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8/7/98 Bruce Bartlett National Center for Policy Analysis "As Bill Clinton fights the various scandals he has become embroiled in, he is looking more and more like Richard Nixon every day. On the surface he seems secure, but it is all superficial; underneath, termites are destroying the foundation of Clinton's viability. .Also in 1973, Congress became alarmed over Nixon's use of executive orders to implement policies it refused to legislate. A series of articles in the New York Times in March 1973 detailed the growth of what came to be called the "imperial presidency." Among the charges: Nixon declined to spend appropriated funds as Congress directed; in foreign affairs, he refused to send treaties to the Senate for ratification, as the Constitution requires, implementing them instead through executive agreements. And as we well remember, Nixon took an expansive view of "executive privilege" in order to hinder investigations into Watergate. Turning to today, we see ominous parallels. Although Clinton's poll ratings are still high, around 63 percent, the public has yet to be fully informed about the extent of his efforts to coverup wrongdoing in the Monica Lewinsky case. .What is holding up the polls is the belief that economic conditions are still robust. But here also, there are warning signs. The stock market has fallen sharply in the last two weeks and real GDP growth has dropped from a torrid 5.5 percent rise in the first quarter of 1998 to an anemic 1.4 percent in the second. Although Clinton's economists, like Nixon's, see this as a temporary falloff, increasing numbers of private economists are starting to use the "R" word: recession. Finally, like Nixon, Clinton has greatly expanded presidential power through the use of executive orders that infringe on the Congress's legislative power. Historian James MacGregor Burns calls it the greatest expansion of presidential power in history. It is too soon to say if Clinton will be driven from office like Nixon. But the parallels are becoming too similar to ignore."

New York Post 8/11/98 Dick Morris "THE tobacco bill is dead. Clinton's education reform proposals are destroyed. The president's call to expand Medicare and child care is forgotten. Abroad, India tests its nuclear weapons with impunity and Netanyahu feels no pressure to talk peace. In Kosovo, Serbian armies advance unrestrained and once again the West is helpless. These political development reflect the reality that President Clinton's moral authority - finally vested in him by a shaken country in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City tragedy - has been revoked, sharply and suddenly, by the American people.."

Chicago Tribune 9/6/98 Stephen Chapman " .Clinton's likely legacy is the enduring diminution of the office he holds. There is no doubt that his personal moral authority has been squandered: No one could listen to him lecturing Russians on the need for self-discipline and sacrifice without wondering why he doesn't practice such virtues instead of merely preaching them. Until he came along, we assumed presidents would sometimes lie to us. Now, we wonder if the president ever tells the truth, even under oath, and the distrust will outlive this administration.."

New York Times 1/27/99 Alessandra Stanley ".Ignoring the moral lapses of President Clinton, Pope John Paul II flew into in St. Louis on Tuesday and addressed the broader moral failings of the nation. In a crowded airport hangar, the Pope referred to the infamous 1857 Dred Scott case affirming slavery, which was heard in St. Louis, and called it a "time of testing," which the United States failed. "America faces a similar time of trial today," the Pope said. "Today the conflict is between a culture that affirms, cherishes and celebrates the gift of life and a culture that seeks to declare entire groups of human beings -- the unborn, the terminally ill, the handicapped, and others considered 'unuseful' -- to be outside the boundaries of legal protection." ."

Washington Post 2/8/99 Joan Biskupic Freeper tellw ".In courthouses across the country, an unprecedented level of juror activism is taking hold, ignited by a movement of people who are turning their back on the evidence they hear at trial and instead using the jury box as a bold form of civil protest. Whether they are African Americans who believe the system is stacked against them, libertarians who abhor the overbearing hand of government or someone else altogether, these jurors are choosing to ignore a judge's instructions to punish those who break the law because they don't like what it says or how it is being applied to a particular defendant.. In all of these cases, the jury box turned into a venue for registering dissent, more powerful than one vote at the polls and more effective at producing tangible, satisfying results.."

Manchester Union Leader 2/15/99 Richard Lessner ".So this malignancy in our body politic is not to be removed. It will be left to fester and poison our politics, our morals and our values. We will endure the toxic shock of this corrupting influence in our classrooms, courtrooms, state houses and town halls for years to come. We agree with values czar Bill Bennett: William Jefferson Clinton is a malignant presence in American politics and culture. He appeals to all that is mean and base in us. His manifest corruption gives us all an excuse to lower our standards. In excusing the President's misdeeds, we excuse ourselves. Refusing to hold the President accountable, we have failed to hold ourselves responsible as a free and self-governing people. Bill Clinton is a demoralizing influence. He survived impeachment because, before he ever reached this crisis point in his Presidency, he already had so demeaned the standards of his office that the American people retained no higher expectations of him. The most discouraging aspect of this whole squalid affair is not that Americans were tricked or fooled about Bill Clinton's character; it is, rather, that they decided character does not count. Bill Clinton made the trains run on time and the rest does not matter.."

Boston Herald 2/17/99 Beverly Beckham ".``So how do you feel about what happened to President Clinton?'' I asked Xena, who is 12. ``Did anything happen to him, Beverly? I thought nothing did. He's still president, right?'' ``He's still president,'' I said. ``Well, I think he should have been punished, not just embarrassed. I feel sorry for his daughter. I'm glad I'm not her.'' Imagine. Not wanting to be the president's daughter... No wonder we have Bill Clinton in the White House, now nominated for a Nobel Prize, God help us, and Marv Albert about to make his return to sports broadcasting and Stephen Fagan, the lying schemer who stole his daughters from his wife 20 years ago, still walking around, and those daughters, adults now but raised by wrong incarnate, refusing to see their own mother. Woody Allen is admired and Johnnie Cochran is about to appear on a soap opera. (Isn't life just a soap opera?) And Jerry Springer is knocking Oprah off the charts because her shows have turned too goody-goody. The golden rule has been replaced by the golden calf. Never mind conscience and reputation, those things our parents and teachers taught us were paramount. What did they know? The world has changed. Everyone is guilty of something, so no one is guilty of anything.. Too bad there is only one sin in America these days. Light up and the world coughs. Lie to the world, beat up a woman, make a joke of all women, steal your kids, have sex with your kid, defend the indefensible, make a sport of everyone's troubles, and there's not even any throat clearing as the people say, it's not for us to judge.."

Michigan Journalism Fellows and Univ of Michigan Law School 2/23/99 Freeper Hillary's Lovely Legs "...Yesterday I attended the Conference on " Covering Assisted Death 'the Press, The Law and Public Policy". The conference dealt with the showing of the Jack Kevorkian video tape on 60 Minutes, but turned it to a free-for-all of death and hate. I would like to share with you some quotes from the event. From Faye Girsh, Exec Director of the Hemlock Society: " What we need is to show more real death on TV. To bring it into people's homes. We need to force the issue". On the topic of anti doctor suicide commercials " Anti Commercials should not be allowed, because the anti crowd has more money and missinforms the public" The main tone of the 12 member panel was we need to kill as many people as possible. Comfort care and pain relief are no longer an option, people need to ask their doctor to kill them without fear that it is wrong. Death is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated with your friends and family, much like a wedding. ( I am not making this up ) ... Mike Wallace was heckled by a group of disabled people in wheelchairs called " Not Dead Yet". He refered to them as YOU PEOPLE. They didn't take kindly to this term. Mr Wallace suddenly broke into a rage at ' YOU PEOPLE" and said " YOU PEOPLE ARE THE PROPBLEM!!!" Mr 60 Minutes also layed into one of the Trustees of the American Medical association, who does not support doctors killing patients, and said " Doctors are leaving your association in droves because of your backward thinking." It was mentioned more than once that Assisted Death would be popular in the future because the boomers will be sucking the medical resources dry. Considering this conference was 90% pro, and 10% against, I think that I was lucky to get out of there without a slow drip of death being shoved into my veins...."

The Toronto Sun 2/23/99 Michael Harris "...Power protects power, no matter what. Whenever this happens, any living, breathing notion of justice dies a hard death. The Bill Clinton story is about privilege and cowardice. That's why he was able to lie his way out of felonies. That's why he was permitted to bomb aspirin factories and rain missiles on Iraq under the pretense of national security, when the real issue was personal security. And it's why he almost managed to rape a woman in Arkansas without anyone being the wiser -- at least in polite media circles. Whatever small lustre attached to this profession comes from the giant-killer factor. A journalist, a victim and the truth occasionally prevail against the corrupt might of the establishment to the benefit of everyone. For anyone who has actually done it, it is the glory of the business; having the means, the colleagues and the courage to stand up and tell the story when no one in authority wants to hear it. NBC had the means but not the courage in the Juanita Broaddrick affair....Raising the bar for Bill is turning into a favourite American pastime. Despite the felonies for which Clinton was impeached, Democratic senators insisted that they didn't rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanours. It was their conduct that didn't rise to the level of integrity intended in their oath to dispense impartial justice. They let a popular president go for partisan reasons. They pretended that the subject matter of the Lewinsky scandal was too sleazy to even be heard on the Senate floor..... "

Fow Newswire 2/23/99 Jim Fitzgerald (AP) "...Three Roman Catholic families are suing a school district, claiming fourth-grade vocabulary words such as "ghoul,'' Earth Day celebrations and drug counseling violate their religious and privacy rights. The families also object to the study of a Hindu god, a field trip to a cemetery and a card game with satanic references. "There are two standards,'' said James Bendell, the families' attorney. "Any trace of Christianity must be banished, but teachers are free to smuggle in Eastern religions and any other forms (of belief).'' Bendell made the remarks during opening statements Monday in the federal court trial. Satanism, occultism and New Age religions were being fostered, he said...."

Investor's Business Daily 2/25/99 John Berlau Freeper heyduke "...When asked about President Clinton's acquittal, the leaders of some of America's top-performing companies voice opinions that are a photographic negative of the general public's. While polls show about two-thirds of the American people agreed with the Senate's verdict, 67.9% of chief executives and chief financial officers in a recent Investor's Business Daily poll strongly or somewhat disagreed. An even higher share, 89.6%, said they would not tolerate behavior similar to Clinton's - a senior executive having an affair with an intern - in their workplaces..."

WorldNetDaily 9/7/98 Joseph Farah "If you read between the lines of what Bill Clinton is saying, these days, he has already come to grips with losing power. "Do you have any idea how much time I spend every day signing my name? I'm going to feel utterly useless if I can't do that anymore," he said in Ireland last week in little noticed comments. "You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions," he said last week. "You may find you can get away with virtual presidents, virtual prime ministers, virtual everything." .I submit to you that Clinton has been given the word that he's through. I don't mean by the Congress or Kenneth Starr. I think he's been told he's finished by someone in that invisible ruling elite that empowered him to reign in the first place. The handwriting is on the wall. He may pretend to be president for awhile longer, but the coup is under way. As my friend, Missy Kelly, an extraordinary researcher and political analyst, who connects the dots better than anyone I know put it: "Bill's job was to pretend -- pretend he was the leader, pretend he was in charge -- maintain the facade as a virtual president in a virtual democracy where a virtual rule of law exists. In fact, the levers of power were already controlled -- controlled so precisely, in fact, as to make the president irrelevant, controlled by people who have never been elected to office, and whose names we do not even know." ."

Jewish World Review 9/7/98 Larry Elder "."Guilty or not, we love you, O.J." The sign -- held by a black woman outside of the O.J. Simpson criminal courtroom -- still chills. During a ceremony honoring Martin Luther King, a black speaker told a scandal-weary President Clinton that blacks stand by him "through thick and thin." They do. The president's job approval rating among blacks? Eighty-five percent! Blacks feel that Clinton "feels our pain." Good thing, because here are 15 ways he increased it. 9. Treatment of black "friends." The president, it appears, did not tell close friend Vernon Jordan about the significance of Monica Lewinsky as Jordan sought job offers for her. Secretary Betty Currie, perhaps illegally, retrieved the president's gifts to Monica Lewinsky. For their loyalty, Jordan and Currie appeared before a grand jury, incurring legal bills. With friends like President Clinton ... 15. War on cigarettes. A higher percentage of lower-income people smoke. Smokers bear the brunt of tax increases to fight teen smoking or whatever "problem" government wishes to attack with cigarette tax revenues. Some cities use "sin taxes" to build sports stadiums for rich owners and players. And the "sinners" who help build the stadiums can't even smoke there! ."

AP Ron Fournier 9/11/98 "On couches and chairs in President Clinton's private quarters, his Cabinet sat and listened to the boss apologize, request forgiveness, refer to scripture and pledge to improve as a person. Then it was his turn to listen to them. ``To say it is one thing,'' Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala told Clinton, ``to demonstrate it is another.'' He must have a change of heart, a commitment to self-improvement, she said. ``You have to make it right.'' ``You're right,'' the president replied. .Those four - Shalala, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Education Secretary Richard Riley and Commerce Secretary William Daley - have the most reason to be upset with Clinton. All four avoided TV cameras after Thursday's meeting. Daley, said by administration officials to be the angriest Cabinet member, kept a previously scheduled engagement instead of attending the session..Clinton made several comments that suggested he believes his policies are more important than his personal behavior. ``Is that what you are saying?'' Shalala asked. ``Surely, both are important.'' The president replied that if personal behavior was more important, Richard Nixon would have defeated John Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election. The participants said Clinton's remark was an observation, not a rebuke, and his Cabinet was not sure what to make of it; the subject moved abruptly to talk about the scripture. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt was equally blunt with Clinton, taking issue with his behavior. Riley also seemed upset at Clinton, participants said.."

RAGE Limbaugh Letter 9/98 ".And it is there, my friends, that the root of the rage exists. This man, Bill Clinton, has lied to people and about people from the moment he came on the national scene. The lie is his best friend. The lie is who he goes to bed with at night. The lie is who he wakes up with in the morning. It is his security blanket. The lie has gotten him where he is. The lie has propelled him to the highest office in the land. Why should he stop relying on it now? I don't think that he will. I've never seen someone to whom the truth is a bigger enemy. And he has yet to pay a price for it. That is the fundamental explanation for the rage. It gets far more detailed and, and complex, but that's the basic root..It's been seven years of deception -- and there is never any accountability. This Administration is a lie. This President's objectives and goals are lies. There are people who know this, and they are beyond frustrated that there are people who are willing to withstand that and accept that, simply because of the party he belongs to. None of this is understood by the people who cover the President..The people in this country, the 30 percent who are angry and can't wait to vote, are the people who believe in God and they're told they're extremists because they believe in God. These are people who look at the Constitution and they see an Amendment there, the Second Amendment, and when they say so they're told they're extremist murderers. They're told the reason the country is on its last legs is because they believe in an Amendment to the Constitution. Because they believe in God. These people have been defamed, they have been lied about, they have been mischaracterized, and nobody has stood up to defend them. And they can't defend themselves; they are individuals living and working and making the country work. People they elected didn't defend themselves when they were summarily charged, and they, in effect, didn't defend their voters. That's why the outrage is out there. And it's building. And that's why these people can't wait to get to the polls and do whatever it is they can to throw the people out who are responsible for the depths below the gutter to which the people who are running the country are sinking.."

American Family Association ( 3/2/99 The battle in this country between those holding to traditional morality and those espousing hedonism has reached a fever pitch, manifested in no clearer terms that the ideological conflict over homosexuality…. There may be no area of debate that causes blood pressures to escalate more rapidly than the question of whether public schools should teach children about homosexuality. Now the homosexual community has thrown down the gauntlet by unveiling a video entitled It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues In School, and as its title implies, the video is aimed at the educational establishment. The video is produced by Helen Cohen and Debra Chasnoff, the latter an Academy Award-winning documentary producer. In 1992 Chasnoff became the first woman to openly declare her lesbianism at the Oscars. The producers went into six elementary and middle schools where teachers and principals are already force-feeding children with pro-gay grist. The narrator says the educators allowed the filming "in the hope of inspiring other educators and parents to take the next step in their own school communities to teach children respect for all." …When It’s Elementary is not pointing the finger at bigoted parents in general, it zeroes in on Christians in particular: the Christian view of homosexuality is highlighted as an example of outrageous bigotry. In one sequence of clips from TV talks shows, two apparent Christians present the view of their faith. One says, "God hates fags." The other: "The Bible that I read says homosexuals should be put to death." …"

The Baltimore Press 6/28/99 Les Kinsolving "...John Berry, President Clinton's Assistant Secretary of the Interior, surely has an astonishing sense of historical proportion. The Washington Times reports that Secretary Berry, during a speech in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, announced that the Boston Tea Party, the Declaration of Independence and the Battle of Gettysburg are comparable to (Are you sitting down?), the riot at a homosexual bar! Secretary Berry was on hand for the Clinton Administration's adding the Stonewall Bar to the National Register of Historic Places. And he declared: "The last week of June and the first week of July (of 1969) are hallowed (meaning holy or sacred) days for our country's history. It was the heat of the summer's night here at Stonewall that led to the creation of a new civil rights movement for America."....In actuality, the Stonewall Bar was moved upon by the New York Police Department because they were breaking the law, in selling liquor without a license. A mob of militant homosexuals, who far outnumbered the police, furiously pelted the cops with rocks, bottles and garbage can lids. (Picketer's Charge?)..."

Rutherford Institute John Whitehead 8/13/98 "As the clock ticks inexorably toward the end of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's investigations and the pace of startling allegations and revelations seems to gain speed, we come to a realization about the role of the presidency in our lives: where once we looked to the President to elevate our image of ourselves as Americans, we are faced instead with one who mirrors our culture and reminds us of our very human weaknesses and flaws. ."

Dee Dee Myers Time 8/31/98 ".The President's relationship with Monica Lewinsky was so reckless as to seem pathological. He knew the consequences of getting caught, but he went ahead. For 18 months. In the West Wing of the White House. When he was caught, he put all his chips on the same kind of artfully worded, misleading denials that had snatched him from the brink of disaster before. And for seven months he put his family, his friends, his staff and his supporters through hell.."

Washington Times Jerry Seper 8/25/98 "Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's report to Congress contains "a mountain of evidence" that President Clinton perjured himself about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky and obstructed justice by trying to cover it up.."Prosecutors have put together a mountain of evidence in this case, much of which has not been reported, and I would bet it will surprise and shock a lot of people," said one lawyer familiar with the investigation. "This is an eight-month investigation that has left no stone unturned.". "

Morality In Media newsletter 12/98 ".Justice Department data obtained recently by Morality in Media show that U.S. Attorneys in fiscal 1997 began only six prosecutions in which Federal obscenity violations were the lead charge, down from 42 in 1992, a drop of 86% in the first five years of the Clinton Administration. Not surprisingly, a leading porn video distributor told TV Guide this year that "Prsident Clinton is a total supporter of the industry." MIM President Robert W. Peters said in a nationally distributed news release October 19, "The single most important reason that pornography is boomiing today is the scandalously poor record of Federal obscenity law enforcement. ... This is the Clinton failure that hurts America far more than the Monica Lewinsky affair." Justice Department data show that the 93 U.S. Attorneys around the country initiated 223 lead-charge obscenity prosecutions during President Bush's four- year term but only 105 such prosecutions in the first five years of the Clinton administration as enforcement declined sharply. ."

Washington Post AP 9/3/98 David Espo " In a somber speech on the Senate floor, Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman said Thursday that President Clinton's behavior with Monica Lewinsky was ``immoral and it is harmful'' and Clinton deserves public rebuke. ``In this case, the president apparently had extramarital relations with an employee half his age and did so in the workplace in the vicinity of the Oval Office,'' Lieberman said. Such behavior, he said, ``is harmful for it sends a message of what is acceptable behavior to the American public.'' .Democratic leaders had hoped he would avoid speaking, but within moments after he concluded, two fellow Democrats rose to praise him for it. Lieberman said that Clinton ``had by his disgraceful behavior jeopardized his administration's historic record of accomplishment.'' His speech were laced with remarks about the morality of Clinton's behavior. ``The president's relationship with Ms. Lewinsky not only contradicted the values he has publicly embraced over the last six years,'' Lieberman said. ``It has, I fear, compromised his moral authority.'' "

Scripps Howard News Service Lance Gay 9/4/98 "By taking to the Senate floor and talking about immorality rather than narrow legal issues like subornation of perjury, President Clinton's longtime political ally Sen. Joseph Lieberman dealt the White House a lethal blow..The powerful message Lieberman sent was that in the political arena, where impeachment issues are decided, it will be Clinton's moral fitness to be president that will be decisive if the issue comes to the Senate floor.."

USA Journal 12/20/98 Jon E. Dougherty ".Two high-ranking officials - President Clinton and House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston - fell from grace and power as admissions of extramarital sex reared their ugly heads, forcing - yes, forcing - members of Congress to `do the right thing.' One other event was societal. In Stow, Ohio, city fathers may have to remove a picture of a Christian cross and an open Bible from the city seal because the meddling American Civil Liberties Union sued to have it removed. The tragedies of these two events ought to be obvious, but unfortunately they are not to many Americans who still believe in the very mortal elites who position themselves high above us all in Ivory Towers. However, because there is a debate at all about these events proves that the country has not completely lost its soul. Anguishing over whether or not to stand for old-fashioned morality, the majority of House Republicans accepted Livingston's resignation then turned to the business of impeaching the liar Clinton. Though tens of millions of Americans have criticized House members who indeed were agonizing over what to do about these two men, it occurred to me that we should be grateful that they were tormented at all. If the kind of morality supported by Bill Clinton, socialist Democrats and the American Civil Liberties Union were the norm instead of the exception, then House Republicans would have had nothing to "anguish" over and would have likely decided to let Clinton slide. They had already decided to do so for Livingston, who admitted just a day earlier that he was a serial adulterer. But alas, the pressure on them - and on Livingston - to repent was just too great. That's a plus for the moral majority.."

Roll Call 1/16/99 Mort Kondracke ".Just what is the state of the Union? Economically, it's strong. Socially, it's improving. But culturally? If Larry Flynt is a force in politics and the President is popular while on trial for perjury, the country is in some kind of trouble. The culture can't be healthy if Jerry Springer's program is TV's most-watched talk show and if radio trash-mouth Don Imus is lionized by Newsweek as a major power in American media. Things aren't great if news broadcasts are loaded with talk about oral sex, semen and cigars; if full-frontal nudity, graphic violence and the f-word are staples of the movies; if music videos advocate rape and mutilation; if attack ads are the currency of politics; and if ordinary citizens routinely yell and give each other the finger on the roadways. And yet, there is considerable reason for people to think that things are on the right track. In fact, the new conventional wisdom is that things are hunky-dory in America..."


Salon Freeper blackbag reports 7/20/99 "…According to a porn star quoted in Salon Magazine (paraphrased) Clinton's leadership by example and open sexuality has paved the way for white collar guys to enter the porn industry…"

The Weekly Standard 7/26/99 Adam Wolfson "...In 1981, a small book [After Virtue by Alasdair MacIntyre] appeared from a university press that looked at the modern world and saw nothing but disarray. Indeed, in the author's view, morality as such had nearly vanished, and the collapse of intelligible moral discourse marked a serious "degeneration" and "cultural loss." Arguing that a "new dark ages" had fallen upon us, he claimed we are under the governance of "barbarians." And, in an odd little concluding chapter in which he pointed out a curious parallel in the thought of St. Benedict and Leon Trotsky, he suggested that the only solution is quarantine, a breaking up of the world into small local communities in which civility might be preserved. Only a new St. Benedict-or a new Trotsky-can possibly save us..."

Insight Magazine 7/16/99 Stephen Goode "...For the generation that came of age during the Depression and won World War II, the traditional values of duty, honor, patriotism and sacrifice were second nature......No wonder that in 1945, at the war's end, British wartime prime minister Winston Churchill declared: "The United States stands at this moment at the summit of the world." And no wonder, too, that in a recent book, The Greatest Generation, NBC Nightly News anchorman Tom Brokaw called the men and women who came of age during the Depression and went on to fight World War II in the next decade "the greatest generation" this nation had ever seen . . . It was "a generation of towering achievement and modest demeanor," Brokaw declared, a generation for which sacrifice was a key word, unquestioned and serious sacrifice of time and effort, of limb and sometimes even of life itself for virtues such as patriotism, honor, duty and responsibility. Nearly 292,000 Americans lost their lives in battle. There was a total of 1.7 million injuries. ..." 7/22/99 William Lind "...America today is increasingly a conquered nation. What has conquered us? An ideology --specifically, the hideous ideology known as Political Correctness, which is really Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms....Here is where the difficulty arises. In science, when reality and theory clash, the theory is revised. But in politics, such revision is considered heresy by the ideologues (In Marxism, "revisionist" was a nasty insult). In their view, the theory is incapable of error. Therefore, reality must be denied, and suppressed. Anyone who recognizes it must be silenced, and punished. The result, as we have seen in Germany, in Russia and elsewhere, is the end of freedom and the growth of tyranny. In terms of the clash between theory and reality, Political Correctness is an extreme ideology, because it is an ideology of total inversion. Beliefs and social relationships are not merely changed, but turned upside down. The old sins, such as sex outside marriage, become virtues, while the old virtues, such as disapproval of homosexuality, become sins. Women are elevated over men, some (not all) racial minorities over whites, the sexually deviant over the sexually normal, the young over the old. Art is intended alienate, not to beautify. Paganism is preferred over Christianity. The more violently an ideology conflicts with reality, the more tyrannical it must become. The tyranny of Political Correctness is already seen on many a college campus, where any professor or student who dares question, finds himself in serious trouble. Any public figure who contradicts its dictates must offer a groveling apology or be cast into outer darkness, exiled from the public square. ...."

World Net Daily 7/21/99 Jerome Zeifman "...There are some who look forward to economic superiority through the establishment of a world order led by NATO and the United Nations. They would do well to heed a warning given by Edmund Burke in the 18th century. Although supporting the ascendancy of a British empire on which the sun would never set, he argued that the people of Ireland, the American colonies, and India had God-given rights that neither King George nor Parliament could destroy. As the founder of modern conservatism, Burke warned English mercantilists that economic control of the colonies could not be maintained "by the might of armies, but by the majesty of the law."..... The grandeur of justice is being replaced by the glamour of the main stream media -- with moral judgments determined by public opinion polls...."


Chicago Tribune 7/29/99 Eric Reeves "...The ongoing catastrophe in Sudan stands as the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today... A carefully assembled set of data for the U.S. Committee for Refugees makes evident that almost 2 million people have perished in the most recent phase of Sudan's ongoing civil war. As many as 5 million refugees have been created, making the refugee problem the greatest of its kind in the world. And at the height of last summer's famine, more than 2 million more people, mainly children, were at risk of starvation. And the catastrophe continues: famine, epidemic disease, human enslavement and scorched earth warfare remain defining features of the landscape in the south, where the civil war has been so devastatingly concentrated And yet Americans remain painfully unaware of the catastrophe. How can this be?.... it bears the curse of being in Africa, where any policy success is almost surely destined to be overshadowed by Clinton's abysmal moral failure in the Rwandan genocide. Africa can contribute nothing to the "Clinton legacy" that is being cobbled together, and so--despite its vast geographic, political and cultural variability--a continent has been relegated to the extreme periphery of White House attention....And the news media--television most egregiously, but newspapers as well--have made the marginalizing of Sudan almost effortless. Not one major American newspaper, for example, reported on a resolution passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on June 15 declaring the Khartoum regime's conduct of civil war in the south of Sudan to be "genocidal." Could this have been declared at any time during the past 50 years of any European or Western government without explosive news coverage? Why is Sudan's death struggle so entirely unworthy of national attention? ..."

Long Island Newsday 7/29/99 Mark Simon "...MORALITY? As I have read over the last few weeks of NATO's "moral victory" over Serbian dictator, Slobodan Milosevic, I've reflected on the almost simultaneous, allegedly CIA-aided capture, subsequent conviction and death sentence in Turkey of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and the moral imperative in U.S. foreign policy. The United States and NATO took nine long years to confront Milosevic over Kosovo, nine years in which the Kosovo Albanians mounted a truly remarkable, nonviolent campaign against Serbian apartheid, aggression and the beginnings of ethnic cleansing-that is, routine harassment, beatings, torture and murder. The Kurds in Turkey, by contrast, don't even have the dubious benefit of a NATO military intervention. Striving for a measure of autonomy, they are up against the Turkish military, with the second largest army in NATO-and the worst human rights record. Why does the West turn a proverbial blind eye? The answer has little to do with morality..... "

U.S. News Online 8/9/99 John Leo "... Traditional values lower the self-esteem of women who believe they are fat, according to studies by University of Michigan psychologists Jennifer Crocker and Diane Quinn. They found that belief in the Protestant work ethic or a conservative ideology-or just being exposed to these values-has a harmful effect. Good news, though: Traditional-value damage may be temporary..... "

Worldnet Daily 8/3/99 David Limbaugh "... It is very telling that Clinton's friends have deified John Dean for ratting on President Nixon -- despite Dean's undeniable criminal complicity -- while demonizing Tripp for ratting on Lewinsky (who was acting as Clinton's dupe to suborn Tripp's perjury). Despite their phony protests, it is not the "betrayal" that bothers these liberals; it's who was being betrayed. It's sublime to betray their nemesis, Nixon, but unspeakably evil to betray their savior, Clinton. Linda Tripp is not a criminal, nor a betrayer of a friend. Friends don't pressure friends to commit felonies, especially on behalf of the President of the United States. Tripp did exactly what any of us would have done if the most powerful man in the world were trying to frame us and his lawyer had falsely accused us of lying on national TV. Can we even comprehend the horror she must have felt? Where is our outrage? Bill Clinton's politics of personal destruction must end. If it hadn't been for Linda Tripp, Clinton would never have been impeached. For that alone, this nation owes Linda Tripp a medal, not an indictment. ..."

The American Enterprise, a National Magazine of Politics, Business, and Culture 9/10 1999 "...Ithaca, New York is a typical college town. A hotbed, in other words, of left-wing Big Brotherism. At Ithaca's Boynton public middle school, all students were recently indoctrinated in a day-long "celebration" of homosexuality. For four school periods there were videos, lectures, and panels featuring gay teachers, parents, and students. "I did not know that I was a lesbian in the seventh grade, but I have since learned to like 'doing it' with a girl," explained one student panelist. "Now that I have 'done it' with both boys and girls I find I like both." At one point, all students were asked to stand in solidarity with homosexuals. When roughly one-third of the 11- and 12-year-olds did so, parents in attendance observed adults and student peers putting pressure on the rest to conform. After lunch, all students returned to their rooms for the remainder of the day for small group discussions led by teachers who organized the presentations. When a number of aprents registered concerns about the all-day seminar with Ithaca School Board President Steve Shiffrin (who is a Cornell law school professor in his day job), he told them that if they didn't like the district's "multicultural" policy they should put their children in private schools. The same school district has just proposed banning the Boy Scouts (and other single-sex groups) from distributing any literature on school property, on the grounds that they are intolerant organizations...."

Heritage Foundation 8/6/99 The Honorable Rick Santorum US Senate "...Ever since Alexis de Tocqueville, foreign observers have consistently noted that the United States is one of the most religious countries on the face of the planet. Year after year, Gallup polls reveal that nearly 90 percent of all Americans consider religion either "very important" or "fairly important"--and even those who don't regard themselves as conventionally religious generally profess to believe in a Supreme Being. On any given Sunday, more Americans are to be found in church than the total number of people who attend professional sports events over the course of an entire year. Although Friedrich Nietzsche famously argued, a century ago, that "God is dead," here in the United States He appears to be alive and thriving. Yet, at the same time that Americans confound secularist predictions about God's imminent demise, we are increasingly reluctant to make critical moral distinctions, when necessary. Whether things are true or false, right or wrong, good or evil doesn't seem to concern us very much any more--so long as we are all pleasant to each another and do nothing to call into question our collective self-esteem. Social critic Michael Novak writes, "I don't know if `judgmentaphobic' is a word, but it ought to be. Where conscience used to raise an eyebrow at our slips and falls, sunny non-judgmentalism winks and slaps us on the In my remarks to you this afternoon, I will examine the paradox of a people that strives to be both religious and non-judgmental. How is it possible, I wonder, to believe in the existence of God yet refuse to express outrage when His moral code is flouted? To have faith in God, but to reject moral absolutes? How is it possible that there exists so little space in the public square for expressions of "faith" and the standards that follow from belief in a transcendent God? How is it possible to be a theist and a relativist, a traditionalist and a post-modernist, a believer and a "judgmentaphobe"--all at the same time? How is it possible to mantain liberty while banishing from the public square any reference to a transcendent moral code? My answer to these questions is that it simply is not possible...."

Heritage Foundation 8/6/99 The Honorable Rick Santorum "...To prevent the new United States from being similarly corrupted over time, its institutions had to be founded on the solid rock of "self-evident truths." Consider the famous words of the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident": "Truths"--not "opinions," not "premises," not "assumptions," not "collective myths," not "accepted rules of procedure," not "value-judgments," not "working hypotheses"--but "truths." And what made them truths was that they accorded with what the Declaration calls the "laws of nature and of nature's God." To the Founders, these God-given truths--that "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights"--are no more open to discussion or debate than the laws of gravity. They are simply there, part of the created order. And because they are divinely sanctioned, it followed that even if a wicked and depraved majority tried to subvert them in the name of "democracy," the moral minority would be obliged to resist the majority's wishes in the name of moral truth...."

Jewish World Review 8/11/99 Cal Thomas "...THE NEW JERSEY SUPREME COURT'S ruling that the Boy Scouts must admit homosexuals because scouting is a public entity, like police and fire departments, is flawed on legal and moral grounds. Chief Justice Deborah Poritz dismissed assertions by the Boy Scouts that words in the Scout Oath which speak of "morally straight'' and "clean'' constitute a statement against homosexuality and allow the organization to keep homosexuals out. Poritz said she doubts that young boys "ascribe any meaning to these terms other than a commitment to be good.'' The concept of what is good has undergone a transformation. Some years ago, then-New York Gov. Mario Cuomo spoke of a state supreme court judge friend of his as a "good man'' after the judge was convicted and sent to prison for threatening to kidnap his ex-lover's daughter. In the past few days, Hillary Rodham Clinton has described her philandering husband as a "good husband and father.'' Luciana Morad, the mother of rock singer Mick Jagger's latest illegitimate child, told Europe's Hello magazine that, even though Jagger has yet to meet his 4-month-old son, he is "a very loving father.'' ........ "

WorldNetDaily 8/11/99 Llewellyn Rockwell "...The New Jersey Supreme Court says the Boy Scouts must accept gays as leaders or else. The theory is that gays should have the same opportunity to join the organization as any one else. But this theory is at odds with the free society. The word liberty conjures up a vision of endless opportunity and choice. But liberty also means the right to exclude because property owners decide questions of access. There is no right to crash a private dinner party, for example. The owners of the house have the right to invite or not invite on any grounds. Similarly, there is no right to invade a private organization. Yet the right to exclude has been under attack in American law for decades. The New Jersey Supreme Court defined the Boy Scouts as a "public accommodation," and thus subject to New Jersey anti-discrimination law, which specially protects gays. Note that there is nothing the Boy Scouts could have done to avoid this special designation, apart from going out of business. But the designation means that government decides who can and cannot be excluded from entry, which is no different from a homeowner being forced to invite Kosovo refugees or some other politically favored group to dinner The courts might respond that the Boy Scouts serve the "public" whereas a homeowner serves himself. But there is no such thing as the "public" as such. Hotels and restaurants do not offer service indiscriminately. They turn people away when they are full, for example, or exclude people because of their dress or drunkenness...."

WorldNetDaily 8/11/99 Llewellyn Rockwell "...Here in a nutshell is the basis on which liberty and property are undermined in America every day. Victimization: if a group can plead supposed bourgeois prejudice, it can gain special privileges granted by government. Equality: a notion more applicable to arithmetic than human beings, now so expansively applied that it overrules every other consideration of life. Discrimination: a word that once meant good judgement, now distorted into a sin. What if the Boy Scouts had decided to exclude, say, racists as Scout masters. Would the courts have intervened on behalf of, for example, a Klan member's right to join? Not on your life. This is not an equal application of the law, but one that favors interest groups approved by government. For that reason, the temptation is to defend the religious grounds on which the Boy Scouts exclude gays....."

APB online 8/12/99 James Gordon Meek "...Incidents of misconduct among FBI employees shot up by nearly half last year, according to a report issued by the bureau. From Oct. 1, 1997, to Sept. 30, 1998, 615 investigations ended in disciplinary action against 301 workers, up from 212 the year before, according to a report issued by the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). The infractions ranged from downloading pornography on bureau computers to a road rage incident in which an agent pulled a weapon on a deputy sheriff during a traffic altercation, the report said. All told, 32 employees, including 11 special agents, were dismissed, and two dozen were allowed to resign or retire, according to the report, which was distributed to approximately 27,800 FBI employees. The report left unclear why the special agents were fired and does not link specific misconduct allegations to the punishments cited....."

Washington Times National Weekly Edition 8/9-15/99 Matthew Rarey "...When Somerville, N.J., obstetrician Dr. James Delahunty met Deborah Campano in 1993, she was 21 weeks pregnant-with a problem. There was a thickening of skin around the neck of her unborn son, a possible sign of Down syndrome. He says he offered her an amniocentesis. She says he did not. Five years and $1.85 million later, the doctor was on the losing side of a "wrongful-birth" lawsuit, one of a growing number of such cases around the country. "Some women want to kill their children because they are handicapped," said Dr. Delahunty, founder of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists. "If genetic tests give them the wrong results, they blame the doctor. I was blamed." A mounting number of obstetrician/gynecologists are being sued by patients who say they would have had abortions if prenatal tests had detected fetal abnormalities. "This is directly contrary to our national and state policies promoting the lives and livelihoods of people with disabilities" said Clark Forsythe, president of Chicago-based Americans United for Life. "What we're dealing with here is the promotion of eugenics as a birth policy whereby doctors are sued for not weeding out the 'unfit.'"...."


Chuck Baldwin Live 8/25/99 "…According to Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia, there is a massive amount of evidentiary material that is still sealed in the Gerald Ford Building which incriminates Bill Clinton to a variety of criminal conduct. It is material that the Republican leadership has no desire to let the American people see, however. And, that's the way many people apparently want it. It appears that we have reached a point in our nation when many, if not most, of us would rather believe a lie than deal with the truth…..Those things don't bother us today. In fact, not much of anything bothers us today. That's the problem. We place little value on character and integrity. Instead, we esteem wealth and power. We don't teach our children to be somebody. We teach them to do something. Who they are is not near as important to us as what they do…."

The Washington Times - National Weekly Edition 12/7-13/98 Linda Bowles "…Most Americans grew up anchored in place by certain ideas and values. They organized their lives around them. There was consensus about right and wrong, and good and bad. They knew what the rules were, and moral guideposts clearly pointed in the direction they should go. But somewhere along the way, somehow, somebody changed the rules and tore down the guide-posts. Those institutions - marriage, family, religion, schools - which historically have preserved our social learning curves, and served as bulwarks against moral degeneration, are under broad attack and crumbling. Alas, the American family is in tatters, the church is in denial, our schools have been infiltrated, and our nation has a leader with the political principles of Marx and the ethics of Nero. It's relatively easy to maintain values and inculcate them in one's children if these values are supported and buttressed by popular heroes, media icons, political leaders and educators. It is another matter to keep the faith when there are fears that the moral center is not holding, when others around you are retreating and sounding the alarm that merciless, heathen hordes have won the day and are advancing…." 8/24/99 L Brent Bozell "…When I was growing up, it was a rite of passage for parents to sit down with their children to explain "the facts of life." In today's Sodom-and-Gomorrah culture, your twelve-year-old probably knows more about sex than you do. The TV show "Entertainment Tonight" visited the set of the upcoming Fox series "Manchester Prep" and observed a scene in which one teenage girl straddles a standing horse while another gives her, ahem, a riding lesson. As the first girl repeatedly thrusts her pelvis toward, then away from, the horse's back, the second girl commands, "Up and down, back and forth, faster, faster...This time I want you to really grind into the saddle." The first girl, we are to understand, climaxes and a bit later, lying on the grass, remarks blissfully, "Now I know why girls like horses." "Manchester Prep" will air at 8 p.m., at the start of the "family hour." The broadcast of the "ET" report, complete with video footage of the horseback scene, triggered an outburst by enraged parents. Fox quickly announced that the scene would not air on "Manchester Prep." I suppose that's good news, but I'm not feeling especially grateful, simply because of the near-certainty that a great deal of material as visually or verbally graphic as that will air on Fox and the other networks this season. If you doubt me, just consider that in another "Manchester Prep" scene, reportedly there's a teenage girl admiring her stepbrother's manhood as he showers. Seemingly a day doesn't go by without a new study showing the terrible effects this Hollywood sewage is having on impressionable youngsters. The politicians are up in arms. Parents are screaming their anger. Public-policy groups are demanding changes. And's getting worse than ever. Why? The stars like it. "ET" asked several prime time luminaries about the growing sexual frankness of television, and each thought it was perfectly fine. ….I don't want to hear anyone who receives a paycheck from a TV network to ever criticize pornography on the Internet again. Folks, your industry is only one half-step behind…."

Original Sources 8/25/99 Mary Mostert "…On my website there is a petition, The Call to Preserve the Natural Family. It will be presented in November at the World Congress of Families II in Geneva, Switzerland. While many people are beginning to realize that the disintegration of the family is a major cause of many of the serious social ills, crime and misery afflicting all parts of the world, including the scourge of AIDs, few understand that there is a well organized effort going on internationally to stop the creation of families altogether. One of the few people who have seen the rapid growth of the anti-family movement is Susan Roylance. I met Susan soon after she got back from attending the UN Beijing Women's Conference in 1995. She has been at UN conferences at key points in the past four years, representing the traditional family and the importance of the mother in the traditional family. I received the following e-mail from her yesterday, explaining the extraordinary, and rapid growth, of a movement intended to reduce population by trying to convince women that they do not want to be mothers and encouraging "other forms" of sexual gratification besides normal heterosexual relations within the bonds of matrimony. This has led to the determined effort on the part of some to teach acceptance of bizarre new definitions of, and acceptance of abnormal sex that does not produce offspring as not only "normal" but superior to heterosexual relations which produce babies……"

Chattanooga Free Press 9/6/99 "…San Francisco is a city with one of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. But it has regrettable problems because of the moral decline to which many of its leaders have surrendered, and even championed. With California looking toward a vote on upholding conventional marriage or accepting homosexual "marriage," San Francisco Supervisor Mark Leno has chosen to attack the Church of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormons. What has aroused Supervisor Leno against the Mormons? They are quite understandably supporting California's "Defense of Marriage Initiative," which says that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid." So Supervisor Leno has called upon California's attorney general to investigate whether the Mormons are violating their tax-exempt church status because of their moral view. Don't most churches support marriage only between men and women? Don't most churches advocate conventional moral standards? Should that be punished? …." 8/31/99 "…Children watching prime time television during the so-called 'family hour' are being exposed to more sex, violence and profanity than ever before, according to a new study by a television advocacy group. The Parents Television Council Tuesday released its report of network television programming and found that the "combined per-hour average of objectionable content" between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. ET increased 75% from February 1998, with an average of nearly seven references per hour that pertained to sex, violence or profane language….."


The New York Times 9/15/99 Maria Newman "....When the Miss America Pageant began allowing contestants to wear sandals a couple of years ago, few eyebrows were raised. When it allowed two-piece bathing suits last year with bottoms that could be no more than one and a half inches below the navel, many people thought it was about time. But when the board of the Miss America Organization adopted new rules last month that would clear the way for a divorced woman or one who had had an abortion to compete for the crown, many supporters and participants in the pageant said they would be ruining the essence of a contest they hold sacrosanct. The outcry grew so loud that pageant organizers said today that they were reconsidering. "There's a purity and an integrity and a morality that would be violated if you let in women who are divorced and had an abortion," said Kathrine Baumann, the Miss America first runner-up from 1970, whose niece, Tiffany Baumann, is competing in this year's pageant as Miss Ohio. "People get divorced. But if that happens, then let them compete in the Mrs. America pageant." ...."

AP Wire 9/13/99 "....In a stunning departure from tradition, the Miss America Pageant has lifted its ban on women who are divorced or have had an abortion, The Associated Press has learned. The board of the Miss America Organization voted last month to drop the 49-year-old rule. The change takes effect next year. Fear of violating New Jersey's discrimination laws spurred the change, according to court documents obtained Monday...... The state pageants are expected to continue fighting it. .... Contestants in this year's pageant had reservations. Miss West Virginia Lucy Ours said the number of women seeking the crown would probably drop off as a result. ``The most important thing Miss America does is she's a role model. If she's been married and divorced by age 24, people might not look at her as a very good role model,'' Ms. Ours said. Miss Delaware Kama Boland said she also opposed the move. ``The word `Miss' stands for something,'' she said. ``It would be a shame if they allow it. It would change the image of Miss America, and not necessarily for the better.'' ....."


Jewish World Review 9/13/99 Don Feder "….ACCORDING TO THE NEW YORK TIMES, the Party of Clinton has a values problem. The Democratic Leadership Council is conducting regular seminars to, as the Times explains it, "combat a party vulnerability: doubts among voters that the Democrats embrace mainstream family values." A "vulnerability"? "Doubts"? This is like saying that the public doubts the Chinese politburo's commitment to democracy, or Sen. John McCain is vulnerable on his shifting abortion stand. In a recent survey, voters chose Republicans over Democrats as the party that better upholds the virtue of personal responsibility by 44 percent to 22 percent. On ethics and honesty, the public picks the GOP over Democrats by 39 percent to 20 percent. This ain't no gap, but a yawning values chasm. ….Clinton committed gross immorality in the White House, and they knew it. He lied, repeatedly, to the American people, and they knew it. He made a travesty of our justice system, by lying under oath, and they knew it. In the House, no more than five Democrats (out of 205) voted to impeach the president on any of four articles. In the Senate, not a single Democratic senator voted to remove Clinton. Now, 44 percent of the American people think the House did the right thing in voting to impeach, compared to 35 percent last December. That number is destined to rise over the next 14 months….." 9/17/99 Tony Snow "....THE CLINTON PRESIDENCY, that seven-year orgy of cupidity and exhibitionism, has become such a bore that Americans are starting to complain en masse about "Clinton fatigue." We wish he would disappear, but he won't. We pray he will mend his ways, but he can't. We have waited in vain for a change, and now our moral antibodies are striking back. There is general agreement that The Man from Hope lacks something we consider essential in ourselves and our country -- a conscience -- and that his disability is not a lovable foible, but a menace. Review the record. The president acts as if a 60 percent approval rating trumps the Ten Commandments and victory at the polls expiates private misbehavior. No sooner did he dodge conviction in Congress, for example, than he boasted to Dan Rather that by saving his presidency, he defended the Constitution. The fellow obviously doesn't grasp the difference between preserving the majesty of his office and covering the .... expanse of his rump. He seems to believe, like a backwoods Napoleon, that "le presidency, c'est moi." .....One looks for even a hint of shame from the first couple -- even an acknowledgment of the conflicts involved in the deal -- but one gets defiant self-righteousness instead. Clinton has said, in effect, "Catch me if you can!" -- and rubbed our noses in our own willingness to forgive. We may be gullible as a people, but we're beginning to figure it all out. The president's most memorable lines are lies and his most memorable traits are weaknesses. And he doesn't care. ...."

L.A. Times 9/18/99 Josh Getlin ".....A church. A high school. A day-care center. A hospital. A stock brokerage office. If there is any thread linking the recent wave of mass shootings in America, it is that they have taken place in public spaces, areas long thought to be immune from the violence that typically erupts behind closed doors, or at least out of public view. The most recent horror, this week's shooting of seven people at a Baptist prayer service for teenagers in Fort Worth, illuminated once again the dark side of a culture that has spawned such violations of public space. Ideally, the common areas in which Americans come and go are the physical embodiment of an open society. But the sense of security that millions take for granted has been compromised by a wave of senseless shootings, one seemingly more horrific than the next. "It's become a hideous intrusion, gunman in the Fort Worth church shootingsa violation of the most fundamental guarantee we have in a democracy," said Jean Bethke Elshtain, a professor of ethics at the University of Chicago's Divinity School. "You think you've heard the worst possible story, and then another shooting happens. Finally, all you can do is shake your head and ask yourself: Why?" ..... "There's been an alarming decline in courtesy, especially how we behave in public, and I tell my congregation the real test of moral character is not how they deal with their boss in the office but how they deal with a parking attendant," said Rabbi David Volpe of Sinai Temple in West Los Angeles. "They laugh, but then they see that I'm serious. And while I realize this is a long way from going into a church and shooting people, our public spaces have become less sacred." ..... "

Reuters, via News Plus 9/20/99 Eric Auchard "...The executive who oversees Walt Disney Co.'s Go Network of Internet sites was arrested after soliciting sex online from an FBI agent posing as a 13-year-old girl, a spokesman for federal prosecutors said Sunday. Patrick Naughton, 34, of Seattle, was arrested Thursday on the Santa Monica Pier, an entertainment area near Los Angeles, after he met a female officer who had arranged to meet him there, said Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles. He was charged with interstate travel with the intention of having sex with a minor, the spokesman said. Naughton was arraigned Friday and released after posting a $100,000 appearance bond....."

Education Reporter Dennis Cuddy 9/99 "... Television commentator Ted Koppel, on a recent Nightline segment, noted President Clinton's high job approval ratings, and then said: "But ask about his honesty, moral and ethical standards or the president as a role model for young people and Mr. Clinton's approval ratings are down around 20 percent." Koppel then asked several U.S. senators, "What does this say about our country and our values? What's the bottom line? Show me the money? If you're making money for me, what kind of a human being you are is sort of irrelevant?" Translated, this means as long as the situation (a good economy) is acceptable, you won't be held accountable for misbehavior. This is classic "situation ethics," which has become the new national morality. But from where did this come? In the 1960s, when God was removed from public schools, values continued to be taught. The student became the new authority for determining what is right and wrong - the autonomous moral decisionmaker - and decisions were made based upon particular situations. ...... In the 1980s, there was a conservative backlash against this humanistic moral relativism, but a co-founder of a four-million member humanist and ethical group, H.J. Blackham, wrote that if schools teach dependence (e.g., morals) upon one's self, they are "more revolutionary than any conspiracy to overthrow the government." He was right! "If it feels good, do it" was the philosophy of many young people when it came to illicit sex and illegal drugs. ....... The problem with situation ethics is that nearly all our laws are based on the imposition of a particular morality (e.g., the biblical admonition "Thou shalt not bear false witness . . .") with which some will disagree on occasion. For example, because some people want to lie under oath about sexual matters, society has "imposed its morality" against perjury in those situations. That is why some people in government positions have been impeached or even jailed for having committed perjury. Concerning allegations of perjury against Clinton, there should not be one law for the powerful and another for the poor. If courts cannot compel witnesses to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, then our government will have been "overthrown," as Blackham was quoted above. We can already see what situation ethics is doing to our teenagers today. According to a recent national poll of more than 20,000 middle and high school students conducted by the Josephson Institute of Ethics: 70% of high school students admitted cheated on an exam at least once in the last year, 78% said they had lied two or more times, and an amazing 47% acknowledged having stolen something from a store in the last 12 months. ...."

New York Post 9/22/99 Rod Dreher "....REMEMBER the bad old days, when girls who got pregnant outside of marriage were either forcibly married to the guy who got them pregnant, or sent away to have the baby and give it up for adoption? Turns out folks back then, harsh as they sound to us today, were on to something important. So says "The Age of Unwed Mothers," a startling new report from the Institute for American Values, a think tank. It's a comprehensive review of recent studies into the causes and effects of teen pregnancy, one that questions our fundamental assumptions about the issue. Its eye-opening conclusion? The crisis of illegitimate births is not chiefly a problem of undereducated teenagers having unprotected sex. The root cause is a society-wide loss of belief in marriage as necessary to child-rearing. And we won't stem the tide of fatherless children until we regain that faith. The report, written by Maggie Gallagher, notes that: *Three-fifths of births to unwed mothers are to women in their 20s. And a majority of out-of-wedlock births to teenagers are to 18- and 19-year-old moms - in other words, adults. *More sex education and greater access to contraceptives doesn't slow the pregnancy rate. *Fewer pregnant teens are getting married. From the 1940s through the mid-1970s, just under half of single pregnant women got married before their baby was born. By the early 1990s, that figure was down to 16 percent. *Far fewer unmarried women are putting their babies up for adoption, even though studies show the outcome is better in the long term for both mother and child...." 9/22/99 Thomas Jipping "...Why has this cultural jihad occurred all of a sudden? According to the Associated Press, officials of the pageant organization, which is headquartered in New Jersey, are afraid of violating the state's anti-discrimination law. What judges did to the Boy Scouts they could do to Miss America.... If you think that judges' decisions don't matter, just read the papers and look around your neighborhood. Judges told the people they cannot protect preborn children. Judges told the people they must tolerate pornography flowing through their communities, across their television screens, and even sold on military bases. Judges told school children they could not even look at the Ten Commandments, could not participate in prayer even if they wanted to, could not hear a passage from the Bible, and could not have God's blessing when they graduated. Judges have now told school children they may not pray before football game and told their parents they may not pray before school board meetings. Judges told the people they may not encourage citizen legislatures with term limits and must use their tax dollars for welfare for illegal aliens. Judges told people who do not want to discriminate by race that they must do so. Judges told the people that the only explanation about human origins that may be taught is Darwinian evolution. Judges told the people that men and women are the same and that any other view is an impermissible stereotype. Judges told the people that any moral objection to homosexuality is nothing but hate. And judges are telling the people that the last vestiges of morality, propriety, and tradition are simply exercises in discrimination and have to go as well. Folks, the most damaging cultural, social, economic, and political developments of the last two generations have come not from the statehouse but from the courthouse. Judges are twiddling while our culture is burning. I hope it's not too late....."

Associated Press (Nando Media) 9/20/99 Matthew Pennington "....Commercial sexual exploitation of children is growing, despite promises from more than 120 countries to halt abuse, pornography and sex tourism, according to children's rights workers gathered in Bangkok on Monday. While there has been progress in recent years, there is still a lack of political will and concrete action, said activist Carol Smolenski. "The problem is getting worse as the world is shrinking," said Smolenski, of the U.S. arm of ECPAT, a global non-governmental organization fighting child pornography, prostitution and trafficking. The children's rights activists said the easy availability of sex on the Internet - including pedophile chat lines and advertisements from companies that organize sex holidays - is among the key reasons why sexual exploitation of children is a bigger global problem than ever before. ...."

9/15/99 Dr Laura Schlesinger "....And, one thing I have discovered is that the very nature of pornography, itself, allows it to fly under the radar screen of mainstream media. Because broadcast television and community newspapers are bound by common decency standards (hard as that may be to believe), they are not able to show or tell us in any detail how unbelievably disgusting this stuff really is! What I'm particularly upset about today is pornography passing as "innocent fun" aimed at our children in a magazine called Big Brother Skateboarder. Some of you have communicated your outrage about this magazine, a barely disguised effort to recruit kids who love to skateboard to the real hard core pornography published by the same publisher who brings us Big Brother Skateboarder-none other than Larry Flynt. In the spring, Guy Kemp, a talk show host on National Public Radio, talked about how horrendous this so-called "kids magazine" was. He reported that the editor, Dave Carney, boasted about the fact that they were duping parents into thinking this was an innocent sports magazine. Kemp said to him, "Now, be honest, is the cover marketed so that parents won't know what's inside the magazine? " Carney said, "Yes, definitely, it's definitely what we're doing. The kids that are reading our magazine are 14 and 15, even as young as 12, and they're gonna learn this stuff anyway. I don't care what people think" Kemp's interview with Carney was printed in the American Family Journal and carried in World net Daily, which is where I saw it, and took up the subject of the publication on air May 13. Imagine my surprise when, a few months later, I actually saw a copy of the magazine. I mentioned this experience on the air--about how shocked I was as a parent, shopping with my son, to see that magazine in such a nice local store in a very upscale shopping center. But that experience demonstrated for me how deeply this stealth pornography has permeated our society-right into the heart of family-oriented, politically conservative Orange County, California! ...... Big Brother Skateboarder is a magazine whose idea of humor is to suggest that the way to respond to a girl who says something you don't like is to tie her up, assault her sexually, and punch her in the face a couple of times. Actually, that's pretty mild compared to some of the magazine's other content. Among other things, recent issues have contained: Articles that ask young boys to think about having sex with their mothers or to compare their genitals to their fathers'. Articles that encourage young boys to masturbate. Articles that suggest to young girls that a cool way to "steal the show" at a party is to take off their clothes and have sex with whomever happens to be around, even with animals. Photos of young women simulating performing oral sex on young men and having objects inserted into their backsides....."

WORLD Magazine 10/2/99 Bob Jones "…..Premier Week in Hollywood. Network executives congratulate themselves for their "edgy" new programming. Critics dust off their favorite September adjectives, like "stale" and "derivative." Parents fumble hurriedly for the mute button as new obscenities are introduced into prime time…But for all the breath holding and hand wringing going on in Hollywood, the most anticipated premier of the season will likely come from a very different source-Washington, D.C. Within the next few weeks, it is likely that a newly created Senate committee should debut, charged with figuring out who's responsible for the trashing of American culture. This fall's Premier Week could well be introduced as Exhibit A. The committee would look at broad cultural indicators, such as divorce and the breakdown of the family, and try to determine a reliable way of quantifying the problem. It would examine the role of the entertainment industry, which produces violent movies and sexually explicit song lyrics. And it would seek out examples of successful programs for reducing teen pregnancies, teen suicide, and other social problems. ……"In the midst of unprecedented prosperity," wrote Sen. Brownback in a memo to his colleagues, "there is a widespread belief that we live in a 'mean society' where families are breaking down, parents are distracted, entertainment is vulgar (or worse), schools are failing, and children are more prone to crime, alienation, premature sexual activity, drug use, and cynicism." Surprisingly enough, Mr. Brownback says he received few objections to his gloomy depiction of America's cultural decline. "There's a growing awareness of the critical nature of this topic," he told WORLD. "Polls show that people are deeply concerned about the culture. There's a strong majority of the population that thinks we have a serious problem here."…."

Conservative News Service 10/14/99 Lawrence Morahan ".....Violent video games and hours of exposure to violence on television anesthetizes children to violence and makes them more likely to kill, a retired lieutenant colonel who taught psychology at West Point told The result of depicting violence as entertainment "is a phenomenon that functions much like AIDS, which I call AVIDS - Acquired Violence Immune Deficiency Syndrome," said retired Lt. Col. David Grossman, who is visiting Washington to promote the week of October 18 through 22 as "Turn Off the Violence - Open a Book Week." "AIDS has never killed anybody. It destroys your immune system, and then other diseases that shouldn't kill you become fatal. Television violence by itself does not kill you. It destroys your violence immune system and conditions you to derive pleasure from violence," said Grossman. "And once you are at close range with another human being, and it's time for you to pull that trigger, Acquired Violence Immune Deficiency Syndrome can destroy your midbrain resistance," said Grossman, who acted as lead trainer for counselors after two boys shot dead four students and a teacher at a local middle school in his hometown of Jonesboro, Ark., in March. "The real radical extremists in the U.S. aren't in the National Rifle Association," he said. "The NRA doesn't claim that the Second Amendment gives them the right to market guns to kids. "No, the real sickos in America are the people who will fight to the death, in the name of the First Amendment, to defend the right of kids to practice blowing off people's heads in the local video arcade," Grossman said. ...."

Associated Press 10/18/99 David Briscoe "....High-ranking military officers identifying themselves as Republicans outnumbered Democrats 8-1 in an academic survey. They also were far more conservative than mainstream American society. A majority of "elite'' officers questioned said the country would be more moral if it adopted "more of the military's values and behavior'' - a view that finds strong disagreement among their counterparts in civilian life and Americans in general in the same survey. The survey and accompanying studies released Monday by a group of scholars finds a big gap on several issues between military leaders and civilians, although it also documents strong respect for the military and broad acceptance of civilian control......" 10/20/99 Carl Limbacher "....The Exotic Erotic Ball will soon come to you from the sexiest city in the world, San Francisco, to your own world class city! The Exotic Erotic Ball began over 20 years ago in San Francisco, founded by sixties "Love King" and perennial nudist candidate for President, Louis Abolafia and song writer Perry Mann. What was once the function of the year for those on San Francisco's wild side, is now a festival of freedom attracting a professional, upscale crowd that travels from around the world to attend. Though the Exotic Erotic Ball was originally a celebration of sexuality, it has also become an event focusing on entertainment....." 10/20/99 Lawrence Morahan "....A major new study that suggests the nation's leading military officers are overwhelmingly conservative does not surprise some leading military analysts, who told the armed forces' leadership philosophy merely reflects classic thought. "Because the culture is going in the opposite direction, the chasm between the military and civilians continues to grow. But it's not the military that's departing from traditional values," said Robert Maginnis, director for national security and foreign affairs at the Family Research Center, in an interview with"

Boston Globe/AP 10/20/99 Dirk Beveridge ".....Saying free speech rights don't extend to desecrating the Chinese or Hong Kong flags, the government told the territory's highest court Wednesday that a ban on flag burning is needed to preserve public order. "If you offer an indignity to the national flag, you offer an indignity to the state," a lawyer for the government, Gerard McCoy, told Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal.... "I have 5,000 years of civilization on my side. The American constitution is 200 years old," McCoy said....."

The Weekly Standard 10/25/99 David Frum ".....To Clinton's defenders, something more important than the rule of law was at stake. IF An Affair of State, Judge Richard Posner's new book about the impeachment of Bill Clinton, is indeed as definitive as its admirers insist, my place in history is secure: While the book's index offers only three references to Trent Lott and four to Henry Hyde, it has six to me! (True, Hillary Clinton edges me out with eight, but, I feel compelled to note, four of hers are footnotes.) And all of this thanks to a single sentence published in this magazine in February 1998. Here it is, as edited by Posner. "For David Frum, moralistic conservative, 'what's at stake in the Lewinsky scandal... [is] the central dogma of the baby boomers: the belief that sex, so long as it's consensual, ought never to be subject to moral scrutiny at all.'" According to Posner, the thinking exemplified by my sentence explains how Bill Clinton managed to survive the scandal, and even why he might fairly be thought to have deserved to survive: "[I]f the core of the opposition to Clinton is not that he is a liar or even a criminal (for the Right displayed little indignation over the crimes committed by the participants in the Iran-Contra affair), but that his personal conduct and attitudes are revolting, then the claim of his defenders to be warding off a puritan assault on sexual liberty cannot be dismissed as sheer demagoguery." ......"

The Weekly Standard 10/25/99 David Frum ".....The judge wants it to be understood that he himself should not be counted among Clinton's defenders. The bulk of his book is devoted to exposing and scourging the deceitfulness of the case for the president in each and every particular, from its bogus claims of executive privilege at the beginning of the scandal to the two-faced arguments in the Senate trial at its end (see David Tell's review in the September 20 WEEKLY STANDARD). Posner concludes that the president obstructed justice and reckons that a private citizen guilty of offenses comparable to Clinton's would face a prison sentence of between 30 and 37 months. He goes further still. Posner agrees with the House impeachment managers that Clinton's lying subverted the rule of law.....He agrees with William Bennett (whom he criticizes at some length) that Clinton's actions disgraced the American system of government...... Posner even follows Robert Bork in regarding Clinton's lies as an assault on the fundamental principles of constitutional self-government....... Nevertheless, and despite all that, Posner isn't really sorry that Clinton beat the rap. For as important as constitutional self-government may be, it turns out to be not quite as important as beating back the ever-present threat of sexual puritanism....."


New York Times 10/31/99 David Barstow "....Far more than has been previously disclosed, the "Sensation" exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art has been financed by companies and individuals with a direct commercial interest in the works of the young British artists in the show, according to court documents and interviews with people involved in the exhibition. Faced with rising costs and the unwillingness of major corporations to support the show -- whose works have provoked furious protests in London and more recently in New York -- Arnold L. Lehman, the museum's director, embarked this summer on an aggressive campaign to finance "Sensation" by other means. He and his assistants raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from those who stood to profit most from the exhibition of contemporary art, a practice that other museum executives say was practically unheard of and ethically problematic........ Lehman and his assistants solicited donations of at least $10,000 from dealers who represented many of the artists whose works are on display. They offered Christie's special access to the museum to entertain clients in the market for contemporary art. They secured a pledge of $160,000 from Saatchi and then they attempted to conceal his financial support from the public...... The dispute has highlighted the hidden conflicts confronted by museum executives who struggle to finance exhibitions with donations from corporations, foundations and wealthy individuals. At stake is nothing less than the museum's independence and integrity, experts in museum ethics say. Museums have a public trust to display art on the basis of merit, and they are sure to suffer if they are viewed as instruments for private financial gain, those experts say. ......."

World Magazine online 10/30/99 Joel Belz "….It used to be that while we all did at least a little bit of lying, we all also hated being lied to. But things have changed. Deliberate lying has become an acceptable practice. Supposedly honorable people shamelessly defend it. You can see the change at work in the case of Edmund Morris, the fellow who wrote the celebrated and now much-discussed Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan……..Yet amazingly, perhaps an even greater number of critics seemed to appreciate Mr. Morris's prevaricating. Some even placed the blame for the lying on Mr. Reagan himself. According to those reality-twisters, the former president was so dull that an unembellished account would have held no one's interest. So Mr. Morris was compelled to invent three fictional characters who throughout the book speak and act as if they were part of the historical record….."

World Magazine 10/29/99 Dr Gene Veith "…..The latest game show from Fox is called Greed. It will feature family members betraying each other for money. If it becomes a hit, maybe we can see sequels based on the other Deadly Sins: Anger (but we already have WWF histrionics); Gluttony (but we already have the Food Channel); Envy (Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous reruns?); Lust (Ally McBeal every night?); Pride (the elections are coming up); Sloth (what are we watching TV for, anyway?). Actually, today's TV aesthetic is already largely based on the concept of sin as entertainment……. The point of these shows seems to be to reward those who most display the effects of the Fall. In a sense, all dramatic literature is about sin--what else would we expect in any honest depiction of human nature? The key is, what's the attitude portrayed about the sin? Does it make us want to do it, or make us want to avoid it? When Chaucer wrote about greed in The Pardoner's Tale, he showed how the lust for gold turns friends against each other-and breeds hypocrisy in the indulgence-peddling preacher, who preaches against greed so that people will give him their money. The novelist Frank Norris, a century ago, depicted a man so greedy that he died in the desert rather than let go of the gold that was weighing him down. This new game show will also show what people will do for money, but at the expense of real people who are being morally degraded….."

Associated Press 10/27/99 John Hughes "….The House approved legislation today that would authorize drug enforcement agents to crack down on physicians who intentionally use federally controlled drugs to help patients die. The House voted 271-156 for a bill sponsored by House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde that would penalize physicians who aid in a suicide, but the measure also says controlled substances are medically legitimate for treating pain. The bill also authorizes $5 million for more training and education to improve end-of-life care. The measure is a major setback for Oregon, the only state that has legalized physician-assisted suicide for terminal patients with fewer than six months to live. All 15 patients who died under the law during its first full year in 1998 used controlled substances to take their lives. ``Suicide is the ultimate act of despair and facilitating the intentional killing of a human life is the opposite of healing,'' said Hyde, R-Ill. …."

Florida Times-Union 10/27/99 "....Few would disagree with the American Civil Liberties Union's position in a Colorado case that the Constitution forbids censoring speech. But the First Amendment was written to protect open and vigorous debate of legitimate public policy issues. It doesn't seem to apply to the ACLU's client, who uses offensive speech purely for the sake of being controversial. The man has a favorite four-letter word, with a sexual connotation. He uses the word in about every sentence, according to news reports. It is tattooed twice on the top of his bald head. He named both of his dogs after the word. Until recently, he had 29 signs, all containing the word, in his bar......"

Christian Science Monitor 12/99 Daniel Wood ".....In just one generation, attitudes toward marriage and family have shifted so dramatically that the very fabric of society has been inexorably altered - leaving pundits and ordinary Americans alike struggling to ascertain whether the changes are progressive or destructive. To be sure, marriage retains a high regard among Americans: More than 90 percent say it is a highly desirable goal. But with more people delaying matrimony, divorcing, or avoiding wedlock altogether, its standing as "the norm" has slipped. The change holds major implications, especially for the composition of American families. Only 1 in 4 households now contain married couples with children, down from 45 percent in 1972 - a transformation that affects everything from child-rearing to government policies aimed at families. ....."

Judicial Watch 12/4/99 "....Today Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin and author of America's Real War, Nat Hentoff, libertarian syndicated columnist of The Washington Post & The Village Voice, and Internet trail blazer Joseph Farah of appeared on Judicial Watch's radio show and all agreed that the left - in an unethical defense of the corrupt Clinton Administration - has abandoned basic Judeo-Christian and equivalent values. Rabbi Lapin writes in his book on page 12, "[Liberal] Organizations and individuals, many of whom claim to speak in the name of Judaism, are inflicting enormous harm on Americans by promoting policies that traditional Judaism finds abhorrent." Nat Hentoff added that the press argues that the left runs interference for an administration which has repeatedly violated human and civil rights, such as subverting the habeas corpus statutes, in his article in Editors and Publishers Magazine, November 27, 1999, "How the Press Saved the Clinton Presidency." Joseph Farah remarks upon today's New York Times hit piece of Frank Rich smearing Matt Drudge, "The Strange Legacy of Matt Drudge," explaining how the Internet is the wave of the future for honest and open journalism - countering leftist propaganda of the elite establishment media. Rich and other leftist journalists obviously fear the competition....."

Jewish World Review 11/23/99 Kathleen Parker "….The nice thing about pendulums is that they eventually swing back. Several unrelated events in recent weeks prove the rule and suggest that Americans are fed up with 20th-century victimology and its illegitimate offspring, the government self-esteem worker. A state Supreme Court, for example, rules that children may be spanked without parents' fear of being charged with abuse; a local school board says violent hoodlums won't be tolerated regardless of how many celebrities and television cameras show up; a state board of education resolves that children should be disciplined rather than drugged into appropriate behavior. Bless my stars and stripes, but common sense seems to be making a comeback…"

Jewish World Review 11/23/99 Dr. Laura Schlessinger "….FOR A LONG WHILE I've been pointing out to my radio audience that the media in general, and so-called family or parenting magazines in particular, have been subtly and relentlessly orchestrating a "new and improved way" of looking at families and the role of parents in their children's lives. I don't believe this has been for the betterment of the lives of children or society. The techniques used in this world of child-free parenting vary. First, there is the canonization of those parents (usually mothers) who squeeze children in around their important and fulfilling careers. Next, there is a pretty consistent misrepresentation of seriously flawed socio-psychological research to support nonparental child care. Last, there is increasing coverage of all kinds of family groups other than the two-parent, heterosexual, married-couple-as-parents model, traditionally considered fundamental for the welfare of children……As this trend began, I received hundreds of letters from confused and frightened folks whose commonsense vision of real life was threatened by the so-called experts who "knew the truth." The tide is turning. The media consumer is becoming more astute to the game….."

The Boston Herald 12/15/99 Don Feder "….In the tapes (one made just days before the Columbine High School massacre) covered in the current issue of Time magazine, Klebold said he hoped to take the lives of hundreds of his classmates in a nihilistic act that would settle the score for every slight he had ever suffered. After each school shooting - Littleton, Jonesboro, Ark., West Paducah, Ky. - calls for more gun control go forth from the president and other ritualistic liberals. President Clinton is aiding a class-action suit against gunmakers by local public-housing authorities…… I'm old enough to recall what the world was like before students came to school armed and dangerous. What's changed since then? When I was in high school in the early 1960s, there was no shortage of firearms. There are more today, but the percentage of households with guns has actually declined from 48 percent in 1960 to 42 percent in 1997. Access to guns was much easier 40 years ago. You could buy them through the mail, and there were no federal regulations on sales or transfers to minors. Most of our gun-control laws were a response to the assassinations and urban riots of the late '60s. There were lots of guns then; there are lots of guns now. What's changed - dramatically, for the worse - is the culture. We live in a society awash in drugs, where violence is extolled and kids are habituated to homicide…… The American Medical Association says the ``link between media violence and real-life violence has been proven by science time and again.'' Of the 657 major motion pictures released last year, two-thirds got an ``R'' or ``NC-17'' rating for violence, sexual content or both. Youth are the major consumers of Hollywood's savagery. Americans aged 12 to 24 make up 20 percent of the population but constitute 37 percent of moviegoers…… On one tape, the Columbine killers muse that Quentin Tarantino may direct a movie about their lives. ``Directors will be fighting over this story,'' Klebold boasts……. Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson is particularly popular. Kip Kinkel, who murdered his parents in Springfield, Ore., absorbed Manson's message (``I'm dying; I hope you're dying too''). Luke Woodham, who killed his parents and classmates in Pearl, Miss., was another Manson fan. ……. In one survey of fourth- to eighth-graders, half said their favorite games feature violence. ``Doom,'' ``Mortal Kombat'' and ``Duke Nukem'' teach the joys of annihilation. …… David Walsh, president of the National Institute on Media and the Family, notes that Eric Harris (who refers to ``Doom'' twice in one tape) had customized his favorite shoot-'em-up game to serve as a dress rehearsal for the Columbine killings. A gun is an instrument, no more. It doesn't shape thoughts or incite emotions. A killer has murder in his heart long before he takes a gun into his hand. In school shootings, the culture is the smoking gun. ….." 12/10/99 Susan Jones "…..Public schools in Davis, California have slammed the door on the Boy Scouts of America, after parents complained that the organization discriminates by excluding homosexuals and atheists. According to reports, the superintendent of the Davis Joint Unified School District says the Boy Scouts will no longer be allowed to use school bulletin boards, PTA newsletters, or student folders to send notes or other information home with students. Superintendent David Murphy said communicating with parents through the schools is a privilege that very few groups enjoy, and therefore, he said it can be legally rescinded without violating the Boy Scouts' free speech rights. A spokesman for the Boy Scouts says the group will continue to emphasize its traditional family values - and simply find another mode of recruitment. …."


Original Sources 1/7/00 Mary Mostert "…..It was only 306 words long, but it said volumes. It was first published by Agence France-Press, perhaps the world's oldest news organizations, with over a century and a half of experience - more than any other international press agency which prides itself on "a strong and proven commitment to accuracy, speed and reliability." The German daily Frankfurter Rundschau printed it and from there it was posted on and one of my readers, George Hodgson, e-mailed it to me - all within apparent hours of it being first published by Agence France-Press (AFP) …. Throughout Bill Clinton's impeachment we were deluged daily with "news" items which said things like: "All people lie" and "lying about sex is just nobody's business" and, earlier during the campaigns, "Character doesn't matter." So, it isn't news in the eyes of the networks and the dominant print media when those making the news lie through their teeth. Evidently, since they lie, they think everyone else in the world lies….Lying rulers can get their way only as long as the public believes what they are saying. Americans knew Clinton lied about sex, but they thought, for some reason, he would tell the truth about Kosovo. Of course he didn't. Now even Clinton supporters are at a loss to figure out how they can continue their highly successful political spin and propaganda when the public clearly no longer believes or even wants to hear what he, and other politicians, are saying…… "

Original sources 1/5/00 Chuck Baldwin "….Whatever else our president might possess, he most certainly should be a man of honesty and wisdom. Then again, before for such a man can be selected to this position, it is first required that the people selecting him should possess these virtues. Only honest and wise people can choose an honest and wise leader. The dishonesty and lack of wisdom by the current occupant of the White House is well documented. Yet, by in large, the people of this country accept Bill Clinton, corruption and all. The question is what has this done to the standard bar of presidential qualification? Do the American people desire honest and wise men? The question remains in doubt….."

AP 1/6/00 "….Authorities are searching for a city councilman and former sex abuse investigator who has been charged with numerous counts of child molestation. Kevin Carney, a city councilman from Palmdale and a former sheriff's sergeant, had not been located as of early today. An arrest warrant for Carney was issued Wednesday after he was charged with 17 felony counts of child molestation and one misdemeanor charge of possessing child pornography. Voters in Palmdale, about 40 miles north of Los Angeles, elected Carney to a council seat in November shortly after he was arrested for investigation of lewd conduct with a 14-year-old girl. He was freed on bail and denied the charges, calling them part of a dirty smear campaign from his opponents….."

The New York Observer 1/10/00 "….New Yorkers who miss the days when Times Square was a pornographer's paradise of X-rated peep shows, drug dealers and prostitutes have a friend up in Albany. Seven friends, to be exact, the seven judges who sit on the state's Court of Appeals, who have ruled that the administration of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani had been too aggressive in enforcing the city law against X-rated businesses, specifically a pornographic video store on the Upper West Side. The pornographers also owe a big thank you to Norman Siegel, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, and his so-called "civil libertarian" colleagues, who have been defending the rights of porn peddlers over the rights of average New Yorkers. It's hard to choose which group is more obscene, the pornographers who seek to return the city to the dark ages of the 1970's, or Mr. Siegel and his dimwit pals, who itch to file lawsuits on their behalf. The ruling is a setback for the city, especially at a time when lower crime rates, a strong economy and social optimism have opened New York's shores anew to the international community. The simple truth is that New Yorkers have a right to live without pornography in their backyards and along the streets where their children walk to school….."


Daily Oklahoman 1/23/2000 Patrick McGuigan "…..SEVEN years ago, William Jefferson Clinton -- the man from Hot Springs, Hope and wherever else advances his ambitions -- took the presidential oath of office. What a long, wild ride it has been. Those concerned about cultural decline, moral drift and controlling legal authorities are told to be silent, if not for self- preservation then because "it's the economy, stupid." ……. Now, though, few can say they don't know more than enough. For everyone still paying attention, in Year of the Rat: How the Clinton Administration Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash, (Regnery, 1998) Edward Timberlake and William C. Triplett took us into Clinton's world of special breaks to favored businesses, the collapse of rational limits on commerce with China and other nations with ill intentions, the Red Chinese Army's illegal campaign donations to Clinton-Gore '96, and much more. The book hit the New York Times best-seller list. In their new book, Red Dragon Rising: Communist China's Military Threat to America (Regnery, 1999), Timberlake and Triplett document mainland China's cruel intentions. Some reviewers marginalize them as commie bashers or Cold War leftovers, but the authors were recently commended by the Dalai Lama for highlighting "the situation in China and in Tibet" while supporting just aspirations in both lands. These authors are not alone in scrutinizing Clinton's links to the world's most expansion- minded regime. Bill Gertz, who covers national security issues for the Washington Times, continues almost daily to build the record first laid out in his own book, Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security (Regnery, 1999). In last week's national edition of the Times, Gertz documented China's broken promise to keep nuclear materials away from North Korea. In these and other studies, we are reminded that Clinton specifically promised to be tougher on Red China than his predecessor. Clinton's ability to "triangulate" and obfuscate his intentions and actions is, quite simply, without peer……"

National Review 1/24/2000 Charles Murray "….We, Homo sapiens, are about to learn how to alter human nature at roughly the same time that we finally learn for sure what that nature is. Our ignorance about the underlying truth of human nature has not been for want of trying. Philosophers took up the question as one of the very first that human beings systematically asked about themselves... Since the late 1900s, behavioral and social scientists too have tried to understand human nature. But while they have illuminated many useful bits and pieces, they have failed as system-builders.. . How can we have expended so much of our collective genius on understanding human nature and still know so little for certain? Because up until now, we have been able to observe only behavior. People can hold very different views of human nature-man is by nature altruistic or by nature selfish; by nature amoral or by nature endowed with a moral sense-because we observe in the human animal, in abundance, every sort of behavior. Or to put it statistically, human nature does not consist of universal human characteristics but of distributions... Just as geologists know a lot about the probability of finding oil based on rock formations on the surface, psychologists have learned to infer a lot about the heritability of observed traits. But in both cases, the observer is dealing with outcroppings and probabilities, while the exact, inarguable truth lies hidden…."

National Review 1/24/2000 Charles Murray "….This situation is about to change. No one can tell how rapidly and how completely the story will unfold. A few brave souls-brave indeed to buck the consistent lesson of the last five hundred years of science-still argue that the mysteries of the human mind will forever be mysteries. But E. O. Wilson's reading of the situation in his 1998 book, Consilience, seems much more plausible. The neuroscientists, increasingly understanding how the brain works, and the molecular biologists, increasingly understanding which genes do what, are about to link up with the social sciences, according to Wilson, in a "webwork of causal explanation" that brings human behavior within the realm of rigorous investigation previously reserved for physical phenomena. And not just individual behavior. "The explanatory network now touches on the edge of culture itself," in Wilson's words-or to put it another way, we are on the edge of understanding how human nature in individuals produces social and political institutions……The practical importance of these impending discoveries lies in this: The great conflicts of the last two centuries have in large part been the story of differing views of human nature translated into political codes….To put it in terms of Left versus Right, however, understates the magnitude of what is likely to happen. Of all the casualties of our growing knowledge of human nature, the most politically far-reaching will be the 20th century's curious attachment to literal human equality……. The only political implication of group differences is that we must work hard to ensure that our society is in fact free and that people are in fact treated as individuals. And yet I can tell you from personal experience that "So what?" is not a response that many others share. Today, to suggest that genetically based group differences are even probable provokes a reaction that resembles hysteria.. ….More broadly, our ability to affect the physical aspect of the human animal may run ahead of our ability to accommodate those changes to the ways in which the human psyche achieves happiness….."


World Net Daily 1/27/2000 Andrew Sandlin "…. We hear a great deal about the "culture wars" these days. This expression obscures an important fact. What is termed "culture wars" really constitutes religious wars fought on cultural battlegrounds. We are in the midst of a conflict of religious visions. The battle for a culture is always and inescapably a battle between rival religions…… Christians today are often at the forefront of the debate about culture wars -- the great public dispute (usually between right and left, conservatives and liberals) over what our society and its culture should look like. They generally recognize that any semblance of Christianity has dropped out of today's culture. They lament the appalling loss of Christian morality and simultaneous rise of a rapacious secularism. They clearly deplore the pervasiveness of abortion, pornography, pre- and extra-marital sex, homosexuality, drug use, materialism, postmodernism, occultism, radical feminism, environmentalism, socialism, the assault on the Christian family and church, and the statist redistribution of wealth that now characterize much of our culture……... Christians, in fact, are not winning today's culture wars, because they have never fought them. They are not fighting them because they no longer have any aptitude for cultural leadership. They have no aptitude for cultural leadership because they have no interest in it. They have no interest in cultural leadership because they do not see culture as a religious calling. For the vast majority of Christians, culture is simply beyond the sphere of their concern. It is a grave mistake to assume that today's cultural secularization is the effect of men's abandonment of Christianity. To the contrary, there are perhaps proportionately more professed Christians in the West today than ever before, but this increase in Christian population has not impeded the rush to a secular society. In fact, in many ways it has hastened that secularization. By abandoning the cultural dimension of Christianity, Christians have opened the way to an untrammeled secular agenda. Christians' lack of interest in culture and cultural leadership has created a vacuum that secularism has eagerly rushed in to fill……"

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 Andrew Sandlin "…. Christians, they firmly believe, are not cultural leaders, and they should not be cultural leaders. To capture a culture for Jesus Christ is just not what Christianity is all about; it simply is not a legitimate Christian calling. An element of religious masochism often lurks behind this conviction; cultural defeat and degradation are identified with "spirituality." In other words, "Our lack of cultural leadership verifies our godliness." The incongruous result is that, while they often complain about the evils of the present secular cultural leadership, they are routinely uninterested in any attempts to restore Christian cultural leadership. …… "

Enter Stage Right 1/31/2000 Steve Martinovich "….By the time the Super Bowl rolled into Atlanta last week, the Kurt Warner story was told a thousand times, each time a little more mythic. Even if you resort to sticking to the facts, Warner's story is the prototype of the American dream inspiration for us all. Several years ago, Warner was stocking shelves in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for not much more than minimum wage, his professional football career over before it even began. A tryout with the Green Bay Packers -- complete with taunting from the team's current golden Bay Brett Favre -- ended as a failure…… A tryout in the Canadian Football League never materialized and Warner ended up playing for three seasons in the virtually unknown Arena Football League for the Iowa Barnstormers. He then played for Amsterdam of the World League, where as a devout Christian he passed by the red light district on his way to church, something that Warner will tell you tested and strengthened his faith. Life dealt him another blow when a tryout with the Chicago Bears was cancelled because of a freak injury. ……. But luck like a ray of sun light struck Warner because the deal he signed with Amsterdam also got him a deal with the St. Louis Rams, although along the way he was nearly released by the team and then exposed in the expansion draft to the Cleveland Browns….. Not only was Warner not supposed to start at quarterback this season after only attempting 11 passes in one game last season, he wasn't even the team's backup quarterback. It was only injury to Trent Green that gave Warner yet another chance…… The rest is history. Warner guided the Rams to a 13-3 record and threw for 41 touchdowns, third highest in NFL history. From a lowly stock boy only a few years ago, Warner ended the season as the league's most valuable player and created the myth in the process……Sports -- and specifically Kurt Warner -- gives us a chance to celebrate humanity. He and the sport he plays allow us to laud skill, intelligence and ultimately achievement. It gives us, as writer Thomas Bowden put it recently, a "spiritual fuel" that flows to us from another person's achievement. It inspires and gives us the moral courage to fight our own battles every day. Kurt Warner may only be a quarterback, and not someone deemed important to society such as a doctor or teacher, but he reminds us that anything can be had with old-fashioned hard work and principles. For that, Kurt Warner -- along with being the Super Bowl MVP -- is life's most valuable player and a true example of humanity……"

National Post 1/31/2000 Susan Martinuk "….. A new sexual revolution is brewing among young lovers in France. Parents are mystified, sociologists are searching for explanations and sex educators are reaching for the panic button. Why? Because French teens are saying "no" to the liberal sexual attitudes that have long been a part of their culture. They have been raised by sexually liberated parents in a land notorious for carefree attitudes toward sex, but they are refusing to indulge in the sexual smorgasbord set before them. Suddenly, sexual conservatism is "in" and sexual promiscuity is "tacky."….. This shift in sexual behaviour is newsworthy in itself. But even more revealing is the response to this trend by sex educators and AIDS groups. Rather than applauding it, they are labelling it as evidence of gross ignorance about the "virtues" of safe sex. Sadly, they are determined to fix this ignorance and have convinced the government to launch a new nationwide sex education program, ostensibly so teens can get back to the "norm" of sexual promiscuity.....,,:

I National Post 1/31/2000 Susan Martinuk "….. In North America, we have already witnessed the results of this commitment to teaching ideology rather than sexual restraint. Our teens have more knowledge about sexuality and greater access to birth control than ever before. Yet teen pregnancies are still rising, STDs are reaching epidemic proportions and teens are increasingly having sex at a younger age……. We expect teens to adhere to rules in other areas of life, yet we hand them the keys to enter the adult world of sexuality without any expectations of responsibility other than to wear a condom. Apparently, discussions about rules don't fit well with the doctrine of sexual freedom and are all-too-easily dismissed as "judgmental" and rooted in traditional morality. But without a context of love, commitment and rules, the basic premise for sex education is that teens will have sex. Therefore, sex educators simply provide them with condoms and tell them how to express various kinds of sexuality. As a result, teens are bombarded with detailed instructions on how to masturbate, have oral sex and participate in homosexual acts such as "fisting" (inserting a fist into the anus). They are asked to place condoms on models of erect penises and to insert fingers into models of vaginas. They are given pamphlets detailing so-called "safe" sadomasochistic activities. Such information can be overwhelmingly enticing, especially when combined with the desensitizing impact of blatant sexual messages. Our society is saturated with sex through movies, TV, advertising and music videos. Through the media, most teens have witnessed hundreds of sexual acts where sex is separated from love and limited to biological function; where every moral restraint is removed; and where every kind of sex is legitimized and rationalized. The mystery of sex has been deadened. No wonder it has been reduced to a game with a scorecard.......:

Boston Globe 1/24/2000 Jeff Jacoby "…. In its long opinion in Baker v. State, the same-sex marriage case, the Vermont Supreme Court tries very hard to stay on legal ground. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice Jeffrey Amestoy begins by insisting that ''the issue before the Court ... does not turn on the religious or moral debate over intimate same-sex relationships.''…... Or, as a much-quoted line in the opinion puts it: Stretching the Vermont Constitution so it gives gay couples ''legal protection and security for their avowed commitment to an intimate and lasting human relationship is simply, when all is said and done, a recognition of our common humanity.'' …… Among those quoting that passage is The New Republic, which in its Jan. 10 edition vigorously endorses the opinion in Baker - with none of the court's reluctance to cast the issue in explicitly moral terms. ''A ban on same-sex marriage ... violates civil equality itself,'' TNR's full-page editorial asserts. It is ''a moral anomaly that dehumanizes and excludes a significant portion of the human race.'' The ''ultimate moral ... answer'' is to legalize full marriage for homosexuals, so good people must ''keep marshaling the moral, religious, civic, and human reasons why it is an eminently important and noble thing to do.'' ……. If something is morally wrong, it is morally wrong always. That a society may tolerate - or embrace - an indecent practice does not make it less indecent. Chattel slavery was and is an abomination, no matter how many 19th-century Americans (or 20th-century Sudanese) thought otherwise. Suttee - the Hindu custom of cremating a deceased man together with his living widow - was evil, no matter how many Hindus believed it honorable. Apartheid was immoral, no matter how many South Africans approved of it. Similarly, if barring men from marrying men is an affront to ''our common humanity,'' as the Vermont justices write - if it is an ugly ''moral anomaly,'' as The New Republic says - than it has always been so……"

Boston Globe 1/24/2000 Jeff Jacoby "…. But where are the humanitarians and the great souls who said that limiting marriage to a man and a woman is wrong? Did Francis of Assisi plead for same-sex unions? Did the Buddha? Did Sojourner Truth? Did the Prophet Micah, who yearned for justice and kindness, yearn also for male-male and female-female weddings? Did Martin Luther King, who devoted his life to ''our common humanity?'' Did Raoul Wallenberg, who risked all to thwart evil? Is there anyone - any foe of intolerance, any living saint - who decried even once the laws that kept homosexuals from marrying each other? This is not an argument against same-sex marriage. (That's a different column). It is an argument against the pretense that same-sex marriage is required as a matter of decency. There is no valid moral claim absent moral authority, and there is no moral authority for the claim that restricting marriage to opposite-sex couples is unjust. …."


CBS/UPI via Drudge 2/7/00 UPI "….A University of Michigan study indicates living together without benefit of marriage is now the norm in the United States.. …"


Reuters 2/20/00 "……Historians Monday dealt a blow to President Clinton's hopes for an illustrious legacy, ranking his presidency average and his moral authority the lowest among U.S presidents, just behind Richard Nixon's. A survey of 58 historians, carried out by public affairs cable channel C-SPAN and timed for release on President's Day, produced few surprises in its ranking of the best and worst of the 41 men who have served as president……. Clinton ranked 21st, behind George Bush (20), the one-term Republican he ousted from the White House, and ahead of Jimmy Carter (22), another one-term president who was the last Democrat to hold the office before Clinton won it in 1992. Scholars rated presidents in 10 areas: public persuasion, crisis leadership, economic management, moral authority, international relations, administrative skills, relations with Congress, vision/setting an agenda, pursuit of equal justice for all and performance within the context of their times……… "Bill Clinton probably won't appreciate the Jekyll and Hyde verdict on his presidency, fifth in economic management, 41st in moral authority," said Richard Norton Smith of the Gerald R. Ford Library, who took part in the survey. "Apparently, where historians are concerned, it's not the economy, stupid." ……."

New Australian, The No. 145, 21-27 2/00 Robert J. Grady, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret) "…..What a frivolous group we are... still, the beloved President shares our pain.... I was embarrassed to read that President Clinton and his advisors have said: "The older generation must learn to sacrifice as other generations have done." …….My generation is old, and Bill says that 'we', "...the older generation, should repent..." but repent for what? Surviving the depression and rebuilding America? Fighting and winning World War II? Coming home and creating this America? An America filled with more opportunity, knowledge, security, wealth and prosperity than any age or place in all of human history. "We" invented, designed and built; we created this world with our bare hands. ...a world in which 6 plus billion people are alive because of American technology [our technology]... the very America which you, your henchmen, and your Ministry of Propaganda stooges and toadies disparage, at every opportunity, in your attempts to belittle, demean, and destroy 'the' American success story. Yes, Mr. Clinton, little accomplished - moral degenerate that you are - man who produced nothing ...enriched only through empty lessons you learned at the feet of your socialist betters. As you know, from Hillary's book, all "it takes" is "a village" to reduce a society to being forever mired in the grinding poverty and squalor of the socialist/tribal state. 'We' hear you. 'We' recognize your self-serving, bankrupt, degenerate, immoral sermonizing. ……"

Charlie Reese 2/16/00 "…..If the people in this world are looking to the so-called Western democracies for secular salvation, I'm afraid they've gone to the hen house looking for wool. The latest bit of insane and cruel claptrap from these co-called enlightened democracies is the decision to let the children and old people in Yugoslavia freeze if their local politicians happen to be in Slobodan Milosevic's party. Yes, dearly beloved, the mighty North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries are offering fuel oil only to those cities whose politicians are in opposition to Milosevic. Now that's stupid as well as cruel and arrogant. For all these brilliant NATO leaders know, more than half the people in a town may support Milosevic even though their local politicians don't. And conversely, people NATO says can freeze may in fact be anti-Milosevic even though their local pols support him. Apparently, however, it is now Western policy to make war on civilians and to impose cruel economic sanctions on them if our pols don't like their pols. ….."

World Net Daily 2/16/00 Jon Dougherty "….I don't know about you, but to me it is getting more than just a little irritating listening to the various establishment political figures and presidential candidates in this country prattle on about how they're going to "reform" this or "clean up" that or "change the direction" the country is headed. Worse, it is becoming apparent that -- thanks to the absolute criminality of the Clinton administration and the GOP congressional majority's permissive attitude towards it -- fewer Americans seem to care one way or the other who ends up in the White House. That's because most people know that regardless of who it is, we the people are likely to get the shaft anyway; politics in our country has devolved into a gutter war between elitists and arrogant powermongers who are little more than self-gratifying, hypocritical leeches and who see their lot in life as a self-serving means to an end. Politics, to them, has morphed from a position of public trust, integrity, service and duty into a vile game of survival of the fittest. Americans are paid lip service to these noble ideals of leadership but little more. There almost has not been one day that has passed in decades that some government official, president or lawmaker has not been caught doing something illegal or "improper." Yet, looking back on the number of obvious violations versus the number of known prosecutions for said violations, one will notice a strange hypocrisy: If any prosecutions occurred, they usually consisted of jailing some low-ladder, mid-level flunky rather than the powerful elite masters he or she was working for. ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 2/14/00 Nat Hentoff "…. While there is an increasing distaste for the president across the land, most of it has to do with his Monica Lewinsky trysts rather than the impeachment proceedings. Mr. Clinton's constitutional violations have largely receded in many peoples' memories. And Mr. Clinton himself continues to proclaim, as he did on PBS's Jim Lehrer News Hour Jan. 26, that "I believe I defended the Constitution and the presidency against a serious threat." He invokes, as does his sometime resident defense attorney, Mrs. Clinton, "a right-wing conspiracy." Mr. Lehrer failed to ask this most shameless of all our presidents to respond to the fact that he is the first American in history to be held in contempt by a federal district judge. Judge Susan Webber Wright from Arkansas said that Mr. Clinton's unabashed lying in his deposition in the Paula Jones case violated "this court's orders by giving false, misleading and evasive answers that were designed to obstruct the judicial process . . . He has engaged in . . . conduct that undermines the integrity of the judicial system."….."Clinton engaged in a pattern of criminal behavior and obsessive public lying, the tendency of which was to disparage, undermine, and even subvert the judicial system of the United States, the American ideology of the rule of law, and the role and office of the President." Mr. Posner also cites Mr. Clinton's "obstruction of justice . . . . which includes perjury, when committed in either a civil or criminal proceeding." Do you remember all those legal experts on cable television - and of course, the president's then-White House counsel Charles Ruff - who assured us that the president had been truthful in his grand jury testimony?….."

The Houston Chronicle/Viewpoints F W Lang "….. I have lived almost 80 years in America, a veteran of World War II. I remember America with pride. Fine young men I have known have died, hopefully to make it a better place to live. But I'm not aware that this has been accomplished. For years we have witnessed excessive violence in the media and, in our schools, the loss of parental authority, vile language, pornography, sexual perversion (to the level of our White House), binge drinking in the highest educational institutions and the dumbing down of education at all levels. There is more: A growing and consuming greed and self-interest exhibited in increased addictions to gambling and to a drug culture that is costing us billions annually. Last but not least, we now have a society that provides the highest monetary rewards for the least valuable services. If these immoral depredations continue to thrive, our flag will be more representative if we replace the stars with dollar signs. And perhaps we'll have to change the color of the flag's stripes to reflect the diversity of which we are so proud, but which can also cause us to lose sight of the goals of our Founders: a United States of America….."

Brockton (MA) Enterprise 2/26/00 Paul Salters "…….... I'm becoming less optimistic about the inherent wisdom of the American people. I'm beginning to agree with the historian John Lukacs that we may be heading for a new dark age. Barbarism is on the rise. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the stuff the entertainment industry is serving up. Hollywood, however, is probably following, not leading, the people. The real corrupters are the intellectuals. These people, with their own unaided intellect, are always beaching themselves on Fantasy Island, far from the civilizing influence of reason and common sense. Their nihilism is filtering down to the masses of people, insulating them from higher truths and self restraint. Society is far coarser today than it was only 30 years ago......."

ABC Raw News 2/25/00 AP "……The Utah House on Friday approved legislation that would limit sex education to the teaching of abstinence before marriage and fidelity afterward. The measure, approved 40-27, bans any discussion of birth control in public schools. The House also passed an amendment that would require students to be taught that "any sexual relations outside of marriage constitutes criminal conduct." The bill now goes to the Senate. ……. "

Uexpress 2/23/00 Joseph Sobrasn "……Two years ago the conservative publishing house Regnery released the biggest-selling book in its history, "Unlimited Access" by Gary Aldrich. Aldrich, a veteran FBI agent, had been assigned to do security checks in the Clinton White House. Not only did he find the Clinton people rude, arrogant, evasive, uncooperative and downright hostile to him and the FBI, but the entire tone and ethos of the Clinton White House shocked, disgusted and alarmed him. Like most FBI men, Aldrich was a straight arrow, outraged alike by slovenly work habits, foul language, bad manners, and recreational drugs and sex, all of which seemed to be endemic among the young and middle-aged Clintonites. His book was crammed with examples from his own observations and from gossip he had heard from White House old-timers, many of whom had voted for Bill Clinton and lived to regret it. Junior White House employees habitually left messes for others to clean up. Young women wore miniskirts with no panties underneath; on at least two occasions couples were found in homosexual acts in the workplace. Theft of office equipment, including laptop computers, was routine. Such behavior was tolerated, unpunished. …."

Uexpress 2/23/00 Joseph Sobrasn "…… Aldrich's book was red meat for right-wing Clinton-haters. Its most sensational story was a rumor that the president was in the habit of sneaking out at midnight without his Secret Service detail, riding (hidden under a blanket) in the back seat of a car driven by his pal Bruce Lindsey, and meeting an unnamed female celebrity at a Marriott Hotel in downtown Washington. Since Aldrich had only heard this bizarre story through the grapevine and couldn't vouch for its truth, the White House hotly denied it, and most of the press, including me, regarded the book with skepticism. It all seemed too unrelievedly black to be plausible. And yet, in retrospect, Aldrich's book rings true. It fits the pattern we have come to know: first the wild rumors and accusations; then the indignant denials, blaming the charges on "right-wingers," "Clinton-haters," "trashy" women, "irresponsible" journalists, "greedy" tabloids; and finally, confirmation. Time and again the worst, or a reasonable facsimile, has turned out to be true. The witnesses' stories have checked out. Meanwhile, the first couple and their aides have turned out to have been lying. The White House defenses have crumbled. The president's lawyers have had to change their stories. Key witnesses have suffered strange memory lapses, as has Bill Clinton himself; or they have clammed up, taken the Fifth or fled the country. Nobody has produced exculpatory evidence, while crucial documents under White House control have disappeared. The pattern is consistent to the point of monotony. Aldrich's lurid portrait of the Clinton White House no longer seems overdrawn. It plausibly explains why so many scandals have erupted there: From top to bottom, it's a bad neighborhood, where traditional morals, ethics and decorum are held in contempt. ……" and "The Falls Church Current" 9/99 Roger Banks "…..Should a small child be permitted to see a movie that begins with the violent death of a newborn baby and the simultaneous killing of another infant's parents? How about a film that goes on to feature death by stabbing, shooting, and even hanging? During a time when violence in children's entertainment has been subject to wide-spread criticism, one might expect parents to answer with a resounding "no." Yet parents last summer rushed their kids into theaters by the millions to see Disney's latest animated film, Tarzan, which contains all of the above brutality and worse. In fact, this fiercely violent movie grossed over $111 million in its first three weeks alone…….. Although it is being marketed as entertainment for small children, Tarzan cannot honestly be classified as a children's film at all. In fact, as film critic Roger Ebert observed, its true genre is that of "action-thriller." The movie comprises a virtually non-stop sequence of life-threatening episodes, using the most sophisticated animation technology available. ….."

The New York Times 2/19/00 Neil Lewis "…..When Richard A. Posner published a book last September analyzing the investigation, impeachment and trial of President Clinton, it was not treated as just another commentator's view of the affair. Not only is Mr. Posner the chief judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit based in Chicago: he is also, to a wide swath of intellectuals, one of the most fascinating contemporary thinkers on the law and an astonishing range of other subjects. Moreover, his book, "An Affair of State" (Harvard University Press), did not shrink from blunt conclusions……. Judge Posner charged that Mr. Clinton was indisputably guilty of perjury and a man of shallow character -- and that many of his intellectual and academic defenders were blathering fools or hypocrites or both. Now comes Ronald Dworkin, professor of law at New York University and the University Professor of Jurisprudence at Oxford University, to denounce the Posner book as an abomination. In the forthcoming issue of The New York Review of Books, Professor Dworkin writes that the Posner book is silly, dangerous, anti-intellectual and empty. Up to now the book has been treated with great respect and provided enormous comfort to those repelled by the president's actions but queasy about associating themselves with longtime Clinton-haters. But to Professor Dworkin, it is a partisan screed masquerading as scholarship. What's more, Professor Dworkin, who is similarly revered by many scholars as an extraordinary legal thinker, contends that it was inappropriate and may well have been unethical of Judge Posner, as a sitting judge, to pass judgment -- actually declare Mr. Clinton guilty -- in a matter that has the potential to became a federal criminal case. ……"


Newsmax 2/4/00 Ken Hamblin "….. Aids now is officially recognized as the No. 1 killer in sub-Saharan Africa, slaughtering 10 times more black Africans than have perished from tribal warfare. That fact became official a few weeks ago, when Vice President Al Gore pledged to put the African AIDS crisis on the world's security agenda. Seated in the president's chair at the United Nations, Gore outlined a new American policy designed to combat the African AIDS epidemic -- an epidemic which, time and time again, I have attributed largely to the lax, amoral sexual behavior of many in black Africa. Gore did not address that possibility. Instead, he announced to the world that the White House has asked Congress to cough up 150 million of our tax dollars for research and prevention programs in Africa…… I've been trying to bring the African AIDS problem to the attention of African-Americans for a long while. But, to judge by the e-mails and telephone calls that come into my syndicated talk-radio show, many black Americans are determined to remain in denial because they're put off by the way I deliver my message about the crisis in darkest Africa. Apparently, they don't like my refusal to coddle the victims when I talk about the rampant sexual misbehavior which threatens to substantially reduce the African population. Apparently they don't care for the urgency of my warnings that the premature deaths of several generations of black Africans eventually could make black Africa a virtual wasteland. Apparently they would rather watch their black brethren be buried in early graves than open their eyes to the undeniable facts that are staring them in the face. Certainly, those facts are grim, none more so than the deaths of black babies who never had a chance to live. Even grimmer, in its way, is that those deaths would never have occurred were it not for the promiscuous behavior of black Africans and careless drug use in our own United States. ….."

Washington Times 3/1/00 John McCaslin "…… While first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's failure to tip a waitress recently attracted fleeting attention, President Clinton's failure to pay a bar bill is on permanent display. A framed photograph of him with his "legendary" unpaid tab hangs over a bar at the Marine Barracks in Washington. Mr. Clinton signed a tab to buy 17 drinks for officers at their Drum Room club after he was guest of honor at one of the Marines' popular Friday evening parades...."

Christian Science Monitor 3/3/00 Linda Feldmann Abraham McLaughlin "…..From the start of Campaign 2000, most presidential contenders have put religion front and center. Texas Gov. George W. Bush has spoken often of how Jesus Christ changed his heart. Vice President Al Gore, seeking to add flesh to a wooden persona, has also come out as a born-again Christian. Even Sen. John McCain, caught in a maelstrom over his attacks on leaders of the Christian right, has spoken movingly of religious experiences he had while a prisoner in Hanoi….. This trend toward confessionalism shows how much character and morality have superceded policy positions in the minds of voters. Peace and prosperity - and a public desire to move beyond the Clinton scandals - have widened the forum to include unprecedented talk of faith in public life……"

Chattanoog Times-Free Press 3/4/00 "……Trying to give troubled mothers an option to dumping babies in trash bins and bathroom stalls, the Georgia House voted 153-15 Friday to legalize the abandonment of newborns as long as they're left with the staff at a hospital. Sponsors of the bill, which would still have to pass the Senate and be signed by the governor before becoming law, said the change would save infants who would otherwise be left to die. One lawmaker denounced it as the moral equivalent of "abortion without death." ……"

AP 3/4/00 Randi Goldberg "…..Even as they mourn for little Kayla Rolland, many people in this down-on-its-luck community say their hearts ache as well for the 6-year-old boy accused of shooting her. To them, the boy is a victim, too, and needs counseling and compassion. "It's really a sad story," said 76-year-old Clarence Pompey, who lives two houses down from where Kayla lived. "He's nothing but a baby. I don't think it would solve anything to lock him up. He wasn't receiving any discipline." The first-grader accused of killing Kayla at Buell Elementary School on Tuesday lived in what has been described as a crack house where strangers came and went and guns were traded for drugs. He didn't have a bed to sleep in. His father was in jail. ......"

The Chalcedon Foundation 2/25/00 Jeremy Swanson "….. A very significant indication of the nihilistic character of this generation is exhibited in what it deems laughable, in what it considers to be "funny." This nihilistic laughter mocks everything - nothing is sacred. This generation has embraced the words of the father of all modern nihilists: "I bade them laugh at their great masters of virtue and saints and poets and world-redeemers. I bade them laugh at their gloomy sages and at whoever had at any time sat on the tree of life like a black scarecrow. For in laughter all that is evil comes together, but is pronounced holy and absolved by its own bliss" (Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra). This laughter is an explicit rejection of God and all that is good. It is a laughter that denigrates and destroys the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is a laughter that rejects the principles of God and the seriousness of His law......."

CNS News 2/28/00 Jim Burns "…..A new poll released Monday found 57 percent of Americans now believe President Clinton is not ethical enough to practice law in Arkansas and should lose his license while only 35 percent say he should not be disbarred. Charlie Nave, Vice President at Fabrizio, McLaughlin and Associates, which conducted the poll said, "This is a new low. The American people are essentially saying Bill Clinton isn't ethical enough to be a lawyer." Among the questions asked one compared Bill Clinton's legal problems with those of former President Richard Nixon, who lost his license to practice law after he resigned from office. ……The majority of those responding said Clinton should be disbarred and no longer allowed to practice law in Arkansas. Clinton also served as Attorney General of Arkansas from 1976-1978. ….."

The Human Life Review(via PetersNet) 1997 Francis Canavan "……The late John Courtney Murray, S.J., once remarked that modern man has a horror of the absolute. It would be easy to ridicule him, or in this case her, as a mixed-up kid who regards coherence as an intellectual defect. There are indeed a lot of confused kids out there who do just that, for two reasons, one of them bad, the other at least not without some merit. The bad reason is that, as Woody Allen famously said, the heart wants what the heart wants, and will take it despite any arguments against it. But if all arguments can be dismissed as nothing more than efforts to impose other people's will on my will, then no one can say me nay. The appeal of this moral skepticism to adolescents of all ages is obvious, and accounts in large part for the enthusiasm with which they attack coherent thought. ……..On the other hand-and this is the partially-good reason-logical coherence can be deceptive in being too pat and presenting apparently conclusive arguments that in fact leave out aspects of the complex reality with which they purport to deal. The mind of the ideological terrible simplificateur specializes in this kind of thinking and treats moral, political, and legal reasoning as if it were an exercise in geometry, where the conclusions follow necessarily from the premises. ……. Reason, and therefore justice, require that goods that belong to another be returned to their owner, but justice also requires that this should not be done in some circumstances. We are also obliged to worship God, but not all the time or in all places, to the neglect of other good actions. Similarly, it follows from human nature that we must honor our parents, but not if they are violent criminals. These exceptions do not repeal the natural norm, which remains valid, but recognize that its applications are less than universal. ……… Are there, then, any absolute moral norms, or as some moralists today call them, exceptionless norms? This is a basic issue in contemporary moral philosophy and theology. One answer is that there are such norms, but they are negative ones, norms that forbid rather than command certain actions. That is to say, a norm that commands certain good actions to be done will admit of exceptions for sufficiently good reasons. But at least some negative norms are universal and admit of no exceptions. As the late Professor Arnold Brecht said from a Kantian point of view, the human mind cannot conceive that it could be just to convict a man of a crime that we know he did not commit……"

Rockford Institute 3/11/00 Thomas Fleming "……A six year old boy in Michigan shoots a schoolmate in anger, and all the world expresses shock, outrage, disbelief. "It's guns," says the President and his courtiers. "We need more foster-parenting and counseling," says the social work lobby. "Don't be alarmed," say the conservatives, "school violence is not really on the increase." I'm surprised they don't all gag on their own hypocrisy. The President and his party have spent the last 50 years and more, creating the welfare-dependent class that has turned America's urban centers into a living hell. We didn't need Charles Murray or any other "expert" to tell us what we already knew: Welfare causes poverty, illegitimacy, crime, and violence. "Idle hands are the devil's workshop" is an ancient saying of vastly greater importance than any set of social statistics. Irresponsible aristocracies, with too much time and money on their hands, have always been known for sexual profligacy and vice. Why should we be surprised, that when simple people are treated like aristocrats, they live as badly as Princess Di or the Duke of B. In most cases, the inner-city poor are even more vicious than the British Royal family, which has an educational background (of sorts) and a certain residuum of tradition to fall back on. ……"

The Record 3/8/00 Charles Austin "……Nobody favors sin. But nobody agrees precisely on what it is. So as Christians begin the season of Lent today with Ash Wednesday and are called upon to repent, they might also wonder exactly what they should be sorry for. The basic "checklist" of sins -- the Ten Commandments -- still stands for most people, who generally agree that it's wrong to cheat, steal, lie, or murder. But although many conservative Christians include on their list of sins such things as premarital sex, abortion, homosexuality, and divorce, a growing number of Christians disagree with those views. In fact, recent Gallup research shows that 58 percent of American Catholics believe the church should relax its position on the sinfulness of abortion and 47 percent believe that homosexuals can be good Catholics. The Barna research organization of Ventura, Calif., reported this year that about one-fifth of the adult population believes "the whole idea of sin is outdated." ……… "It is a sign of the times that people want to feel good about themselves and not face their sins," said Roman Catholic Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick of Newark, adding that the ethical revolution of the 1960s changed the concept of what is right and wrong for many people……"

The Associated Press 3/9/00 "…..At least seven NBC stations have decided not to air the network's new comedy "God, the Devil and Bob" during prime time or show it at all because of the subject matter. The show, which was scheduled to premiere on Thursday and will then settle into a Tuesday night time slot, is a cartoon about an everyman named Bob and the moral questions he faces. Bob meets God in a bar. TV stations in Boise, Pocatello and Twin Falls, Idaho; Salt Lake City; Tupelo, Miss.; Shreveport, La.; and South Bend, Ind., have either refused to air the program or decided to present it in late-night hours. NBC has 215 affiliates nationally. "Even though it's a cartoon, it's not a kids' program," said Doug Armstrong, president and general manager of KVTB in Boise. "It has adult humor and themes, yet the marketing seems geared toward younger kids. Kids and families are our priority so we have asked NBC to schedule the program later in the evening." ….."

NewsMax 3/7/00 Linda Bowles "…….Religion is now out front as an issue, and that is a good thing. For entirely too long, the encroachment of our government on religion and the insidious assaults on it by major elements within our culture have gone largely unchallenged. The only thing the Constitution of the United States says about religion is that the Congress "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Yet, our laws are full of prohibitions on the free exercise of religion. The founders were trying to protect people from a state-mandated religion; they were not trying to impose secular humanism, nor New Age idolatry as a mandatory system of unbelief. Our nation has gradually, but steadily, undergone a major decline in its morality as a direct consequence of a major decline in the influence of religious values and philosophy. It is the short-range goal of left-wing, intellectual elitists to convince Republicans that the only way they can save themselves is to dump the religious right; and it is their long-range goal to convince all Americans that the only way they can achieve true freedom is to liberate themselves from religious bondage. Throughout history, religious tenets have gotten in the way of human desires and ambitions. God seen as an obstacle to grand human schemes is not an entirely new phenomenon. It is a story as old as sin being played out yet one more time, the struggle between right and wrong, the struggle over power, who shall have it, and the struggle over who is master - man or God. The signs of social rot are all around us. No-fault living has become the order of the day in America. "Sin" is an archaic idea. Right and wrong as moral concepts have been abolished. Moral discernment has been deemed judgmental and discriminatory. God is scorned - but tolerated if He stays in His place. ….."

New York Post 3/5/00 Rod Dreher "….. IF the Straight Talk Express had ventured into Mount Morris Township, Mich., The Bronx, or Wilkinsburg, Pa., this past week, it would have had its tires shot out. I'm not literally talking about the John McCain campaign bus, but using it as a metaphor for honest public discussion. Straight talk about race, guns, and culture is an unwanted fugitive in a society that would rather live in denial than face unpleasant truths. In Michigan, a 6-year-old boy shot and killed a first-grade classmate with a handgun stolen from his guardian's house. The usual suspects clamored for more gun control, though it is hard to see how laws can prevent a crackhead uncle from leaving a stolen pistol within reach of a child. The little boy, we now know, is a monster who has been in serious trouble at school from DayĪ1. His father is in jail, his mother is an admitted drug addict, and the kid was being raised in a drug den by male relatives. This is not the fault of the National Rifle Association. This is the fault of the boy's family and the degraded, immoral culture they chose for themselves and that poor child. Growing up in a world ruled by gangsta values, which extol the virtues of law-breaking, cruelty, drug use and the power of firearms -- that's what made a murderer of this boy. And that, not specious claims of white racism, or the NAACP's obnoxious accusations against the gun industry, is why African-American males between the ages of 15 and 24 are five times more likely to be wounded or killed by guns than whites in the same demographic group...."

World Magazine 3/3/00 "…… The growth of the sex industry-what with Internet sex sites, hotel pornography channels, nude dance clubs, international prostitution rings, and more-has become big business. Like other booming industries, it has an insatiable demand for more workers. According to Harold Koh, assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights, and labor, the drug trade is being surpassed by the sex trade. International crime syndicates are finding that selling drugs is less profitable than selling women. This goes beyond prostitution: Women are being sold into sexual slavery. Some 2 million women worldwide have been forced into sexual slavery, said Mr. Koh, testifying before a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee. Typically, women from economically struggling nations-Ukraine, Albania, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, and Nigeria seem to be the most victimized-are offered the chance to immigrate to another country. They will be smuggled into a country, such as the United States or England, only to be forced into prostitution……Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), chairman of the hearing, called the sex trade "the greatest manifestation of slavery in the world today." …." 3/5/00 Kim Curtis "……A student's sexually explicit performance at the San Francisco Art Institute, a school that long has prided itself as a center for artistic innovation, is forcing even the most avant-garde to acknowledge that art has its limits…… Yegge's instructor, Tony Labat, calls the piece "bad art, absolutely." Labat says he has not been disciplined, even though he watched the performance and did nothing to stop it. ……. School administrators have refused to discuss their investigation. They did clarify the school's health and safety policy and met several times with Yegge, who withdrew from the Institute in frustration on Wednesday. The Institute is privately funded and doesn't get money from the National Endowment for the Arts, which was attacked by conservative politicians who learned that the NEA funded Karen Finley's "indecent" art. Finley, an alumna of the Institute whose work has included smearing her naked body with chocolate and inviting audience members to lick it off, was awarded an honorary doctorate from the school after she was criticized in Washington. But the health risks involved in Yegge's performance were too much, even for Finley's alma mater. Yegge said he's not HIV positive and felt comfortable having sex with a stranger. Condoms were not offered, nor did his volunteer ask for them. By signing the consent form, Yegge believed the acts were consensual. And Yegge said he would be retested for HIV. ……"

Source: FrontPage Magazine 3/3/00 David Horowitz "….A SIX-YEAR-OLD African American shoots and kills a six-year-old white girl in Michigan. The six-year-old shooter has been suspended before for stabbing another child with a pencil. Police discover that he lives in a crack house with his criminal uncle with outstanding warrants for arrest. The boy's father is in jail. His mother is a drug addict. The President of the United States responds to the tragedy by summoning leaders of Congress to the White House to pass a new law, requiring trigger locks on guns. If ever there was a case revealing the moral bankruptcy (or is it idiocy?) of liberalism, this is it. Of course, Clinton and Democratic leaders are calling for trigger locks on guns because they are planning to make this a major Democrat issue in this year's political campaigns. But that only makes the point stronger. So far not a single liberal has publicly dissented from the idea that gun control is the lesson to be drawn from this tragedy, let alone questioned the Democrats' sick exploitation of it for political ends……" 3/6/00 Lawrence Auster "…..To understand the roots of the John McCain phenomenon, we must first understand the unprecedented moral decline that America has experienced during the Clinton years. The public's accommodation to Clinton's massive corruption and abuses of power - as expressed by the nihilistic comment so often heard from his defenders and excusers, "Everybody does it" - is only the most visible symptom of a general loss of the belief in objective right and wrong that is the foundation of a free society. Most people will acknowledge that Clinton has defiled the presidency. What most people don't want to acknowledge is that the nation, by downplaying Clinton's outrages, vilifying his lawful prosecutors and allowing him to remain in office, has defiled itself. What makes it even worse is that America, like Clinton, seems to have suffered no consequences for its abandonment of principle. Flushed with prosperity, the nation is gloriously, obscenely self-satisfied. ….."

Mobile Register 3/5/00 Sam Hodges "……Bill Clinton is no candidate for Mount Rushmore, at least not if Alabamians are doing the chiseling. Nearly 80 percent of state residents responding to a new Mobile Register-University of South Alabama poll predicted history will judge Clinton either an average, below average or poor president. And it's not just the rank-and-file who have a problem with the centrist Democrat from Arkansas. Despite the nation's uninterrupted economic growth, some presidential historians in the state put Clinton nearly at the bottom….."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 3/5/00 Eloise Anderson Ben Boychuk "….The debate over same-sex marriage isn't about whether two people love each other. The real issue is the future and welfare of children. Recently, America has taken great strides toward recognizing the essential role of fathers and strong families in raising and educating the next generation. We cannot forget these hard-won lessons now. Marriage used to be a term reserved for a committed relationship between a man and woman. But for many Americans this definition is now outmoded, sectarian, patriarchal and bigoted. It hints at an all-too-narrow and cramped notion of American life - something like the subtle condemnation of family life in the film ``American Beauty.'' Marriage and family on this view is an ideal that limits and distorts personal freedom and individuality, rather than protecting hopes and dreams. Are the supporters of same-sex marriage right? Is the notion of a father and a mother just an irrelevant variable in the upbringing of kids? ……. ``If we were asked to design a system for making sure that children's basic needs were met, we would probably come up with something quite similar to the two-parent ideal,'' write Princeton sociologists Sara McLanahan and Gary Sandefur. ``Such a design, in theory, would not only ensure that children had access to the time and money of two adults, it also would provide a system of checks and balances that promoted quality parenting.'' Fathers help enforce self-control and discipline for boys. Loving fathers also help instill confidence in their daughters and impart a sense of how men should treat them. Mothers help socialize children and teach softer virtues such as compassion and respect. ……"


Macon Telegraph 3/5/00 Charles Richardson "…… I was shocked and horrified at the news that a 6-year-old had taken a gun to school and shot and killed another 6-year-old classmate. When you think it could get no worse - after Columbine and all the other school shootings - it does. How does a 6-year-old get a gun? New gun laws won't prevent stupidity. A trigger lock may have prevented this crime, but there is no guarantee the stolen weapon would have had one. Some say the boy doesn't understand what killing means. But does he? How many killings has he witnessed in his young life? He may not understand the meaning of death, but he sure understood the meaning of "shoot" and what a gun is used for……"

The Honorable Tom DeLay (R-TX) 3/16/00 "…… America today has no coherent foreign policy. We seem, more than ever, to be without a direction or a purpose, without a course or a mission. Many of us in this room, and many of our fellow citizens, sense this wandering. And we are compelled to ask if our aimlessness stems from an absence of global challenges, or an absence of courageous leadership. Are we exercising the patience of a confident world power, or is our passive posture simply the drift that occurs when those steering the ship of state are uncertain about the destination? ……….. The rediscovery of our core American values represents the central challenge confronting our nation at the dawn of a new century and a new millennium. These values are the timeless ideals of faith in God, the sanctity of human life, the existence of moral absolutes, and the certainty of ultimate accountability. And these convictions are the sole source of America's greatness. For our country to be prosperous and deserving of prosperity, these principles must guide our individual actions. They have to shape the character of our communities. And, yes, they have to inform a principled foreign policy designed to protect our nation's vital interests through the triumph of democracy around the globe. Unfortunately, over the past few years we've lost our way....... Moral authority at the top has evaporated. Our military strength has declined rapidly: lost army divisions, lost air wings, lost carrier battle groups. Instead of a principled approach to national security, we now serve up an inedible foreign policy stew of appeasement and social work. Political power without moral principle is incomplete. We are now experiencing the disturbing results of separating our nation's policies from our nation's guiding ideals……"

Arizona Republic 3/17/00 Hannah Wolfson AP "……Real Men Don't Use Pornography. For months, the statement on a billboard greeted drivers as they arrived in Utah from Wyoming on Interstate 80, the massive letters printed across the portraits of several clean-cut men. The billboard is gone now, but Utah's governor was expected today to sign into law a bill created in its spirit, giving the state the country's first pornography czar. That person has little prosecutorial power, and no jurisdiction over the Internet or cable television. Instead, he or she will draft a new state definition of obscenity, help local governments ``restrict, suppress or eliminate'' pornography and provide information ``about the dangers of obscenity.'' ….."

Investor's Business Daily 3/13/00 "…… In his report, LaBella urged Attorney General Janet Reno to appoint an independent counsel, but she refused to do so. She also kept the report confidential, even under the threat of contempt of Congress. And it wasn't her first rejection of an independent counsel. All along the way, from Clinton's White House coffees to selling seats on trade missions to Gore's fund-raising calls, Reno protected the White House. …….. At the very least, Reno's actions-more properly described as inaction-have smelled funny. At the worst, they've suggested a criminal cover-up so Clinton and Gore could keep their jobs. Now Gore wants a new job. But before voters and the media give it to him, they should demand to know:
* What he meant when he said he was innocent of any fund-raising abuses because there was "no controlling legal authority."
* If he expects the country to believe he was ignorant of the impropriety of raising money from Buddhist nuns at their southern California temple.
* What he did, if anything, to discourage the White House's use of FBI files on political foes.
* Whether he knowingly participated in the White House smears of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, head of the Whitewater probe; his informant Linda Tripp; and congressional investigators.
* If he knew about White House efforts, as reported by The Washington Times, to withhold 100,000 subpoenaed e-mails that dealt with Monica Lewinsky, raising funds from Chinese agents, and the FBI files.
For more than seven years, the country has been subject to the immorality of the Clinton administration and its officials. While an aide to the first lady took an envelope full of cash from a huckster, the president was enjoying himself with a 21-year-old intern….."

Rep. John Kasich 3/14/00 "……"I think the biggest discussion in American politics, with the country in the midst of economic prosperity, will be about how can it be in America today that a 6-year old boy can kill a 6-year old girl, and what are the root causes and what can we do about it? "That is the frame for everything. Why don't we care more about one another? How are we going to self-govern? Why do we keep substituting law-making for human decency? . . . "This is going to be the great emerging issue of the 21st Century: whether Americans are capable of being decent to one another and being leaders in their own right [with their own lives and in their own spheres] in the face of a whole lot of frustration in this society. . . "[Regarding gun control] checking people in gun shows and trigger locks and the like, those measures are ones that I think are reasonable. But don't miss my point here: trigger locks, finger-printing, gun control -- those don't address the cause of why a 6-year old kid who's living with uncles who are on drugs could act in the way he did. It's a much deeper problem [than gun control legislation]. There was a breakdown of the family, there was no personal responsibility. . . . Gun [legislation] is a band-aid; that's not the problem in America . . . "

Medium Rare articles 3/26/00 Jim Rarey "……A state senator in Michigan has proposed a law that would make it legal for mothers to abandon newborn babies. A Detroit News article in the March 26th home edition by reporter Louise Knott disclosed that State Senator Shirley Johnson, a Republican from Royal Oak, has introduced a controversial bill in the state legislature that would protect mothers from criminal charges for dropping off their babies at police and fire stations and hospitals. An 18-year-old high school senior in the Detroit area is currently facing manslaughter charges for leaving a premature newborn to die in her bedroom…….. A spokesperson for a statewide contraception and abortion clinic was quoted as saying, "This law won't mean one bit of difference to any teen-age girl faced with this situation. That's not what's going through her head. She's wondering, 'How an I going to face my parents?'" ….."

Media Research Center 3/23/00 L Brent Bozell III "…… Every once in a while a movie becomes the toast of Hollywood, and such is the case with "American Beauty." Already it's won innumerable citations and awards, and enters this Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony with eight nominations, including Best Picture. Most critics just can't say enough about this film. From the New York Post: "'American Beauty' is a flat-out masterpiece. Surely the best movie of the year. Indeed, an all-time classic……… My wife went to see it not long ago. She walked out in disgust after twenty minutes……. As I wanted to do, except I had to file this report. The cast of characters in this sordid effort begins with Lester Burnham, a journalist who hates his work so much he manipulates his boss into firing him, blackmails the company into giving him a hefty severance package, and embarks on a change-of-life journey where he all but abandons his wife and teenage daughter while pursuing his desire for carnal relations with his teeny-bopper daughter's slutty teeny-bopper friend Angela. Lester's wife, Carolyn, and their daughter, Jane, are no victims, however. Carolyn is a hyper-materialistic nag who's having an affair with a real-estate tycoon, while Jane discusses (with Angela) all manner of sexual activity so coarsely as to make a hardened sailor blush……..Next door to the Burnhams lives another dysfunctional family. The father is a wacko military veteran who collects Nazi memorabilia and rages against homosexuals; his seemingly lobotomized wife simply stares; and their high-school-age son Ricky is suspected of being a Peeping Tom but, thank heavens, he isn't. He's only a drug pusher. Before long, Jane's sleeping with him. Oh, yes. We do meet two other neighbors: a gay couple, Jim and Jim, who are presented -- of course -- as the epitome of normality…….."

National Review 3/20/00Mark Levin "……. United States Constitution, Art. II, Sec. 1, states, in part: "Before he enters on the Execution of his Office, [the president] shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: - 'I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.'" ………. Bill Clinton was required to make this oath as a condition of taking office, and he made it twice before millions of witnesses. But he didn't mean it. He also swore to tell the truth, under penalty of perjury, when he gave his deposition in the Paula Jones case. And he lied repeatedly during that deposition, thereby violating not only his oath to uphold his office but his oath to the Court - for which he should be indicted and held personally accountable. ……… At the conclusion of Clinton's impeachment trial, Judge Wright issued a blistering rebuke of Clinton and held him in civil contempt for his conduct. Clinton provided no defense at all, and even agreed to pay in excess of $90,000 in costs to Jones and the Court. ut civil contempt is not the same as an indictment for alleged criminal offenses. Now that the Court has exacted justice for Clinton's assault on it, prosecutors are responsible for protecting the rest of us by enforcing the rule of law. And prosecutors have an excellent witness - Judge Wright. The Judge can testify as the government's primary fact witness and tell the jury exactly what she told the country when she held Clinton in contempt, i.e., Clinton gave false, misleading and evasive testimony, the purpose of which was to thwart justice. ……"

The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Va.) 3/19/00 James Lakely "……[LaPierre] This alarming comment earned a sharp rebuke from Clinton and his heir apparent, Al Gore-both of whom classified LaPierre's rhetoric as sinking to a "new low." Hmmm. Let's think about from where that retort is coming. This is an administration who's top campaign consultant, James Carville, dismissed a legitimate sexual harassment suit against his boss by characterizing Paula Jones as trailer-park trash on national television. This is an administration that wanted to free up jobs for friends and political patrons in the White House Travel Office, but decided that a simple firing would look bad. So they trumped up charges of misconduct against innocent people and sicced the FBI on them. And, of course, this is a president who used the intern pool as a harem from which he plucked a girl willing to perform what can now be called a "Lewinsky" while he discussed troop movements in Bosnia with a congressman. ......"

Washington Times 3/21/00 Woody West "……Peggy Noonan does not dally in her demolition of the first lady. She labels "The Case Against Hillary Clinton" a polemic and bluntly dissects the woman who would be a U.S. senator - and whose ambition may well extend to the Democratic nomination for president in 2004......., "[T]hey have made the American political landscape a lower and lesser thing. They have left our political process distorted and misshapen; they have stopped good things from happening, and allowed bad things to occur; when caught they have covered-up and dissembled, which in turn has added a new level of sourness, cynicism and confusion to our politics and our culture." In handing down this searing indictment, Miss Noonan reprises in detail the litany of mendacity that has infused the Clinton administration -from early Travelgate, the health care fiasco, the missing Rose law firm records, to the Monica Lewinsky episode and the stouter and thinner fibs and dissimulations. None of this is new. But there is so much of it, and this smooth recapitulation will not only ensure Miss Noonan's permanent inclusion in the first lady's "vast right-wing conspiracy" but elevate her to its Hall of Fame......."

CNS News 3/21/00 Lisa Dean "….Dr. Laura Schlessinger has said recently on her program, "when conservatives express their views, it's called 'hate speech.' When the Left expresses its view, it's called 'free speech.' When conservatives disagree with the liberal point of view, they belong to a conspiracy." Given the recent chain of events in the news regarding Dr. Laura's latest career move, no one could attest to the veracity of that statement better than she can. Last month, Paramount Television offered Dr. Laura her own nationally syndicated television program. When the announcement was made publicly, there was an outcry from the Left, specifically homosexual rights groups. How could you give that 'hateful' and 'homophobic' woman an even greater platform to spew her "pseudo-science," as they call it, toward homosexuals? they cried. After all, she says that our lifestyles are immoral. She tells us that our behavior is wrong. She's "judgmental," they whine. No, she's simply telling the truth. We live in an age where objective moral truth is fast becoming a foreign concept. After all, it only matters how you "feel" about something and how you make others feel that makes an act or belief right or wrong. And God help you if you dare ignore feeling and speak objectively and with conviction, as Dr. Laura does, about God's law on matters such as homosexuality, because if you do, you don't make people "feel good" and even hurt their self-esteem! That makes you undoubtedly 'hateful' and a card-carrying member of Hillary Clinton's imaginary "vast right wing conspiracy" and therefore, the First Amendment of the Constitution does not apply to you. ......" 3/22/00 Thomas Jipping "……Life in these United States is becoming, in the words of the philosopher, nasty, brutish, and short. Power is replacing principle when it comes to some of the great moral issues of the day. Those who once condemned racial discrimination as immoral when they were on the receiving end today defend racial discrimination as useful and even necessary now that they are in its driver's seat. Today the game is called "diversity." In Piscataway, New Jersey, a few years ago, the school board downsized a department and had to fire either a white or black teacher. They had equal seniority but the white teacher had experience. They fired the white teacher because, they said, the black teacher provided diversity. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit said this was actually just plain old race discrimination. At the University of Texas Law School, white applicants had to meet higher standards than minority applicants because, they said, minorities helped create diversity in the student body. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said this was just plain old race discrimination. ......"

ABC News 3/22/00 "…… With Palczynski sleeping on the living-room sofa, Lynn Whitehead and Andy McCord climbed out a first-floor bedroom window late Tuesday, leaving their 12-year-old son asleep on the kitchen floor. Palczynski, accused of kidnapping Whitehead's daughter and killing four people before the standoff began, died minutes later after police stormed the apartment and shot him to death. The little boy was rescued. ………Whitehead fled first and McCord followed several minutes later. Once they left, police said they had no choice but to enter. "They knew there was one 12-year-old boy in there, and a man who had murdered four people," Toohey said. ………. "

Associated Press 3/22/00 "…….Slaying suspect Joseph Palczynski announced that he planned to kill one of his three hostages, so the captives ended their ordeal by drugging him with prescription medication, one of them said Wednesday. WITH PALCZYNSKI SLEEPING on the living-room sofa in their apartment, Lynn Whitehead and Andy McCord climbed out a first-floor bedroom window late Tuesday, leaving their 12-year-old son asleep on the kitchen floor.......Palczynski, accused of kidnapping Whitehead's daughter and killing four people before the standoff began, died minutes later when police stormed the apartment and shot him. The little boy was rescued…….."

CNS News 3/15/00 Thomas Jipping "…… We live in a very strange time, where even the most basic facts of common sense reality are challenged with a straight face. Bill Clinton says that oral sex is not sex and that having no one else in the room is not being alone. In the annual budget dance, members of Congress say that a budget increase is a budget cut. Judges do this sort of thing all the time. Judges tell us that the word "Congress" in the First Amendment means state governments. Judges tell us that the word "commerce" in Article I means production. Judges tell us that the phrase "among the several states" means within a single state. Judges tell us that the phrase "establishment of religion" in the First Amendment means "endorsement of religion." Judges tell us that the word "liberty" in the 14th Amendment means abortion even though the word right before it is "life." Judges tell us that the restriction of legislative power to the legislature in Article I means that judges can exercise legislative power. The American Bar Association tells us that criticizing judges threatens their independence but judicial activism does not. We live in an age when words are mere splotches of ink on a page, and the meaning of those words, well, depends. ….." 3/17/00 Laura Schlesinger (Dr. Laura) "……However, in the course of my on-air musings about the state we are in as a country, where morality is the butt of jokes and credible professional journals publish studies that advance the cause of pedophiles, I laughingly said, "What's next? Bestiality as innocent fun?" Brace yourselves. Showing up in two leading fashion magazines this winter is a multi-page advertising spread for a couturier that pairs the obligatorily skinny woman in provocative poses with an enormous dog in a studded leather collar. Lest the not-so-subliminal message in this advertising campaign be lost, there are pages of "playful" encounters between them. The first shows the model, clad in a dress slit up to her posterior, bending over the dog and putting a leather mask over his head -- the mask and the spiked collar being well-recognized accoutrements of sadomasochism. Turning the page, we find this girl and her dog in a rather compromising position -- she, on her haunches; the dog on its hind legs, draped over her back. She is clutching the dog's fore legs, which are wrapped around her shoulders -- one paw tucked inside her open jacket, under which she is nude. The model's eyes are closed, and she has a blissful look on face. It's harder to read the dog's face, even though he has changed his leather hood for a spiked muzzle. The last photo shows the woman seated, bent double over her knees and holding onto her ankles. Since very little dress is showing, I guess this ad is selling her shoes, which are definitely suitable for kinky sex, complete with spike heels, ankle straps and rhinestones. The dog obviously likes them, too, as he is licking her feet. The model's expression is ecstatic, if not downright orgiastic. ……So, here we are. The leading women's fashion magazines have accepted these ads that sell clothes by not-so-subtly depicting bestiality and sadomasochism. Do they really believe their readers would find this appealing? How many women do you know that long to have sex with their dogs? ….."

Associated Press 3/19/00 William Mann "…… Independent Counsel Robert Ray said Sunday he is adding investigators to help him determine whether to file criminal charges against President Clinton. It marked the first time that Ray, who took over for Kenneth Starr in October, has publicly discussed the possibility that Clinton might be prosecuted for his statements and actions in the Monica Lewinsky matter. A federal judge in Little Rock, Ark., has held the president in civil contempt for 10 alleged lies in a deposition that ''no reasonable person would seriously dispute.'' ...... ''My basic view is that the commonsense view of the American people is the right view, which is the president has been punished. He has the mark of Cain on his forehead he could never erase,'' Schumer said. ''And that we ought to ... go on to other things.'' ..." 4/1/00 Joseph Sobran "…… I give up. I can't keep 'em straight anymore. Who can, at this point? America desperately needs a new book, perhaps with the title A COMPACT ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE CLINTON SCANDALS. Has Bill Clinton been cleared of responsibility for the mysterious (and illegal) White House acquisition of raw FBI files? What's the deal with all those missing e-mail messages? What about the release of Kathleen Willey's letters to Clinton, which a U.S. district judge has now called "a criminal violation of the Privacy Act"? Who was Billy Dale again? What happened with those (alleged?) fundraising White House coffees? Who slept in Lincoln's bedroom? What happened to all those shadowy Chinese guys? Refresh me on IRS audits of Clinton foes, the Riady family, Whitewater, Dolly Kyle Browning, the Vince Foster coverup, the Rose Law Firm, cattle futures, Vernon Jordan, and all those other stories, most of which involve documents and records that conveniently disappear or reappear.......... Before Clinton, no comedian even thought of making dirty jokes about a sitting president. Now they make them in front of the first couple themselves. But Clinton would have been a disgraceful president even if he'd been a model husband and father; in fact his comic horniness has probably shielded him against impeachment and prosecution for serious crimes. True, Clinton has occasionally had to kill people, but, after all, they were only foreigners. When a president spasmodically bombs remote countries to distract attention from domestic scandal, the bombing itself is not considered a scandal. It's considered a statesmanlike "foreign policy."......"

NewsMax Insider Cover 4/1/00 "……. Vice President Al Gore's mother Pauline was a sexual harassment victim who once warned her son to avoid Bill Clinton, because she believed he was "not a nice person" and would get him into political trouble, a new Gore biography reveals. Pauline Gore was known to be the political brains of the family, reports Bill Turque in Inventing Al Gore, which hits bookstores this week. "She was also a woman of strong instinctive opinions about whom Al Gore could trust in politics and who should be avoided. Falling squarely in the latter catagory, years before her son became his vice president, was Bill Clinton. 'She thought he had bad moral character,' said James Fleming, a Nashville physician and longtime family friend." ….."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 4/2/00 Andrew Green "…… Neighbors of the man accused of smashing his 19-month-old son's head into an asphalt parking lot Friday had little to say about the man or his family a day later. But the sight of Eugene Hulum swinging his dead son's body at police officers the previous morning left witnesses badly shaken, neighbors said. Hulum, 25, of 6510 Mabelvale Cutoff, Apartment E-12, pled innocent to capital murder in an arraignment Saturday morning. He is being held without bail in the Pulaski County jail. ......"

Dallas Morning News 4/2/00 Tom DeLay "…… A child in Michigan armed with a handgun kills another child. It is an unthinkable act that assaults all of our assumptions about childhood innocence, and it is a tragedy that has sparked widespread calls for a rapid response. As our nation grapples with that and other violent crimes perpetrated by children on children, all of us are being forced to confront basic questions that concern the foundations of our country. And while such terrible events demand that we explore the source of the crisis and identify appropriate reforms, fashioning an effective remedy will require much more than another intense debate about particular policy prescriptions. Composing real answers first will require a candid and uncomfortable discussion about the direction of our country and the clash of competing worldviews that is driving so much of the contemporary public-policy debate. When a child murders another child, so many people seem intent only on dissecting the mechanics that permitted the tragedy to occur. We become consumed with the "how" of a crime. Instead, we might do better to focus our energy on exposing the "why" - that is, why, at the most base level, does a child, or any person, make one moral choice over another? That will help us determine what kind of action by public and private institutions will make a contribution to the cause of rebuilding the country's moral center. To judge by their products, most of those who manufacture and distribute the popular culture maintain that the nature of man is overwhelmingly good. Those cultural elites seem wedded to the notion that, because we are born into this world innocent and righteous, civilized society and its institutions are the corrupting agents. ………. Unfortunately, that worldview ignores the harsh lessons of human history. Simply put, the problem is within, rather than outside, us, because as the Judeo-Christian tradition has taught, we enter this world flawed and inclined to do the wrong thing. ……" 4/3/00 "……She was heralded as one of America's top one hundred lawyers eight years ago. But now, thanks to a long forgotten filing by the Landmark Legal Foundation, Hillary Clinton could face disbarment proceedings. In October 1996 the conservative watchdog group complained that Mrs. Clinton's legal work on an Arkansas land deal known as Castle Grande was unethical. Fraud in Castle Grande eventually cost the taxpayers over $4 million. Landmark's complaint has lauguished unacknowledged for the last three years with Arkansas' Legal Committee on Professional Conduct. Last week Landmark's president Mark Levin wrote the group's chairman, demanding that the board stop dragging its feet on the ethics complaint against Hillary -- and act immediately one way or the other. On Monday Levin told that unless the disbarment committee processes Landmark's filing soon, he intends to take the matter up with the Arkansas Supreme Court. ……"

The Wall Street Journal 4/3/00 Daniel Troyan "……It was a bad week for nudists -- and just as the weather was beginning to warm up too. Last Wednesday the Supreme Court ruled that a Pennsylvania law requiring exotic dancers to wear pasties and G-strings doesn't violate the First Amendment. And so the good citizens of Erie, Pa. won't get to watch nude dancers practice their art at the Kandyland nightclub. The City of Erie had found that "certain lewd, immoral, activities carried on in public places for profit are highly detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare, and lead to the debasement of men and women, promote violence, public intoxication, prostitution and other serious criminal activity." The Supreme Court agreed. It concluded that even if erotic dancing has some arguable "artistic value," few Americans would "march our sons and daughters off to war to preserve the citizen's right to see specified anatomical areas exhibited at establishments like Kandyland."......"

Denver Post 4/18/00 Stacie Oulton "…..Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kept semiautomatic weapons in a bedroom, bomb parts in closets. They preened at home in combat clothes. They sat in plush velvet recliners in the Harris' basement, candy and whiskey at hand, chortling over the massacre they planned. How could their families not have known what the boys were up to? Can any parents know what's in their child's head and heart? The questions have haunted many in the year following the Columbine High School shootings, creating concerns about the state of today's parenting. Parents and professional experts on family issues say these are challenging times because more parents work and kids get bombarded with violent images on the TV and computer screens. But in many cases parents are responding with care and attention. And, although it can be difficult to find enough to spare, time. ......The greatest fears, says Diane Salerno, a mother of five who lives near Columbine High School, grow from what lies outside the family, not within it. "Parents are really worried and scared about the world their kids live in," she says. ……."

Toledo Blade 4/16/00 Tom Troy "……… Wearing a lab apron, Joel Derkin holds up an empty wine carafe to the group of first-graders at Toledo Christian School. A hardboiled egg sits wedged in the neck of the bottle. The first-graders watch raptly as Joel lights a small fire inside the bottle and replaces the egg in the neck. In a moment, the egg falls through, sucked in by the reduced pressure from below. The lesson wasn't to demonstrate science but to teach the importance of resisting temptation. "You've accepted the invitation to do wrong and you got sucked into the bottle," Joel says. "It's a lot easier to get into the bottle then it is to get out of it." The 17-year-old is one of nearly 1,000 Lucas County children who are being educated at home by their parents. It's a number that has grown steadily for 11 years, but which now gives signs of having peaked. Animated and confident, Joel and his brother, Benjamin, 15, teach good character three times a month at Toledo Christian Schools. ……."

Newsday 4/17/00 "……..The Ten Commandments may be acceptable when they're carved on stone tablets but the Supreme Court has ruled that they're not acceptable on the fence surrounding a California school baseball field. The court was called to rule on the matter after California businessman Edward DiLoreto thought he'd bought $400 worth of advertising on the fence. His advertisement included the Ten Commandments and the line "Mediate on these principles to live by." Unfortunately for DiLoreto, the school rejected his advertisement on the grounds that it was unlawful because it discriminated against religious speech and was a violation of religious freedom. ……"

Cutting Edge 4/15/00 David Bay "……. Few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths. Now consider the following news briefs: America is suffering unprecedented murder and bloodshed……… America is experiencing highest ever rates of Drug Abuse And Addiction. ……… America's teens are now committing suicide at a rate triple that of 30 years ago. ......... Pornography has now degenerated into the pit of Hell, with all imaginable sexual perversions now being readily available in Adult Bookstores and in Mass Media. In Washington State, a Euthanasia bill was almost passed to allow medically-assisted suicides. Additionally, the current best-selling book on the New York Times best-seller Non-fiction list is a book on how to commit suicide. ...... Americans clearly have devalued human life, to the point where the killing of the physically or mentally handicapped, the elderly, or sick, is no longer unthinkable and is being accepted by many in our society. ……. …."

Philadelphia Inquirer 4/13/00 Thomas Jippling "…….Rather than the current trendy obsession with a particular weapon that violent youths sometimes use, we would do better to study why some youths are violent in the first place. It almost seems too obvious to mention, but what we consume affects what we do. After little Kayla Rolland was killed in March, Newsweek's suggestions for parents included monitoring what their kids watch on television. On April 3, Court TV devoted an hour-long Crime Stories episode to the harmful effects of watching professional wrestling. Hundreds of studies demonstrate that, in the words of the American Academy of Pediatrics, "there is a cause-and-effect relationship between media violence and real-life violence. This link is undeniable and uncontestable." For young people, however, music is an even more powerful influence than television. A November Kaiser Family Foundation study documented that while television decreases as a proportion of media consumption from early childhood to the teen years, audio media (that is, music) doubles. A 1999 report from the Office of National Drug Control Policy revealed that teens "name music listening as their most preferred non-school activity." ………. They often do so for a reason. Two prominent researchers in this field found that "one of the most important reasons cited by adolescents for seeking exposure to popular music is to learn about their social world." What do they learn? Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold learned, in the lyrics of shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, to "hate every mother----- that's in your way" and that the "next mother------ gonna get my metal." They learned: "I've looked ahead and saw a world that's dead, I guess I am too." They learned: "I'm dying, I hope you're dying, too." ……"

ABC 4/13/00 AP Terrence Hunt "…….President Clinton said today he did not want and would not ask for any pardon from his successor for any possible crimes committed while in office. "I don't have any interest in that," Clinton told the American Society of Newspaper Editors. "I don't want one and I am prepared to stand before any bar of justice I have to stand before." He also said, "I'm glad I didn't quit" when faced with impeachment by the House and removal by the Senate - a battle he won after a historic trial that concluded last year. ……"

National review online 4/14/00 Mark Levin "…… Bill Clinton is, and always will be, a coward. He dodged the draft, demonstrated against his country in a foreign land during the Vietnam War, and now he's exercising his power as President to destroy a defenseless 6-year-old boy to appease Fidel Castro. Yesterday, in a brief statement, Clinton said he merely seeks to uphold the rule of law? The man was impeached and held in contempt of court by a federal judge because he violated not only the rule of law, but about a dozen criminal statutes. During his 7 1/2 miserable years in office, we've learned that there are no rules and no laws in Clinton's world. No, this has nothing to do with the rule of law. On December 1, 1999, the Clinton-Reno Immigration and Naturalization Service, which rarely meets an immigrant it doesn't want to deport, issued a press release confirming that Elian's legal custody must be decided by a Florida state court. Less than a week later, they reversed themselves. Suddenly, the Clinton administration asserted its authority to deport Elian to Cuba. No longer would it await the outcome of a custody proceeding. What happened to the rule of law? Ask Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey. ……"

Daily Oklahoman 4/4/00 "…….. Bill Clinton Showed last week that, in addition to impeachment and lawlessness, he will be remembered for redefining the word "shameless". …….At a news conference with White House reporters the president said he was "appalled as the next person" to discover his 1996 re-election campaign accepted illegal contributions. "I was outraged when I found the the system for checking the backgrounds of contributors had been dismantled without my approval," he said. Thats a bit rich considering the parade of visitors into the Oval Office and Lincoln bedroom, allegations of Chinese influence and the rest. ……. Exhibit B would be Clinton's performance at the New York fund-raiser in which he railed against last year's Senate rejection of the administration-backed Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. "They have no guilt and no shame," Clinton said of the Republican majority, which refused to ratify the treaty because of concern for its effect on the United States' nuclear readiness and its lack of verifiability. Attacking people who disagree with him on policy is classic Clinton. He wasn't done. The president said the treaty's failure prevented him from getting arms agreements during recent tripsto India and Pakistan. "That is real gall, man," he said. "That requires a lot of moxie, you know? One of their great strengths, by the way, is they have no guilt and no shame. I mean they'll say anything." On that point, Bill Clinton qualifies as an expert. ......"

Focus on the Family 4/5/00 "…….Supreme Court says cities can ban nude dancing. …….. Pro-family groups are hailing a major Supreme Court victory on regulating sexually oriented businesses, and urging communities everywhere to take advantage of the ruling. The U.S. Supreme Court has firmly upheld the right of the city of Erie, Pa., to ban nude dancing at area businesses. Jan LaRue, with the Family Research Council, is very pleased. "(The) good news is the Court stripped nude dancing of First Amendment protection in this case," LaRue exclaimed. ......"

CNS: Culture 3/30/00 Justin Torres "……. A parents group advocating improved decency standards and the return of the "family hour" to TV programming will release a report Thursday showing that sexual material on television has increased three-fold since 1989. The Parents Television Council (PTC) will release its study, What a Difference a Decade Makes: A Comparison of Prime Time Sex, Language, and Violence in 1989 and 1999, at the Capitol Thursday. PTC National Chairman Steve Allen and Chairman Brent Bozell will join Sens. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) and Sam Brownback (R-KS) for the press conference. Both the PTC and are subsidiaries of the Media Research Center. ….."

Sydney Morning Herald 3/31/00 Richard Eden "…… A group of middle-aged English women who posed naked for a calendar could soon become household names across the world after six of them signed contracts with the Disney Corporation. Executives in Hollywood have bought the story of how 11 women from the village of Rylstone in the Yorkshire Dales - all members of the local Women's Institute (WI) - shed their inhibitions and stripped for a charity calendar. The women's decision to shed their clothes in a good cause succeeded in stripping the WI of its matronly image of jam-making and knitting and proved an instant money-spinner, raising more than $825,000 so far for leukemia research. The calendar, which showed the women, aged between 45 and 60, demonstrating traditional WI pursuits such as jam-making and flower arranging whilst wearing nothing but pearl necklaces, sold its initial print run of 3,500 copies in a single day. However, the modesty of the WI ladies is protected by strategically placed objects. …..Now the Disney division Buena Vista International have teamed up with Harbour Pictures, an independent British production company, to transform it into a multi-million pound film which could rival the international success of The Full Monty. The producers hope the calendar girls' story will capture the same uplifting qualities that made The Full Monty - a film about a group of redundant steel workers from Sheffield who became male strippers - one of Britain's most successful exports. ……."

Washington Post 3/31/00 Sandra Sobieraj "…… George W. Bush struck back today at President Clinton, accusing him of acting as Al Gore's campaign manager after he lobbed criticisms at the Texas governor. The likely GOP presidential nominee also said Clinton falls "short" when it comes to ethics. Clinton, in a speech to a Democratic audience on Thursday in New York, criticized Bush for running what he called "completely unfair" campaign ads during the primary season and the president rebuked Bush for not supporting hate-crimes legislation. Bush said he wasn't surprised Clinton would attack him on behalf of Gore, the presumptive Democratic nominee. "This is about the fifth or sixth time that the president of the United States during the course of this campaign has taken time out of his busy schedule to serve as campaign manager for Al Gore and I'm honored that he would take my campaign so seriously," Bush said at a campaign stop here. ……" 4/18/00 Barry Farber "........The man from the wrestling magazine was on TV promising to carry the success of sex-and-violence from wrestling over to football and detailing exactly how it would work. The anchorwoman asked (insincerely and without much energy) if he didn't feel that would be presenting material inappropriate for younger people who would certainly be watching. He knocked the question over the fence, and her along with it, with a clever cliche that seems never to be challenged in spite of its raging invalidity. "There's a little switch on the television set that says 'on' and 'off,'" he said fighting hard not to be overcome by his own cleverness. "If the parents don't want their children to watch..." You know the dreary rest of the pitch. Any population satisfied with that proposition would have nothing against entering a game of "Heads-I-win; tails-you-lose." ......."


Fox news 4/19/00Adrienne Mand "......They've shared the White House as president and first lady. Now the Clintons - both attorneys - may share the distinction of being disciplined by the Arkansas Supreme Court for legal misconduct. President Clinton faces a Friday deadline to respond to an ethics complaint by the non-profit Southeastern Legal Foundation, which is seeking his disbarment for "willful professional misconduct by lying under oath and obstructing justice," said SLF president Matthew J. Glavin. ......."

The Wall Street Journal 4/19/00 Barry Newman ".......The Committee to Impeach the President Again has crossed Independence Avenue and is advancing on the House of Representatives when it bumps into Lewis Uhler, an antitax lobbyist. Eugene Delgaudio shows him a letter the committee is hand-carrying to the Speaker of the House. "Impeach Clinton again?" says Mr. Uhler. He claps Mr. Delgaudio on the shoulder. "Only you would be doing that," Mr. Uhler tells him. "It's not enough to roll him out at the end of the year and be done with it." The lobbyist lowers his voice for seriousness: "But at least there's a chance to press him on tax cuts." "Unless we get rid of him first!" Mr. Delgaudio sings. At the Committee to Impeach the President Again -- on this morning it marshals three people -- Mr. Delgaudio's role might be described as impresario. He comes from New York City, where his father ran campaigns for Vito Battista, a pol who once expressed his view on the size of the budget by turning up at City Hall with an elephant. A 45-year-old rightist-for-life with a saintly smile, Mr. Delgaudio has spent 20 years crusading for assorted commissions, councils and committees, but always with a thing for theatrics. ......."

WorldNetDaily 3/2/00 Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. "…… Think of the all the core principles that Clinton defenders have sacrificed to defend the disgraced White House. There was the ironclad moral condemnation of sexual harassment. Gone. There was their insistence on "good government," "public ethics," and "honesty" in government. All gone. Liberals were once suspicious of rampant militarism and called for a "peace dividend" after the collapse of the Soviet basket case. But Clinton's murderous foreign adventures and proposed ballooning of the military budget have forced them to scrap even those supposed principles. If the pundit class is slavish, the organized special interest groups that back Clinton are even more so. For example, Patricia Ireland of NOW felt she had to admit that the allegations that Clinton is a rapist are credible and frightening, but we must not "hound him out of the White House," since the charges "can really go nowhere." ……The media too have tossed out even the pretense of objectivity in defense of Clinton. They are allowing what little remains of their credibility to be destroyed by permitting Internet sites to scoop them on negative Clinton news. ……" 5/9/00 "……. It was a rare moment of candor for the Washington press corps. There was its dean, The Washington Post's David Border, debating the Clinton legacy on Sunday's "Meet the Press." When moderator Tim Russert wondered aloud whether Americans felt nostalgic or fatigued by the soon to be departed Clinton crew, Broder minced no words: "The one thing I know, Tim, is that the American people want an iron-clad guarantee that the next president will not embarrass them in front of their children the way that Bill Clinton did. "I don't know how that fits into nostalgia or fatigue, but it is what is distinctly different about this election. The incumbent president shamed the country. And it will not put up with that again." ….. Too bad it took Clinton's impeachment over the Monica Lewinsky case to prompt such a revelation from the old Postie. Especially since Broder learned the truth about the president nearly a decade ago, as his former Post colleague, reporter Michael Isikoff, explained in his book Uncovering Clinton……"

Original Sources 4/28/00 Mary Mostert "……. Could a Homosexual be a Good Boy Scout Leader? The United States Supreme Court has before it a case which will decide whether or not the Boy Scouts of America have a "right" to bar homosexuals from serving as troop leaders, "role models in a organization that teaches its members to be morally straight." What is at state is the trust of parents in Scoutmaster and the survival of the Boy Scouts of America. …….. Justice Scalia asked, noting that the Scouts think homosexuality is immoral, "Why must the scouts accept as a leader someone who embodies a contradiction of their message?" Evan Wolfson, the lawyer for the former assistant scoutmaster who sued when ousted from the Scouts in 1990, responded that the "Scouts are not primarily an anti-gay organization" and therefore a homosexual scoutmaster did not "burden the group's message." …….. While that was going on, one of the leading sponsors of Boy Scout Troops, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints told the U.S. Supreme Court that it will withdraw from the Boy Scouts of America, which would take more than 30,000 units with 400,000 Scouts out with it, if Scouting is forced to accept homosexual scoutmasters. The brief was filed also in behalf of the Catholics, Methodists, The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the National Council of Young Israel. Significantly, those groups also provide perhaps up to half of the scout leadership in America and represent over 20% of the Boy Scouts in America. ……. The Boy Scouts say that being forced to accept homosexual scout leaders violates its rights of free speech and free association under the first Amendment of the Constitution. ……"

UExpress Online 4/27/00 Maggie Gallagher "…… In Hawaii last month, two perfectly healthy people killed themselves after a television station broadcast Derek Humphrey's unique "self-help" video on how to commit suicide…….. Derek Humphrey, a man who helped kill one terminally ill wife and abandoned another wife when she developed cancer, can live with that. Can we? ……… In a study of the Netherlands, in almost one out of five such legal assisted-suicide cases, the suicides did not work as planned. In such cases doctors did not do what they ordinarily do when suicides go awry -- rejoice and help the patient recover. Instead they took the next step and killed their patients directly. Physician-assisted suicide leads to doctors who kill, just as night follows twilight……... What managed-care bureaucrat could fail to notice how much cheaper it is to kill patients requiring expensive care? As Derek Humphrey wrote in a 1998 book, "Economics, not the quest for broadened individual liberties ... will drive assisted suicide to the plateau of acceptable practice." But why put doctors in this uncomfortable position? Why not just have roving death squads put depressed, sick, old people down when they ask? Why not hand the geezers a semi-automatic and be done with it? ……. Since Oregon legalized suicide, the number of people asking to kill themselves almost doubled, from 16 in 1998 to 27 in 1999. They were not, for the most part, tormented by pain, but by fears about the future: About two-thirds cited "concern about loss of control of bodily functions" and "loss of autonomy." Another survey in Oregon found that when those who request death are instead offered alternatives, such as pain control, hospice care or treatment for depression, almost half changed their minds, compared to 15 percent of patients who did not receive extra care. ……."

AP 4/27/00 John Hughes "….. The Senate Judiciary Committee today approved a bill that would hamper Oregon's first-in-the-nation law allowing physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. The vote was 10-7, with just one Republican - Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania - voting against the bill, and one Democrat - Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware - voting for it. The measure would penalize doctors who use drugs to assist in a suicide. Committee approval cleared the bill for Senate action but no date for a Senate vote has been set. ………. Before the vote, the committee chairman, Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said the bill emphasizes improving pain treatment for the terminally ill, but also makes clear that federally regulated drugs cannot be used to assist suicide. "In my judgment, terminally ill patients deserve better pain control management because their lives have the same worth and dignity as other human beings," Hatch said. ….."

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger 4/25/00 Robert Cohen "….A diverse coalition of religious groups -- Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, Southern Baptists -- are sending a clear message to the Supreme Court: Don't force the Boy Scouts of America to accept gays as Scoutmasters. When the justices convene tomorrow to review a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that said the Boy Scouts cannot ban homosexuals from those leadership positions, the legal arguments will center on questions dealing with civil rights and freedom of speech and association. James Dale, a 29-year-old gay activist barred from a Boy Scouts troop in Matawan, will argue through attorneys that the Boy Scouts of America, with nearly 5.4 million members, is a public organization that may not discriminate based on sexual orientation. Attorneys for the Scouts will counter that the organization is private and entitled under the First Amendment to establish its own membership rules and code of behavior. ......"

5/9/00 Alan Keyes "...... If we don't have a right to act according to our religious belief by forming judgments according to those beliefs about human conduct and behavior, then, exactly what does the free exercise of religion mean? Can the free exercise of religion really mean simply that I have the right to believe that God has ordained certain things to be right or wrong but that I can't act accordingly? ........ Surely free exercise means the freedom to act according to belief. And, yet, if we are not allowed to act according to belief when it comes to fundamental moral precepts, then what will be the moral implications of religion? None at all. ......... But if we accept an understanding of religious liberty that doesn't permit us to discriminate the wheat from the chaff in our own actions and those of others, haven't we in fact permitted the government to dictate to us a uniform approach to religion? ....... And, isn't that dictation of uniformity in religion exactly what the First Amendment intended to forbid?"

National Review 5/2/00 Dave Kopel "……. Roger Clegg's article detailing the continuing rise in illegitimacy rates is terrible news not just for the children themselves, but for every potential crime victim in America. For all the talk about the complexities of the "root causes" of crime, there is one root cause which overwhelms all the rest: fatherlessness. As Pat Moynihan wrote in 1965: "From the wild Irish slums of the nineteenth-century Eastern seaboard to the riot-torn suburbs of Los Angeles, there is one unmistakable lesson in American history: A community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring a stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any rational expectations about the future - that community asks for and gets chaos... [In such a society] crime, violence, unrest, unrestrained lashing out the whole social structure - these are not only to be expected, they are virtually inevitable." ……"

The Associated Press 5/8/00 "…..Two major Chicago-based retailers have announced plans to halt all sales of ultra-violent, "M"-rated video games nationwide. Montgomery Ward announced its decision in a brief letter to Attorney General Jim Ryan last week, and rival Sears Roebuck and Co. followed suit Monday. Ryan had urged retailers to halt the sale of "M"-rated video games to Illinois customers under the age of 17. But in the letter to Ryan, Charles H. Knittle, Ward's vice president for governmental affairs and corporate communications, said Wards was eliminating all sales of the items. "The ban will be throughout our chain," Knittle said in a telephone interview Monday. "We made our decision primarily on the fact that this category of games was not in keeping with Ward's objectives as a family-oriented retailer." ….."

Capitol Hill Blue 5/8/00 Doug Thompson "……. Some friends of mine went to the White House Correspondents Association dinner recently and came under fire from some at the event because they refused to stand up when Bill Clinton entered the room. ……. Seems some thought Bill Clinton - the self-admitted perjurer, self-confessed adulterer, known sexual abuser of women and favorite lollipop of a certain White House intern - was somehow worthy of respect because a bunch of idiots twice elected him President of the United States. …… The position, they argued, should be respected even if the degenerate who currently occupies that position is not. …..Bullcrap. Any respect due the Presidency of the United States evaporated on January 20, 1993, the day the Justice of the Supreme Court delivered the oath of office to the Arkansas trailer trash named William Jefferson Clinton.

Capitol Hill Blue 5/8/00 Doug Thompson "……. Since taking that oath, and promising to give America the "most ethical administration in history," Bill Clinton has dishonored the Presidency in every way imaginable. By lying, stealing, cheating and debauching his way through the job, he has brought more shame on the office than any President in the history of the country. Such a man does not deserve a crowd that is standing when he enters a room, unless they are getting up to go take a leak. ….."




PBS Frontline 5/16/00 "……In the late 1990s Americans witnessed a startling new terror: kids killing other kids in school. FRONTLINE takes a measure of this national dilemma through a detailed, intimate journey into the life of one high school shooter, Kip Kinkel. In May 1998, at the age of 15, Kip shot his father and mother to death and the next day opened fire on classmates in Springfield, Oregon, murdering two and injuring 25. ……..The parents struggled with Kip's growing violence and emotional turmoil. And small, easily unnoticed wounds shaped Kip's interior world: he was the awkward child in a family that prized athletic prowess, a dyslexic boy in a family of academic achievers, and a teenager who studied how to make bombs, set off small explosives and was increasingly fascinated with firearms. In the events leading up to the tragic day, FRONTLINE examines the adolescent logic that lead Kip inexorably to the killings. "I am evil and want to kill and give pain without cost and there is no such thing. In the end, I hate myself for what I have become," Kip wrote in his journal. ……… " 5/31/00 Carl Limbacher "……What role are violent video games and the internet playing in kid shootings? Maybe more than you think. On Friday, May 26, within an hour of the AP wire story that a boy shot and killed his teacher in Lake Worth on the last day of school, Miami attorney Jack Thompson called the Lake Worth police to plead with them to secure a search warrant and seize what he knew they would surely find in the Brazill home: a personal computer and violent video games. Jack Thompson represents, along with Kentucky attorney Mike Breen, the parents of the three dear girls shot and killed in the December 1, 1997, school shootings in Paducah, Kentucky. …….Thompson contends that internet materials and violent video games have played a role in seven separate school shooting incidents in Paducah, Jonesboro, Littleton, Bethel, Ft. Myers, Conyers, Ft. Gibson, as well as in the Atlanta day trader murders. Curiously, Thompson's plea was totally ignored by the Lake Worth police after eight separate calls to them. ……"

Reuters Health via 5/30/00 "…..Preschoolers who watch television violence and play violent video games are more likely to show high levels of aggression and antisocial behavior than tots who aren't exposed to so much violence, according to a new study. ``We were really alarmed by our findings,'' reports Dr. Asha Daniel, of the New York University School of Medicine, who with colleague Dr. Alan Mendelsohn led the team of researchers. Parents of 79 children ages two to six were asked about their children's behavior during visits to a pediatric clinic in New York's Bellevue Hospital. Children who watched television violence and/or played violent video games several times a week or more were classified as ``frequently exposed.'' ………The frequently exposed children were 11 times more likely to display behaviors such as being disruptive, fighting with family members, hitting other children, and destroying property, report the researchers. These findings were independent of factors such as age, quality of parent-child interactions, witnessing domestic violence, and involvement with child protection services. ….." 5/30/00 Carl Limbacher "……In response to reports that Democratic delegates spit on an Albany police honor guard during the May 16 convention that nominated Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senate, New York State Democratic Chairwoman Judith Hope has pledged to investigate the ugly incident and punish those responsible. In a May 19 letter obtained exclusively by, Hope told Albany Police Chief John Neilsen: "On behalf of the Democratic Party, I apologize for the treatment your officers received and I condemn the actions of this group. I have already spoken with [Albany] Mayor Jennings and we will make every effort to identify those involved in the incident and ensure that they are never allowed in another Democratic event." ……."

World Net Daily 5/19/00 Alan Keyes "….. A furor has erupted in New Jersey regarding what I would have thought was a simple and forthright suggestion - that school children begin their day with a brief reading of the opening paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence. I confess that I still find it hard to understand how any American can suggest that there is something wrong with teaching and impressing upon our children the powerful importance of the central tenets of the Declaration of Independence. Apparently, however, there is need to recall again the blessings that this great text represents, and the implications of any attempt to remove it from the consciousness of the American people. ......... If anything can be certain in history, it is that without the civic creed summarized in the opening of the Declaration, the United States would not exist as a free country. The Declaration gives the reasons for which the War of Independence was fought and expresses the motivation that enabled that war to be won. Since that day, the Declaration has been an indispensable foundation for a series of important struggles for justice in America, including of course the abolition of slavery. Without the Declaration, I believe, these struggles would not have been won. ........."

The Sydney Morning Herald, via AP 5/24/00 "….. Los Angeles: Many animated children's films - from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio through Toy Story and The Rugrats Movie - contain a surprising amount of violence, researchers say. In a study published in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association, two researchers cited scenes of fisticuffs, sword-fighting, gunplay and other aggressive action. Hollywood is often criticized for violence in movies for adults, but parents should be aware of what is in G-rated movies, the researchers said. ……. The survey examined 74 G-rated theatrical films available on video and found that each contained at least one act of violence. At least one character was injured in 46 of the movies, and at least one was killed in half of the films. The movies averaged 9.5 minutes of violence, with the 1998 King Arthur tale Quest for Camelot topping the list with 24 minutes of violence, or almost 30 percent of the movie. ……." 5/22/00 Richard Carelli AP "….Rejecting a free-speech appeal from the nation's second-largest car rental company, the Supreme Court today refused to let an Avis employee use ethnic epithets at his San Francisco International Airport job. The justices left intact a ruling in which the California Supreme Court said an Avis Rent a Car service station manager who harassed co-workers with bigoted words could be ordered to stop using such language at work in the future. ……"

Chattanooga Free Press 5/22/00 "……In past generations, the prevalent moral standards of civilized society were such that all reputable individuals and respected organizations were just naturally expected to "do the right thing." But the degeneration of moral standards in our country is reflected by the fact that "doing the right thing" now becomes "news" -- and results in organized criticism for those who support sound convictions. …….. In our free country, organizations -- certainly religious organizations -- have a right to establish their own standards, with people being free to support them or not support them, in accord with their personal values. Properly exercising that right, the United Methodist Church made two significant statements at its recent General Conference. One, it reiterated its Bible-based position of not recognizing homosexual "marriages." Two, it expressed disapproval of "partial birth abortions.' …... But because of its stands against homosexual practices and killing babies through partial birth abortion, the church denomination has been subjected to criticism. …." 5/20/00 J C Watts Jr (R-OK) "……But first, I want to address the cultural issues. In a word, I believe our problem stems from a bizarre mentality that breeds anger, hopelessness, despair, and sometimes murder. ......,, It is a bizarre mentality, but it is not an alien one. Quite the contrary. It is omnipresent and has, for many young people, replaced the mentality on which this nation was founded - a mentality that honored transcendent truth, personal responsibility, and duty to others. American democracy was created for self-governing individuals - people who did the right thing whether or not anyone else was watching. It was created for people who honored the golden rule not because it was a rule, but because they understood that it truly was golden. ……That mentality is under attack, and let me state my belief very plainly: If we lose our ability to teach our children individual self-restraint, public order can only be maintained by outside forces. In Washington last Sunday, we saw scores of thousands of Americans cry out for more laws. What they were really asking is for the government to protect us from ourselves. ……"

Albany Times Union 5/18/00 Brendan Lyons "……Police unit was spit at and called names as they carried flags at Democratic convention Members of the Albany Police Department Honor Guard were harassed and spit on by a few people as they carried flags into Tuesday's Democratic state convention at Pepsi Arena, officials said. "This was probably a very small minority in a sea of legitimate Democratic Party members,'' said Albany Police Chief John C. Nielsen. "It's probably going to send the wrong message about what was in fact an overwhelmingly peaceful, law-abiding and respectful group.'' President Bill Clinton attended the ceremony as state Democrats unanimously nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton as their U.S. Senate candidate. …….The five-member honor guard, which is made up of Albany police officers, told authorities that some people in the crowd of 11,500 Democratic supporters called them "Nazis'' and "members of (New York City Mayor Rudolph) Giuliani's 'Third Reich.' '' ….."

Focus on the Family 5/18/00 "…… The November elections are just a few short months away. What are voters thinking and what will motivate them at the polls? Ed Goeas, with the Tarrance Group, a Republican polling firm, says this election voters are dissatisfied with the direction of the nation, but this time it's not the economy that has them worried. "It is being driven by declining moral values or a concentration on values," Goeas said. It's a theme that is resounding with traditional Democratic voters as well, according to Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. " 'Values' is the biggest determinant of the vote; it has twice the impact in our modeling of any other issue," Lake said. The issue resonates with married women of all ethnic backgrounds, to the point that the gender gap has disappeared. Lake said it has been replaced by a marriage gap…….."

Jewish World Review 5/18/00 Joseph Perkins "……. "We have stubbornly refused to take prevention seriously when it comes to guns, to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and children." -- Bill Clinton "There is no greater threat to the health and safety of our children than tobacco." -- Al Gore "Some of these young people have problems that are symptoms of nothing more than childhood or adolescence." -- Hillary Rodham Clinton ……..The president, the vice president and the first lady do a lot of talking about children and the myriad threats to their well-being, including guns, cigarettes and psychiatric drugs (like Ritalin and Prozac). ...... Yet for all their professions of concern for the nation's children, neither Bill Clinton, Al Gore nor Hillary Clinton had anything whatsoever to say about the recent report from the National Center for Health Statistics revealing that in 1998, 1,293,567 babies were born out of wedlock -- "the highest number ever reported." ………But they refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence, from the National Center for Health Statistics, among others, that clearly shows that the life chances of a child born out of wedlock (like the 1,293,567 illegitimate babies brought into the cruel world in 1998), raised in a one-parent home, are considerably worse than a child born and raised in a family with both a mom AND dad. ......Indeed, a child growing up in a one-parent family is six times as likely to be poor as a child growing up with two parents. He or she is two to three times more likely to have emotional and behavioral problems (which may explain, in part, why use of Ritalin among preschoolers increased 150 percent between 1991 and 1995, and antidepressants, such as Prozac, more than 200 percent). The children of one-parent families are more likely to drop out of high school, to get pregnant as teen-agers, to use illegal drugs, and to engage in unlawful activity. …….So the 1,293,567 babies born to unwed moms in 1998 are all, by definition, at-risk children. But again, this administration that is so preoccupied with kids and guns, kids and tobacco, and kids and Prozac, has completely ignored this critical children's issue. ……"



WorldNetDaily 6/3/00 Jon Dougherty "….Everyone in America could be a liberal. I could be one and so could you were it not for having morals, honor, and dignity -- plus a healthy dislike for hypocrisy. Take daytime TV talk host and actress Rosie O'Donnell. Please. …… Earlier this week Ms. O'Donnell waxed indignant because the media found out her bodyguard had applied for a concealed weapon permit in Connecticut. Rosie is, as we all know, a vehement anti-gunner. ……..Like everything Rosie and her liberal chums do or say about gun control, her vitriolic hysteria is all "For the Children" -- unless, of course, the subject changes to her children. Then, gun control be damned; the more armed guards, the better. ……. She claims the change of heart is due to "threats" she has received from others. I don't doubt she has received them, nor do I deny her right to armed protection; indeed, she should have it. But so should ordinary Americans -- especially those who cannot afford armed guards or private security teams. That's where this whole issue stings most, Rosie, and that's why our founding fathers had the vision to make our gun rights second in importance only to our right to speak, gather, address the government and practice religion freely. ….."

Nashville Channel 5 News 6/00 "….. What would you call a landlord who let his property get run-down, who refused to make repairs, who evicts a tenant who complains? A Carthage woman calls that landlord Mr. Vice President. Tracy Mayberry, who lives in property owned by Vice President Al Gore, has a problem with her plumbing and her toilets regularly overflow. "It smells just like open sewer right there," Mayberry said Friday. She said Gore refuses to make any repairs to the property. "I consider him no better than some of the other landlords--the slumlords I call them." ….. Every month Mayberry sends Al Gore $400 for rent. ……"

AP 6/2/00 "…. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- A former state senator was sentenced Thursday to nearly 6 years in prison for his role as the kingpin in a racketeering scheme that stretched into the halls of the Statehouse. Nick Wilson's 70-month sentence is to run at the same time as an 18-month sentence he received for a tax evasion and conspiracy conviction in November. The federal judge who sentenced him Thursday also ordered Wilson to pay $1.176 million. ….. The former Democratic senator, known as a power broker during his 29 years in the Legislature, was identified as the leader of a public corruption scheme in a 133-count indictment last year. The indictment included three other past or present legislators, two former directors of the state education department and several lawyers. …… "

REUTERS 6/2/00 "…..President Bill Clinton was apparently not amused when German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder offered him a box of Cuban cigars during an otherwise jovial late-night dinner Thursday. Witnesses in a restaurant in east Berlin said the U.S. president stopped laughing when Schroeder offered him cigars that Development Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul had brought back from a trip to Cuba last week. "The cigars that I am holding in my hand come from Wieczorek-Zeul and from Cuba," Schroeder said, according to eavesdropping diners in the restaurant. "And thus I am holding one of Fidel's cigars in my hand that I would like to give to you." ......"

U.S. News & World Report 6/12/00 Carolyn Kleiner "….It's one of the most basic lessons kids learn, right up there with the ABCs and the three Rs: Cheating is wrong. But it seems a number of educators have yet to master that. Last week, the principal of Potomac Elementary School, a top-ranked school in one of Maryland's lushest suburbs, resigned and a teacher was placed on administrative leave amid charges that they had rigged a statewide achievement test. The whistleblowers? Fifth graders, who allege that they were prompted to modify essay responses, provided correct answers, and given extra time to finish. "I can't even imagine why anyone would do this, especially at the third-highest-achieving school in the state," says Patricia O'Neill, president of the local Montgomery County Board of Education, noting Potomac Elementary's affluent, high-achieving student body. "Was it so important to be No. 1?"……"

FOX NEWS SUNDAY 6/4/00 "…… BRIT HUME: There's a story in the press about Vice President Gore changing apparently his mind, or his view of something that's happening on his farm back in Tennessee. Mara, why don't you brief us on that?
MARA LIASSON: This goes under the poor Al Gore can't get a break rubric. ...... Al Gore has a tenant farmer named Tracy Mayberry, a wonderful name. She has made, apparently, three-dozen requests to get her tenant farm shack repaired. The plumbing is leaking and there are all sorts of problems with it. And she's been rebuffed at every turn. Finally, she's been dealing with the property manager. ......, Finally, when the news media, which she went to apparently, called Al Gore and asked him about this, he said, Well, I didn't know about this at all. He has now called Tracy Mayberry and said that he will absolutely repair her shack and has invited her to dinner next time he comes to Tennessee. And he has even gone so far as to say, I will pay for your housing costs when you have to move out for the repair.
HUME: While the repairs are being made. Something he...
LIASSON: Something they had refused to do previously.
FRED BARNES: If this had been a conservative Republican, however, had done this - if George W. Bush, say, had some farm - and he does have a ranch, and we had this same story, the press would never let go. On this one with Gore, they'll let go.
HUME: Does it tell us anything, Juan, that he had to hear about it from the news media?
JUAN WILLIAMS: Yes. I don't think it says good things. I mean, the idea, you know, to agree with Fred Barnes, if this had been a Republican, people would be crying slumlord. That would be the headline, slumlord and a man who doesn't take care of little people and because he's so concerned with, you know, humanity and the big picture. ……" 6/5/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Vice President Al Gore called Tracy Mayberry Monday afternoon to say he was mad at her for speaking to the press about his failure to make repairs on the house she rents on Gore's Carthage, Tenn., farm. The call left Mayberry's family in tears. "I talked to Al Gore earlier and he really had me upset," Mayberry told WABC-NY talk radio host Sean Hannity. "He said that I was talking really bad about him and I haven't been. I just told the truth." "I only called one news channel, that's all I called," complained Mayberry. "Now he's trying to make out like I'm trying to slam him to everybody and I'm not." "The way I see it, you know, is that if he's going to yell at me and say, 'Hey, you know, you slandered my name, you know, you were talking bad about me,' I just prefer not to meet with him. I just prefer to go on. I'm not going to be talked to like that and have my family crying and upset and everything. It's not worth it to me." …….. "

New York Daily News 6/4/00 Don Singleton "…… Vice President Gore got into a hassle at Mayberry RFD over the weekend. A family that rents a home he owns just hundreds of feet from Gore's Carthage, Tenn., farm complained about smelly sinks and rambunctious toilets and called him a slumlord. ...... The Democratic presidential candidate promptly sent over a plumber and invited Charles and Tracy Mayberry and their eight children to dinner. "He apologized several times, said he was unaware of it," said Tracy Mayberry. "Then he invited us to dinner at his house in three weeks."…….. "In 1998, Gore gave a measly $353 to charity," said Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson. "And with his latest failing, one sees Gore's lack of compassion for those around him."......... The aide said Gore asked his local lawyer, Jim Bass, to handle the matter. Bass visited the family yesterday with a plumber and promised to start looking for a new place for the Mayberrys to stay while repairs are made. Tracy Mayberry, who pays $400-a-month rent, said she was told the family would have to leave the house by June 26 and at that time they were not offered the assistance that suddenly came their way yesterday after reporters started making inquiries………"

ETHERZONE 6/12/00 Chuck Morse "……The "Master Settlement Agreement", signed by big tobacco and the States, prohibits cigarette advertising that targets minors. In addition, a $1.45 billion "Public Education Fund" is carrying out a nation-wide advertising and education campaign to help reduce youth smoking. The rational for the lawsuit brought against the tobacco companies by the attorney generals, which led to this unprecedented settlement, was that smoking poses a serious health risk, particularly to minors. No argument there. Implied in the settlement as well, is the importance of protecting the morals of our youth from the seductive advertising associated with promoting the evil weed. For the same legal, public health, and moral reasons, our attorney generals should craft a similar agreement with the abortion industry. ….."

Enter Stage Right 6/5/00 Joe Shembrie "….. Democrats are truly puzzled as to why Al Gore isn't doing better in the polls. The country is at peace and the economy is booming, so why isn't President Bill Clinton's chosen successor getting the credit? Perhaps it's because Clinton has shrunk the presidency. In the public perception, the presidency under Bill Clinton is no longer relevant with regard to foreign policy or macroeconomics. Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War and Bill Gates marketed the Internet -- but what Big Thing has Bill Clinton done? Clinton didn't intend to become the Incredible Shrinking President. He once tried to accomplish a Big Thing -- national health care. He was going to nationalize one-seventh of the economy in one swift stroke. Secret meetings were held, eight-hundred page master plans were distributed. Everybody would carry an ID card and dissidents would be imprisoned. Lenin would have been impressed. The public wasn't……." 6/11/00 Suzanne Fields "…… When a book criticizing our current culture runs to more than 800 pages, with 798 footnotes, and would break bones if you dropped it on your foot, it's more than a little surprising to find it on the New York Times best-seller list. In fact, the popularity of such a book may be enough to refute its central thesis - that the last century began a steep and irrevocable decline in what we've honored as Western cultural life for the past 500 years. ……… From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present, by Jacques Barzun, nevertheless touches a nerve in the culture wars that could just be one of those "tipping points" to turn things around. Mr. Barzun, 92 years old with a strong sense of history, is so erudite and witty about intellectual life for the past 500 years that you almost believe he lived in each of the centuries he writes about. ……..We are not that far gone. Not yet. But it's not news that in the second half of the last century the Western canon took a devastating hit. For a cultural critic who bemoans the trivialization and political correctness that pervades contemporary academic life, Jacques Barzun offers the best window of hope I've encountered since the dreary debunking of great ideas got under way. ….."

New York Post 6/6/00 "……. Like most Democrats, Al Gore has been derisive about Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush's professed compassionate conservatism. Says the vice president: "There is a difference between talking about compassion and actually putting your highest ideals into practice." There sure is, Al. And no one should know that better than Tracy Mayberry. Mayberry is the Carthage, Tenn., housewife whose tale of landlord woes is a sadly familiar one. Over the past year and a half, some 30 requests for repairs to the flea-bitten shack in which she lives have been ignored by its owner. She and her family are beset by clogged plumbing, a busted septic tank, crumbling walls and a floor with missing linoleum. ……. And it's not like the Mayberrys can afford to make the repairs themselves. Their only income is her $1,536-a month Social Security check. Mrs. Mayberry's husband has congestive heart disease and diabetes; her stepdaughter is mentally retarded and her two adopted children have serious, chronic illnesses. ……" 6/5/00 Dan Frisa "….. Outrage grows upon outrage with team Clinton, as we now learn that the high-level officials who violated the Federal Privacy Act had their legal bills footed by the U.S. government. The Inspector General of the Department of Defense last week issued its findings that Kenneth Bacon and Clifford Bernarth broke the law when they released the personnel files of Linda Tripp. Defense Secretary William Cohen, former Republican senator from Maine, released a letter to these individuals including praise for their excellent work along with a mild rebuke. ...... However, no official notice of this serious infraction will be included in the personnel files of those who committed the crime. No, even that would be too harsh a punishment for these Clintonistas. In fact, they have been accorded a highly unusual form of welfare: having their legal bills paid by Uncle Sam. ……In what has become more ironic than Alice's upside-down tea party, this administration continues to foster a set of values at complete odds with fair play and common sense. What's wrong is right; what's right is wrong! What's bad is good; what's good is bad! ...... It's no wonder that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that declining values is our greatest challenge. Bill Clinton has not just defined deviancy down, in his personal and public actions, he has led the numbing down of America. ..." 6/6/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Aides to Vice President Al Gore deny the Veep made a second call on Monday to his Carthage, Tenn., tenant Tracy Mayberry, who later told a New York talk radio audience that Gore was so angry during the conversation it left her family in tears. "The vice president has not talked to Mayberry since Saturday," Gore spokesman Doug Hattaway told reporters. Hattaway said the second call to Mayberry was "obviously a prank." Gore's alibi? He was busy on Monday giving a graduation speech in North Carolina. ……."

Reuters 6/6/00 Patrick Rizzo "…..Romance and marriage are out while casual sex and low-commitment relationships are in among young Americans, researchers said Tuesday. A study by Rutgers University's National Marriage Project found that young men and women in their twenties, unlike generations before them, aren't interested in finding marriage partners when they date. Instead, as the study's title suggests, they are more concerned with "Sex Without Strings, Relationships Without Rings." ….."Today's singles scene is not oriented toward marriage, nor is it dedicated to romantic love as it has been in the past," said David Popenoe, co-director of the National Marriage Project and a sociology professor at Rutgers in New Jersey. ….."

New York Daily News 6/7/00 Timothy Burger "….. The woman who likened the Democratic candidate for President to a "slumlord" this past weekend because of overflowing toilets and cracked floors now says she's moving out of the house she rents from Gore - and may sue. The final straw came after a confrontation the Carthage, Tenn., mother of five said she had yesterday with Gore property manager Charles Elrod. "He told me I'm a nasty housekeeper," Tracy Mayberry told the Daily News. "I'm not going to put up with it. ... I've got witnesses that I'm not a nasty housekeeper." She said she was angered that he allegedly told reporters that she is responsible for conditions at the house. ……"

KRMG Radio 6/7/00 Freeper Okiegrit "…… After contacting University of Tulsa College of Law Dean Martin Belsky for legal advice, acting Superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools Laverne Ford Weberly ordered that a donated marble rendition of the Ten Commandments be removed from a Tulsa middle school. The plaque, which was donated to the by the Red Fork Assembly of God Church which sponsors the school through the Adopt-a-School program, was displayed in a trophy case along with other official gifts and presentations to the school. Belsky said that it is a settled matter law of that the display of the Ten Commandments is illegal in public schools under current Supreme Court Decisions……."

New York Times 6/8/00 Kevin Sack "……Despite being vastly outspent, Roy S. Moore, the Alabama judge made famous by his defense of the Ten Commandments, won a convincing victory in Tuesday's Republican primary for chief justice of that state's Supreme Court. "Of course, we give our first recognition to God," Judge Moore said in an interview today. "He has providence over us, and his will is something that can't be thwarted." …….. And yet, Judge Moore won 55 percent of the vote, surprising many political analysts by easily avoiding a runoff……..Judge Moore, 53, will now face Judge Sharon Yates, a Democrat who sits on the Court of Civil Appeals, in the general election in November. Judge Yates had no opposition in her party's primary. ……."

WorldNetDaily 6/7/00 Samuel Blumenfeld "…… It was inevitable that sex education would eventually become porn education, for sex education is not about education, it's about sex. Its main purpose is the destruction of innocence, the seduction of the vulnerable, the degrading of morals and the forwarding of an agenda. ……. On March 25, the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth, and the Gay and Lesbian and Straight Education Network co-sponsored a statewide conference at Tufts University called "Teach Out." …….The May 2000 Massachusetts News described what took place at the workshops as "every parent's nightmare." The participants discussed oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, oral-vaginal sex, clitoral sex and a homosexual practice called "fisting." ……"

WorldNetDaily 6/7/00 Samuel Blumenfeld "…… By now, everyone in Boston knows what fisting is. It's been discussed on radio talk shows, written about in the newspapers, and, needless to say, talked about in classrooms. The article in the Massachusetts News, which graphically described what was discussed in the workshops and presentations, was written by Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman.. ………..Brian has been a leader in the parents' rights movement in Massachusetts. He's been a thorn in the side of the state legislature, which has as much interest in parents' rights as in the feeding habits of crocodiles. Meanwhile, Gay/Straight Alliance clubs have been set up in 180 Massachusetts schools with the help of taxpayer money. And on May 20, gay students held their annual pride rally outside the State House in support of the state's programs for gay and lesbian students. .......... Scott Whiteman, Brian's co-author, is a conservative activist who has tried to organize Howard Phillips's Constitution Party in Massachusetts. In other words, he is a right-winger. He was the one who actually taped the conference on March 25 and made its contents available to the establishment press. But they showed little interest. The point I am making is that the only people who care enough in this state to make a fuss over pornography in the schools are considered marginal far-righters. President Clinton set the standard for sexual behavior among liberals. He's the man who made oral sex a topic of discussion in classrooms all over America. ……."

NY Post 6/15/00 Rod Dreher "……THE story of a gay couple and their newborn triplets epitomizes the narcissism of contemporary culture, in which people feel restrained by nothing to fulfill their personal desires. What John and Larry do behind their bedroom door doesn't concern us. But we mustn't overlook the fact that they have chosen to bring children into this world who will never have a mother. And that stinks. There are many studies showing the ill effects of fatherlessness on children - particularly in emotional and behavioral development. There is scant research examining what growing up without a mom does to kids. ……. There is every reason to expect that such children will suffer from the lack of maternal nurturing. If kids who grow up without a father tend to be measurably worse off because of it, why should motherless children be any different? …….."

Wall Street Journal 6/9/00 Daniel Costello "….. At 2 1/2 years old, Mairin Dugan is starting to get the upper hand in her household -- but not the kind of upper hand she had in mind. She throws her food across the kitchen, pitches tantrums when anyone else touches "her" television and recently got up and marched out the door when asked to sit still at a holiday dinner. So how's her mom responding? With a firm swat on Mairin's backside. "I know some people think it's awful," says Mairin's mom, Carla Dugan, an East Haven, Conn., homemaker. "But how many of them have a two-year-old?" …….. More than five decades after Dr. Spock sent corporal punishment to the woodshed, spanking is making a comeback. A growing number of parents -- many of whom were never spanked themselves -- are shunning the experts, defying disapproving friends and neighbors, and giving their kids a slap on the bottom, the hand or the leg. ….."

The Weekly Standard 6/19/00 Matt Labash "…..Now 36 years old, Tracy was unlucky at 13, when she married her first husband who beat her, then left her after she slugged him in the eye. By the age of 16, she'd met her current husband, Charles. A second-grade dropout, he hasn't had much luck either. Together, they started an unlucky family. Charles brought along four kids from a previous marriage. They had two of their own, then adopted two more-the unlucky offspring of more unlucky parents. The five kids currently living in their house suffer every malady from retardation to epileptic seizures. But luckily for the Mayberrys, they get $1,536 in monthly disability checks. It's the only money coming in, as 51-year-old Charles, a tobacco and timber cutter, is unable to ply his trade since suffering congestive heart failure five years ago. Herself a tobacco cutter, Tracy is also unable to work since her diabetic stroke. While she's without a vocation (or welfare or food stamps, which she's too proud to take), she has a new hobby: injecting herself in the stomach with two shots of insulin every day………. It might seem the Mayberrys' luck couldn't turn any worse. It did. Eighteen months ago, they escaped a cramped three-bedroom trailer in Cookeville, Tennessee, and moved to nearby Carthage, 50 miles east of Nashville. Here, Tracy thought her family lucky when they secured a $400-per-month four-bedroom rambler. But when she wrote out her rent check, her luck turned for the worse-she discovered her new landlord was Vice President Al Gore. ……As damage control goes, Gore's strategy largely worked. The Mayberry story was nearly over before it began. Network newscasts ignored it. Most major papers ran wire copy. So did the Nashville Tennessean, where Gore once worked as a reporter, and whose Goreophile editor, Frank Sutherland, has appeared in a Gore campaign video. ……….Tracy sits at her kitchen table in an aquamarine Winnie-the-Pooh T-shirt, black sweats, and Birkenstocks. Since she spoke out against Gore, she's received several abusive letters from his supporters. One called her an "asshole Republican" (though she's always voted Democrat). Another said she looked like a frog. "I don't wear makeup that often," she says. "I don't dress to please anybody. Where can I afford to go?" ......... I'm standing in the front yard talking to Gore's man on the scene, and he begins casting aspersions on the Mayberrys. Says Elrod: "I've been aggravated to death. . . . They trashed the house. . . . When they moved in . . . it was completely new inside and out." While Elrod says Gore operatives told him that "we're supposed to be nice," he later claims he even told Tipper Gore -"I think it was in an e-mail"-that the Mayberrys were responsible for the disrepair. (A Tipper Gore spokesperson says she's heard no such thing.) ………

The Weekly Standard 6/19/00 Matt Labash "…..Elrod goes on to suggest that 14 people are living in the house, though only 7 do. He says the toilets have not been cleaned, though Tracy tells me she cleans her bowls at least once a week, and I spot cleaning bleach in her bathroom. He suggests that the disrepair of the walls is their fault, though the peeling plaster, for instance, is higher than any of the children's natural reach, and young Jordan would have had to launch a shotput to cause the cracks in the ceiling. Elrod even expresses regret that they weren't evicted: "I think it would be in their best interest to find another place to move." It exhausts credulity to believe that the Elrods, Al Gore's property managers of 12 years, are speaking autonomously in this potentially incendiary situation, even as Gore apologizes and makes restitution. Letting surrogates attack, after all, is a familiar Gore campaign strategy. ….

The Weekly Standard 6/19/00 Matt Labash "….."Boy that makes me mad," she says. "All I ask for is to get my house fixed, and they start attackin' me, sayin' I'm nasty. . . . You know [Gore] has to know something about it. ...I don't have to put up with it and I'm not going to." A day after visiting Tracy, I call for a progress report on the repairs. The first time her husband flushed the toilet, she says, it seeped water all over the floor. And, she says, the linoleum guys inadvertently created two big dents in her kitchen floor by failing to patch up holes before they laid the new covering. Tracy Mayberry has given up hope of getting lucky enough ever to see her house repaired. So she's made another plan. "I'm packin' my stuff up," she says, "and they can take this house and go to hell with it." In a couple of days, Mayberry says, she will drop her children off at her mother's trailer, while she and her husband sleep in their truck. When they receive their disability checks on the first of the month, they'll begin looking for a new place to live. "We ain't got the money for motels right now," she says matter-of-factly. As for Gore, he might not want to count on Tracy's vote in November, or even on a taste of that cornbread and peach cobbler. "The way I consider it," she says, "Gore can kiss my ass."

Toogood Reports 6/12/00 Charles A Morse "……. Philip Rieff, chief consultant to the leftist National Council of Churches, 1961-1964, and author of "The Triumph of the Therapeutic-Uses of Faith after Freud" comments (pp159) "Sex education becomes the main weapon in an ideological war against the family; its aim was to divest the parents of their moral authority". Reiffīs book, which also refers to the family as "the chief institutional instrument of repressive authority", illustrates, in no uncertain terms, the true agenda behind sex education. Sex education is meant to replace the moral authority of the family with that of the State, acting through its primary agent, the public school system. With that authority firmly in hand, the State has proceeded to subvert sexual morality………… Sex Education was launched internationally at the UNESCO sponsored "International Symposium on Health, Education, Sex Education and Education for Home and Family Living" held in Hamburg, Germany 1964. The philosophy of the UN agency UNESCO, the self-described worldīs school board, can be summed up by its founder, Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous Huxley author of "Brave New World" in the book "UNESCO: Its Purpose and Philosophy" pp 46:……."It will be one of the major tasks of the the philosophy division of UNESCO to stimulate...the quest for a restatement of morality that shall be in harmony with modern knowledge and adapted to the fresh functions imposed on ethics by the world of today"……..An overriding theme of the conference was how to end sexual "repression" which is to say how to subvert traditional sexual mores. Contending that traditional sexual moral standards were "repressive" is essentially saying that those who maintain such standards are mentally ill and, therefore, must be in need of re-education. ….."

The American Partisan 6/12/00 Lawrence Henry "…… I just saw something so horrible I could hardly believe it. Where else? On television. ……. On a daytime talk show, a cartoon-like bubble on-screen identified a "bad kid" who "smokes, drinks, and steals." "Ten years old," said the cartoon bubble. On videotape, there was the bad kid himself, an overweight, scared boy dressed in mock military fatigues, being forced through a basic-training-style obstacle course, getting screamed at by drill sergeant types. ………Cut to live studio shot: There sat the boy's mother in the talk show's seat of honor, and there, beside her, sat the boy, slumped in shame. A man in a police uniform strode to the stage. The uniformed man began to berate the boy, shouting, "Do you know who I am? Do you know what this badge means?" ……The badge indicated, apparently, that the man was a prison guard. And, apparently, the next step was to force the boy to spend a night in jail. ………"No, no, don't make me go," the boy began to cry, and, at this point, I nearly lost it. His terrified voice sounded just like my own son's voice when he was two years old and completely horrified of something, something like getting a shot at a doctor's office. My son is five. That voice, that cry, lives in my heart. Here, on television, was a 10-year-old, with whatever behavioral problems, being brutalized and destroyed in public, beaten down to the blubbering level of a toddler. Right alongside him, his mother, in a sweet, reasonable voice, was saying, "We just think that if you spend one night there, you'll see how bad it is, and then you'll understand..."

Original Sources 6/16/00 Mary Motert "……Outraged feminists, obviously still licking their wounds from being defeated last Saturday when they were unable to force their radical anti-family agenda through to passage at the United Nations, have released a couple of documents designed to rally their forces for a counter attack. …... These reports are quite interesting, actually. One is 40 pages long and the other is 20 pages. The American NGO report defines itself as exploring "the origins and agenda of this pro-family coalition, its impact on the Beijing Plus Five PrepCom and possible impact on the UN Community." Clearly, the author thinks that pro-family groups, but especially males, have no business whatsoever in speaking up on issues they have defined usually without opposition for a number of years at UN meetings. Jennifer Butler, author of the "300 Religious Right Participants Attend Beijing PrepCom", notes that: "What is new is that these (Pro-family) groups are now coordinating their efforts. Four organization provide the leadership for the Religious Right Coalition at the UN. These organizations represent highly organized constituencies in Mormon, Conservative Catholic and Conservative Evangelical circles. The World Family Policy Center (WFPC), established in 1997 by Brigham Young University with the support of top leadership in the Church of Ladder Day Saints (or Mormon Church) is the only organization in the coalition that is part of an established religious institution. The other members of the coalition are well-financed para-church structures." ……… We probably can get a whiff of the accuracy of the report by that paragraph. I believe that the Mormons call their Church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." I've never heard of ladders being part of the Church's official name or doctrine. ……"

Family News in Focus 6/14/00 Stuart Shepherd "…..A new study explores how divorce is devastating our society, and suggests ways to reinforce the importance of marriage. Each year more than 1 million American children suffer the divorce of their parents. For Andy Tree, the weight of divorce seems as heavy as the boxes he stacks in his warehouse workplace, because of the effect it has on children. "It (divorce) tears down our moral and social responsibility to our children," Tree said. "They see marriages as if things don't work out, you can just leave and not work it out." Tree said government should concentrate its efforts on keeping families together. He's hardly alone in that assessment. ….."

Townhall 6/15/00 R. Emmett Tyrell "…..Regarding the disappearance from our Los Alamos nuclear laboratory of those computer hard drives containing nuclear secrets, it is all "much ado about nothing." That is the Shakespearean shrug that the Clinton administration's bright young things employ so often in response to each so-called scandal ginned up by their enemies in the ever-docile press. Actually, the hard drives are perfectly secure. Bill and Al are using them as Frisbees on the White House lawn. The fellows just wanted us to know of another exciting use for the computer in this New Age. ……….Just kidding -- but forget the missing nuclear hard drives. The Cold War is over. And for that matter, forget the missing lap tops from the State Department. And, by the way, all that hubbub about the Commerce Department allowing dangerous technology transfers to the Chinese was, well, "much ado about nothing" also. These things happen. Every administration has a security lapse every now and then. Even Roosevelt had Pearl Harbor. Eisenhower lost a putter at Augusta, back in 1956. Did Congress call for an inquiry? ......"

Townhall 6/15/00 R. Emmett Tyrell "…..As I have argued since I became the Boy President's biographer, the Clintons represent a distinct sub-group of the 1960s generation now come of age. During the peace demonstrations of the late 1960s and early 1970s and during the other youthful rebellions there was a charming slovenliness about them. It is with them today. Compared with the Democratic administrations of Roosevelt, Kennedy, or even LBJ, there is not a distinguished mind to be found among the Clintonistas. The Clintons' equivalent of a Brain Trust would be a grand jury witness list or perhaps a police line up....... The intellectual and moral standards maintained in the White House today are distinctly Third World or Fourth, if there is a Fourth. ….."

U.S. News Online 6/6/00 John Leo "……One of the thickest folders in my files is labeled "double standards." It contains a rich compost of clippings about people with principles that they apply only to opponents, never to themselves or their causes…….. There are many ways into the folder. For instance, denouncing John Rocker while agreeing to go on Imus in the Morning, where host Don Imus makes cruder remarks about gays, blacks, and others. Or trying to drive Dr. Laura Schlessinger off the air for her religion-based opposition to homosexuality, but raising no objection when today's most popular rapper, Eminem, makes many angry and violent references to "fags" and "faggots."………The bus and subway system of New York made the folder by rejecting antiabortion ads, though the system has been accepting pro-abortion ads for years…..Rosie O'Donnell is a superstar of the double-standards folder. After denouncing and humiliating her guest Tom Selleck for his pro-gun attitudes, she went on Larry King Live to brag that her program is "a safe zone" for celebrities where "we try . . . not to embarrass or humiliate but try to celebrate people and their beliefs." Perhaps she meant beliefs that agree with her own. O'Donnell came out for a national ban on all firearms and then, to protect her 5-year-old son, she acquired a bodyguard who applied for a concealed-gun permit. Her position on firearms ("only the police should have guns") has not yet been applied to her own help……."

Hannity and Colmes 6/16/00 Freeper Dog Gone "……Hannity and Colmes just finished interviewing the woman who lives in Al Gore's rental slum. She said that Al Gore didn't keep his word about finishing the repairs, and that the first time she complained, Gore sent her an eviction notice. Alan Colmes tried to stick up for Al, saying "blind trust", "property management company", etc., but the woman wouldn't have any of that. She said that the property manager told her that everything had to be run through Gore for approval, and that "Tipper said we had too many cars in the yard!" ……"

Houston Chronicle 6/16/00 Lisa Teachey "……Tensions in the already intense debate over convicted killer Gary Graham's scheduled execution escalated Friday as a dozen armed black activists shoved a delegate outside the state Republican convention in downtown Houston. Kaufman County delegate A.J. McClure was pushed to the ground by one of the rifle-wielding guards surrounding Quanell X shortly after the Muslim leader began protesting outside the George R. Brown Convention Center. McClure, a disabled veteran, quickly rose to his feet and said he was not hurt, but he was later taken by ambulance to an area hospital as a precaution. ……. Quanell X's group -- comprising members of the New Black Panther Party, the National Black United Front and the New Black Muslim Movement -- arrived wearing all black, except for Quanell X. Many carried shotguns, AK-47s and other rifles. It is legal in Texas to carry such firearms openly as long as the carrier is not a felon and does not aim the weapon at anyone. After marching to a drum beat from a side street to a grassy area in front of the exhibition hall, Quanell X demanded clemency for Graham and support from black leaders within the Republican Party. Graham was sentenced to death for the 1981 murder of Bobby Lambert outside a Houston supermarket. He is scheduled to die Thursday. ……"We believe we have a divine right, a divine duty and a divine obligation to stand up for any black man on Death Row about to be executed ... for a crime he didn't commit," Quanell X said. ……. But when McClure began shouting over Quanell X, the activist, still surrounded by guards, approached McClure. That is when one of the guards shoved McClure. ……"I was trying to back up and he pushed me down," McClure said. "I'm a 100 percent disabled veteran and shouldn't be treated that way." ….." (AP) 6/16/00 "…..The father and three other relatives of the 7-year-old boy accused of shooting a classmate to death were arrested on charges of dealing crack. The first-grader's paternal grandmother and two aunts were jailed Friday after being arrested on the federal charges. The boy's father was already jailed on an unrelated charge. Police said the boy shot Kayla Rolland on Feb. 29 with a gun he found in an alleged crack house where his mother, Tamarla Owens, had taken him to live after she was evicted from her home. ….."

The Claremont Institute 6/20/00 Matthew Robinson "….. It's surprising what shocks American audiences these days. When it comes to imaginary life on the big screen, most people are contentedly inured to the rawest sex and most graphic violence. Well, not quite. Mel Gibson's new movie, The Patriot, managed to alarm some in the audience at a recent test screening in Los Angeles. According to reports, at one point in the film about the American Revolution, Gibson's character, Benjamin Martin, arms his young sons with muskets. Their father leads the boys, just 10 and 13 years old, in an ambush of British soldiers. Some in the audience "gasped" at the image of boys shooting guns. Young boys with guns! After Columbine, no less!……… The Million Mom Marchers are apoplectic over the idea of young boys fighting alongside men for their homes. Rosie O'Donnell is disconsolate. Get ready for a no-holds-barred debate over whether Americans should respect the sacrifice and valor of the earliest Patriots. ……We live in a remarkable time when the idea of patriotism is suspect, at least in the eyes of critics, academics and the press. The most celebrated books and most newsworthy stories hinge on the sins of the Founding Fathers, rather than their ideas and accomplishments. Some owned slaves. Others were corrupt and self-interested. Some had mistresses. We hear now that Francis Marion, the man after whom Gibson's character is modeled, is alleged to have raped his slaves and hunted Indians for sport…….."

Worldnet Daily 6/22/00 JR Nyquist "……What America lacks today is statesmanship. It seems that our present leaders no longer inspire us with confidence, but reading our preferences in various opinion polls, their method is to win election through flattery. In other words, they tell us what we want to hear. Even more disappointing, for many decades our national leaders have lacked the wherewithal to write their own speeches and develop their own insights. Recent presidents have not only surrounded themselves with pollsters, but they have become dependent on writers and social scientists. …."

WorldNetDaily 6/22/00 Graige McMillan "…….The opposite of tolerance is often billed as intolerance. I'm not sure I agree with that. The use of the word "tolerance" is itself revealing. We are rarely called upon to "tolerate" things that are good. Do we "tolerate" the driver who lets us merge into the traffic? Do we "tolerate" the man or woman who saves a young child from drowning? Do we "tolerate" the airline pilot who, against the odds, safely lands a crippled aircraft, saving everyone on board? Do we "tolerate" the nurse or doctor at our bedside who helps us to recover from an illness? ………. Hardly. We embrace them. We are not called upon to "tolerate" what is generally recognized as good. The idea of tolerance only enters the picture along with that which is less than ideal. Therefore, we are called upon to "tolerate" the driver who cuts in front of us, the news cameraman or anchor asking the parents of a drowned child how they feel, the stewardess who spills coffee in our lap, or the doctor whose appointments are running two hours late. We may "tolerate" our neighbor's barking dog at the expense of our sleep, and a drunken relative's pranks at the family reunion. ……….But where does tolerance end? Do we help the drunk find his keys and get into his car? What if he comes stumbling down the stairs, followed by our frightened 6-year-old daughter who cries that "he touched me there!" Are we to tolerate the mugger and rapist in Central Park?……No, the opposite of tolerance may not be intolerance at all. The opposite of tolerance may be individual conscience. Thus tolerance is bound to conscience: how much of what goes against my conscience do I tolerate? The novelist G.K. Chesterton may well have hit the nail on the head when he wrote, "Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions." ……"

Washington Times 7/3/00 Andrea Billups "…… U. S. college students say more talk about morality is needed on campuses, as well as discussion about basic American freedoms, a new Zogby poll has found. Nearly a third of the nation's college students declined to say they are proud to be Americans. These are the latest findings of a new poll released last month by Zogby International, which paints a gloomy portrait of student attitudes toward patriotism, just as Americans are gearing up to celebrate Independence Day on July 4. ……. The random survey of 1,005 college students was taken in January on behalf of the Foundation for Academic Standards and Tradition (FAST), a nonprofit student advocacy group with headquarters in New York City. …….It found that an overwhelming majority of college students want more talk about morality on campuses, as well as more discussion about basic American freedoms. …..Pollster John Zogby, president of Zogby International, called the findings about education majors "compelling." Added Mr. Berley: "These findings show that America's future teachers see less value in general education, and in school itself, than most other majors. That's some wake-up call." ……"

Washington Post 7/3/00 Christopher stern "…… Freaky Gym Tales" and "Wild, Sexy Brunettes" are headed to millions of American cable boxes, courtesy of Ma Bell and Pepco. AT&T Corp. is planning over the next month to make available to its 2 million digital cable subscribers the Hot Network, a pay network that has spiced up adult entertainment on cable and satellite television with a much more explicit brand of adult entertainment. AT&T is among a growing list of some of America's biggest corporate names that have built high-speed fiber-optic networks offering cable television, phone and Internet services, and are using the networks to meet one of the strongest demands in media: for pornography, the more graphic the better. ….."

WorldNetDaily 6/29/00 Joseph Farah "…….. I didn't see it with my own eyes. As a rule, I don't believe in self-flagellation. But, according to the sometimes-reliable USA Today, last week's season opener of the animated prime-time series "South Park" included jokes about pedophiles, abortion and John Denver's fatal plane crash. Who says there's no limit to the depravity of the popular culture? ….. One plot line has kids finding grown-up pals at the real-life pedophile organization, the North American Man Boy Love Association. Another plot line has a character trying to kill his unborn baby brother…….."It's all about men molesting young boys and one of the kids having to 'take one for the team' so the others can escape NAMBLA's clutches," explains co-creator Trey Parker. "Then Kenny tries to abort his mom's baby by making her a morning-after pill milkshake and using a plunger on her. He fools her into riding an amusement park ride that's not safe for pregnant women called the John Denver Experience, a small plane that careens through the air and finally crashes into the water." Parker continues: "Guess what the censors had a problem with? Making fun of John Denver's death. Can you believe it? And he's not even alive to be offended." ……Welcome to family time 2000, folks. In the name of "tolerance," what kind of a society are we creating for our kids? …….. But pushing the envelope, as Hollywood and the music industry have in the last 15 years, is a surefire recipe for government intervention at some point. Something's got to give. America is making Sodom and Gomorrah look good by comparison. ……… "

Media Research Center 6/27/00 L Brent Bozell III "……. The irresponsibility of Comedy Central executives is absolutely stunning, as is their contempt for decency. Not everything during the week was dreadful - the network has the good sense to give Ben Stein two shows, after all - but the repugnant nature of just about everything else is almost overwhelming……. Premiere Week began with the season premiere of "The Man Show," an alleged celebration of politically incorrect masculinity that accomplishes the amazing: making political correctness seem desirable………. One sketch, "Household Hints from Adult Film Stars," features a bikinied woman trying to close an overstuffed suitcase by mounting it and moving her body as if she were...well, I think you can figure out the rest. The bit ends with a man clad only in undershorts calling to the woman, "Now get on over here and let's pack us some fudge."………Other lowlights: In a pro-wrestling-themed segment, co-host Jimmy Kimmel wrestles dressed as...a scrotum. ……Following "The Man Show" comes "Strip Mall," a new series set in the porn industry. The sophistication meter jumps to perhaps the 4th grade here. Its interests include smutty variations on the titles of mainstream films ("Hey, didn't I work with you in 'As Gooey as It Gets'?") with regular references to anal sex and genitalia……….

Media Research Center 6/27/00 L Brent Bozell III "……. Wednesday's "South Park" cartoon, however, was truly despicable - or is that word not strong enough to describe an episode that made light of child molestation and abortion?……..Cartman, an eight-year-old, finds children his own age insufficiently mature, so he enters an Internet chat room for "men who like young boys" and posts the message, "I am a young boy seeking an older male for good times." Unbeknownst to Cartman, the chat room is for pedophiles; he winds up meeting one, Tony, for breakfast. Tony gives Cartman a back rub. This is meant to be funny.......The exceptionally clueless Cartman is the butt of all manner of perverted jokes during the episode. Then he becomes involved with the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), even posing for posters wearing only his underwear..........In the real world, NAMBLA must rate as the most despicable organization on the planet, as sick as it is evil. On Comedy Central, however, it's fodder for chuckles…….Oh, it has a "positive" ending, I guess enabling "South Park" defenders to claim this episode wasn't merely crassly exploitative. After a NAMBLA spokesman argues that pedophiles aren't responsible for their perversion because they were born that way, Cartman's friend Kyle retorts, "Dude, you have sex with children." Another friend, Stan, adds, "We believe in tolerance and all...but dude, f- you." This for Comedy Central constitutes the moral of the story......."

Media Research Center 6/27/00 L Brent Bozell III "……. In the episode's other plotline, Kenny, another eight-year-old, is upset over his mother's pregnancy. He goes to the pharmacy for some morning-after pills, which have names like "Get It Outta Me!" and "Fetus Flusher." He mixes the pills in a drink for his mother, but instead his dad drinks it. ……..As if all this isn't enough, the network had the audacity to give "The Man Show" and "Strip Mall" TV-14 ratings, as if this kind of filth is appropriate for junior high school students. "Strip Mall," if you can believe it, carries no warnings whatsoever about sexual content or offensive language……..Comedy Central is owned by Viacom and Time Warner, whose vice chairman, Ted Turner, has vowed to spend billions to clean up the world's environment. ….."

U.S. Newswire 6/27/00 "…..Calling it a "disturbing invasion of family privacy," the Libertarian Party of California today attacked a bill in the state Legislature that would require children as young as five years old to be asked intrusive, personal questions such as whether or not their parents spank them, keep guns in the house, or watch violent television shows. The bill, AB 2068 by Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento), passed the Assembly by one vote on May 25 and is pending before the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. " ……AB 2068 adopts recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in a January 1999 Policy Statement entitled "The Role of the Pediatrician in Youth Violence Prevention and Clinical Practice and at the Community Level." In that paper, the AAP advises pediatricians to screen children for risk factors indicating violence, such as:
-- Whether the parents or family members have substance abuse problems
-- Whether the parents are employed
-- Whether any family members are involved in gangs
-- Whether the parents spank their children
-- Whether the parents watch violent television programs or keep guns in the home ……" 6/30/00 Jon Burstein "…… After three hours of trying to give answers to police and family members, Nathaniel Brazill cried out a question of his own moments after he learned that his English teacher, Barry Grunow, was dead. It was the question that a grief-stricken mass of people gathered outside his middle school at that moment wailed as they comforted each other. It was the question that everyone who knows the 13-year-old tuba player has struggled to answer. It is the question that a jury will have to consider when the seventh-grader faces adult criminal charges that could send him to prison for life. "What was I thinking?" Brazill asked at the end of more than three hours of interrogation that began less than 40 minutes after the shooting at Lake Worth Middle School. ........."

AP via CNN 6/30/00"…… No more X-rated movies for Omni Hotel guests. The hotel chain says adult movies will be gone from its in-room entertainment systems by this weekend. ……Omni estimates that the change will cost the company four million dollars in lost revenue and the cost of replacing televisions from the chain's previous provider of in-room entertainment. The American Hotel and Motel Association says Omni is the only hotel company eliminating adult movies. ...,"

Savannah Morning News 6/30/00 Kathleen Durham "…… A few weeks ago, a 15-year-old boy allegedly shot his uncle over 50 cents. Fifty cents. The little we know of the crime is that there was an argument over this insignificant amount that one of them apparently owed the other. When I read that, I wondered what circumstances would motivate a person to shoot someone they loved over 50 cents? …….Some would point to having easy access to a weapon in the heat of the moment. But consider for a moment a different explanation. What if one's thoughts and beliefs were just as deadly as a loaded weapon? What if one's beliefs evolved out of what I call poverty consciousness? Poverty consciousness is thinking that there isn't enough of something. Sometimes it causes people to believe that the only way to get what they want is to take it and sometimes kill for it. ……"

Nando Times Online 7/1/00 Amy Forliti "……Shrugging off threatened lawsuits, Orange County officials became the first in the state to take advantage of a new Indiana law allowing government entities to post the Ten Commandments. Renditions of "God Bless America" and scripture readings echoed from the steps of the county courthouse Saturday as nearly 300 people who began gathering just before midnight watched officials unveil a plaque with the religious tenets the moment the new law went into effect. "You talk about being moved. Those people were really full of spirit - they were just so excited that it was happening," County Commissioner Charles W. Hall said. ….."

Orlando Sentinel 7/11/00 Charley Reese "…….If you love politically incorrect movies, as I do, by all means go see The Patriot. It has some left-wing movie critics in a perfect snit. Everything they hate is in it. In fact, it's a fine film about the American Revolution, well-acted, well-directed and beautifully filmed. If it has any technical flaw, it might have been edited a bit tighter, but I certainly got my money's worth. It goes on my favorite-films list, which is a very short list. ……. But let's get back to political incorrectness (one definition of which is historically accurate truths that conflict with modern liberal ideology). First, it's about Americans taking up their own private arms to defend their families and their homes. You can well imagine that, at the height of the gun-control-propaganda campaign, a film that shows the necessity of private arms is not welcomed. ……… Guns aren't the only politically incorrect feature of the film. There is no sex and no profanity. One critic sneered that the movie was as "corny as the Fourth of July." Well, that says much more about the critic than the movie. …… But political incorrectness is piled on. Not only are the people normal; they are clearly shown to be Christians. Another critic sneered at the minister in the movie who takes up arms. But that, too, is quite historically accurate. The revolution was preceded by a Christian revival known as the Great Awakening. Christian ministers played a key role in the Revolution. …… And finally the most politically incorrect feature of all is that it takes place in South Carolina. Nothing is more politically incorrect these days than Southerners, contemporary or historical. But, in fact, South Carolina's bitter battles were a key factor in the success of the American Revolution. ……."

Washington Post 7/4/00 Peter Carlson "……It's not true that Roger Gastman publishes a slick national magazine devoted to graffiti artists, porn stars, punk rockers and serial killers from a bedroom in his mother's house in Bethesda. He did that for a couple of years but then he moved out. Now he publishes a magazine devoted to graffiti artists, porn stars, punk rockers and serial killers from a spotless little office in his own house in Bethesda…….. The magazine is called While You Were Sleeping, and it's . . . it's . . . it's hard to describe. It's dumb but it's fun. It's annoying but it's also kind of impressive………. The good thing about While You Were Sleeping is that it takes you inside the adolescent male mind. The bad thing about it is that it takes you a little too far inside the adolescent male mind…….."

JewishWorldReview 7/8/00 Benjamin Jolkovsky "……. JEFF JACOBY, one of America's most outspoken and powerful wordsmiths, has been put on a four month suspension by the hyper-P.C. Boston Globe. His "crime"? He retold the history of this nation in a way others have retold it since its birth. He used material that was in the public domain and INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED what he wrote. In the course of Jacoby's research, he discovered that some of what is being passed off as fact is actually myth. Were some turns-of-phrase he used similar to her writers? Certainly. But there are only so many variations of words that can be used to describe factual events. …….Jacoby's column, in and of itself, cannot be said to be a copy of other folks' works. It is fresh; punchy; and, no doubt, brings a tear to even his most staunch ideological enemies. ……..And that, of course, is what Jeff's punishment is all about. the past, he had the audacity to question what is more and more becoming the accepted norm in this era of moral-revisionism. It is no secret that the Globe has wanted him purged from his perch for the longest of time --- and, as Rod Dreher recently wrote in the Weekly Standard, the Globe has clearly made it known which side they are on in this culture war. AND I DO NOT USE THAT TERM LIGHTLY. …….."

World Tribune 7/7/00 Jon Roland "……. The movie "The Patriot" starring Mel Gibson, which opened across the United States on June 28, 2000, is the story of an epic struggle between good and evil, but although the producers did well at re-enacting the setting of the American War for Independence, it is really an allegory of our own times, with some pointed references to recent events. …….. The central character of this epic is not just Benjamin Martin, but the Militia. The moral struggle of Martin is the struggle of the Militia, at first conscious of its domestic duties, and reluctant to risk those under its protection with a forceful response to tyranny, but compelled to resort to force when it is unable to protect them in any other way. …….. This is a familiar theme in drama. It is the struggle of the Pacifist Bride who finally resorts to violence to protect her Lone Lawman husband in "High Noon." The moral is clear. A righteous person avoids violence, even at the cost of his personal dignity and pride, but sometimes Evil leaves him no choice but to use violence to defend the innocent, especially those he loves. He agonizes over the harm he has done in the past, and that he is doing, and must do, but love is stronger, and while it may begin with those of his own family, he cannot avoid the duty that comes with love of the innocent everywhere. It is about the way a man discovers the patriot in himself. …….."

Orlando Sentinel 6/18/00 Charlie Reese "…..Suppose, as the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci advocated, that an attempt is being made to control the Western mind. Suppose that "control of the Western mind is to be achieved not only by means of the dishonest use of language, but also through operations to demoralize the West through corrosive attacks on society's institutions, the active promotion of drug abuse, and the spread of agnosticism, nihilism, permissiveness and concerted attacks on the family in order to destabilize the society." The quotation is from a forward to the book The Perestroika Deception by Anatoliy Golitsyn, a former KGB officer who defected in 1961. Even though this book was published in 1995, it is Golitsyn's earlier book New Lies for Old, published in 1980, that lends credibility to Golitsyn. …….. In that first book, nearly a decade before it happened, Golitsyn predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall, the apparent collapse of communism and the apparent liberalization of Soviet society. He stated that it was all part of a grand strategy of strategic deception. He hasn't changed his mind. ……..The idea is to lull the West into disarmament and to create the conditions in the West that would make it easy for it to converge into a new world order, run, of course, by the communists. Is it true or is it paranoia? …….Religion is under such constant attack by secularists that most journalists think that routine beliefs about the Bible are "controversial." There is, for example, no question whatsoever that the Christian Bible condemns homosexual behavior and clearly does not authorize women to be pastors or priests. That may be news to the secular crowd, but it's ancient history to those of us who grew up in that old-time religion. ……. "


WASHINGTON TIMES 7/21/00 R Emmett Tyrrell "….. Well here we go again with the Clintons. Once more one of them or both are braving a scandal over lurid charges that no first family ever braved before. This time it is Hillary and she is being charged with calling a former political aide a ". . . Jew bastard" 26 years ago. Somewhat surprisingly she remembers the altercation. She denies the slur. Do you remember any previous first lady in such a pickle? Bill has weighed in too. He called the New York Daily News to say "she might have called him [the former aide] a bastard. I wouldn't rule that out. She's never claimed that she was pure on profanity." Yet she has and Bill has insisted on her purity too. Foul language and a bad temper have been consistently alleged against Mrs. Clinton. The White House has always insisted she was the perfect lady. Though all this happened 26 years ago, both Clintons seem to remember quite a lot about the matter. The three witnesses are, one would think, very dim figures in the Clintons' faraway past, yet Bill in particular has been quick to recall them…..".

CNS News 7/20/00 Rich Shipe "……The latest generation of Internet pornographers has found a strange ally in Clinton's Justice Department. The number of new hardcore video titles to hit the market annually has more than quadrupled since Clinton took office according to the porn industry itself. And what has the Justice Department done while ever more degenerate forms of illegal pornography invade our homes and our lives? They just turn and look the other way. "President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno are proving to be the best friends the hardcore, illegal porn industry ever had," said Robert Peters, president of Morality in Media, a non-profit organization that has fought obscenity since 1962. The porn industry agrees. …….."President Clinton is a total supporter of the [porn video] industry and he's always been on our team," said David Schlesinger of Vivid Video, quoted in the Sept. 28, 1998 edition of TV Guide. "It's not that Clinton has been outwardly supportive of the adult industry, but rather that he hasn't tried to quash it the way Republicans did back in the 1980s." ……."

Associated Press 7/20/00 Marc Humbert ".....The head of the state Republican Party accused Hillary Rodham Clinton of being "an angry woman" driven by "blind political ambition" and said voters should reject her bid for U.S. Senate in part because "she didn't send Chelsea to school here." ......In a copy of a fund-raising letter obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, state GOP Chairman William Powers said the first lady has "been at the front and center of every Clinton-Gore scandal, and this has been the most seedy, shameless and corrupt administration in American history." "Morality matters and character counts, and by her own words, deeds and actions, Hillary Rodham Clinton has disqualified herself from earning the public's trust, let alone public office," Powers wrote. ......"

Washington Times 8/8/00 Wesley Pruden "…..Innocence by proxy is a risky scheme Joe Lieberman is no Geraldine Ferraro, but gimmicks usually don't work. Mrs. Ferraro was chosen for her sex. (Her "gender," as the squeamish insist on calling it, inaccurately.) The senator from Connecticut was chosen for his reputation for character and high ethical standards, but the emphasis so far is on his Orthodox Jewish religious faith....... Al Gore, who praised Bill Clinton as "our greatest president," can't rid his clothes of the stink of these past eight years, so he's desperate to find a little innocence-by-association……Some people call Joe Lieberman "the conscience of the Senate," but the Senate doesn't have one of those. Nevertheless, he's the man we all say we want our pols to be - decent, thoughtful, considerate of the opinions of others. But not always a man with the courage of his convictions. After he made a courageous speech to the Senate describing what Bill Clinton had done to the presidency and to the moral authority of the office, he spent the next few days trying to take some of it back. In the end, he voted to acquit, as if perjury and treating interns like hookers and using the Oval Office as a whore's crib was presidential enough. But his convictions are sound……."

News Max 8/7/00 Phil Brennan "…..It could be the strangest, most paradoxical presidential ticket in American history, pairing Al Gore, whose honesty and integrity are seriously questioned by not only opponents but also by top law enforcement officials, with Sen. Joseph Lieberman, often called the "conscience of the Senate." It is something like pairing evangelist Billy Graham with atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair. …….. Aside from the fact that the two men are Democrats and agree on most environmental issues Lieberman, defined by Reuters news agency as morally impeccable, is a deeply religious orthodox Jew who observes the rigid dietary laws of Judaism. …… Lieberman said Clinton's behavior was not just inappropriate. ``It is immoral. And it is harmful, for it sends a message of what is acceptable behavior to the larger American family, particularly to our children,'' he said. Contrast that with Gore's craven obeisance in paying homage to the disgraced president on the day of his impeachment, when he declared the shamed Clinton to be one of America's greatest presidents. ......"

Washington Times 8/8/00 Larry Witham "…..Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, the first Orthodox Jew on a presidential ticket, has years of kosher experience juggling lawmaking with Sabbath demands that he shun phone calls, work and car rides……. "His view has been that he will represent the concerns of the people of Connecticut to the greatest extent possible without violating Jewish law," said Rabbi Barry Freundel of Kesher Israel Congregation in Georgetown, where Mr. Lieberman worships on Saturdays…… Rabbis and Jewish leaders said yesterday that it will be difficult to balance Mr. Lieberman's Orthodoxy with his public policy. Mr. Lieberman, who has served in the Senate for 12 years, has solidly backed abortion rights, to include a November vote against a ban on partial-birth abortion and to support Mr. Clinton's veto. Orthodox rabbis have mandated abortion as moral to save the life of the mother, but do not warrant it for the "health" of the mother. In that sense, "I don't think we have a pro-life or a pro-choice position," Mr. Freundel said. "We are certainly not pro-choice." On moral issues such as abortion, homosexuality and women's rights, "To the extent that [Mr. Lieberman] does something that is against the rule of Jewish law, he will have to deal with that in his conscience," Mr. Freundel said. Orthodox Judaism does not ordain women or allow them to lead prayers, and in worship they sit separately with heads covered. Only a man may initiate a divorce, and unless the man gives the wife a "get," or bill of divorce, she may not remarry as Orthodox……."

UPI 8/8/00 Mark Benjamin Ashley Baker ".....Republicans will use Vice President Al Gore's selection of Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman as his running mate against him by highlighting Gore's connection to a scandal-plagued administration, Republicans close to the Bush campaign say. Republicans say they will pound away at Lieberman's own scathing criticism of Clinton's conduct in office -- and Gore's unwavering support -- in an effort to tar Gore with Clinton's problems.......... Republicans almost universally praise Lieberman as a "very credible" candidate and the "best possible pick" among Gore's choices because of Lieberman's strong stances on a variety of moral issues. But they add that those positions have sometimes been markedly different from Clinton and Gore, and those differences will play into the Republicans' hands during the upcoming election. ......... "The number one issue (in the November election) is restoring credibility to the White House," Terry Jeffery, editor of Human Events and a former campaign manager for Pat Buchanan said. "It plays right into the Republicans' strategy for the same reason Lieberman criticized Bill Clinton on the floor of the Senate.... By picking Lieberman, Gore is reemphasizing the Republicans' argument.".......... Republicans also chuckle privately at the close relationship between big-name Hollywood and Lieberman's criticism of the entertainment industry because of the industry's failure to limit the use of graphic violence and sex............"

UPI 8/8/00 Mark Benjamin Ashley Baker "..... A spokesman for Texas Gov. George W. Bush said Gore had chosen "a good man whom Gov. Bush respects for his intelligence, his integrity and for many of the positions he has taken." The Bush spokesman, however, argued that Lieberman's stances on many issues, including Social Security reform, missile defense and school vouchers were "more similar to Gov. Bush's" than to Gore's.......... "

Reuters 8/7/00 Sarah Tippit "......Normally garrulous Hollywood reacted with uncharacteristic quiet and caution Monday to Democrat Presidential hopeful Al Gore's choice of Sen. Joseph Lieberman to be his vice presidential running mate. After all it is not every day that a leading critic of your industry gets named to a presidential ticket, especially one headed by a man that leading entertainment industry figures have contributed millions of dollars to elect. ....... While there was widespread praise for the Connecticut Democrat's integrity, several industry professionals said they had mixed feelings about having someone so openly critical of "Hollywood excesses" in the White House. ......." 8/7/00 Daivd Horowitz "......Because the Republicans are energized and united, they can reach out to the center, to independent voters and the undecided. This means they can afford to be confident and inclusive. As a coalition, they can afford to focus on winning today, knowing that there will be plenty of occasions to define their differences tomorrow. ......By way of contrast, the Democratic base is divided and uncertain. Al Gore is only getting 77 percent of the Democratic vote, whereas Bush is getting support from 92 percent of Republicans. Up to now, Gore has run a negative and inconsistent campaign. Consequently, while Bush excites Republicans, Democrats are less than happy and even somewhat disgusted with Gore. Gore has a problem with the truth. He has difficulty deciding who he is. He is changeable about what he wants, and thus untrustworthy. ....... Because Gore is behind and his troops are listless, he must go negative in the months ahead. He must energize his base and tarnish his opponent's luster. But this negativity will work to Republicans' advantage (provided the attacks are rapidly answered). Attacks by the Lieberman-Gore team will make Gore look more political and less presidential and further erode his support. ......."

The New York Times 8/9/00 Mark Smith "…….The Democrats and the news media are sure getting a lot of mileage out of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman's opposition to Bill Clinton's behavior during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The Democrats and the media trumpet that Senator Lieberman dared call Mr. Clinton's actions "immoral" and "disgraceful." While both of these statements are true, Mr. Lieberman failed his greatest test. In the Senate impeachment trial, he voted to acquit this man who had, by his own admission, disgraced the office of president. In other words, Senator Lieberman bowed to political expediency, getting air time for his statements decrying the president while his vote defended Mr. Clinton's actions. ……"

American Spectator 8/9/00 R E Tyrell "…….Washington-- Wait a minute, I thought we had put the Boy President's moral life behind us! The media's sages said Americans have had enough of this lurid stuff. We were told that even the Republicans understood. That is why the Hon. Henry Hyde and the House impeachment managers were nowhere to be seen at the Republican National Convention. Yet, what did the CNN reporter hasten to note when he broke the news that Senator Joe Lieberman was to be Vice President Al Gore's running mate? Why, that Lieberman was the first Democrat to reproach the forty-second president for his public lies and scortatory pursuit of young Monica………. Again, I thought the political wisenheimers had told us that the American people did not care. Now they are all telling us that the political genius, Al Gore, has insulated himself from the Clinton scandals by tapping Lieberman. Why would someone insulate himself against a problem that is not a problem? Once again we see that the American media has acted as a smog, obscuring rather than illuminating. Yes, yes, Bill Clinton's scandalous behavior is not an issue. That is why Gore has picked one of the Democratic Party's few critics of Clinton's private and public life as his running mate. And, come to think of it, that is why the bestseller list still contains Clinton exposés -- though anyone who has kept up with the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, and The American Spectator would already be very familiar with the facts in those exposés……." 8/8/00 Mona Charen "……It may sound peculiar for a Protestant to turn to a Jew for a Catholic dispensation, but that's what seems to explain Vice President Gore's selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate. Gore, after all, is suffering from a number of political disabilities - he is condescending, wooden and, despite what Bill Bradley said about him, quite a doctrinaire liberal. But his greatest liability is undoubtedly his umbilical tie to President Clinton and to Clintonism. It isn't just that Al Gore praised Bill Clinton as "one of the greatest presidents in American history" on the day the House of Representatives voted out bills of impeachment. It is his adoption of casual lying as a political tactic that marks him as a true Clinton acolyte. ……. The selection of Lieberman is clearly intended to wash Gore clean of the Clinton taint. But it's hard to see how Lieberman can really help. (The selection is obviously not a bid for the Jewish vote, which the Democrats usually garner 70 percent to 80 percent of anyway). In addition to being one the most amiable men in the Senate (this year's vice presidential debate is going to be the most polite and gentlemanly in history), Lieberman is the closest thing the Democratic Party has to a religious conscience. Though the Republican Party has abundant numbers of prominent ministers and religious figures in office and/or closely associated with the party (which has helped and hurt the Republicans), the Democrats have only the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Joe Lieberman, the well-known Orthodox Jew. ….."

Newsmax 8/9/00 Stephan Archer "……Rabbi Yehuda Levin, founder of the New York-based Jews for Morality, told his community of Orthodox Jews is embarrassed by the portrayal of Lieberman as a model of their faith. He said that although Lieberman remembers the Sabbath by refusing to work, the senator appears to forget the Jewish orthodox moral code the other six days of the week when at work……….. "It's very ironic that the liberal media is spinning Joe Lieberman as 'Mr. Morality' because he made a few nice sound bites," said Levin. "But the question is, where's the kosher beef when it comes to morality?" Referring to Lieberman's voting record, Levin pointed out the senator shares Gore's support for abortion rights and voted against the partial-birth abortion ban. He also voted against a separate housing and platoon requirement for male and female recruits in basic training. Speaking of Lieberman's pro-abortion stance, Levin said, "There's no way in the world that any Orthodox Jew could possibly support something so horrific." Levin added that every Orthodox Jewish child knows that abortion is "akin to murder." ……. Lieberman promoted the homosexual agenda as well when he supported legislation prohibiting discrimination of gays in the work place, a piece of legislation Levin believes is a step closer to a national homosexual rights bill. He also supported the National Endowment for the Arts, an organization Levin says supports anti-religious propaganda and pornography as art. ….. Referring to homosexuality, Levin said, "A moral wrong can't be the basis of a civil right." ……."

8/8/00 - "…..VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE'S choice of Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman as his running mate shows the veep is terrified of the character issue. In their choice of running mates, Gore and Gov. George Bush both tried to address their greatest weakness. As a former defense secretary, Cheney brings to the Republican ticket the military/foreign-policy experience Bush lacks. Lieberman gives Democrats the semblance of moderation and adherence to traditional values -- the appearance, not the substance. When it comes to upholding Judeo-Christian ethics, Lieberman talks the talk then takes a walk. …… When Clinton admitted that he'd had an "inappropriate relationship" with Monica Lewinsky, Lieberman was the first Democratic senator to criticize the adulterer in chief. ……." 8/9/00 Will Lester "……. Polling by ABC News immediately after the selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as Al Gore's running mate found that seven of 10 people think more favorably of the senator when they hear he criticized President Clinton earlier than most Democrats. ……. A Monday night poll taken by CNN-USA Today-Gallup suggested the presidential race is a dead heat, 45 percent for Bush and 43 percent for Gore, after polling all weekend gave Bush a double-digit lead. CNN pollster Keating Holland said the one-night poll of 667 registered voters might reflect a shift in the race or might be a blip caused by a quick poll. The poll had an error margin of plus or minus 4 percentage points. Polls taken over multiple nights with more efforts to call back respondents give a more reliable sample of public opinion. ……"

New York Post 8/10/00 Deborah Orin Dareh Gregorian "..... Maybe they should rename it the Blue House. White House officials admitted yesterday they've discovered a problem with staffers downloading porn from the Internet. ..... "Like any workplace, we have occasional problems, but we do not tolerate inappropriate use," White House spokesman Jake Siewart told The Post. ........ White House officials, however, characterized the "problem" as "fairly minimal." And, no, none of the porn was going to the Oval Office, sources said. .......White House sources told The Post the offending Web sites, most of which were accessed late at night, have been "zapped" from their system so they can't be accessed anymore. They also said some of those identified as the downloaders were suspended without pay or reprimanded for using public tax dollars for their private thrills. One Secret Service agent who was caught up in Pornogate has since resigned, the source said. "It's a potential security risk," a source said. "A hacker could call up an official and say, 'I have evidence you've been downloading kiddie porn. Give me your network passcode, or else." ....."

New York Post 8/10/00 Gregg Birnbaum Robert Hardt Jr. "..... Rick Lazio said yesterday that scandal-fatigued donors are reaching for their checkbooks because they believe his Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton is about "our national character." "They think it's a race that speaks volumes about who we are and where we're going as a nation in terms of our national character," Lazio told The Post after a fund-raiser at Le Cirque restaurant in the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. ......."Most of the people want to make a statement in their mind about the truth and character and electing a role model," the Republican added. ....."

New York Post 8/9/00 Deborah Orin "……Republican George W. Bush yesterday said he respects Democratic veep wannabe Joe Lieberman - and jabbed that maybe now, Al Gore will elevate his tone to sound more like his running mate. "I hope [Lieberman] will run a positive campaign and that [Gore] will use this opportunity to change his tone to that of Sen. Lieberman's level," Bush said. …… The Republican nominee also highlighted issues where Lieberman has differed with Gore - such as school vouchers, missile defense and letting workers invest some of their own Social Security funds. ….. "I respect Sen. Lieberman for his convictions, his strong faith and his record on Social Security, missile defense and reforming our public schools," Bush said in a statement. ……." 8/9/00 Paul Sperry "…..A consultant hired last year to beef up security for the White House's computer network found massive pornographic video files passing through the system's Internet firewall, WorldNetDaily has learned. Some of the downloaded files were traced back to West Wing officials as recently as the beginning of last year, during the height of the impeachment crisis, say sources who were involved in replacing the firewall system as part of Y2K security upgrades. The real-time video files -- which came from hard-core porn sites featuring homosexual, farm-animal and teen sex acts -- were so large in byte volume that they accounted for most of the traffic coming into the firewall, sources told WorldNetDaily. ………… A Y2K computer consultant in early 1999 discovered the unusually large volume of porn-site traffic coming into the White House while reviewing the firewall logs. A White House computer specialist recalled the reaction of one of the contractors at the time. "He started to laugh and said, 'It looks like the majority of traffic going through the firewall is pornography,'" said the White House employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. ………" 8/9/00 Paul Sperry "…..The firewall logs show the uniform resource locator, or URL (basically the Web zip code), of the porn sites from which the videos (MOVs) and still-graphics (JPEGs and GIFs) were downloaded. "There were things that said 'teen,'" the White House computer expert said. "There was gay and bestiality stuff too." Bestiality? "Donkeys, goats, dogs," explained the source, who later accessed some of the raunchier sites. "It's embarrassing." …… Investigators, including White House Security Officer Charles Easley, looked at a number of variables to separate the habitual from the accidental Web-porn surfers. They scanned firewall logs over several weeks so they could see the repeat offenders. They also zeroed in on the large-byte files. What they found was shocking. "There were some significant names. I can say, yes, West Wing," said one White House source familiar with the investigation. "There were women too." …….. Many of the offenders also officed out of the Old Executive Office Building, including presidential personnel, sources say. One was in national security. ……"

CNS News 8/1/00 "…… The Catholic League is asking Vice President Al Gore to cancel a Democratic fund-raiser at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles because it falls on August 15th - the Feast of the Assumption, a Catholic holy day that commemorates Mary's ascent into heaven. "To hold an event on this date at a place that celebrates the denigration of women is particularly offensive to Catholics," press reports quote Catholic League President William Donohue as saying. "To top it off, since most Hispanics are Catholic, it is sending a message that is doubly objectionable," he said. Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) is hosting the party during the Democratic National Convention. Al Gore has criticized the event and has refused to attend. It was Gore who named Sanchez vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. ….."

Yahoo News 8/7/00 Brooks Boliek "…..Some entertainment industry executives want Democrats to water down a section in the draft of the party's platform that pushes the industry to tone down its products. "I have made it known to the Democratic Party that this is political pandering at its worst," MPAA chief Jack Valenti said when asked about the offending provision. "It's unworthy of the DNC." ...... The "Responsible Entertainment" provision, tucked into the 2000 Democratic National Platform Committee Report section titled "Valuing Our Families" says, "Parents are struggling to pass on the right values in a culture that sometimes seems to practically scream that chaos and cruelty are cool." …….It takes particular swipes at the motion picture industry and its advertising campaigns and asks the entertainment industry to take more responsibility for its actions. …….. Valenti took special umbrage to the way the DNC has targeted movies in particular. ……Industry sources say that DreamWorks executives, with close ties to Vice President Al Gore's campaign, were also offended by the language and attempted to get the language removed. ….." 8/6/00 Carl Limbacher "……. At their Philadelphia get together, Republicans deliberately downplayed President Clinton's impeachment, going so far as to deny House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde, who oversaw the historic probe, a convention speaking role. The impeachment taboo lasted right through the convention's final night, when nominee George W. Bush announced in his acceptance speech that he had "no stake" in the political squabbles of the recent past; a clear reference to the Clinton scandal wars of the previous seven years. Yet speaker after speaker punctuated their remarks to the First Union Center crowd with allusions to "restoring the honor and dignity of the presidency." Even shy and retiring prospective first lady Laura Bush couldn't resist tapping into the Clinton scandal vein, with a reference to supporters who regularly tell her husband that they're "counting on him to give them a presidency their children can look up to again." ……."

New York 8/1/00 John Podhoretz "…… THE most striking quality about Laura Bush's debut speech on the national stage last night was just how genuine she seemed - a little uncomfortable with adulatory applause, surprised when some remark or other garnered honest applause from the stoked-up crowd here at the First Union Center. …….. She never mentioned the name of the current occupant of the Oval Office or his first lady. But just as she attempted to make the point that her husband George is the anti-Clinton, she herself came across as the anti-Hillary. ……. The distinction between Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton is significant because it is impossible to think about the future of the White House without thinking of the present. …….. ……Her husband has, she says, "core principles [that] will not change with the winds of polls or politics or fame or fortune or misfortune." ……This is an elegant way - an unexpectedly elegant way for a Republican - to raise the issue of Bill Clinton's disgraceful conduct as president without resorting to direct attack. It's the reason many of us supported John McCain despite many disagreements with him - because we believed that McCain's heroism would make the point about the need to elevate the presidency to its formerly high station. But maybe it doesn't take a hero. Maybe it just takes a decent guy - the guy Laura Bush described so impressively last night. ……"

The American Spectator 8/1/00 Wlady Pleszczynski "……. And what will the usual pressies dare say about Laura Bush's performance? Will they express shock at her implicit criticism of the Clintons -- in a line that brought the house down -- when she recounted that Americans along her husband's routes east are holding out pictures of their children and telling George, "I'm counting on you...I want my son or daughter to respect the President of the United States of America." On paper it's a corny line, but it's not corny when Laura Bush says it. She's said to be her husband's secret weapon. If that's so, the secret is now out. In a transmitted greeting to the convention floor, George W. noted that "one of the best reasons I can think of to vote for me is to have Laura as first lady of the United States." If that's a shot at Hillary, so be it. The woman is everything Hillary is not: naturally feminine, warm, serene, elegant, composed, Southern -- you name it. ………Plus she has a lovely tic at the podium that most in the arena wouldn't have seen. Time and again during her speech she'd kick back her left leg, a graceful coquettish touch quite similar to the manner with which she slips her hand under her husband's arm. If appearances still matter, it can't hurt the Bushes that they are one hugely attractive couple. Their campaign song should be, "Tell Laura I Love Her." ……"

THE LEDGER, Lakeland, FL 8/1/00 "…… Louis Farrakhan said Monday the United States will fade from greatness like Rome, Babylon, and Egypt if it does not improve morally. Farrakhan, leader of the 200,000--member Nation of Islam, also denounced allegations he is anti-Semitic and called for the U.S. Government to pay reparations to the decendants of slaves.. ……" 7/30/00 P J O’Rourke "……Perhaps, midst the enthusiasm of the Republican convention, we stalwart GOP supporters should take a step back from our partisanship and give a moment's thought to the decent, well-meaning, intelligent people who oppose us -- and how there aren't any. ……. Democrats stink. Consider what they believe -- such as anything Yasser Arafat ever says. And when a mother sacrifices her life in a desperate attempt to free herself and her child from a totalitarian dictatorship, Democrats believe this is a great opportunity to show Fidel Castro's family values. He probably does have family values, of the Democrat type, about abortion for instance. And there is ample indication that Fidel is a big supporter of "Right to Die" legislation. …..Democrats believe in killing babies and old people, and, to judge by their various plans to modify American medical care, they believe in killing everybody else, too. Except for murderers -- murderers will get a "time out" and a chance to speak at the graduation ceremony of a prominent liberal arts college. ……"

Chicago Tribune 7/26/00 Jesse Holland AP "…..Children love teen horror flicks, shoot-'em up interactive video games, hard-core rock and rap and risque television. And in one of the most definitive statements yet on violence in American culture, four national health associations link the violence in television, music, video games and movies to increasing violence among children. ``Its effects are measurable and long-lasting,'' the four groups say in a statement. ``Moreover, prolonged viewing of media violence can lead to emotional desensitization toward violence in real life.'' ……The joint statement by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry was to be the centerpiece of a public health summit today on entertainment violence organized by Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan. …..``The conclusion of the public health community, based on over 30 years of research, is that viewing entertainment violence can lead to increases in aggressive attitudes, values and behaviors, particularly in children,'' the organizations' statement says. ….."

The American Spectator 7/31/00 "……... Is Hillary's brother prone to equally boorish behavior? Jennifer Bingham, a Bush supporter who works for an anti-abortion group in Washington, DC, says Tony Rodham verbally badgered her and made a crude reference to oral sex at a party early this month. ……After a long day's work at the Susan B. Anthony List, which helps elect anti-abortion women to Congress, Bingham went to her friend Richard Nordin's party at Bobby Van's Steakhouse on 15th St, only blocks from the White House. No sooner had she started to unwind when Tony Rodham entered, with the grace of a bull through a china shop……..Rodham, whose much-discussed marriage to Senator Barbara Boxer's daughter recently imploded, was accompanied by a female friend. …….. Anyway, Bingham is no potted plant (to borrow Brendan Sullivan's famous expression from the Iran-Contra hearing). She demanded to know why Rodham had "done nothing" in the face of his brother-in law's rampant philandering. He said the Clintons have a "loving marriage" and Methodists can't get divorced anyway. And besides the nation would be more prosperous "if Ronald Reagan had more blow jobs in the oval office."……Quite taken with his subtle wit, Rodham chuckled. Then he hopped into his white Mercedes outside, Bingham says……."

Miami Herald 7/23/00 Mark Silva "…… Asked what issues matter most in this year's election, Hispanics nationwide name improving education, fighting crime and drugs, and improving access to health care. But, uniquely among Cuban Americans in Florida, another high political priority emerges: ``Restoring moral values.'' This is not simply a reflection of President Clinton's personal scandals, voters surveyed and political experts agree. It's also a measure of corruption in South Florida, they say, that Cuban-American voters rank restoration of moral values as one of their top concerns. ``It's not only the example of the president,'' says Carmen Garcia, 60, a Miamian who fled Cuba in 1962. She recently watched as Medicare was billed for $786 for cans of milk delivered to her elderly father, a price she found outrageous. She says her complaints proved futile. ``I see corruption everywhere, and there is no place you can turn.'' ……"

LA Times 7/25/00 Scott Gold, Peter Hong "…..In a chilling confession described Monday by police, a 15-year-old Rialto girl said she clubbed a neighborhood woman to death on a whim. ….."What do you think? Should I kill this lady?" the 15-year-old asked her friend, according to her statement to police. ….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 7/30/00 "……Armed with 30 years of research and more than 1,000 studies, four national health organizations stood together on Capitol Hill last week to deliver an obvious message to a nation desperate to ignore it: Media violence is hazardous to America's health. "Viewing violent entertainment can lead to increases in aggressive attitudes, values and behavior, particularly in children," said a statement by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the American Psychological Association. ……. The groups called for "a more honest dialogue" about the way grisly movies, gory video games, angry music and graphic television shows affect children. And they outlined the quantifiable, long-lasting damage that media violence does to children: Virtual carnage makes children more likely to condone violence, regard the world as a violent and mean place, grow callous toward real-life violence and its victims, and, sometimes, commit their own violent acts. ……"

AFA Issues 7/28/00 James Lambert "…..Democratic National Committee Co-chair Rep. Loretta Sanchez announced that she would hold a political fund-raiser this summer at the Playboy Mansion (West). Promoters planned his event to coincide with the DNC presidential convention scheduled for Los Angeles in August. California Republican spokesman John McGraw suggested Sanchez find a "more appropriate venue" than the "notorious Playboy Mansion." Two calls to Ms. Sanchez' press secretary were not returned. Some political observers see this event as further evidence that the porn industry is attempting to preserve the political gains they have made during the last seven years of the Clinton/Gore Administration. "We've been living in this Never-Never Land for (the last) seven years" said Jeffrey Douglas of the Free Speech Coalition (a trade organization that represents porn businesses). ……Clearly, the current administration and Justice Department (DOJ) have been good to the porn industry. That is why porn entrepreneurs have steadfastly supported President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and Attorney General Janet Reno. Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccioni admitted he is a "very pro-Clinton administration" supporter. ……"

The NY Times - NY Regional News 7/26/00 Corey Kilgannon "…..Last month at Bronxville High School in Westchester, the school's 82 seniors discussed year-end celebrations and college plans and promised to write heartfelt messages in one another's yearbooks. But when the books were handed out during graduation week, seniors found lewd, prankish photographs, off-color jokes and remarks insulting some students. In one picture, two male students simulated a sex act; in another, a student exposed his buttocks………. "Within 10 minutes, three or four girls walked into the principal's office and said, 'Oh God, look what they did to me -- I can't show this to my mother,' " said Jeffrey Zuckerman, president of the Bronxville Teachers Association. ……"

Denver Post 7/27/00 Howard Pankratz "……The young men who have gone on murderous rampages at American schools lived in "virtual reality bubbles" that conditioned them to kill, a national expert on the psychology of killing told the nation's district attorneys Wednesday. "The kids who do this, they develop what I call a bubble," said retired Army Lt. Col. David Grossman. "They never experienced real death. They never experienced real suffering. All they've got to go on are TV, movies and video games." Grossman said that as killers such as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold plotted their revenge for imagined injustices, nobody - parents, teachers or anyone else - confronted them and popped the bubble. ………Grossman, whose book "On Killing, The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society" was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, believes visual violence has caused crime rates in Western societies to skyrocket in recent years. ……." 8/11/00 "……It should be admitted that Vice President Albert Gore, in a daring and even brilliant attempt to invigorate a seemingly moribund candidacy, chose Connecticut Senator Joseph Isador Lieberman to be his running mate. Gore needed to fumigate himself from the stench accumulated over the last seven years of standing behind President Bill Clinton and Lieberman, an orthodox Jew no less, presented the desperately needed contrast. As a Jew, and therefore a minority, Lieberman could also potentially galvanize ethnic voters tired of supporting people who appear to have had ancestors who came over on the Mayflower. Gore's gamble, however, will not likely pan out in the long run once the euphoria subsides and Lieberman's record becomes known to the American people. …….. If Lieberman had given the speech at a high school football game, he could have been arrested! As an American Jew myself, I can't deny the excitement I felt upon hearing of Lieberman's selection. Even though I endorsed George W. Bush for President early in the campaign, and stand four square behind that endorsement, I found myself overcome with emotion as I read the various news stories about Lieberman the day of his selection…….. Senator Lieberman suffers from a syndrome that many Jews experience and that is a certain timidity when it comes to taking public stands that buck the establishment view. Perhaps because of thousands of years of living precariously in exile where a politically incorrect position could result in calamitous consequences, many Jews recoil in instinctive fear when placed in a position requiring public moral action. This may explain why Lieberman would support positions antithetical to the Torah, Judaism, and, I would assume since he is a practicing Jew, his own conscience, such as partial birth abortion and the disarmament of citizens. Unfortunately, much of the Jewish establishment, in it's lust for acceptance and "respectability" has eschewed politically incorrect concepts such as God, Torah, and a vigorous moral code developed over thousands of years by a succession of Rabbis……..Instead, they kiss the toe of the amoral, atheistic liberal establishment and turn their back on Torah…….Most Jews assimilated generations ago and have no conception of what Judaism is or stands for. ….." 8/11/00 Walter Mears AP "……George W. Bush said Friday that President Clinton's ethical misconduct ''embarrassed the nation'' and Vice President Al Gore should do more to repudiate it. ''If Al Gore has differences with the president, he ought to say loud and clear what they are,'' the Republican presidential nominee said of his Democratic opponent. Americans ''have felt left down'' by Clinton's behavior, Bush told reporters aboard his campaign plane as he campaigned for a second day with former rival Sen. John McCain. ……"

WorldNetDaily 8/11/00 "....... Some people suggest Sen. Joseph Lieberman, as a practicing Jew, provides some balance to a ticket headed by an apostate Christian tied so closely to the most corrupt executive branch regime in the history of American politics. Maybe, some say, his ethics and morals will help propel Al Gore's campaign as he attempts to run away from Bill Clinton's reign of turpitude.

There are a couple problems with this notion. ........ First of all, Gore is morally culpable for every offense committed by his boss because he has never -- and I mean never -- distanced himself from anything Clinton has done. He has never apologized for any of it. He has never denounced any of it. And he has been a participant in much of the worst of it. ....... What do I mean? Let me give you one extraordinary example. On Dec. 14, 1999, a New Hampshire citizen, Katherine Prudhomme asked Gore a pointed question at a town hall meeting. "When Juanita Broaddrick made the claim, which I found to be quite credible, that she was raped by Bill Clinton, did that change your opinion about him being one of the best presidents in history?" she asked. "And do you believe Juanita Broaddrick's claim? And what did you tell your son about this?" ......... ...... "No, I didn't say that," said Gore. " I said I don't know how to evaluate that, and I didn't see the interview. But I must say something else to you about this. Why don't you just stand back up; I'd like to look you in the eye. I think that whatever mistakes (Clinton) made in his personal life are in the minds of most Americans must be balanced against what he has done for his public life as president. My philosophy, since you asked about my religious faith, I'm taught in my religious tradition to hate the sin and love the sinner. I'm taught that all of us are heir to mistakes, that flesh is heir to. And I think that, in judging his performance as a president, I think that most people are anxious to stop talking about all the personal attacks against him. And trying to sort out all of the allegations, and want to, instead, move on, and focus on the future. Now, I'll say this to you, he is my friend, and that friendship is important, and if you've ever had a friend who made a serious mistake and then you repaired the friendship and moved on, then you know what that relationship has been like for me. Secondly, I felt the same disappointment and anger at him during the period when all this was going on that most people did. You may have felt a different kind of emotion, I don't know. I sense that maybe you did. I certainly felt what most Americans did. Third, I have been involved in a lot of battles where he and I have fought together on behalf of the American people, and I think we've made a good, positive difference for this country. Number four, I'm running for president on my own. I want to take my own values of faith and family to the presidency, and I want you to evaluate me on the basis of who I am and what you believe I can do for this country as president." ............ Here's a perfect example of Al Gore's rationalizing away a credible rape allegation against the president. He doesn't want to know the facts. The truth might get in the way of his friendship and his political ambitions. ........"

LA Times 8/8/00 Robert Scheer "……What a gutless wonder Al Gore is turning out to be. Instead of rising to the defense of an administration that deserves to be celebrated, he turns for his running mate to Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, a carping Clinton critic. It's a misguided attempt to distance the Gore campaign from Bill Clinton, but what Gore has never understood is that it is Clinton people like, and Gore who bores them to tears…….. Clinton is a live one, sometimes too much so, but there is to the man an infectious ebullience implying optimism and change that, by comparison, makes Gore seem asleep at the wheel. Perhaps in desperation to appear relatively awake, Gore has managed to find a vice presidential nominee who is even duller and more sanctimonious than he is……."
LA Times 8/8/00 Robert Scheer "……It is as a preening moralizer that Lieberman is most obnoxious. He has attempted to outdo his ally, William Bennett, in the culture wars that have censorship as their end game. That was Lieberman's message when he rose to denounce Clinton in the Senate, employing the same arguments as the Christian right moralizers that the president's transgressions were part of a national moral decay brought on by the right's favorite scapegoat, Hollywood. Lieberman said that he had risen many times to make the same point: "That our society's standards are sinking, that our common moral code is deteriorating, and that our public life is coarsening. In doing so, I have specifically criticized leaders of the entertainment industry for the way they have used the enormous influence they wield to weaken our common values." ………"
AP 8/10/00 Michelle Dearmond "…..Democratic Party officials removed Rep. Loretta Sanchez from her speaking role at next week's party convention on Thursday, hours after she refused to cancel a fund-raiser at the Playboy Mansion. Saying he was ''sorely disappointed'' in Sanchez, DNC chairman Joe Andrew said he had ''no alternative but to take action.'' ''Loretta Sanchez will not be speaking at the Democratic National Convention next week,'' Andrew said in a written statement. …. "

ABC News 8/10/00 "…… Saying he was "sorely disappointed" in Rep. Loretta Sanchez of California, Democratic National Committee Chairman Joe Andrew said he had "no alternative but to take action." Under pressure from Al Gore’s presidential campaign, party officials are planning to meet Aug. 18 and could take further action. That could include withdrawal of support for her re-election and removal from her position as Democratic National Committee general vice-chairperson……… "It will be a success," Sanchez said this afternoon, reading a statement to reporters in Garden Grove, Calif. She added that the decision had been made by the directors of Hispanic Unity USA, the political action committee she runs. "I support that decision," she added…….. Sanchez has been planning for weeks to hold the party, which benefits her own congressional campaign, at the Playboy Mansion. At least 600 people are expected to attend the invitation-only gala. No Playboy Playmates or bunnies will be there. ….. Nevertheless, leading Democrats are concerned that the event could undercut the centrist, family-values message the party has carefully attempted to spread, and could become an easy target for Republican attacks……. The flap has forced Democrats into an awkward balancing act, as they try to present themselves as a party of mainstream family values without spurning efforts at Hispanic voter outreach. …… "

Washington Times 8/11/00 Bill Sammon "……Under orders from the vice president, Democratic officials are meeting Friday to decide whether to suspend support for Mrs. Sanchez's re-election bid and revoke the prestigious title Mr. Gore had personally bestowed on her — vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee…… It was a stunning fall from grace for the Hispanic woman who had been considered a rising star in the Democratic Party since unseating archconservative Robert K. Dornan in 1996. Mr. Gore had personally nurtured Mrs. Sanchez's career with advice, money and clout………It was also the first indication of how determined the scandal-plagued vice president has become to seize the moral high ground since picking Mr. Lieberman, an overtly religious moral crusader best known for railing against excessive sexuality in Hollywood and the White House……..But with President Clinton rehashing the Monica Lewinsky scandal yet again Thursday, Mr. Gore appeared to reach for his own "Sister Souljah" moment, a bid to break with the excesses of his own party. Mr. Clinton made such a move in 1992 by denouncing Sister Souljah, a rap singer who called for the killing of white people…….."Gee, isn't this a coincidence that Lieberman was just appointed as his running mate and all of a sudden there's this extreme fundamentalism," said Playboy Vice President Cindy Rakowitz. "Anybody that has any insight on politics wouldn't be surprised, particularly people in Hollywood who know Lieberman's history," she added. "Lieberman has always been very, very outspoken about cracking down on sex and violence in the entertainment industry."……. Last month, Playboy officials expressed sympathy for Mr. Gore's need to distance himself from the fund-raiser. But now that he has punished Mrs. Sanchez, Playboy is taking a harder line toward the vice president. …."

Washington Times 8/11/00 Bill Sammon "……"This is something that we would expect from Pat Robertson," said Miss Rakowitz, comparing Mr. Gore to the influential Christian conservative. "This is something that we would expect from somebody who's very, very conservative right. That's why we're saddened and surprised."……… Asked whether Mr. Gore would return thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and CEO Christie Hefner, Mr. Lehane said: "The contributions came in from individual donors. It was not done in the capacity of an event at the Playboy Mansion, which I think is a major distinction."…….. Gregory Rodriguez, a Hispanic issues analyst at the New America Institute, said Democrats were taking a risk by "coming down on a woman that they themselves made an icon of Hispanic political empowerment." "It seems to say that Hispanics, despite their numbers and despite the critical role everyone thinks they'll play in the election, are not as indispensable to the Democratic coalition as we're being led to believe," Mr. Rodriguez told AP……… Miss Rakowitz said Mr. Lieberman would "of course be welcome" at the party, which will also be attended by Mr. Hefner, 74, and three of his four girlfriends, all of whom are in their mid-20s…….. "You know, Playboy stands for a lot of things and one of them is of course the sexual revolution. But if you came to a party at Playboy, I assure you that you would leave there not being embarrassed or guilty…….. Miss Rakowitz said Mr. Gore should have stayed with his previous position of simply declining an invitation to the party. "If he had left it at that, it would have been the most appropriate to separate himself from it," she said. "That way, no one could make fun of him by making bunny jokes. "But now he's gone too far. It's really just sad, but I think he's being very, very harsh. "Playboy has always been very supportive of the Democratic Party," she concluded. "We just want to say — and this comes from Hef and Christie — that we support Loretta, whatever she wants to do."….."

New York Times 8/11/00 Bernard Weinraub "……The entertainment industry is facing the Democratic National Convention here next week with some last-minute jitters. Vice President Al Gore's choice of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman as his running mate has chilled wealthy Hollywood Democrats, who are upset that Mr. Lieberman is one of the Senate's most vocal critics of Hollywood. ……. With moguls like Lew Wasserman, the former chairman of MCA, and David Geffen, one of the owners of Dreamworks, and stars like Barbra Streisand set to open their gated compounds for Democratic fund-raisers and parties, Hollywood is hardly in a mood to publicly voice nervousness about Mr. Lieberman. ……."It's so ironic -- they pick the chief Democratic critic of Clinton as well as Hollywood," said Tom Strickler, a partner at the Endeavor talent agency, and a Republican who supports Gov. George W. Bush for president. Last year, Mr. Lieberman said that if the entertainment industry "continues to market death and degradation to our children and continues to pay no heed to the genuine bloodshed staining our communities, then one way or the other the government will act." …….. Jim Wiatt, a top talent agent who is president and chief executive of the William Morris agency, and a Democrat, said, "It's intolerable to think of the government regulating our business and content, and Senator Lieberman has been vocal to the point where he needs to tone down his rhetoric and not make this industry the whipping boy for the decline of Western civilization." ……"

Washington Times 8/11/00 Diana West "….So maybe Messrs. Bush and Cheney are no longer needed to restore decency and integrity to the Oval Office after all. That, more than anything else, is the not-so-subtle spin on Al Gore's selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate. Mr. Lieberman is "a man of integrity," we are told in the papers and on the airwaves, not to mention "the conscience of the senate."………… Mr. Lieberman's obvious gifts notwithstanding, one may be left puzzling over what it is that elevates him at least a pedestal-span above the shoulders of his colleagues. For example, the media have never before been so fondly disposed toward politicians, who, like Mr. Lieberman, have attempted to join battle with Hollywood against obscenity and violence in pop culture. (Just think Tom DeLay or Henry Hyde.) And while he is an Orthodox Jew, Mr. Lieberman is by no means unique in politics for his religious devotion…… But for all the late summer fireworks, Mr. Lieberman had sufficiently collected himself by winter to vote against conviction. Cooled off to the point of just being "deeply disappointed" in the president, Mr. Lieberman was satisfied to pass the buck on such grave matters as perjury and obstruction of justice. …… Early on, it looks as if the Democrats haven't quite gotten the most effective handle on their morality line. When quizzed this week on whether he agreed with Mr. Lieberman at the time, the vice president oh-so-trippingly replied, "Yes, and I said so at the time, and you know the president said that he agreed with it at the time."
Oh, really. Funny, but no one else seems to have heard this. (And funnier still that Mr. Lieberman actually opened his 1998 speech by saying that he must "respectfully disagree" with the president's statement that both his relationship with Monica Lewinsky and his lies about it were "nobody's business but his family's." So far, there is only one person who partly corroborates Mr. Gore's story — Hillary Rodham Clinton — and it must be said that she sounds a little weak. In response to a similar question this week, Mrs. Clinton said, "You know, the president said he agreed with him. And I think people are going to find a lot to like about Joe Lieberman."......Scripted but extremely lame, both responses are nonetheless quite revealing. Mr. Gore says he agreed, and they both say Mr. Clinton agreed, with the Lieberman excoriation that castigated the president for his unfaithfulness, his mendacity and a betrayal of the public trust that undermined his moral authority to govern. It is as if by a simple declaration of agreement that Mr. Gore and Mrs. Clinton believe they have both defused the issue and discharged their moral responsibility. That's not morality, of course — that's lip service. It will be interesting to see which of the two Mr. Lieberman chooses to inject into the debate……."

New York Times 8/11/00 Marc Lacey "……Four thousand church members bowed their heads today and prayed for a sinner in their midst -- a man who, like them, was struggling in his life with right and wrong. "Guide his path," intoned Bill Hybels, senior pastor at the Willow Creek Community Church here. "Fill him with your wisdom and cause him to keep growing personally and maturing." The man before them was President Clinton, and he had just described how his life had spun out of control after an adulterous affair, how his job sometimes overwhelmed him, how the past seven and a half years had had low moments and wonderful ones, too. ……. His appearance at the church came at a delicate time, just a few days before the Democrats are to open their political convention in Los Angeles, and shift the spotlight from Mr. Clinton to Vice President Al Gore. ...... Aides to Mr. Gore have also expressed their annoyance that Mr. Clinton and his wife, Hillary, plan such prominent roles at the convention and in high-profile events leading up it. The president's headline-grabbing remarks here -- on a topic Mr. Gore would prefer to forget -- will probably add to their annoyance. ……Indeed, the Gore campaign continued to express frustration over the repeated dredging up of Mr. Clinton's affair -- already back in the news because Mr. Gore's vice-presidential pick, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, had criticized Mr. Clinton so openly about it. ...... One Gore adviser observed drily, "We're trying to keep the focus on the future and on the issues that matter to the voters, and this isn't in that category." ……."

Washington Times 8/11/00 "…… President Clinton Thursday repeated earlier apologies for the Monica Lewinsky affair, with the additional twist of a specific exoneration of Vice President Al Gore on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. "He didn't fail in his ministry because I did," Mr. Clinton said to 11,000 ministers at a church leadership conference outside Chicago. "Surely, no fair-minded person would blame him for any mistakes that I made." Mr. Gore, a week away from his nomination as the Democratic standard-bearer to succeed Mr. Clinton, has suffered in the polls, in part from being tied to a president whose job approval is high but whose ethics have drawn widespread scorn…….."

Associate Press via Washington Times 8/11/00 "……When White House officials punished a handful of employees a year ago for downloading pornographic material from the Internet, they thought they had stopped the problem. It has resurfaced. "There was a recent uptick in incidents of this in the last month or so," White House spokesman Jake Siewert said yesterday. "We're not certain who did it, but we're starting to sort it out and those people will be punished, too." …….. The Internet news site, which first reported the story Wednesday, said a consultant hired last year to improve security in the White House's computer network uncovered "massive pornographic video files passing through the system's fire wall," which protects the system against hackers. ......,:

Reuters 8/11/00 Arthur Spiegelman "……. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez bowed to career-threatening pressure from the Democratic Party Friday and agreed to move a major Hispanic fund-raiser from the politically incorrect Playboy Mansion to a more sedate location. In a rambling statement televised on local news stations, the once rising Democratic Party star said, "Our decision is that we will be moving to a different location." …….. She did not say where, but a source close to the situation told Reuters it would be held at B.B. King's Blues Club at Universal Studios' City Walk. ……. Bill Farley, a spokesman for Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, told Reuters, "I think Loretta Sanchez just got beaten up by a bunch of white guys in Washington and this is a lose-lose situation for her and for the party. Vice President Al Gore is going to need the Hispanic vote in California." …….. Democratic leaders threatened to come down hard on Sanchez if she did not change the venue for a fund-raiser for a bipartisan group that encourages Hispanic voting, Hispanic Unity USA. ………They said she would not be allowed to speak at the Democratic National Convention which starts here next week and might have her credentials revoked. They also discussed having her removed from several party jobs. ......... Democratic National Committee National Chairman Joe Andrew said Sanchez would now be allowed to speak at the convention on Tuesday night. ……. "For the Democratic leadership to force her to kowtow to their wishes is outrageous," said Raymond Estrella, an Anaheim banker who sits on the steering committee of Hispanic Unity USA. "How stupid can you get? Playboy is hardly even porno. Besides, it's just a venue. It's not like we're going to have naked women running around." ......But Andrew disagreed, saying, "The Republicans have just finished a convention in which they maintained that the previous Democratic administration lacked moral character. We don't want people distracted by these attacks." ….."

Salon 8/12/00 Jake Tapper "……A lot of us in Los Angeles for the Democratic Convention are thinking quite a bit about Playboy these days, and not for the usual reasons. In a rather embarrassing pre-convention controversy, Democratic Party chair Joe Andrew retaliated against Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., for not canceling or relocating a fundraiser for her political action committee, which was to be held at the Playboy Mansion in Bel Air.. …… "They're not really gonna do that," Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said on Wednesday, reacting to the news. "They're not really gonna strip her of her credentials," Hef said, according to his vice president of public relations Cindy Rakowitz. But indeed they have. Rakowitz said in an interview that her boss "just couldn't believe it." …….. ….. Reached Friday afternoon in his Beverly Hills office, Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt said, "This whole episode reinforces my opinion that sex is more political than anything else." ……"

Opinion Journal 8/13/00 "…….You would have thought Al Gore might like some of Hugh Hefner's easeful glow. Jokes about the vice president's allegedly wooden personality have long been a staple of late-night television as well as his own stump speeches. ……While this was no doubt difficult for Ms. Sanchez, it's hard not to have some sympathy for Mr. Gore. He and his pollsters know that the public is seeing them as the Clinton-lifestyle Democrats, that the deep undercurrent in George W. Bush's speech was moral, and that they're going to lose unless they do something about it. It's one thing to nominate Mr. Gore in the middle of America's Sodom; it's another to have Rep. Sanchez hold a highly visible fund-raiser in one of its local cultural landmarks on the eve of the convention opening. .........Needless to say, a public alliance with Playboy by a prominent politician makes it more difficult for Mr. Gore to counter GOP charges that the Democrats are more comfortable with Hef and Hollywood than they are with Main Street and their own vice presidential nominee, an Orthodox Jew who has given out "Silver Sewer" awards to the film and music industry for the sex-saturated trash they put out. …….. Democrats who know better understand that years of demonizing the Republicans as the party of the "religious right" left Democrats by default the party of relativists, secularists and libertines. …….Morality and diversity, of course, are both goals worthy of public homage. But this week in Los Angeles the chickens are coming home to roost for the Democrats. If in the wake of the Playboy fiasco and the Clinton moral legacy Mr. Gore today finds himself assailed by all sides, maybe that has something to do with years and years of wanting to have it both ways. ….."

The Daily Oklahoman 8/14/00 "…….WHILE shuttling their children around in 1992 and 1996, the young "soccer moms" in suburban and small-town America found the time to help vote Bill Clinton into office twice. This year, a new voting bloc might swing the election toward either George W. Bush or Al Gore. And this voting bloc, dubbed "Bible study moms," puts moral values at the top of its list of concerns. ……. A new survey of 1,012 registered voters found that 22 percent of all the women voters polled were married with children and consider themselves born-again Christians, a voting bloc nicknamed by the survey's sponsor, the Beverly LaHaye Institute. …….Bush and Gore would err if they overlooked this group of women concentrated in the South and in the Midwest's key battleground states. ……."

The Houston Chronicle 8/13/00 R G Ratcliffe "……The main character in the novel Love Story -- who may or may not have been based in part on Democratic presidential contender Al Gore -- declares in the book: "Love means never having to say you're sorry." ………. But as the Democratic National Convention opens in Los Angeles today, the real-life Gore is under a lot of pressure to declare that sometimes in politics you have to say you're sorry. …… In this case, the pressure is on Gore to say he is sorry for the scandals of his boss, President Clinton, and for what some critics say is his predilection toward exaggeration. ……. University of Houston political scientist Richard Murray and Southern Methodist University political scientist Cal Jillson believe that Gore put much of the Clinton scandals behind him by picking Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate. They said the Lieberman selection sent a signal that Gore intends to have an ethical administration. Murray said it was more important for Gore to put Clinton's sexual scandals behind him than the fund-raising scandals of the Clinton years. ……. "

The American Spectator 8/14/00 Byron York "………Los Angeles -- Did you know that this Thursday, August 17, the day Al Gore will deliver his speech-of-a-lifetime acceptance address to the Democratic National Convention, is also the two-year anniversary of Bill Clinton's infamous grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewinsky case? Who needs Republicans to bring up the scandal? The Democrats -- from the president down to the convention schedulers -- are doing a fine job of it all by themselves……. While all of that might seem obvious -- after all, it wasn't Gore who dallied with Monica in the Oval Office -- it's not the whole story. A look at the record shows that, contrary to conventional wisdom, the vice president was far more involved in Bill Clinton's scandal management campaign than many of his supporters have ever been willing to concede. From the scandal's first hours, Gore played a key role on the White House crisis team, offering private advice, help lobbying Congress, and vigorous public support. Taken together, Gore's assistance was critical to Clinton's survival.......... On January 21 -- the day the scandal broke -- Clinton was scheduled to give several previously arranged media interviews that had been intended as previews of the upcoming State of the Union address. Knowing he would have to answer questions about Lewinsky, the president turned to Gore, who was traveling in Tennessee. ………."

The American Spectator 8/14/00 Byron York "………In addition to giving advice -- which he has consistently refused to discuss in public -- Gore also took a leading role in the effort to shore up support for Clinton in Congress. Fearing that the party might abandon the president, on January 26 Gore went to Capitol Hill to meet with a group of 40 New Democrats who had been wobbling in their devotion to Clinton. "……At the same time he was taking a leading role behind the scenes, Gore expanded his duties in public to become the president's chief White House defender. He stated emphatically that he believed Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" denial of the affair with Lewinsky. And he worked himself into a frenzy of loyalty in public appearances. …….. His voice rising to a scream, Gore continued, "He is the president of the country. He is also my friend. And I want to ask you now, every single one of you, to JOIN ME IN SUPPORTING HIM AND STANDING BY HIS SIDE!"......"

The American Spectator 8/14/00 Byron York "………Gore's role remained essentially unchanged through the summer of 1998 -- at least until mid-August. ….. "I watched the president's televised address in which he took full responsibility for his actions and apologized to the nation," Gore began: I am proud of him -- not only because he is a friend -- but because he is a person who has had the courage to acknowledge mistakes. I am honored to work with this great President on his agenda for the nation, and I believe it is time to put this matter behind us -- once and for all -- and move forward with the business of the United States of America. ......... Three weeks later, when the Starr Report was released, the public got its first chance to comprehend the extent of Clinton's lying and obstruction of justice. Gore's reaction was to immediately re-affirm his support. ......... Three months later, on the day Clinton was impeached by the House, Gore made his famous speech at the Democrats' Rose Garden pep rally: "I know his heart, and his will, and I have seen his work," Gore said of Clinton. "[Impeachment] does a great disservice to a many I believe will be regarded in the history books as one of our greatest presidents."......" 8/14/00 "…..I got a kick out of the Democratic National Committee's hissy-fit over co-chairwoman Loretta Sanchez's scheduled fund-raiser at the Playboy mansion. …. "We think an event at the Playboy mansion is not the right image and does not represent the values of our party," explained Joe Andrews, the chairman of the Democratic Party. Oh really? It doesn't represent the values of the Democrats? Why not? ……… Isn't it true that the Democratic party has accepted at least $100,000 in political contributions from Hugh and Christie Hefner in recent years? What did the Democrats think the Hefners were buying if not the party of Playboy values? ...... Furthermore, I couldn't help but notice this story about Sanchez and the Playboy Mansion broke the same week WorldNetDaily exploded the latest scandal-bomb on the White House -- what is being dubbed "Porn-gate." ……. Did everyone else in the media fail to see the irony between these two stories? Was anyone else surprised to see the Sanchez story get more ink and airtime than the story of the White House porn addicts? …… I'll tell you the real reason the Democrats vetoed Sanchez's Playboy event. It had nothing to do with the party's morals and values -- at least not in the sense that Joe Andrew suggests. It has more to do with the dirty little secret that the party is all-but controlled by a coalition of feminists and homosexual activists -- a coalition that would find the Playboy lifestyle repugnant not because of its sinfulness, but because of its ultra-hetero exploitation. ...The big question is: Would the party have as much of a problem with barnyard animals and homosexual porn -- or would that be in line with its quest for diversity and approval of alternate lifestyles?

National Post 8/14/00 Mark Steyn "……..By the time I landed, there was good news and bad news. The bad news was that Representative Loretta Sanchez had caved in to Al Gore and moved her fundraiser for Hispanic Democrats from the Playboy Mansion to Universal Studios. Al had played hardball with Ms. Sanchez: After weeks of tense negotiations, he cancelled her speaking slot at the convention, withdrew her accreditation, threatened to remove her as co-chair and made her cry on TV. In Baghdad, Saddam must be dreading a Gore administration. So Ms. Sanchez surrendered. But the good news was that Hugh Hefner, a big-time Dem donor, had decided to throw a party anyway. Invitation only. ………. I'm not a great fan of the remorseless convergence of political muscle and Hollywood glamour, but, if I have to choose, I'll take Kennedy and Sinatra over Clinton and Kenny G. Back in the Sixties, Bobby used to get Frank to set up sessions with Marilyn at Peter Lawford's beach house. Lawford was, of course, the Kennedys' brother-in-law. Likewise, Clinton's brother-in-law is married to a daughter of Senator Barbara Boxer who used to work for Rob Fried, the producer of Godzilla and So I Married An Ax Murderer. Hollywood chic, you can't beat it. …….. But that was before the Hollywood squares -- the Gores and Liebermans -- moved in and decided to appropriate the Republicans' religiosity shtick. ……. Personally, I think Dubya's just winding him up. The GOP has no intention of running on "character." Every time the Republicans make Clinton's character the issue, they lose and the adulterer and fornicator wins. So this time they've hit on the ingenious wheeze of panicking Gore into making Clinton's character the issue.

New York 8/14/00 Dick Morris "……THE epicenter of economic resentment and class hostility in America is Wall Street. The ground zero for social populism - the animosity toward cultural elites which brews throughout the nation - is Hollywood. For the Democrats to have their convention near Hollywood makes about as much sense as for the Republicans to gather at the corner of Wall St. and Broadway to nominate their candidate. The weekend photos of the Clintons hob-nobbing with Hollywood lights like Barbara Streisand will do long-term damage to Gore and to Hillary. Nothing infuriates middle America more than the lack of values, the easy success, and the philistine focus on money and fame that characterizes Hollywood. …… Gore hammers away at drug companies, insurance conglomerates and big oil - but it is the debasement of values that Hollywood represents that sends Americans into orbit. While they go to the movies, they despise the idea that their politicians worship at the altar of the silver screen. ……The Democrats should have held their convention in Tulsa, Okla., before they set foot in Hollywood. The symbolism of gain without sacrifice and fame without virtue that adheres to the world of make-believe so diminishes their convention as to drag down even its most eloquent moments. ......"

Florida Times-Union 8/14/00 "…….Al Gore's choice of Joseph Lieberman as his running mate has brought virtually unanimous assessment by liberals, conservatives, Republicans and Democrats that it restores ethics, morality and integrity to the Democrat ticket. ... Before we render absolution, I think it would be worth drawing a parallel between Lieberman and another famous politician, Sir Thomas More. ...... More, King Henry VIII's prime minister, was also a man of great moral reputation. As we know, Henry sought More's approval to justify his corrupt and immoral behavior. More refused. For his steadfastness to his principles, he forfeited his life. ...... Lieberman voiced his strong disapproval of the corrupt and immoral behavior of Bill Clinton on the floor of the U.S. Senate. However, when the test came, unlike More, he failed miserably. ...... Lieberman, like every other congressional Democrat, voted to approve, for all posterity, the behavior of Clinton as an acceptable standard for the Oval Office. ......"


Agape Press 8/15/00 Robert Peters ".....Eight years ago, as part of the White Ribbon Against Pornography Campaign, Morality in Media asked its members to write then presidential candidates George Bush and Bill Clinton. .....In response to the resulting letters, Bill Clinton wrote: "Hillary and I are concerned about the effects of exposure to violence, explicit sex and mixed moral messages on America's children--themes all too often depicted on television, in films and in print...Be assured that aggressive enforcement of federal obscenity laws by the Justice Department--particularly by the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section--will be a priority in a Clinton/Gore administration."......Our efforts were to no avail. During the first six years of the Clinton administration, federal obscenity law enforcement declined by over eighty percent. In fiscal year 1997, there were only six prosecutions in which the lead charge was a violation of federal obscenity laws. In fiscal year 1998, the number was eight. Worse yet, to our knowledge, there have been NO prosecutions initiated against major interstate distributors of hardcore pornography in several years......."

Capitol Hill Blue 8/14/00 Teresa Mask "....... President Clinton should not be held up as someone who can share pearls of wisdom about leadership, say some Willow Creek churchgoers upset that he will be at the church Thursday to talk on the subject. Clinton is immoral and doesn't belong in the same category as other corporate role models who can give solid advice about being a successful leader, they say. ......... Despite fielding many complaint calls about Clinton's appearance, officials at the South Barrington church say they are moving ahead as planned with his participation in the annual Leadership Summit. ...... Some callers questioned whether Clinton's visit meant the church was endorsing the Democratic Party and Clinton policies. Others were concerned that Senior Pastor Bill Hybels was stepping over the line with his personal relationship as Clinton's spiritual adviser by inviting him to the church. Willow Creek spokesman David Staal said the church received a steady stream of complaint calls Tuesday, though he could not pinpoint how many. ........" News 8/14/00 Sean Neary "……But "Honest Joe," may not be the squeaky clean Ward Cleaver character that he claims to be. "He is the most sanctimonious member of the Senate," says noted historian Arthur Schlesinger of Lieberman. "He is a hypocrite too, because, for all his self-preening moral pretensions, he put on one of the dirtiest campaigns in recent history when he beat a much better senator, Lowell Weicker."…….. Schlesinger is referring to the bitter Senate battle 12 years ago when Lieberman, the state's soft-spoken attorney general, overcame a double-digit deficit to edge out Weicker by a razor-thin margin. And, as Schlesinger points out, Lieberman did not come from behind by resting on his morals. Rather, he pounded away at the incumbent with a Blitzkrieg of attack ads and good old-fashioned mudslinging. This may seem a far cry from the pillar of morality that stands beside Al Gore today. But in 1988, Lieberman got his hands dirty. ………"

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/18/00 Valerie Richardson "…..When Gloria Johnson learned that a group of Eagle Scouts was about to take the stage at the Democratic National Convention, she immediately went into action. She and other California delegates grabbed poster board and markers and made signs that read, "We Support Gay Boy Scouts." As the uniformed Scouts took part in the opening ceremony, the delegates, seated in the front of the hall, waved their signs - and booed. Under normal circumstances, jeering at children is the sort of behavior that might get a delegate sanctioned, if not booted from the convention altogether. But anyone who expected the Democratic leadership to scold the Boy Scouts of America bashers is attending the wrong convention……."

Chicago Tribune 8/15/00 John Kass "….Here at the Anti-Sex League meetings--also known as the convention of Democrats who want to purge the name Monica from all human memory--it's not nice to speak kindly of Playboy. Playboy is bad. The word gives people the willies. The Republicans aren't the only folks who can put on a good face for TV. In Philadelphia, the GOP reinvented itself for prime time and trotted out every minority it could catch. Now the Democrats are in the re-creation business, too. So expect a prime-time lineup of Al, Joe and the Vestal Virgins. It's this new morality thing. ….. Morality is in now. Playboy is out. Sex is out, too, even in Sharon Stone's Hollywood, at least until Friday when the rest of us have to go home. …….Even God is back in, as if you haven't noticed. If you're a Democratic candidate, it's now OK to publicly mention God's name 20,000 times an hour. And it's fine to reflect on the relationship between faith and public policy, as long as it's just talk and you still take Hollywood's money. ......As evidence of the new Democratic faith front, former President Jimmy Carter--once ridiculed by Democrats for publicly discussing his deep Christian faith--was brought to L.A. on Monday as a moral pillar for Al Gore to lean on. ..."

New York Post 8/15/00 Sidney Zion "…….AND the ticket is ... Gore and Lewinsky! You simply can't think of Joe Lieberman without thinking of Monica. And in case your mind wanders, the television and newspapers will immediately bring you back to reality. Because in reality, the only reason Al Gore picked Lieberman was for his famous spanking of Bill Clinton over that Oval Office yakahoola with the fair Lewinsky. There were great risks involved - would the choice annoy the goys? - but in the end, Gore worried more about the dress and the DNA. …….. "Out damn spot!" was the call that won the day for Joe, who was the only dry cleaner who could get it done. Instead, all it did was throw it back up on the screen in living color. ……"

Wall Street Journal 8/17/00 Barbara Olson "…….Every other word from the Democratic faithful in Los Angeles these past few days has been a mantra-like repetition of the talking point that vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman is the "conscience of the Senate." Setting aside for a moment how irritating and condescending this must be to the other Democratic senators, it is appropriate to examine Mr. Lieberman's record in saving the soul of the world's greatest deliberative body…….. Mr. Lieberman has apparently acquired his reputation for piety on those occasions when he stood up against his party's liberal core and uttered a few words of common sense. Examples include his support for some degree of Social Security privatization, welfare reform, strengthening of the military, and school vouchers, his campaign against cinematic violence and sex, and his opposition to racial discrimination dressed up in the form of affirmative action. He is particularly praised for his forthright -- and correct -- characterization of President Clinton as a disgraceful, lying sexual predator……..But a closer examination of Mr. Lieberman's record reveals more sanctimoniousness than sanctity. This week, the senator has fallen all over himself to sell what was left of his integrity to please Al Gore's campaign managers, Jesse Jackson and the Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) It has not been a pretty sight…….."

New York Post 8/16/00 John Mainelli "…..Playboy founder Hugh Hefner blasted "hypocritical" Democrats and "puritanical" feminists yesterday, saying California Rep. Loretta Sanchez hasn't given up the idea of holding a fund-raiser at his mansion. After Democrats threatened to cancel Sanchez's convention speech because she chose Hefner's Los Angeles manse as a fund-raising venue, Sanchez moved last night's event to the considerably tamer B.B. King's Blues Club in Universal City. "A bunch of white, Democratic, bigwig men beating up on an Hispanic congresswomen is the lowest," Hefner told WOR Radio's Bob Grant. "They really pulled bully-boy tactics on her. Finally, under that pressure, she buckled. It's the height of politics - because it's the height of hypocrisy." ……"

New York Post 8/17/00 Dick Morris "……EVIDENCE mounts that the Democratic Party is losing its grip on the social-values issues that were key to its success in 1996 and, with it, its grasp on the political center. All of the speeches so far seem to focus primarily on one basic argument: "You never had it so good, so don't change parties." While this argument is glib, it's also politically stupid. ……. Clinton's key repositioning in 1996 was to shift his emphasis from economic issues to values issues. Income redistribution or economic upward mobility was no longer at the core of the Democratic message. The resulting appeal to middle-class, suburban, swing voters was crucial in crafting Clinton's popular near-majority on Election Day. ……The short-sighted retreat to the left on display Tuesday night - the Kennedys, Jesse Jackson, union and abortion activists - may well have done untold harm. This preoccupation with the Democratic base is more worthy of a primary than of a general election. The African-American caucus' demand for a Joseph Lieberman mea culpa for his acts of independence further reinforced the stereotype of a party dominated by special interests. ……..The GOP convention focused heavily on social-values issues - but abandoned Republicans' historically harsh, Calvinist tone for themes of love, forgiveness, empathy and opportunity. So far, this is a Democratic convention right out of the 1980, 1984 and 1988 playbooks. And we all know how they turned out. ......"

The Wall Street Journal 8/16/00 William Bennett "…… It is true that Mr. Lieberman has moved away from some of his previous stances. In 1998, for example, he said that "a remarkable wave of innovative thinking is advancing the concept of privatization. I think in the end that individual control of part of the retirement Social Security funds has to happen." He now says (with some plausibility) he was only "intrigued" by the notion and, after researching the matter, concluded that privatization was a bad idea. ………… On the question of whether President Clinton lied under oath to a grand jury, Mr. Lieberman said a few days ago that "I'm not really in a position to make that legal judgment." But after the impeachment trial was concluded, he did make a legal judgment; Mr. Clinton, according to Mr. Lieberman, "made false or misleading statements . . . to a federal grand jury" and his actions likely "had the effect of impeding the discovery of evidence in judicial proceedings." …….But overall, Mr. Lieberman's attempts to distance himself from his record are not egregious or particularly offensive. After all, Mr. Lieberman was tapped not to be No. 1 but to be No. 2. The senator, when he can, understandably wants to find ways to agree with, and not explicitly disagree with, the top of his ticket. …….What is worth noting is that Mr. Lieberman has so far stuck to his guns on several traditionally "conservative Republican" issues. More importantly, his stands cut at the heart of the most powerful Democratic interest groups: teachers unions, trial lawyers and the entertainment industry. He says he intends to promote these views inside the administration if he were to become vice president. ….."

Heads Up #195 8/20/00 Doug Fiedor "….. An elderly Democrat asked an interesting question at the local greasy spoon the other day: "Who are the Democratic heroes today?" After a little thought, I came up with a smart- aleck answer: "How the hell am I supposed to know, I'm a Constitutionalist, not a liberal. I can't think of any liberal heroes." "Exactly!" she said. "Back when I was teaching school, at least there were a few national Democrats we could look up to. Now there is no one. Gore does not stand a chance in this election." Nevertheless, they had a convention anyway. ….."

Heads Up #195 8/20/00 Doug Fiedor "….. Anyway, when the Boy Scouts went up on stage to do their thing, a large contingent of conventioneers joined together to loudly boo the Scouts because of their moral creed. That's the "family values" of the Party of the Ass. …….. "

Heads Up #195 8/20/00 Doug Fiedor "…..One little inconvenient problem with Gore's new "moral" thing, though: Clinton, Clinton & Gore have this big spender friend who also publishes a girlie magazine. It should be interesting to watch Lieberman when Larry Flynt pops up with a cool half-million or so campaign donation. And don't forget Bob Guccione of Penthouse. ….. Incidentally, Lieberman already said Gore should keep the Playboy contributions. "I don't think that he has to [return the money] and I don't think that he should," Lieberman said when asked about the glaring inconsistency. That's politics. …….."

Washington Times 8/16/00 Wesley Pruden ".... This is Joe Lieberman's big night, the night he's likely to remember with a good deal of sadness. If he's the man we all think he is, he has the most to lose in this election, and he probably will. Not just because he'll have to compromise the convictions that are so important to him - that sad process has already begun - but he will inevitably become the focus of angry controversy within his own party. That process has already begun, too......" 8/16/00 AP ".....Prominent Democrats at the party's national convention are grumbling about President Clinton's personal mistakes and their impact and urging him to cede the spotlight to likely nominee Al Gore. Clinton left town after offering the convention a triumphant review of his accomplishments Monday night. On the same day Clinton addressed the convention, Democratic Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware talked to Iowa delegates outside the hall about the effect of the president's mistakes. ''We have been so cowered as a party by a guy I love, Bill Clinton's incredible indiscretions,'' Biden said. ''I think we should make this election about integrity, I think we should make this election about honesty ... not shy away from it.'' ....." 8/18/00 John LeBoutillier "…..Al Gore rescued his campaign with his Thursday night convention address. He displayed the Al Gore I served with in Congress: a decent and humble man who genuinely cares about others. True, he is a liberal - and liberalism is a disaster. But, unlike the Clintons, Gore cares about others. And he is not an egomaniac. Nor would he ever behave like Bill Clinton - ever! ……"

Insight 8/14/00 "……With Al Gore and the Democratic National Committee suddenly focused on personal morality and putting the big Democratic fund-raiser at Hugh Hefner's Playboy sex pad on hold, the Republican National Committee today released details by other bunny-money contributions by Hefner to Democrats. Since 1992 these include:
* $6,500 to Al Gore and his political-action committee;
* $4,500 to the Democratic Senatorial Committee;
* $10,000 to the Democratic National Committee;
* $26,000 to the Democratic Congressional Committee; and
* $85,239 to Democratic candidates……."

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/15/00 Bill Sammon "….. Joseph I. Lieberman, a critic of the "Jenny Jones" talk show, last night planned to party with the show's producer and other Hollywood donors, despite his pledge a day earlier to stand "with the people against the powerful" entertainment industry. It was the latest step in the Connecticut senator's dramatic retreat from the moral high ground since Vice President Al Gore introduced him as his running mate a week ago………. Initially hailed as the moral counterweight to the administration's legacy of scandal, Mr. Lieberman has swiftly softened and even abandoned long-held positions of righteousness, which Democrats had hoped would put some distance between Mr. Gore and President Clinton…… "The positions that Al Gore is taking in this campaign are now my positions," Mr. Lieberman acknowledged during a round of talk-show appearances Sunday. "When he and I disagree, he wins."….."

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/17/00 Wesley Pruden "….. A lot of chickens that have been fluttering over the landscape, looking for a place to roost, found the Staples Center Thursday night. As hard as he tries, Al Gore just can't get out of the shadow of Bill Clinton, the scandals, the investigation, the reach of grand juries. News of the latest sensation, that Robert Ray, the special prosecutor who succeeded Kenneth Starr, has impaneled a new grand jury to consider whether the president should be indicted for perjury, for lying about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky in the trial of Paula Jones' lawsuit against him……. "We're entering a new time. We're electing a new president. And I stand here tonight as my own man, and I want you to know me for who I truly am." No doubt he does, but easier said, after these past eight years, than done. The poor guy shares the mark of the beast, and all his rubbing and scrubbing seems not to have any good effect at all. The Democrats, predictably, were furious. "It's probably just another dirty trick," said Rep. Charles Rangel of New York. Said Jake Stewart, a White House spokesman: "The timing of this leak reeks to high heaven." Even George W., who has kept a discreet silence all week (unlike the president, who picked a fight with George W.'s daddy during the Republican convention in Philadelphia), felt he had to say something. He sent out Karen Hughes, his press spokeswoman to say that it wasn't "appropriate" for this "announcement" to be made on the day that Al Gore accepts his party's nomination……. But it wasn't an announcement. The story broke because a reporter smoked it out, and that's because smoking out stories is what reporters do. The White House crew, masters of smoke and spin, know that better than everyone else, and have practiced the dark arts of smoke and spin for nearly a decade……..Al Gore cannot have been surprised. He knows better than anyone the depth of the mud around Bill Clinton's ankles, and he knows that some of it will stick to him no matter what he does, or how eloquent his speeches may be……."

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/18/00 "….The Democratic National Convention this week has gone far towards exposing rifts among Democrats that somehow had been submerged during the Clinton era. Much as Mr. Clinton managed to divide the rest of the country, the Democrats, radicals and moderates alike, have had to stick together time and again to defend their erring leader. Dissension in the ranks, however, has been the defining characteristic of the Los Angeles convention. Just as the Democratic Party leadership thought, Al Gore plus Joe Lieberman equals political TNT. There was just one miscalculation: the location of ground zero. Imagine the horror of Mr. Gore's strategists, as they behold the result wrought by Mr. Lieberman's nomination - the political fragmentation of the Democratic Left……."

AP 8/29/00 "……..Nine teen-agers must watch the movie "Saving Private Ryan" and read "The Greatest Generation" after pleading guilty to vandalizing a veterans park. District Judge Charles Carver also ordered the nine to write 1,000-word essays due Dec. 7, the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. …… Carver said he hoped the teens would learn about "the sacrifices of American soldiers in defense of your freedom." ……They could have received a maximum sentence of 180 days in jail. ……… More than $45,000 in damage was done to Golden Triangle Veterans Memorial Park during February, including the removal of plaques carrying the names of veterans who served during World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. ……. "

Times/U.K. 8/29/00 Grace Bradberry "……A TOP Hollywood screen- writer has paid for a full-page advertisement in Variety, urging people not to give any more money to the Democrats' presidential campaign until Joe Lieberman clarifies his position on censorship. Joe Eszterhas portrays Al Gore's running mate as a danger to Hollywood. The writer of Basic Instinct and Showgirls says: "Let's make Joe Lieberman accountable for his rhetoric. Not a penny more until he 'clarifies' his position to the satisfaction of our creative freedom." ……"

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 8/21/00 Alan Caruba "….. "An overwhelming majority of Independents (71.4 per cent) said the moral climate in America is seriously off on the wrong track, compared to just 21.8 per cent who believe the nation's moral climate is going in the right direction." (Zogby, August 2nd.) Earlier, in an ABC/Washington Post poll taken July 20-23, those responding rated "morals/values" at 70 per cent in terms of importance and, at the top of the list of their priorities, education at 75 per cent. The political reporters and pundits want a race, a campaign with an exciting exchange of ideas about policies and issues. I think this race is over. I think it was over long ago. It was over when a lot of people decided that William Jefferson Clinton was a cancer on the body politic and had disgraced, not merely himself, but their nation. He's Gore's doppelganger. Most Americans sense that they are on the edge of a culturally and socially dangerous place when they watch television or go to the movies. ….."

The Federalist 8/23/00 "…….. We live in what could be appropriately labeled as "The Age of Tolerance." Behind this innocuous-sounding designation lurks a monster few can even comprehend. This beast has many forms, but at its most dangerous, it rears its head as the modern doctrine of relativism. This idea, which holds that no particular philosophy or viewpoint has any more claim to truth than any other, has captured the imagination of our culture in a way that few ideas have previously done. In fact, despite our nation's constitutional guarantees of free speech and free expression, it is becoming increasingly dangerous to challenge popular wisdom as it pertains to relativism. Those who argue for absolutes -- in any area of social interaction -- are increasingly singled out for societally sanctioned persecution. …….. This was mild, compared with what befell FRC employee Yvette Schneider, as she delivered a speech at Dartmouth University. Schneider, a former practicing lesbian, was speaking at the invitation of the campus Christian student organization, which wanted to hear her powerful testimony about how her life had been transformed from homosexuality to Evangelical Christianity. Schneider was rudely and obscenely interrupted by enraged homosexual activists, who publicly accused her of Nazi tendencies. The highlight of the evening came when the crowd grew dangerously hostile, forcing Schneider to flee the building under police escort. ….."

Bush for President 8/23/00 "……"While it's clear that Al Gore engaged in a number of questionable fund raising activities and gave the FBI statements that continue to raise the issue of his credibility, the American people are sick and tired of all these scandals and investigations. The best way to put all these scandals and investigations behind us is to elect someone new. I'm running to uphold the honor and dignity of the White House." …."

UPI 8/25/00 "……. Former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr said Friday that President Clinton still hasn't faced up to his wrongdoing with Monica Lewinsky. During a stop in San Antonio, where he grew up, Starr told WOAI radio he hopes there is a "moral lesson that comes out" of Clinton's ordeal with the former White House intern. "I think there is a combination in politics and public service of law and morality," Starr said. "Law at it's best is based on a sense of morality, and a sense of what's right and what's wrong. The terrible ordeal the country went through with the impeachment is just a reminder of this." ……"

Worldnet Daily 8/24/00 David Bresnahan "…… Eagle Scouts drop Clinton signature After 'about a zillion complaints,' president removed from certificate Following complaints from "thousands of parents" nationwide, Boy Scouts of America has quietly removed the signature of President Bill Clinton -- the honorary president of BSA -- from the certificate presented to Eagle Scouts. "We had about a zillion complaints about Clinton, so I think they just took him off. I don't know if they'll put a president back on or not when there's a new one," said Chris who works in the Great Salt Lake Council office in Salt Lake City, Utah. She said the change came from the national office. ……. Not only were there many complaints, but a large number of Eagle Scouts actually returned their certificates and asked for a replacement without Clinton's signature. ……" 8/24/00 Carl Limbacher "…… After eight years of Clinton-Gore sleaze, Texas Governor George W. Bush hopes voters are so tired of a White House where there's "no controlling legal authority" that they'll elect him president. "I want to restore dignity and honor to the Oval Office," has become Bush's campaign mantra. His running mate Dick Cheney told convention delegates in Philadelphia that Clinton's sleaze had inevitably rubbed off on Vice President Al Gore. "We'll never be able to look at one without thinking of the other," said Cheney. The hall erupted in cheers. In Austin, Bush's team had hoped they wouldn't have to get specific. Banished from the Philadelphia feel-good confab were any references to Monicagate, impeachment -- or even the heroic Republicans who attempted to bring Mr. Clinton to justice. …….. "

New York Observer 8/24/00 Andrew Goldman "……. It was Aug. 17, 8:20 p.m. Al Gore had just finished his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention just a few miles away in downtown Los Angeles. Mr. Flynt had seen the speech. "It was better than I thought it would be," he said. "I thought that Gore would come out there screamin' and yellin' and hyperventilating, you know." Mr. Flynt spoke slowly and quietly and sounded a bit like Fozzie Bear with a tranquilizer dart in his ass. ……. "It was sincere and the message was driven," said Mr. Flynt's wife, the former Liz Berrios, who was at the table along with Mr. Flynt's 52-year-old younger brother, Jimmy; a grizzly-like 53-year-old man named Dennis Hof, in a double-breasted black jacket; and Mr. Hof's toothpick of a 21-year-old girlfriend, Tara Farr. …… "I was glad to see him recognize Clinton, you know," said Larry Flynt. ….. "He didn't distance himself," concurred Mr. Hof, who employs 250 prostitutes at his brothel, the Moonlite Bunnyranch, near Carson City, Nev. ….. "He has been his partner for almost 8 years," said Larry Flynt. ……. Mr. Flynt said this in a way that conveyed he did not take the word "partner" lightly; possibly because he had been Mr. Clinton's partner, too. Not for eight years and not in any official sense, but certainly during the days when the name Monica Lewinsky flushed the cheeks of any Democratic operative on the Eastern seaboard, Mr. Flynt had been there for Mr. Clinton. Though the New York and Washington elite who had put Mr. Clinton in the White House would scoff at this notion, less powerful people-certainly everyone at this table-held one truth as self-evident: that by outing Georgia Republican Bob Barr and Louisiana Congressman Bob Livingston for their less- than-exemplary extramarital behavior, Larry Flynt had single-handedly saved Mr. Clinton's ass. ......And here at the Royal Court, among his friends, among his family, Mr. Flynt hinted that just as Mr. Gore had recognized his partner, Mr. Clinton had done the same. ......"The President sent word to me, you know-ahh, he was thankful for my effort, and maybe after he left office we could break bread or something," Mr. Flynt told The Transom. "A lot of people say that he should be thanking me now in person. I say, look, the last thing Bill Clinton needs now is to be associated with me in any manner whatsoever." ……" 8/27/00 Charley Reese "…… What is the connection between rudeness and immorality and World War II? World War II taught, among its many lessons, that when the thin veneer of civilization slips away, there is no limit to humankind's capacity for cruelty and savagery. The ratio of civilian to military deaths in that war was about 20 to 1. …….. That, alone, should make us all want to have a stake in maintaining civilization. Well, rudeness and immorality chip away at civilization and weaken it. It should not surprise anyone that, as standards of decency and civility have fallen, the incidents of crime and violence have risen…….. It was shocking to me that delegates to the Democratic Convention, presumably adults, booed the Boy Scouts who had come to participate in the opening ceremonies. They booed these young boys because the Scouts will not knowingly allow sodomites to become Scout leaders. So far as I know, no Democrat apologized for this boorish behavior……….We have come far indeed when a major political party is more interested in promoting sodomy than in promoting civil behavior toward young Americans volunteering their time at a political convention. Apparently the sodomite lobby is orchestrating a nationwide campaign to discredit the Scouts, and the Democratic Party has jumped aboard……."

Newark [NJ] Star Ledger 8/27/00 David Gibson "……. As the political conventions unfolded this month like old-fashioned tent revivals, with the nominees preaching stump sermons that featured everything except a chorus of "amens," Ellen Johnson sat at her Morris County home fuming. Finally, she couldn't take it any more. ……. ''Can we PLEASE have an end to the moral posturing and acts of public humiliation and kneebending and get on with the real issues," Johnson erupted in a blast fax to media outlets. "The repulsive use of religious creeds, slogans and doctrines as campaign stickers is reaching a fever pitch." ……. That Johnson would be upset with the overt religiosity of the nation's political leaders is not surprising given that she is the national head of American Atheists Inc., as well as a self-described New Jersey soccer mom. ………. In newspapers, for example, some editorial writers and readers are expressing irritation with the amount of God-talk emanating not only from Republican candidate George W. Bush, but also from Democrat Al Gore and his Orthodox Jewish running mate, Joe Lieberman. ………. Even GOP-friendly columnist Cal Thomas, a former Moral Majority spokesman, has charged Republicans as "guilty of the same use and abuse of God" as the Democrats. ''If candidates speak of God and Jesus changing or directing their lives, that is one thing. But they should avoid enlisting the Creator in the campaign," Thomas warned in a recent op-ed piece. "Those who fall into such temptation bring God down to human level and align him with temporal things. Better to allow God to instruct us directly, not through politicians who might properly be suspected of having an agenda." ………. The unprecedented public spirituality quickly reached the point that a popular Web site for religion news,, started a "God-o- Meter," a sly way to quantify the candidates' religious references. At last look, the Democrats were outdoing the GOP ticket by a rating of 7.1 to 6.7 on a scale of 10, but that was down from a Democratic high of 8.1. ……. Even before Lieberman's big splash, however, the respective nominees were wearing their religion on both sleeves. ……" 8/28/00 "…… Enough time has passed. It may be possible now to have a little perspective about The Kiss. ……. In the aftermath, two lines of analysis have emerged: 1) The Kiss represents another example of Gore's exhibitionist premeditations- ….2) Here we have a spontaneous effusion of the un-Clinton -- a display of ardent monogamy that was sweet, touching, genuine, a different way of saying a) "I am my own man," and b) "I am also, entirely, Tipper's man." And who would have thought Al Gore would be such a great kisser? The needle of my own verdict is stuck somewhere between 1) and 2). I am a man who finds even presidential hand-holding (those Hansel-and-Gretel moments with Bill and Hillary and Al and Tipper skipping across the White House lawn as if they were children on a trip to the zoo) to be ridiculous. But the Gores' kiss was so over the top as to command a new kind of attention. If the kiss was manipulative, it was daringly so. I search my memory for historical precedents.... The convention kiss is proof not only of an endearing and enduring connubial passion between the middle-aged high school sweethearts Al and Tipper, but also of the residual baby boom refusal to grow up and behave like adults. Grownups don't behave the way Al and Tipper behaved that night in Los Angeles -- not in front of the convention and millions of viewers. But, of course, the entire point of the '60s was to show us that grownups were not what they were cracked up to be. ……. If Al's kiss is setting a precedent for future presidential candidates, we may have to establish some ground rules. For example, should we not stipulate that at least three of the couple's four feet must remain on the floor of the convention stage at all times? Otherwise, who is to say a presidential nominee and spouse will not try to top the passionate Gores in summer, 2004? ……….They share the weird and unreliable assumption -- almost universal now -- that for something to be genuine, it must be shown. And if it is shown, it is credible. It is real. I grew up learning to make the opposite assumption: My deepest instinct tells me that if something is paraded in public, then it must be false -- a mere performance. ….."

New York Times 8/21/00 Sean Wilentz ".....Gore may have given the speech of his life accepting his party's nomination last week. But he avoided mentioning the elephant in the room during the conventions: the impeachment of Bill Clinton. ...... Mr. Gore seems to be running away from this issue as fast as he can. He must think that it's nothing but a loser for him. But this is an issue that he should exploit, artfully and with a certain amount of tact. ..... For a lesson in such implied criticism, Mr. Gore should study the Republicans. They have mastered the art of talking about impeachment -- without talking about impeachment. At their convention in Philadelphia, the Republicans never once mentioned the word. But it was there in code. "After all of the shouting and all of the scandal," Gov. George W. Bush said in his acceptance speech, "we can begin again." ..........."

New York Post 8/20/00 "......But Ray's new grand jury is apparently studying whether to charge Clinton with criminal perjury. Previously, Judge Susan Webber Wright, who oversaw the Paula Jones case, found Clinton in contempt of court for his false and misleading testimony and fined him $90,000. Clinton did not contest the fine. Any indictment would likely not come until after Clinton leaves office. While many people would just like these scandals to end once and for all, the grand jury investigation rests on the proposition that not even the president is above the law. ....... For our part, we'd like to see the president get no more than what he deserves. ......Maybe the leak was unintentional or maybe it wasn't, but the Democrats' rush to implicate Republicans - and score political points - while closing their eyes to their own leader's transgressions says enough. ......"

Manchester Union-Leader 8/20/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly ".......In what diabolically surreal circumstance would adults verbally torment a group of innocent Boy Scouts? At the Democratic National Convention, surprisingly. The stage-side delegates who booed these patriotic youths because they are mad the Boy Scouts' leadership decided to decline the services of an openly gay scoutmaster are disgraceful people, and Democrats and homosexuals everywhere should condemn their actions. According to Friday's Washington Times, party delegates from California drew up signs and jeered the six Eagle Scouts when - as requested by other Democratic party officials - they appeared on stage during the convention's opening ceremony. .......... Kids have feelings, too. Undoubtedly these boys feel proud to serve their community, and were honored to be invited to the Democratic convention. But after being abused by the crowd - which supposedly represents the most esteemed members of the Democratic party - who can blame them if they decide politics is a nauseating cesspool that doesn't merit their contribution? It is worth noting that the Democratic party ordered each state to bring certain numbers of homosexuals and racial minorities to the convention in order to mirror each state's population. California therefore brought 34 openly homosexual delegates to the convention, which may have had something to do with its delegation's reaction to the Boy Scouts' participation in the convention. ......."

The Associated Press 9/13/00 "……Al Gore's campaign on Wednesday defended his fund-raising help from movie mogul Harvey Weinstein who went around Disney in 1995 to release the controversial NC-17 rated "Kids." It's just the sort of film the Democratic presidential candidate has been criticizing. Gore and running mate Joseph Lieberman threatened new federal legislation or rules against the entertainment industry within six months if it doesn't stop marketing violent and sexual products to young people. …… Nonetheless, Gore is planning to attend a Thursday night fund-raiser at New York's Radio City Music Hall that Miramax co-chairman Weinstein helped organized, capping a week of fund-raising reaching $5 million. …… "Al Gore with one hand is making promises to voters about how he's going to clean up Hollywood and with the other hand taking money from Hollywood," said Terry Holt, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee. ……"

FindLaw (A.P.) 9/13/00 "…… LORAIN, Ohio (AP) _ The American Civil Liberties Union may go to court on behalf of a high school senior threatened with suspension for refusing to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance. ACLU attorney Ray Vasvari said on Tuesday a rule requiring Admiral King High School students to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. School officials sent Vincent Capizzi, 17, home Tuesday and told him he faced a three-day suspension if he continued to defy the rule. School district spokesman Ed Branham said students aren't required to recite the pledge but must stand up ….".

La Opinion (L.A.) 9/13/00 Hilda Marella Delgado "….. The Los Angeles School Board approved yesterday a plan to implement the first phase in the creation of infant care centers at secondary schools. Carmen Schroeder, administrator of the Infant Care Division of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), indicated that this would be the initial stage of a master plan to create 100 infant care centers. After a brief debate involving opposition from two neighbors in Verdugo Hills, who complained about an increase in traffic and noise that would result from the centers, the members of the board voted unanimously in favor of the project. ……."

America's Future 9/11/00 F.R. Duplantier/Terence Jeffrey "…… "Concern with national moral decline is the number- one issue in this campaign, and the underlying force uniting the new Republican coalition." …… "Since the 1960s, the Democratic Party has increasingly focused its politics on the exploitation of perceived, or even government-exacerbated, ethnic and social divisions in America," observes Terence Jeffrey, editor of the national conservative weekly Human Events. "It has pitted black against white, poor against rich, and women against men. When the liberal elite, aligned with the Democratic Party, pushed back the frontiers of socially acceptable behavior in America, the Democrats even moved to exploit new divisions," Jeffrey recalls. "They now pit self-avowed homosexuals against straights. In foreign policy too," he adds, "the Democrats have projected their vision of ethnic and social struggle into world affairs. . . ." …….. In a recent issue of Human Events, Jeffrey argues that "the politics of the modern Democratic Party cannot work in a healthy nation in a time of peace and prosperity. The Democrats need the turmoil and strife of ethnic division and economic resentment for their strategy of exploiting grievances to work," he explains. "A nation full of people who are happy, prosperous, and comfortable living with one another is unlikely to give a liberal Democrat control of their government." To Jeffrey, "Al Gore's strident leftwing rhetoric and special-interest politics seem like the dialogue and plot from a bad movie about the 1960s, not a vision for 21st Century America." ……."

World Net Daily 9/12/00 David Limbaugh "…….Former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson was so disturbed by Gore's campaign ad distorting his Gulf War vote that he wrote an article to correct the record. Incidentally, if you are unfamiliar with Senator Simpson, he is universally considered to be a plainspoken person. Even those who disagree with him know he tells the truth, which means you can rely on his version of this event. …… Simpson said that the congressional vote to approve then President Bush's decision to send half a million American soldiers to fight against Iraq's Saddam Hussein was of sobering importance. Experts were predicting heavy American casualties. "I can't think of anyone who didn't have a lump in his or her throat as they weighed the situation." The night before the debate, said Simpson, Al Gore stepped in to the Republican cloakroom where Simpson and Senator Dole were discussing the upcoming Gulf War vote. Gore got right to the point. He offered to sell his vote -- to support President Bush -- if the Republicans could guarantee him a prime time speaking slot that would ensure him plenty of coverage in the news cycle. Simpson said that while in his ad Gore says he "broke with his own party to support the Gulf War," it's much closer to the truth to say he broke for the cameras to support the Gulf War. While Gore insists that he is "fighting for us," said Simpson, his Gulf War vote shows he is "usually fighting for Al." ……."

New York Times 8/29/00 Nicholas Kristof "…… For months a young woman had been flirting with George W. Bush, resulting in a cash bet among co-workers about whether they would end up having an affair. And now the flirtation had provoked a crisis. Mr. Bush had told the woman off, humiliating her, and a top campaign official stormed into his office and rebuked him. "She's hurt," the official scolded, glaring down at Mr. Bush. "You really hurt her." "Good, good," Mr. Bush replied icily from his chair. "I'm a married man. I'm glad she got the signal." ……. It was the end of 1987 in Washington, in the decrepit eighth-floor headquarters of Vice President George Bush's presidential campaign. Doug Wead, then a campaign worker who happened to be in George W.'s office talking to him when the confrontation occurred, recalled the episode, along with a senior campaign official who also witnessed it. ……" 9/18/00 Nathan J. Diament "…… FOR THE SECOND TIME in less than four years, a debate is taking place in our nation over the issue of physician-assisted suicide. PBS just aired a Bill Moyers report on the subject of death and dying in America with an extensive discussion of assisted suicide. This week, the U.S. Senate is expected to debate the Pain Relief Promotion Act - a bipartisan measure that will address this critical issue in a meaningful way. It is a debate that has serious moral and public policy implications and one on which Jewish tradition is quite clear, for Judaism values life. …….Last year, the Portland Oregonian newspaper featured a detailed account of one person's assisted suicide odyssey from the only state where this practice has been legalized. The account highlighted the real-world dangers inherent in the legalization of this practice, especially as relates to those least capable of protecting themselves from harm. Eighty-five-year-old Kate Cheney, suffering from inoperable cancer, petitioned to be assisted in committing suicide. ……… As a result of her illness, she suffered bouts of dementia and was, therefore, referred by her doctor to a psychiatrist for evaluation as required by Oregon's "Death With Dignity" law. The psychiatrist found Cheney to be suffering from short-term memory loss and, more worrisome, wrote that the Cheney's daughter was the proponent of the suicide much more than Kate herself. ……Cheney was thus refused assistance in killing herself. ………… But the story does not end there. Cheney's daughter took her suffering mother to a second doctor who referred her to a psychologist, who determined that the mother was competent to kill herself with assistance. The final decision on the matter fell to the "ethicist administrator" for Kate Cheney's HMO; he approved the lethal prescription, she took it, and died. …….." 9/18/00 Carl Limbacher "……. The wife of vice presidential wannabe Dick Cheney called the conduct of avid Hillary Clinton backer Harvey Weinstein "inexcusable" on Sunday, charging that the Miramax Films chairman tried to sneak a pornographic film past the movie ratings board. Appearing on "Fox News Sunday" with Tony Snow, Lynne Cheney complained that Weinstein had produced "Kids," a movie so raunchy it earned an NC-17 rating. …… "This is a film about kids having sex. This is a film about kids shooting up drugs," Cheney said. "The book it was based on is pornographic. You cannot buy it. We have decided in this society you don't show kids having sex and doing drugs." …… The movie mogul tried to get around the adults-only rating by having the film's 13-year-old characters played by 17-year-olds, said Cheney. But the ploy failed to fool the ratings board. ……"

New York Times 9/18/00 Rick Lyman "…… While senators fumed about movie moguls who failed to show up for hearings in Washington last week, and shell- shocked studio executives kept their heads low and their lips locked in advance of a second round of hearings next week, many of those who work in the Hollywood trenches, actually making the movies, were beginning to chafe at the politicians' barrage. And they were not as reluctant as the corporate executives to talk about it. "I think it's a bunch of weasels scrambling for votes," said Larry Kasanoff, president of Threshold Entertainment, a company that makes, among other things, movies based on action-oriented video games like Mortal Kombat and Duke Nukem. And Mr. Kasanoff, like many of those interviewed late last week, said he felt Washington had unjustly singled out the movie industry, transforming a Federal Trade Commission report about marketing R-rated films to children into a headline- grabbing political pile-on…….."In all honesty, I think what they're doing is reprehensible," he said. "What they should be doing is focusing on why there is less of a family structure in America today. Instead, they attack us. These guys attack the easy issue because the hard issue doesn't make for such big headlines for them."……"

Opinion Journal 9/21/00 William Bennett "…… Sen. Lieberman and I used to stand together against Hollywood filth. Now he's delivering a very different message to lavish fund-raisers. …… . At a record $4.2 million Hollywood fund-raiser that night, Mr. Lieberman told the crowd, "Al and I have tremendous regard for this industry. We're both fans of the products that come out of the entertainment industry--not all of them, but a lot of them. The industry has entertained and inspired and educated us over the years." He then said: "I promise you this: We will never, never put the government in the position of telling you by law, through law, what to make. We will noodge you, but we will never become censors." ……. It was an extraordinary turnaround. Last year Mr. Lieberman said, "If they continue to market death and degradation to our children and pay no heed to the carnage, then one way or another, the government will act." And earlier this year Mr. Lieberman sent a letter, signed by three other senators, to the Federal Communications Commission asking it to consider whether broadcasters are serving the public interest. Mr. Lieberman and his colleagues wrote that the rise in the level of sexual and violent content indicated that the stations and their network parents "are breaching this public trust, and harming rather than serving the public interest." ……."

Washington Times 9/22/00 Diana West "…..As Mr. Simpson tells it, then-Sen. Gore came to see Bob Dole, then-Senate majority leader, and Mr. Simpson, then-Senate majority whip, on the eve of the Gulf War debate to find out how much floor time he would be given if he were to support President Bush's decision to go to war. After Mr. Dole agreed to give Mr. Gore 20 minutes - 13 minutes more than the 7 minutes the Democrats had allotted him - Mr. Dole asked Howard Greene, the Republican Senate secretary, to inform Mr. Gore's office that they would also try to schedule Mr. Gore's speech during prime time. "Later that night," writes Mr. Simpson, "Sen. Gore called Greene and asked if Sen. Dole had scheduled him for a prime-time speaking slot. When Greene said nothing had been finalized yet, Gore erupted. 'Damn it, Howard! If I don't get 20 minutes tomorrow I'm going to vote the other way.' " …….. This is the kind of unsavory politicking, according to Mr. Simpson, that went into what Mr. Gore calls the most difficult vote of his life - "an act of moral courage," opined Gore biographer Bob Zelnick. Of course, so it seemed until Mr. Simpson piped up. "It brings me no joy to recount the events leading up to the Gulf War vote," Mr. Simpson writes, explaining that he decided to speak out because of a Gore campaign television ad about the Gulf War vote. "It isn't something I wanted to do," Mr. Simpson continues. "But it is something I have to do. I was there." Alan Simpson has made an incredible charge. But he is a credible source. How will Mr. Gore, now seeking to become the next commander-in-chief, respond?……"

NewsMax 9/20/00 Walter Williams "...... The Federal Trade Commission has just released its year-long study showing how Hollywood's film industry, the music industry and the video-game industry have been deliberately targeting and marketing all manner of filth and violence to America's children......... Here's where I'm confused. What Big Entertainment has done to America's children makes what Big Tobacco has done pale by comparison. When Big Tobacco makes one of our children smoke a cigarette, death is not immediate and there's just a chance it might come 40 or 50 years later. But when Big Entertainment tells a child to pick up a gun and shoot a playmate, death or injury is immediate........ I'm wondering why the White House and Congress are not calling upon Attorney General Janet Reno to sue and try to reach a multi-billion dollar settlement with Big Entertainment like they did with Big Tobacco........ About 30 big-city mayors have either brought suits, or are contemplating suits, against gun manufacturers. The FTC report suggests that these mayors are mistaken and misguided. It's not Big Gun that's responsible for causing all the murder and mayhem in their cities, it's Big Entertainment that tells both children and adults to shoot up neighborhoods and schools. I'm guessing that we'll see no government suits against Big Entertainment. Why? Big Entertainment and Big Government are allies - they both contribute to one another's agenda......."

Wash Post 9/21/00 Bill Kristol "…… His sister's death, his son's accident, his wife's depression and now his mother-in-law's arthritis--all have been grist for Al Gore's political mill. Many politicians are exploitative. But no other politician exploits his own family in this way. ….."

Sacramento Bee 9/20/00 Dan Smith "......After a lucrative Democratic fund-raiser last week at New York City's Radio City Music Hall, GOP presidential nominee George W. Bush said Gore's "wallet evidently is more important than the policy or his words." Cheney noted Tuesday that he and Bush have decried violence in the media. "Al Gore also spoke out, at least in the day time," Cheney said. "But that night, he went to a big party where he raised millions of dollars from the same media moguls who are corrupting our children. ... He sat and listened as entertainers told X-rated jokes and ridiculed people concerned about the way adult products are being marketed to our kids. "But it is time for this to stop," Cheney said, reworking a line he used during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. "It is time for committed leaders who will speak out on this corruption of our culture 24 hours a day."......"

Bush - Cheney 2000! 9/20/00 "……Today's Washington Post reports that a compact disc clearly marketed towards children containing offensive language was handed out in a 'gift bag' at last month's Democrat National Convention. The report comes just ten days after Al Gore said he would take a "tough line" with Hollywood executives who market inappropriate material to children. "America's parents can't count on Al Gore to protect their kids from Hollywood's inappropriate marketing practices," said Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett. "If the Democrats didn't stop Dreamworks from handing out a CD with explicit lyrics at a convention under their control, why will they stop Hollywood from marketing the same material to children at other venues?" ………. During a fundraiser at the Democrat National Convention, a compact disc, "Daisies of the Galaxy," by Eels was handed out. Democrats say the CD was not meant for or given to children, but the material was directly marketed for children. The CD features cartoon children on the front cover, but contains songs such as "It's a MotherF@#%&#" and lyrics like, "When I grow up, I'll be an angry little whore." CD Produced by Gore's Prominent Fundraiser Friends The "Daisies of the Galaxy" CD was produced by Dreamworks, which is run by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen - three of Al Gore's most identifiable contributors. In this election cycle alone, the trio has contributed a total of $525,000 to the Democrat National Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. (FEC Info Website,, 9/11/00) …..."

NY Post 9/20/00 John Podhertz "……. IT'S long been said that George W. Bush is a terrifically likable and charming guy. As someone who has watched his campaign obsessively for 18 months, I've been a little mystified by that impression. For while Bush has certainly built one of the most amazing political machines in our time and has enunciated a remarkably substantive and exciting governing agenda, as a candidate he has mostly seemed halting, insecure and arrogant. No longer. Appearing on Oprah Winfrey's show yesterday, a week after Al Gore did, Bush came across as - I can't think of a better word - lovable. It wasn't just his heartfelt tribute to his wife Laura's determination during her toxemic pregnancy that their twins would be born healthy - "These children will come to be," she told him in what he movingly called a "resolute, powerful statement of motherhood." Nor was it just his brief but powerful statement of faith - "I think all of us need forgiveness," he said in a hushed and powerful tone. He was funny from beginning to end. No, he said, God did not tap him on the shoulder and say, "Thou shalt be president!" ……. "Where did your quick wit come from?" Oprah asked in wonder, surely having swallowed wholesale the Democratic caricature of Bush as a moron. …………. In the deepest sense, George Bush yesterday illuminated the truly stark difference between him and Al Gore on the question of values. Gore believes government is the collective soul of America, guiding the country to the right path. Bush, by contrast, put it this way: "We're going to elevate the individual instead of empowering the government." …….." 9/19/00 Mary Mostert "...... Exactly seven weeks from today the American people are going to choose a new president and a new Congress. It probably is the most important election in America's history. It will decide whether or not we will continue the policies and basic style of Bill Clinton. According to an exuberant Al Gore the day Clinton escaped removal from office by a 50-50 vote in the Senate, Clinton is one of the greatest presidents in American history. ......Yet, even during the impeachment almost all Americans, on both sides of the aisle, agreed that Bill Clinton was an immoral liar and their "best president" analysis compared him favorably and almost equally to presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both of whom have a legacy of impeccable honesty. .......However, as recently as nineteen months ago, Bill Clinton barely escaped being removed from office for what Sen. Joseph Lieberman called behavior that "is not just inappropriate. It is immoral. And it is harmful, for it sends a message of what is acceptable behavior to the larger American family, particularly to our children, which is as influential as the negative messages communicated by the entertainment culture." ....... In less than two years this man, a devout man, has reconciled himself so totally to the behavior of an immoral, lying national leader that he is able to quickly adjust his moral outrage and align himself with Al Gore and the Clinton legacy of support for abortion on demand (needed because of the lifestyle choices of many) and accept money from the very entertainment industry that he once scolded. ...... Lieberman, like all the rest of the Democrats in the Senate and five Republicans, of course voted to keep a man that he himself had called "immoral" and a danger to civilized society. Yet the DEMOCRATS said, as I pointed out in an analysis the day of the impeachment, "that Bill Clinton 'violated the trust of the American people' and deserves the 'condemnation of the American people and the Congress' - but they still want him to remain president. ......... Two years ago, the American people showed, through their elected representatives in the Senate, that about half of them saw nothing that much wrong in Clinton's behavior - including his lying to a Grand Jury as the nation's chief executive. That undoubtedly is because a similar percentage of the American people are living a similar lifestyle to that of the Clintons. It reminded me of another sobering set of statistics that vividly illustrate the state of America's culture and morals. I wrote: "About 30% of all pregnancies in America end in an abortion and one third of the live births are to unwed mothers. The abortions and unwed birth total about 51% of all pregnancies. That's about the same percentage of senators who voted to acquit the president." ........... "In his first inaugural address George Washington said, 'The foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality.' ....."Has America ceased to be good? If so, can we really expect America to continue to be great?" The answer is at hand, a mere 19 months after Clinton's acquittal. .....The issue this election day is simple: Have we become so immoral, or perhaps so skeptical, as a nation that we are no longer able to defend the freedom? ......"

Detroit News 10/2/00 Mark Hornbeck Charlie Cain "…… William Berkheiser, an auto engineer from Oakland County, is among voters listening to how presidential candidates say they'd lift moral values -- not just the value of retirement benefits or the national economy. "If you look at the moral condition of the country today, you can see we have no spiritual values anymore," said the 57-year-old Lake Orion resident. "It's commonplace just to lie about things. People don't even think twice about petty theft. And it all starts in the White House." ……. Given the country's peace and prosperity, voters are turning to such intangible concerns as they make up their minds. Perceptions about the candidates' personal morality and their positions on related issues will help determine who wins Nov. 7. ……..This sensitive area has a bigger political impact than ever this year because of a general concern about eroding values, exacerbated by the Clinton White House sex scandals. Voters in Michigan, a key presidential battleground, list morals and ethics as the No. 1 concern facing the country this election season, according to a Detroit News poll. ….."

RNC Email 10/3/00 Jim Nicholson "……Immediately following the presidential debate in Boston, Mass. Tuesday evening, Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson issued the following statement: "Tonight, millions of Americans saw with their own eyes that Gov. George W. Bush is an honest man - a man who speaks from the heart. He also showed himself to be a principled, bipartisan, unifying leader, in command of the facts and with a vision for America. Based on this debate, I believe the vast majority of voters will trust Governor Bush to give America the fresh start our nation needs. "After 8 years of Clinton/Gore, Americans want a president who talks plainly and who tells them the truth - not a life-long Washingtonian who will say anything and do anything for partisan benefit. ….."

Houston Chronicle 10/3/00 Cal Thomas "...... A curious new national poll shows a slight majority of the public favors Democrats on the issue of moral leadership. The survey -- conducted by Harvard University, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and the Washington Post -- finds that while 68 percent of voters are dissatisfied with the moral state of the nation, that has not translated into an advantage for Gov. George W. Bush or the Republican Party. ....... While Bush enjoys the support of most voters who say that the loss of moral values is their primary concern, Vice President Al Gore offsets Bush's advantage among a larger number of voters who have other priorities. The survey also discovered that Gore's addition of Sen. Joseph Lieberman to the ticket has given the two men a seven-point boost in their standing with voters. ......"

AP 9/27/00 Kalpana Srinivasan "……Hollywood executives on Wednesday admitted efforts to market violent films before audiences that included children as young as 9 years old. Questioned by angry senators, a Sony executive called the practice a lapse in judgment. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, said that if the industry doesn't take steps to keep violent films away from young children "you're going to see some kind of legislation." ……. Testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee, Mel Harris, president of Sony, parent company of Columbia Picture, called efforts to advertise a violent PG-13 film before the younger audience "a judgment lapse." The film was "The Fifth Element," an action science fiction story starring Bruce Willis. ….." 9/21/00 Tom Bevan "……. One of the most disturbing legacies of the Clinton administration is the extent to which America has accepted the idea of moral relativism. That is to say, Americans now believe there are two moralities, a personal one and a social one, and the former is somehow less important than the latter. By this definition, the morality of an individual's action is irrelevant as long as it is judged (don't ask by whom) to be serving a greater social good. Liberals have long argued the merits of moral relativism, but - thanks to Bill Clinton - never has it been such a central part of the progressive agenda as it is today. Al Gore has seized on the idea of moral relativism to effectively separate himself from the tawdriness of Bill Clinton and shield himself from questions of his own moral character. ............ Just last month, at a townhall meeting on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, Jesse Jackson Jr. told the panel that if morality was defined in individual terms, in the language of "family values," that Democrats could not win the debate. Instead, he argued to redefine morality in social terms. California State Assemblyman Antonio Villaraigosa summed it up this way: "We need to get beyond defining morality in puritanical terms, in the terms of the right, as just morality - sexual morality - but the morality of poverty, the morality of racism, the morality that says that the working people of this country should be able to enjoy the fruits of their work and the prosperity that they have helped to create." …….."

Yahoo News 9/23/00 Reuters "……Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore got an unusual -- and probably unwelcome -- endorsement at a trade gathering for the Internet adult entertainment industry when a key speaker declared the Democrats a stronger advocate of free-speech rights than the Republicans. Predicting a more supportive climate for free speech under a Gore administration, Attorney Paul Cambria, who specializes in First Amendment issues, called on operators of X-rated Web sites to use their sites to promote Gore's candidacy. …….. Citing a more tolerant attitude to the adult entertainment industry under President Clinton than during the Republican administrations of George Bush and Ronald Reagan, Cambria said the industry can reasonably expect more of the same under Gore. ``The big message from the Gore camp has been that there should be no control over the content of speech, but control over access to the speech by individuals who are underage,'' Cambria said Friday. ……"

SF Examiner 10/7/00 Chris Mathews "…….. WATCHING "West Wing" Wednesday night, it struck me what was wrong with the first Bush-Gore debate of the night before. Watching the fictional TV show, I was struck with the awe we feel for the office of the presidency, this personal emblem of our nationhood and the democratic values it upholds. Why did the first Gore-Bush debate fail to examine each candidate on how he views this sacred trust, how he would choose to honor it? The questions Tuesday night dealt with issues of policy - prescription drugs, taxes, education, Yugoslavia. Overlooked was the issue of the presidency itself. Let me put a sharper point on this: Neither the vice president nor the Texas governor was asked how he would guard the nation's highest office, and the White House itself, from the scandalous misconduct of the so-recent past. …….."

America's First Freedom 10/00 L Brent Bozell III "…….. Ever since Al and Tipper prepared for his first presidential run in 1988 by pleading to Hollywood that the rock-parental-guidance thing was all a bad dream, Gore has pandered to this major Democratic constituency. Look no further than the Democrats' massive softmoney fundraiser on May 24. Comedian Robin Williams flooded his routine with profanity that would have had the old Tipper running for a parental-guidance label. Words that the major networks still won't allow on television were repeatedly used. In the midst of this torrent, Williams spotted a kid in the audience, prompting him to joke about his language: "Hello. There's a child in the front row. We've learned some new words haven't we?" Reportedly, Clinton and Gore were doubled over laughing……….. Then comedian Gore took the stage. Joking about Charlton Heston and another National Rifle Association official who boasted of great access to a Bush White House, Gore quipped: "I would caution him, though, because the last time Moses took advice from a bush, his people wandered in the wilderness for 40 years." This giggling audience naturally didn't grasp what an observant Christian or Jew would infer, that listening to God would lead to exile in the wilderness. This is the same Al Gore who told religion writers a year ago that "the purpose of life is to glorify God." So much for that empty talk………."

America's First Freedom 10/00 L Brent Bozell III "……..Three days before the soft-money sleazefest, Gore took his appreciation for family-unfriendly entertainment to a new level by making a guest voiceover appearance as himself on the Fox cartoon show Futurama. This show's idea of glorifying God comes only when characters spout exclamations like "sweet zombie Jesus" and "holy zombie Jesus" ......... Gore has embraced this seamy side of Hollywood in a major way - so much so that one of his daughters, Kristin, is a new writer for Futurama. What a politician will do for cold, hard cash when China's no longer an option...."

Orlando Sentinel 10/7/00 Michael Griffin "….. Patty Sowinski is no babe in the political woods. In fact, when she goes into the real woods, it`s usually to kill deer……..But the wife of Orlando Republican political consultant John Sowinski was not expecting the reception she got when she showed up uninvited at Friday`s Lake Eola rally for Democrats Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman……… Sowinski, who is 61/2 months pregnant, was carrying a pro-George W. Bush sign and pushing her 21/2 year old son, Andrew, in a stroller when she was blocked by Gore supporters determined that her sign not make it on local television…… Sowinski said she was making her way to a site away from the rally that was designated for Gore protesters. Between her and the site were television cameras. The Gore backers swarmed around Sowinski and, she said, tried to pull Andrew`s stroller away from the cameras. One even grabbed the child`s leg, she said. Then, someone pulled a Bush-Cheney pennant from Andrew and broke it, she said. ……."

The Associated Press 10/6/00 Will Lester "……People favor Republican George W. Bush over Democrat Al Gore as being trustworthy enough to serve as president, according to a poll out Friday. Gore got better grades in the first presidential debate, was seen as right on most of the issues, and considered more experienced to handle the presidency, the Time-CNN poll found. But the race remains extremely close, and the poll indicated that Gore's most vulnerable point now may be trust - a trait consistently identified by voters as a top consideration in the presidential race this year. ……"

San Jose Mercury News 9/28/00 Tony Snow "…… Al Gore faces a quandary. He wants Americans to view his candidacy as a springboard from the Clinton years, as a chance to add personal probity to our present peace and prosperity -- you know, black ink without blue dresses. But here's the problem: Bill Clinton left a more lasting impression on the blue dress than he did on the nation's laws and policies. He has prevailed in Washington not by leading, but by misleading; not by proposing, but opposing. He has no legislative legacy because he has risked nothing in his quest for omni-popularity. Try this out. Name one major Clinton initiative since 1996. Don't spend too much time; it's a trick question. There are no such proposals. …."

Washington Times 10/6/00 Andrew Cain "....... While the two candidates pledged at the outset not to get into personal attacks, Mr. Cheney sternly criticized Mr. Lieberman's evolving view of Hollywood......... "I do have a couple of concerns where I liked the old Joe Lieberman better than I do the new Joe Lieberman. Joe established, I thought, an outstanding record in his work on this whole question of violence in the media and the kinds of materials that were being peddled to our children, and many of us on the Republican side admired him for that," said Mr. Cheney. "There is, I must say, the view now that, having joined with Al Gore on the ticket on the other side, that the depth of conviction that we had admired before isn't quite as strong as it was, perhaps, in the past."...... Mr. Cheney said he was "especially disturbed" when he heard about a Beverly Hills fund-raiser attended by Mr. Lieberman in which a comedian got up and criticized George Bush's religion.......... "Al and I have tremendous regard for this industry," said Mr. Lieberman. "We're both fans of the products that come out of the entertainment industry." Mr. Lieberman downplayed any role he and Mr. Gore might play in cleaning up Hollywood, saying they would merely serve as occasional "critics, or nudges," a Yiddish term for gentle naggers. Also at that event, Larry David, executive producer of "Seinfeld," said: "Like Bush, I too found Christ in my 40s. He came into my room one night, and I said: 'What, no call? You just pop in?' "....... Mr. Lieberman did not object to the joke, saying later he found it both offensive and funny. Last night, Mr. Lieberman said he found the joke "very distasteful," and unacceptable. "Any offense that was done, I apologize for it." Mr. Lieberman insisted: "I have not changed a single position" since Mr. Gore named him to be his running mate......."

CBS Radio News 9/19/00 Freeper randita "......Just heard on CBS Radio News, that due to numerous complaints, Nike has decided not to run that ad featuring a man with a mask and chainsaw chasing after the Olympic lady runner.I couldn't believe this ad when I first saw it. I thought it was incredibly distasteful. Families with young children should feel comfortable allowing the young'uns to watch the Olympics. I mean, what could be distasteful about the Olympics, right? But this ad would be incredibly frightening to young'uns - heck, it frightened me! What was Nike thinking?....."

Washington Times 9/19/00 Jennifer Harper "...... They say their support is fervent - but unwanted. Nevertheless, several thousand members of the Internet adult entertainment industry are expected to endorse Al Gore for president during "IA2000," an upcoming trade show in New Orleans. The ranks of the 4,000 attendees include publishers, technical service providers, performers and other on-line purveyors of X-rated content. Sponsors for the show include Cybererotica and RJB Telecom, two companies that operate such Web sites as "XXX Password" and "Kara's Adult Playground," respectively. Mr. Gore and the Democratic Party are the first order of business when the convention opens Friday morning. A forum called "Adult Community Meeting: Vote Democratic!" is planned to address the group's political concerns, particularly the November elections........Mr. Cambria, who has represented Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt and musician Marilyn Manson in the past, also hopes to raise political awareness......... "The ticket means more than just Gore and Lieberman. There are judges, prosecutors - we have to think of that too," he said. "But in the long run, the Democrats may just prove to be the lesser of two evils."........ During an appearance on CNN Sunday, Lynne Cheney, wife of Republican vice-presidential candidate Richard B. Cheney, took Mr. Gore to task. He talked "values" by day, Mrs. Cheney said, only to attend an evening "party with the entertainment industry, raise millions of dollars, listen to scatological jokes about people who are concerned about the entertainment industry marketing adult products to our children; sit there and listen to jokes so - how shall I say this politely -X-rated, that I can't think of anyone I could tell them to."......."

National Post 9/21/00 Jan Cienski "…..Al Gore, the Democratic presidential candidate and a strong advocate of restraining Hollywood's cruder impulses, is about to get some support from people he'd rather avoid: Internet pornographers. This weekend marks IA2000, the New Orleans trade show for the adult Internet industry. Companies attending include outfits like Cybererotica, and Sin Empire. The first seminar for the most consistently profitable portion of the World Wide Web is titled, Adult Community Meeting: Vote Democratic! ……." 9/21/00 Tom Bevan "…… One of the most disturbing legacies of the Clinton administration is the extent to which America has accepted the idea of moral relativism. That is to say, Americans now believe there are two moralities, a personal one and a social one, and the former is somehow less important than the latter. By this definition, the morality of an individual's action is irrelevant as long as it is judged (don't ask by whom) to be serving a greater social good. Liberals have long argued the merits of moral relativism, but - thanks to Bill Clinton - never has it been such a central part of the progressive agenda as it is today. Al Gore has seized on the idea of moral relativism to effectively separate himself from the tawdriness of Bill Clinton and shield himself from questions of his own moral character. ………. Just last month, at a townhall meeting on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, Jesse Jackson Jr. told the panel that if morality was defined in individual terms, in the language of "family values," that Democrats could not win the debate. Instead, he argued to redefine morality in social terms. California State Assemblyman Antonio Villaraigosa summed it up this way: "We need to get beyond defining morality in puritanical terms, in the terms of the right, as just morality - sexual morality - but the morality of poverty, the morality of racism, the morality that says that the working people of this country should be able to enjoy the fruits of their work and the prosperity that they have helped to create." ….."

Associated Press 9/20/00 Brigitte Greenberg "……Former Education Secretary William Bennett, one of Joseph Lieberman's closest Republican allies, accused the Democratic vice presidential candidate Wednesday of going soft on the entertainment industry. Bennett and Lieberman have teamed up for three years to issue annual ''Silver Sewer'' awards to media outlets that they deem ''cultural polluters'' and Lieberman has promoted the V-chip device to help parents control what their children see on TV. But Bennett accused his friend Wednesday of compromising his beliefs about the entertainment industry for political reasons. ''He remains my friend, but I cannot defend this,'' the former Reagan administration official said in a telephone interview. ''I'm deeply disappointed. He so softly voiced his criticisms in Hollywood that he was barely audible.'' ……"

Telegraph/U.K. 9/21/00 Ben Fenton "…..AL GORE and his running mate, Joe Lieberman, were accused of double standards yesterday after turning to the entertainment industry for electoral funds only a week after questioning the morality of Hollywood. Speaking at a dinner in Beverly Hills that raised Ģ3 million for their campaign, the Democratic candidates stepped back from fierce rhetoric employed last week when they were seeking to appeal to family values. Then, Mr Gore seized on a damning report by the Federal Trade Commission on the marketing of violent films to teenagers and threatened the industry with restrictive legislation if it did not change its ways………. He added: "It's true from time to time we have been, will be, critics but I promise you this: we will never put the government in the position of telling you by law, through law, what to make. We will nudge you, but will never become censors." Mr Gore, who spoke after his running mate, did not apologise for his remarks last week but was far more conciliatory than he had been when discussing the possibility of restricting Hollywood advertising campaigns. ….."

Freeper Prism 9/18/00 "…….. Even though I rarely watch TV, when there is a commercial on I'll flick on over to MTV, you know, just to see how decrepit our culture is TODAY. It makes for an interesting excersize to attempt to condemn what I see while my hormones are roaring in approval. …….I'm not sure if I can do justice, in words, to the video I just saw. I know I can't. ………It's one of thier 'spanking new' videos, and I cannot recall the artist or the title. But see if you can catch it, you wont believe your eyes. ……It starts out with a man dancing in the center of a circle of women who are rollerblading around him. The women are dressed as you would expect -- 'provocative' is too mild a word. As the man dances, he begins a strip tease, where he ends up dressed in a pair of black briefs with a tigers face on the -- ummm, front. ……….He continues to dance, with all the women occasionally glancing at him, but mostly ignoring him. He does pelvis gyrations that Elvis would envy, then he removes his briefs. His privates are blurred out. The women take more notice... ……. Encouraged, but with nothing else to remove, he grabs his skin on his belly and begins to rip it off -- he pulls his skin off his upper body as if it were a t-shirt. ………..The effects are very, very good. You can now see his muscle structure. He strips the remaining skin off his body. Tossing it to the circling women who caress it adoringly, as if it were a piece of clothing from thier favorite musician. ……[ I am not making this up. ] ……..He continues -- grabbing hunks of his flesh and tossing it to the women. Some of them begin mouthing it, eating it. …….He spins around splattering the all with blood droplets. They react with orgasmic, seductive writhing. …….At one point he grabs his buttocks, rips the flesh off and tosses it to them. ……..Eventually, he is a mere skeleton. Still dancing with some women who are now finally paying attention to him. …….The video ends. [ You don't believe me do you? ] …….. The VJ then asks the accompanying kids what they thought of it. Mostly they say 'Ewww!'. Then one girl grabs the mic and comments "And they gave Brittiny Spears hell for ripping off her clothes! ". …..Everyone laughs. ……..Then another young man comments, saying in effect that maybe they are trying to make a point that 'you can go too far' in exposing yourself. …….At first the kids mock him, going 'Oooooo - deep man, really deep.' [ As if 'thinking' were a bad thing ] …….Then, they reconsider, and the host says 'That was an insightful analisys' and call for applause from the kids. …….They all applaud, now given permission to. …" Freeper mewzilla adds "……. I think I saw it at exactly the same time you did. I was so grossed out I turned off the goggle box and booted up the FRED (my little brother's nickname for computers everywhere)to check the afternoon news. That video is something only Hannibal Lechter could appreciate (I'm guessing at this since I sat through Silence of the Lambs with my hands over my eyes). ……."


Denver Post 10/20/00 Chuck Green "…….It's less than three weeks until Election Day, and my sentiment was listed in the undecided column until Thursday. …….. But the latest TV debate - along with the crushing, cumulative effect of the previous two, which was nearly unbearable - helped settle the issue for me. It finally came down to this: When, as in elections past, I've had a choice between two equally unimpressive men, I've closed my eyes and tried to imagine doing a handshake deal with each of them - you know, the old Western test of whom do you trust? …….. With my eyes shut tight, I imagined standing in a tobacco field with Al Gore, negotiating the price of his next crop. …... Then I closed my eyes again, and there I was standing on my imaginary oil field, toe-to-toe with George W. Bush, negotiating a lease for the rich, black pool deep beneath the ground. He was tough - Texas tough. Unlike Gore, he was trying to take advantage of me before our handshake, before our deal was struck. Despite my best efforts, we agreed on terms that clearly favored old W., and after we shook hands, I remember walking to the pickup thinking I'd just been taken to the cleaners, forgetting even to get a receipt for my laundry. When I returned to claim my clothes, though, W. said I didn't need a receipt - we had a handshake deal, and that was good enough for him. And so when I reviewed my dreams, I decided that I'll put my trust in W. ……. I'd rather shake the hand of a man who will negotiate hard and keep his word than of one who promises whatever you ask for and then changes the terms. ……"

Washington Times 10/20/00 "......After eight years of Bill Clinton, character must play a role in the nation's choice. For several reasons, Mr. Gore fails this test. The director of the FBI and the former chief of the Justice Department's campaign-finance task force both believe Mr. Gore may have committed perjury in the campaign-finance scandal. Moreover, Mr. Gore has proved himself to be a compulsive prevaricator and a flip-flopper of rare talent. By contrast Mr. Bush has pledged to restore honor and decency to the White House - and given every indication that he will keep that promise........"

10/19/00 Christopher M. Hoss "...... It is one thing for Rolling Stone to do what they did, (the hair brush of Al Gore), but it is a totally different story that there is no outrage from the Al Gore campaign. Does this mean that Al Gore will say anything, do anything for votes? Eight years ago, America saw character flaws in Bill Clinton, and the result has been a president who is a very bad example for our youth. ...... If Al Gore is truly a "pro-family", anti-pornography person running for president, he should start with his own family and his own life. We can tell from that how he will stand when he is elected. ...... This is a very serious issue, in my personal opinion, because a good candidate for president would be outraged and demanding the magazine be taken off the shelves. ......."

Associated Press 10/19/00 "......Given a final word in their final debate, Al Gore said he ``kept the faith with his family'' and his 30-year marriage. George W. Bush raised his right hand and pledged to ``uphold the honor and dignity'' of the White House. Each had in mind the same issue: Clinton fatigue. ....... Evidence of the phenomenon is hard to find in polls, and some Clinton partisans deny that it still exists, but most Democrats say the president's affair with Monica Lewinsky is an undercurrent in this year's closely fought campaign. It may be why Gore is keeping his distance from President Clinton. ``You can't always put your finger on it, but it's lurking just below the surface like a snake waiting to take a bite at Gore,'' said Democratic consultant Dane Strother of Washington. ......."

The Associated Press 10/17/00 "…..A top official and radio announcer for Focus on the Family said he has resigned from the conservative Christian group because he had an extramarital affair. Mike Trout abruptly quit last week. In an interview Monday with The Gazette, he admitted to an ``inappropriate relationship with a woman other than his wife and had no choice but to resign from a ministry that stresses the sanctity of marriage.''. ..."

Washington Times 10/17/00 Paul Craig Roberts "…….''Be a person of good character." There was a time when this precept was taught in public schools and reinforced in Sunday schools, in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. The importance of character was a theme of literature, movies and history lessons. People were spoken of and evaluated in terms of their character, not their address, job or mode of transportation……Character came from moral education rooted in religion. Every public school morning began with the Lord's Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. The prayer and the pledge humbled us and bound us together. Each of us understood that we were important, but not the center of the universe. Self-esteem came from the consideration that we were taught to give to others……. These few words, "forgive us of our sins as we forgive those who sin against us" kept rivalries and animosities subdued and in check. In the South, many kids owned a gun by the age of 9 or 10. But those children never thought of bringing a gun to school to shoot someone……. The pledge taught us that we were one people, "indivisible." We were all individuals, but we were a community. The community defined the parameters of our individualistic behavior………Character did not mean eccentricity or promise amusement. It meant reliability, judgment, consideration and protection. Character meant that people thought of themselves differently than they do today. Self-indulgence was considered a sign of weakness. Acts of self-aggrandizement left a person diminished, not pumped up. Anyone who tooted his own horn would not be trusted in positions of leadership……."

Augusta Chronicle 10/17/00 "…… Presidential candidate Al Gore and his new Democrats call themselves ``the family values'' party. Congressional voting records confirm that this party is comprised of leftist and nihilist liberals who are destroying America's culture. The abolition of America's families is almost complete. We have seen decades of rewarding out-of-wedlock mothers through welfare ... while slaughtering millions by glamorizing abortion rights………. More than 75 percent of America's black families and 65 percent of the white families are broken and dysfunctional. This has created a massive dependency on Washington among women, and a macho ``another notch on my belt'' irresponsibility among men. …… The National Education Association and affiliated labor unions have made our schools a shell of what they once were. They do not want school vouchers where the children could be taught self-reliance and independence. Mr. Gore will pack the Supreme Court with liberal intellectuals who are steeped in nihilism and full of politically correct nonsense. ……..The assault on marriage, family, property, morality and Bible-believing institutions (i.e., Boy Scouts and fundamental churches) will escalate. ``Project Megiddo'' conducted against ``radical'' Christian organizations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation came to the conclusion that anyone who believes in the Rapture and second coming of Christ should be considered terrorists. Janet Reno agreed.......,,We live in a world full of nuclear bombs 50 to 100 times more powerful than Nagasaki. We have improved our neutron weapons. With no God, will we put our faith in the multiple personalities of Mr. Gore? ... We already worship the ``beautiful people'' of Hollywood and liberal, upscale Washington. Marx and Lenin must be ecstatic. The anti-Christ is standing at a wide open door. ….. Gene Boles, Augusta, GA ….."

Associated Press 11/1/00 Brigitte Greenberg "…..Vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman renewed the possibility of sanctions against the entertainment industry Wednesday, saying the industry has not done enough to stop marketing adult material to children since the practice was exposed. Lieberman wrote to more than 50 entertainment executives, saying he and Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore are holding to their position that movie executives, video game makers and music companies must adopt appropriate safeguards within six months or face the possibility of regulation. ….."

Real Clear Politics 11/1/00 Tom Bevan "….. Most polls and pundits agree that George W. Bush is more "likeable" than Vice President Gore. He is less stiff, less contrived, more affable and more genuine. But Democrats who dismiss the "likeability factor" by saying the election shouldn't be a vote on which candidate Americans would rather "have a drink with" miss an important point. Voters are not drawn to Governor Bush because of some mysterious personal charm but rather the underlying sense that he is a man of solid character….."

Washington Times 11/1/00 "……For the photographer to capture the essence of Bill Clinton for the cover of Esquire magazine, he had to shoot from below, focusing at the approximate level of the presidential belt. The eloquence of the angle alone tells much about Mr. Clinton, his designated successor Al Gore and their supporters. But there's more to it than that……. Above the belt, there is the white shirt, the blue tie and the smirk. Below the belt there are the president's two hands resting on his knees, which are spread wide apart. Wide apart as in splayed. Wide apart as in the good old days of the government shutdown, thongs and "Leaves of Grass." As in the good old days before "is" became "was," and That Woman had to sell handbags for a living. As in the days before the Impeachment Day pep rally where Al Gore called Mr. Clinton "one of our greatest presidents."……"

Newsmax 10/24/00 Linda Bowles "...... Most pollsters and political pundits are constantly reminding us that a majority of Americans approve of the way Bill Clinton is performing his job as president of the United States. They also tell us that a strong majority of Americans believe the nation is heading in the right direction. The implication is that we don't need a change. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the poll question about Bill Clinton's job performance has to do with economic performance and little else. The pollsters have effectively defined down the job description of the president by stripping it of any responsibility for maintaining standards of morality and common decency. Excluded from job performance is the president's responsibility as commander in chief, to hold himself to the same level of personal conduct required of all military personnel, and minimized is his responsibility as chief law enforcement officer, to scrupulously honor the letter and spirit of the Constitution and the law. ...... No matter how glibly Algore describes all the fights he would like to wage against various groups of Americans, and no matter how eloquently he waxes about which Americans he would target to give tax credits, those watching him understood that his class warfare rhetoric is contentious and divisive. Listening to Algore, voters knew they were listening to a candidate who would follow a strategy of divide, frighten and conquer by pitting the young against the old, pagans against believers, women against men, blacks against whites, taxpayers against taxtakers, the poor against the wealthy, and the middle class against everybody. And listening to George W. Bush, voters knew they were hearing a man who would work to unify Americans by putting an end to the discriminatory and unconstitutional practice of dividing Americans into groups and applying rewards, punishments, privileges, legal status, and special rights based on group membership......" 10/29/00 "....... Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader, whose rising poll numbers have Gore campaign officials begging him to drop out of the race, called President Clinton a liar on Sunday, saying he disgraced his office over his affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. ...... Nader voiced his strong criticism of Clinton during an interview on ABC's "This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts":

DONALDSON: You say that if you'd been in the Senate, you would have voted to convict Bill Clinton in his impeachment trial. Correct?

NADER: Correct. And I would have voted against [Robert] Bork and I fought vigorously against [Antonin] Scalia and [Clarence] Thomas, which is more than I can say for Vice President Gore.

DONALDSON: You think Clinton is what - a liar? A perjurer? I mean, what...

NADER: I think he disgraced the office. He then lied about it. A judge confirmed that. He dragged it out and he took a year of journalism from both of you.

DONALDSON: Well, a lot of your supporters, according to our poll, were Clinton supporters.

NADER: Well, they're going to have to choose, aren't they? ......"

Washington Times 10/30/00 Dave Boyer "......Bush advisers said the Gore phone calls are another example that Mr. Gore is losing the race -and knows it. They also pointed to Mr. Gore's comments Friday night in an interview with a Philadelphia television station in which Mr. Gore, previously a supporter of lawsuits by cities against gun manufacturers, backtracked on the issue. "That's up to local communities," Mr. Gore said when asked if he would support such litigation as president. Mr. Fleischer said yesterday the comment showed why Democrats are not as enthusiastic in their support of Mr. Gore as they were for President Clinton......"This is a classic illustration of the vice president's flip-flopping on issues that principled Democrats care very deeply about," Mr. Fleischer said. "It's why people in his party really question whether they can trust the vice president to be consistent, to be a steady leader......."That's one of the reasons why Ralph Nader's campaign has the legs that it has. There really is a yearning in the Democratic Party for a principled leader and they haven't seen one in a while."....." 10/30/00 Marc Thiswell "….Washington-insiders and analysts Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes may be Fox News "Beltway Boys" but Bill Clinton and Al Gore are now the "Below the Beltline Boys". Gore's airbrushed picture on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and Clinton's "Monica's view" picture on the front of Esquire have given them this dubious new title. ...... These two photos, highlighting the most prominent features of our current President and Vice-president, really capture the essence of their eight years. A spread-legged Clinton focuses the eye on the part of his body that he has always been focused on. It represents his contest quest for pleasure, his self-absorption and his desire to attract others to him in the worst possible way. Gore's bulge represents his unsubtle attempt to woo women voters and show that he's an Alpha male. ….. These disgusting photos have shown how low the Democratic party has fallen. …... Soon Clinton will be out on the street and, hopefully, so will Al Gore. If so, it will be due in no small part to their diminishment of the Oval Office and our governmental institutions. And all that will be left of their "legacy" are these two photos. ….."

Wall Street Journal – Opinion 10/30/00 Robert Bartley "……. With the baby-boomer generation character no longer matters, we've been solemnly and repeatedly instructed. And throughout the impeachment debate we were instructed that it was only sex. That Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr was a sex-crazed religious nut. That the House impeachment managers were committing political suicide. ……But lo and behold: We are now in the final week of a presidential campaign. The nation is at peace, more or less, and the incumbent administration has presided over the "miracle economy." But the vice president is fighting for political life. ……The reason for this is anything but mysterious. From the convention to this final week, the character issue has shaped the whole campaign. Mr. Gore's strategic dilemma has been to consolidate the Clinton constituency while separating himself from Bill Clinton personally. ……. Yet as the campaign wore on, and particularly when the public got a close look at the candidates in debate, Al Gore looked less like Joe Lieberman and more like Bill Clinton. That is, the public recognized that the Clinton issue was never only about sex, but started long before Monica Lewinsky became a household name. The issue was truthfulness, accountability, acceptance of personal responsibility--in a word, character. ….."

The Telegraph (U.K.) 10/29/00 David Wastell "……. PRESIDENT CLINTON has infuriated supporters of Al Gore by reopening old wounds over the Monica Lewinsky affair at the most sensitive moment in the American presidential election campaign. With just nine days left before voting, , and with the Vice-President having reluctantly agreed that Mr Clinton be unleashed to encourage Democrats to turn out to the polls, the President has startled the Gore campaign by suggesting that Republicans should apologise for their attempt to impeach him. …….. "Unlike them, I've apologised to the American people for what I did wrong and most Americans think I paid a pretty high price," he said in an interview with Esquire magazine, made public yesterday. "They never apologised to the country for impeachment, they never apologised for all the things they've done. But folks, I think that they haven't necessarily put their abuse of power behind them." ......"

Original Sources 1024/00 Mary Mostert "....... As much as everyone is trying to avoid the dreaded "I" word in this election, the underlying, fundamental issue in the Clinton-Gore contest IS Impeachment. Specifically, the impeachment of Bill Clinton. In analyzing the Senate trial last year I pointed out that almost the entire Congress, on both sides of the aisles, agreed on one important fact - the President had lied. He lied to the public, to the Congress, to his advisors, to his family and to a grand jury. .... The only substantive difference between those in favor of removing the President from office and those in favor of allowing him to stay was: Does it MATTER that the President of the United States lies? ......... On Sunday the New York Times, which took the side of those who believed that Bill Clinton's lies didn't really matter, has taken a similar stand in its editorial last Sunday endorsing Hillary Clinton for Senator. Honesty is not considered by the N.Y. Times to be an important characteristic for an elected representative of the people. ..... The New York Times, Washington Post and the Networks have done an incredible job in framing the Year 2000 presidential debate to avoid ANY reference to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. However, in spite of their efforts, I believe that the American people are showing in their response to the candidates, and the candidates are showing, in their campaign speeches, that THE cardinal issue in this campaign isn't any of the issues the media has identified as "key" issues - gun control, education, taxes, social security, health care, foreign policy, etc. And, in spite of what popular political wisdom tells us, this year it isn't even the economy which is still considered strong, in spite of some dark clouds on the horizon, that is a pivotal issue. ......Two weeks before the election, it appears that the most important issue is: Who can we trust to tell us the truth - Gore or Bush? Can we trust either of them?......."

USA Today 10/23/00 Susan Page, Judy Keen Laurence McQuillan "......In escalating attacks on each other near the end of a close campaign, Vice President Gore accused Texas Gov. George W. Bush of being "breathtakingly short-sighted" and uninformed for proposing to withdraw U.S. peacekeepers from the Balkans. Bush accused Gore of "playing politics with national security." The candidates, in separate interviews with USA TODAY, struck themes they are likely to sound through the campaign's final two weeks - Gore raising concerns about Bush's competence and Bush questioning Gore's character. Such attacks typically are made by surrogates, but this time both candidates themselves weighed in. ....." 11/23/00 David Horowitz "…… ONE INDISPUTABLE RESULT of the unconcluded presidential race is to confirm that Al Gore is Bill Clinton's authentic heir. In his eight years as president, William Jefferson Clinton divided the nation, sullied the White House and diminished the authority of the Oval Office. In an ill-advised and reckless post-election coup, Clinton's would-be successor has now done comparable damage to the electoral process itself. ……..By refusing to concede an election he had lost, and by dispatching - within hours -- a small army of political operatives to four Florida counties to subvert the result, Al Gore has thrown the nation into electoral chaos and unleashed an unprecedented campaign to de-legitimize the process by which Americans elect their president. Starting with a series of inflammatory protests over alleged voter "disenfranchisement," and ending with a series of legal sophistries, after-the-fact rule changes and dimpled ballot pirouettes, an armada of Gore operatives invaded heavily controlled Democrat enclaves to make a mockery of the system. They have turned the fate of an entire nation over to the chicaneries of a Chicago-style political ward………It is indicative of the sheer arrogance of this campaign that Democrats supplied both the pretext - the infamous "butterfly ballots" - and the protest that gave initial traction to their efforts to reduce what began as a national referendum to a small patch in the electoral forest where Democrats would effectively be counters and counted. ….."

USA TODAY 11/16/00 John Omicinski "……Welcome to the DSA, the Divided States of America. Having walked across President Clinton's ''bridge to the 21st century,'' we find a country more fractured, angry, and in political chaos than it has been in more than a century. ……. Clinton taught the lesson that graciousness and character are for losers, money and good looks are for winners. A national rebound from that attitude will be difficult, if not impossible, with this distrustful public. ….. In the absence of trust, what was supposed to be a government of law has become a government of lawyers. Without trust, the vital center does not hold; things fall apart. ……… The Divided States of America closes the Clinton years split down the middle along racial, gender and cultural lines. Cities and rural areas are strangers to each other; big cities went for Gore 3-to-1 and rural areas for Bush 3-to-2. …..Having raised not a finger to bring political consensus, ruling instead by fiat in many cases, Clinton must take a heavy share of the blame. Like a monarch, he waved his scepter to declare swaths of the West federally protected. He ordered a useless $5 billion effort in Haiti and, with no support from Congress, sent U.S. troops into attacks on Bosnia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, and most notably, Kosovo, …..Indeed, in another symbol of division, the House tied when it voted on whether to pay for the 1999 Kosovo bombing campaign six weeks into it. ……"

The Associated Press 11/15/00 Jim Abrams "……The Republican majority in the House decided Wednesday to retain its six-year limit on how long a committee chairman can serve. As a result, some of the most powerful lawmakers in the House will have to give up their posts when the next Congress convenes in January. ……. Republicans, in a closed meeting, voted 141-27 against a motion to waive the requirement, imposed when the party took control of the House in 1995, that chairmen step down after three two-year terms, GOP aides said. ……The lawmakers also voted by voice to keep a six-year limit on subcommittee chairmen. ……"

Wall Street Journal 10/12/00 "…… George W. Bush came into his own last night, with a presidential-caliber performance that lit up brilliantly the basic issue. What's on the table in this election is not just the character of the next president, but of America itself. Certainly by the end of this second presidential debate, the haze of distractions and minutiae that marked last week's match had cleared. The difference between the two candidates was stark. Al Gore thinks he can manage your life better than you can. Mr. Bush thinks you'll do better managing your life for yourself. ……..That's a mighty difference in philosophy, likely to dictate very different policies not only on the issues of the moment but on questions that we may not yet foresee….."

Bush2000 11/6/00 Laura Bush "….Dear......... I want to thank you for everything you have done for our Party this year. We have a tremendous opportunity tomorrow. I have traveled almost nonstop since the Convention, and I can tell you that Republicans are united and ready to lead. There is one more thing still to do, and that is vote. …….. There's much at stake. Yes, America enjoys peace and prosperity. But at the same time, there is concern about the erosion of moral values, the direction of our culture and its effects on our families, children, schools, and communities. …….. As I have traveled around the country, I've found the Republican Party to be enthusiastic, optimistic and united. The entire Republican ticket is presenting a positive vision for America that has been greeted warmly by people across our country. ……. We are reaching out to all Americans on education, Social Security, health care, and lower taxes. We know reform is not a "risky scheme." And we know there is no substitute for honesty and integrity in our elected officials. …..That's why I'm excited about tomorrow, Election Day. In less than 36 hours the polls will close. We still have that long to make a difference. So please talk to your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers about the stakes in tomorrow's voting - and be sure to vote! Thank you. ……"

Milwaukee's WISN 12 News 11/6/00 "……Wisconsin State Rep. Scott Walker (R - 14th District) plans to file a criminal complaint with the Milwaukee County District Attorney and a formal complaint with the state election board after Milwaukee's WISN 12 News found Gore campaigners giving absentee voters cigarettes outside of City Hall Saturday. WISN 12 News caught volunteers for Vice President Al Gore's campaign giving packs of cigarettes to homeless voters that they had transported to cast absentee ballots. "Anything that gets something of value, be it a $20 bill on the street out here, or a pack of cigarettes, we think is wrong," Walker said. ..."

ABCNEWS 11/3/00 "……Not likability. But for a very large group of voters, character is an important consideration. And it's one that has worked to George W. Bush's advantage. Sixty-seven percent of likely voters say the candidate's character is very important in their vote choice - slightly more, even, than the 59 percent who say issues are very important. And among those who call character critical, Bush leads by a 23-point margin….."

New York Times 11/4/00 David Sanger "….. The crowd yelled, "Four more years! Four more years!" and their cheers brought a huge smile to President Clinton. But pleased as he might have been by his reception here and in nearby Oakland today, Mr. Clinton carefully avoided a repeat of his declaration on Thursday that Vice President Al Gore would be the "next best thing" to a third term. ….."

Dallas Morning News 11/2/00 Blackie Sherrod "……. Be that as it may, Alan Simpson still has become sort of a hero of mine. Frankly, I don't know what sort of senator he was, other than an outspoken Wyoming conservative, but his opinion has always been sought and given, quite forcibly, on a number of Washington subjects. He has a unique talent for expression, and, obviously, his 69 years have increased his tendency to let the chips fall wherever. So the respect is not reciprocal. …….Albert Gore? "He is a master of distortion. He learned that from Clinton. Gore is an enigma. [At Senate hearings] he would never show up early. He'd wait until 7 or 8 o'clock when television cameras went on. We called him Prime Time Al." …….. If George W. Bush asked his advice? "He should remember that an attack unanswered is an attack believed. Beware of him [Gore], he's the wiliest cat in the jungle. He'll do ANYTHING to win." ......... George the Elder? "One of the most decent, wonderful guys I ever met," said Mr. Simpson. "He did so many things for the country, and yet he is remembered for just one line: 'Read my lips.' That one lie is all they remember. Now, we have a guy in the White House who can lie 17 times in one day, and nobody seems to care." ......... The old rascal had a final warning. "If we [Republicans] lose this time, we won't get back in the White House for 30 or 40 years." Mr. Simpson is not given to timidity, remember, and occasionally subjects himself to a sprinkle of salt. But he is never dull. If we must listen to politics, it might as well be amusing. ……"

Washington Times 11/6/00 Suzanne Fields "….. The most powerful lingering image of the last days of this campaign may well be that photograph of Mr. Clinton on the cover of the December issue of Esquire magazine, a lewd and lascivious portrayal of a below-the-belt attitude. Michael Paterniti, who interviewed the president for the magazine, defends it as "the exact view" of Lincoln at the Lincoln memorial. (Others have remarked that it was merely the exact view that Monica had.)……. But we've seen Abraham Lincoln, and, to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen in an election in a previous millennium, Abe Lincoln is one of our greatest presidents, and Mr. Clinton is no Abe Lincoln. This election is about that, too….."

Gary Langer 11/5/00 "…… Nov. 5 - Concealing his 1976 DUI arrest may not have been George W. Bush's most popular move, but the late-breaking revelation looks not to have damaged his support - or his ratings for honesty and character. Despite the news, 61 percent of likely voters still call Bush "honest and trustworthy," about where it's been, and 15 points better than Al Gore's rating on this score. In fact it's Gore's rating for honesty that's been suffering; it's now its weakest to date…… Seventy percent of likely voters, moreover, say Bush has "strong personal character." That includes three-quarters of independents, and it's 12 points better than Gore's rating for character. This is from interviews entirely after the DUI story broke……"

Midland Reporter Telegram 10/5/00 "…… This is an article on our front page today. As a group, we in Midland, Texas are very proud of our own George W. Bush. I know him to be a very honest, simple man. He drove his own car, attended Church and parent meetings and was never anything but one of the crowd, just one of the parents, never above us at any time. I like that about him……. Bush, looking slightly surprised, paused from shaking hands, looked around and said, "Yeah, thank you for instilling your values in me and teaching me right from wrong. And thank you, Midland, for teaching me to respect people from all walks of life."……."

National Post 11/4/00 David Frum "…… If the Democrats lose, they will of course make Gore their scapegoat. But it wasn't Gore who stained the Democrats as the party of sleaze ethics in a year when voters declared ethics and morality their top concern. Nor did many Democrats protest when Gore decided to run a 1948-style, anti-corporate campaign in a decade in which three times as many Americans own stock as belong to unions. This election was decided not by one man's awkward demeanour but by his party's tainted morals and obsolete statist policies. Will the Democrats figure it out? Let's hope not. The more assiduously Democrats blame Gore, the more certain it is that Austin's hotelkeepers can look forward to another sell-out season in November, 2004. ……" 12/16/00 Carl Limbacher ".....Arizona Sen. John McCain suggested Friday that a whopping $8 million book deal inked by New York Senator-elect Hillary Clinton may become fodder for a full blown Senate investigation. "I would think so," McCain told NBC's "Today Show," when asked whether Mrs. Clinton's literary jackpot warranted a conflict of interest review by the Senate Ethics Committee. Clinton's mega-payday comes courtesy of Simon & Schuster, the publisher that won the intense bidding war over her book this week. Because S & S is a division Viacom, a media giant with business before the Senate, the deal immediately ignited conflict of interest ..."

Accuracy in Media 12/15/00 Lisa Dean "......In the words of the late Orthodox Christian writer and theologian, Father Alexander Schmemann, "Every evil screams only one message: 'I am good'." Of course if evil screamed that it was evil, it would be rejected. So much evil is done in society by those claiming to do good -- good for the country, for minorities, for children, for national security and so it goes. It all begins by replacing the word "think" with the word "feel" -- putting "feelings" on a higher intellectual plane than "thought" with regard to political issues and especially those related to right and wrong. ..."

Cybercast News Service 12/15/00 Patrick Goodenough "..... President Clinton popped into a London pub for lunch and a beer, then popped out again without paying, according to British newspapers Friday. While First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and their daughter Chelsea wandered the antique shops in the trendy Portobello Road area, the outgoing president and his security entourage ducked into the Portobello Gold, where he tucked away $35 worth of cold lunch and half a pint of organic beer. "They bloody well did not pay the bill," the Guardian quoted pub owner Mike Bell as saying. ...."

Newsmax 12/15/00 "..... Sen. Joe Lieberman's flip-flopping on issues, while he campaigned as Democrat Al Gore's vice presidential candidate, may haunt him after he resumes his senatorial duties, said a political consultant. ......Before his union with Gore, Lieberman was, by most accounts, held in high esteem by Democrats and Republicans, touted as a moral leader, steadfast in his beliefs. .....During the campaign season, however, many noted that his views on abortion, racial quotas and school choice changed to reflect the more leftist rhetoric of his running mate. At one point, Lieberman, who describes himself as an Orthodox Jew, even agreed to meet with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, whose public comments have often been called anti-Semitic. ....."Now that he has shown he's willing to do political double talk, that's going to be trouble for him," said Mark Johnson, a senior partner with Patriot Campaign Consulting in Virginia. "The media is going to be watching him, comparing his statements with ones he made earlier ... and anything he does will be scrutinized."...." 11/24/00 Carl Limbacher "…… 'Tons of Porno' at Camp David, Guard Reveals Camp David, the super secure presidential retreat now at the disposal of Bill Clinton and his senator-elect wife, is littered with "tons" of pornography, a Marine guard who works there told a Washington D.C. radio station last week. …… Two days later, after admitting to his superiors that he spilled the beans, the guard lost his job, the Washington Post reported Friday. ……"Lesson to the U.S. Marines guarding Camp David. If there are girlie mags on the grounds of the the presidential retreat, keep it to yourself," the Post advised. ….."

euters 12/29/00 ".....- Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman thinks of the movie business as an industry of butchery and whoring, and recently dreamed he was kissing his actresses' feet, according to a rare interview published Friday. Bergman, 82, is a recluse who usually shuns journalists and seldom ventures into the public eye. ``I have left, after all, the branch of butchery and whoring,'' Bergman told the Swedish tabloid Expressen. Asked what he meant, Bergman answered, ``Yes, films.'' ......"

Traditional Values Coalition 12/29/00 Rev Louis Sheldon "..... "Despite the hysteria being generated against Ashcroft by homosexuals, radical pro-abortionists, and anti-Christian groups like People for the American Way (PAW), the Senator is a man of integrity who will serve this nation well," said Sheldon. "These bigoted groups are angry at the prospect of a conservative and principled man as head of our nation's law enforcement agency. They will do everything in their power to derail Ashcroft's nomination." ........ The homosexual group Human Rights Campaign has called Ashcroft's nomination "frightening." Kate Michelman with the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League says Ashcroft is a "real danger fo women's rights," and PAW says Ashcroft is an "astonishingly bad nomination." ........ TVC believes these anti-Ashcroft groups are angered by his nomination for three reasons: 1. He is a conservative who believes in judicial restraint--not judicial activism. He believes judges should interpret the law, not legislate from the bench. 2. He is a man of high integrity and lives out his Christian faith. 3. He opposes abortion, homosexuality, and supports the death penalty. ...... Liberal Black groups like the NAACP are also trying to portray Ashcroft as a racist because he once opposed the nomination of Black Missouri Supreme Court Justice Ronnie White for a federal judgeship. Racism had nothing to do with Ashcroft's opposition to White. "He opposed White's nomination because of the judge's judicial activism, opposition to the death penalty, and his coddling of criminals," noted Sheldon. ......"

Judicial Watch 12/29/00 ".....In Bill Clinton's final days as President of the United States, notwithstanding his and his wife's obvious plans to retake the White House in 2004 under a President Hillary Rodham Clinton Administration, the Clinton-Gore Administration has again shown its disrespect for ethics and the Constitution by using executive orders to pursue its purposes........ First, skirting accepted norms under the Constitution, Bill Clinton named a federal appellate court judge through a recess appointment to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth District. Rather than relying on the law, Clinton's appointment, by his own admission, was based on racial politics. Besides the impropriety of the recess appointment, this is an outrageously unethical basis on which to appoint anyone to government office, let alone a federal judge. ........Second, and not surprisingly, Bill Clinton revoked the one executive order that he entered that made sense; the ban on former White House officials "lobbying" the White House for five years after the close of his administration. This opens the door for the "moneychangers," including the President himself, to cash in on their years of employment for the Clinton-Gore White House. ......."

WND 12/30/00 Dr Alan Keyes "..... Sen. Ashcroft, President-elect George W. Bush's nominee for attorney general, is already facing the kind of liberal assaults that characterized the total war against Robert Bork's nomination to the Supreme Court. At root, there is only one liberal objection to the nomination of moral conservatives like Sen. Ashcroft to high office in American government: Liberals understand that such men will not bow down in worship to the spurious requirement that American law and government adopt doctrinaire rejection of all religious influence. The radical doctrine of the "separation of church and state" is really the doctrine of the separation of morality from American life. ........ Liberals believe that it is unconstitutional for citizens to act on their moral judgments, such as the view that homosexuality is wrong, in their dealings with fellow citizens. They believe that the state has the right coercively to dictate conscience on these points -- and on a civil rights pretext force citizens to accept what is contrary to their religious conscience. ..........The clearest instance of this tyranny now occurs in the service of the radical homosexual agenda. Liberals pretend that what is at issue in our society now is what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms. But when liberals attempt to use the government to force the Boy Scouts to have homosexual Scoutmasters, the issue is not what goes on in the privacy of somebody's bedroom, but what will be imposed as a matter of law upon the consciences of those whose religious beliefs cannot countenance homosexual practices.......Note the specific reference to action. The First Amendment is not chiefly about beliefs and opinions. It is about the free "exercise" of religion and exercise means action and activity. Liberal hostility to Sen. Ashcroft is part of the ongoing attempt to intimidate Americans into accepting government dictation of moral conscience, demanding that we remove from the purview of moral judgment activities that have been essential to the meaning of ethics and decent comportment from time immemorial. ......."

Orlando Sentinel 1/1/01 Charley Reese "..... One of the things decent Americans can look forward to in the coming year is the departure of the Hollywood leftists who said they would leave the country if George W. Bush were elected president........ Frankly, I think they will stay. Even America's socialists enjoy capitalism. We're probably one of the few countries in the world where, when socialists and communists meet, the parking lot is full of expensive cars. Even Hanoi Jane Fonda enjoys her millions, however much she despised American prisoners of war during the Vietnam War and however much she admired the North Vietnamese communists. ......I knew that the country had gone to hell when she came back from posing at a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft battery and her career flourished instead of collapsing. Don't ever kid yourself about Hollywood. It is so far left that it views Harry Truman as a right-winger. ....."

Warren Tribune-Chronicle 12/20/00 Joe Gorman ".....After detectives finished questioning a 14-year-old Chaney High School student accused of killing a crying 3-month-old baby, the only thing the teen wanted to know from her mother was if she would be able to watch her favorite TV show. ....."

Washington Times 12/21/00 Paul Weyrich "..... I have a couple of friends who have worked for President-elect Bush in the campaign headquarters in Austin for some time now. Neither knew Mr. Bush before they went to work there. Both told me the same story. They were pleasantly surprised at how instinctively conservative he is on most issues and how loath he is to consult the polls before taking action. One of these staffers told me, "Over and over Bush would ask the question: 'What is the right thing to do?' And then when given the answer he would say, 'Then do it.' "......"

Washington Times 12/21/00 Donald Lambro ".... When Al Gore gave his business-bashing, class-warfare speech to the Democratic National Convention this summer, the head of the centrist-leaning Democratic Leadership Council predicted that the vice president's strategy would fail....... Mr. Gore's deeply divisive, powerful-vs.-the-powerless speech shocked and depressed Al From, who for two decades has worked to yank the party away from its leftist, anti-business, class-envy, big-government roots. Mr. From supported Mr. Gore and would do so in the campaign, but he told friends in the media that the attempts to pit one economic group against another and portray big business as the enemy of the people would not work. "I guarantee it," Mr. From said. Of course he was right......."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 12/24/00 George Will "..... These are examples of "the rise of antisocial law," the subject of essayist Jonathan Rauch's recent lecture at the American Enterprise Institute. There are, he argues, two dramatically different mechanisms for averting and resolving conflicts. One, which he calls Hidden Law, is communitarian and informal. The other he calls Bureaucratic Legalism, which provides due process for every problem, and that is a problem. ...... In a dense and diverse society, Rauch says, moral disputes and collisions of clashing sensibilities are incessant. But civilized life depends on informal rules and measures -- social winks, so to speak -- preventing such mundane conflicts from becoming legal extravaganzas or occasions for moral exhibitionism. Otherwise, communities become neurotic, quick to take offense, slow to assuage it. One sound of such a society is the "snap" of handcuffs being placed on a 12-year-old subway snacker. ...."