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7/10/98 Arianna Huffington Conservative Current " On Wednesday morning , at a White House ceremony the president endorsed a bill aimed at reducing children ' s access to guns . Among other things , the bill will make parents criminally responsible for the actions of children using unsafely stored guns .It is a forlorn hope to continue to pretend that we will reduce teenage violence just by focusing on gun control , just as it is delusional to continue fighting the war on drugs just by focusing on illegal drugs"

Reuters 4/26/99 Randall Mikkelsen "...President Clinton will propose new anti-gun laws Tuesday, the White House said, predicting last week's Colorado school horror would fuel support for the long-planned measures. White House spokesman Joe Lockhart also denounced the National Rifle Association, telling reporters Monday that the time had come for the pro-gun lobbying organization to stop fighting against gun control. "There is a consensus in this country that we need to do more; the president will propose doing more, and it's time for the NRA to get out of the past and get on the right side of this issue," Lockhart said..... Saturday, Clinton said he would ask Congress to crack down on gun shows and illegal trafficking, ban violent juveniles from ever buying guns and close loopholes permitting juveniles to own assault rifles...."

New York Times 4/26/99 Barry Meier "...Just hours after the gunfire had stopped on Tuesday in Littleton, Colo., another battle erupted as lobbying groups and others on warring sides of the nation's gun debate moved to turn the shootings to their advantage. Appearing that evening on CNN, Sarah Brady, the chairwoman of Handgun Control, blamed the easy access to weapons for the killings. A day later, Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association and its chief political strategist, went on the MSNBC program "Equal Time" to say Hollywood's obsession with violence, rather than firearms, was at fault...."My bottom line is that these laws were passed with the best of intentions to create safety zones for our children," Lott said in an interview. "But my concern is that the people who obey these laws are the good people and what these laws do is make safe zones for criminals."..."

WorldNetDaily 4/29/99 Jon E. Dougherty "...While much of the nation and most politicians call for increased gun control measures in the wake of mass murder by two students at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., April 20, a new study shows that the best way to prevent such incidents in the future is to pass more laws that allow concealed carry of handguns. The study, completed earlier this month by John R. Lott, Jr. and William M. Landes of the Chicago University School of Law, concludes "that the only policy factor to influence multiple victim public shootings is the passage of concealed handgun laws." The study also shows that other crime deterrent factors -- such as more police and wider use of the death penalty -- tend to curb "normal" instances of murder. But they do little or nothing to prevent such tragedies as those that have occurred in a number of the nation's public schools since 1997. "Not only does the passage of a shall issue law have a significant impact on multiple shootings," wrote the authors, "but it is the only law related variable that appears to have a significant impact." ..."


Associated Press 5/12/99 David Espo Freeper Brian Mosely "...The Republican-controlled Senate refused Wednesday to impose fresh restrictions on sales at gun shows in Congress' first vote on gun control since last month's shooting spree in a Colorado high school...."

Chicago Sun-Times 5/30/99 Robert Novak "...Rep. Christopher Cox is receiving private backstage criticism from fellow House Republican leaders for letting President Clinton off the hook in order to get bipartisan approval for his select committee's report on alleged Chinese theft of nuclear secrets. Cox, who as chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee ranks fifth in his party's House hierarchy, responds that the report implicitly targets Clinton and that its impact is much greater for not being narrowly partisan. Members of Chairman Henry Hyde's House Judiciary Committee, accused of partisanship in their presidential impeachment proceedings, are particularly irked by the comparison with Cox. A footnote: Conservative House Republicans also were irritated that Speaker J. Dennis Hastert chose to endorse Senate-passed gun controls on the day the Cox report was released--partially upstaging the bad news for the Clinton administration..... "

Jewish World Review 6/10/99 Thomas Sowell "..."gun control." The tragic irony is that such laws are much more likely to increase shooting deaths than to reduce them. For those of us old-fashioned enough to think that facts still matter, comprehensive research has shown that allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons reduces gun violence, as well as other kinds of violence. Unfortunately, facts may carry very little weight politically, in the midst of an emotional orgy with rhetorical posturing. Yet the evidence is overwhelming that allowing law-abiding citizens to be armed has reduced violence in general and mass shootings in particular. For those to whom facts still matter, John Lott's book "More Guns, Less Crime" presents overwhelming evidence. Another study of his, with Professor William Landes of the University of Chicago as co-author, addresses mass shootings, such as those which have been taking place in schools, post offices and other public places. These shooting rampages have been far more common in places where there are strong gun control laws. No matter what other factors these authors take into account -- poverty, race, population density, etc. -- the results are still the same. Places with many armed citizens have fewer mass shootings. Their data cover mass shootings in every state and the District of Columbia, going back nearly two decades...."

Boston Globe 6/12/99 Louise D. Palmer "....While the NRA did not get exactly what it wanted, the lobby's influence during the early stages of House discussions on gun control has reversed the prevailing opinion that pronounced the gun lobby weakened after last month's defeats in the Senate. ''Our epitaph has been written many times,'' said Jim Manown, an NRA spokesman, laughing...... The NRA's two-pronged lobbying strategy, which was advertised on the Internet, in mainstream newspapers, and all over Capitol Hill, began two months ago with a campaign that questioned the wisdom of passing new gun-control laws when the Clinton administration is not enforcing existing ones. In one advertisement in The Wall Street Journal, the NRA wrote that the government prosecuted only 37 cases where felons bought firearms through straw purchases, 11 cases where individuals provided guns to juveniles, and 11 cases of juveniles caught with guns. ''More firearms legislation, like previous legislation, that is passed with no intention of enforcement is a dangerous fraud,'' the ad said. The Justice Department said it could not comment on particular prosecutions but defended its record, pointing out that combined state-federal prosecutions of gun crimes were up 22 percent since 1992. The number of federal cases in which an offender is sentenced to more than five years also rose 22 percent....."

Washington Times 6/18/99 Sean Scully "…The House Thursday night narrowly passed a measure regulating sales of weapons at gun shows - written by a rebellious faction of Democrats - that could doom a larger gun control bill set to be voted on Friday. The House voted 218-211 to support a measure sponsored by the most senior Democrat in the House, Rep. John D. Dingell of Michigan. Forty-five Democrats joined 173 Republicans in the vote. The mildest of three gun-show proposals before the House, the approved measure limits to 24 hours the maximum amount of time gun buyers must wait for background checks. The strictest measure - sponsored by Democrats - sets a maximum of three business days for background checks. A Republican measure sets a maximum of 72 hours…."


Washington Compost 5/19/99 David B. Ottaway "....Some of the nation's leading private foundations and philanthropists such as billionaire George Soros are pouring millions of dollars into research and support in the battle to control gun violence. The infusion of private money has raised the wrath of the National Rifle Association, which in a publication this month named Soros and another private foundation as part of a "vast conspiracy" to bankrupt gun manufacturers with lawsuits...."

Jewish World Review 5/27/99 Tony Snow "...Even though Selleck is the nicest guy in show business, she[Rosie] treated him like meat. As hausfraus and tourists shouted "You go, girl!" the klatchmistress assailed his affiliation with the National Rifle Association, insinuating that he condoned the massacre of innocents at Columbine High School. ... The show's producers had promised Selleck the conversation would focus on his new movie, not guns. But Rosie broke the compact and ambuscaded the poor fellow. Then again, she may have had her reasons. Selleck often shoots objects -- sporting clays -- that otherwise might carry food. In any case, Rosie's attack was notable for its imbecility and hypocrisy. Begin with the dim-wit part: Gun violence in the United States has been declining for the better part of a decade. Research indicates that states with relatively permissive gun laws also have the lowest levels of gun crime -- presumably because bad guys never know whether their intended victims are packing heat. Moreover, the nostrums recently approved by the U.S. Senate -- trigger locks and background checks -- would have saved no one at Columbine High School and could make it more difficult for citizens (such as, say, battered wives) to defend themselves..... The Clinton administration has promoted more federal gun legislation than any in history, but it hasn't enforced the statutes. The Justice Department has prosecuted exactly one person in four years for violating the much-touted Brady Law and the feds have gone after 20 juvenile gun-thugs in the last three years -- out of an estimated 20,000 cases. Cut to the moral core of the controversy. The NRA never has condoned the murder of innocents. This distinguishes it from the Clinton White House -- which is considering the legal harvest of babies for medical purposes -- and Planned Parenthood. If Rosie were truly concerned about preventable deaths, she might want to ambush Democrats who support partial-birth abortion. Or she might want to bushwack Spike Lee, who recently told the New York Post that the National Rifle Association ought to shut its doors and that someone ought to shoot NRA president Charlton Heston -- not only a nice guy, but a Freedom Marcher in the 1960s -- "with a .44-caliber Bulldog." Talk about double standards! If some right-wing cracker were to suggest similar justice for Spike Lee, Janet Reno would be convening a hate-crimes tribunal and prescribing a year's worth of sensitivity training for the foul-mouthed malefactor...."

WorldNet Daily 7/2/99 Stephan Archer "..."More gun confiscation in California? State may take some firearms without compensation By Stephan Archer 1999 While some California gun owners are turning in their illegal guns for cash, others may have to turn them in for nothing at all. In a situation related to California's current buy back program in which the state is offering $230 to gun owners in exchange for their SKS "Sporter" rifles, owners of certain semiautomatics other than the SKS "Sporter" may have to give up their firearms without compensation to avoid facing criminal prosecution. ..."

Star Tribune 4/30/99 Larry Oakes Freeper DonMorgan "... In 1998 a civic group called Violence Free Duluth set out to study a year's worth of crimes involving guns in the port city. Among other things, its members wanted to know type of guns used, the role of alcohol or drugs, relationships between offenders and victims, and the age, sex and race of criminals. The results, released Thursday, give a detailed statistical profile of the 93 gun crimes reported in the city in 1997, with one notable exception: no mention of race of the offenders. That's because the 25-member citizens advisory council coordinating the study decided that divulging race might not be fair or relevant and might distract from the role of more universal issues surrounding gun violence..."

Reuters 5/13/99 "... A day after refusing to regulate gun show sales in a controversial vote, the Senate Thursday voted 96-2 to ban minors from purchasing semi-automatic assault weapons such as AK-47s and Uzis. Under current law, people under age 18 cannot buy handguns from either a licensed dealer or through a private sale, but the restrictions on assault weapons were not as strict. The measure approved Thursday closed the loophole and also barred youths from having high-capacity ammunition clips....The Senate later Thursday will vote on a similar amendment by California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, which also bans all imports of high-capacity ammo clips, for people of any age. Such clips cannot be made in the United States but are still imported..."

Reuters 5/14/99 Joanne Kenen "...The U.S. Senate Friday, reversing itself, narrowly backed mandatory background checks at gun shows but President Clinton said the Republican-drafted version was full of "high caliber loopholes." Two days earlier, the Senate had killed a Democratic measure to institute mandatory checks at gun shows and adopted a weaker voluntary system. A number of Republicans had swift second thoughts about appearing too soft on guns after the Littleton, Colorado, high school tragedy and Republicans produced their own gun show language....Republicans, while budging on guns, have tried to stress cultural factors and violence in entertainment and they hope to offer some more amendments in that area. For instance, Wayne Allard of Colorado wants to allow students or faculty of a public school to hold memorial services or place a memorial on school grounds that includes religious prayer and symbols in situations where someone is killed on school grounds. That will likely spark a debate about school prayer and separation of church and state....."

Manchester Union Leader 6/8/99 Betsy Hart "...If Americans genuinely want to restrict gun rights, then it should be done by the process laid out for amending our Constitution, not by congressional or judicial fiat. Constitutional objections aside, such new laws don't pass the common-sense test. The murderers in Littleton, Colo., had broken almost two dozen federal and state gun-control laws in their rampage. What would another law have done? Would someone with such little respect for the law that he is willing to use guns for an evil purpose have enough respect for the law to obey new gun-control measures? Nor should anyone believe that criminal minds won't easily figure out ways around the new laws. Some might argue that at least these new gun-control measures won't hurt. Oh, but they do. In fact, the way they hurt most of all, and the reason I most oppose them, is that they distract us into wrapping our thinking, our resolve, our resources and our very understanding of the issues around all the wrong things. Gun laws may make us feel we've gone a long way toward addressing the problem of gun-violence among our youths, when to the extent we believe such a thing we haven't even begun to understand the problem. Any doubts? Consider that for much of our nation's history, guns were a regular part of life for many young people and were far more available to them legally than they are today, but only in recent times have we witnessed these killing sprees...." 7/14/99 Mona Charen "…While politicians and many in the press attempted to make the availability of guns the "lesson" of the Littleton massacre, another theme just won't seem to go away. What more and more Americans are recognizing is that the Too Busy Parent is a cultural phenomenon with vast consequences for children. One researcher estimates that 50 percent of parents do not know who their adolescent children's friends are. Another has found that the average teen-ager spends only six minutes a day talking to his mother, and even less conversing with his father. American advertising is full of time-saving devices for "families on the go." Usually they are assumed to be going in different directions…."

The New York Post 7/12/99 Brian Blomquist "…Despite President Clinton's push for new gun-control laws, his own Justice Department admits it isn't enforcing all the gun laws on the books. Two federal laws, in particular, stand out as being virtually ignored by federal investigators. One makes it a federal crime for kids to sneak guns into schools; another makes it a federal offense - with a 10-year prison sentence - for felons to lie when they apply to buy a gun. But of the 6,000 kids caught sneaking guns into schools in the last three years, the Justice Department has prosecuted only 17. And of more than 400,000 felons and other bad apples blocked from buying guns, the Justice Department says fewer than 1,000 have been prosecuted for lying on application forms…."

Arizona Republic 6/9/99 Jim Gahar "...With all of the hysteria of late, we seem to be forgetting that the entire Bill of Rights is under assault, not just the Second Amendment. On the positive side, a federal judge in Texas has just ruled the Clinton-Gore crime bill in violation of both the Second and Fifth amendments to the Constitution. The government has appealed, and the case may now go before the Supreme Court. The entire issue stems from what "the people" means in the context of the Second Amendment. In a 32-page argument going back as far as A.D. 690 in English law, the judge argued that "the people" has an identical and consistent meaning in the preamble of the Constitution and in all of the amendments in which it is used. It means "the peaceable citizens" in every case, not the states or the federal government..."


NRA 8/99 "...A LIST OF CELEBRITIES RECENTLY SIGNED A NATIONAL AD Imploring the NRA to care more about the safety of our nation's children. Apparently, nobody told Barry Manilow or Bruce Springsteen that the "13 children lost to gun violence every day" cited in their ad are in fact neither children nor accidents, but 85% are suicides or murders committed by gangbangers aged 15 to 19. Clearly, Meryl Streep and Moon Zappa are unaware that countless children's lives have been saved through the single most successful, most effective and widely used gun accident prevention program in America: the NRA's Eddie Eagle program. We've distributed it to 12 million kids in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada at a cost of almost $20 million.... The media hasn't reported how the Eddie Eagle(r) curriculum effectively teaches youngsters what to do if they encounter a firearm: STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult. So Rosie O'Donnell and Tony Bennett probably don't know it's the only gun accident prevention program for kids used by 500 law enforcement agencies across the country. We doubt Madonna or Henry Winkler know that it won the National School Public Relations Association's Golden Achievement Award. Barbra Streisand and Fannie Flagg are likely unaware the National Safety Council gave the Eddie Eagle(r) program its Youth Activities Award of Merit. No one told Richard Gere or Rosemary Clooney that Eddie Eagle(r) has been officially recognized and honored by more than 35 governors and state legislatures. Jerry Seinfeld and Fred Rogers probably don't know that fatal firearm accidents among children have dropped 64% - falling 13% in Eddie's first year alone. We bet Spike Lee and Cathy Rigby are unaware that 3,500 ordinary Americans have volunteered to spread Eddie Eagle's(r) lifesaving message. It's probably news to Jack Nicholson and Brad Gooch that Eddie Eagle's(r) founder won the National Safety Council's Outstanding Community Service Award. Nobody informed Walter Cronkite and BOYS II MEN that theAmerican Legion awarded Eddie Eagle(r) its prestigious National Education Award. Nobody probably told Cher or Sting that only the Eddie Eagle(r) gun accident prevention program has won the endorsement of thousands of school systems nationwide. And probably, Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke don't know that today, fatal firearm accidents among children are the lowest in history. We won't stop until there are none. ...." 7/28/99 Lionel Waxman "...In this country, it is one of our most cherished rights to be considered innocent by the law until properly found guilty. Except in Connecticut, of course. Connecticut has just passed a law permitting police to confiscate all the firearms of anyone they believe might be considering a criminal act. All they have to do is apply to a judge for a warrant. The judge would hear the police in secret and issue the confiscation warrant if he believes the target is dangerous, if, for example, you have made threats, been cruel to animals, or abused drugs or alcohol. So in Connecticut, if you get quietly drunk at home on Saturday night, police can seize your guns. Kick your dog, lose your guns. Make an obscene gesture on the highway, lose your guns -- and probably your car....After a few years of this, Connecticut will become as safe as Cuba...."

Wall Street Journal 7/28/99 Paul Barrett "...The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is considering joining the legal assault against the gun industry, said people familiar with the situation. Such a move would sharply escalate the antigun court fight already being waged by 23 cities and counties around the country. A HUD spokesman said only that the agency is monitoring the litigation and has "no plans" to file a suit...."


NRA's American Guardian 8/99 NRA Institute for Legislative Action "... "Suing Gun Manufactures: Hazardous to Our Health" is the title of a recently released study that concludes the crime deterrent benefits of firearms ownership outweigh the societal costs of guns used in crime as much as $38.9 billion annually in the United States. In the study, H. Sterling Burnett, senior policy analyst as the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas, Texas, attempts to bring sanity to a litigious world that grows increasingly outlandish as greedy tort lawyers and anti-gun mayors try to replace legal precedents with legal theories.....Gun industry critics and anti-gun groups frequently compare the suits against the gun industry to those against the tobacco industry. But, Burnett points out, "There is much to distinguish guns form cigarettes. Guns do not cause harm to the user or third parties in normal use, and they are not addictive. That guns are potentially dangerous is widely known and has never been disputed by the firearms industry. Unlike tobacco, guns provide a multitude of tangible social goods: pleasures for those involved in the shooting sports, U.S. national security, police-led crime prevention and criminal apprehension efforts and effective personal defense against crime. Only a small fraction of firearms, less than 1%, are ever involved in violence. The clearest evidence that even the mayors suing the gun industries believe guns are beneficial is the fact that the arm the police. It is not that guns are bad, it is that some people use them badly." ...."

Associated Press (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) 8/4/99 Kate Grossman "...Treating U.S. gunshot victims in 1994 cost $2.3 billion in lifetime medical costs, an amount that matches what Americans spend on guns and firearms annually, a new study found...... The government, mostly through Medicaid and Medicare payments, paid $1.1 billion of the total cost, the study found. Private insurers and victims picked up the bulk of the rest, accounting for 18 percent and 19 percent of the total costs, respectively. The researchers speculated that victims' costs are often passed on to other patients because many victims can't afford treatment. Despite the seemingly high numbers, Cohen said the costs are not significant when compared to the $1 trillion spent on medical care annually. "If you did away with gunshot injuries, would you reduce medical costs?'' Cohen asked. "Not by much.'' He said fraud is more costly to hospitals than gunshot wounds...."

Claremont Institute 3/4/99 Medical Sentinel Timothy Wheeler, MD "...Imagine this scenario: you visit your doctor for back pain. Your doctor asks if you have firearms in your home. Then he announces that your family would be better off (especially your children) if you had no guns at all in your house. You leave the doctor's office feeling uneasy, wondering what guns have to do with your backache. Does your doctor care about your family's safety? Or instead, did he use your trust and his authority to advance a political agenda? American families may soon find themselves in this scenario. Social activists are taking their war on gun ownership to a new battleground: the doctor's office. (1) The American Medical Association (AMA) (2), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) (3), and American College of Physicians (ACP) (4) are urging doctors to probe their patients about guns in their homes. They profess concern for patient safety. But their ulterior motive is a political prejudice against guns and gun owners. And that places their interventions into the area of unethical physician conduct called boundary violations....The AAP, ACP, and AMA are members of the Handgun Epidemic Lowering Plan (HELP) Network, based in Chicago. HELP is an exclusive advocacy group dedicated to banning guns. Physicians who disagree with HELP's anti-gun agenda are barred from attending HELP's conferences, a policy unthinkable in any scientific organization. HELP's founder and leader Dr. Katherine Christoffel has compared guns to viruses that must be eradicated. (9) The group's militant advocacy has no place for differing viewpoints on firearms, and apparently neither do the medical organizations which have signed on as HELP members...."

NRA 8/3/99 "...Immediately after last night's airing of CBS Evening News' blatantly biased "Reality Check" segment, which ignored recent scholarly research and falsely claimed that the Second Amendment is not an individual right, the National Rifle Association launched a campaign to provide CBS News with its own reality check.

** CBS FAILED to cite the 1990 Supreme Court reference to the Second Amendment in U.S. v. Verdugo-Urquidez that stated, "'the people' protected by the Fourth Amendment, and by the First and Second Amendments ... refers to a class of persons who are part of the national community." Each of these rights are individual.

** CBS FAILED to report this year's federal court ruling from the Northern District of Texas, U.S. v. Emerson, in which the federal judge overturned a federal gun law on Second Amendment grounds and argued, "The rights of the Second Amendment should be as zealously guarded as the other individual liberties enshrined in the bill of rights."

** CBS FAILED to report that, in the last decade, scholars from across the political spectrum have concluded that the Second Amendment, from any method of analysis, protects an individual right, and that this view is now commonly referred to as the "Standard Model" (Glenn Harlan Reynolds, 1995).

** CBS FAILED to note that the nation's leading constitutional scholars such as Lawrence Tribe (Harvard), Akil Reed Amar (Yale), William Van Alstyne (Duke), and Sanford Levinson (Texas) ascribe to the concept of the individual Second Amendment right as the "Standard Model."

** CBS FAILED to report the conclusion of Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds, of the University of Tennessee, that scholars adhering to an individual rights interpretation, "... dominate the academic literature on the Second Amendment almost completely," and that this view is "... the mainstream scholarly interpretation."

U S Newswire 8/3/99 "...Mohammad N. Akhter, M.D., MPH, APHA's executive director, said, "Any bill they craft must include the common-sense, gun-law-loophole-closing measures adopted by the Senate." Dr. Akhter said these provisions include the following: -- three-business day background checks for all gun show purchases; -- safety devices sold with every gun; -- a ban on importing high-capacity ammunition clips; and -- a ban on juvenile possession of assault weapons. .... The American Public Health Association, the oldest and largest organization of public health professionals, represents more than 50,000 members from more than 50 public health occupations. APHA has long recognized gun violence as a critical public health issue and since 1976 has supported efforts to reduce and prevent firearm-related injury and death...."

Reuters 8/3/99 "...It may be hard to believe, but the percentage of high school students who carry a weapon to school or engage in physical fighting is declining, according to new data released this week. Nonetheless, the rates of both weapon carrying and fighting among students in grades 9 through 12 "remain unacceptably high," Dr. Thomas R. Simon of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, told Reuters Health...."

Bloomberg - Top World News 8/7/99 Greg Wiles "...Los Angeles County and three county supervisors are suing gun makers, distributors and retailers, including Sturm, Ruger & Co. and Tomkins Plc's Smith & Wesson, claiming they illegally promoted handgun sales to criminals. The suit claims the gun manufacturers violated California's pro-consumer business law by engaging in unfair and deceptive practices, marketing the weapons to disreputable dealers and designing guns that appeal to criminals. The manufacturers also failed to sell handguns that incorporate reasonable safety features, the filing said..."

business week 8/16/99 William Symonds "...At the center of this hurricane are the world's gun manufacturers, a diverse group ranging from true-blue American brand names like Smith & Wesson and Colt's Manufacturing to foreigners like Italy's nearly 500-year-old Beretta to idiosyncratic tiny players like W.S. Daniel, a company in Ducktown, Tenn., that makes mail-order assault-weapon kits. They're all dependent on America as the world's largest consumer firearms market--and they're all running scared and increasingly divided on how best to defend themselves. ''I've been in this industry 36 years, and this is the most awesome set of circumstances I've ever seen,'' says Robert G. Morrison, chief operating officer of Miami-based Taurus International Manufacturing Inc., the U.S. arm of Brazilian handgun producer Forjas Taurus. Not since George Washington established the Springfield (Mass.) Armory to defend the young republic has the American gun industry faced a more serious crisis. Trouble looms on every front. Politically, the companies are facing the prospect of a Big Tobacco-like meltdown of their power in Washington and clout with state legislatures, a development that could lead to tough new regulations that aren't riddled with loopholes. While handgun registration is still unlikely, measures that would make it harder for criminals to buy weapons at gun shows and limit the number of firearms purchased at one time seem more viable every day. Legally, gunmakers are facing an onslaught of lawsuits they can barely afford to fight, much less lose. These cases are based on the controversial theory that manufacturers are partially responsible for gun violence. The suits seek millions to cover local government expenses for health care and policing. That's a scary prospect to many gun executives because the business is financially shaky. While 1999 will be a strong year, thanks in part to fears of new restrictions on ownership, most executives expect the market to steadily shrink over the long term. ..."

New York Post 8/12/99 Frankie Edozien "...The National Rifle Association stuck to its guns yesterday - noting the suspect in California's daycare shooting spree was an ex-con and saying it proves "guns don't kill people, bad people do." The NRA - the country's leading pro-gun lobbying group - said legal gun ownership cannot be blamed for the shooting rampage. "Our members like everyone else are concerned about this tragedy. But reasonable people know there is something else going on here, and it has nothing to do with lawful people who own firearms," said Bill Powers, the NRA ..."

Houston Chronicle 8/10/99 Nicloe Schiereck "...Imagine yourself in your office, crouched beneath your desk, trying desperately to drown out the gunfire and screams that are penetrating your every thought. Your heart is beating a mile a minute as a feeling of complete helplessness overwhelms you. Are you next? You don't have to be. Mark Barton, the gunman in the office rampage in suburban Atlanta, was obviously intent on killing as many people as possible. According to reports, Barton, armed with 9 mm and .45-caliber handguns, walked through an office complex, killing workers. Because of one deranged man's abhorrent actions, there will be cries for stricter gun control laws. But don't be led astray by gun control advocates. It is essential to realize that this tragedy might have been completely avoided, and most certainly lessened, if someone else in that office had a gun...."

Sacramento Bee 8/12/99 Steve Geissinger "...Political leaders in several states with strong histories of gun ownership say they are unlikely to toughen gun-control laws following the nation's third major multiple shooting in two weeks. "Gun laws wouldn't have helped in Los Angeles," Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, a Democrat, said Wednesday. "Better enforcement would have helped." .... It wasn't immediately clear where Furrow obtained the weapon. California gun buyers must pass a background check with a 10-day waiting period, and convicted felons like Furrow are barred from possessing firearms. President Clinton immediately urged the nation to "intensify our resolve to make America a safer place," and White House spokesman Barry Toiv repeated the call Wednesday...."

The London Sunday Telegraph 8/15/99 James Langton "...PROBATION officers ignored an earlier judge's order that they should confiscate weapons belonging to the self-confessed Nazi and racist Buford Furrow, who gunned down children at a Jewish community centre in Los Angeles last week, writes James Langton. Furrow, 37, had been banned from owning guns in his home state of Washington because of his criminal record but was known to have easy access to weapons. A judge's order that his home be regularly searched was apparently ignored by probation officers.

It also emerged that Furrow, a white supremacist who also murdered a Filipino postman during his rampage, was a known psychotic whose behaviour was so violent that a policeman who arrested him for an earlier assault came close to shooting him in self-defence...."

NRA 8/14/99 Bob Evans/Republican Congressional Candidate vs Tom Lantos for 2000 "...NRA-ILA FAX ALERT 11250 Waples Mill Road - Fairfax, VA 22030 Vol 6 No 12 "...In what could prove to be an extremely important precedent- setting decision, a United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas recently dismissed an indictment against a defendant based on the opinion that the federal law he was accused of violating represented an unconstitutional exercise of congressional power that violated rights protected under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The law, which was buried within the massive 1994 Clinton Crime Bill, prohibits the possession of a firearm by anyone with a court restraining order..... "A historical examination of the right to bear arms...bears proof that the right to bear arms has consistently been, and should still be, construed as an individual right." "The rights of the Second Amendment should be as zealously guarded as the other individual liberties enshrined in theBill of Rights." "It is absurd that a boilerplate state court divorce order can collaterally and automatically extinguish a law-abiding citizen's Second Amendment rights...."

World Net Daily 8/10/99 Jon E Dougherty "...Make no mistake about it: The mainstream media is this country's worst enemy on the issue of the Second Amendment. And after another recent spate of shootings -- perpetrated not by guns alone but by deranged, psychopathic losers using guns -- the spin machine has been ratcheted up to full steam. A piece in this week's Time magazine by author Roger Rosenblatt says it all: "Get rid of the damned things!" and superficially it looks like little more than another media attempt to convince Americans that our society has outgrown the U.S. Constitution. Rosenblatt uses some familiar socialist anti-gun themes, such as never assigning blame to the criminals and social misfits who commit heinous acts and offering only one solution, the total banning of guns..... Granted, Americans should be concerned about all this gun violence. But the media is turning the debate over guns into a matter of national conscience, not simply a matter of the rule of law -- probably because liberals have discovered they cannot satisfactorily refute the simple meaning of our right to keep and bear arms. Understand one thing: These people are helping Uncle Sam come after our guns. They don't understand that if we lose our ability to defend all constitutional rights, the next one to go will be freedom of speech. God help this country then, because we all know what will happen next...."

Investors Business Daily 5/19/99 "..."There's no good reason for a child to own an AK-47,'' President Clinton said last week while pushing his kiddie gun control bill. Just as there's no good reason for a U.S. president to entertain the head of a communist entity that sells AK-47s to kids, right? Don't expect an answer from Clinton. He did just that on Feb. 6, 1996. His fund-raising pal, Charlie Trie, had invited Beijing arms dealer Wang Jun to one of Clinton's famous fund- raising ''coffees'' in the White House Map Room. Wang is the son of China's former vice president. He also runs Polytechnologies, an arms dealership owned by Poly Group, which is owned directly by China's People's Liberation Army. In May 1996, agents of Wang's dealership and another Chinese arms company, Norinco, were arrested for trying to smuggle AK- 47s into the U.S. for sale to drug gangs...." 8/15/99 L E Schutz "...On June 3, 1999 the City of Boston and the Boston Public Health Commission joined a number of other cities in filing a lawsuit against Smith & Wesson and other members of the firearms industry. As in several of the other cases, the complaint has been signed not just by attorneys employed by the City, but by outside lawyers from New York, Washington, D.C. and representatives of an anti-firearm organization, individuals with their own social agenda. Although those bringing the suit say it is not about money, it asks for $100 million plus, and the law firms will get 25% of whatever is exacted from the firearms manufacturers as their only payment for handling this matter...The implications of the suit are that Smith & Wesson has no concern about firearms safety, whether it be applied to the handgun itself, or to safe and responsible storage of the gun. Nothing could be further from the truth. For nearly a century and a half Smith & Wesson has been, and continues to be, a leader in firearms design, innovation, manufacturing quality, safety and training. Smith & Wesson has lawfully and responsibly manufactured firearms in the State of Massachusetts since 1856. Every Smith & Wesson firearm is sold with an owners manual that clearly warns the purchaser about the dangers and responsibilities that accompany ownership. Since 1997, before the President and Congress began debating the merits of gunlocks, Smith & Wesson was providing a Master Lock gunlock with every Smith & Wesson shipped. Even before that Smith & Wesson guns were being shipped in lockable boxes and before that with lockable trigger devices that owners could lock if they were not going to secure their gun in another manner. Since 1955, Smith & Wesson has offered semi-automatic pistols that utilize a magazine disconnect which renders the gun incapable of firing when the magazine is removed. This feature has been incorporated into the training of many police departments and is responsible for saving the lives of officers every year. The similar pistols shipped to the non-law enforcement market also contain this feature. Other features of Smith & Wesson handguns include manual safeties, firing pin safeties and hammer blocks. Smith & Wesson handguns also require significant pressure on the trigger to cause the gun to discharge. In order for a Smith & Wesson gun to fire, the trigger must be pulled all the way to the rear and held, thus preventing the gun from accidentally firing if the trigger is bumped or the gun is dropped...."

Wall Street Journal 8/16/99 Vanessa O'Connel & Paul M. Barrett "...Since last fall, 26 municipalities have sued the gun industry, accusing it of flooding the market with handguns, many of which end up in criminal hands. There is an incongruity in the municipalities position, though: Most of the cities suing the gun industry are themselves, in effect, gun suppliers--and some could be accused of a degree of carelessness in how they unload police weapons and confiscated firearms... The cities say they need to sell or trade in the weapons to cut the cost of obtaining new, higher-power model--much as old police cars are auctioned off for cash...Thousands of these castoff guns have turned up in crimes, such as last week's shooting rampage in Los Angeles by neo-Nazi Buford O. Furrow Jr...[T]he confessed killer allegedly murdered a mailman of Filipino descent with a Glock 26 pistol......But it wasn't an isolated incident. Data obtained by The Wall Street Journal under the Freedom of Information Act show that at least 1,100 former police guns were among the 193,203 crime guns traced last year by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Because of inconsistencies in how the agency compiles gun-trace data, any such annual count of former police guns connected to crime "probably represents the tip of the iceberg," says Howard Andrews, a Columbia University bio-statistician who assisted the Journal in its analysis...."

Roll Call Jim VandeHei 8/15/99 "...The National Rifle Association is under fire for its lobbying tactics, but, this time, the shots are coming from Republicans and other pro-gun activists. The NRA, easily the largest and most influential gun-rights lobby in America, has been too quick to compromise and too slow to mobilize its troops to defeat anti-gun legislation in the House and the Senate, GOP leadership sources and gun activists say. As a result, several sources warned that the NRA has presented anti-gun Democrats with the perfect opportunity to score a major political victory next month when key Members of the House and the Senate convene to put the finishing touches on the juvenile justice bill, which is expected to include the first new collection of gun laws since 1994...."

AP 8/15/99 "...Attorney General Janet Reno wants a requirement that prospective gun buyers be required to prove they have the knowledge, ability and inclination to use weapons safely and legally. ``I'd have them take a written and manual test demonstrating that they know how to safely and ... to lawfully use it under state law,'' the attorney general said Sunday on CNN's ``Late Edition'' program. ``And I would have a background check that would make sure they had evidenced the willingness and capacity to do so.''..." 8/16/99 Joseph Farah "…For instance, take a look at what happened in Australia one year after citizens were forced to surrender 640,381 personal firearms, including semi-automatic .22 rifles and shotguns -- a program costing the government more than $500 million: Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent; Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent; Australia-wide, armed-robberies are up 44 percent; In the state of Victoria, homicides-with-firearms are up 300 percent; Figures over the previous 25 years had showed a steady decrease in homicides-with-firearms -- that changed dramatically in the past 12 months; Figures over the previous 25 years had showed a steady decrease in armed-robbery-with-firearms -- that changed dramatically in the past 12 months; The story is the same no matter where you look objectively for the facts -- more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens equals less crime; fewer guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens translates to more crime. It makes perfect sense, yet it doesn't fit the agenda of the gun-grabbers who would grant government a monopoly on force -- always a recipe for disaster and tyranny…."

Jewish World Review 8/17/99 Debbie Schlussel "…SURE, IT’S A TRAGEDY that Buford O. Furrow’s bullets struck human flesh at a North Los Angeles area Jewish Community Center (JCC). The shooter said he wanted to sound a "wake up call to America to kill Jews." But what may be an even greater horror is that Jewish and other political leaders — such as the Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman and President Clinton — are using this tragedy — using Jewish blood — to advance a political agenda with the goal of stripping our freedom and Second Amendment right to self-defense. The fact is, Furrow was hell-bent on rampaging. He scouted out no less than three other Jewish institutions before settling on the JCC. There was one and only one reason he decided against the other sites: Armed personnel or security made his entry unfeasible. The saying, "the best offense is a good defense," is not just a football slogan. It also applies to saving human lives. But Foxman and Clinton want to take that right — the right to self-defense — away from us, the law-abiding citizens. They want to hand victory to Furrow from the jaws of defeat. .Contrary to Foxman’s and Clinton’s ill logic, if we are to ever restore peace to our streets, the right to keep and bear arms must be fully restored, not further restricted…..My grandfather told me about how the renowned Zionist leader, Vladimir "Ze’ev" Jabotinsky, who had emigrated to Israel, visited Nazi Europe just prior to the advent of the concentration camps and witnessed the anti-Semitism that was building throughout. In Yiddish, he warned, "Yiddin, learn tzoo shissin!"—"Jews, learn to shoot!" And he told Jews to get guns— the only way to protect themselves. Though the Jewish underground agreed with Mr. Jabotinsky that guns were the only way they could protect themselves from the Nazis, they did not have access to guns and — though their efforts were valiant — they failed --- six million Jews, and eleven million human lives, having perished at the fate of the Nazis. When Mr. Jabotinsky returned, he lamented that Jewish efforts to learn to shoot and to obtain guns were too little too late….."
ABC 8/18/99 Freeper commish reports "…Last night on the ABC game show "So you want to be a millionaire" they had a contestant who won $16,000 - she was unable to answer the following question to win $32,000 WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING IS NOT A PART OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION A. RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE B. RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS C. RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH D. RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF RELIGION ….Here is the kicker - the person who could not answer this question is a HISTORY PROFESSOR at Kennesaw State College in KENNESAW, GA !!!!!! For those of you who don't know - Kennesaw was the first city in the USA to REQUIRE all homeowners to OWN at least One FIREARM - It also has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, and has not had a Gun related murder in years! …" 8/16/99 David Horowitz "…When the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People announced plans recently to file an injunctive class-action suit "to force [gun manufacturers] to distribute their product responsibly," the NAACP president, Kweisi Mfume, noted that gun violence takes a disproportionately high toll among young black males. According to an NAACP press release, African-American males between the ages of 15 and 24 are almost five times more likely to be injured by firearms than are white males in the same age group. "Firearm homicide has been the leading cause of death among young African-American males for nearly 30 years," it stated…..In the sociology of the left, including the NAACP, there cannot be a wound the black community inflicts on itself that is not ultimately the responsibility of malicious whites. To think otherwise would be to "blame the victim." Only mean-spirited conservatives (like me) would even think of doing that. The fact is that while blacks make up only 12 percent of the population, they account for 46 percent of total violent crime and 90 percent of the murders of other blacks. It is they, not whites or gun manufacturers, who are responsible for the disproportionate gun deaths of young black males. Firearms don't kill people. Sociopaths do. It takes a human brain to pull the trigger. If young black males abuse firearms in an irresponsible and criminal fashion, why should the firearm industry be held accountable? Why not their parents? Why not themselves?…"

Newsweek 8/23/99 Wayne LaPierre Interview "…LaPierre: People believe they have a constitutional right and a freedom to own guns in this country. And they don't want their names on government lists. They know what the next step is. It's a knock on the door confiscating their guns. And, you know, they're not going to stand in line and submit to that. What purpose is there for the government to compile a list of who has guns in their homes in this country? Why does Janet Reno need a list? Newsweek: Why do you think they want to do it? LaPierre: I think the real target is the Second Amendment. I don't think it has anything to do with crime. I don't think it has anything to do with stopping violence. I think the ultimate target is to take away the freedom and take away the Second Amendment. …"

USA Today 8/27/99 Tony Mauro "…Publication of the first volume of a revised edition of a legal treatise would not ordinarily make news. But even before it began arriving at law schools last week, Laurence Tribe's American Constitutional Law was causing a stir. Tribe, a Harvard law professor who is probably the most influential living American constitutional scholar, says he has already gotten hate mail about his new interpretation of the right to bear arms contained in the Second Amendment. Relegated to a footnote in the first edition of the book in 1978, the right to bear arms earns Tribe's respect in the latest version. Tribe, well-known as a liberal scholar, concludes that the right to bear arms was conceived as an important political right that should not be dismissed as "wholly irrelevant." Rather, Tribe thinks the Second Amendment assures that "the federal government may not disarm individual citizens without some unusually strong justification." Tribe posits that it includes an individual right, "admittedly of uncertain scope," to "possess and use firearms in the defense of themselves and their homes." None of Tribe's new thinking changes his view that gun-control measures are "plainly constitutional," but his shift has been enough to anger gun-control advocates. "I've gotten an avalanche of angry mail from apparent liberals who said, 'How could you?'" Tribe says. "But as someone who takes the Constitution seriously, I thought I had a responsibility to see what the Second Amendment says, and how it fits." Tribe's views on the Constitution are of more than passing importance. Earlier editions of Tribe's treatise have been quoted more than 50 times in Supreme Court opinions - by liberal and conservative justices - and by the top courts of India, Germany, Russia and Canada, among others…."

The Claremont Institute 8/20/99 Larry Arnn "…In a Los Angeles suburb last week, another wicked act of violence against innocent children made national news. The response from political leaders and pundits has been predictable, and in many ways regrettable. Every demagogue in the country took to the airwaves and waved the bloody shirt, fulminating against the scourge of guns and declaiming the urgent need for special laws against crimes motivated by hatred. They turn too quickly from the suffering of these children and their parents to the political agendas which they hold most dear….. As to the first, it is important that Mr. Furrow, like the boys of Littleton, Colorado, broke existing firearms laws. Neither would have had the guns they did have, if those laws had been enforced. Instead of enforcing those already on the books, which applied very well to the circumstances of the tragedies in question, we propose instead to pass new laws that have little or nothing to do with those circumstances. This will not be effective. As to the second, "hate crimes" legislation, it is important that Mr. Furrow, and the boys in Littleton, Colorado, both committed capital crimes. By those acts they made themselves subject to the most severe penalties that the law can impose, unless we resurrect the practice of torture. It will add nothing to their punishment to convict them of a new crime based upon the "bias" they showed in the selection of their victims. Moreover, if we add to murder prosecutions the new element of "bias" or "hate" against certain groups, we make the implication that it is worse to murder one person, than it is to murder another, worse to shoot one child, than it is to shoot another. This is not good doctrine. Children who do not fit the selected groups will wonder what this means for them. And they may be subject to greater danger…."

BBC 8/24/99 "…Nato troops have warned Serbs in southern Kosovo that they must hand in their weapons or face arrest. Soldiers from the Dutch peace-keeping contingent in Orahovac have threatened to carry out house-to-house searches to find arms. They are reported to have obtained local police lists of Serbs with weapons…."

Conservative News Service 9/7/99 Ben Anderson "....More than 2,000 rank-and-file law enforcement agents from across the country are taking President Bill Clinton to task over what they say is a continued effort to exploit police officers while pushing an anti-gun agenda. The officers are also unhappy with Clinton's record on enforcing the law, citing a 46 percent drop in criminal prosecutions since Attorney General Janet Reno took control of the Department of Justice. The Law Enforcement Alliance of America will launch an ad campaign on Thursday opposing the president, congressional Democrats and other gun control advocates. "This president, almost on a daily basis, exploits the rank-and-file of the law enforcement community to further his anti-gun agenda, yet his own administration has a reprehensible record of prosecuting criminals who violate the laws already on the books," said Jim Fortiss, executive director of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America. "It is an insult to the injured and maimed police officers and all in law enforcement who risk their lives on a daily basis to even consider more gun legislation, not to mention releasing convicted terrorists for politically motivated reasons," Fortiss said....."

NewsMax 9/7/99 Martin Fackler, MD '...Scientists who allow their intellect to be misled by their emotions fall into the trap of fooling themselves into isolating their preconceived strongly held desires and opinions from contradictory facts. When scientists allow themselves to be drawn into political agendas their heretofore rigorous scientific method is often replaced by a frenzy of fanaticism. Are they fooling themselves, or is this conscious fraud?. Distinguishing fraud from ignorance is often impossible, but whatever the motivation, the effect of the misinformation is equally deleterious. The public is most easily misled by political propaganda from highly respected sources. An extensive, carefully documented study by Kates DB, Schaffer HE, Lattimer JK, Murray GB, Cassem EH., Guns and Public Health: Epidemic of Violence or Pandemic of Propaganda? published in the Tennessee Law Review in 1995 (62(3):513-596)* tells a sad and shocking story. In the late 1970s, physicians from the American public health community apparently saw the opportunity for publicity (which helps to obtain funding) in the emotionally charged way the media presents, and dwells upon, violence involving firearms. Despite lacking expertise about firearms and their effects, and ignoring that crime (with or without guns) is clearly in the purview of the criminologist, these physicians declared gun violence an "epidemic," and entered into a campaign to remove firearms from the hands of the citizens of the United States. To further this goal, these physicians allied themselves with anti-gun political lobbying organizations. Medical journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) became willing partners in this anti-gun advocacy. Most distressingly, the taxpayer-funded Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also joined this medical anti-gun political cabal. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the resulting public health anti-gun advocacy literature is emotionally driven and lacks scholarly detachment. Prominent "researchers" openly admit an overwhelming "hate" of firearms - yet, contrary to the basic tenets of scientific method, they continue to do "research" on a subject about which their "hate" precludes rational evaluation. .."

NY Times 9/7/99 Fox Butterfield "…In Baltimore, Police Commissioner Thomas C. Frazier has made going after guns rather than drugs his No. 1 priority, reversing longstanding policy. In Louisville, Ky., in a state with a strong gun culture, Police Chief Eugene Sherrard recently joined a federal program that seeks to trace all guns seized in crimes, in an effort to cut off the flow of weapons from corrupt gun dealers to criminals and juveniles. In Minneapolis, to discourage drug dealers and others with criminal backgrounds from carrying guns, Police Chief Robert K. Olson has his officers use routine traffic stops for minor violations to search for weapons. Those actions are part of a little-publicized change on the part of police executives across the nation. As Americans debate gun control, those officials, in cities large and small, have made it a major element of crime control, and have also emerged as an important voice pushing for new federal and state gun-control laws…."

AP 9/7/99 Chris Newton "…. A judge's landmark ruling that the Second Amendment gives individuals, and not just militias, the right to bear arms has touched off a furious debate among constitutional scholars that could go all the way to the Supreme Court….. U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings dismissed the charges in April, declaring the law unconstitutional based on a "historical examination of the right to bear arms, from English antecedents to the drafting of the Second Amendment.'' Cummings said the right to bear arms is a protected individual right - and not just a right belonging to a militia, as federal prosecutors had argued. It is believed to the first decision in which a judge specifically called a law unconstitutional because it infringed on an individual's Second Amendment rights ……"That decision and the opinion were a major shot across the bow,'' said Bruce Hay, a Harvard law professor who signed the brief. "For the most part, federal courts have taken a hands-off approach to federal statutes regulating use of guns. This is the first decision to say the Second Amendment prohibits Congress from imposing special laws concerning gun ownership. That is why his decision is so worrisome.'' …..The brief accuses the judge of misinterpreting the Second Amendment, which Yassky writes was meant to "preserve organized, state-based militias,'' and not intended to "empower individuals or small groups of disaffected citizens to take up arms against the established order.'' …..Scott Powe, a constitutional law professor at the University of Texas, disputed Yassky's position, and charged that only three of the co-signers of the brief were "serious'' constitutional law scholars. "The brief is seeking to suck the meaning out of the words `the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,''' Powe said. "The meaning is clear. It couldn't be more clear.'' ……One expert who does not fit easily into either camp is Laurence Tribe, the liberal Harvard law professor. Tribe's recently published text, "American Constitutional Law,'' concludes that the Second Amendment assures that "the federal government may not disarm individual citizens without some unusually strong justification.'' His position has provoked gun-control advocates, and he says he has received "an avalanche of angry mail from apparent liberals.'' …."

Knight Ridder Newspapers 9/6/99 Chris Mondics "…Every day, a computer at the sprawling FBI crime information center in rural West Virginia kicks out the names of 100 or more convicted felons and others who, though barred by law from owning a gun, tried to buy one anyway by lying on their firearms applications. In most instances, the federal government knows where to find these gun law violators, and has in its possession evidence that could lead to convictions. But this is one gun law the government rarely enforces. Of the 23,000-plus cases referred by the FBI to the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for potential prosecution since the beginning of the year, only 65 people have been arrested, according to the ATF. The Clinton administration says it doesn't have the staff to make many arrests and is focusing on more serious crimes, and that assertion has triggered a storm of criticism from Republicans and pro-gun groups. …It takes a lot of nerve to bang your fist and demand tougher juvenile gun laws while doing nothing to enforce the ones that already exist," said U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum, R-Fla., a former federal prosecutor who has held hearings on the issue. "I must point out that doubling the size of the criminal code will not matter if the Clinton-Gore administration refuses to vigorously enforce these laws." …."

USA TODAY 8/31/99 Staff Sgt. Fulton J. Waterloo "…As an adjunct professor of American history and a member of the Maryland Army National Guard, I must comment on the "collective right" theory of the Second Amendment (The War Over Guns: Testing the right `to keep and bear arms,'" Cover Story, News, Friday). Our nation's Founders disagreed on almost every article and section of the Constitution. However, I made a standing bet with my students: I would buy dinner for any student who found a single explicit quote by a "Founder" who believed that the Second Amendment applied ONLY to the state militias. "Founders" included any singer of the Declaration of Independence or of the Constitution or any member of any state convention that ratified the Constitution - a group numbering in the hundreds. I never bought that dinner. This clear consensus will be ignored by the "collective right" theorists, who will not allow the Constitution to interfere with their agenda. In the historical profession, this is called "bass-ackwards" reasoning. A "historian" with a set interpretation will selectively utilize, distort or even manufacture evidence to arrive at a predetermined conclusion. I would like to close with a disturbing observation. Professor Laurence Tribe, as USA TODAY points out, has received hate mail for defending the individual's right to bear arms. Tribe's "sin," in the eyes of the left, appears to be intellectual honesty (Scholar's views on arms rights anger liberals," News, Friday)….."

USA Today 8/29/99 Tony Mauro "…Publication of the first volume of a revised edition of a legal treatise would not ordinarily make news. But even before it began arriving at law schools last week, Laurence Tribe's American Constitutional Law was causing a stir. Tribe, a Harvard law professor who is probably the most influential living American constitutional scholar, says he has already gotten hate mail about his new interpretation of the right to bear arms contained in the Second Amendment. Relegated to a footnote in the first edition of the book in 1978, the right to bear arms earns Tribe's respect in the latest version. Tribe, well-known as a liberal scholar, concludes that the right to bear arms was conceived as an important political right that should not be dismissed as "wholly irrelevant." Rather, Tribe thinks the Second Amendment assures that "the federal government may not disarm individual citizens without some unusually strong justification."…." 8/30/99 Joseph Sobran "…But one outrage gives rise to another. The gun control advocates want to achieve their goals at any cost to the Constitution. Even the American Civil Liberties Union holds that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms" belongs to the states, not to individual citizens, and imposes no restraint on the federal government. Such "civil libertarians" passionately want to protect the Bill of Rights, except for the Second, Ninth and 10th Amendments. If we're going to keep legislating gun control, let's at least square it with the Constitution by repealing these inconvenient amendments. We could adopt a new Omnibus Amendment to recognize political reality. It might go something like this:

"Section 1. The Second, Ninth and 10th Amendments are hereby repealed.

"Section 2. The 'right of the people to keep and bear arms' is hereby denied.

"Section 3. The unenumerated rights retained by the people shall not include self-defense. The people shall have only such rights as the federal government chooses to grant them.

"Section 4. The powers of the federal government are not limited to those delegated by, and enumerated in, the Constitution.

"Section 5. The federal government may assume such powers as it deems appropriate for the general welfare of the United States. No powers are reserved to the several states or to the people.

"Section 6. The president shall have power to make war without consulting Congress, and to assume emergency powers when he declares an emergency to exist.

"Section 7. The courts of the United States shall have power to nullify any state or local law." 8/30/99 Bruce Sullivan "….A new study shows that there has been a steady decline during the Clinton administration of federal prosecutions of firearms-related criminal cases. The study by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University said that the number of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) cases referred to federal prosecutors has decreased 44 percent since 1992. According to records, most ATF referrals involve alleged weapons violations. The study may indicate, as opponents of new gun control laws have pointed out, that federal authorities are not doing enough to enforce existing gun laws. "We do not lack for laws. We lack for enforcement of laws," said National Rifle Association (NRA) President Charlton Heston when informed of the TRAC study…."

The Orlando Sentinel 6/21/99 Charley Reese "…The argument over gun-control measures is an argument over how many restrictions will be placed on the rights of honest citizens. The argument has nothing to do with the National Rifle Association. The neo-totalitarians in America are nothing if not unoriginal. They follow a fixed pattern. They create a straw man, demonize the straw man, then frame the argument as a contest between good and the evil demon. In the case of gun control, the NRA is the designated demon. In the case of the illegal bombing of Yugoslavia, the designated demon was Slobodan Milosevic. The NRA is one of America's oldest organizations, but it never intended to be a "gun lobby." That role was forced on the organization when politicians, beginning in the fatal 1960s, embarked on the continuing effort to disarm the American people. The NRA was created in the 19th century by National Guardsmen for the purpose of encouraging marksmanship and gun safety. Its main functions today remain just that. The bulk of its resources are devoted to sports shooting, gun safety, collecting and hunting. The purpose of demonization is to avoid an honest debate. Instead of proving the benefits of proposed gun-control legislation, gun-control enthusiasts simply assert that there are benefits and that only the evil NRA and its puppets oppose the bills. It is a handy technique when neither facts nor logic is on your side. Of course, unsaid by the neo-totalitarians, is that, even as a lobby, the NRA is way down on the list of lobbies both in terms of its influence and in terms of the amount of money devoted to lobbying. But, as part of the demonization, it is made out to be more powerful than itreally is…."

Jewish World Review 9/3/99 Michelle Malkin "…WHEN IT COMES to talking about guns, responsible women should adopt Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo pledge: No more tears. No more mom-in-tennis-shoes proselytizing. No more irrational NRA-bashing. No more maudlin sermons. Alas, the sopping feminization of political debate continues to drown out sober analysis of gun-control laws. In the wake of the Los Angeles-area day care shooting, serious academic research is once again taking a back seat to sensational self-flagellation... "

Inside Politics (Washington Times) 9/3/99 Greg Pierce "…Sammy "the Bull" Gravano, the Mafia turncoat, was asked about gun control in an interview in Vanity Fair. "Gun control? It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters," Gravano said. "I want you to have nothing. If I'm a bad guy, I'm always gonna have a gun. Safety locks? You will pull the trigger with a lock on, and I'll pull the trigger. We'll see who wins."

Thanks Sammy for putting it all in perspective…."

Freeper Howie 9/9/99 "….According to Clinton, almost a half million felons have committed another felony by trying to buy a gun since the Brady Bill was enacted. Less than a dozen have been prosecuted, yet millions of dollars and several lives were spent to attack the Branch Davidians for essentially commiting the same sin. (breaking some gun law)WHY? …."

Intellectual Capital [] 9/2/99 K Daniel Glover "…Such tongue-lashings may be justified at times. But simplistic labeling -- a la "the liberal media crucified Newt Gingrich" or "the right-wing press is out to get President Clinton" -- misses the point. Readily apparent media bias is not the problem; even casual readers recognize it and filter it as they see fit. The subtle partiality that lurks beneath the journalistic surface is far more dangerous……. University of Michigan graduate Brian A. Patrick made those dangers abundantly clear earlier this year in an intriguing, albeit dry, doctoral dissertation examining coverage of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The underlying point of Patrick's thesis, which examined NRA coverage in what he called "the elite press of the nation" -- The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor and the Los Angeles Times -- is that the NRA actually benefits from bias against it by gaining new members….."

Yahoo News (Reuters) 9/9/99 "…President Clinton will unveil Thursday a plan to provide $14 million in grants to police and local officials to buy back and destroy up to 280,000 guns across the country, the Los Angeles Times said. The paper said the finance, to be supplied by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), would represent the federal government's largest effort to buy firearms now in private hands. …. Since some cities have drawn fire for reselling guns purchased in buyback programs, the HUD initiative will require municipalities to destroy those weapons bought back. Only stolen guns, which will be returned to their owners, and guns needed for police inquiries will be exempt. …."

Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post 9/9/99 "….Denver Mayor Wellington Webb challenged Congress on Wednesday to cut the nation's death toll from gun violence by enacting reasonable new laws. Webb, the newly installed president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, presented a report on 556 people in 44 U.S. cities who have been shot to death since April 20 -- the day 15 died at Columbine High School. "There's more room to add more names," he said, pointing at the long rows of names printed on cardboard placards during a news conference. "And more names will be added." Webb this week is leading a delegation of mayors, police chiefs and church leaders in a last-ditch push to lobby Congress for stricter gun laws. …….Bill Powers, a spokesman for the National Rifle Association, described the event as another Democratic "media circus" and called on President Clinton to start enforcing current laws instead of trying to create additional statutes. ……."

WorldNetDaily 9/9/99 Jon Dougherty "….It's taken nearly seven years, but it looks as though -- finally -- rank and file cops are ready to publicly call Clinton the hypocrite he is regarding law enforcement and gun control. According to an article in Capitol Hill Blue Sept. 8, the Law Enforcement Alliance of America is preparing to launch an ad campaign (today) decrying Clinton's hypocrisy and informing Americans that, among other things, Clinton's "Justice" Department has had a 46 percent drop in prosecutions since Attorney General Janet Reno took over. Specifically, the LEAA's campaign will oppose "the president, congressional Democrats and other gun control advocates." Jim Fortiss, executive director of the 65,000-member strong LEAA, said that Clinton "almost on a daily basis, exploits the rank-and-file of the law enforcement community to further his anti-gun agenda, yet his own administration has a reprehensible record of prosecuting criminals who violate the laws already on the books."

"It is an insult to the injured and maimed police officers and all in law enforcement who risk their lives on a daily basis to even consider more gun legislation, not to mention releasing convicted terrorists for politically motivated reasons," he added. Amen. How many times have we heard this? And yet -- to hear Clinton, Democrats and the mainstream media tell it -- all cops hate guns and those who own them. That's just garbage….."

The Detroit Free Press 9/10/99 MELANIE EVERSLEY and SUZETTE HACKNEY "…Detroit's rising homicide rate has attracted the attention of the nation's top law enforcement officer. U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno is coming to town, where she plans to meet with Detroit officials to see what she can do to help. No date has been set. …… "She's coming to the city to meet with those of us who want to attack this problem of homicides," Archer said as he and Napoleon left the White House. Representatives of the Drug Enforcement Agency along with Saul Green, the U.S. attorney in Detroit, will be part of the meeting, as will Napoleon and other officials. "We might be able to wind up with some extra tools to attack the problem," Archer said. "It might involve some money, and if it does, we look forward to accepting it." …… Usually when a city experiences such an increase in homicides, it has to do with gang or drug activity, said James Copple, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the National Crime Prevention Council, a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C. Measures such as restricting access to guns can help, Copple said. In fact, his group sees gun access as the single biggest contributing factor to urban homicide. ….."

New York Times 9/10/99 Eric Schmitt "….Stepping up the federal government's fight against gun violence, President Clinton on Thursday announced a $15 million program to buy back firearms from private owners.

Under the first federal effort of its kind, the Department of Housing and Urban Development would provide grants of up to $500,000 to police departments around the country to buy back and destroy as many as 300,000 weapons, mainly in and around public housing projects. The department is suggesting that authorities offer $50 per gun, either in cash, food, gift certificates, toys or tickets to sporting events. Clinton's announcement capped a day-long rally and lobbying push here by scores of mayors, police chiefs, religious leaders and other local officials who favor tighter gun controls. "Every gun turned in through a buy-back program means potentially one less tragedy," Clinton said at a White House ceremony where he was flanked by mayors and uniformed police chiefs…..Despite the anecdotal evidence, there is no definitive analysis to support that buying back firearms reduces gun violence or crime. As a result, the housing department plans to conduct a $1 million study of gun buy-back plans, including its own. Opponents argue that gun buy-backs are largely a cosmetic effort in a nation awash with more than 200 million firearms. Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, said that if the administration was serious about combatting gun crimes, it would spend the $15 million on hiring new prosecutors and prosecuting felons. "People have a right to do what they want with their own personal property," said LaPierre, who said the NRA does not oppose gun buy-backs. "But this is nothing more than a public relations gesture that means nothing to drug dealers killing people." …."

The Ayn Rand Institute 9/10/99 Andrew Bernstein "…While President Clinton’s recent recommendations for tighter gun-controls met with general approval, his move to pardon FALN terrorists is encountering widespread criticism. Yet the two proposals stem from the same mistaken belief — i.e., that the fundamental cause of any crime is the weapon used, not the person using it. Clinton endorses measures such as a requirement that all guns in the home be locked up, and a mandatory waiting period for buying a gun, even after a check of the purchaser’s records shows no criminal history. Why? Although it is true that guns can be used for crime, so can almost anything else. The overwhelming majority of gun owners are not criminals. A private individual’s possession of a gun — unlike, say, his possession of a cruise missile — may serve a perfectly legitimate purpose. People use guns for hunting, collecting and — most important — self-defense against criminals. Why should such valid activities be punishable by law? …… What explains Clinton’s attempts to restrict innocent gun owners w hile pardoning terrorists? Why is he so hostile toward guns, yet so accommodating toward actual criminals? The answer is he believes that guns or bombs, rather than the character of those who use them, are responsible for the criminal act. From this it follows that guns should be banned while perpetrators should be pardoned. Such twisted logic results in policies that consistently aid the guilty and harm the innocent…… This consequence of abetting criminals while harming the innocent is a hallmark of many of Clinton’s policies. Saddam Hussein, for example, is allowed to continue his reign in Baghdad, with his capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction unchecked. The Chinese dictatorship — which openly considers America its primary enemy, steals U.S. nuclear secrets and threatens military action against a free Taiwan — is appeased by Clinton with most-favored-nation status. The terrorist Osama bin Laden, who was involved in the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, is still free more than a year later. It is only the American citizen, seeking a gun for self-protection, who is the target of a serious crackdown by our government….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 9/11/99 Michael Romano "….Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell will rejoin the National Rifle Association -- five years after quitting the group in disgust over what he considered its take-no-prisoners political tactics. Campbell said current efforts to restrict the constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms far outweighs past concerns over the hardball lobbying tactics of the NRA, one of the most feared and effective special-interest groups in America...."

LA Times 9/15/99 Monte Morin "....Officials had to renege on promise of amnesty from prosecution after learning it would be illegal. Number of weapons turned in falls short of goal. They aimed to collect weapons from local ne'er-do-wells and gunslingers Saturday, but in the end, Compton city officials shot themselves--figuratively, at least--in the foot. A heavily advertised gun buyback program at City Hall turned awkward when officials reneged on promises of immediate cash and amnesty from criminal prosecution. Even promised refreshments failed to materialize. Gun-toting participants from as far away as Irvine crowded the exchange table, but tempers began to rise as city spokesman Frank K. Wheaton said donors would have to supply not only their names and addresses, but also a thumbprint. The guns would also be checked for past criminal involvement, said the city's acting police chief. "This isn't what was advertised," said an irritated Yolanda Latham, 32, of Compton. She and her husband, Bernard, 36, had come to exchange two aging shotguns. "Now they tell us they want fingerprints? I don't think this is legal." In fact, what was illegal was the city's initial plan to offer gun donors amnesty--a promise that was repeated throughout the week on radio news broadcasts, in news releases and on posters....."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 9/16/99 Carla Crowder "... Gun buybacks are public relations fluff that do little or nothing to reduce gun violence, according to several researchers. President Clinton last week announced the largest buyback in U.S. history with plans to spend $15 million on used guns. It's part of Clinton's effort to curb youth violence in the wake of the Columbine High shootings. "Pretty much, globally, across the board, all of the research shows they're ineffective," said Tonya Aultman-Bettridge, a researcher with the University of Colorado's Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence. CU researchers reviewed two buybacks, in St. Louis and Seattle. Interviews found that young men, who as a group commit the most gun crime, did not participate. The people getting rid of their guns were older men and women. "You may have a 60-year-old man who's had a gun sitting in the back of his closet for the last 40 years. It either doesn't work or it's old," Aultman-Bettridge said. Or, the sellers have other guns at home, and just bring in the broken one. ...."

Denver Post 9/16/99 Bill McAllister "....Opponents of post-Columbine gun-control measures rolled out a new star Wednesday in their fight against proposed legislation. Rick Castaldo and son Richard - a wounded Columbine High student - appeared at a Capitol Hill news conference where Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch denounced the Clinton administration for failing to enforce existing gun laws. "Passing any law will not stop any criminal from getting a gun if he knows the violation won't be prosecuted,'' Rick Castaldo told reporters. His teenage son was shot several times during the April 20 rampage and remains paralyzed from the chest down Hatch, seeking the GOP presidential nomination, released a committee staff report that said federal gun prosecutions dropped from 7,048 in 1992 under then President George Bush to 3,807 last year. ...."

Los Angeles Times 9/16/99 Shawn Hubler "....One day you're an actor with large hands and a gun collection, the next you're the president of the National Rifle Assn. in a metropolis where even the top police chief has gone anti-gun. Still, you have to admire Heston-he's a trouper, arguing away when most advocates would be as tuckered out as a spent cartridge. Maybe that's why, its chief notwithstanding, the LAPD can't shake its fondness for guys like him. How else to explain the LAPD Police Reserve Foundation's decision to let the head of a group denounced by their own police chief chair their fund-raising banquet tomorrow night? That's right. In the strange bedfellows category, enter this tidbit: Of all the marquee names in all of Southern California, the Los Angeles Police Reserve Foundation has, for its first--ever benefit, chosen a guy who defends cop-killer bullets and whose group has derided federal law enforcement as "Gestapo" and "jackbooted thugs." A guy who has fought the closure of gun law loopholes that leave cops perpetually outgunned. A guy who, in the words of LAPD Chief Bernard C. Parks, is at the helm of a movement that is "peddling something that is far more dangerous than other special interest groups, and hiding behind a constitutional issue that I don't think exists." The flap over the reserve gala--even in the hands of a seasoned media whipper-upper--is only a footnote in this season of firearm anxiety. But it does say something, both about rank-and-file law enforcement and about the way celebrity trumps politics, especially in Los Angeles. Asked why Heston was chosen from among 25 celebrity candidates as the front man for Friday's event at the Universal City Hilton, the hired promoter, Bill York, had this only-in-L.A. explanation: "To tell the truth, I was unaware until after he accepted that he was the head of the NRA." ...."

AP 9/16/99 "...A steep decline in federal gun prosecutions during the Clinton administration shows Clinton is ``soft on crime,'' the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman said. A Justice Department official said that federal authorities are working with states to lock up gun criminals and more gun cases, state and federal, are going to court. Sen. Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican who is running for president, released a Judiciary Committee staff report Wednesday that said federal gun prosecutions dropped from 7,048 in 1992, when George Bush was president, to 3,807 last year. ``It's nice to mouth off about gun control, but we've got lots of laws on the books that aren't being enforced,'' Hatch said at a news conference that also included one of the students injured during the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colo. ``Passing any law will not stop any criminal from getting a gun if he knows the violation won't be prosecuted,'' said Rick Castaldo, whose son, Rich, was shot eight times and paralyzed. ...."

AP 9/16/99 Michelle Mittelstadt "....Lamenting the latest mass shooting in the United States, Attorney General Janet Reno said today Americans must look hard at the issue of "how we handle guns, of how we deal with mental illness, of how we deal with hate." Reno, discussing the killing rampage Wednesday night at a Baptist church in Fort Worth, Texas, said, ``The thought of gunfire in a place of worship should be inconceivable. But for families, for others last night, the inconceivable became a reality.'' ...... "I would hope that people would look, not just at what handguns have done to America this year, not in the context of this case, but what handguns have done to America over the last many years,'' Reno said, ``and that this nation would listen to its people who again and again cry out for ... asking government to make sure that we take reasonable steps to ensure that guns are not placed in the hands of people who are not lawfully entitled to have them.'' ..."

Texas Dept Of Public Safety 9/17/99 "Handguns and other weapons can not be carried at schools or on school buses, at polling places, in courts and court offices, at racetracks and at secured airport areas. The law also specifically prohibits handguns from businesses where alcohol is sold if more than half of their revenue is from the sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption, and from locations where high school, college or professional sporting events are taking place. You may not carry handguns in hospitals or nursing homes, amusement parks, places of worship or at government meetings if signs are posted prohibiting them. Businesses also may post signs prohibiting handguns on their premises based on criminal trespass laws." "If you want to prohibit license holders from carrying concealed handguns on your property, state law requires you to post a sign that says: "Pursuant to Section 30.06, Penal Code (trespass by holder of license to carry a concealed handgun), a person licensed under Article 4413(29ee), Revised Statutes (concealed handgun law), may not enter this property with a concealed handgun." The sign must be written in both English and Spanish in contrasting block letters at least one inch in height, and must be displayed in a conspicuous manner clearly visible to the public." ..."

Washington Times 9/17/99 Wesley Pruden "....Let's see who we can blame now. Bill Clinton, who cut short his trip to New Zealand only to be cheated out of an opportunity to be photographed feeling somebody's pain in the wake of Hurricane Floyd, imagines he can exploit the tragedy in Fort Worth to bullyrag Congress into enacting more useless gun laws. "Yet again, we have seen a sanctuary violated by gun violence, taking children brimming with faith and promise and hope before their time." Naturally this underscores a need to enact more feel-good laws.....Ron Fornier of the Associated Press wants to blame George W. Bush: "The shooting posed a potential political problem for the two-term governor who signed a 1995 law allowing Texans to carry concealed weapons with a permit," he writes, quoting only himself. "Democrats have questioned his commitment to federal and state efforts to require background checks at gun shows . . . Yet he didn't budge from his belief that new anti-gun laws are not the answer." The Fort Worth gunman did not, in fact, have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, making the concealed-weapon law irrelevant. But when we're in the hysterical mode hysteria is all that counts....."

NRA Fax Alert 9/10/99 ".... Showing honesty and common sense that is far too rare among NRA's critics in Hollywood, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, star of the hit TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer of the Warner Brothers Network, refused to blame firearms for the tragedy at Columbine High School in April of this year. In an interview published in the October 1999 issue of Teen People, Ms. Gellar, whom the magazine described as "the WB's hottest star," admits she "grew up around guns." She also said that she was taught not to touch them as a child. At the same time, she admits that it is impossible to fully comprehend what can lead to this sort of tragedy....."

Yahoo News 9/19/99 Reuters ".....President Clinton said Saturday the National Rifle Association and its supporters must assume more responsibility for the mass killings across the United States in recent years. The most recent shooting was Wednesday, when a lone gunman killed seven people and himself in a Fort Worth, Texas Baptist church. The attack sparked more calls by Clinton and gun-control advocates for tougher limits on the purchase of firearms. Officials of the NRA and its many supporters across the country and on Capitol Hill say mass killings will fall if the federal government would enforce existing gun laws more strictly...."

Associated Press 9/18/99 Arlene Levinson Rex Huppke ".... If you visited this central Indiana town -- if you chatted with folks who live in the Whitcomb Meadows subdivision, or ate at the Riley House Restaurant on West Main Street -- you probably would not see the guns. But they're there: in safes at home, under seats of cars, in bedroom closets. How many? No one knows. Police Capt. Danny Harrison's best guess is that there are firearms in two out of every three homes in greater Greenfield. That's roughly twice the ratio reported in a national survey released two years ago. Don't get the wrong idea, Hancock County Sheriff Nick Gulling says. Greenfield is ``not a gun-totin' town,'' full of Western bravado. Sure, he says, there are ``a lot of people who carry them that don't need to.'' They keep them for protection, even though they claim that most of the outlaws are 20 miles farther west, in Indianapolis. But they keep them for other reasons, as well. Guns for hunting. Guns for business. For family. For history. For the sensual pleasure of pearl handles, metal barrels, curly maple stock In that way, Greenfield is not unlike much of the rest of America. Yes, there is a criminal gun culture that sprays blood across the front pages. But there is also a law-abiding gun culture, woven deep in the heart of the heartland. ``Gun ownership goes with being close to rural life, whether it's your personal history, or where you live,'' says Philip Cook, a professor of public policy at Duke University. ....."

Denver Post 9/18/99 Bill McAllister Mike Soraghan "....It seems inevitable that the shooting rampage at a Baptist church in Texas will become the latest round of ammunition in a debate about guns that has ratcheted up with each deadly shooting this year. But not right away. Advocacy groups on both sides of the gun issue kept a low profile this week, waiting for details to emerge from Fort Worth. "Unfortunately, this is getting to be a ritual,'' said Joe Sudbuy, spokesman for Handgun Control Inc. in Washington. He said the group lays low out of respect for victims and families. ......Charlton Heston explained why the NRA is silent after such tragedies. "When an isolated, terrible event occurs, our phones ring demanding that the NRA explain the inexplicable,'' Heston told the crowd. "Why us? Because the story needs a villain. . . . Simply being silent is so often the right thing to do.'' After the speech and as Congress prepared to debate gun control measures, the NRA started talking more about Columbine. On Wednesday, for instance, the group posted a short item noting that Columbine survivor Rich Castaldo and his dad joined Sen. Orrin Hatch in calling for more vigorous enforcement of existing gun laws. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is not as quiet. The group, which bills itself as Colorado's only "no-compromise'' gun lobby, was the only pro-gun group to issue a news release April 20. The group's chairman, Damien Veatch, said the Columbine shootings showed that concealed weapons should be allowed at schools so teachers could shoot back at intruders. Joe Velleco, spokesman for Gun Owners of America, parent of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, said his group will react to media calls, but it does little else after a mass shooting such as in Fort Worth. "Obviously the other side can obtain a great deal of sympathy at a time like this,'' Velleco said. "But there is nothing that any of the proposals before Congress could have done to have prevented this.'' ....Velleco also followed the tack that the Wednesday night shootings in Fort Worth might have been cut short if someone had pulled a gun and shot the gunman. "It might have had a different outcome if he had met with armed resistance,'' Velleco said....."

washington post 9/18/99 "....``Of course something horrible happened to that man's heart when he walked into that church in Texas. But we cannot use that as an excuse,'' Clinton said. He asserted that the solution is a sharing of responsibility and a refusal to duck facts, not a search for scapegoats or an attempt to blame all gun murders simply on human evil. ``The NRA (National Rifle Association) and that crowd has got to stop using arguments like this to avoid facing our shared responsibility,'' the president said. He said tragedies such as this year's spate of school shootings and the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City has made the search for answers imperative. ``I think the killing of innocent people en masse in America has been the most painful thing that (the vice president ) and I and our families have had to endure in discharging our duties for America,'' Clinton said...."

Reuters 9/19/99 "....President Clinton said Saturday the National Rifle Association and its supporters must assume more responsibility for the mass killings across the United States in recent years. The most recent shooting was Wednesday, when a lone gunman killed seven people and himself in a Fort Worth, Texas Baptist church. The attack sparked more calls by Clinton and gun-control advocates for tougher limits on the purchase of firearms. Officials of the NRA and its many supporters across the country and on Capitol Hill say mass killings will fall if the federal government would enforce existing gun laws more strictly. During a speech to the annual dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus, Clinton said: "The NRA and that crowd have to stop using arguments like this as an excuse to avoid our shared responsibility" to end the killings. ....."

New York Times News Service via St. Louis Post-Dispatch 9/19/99 "..... No one blamed guns. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the shooter, Larry Gene Ashbrook, bought his two weapons - a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol and a Ruger 9 mm semiautomatic pistol - from separate vendors at a flea market more than seven years ago. "I don't remember going into too many houses when I was a kid where there weren't guns. We respected them, we knew what they were for, not like now," said Kay Persinger, 43, the homemaker, who lives a few blocks from the Baptist church where the shootings occurred....... The region is an overwhelmingly Christian corner of the country, home to one of the largest Protestant seminaries in the world, where the house next door could easily be a house of worship. Some say they see the massacre at Wedgwood Baptist Church as the making of martyrs and a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. They point to the reports that the shooter shouted antireligious obscenities as he attacked. Like many other Christians, Karla Turner, who is enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, linked the shootings in the church to the shootings at a prayer group in a school in West Paducah, Ky., and to the shooting of Cassie Bernall at Columbine in Colorado. Bernall is now spoken of by many evangelicals as a modern-day Christian martyr, because she was asked by one of the gunmen whether she believed in God, to which she defiantly answered, "Yes, I do," and was instantly shot. Her story is being passed among many churches and youth groups, her parents have written a book that was just published, and there is a campaign to have students wear T-shirts to school saying, "Yes, I believe in God." Turner said that like Cassie Bernall, those shot at Wedgwood Baptist were killed for their faith. "It is the enemy, conducting spiritual warfare," Turner said. "It's an attack on Christianity in general, on Christians, and it's Satan trying to stop God's work in the Earth. He'll use whoever he wants, whoever he can. The guy who did this was obviously angry. Satan uses anger ...."Why don't they just kill themselves and be done with it, like people used to do. Why do they have to take a whole bunch of people with them? Because then nobody would know their names." ..."

Denver Post 9/19/99 David Olinger "....Colorado police agencies have supplied the consumer market with hundreds of used guns equipped with high-capacity magazines banned from manufacture by the 1994 federal assault-weapons law. The banned weapons delivered to gun stores and distributors by recent police sales range from pistols with 15-round clips to SWAT team assault rifles. One agency also sold handguns confiscated from criminals for as little as $5 apiece. Another agreed to sell 10 rifles classified as machine guns, then canceled the deal upon receiving a request to ship them to a Miami gun wholesaler. "I didn't realize they were selling things that were considered to be assault weapons,'' said Colorado House Minority Leader Ken Gordon, a Denver Democrat who has called for stricter gun controls. "I have a problem with that. They shouldn't be putting them in the stream of commerce.'' ....."

The Regina Leader-Post 9/8/99 Dr Laura Schlessinger "...Sadly, it's time for good Americans to get guns I'm right in the middle of a big change of attitude about a very important subject. And I know a lot of my readers and listeners to my radio program may be shocked. But people who have known me over time know that I'm someone who evolves in public..... The first event that caused me to rethink my position on this topic was the shootings in Atlanta, where a man went into two office buildings and gunned down total strangers, then killed himself in his car later that day. I thought about the difference it might have made - lives saved instead of lost - if someone in one of those offices had been armed. The murderer might well have been foiled in his reign of terror before so many innocent people died. That thought caused me to remember a time several years ago when I felt completely safe in my hometown of Los Angeles. It was after the major earthquake in 1994, and the National Guard was everywhere. There they were, it seemed, on every corner - uniformed, armed, ammunition slung across their chests, ready. As I recall, there was absolutely no crime in Los Angeles at that time - no break-ins, no holdups, no car-jackings. Nada. The bad guys obviously didn't want to risk getting shot...... In thinking about the difference an armed civilian or security guard might have made in Atlanta, I thought back to my trip to Israel this summer and how many people walking around, especially on the West Bank, were armed out of a genuine and persistent need to protect themselves. No one was shooting. There was no display of firepower or anything like that. It was just taken for granted. ..... Even before the horror of the most recent attack on children in a Los Angeles Jewish centre near my home, I was in the process of making up my mind to find a nice police officer or sheriff to teach me how to responsibly fire a gun. I can hardly believe I'm saying this, because I have been opposed to the idea that everyone should be free to bear arms. But the unpredictability of where danger strikes next, coupled with the frequency with which it happens, has led me to think that we "good guys" need to have more of the mentality of the beleaguered Israelis. And, of course, we need to have their attitude as well. No one is gun-happy over there. They don't show off, do stupid things. ....."

Los Angeles Times 9/23/99 Nicholas Riccardi Jeffrey Rabin "....Attorneys for what is billed as the nation's largest gun show filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday to stop a ban on the sale of firearms on county property, arguing that it infringes on their free speech. The Board of Supervisors passed the ban last month after a gunman killed a postal worker and fired into a day-care center in the San Fernando Valley. The ordinance targets the Great Western Show at the Pomona Fairplex, where hundreds of vendors sell antique guns, Civil War memorabilia and modern fire-arms and ammunition..... In its lawsuit, the Great Western Show 'alleges that the ordinance "irrationally criminalizes" gun sales in violation of the Constitution's guarantees of equal protection , due process and free speech. The argument is similar to one used successfully in Santa Clara County.. ...."

Congressional Record 9/22/99 James Rogan "....Mr. ROGAN. Mr. Speaker, first I want to say to my friends on the other side of the aisle who have been reading a list of names: I think that is entirely appropriate that we remember the names of children who died by gun violence at the hands of criminals. But that tells part of the story. Perhaps it would be appropriate today if we also read the names of liberals in this Chamber who have consistently voted against building more prisons to house violent criminals; the names of liberals who consistently vote against tough-on-crime measures, the names of liberals who today support a President of the United States who grants clemency to terrorists. We ought to read the names of innocent victims who have defended themselves against gun violence over the years. Let us read the names of women who have defended themselves against rape, or defended children in their home. Let us remember the names of the Founding Fathers who intended every law-abiding American to have that right of defense against gun violence. Let us hold people accountable for illegal actions, and let us hold politicians accountable that talk about gun control out of one side of their mouth, then consistently refuse to do anything about crime control. ..." 9/22/99 Susan Jones "....Last week's deadly shooting at a Baptist church in Fort Worth, Texas is prompting a new gun-crime initiative from Texas Governor George Bush - who's come under fire from Vice President Al Gore and others for opposing tighter gun controls. Under the Bush plan, the state will spend $1.28 million to pay for the appointment of eight special prosecutors who will more vigorously prosecute criminals who use guns. Another $360,000 will be used on an advertising campaign that will spread the word that "Gun Crime Means Hard Time," in Texas. At a news conference Tuesday, Bush repeated his contention that new laws are not the way to reduce gun violence. "The best way to protect our citizens is to vigorously enforce the tough laws we have on the books," Bush said. ....."

Los Vegas review-Journal 9/19/99 Vin Suprynowicz "... One year ago, Australian gun owners were forced to surrender for destruction 640,381 personal firearms (including semi-automatic .22 rifles and shotguns). This program cost the Aussie government more than $500 million and produced heart-stopping photos as veritable boneyards full of Browning A-5 shotguns and other beloved collector's items were surrendered up to be crushed by steamshovels in a kind of steel-and-walnut charnel field. Now, Keith Tidswell of Australia's Sporting Shooters Association reports the results are in. Drum roll, please. Mr. Tidswell reports, based on a full 12 months of data: Australia-wide, homicides up 3.2 percent. Australia-wide, assaults up 8.6 percent. Australia-wide, armed-robberies up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent.) In the state of Victoria, homicides-with-firearms are up 300 percent. (Up until the government gun grab, figures for the previous 25 years had shown a steady decrease in homicides with firearms, as well as armed robberies, Mr. Tidswell notes.) Although at the time of the victim disarmament order, the Aussie prime minister decreed "self-defense is not a reason for owning a firearm," there has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, now left with no means to protect themselves. (One wonders whether the prime minister's personal bodyguards gave up their military-style weapons.) ....Mr. Tidswell reports: "Australian politicians are on the spot and at a loss to explain how no improvement in 'safety' has been observed after such monumental effort and expense to successfully 'rid society of guns.' " ....."

Associated Press 9/26/99 Adam Gorlick "….Before Columbine High School, before the Atlanta day trader offices, before the Jewish community center in Los Angeles, there was Matthew Beck. In March 1998, the 35-year-old accountant went on a suicidal shooting spree in his offices at the Connecticut Lottery headquarters. Four people died before Beck put the gun to his own head. Lawmakers reacted with one of the toughest gun-seizure laws on the books. Starting next month, Connecticut police will be allowed to confiscate guns from anyone determined to be an immediate danger to himself or others. The law is rooted in the notion that rampages such as Beck's are preceded by a detectable descent into madness. Critics say the law tramples the Second Amendment and fear it could lead to unwarranted searches and seizures. Supporters say the standards for seizing guns are so high the law will seldom be used. …… Legally seizing a gun will require more than suspicion, said state police Lt. Robert Kiehm. There must be evidence that the person recently tortured animals, threatened to kill himself or others or acted violently. A police investigation must conclude there is no other way to keep the person from doing harm, and a warrant must be issued by a judge. The law also requires a hearing within 14 days to determine whether the gun should be returned….."

Associated Press; FOX Peter James Spielmann "….The U.N. Security Council on Friday endorsed sweeping gun-control measures, including a ban on private ownership of assault rifles, in a bid to curb civil wars, ethnic massacres and terrorism. At the end of the first ministerial debate on small arms, council members unanimously supported a report by Secretary-General Kofi Annan on ways to reduce the global stockpile of some 500 million handguns, rifles, shotguns and assault weapons. While not legally binding, the action is intended to increase the pressure on world government to impose stricter gun control measures and reduce the arms trade. At least 200 million firearms are owned by American citizens….."

Providence Journal 9/24/99 Mackubin Thomas Owens "….Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas has now joined Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado as well as schools in Springfield Oregon, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, Jonesboro, Arkansas, West Paducah, Kentucky, and Pearl, Mississippi as a tragic site of carnage and death. As in the earlier cases, politicians and pundits have fingered the culprit--guns and the gun culture. If only there were fewer guns, goes the argument, things like this wouldn't happen. The identification of guns as the source of all this mayhem has the virtue of simplicity, a single concrete factor apparently common to all these cases. But while all these tragedies involved the use of guns, to blame the proliferation of such violent incidents on the availability of guns alone is not so much simple as simplistic. Basic logic bears this out. For example, access to firearms was once much greater than today, and not just in rural areas. High schools in many large cities had shooting clubs as late as the 1960s. It was not unusual for participants in these clubs to take their weapons to school on the subway on shooting days. Additionally, there were far fewer gun regulations and laws than there are now. But such events as Columbine were unheard of. These facts call into question the claim that greater restrictions on firearms will prevent such tragedies as Wedgwood Baptist Church or Columbine High School. Indeed, the young murderers who ran amok at Columbine were in violation of nearly two dozen federal and state firearms laws. Perhaps we should enforce the laws on the books against those who commit crimes with guns before we rush to restrict further the rights of law-abiding citizens. …"

Providence Journal 9/24/99 Mackubin Thomas Owens "….For example, the conventional wisdom notwithstanding, studies cannot establish any positive causal relationship between private gun ownership and the crime rate. Indeed, some studies show a negative correlation between gun ownership and crime--areas with high gun ownership often experience less crime than comparable areas with low firearms ownership. This makes sense. What criminal relished the prospect of confronting an armed citizen? It is much easier to prey on the defenseless. Similarly, there turns out to be no consistent global correlation between gun availability and violent crime rates. Finally, there is little to support the contention that gun control laws reduce the rate of violent crime. Indeed, the 28 states and the District of Columbia with the most stringent gun control laws still account for 73 percent of all violent crime and 70 percent of murders in the United States. The reason for this is that gun control laws do not get at the "root cause" of crime, which is criminals. Gun control affects only law-abiding citizens, not the very small percentage of the population responsible for committing the vast majority of crime in the United States.

This brings us to one of the most important reasons for treading carefully when it comes to gun control-the right to protects one's person, family, and property. In 1993, Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz conducted the landmark National Crime Self-Defense Survey which documented that between 1988-1993, American citizens used guns in self-defense between 2.2 million and 2.5 million time per year, saving between 240,000 and 400,000 lives each year. On the basis of their research, the authors estimated the defensive uses of guns to be three to four times that of illegal gun uses. …."

NRA 9/23/99 Wayne LaPierre "….The monster began killing his two small children and his wife while they slept. Mark 0. Barton smashed their heads with a hammer, inflicting blunt trauma. But the massive skull and brain injuries were not enough. Barton carried his little son, little daughter and wife into the bathroom where he held their faces under water in the bathtub until he felt life flow from their bodies. The kids were named Mychelle and Matthew. She was 8. He was just 11. …… He went on to murder others-this time, using a handgun. A trader in high-risk stock ventures, a loser at gambling, Barton went on a shooting rampage at two brokerage houses, then killed himself. An Associated Press dispatch on Barton never mentioned the bludgeoning deaths. The murdered mother, the murdered children didn't fit the story. It was all about hardware- about which guns to ban. It was the same with The New York Times and with news outlets all over the country. You read all those stories and you can't even find the names of the kids. It's as if nobody in the media cares about them. The lives of two kids and an innocent mother were swept aside. Their existence, their suffering, the loss to their friends, schoolmates and family just didn't count with the national media and the politicians. Nobody called for hammer control……"

NRA 9/23/99 Wayne LaPierre "….They blamed NRA. They blamed all of us. They screamed about 200 million guns. It was the same old ghoul show. The deepest shame on them. No law would have stopped Barton, and they know that. Hammer control wouldn't have stopped him. Neither would any form of gun control ever dreamed of. Right after the Littleton school murders, there was another assassin of school children who took the life of little kids. It was brutal. Bill and Hillary Clinton didn't talk about it. There was no Rose Garden speech. No national outrage. No laying blame on hardware. The story got just a passing nod. Just like the Barton family killings, it served no larger cold-hearted political purpose. Ask just about anybody the name of the school or the name of the man who intentionally crashed his automobile through a playground fence killing a 3-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, and maiming four other children ….. Nobody remembers, because they never heard about it in the first place. Those things are not on the lips of news anchors, nor will they likely be the next time a madman kills kids with anything but a gun. So that you know, the man charged in the May 4,1999, killings in Costa Mesa, California, was Steven Allen Abrams. The name of the school was South coast Early Childhood Learning Center. Abrams was charged with two counts of murder and four counts of assault with a deadly weapon. His weapon of choice-a Cadillac.

Why did Abrams do it? Abrams reportedly told police, "I was going to execute these children because they were innocent." Nobody said all Cadillac owners should pay the price. Nobody said the car was the cause. Nobody demanded people stop driving. Nobody said every car owner was at fault. Nobody called for a ban on heavy, full-sized luxury automobiles. By the way, the car was registered and the driver licensed. Nobody said the Triple-A was at fault. No law envisioned by anyone could have stopped that act of madness…..And no one can stop the next act of madness-be the weapon of choice a Cadillac or a hammer or a gun. …."

Wall Street Journal 9/24/99 "….High at the top of media orthodoxy is the idea that opposition to gun control is a loser at the ballot box, especially in wake of high-profile killings like Columbine. But a special House election in California should help pop this liberal balloon. The race was between Marta Macias Brown and State Senator Joe Baca. Both sought the Democratic nomination for the seat held by Mrs. Brown's husband, liberal icon Rep. George Brown, until he died in July. Though Mr. Baca was well known, Ms. Brown had going for her the longest winning streak in American politics: 35 out of the last 36 widows who've run to succeed their husbands in office have won. She also brought her own qualifications to the job, having worked as a close aide to her late husband for a decade.

It soon became clear, moreover, that the two candidates agreed on almost every issue except one: gun control. But Mrs. Brown's constant mailers attacking Mr. Baca as "the radical gun lobby's favorite Democrat" quickly transformed her into a media darling. According to her campaign manager, Bobi Johnson, the "No. 1" point in her platform was "reducing gun violence." Though Mr. Baca muted his staunch support for gun rights slightly, and sensibly voted to ban unaccompanied minors from gun shows, the National Rifle Association stood by him.

National reporters touted the race as a leading indicator of how the gun issue would affect the 2000 election…… As it turned out, the anti-gun frenzy was all for naught. Even though the Tuesday election came within a week of the senseless shooting of churchgoers in Fort Worth and a day after voters received a Brown brochure with photographs of assault rifles and a school crossing sign shot up with bullets, Mr. Baca prevailed. He will face Republican Elia Pirozzi in a November runoff. But you won't see many headlines about Mr. Baca's victory, because it goes against the liberal belief that gun control is a winning issue. And the media buys into the myth because polls consistently provide incomplete data……In 1994, for example, just before the stunning GOP takeover of Congress, polls found 89% of Americans backing the Brady Bill's five-day waiting period for gun sales. But a closer reading found that only 33% thought the Brady Bill would reduce gun-related crimes. The point is that gun owners are highly motivated voters, and when given the chance to make them, their arguments are often persuasive. They cite studies such as those which have found that states with concealed-carry laws show greater decreases in crime, which helps explain why 31 states have passed them in the teeth of liberal opposition……"

Wall Street Journal 9/24/99 Paul Barrett "….Efforts to settle litigation against the gun industry are intensifying, as representatives of the industry and the municipalities that have sued it prepare for a meeting scheduled for Monday in Washington. Also at the table, either in person or by means of a representative, will be public officials who have threatened to sue the industry but so far have held off, saying they would prefer to negotiate curbs on the marketing and distribution of handguns….."

Libertarian Party, IL 9/17/99 "…Today, Chicago Libertarian Party Chairman Matt Beauchamp sued Cook County Sheriff Michael F. Sheahan in Federal Court for illegal gun trafficking. Beauchamp alleges that Sheahan's Gun Buy Back Program conducted under the so-called "Safe Streets Safe Schools 2000" program, does not have the required Federal Firearms License. Beauchamp further alleges that Sheahan purchases these guns with no requirement for identification and therefore is accepting weapons, many stolen, in violation of federal law….."

Scripps Howard News Service 8/12/99 Bill Straub "….When the 12 major party presidential contenders talk about gun control, they know what they're talking about: all but one has been in control of a gun. Each of the 12 candidates, except for Republican Elizabeth Dole, has owned a gun in private life or used one in the military. Nine of the candidates own a gun now for sport or protection, counting a pellet gun owned by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. …."

American Academy of Family Physicians' website 9/16/99 "….Yesterday, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) adopted a new gun policy, opposing private ownership of assault weapons and supporting background checks and waiting periods for all firearm sales. Meeting today in Orlando, the AAFP Congress of Delegates debated, then adopted a new policy on gun safety…… The following is the final language adopted by the AAFP Congress of Delegates: RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians support and encourage legislation targeting the ongoing improvement in firearm safety requirements, and be it further RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians support background checks and waiting periods for all firearm sales, and be it further RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians develop, promote and distribute patient education materials on firearm safety, and be it further RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians adopt policy which opposes private ownership of assault weapons….."


F.R. Duplantier 10/3/99 "....In a recent issue of Foundation Watch, published by the Capital Research Center, editor Patrick Reilly offers "a list of key elements in the anti-tobacco campaign that are repeated in the current campaign for gun control." The first element he cites is the proclamation of a public health crisis. "Americans are generally less suspicious of government programs that appear to address health concerns, even when individual behavior and legitimate business practices are restricted," Reilly observes.....The focus on children is another element borrowed from the anti-tobacco campaign. "Many foundation grants awarded to gun control advocates are used to address the impact of gun violence on youth and children's access to guns," Reilly reports. "In truth," he points out, "the problem of youth access to guns is not as large as it has been portrayed, especially among young children. In 1996, only 40 children under age five died from accidental gun wounds." .....Making their case in courts rather than legislatures is another key element. "Foundations learned from last year's failed effort to pass federal tobacco-control legislation that lawmakers are hesitant to dramatically expand legal and regulatory constraints on major industries," says Reilly. "The courts, however, are not so reluctant..... Blaming the product and its manufacturer, rather than the negligent consumer, is yet another element common to both the anti-tobacco and anti-gun campaigns. "Anti-tobacco lawyers have argued that tobacco companies are guilty of negligent marketing, especially to minors," Reilly remarks. "Anti-gun forces have followed the same strategy, accusing the gun industry of negligence for failing to adequately prevent gun violence and for marketing in high-crime communities." The case against gun makers is patently absurd, of course, but then so was the case against tobacco merchants. Alan Gottlieb takes the threat seriously, and he's responding to it -- by suing the suers! His Second Amendment Foundation ( is sponsoring a "damage action" against the NAACP and various anti-gun mayors for "conspiracy to violate civil rights, abuse of process, and undue burden on interstate commerce. The anti-freedom politicians and the NAACP want to blame everyone but themselves for creating all the gun violence," Gottlieb contends. But the real purpose of their lawsuits, he claims, is "to win in the courts what has been rejected at the polls and to destroy gun makers," thereby effectively restricting gun ownership...."

Roll Call 10/5/99 John Bresnahan "....Another tough issue that will face Members in coming weeks is gun control. While the House voted against any new handgun legislation during the fight over the juvenile justice bill this summer, the Senate did approve some new controls on such weapons. House and Senate negotiators have been going back and forth for weeks in search of a compromise, and it now appears the House could see a final juvenile justice bill this week even though the handgun issue has yet to be resolved. House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) said he expects a final deal on the juvenile justice package, which includes the gun control measures, to be unveiled as early as today. ...." 10/4/99 Geoff Metcalf "....The legislative mania, which is sweeping the country to disarm law-abiding citizens, is fascinating. There is an overwhelming abundance of facts and figures, which document that guns, as tools, are good. Two incontestable axioms are: 1) Take guns away, and make it ponderous to own guns, and crime increases; and 2) Permit and encourage lawful gun ownership, and crime decreases. I have written and talked about those two facts a lot ... as some complain, too much. ..... Notwithstanding the disingenuous, duplicitous tripe we hear from the myopic ideologues about the imperative to disarm America (and if Kofi Annin had his way ... the world), the stark realities of gun control should gag even the most devoted bleeding heart, anti-constitutionalist, socialist liberal. Gun control is racist and elitist. The Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy (Winter 1995) includes "The Racist Roots of Gun Control." The article documents the "historical record provides compelling evidence that racism underlies gun control laws -- and not in any subtle way." The realization that gun control is racist and, tangentially, a means of weakening and making vulnerable to the whim of the power elite any and all "ordinary" people is significant. The vast left wing conspiracy has consistently and routinely positioned themselves as "the protectors of the downtrodden." However, what they inevitably fail to acknowledge is that by denying anyone and everyone the most basic inalienable right to protect and defend self, family and property, the presumed "protectors" are in fact, oppressors..... Can you see a common threat here? Vladmir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Bennito Mousellini, General Tojo, Emperor Hirohito, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, Josef Broz Tito, Nicolae Ceausescu, Ho Chi Min, Deng Zhou-Ping, Idi Amin, Muimar Qadaffi, Saddam Hussein, Zheng Ze-Min, Fidel Castro all were or are despotic rulers. They ALL forced civilian disarmament. Collectively they are responsible for the deaths of over 56 million people. The most recent example of the inherent racism of gun control can be seen in Kosovo. Imagine yourself as a resident of Kosovo when some armed "legal authority" knocks (or kicks) on your door requiring you and your family submit to summary execution. Before you discount the possibility as creative writing hyperbole, consider some Americans already have family experience similar to that "what if." Families of American Jews, Africans and Cambodians have already been there ... done that. Germany, China, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Congo, Turkey, Burundi, Burma, Angola, Somalia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Argentina, Namibia, Chili, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Yemen, Botswana, and soon South Africa have ALL killed their citizens within the lifetime of your grandmother, mother, wife, and children. If you are one of the conditioned, naive sheeple whom would say, "Oh yes, that is all terrible, but it could never happen HERE" -- it already has. Just look back to 1994 and the warrantless searches of PRIVATE residences for guns in Chicago housing projects. Those warrantless searches were eventually blocked by a judge, but the media and our president were obviously unimpressed with the blatant violation of Fourth Amendment protections. Gun control has always been racist and discriminatory. The ultimate objective of gun control is to control an unarmed people by an armed oppressor....."

WSJ Interactive 9/29/99 Paul Barrett "....Colt's Manufacturing Co., the storied gun maker, is restructuring in a way that will shrink significantly its role in producing handguns for the consumer market. The restructuring stems from several causes, but in one sense it is the most drastic response so far by a major gun maker to the wave of municipal litigation pending against the firearm industry. Lawsuits filed by 27 cities and counties across the country specifically target the sort of handguns that Colt's is planning to move away from. Internal company documents show Colt's, West Hartford, Conn., is in the process of spinning off into a separate company its controversial project aimed at producing a high-tech "smart gun" that can only be fired by an authorized user. The documents also indicate the remaining core business will be focused more narrowly on production of military small arms, an area that Colt's has emphasized heavily over the past two years. New York financiers Donald Zilkha and John Rigas, who control the manufacturer, have used Colt's as a vehicle to acquire other makers of small military arms, and the restructuring appears to be another step in that direction. In fact, there are rumors in the gun business that Colt's is close to a new acquisition of a rival, but those rumors couldn't be confirmed......One risk the restructuring creates is a negative reaction from activist gun owners, who could perceive a withdrawal from the consumer handgun market as another indication of Colt's bending to gun-control proponents. Gun owners in New Jersey, California and other states mounted a boycott of Colt's products last year, partly in response to the company's development of the smart gun, which also was seen as a manifestation of weakness in response to gun foes....."

WBAL 10/5/99 Ron Smith "....The October issue of Harper's contains an explosive essay that anybody interested in Second Amendment rights should know about. It is by one Daniel Lazare and is titled, "Your Constitution is Killing You." Lazare, judging from this piece, is fiercely liberal in the worst sense of that ideological identifier; but he's forthright when it comes to understanding that the Second Amendment to the Constitution means what it says. "Liberals cannot bear," he writes, "to admit the truth about gun control: the Right Wing is right. The Second Amendment confers an individual right." He gives us details on the recent shift in scholarly thinking on the matter and concludes that gun control zealots like himself had better chart a new course, which is to work toward overturning the Constitution itself. "Could it be," he asks, "that the Constitution is not the greatest plan on earth, that it contains notions that are repugnant to the modern sensibility?" He certainly thinks the answer is yes, speculating that, "Someday soon, we will have to emancipate ourselves from our eighteenth-century Constitution." He argues that the founding document chains us to the distant past....." 10/7/99 Susan Jones "....United Parcel Service reportedly plans to stop delivering handguns through its ground service, because of concerns that some of those firearms shipments may be stolen along the way. The Allentown, Pennsylvania Morning Call reports the new UPS Policy begins on Monday. "We're trying to protect ourselves from employees stealing and criminals stealing," UPS spokesman Bob Godlewski told the newspaper. UPS says it will continue to ship long guns by ground, but starting next week, it will ship handguns only by overnight air service, which would cost about $25 more per gun. ...."

Associated Press 10/7/99 John Nolan "....A state judge today dismissed the city's lawsuit against gun manufacturers, saying it was vague and unsupported by legal precedent. Several other cities across the country also have sued the firearms industry. Today's action was the first dismissal of such a suit, a lawyer for gun manufacturers said. Jim Dorr, a Chicago lawyer for gun makers Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. of Southport, Conn., and Smith & Wesson Corp. of Springfield, Mass., said he hopes to use the ruling by Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman in seeking the dismissal of 17 similar lawsuits representing 27 city or county governments. ``These lawsuits filed by the cities have been, in our opinion, nothing but smoke and mirrors with no legal foundation to them,'' Dorr said. Cincinnati had sued the manufacturers, a distributor and three trade associations. The suit demanded reimbursement for the costs of providing police, emergency, court and prison services in connection with shootings in the city, including suicides and accidental shootings as well as homicides....." 10/7/99 Press Release "....As a responsible corporate citizen, UPS wants to ensure that handguns are transported as safely as possible by restricting handguns to designated handling channels within our system. Effective Monday, October 11, 1999, UPS will restrict the shipment of handguns to its UPS Next Day Air(r) system. This policy does not affect shipments of other firearms, which still may be transported through the UPS air and ground systems. UPS guidelines also require packages containing firearms to carry an "Adult Signature Required" label and ban the inclusion of ammunition in the same package as the firearm. Other carriers also restrict the shipment of handguns and some still offer ground shipment options....."

AP 10/15/99 ".... A federal judge Friday blocked Los Angeles County from banning gun sales later this month at the world's biggest gun show. The ruling came in a lawsuit brought by the operators of the Great Western Gun Show, which opens Oct. 29 at the county fairgrounds. Great Western Shows Inc. challenged an ordinance that was enacted by the county Board of Supervisors in the aftermath of a shooting rampage at a Jewish community center last summer. ..."

Deseret News 10/11/99 AP "....The Colt's Manufacturing Co., inventor of the six-shooter, plans to stop taking orders for most of its retail handguns so it can limit its liability in lawsuits, according to published reports. Meanwhile, a new Deseret News/KSL-TV poll of Salt Lake City residents shows that most of them don't want the city to sue gun manufacturers. While cities like New Orleans and Chicago have sued major U.S. gunmakers, 59 percent of city residents told pollster Dan Jones & Associates that Salt Lake shouldn't file such suits. The Colt company plans to reduce dramatically the number of commercial weapons it makes and focus instead on selling mainly to the military, law enforcement agencies and collectors, who account for the bulk of its business. ...."

Reuters 10/13/99 ".....The new president of Colt's Manufacturing Co. says the legendary gunmaker will stay in the handgun business and its decision to eliminate seven handgun lines was unrelated to pending litigation against the gun industry. "The lawsuits did not force us into this decision,'' Colt's President William Keys told the Hartford Courant in an interview published Wednesday. The privately held firm, based in West Hartford, Conn., faces more than two dozen lawsuits by U.S. municipalities seeking to punish gunmakers for the cost of gun-related crimes. Keys, a retired U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant general, took charge of the 144-year-old company, whose six-shooters helped define the image of the old Wild West, earlier this month. He said the discontinuation of seven lines was an effort to strengthen the financially struggling company. "We have not been selling these models for years,'' Keys said. "We are going to streamline what we are doing and concentrate on keeping our government contracts up to snuff. We are not going to get out of the handgun line.'' Newsweek magazine reported Sunday that Colt's was quitting the consumer handgun business in order to dodge the liability bullet that could result from the lawsuits....."

San Diego Union-Tribune 10/12/99 ".....The American handgun seems to be taking as many shots as it is firing. One of the most enduring symbols of national strength and independence -- it helped win the West; it looks big even in the hands of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood -- is losing sales and facing increasing legal and social wrath. This week, Colt's Manufacturing Co. -- whose founder, Sam Colt, invented the revolver more than 160 years ago -- announced that it is discontinuing some handgun lines and largely concentrating on sales to the military and law enforcement. The news stunned the firearms industry and got handgun control advocates wondering whether this most storied of gunmakers is a victim of the national anguish over gun violence. Handgun sales are generally declining, and the emotional controversy over ownership has many firearms owners feeling as though they've been turned into social outcasts. ....Gun advocates say the backlash is misdirected in the public's anger over incidents of mass violence. "You can't blame an inanimate object," said Marc Halcon, president of the Kearny Mesa-based American Shooting Center, the range where Volle shoots. "So they put a face on it. And it's the gun owner."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 10/12/99 Bud Kennedy ".....Maybe I missed something. I don't remember any killings involving a gun bought at a local gun show. I don't remember any public outcry against gun shows. I don't remember a majority of Fort Worth City Council members calling for a vote on gun shows. So why are some council members complaining about gun shows? Nearly a month after four teen-agers and three adults were killed by an intruder at a Fort Worth church -- in a shooting now known nationwide by the single word `Wedgwood' -- the memory is now tailored to fit political agendas. The last I read, the guns used at Wedgwood Baptist Church were traced to legal purchases years ago from two licensed gun dealers at a Grand Prairie flea market: Village Gun Sales and the now-defunct Guns N Such. They were not bought at a gun show. ......Don't get me wrong. I'm not a gun guy. But I'm also not scared of good Texans who -- within reasonable restrictions -- want to carefully own and carry guns. Nor am I scared of reputable gun shows. The last time I toured one of the organized Fort Worth gun shows, it was mostly crawling with law officers, security guards, hunters and seemingly responsible adults. It just didn't look like the kind of crowd that ought to be run out of town......"

Reason Online 10/7/99 "....In 1994, when states started demanding that tobacco companies compensate them for the cost of treating smoking-related illness under Medicaid, critics wondered how many other industries could be sued on similar grounds. Don't be silly, these worrywarts were told. Cigarettes are unique. Yet even before the states had wrapped up their tobacco litigation in a $206 billion package, Round 2 had begun: Last fall, two major cities filed suit against manufacturers of firearms, seeking compensation for costs associated with gun violence. New Orleans claims that handguns are "unreasonably dangerous" because they do not incorporate safety features that would prevent unauthorized people from firing them. Chicago argues that gun makers have created a "public nuisance" by supplying too many firearms to dealers in the city's suburbs. Several other cities, including Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston, have filed suits of their own, and still more are expected to join the list. And the NAACP also plans to file a suit of its own......The idea that guns are a public nuisance is closely related to the idea that guns are viruses causing an epidemic of violence, the subtext of research funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the April 1997 Reason, Don B. Kates, Henry E. Schaffer, and William C. Waters IV dissect the misuse of public health concepts by advocates of gun control. By using litigation to raise prices and drive manufacturers out of business, gun controllers can reduce access to firearms without confronting the Second Amendment. In the March 1996 Reason, Daniel D. Polsby considers what might happen if the courts treated the right to keep and bear arms like other constitutional rights. The hostility toward guns expressed in the New Orleans and Chicago lawsuits is shared by most news organizations. In the November 1995 Reason, William R. Tonso shows that sheer ignorance is an important reason for this attitude....... "

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 10/13/99 Ann Belser "....After six people were fatally shot here during two weeks in May and June, U.S. Attorney Harry Litman called Mayor Murphy to see what the city and federal government could do to curb the violence. Yesterday, accompanied by high school students, college professors, victims' advocates, local officials and U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, the two officials unveiled their blueprint to reduce gun violence: Operation Target. The initiative, Litman said at yesterday's news conference at Carnegie Mellon University, is a cooperative venture of federal, state and local officials. "Target" is meant as an acronym for "taking aim to reduce gun violence and end trafficking." As part of Operation Target, two Pittsburgh police officers will be assigned to work with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to trace guns used in violent crimes. The serial numbers will be used to track who sold them, who bought them and how they got into the hands of criminals. Recent research on gun violence has shown that 75 percent of the guns used in crimes were obtained through illegal sales, Litman said. Litman said federal laws, with a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison, can be used to prosecute those who buy guns through a straw purchase -- when a person legally entitled to own a gun buys and sells it to someone who is not allowed to possess a firearm, such as a convicted felon. ...."

American Rifleman, 11-12/99 Wayne Lapierre "....Once and forever, there is a definitive answer to the question as to the real purpose of universal gun registration in America. The answer is California, where gun registration has morphed into the only logical next step: confiscation. Those who abided by California law have exposed themselves to criminal prosecution and to the forcible taking of their legally owned private property by armed government agents. It has nothing to do with crime and criminals. The United States Supreme Court long ago--in Haynes v. U.S. (390 U.S. 85, 1968)--declared that because it would be self-incriminating, a criminal cannot be required to register a gun, nor be charged with possession of an unregistered gun. Remember that. It is very important. Especially in California. California is the reply to every sweet-sounding assertion that gun registration is as harmless as registering your car. Next time you hear somebody say that, ask them how successful car registration has been in preventing drive-by shootings, road rage, bank robberies, drug deals or any crime in which automobile use by criminals is a factor. With California nothing can undo the lie of gun registration. Gun registration has been stepped up a single notch to become gun confiscation. It was engineered by Sarah Brady's Handgun Control, Inc. and carried out by a government all too willing to breach official promises and fundamental fairness under the law. Citizens who dutifully registered their firearms are now receiving letters from the state prosecutor telling them they "may be subject to criminal prosecution" because applications for gun registration "previously accepted by the Department of Justice are null and void." The letter orders these law-abiding citizens to "relinquish" their guns to police or face arrest. It says, in so many words, we know who you are and which guns you have, because you told us. There is no escape. ...."

AP 10/13/99 "..... New York City gun owners will have to use trigger-locks or face up to a year in jail under a new law passed Wednesday by the City Council. The unanimous vote closed a loophole in a 1998 law that made gun sellers responsible for issuing safety devices but didn't require gun owners to use them. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani supports the added requirement. ``Every maximum protection we can provide to protect children from guns and any effort to make adults responsible for gun safety are worth pursuing,'' said City Council Speaker Peter Vallone...."

The Daily Oklahoman 10/14/99 ".....Liberals produce one specious agrument after another to foster greater government control over our lives - One of them is their seemingly plausible argument that gun control and an outright ban of certain weapons will reduce crime - T. Marcus Funk exposes some of that nonsense in his article "Gun Control and Economic Discrimination" in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (winter 1995) - Funk points out that murder rates in "gun controlled areas such as Mexico and South America are more than twice as high as those in the United States - Countries such as Israel and Switzerland have household gun ownership rates comparable to ours yet have much lower rates of crime and violence than we do - the Swiss murder rate is 15% of ours - 90 per cent of violent crimes are committed with a handgun - of those committed with a handgun - 93 per cent of the guns used were obtained through unlawful means - a 1986 study revealed 20% of the guns seized by Washington, D.C. policmen were homemade - it is estimated up to 2.5 million instances a year where guns are used for self defense and stop a crime - in Orlando, Fla after the police department setup a program to teach women how to use firearms - the rape rate dropped 88% - in Kennesaw, Ga the city passed an ordinance REQUIRING households to have a gun - within seven months, the burglary rate fell 89 per cent ...."

Conservative News Service 10/14/99 Lawrence Morahan ".....Violent video games and hours of exposure to violence on television anesthetizes children to violence and makes them more likely to kill, a retired lieutenant colonel who taught psychology at West Point told The result of depicting violence as entertainment "is a phenomenon that functions much like AIDS, which I call AVIDS - Acquired Violence Immune Deficiency Syndrome," said retired Lt. Col. David Grossman, who is visiting Washington to promote the week of October 18 through 22 as "Turn Off the Violence - Open a Book Week." "AIDS has never killed anybody. It destroys your immune system, and then other diseases that shouldn't kill you become fatal. Television violence by itself does not kill you. It destroys your violence immune system and conditions you to derive pleasure from violence," said Grossman. "And once you are at close range with another human being, and it's time for you to pull that trigger, Acquired Violence Immune Deficiency Syndrome can destroy your midbrain resistance," said Grossman, who acted as lead trainer for counselors after two boys shot dead four students and a teacher at a local middle school in his hometown of Jonesboro, Ark., in March. "The real radical extremists in the U.S. aren't in the National Rifle Association," he said. "The NRA doesn't claim that the Second Amendment gives them the right to market guns to kids. "No, the real sickos in America are the people who will fight to the death, in the name of the First Amendment, to defend the right of kids to practice blowing off people's heads in the local video arcade," Grossman said. ...."

Reason Magazine 11/99 David Kopel ".... Should we treat guns like cars? Handgun Control Inc. has been saying so for years, and this summer Vice President Al Gore agreed. "We require a license to drive a car in this nation in order to keep unsafe drivers off the road," Gore said. "As president, I will fight for a national requirement that every state issue photo licenses [for handgun buyers]. We should require a license to own a handgun so people who shouldn't have them can't get them." Prospective licensees should have to "pass a background test and pass a gun safety test." Gore predicted that his plan would cause the gun lobby to "have a fit."..... Although anti-gun lobbyists who use the car analogy are pushing for additional controls, laws that really did treat guns like cars would be much less restrictive, on the whole, than what we have now. ...." 10/14/99 Nicholas Sanchez "....Disturbed by the so-called "whitewashed" programming that is being offered by the major television networks, Mfume has fumed and strutted around, much like George Jefferson of the '70s sit-com, about the lack of black faces on television. (Apparently, the WB Network is not available by his cable operator.) His organization has threatened to sue the television industry for not putting enough black-oriented programming on air. Mr. Mfume's discontent is not limited to the cancellation of "Sanford & Son." The gun industry has also managed to get in the line of fire of the NAACP's outrage, if you'll excuse the pun. It seems that there is a lot of crime that is being committed by black people. These same black people are using guns in the commission of these crimes. So it stands to perfect reason that if we punish the gun manufacturers we will be getting to the root of the crime problem. Going after criminals is so passe....."

NRA 10/14/99 Charleston Heston "...In July, The Economist magazine reported that Michael Bellesiles, a professor at Emory University-who obviously had too much time on his hands-"trawled through more than 1,000 probate records [wills] between 1765 and 1850" and concluded that "at no time prior to 1850 did more than a tenth of the people own guns." The Economist uses that dubious jumping-off point to argue that in Colonial times, "Most militias were a joke, neither adept nor well-armed," and that it was the NRA, over just the past few decades, that "provided political support for the notion that individual gun ownership lies at the heart of American liberty." I've heard the NRA get the rap for a lot of things over the years, but that one's a stretcher. In other words, Western civilization's concept of arms ownership as a key to human freedom isn't the product of thousands of years of philosophical and political thinking-it's a modern-day "notion" invented by the NRA! Amazing. Never mind that the right to keep and bear arms was one of the fundamental rights in English Common Law and guaranteed under the English Bill of Rights long before the American Bill of Rights was even discussed. And never mind that 23 centuries ago-long before firearms existed-the Greek philosopher Aristotle considered popular arms ownership the single most reliable indicator of whether a society was free. No, these researchers just want a way to blame the NRA, even if it means falsifying centuries of history, because they know the national media will pick up their refrain. What's risky about lies in private life is what's dangerous about them in public life: You begin to believe them. Repeat them often enough and the truth is forgotten and history repeats itself. That's the danger we now face from much of the national anti-gun media. ..."

NRA 10/14/99 Charleston Heston "... What's so outrageous isn't that they accept the anti-gun lobby's lies unquestioningly-but that they parrot them relentlessly and hammer them into Americans' brains when they should be presenting a balanced view of what is, after all, a contentious and important debate. For example, on August 2, "The CBS Evening News" mixed opinion with conjecture and cleverly crafted, weasel-worded statements to deceive viewers that the right to keep and bear arms doesn't mean what it says, and that the "militia" in the Second Amendment refers to the National Guard. If they had bothered to do five minutes of homework-and if they were really informing, instead of indoctrinating the American people-they would have known that the National Guard didn't even exist until 116 years after the Second Amendment was adopted. They would have known that even today, all able-bodied males ages 17 to 45 are members of the militia under federal law (10 U.S.C. Section 311). But they don't want to know. They don't want you to know, either, and they'll hide the truth or deny it in any way they can. ..."

New York Times 10/17/99 Fox Butterfield "…. With the homicide rate down sharply since the early 1990s, the number of Americans who commit suicide with guns each year now far surpasses those who are killed by others with firearms, government statistics show. In 1997, the last year for which there are statistics available, guns were used in 17,566 suicides, compared with 13,522 homicides, according to the National Vital Statistics Report. ….Dr. Jamison, a professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, concludes that 90 to 95 percent of people who commit suicide had a diagnosable psychiatric illness and that the number of young people who kill themselves in the United States has tripled since the 1950s. She found that 60 percent of the 30,000 Americans who on average take their own lives each year do so with guns, which works out to about 18,000 a year. By comparison, there were a total of 16,914 homicides in the United States in 1998, according to the Justice Department…… In her new book, Dr. Jamison cites a series of studies in recent years showing that having a gun in the home increases the risk of suicide. "For young people in particular, who have a very impulsive element to their suicide, having access to a means of suicide that is quick and irrevocable like a gun is an unnecessary risk," she said…..Over the last decade, both the annual number of suicides and the number committed with guns have remained remarkably consistent. The number of suicides was 30,232 in 1989, rose to a high of 31,284 in 1995 and then fell to 29,264 in 1998, according to the National Vital Statistics Report, which is published by the National Center for Health Statistics in Washington. The number involving firearms in the same decade has ranged from a high of 18,940 in 1993 to a low of 17,566 in 1997…."

Orange County Register/Liberty On-line 10/21/99 ".....Reorganization was "just the final straw for a company that was financially unable to compete in the civilian marketplace," wrote former National Rifle Association spokeswoman Tanya Metaska in a recent Internet column. Whatever the fate of Colt, and whatever the reason for its marketing decision, this much is clear: Lawsuits, regulations and other attempts to stifle private firearms ownership most certainly will take their toll on the Second Amendment. "The suits are so meritless, but companies can't say for sure that they won't have to pay a penny," David Kopel told us; he is research director for the Independence Institute in Colorado. The gun makers understand the price could be very high for how much money they'll have to pay in litigation costs, plus they must operate under so much uncertainty that it can affect their business decisions. "The cigarette industry withstood 20 years of frivolous legislation before they crumbled (and settled)," he said. "But if you take the whole gun industry in this country and roll it together you won't have one Fortune 500 company." He worries that the industry won't have the money to resist the legal onslaught - even though an Ohio court dismissed one of the many suits cities have filed against manufacturers. The lawsuits are on shaky ground because they target legal products that operate as they are designed. It's not as if gun makers are being sued for producing firearms that explode in the user's face....."

CALNRA 10/16/99 Ralph Weller "....We are beginning to receive confirmations from recipients of letters demanding destruction or turn-in of rifles registered with the California Department of Justice (DOJ). Essentially, certain rifles registered with the Department of Justice after March 31, 1992 that are listed in the 1989 Roberti-Roos Assault Weapon law are the subject of the letter. This is not to be confused with the SKS detachable magazine buyback program currently underway by the DOJ. This is not the same. The new confiscation order covers various firearms registered after March 31, 1992. There is no money allocated by the state to buy back these firearms. This is confiscation, pure and simple....."

New York Times 10/18/99 Fox Butterfield ".... In the clearest evidence yet that recent efforts to reduce gun violence through new laws and police pressure are working, an FBI report released Sunday shows that a 7 percent drop in homicides in 1998 was accounted for entirely by a decrease in killings committed with guns. The report also indicates that a significant drop in robberies carried out with guns helped account for a 10 percent decline in robberies nationwide, the biggest decrease of any one category of crime........ The new FBI report said there were 16,914 homicides nationwide in 1998, of which 10,975 were committed with guns, down from a total of 18,210 in 1997 of which 12,346 involved guns. The reduction by 1,371 in murders involving a firearm was greater than the drop of 1,296 in overall murders....."

The Washington Times (1995) TC Ruthford "..... I remember the Nazis. Let me share a little about them and recall some of their exploits. First of all, "Nazi" was gutter slang for the verb "to nationalize". The Baader-Meinhoff gang gave themselves this moniker during their early struggles. The official title of the Nazi Party was "The National Socialist Workers Party of Germany". Hitler and the Brownshirts advocated the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, national resources, manufacturing, distribution, and law enforcement........ Being a Nazi was politically correct. They called themselves "The Children of the New Age of World Order" and looked down their noses at everyone else. As Hitler accrued more power, he referred to his critics as "The Dark Forces of Anarchy and Hatred". Anyone who questioned Nazi high-handedness in the German press was branded a "Conservative Reactionary". ........"

The Washington Times (1995) T C Ruthford "..... The Nazi reign of terror began with false news reports on the Jews, Bohemians and Gypsies who were said to be arming themselves to overthrow the "New World Order" and Hitler demanded that all good people register their guns so that they wouldn't fall into the hands of "terrorists and madmen". ....Then the Reichstag (government building) was blown up and Hitler ram-rodded an "Emergency Anti-Terrorist Act" through Parliament that gave the Gestapo extraordinary powers. The leader then declared that for the well-being of the German people, all private firearms were to be confiscated by the Gestapo and the Wermotten (federal law enforcement and military). German citizens who refused to surrender their guns when the "jack-boots" (Gestapo) came calling, were murdered in their homes...... When the Policia Bewakken, or local police, refused to take away guns from townsfolk, they themselves were disarmed and dragged out into the street and shot to death by the S.A. and the S.S...... "

The Washington Times (1995) TC Ruthford "..... The Gestapo began to confiscate and seize the homes, businesses, bank accounts, and personal belongings of wealthy conservative citizens who had prospered in the old Republic.......Public schools rewrote history and Hitler youth groups taught the children to report their parents to their teachers for anti-Nazi remarks. Such parents disappeared. Pagan animism became the state religion of the Third Reich and Christians were widely condemned as "right wing fanatics"......Evil was declared as being good, and good was condemned as being evil. World Order was coming and the German people were going to be the "peacekeepers". Yes, indeed, I remember the Nazis and they weren't Republicans, or "right wing", or "patriots" or "militias". They were Socialist monsters....."

Associated Press 10/19/99 "....A new TV commercial from the National Rifle Association has angered some minority lawmakers because of its portrayal of blacks and Hispanics in a series of mugshot photos. The commercial, which asks Congress not to create new federal gun laws until current ones are enforced more aggressively, started airing Oct. 11. It shows dozens of mugshots of criminals prosecuted in Ohio. While there are many whites in the mugshots, a large percentage are minorities......"

Boston Globe 10/19/99 Meg Vaillancourt "....Hundreds of gun dealers in Massachusetts continue to sell firearms from their homes, state officials said yesterday, despite a ban on home gun sales that went into effect Sept. 1. And a new seven-member state Gun Advisory Board, which was charged with recommending technical revisions needed to implement Massachusetts' toughest-in-the-nation gun-control laws, has proposed several changes that advocates say would undermine the law - including a provision rescinding the ban on home gun sales. ''Selling Avon out of your home is one thing, but selling guns in a residential neighborhood is quite another,'' said John Rosenthal, a Newton developer..."

L.A. TIMES 10/16/99 Douglas Shuit "....A federal judge granted an injunction to promoters of the nation's largest gun show Friday, temporarily suspending Los Angeles County's landmark ordinance banning gun sales on fairgrounds and other county property. U.S. District Court Judge Richard A. Paez ruled that attorneys for Great Western Shows Inc. had made enough of a legal case to justify suspending enforcement of the new law until constitutional and other issues could be resolved in a trial. ..... At issue is the controversial law passed Aug. 25 by the Board of Supervisors on a 3-2 vote. Drafted to cover gun sales on all county property, the ordinance was specifically aimed at Great Western and the firm's giant arms bazaars. The county owns the fairgrounds and rents it to Fairplex on a long-term lease....." 10/19/99 A B Stoddard "....One week after Republicans embarrassed President Clinton by defeating his nuclear test ban treaty, he joined congressional Democrats on Capitol Hill this morning to leverage the gun control issue for political payback. Later today, Republican leaders will visit the White House and ask Clinton to extend Thursday's deadline for passing a federal budget. But this morning Clinton reminded them of another deadline: The pledge that "common sense" gun control would be enacted by the start of the school year....."

Washington Post 10/20/99 Daniel LeDuc "....Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran is proposing a wide-ranging package of laws that would make the state's gun control regulations among the strictest in the nation and says his ultimate goal is a ban on handguns. ..."

N.R.A. 10/19/99 Don Kates "...Peaceful societies do not need general gun bans, and violent societies do not benefit from them. Take a look at the facts the gun-grabbers don't want you to know: Americans have been gravely misled about foreign gun ownership and the severity and effectiveness of foreign gun bans. It simply is not true to state that "the U.S. has more gun availability and far less restriction than any other modern industrial nation." That honor goes to Israel where, nevertheless, murder "rates are much lower than in the United States despite ... [Israel's] greater availability of guns to law-abiding civilians," writes Israeli judge Abraham Tennenbaum (formerly an official with the Israeli National Police and then a professor of criminology)......Israeli law requires that a person have a license in order to own any kind of firearm, but the license is readily available to any law-abiding adult who can show he or she has had firearms training. (Israel has universal military training for Jews of both sexes). And if you legally possess a gun, Israel allows... indeed encourages ... carrying it. In effect, Israeli law nearly parallels that of Florida, Pennsylvania and 28 other U.S. states where licenses to carry a concealed firearm are available on application and passing a background check. (Vermonters have the right to carry without obtaining a license)....... the homicide rate in handgun-banning Luxembourg is much higher than in the others: 2.1 per 100,000 population, versus 1.2 and 1.1 per 100,000 for "handgun-ridden" Israel and Switzerland .... which have the lowest homicide rates of all....... Under the Soviet regime, with strict gun control, the weapons used for homicides were largely knives, clubs, and other non firearms. Today, though handguns remain virtually unavailable to ordinary Russian citizens, homicide rates remain high, being committed by those criminals in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc., who seem to have no difficulty acquiring both Russian and foreign-made handguns and suitable ammunition...... Such international statistics show the pointlessness of gun bans. In any society, truly violent people are only a small minority. We know that law abiding citizens do not commit violent crimes. We also know that criminals will neither obey gun bans nor refrain from turning other deadly instruments to their nefarious purposes....."

The New York Times 10/20/99 Eric Schmitt "....President Clinton on Tuesday renewed his call to Congress to approve a far-reaching gun control bill, but prospects for its passage appeared increasingly bleak as lawmakers remained deadlocked over the pivotal issue of regulating gun shows. Clinton used the backdrop of a daylong series of Capitol Hill events on youth violence to scold the Republican-controlled Congress for not tightening gun restrictions six months after 13 people and the two gunmen died in the massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. ..."

Ron Smith 10/20/99 "...The dirty little secret of the anti-gun crowd is now right out in the open, which probably isn't good for their cause. To use a football analogy, It is as though one of their linemen jumped offside and stalled what looked like a touchdown drive. The culprit is Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran Jr., who has called for an outright ban on private ownership of handguns. In a 58-page report titled "A Farewell to Arms," Curran says such a ban is his long-term goal, needed to end what he calls "an epidemic of violent yet preventable death." Even some of the most fervent of anti-gun sorts were taken aback by this proposal, as it is sure to harden the resolve and foment the organization of many of the millions of Americans who possess handguns and believe they have a constitutional right guaranteed by the Second Amendment to do so......Curran, a curious mix of starry-eyed liberal and hard-headed tool of the plaintiff bar, says only law enforcement officers, gun collectors and a small number of people with "legitimate security needs" should be allowed to own handguns. To which I reply, whose security needs are not legitimate?....."

Wall Street Journal 10/21/99 Paul Barrett ".....Not that Mr. Spitzer's ideas have been warmly received by the gun companies. "He doesn't understand the mechanics of the industry," Mr. Zilkha says. After reviewing a draft of the code of conduct, the gun-company owner says, "I told him, 'Your agenda must be political mush."' (Mr. Spitzer declines to comment on this exchange.) Neither side will discuss the substance of the talks, but a draft of the code shows that Mr. Spitzer would require all manufacturers to take some of the steps that Colt's has, including ceasing production of less-expensive handguns and trying to develop a smart gun. Mr. Spitzer would also have gun manufacturers supervise retail sales practices and cut off dealers who allow buyers to walk out of the store with more than one gun. The most controversial proposal is that the industry subject itself to an outside "monitor," similar to the independent officials who oversee wayward labor unions. The gun monitor would have authority to enforce the code and review confidential corporate books....."

WorldNetDaily 10/21/99 Jon Dougherty "....As the story notes, if the state's Democrat attorney general, J. Joseph Curran, gets his way, nearly all Maryland residents will be handed a potential death sentence soon, their only crime being that of trusting state officials like him to protect them because they believed his anti-gun propaganda. This is not a good reason to die for.. ...To begin with, Mr. Curran's suggestion that handguns belong only in the hands of one particular group, the military, is inconsequential when it comes to actually being safe in our homes, on our streets, and in our communities. Since the military cannot, by law, participate in civilian law enforcement, this suggestion becomes a moot point. ....Next, Mr. Curran believes that only police officers need to have the kind of protection (immediate and unencumbered access to a handgun) we all deserve. By suggesting this, he creates a class warfare argument: Police officers are more important than regular folks.....There are only 641,208 police officers and 253,327 civilian assistance personnel "guarding" over 260 million Americans. That's a whopping 2.5 officers for every 1,000 people -- do you feel "safe?" ....... What makes no sense in Mr. Curran's proposals to further limit state residents to handguns is his refusal to recognize one factor that has worked to reduce crime -- access to guns by law-abiding people......So -- in the interest of safety and judging by the FBI's own crime stats -- does it not make sense to allow people the right to protect themselves? Or is it better, as Mr. Curran suggests, to sentence more people to death by making it illegal for them to attain the same level of protection as that possessed by the "protectors"? ...."

Washington Post 10/22/99 David Ottaway Barbara Vobejda ".... Smith & Wesson Corp., the country's leading handgun manufacturer, has told dealers selling its products that they must immediately sign a code of ethics, the first time a gunmaker has attempted to assert formal control over the sale and distribution of its products. ..... The two-page "Stocking Dealer Code of Responsible Business Practices" commits dealers to obey all firearms laws; to only sell Smith & Wesson guns with safety locks; and to closely monitor buyers to avoid illegal purchases......"

Neil Boortz Home Page 10/21/99 "....If you will listen to some of the anti-gun types out there you will hear them make reference to a particular type of gun as a gun "not suitable for hunting or target shooting." The premise here is that hunting and sport shooting are the only legitimate reasons for gun ownership. Contrary to what some liberal commentators might have you believe, our founding fathers wanted us to have the right to bear arms so that we could protect our lives, our property and our freedoms. Not so we could target shoot or hunt deer. You've seen the old (and somewhat tired) bumper sticker "If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." The beauty of this bumper sticker is that it is absolutely correct! There are no bona-fide gun control proposals out there that would get the guns out of the hands of criminals or that would prevent predators from buying guns. All of the proposals only restrict the ability of law-abiding citizens to obtain and own firearms. I propose another bumper sticker ... one even more terrifying: If Guns Are Outlawed, Only the Government Will Have Guns...."

AMERICAN RIFLEMAN 11-12/99 Institute for Legislative Action Report "....[Clinton] He demands more gun control laws. He wastes millions of tax dollars on useless gun turn-in schemes. And with a wink, he releases into society criminals convicted of nearly three dozen violations of federal firearms laws, not to mention laws dealing with explosives, arson and bank robbery. Twelve of the terrorists were convicted of possessing "unregistered firearms," meaning, of course, they were caught with firearms regulated under the 1934 National Firearms Act, such as machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. Nine were convicted of carrying firearms during the commission of seditious conspiracy and interference with interstate commerce by violence. Nine were convicted of interstate transportation of firearms with intent to commit seditious conspiracy and interference with interstate commerce by violence. Three were convicted of conspiracy to make a "destructive device" (such as a pipe bomb). And, finally, two were convicted of possessing firearms without serial numbers. ...."

Agence France-Presse 10/22/99 "....A US Congressman who has been a strong gun control advocate was grieving for his son who died Friday, four days after he was critically wounded in a shooting. The 29-year son of Illinois Democratic Representative Bobby Rush lost his battle for life shortly before 1:00 p.m. (1800 GMT) Friday, according to hospital officials at Christ Hospital Medical Center in Oak Lawn, south of here. "Today on the sad occasion of our son Huey's passing my family and I are filled with overwhelming grief," said Rush in a statement. ...."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 10/24/99 Bob Norman ".....Because of the criminal actions of a few, it has become politically correct to blame gun shows for the ills of mankind, even though the vast majority of guns used in crimes never came from any gun show. Although federal law provides for the unlicensed sale of one's personal gun collection, large or small, it has become apparent that because of the aforementioned criminals, it behooves responsible gun show promoters to take steps to insure that any gun sold at a gun show goes only to a purchaser who has had a background check. Starting with my February 2000 show at the Will Rogers Center, only persons with a federal firearms license will be allowed to sell guns. Although the law allows for the unlicensed sale of personally owned guns, there is no provision in the law for private individuals to conduct the background check. Only those with licenses have access to the checking system and it is illegal for licensees to not do the background check. Will this stop gun crime? Of course not, and I do not fool myself into thinking that it will. Classified ads in newspapers, flea markets, garage sales, notices on bulletin boards and Internet commerce, among other things, will insure that unchecked persons can still buy guns......"

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 11/2/99 Christopher Zurawsky "....In 16 months, nearly 13,000 gun purchases in the state were blocked after computerized background checks, according to the Pennsylvania State Police. Instituted July 1, 1998, the Pennsylvania Instant Check System, or PICS, allows the state police to quickly conduct a check of criminal history, juvenile delinquency, and some mental health records. But gun control advocates say more needs to be done. In Pittsburgh last month, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno called for legislation requiring prospective gun owners to pass a safety and proficiency test before buying a gun....."

GatewayVA 10/31/99 Mark Johnson "....The FBI likely will never receive a police report on what Joe Megerle did during his morning run one day last August. Megerle, a retired electric company worker, was jogging through Devou Park, a Covington, Ky., hilltop that overlooks the Ohio River and the Cincinnati skyline when a man brandished a pistol and demanded money. Megerle, who holds a Kentucky concealed weapon permit, drew his own pistol and shot the man twice......No government agency, however, is expected to make a record that Megerle used a firearm in self-defense. "There's nothing ever filed when a firearm is used correctly,'' said Assistant Chief Bill Dorsey, of the Covington Police Department, whose officers investigated the shooting involving Megerle and recommended no charges be brought against him.....Police departments, hospitals and federal agencies keep mounds of data about the misuse of firearms: the woundings, killings, suicides and accidents....."

The Boston Globe 11/1/99 AP "…. Police used a new gun law to raid an Old Greenwich house and seize 11 guns from a man they say may be dangerous. But Thompson Bosee says he legally owns the weapons and does not pose a danger to himself or others. The state law, which went into effect Oct. 1, allows police officers to obtain a warrant to search a person's home and temporarily seize weapons if the individual is proved to be an immediate danger to himself or others. Bosee said most of the weapons have been in his family for generations, and he is studying to become a gunsmith. ''This new law says if you don't like guns, you can turn your neighbor in,'' he said. ''The majority of these weapons date back to my great-grandmother.'' ….."

CNN 10/30/99 "….CNN announced today that the city of Atlanta received judicial approval to proceed with litigation against gun manufacturers to recoup costs for violence in their streets. The reason for this post is to encourage boycotting Atlanta and Georgia by ALL second amendment supporters and ALL NRA card carrying members. Pass this word along to all your friends/relatives and let Atlanta's mayor, Bill Campbell, ( know that you/your family are not planning to visit their city...."

USA Today 10/27/99 Gary Fields "….Databases maintained by the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) store information about scratches and marks imprinted on fired bullets that are found at crime scenes. Police use the information to trace a bullet to a suspect's gun. The databases--which have already solved about 5,700 local and federal crimes--presently store 500,000 computer images of bullets supplied by police departments; several million more may be added when the country's gun manufacturers take part in making these databases available to law enforcement departments nationwide. Gun manufacturers, which have not been identified, are currently working on the slow process of firing and recording millions of bullets.. …."

NY Times 10/28/99 Laurence Tribe Akhil Amar "…. Most advocates of gun control have argued that the "right to bear arms" can reach no further than the Second Amendment's preamble, which calls a "well-regulated Militia . . . necessary to the security of a free State." They conclude that the amendment shields only state militias like today's National Guard from Federal authority. According to these people, the rights of individuals to self-defense or to private gun ownership are not constitutionally protected at all. But the Second Amendment reference to the people's "right" to be armed cannot be trumped by the Amendment's preamble. Besides, the 14th Amendment, which makes parts of the Bill of Rights applicable to the states, reflected a broad agreement that bearing arms was a "privilege" of each citizen. Those on the other side have been even more intransigent -- opposing controls of any kind, with the possible exception of laws keeping convicted felons from acquiring guns. The gun lobby has argued that Second Amendment clearly protects "the right of the people to keep and bear arms," which they regard as giving every citizen a nearly absolute right to own guns for private pursuits like hunting and target shooting. The truth is more complicated. Almost no right known to the Constitution is absolute and unlimited -- not even the rights of free speech and religious exercise. Thus, it has been a terrible mistake for both sides in the gun control controversy to insist that the Second Amendment bans virtually everything or virtually nothing. The fact is, almost none of the proposed state or Federal weapons regulations appears to come close to offending the Second Amendment's core right to self-protection. The right to bear arms is certainly subject to reasonable regulation in the interest of public safety. Laws that ban certain types of weapons, that require safety devices on others and that otherwise impose strict controls on guns can pass Constitutional scrutiny….. "

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 10/27/99 Joseph Perkins "….Sammy ''The Bull'' Gravano has, by his own admission, sent 19 men to their graves. So it's safe to say that the former underboss of the Gambino crime family knows a thing or two (or 19) about guns and violence. That's why his recent remarks about gun control, published in Vanity Fair, have resonance. ''Gun control?'' Sammy pondered. ''It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. If I'm a bad guy, I'm always going to have a gun.'' ……. ''We need Congress to help us keep guns out of the wrong hands,'' Clinton told a group of more than 300 high-school students from around the country, who were in the nation's capital to attend a two-day youth violence conference sponsored by House Democrats…."

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 10/26/99 Vanessa O’Connell Paul Barrett "….. The gun business is losing customers. Hunters and target shooters -- the industry's core market -- are gradually walking away from those sports. Subdivisions have encroached on land once used for hunting. Bicycling, kayaking and other hobbies are luring people away from firing ranges. Most ominously, gun companies' efforts to cultivate new buyers among women and teenagers have failed to stem the erosion. And gun manufacturers face a dramatic shakeout, as recent high-visibility killings have made guns less socially acceptable in many people's eyes. "Our future is rather tenuous," says Paul Jannuzzo, vice president of the U.S. unit of Austrian handgun maker Glock GmbH……"

Philadelphia Daily News 10/26/99 Gary Kleck "….If Eliot Spitzer, New York State's attorney general, has his way, more of the nation's gun manufacturers will follow the lead of the Colt's Manufacturing Co. and cut back big parts of their business to please the advocates of gun control. When Colt's announced it would cease making handguns for the civilian market, it cited financial problems attributable in part to pending lawsuits filed by 28 cities and counties against gun makers, including Colt's. New York State has not filed one of these suits, but Spitzer's threat of one has persuaded the gun makers to negotiate with him about his demands that they stop making lower-priced handguns and submit their businesses to oversight by an appointed monitor….."

WND 10/25/99 Jon Dougherty "…..I don't often write about the same subject twice in a week, but I received a pro-gun/pro-safety response from an interesting fellow last Thursday after I wrote a column about the absurdity of disarming all Americans. I thought readers would find it useful in making their case that the gun issue really does revolve around safety, not just rights. This is his message: "Just read your article on Maryland's attorney general wanting to ban handguns for most. Your conclusions are correct. "We have lived for a number of years in Kenya. There ALL guns are banned, including toy guns that look like guns. The only exception is for small bore shotguns for bird hunting, which are owned by a select few. These guns must be stored in the local police station armory. They can be checked out only during hunting season. It takes an act of parliament to get shells. "Yet in Kenya any criminal that wants one can get a gun….. "Make no mistake, when only the police have guns, no one is safe. But even wanton killing by police does not deter crime. The only safety is when you're at home and behind locked bars. Bars everywhere, doors, windows, gates, everywhere. We had to have a security guard, armed with a machete, and a locked gate and wall around our house. Day and night. Terrible way to live. "And there is still no safety. There are home invasions there too, where 20 or 30 thugs come with wrecking bars and break into houses. Happens all the time. The police for the most part had no cars for transportation……"I am a gun owner and don't like the NRA, but when they say, 'when guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns,' they are correct. Then, no one is safe." ….." 11/2/99 "….The grass roots RKBA activists achieved victory in Redondo Beach, California last night through an effort that combined personal contact with the swing vote councilmember and a good showing of citizen activists and speakers at the previous City Council meeting. We defeated a gun control ordinance (partial ammo ban)on its second and final reading by a 4-1 vote. This ordinance passed its first reading by a 3-2 vote. Note that it is usually more difficult to defeat legislation when it is further along in the legislative process. …."

AP NEWS 11/3/99 "…..Striking a note of contrition, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani acknowledged that he erred by rushing a City Charter revision proposal to the ballot, instead of waiting for next year. "I made a mistake in presenting charter revision this year," Giuliani said after the initiative was overwhemingly defeated Tuesday. "The vote against it makes it clear that it was a mistake, and I accept responsibility for it and certainly respect the views of the voters." …..The charter question had 281,265 voters, or 76 percent, casting "no" ballots and 90,838 or 24 percent voting in favor of the revisions. The charter proposals included creating "gun free" zones within 1,000 feet of schools that would bar even licensed gun owners from carrying a firearm near a school; requiring a two-thirds vote of the City Council instead of a simple majority to hike taxes; forcing gun owners to use trigger locks; and creating an emergency budget fund from city surpluses….."

NRA Alerts 11/4/99 "…..James J. Baker, Chairman of the National Rifle Association's Political Victory Fund, congratulated voters in yesterday's elections for embracing candidates who stand for tough crime control and in defense of the Second Amendment. According to Baker, available poll returns indicate that nearly 90% of NRA-PVF endorsed candidates were elected to office yesterday, including Virginia Delegates Bob McDonnell (HD-84), Roger McClure (HD-67), Michelle McQuigg (HD-51), Dick Black (HD-32), Bob Marshall (HD-13), and Virginia Senator Frederick Quayle (SD-13) who were viciously attacked for their support of the Second Amendment. "Mainstream America wants a system of justice that focuses on the criminal and ensures swift justice for law-breakers, particularly those who misuse firearms. By the same token, Americans know that gun control laws inevitably fail to fight crime or keep guns from criminals," said Baker. "In Virginia and New Jersey, for example, gun control advocates sought to make firearms a campaign issue. However, when voters are presented with a choice between new restrictions on the rights of lawful gun owners and effective crime control programs such as Project Exile or '10-20-Life,' American common sense prevails. ….." 11/4/99 Bruce Sullivan "…..National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston testified before a House subcommittee on criminal justice and pointed to the decrease in gun related homicides in Richmond, Virginia since the beginning of Project Exile. The program involves strict enforcement of existing federal gun laws and has cut that city's murder rate by more than 30% since 1997, according to local officials. "The word is out on the streets of Richmond that if you're a felon caught with a gun, you will go to jail for five years. They're actually changing criminal behavior and saving lives," testified Heston.,,,,,:

11/10/99 A Day In My Life, January, 1990 Linda Prussen-Razzano "….In January of 1990, I had taken a job managing a fast food restaurant in Farmingdale, New York, so that I could return to college full-time. The headlights in the parking lot were the police coming to my "rescue." I was on the job for less than a month when I was robbed. The perpetrators had robbed 14 stores before hitting mine; out of the 14 stores, I was the ONLY person they did not physically harm. One of the detectives indicated that I must have done or said something while the perps were "casing" out my restaurant that made a connection, made them see me as a human being. This connection invariably saved my life. I did not purchase my first gun until 1998. I did not purchase my gun in a knee-jerk reaction to my status as crime "survivor." I purchased my gun because I realized that I am responsible for my own life; there is no guarantee whatsoever that the police will save me in the event that I am again face to face with a criminal. In the true-life experience I described above, they were not called to the scene until after the damage had been done. The gun did not fly out of the darkness to threaten my life, did not order me into my store and take the meager "bank" from the safe, did not order me to the floor and threaten to blow my brains out...THE PERPETRATORS DID. …."

Media Bypass 11/7/99 Pat Shannan "….Handguns in Australia have been banned and strictly governed for decades, but such statutes have not prevented illegal weapons from entering the country and hitting the streets. Devious means of importation have been fooling the authorities for a long time. "There are more guns in the underground in Australia than were ever registered," says Eykamp. Of more than two million known weapons legally in the country, less than 700,000 were voluntarily submitted in the 1996 government buyout. This was provoked by the infamous Port Arthur, Tasmania, mass murder of 35 people and the wounding of scores more by a maniac with an automatic weapon. What followed was a classic textbook example of mass hysteria. Statutes were passed stripping the law-abiding Australians of all weapons with which to protect themselves. The statutes were passed in the several states to buy back the guns, with a price set for hundreds of models, and to destroy them. For a variety of reasons, most did not comply. The greatest outcry of defiance was heard from the country folks - the farmers and ranchers - who need and use their weapons to protect their crops against the wildlife….." 11/10/99 Richard Poe "…..In his book That Every Man Be Armed, constitutional scholar Stephen P. Halbrook demonstrates that, during the drafting of the Second Amendment, what worried the Framers most was the danger that our own government might run amok. The Framers differed only in their opinions on how best to counter this threat. The Federalists claimed that the problem would solve itself, since the militia - consisting of all able-bodied men, ages 16 through 60 - would overthrow any tyranny that arose. "The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword," argued Noah Webster, "because the whole body of the people are armed..." The anti-Federalists, however, pointed out that Congress could disband the general militia and replace it with a "select militia", loyal only to the government. "When a select militia is formed; the people in general may be disarmed," warned John Smilie at the Pennsylvania convention. To prevent this from happening, the anti-Federalists demanded a Bill of Rights, which would guarantee, among other things, an unalienable right to keep and bear arms. "The great object is that every man be armed...," declared Patrick Henry. "Everyone who is able may have a gun." Congress would thus be powerless to disband the militia….." 11/10/99 Richard Poe "…..In theory, we still have a militia today, which the Supreme Court defined as "all males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense" (United States vs. Miller, 1939). But most of our "militiamen" no longer bother to arm themselves or to drill in units. We have surrendered that responsibility to a "select militia" of National Guardsmen, Army reservists, FBI SWAT teams and Delta Force commandos. Just as the anti-Federalists predicted, our failure to exercise our militia rights has resulted in a rapid erosion of those rights. If the current drive to ban assault weapons is successful, U.S. citizens will be stripped, for the first time, of the right to keep and bear military arms. "Well, so what?" argue the gun abolitionists. "Assault rifles are dangerous. If everyone had one, our streets would be war zones." But would they? That hasn't happened in Switzerland. There, every able-bodied man between the ages of 20 and 42 serves in the militia, and is required by law to keep a Sturmgewehr 90 assault rifle at home, ready for action….."

Houston Chronicle 11/9/99 Cal Thomas "…..As National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston testified last week on Capitol Hill, there are currently 22,000 federal, state and local gun laws on the books, most of which are never enforced. He properly asked why more gun laws are the answer when current laws are not being enforced and criminals pay no attention to them at all. Anti-gun people are trying to sell more restrictive legislation on the false premise that fewer guns mean a safer society. Writing in the New York Times, Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center, urges Congress to skip "incremental legislation that won't control handgun violence" and "immediately call on Congress to pass far-reaching industry regulation" that would effectively "ban" handguns…….Whether such legislation would make us safer is no longer a matter of conjecture. Evidence in countries where gun laws tougher than ours exist show more, not less, crime. In Australia, where strict new gun legislation was passed following a 1966 shooting rampage by a man who killed 35 people and wounded 19 others, gun-related crime has increased. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of armed robberies went up 39 percent last year and assaults involving guns rose 28 percent. Gun murders increased 19 percent. In addition to laws so strict that Olympic shooters must leave the country in order to practice, an expensive gun buy-back program resulted in 640,000 guns being turned in to authorities. The cost of the program averaged $57 per Australian. Still, gun crime is up. Prior to the new gun laws, crime in Australia was in decline……"

Los Angeles Daily News 11/10/99 Phillip Browne "….Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard C. Parks said Tuesday he supports a proposed citywide ban on ammunition sales, but Police Commission members voiced doubt that such a ban would be legal. The commission delayed voting on the proposal, which the City Council's Public Safety Committee is expected to consider next week. Parks told the commission such a ban would help battle gun violence. "We are going to support this," he said. "It is consistent with the city's policy of no tolerance against firearms." …."

Las Vegas Review-Journal 11/7/99 Vin Suprynowicz "….Never reluctant to wade into the blood of the innocent if it offers an opportunity to advance the police-state agenda, Attorney General Janet Reno, Butcher of Waco, seized her latest opportunity after Honolulu Xerox repairman Byran Uyesugi walked into work Tuesday morning and killed seven male co-workers with a handgun. Such crimes demonstrate why Congress needs to pass stiffer gun-control laws, the attorney general said. Only problem is, Hawaii is one of the most gun-restrictive states in the nation. Honolulu already has in force most of the very "gun-control" laws the attorney general now proposes as a national "solution." ….."

Los Angeles Daily News 11/9/99 Rick Orlov "..... Legislation to require the testfiring of all guns to develop a "technological fingerprint" of every weapon was suggested Monday as well as closer collaboration among law enforcement as ways to reduce gun violence. During a nearly five-hour Southern California Gun Law Enforcement Conference at City Hall chaired by Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Feuer, local, state and federal law enforcement officials boasted of stepped-up efforts to enforce gun laws. And, as a result, they said that crimes involving weapons have dropped over the past several years. ..."

Chattanooga Free Press 11/9/99 "..... In Honolulu last week, a copy machine repairman named Bryan Uyesugi inexplicably opened fire on his fellow workers, killing seven. Police have no clue as to what set him off and why he did such a terrible thing. In Seattle last week, a man wearing camouflage and sunglasses walked into a boat repair shop and calmly killed two of the workers, and walked out again. What could possibly have motivated such a horrible act? Predictably, Vice President Al Gore Jr. and some other politicians began to call for more "gun control" laws. "How many tragedies does it take before the members of the Republican leadership bottling up this legislation get the message," Mr. Gore opportunistically asked. But what gun law could have prevented either or both of those tragic events? There are about 30,000 gun control laws already on the books, at federal, state and local levels. The problem is not that we lack laws. Good people obey them. Bad people don't....."

Los Angeles Times 11/7/99 Robert Cottrol ".... The central premise of the gun control movement is that society becomes more civilized when the citizen surrenders the means of self-defense, leaving the state a monopoly of force. That this premise goes largely unchallenged is the most remarkable feature of our gun control debate. We are ending a century that has repeatedly witnessed the consequences of unchecked state monopolies of force. University of Hawaii political scientist Rudolph J. Rummel, one of the leading students of democide (mass murder of civilian populations by governments), has estimated that nearly 170 million people have been murdered by their own governments in our century........The reluctance of outside forces to intervene is well documented. And yet the obvious question is strangely absent: Would arms in the hands of average citizens have made a difference?....."

WorldNetDaily 11/8/99 Edward Oliver "…. Ominously dubbed the "turn in your neighbor" law, a new Connecticut gun control provision -- which proponents predicted would be rarely used -- has already resulted in police seizing firearms and ammunition from four gun owners since Oct. 1 when the law took effect. Hailed as groundbreaking by gun control advocates, the law reportedly opens up a new frontier for gun laws in the coming election season. As originally written, the provision would have allowed seizure of firearms by police based on unproven allegations by any two persons in an affidavit to a judge. The language was later modified to require that two police officers or a state's attorney go before a judge with the belief, after investigation, that an individual "poses a risk of imminent personal injury to himself or herself or to other individuals," in order to obtain a warrant to seize the subject's firearms. No crime needs to have been committed for the seizure to take place….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 11/8/99 Manny Gonzales "…. Some pawnshops and stores in Colorado are taking a second look at selling handguns because of delays in background checks and the public backlash against gun violence. State police have been effective in screening gun buyers since they took over criminal background checks from the FBI. But the new system has sellers complaining of added delays. Some pawnshop dealers in the Denver area said they may stop dealing in guns because it's not cost-effective. Also, there's the negative image after the Columbine High School shootings. "It's going to put dealers out of business quickly, and not just pawnshops but the standard dealer as well," said Dudley Brown, a pro-gun lobbyist for Rocky Mountain Gunowners. …."

Wall Street Journal 11/8/99 Robert Tomsho "….Unlike states that rely on federal Brady Law guidelines, there is no such thing as an "instant" background check for firearm buyers in Hawaii. Before taking possession of any gun, a citizen must go to the local police department in person, provide the firearm's description and serial number and apply for a permit. In addition to being photographed, fingerprinted and questioned about past crimes, addictions and psychiatric problems, applicants must provide physicians' names and sign waivers giving police broad access to medical and mental-health records, which are routinely checked. During the ensuing 14-day waiting period, officers also may examine everything from prior arrests to bicycle licenses, traffic tickets and even police reports in which the applicant was complaining about someone else. "We do an investigation," says Mr. Stone. "There is actually no limit to what can be examined." Moreover, police have broad discretion to turn people down. And in Hawaii, the scrutiny doesn't end there. After actually getting a handgun, shotgun or rifle, the purchaser must take it back to the police station to be examined and registered. …."

Wolfe's Lodge 11/5/99 Katherine von Tour "….Most people who support the Second Amendment have probably wondered at one time or another how to change the thinking of anti-gunners. Since I was once a staunch gun-control proponent, including being a member of Handgun Control Incorporated (HCI) in the 1970's, but am today a fervent and virtually no-compromise Second Amendment supporter, perhaps the story of my mental shift will be of interest……. I was a true Sixties liberal, who protested the Vietnam War, sported a "Question Authority" bumper sticker on my Volvo, who was a charter member of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and a charter subscriber to Ms Magazine. I voted for George McGovern. I hung out with other earnest liberals, many of whom were also members of NOW. It wasn't that I believed government was perfect - far from it! - but I had blind faith that, with enough effort and money, it could be made so. My idea of a perfect government was one which had a generous welfare program, free medical care for all, lots of benign and helpful social programs, and government-mandated fairness and equality for all. …… I joined HCI because it had convinced me that guns were a root cause of violence and crime, and that only criminals owned and used them….."

Wolfe's Lodge 11/5/99 Katherine von Tour "….I was living in Orange County at the time, but had to go up to LA regularly on business. At that time there had been a rash of violent car-jackings, many of them committed against women who were driving alone. A friend, who knew a great deal about guns and had grown up around them, told me that, because I was a woman living and driving alone, he wanted me to start carrying a pistol in my car. He lent me a .38 Special, and showed me how to load, unload and fire it. One day, just before the riots exploded, I was driving in downtown LA in a scary part of town. It was dusk. As I was stopped at a stop-light, with one car in front of me, two men who had been watching me began quickly and menacingly approaching my car from the sidewalk. One of them was carrying a tire iron. I grabbed the pistol, which I had laid on the seat beside me, and held it up so they could see it. The look in their eyes changed in an instant from threatening to fearful, and they immediately turned around and ran in the opposite direction. The light changed. I drove away. No one was hurt, but a gun in my formerly liberal hand had, I believe, probably saved my life, or at least prevented me from likely injury….."

WorldNetDaily 11/5/99 Jon Dougherty "….I don't know about the rest of you but personally I'm tired of being forced to play the role of "victim." Two recent mass shootings -- one in Hawaii Tuesday and one in Seattle Wednesday -- have forced me to dramatically change my views on guns and gun rights. Which is to say, I would like to see all prohibitions against guns repealed and repealed now. All of them -- against handguns, "assault" guns, shotguns, cheap guns, expensive guns, long guns, short guns, and guns with funny names. All of them. Before this week, I could see the logic in forbidding guns in some public places like courtrooms, businesses, schools, churches, and bars. Not anymore; that's because it's obvious that regardless of where you live or where you go, you're not safe enough….."

New York Post 11/4/99 Rod Dreher "…..PRESIDENT Clinton yesterday took his usual opportunity to exploit a tragedy for partisan gain. He demanded more gun-control laws, although the Seattle killer may have used a legally obtained handgun for his crime. You'd think the president would at least wait for the facts before rushing to demagogue. Clinton's statement was really about giving the appearance of doing something to stop random workplace violence. He knows it's politically important to make voters feel that something is being done, even if it isn't. ….."

Fox News 11/18/99 Reuters "….The rate at which Americans are killed by guns has declined 21 percent since peaking in 1993, but firearms remain the second leading cause of injury-related deaths behind traffic accidents, federal health officials said Thursday. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said there were 32,436 deaths from firearm-related injuries in 1997, down 18 percent from 39,595 deaths in 1993. The death rate, or the number of deaths per 100,000 population, fell 21.1 percent during the same period. There were 15.4 deaths per 100,000 people in 1993 and 12.1 deaths per 100,000 in 1997….."

Las Vegas Review-Journal 11/18/99 Michael Brown "….The FBI reports violent crime in the United States is at a 30-year low. Statistics from state governments show citizens who hold concealed weapons permits are among the most law-abiding in our society. States that issue permits exhibit a larger drop in crime than those that don't. Looking outside the United States, strict new gun confiscation laws in Britain and Australia have had no significant impact on crime and a national gun registration scheme in Canada is being criticized as an expensive failure. If not for a few high-profile shooting incidents covered excessively by the media and exploited by politicians and gun control organizations, the gun control debate would be fading away. Media participation in the campaign against guns cannot be blamed entirely on a liberal bias. The ratings-driven media must follow the dictum, "If it bleeds, it leads," so producers and reporters routinely emphasize gun crime coverage, using frightening terms like "assault weapon," "powerful," "deadly" and "automatic," which increase the public fear of guns. Armed criminals of any sort are called "gunmen," regardless of the nature of their crime. …."

Los Angeles Daily News/L.A. Times 11/16/99 Rick Orlov (Daily News) "….From The Daily News: Listening to emotional testimony from the mothers of children shot to death, a city panel on Monday embraced the concept of a ban on the sale of ammunition in Los Angeles. "I say to the National Rifle Association, keep your guns," said Joyce Turner of Los Angeles, whose 19-year-old son was gunned down in 1989 on a street comer only blocks from her home. "Just give us the bullets. It wasn't the gun that killed my son. The bullets did."..." 11/15/99 "…. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly fired Mark L. Rosenberg, its top gun violence researcher, on Sept. 1, the Probe newsletter reported Nov. 1. Rosenberg, who was fired by CDC Director Jeffrey P. Koplan, M.D., initiated CDC's research into gun violence in the early 1980s, looking particularly at the causes and prevention of gun violence. "Mark has been a giant on the world scene in saying that the peril of gun injury is a public health issue that can be approached like any other such issue, by doing research, designing interventions, and then modifying them if necessary," said Rebecca Peters of Australia, an attorney and a gun control advocate who is a visiting fellow in justice studies at the Soros Foundation in New York. She added, "There is a widespread perception among the public health community that the reason Rosenberg was so unceremoniously dumped is because he's been identified by the gun lobby as their enemy. I don't think this ouster is a coincidence, given the upcoming presidential election." ….." 11/15/99 "…. The CDC's gun violence work has been strongly opposed by Republicans in the U.S. Senate. In 1995, the U.S. Congress cut the CDC's budget by $2.6 million, the exact amount the center requested for research on gun-related injuries. Among the senators who attacked the gun study program were Bob Dole (R-Kan.), Trent Lott (R-Miss.), Christopher Bond (R-Mo.), Ted Stevens (R-Ala.), and Lauch Faircloth (R-N.C). The program also was opposed by the National Rifle Association (NRA). According to Peters and other experts, the firing of Rosenberg means the NRA/GOP agenda to stop or curtail research on gun-related injuries has been achieved. ….."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11/15/99 Michael Race "….A parent who was convicted of taking a handgun onto the grounds of a Cumberland County middle school three years ago has had his conviction tossed out by state Superior Court. In a split decision, a panel of judges ruled last week that John J. Heidler III, of Luzerne County, did not violate a state law banning guns on school property because he did not have "constructive possession" of the weapon when he visited Lamberton Middle School in October 1996 to pick up his son. Heidler admitted the handgun was taken onto school property, but it was in the purse of his girlfriend, who accompanied him to the school. The woman waited in a vehicle while Heidler went into the school to get his son. Both Heidler and his girlfriend had permits to carry a concealed firearm, according to court records. ….."

Las Vegas Review-Journal 11/14/99 A D Hopkings "…. The Nevada Institute for Children, which claims to do "credible research and rigorous policy analysis," did neither in its report "Youth Violence: A Look at Guns, Schools, & Programs." Instead, it provides erroneous statistics, illogical conclusions and complete falsehoods. The report -- which seeks to influence legislators on the issue of guns and children -- lists statistics purporting to show an alarming incidence of firearm-related deaths of children in Nevada. But an independent check of public records by the Review-Journal reveals an entirely different set of numbers, and the head of the institute refused to address the contradictions. For instance, the institute stated that Nevada in 1998 had a firearm-related youth homicide rate of 21.3 per 100,000. But health and population records reveal a rate of only 4.83 -- and that is if one includes, as the institute did, 18- and 19-year-olds, who are legally adults. Exclude those adults and the rate drops to three homicides per 100,000 youngsters. …"

Seattle Times 11/14/99 Erik Lacitis "… All I can tell you is how I personally deal with the issue of guns; specifically, handguns. Another statistic is that 1 in 5 Americans owns a handgun, and that handguns account for an astounding 71 percent of killings involving firearms. Real gun control would mean that if your primal instincts are to regularly cradle a handgun, it'd have to be in the confines of a gun range. Since that's not going to happen, us liberal gun-controllers are left with arguing with Charlton Heston, whose booming actor's voice speaks for the National Rifle Association. The NRA line is that there are plenty of gun laws already on the books, but that Bill Clinton hasn't pushed to enforce them. So gun-toting felons are actually the fault of another liberal administration, see? That's a great strategy on the part of the gun lobby…… But as I said, I've conceded to the NRA. It used to be, I'd recap in gory detail what happens in a shooting. It used to be, I'd quote doctors working in the emergency rooms about what bullets do to you….Having conceded to the gun lobby, I won't dwell on such details. I can only tell you how I personally deal with guns. I've banned them. ….. This is not going to be won in the for-sale corridors of Congress. This is a battle that's going to be won one household at a time….."

Kathy Gambrell, Associated Press 11/13/99 "….The NAACP has filed a second lawsuit against the gun industry, calling for oversight of gun sellers in an effort to identify those involved in illegal sales. A lawsuit the civil rights organization filed in July alleges that manufacturers negligently market handguns and that such action has led to disproportionate numbers of injuries, deaths and other damages among minorities…..The lawsuit names distributors AccuSport, of Ohio, Ellett Brothers of South Carolina and RSR Group of Florida as representatives of the defendant companies. Lawyers hope to win class-action status and sue 122 distributors….."

WORLD Magazine 11/20/99 Cal Thomas "….Rash of gun crimes shows that enforcing the current laws is better than enacting new unenforced laws The latest shootings by two maniacs with grudges in Honolulu and in Seattle produced the predictable cries for more gun laws from Attorney General Janet Reno, Vice President Al(pha) Gore, the big media, and the usual suspects in the anti-gun lobby who won't be satisfied until the only people with access to guns are criminals. As National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston testified earlier this month on Capitol Hill, there are currently 22,000 federal, state, and local gun laws on the books, most of which are never enforced. He properly asked why more gun laws are the answer when current laws are not being enforced and criminals pay no attention to them at all…..In Great Britain, where massive firearms-confiscation programs were enacted following a widely publicized shooting in Scotland, gun-related crimes have increased, including "hot" robberies, meaning those conducted while the victims are at home. Criminals apparently believe their odds have improved since many of the law-abiding have been disarmed. Even the liberal-leaning Democratic governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, said after last summer's synagogue shooting in Los Angeles: "Gun laws wouldn't have helped.... Better enforcement would have helped." That was Mr. Heston's point when he testified before a congressional committee. Only a fraction of laws on the books is enforced, so why pass more laws? Mr. Heston quoted Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, who told USA Today, "It's not the federal government's role to prosecute" gun cases. Then why pass the laws in the first place? ….."

The Wall Street Journal 11/22/99 Collin Levey "…. It's the year of Littleton, "smart guns" and city lawsuits against gun makers. So where are the law professors speaking up for gun control? In the past few years, many of the premier constitutional experts of the left have come to a shocking conclusion: The Second Amendment must be taken seriously. Back in 1989, the University of Tennessee's Sanford Levinson became something of a maverick by writing an article in the Yale Law Journal called "The Embarrassing Second Amendment," in which he maintained that the amendment guaranteed an individual right to own guns. Mr. Levinson's argument flew in the face of the interpretation that had prevailed since a 1939 Supreme Court ruling, which held that the amendment's reference to a "well-regulated militia" meant it only guaranteed a "collective" right to bear arms……The most prominent of the converts is Harvard's Laurence Tribe, once touted as a potential Supreme Court appointee in a Democratic administration….."

Original Sources 11/22/99 Mary Mostert "…Side-by-side two front page stories announce: "Crime falls to lowest level in 25 years, FBI Reports" and "Teens Increasingly Find Drugs 'Uncool.'" As we might expect, President Clinton and Janet Reno quickly took the credit for the lowered crime statistics….What seems to be carefully ignored in stories of this nature is the correlation of crime to certain age groups. In a word, senior citizens are much less apt, as a group, to commit violent crimes than the 18-25 age group. This is probably due to two factors: age and the possibility that younger criminals either die young or grow old in prison. So, naturally, the larger the 18-25 age group the higher the crime rate is apt to be. That being the case it perhaps is logical to compare today's crime rates to yesterday's birth rates. The FBI report shows a 13 percent decline in murder; Violent crime fell 8 percent; property crime was down 10 percent. Today's 18-25 year olds were born from 1974-1981. This was when America's birthrate hit rock bottom. As one young woman of that age pointed out, "One third of my generation were killed by their parents before they were born." …."

Las Vegas Review-Journal 12/5/99 Vin Suprynowicz "…..One of the staple mantras of the gun grabbers -- we're not supposed to think about it (since statistics show it's 99 percent wrong), just chant it until it lulls us into a feeling of sweet repose -- is that, "If you own a firearm you're just as likely to have it taken away and used against you." Right? I guess that's why I took so quickly to a new book which Floyd Coons at Master Shooters handed me the other day. "The Best Defense: True Stories of Intended Victims Who Defended Themselves With a Firearm," is by Robert A. Waters, a retired vocational rehabilitation counselor from Ocala, Fla. I defy anyone to dismiss these 14 harrowing, true-life accounts, often told in the words of the very crime victims who survived their ordeals due to one common factor: The fact that in America, we have a right to bear arms……"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 12/5/99 Carla Crowder "…..Guns have sent Shari LeGate to the Pan American Games and World Cup Championships. They have landed her a new career, even led her to a husband. She looks at a shotgun like Brandi Chastain looks at a soccer ball, or Bob Vila a hammer. Sporting equipment. Tools. But as director of the Women's Shooting Sports Foundation, LeGate, 44, has been thrust onto an uncomfortable podium. The foundation is based in Colorado Springs, less than 60 miles down the highway from the country's most notorious case of kids gone bad with guns. Talking about her sport now means defending guns against an avalanche of anti-gun sentiment. This makes no sense to her. "If someone was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat, would you talk to Mark McGwire?" LeGate asks….."

Washington Post 12/1/99 Bill Miller "….A national gun rights group filed suit yesterday against the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the mayors of 23 cities, contending that a flurry of recent lawsuits against gun manufacturers have harmed firearms consumers…… The foundation's suit, filed in U.S. District Court here, accused the mayors of conspiring to illegally interfere with interstate commerce and to violate the gun-buying public's constitutional rights to bear arms and engage in self-defense. The Shooters Committee on Political Education Inc., a New York-based gun advocacy group, joined the foundation in filing the lawsuit. The suit names the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the mayors of Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland and 18 other cities, which have either filed suit against the firearms industry or are on the verge of doing so.. …."

Capitol Hill Blue 12/1/99 Jim Burns "….Before leaving for Seattle and the embattled World Trade Organization meeting, President Clinton commended the sixth anniversary of the Brady Law for having a profound impact on public safety. In a statement from the White House, Clinton cited data from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that showed the Brady Law, since its passage in 1993, has helped "block over 470,000 sales by licensed gun dealers to felons, fugitives, stalkers and other prohibited from purchasing firearms" Clinton also said, "In the last year alone, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System created under the Brady law has blocked sales to over 160,000 of these restricted buyers. These numbers, of course, are not just numbers. They represent lives saved, injuries avoided, and tragedies averted. They are a measure of what we can do to reduce gun violence and a measure of what still needs to be done." ….."The fact", according to Powers, "that there are only some 300 or so referrals to prosecutions out of those denials is disturbing. Essentially, this administration has been allowing criminals to walk in and out of gun stores, forcing them to the black market, where they obtain their firearms illegally and then are free to go outside the realm of federal regulation and commit their violent crimes' Powers also believes it's disturbing "on one point, the will to enforce the law and prosecute the rare felon who does go into a gun store...(is needed...and...) that will is lacking with this administration." ….."

Providence Journal 12/5/99 Col Theodore L Gatchel (USMC Ret) "….. A FOREIGNER in the United States who was following such disparate events as recent school shootings and New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's feud with the Brooklyn Museum of Art might be excused for failing to understand that the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution are part of the same Bill of Rights. The problem is not that people disagree over the meaning of the two amendments. The problem is that many influential Americans, including no small number of politicians and members of the media, apply wildly different standards in interpreting the two amendments. The individuals in question interpret the Second Amendment as narrowly as possible. Many of them even argue that the amendment was never intended to afford individual citizens the right to own firearms. Basing their argument entirely on the first clause of the Second Amendment that states, ``A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state,'' they assert that it merely authorizes the states to maintain National Guard units. To reach their conclusion, these individuals either ignore the amendment's second clause, ``the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,'' or rely on different definitions of the term ``the people'' for different parts of the Constitution. While interpreting the Second Amendment as narrowly as possible, these same individuals view the First Amendment so broadly that their concept of ``speech'' includes such decidedly non-speech-like activities as flag burning, nude dancing, and fashionable new forms of ``art,'' including sawing dead pigs in half and placing crucifixes in bottles of urine….."

AP 12/2/99 Jr Ross "….A gun dealer agreed Thursday to stop selling handguns and pay this violence-plagued city $10,000 to get itself dropped from Gary's lawsuit accusing the gun industry of putting weapons into criminals' hands. The settlement is believed to be the first in which a defendant in one of a series of lawsuits brought against the gun industry around the country has agreed to pay money. Mayor Scott King said Fetla's Trading Co. of Valparaiso will stop selling handguns once its current inventory is depleted….."

Springfield (MO) News-Leader 11/18/99 Sarah Overstreet "…… All Jesse Creviston wanted to do was go deer hunting with her husband. Better luck next year, Jesse. If she is ever allowed to buy a gun, it won't be this time around. By the time the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms investigates her case, the season will be over. How the Springfield woman lost her rights to buy or possess a deer rifle is a travesty. But just finding out what she found out about why she was denied - which isn't all that much - took several days: ….."

The New American 11/22/99 Thomas Eddlem "…. It's open season on the right to keep and bear arms as UN globocrats gear up for international gun controls. The United Nations is very troubled that the United States has retained its Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Radical new UN proposals treat free people with the means to effect their own self-defense as a vital threat to the United Nations and its quest for what it calls the "peace-building process."…."

NY Times Magazine 11/21/99 Amanda Ripley "….. New 'smart' guns might be activated by your voice, fingerprints or secret code. They also might keep gun makers out of court. "Gun manufacturers have not changed their products very much in the last 100 years . . . [except] to increase the lethality of their guns," says Stephen Teret, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. That is until now, with manufacturers staring down lawsuits from more than 25 cities and counties filed in the last year that seek to recover the costs of gun violence. In an effort to appear more responsive to public concerns -- and avoid large settlements against them -- major manufacturers, including Smith & Wesson, O. F. Mossberg & Sons and Colt's Manufacturing, are eagerly investing in the new technology. ….."

Heads Up 11/28/99 Doug Fiedor "…… Liberal law professors supporting the Constitution? Shades of misunderstanding! What the hell is going on nowadays? But, such are the rumblings in the liberal media. Actually, it's mostly just Laurence Tribe of Harvard. Evidently, someone pointed out to him that Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, and other Founders had opinions that were 180 degrees out of phase with his on the right to keep and bear arms. So was James Madison's, the man who actually wrote the bill of rights and would probably know what was intended. George Washington said that: Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people's Liberty teeth and keystone under independence." Washington instructed that "the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable. ... The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference -- they deserve a place of honor with all that's good. Thomas Jefferson inserted into the Virginia Constitution: "No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." Jefferson had good reason, as he later stated in a 1787 letter to William S. Smith: And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. ... The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. ……"

Soldier of Fortune 11/94 "…. Notice To All Politicians It is time to speak plainly for the good citizens and patriots of this nation who believe unbendingly in the Constitution of the United States of America. Though foreign governments may disarm their subjects, we will not go down that road. We will not disarm and see our freedoms stripped away. The lessons of history are numerous, clear and bloody. A disarmed population inevitably becomes an enslaved population. A disarmed population is without power, reduced to childlike obedience to - and dependent upon - the organs of a parental state. A disarmed population will lose - either piecemeal or in one sweeping act - those basic rights for which the citizens of America risked their lives and fortunes over 200 years ago. We will not disarm. The right to self protection - the internal directive of every living creature, be it mouse or man - is the most fundamental right of all. It is the right that must be exercised against the predators of the streets, against the predators hidden within agencies of law enforcement, and against the most dangerous predators of all - those to be found in government, whose insidious grasping for power is relentless and never-ending. We will not disarm. Not in the face of robbers, rapists and murderers who prey upon our families and friends……"

Los Angeles Times 11/30/99 George Ramos "…. Aficionados of films and the arts might pay almost any price to attend a recital by the man who played Moses in the movies. But one organization says no one should go to see actor Charlton Heston perform--at least at the Skirball Cultural Center. Women Against Gun Violence, a group dedicated to stringent gun control, has fired off a letter to the center, a leading Jewish institution in Los Angeles, protesting its invi-tation to the 75-year-old actor to do readings , for some of Skirball's biggest donors on Thursday. Ann Reiss Lane, a former Los Angeles police commissioner who heads the group, said it is particu-larly inappropriate for a Jewish center to invite Heston, president of the National Rifle Assn., in view of the August attack at a Jewish community center in the San Fer-nando Valley. Several people were wounded, and a 39-year-old postal worker was shot to death later, allegedly by the same man. ….."

Washington Post 11/26/99 Sharon Walsh "…. As gun companies fight to survive an onslaught of city lawsuits and renewed interest in gun control, they have encountered yet another powerful adversary--their own insurers. With cases against the industry going forward in 28 cities and states, the legal defense costs already are in the millions of dollars and climbing. Gun companies, like any insured business, looked to their insurers to pay for their defense and contribute to any necessary legal settlements or judgments. But many firearms makers and sellers have been notified by their insurers that they have no intention of paying what could be astronomical legal bills or any judgments associated with the suits……"

Accuracy in Media 11/26/99 Reed Irvine Cliff Kincaid "….. John Lott, author of "More Guns, Less Crime," spoke at the recent AIM 30th anniversary conference and delivered a devastating rebuttal to the anti-gun propaganda emanating from the White House and the media. He said he was concerned about the fact that "a lot of what we think we know isn't true" and that various myths about guns may be endangering lives. In 1997, he said there were about 440,000 violent crimes and 9,000 murders committed with guns. By contrast, there were over 2 million violent crimes prevented through the use of guns. The media, Lott said, focus on the former category because it produces an actual victim or a dead body. The latter usually produces no rapist or murderer or actual crime. He said the media's emphasis on the bad things that happen with guns causes the public to think that guns are more of a problem than a solution….."

Freeper Brian Mosely 11/23/99 via email "…Over the past few days, I've noticed a number of posts from various Freeper about being faxed a Gun Control poll that appears to be rather one sided. Well, sometime last night one of them paid one of my e-boxes a visit. Here the e-mail: ……"Please help us with this survey. It is the most ambitious survey ever undertaken on the subject of GUN CONTROL IN THE US. Please allow us to apologize up front for this method of delivery, however in today's world, this is the most efficient way to reach the more than 5,000,000 Americans that we need to contact…… A charge of $1.99 will appear on your local phone bill to pay for the survey. PROCEEDS IN EXCESS OF THE COST OF THIS SURVEY WILL BE DONATED TO AID VICTIMS OF GUN VIOLENCE…… Copyright, 1999. American Tabulation & Tracking Co-op, surveying the American public on current issues and and sending the results to the President and Congress of the United States so that they will understand the true feelings of the American People…." Brian Mosely continues:

"…OK, we all get lots of spam, right? I know I get a ton. However, check out where this is coming from: Here's a hint, they've already poured several million dollars into democratic pockets over the years, so getting involved in an American debate would be right up their alley...X-From_: Mon Nov 22 21:13:22 1999 Return-Path: <ATTC2@JXNU.EDU.CN Received: from ([]) by DELETED (8.9.3/8.9.3) with ESMTP id VAA04749 for ; Mon, 22 Nov 1999 21:13:05 –0600 From: Received: from qgjM6f486 by (8.9.1b+Sun/SMI-SVR4) id LAA06940; Tue, 23 Nov 1999 11:10:17 +0800 (CST) DATE: 22 Nov 99 10:13:26 PM Message-ID: TO: SUBJECT: Are Guns a Problem ?………..Yep. China. My NeoTrace shareware program tracked this right back to Beijing Asia Pacific Network Information Center (NETBLK-APNIC-CIDR-BLK) These addresses have been further assigned to Asia-Pacific users. Contact information can be found in the APNIC database, at WHOIS.APNIC.NET or…. Please do not send spam complaints to APNIC. Netname: APNIC-CIDR-BLK2 Netblock: - Coordinator: Administrator, System (SA90-ARIN) sysadm@APNIC.NET +61-7-3367-0490 Domain System inverse mapping provided by: SVC00.APNIC.NET NS.TELSTRA.NET NS.KRNIC.NET NS.RIPE.NET Regional Internet Registry for the Asia-Pacific Region….." 12/6/99 Edwin Feulner "….Cars are a menace to society. Every year they lead to thousands of deaths. Criminals use them in committing crimes. And when mixed with drugs or alcohol, their deadly potential increases. In short, cars should be banned. Sounds crazy, right? But substitute "guns" for "cars" and you have the gun-control argument in a nutshell……"

Boston Globe 12/5/99 "…..Some legislators say the repeated use of a new state law allowing police to take guns away from potentially dangerous people is evidence of the prevalence of threats of violence. Police officers armed with court-approved search-and-seizure orders have taken pistols, assault rifles and a submachine gun on at least seven occasions since the law took effect Oct. 1. Rep. Michael Lawlor, D-East Haven, one of the law's architects, said the number and types of cases so far surprise him. "I thought it would only come up two to three times a year," said Lawlor, co-chairman of the legislature's judiciary committee. "I have read some of the affidavits. From reading them, it is clear that police are confronted with these kinds of disturbing situations more frequently than I thought." …."

Enter Stage Right 12/6/99 Charles Bloomer "…… The framers of the Constitution did, in fact, expect that if the nation were threatened, armed citizens would defend it. Based on their knowledge of history of Europe, our founding fathers were opposed to the concept and principle of a standing army. They realized that standing armies were the armed enforcers of the ruling class, thereby making disagreement or dissension difficult or impossible. The alternative to a standing army was a population proficient in the use of guns that could be called upon in case of need. But the "security of a free State" goes beyond defending the nation from external attack. In order to be truly free, a State, or more precisely, its citizens, must be willing and able to defend against all threats, external and internal. The reasons for choosing the particular wording for the Second Amendment can be gleaned from the Declaration of Independence. "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness -- That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. " A free state was considered one in which citizens had inalienable rights, government derived its power from the governed, and the people had the right to alter or abolish the government if it became tyrannical….."

worldnet daily 12/6/99 Joseph Farah "….There's a reason the Founding Fathers considered the right to bear arms fundamental in a free society. A couple of recent unrelated incidents should bring this home to all of us. In Seattle last week, the local government, faced with widespread civil disobedience over the city's hosting of the World Trade Organization conference declared a state of emergency, a curfew and even went so far as to ban the use of gas masks by anyone except police. Now, in case you hadn't considered this before, gas masks are not weapons. They can only be used to defend oneself, usually from tear gas fired by government police. Now imagine you lived in Seattle and had some urgent business. Perhaps you have an asthmatic son or daughter with a doctor's appointment. You live outside the immediate area of protests, but as a precaution against what could be a life-threatening attack to your child, you feel compelled to break out the gas mask collecting dust in the basement. In Seattle, you would be treated as a criminal….."

NY Times 12/8/99 David Stout Richard Perez-Pena "....In a move to force the firearms industry to adopt safer ways of making and selling weapons, the federal government said on Tuesday that housing authorities around the country were planning to file a class-action lawsuit against gun makers. The White House and the Department of Housing and Urban Development have been laying the groundwork in recent months for the suit on behalf of the three million people who live in public housing projects, where shootings have taken a heavy toll for years. The move is being undertaken in the hope that the threat of such action will intensify pressure on the gun industry. The administration is throwing its weight behind suits filed by more than two dozen cities against gun companies in the hope that a far-reaching settlement might be achieved, said Housing Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo and Bruce Reed, President Clinton's domestic-policy adviser....."

World Net Daily 12/8/99 Jon Dougherty "..... The Ft. Worth Fire Department has issued a citation to a national military surplus distributor after prohibiting the company from stocking bulk amounts of small arms ammunition -- even though city fire codes actually allow it. In a Nov. 18 letter, Asst. Fire Marshall Chief Paul Rider told Michael Tenny, CEO of Cheaper Than Dirt, Inc., a Ft. Worth-based company that sells ammunition and military surplus gear nationwide, that the distributor had to limit the amount of ammunition carried in his store because he was in violation of Article 77 of the city's fire code, which addresses the storage of explosives. .....However, the provision -- a copy of which was provided to WorldNetDaily -- listed "small arms ammunition, when packaged in accordance with DOT (Department of Transportation) packaging requirements" as a covered exception. Also exempt under the provision are the armed forces, fireworks, and limited amounts of "sporting black powder." Tenny said all commercially-packaged ammunition meets Department of Transportation specifications......."

USA Today 12/8/99 Gary Fields "".....Gun manufacturers and wholesalers are giving the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms direct access to gun records, so agents can more easily trace guns used in crimes. At a time when manufacturers are at the center of the legal battle over firearm violence, five of the nation's larger manufacturers and wholesalers have created various computer links that allow the ATF to track weapons directly from manufacturer to retailer. A sixth company, Beretta USA, is creating a link. ''It's about the technology,'' says Bryan Tucker, president and owner of Davidson's Supplier in Prescott, Ariz., a wholesaler that has made available nearly 1 million records in its system. ...." 12/8/99 Anne Gearan ".....The Clinton administration hopes the threat of a new, national lawsuit will persuade gun makers to negotiate with cities that accuse them of negligently allowing guns to fall into the hands of criminals. ...... "It's the traditional liability theory that is applied to every other product - negligence and product liability," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity...... Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Bellevue, Wash.-based Second Amendment Foundation, said if the housing authorities sue, his group likely would file another countersuit on behalf of gun makers. Gottlieb claimed that the administration was encouraging suits against the gun industry in hopes of bankrupting gun companies. The idea, he said, was "file as many suits as possible. The industry can't fight hundreds of lawsuits - it would bankrupt them." ....."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 12/5/99 Michael Romano "..... The National Rifle Association is credited by even its fiercest foes with the biggest political victory of 1999 -- steamrolling gun-control advocates with a powerful mix of political savvy and cold cash. Gun-control proposals, a top priority for Democrats, remain bottled up in the legislative limbo of a conference committee. And it's not certain whether those measures, including three-day background checks on gun-show sales, will be seriously addressed anytime soon....... "

Worldnetdaily 12/7/99 Joseph Farah Stephan Archer and Sarah Foster "…..Since the end of the Cold War, the disarmament community has brought small arms and light weapons within its sphere of interest, placing them and their "proliferation" on a par with such long-standing concerns as nuclear missiles and bio-chemical weapons. Though the terms tend to be used interchangeably, the United Nations defines small arms as weapons designed for personal use, while light weapons are those designed for several persons operating as a crew. Together, they account for virtually every kind of firearm from revolvers, pistols, rifles, carbines and light machine guns all the way to heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns, mortars up to 100 mm caliber, and land mines. On Sept. 24, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, of Ghana, called on members of the Security Council to "tackle one of the key challenges in preventing conflict in the next century" -- the proliferation and "easy availability" of small arms and light weapons, which Annan identified as the "primary tools of violence" in conflicts throughout the world……"

AP 12/7/99 Anne Gearan "….The White House is helping prepare a class-action suit against gun makers, alleging that guns and how they are marketed have contributed to violence in public housing projects, administration officials said Tuesday. The class-action lawsuit by some or all of the nation's 3,100 local housing authorities would be patterned on suits filed against the industry by 29 cities and counties, the officials said. Those suits claim that gun manufacturers have sold defective products or marketed them in ways that increase the likelihood that they will fall into the hands of criminals. The new legal effort was made known Tuesday and was described by some officials as more of a threat aimed at bringing gun manufacturers to the negotiating table than an effort to take them to court……"

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 12/9/99 "…..America is gun-crazy and lawsuit-happy. That's a combustible potion when government tries to regulate an industry by threat of litigation. There are legitimate methods for controlling gun-manufacturing, a business that has profound consequences on crime, safety and life itself. The chief method is legislation by Congress and state assemblies. The Post-Gazette, in fact, has been a staunch supporter of many gun-control measures. But we draw the line at using the courts to harass a legal industry into submission. That has been the intent and tactic of two dozen cities around the country, and now it will become the policy of the Clinton administration as well. Under the guise of seeking compensation for costs incurred by city police departments, public housing programs and other agencies affected by the use and misuse of guns, governments are attempting to accomplish through protracted legal warfare the kind of regulations and limits that should be imposed by the nation's elected representatives…."

Associated Press 12/7/99 "….A judge has refused to throw out a lawsuit alleging that gun makers' marketing tactics contributed to three Chicago deaths, a decision gun opponents hope is part of a trend. Columbia University law professor John Coffee says it will take more than one or two state court judges' rulings to set a trend. "THIS IS A home run," said Lawrence Rosenthal, a lawyer for the city of Chicago, which is among at least 28 U.S. cities and counties that have filed their own separate lawsuits against gun makers. "We now have a neutral party in a black robe with no ax to grind and this is what she sees looking at Illinois law." …."

Reuters News 12/15/99 ".... ``The gun bill passed by the Illinois Senate on Tuesday night gives gun owners the green light to pack heat,'' according to Mark Karlin, Chairman of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. ``Instead of working to make our streets safer, the Senate GOP has given a holiday gift to the gun toters and malcontents. As a result, we will see more people carrying loaded handguns into schools, churches and grocery stores, because the Senate GOP has promised them nothing more than a slap on the wrist if they are caught.''....."

MSNBC 12/15/99 "....Though none of almost 3,000 guns bought during this year's amnesty buyback program were found to be connected to crimes, D.C. police call the program a success and are setting aside funds to repeat the program next year. THE DISTRICT SPENT approximately $300,000 to get 2,900 guns off the street during the seven-day August amnesty period. Police officials say it was money well spent and took more guns off the street than are usually recovered in a year. ..."

The Boston Herald 12/15/99 Don Feder "….In the tapes (one made just days before the Columbine High School massacre) covered in the current issue of Time magazine, Klebold said he hoped to take the lives of hundreds of his classmates in a nihilistic act that would settle the score for every slight he had ever suffered. After each school shooting - Littleton, Jonesboro, Ark., West Paducah, Ky. - calls for more gun control go forth from the president and other ritualistic liberals. President Clinton is aiding a class-action suit against gunmakers by local public-housing authorities…… I'm old enough to recall what the world was like before students came to school armed and dangerous. What's changed since then? When I was in high school in the early 1960s, there was no shortage of firearms. There are more today, but the percentage of households with guns has actually declined from 48 percent in 1960 to 42 percent in 1997. Access to guns was much easier 40 years ago. You could buy them through the mail, and there were no federal regulations on sales or transfers to minors. Most of our gun-control laws were a response to the assassinations and urban riots of the late '60s. There were lots of guns then; there are lots of guns now. What's changed - dramatically, for the worse - is the culture. We live in a society awash in drugs, where violence is extolled and kids are habituated to homicide…… The American Medical Association says the ``link between media violence and real-life violence has been proven by science time and again.'' Of the 657 major motion pictures released last year, two-thirds got an ``R'' or ``NC-17'' rating for violence, sexual content or both. Youth are the major consumers of Hollywood's savagery. Americans aged 12 to 24 make up 20 percent of the population but constitute 37 percent of moviegoers…… On one tape, the Columbine killers muse that Quentin Tarantino may direct a movie about their lives. ``Directors will be fighting over this story,'' Klebold boasts……. Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson is particularly popular. Kip Kinkel, who murdered his parents in Springfield, Ore., absorbed Manson's message (``I'm dying; I hope you're dying too''). Luke Woodham, who killed his parents and classmates in Pearl, Miss., was another Manson fan. ……. In one survey of fourth- to eighth-graders, half said their favorite games feature violence. ``Doom,'' ``Mortal Kombat'' and ``Duke Nukem'' teach the joys of annihilation. …… David Walsh, president of the National Institute on Media and the Family, notes that Eric Harris (who refers to ``Doom'' twice in one tape) had customized his favorite shoot-'em-up game to serve as a dress rehearsal for the Columbine killings. A gun is an instrument, no more. It doesn't shape thoughts or incite emotions. A killer has murder in his heart long before he takes a gun into his hand. In school shootings, the culture is the smoking gun. ….."

Philadelphia Inquirer 12/14/99 "…. On Friday, John Lott was at it again, taking aim at another gun control proposal. This time the target was trigger locks, which, Lott argued, on the basis of crime statistics from the 15 states that have enacted laws requiring them, would have a very small benefit and significant costs in terms of increased levels of violent crime. Remember, a trigger-lock requirement is one of the principal provisions in the gun control legislation Gov. Ridge is expected to sign into law later this week, and it has been much debated in Congress. Lott, of course, has gone much further than bashing trigger locks. He was speaking at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington as part of a two-day conference dealing with his earlier research indicating that the only gun-related laws that reduce crime are those making it easier for citizens to carry concealed weapons. His thesis is neatly summarized in the title of his 1998 book, More Guns, Less Crime. …."

CALNRA 12/14/99 Bob Evans "…. News Release …. The National Rifle Association today hailed a Connecticut Superior Court decision to dismiss the City of Bridgeport's lawsuit against firearms manufacturers, as evidence of a growing trend against efforts to hold a legitimate industry liable for the criminal actions of third parties. The decision to throw out of court the Bridgeport suit follows last October's ruling to dismiss with prejudice a similar suit filed by the municipality of Cincinnati. ….."

Reuters 12/13/99 "….Internet filtering pioneer SurfWatch Software, a division of JSB Software Technologies plc., announced today that the company has expanded its filtering criteria to block Web sites related to the sale of weapons. SurfWatch blocks sites in five core categories including sexually explicit, violent, hate, drugs/alcohol and gambling…."

Daily Telegraph, Sydney (Letters Section) 12/14/99 John Kayes, Telopea, Syndney "…. A youth walks into his classroom in Holland and starts massacring the others with a firearm, but where are the blazing banner headlines illustrating the story? Are they absent because the deed was done in a country which has gun laws so strict they make Australia's look weak, or is it because this crime is becoming so common in society, that we are beginning to accept it as normal behaviour? Ever since teenage role model Leonardo DiCaprio, starring in the movie Basketball Diaries, walked into a school class and started shooting his mates with a pump-action shotgun, children all over the world have been imitating his behaviour. ….."

USA Today 12/14/99 Martin Kasindorf "….The West's largest gun show is moving to Las Vegas from its longtime home at the Los Angeles County fairgrounds, even though a federal judge has temporarily blocked the county from enforcing an ordinance banning firearms sales on its property. Chad Seger, manager of the 31-year-old Great Western Gun Show, said Monday that shows at the Las Vegas Convention Center will begin March 31. A court injunction issued in September by U.S. District Judge Richard Paez had allowed the last of 1999's four shows to be held last weekend at the fairgrounds, known as Fairplex, in Pomona, on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors enacted the ordinance in August on a 3-2 vote. Publicity over the ban on firearms and ammunition sales enlarged the weekend crowd to 18,000 from an expected 10,000, Seger said. The four shows have drawn 100,000 visitors a year. The show's $7 million civil rights suit against the county goes to trial in early spring. The injunction allows gun sales to continue at Fairplex gun shows until the trial. However, Seger said the show is relocating because ''Fairplex refused to issue contracts to us for next year.'' …."

CNN 12/13/99 "….A judge dismissed Miami-Dade County's lawsuit against gun makers Monday, agreeing with the industry that the county has no standing because it has not suffered any direct injuries from guns. Mayor Alex Penelas said he will appeal. "This is not unlike what happened in the early stages of tobacco legislation," he said. "And we know where that stands now." Miami-Dade was one of about 30 cities and counties suing more than two dozen gun makers. The other lawsuits have had mixed success. A judge rejected a suit in Bridgeport, Connecticut, last week, and Cincinnati's suit was dismissed in October. But judges in Chicago and Atlanta have allowed suits to proceed and ordered the industry to open its files….."

Independence Institute 12/10/99 Dave Kopel "…. "Close the gun show loophole" demands Handgun Control, Inc. The major obstacle to Congress complying with HCI's wishes appears to be the desire of many Democrats to preserve gun shows as a campaign issue in the 2000 election. But if the voters learn the facts about gun shows, they will discover that there is no gun show loophole, no gun show crime problem, and no reason to adopt federal legislation whose main impact would be to infringe First and Second Amendment rights. Despite what some media commentators have claimed, existing gun laws apply just as much to gun shows as they do to any other place where guns are sold. Ever since 1938, persons engaged in the business of selling firearms have been required to obtain a federal firearms license. If a dealer sells a gun from a storefront, from a room in his home, or from a table at a gun show, the rules are exactly the same: he must call the FBI and get authorization for the sale, after the FBI runs its "instant" background check (which often takes days to complete). As a result, firearms are the most severely regulated consumer product in the U.S.-the only product for which FBI permission is required for every single sale. Conversely, people who are not engaged in the business, but who sell firearms from time to time (like a man who sells a spare hunting rifle to his brother in-law), are not required to obtain the federal license for gun dealers, or to call the FBI before completing the sale. …..Similarly, if a gun collector dies and his widow wants to sell the guns, she does not need a federal firearms license because since she is just selling off inherited property and is not "engaged in the business." ….. If you walk the aisles at any gun show, you will find that the overwhelming majority of guns offered for sale are from licensed federal dealers. Guns sold by private individuals (such as gun collectors getting rid of a gun or two over the course of the weekend) are the distinct minority. ….Yet HCI claims that "25-50 percent of the vendors at most gun shows are unlicensed dealers." This statistic is true only if one counts vendors whoaren't selling guns (e.g., vendors who are selling books, clothing, or accessories) as "unlicensed dealers." ….."

Washington Post 12/15/99 Charles Babington "…. The Clinton administration, convinced that Congress has badly underestimated the public appetite for new gun regulations, will convene a meeting of top aides today "to prepare an all-out offensive on guns in the coming year," a senior White House official said last night. The plan will include extra spending by the Justice and Treasury departments for various gun-control measures, the official said. It underscores a growing fervor for gun regulation in the administration, which last week announced it was joining forces with several cities that have sued or threatened to sue the gun manufacturing industry over safety and distribution issues….."

Houston Chronicle 12/10/99 H Sterling Burnett ".... TRIAL lawyers, anti-gun activists, mayors and the Clinton administration's Department of Housing and Urban Development have a "simple solution" to the complex problem of gun violence: sue gunmakers for the public costs of criminal, negligent and self-destructive gun misuses. In the words of H.L. Mencken: "For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong." The lawsuits threaten democracy because they would replace the will of the majority as expressed through the legislature with the determinations of an unelected judiciary. In our democratic republic, Congress, and Congress alone, is constitutionally empowered to regulate interstate commerce. But lawsuit proponents have given up on democracy. Unable to convince legislators that removing guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens will reduce crime, activists, trial lawyers, mayors and HUD are attempting to use the courts to impose their views on a skeptical public. Popular products cause harm, too. Thousands of people die or are injured yearly in automobile accidents and vehicular homicides, via faulty medical procedures and the misuse of prescription drugs, from eating fatty foods and as a result of alcohol abuse. If the civil law embraces the principle that companies like Anheuser-Busch, Bayer, Ford and McDonald's are responsible when people voluntarily use legal, nondefective products and bad results occur, then consumers will have fewer goods to choose from....."

MIAMI (AP) 12/13/99 Mark Long "….A judge dismissed Miami-Dade County's lawsuit against gun makers Monday, agreeing with the industry that the county has no standing because it has not suffered any direct injuries from guns. Mayor Alex Penelas said he will appeal. ``This is not unlike what happened in the early stages of tobacco legislation,'' he said. ``And we know where that stands now.'' Miami-Dade was one of about 30 cities and counties suing more than two dozen gun makers. The other lawsuits have had mixed success. A judge rejected a suit in Bridgeport, Conn., last week, and Cincinnati's suit was dismissed in October. But judges in Chicago and Atlanta have allowed suits to proceed and ordered the industry to open its files. …."

Denver Post 12/13/99 "…..It's not good news that the Clinton administration has decided to join a class-action suit against the nation's gunmakers. True, the administration has offered a lot of reasons why the suit is necessary, but we don't find them impressive. Lawsuits already have been filed by about 30 of the nation's cities, and under the White House plan this litigation would be joined by the nation's 3,100 local housing authorities. The contention of these plaintiffs, he says, would be that gun manufacturers have sold defective products or marketed guns in ways that increase the likelihood that they will fall into the hands of criminals. ….. Put another way, the administration admits it doesn't want this case to go to court. What it wants is to frighten the gun industry into submission so that it will agree to changes the administration wants….."

Daily Herald via Yahoo 12/13/99 Don Thompson "….State lawmakers convene today for what was once supposed to be a brief emergency session, but has now turned into a shoot-out between gun-control advocates and those backing gun-owners' rights. The debate puts Senate President James "Pate" Philip of Wood Dale in a familiar position: balking at proposals backed by his fellow Republicans in the House and governor's office, not to mention opposition Democrats. Philip, reflecting the views of some conservative members, opposes re-enacting a law passed in late 1994 that makes carrying a concealed weapon an automatic felony even for first-time offenders. Philip has significant support. The Illinois State Bar Association is among those who say the law goes too far to punish citizens who innocently violate the law, for instance by improperly transporting a hunting weapon, or otherwise law-abiding business owners who carry a gun while depositing the day's receipts. ….."+ 12/13/99 Jim Burns "…..A criminal justice expert and author of the best selling book More Guns, Less Crimes argues that a possible lawsuit by public housing authorities against gun manufacturers may do more harm than good. Dr. John Lott told, "I think these suits are going to result in more deaths rather than fewer deaths. . . . It's an abuse of the legal system." President Clinton, during a White House news conference last Wednesday, said the public housing authority litigation against gunmakers has a good grounding in fact…… "Poor people who live in high crime urban areas like these public housing units benefit the most from having the option to be able to protect themselves. . . . Raising the price of guns through these suits is merely going to be price those people out of the market for being able to defend themselves," said Lott……."The question I have for him (Clinton) is what advice does he give to someone who's living in one of these poor, high crime areas. What are they supposed to do when they are confronted by a criminal and there's no police around?" Lott said……"

Reuter Health 12/10/99 "…..A study of Los Angeles suicides and homicides indicates that individuals under the age of 21 and males are more likely than others to use a firearm to kill themselves or someone else. The findings suggest that ``reducing (young people's) access to firearms'' may be an important means of reducing gun-related deaths and injuries, according to Drs. Susan Sorenson and R.A. Berk of the University of California, Los Angeles...." 12/13/99 Richard poe "…..I stumbled across two disheartening statistics. The first were nationwide poll results showing that 83 percent of African Americans would support a ban on all gun sales, except by special police permit. The second came from a Department of Housing and Urban Development survey of public housing residents, indicating that 68 percent believe that allowing police to conduct random searches for guns, without warrants, would improve safety in their projects. Like those elderly tourists in Moscow, black Americans are clearly fed up with crime. And who can blame them? Fully 50 percent of all murder victims in the U.S. are black. But, like those short-sighted tourists, many African Americans appear dangerously willing to tolerate police-state tactics, in exchange for safer streets. An authoritarian crackdown might well succeed in curbing crime. Did not Mussolini get the trains running on time? But African Americans would be naive to expect our government to continue working in their best interests, once it has stripped them of their liberties. With the NAACP suing gun manufacturers and Jesse Jackson stumping for stricter gun laws, black leaders seem to have fixed their cross-hairs squarely on the Second Amendment. But not all African Americans are jumping on the bandwagon….."Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety," chided Benjamin Franklin. In the end, history will judge whether our generation cared more about saving its freedom or saving its skin. Should we manage to retain any semblance of our constitutional liberties, it will be thanks to the courage of men such as Roy and Niger Innis, who dared to speak out when all around them were silent……"

Denver Post 12/13/99 Mike Soraghan "…..Requiring criminal background checks at gun shows is, arguably, the one piece of Gov. Bill Owens' gun-control package that could have changed the course of the Columbine High School massacre. But it's also the piece that has the least chance of winning legislative approval next year. No Republican has stepped forward to sponsor a bill to close the "gun-show loophole," as some call it, for the legislative session that starts Jan. 5. ..."

Wall Street Journal 12/13/99 Paul Barrett "…. The gun industry won a round in its legal battles, as a Connecticut state judge dismissed a suit filed against handgun manufacturers and retailers by the city of Bridgeport, Conn. Superior Court Judge Robert McWeeny said in a 35-page ruling Friday that the city lacked authority to file such a suit. The judge didn't address the merits of whether the industry has been negligent in the manufacture or distribution of handguns. But he indicated that individual victims of gun violence would be more appropriate plaintiffs to make these legal claims. Although judges considering similar suits filed by 27 other municipalities around the country aren't bound by Judge McWeeny's decision, gun-industry lawyers said they would try to use Friday's ruling to bolster efforts to kill the other suits….. The Bridgeport defeat puts the early score at 2-1, favoring the gun business. In October, Cincinnati's suit was dismissed, while Atlanta's was allowed to proceed. More preliminary rulings are expected in coming weeks….."

WorldNetDaily.Com 12/13/99 Stephan Archer Sarah Foster "…. For nearly 40 years, a few groups on the political right have sounded the alarm over a seemingly absurd scenario -- that gun control legislation was actually a key part of a plan for total national disarmament and the eventual replacement of United States troops by a United Nations army as part of the law enforcement arm of a one-world government. The idea that such an improbable plan could exist, if only on paper -- or even more improbable, that people were working behind the scenes to implement it - has always been dismissed by the mainstream media and government officials as a paranoid, right-wing delusion. So where exactly does the truth lie in this decades-old controversy - the cause of great alarm for some, and for others, an occasion to heap ridicule and contempt? At the center of this issue is a 20-page State Department pamphlet published in 1961, titled "Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World" - Department of State Publication 7277. The program outlined was presented by President Kennedy to the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 25, 1961, and offered "specific objectives toward which nations should direct their efforts." ….."

Executive Summary Chicago Tribune 12/10/99 Rick Pearson "…..Illinois Senate President James "Pate" Philip said Thursday that a controversial provision in the Safe Neighborhoods Law, which made illegal possession of a firearm a felony, should not be restored next week when legislators try to put the law back into the state statutes. The General Assembly has been called back to Springfield to re-enact the law, which was ruled unconstitutional last week by the Illinois Supreme Court. But the DuPage County Republican's vehement opposition to the provision could drag out what some had expected to be a quick special session. It also sets the stage for a political showdown between the powerful Senate president and GOP Gov. George Ryan, who was elected the state's chief executive last year in part because of his advocacy of gun control. Philip said reinstating the felony provision should "absolutely not" be part of any reconstituted Safe Neighborhoods Law passed by the General Assembly. …." 12/5/99 Shu Shin Luh Abon M Pallasch "….While prosecutors comb through their cases, Illinois legislative leaders are wondering what to do now that the state Supreme Court has overturned a law that cracked down on gunrunning. A thousand people either suspected or convicted of gun crimes in Chicago and the suburbs could be freed from prison thanks to the ruling throwing out the Safe Neighborhoods Act. One of them is James Jackson, the man police say sold the gun used to kill Chicago police officer Michael Ceriale. Jackson sits in Cook County Jail on $80,000 bond, charged with gunrunning and five counts of felony unlawful use of a weapon. In Cook County alone, State's Attorney Dick Devine says his office is reviewing at least 20,000 cases. Prosecutors from Joliet to Woodstock likewise say they are reviewing their files. ….."

The Arizona Republic 12/10/99 Yoji Cole "…..Phoenix-area police departments have teamed with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to develop a central system for tracing ownership records of guns used in crimes. The purpose is to root out people who sell firearms to criminals and minors. "There was no question that there was a need to find a unifying approach (across the Valley)," Phoenix ATF firearms inspector Marvin Richardson said. A survey Richardson conducted indicated that in fiscal 1998, law-enforcement departments across the Valley recovered 8,579 guns used in crimes, but traced the ownership of only 1,397 of them. "That tells you that roughly 84 percent of the information that could have offered new leads was not obtained," he said. ….."

Chattanooga Free Press 12/10/99 "…..President Bill Clinton has proved he can be relied upon to be honest about virtually nothing. But if he were honest in his opposition to "guns," why wouldn't he seek to amend the Constitution to eliminate the right of American citizens to own and bear arms? Why wouldn't he demand that Congress enact laws to make the manufacture, sale and ownership of guns illegal? He doesn't try to do those things because he knows he would fail. But he is dictatorially using the power of the federal government to threaten a harassing lawsuit against the law-abiding and legal gun industry to force it to surrender to his will. Instead of going after criminals who use guns in violations of the laws, Mr. Clinton is going after law-abiding Americans who are engaged in legal commerce. ….."

Denver Post 12/10/99 Mike McPhee "….With public attention still keenly focused on the gun trade, federal authorities in Colorado have set their sights on gun shows and the federally licensed dealers who buy and sell weapons there. But gun dealers have a vastly different interpretation of the laws governing such shows than does the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Both sides are looking at a pending federal court case as a way to resolve the differences. A grand jury last month returned an eight-count indictment against James Gowda, a licensed gun dealer nicknamed "Trader Jim.'' Charges include selling firearms to outof-state residents, selling firearms to convicted felons and failing to file the necessary documents required by the Brady Act. Each count carries a maximum five-year prison sentence and $250,000 fine. ….." 12/9/99 "....Shot down in Congress, his tenure running out, President Clinton is trying to get the drop on the gun industry in the courts. His administration makes no bones it is a deliberate attempt to bring about, by litigation, the gun-control regulation it has failed to obtain by legislation. And makers and sellers of guns, as more than one newspaper headline put it, are up in arms. Adding to their bafflement and outrage is the Clinton administration's sudden decision to sue at the very time it is in the middle of negotiations with the gun industry to reach some sort of compromise, short of going to court or back to Congress. ....Gail Laster, general counsel for HUD, had assured Congress earlier this year that her agency "does not plan to bring any action on its own against the gun industry." In fact, she testified, "HUD has no authority on its own to bring action." That prompted Rep. Robert L. Barr, R-Ga., to suggest Congress should take action against her for either misleading or lying to it......"

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 12/9/99 Paul Barrett "....The leader of the gun industry's main trade group voiced striking receptivity to the Clinton administration's desire to forge a settlement of municipal litigation against firearms makers and distributors. But some individual gun-company executives, as well as the National Rifle Association, condemned the White House for threatening to file a federal class-action lawsuit on behalf of 3,200 public-housing authorities. During a broad-ranging news conference Wednesday in Washington, President Clinton reiterated his decision to use the threat of a massive federal suit to pressure the gun industry to accept marketing and manufacturing restrictions demanded by 28 cities and counties that have already sued the industry. Mr. Clinton said his goal wasn't to "bankrupt" gun companies, but to reform them. Still, a threat of additional litigation also entails the possibility of more legal expenses, as well as possible court judgments down the line. Industry representatives have held tentative talks with the municipalities that are suing, but there hasn't been any substantive agreement......"

The Washington Times 12/8/99 "....A few months ago, California passed a law requiring the owners of certain semi-automatic rifles to register those guns with the state. They were assured this was not a first step toward outlawing the guns. Guess what? The state lied. Shortly after thousands of honest gun owners complied with the new law they were notified that their rifles were now illegal. The state ordered the gun owners to turn in their guns and even offered to pay for the rifles. A few turned them in. Most refuse to comply. Of the more than 15,000 illegal rifles that are estimated to exist in the state, less than 5% have been turned in. 453, to be exact. The Washington Times reports, "Thousands of California gun owners are refusing to turn in illegal assault rifles, even though the state is offering to pay more to buy the guns than owners originally paid for them." Overnight, thousands of hard working, law-abiding, God-fearing citizens were made criminals simply due to the type firearm they own. "I'm not going to turn in my gun just because some jerk in government tells me to, and I don't care how much they'll pay me for it," one man is reported to have said. "Let's see them come out and take it away from me."....."

Chicago Tribune 12/15/99 AP "...Prosecutors would decide whether to lodge a felony or misdemeanor against someone charged with unlawful weapons possession in an anti-crime compromise wending its way through the Statehouse. Gov. George Ryan said tonight that he supports the idea, pushed by Senate President James "Pate" Philip (R-Wood Dale) if it meets a constitutional test and has lawmakers' support. ..."

The Washington Post 12/16/99 Petula Dvorak "…..Most of the nearly 3,000 weapons exchanged for a $100 bill during this summer's gun amnesty program were about 15 years old, many were cheap revolvers barely worth $30 on the street, and none of the ones tested so far had been used to kill anyone, according to an analysis by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms...."

The Wall Street Journal 1/5/00 Paul Barrett "….Gun retailers, worried that their interests aren't being represented by manufacturers in industry talks to settle municipal litigation, are forming a new trade group to demand a place at the table. The move is sure to stir controversy, because the dealers have hired an industry operative whose pragmatic approach has put him at odds with a number of major manufacturers and the National Rifle Association, which represents gun owners….. The operative, Robert Ricker, has already arranged for his new clients to meet Thursday with staff members at the White House….. Gun foes began a coordinated legal assault on the industry in late 1998. Since then, 28 municipalities have sued gun makers, distributors and retailers, seeking to recover the public costs of gun violence -- a demand that industry lawyers have branded improper, saying blame lies with those who misuse guns, not those who lawfully make and sell them. The real goal of the litigation isn't large damage awards but a settlement under which the industry would agree to more stringent regulation in an effort to keep guns out of the wrong hands. There have been several rounds of preliminary settlement talks, without a substantive accord….The choice of Mr. Ricker as a consultant is significant. He was effectively pushed out of a Washington-based industry-lobbying job last spring, after he angered the NRA and some gun manufacturing executives by trying to forge compromises with the White House and Congress on various legislative gun-control proposals….."

Los Angeles Times 1/6/00 Carl Ingram "…..Fearful that they could be accused of selling outlawed assault weapons, two major California gun dealers said Wednesday they have indefinitely suspended the sale of many popular hunting rifles. Executives of Turner's Outdoorsman, a big retail sporting goods chain in Southern California, and Trader Sports Inc. of San Leandro, a Northern California firearms retailer, said hundreds of rifles had been removed from sales shelves on Jan. 1. In interviews, they charged that recent administrative regulations by Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer to implement California's new assault weapons control law were so narrowly drawn that they would ban the sale and possession of many legal guns used for hunting deer, bear and wild pigs. Rather than risk potential arrest or other legal liability, spokesmen for the two dealers said the businesses decided to indefinitely suspend the sale of such popular hunting guns as the Remington 7400 and the Ruger Mini-14….."

***Media Research Center Study Alert*** 1/6/00 "…..At a press conference Wednesday morning at the National Press Club MRC Chairman L. Brent Bozell released a new MRC study of how network TV coverage of guns is slanted overwhelmingly in favor if pro gun control arguments. ……. Below is the Executive Summary of the special report researched and compiled by MRC Senior News Analyst Geoffrey Dickens: …..In a study of 653 morning and evening news stories on ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC from July 1, 1997 to June 30, 1999, MRC Senior Media Analyst Geoffrey Dickens documents how:

-- 1. TV News Has Chosen Sides. Stories advocating more gun control outnumbered stories opposing gun control by 357 to 36, or a ratio of almost 10 to 1. (Another 260 were neutral.)

-- 2. Evening News Shows Favored the Anti-Gun Position by 8 to 1. Almost 60 percent of stories (184) favored one side. While 89 percent of those (164) pushed the liberal, anti-gun position, only 11 percent (20) promoted the pro-gun position. ABC's World News Tonight (43 anti-gun stories to three pro-gun) and CNN's The World Today (50 to 7) were the most slanted evening shows.

-- 3. Morning News Shows Favored the Anti-Gun Position by 13 to 1. More than half of morning news gun policy segments (208) tilted away from balance. Of those segments, 93 percent (193) pushed the liberal, anti-gun position, while only six percent (15) promoted the pro-gun position. ABC's Good Morning America (92 to 1) was the most biased morning show.

-- 4. News Programs Are Twice as Likely to Use Anti-Gun Soundbites. Anti-gun soundbites were twice as frequent as pro-gun ones-412 to 209. (Another 471 were neutral.)

-- 5. News Programs Are Twice as Likely to Feature Anti-Gun Guests. In morning show interview segments, gun control advocates appeared as guests on 82 occasions, compared to just 37 for gun-rights activists and 58 neutral spokesmen.

-- 6. Pro-Gun Themes Were Barely Covered. Themes like the decline in federal gun prosecutions under the Clinton administration, the positive use of guns in self-defense, and successful pilot prosecution programs like Project Exile in Richmond, Virginia, drew tiny story counts in the single digits in the 653-story sample.

Freedom Network News via 1999 Mark Valverde "……Samuel L. Blumenfield, writing in WorldNetDaily (July 7) noted: What is most disturbing, however, is the growing awareness that the increased violence among school children may have more to do with the drugs than with the guns they use to carry out their violence. Kelly O'Meara, writing in the June 28, 1999 issue of Insight magazine, (and cited by Blumenfield) reports that there are now over five million school children on psychotropic drugs, most of which are prescribed and administered in the government schools themselves. The December 1996 Teacher Magazine (also cited by Blumenfield) reports that there are four million on Ritalin alone, while Alexander Cockburn, writing in the Los Angeles Times (July 6), reports that Ritalin is being given to about two million American school children…….. Eighteen-year-old Eric Harris, who with his friend Dylan Klebold, 17, massacred their classmates and a teacher at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado on April 20, had been taking Luvox for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. T. J. Solomon, 15, who shot and wounded six fellow students at Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia, on May 20 was on Ritalin for depression. Also on Ritalin for Bi-polar Disorder was fifteen-year-old Shawn Cooper, who fired two shotgun rounds, narrowly missing classmates and teachers at his high school in Notus, Idaho. Kip Kinkel, 15, who first killed his parents and later killed two students and wounded 22 more in his Oregon school's cafeteria, was on Ritalin and Prozac. Mitchell Johnson, 13, who, with his friend, Andrew Golden, 11, shot several children and a teacher at Westside Middle School in Jones-boro, Arkansas, was being treated by a psychiatrist and is presumed to have been on some sort of medication…… "

Freedom Network News via 1999 Mark Valverde "……Jack Wheeler, writing recently in Strategic Investment, observed that Prozac and Luvox are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs): Serotonin is a brain chemical or neurotransmitter that conducts messages in the brain's serotonergic nervous system. As an inhibitory transmitter, it inhibits or slows down other nerves from firing. Thus it is essential for impulse regulation, for inhibiting acting without thinking first. Serotonin-deficient people are more prone to depression, impulsive violence, and committing suicide by violent means . . . .. A SSRI like Luvox or Prozac blocks or slows down the transport mechanism, leaving more serotonin in the gap. This causes an increase in production of the enzyme to eat it up. People feel more optimistic, and less depressed and prone to go out of control, with more serotonin in the receptors. But note that an SSRI doesn't enable the brain to produce more serotonin - rather, it causes what serotonin there is to be used up faster……Wheeler, insists that the "FDA is far more to blame than the NRA" for the recent incidences of school violence, not because the FDA approved these drugs, but because the FDA legally prohibits a nutritional alternative….."

The Tampa Tribune 1/9/00 Ed Raciborski "…. The kneejerk reaction by some politicians (and pushed by gun conrol proponents) every time there is a multiple shooting by a deranged nut is to scream for stronger antigun laws. Many of these politiians and antigunners have praised the restrictive gun laws put into effect in Australia in 1996 just weeks after a tragic multiple shooting there. Before being panicked into following Australia's lead, our leaders should take a closer look at what has happened in Australia since the new antigun laws came into being. Just one year later, homicides increased 3.2 percent. Nothing really to get excited about unless you're one of the extra 3.2 people per 100 killed. Armed robberies, however, shot up a startling 44 percent and assaults were up 8.6 percent. Burglaries, expecially against the elderly, have risen dramatically. What is especially disturbing about these burglaries, as revealed by a comprehensive study at the University of Chicago, is that almost 50 percent occurred while the resident victims where home, which greatly increases the danger of violence, injuries and death…..Compare that with the burglaries in the United States, where resident victims are home in only 13 percent of the cases. Why the big difference? Ask any U.S. burglar and he will tell you it's because his biggest fear is to be blown away by a law-abiding armed citizen whose home he is attempting to burglarize….."

Washington Post 1/9/00 Rene Sanchez "…..Picking up where they left off last year, California's lawmakers are charging back to work vowing to pass another batch of tough gun-control laws. But this time, as a high-stakes election season begins to unfold, it seems they have lost their most important ally, Democratic Gov. Gray Davis.. . Now, lawmakers across the Golden State say they want to take another potentially significant step: Imposing more extensive registration and new licensing requirements on prospective gun owners. An array of proposals already is being developed in the legislature, which reconvened last week. Most would force gun owners to take more safety tests, pay higher fees and renew a firearms license every year or few years…..But Davis sounds worried that the legislature is going too far, too fast. His caution, his aides say, is both practical and political. He wants to give law enforcement officials and the public a chance to adjust to and assess the new gun laws without creating still more rules. He also apparently fears that approving another wave of gun laws could galvanize conservative voters at a time when the looming presidential race in make-or-break California looks quite competitive. Some early polls of hypothetical election matchups show Vice President Gore, whom Davis has endorsed, in a dead heat with Texas Gov. George W. Bush…."

San Francisco Chronicle 1/8/00 Charlie Goodyear, Bill Wallace "….The bloody shootout that ended in the deaths of two people and the wounding of two others in Alamo this week has reopened the long-standing debate over whether homeowners should use firearms to try to defend themselves. The shooting, which occurred during an alleged home-invasion robbery on Tuesday night at the residence of Dr. Kim Fang, 49, a retired surgeon, ended when Fang traded shots with the two armed robbers, Soknoeum Nem, 21, and Mesa Kasem, 22, both of Stockton ...

Constitution Front Page News AP 12/27/99 Laurie Asseo "….More than 1 million background checks were conducted nationwide for prospective gun buyers during each of the past two months, FBI officials said Monday. The 1,045,799 checks by federal and state officials so far this month is up from 1,004,333 in November, said Daniel Wells, acting operations manager for the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check system based in Clarksburg, W.Va. In December 1998, there were 871,644 background checks, he said. ``We expect a December spike based on Christmas sales,'' said Daniel Wells, ``It's a bit larger than we expected.'' ... "

Los Angeles Times 1/7/00 Carl Ingram "….Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer denied Thursday that his enforcement of California's newly toughened ban on military-style assault weaons extends to sporting rifles commonly used by hunters. Lockyer accused critics of the 6-day-old law, including the National Rifle Assn. and two of the state's firearms dealers, of launching a campaign to confuse the public and undermine the controversial statute. "We are not going to interfere with [a citizen's] right to hunt, to target shoot, to protect themselves in their homes. Nobody wants to do that. But we are trying to get military-style weapons out of the market," he said…… Lockyer insisted that he did not go beyond what the Legislature in tended and that his rules do not apply to "hundreds of forms of rifles" that "hunters are accustomed to using." In an attempt to make California safer, the new law banned certain semiautomatic arms that contained such military characteristics as a pistol grip, flash suppressor and folding stock. But NRA lobbyist Stephen Helsley charged that Lockyer's implementation regulations were written so tightly that they also prohibit a wide range of semiautomatic center-fire sporting rifles with detachable ammunition magazines….."

USA Today 1/7/00 Gary Fields "….The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are a step closer to a nationwide computer system that will let them identify and trace guns and bullets in much the same way individuals are identified and tracked by fingerprints. The agencies have been trying to make their systems compatible for more than a year. Last week, they said they had succeeded. "We now have an advanced tool," Treasury Undersecretary James Johnson says. "The next step is to make sure everybody who needs that tool has access to it." More than 230 crime labs and police departments will be able to use it . …… The FBI's Drugfire system and the ATF's Integrated Ballistics Imaging System have helped solve about 5,700 cases, from street shootings in the USA to war atrocities in the Balkans. In both systems, bullets and cartridge cases are photographed with a digital camera. The images are computerized, and the system is used to measure microscopic imperfections. The images are then compared with other bullets and shell casings in the system . The two systems had been incompatible because each used a different method to photograph and measure images. They now are compatible because they use the same software, among other changes….."

Saturday Evening Post 2/2000 Charleston Heston "…..For those of us who've lived through the last half or three-quarters of the 20th century, the new millennium promises an entirely new world. We've seen a lot of changes world- wide and within our country, and much of what has defined us as a culture and a nation is being lost. The one American cultural touchstone that's being disparaged and diminished most today is the tradition of gun ownership in general and the constitutional right to own firearms in particular. This is a dangerous development. Those who wish to do away with that freedom are focusing on young people as their primary target audience. ultimately, future generations may have to pay the price for that loss of freedom with their liberties and their lives. That's why I urge you as fellow parents and grandparents not to let the American tradition of firearm ownership perish. …… Over 2,300 years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle considered arms ownership the single most reliable indicator of whether a society was free. On the other side of the coin, Plato considered ordinary people too reckless, too ruled by emotion, or not intelligent or judicious enough to be trusted to conduct their own affairs. For Plato, the common people needed an elite class of "philosopher kings" to rule over them and protect them from their vices. Unfortunately, it's tough to relate to "the little people" when you live in an ivory tower. No matter how benign "Plato's republic" might have seemed in theory, in practice it would have amounted to a police state. …… There is no such thing as a free nation where police and the military are allowed the force of arms but individual citizens are not. nose of us who've seen the terrors visited upon the human race this century know: From Hitler and Stalin, to Mao Zedong and Pol Pot, every genocide we've seen began with the denial of the right to keep and bear arms…."

The Boston Herald/AP 1/6/00 "….The television networks are so badly slanting the gun control debate they have become the ``communications division of the anti-gun lobby,'' says the head of a conservative media watchdog group that studied the issue. The Media Research Center, chaired by Brent Bozell, released a study Wednesday on two years of television news stories on gun control. The study analyzed the morning shows and evening newscasts between July 1, 1997 and June 30, 1999 on ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC. In many cases, the study claimed, pro-gun themes were not covered and gun proponents were not given air time. ….. Bozell's group says it examined 653 morning and evening news stories on gun policy issues and found that stories advocating more gun control outnumbered stories opposing gun control 357 to 36 or a ratio of 10 to 1. The group said 260 stories were neutral….."

Msnbc 1/6/99 Reuters "….Some California legislators want handguns treated the way cars are: licensed and registered.Handgun owners in California would have to register their weapons and get licenses to use them, just as they do with their automobiles, under proposed legislation that would give the state some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation….. DEMOCRATS WHO control both houses of the legislature have proposed at least four separate bills in an aggressive effort to make California the first state to require handgun owners to face yearly background checks and new buyers to go through a hands-on safety training course. But Democratic Gov. Gray Davis is on record as saying he wants a moratorium on new gun control legislation this year because it is an election year….. But gun control foes say stricter measures are unnecessary and will eventually lead to confiscation of handguns. CRIMINALS DON'T CARE "No criminal is going to stand in line registering their guns. We think their efforts would be better placed in prosecuting criminals who have violated existing gun laws," said James Baker, a spokesman for the National Rifle Association, which estimates there are 7 million to 10 million handguns in California…."


THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/10/00 William Goldcamp "…..No one can say we live in humorless times. The Clinton administration's threat to use the power of the federal government to blackjack concessions from the gun industry or hit it with a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the Department of Housing and Urban Development's 3,200 housing authorities comes hard on the heels of new evidence supporting the claims of the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights organizations that the Second Amendment confers upon individuals, not only militias, the right to keep and bear arms. A Nov. 22 article in the Wall Street Journal dealt devastating body blows to the gun-control lobby's efforts to strip the Second Amendment of its meaning. The article cites that in 1789 James Madison, the father of the Constitution, made "the right of the people" the first clause in early drafts of the amendment, indicating his belief that it is the right of the people to keep and bear arms that makes a well-regulated militia possible….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/10/00 Rowan Scarborough "….An internal study appears to rebut the argument of Pentagon leaders that officers are fleeing the military for better paying private-sector jobs in a robust economy. "Pay is not a major factor in career intent," says the Army survey, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times. "The decision to leave is based on multiple reasons . . . a strong civilian economy enables career change, but does not cause it." The Army survey reinforces the findings of a study released today by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which concludes that "readiness and morale" have "slipped" in recent years. The Army survey was conducted at Fort Benning, Ga., home of Army infantry training, by the Army Research Institute. An Army spokesman declined to comment because the report is still a "working document." …. The most often-cited reasons the captains gave for leaving were high-operational tempo, a "dissatisfaction" with the Clinton administration's peacekeeping missions, "excessive micromanagement" by superiors, and insufficient time and equipment for realistic combat training…."

Associated Press 1/11/2000 Laurie Asseo "…..The Supreme Court confronts crucial questions of federal versus state authority in a case that asks whether rape victims can sue their attackers in federal court. Lawyers for a former Virginia Tech student who says she was raped by two football players are asking the justices in arguments today to reinstate a key provision of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act….. The law ``displaces state prerogative in areas of traditional state authority,'' lawyers for one of the football players contended in court briefs. Allowing Congress to regulate non-economic conduct would ``authorize Congress to regulate virtually anything,'' they added. The Clinton administration and 36 states are siding with Christy Brzonkala and asking the court to reinstate the federal law……. The court in 1995 threw out the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act, which made it a crime to possess a gun near a school. The justices said the law was insufficiently linked to interstate commerce and usurped states' authority over such crimes. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals relied heavily on that ruling when it threw out Brzonkala's lawsuit against the two football players. The appeals court said Congress' power to regulate interstate commerce and assure all citizens of equal protection did not authorize it to enact the portion of the Violence Against Women Act that let rape victims sue their attackers….."

WND 1/10/00 Jon Dougherty "....Surprisingly, the Associated Press ran a story last week based on a new study about gun control bias in the press authored by the Media Research Center. Surprising, I say, because the establishment media rarely faults itself for coverage that is obviously biased; however, readers of the article will conspicuously note that the AP neglected to include itself as a news agency that routinely toes the anti-gun line. To underscore MRC's point, most of the linked articles on the Yahoo! News site containing the article about the Center's research were pro-gun control. How's that for validation? But Paiss and others -- oblivious to reality and to their own "scare-posturing" about the "evils" of guns -- ignore the evidence. Well, they ignore it at their own risk. Make no mistake about it -- if this country ever becomes gun-free, Paiss and others like her will be infinitely more at risk to violence perpetrated by criminals than they are now. Only a moron with an agenda cannot see that -- especially for women -- guns are the great equalizer in a confrontation with a criminal, even when the confrontation doesn't turn out as well as one had hoped....."

AP 1/10/00 Steven Paulson ".....Last April, Gov. Bill Owens was sitting in his office, ready to sign legislation to expand the right to carry concealed firearms. Then gunshots rang out at Columbine High School. The Republican governor didn't sign the measure on his desk, and asked lawmakers to take all gun legislation off the table, which they did. Now, nine months later, Owens has come out in support of gun-control measures. And despite some opposition from Owens' party, which controls both houses of the state Legislature, the measures have a pretty good chance of passing......"

Washington Times 1/20/2000 Bill Sammon "….Settlement talks between gun makers and municipalities that are suing them have broken off because the gun makers objected to White House intervention in negotiations that had been scheduled for tomorrow in Las Vegas. Gun manufacturers are blaming White House meddling for the cancellation of tomorrow's talks, saying President Clinton injected politics into the negotiations…… The cancellation will not necessarily prompt the administration to press forward with a federal lawsuit against gun makers that it threatened last month, he said. "We still want to give responsible voices in the industry a chance to explore an agreement," Mr. Reed said. "But we've also said from the beginning that if we can't reach a good settlement, we're prepared to go to court."…. The lawsuit would be modeled on the cities' suits, which accuse gun makers of selling defective products or marketing them in ways that increase the likelihood they will be used to commit crimes. The suit would parallel the massive federal litigation filed by the Justice Department against the tobacco industry. But unlike Big Tobacco, which has the resources to fight such litigation, the gun industry has narrow profit margins and might be overwhelmed by the cost of defending itself against various suits. Some gun makers have already closed up shop or reduced operations, rather than pay the hefty costs of defending themselves…."

East Valley Tribune, Mesa, Arizona 1/21/2000 "… It's not hard to appreciate why Valley firearms dealer Kenny Woodward is skeptical about more gun controls. He has proof that existing gun laws aren't being vigorously enforced. Woodward's Caswell Shooting Club in Mesa has been burglarized repeatedly - by the same crook who's been caught repeatedly. Woodward says Joseph Alsip III has stolen about 50 guns worth $30,000 from his business in four burglaries over the past five years. You'd think this guy would have been sent away for a long time after the second or third offense. Maybe prosecuted with tough federal laws. But no. Time after time he's gotten little more than a slap on the wrist. No wonder he kept coming back for more. Finally, Maricopa County's judicial system has been prodded to issue more than just another slap. Alsip was sentenced recently to 16 years in prison for his latest heist……"

Los Angeles Times 1/21/2000 Maura Dolan "….The California Supreme Court has decided to review a landmark ruling that would open the way for gun makers to be held legally responsible when their products are used in crimes. The court, acting on a petition by a gun manufacturer, agreed to review a Court of Appeal decision handed down in September that left gun makers vulnerable to negligence lawsuits in criminal shootings. The appeals court ruling is the only such decision by an appellate panel in the country so far. The state high court's ultimate decision in the case will affect several pending lawsuits filed against gun makers by Los Angeles, San Francisco and other California cities and counties. In addition, the justices already have agreed to review several other gun-related cases, including one challenging the constitutionality of the state's ban on assault weapons. Because of that, the court is likely to have a significant impact on gun control in California over the next year….."

NRA Institute for Legislative Action data compiled by Michael Caldwell 1/21/2000 "…Anti-Gun Individuals & Celebrities [Actors, Entertainers, Producers and Comedians removed from the list]

Cleveland Amory - Author
Herbert Block - Cartoonist
Robert E. Brennan - Financier
Jimmy Breslin - Columnist
Steven Brill - Author
Dr. Joyce Brothers - Psychologist/ Author
Bishop Edmond Browning - Espiscopal Leader
Art Buchwald - Columnist
Julia Child - Author/Chef*
Phil Donahue - Talk Show Host
Amitai Etzioni - Teacher
Michael Gartner - Columnist
James Glassman - Editor
Bob Herbert - Columnist
Molly Ivins - Columnist
Maynard Jackson - Mayor, Atlanta*
C. Everett Koop - Former Surgeon General, National Safe Kids Campaign
Ann Landers - Columnist
Leonard Larson - Columnist
Norman Lear - Producer and Pres. People for the American Way
Mike Luckovich - Cartoonist
Colman McCarthy - Columnist
Mary McGrory - Columnist
Abner Mikva - Former Judge
Norval Morris - Law Professor
Steven Rockefeller - Financier
Neil Simon - Playwright*
Lyle Elmer Strom - Federal Judge
Tom Teepen - Editor
Garry Trudeau - Cartoonist
Herman Wouk - Author

* Denotes membership on HCI's National Committee …"

Houston Chronicle 1/21/2000 Matt Schwart "…. The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday upheld a lower court ruling that shot down a city ordinance requiring show promoters to remove firing pins and install trigger locks on all weapons displayed at city-owned facilities. In doing so, the court also affirmed a jury verdict ordering the city to pay more than $383,000 in lost profits and attorneys fees to a Houston gun show operator. The operator of High Caliber Gun and Knife Shows Inc., Todd Bean, sued the city in 1996, claiming the 1993 ordinance all but banned gun shows from the convention center. City officials said the intent was to protect public safety, but Bean said the ordinance provisions were too onerous for a small operator to be able to put on a profitable show….."

The Associated Press 1/18/2000 Kevin Galvin "…. The new measures Clinton seeks - 500 new Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents and inspectors and creation of a program to track guns through ballistics testing - represents a subtle shift in administration strategy…… The administration already has announced a request for $10 million to develop ''smart guns'' that fire only when held by their owners. A similar request died in Congress last year. The new plans for the budget for fiscal year 2001, which begins Oct. 1, represent an effort to invest more in enforcement of existing laws on the illegal use and possession of firearms, a priority for Republicans and groups such as the NRA…… As for enforcement steps, Clinton said he would ask Congress to hire the new ATF agents and inspectors and 1,000 more federal, state and local prosecutors to focus on gun-related crimes. He also will seek to expand an existing gun-tracing program from 38 to 51 cities and ask for $30 million to create a ballistics information network to track ballistics data of guns used in crimes. By maintaining records of unique markings each gun barrel leaves on bullets, investigators could track firearms used in crimes to their purchasers, even if that person had passed the weapon to another individual….. Boston's homicide rate dropped to a 38-year low in 1999, thanks in part to a program that allied law enforcement, the clergy, community leaders and gang members against crime. The Boston Pilot Project is credited with the homicide toll dropping from 153 slayings in 1990 to 31 in 1999. A strong economy and declining use of crack cocaine also contributed to improved neighborhood security…."

The Associated Press 1/18/2000 Robert Macy "… James Maupin checked out the sight on a new Smith & Wesson handgun at the world's largest gun show Tuesday and offered his assessment on President Clinton's newest gun legislation proposal. ``It means spending a lot more money on feel-good projects,'' said Maupin, owner of JDM Enterprises, a Green Valley, Calif., gun dealership. ``This will solve no problems. It will just create a new bureaucracy and do nothing. It's nonsense.'' ….. Maupin, a Los Angeles County police officer for 30 years before opening his gun shop, was one of some 30,000 people attending the 22nd annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. The event is billed as the world's largest gun show, with a Who's Who of gun manufacturers exhibiting their weapons. Participants greeted Clinton's latest initiative with the same response often advanced by the industry. ``We have plenty of gun laws,'' said Ken Jorgensen, director of media relations for gun manufacturing giant Smith & Wesson. ``We certainly need to see those laws enforced. Communities who have enforced gun laws have seen crime decrease.'' …."

NY Times 1/19/2000 Michael Janofsky "…. Feeling pressure from a succession of lawsuits against gun makers, the trade organization that represents them is collecting millions of dollars from its members for legal defense and this week announced plans to support candidates and to lobby at all levels of government to fight greater gun restrictions. Until recently, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, representing companies that make all manner of outdoor products as well as firearms, had steered clear of political entanglements over gun laws and elections, leaving the fight to the National Rifle Association, an organization of gun owners that has long taken the lead on such matters…… And now, recent lawsuits filed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and more than two dozen municipalities, the first major assault on gun makers, have forced the foundation to assert its own political agenda rather than to rely on the rifle group. As part of an initiative, many members are contributing 1 percent of their gross sales to help the gun makers defend themselves in the lawsuits, which are trying to force the companies to make safer guns. The money has been coming in since the program was announced at last year's trade show, and in an interview, Mr. Delfay predicted that the donations could reach as much as $10 million a year. The recent threat of a federal lawsuit by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to force the companies into an omnibus settlement with the N.A.A.C.P. and municipalities has spurred further action by the industry group. For the first time, Mr. Delfay said, the foundation has formed a political action committee to influence elections in November….."

News Max 1/20/2000 Dr Michael Brown "…. Many advocates of gun control point to Great Britain as an example of a gun free paradise where violence and crime are rare. Well, there may be trouble in paradise. Our friends across the Atlantic did tighten their already strict gun laws, with the Firearms Act of 1997, making self-defense with a firearm completely impossible for ordinary people. Obedient British subjects generally maintained a stiff upper lip as they surrendered their guns and their rights. How much did crime drop as a result of this sacrifice? It did not drop at all. In fact, according to the local newspapers, England is being swept by a wave of crime, including plenty of gun crimes. The London Times published a story on January 16th that sums up the situation rather well. The headline reads, "Killings Rise As 3 Million Illegal Guns Flood Britain". Armed crime rose 10% in 1998 and the numbers for 1999 may be even more dramatic. The British experiment with gun prohibition has resulted in the same outcome as other forms of prohibition. Since guns are banned, every criminal wants one and it is very profitable to smuggle them in….."

NRA News Release 1/20/2000 "….NRA Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre responded to today's announcement that the District of Columbia will file a lawsuit against lawful gun makers. "Today, the mayor of Washington, DC announces the most cowardly of solutions to gun crime: sue the firearm manufacturers," said LaPierre. "What they are NOT announcing is that gun criminals have a thousand to one advantage over their innocent victims here. Out of 2000 violent crimes committed in 1998, only TWO people went to jail under ALL federal gun laws. "Criminals are winning one thousand to one against tourists, families, citizens, and children in Washington, DC. It has become the criminals' winning casino where nine-hundred-ninety-nine times out of a thousand they go free. Should any family on vacation put their lives in that kind of danger? Should any family in the District of Columbia send their children out to play against those kinds of odds? "Americans need to know that in the cradle of freedom, criminals are freer than anyone….."

Denver Pest 1/23/2000 Jason Blevins "….Dave Anvers rocked back on his heels and surveyed the dozens of pistols and rifles that lined his display tables at Saturday's Tanner Gun Show. Among the rows of black and chrome handguns at the Denver Merchandise Mart event were several Rugers, made by the country's top gun manufacturer. Earlier this month, the company said it would distribute its rifles, shotguns and handguns only to dealers who sold the guns at stores, not gun shows. If Anver was anxious about Ruger's rule, it didn't show. "It could be hard to enforce. In my opinion, and I talked to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms on this, a gun show is a legal extension of my licensed premises," said Anver, as passing shoppers weighed Ruger pistols in their palms. "Selling a gun here is just the same as selling a gun in my shop." …."

Los Angeles Times 1/20/2000 Carl Ingram "….A new legislative drive to license handgun owners and register their weapons with the state Department of Justice was defeated in the state Assembly on Wednesday. Gun control advocates dismissed rejection of the bill by the Assembly Appropriations Committee as a minor setback, and promised to pursue the issue in what they believe is a friendlier state Senate. "This buys me time. It allows the issue to continue to develop," said Assemblyman Kevin Shelley (D-San Francisco), author of the controversial bill, AB 1607. …."

The Boston Globe 1/17/2000 Jeff Jacoby "….The labels ''lobby'' and ''special interest group'' are rarely used by journalists to describe lobbies or special interest groups like the American Association of Retired Persons, the American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP, or Handgun Control Inc. But when they refer to the National Rifle Association, ''lobby'' is frequently the first word that springs to mind. That is one of many anomalies documented by Brian Patrick, a University of Michigan scholar who spent a year comparing the coverage of the NRA in several prestigious newspapers - The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Christian Science Monitor - with the coverage of the four other groups. He dissected some 1,500 published articles, columns, editorials, and letters, and his findings are striking….."

The Boston Globe 1/17/2000 Jeff Jacoby "…. The NRA, Patrick shows, is less likely than the others to be identified by its proper name but much more likely to be tagged with some variant of ''lobby'' or ''special interest.'' The ACLU will typically be labeled a ''civil liberties group,'' ''abortion rights group,'' or ''leading liberal champion.'' Handgun Control Inc. is usually identified as a ''citizens' lobby,'' ''nonprofit organization,'' or ''public interest group.'' The NAACP is referred to as a ''national civil rights group,'' ''venerable civil rights organization,'' or ''the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization.'' ….But when the NRA is in the news, the tone and terminology are often very different. ''Semi-automatic caucus.'' ''Lobbying juggernaut.'' ''Powerful gun lobby.'' ''Gun organization.'' ''Radical gun lobby.'' ''The classic Washington superlobby.'' ''Arrogant lobby.'' ''The gun lobby consisting of everything from neo-Nazis to nature-loving hunters.'' ''Most feared lobby.'' ''The Beltway's loudest lobby.'' ''A rich and paranoid organization.'' The use of negative or positive labels was only one of 16 different categories Patrick devised for measuring bias in newspaper coverage of the NRA. Many of his yardsticks are shrewd; all are revealing….."

The Boston Globe 1/17/2000 Jeff Jacoby "….More than 27 percent of stories about the liberal interest groups - the NAACP, AARP, ACLU, and Handgun Control - were accompanied by photographs of the groups' officials or events. Only 6 percent of the NRA stories were similarly dressed up…… When NRA officials were quoted, they were identified by their proper titles less than 20 percent of the time. For Handgun Control, by contrast, the proportion was 64 percent; for the NAACP, 73 percent. Thus Sarah Brady is the ''Handgun Control president,'' while Wayne LaPierre becomes merely an ''NRA lobbyist'' (he is the group's executive vice president). ….."

The Boston Globe 1/17/2000 Jeff Jacoby "….When information comes from the AARP, the papers use verbs like ''reported,'' ''indicated,'' ''concludes,'' ''documents.'' When the NAACP is quoted, the stories note that it ''spoke out,'' ''vowed,'' ''declared,'' ''announced.'' But when the NRA speaks, the papers often choose verbs that imply doubt: ''claims,'' ''asserts,'' ''likes to portray,'' ''contended,'' ''alleging.'' …… On no other issue is there a wider gulf between mainstream America and the media. There are more than 225 million civilian firearms in the United States. Some 45 percent of US households own at least one gun. To tens of millions of Americans, guns mean safety and peace of mind; they know intuitively what statistics prove: gun ownership reduces crime. Yet in the nation's eminent newsrooms, it is axiomatic that guns are nasty, that more guns mean more crime, and that those who defend the Second Amendment are ''gun nuts.'' …."

The Boston Globe 1/17/2000 Jeff Jacoby "….A detailed new study by the Media Research Center finds that in the 24 months ending June 1999, the morning and evening news shows on the major networks aired an astonishing 653 stories dealing with gun policy. Of those, 393 clearly went beyond straight reporting into advocacy - and nearly 91 percent pressed an anti-gun point of view. For instance, ABC's ''Good Morning America'' aired 93 segments on gun policy; 92 had a progun control slant. CNN's nightly show, ''The World Today,'' broadcast 98 soundbites urging more gun restrictions, but only 40 opposing them….. This bigotry against guns is irrational. It convinces millions of Americans that the media cannot be trusted. Someday the networks may figure out that in a land where almost one household in two owns a gun, demonizing gun owners makes no sense. But by then, who will be tuned in? ….."


Lingua Franca 2/2000 Chris Mooney "….As a self-described liberal Democrat and supporter of many gun-control measures, the University of Texas law professor Sanford Levinson has mixed feelings about having his academic work cited in Shotgun News and posted on Internet sites that link to the Montana militia. "I am in some very unattractive neighborhoods," he says of his Web presence. Levinson owes his popularity with the heavily armed to his 1989 Yale Law Journal article "The Embarrassing Second Amendment," which tentatively argued that the amendment guarantees a right to bear arms not just for state-militia members but also for individual citizens. Now endlessly cited by scholars and distributed by the National Rifle Association, Levinson's article makes him a slightly reluctant founder of what has come to be called the "Standard Model" of Second Amendment scholarship….."

The Philadelphia Inquirer 1/25/00 Matt Archbold "….In response to a federal study on the number of antique or antique-replica firearms used in crimes, Democratic U.S. Rep. Joseph M. Hoeffel said yesterday that he would introduce legislation to include all working firearms under current federal gun restrictions. Hoeffel made the announcement yesterday, just days after receiving a report he requested from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms showing that nationwide, 775 antique firearms were used in violent crimes, including 15 homicides, during the last three years. "These results prove we have a serious problem that requires a serious, sensible solution," Hoeffel said….."

Daily Southtown 2/2/2000 AP "... A principal's decision to keep certain gun-related magazines out of the middle school library has spawned debate about the touchy schoolhouse issues of censorship and violence. Principal Melanie Ogle of Mayo Middle School ordered the magazine Guns and Ammo out of the library, and later rejected a teacher's proposal to replace it with a more youth-oriented magazine about shooting sports. ...."

Associated Press 2/1/2000 ".....A Rutland County legislator suggests there aren't enough guns in Vermont. Rep. Fred Maslack, R-Poultney, introduced two bills designed to get more firearms into the hands of ordinary Vermonters, and to require the military training needed to act as an effective citizen militia, should the need arise. The first bill would require all Vermonters who do not own firearms to register their names with the secretary of state. If they are eligible for military service, they would also be required to pay a $500 fee for the privilege of not owning a gun. The idea, Maslack says, is to create an incentive for buying a gun, rather than coughing up the expensive fee. ''Which would you rather do, pay 500 bucks, or 50 bucks?'' Maslack asked. ''There is a legitimate government interest in knowing who is not prepared to defend the state should they be asked to do so.'' Maslack said he was not advocating an armed insurrection. But he did say that a well-armed citizenry would act as an obstacle to potential or actual excesses by state government. ''Clearly, the framers of the Constitution wanted as many people armed as possible,'' Maslack said. ''The very presence of an armed citizenry checks the possibility of government tyranny.'' ...."

Miami Herald 2/2/2000 Beth Reinhard ".... Wearing American flags on their lapels about 300 gun owners packed a Broward Legislative Delegation hearing Tuesday to protest a bill that would make it a felony to own an assault weapon in the county. As of 10:50 p.m. Broward's state representatives and senators had not voted on the bill. Even with the delegation's approval, the bill would still face what promises to be a rocky battle in the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature, which has rejected several gun control measures in the last few years. The weapons ban would also need approval from county voters in a November referendum. Gun proponents filled the chambers at Hollywood City Hall and spilled out to the lobby and onto the steps outside, waving signs for the television cameras that said ``Don't make veterans into felons'' and ``My gun is my right.'' Busloads had traveled from as far as Palm Beach County to assert their right to bear arms. ``This bill is an encroachment of the second amendment of the Constitution,'' said Thomas Naelon, president of the South Florida Pistol Club and an owner of semi-automatic rifles that he uses in competitions. ``Its purpose is not to deter crime but to propagate the careers of politicians.'' ....."

Denver Pest 2/2/2000 Mike Soraghan "....The Colorado Senate handed the National Rifle Association a defeat Tuesday, endorsing a strong criminal background check that could block some people from buying guns even when they're eligible. The senators weighed what state workers should do during an instant background check when computer records show that a potential gun buyer has an arrest record but don't show whether the person was convicted. Democrats and moderate Republicans decided that SB 125 by Sen. Dave Owen, R-Greeley, should put the burden on the gun buyer to prove he or she wasn't convicted. Other Republicans said the burden should be on the government to keep complete records. ..... It was a victory for Gov. Bill Owens, who put his political muscle be hind the "deny on arrest" provision. Democrats crowed that it was a blow to the NRA's powerful reputation in the Capitol. ...."

Reuters 2/2/2000 ".....Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, in remarks published in the March issue of Playboy Magazine, says gun control advocates are ignorant about human nature. The one-time professional wrestler, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, noted that he had a sign posted in his home reading ``We Don't Dial 911'' -- apparently to warn intruders that he will take care of them himself rather than calling police. ``You think taking away our guns is going to eliminate man's hostility toward man? Not true,'' Ventura said in the interview. ``Gun control people don't know what they're talking about. They're ignorant. They believe things without researching or understanding.'' ``I hear (talk show host) Rosie O'Donnell say, 'Why should you be allowed to have a gun that shoots 20 bullets a second?' You can't,'' Ventura said. ``An assault weapon doesn't shoot 20 bullets a second. It's semiautomatic, the same as a deer rifle.'' ``She's perpetuating a lie that half of the ignorant people out there are going to believe,'' he added. ....... " 2/2/2000 ".....A bankruptcy measure that gun makers said would have been catestrophic to their industry was defeated in a roll call vote on the floor of the Senate this afternoon by a vote of 68 - 29. Gun Owners of America, which had done an analysis of the measure, said the measure offered as an Amendment by Michigan Democrat Carl Levin to S. 625, the Bankruptcy Reform Act, said it would have taken "a major step toward eliminating the manufacture and sales of firearms in America." The Senate is considering other amendments to the bill. At issue was the Michigan Democrat's attempt to prohibit gun makers from declaring bankruptcy if courts found them liable in one of dozens of lawsuits filed by about 30 municipalities nationwide. Embattled by the suits, GOA said many of the manufacturers have already encountered trouble with insurers who said they will refuse to help many manufacturers defend themselves. "The Levin amendment would provide that, if a...[judge] entered an enormous judgment against a firearms manufacturer or dealer, the manufacturer or dealer could not avoid the judgment by declaring bankruptcy, even if the judgment massively exceeded the total assets of the manufacturer or dealer," the GOA said in a published statement......"

The Hill 2/2/2000 Betsy Rothstein "....As President Clinton pressures Congress to pass "commonsense" gun control measures, outside conservative groups are mounting an offensive aimed at convincing some pro-gun Republicans to derail any gun control legislation. In his final State of the Union Address Thursday, Clinton called on the House to follow suit on last year's Senate-passed gun safety bill, and to also fund research for "smart gun" technology. The former would require background checks at gun shows, child safety locks for new handguns and a ban on the import of ammunition clips. In a surprise move that energized the gun lobby, he also proposed that all new handgun buyers be forced to obtain a state photo license before they can purchase a gun. "It's ludicrous and dangerous," John Velleco, spokesman for Gunowners of America, said of Clinton's proposal. However, he added, "[Clinton's] not our biggest problem. Our biggest problem is Republicans."....."

AP 2/2/2000 "....Partisan clashes over gun makers and anti-abortion protesters is marking Senate debate on legislation that would make it tougher for people to sweep away their debts through bankruptcy. An amendment proposed by Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and Richard Durbin, D-Ill., would prohibit gun makers and dealers from erasing debts in bankruptcy that arose from successful lawsuits against them. Conservative GOP lawmakers have protested the amendment as anti-business...."

Boston Globe 2/1/2000 Ellen Barry "aking 200-year-old constitutional provisions for the creation of a ''well-regulated militia'' to their most extreme conclusion, a Vermont lawmaker has proposed a crackdown on Vermonters who do not own guns. Harkening back to the days of town square militia musters and citizens' armies, House bill 760 would require residents over 18 who do not own guns to register with the secretary of state's office and pay a $500 penalty. Hot on its heels was House bill 763, also introduced Friday, which would make military training a prerequisite for a high school diploma in the state. The man behind both bills is state Representative Fred Maslack, a two-term Republican legislator and quarry worker from East Poultney. Maslack, a longtime proponent of gun-owners' rights, does not expect a mass uprising or to see his bills voted into law......"

CNN 1/31/2000 ".... A meeting between gun industry representatives and municipalities involved in lawsuits against the firearms industry was canceled after members of the Clinton administration said they, too, would attend. The meeting had been scheduled for January 21 in Las Vegas after the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show -- an annual event known as the "Shot Show." Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo said Monday he had planned to attend the meeting in Las Vegas, but it was called off when some of the gun manufacturers backed out. Bob Delfay of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, an industry group, said the meeting was canceled because gun industry representatives did not want administration officials involved in the discussions. "It was the White House insistence on getting involved which has caused the discussions to be placed on hold," Delfay said. ....."

Washington Times 1/31/2000 John Lott Jr "....The concern about violence in public schools has quickly turned into hysteria. Fanned by politicians, notably President Clinton, and the media, what may have begun as misguided but reasonable concerns over safety has ignited into an implacable and unreasoned hatred of guns, or indeed anything that looks like a weapon. Across the nation, those entrusted with the care of children have transformed firearms into a symbol of menace and evil, attempting to purge guns from the consciousness of kids, even when all admit doing so would in no way improve safety. I had a firsthand glimpse of the hysteria last fall, when I took my four boys to the Yale University Health Service for their annual medical checkups. Prominently displayed posters on the walls warned about having handguns in the home. Along with the normal questions about medical histories, the nurse practitioner asked us whether we owned guns and whether they were locked up or loaded. Her tone made it clear she disapproved of our answers, and she was unmoved by the fact that the Centers for Disease Control could only identify 21 children under age 15 dying from accidental handgun deaths in 1996. But the hospital had no signs warning parents about 5-gallon water buckets, in which 40 children under the age of 5 drown every year, or about bathtubs, which claim 80 lives. No questions were asked about whether we kept our buckets stored away or our bathroom doors locked. Yet the hysteria Americans may face when they walk into their pediatrician's offices pales when compared to what is going on in our schools. Under a "zero tolerance" policy, students face suspension or expulsion for even carrying around pictures of guns or other weapons. Students ranging from elementary school to college have even been expelled for even bringing water pistols to school, though no one believes brightly colored plastic water gun can be confused with a firearm. ....."

NRA-ILA 2/1/2000 Sturm Ruger "..... Sturm, Ruger does not sell its products directly to dealers or individuals; we only sell to a select group of independent wholesale firearms distributors. They, in turn, sell our products to independent licensed retail dealers, for resale to legally qualified individual purchasers. We have always formulated our sales policies to support stocking retail gun dealers, thousands of whom sell our products nationwide. Since 1985, our "Distributor Terms and Conditions" provide that distributors of Ruger firearms purchase them from us with the condition that they will resell Ruger products only to legitimate, licensed retail dealers with a storefront business, a resale tax number, and who comply with all federal, state and local laws. We feel that a true gun shop or sporting goods store is the best place for Ruger firearms to be promoted and sold, their operating features explained, and their safety features demonstrated. All this is very important, and our 15-year old policy has obviously been successful. Why did we do this in 1985? At that time, there was an increasing number of FFL holders who were not gun dealers. There was nothing intrinsically wrong with that, since all of them had to obey the thousands of firearms laws, and many law-abiding citizens had FFL's. ......Was our policy directed at gun shows? No! It was directed at certain distributors and storefront dealers who advertised and occasionally sold Ruger firearms to individual FFL holders via mail order through certain trade publications. ...... Please don't be misled by what ignorant or willfully biased anti-gun media may say. Gun shows were not mentioned in our sales policy. ......"

Associated Press Writer 1/31/2000 Jim Abrams "…..President Clinton's final budget proposal will include $30 million to help local communities track gun violence and promote gun safety, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo said Monday. Cuomo said the HUD-administered program, which needs congressional approval, would fund local efforts to computerize the mapping of gun violence and chart gun-related incidents in a community. Funding would also go toward education and outreach programs to promote gun safety, he said. The president is to announce his year 2001 budget proposal on Feb. 7. Cuomo said the spending initiative was part of a three-track administration campaign against gun violence, joining legislative efforts and possible litigation against gun manufacturers……"

Un-Common Common Sense 10/97 Freeper seadevil "….Enshrined within the Constitution and reaffirmed by over two centuries of Supreme Court rulings, the first 10 amendments were specific, literal enumerations of rights granted to individuals (amendments One through Nine) and the individual states (the Tenth Amendment) without regard to the designs of those who would attempt to build a strong Federal Government. The intent of The Bill of rights, as these first 10 amendments are called, was to grant citizens and individual states specific rights over the Federal Government that were never to be voided. These rights, along with the rest of the enumerations within the Constitution, make many promises. However, the Founding Fathers knew that unless the common man had a guarantee that these promises were never voided, the tyranny that they had fought so long and so hard to eradicate could and would again raise its ugly head. Within the Bill of Rights, the Founding Fathers included an amendment that would grant the common man the means to ensure all of those constitutional promise were kept: The Second Amendment. Contrary to the elitist, self-serving and self-righteous blathering of today (Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Schumer, several Presidents, Handgun Control, Inc., the Justice Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, et al), the only purpose for this amendment, as witnessed through the writings of the Founding Fathers, was to prevent the erosion of individual rights and to allow the common man the means to defend himself, his property and his loved ones against all unconstitutional intrusions of a tyrannical central government. They sought to provide in writing for future generations of Americans the same implicit right that made it possible for the American Revolution to take place at all. The wisdom of the Founding Fathers in dictating that the general population be armed as well as their clear understanding of the cancerous tyranny that inevitably infects a powerful central government devoid of any real belief in individual freedom and liberty are never more evident than today. ……"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/27/2000 Dennis Chapman "….Firearms manufacturers and dealers would get sweeping immunity from lawsuits seeking to hold them responsible for gun deaths and urban violence under a bill endorsed by an Assembly committee Thursday. "These lawsuits have to stop," said Rep. Mike Huebsch (R-West Salem), chairman of the Assembly Judiciary and Personal Privacy Committee, which voted 5-4 along party lines to recommend passage of the bill. "Those of you who want to overturn the Second Amendment, it's not going to happen in Wisconsin," Huebsch warned...."

AP 1/28/2000 "….Gun manufacturers and dealers would have limited immunity from lawsuits when the weapons they market are used to injure or kill people under a bill an Assembly committee has endorsed. The state Assembly Judiciary and Personal Privacy Committee on Thursday voted 5-4 along party lines to recommend passage of the bill. Supporters of the bill said it is necessary to stop what they consider frivolous lawsuits. " Those of you who want to overturn the Second Amendment, it' s not going to happen in Wisconsin, " said committee chairman Rep. Mike Huebsch, R-West Salem. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. …."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 1/31/2000 Michael Romano "….Attitudes on gun control sharply divide Democrats and Republicans in Colorado's congressional delegation, but personal choice splits them as well. The two Democrats say they don't own a firearm. Four of the six Republicans say they own lots of guns. The two other Republicans, both of whom are staunch gun-rights advocates, claim it isn't safe to say….."

Washington Times 1/31/2000 Valerie Richardson "....Interest in gun-control legislation has boomed since the Columbine tragedy, but so has interest in building student character after the evil unleashed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. With that in mind, the Colorado legislature is considering a proposal to require schools to post the Ten Commandments and offer a moment of silent reflection on our heritage as a free people in one nation under God. "Since Columbine, we're dealing with a new level of concern that value-free education is failing, and in some cases failing fatally," said state Sen. John Andrews of Golden, who sponsored the bill. Among the legislation's supporters is Darrell Scott, whose daughter Rachel was shot and killed in the April 20 carnage. Harris and Klebold murdered 13 persons and injured 23 that day before taking their own lives. Debate over displaying the Ten Commandments has raged for decades since the Supreme Court ruled in a 1980 Kentucky case that posting the Old Testament document in schools violated the separation of church and state....Clearly, however, the Columbine massacre has emboldened supporters. In Tennessee, civic and religious leaders have staged at least two Ten Commandments rallies since November that drew thousands of supporters. In the past year, seven Tennessee school districts have voted to allow the posting of the biblical laws. Similar movements are afoot in Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia......"

Baltimore Sun 1/30/2000 Caitlin Francke ".... Tough gun law, timid enforcement Courts: Nearly three decades after Maryland set strict penalties for gun crimes, the law has had little impact in Baltimore. Three out of four people charged with handgun violence serve less than the mandatory five years. By Caitlin Francke Sun Staff The case against Donnell Harris seemed rock-solid: When Baltimore prosecutors charged Harris with carjacking two men and shooting one of them, they were armed with a confession from his accomplice, testimony from the two victims and a cache of .38-caliber bullets found at Harris' house. ..."

The Detroit Free Press 1/24/2000 Melanie Eversley ".... The first battle in the national legal struggle over who is responsible for gun violence could play itself out in a Wayne County courtroom. The county's lawsuit against a number of gun makers and dealers is expected to come to trial in circuit court in the fall, the earliest trial date for any of 20 such lawsuits by 30 cities and counties. Three of the 20 suits -- by Miami-Dade County, Cincinnati and Bridgeport, Conn. --have already been dismissed by judges; appeals are scheduled. The District of Columbia, which filed a lawsuit against gun makers and distributors Thursday, was the latest jurisdiction to file. Two other lawsuits, filed against the industry by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, are expected to go to trial in federal court in New York before the end of the year. Claims vary. Wayne County and Detroit, in separate claims filed in Wayne County Circuit Court, are each seeking $400 million as compensation for the price of gun violence. No court date has been set for either case, but Wayne County has been pushing for an early trial, Mike Duggan, deputy Wayne County executive, said last month....."

Baltimore Sun 1/24/2000 John Murphy ".....Organizers initially printed 500 tickets, but when demand increased, they printed an additional 3,500. More than 1,200 tickets have been sold to supporters in Maryland and elsewhere. Michael P. Corbett, a single father raising three children in Sudbury, Mass., Richard Facemyer, a chemist living in Columbia, Mo., and Randy D. Hix, a computer technician from Marietta, Ga., don't know each other, but they have a few things in common. They have never set foot in Carroll County and would be hard pressed to find it on a map. But when these gun rights advocates heard about the furor sparked by a Carroll County Republican group's handgun raffle, they reached for their checkbooks and asked: How can I get my hands on a chance? ...."

Denver Pest 1/26/2000 Mike Soraghan "…. The Senate Judiciary Committee has turned into the roach motel for gun legislation: Bills check in, but they don't check out. That could leave the Legislature in a stalemate as the nation watches to see what Colorado will do about guns in the aftermath of the Columbine High School massacre. The committee is a funnel through which every gun-control bill must pass before it can be approved by the full Legislature and sent to Gov. Bill Owens. ..."

San Diego Union-Tribune 1/16/2000 david Hasemyer "….The 17-year-old Mt. Carmel High School senior has a record of national and international titles. She also may have another record pretty soon -- a criminal one. That's because the custom-made target pistol Santibanez has used to capture Junior Olympic championships, U.S. National championships and International Junior World championships falls into the category of assault weapon under a new state law. It's an unintended consequence of the law aimed at outlawing certain guns that have a sensational history of violence. But Santibanez's finely crafted competition pistol nonetheless became, at least technically, an illegal weapon on Jan. 1, much like tens of thousands of other pistols and rifles used in competitive shooting throughout the state. The pistol, a German-manufactured Walther .22-caliber, falls into the category of assault weapon because of its design….."

The Columbus Dispatch 1/26/2000 Lee Leonard "….Representatives of gun owners told a state legislative panel yesterday that a proposed safe-storage bill will not keep firearms out of the hands of children but will prevent homeowners from defending their property. A parade of witnesses told the House Criminal Justice Committee that educating children on firearms safety will do more to stop gun accidents than House Bill 526, which would impose penalties on gun owners who fail to properly store their weapons….."

Denver Pest 1/25/2000 Mike Soraghan"…. Round one went to the National Rifle Association Monday in the Colorado Legislature's gun debate. Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee defeated the two Democratic gun-control bills they considered. And three Democrats joined with a conservative Republican to weaken the state's criminal background check - another NRA win. It was the first day in a week of marathon hearings that will give an early hint of what the Legislature is going to do on guns in the aftermath of the Columbine High School massacre in suburban Denver. Today, the committee is expected to look at gun-rights bills. ….."

Washington Post 1/24/2000 Lee Foullon "….. Half the U.S. population, including 60 percent of handgun owners, live in right-to-carry states. The fact that right-to-carry is both popular and effective in fighting crime flies in the face of the gun-banners' philosophy. States that have right-to-carry laws have lower violent crime and homicide rates on average compared with the rest of the country, including a 24 percent lower total violent crime rate, a 19 percent lower homicide rate, a 39 percent lower robbery rate and a 19 percent lower aggravated assault rate. One key to suppressing crime is to raise the cost to criminals: A Department of Justice study found that 40 percent of felons chose not to commit at least some crimes for fear that their victims were armed, and 34 percent admitted being scared off or shot at by armed victims….."


World Net Daily 1/31/2000 "….Any dude that says guns, gun rights and the ability to carry concealed weapons is strictly a man's business has never met the Second Amendment Sisters but should; they'd make you proud. For one thing, they aren't your average "soccer mom" crowd. Yes, some members may have kids who play soccer, but this group has no time for, nor love of, the liberal anti-gun hysteria usually promoted by the typical soccer-mom mentality. For another thing, these gals -- who believe that women especially are vulnerable to violent (usually male) criminal attacks -- are tired of their liberal sisters (and brothers) making them easy prey. No more, they say; enough already with the stupid gun control laws. They -- like millions of other Americans -- are tired of just scratching their heads, wondering why so many of them get raped, beaten, robbed or attacked violently every year. They know the answer; for the most part, it's because they cannot -- by law -- defend themselves adequately. And adequately means with a firearm. Most big cities, where most of the violent crime in this country occurs, do not allow free moms and other citizens to pack heat. They pass laws preventing reasonable means of armed self-defense so these moms -- and thousands of others -- can be more easily attacked, killed, mutilated and sexually abused……. The solution, mothers are discovering once they examine the alternatives, is firearms. Only a firearm in the hands of a smaller, more frail and susceptible female can "equalize" a confrontation with a 250-pound gorilla in search of his next victim -- or his next victim's children. ….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 2/4/00 Tillie Fong "….. Angry gun owners and gun rights supporters descended on the Governor's Mansion Thursday night to protest Gov. Bill Owens' "betrayal." "We want Bill Owens and the rest of the world to know: We will not give up our rights, we will not give up our guns, we will not give up the fight," said Bob Glass, owner of the Paladin Arms gun shop. "This is just the beginning. This is a wake-up call." More than 250 people, including 81 from Larimer County and a dozen from Johnston, marched on the mansion.. Matt Burke, 30, of Lakewood was watching over a stroller holding daughter Elizabeth, 4, and son John, 2. Elizabeth held a sign that read: "Empty Mansion, Empty Promises," referring to the fact that the governor and his family continue to live in their Aurora home. Kristina, 8, Theri, 7 months, and their mother Jennifer, 25, soon joined him. ….."We believe in the Second Amendment," said Jennifer Burke. "We want the kids to grow up to be free. All of our kids, except for the baby, shoot and we want them to be able to do that for a long time." ….."

AP 2/4/00 "…..Stepping up pressure on the gun industry, President Clinton today gave federal agents new powers to crack down on dealers and pawnbrokers who sell a disproportionate number of the weapons used in crimes. ``We're beginning the most aggressive effort ever undertaken to insure responsible behavior by gun dealers,'' the president said. ``Dealers whose guns most frequently wind up in criminals' hands will now be subject to intense scrutiny by ATF'' - the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. On another front, the White House said Clinton will ask Congress for a new, 25-cent-a-pack federal excise tax on cigarettes. In addition, he proposed that the tobacco industry be charged $3,000 for every smoker under 18 as part of a campaign to reduce sales to minors and eliminate advertising that could encourage children to smoke. ….Gun control and anti-tobacco initiatives are familiar elements of Clinton's agenda but also are the source of some of his biggest failures in Congress. Last year, for instance, Congress refused his requests for a 55-cent-a-pack tax on cigarettes and tougher restrictions on handgun purchases. Republicans are likely to view Clinton's latest tobacco proposal as yet another tax increase. ….."

The Orlando Sentinel 2/6/00 Charley Reese "…. If you have to obtain a government license to exercise a right, it is not a right. That's all that really needs to be said about President Clinton's desire to require that people obtain a license before purchasing a firearm. Unlike driving a car, the right of the people to keep and bear arms is part of the Bill of Rights. That Second Amendment states that Congress shall not infringe the people's right to keep and bear arms. Don't buy that malarkey that the Second Amendment applies to states or to militias but does not guarantee an individual right. A huge majority of legal scholars today agree that it does apply to individuals. ….. If the government is going to license purchasers of arms, then it should also license the right to speech, to assembly, to religious freedom, to trial by jury. There is no debate that unlicensed journalists through the years have caused far more damage to the republic than firearms. …."

The Columbus Dispatch 2/6/00 Mark Somerson "….. Dr. Jonathan I. Groner is studying patient records for every gunshot victim treated at Children's Hospital in the past seven years. He wants to make parents aware of the dangers of having guns in homes. During the past decade, Children's Hospital physicians have studied injury patterns and issued public health warnings about dangerous products such as trampolines, watch batteries and baby walkers. Yet one product that has consistently wounded, maimed and killed children has gone unaddressed. Until now. "If we can convince people that guns are no different than baby walkers, then maybe we can do something about it,'' said Dr. Jonathan I. Groner, a surgeon and acting director of Children's trauma program……."

Arizona Republic 2/6/00 William Hermann "…..The scene: the 1999 national shooting championships at Camp Perry, Ohio. The event: rifle targets at 1,000 yards, no telescopic sights. The competitors: a crew of the nation's most deadly snipers from the Secret Service, the FBI, the Marines and elsewhere. Oh, and Michelle and Sherri, two teenage girls from Prescott. Guess who won…… Their mother wasn't at all surprised at the girls' success. "I like the Secret Service guys," Nancy Tompkins-Gallagher said, "but they aren't that hot with a rifle. "I've told Michelle and Sherri that if I'm ever in a hostage situation and a sniper is called for, I want one of you girls to take the shot."….."

World Net Daily 2/8/00 David Bresnahan "….With President Clinton dramatically stepping up his war on guns in the past few weeks, Republican leaders are bracing for an increasingly bloody battle over gun control throughout this election year. "I think it's one [campaign issue] that Republicans run the risk of being beat up on pretty bad," North Dakota's Republican Gov. Edward T. Schafer told WorldNetDaily. "You know -- not caring about families, or crime, or these kind of things." "But, he continued, "we do have this fundamental Constitutional right in our country that we're trying to defend. Somehow we're going to bring some balance to it." If President Clinton has his way, individuals who wish to purchase a handgun will soon be required by law to obtain a gun license in the form of a photo ID, as announced in his State of the Union speech. In addition, Clinton wants to increase the size of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in order to conduct a large investigation of about 1,000 gun dealers. ….."

Washington Post 2/8/00 Craig Timberg "…..Bills to ban firearms in schools died in the Virginia General Assembly today as gun-control advocates energized by the Columbine massacre lost out to the growing power of rural legislators devoted to gun rights. The bills, which would have closed several loopholes allowing guns on school grounds, could be revived in the state Senate, but their defeat in a House committee was so resounding that gun-control advocates have nearly given up hope of passing new restrictions this session. They are preparing instead to defend against bills pushed by gun-rights advocates, including one that would prohibit Virginia cities from suing weapons manufacturers……"

Washington Post 2/7/00 Daniel LeDuc "….. It is the headquarters of Beretta USA, one the nation's leading firearms companies and the only gun manufacturer in Maryland. At the Accokeek factory, the company makes the U.S. military's standard side arm and supplies pistols to 2,000 police agencies in North America, including the Maryland State Police. A marquee name in the gun business, Beretta brought hundreds of jobs to the region when it located here in 1977. But now it finds itself fending off a high-stakes gun control initiative in its own back yard. The company has become the leading opponent of Gov. Parris N. Glendening's proposal to mandate that only so-called personalized, "smart" guns be sold in the state after 2003. Those guns require that some sort of electronic lock be disabled before they can be fired. Some prototypes have used radio transmitters; others have employed fingerprint scanners. Even as Beretta officials acknowledge researching how to make a smart gun, they say the technology isn't feasible. "It is something that doesn't exist in the market today," company owner Ugo Gussalli Beretta said in an interview. "We worry about the new legislation." ….."

Boston Globe 2/3/00 Martin Finucane "…..Pro-gun activists say the state's ban on gun sales from people's homes is snuffing out a legitimate business for no good reason, and they're going to fight it. Michael Yacino, executive director of the Gun Owners' Action League, whose group planned to file a lawsuit in Suffolk Superior Court today, seeking to keep home gun sales alive. ''There's been no evidence provided to us that indicates that these people have done anything wrong,'' he said. ''We're not sure what the problem was that was trying to be solved,'' he said. Attorney General Thomas Reilly told local law enforcement officials in the fall to begin revoking the licenses of dealers who sell guns from their homes. Reilly sent a two-page letter to police chiefs across the state, citing a ban on home gun sales that took effect Sept. 1 as part of the state's tough new gun control law. The move by Reilly in the fall immediately drew howls of protest from pro-gun activists. ……"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 2/9/00 Lynn Bartels "….Have gun, will call, fax, phone, write, cajole, beg, threaten, plead, admonish or whatever else it takes to get Colorado's lawmakers to kill strict firearms legislation. Gun-rights activists stepped up their lobbying efforts this week against a gun show-related bill that a House committee will hear today and other firearms measures scheduled for debate on the House floor Friday. "I'm getting buried by letters and e-mails and I'm for gun rights," said Rep. Gary McPherson, R-Aurora...."

Christian Science Monitor 2/8/00 Tim Vanderpool "….When this city's two daily newspapers recently banned classified ads for private gun sales, the response was fast and unforgiving. "Be a newspaper, not a police officer!" said one letter to the editor. Another called the policy hypocritical. "Since automobiles kill many more people than guns, are you also going to reject classified ads from individuals trying to sell their automobiles...?" The Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen are not the only papers to get letters like these. Eleven others around the US also exclude such ads. The financial costs can be significant - The Seattle Times reportedly loses as much as $400,000 a year for refusing to publish certain ads. Still, as the traditional "firewall" between editorial content and advertising crumbles, the move is becoming a more accepted way of keeping values consistent throughout the paper, media experts say. …."

Ap 2/11/00 John Sarche "….A second component of Gov. Bill Owens' plans to tighten gun-ownership regulations was struck down today. The House Appropriations Committee killed a measure to require non-licensed gun sellers at gun shows to conduct background checks on their buyers. The vote on the background check measure had been delayed twice in the past two weeks as Owens and the bill's sponsor, House Minority Leader Ken Gordon, D-Denver, tried to persuade Republican members of the panel to send the bill to the full House for debate. In Friday's vote, six of the panel's Republicans voted to postpone the bill indefinitely, meaning it cannot be revived this session. Chairman Steve Tool, R-Fort Collins, joined the committee's four Democrats in voting against killing the bill. …."

Denver Post 2/13/00 David Olinger "….The entrance is on an alley. Two hand-painted signs, Big Timber Taxidermy and Wildlife Recreations Taxidermy, provide the only clues that business is conducted within. But if you open the alley door, walk down a ramp and into a dim, concrete hallway, past the men who sometimes can be found stuffing heads of wild boar or deer, a third sign hangs at the end of the corridor: A&T Specialty Shop. This is the federally licensed location of one of Denver's largest retail gun businesses, a dealership that sold about 800 guns last year. The gun-shop owner, Ash L. Johnson, spends little time here. On weekdays he occasionally meets customers by appointment on the alley side of 126 Acoma St., a business address where he keeps only a handful of guns. But on weekends, he can be found displaying hundreds of weapons for sale at Colorado gun shows. Johnson began selling guns about 40 years ago and says he never entered a gun show during his early years in the business. Yet these days, he guesses, all of the store owners he sees at the gun shows sells most of their guns on weekends. ….."

WorldNetDaily 2/11/00 Jon E. Dougherty "……For too many years, too many Americans have been killed, wounded, maimed and scarred for life because too many politicians are too willing to pass too many anti-gun laws. I admire the work of the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms, and other groups; but one organization that -- to me -- has demonstrated more guts and gumption than many of these groups combined is Citizens of America, the California-based pro-firearms rights group that has produced a number of effective, targeted pro-gun advertisements. That's a pretty powerful statement, but let me tell you something -- the time to be civil and polite and PC when it comes to defending our right to keep and bear arms is over. Here's a clue: The PC crowd, the establishment media and hundreds of politicians nationwide don't care how "civil" and "polite" gun supporters are. They hate us anyway. They hate our guns; and most of all, they hate the fact that they haven't been able to ban all of our guns outright. …… COA also puts the political elite on the spot: One commercial rhetorically asks why ordinary Americans are denied access to firearms while the arrogant political class enjoys armed taxpayer protection in the form of paid bodyguards and police officers. These commercials have impact. They make sense. They leave no doubt that unarmed and vulnerable, average Americans are more at risk from harm by the criminal element than if we were all allowed unfettered use of our Second Amendment rights. COA also supports the latest factual evidence -- studies that show that the more people who own and carry firearms, the safer our society is. Make no mistake, friends -- the fight to take guns away from us is set to heat up again. During his State of the Union undress, President Clinton shocked many gun owners and gun industry executives, as well as several congressmen, when he announced he would be pushing for an expanded role for the BATF and federal law enforcement officers to crack down on illegal guns, which is just political code for finding new ways to take guns away from honest people….."

Washington Post 2/11/00 Craig Timberg "…..Alongside the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the Virginia Constitution could soon be a new one: the right to hunt. The state Senate and Virginia voters must still approve it, but the House of Delegates today voted 72 to 27 for a new amendment giving constitutional protection to hunting, fishing and harvesting game...."

Detroit News 2/12/00 AP "…A judge dismissed part of the city's $433 million lawsuit that seeks to recoup costs stemming from gun violence. Detroit and Wayne County are among other communities nationwide that have filed similar lawsuits against the gun industry -- patterned after states' lawsuits against tobacco companies. The Chicago lawsuit -- filed against gun makers, distributors and dealers -- accused them of negligence for manufacturing, distributing and selling guns that ended up in the hands of criminals. But Circuit Judge Stephen Schiller ruled Thursday that the city's allegation of "negligent entrustment" is mainly used to redress wrongs between two private parties and doesn't apply in this case. "It's a disappointment but it was not the main argument of our case," said Jennifer Hoyle, a spokeswoman for the city's law department. ….."

Denver Post 2/12/00 David Olinger "…..Sixteen firearms dealers in Colorado have been targeted for thorough inspections under a new federal program that focuses regulatory attention on dealers that have sold the most guns traced from crime scenes. But only two will be getting a "demand letter" from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for records of their used-gun sales, an extra level of enforcement reserved for dealers whose guns have quickly ended up in the hands of criminals. The combination of frequent police traces and a short "time-tocrime," which ATF defines as less than three years from retail sale to police seizure, "provides two indicators that something's going wrong here," said Bill Kinsella, an ATF spokesman in Washington. ATF announced last week that 1 percent of the nation's firearms dealers sold 57 percent of the guns traced by police in 1998 - and promised to inspect them to find out why….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP 2/11/00 "….A judge dismissed part of the city's $433 million lawsuit that seeks to recoup costs stemming from gun violence. The lawsuit -- filed against gun makers, distributors and dealers -- accused them of negligence for manufacturing, distributing and selling guns that ended up in the hands of criminals. But Circuit Judge Stephen Schiller ruled Thursday that the city's allegation of "negligent entrustment'' is mainly used to redress wrongs between two private parties and doesn't apply in this case. "It's a disappointment but it was not the main argument of our case,'' said Jennifer Hoyle, a spokeswoman for the city's law department. …..Lawsuits filed by officials in Miami and Bridgeport, Conn., that contained claims of negligence and public nuisance were dismissed in December. …."

Ohioans for Concealed Carry 2/9/00 "…..Since 1851, the Constitution of the State of Ohio has clearly guaranteed Ohio citizens the inalienable right to bear arms for self-defense and security. In May of 1999 Ohioans For Concealed Carry (, a non-profit civil rights organization began a statewide petition drive to demand Ohio lawmakers pass pending right to carry legislation (HB165) in the Ohio House of Representatives. This week members and supporters of Ohioans For Concealed Carry, Inc. applaud the actions of Senator Lynn R. Wachtmann, who introduced similar legislation to the Ohio Senate on February 9th. Senator Wachtmann's legislation came after the OFCC website made it possible for angry Ohioans to write their lawmakers email directly from the organization's website to express their concerns over the stalled status of this legislation in the House. ….."

United Nations press release 2/4/00 "….. [04 Feb 2000] GA/SM/149 : ASSEMBLY PRESIDENT STRESSES REFORM, FINANCING FOR DEVELOPMENT, GENDER EQUALITY, MENACE OF SMALL ARMS AND AIDS AS CORE UN CONCERNS …… GA/SM/149 …… Humanity, as I expected, survived, actually defeated, the Y2K bug. I am, however, afraid that in the critical and challenging fields of nuclear disarmament, human relations, disparities between the haves and the have-nots, organized crime, transfer of technology, financing for development, gender equality, children's rights and protection, the record of the United Nations Member States, industry and academia alike stinks to the high heavens. The global community is integrating and fragmenting at the same time and the United Nations efforts towards peace and development are constantly being frustrated…….. Last year, the Secretary-General produced a comprehensive and thought-provoking and, in some respects, challenging report. I would like to exemplify one issue, among others, which engendered a very robust and passionate debate, on a somewhat divisive issue. This issue, "humanitarian intervention", some delegations felt, put the concepts of State "sovereignty" and "human rights" on equal footing. There is the rub…….. I, myself, said that the idea of "humanitarian intervention" was not only alarming, but it was actually threatening the very existence of the sovereignty of States, as well as undermining the sacred principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations. I concluded by asserting that it did not constitute my idea of "a new world order". Until the jury is back, I still hold that view. …….. Today, at the United Nations, the ongoing discussions and trade- offs are concentrated on the following areas of policy that I have delineated:
First one is the reform, restructuring and democratization of the United Nations system, including the international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and others…..
Second, financing for development, in line with the human-centred proposals and recommendations of the major United Nations summits, starting with the 1992 Rio Summit on environment and development through those on human rights, population, women and development, habitat and ending with the Rome Food Summit in 1996. Out of all this, poverty eradication is the ultimate goal.
Third, gender equality, which also links up with children's rights and protection, as well as the restoration of healthy and productive family life.
Fourth, the proliferation and spiralling menace of small arms in the third world where armed conflicts, civil wars and ethnic cleansing are rampant. The call is to put an end to this nasty business.
Fifth, the external debt owed by many developing countries to the industrialized countries. Total debt cancellation is the only answer…..
Sixth, and last, HIV/AIDS. This is, today, the single most devastating crisis facing the modern society and its inhabitants. The most affected regions of the world are the very ones where the poorest of the poor live, with sub-Saharan Africa topping the list….."

Worldnetdaily 2/4/00 Jon Dougherty "…..To hear Handgun Control, Inc. tell it, guns -- specifically handguns -- are the worst killers of both children and adults since the birth of the modern American nation-state. But the reality of the issue is this: Guns, in all applications and under all conditions and circumstances, routinely kill far fewer Americans annually than a number of other unrelated causes. In fact, as Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck has regularly proven, guns actually save about 2.5 million lives a year. Yes, I know -- what can we expect? After all, this is Handgun Control, Inc. and they have no compunction against telling the truth as they want it to be, instead of using documented facts -- all of them -- to present their case to their constituents and the American people in general. The establishment media has a large hand in perpetuating these lies and distortions of truth.. ……."

Worldnetdaily 2/4/00 Jon Dougherty "…..According to the National Safety Council, in 1996 alone, 120,000 deaths resulted not from guns but from accidental medical errors. In 1998, around 41,200 people were killed in automobile accidents; falls claimed 16,600; poisonings killed 8,400; about 4,100 people drowned; and some 3,700 were killed in fires or from burns…….Rather than guns being the leading cause of death in the home -- accidental or otherwise -- falls have that dubious honor. In 1998, home accidents in general accounted for about 28,200 fatalities, and about 6.1 million debilitating injuries. Of that figure, falls numbered 10,700. Most people who fell -- more than 86 percent -- were aged 65 or older. Falls are followed by deadly solid and liquid poisonings, fires and burns, and suffocation by ingested object as the leading killers in the home. Of "Deaths and Injuries in the Community," the NSC said, "the five leading fatal causes are falls, drowning, water, air and railroad transportation." From 1994-96, there were 129,536 deaths from automobile accidents and approximately 350,000 accidental medical deaths. This compares with 47,115 shooting deaths in the same period of time. Obviously we need to outlaw cars, hospitals and doctors as well as guns, eh? ….."

Worldnetdaily 2/4/00 Jon Dougherty "…..As for kids -- the favorite "pull-on-their-heartstrings" line used by liberal anti-gunners -- firearms are a child's (or a parent's) least serious worry. In 1998, motor vehicle accident deaths claimed the lives of 2,600 children aged 0 to 14; 200 suffocated to death; 570 were killed by fire or burns; 850 drowned; 70 were poisoned, 160 died from falls; and 40 died from carbon monoxide inhalation. During the same period, guns "principally in recreational activities or on home premises" accidentally killed 110 kids aged 1 to 14 years. Other methods, including "medical and surgical complications and misadventures, machinery, air transport, water transport (except drowning), mechanical suffocation, and excessive cold," killed an additional 500 children. So, as you can see, guns are not our biggest health problem in this country……"


Philadelphia Inquirer 2/17/00 Jay Seville "…..Far from making America more violent, concealed-weapons permits will counter violence by expanding good people's means of self-defense. There are 240 million handguns in America, and no doubt about it: They're dangerous things. Two hundred children under 15 were victims of accidental gun deaths in 1996. But then, hundreds more died from bicycle accidents. I doubt many want to ban bicycles……..The New England Journal of Medicine reported that "the family gun" is more likely to kill you or someone you know than to kill in self-defense. But this study had defined a "household gun" as any gun in the residence while the crime occurred - even a gun brought into the home by the burglar! Only 4 percent of those deaths could be attributed to the homeowner's gun……"

New York Times 2/17/00 Francis Clines "…..For all the political oratory and legislative proposals prompted by the Columbine High School shooting rampage, one of the few fast-moving firearms bills in the nation's statehouses this year is not a gun control measure. It is a ban promoted by the National Rifle Association against cities suing gun manufacturers for liability in deadly sprees by citizens. "It's one of our top priorities," said Jim Baker, the N.R.A.'s chief lobbyist, who estimated that the ban on urban lawsuits, already enacted into law last year in 15 states, would be approved by 15 to 20 more states this session. "We expect to have two-thirds of the states done by the end of this year," Mr. Baker said of the bill to protect gun manufacturers, which the N.R.A. is finding far easier to pursue state by state than in the federal Congressional arena. ……" 2/17/00 "…. The National Rifle Association gave thousands of dollars last month to Colorado state legislators in an effort to defeat gun control laws inspired by the Columbine massacre. CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports many of those measures were voted down this week. Only a few token laws, those supported by the NRA, passed. One allows cops to arrest people who buy guns for criminals and children; another re-authorizes a state background check program. Most of the other proposals were shot down. Among other things, these laws required background checks at gun shows, safe storage of guns at home and an increase in the age for buying a handgun from 18 to 21. …."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/15/00 Tom Kertscher "…..Town of Yorkville - Over the objections of police chiefs and prosecutors, state lawmakers and a largely pro-gun audience Tuesday extolled the virtues of a bill that would allow Wisconsin residents to carry concealed weapons. With the first public hearing on the Personal Protection Act, Wisconsin embarks on a path that has seen 43 states, many in the past decade, enact "concealed carry" laws. Wisconsin also enters the debate on whether guns in pockets lead to reductions in crime or create a more dangerous society. The bill may not be atop the legislative agenda, but as with many gun issues, it stirred emotions among more than 100 people who attended the hearing in the Racine County community of Ives Grove. "As a law-abiding citizen, I am not allowed to carry a gun in my own defense," said David Hickey of Mukwonago, who favors the bill. "I think that is criminal."…."

USA Today 2/14/00 John Larrabee "…..When gun owners crowd the Newington Gun Exchange during the weekend, the talk turns to the recent police raids on two homes in town. On both occasions, officers searched for and seized legally owned guns and ammunition, even though no one faced criminal charges. Under a new and controversial state law aimed at curbing gun violence, police can confiscate firearms based on nothing more than their belief the owner might be a danger to himself or others. Jason Baltrucki, a target shooter from nearby Marlboro, speaks for a majority of the gun shop customers in his criticism of the law. ''If you're feuding with an ex-girlfriend, what's to stop her from calling the police and saying you're a dangerous person?'' he asks. ''You've done nothing wrong, but the police are at your door and your guns are gone.'' Not all gun owners oppose the law, which went into effect Oct. 1. ''I don't have an objection to a law that takes guns out of the hands of someone who shouldn't have them,'' says Randy Graichen, a gun collector in the Newington shop to buy a replica of a .45-caliber revolver from the Old West. ''I have a number of guns, but this law doesn't worry me.'' Lawmakers had potentially dangerous people in mind when they gave Connecticut police the nation's most sweeping power to seize legally owned guns. Had the law been on the books two years ago, they argue, it might have prevented a rampage in Newington that left five people dead. …..Defense lawyers fear abuse of the new law. ''Anyone can make a complaint to police, even for vindictive purposes,'' says Gerard Smythe, head of the state's public defenders. Law enforcement officials say the legislation is an important tool for saving lives. ''This law allows us to step in before it's too late,'' Strillacci says. ''Whoever predicted it would only be used a few times a year underestimated the number of people who are emotionally disturbed, mentally impaired or substance abusers and who own firearms.'' ….." 2/16/00 Reuters "…..A man suspected of killing a farmer and wounding two police officers in Nebraska was caught by two Wyoming ranchers who disarmed him and then took him in and fed him before calling police, authorities said on Wednesday. ``That's the kind of people we have in Wyoming,'' Sgt. Perry Jones of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, said..... Charles Moses, 31, was taken into custody by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and was set to be arraigned in Cheyenne on federal charges. ……. He arrived at a ranch north of Lusk, Wyoming. People in the area knew of the massive manhunt, Jones said. The rancher's son, who was armed, was able to sneak behind Moses while the father spoke with him from the porch. ``The father told Moses he was surrounded and it was in his best interest to lay down his rifle,'' Jones said. Moses surrendered. ``Then the rancher gave him warm, dry clothes and fed him,'' Jones said. ……"

The Cincinnati Enquirer 2/15/00 Robert Anglen "….After losing a vote to stop Cincinnati City Council from appealing the dismissal of a lawsuit against gun makers, Councilman Charlie Winburn today will sue the city. Calling the appeal a "wasteful and illegal expenditure of municipal funds in pursuit of frivolous litigation against the firearms industry," Mr. Winburn is asking for a restraining order to prevent the city from spending any more money on the suit. He also wants the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court to prohibit further litigation against gun manufacturers. "We are wasting city tax dollars. I want the mayor and City Council to join me in stopping this," Mr. Winburn said Monday. "This is like taking $100,000 in $1 bills and dropping it out of an airplane." …."

New York Times 2/26/00 Raymond Bonner "……The Canadian government said today that it was reviewing all licenses issued for the import of firearms from the United States to be sure that they were for valid business or sporting purposes. A senior government official said that the review was being done at the request of the United States, which was alarmed by a huge volume of import applications for firearms since last April. The official said the review was being conducted on an "urgent basis." On Wednesday, the Clinton administration suspended issuing any future licenses for the export of firearms to Canada. The White House said today that exports themselves had not been suspended, which means that guns can be shipped if they were the subject of past import certificates. It is these certificates that are under review. The Canadian officials confirmed that new licenses had been issued for 115,000 handguns since last April. But they said today that only 1,500 of those had so far entered Canada. Nevertheless, the Canadians said the United States was concerned by the volume of guns that had been licensed for export to Canada, a concern the Canadians share. ….."

AP 2/26/00 David Dishneau "……A 66-year-old woman won a Beretta 9 mm semiautomatic pistol Saturday in a Republican Party raffle that provoked opposition even within the party. Helen Roop, a registered Republican and retired Carroll County finance department worker, opted for the handgun and shooting classes over the alternative first prize of $500. She must pass a background check before getting the pistol. The fund-raiser for the rural county's Republican Central Committee succeeded beyond organizers' dreams..."

The Daily Northwestern 2/25/00 Erin Murphy "….Charlton Heston blasts one-sided "fast-food journalism" "The media has become theater, and I will ask you to do what you can to bring down that curtain," the NRA-supporting actor told Northwestern University journalism students. "Leave the acting to guys like me. Drive out the actors and screenwriters who pose in your classrooms as journalists." …….. "There's so little respect for the written word and so much aversion to free thought that truth causes can't be championed," said Heston, who gave the keynote speech of Conservative Week, sponsored by the Northwestern Chronicle and Young Americans Foundation. ...... Heston accused journalists of presenting only one side of issues and molding stories to show political biases. He said that journalists should investigate and report stories on both sides of political issues……… Heston also blamed television for drumming political correctness into programming and playing to what people want to see. He also said television is increasing apathy among viewers, creating a society that is a "dumbed-down cult." "If 50 years ago you set out to destroy free speech, you would invent television," he said. ………. Despite saying that he was not there "to talk about guns," Heston said media coverage of gun use is an example of biased journalism. Heston said the press extensively covers crimes committed with guns while ignoring instances of people protecting themselves by owning guns. "The press pretends there are no positive social benefits to firearm ownerships," he said. ….."

American Hunter Magazine – NRA 3/00 James Jay Baker "…..Seldom have citizens enthusiastically supported a tax of any type, but the excise taxes collected from hunters and fishermen under two laws set up to enhance the populations and habitats of game animal and sport fish species have been a remarkable success story in wildlife conservation. Beginning in 1937, hunters and shooters have willingly paid excise taxes of 10 and 11 percent on new firearms and ammunition, confident in the knowledge that the funds would be spent directly on wildlife and habitat conservation. That was before Bill Clinton and Al Gore came to the White House and fast outpaced all other previous presidential administrations combined in their attacking the rights of gun owners and hunters. Now, this White House has "spawned a culture of premissive spending" of tax dollars supposedly earmarked to serve the outdoorsmen who pay those revenues, according to one General Accounting Office (GAO) investigator who recently testified before Congress. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) has misappropriated at least $45 million in excise tax funds set aside for game conservation, turning the special accounts into cash cows for pet projects of the Clinton-Gore Administration. According to a GAO report and at House Resources Committee hearings, this latest funding scandal is a Clintonesque twist on another type of "wildlife", with conservation tax dollars paying for trips to Brazil, Holland, and Japan, and reimbursement for lavish meals, liquor, and limousine rentals. In at least one instance, pressue was applied to an employee of the FWS to fund a grant proposal submitted by a zealous animal-rights group, The Fund for Animals, which is dedicated to the elimination of the very hunting heritage that those monies are collected to support. ……"

Las Vegas Review Journal 2/24/00 "……Washington D.C., has "failed to find any murder weapons" among 3000 guns purchased at $100 a piece under a buy-back plan. Meantime a participant in a similar program in Easton, Pa. writes: "I took three old 'top-break' .32s and a Valor .22 with missing parts (I had $15 in each) and a broken 12-gauge. I got $350 total. Bought a real nice sporterized .30-40 Krag for $50 from a woman who got there late and been in line an hour when they ran out of money. Went out and bought a mini-14 with the remainder. A great place to upgrade! ….."

Associated Press 2/25/00 "…..The export of guns and ammunition to Canada has been suspended while authorities look into a surge in requests for handgun licenses, the White House said today. The United States nine months ago began requiring licenses to export weapons to Canada. Since last April, licenses have been issued for 115,000 handguns, 25,000 rifles and 200 million rounds of ammunition, according to U.S. government data cited today by the New York Times. A senior law enforcement official in Canada told the newspaper that the import figures were ``astonishing,'' given the country's strict firearms laws. ``I don't know where these handguns could be going,'' he said. White House spokesman Joe Lockhart said exports were suspended after State Department officials who monitor gun sales to Canada noticed a ``large, increased surge'' in requests for licenses for handguns, rifles and ammunition. ….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 2/25/00 "……A Denver attorney filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging the constitutionality of Denver's gun control ordinances. The lawsuit, filed by Donald Trinen, charges that Denver's ordinances barring the open or concealed carrying of firearms violates the constitutional right to keep and bear firearms. No one from the city attorney's office could be reached for comment late Thursday. A person who is under a "direct and immediate threat" falls under an exception to the open-carry ordinance, but hat person would have to prove that threat at a trial, the lawsuit charges. Similarly, Trinen said, a person carrying a gun in a car can avoid crimnal prosecution under the no-concealed-firearms ordinance if he proves he was "traveling away from the area of (the citizen's) residence or business." "What the hell does that mean?" Trinen asked. ……."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 2/23/00 Carla Crowder "….Paula Sacks and Kathleen Hopkins don't want your guns. They just want to have a meeting without gun-rights activists taunting them with bulhorns. That was too much to ask Tuesday night in Fort Collins. As local leaders in the Million Mom March, a national group pushing for stricter gun laws, Sacks and Hopkins spoke to about 40 followers gathered at the Foothills Unitarian Church. The moms were making plans for a Mother's Day March on Washington, D.C. Outside, nearly 200 vocal gun owners circled the building, carrying signs, waving flags and chanting slogans such as "Guns stop rape." "If we have to go underground, if we have to hide our weapons, if we have to have another American Revolution, we will," Bob Glass, a Longmont gun store owner, shouted into a bullhorn. Then he led the crowd into calling Hopkins out for a debate. "We want Kathleen. We want Kathleen." Hopkins owns a gun herself, so she doesn't see a need for Glass to go underground with his……."

WorldNetDaily 2/23/00 Jon Dougherty "…..But don't ever imagine you can challenge their right to say and think what they wish. They're on the side of "righteousness," don't you know -- as defined, of course, by all the leftists. At one point in our country's history, we used to use that line of reasoning to control slaves and other "enemies" of "conventional wisdom." At one point, Hitler used it to control his political opposition. …… For example consider the ridiculous nature of anti-tobacco advertising. It's "against the law" to advertise cigarettes in most venues today, but the same people who have championed this ban don't mind seeing Budweiser lizards or Jack Daniels plastered all over the same venues. ...All guns are bad -- taboo -- Americans are constantly told. Even a large banking conglomerate like Citibank refuses to do business with people who do business in weaponry. But it's OK to do business with other businesses that hype sex and violence -- as if neither of those two vices actually hurt people. ……If you're a Christian and you talk publicly about your faith, you're either branded as some sort of extremist or you're disregarded as unrealistic. Witness the numerous sportscasters who were uncomfortable talking to St. Louis Rams' winning quarterback Kurt Warner who unabashedly credits his skill and performance to the Almighty. …….If you're white -- and specifically a white guy -- then you're inherently racist. But if your skin is any other color in this country, you're somehow immune from being a racist, even though you may espouse anti-white rhetoric and blame "whites" for everything that has gone wrong in your life. Anything "liberal" or associated with the Democratic National Committee is good. Anything "conservative" or associated with the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party or anything right of left is worse than bad -- it's dangerous…….Only kids who are educated in public schools learn the "right" things, while kids schooled at home or in parochial/private settings are considered freakish and disadvantaged. And the list goes on. …."

American Rifleman 2/00 Wayne Lapierre "….. Jennifer Bono is described as "superkid, president of the student body, treasurer of the student fund, choir leader, Coast Guard Academy bound, Ensign-to-be." This Downsville, N.Y. high school senior epitomizes all that is good about American kids. And she proudly counts herself a member of the NRA family. Jennifer, at age 16, became a Master service rifle shooter, and she is justly proud of her accomplishments at Camp Perry.…. Jennifer was called into the principal's office, given a lecture about "assault weapons" and told to withdraw the photo. Her personal accomplishments, her discipline, her values, the pride of friends and family in her abilities were all politically unacceptable. Jennifer's image with her rifle "promoted violence," they said. She called her friend Ray Carney, director of High Power Rifle for the New York State Rifle and Pistol Ass'n, and a truly remarkable process began. Ray posted a personal alert on the Internet, and others picked it up. He told Jennifer's story and suggested people write the superintendent of schools in Downsville. "Keep it civil ... stay on track -- marksmanship is a way of life with Jennifer," he advised…….Ray Carney's leadership inspired hundreds of letters‹testaments to the importance of the history of firearms ownership, to the wholesome nature of marksmanship, to the deep personal qualities that it takes to become a champion in the shooting disciplines. Letters against the school action came from every state in the nation and from as far away as the Philippines and Australia. ......"

Freeper Nralife "….Today's Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper published the names of the 607 Larimer County concealed permit holders. Including, my 21 year old son. They report the "need to know" of the public, as the compelling purpose for the names being published. Well folks, then we need letters demanding every DUI recipient be published. Drunks kill more people every day than all gunowners or permit holders for that matter. We need some righteous indignation. Dave Greiling the editor, should be investigated through CBI to determine he is not an DUI offender. Today's paper had an anti gun message in every section, other than sports. The cry is to defeat the Chlouber bill on CCW privacy and to resurrect the "gun show loophole bill" by initiative. Tom Mauser, Ken Gordon, Bill Owens are all quoted in concert for more gun laws to "save our children." Fine company for a Republican Governor huh? Get a letter off to the paper ,,,, tell your friends,,, the line has been drawn in the sand and they have stepped over it. 2/22/00 William Tonso "….... Having whipped up hyste ria about "assault weapons," journalists now point to the results of their alarmist reporting as evi dence that they were right all along. Although big journalism's misleading coverage of this issue can be partly explained by a combination of ignorance and arrogance, it seems clear that hostility toward the right to keep and bear arms has played an important role. From the beginning, stories about "assault weapons" blurred the distinction between semi -automatics and machine guns. Machine guns are automatics: They fire as long as the trigger is held back. The possession of such firearms has been strictly regulated by the federal government since 1934. They have long been banned in some states, and no new automatics have legally entered civilian circulation in the United States since 1986. But semi-automatics, regardless of how much some of them may look like machine guns, fire one shot per trigger pull. Civilians have commonly used them for recreation and self-defense since the turn of the century True assault rifles were developed by the Germans during World War II and adopted by the major post-war powers. Such rifles combine the spray-fire capabilities of the less-powerful submachine guns and the one-shot-per-trigger-pull, aimed-fire capabilities of more-powerful battle rifles. Assault rifles are less powerful than traditional military rifles, which fire cartridges long used for hunting and target shooting. The assault rifles' smaller cartridges are easier for soldiers to carry in large numbers, and they reduce recoil, so the guns can be controlled during automatic fire. Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer semi-automatic-only variations of assault rifles, submachine guns, and other automatic firearms for civilian sale in the United States. Although the label is quite elastic, it is for the most part these high-tech­looking guns that Sugarmann and other gun prohibitionists call "semi-automatic assault weapons." But the hallmark of an assault rifle is a switch that allows the gun to be fired automatically or semi-automatically. A gun that fires only semi-automatically is not an "assault" anything, no matter what people like Sugarmann claim......."

Denver Rocky Mountain News Washington 2/20/00 Michael Romano "…..Congress' Republican leaders may abandon plans for a gun-control compromise this year, dropping weapons restrictions from a measure now before a Senate-House conference committee. Stripping gun-control restrictions is an option under consideration by Sen. Orrin Hatch, the Judiciary Committee chairman who is trying to broker a compromise on the huge juvenile justice bill. The plan was immediately denounced by gun-control advocates who continue to push for the House to adopt the same measures approved last year by the Senate. Provisions of the bill include a 72-hour background check, child-safety locks and a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips. "Talk about shooting yourself in the foot," said Sarah Brady, who leads Handgun Control, a 400,000-member gun-control advocacy group….."

Virginian Pilot 2/18/00 "…..A masked man shot during an apparent robbery attempt at a downtown gun shop was in fair condition Thursday in Obici Hospital, authorities said. The suspect, Antron Brown, 18, was wearing a ski mask Wednesday morning when he leapt over the counter of Southern Gun Works, apparently intending to rob the place, police said. The shop is in the 100 block of Cherry St. downtown. Brown wasn't armed. Unfortunately for him, the clerk behind the counter was. ..." 2/16/00 Mike Soraghan "……Someone out there is angry enough about the defeat of gun-control legislation in Colorado to spend a good chunk of money on advertising. The question is who? An advertisement has been running on Denver cable stations since the weekend. The ad shows a bullet piercing a succession of walls in homes. At the end, it is clear the bullet is going to strike a baby in a high chair. The ad then cuts to a black screen with a message asking that the Colorado Legislature "reopen the debate on gun ownership in Colorado." What it doesn't say is who is paying for the ad. The groups known to be working on gun control in Colorado say they didn't pay for the ad. That includes SAFE Colorado, Handgun Control Inc., the Bell Campaign, the Colorado Coalition Against Gun Violence and the office of Denver Mayor Wellington Webb. …….."

ABCNEWS 2/11/0 Josh Gerstein "….. At an event last week, Clinton said his administration was "beginning the most aggressive effort ever undertaken to ensure responsible behavior by gun dealers." Aides who detailed the plan said focused, intensive inspections of gun dealers by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms would be one of the key elements of this crackdown. But Congress has put limits on ATF's ability to inspect gun dealers unless there's reason to believe that a specific dealer is breaking the law. Under current law, ATF can conduct routine inspections only once a year, meaning that some problem dealers might not get a full inspection until 2001. Why does Clinton's staff try so hard to make these half-measures sound so significant? They're under orders. Aides say that Chief of Staff John Podesta has sent down word that, whenever possible, the president's events are to include regulatory or executive actions designed to dispel the notion that he's a lame duck. In an e-mail response to questions from, Podesta acknowledged that he has told the staff to search high and low for unilateral actions that the president can take. "We need to operate in a context which recognizes our authority, sometimes broad ... sometimes more limited," Podesta wrote. …."

WorldNetDaily 2/19/00 Jon Dougherty "…..A new corporate policy at Citibank, one of the largest corporate banks in the world, prohibits "maintaining accounts for businesses that deal in weapons," according to a letter sent from the Las Vegas branch of Citibank to a local pistol club owner. The letter, dated Feb. 7, said the Nevada Pistol Academy would be forbidden from doing business at the Citibank branch as of Thursday, Feb. 17. The "Notice of Account Closure" said the bank was closing the academy's checking account and instructed account holders to refrain from making further deposits or writing checks on the account……. As a result, Lorenzo said he contacted the National Rifle Association who, he said, is looking into the legalities of the case. His NRA contact, Chris Oswald, was out of the office for the weekend when WorldNetDaily contacted the NRA late Friday afternoon. Chris Stark, director of the Texas Gun Owners Alliance, called the action an "outrage," and said it fell "under the category of unlawful restraint of trade." "For Citibank to operate in this manner is a violation of common and ethical business practices and is discriminatory," he added. ……"

NRA-ILA FAX "ALERT" 2/18/00 James Baker "…..The National Rifle Association is backing a legal challenge to Cincinnati's reckless lawsuit against gun makers as a violation of the state's "good government" laws. The lawsuit was filed in Ohio State court on Tuesday, Feb. 15, on behalf of Cincinnati Councilman Charlie Winburn (R). The suit argues that the city's decision to appeal its case after last October's ruling to dismiss it with prejudice (see FAX Alert Vol. 6, No. 39) amounts to a misuse of public funds. A hearing is set for March 3. "Taxpayers have every right to challenge their government when tax dollars are being wasted," said NRA-ILA Executive Director James Jay Baker. "NRA has always maintained that these lawsuits are utterly frivolous, and this is abundantly clear in Cincinnati's case, where the court so thoroughly rejected the city's suit. The very notion of trying to hold a third party, who operates in total compliance with the law, responsible for the criminal actions of another flies in the face of common sense and our system of American jurisprudence, and the city's decision to appeal its case is completely irresponsible." Support of this suit represents just one more step taken by NRA as it leads the fight to put an end to reckless lawsuits faced by the firearms industry. In 1999, the NRA successfully worked to enact legislation in 14 states to prohibit municipalities from wasting tax dollars through reckless lawsuits against firearm manufacturers. Baker said NRA continues this legislative effort and will seek passage in as many as 20 more states in 2000, and will continue to promote U.S. Representative (and NRA Board Member) Bob Barr's (R-Ga.) H.R. 1032. Representative Barr's legislation would prohibit any litigation that seeks to hold manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers who deal in non-defective firearms responsible for the criminal or negligent misuse of their products, and is awaiting action by the U.S. House. …."

Denver Post 2/17/00 Bill McAllister "….Legislation that would drastically reduce how much small businesses - including the makers of two of the guns used in the Columbine shootings - would have to pay in civil lawsuits cleared the House of Representatives on Wednesday, largely on a party-line vote. Republicans said the measure was designed to help small businesses survive and was not created for the protection of small gun manufacturers. But Democrats, including Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., charged that bill would do just that by sharply reducing the liability of any firm with fewer than 25 employees. ….."


Bangor Daily News 2/26/00 Emmett Meara "…..Rep. Christopher T. Muse must have felt like Jane Fonda at a VFW picnic on Friday. His proposal to create a commission to study the state's gun laws received about the same level of support from the Criminal Justice Committee. Out of courtesy to the South Portland Democrat who sits on the committee, the measure, LD 2494, was tabled for study. But it had enough bullet holes by the end of the Friday session to be declared dead, for all intents and purposes. Any attempt at introducing gun safety laws in Maine meets immediate opposition. Muse's bill was no exception when an estimated 100 opponents showed up at the public hearing earlier this week to condemn the study commission proposal as one more backdoor attempt at gun control. In fighting his losing battle Friday, Muse said opponents were ''paranoid. I don't want to take their guns away. I just want to make Maine a safer place. If we can stop one murder a year, I would say it was worth 100 times the cost of the commission. We can build a better mousetrap and we can save lives.'' ….."

News Max 3/3/00 Dr Michael Brown "…… Here are seven paradoxes that have developed during the course of this conflict:
1. Women are usually at a physical disadvantage when confronted by a male attacker and violence against women has been a major societal issue. Some women know that a firearm combined with training is a true equalizer….. However, many women reject this opportunity…. Thus, those who could benefit most from gun ownership are least likely to own one.
2. Police chiefs are famous for blaming crime on "guns flooding the streets", and generally support more gun control. However, rank and file police officers are overwhelmingly opposed to stricter laws…..
3. Celebrities and politicians who promote gun control are the ones who don't need to protect themselves. They have access to the best bodyguards that money can buy. Even if the strictest imaginable gun laws are enacted, armed men will still protect them.
4. As a result of state laws passed in recent decades, citizens in 31 states are now entitled to concealed weapons permits if they have a clean record and fulfill various requirements. Data gained from this change has provided important new knowledge for gun law discussions. To the great surprise of anti-gun groups, it turns out that permit holders are far less violent than the general population. Even more significant is the fact that crime decreased in the areas where permits were made available…..
5. Criminals victimize minorities at a much higher rate than the general population, yet many gun control efforts such as buy-backs and neighborhood sweeps of low income areas are aimed at reducing gun ownership by minorities.. .
6….. Liberals, who defend the right of a woman to have an abortion, would generally deny her the use of a firearm to protect herself and her family. Conservatives, who typically feel that the government should allow people to make their own important decisions, want more government control of personal reproductive choices.. .
7. …..Gun control simply does not work as crime control. Case after case shows that when cities, states and nations implement gun control, crime goes up. Washington, Chicago, New York, Australia, Britain; the list is long and getting longer as the seductive appeal of gun control spreads. Criminologists explain that disarming the law-abiding population makes life easier for criminals who are going to ignore the law anyway…."

NRA-ILA 3/3/00 "…..NRA-ILA FAX ALERT Vol. 7, No. 9 3/3/00 "THEY'RE (NRA) BASICALLY AGAINST ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES ANYBODY TO DO ANYTHING AS A MEMBER OF SOCIETY THAT HELPS TO MAKE IT SAFER." This outlandish claim, made by President Clinton during an interview with Katie Couric on Thursday's edition of NBC's Today, makes clear whom Clinton blames for the recent shootings in Michigan and Pennsylvania. This blatant attack on NRA was part of the President's response to a question speculating what NRA's concerns would be over so-called "smart" guns. He took the opportunity to lay the blame for criminal activity squarely at the feet of the National Rifle Association….."

ABC News 3/1/00 Christy McDonald and Chris Pavelich "…..Prosecutors today said the 6-year-old boy believed responsible for the fatal shooting of an elementary school classmate lived in a "flophouse" and used a stolen handgun he found in a bedroom there. Flint television stations reported that the shooter's father and grandfather were in prison on gun-related charges. The boy lived with his mother, a man referred to as an uncle and a younger sibling, Busch said. ……. Police say the boy is too young to face criminal charges and that they instead are focusing on how the child got the gun used in the killing, which may have occurred as a result of a playground scuffle. "We're looking to see how that kid got that gun and if we get to that person we will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law," Busch told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America, adding that drugs were also found in the house. ….."

The Houston Chronicle 2/29/00 "…..A teen-ager, apparently thinking he was playing Russian roulette, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Rashaad Taylor, 19, was visiting friends Monday evening in the 4900 block of Glengarry in southeast Houston when he began playing with a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol, police said. Witnesses said Taylor announced he wanted to play Russian roulette, then held the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. But he had no chance: the .45 pistol -- unlike a revolver -- had automatically inserted a cartridge in the firing chamber when the gun was cocked. …."

Detroit Free Press 3/2/00 Wayne Woolley, Irvin Jackson, David Shepardson and David Josar "….From the home of a taxpayer, to the depths of a drug house and into the hands of a child. The Davis Industries .32-caliber semi-automatic pistol traveled a short, sad path over an 84-day stretch that began when it was stolen from its licensed owner, used as barter for crack cocaine, and then ended when a 6-year-old boy leveled it at a fellow first-grader and pulled the trigger. ..."

Reuters 3/2/00 Sue Pleming "…… Outraged by new deadly shootings this week, President Clinton called on Thursday for a meeting with congressional leaders in an effort to push through gun control legislation stalled in Congress. Clinton said he would invite party leaders from both the Senate and the House of Representatives to a meeting at the White House next week to discuss gun control laws to keep weapons away from criminals and children. …."

Washington Post 2/28/00 Daniel LeDuc "…..Before picking up the gun, slip on the special black wristband. Then, draw a bead on the paper target hanging 30 feet downrange, squeeze the trigger and feel the .40-caliber pistol buck with a satisfying jolt. A round hole is punched in the target, and the silver pistol is ready for firing again. But take off the black wristband, a radio transmitter that looks like a digital watch without numerals, pick up the pistol again, aim and squeeze the trigger: Nothing happens. Without the transmitter held inches from the gun, the pistol is an inoperable lump of metal……"

US House of Representatives 3/7/00 "……- In a letter to President Clinton, U.S. Representative Bob Barr (GA-7) called today's White House gun conference "hypocritical" and urged the President to stop stalling youth violence legislation. The text of Barr's letter follows: "Your meeting this morning to "encourage" Congress to pass youth violence legislation is one of the most hypocritical political displays I have ever witnessed. As you are fully aware, Congress passed legislation to fight youth violence months ago. Sadly, that legislation has been held hostage in Congress by allies following your orders to saddle the package with gun control or block its passage. "It is becoming increasingly obvious you have decided to stall youth violence legislation and allow more deaths to occur, because you believe it may help you achieve more gun control laws that won't do a single thing to stop crime. It is difficult to imagine a more distressing act than sacrificing the lives of American children for political gain, and I implore you to reverse this course immediately. "I don't think you, or any other intelligent person can honestly conclude that having a law mandating trigger locks would have prevented a felony fugitive living in a crack house from storing a firearm unsafely. However, some of the important provisions that have been held hostage on your orders -- such as prosecutorial reforms and new enforcement resources -- might well have addressed the tragedy in Michigan last week. ……."If you are truly concerned about saving young lives, please direct your allies in Congress to release the youth violence package they have been holding hostage in Conference Committee so we can vote on it and get it to you for signature. If you wish an up-or-down vote on gun control, fine; let's tee it up, debate it fairly, and vote on it; but let's not continue to hold school safety hostage to your political agenda." ……"

NRA-ILS ALERT! (GUN RIGHTS) 3/10/00 James Baker "….U.S. Senator Craig Thomas (R-Wyo.) requested early last year that the General Accounting Office (GAO) conduct an audit to examine whether the National Instant Check System (NICS) is efficiently designed and effectively managed by the FBI. The study is now complete, and it shows there are significant problems with NICS that prevent it from operating as Congress intended. The most glaring problems are:
1.2 million, or 28 percent, of all federal firearm checks were not instant.
1,505 individuals were denied the opportunity to purchase firearms as a result of FBI examiner error or misidentification.
As of December 31, 1999, BATF Headquarters reported that 3,353 prohibited individuals had obtained firearms, but only had active criminal investigations on 110 - or 3.3 percent of these individuals. NICS failed to meet its operating accountability standards two-thirds of the time between 11/30/98 and 11/30/99. Although NICS has been operational for 15 months, it has yet to be authorized as secure in accordance with the FBI's own routine requirements for computer security….."

NewsMax 3/9/00 Charlton Heston "…..If you want to own any firearm for any reason anywhere in America, you need to watch a startling television report sponsored by the NRA that's currently airing and tracks the explosion of anti-gun laws worldwide; and now in California. If California, as so often in the past, turns out to be ground zero for the expansion of this movement into America, your rights are clearly in danger. Election Day 2000 is your best opportunity to defend them. So get ready for a fight. You've seen how England, Australia and Canada have passed one anti-gun law after another. What you may not know, unless you've seen the latest NRA report, is that those countries are just a few steps ahead of the United States-and just the most visible victims of a contagion that's spreading worldwide. In 1996, Australian politicians used the hysteria surrounding a media- sensationalized mass murder to impose, in just weeks, a total ban on all semi- automatic and pump-action rifles and shotguns. Since those firearms were all already registered, authorities knew exactly whom to contact to confiscate each gun. In all, they rounded up 640,000 privately owned firearms, which they sawed up in machine shops and sold for scrap steel. Now, any firearms that haven't been banned in Australia must be unloaded, disassembled and sealed in safes with ammunition locked up elsewhere. The result? Now in Australia, gun murders are up, firearms assaults are up, armed robberies are up, and home invasions are up. …."

NewsMax 3/9/00 Charlton Heston "…..That's what this is, as you'll see in the NRA's report. During the past seven years, at least 25 nations have tightened anti-gun laws or banned guns. Now, countries that don't tolerate any freedom are plotting, through the United Nations, to stomp out firearms freedom wherever it exists-especially the United States. California proves it. Last year, Gov. Davis signed five new anti-gun bills into law, including a broad extension of the infamous Roberti-Roos semi-auto ban that's taking ordinary hunting rifles that have been around for nearly half a century-such as the Remington Model 7400 and Browning BAR-off store shelves. Now the Democrats who control both houses of California's legislature want to impose far more restrictions. One proposal, cooked up by Handgun Control, Inc., would require registration of all handguns along with annual renewals, fingerprinting, competency tests and ownership inventories. As one California lawmaker told the Los Angeles Times, "Registration is the next logical step." What's the next step? If California follows the path of England and Australia, confiscation is next. And if California legislation becomes the model for the nation-as it did when the state's 1989 gun bans went into Clinton's Crime Bill of 1994-your rights are in peril now. Congressional and presidential candidates are watching California closely. If you want to keep your Second Amendment rights, you need to listen to their every word, alert fellow shooters, hunters and gun owners of what's afoot and what's at stake-and then vote accordingly on Nov. 7. …."

The PlanetTimes 3/8/00 Dave Duffy "…..The showdown between the Federal government and the American people over gun rights may have tilted in favor of the people recently when the nation's third most popular radio talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, told her audience she was taking shooting lessons and intended to arm herself with a handgun as a self-protection measure ..."

Associated Press 3/7/00 "……Looking to break a stalemate over gun control legislation, President Clinton invited members of Congress and the mother of a slain 6-year-old to the White House today. Clinton planned to tell Veronica McQueen about his gun control efforts in Congress in a private meeting after a separate session with lawmakers, White House spokesman Jake Siewert said. McQueen's daughter, Kayla Rolland, was killed in her first grade classroom last week, allegedly by another 6-year-old who brought a gun to school. "I think he just wants to talk to her," Siewert said. "He wants to do everything he can to make sure that these kinds of tragedies don't happen again. He'll communicate that to her. He wants to hear what she has to say." ….."

Detroit News 3/7/00 Ron French "……. The next time little Johnny has a sore throat, his doctor may take his temperature, check his heart beat and ask about guns. Spurred by schoolhouse bloodshed such as the fatal shooting Feb. 29 at Buell Elementary near Flint, where a first-grader shot and killed a classmate, the American Academy of Pediatrics has adopted guidelines that encourage doctors to ask young patients and their parents about guns in their homes………"The issue of gun ownership is a particularly frustrating and difficult one," the policy states. "Pediatricians should be prepared for resistance. Maintaining a focus specifically on the risks of hand-gun ownership can help keep the message clear and reduce controversy." ......"

Washington Post 3/8/00 Charles Babington Helen Dewar "……President Clinton's hopes of breaking a congressional impasse on gun control after last week's fatal shooting of a Michigan first-grader met a stern Republican rebuke yesterday, as a key senator refused to convene House-Senate negotiations and accused the administration of trying to eliminate gun shows. "We're poles apart on what can or cannot be done," Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) told reporters after emerging from a White House meeting with the president and three other lawmakers. Hatch chairs the House-Senate conference committee that was established to resolve differences between a Senate-passed proposal backed by Clinton that requires criminal background checks of buyers at gun shows and a weaker House version. Clinton has repeatedly cited last week's shooting of Kayla Rolland by a 6-year-old classmate near Flint, Mich., as a reason for Congress to enact the stalled package of gun restrictions……"

Washington Times 3/7/00 "…..Leave it to Bill Clinton to use tragedy for political gain. In the wake of the recent shooting of a first-grader near Flint, Mich., the president has asked for a meeting with congressional leaders to "break the logjam" that has thwarted his gun-control agenda. How this could have prevented the tragedy caused by a 6-year-old child, whose own life is a story of misery, living in a crack house with multiple felons, is rather hard to see. "I've asked for support on three other vital measures," the president said. These are "to develop smart guns that can only be fired by the adults who own them; to require that new handgun buyers first get a photo license showing they passed a Brady background check and a gun safety course, and to hire 1,000 new gun prosecutors," he continued. This page has considered the issue of so-called "smart" gun technology before and found it wanting. A "smart" gun may not work when desperately needed, because the circuitry has failed or become inoperative. Alternatively, it may take a fraction of a second longer to disengage the safety interlock -a moment that could easily mean the difference between life and death in a self-defense situation. Properly cared for, a mechanical device such as a revolver or semi-automatic pistol can be depended upon to work properly for decades. Electronics, however, are inherently less durable and degrade over time……"

Detroit News 3/7/00 Ron French "……The next time little Johnny has a sore throat, his doctor may take his temperature, check his heart beat and ask about guns. Spurred by schoolhouse bloodshed such as the fatal shooting Feb. 29 at Buell Elementary near Flint, where a first-grader shot and killed a classmate, the American Academy of Pediatrics has adopted guidelines that encourage doctors to ask young patients and their parents about guns in their homes. The policy, published in January, calls for pediatricians to work for "reduced availability or elimination of hand guns in all communities through handgun regulation and public education." ……"

Toronto Sun 3/8/00 Hartley Steward "….. In my mind, the shooting of a 6-year-old girl by a 6-year-old boy puts an end to the liberal argument. The liberal argument has been a fantasy, a wild hope, a fairy tale wish on a star. Dreaming in Technicolor, as my old dad used to say. If I've got it right, the argument goes like this: If a child shoots a child, the child has been let down by his or her parents. If the parents turn out to be a crackhead mom and a rotten dad, already in jail, well, someone did poorly by them as well. If the next generation - the grandparents, or, in this case, grandparent - happen to be in jail, too, then society in general must be at fault. The child, the father, the mother, the grandfather are not at fault. There is no blame, no consequences, only more social engineering to be done. The solution is to work harder for the just society and utopia will be ours……… At best it has been a flawed and misguided philosophy. And it has brought us to this. A little boy, a first-grader who lives in a crack house without a bed of his own to sleep in, shoots a little girl classmate in a Michigan school and nobody knows what to do about it. Do we:
a) Take another look at gun control?
b) Get counselling for the parents, if we can find them?
c) Cluster hug the kid and get him into a good anger management course?
d) Charge somebody - anybody - with leaving a gun in a place where a 6-year-old can get his hands on it? …." 3/8/00 Jon Dougherty "…..After intense public pressure and a threatened boycott, following a series of WorldNetDaily reports exposing Citibank's practice of denying banking services to firearms business, the global financial giant has now reversed its "longstanding" policy. Yesterday, Mark Rodgers, a public relations specialist for the New York-based mega-banking firm told WND the corporation "went out and looked at our policies across (all Citibank branches) and found that (they) were inconsistent." After reviewing several policy "areas," Rodgers said, "we decided we must have uniform policies across the U.S." Consequently, he said, Citibank "decided that moving forward the practice of assessing a small business account will apply uniformly in small businesses," including those "engaged in the manufacture or sale of small firearms." Rodgers said the firm would rate firearms businesses "the same as any other small business, using the same standards such as creditworthiness, the number of years in business, and so on."…."

Houston Chronicle 2/6/00 James Pinkerton "…..Some of Texas' biggest and best-known gun store owners in Houston, Austin and Dallas are among 1,000 gun dealers nationwide who have been targeted by the government. They have drawn attention because they sold 10 or more guns last year that were traced to crimes. But critics charge that the new measure is yet another instance of the government harassing legitimate gun dealers while not using existing federal laws to prosecute criminals who use guns. "If you're a big dealer, the percentages are against you that a gun you sell will be used in a crime," said Bobby Nagel, who has run a San Antonio gun shop for nearly half a century. "The bottom line is legitimate dealers have too much at stake. They'd have to be insane to have anything to do with the sale of firearms for illegal purposes," he said, echoing sentiments expressed by other large dealers. ….."

Reuters 3/6/00 Judith Crosson "….``Pack an illegal gun. Pack your bags for prison.'' Advocates on both sides of the gun control divide in Colorado sent out that message on Monday when, in a rare display of unity, they stood on the same stage to back tougher enforcement of existing gun laws in the state still scarred by April's bloody massacre at Columbine High School. The executive vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the father of a Columbine victim, and gun control advocate James Brady spoke to about 100 people in support of Colorado's Project Exile, which targets gun-law violators for more aggressive prosecution. ``Being a victim, I and many others here today can tell you it's no fun. This is one club for which we don't need new members,'' Brady, who was shot and injured in a 1981assassination attempt on former President Ronald Reagan, said from his wheelchair as Tom Mauser, whose son Daniel died at Columbine, held a microphone for him and gently handed him the pages of his speech. …."

New York Post 3/5/00 Rod Dreher "….. IF the Straight Talk Express had ventured into Mount Morris Township, Mich., The Bronx, or Wilkinsburg, Pa., this past week, it would have had its tires shot out. I'm not literally talking about the John McCain campaign bus, but using it as a metaphor for honest public discussion. Straight talk about race, guns, and culture is an unwanted fugitive in a society that would rather live in denial than face unpleasant truths. In Michigan, a 6-year-old boy shot and killed a first-grade classmate with a handgun stolen from his guardian's house. The usual suspects clamored for more gun control, though it is hard to see how laws can prevent a crackhead uncle from leaving a stolen pistol within reach of a child. The little boy, we now know, is a monster who has been in serious trouble at school from Day¤1. His father is in jail, his mother is an admitted drug addict, and the kid was being raised in a drug den by male relatives. This is not the fault of the National Rifle Association. This is the fault of the boy's family and the degraded, immoral culture they chose for themselves and that poor child. Growing up in a world ruled by gangsta values, which extol the virtues of law-breaking, cruelty, drug use and the power of firearms -- that's what made a murderer of this boy. And that, not specious claims of white racism, or the NAACP's obnoxious accusations against the gun industry, is why African-American males between the ages of 15 and 24 are five times more likely to be wounded or killed by guns than whites in the same demographic group...." 3/5/00 Juliet Eilperin "…..The National Rifle Association is back. After several years of waning influence on Capitol Hill, the venerable association of shooting enthusiasts and gun rights advocates is enjoying a renewal as it gears up for what could be a watershed election this fall. Membership is on the rise after several years of decline, and the NRA's legislative and political arms have raised more money than ever before. Having so far blocked new limits on gun shows and other controls, the group is expanding it grass-roots network to support favored candidates and maintain the pro-gun majority in the House…."

CBS 3/3/00 Reuters "…..(Reuters) President Clinton slammed the National Rifle Association (NRA) Saturday, drawing a link between the gun lobby's "pressure tactics" and the fatal shooting of a 6-year-old girl. "The only reason Congress hasn't already sent me a bill with comprehensive gun safety provisions is because of the pressure tactics and the threats of the NRA," Mr. Clinton said in his weekly radio address. "But when first-graders shoot first-graders, it's time for Congress to be guided by their hearts and their heads, not by a fear or the pressure tactics of the NRA," he said……"

St Paul Pioneer (de)Press 3/5/00 Joe Soucheray "…..Just a day or so after a 6-year-old boy in Michigan shot his 6-year-old classmate and killed her, President Clinton called for more gun control in the form of mandatory gun safety locks. Mr. Clinton also wants additional background checks at gun shows, but basically he was hammering away at the safety lock issue. Mr. Clinton was not alone. Everytime there is gun violence in the United States the so-called correct-thinking crowd calls for more gun control. I always wonder what they mean when they say more gun control. The Columbine shooters, for example, violated more than two dozen existing gun laws. By "they" I mean the institutions predisposed to do our correct thinking: the media, education and government. Short of suspending a large super-magnet above the earth and sucking up all the guns, I have no idea how you are to achieve gun control. And I don't think the correct-thinking crowd, by gun control, means the Jesse Ventura definition, which is to always hit your target…."

Source: FrontPage Magazine 3/3/00 David Horowitz "….A SIX-YEAR-OLD African American shoots and kills a six-year-old white girl in Michigan. The six-year-old shooter has been suspended before for stabbing another child with a pencil. Police discover that he lives in a crack house with his criminal uncle with outstanding warrants for arrest. The boy's father is in jail. His mother is a drug addict. The President of the United States responds to the tragedy by summoning leaders of Congress to the White House to pass a new law, requiring trigger locks on guns. If ever there was a case revealing the moral bankruptcy (or is it idiocy?) of liberalism, this is it. Of course, Clinton and Democratic leaders are calling for trigger locks on guns because they are planning to make this a major Democrat issue in this year's political campaigns. But that only makes the point stronger. So far not a single liberal has publicly dissented from the idea that gun control is the lesson to be drawn from this tragedy, let alone questioned the Democrats' sick exploitation of it for political ends……"

NOLA Live 2/29/00 AP Alan Sayre "……The Legislature moved quickly last year to ban New Orleans from suing gun manufacturers and sellers. The firearms industry is expected to move just as quickly to ask the Louisiana Supreme Court to reinstate the shield. On Monday, Civil District Judge Lloyd Medley dealt the industry a blow by ruling unconstitutional laws passed by the lawmakers last year to protect the gun industry from local government lawsuits. The Legislature changed the state's products liability law in favor of firearms makers, and barred cities from filing such suits. The laws, strongly backed by Gov. Mike Foster and the National Rifle Association, were passed after New Orleans became the first city to file such a suit in October 1998. The city claimed gun makers should be held responsible for making products without adequate safety devices. ….."

Capitol Hill Blue 3/1/00 Michael Crowley "……The day after one first-grader fatally shot another at a Michigan elementary school, gun control re-emerged as an issue in the 2000 presidential campaign and forced Texas Gov. George W. Bush to strike a delicate balance on the politically sensitive issue of childproof trigger locks. ``I hope people use trigger locks,'' Bush told reporters in Atlanta Wednesday. The Republican front-runner has often said he supports urging gun makers and buyers to voluntarily add trigger locks….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 2/29/00 Ben Barber "…… International organizations and diplomats this week began a final push for a global treaty to control exports of automatic weapons to terrorists, guerrillas, drug runners and criminal gangs. Advocates of the plan have changed tactics from two years ago, when the U.S. Congress killed a proposed "Code of Conduct" that would have barred U.S. weapons exports to countries that do not respect human rights and democracy. This time, the concerns of American sovereignty advocates are being considered and the National Rifle Association has a representative present while proposed treaty language is being drafted at a U.N. conference in New York. Former French Premier Michel Rocard has been lobbying in Washington for the last several days to build support for the cause. "The mounting death toll of excessive accumulations of small arms poses one of the great humanitarian challenges of our time . . . yet the international trade in small arms remains largely unregulated," he said yesterday at American University. …..Mr. Rocard is co-chairman of an eminent persons group (EPG) of 20 current and former leaders seeking to limit the flow of light machine guns - such as Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles - responsible for most of the slaughter in the world. …."

Associated Press 2/29/00 Edith Lederer "….. - Prominent figures from twenty nations called Tuesday for a global agreement to curtail the supply of small arms, which they blame for the vast majority of deaths in war. Under their proposal, governments would be required to declare their production, stockpiles and transfers of handguns, rifles and machine guns in a new U.N. Register on Small Arms - and to mark all small arms and make a commitment not to export or import any that are unmarked. The proposal also calls for an international code of conduct that would set clear standards on eligibility for arms sales and existing export controls to be strengthened and enforced. "Small arms kill most people in most wars," former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard told a news conference. "Yet, the international trade in small arms remains largely unregulated." He said small arms - including assault rifles, machine guns, and pistols - are responsible for 90 percent of the 200,000 people killed every year in wars. And he said the majority of the casualties are civilians. ….." 3/2/00 Craig Whitlock "….. Maryland lawmakers are pushing proposals to make it easier to confiscate guns from people accused of domestic abuse in response to a series of well-publicized government failures to protect victims of family violence. House and Senate committees heard testimony last week in Annapolis in favor of two bills that would greatly expand the circumstances under which police or sheriff's deputies could seize guns from people subject to domestic-violence restraining orders. It is illegal under state and federal law for people named in restraining orders to possess or buy firearms. But accused domestic abusers rarely turn in their guns voluntarily, and law enforcement officials just as rarely go looking for the weapons unless they've been used to commit a crime. ….." 3/3/00 Randi Goldberg AP "…..Prosecutors Thursday brought an involuntary manslaughter charge against a man they believe possessed the stolen gun allegedly used by a 6-year-old boy to kill a classmate. "We were not looking for scapegoats in this case; we're looking for justice for Kayla," said Genesee County Prosecutor Arthur Busch. Busch said investigators believe the .32-caliber semiautomatic gun used Tuesday to shoot 6-year-old Kayla Rolland had been left, apparently loaded, under Jamelle James' blankets in a bedroom at the house where the boy stayed. Investigators also found a stolen 12-gauge shotgun and drugs at the house, the prosecutor said. James, 19, was arraigned Thursday on the manslaughter charge, which carries a possible 15-year prison sentence. He simply replied "yes" when the judge asked whether he understood the charge and possible sentence. Judge Richard L. Hughes set James' bond at $100,000. James made an obscene gesture toward news photographers as he was led out of the courtroom. ….."


San Jose Mercury News 3/12/00 Arshad Mohammed "……The leading U.S. gun lobby group accused President Clinton on Sunday of deliberately failing to enforce existing gun control laws and of exploiting the resulting violence for political gain. The comments by a top National Rifle Association official drew a rebuke from the White House, which said the NRA had a long history of rejecting gun control and that its views should not be taken seriously in the current debate over new measures, including a three-day waiting period for gun show purchases. ``I've come to believe he needs a certain level of violence in this country,'' NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre told ABC's ``This Week'' program. ``He's willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda -- and the vice president too, I mean, how else can you explain this dishonesty we get out of the administration,'' LaPierre said…….``You can't care about stopping crimes with guns and give the country a complete lack of enforcement of the gun laws on the books, which is what this president has done,'' he added. ….."

World Net Daily 3/12/00 Jon Dougherty "……An unofficial organization composed of gun rights activists has been making headlines in Colorado during recent weeks by showing up en masse to protest gun control initiatives. The group, which calls itself the Tyranny Response Team, last made its presence felt when Sarah Brady, executive director of Handgun Control, Inc. and her husband, former Reagan press secretary James Brady, made a stop in Denver on Wednesday to help raise funds for a new statewide gun control initiative. Mrs. Brady began Handgun Control, Inc. shortly after her husband was wounded in a 1981 attack by John Hinckley, Jr. on President Reagan. Reagan was wounded in the attack, as was a Washington, D.C. police officer. About 300 TRT members -- husbands, wives and their children -- picketed the Denver fundraiser, held at the Denver Hyatt Regency hotel, where the Bradys were making a pitch to raise funds for a Colorado initiative sponsored by a gun control group called SAFE. ….."

CBS MarketWatch – UPI 3/13/00 "…..Texas Gov. George W. Bush, who is the chief contender for the Republican presidential nomination, rebuked Monday the National Rifle Association's attacks on President Clinton. The NRA and Clinton have been involved in a war of words over gun control. When asked about NRA Executive Vice President Wayne La Pierre's statement about Clinton, Bush said, "I would hope that we could have a open and honest discussion about gun enforcement without calling names." …… Earlier in the day, Clinton challenged La Pierre to "look into the eyes of the parents" of schoolchildren slain by guns and repeat the charge that Clinton and Vice President Al Gore "are willing to accept a certain amount of killing" to further their political agenda. ……….." 3/14/00 Joseph Farah "……During ABC's "This Week" program Sunday, LaPierre suggested the administration "needs a certain level of violence in this country" to exploit for political means. "He's (Clinton) willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda -- and the vice president, too," said LaPierre. "I mean, how else can you explain this dishonesty we get out of this administration?" That did not sit well with Clinton and Gore. The vice president demanded LaPierre "apologize to the American people." White House flack Joe Lockhart called LaPierre's characterization "a sick attack on the president." Clinton and Gore have masterfully and shamefully manipulated shooting tragedy after shooting tragedy in the last seven years for political advantage. Every time the media focus on a high-profile shooting rampage, the administration is there calling for yet another gun grab. Meanwhile, LaPierre says, the executive branch does not enforce many of the gun-control laws already on the books. And that's a fact. ............ So is it unthinkable that this ultra-political administration would intentionally exploit tragedy and killing for political gain? No. In fact, there are other examples of how it has done just this. Every time a bill to ban the hideous, grotesque, horror known as the "partial-birth abortion" procedure has been brought to the White House, it has been vetoed by the Clinton administration. It has not simply been vetoed. It has been vetoed with fanfare, with excitement, with celebration, with pride…….. It's hard to figure out which of these three complicit partners -- the politicians, the killers or the activists behind them -- are more despicable, more loathsome, more culpable. Some day, I feel certain, a just and loving God will sort it all out. But, in the meantime, those of us here on planet Earth can form our own good judgments. Bill Clinton and Al Gore do indeed tolerate -- even condone -- killing of innocent human beings for political advantage. How else can you explain it? ……"

Newsweek Online 4/3/00 David Neil Berkwitz "…….New England's gun valley hasn't seen a rebellion like this since the Revolution. Now that Smith & Wesson, king of the handgun world, has signed a deal with the White House, some of its most loyal followers are rising up-and it could cost the company millions. Last week Smith's biggest distributor, which sells some 35,000 of the handguns a year, said it plans to drop the company from its product lines. "I can't do business with them under these terms," said Bob Steger, CEO of RSR Wholesale. "It's onerous. It's draconian." Retail dealers tell Steger they won't go along with the strict settlement that would put restrictions on them that go well beyond federal law. Meanwhile, gun magazines are under pressure from angry consumers to stop taking ads from Smith, and at least one group has launched a boycott…… The good news: business at Smith's six retail stores shot up as much as 300 percent, he said, and new dealers are signing up. ……"

The Washington Times 3/22/00 Fred Reed "…..A few years back there was a terrific furor in much of the press about shall-issue laws for permits to carry concealed weapons in states like Virginia. A shall-issue law says that, if you meet certain criteria (no criminal record, history of insanity, and suchlike, usually) you must be given the permit. These laws, it was thought by people unaccustomed to thought, would result in widespread violence. This week I took the NRA's course of training for a concealed carry permit. I wanted a permit for several reasons. First, I sometimes go, in the line of work and otherwise, to places where the indigenous population is disposed toward crime. Second, while it is legal to carry a pistol openly, it also makes people uncomfortable, so I'd rather have it out of sight when, say, on Metro to a friend's house to go shooting. Third, rights not exercised will be soon removed. The course took place at the NRA headquarters some distance from the Vienna Metro stop. My rough count showed about twenty-eight students, about ten of them women: Neither shooting nor self-defense is an exclusively male concern. For that matter, as a police shooting-coach once told me, it is a sport in which women are both welcome and at no disadvantage. All the students were white except one, who could have been either black or Indian. (No, the NRA does not discriminate racially. But that's who came.) ….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 3/26/00 Carla Crowder "……Colorado state coordinator Kathleen Hopkins, known for her no-nonsense, tenacious leadership of the grass-roots gun-control organization, has been fired over philosophical differences with the national headquarters. This shakeup comes less than two months from the group's big events -- a Mother's Day rally at Denver's Civic Center Park and a national march on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Hopkins' ouster points up the wide spectrum of priorities and opinions even among gun-control advocates. Most everyone agrees background checks at gun shows are critical. But some put safety measures, such as trigger locks, on the front burner. Others insist gun licensing and registration is the umbrella that captures it all. With roots in Colorado's Western Slope, Hopkins has been more moderate than many of her allies in Colorado's burgeoning field of gun-safety groups. After all, she owns a shotgun. ……"

WCBM 3/24/00 Les Kinsolving "…… The Governor of Maryland faced 100 uniformed officers of the Maryland National Capital Park Police in Silver Spring, on Wednesday March 22nd. He was there to demonstrate to these officers just how they should use their newly issued Glock semi-automatic pistols with Saf T Lok combination gun locks. "This is proof that it works!" declared the Honorable Parris Glendening, as he easily slipped a lock into the pistol's magazine well. What happened next may be forever enshrined in the humor annals of Maryland political history. No less than fifty four (54) times, Governor Glendening clicked that weapon as he struggled, again and again and again, to remove that magazine. There was, at first, shocked silence. That was followed by badly suppressed laughter from the assembled cops, as they watched "Governor Gunnery Sergeant" struggle and STRUGGLE--after he had ceremoniously unveiled this great new technology in the style of "Even A CHILD Can Do It!" ………. But after KKT had managed to change the subject with a rousing speech, back went Glendening to that Great New Gun Lock--and failed again! Then Governor Glendening called for: "Any questions from the press?" and we responded:

"Is it possible that LADIES can do better at demonstrating that weapon than men?" As the laughter began mounting, the Governor replied that that might well be the case, and so we replied: "I'd be delighted to see the Lt. Governor demonstrate how easy it is to use that new gun technology!" ……."

U.S. News & World Report 4/3/00 Angie Cannon "….A hammer fell on gun manufacturers last week as a group of local governments said their police departments would only buy guns from companies that adopt a new set of gun-safety measures. But at least one big gun maker, Glock Inc., wasn't budging. "It's repulsive and extortion," Glock Vice President and General Counsel Paul Jannuzzo told U.S. News. "It's a casebook study in the unworkable." Replies Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran: "When we say to Glock, you will not sell to government, Glock will face bankruptcy." ………. "


Idaho Falls Post Register 3/25/00 Paul Menser "……Smith & Wesson's decision to put tighter controls on sales of its handguns is going to cost the company business in eastern Idaho, local gun dealers say. The Springfield, Mass., company was the only gun maker to sign a settlement with several cities and states suing the firearms industry. As part of the agreement, brokered by the Clinton administration, 28 city and county law enforcement agencies said they would give preference to gun makers that follow Smith & Wesson's lead. The settlement has drawn strong criticism from the 3.5 million-member National Rifle Association. The other gun manufacturers that were asked to participate have so far refused. "I don't agree with what (Smith & Wesson) has done, by any means," said Paul Payne, vice president of Ross' Coins, an Idaho Falls gun dealer. "It will definitely have an impact on business." ……" 3/25/00 Gail Appleson "…….Some large cities are still reluctant to sign the Smith & Wesson Corp. settlement reached last week with other municipalities and the federal government because they want tougher terms, a gun control group said on Friday. Last week the Clinton administration said it had dropped its threat of legal action against the nation's largest gunmaker after the company agreed to marketing and manufacturing changes, including adding safety features to its handguns. About half of the 29 cities and municipalities that have sued gunmakers also agreed to drop their suits because of the deal. However, Joshua Horwitz, executive director for the Educational Fund to End Handgun Violence, a Washington-based legal group that is representing some of the cities, said that at least a dozen plaintiffs have still not signed due to concerns that the deal with Smith & Wesson, a unit of Britain's Tomkins Plc (TOMK.L), does not contain any monetary damages or oversight provisions. ….."

Denver Post 3/25/00 Mike Soraghan "……. Colorado legislators are giving the gun lobby one of the things it wants most this year - legal protection for the gun industry. The Senate on Friday approved a bill that would block lawsuits against gun dealers, manufacturers and trade groups. The bill has been approved by the House, but Gov. Bill Owens has not taken a position on it. Cities around the country have been suing gunmakers, saying they bear some of the blame for gun violence. Supporters of the bill want to stop that trend. "I felt that we should make it clear that these suits should not be brought," said Sen. Ron Teck, R-Grand Junction, who noted that the threat of a lawsuit pushed gunmaker Smith & Wesson into an agreement with the Clinton administration. "Manufacturers are being blackmailed into agreements that are illegal." Stopping the spate of lawsuits is a top national priority of the National Rifle Association, and the group's lobbyist for Colorado watched over Friday's debate. ……"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 3/23/00 "…..Smyrna-based Glock Inc. has decided not join a handgun settlement that the federal government reached last week with Smith & Wesson, the nation's largest gun manufacturer. Glock officials made the decision Tuesday afternoon during a one-hour conference call between the firm's Smyrna manufacturing plant and headquarters in Austria. The ultimate decision was made by Gaston Glock, the company chairman and inventor of the pistol that bears his name, said Paul F. Jannuzzo, Glock Inc. vice president and general counsel. "It's going to be more expensive this way, but we're doing it because our company is run by one man and he's a highly principled individual," Jannuzzo said. "He's just simply not going to kowtow to this kind of extortion." ……"

The New York Times 3/23/00 David Firestone "…….The man once known as H. Rap Brown has not explained his actions on the day when the police say he shot to death a sheriff's deputy. But his lawyer has already begun his defense: "The system" conspired to frame his client. "He will be fighting the system until the day he dies," the lawyer, J. L. Chestnut of Selma, Ala., said in a lengthy interview published today in The Selma Times-Journal. "He will not be the first or the last black man framed by the system." But that system -- in the parlance of 1960's radicalism, the entire political and legal establishment -- has changed utterly since the days when the former Mr. Brown, now known as Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, first encountered it as a student volunteer in the South. In 1964, when Mr. Brown began knocking on the doors of black sharecroppers to register voters, as a volunteer with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the notion of black political power was so distant as to seem unimaginable. But 36 years later, Mr. Al-Amin faces a vastly different system. In Atlanta, the mayor, Bill Campbell, is black. So is the police chief, Beverly Harvard, and the Fulton County sheriff, Jacqueline Barrett. So were the two deputies of Ms. Barrett whom Mr. Al-Amin is accused of shooting as they were serving him an arrest warrant on minor charges, Ricky Kinchen, who was killed, and Aldranon English, who was wounded. And so is the man who is likely to prosecute him, District Attorney Paul L. Howard Jr. of Fulton County. In Lowndes County, Ala., where Mr. Al-Amin fled on Friday and was captured on Monday, the sheriff, Willie Vaughners, is black. So is Mayor John Jackson of White Hall, the small town where Mr. Al-Amin was found. And so is John Williams, the Lowndes sheriff's deputy who captured Mr. Al-Amin. ......"

Heads Up 3/26/00 Doug Fiedor "…….The Constitution, being the law of the land, the Clinton administration may truly be about the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States. Like the pigs in George Orwell's Animal Farm, some of today's government officials do things to harm people simply because they want to, and through immoral manipulation of already bad laws and court procedures, they can get away with it. The fact is, they are racists as well as unconstitutional pigs. That's right, gun control is racist. Ask a Polish Jew who is over sixty years old how things could have changed if they were all well armed in Warsaw in the 1930s. Ask a young ghetto mother raising kids alone in New York City or the District of Columbia how she feels totally unprotected in her apartment at night. ………"

Denver Post 3/23/00 Al Knight "……. President Bill Clinton and his political allies continue to reduce the precision of the English language as they flit from one public-policy issue to another. Because they are so intent on getting their own way, they damage or destroy useful words and concepts and never show a hint of regret. Two recent events illustrate the trend. The first has to do with last week's decision by Smith & Wesson, the nation's largest gunmaker, to give in to government demands and make a number of changes regarding manufacture and marketing. Smith & Wesson had been sued by about 30 municipalities, and the federal govern AL KNIGHT ment had threatened to join those suits. The company, faced with mountainous legal bills, finally surrendered to preserve its "viability." Viability means "capable of living" and "having the ability to grow, develop and expand." In other words, Smith & Wesson signed the agreement so that it would not die. Numerous press accounts, however, blindly reflected the administration's point of view that Smith & Wesson had voluntarily signed. "Voluntary" was a key word in followup articles and statements by either the administration or its allies. ……"

Denver Post 3/23/00 Mike Soraghan "…….A pro-gun group plans to go to court to try to keep a measure off the ballot that would close the so-called gun-show loophole. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners plans to hire a lawyer to challenge the measure, which has been proposed by SAFE Colorado, the state's main gun-control group. "The way it's written right now, it wouldn't pass muster in traffic court," said Dudley Brown, executive director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. His group plans to hire Englewood lawyer Paul Grant to challenge the measure in court. But leaders of SAFE, which stands for Sane Alternatives to the Firearms Epidemic, say they're not worried. "Anybody can file a lawsuit," said SAFE co-president John Head, a trial lawyer. "Of all the things I've got to worry about, that's way down my list." ….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 3/23/00 Carla Crowder "……. The fine print of Smith & Wesson's gun safety deal with the Clinton administration has triggered a backlash in the industry. One distributor is terminating business with the giant gun maker, and gun-rights groups are pushing for a boycott. As a detailed version of the agreement began circulating this week, many gun dealers learned that Smith & Wesson had signed on to a plan that requires much more than safety locks and background checks, which were touted last week in early reports of the landmark deal. "The actual agreement is far more onerous," states a letter from RSR Group, a wholesale gun distributor that decided this week to stop shipping Smith & Wesson products. …….. Most troublesome are fine print details the gun dealers say were downplayed in initial reports of the deal. For example, dealers who carry Smith & Wesson products must follow new restrictions on all brands of guns they sell. The "code of conduct" bans them from selling large-capacity magazines or semiautomatic assault weapons. It also prohibits dealers from selling firearms to customers who have not passed a safety class. And one of the most restrictive in the eyes of the gun industry is the "modified one-gun-a-month limit." Purchasers of handguns can take only one home the day of the sale and must wait 14 days to retrieve the others -- not just Smith & Wesson's, but any handgun. ......Gun store employees also must take annual training classes ……"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 3/23/00 Bill Rankin "……. A contentious extradition process to bring Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin back to Georgia to face charges that he killed a Fulton County deputy and wounded another could be just the first of many difficult steps in bringing the former Black Panther leader once known as H. Rap Brown to trial. His trial likely would be one in which the entire Fulton County Superior Court bench might be required to recuse itself. Fulton County deputies keep order in the judges' courtrooms, and a number of the judges attended the memorial service Tuesday for slain Deputy Ricky Kinchen. "We will certainly consider the issue of possible recusal," Chief Judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore said. "That issue would be on anyone's mind." ……… " 3/23/00 Jon Dougherty "……. A national law enforcement group is accusing Attorney General Janet Reno of violating the "Brady Law," which requires background checks on every person seeking to purchase a handgun and mandates a five-day waiting period before the sale is approved. Reno is "violating key provisions of federal law" with actions that "impose tremendous potential liability on federal law enforcement officers," according to the Law Enforcement Alliance of America. Furthermore, LEAA said, Reno's actions increase that liability "by establishing illegal dossier-making practices against law-abiding gun owners, and invading the privacy of Americans." The suit, originally filed in 1998, received a hearing in the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of appeals on Friday, but LEAA spokesman Carl Mica told WorldNetDaily no decision had come yet. The group anticipates court action within 60 days. The Alliance is the nation's largest nonprofit coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims and citizens, with a membership of about 65,000 members and supporters. ……Specifically, the organization is alleging that the FBI is illegally keeping records on firearms transactions generated by the National Instant Check System (NICS), according to LEAA Executive Director James J. Fotis, prompting his organization to join "a lawsuit to stop this blatant violation of federal law." ……… According to Fotis, LEAA decided to join the suit, in part, because of its belief that the Department of Justice is forcing law enforcement agents to violate federal law pertaining to the proper implementation and use of data collected by the Bureau's NICS system. ……"

Los Angeles Daily News 3/24/00 David Nyhan "…….. To understand why gun makers are caving in to gun control, and why high-paid gun lobbyists have gone nuclear, you have to peer through the smoke. Literally. Because what happened, to cigarette makers is what is happening to gun makers. As went the merchants of nicotine go the merchants of firearms. Light 'em up, baby. It was the concerted legal efforts of governments and of shrewd, well-organized and indefatigable activist groups that brought the mighty influence peddlers to heel. . Smith & Wesson smelled the coffee last week, giving in to the Clinton administration's muscle and the fear of being bankrupted by lawsuits that assail gun makers now just as the cigarette makers have been buried in legal challenges. The largest handgun maker agreed to curb gun show loopholes and dealers, restrict multiple sales, install gun locks, research "smart gun" technology, and stop foot-dragging on regulation…………..Just as Liggett Group jolted the cigarette lobby by breaking ranks in 1996 to settle with anti-tobacco interests, the Smith & Wesson move will likely trigger, pardon me, an industry-wide cave. High time. ….."

World Net Daily 3/24/00 Jon Dougherty "……According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, "Despite some 20,000 gun laws in the United States, mostly at the state and local levels, there is little evidence that any but the most weakly motivated citizens have been discouraged from gun ownership. And there is no evidence that these gun-control laws have made a dent in the crime rate." The center found, using a variety of sources including leading University of Florida criminologist Gary Kleck and the FBI's own National Crime Statistics reports, that: In 1976, Washington, D.C. enacted one of the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation. Since then, the city's murder rate has risen 134 percent while the national murder rate has dropped 2 percent. After Evanston, Ill., a Chicago suburb of 75,000 residents, became the largest town to ban handgun ownership in September 1982, it experienced no decline in violent crime. Among the 15 states with the highest homicide rates, 10 have restrictive or very restrictive gun laws. Twenty percent of U.S. homicides occur in four cities with just six percent of the population -- New York, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C. -- and each has a virtual prohibition on private handguns. New York has one of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation -- and 20 percent of the armed robberies. Even more troublesome is the fact that the places where gun control laws are toughest tend to be the places where the most crime is committed with illegal weapons. ……"

White House Bulletin 3/23/00 "……..In a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, US Sen. Tim Hutchinson (R- AR) today inquired about why Marco Moore, who was "arrested during a drug investigation" last February 16, and later "released" despite illegally " possessing a semi-automatic handgun," was never prosecuted. Hutchinson goes on to request from Reno data regarding the number of arrests and prosecutions on firearms charges in Washington, DC. Wrote Hutchinson, "Apparently, the United States Attorney's office for the District of Columbia did not prosecute Mr. Moore," adding, "I would like to know why" the suspect "was released rather than charged for possession of an illegal handgun." Hutchinson noted that shortly after February 16 of this year, "an arrest warrant was issued" for Moore, who is a suspect in the shooting of a 17-year- old girl in the head. ........."

NRA-ILA FAX ALERT 3/24/00 "……To his shock and surprise, Secretary of HUD Andrew Cuomo has been unable to coerce any other firearms company to collaborate with him and British-owned Smith & Wesson (see Special FAX Alert 3/20/00), as they work to destroy the Second Amendment. Other gun makers have stated they are unwilling to give away our Right to Keep and Bear Arms in negotiations with the most anti-gun administration ever to occupy the White House. And the outcry of "Betrayal!" has echoed across the country, resonating loudest within the gun stores. These are the same gun stores S&W must be praying will agree to the draconian standards it has set for "authorized" distributors or dealers of its firearms. The majority of gun distributers and dealers who have contacted NRA indicate they will simply drop S&W products. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported today that Braverman Arms, Pat's Sporting Goods, and Ace Sporting Goods, the largest dealers in the Pittsburgh area, confirm they'll discontinue carrying S&W products. Braverman Arms has even taken to tying black ribbons on the barrels of S&W guns currently in stock to show its dissatisfaction with the decision by the gun maker......."

NRA-ILA FAX ALERT 3/24/00 "……Pro-gun U.S. Representative Bill McCollum (R-Fla.) held a press conference Wednesday to announce the introduction of H.R. 4051, the "Project Exile: The Safe Streets and Neighborhoods Act of 2000." The legislation is modeled after the "Project Exile" prosecution model originated in Richmond, Va., in 1997. The program has been credited with helping to drastically reduce violent crime in the capital of the Old Dominion. Rather than promoting new laws restricting gun owners, which is what the Clinton-Gore team and its anti-gun congressional cronies would like to see, H.R. 4051 provides $100 million in grants over the next five years for qualifying cities to use to enforce existing laws. McCollum stated, "This bill that we are introducing today is a bill that would require mandatory minimum sentences of five years for any person who uses or carries a firearm during or in relation to a violent crime." Please contact your U.S. Representative at (202) 225-3121 and urge him to support H.R. 4051.

NRA-ILA FAX ALERT 3/24/00 "……There has been some concern among members of the pro-gun community over S. 2099, an anti-gun bill introduced by anti-gun U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-R.I.). The bill seeks to amend the National Firearms Act (NFA) to treat handguns like fully automatic firearms, requiring they be registered, and adding $50 tax to any handgun transfer. While NRA opposes this legislation, there is no real threat of it passing at this time……"

Reuters 3/24/00 Gail Appleson "……Some large cities are still reluctant to sign the Smith & Wesson Corp. settlement reached last week with other municipalities and the federal government because they want tougher terms, a gun control group said Friday. Last week the Clinton administration said it had dropped its threat of legal action against the nation's largest gunmaker after the company agreed to marketing and manufacturing changes, including adding safety features to its handguns. About half of the 29 cities and municipalities that have sued gunmakers also agreed to drop their suits because of the deal. However, Joshua Horwitz, executive director for the Educational Fund to End Handgun Violence, a Washington-based legal group that is representing some of the cities, said that at least a dozen plaintiffs have still not signed due to concerns that the deal with Smith & Wesson, a unit of Britain's Tomkins Plc does not contain any monetary damages or oversight provisions. "The deal does not address a lot of the concerns some of the municipalities have. Smith & Wesson is not giving up very much. There is no teeth in the agreement," he said. ……"

neal Knox 3/24/00 "……Neal Knox Report -- No one was injured -- thank God -- so the media didn't make big noise about a sixth-grader taking his Lisbon, Ohio schoolroom hostage with a loaded 9mm pistol because he wanted to visit his biological mother in jail. Such things wouldn't happen, we are told by Clinton & Co. if Congress would enact his bill requiring trigger locks to be sold with each gun. What the press almost totally ignored is that the gun had had a trigger lock in place, but the boy found the key, according to his father and police. ……."

Washington Times 3/15/00 Margie Hyslop "…….Gov. Parris N. Glendening's office forwarded inaccurate information from Handgun Control Inc. to state legislators, doubling federal statistics on 1997 gun deaths in Maryland. A Glendening legislative staffer sent inflated figures, apparently taken from Handgun Control's Web site, to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Sheila Hixson. They listed firearms deaths in Maryland by victim's age and type of shooting. Handgun Control Inc.'s research director, Douglas Weil, said staffers used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics to create the chart. But Handgun Control listed a total of 1,408 firearms deaths for Maryland - almost double the 710 Maryland firearm deaths that the CDC reported. ….."

National Review 3/20/00 Dave Kopel "……. Connecticut handgun manufacturer Smith & Wesson has earned the dubious honor of becoming Bill Clinton's favorite gun company. By agreeing to modify its product design and distribution, the company earned a promise not to be sued by Andrew Cuomo's Department of Housing and Urban Development, by the Attorneys General of New York and Connecticut, and got some - but not all - of the cities which have sued the company to drop their lawsuits. Smith and Wesson says that if it had not stopped the suits, the company would have gone out of business within a year, due to attorney fees. But it should be noted that other gun companies are under equally great financial pressure, and have not capitulated. ………. To be sure, the agreement will have only a moderate effect on the way Smith and Wesson does business. At the same time, the contract terms - if enforced against other gun companies - could drive them out of business. The application of the agreement to several of Smith & Wesson's smaller competitors, or to Glock (one of the largest and most successful handgun companies), would destroy them. Thus, Smith and Wesson gains an advantage, by agreeing to terms which will harm its competitors. ….."

National Review 3/20/00 Dave Kopel "……. Here's the first half of what's in the agreement, according to the official summary on the HUD website. I have decoded it in [brackets].
All handguns must meet the following safety and design standards:

* Second "hidden" serial number, to prevent criminals from obliterating serial numbers.
[Already done by many gun manufacturers.]
* External locking device sold with all guns within 60 days.
[S&W has been giving away locks with every handgun since 1997.]
* Internal locking device on all guns within 24 months.
[The lock that S&W will use can be left in the "open" position permanently.]
* Manufacturers commit 2% of annual firearms revenues to the development of authorized user technology [Smart Guns]. Within 36 months, authorized user technology will be included in all new firearm models, with the exception of curios and collectors' firearms. If top eight manufacturers agree, authorized user technology will be included in all new firearms.
[Note that the new technology is for new models only, not new production of current models. S&W has already been working at personalization technology. So far, solving the problem of putting a computer in a gun-and making the computer work 100% reliably-has proven extremely difficult. Buyer resistance to guns that only work 99% of the time is likely to be very serious. To the extent that this agreement helps pass legislation to mandate so-called smart guns, the agreement will put S&W's competitor Glock out of business; Glock has made a business decision not to invest millions of dollars in personalization technology that may never work reliably.]
* Child Safety. Within 12 months, handguns will be designed so they cannot be readily operated by a child under 6.
[S&W guns already conform to this. The revolvers have a 10 pound trigger pull, and the semi-automatic pistols require that the slide be pulled.]
* Performance test. All firearms will be subject to a performance test to ensure safety and quality.
[Common industry practice already.]
* Drop test. All firearms will be subject to a test to ensure they do not fire when dropped.
[No handgun manufacturer in the U.S. makes guns which fail the drop test.]

* All pistols must meet the following additional requirements:
["Pistol" in this context means a self-loading, semi-automatic handgun, as opposed to a revolver.]
* Safety device. Positive manually operated safety device.
[Already standard on S&W pistols.]
* Magazine disconnectors must be available on all pistols to customers who desire the feature, within 12 months.
[A magazine disconnect prevents the gun from firing if the magazine is not in the gun, and there is a round in the firing chamber. People who own handguns for defensive purposes, including law enforcement officers, generally prefer guns without magazine disconnects.]
* Chamber load indicators on all pistols, showing whether the pistol is loaded, within 12 months.
[To the extent that the people begin to rely on chamber load indicators, they will violate the fundamental firearms safety rule: "treat every gun as if it's loaded.]
* New firearm designs will not be able to accept large-capacity magazines that were manufactured prior to September 1994. (Manufacture of such magazines has been prohibited since that date.)
[So new S&W guns have to be incompatible with pre-1995 magazines. Here, S&W undercuts defensive gun use, by ensuring that people who buy new models will not be able to fire more than 11 rounds without stopping to change the magazine. There are many incidents in which defensive gun users have had to fire more than 11 rounds to stop multiple attackers, or even single attackers who are under the influence of drugs.]
* If law enforcement agencies or the military certify the need, exceptions to these requirements may be made. Manufacturers will ask that these guns not be resold to the civilian market.
[Law enforcement retains the ability to obtain reliable firearms. Since defensive gun use by ordinary people is immoral, it would be better for them to die rather than defend themselves with an effective firearm.]


World Net Daily News 3/20/00 Geoff Metcalf "…… Thomas Paine observed that "Tyranny is always better organized than freedom." He also noted "... the strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the fear of resistance." The gun grabbers are at it again. President Clinton (the presumed ineffective lame duck impeached president) continues to pursue his ultimate goal of total gun confiscation. he enemies are those who would erode Liberty and Freedom. Their weapon is incrementalism. Although the U.S. senator from Rhode Island, Jack Reed, has been unable to find any co-sponsors for his insidious S2099 finesse to gift the IRS with new gun-licensing authority, the battle is joined. Some have suggested the Reed bill is the product of mere legislative brain flatulence. Others see it as the opening gubmint gambit, which will be followed with "more reasonable" gun control proposals. ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/20/00 Valerie Richardson "…….. As Debra Collins tells it, she became a Second Amendment Sister the night a gun saved her from a beating by her abusive ex-husband. In 1985, Mrs. Collins was staying at her mother's house when her ex-husband broke in at 4 a.m. and threatened to kill her. Grabbing a shotgun, she held him at bay until the police arrived. "I had been beaten waiting for the police before," she recalled. "I've learned that a gun is the only thing that will level the playing field for a woman who's being attacked." That's why Mrs. Collins, 36, is taking on the Million Mom March, a national anti-gun rally planned for Mother's Day. She recently signed on as Colorado state coordinator of the Second Amendment Sisters, a newly formed grass-roots women's group promoting the idea that guns are "a woman's friend," she said……."

Oregon Live 2/10/00 Michael Brown "…….Gun owners watch in amazement as politicians introduce bills that would limit civil rights without having an impact on crime. The Department of Justice touts the latest figures showing how many felons were turned down for gun sales, but authorities decline to prosecute for making the illegal attempt. Anti-gun organizations disseminate false statistics without being questioned by the media. Everyone seems to know that the gun control we have now does not work, yet there is great pressure for more of it. Examples elsewhere indicate that the so called "slippery slope" argument is very real: Gun control eventually leads to prohibition. This suggests to some that there is a sinister conspiracy to disarm the public and leave all power in government hands. Perhaps this is so, but it is more likely that the anti-gun pressure is simply generated by a need to create a useful political issue. Since gun violence is at a 30-year low and accidents have steadily declined for a century, there is no other reason why gun control should be such a high priority at this time. It is simply a useful tool to distract voters from the real social problems that are not being adequately addressed. ………Sam Cohen, a gun rights activist in Massachusetts, summed up the feelings of gun owners who are caught in the political crossfire: "There are 80 million responsible, law-abiding gun owners in America and we are sick and tired of being treated like criminals." ......"

Union Leader 3/21/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly "…….. "We are still weighing the idea of bleeding to death with legal bills vs. the cost of complying," Glock executive Paul Jannuzzo told the Wall Street Journal yesterday, referring to his company's predicament over whether to join Smith & Wesson's monumental sell-out to the Clinton White House. But who can blame Smith & Wesson for giving in to the demands of the anti-gun lobby, considering the White House held a gun to its head? And who can blame Glock GmbH - or Beretta USA, or any other manufacturer - if it follows? Faced with bogus lawsuits for damages from gun violence from 29 cities and counties, Smith & Wesson came out with its hands up on Friday. In exchange for 15 of those entities dropping Smith & Wesson from their suits and Clinton's Justice Department promising not to sue Smith & Wesson specifically, the British-owned company agreed to install external trigger locks on all the guns they make, create internal locks, prevent their new weapons from accepting magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, sell their guns only to certain retailers who follow rules much more strict than current law, and curb their sales to gun shows. ………"

NRA-ILA (Alert)! 3/20/00 James Baker "……. On March 17, British-owned Smith & Wesson, Inc. (S&W), became the first gun maker to run up the white flag of surrender and duck behind the Clinton-Gore lines, blindsiding other members the U.S. firearms industry, and leaving them to stand with lawful gun owners and carry on the fight for the Second Amendment. Of course, there is no Second Amendment in Britain, where subjects are barred from owning handguns and many rifles and shotguns, and S&W's parent company appears poised to sell it to anyone willing to invest in a company fast becoming considered a pariah within its own industry. S&W says the agreement with the Departments of the Treasury and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is intended to exempt the company from non-existent federal government suits, and to ensure that it would be dropped as a defendant in a handful of reckless lawsuits filed by municipalities. Yet the agreement dispenses with only a third of the municipal lawsuits, and binds only two federal agencies and two state attorneys general from filing future suits. The remaining city suits are unaffected, and other state and federal agencies can continue to threaten the industry, including S&W. The day following the announcement, HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo and the mayors of Atlanta, Detroit and Miami moved to support S&W by insuring that their law enforcement agencies would purchase only the company's guns, making the agreement what appears to be an odd mix of extortion and bribe……"

Chuck Baldwin Live 3/21/00 Churck Baldwin "…….. I'll say it right up front: I'm tired of backing up. I'm tired of being asked to compromise. I'm tired of giving ground. My line is drawn in the sand. I'm not backing up anymore! Henry Hyde and other Republican leaders are angry with the NRA for telling the truth about Bill Clinton. People like Clinton and Schumer have made a career at using gun violence to further their extremist, anti-gun agenda. For years, they have turned tragedies into an excuse to trample constitutional liberties. So, why is Hyde upset? Republican leaders are upset because they say the NRA has made it more difficult to enact "reasonable" gun control laws. Hallelujah! We already have over 20,000 "reasonable" gun laws on the books, for all the good it does us. In the name of reason and compromise, guns have been confiscated in Canada, England and Australia. Why is it that freedom-loving people must always give ground? I think it's time for socialists like Clinton to start backing up! ........."

The Washington Post 3/21/00 John Mintz and Eric Pianin "……. Despite escalating signals of alarm among Republican lawmakers about the National Rifle Association's incendiary denunciations of President Clinton, NRA activists said they are emboldened by recent polls that show that the group's focus on the need to crack down on gun-wielding criminals is a winning political issue. Several recent polls by conservative organizations and the GOP show that a majority of voters respond more favorably to arguments promoting strict enforcement of existing gun laws than they do to the idea of new gun-control laws, NRA officials and Republican activists said. ….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/20/00 Joyce Howard Price "….. Both he and Mr. Heston cited the shooting death Thursday of Sheriff's Deputy Ricky Kinchen in Fulton County, Ga. The deputy and another officer were gunned down when they tried to arrest Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, the former Black Panther leader once famous as H. Rap Brown. In network appearances yesterday, the NRA officials said Mr. Al-Amin was carrying an unlicensed handgun when he was arrested in Atlanta five years ago after a man said Mr. Al-Amin shot him. The man later recanted his accusations. Mr. LaPierre said police in the Atlanta area called the Clinton administration at the time to see if federal officials wanted to prosecute Mr. Al-Amin for illegal possession of a firearm. "The Clinton administration refused to prosecute, and he wound up killing someone," Mr. LaPierre said on Fox. At this point, Mr. Al-Amin has only been accused in the shootings, not convicted. He remains at-large. ……White House Domestic Policy Adviser Bruce Reed, interviewed on Fox, said federal prosecution of gun crime has risen 16 percent since Mr. Clinton took office in 1993. Mr. LaPierre disputed that figure. He said that increase followed a "50 percent drop" in federal gun crime prosecutions "since the Bush administration." ……"

WorldNetDaily 3/21/00 Jon Dougherty "….. Airborne Express, one of the nation's largest package shippers, told an Oregon firearms maker that the company no longer permitted its carriers to ship weapons and ammunition, according to a policy company officials said was adopted last fall. Thomas A. Bowers, a federally-licensed firearms maker based in Hillsboro, Ore. told WorldNetDaily he was "shocked" last week to learn that the package carrier had such a policy, after a company official refused to ship a firearm -- despite Bowers' longstanding use of Airborne. Indeed, in an online version of the company's stated shipping policies, firearms are listed as items that are "not acceptable," along with alcoholic beverages, money, and fur or fur-lined clothing, among other items. Specifically, the weapons policy states, "Firearms (air or powder discharged) assembled or unassembled; ammunition in all forms regardless of hazard classification," will not be accepted by the company. ......"

Associated Press Online 3/20/00 "……- A former Black Panther leader wanted in the fatal shooting of an Atlanta sheriff's deputy was captured in Alabama Monday when he was spotted in a shed by federal marshals and began firing at them, the FBI said. Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, who was known as H. Rap Brown, was arrested in Lowndes County, Ala., west of Montgomery, Agent Theodore Jackson said. Jackson said Al-Amin was spotted about 6:30 p.m. and was arrested about three hours later in Autaugaville, Ala. Al-Amin was spotted peering out from a shed, and he immediately began firing shots at the team of U.S. marshals who spotted him, Jackson said. He ran from the shed into a wooded area with marshals chasing him. Jackson said shots were fired on several occasions during the pursuit. …….Al-Amin came to Atlanta in 1976 after converting to Islam while serving five years in prison for his role in a robbery that ended in a shootout with New York police. In recent years, he has been the spiritual leader of a mosque and operated a small grocery in Atlanta's West End. ......"

The State News (Michigan State U.) 3/20/00 Jason Van Dyke "……Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and Fidel Castro. These are some of the 20th Century's most evil people. Now let's add more names to the list: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Charles Schumer and Sarah Brady. What do these politicians have in common with some of the most evil people to ever live? They support the most oppressive and tyrannical form of public policy: gun control. Throughout history, it has been shown that disarming the population is the most effective way to enslave them. This held true in ancient Rome, when Christians were not allowed to own "offensive weapons," and kept its momentum through the racism of the 18th and 19th centuries when black codes prohibited enslaved and free blacks (even after the Civil War) from owning firearms. In the 20th century, German fascists, along with Russian, Chinese and Cuban communists, used gun control laws very similar to the "common sense" legislation being proposed today. They did this to disarm political opponents and people they would later throw into concentration and death camps. The racism and hatred surrounding the idea of gun control has been completely evident throughout history. ….."

Wall Street Journal 3/21/00 PAUL M. BARRETT, JOE MATHEWS and VANESSA O'CONNELL "….. In late January, two young Clinton administration lawyers flew to the Nashville, Tenn., airport, where they handed Ed Shultz, the chief executive of Smith & Wesson Corp., a list of gun-control demands. Agree to this, the government attorneys said, and the legal assault on the nation's largest handgun manufacturer would be called off. After perusing the proposed settlement, Mr. Shultz, a gruff 58-year-old with white hair, turned to one of the political operatives and asked sharply, "Max, how old are you?" "Thirty-four," answered Max Stier. "If you live a good long life," Mr. Shultz said, "you will not live to see this proposal happen." Two months later, Mr. Shultz signed an unprecedented settlement based on that very proposal. If rigorously enforced, the deal would significantly restrict the way Smith & Wesson firearms are made and sold. The agreement could force other handgun makers to seek similar terms, potentially effecting a more sweeping round of gun regulation than any single piece of legislation in 30 years. ……."

San Diego Union Tribune 3/21/00 Allyson Smith "……. It's tough taking sides in an argument between Charlton Heston and Bill Clinton. On one side, you have a classic actor trained to fake emotion for the camera, trained to win you over with a well-rehearsed script. And on the other side, you have Charlton Heston. ......"

Original Sources 3/21/00 Mary Mostert "……Last night on Fox News Hannity and Colmes show LaPierre was given the opportunity to explain his point more fully:

Sean Hannity: You know what really, really bothers me, Wayne, ...Tim Russert didn't hammar any Democrat or Sen. Frank Lautenberg when he said that the Gun Lobby has blood on its hands after the Jonesboro shooting. Or, what the President said, that precipitated some of your comments, when he talked about the child in Michigan would be alive today, he said, had that gun had had a trigger lock on it, then the six year old couldn't have fired the gun. The only problem is - that child and the gun came from a crack house where crack was being dealt. Isn't that just as outrageous?
Wayne LaPierre:I think if anyone ever doubted there is a double standard in this country all they would have to watch is what the Clinton spin machine aided by the national media tried to do to me this past week. The President on the Today show and started all this by saying that the NRA is responsible for all the gun deaths in the United States. And the national media just sat there. He then said the NRA has never done anything for safety. We spent $20 million on firearm safety in the last five years!

Sean Hannity:I'll put up some statistics in a couple of minutes but before I do I'll just put up a couple of others. Prior to Columbine - a year and a half prior - 6000 kids were caught bringing a gun to school - that's a federal crime - and the Clinton Administration and the Reno Justice Department only prosecuted 13! One hundred and seventy nine people were denied access to purchase a weapon. Wayne, you supported the instant background check. That's a federal crime. They could face ten years in jail. The Clinton Justice Department didn't prosecute one of them. According to the Senate Judiciary Committee, in 1998, possession or discharge of a firearm on school grounds - there were only 8 prosecutions of possession of handguns by a juvenile and Brady background check - that's all the prosecutions they had. Your point is right! What good is the 21,000th gun law if we don't enforce the laws on the books?
Wayne LaPierre:Well, I used some very strong words to try to center the debate on the complete lack of enforcement of the federal firearms laws on the books now against the people who are doing the killing. The violent felons with guns, the drug dealers with guns and the violent gang members with guns. The current federal gun laws are the metal detectors at the airport. If the President would only instruct Janet Reno to enforce those laws and pick those people up that are breaking federal laws. They could pick them ALL up right now, hold them without bail and send them to penitentiary for five years. ......"

Newsweek 3/27/00 Matt Bai "……Ed Shultz is a hard guy to figure, even to fellow gunmakers. In a business often defined by ideology, Smith & Wesson's CEO is the ultimate pragmatist. A gruff Midwesterner, Shultz got his start in metals and office furniture-not firearms-and when the gun lobby and the White House start shouting at each other, it's not always clear whose side he's on. "I'm not willing to be a pawn in a political chess game," he says with typical bluntness. So when the industry abruptly decided to break off negotiations with the White House on new gun-safety rules early this year-and Shultz made it plain that he still preferred a deal-the other gun barons weren't sure if he was with them or not. ………They got their answer last week. Shultz broke ranks and secretly cut a sweeping deal with the White House to keep Smith & Wesson out of court, agreeing to wide-ranging concessions such as locking devices and required training for its customers. To a stunned gun lobby, and to some of his closest colleagues, it was an act of treason. "Wow," exclaimed Jonathan Mossberg, whose family makes the venerable Mossberg shotgun. "It would have been nice to be told." Shultz's old friends at the National Rifle Association instantly became his mortal enemies, faxing members a scathing alert with his office number attached. To Shultz, typically, it wasn't personal-it was business. "I'm concerned for the industry," Shultz told NEWSWEEK in an interview just after the announcement. "But at some point, the company has to save itself." ……" 3/21/00 John McCosh "…… An official in the U.S. Attorney's office Monday disputed the National Rifle Association's charges that a fugitive wanted in the killing of a Fulton County deputy last week was free because of lax enforcement of gun laws by the Clinton administration. Gentry Shelnutt, chief of the office's criminal division, said the 1995 case against Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin for gun possession by a felon disintegrated when the key witness to a related charge of aggravated assault recanted his story…….. Police took a .45-caliber pistol from Al-Amin, and added charges of carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a pistol without a permit. On Aug. 11, Miles recanted his story and the aggravated assault charges were dropped. Officials with the NRA said Sunday Al-Amin should have been in jail last week, still serving time for the gun possession charges. Police are now searching for Al-Amin in connection with the slaying of a Fulton County deputy and the wounding of another Thursday. Shelnutt said the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms brought the case of Al-Amin's gun possession in November 1995 to then-U.S. Attorney Kent Alexander. Al-Amin's felony record stemmed from a 1971 holdup and shootout in New York City. "It was assigned to an assistant who looked at the fact that the prior felony was over 20 years old and you have a witness who recants," Shelnutt said. Also, he said, since the warrant was issued based on a story that had been recanted, the prosecution would have faced the defense that Al-Amin should never have been searched on Aug. 7. Alexander denied the Clinton administration played a part in deciding not to prosecute Al-Amin. ……."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 3/20/00 Dr Michael S Brown "……This columnist, and others, who monitor the gun control debate, know that the verbal attack reflects only the surface of a deep reservoir of bitterness that Bill Clinton has created in American gun owners. Eight years of constant pressure by the Clinton-Gore administration, their allies in Congress, and anti-gun organizations have driven tempers to the breaking point. Gun owners have been demonized to such an extent that they have become the newest persecuted minority. Like other groups and individuals who happened to be in the path of the voracious Clinton spin machine, gun owners have been denigrated and libeled by experts. What was once an important and patriotic group of citizens now feels completely marginalized and in danger of extinction…….."

Nando Times 3/22/00 Chad Roedemeier "…..Gun makers Glock Inc. and Browning will not sign voluntary gun-control agreements similar to the one reached last week between Smith & Wesson Corp. and the Clinton administration. The deal-breaker for Glock was the creation of an outside "oversight commission," made up of local, state and federal officials, who would supervise the gun manufacturer. "The commission is an absurd concept," said Paul Jannuzzo, vice president and general counsel of the Smyrna-based Glock, a unit of Glock GmbH of Austria. "It's overly broad. It's more powerful than any regulatory agency." Rich Bauter, vice president of firearms marketing for Browning, also said the company would not agree to an accord. ….."I would think that everybody in the country should be absolutely outraged, at not only Smith & Wesson's steps, but also the U.S. government's steps that have intruded into the legislative process," he said Tuesday. ….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 3/22/00 Carla Crowder "…..NRA President Charlton Heston came to Colorado to give a speech Tuesday, and not once did he mention guns, the Second Amendment or the controversy swirling around the National Rifle Association. Protesters on both sides of the gun debate faced off in loud demonstrations. Each tried to shout anti-gun or pro-gun chants louder than the other, things like "Hey Hey Ho Ho. The NRA has got to go." Two men even got into a fight, brawling in the mud over differences of opinion about firearms. But inside the packed house at Mackey Auditorium at the University of Colorado, Heston spoke about freedom and justice. He recited inspirational speeches from the lofty characters he's played in movies. He cited history's lessons and quoted great leaders. "Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never give up," Heston said, baring his teeth and using his best, booming Moses voice to quote Winston Churchill. ……….. But he did not speak of guns until the question-answer session following his speech. The student union, the event's primary sponsor, paid Heston $30,000 to speak, said Shannon Meadors, one of the event's coordinators. ……."

Los Angeles Daily News 3/22/00 Bill Thompson "…… We're talking about the nation's mourner in chief, a man who tears up at the drop of a hat and who won two presidential elections by convincing voters that he cares about their problems and their "needs." ......... Disheartening though it may be to those of us who believe that the right to bear arms is every bit as important as all the other rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the public's perception is that Clinton and the anti-gun crowd occupy the moral high ground on this issue. The argument about guns is no longer an intellectual disagreement over nuances of the Second Amendment; it's an emotion-drenched showdown over life and death. ……."

Pensacola News Journal 3/21/00 Seas Vinaja "……In relation to the gun control debate, let`s consider these Florida statistics from 1993: 2,347 rapes; 12,480 other sex-related crimes; over 2,000 new diagnosed AIDS cases; and the increasing rate of broken marriages (84,000 of 140,000). Consider also sex-related crime involving murder, assault, etc., and the unreported cases of adultery and incest. These statistics have only increased. Knowing these statistics, let`s introduce legislation regulating the ownership and use of genitals. While some will doubtlessly try to apply the traditional interpretation of American`s pursuit of happiness, such an application cannot stand in light of the multitude of genital-related crimes. Statistics show that irresponsible use of genitals hurts people directly (sex crimes/diseases) and indirectly (emotionally/psychologically). The conservative right, of course, will declare, ``Genitals don`t hurt people; people hurt people.`` Regardless of such expressions, every educated person knows that people without genitals cannot use them to hurt other people! Will the people protecting society by removing our right to bear arms also help society by removing our right to bear genitals? ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/22/00 Sean Scully "……. Congressional Democrats yesterday joined Republicans in a call for tougher enforcement of existing gun laws but blamed the current level of enforcement on gun-control opponents, not lax Clinton administration policies. "This is comprehensive enforcement that was done because it is the next logical step now that we have information" on gun crimes and trafficking collected by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) in the past seven years, said Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat and sponsor of the bill. Republicans say the Democrats are stealing their argument that the Clinton administration should enforce existing laws rather than demand new ones. "This is probably an exercise in trying to cover your tail," said Sen. Larry E. Craig, Idaho Republican……"

Denver Post 3/22/00 Mike soraghan "…..Gun enthusiasts won again at the Colorado Legislature on Tuesday as senators voted to keep secret the names of people given government permission to carry concealed handguns. Sen. Ken Chlouber, R-Leadville, told fellow senators the measure is simply a matter of privacy for those who want to carry hidden handguns. "It's a wish, I guess an expectation we all should have in this country of a right to privacy," Chlouber said. ……"

The St. Louis Post (Postnet) 3/15/00 Dr. Michael Gordinier "…… The media portrays gun owners as shadowy members of a Secret Society, clannish outsiders with a threatening culture that is based upon Extremism, Racism and a fear of Black Helicopters. We're simply not perceived as mainstream normal anymore. And over time we've been successfully marginalized and demonized by our opponents. No wonder some believe that we are losing the war for the hearts and minds of non gun owning Americans, We defend ourselves by appealing to the Constitution and to the words of the Founding Fathers. But this means little to Soccer Moms who have been emotionally conditioned to believe that our "precious hobby" is killing their children and that we simply don't give a damn. ……….. Today's Key Message Is: Guns Save Lives/Gun Control Kills 6,849 potential crime victims are saved, per day, by the legal use of firearms. That's 2.5 million lives spared per year. Guns save 60 times more lives than are lost due to criminal activity. I hope you heard that. ……….Guns are a positive Social Benefit and no amount of Soccer Mom whining and bad accounting on their part can change the facts! ……"

The Daily Oklahoman 3/22/00 "…..IT'S not hard to see why British firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson signed a pact with the Clinton administration last week. Having watched the federal government use lawsuits and the threat of lawsuits to herd the tobacco industry into a multi-billion dollar settlement, the gun maker saw a similar prospect on the horizon in suits against firearms manufacturers by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department and a number of municipalities. Smith & Wesson decided to cut and run, no doubt to limit its potential financial liability, but in the process earning the scorn of Second Amendment defenders -- other gun makers and the National Rifle Association -- left to soldier on against President Clinton's demagoguery. …….. More significant is the perception that the pro-Second Amendment forces' battlements have been breached and that more serious anti-gun measures, such as national handgun registration, now may be thinkable. The NRA says the agreement heads that way with a requirement that Smith & Wesson firearms contain a "ballistic signature" to help authorities trace a weapon from a bullet or casing. …….. Smith & Wesson's deal with the Clinton administration was a surrender of the high ground of the Constitution. It increases the likelihood of more government regulation that ultimately will hassle law-abiding gun owners much more than the criminals it is supposed to encumber. ..."

Denver 3/14/00 Mike Soraghan "……Gun-rights advocates say the flurry of lawsuits filed nationwide against gun manufacturers is a back-door way to take away people's guns. "What the people who want to take away our guns want to do is copy what's happened to the tobacco industry," said Aimee Rathburn, executive director of the Colorado State Shooting Association. "The idea is to bankrupt the firearms industry so they can take away our guns." Rathburn's group, along with the National Rifle Association, is backing legislation that would give gunmakers and gun stores immunity from lawsuits in Colorado. Getting state legislatures to block such suits is one of the top priorities of the NRA……"

Austin American Statesman 3/22/00 Eunice Moscoso "……The National Rifle Association, criticized for its harsh rhetoric and hard-line opposition to gun-control, is fighting back by focusing on a popular message -- enforcing gun laws already on the books. The theme resonates in NRA President Charlton Heston's defiant ads on television, in public remarks by other officials and supporters, and in multiple essays and press releases on the group's Web site. "All the polls I've seen, going back years and years, indicate that Americans expect and want enforcement of laws that prohibit felons from carrying guns, prohibit drug dealers from carrying guns, prohibit violent felons from even trying to get them," said NRA spokesman Bill Powers. "And yet those laws are never enforced, or hardly ever enforced." Powers said that the NRA has pushed the issue for several years. Now, he said, it "has reached a broader spotlight and is being discussed at the national level," and that is a "positive thing for all Americans." ……"

St Louis Post Dispatch 3/22/00 Michael Gordinier "…..
LIE NO. 1: Guns only kill …….. Each day 5,000 to 7,000 innocent victims of crime save their lives and the lives of their children with firearms, often without firing a shot. That's about 2 million lives saved a year. Every year. ……
LIE NO. 2: Guns cause crime…….. If guns cause crime, from 1965 to 1995, when firearm ownership increased by 188 percent, from 80 million to 230 million, why did firearm accidents and crime decline by 42 percent? ……
LIE NO. 3: We need more laws……… To advocate more laws is a tacit admission that the 20,000 firearm laws already in place have been failures. What good will one more law do? ……
LIE NO. 4: If guns were banned our world would be safer………Everywhere gun prohibitions have been put into effect, from Washington, D.C., to New York city, from England to Australia, criminals rejoice that their prey can no longer hurt them and crime gets worse. …….
LIE NO. 5: Gun prohibitionists care about children, and gun owners don't. ………Most reasonable people believe that educating children about sex and drugs is the best way to prevent tragedies. Ignorance isn't bliss, knowledge is power. So sex and drug education are good . . . but firearms safety education is bad? …..
LIE NO. 6: Technology is the answer to the firearms problem………..If people are forced by law to use trigger locks, a critical piece of safety equipment, their firearm, will not be readily available when they need it the most. Result: Hundreds of people per day will be killed by this feel-good legislation in a misguided attempt to save a few. Talk about unintended consequences! ........."

JPFO 3/14/00 "…… JPFO's March 6 national press release (archived on the web at showed that HCI provided misleading data to President Clinton to the effect that "13 kids die each day by gun violence." What resulted? HCI has gone into a tizzy. Facing HCI with the facts drives them nuts. Leftish Colorado Radio Station KWAB talk host Gary Tessler contacted JPFO on March 14 to explain this charge and he brought on the research director of HCI to defend the statistic. Richard Stevens, JPFO Firearms Sentinel Editor, appeared for JPFO. That was the first major accomplishment: putting HCI into a position of having to explain its misleading numbers. The March 6 press release succeeded in forcing HCI into the arena. During the interview the host, Mr. Tessler, showed his strong hostility to firearms ownership and practically handed the air time over to the HCI rep. Based on the rep's near monologue, we can see that HCI was upset by being questioned. Here is how HCI argues to escape the charge of misleading figures:
1. "The true figure for deaths is not 13 kids per day, but 11.56 youths per day." ……… Newer figures account for the lower number. Next, HCI argues that JPFO is quibbling about the difference between 11.5 and 13. VERY CLEVER ARGUMENT AND MISLEADING IN ITSELF, BECAUSE THE NUMBER IS NOT THE ISSUE -- the deceptive use of the number is the issue. Then, too, the "13 kids" number is posted on the HCI website. The President apparently has switched to the 11.5 figure in recent days, after the JPFO news release, presumably being advised by HCI to use the newer lower but still deceptive number.

2. "The term 'kids' includes people from age 0 to 19. Eighteen and nineteen year olds are typically considered 'kids.'" ......
3. When confronted with their disingenuous use of the term "kids," the HCI rep turns it around to say "oh, so you don't care about the deaths of youths age 18-19." THIS IS ANOTHER RHETORICAL TRICK ...
4. "HCI does not favor disarmament." This statement is standard HCI propaganda. When challenged that Josh Sugarman, head of the Violence Policy Center, had stated in the New York Times last November that banning all handguns is the only "solution," the HCI rep changes the subject again to ...
5. "Nobody is talking about disarmament. That is not the debate. No legislation is pending before Congress that would disarm anybody. I don't know where you get this idea that we are for disarming people…
6. When faced with the statistic of 5,500 defensive gun uses per day, the HCI rep jumps in without allowing you to finish your thought. HCI claims that the figure comes from Gary Kleck's research on defensive gun use and that it has been discredited. The HCI rep claiming that because he is HCI's research director he knows the facts cold. The fact that Kleck's analysis won a national award for criminology research means nothing to HCI. When, if ever, did HCI research win a credible award? ….."

The Washington Times 3/15/00 Margie Hyslop "…….Gov. Parris N. Glendening's office forwarded inaccurate information from Handgun Control Inc. to state legislators, doubling federal statistics on 1997 gun deaths in Maryland. A Glendening legislative staffer sent inflated figures, apparently taken from Handgun Control's Web site, to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Sheila Hixson. They listed firearms deaths in Maryland by victim's age and type of shooting. Handgun Control Inc.'s research director, Douglas Weil, said staffers used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics to create the chart. But Handgun Control listed a total of 1,408 firearms deaths for Maryland - almost double the 710 Maryland firearm deaths that the CDC reported……"

World Net Daily / Between The Lines 3/15/00 Joseph Farah "…….Bill Clinton and Al Gore are not in favor of disarming the government. Notice they are not advocating that the Secret Service lay down its weapons. They are not advocating that our standing Army be demobilized. They are not advocating that police departments disarm. No. They want government to maintain a monopoly on firepower. So, it's not that they believe guns are bad. It's that the public -- the people they are supposed to serve -- cannot be trusted with guns. This is very significant. ... As evidence for this, they point to examples of horrors perpetrated by a tiny minority of citizens. They point to accidents. Never mind that bad people also commit murders with knives. They drown their victims. They suffocate them. They beat them to death with clubs and fists. No one, however, suggests banning the sale and possession of knives, water, pillows, clubs or the registering of fists. Though it's probably coming some day if they get their way on guns. ……"

Washington Times 3/15/00 "…….. "Do us a favor," asks the National Rifle Association, hoping President Clinton is reading. "Tell the president that if he's going to keep claiming that he has a 'lifetime' membership with the NRA to at least get the terminology right. We don't have such a thing," says NRA spokesman Bill Powers. "We've always called it a 'life' membership." ......... After an extensive search of NRA records, Mr. LaPierre said Mr. Clinton never had an NRA "membership, he never had a jacket. He made it up." "I can't believe it," the NRA chief added. "You know, if he's that delusional maybe he did inhale."......"

Young America's Foundation 3/14/00 "……Tolerance and diversity? Not at Brandeis University. Although the administration approved a student-sponsored lecture by Charlton Heston, it is now attempting to put up roadblocks to make it impossible for the lecture to take place. The administration is making absurd requests of the students trying to organize the Heston lecture. Most of the requests are related to security, a typical leftist administration dirty trick to stop conservative speakers from coming to campus. So far they have requested a bomb sniffing dog, ten police officers, two full body metal detectors, two metal detector wands, a paramedic team, and four pints of Mr. Heston's blood type. They have also forced the lecture into a larger ballroom that holds 1,000 people instead of the original smaller auditorium that the sponsoring group preferred. The administration claims this move is for security reasons, however, the cost of the additional chairs in the ballroom is nearly $900 plus the cost of the administration shutting down half of the student center. The smaller auditorium was free. ……. In addition, if there are any protestors at the event that have to be removed by the police, the students have to pay that bill as well. The total costs of these demands are between $5,000 and $7,000. The administration also reserved the right to increase security at any time (even up to an hour before the event) and then charge the student organizers……"

US Newswire 3/15/00 "……The following was released today by the White House:…… Joined by members of Congress, President Clinton today will unveil the FBI's first annual report on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) created under the Brady Law. The new report shows that in its first year of operation, the NICS stopped 179,000 felons, fugitives, domestic abusers, and other prohibited persons from buying guns. The President today also will highlight his budget proposal to make Brady checks even faster and more effective. Finally, he will urge Congress to resist the gun lobby by passing the motion Representative Lofgren will offer today calling on juvenile justice conferees to meet in the next two weeks, and by moving on gun safety legislation that has been stalled for over eight months……."

GOA 3/15/00 "…….At the heart of the rhetorical battle between pro- and anti-gun forces lies a truth neither side likes to concede: They are in almost complete agreement on almost every issue. The two sides agree on the basics of a new package of gun-control legislation: requiring the sale of trigger locks with all handguns, banning all large-capacity ammunition clips and magazines, and preventing youths younger than 18 from possessing certain semiautomatic weapons. They even agree on the notion that all buyers at gun shows should be subject to background checks, just like buyers at regular gun stores.... Both the National Rifle Association and President Clinton -- who normally agree on little else -- endorsed congressional bills that included these provisions last year. And even though they were on the same side on most of the proposed regulations, Mr. Clinton and the NRA are engaged in an increasingly bitter public dispute over gun control in recent days...." 3/5/00 Carl Limbachr "….. I would hope we could have an open and honest discussion about gun enforcement without calling names." That was how likely GOP presidential nominee George W. Bush rebuked the National Rifle Association's Wayne LaPierre, after the NRA spokeman criticized President Clinton for demagoging the gun control issue on Sunday's "This Week with Sam and Cokie." LaPierre had alleged that Clinton was "willing to accept a certain level of killing" so he could make political hay over tragedies like the gunshot death of six year-old Karla Roland last month. …….. Bush's strategy of keeping the issue low key may be the more politically responsible course. But charges of political irresponsibility never seem to stop the Democrats. .........Second Amendment backers are likely to come in for the same rhetorical browbeating that Gore gave the Christian Coalition a few years back, when he described the key GOP constituency as "extra chromosome right wingers." Predictably, the media cheered......."

The Hartford Courant 3/15/00 Tina Brown "….. EBay, one of the nation's most popular Internet auction Web sites, made a promise earlier this month to state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal that it would stop the traffic of realistic-looking fake guns to Connecticut residents. But as late as Tuesday afternoon, the look-alike firearms, mostly antiques and reproductions of German submachine guns, were still up for sale on the online auction service's site. Now companies that have disregarded a 1988 Connecticut state law banning the sale and possession of realistic-looking fake guns are becoming targets of a statewide crackdown. Blumenthal, Chief State's Attorney John M. Bailey and acting Hartford Police Chief Deborah Barrows said Tuesday that they would get the toy cigarette lighters that resemble weapons out of the hands of children and criminals. ……"

Iron Pants Forum, AP 3/12/00 Calvin Woodward "……At issue was a new advertising campaign in which NRA President Charlton Heston all but accuses Clinton of lying in his characterizations of the group as an impediment to sensible laws and public safety. Several of the 13 ads that have started to run on network affiliates and cable TV networks end with Heston saying, as if speaking directly to Clinton: ''When what you say is wrong, that's a mistake. When you know it's wrong, that's a lie.''……….. Following Clinton, who taped the ABC interview Friday, LaPierre wasted no time going after the ''level of dishonesty this man is capable of.'' He contended that the administration has been singularly lax in enforcing gun laws already on the books. ''You can't care about stopping crimes with guns and give the country a complete lack of enforcement,'' the NRA official said. ……."

Washington Post 3/15/00 "…… That need for more federal prosecutions was acknowledged by the president…… in his State of the Union address and again Monday. In January, he proposed hiring more federal and local gun prosecutors and more federal agents and giving them enforcement tools "to trace every gun and every bullet used in every gun crime in the United States." …….."

Reuters 3/15/00 Deborah Charles "…..Calling on lawmakers to put politics aside and get to work, President Clinton on Wednesday urged the Republican-led Congress to break an impasse and move forward on passing tougher gun control measures. ......... ``Once again, the gun lobby and their allies in the leadership of the Congress is standing in the way of real progress. And once again, we battle not just for the safety of our families, but for the soundness of our democracy.'' …….. On Wednesday, a leader of the NRA made fresh charges against Clinton for not enforcing existing gun laws, blaming the president for the death of a college sports coach in a racially motivated killing in Illinois last summer. ``The key question here for the president is, has he looked into the eyes of Ricky Birdsong's family. Because that blood is on his hands,'' NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre told ABC News. Birdsong was a Northwestern University basketball coach who was shot to death last year by Ben Smith, who had been turned away from a weapons purchase at a gun show because he had a criminal record. He later bought a gun from an unlicensed dealer and went on a rampage that left Birdsong, and another man dead before Smith turned the gun on himself. ``That death is on the president's hands. If he'd prosecuted, he would have prevented the death,'' LaPierre said. ....."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/16/00 "…… What Mr. LaPierre could have said is that Mr. Clinton isn't willing to pursue policies that would actually cut down on criminal misuse of firearms (such as aggressive prosecution of those who use guns to commit violent crime). Instead the president would rather demagogue incidents such as the shooting by the sixth-grader near Flint, Mich., to score political points………. While incontestably awful, shootings such as the one in Michigan are not going to be prevented in the future by pestering middle Americans with more anti-gun edicts. It's irrational to believe that possession of firearms, as such, by responsible people who comprise the vast majority of gun owners, is the problem. The president plays to the emotion and fears of an audience that is 1) increasingly unfamiliar with America's hunting and shooting-club heritage and 2) desperate for an end to the string of shootings. One hopes Americans will resist his seduction, for their own sake. ……" 3/15/00 Charlton Heston "……Every time there's a school shooting or mass killing, Clinton urges passage of new gun control laws. And every time-in order to deflect from the carnage, say some observers-you can count on the NRA to attack Clinton. ……..In an exclusive interview, CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer asked National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre why he said Sunday that President Clinton is "willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda."
LA PIERRE:If you can do something about it and you don't, you accept it. He has the power by enforcing existing fed gun laws to make neighborhoods all over the country safe. We begged the president to give us a zero tolerance on violation of the fed gun laws and he won't do it.
SCHIEFFER: But Mr Lapierre, I mean President Clinton may be many things, but do you really believe that when you say he's willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda I mean, do you mean that literally?
LA PIERRE:Bob, I don't know why it's happening but the policy is getting people killed.
SCHIEFFER: So I want to make sure I understand this, you stand by those words exactly as you spoke them?
LA PIERRE:I absolutely stand by those words.
When you don't prosecute under the national instant check, then you've got felons committing new felonies standing right in front of you and you let 'em go back to the streets where they can buy guns illegally and continue their crime sprees. You're getting people killed.
I don't know why they're not doing it, but it's a horrible policy and it needs to be changed. We need zero tolerance. It will save lives. That's the heart of the argument between the National Rifle Association and Bill Clinton…….."

Nando Times 3/19/00 "…..National Rifle Association (NRA) President Charlton Heston said Sunday that the federal government should do a better job at enforcing the nation's existing gun control laws instead of enacting new legislation. Heston described a case last week in which he said a Georgia sheriff was killed, allegedly by a man whom federal authorities should have arrested weeks earlier for violating gun-related regulations already in place. "That sheriff would still be alive" if federal authorities had arrested him when they should have, Heston said Sunday on the ABC program "This Week." ……"I think the majority of people in this country believe in Second Amendment rights," Heston said. ….."

U.S. News & World Report 3/27/00 Paul Bedard "……On the heels of the shootout between the National Rifle Association and President Clinton over who's grandstanding more on school and gun safety issues comes this: The administration is refusing to fund a Secret Service program to help educators and local cops identify potential school killers. Treasury bosses this year nixed the plan in favor of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms law-enforcement initiatives, despite Clinton's claims that prevention programs are also essential. James Johnson, Treasury under secretary for enforcement, conceded to a House panel that it wasn't the best move because by the time shooters are cuffed, "we've already lost." Not funded: the Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center, which studies school shootings to profile the behavior of likely killers. "This really ticks me off," says Rep. Jim Kolbe, an Arizona Republican. "The president talks about the need [for prevention programs] . . . and yet we don't find it in the budget." Kolbe, a key appropriator, tells Whispers he and Democratic partners will find funds. "This is a priority because it can prevent violence."….." 3/18/00 Carl Limbacher "……According to conventional wisdom, President Clinton has Second Amendment defenders on the ropes after years of cleverly demagoging the gun control debate by politicizing tragedies like Columbine, Jonesboro and last month's shooting death of six year-old Karla Roland……. But if that's true, then why is NRA membership suddenly going through the roof? On Saturday, radio raconteur Paul Harvey reported: "Boomerang. Everytime President Clinton takes on the National Rifle Association, it signs up more members; a million more this past year." ….."

Cleveland live 3/17/00 AP "……A federal judge has ruled that the city of Cleveland may proceed with its lawsuit against the gun industry. The ruling was issued Tuesday by U.S. District Court Judge Donald C. Nugent, who rejected a gun-industry request to dismiss the lawsuit. James Dorr, an attorney representing the gun industry, said Friday that the defendants disagreed with the ruling but no decision had been made on a possible appeal. Last year, the city sued gun makers to force the industry to share the cost of police, ambulance and hospital services needed because of gun-related violence. ….."

Denver Post 3/19/00 Al Knight "……The Clinton administration, having cast about for something to do last week, seems to have settled on the task of demonizing anyone associated with the National Rifle Association. …….. Heston, using all of the dramatic intonations he once displayed on the screen, wanted to know how it was possible for the president to take from that tragic death the single lesson that the nation needs trigger-lock legislation. Heston pointed out there are many other lessons here - that the child was killed by a 6-year old boy who had been living in squalor of a crack house, for example. The gun was stolen and in the possession of a man living in, and helping run, the crack operation. Yet, he said, the president was silent on the issue of drugs, silent on the issue of crime in the inner city, and silent on the culpability of the adult involved. Heston has a point, which is why the president seems upset. But before anyone readies the tar and feathers for the NRA president, they should listen to the rest of Heston's message regarding the current cultural war. Although the media have barely noticed, Heston is talking about more than guns. Indeed, he has mounted something of a personal crusade to persuade modern college students to think more independently about social, cultural and political issues. Few others have been willing to undertake this task……"

Reuters 3/19/00 John Crawley "…..``No apology,'' said LaPierre on Fox News on Sunday when asked if he would back away from his assertion that Clinton was responsible for gun deaths because, LaPierre said, federal authorities failed to prosecute gun law violations. LaPierre said last week that Clinton had ``blood on his hands'' for the 1999 killing of Ricky Birdsong, a former pro basketball player and college coach killed by a man not prosecuted for allegedly violating a federal gun laws before going on a shooting spree. And on Sunday, LaPierre linked a failure by federal authorities to prosecute an alleged gun violation to the shooting death of a police officer in Atlanta last week. He said Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, 56, a former 1960s radical known as H. Rap Brown, was carrying an unlicensed gun when arrested in a 1995 case, but that federal prosecutors never pursued it. ``They could have taken him off the streets for up to 10 years,'' said LaPierre. Al-Amin is suspected of killing Fulton County Deputy Sheriff Ricky Kinchen, 35, on Thursday and remains at large. ``There's 179,000 felons and fugitives and stalkers walking the streets tonight because he (Clinton) hasn't prosecuted any of them,'' LaPierre said. ….."

LA TIMES 3/19/00 John Lott Jr. "….. The saga of President Clinton and the National Rifle Assn. continues. Clinton started the recent skirmish by claiming that the NRA's opposition to gun locks was responsible for the death of 6-year-old Kayla Rolland in Michigan. And he demonized the NRA as "basically against anything . . . that helps to make [society] safer." The NRA countered that Clinton was constantly lying about guns and that the president is more interested in passing new laws than enforcing the 90,000 words worth of federal gun laws already on the books. More controversially, Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's executive vice president, accused Clinton of being "willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda."

Wall Street Journal 3/20/00 PAUL M. BARRETT, VANESSA O'CONNELL and JOE MATHEWS "…..Glock GmbH is the most likely major handgun manufacturer to follow Smith & Wesson Corp. in accepting sweeping restrictions on its business practices in exchange for protection from government lawsuits. A senior executive with the U.S. unit of Austria's Glock took part in the covert talks that led to Smith & Wesson's landmark plan, announced Friday, to settle much of the municipal litigation it faces and preclude a vast new federal suit threatened by the Clinton administration. "We haven't signed it," the Glock executive, Paul Jannuzzo, said, referring to the Smith & Wesson deal, "but we are still doing the balancing test. We are still weighing the idea of bleeding to death with legal bills vs. the cost of complying" with government demands. ….."

St. Paul Pioneer Press 3/19/00 "….. The Housing and Urban Development Department and the mayors of Atlanta, Detroit and Miami moved Saturday to see that their law enforcement agencies give preference to Smith & Wesson when buying guns and called on others to follow suit. The preference would apply to "any gun makers that adopt a new code of responsible conduct." For the time being at least, that means only Smith & Wesson. The company agreed on Friday to include safety locks with all of its handguns to make them more childproof. ……"

Denver Post 3/19/00 David Olinger "….. Federal regulators let two Colorado gun stores stay in business long after investigators reported they had sold guns to criminals and were operated by men forbidden to possess weapons. In Lakewood, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms granted a new firearms license to Lawrence Lockert after state investigators concluded he repeatedly had sold handguns to people disqualified on background checks, including a convicted felon found running his shop. Lockert kept the license despite a 1998 restraining order prohibiting him from having weapons and a 1999 guilty plea to a domestic violence charge. In Delta, state and federal agents discovered in 1996 that Ronald Jackson Sr., a man imprisoned three times on kidnapping and weapons charges, was operating a store with a federal license to sell guns. The ATF let the shop, licensed in the names of his wife and son, sell guns until its license expired more than a year later. No charges were filed……."

The Cincinnati Enquirer 3/18/00 Earnest Winston "…… Tristate gun dealers criticized a deal announced Friday between Smith & Wesson and the Clinton administration calling for the gun manufacturer to provide locks on its handguns and other safety measures. In exchange, governments would drop lawsuits seeking damages for gun violence. Smith & Wesson agreed to a "code of conduct" for sales and distribution of handguns and not to market to juveniles or criminals. The agreement also calls for the country's biggest gun manufacturer to make its guns child-resistant within a year……"

Bureau of Justice Statistics 4/89 Allen Beck PhD "……
RECIDIVIST: A Habitual criminal; a criminal repeater. An incorrigible criminal. One who makes a trade of crime. (Black's Law Dictionary) RECIDIVISM: REPEATED OR HABITUAL RELAPSE. ......
Of the 108,580 persons released from prisons in 1983, representing more than half of all released State prisoners that year, an estimated 62.5% were re-arrested for a felony or serious misdemeanor within 3 years, 46.8% were reconvicted, and 41.4% returned to prison or jail. Before their release from prison, the prisoners had been arrested and charged with an average of more than 12 offenses each; nearly two thirds had been arrested at least once in the past for a violent offense; and two thirds had previously been in jail or prison. By yearend 1986 those prisoners who were rearrested averaged an additional 4.8 new charges. An estimated 22.7% of all prisoners were rearrested for a violent offense within 3 years of their release.
** These findings were based on a sample of more than 16,000 released prisoners, representing all those released from prison in 11 States during 1983. These States accounted for more than 57% of all State prisoners.
**An estimated 68,000 of the released prisoners were re-arrested and charged with 326,746 new felonies and serious misdemeanors, including approximately 50,000 violent offenses, with more than 141,000 property offenses and 46,000 drug offenses.
**More than 50,000 of the new offenses were violent offenses, including 2,282 Homicides, 1,451 kidnapings, 1,291 rapes, 2,626 other sexual assaults, 17,060 robberies, and 22,633 other assaults. ..."

APBnews 3/16/00 Hans Chen "…….Since national background checks for gun buyers were implemented a year and a half ago, more than 4,600 people who were supposed to be prevented from buying guns bought them anyway because their background checks were not completed in time, according to the FBI. Over the same period, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), the agency charged with getting those guns back, has recovered just 442, according to a report released last week by the General Accounting Office, Congress' investigative arm. ......"

New York Post 3/20/00 John Lott "……Accidental gun deaths among children are fortunately much rarer than most people believe. Consider New York, with more than 2.6 million children under the age of 10. From 1993 to 1997, the Centers for Disease Control report that there were only six accidental gun deaths in that age range an annual rate of 1.2 deaths. Yet, with over 3.3 million adult New Yorkers owning at least one gun in 1996, the overwhelming majority of gun owners must be extremely careful or such gun accidents would be much more frequent. According to national studies, those who fire a gun accidentally are not typical people. Even these rare accidents rarely involve one child accidentally shooting another. Shooters overwhelmingly have problems with alcoholism and long criminal histories, particularly arrests for violent acts. They are also disproportionately involved in automobile crashes and are much more likely to have had their driver's license suspended or revoked. The problem is that the law-abiding citizens who tend to obey these laws are not the ones who are high-risk. …….. Exacerbating this problem, many mechanical locks (such as barrel or trigger locks) also require that the gun be stored unloaded. Loading a gun obviously requires yet more time to respond to a criminal. Guns clearly deter criminals: Americans use guns defensively around 2 million times each year five times more frequently than the 430,000 times guns were used to commit crimes in 1997. And 98 percent of the time, simply brandishing the weapon is sufficient to stop an attack. ……Even though the police are extremely important at reducing crime, they simply can't be there all the time and virtually always end up at the scene after the crime has been committed. Having a gun is by far the safest course of action when one is confronted by a criminal. ……"

Union Leader 3/20/00 Betsy Hart "……President Clinton recently met with the mother of Kayla Rolland, the little girl so tragically shot to death by her first-grade classmate in Flint, Mich. "As a parent, my heart goes out to her," Clinton said. "And as President, I'm going to do all that I can do to see that this doesn't happen to other children." So Bill Clinton began promoting the wildly inflated but well-quoted figure that 13 American "children" are killed every day in gun related incidents. That's close to 5,000 such deaths every year. But the only way to arrive anywhere near that figure is to lump 19-year old convicted felons killed in gang-fights along with innocent first graders killed in class, as if both are children and there is no other cause for gun-shot deaths but the very existence of firearms themselves. The reality is that the typical number of children - meaning those aged 0-14 - killed annually in firearm related incidents in recent years is between about 600 and 700. While that number is still tragically too high, it is dwarfed by those in the same age range who have drowned each year in recent years - between about 950 and 1,050 annually. ….."

The New York Times 3/20/00 Juan Forero "……. The plan, anti-gun protesters said, was for a peaceful prayer vigil, a calm but determined way to demonstrate their displeasure with the sprawling Kmart store in Riverhead, on Long Island, for selling hunting rifles. But instead of quiet prayers and reflection, the 50 anti-gun demonstrators who arrived at the store on Route 58 yesterday afternoon were confronted by more than 200 noisy counterdemonstrators who drowned out the vigil with chants and taunts. ……..Demonstrators on both sides said there was no physical confrontation or arrests. But anti-gun advocates complained that they felt bullied by the other side. "For the first time, they had bullhorns, and they used them," said Michael O'Neal, chairman of Suffolk County New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, one of the organizers of the vigil. "There were 200 or 300 of them out there already. When they see our rag-tag group out there, it fills them with derision and power." ......"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/20/00 Joyce Howard Price "….. The National Rifle Association intensified its verbal warfare with the Clinton administration yesterday, linking the federal government's failure to prosecute a former black militant for a 1995 gun offense to the fatal shooting of a deputy sheriff in Atlanta last week.….He [LaPierre] and NRA President Charlton Heston, who was interviewed separately on a fourth talk show, criticized the Clinton administration for failing to enforce existing gun laws. "This lack of enforcement is killing people," Mr. LaPierre said on "Fox News Sunday." Both he and Mr. Heston cited the shooting death Thursday of Sheriff's Deputy Ricky Kinchen in Fulton County, Ga. The deputy and another officer were gunned down when they tried to arrest Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, the former Black Panther leader once famous as H. Rap Brown. In network appearances yesterday, the NRA officials said Mr. Al-Amin was carrying an unlicensed handgun when he was arrested in Atlanta five years ago after a man said Mr. Al-Amin shot him. The man later recanted his accusations. Mr. LaPierre said police in the Atlanta area called the Clinton administration at the time to see if federal officials wanted to prosecute Mr. Al-Amin for illegal possession of a firearm. "The Clinton administration refused to prosecute, and he wound up killing someone," Mr. LaPierre said on Fox. At this point, Mr. Al-Amin has only been accused in the shootings, not convicted. He remains at-large……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/20/00 Joyce Howard Price "….. White House Domestic Policy Adviser Bruce Reed, interviewed on Fox, said federal prosecution of gun crime has risen 16 percent since Mr. Clinton took office in 1993. Mr. LaPierre disputed that figure. He said that increase followed a "50 percent drop" in federal gun crime prosecutions "since the Bush administration."….."

ETHERZONE 3/21/00 John Guthmiller "…..Well, Mr. Clinton, I don't speak for Wayne La Pierre, or the National Rifle Association, but I'll rise to that challenge. I'll gladly look Kayla Rolland's mother in the eye and defend my right to keep and bear arms. I'll gladly cite case after case of little girls who are still alive because their mothers or fathers took up arms in their defense. I'll stand face to face with her and tell her that I'm appalled at the death of her daughter, but that that death is not on my hands, or those of the NRA, because I don't kill people and neither does Wayne La Pierre. There are people in the country who kill, and we ain't them. Then, I return the challenge to you, Mr. President. Stand in my place, and tell Mrs. Rolland how your Justice Department has failed to prosecute any significant percentage of the felons who have been snared by the background checks you insisted on You can point out how the cooling body of every child shot down in the last few years has been a platform from which to launch your disarmament agenda. Why the push to disarm us Mr. President? "For the children?" If you're so concerned about "the children," why don't you enforce the laws you've already put on the books? Why do you shrill for new laws, laws which would have had no effect on the Michigan shooting, or the LA day care shooting, or the Columbine shooting ... Why do you demand more laws that only serve to punish law-abiding Americans, while turning a blind eye to the depredations of violent criminals? Do you want criminals disarmed, Mr. Clinton? Or do you want America disarmed? ……."

Washington Post 3/16/00 Daniel leDuc "…… A key Senate committee appeared ready to kill a proposal to mandate that all handguns sold in Maryland be high-tech guns designed to be fired only by authorized users, following the first hearing held on the issue yesterday. Even before testimony began before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, a majority of committee members led by Chairman Walter M. Baker (D-Cecil) said they would vote against a bill that is at the heart of Gov. Parris N. Glendening's agenda for this year's legislative session. "The technology is not there," said Baker, who comes from a rural Eastern Shore district that dislikes gun control. "Voting for the gun bill where I come from is like committing suicide." ….."

MSNBC 3/14/00 Tom Walker "…… WHEN IT COMES TO GUN CONTROL, the war of words has been heated before, but rarely have the verbal bullets flown like this weekend, when the NRA accused the White House of failing to enforce existing gun laws. "I've come to believe he needs a certain level of violence in this country," said Wayne Lapierre, NRA vice president. "He's willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda." President Clinton has called it a political smear tactic and an outrageous affront to the families of those who have lost loved ones to gun violence. Alaska Congressman Don Young stopped short of endorsing the words used, but has no problem with the NRA's line of attack. "He spoke for himself," Young said. "I will say this, I do think the president has been very neglectful in the prosecution of existing laws and if that's why he's doing it for political purposes, I think that's very deplorable." ……"

Associated Press 3/16/00 "…… Three men were indicted Thursday on federal weapons counts in an elementary school shooting that left a 6-year-old girl dead, allegedly at the hands of a classmate. Grand jurors charged Jamelle Andre James, 19, Robert Lee Morris III, 19, and Sir Marcus Winfrey, 22, all of Mount Morris Township, with possessing stolen firearms and being unlawful users of marijuana in possession of firearms, U.S. Attorney Saul Green said. Winfrey is the uncle of the 6-year-old boy police say fatally shot fellow first-grader Kayla Rolland on Feb. 29 in a classroom in Buell Elementary School in Mount Morris Township, near Flint. ......"

American Spectator Online 3/16/00 "…….. Cease fire! Can we have quiet on the West Wing front? One thing is clear: The Draft Dodger sure knows how to pick his BB-gun fights. And all Wayne LaPierre had to do -- and he's as mild and moderate a head as the NRA has ever had, something you'd think his one-time admirer David Brock would have informed Sidney Blumenthal about -- was take out his sling shot and pop a few rhetorical pebbles in the direction of the Oval Office windows. Before you know it, gunslaying Bill was hiding out on Sam Donaldson's ranch, hoping for a new influx of cruise missiles to bail him out of this mess. No doubt all our nation's enemies, foreign and domestic, have been watching this rumble with glee. Sad to say, there have been a few casualties -- many reports of cracked ribs from people laughing too hard. ......... "

Asheville Tribune 3/16/00 John McNight "…… In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control From 1929 to 1953, approximately 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated…….. In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated…….. In 1938, Germany established gun control. From 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated…….. In 1935, China established gun control. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents were unable to defend themselves and were rounded up and exterminated…….."

ABC News Nightline 3/15/00 Freeper motife "…… On Nightline last night, Wayne LaPierre said that the shooting death of Northwestern basketball coach Ricky Birdsong was caused by Bill Clinton's failure to enforce the current gun laws. That the shooter was detected illegally buying the handgun used in the crime, and he was allowed to walk free with the gun. He said, "Bill Clinton has blood on his hands in the murder of Ricky Birdsong." Nightline was surprisingly balanced in the report on Birdsong's killer, and its reporting confirmed LaPierre's claims. ….." 3/16/00 Stephan Archer "…… If Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., gets his way, the Internal Revenue Service will not only be the nation's tax collector, but its gun registrar. Reed's new bill, entitled the Handgun Safety and Registration Act of 2000, would "amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require the registration of handguns." Some critics believe the national registration of firearms is nothing more than a prelude to a total gun ban. Similar steps were taken in Great Britain and Australia -- both nations went on to confiscate all handguns owned by citizens...."

Bloomberg 3/17/00 "…..The Clinton administration will sue gunmakers in an effort to stem the sale of handguns and force manufacturers to put new safeguards on weapons they sell, a senior administration official said today. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers and Andrew Cuomo, the director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, will announce the lawsuit this afternoon, the official said. In December, HUD announced it would bring the lawsuit unless negotiations with weapons makers produced voluntary concessions on the restriction of gun sales and the introduction of new safety measures designed to make it harder for anyone but the gun's lawful owner to fire them. At the time, President Bill Clinton said HUD had grounds to bring a civil lawsuit because more than 10,000 gun crimes take place every year in public housing projects operated by the agency. ….."

Washington Times 3/17/00 Wesley Pruden "…… Mr. LaPierre let him have it with both barrels when only one barrel would have sufficed. (You shouldn't expect a vice president of the National Rifle Association to know about shotguns.) "I've come to believe he needs a certain level of violence in this country," Mr. LaPierre said of the president's manipulation of the debate over gun control. "He's willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda." ……… George W.'s first judgment of the LaPierre remarks sounded about right: "I would hope that we can have an open and honest discussion about gun enforcement without calling names," he said. But this presumes good faith on the president's part, and surely Mr. Bush, who recognizes the difference between innocent blarney and poisoned baloney, knows that a man who expects good faith from Mr. Clinton, on this or any other issue, would expect to find green cheese on the moon. The president has been particularly shameless with his exploitation of the shooting death of the 6-year-old first-grader in Michigan, suggesting that a gun lock on a pistol stolen from a crack house would have saved little Kayla Rolland's life. What a cruel calumny against reality. ………. Accusing Mr. Clinton of actually fomenting violence, as Mr. Dionne suggests, is "irresponsible stuff." What we can say, responsibly and accurately, is that coincidences abound whenever Mr. Clinton and his liege men arrive in the neighborhood. Stuff happens, and the coincidences always work in Mr. Clinton's favor. Maybe now that he's going to be a New Yorker, the coincidences will subside, and we can all live happily ever after, just like they do on the editorial page of The Washington Post......." 3/16/00 AP "…..Continuing a week of tit-for-tat on gun control, the White House said Thursday that a Republican fund-raising letter mischaracterizes President Clinton's budget request for enforcement of gun crimes. The letter says Clinton, ''bent on revenge'' for Republican legislative successes, is ''pushing all sorts of new spending programs, including $280 million for gun control!'' The National Rifle Association and many Republicans in Congress accuse the Clinton administration of failing to enforce existing gun control laws even as he seeks new gun control measures. The Feb. 29 letter from Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., asks for an additional $20 contribution toward GOP Senate elections this year. McConnell is chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which raises money for GOP candidates for Senate………Stuart Roy, an NRSC spokesman, said the wording is not a mischaracterization. ''If they claim they're going to use it to enforce existing law, we're still left wondering what took you so long,'' Roy said. ……"

Washington Times 3/16/00 "…..President Clinton has a talent for emotional exhibitionism. Nothing illustrates this talent better than the current war of words going on between Mr. Clinton and the National Rifle Association over the issue of gun control. The NRA has been critical of the president's exploitation of recent shootings -one by a disturbed child who lived in a crack house with felons who traded guns for drugs - to call for yet more restrictions on regular Americans who, of course, are not the problem when it comes to violence, "gun-related" or otherwise……….What Mr. LaPierre could have said is that Mr. Clinton isn't willing to pursue policies that would actually cut down on criminal misuse of firearms (such as aggressive prosecution of those who use guns to commit violent crime). Instead the president would rather demagogue incidents such as the shooting by the sixth-grader near Flint, Mich., to score political points………. Mr. Clinton did not take long to issue his rejoinder: "I'd like to see him look into the eyes of the mother of little Kayla Rolland" - speaking of the girl who was killed by her crack house-dwelling, revolver-packing classmate in Michigan. Mr. LaPierre promptly shot back, "The president is the one who needs to look in the eyes of the American public" and explain to them why the federal government doesn't more effectively pursue gun criminals…….He's right. While incontestably awful, shootings such as the one in Michigan are not going to be prevented in the future by pestering middle Americans with more anti-gun edicts. It's irrational to believe that possession of firearms, as such, by responsible people who comprise the vast majority of gun owners, is the problem……"

National Shooting Sports Foundation 3/17/00 Bob Delfay "…..The decision by foreign-owned handgun manufacturer, Smith & Wesson, to forge an agreement with the most anti-gun administration in our nation's history has violated a trust with their consumers and with the entire domestic firearms industry, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the world's largest firearms trade organization. "For more than a year, the nation's major firearms manufacturers, including Smith & Wesson, have been in intense confidential discussions among themselves and with numerous government officials regarding the issues raised by lawsuits against the firearms industry. "Smith & Wesson has taken a list of suggestions and initiatives that have been discussed in confidential industry talks and run off and cut their own deal with the Clinton Administration and a list of anti-gun government officials," commented Robert Delfay, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. ……. "It is a source of disappointment that Smith & Wesson representatives would elect to make this one-sided agreement with the Clinton Administration with no notification or consultation with the rest of the industry," Delfay added. "The discussions that Smith & Wesson had been a party to will continue with the objective of reaching meaningful and actionable industry programs and initiatives that will have a real impact on further reducing firearms accidents and the criminal misuse of firearms in our society. We are confident that no other major manufacturers will desert this coordinated effort in favor of their own individual deal." ……"

New York Times 3/18/00 Leslie Wayne Fox Butterfield "…..Smith & Wesson's decision to adopt gun safety measures in order to settle lawsuits brought by state and federal agencies has set off criticism within the gun industry and a debate among handgun control advocates. To many other gun manufacturers, the decision by the nation's largest gun maker was seen as a betrayal that would only alienate customers and could make Smith & Wesson an industry outcast. Gun control advocates were mixed in their views. Some said the agreement, which ends litigation against the company brought by the federal government and at least 11 cities, was an important first step toward ending gun violence. Others said the agreement was filled with loopholes that Smith & Wesson, a subsidiary of Tomkins P.L.C. of London, could easily exploit. ….." 3/16/00 David Vise "……Attorney General Janet Reno today vigorously defended the Clinton administration against attacks by officials of the National Rifle Association, who have alleged that the recent spree of killings resulted from the administration's failure to enforce existing gun laws. "I have heard an awful lot in the last seven years, but that's about the worst rhetoric that I have heard," Reno said during her weekly press briefing. "I don't know of any president that has worked so hard to make this a less violent nation, a more peaceful nation, a nation where its children can grow in a strong, peaceful, safe constructive way." ….."

Fox News Channel Website 3/17/00 "……Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson has agreed on a plan to provide external locking devices within 60 days on handguns the company sells, the Clinton administration announced Friday. Under the unprecedented deal reached with the company by the departments of Housing and Urban Development and Treasury and officials representing state and local governments, Smith & Wesson agreed to a "code of conduct" for sales and distribution of handguns. The company would sell its products "only to authorized dealers and distributors" who also agree to certain conditions. A dealer or distributor would have its contract with the manufacturer terminated, for instance, if "a disproportionate number" of crimes were traced to the weapons it sells. ….."

US Newswire 3/17/00 "……Today the Clinton Administration, assisted by the Legal Action Project of the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence and several mayors engaged in litigation against the gun industry, concluded a sweeping agreement with Smith & Wesson, one of the nation's oldest and most respected firearms manufacturers. Under this agreement, the company agrees to drastic changes in the way it manufactures and distributes firearms, which may set the stage for an industry-wide settlement that plugs the loopholes in the nation's gun laws. In return, the mayors of many of the cities that have filed lawsuits against the gun industry agree to drop their claims against Smith & Wesson……The agreement will bind Smith & Wesson to several key changes in the way their guns are manufactured, including:
-- All guns, including long guns, will be shipped with external child safety locks immediately;
-- Within two years, all pistols will be manufactured with internal locks;
-- Within one year, every firearm will be designed so that it cannot be readily operated by a child under the age of 6, including making the trigger pull more resistant or designing the firing mechanism so that an average five year old's hands would be too small to operate the gun, or by requiring multiple, sequenced actions in order to fire the gun;
-- Handguns must pass a stringent performance test that equals the standard in Massachusetts, the manufacturer's home state;…."

Media Research Center 3/16/00 L Brent Bozell "……Here are two rules of civility in politics. One, conservatives are not allowed to question the motivations or crocodile-tear strategies of liberals. Two, because the true visionaries in the Manhattan media elite have a more heightened sense of society's needs, they can say anything they want about those distasteful people who stand in the way of enlightened progress. If you doubt me, I offer a perfect example: the media's coverage of the Clinton-NRA gunfight. You can hear the anger in those scandalized media voices: doesn't Wayne LaPierre know the rules?…. For years, the NRA has been trying to tell any reporter who would ask that the Clinton administration is two-faced. As the administration campaigns for ever more federal gun laws -- soliciting the soccer moms with feel-your-pain fakery -- the actual laws on the books, even the laws they campaigned to pass in their first term, go unenforced. "Of the drug dealers and the violent felons and the gangs roaming our streets, when they're caught illegally carrying guns, the President has prosecuted only two in Washington D.C., 14 in New Jersey, 20 in Atlanta," LaPierre explained to NBC on March 14……"

Media Research Center 3/16/00 L Brent Bozell "……If that's true, certainly it shows Clinton has failed to enforce the laws of the land, and that failure ought to be a pivotal component of any discussion on crime. But reporters and anchors on the four biggest networks have brought it up only eight times in two years. So now, LaPierre inflates his rhetoric just to get his point made, and still most TV news stars remain fixated on poor Bill while continuing to avoid the inconvenient facts of lax prosecution. Of course, it was Bill Clinton who regained momentum with liberals in the media after the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress by blaming the Oklahoma City bombing on "voices of hate and division" on talk radio stations, not to mention every conservative who's suspicious of government power. Network reporters gleefully noted Timothy McVeigh's (lapsed) membership in the NRA without reservation. This tactic isn't new, nor is it contained to gun-rights advocates. For years, the media have proclaimed that if you have been so impolite as to state publicly that abortion is murder, you are complicit in the shooting of abortionists. The press has endorsed the view that if you believe homosexuality is a sin, you encourage a climate of violence against homosexuals……"

Media research Center 3/17/00 Tim Graham "……Charles Gibson warned on Wednesday's World News Tonight: "The national debate over gun control became even more vicious today. The head of the National Rifle Association accused President Clinton of having quote, 'blood on his hands.'" Gibson referred to NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, who declared on ABC on Sunday that President Clinton is "willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda." As ABC's John Cochran explained, yesterday LaPierre used a specific example: in the death of former college basketball coach Ricky Birdsong, the killer illegally tried to obtain a gun at a gun store, but was not prosecuted, part of a pattern of lax gun law prosecution. Is it fair to blame Clinton? Should political players be blamed for crimes they did not commit? Probably not, but the same outlets insisting LaPierre has crossed a line of incivility have regularly crossed the line or held the door for line-crossers indicting conservatives.

Media research Center 3/17/00 Tim Graham "……Vicious Margaret. In the May 10, 1999 Time, columnist Margaret Carlson gave the mirror image of LaPierre's Sunday statement: "Republicans are betting that this too [Columbine] will pass, that as with Jonesboro and Paducah, Pearl and Springfield, once the white coffins are in the ground and the cameras gone, the outrage will subside. But maybe not this time. In town meetings and talk radio, the public has had its fill of politicians talking resignedly about our gun culture, as if there's nothing to be done about a subgroup that finds schoolyard massacres an acceptable cost for its right to be armed to the teeth."

Nealz Nuze at 3/13/00 Neal Boortz "….. A LOOK INTO THE MIND OF AN ANTI-GUNNER This little gem comes from the mouth of none other than Bill Clinton, who uttered these words in an interview with CNN's "Burden of Proof": "I'm not at all sure that even a callous, irresponsible drug dealer with a 6-year-old in the house wouldn't leave a child trigger lock on a gun." Got it? Bill Clinton thinks that even though drug dealers are lawbreaking thugs, he believes they'll still put trigger locks on their weapons if there are kids in the house. ..."

Rep. John Kasich 3/14/00 "……"I think the biggest discussion in American politics, with the country in the midst of economic prosperity, will be about how can it be in America today that a 6-year old boy can kill a 6-year old girl, and what are the root causes and what can we do about it? "That is the frame for everything. Why don't we care more about one another? How are we going to self-govern? Why do we keep substituting law-making for human decency? . . . "This is going to be the great emerging issue of the 21st Century: whether Americans are capable of being decent to one another and being leaders in their own right [with their own lives and in their own spheres] in the face of a whole lot of frustration in this society. . . "[Regarding gun control] checking people in gun shows and trigger locks and the like, those measures are ones that I think are reasonable. But don't miss my point here: trigger locks, finger-printing, gun control -- those don't address the cause of why a 6-year old kid who's living with uncles who are on drugs could act in the way he did. It's a much deeper problem [than gun control legislation]. There was a breakdown of the family, there was no personal responsibility. . . . Gun [legislation] is a band-aid; that's not the problem in America . . . "

Reuters 3/13/00 Arshad Mohammed "…..President Clinton on Monday accused the National Rifle Association of using ``slash and burn'' politics against him, but said he did not want a shouting match with the U.S. gun lobby. Sounding more aggrieved than outraged, Clinton reacted in measured tones to NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre's suggestion that he had turned a blind eye to gun violations and exploited the resulting violence for political gain. …….. The president's comments were milder than those by his spokesman, Joe Lockhart, and Gore, who said there was a ''sickness'' at the heart of the gun lobby and said the NRA owed the president an apology. Lockhart said the charges were ''outrageous and disgusting,'' hitting ``a new low.'' The two were commenting on LaPierre telling ABC's ``This Week'' program on Sunday that: ``I've come to believe he needs a certain level of violence in this country.'' ``He's willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda -- and the vice president too, I mean, how else can you explain this dishonesty we get out of the administration,'' LaPierre added. ……"

Reuters 3/13/00 Steve Holland "……President Clinton denounced the National Rifle Association for engaging in ``political smear tactics'' on Monday for saying he was tolerant of some gun killing because it was good for politics. ……. ``I'm not trying to pick a fight with anybody. I'm fighting for the lives of our kids,'' he said. …….. LaPierre's argument was that the Clinton administration does not enforce the gun control laws on the books while at the same time seeking more laws to control firearms……"

Nando Times 3/13/00 Calvin Woodward "….. LaPierre held his ground. He said in an interview he can think of no other reason for the administration's "shameful" lack of enforcement of gun laws except that it is driven by politics. "If it's not for a political agenda, they need to say something to the NRA or the American people that makes sense," LaPierre said. Responding to Gore's demand that he apologize, LaPierre said: "Vice President Gore needs to apologize to the American public for not enforcing the existing federal firearms laws." And as for Clinton's challenge to him to look into the eyes of Kayla Rolland's mother and other families that have lost children to gun violence, he said: "I think he should look them in the eye and explain why he won't enforce the laws against crack dealers with guns and take them off the street." ……LaPierre, also on "This Week," attributed Clinton's renewed focus on guns to his interest in getting Gore elected. "The pollsters and consultants are telling them, scare suburban women," he said. ….."

Denver Post 3/7/00 Mike Soraghan "…..Gun enthusiasts say the names of people given permission by the government to carry concealed handguns should be kept secret. "It should be treated privately," said Sen. Ken Chlouber, R-Leadville. "It should be confidential." But critics questioned how public officials, such as elected sheriffs, can be held accountable for the permits they issue if no one can find out when a criminal gets a permit to carry a gun. "Is this intended to protect the public or protect a program?" said volunteer gun-control lobbyist Eileen McCarron, after citing several instances in which concealed weapons permit holders committed crimes. ….."

Reuters 3/13/00 Bill Cooke "….Vice President Al Gore today joined the escalating, bitter feud between the National Rifle Association and the White House. NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre claimed in an appearance Sunday on ABCNEWS' This Week that President Clinton intentionally does not do enough to curb gun violence in America for his own political benefit. Gore lashed back today from the presidential campaign trail, demanding an apology. "Anyone who has spent time as I have - many times - with the families of the victims of gun violence and felt the heartache, seen the way gun violence tears families apart, couldn't possibly make such a comment," Gore said in Miami. "And I believe Mr. LaPierre's comments reveals a kind of sickness at the very heart of the NRA." ………. Pointing to the administration's record on gun crime prosecutions, LaPierre argued that the government has been weak on enforcing gun laws in "pockets of poverty." "The only way you are going to get rid of that problem is by prosecuting ... if the president would enforce the law against drug dealers with guns he'd stop things like that crack house in Michigan," he said. ......"

CNSNews 3/14/00 Scott Hogenson "…… President Clinton and the National Rifle Association are at it again, this time tossing brickbats at each other over gun violence and whether Clinton uses the issue for political gain. Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's executive vice president, said Sunday that Clinton "is willing to accept a certain level of [gun] killing to further his political agenda," a charge Clinton called "outrageous and disgusting." …….. A simple search of the White House "Virtual Library" using its built-in search engine shows that between January 1, 1999 and March 14, 2000, Clinton used his weekly radio addresses to plug his anti-gun message more than he used it to promote schools or education, Social Security, Medicare, the environment or peace. During the past 63 weeks, Bill Clinton delivered 14 Saturday radio addresses in which the key search-word "guns" was used. Of those 14 speeches, 11 focused specifically on guns, violence or crime. ……"

WorldNetDaily 3/14/00 Jon Dougherty "…… On the heels of global financial giant Citibank's Mar. 7 decision to end its policy of not doing business with small firearms companies, officials in Idaho have filed a resolution asking the state to sever business ties to any firm or company that discriminates against weapons firms or pro-gun activists……… In a statement released to WorldNetDaily, Otter said Idaho should "send a clear message" supporting the "Constitution and the rights of people to keep and bear arms," and that the state should "want to do business with folks who share those values." Otter, who will likely pursue a U.S. congressional bid for retiring Idaho Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage's seat this fall, called the anti-firearms trend among corporate policy boards "disturbing." ……."While that may be their prerogative from the standpoint of their own internal social agenda," Otter said, "it is our prerogative as a state to not do business with those who would discriminate against people exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights." ......" 3/27/00 Dr Michael Brown "……One of the great ironies of the cultural war over gun rights is that women are generally more anti-gun than men. Violence against women is an extremely serious problem, yet women are constantly told to forgo the most effective means of self-defense. A young woman known to my wife was abducted and raped recently by a sex offender on parole. She is now HIV-positive and the assailant left town before police could build an airtight case. Another woman in our area was forced to change her own name and move to a new home because her attacker knows her identity. A woman I know and two female family members were terrorized by an intruder who entered their home at 5 AM. The man escaped before police could respond to a 911 call and he has not been caught. Contrast this to a case in Arizona where an unarmed woman was raped, shot and left for dead. The attacker then forced his way into a private home where he was promptly shot and killed by a second woman with a handgun. He will not rape again. Episodes like this happen around the country, but are totally ignored by the national media. ….."

Reuters 3/29/00 "…….With the President and National Rifle Association's Wayne LaPierre dueling for the hearts and minds of voters, a Zogby America poll reveals that Americans are almost equally divided on Clinton's gun control policy. Just over four in 10 adults (42%) in the February survey of 1,003 believe the president's measures-trigger locks, photo licensing and restrictions on the sales of weapons at gun shows-would deter violence. At the same time, 46% believe Clinton's policy on guns is just a public relations gesture………."

Metro West Daily 3/29/00 Deanna Putnam "…..Legendary Hollywood star Charlton Heston told a crowd of hundreds at Brandeis University last night that his presidency of the National Rifle Association has changed him in the eyes of many from Moses to the devil. Guarded by significant campus and hired security, which was easily bypassed by a reporter, Heston spoke on behalf of gun owners' rights and political conservatism at perhaps one of the country's most liberal campuses. "Political correctness is tyranny with manners," said the celebrity who has chosen to champion the Second Amendment right to bear arms as president of the national group that lobbies for gun owners' rights. Outside the auditorium where he spoke, hundreds of students protested noisily, but peacefully. Many just played dead. Bemused campus guards and armed local police looked on as student advocates of gun control chalked out silhouettes of splayed human forms as at a crime scene, then stretched out on the ground and mimicked the dead, fake blood oozing from their pretend bullet wounds. ….." 3/29/00 UPI "…..Screen legend Charlton Heston defended his sometimes unpopular views at liberal Brandeis University in Massachusetts Tuesday night, saying that to some people he has gone from celluloid saint to cultural sinner. Heston, the 75-year-old actor-turned-advocate and president of the National Rifle Association, was greeted by dozens of supporters and opponents when he arrived on the Waltham, Mass., campus to talk about political correctness and the Second Amendment. Some two dozen students made up to look like gunshot victims sprawled in front of the campus center where Heston was to speak, forcing hundreds of people to step over their "bodies" to get inside. Heston later told reporters he was not upset at the protesters. "One of the wonderful things about this country is you have a right to speak out against the government and against your colleagues," Heston said. "The protesters get to protest, and I get to speak." He added that those who protest the Second Amendment, which gives people the right to keep and bear arms, "don't understand the Second Amendment." ….." 3/29/00 Stephen Halbrook, PhD JD "…..It would be instructive at this time to recall why the American citizenry and Congress have historically opposed the registration of firearms. The reason is plain. Registration makes it easy for a tyrannical government to confiscate firearms and make prey of its subjects. Denying this historical fact is no more justified than denying that the Holocaust occurred or that the Nazis murdered millions of unarmed people. I am writing a book on Nazi policies and practices that sought to repress civilian gun ownership and eradicate gun owners in Germany and occupied Europe. The following sampling of my findings should give pause to the suggestion that draconian punishment of citizens for keeping firearms is necessarily a social good. The Night of the Broken Glass (Kristallnacht)--the infamous Nazi rampage against Germany's Jews--took place in November 1938. It was preceded by the confiscation of firearms from the Jewish victims……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/29/00 Margie Hyslop "…….Maryland Gov. Parris N. Glendening's gun-control bill would essentially do nothing, because its mandate for integrated locks on new handguns is already met by current safety devices, some Democratic lawmakers said yesterday. Mr. Glendening's bill would require that all handguns sold in Maryland by 2003 include a built-in "mechanical safety device . . . designed to prevent the handgun from being discharged unless the device has been deactivated." "That is nothing more than a 'safety' " - a toggle switch that can be turned on or off by anyone, said Delegate Dana Dembrow, Montgomery County Democrat. According to Iris Birenbaum, administrator of Maryland's Handgun Roster Board, safeties are already standard equipment on about 90 percent of all semiautomatic handguns now approved for sale in Maryland......."

World Net Daily 3/27/00 Jon Dougherty "……According to a report published last week by Christianity Online, leaders from the National Council of Churches have decided to push for more gun control legislation in an effort to end the "scourge" of gun violence in the U.S. ………There are a number of things wrong with the NCC's position and Mr. Edgar's comments specifically, but taken at face value a couple of them are more glaring than others. …..First of all, it is unimaginable that a national organization of churches would risk entering the fray of politics over any issue, considering that "a separation of Church and State" is a cornerstone of American society……. Secondly, the new leader of the NCC has no new information to justify his false claims that "more guns equal more crimes." His statistics, which he stole from President Clinton, are absurdly incorrect, even by Uncle Sam's own numbers: …….Third, and most important, is the issue of constitutional precedence: How is it that a national church organization can call for further subjugation of a constitutional right without realizing the hypocrisy of using one constitutional right to call for the limitation of the other? …….."

CNS News 3/27/00 Ben Anderson "…….Two diametrically opposed groups of women will converge upon the nation's capitol on Mother's Day taking up the issue of the Second Amendment versus gun control. The Second Amendment Sisters, a recently formed group of women dedicated to preserving their right to defend themselves with firearms, is planning a Mother's Day rally near the Washington Monument, calling it the Armed Informed Mothers March. While the Million Mom March will involve demands for "common sense" gun control laws, the Armed Informed Mothers March will call for enforcement of current gun laws to become more common. The Second Amendment Sisters rally organizers contend that their efforts are in response to the Million Mom March, also set for Mother's Day. While the Moms will rally for more gun control, the Sisters will demand that Congress preserve an individual's right to self-defense. Organizers for the Sisters counter-protest want to prevent the Moms anti-gun rally from appearing to represent the opinions of all women. ….."

NY Times 3/27/00 "…..State legislators, gun industry officials and even many gun control advocates say that the wide-ranging gun controls proposed this month by Gov. George E. Pataki, while laudable, probably would not produce a large reduction in gun violence. The governor's plan would give New York the toughest gun restrictions in the nation, from requiring trigger locks with new handguns to instituting a computerized system for tracing bullets to the guns that fired them. And in interviews, some people who follow the issue closely were nearly unanimous in their praise of Mr. Pataki, a Republican, saying that he had confronted a difficult issue head-on, and that his proposals were worthwhile even if they saved only a handful of lives. But they also contend that some elements of his plan merely reinforce existing laws, while others address issues like assault weapons that are relatively minor factors in overall gun violence. Gun control advocates say the debate highlights the need for Congress, where Republican leaders have stalled gun control legislation, to enact national restrictions, a point Mr. Pataki has also made. The governor's power to address the availability of guns is limited by much looser laws in other states, where most of New York's illegal guns are first sold. ….."

National Review 3/26/00 Dave Kopel "……First of all, all the locking programs are aimed at the rarest form of gun misuse: accidents involving small children. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 1997 there were 20 fatal gun accidents involving children 0 to 4, and 122 such accidents for children aged 5 to 14. Given the ubiquity of screwdrivers, hammers, and patient teenagers who can just dial every combination on a particular three-digit lock, it is unrealistic to expect that locks will prevent gun misuse by the age groups which account for the large majority of misuse. Nor can locks keep criminals from being able to use stolen guns. To a good extent, today's allegedly "childproof" products are still not truly childproof. A girl in Nova Scotia shot a friend while they were playing with a gun which had a trigger lock in it. ("Mounties demonstrated that with less than one pound of pressure, the trigger lock failed to prevent the gun from going off." -AP , Jan. 21 1998.) ……Even worse, if a gun with a trigger lock is dropped accidentally, the gun may discharge; every gun sold in the United States today is built not to fire if dropped, but a trigger lock may defeat this important safety innovation. Trigger locks should never be put on loaded guns, but mandating trigger locks will lead to exactly such dangerous storage. ……"

New York Times 3/27/00 Reuters "…..Firearms manufacturer Browning, distributor of the Winchester brand rifle, announced on Monday it would not join competitor Smith & Wesson in a deal with the U.S. government, saying the agreement called for more than merely adding child safety locks to weapons. ``They're asking the companies to exercise regulatory authority,'' said Rich Bauter, vice president for Browning firearms marketing. On March 17, Smith & Wesson, the world's largest manufacturer of handguns, shocked guns-rights advocates by announcing it would sign an agreement with the U.S. government to install child trigger locks and develop so-called smart-gun technology, as well as make marketing changes. …..In a statement Browning said, ``After a careful review of the agreement signed by Smith & Wesson, we have determined that we cannot sign any similar agreement.'' ….."

WASHINGTON TIMES 3/28/00 Margie Hyslop "......The Maryland Senate gave its final approval last night to legislation that would require built-in locks on all handguns sold in the state by 2003, a move that could make it the first state to create such a mandate. But the 26-21 vote didn't come until opponents spoke for nearly four hours on the chamber floor, an opportunity not allowed by Senate leaders before a preliminary vote last week.......... Proponents argue that the compromise bill - which also would require external locks to be purchased with any handgun after Oct. 1 - is a modest measure that will increase the cost of buying a gun but is worthwhile "if it saves one life." Opponents say it will ensure that criminals have the best guns while law-abiding Marylanders will have to settle for guns that may be less reliable or could delay their response. They say fewer Marylanders will be able to defend themselves adequately - especially poor ones......." 3/30/00 "…..Since October 1998, a number of city mayors and county officials have filed lawsuits against the firearm industry intended to force compliance with a wide array of regulatory initiatives that the American public has refused to authorize through constitutionally prescribed legislation. These government officials have openly and unashamedly challenged reputable and responsible firearm manufactures to either defend against these unfounded lawsuits at extreme financial cost or accept their ill-considered regulatory demands. One manufacturer has now capitulated to this blackmail. Beretta denounces this surrender, as well as the blatant disregard which these locally elected officials have shown for the U.S. Constitution, including the Separation of Powers, Due Process rights of firearm customers, dealers, distributors and manufacturers, and of the right of Self-Defense embodied in the 2nd Amendment.......... We object to the suggestion that any manufacturer who does not subscribe to the ill-founded demands of this handful of local officials is not dedicated to making the safest possible firearms and is not committed to the furtherance of safe and responsible use of our products. It is our dedication to such causes, along with the public education efforts of safety-oriented organizations such as the NRA, that has led to a 45% reduction in accidental firearms fatalities in the past 15 years and which promises continued reductions in the future. We remain committed to the coordination of funding of education and safety programs to further the safe and responsible use of firearms……… The attempt by local officials to compel compliance on a national level with their self-chosen gun restrictions is a distasteful misuse of litigation, wrong by any law, ethics and fairness…….We further maintain that the settlement agreement by one manufacturer, the lawsuits on which it is based and the reprehensible tactics currently being employed to further its adoption or an attempt to divert attention from the failure of the Clinton Administration and certain municipalities to responsibly enforce existing gun laws and to support proven safety initiatives………..Lastly, we object in the strongest possible terms to the incredible, distasteful efforts by proponents of this agreement to force law enforcement officials to place the extortionate scheme of these officials above the safety of local law enforcement officials by abandoning honest competitive selection of the highest quality firearms available for them in favor of preference to any manufacturer who has succumbed to the litigator's demands. ……."

Massachusetts News 3/30/00 "…….. When student organizers informed the administration about Charlton Heston's visit to Brandeis University, they were informed they would have to pay for expensive security precautions, but by the time the event began, two metal detectors, one bomb-dog and fifteen police officers were not enough to maintain order inside or outside the building, according to Bryan Rudnick, one of the students. He tells Massachusetts News that nearly one hundred security breaches occurred and the Acting Director of Public Safety, Ed Callahan, was not even on the campus for over an hour. The officers who were on hand were unaware of their responsibilities and thus chaos erupted, he says. Demonstrators blocked guests from entering the building, intimidated them and refused to clear the area when asked, Rudnick says. All are violations of the university's "Rights and Responsibilities Handbook." According to Brandeis Senior Jim Couture, "I am appalled by the administration's inaction. Although they forced us to pay a lot for security, people entered the building by evading the metal detectors." ……"

The PlanetTimes 3/29/00 "……. Tim Winward …..For those of you who missed the first five articles or simply found them too boring to read, here is a recap:………..Disagree if you will, but the author holds that: The purpose of the Second Amendment was, and is, simply to prevent the general government from disarming the people and subjecting them to tyranny, as was done in the English Civil Wars. The reason given for this restriction is that a well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state. The states are forbidden to keep standing armies in time of peace by the Constitution, and their defense is limited to militias, which are composed of the people rather than regulars or mercenaries. This concept was spelled out clearly enough by Noah Webster: ………. Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power. …….."

Washington Times 3/31/00 Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder "…… To be absolutely honest, like most Jews, we don't like to be around anything that could be used to harm anybody. The only reason Jews even have a butter knives around the house is so they can use them as screwdrivers, which is why the points on all our butter knives are bent. In fact, things are so bad for our butter knives, that in our house the only way you can spread some butter on a piece of bread is if you hold it on a slant. But if other people feel they need to have guns around the house, they should be allowed to have them. Just because you have a gun at home doesn't mean you are going to go around shooting people, just as the fact that you have a window in your house doesn't mean your wife and brother-in-law are going to take turns jumping out of it. The Army has guns all over the place and the soldiers don't spend their time shooting each other. Liberace had the same equipment as Bill Clinton, but girls were perfectly safe around him. Edward G. Robinson always had a cigar with him, but he didn't use 19-year old girls as ashtrays. Total gun-control might be great if you could also get the crooks and murderers to agree to it. The perjurer-in-chief used the shooting-death of Kayla Rolland as an excuse to plead for gun control. Being a draft-dodger it is understandable that he doesn't know much about guns, but the fact is that the little monster who killed Kayla obtained it from his criminal uncle, who presumably would not rush to the station house to register his gun, no matter what the law was……."

The American Partisan 3/30/00 Linda A. Prussen-Razzano "……. When the Million Mom March was initially announced several months ago, a part of me groaned in dismay. I have no doubt these are caring women, interested only in eliminating crime from their streets and protecting their children. They may have been the victims of brutal violence, suffering terrible losses at the hands of some malicious criminal. They may honestly see "sensible measures" as a step in the right direction towards stemming future violence, particularly violence by guns. ……… First, criminals, by definition, do not obey the law. If they did obey the law, they would not be criminals; they would be law-abiding citizens. If a person is intent on committing a crime, it does not matter how many laws stand in their way; they will break them all. The kids at Columbine broke several, even before they fired their first shot. ……….. Second, the best defense is a good offense. Instead of making a complicated and difficult process even more complicated and difficult, we should be leveling the playing field. Instead of encouraging more paperwork and restrictions, we should be encouraging firearm ownership in all homes, so that everyone has a method to protect and defend their families and property……… Third, we, as Americans, should not be working to actively undermine any of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. The 2nd Amendment is about so much more than our ability to protect and defend our families and property. Individuals who fail to realize the true intent of the 2nd Amendment have either not studied history or chose to ignore it......." 3/31/00 AP Paul Shepard "……Gunmaker Smith & Wesson's pledge to adopt landmark safety and responsibility standards is winning it a lot of business from local government officials. In the two weeks since President Clinton praised the Springfield, Mass., gunmaker for its stance, a total of 65 cities and counties have pledged to make Smith & Wesson their preferred source for police handguns. Thirty-seven of those local jurisdictions joined the list Friday, including Oakland, Calif.; Kansas City, Mo.; Buffalo, N.Y., and Richmond Va. ''Members of this coalition will use their considerable purchasing power to encourage gun manufacturers to make a safer products that cannot be accessed by criminals and children,'' Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo said at a news conference Friday. ……. "

Denver Post 4/1/00 Sheba Wheeler "……City council members are considering a ban on assault weapons inside Boulder city limits and a requirement that dealers at gun shows be federally licensed. City Attorney Joe de Raismes has given the council an analysis of seven proposed ordinances that would strengthen gun laws.. …"

Neal Knox 4/3/00 "……President Clinton will go to Colorado April 12, on the eve of the first anniversary of the Columbine massacre, to help promote a ballot initiative to require gun show background checks. White House Chief of Staff John Podesta told the Washington Post the trip also would attempt to increase pressure on Congress, "where the Republican leadership has blocked consideration of gun-show background checks." ….."

UPI 4/3/00 "…….President Clinton said Monday that Smith and Wesson, the gun manufacturer, has taken "enormous abuse" for deciding to put safety locks on its handguns. Clinton praised California and Colorado, because of the Columbine high school massacre, for moving toward more gun control regulations and said he hoped other states will follow suit. ……"

CNN 4/3/00 "……The American Academy of Pediatrics said Monday the best way to reduce firearms injuries to children and young adults is to remove guns from private homes and the community at large. In a revision of its policy statement, which calls for an outright ban on handguns and semi-automatic weapons, the AAP said other measures should be taken to curb the number of gunshot injuries until such a ban is in place. Doctors urged to lead the fight "Because firearm-related injury to children is associated with death and severe morbidity and is a significant public health problem, child health care professionals can and should provide effective leadership in efforts to stem this epidemic," said an AAP statement. The Chicago-based group representing 55,000 children's doctors urged pediatricians to ask questions about guns as they take their patients' histories and to suggest that parents remove guns from the home. It called on all health care professionals to warn parents about the dangers of guns inside and outside the home. ….. "

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 4/3/00 Charles Bloomer "….. The capitulation of S&W is the result of the government plan to drive gun manufacturers into bankruptcy. S&W had two choices, neither of them pleasant - either cave in to the government's demands or continue trying to defend itself in a massive lawsuit. The reward, such as it was, removed Smith and Wesson from the federal suit against gunmakers, and included a promise to encourage states and cities to give preference to S&W guns for their police departments. CATO Institute's Robert A. Levy says S&W had no alternative because of pending government litigation. "The real goal of the litigation was to bypass the legislative process," he says, and "that's no better than blackmail masquerading as law." The deal S&W made is imperfect and will require S&W to continue to spend money defending itself. Not all the parties to the suit have joined in the federal government's deal. At least 12 of the cities and municipalities involved in the lawsuit have decided not to accept S&W's surrender and will continue pursuing the destruction of the gun industry. In addition, the agreement effectively put control of S&W operations into the hands of an oversight board of five appointed members, only one of which is appointed by the manufacturer, providing a 4-1 anti-gun majority. Other gunmakers have decided to continue the fight….."

Jewish World Review 3/29/00 Wlater Williams "…….WHENEVER THERE'S A TRAGEDY involving gun use, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, the gun-control lobby and the news media seize it as another opportunity to exploit the emotions of uninformed American people for political gain. Unfortunately, most Americans don't have the foggiest notion of why the Framers of the Constitution, through the Second Amendment, guaranteed our right to keep and bear arms. Our leftist establishment would like us to believe the Second Amendment was written to protect our duck- and deer-hunting rights. Don't take my word --- read what was actually said during the constitutional debates. Thomas Jefferson said: "No man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Tench Coxe, assistant secretary of the treasury (1789), said, "The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in G-d it will ever remain, in the hands of the people." Noah Webster said, "The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops." ......"

WorldNetDaily 4/3/00 Joseph Farah "…….Let's face it, the people leading the gun-control movement in the United States will never stop. They will never be satisfied until the government has a monopoly on firearms -- until every American is fully and unconditionally disarmed. That's the only goal that will make the zealots happy. Many Americans still don't believe what I'm telling you. They take their right to bear firearms for granted. They don't believe their own government could ever pose a threat to their liberties. They can't understand how fleeting freedom is and how vital an armed populace is to preserving it. …….. I don't suggest this is the only scenario that might lead us into serfdom and state servitude. But I suggest it as a plausible scenario. If there is one, there are no doubt others. A recent news report announced the Defense Department is replacing the lead in its ammunition with tungsten. Of course, the reason for this move has nothing to do with making the U.S. military a more effective fighting force. It has to do with environmental concerns. The Pentagon wants to reduce lead contamination at military shooting ranges and battlefields of the future. Tungsten is actually much more expensive than lead and its melting point is 10 times higher, so production of tungsten bullets will require more energy to produce them. I haven't noticed any debate about this higher cost in Congress. Maybe I just missed it. Or, more likely, the Clinton administration has unilaterally decided to take this course on its own -- without any input from the people. I suspect that's the case because the United States has no tungsten reserves. And guess where you find most of the world's tungsten? That's right. China. Think about that………. Once the military conversion to tungsten bullets is complete, get ready for a major environmental campaign against the domestic use and production of lead ammunition. The gun-control forces will have a major new ally in their utopian mission -- the environmental wackos. Mark my words. The day is coming when the focus of the Sierra Club, Earth First! and other misguided nature worshippers shift their focus to banning the use of lead ammunition in the United States. A lot of good your firearms will do you without ammo. ….."

World Net Daily 4/3/00 Geoff Metcalf "…..George Washington hit the nail on the head when he said, "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." Smith & Wesson did not have to comply with the contemptible coercion of the Clintonistas, and there is not a dark enough, hot enough place in hell for them to abandon all hope. Other gun manufacturers, faced with the same extortion demands from the hubris-plagued administration did not comply. Browning, Glock and Taurus have refused to ignore their fiduciary responsibilities and have refused government bribes. Government control of private-sector industry used to be called fascism. Today it is called the Clinton administration. ….."

World Net Daily 4/3/00 Geoff Metcalf "….. Taurus has already been incorporating these integral locks since 1997. It was designed and implemented specifically "to help prevent unauthorized use by children." And they did that without orders from government and this provision that S&W has two years to develop has been offered to them again and again. "Smith & Wesson was first offered the system in a letter sent to the Massachusetts gun maker one year ago, in March 1999," said Carlos Murgel, president and CEO of Taurus. ……"

World Net Daily 4/3/00 Geoff Metcalf "….. The conduct of Smith and Wesson has not been just cowardly -- it has been reprehensible and contemptible.. ……. Meanwhile, S&W, the Clinton administration and any other would-be coconspirators must be made to realize there are consequences to their actions. S&W allegedly rolled over to government threats in order to secure market share. However, government sales are not yet 100 percent of the gun sales market. I have heard from dozens of firearm dealers who tell me they are discontinuing sales of Smith & Wesson. Hundreds of private consumers have told me they will never again purchase any S&W product...."

US Newswire 4/18/00 Jews for the Preservation of Firearms "…….To mark the April 20 anniversary of the multiple murders at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., major media and victim disarmament lobbyists have been trying to focus public attention on "gun control" as the solution to violence in America. Wisconsin-based Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) publicly challenged that view today. "It's shameful how the anti-self defense lobby dances on the graves of dead crime victims to advance their political agenda," said Aaron Zelman, executive director of JPFO. "Americans don't hear about the good side of defensive gun ownership. Why don't people dance when well over 5,000 crimes are stopped or prevented by citizens every day?" Nationally-acclaimed study results by Professor Gary Kleck at Florida State University indicate that firearms are used defensively over 5,400 times each day. "If we assume that only one percent of those defensive uses saves a life, that still amounts to 54 lives saved every day of the year," Zelman observed. "The number of lives saved is probably much higher." ……"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 4/18/00 "…….. If the so-called gun show loophole is closed this year, it won't be the Colorado legislature's doing. A constitutional amendment asking voters to decide if there should be criminal background checks on all buyers at gun shows was killed by the Republican majority in the Senate State Affairs Committee, with a 5-4 party-line vote Monday. Its defeat means SAFE Colorado must collect more than 62,000 signatures to get the issue before the state's voters in November……"

Orlando Sentinel 4/18/00 Charley Reese "……. If the homicide rate is falling, if the fatalities from firearms accidents are the lowest they've been since 1902, why do you suppose some people are so fiendishly insistent on more gun control? You ought to think about that. It's already against the law for a convicted felon to purchase or possess a firearm; it's already against the law for a minor to purchase or possess a handgun; there is already a law requiring background checks on gun buyers; gun dealers are already heavily regulated; many states have laws to punish adults for failure to store guns safely. Why then do people insist that more laws are needed? Why do they clamor for safer guns when firearm accidents account for only 1,400 of the 90,000 accidental deaths annually in the United States? ………… Well, I personally think that their motive has nothing to do with fighting crime or with safety. After all, firearms are dead last as a cause of accidental fatalities among both children and adults. Doctors, we now know, kill three times as many Americans annually from mistakes than firearms kill, counting homicides, suicides and accidents. I think that the answer is both old and simple. Gun-control laws have always been elitist and racist. Elitists have always wanted to disarm the common folks while, of course, retaining the privileges of arms for themselves. And the right to keep and bear arms has always been a populist cause. James Madison boasted to a European critic that the new country of America, unlike his country, did not fear its own people and allowed them to own arms. .....

Orlando Sentinel 4/18/00 Charley Reese "…….. In fact, that Second Amendment right to keep and own arms is one of the things that makes America unique. Many countries protect speech and assembly and so forth. Almost no other protects the right of its people to keep arms. ……You may, of course, think that the Second Amendment is obsolete. I would ask you to reconsider that. If you noticed in the last Los Angeles riot, neither the police nor the military was on hand initially to protect people's lives and property. The people had to protect themselves, and they did it with firearms. This is always true in a major disaster -- at least initially. ………. Any honest cop will tell you that if you are attacked by a criminal, on the street or in your home, you are on your own. It's up to you to defend yourself and your family. If you think that you are physically fit enough to disarm armed intruders, then more power to you. But every martial artist I have known says there is no substitute for a handgun when it comes to serious self-defense......."

Los Angeles Times 4/18/00 Eric Lichtblau and Richard Simon "…….. For all the recent talk of "smart" guns, trigger locks and other innovations in weapons safety, an increasingly vocal minority in the gun-control community is arguing that nothing short of a ban on handguns will stem gun violence. They maintain that the current array of half-step advances in gun-safety technology could actually fuel violence. The gun-control movement has achieved only sporadic legislative victories in the last year. Yet the mere mention of a much more ambitious agenda-a handgun ban-has expanded the national debate and generated both enthusiasm and division within a gun-control community that is enjoying unprecedented visibility and financial backing in the year since Columbine. "Historically, if you talked about banning handguns, it was political suicide. I don't think that's true anymore," said Eric Gorovitz, policy coordinator in San Francisco for the Bell Campaign, a new victim's rights group that has taken no position on a handgun ban. …….."

Boulder Camera 4/17/00 "……The videotapes made by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold show that tougher gun-control laws wouldn't have stopped the Columbine killers, Gov. Bill Owens said Monday. "I think the facts show that Mr. Harris and Mr. Klebold broke 17 or 18 or 19 separate laws to do what they did. There wouldn't have been any hesitation breaking several more," Owens said. Although Owens said he will push for mandatory background checks on all weapons sold at gun shows and raising the age from 18 to 21 for handgun purchases, he added, "Do you think these killers would have stopped had they had to go and get a background check at a gun show?" The weapons used at Columbine High School in suburban Littleton were purchased at an area gun show by friends of the two killers, officials said. In the videos, Harris and Klebold detailed their plan to kill hundreds of people in the school attack. ......... "

Akron Beacon Journal 416/00 "… .. State Rep. Ron Hood crowed: ``You don't mess with gun owners.'' At least, not in Ohio. You especially don't mess with their lobbyists. On Wednesday, they blocked a modest measure that would have required gun owners to ensure children do not get ahold of their weapons. Ann Womer Benjamin, the chairwoman of the House Criminal Justice Committee, explored avenue after avenue in search of compromise. She practically bussed Eddie Eagle, the National Rifle Association messenger for educating children about the safe handling of guns. Her efforts were largely ignored, the gun lobby routinely erecting new obstacles, its ploys suggesting that when the NRA next boasts of its concern for gun safety, Ohioans should guffaw. …….. The gun lobby prevailed. Its allies packed the hearing room. Womer Benjamin and a handful of other lawmakers struggled to provide leadership for the majority of Ohioans. The result, as state Rep. Dan DePiero, a Parma Democrat, pointed out, is that gun control seems a lost cause in the state. ……."

Dan Klepal 4/17/00 The Cincinnati Enquirer "….. Next to the high-powered .25-caliber Mauser rifle was a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Behind the cookies and a pile of petitions sat Catie Berry, a 48-year-old mother and member of the Second Amendment Sisters - an organization that plans to march in Washington, D.C., on May 14 - Mother's Day - to express opposition to gun control. The Armed Informed Mothers March aims to counter a demonstration on the same day called the Million Mom March by a group that says it supports "commonsense gun policy." Ms. Berry collected signatures and tried to drum up support for her organization and the march Saturday during a gun show at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. "I just feel those women (in the Million Mom March) don't speak for all women," Ms. Berry said. "I don't want to be hindered in protecting myself. "We have enough gun control laws on the books. Let's enforce what we have." ……"

Baltimore Sun 4/16/00 "…… Disgrace: It was a sad day, and a corrupted process, that brought Maryland its gun bill - and the consequences will be even worse. Del. Carmen Amedori, a Carroll County Republican, opposes gun control on constitutional grounds. She does not hunt, shoot or own a firearm. Never before have the people of any state had such a legislative hoax perpetrated upon them as have the fair citizens of Maryland with the passing and enactment of the Governor's so-called "Responsible Gun Safety Act of 2000." Maryland legislators were asked to turn off their brains, ignore their Constitutional duties and turn on the green light for Parris N. Glendening's package of gun controls. In their haste to pose before the national media at a high-profile bill signing ceremony last week, the Glendening crowd ignored a very important point: It's the language, stupid. Beginning with the required background checks into juvenile records (infringement of due process) to the sale of only firearms with integrated locking mechanisms be sold in the state of Maryland (infringement on interstate commerce), the entire law is riddled with questions of constitutionality. ……."

USA Today 4/17/00 Wendy Koch "…….At a gun show here, amid survivalist gear and ''Gun control equals people control'' bumper stickers, two men are selling semiautomatic handguns under different sets of rules. Jim Cyrus, a gun-store owner, is a licensed dealer. As at his store, he can sell only to buyers who pass federally mandated background checks, most of which are completed within a minute. About 10 tables away sits a retired Ford Motor pattern designer, who does a few shows each year so he can get time away from his wife. A hobbyist, he does not have to run checks on his buyers. This is the ''gun-show loophole.'' Critics want to close it because they say criminals can avoid background checks by buying from unlicensed sellers. The dispute has kept Congress from passing new gun-control measures in the year since the Columbine High School shooting last April 20, in which two teenagers gunned down 12 classmates and a teacher before killing themselves. ….."

WorldNet 4/17/00 Geoff Metcalf "…… The NRA has become a cowardly, politicized, public relations empty suit. If there is any chance for this presumed gun rights organization to recover from the atrophy, myopia, and cowardice which has engulfed it, I strongly recommend members had best read the Anti-Project Exile petition and support those who support the Second Amendment. Otherwise, be prepared to do what hundreds of thousands of Californians are having to do -- fight your own battles. Harsh words? Hell, I've got a tight bridle and hobbles on my real feelings. …….. When California Gov. Gray Davis signed into law a remarkably poorly written, tragically flawed, and unconstitutional alleged assault-weapons enhancement, we tired to solicit the help of the supposed big gun rights organizations. We were ignored, patronized and even criticized for our efforts to stop the gun grabbers. The NRA and others did not want us to put a referendum on the state ballot to overturn the bad law. Allegedly, "they would take care of it." Bullfeathers! ……." 4/16/00 AP "……….What a difference a little publicity can make. A week after a newspaper article described how Onondaga County authorities were trying to track down thousands of handguns that belonged to people who have died, residents have begun responding. Twenty-seven people called the sheriff's department in the last week to turn in guns. The callers said they were unaware that state law required the weapons to be turned over to police within 15 days of the death of a licensed pistol holder, or for someone else to be licensed within that time, Detective Ray Herrick said. After 15 days, it's a misdemeanor for the guns to be in someone's home without a license. Before the turn-ins of the past week, the department only had received about 20 guns. Herrick said he's arranging to have the weapons recovered from the people who have called. Some of the pistol license holders died years ago, he said. "People are saying, 'We didn't know what to do,' " Herrick said. "I'm sure a lot of it is that people forget because that's a tough time in their lives. It's a little more important to deal with their families than to deal with this pistol." ……" 4/15/00 Jack Warner "……. In the handgun makers' first real victory against a lawsuit filed by the city of Atlanta, a judge has issued an injunction barring any further action in the suit until the state Supreme Court rules on its constitutionality. "We are absolutely elated," said Frank Segal, attorney for the Belgian gun maker Browning and the Austrian firm Glock, which assembles its U.S. guns in Smyrna. Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore, chief judge of Fulton Superior Court, handed down the brief order dated April 12, saying that "it is important to preserve the status quo" until the Supreme Court can rule on questions of state constitutionality that the gun makers claim are at the core of the issue. "All parties are enjoined from taking any action to proceed with the case" until that is done, she ordered. Segal had filed for the injunction after Moore denied, in February, motions to bring the case out of state court and dismiss it due to the constitutional issues. ……"

Yahoo News 4/12/00 AP Amy Westfeldt "…….It took an unforgettable image of young children escaping a racist gunman to transform Donna Dees-Thomases from a wealthy suburban mother into a grassroots activist. The image was from Aug. 10, when a white supremacist opened fire on a Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills, Calif. Dees-Thomases was flipping channels when she saw the video of children the same age as her daughters crossing the street hand-in-hand with police officers. ``These were my kids crossing the street,'' Dees-Thomases said. ``My kids go to a JCC. Anybody could walk in. It was just crazy.'' ……… One week later, Dees-Thomases registered a Web site, and launched the Million Mom March campaign. The grassroots effort is expected to become the nation's largest gun control demonstration to date. ……."

Washington Post 4/13/00 Edward Walsh "….. President Clinton continued his campaign for stricter gun control laws here today, traveling to the state that experienced one of the worst school shooting incidents in U.S. history almost a year ago to urge passage of legislation to tighten restrictions on firearms sales at gun shows. A day after he hailed Maryland's enactment of a law requiring internal trigger locks on new handguns, Clinton addressed about 3,000 people at a rally for gun control, telling them, "Don't quit until you win."……."

WorldNetDaily 4/15/00 David Bresnahan "…… A coalition of gun-rights organizations is attacking the National Rifle Association over the NRA's support of a program that attempts to hold the line on new gun control legislation by calling for strict enforcement of existing laws. Citizens of America already has the support of many national pro-gun organizations who have agreed to a declaration of opposition for the NRA's Project Exile. The NRA, long critical of the Clinton administration for its failure to enforce existing gun laws and constantly battling efforts by gun-control advocates to pass newer and ever-more-restrictive gun laws, has endorsed the adoption of "Project Exile" -- which would require strict, mandatory enforcement of existing laws. The problem, according to the coalition of gun-rights groups, is that many of the existing laws whose enforcement is promoted by Project Exile are themselves unconstitutional and should never have been passed. ….."

WorldNetDaily 4/15/00 David Bresnahan "…… National organizations that have joined the coalition and approved the statement include:
* Larry Pratt, executive director, Gun Owners of America
* Aaron Zelman, executive director, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
* Steve Silver, president, Lawyers Second Amendment Society
* Nancy Herrington, executive vice president, Women Against Gun Control
* Russ Howard, executive director, Citizens Against Corruption
* Leroy Pyle, president, Paul Revere Network; executive director, Law Enforcement Alliance of America
The statement was also agreed to by many state and local gun-rights organizations and Puckett says others are being asked to come onboard. The statement and a full list of supporters is displayed on the organization's website, while a separate website was created for members of the general public who want to add their name to the list. ........."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 4/13/00 Jeff Kass "….. Bob Glass milled through the crowd wearing a Bill Clinton mask and speaking in a mocking Southern drawl. Glass was one of about 225 gun-rights activists who protested President Clinton's Colorado visit, Gov. Bill Owens' position on firearms and gun-control efforts in general Wednesday. Some demonstrators wore camouflage, others came dressed as 18th century patriots. They beat on a snare drum. And just in case no one got the message, they chanted, waved placards and used bullhorns. "It's guerrilla theater," said Glass, co-founder of the Tyranny Response Team gun rights group, which helped organize the sometimes ear-splitting protests. The protests started in the morning outside the Colorado Convention Center gun-control rally where Clinton spoke around 11:30 a.m. "If the teachers in Columbine had been able to carry concealed weapons, that tragedy would not have happened," one protester shouted on a bullhorn. ……"

Wall Street Journal 4/12/00 Albert Hunt "…… Michael Barnes rattles off data with the ease of a kid talking baseball. But unlike batting averages or ERAs, the statistics cited by Mr. Barnes are depressing:
-Last year, more people were killed by guns in his home state of Maryland than in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Germany and Great Britain combined.
-A child in America is more likely to die from gun violence than from all diseases combined.
-Water pistols are regulated by the federal government (the Consumer Product Safety Commission). Real pistols, the ones that kill people, are not.
Mr. Barnes, who resigned a partnership at a prestigious Washington law firm to head Handgun Control, is a former congressman who has seen firsthand the enormous clout of the gun lobby. What's required, he says, is breaking the symbiotic "circle of violence" that includes the gun manufacturers, the gun lobby, the politicians who get huge contributions from the pro-gun forces and criminals who have easy access to firearms. ……."

USA Today 4/14/00 AP "……Smith & Wesson is backing away from parts of its landmark agreement with the Clinton administration that called on it to crack down on gun dealers. A ''clarification'' posted on the company's Web site contends that the company's agreement requiring dealers of Smith & Wesson guns to make background checks and impose other restrictions on sales only applies to the sale of the gunmaker's firearms. The government claims all dealers wishing to sell Smith & Wesson products must apply the same restrictions to all makes of guns. The company also said that criminal background checks it agreed to for gun-show sales would apply only to firearms sold by licensed dealers and not by private citizens. ''We can't agree to control things that we have no way to control,'' Ken Jorgensen, a spokesman for Smith & Wesson, told The Baltimore Sun. ….."

The Daily Oklahoman 4/14/00 "……THE next time President Clinton, Sarah Brady or any other gun-control spokesman says 13 children a day in this country are being killed by guns, throw a brick through your television set and shout, "No, no, no!" OK, the brick part is a little extreme. But there should be lots of shouting about the 13- kids-a-day statistic because it is absolutely false………According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 629 children 14 and under died in gun-related incidents, or 1.7 a day, in 1997, the most recent year available. The stat for teens 15-19 is 3,576 or 9.8 per day. Put the two groups together and you get 4,205 or 11.5 per day. You have to include people over the age of 20 to reach the 13-per-day figure cited by Clinton and others. That includes young drug dealers who shoot each other, gang slayings and teen-age robbers who're shot by police. Kopel writes that the actual figure for gun-related deaths of children 10 and under is 0.4, which is "far lower than the number of children who are killed by automobiles, drowning or many other causes." ......"

Philadelphia Inquirer 4/13/00 Thomas Jippling "…….Rather than the current trendy obsession with a particular weapon that violent youths sometimes use, we would do better to study why some youths are violent in the first place. It almost seems too obvious to mention, but what we consume affects what we do. After little Kayla Rolland was killed in March, Newsweek's suggestions for parents included monitoring what their kids watch on television. On April 3, Court TV devoted an hour-long Crime Stories episode to the harmful effects of watching professional wrestling. Hundreds of studies demonstrate that, in the words of the American Academy of Pediatrics, "there is a cause-and-effect relationship between media violence and real-life violence. This link is undeniable and uncontestable." For young people, however, music is an even more powerful influence than television. A November Kaiser Family Foundation study documented that while television decreases as a proportion of media consumption from early childhood to the teen years, audio media (that is, music) doubles. A 1999 report from the Office of National Drug Control Policy revealed that teens "name music listening as their most preferred non-school activity." ………. They often do so for a reason. Two prominent researchers in this field found that "one of the most important reasons cited by adolescents for seeking exposure to popular music is to learn about their social world." What do they learn? Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold learned, in the lyrics of shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, to "hate every mother----- that's in your way" and that the "next mother------ gonna get my metal." They learned: "I've looked ahead and saw a world that's dead, I guess I am too." They learned: "I'm dying, I hope you're dying, too." ……"

Philadelphia Inquirer 4/13/00 Jonathan Weisman "……Smith & Wesson, America's largest manufacturer of handguns, has issued a "clarification" of its landmark pact with the federal government that would effectively eviscerate much of the gun controls trumpeted by the Clinton administration. Smith & Wesson's interpretation - posted on its Web site - has forced the company back into talks with the administration that could lead to a protracted court battle. Administration officials dismissed Smith & Wesson's interpretation as more of a public-relations gambit than a genuine change of heart, but said they would be willing to go to court to force Smith & Wesson into compliance. "The deal speaks for itself," Neal Wolin, general counsel of the Treasury Department, said of the agreement that Smith & Wesson reached March 17 with federal, state and local officials as a way to settle lawsuits it had faced related to gun violence. ….."

New York Times 4/14/00 Fox Butterfield Marc Lacey "…….In essence, Smith & Wesson agreed to impose restrictions on the way its dealers sold its products. One of the provisions of the original agreement would have required Smith & Wesson dealers not to sell firearms at gun shows if any other dealers were selling guns at those shows without conducting a federal gun background check. The provision represented an effort by the White House and the local governments to get around Congress's failure to pass a federal law mandating background checks on all guns sold at gun shows. Officials said that such a concession by such a major player in the industry would have significantly curtailed gun shows. ……….. The original agreement said all Smith & Wesson dealers must "make no sales at gun shows unless all sales by any seller at the gun show are conducted only upon completion of a background check." In its clarification, Smith & Wesson said the provision "applies only to Smith & Wesson products and does not apply to private sales" at gun shows. …….. That change makes the provision meaningless since it is merely restating existing law. All gun dealers are required to conduct background checks, wherever they sell guns. It is private sales at gun shows that are now exempt. …….Clinton administration officials hinted yesterday that the matter might end up in court if Smith & Wesson attempted to back away from a deal it had signed. "The agreement is a contract," said an administration official involved in the deal. "It says what it says. It will be implemented." ….."

Inside The Beltway 4/14/00 John McCaslin "……Frank Luntz, the GOP pollster and architect of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America," is warning trigger-happy Democrats that parents - not guns - are to blame for youth violence and school shootings of today. ….. Fully 42 percent of the 800 likely voters polled blamed the decline in quality time parents spend with their children as the root cause of violence, followed by 30 percent who identified the violence they see and hear on television, movies, music and video games. Only 11 percent singled out access to guns…….When asked to choose, a near-universal 84 percent said greater involvement by parents in the lives of their children would have a greater impact on reducing gun violence in schools, while only 14 percent believe more gun control legislation would have the greater impact……"

Neal Knox Report 4/11/00 "……This afternoon Republican House leaders neatly stepped out a public relations and political trap set by President Bill Clinton. On the eve of the Columbine anniversary and the day before Clinton was to be in Denver campaigning for a state gun law initiative, Republicans deflected Clinton's bashing for "sitting on gun control" by passing a bill encouraging states to punish violent criminals. The bill, H.R. 4051, brought Republicans together because, though named "Project Exile," it did not expand the Federal government's powers, or violate the Tenth Amendment, as does the NRA-backed Richmond, Va., "Project Exile" which provides Federal enforcement of local crimes. Today's bill passed 358-60. It provides $100 million in enforcement grants to states with laws mandating a 5-year sentence for using a gun in a crime of violence or major drug trafficking offense, and/or for possession of a firearm after conviction of a violent or major drug crime. Six states presently have such laws. ……"

Fort Worth Star Telegram 4/14/00 Bill Thompson "……A newspaper columnist who wants lots of letters, emails and phone calls can get them easily enough. Just write a column about gun control. It doesn't matter whether you're for gun control or against it. Both sides will respond -- and respond vehemently. If you're really clever -- and slightly ambivalent about the issue -- you can infuriate gun lovers and gun haters in the very same column. ………..Pro-gun:
"You should be proud; your column . . . is posted prominently today at Unfortunately, it's the subject of much derision, and worse. You see, the universal conclusion is that you're an idiot.
"You think gun owners should compromise? We've BEEN compromising for 32 years. Why doesn't the other side ever compromise? I thought the 1968 ban on `small guns' (AKA `Saturday night specials') was supposed to make us safe. Or was it banning `assault rifles?' Or was it the ban on high-capacity magazines? Whatever. How come we're not `safe' yet?
"I do think you fall into the NRA `trap' too readily with respect to the effectiveness of gun controls, since statistically, only a minority of gun deaths and injuries are inflicted by criminals who set out to rob or kill, whereas most are accidents, crimes of passion, or unintended consequences of the ready availability of guns. Registration and licensing requirements, trigger locks, etc., would not `infringe' the ability of a merchant or homeowner to obtain means of self protection." ……….. "

Fox News 4/13/00 Patrick Rizzo "…….NEW YORK - Forty-two states lack basic gun control laws to provide even "minimum standards for public safety," a nationwide survey released Thursday said. The study examined each of the 50 states' laws and rated them on 30 gun control measures such as registration, safety training, safe storage requirements, licensing and litigation. The report used a scale of one to 100 to rate the states' performance and gave 42 states scores of less than 20. The average score was nine. Massachusetts and Hawaii earned the highest scores, with Louisiana and Maine getting the lowest. "A total of 42 states ... lack even basic gun control laws and fall below minimum standards for public safety," the report said. …… The survey was conducted by international financier George Soros's Open Society Institute's Center on Crime and the Funders' Collaborative for Gun Violence Prevention. The study, billed as the first national "report card" on gun control and comprehensive survey of state gun laws, was called "absurd" by the National Rifle Association (NRA), the gun rights lobbying group. ….."

Fox News 4/13/00 Patrick Rizzo "…….Among some of the study's other findings were:
- 32 states require no background checks for buying a handgun from a private seller;
- six states have no legal minimum age for a child to possess a handgun;
- 31 states have no waiting period for handgun purchases;
- only four states have a one-gun-a-month law;
- and 43 states do not require a permit or registration to purchase assault weapons…."

Fox News 4/13/00 Patrick Rizzo "…….Study Criticized By NRA The NRA dismissed the report.
"It's essentially absurd on its face and it ignores the thousands of regulations on the federal level," said NRA spokesman Bill Powers, who said he had not read the report himself, but excerpts had been read to him.
"To call this a study is like calling me a professional athlete," he said in a telephone interview.
"On page five of the study you ... see that there's a discussion of the federal law," said Funders program director Rebecca Peters, who coordinated the report……."

Washington Post 4/14/00 AP ".....Government officials and Smith & Wesson pledged today to work out differences over the "clarifications" the gunmaker posted on its Web site concerning its landmark settlement with the Clinton administration. The clarifications relate to a small portion of the agreement dealing with restrictions at gun show sales. ......."

Baltimore Sun 4/13/00 Jonathon Weisman "……Smith & Wesson, America's largest manufacturer of handguns, has issued a "clarification" of its landmark pact with the federal government that would effectively eviscerate many of the gun controls trumpeted by the Clinton administration. Smith & Wesson's interpretation -- posted quietly on its Web site -- has forced the company back into talks with the administration that could lead to a protracted court battle. ………. Contrary to the government's interpretation, the gun maker says now, its agreement would compel Smith & Wesson dealers to impose background checks and other gun-sale restrictions only on buyers of Smith & Wesson products. The government maintains that under the agreement, dealers who wish to sell Smith & Wesson's products must impose such restrictions on buyers of all guns. ...... Moreover, the company says, the criminal background checks Smith & Wesson agreed to for gun show sales would not apply to guns sold by private citizens, only to those sold by licensed dealers. Gun show sales by licensed dealers are already subject to background checks. "We can't agree to control things that we have no way to control," said Ken Jorgensen, a spokesman for Smith & Wesson. ……."

Baltimore Sun 4/13/00 Jonathon Weisman "……The deal's negotiators reacted incredulously to the gun maker's interpretation. White House officials acknowledged that stark differences now exist between the administration's position and that of Smith & Wesson, which was hailed by President Clinton last month as a courageous and visionary company that risked being bankrupted by the rest of its industry. "I think [Smith & Wesson's] interpretation is utterly divorced from reality and has no legal significance whatsoever," said Dennis Henigan, legal director of the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, who helped negotiate the accord. …….Besides Blumenthal, the attorneys general of Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, California and Florida have launched anti-trust investigations against other gun makers, saying the actions of Smith & Wesson's competitors could amount to illegal collusion. ………. Henigan, who represents 24 cities and counties that are suing the gun industry, insisted that Smith & Wesson's interpretation of the deal was more a public relations document to calm the gun world than its genuine understanding. But, he promised, if the company did not abide by the government's interpretation, his clients would try to hold Smith & Wesson in contempt of court. If that did not work, the lawsuits the agreement was supposed to settle could be reinstated. ……"

NRA-ILA FAX ALERT 4/14/00 "…… On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Marvin J. Garbis ruled that a BATF program designed to force Maryland firearms dealer Valley Gun of Baltimore (RSM) to hand over records on firearm transfers was a violation of the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA). FOPA specifically prohibits any federal agency from maintaining records on firearm transfers and from developing any system or registration of firearms, firearms owners, or firearms transactions. BATF claimed that it was able to demand the Maryland gun dealer -- as well as any other dealers it determined were not sufficiently responsive to requests to trace transferred firearms -- submit past records and future records as a part of maintaining and operating its Firearms Tracing System. BATF intended to store the records and collect additional records until it determined the dealer should no longer be subject to such treatment. At that time the records would be returned or destroyed. BATF also stated its intent to store information contained in the records in an electronic database. The information was portrayed by BATF as necessary to facilitate tracing efforts, but the vast amount of data demanded had nothing to do with bona fide criminal investigations. But Judge Garbis ruled "BATF cannot...[impose] a requirement that violates...FOPA," and that the agency's regulations promulgated prior to the enactment of FOPA (which it was using to justify its actions) are "not reasonably justify the collection of a specific FFL dealer's firearms transactions records and the maintenance of these records in a government facility." The ruling in favor of Valley Gun could mean that any other gun stores that have been targeted by BATF and issued "Demand Letters" to turn over records may not be required to do so……."

Columbus Dispatch 4/4/00 Mark Somerson "……..The shotguns and hunting rifles in Dennis Walker's home are safely stored away. So is the ammunition. One gun, however, is never under lock and key. "When I'm home, my handgun's loaded and readily accessible,'' said Walker, 52, a retired truck driver who lives on the Northeast Side. It's a practice that Walker hasn't altered, even when his nieces, 3 and 5 years old, moved into his home. "The only difference is when I'm not home, the gun is unloaded, and the (ammunition) is kept in a different place,'' he said. Teaching and re-teaching gun safety will keep his nieces safe, said Walker, a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. "It's like counting one to 10 and then 10 to 20,'' he said. "You teach it, reinforce it, repeat it, and remind them about it.'' …… The American Academy of Pediatricians, however, said getting rid of the guns is an easier way to protect children and adolescents from firearm injuries and deaths. Yesterday, the academy, which represents 55,000 pediatricians and other pediatric specialists, reaffirmed its 1992 policy on firearms and called for a ban on handguns and semiautomatic weapons. Although it acknowledged that the number of firearm-related deaths has decreased during the past few years, the academy said there are still too many victims. ……"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 4/4/00 Carla Crowder "…… He hatched his small gun business in the garage of his Colorado Springs home. But as Mike Meienberg devoted weekends to hawking weapons at gun shows, he eventually opened his own high-volume shop, Mike's Firearms. Four years ago, a gun he sold ended up in a Silver Buick with a convicted felon and a stash of methamphetamine. Now Meienberg's on trial in a 16-count felony indictment that alleges he sold guns about 150 times without conducting criminal background checks on buyers. ……….. It's a pivotal case in the raging gun-control debate, an example of federal authorities trying to enforce existing laws -- instead of making new ones -- and rooting out the sources criminals use to acquire guns. …….."

APBnews 4/3/00 Amy Worden "…….If current trends continue, gun violence could become the leading cause of death among children in the United States by 2006, according to a national organization representing pediatricians. While acknowledging the number of gun-related deaths overall has declined in recent years, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said today that the rate of firearm injuries and deaths to young people continues to be a major public health problem that could soon eclipse auto accidents as the leading killer of children. The AAP, which represents 55,000 doctors who care for infants, young children and adolescents, today reiterated its 1992 plea for a ban on handguns and semiautomatic weapons, saying the only sure way to prevent gun violence in homes is to remove firearms. ……"

National Review via Cybershooters website 4/17/00 Dave Kopel "…… Mr. Kopel is research director of the Independence Institute, a free-market think tank in Colorado……. To fight for major restrictions on an item that plays such a valued part in the lives of so many people looks like a nearly impossible task. So if you're really committed to the effort, and you want to win, what do you do? Simple: You lie. …….. A full listing of the lies told by the antigun lobby could fill a book. A short list of the more popular ones would have to begin with the canard about the number of children killed by firearms. We are told repeatedly that 13, or 15, or 17 children every day are killed by guns. This factoid is used to conjure up pictures of dozens of little kids dying in gun accidents every week. …….. In truth, the number of fatal gun accidents is at its lowest level since 1903, when statistics started being kept. That's right: Not only is the per capita accident rate at a record low, so is the actual number of accidents-even though the number of people and the number of guns are both much larger than in 1903. The assertions about "X children per day" are based on counting older teenagers, or even people in their early twenties, as "children." The claims are true only if you count a 19-year-old drug dealer who is shot by a competitor, or an 18-year-old armed robber who is shot by a policeman, as "a child killed by a gun." As for actual children (14 years and under), the daily death rate is 2.6. For children ten and under, it's 0.4 per day-far lower than the number of children who are killed by automobiles, drowning, or many other causes……"

San Diego Union Tribune 4/5/00 Jason Hutchens "…… One can hardly pick up a newspaper or listen to the news on television or radio without being bombarded with statistics on gun-related violence in the United States. It seems today everyone has his or her own set of statistics but few cite where the information comes from. When one hears statistics being used without citing to the source or describing the methodology of how the statistics were gathered, some skepticism is warranted. This is because statistics can be used to engage the emotions of people with little regard to the facts behind those statistics. Currently, there is some confusion over a statistic stated by President Clinton. He has stated that 13 children are killed every day with guns. This statistic depends on what one calls a "child." ……….. The National Center for Health Statistics has reported the numbers for gun deaths in regard to the ages of 0-19. That 1997 report stated the following: children from the ages of 0-14 have an average number of fatalities per day of 1.7; fatalities among juveniles and young adults (ages 15-19) average 9.8 per cay; for all persons ages 0-19 the total is 11.5. ......,,"

US Newswire 4/5/00 "…….Has your doctor asked whether you face violence at home? Explored the cause of bruises, injuries, or stress that affect your health? Is your doctor prepared to help you escape abuse? According to new screening guidelines published by the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) with support from the nation's leading medical associations, women should be able to answer ``yes'' to all those questions. Yet, few can. Fewer than 10 percent of primary care physicians routinely screen for domestic violence during regular office visits, according to the August 4, 1999 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association. A new patient advocacy campaign organized by the FVPF aims to change that……." 4/5/00 Jerry Miller "……Ed Shultz, president of gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson, a company that recently signed a gun control measure with the Clinton Administration, has warned states not to try regulating weapons through legislation. While insisting his company will abide by new and tough regulations implemented this week in Massachusetts by Attorney General Thomas Reilly, Shultz said regulation is best left to federal authorities. "This is something that should be left to the federal government and its Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, or else we as manufacturers will end up trying to deal with different regulations in 50 different states." Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to attempt to regulate handguns, as it does other consumer products, using consumer protection laws. The regulations recently were upheld by the state's Supreme Court after a lengthy legal battle. Shultz said Smith & Wesson will follow the state's guidelines. However, Reilly said that he will help other attorneys general in drafting similar regulations. Such moves could result in a regulatory nightmare for gun makers, the very thing Shultz said he fears……."

Taurus press release 4/4/00 "…….Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. is recommending distributors suspend sales of its firearms to dealers in Massachusetts and recommending those dealers suspend consumer sales until Taurus products are certified to comply with new rules promulgated by the Commonwealth. Taurus expects to be notified of the requirements in the next 15 days. Taurus produces fine quality firearms, and was the first manufacturer to equip its guns with an internal locking system to help prevent unauthorized use by children. The Taurus Security System(TM), a patented integral locking device for firearms first available in 1997, is built into revolvers, semi- automatic pistols, rifles, and carbines sold by the Miami-based manufacturer. Owners of earlier models also have a requirement for securing handguns. Taurus provides a trigger block and lock to owners of Taurus handguns at no charge other than for postage and handling. ……….In advertising and marketing materials since 1997, the Taurus Security System has been offered at no additional charge, and Taurus reminds its customers that firearms safety and proper storage is the responsibility of firearms owners. ……... "

Cincinnati Post 4/6/00 Kevin Osborne "……. Cincinnati officials rejected a settlement offer Wednesday from the nation's largest handgun manufacturer, saying the city should hold out for more concessions to make the weapons safer. City Council voted 8-0 to reject the offer from Smith & Wesson, based on legal advice from noted product-liability attorney Stan Chesley, who is handling the case. Council Member Charlie Winburn, who opposes the lawsuit and is suing the city in an effort to get the suit declared frivolous, abstained from the vote. Chesley told City Council that the offer was a positive step but didn't go far enough. Cincinnati and other cities suing manufacturers should use their leverage to push for more changes, he said. ''It's an incredible step forward,'' Chesley said. ''I like to look at (the offer) as a floor instead of a ceiling.'' …."

Wall Street Journal 4/6/00 Devon Spurgeon Paul Barrett "…..In the fall of 1998, the Chicago Police Department sent squads of undercover officers into area gun stores to see if retailers would bend or break the law on weapon sales. After purchasing 171 handguns from a dozen stores, the officers reported that firearm dealers were routinely facilitating illegal gun trafficking. Grainy surveillance video of the sting -- known as Operation Gunsmoke -- appeared repeatedly on local and national television, becoming Exhibit A in the antigun movement's campaign to hold the firearm industry financially liable for urban crime. Chicago made the investigation the centerpiece of its trailblazing civil lawsuit against the industry -- a legal action that helped inspire a wave of municipal antigun lawsuits from coast to coast. While the civil litigation launched by Chicago and other cities in late 1998 has moved at a predictably slow pace, one might imagine that gun dealers caught on video making allegedly illegal sales would be headed for prison, and fast. But almost two years later, Operation Gunsmoke hasn't made much of a mark. Only four out of 12 gun dealers, and a handful of employees, were indicted. The dealers have all denied wrongdoing, saying they follow the rules. The first case to go to trial, in January, ended with a hung jury. In a retrial late last month, another jury took just 10 minutes to acquit. The judge who presided over both trials went so far as to suggest in open court that the case never should have been brought. ……"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 4/6/00 Bill Scanlon "…… The Columbine High tragedy was caused in part by a curriculum that overemphasizes death and doesn't teach right from wrong, a Colorado state school board member said in a recent speech. "When all the kids' videos are about violence or sex, when kids are allowed and even encouraged to make such videos -- what do you think is going to happen with some of these kids?" board member Patti Johnson said Wednesday, amplifying remarks she made in Cincinnati last week. Her speech in Ohio was titled "The Real Killers at Columbine: A Curricula Gone Bad." Johnson said Colorado schools have too many teachers who encourage students to question the values taught at home and who push them to talk about death. ……….She was the catalyst last year behind a state board of education proclamation that Ritalin and other prescription drugs shouldn't be used to treat school children. She said the drugs Eric Harris was taking before April 20 may have played a part in the rage he and Dylan Klebold worked up to commit the act. Johnson also said discussions about suicide and death didn't by themselves cause Harris and Klebold to kill 12 classmates and a teacher before killing themselves. But she said schools that don't teach absolutes of right and wrong, that stress relative truths and that encourage students to find their own values are playing a dangerous game. "To Harris and Klebold, their decision was a rational one," she said. Johnson points to a lifeboat scenario popular in some classrooms, in which six or seven students decide which life is most expendable -- the disabled person, the rich man, the healthy doctor, the pregnant woman. ….. "Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did their own lifeboat scenario," Johnson said. "They didn't like blacks, jocks or Christians." ......"

World Net Daily 3/30/00 Jon Dougherty "…..School officials at Harbor Lights Middle School flagged a Holland, Michigan boy as potentially dangerous because the 12-year-old suggested to a teacher that one way to prevent school shootings would be to arm instructors. Derek Loutzenheiser, a model student who had such good grades that some teachers recommended he be tested early for a popular standardized pre-college performance test, made his comments in early March, after being asked by a social studies teacher what he thought might make kids safer in school. Derek had been asked to participate in a classroom discussion about "school shootings and safety," said the sixth grader's father, Tim Loutzenheiser. "My son simply stated that his opinion was that he would feel safer if some of the adults at the school were trained and allowed to carry firearms," Mr. Loutzenheiser told WorldNetDaily. …..His reply caused him to be "flagged" as a potential violence risk by teachers and school administrators, who then contacted his parents to suggest they meet with the school's "Hazard and Risk Assessment Team." ......" 4/6/00 Jerry Miller "….A multi-state antitrust investigation of gun manufacturers is developing, as attorneys general in at least six states take aim at those companies and gun-related organizations that they suspect of retaliating against Smith & Wesson for that firm's decision to sign an agreement with the Clinton Administration. Inquiries began last week in New York and Maryland. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said he has issued nearly two dozen subpoenas this week to gun makers and distributors. According to Blumenthal, officials in California, Florida and Massachusetts are about to begin their own inquiries while the federal government also is considering its own investigation………"

WorldNetDaily 4/3/00 Joseph Farah "……Let's face it, the people leading the gun-control movement in the United States will never stop. They will never be satisfied until the government has a monopoly on firearms -- until every American is fully and unconditionally disarmed. That's the only goal that will make the zealots happy. Many Americans still don't believe what I'm telling you. They take their right to bear firearms for granted. They don't believe their own government could ever pose a threat to their liberties. They can't understand how fleeting freedom is and how vital an armed populace is to preserving it. …..Here's the way I see it unfolding in the next few years. Once the military conversion to tungsten bullets is complete, get ready for a major environmental campaign against the domestic use and production of lead ammunition. The gun-control forces will have a major new ally in their utopian mission -- the environmental wackos. Mark my words. The day is coming when the focus of the Sierra Club, Earth First! and other misguided nature worshippers shift their focus to banning the use of lead ammunition in the United States. A lot of good your firearms will do you without ammo. Imagine the pressure that will mount on the ammunition manufacturers. First of all, their government contracts will be for producing tungsten bullets. They may simply give up producing lead ammunition rather than face the wrath of the enviro-gun-grabbers. The government, into the tungsten-ammo business first, will be in a position to, pardon the pun, "call the shots." Even if Congress, the courts and civil litigants don't use the opportunity to shut down the new tungsten ammunition business in a pre-emptive strategic move, every American citizen -- as well as our military forces -- will be ultimately reliant on the goodwill of the Chinese government to keep the supplies coming. ….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/30/00 Robert Stacy McCain "…….Defending the right of Americans to own guns is not "just about guns," but rather is part of a "cultural war" against political correctness, actor Charlton Heston said last night. "What I confronted when I became president of the [National Rifle Association] is an overwhelming Orwellian tyranny sweeping this country, a fanatic fervor of politically correct thought and language," Mr. Heston said in a speech at Georgetown University. The 75-year-old actor, who portrayed Moses in "The Ten Commandments," said that when he accepted the presidency of the NRA, he "went straight from Moses to the devil . . . from celluloid saint to cultural sinner" according to his critics. "Get involved with a politically unpopular cause and you'll quickly find out who your friends are," Mr. Heston told the audience of more than 700 students who packed Georgetown's Gaston Hall. "At first I thought the issue was just about guns," he said, adding that he has since learned "that the gun debate is a lot more complicated." Having been struck by "the bombshells of the cultural war," Mr. Heston compared that conflict to the War Between the States: "Today the battle is for your hearts and minds, for the freedom to think the way you choose to think, to follow that moral compass that points to what's right."….."

WorldNetDaily 3/29/00 Walter Williams "…… Whenever there's a tragedy involving gun use, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, the gun-control lobby and the news media seize it as another opportunity to exploit the emotions of uninformed American people for political gain. Unfortunately, most Americans don't have the foggiest notion of why the Framers of the Constitution, through the Second Amendment, guaranteed our right to keep and bear arms. Our leftist establishment would like us to believe the Second Amendment was written to protect our duck- and deer-hunting rights. Don't take my word -- read what was actually said during the constitutional debates. Thomas Jefferson said, "No man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Tench Coxe, assistant secretary of the treasury (1789), said, "The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people." Noah Webster said, "The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops." ………….. In Federalist Paper No. 46, James Madison said the Constitution "preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached ... forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition. ..."

Miama Herald 3/30/00 Amy Driscoll Sandra Marquez-Garcia "……. In a vast, flickering cross of humanity, tens of thousands of Cuban Americans gathered Wednesday night in the heart of Little Havana, holding candles, flashlights and glow sticks to the heavens in a mass prayer vigil for Elian Gonzalez. ......Their hope: In sheer numbers, Miami's exile community can find the strength to keep 6-year-old Elian from returning to Cuba and the repression they believe awaits him there. ``For God, nothing is impossible,'' said Dayse Gallego, 62, of Miami. ``We are not going to permit that the boy be taken.'' ..." 3/30/00"…… Now that gunmaker Smith & Wesson has struck a deal with the federal government to avoid a federal lawsuit - the question arises, are Smith & Wesson's competitors engaging in illegal methods of retaliation? The states of New York, Connecticut, and Maryland have launched an antitrust investigation, to see if other gunmakers - and gun dealers - are conspiring to target S&W because it "caved in" to the federal government's demands......., "This is serious stuff." But Robert Delfay, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, denied the allegations: "I could not be more confident that these are just independent actions by businessmen," Delfay told the newspaper……"

WBAL Radio 3/30/00 "……. The 5:00 AM news on WBAL Radio reported this morning that the NRA was going to air a TV advertisment that featured Maryland Governor, Parris Glendenning (D), unsuccessfully fumbling with a trigger lock at a recent news conference. According to the report, the ad will also include footage of Glendenning and his Lieutenant Governor, Kathleen Kennedy Townshend (D), laughing at the end of the commercial while a voice-over mocks them...."

Jewish World Review 9/3/99 Michelle Malkin "…… WHEN IT COMES to talking about guns, responsible women should adopt Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo pledge: No more tears. No more mom-in-tennis-shoes proselytizing. No more irrational NRA-bashing. No more maudlin sermons. Alas, the sopping feminization of political debate continues to drown out sober analysis of gun-control laws. In the wake of the Los Angeles-area day care shooting, serious academic research is once again taking a back seat to sensational self-flagellation. My favorite anti-gun manifesto was published last year in the Seattle Times following the Springfield, Ore. school shooting. The headline: "Where is our indignation at this senseless carnage?" The letter writer, political neophyte Heidi Behrens-Benedict, was quickly anointed the Democratic Party's challenger to GOP Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn. Dunn pummelled Behrens-Benedict in last fall's general election……….. What Behrens-Benedict didn't mention was that the defeat of just such a measure in Washington state in 1997 came at the hands of a whopping 71 percent of voters. Despite the overwhelming rejection of mandatory trigger locks by progressive voters in Washington state, Congress is once again considering this costly and ineffective proposal……."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 4/19/00 ".......With each new school violence flare-up -- from the Columbine killings last April 20, to the high school massacre plot thwarted by California police last week -- America's fear of school violence seems to grow exponentially. According to The Wall Street Journal and NBC News, seven out of 10 Americans think that a school shooting could happen in their community. Gallup polls for USA Today found Americans 49 percent more likely to be fearful of schools last year than they were in 1998. The high-profile school shootings and drumbeat of media coverage that follows them have convinced many Americans that schools -- and the students who spend their days there -- are deadlier than ever. The facts belie that fear. The historical peak for juvenile homicides came in 1993. In the next five years, those homicides fell by 56 percent, and overall juvenile crime dropped by 30 percent. As for school-associated violent deaths, the number is small and not rising. Last year, in fact, that number fell by 40 percent: Of 52 million students in America's schools, 26 of them died in school-associated deaths, down from 43 in 1998. A student in 1999 had a one in 2 million chance of being killed in school; and students ages 12 to 19 were 115 times more likely to be killed outside of school. .......Public fears of youth violence have escalated largely in response to media coverage of schoolyard slaughters in suburban America......."

The PlanetTimes 4/18/00 Dr. Michael S. Brown "......Responsible gun owners have complained for three decades that the media is biased against them. The media has either denied it or simply refused to address the issue. A report released in January, 2000, by the Media Research Center found network news stories about guns supported more gun control ten times as often as they questioned it. The study evaluated over 600 news segments on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN over a two year period. The networks ignored the report. They no longer bother to refute thecharge that they are biased against gun rights. This bias has become institutionalized, especially in the major national news organizations. ........ Popular columnist Jill J. R. Labbe, of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said: "Journalists are not different than other people - they have a tendency to fear what they don't understand. I look around the newsroom and I see predominantly young reporters, more women than men, most who grew up in urban areas, few who served in the military, absolutely no hunting tradition. They have had little or no exposure to firearms beyond their use as tools of crime. I also see men and women who have a naive faith in law enforcement, that the police will be around to help them in their time of need.".........."

MSNBC-NBC4 4/19/00 "........City Alderman Cynthia A. Carter would like to rid city streets of all toy weapons, including water pistols, cap guns or anything that looks like a weapon. ON THE HEELS of the city's first successful real gun buyback program which yielded 27 handguns and 16 rifles, Carter is searching for funding to conduct a toy gun buyback. Carter helped organize the city's April 8 gun buyback. She said, "we're trying to break down that mentality of going around and pulling a trigger." ......"

Boston Globe Online 4/18/00 AP "......Saying the state's new gun sale regulations are taking away their livelihood, gun dealers joined activists in a rally Tuesday to protest the consumer protection regulations that went into effect April 3. For the moment, the only new handguns that can legally be sold in the state are some models made by Springfield-based Smith & Wesson. And several dealers said they have pulled all the handguns off their shelves, because they were unable to get clarifications of the regulations. Dealers can face civil penalties of up to $5,000 for selling a weapon that fails to comply with the regulations. Some major gun manufacturers, including Beretta and Glock, have said that while their weapons can meet the general provisions, they fall short of other provisions, such as the force needed to pull the trigger and the number of serial numbers on the weapon. ......... Mike Yacino, executive director of the Gun Owners Action League, said its lawyers were planning to sue to block Attorney General Tom Reilly from taking further enforcement. ''This is nothing more than political posturing,'' Yacino said. ''Even gun models in police holsters all across the state are now officially unsafe and can no longer be sold.'' ......."

CNS News 4/18/00 Jerry Miller "......With the implementation of recently enacted gun laws, gun manufacturers and dealers are pulling out of Massachusetts, the state with the strongest gun controls in the nation. The restrictions went into effect last month after a two-year legal battle that ended up in the state's Supreme Court. The rules of state law include the banning of so-called "Saturday Night Specials" and the requirement that all weapons sold must bear childproof locks. They also require the issuance of safety warnings with each sale, tamper resistant serial numbers and a device on semi-automatic weapons that indicates whether there is a bullet in the chamber. The regulations exempt used handguns, police weapons and guns manufactured prior to September, 1998. ......... Under the guidelines, the only gun maker whose weapons qualify for sale is Smith & Wesson, a manufacturer located in Springfield, MA, in the western part of the state. ......."

Inside Denver 4/23/00 Carla Crowder "…….A major gun maker has announced plans to provide a free NRA membership with every gun sold, joining the gun lobby's major election-year push to boost membership. Taurus International, a Miami-based manufacturer that specializes in lightweight Titanium pistols and revolvers, will give buyers $35 vouchers - the cost of yearly National Rifle Association dues - to redeem for a new membership or renew an existing one, according to Taurus' Web site. Taurus is the only gun maker offering this deal, said NRA spokesman Jim Manown. "It's all tied to the election," Manown said. "Membership is important to our efforts politically."……"

Chicago Tribune 4/27/00 Steve Chapman "…… To hear Al Gore tell it, George W. Bush is better qualified to be head of the Dalton gang than president of the United States. Democrats think the governor is vulnerable on the issue of guns, mainly because he supported a law allowing trigger-happy Texans to keep their six-shooters close at hand wherever they go. This record, Gore assumes, will not be appealing to suburban women who have reservations about letting their children play with water pistols. "He overturned the 125-year-old ban on concealed weapons in Texas and then went back for another law to make sure that people could take them into churches and synagogues," Gore declared recently. "I think that's pretty out of touch with what most people want." ….."

Associated Press 4/20/00 "……The 6-year-old boy accused of killing his first-grade classmate is attending a special program at a home for children who have been neglected, abused or have emotional problems, a prosecutor said. The boy is accused of fatally shooting Kayla Rolland at Buell Elementary School in February. State officials placed him in the school and covered the expenses, said Sam Riddle, a spokesman for Tamarla Owens, the boy's mother. "He has obviously benefited from this wonderful place," Genesee County Prosecutor Arthur A. Busch said in e-mail sent this week. "He has progressed in a fashion that all of our community has hoped would happen." Attorney J. Dallas Winegarden, who represents the victim's parents, said the move angered the family. "We're shocked, appalled and outraged that they would put him back in any school, and we're concerned about the safety of other children who would be around this 6-year-old boy," Winegarden said…….."

Austin American Statesman 4/20/00 Scott Shepard "….. Thousands of Tennesseans visit the gun show that Dave Goodman stages at the state fairgrounds here each month, and the discontent that many express over native son Al Gore's gun policies is sapping the vice president's enthusiasm for the issue in this year's presidential race. "They're trying to turn a right into a privilege. They're trying to stigmatize law-abiding Americans. And they're trying to put us out of business," Goodman said. Goodman, 39, holds as many as 80 shows a year, mostly in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. And everywhere he goes, Goodman said, he sees gun owners who are fed up with the Clinton-Gore administration. The gun control debate was supposed to favor Democrats this fall -- especially in the vice president's expected race against Texas Gov. George W. Bush. During the Democratic primaries, Gore's anti-gun rhetoric was directed at Bush rather than his challenger, former Sen. Bill Bradley, who advocated registration of all firearms. But since securing the nomination, Gore has said little about Bush's gun positions. …….That suggests that gun control, once a centerpiece of Gore's campaign strategy, might not emerge as a key issue this fall......."

Associated Press 4/24/00 "…….Two feuding groups of youths exchanged gunfire at the National Zoo on Monday evening, wounding six children. A 12-year-old boy was in grave condition, according to witnesses and authorities. Capt. Brian Lee, a spokesman for the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services, said one child suffered grave wounds and the others did not appear to have life-threatening injuries. He said a seventh victim suffered a seizure. ……Police helicopters hovered over the zoo after the shooting as authorities sought a gunman. The incident happened as the zoo, a unit of the Smithsonian Institution, was playing host to a African-American family celebration day. ...''We really have to have mandatory child safety trigger locks, and photo license IDs for the purchase of new handguns,'' Gore told the crowd, sounding a frequent Clinton administration theme….." [Freepers pointing out that handguns are already illegal in D.C.]…." 4/25/00 Jerry Miller "…….A national survey of voter attitudes concerning guns and youth violence, conducted by the Pew Research Center, shows an overwhelming number of Americans favor stricter enforcement of existing guns laws rather than the passage of new legislation. The PEW poll found two thirds of those questioned wanted more enforcement of existing gun laws while only six percent supported the passage of new, tougher laws. The survey was carried out to coincide with last week's first anniversary of the shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. That shooting spree left 15 dead, including 12 students, the two teenage shooters and a teacher. A newly released Associated Press poll also found most Americans, by a margin of 42 percent to 33 percent, in favor of more enforcement of existing gun laws rather than the enactment of new laws. ……." 4/25/00 Ben Anderson "……. Vice President Al Gore called for tighter gun-control laws on Monday within hours of a gun fight at the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoo in Washington where prohibitions against hand guns have been in place for the past 24 years. "We really have to have mandatory child-safety trigger locks, and photo license IDs for the purchase of new handguns," Gore said during a political fund-raiser in New York City after informing the audience of the tragedy. ......"

Reuters 5/9/00 ".......Lawmakers who back tougher gun control Tuesday unveiled a bill that would require gun owners to be licensed and gun sales to be recorded, a dramatic proposal that even its sponsors acknowledge cannot be enacted this year. ........ Flanked by women who are organizing this weekend's Million Mom March on Washington for gun control, lead sponsor California Democrat Dianne Feinstein said that if car drivers are licensed, gun owners should be. Feinstein said she knew that this bill could not be enacted by the current Congress, which has balked at more modest gun measures. But she said introducing the measure was a way of responding to the National Rifle Association and other gun control opponents who point to their Second Amendment right to bear arms. .......``We have rights too,'' Feinstein said. ``We have the right to walk down the street and not get shot. We have the right to send our children to school and not have them get shot.'' ......." 5/8/00 Dr. Michael S. Brown "…….Soliciting votes from today's turned-off, apathetic voters is tough. Like mutating bacteria, voters are becoming immune to our favorite campaign tactics. If you want to win an election, you must return to the basics. The oldest weapons in the politician's arsenal are fear and hatred. They are always effective if applied properly. The principles outlined in this guide can be applied in many ways, but the perfect issue, as you will see, is gun control.......Your goal is to make voters fear guns and hate the gun lobby. These emotions can then be transferred to your opponent. We are dealing with emotions, not facts, because people are more easily influenced through their emotions. ……. To promote fear of guns you must be prepared to rapidly exploit appropriate shooting incidents. The media will make this easy for you, since they are already extremely anti-gun and prone to hysterical coverage of these events. Imagine surfing a wave. If you are smart, the wave does the work and you enjoy the ride. ......... One popular factoid says you are 43 times more likely to be killed by a gun in your home than to use it for self defense. This is nonsense, of course, but tossing out a number, then quickly changing the subject, can often end a debate on a favorable note. If you are challenged later, you can say that you got the information from a reliable source. ......... The final part of the strategy is to tie your opponent to the gun lobby. One of the best tactics is to obtain photos or video of your opponent meeting with evil gun lobbyists. Also look for statements by the gun lobby referring to your opponent as a supporter of their misguided agenda. Pass this material to your friends in the media and stand back; they will do the rest of the job for you. …….. As you make use of these principles, beware of a serious problem that has embarrassed several politicians. Bodyguards have an annoying habit of flashing their guns or leaving them in inappropriate places. This reminds people that you have armed protection and makes you appear hypocritical, so take steps to prevent this from happening. Also, if you have ever used a gun for protection, deny it. We know that the elite can be trusted with guns, but voters may not share our enlightened view. The truth has no place in politics. If you aren't willing to do what it takes to get elected, you don't deserve to hold an office. ….."

Reuters 5/4/00 "……U.S. gun companies, hoping that Republicans will win in November, have broken off talks toward a settlement in liability lawsuits filed against them by city and county governments around the country, The New York Times reported in its online edition on Thursday. The report, citing people on both sides of the litigation, said the gun companies are suspending settlement talks at least until they see if Texas Gov. George W. Bush (news - web sites) wins the presidency and the Republicans keep control of Congress in the November elections. The companies hope that Bush, who has been a defender of the gun industry, will help dampen growing public sentiment for gun control or even push through Congress a bill outlawing municipal suits against gun companies, the Times reported. ……"

Reason 6/00 Kenneth Smith "…… When Joel Myrick heard a shot ring out at Pearl High School, he recognized the sound immediately. Myrick, an assistant principal at the school, herded students into his office and locked the door behind them. He walked out into a common area, where he saw a boy named Luke Woodham shoot another student with a hunting rifle and start down a hallway. Myrick suspected he would go from room to room firing at others, but he had no way of stopping him. ……Then Myrick remembered that he had a gun in his car; he had recently visited out-of-town relatives, and he always took his .45 automatic with him when he traveled. He ran to the car, found the gun, and put a round in the chamber. He turned back toward the school, only to find Woodham running to his own vehicle. When the boy spun out in the grass trying to drive away, Myrick went over to the car with his gun trained on Woodham and told him to get out. He forced Woodham to the ground and waited for police to arrive. ……. So the mayhem in Pearl, Mississippi, ended. Two students died and seven more were wounded in the October 1, 1997, attack. Woodham had additional rounds in his gun at the time he was arrested. The toll could have gone higher had it not been for Myrick. ……."

WorldNetDaily 5/6/00 Joseph Farah "….. A man comes up to your house and starts beating on the doors and windows. He kicks on the front door. He bangs on the back door. Maybe he even picks up a makeshift battering ram attempting to break in. It has happened to me. Your options?

1. Call the cops. If you live in a rural area or an urban area, you could easily wait 45 minutes for a patrol car to arrive. If and when it does, you could easily be dead.
2. You could open the door and try to reason with the intruder. I find this works best when you bring along your two best friends -- Glock and Colt. (My two best friends used to be Smith & Wesson, but not anymore.)

One north Houston resident had an encounter like this recently. It didn't make headlines. It was a story relegated to the news briefings section of the local papers. The homeowner shot the intruder -- dead. …….This kind of thing actually happens every day. That's why it's not front-page news. By definition, news is unusual. It's unusual when an intruder gets the better of an armed, law-abiding citizen. It's unusual when the cops prevent a crime. It's not unusual at all when someone uses a gun successfully to defend himself. ….."

WorldNetDaily 5/6/00 Joseph Farah "….. Because Americans don't realize how many lives guns save, they are becoming conditioned by hysterical, out-of-context media reports and power-hungry politicians who would prefer you were dependent on them for your very survival. If you think I exaggerate, listen to this one: A politician in Maryland wants to start a buy-back program for toy guns. You heard me right -- TOY guns! ……"

Denver Post 5/6/00 Mike Soraghan "……. Denver Mayor Wellington Webb is threatening to take the state to court if Gov. Bill Owens signs a bill banning negligence suits against the gun industry. Webb says the city doesn't want to sue gun makers or gun dealers, just protect its right to sue whom it wants. "It's the camel's nose under the tent," Webb said Friday. "If you start prohibiting our authority to conduct our own affairs, you'll do it in other areas. If he does sign it, we would go to court and challenge it." The bill, House Bill 1208, was passed by both chambers of the Legislature and is currently on Owens' desk. Webb said he has spoken personally with Owens about the bill and asked him to veto it. …… The legislative sponsors of the bill expect him to sign it, but Owens has not said what he plans to do. ……"

Denver Post 5/6/00 David Olinger "……City officials have ordered one of Denver's largest gun dealers to shut down, calling his alley-based business location illegal. In a letter dated Wednesday, Denver zoning administrator Kent Strapko notified the building owner at 126 Acoma St. that the gun dealer, A&T Specialty Shop, and a taxidermy business had "relocated to an area at the rear" without a city permit in a residential neighborhood. He also asked the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which licensed the gun shop, "to take whatever action you deem necessary to assist me in eliminating the illegal firearms business address." Ash Johnson, the owner of A&T Specialty, said Friday that no action from ATF will be needed. "As of noon today, my records are out," he said. "I'm closing." ……"

ABC News 5/5/00 Dalia Sussman "……Americans are broadly dubious that gun control would substantially reduce gun violence, or that creating new gun laws is a better idea than simply enforcing existing ones - doubts that combine to make the issue something of a political misfire……… Nearly two-thirds of Americans do favor stricter gun laws, a number that's held roughly stable for the last decade. But people are not making the issue a top priority: Gun control ranks ninth of 15 issues they call "very important" in their presidential vote…….."

San Francisco Chronicle 5/6/00 Jaxon Van Derbeken "…… A war between two gangs that has claimed three lives in the past week and traumatized San Francisco's Bayview-Hunters Point is rooted in a dispute over rap music supremacy, investigators said yesterday. …….. Police have added patrols and formed a task force in an attempt to calm the southeastern part of the city. They said people are dying because of feuds over who is the most talented rapper, who is selling the most CDs and who is being insulted in songs. ….." 5/8/00 AP "…..The grandfather of a boy put behind bars as one of the gunmen who killed five people at Westside Middle School in 1998 was dismissed Monday as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by victims' families. Also dismissed was a company that made one of the guns used in the shootings, Sporting Goods Properties Inc., formerly Remington Arms. Circuit Judge David Burnett said Andrew Golden's grandfather, Doug Golden, should not be held liable for the shootings, as he had taken precautions to keep guns at his house from getting into the wrong hands...."

Washington Times 5/8/00 John McCaslin "…… Washington subway riders heard an unusual political statement come over the loudspeaker Thursday morning at 8:30 as a Yellow Line train emerged from the L'Enfant tunnel into the sunlight over the Potomac River. …….. Passenger Demian Brady, who works for the National Taxpayers Union, tells Inside the Beltway that the Metro operator suddenly announced that there would be extra trains operating during next weekend's Million Mom March against violence. He then said, "Remember, whether in the name of freedom or oppression, guns are made for the taking of lives." ...... "

Washington Times 5/8/00 John McCaslin "……"Guns are made to allow for a triggering mechanism to propel a round, small object at a high velocity - plain and simple," the subway passenger notes. "Any additional meaning attached to a gun, its raison d'etre, is provided in context, whether it be to take lives, to disarm or disable, to defend property, etc." ………… "Second," he continues, "the rail conductor delivered an unsolicited, entirely inappropriate political statement to a captive audience." …….Mr. Brady filed a complaint with Metro, which apparently took his call seriously. He was informed the operator could be given a daily suspension or possibly fired, depending on his Metro record. ……."

Los Angeles Times 5/8/00 Robert Scheer "….. The National Rifle Assn. and gun manufacturers are right--if George Bush is elected president, they've got it made. The gun sellers who want to add to the national supply of 200 million guns in civilian hands have broken off negotiations for new safety measures in the hopes of a kinder Bush administration. Only last week, NRA First Vice President Kayne Robinson boasted that if Bush wins the White House, "We'll have a president...where we work out of their office--unbelievably friendly relations." ……"

Denver Post 5/9/00 Diane Carman "….. It started with one worried mom. Donna Dees-Thomases had watched the children fleeing gunfire at the Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills, Calif. She wasn't sure what it would take to end the violence, but she thought organizing a million moms might be a good start. The Million Moms March seeks to demonstrate the strength of support for "sensible" gun control. ……. But though the march is still five days away, the Second Amendment Sisters are determined to make them wish they'd stayed home. Like the Moms, the Sisters use a Web site to rally support. Their site features a photo of a woman pointing a handgun at the viewer and the line, "Every 13 seconds, an American gun owner uses a firearm in defense against a criminal." ……… The Sisters are organizing a counterdemonstration a few blocks away from the Moms. And if the e-mail banter on the Sisters' Web site is any indication, it should be quite a show. ……"

Los Angeles Daily News (Front Page) 5/3/00 Greg Gittrich "…… Pushing Los Angeles to the vanguard of the gun control movement, the Police Commission unanimously backed a proposed city ordinance Tuesday to require background checks before people could buy gun ammunition. City officials estimated the ordinance could cost Los Angeles gun shop owners and other licensed dealers about 75 percent of their ammunition sales, with buyers going to Burbank, Glendale and other nearby cities, where it would be easier to buy bullets. "Will this stop anyone from getting ammunition? Absolutely not," said Bob Kahn, chief executive officer of B&B Sales of North Hollywood, one, of the largest gun and ammunition suppliers in Southern California. ........."

World Net Daily 5/2/00 Joe Farah "….. Did you hear what Al Gore said about the National Zoo shooting? It was the day after Easter when a gang fight broke out at the Washington tourist attraction. Seven children were wounded -- one was listed in grave condition. Last I heard, the 11-year-old most severely hurt was listed as brain dead. But if anyone connected with this story is truly brain dead, it's got to be the vice president. ………. Without the benefit of having a clue as to the nature of the shootings and who was responsible, presidential-wannabe Gore was making political hay out of it -- exploiting another senseless tragedy for his own career ambitions. "We really have to have mandatory child safety trigger locks, and photo license IDs for the purchase of new handguns," he told a crowd in New York City hours after the shooting. …….. Excuse me? Trigger locks? Just how would trigger locks have prevented a deliberate act of violence and terror like this? In case Mr. Gore doesn't realize it, the purpose of trigger locks is to prevent accidental gun deaths by children -- not deliberate acts of mayhem. …….. "

New York Times 4/27/00 James Dao "……Seven of the nation's largest gun manufacturers filed suit today to keep New York State, Connecticut and 16 local governments from adopting purchasing policies favoring gun companies that agree to stringent rules governing the ways they make, sell and distribute weapons. …… Robert T. Delfay, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade group that helped organize the lawsuit, said in a news conference: "We are here today to end an illegal attempt by a number of self-appointed and self-important government officials to violate the basic rights of a legitimate and a responsible industry and to foist on citizens across this country a nationwide gun-control scheme unapproved by Congress." ….."

The New York Times 4/25/00 Jim Chamberlain "……. Re "Raid in Miami Opens New Front in Struggle Over the Cuban Boy" (front page, April 24): Without putting a finger on the trigger, the administration has just shot its gun-control agenda in the foot. If the raid on the home of Elián's relatives in Miami was carried out with excessive force, then the supposed paranoia of those who arm themselves in case of tyranny begins to look more like realism. ….."

Neal Knox 5/3/00 "…… May 3 Neal Knox Report-After two days of preliminary skirmishing over reauthorizing the 1965 Education Act, the Senate got down to debating and voting on amendments this morning. Democrats oppose the committee bill, S. 2, because it shifts control of funds from Washington to local school boards. They intend to either load the bill with restrictive gun provisions- arguing that gun laws will make schools safer-or prevent its passage as written by using gun amendments for filibustering. A string of gun amendments, including the firearms provisions of the stalled Juvenile Justice bill, one gun per month and much more may be offered before the bill is completed. Four amendments are in order for today, but I don't think any include gun provisions. Details of the amendments haven't been revealed……" (Boston Globe) 5/3/00 Alex Canizares "……A rift over giving states more control of federal education funds deepened yesterday as Senate Democrats indicated they would try to attach a gun-control measure to a major education spending bill. After a Capitol Hill news conference, Senator Edward M. Kennedy said Democrats want to tighten enforcement of gun-safety laws in schools as part of the overall education bill by closing the loopholes in gun-show sales. ''I think it is appropriate somewhere during the debate, having learned the lessons from Columbine,'' Kennedy said, referring to the high school shooting in Colorado last year. ''It's what parents want.'' Senate Democratic leader Thomas Daschle of South Dakota, who later met privately with other Democrats to plan the amendment, said: ''Clearly it's a relevant issue. ... At some point in the debate, we will deal with school safety.'' Republicans signaled they don't want to discuss guns as part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, a five-year bill authorizing nearly $15 billion in school spending next fiscal year. ….."

Baltimore Spun 5/1/00 Gerard Shields "….. West Baltimore Councilwoman Catherine E. Pugh will introduce legislation today to ban the sale of body armor to Baltimore minors. Pugh's legislation would be introduced two weeks after police found a bulletproof vest on a 17-year-old shooting suspect accused of killing a city police officer in a car chase. Officers in some sections of the city report a rise in the protective gear among teen suspects involved in the city's estimated $1 billion-a-year illegal drug trade. "We've got to do something," Pugh said. "The killing has to stop." ….."

Cheyenne Tribune 5/1/00 AP "……Mayor Leo Pando has signed a pledge along with 190 other communities to prefer certain gun manufacturers in city gun purchases. He did so without telling the police department, angering at least one officer. "He never told anybody about it. It astounds me he did this," Sgt. Steve Wheeler said. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is promoting the Safer Guns Coalition and the accompanying pledge. "With over 30,000 people killed and several times that number injured by guns each year, ensuring safe communities is our highest priority," the pledge reads. "Many of these tragedies could be prevented through reasonable distribution and design reforms on the part of responsible firearms manufacturers." By joining the pledge, Cheyenne will prefer gun manufacturers that adhere to a code of conduct, assuming comparable equipment can be purchased at comparable prices. To date, the only company that complies is Smith & Wesson……"

Federal District Court for Maryland 4/13/00 Freeper berserker Marvin J. Garbis – judge "….. The federal district court located in Baltimore, Maryland, issued an injunction against the BATF preventing them from obtaining all records of gun sales made by a Baltimore licensed dealer. The BATF had issued a demand letter requesting the records, stating that the dealer had been slow in cooperating in the past. The case was captioned RSM, INC. dba VALLEY GUN OF BALTIMORE, et al., v. BRADLEY A. BUCKLES (Director, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco). ......:

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/27/00 John Drake and Arlo Wagner "…..The National Zoo shootings have sparked calls for tighter gun control, but the District of Columbia's gun laws - already considered the nation's strictest - apparently failed to keep a 9 mm pistol out of the 16-year-old suspect's hands. And gun rights advocates said yesterday the new proposals by Mayor Anthony A. Williams and Vice President Al Gore, among others, aren't likely to stop young criminals from obtaining firearms illegally. "There was no shortage of laws that were violated here," said Jim Manown, spokesman for the National Rifle Association. "Whatever compelled him to allegedly possess and use this gun would not have been changed by another gun law." The youth charged in the crime - Antoine Bernard Jones - already broke several laws simply by possessing the gun as a juvenile in the District, which banned handgun ownership and possession in 1975……. The youth was either given the gun, borrowed it, stole it or bought it on the black market, given the gun laws in the area, which forbid a 16-year-old from buying a gun over the counter……"


AP 4/26/00 Paul Shepard "……Seven gun makers and an industry group sued the Department of Housing and Urban Development and 16 cities Wednesday over a plan to give preferential treatment to Smith & Wesson when buying guns for law enforcement agencies. The lawsuit filed in an Atlanta federal court alleges an illegal conspiracy in restraint of trade. …….. The lawsuit names as defendants New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who helped draw up the agreement. Also named were the California communities of San Francisco, Berkeley, East Palo Alto, Inglewood, Oakland, and San Mateo; as well as Bridgeport, Conn.; Atlanta; Miami-Dade County, Fla.; Gary, Ind.; Boston; Detroit; St. Louis; Newark, N.J.; Philadelphia; and the District of Columbia. ''We are demanding cities stop the effort of using their purchasing power to control the distribution and design of firearms,'' said Jeff Reh, general counsel for Beretta U.S.A. Corp, one of the seven suing companies. ….."


Houston Chronicle 5/11/00 Nina Shokraii Rees Jennifer Garrett "……To be sure, gun violence against children has been receiving increased media attention. Recently, a 16-year-old student wounded seven children when he began shooting near the entrance of Washington's National Zoo. A month earlier, a 6-year-old Michigan boy shot and killed one of his classmates. These reprehensible acts are complicated to understand and resistant to legislative solutions. But that won't stop the Clinton administration from trying. In the debate over guns, the administration sees a political opportunity and will push gun-control measures at every turn, no matter how tangential the underlying legislation……The latest ploy: Hijack the pending re-authorization of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act as a vehicle for gun control. On one level, this is a reasonable tactic given the shootings at Colorado's Columbine High School last year. It's also grossly opportunistic. We can't help but think that had the shooting occurred at a nursing home, the administration would be trying to attach gun control to long-term-care legislation. …….. The gun-control advocates also face a larger problem: the fact that violence involving young people, especially gun violence, is rapidly declining. ……. Events such as Columbine are like plane crashes -- riveting, but extremely rare. According to the Washington-based Justice Policy Institute, which recently released a report entitled "School House Hype," the number of school-associated violent deaths declined from 43 in 1998 to 26 last year -- a 40 percent drop. ……."

AP 5/12/00 Terence Hunt "…..George W. Bush today announced he will distribute free trigger locks for handguns in Texas but President Clinton said the likely Republican presidential nominee simply was trying to convince Americans he is not under the sway of the National Rifle Association. ''If he comes out and gives away gun trigger locks, then he doesn't have to explain why we're still importing large-capacity ammunition clips and why he doesn't want to close the gun-show loophole,'' Clinton said. ……"

The Washington Weekly 5/14/00 J Peter Mulhern "……The Million Mom March is coming to town. For the sake of brevity let's call it the M3. M3 represents the triumph of alliteration over arithmetic. Nobody believes that much more than one hundred thousand people will march in Washington this weekend. Not all the marchers will be mothers. But hey, what's an order of magnitude among friends. ……… Arithmetic isn't a strong suit for the marching moms The organizers of M3 persist in publicizing the absurd factoid that 14 "kids" fall victim to gun violence every day. One can only approach this figure by including statistics from the entire population under the age of 20 and lumping together suicides, accidents and gang-related violence with all other shootings. If one corrects for these distortions it turns out that M3's PR is, once again, off by an order of magnitude. ……….M3 enthusiasts have tried to defend their sensational claim of 14 dead kids per diem by arguing that a death is a death and that teenagers are, after all, quite young even if they aren't strictly speaking children. This doesn't disguise the deliberately deceptive nature of the M3 PR. ….."

AP via ABC Raw News 5/13/00 AP "…..Gun control legislation is stalled in Congress and prospects for action appear dim in an election year. While another shooting tragedy could spur action, the National Rifle Association's influence has won out so far…….."

Dallas Morning News 5/13/00 Theresa Crapansano "……More than one group of mothers will be demonstrating about firearms issues on the National Mall on Sunday. Though the Million Mom March of gun-control supporters has attracted most of the publicity, a Dallas-based group, the Second Amendment Sisters, hopes to muster 1,000 gun-rights advocates for what they've dubbed an Armed Informed Mothers March, or AIMM. Texas state Rep. Suzanna Gratia Hupp, R-Lampasas, will give the keynote speech at the counterdemonstration. She said her devotion to Second Amendment rights stems in part from the 1991 Killeen massacre in which a gunman entered a Luby's cafeteria and killed 23 people, including her parents. ……. Ms. Gratia Hupp said she was in the restaurant at the time, and her gun was 100 yards away in her car because Texas law at the time prohibited her from carrying it with her in her purse. …… "I, from painful personal experience, know that the only thing - and I mean only in capital letters - that legislation that [the Million Mom March] is trying to push does is keep the good guys from being able to protect themselves and their families," she said as her two boys, ages 2 and 4, yelled in the background. "The bad guys ignore the laws." ….." 5/14/00 AP "…..The FBI says a computer database used in gun purchases is up and running again. ……… The FBI's Interstate Identification Index, a database containing criminal histories of 36 million people, stopped working late Thursday afternoon, the bureau said Friday. ….This computer failure at the FBI Criminal Information Center in Morgantown, W.Va., halted gun sales because it prevented completion of background checks that the Brady law requires for buyers. Gun dealers had hoped for a quick fix because Saturday is their busiest day. However, the system remain down throughout the day. Without background check approvals, gun dealers have been forced to tell their customers to wait for their guns until the system came back up and the checks can be completed. ……" 5/14/00 "…..Encouraged by President Clinton to take on the gun lobby and dull its influence with Congress, Million Mom March Organizers said they wanted uniform handgun control laws that would include licensing and registration, longer waiting periods for those trying to purchase guns and a one-gun-a-month purchase limit. Organizers say they want the nation to see families marching together on Mother's Day, hoping to send lawmakers and the gun lobby a message that many more Americans are ready to join the fight………"

Dallas News 5/30/00 Keith Barringer "……The Second Amendment Sisters have nothing to feel ashamed about, but the Million Mom March people sure do. I worked security for the Second Amendment Sisters march and the people there used facts, not emotion, in arguing against further useless gun control laws. The Second Amendment Sisters were friendly and courteous the entire day, I did not have one spot of trouble to deal with the entire time. The Second Amendment Sisters marchers were spit at, threatened with bodily violence and even sworn at by people giving the finger with one hand and holding their child in the other. Not one Second Amendment Sister marcher did anything disrespectful to any of the Million Mom March participants. Not one impolite word or threat of violence……"

SunSpot 5/30/00 Ann LoLordo "…….Broke and living with his 80-year-old dad, Emerson is a physician who bounced from one job to another until he opened a medical practice in this Texas plains town. He's a father trapped in a nasty divorce who has been barred from seeing his daughter for 11 months. But it is Emerson's possession of a handgun during an argument with his ex-wife and the federal court case that followed that have attracted the attention of legal scholars and historians across the country. ……… Emerson allegedly threatened his wife with the 9 mm Beretta, in violation of a restraining order commonly issued in divorce cases that precludes spouses from threatening or harassing each other. He was arrested Dec. 10, 1998. The federal charge upended Emerson's life and set in motion what could become the first Supreme Court review in 61 years of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. ………Emerson's court-appointed lawyer argued that the soft-spoken physician had a constitutional right to have the gun. A federal judge in Texas agreed and dismissed the case. The government appealed. ….." 5/25/00 Lyda Longa "…… Before an Arkansas newlywed was arrested at Hartsfield International Airport last weekend after telling authorities she had found a gun in her luggage, Atlanta police had some obstacles to overcome --- namely one of their own police officers, who refused to charge the woman, and a Clayton County judge, who refused to issue a warrant for her arrest. "The officer became very emotional and he said he would not arrest this girl," said Maj. M.L. Brooks, commander of Atlanta's airport unit. "He yelled at his supervisor." The officer, whose name was not released Wednesday, did not agree that 20-year-old Alison Reed of Alexander, Ark., should be arrested Sunday at Hartsfield. Reed, who had just gotten married eight hours earlier and was on her way to Cancun through Atlanta, had discovered a .22-caliber pistol wedged in her carry-on bag. The gun belongs to her mother, Tommie Reed, who had forgotten the weapon was there when she loaned the bag to her daughter. When Reed, a student at the University of Arkansas, found the gun, she immediately reported it to a security guard who in turn called police. ……."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 5/22/00 Dr Michael Brown "….. How old does one have to be to remember the good old days? I recently found myself fondly recalling the feminists of the 1960s. Thousands of women marched in the streets demanding greater personal and political power; in effect, more control over their own lives. Much has changed since then. Among other things, our society has experienced a massive rise in violence against women. Time after time women, and sometimes their children, are attacked and often killed by ex-husbands or rejected boyfriends. The victims typically relied on pepper spray and restraining orders for protection. Many other women are victimized by career criminals who consider women to be easy targets…….. What is really fascinating are the divergent ways that women have faced this problem. Some women have taken responsibility for their own safety. Yes, I'm talking about guns. A gun is the only weapon that will permit a small woman to protect herself from even the biggest, strongest man. A handgun is the only type of gun that she can keep with her at all times. In past eras, most women understood this………. The recent Million Mom March, a thinly disguised Democratic Party rally, seems to suggest that today's women are different. They are portrayed as helpless victims who must beg the government to protect them. Perhaps that would be worthwhile, if the government could do so, but it can't. All the politicians can offer are empty promises and feel-good legislation, because criminals ignore gun laws....... The brave feminists of the past have been replaced on our television screens with well manicured spokespersons directed by party pollsters and marketing experts. We have all heard their trademark phrases; "the children", "sensible gun laws", "if it saves one life". These are repeated over and over like a mantra to disguise the glaring flaws in their logic. ……" 5/26/00 "…… Rosie Gets Her Gun When things get rough for the Queen of Nice, she doesn't buy a gun, she hires one. ……. Citing threats made against her family because of her outspoken antigun stance, Rosie O'Donnell has enlisted the protection of an armed bodyguard to accompany her 4-year-old son to kindergarten next fall...."

Tampa Bay Online 5/27/00 AP "…..Nathaniel Brazill was a seventh-grader on the honor roll, a model student with perfect attendance. The 13-year-old flute player also had been picked to be a student mediator at Lake Worth Community Middle School next fall. School officials, friends and family today were struggling to understand how the skinny kid who loved to joke around could have allegedly gunned down Barry Gunrow, a beloved English teacher, on the last day of the school year. ……" 5/29/00 Neal Knox "…..That great friend of gunowners, Sen. Charles Schumer has given NRA some advice. He says in yesterday's Washington Post that NRA should follow the example set by the alcohol industry, noting that Mothers Against Drunk Driving changed the climate so the booze industry began advertising against drinking and driving, and drinking by juveniles. NRA should do the same, he says. The difference, Sen. Chuck, is that MADD went against drunk drivers, not cars. They demanded and got severe punishment for unreformed drunks like the one who almost killed my wife some years ago. Not only was he drunk, he was driving without a license because of previous drunk driving offenses. ….."

AP 5/31/00 "……New York City this afternoon was treated to the release from City Hall of the most recent crime statistics for the month of April. Violent crime (defined as assaults, muggings and murder) in Central Park dropped by over 50% from a comparable period a year ago. This contributed to a continuing city wide reduction in overall crime of 8.5%. …… Recent cases in which citizens armed with illegal handguns, disguised as belt mounted yellow radios and hand held cell phones, have given would be attackers considerable pause and is being credited for this dramatic reduction by pro-gun groups. Since real yellow radios and cell phones are conspicuous and ubiquitous throughout the Park, and the entire City, criminals cannot determine whether intended victims are really armed or not. The impact of this new development across all five boroughs has not been calculated……."

Sierra Times 5/29/00 J J Johnson "……Steve Wilson, Owner of Buffalo Arms is running for a U.S. Congressional seat in the 18th District of California. His opponent, Democrat Congressman Gary Condit is a strong Clinton supporter and good friend of California Attorney General Bill Lockeyer. On May, 23, 2000 Steve Wilson's business, his livelihood, and his family became the latest victims of the on-going siege of the Constitution. At about 5:30 p.m., according to Wilson, "between six and eight agents" from the California Department of Justice stormed in to Buffalo Arms, located on the corner of 8th and K streets in downtown Modesto with a warrant for a "compliance check." The warrant was for an item that could be used in a felony. Wilson is the only gun dealer in the 18th district that has been subjected to a surprise compliance check." He said, "Any compliance officer may be told to leave and come back at a better time [within 3 days and to allow for the store owner to arrange for] the presence of an attorney." Steve Wilson was denied this right. "We were detained at the business - myself, my wife, mother, and 18-year-old daughter. There were no guns pointed at us per se, but I had two officers on each side of me during the entire event, which lasted about 2 hours." ……"

Newsweek 6/5/00 Laura Fording "…..Here's how Eddie Eagle, the National Rifle Association's cartoon representative, teaches kids about gun safety: "STOP! Don't touch! Leave the area!" he advises children who encounter a firearm. But in midtown Manhattan, these days, it's gun-control advocates-not Eddie-firing off the phrases. …… Last Friday, the NRA announced plans to open a theme store in New York's cleaned-up Times Square-home to The Disney Store, ESPN Zone and a WWF outlet. Opponents, though, are determined to shut the gun group out. Foes say an NRA store in Times Square sends the message that guns are acceptable in mainstream America. The NRA maintains the store is not about politics or violence, but "a place to celebrate all that is good and right about shooting sports," says NRA spokesperson Bill Powers. …….Called NRASports Blast, the store would showcase NRASports-branded merchandise-though it wouldn't sell guns. The outlet would also house an electronic shooting gallery with trap and skeet games, sporting clays and target practice. There are even plans for a restaurant, NRASports Grille, which would serve wild game. Powers says the store would be the kind of place where "people can have a Buffalo cheeseburger, pick up an NRA sports hat and play a couple of trap and skeet computer games." If NRASports Blast draws a crowd, the gun lobby might take the idea national. The NRA hasn't identified possible Times Square locations and Powers says no lease has been signed. ......" 5/29/00 AP "……Two youths claim Nathaniel Brazill was brandishing a small handgun three days before a school shooting that left a popular English teacher dead, police said Monday. Police also released recordings of the 911 call made Friday when Lake Worth Middle School teacher Barry Grunow was fatally shot on the last day of classes. Brazill, a seventh-grade honor student, was sent home from school for throwing water balloons in a hallway. The 13-year-old student later returned and allegedly fired one shot from a small gun, killing the 35-year-old teacher. Brazill is being held while a grand jury considers the case. ……" 5/14/00 "….. No punches were pulled in one gun control debate on Mother's Day. …….With the Million Mom March for more gun control as the backdrop, both sides of the issue clashed in a heated exchange on CBS News' Face The Nation. ……. Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, said education is the only way to reduce gun violence - and not the March's goal of licensing and registering handguns. ……. "The fact is licensing and registration doesn't stop criminals from driving cars. And what makes young children safe is teaching them to look both way before they cross the street." ……. Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) argued education alone is not enough - and blamed the NRA for opposing the gun control bill that's stalled on Capitol Hill. ……"

AOL news profile 5/24/00 AP "…..A judge Wednesday upheld a Massachusetts law that bans gun dealers from selling weapons out of their homes. Superior Court Judge Maria Lopez rejected a claim by six gun dealers that the 1998 law violated their rights. The law, in part, is designed to facilitate safety regulations on gun sales such as record keeping and police searches. …… ``This is a major victory in the battle to keep people safe from guns,'' said state Attorney General Thomas Reilly. ``If you want to sell handguns in Massachusetts, you better put safety ahead of profit.'' ……"

Etherzone 5/24/00 Sergei Hoff "……Treasonous and unconstitutional legislation by our elected officials has placed millions of men, women and children in jeopardy! As a former law enforcement officer of many years, I can state with credibility that guns save innocent lives far more often than they kill. ... The germane question is, would the peoples of China, Cuba, Nazi Germany (Holocaust survivors know the answer), Soviet Russia, Kosovo, Chechnya and so on, have become victims of rape, torture and genocide, had the citizenry been well prepared with handguns and assault weapons (the real thing, fully automatic) for self-defense? With adequate weaponry at hand, along with an appropriately defensive attitude, the numbers of casualties certainly would not have counted into the millions. ……" 5/25/00 "…… Rosie O'Donnell just hates guns. They are evil. They hurt people. They kill people. Remember how she treated Tom Selleck on her show for supporting the NRA. …… Rosie would like a gun-free world for America -- or should we say for the rest of America. For herself, she would like a gun. She would like one for her bodyguard. Why? To keep her and her children safe. Some of Rosie's Greenwich, Connecticut neightbors noted the irony recently when her bodyguard applied for a gun permit. ….."

Associated Press 5/24/00 "….. SPRING HILL, Fla. (AP) - While in the check-out line at a Wal-Mart, Sandra Suter saw store employees scuffling with a robbery suspect who police say pulled a small blade knife and lunged, cutting two employees. "I have a concealed weapons permit," Suter, 53, said as she whipped out a .40-caliber pistol from her purse. "Either drop the knife, or I'll shoot you," she said, holding the weapon to the man's face. She repeated her threat. The man dropped the knife and surrendered to store security. ….."

UPI 5/22/00 "……Charlton Heston was elected Monday to an unprecedented third one-year term as the president of the National Rifle Association in a vote taken by the group's 76-member board of directors. Membership in the association has risen to a record 3.6 million since Heston became president in 1998. The organization's bylaws were amended last year to allow the Oscar-winning actor to serve another term. Heston said he was surprised to be chosen for another term during the group's 129th annual convention. He said he expects the organization's membership to rise to 4 million by this year's general election. During the organization's annual meeting, executive vice president Wayne LaPierre announced plans for a theme store in New York City's Time Square. He also said the organization would spend $10 million on the November elections. ….."

Toogood Reports 5/22/00 Vin Suprynowicz "……..Despite the fact the statists used their usual gimmicks to beef up the turnout - organizers asked Montgomery County (Md.) schools to credit the time of students attending the march toward their "student service learning" requirement - spokesmen for the Metro subway system told Neal Knox of the NRA that ridership was up by 80,000 over a normal May weekend - a number which matches the MMM attendance estimate of Pahrump attorney Nancy Lord Johnson, a Washington native who returned last weekend for the competing rally of the Second Amendment Sisters. Ms. Lord Johnson reports she was prepared to address the SAS rally, but "They had too many speakers already." Of course, the number is irrelevant - though one suspects if 80,000 racists gathered for a self-styled "Million Aryans March" the press would at least occasionally point out their attendance had fallen short by a factor of 12……… "

Fort Worth Star Telegram 5/21/00 "……From the 19th by Anthony Spangler the headline reads "Arlington man 68 sends robber running"; and from the 21st by B Jackson and D Boyd the headline reads "Homeowner fatally shoots intruder" From the the 19th in part: An armed robber thought Jappy J Dickson would be easy prey. The 68 year old Arlington man had just left his car in the parking lot of Harrigan's restaurant about4:25PM when a man wielding a handgun approached and demanded money. "He was standing there with a semiautomatic pistol wrapped in a towel with the barrel exposed," Dickson said. "He said, 'Give me all your money or I'll blow your head off" Dickson, who has had since 1996 a permit to carry a concealed weapon, said he told the robber "sure", and then reached into his car for his .38 caliber revolver, wedged next to the driver's seat "I took it out of the holster and leveled it at his chest, and i asked him: "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" he said' "He took off running" The robber fled to a car and remains at large. …….."

UPI 5/21/00 "…..The number of concealed weapons permits issued by the state of South Carolina rose 19-fold after the state dropped a requirement that applicants must first demonstrate a "need" to carry a hidden gun, a newspaper reported on Sunday…….. Records indicate the State Law Enforcement Division has approved 25,407 concealed weapons permits since state law was liberalized in 1995, The State newspaper said. Only 1,233 permits were issued prior to the law being changed……." 5/21/00 "…..Rep. J.C. Watts, delivering the keynote address to the annual convention of the National Rifle Association, today blasted Democratic presidential hopeful Al Gore for "trying to instill fear in Americans" as he pushes for gun control. Watts, R-Okla., blamed gun violence, especially incidents involving children, on a variety of factors, including weakened parental rights, easy divorce, missing fathers, liberal abortion laws, the marginalization of religion, and the film industry. Addressing the convention in Charlotte, N.C., he accused Gore of using deception and fear about illegal weapons to boost his own political aspirations……Heston said the nation's gun owners are at grave risk of losing their Second Amendment right to bear arms if Gore wins the presidency. He accused the Clinton administration of plotting to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens, then ban them, beginning with licensing and registration. "If Gore is elected, the Second Amendment will face 16 cumulative years of Clinton-Gore attacks," said Kayne Robinson, the NRA's first vice president. "It cannot survive."…… NRA executive Wayne LaPierre says the group's membership has surged by 200,000 in the last few weeks, spurred by the White House's stepped-up efforts to increase gun regulation. In the last year, 1.6 million new members have signed up, boosting the group's rolls to 3.6 million, he says……."

Inside the Beltway, Washington Times 5/22/00 John McCaslin "……What happens to all the expensive union-made party favors when a million moms are invited to a Washington event and only 500,000 show up? Literally hundreds of thousands of dripping-wet "Mother's Day" cards, bumper stickers and silver-dollar-sized buttons - packed in hundreds of unprotected sealed cardboard boxes intended for distribution at the recent "Million Mom March" against gun violence - sat under a tree in the pouring rain at Fourth and Madison streets near the U.S. Capitol Friday. ……"

Washington Times 5/22/00 Dave Boyer "…..Gun owners can shed their image as "beer-swilling, camouflage-wearing, Spam-eating Bubbas" by schmoozing local journalists and educating the media about firearms, a pro-gun editorial writer told a National Rifle Association audience yesterday. The biggest reason the stereotype of gun owners as rednecks persists "is because good folks like you people . . . don't do anything to change that," J.R. Labbe of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said at the 129th annual NRA convention here………" 5/20/00 J C Watts Jr (R-OK) "……It's very good to be back with my friends from the NRA. I'm sure there are a few Second Amendment Sisters here as well. Good work, ladies. I've said it publicly many times, and will say it once again: I am the NRA. I am proud of the principles you are fighting for. …….. As is true of each of you, I make it a habit of citizenship to honor the entire Bill of Rights, not just the Amendments that happen to suit me. And let me restate once again that I stand completely and forever opposed to allowing the criminal element to destroy our liberties. These liberties, ensured by our Bill Of Rights, were properly recognized by our Founders as divine in origin, transcendent in nature, and beyond the political manipulations of beings even so powerful as talk show hostesses. ..."

Orlando Sentinel 5/21/00 Charley Reese "……Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or rather its founders, recognized in a rational, intelligent manner that the cause of their grief was not the automobile. The killers of their children were human beings who drove the automobiles in a criminally reckless manner. They have been quite effective in persuading state legislatures to toughen the laws against drunken driving. ….. The Million Mom March, however, ignored the problem -- the humans who used firearms to commit murder -- and focused instead on the gun, which, like the automobile, is an inanimate object incapable of acting on its own. …… Two explanations are possible. One, they are just ignorant and superstitious or, at best, thoughtless and ill-informed about their own country's history. Two, they know quite well what they are doing -- pursuing a hidden agenda to disarm the American people. ……"

AP Wire 5/20/00 Paul Nowell "……A week after the Million Mom March anti-gun demonstration in Washington, gun advocates attending the National Rifle Association's annual meeting marched through the streets of downtown Charlotte today to show solidarity for their cause. About 400 marchers, many in green T-shirts bearing the words "Guns Save Lives" and waving signs with slogans such as "What part of 'will not infringe' do you not understand?" followed a bagpiper about six blocks to the center where the NRA convention is being held…….."

Toogood Reports EXTRA! 5/20/00 F Paul Valone "…….Objective facts show that guns are used for self-protection 2.5 million times per year, and that concealed handgun laws deter rape, murder and aggravated assault. As the newly-formed Charlotte Coalition to Stop Gun Violence holds a series of performances, vigils and marches across the National Rifle Association convention, Charlotte again finds itself at the scene of a high speed crash between conflicting ideologies. Although the NRA plans no response, Grass Roots North Carolina (which I represent) will hold a Gun Rights Solidarity March and a graphic street theater entitled "Your future under gun control." Citing objective data that guns are used for self-protection 2.5 million times per year, and that concealed handgun laws deter rape, murder and aggravated assault, our theme for the march is "Guns Save Lives."……."

Reuters 5/20/00 James Pierpoint "…….Raising a hand-crafted musket over his head, actor-turned-gun-rights-activist Charlton Heston on Saturday said he would remain at the helm of the National Rifle Association for a third term to lead the fight against Vice President Al Gore in the November elections. Invoking a popular pledge of gun owners to defend to the death their U.S. Constitutional right to bear arms, Heston urged NRA members to support gun-rights candidates in the Congressional elections and took direct aim at Gore, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. ``So as we set out this year to defeat the divisive forces that would take freedom away, I want to say those fighting words, for everyone within the sound of my voice to hear and to heed, and especially you, Mr. Gore: From my cold, dead hands,'' Heston said, bringing hundreds of NRA members at the group's annual meeting in Charlotte, N.C., to their feet. ….."

Toogood Reports 5/19/00 "……A gun was used in self-defense to defend a local homeowner from an intruder in Charlotte just hours before the National Rifle Association [NRA] opens their annual convention in the city. An intruder is dead following a shooting this morning at a home in southeast Charlotte. It happened around 1:30a.m. just hours before the NRA opened their convention in Charlotte. Police say a 9-1-1 call came in that reported a person was breaking into the home. Police say the intruder gained access to the dwelling and was shot by the home owner. ……..Local media had been all set to adhere to the liberal anti-gun rhetoric of the left -- but are now confounded by the fact that a gun was used in the dead of night to defend the person and property of a local homeowner….."

Ether Zone 5/19/00 Michael Kreca "…..The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so. Indeed I would go so far as to say that the underdog is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let's not have any native militia or police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order. --- Adolf Hitler, April 11, 1942, in "Hitler's Table-Talk at the Fuehrer's Headquarters 1941-1942", Dr. Henry Picker, ed. (Athenaeum Verlag, Bonn, 1951) ………

Ether Zone 5/19/00 Michael Kreca "…..Twenty-seven words first published in 1790 are now the source of the bitterest controversy the USA has seen since the 1960s if not since the War Between the States a century before that. They are central to an issue that splits left and right, male and female, white and nonwhite, North and South, East and West, wealthy and not-so wealthy. They are: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. ......Let's get this straight right away. First of all, the inalienable right of individuals to keep and bear arms as a check on a tyrannical government predates our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. This, among other things, was clearly and eloquently expressed in Sir William Blackstone's 1768 "Commentaries On The Laws of England." Hence, the Founders were operating within a long historical tradition based upon English common law. ……" 5/19/00 AP "……Gun-control opponents in Congress have amended a major defense bill to bar the Pentagon from giving preferential treatment to Smith & Wesson, the manufacturer that reached a gun safety agreement with the Clinton administration. The two-paragraph article in the 474-page bill states that no Pentagon funds may be used to give a preference to a marketer or vendor of firearms or ammunition based on an agreement with the government. The House approved the $310 billion defense authorization bill Thursday. While Smith & Wesson, the nation's largest pistol-maker, is not mentioned, lawmakers on both sides of the gun issue said it was the clear target. ……"

Newsweek 5/14/00 Matt Bai "…… Most nights now you can find Ed Shultz in his office, banging away at a computer. It's been several weeks since Smith & Wesson signed a landmark deal with the Feds requiring training and unlimited background checks for all its customers and new safety features in its handguns. The company's CEO has personally answered thousands of e-mails. Some customers write to support Shultz. Many more call him a traitor. A handful threaten his life. Lately the e-mails have let up a bit-but Smith & Wesson's troubles haven't. Its dealers and distributors are in revolt, and a consumer boycott threatens to drive down profits. Former friends in the gun world have attacked Smith-the world's largest handgun maker-with surprising venom. This weekend, when Shultz and his troops arrive in Charlotte, N.C., for the National Rifle Association's annual convention, no one's quite sure whether they'll be accosted in the lobby or shunned like a virus. Shultz feels as if he's living inside one of those "Whack-a-Mole" arcade games. "You're just sitting there," he says with a sigh, "waiting to get whacked." ……..Whether Smith & Wesson can survive the pounding is an open question. Smith has been signaling that it may try to back out if no other gunmaker signs on to the pact. …."

AP via 5/19/00 Paul Nowell "….Smith & Wesson got a mixed reception as the National Rifle Association opened its annual convention Friday, with some people shunning the gun maker's exhibit because it made a deal with the government to put childproof locks on its pistols.. ……. "This will be the most important meetings in our history," Heston said in a taped message to the gathering. "We are about to have the most important election in this organization's history. "Our gun rights are truly in peril," he said. "When the sun comes up on Nov. 8, who wins the election will determine our freedoms into the next century." ......NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre described the group's plan to open a megastore in New York City's Times Square that would contain retail space, a restaurant and virtual shooting ranges. ….. In return for agreeing to the gun locks, smart technology and background checks, Smith & Wesson will be the preferred gun retailer for law enforcement officials in 190 U.S. communities. Seven other gun makers and an industry group have challenged that arrangement with a federal lawsuit alleging an illegal conspiracy to retrain trade. …….NRA opponents launched a slate of vigils and marches with a news conference at which Michael Barnes, president of Handgun Control and the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence in Washington, D.C., pledged to "remind the public of the NRA's hypocrisy when it comes to preventing gun violence." ….."

Media Research Center 5/17/00 Tim Graham "…..The mom leading this parade is Donna Dees-Thomases, portrayed as a suburban homemaker and part-time CBS publicist from Short Hills, New Jersey. But sometimes the hype gets ahead of reality. ………… Us Weekly repeated the Dees-Thomases mom-in-tennis-shoes public-relations bit, that she came up with the idea after seeing footage of the August 10, 1999 shooting at a California day-care center. "Before that I wasn't politically active," she claimed, "I'd throw my sneaker at the TV, but did I get off my couch? No." NBC's Tom Brokaw began their Dees-Thomases profile: "And Women to Watch, tonight a mother who'd never been politically active until she saw this [shooting footage]." ………. But the Hillary Clinton for Senate campaign recorded that a Donna Thomases of Short Hills, New Jersey donated $1,000 on August 9, 1999, the day before the shooting. (She added another $250 on October 14.) If that seems like nitpicking about "never" being politically active before, consider that she worked as an assistant press secretary to Sen. Bennett Johnston (D-La.) and then Sen. Russell Long (D-La.) from 1979 to 1983. Us Weekly mentioned the Long job, but allowed Dees-Thomases to be both a neophyte and well-connected, since her sister-in-law is one of Hillary's best friends, Susan Thomases.

Media Research Center 5/17/00 Tim Graham "…..Next to another promotional article, in a People magazine caption, came another quote: "At first, I didn't know the Brady bill from The Brady Bunch." Is that a credible claim of ignorance for a woman who served as a spokesperson for CBS News from 1987 to 1993? ……..On September 23, 1987, the Washington Post reported, "Donna Dees has been named manager of communications for CBS News. Based in New York, her responsibilities will include the Washington bureau, special events and 'Campaign '88.'" ….."

Associated Press 5/17/00 "……A television reporter was charged with theft for taking a videotape from the car of a man suspected of staging pit bull fights, authorities said. Tom Lyden acknowledged taking the tape, which showed dogs fighting, from Will Grigsby's parked car. He has called it "aggressive reporting." Authorities had searched the property of Grigsby's girlfriend earlier and taken other tapes related to dog fighting, and 13 pit bulls were seized there last month. Grigsby, of St. Paul, is charged with staging dog fights. ……. " 5/14/00 "….. The pistol-packin' mama of actress Drew Barrymore was busted yesterday after cops stopped her for plastering fliers in the East Village and discovered a loaded gun in her handbag. Jaid Barrymore, 53, was led away in handcuffs after cops said she screamed: "For f---ing posters you're gonna arrest me?" ……..The raven-haired stunner was taken into custody along with 26-year-old ex-lover Paul Charnin at Houston Street and Broadway at 2 a.m. …… Barrymore told The Post she was carrying the gun after being stalked in the subway last week. "I explained I had legally purchased this gun in Los Angeles 10 years ago at a time Drew and I were being accosted by stalkers," Barrymore said. "Now that I'm in New York, I had neglected to re-register. I hadn't taken it out in years until recently when I felt I was being stalked again…….. Barrymore was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal mischief and illegal postering. ……."

USA Today...5/18/2000 Gary Fields "……The National Rifle Association is more popular than ever, reaching an unprecedented membership of nearly 3.6 million people this month despite a resurgence in gun-control efforts.... NRA officials say that more than 200,000 people have joined the gun-rights group in the past six weeks as a national debate heated up over proposals to license gun owners and require them to register each of the estimated 230 million guns in circulation in the USA. During that time the NRA also has received about $10 million in contributions; the 129-year-old group received $25 million in all of 1999... ….." 5/17/00 "….While mothers prepared to march last weekend in Birmingham and Washington for stricter gun control laws, Alabama lawmakers were doing their part to ease regulations on handguns in Alabama. Last week the Legislature quietly approved a bill that would end the 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases...."

Press Release 5/15/00 Patrick Rooney "……Los Angeles - Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (B.O.N.D.) FounderRev. Jesse Lee Peterson today denounced Sunday's 'Million Mom March' as a "phony sideshow produced by the new slave owners - liberal, elite whites". "Seeing the parade of black faces at this march is just another sad, disgusting example of how liberal-owned blacks are being used to destroy our Constitution and country. Time and time again we are told how children are killed by gun violence, yet we don't hear the full story," said Rev. Peterson. "We never hear how that child who was killed is often a member of a gang, often has no father in the home, and often was born to a mother who had irresponsible sex out of wedlock. Why don't we hear the whole story?" ……"

USA Today 5/18/00 Gary Fields "……The National Rifle Association is more popular than ever, reaching an unprecedented membership of nearly 3.6 million people this month despite a resurgence in gun-control efforts fueled by the Columbine High School slayings last year. NRA officials say that more than 200,000 people have joined the gun-rights group in the past six weeks as a national debate heated up over proposals to license gun owners and require them to register each of the estimated 230 million guns in circulation in the USA. During that time the NRA also has received about $10 million in contributions; the 129-year-old group received $25 million in all of 1999…….. The NRA's sudden growth comes even as it faces its most intense criticism in years. Gun-control advocates, tapping the nationwide anger over the slayings of more than a dozen students at Columbine and several other school shootings, have staged rallies such as the Million Mom March, held here last weekend. Invariably, the rallies cast the NRA's opposition to even minor gun restrictions as a factor in the violence……..For years, the NRA stymied calls for background checks on gun buyers and bans on assault weapons, leading critics to accuse the group of being out of touch with most of America. Demonizing the NRA, however, can be risky. For three decades, polls have shown that roughly 50% of Americans back gun rights and have a favorable impression of the NRA. ….."

Original Sources 5/18/00 Mary Mostert "……"We are giving birth to a movement," said Rosie O'Donnell, the television talk show host, who served as mistress of ceremonies. "We are now women and children demanding to be counted. . . . We are the voice of the majority of Americans, and it is time we are heard." The National Organization for Women, headed by Patricia Ireland, who led an abortion rights protest on April 24, 2000 at the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, DC , was at the "Million Mom March" in force on Sunday. ……. Now, let's see if we can get this straight. Women who are determined NOT to be mothers had a well publicized march calling themselves "Moms" because they are giving birth to a movement as an adjunct to making sure they DON'T give birth to a baby? A single woman who has never given birth to a baby announces on worldwide TV that she is giving birth to a movement? Am I the only woman in America that thinks this is not only ridiculous but a slap in the face to real mothers? ……."

Reuters 5/18/00 Joanne Kenen "……The Senate by a one-vote margin on Wednesday passed a Democratic amendment commending the Million Mom March and endorsing gun control legislation after Democrats played procedural hardball for two days to force a vote on the politically potent election year issue. The amendment does not change anything, but it forced every senator to take a stand. Although the 50-49 vote was on a nonbinding ``sense of the Senate,'' which seldom take up this much of the Senate's time or attention, this one was passionately fought against the backdrop of the huge Mother's Day march for gun control. …….With broad bipartisan support, the Senate also voted 69-30 for a nonbinding amendment offered by Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican, that called for better enforcement of existing gun laws and underscored the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns. ……"

Dallas Morning News, Letter to the Editor 5/16/00 Shane O’Donley "….. My girlfriend and I spent Sunday, May 14, commemorating the Million Mom March in our own special way. We went shooting, carried concealed weapons and generally had a safe and enjoyable time doing both. Imagine, no killing spree with our unlicensed and unregistered handguns…….The Million Mom March is another arm of the Clinton-Gore administration. When November rolls around, remember who gave you the legal standing to protect yourself from the thugs of the world. When November rolls around, remember who said "There is no controlling legal authority." Who do you want in charge of your freedoms and liberties? ….."

Fort Worth Star Telegram 5/17/00 Bill Thompson "…….As a supporter of the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, I feared that the anti-gun demonstration on Mothers Day could ignite a grassroots furor for new gun-control laws -- including some that might be drastic and unwarranted. As a supporter of George W. Bush's presidential campaign, I feared that the Texas governor/Republican nominee-to-be might be perceived as too supportive of gun rights by a massive army of nonpartisan moms mobilizing in a sincere commitment to making our country safer. ……….. Now that the march is over, I can see that my concerns were unfounded. The Million Mom March was not a nonpartisan, grassroots movement organized to support "common-sense" laws that would promote gun safety. It was an overhyped dog-and-pony show organized by gun-hating liberals for the purpose of promoting Al Gore's presidential campaign and putting more Democrats in Congress. …….."

AP 5/15/00 "……The FBI has fixed a software problem that halted gun sales nationwide for more than two days, an official said Sunday. The repairs allowed resumption of firearms sales that are dependent on background checks with the bureau's criminal history database. The FBI Interstate Identification Index, a database holding criminal histories of 36 million people stopped working Thursday afternoon. ….."

National Review 5/15/00 James Sneider "…….As they passed the National Archives on their way to the Washington mall, this weekend's crowd of 750,000 marchers breezed by the Constitution. It was a characteristic act. The Constitution may be altered only when Congress - by a two-thirds majority - proposes amendments, which are then adopted by three-fourths of the states. Such extreme checks were instituted to ensure that revision would be difficult, and occur only when sustained by the populace at large, so as to guarantee that the change reflected the general will, not just that of a particular special interest. ……But the language of organizers and supporters of the Million Mom March hints at a growing trend that culminated in yesterday's March. The (generally left-leaning) disgruntled individuals who have failed politically in getting gun-control measures passed have come to support Constitutional Nullification. As David Kopel of the Independence Institute observed in Friday's guest comment, the Million Mom March website says "the Second Amendment is irrelevant." ……"

NY Post 5/15/00 Steve Dunleavy "…… In 1980, 29,000 law-abiding residents of New York City held legitimate licenses to carry. At last count, according to the Long Island edition of the New York Law Journal, that figure had plunged to 4,900 people allowed to carry weapons for their protection. …… This, according to crusading lawyer Charles Casolaro of the law firm of Mielo-Casolaro and Stasko, is because of the city's "unspoken policy of denying by the thousands legitimate applications from legitimate citizens." Now, attorney Casolaro has based virtually all of his Farmingdale, L.I., practice handling cases where legitimate professionals who once had a license have been refused renewal. ……Most of his clients are jewelers who carry valuables or large amounts of cash, doctors and dentists, whose offices are stored with narcotics for medical reasons, or insurance agents who carry money. Some of these people have been denied licenses after years of legitimately carrying a weapon for honorable defense. …….. "Because many of these people had permits for so long, the city is saying, 'OK, you've had it for 20 years - that's enough,'" he told the Law Journal. ……."

UPI 5/15/00 "….. Detroit police officers were involved in fatal shootings nearly 2 1/2 times more often than officers in New York City based on population…….. The Detroit Free Press Monday analyzed Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics from 1990 through 1998 to calculate the rate of fatal police shootings per 100,000 residents……… The newspaper said Detroit had a rate of 0.92 fatal shootings per 100,000 people, compared to 0.68 for Houston, 0.56 in Los Angeles and 0.39 for New York………. "There is a very violent element in our city," Detroit Police Chief Benny Napoleon told the Free Press in a recent interview. "It's high-risk, and this is the element the police deal with."……."

APBNews 5/12/00 Hans Chen ‘……The U.S. Department of Justice today awarded a $300,000 "smart gun" grant to Smith & Wesson, the sole signatory to a gun lawsuit settlement that requires gunmakers to develop this technology. Smith & Wesson will use the money to study the feasibility and practicality of smart guns, which use miniature electronics to prevent anyone but the rightful owner from firing them. Critics say these guns are still too undependable and would endanger police officers on the street who relied on them. ….."

White House 5/12/00 Bill Clinton "……TO THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES: I am pleased to transmit today for immediate consideration and prompt enactment the "Consumer Product Safety Commission Enhanced Enforcement Act of 2000." This legislative proposal would increase the penalties that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) could impose upon manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of consumer products who do not inform the CPSC when the company has reason to believe it has sold a product that does not meet Federal safety standards or could otherwise create a substantial product hazard. The proposal would also improve product recalls by enabling the CPSC to choose an alternative remedy in a recall if the CPSC finds that the remedy selected by the manufacturer is not in the public interest. ……."

National Post 5/15/00 Mark Steyn "……Likewise, yesterday's Million Mom March: there were neither a Million, nor did they March, and, while most were Moms, their mommyness was not their defining characteristic. Instead of marching, they milled on Washington's Mall, listening to keynote speaker Rosie O'Donnell. Instead of a million, the Moms themselves downgraded expectations to 100,000. I see my friends at The Sunday Telegraph in London persist in referring to the "so-called Million Mom March," but no such niceties trouble the U.S. media. ……."

National Post 5/15/00 Mark Steyn "……As to their maternal status, Wednesday's Washington Post put it this way: "The Million Mom March was conceived last August in a suburban New Jersey mother's living room……. According to ABC's Elizabeth Vargas, she's "a typical mom." According to Diane Sawyer, Ms. Dees-Thomases has "never really organized anything larger than a car pool." According to NBC's Lisa Myers, she's "a suburban mom, too busy with her two daughters and a part-time job to pay much attention to politics." …….. In fact, Ms. Dees-Thomases used to pay quite a bit of attention to politics: she was a staffer to two Louisiana Democrat senators, Russell Long and Bennett Johnston. Perhaps she snoozed her way through those jobs, spending most of her time on the phone organizing car pools for fellow soccer moms. But she's been paying enough attention to politics in recent months to be a contributor to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign. Still, maybe she was just helping out a family member: Her sister-in-law, Susan Thomases, is Hillary's closest political advisor. …….."

National Post 5/15/00 Mark Steyn "……Just to round things out, even that reference to "a suburban New Jersey mother's living room" is only technically accurate. Although Ms. Dees-Thomases is "a suburban New Jersey mother," the living room in question was in her other home on Fire Island, the hedonist playground long favoured by fetching young men of a certain persuasion. If there's anywhere that could use less gun control, it's Fire Island. The last time I was there you could barely find a leaf within nine feet of the ground: the deer population had grown beyond the ability of the local vegetation to sustain it……"

Inquirer 5/16/00 Peter Nicholas "……U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah's office got just a handful of calls. Rep. Bob Borski's office got none at all. Neither did Robert Brady. Joseph Hoeffel heard from three people, as did Jim Saxton. The day after the Million Mom March in Washington, D.C, area members of Congress were hardly swamped with messages - either from supporters demanding stricter gun control measures, or from those eager to counteract Sunday's image of thousands of mothers massed against gun violence. ……"

The Washington Post 5/16/00 Balint Bazsonyi "……Addressing the Million Mom's March on Sunday, Mr. Clinton spoke about the need to control guns. "The National Rifle Association is worried about gun control, and worried about the Second Amendment," he said. "But see, the Supreme Court said there was a right to travel, yet you need a license to have a car, and you need a license to drive it. And no one is suggesting that you shouldn't."……… "So," he continued, "there is a constitutional right to own a gun, and a constitutional right to travel. Do you hear anyone getting all worked up about car control?" ...... He declared an opinion of the Supreme Court, proposing the existence of an unwritten right to travel, the equivalent of an irreversible enumerated right in the Constitution. ……… "Irreversible?" I hear you say. "What about the amendment process? Can it not be simply repealed by majority vote?" The answer is no. Not unless you are fixin' to do a whole new founding………"

Associated Press 5/16/00 David Espo "……Two days after the Million Mom March for gun control, Democrats on Tuesday brought the Senate to a standstill over the issue and won a promise for a pair of politically sensitive votes on Wednesday……..Democratic Leader Tom Daschle unexpectedly injected the topic into debate on routine spending legislation, and told reporters he had informed Majority Leader Trent Lott, ``you will not finish this bill this week or maybe next week'' without allowing votes on gun control……"

Reuters 5/16/00 Joanne Kenen "……Seizing the moment two days after the ``Million Mom March'' on Washington for tougher gun control, Democrats brought the U.S. Senate to a grinding halt until they won a promise from majority Republicans to hold a pair of gun votes on Wednesday. ``We will not do anything else,'' Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, a South Dakota Democrat, said Tuesday as he tied the Senate up in hours of convoluted procedural maneuvers. ``Maybe the silence will get the message through.'' ……" 5/16/00 Scott Hogenson "…….The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is distancing itself from the so-called 'Million Mom March' because of the gun control group's stated intention of supporting political candidates. The ELCA had urged its more than five million members to work "in support of gun control legislation," and to support the May 14 gun control march on Washington, DC……..But a spokeswoman for the church's government affairs office in Washington said now that the MMM organization is becoming a political entity supporting and opposing candidates for office based on their gun control positions, the ELCA will likely stop encouraging Lutherans to participate in MMM activities……… Church officials also said they were not aware that MMM organizers planned to become politically active regarding candidates for office, and would have preferred knowing the organization's plans before the event……MMM organizer Donna Dees-Thomases said Monday that the group was likely to support Vice President Al Gore in his bid for the White House, saying that if Gore were to "give us clear (gun control) policy - not compromise policy, but clear policy - I think you can count on our support."….."

New York Post 5/16/00 "……So in the end, the "Million Mom March" turned out to be little more than a super-hyped Democratic Party campaign rally. Gee, what a surprise.

* Bill and Hillary Clinton hosted the organizers at the White House;
* Mrs. Clinton and Tipper Gore campaigned personally among the obviously sympathetic crowd; and,
* Speakers repeatedly praised both the president and the vice president and castigated the GOP.
Doesn't sound very non-partisan to us. …… But then, from the beginning, everything about the event has been misrepresented by its organizers, with the help of a gullible and sympathetic media. ….. "Head Mom" Donna Dees-Thomases piously proclaimed she'd "never been politically active." Then it turned out that not only is she the sister-in-law of Susan Thomases, Hillary Clinton's close political adviser, but she also worked as an assistant press secretary to two Democratic senators from 1979 to 1983. Some rookie. ……"

New York Post 5/16/00 "…… The rally's message is contradicted by the fact that, despite the intense media coverage of tragedies like Columbine and Jonesboro, gun violence in America is down significantly in recent years. And this is so despite the fact that, under Clinton and Gore, prosecutions of gun-law offenders are virtually non-existent. Of the more than 400,000 felons and others successfully barred from buying guns under the Brady Bill, fewer than 1,000 have been prosecuted for lying on their applications. And of the 6,000 youths caught trying to sneak guns into schools since 1996, only 17 (!) have been prosecuted. Federal gun-law prosecutions are down 25 percent under Clinton-Gore. …….. The "Million Mom March" was, fundamentally, an exercise in the same dishonesty that has long surrounded the gun-control debate. ……"

Enter Stage Right 5/15/00 Robin Roberts "…….Everyone recognizes the beginning of a classic protection racket. In movies, it often takes the form of a stereotypical broken-nosed thug with an Italian surname walking into a store and saying, "Nice place you got here. I'd sure hate to see anything bad happen to it." So it must have just been an ironic coincidence that the head of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is named Cuomo -- Andrew Cuomo, son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. In the Clinton administration, the equivalent of "nice place you got here" is to have the Justice Department and HUD file frivolous lawsuits -- funded by the taxes of 270 million Americans -- against perfectly legal, but politically incorrect, businesses -- like gun manufacturer Smith and Wesson. ……."

Enter Stage Right 5/15/00 Robin Roberts "…….The company's chief sin seems to be the same sin that has made the tobacco industry such a favorite political target -- namely, that it sells a stigmatized product. The politically motivated nature of the suit is clear. When the same kind of lawsuit went to trial against Beretta in California, the plaintiffs who claimed that Beretta ought to sell pistols with trigger locks not only lost but were ordered to pay Beretta's legal fees. In fact, lawsuits against gun manufacturers charging "negligence" universally have failed....The reality is that firearms companies are not the deep-pocketed kind of corporation that trial lawyers fattened themselves on in the tobacco industry. ……"

U.S. Newswire 5/16/00 "……The following was released today by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA): With all the media hype and celebrity fanfare quickly fading, it is time to critically examine the message delivered by the organizers of the Million Mom March (MMM). Clearly, theirs was not a message of unity and healing. Instead, march promoters chose to engage in the hateful vilification of more than 60 million law-abiding American firearm owners. Throughout the day, one MMM speaker after another pinned the blame for gun violence on those who support lawful firearm ownership. Time and time again, speakers called upon Congress to punish American firearm owners for daring to oppose the Clinton gun control agenda. The majority of Americans know that lawfully owned firearms are not the root of gun violence and that the blame belongs squarely on the criminally inclined, and on a justice system that is woefully unable to reform career offenders. Likewise, Congress should recognize the MMM objectives for what they are -- blatant attempts to leverage victim grief for political gain……"

WorldNetDaily 5/16/00 Ann Coulter "…..A few weeks ago, while taping a TV pilot hosted by John Stossell, I found myself sitting between a housewife for gun control and the incomparable Prof. John Lott, author of the book, "More Guns, Less Crime." During a break, the gun control advocate advised as how her elderly mother had recently purchased a handgun. This development horrified her because she said she "knew" a criminal would wrest control of the gun and use it against her mother someday. Prof. Lott, who earned a Ph.D. in economics from UCLA, gamely told the woman that she needn't worry, that his studies showed that guns used defensively in crimes are turned against their owners less than one percent of the time. …….. As Lott has pointed out on similar occasions, the statistics are these: "98 percent of the time when people use guns defensively, simply brandishing a gun is sufficient to cause a criminal to break off an attack. In less than 2 percent of the time is the gun fired, and most of those -- about three-quarters of those -- are warning shots." The housewife retorted -- and I quote: "Well that's not my opinion." Somehow, the economics and law departments of UCLA, University of Chicago, and Yale University had not prepared Prof. Lott for dazzling logic like that: My opinion is different from the facts. ……"

Detroit News 5/14/00 Diane Katz "…….Assume for the moment that we are, in fact, a nation of impulsive adolescents in desperate need of government's firm and guiding hand. Still, we cannot escape the reality of parental fallibility. At some point in life, we all discover that mother and father are simply imperfect. And it is precisely in this moment of revelation that individual autonomy takes root. Disconcerting though it may be, it is a necessary step toward independence. The relationship between the governed and the government must be no different. Otherwise, we are reduced to mere charges of the nanny state - a fact these marching moms apparently fail to appreciate. They would have us surrender instead to the very authority largely responsible for the social dysfunction fueling handgun violence. This surrender is the real message of today's march and, indeed, its ultimate objective. ……….. Many of the marchers have the best of intentions. But they are nonetheless blind to the fact that Congress has long deadlocked on gun control because some 80 million armed Americans reject the notion of government as the ultimate authority. Most citizens, in reality, rightly believe themselves to be far safer possessing the means to protect themselves than being forced to rely on a government that allows criminals to rule the streets. And the majority of gun owners are more likely to sport designer labels than camouflage fatigues from a surplus outlet. ......"

Detroit News 5/14/00 Diane Katz "…….Were naivete the only sin, we might still applaud these moms' heartfelt concern. But this event is as partisan as an Al Gore fundraiser, and just as scripted. While organizer Donna Dees-Thomases is sanctified by the media as a political novice, moved to action by a gunman's rampage at a Los Angeles day camp, she is actually a seasoned political activist with deep-running Democratic bloodlines. As first reported by Brit Hume of Fox News, and wholly ignored by journalists from New York to Los Angeles, Dees-Thomases spent years on Capitol Hill as a Senate operative and is related by marriage to Susan Thomases, among Hillary Clinton's most trusted advisers. The list of march endorsers is similarly positioned: Americans for Democratic Action; Handgun Control Inc.; Public Citizen. Thus, the moral superiority supposedly summoned in the nation's capitol actually was concocted by the very folks who so vigorously defended Bill Clinton's numerous sexual and legal transgressions. Their legislative agenda is just as suspect: Require the licensing and registration of all handguns. Establish a "federal authority" to regulate the design and manufacture of firearms and ammunition. Hold manufacturers and retailers liable should they fail to prevent theft of their products. Forbid citizens from purchasing more than one firearm per month. Eliminate weapons from movies and TV. ……These and other obstacles to handgun ownership are geared toward the ultimate goal of an across-the-board ban. For all her emoting about our children's safety, Dees-Thomases' actual intent is repeal of the Second Amendment, plain and simple. …."

Washington Times 5/11/00 Kenneth Smith "……If organizers of the Million Mom March had their way, the wife of an Atlanta police officer might easily be dead now, the victim of a harrowing assault. She's still alive, fortunately, thanks to a gun. That's something for anti-firearms marchers and lawmakers to consider as they weigh proposals that would effectively restrict the access of women and others to a means of self-defense. According to terse press accounts out of Atlanta, the officer and his wife married earlier this year, and he got her a gun for protection at the couple's midtown apartment. In the early morning hours of March 30, an intruder armed with a knife broke into the apartment. In an ensuing struggle on the floor, he cut the woman's face with the knife, and might have done worse but for the fact that she got her gun and shot him four times……"

Washington Times 5/10/00 Tony Blankley "…….But, regretfully, not all news organizations report the details accurately, thereby justifying the confidence of their readers or viewers - which brings me to the anti-gun "Million Mom March…….CNN's coverage is typical. Earlier this week CNN reported that "the march is the brainchild of a New Jersey mother, Donna Dees-Thomases, who conceived of the idea as she watched footage of a shooting at an area day camp." In a script that goes on for more than four single-spaced pages, that is all we learn of Ms. Dees-Thomases………..But that is just television - what about the printed word? In a major, front-of-the-section Sunday piece, the New York Times headlined its story: "Invoking the Moral Authority of Moms." Befitting the greatest news organization in the universe, the Times gives us more information. ……..The New York Times, whose motto is "all the news that's fit to print," does manage to squeeze into this almost 2000-word report the background fact that Ms. Dees-Thomases is "currently on leave from her job as a part-time publicist for CBS." So, apparently, she is not just any New Jersey mother, but a part-time CBS publicist. But even the vaunted New York Times couldn't fit in all the news about Ms. Dees-Thomases. Before she was a part-time publicist, she was Dan Rather himself's publicist - and by reputation an exceptionally able public relations executive……….Oh, there is one other interesting fact about her. If the last half of her hyphenated name rings a bell, it's no accident. She just happens to be the sister-in-law of Susan Thomases, who just happens to be Hillary Clinton's best friend and closest political adviser. Just a New Jersey housewife, indeed. One might as well identify Queen Elizabeth as "Liz Windsor, an English mother of four."……" 5/11/00 Jon Dougherty "…… The organizer of the Million Mom March scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C., this Sunday, Mother's Day, is the sister-in-law of first lady Hillary Clinton's closest friend and political advisor and has served as publicist for CBS News anchor Dan Rather. As reported by columnist Tony Blankley in yesterday's Washington Times, virtually all major media coverage of march organizer Donna Dees-Thomasas has failed to disclose that she is the sister-in-law of Susan Thomasas, Mrs. Clinton's chief political advisor and close friend. "To deny the readers (and viewers) such necessary -- and available -- information is to breach ... the moral act of communication," Blankley wrote. ……"

Media Research Center 5/11/00 "……. Donna Dees-Thomases, the organizer of Sunday's so-called Million Mom March, is far from the apolitical housewife portrayed by the media, FNC's Brit Hume revealed Wednesday night. But she's actually even more connected to liberal and partisan politics than Hume disclosed. ……. On the May 10 Special Report with Brit Hume the anchor of the same name told FNC viewers: …….. "Donna Dees-Thomases, the New Jersey woman who's leading the so-called Million Mom March on Washington to promote gun control, has been characterized in nearly all media accounts as a housewife and mother who was moved to act by TV footage of a shooting at a day camp. It turns out, however, that she's also a professional public relations specialist who most recently worked for Dan Rather at CBS News. And she's the sister-in-law of Susan Thomases, Hillary's Clinton's long-time close friend and political adviser." …….She's also a former Capitol Hill staff member for two Democratic Senators and a contributor to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign. ……"

CNN 5/10/00 Keating Holland "…..Although Americans support many specific gun control proposals by a wide margin, the public is not convinced that new laws are really the answer to reducing gun violence in this country, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll The poll, conducted April 28-30, consisted of interviews with 1,003 adult Americans, including 395 mothers and 318 fathers. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percent, unless otherwise indicated. ……. When given the choice between new laws or enforcing existing laws, a thin majority say they would prefer to see current gun laws enforced more strictly. Just 44 percent say that they would prefer to have new gun laws pass in addition to enforcing the current laws. ……"

USA Today 5/11/00 Martin Kasindorf "…… Laws that punish parents for failing to lock guns away from children cause more violence than they prevent, a new statistical study concludes. Law enforcement officials and gun control advocates, however, dispute the findings. In a study prepared for The Journal of Law & Economics, two researchers say that "child access-prevention" laws, which are on the books in 17 states, have failed to reduce accidental firearm deaths and suicides involving children. ……. And, crime rates increase as predators invade homes where self-defense weapons are hard to grab quickly, says John Lott Jr., a senior research scholar at Yale Law School, and John Whitley of the University of Chicago. "The only consistent impact of safe storage laws is to raise rape, robbery and burglary rates, and the effects are very large," the authors say…….In 1996, they estimate, 15 states with such laws suffered a combined total of about 3,800 more rapes, at least 21,000 more burglaries and at least 49,700 more robberies than they would have had without the laws……."

Washington Times 5/12/00 "……They won't get the adulatory media coverage of the slick, professionally organized Million Mom March this weekend - but another group of women will be taking to the streets to voice its opinion of firearms and gun control. It won't be one that's simpatico with the message of the Million Mom March……. Second Amendment Sisters, as the group has taken to calling itself, is in fact a grassroots organization of women from disparate walks of life - a stark contrast to the Million Mom March, the politicized progeny of former Democratic Senate staffer and ally of Hillary Clinton, Donna Dees-Thomases. The media, as expected, have neglected to relay to the public the origin of the Million Mom March, or the fact that its leaders have been drawn from the ranks of professional gun-control agitators. Instead, it has been portrayed as a spontaneous uprising of soccer moms alarmed by the misuse of firearms by children…….."

Washington Times 5/12/00 Bill Sammon "…… Sunday's Million Mom March, billed as a grass-roots gathering of soccer moms devoid of partisan politics, is being denounced by critics as a slickly produced media event bankrolled by Democrats and organized by Dan Rather's ex-publicist. March founder Donna Dees-Thomases is on temporary leave from CBS News and is the sister-in-law of Susan Thomases - a close friend and political adviser to first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. The group's Web site gives President Clinton the "Mom's Apple Pie Award" and depicts House Majority Whip Tom DeLay in a dunce cap in the "Time Out Chair."…….. "Is this march simply an instrument of the elite or does it reflect genuine grass-roots support?" said Jonathan Baron, spokesman for the Texas Republican. "I'll leave it to others to assess the grass-roots nature of the event. "I mean, from our point of view, this organization gave President Clinton their apple pie award, so we can only take this kind of thing so seriously," he added……."

UPI 5/11/00 "…..A Chicago judge Thursday dismissed part of a lawsuit, saying gunmakers have "no duty to control the distribution of their products." The decision came in a suit filed on behalf of the families of a Chicago police officers and two others who were shot to death. Circuit Judge Jennifer Duncan-Brice, in an 11-page opinion, dismissed the portion of the lawsuit that claimed gunmakers should be held liable for what is done with their products. Duncan-Brice wrote gunmaker Smith & Wesson and others "owed no duty to control the distribution of their products to the general public."……"


Denver Post 6/5/00 David Olinger "……For 20 years as a licensed firearms dealer, Trader Jim Gowda traveled from gun show to gun show, selling thousands of guns without paperwork. One employee at the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms office in Denver called Trader Jim's traveling business the largest gun-trafficking case in history. Another wrote that hundreds of guns were traced from suspected criminals to a single Colorado dealer. Another reported Gowda had sold thousands of weapons at gun shows in Colorado and other states, yet had only a handful of federal sales forms identifying customers. Gowda maintains he was just taking his personal weapons collection to the shows, and he didn't know federally licensed dealers had to document all their sales. Until recently, "I doubt that 80 percent of the dealers knew you had to keep a record of your personal sales," he said. Last November, a federal grand jury decided Gowda's business method was illegal. …….Its indictment reads like a simple case against a firearms dealer accused of selling eight guns in ways that violated federal laws. ……"

The Associated Press 6/4/00 "……Two attorneys hired to represent a 13-year-old accused of murdering his teacher said Sunday that their client fired the shot accidentally. Lance Richard and Robert Udell said eighth-grader Nathaniel Brazill did not intend to shoot Barry Grunow on May 26, the last day of school at Lake Worth Middle School. They say the fault lies with the .25-caliber Raven handgun. ….. "It is our contention that the gun malfunctioned," Richard said. He and Udell were hired by Brazill's family Sunday, replacing public defender Randy Berman. ……""He went back to Barry Grunow's class to see the two girls - he didn't go back there to shoot anybody. The real, underlying message is that this kid had access to a gun." ……"

Washington Weekly 6/12/00 Sen Craig "…….Mr. President, I appear on the floor to speak about a provision of the Constitution of our country that has been under nearly constant attack for 8 years. In fact, we heard on the floor this morning two Senators speak about provisions in law that would alter a constitutional right. The provision I am talking about is part of our Bill of Rights-- the first 10 amendments to our Constitution--which protect our most basic rights from being stripped away by an overly zealous government, including rights that all Americans hold dear: The freedom to worship according to one's conscience; The freedom to speak or to write whatever we might think; The freedom to criticize our Government; And, the freedom to assemble peacefully. Among the safeguards of these fundamental rights, we find the Second Amendment. Let me read it clearly: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I want to repeat that.

The second amendment of our Constitution says very clearly that 'A well regulated Militia' is 'necessary' for the 'security of a free State,' and that 'the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.'

What we heard this morning was an effort to infringe upon that right. Some--even of my colleagues--will read what I have just quoted from our Constitution quite differently. They might read 'A well regulated Militia,' and stop there and declare that 'the right of the people to keep and bear Arms' actually means that it is a right of our Government to keep and bear arms because they associate the militia with the government. Yet, under this standard, the Bill of Rights would protect only the right of a government to speak, or the right of a government to criticize itself, if you were taking that same argument and transposing it over the first amendment. In fact, the Bill of Rights protects the rights of people from being infringed upon by Government—not the other way around.

Of course, we know that our Founding Fathers in their effort to ratify the Constitution could not convince the citizens to accept it until the Bill of Rights was established to assure the citizenry that we were protecting the citizens from Government instead of government from the citizens.

Others say that the Second Amendment merely protects hunting and sport shooting. They see shooting competitions and hunting for food as the only legitimate uses of guns, and, therefore, conclude that the Second Amendment is no impediment to restricting gun use to those purposes.

You can hear it in the way President Clinton assures hunters that his gun control proposals that will not trample on recreation-- though his proposals certainly walk all over their rights. In fact, the Second Amendment does not merely protect sport shooting and hunting, though it certainly does that. Nor does the second amendment exist to protect the government's right to bear arms.

The framers of our Constitution wrote the Second Amendment with a greater purpose.

They made the Second Amendment the law of the land because it has something very particular to say about the rights of every man and every woman, and about the relationship of every man and every woman to his or her Government. That is: The first right of every human being, the right of self-defense.

Let me repeat that: The first right of every human being is the right of self-defense. Without that right, all other rights are meaningless. The right of self-defense is not something the government bestows upon its citizens. It is an inalienable right, older than the Constitution itself. It existed prior to government and prior to the social contract of our Constitution. It is the right that government did not create and therefore it is a right that under our Constitution the government simply cannot take away. The framers of our Constitution understood this clearly. Therefore, they did not merely acknowledge that the right exists. They denied Congress the power to infringe upon that right.

Under the social contract that is the Constitution of the United States, the American people have told Congress explicitly that we do not have the authority to abolish the American people's right to defend themselves. Further, the framers said not only does the Congress not have the power to abolish that right, but Congress may not even infringe upon that right. That is what our Constitution says. That is what the Second Amendment clearly lays out. Our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment to tell us that a free state cannot exist if the people are denied the right or the means to defend themselves.

Let me repeat that because it is so fundamental to our freedom. A free state cannot exist, our free state of the United States collectively, cannot exist without the right of the people to defend themselves. This is the meaning of the Second Amendment. Over the years a lot of our citizens and many politicians have tried to nudge that definition around. But contrary to what the media and the President say, the right to keep and bear arms is as important today as it was 200 years ago.

Every day in this country thousands of peaceful, law-abiding Americans use guns to defend themselves, their families, and their property. Oftentimes, complete strangers are protected by that citizen who steps up and stops the thief or the stalker or the rapist or the murderer from going at that citizen.

According to the FBI, criminals used guns in 1998 380,000 times across America. Yet research indicates that peaceful, law- abiding Americans, using their constitutional right, used a gun to prevent 2.5 million crimes in America that year and nearly every year. In fact, I believe the benefits of protecting the people's right to keep and bear arms far outweighs the destruction wrought by criminals and firearms accidents. The Centers for Disease Control report 32,000 Americans died from firearm injuries in 1997; under any estimate, that is a tragedy. Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control do not keep data on the number of lives that were saved when guns were used in a defensive manner.

Yet if we were to survey the public every year, we would find 400,000 Americans report they used a gun in a way that almost certainly saved either their life or someone else's. Is that estimate too high? Perhaps. I hope it is, because every time a life is saved from violence, that means that someone was threatening a life with violence. But that number would have to be over 13 times too high for our opponents to be correct when they say that guns are used to kill more often than they are used to protect. What they have been saying here and across America simply isn't true and the facts bear that out.

We are not debating the tragedy. We are debating facts at this moment. They cannot come up with 2.5 million gun crimes. But clearly, through surveys, we can come up with 2.5 million crimes thwarted every year when someone used a gun in defense of themselves or their property. In many cases, armed citizens not only thwarted crime, but they held the suspect until the authorities arrived and placed that person in custody. Stories of people defending themselves with guns do not make the nightly news. It just simply isn't news in America. It isn't hot. It isn't exciting. It is American. Sometimes when people act in an American way, it simply isn't reportable in our country anymore. So the national news media doesn't follow it.

Yet two of the school shootings that have brought gun issues to the forefront in the last year, in Pearl, MS, and Edinboro, PA, were stopped by peaceful gun owners using their weapons to subdue the killer until the police arrived. How did that get missed in the story? It was mentioned once, in passing, and then ignored as people ran to the floor of the Senate to talk about the tragedy of the killing. Of course the killing was a tragedy, but it was also heroic that someone used their constitutional right to save lives in the process.

A third school shooting in Springfield, OR, was stopped because some parents took time to teach their child the wise use of guns. So when that young man heard a particular sound coming from thegun, he was able to rush the shooter, because he knew that gun had run out of ammunition. He was used to guns. He was around them. He subdued the shooter and saved potentially many otherlives. We have recognized him nationally for that heroic act, that young high school student of Springfield, OR.

For some reason, my colleagues on the other side of the aisle never want to tell these stories. They only want to say, after a crisis such as this, 'Pass a new gun control law and call 9-1-1.' Yet these stories are essential to our understanding of the right of people to keep and bear arms. I will share a few of these stories right now. Shawnra Pence, a 29-year-old mother from Sequim, WA, home alone with one of her children, heard an intruder break into the house. She took her .9 mm, took her child to the bedroom, and when the 18-year-old criminal broke into the bedroom, she said, 'Get out of my house, I have a gun, get out now.' He left and the police caught him. She saved her life and her child's life. It made one brief story in the Peninsula Daily news in Sequim, WA.

We have to talk about these stories because it is time America heard the other side of this debate. There are 2.5 million Americans out there defending themselves and their property by the use of their constitutional right.

In Cumberland, TN, a 28-year-old Jason McCulley broke into the home of Stanley Horn and his wife, tied up the couple at knife- point, and demanded to know where the couple kept some cash. While Mrs. Horn was directing the robber, Mr. Horn wriggled free from his restraints, retrieved his handgun, shot the intruder, and then called the police. The intruder, Jason McCulley, subsequently died. If some Senators on the other side of the aisle had their way, perhaps the Horns would have been killed and Jason McCulley would have walked away.

Earlier today, we heard the Senator from Illinios and the Senator from California read the names people killed by guns in America. Some day they may read the name Jason McCulley. I doubt they will tell you how he died, however, because it doesn't advance their goal of destroying the Second Amendment. But As Paul Harvey might say: Now you know the rest of the story.

Every 13 seconds this story is repeated across America. Every 13 seconds in America someone uses a gun to stop a crime. Why do our opponents never tell these stories? Why do the enemies of the right to keep and bear arms ignore this reality that is relived by 2.5 million Americans every year? Why is it that all we hear from them is, 'Pass a new gun control law, and, by the way, call 9-1-1.'

I encourage all listening today, if you have heard of someone using their Second Amendment rights to prevent a crime, to save a life, to protect another life, then send us your story. There are people here who desperately need to hear this in Washington, right here on Capitol Hill. This is a story that should be played out every day in the press but isn't.

So let's play it out, right here on the floor of the Senate. Send me those stories from your local newspapers about that law- abiding citizen who used his constitutional right of self- defense. Send that story to me, Senator Larry Craig, Washington, DC, 20510, or send it to your own Senator. Let him or her know the rest of the story of America's constitutional rights.

Having said all of this, let there be no mistake. Guns are not for everyone. We restrict children's access to guns and we restrict criminals' access to guns, but we must not tolerate politicians who tell us that the Second Amendment only protects the right to hunt. We must not tolerate politicians who infringe upon our right to defend ourselves from thieves and stalkers and rapists and murderers. And we must not tolerate the politician who simply says: 'Pass another gun control law and call 9-1-1.'

I yield the floor……"

Detroit News 6/2/00 John Lott Jr. "….. Last week the Michigan House passed a series of new gun control bills, including rules mandating the safe storage of guns and requiring trigger locks. This may sound reasonable - after all, who could be for storing guns unsafely? Unfortunately, despite their feel-good appeal, the proposed rules are themselves unsafe. Gun locks and safe storage laws are more likely to cost lives than to save them. Granted, accidental gun deaths have claimed the lives of children. This number, however, is probably much smaller than most people might think. Consider first how many accidental gun deaths occur in the state of Michigan. During the five years from 1993 through 1997 (the most recent years for which data are available), there were 11 accidental gun deaths involving a child under age 10 - an average of two deaths per year, which constitutes roughly 1 percent of all accidental deaths for this age group. …… According to national studies, those who fire a gun accidentally are not typical people. Shooters overwhelmingly have problems with alcoholism and long criminal histories, particularly arrests for violent acts. They are also disproportionately involved in automobile crashes and are much more likely to have had their driver's license suspended or revoked. Such people are not likely to obey the proposed safety rules, and the probability of accidental gun fatalities involving children in law-abiding households is essentially zero. ......"

WorldNetDaily 6/3/00 Jon Dougherty "….Everyone in America could be a liberal. I could be one and so could you were it not for having morals, honor, and dignity -- plus a healthy dislike for hypocrisy. Take daytime TV talk host and actress Rosie O'Donnell. Please. …… Earlier this week Ms. O'Donnell waxed indignant because the media found out her bodyguard had applied for a concealed weapon permit in Connecticut. Rosie is, as we all know, a vehement anti-gunner. ……..Like everything Rosie and her liberal chums do or say about gun control, her vitriolic hysteria is all "For the Children" -- unless, of course, the subject changes to her children. Then, gun control be damned; the more armed guards, the better. ……. She claims the change of heart is due to "threats" she has received from others. I don't doubt she has received them, nor do I deny her right to armed protection; indeed, she should have it. But so should ordinary Americans -- especially those who cannot afford armed guards or private security teams. That's where this whole issue stings most, Rosie, and that's why our founding fathers had the vision to make our gun rights second in importance only to our right to speak, gather, address the government and practice religion freely. ….." 6/4/00 Michael Sniffen "…..Background checks blocked 204,000 of the more than 8.6 million prospective gun sales last year, according to a Justice Department report that shows state and local police rejected a higher percentage of would-be gun buyers than the FBI. The 1999 figures brought the number of purchase rejections since the Brady Act instituted background checks in February 1994 to 536,000 out of almost 22.3 million applications, the department's Bureau of Justice Statistics reported. That confirmed earlier estimates of more than 500,000 rejections. ……. The FBI performed 4.5 million of the 8.6 million last year, compared with 4.1 million by state and local agencies. The rejection rate among state and local agencies was 3 percent, compared with 1.8 percent for the FBI. ……"

Michigan Live 6/4/00 Steven Hepker "……Alexander Nagy was speeding on his way to a pistol shoot in Jackson one day last year when a state trooper stopped him on I-94 and seized his registered guns. Although never charged with a crime, Nagy lost his $2,500 pair of matched Smith & Wesson Model 41 semiautomatic pistols. "It was no different than if they walked into my house and confiscated my guns," said Nagy, of Trenton. ...... Jackson County Prosecutor John McBain, who declined to issue a criminal charge against Nagy, agrees. He is pushing legislation to change state law. "I can't believe it was the Legislature's intent to seize guns of people who are not convicted of a crime," McBain said. "I am tired of dealing in cases where there was no crime, and yet the people lose their guns." ……… He cited a more recent case in which Cindy Williams of Parma Township lost her 20-gauge shotgun to state police after she shot in the air to get the attention of a crew of state prisoners cutting trees along a county drain on her land. Again, Williams was not found guilty of a crime, but police kept her gun, a sentimental gift from an old friend. "They stole my gun, and I don't believe for one minute that it was destroyed and melted down," she said. ……"

Gun Owners of America/Texas 6/4/00 "…..The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral argument in the critical Emerson case June 13 in New Orleans. A Federal conviction of Emerson of possessing a Beretta 9mm while under a routine restraining order, a violation of the 1996 Lautenberg amendment, was struck down last year on Second, Fifth and Tenth Amendment grounds. Judge Sam Cumming's ruling reads like a law review article. It declared the Second to apply an individual right, making it the most important case to be pointed toward the Supreme Court in many years. Evidence that the Fifth Circuit is taking the case very seriously is that it's the leadoff case to be heard that week, and the only one scheduled for 30 minutes argument per side, instead of 20 minutes. ......"

CALNRA 6/4/00 "….. Rosie O'Donnell, fast becoming the nation's most outspoken anti-gun extremist, has been having a tough time with the media lately. Last week,it was revealed in the press that one of the beleaguered talk-show host's bodyguards has applied for a permit to carry a concealed firearm in Connecticut (see FAX Alert Vol. 7, No. 22). In light of her past statements that only the police should be allowed to own firearms, and that gun owners should be jailed, this latest revelation had many in the media calling O'Donnell a hypocrite. ……. Now Rosie is trying to defend her anti-gun, and thus anti-personal protection, views while also defending her employment of bodyguards most Americans simply cannot afford. She started with her on-line newsletter, where she claimed to speak for all "gun control advocates," stating "[o]ur mission is NOT to prevent law abiding citizens...from owning a licensed and registered gun.... We are not trying to take away your gun...." …... Either Rosie does not believe that the police should investigate possible criminal acts when they involve celebrities, or she has simply convinced herself that she is the target of some conspiracy. She also doesn't seem to want people to think that she is responsible in any way for her having professionals hired to protect her and her family, as her newsletter closes by stating her bodyguard "works for a security firm" (a rather pointless assertion, as most bodyguards do), and that the firm was hired by Warner Bros., which employs O'Donnell. …….."

CALNRA 6/4/00 "….. Rosie's next attempt to defend her hypocrisy and paranoia came on Thursday, when she appeared on NBC's Today with Katie Couric. O'Donnell reiterated her claim that a local Connecticut police department has targeted her for political reasons, and implied that the media has treated her unfairly by reporting her "do as I say, not as I do" attitude. Rosie did reveal to Couric, however, that she has had armed security protecting her home from time to time while at the same time she continues to promote restrictions on Americans who wish to provide for their own protection……. She complained that the article about her security guard exposed the fact that he was currently unarmed, and that she felt the illusion that he might be armed added to his effectiveness as a deterrent to violent, criminal attacks. Of course, advocates of Right to Carry laws have been saying for years that if criminals don't know who is armed, but know that virtually any of their potential victims might be armed, then they will be less likely to attack anybody. This view is supported by extensive research, including that done by Yale senior research scholar John R. Lott, Jr., which evolved into the 1998 book More Guns, Less Crime, the seminal work on the benefits of fair, non-discretionary Right to Carry laws. ......"

WorldNetDaily 6/2/00 Jon Dougherty "….An angry Rosie O'Donnell blamed the media and gun industry supporters for releasing information that her bodyguard had applied for a concealed weapons permit at the Greenwich, Conn., police department so he could better protect her children. Daytime TV talk host O'Donnell -- an outspoken gun control advocate -- yesterday denied charges during an appearance on NBC's Today Show that she was a hypocrite for preferring that bodyguards for herself and her children be armed. ……. Meanwhile, in the current issue of National Review, O'Donnell said her impetus for advocating strict gun control is a passion for children, and she said groups like the NRA don't care for all kids. "The only life that is important to them is white, Republican life," she told the magazine. ......"

Atlanta Constitution via Philadelphia Inquirer 6/5/00 Cynthia Tucker "……'Just watch. I'll be all over the news." Thirteen-year-old Nathaniel Brazill reportedly gave that warning to a classmate hours before he took a .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol to school and shot a teacher to death on May 26. His utterance, if true, may give us more insight into Nathaniel's horrendous act than anything we are likely to hear about his family, his grades or his ambitions. In a society that values celebrity more than honor, notoriety more than accomplishment, young Nathaniel had learned that committing a horrible crime could gain him instant and widespread recognition. His status on the honor roll couldn't do that. Nor could his perfect attendance record. But shooting Barry Grunow, a beloved English teacher at Nathaniel's Palm Beach County, Fla., middle school, could and did. ……"

Newsday 6/15/00 Marie Cocco "……The Justice Department reported the other day that Brady Law background checks stopped 204,000 people from getting guns last year -people who should not be in posession of weapons. They are felons and people under felony indictment. They are people who have histories of domestic violence. And some people with histories of mental illness in states that keep good records about such things. This is the good news about guns. Since the Brady Law went into effect in 1994, about half a million people who shouldn't have guns were stopped from buying them. Buying them legally and from a licensed dealer, anyway. ...... And here is the rest of the news: There were 8.6 million Americans who applied to purchase firearms last year, more than double the number who sought to buy guns in 1998. ……… No matter how you look at this, good or bad, it is a lot of guns. And a lot of people who think they want guns, or need guns. Or maybe a lot of people who just wanted to upgrade to a shinier, spiffier model the way some folks upgrade to faster and faster modems for the computer they actually use mostly for games and for e-mail. ….. Usually, when a government statistic doubles in one year, someone takes note of it. But no one has really noted the astonishing burst in the number of people who applied to buy guns. The attention, when the report came out, was on the Brady Law and whether it works. ......" 6/15/00 Neal Knox "…….My report on Tuesday's oral argument in U.S. v. Emerson, based mainly on law school grad Linda Thomas' phone calls immediately after the argument, has created a stir on the internet -- as well it should, Because the judges asked such good questions, and appeared so favorable to Emerson and the Second Amendment, some folks have started premature celebrating. I hate to throw cold water, but even if the three-judge panel rules solidly our way, we're a long ways from home…….. Nevertheless, the anti-gun crowd is worred. Handgun Control Inc.'s legal beagle, Dennis Henigan, told the Washington Post that if gun possession is found to be an individual constitutional right, as Judge Sam Cummings ruled when he struck down the 1996 Lautenberg amendment, gun laws would be held to "a completely different standard" that could weaken or strike down existing laws…….."

Yahoo! LA Headlines 6/15/00 "……Ralph Gambini has had his taste of violence. His father was killed in a store shooting and he himself was injured last October. When Gambini was attacked on Monday, he fought back. Why he got fed up The Tujunga shop owner has used a firearm twice in the past year to protect himself and his store. The latest incident occurred Monday evening, when three young men tried to attack him, Gambini said. The men were upset because Gambini thought that they were underage and wouldn't sell them beer, Gambini told CBS 2 News. The youths struggled with Gambini and hit him in the head with an unknown object, CBS 2 News reported. To defend himself, Gambini pulled out a gun and shot the ground by their feet as a warning. …… "You can't just shoot unarmed people," Gambini told CBS 2 News. "I didn't want to shoot anybody. Especially when they are running away. I don't want to stop the guys. I like to see them go to jail is what I want." But police weren't happy with the matter and confiscated Gambini's gun. ………"

CalNRA 6/8/00 "……Dear Self Defense Civil Rights Activists: You calls are having an effect! Please keep it up! If not you, who? The Public Safety Committee meeting on the ammunition purchaser's licensing ordinance (discussed below), which was previously set for June 12, has apparently been postponed until June 19 at 200 N. Main Street, Room 315, downtown LA. I don't have a time available right now. It would be smart to call one of the Committee members to confirm that it has been changed to the 19th, and that it is still scheduled then and there before traveling. Call and get directions and other details from the Committee too. Two competing ordinances are being considered. Both would severely restrict the ability of law abiding citizens to purchase ammunition. One would completely ban the sale of ammunition and one would require a buyers license, background check, and waiting period before ammunition could be purchased. The buyers license ordinance is being promoted by Council member Michael Feuer (a candidate for LA City Attorney). Please contact his Deputy, Mr. Daniel Hinnerfeld, at (213) 485-5013 and voice your positions. Attend the hearing if possible. ……" 6/14/00 Neal Knox "……"The Court really beat up on the government" Linda Thomas of Houston ecstatically told me a few minutes ago. She was on a cell phone, standing on the steps of Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. A three-judge panel had just heard oral argument in the Emerson case, in which Lubbock, Texas, Federal Judge Sam Cummings struck down part of the 1996 Lautenberg Amendment prohibiting persons under a restraining order from possessing firearms. ……..The government prosecutor said the Second Amendment only applied to arms issued to militia members, in Dr. Timothy Emerson's case either the Texas National Guard or Texas State Guard. Judge Harold R. DeMoss, Jr., a George Bush appointee, told him he was misreading the 1939 Miller case. …….. The court held in Miller that there had been no evidence that Miller's sawed-off shotgun was a militia-type arm. Nothing was said about the gun having to have been issued. Judge DeMoss asked the prosecutor if Dr. Emerson's Beretta 92 9mm pistol isn't the type used by armies. Of course, it's the standard U.S. sidearm. Judge DeMoss also raised a critical question that addresses the Tenth Amendment. "I have a 12 gauge and 16 gauge shotgun, and a .30 caliber deer rifle in my closet at home. Can you tell me how those affect interstate commerce." ......,All Federal gun laws are based on the power of the Congress to regulate interstate commerce. The present Supreme Court has struck down several laws in a series of narrow decisions based on the Tenth Amendment's stipulation that powers not specifically delegated to Congress "are reserved to the states and the people, respectively." ......"

U.S. News & World Report 6/26/00 Kit Roane "….Mickey and Bugs, take cover. The National Rifle Association is planning to open its own "family oriented megastore" in Manhattan's bustling Times Square. No way, says Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. But lawmakers, worried about the impact of a cafe-shop with a shooting-sports theme, aren't taking any chances. The City Council recently passed a resolution condemning the idea. And New York Sen. Charles Schumer-one of the gun lobby's favorite targets-has taken to talking of a "Dodge City" in his midst. …….There are no plans to sell guns at NRASports Blast, as the theme restaurant would be called. But if the new complex ever does open near the Disney Store and the Warner Bros. Studio Store, a promo video says it would offer a "virtual" firing range providing "fun for the whole family." And that's just for starters. Expect wild-game-platter entrees and souvenirs like actor-NRA President Charlton Heston shooting vests. ……"

The Modesto Bee 6/17/00 Garth Stapley "…..State agents who seized rifles from a Modesto gun store owned by Republican candidate Steve Wilson had no idea Wilson is running for Congress, a spokesman for the agents said Thursday. "None of us had any clue who this guy was," said Nathan Barankin of the state Department of Justice. During an inspection, an agent noticed someone wearing a "Wilson for Congress" campaign pin and remarked that he wasn't aware Pete Wilson was running for Congress, Barankin said. "The reply was, "Not Pete Wilson--it's him," Barankin said. "That was the first time we were aware he is a candidate for office. ……Wilson said Wednesday he was the victim of political harassment becuase he is running against Democratic incumbent Gary Condit of Ceres. Condit's chief of staff, Mike Lynch, vehemently denied the charge. ….."

WorldNetDaily 6/16/00 Jon Dougherty "…..Gun-rights activists from across the country are giddy after word spread that the Second Amendment's right to "keep and bear arms" received what court observers said was a fair and equitable hearing in the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. During a presentation of the case to a three-judge panel on Tuesday, gun-rights activists who observed the proceedings reported that "the court really beat up on ... government" lawyers who were arguing that the Second Amendment is a right only granted to states, not individuals. Also, a report summarizing the hearing suggested Wednesday that gun-rights activists may be able to count on more constitutional support for an individual's right to bear arms from the courts in the future. ….." 6/16/00 Carl Limbacher "……A demonstration in front of the Texas State GOP convention in Houston by a group of 15 rifle-toting Black Panthers ended with a single injury Friday afternoon. There were no arrests. The marchers were protesting next Thursday's scheduled execution of Gary Lee Graham, who was convicted of the 1981 killing of Bobby Lambert. Last month the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Graham's appeal, but the Texas Board of Paroles and Pardons is still reviewing a petition from Graham's lawyers. Houston Police Department spokesman Robert Hurst told that the Panthers were carrying "long rifles," and that an earlier ABC News report that they were armed with AK-47 machine guns was not accurate. ……"I've been told that their guns were not loaded, that they had the breaches open, and it was apparent that they were not loaded." ….."

Shotgun News 6/10/00Neal Knox "…….There are signs that BATF-the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms-is making, and about to make, a major new assault against gun show sales. And, with steadily increasing resources combined with steadily declining numbers of Federally licensed dealers to "inspect" they're moving more into the realm of dealer harassment than ever before. Some of this activity is legitimate-if unwelcome-enforcement of Federal laws that should never have been passed (which is why I shudder every time NRA says "enforce existing gun laws," without discriminating between laws targeting criminal misuse and gun swaps that most states consider lawful). But, some "dealer oversight" over-steps BATF's lawful authority-which is anything but a new phenomenon. ……For instance, BATF inspectors have no authority to copy sales records, but licensed dealers seldom object. Few FFL's can afford the cost-either the legal expenses or the risk of increased trace requests and additional inspections. ……"

WGIL 6/15/00 Freeper Pure Country "…..Just heard on WGIL radio, Galesburg, Illinois that Dan Shoemaker was arrested outside the Abingdon Middle School, Abingdon, IL, at 6:00am. Shoemaker was charged with Agravated Intimidation and Threatening a Public Official. Dan is the head of the Western Illinois Militia. On Saturday, June 17, Dan was to walk fully armed around the Public Safety Building in Galesburg testing his rights under the 2nd Ammendment. According to the news report, Dan threatened to shoot it out with Public Authorities if he was denied his rights. Dan was arrested at the Middle School, his place of work. (I assume when he pulled in for work. He has worked there for close to 20 years.) ………There was news of a stand-off at the Middle School, but there supposedly was only a minor scuffle. Guess Dan isn't going to be allowed to test the government and his rights. News conference on WGIL at 11:00. ….."

Freeper Pure Country "……Just heard on the radio that Dan has really done the ultimate dumbest thing. When arrested at the Middle School, he had 3 firearms in his vehicle on school property. All were semi-automatics, both rifle and pistols. His bond is set at $1,000,000 from each the Monmouth and Galesburg States Attorneys. Wonder how many years that Dan is going to be looking from the inside/out. Abingdon Middle School is probably looking for a new janitor about now. ….."

Freeper Memphis Belle "…..This guy sounds like a freaking psychotic most militia types. If you're a fan of the Militia movement, please take it somewhere else...all the over the top guns and ammo crap really makes this forum look like a bunch of wackos...and this coming from a woman who proudly supports the second ammendment and owns a 38. ......"

Freeper DonQ "……Actually the timing seems to have motivated, not by a movie, but by the fact that his wife recently left him. Evidently this was (as someone else described it) his Gritzian moment and he was determined to commit "suicide by cop". Apparently the local authorities decided to grant him a stay of execution, for which he is probably ungrateful. ......... He claimed he was Not Free because he wasn't allowed to wander the streets with a gun dangling from his hip. He is now about to have some serious opportunity to compare his life as a law-abiding citizen with that of an inmate in a jail or a psych hospital, and then he can re-evaluate just how Not Free he wants to be. ......"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 6/15/00 Jonathan Silver "……The Pennsylvania State Police practice of maintaining a database of all handgun buyers in the state has the full backing of Gov. Ridge, a supporter of the National Rifle Association. State police defended the practice in a letter delivered yesterday to state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Cranberry, who last month questioned the legality of the database. Metcalfe called the database a registry, which the NRA opposes. "If an agency under the governor's jurisdiction writes a letter, then it's from the Ridge administration," Tim Reeves, a Ridge spokesman, said yesterday. "We stand by the letters that our administration writes." …….Reeves said Ridge respects the Second Amendment and is proud to have the NRA's support. Metcalfe, a gun owner and NRA member, believes state police are breaking the law by keeping the database. He wants them to destroy their records. ….."

The Hawkeye [Iowa's oldest newspaper] 6/11/00 Stephen Martin OQUAWKA, Ill. -- Calling on his followers to kill the "enemies of freedom," Western Illinois Militia leader Dan Shoemaker said he's prepared for a fight June 17……… Shoemaker has scheduled an armed one-man demonstration for that day on the public squares in Galesburg, Ill., and Monmouth, Ill., to protest laws that limit where firearms can be carried -- a demonstration law enforcement officials say they're prepared to stop. "I'm stating for the record that all members of the Western Illinois Militia now have the uninfringed right to keep and bear arms," Shoemaker told those gathered at a rural Oquawka farm Saturday. "I will risk all that I have to publicly demonstrate that freedom."……. Illinois law prohibits carrying a weapon within a city unless it is unloaded and disassembled or put in a case. ……… After five years of leading the group, estimated at between 50 and 200 members, Shoemaker said he is "burned out" and tired of what he called a "hot, psychological war" between police and his self-styled group. …… "On June 17, perhaps I will again be renewed," he said. But he said it's equally likely he'll be killed -- and that's something he's ready for, if necessary. "I will live free or die," he said. ……."

The Hawkeye [Iowa's oldest newspaper] 6/11/00 Stephen Martin OQUAWKA, Ill. –"….Shoemaker spoke to a half dozen uniformed members of his group, who carried various assault-style weapons from variations of the AK-47 to semi-automatic versions of the U.S. Army's M-1 and M-16. Others were dressed in jeans and T-shirts, and supporters said there were other militia members who either were hiding in the surrounding woods keeping a lookout against authorities or had deliberately decided not to be present. Most said they intended to be "in the area" during the June 17 protest, but declined to say exactly where. ….. " (73 NYU L. Rev. 793 (1998)) Prof. Eugene Volokh, UCLA Law School "…… "The Second Amendment, unusually for constitutional provisions, contains a statement of purpose as well as a guarantee of a right to bear arms." 1 This unusual attribute, some argue, is reason for courts to interpret the Second Amendment quite differently than they interpret other constitutional provisions -- perhaps to the point of reading it as having virtually no effect on government action. 2 ......My modest discovery 3 is that the Second Amendment is actually not unusual at all: Many contemporaneous state constitutional provisions are structured similarly. …..These provisions, I believe, shed some light on the interpretation of the Second Amendment:
1. They show that the Second Amendment should be seen as fairly commonplace, rather than strikingly odd.
2. They rebut the claim that a right expires when courts conclude that the justification given for the right is no longer valid or is no longer served by the right.
3. They show that operative clauses are often both broader and narrower than their justification clauses, thus casting doubt on the argument that the right exists only when (in the courts' judgment) it furthers the goals identified in the justification clause. 8
4. They point to how the two clauses might be read together, without disregarding either.

The provisions also suggest two things about interpretation more generally. First, they remind us that the U.S. Constitution is just one of the at least fifty-one American constitutions in force today, and one of the dozens of constitutions that existed during the Framing era. 9 The legal academy's understandable focus on federal matters can blind us to some important details. ……….Second, these provisions help show the value of testing interpretive proposals against a politically mixed range of texts. ….."

Capitol Alert/Sacramento Bee 6/12/00 Herbert Sample "…..Inherent in debates over gun control is an acknowledgment that the U.S. Supreme Court has said very little on the subject in the past 60 years. That may not be true for long, for what began as a simple divorce proceeding in a small, central Texas town has escalated into a major legal confrontation over the Constitution's Second Amendment. On Tuesday, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans will confront a case that ultimately could give the Supreme Court its best chance since 1939 to interpret the 27-word amendment. That potential has stirred antagonists on both sides of the gun-control issue, prodding a score of groups to file friend-of-the-court briefs with the 5th Circuit and legal scholars of all philosophical stripes to chime in. ……"

Denver Post 6/13/00 David Olinger and Marilyn Robinson "…..The burglars who smashed into Dave's Guns with a stolen vehicle and grabbed 50 guns are suspected to be part of a gang involved in a string of violent crimes, including shootings and home invasions, according to a police intelligence bulletin. The bulletin, issued by Denver police after the gun store burglary, named 11 suspects, six of them juveniles, and urged officers to "use extreme caution" when approaching them. …… "These same suspects are believed involved in several home invasion robberies in the Denver metro area," it said. "The suspects have bound and shot at some victims, taking handguns and vehicles during the commission of these crimes." …..Four of the people identified in the Denver intelligence bulletin have been arrested, including Charles Devaughn Taylor, whom Arapahoe County Undersheriff Grayson Robinson described as the group's apparent ringleader. ......"

Reuters 6/9/00 "….LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Police Chief Bernard Parks, whose 20-year-old granddaughter was shot to death 12 days ago outside a fast-food restaurant, said in a TV interview to be broadcast Sunday that there are ``too many guns, too much violence'' on America's streets. Stepping into the nation's highly divisive and politicized battle over gun control, Parks told CNN's ``Both Sides With Jesse Jackson'' that the death of his granddaughter, Lori Gonzalez, demonstrated the need for tighter restrictions on firearms. ``I think it shows clearly what kind of society we're living in where there's too many guns, there is too much violence,'' Parks said. …….."

Chicago Tribune 6/9/00 Mike Dorning "…… Piles of weapons handed over to the police for a few dollars make compelling photographs, but repeated studies of politically popular gun buyback programs across the country have found no detectable effect on violent crime or on firearms deaths. What's more, the guns and the owners that turn up for buybacks represent neither the kinds of weapons nor the types of people generally involved in gun crimes, said several researchers who have studied the programs. And some of those who participate in the buybacks are cashing in on spare weapons but keeping at least one at home--or they plan to use the proceeds to purchase another gun. Gun buyback programs, in which local governments encourage residents to turn in firearms using modest cash payments or gift certificates as incentives, have become a recurring and highly visible feature of the American dialogue on violence. ……"

U.S. Newswire 6/9/00 "…… "Monsignor Thomas Wells of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington most likely would be alive today if he'd had a loaded handgun and knew how to use it," John Michael Snyder, president of the interdenominational, international St. Gabriel Possenti Society Inc., said here today. Msgr. Wells, pastor of Mother Seton Roman Catholic Church in Germantown, Md., was found beaten to death early yesterday morning in his Montgomery County rectory. "This senseless, brutal and tragic murder of an obviously dedicated and beloved clergyman shows that we need the spirit of St. Gabriel Possenti now more than ever," stated Snyder. ………. St. Gabriel Possenti was a Catholic seminarian who rescued the villagers of Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy from a gang of 20 terrorists in 1860 with a striking, one-shot, lizard-slaying demonstration of handgun marksmanship. Possenti's fellow Passionist, Rev. Godfrey Poage, C.P., recounted the incident is his hierarchically sanctioned 1962 biography of the Saint, SON OF THE PASSION, published in Milwaukee by The Bruce Publishing Company. Possenti died in 1862. Pope Benedict XV canonized him in 1920. The society promotes public recognition of Possenti, seeking his official Vatican designation as Patron of Handgunners. It underscores the historical, philosophical and theological bases for the doctrine of legitimate self-defense. It publishes a monograph on SELF DEFENSE AND THE BIBLE by Rev. Anthony L. Winfield, an ordained Baptist Minister. ……"

Drudge Report 6/11/00 "…… A screening of SONY's PATRIOT in Los Angeles on Thursday night left the audience jumping about scenes in the Revolutionary War film that depict young children carrying guns -- and using them! The controversial scene begins when Gibson's character reaches into a chest and gives his sons rifles. "They go into woods and ambush the Redcoats, killing around 15 men. One son is around 13 years old, the other is 10," says an insider. A loud "gasp" was heard in the screening room as the camera zoomed in for a closeup of the kids. Shots are fired. Blood splatters on Redcoats. Mel Gibson defended the scene over the weekend, declaring that he would let his own kids take up weapons in self-defense. Gibson says he's taken his children to shooting ranges. ……In the movie, Gibson goes to war only after one of his son's is killed. ….."

Dallas Morning News 6/11/00 DMN & MARY L. CANNON, M.D "……It's hard to believe that gun-rights advocates were so upset about the Brady Bill. Since this bill was enacted in 1994, 97 percent of applications for gun purchases were approved. And the small percentage not approved were appropriately rejected. ……. The state rightly needs to occupy itself with keeping guns out of the hands of those most likely to misuse them. Some states have wisely enacted laws prohibiting firearm possession by people who are addicted to alcohol or have been convicted of alcohol-related offenses. Some restrict people who were adjudicated delinquents or who had committed serious offenses as juveniles. Texas needs to consider these laws. But if someone really wants a gun, he can get one. He can go to gun shows, have a friend purchase the gun, or just rent one from an acquaintance.. ……"

Freedom Forum 6/5/00 "…..The parents of a kindergartner suspended with three other schoolchildren for playing cops and robbers on a Sayreville school playground have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Middlesex County school district. Scot and Cassandra Garrick maintain that the district and several educators have deprived their 6-year-old son and the others of their constitutional rights to free speech, protection from cruel and excessive punishment, due process and access to public education. The lawsuit, filed on June 1 in U.S. District Court here, seeks to bar the district from similar actions and to have the incident stricken from the boy's record. …… The family is being represented without charge by the Rutherford Institute, of Charlottesville, Va., a nonprofit group focused on First Amendment and religious-freedom cases, and known for representing Paula Jones in her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton. ….." 6/7/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Just over a year ago, Australia followed in the footsteps of mother country Great Britain and made law a total ban on hand guns. The gun ban and confiscation program cost the Australian government more than $500 million. Sometimes using deadly force, authorities there collected 640,381 personal firearms. And now the results are in: Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent (in a country that has a low homicide rate)
Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent
Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)
In the state of Victoria, homicides with firearms are up 300 percent Figures over the previous 25 years show a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms -- since the gun ban this has changed for the worse.
There has been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults on the elderly.
Australian politicians are on the spot and at a loss to explain how no improvement in "safety" has been observed after such monumental effort and expense was successfully expended in "ridding society of guns." ……" 6/6/00 Dan Frisa "…… Daytime talk show host and first fan of Broadway Rosie O'Donnell bombed as host of the prime-time Tony Awards on CBS Sunday night. Overnight ratings were the lowest in the show's history, down some 15 percent from last year's telecast. Many observers point to O'Donnell's shrill vitriol on a host of issues, as well as her unabashed support for new New Yorker and Senate candidate Lady Hillary, for the dramatic loss in viewers of the once-popular awards show. Beginning with her ambush of actor Tom Selleck on her own show last year, O'Donnell has seemingly become enamored with her newfound "expertise" in public debate. What she still doesn't realize is that her blatant hypocrisy has eroded her credibility with middle America. Once a fresh-faced comedian whose success on the "Star Search" telecast hosted by Ed McMahon catapulted her to widespread fame, O'Donnell has found herself at the center of one self-inflicted controversy after another. ......"

WorldNetDaily 6/7/00 Dr. Walter E. Williams "…... But you might say whatever it takes to prevent the accidental death of our children is worth it. Then I suggest that you prioritize things a bit. The number of children killed accidentally by guns is 142. We'd save more child lives (1,010) by closing swimming pools, save 201 lives by banning cycling and 675 by banning pedestrian activities. Again, if we only look to the benefit (saving lives), we might outlaw these activities, but what would be the cost? Our children would lose all the joy and entertainment from swimming, bicycling and playing in the streets. …….. "

U.S. Newswire 6/8/00 "…..The Violence Policy Center (VPC) today criticized the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) trigger lock giveaway at the Fairfax, Va. County Fair this weekend and a recent decision to distribute in Washington state. The following is a statement from Josh Sugarmann, Executive Director of the VPC: "This gesture of 'goodwill' by the NSSF is the latest hypocritical attempt to help burnish the image of the firearms industry, even as they brazenly market their deadly products to America's children and youth. "The NSSF is among the leaders in marketing guns to kids, realizing that the industry needs to reach out to children -- both as future customers and political foot soldiers in future gun control battles. The NSSF acknowledges the importance of this effort in their marketing pamphlet stating: ……"

AP VIA ETHERZONE 6/8/00 "….. Rosie O'Donnell, a staunch gun control advocate, is defending the concealed weapon permit her son's bodyguard applied for. "Whether or not my family is in need of armed guards, that doesn't change my position on gun control," the talk show host told People magazine. "It's not inconsistent." ……. National Rifle Association officials and others have accused O'Donnell of hypocrisy since The Greenwich Time, her local paper in Connecticut, reported May 25 that a bodyguard who will accompany her 5-year-old son to kindergarten has applied for a concealed gun permit. ……."

Washington Times 6/9/00 John McCaslin "…. As they vowed to do in the wake of the Million Mom March, Democrats on Capitol Hill begin each day by rattling off the names of gunshot victims - taking swipes at Republicans and the National Rifle Association in the process……. Among this week's Hill criers: Sen. Richard J. Durbin, Illinois Democrat, and Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat and mother-in-law of Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother Anthony Rodham. So what do Republicans have to say for themselves? Following each Democratic death roll, the Republicans are reading the names of Americans who, thanks to guns, are alive today: Shawnra Pence, a mother in Sequim, Wash., to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Horn, of Cumberland, Tenn…….."We can come up with 2.5 million crimes thwarted every year when someone used a gun in defense of themselves or their property," says Sen. Larry E. Craig, Idaho Republican. "In many cases, armed citizens not only thwarted crime, but they held the suspect until the authorities arrived."….."

Los Angeles Times 6/2/00 John R Lott, Jr. "…….John R. Lott Jr. is a senior research scholar at Yale University, Law School. The second edition of his book "More Guns, Less Crime: , Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws" (University of Chicago) is, being published this month ......... Rosie, say it's not so! The news last week was surprising: Rosie O'Donnell's bodyguards had applied for permits for concealed handguns. Few have declared their opposition to guns as strongly as O'Donnell. For someone who ambushed Tom Selleck on her television show last year on gun control, called for the abolition of the 2nd Amendment and emceed the so-called Million Mom March in Washington, the advice that O'Donnell has freely given others no longer seems to match what she thinks is best for her own family. ...... Yet the current hypocrisy is more fundamental. A spokeswoman for O'Donnell justifies guns for the talk show host's bodyguards because of threatened violence. Yet how does her concern differ from what motivates anyone who gets a gun for self-defense? Why does O'Donnell give others advice that she doesn't find applicable to herself? O'Donnell's response that she still does not "personally own a gun" misses the whole point. Of course, she does not need her own gun when her bodyguards have their guns with them. .……"


Ether Zone 6/22/00 Eileen Ciesla "……"Are we at last brought to such a humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense? Where is the difference between having our arms in our own possession and under our own direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?" -- Patrick Henry ……"

Ether Zone 6/22/00 Eileen Ciesla "…There is an advanced stir being generated by the release of the movie, The Patriot. Rather there are two separate stirs being generated. The first is great anticipation from American history enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment defenders. The other is the swirling indigestion being given to American history revisionists and 2nd Amendment interpreters. ………It seems there are guns in the movie, used by children, to defend themselves against the advancing British. One scene in particular has elicited gasps from screening audiences. Mel Gibson's character gives his sons, aged 10 and 13, (unregistered) muskets (without trigger locks) which they use to kill several redcoats, in the fight for freedom. Irresponsible, those American patriots. Risky, that Revolution. ……Reaction to the movie will be instructive. We will do well to listen to the suddenly outraged tutor us on American history, as they collectively gasp, protest, and shudder. And much as the British wished the colonists had never had guns, apparently so too, do some contemporary Americans….."

WBAL 6/22/00 Ron Smith "…….Western intellectuals have a grand time scoffing at the backwardness of religious fundamentalists, particularly Islamic fundamentalists. Secure in their supposed freedom of thought, they worry in their columns and their magazine articles about the threat to honest inquiry and debate posed by the mullahs of the Iran, the insurgents in Algeria, and the militants in Egypt. How retrograde, how unenlightened, how repulsive the enforcement of religious dogma seems to them. …….. The Supreme Court rules that invoking God before high school football games in Texas violates the First Amendment, and that non-believers or believers in other faiths must be protected from the beliefs of the majority being inflicted upon them. …….

WBAL 6/22/00 Ron Smith "……. Our own taboos are enforced as rigorously as those of the Islamic world. But they are not the taboos of the Southern Baptists or the Catholic Church, rather the patchwork quilt of totemic beliefs of the political left. You think, perhaps, I exaggerate. If so, consider this. In Egypt and elsewhere in Muslim nations, writers and others who utter heretical thoughts are harassed and sometimes imprisoned. In Germany, France and Canada, such folks (whose heresy is to question the dogmatic assertions of the leftists) are harassed and sometimes imprisoned. The only thing that keeps Thought Crimes from being similarly punished in the United States is the First Amendment, which is under attack even as you read this. ………. Many devout Christians of our time witness the intelligentsia's relentless attacks on their faith and conclude we live in an age of skepticism and disbelief. But the fact is we humans must have faith because we are wired that way. What changes with time is not the amount of faith, but the direction it takes. Established faiths give way to new ones. And our society is very little different than, say, the Egyptian, in enforcing conformity…….."

WorldNetDaily 6/22/00 Jon Dougherty "…..Record-sharing practices by federal government agencies may be preventing certain veterans and their beneficiaries from buying guns. ……. A division of the Department of Veterans Affairs has provided the FBI's National Instant Background Check System, or NICS, with confidential medical competency data on tens of thousands of veterans and beneficiaries for the purposes of denying "incompetent" veterans the right to "purchase or redeem a firearm." The memo said the information transfer to the FBI "consisted of data on 88,898 beneficiaries which were loaded into the NICS index" for cross-referencing in case a named veteran or beneficiary attempted to purchase a gun. …… The VBA, through a "Memorandum of Understanding," is providing the FBI "with information on veterans rated as incompetent," the memo stated. Furthermore, the VBA said the law requires it to "routinely provide updated information on 'new' incompetents." And, the agency said, "if an individual previously rated incompetent has their competency restored, under the law they are still permanently restricted from purchasing or redeeming a firearm and information concerning that individual will not be stricken from the NICS index." ……"

Yahoo 6/19/00 Donna de la Cruz AP "….. NEW YORK (AP) - The city plans to sue approximately 30 gun manufacturers for negligent marketing and distribution of guns, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said Monday. The lawsuit, to be filed in federal court Tuesday, seeks unspecified damages but Corporation Counsel Michael Hess said it could run in the tens of millions of dollars. ``Manufacturers sell guns and have guns distributed in states with very weak gun laws, knowing that these guns will be transported from weak gun law states to strong gun law states,'' Hess said. …… The city will also cite deceptive advertising used by gun makers, such as saying that homes with guns are safer than homes without firearms. Hess said there are numerous studies that prove that theory wrong. Among the defendants will be Smith & Wesson, the nation's largest gunmaker, Hess said. Reached after business hours, the company said no one was available to comment. ……."

New York Post Online 6/20/00 Paul Tharp "……Politicians are rallying around Toys "R" Us and luxury purveyor LVMH for taking a stand against the National Rifle Association in a Times Square showdown over a shooting gallery there. The two companies are refusing to sign leases in the glitzy new "Bow Tie" building if the NRA also moves in with its gun-themed showcase…….. Sources have told The Post that Toys "R" Us and LVMH are refusing to sign leases in 1530 Broadway unless they get assurances from the NRA and its president, actor Charlton Heston, that the NRA won't build a theme restaurant and shooting gallery there. ….." 7/4/00 Donna Pazdera "….The target of a carjacker turned the tables early Monday, pulling out a gun and killing his would-be attacker. The owner of a 1994 Camaro had pulled into the parking lot of the Summerlake Apartments, 3449 NW 44th St. near Oakland Park, about 3:20 a.m., said Jim Leljedal, Broward Sheriff's Office spokesman. The driver was getting out of the car in the gated community when he was approached by a young man who demanded his keys. When the driver refused, the man began to pistol-whip him, Leljedal said. That's when the driver pulled out his own gun and fired ..."

CBSNEWS 7/5/00 "…..When it comes to guns in America, in theory there are enough for every adult to own at least one. ……. But, as CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart reports, they don't, because as it turns out, most guns are actually owned by just a small group of Americans, including men like James McCoskey. …… McCoskey owns close to 100 firearms, but don't call him a collector. "I'm not really a collector. I guess you'd say I'm an accumulator and a user of guns." …… And like many people who own multiple guns, he carries his passion to the voting booth. ……. Poll after poll has shown that a majority of Americans favor tougher gun laws, and yet little has happened. One reason for that, researchers believe, is because for the shrinking number of Americans who do own guns, this is not just a big issue, it's the only issue. In fact, a recent study found the number of gun owners in America has never been more concentrated than it is now among a small number of white, middle-class rural men. "We find that about 10 percent of the adults in the United States own about 80 percent of all the guns," said professor Jens Ludwig of Georgetown University, who conducted the study. That translates into about 150 million guns. ….."

FrontPage Magazine 7/7/00 Jon Roland "…… The movie The Patriot starring Mel Gibson did well at re-enacting the setting of the American War for Independence. But it is really an allegory of our own times, with some pointed references to recent events. The central character of this epic is the Militia. In one scene, Col. Tavington orders rebel townspeople into their church, then has the church burned with all the people inside. That didn't happen during the American Revolution. It is happening in our own time. It represents the Davidian church in 1993….. " 7/7/00 Rinker Buck "……This may be just about the worst moment in history to be a firearms executive, and few can say that Ed Shultz has made it any easier on himself. …….The agreement won Shultz the plaudits of editorial writers and state attorneys general across the country, but it also brought down on him a vitriolic barrage of condemnation from his own industry and product boycotts by angry gun owners. National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston has accused Smith & Wesson's British owners of not valuing "the right to bear arms as much as Americans," and NRA lobbyist James Jay Baker has called Shultz's agreement a "futile act of craven self interest." Undeterred, Shultz continues to defend the agreement as a rational response to the sea change in attitudes toward gun control that has swept America since the shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado last year. ……. In the process, the traditional alliances of the gun industry have been turned topsy-turvy. "I have enemies that I didn't know I had that professed to be friends previously," Shultz said. "I have friends that I didn't know I had that professed to be enemies previously." Within days after the Smith & Wesson agreement was announced in March, Shultz was flooded with more than 200 e-mails a day, a few favorable to his company's position, but most condemning it. The e-mails have since trickled to just a few a day. But Shultz said that he has answered more than 3,000 e-mails and letters. ……"

Denver Post 7/8/00 "…..Denver prosecutors on Friday charged a man with child abuse after he gave his 12-year-old son a handgun and the boy accidentally shot himself. Richard Trujillo and his son were walking back from a convenience store on Monday near the 700 block of West 38th Avenue, officials said. Trujillo gave his son a gun so he could shoot a couple of times under a bridge for practice, said Lynn Kimbrough, a spokeswoman from the Denver District Attorney's Office. …….The boy inadvertently shot himself in the right leg when he put the gun back in the waistband of his pants, officials said. ….."

World Tribune 7/7/00 Jon Roland "……. The movie "The Patriot" starring Mel Gibson, which opened across the United States on June 28, 2000, is the story of an epic struggle between good and evil, but although the producers did well at re-enacting the setting of the American War for Independence, it is really an allegory of our own times, with some pointed references to recent events. …….. The central character of this epic is not just Benjamin Martin, but the Militia. The moral struggle of Martin is the struggle of the Militia, at first conscious of its domestic duties, and reluctant to risk those under its protection with a forceful response to tyranny, but compelled to resort to force when it is unable to protect them in any other way. …….. This is a familiar theme in drama. It is the struggle of the Pacifist Bride who finally resorts to violence to protect her Lone Lawman husband in "High Noon." The moral is clear. A righteous person avoids violence, even at the cost of his personal dignity and pride, but sometimes Evil leaves him no choice but to use violence to defend the innocent, especially those he loves. He agonizes over the harm he has done in the past, and that he is doing, and must do, but love is stronger, and while it may begin with those of his own family, he cannot avoid the duty that comes with love of the innocent everywhere. It is about the way a man discovers the patriot in himself. …….."

FortWorth Star Telegram 7/9/00 Ginger Richardson "…… As Fort Worth prepares this week for its first public debate on whether gun shows should continue in city facilities, council members face a sobering reality: Any restrictive action they take could lead to a costly lawsuit. That's because Texas, like many states, has laws that override any city's attempt to impose local gun regulations. And restricting the well-attended shows might result in Fort Worth running afoul of state statutes, officials said…….. "It's a problem," said City Councilwoman Wendy Davis, who favors banning the shows from city facilities. "If you interpret that broadly, then we, as a city, would be illegally regulating the sale of arms."……"

Dallas Morning News 6/30/00 Erik Rodriquez "…… In Texas, a state with a gun in nearly every other household, most residents support the right to carry a concealed weapon. But an overwhelming majority also supports registration and trigger locks for all handguns, according to The Scripps Howard Texas Poll released Friday. The telephone survey of 1,000 adults statewide taken from May 22 to June 16 revealed:
62 percent believe they should be allowed to carry concealed handguns with a permit.
46 percent think there should be more restrictions on gun sales, while 35 percent believe there should be no change.
63 percent favor restricting handgun purchases to once a month.
Three-fourths of the respondents said all handguns should be registered.
74 percent said all guns sold in the United States should be equipped with built-in trigger locks. ……"

Report of the Group of Govt Experts on Small Arms 7/5/00 John Birch Society "…… The United Nations has openly called for abolition of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but don't take our word for it... The Official 1999 UN report of the Group of Governmental Experts on Small Arms - enthusiastically promoted by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and bureaucrats at the U.S. State Department - specifically calls for the "the prohibition of ....private ownership of small arms and light weapons" on a global scale and integrated measures to "control ammunition". Unless opposition is strengthened, the United Nations will use political alliances with private anti-gun groups in the United States and throughout the world to abolish your right to keep and bears arms……."

America's 1st Freedom, Vol. 1, No., 2, July 2000, p. 20 7/00 "……. "Investigative reporter John B. Roberts II, following up on a story he read in The Tahoe Daily Tribune, discovered that Senator Dianne Feinstein's (D-CA) office was chartering low-cost flights for California anti-gun activists to join the 'Million Mom March' in Washington, D.C. 'Taxpayers fund Senate staff salaries, and this kind of on-the-clock political activism is strictly forbidden', noted Roberts. 'As an investigative journalist, I realized the only way to confirm the story's accuracy was to call Feinstein's office and ask about cheap flights so I could join the March.' …… 'A young woman named Megan affirmed that cheap fares were available, and transferred my call to the voice mail of Katie Gardiner, a Feinstein staff member', reported Roberts. 'I left a detailed message, and a few hours later Judy, an anti-gun activist from Los Angeles, called me with the details. ……"

Dallas Observer 7/4/00 "……. Mary Thompson has her prey in sight. Thompson, a Dallas grandmother of six and co-founder of the women's anti-gun-control group Second Amendment Sisters, is patrolling the hallways of Capitol Hill, looking for targets in her war against gun control. What better place to find her enemy, the gun-control lobbyists and lobby-ees, than in Washington, D.C., where Thompson has traveled for a pro-gun rally? Her first sitting-duck target: Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, as the gun-control advocate steps into the hallway after a Democratic Party hearing. ……..Thompson begins firing verbal salvos as she tails Boxer down the hall. "I would appreciate it," she says, "if you would keep your hands off my means of protecting myself when the occasion arises." Thompson, a short firebrand, continues shadowing the senator even as Boxer insists she isn't trying to repeal anyone's rights. ……."Yes, you are!" a livid Thompson shoots back. "You know it, and I know it!" ……Boxer then stages a hasty retreat, losing her pursuer by ducking into the women's restroom. ……"

Albuquerque Journal 7/2/00 "….. A woman shot and killed a stalker who entered her home, police said Saturday. The shooting occurred at 10:30 p.m. Friday as Timothy O'Hea, 43, broke into the woman's residence in northwest Albuquerque, Lt. Michael Callihan said. "The man had been stalking her for several weeks," Callihan said. The two had known each other and were "ex-boyfriend-girlfr... he said. "She fired a handgun at him, and he died," Callihan said. The woman, Terrill Space, 51, was not charged with any crime. …." 7/4/00 Neal Boortz "…… A recent article in the Washington Times told about how teaching gun safety is a family thing. For many gun owners, it's been that way for years. They either teach their children gun safety themselves or they enroll their kids in shooting classes. To get the other side of the story, the Times sought comment from members of the anti-gun left. They included Arinn Dixon, the violence-prevention director of Physicians for Social Responsibility. She managed to make herself look foolish and gave us rare insight into the core issue of the gun grabber. ……. Quoth Ms. Dixon: "Gun education may be beneficial, but it's not the right answer we're looking for. We believe children should never have access to guns. ... [Allowing children access to guns] puts the responsibility on the child not to have an accident with the gun." ……." 7/4/00 John Fund "……. In 1996, when director Roland Emmerich made his last Fourth of July spectacular, "Independence Day," both presidential candidates endorsed his film. But that was science fiction. His latest film, "The Patriot," is about the founding of our nation and some of it rubs politically correct elites so raw that they slapped an "R" rating on it for portraying children defending themselves with guns. ……….. MANY CRITICS have tried to dismiss the epic as simplistic, tub-thumping patriotic drivel. "There isn't an idea in it that will stand up to thoughtful scrutiny," huffs PBS critic Roger Ebert. Other critics claim "The Patriot" lacks heart. "There is no majesty, no feeling here: it's all FX and costuming," says Stephen Hunter of the Washington Post. This is bizarre for a film that dwells on the human impact of war on family and loved ones. …….. Still other critics correctly see "Patriot" star Mel Gibson as the next John Wayne, a new embodiment of American individualism, and they don't like it one bit. "The Patriot is right-wing hogwash bathed in an olde-timey golden glow," writes Arion Berger of the Washington City Paper. "Now the disgruntled, home-schooling, SUV-buying, pro-militia-but-cautious-suburban-family-values working man has a movie to call his own." This about a film that barely mentions the tax revolt at the heart of the American Revolution. ……."

30 June, 2000

Honorable Bradley A. Buckles, Director
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
United States Department of the Treasury
Washington, D.C. 20226

……..I represent Mr. John Ross of St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Ross is an investment broker and financial adviser with a respected investment firm in St. Louis. He has degrees in English and Economics from Amherst College. Mr. Ross is very active in community and public affairs. He is the grandson of President Harry Truman's press secretary, Charles Ross, and was himself the Democratic Party candidate for the United States House of Representatives from the Second District of Missouri in 1998. In short, Mr. Ross is an upstanding and productive member of his community………….
Mr. Ross has had a lifelong interest in firearms and is both a Federal Firearms Licensee and a Special Occupational Taxpayer under the National Firearms Act. Of central importance to the purpose of this letter is the fact that Mr. Ross is also the author of Unintended Consequences, a highly popular novel about the trials and tribulations of legal gun owners and dealers in the United States. Although the book is manifestly a work of fiction, it accurately depicts documented historical events in the long and sordid history of misconduct by personnel of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The book is in its fifth hardcover printing with some 50,000 copies in circulation and has become enormously popular among the gun owners of the United States. Because the book is highly critical of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, it appears that some in your agency have undertaken to suppress it and to intimidate its author……..
For example, in 1997 the book's publisher became aware that individuals purporting to be BATF agents had threatened vendors of the book in at least three different states with "problems" if they did not cease their sales of the book. A full-page ad in Shotgun News offering a $10,000 reward for the identity of these individuals put a stop to that particular business. ……..
Now we have learned that in late May of this year agents from your St. Louis field office have engaged in an official effort to enlist Mrs. Ross, who is amicably separated from her husband as an informant against her husband. On or about May 24 2000, at about 7:30 a.m. two agents approached Mrs. Ross on the street while she was walking her dog, identified themselves by displaying their BATF credentials, and proceeded to inquire what she thought about her husband's book. When she was noncommittal the agents terminated the conversation and departed. This contact had been preceded in previous weeks by pretext telephone calls to Mrs. Ross, by what were undoubtedly your agents, in an attempt to draw her out about her husband's book. An agent, using the pseudonym of Peter Nettleson, and pretending to be a great fan of Unintended Consequences, sought Mrs. Ross's agreement that the book was, in fact, "a manual for the murder of federal agents." [1]………..
I note in passing that best-selling author Tom Clancy in recent books has murdered a Director of the FBI, the President of the United States, the entire Congress, the Supreme Court, the entire cabinet, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a few lesser functionaries. I presume he has not thereby become subject to investigation by your literary critics………..
What kind of people are you? Is there no honor within the ranks of your agency? It has long been clear, from repeated court decisions and congressional committee reports, that your agents have no familiarity with the Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the United States Constitution. Now it appears that they have not even been introduced to the very first Article of the Bill of Rights……….I am writing to express our outrage about this conduct and to formally demand that your agency cease and desist from this unconstitutional abuse of power. I am contemporaneously making formal Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act demands upon BATF for the records and files pertaining to Mr. Ross, his book, and these events……….By copies of this letter I am requesting the Inspector General of the Treasury Department to formally investigate this unlawful conduct and the Attorney General to investigate to determine whether Mr. Ross's civil rights are being violated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms……"

Washington Post 7/12/00 Bill Miller "……A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that the FBI can hold on to gun purchase records for six months to ensure that a federal computer system that conducts millions of instant criminal background checks is working properly. ……. The 2 to 1 ruling was a defeat for the National Rifle Association, which argued that the practice amounted to an "illegal national registration of gun owners." The NRA contended that the law requires the FBI to destroy records of approved purchases immediately. The instant background checks of potential gun purchasers began in November 1998, fulfilling requirements under the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and putting an end to checks conducted under a five-day federal waiting period. …….. "

The Sierra Times 7/12/00 Robert Waters "…….By any standard, the concealed carry laws passed by more than thirty states in the 1980s and 1990s have been spectacularly successful. But if your only information came from newspapers and television, you'd think permit holders were the source of thousands of criminal acts. ……. Between October, 1987 and January, 1999, the state of Florida issued 551,000 permits. Only 109 were revoked because the licensee used a firearm in the commission of a crime. In other words, the success rate of Florida's concealed carry law was 99.999 %. ……Virginia passed concealed carry in 1995, and out of more than 50,000 permits, not one licensee has been convicted of a firearms-related crime. Between 1994 and 1998, Arizona had issued 63,000 permits--only 50 were revoked. (As in Florida, most revocations came not from permit holders committing violent crimes but because the licensee carried a gun into a restricted area, such as a post office.) …….. " 7/10/00 Carl Limbacher "…… helped break the story back in May (See original Inside Cover), but we thought it would be fun to see how the National Rifle Association razzed Rosie. And the NRA publication America's 1st Freedom seems to have fun doing just that in the July issue. On the so-called "Million Mom March": "Leading the cheering section was none other than Rosie O'Donnell, gun hater of epic proportions, proudly blue-nosed in her stated desire to review 200 years of American heritage and in the end toss out everything on the menu that didn't meet her taste." …… ..And take this: "After all, the comedienne is a raging hypocrite when it comes to guns. Her bodyguard was under orders to carry a concealed handgun - the same bodyguard that drove her child to school. Rosie was frank in her assessment that she and her family needed Second Amendment protection. At the same time the arrogant entertainer worked overtime to deny the same right to common folk who, according to Rosie, could always call a cop." …….."

AP 7/11/00 Jennifer Loven "…….Two Cabinet members lent support Tuesday to a private effort intended to recruit college students for a gun-control campaign. "We are still one of the most violent nations in the world," Attorney General Janet Reno told Tuesday's audience of about 400, most of them students interning for the summer at Washington's many advocacy groups, law firms, and government offices. "But that does not have to be. ... We can do something about it, but we have got to wake up America." ……. Reno called gun violence an epidemic, saying that 29,829 people died from gun-related injuries in 1998 - or 82 deaths a day - despite dramatic reductions in violent crime in recent years. ……." 6/20/00 Carl Limbacher "…… "World class cities do not have armed demonstrations go unanswered by local law enforcement," complained Houston City Councilman Rob Todd to Police Chief C.O. Bradford yesterday. Todd said the presence of a gun-toting gang of Black Panthers in the heart of Houston raised concerns about the HPD's ability to protect the public, reports The Houston Chronicle. Todd was joined in the complaint by fellow city councilman Bert Keller. …….. The two Houston officials went public with their objections after 15 Panther protesters carrying AK-47s, shotguns and assault rifles marched on the Texas state GOP convention on Friday. They were demonstrating against next Thursday's scheduled execution of convicted killer Gary Graham. ……The armed Panthers clad in black fatigues emerged from a Humvee stretch limousine outside the George R. Brown Convention Center just 90 minutes before Texas First Lady Laura Bush addressed the convention. ….."I support their right to bear arms, but if they're going to threaten people and push veterans to the ground, they should be held accountable," said the Councilman Todd. ……Monday night, a member of the group who allegedly pushed a GOP delegate, 100 percent disabled veterean A.J. McClure, was charged with third degree felony assault. The accused Black Panther, George Robinson, 30, has two prior narcotics convictions. McClure said Robinson was unarmed during the altercation. ……"

Click2Houston 6/29/00 "…….Teroy Vance, owner of a McDonald's that was almost robbed Wednesday night, praised his employee for shooting two armed robbers. Thursday, Vance is faced with having to fire him. Willis Lee, a janitor at the McDonald's at 5301 East Freeway, shot the suspects as they were holding up a cashier. It is against McDonald's policy for employees to carry weapons. Vance said he was glad that Lee used his gun against the thieves. ……."

Delaware County Daily Times 6/30/00 Kathleen Carey "….. Susan Angry plans to leave her residence in Kennett Square for the July 4 holiday to spend part of her day in Delaware County. But, unlike thousands of other travelers, she won't be frolicking on her jaunt. Angry and at least 35 other senior citizens plan to march in Swarthmore's Fourth of July parade as part of a grassroots effort tagged "Grandmothers for Gun Control." "We don't know what effect it will have, but we will do our best," the 75-year-old Kendal resident said. ….."

Frontpage Magazine 6/30/00 Richard Poe "…… The litmus test is your reaction to that now-famous scene in which the character played by Gibson arms his sons with muskets - ages 10 and 13 -- and leads them into the woods to ambush the British. Cyber-journalist Matt Drudge reports that audience members at an advance screening gasped in horror at the sight of children firing weapons……..For me, the scene had the opposite effect. It evoked the closeness and comfort of family. It conjured up long-forgotten yearnings from childhood. What boy has not dreamed of creeping through the woods, musket in hand, stalking the enemy, at his father's side, in defense of hearth and home?…….. Those people who gasped in horror at the screening are evidently strangers to such emotions. They are also strangers to American history and even to Hollywood, which has never hesitated to portray boys wielding firearms in historical dramas…….Dances with Wolves comes to mind. Remember the flashback scene, in which Kevin Costner's love interest suddenly recalls the Indian raid in which her family was killed? Her last memory is of her brother - a prepubescent boy - telling her to run for her life, as he readies his rifle to fire at the Indians……..No one gasped when they saw that. Nor does anyone seem shocked about children committing horrific acts of cinematic violence in gore fests such as the The Faculty and Scream I, II and III……But children fighting for liberty in the American Revolution - that is true pornography, in some people's minds……" 7/2/00 Richard Poe "…… THERE ARE TWO KINDS of people: those who love Mel Gibson's new film The Patriot, and those who hate it. The litmus test is your reaction to that now-famous scene in which the character played by Gibson arms his sons with muskets - ages 10 and 13 -- and leads them into the woods to ambush the British. Cyber-journalist Matt Drudge reports that audience members at an advance screening gasped in horror at the sight of children firing weapons…….For me, the scene had the opposite effect. It evoked the closeness and comfort of family. It conjured up long-forgotten yearnings from childhood. What boy has not dreamed of creeping through the woods, musket in hand, stalking the enemy, at his father's side, in defense of hearth and home?…….Those people who gasped in horror at the screening are evidently strangers to such emotions. They are also strangers to American history and even to Hollywood, which has never hesitated to portray boys wielding firearms in historical dramas......." 7/2/00 Calton Stowers "…… Texas, it would appear, has become a lightning rod for the nation's most volatile political and social issues. ……. And now, born of a less-than-amicable divorce in the West Texas city of San Angelo, comes the latest: a test of the Constitution's Second Amendment that has both gun lovers and haters anxiously awaiting new high court decisions. One way or another, the impact promises to be significant. ……..The issue: Does the Second Amendment actually promise every law-abiding, legal-age individual, from Bubba to the Brooks Brothers, the right to own a firearm? Or, when written, was it specifically intended only for those citizens who were part of peacekeeping state militias, the National Guard of the 18th century? ...... Last April, Lubbock U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings ruled for the first time in judicial history that the Second Amendment does, in fact, guarantee an individual the right to own a weapon. In effect, he struck down the '94 law, ruling that it violated an individual's right to legally possess a gun. ……. It was that ruling that Lubbock-based Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Mateja recently argued against before the 5th Circuit. "The framers of the Constitution intended for the right to apply only to state militias," he insists. "We argued that no court in history has proved the individual's right to bear arms--despite a widespread public misconception. "Historically, the general public has never focused any attention on the 'militia' part of the Amendment, reading only the 'right to bear arms' phrase." …….. Federal public defender Timothy Crooks, 39, of Fort Worth, who argued the case in Emerson's behalf, offers a different view. "The Constitution clearly distinguishes between 'the people' and 'the States,' he wrote in his court brief. "The amendment," he suggests, "singles out the right of the people. I think there is a very strong argument in this case." ……… " 7/2/00 Calton Stowers "…… A second argument that Crooks offers is a due-process issue--providing evidence that a person presents some degree of danger to others before it is ruled unlawful for him to possess a gun. At the time the restraining order against Emerson was issued, there was no judicial finding that the doctor might be a threat to his wife. "Even the state judge presiding over the divorce proceedings testified at the federal trial, pointing out that the restraining order he issued was nothing more than boilerplate law," Crooks says. "Under the law that Judge Cummings ultimately ruled against, Dr. Emerson could not have even had a gun that was locked away in a safe in his garage. One of the things we're saying is that he [Emerson] should have been found to be a dangerous person before he was charged with illegal possession of a firearm." ……. Handgun Control Inc., has joined into the debate, filing a friend-of-the-court brief to argue against the individual right to ownership. If gun possession is legally defined as a constitutional right, Handgun Control general counsel Dennis Henigan told USA Today, current guns laws would be dramatically weakened and some cases struck down if the lower court decision is upheld. …….The NRA, meanwhile, admits anxiety as the matter winds its way through the legal system. An adverse ruling by the courts could dramatically affect its stance that all law-abiding citizens are guaranteed the right to own weapons. ………." 7/2/00 Calton Stowers "……To date, then, the matter has been more fodder for discussion by Constitutional scholars than legal argument. "Historically, there has been a group that supports the 'militia' interpretation and another that feels the Second Amendment affords individual rights," Martinez says. "But one of the most interesting things about all this is the fact there is virtually no case law related to the matter. Whatever decision comes down will provide a new basis for future arguments to the court." ………Doubtless, a media frenzy likely awaits should the case climb the judicial ladder. Already, says attorney Crooks, he has been contacted by 60 Minutes, 20/20, and the National Law Journal. "If the 5th Circuit does rule in our favor," Crooks says, "I'd guess that it is almost certain the case will go to the Supreme Court and receive considerable attention." ……"

Shotgun News 7/1/00 Neal Knox "…….Rep. John Hostettler (R-Ind.) has been fighting virtually a one-man war to scuttle what the Wall Street Journal calls "President Clinton's landmark gun-safety deal with Smith & Wesson." Surprisingly, "the National Rifle Association essentially sat this fight out," the June 22 WSJ article reported. "Knowledgeable people said the NRA didn't want to anger House Speaker Dennis Hastert by using the appropriations process to wage its campaign against the (S&W) deal." ......... However, NRA said it declined to support the amendments because they wouldn't achieve what Mr. Hostettler intended. ……..In the past few days Rep. Hostettler has forced votes on three appropriations bill amendments to prevent the Clinton Administration from spending tax dollars to promote, administer or enforce the agreement negotiated between S&W and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. …….."

CNN 6/28/00 AP "…..Texas leads the nation in the number of gun shows, machine guns, licensed firearms retailers and manufacturers, according to a report released Wednesday by a gun-control group. The report, "Gunland USA," was compiled by the Washington-based Violence Policy Center using federal government statistics. …….Texas, the nation's second most populous state, ranked No. 1 in each of five categories measured:
• Highest number of gun shows (472)
• Licensed firearms retailers (6,492)
• Machine guns (18,919)
• Machine gun dealers (190)
• Firearms manufacturers (26) …….

California, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania all appeared among the top 10 states in all categories. …..While Texas had the highest number of licensed gun retailers, it didn't even place in the top 20 on a per-capita basis. Alaska was No. 1, with 186 retailers for every 100,000 people. By comparison, Texas has 32.4 firearms retailers per 100,000 population, according to the report……."

Electronic Telegraph 6/28/00 Philip Johnston "….. THERE was much indignation yesterday about the claim by CBS News. Believe it or not, Dan Rather is right. There are many more burglaries and thefts in Britain than America and, according to the most recent figures comparing rates across the industrialised world, "contact" crime is higher here. This includes assaults, robberies and rapes. …….. The 1996 victimisation survey, conducted before big falls in American crime, showed the risk of contact crime as higher in England and Wales than anywhere else. Statistics can mask reality. Robberies in America are much more likely to be at gunpoint, which is one reason why the murder rate is much higher. The main reason for a much lower burglary rate in America is householders' propensity to shoot intruders. They do so without fear of being dragged before courts and jailed for life. …… The most recent crime statistics from the Home Office show that in 1998 there were 963 offences of violence against the person for every 100,000 people in Britain. In America, according to Bureau of Justice figures for the same year, the rate was 566 per 100,000 inhabitants. ………. A criminal is six times more likely to be jailed in America. It has more than 1.8 million prisoners, at 645 per 100,000 population, second only to Russia. The rate in England and Wales is 120 per 100,000, the second highest in the European Union behind Portugal……"

Daily Telegraph, Sydney 6/29/00 "…… Three horrific mass murders last year helped push Australia's murder rate up by 20 per cent, the latest crime statistics show. The Australian Bureau of Statistics Crime Report said the murder rate was significantly affected by Adelaide's Snowtown mass murder, in which 11 bodies were found in barrels in a disused bank vault. Two murder-suicides in July added another nine lives to the tally, when first a mother and then a father gassed their children in Western Australia. …….The figures also showed increases in other violent crime. Assaults are up by 2.1 per cent and kidnapping and abduction increased by 8.2 per cent. ......"

Baltimore Sun 6/29/00 Peter Hermann "…… A Fells Point gun shop owner, long targeted by law enforcement agencies as the most prolific source of guns used in Baltimore crimes, has sued federal authorities who pulled his license to sell firearms. The lawsuit, filed last month in U.S. District Court by the owner of Baltimore Gunsmith, Larry DiMartino, accuses the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of acting as "investigator, charging party, prosecutor and deciding entity" during an administrative hearing in February. ……… Federal officials declined to comment on the lawsuit but said they went after the store as part of a crackdown on illegal gun sales and after a proliferation of weapons traced to the shop turned up at city crime scenes. ……..A lawyer for the store said in the suit that it was impossible for his clients to defend against a dozen allegations of misconduct from 1991 to 1998, some of which were resolved in court with not-guilty verdicts against current and former owners. ……. The case has highlighted the problem of "straw purchases," people illegally buying guns for others, which enables the true purchasers to avoid stringent background checks. ……Prosecutors have difficulty winning such cases because they must prove that store owners knew the guns they sold were destined for someone not eligible to buy a weapon legally. Gun store owners have complained the law is difficult to abide by because it holds them responsible for what happens to guns after they are legitimately sold. Lipsitz wrote in the lawsuit that his clients sold weapons to people who filled out all forms and passed police background checks. "Yet despite all that, they now find themselves faced with an ultimate sanction, loss of licensure, because they were not wise enough to recognize deception practiced upon them by ATF agents," the suit says. …….In his 20-page defense of the store, Lipsitz argues that the government tricked the owners during several undercover stings. ……."Firearms dealers are not yet required to keep behind their counters either crystal balls, mind readers or polygraph machines to discern the intentions of prospective customers or the validity and truthfulness of statements made to them by prospective firearms purchasers," the suit says. ……."

Houston.Com 6/29/00 "……Police continued their investigation Wednesday of a McDonald's maintenance worker who stopped four armed robbers by shooting two of them, while customers watched inside the northeast Houston restaurant. The restaurant owner, Teroy Vance, told News2Houston that he was just leaving around 11 p.m. Tuesday when he heard gunshots coming from inside his McDonald's at 5301 East Freeway. As he was approaching the store, Vance said that one of the suspects ran past him. According to investigators, a maintenance worker noticed that four gunmen carrying rifles and wearing masks were holding up a cashier at gunpoint. So the worker pulled out his own gun and shot two of the suspects, police said. The four suspects ran away, but the two wounded didn't go far. According to police, the two were in so much pain that they ran into a nearby apartment complex and called for an ambulance. ……"

Amy Collins 6/29/00 AP "…..Whose Right to Bear Arms? Texas Judge Says It's the Individuals, Not States, Who Decide. ……… The last time the high court weighed in, the case involved a bootlegger named Jack Miller who transported a sawed-off shotgun across state lines, in violation of the National Firearms Act of 1934. Miller argued that the Firearms Act violated his Second Amendment rights, but the court disagreed in 1939, saying the sawed-off shotgun was not likely to be a weapon needed in a state militia under the Second Amendment. "Miller did not answer the crucial question of whether the Second Amendment embodies an individual or collective right to bear arms, " Judge Cummings said in his ruling. "Although its holding has been used to justify many previous lower federal court rulings circumscribing Second Amendment rights, the Court in Miller simply chose a very narrow way to rule on the issue of gun possession under the Second Amendment, and left for another day further questions of Second Amendment construction. " …….. A number of organizations unrelated to Emerson and his family have weighed in on whether he has the right to own a gun. The National Rifle Association of America makes a clear argument for individual rights in an amicus brief it filed in U.S. vs. Emerson. ……. "The Second Amendment simply forbids the federal government from infringing the right of individual American citizens to keep and bear arms,and this prohibition contributes to fostering 'a well regulated militia' by preserving the armed citizenry from which the framers believed that such a militia should be drawn," the NRA argues. ….."

Amy Collins 6/29/00 AP "…..In his federal ruling for the Northern District of Texas, San Angelo Division, Cummings examined the Second Amendment from a number of angles. He said the case for individual rights is supported in James Madison's original draft of the amendment, as well as events that may have shaped framers' thinking, including the Boston Tea Party and King James II's disarming of the Protestants in England. …..Amid his examination of drafts, the Federalist Papers and historical events, the judge also breaks down the grammar of the Second Amendment. That too, he ruled, indicates intent to favor of individual rights. …… But not everyone believes the case involves such lofty constitutional issues. Some scholars say this is all really about a due process technicality: whether the doctor was clearly notified that he was no longer able to own a gun once he was the subject of a restraining order . "Everybody has focused in the Second Amendment, but really this is a notice case," says Bill Mateja, an assistant U.S. attorney based in Lubbock, Texas, who argued the case before the appeals judges two weeks ago. …… While some restraining orders spell out that provision, Mateja said, the one served to Emerson did not. However, when Emerson originally bought his gun, those papers did indeed tell him that his gun ownership would be prohibited if he was subject to a restraining order. ……"

WorldNetDaily 6/23/00 Ed Oliver "…..An Arizona man who manufactures and sells .50-caliber gun kits, arrested by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in a raid last Friday, was released from jail on his own recognizance at a bail hearing yesterday afternoon, when the judge disallowed a last-minute effort by the government to enter an additional charge against him. …….. Cathy Colbert of the U.S. Attorney's office in Phoenix, told WorldNetDaily there would be a hearing in two weeks to see if Robert Stewart, 61, can continue his business while on pre-trial release. …….In the past week, talk show hosts on the Genesis Communication Network rallied listeners into faxing U.S. Magistrate Lawrence O. Anderson in support of Stewart. The judge held up a thick stack of the faxes in the courtroom, says Stewert, indicating he had read them. …….Stewart manufactures the Maadi-Griffin, a high-quality kit gun that requires a small amount of machining before it can be assembled by the customer. Because the unfinished receiver requires milling, the kits are sold without serial numbers and are not considered by Stewart to be firearms. Other Maadi-Griffin.50-caliber kit guns with finished receivers and serial numbers are manufactured at another location away from his home in a federal firearms licensed facility. ......"

WorldNetDaily 6/23/00 Ed Oliver "…..In 1994, Stewart was convicted in a Utah federal court for illegal possession of a machine gun. Contrary to the account given to WorldNetDaily by Bo Gritz in a previous article, court records show Stewart was indicted in May 1993 for possessing and transferring five automatic "Sten" guns. After pleading guilty to one count of possession, the other counts were dismissed, and Stewart was sentenced to two years' probation. Stewart says he was entrapped. Because of his felony conviction, Stewart cannot legally possess any firearms. A staunch Second Amendment advocate, Stewart believes all state and federal firearms laws are unconstitutional and illegal. He also says someone who has served his sentence should not be penalized afterward by having his or her Second Amendment rights restricted...."

WorldNetDaily 6/23/00 Ed Oliver "…..Stewart continued to manufacture his Maadi-Griffin kit guns after his conviction and advertised them without trouble until last week. …….. In last Friday's raid, the BATF arrested Stewart for felony possession of a firearm. Federal agents said they found 38 firearms in his home, including six machine guns, but the criminal complaint filed the day after the raid charged him with possessing a single Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357 magnum revolver. ……. Mangan said it is common to charge someone initially with only what is necessary in order to hold him. ……U.S. Magistrate Judge Morton Sitver issued the warrant on June 14 at 5:37 pm, for a search to be performed on or before June 23. ….."

WorldNetDaily 6/23/00 Ed Oliver "…..On March 31, Bettendorf initiated an investigation into alleged firearm violations by Stewart and his wife Naomi. ….. Bettendorf obtained Stewart's criminal and motor vehicle records and sent an undercover agent to contact Stewart about buying a rifle kit. From the account by the undercover agent, Stewart spoke to him like he believed what he was doing was legal. Stewart told him he kept the operation at his home limited to the unfinished parts kits, and that assembly of the kits could not take place at his home. …….. The agent, however, said Stewart told him that he talked to an individual named "Williams" from ATF about the parts kit. "Stewart said that Williams was concerned that the receiver could be readily converted into a firearm. Stewart said he 'blew him off,' and it does not make any difference if it is easy or difficult to convert the receiver." …….."

WorldNetDaily 6/23/00 Ed Oliver "…..The .50- caliber rifle kit purchased by the undercover agent was sent to the ATF Firearms Technology Branch for examination. On June 1, Bettendorf received a report from Curtis Bartlett at the Technology Branch, which determined that the rifle kit, including the unfinished receiver, could be readily converted to expel a projectile and met the definition of a firearm under 18 USC section 921-(a) (3). ……..The particular code section cited by the technology branch reads, in part, "(3) The term 'firearm' means (A) any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by action of an explosive; (B) the frame or receiver of any such weapon ." …..Bartlett reported that he made the required cuts on the receiver in approximately 35 minutes using a Dremel hand grinder. He then completely assembled the rifle and successfully fired it………"

WorldNetDaily 6/23/00 Ed Oliver "…..Bettendorf ran a check of ATF licensing records on June 7 to see if Robert or Naomi Stewart, Maadi-Griffin or JNS supply were licensed to sell or manufacture firearms. Bettendorf said he found none. The agent obtained a search warrant based on probable cause that Robert and his wife Naomi are manufacturing and dealing firearms without a license, and Robert is a felon shipping/possessing a firearm affecting interstate commerce. ……..The text for a radio ad for the Maadi-Griffin, which still runs on the Genesis Communication Network, reads in part, "When it's time to call out the big guns, it's time to call out the Maadi-Griffin and the .50-Caliber BMG ... Get this, there's no federal firearms license, federal firearms tax, or registration required -- ever. The kits can be assembled in less than an hour-and-a-half including millwork. Even though these babies are super high power and incredibly accurate at long range, the recoil is less than a twelve-gauge shotgun. . At Maadi-Griffin, they honor your Fourth Amendment rights -- no records, no serial numbers, no worries. All kits are complete and have a lifetime warranty ."

WorldNetDaily 6/23/00 Ed Oliver "…..Bob Stewart said he thinks the BATF was really after his customer list, and apologized on the air to his customers that he was unable to prevent his records, including credit card information, from being seized by the BATF. Stewart advised people who purchased his rifle to put it away someplace and be prepared for a knock on the door. ……"

Toogood Reports 6/21/00 Charles Morse "…..An organized, trained, uniformed, and heavily armed Militia marched through the streets of Houston, Fri. June 16, reports the Houston Chronicle, and yet, there has been little national media coverage, no discussion from the usual commentators and savants, and no comment from the White House. The gun control lobby, the anti-militia crowd, and their assorted left-wing camp followers have been silent. Even though this private army was reported to be carrying AK-47s, which have been illegal in the U.S. since the 1930´s, the Houston DA´s office doesn´t expect to file charges. Far less evidence of illegal weaponry resulted in the Waco home invasion and subsequent holocaust in April 1993. Why the double standard? ……. This militia was part of the "New" Black Panther Party. Along with the National Black United Front and the New Black Muslim Movement, the Panthers were "protesting" outside the George R. Brown Convention Center while the State GOP was being addressed by Laura Bush, wife of the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee. The issue, which prompted the Panthers to don their jack-boots and black uniforms, was the death penalty, particularly as it pertains to the scheduled execution of convicted murderer Gary Graham. That the Black Panthers would advocate against the death penalty, given their own well-documented history of executions against "traitors", is in and of itself the epitome of hypocrisy......." 6/29/00 Amy Collins "…..At issue is whether the Second Amendment says the right to bear arms is guaranteed to an individual, or to the states and their militias. The high court has not made a Second Amendment ruling for more than 60 years. …….. Emerson was arrested and charged with violating a restraining order obtained by his wife in connection with divorce papers. But in March 1999, a judge in Texas said the law used to protect women in divorce from domestic violence was invalid and ruled that Emerson could not lose his right to gun ownership simply because he was the target of a restraining order. The federal charges were dismissed. ……."A judge has actually invalidated something in the name of gun rights, and that actually doesn't happen very often," says Akhil Reed Amar, a constitutional law professor at Yale Law School. That decision is now under review by the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. The judges are expected to rule sometime during the next few months. The losing side could next appeal to the Supreme Court. ……Gun-control advocates call the case "potentially dangerous" if it is not reversed. ……"A great deal of mischief could be done and some very sensible gun laws could be at risk," says Dennis Henigan, general counsel for Handgun Control Inc. ……The original public defender on the case, David Guinn, indeed says that many federal gun laws may have to be examined and eased if the Emerson case gets to the Supreme Court. "It's the very first case to say there is an individual right to own a gun and that it doesn't belong to some fictional militia that no one's heard of," says Guinn, now a partner with the private firm Hurley, Reyes and Guinn. ….." 6/29/00 Amy Collins "…..The last time the high court weighed in, the case involved a bootlegger named Jack Miller who transported a sawed-off shotgun across state lines, in violation of the National Firearms Act of 1934. Miller argued that the Firearms Act violated his Second Amendment rights, but the court disagreed in 1939, saying the sawed-off shotgun was not likely to be a weapon needed in a state militia under the Second Amendment. "Miller did not answer the crucial question of whether the Second Amendment embodies an individual or collective right to bear arms, " Judge Cummings said in his ruling. …… "Although its holding has been used to justify many previous lower federal court rulings circumscribing Second Amendment rights, the Court in Miller simply chose a very narrow way to rule on the issue of gun possession under the Second Amendment, and left for another day further questions of Second Amendment construction. "….." 6/29/00 Amy Collins "….. A number of organizations unrelated to Emerson and his family have weighed in on whether he has the right to own a gun. …..The National Rifle Association of America makes a clear argument for individual rights in an amicus brief it filed in U.S. vs. Emerson. "The Second Amendment simply forbids the federal government from infringing the right of individual American citizens to keep and bear arms,and this prohibition contributes to fostering 'a well regulated militia' by preserving the armed citizenry from which the framers believed that such a militia should be drawn," the NRA argues. ……In his federal ruling for the Northern District of Texas, San Angelo Division, Cummings examined the Second Amendment from a number of angles. He said the case for individual rights is supported in James Madison's original draft of the amendment, as well as events that may have shaped framers' thinking, including the Boston Tea Party and King James II's disarming of the Protestants in England. ……..Amid his examination of drafts, the Federalist Papers and historical events, the judge also breaks down the grammar of the Second Amendment. That too, he ruled, indicates intent to favor of individual rights. ……But not everyone believes the case involves such lofty constitutional issues……" 6/29/00 Amy Collins "….. Some scholars say this is all really about a due process technicality: whether the doctor was clearly notified that he was no longer able to own a gun once he was the subject of a restraining order. "Everybody has focused in the Second Amendment, but really this is a notice case," says Bill Mateja, an assistant U.S. attorney based in Lubbock, Texas, who argued the case before the appeals judges two weeks ago. …….. While some restraining orders spell out that provision, Mateja said, the one served to Emerson did not. However, when Emerson originally bought his gun, those papers did indeed tell him that his gun ownership would be prohibited if he was subject to a restraining order….. "

Sacromento Bee Newspapaer 6/29/00 "…..In a ruling hailed by gun-control advocates, the state Supreme Court on Thursday upheld California's sweeping 1989 assault weapon ban that has served as a model for numerous other states. The decision, which reversed a state Court of Appeal ruling that had held portions of the Roberti-Roos law unconstitutional, means California's decade-old effort to ban certain assault-style weapons is intact and that the state's efforts to keep such weapons off the streets may continue ..."

Los Angeles Times 6/28/00Carl Ingram "…….SACRAMENTO--In a half-win for advocates of stricter firearms controls, a Senate committee voted Tuesday to license new handgun owners, but refused to require registration of pistols and revolvers. The bill, AB 273, by Assemblyman Jack Scott (D-Altadena), would require purchasers of new handguns to pass a written safety exam and an actual firing test as a condition of ownership. Licensing would start Jan. 1, 2002...."

World Net Daily 6/28/00 David Bresnahan "…..SOUTH JORDAN, Utah -- A group of fifth-grade students here held a mock trial and delivered a unanimous decision -- that adults with concealed firearm permits should be permitted to have guns in schools. Students at the South Jordan Elementary School have conducted mock court trials for the past seven years. Teacher Laurie Erickson explained that the students selected the topic from a list of several presented to them. …..Students took part as attorneys, judge and bailiff, while the rest of the class members served as the jury. ……. Rep. Merrill Cook, R-Utah, was the star of the show. He told the young jurors that he did not personally want teachers to have firearms in school, but he also did not want to deny them their right to carry a firearm if that is their choice and if they have a concealed firearm permit. Janalee Tobias, the founder of Women Against Gun Control, also testified at the "trial." Tobias spoke as a mother, and said she was concerned about violence in schools, telling the students, "I want my kids to be protected." ……. She complained that gun-control advocates often use "their children as props for gun control." She said she was happy the students chose such an important topic and asked such good questions on their own. …… Tree gun control advocates who want all guns banned from schools testified. The students invited their own principal, Richard Allred, to speak on behalf of banning guns in school. Jeremy DeWall, a sophomore at Bingham High School, also testified against allowing in-school firearm possession……In the end, the student jurors declared Cook and Tobias the winners in a unanimous decision. ……"

Reuters 6/24/00 "……Britain's Sunday Telegraph newspaper quoted former Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Ahmed Zaki Yamani as saying oil prices are set to crash in the next five years and the "oil age" would end. "I can tell you with a degree of confidence that after five years there will be a sharp drop in the price of oil," was quoted as saying. "The price will stay high for the moment because of high demand." ……. He was quoted as saying the discovery -- as yet unannounced -- of huge oil fields in Kazakhstan and in the northern Caspian Sea, coupled with finds in Egypt, Yemen, Angola and Nigeria would also contribute to increasing oil supplies. Iraqi oil, currently languishing under sanctions, would also make a return, he was quoted as saying. ..."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 6/19/00 Scott Carpenter "….. By January 1, 2001 all gun owners in Canada must be licensed under the new gun control system ushered in almost six years ago by the Liberals in the form of Bill C-68. Apparently though, things aren't going quite as well as the Liberals and their employees down at the Canadian Firearms Centre have planned. The licensing process (never mind the registry) is way behind. Way, way behind. In fact, both ends of the new law (the registry and the licensing system) are so far behind that the CFC is offering new cut rate prices for possession only licenses and, in a fit of generosity unparalleled in Liberal history, the CFC has decided to wave the $25 transfer fee for registering a firearm (at least for the foreseeable future)……."

10/14/94 UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Robert D. STEWART, Defendant-Appellant. "……Defendant was convicted in the United States District Court for the District of Utah, Bruce S. Jenkins, J., of illegally possessing and transferring machine gun, and defendant appealed his sentence. The Court of Appeals, McKay, Circuit Judge, held that although transcript of sentencing hearing revealed some ambiguity, taken as whole, transcript indicated that district court fully understood extent of its discretion to give downward departure from sentencing guidelines and properly exercised that discretion. …… The facts in this case are undisputed. Mr. Stewart, a gun collector, was requested by undercover police officers to obtain and deliver to them five World War II era "sten" machine guns, purportedly to be sold to another gun collector. Mr. Stewart purchased gun kits through a mail order magazine, constructed the guns, and delivered them as specified. At the sentencing hearing, Mr. Stewart argued that he should receive a downward departure under § 5k2.11. This section, known as the "intended use" exception, allows a downward departure where the conduct does "not cause or threaten the harm or evil sought to be prevented by the law proscribing the offense at issue." ……….. United States Sentencing Comm'n Guidelines Manual, § 5k2.11, at 368-69 (1994). Mr. Stewart argued that his conduct fell within this exception because he thought the guns were going to a legitimate collector, and because the type of gun involved is not an effective weapon and is generally purchased solely as a collector's item. For these reasons, Mr. Stewart did not believe that any violent crimes and/or loss of human life would result from his sale of the weapons. ……." 6/22/00 Carl Limbacher "…… The Houston, Texas contingent of the New Black Panther Party will be armed and ready for a 'gunfight' with the Ku Klux Klan at the site of Thursday's scheduled execution of convicted killer Gary Graham, Panther Information Minister Quanell X told Fox News Channel Wednesday night. "It wouldn't make any sense, sir, for us to take a butter knife to a gunfight," said Minister X, when FNC's Tony Snow asked if the Panthers would be armed during their own death watch protest. ……The Panther spokesman said he had information that an armed group of Klan members planned to travel to Livingston, Texas to demonstrate in favor of Graham's execution. ……On Friday, 15 AK-47-toting Black Panthers emerged from a stretch Humvee limousine in downtown Houston and marched on the Texas state GOP convention. …..The armed protest took place just yards from the podium where Texas First Lady Laura Bush addressed the convention 90 minutes later. ……"

Wired 6/21/00 Declan McCullagh "……The FBI computer that performs background checks on prospective gun buyers is sluggish and prone to unexplained failures, experts told Congress on Wednesday. Glitches in the massive database that records information on about 38 million Americans have blocked law-abiding citizens from purchasing firearms for personal protection and delayed one-quarter of all such transactions, witnesses said during a hearing of the Senate Judiciary committee. "Instead of an instant check, we have a system that too often causes needless delay to law-abiding citizens who are simply exercising their constitutional rights," said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), the panel's chairman. "System outages are a major culprit." ……… Hatch said he supports the concept of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), but blamed the Clinton administration and the FBI for not running it properly. Some Democrats, including Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), echoed the criticism. An FBI representative said the agency is trying to fix its technical problems. ……"

FindLaw Legal News 6/21/00 AP "…..Corrupt gun dealers and gun shows are illegally distributing large numbers of firearms, according to a report being cited by the Clinton administration to buttress its case for stricter controls. The report Wednesday by the Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms found that while corrupt licensed gun dealers were involved in fewer than 10 percent of ATF's investigations, they were associated with the largest total number of diverted guns - 40,365. They also had the highest average number of guns per investigation, 354. ……… Gun shows, where licensed and unlicensed dealers sell, were associated with the second-highest average number of guns per investigation, 130, and accounted for nearly 26,000 trafficked firearms. But 14 percent of ATF investigations involved firearms trafficked at gun shows. ……."

Seattle Weekly 6/22/00 Knute Berger "…… RAY CARTER GAZES thoughtfully at the rifle he's holding--a powerful weapon that looks like one of those Winchesters Chuck Conners brandished on the old TV series The Rifleman. Only this gun looks bigger, like it would have the kick of an enraged kangaroo. At least, that's what I thought as I stood there with a pair of hot-pink "ears," those deafening headset contraptions like ground crews wear at the airport in order to dampen the cacophony. I was considering whether or not to try Big Bertha out. "I guess you have to be genetically predisposed to like things that go bang," Carter says. ……….."We" meaning this Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-friendly shooting group, brought together by an organization called Cease Fear. After brunch at the Rosebud Café on Capitol Hill, the group found its way across the big bad lake for one of its periodic target shoots--a low-key affair for mostly novice shooters. The difference, of course, is that this is turf where the NRA meets Gay Pride. Oh yes, and some people wear hot-pink headsets. …….. CEASE FEAR BEGAN, appropriately enough in the Silicon Forest, as an online idea. Gun owner discussion groups became a great way for some of the newer and younger of the "gun community" to meet each other. Some, like Ray Carter, a former cochair of Pride's Freedom Day Committee, were longtime gun enthusiasts who happened to be gay. ……The idea behind Cease Fear is to move guns out of the redneck realm and make safety and self-defense training available to various "minority" communities, including gays and lesbians. Last fall, with event cosponsors that included the Microsoft Gun Club, the Jewish Defense League, and the state Libertarian Party, Cease Fear held classes at Home Alive. One of these, "Refuse to be a Victim," was developed by the National Rifle Association and is aimed at women. As much as anything, it teaches people how to see trouble coming and avoid it. They also offered a home firearm safety course that teaches the rules of the road to anyone thinking of picking up a gun, even if it's only to get rid of it. ……"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 7/14/00 Raja Mishra "..... Boston's $100 million lawsuit against the gun manufacturers cleared a major hurdle Thursday as a state judge refused the firearm industry's request to dismiss the case. The decision makes the city's case the only one in the nation to survive challenges by gunmakers and legislatures. Similar lawsuits, which contend manufacturers bear some responsibility for the toll gun-related violence has taken on communities, have been dismissed in Cincinnati, Bridgeport, Conn. and Miami. Many of the counts in a suit by the city of Chicago were also dismissed. State lawmakers have blocked suits in Atlanta, New Orleans and Detroit. More than 20 others are still pending but have not progressed beyond the initial stage. ......"

Associated Press 7/11/00Jennifer Loven "……Two Cabinet members lent support Tuesday to a private effort intended to recruit college students for a gun-control campaign. ``We are still one of the most violent nations in the world,'' Attorney General Janet Reno told Tuesday's audience of about 400, most of them students interning for the summer at Washington's many advocacy groups, law firms, and government offices. ``But that does not have to be. ... We can do something about it, but we have got to wake up America.'' ……… Reno called gun violence an epidemic, saying that 29,829 people died from gun-related injuries in 1998 - or 82 deaths a day - despite dramatic reductions in violent crime in recent years. The ``First Monday 2000'' campaign hopes to build on enthusiasm created by the Million Mom March in May and inspire students from law, nursing, social work and medical schools to organize events for Oct. 2, the day the Supreme Court begins its next term. The Alliance for Justice, which is organizing the effort, envisions hundreds of simultaneous rallies, town hall meetings and door-to-door campaigns across the country that day. ……"

ElectronicTelegraph 7/13/00 Philip Delves Borughton "……A TEXAN judge has been told off for repairing his guns in court during jury selection for a murder trial and allowing his court bailiff to read a newspaper article about a man being eaten by a python. Judge H Lon Harper was admonished by Texas's State Commission on Judicial Conduct on Wednesday for failing "to maintain order and decorum in the courtroom". Mr Harper, a visiting state District Judge, was supposed to be overseeing jury selection in the case of Anthony Haynes, who was facing the death penalty after being accused of shooting and killing a policeman. ........…."

Chicago Tribune 7/30/00 "…….The Clinton administration says it will continue paying local governments to buy back guns from private owners despite orders from House budget appropriators to end the program. The $15 million program, Known as Buyback America, is intended to reduce gun violence in cities, particularly around public housing projects, by helping the police and housing authorities purchase firearms for about $50 each, with no questions asked. ……."

NY Daily News 7/29/00 Mike Claffey "……A gun buy-back program to get illegal weapons off the streets had to be altered yesterday after a stampede of court officers tried to cash in. Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes ordered changes in the initiative when he found out that court officers - some of them in uniform - were handing in their old .38-caliber service revolvers. ……. Because the program had pulled in only about 200 guns since the one-month window began July 1, Hynes upped the reward on Monday from $100 to $250 per gun. "We had a surge last night of about 100 guns and they all seem to be .38 service revolvers," said a source in the prosecutor's office. ……"

Heads Up #192 7/30/00 Doug Fiedor "……The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published their annual death statistics last week. And, a funny thing happened on the way to the coroner's office: Gunshot business is down yet again. …….. "Overall, 30,708 people died of firearms in 1998, a 5-percent drop from 1997 and a 22-percent drop from the high of 39,595 in 1993. The age-adjusted death rate from firearms was 11.3 deaths per 100,000 population in 1998, a 7.4-percent drop from 12.2 in 1997 and down sharply from the high of 15.6 in 1993." ……. These are strange statistics, actually. Those on the far left are about to have a fit because these government reports make liars out of them. Every state that instituted concealed carry firearms laws immediately noticed a measurable decrease in death by firearms. This is enough to drive the liberals and socialists positively nuts! Worse yet, the report comes from a branch of the very liberal Department of Health and Human Services. ......"

WorldNetDaily 7/31/00 Geoff Metcalf "……..I have often noted early warning signs that emanate from California and or Europe. Some listeners/readers pooh-pooh those concerns and reply, "California is full of fruits and nuts. ... What they do doesn't affect me." Or "Europe is run by a bunch of inbred elitists who needed our fathers and grandfathers to save their butts in two world wars." Wake up folks. Those absurd socialist New Age goo-goo programs percolating in the Golden State and from the European Union are important -- despite any perceived absurdity. ...... California recently passed some of the most draconian gun legislation in the country. One particularly onerous dollop of legislative excrement is so badly written that even the author is trying to mitigate it (and the governor signed it into law). …… The Ninth Circuit Court (reportedly the most overturned court in the country) recently upheld the bad law. Reasonable legal scholars are praying for Supreme Court intervention, and pessimistic realists are moving to Texas. ......... Recent reports reveal that Britain is suffering an awkward reality-induced problem. Apparently the often-touted English strict gun prohibition has resulted in a significant increase in crime. Duh! I have been screaming for over a decade that there are two axioms our illegitimate cousins in the mainstream refuse to acknowledge: * Communities which permit law-abiding citizens to own and carry guns realize a significant decrease in crime. It isn't rocket science! Bad guys don't want to deal with armed victims. ……. * The opposite is also statistically documented. Communities that ban guns, severely restrict their ownership, and confiscate guns, realize dramatic increases in crime. The reason is denigrated as cliché but it is axiomatic: When you outlaw guns only outlaws have them -- and they will use them…….."

Star-Tribune Newspaper of the Twin Cities Mpls.-St. Paul 8/14/87 Betty Wilson "….Meanwhile, Ted Lattanzio, director of state and local affairs for the National Rifle Association (NRA) in Washington, D.C., said Perpich probably would merit an A rating from the association on its legislative positions. That's a rating that only one of the announced candidates, Sen. Albert Gore Jr. of Tennessee, has received. Others are "middle of the road," or have no rating from the NRA, except Gov. Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts, Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri and Rep. Pat Schroeder of Colorado, who have D or F ratings, he said.... "

New York Times 7/28/00 James Dao "……Asserting that gun manufacturers are in dire jeopardy from a raft of lawsuits by state and local governments, the firearms industry plans to start running commercials during prime-time coverage of the Republican National Convention next week attacking President Clinton and other politicians, mostly Democrats, who support the litigation. "We're being blamed for crime and violence by this administration and big-city mayors whose greedy lawyers are using your tax dollars to sue us," says the narrator in one of the two 60-second spots, which depict a well-dressed man, presumably a lawyer, carefully shredding an American flag. "So now, we need you." ………. The commercials by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry's leading trade association, are part of a broader effort by the group to hurt elected officials who have accused gun makers of being legally responsible for gun violence. The group has also created a political action committee and is using its nationwide network of retailers and gun clubs to register voters. ……."Companies have gone out of business, and will go out of business if this continues," said Robert Delfay, president of the organization that represents 1,800 companies. "This is a critically important election in our history." ……."

Albuquerque Journal 7/22/00 Migue Navrot "…..The deadlocked water battle that has raged for two decades in Santa Fe's historical Guadalupe Neighborhood will soon bow to current sensitivities. Next week, the statue called "The Children's Fountain of Santa Fe" in West De Vargas Park will be disarmed. After a year of thinking about it, area artist Linda Strong has decided to hack off the water pistol that the bronze version of her son uses in an eternal water fight with his sister. As a replacement for the water gun, the boy will get a bronze hose. ……"Why fight it?" Strong asked of the vandalism, critical letters to the editor and other complaints inspired in recent years by the toy gun in her playful statue, which has become a familiar Downtown landmark since it was installed in 1979. ……The fountain depicts two children, Strong's son and daughter, having a water fight. Her daughter Kare, who was 10 years old when the statue was cast, is equipped with a garden hose. Son Lars, 11 years old when immortalized in the fountain, wields a square-barrel squirt gun. He's also packing a slingshot in his back pocket. When the fountain is operating, the two smiling figures blast water at each other in a spray of hydro-glory. ……"

Fox News 7/24/00 "…..Master Lock Co. of Milwaukee has voluntarily recalled about 752,000 gun locks, offering free replacements to customers, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Monday. Two halves of some locks can be manually separated without a key, the commission said in a statement from Washington, D.C. The company, the statement said, reports no consumer complaints of disabled locks because of the problem. The recalled items are described as key-operated, trigger locks for some Smith & Wesson and Walther firearms. ……"

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 7/31/00 Charles Morse "….. A typical example of a Liberal-Left, American Jewish attitude toward Second Amendment rights was expressed by Rabbi Samuel Chiel of Newton, Mass., in an editorial in Boston's Jewish Advocate (8/99) entitled "Looking for a Few Good Resorts." Front Sight, near Las Vegas, is the resort for gun enthusiasts described in the column. Rabbi Chiel sarcastically assumes a posture of incredulity and dismay upon the discovery, by him, that many people who expressed interest in purchasing a townhouse at the resort belonged to an organization called "Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership." He was shocked to discover that "Apparently, there are those (and Jews, yet) who think that guns mean safety. I owe Rabbi Chiel a debt of gratitude for introducing me, and hopefully others, through his viciously negative article, to this excellent group. It's quite heartening to know that there is at least one American Jewish group that understands the concept of freedom....... Chiel is indignant that one of the visitors to the resort, David Nathanson, stated "Look, none of these guys here will ever shoot this kind of gun. What we share is a belief that an armed society is a safe society. Chiel's response is "All of these years I have thought that a safe society is one where people are concerned for each other and willing to work together to make their community a better place for all who live there." Chiel's beliefs are contrary to both Jewish and American tradition, notions of natural law, and common sense……."

nra-ila 7/31/00 NRA-ILA FAX ALERT Vol. 7, No. 30 "……While Congress wrestles with defusing the timebomb created by the Smith & Wesson Sellout, the British-owned gun maker that brokered the landmark cave-in to anti-gun extremists continues to make news. Recent reports that S&W was forced to close two manufacturing plants for the month of July (see FAX Alert Vol. 7, No. 24) have led many to speculate that the gun maker is facing serious financial hardship due to the negative reaction from potential customers who feel S&W has been colluding with enemies of the Second Amendment. Perhaps in an attempt to bolster its sagging bottom line, S&W recently unveiled a new "Summer Savings Promotion," offering customers a $50 rebate on every new S&W handgun they buy between July 15 and August 31. To motivate the sales staff of its stocking dealers, S&W is dangling a $10 cash bonus for every gun they sell, and there lies the rub. ….."

Los Angeles Daily News 7/23/00 Chris Weinkopf "….. Gun-control efforts disarm the honest Racist terrorists are far more sensational than hard-working liquor-store owners. So when a neo-Nazi named Buford O. Furrow Jr. allegedly killed a postal worker, then wounded five people at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills last August, lawmakers and the national media took great interest. ……. But there were no CNN camera crews or grandstanding politicians at the Mission Hills Liquor Jr. Market 11 days ago, when owner Eui Lee did something that hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of Americans do every year. He used a firearm in self-defense. …..Only the Daily News picked up on the story. …… " 7/24/00 Andrew Wolfson "…… Despite the fears of opponents, who branded it the "gunslinger bill," the law enacted in 1996 allowing Kentuckians to carry concealed handguns hasn't triggered wholesale violence or shootouts in the streets. Figures the state police are required to collect annually under the the statute show that permit holders are less likely to be charged with violent crimes than the population at large. …..Only five murder charges were placed against permit holders from 1997 through 1999, or fewer than two per year. Similarly small numbers of forcible rape and assault charges were filed against them. The figures don't specify the weapons used in the crimes. The murder charges, for example, conceivably could be for deaths by stabbing. ……"

National Center for Policy Analysis 7/25/00 "…… Gun-related deaths are declining in the U.S., according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. …..
* Among the population as a whole, 30,708 people died of gunshot wounds in 1998 -- a 5 percent drop from 1997 and a 22 percent decrease since 1993.
* The number of persons under 20 years old dying from gunshot wounds decreased by 10 percent between 1997 and 1998.
* Over 92 percent of the 7,954 firearms deaths among people up to age 24 were among 15 to 24 year olds -- with nearly 94 percent of the deaths due to suicides or homicides.
* Accidents accounted for only 3.5 percent of all gun-related deaths. …….
A spokesperson for the National Rifle Association challenged the youth category as too broad -- observing that many of the so-called "children" are not children at all, but are violent juvenile offenders. ….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 7/26/00 John Sanko "….. Coloradans carrying guns in their cars for protection no longer will have to worry about a Denver police officer citing them under the city's tough anti-firearms laws. Not unless they're from Denver, that is. After years of bickering over the issue, lawmakers approved legislation that goes into effect Aug. 2 making it legal for citizens who have a weapon with them for legitimate purposes to travel to or through another jurisdiction. …."

Washington Weekly 7/31/00 Rep. Traficant, House of Representatives, July 26, 2000 "…..Mr. Speaker, accidental deaths caused by doctors and hospitals in America reached 120,000 per year. Meanwhile, gun deaths have dropped 35 percent. In fact, accidental gun deaths dropped to 1,500 last year. Think about it. We have got hospitals slicing and dicing American people like Freddie Kruger, and Congress is passing more gun laws. Beam me up. There is something wrong in America when one is 80 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than Smith & Wesson. Think about it, 80 to 1. Maybe we need a gun in surgery. …."

Wall Street Journal 8/1/00 John R. Lott Jr. "……Who could possibly oppose laws against "plastic" guns or "cop-killer" bullets? Dick Cheney, for one. According to the Gore campaign, only someone "far outside the mainstream" could vote "no." Yet, despite broad support from both the National Rifle Association and gun-control groups, both were bad laws. They provided placebo cures for imaginary ills…….. The hysteria over "plastic guns" arose in the mid-1980s when the Austrian company Glock began exporting pistols to the U.S. They were labeled "terrorist specials" by the press, and fear spread that their plastic frame and grip would make them invisible to metal detectors. Nobody mentioned that there was over one pound of metal in them. Try going through an airport detector with that. In fact, no guns have ever been produced without at least some metal, nor is there any evidence that such guns can be made……… So what did this supposedly crucial law do? The minimum metal requirement was set at 3.2 ounces, less than a fifth of the metal contained in the Glocks and significantly less than any other gun. The standard was picked because it did not affect anything. No gun maker was hurt, while politicians were able to pretend they were "doing something." The reliable and lightweight Glocks are now one of the favorite pistols of American police officers…….."

Yahoo 8/9/00 Jill Serjeant "……(Reuters) - Families of the victims of an extremist's 1999 shooting spree at a Los Angeles Jewish Center on Wednesday filed what lawyers called a groundbreaking lawsuit against gun makers -- saying they should be held responsible. The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that six firearms manufacturers are liable for ``public nuisance and negligence.'' Three young boys, a teenage girl and a 68-year-old woman were wounded in the Aug. 10 rampage at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in the Los Angeles suburb of Granada Hills. A Philippines-born postman was shot dead minutes after the attack in a nearby suburb. ……."

New York Times 8/10/00 James Dao "…… WASHINGTON, Aug. 9 -- The National Rifle Association said today that it planned to run newspaper and television advertisements during the Democratic National Convention next week attacking the party for wanting "to destroy the Second Amendment," in what the association's leaders called an effort to divide the Democrats' conservative and liberal wings over gun control. ……. In the television spot, which is expected to begin running on cable television news shows this weekend, the actor Charlton Heston, who is also president of the rifle association, looks into the camera and calls the Clinton administration "the most antigun White House in history." "From antigun mayors and marchers to gun-hating celebrities and politicians, they're almost all Democrats," Mr. Heston says. "Tell me: Why are so few Democrats willing to defend constitutional freedom?" ……"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 8/8/00 John Ensslin "….Denver police are looking at using non-lethal alternatives to bullets - including a device that shoots hard plastic balls filled with a peppery powder. Police from several metro agencies will train in Denver next week with a weapon known as PepperBall. A launcher that looks like an old-fashioned tommy gun can fire up to 200 rounds from 30 feet away with slightly less velocity than a paint ball gun, according to the weapon's manufacturer. About 140 law enforcement agencies nationwide have adopted the system, including the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department, said Craig Beery, a spokesman for Jaycor Tactical Systems, the San Diego-based manufacturer. ….."

Los Angeles Daily News 8/7/00 Burt Prelutsky "……I have a terrible confession to make. You see, even though I am not a member of the National Rifle Association, am not a hunter and don't even consider Charlton Heston a particularly good actor, I have no objection to my fellow citizens owning guns. Understand, I am referring to decent, law-abiding people who realize that this is a rather violent society and that the police can't be everywhere at once. Without weapons, how are people supposed to protect themselves from rapists, killers and home invaders? …….. With a kazillion guns already in circulation, Brady Bill or no Brady Bill, I'm afraid we'll never see the day that criminals have to-make do with rocks and sharp sticks. ……."

Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws 8/5/00 Dr.William B. Rogers "…….The mission of Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws (DSGL) is to provide a healthy dose of common sense and honesty to the national debate over gun laws and the role of guns in society. DSGL is especially concerned with the way that medical organizations have allowed their names and professional publications to be used to promote the agenda of the anti-gun/anti-self-defense lobby. ……. Dr. Rogers states: "The anti-gun 'studies' that have been published under the false flag of medical research are conceived, executed, analyzed and broadcast in the media strictly to support the position of organizations, doctors and politicians who do not believe that citizens have the most basic human right of all, the right to self defense." ….."Such concepts as intellectual honesty, peer review and valid statistical analysis are conspicuously absent from this so-called research. And these junk science 'studies' are costing innocent people their very lives." ......"

Washington Post 8/1/00 Guy Gugliotta "……In a finding that casts doubt on one of the pillars of the gun control movement, a new study published today concludes that the Brady law had no effect on firearm homicide and suicide rates in states that previously had no handgun controls. Gun control advocates criticized the study, but also said it reaffirmed the Brady Law's effectiveness in reducing gun crimes nationwide and emphasized the need for further regulation of handgun sales……The study in the Journal of the American Medical Association analyzed national homicide and suicide data between 1985 and 1997, dividing the states into two groups: 32 that installed the Brady Law handgun purchase controls in 1994, and 19 (18 states plus the District) that already had Brady-style restrictions……."

Office of the Govenor - Pataki of New York 8/10/00 "......Governor George E. Pataki today signed into law comprehensive legislation to combat gun violence, including a provision that makes New York the first state to close the so-called gun show loophole by requiring background checks on prospective purchasers for all sales at all gun shows...."

Shotgun News 8/1/00 Neal Knox Report ".....To put Dick Cheney's mid-1980's votes into context, then-Congressman (later bribe-taking felon) Mario Biaggi (D-N.Y.) had been trying to ban "all ammunition" capable of penetrating a police officer's Kevlar bullet resistant vest--which any rifle ammunition will penetrate, so it would have been prohibited. Handgun Control Inc.'s advertising firm named them "Cop Killer bullets." Never mind that armor-piercing handgun bullets were developed for highway patrolmen chasing Bonnies and Clydes in 1936. Never mind that there had never, and has never, been a law enforcement officer killed by penetration of his vest by any kind of an AP bullet. In November 1981, the Justice Department official who had overseen the development of the Kevlar vest called me at NRA Institute and pleaded that I get the news media to shut up about how to defeat the vests, which had then saved 400 officers, and most crooks hadn't even known cops were wearing. According to law enforcement writer Evan Marshall, what the vest-developer feared, happened. HCI's campaign to ban AP bullets apparently educated street thugs to shoot officers in the unprotected head, side or lower abdomen. On June 14, 1984, my successor at NRA-ILA endorsed the compromise "Cop-Killer" bullet bill, which banned civilian purchase of hard-metal bullets designed to pierce car bodies (not Kevlar vests), saying it was important to NRA because it was going to protect our many police officer members. (It made me so mad that I registered as a lobbyist to fight the bill, which didn't pass for two more years.)With both NRA and HCI pushing the bill, only 20 Congressmen had the courage to stand up with Dick Cheney for the Second Amendment......."

Shotgun News 8/1/00 Neal Knox Report ".....The "Undetectable Terrorist Plastic Gun" was another advertising and public relations ruse. Undetectable guns didn't exist (except some throwaways made for the Russian KGB), but anti-gunners stampeded the Congress and the public, and almost succeeded in banning the manufacture of firearms with lighter, less-costly, rust-resistant space age materials. ....... What had them in a tizzy was the Glock, whose polymer frame couldn't be detected by an airport or courthouse magnetometer. But the rest of the gun was sure detectable. Had HCI succeeded in their ban, they would have forbidden production of the modern gun now carried by two-thirds of the nation's police! But without sales to the civilian market, the company couldn't have survived.

Again, NRA supported the "compromise," a seemingly harmless bill that required guns to have at least 3.2 ounces of steel-a fraction of the steel in a Glock's barrel and slide. .........But where does the Constitution provide the authority for Congress to pass even that "harmless-except-for-precedent" infringement of the Second Amendment? Only four Constitutionalists, including Dick Cheney, considered that question. By choosing Dick Cheney, Dubya solidified the gun vote-not just Republican gunowners tempted to follow Pat Buchanan or Harry Browne because of Papa Bush's sins, but gunowning Union Democrats who were about to go back to their unions. No longer are gunowners supporting George W. Bush just to avoid having a continuation of the Clinton-Gore Administration, now they're supporting Bush-Cheney for those are the guys we want in the White House. ....."

Augusta Chronicle 8/9/00 "……The American Medical Association has contended for several years that the nation's ``gun culture'' is one of America's worst health hazards. Maybe so, but according to the AMA's own publication, the highly-touted Brady Act isn't doing anything to cure it. A comprehensive nationwide study by the The Journal of the American Medical Association concludes that the Brady Act, requiring licensed gun dealers to check whether gun-buyers have a criminal record, has had no meaningful impact on the rates of gun homicides or suicides. To be sure, gun-control politicians, including the Clinton-Gore administration, won't be impressed by the findings. The statistics they spout are about the ``thousands of criminals'' who have been denied gun purchases. Judging by JAMA, these criminals simply purchased illegal firearms instead. ……"


Century International Arms 8/18/00 "..... On the day Al Gore accepted the democratic nomination for President, a legal committee at B.A.T.F. effectively banned an entire class of previously importable firearms. The following Century semi-auto rifles are affected and will no longer be available once inventory is depleted: SAR-1, SAR-2, SAR-3, MISR, STG-58, Centurion 58, FAL, Cetme and G3. In addition to the above, Garand rifles and parts for Garand rifles are no longer importable. Once we are out of our inventory they will no longer be available in the United States. ......"

WorldNetDaily 8/12/00 Reuters "…..- Saying it did not want to open a "Pandora's box" for lawsuits against other industries, an appeals court has upheld a judge's decision to throw out a suit by the city of Cincinnati seeking to recover millions of dollars from gun manufacturers. In its unanimous decision Friday, the Ohio First District Court of Appeals likened the city suit to the "absurdity" of suing the makers of matches because of losses from arson. ……"

8/18/00 robnoel "….. We have just received "Inside Information" BATF has now banned the importation of "Assault Weapon" Receivers and Barrels. This action will prohibit the importation of Foreign made original High-capacity Receivers and Barrels such as those being used to assemble in AK rifles, G-3 rifles, and FAL rifles. Our items effected by these measures are the AK-SAR1, SAR2, and SAR3 rifle. The FAL STG-58 rifle, The CETME G-3 rifle, and the Imbel FAL Metric Receivers. …..SOURCE: AIM "

USA Today 8/14/00 James Freeman "…….Whoever said there wasn't any controversy at the GOP convention just didn't know where to look. Far from the podium, rock star Ted Nugent is holding court and signing copies of his entertaining new book, God, Guns, and Rock 'N' Roll. The crowd lined up to see the "Motor City Madman" includes Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and various federal agents taking a break from convention security detail. …….. Nuge also lays down a challenge to reporters beating up Dick Cheney for opposing limits on plastic guns: "I want someone to show me a plastic gun. Unless you're talking about water pistols, there's no such thing! The Glock that they're talking about is 80% metal. And the plastic shows up on metal detectors anyway." ......, In the mid-1970s, Ted Nugent was the biggest live act in music. Today, the ageless rocker is still delivering on stage - his visit to the GOP convention is sandwiched between tour dates opening for KISS. Ted's basic message hasn't changed much over several decades of performing. Ever since he began in music, Nugent has proudly carried a gun, rejected drugs and paid homage to police officers. They've noticed. When Ted's limo drops him off at the security barrier almost a mile from Philly's First Union Center, the cops begin shouting and waving. ……... Nugent says law-abiding citizens should learn how to use guns and carry them all the time. He says people should be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones. Says Nugent, "The question is, can you neutralize evil, or does evil win?" ...... Today, this qualifies as a crazy idea in media debates. But think about it. You buy insurance to minimize risks to your life and to your property. You insure against the loss of your ability to make money. And certainly, if someone wanted to take your life savings, you'd mount a vigorous defense.. ......"

Carroll County Times 8/15/00 Kevin Miller "……Carroll school officials expect to incorporate their self-made gun safety curriculum into health education programs for students in kindergarten through grade nine this coming school year, officials said Monday. The curriculum - developed by teachers, police and citizens during the past six months - uses annual lessons on decision-making and conflict resolution to better prepare children for situations involving a gun. …….. Lesson plans were developed with each age group's maturity level in mind. They range from puppet shows and role-playing for the youngest students to the possibility that ninth-graders could hear a real 9-1-1 tape of a call made after a person was accidentally shot. The curriculum will not, however, include any hands-on exercises with guns and is in no way intended to be a shooting safety course, said people involved in drafting the lessons. ……"

Florida Times-Union 8/9/00 Jim Schoettler "……Five Jacksonville gun dealers were arrested yesterday after being accused of selling guns without asking for information needed to ensure the buyers weren't convicted felons or otherwise not eligible. The men, three of whom own local gun shops, are accused of breaking federal law by selling 31 guns in a "straw purchase" scheme. A straw purchase occurs when the gun buyer uses someone else to fill out a federal firearms transaction form because he may be prohibited from buying the weapon, said U.S. Attorney Donna Bucella. ……Authorities said the seven-month investigation involved undercover purchases by two men who went into gun dealerships, bought firearms and indicated that someone else would fill out the paperwork. Such information as the name, age and place of residence of the two men wasn't recorded by the people who sold the weapons, court records said. …..Those arrested were: Wayne Miller, 55, owner of Southside Guns II; Jim Rose, 63, owner of Cassat Gun; Jim Webb, 62, owner of American Gold Exchange; Abe Farhat, 39, employee of Green Acres Sporting Goods; and Harvey Branch, 62, an employee of Fox Jewelry & Loan. ….." Freeper adds "….After speaking with a good friend who knows one of the accused personally, one of the questionable purchases involved a man who indicated he was purchasing the gun for his wife as a gift. Now help me here. I can buy a car for my husband, but not a gun as a gift? There goes his Christmas present! In all other aspects of life, especially when dealing with the IRS, the federal government recognizes a husband and a wife to be a joint entity - mutually responsible to the government. But guns are different??……"

The Washington Times 8/13/00 Margie Hyslop "……Gun makers are mulling whether to limit shipments to Maryland, where new laws rquiring them to provide casings of bullets fired from handguns will go into effect Oct. 1. A casing bearing unique marks from a gun's barrel and firing pin is to be packaged with each handgun, then forwarded to state police after the guns are sold. Police can than more easily determine a gun's origin if it is ever used in a crime. …… Gun trade association and industry executives said most manufacturers are likely to begin recovering, packaging and shipping bullet casings regardless of where their guns are sold, noting that New York is set to implement a law similar to Maryland's on March 1. ….."

WorldNetdaily 8/11/00 Jon Dougherty "......Call it a reasonable compromise, call it "statesmanship," or call it an act of genuine heartfelt concern -- but whatever its label, New York Republican Gov. George Pataki's signature on a new "sweeping" statewide gun control measure on Thursday was little more than a death sentence for scores of residents. And it left me wondering how many more innocent Americans will be killed by better-armed thugs who could give a rat's rear about gun control laws before we, as a nation, realize that disarming ourselves in the face of such odds is utopian at best and downright stupid at worst. ...... Pataki, in defense of this shameful cave-in to the leftist anti-gun wackos, justified his actions by saying, in essence, "Hey -- this new law has nothing in it harmful for lawful gun owners, so don't you worry." Never mind that with each new gun control law, swaths of citizens become criminals or have the potential to be criminals with the stroke of a pen. Good grief, governor. Criminalizing an action creates -- anybody? -- criminals, often of previously "law abiding persons." Are we saying that no one in New York owns a now-banned "assault rifle," bought legally -- perhaps on Wednesday? ......"

Keep and Bear 8/10/00 CD Tavares "...... To understand the hidden danger implicit in our government's push to require trigger locks on every gun "for the sake of the children," one first needs to know something about guns and trigger locks -- a step too many politicians skip. Many of our politicians simply never learned that a trigger lock is not designed to secure a gun that's capable of firing -- only a gun that's already harmless. First, an unloaded gun can't ever shoot anyone. The main danger to curious children lies in loaded, unsecured guns. People assume trigger locks will solve this. Now, examine an actual trigger lock. The instructions molded into the side say: "DO NOT INSTALL THIS LOCK ON A LOADED GUN." Why? Because the last thing you want to be doing with a loaded gun is fooling around in the vicinity of its trigger. That's a sure formula for an accidental discharge. ......"

Los Angeles Times 8/23/00 John R Lott Jr. "……. Who could possibly oppose licensing handgun owners? Requiring training for potential gun owners both in a classroom and at a firing range before they are allowed to buy a gun seems obvious. Licensing, especially when eventually coupled with registration, will supposedly also help identify criminals and prevent them from getting guns. ….. …….. In theory, if a gun is left at the scene of the crime, licensing and registration will allow a gun to be traced back to its owner. But, amazingly, despite police spending tens of thousands of man hours administering these laws in Hawaii (the one state with both rules), as well as in big urban areas with similar laws, such as Chicago and Washington, D.C., there is not even a single case where the laws have been instrumental in identifying someone who has committed a crime. ......, The reason is simple. First, criminals very rarely leave their guns at the scene of the crime. Would-be criminals also virtually never get licenses or register their weapons. ...... So what of the oft-stated claim that licensing will somehow allow even more comprehensive background checks and thus keep criminals from getting guns in the first place? Unfortunately for gun control advocates, there is not a single academic study concluding that background checks reduce violent crime. ...... The Journal of the American Medical Assn. this month published an article showing that the Brady law produced no reduction in homicides or suicides. Other, more comprehensive research actually found that the waiting period in the Brady law slightly increased rape rates. ……"

American Partisan 8/23/00 Diane Alden "…… No longer does the federal government merely arm the U.S. Marshall's service, the Secret Service, the FBI, the Border Patrol, DEA, BATF and the military. Today the IRS, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, EPA, the Forest Service and even the Small Business Administration are carrying firearms. …….. In the deadly incidents of over-reaction at Ruby Ridge and Waco, hardly a flak-jacketed bureaucrat paid any meaningful price. Expanding the power of federal agencies to use force against U.S. citizens means the possibility of another Ruby Ridge or Waco are increasing. Every state can cite instances in which bureaucrats armed to the teeth are conducting military style operations……. To the Founding Fathers, a federal police force was unthinkable, and individual citizens were advised to keep and bear arms. Thomas Jefferson said, "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny of government." ……."

Source: ABCNEWS 8/22/00 AP "…..A man reached a deal with prosecutors, avoiding trial on accusations he carelessly stored a handgun that a 6-year-old boy allegedly used to kill a classmate at school. Jamelle James, 19, agreed to plead no contest to an involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of 6-year-old Kayla Rolland, Cindy Gilliam of the Genesee County clerk's office said. His trial had been set to start this morning. James previously had pleaded innocent to the charge. He would have faced up to 15 years in prison if convicted…….. In exchange for the no contest plea, prosecutors agreed to ask the court to impose a sentence of no more than two years, Gilliam said. A no contest plea isn't an admission of guilt but is treated as such for sentencing purposes…….."

Reuters 8/24/00 "…..A Tennessee used car dealer is shooting back at anti-gun campaigners with a Saturday special this week: Buy a car and get a free rifle. "The only problem is it has hurt sales. Everyone's waiting until Saturday to come in and buy a car," Greg "Lumpy" Lambert, head of Advantage Auto Sales, told Reuters on Wednesday. On what he has dubbed "Second Amendment Saturday" -- a reference to the U.S. Constitution's arms bearing provision -- buyers will receive a voucher redeemable for a used, bolt action rifle at GunCraft Sports in nearby West Knoxville, Tennessee. "It's perfect for deer hunting," Lambert said. ......"

WorldnetDaily 5/21/99 Sarah Foster "…….President Clinton doesn't need to sign an executive order to start a full-scale gun grab. He doesn't need to declare martial law if he wants to use the armed forces to deal with public unrest. And if he figures a state government isn't doing all it should to enforce some federal law that nobody likes, he can use federal troops to make certain that the law is complied with -- even if the governor and everyone living in the state are adamantly opposed to it. He can do all these things on his own, without seeking advice or approval from Congress. Not even the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, which Congress intended as a shield to protect citizens from the military, places any significant limitations on presidential power. That's what Virginia attorneys William Olson and Alan Woll discovered when they looked into the matter for Gun Owners of America, a Washington-based lobbying organization dedicated to defending the Second Amendment………. "

AP 8/26/00 "……..KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A gun giveaway at a used car dealership attracted lots of attention Saturday and new members for gun groups, but just three customers bought a vehicle and accepted a voucher for a free rifle. "No one bought a car today just to get a rifle, it was just icing on the cake," auto dealer Greg "Lumpy" Lambert told The Knoxville News-Sentinel as the sale ended. ……"

Miami Herald 8/27/00 Carolyn Salazar "…… In the face of a lawsuit by the National Rifle Association and a wide-scale recall of nearly a million gun locks, the city of South Miami kicked off its controversial gun-safety awareness initiative Saturday by giving away more than 325 gun locks. The city has launched an aggressive campaign, lining the streets with ''in-your-face'' advertisements on gun safety. After passing an ordinance requiring the use of gun locks within city limits, the city began offering gun-safety classes for adults and children. 'We're trying to protect the safety of the children in this community,'' said Mayor Julio Robaina. ''And this is just the beginning.'' …… Under South Miami's ordinance, weapon owners who do not use a gun lock will be slapped with a $250 fine the first time they are caught and a $500 fine for each subsequent offense. The NRA sued the city last month claiming the ordinance is unconstitutional. ……" 8/27/00 Wall Street Journal "…….. It appears that the gun-safety agreement that Smith & Wesson, the nation's largest handgun manufacturer, signed with the U.S. government has not turned out to be beneficial for the company, the Wall Street Journal reported Aug. 24. ……. In exchange, the company was supposed to receive preferential treatment in government gun purchases and be removed from government lawsuits. However, Smith & Wesson continues to be a defendant in all but one of the cases. Furthermore, preferential buying from government agencies has been slow to materialize. "Smith and Wesson is a long way from being satisfied," said one Smith & Wesson official. "So we've been a leader. Well, what has it got us?" ……."

Boulder Weekly 8/24/00 "…… The Anti-Defamation League wants pro-gun activists to stop wearing the Star of David when promoting their cause. Bobbie Towbin, associate director of the Anti-Defamation League's Denver office, told the Weekly that Jews in Boulder are complaining about the Tyranny Response Team, which frequently demonstrates in favor of gun rights with bullhorns and signs. Most members wear large Star of David emblems that say "gun owner." Tuesday night, Tyranny Response Team member Shariar Ghalam wore the star on a TV debate that will be aired on Boulder's Public Access Channel 54 throughout September. "Is he Jewish?" asks Towbin. Ghalam says he was born into a Shiite family, but has no official ties to any organized religion. Rather, says Ghalam, he supports and respects all religions. ………. "It's offensive," Towbin says. "It's improper and hurtful to use Holocaust memorabilia, which the gold star is, to further a political purpose, in this case the purpose being gun ownership." ……… "We ask in memory of the six million Jews and millions of others that you refrain from using the Nazi Genocide as a political tool again in the future," her letter states. That request offends Glass, who says his pro-gun sentiment results directly from losing all relatives on his father's side to the Holocaust. The murder of six million Jews, he insists, was facilitated by the taking of guns from Jews. ……… Furthermore, Glass says, he thinks Towbin is lying about Holocaust survivors complaining to her. He said few anti-gun activists were at the hearing and none looked old enough to be Holocaust survivors. Most Jews at the hearing, he says, were on hand to oppose new gun laws in Boulder. ……… Law professor and author David Kopel says Glass is right to connect the Holocaust with gun control. Kopel, a Jewish Boulder resident, says it's inconceivable why the Anti-Defamation League should expect Glass to refrain from wearing the star. "If you take the 'never again' statement seriously, then it's the responsibility of every Jew to work against the conditions that facilitated the Holocaust," Kopel says. "Historically, gun confiscation always precedes genocide, without exception." …….. " 8/26/00 Stephan Archer "….. Having a familiar ring to the "voluntary" income tax forms Americans fill out each April, gun control advocates are proposing a new bill that would force gun owners to fill out a registration form and pay a fee for all handguns in their possession. Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., introduced the Handgun Safety and Registration Act, or S.2099, because "the police should not be limited in their ability to track down criminals." Reed is confident his bill will be approved either by this Congress or the next. ……. If the bill passes, all handgun owners in the United States would be required to obtain a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms registration form and FBI fingerprint form FD-258, either from their local chief law enforcement officer, by mail from the BATF, at a U.S. Post Office or from a regional BATF/Treasury Department facility. ……Currently, only owners of machine guns, short-barrel shotguns and short-barrel rifles, silencers, bombs, grenades and other specialized weapons have to go through this procedure as is required by the 1934 National Firearms Act. However, if S.2099 passes, handguns will become an additional item of the NFA. ......"

John Fund WSJ 9/11/00 "……The figure entering the Fox News green room on Capitol Hill was a little slower and a little grayer than I'd remembered from films, but the voice was unmistakable. Charlton Heston enjoys doing battle for his beliefs, and his voice conveys enthusiasm at being active in public life at age 76. This weekend he was in Washington to promote his new book, "The Courage to Be Free" and to chair a board meeting of the National Rifle Association. …….. "We've never before had a president personally attack on a regular basis an organization the way Mr. Clinton has with the NRA," Mr. Heston said in explaining why he has decided to stay on as NRA president. He says it shouldn't surprise anyone that the NRA has decided to return the Clinton-Gore administration's political fire. This month, the NRA passed the four million member mark, and the $15 million to $20 million it will spend in the fall elections will be double its expenditures in any previous year. In 1994, when the GOP took control of Congress the NRA had only 3.6 million members. ……… Perhaps that's one reason why both Al Gore and Joe Lieberman decided not to attack the NRA directly during the Democratic National Convention, and why Mr. Gore, who supports gun registration, in his acceptance speech called only for "mandatory background checks to keep guns away from criminals and mandatory child safety locks to protect our children." …….. It's fashionable for national political reporters to demonize the NRA. But it's also true that few journalists have ever bothered to find out why so many Americans belong to such a controversial organization. Most NRA members look at the recent successful efforts of governments from Canada to Australia to limit gun ownership and are resolved to give no quarter when it comes to public policy in this country. ……"

Daily Telegraph 9/11/00 "…… NZ kids get 'licence' to play with toy guns Children as young as four in New Zealand are being required to apply for "licences" for toy guns. The scheme was launched at Tahunanui kindergarten in Nelson, South Island, and is spreading rapidly. Children must answer questions and learn rules before they can play gun games. Card licences must then be carried. "They have to tell us the rules of guns and the first rule is that you never point a gun at anybody," said Helen Durbridge, the head teacher.. ..."

The Brazosport Facts (Texas) 9/11/00 Mike Wright "……. Second Amendment advocates are up in arms over a gun-control bill pending in a U.S. Senate committee. Sen. Jack Reed, D-Rhode Island, introduced a bill Feb. 24 that requires all handguns to be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The bill calls for a $50 tax on handguns and requires owners to submit photos, fingerprints and a $5 registration fee every time a handgun is sold "What the bill does, it adds handguns to an already existing class of weapons that includes trip-barreled shotguns, silen-cers, grenades and machine guns," said Greg McCarthy, Reed's press secretary. "The law would require that handguns be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms so a national data base could be compiled of firearms." Lake Jackson resident Mike Warner, a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, said the public needs to be made aware of the bill. "I think it's just another attempt for them to sneak gun registration in the back door," Warner said. ……."

New York Times 9/12/00 James Dao "……Defying expectations, the board of the National Rifle Association declined to endorse Gov. George W. Bush for president at its final meeting of the year on Saturday. The development makes it very unlikely that Mr. Bush will receive the group's formal approval before Election Day, N.R.A. officials said today. That does not mean, however, that the rifle association will sit out the election. Far from it: the organization intends to spend millions of dollars supporting Mr. Bush and trying to discredit his Democratic opponent, Vice President Al Gore, as a threat to gun ownership……."

San Francisco Chronicle 9/12/00 Henry Lee "……An Alameda County Superior Court judge reluctantly agreed to grant a new trial in a lawsuit that claims a gun manufacturer was liable in the death of a 15-year-old Berkeley boy who was accidentally shot by his best friend. Griffin Dix, the father of the victim, Kenzo Dix, voiced gratitude yesterday about Judge Richard Hodge's decision last week, even though the judge said the case against Beretta U.S.A. Corp. was weak and that a state appeals court mandated a new trial on the basis of alleged juror misconduct. ``We're delighted to get another chance to put it before a jury to decide whether there is foreseeable misuse of handguns and whether they should have safety features built into them,'' Dix, 57, said. ….. " 9/13/00 Dr, Michael S. Brown "…… Members of the great American gun culture who actively enjoyed their sport and celebrated their firearms heritage were once considered the backbone of America, both for their militarily valuable shooting skills and for their patriotism. Decades of deliberate attacks by politicians and the media have slowly relegated this important group to the status of a subculture that now feels out of place and at war with its own government. ……… Prior to 1934 there were no federal gun control laws. There was only an odd assortment of gun laws in various states and cities which were intended to disarm racial minorities and immigrants. As far as the federal government was concerned, anyone was free to buy a machine gun or even a cannon, and the level of gun crime was relatively low. Since the National Firearms Act was signed into law in 1934, the number of gun control laws at all levels of government have multiplied exponentially. So has the overall crime rate, which some argue is a direct result of gun control laws that discourage self-defense. ……… Although none of these laws reduced crime, each new law creates another way that a well intentioned gun owner can inadvertently end up in prison or ruined by legal costs......"

Neal Knox 9/9/00 "……NRA Membership has soared to an all-time record 4 million -- which is a direct reflection of gun owners' anger with the Clinton-Gore Administration. The press always hypes the declines in NRA membership, such as the fall-off from the previous record 3.5 million, which occurred the same month the Republicans took control of Congress, January 1995. Gunowners mistakenly thought they could relax. ......... Invariably HCI and the press claims the decline is due to gun owner rejection of "intransigent" NRA positions. But for 40 years NRA membership has risen and fallen according to the size of the perceived threat. The threat has never been greater than right now, hence the record membership. ……."

Newsmax 9/00 Charlton Heston "…… Remember the adage "all politics is local." This year, national politics is more local than ever. Because the state representatives you elect this November will have the power, through congressional re-apportionment after the 2000 census, to shape congressional districts - and thus stack the deck for federal elections - for the next 10 years. This first election of the new millennium could be the last chance for America's first freedom: your right to keep and bear arms. So even if you never do so again, this year, be a single-issue voter. ……… Right now, Al Gore and anti-gun politicians are pushing gun bans, gun registration, gun owner licensing, gun rights rationing, gun sales databases, gunowner photo ids, gun locks, gunmaker lawsuits, gun show shutdowns, gun "buybacks," bans on toy guns and every other kind of feel-good but bad-idea gun gimmick they can dream up. If they win on Nov. 7, for the next decade and beyond, they'll have more power over your life and your rights than you probably ever imagined. …….."

Neal Knox 9/10/00 Neal Knox "……White House Chief of Staff John Podesta sent a clear message this morning that gunowners are going to have their hands full in the last month of Congress. A few days ago, the White House said their number one priority is passing a Federal "hate crimes" law. But this morning Podesta ticked off a list of things they wanted to do on the 11 unenacted government funding bills which must be passed by Oct. 1. The first item on Podesta's list was "Brady amendment." He didn't say what "Brady amendment" the White House has in mind. "Hate crimes" was mentioned a half-dozen issues later. ……… I doubt that it's a coincidence that "gun control" is so high on his list when the Justice Department funding bill -- the most likely "vehicle" for a new gun provision -- will probably be coming up this week. ….."

AP 9/13/00 "……Handgun control advocates took aim Wednesday at GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush's record on guns, saying the Texas governor has supported measures allowing almost any non-felon in Texas to get a concealed weapons permit. …….. Handgun Control Inc. held a Lansing news conference as part of its campaign in 11 key states to tilt the race toward Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore. It considers Gore more open to its call for additional handgun restrictions. ……. ``Bush is and has been a dream come true for the National Rifle Association,'' Bernstein said. ……… But Bush campaign spokesman Bob Hopkins said the Washington, D.C.-based group is distorting Bush's record, especially when it accuses Bush of signing legislation allow concealed weapons to be carried in churches, schools and amusement parks. ……. ``In Texas, Governor Bush did sign legislation, as did governors in 30 other states, to give law-abiding citizens who pass a rigorous background check and proficiency tests the ability to protect themselves and their families,'' Hopkins said. ``Governor Bush did not sign legislation allowing people to bring guns into churches. Under the legislation that he did sign, churches, not the government, have the authority to set their own policy and standards for permit-holders.'' …… Hopkins said Bush strongly supports enforcing existing gun laws and has hired state and federal prosecutors to exclusively prosecute gun offenses. …… Gore has criticized legislation that Bush signed, including a law that prevents Texas cities from suing gun manufacturers. Michigan passed a similar law earlier this year. …… Besides the tour, Handgun Control Inc. is spending $1.2 million to run ads in Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Milwaukee and St. Louis trying to tie Bush to the National Rifle Association. The ads are expected to move to other markets later in the campaign. The ad contains footage of NRA First Vice President Kayne Robinson saying that, if a Republican is elected, ``we'll have a president ... where we work out of their office.'' …… Bush has tried to distance himself from the NRA. ``I don't want to disappoint the man, but I'll be setting up shop in the White House,'' he told reporters this spring after Handgun Control Inc. first began running an ad containing the footage of Robinson. ``It'll be my office, I'll make the decisions as to what goes on in the White House.'' ….."

World Net Daily 9/14/00 Jon Dougherty "…..A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would require all firearms to be registered and mandate the creation of a record of sale for virtually every firearm sold in the U.S. …… The "Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2000," S 2525, is sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and has three noted gun-control advocates as Senate cosponsors: Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.; Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.; and Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J. ……. Schumer helped guide through the so-called assault-weapons ban when he was still a congressman in the House, while Boxer and Feinstein handled the legislation when it came to the Senate. Lautenberg openly touts his gun-control record on his Senate website. …… The bill was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee the day it was submitted, May 9, where it has languished ever since. So far, the bill has not appeared on the committee's legislative schedule. ……. Specifically, S 2525 amends Sect. 922, Title 18 of the U.S. Code to require all persons to license "qualifying" firearms. Applicants for licenses must submit a passport-sized photograph, all personal information, a thumbprint and a statement testifying that applicants are not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing a gun. ……"

Houston Chronicle 9/5/00 "….. When it comes to guns, there's no doubt: Texas is No. 1. A study by the Violence Policy Center of Washington D.C. found Texas is the state with the most gun shows, gun dealers, registered machine guns and firearms manufacturers. The "Gunland USA" rankings were based on data from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Pennsylvania, California, Florida and Ohio were the only other states to be in the top 10 in all five categories. "The study gives a clear picture of each state's role in the proliferation of firearms in America," said Martin Langley, policy for the Center. ….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 9/6/00 Terry Ganey "….. A spokesman for Handgun Control Inc. said Wednesday that KMOV (Channel 4) in St. Louis is the only television station refusing to broadcast its commercial that criticizes George W. Bush's position on concealed weapons. Handgun Control Inc. is a Washington-based anti-handgun lobbying group. Its political director, Joseph Sudbay, said KMOV and its owners, the Belo Corp. of Dallas, refused to air the 30-second spot, charging that it was misleading. ……. " 9/6/00 Dennis Love "…… DIME BOX, Texas -- Along U.S. 290 near this small backwater town, a road sign depicts a brandished musket with this legend: "Texas Independence Trail." Farther up the road in Austin, the state capital, the walls of the ornate Texas Senate chamber are filled with huge tableaus of the Battle of San Jacinto and the famous fall of the Alamo, both seminal events in state history. …….. "Guns are just a part of who we are," says Nadine Walker, 61, a grandmother of 10 whose family goes back several generations in this east Texas countryside. "It's not a bad thing. Around here, we take pride in taking care of ourselves." …… Wherever one goes in Texas, it seems, reminders are plentiful of the Lone Star State's violent history, of its bloody battle for independence from Mexico, and of its reliance on guns to win that struggle. Today, Texas arguably is the most gun-friendly region in America -- which has rained attention on the gun policies of George W. Bush, the Texas governor and Republican presidential nominee. ……..In the six years since Bush took office, the concept of an armed citizenry as a deterrent to crime seems to have taken a cement-like hold here……. "

Sierra Times 9/6/00 J J Johnson "…… Sometime in the future, you may hear the name Antonio Calderon, former law-enforcement officer as the victim of the next state sponsored assault via the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, along with the regular cadre of local police from the Las Vegas area wanting to make prime time television. Here's why: Antonio is a 9-year veteran of law enforcement, including time as an enforcement officer with the Internal Revenue Service's audit division. He resides in Henderson Nevada, just outside Las Vegas. Since his layoff from the Clark County Family Youth Detention Facility, he has been making ends meet as a bodyguard - a job that requires a Concealed Carry Permit (CCW). Calderon has had his Nevada CCW since 1995. He is also a firm believer in the Second Amendment. But like the Emerson Case in Texas, a bad marriage has come back to haunt Antonio Calderon………. To add insult, a police report was filed the next day against Calderon by Richard Ciolino, the ex-wife's fiancé even though Calderon, a man with no criminal record whatsoever called the police himself. …….. Calderon was served with a protected order signed by a Judge by the Las Vegas Metro (police) that he had to appear in court on misdemeanor charges of "harassment and making threats" Calderon denies any of the claims in the criminal complaint. The order was filed on August 15………. On that same day, Calderon received a notice from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department that due to NRS 202.3657, his Concealed Firearms Permit was suspended "effective immediately". Metro was even nice enough to send him a stamped, self-addressed envelope to return his CCW permit…….. "

Wall St Journal 9/5/00 Mark Helprin "……If you can hallucinate something into being, you can also hallucinate something away. To wit, the Second Amendment, which reads, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Little matter that the states still maintain militias. Apparently because arms are now kept in armories (they were often kept in armories then), the dependent clause, though neither struck nor superseded, is deemed by some to be invalid because the clause that precedes it is deemed conditional, although it is not conditional but descriptive. The Constitution is littered with conditionals--if, when, unless, only. Had its authors intended to make the right to bear arms conditional, they would have been explicit. …….."

National Review Online (Washington Bulletin) 9/7/00 John J. Miller and Ramesh Ponnuru "……Being demonized has never felt so good. The National Rifle Association's membership is shooting through the roof, thanks to the continual potshots at the organization from Al Gore and the media. Membership in the gun group, which will be a crucial part of George W. Bush's base in November, has hit more than 4 million--an all-time high. A formal announcement is two weeks away, but executive vice president Wayne LaPierre confirmed the figure on Thursday. "And we're headed to 5 million," he says. ..."

WorldNetDaily 9/11/00 Jon Dougherty "…..The U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment does not guarantee to Americans the individual right to keep and bear arms, according to a letter written by the U.S. solicitor general to a National Rifle Association member and posted on a NRA website. The letter, dated Aug. 22 and signed by Solicitor General Seth Waxman, contains a number of references and passages from a series of U.S. court cases that the Justice Department says demonstrate that the Second Amendment to the Constitution does not "convey" an individual's right to keep and bear arms. ………. The Solicitor General's office primarily serves to supervise and conduct government litigation in the Supreme Court, and is involved in about two-thirds of all Supreme Court cases annually. Spokesman Wanda Martinson confirmed that Waxman had sent the letter. ……. The NRA member, whose name was removed from the letter by the organization when posted online at the NRA's website, had written to the Justice Department seeking clarification for a position taken by a U.S. attorney in a current gun-law case. The attorney had stated that "the Second Amendment does not extend an individual right to keep and bear arms." …….. " 9/17/00 Dave Kopel "…….Violent Crime Falls" blared the headline of a recent story from the Associated Press. The U.S. Justice Department reported the lowest figures since 1973, with the violent crime rate dropping by 10.4% last year, the largest one-year drop on record. …… Among reasons cited by "academics" for the drop in crime was "anti-gun campaigns by local police and federal gun controls." ……. That's a rather curious explanation, however, given a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association just a few weeks earlier. …….. In a paper entitled "Homicide and Suicide Rates Associated with Implementation of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act", authors Jens Ludwig and Philip Cook reported on the efficacy of the most-touted gun-control law in recent history: the Brady Act. Admitted the authors, "our analyses provide no evidence that implementation of the Brady Act was associated with a reduction in homicide rates." ………. Likewise absent from establishment theorizing has been self-defense and deterrence. Today, 31 states allow law-abiding adults to obtain permits to carry handguns for lawful protection. Such laws were rare in 1980, but today, it is the states without such laws that are the exception. According to Dr. Lott, murder rates in states without handgun carry laws are 127-percent higher, on average, than in states having liberal concealed-carry laws. ......"

Virginian Pilot and John Lott 9/14/00 Freeper Moneyrunner "……A week ago, the Virginian Pilot, a crusader against guns, against the death penalty, for higher taxes and tolls, and for our failing schools (and to hell with the children) ran an editorial on the issue of guns and violence. It claimed that concealed weapons permit holders suddenly developed criminal tendencies after receiving their permits. This despite the fact that the permit process specifically screens out anyone with a history of criminality, violence or drug use. Since this conclusion ran in the face of rationality, I requested the aid of Professor John Lott of the Yale University Law School who has written the book on guns and crime. ……. I receive the following reply from Jim Nicholson, who is associated with Dr. Lott. …….[my name]: Your intuition is correct. On page 40 of the July issue of the American Rifleman, there is an article totally refuting the above statistics as published by the VPC. The article was written by H. Sterling Burnett of the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas. -- Jim Nicholson - ...if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right. Cicero, Selected Political Speeches, pg 222. (trans M Grant 1969). …….. I did some research on the Internet and found the website of the National Center for Policy Analysis. The following is the article. SUMMARY:…….
When the law allowing licensed Texans to carry concealed weapons was passed in 1995, there was a large protest. Many groups still advocate repealing the law. For instance, the Violence Policy Center, a research organization opposed to concealed carry, released reports in 1998 and 1999 highlighting the number of Texas licensees that were arrested since the law went into effect. However, according to a study by engineering statistician William Sturdevant:
· Licensees were 5.7 times less likely to be arrested for violent offenses than the general public -- 127 per 100,000 versus 730 per 100,000. (See Figure 1)
· The general public is 1.4 times more likely to be arrested for murder than licensees and no licensees have been arrested for negligent manslaughter.
· Only 6 of 200,000 licensees have been arrested for murder since the law was introduced and only 2 of those were found guilty.
Not only are the licensees less criminal-prone, carrying guns save lives and prevents crimes. For example, a study by the University of Chicago's John Lott found that had right-to-carry laws prevailed throughout the nation, there would have been 1,600 fewer murders, 4,200 fewer rapes and 60,000 fewer severe assaults.
In the early 1990s Texas's serious crime rate was 38 percent above the national average. Since then serious crime has dropped 50 percent faster than the nation as a whole. In light of Lott's research, it is likely that Texas's concealed carry law has contributed to the declining crime rates.
Source: H. Sterling Burnett, "Texas Concealed Handgun Carriers: Law-abiding Public Benefactors," NCPA Brief Analysis No. 324, June 2, 2000, National Center for Policy Analysis. ……." 9/12/00 Ryan Pittman "……National and local handgun groups had differing views about a recent agreement allowing Tennessee and Florida residents who have licenses to carry concealed handguns to now legally carry them in Texas and vice versa. The reciprocal agreements, which are the fifth and sixth gun agreements Texas has reached with other states, were signed two weeks ago by Col. Thomas A. Davis, Jr., director of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The DPS announced the agreement last week. "This agreement will allow licensed Texans to travel freely in the states of Tennessee and Florida, while enjoying the same or similar privileges their licenses give them at home," Davis said in a statement released Thursday. Nancy Hwa, spokeswoman for Handgun Control, Inc., a national organization advocating stronger gun control, said the new agreement could mean disaster for Texas. "These types of agreements are very misleading. What ends up happening is that the state with the least restrictive laws sets the standards for the other states," Hwa said. "In this case, Florida has very liberal requirements for concealed handguns. That means Floridians visiting Texas will have lower restrictions than licensed Texans -- this is a bad agreement." ……."

The News-Herald 9/13/00 Jeff Frischkom "…..In preparing to cover the upcoming Summer Olympics, NBC plans to fire blanks in covering the game's 13 shooting events. The national network has exclusive US broadcast rights to the Olympics, yet its extensive schedule from Friday through Oct.1 fails to include any Olympic shooting sport. ……. Among the Olympic shooting sports which NBC has elected to avoid are events featuring air rifle and pistol, .22-caliber rifle and pistol as well as two shotgun sports. ….." 8/22/00 Shannon McCaffrey AP "……Mayors suing the nation's gun makers said Tuesday they deserve equal television time to rebut a firearms industry ad that they allege attacks their patriotism. Actor Martin Sheen also jumped into the fray, accusing the gun makers of using his younger brother, Joe Estevez, to perform the ad's voice-over so viewers would believe it was him. Sheen is best know currently for his role as U.S. president on the television drama ''The West Wing.'' The brothers have similar voices. ''I want to set the record straight and place the gun makers' despicable deception on notice,'' Sheen said in a statement. Sheen was scheduled to attend the news conference in Washington with several mayors and federal Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo but he was delayed shooting his TV series in Los Angeles. ……Sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Federation, the ad shows a man plucking the stars and stripes off an American flag. It links the firearms manufacturers to the patriots at Gettysburg, the soldiers of Normandy and the heroes of the Mekong Delta. ……"

Scientific American 6/00 Jeffrey Boutwell and Michael T. Klare "…… With a few hundred machine guns and mortars, a small army can take over an entire country, killing and wounding hundreds of thousands Most media accounts of the 1994 Rwandan genocide emphasized the use of traditional weapons--clubs, knives, machetes--by murderous gangs of extremist Hutu. As many as one million Tutsi and moderate Hutu perished, many of them women and children. To outsiders, it appeared as if the people of Rwanda had been caught up in a violent frenzy, with common farm implements as their favored instruments of extermination. ……… But this isn't the whole story. Before the killing began, the Hutu-dominated government had distributed automatic rifles and hand grenades to official militias and paramilitary gangs. It was this firepower that made the genocide possible. Militia members terrorized their victims with guns and grenades as they rounded them up for systematic slaughter with machetes and knives. The murderous use of farm tools may have seemed a medieval aberration, but the weapons and paramilitary gangs that facilitated the genocide were all too modern. ……."

Elmira Sunday Star Gazette 9/10/00 Dave Henderson "….....New York is already one of the toughest states in the country in which to qualify for handgun ownership,which is fine. BUT Senate Bill SB-2099 would make legal ownership even more of a burden while trampling the basic right to privacy. The bill will REQUIRE owners to list on their 1040 federal tax form all handguns that they have or own. It may require fingerprints and a tax of $50 per gun. This bill was introduced on Feb.24 and won't become public knowledge until 30 days after it is voted into law. Now that's sneaky. How can legislators bypass the lawmaking process? Because this is an amendment to the Internal Revenue Act of 1986. That means the Finance Committee can pass it with out the Senate voting on it at all. The full text of the proposed amendment is on the U.S. Senate homepage ( do a search by entering the bill number……."

APB News 8/31/00 "……Federally licensed importers, manufacturers and dealers of guns would have to conduct at least one inventory each year to identify any missing firearms, under a rule proposed by the Clinton administration. The proposal by the Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms would "help strengthen enforcement of federal firearms laws and reduce the avenues in which violent criminals and juveniles acquire illegal firearms," James Johnson, Treasury undersecretary for enforcement, said in a statement today. More than 27,000 lost or stolen firearms were reported by federal licensees between 1998 and 1999. Stolen firearms are a "significant source of guns for criminals," Johnson said. ….." 8/31/00 "……. LAST FRIDAY the Washington Post ran a story by Charles Babington and Joby Warrick on President's Clinton's use of Executive Orders (EO). The thrust of the article was how Clinton's more than 450 EO's are designed to change policies that Congress will not support and leave behind a "Clinton legacy" that will be hard to change even under a Bush presidency……….. Although the Post cited 67 environmental initiatives that are scheduled to be completed before the end of Clinton's term in office, they failed to mention the gun control measures that his administration is putting into place by regulation or Executive Order. It's understandable that the Post wouldn't mention the gun issue since they, like most of the major media, solidly support any initiatives to make it more difficult for gun owners to buy, sell, use, and enjoy their firearms legally. Thus they appear only to report news about guns when it serves their editorial purposes………. When Clinton was faced with the new Republican Congress that would not go along with his gun control plans, he turned to using the regulatory powers of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) to further his agenda. He even tried during 1995 to ignore the provision of the Crime Bill that specifically allowed for the sale of high-capacity magazines, which had been manufactured prior to September 13, 1994, by having BATF fail to grant import permits for those magazines. It wasn't until Representative John Dingell (D-MI) wrote several angry letters to the administration that the permits for those pre-ban magazines were granted to importers - many of whom waited over a year with magazines sitting in customs warehouses………. On November 17, 1997 Clinton wrote a letter instructing the BATF to review the department's policy regarding the "Importation of Modified Semiautomatic Assault-Type Rifles." When that happened, BATF put rifle import permits on a 120-day suspension. That meant that every firearms importer who had received a permit - the government's permission to import that product - for semi-automatic rifles waited for almost four months while their firearms sat in government warehouses. This action by the Clinton Administration cost importers untold millions of dollars in lost revenues. Even BATF admitted that they had suspended the permits for 1.6 million firearms……… On April 6, 1998 BATF rewrote the 1968 Gun Control Act. They effectively banned the importation of semi-automatic firearms that had been redesigned to conform to the 1994 Crime Bill criteria. BATF's newest definition of an imported "assault weapon" included those that had the capability of accepting a "high capacity" magazine. It didn't matter that Congress had written the standards; this administration stretched those standards into irrelevance……. Now two years later we see the same agency again ignoring the definitions written by the Congress and without writing regulations, just issuing a letter ruling to one firearms importer, a small business from the southwest area of this country, who was bringing in receivers and barrels in accordance with current law. Although BATF has not made the letter ruling public, we understand that they are drafting an agency ruling. It has been made public by Mark Barnes, counsel to the Firearms Importers Trade Group, FAIR……."

The Coloradoan, Ft Collins, CO 9/3/00 Jenn Farrell "…… A gun-control supporter who attempted to block her face with a clipboard during a heated Million Mom March meeting last month has been charged with assaulting a protestor, Ft. Collins police said Friday. Cherie Trine, 41, of Ft Collins (524 West Magnolia Street, Ft Collins, 80521, (970) 472-9828), was at the Aug. 15 meeting between the MMM & SAFE CO members & Tom Mauser, whose son was killed at Columbine High School. The meeting was held to talk about an amendment on November's ballot that would require anyone selling guns at a gun show to conduct a background check. The meeting erupted into a dispute between the Tyranny Response Team, whose members are opposed to the amendment, and those attending the meeting. When a protestor pointed a video camera at Trine, she held up a clip board, police and witnesses said. She is accused of causing the eyepiece of the camera to be pusjed into the protestor's eye. Ft. Collins police spokeswoman Rita Davis said Trine was cited for third degree assault, a class 1 misdemeanor. Class 1 misdemeanors are punishable by between 6 & 18 months in jail and a fine of $500 - $5,000, according to CO Revised Statutes. ….." 9/4/00 Lawrence Knutson "……Bringing their van tour to Washington, gun control advocates on Sunday assailed GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush, blaming him for legislation that permits concealed handguns virtually anywhere, including churches, hospitals and amusement parks. Mike Barnes, president of Handgun Control, called Bush's record on gun issues "dangerous" and said it is matched by what he called "absolutely bizarre" votes against gun control in Congress by his vice presidential running mate, Dick Cheney. ..."

CBSNEWS 8/28/00 "…….From inner cities -- to rural neighborhoods -- the nation is becoming a safer place to live. The government says the crime rate dropped again last year, to the lowest level since a federal government crime survey began, reports CBS news Correspondent Lee Cowan. President Clinton hailed the results of the annual survey as proof his anti-crime strategy is working to create "the safest America in a generation." The Justice Depmartment report shows a dramatic 10 percent drop in violent crime from the year before -- the largest single decrease the government has ever recorded. …….." 8/19/00 Doug Pike "….. Last week in Corpus Christi, overlooking a green and settled bay outside the second floor of the city's convention center, I sat face-to-face with Charlton Heston. We discussed a number of subjects but focused primarily on the way this country and its citizens view guns, hunting and recreational shooting sports. His message was strong and clear. The Academy Award winner volunteers his time and talents as an honorary life member and the first three-term president of the National Rifle Association. Heston is an impassioned, authoritative advocate of Second Amendment freedom who has been featured in dozens of television, radio and print advertisements. In our interview, he fielded all questions and pulled no punches. …….Heston rattled off a list of famous names from history, none of which is associated with good times or personal freedom or human rights. "Among nearly all the worst leaders in history," he said, "their first act in office was to take away all personal weapons." He recalled also the "wise old guys" who forged this nation, men who "knew what they were doing" when they prepared the Bill of Rights. When asked if 200 years of so-called progress and enlightenment should influence our interpretation of that document, Heston said, "Nothing has changed." ……… Heston has championed other serious and sometimes unpopular causes in his life. One of his proudest moments, he said, was in August of 1963, when he marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King in Washington, D.C. Studio executives were worried that his involvement in the civil rights movement might tarnish his image, or worse, knock a dent in box office revenues. Heston ignored them and did what he knew was right. ……"

Washington Times 8/28/00 "….. The free market has rendered a harsh judgment of Smith & Wesson's appeasement of the gun-grabbing Clinton administration. It is very rapidly putting the company out of business. People are refusing to buy handguns produced by what was once a proud American firearms manufacturer - but which is now the politically correct satrapy of a British company, Tomkins PLC, that very clearly finds the idea of its association with tools designed for individual self-defense just a tad too outre……."

Detroit News 8/22/00 "……A donation of at least $1 million to the Million Mom March could benefit pro gun control candidates running this November for U.S. House seats across the country, including those in Michigan. The donation, funneled anonymously to the Million Mom March's political action committee earlier this summer, will be used to hire a professional staff to educate voters about the importance of gun control in key congressional House races nationwide -- and encourage them to vote in November. Though the nonprofit organization cannot campaign directly for a candidate because of its tax status, it will mount an issue-oriented educational campaign in about 10 districts. Michigan -- which has candidates for all 16 U.S. House races -- appears on the organization's short but not yet final target list……."

Black Men with Guns 8/21/00 "…….THE FIRST NIGHT of the Democratic convention featured a no-holds-barred attack on the Second Amendment. The Democratic women members of the United States Senate led by Diane Feinstein denigrated gun owners, self-defense, and, of course, the National Rifle Association (NRA). " …….. As the cameras panned across the delegates on the floor of the Staples Center, one saw them cheering Senators Feinstein, Boxer and Mikulski as they excoriated Governor George W. Bush for signing a right-to-carry law in Texas - a law which granted law-abiding and peaceable Texas citizens the right to defend themselves outside their homes for the first time in over a century. Watching on television, I wondered if any of those folks in Staples Center knew that the roots of gun control in the English-speaking world are deeply buried in racist soil. Arms control has been a tool of the majority used against vulnerable and weak minorities. In 1181, the Jews in what is today Great Britain were disarmed and left helpless against the pogroms waged against them. Five hundred years later, in the colonies settled by men and women seeking religious and economic freedom from the British crown, slaves were not allowed the use of arms………. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation and the victory of the Union over the Confederacy, most legislatures in the defeated Southern states passed laws denying blacks the right to own firearms. Although the U.S. Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 in order to keep Southern legislatures from enacting "Black Codes," it didn't stop the passage of bans on handgun sales in South Carolina or laws against small, inexpensive, and easily concealed handguns - the nineteenth century version of today's "Saturday Night Special" laws. The Black Codes made it easy for the Klu Klux Klan to run rampant -- burning crosses, harassing, terrorizing, and killing blacks in their communities. In Monroe, N.C., during the decade of the fifties, the Klan was still practicing intimidation. They were driving through black neighborhoods terrorizing the homes of the leaders of the Monroe chapter of the NAACP, especially the home of the chapter vice president, Dr. Albert E. Perry. In 1957, the Monroe chapter of the NAACP initiated their struggle for self-defense. Sixty members of that chapter became affiliated with the National Rifle Association……."

WORLDNETDAILY 8/22/00 Joseph Farah "……Well, wouldn't you know it? It seems Dick Cheney, the Republican nominee for vice president, has grown on a number of issues -- particularly guns. The statists are having a field day with Cheney's reversals on Head Start, mandatory child vaccinations and the Department of Education. But, most of all, they are celebrating Cheney's cowardly flip-flop on the right to bear arms. Cheney now says he might support outlawing armor-piercing bullets and plastic guns and definitely has no problem requiring trigger locks on handguns. ……."

WORLDNETDAILY 8/22/00 Joseph Farah "……Well, let's see. In 1997, according to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, about 1 percent of unintentional deaths were caused by guns --a total of 981 of 95,644.
On the other hand:
more than 44 times as many deaths were caused by automobile accidents;
more than 12 times as many deaths were caused by falls;
more than 10 times as many deaths were caused by poisonings;
more than seven times as many deaths were caused by unspecified means;
more than four times as many deaths were caused by accidental suffocation;
more than four times as many deaths were caused by drowning;
more than three times as many deaths were caused by fires;
more than three times as many deaths were caused by the adverse effects of medical care;
…….. With all those accidental suffocations taking place out there -- a virtual epidemic, it seems to me -- tell me why those who want to protect us so badly are not trying to register or ban pillows? With all of those deaths resulting from the adverse effects of medical care, why aren't those Good Samaritans trying to ban doctors and hospitals? ….." 8/21/00 "….For years I have been warning gun rights supporters we are fighting battles on multiple fronts. First, there is the incessant, continual legislative barrage of onerous anti-gun proposals -- from state bills that can and have turned into law, to city and county ordinances. Second are the dysfunctional internal territorial battles of alleged gun-rights organizations sniping at one another for both member contributions and bragging rights. Third, and arguably most insidious, is the executive arrogance and penchant for abuse of power under the color of authority in which the "process" and mechanisms "real or promulgated," incrementally chip away at the freedom and liberty the nation's framers established. …….However, as annoying and frustrating perpetual legislative battles can be, the reality is far more annoying and frustrating. The consistent flood of anti-gun ordinances and anti-gun legislation are merely jabs designed to keep our attention. We are so busy dodging and slipping the jabs we become vulnerable to that big right hand waiting to smash through an opening with the knock out punch. ……… That figurative big right hand is in reality the potential (perhaps, inevitable) threat of treaties. Even the most rabid of the usual suspect gun grabbers (Feinstein, Schumer, Waxman, et al.) realize that most reasonable Americans will resist legislative efforts to outlaw all guns so that only outlaws will have them. However, while we are busy skirmishing with the ubiquitous anti-gun legislation, the would-be controllers are plodding along the route of international treaties. What they cannot legislate (and make no mistake they want to register all guns so that eventually, inevitably, they can confiscate all guns), they expect to accomplish with voluminous complex treaties. And when they cannot sell the final nail as a "treaty" they will structure it as an "agreement" that has the weight and function of a treaty. Which, by the way, is exactly how the would-be controllers jammed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) down our throats…….."

Spokane (Wash.) Spokesman-Review 10/10/00 Carlos Acevedo "……Spokane School District officials debated the appropriateness of a marching band's halftime show Monday, two days after the group won top awards with the controversial program in Pasco. The Lewis and Clark High School Marching Band routine, called "The Death of Custer," has drawn criticism for its portrayal of Native Americans. Also at issue is the use of a cap gun during the show. ……."

NRA-ILA 10/11/00 "……. ABC News' one-hour show "The Gun Fight," which aired Oct. 9, labored to cast doubt on NRA's long-standing assertion that the Clinton-Gore Administration has failed to enforce federal gun laws against felons and violent criminals. Peter Jennings correctly stated that the NRA-ILA website contains reference to zero prosecutions in 1996, zero in 1997 and zero in 1998 (the zero for 1998 should be one, as is reflected in NRA printed materials), but he failed to tell his viewers that the website clearly states those numbers refer only to prosecutions under the Brady Act's Instant Check phase. …….. Jennings also failed to note that referrals for federal prosecution of firearms law violations by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms-the agency charged with enforcing federal firearms laws-have sharply declined during the Clinton-Gore Administration. BATF cases sent to federal prosecutors declined by 44% from 1992 to 1998. ……… Much more importantly, ABC News failed to inform viewers the Clinton-Gore Justice Department currently is being sued for denying news organizations and the general public access to information about how it has enforced the nation's firearms laws. ……"

Fox news 10/11/00 John Martin "……Despite the outcomes, gun control advocates use these cases to renew the warning they raised when Bush signed the law - that it would spawn unnecessary violence from sensible citizens armed with a reckless sense of bravado or justice. Bush dismissed that rhetoric six years ago, when as a candidate he vowed to sign the bill Gov. Ann Richards would not. "I don't believe it's going to endanger anybody," Bush said then. "I think it's going to make Texas a safer place; I really do." …….Bush's record since reflects a belief that law-abiding citizens should have the right to arm themselves and that the government needs to enforce the current gun laws better before adding new ones. He does not advocate a national possession law like the one he signed in Texas, aides say, but supports the right of states to enact their own. About 20 other states have similar laws regarding concealed handguns. …….The statistics have been in his favor. In the first year after the concealed handgun law was enacted, Texas issued 115,000 permits. (It took Florida, with three-quarters Texas' population, six years to issue as many.) By May 2000, the number of Texans with concealed handgun licenses had jumped to 211,000. ……But crime rates in Texas, like those across the nation, have dropped steadily and dramatically in every category in the past decade. The per capita murder rate fell 60 percent from its 1991 peak and is now lower than it has been in 40 years. Rapes, robberies, burglaries and car thefts all reached 20-year lows in 1998. ….."

Washington Times 10/10/00 John Lott "……Guns continue to be a central issue in the presidential campaign. For a year now, Vice President Al Gore has painted Texas Gov. George W. Bush as an extremist, a pawn of the National Rifle Association who recklessly endangered people by signing a concealed handgun law. Mr. Gore has gone as far as linking Mr. Bush's signing of the Texas concealed handgun law to last year's fatal shooting at a Fort Worth church. Handgun Control has just launched an advertising campaign featuring actor Martin Sheen making similar claims……….. Mr. Gore's and Handgun Control's typecasting is made easier by the stereotypical view held of Texas. But what few realize is that with about 42,000 words' worth of state gun laws, Texas law is actually quite average. Those accusing Mr. Bush of flip-flops to position himself as a moderate are, to put it charitably, unfamiliar with his record…….. "

AP 10/10/00 "…….A nationwide effort to distribute gun locks has been suspended after police in two East Tennessee cities discovered many of them could be easily opened. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade group for weapon and ammunition makers, had distributed 400,000 cable locks nationwide through 650 law enforcement agencies. The foundation's program, dubbed Project HomeSafe, was launched last year. ……A Knoxville police officer discovered one of the locks would spring open when bounced in his hand. The officer alerted Police Chief Phil Keith, who ordered a test of the 5,000 devices the department had planned to distribute. ….."

Denver Post 10/11/00 Julio Ochoa "…..The Larimer County Sheriff's Office Tuesday recalled almost 5,000 gun safety locks it had given to local residents after the national program that distributed the devices warned that they can pop open. Officials in several other Colorado counties said they had received no complaints and were continuing to distribute the locks. But they said they were staying in close touch with the program sponsor, Project HomeSafe, and in some cases were submitting sample locks for inspection. ….."












Bureau of Justice Statistics 10/8/00 "…….. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE EMBARGOED UNTIL 4:30 P.M. EDT BJS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2000 202/307-0784 FIREARMS ASSAULT INJURIES AND MURDERS FELL BETWEEN 1993 AND 1997 WASHINGTON, D.C. The number of gunshot wounds from any type of crime fell nearly 40 percent during the five-year period from 1993 through 1997, according to a new comprehensive Justice Department report. The Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) cites data from multiple sources, including its National Criminal Victimization Survey (NCVS), as well as hospital emergency department intake information and death certificates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and law enforcement homicide reports ..." 9/28/00 Tanya Metaska "…… ISN'T IT AMAZING how a "grass roots event" has blossomed overnight into a national political organization? The press releases issued by the Million Mom March (MMM) last spring were designed to give the illusion that the MMM was being run by a few well-meaning "Moms" from their kitchen table. The media bought into that fairy tale, hook, line and sinker. After all, the chief organizer, Donna Dees-Thomases, who was described by Time magazine as "a housewife and mother of two children from New Jersey," signed her letter on their web page, as "Just One of a Million." It wasn't until a commentary appeared in the Wall Street Journal by Lisa Schiffren that Ms. Dees-Thomases was exposed for what she was: a very clever member of the vast left-wing Clinton conspiracy. ……" 10/5/00 "........It was a centerpiece of the Democratic convention, but it has become Al Gore's forgotten issue, an issue he omits wherever he campaigns. "What issue?" you ask. For those who do not follow the politics of gun control, it has been easy to miss Al Gore and Joe Lieberman's lack of public support for their positions in favor of more and more restrictive gun legislation. For those of us who do, their silence has been deafening, and the issue was never mentioned during Tuesday's debate. ........ The avoidance of this issue is not an oversight. Even James Dao writing in the New York Times acknowledged the strategy. He wrote, "Privately, Mr. Gore's advisers have long acknowledged that gun control is a potentially double-edged issue. And so they have counseled him to avoid discussing gun control in rural communities and to frame his proposals as crime-fighting or child-safety ideas -- terms more acceptable to gun owners." ........"

Denver Post 10/5/00 Mike Soraghan ".....John McCain is bringing his maverick appeal to the Colorado campaign to close the so-called gun-show loophole. The Republican senator from Arizona is appearing in television advertisements, asking voters to approve a state ballot initiative requiring background checks at gun shows. The ads started Wednesday and will swamp the airwaves by this weekend. "I think that if the Congress won't act, the least I can do is support the initiative in states where it's on the ballot," McCain said in an interview. ..."

Rocky Mountain News 10/5/00 "......The "gunnies" are launching their campaign against a ballot issue that would require background checks on all gun-show customers. The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a gun-rights group so strident the National Rifle Association keeps its distance, will hold news conferences today in Denver and Colorado Springs to blast Amendment 22. "What we're telling everybody is that Amendment 22 is gun control, not some minor change in the law," said Dudley Brown, executive director of the group. "And people don't want gun control...."

Washington Times 10/2/00 Sean Scully ".....Gun control has largely fizzled as an election year issue despite strong efforts by congressional Democrats, activists say. ....... "On the gun issue, the reason that we are losing is that we are being out-organized," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Illinois Democrat and an advocate for stronger gun-control laws. "It's that simple. . . . "[Pro-gun activists] are organized and mobilized, so that is shame on us.".......... This time a year ago, congressional Democrats were confidently predicting they would use public outrage over a series of highly publicized school shootings to topple Republican control of the House. They took every opportunity to speak on the House floor or stage rallies around the Capitol to criticize Republican leaders for defeating a package of gun-control measures that passed the Senate but failed in the House...........Vice President Al Gore, meanwhile, began his presidential bid vowing to pass new gun-control laws - including requiring all handgun owners to obtain a government license - and promising to "stand up to" the National Rifle Association. Gun-control backers, led by a woman with links to the Clinton administration, organized the "Million Mom March" in May to put pressure on lawmakers to pass new gun laws........But recent polls show the public has little taste for new gun laws and doesn't necessarily blame Republicans for the failure of the gun-control package on Capitol Hill. Mr. Gore has muted his attacks on guns as he struggles for votes in the Midwest and South, where hunters and gun owners are a major power......."

Spokane (Wash.) Spokesman-Review 10/10/00 Carlos Acevedo "……Spokane School District officials debated the appropriateness of a marching band's halftime show Monday, two days after the group won top awards with the controversial program in Pasco. The Lewis and Clark High School Marching Band routine, called "The Death of Custer," has drawn criticism for its portrayal of Native Americans. Also at issue is the use of a cap gun during the show. ……."

NRA-ILA 10/11/00 "……. ABC News' one-hour show "The Gun Fight," which aired Oct. 9, labored to cast doubt on NRA's long-standing assertion that the Clinton-Gore Administration has failed to enforce federal gun laws against felons and violent criminals. Peter Jennings correctly stated that the NRA-ILA website contains reference to zero prosecutions in 1996, zero in 1997 and zero in 1998 (the zero for 1998 should be one, as is reflected in NRA printed materials), but he failed to tell his viewers that the website clearly states those numbers refer only to prosecutions under the Brady Act's Instant Check phase. …….. Jennings also failed to note that referrals for federal prosecution of firearms law violations by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms-the agency charged with enforcing federal firearms laws-have sharply declined during the Clinton-Gore Administration. BATF cases sent to federal prosecutors declined by 44% from 1992 to 1998. ……… Much more importantly, ABC News failed to inform viewers the Clinton-Gore Justice Department currently is being sued for denying news organizations and the general public access to information about how it has enforced the nation's firearms laws. ……"

Fox news 10/11/00 John Martin "……Despite the outcomes, gun control advocates use these cases to renew the warning they raised when Bush signed the law - that it would spawn unnecessary violence from sensible citizens armed with a reckless sense of bravado or justice. Bush dismissed that rhetoric six years ago, when as a candidate he vowed to sign the bill Gov. Ann Richards would not. "I don't believe it's going to endanger anybody," Bush said then. "I think it's going to make Texas a safer place; I really do." …….Bush's record since reflects a belief that law-abiding citizens should have the right to arm themselves and that the government needs to enforce the current gun laws better before adding new ones. He does not advocate a national possession law like the one he signed in Texas, aides say, but supports the right of states to enact their own. About 20 other states have similar laws regarding concealed handguns. …….The statistics have been in his favor. In the first year after the concealed handgun law was enacted, Texas issued 115,000 permits. (It took Florida, with three-quarters Texas' population, six years to issue as many.) By May 2000, the number of Texans with concealed handgun licenses had jumped to 211,000. ……But crime rates in Texas, like those across the nation, have dropped steadily and dramatically in every category in the past decade. The per capita murder rate fell 60 percent from its 1991 peak and is now lower than it has been in 40 years. Rapes, robberies, burglaries and car thefts all reached 20-year lows in 1998. ….."

Washington Times 10/10/00 John Lott "……Guns continue to be a central issue in the presidential campaign. For a year now, Vice President Al Gore has painted Texas Gov. George W. Bush as an extremist, a pawn of the National Rifle Association who recklessly endangered people by signing a concealed handgun law. Mr. Gore has gone as far as linking Mr. Bush's signing of the Texas concealed handgun law to last year's fatal shooting at a Fort Worth church. Handgun Control has just launched an advertising campaign featuring actor Martin Sheen making similar claims……….. Mr. Gore's and Handgun Control's typecasting is made easier by the stereotypical view held of Texas. But what few realize is that with about 42,000 words' worth of state gun laws, Texas law is actually quite average. Those accusing Mr. Bush of flip-flops to position himself as a moderate are, to put it charitably, unfamiliar with his record…….. "

AP 10/10/00 "…….A nationwide effort to distribute gun locks has been suspended after police in two East Tennessee cities discovered many of them could be easily opened. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade group for weapon and ammunition makers, had distributed 400,000 cable locks nationwide through 650 law enforcement agencies. The foundation's program, dubbed Project HomeSafe, was launched last year. ……A Knoxville police officer discovered one of the locks would spring open when bounced in his hand. The officer alerted Police Chief Phil Keith, who ordered a test of the 5,000 devices the department had planned to distribute. ….."

Denver Post 10/10/00 Steven Paulson "……The Colorado Supreme Court today upheld an initiative to close the gun show loophole, ruling proponents legally gathered signatures during a petition drive. The ruling sets the stage for voters to decide Nov. 7 whether background checks should be mandatory for all gun buyers at gun shows. Current law only requires background checks to be conducted by federally licensed dealers. …."

American Rifleman 10/00 "……. Desperately seeking to attract paying customers before its craven surrender to the Clinton-Gore Administration goes into effect, Smith & Wesson decided to hold a "Summer Savings Promotion" sale. The beleaguered British-owned handgun maker offered customers a $50 rebate on every new S&W handgun they bought between July 15 and August 31. To motivate the sales staff of it's stocking dealers, S&W dangled a $10 bonus for every gun sold, and therein lies the rub. …… S&W sent it's dealers a letter saying: "Sales personnel will need to keep track of their sales on the attached claim form. All requested information must be completed. They will also need to attach a copy of the ATF form 4473 for each sale. (Emphasis added by NRA) Remember, this is the same company that agreed to furnish the most anti-gun Administration in the nation's history "full access to any documents related to the acquisition and disposition of firearms... ."

Daily Press 10/2/00 AP "…..Two gunmakers who challenged Congress' authority to ban the manufacture, sale and possession of semiautomatic assault weapons lost a Supreme Court appeal today. The court, without comment, rejected an appeal that said Congress exceeded its power to regulate interstate commerce when it outlawed such weapons in 1994. The 1994 law, an amendment to the Gun Control Act of 1968, defines semiautomatic assault weapons to include a list of specified firearms and "copies or duplicates of the firearms in any caliber."…….. Navegar Inc. and Penn Arms Inc. challenged the federal ban in 1995……. Florida-based Navegar, doing business as Intratec, manufactures two semiautomatic pistols, the TEC-DC9 and TEC-22, which are among the specifically banned weapons……..Pennsylvania-based Penn Arms makes the Strike 12, a 12-gauge revolving cylinder shotgun. All such shotguns are treated as semiautomatic assault weapons under the 1994 law………A federal trial judge and the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upheld the ban. In its ruling last year, the appeals court called the law a permissible "regulation of activities having a substantial effect on interstate commerce."......"

Tampa Bay Online 10/4/00 AP "……The number of crimes committed with guns dropped 18 percent in the 12 months after the "10-20-Life" law went into effect setting tough minimum prison terms for gun-toting criminals. The law took effect July 1, 1999. In the year that followed, 24,190 gun-related crimes were committed, compared to 29,570 the previous year, state officials said Wednesday. That represents a 20 percent decline in the gun crime rate, which compares the number of victims to the total population. And over two years, the number of gun-related crimes fell from 33,576. …… "That's at least 9,300 fewer victims that will thankfully never know the horrors of being victimized by a violent gun criminal," said Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan. The "10-20-Life" law sets a mandatory prison term of 10 years for people who have a gun in their possession when they commit some serious felonies. The minimum term goes up to 20 years if the gun goes off. If anyone is killed or seriously hurt, the criminal must be sentenced to at least 25 years in prison - and could get life. ……. It was a centerpiece of Gov. Jeb Bush's first year legislative agenda, and Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Tim Moore credited the law with much of the decrease in its first year on the books. …….……The year before the law took effect, from July 1, 1998 to July 1, 1999, the number of gun crimes dropped 11.9 percent and the rate of gun crimes - when population is factored in - dropped 13.6 percent. ….."

FrontPageMagazine.Com 10/3/00 Tanya Metaksa "….. Guns are still legal in the United States. But the law is no obstacle to determined gun grabbers. They are slowly but surely making it impossible to own, sell or manufacture firearms. Judges in Connecticut, Florida, Ohio and Illinois have thrown out class-action lawsuits against gun makers. Yet the lawsuits keep coming. The objective is plain: keep suing and the manufacturers will either be forced to settle or give up the business. Either way, gun banners win.... "

APBNews 10/3/00 AP ".....More than 400 people were issued licenses to carry concealed guns in Texas despite having prior convictions under a law Gov. George W. Bush, the Republican presidential nominee, signed in 1995, saying it would make the state "a safer place." Those prior convictions include rape, armed robbery, and histories of violence, psychological disorders and drug or alcohol problems, the Los Angeles Times reported in today's editions. Some 215,000 Texans are licensed to carry concealed weapons. And more than 3,000 of them have been arrested for crimes that include double murder and drunken driving. ......... Texas authorities only have 60 days to conduct background checks, and they routinely issue licenses before the process is completed. So far, retroactive revocation actions have been launched against the more than 400 people before officials got the out-of-state crime records, the newspaper reported. ......He blamed some of the early problems on slow FBI response to a deluge of requests for out-of-state crime records in the early years of the program. He said state officials decided to issue licenses despite incomplete background checks to avoid causing delay "for the vast majority of good applicants" who were going to pass anyway. Gavin said his staff acted "in a quick and sure manner" to rescind permits when disqualifying information was discovered. ......."

UPI 10/3/00 Mark Kukis "......Aides to Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the GOP presidential nominee, challenged allegations of lax Texas state gun control policy reported in the L.A. Times Tuesday as the first round of presidential debates were set to open in the evening......... Chief Bush campaign spokesperson Karen Hughes called the Times story "inaccurate" and "misleading" in its claims that Texas had licensed more than 400 people to carry a canceled handgun, despite criminal records that should have disqualified them...... Hughes said only 71 disqualified applicants were awarded licensed to carry concealed handguns, and she blamed federal authorities for failing to expedite background checks for the slip. Under Texas law, applicants for concealed handgun license are allowed to obtain a weapon 60 days after applying, even if a mandatory background check is inconclusive.......... "In 71 cases, which represent three one-hundredths of 1 percent of all the instances where licenses were granted, Texas went ahead and provisionally granted a licenses while waiting for federal authorities to provide the necessary information," Hughes said. "All 71 of those licenses have now been revoked, and none of those 71 individuals committed a violent crime."...... Hughes stressed the dropping crime rate in Texas, saying the concealedhandgun law, which 31 other states also have, had contributed to the lowest murder rate in 30 years, a 20 percent drop in violent crime and all-time lows in juvenile crime........."

Liberty Search 9/29/00 Brian Carnell "……. Tanya Metaksa has a hilarious look at the aftermath of the Million Mom March at FrontPageMag.Com. Several marchers, after going on about the horrors of violence, were themselves involved in violence, including gun violence. …….. The march also had its share of victims; people who had suffered as a result of the criminal use of firearms or gun accidents. Many stories were poignant and heartbreaking. One victim was Barbara Lipscomb, a mother and grandmother, whose son, Le'Pierre Clemons, was gunned down on Martin Luther King Jr's birthday just four months prior. Le'Pierre was another victim of teenage violence in the nation's capitol, and his mom told everyone she was going to the MMM to stop the violence. …….. Yet, 2 months later, on July 14, 2000 Barbara Lipscomb, now known as Barbara Ann Martin, found herself under arrest on a charge of assault with intent to kill. According to the Washington Post, D.C. police say they found three handguns and a TEC-9 submachine gun at her home. Oops. Metaksa also reports that the shooting was basically an attempt at vigilantism, the only problem being Lipscomb/Martin shot the wrong man. ……. "

Chicago Tribune 9/19/00 John Kass "......Raising the gun issue is smart politics for Democrats. Emotion always trumps logic, especially on radio broadcasts and TV news, where slogans and pictures matter more than reason. In this rigid framework, gun control advocates are portrayed, magically, as nonpartisan. And there is only one appropriate response to their rhetoric: If you oppose politically inspired gun control laws, then by extension you want children to be killed. So where does Tumor fit in? ....."

Chicago Tribune 9/19/00 John Kass ".....His real name is Edwin Casiano Jr. He's 21. According to court records, files, police reports and interviews with police and Cook County State's Atty. Richard Devine's office, Tumor has been an extremely busy boy since he turned 17. In February 1996, a week after his 17th birthday, Tumor was arrested on disorderly conduct charges when he allegedly yelled obscenities at Shakespeare District cops who had the gall to arrest two of his pals on gun charges. The charges were later dropped by prosecutors. About a month later, in March 1996, Tumor turned himself in to police after he was sought for the attempted shooting of a 24-year-old man near Wicker Park. He was charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault. Again, the state's attorney dropped the charges. Over the next three years, he was arrested about 15 times on various charges, including mob action and disorderly conduct. Once, he got angry and allegedly used his car to smash another guy's Cadillac. That was dropped too. Few of the charges required a bond. And all were dropped, except for one drug charge last year. That ended up in a guilty plea in exchange for probation. In May of 1997, Tumor was arrested on a mob action charge, when he was caught in a car with three other pals, one of whom was carrying a rifle. And in March last year, Tumor was arrested after he allegedly flashed a pistol at another neighborhood sport, then rudely informed the man that "you better get steppin'." That case was dropped by prosecutors too. While Tumor was out on bond on the drug charge, he was arrested and charged with shooting at a man and woman on the street. Prosecutors dropped the charges. Then the other day, Tumor was arrested and charged with murder....."

Chicago Tribune 9/19/00 John Kass "..... Authorities say he was in a grocery store when some other guys called him "Tumor." So he allegedly followed them into a parking lot and shot Jesus Vega, 18, in the back as Vega tried to run away, police said. Finally, Tumor is off the streets. Sorry, I forgot one arrest you should know about. Last year, on Sept. 5, Tumor was allegedly driving a black Oldsmobile SUV, with his pal, Alvaro Acosta, 21, riding shotgun. They were following another car of rival punks. Police say that shots were being exchanged. Acosta allegedly was the shooter and Tumor was the wheel man. One bullet from Tumor's black SUV missed. It pierced the plate glass window of the Coast Restaurant at 2143 N. Damen Ave. A bartender, Hee Suk Oh, was talking to a customer. The bullet bounced off a beam and entered her spine. Now she's paralyzed for life. There were enough laws on the books long before that bullet crippled Hee Suk Oh. The only problem was that prosecutors and police didn't do enough to enforce them. Because he had never been convicted of a crime before the drug charge, Tumor got probation and was out on the street. And because he was never convicted of a violent crime before, he paid out $25,000 and walked on the attempted murder charge. So Hee Suk Oh is paralyzed. Jesus Vega is dead. And the speeches continue. ....." 9/19/00 "........HOW MANY AMERICANS living in America read the International Herald Tribune? My guess is not many and even fewer gun-owning citizens. Yet, on January 26th of this year an article authored by Mark Malloch Brown and Janyantha Dhanapala was required reading for American gun owners and those who believe in our national sovereignty. .... The title of the article was, "Let's Go Out Into the World and Gather Up Small Arms." The authors are both employees of the United Nations. Mark Malloch Brown is the administrator of the United Nations Development Program and Janyantha Dhanapala is the UN undersecretary-general for disarmament affairs: two influential people prominent in the global gun ban movement. ......... The article tells the story of how the UN Department for Disarmament Affairs visited Gramsh, Albania to "help broker an agreement by which community services would be delivered in proportion to the volume of arms and ammunition turned in." In other words until the citizens of Gramsh turned in their firearms, medical services and other essential services would be withheld by the great humanitarian organization, the United Nations........... Brown and Dhanapala call for, among other items, destroying surplus, confiscated or collected small arms, legislation to monitor, trace, and police legal arms transfers, and international guidelines for tracing weapons and ammunition through serial numbers and transit guidelines. If anyone thinks that Brown and Dhanapala are just whistling in the wind, they better think again. Next year the UN is convening its first international conference on the "illicit" trade in small arms and light weapons - a watershed event. As I mentioned in my last week's article on, ("Global Gun Grab," 9/13/00) the United Nations has been slowly and steadily working towards this international conference since 1995........"

NRA-ILA 9/18/00 "...... There has been a great deal of misinformation circulating on the Internet about S. 2099, the Handgun Safety and Registration Act of 2000, introduced by anti-gun U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-R.I.). We hope this quick guide will help to put to rest fears about this legislation, so that the pro-gun community can focus its efforts on real concerns, such as attempts by anti-gun senators to ban gunshows, ration lawful gun purchases, and ban the importation of "high capacity" magazines, not to mention the upcoming elections. S. 2099 seeks to do the following:......

* Treat handguns similarly to machine guns, short-barreled shotguns and rifles, or destructive devices by amending the National Firearms Act (NFA) -- the federal law that established the strict controls that regulate machine guns, short-barreled shotguns and rifles, destructive devices, etc. This means photographs, fingerprints, and background checks on all transfers of handguns, as well as registration of the firearms and those who own them, restrictions on interstate transportation, etc. Registration information would be available for online access by state & local law enforcement officials.

* Tax all handgun transfers at $5 per transfer (the current tax on machine guns and other NFA-regulated items is $200.00). The tax on making handguns would be $50, again as opposed to the current $200. Unlike machine guns, handguns could still be imported.

* Allow current handgun owners one year to register all of their handguns. Registration forms would be available at Post Offices and on the Internet. Unlike machine guns, multiple handguns could be registered on a single form. A public awareness campaign would take place to encourage compliance.

S. 2099 does not seek to do the following:

* S. 2099 does not require the IRS enforce the new regulations. The only reason people think the IRS would be involved is that S. 2099 seeks to amend the Internal Revenue Code, which happens to include the NFA. The NFA is enforced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (BATF).

* S. 2099 does not require that handguns be listed on Form 1040 income tax returns.

* S. 2099 cannot be enacted immediately by the Senate Finance Committee. The Constitution requires legislation to pass both houses of Congress and to be signed by the President, and S. 2099 is just like any other piece of legislation........"

Sierra Times 9/18/00 Curt Bolding "....Everybody's heard the term "black market." Most of us have a pretty good general idea what that means, but many may be unaware of the causes of a black market and the eventual cost of allowing its existence. Especially when it comes to the subject of guns.......... Now, as you may have noticed from my by-line, I'm a cop. Been one for a long time. As such, I tend to dislike criminals (rather intensely). I mean REAL criminals, not the guy or gal who missed the traffic light. No, I'm talking about the people who are doing things to purposely hurt other people and profit from it. So let's talk about profit for a minute. ...... There are a lot of people right now pushing "common sense gun legislation." The gals behind the Million Mom March, God bless 'em, have their hearts in the right place but not their heads. Their "solutions" are a waste of time, because they can't work. There are several thousand gun laws in place in this country already, but the problem isn't how many laws there are---it's whether or not they're enforced. Every day in this country people commit violent crimes while carrying firearms and they're arrested by good cops for it. It's what happens AFTER that where the problem comes in. Ever heard of plea bargaining? If I charge a guy with five charges, he might plead guilty to ONE of them in order to get the others dropped. Easy conviction, no lengthy and expensive trial, and maybe we get a couple other cases cleared.

Speaking of money, that's the magic word whenever you're trying to figure out how the world works (or doesn't work). Look at any given situation that you don't understand, figure out who could conceivably make money off it, and suddenly the light goes on. The drug cartels don't WANT drugs legal. If that happens, all that black market cash goes out of their pockets and into the government's, who will now tax and regulate the stuff. Just like they do with booze. ........ Ladies and Gentlemen of America, people are always going to have guns available to them, no matter what. Always. Without fail. If it becomes illegal or too difficult and expensive for a law-abiding citizen to own a firearm because of all the hoops he's got to jump through, guess what he's going to do? He's going to go down to the corner and talk to Mickey the Mope, who can get him a gun and avoid all that legal red tape. And it may cost Mr. Citizen a few more bucks, but if the legal method is just too much of a pain in the ass, or if he wants it bad enough, that's the route he's going to take. This is not a hypothetical, or a theory. It's happening right now. In Illinois, if you're a convicted felon, you're not supposed to be able to own a gun. Guess how many of them do. That's right. There is already a black market for firearms, and further gun legislation will accomplish nothing but make the criminals richer. ....... So here's the bottom line on what you need to know about the black market. If enough people want an item or a service and are willing to pay for it, other people are going to provide it whether it's legal or not. Drugs, gambling, prostitution, you name it. Those things have been around since before recorded history, by the way, they're with us still, and they always will be because there are enough people who want those services that the cash rewards are worth it to the criminals. ........ Personal and parental responsibility is the only way to reduce firearm-related tragedy. Ladies and Gentlemen of America: Do you love your children? If the firearm issue is an important one to you, then the best thing you can ever do will be to take a gun safety course with your child. When you're dealing with something like a weapon, your best course is to obtain knowledge and understanding, not trying to make the problem magically go away by passing meaningless laws that aren't prosecuted. Talk to your local State's Attorneys and make it clear to them that you want gun-related crime like armed robberies and the like prosecuted to the fullest extent........"

Cato Institute 9/18/00 "...... A judge on Friday dismissed Chicago's lawsuit against the gun industry, ruling the city failed to show that gun manufacturers, distributors and dealers knowingly flood the city with handguns, according to Reuters. Judge Stephen Schiller of Cook County Circuit Court suggested that illegal gun sales would be more effectively pursued by the police and in the criminal courts. ......" 9/20/00 "….. A judge has thrown out Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's lawsuit against gun manufacturers charging them with flooding the city with handguns. Judge Stephen Schiller of Cook County Circuit Court told the city that stopping illegal gun sales should be the responsibility of the police and the criminal courts. He said the city had failed to show that the gun manufacturers, distributors and dealers had knowingly drenched the city with illegal handguns. The judge ruled that Chicago has put too much stress on statistical data governing the sales of guns later used in crimes. He suggested that police and prosecutors could more aggressively pursue the problem of weapons sold in suburban gun shops, where law enforcement has been successful. According to Reuters news agency, "in four recent cases brought against suburban gun shop owners by the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, two were acquitted, one was found guilty, and one pleaded guilty. They were charged with making illegal sales to 'straw' purchasers who clearly were reselling the weapons." ……"

Foxnews 10/31/00 Steve Brown "…..Although conventional wisdom suggests union households support Democratic candidates, the National Rifle Association is waging a campaign for union support by appealing to blue-collar workers who own guns and hunt for sport. The NRA has been spending both time and money in states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania - union strongholds and critical swing states - trying to convince union members who happen to own guns that Al Gore poses a threat to their interests. ….. "I believe with all my heart the firearms issue and the Second Amendment and hunters throughout this country are gonna make the difference in this election," NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre told a union crowd in Green Bay recently. …… ""You must forget all else and remember only freedom - not what some shop steward or news anchor says," Heston told the crowd. "Not this issue or that promise or any package platform of distraction - just freedom." ….."

The Libertarian Party (via email) 10/31/00 "…..High school football killed as many students last year as did guns -- which means politicians should either stop using school shootings as an excuse to attack the Second Amendment or start passing "football control" laws, the Libertarian Party said today. "According to the latest statistics, a football is as deadly as a gun," said Steve Dasbach, the party's national director. "So why do first downs continue to be exalted while the Second Amendment continues to be vilified?" …."

Modesto Bee Online 11/1/00 Steve Elliott "...... Gary Boucher is a very worried businessman. Boucher, owner of Gun Country in Modesto, is afraid that in a little more than two months, he may not have a product to sell. On Jan. 1, all handguns sold in the state must have been certified as safe and appear on a state list for a dealer to sell them. Right now, out of the 500 or so makes and models of pistols made, 15 are on the list, all Rugers. "I've never been more concerned with not surviving," Boucher said. "I opened my first gun shop 21 years ago, and it may be time to get out." What worries Boucher and other gun sellers is that they have no