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7/29/98 Silicon Valley Logic "The date was Monday, January 26th, 1998, and the hour was midnight. Bill Clinton gathered his aides and a Hollywood producer together to help him rehearse the lie he would tell the American people the next day: "I want to say one thing to the American people,'' he said, wagging his finger at millions of viewers. "I'm going to say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." Clinton practiced his lie over and over again before an audience of his aides and Harry Thomason, the Hollywood producer who coached him through his political campaigns in '92 and '96... The goal, according to Clinton aide Harold Ickes, who attended the session, was to "look the American people in the eye and issue an unambiguous denial.""We'll stand or fall" with this version of events, another Clinton adviser said. Clinton was prepared. ."

Electronic Telegraph Hugh Davies ".Since Mr Starr began his investigation of the President on Aug 5, 1994, his aim has been to establish if the reckless womaniser and slick politician portrait of Mr Clinton was all there was to find, or was he guilty of abuse of power? As Arkansas governor he was notorious, according to state troopers, for offering them lucrative jobs in exchange for their silence about his late-night trysts with Gennifer Flowers, a nightclub singer, and others. When he failed to deliver on his promise to one trooper, the man said: "We lied for him and helped him cheat on his wife, and he treated us like dogs." The assumption is that Mr Starr is connecting the dots in a pattern of suspected cover-ups, armed with evidence from others who have either been burned by their association with him, or have told the truth of what they saw at the White House."

7/31/98 FoxNews AP Kelly Kissel "Paula Jones pleaded with a federal appeals court to restore "fundamental principles of decency, humanity and respect for the law" by reinstating her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton. In an appeal prepared for the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at St. Louis, her lawyers also asked that they be allowed to pursue evidence that Clinton had a sexual relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. "Mr. Clinton's behavior toward Ms. Lewinsky is evidence of his habit of making aggressive sexual advances to young, low-ranking employees (those who were most vulnerable and easily exploited)," Jones' lawyers wrote..."

Washington Times 8/7/98 Bill Sammon "U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson, contrary to what he told Congress last month, did not have an opening on his staff when he offered to hire Monica Lewinsky last October, according to informed sources and documents obtained by The Washington Times. Mr. Richardson, who was recently confirmed as President Clinton's new energy secretary, planned to create a new position to accommodate Miss Lewinsky's desire for employment in New York City, said sources at the United Nations, the State Department and on Capitol Hill. He panicked when the scandal broke in January and scrambled to find a slot that he could claim had existed long before he interviewed Miss Lewinsky, the sources said.."

Readers Digest from The Wall Street Journal 12/98 Peggy Noonan ".For months I have kept on my desk a picture from a tabloid. It is of a close friend of President Clinton, Linda Bloodworth- Thomason, and the actress Markie Post. They are laughing and holding hands as they jump up and down in the Lincoln Bedroom. They are jumping up and down on Lincoln's bed. I thought: something's wrong with these people; they lack thought and dignity. But most of all they seem to lack respect, a sense of awe. Not the awe that can cripple you with a false sense of your smallness, but the awe that makes you bigger, that make you reach higher as if in tribute to some unseen greatness around you. That, it seems to me, is Mr. Clinton's problem-a fundamental lack of respect for his country, for its citizens, for his colleagues, for all of us. The pollsters have it wrong when, seeking to determine whether he can continue to govern, they ask, "Do you respect the President?" The real question is "Do you think he has any respect for us?" I think he has shown us, with chilling finality, that he does not. I believe he demonstrated that people and principles are, to him, objects to be manipulated.."

Weekly Standard 8/10-17/98 Noemie Emery "Linda Tripp, says Margaret Carlson, when she pressed the "on" button of her little tape recorder, "lost membership in the family of man." Read herself out of the human community. Lost contact with the whole human race. And for what crime? Not murder, not larceny, not even lying; but for recording and spreading truths others wanted kept secret. By most standards, this is not wholly lovely, but as grounds for damnation, it appears rather thin. Not so, it seems, in the Clintons' America, where Linda Tripp's offense and others like it have become mortal sins. And as this goes on, something still stranger is happening: Real sins- sins in the Bible, like adultery and bearing false witness, two of the activities captured on Tripp's tapes- are being defined down to meaningless pranks. Adultery is "just sex" and nothing to bother with. Likewise, lying about it is just "lying about sex" and also trivial. Even lying under oath about sex is no big deal. From all of this, the true dimensions of the Clinton Project- the Clinton legacy, one might venture to call it- have begun to emerge. The Clinton Project is not really about politics. It is about values. That is, it is about an inversion of values. Many have wondered whether the Clintons and their friends are truly immoral- engaged in knowing wrongdoing- or merely amoral, unable to tell right from wrong. Now, it appears neither is accurate. In the strange p.c. terms of their culture, the Clintons appear to be "differently moraled"- that is, they have morals, even quite strong ones, but ones of which no church or state has ever heard. This is the church of Bill, in the State of Bill, with its own mores and standards. There is the Bible, with its boring old Ten Commandments, where certain acts are simple no- no's. Then there is the Bible of Bill, in which Thou-shalt-nots are downsized to glitches, and trendy new sins are invoked in their place. We are at the verge of a meaningful moment.."

8/10/98 Carl Limbacher Washington Weekly ".on Tuesday of last week NBC brass went so far as to disavow a major Rivera blockbuster, issuing an all points affiliate bulletin warning that, "NBC News has not confirmed, and will not report, the information about test results from 'Rivera Live.'" That would be information about DNA test results -- as in, what may or may not have been left behind evidence-wise on Monica Lewinsky's blue dress..What had NBC brass pitching fits was Rivera's Tuesday night show opener, where he reported bombshell news that could rock Ken Starr's investigation as well as the FBI. The White House was already in after-shock mode. As Geraldo noted, "someone very close to the president" was his source for the story. "One lab says it's positive," Rivera's White House tipster told him regarding the confidential FBI lab tests for "human genetic material" on Monica's dress. "I fear the worst but I have no real knowledge of the worst," the source added. Translation: the White House doesn't yet know if Ken Starr has his smoking gun evidence, but they know he's one step closer than he was the day before..But Rivera seemed not to notice one particularly disturbing aspect of his own bombshell. That is, if his White House source already had the goods then there's something rotten in Louis Freeh's FBI. It was Freeh who promised, only hours after news of the Clinton sex dress had surfaced, that his FBI lab would analyze the purported semen stain under conditions of utmost secrecy. If Freeh's FBI is leaking the test results to the White House as each stage is completed, Clinton will have a pretty good idea of how solid the prosecution's case against him is when he goes before the grand jury on August 17.."

New York Times 8/18/98 ".While the issue of a sexual relationship between Clinton and Ms. Lewinsky has occupied most of the public commentary, Starr's view of the investigation, people close to him say, has always been that any untruthfulness about the sexual relationship was part of a wider pattern of deception on the part of the Clinton White House.."

NBC Lisa Myers 8/17/98 "The president may hope his new story satisfies a scandal-weary public, but legal sources say it has only emboldened prosecutors. Even lawyers who have sided with Clinton in the past doubt that he can now admit a sexual relationship yet claim he did not commit perjury in the Paula Jones case - when he not only denied an affair but couldn't remember even being alone with Monica Lewinsky..DEBRA KATZ, a sexual harassment attorney, says, "There was clearly an intent to deceive... I have taken hundreds of depositions in sexual harassment matters and I can tell you this response would not fly in court." ."

New York Daily News 8/18/98 Lars-Erik Nelson "Behind the smooth euphemisms and the wounded defensiveness, President Clinton confessed to the nation last night that he is both a liar and a sexual predator, confronting Americans with a stark reality that, up to now, an overwhelming majority managed to avoid. Yes, we could once say, he probably did it, but we don't care. Now we know beyond any doubt that he did it - that the President had sex in the White House with a 21-year-old intern. Do we still not care? Do we not care that our President lied to us for seven months and allowed his closest friends and administration officials, unwittingly, to lie for him?."

Capitol Hill Blue 8/18/98 Doug Thompson "All the son-of-a-b*tch had to do was look the American people in the eye and say: "I'm sorry." He couldn't do it..What a load of crap. Presidents who take sexual advantage of star-struck 22-year-olds can't expect, nor do they deserve, any privacy. The President of the United States, in the Oval Office, unzipped his pants and let a woman young enough to be his daughter get down on her knees and service him sexually and then lied under oath, to his wife, his supporters, and to the American people. And most of the "pursuit of personal destruction" came out of his own White House with slime masters like Sidney Blumenthal and James Carville investigating the private lives and issuing personal attacks on anyone they considered a Clinton enemy. And now he wants us to respect his privacy? Get real.."

Jewish World Review 8/18/98 Linda Chavez "IF EVER THE STORY IS WRITTEN of how America came to lose its moral compass, this week's grand jury testimony by President Clinton will mark the final turning point. The story is not merely about a president who couldn't control his sexual appetites and then lied about it repeatedly. No, this is the story about the American people and how we came to believe that lying, so long as it is about sex, is OK, and lying by a president, even if it's under oath, is no grounds to impeach him. This story began long before Bill Clinton became president. Once upon a time in America, we taught our children that lying was wrong, and the story we used to impart such virtue concerned another American president. Generations of schoolchildren learned the tale of the young George Washington, who chopped down his father's cherry tree and then admitted his sin. "I cannot tell a lie," the young George confessed. And children learned that a good and honorable person would rather face punishment than deceive another.Once we were a nation that believed no man was above the law. Today, we seem to believe that the president can interpret the law as he chooses and decide which ones he will obey. President Clinton's legacy will be one long series of moral dilemmas in which Americans chose an ephemeral healthy economy above truth and law"

8/20/98 Washington Times Bill Sammon "President Clinton's seven-month delay in acknowledging an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky added at least $2.5 million to the costs of the investigation, sources close to the investigation say. ..These figures do not include costs incurred by the government lawyers who pursued several unsuccessful appeals to quash subpoenas issued to Mr. Clinton's associates, aides and Secret Service agents, nor fees paid to David E. Kendall and other privately employed lawyers. In addition, the Nation magazine estimates that another $23 million has been spent on private legal fees by more than 100 current and former White House officials, at least 200 others in Arkansas and other places. A considerable portion of this sum was expended over the past seven months.."

Washington Post 8/20/98 Charles Krauthammer "It's the seven months, stupid. Not the sex. Not the perjury to cover the sex. Not even the witness-tampering to cover the perjury to cover the sex. The firestorm created by Bill Clinton's suicidal pseudo-confession Monday night reflects a nation's dumbfounded realization that he was entirely unapologetic about -- indeed oblivious to -- how he had mocked the country these past seven months… "

Sam Nunn Washington Post 8/23/98 "It is now clear that President Clinton is primarily responsible for dragging this nation through seven months of preoccupation with the Monica Lewinsky story."

National Journal Carl Cannon 8/22/98 "Clinton family loyalists quietly launched a second public relations offensive, in addition to the one undertaken by the president himself on national television. The second front centers on what Hillary Rodham Clinton knew--and when she knew it. Specifically, the White House was offering a simple explanation: The first lady did not know until a couple of days before her husband's national confession that he had engaged in sex with a former White House intern. For most wives, the precise timing of when they confronted their husband's infidelity would hardly be a primary concern. But Mrs. Clinton's very legacy as first lady may depend on when she knew the truth. If the first lady, along with everyone else, was consistently deceived by her husband, then she is an aggrieved and blameless wife who will be credited for her loyalty and pitied for her predicament. If, however, the public concludes that Mrs. Clinton knew all along what her husband had done, she will be seen in a very different light: as someone who prevaricated alongside her husband, possibly helping him cover up perjury, serving as an enabler for offensive sexual behavior and unfairly attacking those who she knew were telling the truth..''She's the one person who for the past seven months could ask the questions no one else could ask,'' says Rep. Anne Meagher Northup, a Kentucky Republican. ''I just do not believe she didn't know, and for them to say that she found out last weekend only makes me feel the lying has not stopped yet.'' . ."

Capitol Hill Blue AP/Reuters 8/25/98 "Independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report to Congress will accuse President Clinton of a sweeping abuse of presidential powers aimed at hiding his relationship with the former intern, NBC news is reporting... Examples may include: Alleged misuse of the Secret Service to keep agents from testifying. Alleged misuse of government-paid White house lawyers to coordinate testimony of friendly witnesses and help discredit unfriendly ones.. Starr's report also will contain possible perjury charges, the sources told NBC News.."

Arkansas Democrat Gazette Paul Greenberg 8/26/98 "Like the rest of the country, a friend who's also a CEO watched Bill Clinton's confession-and-pout Monday night, and wrote me about it afterward. Here is the nub of his message: "Whatever Clinton's future legal problems, I guess he will go down in my mind as as the president who looked America in the eye and lied to us. Forget for a moment that Clinton is President, and imagine that he is nothing more than a mere person just like all the rest of us. For a 50-year- old man to engage in oral sex with a 23-year-old woman on the job is totally outrageous behavior. It should not be condoned by anyone, and it would be grounds for immediate dismissal at any company in America. It is hard to imagine people who could have respect for such a person, or could feel good about working for someone like this.."

USA Today 8/26/98 Judy Keen & Kevin Johnson "… The sheer mass of the information Starr is preparing to deliver to Congress is intended to show that the independent counsel didn't selectively use evidence, and to avert charges by Democrats that the goal was to damage Clinton politically. .The report is expected to read like a detailed legal indictment outlining what Starr believes is evidence that Clinton committed perjury, obstructed justice and suborned perjury. Prosecutors are expected to lay out key dates and public comments made by Clinton and other key figures in the investigation. Starr is expected to describe a White House so preoccupied with delaying the inquiry that the tactics amounted to an abuse of power, the people with knowledge of his plan say. .."

Fox News Bill O'Reilly and Salvatore Mortoche (Former Federal prosecutor and US Treasury Dept/USSS Official) ".BILL O'REILLY: ...You were the secretary of enforcement for the Treasury department, which means that you worked with the Secret Service. Fox News has learned that one of the things that Judge Starr is investigating is that the president allegedly may have asked the Secret Service to falsify logs that showed Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office at certain times. Now, that's huge if that can be shown, right? He's gone, I would imagine. FORMER U.S. TREASURY OFFICIAL AND FEDERAL PROSECUTOR SALVATORE MARTOCHE: I don't think there's any way to save the president if that is truthful, if that is---what you heard is correct. Because it is absolutely... O'REILLY: We know he is investigating that; we know that's why the Secret Service was subpoenaed to go in. MARTOCHE: The Secret Service would never do that, and any agent who would, ought to be not only fired, but ought to be indicted himself. O'REILLY: Apparently, somebody did falsify something. Again, this is what we're hearing; we don't know for sure. But apparently that's what Judge Starr is looking at. MARTOCHE: That would be just awful. What you're saying is that Judge Starr knows a lot more than we do about the details, and I think that the American public is going to be very surprised by all the things that Judge Starr... O'REILLY: Do you? MARTOCHE: Absolutely. O'REILLY: You think Judge Starr has a lot more than the press has known? MARTOCHE: Tons more, and when they keep talking about leaks and Judge Starr, he hasn't leaked. A lot of the things that I think... O'REILLY: Well, we don't know... "


New York Post 9/1/98 Deborah Orin "Top Senate Republican Trent Lott said yesterday President Clinton's behavior in Sexgate was disgusting and questioned whether he still has the credibility to lead America.. As a husband and a father, I am offended by the president's behavior, and by the tragic example that he has set for the young people of this country, a stern Lott told reporters at a news conference."

Landmark Legal Foundation 5/2/98 Mark Levin " .The first President to actually deduct used underwear on his federal income tax return, calls working families in Virginia "selfish" for wanting to cut a car tax that costs most of them $1,000 each year. If that's "selfish," what about this: In 1978, the Clintons deducted $10,131 as an interest expense on their Whitewater property despite paying much less in total interest that year..In 1979, the Clintons paid $12,490 toward Whitewater, deducting most of the expense as interest when, in fact, $2,900 was not..In 1980, the Clintons made a rare principal payment of $9,000 toward Whitewater, yet they deducted the principal payment as an interest expense.Between 1984 and 1985, the Clintons seem to have improperly claimed a total of $5,133 in deductions for interest payments supposedly made themselves but actually made by Whitewater, resulting in the Clintons understating their tax obligation for these years by about $2,400..In 1993, the Clintons apparently failed to disclose a taxable $58,000 economic benefit they received as a result of a 1992 agreement that released them from a Whitewater-related debt they owed to Jim McDougal..In 1994, the Clintons became the only first couple to set up a legal defense fund for the purpose of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax-free contributions to help pay their legal bills. The Clintons themselves have paid only a few thousand dollars toward their legal expenses..During the last nearly 5-years, the Clintons have used scores of taxpayer- financed, government lawyers to subsidize their personal legal representation..And, of course, when Mr. Clinton first ran for Governor of Arkansas, Mrs. Clinton miraculously, in a 10-month period, turned a $1,000 investment in cattle futures into nearly $100,000 -- a 10,000 per cent profit.More to the point, what has the IRS done to ensure that these highly questionable and "selfish" activities comply with the law? Well, the IRS supposedly looked at much of this and basically found no wrongdoing -- no effort to evade tax obligations. Seems hard to believe, doesn't it? But the IRS has a different attitude and approach when it comes to conservative and libertarian organizations.

Capitol Hill Blue 9/2/98 "Dear Billy . Caught your act from Moscow this morning, complete with phony humility, eyes cast downward, hands clasped, pretending to answer two questions from reporters regarding your despicable behavior with Monica Lewinsky. Still couldn't do it, could you Billy? Couldn't apologize. Couldn't bring yourself to look directly into the camera and say "I'm sorry." .Your only "regret" is that you got caught. You say you want to get back to work. We've seen how you work, Billy. Your idea of work is to debase a star struck young woman who is stupid enough to service your sexual needs and play out your perverted fantasies. And you say you are heartened by the response of the American people.

The Rant MSNBC 9/2/98 Jay Severin "Imagine an international press conference between the presidents of two world superpowers. Just six questions are asked. And two of them concern the adulterous sex life of the president of the United States. Who wrote this script: Kafka? Woody Allen? Maybe it was Agatha Christie - because what the American president had to say is a real mystery.. Here are five big mistakes Clinton made in Moscow: The president said, "I have asked for forgiveness." In fact, he has not.. The president said, "I thought it (his Aug. 17 speech to the nation) was perfectly clear." You may think so, Mr. Clinton, but the audience that counts, American citizens, do not. .The president said, "reasonable people believe" the matter has gone too far. So anyone who recognizes he has not apologized, or believes it is legitimate to investigate possible presidential crimes, is unreasonable...."

Wall Street Journal 9/3/98 Martha Ackman "In recent weeks, I've been unable to get an image out of my mind: several Cabinet secretaries, including Madeleine Albright and Donna Shalala, standing in the White House driveway in January and putting their credibility on the line to defend President Clinton against sexual-misconduct allegations. That scene represents the two sides of Mr. Clinton that I, as a feminist, have been trying to reconcile: a man who opened a door to political opportunities for women, and a man who used women for base sexual gratification and stood by while other women unknowingly supported his duplicity..Mr. Clinton can't blame the dubious investigations of Kenneth Starr for his current predicament. He alone is responsible for making his private life a topic of public debate. Through his own reckless actions, his finger-wagging lie in January, and the seven months of deceit that followed, he has pushed his sex life onto the front pages.."

MSNBC Lisa Myers 9/3/98 "NBC News, quoting legal sources, reported that Starr's report on the scandal almost certainly will detail what Lewinsky says was a sexual liaison at the White House on April 7, 1996 - Easter Sunday. According to the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Lewinsky testified before the grand jury that she had a sexual encounter with the president in his White House study, hours after Clinton attended Easter services with his family. An encounter on that day would cast Clinton on a particularly unfavorable light, since the president and first lady were mourning the death of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and members of his staff days earlier in an airplane crash in Croatia. The sources also said that Secret Service Officer John Muskett offered supporting testimony for Lewinsky's account, saying he admitted her to the Oval Office that day and later saw her leaving the president's study."

Freeper Report WMAL Radio Host Chris Core 9/3/98 "Chris Core of ABC Owned and Operated talk station WMAL in Washington led his radio program today with the five following bombshells. Bob Woodward is set to deliver report as soon as tomorrow of 1-2 more interns Marsha Scott has told her lawyer that the reason Monica Lewinsky saved the dress is because she was very upset that she had moved out of the White House and the other girls were not Lieberman is getting set to call for Clinton to resign not be censured Gore has been told to get set for transition Major News Organization (read ABCNews) have been told "No More Vacations", get back to D.C. ASAP. Core is a liberal who nearly went to work in the Clinton White House. He's been a defender of Clinton until after the 4 minute speach. Since then he's said that Clinton "has to go." He and his babbling co-host Brook Stevens have worked the phones for three hours and have gotten no denials to any of this. The feeling Core said is that "something is about to happen."

Washington Post 9/4/98 John Harris "Despite a rising bipartisan clamor that President Clinton must accept some congressional sanction for his behavior in the Monica S. Lewinsky controversy, his defense team is embarked on a combative strategy in which the plan is to heighten their attacks on independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr and concede no official wrongdoing.. Clinton's team of defenders - which has significantly expanded in recent days to include members of the White House congressional liaison office - is girding for a battle over Starr's expected report of possible impeachable offenses. They will try to convince lawmakers that the independent counsel has come up with nothing damaging beyond what Clinton has already acknowledged: an improper but consensual relationship with Lewinsky... Seeking to bolster the White House team, aides say Clinton is planning to hire a new senior adviser. The person would take a lead role in Clinton's defense, serving as a White House ambassador to Congress in the fight over Starr's report. .. Some advisers are fuming at Clinton's private lawyer, David E. Kendall, for allowing Clinton to declare that he had been "legally accurate" when he testified in the Paula Jones lawsuit that he never had sexual relations with Lewinsky..One area in which lawyers and senior political advisers are, at least for now, in agreement is on the strategy of aggressively fighting Starr's report and any congressional effort to punish Clinton as a result.."

Washington Times 9/4/98 Sean Scully about Senator Lieberman's speech ". briefly afterward. "This is not just inappropriate behavior, this is not just a private matter ... this threatens more than just his presidency," Mr. Kerrey said. "I had said [the president's speech] was inadequate," Mr. Moynihan said, "but it was not until just this moment that the full measure of that inadequacy was presented to us." .they called on the president to accept responsibility for his actions. Their combined voices increase the pressure on the president to offer a more detailed public explanation of his behavior. Mr. Clinton's behavior "not only contradicted the values he has publicly embraced over the last six years, it has, I fear, compromised his moral authority at a time when Americans of every political persuasion agree that the decline of the family is one of the most pressing problems we are facing," Mr. Lieberman said.."

Today Show 10/8/98 Freeper summary ".The Today Show is reporting that Bob Bennett sent a letter eight days ago to Judge Wright wherein he states that the affidavit filed by Monica Lewinsky in the Paula Jones case was false. Mr. Bennett noted that the judge could no longer rely on his own statements in Bill Clinton's behalf (he said there had been no sex of any kind...) during the President's deposition in January. He cited "Ethical Reasons" for the necessity of sending the letter."

AP 10/30/98 Alison Fitzgerald ".One of the nation's most influential women is blasting feminist groups for their support of President Clinton. New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman on Thursday said feminist leaders are suffering from a "trust gap'' because they continue to back Clinton while arguing that gender discrimination and sexual harassment are wrong. "Their reaction - or, more accurately, their lack of reaction - to the president's behavior has left many wondering just whose side these women are on,'' she said. In her speech at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, Whitman said she will no longer give money to feminist groups unless they take a stand against Clinton. "It's time they remember how to speak truth to power, no matter how much it hurts,'' she said.."

Liberty 11/98 Sarah McCarthy ".It's more than a little ironic that so many liberal Democrats have been heard on talk shows recently pleading for a "sense of proportionality" regarding the Clinton- Lewinsky affair. The champions of sexual harassment law -- those who crusaded for million dollar punitive damage fines and jury trials for sexual harassers, those who strenuously argued that powerful males having sex with young subservient females was inherently exploitative -- are now telling us that it's okay for the president of the United States to be sexually serviced by an infatuated young intern. Liberals, lawyers and feminists who previously demanded that a crude joke or two should result in the rejection of a Supreme Court nominee are now arguing that it's not only acceptable to have power-imbalanced sexual relations in the workplace, but that it's also okay to lie about it under oath in a sexual harassment trial..For years, lawyers and judges have sat as silent witnesses, watching as these shamefests destroyed the privacy rights, free speech, property rights, workplaces and the very lives of American citizens, and have done nothing to stop them. If the destruction of marriages, reputations, jobs, businesses and privacy has not inspired the legal system into reforming the destructive and brutal process that it has devised, perhaps the destruction of a presidency will. If there is any good to come from the current presidential scandal, it is that the American people now have had an up-close and personal look at a fairly typical sexual harassment case."


Jewish World Review 11/24/98 Walter Williams "....this is the first time in our history we've had a president disgrace his office and receive widespread political and public support while doing so. Most Americans chalk up Clinton's behavior in the Monica Lewinsky scandal to "understandable lies and cover-up about sex." For them, a president committing clearly criminal acts like perjury, subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice are OK if it's "just about sex.".... Americans have cheered and supported the White House's scathing attack on duly appointed court officers investigating the president's criminal acts. Are we now ready to accept the principle that subjects of criminal investigations can use every means at their disposal to attack court officers and intimidate jurors and witnesses? ."

Houston Chronicle 11/23/98 Dan Thomasson ".Dash and Linda Tripp have something in common. Both are into betraying friends. The only difference is that, unlike Dash, Tripp has yet to make any money out of the Monica Lewinsky taping escapade."

Washington Post 12/1/98 ".Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr has threatened to indict a minor player in the White House sex scandal for allegedly lying to a grand jury in what would be the first criminal charges to emerge from the 10-month Monica S. Lewinsky investigation. Julie Hiatt Steele, who disputed former White House volunteer Kathleen E. Willey's account of an unwelcome sexual encounter with President Clinton, faces possible federal counts of perjury, making false statements and obstruction of justice in connection with her testimony in the Lewinsky case. Starr deputy David Barger outlined the potential indictment in a Nov. 20 letter to Steele's lawyer, inviting her to explain why she should not be charged. Steele's attorney, Nancy Luque, said prosecutors gave her until today to come in and address their allegations, but that will not happen because Luque is traveling out of the country. Steele would be the first, though not necessarily the only, secondary character in the Lewinsky saga to be charged.."


Independent Women's Forum (IWF) Press Release 12/15/98 ".The Independent Women's Forum calls on the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority to support reform of sexual harassment law in keeping with their position espoused today at the National Press Club against the impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton. In response to the extreme feminist criticism that the House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry is a "side show," the Independent Women's Forum asks N.O.W. and the Feminist Majority to join IWF in reforming sexual harassment law. Given that President Clinton lied merely about sex in his deposition in the now-settled $850,000 Jones sexual harassment suit: 1. Perjurious statements by a defendant in a sexual harassment suit shall be demoted from a felony to a misdemeanor. 2. Past instances of sexual harassment shall not be admissible evidence in a civil suit. 3. Holding elected office will immunize an individual from political or legal jeopardy involving perjury in a sex- related suit. 4. The "hostile environment" standard will not apply to firings , demotions or transfers of plaintiffs, close colleagues, or corroborating witnesses. 5. Sexual harassment plaintiffs must prove tangible harm. The IWF calls on N.O.W. and the Feminist Majority to demand that: The President pardon the drill sergeants from Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and all other Federal employees who have been punished for consensual sex with an employee, volunteer, or intern in their charge. Congress pass a "Sense of Congress" resolution forgiving all defendants who perjure themselves in cases involving sex-related offenses, and admonishing plaintiffs who continue to seek justice where perjury by the defendant is provable. Once again, while the feminists purport to speak for all women, they have proven that their national leadership lacks the common sense and integrity to even identify women's best interests."

Washington Times 3/24/98 Wes Pruden ".The truth is this: the feminist movement is dead. It has no independent principles. What remains is merely a partisan interest group within the Democratic Party. Its members love this president. They believe that he is best thing since sliced bread on women's issues, and because of that love and devotion, supposed principle is out the window. Suddenly, sexual harassment, the degradation and subjugation of women, the treatment of women as sex objects --all these sins are tolerable, if indeed they are not virtues, when it comes to President Clinton. Obviously, the contortions are having an effect; the oxygen supply to the feminist brain seems to have been cut off.."

New York Post 1/21/99 Bill Sanderson ".President Clinton worried about being asked under oath whether he had sex with former Whitewater business partner Susan McDougal, former Clinton political adviser Dick Morris said last night. Speaking on Fox News Channel, Morris said Clinton asked him in May 1994 what to do if he was asked, in testimony during the trial of then-Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, if he had sex with McDougal. "I just replied, 'If you had sex with her, admit it, tell the truth,'" Morris said on the "Hannity and Colmes" program."

Washington Times 2/15/99 John McCaslin ".As far as Gwendolyn Mink, professor of politics at the University of California at Santa Cruz, is concerned, "Clinton made trashing women the national pastime." "Every woman with a story to tell became a woman with a foul motive or a questionable mental state," says Miss Mink, author of "Hostile Environment," a forthcoming book on sexual harassment. "Clinton also manipulated everyone, including leading feminists, into changing the subject from his obligation to tell the truth in a civil rights case to his right to sexual privacy." The professor says what worries her now "is the fallout of Clinton's defense and 'triumph' on women who need sexual harassment law." ..."


Judicial Watch 2/18/99 ".Judicial Watch today filed with Judge Susan Webber Wright a motion for order to show cause why President Clinton should not be held in criminal contempt for perjury and obstruction of justice in the Paula Jones civil lawsuit. The motion was filed on behalf of Dolly Kyle Browning, a key witness in the Jones case. Mr. Clinton followed through on earlier threats to her and lied under oath about her during his deposition in the Jones case. He falsely testified that he did not have a sexual relationship with Mrs. Browning and tried to destroy her by defaming her. Mr. Clinton also introduced his own manufactured and fraudulent handwritten notes which, among other falsehoods, contained a flagrantly false account of the 1994 high school reunion. Henry Hyde's staffers investigated Mrs. Browning's testimony and obtained affidavits verifying material parts of her account - thereby adding additional proof of presidential perjury and obstruction of justice. These affidavits have been presented to the Court as well. "Civil contempt is meant to force remedial behavior -- it is useless in addressing past unlawful behavior," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman.." 2/18/99Associated Press ".More than half of children aged 8 to 14 polled last weekend by the Nickelodeon television network said Clinton should have been removed from office following his impeachment trial. Only 40 percent of parents surveyed by Nickelodeon believed that, compared to 52 percent of their youngsters.."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/22/99 The Rant "...Sooner or later, in spite of the bungled impeachment efforts by Republicans, the American public is going to have to face the fact that the President of the United States is a criminal. Past Presidents in both parties have been guilty of isolated lapses of judgement and legality, but none approach William Jefferson Clinton's complete disregard for the rules of law, decency and morality... Clinton should remember, however, that this is Washington, a town where karma has a nasty habit of coming back around to bite you in the ass. Bill Clinton can only find so many third-world shitholes to bomb back into the stone age or trot his wife out so many times to divert public attention from the fact that he is a sexual degenerate who views women as objects to be assaulted and battered. Even a gullible public will come to realize that the President of the United States is a criminal. A smart, charming criminal perhaps, but still a criminal...."

Washington Post 2/23/99 Richard Cohen "…Take the rape charge. It is that -- get it? I feel I have to emphasize it: The president of the United States is accused of raping a woman back when he was attorney general of Arkansas. An account of this alleged rape ran on Page 1 of The Washington Post. Get it? Page One! The Washington Post! Do you want to know what happened next? Nothing. No. That's not entirely true. Both Newsweek and Time ran cover stories on Hillary Clinton and whether she would run for the Senate from New York state. Time's main piece never reported the rape charge, although a separate article did, and Newsweek gave it only a glancing mention. As for the Sunday talks, it seemed they all did Hillary and the Senate race. Was the purported rape mentioned? Not that I can tell from the morning papers. The matter apparently never comes up. It is, as I suggested before, staggering. Here is a president who has been like no other. If I told you three years ago -- even two years ago -- that the president was having sex in the Oval Office with a young intern, you would not have believed me. In fact, I would not have believed it myself. The rumors, I thought, were the work of his worst enemies -- crazies, mentally unstable. And yet, look where we are now. If I told you that the woman had kept a sex-stained dress, you would have called me deranged, a perverted pundit. No one does that. Indeed, when I first heard of the dress, I rejected it as the body does someone else's organ, and then, after reports of it initially faded, I thought I must have dreamed it. But then it came back -- and so did reports about Yasser Arafat kept waiting, and chats with congressmen while Clinton was . . . You can look any of this up. But you could not make any of this up…."

Rush Limbaugh 2/24/99 Freeper Newsman reporting re Juanita Broaddrick "…Clinton, of course, cannot be tried because the Arkansas statute of limitations expired years ago. And because the Senate recently acquitted him in his Senate impeachment trial, the president himself would not be in any jeopardy and is probably not all that much concerned about it, the talk show host said. But it could prove quite a different story for the Democrats in the House and in the Senate. They are the ones, Limbaugh added, "who are quaking in their boots today. That's who's going to be watching this closely tonight and worried silly about the public's reaction to it."…."


Original Sources 2/26/99 Mary Mostert "...The Clinton Impeachment Trial was not about sex. It was about perjury and obstruction of justice. While Clinton and his supporters in the media tried mightily to MAKE it about sex, one of the criticisms of the House Managers was that their presentations were "tedious" and brought out "nothing new." But, it didn't take long. Every effort was made to short circuit a real trial. Senator Arlen Spector, for example, voted against having witnesses. Now, who ever heard of a trial without witnesses? Then he voted with the Democrats because, he said, the House Managers "didn't prove" beyond a reasonable doubt that perjury and obstruction of justice had been committed. For a few days we had a bit of media driven "bipartisan" talk, sprinkled with a reports, first in the Drudge Report and then in "respectable" newspapers about the Juanita Broaddrick story. Wednesday, we heard Juanita tell her story of being raped by Bill Clinton, then the Attorney General for the State of Arkansas. Actually, this turn of events isn't simply about sex either. It's about violence...."

Judicial Watch Press Release 2/26/99 Judicial Watch "...The new, credible allegation that Juanita Broaddrick was raped by Bill Clinton adds great significance to the RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) civil suit filed by Dolly Kyle Browning. In Count VI of her complaint, Mrs. Browning sues Bill Clinton and his agents for their pattern of conduct of abusing and threatening women in order to obtain and maintain hold on the office of the presidency, among other grounds. Obviously, Ms. Broaddrick is one of the many women that fall within Clinton's pattern of conduct. "Those commentators and analysts who say there won't be a legal proceeding or justice concerning Ms. Broaddrick and the other women are just plain wrong. As with O.J. Simpson, a civil suit will provide justice to rectify this sad pattern of abuse of women," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. "The White House has become a veritable 'Rockingham Palace,' another place of infamy, with its occupant as isolated as O.J. Simpson."..."

WorldNetDaily 2/26/99 Joseph Farah "...Interesting, isn't it, that not one member of Congress has come forward to call for the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton for moral turpitude in light of the accusations of Juanita Broaddrick? So, let the chorus begin here: It's way past time to throw this bum out of office. He's a disgrace to his office. He's a detriment to his country. And he's an embarrassment to the human race.... "It doesn't rise to the level of a high crime or misdemeanor," we heard repeated on every talking head show night after night, week after week. Well, how about rape? Does that rise to the level of a high crime or misdemeanor, Barney Frank? It's time to put on trial those clowns who stood by their man despite overwhelming evidence of perjury and obstruction of justice. What are they going to say about Juanita Broaddrick? That the statute of limitations has run out? What's a little rape between friends? I'd love to hear the rationalizations this time...."

Roll Call 2/25/99 Morton Kondracke "...Conservative moralists are dispirited by the public's reaction to the Clinton scandals, but polls indicate that American culture may not have collapsed after all. Even though President Clinton's job approval ratings remain stratospheric, his ratings for personal trustworthiness are subterranean. ...What's this dichotomy all about? To moralists like former Education Secretary Bill Bennett and conservative activist Paul Weyrich, it's evidence of cultural confusion, callousness or collapse. Bennett vows to continue speaking out. Weyrich is tuning out....Even if it doesn't affect Clinton's political standing, Americans should come as close as possible to understanding just what kind of person Clinton really is. In the Lewinsky case, the public seems to have bought the argument of Clinton's supporters that the sex involved was consensual and that, in the end, nobody was hurt -- especially not the U.S. constitutional system. The idea that Clinton would have sexually assaulted a woman, biting her lip to impose himself on her, totally alters the general impression of him as merely an amiable lecher and turns him into a monster..... "

Freeper LYNXCry 2/26/99 reports "...Bob Dornan is doing the Ollie North radio show right now. He just said that clinton raped Jaunita, then while she was laying there crying and bleeding, he raped her again. He also said that reporters are over in England right now looking for the Oxford rape victim, Eileen. He is outraged, why haven't any cabinet members jumped ship in protest..."

Hyde on ABC Radio News 2/26/99 Freeper Birdman "...On Harkin, he violated his oath by calling the case a dung heap before hearing ANY evidence. On Byrd, he calls himself the conscience of the senate but tried to shut the trial down prematurely. On Lieberman, he talked a big game but wimped out in the end. WIMP statement was a quote...."

Freeper williams reports on CBS Radio 2/26/99 "...The supposedly Clinton - solid Left Coast erupted in shouts of "Rapist" and "Protect Your women and children!" as protestors jeered a Clinton visit. The report was surprisingly carried by CBS Radio today. I heard it rebroadcast on a local Philadelphia station. Women interviewed said "Clinton is no good," and that he should be punished just like other rapists. ..."

Freeper williams reports on Larry King Live 2/25/99 "...Larry King tried to serve up softballs to his guests last night, but all of them, including David Gergen, ate only humble pie. Gergen told King that the people who have defended Clinton have a "nagging suspicion" that his "problem" goes further than they imagined. Gergen said soberly that he previously thought they were dealing with "consensual" situations...."

Freeper Interesting Times 2/26/99 Larry King Live "...To the contrary, Gergen's obvious discomfort as he spoke about Juanita's rape charge to Larry King is to his credit. And he connected the dots, saying what troubled him the most was the "pattern of predation." As William Bennett put it, "It fits the M.O.". This is not the response of someone reflexively trashing accusers and minimizing their claims. It is the response of a man who is starting to understand an appalling truth...."

newsmax 2/26/99 "...Vermont's Jim Jeffords, the first Republican Senator to announce he would vote to acquit President Clinton on impeachment charges, weighed in on Rapegate Friday morning -- calling it "a private matter". Appearing on the Mark Johnson radio show, heard on WKDR in Burlington, Jeffords was asked if he believed Juanita Broaddrick's charge that Clinton had raped her two decades ago...."

2/26/99 Freeper eleven reports "...Sen. James Jeffords has apologized for saying Juanita Broaddrick's allegations that President Clinton sexually assaulted her are a ``private matter.'' ..."

Wall St Journal 3/5/99 Editorial "…Monica Lewinsky's long-awaited interview ran for two hours--hours that evidently took a lot more out of Barbara Walters than they did out of Monica. While Monica seemed most of the time to be having a fearfully good time chirruping on about her sensuality, about the extra special excitement of--how to put it?--sexual engagement with the President even as he was talking on the phone to a member of Congress, Ms. Walters didn't appear to be taking part in the fun. s her interviewee rattled on about herself, about her conviction that her "little relationship" was private and certainly not the business of any of the meanies at the White House who tried to put a stop to it, Ms. Walters began looking decidedly grim. For those connected to that part of society still capable of feeling shock and revulsion, the Lewinsky interview must have induced feelings similarly grim…"

Investor's Business Daily 3/5/99 Freeper heyduke "…Seventy million Americans watched Monica Lewinsky's public confessional Wednesday night. No doubt many came away shocked by the salaciousness of it all. We did too, but we also came away with something else. The Monica interview was more than a tale of a young woman confused about life. It was more than a revelation. It went beyond sordid details. What we saw is what happens when a society begins to lose its moral compass. Just 20 years ago, it would have been unthinkable for Americans to arrange their midweek evening entertainment around a young woman who carried on an affair with the preside nt. How did we get here?…"

Creators Syndicate 3/9/99 Linda Bowles "…One of the defenses of Bill Clinton spun out by his apologists is that the people of America have always known what they were getting when they voted for him. Everything about him was in full view from the beginning. I challenge these defenders to produce one politician or one ordinary citizen who knew before voting for him that Clinton was a cheat, a sexual predator, a chronic liar and believably a rapist. But now, there is no longer the excuse of ignorance or reasonable doubt. When Democrats honor and applaud Clinton, they do it knowing what he is and what he has done…." 3/9/99 Linda Bowles "…What is also becoming clear, and will soon become even clearer, is that Bill Clinton not only soiled the presidency, he endangered the nation. If the president wasn't blackmailed, it was luck. He made 50, late-night phone calls on unsecured lines to Monica. Many of these calls were for the purpose of phone sex. There are reports that the Israeli spy agency Mossad tapped 30 hours of these phone sex calls, as did the FBI, as part of its counterintelligence operations. The fear is that others, including the Chinese, were also listening…. Clinton knew he was playing with disaster. Monica testified under oath that Clinton told her "he suspected that a foreign embassy was tapping his telephone." Our national security has been jeopardized, and our foreign policy decisions made suspect by the wanton irresponsibility and recklessness of a proud and practicing sociopath…."

U.S.News & World Report 3/29/99 Paul Bedard "…Morale in the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service has plummeted anew amid unusual staffing changes ordered at the top. Insiders tell Whispers that the brass have eliminated several key posts inside the White House and ordered supervising sergeants to stand guard. "They're dismantling the rank structure," says one officer who blamed the changes on agency leaders anxious to please the Clintons, who have shunned Uniformed Division members ever since several testified in the Monica Lewinsky scandal…."

Manchester Union Leader 3/22/99 Richard Lessner Freeper Liberty "…Last week's disgusting Radio and Television Correspondents' Washington soiree, featuring a jocular Bill Clinton, called to mind Oscar Wilde's biting description of fox hunting: "The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible." There was a shameless Bill Clinton yuking about his sexcapades and impeachment, while the 2,200 assembled "journalists" guffawed. Gomorrah on the Potomac. Revolting. Mr. Clinton even cracked jokes about Red China's spying at the Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory, as though this breech of national security were a laughing matter. If any yet entertained doubts about Washington's isolation from the rest of the America or this President's moral flabbiness, then this was the occasion on which both were floridly on display…."

Wall Street Journal 1/18/99 by Freeper gg188 ".Last Monday's WSJ reports that AOL and Merriam Webster shut down their online Thesaurus last FRIDAY (as I write this, it is Thursday morning and the site is still "temporarily unavailable.") How the heck long does it take to expunge any word found offensive to the gay community? Seems that a radio talk show host in Seattle typed in "homosexual" and the synonyms returned were offensive to him. "I'm not for censorship." he averred, as he began his crusade for, er, ah, CENSORSHIP. I mean, we now must have politically correct definitions of words. This IS 1984, right? Homosexual: a downtrodden minority whose lifestyle is perfectly normal and a group that, if you say anything bad about, you are guilty of hate speech. (Don't ask when SPEECH became a crime; that's for another discussion. Just know that in this instance, the "speech" referred to is more egregious in the eyes of the law than about 90% of all felonies committed against non-minorities) .Isn't the dictation of the MEANINGS of words by politically correct and politically motivated special interest groups who act to forward their agendas----isn't this an assault on truth, on education, on academia?."

USA TODAY 2/22/99 Jessica Lee Freeper A Whitewater Researcher "...EXCERPTS: "...fights already are brewing over presidential nominations...Even though the Republican-controlled Senate refused to confirm many of them last year, Clinton is resubmitting the names of a dozen people he wants to put on the federal bench, at U.S. missions overseas and in other top jobs....Clinton is scheduled to meet Tuesday at the White House with congressional leaders, including several Republicans who voted to remove him from office. It will be the first such meeting in 19 months...But 10 days after the Senate acquitted Clinton on two articles of impeachment, partisan strife is in the air...For Clinton, resubmitting stalled nominations allows the president to show liberal Democrats, whose steadfast support helped save his job, that he will not forsake them to curry favor with the GOP....For Republicans, standing firm against Clinton's liberal nominees is a way of showing core supporters the party will not abandon the conservative positions on affirmative action, homosexuality and other issues...."

American Center for Law and Justice Fall 1998 "...Thanks to your support, the ACLJ has stopped an appalling attempt to make homosexuality part of a Connecticut high school's program for "minority students." Vince McCarthy, our ACLJ Northeastern regional counsel, appeared before the Brookfield High School board to denounce the Pink Triangle program, which encouraged "sexually confused" teens to discuss their feelings with designated faculty members. Following his presentation, the school board voted to ban the program. Pink triangle decals, posted on several classroom doors, would have designated "safe zones" for students who are homosexual, bisexual, or confused about their sexuality. That was the shocking message that a public schoolteacher delivered to her class of teenagers in announcing the program. The Connecticut school was literally going to provide sexually troubled kids with adult counseling that condoned and encouraged the homosexual lifestyle...."

Drudge 2/23/99 "... On Wednesday night at 8 pm ET [Family Hour?] NBC NEWS will broadcast an exclusive television interview with Juanita Broaddrick, a woman who has accused Bill Clinton of rape.... The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that NBC NEWS Washington Bureau chief Tim Russert got sick to his stomach when he viewed the five hour session between NBC NEWS reporter Lisa Myers and Broaddrick., Russert told associates that Broaddrick's story left him speechless and upset him physically after he viewed raw tapes of her interview. Broaddrick tells NBC NEWS, in graphic detail, how Bill Clinton raped her back in 1978.... "NBC is just trying to compete with the GRAMMY AWARDS," one White House source told the DRUDGE REPORT on Tuesday afternoon...."

MSNBC-Laura Ingraham's Watch-It! Freeper report 2/25/99 Lisa Myers "...On Laura Ingraham's Watch-It! show just ending this morning, Lisa Myers tells Laura that she "finds it amazing and unreal that a story has come out about the President raping a woman 21 years ago and the reaction border's on 'ho-hum'". Lisa delivered her interview with Laura with extreme confidence about Broaddrick's credibility. She also had a visible sense of alarm and urgency that something HAS to be done about the charges. At the end of the show Laura revealed an MSNBC telephone poll that said that 84% of those polled AGREE with Juanita's version of events..."

The WASHINGTON TIMES 3/1/99 Joyce Howard Price "…President Clinton came under heavy fire yesterday to respond more fully to charges he raped Arkansas nurse Juanita Broaddrick 21 years ago. Sen. Fred Thompson, Tennessee Republican, and other lawmakers who appeared on Sunday talk shows said that Mr. Clinton must stop hiding behind the terse denial of his attorney David Kendall and tell voters what he knows…Added Sen. Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican: "Clearly, President Clinton has to offer some explanation, other than to say, 'Talk to David Kendall.'" Mr. McConnell spoke on "Fox News Sunday." Senate Majority Whip Don Nickles, Oklahoma Republican, weighed in on CNN. He called Mrs. Broaddrick's charge "very, very serious" and said she is "very, very credible." "This is the most serious allegation, this is more serious than anything that was ever alleged about [former Oregon Sen.] Bob Packwood, or [Supreme Court Justice] Clarence Thomas. ... I think the president is going to have to give some answers, as unpleasant as it is," Mr. Nickles added. A New York Times editorial Saturday echoed the calls from Republican senators, calling on Mr. Clinton to speak out on the charges. But Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, South Dakota Democrat, in an interview on ABC's "This Week," said no one should expect to hear personally from Mr. Clinton about this issue…."

Augusta Chronicle 3/03/99 Becky Goetz / Letter to Editor Freeper newsman "…It becomes possible to be perceived as ``virtuous'' because of a professed position on some social issue, while leading a wicked personal life. This strange twist is seen in an American society that is perfectly willing to note a president's personal decadence, but still wants to keep him in office because of his professed position on ``moral'' issues...."

Daily Oklahoman 3/3/99 Jeff Jacoby Freeper hope "…DIFFERENT reactions are possible to Juanita Broaddrick's accusation that Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, but stunned disbelief isn't one of them. No one is sputtering, "Clinton? Force himself on someone? Impossible!" We know by now that with Clinton, anything is possible…."

Weekly Standard 3/15/99 Charles Krauthammer Freeper JeanS "…LIKE THE CARELESS BUCHANANS of The Great Gatsby, Bill Clinton is known as the man who leaves friends wounded and bleeding in his wake. But of all the casualties littering his trail--the jailed business partners, the disgraced aides, the character-assassinated former lovers--the most serious by far is feminism: Feminist leaders, feminist groups, feminist ideology, and the Democratic party, once the party of women and women's rights, will never recover…."


EWTN 7/16/99 NEW YORK ( 7/19/99 "... A UN committee focusing on women's rights has pressured governments to stop promoting motherhood and called on religions to change the interpretation of their sacred texts as part of a campaign to promote radical feminism, according to a Catholic pro-family group on Friday. The Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute said the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women has used the 1979 Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) to put pressure on the 163 countries that have ratified it to implement their vision of feminism. The committee recently directed the government of Libya to reinterpret the Koran, the sacred text of Islam, "in light of the provisions of the Convention." ....The Committee criticized Croatia for allowing "church-related organizations to adversely influence" women's rights. It told the Dominican Republic that an "intermingling of the secular and religious spheres" is a "serious impediment to implementing the Convention." .....The group also admonished Armenia to "use the educational system and electronic media to combat the traditional stereotype of women 'in the noble role of mother,'" and the Czech Republic was criticized for "over-protective measures for pregnancy and motherhood." ..."


Jewish World Review 7/20/99 Don Fedor "...AMERICANS FOR A SAFE ISRAEL and the Zionist Organization of America are fuming over Hadassah giving its Henrietta Szold Award to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Personally, I think Hillary and Hadassah are a perfect match. Today, members of the pro-Israel groups will burn their Hadassah membership cards at the organization's New York headquarters. They urge Hadassah to remember its Zionist roots and reconsider the honor. Unfortunately, the Jewish women's group has subordinated Zionism to feminism..."


U.S. News Online 8/9/99 John Leo "...Santa Cruz, Calif., which has banned just about every form of discrimination, including lookism (i.e., hiring a pretty receptionist when a homely one is available) is ready for its next leap forward. Activists are gathering petitions for a vote to outlaw all hate in Santa Cruz and declare the city a hate-free zone. "Leave your hate at the city limits," said campaign spokesman David Silva. But what about all that hate piling up in the suburbs?.... "

U.S. News Online 8/9/99 John Leo "... Walt Whitman wasn't a bad fellow, but he didn't understand that words like mankind, man, and his are sexist, so editors at Bandanna Books (Santa Barbara) decided to alter his poems, eliminating man and inserting new unisex pronouns (hu, hus, hum) for he, his, and him. "Hu will never sleep any more and hu did in the cot in hu's mother's bedroom," says one of Whitman's refurbished poems. Hu's sorry now? ..."

Boston Herald 8/3/99 Margery Eagan "...There are several theories on why Hillary Clinton has blamed her husband's chronic philandering on the dead: ....Hillary is after the adulterers' vote, significant in New York. Thanks to Hillary, husbands caught in flagrante can now claim that after flashbacks of Mother chasing Nana with the frying pan, they had no choice but to seduce intern after intern after intern after intern..... ``And if she knew all along he had this `weakness' caused by his poor dead mother and the grandmother who loved him, why allow James Carville and his ilk to trash Paula Jones? Why go on the `Today' show (after the Lewinsky story broke) and blame a vast right-wing conspiracy? ``You know, everybody makes mistakes,'' says Milton, author of ``The First Partner.'' ``But the Clintons don't feel they should ever pay a price for their mistakes . . . It's so dispiriting.'' ..."

WorldNet Daily 8/3/99 Joseph Farah "....Impeachment hearing hero David Schippers told Bill O'Reilly on the Fox News Network that former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary gave marching orders to halt all scheduled promotions of white males in her vast federal bureaucracy. "Now you know something about Hazel O'Leary in your capacity as -- looking over everything, and ... that there was an ongoing ... conspiracy to make certain that no white males got promoted to any offices of responsibility and got -- indeed got no promotions at all," he said. "Really?" questioned O'Reilly. "So Hazel O'Leary, then the chief of the Department of Energy, you're saying that your client told you, was knocking out all white males that -- when they -- when they were up for promotion?" "As I understand it -- this is secondhand. As I understand it, when Hazel O'Leary got into the office, she asked for the promotion list and then asked them to strike the names of all white males," charged Schippers. "That's against the law," observed O'Reilly astutely. "Well, this information's been furnished to the -- to the Congress. They have it," said Schippers. Is it hard to believe? Not with the bunch in this administration -- not with what I know about the political nature of Hazel O'Leary, who personally targeted me and my organization for extinction as well. She's the former Cabinet official who made phone calls to my news organization's donor base threatening individuals with government retribution if they continued to support the Western Journalism Center, parent company of"


USA TODAY Life Section pg. D-1 (print edition) 8/12/99 Cesar Soriano "...Angered by reports of rape and other sexual assaults at last month's Woodstock 99 festival, the New York Chapter of the National Organization for Women plans a demonstration today at the Manhattan office of concert promoter John Scher. "The promoters' attitude has been dismissive of the very serious trauma that was suffered" by victims, chapter president Galen Sherwin says. New York State Police say they are investigating eight allegations of sex crimes at Woodstock, including five rapes. No one has been arrested in connection with assaults on festival grounds. ..."

The American Enterprise, a National Magazine of Politics, Business, and Culture 9/10 1999 "...Ithaca, New York is a typical college town. A hotbed, in other words, of left-wing Big Brotherism. At Ithaca's Boynton public middle school, all students were recently indoctrinated in a day-long "celebration" of homosexuality. For four school periods there were videos, lectures, and panels featuring gay teachers, parents, and students. "I did not know that I was a lesbian in the seventh grade, but I have since learned to like 'doing it' with a girl," explained one student panelist. "Now that I have 'done it' with both boys and girls I find I like both." At one point, all students were asked to stand in solidarity with homosexuals. When roughly one-third of the 11- and 12-year-olds did so, parents in attendance observed adults and student peers putting pressure on the rest to conform. After lunch, all students returned to their rooms for the remainder of the day for small group discussions led by teachers who organized the presentations. When a number of aprents registered concerns about the all-day seminar with Ithaca School Board President Steve Shiffrin (who is a Cornell law school professor in his day job), he told them that if they didn't like the district's "multicultural" policy they should put their children in private schools. The same school district has just proposed banning the Boy Scouts (and other single-sex groups) from distributing any literature on school property, on the grounds that they are intolerant organizations...."

Intellectual Capital 8/19/99 Alicia Colon "…Until talk-show host extraordinaire Jerry Springer recently declined to enter the Ohio Senate race, Ohio Democrats had considered asking him to be their candidate in the year 2000. Is this the best they can think of in Ohio? Can't they locate one viable candidate with good taste? What on earth has happened to this once great party? ….The Democratic Party of the 1950s and 1960s never would have selected a man of such dubious repute as Clinton as its standard bearer…...I strongly suspect that the party began its decline in good judgment when Democrats decided to embrace the banner of militant feminism in the early 1970s. The party leadership reasoned that women comprised a strong voting bloc, so their issues became the party's platform. Thus began the great divide between the two major parties. The great Democratic senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan coined the phrase "defining deviancy down," and this describes perfectly what has happened to his party. When Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, civil-rights activist Jesse Jackson and many other politicians first spoke on the issue of abortion, all were against it. Then faced with the rise of outspoken feminist leaders and the political and monetary clout of the National Organization for Women, they changed their positions. When one can rationalize that abortion is a constitutionally protected right, then one can rationalize anything. Perjury or subornation of perjury is not a crime as long as the offender supports women's issues. Talk-show hosts of vile and despicable programs are ideal candidates because they will attract media attention. Above all, style over substantive issues is the way to attract the attention of the soccer moms because they are not deep thinkers anyway…..Am I being too cynical? No, I just have this horrible habit of speaking the truth that no one wants to hear. I am proud to be a woman, but I have to admit that so many of us are politically obtuse and susceptible to attractive candidates….."

WORLD Magazine 8/28/99 Roy Maynard "… Showtime makes a mockery of the battle over Clarence Thomas's elevation to the Supreme Court When the book Strange Justice by Wall Street Journal reporters Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson came out in 1994, The Washington Times accurately described it as a "low-tech lynching" of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The book tried to spin Mr. Thomas's 1991 confirmation hearings as a conspiracy of dunces, in which evil conservatives and spineless liberals put a bad person on the high court. Another lynching takes place next week, when the premium cable channel Showtime debuts an original movie based on the book. ….. The only interesting aspect of the movie is its embrace of the axioms that feminists abandoned during President Clinton's most recent scandal: Men have power, women don't. Men abuse their power even in a consensual sexual relationship (subordinate women don't have the power to say no). Women who don't come forward immediately are prevented from doing so out of fear. When different stories arise, believe the woman! A man who harasses women is unfit for any public office. Feminists abandoned each of these points when Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton. Anita Hill herself said in March 1998, as the Clinton crisis reached a critical phase, "We live in a political world, and the reality is there are larger issues than just individual behavior." …."

Agence France-Presse 9/8/99 "....At school, teachers say girls are outshining boys. At work, employers note that women are seizing more top jobs. In the media, young dispossessed males are blamed for society's ills. Now advertisers are warning British men that they'd better shape up. But help is at hand for the beleaguered British male as an army of feminist writers rush to their defence. "I like men, I just hate their guts," a sultry-looking woman snarls from a hoarding to advertise Bud Lite low-calorie beer. "I don't chase men who can't run away," quips a feisty blonde in the same campaign seen on billboards, in bus stops and in the subway. A Lee Jeans advertisement takes the predatory theme further still. Urging women to "Put the boot in", the photograph shows a woman's stilletoed foot poised on a man's naked bottom. Such advertisements, argue feminists, do nothing more than reverse old sexist stereotypes for the benefit of neither sex. Columnist Ros Coward, in the Guardian newspaper, points out that there is no need to demean men. "There is no longer an overarching system of male oppression where men always benefit and women always lose out... globalisation and recessions have dealt men a number of blows. "Combined with changed status in the family, this has made them especially vulnerable to unemployment, homelessness and depression," she wrote. ...."

Sydney Morning Herald 9/4/99 Bettina Arndt "…IT'S a fitting end to the 20th century. After the recent decades of public soul-searching about the female condition, Susan Faludi, a leading feminist author, has discovered men. Even more surprising, having spent the past six years listening to them talk about their lives, she's concluded that men have been stiffed. The world now awaits startling revelations - given the cool $US1.5 million ($2.35 million) advance the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist is reputed to have been paid for her new book. Don't hold your breath. When the book, Stiffed - The Betrayal of the American Man, is published at the end of this month, it will reveal a somewhat kinder, gentler Faludi with rather more sympathy for the male of the species, but little to break new ground. Still, it's a promising end to an era when the woman who once saw men only as the yoke around women's necks learns that the lives of many men ain't nothing to write home about. Such an insight was sorely lacking in Faludi's previous blockbuster, Backlash - The Undeclared War Against American Women….. ln Backlash, men were seen as the problem. Faludi's backlash was fuelled by threatened men, men fearful of the loss of economic and social power. Her thesis was that the periodic flare-ups of resistance to women's progress were founded on "a bedrock of misogyny". According to Faludi, women's progress is inevitably "interpreted by men, especially men grappling with real threats to their economic and social wellbeing on other fronts, as spelling their own masculine doom". …."

San Diego Union-Tribune 9/5/99 Louise Palmer "…The percentage of young women who believe abortion should be legal has dropped every year for nine years, setting off alarm bells in the graying leadership of the abortion rights movement. Support has softened in the very group that historically has powered the movement, from a high of 65.5 percent approval in 1989 to 49.5 percent in 1998, according to an annual study by UCLA of more than 350,000 students entering colleges nationwide. This statistical free fall has spurred a series of advertising, education, and recruiting campaigns across the nation aimed at young women who, abortion rights advocates say, have no sense of a world without access to legal abortion and birth control. The Pro-Choice Public Education Project, for instance, is running an edgy, in-your-face ad campaign using provocative images to get the "post-Roe generation" -- those born after the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision legalized abortion in 1973 -- thinking and talking…."

Chicago Tribune 9/22/99 Geneva Overholster, Washington Post Writers Group "....Back in the 1970s, to breathe the air of women's liberation was--well, liberating. The company you kept was marvelous: living rooms full of eager, hopeful people humming with energy and discovery, reaching for the future that opened before us. The inequities were starker then. To stand for progress was only reasonable. To fight for it took courage and was perhaps a bit risky, but it was also likely to amount to something...... What had been courageous now became strident. Young women disavowed any interest in the movement. Once-proud veterans sprang leaks of self-doubt: Did I get this job because I'm a woman? Do I come off as too shrill?...... And so began, for many women of my generation, an era of living our feminism rather than talking about it--or so I explained it to myself. We'd moved up in the world, in any case, and had more responsibility. We could shine light in dark places simply by being there, living our balanced lives, embodying our hopes for equality. Somewhere along the way, however, it became hard to distinguish this effective, if not voluble, sort of feminism from, simply, giving out. Or giving in. The effort lost its vigor. "Feminist" was no longer a dirty word. It was worse than that: It was passe. Oh, feminism is still good for a swift kick every now and then, or as fodder for some shallow judgment: It undermined the family and ate away at America's moral fiber; or it revolutionized society, and its work is done. In any case, feminism is over...."

FrontPage Magazine 9/29/99 Cleveland Free Times Laua Demarco "....Kopp is the executive director of the Ohio chapter of Feminists for Life of America, a self-described pro-woman, pro-life activist group that, due to their pro-life politics, was rejected from receiving booth space in the Lilith Fair Village, an area where assorted activists and vendors set up tables to inform/enlighten/sell products. In protest, Kopp and two other FFL members took a different approach this day: They bought tickets, put on gags and assumed their position in front of several pro-choice groups' booths. In spite of Lilith Fair's lofty goal of wanting to "raise consciousness about issues that affect women's lives," it's apparent not every viewpoint is permitted. The sight of a gagged woman standing in front of a National Organization for Women booth on a day meant to celebrate the female spirit couldn't make this point any clearer..... The barring of certain women from Lilith reflects issues affecting the whole movement. What does it mean to be a feminist in 1999? Can you censor other women and be a feminist? Is abortion the litmus test for feminism? Are minorities-racial or ideological-welcome? Are younger women welcome? Do they even want to join? Essentially, is there room for all women in the women's movement? ...... This one issue disqualified the group from the Lilith Village. But do FFL's views on abortion also disqualify them from feminism? It's a tough question. Whether or not pro-life and pro-woman are compatible inspires vehement debate in women's groups, nationally and locally. ...... It's hard to miss the hypocrisy of feminists censoring other women like this. Not only do such anti-woman actions buy into the idea that all women must think the same to belong to the girl's club. The logic behind them patronizingly assumes women aren't smart enough to hear all sides on an issue and decide for themselves. This view also fails to take into account recent studies, including one by former Planned Parenthood leader Faye Wattleton's Center for Gender Equity, that have found decreased support for abortion rights among women (Wattleton's group found the number of women supporting restrictions on abortions rose from 45 percent in 1997 to 53 percent in 1999). While this study has been dismissed by women's groups simply as evidence that devout and conservative women are becoming more politically vocal, the implication that the beliefs of these women don't matter as much as those of mainstream feminists doesn't diminish the findings. Obviously, not all women do think the same, nor should they have to. Younger women seem to grasp this idea more readily than their older peers....."

FrontPage Magazine 9/29/99 Cleveland Free Times Laua Demarco "....Clinton also hurt the women's movement in more straightforward ways. Women's groups enamored by his ardent pro-choice politics seem to have made a trade-off with the president, ignoring his actions (policy and personal) on other issues since he gave them this break. But overlooking the fact that the great protector is also a great womanizer-even when that womanizing included an intern putting out for the boss and getting a great job for her efforts-highlighted the hypocrisy in the established women's movement, giving fuel to its detractors and turning off many more thoughtful or moderate women...... And the brutal treatment Paula Jones received at the mouths of many in the women's movement only reinforced its image as elitist. Despite NOW President Patricia Ireland's assertion that their lack of support for Jones was based on her ties to right-wing groups, not her big hair, the message sent to poor women was loud and clear: "trailer trash" not welcome. ....."

Intellectual Capital 10/7/99 James Pinkerton "....I am Beltway Woman, hear me roar! But first some background on me. It is true what feminists say: The personal is political. We gave President Clinton a pass on his passes, but that was a special case -- the exception that, er, probes the rule. And gender is political, too. Which explains my difference from Beltway Man...... But I have to admit that now that I am a mother, the work of two other artists on display, Jake and Dinos Chapman, bothers me a lot. Their pieces show naked-girl manikins, the kind you see at the juvenile shop of a department store, disfigured with erect penises on their faces, as well as pubescent vaginas and gaping rectums. They claim it is their dystopic vision of a world gone twisted by pollution and genetic misengineering, but the captions on the exhibit say different: "Do we falsely deny the existence of sexuality in children?" one sign asks. If a woman had created these works, maybe I could see the transgressive logic of their work. But these are men, and they look like pedophiles to me. New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has denounced the whole exhibit and wants to pull the museum's public subsidy. Maybe not such a bad idea, I think to myself. But alas, Hillary has come out against Giuliani, her likely Senate opponent, and so I am trapped. I cannot say anything against her pro-funding position..... But now feminist correctness and a mother's duty have come into conflict. You see, my one perfect child is a girl, and I do not want to worry for the rest of my life that some psycho man will get a sick idea from a government-funded show that causes my kid harm....."

Reuters 10/13/99 Jane Sutton "....A Florida woman hailed as a victory for women's rights a court ruling that cleared her of disturbing the peace when she bared her breasts during a camp-out in a state forest. ``Who decided that women's breasts are more obscene than men's?'' Kayla Sosnow asked at a news conference Tuesday in Gainesville. ``By going top-free, we are rejecting the criminalization of our breasts and reclaiming control of our bodies,'' she said. ..."

Corpus Christi Caller 10/11/99 Jennifer Stump "....The eighth graders at Bishop Garriga Middle School, 3114 Saratoga Blvd., don't have to worry about competing with the guys on the courtfeeling intimidated about raising their hands in class or thinking about their looks in the classroom. Although they see boys in the hallways at school and visit with them at lunchtime, when it comes to science projects and English papers, these girls are in a class of their own. ...... It's an idea that has gained momentum across the country in light of research that shows adolescent girls and boys learn differently and excel in different subjects. Traditionally, studies show, boys tend to outshine girls in math and science while girls do better in reading. This fall in Long Beach, Calif., Jefferson Leadership Academies became the first public school in the country to segregate its entire student body by gender. It's something Bishop Garriga, a private Catholic school for sixth, seventh and eighth graders, did four years ago. Parents and teachers say the experiment has worked. Children still socialize during class breaks and in elective courses such as band, art and journalism but aren't distracted by each other during the core curriculum classes, they say....." 10/14/99 Nicholas Sanchez "....Well, since Mr. Mfume and the NAACP are in a suing mood, I have the perfect target for their next lawsuit. This is an industry that has made millions and millions of dollars a year by killing millions and millions of black children over the years. You may ask what this pernicious enterprise that exists and legally eradicates America's black youth is. It is not the gun industry. Nor is it the drug industry. It is not even the KKK, Inc. It is the abortion industry. Yep. The reports are in that show that, although black women make up 12% of the total number of females in the United States, they have 33% of all abortions. So, basically, even though Hispanics make up roughly ten percent of the population and whites make up the super-majority of U.S. citizens, for every three children aborted in the US, one of them is black. The nasty effects of abortion have not been limited to loss of young life in the black community. Howard University completed a study in 1993 that shows that black women over the age of 50 were 4.7 times more likely to get breast cancer compared to mothers that had not had abortions. Well, I'll be. This report clearly shows that feminists have been right all these years and that abortion is a "woman's issue." Although, Mr. Mfume has thus far failed to act on this major public policy issue, there have been other leaders in black community that have not been so hesitant to speak out against this attack on black babies and black mothers. And in the grand tradition of the old civil rights movement, the one that was born out of truly American ideals like life and liberty, this one comes not from a subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee, but from the cloth. A group of 12 black pastors recently led a march from Newark, New Jersey, to Washington, D.C. These pastors sought to rally 1,452 people to march with them to signify the 1,452 black children that are aborted daily. ...."

10/15/99 Associated Press "….A high school girls soccer coach has been fired for alleged male bashing and allowing a conversation about male anatomy on a team bus. The Lakewood School Board voted 4-1 Wednesday night to affirm its dismissal of coach Jodee Anderson. Anderson, who started the girls soccer program in 1996, acknowledged that she often told her players, "Boys are bad." She said the phrase "stands for, 'these girls have better things to think about than guys,' like soccer. As a coach, I discourage intimate relationships among young teens."…"

Inside Cover 10/18/99 Carl Limbacher ".....NOW Feminists Burn Bras and Defect to Republicans We almost couldn't believe our eyes. "Yes to a Republican Majority in Virginia" headlined a press release from a National Organization for Women's chapter in Virginia. Declaring that for the first time in 20 years, the Dulles Chapter of the ultra-left NOW announced it was dumping the Democrats to "endorse the prospect of a Republican majority . . ." The unusual action by the NOW chapter can be summed up in two words: Bill Clinton....."

Jewish World Review 10/19/99 Betsy Hart ".....I'LL NEVER FORGET meeting a woman who billed herself as a "child-advocate" but who became visibly horrified when I mentioned to her (jokingly?) that my husband and I eventually wanted six children. I'd rightly suspected she didn't really advocate kids. I thought about her and her like-minded friends when the world recently marked the addition of its 6 billionth person...... The Wall Street Journal summed up the world view of these folks when it editorialized, "Let a chicken or pig be born in Delhi or Shanghai and the bean counters at the U.N. and World Bank will tell you that the nation is wealthier. But let an Indian or Chinese mother give birth to a son or daughter, and it goes down in their crabbed little ledgers as a liability"............ "

WorldNetDaily 10/22/99 John Doggett ".... Eight years ago, Anita Hill unleashed an unprincipled attack against the man who hired her just before she was fired from her first legal job. Anita's attack on Clarence Thomas offended most Americans. However, once Judge Thomas became Justice Thomas, most Americans moved onto other issues. That wasn't the case in Oklahoma. This is a story that the mainstream press has ignored. It is a story of how citizens can make a difference. It is a story about how telling the truth and honor are important outside Washington, D.C. ...... When word of an attempt to create a permanent memorial to Anita reached Oklahoma, many tried to get the University to reject the chair. They were partly successful. The University of Oklahoma Board of Regents said that its rules required it to accept the funds. They also said, however, that the donors couldn't tell them who to appoint. In 1995, Anita's supporters finally raised the $250,000 to endow the chair. The state matched this contribution, as required by state law, with $250,000 in state money. That is where things stood for the next four years. That is because those who believed that Anita's act of treachery should not be honored in Oklahoma kept up the fight. ..... The attacks against Professor Hill were vicious. State Representative Leonard Sullivan called Hill a "cancerous growth" on the law school. Sullivan stated publicly that establishing an Anita Hill Professorship for the Study of Sexual Harassment was akin to establishing a "Jeffrey Dahmer Chair in the School of Cooking."......... In October 1996 Professor Hill resigned from the faculty of the Oklahoma College of Law when it became apparent that she would never be appointed to the endowed chair. She now teaches law, social policy and women's studies at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts....... Four days after E. Z. Million made his threat, the university decided to scrap the Anita Hill chair. The $250,000 raised by Hill's supporters for the chair would be refunded to the donors. The university also lost the $250,000 in matching funds the state had contributed to the Hill chair. The University of Oklahoma has now rid itself of any connection to Anita Hill. ....."

INSIGHT Magazine 10/22/99 Suzanne Fields ".....Stiffed is the brave new word to describe the betrayal of the American man. Poor babies. The pressure of postmodern masculinity is too much for them. The American male suffers from premature emasculation....... This is an idea that only could be written by a woman who dismisses personal responsibility as a guide to action. Susan Faludi, in her best-selling book Stiffed, seeks to put the blame everywhere but at the center of a man's character. She accuses both feminists and the family-values folk for cutting the male down to size........ . . . One of the problems of modern feminism is that in pushing for legitimate rights of women in the workplace, women as mothers are denigrated and downgraded. The sexual revolution, coinciding with the feminist revolution, allowed men to become selfish lovers, to live out irresponsible dreams, abandoning women with children without acquiring the traditional stigma exposing them as the bounders and louts they are....."

Investors Business Daily 11/1/99 "....It could have been worse. Assassins didn't spray the chamber with automatic rifle fire, as in Armenia. But the congresswomen who disrupted a Senate hearing the other day created an appalling spectacle. Their premeditated tantrum raised portents about our deliberative system of government. Led by Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Calif., the Democratic congresswomen marched to the Senate office building in search of Sen. Jesse Helms, the North Carolina Republican who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee. Their mission: protest Helms' opposition to a U.N. convention calling for an end to sex discrimination. They found Helms chairing a hearing to consider an ambassadorial appointment. So they filed into the room with placards proclaiming their fealty to global feminism. What happened next, according to reports, was noisy, vocal disruption. Helms pleaded with them to act like ladies, then ordered their expulsion/ The congresswomen knew what they were doing. They expected Helms to look like a male chauvinist, though he correctly minded the need for order. Of course, he obliged them by using the politically incorrect word ''ladies.'' They also cynically portrayed themselves as injured womankind, which ill serves women's authentic quest for equality......"

Las Vegas Review-Journal 10/31/99 Vin Suprynowicz "....But today's brand of "multiculturalism" goes much further, doesn't it? Our children's textbooks are increasingly filled with the historically bankrupt fantasy that Betsy Ross and Molly Pitcher had as much to do with winning the American Revolution as Washington and Jefferson; that the American Indian was some kind of mystically enlightened ecological steward; and that today's black American is directly descended from an ancient race that built the pyramids of Egypt and had already developed electrical storage batteries before the birth of Jesus. What gives? The answer, of course, is that today's "multiculturalism" is in fact a sharply limited political agenda sold under false colors. The goal here is for a small segment of the academe with giant chips on their shoulders to monomaniacally strip the pictures of dead white males out of our history books and replace them with pictures of blacks, Indians and women. ....And if you really want to upset a modern "multiculturalist," point out that he or she seems curiously intolerant of some "cultures" within modern America -- cultures with documentable thousand-year pedigrees -- where the cultural divisions are not discernible by skin color, at all. As I recently read the introduction to the 1994 Barnes & Noble edition of the esteemed archaeologist Ewart Oakeshott's "The Archaeology of Weapons," I was struck by the passage where he describes the attitude of the ancient Greeks and Romans toward their arms as being totally different from "that extraordinary romantic veneration for their arms so characteristic of Teuton, Celt, and Indian -- and on the other side of the earth, the Japanese." ...."

The Orlando Sentinel 10/31/99 Charley Reese "…. Affirmative action, for example, which is based on racial, ethnic and gender quotas, is an elaborate evasion of the basic truth that people are not equal. Thus, give everyone a truly equal opportunity, and the results will be unequal. But unequal results don't match the ideological belief that humans are equal in all respects except circumstances. Therefore, a racist and sexist system is imposed to evade the reality by simulating equal results. If you define sanity as being in touch with reality, this is a form of insanity. Another example is the use of double standards. Women are equal, ideology says, so they must be admitted to the service academies. But, oops, women can't compete physically with the men. So a double standard goes into effect -- one for men and one for women, which, ironically, puts you right back where you started: facing the fact that women and men are not indeed interchangeable human beings with only minor anatomical differences.

Jewish World Review 10/29/99 Cathy Young "…..Not only does NOW champion affirmative action, it clings to the notion of equal pay for "comparable" work -- the comparability to be determined by gender "experts." The resolution asserts that many traditionally female jobs "require skills and training equivalent" to better-paid traditionally male jobs, with two ludicrous examples: bookkeeping vs. truck driving and data entry vs. welding. Does it matter that the women's jobs offer far more agreeable physical conditions, while the men's jobs have a far greater risk of injury and death? Why doesn't NOW encourage more women to seek higher-paying non-traditional jobs instead of calling for salaries to be set by bureaucrats?…."

Jewish World Review 10/29/99 Cathy Young "…..But the first and longest of NOW's 1999 resolutions is a screed against "fathers' rights" and a call for action on behalf of women in divorce and custody cases. That's ironic because even many feminists who believe that sexism against women is rampant in our society admit that when it comes to child custody, the bias is against men. Karen DeCrow, president of NOW from 1974 to 1977, is an outspoken fathers' rights advocate. Of course, NOW doesn't openly support gender-based maternal privilege….. Sure, some women get the shaft in custody cases; but all the studies show that, by and large, the odds are against men, regardless of their involvement in parenting….."


National Review On-Line 10/18/99 Michael Potemra "….Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, the editor of Commonweal, has a fascinating reflection in the current issue of Dissent on the capture of the Democratic Party by a monolithic pro-choice orthodoxy. She points out, for example, that "no prolife candidate will get Party endorsement or campaign funds." She concludes: "I am loath to say it, and I say it with great reluctance, but I am coming to think of the Democratic Party not as the party of the people, or the party of the poor and vulnerable, but as the party of death....Roe v. Wade is here to stay: the right to abortion is constitutionally protected. That will not change. And because it will not change, perhaps it is time for the liberal-left to stop making it the lens through which candidates and issues must be scrutinized....Isn't it time for the Republicans to be deprived of their cynical use of abortion politics? Isn't it time for Democrats to stop being held hostage to prochoice politics?" …."

San Diego Union Tribune 10/26/99 Kathleen Parker The Orlando Sentinel "…. You no longer have to read between the lines to divine the National Organization for Women's agenda. In a way, it seems refreshingly simple: No Men. That's the only conclusion one can draw upon reviewing NOW's objections to proposed federal legislation, popularly known as the "Fathers Count" bill (HR 3073)….. But NOW really doesn't like the bill because, well, it seems helpful to men. The fact that helping men might result ultimately in helping women and children is irrelevant. Anything that purports to help men is suspect. In the case of the "Father Counts" bill, NOW claims that it's unconstitutional……"


Atlanta Journal 11/12/99 Bill Murphy "….Sometime after the 1960s something changed. Women became empowered and started exchanging their aprons for timecards. It could have been they were sick and tired of avocado-hued appliances. I mostly suspect women realized that their husbands were as dorky as Sonny and they were as cool as Cher, and it was time to get appreciated. Ward Cleaver would soon be spinning in his grave, or at least in his cardigan. ….. It's not that women are some evil Darth Maul trying to wreck the Federation, but simply put, husbands and wives have made the home money-centric rather than family-centric and this is what forces the woman to work (obviously single mothers and lower income families are part of a completely different dynamic). Two people need to work today, not to make ends meet, but to stay at the levels we have set for ourselves in our society. It's not about bread on the table, it's about two cell phones, a bedroom for each child --- one to spare, big-screen TVs and the newest model of a sports sedan and an SUV --- one of each. Really, how far will we go? We're not just trying to keep up with the Joneses, we are the Joneses. …."

Insight on the News Online 11/12/99 Catherine Edward "….When Kathleen Ward Atchason left Wicca, or witchcraft, to join the Roman Catholic Church she never dreamed she would encounter witchcraft wit-hin the walls of Christendom. Atchason lives in Salem, Mass., and still encounters practicing Wiccans in the community and on the street -- but in the church? . . . . In fact, Atchason positively identified for Insight a Wiccan practice gaining currency in many churches. It is documented in two articles in Wellsprings, a defunct journal for Methodist clergywomen. The articles, "A Croning Ritual" and "Reflections from a New Crone," were written by the Rev. Nancy Webb, minister of education and children's education at Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington -- which the Clintons attend -- and by the Rev. Mary Kraus of Dumbarton United Methodist Church in Washington. Webb and Kraus provide details of the Wiccan croning ritual in the articles from their own eyewitness accounts. . . . . "I am surprised that they are doing that," Atchason tells Insight. "A croning ritual is a Wiccan rite of passage." According to Atchason, "the Goddess" worshipped by Wiccans takes on three forms: maiden, representing sexual ripeness; mother, representing birth; and crone, representing old age……. Most Wiccans worship a feminine deity called "the Goddess" and her consort, "the horned God." According to Wiccan high priestess Phyllis Currott, the goddess takes on many forms such as the mythological Greek deities Artemis, Gaia and Sophia as well as Roman, Celtic and Norse goddesses. Some Wiccans meet in groups called covens or circles, while others prefer to practice Wiccan rituals and cast spells alone. …."

Insight on the News Online 11/12/99 Catherine Edward "…. Connie Alt, a former Methodist cleric, is one of those concerned. Alt left her church partly because of what she perceived to be a lack of discernment in the matter of witchcraft by the church's leadership. . . . . When Alt read the Wellsprings article she telephoned Foundry Methodist to speak with Webb. Alt tells Insight that Webb informed her that she found Northern European practices of Wicca very helpful. She then recommended that Alt read a book called The Spiral Dance, by a Wiccan high priestess who calls herself Starhawk. . . . . Disturbed that a professing Christian and Methodist minister would admit to any relationship with witchcraft, Alt called her friend Karen Booth, pastor at Long Neck United Methodist Church in Delaware. They had reason to believe that their bishop, Susan Morrison, herself had taken part in the croning ritual. When questioned, however, Booth tells Insight that Morrison said she could "neither confirm nor deny having taken part in the croning ritual, but that she had witnessed many croning rituals." . . . . Although disturbed by this response, Booth did not bring up the matter for several years until last fall when she found out that one of her parishioners' daughters was reading Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation, by a Wiccan high priestess called Silver Ravenwolf. Alarmed that Wicca was influencing young women in her own congregation, Booth, along with Long Neck's lay leader, Elaine Wood, reluctantly filed charges against Webb and Kraus for practicing a spirituality contrary to the teaching of the Methodist church.. . . . Of particular concern to Booth was a blessing mentioned by Webb at the end of the Wellsprings article which she noted bears a striking resemblance to a blessing mentioned in Starhawk's The Spiral Dance, except that Webb's blessing omits a line about "the Goddess." When May asked Webb why she left this line out, says Booth, Webb told him she had said the blessing from memory and she would have inserted the line about the goddess had she remembered it.

Insight on the News Online 11/12/99 Catherine Edward "….. . . . Much of the media attention about goddess worship in churches first focused on an event held in Minneapolis in 1993 called the Reimagining Conference, but more-isolated incidents such as the "croning ritual" have not received a great deal of coverage. Most mainline denominations sponsored the Reimagining Conference, at which a group of Methodist clergy, among others, encouraged participants to reject traditional notions of Christ's death to atone for sin because "in light of women's experience, such as slavery and female sexual abuse, understandings of sacrifice, atonement and martyrdom are being re-examined." . . . . According to a report by Methodist clergy who attended, as many as 2,200 conference participants shared in a communion of milk and honey and recited a feminist liturgy: "To our maker Sophia, we are women in your image, with nectar between our thighs we invite a lover, we birth a child, with our warm body fluids we remind the world of its pleasures and sensations." Sophia was honored at the conference as "our creator Sophia." "Sophia" is the Greek translation of the Old Testament word for wisdom. Some feminist philosophers claim that wisdom is portrayed as a woman in the book of Proverbs……."

Insight on the News Online 11/12/99 Catherine Edward "….. . . . Mary Hunt is a feminist who does not share Dooling's concern and is pleased with the growth of feminist philosophy in the Christian church. Hunt is a Roman Catholic and codirector of the Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual, or WATER. An editorial on the front page of Waterwheel, WATER's quarterly newsletter, reads, "Starhawk gets it right in her new introduction to the twentieth-anniversary edition of The Spiral Dance, the book that launched Goddess religion into the contemporary mainstream. 'How do I learn this ... how do I pass this on?' " . . . . Hunt tells Insight that while her newsletter quotes Starhawk, a Wiccan high priestess, that she and codirector Diann Neu consider themselves to be Catholic, although WATER is not affiliated officially with the Roman Catholic Church. "We seek to influence it however and receive funding from some Catholic bishops," she says….."

Providence Journal 11/30/99 "….The Washington Post recently published a glowing profile of Donna Brazile, the no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners campaign manager for presidential candidate (and Vice President) Albert Gore. Ms. Brazile, who is best known for being fired from Michael Dukakis's presidential campaign for publicly accusing George Bush of having an affair, had a lot of interesting things to tell the Post reporter: She's tough, she said, she gets things done, and she has provocative things to say about her fellow humans. Take male Caucasians, for example. Ms. Brazile told the Post that she is determined not to "let the `white boys' win" this election. She did not mean to indict all white boys, she explained, since she was describing an "attitude. [The] white-boy attitude is `I must exclude, denigrate and leave behind.' They don't see it or think about it. It's a culture. It is the sense of entitlement," she added, and that, concluded the Post, "she will not have." ….."

The Orlando Sentinel 11/24/99 Linda Kleindienst "…..The "Choose Life" license tag won the go-ahead from Gov. Jeb Bush and the Cabinet on Tuesday and should go on sale within 60 to 90 days. But the saga of the tag that has pitted abortion-rights and anti-abortion factions against each other is far from over. One federal lawsuit has already been filed to stop the plate from being distributed, and a separate state challenge is expected to be filed in Palm Beach Circuit Court today. The yellow plate with childlike crayon drawings of two children's faces was approved in a 5-2 vote. Attorney General Bob Butterworth and Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson, both Democrats, voted against the plate, saying it carries an inappropriate political message. "I don't think we should have a political statement on a license plate," Butterworth said after the vote. "I think it's a horrible, horrible policy. I doubt very much this plate will survive the ultimate legal test." ….. Opponents contend the tag's message is blatantly anti-abortion and unconstitutional, and they promise to fight it in court. "This isn't about anything other than controlling women and women's lives," said Toni Van Pelt, head of Florida's chapter of the National Organization for Women. "We think the Legislature has been irresponsible." She said NOW is prepared to file a legal challenge with the help of Boca Raton attorney Barry Silver, a former state legislator who knocked down a 1997 law requiring doctors to provide women seeking abortions with a check list of options……"

Newsmax 11/28/99 L Dean "…. When the women's movement came along as a result of the "Sexual Revolution" of the early 1960s, the housewife was told that she no longer had to tolerate changing diapers, wiping noses and cooking and cleaning all day long -- in fact, she was mocked for doing so. Why, she could have a career too! In fact, she could have it all and she should. So women started asking, "If men can have careers, why can't we?" They left behind the caring of their children and homes and invaded the workplace. Since they were now bringing home their own bacon and baby sitters and nannies were taking care of their children, it seemed that they did have it all. What did they need men for? …..So, as Dr. Laura points out, the women's movement told men that they were no longer needed. The result was that men became irresponsible because their traditional responsibilities were taken away from them. In short, they were told their services were no longer needed. After a time, these same women woke up and realized, "Hey, wait a minute! I'm doing all the work here! I never asked for this." But, oh yes, ladies, you did….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 11/23/99 Greg Pierce "….The New Republic, which is not exactly unfriendly to Vice President Al Gore, is a bit perplexed by his campaign manager. Here's how the magazine put it in the Dec. 6 issue: "Among the many remarkable statements Al Gore's campaign manager, Donna Brazile, made to The Washington Post on November 16 was the following blanket description of Caucasian males. '[Brazile] will not let the "white boys" win,' the Post reported. Brazile said that was not a description of 'gender or race, it's an attitude. A white-boy attitude is "I must exclude, denigrate and leave behind." . . . They don't see it or think about it. It's a culture.' 'It is the sense of entitlement,' explained the Post. 'And that she will not have.' Since when, we wonder, is the phrase 'white-boy attitude' not about gender or race? …."

Washington Post 11/25/99 Steven Mufson "….Seeking to defuse anger among women's groups, Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright vowed yesterday that President Clinton's next budget proposal would sharply increase U.S. funding for international family planning programs. Albright, who attended a luncheon with leaders of women's groups and family planning organizations, said the administration "remains deeply dissatisfied" with restrictions on aid to family planning groups that it reluctantly accepted in order to obtain money to pay U.S. debts to the United Nations in the fiscal 2000 budget. Taking aim at members of Congress who insisted on those restrictions as a condition for U.N. funding, Albright said "it is unwise, illogical and wrong to hold our obligations to the United Nations hostage to an extremist agenda on international family planning." …." 11/22/99 Chris Weinkopf "….THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE SPECIAL….. until last week, he had never wronged feminists….. And they were good to him. They conveniently forgot everything they had said about Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill when word got out that the President had seduced a young intern in his office. They revised their position on sexual harassment, allowing for one free self-exposure, or an unsolicited grope, after Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey complained of unwanted advances. When Juanita Broaddrick brought forth credible allegations of rape, they kept quiet. Sacrificing their credibility, they thought, would produce reciprocal loyalties from the Commander-in-Chief…… His legacy is now what concerns him most, and that means shoring up his standing with the UN, which had been threatening to strip the US of General Assembly voting rights if Washington did not pay up by the end of the year. So this time around, he nominally conceded to Republican demands, much to the chagrin and embarrassment of his feminist defenders. But as far as Clinton betrayals go, this one is small potatoes. Since 1993, the President has skirted around US law prohibiting the direct funding of overseas abortions by sending money, earmarked for non-abortion expenses, to groups that promote and perform abortions. (Thus enabling them to free up their own funds for that purpose.) Under his new agreement with Congress, he can continue to do so, if he accepts a small cut in total American funding for international "family planning" efforts, and spends no more than $15 million on pro-abortion causes-which is less than such groups received last year….."


The Washington Times 11/19/99 Wesley Pruden "…. Here's a tip for Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, Jiang Zemin or any other big-time cowboy yearning to make trouble for America: send an army of women. We scared. They could even come unarmed, since unregistered guns frighten feminists. The National Organization for Women would declare fighting back as "sexist" (and maybe sexual harassment besides) and the only thing left to do, for Bill Clinton or whoever succeeds him, would be to arrange a suitable surrender. Our mighty military, no longer designed to be a war-fighting machine, has already surrendered to the ladies and the lady-men in Congress. Several politically incorrect officers at the Pentagon concede that the signs are ominous. The Army, in one straw in the wind, is investigating allegations that two recruiting officers in Little Rock -- must Arkansas be resigned to always being ground-zero? -- have given the required aptitude tests to surrogates acting for recruits who couldn't have made it into the Army……Some of the most vehement objections to women in combat come from women in the Army, who understand their limitations and who understand how these limitations would contribute to getting themselves and the men killed when war comes, as war always will. One day a foe of our own size will teach us this lesson, and the blood of a lot of young men and women will be on the hands of the feminists and the congressmen, Pentagon warriors and other cowards they have so easily emasculated….." 12/4/99 Stuart Taylor Jr. ".....BRAZILE ... WILL NOT LET THE "WHITE BOYS" WIN. And that's not a description of "gender or race, it's an attitude. A white-boy attitude is 'I must exclude, denigrate and leave behind,' " Brazile says. "They don't see or think about it. It's a culture." It is the sense of utter entitlement. And that she will not have. That is how Washington Post reporter Robin Givhan quoted Donna Brazile, Al Gore's campaign manager, deep in a glowing Nov. 16 profile. Imagine the same statement-but with "white boys" changed to "black girls"-being made by George W. Bush's campaign manager. It would have touched off a national sensation. Legions of Democrats would have demanded-and promptly received-apologies, but these would not have stilled the clamor. The campaign manager would have been banished from public life, perhaps forever. And Bush's candidacy would have been severely damaged, with dozens of follow-up stories probing every corner of the Bush camp for other signs of infection by racism. So how did Donna Brazile's little slur play? Well, the authors of two letters to the editor of the Post found it offensive. So did The New Republic, in a brief item (republished in the Washington Times): "Since when, we wonder, is the phrase 'white-boy attitude' not about gender or race?" So did the Providence Journal-Bulletin. And that's about it: As of Dec. 1, I can find no other mention, in any publication, of Brazile's comment. One reason for this, of course, is that "white boys" and other slurs directed at white males are habitually shrugged off, based on a double standard that is understandable in light of our history of racial oppression, but far too forgiving if we want a future of racial tolerance....."

The New Republic 1/31/2000 Jeffrey Rosen "…. Last week, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a constitutional challenge to the Violence Against Women Act……. Although the effects of violence against women on interstate commerce are open to question, Congress's careful consideration of the issue would have been enough to persuade the deferential Supreme Court for most of the twentieth century. Between 1937 and 1995, the Court refused to strike down a single law on the grounds that Congress had exceeded its power to regulate interstate commerce, no matter how remote the interstate effects in question--even in cases involving backyard wheat farming or racial discrimination in Southern motels. This long period of judicial restraint was defended by liberals and conservatives alike who objected to the way the Court, during the Progressive and New Deal eras, had second-guessed the political branches by stretching and extrapolating from the constitutional text. In 1995, however, for the first time in nearly 60 years, the Supreme Court struck down an act of Congress, the Gun-Free School Zones Act, holding that its effects on interstate commerce were too remote…. Violence against women is not an economic activity or an instrumentality of commerce, the argument goes, and, even if gender-motivated violence affects the economic activities of women within a state, its effects on interstate commerce aren't substantial enough to pass constitutional muster. But, if the Supreme Court strikes down the Violence Against Women Act on that basis, it will call into question scores of other federal laws and embolden states-rights judges on lower courts to declare war on Congress…… In a harbinger of things to come, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has refused to enforce certain federal environmental laws, such as the Clean Water Act's protection of wetlands, in cases where the wetland has no obvious effects on interstate commerce……. "

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/22/2000 Ellie Dillon "…. Abortion was supposed to reduce teen pregnancy. But the unmarried teen pregnancy rate has risen from 49.4 per thousand in 1972 to 99.2 per thousand in 1990. Abortion has encouraged irresponsible behavior and sex without any consequences. Our young daughters don't have a good reason to say no to sex as long as abortion is an option. And abortion is a great way for men to pursue their sexual pleasures. One study of 46,500 school-age mothers found that two-thirds of the girls were impregnated by adult fathers with a median age of 22. These are men who prey on young girls and then try to hide their crimes with abortion. Child abuse rates were to drop due to the elimination of unwanted children. But the figures show a 331 percent increase in child abuse in two decades. Sanctioning and even encouraging parents to kill their offspring has clearly devalued children born or unborn. We were told abortion would "empower" women and let them make their own choices. But research has shown that 80 percent of women are pressured by their husbands or boyfriends or by their parents to abort their baby. Is this empowerment? Abortion is not a true "choice" for a woman; it is an act of despair. The psychological impact of abortion is so profound because women are acting against their maternal instincts and consciences. They react with guilt, anger, depression, substance abuse and suicide. The only people who are empowered are men. They can have sex without any responsibility to their partner or their unborn children……"

Chattanooga Free Press 1/22/2000 "….. Everyone recoils with horror over the Nazi extermination camps that killed 6 million Jews and millions of others during the hideous reign of Adolf Hitler. Fewer people are aware that the Communist rule of Lenin and Stalin brought the deaths of perhaps 30 million people in Russia. And there was the horrible Communist conquest of China that eventually cost as much as 60 million lives. Because of the shocking pictures of piles of human skulls, we are aware of the more recent horror of Cambodia's "killing fields" (2 million dead). But America has its Holocaust, too -- and too many of our people simply ignore it. It has taken 35 million innocent babies' lives -- and the death toll is still rising! …… Most of the abominable problem began with sexual irresponsibility. All of it has resulted from a decision that the life of a baby is of less importance than the convenience of the mother who conceived the little one -- or, more commonly than most people know -- the convenience of the irresponsible father, who presses abortion on a woman he's used sexually without commitment or support. Proponents of killing babies through abortion have campaigned as favoring "choice" -- carefully avoiding explanation that the choice is between life or death of babies….."

The Washington Times 1/21/2000 Philip Gold "… As communicators, we too often love what we're saying more than we love those we're talking to. They know it. You can't connect with people you're angry at." The words belong to Jim Hanon, president of a small non-profit advertising and film production agency in Grand Rapids, Mich., a brilliant, pioneering, prophetic man who has crafted a new strategy for what he calls the art of communicating virtue. It works. …… The pro-life commercials are unique in several ways. First, they are based on serious communications and marketing research. This research determined that, although most women regard abortion as wrong, an unplanned pregnancy is often felt as a deadly assault upon a woman's very self. Being pregnant becomes the enemy; abortion, an act of self-affirmation and self-defense. …. The spots targeting women in crisis are superbly produced: soft, mellow, subdued, much in the Hal Riney style - Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America" campaign commercials come to mind. There's a number to call at the end, but the spots tell women to trust their own inner voices; to remember who and what they are; and that life's detours happen, but need not damage them….."

Washington Times 1/11/2000 Bill Pryor "…. Today, the nation's highest court will consider the constitutionality of a key provision in the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Aimed at the twin evils of domestic abuse and sexual assault, VAWA's Subtitle C allows victims of gender-motivated violence to sue their attackers in federal court…. Having regrettably concluded that Subtitle C is both unconstitutional and misguided, the state of Alabama has urged the Supreme Court to strike down the provision. Because the Founding Fathers understood the danger of concentrated power, they limited Congress' authority to those powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution. All other power was reserved to the people and the states. Thus, even the most commendable federal statute is unconstitutional if it is not authorized by one of Congress' enumerated powers. As a result, Subtitle C's supporters - including the Clinton Justice Department - have labored to fit the provision under both Congress' power to regulate interstate commerce and its power to enforce the 14th Amendment. The fit is so forced, however, that even this Supreme Court - with its sympathy for women's issues - is unlikely to buy the argument….."

Associated Press 1/11/2000 Laurie Asseo "…..The Supreme Court confronts crucial questions of federal versus state authority in a case that asks whether rape victims can sue their attackers in federal court. Lawyers for a former Virginia Tech student who says she was raped by two football players are asking the justices in arguments today to reinstate a key provision of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act….. The law ``displaces state prerogative in areas of traditional state authority,'' lawyers for one of the football players contended in court briefs. Allowing Congress to regulate non-economic conduct would ``authorize Congress to regulate virtually anything,'' they added. The Clinton administration and 36 states are siding with Christy Brzonkala and asking the court to reinstate the federal law……. The court in 1995 threw out the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act, which made it a crime to possess a gun near a school. The justices said the law was insufficiently linked to interstate commerce and usurped states' authority over such crimes. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals relied heavily on that ruling when it threw out Brzonkala's lawsuit against the two football players. The appeals court said Congress' power to regulate interstate commerce and assure all citizens of equal protection did not authorize it to enact the portion of the Violence Against Women Act that let rape victims sue their attackers….."

Scripps Howard News Service via Albuquerque Tribune 1/00/00 Lawrence Spohn "....Rape is not typically the crime of male domination as it has been portrayed by sociologists and feminists in recent years, says a University of New Mexico biology professor. Instead, UNM's Randy Thornhill and Colorado anthropologist Craig T. Palmer have developed a new theory that rape is a complex sexual crime with strong roots in human evolution. Moreover, contend Thornhill and Palmer, rape "prevention efforts will founder until they are based on the understanding that rape evolved as a form of male reproductive behavior." "We have to get real about rape," Thornhill said in a recent interview. The two scientists have co-authored an article entitled "Why Men Rape" in the current issue of the journal The Sciences..... In the article, Thornhill and Palmer take aim at the prevailing societal notion that rape isn't about sex but about male power and is "a symptom of an unhealthy society in which men fear and disrespect women." ...... But they do not equate "natural" as good and agree that their public mission is to make rape extinct as a trait in human beings...... In an interview, Palmer said the article aims to convince "those who accept evolution but don't see it as applying to the brain and behavior and particularly the behavior of rape....... The two scientists contend that current thinking about what causes rape is so bankrupt that it ignores the reality that by definition rape requires sexual arousal of the rapist....... "Nothing in our approach means that rape is inevitable just because it's biological," Thornhill said. "In no way does it imply that (rape) is morally correct or acceptable....."

The Wall Street Journal 1/9/00 William Bennett Charles Colson ".... Over the past few months the Clinton administration has lobbied for the United Nations to adopt a protocol that would lend legitimacy to prostitution and hard-core pornography...... It's been estimated that each year some two million women and children world-wide are sent into lives of sexual bondage, usually as prostitutes....... Yet in Vienna a week from today--when the U.N. Convention on Transnational Organized Crime votes on its protocol to combat international trafficking in women and children--White House representatives will take the first step toward legitimizing the sexual-trafficking business. Negotiations on this Vienna Protocol have been going on for the past year and a half. Since December, however, the White House delegation has worked to narrow the definition of sexual trafficking, in a way that would allow certain prostitution rings to flourish. It has done so despite the objections of a majority of the G-77 countries and other developing nations, whose women are the principal victims of sex trafficking......"


THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/24/2000 Barbara Curtis "….Twenty-seven years ago, nine black-robed men handed feminists a triumph that would try our souls, and - I have come to believe - find them wanting. On Jan. 22, 1973, when the "Sisterhood is Powerful" crowd rejoiced at the outcome of Roe vs. Wade, I was with them - a Washington radical feminist scholar/abortion rights advocate, much in demand as a spokeswoman by virtue of my motherhood. After all, who better to illustrate the righteous need for abortion than a young woman with a future, already encumbered by a 3-year-old in day care? Five years later in San Francisco, that same little girl clutched my hand as we struggled against the chilly Van Ness Avenue wind on our way to some euphemistically styled "women's health clinic." "Samantha," I explained, ever the politically vigilant parent, "Mommy is pregnant. But since Jasmine's only 2 and I'm not married anymore, this just isn't a good time to have a baby. We're lucky women have a choice." …... And on the morning of my own abortion, I was feeling a little extra righteous. After years of posturing and sloganeering, I finally had an opportunity to demonstrate my core beliefs - like a rite of passage. Or a sacrament. And in the 27 years since Roe vs. Wade, isn't that what it's now become? Consider the sacred ground around abortion temples, free speech suspended so as not to hinder partaking of the ritual within and abortion providers occupying pedestals for their noble efforts. Heretics dare not blaspheme by calling a fetus a baby or what happens to it murder. And as though in the grip of a state religion, the media use only sanctioned terms: pro-choice, reproductive rights, products of conception. …."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/24/2000 Barbara Curtis "….But who's extreme? For all the left's vaunted respect for multiculturalism, pro-abortion evangels - like missionaries of old - spend vast amounts of time, energy and taxpayer money crusading into the Third World to bring the "good news" of "family planning" to primitives whose backward belief systems stand in the way of their salvation. Like religious zealots arriving on your doorstep when what you really need is an ambulance, they rush to ravaged lands such as Kosovo with abortion kits aplenty for those in dire need of more life-sustaining commodities such as medicine, food and water. And what about here at home? In the United States, according to the very pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute, 34 million abortions took place from 1973 to 1996. That's a million and a half per year. Who knows what genius men and women were whooshed away from our midst and with them what art, what music, what inventions, what cures. How about it, sisters? Especially those of you who rode the crest of the second wave with me: Did you ever dream that this was where we were headed? Did you ever dream we would call a politician a friend to women - no matter how flagrantly he exploited them - as long as he continued to back abortion on demand? Did you ever dream we would enter the realms of denial required to condone a procedure in which a perfectly viable infant is pulled feet first through the birth canal until all but her head is exposed, then stabbed in the skull to suck out her brains, delivered dead and sold to the highest bidder for body parts? …."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/24/2000 Barbara Curtis "….Perhaps it's time to wake up and slap some cold water on our faces. Time to stop the hypocrisy, to sever the ideals of feminism - dignity for women, equal status, equal opportunity, equal pay - from what has become a religious devotion to death. We should have listened to our mothers - the feminist ones, that is. Susan B. Anthony, now featured on our currency, wasn't thinking of political correctness when she referred to abortion as "child murder." ….. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, with her anti-slavery perspective, wrote, "When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." Mattie Brinkerhoff said: "When a man steals to satisfy hunger, we may safely conclude that there is something wrong in society - so when a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is an evidence that either by education or circumstances she has been greatly wronged." Think that one over next time you're standing in line at the grocery store - as I was recently - and overhear a teen-age girl nonchalantly discussing with a friend the abortion she's having tomorrow. Some legacy. ….."

NY POST 1/25/2000 Rod Dreher "….Last week, a friend was leaving a lunch in Midtown when he got caught up in a hubbub on the street. Hillary Clinton was also departing from a lunch date, and the crowds were agog. "I wanted to scream out, 'What about Juanita Broaddrick!'" he said. "But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm not sure what the right thing to do was." A gentleman can never go wrong by resisting the temptation to yell the equivalent of "Your husband is a rapist!" at a woman on the street. …… Hillary has been puffed as a feminist icon, yet she has acted like the ultimate doormat wife, craven to her loutish husband for position in the world. "I want to be judged on my own merits," Hillary has said. Well, what has she done in public life that didn't depend on her husband's power and place? She has stood by her man even as he harassed or carried on with other women, and even defended him as his henchmen then tried to destroy those women's reputations -- and, perhaps worse, (think of the threats Kathleen Willey received) when they dared to speak out. On second thought: hell yeah: What about Juanita Broaddrick? …."

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 2/2/2000 Tom Kertscher "..... If the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has its way in a case involving a Burlington company, foul language in the workplace could be policed by the federal government. The EEOC turned a same-sex harassment complaint against the firm into a class-action lawsuit that could lead to federal regulations affecting speech in the workplace, lawyers and a professor familiar with the case said Tuesday. "It's about whether you want the federal government policing the use of swear words that might have sexual connotations in the workplace," said Jeffery Mallamad of Indianapolis, the lawyer representing the Burlington firm, Ball-Foster Glass Container Co. The case involves two female employees who contend that a female co-worker harassed them and other employees with sexually offensive comments. No sexual contact is alleged....."

Washington Times 1/31/2000 "…. It is against the law to pay similarly qualified men and women different wages for the same job. Simple, right? Then why is it that President Clinton announced last week that he wants Congress to spend $10 million to train 3,000 employers and 1,000 "staff inspectors" about equal-pay laws? And what about the $17 million he wants Congress to pass on to the Labor Department to help train women for fields they tend not to pursue, such as computer science? ….. Mr. Clinton may speak the uncontroversial, even soothing language of equality - he claims to seek nothing more than "equal pay for equal work" - but he is in fact pushing the government to enforce a dangerously dictatorial, not to mention illogical, policy of equal pay for different work. Remember comparable worth? This is the feminist chestnut Mr. Clinton is dusting off, much to the pleasure of feminist supporters who stood by their man during his impeachment trials and tribulations. This theory - which courts have rejected - sets out to determine the value of a job according to criteria that have nothing to do with the free market; typically, they value traditionally female occupations, such as stenography, more highly than traditionally male occupations, such as trucking. The whole thing stems from the misleading statistic that women earn only 75 cents for every dollar men earn. But this ratio compares all women's salaries with all men's salaries, ignoring the often divergent career paths taken by the sexes….." 1/26/2000 Cathy Young "…. "Modern feminism, until recently at least," the late social critic Christopher Lasch wrote in a 1993 essay, "promised not to intensify sexual warfare but to bring about a new era of sexual peace in which women and men could meet each other as equals, not as antagonists." If so, its promise certainly hasn't been fulfilled. Harmony between the sexes sometimes seems more elusive than ever. It's no accident that a perennial bestseller of the 1990s was a book built on the concept that the problems between men and women stem from forgetting that we're creatures from different planets….. The law no longer gives men any privileges; and, while it would be Pollyannaish to assert that women have reached fully equal economic opportunities, many leading feminists -- such as University of Southern California law professor Susan Estrich -- now acknowledge that disparities in pay and advancement are due at least partly to women's personal choices about work and family…… Women, for the most part, are the ones who must wrestle with hard decisions about balancing work and family. Men, for the most part, have much less freedom to cut down on work and spend more time with their children, or trade a lucrative job for a more fulfilling one. Today, the social pressure on fathers to bring home a paycheck is considerably stronger than the pressure on mothers to be at home……. No less disturbingly, the women's movement often seems to have shifted from the goal of equal treatment to one of female advantage. After helping bring down the maternal custody presumption in an effort to eliminate discriminatory laws in the 1970s, the movement turned increasingly hostile to fathers' claims of equality (at least when those claims conflict with those of mothers and not those of employers stingy with paternity leave)...." 1/26/2000 Cathy Young "….In 30 years, for example, rape victims' advocacy has gone from challenging clearly unjust practices (such as jury instructions that "unchaste character" could be held against the woman's credibility) to insisting that if a woman feels raped, the man must be guilty. As legal scholar Catharine MacKinnon put it, "Feminism is built on believing women's accounts of sexual use and abuse by men." …. Both camps are preoccupied with men's mistreatment of women. In the conservative version of the personal-as-political, the liberalization of social and sexual mores has lifted the constraints that held male misconduct in check: Single women, duped into making themselves sexually available, are used and dumped at every turn, and those lucky enough to get married are still in constant danger of being dumped because divorce has been made easy. Men, in this scheme of things, have virtually no interest in love, marriage or children unless women rope them into commitment by withholding sex and unless there is societal pressure on them to get and stay married. They'll act like pigs if given half a chance, and they've been given just such a chance by feminism and the sexual revolution….."

Human Events 1/28/2000 Ann Coulter "….TWO black guys in the South accused of rape by a white woman are being railroaded through the justice system on account of a feminist lunacy known as the "Violence Against Women Act." The law was enacted by a Democratic Congress and signed into law by President Clinton during his second year in office. "Railroaded" is not too strong a word. A grand jury-which, according to Sol Wachtler's famous adage, would indict a ham sandwich-refused to indict the accused black men, Antonio Morrison and James L. Crawford. But Bill Clinton and the Democrat Congress gave their accuser, Christy Brzonkala, another shot at holding the men liable for the rape she alleges, they deny, and a grand jury refused to indict them for…….. The Violence Against Women Act (also known, discordantly, as "VAWA") provides civil remedies, with civil standards of proof, for an accusation of rape and other violent felonies as defined by state law. States already provide both criminal and civil causes of action for violent crimes, but VAWA incorporates criminal law elements, not state civil law elements, into its civil cause of action…….. So the defendants in Brzonkala face the prospect of being labeled "rapists," without ever having been granted the tedious formalities of a criminal trial-such as the requirement of an indictment by a grand jury, a right to confront their accuser, or the right to be tried by a jury, and pronounced guilty only upon a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. ……."


National Review Online 2/11/00 Jonah Goldberg "….Anybody who has read Anita Hill's writings can only come to one of two conclusions: She is not a very serious person, or she is secretly making fun of feminists. In today's New York Times she suggests that Hillary Clinton's troubled campaign is the victim of sexism. She cites the 1873 Bradwell case, in which the Supreme Court ruled that "God designed the sexes to occupy different spheres of action," and "it belonged to men to make, apply, and execute the laws." The "domestic sphere" was women's proper domain. Now, first of all, we should recognize that the Court was at least right in the sense that men and women were designed - by God, evolution, or both - for "different spheres of action." Anyway, Hill says that the Bradwell case codified in law the notion that the woman's place was in the home. "Such thinking seems quaint today," writes Hill. "Or is it?" She asks dramatically. She goes on to suggest that the roller-coaster ride quality of Hillary's approval ratings is a symptom of deep-seated American sexism. Hillary!'s poll numbers were lowest when she tried to overhaul health care, highest when she stood by her man during the Lewinsky scandal. Ah ha!, reasons the woman who lied during the Clarence Thomas hearings, the American people cannot respect a woman who is serious about the issues. Further investigations by Hill reveal that - surprise - the current reactions to Hillary's Senate campaign only confirm her theory…….The point is that Hillary's problems have to do with the fact that she is perceived as illegitimate. She was not elected to anything. Thus, talk of her being a "co-president" in 1993 was unamusing to all but the most irrational of Hillary boosters. When she tried to run health care (into the ground) she was perceived as getting the job solely through nepotism. Victimology feminists - as best represented by Hill - are incapable of comprehending that Americans do not consider martyrdom a qualification for anything. ….."

United Nations press release 2/4/00 "….. [04 Feb 2000] GA/SM/149 : ASSEMBLY PRESIDENT STRESSES REFORM, FINANCING FOR DEVELOPMENT, GENDER EQUALITY, MENACE OF SMALL ARMS AND AIDS AS CORE UN CONCERNS …… GA/SM/149 …… Humanity, as I expected, survived, actually defeated, the Y2K bug. I am, however, afraid that in the critical and challenging fields of nuclear disarmament, human relations, disparities between the haves and the have-nots, organized crime, transfer of technology, financing for development, gender equality, children's rights and protection, the record of the United Nations Member States, industry and academia alike stinks to the high heavens. The global community is integrating and fragmenting at the same time and the United Nations efforts towards peace and development are constantly being frustrated…….. Last year, the Secretary-General produced a comprehensive and thought-provoking and, in some respects, challenging report. I would like to exemplify one issue, among others, which engendered a very robust and passionate debate, on a somewhat divisive issue. This issue, "humanitarian intervention", some delegations felt, put the concepts of State "sovereignty" and "human rights" on equal footing. There is the rub…….. I, myself, said that the idea of "humanitarian intervention" was not only alarming, but it was actually threatening the very existence of the sovereignty of States, as well as undermining the sacred principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations. I concluded by asserting that it did not constitute my idea of "a new world order". Until the jury is back, I still hold that view. …….. Today, at the United Nations, the ongoing discussions and trade- offs are concentrated on the following areas of policy that I have delineated:
First one is the reform, restructuring and democratization of the United Nations system, including the international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and others…..
Second, financing for development, in line with the human-centred proposals and recommendations of the major United Nations summits, starting with the 1992 Rio Summit on environment and development through those on human rights, population, women and development, habitat and ending with the Rome Food Summit in 1996. Out of all this, poverty eradication is the ultimate goal.
Third, gender equality, which also links up with children's rights and protection, as well as the restoration of healthy and productive family life.
Fourth, the proliferation and spiralling menace of small arms in the third world where armed conflicts, civil wars and ethnic cleansing are rampant. The call is to put an end to this nasty business.
Fifth, the external debt owed by many developing countries to the industrialized countries. Total debt cancellation is the only answer…..
Sixth, and last, HIV/AIDS. This is, today, the single most devastating crisis facing the modern society and its inhabitants. The most affected regions of the world are the very ones where the poorest of the poor live, with sub-Saharan Africa topping the list….."

INSIGHT Magazine 2/4/00 J Michael Waller "….. Friends and allies of first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton have ratcheted up an international campaign against the Roman Catholic Church. An assortment of feminist, religious, atheist, environmentalist and Marxist groups, united in opposition to the church's leadership in the resistance against spreading abortion rights around the world, is trying to persuade U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to de-recognize the church from its permanent-observer status in the world organization. Led by the International Planned Parenthood Federation and a U.S.-based group calling itself Catholics for a Free Choice, the campaign, named "See Change," has grown from 70 nongovernmental endorsers since last March to more than 400 today. It isn't exactly a mainstream campaign. Among a smattering of church groups, endorsers include Atheists United; the Bolivian Rebellion Collective; the Feminist Majority; the International Society of Abortion Doctors; the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League; the National Organization for Women; Planned Parenthood Federation of America; Republicans for Choice; the Sierra Club; the Women's Ordination Conference; the Quixote Center, which was famous in the 1980s for supporting Fidel Castro-backed revolutionary groups; and a group calling itself Dirty Dirt & the Dirts. ….."

Foreign Policy Research Institute 2/4/00 Walter A McDougall "….Indeed, one of the central goals of the feminist movement is to establish a fully sexually integrated military, trained, fit, and ready to engage in combat. To the advocates of this cause, it is an outrage that the United States is not moving at a rapid enough pace in their direction; but the truth is that it has moved very swiftly indeed. The United States today is the only serious military power in history to contemplate thorough sexual integration of its armed forces. And thanks to an adamant feminist lobby, a conspiracy of silence in the officer corps, and the anodyne state of debate over the issue, the brave new world of female infantry, bomber pilots, submariners, and drill sergeants may lie just around the corner. ……. As former Secretary of the Navy James Webb attests, military institutions must be coercive, hierarchical, and self-sacrificial, and as such they depend on a rigid code of fairness with regard to conduct, performance, and deportment, promotion on merit, and egalitarian treatment that by its nature cannot be gender- neutral. For as soon as the sexes are mixed in close quarters, especially for prolonged and tense intervals, the jealousies, courtships, and favoritism that are bound to erupt must corrode fairness and discipline. Imagine, writes Webb, a ship at sea for a hundred days during which numerous crew members pair off for sex. That in itself spawns favoritism, duplicity, and pregnancies. But what of the crewmen who don't "score" with shipmates and must stifle their libido for months? "The inescapable feelings of resentment, competition, and anger that follow create a powder keg of emotions that cannot help but affect morale, discipline, and attention to duty." To military expert Edward Luttwak, the belief that mixing the sexes need not affect order and discipline is "a grotesque, puritanical hypocrisy. The Army can't do something that eluded the Franciscans. It can't run a mixed monastery." ….."

Orlando Sentinel 2/8/00 AP "…..A judge has ruled that the state cannot distribute the controversial "Choose Life" license plate pending a ruling on whether officials are making a political statement against abortion rights. Monday's decision by Circuit Court Judge Lucy Chernow Brown delays the state's plan to begin issuing the $22 plates next month. Brown said the state can begin manufacturing the plates if it chooses. The National Organization for Women has filed suit against the state in an attempt to block distribution of the plates. The group says the plates are a state-sanctioned political statement against abortion rights. Barry Silver, NOW's attorney, applauded the judge's decision Tuesday. He said that if the plates were distributed it would be difficult to confiscate them if a judge later rules them illegal……" 2/9/00 Jack Ford "…..Our report on "Right Women" for 20/20 opens with familiar, yet still troubling, images of hate - the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi rallies and gay bashers. But what is most frightening about the story we tell is that many of these all-too-familiar hate groups are now lead by surprising new faces-the faces of women. We conducted this investigation over a period of three months, travelling across the country to interview a variety of women who have moved into leadership roles in groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, White Aryan Resistance, and God Hates Fags - roles historically held by men……… "

AP newsday 2/22/00 "…The son of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was charged on Tuesday with assaulting his pregnant wife with a metal serving tray, authorities said. Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow said in a statement that Louis Farrakhan Jr. was charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery in connection with an alleged attack on Feb. 18 at the younger Farrakhan's home in Crete, south of Chicago. Lesil Farrakhan, who is eight months pregnant, suffered a gash to her head, said LaTrina Blair, a spokeswoman for the Will County State's Attorney's office. ..." 2/14/00 Patricia Ireland "……"We are putting the four major networks on notice: Watch Out, Listen Up! And, move over Nielsen, feminists across the country will be tuning in with a critical eye and announcing our own ratings," said National Organization for Women (NOW) President Patricia Ireland. Watch Out, Listen Up! is NOW's campaign to create a more socially responsible and diverse U.S. media. Teams of Feminist Field Analysts will monitor prime-time network programming during the February Sweeps Month. While Nielsen rates television shows based on popularity, NOW will evaluate them based on content. The feminist analysts will rate programs by documenting the amount of violence, stereotypes, sexual exploitation and social responsibility……"

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/18/00 David Boldt "….. The latest shootout at Gender Gap is over toys, specifically Toys R Us' politically unfortunate decision to divide stores into boys' and girls' sections. While signs directing shoppers to "Boys World" and "Girls World" have been taken down in response to a nationwide firestorm of feminist ire, store personnel still freely volunteer that "the boys' toys are here and the girls' are back there with all the pink stuff." I learned this on a recent trip with wife Kelly and daughter Julia, age 21/2, to a local Toys R Us to see what sort of pernicious effect, if any, the new layout would have on Julia's tender sensibilities. Not so long ago, I would simply have chortled with glee over the recent Wall Street Journal article describing the battle between the poor, hapless store executives - simply trying to move more Barbies and GI Joes in an increasingly competitive retailing atmosphere - versus feminists who want the world to be as they wish it were, rather than the way it is....... "

Frontpage Magazine 2/17/00 Karina Rollins "…..IN FORTY YEARS, the political left has gone from fighting racism to creating it. It views every social ill, every cultural trend, every minute statistic through the prism of race and sex, demanding "proportional representation." Thus, if 12 percent of Americans are black, then 12 percent of lawyers, accountants, and horse breeders must be black. If 51 percent of Americans are women, then 51 percent of elected officials and construction workers must be female. Anything less is seen as proof of the evil workings of race or gender discrimination. Such group-think disregards individuality; it ignores that different people simply have different skills and talents. The bean-counters, however, put down their abacuses when the topic is pro sports. Sure, they complain that too few blacks are quarterbacks or head coaches, and assume that racism must be to blame. But they never ask why so many blacks are wide receivers, point guards, sprinters. Surely it is not discrimination that keeps whites from playing these positions. So what explains the disproportional representation? The politically incorrect question: Why? The politically dangerous answer: Race……."


Eagle Forum 2/16/00 Phyllis Schlafly "….President Clinton has just proved again why the feminists, during all those embarrassing months last year, continued to defend behavior that no sane woman would tolerate in a public official, a boss or a husband. He is willing to support their most outrageous ideology wrapped in costly big-government legislative proposals. The feminists' latest demand is for wage control, but it's not just ordinary socialist-style wage control. Wage control with a feminist twist means getting government apparatchiks in the bureaucracy or the judiciary to raise the pay of women while freezing the pay of men and hiring 1000 federal "staff inspectors" to "train" employers to acquiesce……… Clinton started off by parroting the tiresome feminist slogan that women "get paid only 75 percent for the same kind of work" that men do. "The average woman has to work," he whined, "an extra 17 weeks a year to earn what a similarly qualified man in the same kind of job makes."……….. The pay of the average American women includes millions of women like me who spent 25 years raising my children without any personal cash income and therefore will never reach the pay level of similarly qualified men. The pay gap in America is not between men and women at all, but between married women and other women and men who spend their lifetimes in the workforce……… That's primarily the result of a voluntary domestic division of labor, not workforce discrimination by a conspiracy of male chauvinists. Women who remain single and childless, spend their college years more productively, stay in the labor force, and work long hours earn about as much as men....Why are football and baseball players paid more than the President? Lawyers more than ministers? Rock stars more than musicians in major symphony orchestras? Should government decide what they are worth? If it were really true that businesses pay women less than men for the same work, then cost-conscious bosses would hire only or mostly women. Since that doesn't happen, there must be other factors. The proper role of government is to provide equal opportunity, not preferential treatment based on warped social theory, especially when that theory is so demonstrably false….."


Reuters 3/8/00 "….. Women marked International Women's Day Wednesday with protests against continued violence and discrimination. As the U.N. used the day to mourn the devastation wrought by war on millions of women, those in the Yugoslav army were praised for being ready for conflict. In Geneva, 1,000 Kurdish and Afghan women used the day to stage a silent march of protest against discrimination and violence against their sex. ..."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 3/6/00 Charles Morse "…… Marxist theoretician and African nationalist Frans Fannon, in the early 20th century, developed the idea that race conflict equals class conflict as a means of birthing world socialism. The left has subsequently developed "race consciousness" to further conflict between the races. The desired result is an empowered state which, acting as a white knight, steps in to save the citizenry from the planned anarchy. Race has been exploited with a measure of success in America by the left and this has poisoned the well of genuine civil rights in the process. Our Achilles heal is our race problems. The left exploits this by fanning the flames of racism. Setting one race against another proved so successful to the left that they have further defined categories in which to exploit conflict. These include ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and others. Their solution, although rarely articulated, is stronger and more invasive government i.e. socialism. Several ancillary goals are achieved as well on their road to utopia……… "

World Magazine 3/3/00 "…… The growth of the sex industry-what with Internet sex sites, hotel pornography channels, nude dance clubs, international prostitution rings, and more-has become big business. Like other booming industries, it has an insatiable demand for more workers. According to Harold Koh, assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights, and labor, the drug trade is being surpassed by the sex trade. International crime syndicates are finding that selling drugs is less profitable than selling women. This goes beyond prostitution: Women are being sold into sexual slavery. Some 2 million women worldwide have been forced into sexual slavery, said Mr. Koh, testifying before a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee. Typically, women from economically struggling nations-Ukraine, Albania, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, and Nigeria seem to be the most victimized-are offered the chance to immigrate to another country. They will be smuggled into a country, such as the United States or England, only to be forced into prostitution……Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), chairman of the hearing, called the sex trade "the greatest manifestation of slavery in the world today." …."

WorldNetDaily 3/3/00 Julie Foster "…."It may not be a matter of church-state separation, but it is definitely a matter of professional competency," said Scott, who told "The Oregonian" any biologist who leads students to discount the theory of evolution is doing a disservice to them. But the college science department's former chairman, Bruce McClelland, wrote a letter recommending Haley be promoted from assistant to associate instructor last month….. Despite the recommendation, Haley was given written complaints Monday that were filed by other faculty. Vice President of Instruction Bart Queary gave the letters to Haley saying they represent a "serious and persistent issue." "If this is such a 'serious and persistent issue,' why haven't I heard anything about it before now," asks Haley. Queary also told the professor he had complaints of his own, but did not formalize them in writing. According to Haley, Queary suspects the teacher of racism as a result of an educational video Haley showed in class. The video relates an African folk tale explaining the origin of the leopard's spots as the fingerprints of an Ethiopian. Haley says the complaint is unfounded since Danny Glover, a black actor, narrated the tale. ……... Queary said the college is investigating complaints from three students and five women faculty members that Haley tends to belittle women by questioning their intelligence. Haley denies the charges and points to his record as evidence. He taught for seven years at the College of St. Mary in Omaha, an all-girls school. While there, Haley was selected by the pupils to receive the Student Senate award. "They've been trying to get me for three years for teaching creationism and couldn't, so they then came up with this women thing," Haley said……"

The Detroit News 2/28/00 Gary Heinlein "….. White men are successfully suing the state and collecting millions of dollars over complaints that once came only from women and minorities -- job discrimination claims. They say the State Police, Department of Corrections and other agencies have been stacking the deck against them in a misguided effort to help females and blacks get ahead. Settlements and jury awards totaling nearly $2.8 million have gone to a dozen men in the last five years. At least six pending cases could cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands more. Reverse discrimination lawsuits also crop up increasingly in private business and local government. ….."Reverse discrimination is a growing phenomenon," said attorney Curt Levey of the Center for Individual Rights in Washington, D.C. "If nothing else, white males are aware of their rights -- or at least what is feasible." ….."


Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute 3/24/00 "…… A pamphlet just released by the Women's Caucus for Gender Justice reveals the intentions and wishes of feminist groups related to the nascent International Criminal Court (ICC). The pamphlet also makes plain the worries of conservative scholars that the new ICC will be an engine of ideological feminism rather than a neutral criminal court.

* "The International Criminal Court: The Beijing Platform in Action" was released to coincide with two ongoing UN meetings, the five year review of the Beijing Women's conference, and yet another round of negotiations for the "procedures" and "elements of crime" for the ICC. The meetings have overlapped in the past few weeks at UN headquarters in New York……
* According to the Women's Caucus, their greatest success in the ICC process was bringing the concept of "gender" into the draft statutes passed in Rome nearly two years ago. Most UN documents in recent years are suffused with what is called "the gender perspective." Until Rome "gender" went undefined. Conservatives charge feminists with wanting an undefined term that could come to include homosexuality. A very narrow definition was insisted upon by the Holy See and a few Latin American and Muslim countries. For the first time in the ICC statutes a UN document now defines "gender" as including only two sexes..."
* Among the most controversial positions of the Women's Caucus comes in the area of abortion. The concept of "enforced pregnancy" came into the statutes before the Rome conference, and feminists insisted it only meant repeated rape for the purposes of impregnation, as was charged by Bosnian women against Serb soldiers. Feminists used the term, however, in a 1991 Utah court case in which the term was used to mean a woman couldn't get an abortion.
* In their pamphlet feminists contend that "withholding abortion from raped women should be explicitly defined as a war crime and a crime against humanity." This position is troubling to Catholics since it would explicitly name a part of their religious beliefs, that abortion is always wrong, a crime against humanity. ..."

3/21/00 Nicholson 3/21/00 "……Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today revealed that four congresswomen who sit on the advisory board of Women Leaders Online, one of the lead groups trying to throw the Vatican out of the United Nations, are trying to hide their involvement in the group's activities. Today, the Women Leaders Online removed pictures of congresswomen Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) and Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), and former Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro (D-N.Y.) from its web page after receiving inquiries about its anti-Catholic bias. "It's no surprise to me that these congresswomen are ashamed to be involved in such a bigoted plot to deny the Vatican a voice in the United Nations," Nicholson said. "However, this cowardly game of duck and hide will not be tolerated by Catholics. Instead, these four members must repudiate the anti-Catholic views of this organization." …."

Zenit News Agency 3/16/00 "…..It has been a little over a week since a group of feminists came into Montreal's Mary Queen of the World Cathedral shouting anti-Catholic slogans and littering it with sanitary napkins, condoms, and women's underwear. Nonetheless, the media in Montreal has been oddly silent about the matter. On March 13, Mark Steyn wrote in Toronto's "National Post" about his quest to find the event in the local Montreal paper. The attack was, in fact, reported, but not on the front page, nor in section A at all. A small one-paragraph article was placed on page C9 among the classified ads, the adults-only classified ads, according to Steyn. Apparently the other English-language Montreal paper, "The Globe and Mail," didn't even print that much about it. Hate Crime? …." 3/17/00 Laura Schlesinger (Dr. Laura) "……However, in the course of my on-air musings about the state we are in as a country, where morality is the butt of jokes and credible professional journals publish studies that advance the cause of pedophiles, I laughingly said, "What's next? Bestiality as innocent fun?" Brace yourselves. Showing up in two leading fashion magazines this winter is a multi-page advertising spread for a couturier that pairs the obligatorily skinny woman in provocative poses with an enormous dog in a studded leather collar. Lest the not-so-subliminal message in this advertising campaign be lost, there are pages of "playful" encounters between them. The first shows the model, clad in a dress slit up to her posterior, bending over the dog and putting a leather mask over his head -- the mask and the spiked collar being well-recognized accoutrements of sadomasochism. Turning the page, we find this girl and her dog in a rather compromising position -- she, on her haunches; the dog on its hind legs, draped over her back. She is clutching the dog's fore legs, which are wrapped around her shoulders -- one paw tucked inside her open jacket, under which she is nude. The model's eyes are closed, and she has a blissful look on face. It's harder to read the dog's face, even though he has changed his leather hood for a spiked muzzle. The last photo shows the woman seated, bent double over her knees and holding onto her ankles. Since very little dress is showing, I guess this ad is selling her shoes, which are definitely suitable for kinky sex, complete with spike heels, ankle straps and rhinestones. The dog obviously likes them, too, as he is licking her feet. The model's expression is ecstatic, if not downright orgiastic. ……So, here we are. The leading women's fashion magazines have accepted these ads that sell clothes by not-so-subtly depicting bestiality and sadomasochism. Do they really believe their readers would find this appealing? How many women do you know that long to have sex with their dogs? ….."

Jewish World Review 3/17/00 Kathleen Parker "….. You want to be just a mom? For shame! FORGET the world is your oyster. For today's girls, the world is an opera-length strand of pearls. From astronaut to athlete, there's nothing a girl can't do. Well, except for that one thing. If they want any respect, girls best not grow up to be just a mom. So I learned recently while eating sushi with "Karen," the 20-year-old daughter of a friend. …….. Wrestling a lump in her throat, Karen managed to speak: "I know this sounds terrible, but, I, I, I want to be a mom." ….."

World Magazine 3/17/00 Mindy Belz "…..In public, Inez and Maria favor fitted overcoats, flouncing head scarves, and dark sunglasses. They look like middle-aged heiresses. Away from scrutiny and out of disguise, they appear more as they are: lovely young women, both 21, who know how to use makeup and to wear high heels. A few nervous habits-Inez cracks her knuckles, Maria taps her toe, they both avoid eye contact-are all that indicates a three-year ordeal has not ended for them. These women (Inez and Maria are not their real names) were brought to the United States from Mexico as part of an elaborate prostitution ring in south Florida. Promised good-paying jobs in restaurants and help with immigration papers, the pair instead found themselves sold repeatedly for sex once they arrived in the United States. They were confined inside a hot trailer, while an armed guard outside sold "tickets"-condoms-for $25 apiece. The women testify to working six days a week, 12 hours a day, and serving at least 30 clients a day. Beaten if they refused to perform, they handed over the empty condom wrappers at the end of each day. Each represented partial payment of a "smuggling fee" the prostitution ringleader, Rogerio Cadena, told them they must work to pay off. ......"

London Times 3/27/00 Damian Whitworth "……THIS week a US Navy frigate will leave San Diego for the Gulf on a mission both routine and historic. Routine, because hunting down suspected Iraqi oil smugglers, boarding their vessels and ordering them into friendly ports is all in a day's work. Historic, because, for the first time the US Navy is sending a warship to sea with a woman in charge. Commander Kathleen McGrath, 47, is a symbol of the sea-change taking place in a service once notorious for its sexism. She will be in command of the USS Jarrett, a 900-tonne guided missile frigate, with a crew of 262. It is a remarkable achievement given that women have been allowed to serve on warships only since 1994. ….."

Fox News 3/25/00 Marian Jones "........ Guidance counselors are tight-lipped when a reporter asks about boys and teen pregnancy; the principal threatens to call the police if students are approached for their opinions. This silence at Ramapo, in affluent Franklin Lakes, N.J., may result from a desire to protect students and close the door on the infamous Amy Grossberg-Brian Peterson case, but it also reflects an underlying reality: Questions remain unanswered about the boys' role in child abandonment cases. The many studies on why women commit neonaticide or abandon their babies "basically don't even mention the fathers," said John Krull, a social worker and expert in the field of child abandonment. "It seems rare for the father to have been involved with the decision" to discard the baby, Krull said. When older children are killed, a man is more likely to be the perpetrator. Neonaticide, the killing of newborns, is committed disproportionately by women, Krull said. Because the role fathers play in the events that lead up to the child abandonment is still unclear, it is more difficult for experts to study the issue. There is a lack of a formal reporting system for cases of throwaway' babies, according to Joyce Johnson of the Child Welfare League.

NewYorkPress 3/26/00 Petra Dickenson "…….In the last 20 years, public perception of domestic violence has gone from disbelief to moral certainty that violence of any kind must be completely eliminated. Since no social goal can ever be achieved without a proper bureaucratic infrastructure, state and local governments have spent oceans of money assembling armies of counselors, social workers and law enforcement officers all trained to detect and deal with signs of abuse. Even Congress stepped in and passed the Violence Against Women Act, justifying its broad powers under the interstate commerce clause because, sadly, under our system of government even goodness needs constitutional justification. ………. Almost without exception, the public debate about domestic violence has focused on the female victim. Female victimology is so much part of our collective consciousness that individual states have even codified it into the men-needn't-apply "battered woman syndrome" legislation. Lost amid the agitation and conspicuously absent from any discussion, however, has been the prevalence of domestic violence against men. When inconvenient data are even brought out, they are instantly dismissed by media savants as "Nonsense!" The release of arrest statistics, collected, ironically, under the mandate of the Violence Against Women Act, indicating that in 1999 women constituted more than 25 percent of domestic assault arrests simply showed that "Women are choosing to fight back. Self-defense is not the same as domestic assault." That the data provided not a shred of evidence that these women acted in self-defense did not matter. Human nature is not good news to those with an agenda to reshape it. ……."

AP via The New York Times 3/26/00 "…… A Roman Catholic women's college has rescinded its invitation to Gloria Steinem to speak, saying she would not be able to avoid talking about the church's positions on homosexuality and abortion. The invitation for Ms. Steinem to speak at Trinity College in Burlington was withdrawn because "the local environment around Catholicism in Vermont currently was not going to allow the conversation to be about women, our future and our past," said Kathleen O'Dell-Thompson, a vice president at the college. A Vermont state representative who was a spokeswoman for Trinity quit the college in protest…….."

CNS News 3/13/00 "…… Monday's Catholic World News reports that more than twenty feminist and pro-abortion activists stormed into Mary Queen of the World Roman Catholic Cathedral in Montreal last Tuesday, burning homemade crosses, spray painting altars and walls, scattering used sanitary napkins, condoms and underwear, and attempting to overturn the tabernacle while protesting the Catholic church's opposition to abortion. Seven people were arrested and may be charged with illegal assembly, assaulting police officers and obstruction. Father Jean-Pierre Couturier, the vicar of the parish, told the National Post newspaper that the protestors were turning over flowerpots and sticking used sanitary napkins to pictures and walls. A witness told the paper that the attack was orchestrated by activists celebrating International Women's Day. …."

WORLDNETDAILY 3/29/00 Al Simons "…..They are the most sought-after voters, the ones who can make or break presidential campaigns. But when it comes to knowing facts about politics, women inexplicably lag behind men. That conclusion, reached in a study by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, is true for questions on such general issues as nuclear test-ban treaties or which candidate was a prisoner of war. But it also is true on several issues that have traditionally been identified as being of interest to women, such as where the Democrats stand on abortion rights. Of 25 questions about specific issues in this year's presidential campaign or the backgrounds of four major presidential candidates, women outperformed men on only one: a question about the Democratic candidates' positions on public financing of campaigns. "The perplexing finding that women do not perform as well as men on political knowledge still persists in the year 2000," said the study, released yesterday and written by Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the public policy center and dean of the Annenberg School for Communication, and student Kate Kenski. ….."

NY Times Magazine 4/16/00 William Safire "…….Certain words and phrases become taboo in the White House. Out of the loop, amiable dunce, malaise and crook come to mind. The Clinton White House, we are told by Glenn Burkins of The Wall Street Journal, is eager to make clear that it is "not being driven by a quest to establish" Clinton's legacy. The interviewer reports that John Podesta, the chief of staff, "has banned the use of that word in the White House." That's because the word, in its political sense, is most often being used in derision. "The Clintons' legacy," wrote The St. Petersburg Times as far back as 1996, "will be the attack and invasion of our justice system by social entrepreneurs." Two years later, the columnist Stephen Chapman pronounced, "Clinton's legacy is likely to be the enduring diminution of the office he holds." In that year, the New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd suggested that "Bill Clinton's biggest legacy may not be in politics, but in letters. . . . He has inspired one entirely new and remarkable genre: feminist erotic journalism." ……."

Jewish World Review 9/3/99 Michelle Malkin "…… WHEN IT COMES to talking about guns, responsible women should adopt Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo pledge: No more tears. No more mom-in-tennis-shoes proselytizing. No more irrational NRA-bashing. No more maudlin sermons. Alas, the sopping feminization of political debate continues to drown out sober analysis of gun-control laws. In the wake of the Los Angeles-area day care shooting, serious academic research is once again taking a back seat to sensational self-flagellation. My favorite anti-gun manifesto was published last year in the Seattle Times following the Springfield, Ore. school shooting. The headline: "Where is our indignation at this senseless carnage?" The letter writer, political neophyte Heidi Behrens-Benedict, was quickly anointed the Democratic Party's challenger to GOP Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn. Dunn pummelled Behrens-Benedict in last fall's general election……….. What Behrens-Benedict didn't mention was that the defeat of just such a measure in Washington state in 1997 came at the hands of a whopping 71 percent of voters. Despite the overwhelming rejection of mandatory trigger locks by progressive voters in Washington state, Congress is once again considering this costly and ineffective proposal……." 4/3/00 Wendy McElroy "……In the award-winning radical feminist play by Eve Ensler entitled The Vagina Monologues, a 24-year-old woman plies a 13-year-old girl with alcohol, then sexually seduces her. By statute and by feminist definition, this "seduction" is rape. Yet, from the stage, the little girl declares, "Now people say it was a kind of rape ... Well, I say if it was rape, it was a good rape..." Apparently, the reference to "good rape" has been deleted from some performances but the surrounding language makes the rape's goodness clear. For example, the little girl eulogizes her orgasm: "She gently and slowly lays me out on the bed..." She gratefully concludes, "I'll never need to rely on a man."…… Elsewhere, Swope asked, "why is rape only wrong when a man commits it, but when it's by a woman committed against another woman, who just happens to be 13-years-old, it is celebrated and a university club sponsors it?"……"

WorldNetDaily 3/2/00 Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. "…… Think of the all the core principles that Clinton defenders have sacrificed to defend the disgraced White House. There was the ironclad moral condemnation of sexual harassment. Gone. There was their insistence on "good government," "public ethics," and "honesty" in government. All gone. Liberals were once suspicious of rampant militarism and called for a "peace dividend" after the collapse of the Soviet basket case. But Clinton's murderous foreign adventures and proposed ballooning of the military budget have forced them to scrap even those supposed principles. If the pundit class is slavish, the organized special interest groups that back Clinton are even more so. For example, Patricia Ireland of NOW felt she had to admit that the allegations that Clinton is a rapist are credible and frightening, but we must not "hound him out of the White House," since the charges "can really go nowhere." ……The media too have tossed out even the pretense of objectivity in defense of Clinton. They are allowing what little remains of their credibility to be destroyed by permitting Internet sites to scoop them on negative Clinton news. ……"

The Daily Iowan 5/3/00 Christoph Trappe "…… A California-based "European-American" group filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Civil Rights Commission last week because of a remark made at an April 20 UI press conference. The complaint stems from a "joke" made by Ann Rhodes, the vice president for university relations, about white males between the ages of 25-55, whom she called "the root of most evil." The comment was made during a press conference announcing the arrest of UI dental student Tarsha Claiborne, 23, for allegedly sending threatening e-mails to the UI community. ...... Louis Calabro, the president of the European-American Forum, said the group filed the complaint against Rhodes because it is inappropriate for a university official to make such a statement. "If the vice president can make just a statement, it must mean that it's internalized," he said. "It must come from something bigger than that. there is a crisis in America today, and this reflects the crisis." ……."

USA TODAY 4/26/00 Susan Page "…… Fervent campaigning by both presidential candidates for female voters is overshadowing the other side of the gender gap and a worrisome weakness for Al Gore. What about men? Gore has seen George W. Bush cut into the Democrats' traditional support among female voters, but the vice president also finds himself distantly trailing the Texas governor among men -- a situation that has gotten less attention but presents a fundamental hurdle in his bid for the White House. In the latest USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll, Gore and Bush split the female vote evenly, but Bush led among men by 17 points and among white men by a stunning 26 points, 59%-33%. To win in November, independent pollsters calculate that Gore must cut that gap among white men in half. …."


AOL news profile/AP 5/17/00 Michael Sniffen "…….The rate at which women were attacked or threatened with violence by husbands and boyfriends declined 21 percent during the mid-1990s, and the number of men murdered by wives or girlfriends plunged 60 percent from 1976 through 1998, the Justice Department reported today. …….. In a report on ``Intimate Partner Violence,'' the department's Bureau of Justice Statistics described a widespread decline, with a few exceptions, in both lethal and nonlethal violence among husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends that mirrors the general decline in serious crimes nationwide since 1992. For murder by spouses, the decline began even earlier - in the 1970s. ……" 5/15/00 Charles Colson "…..According to the U.S. Congress, it's American mothers. Stay-at-home moms, Congress declared, are "doing so much for the home . . . and [for] religion," which leads to "good government and humanity." Okay, as you may have guessed, the present 106th Congress said no such thing. Good heavens, radical feminists would never allow it! But the Congress DID use these words 86 years ago when it created Mother's Day. The words reflect the widespread belief that full-time mothers were performing a vitally important task. How times have changed. Within just a few decades, it appears, few mothers believe this truth any more, which is another indication of the power of cultural messages……. In 1914, when the first Mother's Day was celebrated, virtually every cultural messenger, from women's magazines to Congress, praised mothers who devoted themselves to their children. But by the 1950s, cultural messengers had another story to tell. Instead of honoring full-time mothers, the messengers began scorning them as "parasites" who wasted their brains. For editorial writers, Mother's Day became an occasion to celebrate, not the hardworking mother at home, but the mom who brought home a paycheck….."

Associated Press 5/15/00 Laurie Asseo "…….The Supreme Court today threw out a law that let rape victims sue their attackers in federal court, saying Congress wrongly trampled on an area of state authority. The 5-4 ruling in a Virginia case invalidated a key provision of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act and followed the court's recent trend of expanding states' rights at the expense of the federal government. Congress, in enacting the provision, overstepped its authority to regulate interstate commerce and enforce the Constitution's equal-protection guarantee, the justices said. ….."

Washington Times 5/16/00 Todd Gaziano "..... The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision on Monday invalidating the civil suit provision in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is a victory for constitutional government because it reaffirms the bedrock principle that the national government is one of carefully enumerated, and thus limited, powers. Even more important, however, the Supreme Court has cautiously moved one step closer toward re-establishing what the appropriate limits of the national government are under our Constitution....... The court acted under a fundamental principle of constitutional law frequently ignored by judicial activists and seldom taught anymore in American schools, that Congress has no inherent power to pass legislation on whatever subject it deems expedient or important. Congress has the authority to legislate only in areas specifically listed in the Constitution......."

Breakpoint 5/15/00 Charles Colson "…… Around Mother's Day we hear the old saying, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." But is that true? Well, here are three examples of mothers with great influence, from the book MOMS WHO CHANGED THE WORLD by Lindsey O'Connor. …… Augustine was a fourth-century scholar who is considered one of the greatest thinkers of all times. He was born under Roman rule in what is now Algeria. His Christian mother, Monica, was married to a pagan who lived an immoral lifestyle. Even so, she gained a reputation as a peacemaker and counselor in turbulent times. At 23, Monica had her firstborn, Augustine, and she dedicated her life to raising him as a Christian. Despite their pagan culture, Monica won her husband to Christ just before his death, and her mother-in- law as well. ………Augustine, who went on to become a great saint of the Church, wrote this prayer: "My mother, Your faithful servant, wept to You for me, shedding more tears for my spiritual death than others shed for the bodily death of a son. You heard her." ……"

Financial Times 5/16/00 Ed Crooks "…….An extensive survey of child development suggests that children's educational achievement can be significantly held back if their mothers work. The findings, based on a survey of over 4,000 American children, will fuel the debate about the balance between parents' careers and family responsibilities, and the government's role in encouraging women into work. In a paper published by the non-partisan National Bureau of Economic Research, Christopher Ruhm, an economist at the University of North Carolina, says that 3 and 4 year-olds tend to have lower verbal ability if their mothers worked during the child's first year, although they have slightly higher ability if their mothers worked when they were 2 and 3. ……. Five and 6 year-olds tend to have worse reading and maths skills if their mothers worked during any of the child's first three years. ……"

Philadelphia Inquirer 5/12/00 David Boldt "…….It's been a good couple of weeks for men and women who want to see more rational, fact-based discourse in the gender wars. A couple of days ago, for example, the Independent Women's Forum held a demonstration in Washington to argue that the "wage gap" is a myth. Citing findings in a new book titled Women's Figures by economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth and IWF staffer Christine Stolba, the forum contended that when education, type of job and consecutive years in the work force are considered, "women earn as much as men." The oft-repeated claim that women only earn 76 cents for every dollar a man earns is based, they said, on a "crude comparison" of all women's pay to all men's....... On another subject, those who have been wringing their hands over the contention that adolescent girls are being shortchanged by our schools can apparently rest a little easier. In the current Atlantic Monthly cover story headlined "Girls Rule!", Christina Hoff Sommers argues that if anyone is getting the short end of the stick in schools, it's boys.......Perhaps the most disconcerting part of Sommers' analysis is that she is not relying on new evidence. What she's found is that there never was much evidence that schools and society had conspired to "grind girls down."…….. The one major piece of anomalous evidence is the fact that boys, despite their lower grades, outperform girls on the SAT tests. This has been cited as evidence that the tests must be biased against girls……."

U.S. News & World Report 6/5/00 John Leo "….In the midst of an antirape rally at the University of Massachusetts, a woman cut herself with a knife, tossed it under a car, and then walked across the street, claiming to be a victim of sexual assault. After nearly a month of negotiations between police and her attorney, she admitted that she had made up the whole thing. This was the fourth in a series of reported sexual assaults at the school. In one of the previous three, a woman said she fought off three male attackers and ran for help after being hit with "a pepper-spray-like substance." This may well be true, but some people on campus believe it's hard to fight off three assailants and harder still to escape at all after a chemical spraying…....

U.S. News & World Report 6/5/00 John Leo "….Campuses are developing new doubts about reports of race and gender crimes. Last year, the Chronicle of Higher Education published a roundup of campus hoaxes, cautioning that this "flurry of fabrications doesn't necessarily suggest a trend." But it certainly looks like a trend. Race and gender are the dominant concerns at colleges today. Sometimes the temptation to prove that racism and sexism pervade campus life leads people to fake incidents. At Spokane Community College, a racist and sexist letter from "Whitey" appeared in an advice column in the student newspaper, the Reporter, last year. After campus protests about the letter's derogatory language about women, gays, and minority students, the newspaper's editors admitted that "Whitey" was a fictional character they had created to raise awareness about racism on campus.

Dallas News 5/30/00 Keith Barringer "……The Second Amendment Sisters have nothing to feel ashamed about, but the Million Mom March people sure do. I worked security for the Second Amendment Sisters march and the people there used facts, not emotion, in arguing against further useless gun control laws. The Second Amendment Sisters were friendly and courteous the entire day, I did not have one spot of trouble to deal with the entire time. The Second Amendment Sisters marchers were spit at, threatened with bodily violence and even sworn at by people giving the finger with one hand and holding their child in the other. Not one Second Amendment Sister marcher did anything disrespectful to any of the Million Mom March participants. Not one impolite word or threat of violence……"

The National Post 5/26/00 Patricia Pearson "….. So went the argument on the Saturday Post's front page, in a story about "the swelling numbers" of bitter, resentful workers in North America who don't have children, and must pick up the slack for those other, more selfish workers who skip out early to whoop it up at the pediatrician's office. "I think it's really dangerous as a society," notes Elinor Burkett, the bugler at the head of this movement, "to reward people because they reproduce." Well what the hell is that as a thought? ……Burkett's book, The Baby Boon: How Family Friendly America Cheats the Childless, is the end-game in a consumer culture so materialist, careerist and self-entitled that children are commodified as voluntary purchases by one set of "consumers" at the expense of others, who might wish instead to be rewarded with a longer vacation or a car. ……..Children are not the collective future of humanity, but an unfair free ticket for going home early from work. ……"

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 5/22/00 Dr Michael Brown "….. How old does one have to be to remember the good old days? I recently found myself fondly recalling the feminists of the 1960s. Thousands of women marched in the streets demanding greater personal and political power; in effect, more control over their own lives. Much has changed since then. Among other things, our society has experienced a massive rise in violence against women. Time after time women, and sometimes their children, are attacked and often killed by ex-husbands or rejected boyfriends. The victims typically relied on pepper spray and restraining orders for protection. Many other women are victimized by career criminals who consider women to be easy targets…….. What is really fascinating are the divergent ways that women have faced this problem. Some women have taken responsibility for their own safety. Yes, I'm talking about guns. A gun is the only weapon that will permit a small woman to protect herself from even the biggest, strongest man. A handgun is the only type of gun that she can keep with her at all times. In past eras, most women understood this………. The recent Million Mom March, a thinly disguised Democratic Party rally, seems to suggest that today's women are different. They are portrayed as helpless victims who must beg the government to protect them. Perhaps that would be worthwhile, if the government could do so, but it can't. All the politicians can offer are empty promises and feel-good legislation, because criminals ignore gun laws....... The brave feminists of the past have been replaced on our television screens with well manicured spokespersons directed by party pollsters and marketing experts. We have all heard their trademark phrases; "the children", "sensible gun laws", "if it saves one life". These are repeated over and over like a mantra to disguise the glaring flaws in their logic. ……"

The Associated Press 5/23/00 David Bauder "…..In its first study of how television portrayed women, the National Organization for Women took aim at the network that aired "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire." NOW declared Fox the "network of shame" on Monday, even though it had praise for some of its best-known shows, like "The Simpsons" and "Ally McBeal." Among the four largest broadcast networks, NBC got the highest marks from NOW. …….."

The Associated Press 5/22/00 Richard Carelli "…..The Supreme Court today set aside a ruling that said any unwanted sexual touching is a "crime of violence" covered by federal law. The justices, who last week struck down as unconstitutional key provisions of the federal Violence Against Women Act, told a federal appeals court to reconsider a Utah dispute over the scope of related provisions. The appeals court presumably will dismiss the Utah case. ……. In its May 15 decision, the nation's highest court said Congress overstepped its authority when it gave rape victims the right to sue their attackers in federal court. The court, by a 5-4 vote, said states, not Congress, should provide such help for victims of violence. …… In the Utah case, the appeals court previously ruled that women could invoke the law when suing over unwanted sexual advances that violate a state's criminal sexual abuse law. ……"

The Houston Chronicle 5/19/00 Anne Hayes "...... Feminists and liberal lawmakers are lamenting the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in Brzonkala vs. Morrison, which struck down key provisions of the Violence Against Women Act. One can appreciate the disappointment of victims of rape and domestic violence, but it would have been a greater tragedy to our rights and liberties had the case gone the other way. ......,At issue in the case was the meaning of the Constitution's commerce clause. It grants Congress power "to regulate commerce . . . among the several states." The five-justice majority and even (or perhaps especially) those who have no legal training are hard-pressed to identify a link between rape and interstate commerce. ...Yet four justices dissented, and Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., is having a field day lambasting the majority's "activism." Justice David Souter, in particular, had no difficulty with this thorny question of the limits of Congress' power under the commerce clause; indeed, he barely addressed it. Rather, his dispute with the majority had less to do with limits on Congress' power than with the breadth of the court's power. And that, at heart, explains the split between the "federalism five" and the dissenting justices. ……"

Macon Telegraph 5/21/00 Ron Woodgeard "……Is the American educational system so deeply influenced by liberal feminism that it is actually at war with boys? I'm beginning to think it is. The only question I have is whether youthful feminist moms are willing to re-examine their biases. …….The June issue of The American Enterprise has a very good article, written by Christina Hoff Sommers, author of a book "The War Against Boys." In it, Sommers, the mother of a teen-aged boy, argues that boys require special attention. "We are going to have to get away from the idea that boys and girls are the same, and that such differences as we find are the result of social conditioning imposed by a patriarchal male culture intent on subjugating women," Sommers writes. "Being a boy is not a defect in need of a cure. Why do liberal gender theorists see masculinity as politically incorrect, something to be overcome?" ……" 5/20/00 Steven Yates, PhD "…….Roughly a year ago I was in Columbia, South Carolina, traffic with my windows rolled down (it was already very warm in the Southeast), and chanced, at a red light, to come up behind a jukebox-on-wheels. Y'all know the type. The car, a huge Bronco, was throbbing so loudly you could almost see it bouncing up and down to beat. It was plastered with bumperstickers. Although the driver's face was invisible from my angle, I could see from an arm dangling outside the driver's-seat window that he was black - probably either a teenager or in his early 20s. A member of the hip-hop generation in good standing. ……..This experience stands out in my mind because not only was the "music" excessively loud, but the lyrics were readily audible. What reached my ears was a steady barrage of the sort of filth in which many "hard core" rap groups specialize. It is one thing to hear about how rap lyrics verbally assault and degrade black women, and another to sit there in listen to it. There were references to every sex act you can imagine and some you probably can't. The descriptions were explicit, very detailed, and presented in predictable four-letter language. And we weren't exactly talking about consensual behavior here. This guy was "rapping" about rape, for all practical purposes!…….. " 5/20/00 Steven Yates, PhD "…….There are many black youth in the 12 to 25 age bracket who seem to have a penchant for obnoxious behavior: as if they are daring others - especially anyone white - to say anything about it. Their peers (and, to a great extent, their "leaders") have encouraged this. If any white person said anything to object, it would automatically be construed as "racially offensive," and depending on the situation, the white person could find himself in serious trouble. ……. "

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/19/00 Robert Stacy McCain "…..Southern Baptists, citing the words of the Apostle Paul, Thursday proposed revising their statement of faith to declare that women should not be ordained to serve as pastors in the denomination's 41,000 churches. "While both men and women are gifted for service in the church, the office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by Scripture," the proposed revision to the Baptist Faith and Message says. The nation's largest non-Catholic denomination will vote on the statement June 13-14 when the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) holds its annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. Southern Baptists are not alone in prohibiting or discouraging the ordination of women. Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches have no female priests, nor does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly called Mormons, ordain female ministers…….."


Drudgereport 6/15/00 "……Vice President Al Gore passed over his controversial campaign manager Donna Brazile on Thursday and reached outside of the ranks to replace his ailing campaign chair. The move caused immediate outrage among Brazile supporters inside of the campaign, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, with several staffers even suggesting that sexist motivations may have been a factor in the decision! …… "The job should have gone to Donna," said one insider. "Gore always defaults to the white boys!" Brazile, the first African-American woman to serve as manager of a presidential race, has been a source of inspiration for the battered campaign, say insiders. ……"She is the real star of this campaign," said a Gore source. "I can't believe she was overlooked for the top job." ….."

AFR News 6/12/00 Bill Fancher "….. Pro-family delegates to the UN "Beijing+5" women's rights conference in New York are celebrating a victory today. Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America says lesbian feminists from America had attempted to commandeer the conference and get their pro-abortion agenda adopted by the delegates. But that effort failed. "The language was not included," Wright says. "It was voted down because...developing not want to have abortion-on-demand in their countries." The victory was sweet for pro-family advocates. "This was after six weeks of lobbying from pro-family activists who came from around the world to try to educate people what this language meant, what it would do to their countries, what it would do to the women of their countries," she says. "They were able to stand up against the powerful nations of the West who were trying to force this on them." ….."

FrontPage magazine 6/9/00 David Horowitz "….. Betty Friedan presented herself in The Feminine Mystique-the 1963 book that launched modern feminism-as a suburban housewife who had never given a thought to "the woman question," until she attended a Smith College reunion which revealed the dissatisfaction of her well-educated female classmates, unable to balance traditional roles with modern careers. But, as Smith College professor Daniel Horowitz (no relation) revealed in his book Betty Friedan and the Making of the Feminist Mystique, Betty was not very candid about the facts of her own life and the sources of her radical perspective. She was hardly a suburban housewife when she wrote those words, but a twenty-five year veteran of professional journalism in the Communist Left, where she had been thoroughly indoctrinated in the politics of "the woman question" and specifically the idea that women were "oppressed."………As Horowitz's biography makes clear, Friedan, from her college days and until her mid-thirties, was a Stalinist marxist (or a camp follower thereof), the political intimate of leaders of America's Cold War fifth column, and for a time even the lover of a young communist physicist working on atomic bomb projects with J. Robert Oppenheimer………."

FrontPage magazine 6/9/00 David Horowitz "…..Not at all a neophyte when it came to the "woman question" (the phrase itself is a marxist construction), she was certainly familiar with the writings of Engels, Lenin, and Stalin on the subject and had written about it herself as a journalist for the official publication of the communist-controlled United Electrical Workers union………The actual facts of Friedan's life-that she was a professional marxist ideologue, that her husband supported her full-time writing and research, that she had a maid and lived in a Hudson river mansion, attending very little to household duties-were inconvenient to the persona and the theory she was determined to promote………The example of Betty Friedan should be a wake-up call. If we are going to restore civility and honesty to public discourse about issues like feminism, it is necessary to insist on candor from people about their political commitments. And it is important to call things by their right names……"

National Post 6/9/00 Luiza Chwialkowska "…..A federal funding agency has paid for a study aimed at helping feminist organizations strategize against "pro-life and pro-family" lobbyists at the Beijing +5 conference on women's equality under way this week at the United Nations. Among the transgressions of the targeted groups are not following proper procedures at a meeting, wearing buttons reading "Motherhood," lobbying governments and carrying Bibles. A 40-page paper entitled "Right-Wing Anti-Feminist Groups at the United Nations," produced by some academics at the Institute of Feminist Studies at the University of Quebec in Montreal, describes lobbying tactics of conservative groups and recommends to women's organizations "ways and means for responding." "This information should support a more adequate response to anti-feminist groups and their anti-democratic strategies during the upcoming United Nations meetings on women's rights," states the paper. ……."

Dallas Morning News 6/11/00 Berta Delgado "…… The country's largest Protestant denomination is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday to make additions to its basic statement of faith, including a prohibition against women serving as pastors and a statement against homosexuality. Other proposed revisions to the Baptist Faith and Message would continue to pull conservative Baptists even further apart from more moderate Baptists. ……. The Southern Baptist Convention doesn't shy away from controversy, and the last few years are proof. The nation's largest Protestant denomination has been particularly vocal during its annual June conventions. …..But no matter what critics may say, Southern Baptist leaders say they are just doing what they are supposed to do as Christians. "I had someone tell me the other day, 'Don't you know that you're rubbing the cat's fur the wrong way?'" said Dr. Paige Patterson, outgoing president of the 15.9 million-member denomination. "And I said, 'Then turn the cat around.' "He was having trouble understanding why we didn't mind having the world against us. You get used to it, but you don't go out looking for it. But neither should any Christian be surprised, because Jesus said the world hated him and they would hate Christians. For us to be astonished would be to fail to hear what our master said." ……"

newsmax. 6/9/00 "…… The president has finally managed to outrage women's-rights activists - by advocating legalized prostitution worldwide. They are actually accusing him of selling them out. What pushed the feminists across the line was when their favorite, Bill Clinton, was caught:

• Working to delete condemnation of prostitution from a new United Nations women's-rights agenda, and
• Pressing to decriminalize prostitution in negotiations on an international organized-crime convention in Vienna, Austria.
Clinton is doing all that by proclaiming sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and children as "the universal rights of every human being." Even his longtime feminist supporters, contributors and apologists are having a bit of difficulty parsing that logic. ……. According to the Washington Times, 12 major feminist groups have insisted the United States must continue to support international law under a 1949 U.N. convention that requires punishment of any person who "exploits the prostitution of another person, even with the consent of that person." …….. They are so upset by Clinton's departure from that position that they have taken the unprecedented step of forging a coalition with religious groups against what Clinton has now established as the United States' new position on prostitution. ……"

Washington Times 6/12/00 George Archibald "…..Conservative nations routed liberal and radical feminists at the finale of a U.N. special session on women's rights over the weekend, forcing Western powers to drop homosexual rights, sex rights for children and promotion of abortion from a new five-year U.N. agenda for women's advancement…………. But conservative forces, led by Poland, Nicaragua, Senegal and the Holy See, pushed back efforts to expand a Platform for Action adopted five years ago by women from 189 nations at the 1995 U.N. Fourth World Conference for Women in Beijing. "It was a rout, it was an utter defeat for the other side," said Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute in New York, who helped coordinate conservative opposition to sexual rights provisions for homosexuals and children and tougher pro-abortion mandates………. But there was no agreement on the tougher issues. The turning point came in the wee hours of Thursday morning, the first of two all-night negotiating sessions, when Western nations continued insisting that expanded homosexual rights be listed among the document's accomplishments. The section noted measures taken "by a growing number of countries . . . to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation." "We cannot accept that language," said a delegate from Senegal. A Syrian delegate agreed: "There's no way we can accept a document tonight with the phrase 'sexual orientation.' " Delegates from Nicaragua and Kuwait said they could not accept "sexual orientation," an undefined term, as a human right. The term was not included in the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights nor the Beijing Platform for Action, the Kuwait delegate said……….. Then the blowup came. Western delegations are "holding the women of the world hostage to one term, 'sexual orientation,' " when their real needs are clean water and help in overcoming illiteracy, said the Pakistan delegate…….. "It was then a drum-roll rejecting sexual orientation," said Mr. Ruse. "It rolled across Africa, the Middle East, demanding ouster of 'sexual orientation' from the document. The room was electric. Our friends were galvanized. You had almost the whole world against 'sexual orientation' and the U.S. and EU isolated in favor."......From then on, paragraph after paragraph giving legitimacy to homosexual rights, sexual rights for children, and expanding abortion mandates were dropped from the document, Mr. Ruse said……."

Electronic Telegraph 6/8/00 Ambrose Evans-Pritchard "….. THE European Commission yesterday proposed a gender equality law allowing "positive action" to promote women ahead of men at work. The new code, which amends the EU's equal treatment directive, says women should have "automatic priority" in jobs where they are "under-represented", except in cases such as the Royal Marines, where male predominance is justified. The law will also make it easier for women to win sexual harassment cases in court by reversing the burden of proof. The onus will be on men to prove their innocence when accused of "unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct". The definition of sexual harassment covers anything that affects the "dignity of women" and includes staring lasciviously, making sexist comments and talking about a woman's figure. ….."

London Times 6/6/00 Damian Whitworth "…… THE husband of the feminist pioneer Betty Friedan has launched a furious fightback to her charge of wife beating. Carl Friedan has started a website to defend himself against claims in his former wife's autobiography that he was consumed by rage and regularly gave her black eyes. …….Divorced for 30 years, he claims that his former wife was prone to fits and tantrums and would physically attack him. "She was sometimes warm and friendly, the next moment combative." He documents in detail incidents where she tried "mauling me with her claws". "I am proud of what she did for the world, but am appalled by her misrepresentating our personal family past," he said. ......"

San Francisco Examiner 6/6/00 Bob Egelko "…… When a San Mateo city phone dispatcher's co-worker trapped her at her desk, thrust his hand under her sweater and bra and fondled her breast, his conduct was "highly offensive" - but it wasn't sexual harassment, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled. In addition, the court said Monday, Patricia A. Brooks' rights weren't violated when she returned to work after six months, only to be shunned by male employees. "An employer cannot force employees to socialize with one another," said the unanimous appellate panel, which consisted of a woman and two men. ……."

Washington Times 6/8/00 Suzanne Fields "…… Erica is 23, an investment banker on the fast track of ambition. Not long ago she was struck by a retrograde idea. She no longer wants to climb the ladder of career ambition. She wants to marry that cute guy in the cubicle down the hall. Shades of Bridget Jones. But Erica is real. Let him stay on the fast track, she muses; I'll take care of the house. Surely only Phyllis Schlafly could uncover such heresy. Erica is no doubt featured in one of those stodgy conservative family-value magazines. Right? Wrong. Erica is nestled in the pages of the June issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. She's featured with other Cosmo readers with similar dreams. They're called "the new housewife wanna-bes." You've got to give the Cosmo editors credit for courage in recognizing the enemy and then writing about her. Erica does not want to follow the career path of Helen Gurley Brown, founding femme of the single sexy Cosmo ideal. She wants what most 1950s women wanted: a husband who comes home at the end of the day to a dinner she has prepared herself.......These housewife wannabes were discovered by market researchers who track such trends. Youth Intelligence, a tracking firm in New York City, finds that 68 percent of 3,000 married and single women between the ages of 18 and 34 prefer the domestic life if only they could afford it…. ."

Reuters 6/7/00 Deborah Zabarenko "……U.N. envoy Richard Holbrooke warned women Wednesday not to let men control new computer technologies, lest they suffer as earlier generations did when innovative farming methods were introduced. "The new technologies are a chance for women to close the gender gap of the Third World, but they're also a danger," the U.S. ambassador told a forum at a global United Nations meeting aimed at achieving equality between the sexes. "Don't let the men control the process, because for explicit or implicit, conscious or subconscious reasons ... if men control who goes to conferences on the use of new technologies, men are going to give it to their friends and they're not going to invite women," Holbrooke said at a forum on the digital divide. ……"

AP 6/8/00 Janelle Carter "……Some economists disputed the widely touted wage gap between women and men, even as women's groups urged senators Thursday to strengthen equal-pay laws. "The simple differential in average wages between women and men is frequently assumed to be the result of labor market discrimination," said June O'Neill, an economist and director of the Center for the Study of Business and Government at Baruch College in New York City. But "such a conclusion would be wrong," O'Neill told the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee in a hearing on gender-based wage discrimination. A simple wage comparison "does not take into account gender differences in skills and work related characteristics that would create differences in wages even in the absence of gender bias," she said. Added Anita Hattiangadi, an economist with the Employment Policy Foundation, "The gender pay gap is a red herring. . . Members of the Senate should look at the facts and not the rhetoric designed to incite women and make them feel victimized." …….."

Newsweek 6/12/00 Lynette Clemetson "….. Harriet Jackson-Lyons long ago earned her stripes as a mom. She raised six children alone in the tough Boston neighborhood of Roxbury and put them through college. By now she expected to be enjoying life as an indulgent grandma, making chicken and dumplings, spoiling her grandkids rotten-and then sending them home. If only life played out according to plan. Jackson-Lyons, 74, is once again a full-time mother. She's raising her 9-year-old grandchild, Charlene, since the death of her daughter three years ago from a massive coronary. ……. There are more than 2.5 million grandparent-headed families in America, as a result of death, drugs, mental illness, incarceration or abandonment. In nearly a third of these families the parents are completely absent. In others, parents are in the picture but are either financially or emotionally unable to raise their children on their own. These "skipped-generation households," as experts call them, have increased by more than 50 percent in the past decade. Contrary to the stereotype of the inner-city welfare mom who's raising her teenage daughter's baby, the majority of grandparent caregivers are white, are between the ages of 50 and 64 and live in nonmetropolitan areas. ......"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/5/00 George Archibald "…..As 10,000 women from 189 countries converge here for a United Nations special session on women's equality, delegates from the United States and other wealthy nations are battling representatives from poorer countries over homosexual rights, the status of the traditional family and the "sexual rights" of girls. The weeklong session, which opens today, was called to mark progress since the 1995 Beijing international women's conference and set a further U.N. agenda to bring about global equality between men and women over the next five years. The session begins with a welcome by Secretary-General Kofi Annan and a workshop address by U.S. first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton to the U.N. Development Fund for Women……. But behind the scenes, where the session's final report is being negotiated, delegates from the United States and other rich countries are at odds with representatives of poorer, undeveloped nations over issues that take up half the report: sexual behavior, pornography and prostitution. "The problem is the aggressive attempt by the liberal Western powers to rewrite the original Beijing document, something the General Assembly ordered them not to do," said Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, a U.N.-monitoring organization based in New York. "The Western powers, led by the U.S. and the European Union, seem fixated on advancing notions that have been rejected by democratic procedures all over the world," Mr. Ruse said. "A whole set of ideas are being met with fierce opposition within the negotiating bloc of the developing world called the Group of 77, or G-77."……..Mary Ellen Glenn, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, said she had not read the draft report and could not answer why so many areas were in dispute between the United States and the G-77 nations and the Holy See………. She said one of the family measures involved "parenting, motherhood and procreation not being used as a basis for discrimination." Another involved "mothers and fathers sharing equally in household responsibilities, the family as a stabilizing factor in conflict and post-conflict situations."……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/5/00 George Archibald "….."JUSCANZ attempted to hijack the preparatory negotiations in March by pushing a consensus over issues regarded as objectionable and unconstitutional by many developing nations, the Arab nations, and the Holy See," the Vatican's delegation at the United Nations, said Maria Sophia Aguirre, an NGO representative of the National Institute of Womanhood, based in Bethesda, Md. "Perhaps one of the more contentious of the JUSCANZ-backed issues was language regarding the reproductive rights of the girl-child," Mrs. Aguirre said. "Such language aimed to ensure the girl-child's right to a 'full realization' of her sexuality and sought to entitle the girl-child to private and confidential sexual and reproductive information, counseling and services 'both in and out of school' by implementing national mechanisms, policies and programs." Mrs. Aguirre said the attempted expansion of U.N. women's rights initiatives to cover minor children in the sexual realm has "angered" women from less-developed countries, where religious faith is strong......."

UPI / Newsmax 6/16/00 "……Mothers who work outside the home may hurt the cognitive development of their young children by being absent, according to a study published Thursday. University of North Carolina at Greensboro labor economist Dr. Christopher Ruhm said that three- and four-year-olds tend to have lower verbal ablities if their mothers worked during the child's first year. Ruhm said an increasing percentage of single or married women with children under age 6 are working. "These changes suggest that parents have less time to invest in raising their children, with potentially harmful effects," Ruhm said. His research, based on a survey of more than 4,000 American children, found that children of mothers who work before their child reaches age 3 appear to have weaker verbal, reading and mathematics skills than the children of mothers who do not work. ……."

Original Sources 6/16/00 Mary Motert "……Outraged feminists, obviously still licking their wounds from being defeated last Saturday when they were unable to force their radical anti-family agenda through to passage at the United Nations, have released a couple of documents designed to rally their forces for a counter attack. …... These reports are quite interesting, actually. One is 40 pages long and the other is 20 pages. The American NGO report defines itself as exploring "the origins and agenda of this pro-family coalition, its impact on the Beijing Plus Five PrepCom and possible impact on the UN Community." Clearly, the author thinks that pro-family groups, but especially males, have no business whatsoever in speaking up on issues they have defined usually without opposition for a number of years at UN meetings. Jennifer Butler, author of the "300 Religious Right Participants Attend Beijing PrepCom", notes that: "What is new is that these (Pro-family) groups are now coordinating their efforts. Four organization provide the leadership for the Religious Right Coalition at the UN. These organizations represent highly organized constituencies in Mormon, Conservative Catholic and Conservative Evangelical circles. The World Family Policy Center (WFPC), established in 1997 by Brigham Young University with the support of top leadership in the Church of Ladder Day Saints (or Mormon Church) is the only organization in the coalition that is part of an established religious institution. The other members of the coalition are well-financed para-church structures." ……… We probably can get a whiff of the accuracy of the report by that paragraph. I believe that the Mormons call their Church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." I've never heard of ladders being part of the Church's official name or doctrine. ……"

Parade Magazine 6/18/00 "…….. Marilyn vos Savant writes the "Ask Marilyn" column in Parade Magazine. She is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records Hall of Fame for "highest IQ." This is Marilyn's explanation of why the widely-quoted statement "women, on average, earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men" is a misunderstanding and why she believes the wage gap between the sexes actually may be tiny. The results of her poll about men and women in the workplace follow it. …… Before the survey, I replied to a question about the claim that women are paid less than men for equal work by writing: "But if their work is equal, why aren't employers slashing their payroll costs by hiring women instead of men? In a free market, businesses are highly competitive, and if they're paying men more than they pay women, there must be a reason." ......... This is a common misunderstanding, based on an inflammatory misinterpretation of Census Bureau survey statistics: The "77 cents on the dollar" figure is simply the weekly median (meaning middle: an equal number of women above and below) earnings figure ($473) of all working women divided by the weekly median earnings figure ($618) of all working men. These figures include everyone from dishwashers to physicists and have nothing whatsoever to do with equal pay for equal work. Yet the misleading phrase "77 cents on the dollar" has been the impetus for lawsuits and legislation, not to mention the source of unnecessary fury on the part of both sexes. In short, much of the "wage gap" is due to experience, education and delayed or broken careers, plus the fact that women are concentrated in lower-paying occupations. It is possible that very little equal-pay-for-equal-work gap exists at all. Note: Equal qualifications don't produce equal performance in the workplace. Just because employees complain that they're not being paid as much as others doesn't mean their complaints are justified: Both male and female employees routinely fail to recognize their own personal shortcomings, and both complain about not being paid as much as fellow workers who they believe are equal or inferior to themselves. ….."

Parade Magazine 6/18/00 "…….. Survey Results ………
Whom would you rather hire as a full-time babysitter while you work?
- Of the men, 4% chose a man, 91% chose a woman, and 5% said it made no difference.
- Of the women, 2% chose a man, 90% chose a woman, and 8% said it made no difference. ……
Whom would you prefer to pilot your airplane when you travel?
- Of the men, 69% chose a man, 2% chose a woman, and 29% said it made no difference.
- Of the women, 51% chose a man, 3% chose a woman, and 46% said it made no difference. ...
Whom would you prefer to perform your heart surgery?
- Of the men, 59% chose a man, 2% chose a woman, and 39% said it made no difference.
- Of the women, 38% chose a man, 6% chose a woman, and 56% said it made no difference. …..
Should we teach our daughters that they have a choice between having a career and staying at home?
- Of the men, 83% said "yes" and 17% said "no."
- Of the women, 77% said "yes" and 23% said "no." …..
Say that you're an employer hiring a new college graduate for a career position. Over the first few years, you will spend $250,000 on this person as he or she gains experience. Which-a man or a woman-do you think is more likely to quit for personal reasons? (Say, to become a full-time parent, follow a spouse to a new location or stop work after marriage.)
- Of the men, 11% chose a man, 83% chose a woman, and 6% said it made no difference.
- Of the women, 7% chose a man, 82% chose a woman, and 11% said it made no difference. ….."

Salon 6/23/00 Jonathan Foreman "….. Shocked by the bizarre attacks? Don't be. This was just a small taste of what life is like for black and Hispanic women in many parts of New York. …….. Whether it was New York Police Chief Howard Safir excusing his officers' inaction by saying they couldn't be everywhere or the pages of commentary and punditry that refused to confront the ethnic and cultural dimension of the incident, the orgy of dishonesty in the aftermath of Puerto Rican Day was almost as dismaying as the Central Park "wilding" itself. ……… It became savagely comical as more and more photographs and videos of the alleged perpetrators were published in the papers and on TV. Even as newsfolk waxed concerned about our society's shocking tolerance of violence against women, egged on by gleeful spokespersons from organizations like NOW, everyone pretended not to notice that nearly all the guys who soaked, stripped and molested up to 50 women in the park were Puerto Rican and black. ......,In its patronizing, racist way, the media pretended it had just seen the manifestation of some kind of generalized social problem -- a conclusion unfair both to the wider society and Puerto Ricans and black communities. Much of the behavior caught on video may be shocking stuff for New York Times writers and most of its readers, but it's par for the course in many Manhattan neighborhoods north of Central Park. ….."

Washington Times 6/22/00 Capt John P Prisley, USN (ret) As a life member of the Navy League and a retired submariner who had command of a submarine and a submarine division (seven submarines), I feel qualified to comment on Sheila McNeill's letter ("Tax money should not be used to modify submarines for women," June 12)……..I agree with her that there is no place for women on submarines based on the issues of combat effectiveness, privacy, unit cohesiveness and cost. I cannot, however, agree with her statement that women are capable of performing every job on a submarine. There are still some physically demanding jobs - such as torpedo loading and handling, diesel engine maintenance and auxiliary machinery maintenance - that would tax the average female body....... Moreover, the psychology of living in such close quarters for prolonged periods of time (60 days to 70 days) would significantly stress the average woman……. I would further raise the moral issue of forcing the close association of young men and women in the living and working spaces of a submarine. Such ill-advised cohabitation could result in sexual promiscuity, pregnancies and moral problems not only with crew members, but especially with those crew members' families back home………The Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services has proved itself to be a home for radical feminism with a single goal in mind - to feminize our armed forces, regardless of operational and combat performance issues…….The sooner this group permanently disbands and Congress gets more truthful information (as opposed to politically correct party lines) from our senior military leaders the better. Congress and the American public have been misled ……" 6/22/00 Michael Savage "……. We've all been warned about the dangers of a theocracy where religious zealots rule. Today in America, we have a "She-ocracy" where feminist zealots rule. ......At the top of this hierarchy is Hillary Clinton, followed by Janet Reno and her U.S. attorneys, most of whom are radical feminists; Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sandra Day O'Connor on the U.S. Supreme Court; Donna Shalala, the head of HHS; Barbara Boxer, the radical abortionist from California; Dianne Feinstein, the radical senator from California whose husband, Richard Blum, does big business with China. ……They have, together, both feminized and homosexualized America to the point where the nation has become passive, receptive and masochistic. …….. In addition to the laws on the books, we will no doubt see laws along the lines of those passed in South Africa, which has the most stringent hate crimes legislation in the world, where now even thoughts can be considered a crime. They can read your mind, apparently, in the new "She-ocracy." ……..In South Africa, as a result of the "She-ocracy" and the hate crimes laws, it is now a bad thing, a hate crime, to say that someone is obese. It is also a crime to say such felonious things as someone is elderly, married, youthful, disabled, aged, gay and much more. These are the new "four-letter" words in South Africa. …….."

The NY Times 6/22/00 GOP Rep Asa Hutchinson "…….Opponents of the death penalty are focusing on Texas as they try to shift the debate about capital punishment from whether it is moral and effective to whether the trial-by-jury foundation of the American judicial system itself is flawed. ……… Behind the pressure on Mr. Bush is a dangerous attack on the foundations of our judicial system: on the reliability of eyewitness testimony and the weight it should be given, and on juries' decisions on the credibility of witnesses. …….If the death penalty activists succeed in discrediting eyewitness testimony, will witnesses still find it worth reliving crimes and possibly angering defendants' allies by telling their stories? Will women come forward when they have been assaulted? America must not retreat from the age-old notion that 12 jurors can look a witness in the eye and, after hearing contradictory evidence, appropriately weigh his or her credibility. …….. In 1981, Bernadine Skillern witnessed the murder of Bobby Lambert, twice seeing the killer's face directly. She has never wavered from her testimony that it was Gary Graham. No alibi witnesses were offered until seven years after the crime, and the courts determined their testimony was not credible. If it had been offered at the time of the trial, the state could have introduced evidence of robberies and assaults that Mr. Graham committed during a six-day crime spree at the time of the murder. ……"

Media Research Center 6/29/00 L. Brent Bozell III "….. Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana was promoted during his prime-time appearance at the podium of the 1996 Democratic convention as a rising star. He was young, attractive, energetic - kind of like that Republican vice-presidential nominee from Indiana, Dan Quayle. But don't count on him to be Al Gore's running mate. That's because, as the late Democratic Governor Bob Casey explained in his book "Fighting for Life,"despite the presence of pro-life Democrats, "Often it seemed like the Democratic National Committee had become little more than an auxiliary of NARAL," the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.......... To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen's rejoinder to Dan Quayle, Evan Bayh is no Bob Casey. He is not a uniformly pro-life Democrat, but he has made the strategic mistake (at least within the Democratic firmament) of voting for a ban on partial-birth abortions. Last year, he sided with the pro-abortion position in four of five abortion-related votes -- except for the partial-birth vote. As Governor of Indiana, he indicated support for a 24-hour waiting period for abortions, although he never proposed or signed one into law…….."

Original Sources 6/30/00 Mary Mostert "……. Justice Breyer, wrote in his decision on partial birth abortion that the Nebraska law which states that: "deliberately and intentionally delivering into the vagina a living unborn child, or a substantial portion thereof, for the purpose of performing a procedure that the person performing such procedure knows will kill the unborn child and does kill the unborn child." ……is unconstitutional. Breyer then describes various abortion procedures, prefacing his remarks with, "Considering the fact that those procedures seek to terminate a potential human life, our discussion may seem clinically cold or callous to some, perhaps horrifying to others. There is no alternative way, however, to acquaint the reader with the technical distinctions among different abortion methods and related factual matters, upon which the outcome of this case depends. For that reason, drawing upon the findings of the trial court, underlying testimony, and related medical texts, we shall describe the relevant methods of performing abortions in technical detail." (See:

Original Sources 6/30/00 Mary Mostert "……. However, Patricia Ireland, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW), in responding to the Supreme Court decision Wednesday in Stenberg v Carhart which struck down Nebraska's Partial Birth Abortion ban in a five to four decision, said that the five to four decision was a "too slim - Women's freedom hinges on one justice - that's cause for alarm, not celebration. Today's decisions on abortion provide only temporary protection of women's reproductive freedom..a right that has been seriously eroded by the conservative high court." ……….Ireland and other pro-abortion advocates, want a decision giving women total, unregulated ownership of the bodies of their unborn children, whether or not they are able to live outside the womb. This is an expansion of Roe v Wade which did not give women the "right" to an abortion all nine months of their pregnancies, but ruled that the State did have a legitimate interest in the matter if the unborn child was "viable:" The Court held:

"3. State criminal abortion laws, like those involved here, that except from criminality only a life-saving procedure on the mother's behalf without regard to the stage of her pregnancy and other interests involved violate the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which protects against state action the right to privacy, including a woman's qualified right to terminate her pregnancy. Though the State cannot override that right, it has legitimate interests in protecting both the pregnant woman's health and the potentiality of human life, each of which interests grows and reaches a "compelling" point at various stages of the woman's approach to term..

(a) For the stage prior to approximately the end of the first trimester, the abortion decision and its effectuation must be left to the medical judgment of the pregnant woman's attending physician.

(b) For the stage subseqent to approximately the end of the first trimester, the State, in promoting its interest in the health of the mother, may, if it chooses, regulate the abortion procedure in ways that are reasonably related to maternal health...

(c) For the stage subsequent to viability the State, in promoting its interest in the potentiality of human life, may, if it chooses, regulate, and even proscribe, abortion except where necessary, in appropriate medical judgment, for the preservation of the life or health of the mother. …….……."

AP 6/29/00 Richard Carelli "……Male athletes who challenged a state university's elimination of its men's wrestling and soccer teams to help equalize opportunities for both sexes lost a Supreme Court appeal Thursday. The justices, without comment, left intact rulings that threw out the lawsuit against Illinois State University and its officials. Lawyers for the male athletes argued that eliminating the men's teams in 1995 made them victims of illegal and unconstitutional sexual bias. Similar lawsuits have been filed by male students at other schools throughout the country. …… Lower courts disagreed, saying Illinois State University's elimination of the two men's teams, along with the addition of a women's soccer team, was a legal way to comply with the equality in athletics that federal law and regulations require. ……"

WASHINGTON TIMES 7/13/00 Daniel Mitchell "…..Last month, the Senate Labor Committee held a hearing to examine whether businesses deliberately discriminate against women by paying them lower wages than men. According to left-leaning groups such as the National Organization for Women, such discrimination exists and can only be rectified by "comparable worth," a policy that would let government bureaucrats determine the "fair" wage for each job…….. A closer examination of the issue, however, reveals that the entire premise behind comparable worth is absurd. In effect, feminists are arguing that businesses are deliberately willing to sacrifice profits by overpaying male workers when they could hire equally qualified female workers for less money……..Moreover, this grand conspiracy to forfeit potential earnings must extend to Wall Street as well. After all, this pro-male cartel can only be perpetuated if investors deliberately forgo the chance to create new businesses that would hire undervalued (and therefore highly profitable) female workers……….In the real world, feverish speculation and conspiracy theories like this are laughed off. Unfortunately, D.C. is not the real world, and poll-driven politicians are quite capable of enacting foolish policies regardless of the underlying merits. Indeed, there is every reason to fear comparable worth legislation could be enacted next year depending on the outcome of this fall's elections……."

EWTN 7/8/00"…… As plans for the United Nations' new International Criminal Court (ICC) edged closer to completion, pro-life groups were "cautiously optimistic" that the court would not be used to advance or enforce access to abortion. The Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-fam) said on Friday that organizers finished the most contentious part of the statutes to bring into existence the first permanent worldwide criminal court. As envisioned, the ICC will only prosecute individuals for what proponents describe as "the most serious crimes of concern to the international community," specifically war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. ......, Pro-life groups were initially concerned at plans by radical feminists to insert abortion into the court's purview, by extending the definition of the crime of "forced pregnancy" from repeated rape and confinement for the purposes of ethnic cleansing to include any woman who is denied an abortion, whatever the circumstances or local laws. "Pro-lifers feared that without a narrow definition the court would be used to change national laws on abortion and to prosecute well known pro-life advocates," C-fam said. In the end the term was agreed upon in the narrowest sense." ……."

CBN News 7/11/00 Wendy Griffith "….. /newsstand/cbnnews//newsstand/cbnnews/-- For nearly three decades, feminists have cried that girls are in crisis. Countless studies and books have surfaced to show their belief that girls have been shortchanged and diminished by a male-dominated society. As a result, millions of government dollars were poured into programs designed to boost the confidence of girls. Congress passed the Gender Equity in Education Act. Working moms began the national "Take Your Daughters to Work" day. ……..Meanwhile, boys were left in the lurch. No programs, no legislation on their behalf, and no government-sponsored visits to the office with mom or dad. ……Ironically, just as the "Girl in Crisis" theory was surfacing, girls were outpacing boys in nearly every area of education and continue to do so today. ……. "I think we are very accepting of girls and rather disapproving of boys," says equity feminist and author Christina Hoff Sommers……..Sommers believes that in the last ten years, boys have suffered at the expense of girls. Her new book is The War on Boys: How misguided feminism is harming our young men. In it she debunks what she calls the myth that girls are in crisis…….. Recent data shows that more girls go to college, get better grades, follow more rigorous academic programs and take more advanced placement classes. Girls outnumber boys in extra-curricular activities. And they read more books. On the other hand, more boys than girls are suspended from school. More boys fail and drop out of school. It is boys who are more likely to be in special education classes. More boys are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and more boys are taking Ritalin. Boys are more involved in crime, alcohol and drugs. And it is boys who are more likely to commit suicide. …….Today's colleges are 55 percent female and 45 percent male. If the trend continues, the College Board predicts the last male will graduate from college in the year 2067. ……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 7/5/00 "….Among the topics discussed: abortion rights, lesbian rights, the right to prostitution and children's sexual rights. …… If these "rights" represent liberation, women must ask themselves where their movement is headed. So it's no wonder that some human rights groups were up in arms this month when the Clinton administration pushed to decriminalize prostitution and discussed the practice as being an acceptable form of labor……. Now, the U.S. delegation to the United Nations told The Washington Times that neither the administration nor the U.S. delegation supported prostitution of any kind, and that it sought to narrow the definition of sex trafficking to protect more women. However, several human rights groups said the U.S. delegation, along with Canada and the European Union countries, led a focused effort fighting for abortion, nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation and sexual rights for those aged 10 and above at the New York meetings. "Their number one priority were these three things and they lost," said Austin Ruse of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute in New York…….. As a case in point of the anti-family agenda put forth there, the United States pushed for more access to abortion and increased training of physicians for abortion, with no allowance for a doctor's right of conscience if he or she does not agree with the procedure, said conference attendee Kathryn Balmforth, the executive director of the World Family Policy Center……."

National Review Online 6/19/00 John Derbyshire "…… Back in the 1960s there was a British TV sitcomedian named Tony Hancock. He played the part of a middle-aged bachelor: sardonic, curmudgeonly, misogynist, knowing he was at the losing end of modern life but determined to go down fighting, or at least protesting. In one program he was sitting on a bus that had no more empty seats, when a woman got on. She stood straphanging right over Hancock, glowering down at him. (I had better explain, for the benefit of younger readers, that in those days men were supposed to give up their seats to women on public transport.) Hancock, glowering right back: "Don't try that with me, Madam. You lot wanted equality: Well, you've got it. Now stand there and enjoy it." ….. Just how mean-spirited, how insensitive of me was it to remember this as the media hysteria over the Central Park "wildings" reached a crescendo last weekend? Now look: I can imagine the terror those women felt. I have myself, as it happens, been chased by a howling mob of drunken youths - an experience not easily forgotten. At the same time, what happened in Central Park was a very contemporary phenomenon. I am willing to be corrected on this, but I doubt if a search of newspaper files for the 1940s and 1950s would turn up anything similar. ….."

US Newswire 8/18/00 "…..The following was released today (A Day After the DNC Convention) by the Beverly LaHaye Institute: ……. Gore's challenge last night, after so forcefully defending the indefensible, was to make complete his transformation into the "un-Bill" which he began with his choice of Lieberman. As in every other night of the Democratic Convention, the tension over regaining the women's vote was almost palpable. ……… The genuineness of the presentation was in sharp contrast to the slick Hollywood videos that characterized the Clinton conventions," said Janice Crouse, Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute. She continued, "In a move unprecedented in public political life, the passionate kiss with which Al greeted Tipper hung a sign above their marriage, 'No Trespassing, No Hunting Allowed!'" Still, here's how Gore will ultimately fail: ……… "In his rush to appeal to women, Vice President Gore is targeting pro-choice women. But, like the 'Old Lions' of the Democratic Party -- Jesse Jackson and Ted Kennedy -- whose liberal rhetoric is out-of-touch and out-of-step with the 'new' Democrats, Gore's alignment with the old guard and their stance on partial birth abortion is clearly out-of-step and out-of-touch with the cultural trends that reflect the horror most American's feel at the gory specter of partial birth abortion. ……….. "While Gore's articulate daughters invoke Generation X support for abortion rights, the Democrats continue blindly ignoring the growing moral discomfort of the Sonogram Generation -- having seen their own children alive in the womb, a growing number of Americans, young and old, men and women, cannot support the Democrats' extremist position of abortion-on-demand." ...... A recent Wirthlin Worldwide poll commissioned by The Beverly LaHaye Institute highlights Gore's dilemma. The poll revealed a significant voting bloc of women -- the "Bible Study Moms" -- who are married, with children, registered to vote -- and they are 81 percent pro-life. The Bible Study Moms, many of whom are still undecided in this election, live predominantly in the battleground states of the Midwest. ...... "These women are an important swing voting bloc for Vice President Gore and should be a target population," said Crouse, "they will be influential in this election -- they are women, they are pro-life, and they do vote."……."

National Post 8/16/00 Neil Seeman "…… 'Men's studies' professor leaves job, citing feminist putsch - Dawson College: Administration had cancelled his course and reassigned him 2 1/2 months ago Former Dawson College professor Jeffrey Asher said he has seen no documents that support the accusation that he has belittled and marginalized women in his "men's studies" class and has not been given the opportunity to respond to his alleged accusers. He believes he has been the victim of a "feminist managerial putsch." ……"

US News 8/21/00 John Leo "…..Now sit, Ingvar, sit. Young women in Sweden, Germany, and Australia have a new cause: They want men to sit down while urinating. This demand comes partly from concerns about hygiene-avoiding the splash factor-but, as Jasper Gerard reports in the English Spectator, "more crucially because a man standing up to urinate is deemed to be triumphing in his masculinity, and by extension, degrading women." One argument is that if women can't do it, then men shouldn't either. Another is that standing upright while relieving oneself is "a nasty macho gesture," suggestive of male violence. A feminist group at Stockholm University is campaigning to ban all urinals from campus, and one Swedish elementary school has already removed them. In Australia, an Internet survey shows that 17 percent of those polled think men ought to sit, while 70 percent believe they should be allowed to stand. Some Swedish women are pressuring their men to take a stand, so to speak. Yola, a 25-year-old Swedish trainee psychiatrist, says she dumps boyfriends who insist on standing. "What else can I do?" said her new boyfriend, Ingvar, who sits……."

SALON 8/17/00 Amy Franklin "..... The Little League Softball World Series is in an uproar this year because boys who joined a girls team are playing in what has traditionally been an all-girls event. Parents, teams and tournament officials say the five 16-year-old boys from Arizona have an unfair physical advantage, and may even pose a danger to girls. Some teams are threatening not to play the team, and the tournament director himself is protesting. "It looks like they stacked the deck. Those boys are huge," said Val Maslauskas, ....."

Guardian Unlimited 8/15/00 Fiachra Gibbons "……He is 77, and needs two sticks to walk, but the American novelist Norman Mailer last night proved he could still kick up a storm by condemning the sexual revolution in which he played such an active part. …….. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Executioner's Song and The Naked and the Dead, claimed women had won the sex war "hands down" and were "walking all over" their broken menfolk. "Women have won everything. Men have sunk into their dugouts and pulled the metal covers over while women are rampaging over them." The six times married Mailer, who stabbed his second wife Adele in 1960 after an all-night party, said the women's movement has been "sold down the river for a mess of corporate pottage" and sympathised with President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair. "Mon frere, I thought. I'd have done it myself." The US had become "like a wife or a lover you want to throw out the window in order to rescue them". ……The one-time champion of 1960s radicalism told an audience at the Edinburgh International Book Festival that the time had come for a reaction against the sexual revolution. ……"

The Daily Oklahoman 8/14/00 "…….WHILE shuttling their children around in 1992 and 1996, the young "soccer moms" in suburban and small-town America found the time to help vote Bill Clinton into office twice. This year, a new voting bloc might swing the election toward either George W. Bush or Al Gore. And this voting bloc, dubbed "Bible study moms," puts moral values at the top of its list of concerns. ……. A new survey of 1,012 registered voters found that 22 percent of all the women voters polled were married with children and consider themselves born-again Christians, a voting bloc nicknamed by the survey's sponsor, the Beverly LaHaye Institute. …….Bush and Gore would err if they overlooked this group of women concentrated in the South and in the Midwest's key battleground states. ……."

Dallas Morning News 9/17/00 Laura Ainsworth (Letters) "….This is an impassioned plea to those women out there being targeted in the presidential race - "independent" female voters who don't start paying much attention to the campaign until the conventions. Many of you think Al Gore suddenly looks friendlier, more caring, "more real." Some of you are even switching your votes from George W. Bush to Mr. Gore because of The Kiss. Stop. You are embarrassing the rest of the female population., ..."

Reuters 9/6/00 Jill Serjeant "…..Surprised, shocked and even disappointed, the "Ms" feminists of America struggled Wednesday to come to terms with the sudden wedding of their high priestess, Gloria Steinem. Steinem, credited with the line "a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle," which became the rallying call for the 1970s women's liberation movement, was herself pretty amazed at becoming a first-time bride at the age of 66. "Though I've worked many years to make marriage more equal, I never expected to take advantage of it myself," Steinem said in a statement announcing her weekend marriage to South African-born entrepreneur David Bale, 61. ….."

Detroit News 9/13/00 Cathy Young "…… Men's Health magazine isn't known for provocative journalism. Its September issue, however, has stirred up controversy with a report on anti-male bias in American colleges and a list of the 10 worst offenders - including the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Some accuse the magazine of peddling the dangerous, silly notion that efforts to empower women such as women's studies or anti-rape programs must be bad for men. But the report highlights real problems. ………. Concerns about women's studies aren't just male paranoia. Feminist critics, such as Daphne Patai of the University of Massachusetts and Noretta Koertge of Indiana University in Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women's Studies (1994), have voiced alarm over the extent to which these courses are dominated by an ideology that reduces human experience to men's mistreatment of women. Commonly assigned readings include the rants of Andrea Dworkin and Mary Daly, who view virtually all men as lethal patriarchal predators. ……. In classroom discussions, female students are often encouraged to vent gripes against fathers, boyfriends and other men. Any man in these classes is likely to feel unwelcome, particularly if he speaks up for his gender. Many feminist professors decry "harassment" by male students such as "challenging facts" or questioning generalizations. Men have been thrown out of women's studies courses for arguing with the instructors. ….."

Original Sources 9/13/00 Mary Mostert "…..Last night, on the floor of the House of Representatives, Lynn Woolsey, a liberal Democrat with impeccable radical feminist credentials learned a hard lesson: Don't mess with the Boy Scouts. It all started on July 19, 2000, exactly three weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a decision in favor of the Boy Scouts of America which said that the U.S. Constitution also applied to Boy Scouts as well as to feminists. …… At a press conference Woolsey introduced her new "Scouting for All" bill, which was named for a group which wants to, in their words, force the Boy Scouts of America to change its standards to accept "gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth and adults. Scouting For All is also advocating that the Boy Scouts of America end its discrimination against girls and atheists." …….. On July 13, Woolsey and ten other members of Congress, Bob Filner (D-Calif.), Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.), Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), George Miller (D-Calif.), Barney Frank (D-Mass.), Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif), John Olver (D-Mass.); Janice Schakowsky (D-Ill.) and Jerold Nadler (D-N.Y.), sent a letter to the White House urging President Clinton to "resign his position as honorary head of the Boy Scouts of America in protest of the organization's policy against homosexuals." ......... She found out last night she was right about one thing: The Congress of the United States does not support her style of intolerance. Not even male fellow radicals like John Conyers of Michigan were willing to support her intolerant bill. …… Rep. Asa Hutchinson, (R-AR) who served as one of the 13 House Managers for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, brought the offensive bill to the floor, to put the Congress on record where the Boy Scouts of America is concerned. He responded, "The question is about tolerance. The Attorney General of the United States issued a statement in response to a request (by the Interior Department) for an opinion (on Clinton's Executive Order 13160) That opinion says: "Boy Scout Jamborees are not federally conducted educational or training programs." "In other words, this is a private association and the Supreme Court has said they have a right to associate and to conduct themselves freely. That's what this country is about. ….. "

Conservative News Service 8/31/00 Phyllis Schlafly, CNS Commentary "…… The Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services, a tax-funded civilian feminist lobby group that tries to set Pentagon policy, has been pushing for months to get women assigned to duty on submarines. Maybe the news of the Russian submarine tragedy will quiet the feminists a while, but they won't give up because feminists always push their sex-neutral agenda despite military readiness or even common sense. Women on subs is a terrible idea. The Navy's highest-ranking admirals are strongly opposed, but the powerful feminists in the Clinton Administration are trying to get their way by executive order…….."

Scripps Howard News Service 8/27/00 Diana West "…….Before I explain why women's suffrage should go the way of the Susan B. Anthony dollar, let me tell you a story. …….. That story was what Prudhomme wanted to ask Gore about. "When Juanita Broaddrick made the claim, which I found to be quite credible, that she was raped by Bill Clinton, did it change your opinion about him being one of the best presidents in history? And do you believe Juanita Broaddrick 's claim? And what did you tell your son about this?" she asked the vice president. With this trifecta, Prudhomme broke ground the national press corps still fears to tread. Gore, meanwhile, seemed suddenly not to know where he was. "Well, I didn't know what to make of her claim, because I don't know how to evaluate that story, I really don't," he began. He went on to say that he hadn't seen the interview ("Well, which - what show was it on?"); that he thought there had been "so many personal allegations" against Clinton that "enough was enough;" and, as for his own son, he would "never violate the privacy of my communication" with a family member - major speeches on family illness, injury and death apparently excepted. ……… He further stated that "whatever mistakes (Clinton) made in his personal life" - as if rape is a mistake - "are, in the minds of most Americans, balanced against what he has done in his public life as president." And Mussolini made the trains run on time. Here we see Gore the apologist, or, as Prudhomme says Broaddrick once described him to her, Gore "the enabler" - villainous roles that link him to Clinton's villainous deeds. ……"

NY Post 8/26/00 "…….. THE National Organization for Women wants the Federal government to give it free radio air time. NOW, led by president Patricia Ireland, complains that Rush Limbaugh uses "the power of the public airwaves to mobilize anti-feminist, racist and homophobic sentiment." So the "feminazis," as Limbaugh calls them, are flooding the Federal Communication Commission with petitions demanding "fair access for opposing points of view." A mass mailing from NOW, headlined "Tired of bigots on the air?," blithely ignores the fact that Limbaugh reaches 6 million listeners each day because they choose to tune in. In fact, Ireland may have miscalculated by including a full page of quotations from Limbaugh. While Ireland obviously thinks his words prove him an intolerant reactionary, many Americans evidently agree with him. And some folks who've gotten NOW's mailing just might decide they want to listen to his show. For instance: "Some militant feminists apparently harbor such animosity for the opposite sex that they want to criminalize the process of courtship ... What was once considered an important part of finding a mate is being mischaracterized as rape." …….." 8/26/00 "…..The Time magazine cover this week is "Who Needs A Husband? More women are saying no to marriage and embracing the single life. Are they happy?" The title ends with a question. But, do I know the answer? ….. So I'll skip along to another magazine brought to us by the same publisher: "People. Special Report: Searching for the perfect body. How do women really feel about their shapes? And whose bodies do they admire most and least? A surprising People poll." Now I'm all confused. If women don't want men any more, why are they so concerned about their shapes? To appeal to other women? So they can hold their heads high, out of concern for the opinion of society in general? ……"

UPI Drudge 8/20/00 "...... One of the president's female fans celebrated a prized "Bill Clinton" autograph on her shirt by whipping off the top in front of press photographers -- and the president. Outside an area Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop, an identified woman tore off her white shirt after Clinton signed it, stunning a crowd gathered to greet a vacationing first family on the streets of Lake Placid, a resort town in upstate New York. Before going topless, the woman called out to the president for an autograph as he shook hands on Lake Placid's main strip after eating dinner in a nearby restaurant. Clinton obliged, signing the front of her shirt. But the president was visibly surprised when the ecstatic woman turned and took off her shirt for the crowd. ......"

Wall Street Journal 10/10/00 "…… Until a last-minute rebellion from Democrats who'd previously supported the bill, the New Jersey state assembly looked set to pass a measure that would have called for the state's schoolchildren to follow their Pledge of Allegiance with the opening passage from the Declaration of Independence: ……… "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." ………New Jersey's Democrats couldn't choke that down. In the end, none would vote for the measure, the result of a slightly surreal debate in which the Declaration was found to be anti-black, anti-women and too pro-God. ……."

Detroit News 10/10/00 "…..In accordance with Jewish law, vice-presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman used to thanks God each morning for not having made him a slave or a woman. In his Orthodox synagogue, Lieberman and his wife, Hadassah, must stand apart from each other as they pray. In counting the quorum to begin -- called the minyan -- Hadassah doesn't count; a quorum is 10 men. The daughter of a rabbi, Hadassah could never become one herself in the Orthodox tradition. ……. These are some of the differences in how women are treated in Orthodox Judaism compared with more liberal strains of the religion. And the disparity has some people asking if Lieberman's religion could color his views of women in secular society. ……."

Breakpoint 10/9/00 Chuck Colson "........ The low moment of the Olympics was the Nike commercial with a crazed killer chasing a woman with a chainsaw. It's evidence that some companies are only too willing to exploit our appetite for the abhorrent. The ad was shocking by any standard. A masked man with a chainsaw is chasing a woman through the woods. The woman gets away -- because she's wearing Nike trainers. As the killer watches his victim flee, the narrator says: "Why sport? Because you'll live longer." ..... NBC aired the ad during prime time, and soon heard from thousands of outraged viewers. Parents said the ad gave their kids nightmares, and made light of real-life threats to women. ...... NBC quickly pulled the ad. But Nike executives said they can't figure out what the big deal is over a commercial they considered "edgy." Their spokesman sniffed, "I don't think [customers] expect us to create ads with puppy dogs . . . and cheery music. That's just not who we are." ........ Who they are, it seems, is a company willing to offend women and frighten children -- a company hinting that the horrific is humorous. Frankly, that attitude is rotten. But what a contrast it is to the approach taken by another business leader....."

Breakpoint 10/9/00 Chuck Colson "........ Wick Allison is publisher of a Dallas magazine called D. A few weeks ago, Allison flipped through an advance copy of his September issue and was shocked to see two ads he considered obscene. He wouldn't describe the ads, but observers noted that several other magazines were currently running ads linking sex and violence. ....... Copies of D were already on their way to the newsstands, but Allison didn't hesitate. He ordered the trucks to make a detour -- straight to the local recycling center. The entire September issue -- all 70,000 copies -- was turned into pulp. ...... It was a costly decision, as the Wall Street Journal reported, but it made Wick Allison a hero. Women he works with sent him thank-you notes. People stopped him on the street to thank him. ...... The moral fabric of a civilization can be seen in how it treats its most vulnerable members. When ads make light of violence against women, and when magazines like Vogue, GQ, and Elle are running ads I can't even describe on BreakPoint, we know the barbarians are in our midst. ......."

Newsmax 10/2/00 Dr. James Hirsen "……It seems as though a warped administration is readily willing to sacrifice the health and welfare of our female population if that is what it takes to stop the hemorrhaging of poll numbers within the Gore campaign. …….. Gone is the pretense of ensuring that abortions in the United States are "safe and rare." The choreographers of decline have succeeded in thrusting a drug-induced termination of life upon our nation. The sanctioning of this latest method will most likely lead to a rise in the number of abortions performed and an increase in the attendant risks, "comforts" of home notwithstanding. Female voters are currently the most sought after constituency in the presidential campaign. However, women must ask themselves the degree to which they are truly valued. …….. In clinical testing, one out of every 100 patients using the RU486 protocol ended up in the hospital. Two percent of women who used the method had such severe bleeding they required surgery. After years of study, the FDA only four months ago submitted restrictions which included the mandate that administration of the RU486 drugs take place within one hour of an emergency room, thus acknowledging some of the pitfalls of the drugs involved. …….What salient facts emerged four months later to compel the FDA to drop protections for women's health? Curiously, the answer is none. And so we are left to wonder whether this was a purely political maneuver. ……."

New York Daily News Online 9/18/00 Douglas Feiden "…… The Millennium Summit at the United Nations is history, and 147 posturing world leaders have finally left town - vowing to deliver billions from war, ignorance, destitution and global suffering. ……. But here's what's really going on at the UN - and it's got nothing to do with world salvation: Nations are being ordered to "downplay" motherhood and "phase out" accompanying traditions like Mother's Day because a team of international civil servants views "the mother image" as a "harmful stereotype." ……. Member states are also being directed to stop viewing women in the "noble roles" of wife, mother and caregiver. Never mind that women are being mutilated in Cameroon, slave-trafficked in Kyrgyzstan and banned from the outdoors in Afghanistan. ……"

USA Today 9/22/00 Amy Holmes "……Oprah Winfrey may be America's most powerful black woman, but even an appearance with daytime TV's queen didn't halt Al Gore's slide among minority female voters. A bipartisan poll this month found Gore's support among that historically Democratic constituency dropped 10 points in just over a week. Time magazine reports that Gore's own internal polling finds support among black voters ''wide but soft, with only 45% of respondents saying they were definitely going to vote.'' …….. This may explain, then, why Gore took the extraordinary step this past weekend of personally attacking a sitting Supreme Court justice. In one of a whirlwind of speeches before black audiences, Gore reeled off a list of the administration's minority appointees, ending with the kicker, ''53 judges and not a Clarence Thomas among them!'' …… Note he named Thomas, not Antonin Scalia or another conservative justice. Gore's ugly insinuation: Thomas is a discredit to his race. …….. The comment was improper, uncivil and beneath the dignity of his office. Most seriously, it raises doubts about Gore's judgment and his respect for the separation of powers integral to our democracy. ……."

NewsMax 9/20/00 Walter Williams "...... Here's another puzzlement: For the past couple of nights, I've been watching television programs featuring the nation's new supermax prisons, such as California's Pelican Bay. I've also watched the History Channel's series "The Big House," featuring notable prisons such as Sing Sing, Leavenworth and Louisiana's Angola prison, aka The Farm.........Feminists have called for and succeeded in ending a lot of sex segregation in the military, even aboard combat ships and in combat units. Women have integrated the nation's police and fire-fighting forces. Women even serve as guards in male prisons. Women have fought to be admitted in organizations where they're unwanted, such as all-male country clubs and sweaty male locker rooms. I'm wondering why feminists haven't called for prison inmate integration, so that female criminals can take their rightful place alongside male criminals? What possible excuse can be given as justification for one of the last bastions of sex-based segregation?....... Don't say anything about physical differences between men and women. America's male chauvinists tried that argument and lost when they attempted to keep women off combat ships and out of combat units. We who care about justice and equality ought to demand answers from sentencing boards and prison authorities.......... There's something else on the sex front I find a bit strange. Companies face lawsuits and fines for not having a certain percentage of women in their work force. One problem is that, in some jobs, women don't apply according to their numbers in the population. For example, I've seen zero to no female garbage collectors and jack-hammer operators, just to name a couple of occupations. ....."

CNN.COM 9/20/00 "…… UNITED NATIONS-Women throughout the world continue to be the victims of violence, sexual exploitation and discrimination - at a considerable cost to their countries' economies, according to a United Nations report. The report, issued by the U.N. Population Fund, notes that conditions for women have improved since 1994, when 179 countries met and pledged to do more for their female citizens. But Stan Bernstein, a senior research adviser with the fund, said the continuing discrimination against women constitutes "a massive violation of human rights that takes various forms around the globe."

St Paul Pioneer Press 9/19/00 Laurence D Cohen "...... Sociologists making us all victims of victimization The college kids barely had time to unpack when the warnings began: Don't smoke. Don't drink. No unprotected sex. No drugs. But no one ever warns them about the real danger lurking inside those ivy-covered walls. Stay away from the sociologists. ..... Those sociologists are a sneaky bunch. They creep out beyond the sociology department and teach urban studies and African-American studies and feminist studies and all sorts of victimization studies, some of which have been promoted to make-believe departments of their very own. But don't be fooled. They're still sociologists. ....... The sociologists know that the road to tenure, promotions and fat grants from loopy foundations is filled with victims, so the curriculum is overloaded with beleaguered women and minorities and misunderstood criminals. When Youngstown State University in Ohio launched its Center for Working-Class Studies in the early 1990s, it was considered groundbreaking: Part of the focus was going to be blue-collar white folks. Neither of the co-founders was a sociologist. Although many academic disciplines maintain the pretext of objective exploration, the sociologists have pretty much transformed themselves into knee-jerk advocates. Take the nuttiest thing you ever heard a left-wing Democrat say out loud and you can find it in a sociology textbook or journal article.......... In his book ``Jail: Managing the Underclass in American Society,'' sociologist John Irwin is in the mainstream of his profession when he complains that jails treat people like, well, you know, prisoners. ........ In the real world, one need only look at welfare reform to see how irrelevant sociologists and their colleagues in the social worker community have become. After decades of watching academic sociologists and social workers craft and defend a destructive welfare system that provided perverse incentives for victims to stay victims, it took a gaggle of ideologically driven politicians and economists to fix the mess, with financial incentives to do the right things and avoid the wrong things. That isn't called sociology; it's called Economics 101......"

National Review Online 9/19/00 Robert George "..... Seeking a portrait of women on the verge of a nervous breakdown? One need only turn to the New York Times op-ed page. Apologies in advance to those who believe the following comments will be perceived as sexist. However, in the wake of the Lazio-Clinton debate, one can only honestly say that Gail Collins and Maureen Dowd are in a tizzy. .......... On Friday, Collins wrote, "Rick Lazio, the New York Senate Republican nominee, was supposed to be the likable candidate. Then this week, at a debate in Buffalo, the Congressman morphed into a political predator." ........ Sunday, Dowd followed up with, "Hillary got into the New York race because of one badly behaved man. Now she may win it because of another badly behaved man." ........ All this is derived from whether Rick Lazio "invaded Hillary's space" by leaving his podium and declaring that she sign a pledge foreswearing the use of soft-money. ....... Dowd remains the somewhat fairer of the two columnists, accurately pointing out the machinations of the state Democratic party and various elected officials (Rep. Charles Rangel in particular) in trying to parlay the public sympathy toward Hillary Clinton into electoral support for her Senate race. The truth is that the First Lady was never so popular as at the height of the impeachment drama. But, as the memory of that time has faded, Hillary's numbers have plunged. She hasn't hit 50 percent in more than a year. Dowd rightly notes that Hillary's fortunes rise and fall with the perception that she is a victim. But then Dowd turns around and makes a link between Lazio's "bad behavior" and Bill Clinton's. Now, let's get this straight. The act of walking across a stage and putting apiece of paper down on a podium and asking that a woman sign it is the equivalent of a 50-something "chief executive" having his way with a 21-year old intern - and then serially lying about it? Oh, right, that's exactly the same. ......... If possible, Collins is even worse. "People, how many times do we have to point out that women do not like men who yell?" Lazio was yelling? I must have missed that one. What's interesting here is how the Grey Ladies seem happy to buy into the implicit reverse-sexism at play here. Let's ask this question: If a man went over to another man and demanded that he sign a pledge, would he have been accused of being a "predator"?" If it had been two women, what would the reaction have been? Is Lazio out-of-bounds because he didn't treat Hillary Clinton "like a lady?" ........"

UN 9/20/00 "……Despite the tremendous changes of the 20th century, discrimination and violence against women and girls remain firmly rooted in cultures around the world, according to a new report released today by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The report, "Lives Together, Worlds Apart -- State of World Population 2000," launched today in some 170 countries, distils a vast quantity of evidence and carries a very simple message that "The price of inequality is too high to pay," said UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Nafis Sadik. "It shows that in countries all over the world, gender inequality, discrimination and violence are holding back not only women but men: not only families but communities and whole nations," Dr. Sadik said at the report's launch in London. ……. "This is a massive global violation of human rights, but it also has many practical and malign consequences. One of them is continued unwanted high fertility and rapid population growth among some of the world's poorest people. Another one is the rapid spread of HIV infection," she said. ……" 9/19/00 Frank Eltman "…..Rep. Rick Lazio said today it was "sexist" to portray his behavior during a recent Senate debate with Hillary Rodham Clinton as too aggressive. During last week's debate, the Republican left his podium and strode over to Mrs. Clinton's side of the stage brandishing what he said was a contract to ban soft money from the campaign. She declined. Clinton's spokesman, Howard Wolfson, called Lazio's behavior "menacing," while the first lady shrugged it off, saying "the thing that probably prepared me best in dealing with things like that was having two younger brothers." …. Today, Lazio responded. "The idea that somehow that there's a double standard because you're a man or a woman, and you can't make a point forcefully if you're a man, and the person you're making the point with is a woman, I just think that's sexist," he said during a campaign stop in Buffalo. ……"

American Spectator Online 9/19/00 Francis X Rocca "…… "I believe that there will be a woman president sooner rather than later," said the secretary of state on Monday, using a classic Clinton formulation that means approximately nothing. Sooner than when? ……… The White House Project, the organization that (along with the New York Times) co-sponsored the meeting at which Madeleine Albright made the remark, has a more precise timetable: it seeks to put a woman in the Oval Office within the next ten years. ……. "The most moving moment for me," Albright recalled, was when Liechtenstein's foreign minister thanked the secretary for making her job easier "because I had sworn I would take her phone call." ……. Liechtenstein is a European principality with a per capita GDP of $23,000 (1998 estimate), owing largely to its low taxes, easy incorporation rules, and strict banking secrecy laws. (It is also one of only two doubly land-locked countries in the world, the other being Uzbekistan. But that's beside the point.) ……. Albright's sisterly solicitude for Liechtenstein's top diplomat did not mean a leg up for some miserable Third World nation. It meant a career boost for one lucky First World bureaucrat -- someone much like Albright herself. …….Austria's Benita Ferrero-Waldner, a member of Jörg Haider's reviled right-populist Freedom Party, is presumably another of the 15 participants in Albright's female foreign minister support group. "

Boston Globe 9/20/00 Steve Wilmsen "….. Humiliated and harassed at the Mary Ellen McCormack housing project where he has lived for four years, Charles ''Ebony'' Horton is frantically, and so far unsuccessfully, searching for another home, his lawyer said yesterday. ……. As Boston housing officials began eviction proceedings against the transgendered 22-year-old, Horton, along with gay-rights groups and a handful of private citizens, are combing Boston for a landlord who will rent to him. ……. But the pickings are slim for Horton, who pleaded guilty to kidnapping an 11-year-old boy and trying to force him to perform sex acts. ……… Residents of the South Boston housing project where Horton lives have been outraged since Judge Maria I. Lopez's Sept. 6 sentence of probation that allowed Horton to return home. ……" 1/4/01 Cheryl Chumley ".....The National Organization of Women is being accused of injecting its political views into a court case perceived by others as dealing solely with an alleged criminal extortionist.......Dr. James Pendergraft, an abortionist with five clinics in Florida, is currently on trial for lying under oath, conspiracy to commit extortion, and mail fraud...... NOW officials have rallied to his defense, labeling his plight "government-sponsored harassment."........ But Christian Communication Network Director Gary McCullough said NOW's only interest in the Pendergraft case stemmed from its attempts to further the abortion-rights cause......" 12/28/00 Ann Coulter "……It's nice to see that the feminist organizations have gotten their voices back after several years of radio silence during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Gloria Feldt, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, recently opined on the op-ed page of The New York Times that she is "frightened" George W. Bush will pay heed to the "partisan" interests of those who disagree with Gloria. Liberals are always frightened by diversity of opinion. ….."

AP 11/29/00 Lindsey Tanner "….Score one for exasperated women: New research suggests men really do listen with just half their brains. In a study of 10 men and 10 women, brain scans showed that men when listening mostly used the left sides of their brains, the region long associated with understanding language. Women in the study, however, used both sides. ….. Other studies have suggested that women ``can handle listening to two conversations at once,'' said Dr. Joseph T. Lurito, an assistant radiology professor at Indiana University School of Medicine. ``One of the reasons may be that they have more brain devoted to it.'' …. Lurito's findings, presented Tuesday at the Radiological Society of North America's annual meeting, don't necessarily mean women are better listeners. ...... "

David Horowitz 11/5/00 Freeper Mean Daddy "……Consider the fact that no liberal or feminist group has proposed making rape a hate crime, while rape is universally regarded as an act of hate. Could the reason be that such legislation would jeopardize another protected group - African American males - who commit over 40% of such crimes?……" 11/2/00 ".....Melinda Millsaps wants to be a mom. The 42-year-old Florida resident is a neonatal nurse practitioner and has helped deliver thousands of babies for over 20 years. Now she wants one of her own. The only problem is she's single, and doctors at the UF/Shands infertility clinic turned her away when she came to them to undergo artificial insemination. That was two years ago, and ever since then, she has been fighting to get the doctor's decision overturned. ..... This was all reported in the Oct. 31 edition of the Gainesville Sun. The reason doctors at the clinic turned her away is because they have a policy to only offer their services for artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization to heterosexual couples. Their policy is based on several factors, including scarce resources and the fact that they consider not having a male partner a medical condition. ......The dilemma is not new. ...... In a 1994 report from an ethics committee of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and in response to an increasing number of single women seeking artificial insemination, a guideline was established regarding the practice. The report states, "We believe that the child's best interest is served when it is born and reared in the environment of a heterosexual couple in a stable marriage. Therefore, we find it, in general, ethically questionable to offer infertility services to single individuals who do not provide this most appropriate environment." Well, I, for one agree with the ethics report, as well as with the doctor's, and applaud them for standing on sound principle. ......"

News for a change 11/2/00 Matt Welch "……Nader was responding to NOW president Patricia Ireland's stinging accusation in Thursday's San Francisco Chronicle. In a voice rising with irritation, he argued Ireland's active campaign against his candidacy was the kind of "politics of fear" rhetoric common among powerful liberal organizations. ….. …Ireland criticized the Green Party presidential candidate for not mentioning "any explicitly feminist issues, not birth control or abortion," in his 10-page candidacy statement. "It's not just an indifference," she told the Chronicle, "it's an ignorance that's almost willful." …….Nader responded with a sharp civics lecture of his own. "I've been fighting for women's rights since before Patricia Ireland knew the term," he said. "In 1957, there were 11 states in this country that prohibited women from serving on juries... Do you know who wrote [about that issue]? You're looking at him."……"

The Associated Press 10/20/00 "……Former President Carter - a Sunday school teacher since he was 18 years old - said he is cutting ties with the Southern Baptist Convention because he finds it increasingly rigid in its views on the role of women. "My grandfather, my father and I have always been Southern Baptists, and for 21 years since the first political division took place in the Southern Baptist Convention, I have maintained that relationship. I feel I can no longer in good conscience do that," Carter said in Friday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution..."

East Valley Tribune 10/17/00 Howard Fischer "…… Hadessah Lieberman wants Arizona women to vote for a man who used to thank God every morning for not having been born a woman. Lieberman, in Arizona Monday, told a group of women they would be far better off with the election of Democrat Al Gore and her husand, Joseph than with Republicans George Bush and Dick Cheney. In a separate interview with Capitol Media Services, she said tenets of the couple's religion - including the official morning prayer for men - should not deter women from supporting him. …… She said her husband no longer recites the prayer as it appears in Orthodox Jewish prayer books, amending it instead to say only that "God has created me in his image". She sidestepped questions about when his prayer ritual changed. ….."