember that Osama bin Laden was among those who blamed the slaughter at Jalalabad on America. He did not think to blame Communist agents within the mujahideen. He was connected to Hekmatiyar. He worked with the Arab mujahideen which had suspicious connections to the radical left. And, according to Bodansky, he has worked closely with the Russian-trained Iraqi intelligence service. Given the diversionary and strategic importance of terrorist attacks in setting up a nuclear first strike by Russia, America's vigilance must be many-sided when it comes to the bin Laden terror threat…."

The Boston Globe 1/6/00 Jeff Jacoby "…. There are an estimated 6 million Muslims in the United States, and the vast majority of them lead lives of peace and moderation. Like traditional Muslims the world over, most American Muslims shun violence and place great emphasis on virtue, charity, and religious tolerance. Which is why it is so dismaying that American Muslims are rarely heard to raise their voices against the terrorists and fanatics who are ruining Islam's reputation. Suppose that on Christmas Eve a group of Catholic militants had hijacked an airliner and taken its 155 passengers and crew members hostage. Suppose they murdered one of the hostages in cold blood, then demanded the release of several radical priests who had been imprisoned for crimes committed as members of terrorist organizations…..Are the spokesmen the problem? Among the best-known Islamic organizations in the United States are the American Muslim Council, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Although each sometimes functions as a straightforward clearinghouse for Muslim information and advocacy, they are also swift to attack anyone who is critical of Islamic extremism - even when the ''criticism'' is mere reporting. For example, when the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed in 1998 by agents of Osama bin Laden, these groups did not cry out against the terrorists or express horror that 224 victims could have been murdered by people claiming to be Muslims. Rather, they seized the moment to lecture the media not to stereotype Islam. The Muslim Public Affairs Council issued a dry caution against ''tagging terrorism with a religious label'' and pointed out that ''some of the rescue workers ... were Muslim.'' It has yet to acknowledge that bin Laden is a terrorist….."

Hindustan Times 1/4/00 Vasantha R Patri "….Hijackers are classified as terrorists. It is a different form of warfare. While war is between nations, terrorism is an attempt to coerce and threaten the enemy into subordination. Terrorists use violence to create an atmosphere of fear. They choose soft targets and adopt extreme positions. The typical terrorist would be around 20/25 years. Often, the terrorist is a male but young women too have played a prominent role (as in the case of Palestinians and the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka). He or she would be single and comes mostly from the lower middle class……. Most of them, particularly those with Left orientation, would have been to school and college but the new breed of religious fundamentalists may consist of illiterates. Many of them would have had problems with societal norms and the law, and might have been victims of child abuse. Invariably, all of them would have been unemployed. Public property, politicians, police officers, diplomats, business executives and other prominent personalities are their targets. Those who take to terrorism are self-conscious and suffer from a sense of injustice. He may belong to a minority ethnic, cultural or religious group and feel discriminated against because of that. The would-be terrorist has poor inter-personal skills, is unable to hold a productive job, is unable to conform to rules and norms, has had a frustrating experience in living and is attracted to the ideology of protest. The personality responds to external encouragement readily and has a clearly identifiable group to blame for his acts. Their sense of self-worth arises primarily from the cause they identify with. …."

APBnews 12/30/99 Carol Huang James Gordon Meek "….An individual arrested in Brooklyn today may be linked to an Algerian national caught two weeks ago trying to smuggle explosives across the Canadian border, officials told The arrest is apparently part of a nationwide FBI roundup of people with links to a suspected terrorist arrested in Washington state allegedly carrying military high-grade explosives, sources said. Details of the Brooklyn arrest were still sketchy, but New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said four individuals who had long been monitored by the FBI and New York City Joint Terrorist Task Force were taken into custody ..."

AP 12/30/99 "….A Canadian woman and an Algerian man arrested at border entries in Vermont and Washington state are members of the same cell of an Algerian terrorist organization, federal prosecutors said today. The prosecutors made the link before asking a magistrate to continue to deny bail for Lucia Garofalo until her trial. In court documents, prosecutors said Garofalo and Ahmed Ressam were in the same cell of the GIA, also known as the Armed Islamic Group. ..."

AP Wire 12/13/99 Barry Schweid "….. Despite attacks on U.S. embassies abroad and the diplomatic sensitivity of its work, the State Department has let visitors, contractors and maintenance workers roam its building unescorted, according to an internal audit of the agency. While visitors were screened on entry, they were not routinely escorted to the offices in which they claimed to have appointments, the department's inspector general's office said in a report, a senior U.S. official told The Associated Press Wednesday. ..."

Reuters 1/5/00 AP "…. In a fiery speech to 10,000 supporters, one of three Kashmiri militants released by India to end a plane hijacking vowed today to fight to liberate the embattled region from Indian rule and to attack American interests. Followers thronged to a park in central Karachi when they heard that Maulana Masood Azhar had arrived from neighboring Afghanistan, where the eight-day hijacking of an Indian Airlines plane ended Friday..." 1/7/00 Susan Jones "…..Another government-expanding proposal from President Clinton Friday, who announced the nation's first major ($2 billion) plan to fight cyber-terrorism - a threat that so far exists more in theory than in practice. "We live in an age when one person sitting at one computer can come up with an idea, travel it through cyberspace, and take humanity to new heights, and someone can sit at the same computer, hack into the computer system, and potentially paralyze a company, a city, or a government," he said in this morning's announcement at the White House...."


The Hindu 1/22/2000 Kesava Menon "…..As Arab Governments turn decisively against Islamic militants, one remarkable feature is the ubiquitousness of the ``Afghani'' phenomenon…… In Algeria, the security forces are reported to have ringed the bases of the remaining radical groups to liquidate them. One of the major militant movements - the Islamic Salvation Army and a smaller faction the Islamic League for Preaching and Jihad - have dissolved themselves and their cadres are to assist the Algerian army in the crack-down. This combination of soldiers and reformed militants is waiting for the green signal to launch attacks on the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) and the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat…..If optimistic projections bear out and the security forces succeed in their operation, they would wipe out the hard- core which has taken terrorism to new depths over the last eight years….. "

The Hindu 1/22/2000 Kesava Menon "…..If Islamic militancy in Algeria seems to be entering its terminal stage, the militancy in Lebanon appears to be entering into a new and dangerous phase….However, recently there has risen the new phenomenon of a radical Sunni group which has decided to take on the Lebanese army. Earlier this month, this group which has been training near the Syrian border ambushed a unit of the Lebanese army and 11 soldiers and 30 militants were killed in the fighting. Not many details are known about this new Sunni group but Lebanese newspapers report that it is believed to be part of a loose network of militant groups which have ``Afghanis'' at their core and draw at least a part of their funding from the al Qaeda of Saudi dissident, Osama bin Laden…. Developments in Sudan are at a shaky stage…. It is early days yet but if the Sudanese Government decides to go against the Islamists, if for no other reason than to please the U.S., it would mean that yet another Arab country has turned against the Islamists……The current head of the Islamic radical group which assassinated Anwar Sadat, former Egyptian President, is believed to be yet another militant who has taken refuge in Afghanistan. These are the underlying causes which have restrained these Arab countries from recognising the Taliban. Unofficially, all these Governments also state that they have been taking up the matter with Pakistan but it is probably the necessity of retaining the semblance of Islamic solidarity which prevents them from talking about it more openly…."

Afghan Online Press 1/22/2000 Daniel McGrory Times UK "…. RELATIVES of a student who left his home last week to join a band of Islamic militants have flown to Pakistan to search terrorist training camps for him. Omar Kyam, 18, who was born in Crawley, Sussex, and was tipped for a career as a county cricketer, is the latest teenager to be recruited by militant Islamic groups. Up to 200 young Britons are believed to have been sent to fight in conflicts in Kashmir, Afghanistan and Chechnya in the past three years. A number have been killed, but despite protests from parents the authorities say that there is nothing they can do to stop young men enlisting. Anti-terrorist squad detectives monitor the groups responsible for recruiting the volunteers, but a senior police source said: "These men are over 18, they have valid British passports and we can't stop them getting on a plane." …."

The Associated Press 1/13/2000 "….The Pentagon is establishing an additional 17 National Guard teams to help states respond quickly in the event of attacks involving nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. An initial 10 teams were created last year. Each team of 22 full-time members of the Army or Air National Guard will receive 15 months of training before being certified to respond to such emergencies, officials said Thursday. They are to provide medical and technical advice to local emergency officials under state, rather than federal, control. The teams will be available to the governors of 17 states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia. The 10 teams established last year are for Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington. California is the only state to be assigned two teams. These 10 teams are expected to receive their certification by March…. The Defense Department will consult with the states to decide the specific communities in which the teams will be based….."

The Telegraph (India) 1/10/00 K.P. NAYAR ".... The negotiators who bought the release of 160 passengers aboard Flight IC 814 allowed the five sky pirates to hijack the Indian Airlines plane a second time after external affairs minister Jaswant Singh and the freed hostages left Kandahar for Delhi. The second hijacking of the Airbus 300, whose flight originated in Kathmandu, took place within minutes of Singh leaving and TV crews and journalists pulling out of Kandahar airport. Helpless officials of Indian Airlines and Alliance Air witnessed the second hijack as the sky pirates told them to stay away from the plane as they took possession of the Airbus once again. The hijackers were accompanied on their return to the plane by the Taliban official who they had ostensibly taken hostage at the end of the negotiations to ensure their safe passage out of Afghanistan. Gone was the gun which the hijackers had put to the head of the Taliban official - the brother of military commander Akhtar Usmani - for the benefit of the world media at the end of the hijack...... More chilling was their realisation that the Taliban and the hijackers were in the terrorist plot together and that taking Usmani's brother as an Afghan hostage was a drama staged to fool the world. The Indians on the Kandahar airport tarmac were then scared to death......"

World Tribune Online 1/10/00 ".... The United States has embarked on the largest counterterrorism effort ever, foiling terrorist cells in eight countries, a senior official says. National Security Adviser Samuel Berger said that over the last few weeks Washington worked with its allies to foil millennium attacks being planned against U.S. targets around the world. He cited an intensive effort by intelligence and law enforcement agencies. "The last weeks of 1999 saw the largest US counter-terrorism operation in history," Berger told the National Press Club last week. "Terrorist cells were disrupted in eight countries and attacks were almost certainly prevented thanks to the good work of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies." ......The national security adviser said a key challenge for the United States is to stop terrorists from acquiring biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. He said this would require continued U.S. support to nations of the former Soviet Union as well as restraining the missile and nuclear program of North Korea and Iran....."


Reuters 2/1/2000 Tabassum Zakaria ".....A U.S. intelligence report warned Americans Tuesday they were under growing threat from infectious diseases brewing in the rest of the world. "Senior policymakers are becoming increasingly concerned about the implications of growing infectious disease threats for U.S. citizens at home and abroad, for U.S. armed forces deployed overseas," said John Gannon, chairman of the National Intelligence Council. He released a new National Intelligence Estimate report, "The Global Infectious Disease Threat and Its Implications for the United States," at a symposium at the Smithsonian Institution. Asia was likely to see a major increase in infectious disease deaths driven by the spread of HIV and AIDS, replacing Africa as the epicenter of the disease before 2015, he said. At least 30 previously unknown diseases have appeared globally since 1973, including HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, Ebola hemorrhagic fever and the encephalitis-related Nipah virus that emerged in Indonesia last year, Gannon said. "Many are still incurable," he added. Twenty well-known infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, and cholera have reemerged or spread since 1973, some reappearing in "deadlier, drug-resistant forms," Gannon said. Americans were at risk because the United States was a major hub of global travel, immigration and commerce and had a large civilian and military presence overseas, the report said. ....The probability of a "bioterrorist attack" against Americans was likely to grow as more countries and groups developed biological warfare capability, the report said. ......a'

Miami Herald 1/31/2000 Bill Kaczor "....The general responsible for protecting the continental United States from air attack says he fears it is not matter of if, but when terrorists or a rogue nation try something. It may be a small plane or even a cruise missile carrying a biological or, perhaps, chemical weapon, said Maj. Gen. Larry Arnold, commander of the 1st Air Force. ``I lie awake worrying,'' Arnold said. ``It is one thing to put a truck inside the twin trade towers and blow it up. It is quite another to be able to fly a weapon across our borders. That is an attack, a direct attack, an unambiguous attack from outside our country.'' Striking from the sky may be more difficult, but Arnold said the political impact could make it worth the effort in the mind of a terrorist. So far, nothing of the kind has happened, but Arnold's nationwide Air National Guard command scrambles jets about 200 times a year at seven alert sites from Portland, Ore., to South Florida........ Air Guard F-16 Fighting Falcons and F-15 Eagles can be airborne in minutes, but they are stretched thin. Arnold, a Texas Guard member, used the example of terrorists taking off from Mexico in a small plane and giving an hour's notice before spraying sarin gas or anthrax over El Paso, Texas. The nearest alert jets are about 600 miles away near Houston and in California. ``If we scrambled them immediately, they would not yet be there that one hour later,'' Arnold said. ``I don't want to be an alarmist, but that is a thing you have to think about.'' Cruise missiles could exploit another chink in the air-defense armor......" 1/28/2000 "…..A Moroccan man who may be associated with Ahmed Ressam was detained today when he tried to cross into the United States from Canada in a vehicle that tested positive for explosives, U.S. law enforcement sources tell ABCNEWS. Youssef Karroum was listed in U.S. officials' computers as a possible associate of Ressam, the Algerian national who is charged in connection with an alleged plot to bomb unknown targets in the United States and is a suspect in various criminal activities in Canada. Specially trained dogs detected the presence of explosives in the vehicle, and a patch of the car Karroum was driving tested positive for nitroglycerine, the sources said. No additional explosives were found. Karroum later appeared in a federal court in Seattle, where a judge told him he was being held as a material witness. He was then asked if he challenged his detention……" 1/28/2000 "…..Meanwhile, a man suspected of plotting a failed bombing attack in the United States is now being detained in the northwest African nation Mauritania, security officials said today. The neighboring nation of Senegal had detained Mohambedou Ould Slahi at the airport for a few hours, but then released him for lack of evidence and sent him to his native Mauritania, according to Reuters. Mohambedou Ould Slahi was arrested in Mauritania after leaving the neighboring West African nation of Senegal on Wednesday. ( Magellan Geographix)…… FBI agents had been on their way to Senegal to question Slahi. Instead, Mauritania will allow U.S. investigators to question him, the sources said. In Washington, a federal law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity would not say whether the U.S. government would try to bring Slahi to the United States or would question him in Mauritania…….. U.S. investigators are working on a case in which Algerians with possible links to Osama bin Laden are suspected of plotting to bomb U.S. targets on the eve of the new millennium. Bin Laden, an exiled Saudi dissident, is accused of directing the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa. Investigators in the United States and Canada believe they can link the plot to bin Laden through Slahi, who is believed to be a key lieutenant of the alleged terrorist in Africa and a suspected leader of the millennium plot. (See related story.) ..."

World Net Daily/World 1/31/2000 "….The United States and Canada have become havens for Islamic terrorists from the Middle East, a congressional panel has been told. Despite counterterrorism legislation, the United States and Canada have become a haven for such terrorist groups as the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Lebanese Hizbullah, the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, the Egyptian Al Gamat Al Islamiya and the Al Qaida group, led by Saudi billionaire fugitive Osama Bin Laden. Counterterrorism expert Steven Emerson cited the liberal climate in the United States, the ability to hide under mainstream religious identification, loopholes in immigration procedures, ease of penetration of borders, compartmentalization of terrorist cells around loosely structured terrorist movements. Emerson said Islamic groups in the United States benefit from the exploitation of freedoms of religion and speech , absence of a vigilant media and lack of government scrutiny regarding fundraising……"The list of major international terrorists and militants allowed to enter the United States in recent years or actually granted green cards and citizenship is nothing less than staggering," Emerson told the House Judiciary Committee last week. ……"


Islamic Views 2/7/00 Ismail Royer "….Last week, testifying on security threats against the United States before the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, CIA director George Tenet laid out a blueprint for America's national security doctrine in the twenty-first century. Topping Tenet's list of principal threats was terrorism committed by Muslims. "There is an intricate web of alliances among Sunni extremists worldwide, including North Africans, radical Palestinians, Pakistanis, and Central Asians...There's an infrastructure out there that is perhaps bigger than we anticipated," said Tenet. "We essentially have undertaken to systematically develop a strategic plan to attack this infrastructure." Like many of his colleagues in the national security profession, Tenet paints a picture for Congress and the American people of a vast conspiracy of "Islamic terrorists" stretching across the globe; irrational fanatics who burn with rage at America and probe our weaknesses for a chance to strike. Of course, that is the picture he must paint -- his agency's funding depends on it…….In testimony before Congress in 1998, Larry Johnson, former deputy director for counter-terrorism for the U.S. State Department, said: "Groups and individuals that advocate terrorism are losing support rather than winning adherents. Consider Osama Bin Ladin's fatwas that have called for Muslims to rise up and attack U.S. citizens and installations around the world. His fatwa has fallen on deaf ears...Bin Ladin's failed fatwa is a reminder that Muslims are not terrorists and they do not endorse his tactics." Articulation of the new doctrine is often preceded by disclaimers purportedly distinguishing between ordinary Muslims and "Islamic fundamentalist terrorists." But for the doctrine's proponents, these distinctions are superficial….."

Islamic Views 2/7/00 Ismail Royer "….No doubt there is a circle of Muslims who see the United States as the fount of evil in the world, and would use terrorism to attack it. The bombing of U.S. facilities in Kenya, Tanzania, and Saudi Arabia are proof. The U.S. obviously has a legitimate interest in seeing Bin Laden brought to trial, as do the families of the Africans who were killed in the blasts. But in reality, Muslim terrorists are so few, so isolated from the larger Muslim community, and their capabilities so limited that the threat could be effectively countered with simple measures like increasing security at America's under-protected overseas installations...."

AP 2/11/00 Beth Gardiner "….An explosive device went off in front of a Wall Street office building early today, shattering windows and causing one minor injury. Some sort of device exploded at 4:40 a.m. in front of a building on the corner of Wall and Water streets, blocks from the New York Stock Exchange in the city's Financial District. Windows were blown out in the building, at 75 Wall St., and in neighboring 95 Wall St. One man was treated at a hospital for ringing in the ears and released, said Sgt. Elias Nikas, a police spokesman. No other injuries were reported. …."

CNN 2/8/00 Terry Frieden "….Fallout from President Clinton's controversial pardons of 16 members of a Puerto Rican nationalist group last summer prompted Republicans Tuesday to introduce a measure to reform the pardon process and require input from victims and their families. At a Capitol Hill news conference, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Rep. Vito Fossella (R-New York) announced the introduction of a measure requiring the Office of Pardon Attorney in the Justice Department to notify victims or their families of key events in the clemency process and allowing them to voice their views. It would also require law enforcement agencies to provide information on the potential impact from a grant of clemency. ….. Justice Department officials say the proposed measure is unconstitutional because it would restrict powers granted exclusively to the president. …."


N Y TIMES website 2/14/00 C J Chivers "…..For the United States military, the 22-member team is part of a newly formed counterterrorism capability, a cadre of full-time specialists created to help local police departments and firefighters after a chemical, biological or radioactive attack. …..The Pentagon is forming 27 of these groups, called Weapons of Mass Destruction Civilian Support Teams, which fall under the command of the state National Guards and are assigned to zones established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Their missions are to assess the scope and severity of a terrorist attack by sampling suspected germs, chemicals or radioactive material, and then to advise civilian agencies on how to deal with it. The team training in Latham, stationed at Stratton Air National Guard Base in Scotia, N.Y., and assigned to cover New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands, begins its final Department of Defense evaluation exercises Tuesday at Fort Drum. It is expected to be on call by April, along with nine of the other teams around the nation. The remaining teams are scheduled to be on duty by the spring of 2001….."

Worldnetdaily 2/17/00 Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. "….. A couple of years ago, the Clinton administration and its media echo chamber whipped up a national hysteria about private militias. These men were said to be masquerading as protective forces when they were probably plotting terrorist attacks, or, much worse, fomenting hatred of the government….. During the same period of time, it turns out, the federal government was systematically amassing its own armed militia force, staffed not by unfunded volunteer gun enthusiasts but by trained killers paid out of lavish public funds. Don't be afraid of them, and forget the lessons of Waco, because these Marines, Army Rangers, and Green Berets may soon be coming to your hometown to "protect" you against scary things like poison gas, radioactive material, and mass hysteria. We've got soldiers stationed in a hundred countries, the implied rationale goes, so isn't it about time they were stationed in active duty right here? Talk about bringing the troops home. These men in black, on direct orders from Washington, have been engaged in surprise military exercises in various parts of the country -- not rural areas where the dangerous private militias are said to lurk -- but in cities and towns where local officials are too intimidated to object. The Pentagon sees this as its new domestic initiative……"

USA Today 2/14/00 AP "…..The president is coming to town. Do you know where your car is? Vacant vehicles can hide bombs and snipers. So before President Clinton moves about a city he's visiting, police often post ''no parking'' signs and tow hundreds of automobiles. The president is protected, but drivers left playing hide-and-seek with their cars often are annoyed. Drivers in Philadelphia and San Francisco beware. Clinton is scheduled to visit in the next few weeks. In Chappaqua, N.Y., a handful of homeowners can no longer park on the street in their cul-de-sac where the president and Hillary Rodham Clinton bought a house. New Yorkers to the south know all too well what happens when they park in presidential no-parking zones. 'It was crazy. People had to go to work. Nobody knew where their cars were,'' said Ilene Marchese of Brooklyn, N.Y. ……"


Times of India 3/3/00 "…..US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has said that she is looking into creating a new high-level anti-terrorism position in the State Department to counter new and emerging threats against US interests. Albright, testifying before a congressional sub-committee Wednesday, said the post being considered would be at under-secretary of state level, a rank just below her immediate subordinate, deputy secretary of state Strobe Talbott. ``As the threats against US interest change, we must ensure our ability to meet them,'' she told the panel, some of whose members were highly skeptical of the State Department's security efforts, particularly given the recent Russian spying incident in which a bug was found in the building. ..."


National Guard Magazine 3/00 Charles Cragin "…….. In a commencement address at the U.S. Naval Academy in May 1998, President Bill Clinton announced that we would do more to protect U.S. citizens against the growing threat of chemical and biological terrorism. As part of this effort, he reported that the Defense Department was forming 10 teams to support state and local authorities in the event of an incident involving weapons of mass destruction. The DOD recently expanded this program to 27 teams, now known as WMD Civil Support Teams. Despite the considerable attention the program has received, misconceptions about the nature and purpose of the teams abound. The most widespread misconceptions focus on what the teams are intended to do, under whose authority they will operate, and how and where they will normally function. ......... The teams were established to deploy rapidly to assist a local incident commander in determining the nature and extent of an attack or incident; provide expert technical advice on WMD response operations; and help identify and support the arrival of follow-on state and federal military response assets. Each team consists of 22 highly skilled, full-time members of the Army and Air National Guard. The first 10 teams have completed their individual and unit collective training. Each team has two large pieces of equipment: a mobile analytical laboratory for field analysis of chemical or biological agents; and a unified command suite that has the ability to provide communications interoperability among the various responders who may be on scene. The first 10 teams will be certified as fully mission-capable this spring, with the remaining 17 expected to come on line next year. ……… The teams are unique because of their federal-state relationship. They are federally resourced, federally trained, federally evaluated, and operate under federal doctrine. But they will perform their mission primarily under the command and control of the governors of the states in which they are located. They will perform their mission under the command of the governors of the states in which they are located. They will be, first and foremost, state assets. ......... "

National Guard Magazine 3/00 Charles Cragin "…….. Operationally, they fall under the state adjutant general and will be available to respond to an incident as part of a state response, well before federal response assets would be called upon to provide assistance. If a situation overwhelmed state and local response assets, the governor could request the president to issue a declaration of national disaster and provide federal assistance. At that point, the team would continue to support local officials in their state status, but would also assist in channeling additional federal assets in support of the local commander. It is essential to note that these teams are not connected with "counter-terrorism" activities. ......... If federalized, the civil support teams would fall under the operational command and control of the recently established Joint Task Force-Civil Support, which will respond to requests for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the purposes of WMD consequence management. It will have robust planning and command-and-control capabilities, with the ability to mobilize a military task force, and reach-back capability to subject matter experts, labs, and medical support……."

Insight Magazine 3/21/00 J Michael Waller "….. After months of indecision, the Clinton administration has granted a visa allowing the Cuban government's former terrorism coordinator to set up shop in Washington. The State Department now considers Fernando Garcia Bielsa, a former leader of the America Department of the Cuban Communist Party, responsible for political-influence operations and operational support for terrorist groups, to be an accredited diplomat. He will operate out of the Cuban Interests Section at the Swiss Embassy on 16th Street in Washington, just blocks away from the White House. ….."

ArmyLINK News 3/22/00 Staff Sgt. Jack Siemieniec "…… Up to 120,000 of the Army Reserve's 205,000 soldiers could be called upon to support civilian authorities in the event of a terrorist incident, according to Reserve strategists who spend their time planning for the worst. Terrorist acts of recent years have focused fears on what has been described by defense officials as America's "soft underbelly" -- its hometown, civilian population. With mandates from Congress, local, state and federal agencies are arming and training themselves to counter those who would do America, and Americans, harm. The Army Reserve has special capabilities it can bring to bear, its officials said. Among its 2,000-plus units are chemical detection and reconnaissance companies, a myriad of medical and medical support organizations and a number of other groups with specialized functions which officials said counter the effects of weapons of mass destruction and other forms of terrorism. ……"

Reuters 3/13/00 "…..Researchers at St. Louis University said Monday they had been asked to study a smallpox vaccine because of fears the deadly virus could be spread or revived through terrorist attacks. Smallpox was officially eradicated through a mass vaccination program 20 years ago but could be used in bioterrorist attacks, requiring governments to quickly find an antidote for the deadly virus. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta has asked the St Louis University School of Medicine Center for Vaccine Development in Missouri, to determine the safety and effectiveness of some of the small, remaining supply of the smallpox vaccine known as Dryvax. "Because of the recent concerns of terrorism throughout the world, the United States government is making efforts to improve its ability to protect its citizens in the event of an attack," said associate professor of infectious diseases and immunology at the university's Medicine Center for Vaccine Development, Sharon Frey. ……"

AP 10/28/93 Larry Neumeister "…… An FBI supervisor called off a plan to thwart the World Trade Center bombing by substituting a harmless powder for explosives, according to transcripts of secret tapes a newspaper reported today. The tapes FBI informer Emad Salem recorded of his conversations with law enforcement agents suggest the authorities were in a position to foil the bombing, The New York Times said. …….. In transcripts the Times quoted, Salem says an unidentified FBI supervisor canceled a plan to have Salem help the plotters make the bomb and secretly substitute a fake explosive. Salem expresses anguish at failing to prevent the bombing. In one tape he tells an agent: "Since the bomb went off I feel terrible. I feel bad. I feel here is people who don't listen." ……The newspaper cited an unidentified investigator close to the case as saying Salem's claims came from his imagination. New York Newsday and the Times reported Wednesday that they had obtained transcripts of Salem's secretly recorded conversations with government agents, which had been turned over to defense lawyers in the broader conspiracy case. Newsday reported that Salem said on the tapes that the government knew before the trade center bombing that El Sayyid Nosair wanted Salem to kidnap a judge and build bombs. ......"

Los Angeles Times 10/28/93 Reuters "…..The New York Times published conversations the informer, a 43-year-old former Egyptian army officer, Emad Ali Salem, taped with his FBI handlers. In the tapes, Salem recalls that the FBI had planned on "building the bomb with a phony powder and grabbing the people who was involved in it." But the informer, who is heard lecturing his handlers, said the powder scheme was called off and "we didn't do that." Salem also is heard on the tapes criticizing the agents for ignoring his warnings that the World Trade Center was to be bombed. "Guys, now you saw this bomb went off and you both know that we could avoid that," the newspaper quotes him as saying……"


THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/29/00 Frank Murray "……The Supreme Court said yesterday the Constitution's ban on unreasonable searches may not apply to bomb-carriers or to gunmen at airports or schools. The warning that terrorists may be dealt with outside the Constitution came in a routine criminal case decided the day after the Justice Department filed papers opposing a separate high court appeal that challenges the State Department's designation of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam as "foreign terrorist organizations." The court, which has had limited contact with terrorism cases, voiced the unusual comments -without being asked - in a 9-0 ruling for a 15-year-old youth arrested in 1995 after he was searched at a Miami bus stop by officers acting on an anonymous telephone tip…….."

AZ Republic 3/27/00 Daniel Gonzalez "......Police are investigating whether the package bomb that exploded Saturday in the Chandler home of a Revlon cosmetics manager was the work of animal rights terrorists, among other possibilities. "They've got probably half a dozen different directions (ranging) from could it have been someone he worked with to could it have been some animal activists," Chandler police Officer Jim Petersen said. Richard D. Simer, 50, underwent surgery after the explosion, which blew off one of his fingers and peppered his legs and chest with shrapnel. Simer was in stable condition Sunday at a Valley hospital. His wounds are not considered life-threatening, Petersen said. ......"

The New York Times 3/28/00 David Stout "......The Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that, in most instances, the police cannot stop and search someone solely on the basis of an anonymous tip that the person is carrying a gun. The ruling, which went against the broad positions articulated by the state high courts in New York and New Jersey, upheld a ruling by the Florida Supreme Court. The Florida tribunal last year overturned the conviction of a Miami juvenile who was carrying a gun when he was arrested in 1995. ........ Today's ruling did not amount to a blanket repudiation of police authority to search someone based on an anonymous tip. Writing for the court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that on some occasions (a report of someone carrying a bomb, or an indication of danger in an airport or school, for instance) the public danger might be so great as to justify a police frisk. .......Nor did today's ruling affect the Supreme Court's bedrock position that the police can stop and search someone without a warrant if they reasonably believe he or she has committed or is about to commit a crime. ....."

Capital Hill Blue 3/21/00 J Michael Waller ".....After months of indecision, the Clinton administration has granted a visa allowing the Cuban government's former terrorism coordinator to set up shop in Washington. The State Department now considers Fernando Garcia Bielsa, a former leader of the America Department of the Cuban Communist Party, responsible for political-influence operations and operational support for terrorist groups, to be an accredited diplomat. He will operate out of the Cuban Interests Section at the Swiss Embassy on 16th Street in Washington, just blocks away from the White House. Garcia Bielsa replaces Jose Imperatori, whom the United States expelled on Feb. 26 for allegedly running a spy within the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service in Miami. ......"

Reuters 4/15/00 Mark Egan "……..Police said on Saturday they had tightened security further, made more arrests and seized literature on how to make Molotov cocktails -- crude bombs which could be used in a riot -- as they braced for mass protests at the IMF and World Bank meetings. Three protesters who planned to take part in a mass rally outside the International Monetary Fund and World Bank on Sunday were arrested, bringing to 20 the number of arrests since protests began on Monday. Police said the activists were arrested late Friday during the search of an apartment in northwest Washington which turned up devices to block streets and instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails. ……"

Hindustan Times 4/14/00 P. K. Balachanddran "…….PRESENTING AN impressive array of facts to buttress its case, the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), has appealed to the US Secretary of State to list Britain among states sponsoring terrorism across the world. The January 21 issue of the US-based publication points out that Britain harbours a multitude of international terrorist organisations, including those banned by the US. Six of the groups banned by the US, such as the LTTE, the Hamas and the Kurdish Workers' Party, have their headquarters in London. The EIR further says that 16 other groups in the State Department's list either receive funding or get military training in the UK and among these is the Kashmir group, Harkat-ul-Ansar. ……."

Philadelphia Inquirrer 4/2/00 Steve Goldstein "…….When counterterrorism officials compare notes on what keeps them awake at night, the weapon they most fear is not a nuclear bomb or poison gas, but a disease that was wiped off the planet 20 years ago. They worry about smallpox, a lethal, extremely contagious virus that, if unleashed, would spread quickly through an unprotected population. The disease was eradicated two decades ago, but the smallpox virus lives on, stored in freezers at a pair of research facilities in the United States and Russia. And, very likely, it remains alive in the possession of rogue nations. A planned "execution" of the virus stocks was stayed last year, after U.S. government experts became convinced that Iraq, North Korea and other countries could harbor secret stocks of smallpox, or that the virus might fall into the hands of terrorist groups. ….."

NewsMax 4/6/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Justice Dept. to be Sued Over Clinton's Terrorist Pardons The Landmark Legal Foundation plans to sue the Clinton Justice Department for the release of documents related to the President's pardon of 16 members of the Puerto Rican terrorist group, the FALN. The White House claimed executive privilege last fall to keep the documents from becoming public. Landmark had sought their release under the Freedom of Information Act; a request denied by the Justice Department. Landmark President Mark Levin said this week that Clinton's executive privilege claim was an abuse of power. "This President has shown himself to be a serial abuser of the privileges of his office. Mr. Clinton is trying to avoid public accountability" for the pardons. ….."

Washington Post 4/6/00 Robert O’Harrow Jr. "…… In response to growing concerns about terrorism, hackers and other high-tech criminals, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is planning a series of sophisticated computer systems that would sharply increase agents' ability to gather and analyze information. The FBI is seeking more than $75 million in budget appropriations to continue a massive information technology expansion, which includes a system dubbed "Digital Storm" that eases the court-sanctioned collection and electronic sifting of traffic on telephones and cellular phones. Another proposed system would create "the foundation for an up-to-date, flexible digital collection infrastructure" for wiretaps under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. A third initiative would develop an "enterprise database" that would enable agents to analyze huge amounts of data and share them via a secure World Wide Web-style network…." 4/18/00 Jody A. Benjamin "........A federal judge in Miami is weighing whether a former university professor jailed for three years because of secret evidence that he has ties to a terrorist group shall go free or remain behind bars while he fights deportation. Mazen Al Najjar, 42, a former Arabic teacher at the University of South Florida in Tampa who has lived in the United States 20 years, was arrested in 1997 by the Immigration and Naturalization Service for overstaying a student visa. Since then an immigration judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals ruled Al Najjar should not be released after seeing evidence that he raised funds for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which the U.S. State Department considers a terrorist organization......."

Fox News 4/19/00 "......A Muslim extremist group based in Southern Philippines said Wednesday they had beheaded two hostages because the government has ignored their demands, including the release of suspected Arab terrorists held in jails in the United States. Although the announcement eerily coincided with an Air Philippines crash Wednesday, U.S. officials didn't see any connection between the plane crash and the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group's announcement. Mike Anderson, public information officer of the U.S. Embassy in Manila, told Fox News Channel it was "very doubtful" there was any connection. A spokesman for the fundamentalist Abu Sayyaf group said the heads of the two men-who he said were former soldiers-were "birthday gifts" for Philippine President Joseph Estrada, who turned 63 on Wednesday. "There is independent confirmation of the fact the Abu Sayyaf beheaded two of the hostages," Presidential spokesman Ricardo Puno later said. ...... "We strongly deplore this act as particularly heinous and ill-timed," Puno said, referring to the start of the Easter holiday in this predominantly Catholic nation. ......"

UPI 5/6/00 Lou Marano "……Americans should come to grips with the possibility of a chemical or biological attack while the threat is still low, a national security analyst says in a new report. …… The U.S. homeland is vulnerable, and such attacks offer weaker states the greatest chance of success with the least risk of retaliation, writes Anthony H. Cordesman. Some key technologies are evolving in ways that favor the attacker, he says in "Defending America: Redefining the Conceptual Borders of Homeland Defense." …… Cordesman, a senior fellow for strategic assessment at the Center for Strategic and International Studies here, favors a flexible plan for a wide spectrum of threats over time rather than a limited plan for one or two contingencies. ……"

APBnews 5/2/00 David Noack "…….Federal regulators plan to limit the amount of online information available on chemical disasters to keep terrorists and other criminals from accessing it. …….. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Justice have jointly proposed removing from the Internet information on where chemical plants are located and what their procedures are in case of a major explosion or spill. Law enforcement officials believe there is a real risk that terrorists or other groups could use such detailed information for sabotage. The move comes after Congress passed a law requiring the two government agencies to develop new rules. The regulations will not take effect until after public hearings. ……"

National Defense 5/00 John Stanton "…. About $60 million of the Pentagon's annual budget is assigned to an organization known as the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), arguably one of the government's best kept secrets in the war against terrorism. The TSWG is a government interagency group with more than 100 member organizations from at least 13 federal agencies and a growing number of local and state agencies. Its charter is to hurry along the research, development and deployment of technologies to combat terrorist activity in both the military and civilian realms. The customers of the TSWG range from military service agencies to civilian and law enforcement organizations. ….."

National Defense 5/00 John Stanton "…. There are two lead agencies that oversee the TSWG: the office of the assistant secretary of defense for special operations/low intensity conflict, and the Department of State's office of the coordinator for counter-terrorism. The TSWG executive committee is headed by a Defense Department representative but also includes officials from the Department of Energy and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The 1983 bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut led to the creation of TSWG, which formalized its operations in 1986….."

National Defense 5/00 John Stanton "…. "Our members are not all scientists, PhD's and physicists," said one official during a recent briefing to industry sponsored by the National Defense Industrial Association. TSWG members include bomb squads, first responders and military combatants, the official said. "They determine what technologies are needed, because they are the ones dealing with it as it happens or after it happened. They want to get something usable, rugged and portable into their hands." ….."

National Defense 5/00 John Stanton "…. The TSWG consists of eight subgroups that focus on:
* Explosives detection and defeat.
* Infrastructure protection.
* Investigative support and forensics.
* Personnel protection.
* Physical security.
* Surveillance, collection and operations support.
* Tactical-operations support.
* Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear countermeasures. ......"

National Defense 5/00 John Stanton "…."Bombs are still a big threat," said the TSWG official. "That may change, but that's the number one priority right now ... blast mitigation, vehicle screening, general explosives, explosive ordnance disarming, and dealing with improvised explosive devices with impassive agents such as one hundred cans of Raid [insect killer] strapped around a stick of dynamite. We can't just ignore that." Next on the list of TSWG priorities are chemical and biological terrorist threats in civilian environments, the detection of nuclear materials and the protection of computer networks against hackers. ….."

National Defense 5/00 John Stanton "…. Recent TSWG efforts have led to some notable successes. One is the RTR-4, a radio-graphy device that initially was priced out of local bomb squads' budgets at $60,000 to $70,000 a piece. TSWG asked SAIC to find a way to reduce those costs, while keeping the same technical capabilities. The result was a device costing between $15,000 to $20,000. Another product brokered by TSWG was a handheld, nuclear-material detection device known as RADSMART. The device scans and detects the presence of nuclear materials….. For example, the investigative support and forensics subgroup was seeking a handheld system to tap into cell phones, retrieve and store that data for evidence to be used in law enforcement. That group also is in the market for a portable spectroscopy device that would allow forensic examiners to look through glass and plastic containers for potentially deadly materials. Another TSWG subgroup is pursuing devices to examine the viability and stability of potential foodborne bio-terrorist agents in food processing production involving meat and poultry. ….." 5/1/00 Patrick Goodenough "…….The focus of international terror aimed at Americans appears to be shifting from the Middle East to South Asia, the State Department says in its annual terrorism report, due for release Monday. But Middle East states continue to sponsor terrorism, and Iran is once again singled out as the number one offender. "Although there were signs of political change in Iran in 1999, the actions of certain state institutions in support of terrorist groups made Iran the most active state sponsor of terrorism," says the report, a copy of which was leaked to the New York Times Sunday……As it has done every year since 1993, the "Patterns of Global Terrorism" report names five Islamic and two communist states as terror-sponsors - Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba and Libya……."

AP 4/27/00 Michael Sniffen "…… Next month, Cabinet secretaries, top state and local officials and emergency units from Denver and Portsmouth, N.H., will conduct the largest-ever field test of the nation's ability to respond to a terrorist attack with chemical or biological weapons. Driven by recent violent attacks here and abroad, Congress ordered the test and appropriated $3.5 million last year to pay for it. The test will take place during 10 days in May, federal officials announced Thursday. …… Called ``Topoff'' because of the involvement of top officials, the exercise will have the active participation of Attorney General Janet Reno, Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala and Federal Emergency Management Agency Director James Lee Witt. ......" 4/24/00 Lisa Hoffman Scripps Howard News Service "……..In an unprecedented exercise next month, a phalanx of the U.S. government's top officials will engage in a massive field test of the nation's preparedness to respond to a terrorist attack within its borders. Sometime during 10 still-secret days in May, seven Cabinet leaders will receive a chilling, though mock, alert that unknown terrorists have unleashed chemical or biological weapons simultaneously on two cities _ Denver and Portsmouth, N.H. …….Attorney General Janet Reno; the secretaries of defense, energy, transportation, agriculture, and health and human services; and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency will have to drop whatever they are doing and preside over the federal government's emergency response to such a dreaded mass attack. ...... Called "Operation TopOff" _ for "top officials" _ the field exercise will involve thousands of participants including the governors of the two states, the National Guard and hundreds of state and local emergency and medical personnel. The directors of the FBI and the Federal Emergency Management Agency also will play a lead role. ……."

CNS 5/24/00 Patrick Goodenough "….. Young British Muslims are receiving military training provided by private companies in the United States, and some plan to use their newly-acquired skills to support violent struggles in the Middle East and elsewhere. In an interview, London-based fundamentalist leader Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed told that he was involved in funding and sending volunteers to train in the US……….. His "jihad network" was taking advantage of the fact that firearms training, including the use of live ammunition, is more readily available in America, the Syrian-born cleric explained. "When we started to go to Afghanistan, they started to label us terrorists, so now we go to the USA.!," Bakri said…."

New Hampshire Gazette - The Nation's Oldest Newspaper 5/20/00 "……As we predicted yesterday, Operation TOPOFF got underway this morning; either that, or a lot of people are getting very bored standing around the Port of New Hampshire terminal. About 7:20 am, the Gazette's Wandering Photographer (GWP) got a tip that the long-awaited "secret" Mock Terrorist Attack With Weapons Of Mass Destruction (MTAWWMD) was about to take place "on Market Street." Proceeding in a northwesterly direction from Market Square, the first signs of the operation became evident a couple of hundred feet past the Sheraton: men wearing the uniforms of Portsmouth police officers were manning the gates of the port terminal on the Market Street Extension, letting in school busses, vans, and pedestrians, some of whom were wearing Army camouflage uniforms. ……"

Reuters 5/20/00 Patriack Connole "……A series of mock terrorist attacks began on Saturday in the United States, testing the ability of top local, state and federal officials to respond to a catastrophic sequence of biological and chemical releases. In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a spoof explosion of a Chevrolet van loaded with unknown chemical agents kicked off the drill a few hours after daybreak near the town's port, fictionally killing and maiming around 50 people. A biological ``attack'' is also underway outside of Denver, Colorado, and a third series of exercises were being run in and around the nation's capital, the Justice Department said. Called ``Topoff'' -- short for Top Officials -- the largest ever such dress rehearsal is being conducted by the Department of Justice and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. ……Thousands will participate in the 10-day exercise, including Attorney General Janet Reno, other Cabinet members, mayors, local and state police, hospital personnel and volunteer actors playing the role of injured and dead civilians, according to the Justice Department. ……"

CapitalHillBlue 5/17/00 Terence Hunt AP "…….Warning of threats ranging from computer viruses to alleged plots of Saudi fugitive Osama bin Laden, President Clinton ordered tighter surveillance along the U.S-Canadian border Wednesday as part of a $300 million expansion of the nation's counterterrorism efforts. The money is in addition to the $9 billion that the United States already spends in a year for anti-terrorism, the president said. ``It sounds like a lot of money,'' Clinton said. ``When you see the evidence of what we're up against, I think you will support it.'' …….. `` The new anti-terrorism measures will include installation of high resolution day and night camera technology on the U.S.-Canadian border, along with other secure communication and advanced monitoring equipment, the White House said. ……Other measures include:

-Increasing the number of Justice Department prosecutors and legal staff to support the prosecution of terrorists. Fifteen positions will be added.
-Expanding from 26 to 37 the number of Joint Terrorism Task Forces, which combine the assets of the FBI, Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Customs Service, Secret Service and state and local law enforcement agencies.
-Strengthening the immigration service's forensic capabilities to detect fraudulent travel documents.
-Intensifying efforts to track and analyze the financing of terrorist organizations and expanding the Treasury Department's office of foreign asset control. ……"

YAHOO News/AFP 5/28/00 "……The United States faces a "quite real" threat of a terrorist attack on its soil with nuclear, chemical or biological arms within the next 10 years, US Secretary of Defense William Cohen warned Sunday. "The likelihood is quite real," Cohen told NBC television's "Meet the Press" program. "There is a chance it is going to happen." "The likelihood of an attack on American soil, using either a chemical or biological or, indeed, a nuclear weapon, is quite, not only possible, but probable," added the defense secretary……….. "No country is going to take us on head-on," said Cohen. "They'll look for asymmetric types of threats and attacks, for example, through the use of chemical or biological agents, through the use of cyberattacks," he explained……..He said the Clinton administration was aware that about two dozen nations were developing chemical and biological weapons but did not name them....... He also refused to rule out the possibility that a portable nuclear weapon could be smuggled and exploded on US territory by terrorists or hostile intelligence agents……..Cohen said the government had already organized 27 "weapons of mass destruction civil support teams" deployed with the US National Guard around the country......."

YAHOO News/AFP 5/28/00 "……To underscore to importance the US government attaches to raising the level of preparedness, US Attorney General Janet Reno and Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala are taking part in the drill along with the governors of both states. But the US government, including the Pentagon, had egg on its face last week, when the US Congress' investigative arm released a report showing that its investigators, brandishing fake law-enforcement badges and claiming they were armed had no trouble walking into 19 sensitive federal agencies.......:

The Jerusalem Post 5/30/00 Aaron Klein "…..When Aaron Klein traveled to London to observe an Islamic extremist movement whose mission is the destruction of Israel, he never thought that he'd find himself engaged in a public debate with its fanatical leader -- 'The sheikh has agreed to be interviewed by you," I read. I had waited eagerly for that e-mail. Forty-eight hours later, I boarded a plane to London. In the air, I reviewed the interview request I had sent to Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, founder and head of Al-Muhajiroun, a worldwide Is-lamic fundamentalist organization that supports the goals of suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden and the jihad he has waged on Israel and the West. ……… In my written request I had explained how I thought it would be fascinating for a Jewish journalist - particularly one from a Zionist organization such as Yeshiva University - to interview Sheikh Omar and spend time with members of a group whose declared mission is to drive the Jewish state into the sea. ……."Terrorism according to the West is defined as 'the systemic use of violence to achieve political or religious ends.' The American definition of terrorism is so broad they are able to brand everyone they don't like a terrorist. "Al-Muhajiroun define terrorism as 'to attack without the divine right.' That is terrorism, and it is not what we support. "We support the jihad, which is waged with the divine right," the sheikh declared with great energy and animation. …….. "You all have an obligation to support the jihad," he continued. "Or you will be punished on the Day of Judgement! You will get a reward for fighting. You must send your children to jihad. ……"We consider Israel the aggressors. Even if they don't fight they occupy the land, and we must initiate jihad against them. We reject peace with Israel. ……"What about the existence of Israel?" ……."It is a crime. Israel must be removed." The simplicity of his words sent chills down my spine. ……."Do you have a message for me to bring back to the American Jewish community?" I asked. "Yes. I believe Jews must understand that we are not at war with them because they are Jews. We are in direct conflict with occupiers whether they are Jewish, Hindu, Christian or Catholic. ……"And what Clinton and Barak are doing is putting themselves in a position of God, so they are now at direct war with the people who believe in God." ……"


The Associated Press 6/6/00 Ali Akbar Dareini "…….Seven Iranian delegates to a women's conference at the United Nations complained Tuesday they were treated like criminals by U.S. immigration officials who demanded they be fingerprinted upon arrival in the country. The delegates from three non-governmental organizations returned home on the weekend, choosing to miss the conference, which began Monday, rather than submit to the procedure. "We had been invited by the United Nations, so U.S. immigration officials had no right to fingerprint us," said Sediqeh Hejazi, a member of the Islamic Revolution Women's Association. ......U.S. federal law requires nonimmigrant visitors from four countries that are on unfriendly terms with the United States - Iran, Iraq, Libya and Sudan - to be fingerprinted and photographed on arrival in the United States.......... "

CNN 6/5/00 "……The United States should be more aggressive against terrorism, according to a report released Monday that calls for keeping closer tabs on international students in the U.S. and loosening information-gathering restrictions on the FBI and CIA. ...... "We think there's a chance terrorists will try to stage a catastrophic event in the United States in the future," said Bremer, a former State Department ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism. "We're talking something which will have tens of thousands of casualties," he told CNN. .……."

CNN 6/5/00 "……Among the commission's recommendations:

• Track international students in America. "A small minority may exploit their student status to support terrorist activity," the report cautions. …..
• Allow the military to lead the response to any major terrorist attack on U.S. soil, as opposed to the FBI or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The military has more advanced communications and logistics than those two agencies, Bremer said. "We're not recommending martial law," he said in response to critics of the idea.
• Loosen restrictions on the FBI and CIA in opening investigations of terrorist suspects or using informants who may have unsavory backgrounds. …..
• Allow the FBI to sift through evidence gathered in criminal cases and pass useful information to the CIA and other intelligence agencies.
• Pass stricter laws controlling the production and transport of components that can be used to make biological weapons.
• Make no further concessions to the reformist government of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami because of evidence that Tehran was involved in the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers military complex that killed 19 U.S. servicemen in Saudi Arabia. ......" 6/7/00 Brian Michael Jenkins "…… Of all the possible threats to American security in the 21st century, terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, possibly involving chemical or biological weapons, seem the most likely -- and understandably cause the greatest immediate concern. The National Commission on Terrorism, which issued its report this week, has concluded that current efforts to detect, prevent and prepare for such attacks are inadequate. Meeting the threat of tomorrow's terrorism, in its view, will require a bare-knuckle approach that includes some measures bound to provoke controversy. …….. These include dropping human rights concerns in recruiting terrorist informants, making it easier to initiate FBI investigations, paying for legal help if agents overstep their bounds, monitoring foreign students studying in the United States, frequently updating the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, hanging tough on Iran and Syria while adding Afghanistan to the list of state sponsors of terrorism, designating Pakistan and NATO-ally Greece as states "not fully cooperating" with the United States, expanding federal authority, and considering designating the Defense Department as the lead federal agency for responding to catastrophic terrorist incidents in the United States. ……."

Drudge 6/3/00 "…… The National Commission on Terrorism, created by Congress two years ago, will recommend [Monday] the U.S. military -- not the FBI or the Federal Emergency Management Agency -- as the organization that should coordinate the government's response in the event of a catastrophic terrorist attack on U.S. soil. The panel writes: The Pentagon's "ability to command and control vast resources for dangerous, unstructured situations is unmatched by any other department or agency."……. Members are: Jane Harman, a former congresswoman; Paul Bremer, a former career diplomat; James Woolsey, former director of the CIA; Maurice Sonnenberg, a member of Clinton's foreign intelligence advisory board; Richard Betts, Columbia University; Juliette Kayyem, Harvard University; and others......."

Washington Post 6/4/00 Vernon Loeb "…. A blue-ribbon commission is urging the federal government to take more aggressive steps to prevent terrorism, including monitoring all foreign students in the United States, loosening restrictions on the CIA and threatening sanctions against such friendly states as Greece and Pakistan. The proposals by the National Commission on Terrorism, created by Congress two years ago after the bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa, are sure to trigger controversy among civil libertarians, parts of the Arab American community and others who question the government's expanding antiterrorist effort, already a $10 billion annual enterprise……… Among its specific recommendations are that President Clinton consider designating the U.S. military - not the FBI or the Federal Emergency Management Agency - as the organization that should lead the government's response in the event of a catastrophic terrorist attack on U.S. soil. "The threat is changing, and it's becoming more deadly," said L. Paul Bremer III, the commission's chairman and a former State Department ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism....... " 6/4/00 Timothy Maier & Jamie Dettmer "…… While nearly $60 million has been spent in the last seven years on the World Trade Center in New York City to upgrade security against terrorist attacks, the owners of other prominent office blocks in major U.S. cities have done little to protect their buildings. According to the American Society for Industrial Security, or ASIS, property owners have concentrated exclusively on measures to deter local crime and seemingly have pooh-poohed the dangers of terrorism. …….. In a survey of the owners of some two dozen prominent buildings from Boston to San Diego, ASIS found 77 percent of those polled indeed had increased security after the bombings of the World Trade Center and the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, but with local hoodlums in mind only. Security upgrades include access controls, alarms, patrols, staff-awareness training and policies and procedural improvements, as well as contingency plans to deal with a crisis. But what ASIS found missing was enforcing restrictions on the type of vehicles that can enter their parking garages. Very few properties have added protective window-coating, for example. And few have introduced preventive measures to stop vehicular access to buildings. ......"

New York Post 6/5/00 William Neuman "…..The CIA spent the weekend grilling an Iranian defector claiming to have proof that Iran plotted the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, it was reported yesterday. ….. CBS's "60 Minutes" reported that Ahmad Behbahani, the defector supplying the stunning information, says he is the former head of Iranian state-sponsored terrorism. …… It said CIA debriefers met with Behbahani in Turkey on Friday and Saturday. CIA sources told the program they had confirmed he was a member of the Iranian intelligence service but provided no further details on the debriefing. ……. A "60 Minutes" producer sneaked into the camp and met with Behbahani, who said:
* Iran, not Libya, planned and financed the Lockerbie bombing.
* He personally proposed the plan for the bombing to Palestinian terrorist Ahmed Jabril.
* A group of Libyans was recruited for the operation and trained at a special Iranian terror school.
That could shake up the trial of alleged Libyan operatives Abdel Basset Ali Mohammed al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah in a special Scottish court set up under United Nations auspices in the Netherlands. ......Behbahani also told "60 Minutes":
* Iran carried out the 1996 bombing of a U.S. military housing complex in Saudi Arabia in which 19 American GIs were killed.
* Iran was behind the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which killed 86 people - training the bombers and even shipping explosives from Tehran to the Iranian consulate in Buenos Aires. ......"

Government Executive 6/00 Katherine McIntire Peters "…..Xavier Stewart would seem an unlikely soldier. The former college professor is certified in forensic medicine, holds a Ph.D. in public health, and until recently, owned and operated a medical equipment business in Delaware. It's an unusual background for a lieutenant colonel, but then Stewart's position, commander of the 3d Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team, is hardly a traditional military job. He leads one of 10 elite teams nationwide formed to help state and local authorities manage the consequences of a terrorist attack or an unintentional accident involving chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. ……The 10 civil support teams are dedicated resources, on call around the clock. And though they are federally funded, federally trained and operate according to military doctrine, they are not federal troops. They are National Guard troops in state status. Unless called to federal service by the President, Guard units are under the command of their state governors, which makes them uniquely poised for the civil support mission. …… "

Government Executive 6/00 Katherine McIntire Peters "…..Defense Secretary William Cohen has long expressed concern about the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction and the country's vulnerability to an attack on its own soil. In 1997, he ordered a report detailing the reserve component role in the Defense Department's response to the threat posed by the proliferation of such weapons, which he has said is "the greatest threat that any of us will face in the coming years." ……A year earlier, Congress passed the Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction Act, which designated DoD as the lead agency for responding to an attack by terrorists using weapons of mass destruction. As a result of the law, known as the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Act, the Defense Department created the Domestic Preparedness Program to train local and state officials most likely to be first responders in the event of such an attack. DoD scheduled training for 120 cities, planned annual exercises involving federal, state and local responders, and formed rapid response teams composed of assets from all the military services. ……"

Government Executive 6/00 Katherine McIntire Peters "…..Also in 1996, Congress passed the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which authorized the attorney general to provide training and equipment for improving the capabilities of metropolitan fire and emergency service departments to respond to terrorist attacks. As a result of that law, the Justice Department created the Metropolitan Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services Program. ……. At the Defense Department, officials plan to transfer much of the Domestic Preparedness Program to the Justice Department later this year. In addition, last year Cohen set up two new offices to manage the department's civil support role: The position of assistant to the secretary of Defense for civil support was created to provide civilian oversight for policy and serve as the Defense point of contact in interagency discussions, and the Joint Task Force-Civil Support was created to plan and integrate Defense support at the operational level during incidents. Establishing the two offices was a significant step in strengthening DoD's overall capability for responding to an incident involving weapons of mass destruction, says Adm. Harold Gehman, commander of the Joint Forces Command, based in Norfolk, Va. ………

Government Executive 6/00 Katherine McIntire Peters "…..The role of the Defense Department in civil support is a touchy issue. By law the military is prohibited from participating in domestic law enforcement. Yet by virtue of its role in national security, the Pentagon, with its vast weapons handling and detection capabilities, medical and mortuary assets and force protection mission, is the agency with the resources most likely to be needed in a major incident involving chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. …… The civil support program is the latest incarnation of what was formerly known as the homeland defense program. Before the National Guard civil support teams were named as such, they were known as Rapid Assessment and Initial Detection detachments-or RAID teams, in military parlance. Between the homeland defense program and the RAID teams, Defense officials soon realized they had chosen some unfortunate terms…….. "

Government Executive 6/00 Katherine McIntire Peters "…..The teams are not intended to replace any existing state and local assets, but to add a key element missing from most jurisdictions-a coordinating authority that can facilitate communication between authorities at the scene and officials elsewhere, provide on-site technical expertise, and facilitate follow-on support from state and federal agencies, including the military. "When we looked at the Oklahoma City bombing, what we saw were a lot of assets and capabilities, but no coordinating element," says Lt. Col. William Baisden, a Guard planner. …... The teams are not involved in counterterrorism or reconnaissance activities." ……"

Detroit Free Press 6/11/00 "……There's no use to running around in a constant state of alarm. But there is a need for vigilance, both about America's enemies in the post-Cold-War world and about the possibility of basic rights being curtailed in the name of domestic tranquillity. Bremer's commission, established after the terrorist bombings of two American embassies in Africa in 1998, recently made a series of recommendations to increase U.S. counterterror activities. The report focused on foreign threats, although two Americans were convicted of the worst act of terrorism ever carried out in the U.S., the Oklahoma City bombing. …….But a recommendation to track the activities of all foreign students on U.S. soil goes too far. Arab Americans in particular are sensitive to this kind of unjustified profiling that they or visiting relatives encounter at airports. An anti-terrorism campaign should not be based on stereotypes. No one should be singled out on the basis of national origin, ethnicity or religion. America will never be without enemies and, overseas, government agents may have to throw out the rule book to fight them. But within these shores, America should never be without standards. ….."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 6/12/00 "……. Terrorism in the 21st century isn't the out-in-the-open villainy it was when it became a worldwide menace a generation ago, but that doesn't mean it's less dangerous. It just means America needs to adjust to this more insidious reality. That is the hardheaded conclusion of a bipartisan panel of experts in its recent report commissioned by Congress after the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa. ......Today's terrorist operates deeper in the shadows than ever. He is far less inclined than his 1970s prototype to claim responsibility for his handiwork or belong to an organized structure or have obvious links to so-called rogue regimes. ……..More troubling, the civilized world has to be on guard for the possibility he will set aside firearms and car bombs in favor of biological, chemical, nuclear or cyber weapons that can create far more havoc. And, more often than not, America is the target of his dreams --- simply because it is the resented symbol of Western military, economic and cultural pre-eminence. …..

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 6/12/00 "……. Correctly, the panel identifies good intelligence as America's best safeguard and recommends procedural changes to speed information-sharing between the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency. In that regard, it is dismaying to find the NSA is, in the panel's words, "losing its capability to target and exploit the modern communications systems used by terrorists, seriously weakening (its) ability to warn of possible attacks." Congress should vote the funds to reverse technological slippage at the NSA --- and the CIA and FBI, as well --- and also to remedy a severe shortage of linguists in the intelligence community. ….."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 6/12/00 "……. The panel did go overboard, however, with two recommendations: 1) that the Department of Defense prepare to assume command authority in the event of an extraordinary terrorist event and 2) that the U.S. government should monitor the status of all foreign students here. In the first instance, Americans should be wary of any effort to supersede civilian authority with the military. Besides, it is hard to imagine any crisis so great that it couldn't be handled by local police, the FBI, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Guardsmen under a governor's control. …….. As for scrutinizing an estimated half-million foreign students, most of them turn out to be great assets for America, either in careers here or promoting our country in their homelands. To alienate the lot of them on the off-chance of snaring a lone terrorist seems a clumsy idea. …… "

WorldNetDaily 6/12/00 David Bresnahan "….A devastating earthquake will hit Kentucky tomorrow, followed a few days later by a terrorist attack using weapons of mass destruction; at least, that's the mock scenario for a joint Marine and civil agency exercise that starts today. According to documents obtained by WorldNetDaily, an experimental exercise to help the U.S. Marines learn how to work with civil agencies during a domestic emergency is now under way. …….. Gunslinger 2000 is referred to as a "civil support experiment" in Marine documents, the planning for which has taken over a year. Marine public affairs officers contacted by WorldNetDaily had not prepared a news release for the media. Officials planning the event did not expect public attention, according to a Marine public affairs spokeswoman. ……. U.S. Marine Corps. documents obtained by WorldNetDaily describe Gunslinger 2000 as an "experiment," intended to evaluate how the Marine Reserve and National Guard can work together with local and national civil agencies during an emergency. ……."The experiment will explore roles and missions for the Marine Corps in the event of a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) incident within the continental United States. Following the completion of the CREST exercise, the exercise staff and subject matter experts will conduct operational planning in a facilitated discussion by National Interagency Civil-Military Institute (NICI) that will outline and define potential civil support roles and capabilities for the Marine Corps in support of Consequence Management (CM)," stated Shihata in an internal memorandum sent to participants. ……The exercise will take place at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and in the Louisville and Memphis, Tennessee, areas. Some documents indicate that eight states will be involved, but locations for exercise events were not confirmed. ……"

WorldNetDaily 6/12/00 David Bresnahan "….Agencies participating:
* Federal Emergency Management Agency
* Federal Bureau of Investigations
* Joint Task Force-Civil Support
* Fourth Marine Division
* Kentucky Plans, Operations and Military Support Office
* Kentucky State Emergency Operations Center Director
* State Emergency Management Office
* Department of Health
* Department of Transportation
* Environmental Protection Agency
* Kentucky State Police
* Conservation/Natural Resources
* Kentucky Army/Air National Guard
* Kentucky State Public Works/Utilities
* Kentucky State Social Services

The computer-assisted exercise is designed to help all the agencies involved learn how to communicate with each other in the event of a real emergency. The computer program will simulate a major earthquake, followed by a biological or chemical terrorist attack in the same area a few days later. A simulated national emergency covering eight states will be declared by authority of "Presidential Directive 39," according to Marine documents, and civil agencies will ask for military assistance because they will be unable to handle the situation. ……."

Lawton (Okla.) Constitution 6/11/00 Richard Hart Sinnreich "……"Seeking A National Strategy" is the second report of the Commission on National Security/21st Century, better known as the Hart-Rudman Commission after its co-chairmen, former senators Gary Hart and Warren Rudman. Comprising military and civilian defense experts, the commission has been hard at work for nearly two years. The panel's first report, released last September, was widely praised for its comprehensive description of emerging national security threats. But the new report concludes that existing U.S. military forces are ill-designed to meet those threats. That is not the sort of message Washington enjoys hearing……..Even less welcome is a related panel conclusion that future humanitarian and peace-keeping operations will require military forces that can cope with them without penalty to warfighting readiness. On Capitol Hill, where many loathe U.S. intervention in internal conflicts like Haiti and the Balkans, improving the ability to conduct such operations is about as popular as cancer. In the Pentagon, meanwhile, the very thought of configuring any of the Army's downsized combat forces specifically for constabulary missions makes Army generals wince. ……" 6/10/00 "……The FBI is about to announce a domestic terrorism task force to protect Charlotte and Western North Carolina. They are expected to make the announcement next month. Agents say Charlotte could be a target for terrorists, not because it is a major banking center, but because it is close to where militia groups gather. The same forces that have left their violent fingerprints elsewhere could plan the same for Charlotte. ………. "We know about certain organizations that are right up to the line. Those we'll focus our resources on," said FBI Agent Chris Swecker. What makes it more difficult is that often the most dangerous groups are small, making them tough to detect in the growing Charlotte region. ……. "

NY Times 10/28/93 Ralph Blumenthal "…..Law-enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Center, and they planned to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, an informer said after the blast. The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by an F.B.I. supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer, Emad Salem, should be used, the informer said………. The account, which is given in the transcript of hundreds of hours of tape recordings that Mr. Salem secretly made of his talks with law-enforcement agents, portrays the authorities as being in a far better position than previously known to foil the February 26th bombing of New York City's tallest towers……."

Infowars 6/9/00 "…..The FBI is about to announce a domestic terrorism task force to protect Charlotte and Western North Carolina. They are expected to make the announcement next month. Agents say Charlotte could be a target for terrorists, not because it is a major banking center, but because it is so close to where militia groups gather. The same forces that have left their violent fingerprints elsewhere could plan the same for Charlotte. "There is not a state that does not have some kind of patriot activity, some very violent, some very extreme," said Dennis Molenaar, domestic violence expert. …….. "

USAToday 6/7/00 "….. With images of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing etched in their memory, Americans heartily support efforts to protect their homeland against terrorist threats. Etched even deeper, however, is the Founding Fathers' wisdom about keeping the overwhelmingly powerful U.S. military out of domestic affairs. …... The National Commission on Terrorism recommended that the president put the military in charge of responding to a terrorist threat or attack on U.S. soil. Its ability to ''control vast resources for dangerous, unstructured situations is unmatched'' by other agencies such as the FBI, the panel reasoned. Sounds efficient, until you note that military involvement in civilian affairs is a favored practice of dictators, such as Saddam Hussein or North Korea's Kim Jong Il, who like the swiftness with which soldiers imprison and repress civilians to keep order. The panel had other bad ideas marring its otherwise thoughtful report. It called for monitoring all 500,000 foreign students in the U.S. for suspicious terrorist activity, despite chairman Paul Bremer's admission that ''99.99% of them . . . are not terrorists.''........."

USA Today 6/5/00 John Hanchette "….. The blue-ribbon panel's 64-page report would give the CIA, the FBI and the Pentagon stronger roles in both preventing and reacting to a terrorist attack in the United States. The report was compiled after six months of study, and among its recommendations:
* Make it substantially easier for the FBI to wiretap "suspected terrorist groups or individuals."
* Lift some 5-year-old recruiting restrictions on the CIA, allowing the spy agency to enlist even "unsavory sources" when seeking counterterrorism intelligence.
* Step up detailed surveillance of foreign students in this country, right down to noticing when they switch majors.
* Designate the military, instead of the FBI or Federal Emergency Management Agency, as the prime responder to any terrorist attack on domestic soil.
* Require the Pentagon to draw up detailed plans, including "criteria for decisions on transfer of command authority to the Department of Defense" in the case of biological or chemical attack.
* Create a special unit in the Treasury Department to track terrorist fund raising.
* Single out friendly nations for sanction (Pakistan and Greece were specifically mentioned) if they are among those in the "Not Cooperating Fully" category kept by the State Department for those countries that are lackadaisical about terrorism, and then blast it all over the Internet.
"The FBI and CIA need to be more pro-active in their intelligence gathering efforts," said panel Chairman Paul Bremer, the former U.S. ambassador at large for counterterrorism. "There are always cries to increase intelligence activity after an incident occurs. We must take those steps before it costs American lives." ….."

APB News 7/3/00 Amy Worden "…..With America's ability to respond to terrorist attack in question, the first step toward a comprehensive anti-terrorism training camp has been taken here in an abandoned highway tunnel. Army Major Gen. Allen Tackett, the state's adjutant general and top military leader, hopes this initial effort grows into a "one-stop shop" at a large National Guard camp in central West Virginia that would instruct thousands of law enforcement officers and military personnel each year in the latest strategies to combat terrorism in the air, on land and underground. ..."

The American Spectator 7-8/2000 John B Roberts II "……. One year after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, a Dodge B-300 series passenger van was parked on the sandy flats of the White Sands Missile Range test site in New Mexico. Alone against the backdrop of low-lying hills, the Dodge van looked strangely out of place. Concealed inside were hundreds of pounds of C-4 military-style plastic explosives, rigged to detonate by remote control…….Sensitive monitoring devices measured the dispersal and trajectory of bomb fragments from the blast's epicenter, which the bombers called "ground zero." ……The disintegrating Dodge van was among the first of many car and truck explosions ordered by Clinton's National Security Council at White Sands between 1994 and 1997 for a high-priority government research project called Dipole Might. ……..The project was part of an effort by the Defense Special Weapons Agency (formerly the Defense Nuclear Agency) to create a sophisticated computer program for field use by counterterrorism forces. Test bombs ranged in size from 50 to 1,000 pounds of explosives, inside vehicles varying from a Chevrolet Caprice four-door sedan to a 60,000-pound tractor-trailer truck. ……"

Detroit News 6/27/00 Hussein Ibish "…… OUR CIVIL liberties and core principles of American democracy are in peril. If the recommendations of the National Commission on Terrorism are implemented, you can kiss good-bye some of your constitutional protections. ……….The commission, appointed by Congress, released its report earlier this month. It calls for the federal government to place more wiretaps on Americans, let the Army patrol the country in case of an emergency, encourage the CIA to employ known criminals and terrorists, and institute a vast surveillance system for tracking foreign students. …….The essence of the commission's report, oblivious to the rights of citizens, is to create a far more powerful domestic security force. For example, the commission calls for the armed forces to be designated the lead federal agency for law enforcement in case of an undefined "catastrophic attack," even before such an attack actually occurs. ……"

AP 7/25/00 Chris Williams "…….Seven glass jars that may have been placed by opponents of an animal genetics meeting contained enough cyanide to sicken people, but not enough to kill, the FBI said Tuesday. Special Agent Paul McCabe said two of three batches of chemicals in the jars had been tested, and a third round was pending. ''At the levels (of cyanide) present, it is not a serious health concern,'' McCabe said. Cyanide can be poisonous and explosive at higher concentrations...."

Foreign Affairs 9-10/96 (volume 75, number 5) Postmodern Terrorism Walter Laqueur "…..Most international and domestic terrorism these days, however, is neither left nor right, but ethnic-separatist in inspiration. Ethnic terrorists have more staying power than ideologically motivated ones, since they draw on a larger reservoir of public support. ...... The greatest change in recent decades is that terrorism is by no means militants' only strategy. The many-branched Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian Hamas, the Irish Republican Army (IRA), the Kurdish extremists in Turkey and Iraq, the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, the Basque Homeland and Liberty (ETA) movement in Spain, and many other groups that have sprung up in this century have had political as well as terrorist wings from the beginning. The political arm provides social services and education, runs businesses, and contests elections, while the "military wing" engages in ambushes and assassinations. …….. The motto of Chaos International, one of many journals in this field, is a quotation from Hassan I Sabbah, the master of the Assassins, a medieval sect whose members killed Crusaders and others in a "religious" ecstasy; everything is permitted, the master says. The premodern world and postmodernism meet at this point…… Proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction does not mean that most terrorist groups are likely to use them in the foreseeable future, but some almost certainly will, in spite of all the reasons militating against it. Governments, however ruthless, ambitious, and ideologically extreme, will be reluctant to pass on unconventional weapons to terrorist groups over which they cannot have full control; the governments may be tempted to use such arms themselves in a first strike, but it is more probable that they would employ them in blackmail than in actual warfare. Individuals and small groups, however, will not be bound by the constraints that hold back even the most reckless government. ............"

Reuters 7/29/00 Lisa Richwine "….A U.S. advisory panel Friday endorsed making a widely used antibiotic the first government-approved drug for fighting infection from the deadly biological agent anthrax in the wake of a future terrorist attack. A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panel unanimously said Cipro, a top-selling antibiotic made by Bayer Corp., appeared safe and effective for preventing disease from an aerosol attack with anthrax, one of the most feared biological agents...."


Internet 8/24/00 Jon Christian Ryter "…… On Tuesday, August 22, 2000 President Bill Clinton signed a waiver that authorized the distribution of $1.3 billion to the Columbian government to help them "fight the war on drugs." The measure was buried in a foreign aid package that started, early this spring, as a bill to pay for American "peacekeeping" forces in the Balkans for another year. That bill, heavily pork-laden, was signed into law in July. …….. Even earlier this year Al Gore was being lobbied by Occidental Petroleum for a $1.6 billion military aid package to protect its pipelines in Columbia. Occidental's request was for more than money--they wanted American troops in Columbia to protect their pipelines, which are being sabotaged by both FALN and ELN revolutionaries who are engaged in a civil war against the middle and upper class Columbians. Occidental operates the second largest oil field in Columbia. Columbia is virtually controlled by drug smugglers and, because of a decade-long civil war with two separate insurgency groups, its government has been unable to stop the drug running on the one hand nor the violent, bloody class struggle on the other. When the Columbian government proved not up to the task of protecting Occidental's interests, Occidental turned to their personal friend in Washington--Vice President Al Gore. ......" 8/26/00 "……. The man who boasts he was responsible for killing 243 U.S. Marines and thousands of others is coming to the United States, with nary a protest from the Clinton State Department. Mohsen Rezaii, former commander in chief of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps is due to arrive in the United States as part of an Iranian delegation to a conference of the Interparliamentary Union to be held at the United Nations Aug. 30 through Sept. 1. The delegation is headed by Sayad Mohammed Khatami, Iran's president, who the Clinton-Albright State Department has been selling as a "moderate" since his election on May 23, 1997………. According to the Washington Times' columnist Arnold Beichman, however, the real power in Iran is Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Rezaii was named to his notorious command in 1981 by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei, revolutionary founder of the Iranian theocracy, after he had organized the Guards Corps intelligence section. He was the Corps commander in chief for 16 years and is credited with a number of terrorist coups. Rezaii, who once said "The day will come when, like Salman Rushdie, the Jews will not find a place to live anywhere in the world," is blamed for the 1983 suicide bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, which killed 243 Marines. ……."

New York Post 8/27/00 "……. Though it has long been suspected of serving as a fund-raising front for the Palestinian terror group Hamas, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development recently was allowed to register with the Agency for International Development (AID). That would have allowed the Texas-based group to qualify for federal government grants and contracts - a particularly obscene use of taxpayer money. Fortunately, the State Department's office on counter-terrorism has asked AID to withdraw its registration from the foundation. ……… And the agency, which is independent but reports directly to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, has begun to take a closer look at its own procedures - procedures which don't even prohibit groups with proven support for terrorism from taking part. ……."

Jerusalem Post 10/6/00 "…….Al Gore is naming as his "senior adviser on ethnic Americans" a man who has openly praised Hizbullah and who in 1997 called "for the Arab League to reinvigorate its stand on the boycott" of Israel……… The appointment of the president of the Arab American Institute, James Zogby, to this position in the Gore-Lieberman campaign is evoking concern among some Jewish leaders and anti-terrorism experts in the United States…… "Zogby has not only made comments that are incendiary but he has also made comments that are antisemitic," a terrorism expert, Steven Emerson, said. "This represents a legitimation of this man's views. This is a guy that's openly supported the Hizbullah, openly condemned anti-terrorism efforts; he has condemned the Jewish lobby in ways that make [white supremacist politician] David Duke look mild, and this is an outrage."………. The Gore campaign, which initially denied that the appointment was taking place, said the position is unpaid. A spokeswoman for the Arab American Institute said Zogby would remain president of the institute while working for the Gore campaign……. "I am delighted to appoint Dr. Zogby as the Gore/Lieberman campaign's senior adviser on Ethnic Americans. He has been instrumental in mainstreaming Arab Americans into the political process," Gore said in a press release……The executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Matthew Brooks, said that, combined with Gore and Lieberman's outreach to Rev. Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan, the Zogby appointment "calls into question where this administration really stands and how much interest they really have in the Jewish community."……..As recently as this past year, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, called Zogby "an antagonist." According to the Zionist Organization of America, Zogby has compared President Bill Clinton's 1995 executive order banning donations to terrorist groups to McCarthy-era abuses, and termed Israel "Nazis" and Israeli actions "a Holocaust" during the 1982 Lebanon ……"

UPI 9/21/00 "……The U.S. government, prompted by fears of bio- terrorist attack, has awarded Peptide Therapeutics, a small Britain biotechnology company, a contract to produce doses of vaccine against smallpox -- a disease considerated eradicated more than 20 years ago, The Financial Times reported Thursday. Barbara Reynolds of the Centers for Disease Control, the Atlanta-based government agency, told the Times: "There is increasing concern about bio- terrorism." Of a possible smallpox attack, she said: "Even though there may only be a low probability of it occurring, if it did occur it would be catastrophic." U.S. defense officials have long feared that laboratory samples of smallpox might have fallen into the hands of potential terrorists or rogue states, the Times reported. ……"

UPI 9/21/00 "…..The U.S. government, prompted by fears of bio- terrorist attack, has awarded Peptide Therapeutics, a small Britain biotechnology company, a contract to produce doses of vaccine against smallpox -- a disease considerated eradicated more than 20 years ago, The Financial Times reported Thursday. Barbara Reynolds of the Centers for Disease Control, the Atlanta-based government agency, told the Times: "There is increasing concern about bio- terrorism." Of a possible smallpox attack, she said: "Even though there may only be a low probability of it occurring, if it did occur it would be catastrophic." …..U.S. defense officials have long feared that laboratory samples of smallpox might have fallen into the hands of potential terrorists or rogue states, the Times reported. ……"'s Weekly Global Intelligence Update 10/12/00 "……. Taken by surprise as it docked in Aden Port, the explosion alongside USS Cole tore a 40 by 20 foot hole along the waterline killing at least six American sailors and leaving 12 missing. Authorities said a small boat assisting in mooring the ship in Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula staged the attack. ……. But more than a mere surprise, the attack seems to have taken advantage of inherent weaknesses in security at the port. U.S. vessels have visited for several years, but have only gotten fuel about a dozen times in the last year. This would allow terrorists plenty of opportunity to observe refueling and take advantage of weak security………. The docking at Aden qualified for threat condition "Bravo," a designation where a threat of terrorist conditions is predictable. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service at Norfolk, Virginia, is responsible for monitoring threat conditions abroad and debriefing U.S. personnel on deployment. ……But security most likely broke down because of conditions at Aden. The port is one of the world's largest natural harbors, and operates 365 days per year. It has several small islands for berthing, and small commercial and fishing craft litter the area. ….."

American Spectator 11/97 Kenneth R. Timmerman "……. The story of a suspended ambassadorial nomination. ......Clinton-Gore hubris knows no bounds. In the thick of the campaign finance hearings on Capitol Hill, the White House has nominated a controversial DNC fundraiser, Edward M. Gabriel, to become United States Ambassador to Morocco, a key country to the Middle East peace process. …… Gabriel's name was formally submitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on September 8, before the FBI had completed its background investigation into Gabriel's finances, business connections, or personal life. …... A scant ten days later, as we reported on The American Spectator's web site on September 18, the White House was forced to turn over Gabriel's file to the Justice Department for further investigation of allegations tying him to murky Arab campaign donations to the DNC and the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign. …….

American Spectator 11/97 Kenneth R. Timmerman "……. A few hours before Lebanese financier Roger Tamraz was to testify before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, committee staffers received a mysterious call from someone claiming to be Tamraz who alleged that Tamraz had been solicited by Gabriel to donate $50,000 to the DNC through the Arab American Institute, a Washington-based non-profit group. ……… Two things are certain about this curious case: Ed Gabriel has powerful enemies, and he made them by hitching his wagon to two highly controversial Arab-American lobbyists in Washington: James Zogby and Abdulrahman Alamoudi. In the "bad old days" when the State Department and Congress still considered the PLO a terrorist organization, both men were staunch backers of Yasir Arafat. More recently, Zogby has called on Arab states to reinvigorate the secondary boycott against Israel, which aims to deter U.S. companies by threatening to ban them from contracts in the Arab world if they do business with Israel. ….."

American Spectator 11/97 Kenneth R. Timmerman "…….Meanwhile, Alamoudi, who heads the American Muslim Council that was invited to the White House by Hillary Rodham Clinton during the Muslim Eid holidays, has been raising funds for "charitable" organizations whose branches in Gaza and the West Bank were closed down in late September by none other than Arafat. The PLO chairman accused them of supporting the military wing of Hamas, the radical Islamic group that has claimed responsibility for recent suicide bombings in Israel. Zogby, Gabriel, and Alamoudi sat together on the steering committee of Arab Americans for Clinton/Gore '96 and frequently appear at functions organized by Zogby's Arab American Institute. ………."

Newsday 11/4/00 John Riley "…… Capping another wild Senate campaign day dominated by finger-pointing on Mideast terrorism, Hillary Rodham Clinton Friday night acknowledged that a White House letter had been sent out over her signature that appeared to contradict her claim that she didn't know of a Muslim group's involvement in a controversial Boston fund raiser she attended in June. …… She described the letter as a form letter prepared by the White House gift office that was based on a plaque handed to her at the event. She said her signature was added by autopen, a machine that reproduces signatures, and insisted that it did not show she had been misleading in denying knowledge of an American Muslim Alliance role in the event. ……. "I can only tell you what I knew, and what I knew in June is what I've told you: that this was nothing to do with this group," Clinton said in a news conference. The letter refers to a plaque Clinton received at the $50,000 fund raiser. "It was a pleasure to be a part of the Massachusetts Chapter meeting of the American Muslim Alliance," the letter says. "The plaque is a wonderful reminder of my visit." It was sent to the chairman of the chapter. ……"

New York Post 11/5/00 Gregg Birnbaum "…. Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote a warm, welcoming greeting to a 1998 Islamic conference in which the keynote speaker trashed the United States and Israel as "the true terrorists," The Post has learned. Clinton penned the "Dear Friends" letter on White House stationery to the American Muslim Alliance for its gathering on Long Island in 1998, praising the group for "your efforts to encourage others to work to make their voices heard." The note is the second to surface in the last couple of days from Clinton to the Arab-American group. The latest revelation led GOP opponent Rick Lazio's campaign to wonder yesterday whether leaders of the group are "Hillary Clinton's pen pals." The other letter thanked them for a fund-raiser on her behalf, although she had publicly denied knowing the organization was involved in the event. ….."

The Times of London 11/6/00 "……THREE Swedes of Middle Eastern origin will be called as new witnesses at the Lockerbie trial, a Swedish newspaper reported yesterday. Both the prosecution at the trial of the two Libyans accused of the blast, and the defence, which has blamed a Palestinian group for the bombing, want to hear evidence from the trio, according to the tabloid Aftonbladet. ….. Two of the three lived in Germany at the time of the bombing in 1988 and had links with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC). The third man is a brother of one of them, Aftonbladet said. …..The trial, at Camp Zeist in The Netherlands, is scheduled to resume on Tuesday after an adjournment. …."

Fox News 11/2/00 "…..A Metropolitan Correctional Center guard is in critical condition after he was attacked and stabbed in the eye by 2 prisoners being held there on terrorist charges. ….. A federal law enforcement source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the guard was stabbed in the eye Wednesday with a sharp object. The guard apparently lost his eye, and the implement penetrated his brain, the source said. ….. The 43-year-old guard, whose name was not released, was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he underwent surgery for more than 12 hours, said Lorinda Klein, a spokeswoman for the hospital. He was in a coma…… The suspects were identified as Khalfan Khamis Mohamed and Mamdouh Mahmud Salim, who have both been indicted in connection with the Aug. 7, 1998 bombings at embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Twelve Americans were among the 224 people killed in the attacks. ..."

New York Daily News 10/27/00 LARRY COHLER-ESSES and EDWARD LEWINE "…… The American Muslim leader whose support for Mideast terrorists led Hillary Rodham Clinton and George W. Bush to return his campaign contributions works for the State Department, the Daily News learned yesterday. Abdurahman Alamoudi has been employed for three years as a goodwill ambassador abroad, giving lectures on religious tolerance in the U.S., a State Department official said. …… But as recently as last weekend, in a speech at an anti-Israel rally across the street from the White House, Alamoudi again passionately defended Hamas, a Mideast terrorist group - and also embraced the terrorist organization Hezbollah, which has claimed responsibility for the 1983 blast that killed 239 Americans at a Marine barracks in Beirut. Clinton and Bush returned $1,000 campaign contributions last week to Alamoudi - a board member and former executive director of the American Muslim Council - because of his defense of Hamas. …….. Despite his anti-Israeli rhetoric, a State Department official told The News that Alamoudi has gone on six State Department junkets since 1997, with honorariums ranging from $100 to $200 per day, plus hotels and travel. "He's been traveling primarily to Muslim countries to address the topic of Islamic life in the U.S., including the rights of Muslims in America as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the status of the American Islamic community," the State Department official said. "He's had overwhelmingly positive evaluations from our missions abroad." …. Alamoudi returned just this month from a trip to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. ……In June, Alamoudi told the Muslim publication Al-Zaitounah about himself and the American Muslim Council. "We are the ones that went to the White House and defended what is called Hamas," he said. ……. Hezbollah is a Shiite political and guerrilla group in Lebanon. In addition to the deadly bombing at the Marine barracks, it also took responsibility for a 1983 blast at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut that killed 61 people. ….. In a phone interview yesterday, Alamoudi at first challenged the account of his Saturday speech, which The News reviewed on videotape. "You better check your Arabic," he said. Told he had given the speech in English, Alamoudi replied, "It was in English? Oh my God, I forgot!" …… Alamoudi's attorney, to whom he referred all further questions, confirmed that the Muslim activist did do work for the State Department. "That's what makes all this so ridiculous," Stanley Cohen said. ……."

10/26/00 FoxNews "……The FBI opened an investigation into a possible terrorist plot to bomb New York hotels and other targets within the city, a law-enforcement source confirmed to Fox News Thursday evening. Two New York hotels received letters on Oct. 17 warning them that an unspecified group was planning to bomb their businesses and others in the city during the first two weeks of November. A copy of the letter was also sent to the Washington Post. …… Although the New York Post initially reported that the FBI was investigating the threat officials in the city - home to large Jewish and Arab populations - said there were no plans to further enhance security, already increased in recent weeks because of the violence in the Middle East. …… The law-enforcement source told Fox News that the threats must be put into context as part of many threats made against U.S. targets during the recent escalation of Middle Eastern violence. ….."

Fox News 10/26/00 Rita Cosby and Andrew Hard, and Reuters "......The FBI opened an investigation into a possible terrorist plot to bomb New York hotels and other targets within the city, a law-enforcement source confirmed to Fox News Thursday evening. Two New York hotels received letters on Oct. 17 warning them that an unspecified group was planning to bomb their businesses and others in the city during the first two weeks of November. A copy of the letter was also sent to the Washington Post...." 10/26/00 Julie Foster "......In an interview on an Arab television station, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Salih said an Egyptian national is to blame for the attack on the USS Cole. "The person who perpetrated the operation (against the Cole), who could have been accompanied by another person (at the time of the attack), is of Egyptian nationality, according to the early results of the enquiry," Saleh said. ....... The suspect is believed to belong to Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the group currently blamed for the assault....... Clinton administration officials said the new information regarding the Egyptian suspect is part of a growing body of evidence connecting the deadly attack to Saudi fugitive Osama bin Laden. The terrorist has been indicted for the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224. Most recently, a tape of bin Laden threatening the United States was televised. He also recently married a woman from Yemen and has longtime family ties to the country, Clinton administration officials said. Bin Laden's terrorist organization has close ties to the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. ........Salih specified in the television interview that the Islamic militants responsible for the attack had fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet occupation and then moved to Yemen. Bin Laden was a leader in the effort to oust the Soviets from Afghanistan and is reported to live there now under the protection of the ruling Taliban militia. ......"

New York Post Online 10/25/00 Al Guart "...... The number of federal cops patrolling high-risk government buildings in the city has been cut in half - with no plans to restore them despite recent terrorist acts against the United States, The Post has learned. ........The General Services Administration slashed its force of Federal Protective Services officers to 32 from 62 on Sept. 25 - and has no plans to return them in the wake of the Oct. 12 suicide bombing of the USS Cole warship in Yemen, which some officials suspect terror kingpin Osama bin Laden orchestrated. .......Ironically, it was the suspected work of bin Laden that got the cops hired in the first place. They were put on patrol under an enhanced security plan following the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa that have been linked to the international terrorist. ....."

New York Times 10/26/00 Judith Miller "....The threat of terrorism involving chemical and germ weapons has been highly exaggerated, and much of the federal government's response to this small, but growing challenge is wasteful and ill-conceived, according to a new study of the administration's domestic emergency preparedness programs by a Washington-based research center. The 319-page study, published yesterday by the Henry L. Stimson Center, a nonprofit public policy research organization, concludes, among other things, that the administration should stop initiating emergency preparedness training programs and abolish the expensive National Guard teams established to help states and cities in the event of a chemical or germ warfare attack. The study, written by Amy Smithson, an expert on chemical warfare and the director of the center's program on stopping the spread of chemical and germ weapons, also says the government has "grossly underfunded" programs with Russia to prevent about 10,000 important Soviet germ and chemical weapons scientists from being recruited by terrorists or states like Iran and Iraq that the State Department says support terrorism......."

Savannah Morning News 10/23/00 "....... THROUGHOUT THE presidential campaign, Vice President Gore has trumpeted the fact he has more foreign policy experience and global political connections than his opponent George W. Bush. But to what end would he wield that influence? Recent revelations about his dealings with a former Russian official provides some unsettling insight. ....... First, The New York Times revealed that in 1995 Mr. Gore signed a secret agreement with then-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, whom he has characterized as a close friend. It essentially exempted Russia from American sanctions on arms deliveries to Iran. ......We're not talking salvage AK-47s and some loose ammo. Those weapons included sophisticated fighter jets and bombers, anti-ballistic missile systems and Kilo-class submarines, the most advanced subs in the world, armed with torpedoes designed to sink U.S. aircraft carriers. Imagine the havoc they could wreak on Navy ships in the Persian Gulf. Mr. Gore agreed to allow Russia to arm a known state sponsor of global terrorism, one of the most virulent anti-American regimes in the world and which also holds enormous antipathy toward Israel, this nation's strongest ally in the Middle East. And the vice president did this in apparent violation of existing U.S. law. ........."

The Guardian 10/19/00 Julian Borger in Washington "…..Investigators in Yemen yesterday uncovered evidence suggesting the bomb attack on the warship USS Cole had been a meticulously organised conspiracy, which a leading US terrorism expert said may have been the first joint operation between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. ……..In Aden, Yemeni police and FBI agents were examining a flat apparently rented by the bomb makers four days before the attack. Bomb-making materials were found in the flat, which was rented by two non-Yemeni Arabs, at least one of whom had a Gulf accent, local residents said. They kept a fibre glass boat parked nearby. It was not clear whether the missing suspects were the two men who manoeuvred their small boat alongside the USS Cole and blew themselves up, or whether they were technicians spirited out of the country after the attack. ……….Vincent Cannistraro, the CIA's former head of counter-terrorist operations and a respected expert on Middle Eastern terrorism, said the timing, location and method of the attack pointed to Bin Laden's terrorist network, al-Qaeda. He said it was the only group in the area which has issued a fatwa (a religiously inspired death sentence) against US and British citizens………Bin Laden, a Saudi national based in Afghanistan, has Yemeni family roots and close links with some of the local tribal warlords. A few weeks before the attack, he distributed a video in which he issued familiar calls for a holy war against the "forces of evil". He was wearing Yemeni tribal costume and a Yemeni dagger. "He's puckish like that. On one hand he does not want to give out his address, but on the other hand, he likes to let his followers know he is leading the fight," Mr Cannistraro said. ...... He argued that the sophistication of the bomb - an estimated 272kg of high explosive shaped and placed within a metal container to channel the blast and penetrate the armoured hull of the USS Cole - suggested the involvement of a state. "The Iraqis have wanted to be able to carry out terrorism for some time now," Mr Cannistraro said. "Their military people have had liaison with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and could well have supplied the training." ………. He said the theory was still speculative but was consistent with the series of recent contacts between Baghdad and the Bin Laden organisation. ……… Harvey Kushner, a terrorism expert at Long Island University, said there was reason to believe Bin Laden had been investigating ways of launching attacks by sea. "He's been looking around for small, personal submarines. One of his relatives in the United States had an order in for one of these personal submarines, and it was stopped," Mr Kushner said. ……..Other terrorism experts agreed the boat bomb was a significant technical advance on earlier terrorist attacks, such as the bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania two years ago. …….."

Washington Post 10/19/00 Jim Hoagland "……. The terrorists who bombed the USS Cole in Aden climbed an important rung on the ladder of terrorism. Americans can no longer turn away from the ugly realities of the shadow war directed against their nation. Nor can they ignore the ineptness of U.S. responses. ……. The Aden massacre was an intelligence success of major proportions for at least one of America's enemies in the Middle East. The tradecraft used shows it was not executed by a band of freelancers who got lucky. It is no longer possible to treat a dozen years of high-profile terror attacks on U.S. targets as random, episodic and self-contained events that can be left to the normal procedures of criminal justice and government bureaucracy. ……….Modern terrorists climb the ladder of technology with determination. They progress from car bombs to truck bombs to nerve gas, as experts like David Kay have pointed out. They have moved on to packing a ton of sophisticated explosives on a small boat to slaughter U.S. sailors. ......"

Islamic Views 10/18/00 Hebah Abdalla "....... As we watch the bodies of American sailors return home and await the latest reports on the investigation of the explosion on the USS Cole, we may feel an overwhelming sense of frustration. The American media, in their rush to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the bombing have overlooked a key element to the story. Newspapers and the television news networks have only briefly mentioned the fact that these sailors were on their way to enforce sanctions on the Iraqi people. But the American public will never hear the deadly effect these sanctions have had on more than a million innocent men, women, and children. ........Instead, we will only hear the stories recounted by family members of those sailors killed in the explosion. We will see the anguish in the faces of those who still await word on their missing sons, brothers, husbands and fathers. We will see photographs of the dead and hear about hopes, aspirations and dreams that were dashed on that fateful day. We will look on as the injured hobble off military planes and on stretchers with the assistance of medical personnel. We will receive live reports of somber memorial services, some of which will be broadcasted in their entirety. ......"

FoxNews 10/18/00 FBI Director Heading to Aden "………Investigators made further progress in their probe into the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen and questioned two people suspected to be linked to the case. ….. Neighbors said Wednesday that police detained for questioning the landlord of an apartment where they found bomb-making equipment linked to the deadly bombing of the USS Cole, along with a real estate agent who found the apartment for two men who may have used the explosives materials. Authorities have rounded up more than 100 people for questioning about the blast, but have since released some of them. ….. The two men have not yet been located, but Yemeni officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, identified the possible suspects as non-Yemeni Arabs. Other Yemeni sources said they were from neighboring Saudi Arabia, but an Interior Ministry spokesman told the state news agency Saba that there was no link to Saudi Arabia. Yemeni officials would give no further information on the explosives material found in the apartment. They said the missing men arrived in Yemen four days before Thursday's attack. ...,,The independent Yemeni newspaper Al Ayyam reported Wednesday that the landlord said he rented the apartment for a month to at least one non-Yemeni Arab with an unspecified Gulf accent. Al Ayyam said police determined one tenant gave the landlord forged identification. ......"

FoxNews 10/18/00 FBI Director Heading to Aden "………The FBI had not released the details Freeh's trip, but a senior administration official told Fox News that Freeh will join the seventy FBI agents already taking part in the investigation in Yemen's port city of Aden. Another thirty agents are waiting in Germany for accommodations to be arranged. ….. A major part of Freeh's investigation will probe whether there were security lapses at the time of the bombing, a senior defense official said. …….. Meanwhile, Defense Secretary William Cohen is expected to appoint two retired senior military officers to head an independent investigation of the bombing. ......"

The Associated Press 10/18/00 Robert Burns "…….Hardly had the bomb debris settled on the USS Cole when the questions arose: Will the United States retaliate for an apparent terrorist attack that killed 17 Americans? If so, when and how? Before that can be known, another question must be answered: Who did it? At this point, no one seems to know. ……… There has been no credible claim of responsibility, and the Clinton administration is not saying whether investigators have found any useful clues. …….. The Clinton administration has not concluded definitively that the bombing was the work of terrorists, nor has it said explicitly that it will retaliate militarily. Defense Secretary William Cohen said the perpetrators would be tracked down. ``We believe the long arm of justice is going to prevail ultimately,'' Cohen said. …….Although many people expect U.S. military retaliation, the record shows that in many cases of international terrorism the Clinton administration has sought legal prosecution, not military retaliation. ……. In a statement published Tuesday in a Pakistani newspaper, bin Laden cautioned the United States not to attack him in Afghanistan. ``The dream to kill me will never be completed,'' bin Laden was quoted as saying. ``I am not afraid of the American threats against me. As long as I am alive there will be no rest for the enemies of Islam. I will continue my mission against them.'' ………Cannistraro said the attack on the USS Cole has the earmarks of an operation by bin Laden's organization, but he questions whether investigators will find enough evidence. The boat believed to have detonated the bomb is said to have been shredded into confetti-sized pieces, and other physical evidence may be hard to find. …….."

MIRJAM MOHR 10/19/00 AP "……Associated Press Writer FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- A former German terrorist testified during his murder trial Thursday that Libya was involved in planning a 1975 attack on an OPEC oil ministers' conference that left three people dead. Hans-Joachim Klein, a former aide to the terrorist Carlos the Jackal, said Libya -- a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries -- provided weapons and information on security at the meeting in Vienna, Austria, where a terrorist commando took the ministers hostage. …….. ''The fact that the necessary information about the conference building came from Libya convinced me that the action could be carried out,'' Klein said on the second day of his trial in a Frankfurt state court. On Dec. 17, 1975, four days before the attack, the terrorists led by Carlos the Jackal met with staffers of the Libyan embassy in Vienna who provided the arms and security details, Klein testified. …….Killed in the attack were an OPEC employee, an Iraqi bodyguard and an Austrian policeman. Klein, 52, is charged with three counts of murder, three of attempted murder and hostage taking. He could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. ….. During the attack, Klein was wounded by a gunshot to the stomach. The terrorists took 70 hostages and, after negotiating their escape with Austrian authorities, flew to Algeria with 35 captives. Klein and Carlos the Jackal disappeared and reportedly took refuge in the Middle East. …..Klein had renounced terrorism in a 1977 letter to the German magazine Der Spiegel, calling it ''inhumane'' and ''senseless.'' He avoided capture until his Sept. 8, 1998, arrest in a village in the Normandy region of France, where he had lived under an assumed name for five years. Carlos the Jackal was arrested in Sudan in 1994 and is serving a life sentence in France for three other murders……."

ROBERT BURNS 10/19/00 AP "…….The Yemeni coastline, where an apparent terrorist bombing of the USS Cole last week killed 17 sailors, is a ''sieve'' for terrorists, the former U.S. military commander in the Persian Gulf region said Thursday. But it was the best option available for refueling Navy ships, he said. Gen. Anthony Zinni, who was commander in chief of U.S. Central Command at the time the Pentagon contracted for refueling services in the Yemeni port of Aden in December 1998, took responsibility for the decision. ''I pass that buck on to nobody,'' he told a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. ……Yet there were no better alternatives and Navy ships must refuel in that area while moving to and from the Persian Gulf, Zinni said. The port of Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa and just across the Gulf of Aden from Yemen, had been used but the refueling contract there was terminated in about 1997 because the facilities were unsatisfactory and ''the threat conditions were far worse.'' …… The retired general told the committee that he personally checked on the refueling arrangements in a series of visits to Aden between May 1998 and May 2000. Each time, Zinni said, it was clear to him that the Yemeni government was sincere in wanting American help in controlling its coastline. Zinni said his chief of security also visited Aden in May 1998 to check on security arrangements. ……. Meantime, the commander of the Atlantic Fleet, Adm. Robert Natter, said Thursday he is very confident that those responsible for the attack will be found, and he added that they must be punished. ''We have got to go and attack the enemy.'' ''There has been an attack on U.S. sovereign territory -- that U.S. Navy warship. That's sovereign territory,'' Natter said on NBC's ''Today.'' ''If we are going to defend ourselves, we have got to go on the attack. ''You cannot continue to allow yourself to be attacked and attempt to defend yourself without at some point saying 'this is inappropriate,''' Natter said. …….."

Rocky Mountain News 10/13/00 Karen Abbott "….. The federal judge who presided over Timothy McVeigh's trial for the Oklahoma City bombing on Thursday refused the convicted terrorist's second request for a new trial. The decision by Denver U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch moved the convicted mastermind of the 1995 bombing that killed 168 people a major step toward execution. ….."

Washington Times 10/15/00 Kenneth Timmerman "….. The attack in Yemen against a U.S. warship on Thursday was inevitable - not because the United States supports Israel in its quest for peace with the Palestinians, but because the United States is perceived as weak by terrorists and the states that sponsor them. Let no one have any illusions: More such attacks are likely to occur in the coming days and weeks, whether they are carried out by renegade Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Ladin or by other groups. The only way to prevent further attacks is for the U.S. to identify those responsible for the attack on the USS Cole and to strike back swiftly. But it may be too late already. ……"

ABCNews Reuters 11/9/00 "....U.S. investigators probing last month"s bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen have been told by Yemeni officials that anti-western guerrillas had planned to bomb another U.S. destroyer as it refueled in Aden last January, U.S. officials said on Thursday. The officials, who asked not to be identified, said a suspect arrested in Yemen had told officials there that the plot against the destroyer USS The Sullivans went awry when a small boat loaded with explosives apparently sank before the attack could be carried out. ..."

Israel 11/7/00 Reuven Gilmore "..... November 7, 2000

The Hon. William Jefferson Clinton.....

My son, Eish Kodesh Gilmore, also an American citizen, was murdered on October 30 while working as a security guard at the East Jerusalem branch of the Israeli Social Security office. This branch serves the exclusively Arab sector of the population, providing support for needy families.

My son is survived by his 25-year-old wife and 1 1/2-year-old daughter, who will have to live the rest of their lives without him.

We have been informed that Yassir Arafat will be visiting you on Thursday. Responsibility for the murder was proudly taken by Arafat and the "Tanzim", who take orders directly from Arafat. In an interview yesterday, the PA representative for Jerusalem, Faisal Husseini, said that he approved of the action. All this is documented in the public domain.

This implicates Arafat in the murder of my son.

Since our son was an American citizen, I cordially request that instead of receiving Arafat as though he were the head of a political entity, you should instead order Arafat's arrest and trial for the murder of an American citizen, my son.

We greatly appreciate your words of consolation as relayed to us by US Ambassador Martin Indyk, who visited us for over an hour during our 7-day mourning period.

The ambassador is a fine man.

Respectfully Yours,

Reuven Gilmore ....."

Reuters 11/9/00 ".....Kuwait said on Thursday it had arrested a group planning attacks on U.S. targets in the region.An Interior Ministry statement said three Kuwaitis had been arrested and a North African man carrying a forged passport was still at large. It said the suspects had five hand grenades and 293 lbs. of high explosives.A security source said the suspects were believed to be Islamists. He said several other people who were earlier arrested had now been released.``...."

Judicial Watch 10/12/00 "…..The FBI, under the Freedom of Information Act, released last week to Judicial Watch new documents showing that the FBI linked an United States Congressman, Luis Guiterrez, to a Puerto Rican terrorist group whose members were released onto the streets by the Clinton-Gore Administration last year. The documents show that the FBI vociferously opposed this release, saying that the terrorist groups "pose a danger to the American public." Chicago-area Democratic Congressman Luis Guiterrez reportedly lobbied Bill Clinton and Al Gore on behalf of the jailed Puerto Rican terrorists. Clinton later granted most of them clemency. The documents were first requested on September 2, 1999……..According to a 1997 report entitled "Armed and Dangerous Escape Risk" from the FBI's Chicago office, Congressman Guiterrez is one of several politicians who are former members of the Puerto Rican "independence movement" who "have secured positions within the local, state and federal political arenas and continue to promote the agenda of the FALN/MLN within the confines of their official duties." Another 1999 FBI report notes the FBI's "vigorous opposition" to clemency for the terrorists:……As active members of Puerto Rican terrorist groups, these individuals sanctioned, supported and/or directly or indirectly participated in activities resulting in no fewer that nine fatalities, hundreds of injuries, millions of dollars in property damage, and armed attacks on U.S. Government facilities...To suggest they have been wrongly incarcerated for their political beliefs is factually erroneous and nonsensical……..The documents indicate that the FBI only found out about that Clinton was considering clemency for the terrorists through press reports. Some of these documents will be made available on Judicial Watch's Internet site at……"

Scripps Howard News Service via Nando 10/13/00 Lisa Hoffman "…..In March, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh visited the White House to discuss his intention to root out terrorists who for at least two decades have used the Arabian Gulf state as a base. The United States had been nudging Yemen in that direction since 1996, offering trade and investment benefits to the poor, arid nation fresh from a brutal civil war if Saleh would end the long connections between Yemen and such notorious terrorist heavyweights as Osama bin Laden and the Islamic Jihad groups. ……President Clinton and his State Department leaders felt they were making headway in not only stifling terrorism but also fostering good ties with a country considered vital to keeping the pivotal Red Sea open to oil and U.S. military ship traffic. ….."

AP 12/15/00 Christopher Newtom "..... Nearly 500 current and retired FBI agents marched to the White House Friday in an unprecedented protest, opposing any presidential clemency for an American Indian activist convicted of killing two FBI men.......Carrying a ``Never Forget'' banner lettered in red, a line of women stood two-by-two for the march to the White House gate with a petition to President Clinton signed by 8,000 current and former agents. ....... Active agents had requested time off for the protest, which backs FBI Director Louis Freeh's recommendation against clemency for Leonard Peltier, who is serving two consecutive life sentences in the federal prison at Leavenworth, Kan. Freeh told Clinton such an act would ``signal disrespect'' for law enforcement........ Peltier's story has become well-known on Indian reservations across the country. FBI agents Ron Williams and Jack Koler were fired upon and killed while searching for robbery suspects on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota in June 1975. .........Peltier, after fleeing to Canada and being extradited to the United States, was convicted and sentenced in 1977 for the killings, despite defense claims that evidence against him had been falsified. .....Peltier's supporters argue that there is little evidence that Peltier fired the shots that killed the agents. They allege Peltier was targeted by the FBI because of his vocal support of reservation autonomy and have opposed the demonstration by FBI agents. ......... Peltier, 56, is serving his terms at the U.S. Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan. He has suffered from health problems in recent years. In June, a parole examiner recommended that Peltier's sentences be continued until his next full parole hearing in 2008. ....Clinton has the power to grant Peltier a full pardon, which would result in his release. ......" 12/13/00 Alex Canizares "......Attorney General Janet Reno delayed at least until Friday the release of a Palestinian- American scholar arrested in 1997 on charges never made public. Professor Dr. Mazen Al-Najjar was to be released today after a U.S. immigration judge's ruling that he was not a threat to national security, according to Representative David Bonior, a Michigan Democrat, who has criticized the government's handling of the case. ``This whole process is unconstitutional, it's un-American, it's fraught with Kafkaesque values,'' Bonior said of the 1996 law that allows the government to detain legal aliens without charges...."

AP Regional 12/12/00 "......Three doctors told a federal judge that a defendant in the embassy bombings case is faking mental illness, understands the proceedings against him and is fit to stand trial, according to court documents revealed Monday. Lawyers for the defendant, Wadih El-Hage, 40, had told Judge Leonard Sand in District Court in Manhattan that their client was complaining of harsh treatment in jail and memory loss and might be incompetent for trial. The judge said he would hold a hearing on El-Hage's competency on Friday...."

AP 12/8/00 Pat Leisner "…..U.S. Rep. David Bonior called Thursday for Attorney General Janet Reno to resign after the government blocked the release of two men in custody for years on secret evidence. "In my 25 years in Congress, I have never seen such an act of injustice,'' Bonior, a Michigan Democrat and minority whip, said from his Washington office. …… "I am calling for Attorney General Janet Reno to resign today. This is an absolute outrage. These are Gestapo-like tactics.'' ……Reno blocked for 45 days the release of Anwar Haddam, who has been jailed on secret evidence for four years in Fredericksburg, Va., south of Washington, D.C. Haddam would be speaker of the Algerian Parliament if he were a sitting member, Bonior said. ….."

Mercury 12/7/00 Judy Rakowsky "…… A U.S. citizen who once drove a taxi in Boston is reportedly considered a prime suspect in the Oct. 12 attack on the USS Cole. NBC quoted a U.S. source as saying Raed M. Hijazi has been the top suspect for some time in the blast that killed 17 sailors in the Yemeni port of Aden. ......,Also Wednesday, Yemen's prime minister said in an interview with the Associated Press that at least three Yemenis suspected of belonging to an international terrorist network would go on trial next month for laying the groundwork for the attack. ……. The American, Hijazi, was last known to have lived in Everett, a Boston suburb, three years ago, and still has a valid Massachusetts driving license. Last year, the FBI's counterterrorism squad was on alert for any signs that he might have returned to the Boston area. ……Hijazi was taken into custody by the Syrian government in September before the Cole bombing. The Syrians turned him over to Jordan, where he had already been tried, convicted and sentenced to death in absentia. His crime: plotting to attack U.S. and Israeli targets during year 2000 celebrations. Jordan now plans to retry him. ……NBC quoted unidentified sources as saying Hijazi ``personally trained and supported'' the people responsible for the Cole attack. U.S. officials had been tracking Hijazi for at least eight months. ..., Hijazi also is said to have direct ties to Osama bin Laden, also a suspect in the bombing of the Cole. …."

Washington Times 11/29/00 Helle Bering "…..Weapons of mass destruction have been outlawed by the international community over the past 50 years in numerous treaties, yet in a more unpredictable world these weapons may be a threat more than ever. There is little doubt, for instance, that Saddam Hussein has by now replenished his stocks of biological and chemical weapons in the absence of U.N. inspections over almost two years. Such weapons are also known as "the poor man's nuclear bomb," for good reason.... Yesterday and today, experts in what has been called "the dark side of biology" are gathering for the second National Symposium on Bioterrorism organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies. A biological weapons attack is probably far from the consciousness of most Americans, which indeed is the problem. This country is woefully unprepared for an attack - which would be devastating....... Just how likely is it that the United States will sustain an attack with biological weapons? In one sense, as pointed out at the symposium yesterday, the quest for a clear threat assessment is essentially a fools errand. No attack has ever been registered in the United States, and accordingly there is no way to assign degrees of probability There is no pattern on which to base a judgment….. Yet, the consequences are terrifying. Japan was not prepared in 1995, when the chemical nerve agent Sarin was released in the Tokyo subway in a horrendous terrorist act by members of a doomsday cult, an event that left 5,000 people sick and killed 12. In the Tokyo subway, members of the cult simply set plastic bags with Sarin in the corners of the station, opened the bags and let the air currents do the rest of the work. No one had any idea this was coming….."

APBNews 11/22/00 Keith Coffman "…..Six grapefruit-size bombs believed to contain the deadly nerve gas sarin have been uncovered at a former military arsenal that is being converted into a wildlife refuge, authorities said. U.S. Army officials who are overseeing the cleanup at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, about 10 miles northeast of downtown Denver, said the "bomblets" were found more than two miles from the nearest home and pose no public health threat...."

The New York Times 1/5/01 James Risen "….President Clinton has issued an order reorganizing the government's counterintelligence efforts, creating a new czar with a broad mandate to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities, administration officials said today. The directive, signed in the waning days of Mr. Clinton's administration, creates a National Counterintelligence Executive charged with bringing a forward-looking, post-cold-war mentality to counterintelligence. Officials say the post is designed as the counterintelligence equivalent to the nation's drug czar. ….. The executive's central task will be to try to determine which secrets held by the government or the private sector are so valuable that they need to be protected from the nation's adversaries. The czar will also try to assess which secrets are of special interest to other nations, and then bring together the F.B.I., C.I.A. and other agencies to determine whether those countries are making efforts to obtain them. …..A spokesman for the Bush transition team referred all questions about the plan to the White House and declined to say whether transition officials had been consulted. Once in office, Mr. Bush could decide to change the plan without Congressional approval. …."

Yahoo Reuters 12/29/00 ".....The president of the peace commission of Colombia's Congress and five other people were killed on Friday when their convoy was fired on in what police said bore the marks of an attack by the country's biggest rebel group, the FARC. Diego Turbay, 47, a member of opposition Liberal party, his mother and four other people were traveling to a political event when the attack happened in a southern jungle area near the enclave controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and off-limits to state security forces. ...."

AP 1/1/01 Larry Neumeister "......Using the law as a scalpel, federal prosecutors hope to turn the trial of four men in the deadly bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa into an autopsy of a group blamed for plotting to kill Americans worldwide. The four are among nearly two dozen men formally accused of engaging in terrorism after pledging loyalty to Osama bin Laden, an exiled Saudi millionaire on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List. ....."

AP 12/16/00 Christopher Marquis "......Attorney General Janet Reno today authorized the release of a Palestinian immigrant who was held for three and a half years in a Florida jail on the basis of secret government evidence. ........The release of the immigrant, Mazen Al-Najjar, a Tampa resident and a former adjunct professor at the University of South Florida, is the latest in a string of terrorism cases that have unraveled and exposed justice officials to charges of bias against Arab or Muslim immigrants. ....... The case has also brought new scrutiny of the anti-terrorism bill approved by Congress in 1996 after the World Trade Center bombing, which allowed the Immigration and Naturalization Service to arrest or detain noncitizens, without identifying either their accuser or the evidence against them. ......"


WSJ 12/19/00 Frank Keating "..... President Clinton has indicated that he will consider a clemency request for Leonard Peltier before he leaves office. ...... Peltier is serving consecutive life sentences for the 1975 murders of two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, both of whom were slain at close range as they lay wounded, following an ambush on a South Dakota Indian reservation. In Peltier's long criminal career, he has also been charged in two other armed confrontations with police, and in connection with a jailbreak that left another prisoner dead. ......This man does not deserve clemency. But amazingly, he has become a martyr to the left, who may succeed in convincing Mr. Clinton to take action in his case. That would be an insult to all law enforcement officers, and would leave an indelible stain on the Clinton presidency. ......"

WSJ 12/19/00 Frank Keating "...... There are several "Free Peltier" Web sites, bearing support from such "experts" in criminal justice as Ed Asner and Oliver Stone. Those sites are packed with falsehoods, beginning with their claims that Peltier was framed and is an innocent man. ......In fact, Peltier was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the vicious murders of FBI Special Agents Jack R. Coler, 28, the father of two young sons, and Ronald L. Williams, 27. On June 26, 1975, Peltier and other American Indian Movement activists ambushed Coler and Williams as they drove, in separate vehicles, on property that was part of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The agents were seeking a suspect in a beating and robbery, and had no knowledge that Peltier, who was wanted on warrants for the attempted murder of a Milwaukee police officer, was present. Peltier, who has since admitted firing at the agents, was joined by other AIM gunmen in opening fire with high-powered rifles and other weapons. The FBI agents, grievously wounded and outgunned, returned a total of five shots; there were more than 125 bullet holes in their cars -- and more still in their bodies. .....The wounded Williams apparently removed his bloody shirt, crawled to Coler's side, and wrapped it around Coler's arm, nearly severed by gunfire. As they lay helpless, both were shot through the head at point-blank range. The shot that killed Williams passed through his upraised hand, as if he had pleaded for his life. At the scene were 114 shell casings, all later linked to Peltier's rifle. ....."

WSJ 12/19/00 Frank Keating "..... In November 1975, when the fugitive Peltier was stopped by State Trooper Ken Griffith in Oregon, he exchanged shots with the trooper and escaped on foot. His abandoned vehicle and a car driven by his companions yielded a large cache of ammunition: 14 handguns, nine grenades and Coler's service revolver. It was in a paper bag, under the driver's seat, that bore Peltier's fingerprints. ...... In February 1976, Peltier was captured by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on an Indian reservation where he had been hiding since his flight from Oregon. ....Peltier was convicted on April 18, 1977 of both murders and sentenced to consecutive life terms. His convictions have been repeatedly upheld by appellate courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear his appeals. He later escaped briefly from the federal prison at Lompoc, Calif., in an incident that led to the death of another fleeing prisoner.. ......"

WSJ 12/19/00 Frank Keating "..... The "Free Peltier" forces lobbying Mr. Clinton have concocted a range of specious and sometimes bizarre conspiracy theories in support of their claims that he is innocent. In one, the FBI men were supposedly trying to assassinate Peltier in shadowy support of uranium miners who wanted to exploit reserves said to be located on the Pine Ridge Reservation. ......Peltier's supporters even try to gloss over his admission, on a 60 Minutes broadcast, that he was among the shooters on June 26, 1975. They also make much of the fact that two Peltier associates were eventually acquitted in a separate trial, ignoring overwhelming evidence that continues to point to Peltier as the triggerman. ....."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 12/18/00 Notra Trulock ".......This national emergency was declared by President Clinton in 1994 in Executive Order 12938. The President declared that "the proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons ('weapons of mass destruction') and of the means of delivering such weapons constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States..." ...... So how did the Clinton Administration do and what's left for the next Administration to beyond mopping up? The Clinton legacy on this as with so many other national security issues is simply awful. The world is a much more dangerous place today than it was 8 years ago; even the thoroughly politicized CIA believes that it is more likely that U.S. forces will be attacked by ballistic missiles carrying WMD weapons than ever before. Ever before... that includes even in the depths of the Cold War. What happened? ......"

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 12/18/00 Notra Trulock "....... First, the center of gravity in WMD matters shifted away from Central Europe into the regions generally associated with the U.S. Pacific Command. North Korea and South Asia went nuclear and continue to develop ever longer-range missiles to deliver their new weapons. China expanded its efforts to modernize and upgrade its nuclear forces using technologies and knowledge sold to it by the Clinton Administration or acquired through espionage against the United States. In the middle east, Iran is developing a missile force capable of delivering WMD and Iraq has nearly thrown off the sanction regime imposed after the Gulf War; recent revelations by Sadism Housing's chief nuclear weapons designer indicates that Iraq lacks only fissile material to join the nuclear club. ........."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 12/18/00 Notra Trulock "....... The Executive Order to the contrary, the Clinton Administration's response has been limited to ever increasing blandishments or looking the other way. In short, we have tried to buy compliance with meaningless arms control obligations. To the Chinese, the Administration offered U.S. missile and nuclear technology in exchange for promises of good behavior. New nuclear reactors and tons of fuel oil and other assistance later, we still don't know if North Korea has stopped its drive to develop its own nuclear weapons. All this assistance sure hasn't stopped North Korean missile developments or supplies to other WMD wannabes. Ever more funding has been pumped into Russia to buy off nuclear institutes shopping their wares to Iran or to prevent Russian scientists from heading south or east with their knowledge and experience. ........Meanwhile, export control regimes, supposedly tightened by executive order, were loosened to give U.S. firms the latitude to penetrate hitherto closed markets. Missile technologies, high-performance computers, and sophisticated machine tools to make new and better weapons all became available to nuclear states and would-be proliferators alike. In nearly all cases the mantra was "if we don't sell to them, our global economic competitors will." ......"

AP 11/6/00 Ahmed Al-Haj "…..ADEN, Yemen (AP) - The men who bombed the USS Cole got help from Yemeni officials who fought with them in Afghanistan in the 1980s, sources close to the case said Monday as the crippled Cole began a five-week trip home. ……. Sources close to the case said the investigation has revealed that officials in Lahej, an Islamic Jihad stronghold, provided the suspected bombers with government cars for use within Aden and between Aden and Lahej, 22 miles to the north. The suspected bombers knew the officials from their time together fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, the sources said on condition of anonymity. ……. The Yemeni officials are believed to be affiliated with the Islamic Jihad, according to the sources. They said the officials had met several times with the suspected bombers since March, when preparations for the bombing are believed to have