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National Review 6/28/99 John O'Sullivan "...It is, in fact, quite hard to find actual expressions of anti-Chinese or anti-Asian racism in public statements by Republicans or anyone else. The nearest thing to an allegedly bigoted remark came from Alabama's Sen. Richard Shelby, who described the Chinese spies behind the stealing of U.S. technology as "crafty." This was seized upon as an, er, crafty employment of an ethnic stereotype about Asians. But since the spies undoubtedly were crafty -- that comes with being a spy -- the bigotry could well repose in the minds of those who heard the word "crafty" and instantly leapt to the conclusion that Shelby must have intended an ethnic slur. Even before Sen. Shelby had committed his faux pas, however, Amb. Richardson had denounced those who were supposedly questioning "the patriotism of Asian-Pacific Americans and sowing the seeds of a darker xenophobia" because of the spy scandal. But his denunciation, bravely issued to a meeting of Chinese-Americans in New York, contained no hard evidence of anti-Chinese racism. And when the Los Angeles Times sought to fill this gap with anonymous anecdotes of "ethnic profiling" in America's nuclear-weapons laboratories, these turned out to be less than totalitarian. For example, "Snickering and hushed laughter broke out in a roomful of computer users as a person with a Chinese surname was introduced to lead a session on computer security." ....Most accounts blame Americans first. They leave no doubt that the racism of ordinary Americans -- made worse by politicians who incite and aggravate it -- is to blame. Richardson's speech, for instance, defended Asian-Americans against unnamed American racists. A spokesman for Beijing similarly blamed the spy scandal on "typical racial prejudice." Then Maurice Meisner declared in the Los Angeles Times that "opportunistic American politicians now portray Chinese in stereotypical fashion. The increasingly dominant images are of 19th century vintage: Chinese are crafty, deceitful, villainous and half-crazed automatons manipulated by evil rulers. It has become ever more difficult for Americans to see Chinese as fellow humans," etc., etc. There is a neat symmetry here. Meisner's picture of Americans might almost be of "half-crazed automatons manipulated by evil rulers." But the reader will search in vain for any evidence supporting such a picture...."


Jewish World Review 10/1/98 Cal Thomas "Liberal Democrats are today's slave masters. They should let these people go, instead of holding them in indentured political servitude, trading their votes for a few government crumbs. The race panel should have committed itself to putting the black family back together again. But that might solve the problem and unemploy certain black "leaders'' who seem to have made a lucrative career for themselves by ensuring that the misery of others never ends. The impediment to greater black progress is not racial discrimination. It is family breakdown. In every category -- from out-of- wedlock births and fatherless homes, to the percentage of young males in prison and victims or perpetrators of violent crimes --- blacks are disproportionately affected because it is their racial group that suffers most from broken or never-formed two-parent homes.."

Associated Press 6/9/99 Kevin Galvin "...Taking action against racial profiling, President Clinton today is ordering federal law enforcement officials to collect data on the race and gender of the people they stop to question or arrest, an administration official said. The president was announcing the executive order at a roundtable on civil rights law enforcement as a way of encouraging state and local officials to examine their own law enforcement agencies. Clinton also was expected to make what the official said was "a very strong statement'' about racial profiling undermining community confidence in law enforcement and to voice support for a bill before Congress that would provide funds for states to collect similar data. The official spoke on condition of anonymity. Law enforcement officials generally have resisted such data collection....."

New York Times 6/10/99 STEVEN A. HOLMES "...Declaring racial profiling "morally indefensible," President Clinton on Wednesday ordered federal law-enforcement agencies to compile data on the race and ethnicity of people they question, search or arrest to determine whether suspects are stopped because of the color of their skin. "Racial profiling is in fact the opposite of good police work where actions are based on hard facts, not stereotypes," the president said. "It is wrong, it is destructive and it must stop." Clinton said he was issuing a presidential directive requiring all federal law-enforcement agencies, like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Park Service, the Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service, to gather detailed demographic data on their activities. "The Justice Department will then analyze this data to assess whether and where law enforcement engage in racial profiling, and what concrete steps we need to take at the national level to eliminate it anywhere it exists," he said. Clinton acknowledged that because the vast bulk of police work was carried out by state and local agencies, and not the federal government, his directive would have limited i-pact on the practice of racial profiling. But he challenged state and local police forces to follow his lead in determining the extent of the practice....The president Wednesday also threw his support behind a bill requiring the attorney general to analyze data from a sample of jurisdictions on stops for traffic violations by state and local law-enforcement agencies. The study would look at the race, ethnicity and sex of the driver, what prompted the stop, whether the vehicle was searched, and if so, what contraband was found and whether an arrest was made...."


Washington Times 6/21/99 Jerry Seper "...President Clinton last week criticized racial profiling by police as a "morally indefensible, deeply corrosive practice," but he strongly defended such profiling when he was governor of Arkansas. He approved the profiling of Hispanics by Arkansas State Police as part of a drug interdiction program in 1988. The Arkansas plan gave state troopers the authority to stop and search vehicles based on a drug-courier profile of Hispanics, particularly those driving cars with Texas license plates. A federal judge later ruled the program unconstitutional. A lawsuit and a federal consent decree ended the practice --known as the "criminal apprehension program" -- the next year, and Gov. Clinton criticized the court's decision and, at one point, threatened to reinstate the program despite the court's ruling. Mr. Clinton said then that he considered the searches as he did airport metal detectors and that drugs were a bigger problem than airplane safety. He told the Arkansas Gazette he wished a way could be found to expand the searches again...."The Washington Post 6/21/99 Guy Gugliotta "...Jordan Pearce stood before the Bank United cash machine, stared at a blinking light for perhaps three seconds, waiting quietly while a hidden camera scanned his eyeball. The machine's television screen spasmed once and opened for business. Moments later Pearce pocketed $40 and departed, just like millions of other Americans who stop at their local ATM to get money every day. Except that Pearce, 18, a rising freshman at nearby Rice University, didn't have an ATM card. Instead, he simply allowed the camera mounted in the top of the cash machine to examine his iris -- the colored part of the eye -- and check its characteristics against an earlier scan stored in Bank United's iris database. Once the match was made, Pearce was free to use the machine. He needed neither ATM card nor identification number: "They told me about it when I was making a deposit," Pearce said. "It sounded pretty cool." The cash machines at Bank United, Texas's largest financial institution, have pushed the science of biometrics -- identifying people by their unique physical characteristics -- to a new frontier, transforming what began as a James Bond fantasy into everyday commerce....Whether it's iris scanning, fingerprints, voice prints, hand geometry, face geometry or signature authentication, biometrics are rapidly becoming a cheaper, easier and more secure way to conduct business...."


The Detroit News 7/16/99 Bill Johnson "...None of the 27 new comedies and dramas premiering on the top four networks this fall has minorities in a leading role, and too few in supporting roles..... Although I had failed to notice, there's no disputing the claim. NAACP President Kweisi Mfume's characterization of this fall's lineup as "a virtual whitewash in programming," is both cynical and accurate. ... while this observation received massive media attention, it certainly can't be one of the highest priorities of the media, the NAACP or America. In fact, the issue pales in importance when compared with the self-destructive pathologies gnawing at the core of black communities. Black Americans do, after all, show up in disproportionate numbers on the six and 11 o'clock television news segments and usually in ways that are unflattering. These images, unfortunately, reflect a stark reality a world apart from the cultural stereotypes usually found in the make-believe world of sitcoms. In real life, blacks are plagued by social problems that range from disproportionate HIV and other health problems to poor inner city schools, whose products are more apt to be high school dropouts than achievers.....Making the larger society aware of covert or overt acts of prejudice is within the NAACP's mission as a civil rights watchdog. It must not neglect, however, the problems that are occurring in the back yard of the black community...."

Los Angeles Times 7/20/99 BRIAN LOWRY,ELIZABETH JENSEN and GREG BRAXTON "…In 26 new prime-time shows slated to debut on the four major networks this fall, every lead character and nearly all the cast regulars will be white, even those on shows where the action takes place in urban high schools and New York City night spots…..Industry sources say the answer boils down to a harsh economic equation: there's not enough money in diversity to make it a priority….Olmos, and many other critics, say the problem is primarily institutional and financially motivated, not overt racism. "This was not done with malice," he said. "There was no understanding that this was happening, and that's the real problem." ….Still, some insiders maintain that the real cause of minorities being marginalized has to do simply with audience tastes…"

Philadelphia Inquirer 7/20/99 David Boldt "…The decision last week to put an official end to Boston's busing program for racial integration ought to provoke a moment of national reflection on why the policy was such a failure. At the end of the 1960s, the civil rights establishment, then led by the NAACP, decided that the way to improve the educational opportunities of black children in cities was to increase racial integration by forced busing of students….. One reason they failed was that white parents often withdrew their children faster than they could be bused. In Boston, 20,000 white students, accounting for a quarter of the pupil population, left in the four years after the lawsuit began. In those four years, the Boston public schools went from 60 percent white to 44 percent white. (The white percentage today is 14 percent.) White flight from the cities and their public schools was occurring anyway. The busing program did little more than accelerate the process. But the more important damage wrought by busing was to fracture the civil rights coalition….. Somehow, the leaders of the civil rights movement had become disconnected from the needs of its constituents and lost the high moral ground. Has this changed? Not according to a panel of black and Hispanic leaders I heard last week in Washington. They contended that civil rights organizations and the political left have generally opposed promising strategies like charter schools and school choice - and have no effective alternative….."


World Net Daily 7/21/99 Walter Williams "...One of the outcomes of last week's NAACP 90th Annual Meeting was a call to mau-mau network executives for not having enough blacks in leading roles in next fall's television shows. Another was Kweisi Mfume's call to sue gun manufacturers. The NAACP director said, "The time has come for us to look at the proliferation of handguns." Mfume, like the mayors of Philadelphia, New Orleans and Chicago, sees gun manufacturers as responsible for the murder and mayhem in black neighborhoods. At the turn of the century, Booker T. Washington warned against the agenda of "problem profiteers,"."...."

The Washington Post 7/27/99 Michael A Fletcher "...Hate crimes and law enforcement misconduct targeting Latinos are on the upswing, a trend that has gone largely unnoted because of a dearth of reliable data and policymakers' reluctance to move beyond the "black-white" racial model, according to a report released yesterday by the nation's largest Hispanic advocacy group. The National Council of La Raza report documents dozens of assaults, church burnings and cases of alleged law enforcement abuse against Hispanics. It also says the number of federally reported hate crimes against Hispanics increased nearly 20 percent from 1993 to 1996, which it called a consequence of broad "anti-immigrant" sentiment, the rapidly growing Hispanic population and an increased "tolerance for intolerance.".... The report says Latinos are frequent victims of racial profiling by police. That issue has received wide attention as it relates to African American motorists, but Latinos face similar unfair scrutiny, a situation that the NCLR says receives little attention. Besides noting an increase in crimes against Hispanics, who account for 11 percent of the U.S. population and are expected to be the nation's largest minority group by 2005, the report said there are indications that more Latinos are becoming perpetrators of hate crimes...."

AP 7/28/99 "...ABC, which has been criticized along with other major networks for planning nearly all-white fall series, is adding ethnic characters to at least five shows. ABC executives said they began the effort to make their programs more inclusive in May, before the NAACP and other groups condemned TV's lack of racial diversity. ``Clearly, we have an obligation to reflect society as it exists,'' Stu Bloomberg, ABC Entertainment Television Group co-chairman, told the Television Critics Association on Tuesday. ..."

Accuracy In Media 7/28/99 Reed Irvine Cliff Kincaid "...The media have been preoccupied with some sensational stories of violent white supremacists who have targeted members of minority groups. But the hate goes both ways. A new video on the immigration problem demonstrates that whites in California are being targeted for what might be called "ethnic cleansing." The video, produced by a group called "Voice of Citizens Together," features video clips of pro-Mexican militants openly declaring their aim to take control of California and drive white people out....Perhaps most shocking of all is film footage of a confrontation involving Mexican militants who openly attacked members of VCT. According to media on the scene, the Mexicans were carrying placards with Communist slogans and were "bent on violence." Some of the VCT members protesting illegal immigration left with blood on their faces after being pummeled...."

Reuters 7/30/99 Steve Holland "...- President Clinton said Thursday it was intolerable that the patriotism of U.S. scientists of Asian-Pacific heritage has been questioned in the wake of the Chinese spy probe. ``Asian Pacific American scientists and engineers have long made major contributions to our country, to our national security, and to our unmatched scientific enterprise,'' Clinton said in a written statement.... ``Security matters are of the highest priority in my administration, but history has shown the damage to the lives of our citizens and to our society that results from the destructive grip of prejudice, suspicion and discrimination. Racism and stereotyping have no place in our 'one America' in the 21st century,'' Clinton said. ..."

U.S. News Online 8/9/99 John Leo "... Animal Group Calls Milk Racist," said the headline in the Burlington (Vt.) Free Press. Yes, indeed. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was at it again, arguing that milk is a racist beverage because "tens of millions" of blacks, Latinos, Asian-Americans, and American Indians are lactose intolerant, while most Caucasians are not. Sunshine, on the other hand, racistly burns more whites than minorities.... "

WorldNet Daily 8/3/99 Joseph Farah "....Impeachment hearing hero David Schippers told Bill O'Reilly on the Fox News Network that former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary gave marching orders to halt all scheduled promotions of white males in her vast federal bureaucracy. "Now you know something about Hazel O'Leary in your capacity as -- looking over everything, and ... that there was an ongoing ... conspiracy to make certain that no white males got promoted to any offices of responsibility and got -- indeed got no promotions at all," he said. "Really?" questioned O'Reilly. "So Hazel O'Leary, then the chief of the Department of Energy, you're saying that your client told you, was knocking out all white males that -- when they -- when they were up for promotion?" "As I understand it -- this is secondhand. As I understand it, when Hazel O'Leary got into the office, she asked for the promotion list and then asked them to strike the names of all white males," charged Schippers. "That's against the law," observed O'Reilly astutely.

"Well, this information's been furnished to the -- to the Congress. They have it," said Schippers. Is it hard to believe? Not with the bunch in this administration -- not with what I know about the political nature of Hazel O'Leary, who personally targeted me and my organization for extinction as well. She's the former Cabinet official who made phone calls to my news organization's donor base threatening individuals with government retribution if they continued to support the Western Journalism Center, parent company of"

Cato Institute 8/5/99 Stephen Moore "...America seems to be suffering from an identity crisis of late. Almost with every passing day, America is splintering into disparate factions divided by ethnicity, race, language and income. There was more than a little irony to Al Gore's famous slip a few years ago when he said that E Pluribus Unum means "Out of one, many," and not "Out of many, one." Has the traditional concept of Americanization been sacrificed to multicultural fervor? As John Miller of National Review points out in his insightful book The Unmaking of Americans, our modern institutions in America and many of our intellectual elites often put more emphasis on "E Pluribus" than on the "Unum." Through such programs as bilingual education, racial and ethnic quotas, and multiculturalism, we seem to mistakenly celebrate our separateness more than the ties that bind us together as a nation. Such policies emphasize group entitlement not individual achievement. As set forth by the Founding Fathers, our common bond as Americans is not our ethnicity but our shared values: our respect for freedom, and the self-evident right of every citizen to pursue life, liberty and happiness. ..." 8/8/99 "...If an American President used the "N" word and it was captured on tape, undoubtedly the news media would be all over the story. But what about a presidential brother? A controversial videotape depicts first brother Roger Clinton repeatedly and enthusiastically using that most offensive of all racial epithets while he was under investigation for suspected drug dealing during the 1980's. Here's an excerpt of Roger's clearly audible comments in a June 27, 1984 police surveillance video, as he was using cocaine and discussing a recent encounter his dealer had with a local African American teenager: "Some junior high n - - - - r kicked Steve's ass while he was trying to help his brothers out; junior high or sophmore in high school. Whatever it was, Steve had the n - - - - r down. However it was, it was Steve's fault. He had the n - - - - r down, he let him up. The n - - - - r blindsided him." The clip appears in the blockbuster 1996 documentary, "The Mena Cover-Up: Drugs, Deception and the Making of a President", distributed by Citizens for Honest Government. Another Citizens for Honest Government video, "Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection," is currently the subject of a defamation trial in Little Rock, Arkansas....And how come Roger's tape recorded hate speech never found its way into the mainstream press? Is it because a story about slurs hurled by someone very close to the President isn't news? Tell it to Newt Gingrich's mom, who used the "B" word on videotape to describe the First Lady in a 1994 interview with Connie Chung. Her faux pas was recycled for days on end just as Gingrich was about to assume the Speakership. Would the media have given Nixon or Reagan such a break -- had a brother of theirs been caught using the "N" word on tape? Don't bet on it. ..."

Orlando Sentinel 8/12/99 Charley Reese "...The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is urging a boycott of South Carolina until officials there take down the Confederate battle flag that flies on their capitol, underneath the American and state flags. Some years ago, the NAACP passed a resolution calling that dear, old flag " . . . the most odious symbol in the Universe." A bit of hyperbole, I would say. There is no point in arguing the meaning of any symbol. Like beauty, the meaning of a symbol lies in the eyes of the beholder. You can bet that when Japanese and American World War II veterans look at the American flag, it doesn't mean the same thing to both groups.

So I don't deny that some blacks may be offended by the sight of the Confederate battle flag. I just say, "With due respect, I don't care." No one in this free country should get the idea that all he or she has to do is announce, "I am offended by (fill in the blanks)" and then his or her subjective feelings will have the force of law. Let's not get into the business of censoring symbols. Flying a flag is a harmless act....."

AP Wire 8/10/99 "...The nation's largest organization of black lawyers is asking Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist to stop singing ``Dixie.'' Calling the song an offensive ``symbol of slavery and oppression,'' the National Bar Association passed a resolution at its recent convention in Philadelphia urging Rehnquist to ``refrain from such offensive behavior in the future.'' The group represents some 18,000 lawyers. A Supreme Court spokesman said today that Rehnquist would have no comment about the NBA's resolution ..."

New York Post 8/10/99 Michael Meyers "...LAST week some black militants assembled the press to assail the NYPD as some sort of mob and to attack the ads that are aggressively recruiting minorities to join the ranks of this nation's finest big-city force of crime-busters. The radicals - organizers and backers of this Labor Day's second "Million Youth March" in Harlem - screamed that blacks shouldn't sign up for the NYPD. Instead, they favored self-determination and self-policing of the black community. What a crock! The TV pictures of the snarling racial loudmouths were annoying enough, but the sound of their hatred of America and their paranoid stereotyping of the police was deafening. What makes these fools the spokesmen for any neighborhood, much less the entire black communiy? We New Yorkers are lucky - yes, lucky - to have the brave men and women of all colors on our police force who every day get out there to patrol our streets and sidewalks. (No matter their mediocre wages!) Not enough of us thank them - but let just one or two or three cops make a mistake or break under the stress of the dangers all around them, and the haters in our midst emerge to denounce all cops as some sort of "occupation army." Good cops get no demonstration in their favor...."

Boston Herald 8/10/99 Editorial "...Lower crime, abort the unborn children of poor minority women. Offended? You should be, but that's the gist of a sickening new study by researchers from the supposedly prestigious University of Chicago and Stanford University. According to this quack thesis, the nation's crime has dropped during the past 20 years largely because the unwanted offspring of poor, teenage minority women were aborted at a disproportionately high rate in the 1970s, thus draining the pool of potential young criminals. The researchers, Chicago's Steven Levitt and Stanford's John Donohue, even say that legalized abortion may be responsible for as much as half the overall reduction in crime that occurred from 1991 to 1997, and that areas with high abortion rates are safer compared to those where it's less common...."

The Washington Times 8/9/99 Zhengyuan Fu "...President Clinton has renominated Bill Lann Lee as head of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department and pressured the Senate to confirm his nomination. In 1997, the Senate refused to confirm the appointment of Bill Lann Lee because of his support of racial preference policies. But Mr. Clinton installed Mr. Lee on an acting basis. Since then, Bill Lann Lee has been holding illegally the post for more than 18 months in blatant violation of federal law that limits the tenure of acting officials to 120 days. One of the purposes of Mr. Clinton's nomination of Bill Lann Lee is to portray his opponents as bigoted against racial minorities of Asian descent. Another purpose is to portray himself as a supporter of the Asian-American community. In reality, as the former director of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund's Western office, Bill Lann Lee is renowned for his support of the racial preference programs that openly discriminate against Asian-Americans and violate the fundamental principle of equal treatment under the Constitution. Under the pressure of Bill Lann Lee's former organization, the NAACP, the San Francisco Unified School District imposed different standards of admission based on race and outright racial quotas, which brazenly discriminated against Asians in general and Chinese in particular...."

8/11/99 AP "...A gunman wounded five people, including a child, at a Jewish community center today. Dozens of police officers searched the complex for the shooter. Five people were hit by gunfire, Fire Department spokesman Jim Wells said...."

Washington Post 8/11/99 David Segal "...The American Bar Association today threw the weight of the nation's lawyers against "racial profiling," the controversial police practice of stopping and questioning minority motorists based on their race. In a unanimous voice vote, the governing body of the ABA, holding its annual convention here, approved a measure calling for state and local municipalities to collect data about police traffic stops to determine whether minorities are regularly pulled over because of their skin color. If authorities are disproportionately targeting minorities, the resolution said, the nation's agencies of justice should "identify the most efficient and effective methods of ending such discriminatory practices as they find exist." Minorities, particularly African Americans, long have complained that they are routinely detained, frisked and even handcuffed by police for no apparent cause. In Maryland, for instance, a court-ordered study found that on one stretch of Interstate 95 minorities accounted for 27 percent of traffic stops, even though they comprised 17 percent of drivers....."

The Des Moines Register 8/11/99 David Yepsen "...Former Reagan administration official Alan Keyes said Tuesday one reason abortion should be outlawed in America is that it has a disproportionate impact on black Americans. Keyes, a Republican and the only black among the major presidential candidates, made the comments Tuesday during an interview on KJMC radio's "In The Public Interest" program. Keyes, who is one of the strongest anti-abortion critics in the GOP field, said fixing the nation's problems starts "with a belief that God is the source of our rights and we human beings have to respect His will. The enforcement of that begins in the womb. " . . . Back in the "70s, when I was coming along, a lot of the black leadership understood that abortion is genocidal. It"s disproportionately affecting black people and now the demographics are such that we will lose our position as the number one minority, the largest minority, in America almost entirely due to abortion and this is not a good thing for us," he said. He said blacks make up only 12 percent of the nation"s population and those numbers will soon decline...." 8/12/99 "...When a person is in the midst of violently taking the life of another human being, it is difficult to imagine any emotion other than hate running through their mind - a pure, unadulterated, all-consuming hate. So why must we classify some crimes as hate crimes and others as mere crimes? Tuesday's horrible scene outside a Los Angeles-area Jewish community center has once again focused much attention on hate crimes. The suspect in this case has openly stated his hatred for Jews, and if even a fraction of the information about his white supremacist background is accurate, it would appear that his was a deeply-held hatred. The shooting of those little kids and those watching over them was horrible and scary and wicked. But would it have been any less horrible or scary or wicked had he shot them simply because they were there?.... But what does that say about us and our attitude toward violence? Would the calculated murder of myself be somehow worse than, say, the casual murder of a young black man in Southeast Washington, D.C. just because the perpetrator in my murder espoused a hatred of Norwegians? The premise is ludicrous, but that's the point to which we've come. In America today, we presume to make a crime worse because it is openly rooted in hate rather than quietly rooted in hate....."

Los Angeles Times 8/12/99 William Rempel "...Criminal prosecution of fired nuclear weapon scientist Wen Ho Lee could incite public hysteria over national security fears and "unleash a virulent anti-Chinese frenzy in this country," an organization of 'prominent Chinese Americans' warned Wednesday in a letter to Atty. Gen. Janet Reno and Energy Secretary Bill Richardson..... The New York-based Committee of 100, a nonpartisan public policy group of Chinese American professionals from business and the arts, said in the letter signed by Chairman Henry S. Tang that it is concerned about indications the Taiwan-born Lee was "being pursued vindictively," possibly as a result of personal "or racial animus." The letter also raised questions about whether "the racial prejudice and popular hysteria" that sent 100,000 Japanese Americans to internment camps during World War II might lead to "yet another miscarriage of justice" in the Lee case. "Dr. Lee and the nation deserve a case made on the merits of a thorough and professional investigation, not a racist witch hunt," the letter said....."

Jewish World Review 8/13/99 Cal Thomas "...SHAKESPEARE WAS WRONG. To solve our collective problems, we don't first kill all the lawyers. We first kill all of those we think might grow up to be criminals. That is the inescapable conclusion reached in an unpublished study circulating among economists and "experts'' in criminal law. The study suggests that since abortion was made legal in 1973, the crime rate has declined. The implication is that crime is down because abortions are up. So, a good anti-crime package includes first killing all the babies our sociological models determine might grow up to be criminals. That would include Jesse Jackson and a lot of other people who were born in poverty but overcame it. Steven Levitt, a University of Chicago economist, and John Donohue III, a Stanford University law professor, are responsible for the study. Are they doing for modern-day eugenicists what Margaret Sanger did for the Third Reich -- declaring some categories of humans unfit to live and laying down guidelines for the master race?....... "

Washington Post 8/14/99 Vernon Loeb "...Chinese American groups, breaking months of public silence, have expressed concern to federal officials that espionage suspect Wen Ho Lee may have been targeted on the basis of his ethnicity and that his case could trigger what one group called "a virulent anti-Chinese frenzy in this country." "Such a high-profile prosecution, with its attendant media circus atmosphere, could do incalculable harm to the welfare of millions of law-abiding Chinese and to our foreign policy toward China itself," the Committee of 100, a New York-based group of prominent Chinese Americans, said this week in a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno and Energy Secretary Bill Richardson. The committee's letter came less than a week after the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee sharply criticized investigators at the FBI and the Department of Energy for failing to pursue other possible suspects, since there is no direct evidence that either Lee or anyone else at Los Alamos National Laboratory gave nuclear secrets to China. ..."

New York Times 8/12/99 Abraham Foxman "...In the late 1980's violence by neo-Nazi skinheads was on the rise across America. At a meeting with Richard Thornburgh, then the Attorney General, we urged the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to place the skinheads on the F.B.I. watch list -- to monitor their activities and vigorously apply the law. The Attorney General did just that, and as a result violence by neo-Nazi skinheads declined significantly. Fast-forward to this past July 4 weekend, when Benjamin Smith, who had been linked to the white supremacist, anti-Semitic World Church of the Creator, went on a shooting rampage, wounding six Jews coming home from Sabbath services and killing an African-American and an Asian before committing suicide. The Anti-Defamation League and other organizations knew about this group -- we monitored its activities and Web site, sought to expose it in the news media. After the July 4 rampage, again we went to the Attorney General, this time Janet Reno, and asked that a full field investigation be initiated in keeping with the Attorney General's "Guidelines on Domestic Security/Terrorism Investigations." We believe we had documented examples of violence and criminal activity perpetrated by members of the World Church. I believe that if Ms. Reno was not restricted by certain legal parameters put in place since the Thornburgh era, she would have acted immediately. Instead, she said she had to "review whether the group itself was tied to individual acts." Mr. Smith's activities on behalf of the World Church of the Creator, while public and abhorrent, were protected by the First Amendment, irrespective of his shooting rampage. Now, in the shootings this week at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles, we have the worst act of anti-Semitic violence since the killing of Yankel Rosenbaum in Crown Heights eight years ago, and we have a suspect with clear ties to known hate groups. The suspect, Buford Furrow Jr., who turned himself in yesterday, had spent considerable time at a compound of the Aryan Nations, authorities say, and he may have aspired to the Phineas Priesthood, to which one gains "membership" by committing violence against nonwhites. Once again, the information we're getting about the suspect is coming largely from private groups. This doesn't mean that the F.B.I. has not been tracking these hate groups. But the Justice Department and the bureau are so hamstrung -- by the unpleasant legacy of the Hoover years, by fears of suits from the American Civil Liberties Union, by complaints from conservative lawmakers about avoiding another Randy Weaver fiasco -- that they can't act aggressively....."

New York Post 8/12/99 Steve Dunleavy "...SINCE the big daddies of hate - the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Liberation Army - are drawing Social Security checks, you might think their venom has been transferred to walkers. The truth is since those big daddies of hate have dissipated into the Viagra age, there has spawned a great family - Sons of Hate - and what an attractive brew they are. There are Aryan Nations, The Aryan Brotherhood and The National Alliance, whose leader, William Pierce, wrote the "Turner Diaries." Now, that is a tidy little handbook of hate. And then there is World Church of the Creator. Man, do they hate Christians like me. One of their passionate members went and killed a black and a Korean in Chicago on July 3 and 4. What a hero. Of course there is the Skinhead Movement, The Posse Comitados, who call all non-whites "Mud People." Charming. And don't let's forget our old friends in The American Nazi Party. The misfit who triggered Tuesday's ugliness in Granada Hills, Buford O'Neal Furrow, 37, was reportedly in Aryan Nations and its more active offshoot Order, another highly-resistible group..... So if you were in New York and wanted to join a hate group in Idaho, you would have to read an out-of-town newspaper, write letters, make telephone calls and virtually expose your identity, otherwise how can anyone get back to you without a name and address? But voila. The Internet. "Today, cyberhate can come right into your living room, right into your kids room and you can be anonymous, your neighbor or the local police don't know who you are."...."

Judicial Watch 8/13/99 Larry Klayman "...Yesterday, in what has now become a routine with the corrupt Clinton Justice Department, John Huang, who even Bob Woodward and The Washington Post called a likely Communist Chinese spy, entered into a plea agreement, in which he gets off "scott free," with only a $10,000 fine and 500 hours of community service. Huang was uncovered in the fall of 1996, and when he ran from U.S. Marshals trying to serve him with a subpoena in the Judicial Watch case which sparked the Chinagate scandal, his story rose to national prominence. Later, he would testify to Judicial Watch, untruthfully. When Judicial Watch moved the Court to have Huang testify again, and it so ordered, he invoked the Fifth Amendment over 1000 times, leading the widely respected liberal journalist Christopher Hitchens to remark that Huang had established a "new indoor record." As was true with Huang, thus far the Clinton Justice Department has indicted primarily Chinese, Indonesians, African Americans, and Indians in the Chinagate scandal, to create the appearance of justice. However, they have all been plead out with little to no jail time, with no real commitment to implicate other, high up Clinton-Gore officials. "The Clinton Justice Department is effectively playing the race card, by blaming just a bunch of foreigners and minorities, but not holding them accountable in any event for fear they might implicate the corrupt 'white men in the White House,'" stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. "Judicial Watch will not allow justice to be compromised, and will now ask the Court to bring Huang back again for testimony, as he can no longer even claim that the Fifth Amendment is applicable," added Klayman and Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. ..."

Front Page 8/13/99 Chris Weinkopf "...Jesse Jackson's Rainbow-PUSH Coalition, which routinely attacks corporations for hiring too few minorities, seems similarly nonplused about the suggestion. A spokesman high-mindedly answered that he wants to "see the study," which has been summarized in the Chicago Tribune but is not yet published, before commenting on its conclusion-that aborting indigent and minority babies makes the world a safer place. Representatives at the Congressional Black Caucus and the American Civil Liberties Union have yet to utter a peep, or return this writer's phone calls. The report, "Legalized Abortion and Crime," by University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt and Stanford sociologist John Donohue III, notes that nationwide, the number of abortions skyrocketed after the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973. Crime, on the other hand, began to taper off eighteen years later, in 1991, when the first aborted babies would have entered the most crime-prone age group. Where there were many abortions, police reported fewer robberies, rapes, and murders two decades later. From that correlation, the scholars infer causality. They reason that since an inordinate number of abortion-obtaining mothers are unwed, poor, or ethnic minorities, their children, if born, are more likely to become violent criminals. The logic is dubious; the implications are downright frightening....The study's authors, and those who have embraced its findings, insist that they do not endorse the idea of abortion as crime control, but their words speak louder than their denials. Cory Richards, vice president of the Alan Guttmacher Institute, tells the Tribune that the study "is not an argument for abortion per se. [It] is an argument for women not being forced to have children that they don't want to have." But were "choice" all that is at stake, there would be no need to talk about national crime statistics. Implicit in the study is the suggestion that the country is better off for having permitted some 34 million abortions of demographically undesirable people. As Richard Posner, chief judge of the Seventh U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago, claims, "unwanted children are quite likely not to turn out to be the best citizens." Or, as one of the study's authors puts it, "Abortion provides a way for the would-be mothers of those kids who are going to lead really rough lives to avoid bringing them into the world." That sounds a lot like an argument for abortion......There are too many other factors-the rise and fall of the welfare culture, the burgeoning prison population, stricter methods of law enforcement-to determine conclusively why crime went up in the 1970s and down in the 1990s. Abortion probably has removed some sinners from the nation's ranks; it has surely taken some saints, too. That's all a matter of speculation, because 34 million Americans were deemed "unwanted" well before their time. "This idea of culling before birth," a Planned Parenthood spokesperson candidly confessed, "seems a little creepy." It's strange to hear an abortion proponent admit as much, while activists who claim to fight for the civil rights of minorities remain silent. The "unwanted" designation says more about those who apply it than those who are so defined. That America has dealt with 34 million lives so brutally is itself a crime-one that Professors Levitt and Donohue neglected to include in their tally..."


Chuck Baldwin Live 8/18/99 "…Without question, we live in the most hypersensitive generation in history. In this atmosphere of politically correct sensitivity a man was fired job for using the word "niggardly." The word has nothing to do with insulting a particular minority race, of course, but simply means, "miserly, stingy, covetous." No matter. The man was fired posthaste. Just this week Sen. Robert Bennett from Utah was told to apologize for quipping that unless Gov. G.W. Bush did something stupid, like have an affair with a black woman, he was certain to win the Republican nomination for president. He did. Americans are told that they had better not offend black people, Jewish people, homosexuals, Asians, Muslims, Indians, handicap people, short people, fat people, near-sighted people, ugly people or any other people. Any other people except Christian people, that is. Christians are routinely impugned, denigrated and held up to scorn from practically every quarter of society. In movies they are pictured as maniacal murderers, serial rapists and the like. They are favored targets of every late night TV comedian. Christians are routinely told that if they are offended by the content of television programs to "turn the channel". Christian chaplains in our military services are categorically instructed to not mention the name of Jesus. The leaders of public education tell Christian valedictorians the same thing. Christian schoolteachers are told to check their faith at the entrance to the school. Christians must listen to profanity, look at co-worker’s girlie magazines but are threatened with their jobs if they bring a Bible or gospel tract to work….."

NewsEdge Reuters 8/17/99 "…Robert Vrooman also told the Washington Post he does not believe China obtained top-secret information about U.S. nuclear warheads from Los Alamos or any other laboratory belonging to the U.S. Energy Department. Any such stolen data, he said, could have come from documents distributed to ``hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. government'' as well as to private contractors. While ``details of this investigation are still classified,'' he added, ``it can be said at this time that Mr. Lee's ethnicity was a major factor.'' Vrooman is the first high-ranking participant in the investigation to state that Lee's ethnic background played a key role in his emergence as the government's prime suspect….. In a separate statement faxed to the Post, Vrooman said Lee was identified by the Energy Department's Office of Counterintelligence ``as the prime suspect based on, at best, cursory investigation'' of only Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Vrooman said he had personally counted 13 Caucasians at Los Alamos who were ``left out of the investigation'' although like Lee, they had visited China and met officials at a physics institute there…."
The Wall Street Journal 8/19/99 Edward Jay Epstein "…According to Mr. Vrooman, Mr. Lee, who had worked at Los Alamos for 20 years, was only one of many scientists who had access to the design information of the miniature W-88 nuclear warhead--in fact, the data were "distributed to 548 different addresses at the Defense Department, Energy Department, various defense firms, the armed services and even the National Guard." Mr. Lee, it seems, was targeted for investigation because of his Chinese ethnicity. But the full story does not end there. There are, to begin with, reasons to doubt Mr. Vrooman, who was fired because of his putative mishandling of security at Los Alamos and so has an interest in exonerating Mr. Lee. A search of Mr. Lee's computer files found that he had downloaded classified design information on his own backup computer, evidence of a security lapse (for which he was fired), though not of actual espionage. …" 8/16/99 David Horowitz "…When the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People announced plans recently to file an injunctive class-action suit "to force [gun manufacturers] to distribute their product responsibly," the NAACP president, Kweisi Mfume, noted that gun violence takes a disproportionately high toll among young black males. According to an NAACP press release, African-American males between the ages of 15 and 24 are almost five times more likely to be injured by firearms than are white males in the same age group. "Firearm homicide has been the leading cause of death among young African-American males for nearly 30 years," it stated…..In the sociology of the left, including the NAACP, there cannot be a wound the black community inflicts on itself that is not ultimately the responsibility of malicious whites. To think otherwise would be to "blame the victim." Only mean-spirited conservatives (like me) would even think of doing that. The fact is that while blacks make up only 12 percent of the population, they account for 46 percent of total violent crime and 90 percent of the murders of other blacks. It is they, not whites or gun manufacturers, who are responsible for the disproportionate gun deaths of young black males. Firearms don't kill people. Sociopaths do. It takes a human brain to pull the trigger. If young black males abuse firearms in an irresponsible and criminal fashion, why should the firearm industry be held accountable? Why not their parents? Why not themselves?…"


National Review - Washington Bulletin 8/25/99 Ramesh Ponnuru "…The backlash to the Chinese spy scandal is in full flower. The former head of counterintelligence at Los Alamos, Robert S. Vrooman, told the Washington Post that not only is suspected spy Wen Ho Lee innocent, he is the victim of racist scapegoating, the high-tech equivalent of Driving While Black: Call it Researching While Asian. (Bear in mind that Vrooman, who has been humiliated, has an interest in minimizing security lapses that occurred on his watch.) Meanwhile, Notra Trulock, the Energy Department security official who a few months ago was a hero for breaking the spy scandal, has resigned from the department, accused of targeting Lee unfairly. The idea that China spied at all-instead of picking up information from the Internet or other open sources-is now in doubt, making the whole fuss seem a creation of the fevered imagination of a few paranoid white males. But not so fast. Wen Ho Lee may or may not be guilty of passing to the Chinese design information for the W-88, America's most advanced warhead. But there was a legitimate reason to suspect him. In the early 1980s, Wen Ho Lee reportedly told another U.S. scientist under suspicion for giving the Chinese neutron-bomb secrets, "I can help you-I can tell who ratted on you"; he failed to inform security officials of his various contacts with PRC scientists; he agreed to meet with an FBI agent posing as a Chinese official; he failed two lie-detector tests; and, of course, he downloaded massive amounts of material from a classified to an unclassified computer. His defenders seem to want affirmative action for security risks: Minorities can meet lower security standards to ensure that no minority pressure group will ever have reason to cry "racism." (Foreign intelligence agencies will no doubt be impressed by our commitment to diversity.) …"

National Review Online 8/25/99 Kenneth R Timmerman "…1. What do you make of Notra Trulock's sudden departure? I don't know whether Trulock was forced out or not. But at the very least, it's clear he felt he had no mandate to continue actively pursuing foreign-intelligence penetration of the Department of Energy and our nuclear-weapons establishments. 2. Several people from within the energy department have now charged Trulock with singling out Wen Ho Lee because he is Asian. What do you make of the charge? And, is giving extra scrutiny to Chinese-Americans legitimate? The charge is both unfortunate, and inevitable. Mr. Lee first attracted the attention of DoE counterintelligence in the mid-1980s, when he accompanied his wife on a speaking engagement to Communist China. By all accounts, the Chinese were more interested in his knowledge of U.S. nuclear weapons, than in his wife. Any normal employee in a government national-security agency would have accepted such an invitation with great trepidation and reserve. It was common knowledge that Chinese intelligence was actively seeking to recruit people with access to U.S. weapons secrets from what they called the "overseas Chinese" community. Despite this, as far as we know from the published accounts, Mr. Lee did not submit a report on his contacts in China. So by his own actions, he invited scrutiny by DoE counter-intelligence. If I had been in Mr. Lee's position, I never would have gone to China, in the same way that many American Jews, working in senior government positions, refuse to deal with Middle Eastern issues in their official capacities. Is that fair? No. But they aren't bus drivers, either. We are talking about people who are handling our most dangerous and valuable secrets. They must be like Caesar's wife, free from even the suspicion of blame…."

Drudge Report 8/25/99 "…TIME magazine savaged writer David Horowitz in its August 30th issue with a column by Jack E. White titled: "A Real Live Bigot." And now Horowitz says is planning to launch a $50 million lawsuit against TIME magazine for defamation of character! White was responding SALON.COM column by Horowitz called "Guns Don't Kill Blacks, Other Black People Do." "My column was about the NAACP's loopy lawsuit against gun manufacturers because of the high homicide rate in inner city black communities," Horowitz says from Los Angeles….. In a letter to TIME magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson, Horowitz charged: "Jack White's column in your August 30th issue, which features my image and describes me as "A Real, Live Bigot" is a hateful racial lie... Horowitz continued: "What do I tell my African American daughter-law or my three granddaughters when they ask me why an otherwise reputable magazine like TIME would pillory their grandfather as a racial bigot?... "

Colorado Springs Gazette 8/13/99 Robert Holland "…It wasn't one of the South's proudest moments. By the late 1950s, the movement to end officially enforced racial segregation in public schools had gathered moral force. Most Americans realized that education freedom was inevitable and just. However, Southern politicos mounted an ugly resistance that was doomed to fail. History repeats itself. In 1999 the movement to enable all American families to send their children to the schools of their choice is on an unmistakable roll. Majorities of all groups, blacks most of all, recognize the rightness of this cause. Yet there are bitter-end resisters who are trying to block the schoolhouse door as pitifully as did Alabama's George Wallace. Consider two examples: * With fall opening just a few weeks away, a coalition led by the National Education Association, the nation's largest teacher union, has filed for an injunction to block 4,000 low-income Cleveland children from using vouchers to attend private schools….* The NEA, along with its trusty lapdog, the national PTA, is among the plaintiffs in Florida seeking to strangle in the crib Governor Jeb Bush's A-Plus reform, which features vouchers for students who wish to escape public schools that have consistently flunked basic tests. Never mind that fewer than 100 Pensacola students will receive "opportunity scholarships" the first go-round. Never mind that Bush's bold plan gives the education establishment the power to kill the vouchers they so detest - by simply teaching children to read so that there are no failing schools. The NEA would rather squelch competition than do right by children….. Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young has likened those who refuse to accept consignment to ghetto schools to Rosa Parks' refusing to sit at the back of the bus. When an amazing 1.25 million low-income families (upwards of a third of all those eligible in several major cities) applied for the first round of scholarships created by philanthropists Ted Forstmann and John T. Walton, Young said those who had applied for "educational emancipation" will go down in history "not as victims" but as "heroes with whom a great awakening was born."…"

David Horowitz responds to Time 8/25/99 "… In a column authored by Jack White in your Aug. 30 issue, your magazine has committed an outrage against me and my family, which I appeal to you to redress. As you know, the exercise of freedom of the press comes with a responsibility not to abuse its power and crush unequal individuals with statements that are defamatory and libelous. White's column, which features my image and describes me as "A Real, Live Bigot," is a hateful racial lie….All these facts are publicly known and were readily available to your reporter. In the course of the "interview" he conducted with me in preparation for his column, Jack White indicated that he had consulted my Web site,, where my Salon article appears in a version that restores three paragraphs the editors had cut. If White had the least interest in reporting the truth about me and my beliefs, he could have found out about Hollywood Concerned, the Larry Elder campaign and the Arizona and Colorado conferences, and he could have read the booklet I have written about the Republican Party, since all are available on the same Web site. But White did not care about the truth. Instead he caricatured me as a racial bigot, and wrote a column that disregards the facts in order to perform a character assassination dressed up as commentary. In the process he has made me and my family the target of racial resentment and anger from who-knows-what sources. You and your headline writers have abetted this destructive agenda. …." 8/26/99 Camille Paglia "…Editor's Note:This is a copy of a letter the writer sent to the editors of Time magazine. Aug. 26, 1999 | -- That the ever-platitudinous Jack E. White has called David Horowitz a "bigot" is, of course, stupid and unprofessional but hardly surprising to the weary Time readers who, like hikers confronted with a bog, must rapidly skirt White's flatulent prose whenever it appears. But that Time's editors allowed the sophomoric libel to pass raises questions about the magazine's process of internal review: Was this simply a late-summer slip-up (in which case Time will promptly admit it), or is there a double standard for PC propagandists like White? I respect the astute and rigorously unsentimental David Horowitz as one of America's most original and courageous political analysts. He has the true 1960s spirit -- audacious and irreverent, yet passionately engaged and committed to social change…."

The Arizona Republic 8/29/99 "…As arguments over the fate of a 24-week-old fetus swirl across Arizona, another controversy is building around the country about a connection between abortion and crime. A study by two respected scholars contends that the sharp increase in abortion following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Roe vs. Wade in 1973 may account for as much as half of the drop in the nation's crime rate during the 1990s. Their research suggests that fewer crimes were committed partly because many potential criminals, who would be in their teens and 20s in this decade, were aborted…..Joseph Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League in Chicago, chastised the study as "an insidious rationale for tolerating abortion" and called it consistent with the "get rid of the undesirables" approach of eugenicists. "Naturally, if you kill off a million and a half people a year, a few criminals will be in that number. So will doctors, philosophers, musicians and artists -- maybe even some economists," he said. "This smells like arguments made in Nazi Germany and even in this country in the 1920s by those who favored compulsory sterilization to make sure that "breeders' didn't produce a subclass of people," said John Jakubczyk, a Phoenix lawyer who represents Arizona Right to Life….."

AP 9/4/99 "…Two black men were charged with murder in what police said was the racially motivated killing of a white man - but prosecutors have not decided whether to pursue the case as a hate crime. Terrence McCray, 18, and Ledell Lawrence, 20, were being held in Duval County jail without bond after their arrest Friday. Police said the two men and possibly others beat, kicked and stomped Gregory Griffith, 50, who was mentally handicapped, on Aug. 16 until he was unconscious. ..."

The Boston Globe 9/2/99 Jeff Jacoby "…Why does Jack E. White insist on using his pulpit in Time magazine to squirt racial poison into the nation's public discourse? …..But when it comes to politics, White pens some of the ugliest commentary around. A favorite brand of venom is to accuse political conservatives of being racists. Mind you, he never offers actual evidence that they are racists; it is enough for him that they are conservative. Thus, when the New Liberty Baptist Church in Alabama was torched in 1996, White wrote this: ''All the conservative Republicans from Newt Gingrich to Pete Wilson ... should come stand in the charred ruins ... and wonder if their coded phrases encouraged the arsonists.''…. White has suggested that Clarence Thomas is ''an intellectual slave'' who is ''lavishly rewarded for serving ... conservative white Republicans.''….. White and Time get away with this stuff because the victims of these smears never fight back. Until now. In Time's Aug. 30 edition, White wrote about David Horowitz, a noted conservative activist. In the '60s, Horowitz was a militant radical; famously, he later had second thoughts and moved to the political right….. On Aug. 16, he wrote about the NAACP's plans to sue gun manufacturers on the grounds that firearms are a leading cause of death among young black men, who are nearly five times as likely to die of bullet wounds as young white men. ….. He went on to lacerate the leftist mind-set that holds that ''there cannot be a wound the black community inflicts on itself that is not ultimately the responsibility of malicious whites.'' If nearly half the prison population is black, Horowitz wrote, ''that cannot be allowed to suggest that the black community have a problem when it comes to raising its children as law-abiding.... Oh, no. Such a statistic can only be explained by the racism of [the] criminal justice system.'' …..Well, White read the column and came to a different conclusion. His usual conclusion. The column ''reminded'' him that ''blatant bigotry is alive and well'' on the Internet, even at liberal Webzines. He pronounced Horowitz guilty of a ''blanket assault'' that outdid ''the antiblack rantings'' of other conservatives. Worst of all was the headline: ''A Real, Live Bigot.'' …….White's accusation is scurrilous. But the damage such a libel can wreak is massive. ''To be labeled a `bigot,' particularly in the wake of Buford Furrow, is a verbal death sentence,'' Horowitz says. ''That column is a calculated attempt to prevent anyone from ever again listening to what I have to say.'' He's not taking it passively. He fired off a blistering letter to Time demanding an apology. He posted an appeal for support and his letter to Time - on Front Page ( He is talking to lawyers about a libel suit. In short, he is making a stink. If more conservatives did that when they are slandered as racists and bigots, maybe the slanders would stop…." 9/2/99 Bruce Sullivan "…Eloise Anderson is a mother, a grandmother, a former middle school teacher, and now the director of the Project for the American Family at the Claremont Institute. She is also black and has a visceral dislike for proposals such as a recent one from the Educational Testing Service that would designate students from inferior school systems who perform better than expected on their Scholastic Aptitude Test as "strivers." "Kids will do mostly what you expect of them. They will perform up to expectations," Anderson told Anderson said that she thinks it is wrong to expect less of students because they are minorities or come from poor backgrounds. "Who decides what should be expected or not expected from black students?" asked Anderson. "I remember when it was expected that blacks were not mentally qualified to play professional basketball and football," said Anderson. She added that blacks earned the right to play those, and other, sports professionally by competing with white athletes on the same playing fields. In sports, blacks neither received nor asked for special favors from their white counterparts, why should academics be different wonders Anderson? "Why change the rules in the education arena?" she asked…."

Eagle-Tribune 8/26/99 Nancy Rodriguez "…Teachers have always been the arbitrator of grades, but soon they will be able to confer something else on their students -- race and ethnicity. Starting this school year, parents who refuse to give ethnic information about their children will forfeit that right to teachers, principals and other school officials. School officials will then be expected to use ''their good faith determination'' to figure out what race a student is and provide that information to the state, according to the Massachusetts Department of Education (DOE). Schools cannot require parents or students to identify themselves on the basis of race, ethnicity or national origin. However, it is not illegal for school officials to ''fill in the blank.'' …."

San Diego Union-Tribune 8/29/99 Kelly Thornton Ruth L. McKinnie and Michael Stetz "….A white San Diego cop who patrols mostly black neighborhoods bluntly says this about dealing with African-Americans: "People pay us to be suspicious. Little bells go off with certain things. I'm probably more suspicious of blacks, just based on experience. There's more of a possibility of problems than with others." As offensive as his comment must be to many law-abiding blacks, it illustrates what police are reluctant to admit: Sometimes there's a big difference between how they treat whites and the city's minorities. It's not just white officers who acknowledge the gulf. "There's no doubt in my mind, with persons of color, officers are more aggressive or more willing to detain or handcuff," said a black officer. "They give a white guy more chances than a person of color. Why? Because the officer's only been exposed to the negative out there."….Officers of all races can become jaded by repeated exposure to inner-city violence, leaving them with stereotypes that they apply to an entire group, say police and law enforcement experts…..Even some minority officers say they can become more suspicious based on a person's color. "People we stop and talk with, no matter what color the officer, they say the only reason we're stopping them is because of the color of their skin. And sometimes it is," said one police veteran who is black. …..

Chicago Tribune 8/31/99 John Kass "…An ugly racial incident happened in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood over the weekend. But strangely, black ministers and political activists are holding no angry news conferences. There is no mayoral campaign, so City Hall isn't publicly calling on the president or the county state's attorney for justice. The word is out in Bridgeport for the people to shut their mouths. And official Chicago wants this one to go away. Roy Trumblay, 55, and his daughter, Christine, 22, were walking on 35th Street toward Comiskey Park on Saturday, to watch the White Sox. Roy also had two grandchildren, a boy, 8, and a 10-year-old girl, and other family members with him. As they passed the Deering District police station, with dozens of other fans, a man jumped out of a car, police said. He was clutching a wooden table leg, with a chunk of metal on the end. Roy and Christine didn't know the man with the table leg. But he picked them out anyway, on that crowded street. When he was finished, father and daughter were crumpled on the pavement. Their skulls were crushed open…… When these types of incidents occur in Bridgeport, they usually make national news. And they're usually called hate crimes. Bridgeport is a tough white ethnic neighborhood that has spawned several Chicago mayors, including both Daleys, so the drama is set. ……But for this one, the direction has changed. There were no ministers on TV. And police say this is not a hate crime. Perhaps it's because the Trumblays are white, from southwest suburban Burbank. The man charged with the attack is Thomas Cooper, 19, an African-American from the South Side. Ask yourself. How would it be if the races were reversed? If a white man jumped out of a car and cut down a black father and daughter with a club in front of the police station in the Daleys' ancestral neighborhood? …." 9/10/99 Mona Charen "….Everyone has heard by now of the study purporting to show that legalized abortion has been at least partly responsible for the drop in crime we have been experiencing nationwide. Initial reaction ranged from cautious (from those who believe it) to contemptuous (from those who don't). Could it be, many wondered, that Steve Levitt of the University of Chicago and John Donohue III of Stanford are recommending prenatal capital punishment? If we can take them at their word, they were simply searching for truth. The question is: Does the study illuminate the drop in crime, or simply play upon unspoken prejudices in the minds of most educated people? Steve Sailer makes an extremely persuasive case in the online magazine Slate (the liveliest site on the Internet) that the study is quite flawed. Levitt and Donohue began with a postulate: 1) that legalized abortion results, by definition, in fewer unwanted babies being born, and 2) that since unwanted children are more likely to grow up to be criminals than others -- an assumption bolstered by plenty of data -- then abortion should lead to lower crime rates. They tested this hypothesis by examining crime rates in the years after Roe vs. Wade became law. Eighteen years after Roe, they conclude, crime began to drop. Moreover, in the five states that legalized abortion in 1970, three years before Roe, crime rates began to fall three years earlier. Levitt and Donohue further found that those states that had high abortion rates in the mid-1970s experienced greater decreases in crime in the 1990s than states that had low abortion rates in the 1970s. Not so fast, says Sailer, businessman, gadfly and intellectual jack-of-all-trades. If Levitt and Donohue are correct, the kids who managed to get born despite legalized abortion should have been more law-abiding than previous generations. Instead, they launched the greatest youth crime spree in American history. According to FBI statistics, the murder rate for 1993's crop of 14- to 17-year-olds (who were born in the freely available abortion years of 1975 to 1979) was 3.6 times that of the children born between 1966 and 1970 (pre-Roe). If abortion reduces crime, Sailer continues, then the lower crime rates should have shown up first among the youngest (the wanted babies). But instead, the crime rate drop began among those ages 35 to 49. The 800-pound gorilla that Levitt and Donohue ignore, Sailer insists, is the crack epidemic that transformed urban neighborhoods in the 1980s. Looking at black males born between 1975 and 1979, Sailer notes that their youth murder rate grew 5.1 times. And although black women have abortions at three times the rate of white women, the black juvenile murder rate grew relative to the white rate, from five times worse in 1984 to 11 times worse in 1993. …."

FrontPage Magazine 9/9/99 Christopher Rapp "….I’VE BEEN TOLD that one way to gauge the political slant of any gathering is to take a look at the folks who are trying to make a buck off of it. But the elderly woman selling souvenir buttons at the 1999 Million Youth March last Saturday in Harlem was sending a rather ambivalent message. The first pin I noticed brought a tear to my eye—SLICK WILLIE: YOU GOT TO GO: WE DON’T NEED YOU ANYMORE. In other cases, though, the juxtapositions were downright weird. Buttons with nice-sounding slogans like STOP RACISM IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY shared space with little photos of Elijah Muhammad, the late Nation of Islam leader who taught that white people are the evil creations of a mad scientist named Yacub. And right there, sitting uneasily next to PRAISE THE LORD, was the little gem I remembered from last year’s march: THE WHITE MAN IS THE DEVIL. Things got clearer as I walked through the crowd, past the scraggly white guy giving out literature from the Worker’s World Party and the aging hippie selling the current issue of Socialist Action (Page 2: "We fight for jobs for all—30 hours work for 40 hours pay!"). The inevitable "Free Mumia" banner flew overhead. A few women were selling T-shirts in support of Mumia’s fellow cop-killer Assata Shakur. The Canadian branch of the Nation of Islam was there, hawking their newspaper and looking sharp in tailored black suits with red piping. The American version of the NOI was conspicuously absent—march organizer Khallid Muhammad having been kicked out of the Nation in 1994 for rhetoric that even Louis Farrakhan considered too bigoted and anti-Semitic. The most popular item on sale was a T-shirt with Khallid’s likeness silk-screened on the front, above the lines 100% BLACK MAN and THE WHITEMAN’S WORSE NIGHTMARE! (sic). …..And so we learned that AIDS, asthma, and cancer are creations of the white government "against our people." In fact, said Muhammad, things here in the "United Snakes of America" (he had the crowd repeat the phrase) are so dire that young people must "lay the base for revolutionary change." He suggested as their models not only the Tienanmen Square protesters, but also the Vietcong, Fidel Castro’s troops, and "the youth who stood up with Moammar Al Qaddafi." Muhammad later gave a detailed explanation of the origins of the term "cracker." …..Muhammad went on to say that black men should respect black women because white women are inferior, and that Hollywood is bad because it is "controlled by the Jews…..With what must have seemed to him like superhuman restraint, Muhammad refrained from his usual habit of referring to Jews as "bloodsuckers." But he did take pains to catalogue the misdeeds of "the so-called Jews." He explained at length that black people are the true Israelites of the Bible, God’s chosen people, their rightful identity fiendishly stolen by the people today called Jews (whom he said had "just crawled out of the caves and hills of Europe a few days ago"). But in one of the mental contortions typical of Afrocentrism, Muhammad also told the crowd that blacks are the direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians—who enslaved the Israelites for 400 years and were drowned in the Red Sea for doing so. Such contradictions, of course, are irrelevant, the purpose of the story being simply to provide a rationale for hating Jews and for yet another round of Black Power salutes…..Keith, a 22-year-old I met at the march, got the message loud and clear. When I asked him what the afternoon had taught him about the future of race relations, he said "There will be no relationship. It can’t happen." ……"

Associated Press 9/9/99 "….Minority students have a much higher chance of being admitted to the University of Minnesota than white students, according to a report released today by a group that challenges affirmative action policies at U.S. universities. On the university's Twin Cities campus, the odds of being admitted are almost seven times more favorable for Asian students than for white students, said the report by the Center for Equal Opportunity in Washington, D.C. Hispanic students are about five times and black students about three times more likely to be admitted than white students. That amounts to discrimination, the CEO report said. CEO president Linda Chavez, director of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in the Reagan administration, said the preferences found in Minnesota were "moderate." …."

Salon 9/13/99 David Horowitz "…One of the many letters responding to my Salon News column about black racism and denial was from an angry Chicago reader named Alice Huber, who introduced herself as an African-American woman married to a white man. According to Huber, I was indeed a "bigot," as columnist Jack White had labeled me, slanderously, in Time magazine. Moreover, I was "the worst kind." I had earned the sobriquet "racist" by suggesting that blacks might no longer be "oppressed" as a group in America, by questioning whether white racism was the immediate or principal cause of problems afflicting black youth like violence and educational failure. Almost as damning in Huber's mind was my claim to solidarity in the struggle for equal rights. "Horowitz says he earned the right to talk to blacks 'honestly,'" Huber wrote, "because of the '60s. Personally, I don't care how many marches he went to, how much money he dropped in a civil rights bucket, how many times he sang 'We Shall Overcome' with guest celebrities; Horowitz is not black, and he has no right to tell me or any other person of color how to pursue issues pertaining to our communities." This attitude is not original with Huber but will be familiar to anyone who has engaged black Americans over issues of race in recent decades. "If you don't walk in my shoes, you can't feel my pain." The conclusion that is supposed to follow from this observation is usually presented as self-evident: "If you can't feel my pain, you can't tell me how I should deal with it."….."

Salon 9/13/99 David Horowitz "…This was indeed the text of many a political sermon when objections were raised to the "Million Man March" because it was organized and led by the blatant anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. "Don't tell us what leaders to choose or what marches to join," was the response of many otherwise sensible black commentators. It was a "black thing." A matter of community pride. "We're not listening when white people tell us what to do anymore -- we're not letting you choose our leaders." Indeed, marching behind an unpalatable figure like Farrakhan was seen in and of itself as a way of emphasizing black independence. A similar attitude was apparent during the O.J. Simpson affair, when black leaders showed not the slightest embarrassment at the fact that African-American communities all over the nation, in a demonstration of striking insensitivity, cheered Simpson's acquittal. Imagine the reaction of black leaders if white communities had cheered the release of a white defendant accused of murdering his black wife and a black stranger, particularly if the white defendant was confronted by overwhelming circumstantial and DNA evidence, and had a record of beating his black spouse prior to her death. A triumphal response to the acquittal in such a case would have been taken as evidence of racism. But in the Simpson affair the response of the African-American community was: We don't care what you think or what you feel. We know what we feel and that is all that matters. If our response is insensitive, so what? We are going to be the judges of what is right or wrong for us, and no one -- least of all any white -- is going to tell us how to behave. Imagine if the colors had been reversed! ….."

FrontPagemag Magazine 9/14/99 David Horowitz ".... JULIAN BOND WAS ONCE the crown prince of the civil-rights movement. In the 1960s he was elected to the Georgia legislature, the youngest person ever to have achieved that office. Great things were expected of Bond. Somewhere along the way, however, he went off track and never fulfilled those expectations. In the Eighties, he was ignominiously defeated by fellow activist (now congressman) John Lewis and retired from political life. Bond never seems to have had a new idea after the Sixties. Probably for this reason, his left-wing comrades didn't forget him. They got him appointments as a professor of history at two colleges, despite the fact that Bond had no advanced degrees and had never written a historical monograph. But then, the PC university is first and foremost a political patronage operation of the Left. A year ago, Bond became chairman of the NAACP after the organization had gone through a series of scandals, sexual, financial, and political under the misleadership of Benjamin Chavis, who wound up as a lackey for the racist anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan..... Under Bond's leadership the NAACP now supports racial preferences and the "one drop" theory of black blood. It is they who are defending the racial identification of American citizens by the government and the idea that if any part of you is black you are all black...."

Wall Street Journal 9/16/99 Shelby Steele ".... This season's affirmative-action debate seems to be shaping up as an argument over the meaning and relevance of merit. For decades racial preferences in college admissions have effectively preserved higher standards of merit for whites and Asians by lowering standards for blacks and Hispanics. Academic merit, as the quality most prized by universities, could go relatively undisturbed as long as it did not prevent schools from bringing in more blacks and Hispanics. But now that court decisions are making it clear that universities (and society in general) will have to move away from racial preferences, it is also clear that merit stands in the way of diversity. On average, black students from families earning $70,000 and up do worse on the SAT than whites from families in the lowest income bracket. Without a racial preference, blacks and Hispanics must compete unaided in an academic contest that can only be decided on merit. Thus, diversity suddenly requires a direct assault on merit. Merit must be weakened and relativized as a principle. Its decisiveness must be recast as unfairness. And, most of all, it must be smothered in sophistications. What is merit really? Isn't academic ability only "one kind" of merit? Should higher education "referee" opportunity? Today, the educational establishment finds itself devoted to an odd kind of innovation: schemes in which the mechanism of social inclusion is tolerance for academic mediocrity. One such scheme, the new "strivers" formula for the SAT developed by the Educational Testing Service, would effectively handicap students by race and social disadvantage. The more markers of disadvantage a student has--the number and kind of electrical appliances in the home is one such marker--the more points are deducted from a projected score. When a student scores 200 points over this obviously low concocted score, he is designated a "striver"--someone with more potential than his actual score reveals. If this formula errs by using dubious arithmetic to arrive at a judgment of human potential, its worse offense is to count being black, by itself, as a handicap. In fact, unless blackness is thrown into the calculation, this formula fails to bring in the desired number of blacks....."

Los Angeles Daily News 9/15/99 AP "....The Latino and Asian populations of the United States surged during the 1990s, the number of Latinos growing by more than 35 percent and Asians more than 40 percent, the Census Bureau says. A report released Tuesday furnishes fresh evidence of increasing ethnic diversity and its unpredictable impact on the nation's political and social landscape. African-Americans, whose numbers grew almost 13 percent between 1990 and 1998, remain the nation's largest minority at 12.7 percent, or 34.4 million of the nation's population of about 270 million in 1998. Latinos made up 9 percent of the population in 1990, and that grew by 1998, to just over I I percent of the total, 30.3 million, the annual update of the 1990 Census said....... "We've seen race relations as a black-white issue," said Roderick Harrison of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington think tank. "Clearly, the size of the Latino population and the Asian population turns it into a multicultural issue." ..."

WorldNetDaily 9/15/99 Stephan Archer ".... A group of black pastors in New Jersey yesterday announced plans to march from Newark, N.J., to Washington, D.C., on behalf of the 1,452 black children aborted each day in the United States. .....During the interdenominational march, people will be carrying signs with the title "Genocide Awareness Project." These signs, which Hunter described as "graphic," will show the connection between the evil that happened in the past -- such as the Holocaust and the lynching of blacks -- with abortion. ....."This march is a civil rights march," said Owens. "We're organizing this march to tell our black brothers and sisters we have been duped into destroying ourselves. Even though we make up 12 percent of the population, we supply 33 percent of the abortion industry's business. We have fallen prey to the Margaret Sangers of the world."

United States Court of Appeals FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CIRCUIT Argued April 30, 1999 Decided September 17, 1999 No. 98-3017 United States of America, Appellee v. Ion Cornel Popa, Appellant Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Columbia (No. 97cr00306-01) Evelina J. Norwinski, Assistant Federal Public Defender, argued the cause for appellant. ……. A jury convicted Ion Cornel Popa of making anonymous phone calls with the "intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person," in violation of 47 U.S.C. s 223(a)(1)(C). Popa appeals, arguing that the statute is unconstitutional both on its face and as applied to his conduct, which involved calls to the office of the United States Attorney. Because we agree that the statute, as applied to Popa's conduct, violates the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, we reverse his conviction on that ground and therefore need not resolve his claim that the statute is unconstitutionally overbroad. I. Background Popa is a political refugee from Romania. He has resided in the United States since 1986. Between April 10 and May 9, 1997 he made seven telephone calls from locations in Virginia to the office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Eric Holder. In the two calls that were recorded Popa refers to Mr. Holder as "a criminal, a negro," a "criminal with cold blood," and a "whore, born by a negro whore, [who] became chief prosecutor of Washington, D.C." He also claims that Holder "violated ... our rights." In the most nearly lucid passage on the tapes, Popa says: Eric Holder is a negro. Is a negro. Which is a criminal. He make a violent crime against me, violating the rights in court of the white people. [Inaudible] negro. He's negro. Eric Holder. Criminal. Popa was charged with violating 47 U.S.C. s 223(a)(1)(C), which makes it a crime, punishable by a fine and up to two years' imprisonment, to: make[ ] a telephone call or utilize[ ] a telecommunications device, whether or not conversation or communication ensues, without disclosing [one's] identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person at the called number or who receives the communications. Popa moved to dismiss the indictment on the ground that "this type of speech directed at a public official ... is entitled to First Amendment protection." …… Conclusion As applied to the conduct at issue in this case, 47 U.S.C. s 223(a)(1)(C) violates the First Amendment. The judgment of the district court is therefore Reversed. _ Randolph, Circuit Judge, concurring: I do not agree with the government that s 223(a)(1)(c) "is a generally-applicable regulation directed at conduct." Brief for Appellee at 18. A hang-up call could, I suppose, be characterized as conduct only. So too perhaps calls consisting only of a grunt or a moan. Nonetheless, in general, telephones are devices for communicating and this statute regulates how telephones may be used for that purpose. The acts of picking up the phone and dialing are conduct. The act of speaking on the phone is also a form of conduct but it still is "speech." Whether the caller is exercising his "freedom of speech" depends on what he says and why. A blackmail attempt, a bomb threat, a fraudulent promise, a kidnapper's demands--all are communications, but none are protected by the First Amendment. Partly this is because of history; partly it is because of the consequences of such communications. To characterize anonymous telephone calls intended to annoy or harass as "conduct" rather than speech is to confuse the analysis…."

Ft. Worth Star- Telegram 9/17/99 "...- The jobless loner whose attack at a Fort Worth church killed seven people and led to his suicide was connected to a violent, anti-Semitic group as early as three years ago, according to the Houston Chronicle. Author John Craig told the newspaper in a copyright story for today's editions that shooter Larry Ashbrook boasted of membership in the Phineas Priests, an anti-Semitic group that advocates killing Jews and minorities. "When I heard about the shootings Wednesday night and I heard that the gunman was wearing black and killed himself, I knew it had to be a Phineas Priest," Craig told the newspaper. "I called some people I know in the white supremacist movement, and they told me it was Larry Ashbrook." Police on Thursday said they had not found a link between the 47-year-old Ashbrook and hate groups. But Craig, one of three authors of the book "Soldiers of God, White Supremacists and their Holy War for America", said the 1996 interview had left him convinced. ..... Experts said the group gets its name from an Old Testament Book of Numbers story involving a man named Phineas who kills a mixed-race couple to appease God. Witnesses to the shooting spree at the Wedgwood Baptist Church said Ashbrook spewed obscenities and ridiculed Baptists before opening fire on 150 teen-agers and adults attending a youth rally. He then sat down in a pew and turned the gun on himself. "It all fits too well," said Craig, a former undercover operative and private investigator who lives in Houston. Other Phineas Priest members linked to violence include Buford Furrow, who allegedly shot children in a Los Angeles Jewish day-care center and killed a Filipino-American mailman; fugitive Eric Rudolph, the alleged abortion center bomber also suspected in the 1996 Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta; and a man convicted for a series of Washington state pipe bombings and bank robberies in 1996. ...."

Wall Street Journal 9/17/99 "...The head of the 800-member Colorado Springs, Colorado, branch of the NAACP is forced to resign in a scandal. His transgression? Writing an article in which he supported school choice, because the status quo leaves "the poorest kids who need the most help . . . trapped in our very worst schools." In an article last month for the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, Willie Breazell, a 54-year old systems analyst, also said he'd been wrong to wrong to oppose an 1993 voucher initiative in the state. The NAACP, which has a strict anti-voucher policy, moved quickly against him. It didn't matter that the article made clear Mr. Breazell was speaking for himself and not the NAACP. Earlier this month, citing pressure from the national office, Mr. Breazell resigned his post , even though he says the overwhelming majority of his local membership wanted him to stay. "I was kind of lynched, so to speak," Mr. Breazell says. "If you join the NAACP, you sacrifice some of your liberties, and if you don't have the group-think mentality, you won't last." The NAACP national office did not return phone calls asking for its position. ...."

WASHINGTON (AP) 9/19/99 "….President Clinton agrees with author Toni Morrison: he is — unofficially — the nation's first black president. Clinton jokingly claimed that distinction for himself Saturday night at the Congressional Black Caucus' annual awards dinner. He said comedian Chris Tucker told him he'd like to see the Oval Office to prepare for an upcoming movie role as the nation's first black president. "I didn't have the heart to tell him that I've already taken the position,'' Clinton said. …."

NewsMax 9/21/99 "...During the six years Patterson guarded the Clintons, he said their deep-seated anti-Semitism became apparent in slurs they hurled at each other. Bill Clinton also frequently told Jewish jokes. Patterson made the revelations in a new two-hour audiotape More than Sex: The Secrets of Bill and Hillary Clinton Revealed! published by Patterson explained that during his tenure with the Clintons, the pair was in constant, heated arguments with one another behind closed doors. As their conversations degenerated into arguments, Bill and Hillary would begin making demeaning remarks to each other. Patterson said that during these verbal brawls "it was quite common" for both Bill and Hillary to refer to each other as "a Jew mother f-cker" or a "Jew Bastard." Bill Clinton also liked ethnic humor. Patterson recalled that "a lot of jokes were made about the Jewish people." The trooper had no explanation of why the Clintons made derogatory comments or jokes about Jews. He did find it bothersome, however, that Bill Clinton had a deep fascination for Adolf Hitler and his book Mein Kampf. Clinton's interest in Hitler was not based on the fascist leader's anti-Semitism, but the great leadership skills of Hitler, according to Patterson....."

Seattle Times 9/21/99 "...Black columnist Willaim Raspberry today praised Bill Gates's billion dollar scholarship fund for minority students, saying "last Thursday the heavens opened and minority students hit the number." According to Raspberry, the generally poor performance of black and other minority students (excepting Asians) is the fault of whites. Raspberry blames controversies surrounding "affirmative action" on the refusal of whites "to admit that it's their fault that minorities continue to face a variety of social, educational, and economic problems." Raspberry does not explain how Asians, many of them recent immigrants, have been able to outperform whites. If we accept Raspberry's premise that minority performance is totally determined by white attitudes and policies, then we must give whites credit for the success of Asian students. This is absurd, of course, but it follows from Raspberry's view of minorities as helpless pawns in a world controlled by whites. As for Bill Gates, he is playing the old "look at me, I'm not a racist" game that white liberals play so well. Such people endear themselves to minorities by discriminating against other, less advantaged whites....."

Accuracy in Academia 9/21/99 Eric Langborgh "....Educational benefits derived from a diverse student body highlight the need for race-based preference programs, concluded a just released study from Harvard University. According to the study, "89% of Harvard Law School students and 91% of Michigan Law School students reported a 'positive' impact-the large majority reporting a 'strongly positive' impact-of diversity on their total educational experience." ....."

Daily Oklahoman 9/21/99 Christy Watson Melissa Nelson "....The petition that NAACP President Roosevelt Milton used to call for an investigation of a high school principal contains false signatures, inaccurate addresses and the names of people who do not live within the Oklahoma City School District. The highly publicized petition, which contains 681 signatures, was obtained Monday from the school district in response to an open records request by The Oklahoman. Milton initially used the petition at a Sept. 8 news conference to accuse Douglass High School Principal Sally Cole of using profane language, changing grades, carrying a concealed weapon and financial mismanagement. He demanded she be fired if the allegations were found true.... A check of 35 signatures found 18 people who said they didn't sign the petition, including a handicapped woman, a minister and a woman who friends said lives in Georgia. At least two dozen other phone numbers registered to people who signed the petition are unpublished or have been disconnected. ...."

The Korea Times 9/22/99 Roger Richards ".... In the wake of racial violence in the U.S. leaving a Korean student and a black university basketball coach dead, I was asked where racism in the U.S. comes from. Why would otherwise perfectly intelligent people decide to hate and harm others because they are a darker shade of brown? The answer, as is often the case with intercultural problems, is rooted in history. It's been blamed on the Bible, but even a cursory review of history shows that is patently false. The concept of race is found no where in the Bible, which instead teaches that "all nations are of one blood". Indeed, biblical Christians in the U K and the U.S. worked tirelessly for slavery's abolition and to get African-Americans recognized as fully human with equal rights..... The idea of race really came in vogue in the 1790s with the then daring (though ancient) idea of evolutionism. It was Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles himself, who helped promulgate the idea of an elite race surviving and overcoming the "savage" races.[3] The results of such thinking were horrendous, just as the results of Charles Darwin's racist ideas were to be. Contrast the description of Tasmanian natives given by a Christian sea captain, Captain Cook, in 1777 with the description of a similar native tribe given by evolutionist, Charles Darwin in 1832 while on his journey around the world in the HMS Beagle..... Contrast this with Charles Darwin's description of a similar tribe, following 3 or 4 decades of evolutionary teaching by his grandfather and others of like mind that not all humans were fully human. They taught that some "savages" were closer to monkeys. On his first view of the people inhabiting Tierra del Fuego, South America, he repeatedly wrote of them as 'miserable degraded savages'. [5] He described them as being much closer to animals than to Europeans.[6] Later, in clear racist derision, he compared this tribe of people to devils he had seen in plays and said that their habits were animal-like. [7] He was shocked to find out that a missionary had gone in afterwards and taught them to read and write and that many had become Christians. .....The Tasmanians were hunted down like wild animals by men who viewed them through Erasmus Darwin's "primitive-savage" ideology. They were treated with unspeakable cruelty only equaled by Hitler's Mengele. Darwin's grandfather was one of the first researchers to dig up an aborigine from the grave to stuff for exhibit. According to Ali Gripper in The Daily Telegraph Mirror, Sydney, the stolen body was the first of up to 10,000 desecrated and it was placed in the Royal College of Surgeons. The purpose of this was "...was to try to prove their racial inferiority" and that they were the "missing" link between stone age men and fully evolved whites. King Hele, Desmond, in his biography of Erasmus Darwin said that "After 1794, statements of the principle of natural selection and evolution came fairly thick and fast". These were used to justify the belief that the black tribes found in Australia and South America were savages and not fully evolved. [8] Tasmanian and aborigine skulls became very popular for evolutionists to collect, driving the market. Bounties were put on Tasmanian heads. Mutilations and rapes were common. Settlers would cut off the sexual organs of the males and watch them run away and bleed to death, while round ups and mass exterminations were common. [9] By the time the Tasmanians were totally wiped out, Darwin had predicted their end in his "Descent of Man". He said 'At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace the savage races throughout the world'. Twenty years later this came true in Tasmania, in large measure due to thinking based upon Darwin and his grandfather's own writings.[10] ..."

BBC, via News Plus 9/20/99 "....A white supremacist on trial for the brutal race killing of a black man who was dragged to death behind a truck has been found guilty of murder. Lawrence Russell Brewer, 32, faces either life in prison or death by lethal injection for killing James Byrd last year near Jasper, Texas. Prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty following the trial in Bryan, Texas. Another defendant, John William King, 24, has been on death row since his conviction in February for Mr Byrd's murder. A third man, Shawn Allen Berry, 24, is awaiting trial next month. In one of the grisliest racial crimes since the civil rights era, Mr Byrd was beaten up and chained to a pick-up truck before being dragged along a road for three miles (five kilometres). ...."

NewsMax 9/20/99 "....Under fire for a variety of scandals during nearly seven years of presidency, Bill Clinton has counted the black vote as the bedrock of his support. In More than Sex: The Secrets of Bill and Hillary Clinton Revealed! - a new audio set published by - a former Clinton bodyguard and retired Arkansas State Trooper, Larry Patterson, reveals that Clinton was not beyond making derogatory remarks against African Americans. Patterson said that the remarks, which included the use of the "N" word, was voiced by Clinton in anger against black critics and opponents. Clinton also tolerated the use of the "N" word by political leaders and business leaders he dealt with, Patterson recalled. "When [Bill Clinton] had black political leaders in the state and he disagreed with them, he would frequently use the 'N' word," Patterson said. Patterson said Clinton never made the remarks directly to any African American but, on occasion, "after he got out of the meetings." ....Patterson said Clinton referred to McIntosh as a "N--ger" after "one of these confrontations in a public forum, after we got in the car." Clinton also used the "N" word in 1992 when referring to Jesse Jackson, Patterson said. Patterson said he was not present when the remark was made, but was informed by other troopers. Patterson also learned from two troopers, including L. D. Brown, that Clinton made particularly vulgar remarks about an African American state trooper who had died in the line of duty..... After attending a service for the slain officer, Governor Clinton left the event and remarked to the troopers that "it was just a G-d damned m-ther f--ker cop that had been killed." Patterson said the two troopers also reported Clinton had referred to the dead officer as a "pig." Are such remarks typical for Clinton? Patterson claims that the Bill Clinton you see on television is not the real Bill Clinton. "This man is so good at putting on this façade, this front, and then you see the real man. His public face and his private face are 180 degrees." ..."

The Toledo Blade 9/23/99 Dee Drummond "….More personal information than ever before will be recorded about Michigan motorists pulled over for a traffic stop. Michigan State Police have decided to begin recording the race of drivers. It's a policy change designed to respond to concerns of racial profiling, the term given to police who single motorists out based on their race…."

New York Post 9/24/99 Rod Dreher "…. IF an advocate for poor rural whites requested a meeting with a top broadcast executive to demand, on civil-rights grounds, that "Hee-Haw" not be canceled, he'd be laughed out of the office. As well he should. Poverty, unwed parenthood and illiteracy are keeping many rural whites mired in misery. The notion that making sure their favorite TV programs stay on the air should be a top priority is not only absurd, it's obscene. So, why is it that while African-American schoolchildren continue to suffer from a crippling paucity of educational achievement, Jesse Jackson is working overtime to make television safe for "Moesha"? Jackson met this week with CBS Chairman Mel Karmazin to express "concern" over the proposed CBS/Viacom merger. Jackson's agenda included sticking up for the Viacom-owned UPN network, whose fate may be up in the air should the merger go through…..But this latest scheme takes the righteous Rev to even greater heights of mountebankery. Why? Because watching too much TV helps keep black people uneducated and, in turn, poor. A 1998 report from the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics found that black 17-year-olds have an average reading proficiency equal to that of white 13-year-olds. The math and writing numbers are similarly bleak. And - this is key - there's a connection between TV viewing and academic achievement. Thirty percent of black 17-year-olds watch five or more hours of TV a day - three times the rate of white 17-year-old viewership. In fact, black kids are about twice as likely as kids from other minority groups to park themselves in front of the boob tube for five hours or longer. The message is clear: if your kid watches a lot of TV, he'll probably do poorly in school. And if he does poorly in school, his job prospects are grim. That's not racism, that's life….."

St. Petersburg Times 9/22/99 William Yardley "…Miami state Sen. Daryl Jones stumbles on just five words that affirmative action foe Ward Connerly has placed in a proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution. Connerly's amendment would prohibit state and local governments from "discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin." To Jones, a black Democrat who says he has overcome episodes of racial discrimination in his life, the language would be lyrical were it not for the words "or granting preferential treatment to." Those, Jones says, are fighting words, though people might overlook them if they read the measure quickly….."

LA Times 9/2/99 Richard Lee Colvin "….A class-action lawsuit filed in Los Angeles this summer made some disturbing allegations. It said many African American and Latino students in California don't even have a shot at getting into the state's most prestigious public universities because their schools don't offer enough Advanced Placement classes. Those highly demanding courses are more crucial than ever these days. That's because they boost grade-point averages, an even more significant factor in college admissions since the end of affirmative action programs at the state's public universities in 1996. Given their importance, it's not surprising that AP classes have exploded in popularity in California in the past decade. In 1998, nearly 90,000 students took AP tests. Not all groups of students are participating equally in that boom, however. Fifty of every 1,000 white students took AP tests in 1998. But only 32 of every 1,000 Latinos and 16 of every 1,000 African Americans did so Those data might seem to provide strong support for the claims made in the lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of four Inglewood High School students. But the situation is not that clear cut. It turns out that even when African American and Latino students attend schools with large numbers of AP classes, they are less likely than their white and Asian American peers to take them…." 9/23/99 "….It's hard not to raise an eyebrow over the prosecution of Little Rock community activist Robert "Say" McIntosh, who just happens to be Bill Clinton's most outspoken black critic anywhere in the America. He was sentenced on Tuesday by Municipal Judge Vic Fleming to one year in jail for hitting his 39-year old wife. Why the jail time, Inside Cover wonders -- especially since McIntosh's wife Denise Armstead withdrew all charges five months ago and left the courtroom after the sentence arm-in-arm with her husband? After the political prosecutions of key Clinton scandal witnesses like Linda Tripp and David Hale, the IRS investigations launched against Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Billy Dale -- not to mention the countless others who have alleged all manner of threats and intimidation after telling what they know about President Clinton, McIntosh's current predicament should be viewed in context. What McIntosh claimed to know as early as 1988 was that Bill Clinton was the father of Danny "Danno" Williams, born in 1985 to Bobbie Ann Williams, an African-American prostitute, after what she said were 13 paid sexual encounters with the then-Governor. According to most journalists, her paternity claim was disproved this past January when Star Magazine compared a sample of Danny's DNA with the brief presidential genetic profile made public as part of Ken Starr's impeachment report to Congress….." 9/23/99 "….But several reputable laboratories consulted by in the months since, contend that the Starr Report information on Clinton's DNA was too scant to be conclusive. Clinton biographer Christopher Andersen concurs, reporting in his recent best selling book "Bill and Hillary: The Marriage", that DNA experts told him, "it would have been 'impossible' to make any definitive comparison based solely on the information provided in the Starr report." Also, shortly after Star Magazine announced the results, asked the FBI Lab if Clinton's DNA information might have been altered in public documents for national security and/or privacy reasons. A Lab spokesman responded curtly, "We're not going to answer a question like that." ……It was one of those photos of Danny that "Say" McIntosh had plastered all over Arkansas, after a local black minister brought the case to his attention. The Little Rock provocatuer told last year, "Rev. Knotts came to me with the little boy's picture and said that Clinton wouldn't take care of the baby. So I just enlarged the picture and printed up fliers and put them all over town." He became a nagging thorn-in-the-side for Governor Clinton, especially after Little Rock's black community began to echo McIntosh's concerns. Suddenly Clinton was dogged at local appearances with signs demanding, "Just One Drop." The phrase was a reference to the blood test that could establish Danny's paternity once and for all. It was after one such confrontation that Trooper Patterson heard Clinton refer to McIntosh as a "n - - - - r." …." 9/23/99 "…. These days the Arkansas activist is amazed by the support Clinton wins from African-Americans. The outspoken black leader told last year, "That's why Clinton puts black people in key positions with him. They won't tell him when he's doing wrong, like Betty Currie." Currie was the Oval Office secretary who looked the other way as Clinton risked his presidency to have sex with Monica Lewinsky. "That's one of the reasons for his downfall, " added McIntosh. "When it comes to Clinton fooling around, black people just say, 'don't judge, don't judge.'" …… Clinton's campaign staff desperately tried to chase reporters away from the story McIntosh had dredged up. The 1993 documentary "The War Room" shows George Stephanopoulos threatening an operative from the Perot campaign with political oblivion if he went public with records purportedly showing that Clinton was Williams' father. After Clinton won the election, McIntosh had another enounter with the law, this one far more pleasant than what he's been through lately. It's perhaps the most telling bit of evidence showing how worried the Clinton camp truly was about the story Robert "Say" McIntosh was spreading. In 1991 the activist publicly claimed that Clinton had promised to grant his then-imprisoned son a pardon. Nobody took him seriously at the time. Young Tommy McIntosh was doing 50 years behind bars on a state drug rap and wasn't expected to get out anytime soon. But that changed on inauguration day 1993. Clinton's Arkansas successor Jim Guy Tucker traveled to D.C. to watch his former boss take the presidential oath, leaving president pro tempore of the Arkansas State Senate, Dr. Jerry Jewell in charge. Suddenly, young McIntosh was issued a surprise parole. Was this part of a deal to buy "Say" McIntosh's silence? He certainly thinks so. The Clinton critic told the Washington Times shortly after his son was sprung, "Those who question my credibility should ask themselves: If there was no deal, how did this happen? How did my son get out of prison 18 years before he was eligible for parole?" …." 10/4/99 Geoff Metcalf "....The legislative mania, which is sweeping the country to disarm law-abiding citizens, is fascinating. There is an overwhelming abundance of facts and figures, which document that guns, as tools, are good. Two incontestable axioms are: 1) Take guns away, and make it ponderous to own guns, and crime increases; and 2) Permit and encourage lawful gun ownership, and crime decreases. I have written and talked about those two facts a lot ... as some complain, too much. ..... Notwithstanding the disingenuous, duplicitous tripe we hear from the myopic ideologues about the imperative to disarm America (and if Kofi Annin had his way ... the world), the stark realities of gun control should gag even the most devoted bleeding heart, anti-constitutionalist, socialist liberal. Gun control is racist and elitist. The Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy (Winter 1995) includes "The Racist Roots of Gun Control." The article documents the "historical record provides compelling evidence that racism underlies gun control laws -- and not in any subtle way." The realization that gun control is racist and, tangentially, a means of weakening and making vulnerable to the whim of the power elite any and all "ordinary" people is significant. The vast left wing conspiracy has consistently and routinely positioned themselves as "the protectors of the downtrodden." However, what they inevitably fail to acknowledge is that by denying anyone and everyone the most basic inalienable right to protect and defend self, family and property, the presumed "protectors" are in fact, oppressors..... Can you see a common threat here? Vladmir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Bennito Mousellini, General Tojo, Emperor Hirohito, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, Josef Broz Tito, Nicolae Ceausescu, Ho Chi Min, Deng Zhou-Ping, Idi Amin, Muimar Qadaffi, Saddam Hussein, Zheng Ze-Min, Fidel Castro all were or are despotic rulers. They ALL forced civilian disarmament. Collectively they are responsible for the deaths of over 56 million people. The most recent example of the inherent racism of gun control can be seen in Kosovo. Imagine yourself as a resident of Kosovo when some armed "legal authority" knocks (or kicks) on your door requiring you and your family submit to summary execution. Before you discount the possibility as creative writing hyperbole, consider some Americans already have family experience similar to that "what if." Families of American Jews, Africans and Cambodians have already been there ... done that. Germany, China, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Congo, Turkey, Burundi, Burma, Angola, Somalia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Argentina, Namibia, Chili, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Yemen, Botswana, and soon South Africa have ALL killed their citizens within the lifetime of your grandmother, mother, wife, and children. If you are one of the conditioned, naive sheeple whom would say, "Oh yes, that is all terrible, but it could never happen HERE" -- it already has. Just look back to 1994 and the warrantless searches of PRIVATE residences for guns in Chicago housing projects. Those warrantless searches were eventually blocked by a judge, but the media and our president were obviously unimpressed with the blatant violation of Fourth Amendment protections. Gun control has always been racist and discriminatory. The ultimate objective of gun control is to control an unarmed people by an armed oppressor....."

Los Angeles Times 10/5/99 Jim Pinkerton "...At the exhibit, one of the first pieces I see is "The Holy Virgin Mary" by Chris Ofili. The elephant dung angle, it turns out, has been overplayed. Only one turd is actually on the portrait--although there are two more at the base, one labeled "Virgin" and the other "Mary." But it's clear that Ofili has a thing for excrement, without regard to race or religion; another of his works on display features the names of such black superstars as James Brown and Diana Ross, neatly scripted on turds of their own. But what is offensive about the Mary piece are the little cut-outs of women's behinds plastered all over the canvas.... But the real outrage is the work of Jake and Dinos Chapman. Their artistic oeuvre is naked girls. They have taken department-store mannequins of little girls, festooned them with penises, and then added vaginas and anuses--the kind you might expect to see on a blow-up sex doll--in random places over their faces and bodies.... The caption for "Tragic Anatomies" asks the following: "What would the world be like if we were freed of all sexual inhibition? Do we falsely deny the existence of sexuality in children?" Why haven't the media reported on that? Is it because they've been focused on the feces? Maybe, but I think there's another reason. The critics and commentators don't want the real raw truth about this exhibit to get out, because they know that even they can't publicly defend Hustler-type photos or kiddie porn...." 10/4/99 William Raspberry "....America no longer has a race problem--or, at any rate, a racial discrimination problem. And if it does, the group most likely to be discriminated against is: white men. I don't believe any of that, of course, and it's hard to see how any nonracist American can. But many do. As you might guess, I've been reading my mail again. The anti-affirmative action mail no longer surprises. What does is the number of readers who weighed in to question Bill and Melinda Gates's billion-dollar scholarship pledge to bright minority youngsters. Surely no idea is more fundamentally conservative than the right of rich people to do what they will with their own money. But listen: "What would [your reaction] be if someone donated a billion dollars to be used for scholarships for needy white students? . . . Please explain why this situation is acceptable today . . . in such a way that I can feel thankful for the donation rather than resentful." Or: "Is it true that a poor Caucasian from an economically distressed region need not apply for this scholarship? What percentage of 'minority' blood makes you eligible? I normally feel pretty middle of the road, but this strikes me as wrong and promoting the type of feeling that keeps races apart." Or: "Had this gift been given only to whites, what article would you have written?" ...."

The Florida Times-Union 9/2/99 James Salzer "....African-American parents with children in Georgia public schools are more likely than white parents to think private companies should run those facilities, a new study released yesterday suggests. A survey by Research Atlanta of more than 700 Georgia parents found that more than half of all AfricanAmerican parents with children in public schools support the idea of privatization, while only about one-third of white parents were willing to turn public campuses over to private companies. ''It looks like groups for whom public schools don't seem to work well are most open to new ideas,'' said Ben Scafidi, co-author of the study and an assistant professor in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. ''It may be that African-American parents, whose children consistently lag behind white children in all measures of school performance . . . are ready to let someone else try their hand at improving public schools.'' ...." 10/4/99 Carl Limbacher ".... A Dallas lawyer who alleges she had a lengthy sexual affair with President Clinton said Monday night that she heard Clinton repeatedly refer to a Little Rock black leader as a "G - d-d - - n n - - - - r." Dolly Kyle Browning made the charge to Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes" in response to the account of Arkansas State Trooper Larry Patterson, who says he also heard Clinton used the "N" word to refer to the same black leader, Robert "Say" McIntosh. Patterson, who was Clinton's bodyguard from 1986 to 1992, first revealed the President's tendency to use anti-black invective in an exclusive interview last month with's executive editor, Christopher Ruddy. Browning made her charge after host Sean Hannity introduced a video clip from Friday's "Hannity & Colmes" broadcast, where Trooper Patterson covered the allegation for the first time on national television: ...... BROWNING: I recall very clearly the first time that I actually saw one of these flyers that "Say" McIntosh put out. And I said to Billy, "Do you know this guy, this "Say" McIntosh?" And he didn't just use the "N" word. He took the Lord's name in vain, condemned the man to hell, and, if you get my drift, said "G - D - N", not just the "N" word. ......"

Toronto Sun 10/7/99 Michael Corens "....Oh, brave new world, what wonders you contain. The Web site for the United States government's National Institutes of Health includes a notice offering aborted baby parts for research purposes. The ad, worth quoting at some length, states the following. "Human embryonic and fetal tissues are available from the Central Laboratory for Human Embryology at the University of Washington. The laboratory, which is supported by the National Institutes of Health, can supply tissue from normal or abnormal embryos and fetuses of desired gestational ages between 40 days and term. Specimens are obtained within minutes of passage and tissues are aseptically identified, staged, and immediately processed according to the requirements of individual investigators. "Presently, processing methods include immediate fixation, snap fixation, snap freezing in liquid nitrogen and placement in balanced salt solutions or media designated and/or supplied by investigators. Specimens are shipped by overnight express, arriving the day following procurement." The notice, dated 1994 but advertising an ongoing, non-profit service, is chilling in the inhuman way it speaks of human life. "Normal" embryos mean unborn children that are perfect, "abnormal" means babies with disabilities. When the ad refers to "term" it presumably signifies unborn children that could survive outside the womb, possibly as late as nine months gestation. But business being what it is, even the large babes are guaranteed to arrive far quicker than the mail. .....One of the most poignant, and sickening, ironies of all this is that much of the macabre body crop is used for research into HIV/AIDS. While everything human must be done to find a cure for this plague, it's hard to deny that the majority of sufferers in North America contracted the disease through perverse sex. However, 95% of the world's AIDS population is in the developing world and lacks even basic health care. Nobody cared very much about these men and women before AIDS was brought to North America and, frankly, nobody cares very much now. They're poor and they're black and don't know Elizabeth Taylor or Barbra Streisand. If experimentation must take place it should take place on animals. But I forgot. That would mean hurting little kittens and puppies and it just wouldn't be right. After all, we're human beings and cruelty is unacceptable. ....." 10/7/99 Carl Limbacher "....The day after a longtime officer of the court joined a 32-year law enforcement veteran to accuse him of repeatedly using an ugly racial epithet, President Clinton suggested that it was Congressional Republicans who were the racists. Clinton leveled the charge on Tuesday after the Senate rejected his nomination of Ronnie White to the federal bench on a 54 to 45 party-line vote. White is the first African-American to serve on Missouri's Supreme Court. White's record had been "maligned and distorted" by the GOP, said Clinton, who added that the vote provided strong evidence "for those who believe that the Senate treats minority and women judicial nominees unequally." But others say it's the President who has the problem with racial equality. On Monday longtime Dallas attorney Dolly Kyle Browning told Fox News Channel that she repeatedly heard Clinton describe Little Rock black leader Robert "Say" McIntosh as a "n - - - - r" She added: "He didn't just use the 'N' word. He took the Lord's name in vain, condemned the man to hell, and, if you get my drift, said 'G - D - N', not just the 'N' word.... And sometimes in coversation, instead of saying, 'Say McIntosh, that G - D - N,' he would just start out a conversation by saying, 'That G - D - N....' And I knew exactly who he was talking about." The Dallas lawyer says she had a romantic relationship with Clinton going back to their teenage years. Ms. Browning's charge that the president used the "N" word matches that of former Arkansas State Policeman Larry Patterson, who served as Clinton's bodyguard from 1986 through January 1993...... "

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 10/7/99 Dave Boyer "....House Republican Conference Chairman J.C. Watts Jr. said yesterday that Democrats' cry of racism in the party-line rejection this week of a black Clinton judicial nominee "cheapens" real cases of racial bias. "It is fascinating to me that racism often is defined, not by your skin color, but by your ideology," said Mr. Watts, the lone black Republican in the House, in a luncheon with editors and reporters at The Washington Times. "Unless you're a Democrat," he continued. "It's OK to do it to black Republicans, black conservatives. But don't do it to a black Democrat." Mr. Watts' comments on racism were in response to the Senate's rejection on Tuesday of Ronnie White of Missouri, a black jurist who was President Clinton's nominee for a U.S. District Court seat. Democrats immediately accused Senate Republicans of racism. In an hour-plus interview, the Oklahoma lawmaker said Democrats use racism as a political tool and are guilty of a double standard, adding that Democrats stood idly by in 1996 when Mr. Watts' Democratic challenger lampooned him with old photographs of Mr. Watts' "Afro" hairstyle. "The national Democratic Party said nothing," Mr. Watts said. "The president of the United States said nothing about that. The state Democratic party chairman said nothing about that. They defended that. "Look what [Supreme Court Justice] Clarence Thomas went through," Mr. Watts said. "There's no way -- and I don't care what you think about Judge Thomas and his judicial decisions -- there's no way that the Judiciary Committee or what many term the 'white press' could have gotten away with that if that had been a black Democrat. It does cheapen, when there's real racism, it cheapens it because that's the first place we go." ....." 10/14/99 Nicholas Sanchez "....Well, since Mr. Mfume and the NAACP are in a suing mood, I have the perfect target for their next lawsuit. This is an industry that has made millions and millions of dollars a year by killing millions and millions of black children over the years. You may ask what this pernicious enterprise that exists and legally eradicates America's black youth is. It is not the gun industry. Nor is it the drug industry. It is not even the KKK, Inc. It is the abortion industry. Yep. The reports are in that show that, although black women make up 12% of the total number of females in the United States, they have 33% of all abortions. So, basically, even though Hispanics make up roughly ten percent of the population and whites make up the super-majority of U.S. citizens, for every three children aborted in the US, one of them is black. The nasty effects of abortion have not been limited to loss of young life in the black community. Howard University completed a study in 1993 that shows that black women over the age of 50 were 4.7 times more likely to get breast cancer compared to mothers that had not had abortions. Well, I'll be. This report clearly shows that feminists have been right all these years and that abortion is a "woman's issue." Although, Mr. Mfume has thus far failed to act on this major public policy issue, there have been other leaders in black community that have not been so hesitant to speak out against this attack on black babies and black mothers. And in the grand tradition of the old civil rights movement, the one that was born out of truly American ideals like life and liberty, this one comes not from a subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee, but from the cloth. A group of 12 black pastors recently led a march from Newark, New Jersey, to Washington, D.C. These pastors sought to rally 1,452 people to march with them to signify the 1,452 black children that are aborted daily. ...."

New York Times 10/12/99 Steven Holmes "..... Long united in the struggle to maintain special breaks for nonwhite entrepreneurs, some civil rights leaders and minority business groups have become divided over a basic concept: what is a minority-owned company. Many black and Hispanic owners of large businesses are arguing that the traditional definition -- a company in which members of minority groups own 51 percent -- limits their ability to raise capital by selling stock. But leaders of large civil rights groups and minority small-business owners say that changing the definition will further erode the whole idea of affirmative action...."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/12/99 Jo Mannies "....A year ago, Sen. John Ashcroft, R-Mo., publicly defended three scions of the Confederacy: President Jefferson Davis and Gens. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. Now, a coalition of local groups is circulating a petition calling for Ashcroft "to publicly retract" such praise and reimburse the U.S. Treasury "for any time he spent promoting Jefferson Davis while working as a U.S. senator." John Hickey with the Missouri Citizen Education Fund said at a news conference Monday that Ashcroft's published 1998 remarks are pertinent in the aftermath of his successful effort last week to persuade the Senate to defeat the nomination of Missouri Supreme Court Justice Ronnie White to a federal judgeship. White is African-American. The comments show "Ashcroft's willingness to pander to racist elements in our society," Hickey said. Those joining him at the news conference included representatives with Machinists District 837 and the A. Philip Randolph Institute, a group of black labor activists......Ashcroft spokesman Steve Hilton replied Monday that that's not the case. "The general meaning is that the fact that Lee, for example, fought for the South ... does not mean that he is to be disrespected as an American and his services overlooked." Abraham Lincoln, Ashcroft's favorite politician, agreed with that, Hilton said. To discount the racism accusations, Republicans forwarded a copy of a 1991 letter from the Mound City Bar Association, a black lawyers group, that praised Ashcroft's decision as Missouri governor to appoint a black woman to a state judgeship....."

The New Australian 10/11/99 James Henry ".....Let take as an example Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott's publicly expressed view that the United States might not exist in its current form in the 21st Century because he believes that nationhood will have become obsolete...... Ordinarily, anyone with Talbott's views would not have found a position in a responsible and intellectually sound administration. But this is the sensitive '90s and Bill 'I-feel-your-pain' Clinton lounges about in the Oval Office. It took a Chinese columnist, Peter Zhang, to cleverly sum up the situation with the observation that America is being run by the "Arkansas Hick and his merry band of '60s dipsticks with their fairyfloss intellects and LSD-coloured view of the world [who] continue to pursue policies that puts the United States mainland at considerable risk." .......The basis of this ideology is a pathological hatred of America. Understanding this fact makes us realise that Talbott, a former journalist and college roommate of Clinton, is not really calling for the a world government but the destruction of the USA, an oppressive, exploitative and racist society. These were the ideas they absorbed during their college days and they have never renounced them. This is the principle reason why Talbott and the rest of Clinton's "merry band of '60s dipsticks with their fairyfloss intellects" are so light on China1. It's really all America's fault, meaning "white America". This lot are so riddled with shame and guilt they are prepared to sacrifice America's interests in order to atone for her alleged sins while exculpating their own....."

The Left's malicious nihilism is impacting on every aspect of the nation's culture. The almost farcical response of Clinton to the discovery of Kennewick Man is a sickening example of the pervasiveness of the Left's ideology and its contempt for scientific truth. Kennewick Man is thought not only to be more than 9.000 years old but of Caucasian origin. If this is true, then a momentous scientific and cultural discovery has been made. But such a discovery does not fit the Left's ideological view of the US. In keeping with this view, Clinton ordered the site destroyed and the bones vandalised in the hope of destroying any possibility of determining the remains racial origins. This is a calculated Orwellian attempt by the Left, through Clinton, to try and control the present, and hence the future, by destroying historical evidence. There is no clearer evidence of the Left's power, influence and malice, especially in the media....."

Jewish World Review 10/13/99 Walter Williams "....CALL AND ORDER A PIZZA DELIVERY from Domino's. If you live in certain neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., Domino's will deliver a pizza -- but not to your door. You'll have to go out to the curb to the deliveryman's car, pay him and then take your pizza. In response to this practice, Jim and Wesley Bell -- and several of their neighbors -- recently filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Domino's, charging racial discrimination. Let's ask ourselves why Domino's engages in a business practice that's insulting to a significant segment of its clientele. While we're at it, we might note that Domino's is not alone in employing different business practices when it comes to serving some of their black customers......... "

Miami Herald 10/11/99 Brad Benntt "....Affirmative action must go, party told A person's skin color should not matter. That was the message Sunday from the nation's leading affirmative-action foe, who shared his vision of a race-blind society at the Sheraton Hotel in West Palm Beach. ``It doesn't matter what our skin color is. Everybody ought to be treated equally in the state of Florida,'' said Ward Connerly, a conservative black businessman who was visiting from Sacramento. Connerly, 60, led successful drives to ban race- and sex-based preference programs in California and Washington state, and now seeks to do the same in Florida. ...."

Kansas City Star 10/13/99 Mark Bredemeier "....The rejection of Missouri's Judge Ronnie White for a federal judgeship has brought forth liberals' familiar refrains against the twin evils of racism and litmus testing in the judicial confirmation process. Familiar, that is, when liberal activist nominees get the ax. In case you got caught up in the latest Chiefs quarterback controversy, last week Senate Republicans, led by Missouri's John Ashcroft, voted down an African-American Missouri Supreme Court judge's nomination to a district court seat in St. Louis. Ashcroft's opposition, supported by a bipartisan chorus of Missouri law enforcement officials, focused on Judge White's stated antipathy to the death penalty. Clintonites more or less called Ashcroft a racist. Editorialists around the country decried consideration of a single issue, the death penalty, as a litmus test for judicial candidates. Where was this concern about racism when Clarence Thomas' name was dragged through the mud earlier this decade? Truth is, when Democrats plead for diversity in judicial appointments they mean liberal women and minorities. Independent thinkers like Thomas need not apply. As for litmus testing, how many pro-life judges do you think the Clinton administration has appointed to the federal bench in the last six years? Any? How many qualified Democrats have been denied even consideration for an appointment because of their position on the single issue of abortion? With the White vote, the Chicken Littles at The New York Times went so far as to accuse Republicans of setting "a new low" in the confirmation process. Perhaps East Coast smog has clogged the memories of those writers. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Decades from now, historians will look back on the Senate's rejection of Robert Bork as the single darkest moment in this country's two-plus centuries of judicial confirmations. ....."

Investors Business Daily 10/13/99 ".... It's an old story: black children in a southern city barred from attending the school of their choice. But this time it has an ironic twist. Standing in their way is none other than the U.S. Department of Justice, the very agency that's supposed to be kicking down doors for them. Kids and parents looking for an alternative to the traditional public schools in Baton Rouge, La., have been forced to put their plans on hold because of a wrangle with the feds over the legality of new charter schools. Louisiana's state government wants to see more of these schools - which get public funds but are not controlled by school districts - established to expand the choices available to the state's low-income students. But plans to start a large charter school in Baton Rouge have brought the federal government into play, in the role of obstructionist. United Charter, as it's known, was to start with about 650 students in kindergarten to eighth grade and grow to 1,200 as grades were added. Its proposed site is a mostly empty inner-city shopping mall. And though it would be open to all, its location and recruiting focus are designed to serve the local low-income, mostly black community....... "

Washington Post 10/14/99 Kenneth Cooper ".... Schools in Houston and Fort Worth have made significant progress in closing the gap in achievement between white and minority students, according to a survey of big-city school districts released yesterday. The preliminary report by the Council of Great City Schools showed the two Texas cities were the most successful of 11 school districts cited for their progress in closing achievement gaps, a persistent problem that is receiving greater attention nationwide as state after state has imposed stricter academic standards in the 1990s. Motivated in part by Texas's system of grading schools on how well students from different racial and ethnic groups perform on standardized tests, Houston and Fort Worth since 1994 have achieved gains in minority student achievement with a concerted focus on improving instruction in reading and mathematics. Based on results on state tests given in the elementary, middle and high school grades, Houston has closed the gap between whites and minorities by 40 percent in reading and math, while Fort Worth has reduced its gap in those two subjects as well as in writing by about 35 percent. ...." 10/14/99 Nicholas Sanchez "....Disturbed by the so-called "whitewashed" programming that is being offered by the major television networks, Mfume has fumed and strutted around, much like George Jefferson of the '70s sit-com, about the lack of black faces on television. (Apparently, the WB Network is not available by his cable operator.) His organization has threatened to sue the television industry for not putting enough black-oriented programming on air. Mr. Mfume's discontent is not limited to the cancellation of "Sanford & Son." The gun industry has also managed to get in the line of fire of the NAACP's outrage, if you'll excuse the pun. It seems that there is a lot of crime that is being committed by black people. These same black people are using guns in the commission of these crimes. So it stands to perfect reason that if we punish the gun manufacturers we will be getting to the root of the crime problem. Going after criminals is so passe....."

St Paul pioneer Press 10/14/99 John Hinderraker Scot Johnson "..... Last summer, the Centers for Disease Control released pregnancy data that it compiles annually by state and race. Minnesota, for the first time ever, led the CDC's survey in the black teen-age pregnancy rate. At the same time, the CDC data showed that Minnesota had the lowest white teen-age pregnancy rate..... As reported by the Pioneer Press, some have charged that racism is the cause; others have attributed it to Minnesota Nice. But racism is no worse in Minnesota than in any other state, and so cannot explain why Minnesota now has the highest black teen-age pregnancy rate in the CDC data. Similarly, Minnesota Nice -- the supposed failure of Minnesotans to be sufficiently blunt regarding birth control techniques -- applies equally to black and white teen-agers, yet on this theory only black teen-agers appear to be affected by it. ....."

St Paul pioneer Press 10/14/99 John Hinderraker Scot Johnson "..... Developments regarding the black teen-age pregnancy rate in Minnesota are part of a larger, long-term phenomenon concerning the rate of illegitimate black births that dates back to President Lyndon Johnson's ``war on poverty.'' When Johnson declared war on poverty in 1965 and sought to attack it through a vast expansion of the welfare state, the rate of illegitimate black births was 28 percent. The black family was still relatively intact. As welfare programs subsequently proliferated and penetrated the black community, the illegitimacy rate skyrocketed, reaching 70 percent by the mid-1990s. Illegitimacy and fatherlessness had become the norm. Voluminous social science research linking welfare participation and its perverse incentives to the explosion in illegitimacy rates was a leading factor in the adoption of welfare reform in 1996. Congress expressly found that the old welfare system had contributed substantially to family dissolution and nonformation. This social science research was supported by serious journalistic investigation......Since the adoption of national welfare reform in 1996, the states have been free to go their own way in designing their welfare programs. Many states have adopted programs that have substantially reversed negative trends in welfare dependence and illegitimacy rates...... In both respects, however, Minnesota unfortunately lags neighboring states as well as the rest of the country. For many years, Minnesota's welfare program has provided the most generous benefits of any state within a thousand miles. Under Minnesota's welfare reform, Minnesota's cash benefits not only remain relatively high, they come with extraordinarily lenient conditions. ...."

Washington Times 9/99 Robert Stacey mcCain "…Violent crimes like murder, assault, robbery and rape cause far more damage to U.S. race relations than officially recognized "hate crimes," a study based on federal crime statistics concludes. The study reports that some 1.7 million violent interracial crimes involving blacks and whites are committed annually. But in 1997 only 4,105 of those were deemed "hate crimes" under the Hate Crimes Statistics Act of 1990, according to a study by the New Century Foundation, based in Oakton, Va. Although Americans most often think of "hate crimes" as acts by whites against racial minorities --such as last year's killing of James Byrd in Texas by three white ex-convicts -- the majority of violent crime across racial lines are committed by blacks against whites, the study finds. Black-on-white crimes were almost nine times as frequent as white-on-black crimes, the study reports. "Hate crimes are thought to be the most serious acts of interracial crime . . . but it is likely that the millions of ordinary interracial crimes -- 90 percent of which are committed by blacks against whites -- are more damaging to race relations," the study concludes….."

FOX__AP 10/16/99 Seth Hettena "…..The NAACP's national board on Saturday approved a tourism boycott of South Carolina until the state removes the Confederate battle flag from the Statehouse dome. "The ratification officially mobilizes all of our chapters and members to not visit or spend dollars in South Carolina until the flag is removed,'' said NAACP spokeswoman Sheila Douglas….."

Electronic Telegraph (UK) 10/17/99 David Wastell "…A BOOK on anti-white racism by a former Black Panther supporter has sold out in three weeks despite two publishers' refusal to take it and widespread nervousness among American bookshops. The book, Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes, has triggered fierce debate over its argument that anti-white racism is prevalent in America, aided and abetted by the country's politically-correct liberals. The author, David Horowitz, 60, criticises politicians such as Bill Bradley, the presidential hopeful, and Hillary Clinton, who is campaigning for the Senate, for seeking the support of such figures as Al Sharpton, the demagogic black leader in New York, who he says have made ideological hatred of whites into a growth industry. Mr Horowitz, who was a student radical in the Sixties, blames civil rights leaders and liberal apologists for tolerating and even encouraging anti-white racism. He cites as an example the magazine Race Traitor, which said "whiteness is the principal scourge of mankind" and, consequently, "the key to solving the social problems of our age is the abolition of the white race". …." 10/19/99 Michael Savage "....First there was disinformation, then there was misinformation. Now the newest technique of the left-wing media is "non-information." Case in point, a Filipino immigrant goes berserk in the San Francisco Bay Area. He takes out his handgun, goes upstairs, and shoots two neighbors. The media then blames his depressed state of mind. He was plagued by depression, they say. His drugs weren't having the right effect. Because he was a person of color they didn't emphasize the gun or his race, as they would have if he had blue eyes and blond hair, but his emotions that were supposedly outside his control. So instead of a "hate crime" the media spun it as the involuntary act of someone who wasn't receiving proper drug therapy. They didn't blame the murders on his doctor for not prescribing the right antidepressant, but their meaning is clear: He was the victim of neglect by a discriminatory establishment that is unconcerned with the needs of "minorities."......" 10/18/99 Bill O'Reilly ".....Blacks comprise 13 percent of the population in the United States yet account for 31 percent of all arrests. And it gets worse when you factor in violent crime apprehensions. Blacks account for 55 percent of murder arrests, 41 percent of rape apprehensions and 58 percent of robbery arrests. Now some people will say that these statistics are juiced because the police are more prone to arrest blacks. But consider the victims. Black Americans are three times more likely than whites to be robbed. Criminal complaints in black neighborhoods throughout the Untied States are routinely much higher than in white neighborhoods, according to Bureau of Justice statistics. So it is the black citizen who is most at risk for crime victimization and that has little to do with the predisposition of the police about whom to arrest..... " 10/18/99 Bill O'Reilly "....Of course poverty is the driving force behind the grim statistics on black crime. People with family incomes of less than $7,500 are far more likely to be crime victims than those Americans who have money and can afford to protect themselves. This is terribly unfair to the poor, but it speaks directly to the veil we have put over black crime in this country. Instead of our leadership dealing directly with the issue, and actually helping the poor who are being victimized, many politicians are scared to death of being labeled racists by demagogues who play the race card whenever the truth about black crime is made public......" 10/18/99 Bill O'Reilly ".....The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world spend a tremendous amount of time criticizing law enforcement, but rarely do we hear them rail against the criminals. When was the last time Sharpton or Jackson led a protest march against heroin dealers or black Americans who have been convicted of multiple felonies? Black Americans, in my opinion, are getting a bad deal from their leaders on the crime issue. And that brings us to the why of it all. One explanation for the disproportionate amount of black crime in America is that 70 percent of all black babies are born out of wedlock. Their mothers and grandmothers mostly raise these children, and discipline is often lacking. The primary reason so many criminals come out of poor black neighborhoods is because there is a tremendous lack of discipline and supervision in many of these fatherless homes.....Black leaders should be in the streets encouraging young black women to act responsibly. White leaders can't do it for a variety of reasons. The terrible crime rate among black Americans can only be lessened by increasing stable families......"

The American Enterprise 11-12/99 David Horowitz "....On a recent trip to the South I found myself in Memphis, the city where a assasin's bullet struck down Martin Luther King Jr. just over 30 years ago. There I discovered a na tional Civil Rights Museum, housed in what once was the Lorraine Motel, where King was murdered..... At the end of the hall, however, is a jarring sight. Staring out from a wall-size monument are the faces of Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad, leaders of the Nation of Islam. For one old enough to have supported King, this is incomprehensible. Malcolm X was King's great antagonist in the black community, leading its resistance to the civil rights hope. The Black Muslim publicly scorned King's March on Washington as "ridiculous" and predicted the failure of the civil rights movement King led because the white man would never willingly give black Americans such rights. He rejected Mng's call to non-violence and an integrated society, and in so doing earned the disapproval of the American majority King had wooed and was about to win. King was unyielding before these attacks and refused to share any platform with him. Only in the last year of Malcolm's life, when the civil rights cause was all but won, and Malcolm had left the Nation of Islam and rejected its racism, did King finally relent and agree to appear in the now-famous photograph of the two........ "

The American Enterprise 11-12/99 David Horowitz "....The moral decline of the civil rights leadership is reflected in some of the most prominent public episodes of the 1990s: the antics of racist demagogues like Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton; the indefensible causes like Tawana Brawley; the rallying to O.J. Simpson; rationalizations of the murderous Los Angeles riots; the various divisive marches orga- nized by the Nation of Islam. The impact of such episodes i has been compounded by the silence of black civil rights leaders over racial outrages committed by African Americans-the anti-Korean incitements of black activists in New York, Washington, and other cities; the black mob attacks on white and Asian store- owners during the L.A. riots; the lynching of a Hasidic Jew by a black mob in Crown Heights, and a black jury's acquittal of his murderer. The failures of civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson, Kwesi Mfume, Maxine Waters, David Dinkins, and Julian Bond to condemn black racism committed against other ethnic communities during the 1990s stand in striking contrast to the demands such leaders make on the consciences of whites, and to the moral example set by King....."

Florida Times Union 10/15/99 Ron Littlepage ".....Most of you will recognize the name of James Byrd Jr. because the story of his murder was told over and over on national newscasts and in newspapers across the country. Byrd was the black man from Jasper, Texas, who was killed in June 1998 by three white supremacists who drug him behind their pickup truck. The resulting outcry from people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas kept Byrd's death in the national eye for months. In The Florida Times-Union alone, there have been 31 stories about Byrd and the men who killed him. ...... Then there was the murder of Gregory Griffith, a 50-year-old mentally handicapped man, last summer. You probably don't recognize his name. Griffith was badly beaten, kicked and stomped on Aug. 13 in the 3000 block of Justina Road in Jacksonville. He died on Aug. 26. Four black men have been charged with Griffith's murder. Two of them told police they decided to beat Griffith ''because he was white.'' Police said the men told them they agreed to attack the next white person who walked down the street and Griffith was the next to pass by. There has been no outcry in Jacksonville - or the nation - about this racially motivated slaying. The Times-Union has carried one story and two briefs on Griffith's death. Members of Congress and civil rights leaders haven't lamented this brutal murder. The question I was asked was: Why? ...."

Dallas Morning News 10/17/99 Kim Horner "..... At a conference Saturday to discuss whether the U.S. government should make reparations for slavery, Irungu Bakari got right to the point. "We want our money!" he said, his voice rising. "Can we talk about getting our money?" Africans and African Americans for Enslavement Reparations, a Dallas-based organization, drew about 50 people to the Black Academy of Arts and Letters Inc. in downtown Dallas for Saturday's conference. The event was scheduled to coincide with the anniversary of the Oct. 16, 1995, Million Man March....."

WorldNetDaily 10/18/99 Father Vincent Fitzpatrick ".... I can remember the exact date, March 17, 1993, because while I was vesting for early-morning weekday Mass, I asked the 8-year-old altar boy about the saint of the day. "How about a quiz? Do you know who Saint Patrick was?" "No," he said, which didn't surprise me. After all, he was only eight, and German. "Well, if it weren't for Saint Patrick, I probably wouldn't be Catholic. He was a bishop and a missionary, and he brought the Catholic Faith to Ireland." The little boy's eyes grew, as they say, as big as saucers. "How could he be a saint?" he asked, with real amazement. "What do you mean? Why couldn't he?" "You said he was a missionary!" "Yeah, he was a missionary," I said, totally baffled. "I thought missionaries were bad." A couple of questions more, and I knew that this little Catholic child, whose own mother was an exemplary, active Catholic, a CCD teacher, had learned in public school that missionaries were violent, oppressive characters who fanned out from Europe for many centuries, in order to destroy people and cultures around the world. Public school. In a small, very small, North Dakota town, where the public school is probably as "accountable" to parents as a public school can be. The kind of "locally controlled" public school that parents would be the last to suspect is teaching their children that the Christian religion and its missionaries are just one among many evils spread around the world by an imperialistic, racist European culture....."

WorldNetDaily 10/18/99 Father Vincent Fitzpatrick "....How many Catholic parents would allow a newspaper published by the government into their homes, if it taught their children that God is not to be mentioned outside of home or church, if it contained pictures and articles describing natural and unnatural sex acts, if it taught them that Marilyn Monroe deserves 16 pages in a history of the United States, while George Washington deserves one? And if it told them that Christian "missionaries are bad"? Yet Catholic parents, who would throw such a government-owned newspaper in the trash, send their children to government-owned buildings for six or more hours a day, twelve years of their lives, to read government-prescribed books and be taught government-prescribed lessons......"

Associated Press 10/19/99 "....A new TV commercial from the National Rifle Association has angered some minority lawmakers because of its portrayal of blacks and Hispanics in a series of mugshot photos. The commercial, which asks Congress not to create new federal gun laws until current ones are enforced more aggressively, started airing Oct. 11. It shows dozens of mugshots of criminals prosecuted in Ohio. While there are many whites in the mugshots, a large percentage are minorities......"

Washington Post 10/19/99 Richard Cohen ".....James Q. Wilson, the eminent social scientist, has done a useful bit of cloning. He has taken Buford O. Furrow Jr., the neo-Nazi who is charged with killing a Filipino letter carrier and shooting up a Los Angeles Jewish center, and given him two fictitious brothers. Buford killed the letter carrier because of his race. Alfred did it because he had taken out life insurance on his victim, and Charles killed the guy to show that he's tough. Which crime is worst? The answer, President Clinton and others tell us, is the one committed by Buford....... It seems to me, though, that we would be teaching these countries what they already seem to know -- that the worth of an individual is dependent on the group to which he belongs. This is what the proposed law endorses. It sets a higher value on the lives or safety of certain people than on others....."

The Washington Times 10/21/99 Kenneth Smith "....Rosa Parks probably has no idea who Grace Tuttle, Rachel Sechler or Jacob Eisenberg are, and it will be some years before they are old enough to understand who the famed civil rights figure is and what she went through. But in their own unwitting way, they are following in the footsteps of the woman who refused to go to the back of the bus so many years ago or to be judged by the color of her skin. . . . . All three children sought entry into Washington-area "public" schools only to discover that the schools weren't so public after all; they restricted entry by skin color, and the schoolchildren -- white --turned out to be the wrong hue. Standing in the schoolhouse doorway to keep them out were not just local administrators and school board officials but the mighty U.S. Justice Department and the acting head of its civil rights division, Bill Lann Lee, and, in one case, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. ....."

10/20/99 Dana Bash CNN "....Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle said Wednesday he detects an anti-minority pattern emerging in the way the Republicans are dealing with legislation and presidential appointments. "The array of anti-minority sentiment expressed almost each week now by Republicans is historic," the South Dakota Democrat said. "I have never seen a party become this defiant when it comes to protecting minority rights in my time in public life." ..."

The Wall Street Journal 10/20/99 ".... As we reported earlier, Mr. Breazell found himself sacked as head of the NAACP's Colorado Springs chapter after he wrote a column in favor of school choice..... Since his resignation last month, Mr. Breazell says he's heard from a number of people who "wonder why too many black and Hispanic leaders don't trust parents to make good decisions for their own children." Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, Mr. Breazell notes, has himself come out for school choice as well, recently telling an NAACP dinner that "if you're in an underachieving school, then you have a right to seek a voucher to go to a school where you can be guaranteed some level of achievement." And vouchers aren't the only problem. As we report nearby, the Justice Department has been harassing charter schools whose only crime appears to be that they might actually improve educational opportunities for minority students. ..."

The Wall Street Journal 10/20/99 ".... This may help explain the re-thinking we're seeing at the Urban League, which has also softened its opposition to choice. Indeed, the League's Greater Miami chapter now opposes a lawsuit filed by the Florida branch of the NAACP against the state's new voucher program. Hugh Price, the Urban League's president, recently warned public educators not to take the support of black parents for granted. Mr. Price suggested that "we can use public support for vouchers to flog teachers unions and public schools" to improve schools. As for Mr. Breazell, next month he will lead a delegation of Colorado parents to Milwaukee for a firsthand look at the success of that city's nine-year-old school choice program...... Indeed, "Not Yet Free At Last" accuses the American Left of "covertly pulling the strings" of many civil rights groups and being "quick to chastise and slander any black leader who veers from the party line." Mr. Holt recounts a conversation he had with Roger Quindel, a leftist Milwaukee County supervisor. "It's obvious you're confused, and you apparently don't know what you're involved in," Mr. Holt quotes Mr. Quindel as telling him. "You need to come aboard; we know what's best for y'all." "History has shown," Mr. Holt writes, "that when a black organization comes under the philosophical control of whites, the black voice is muted or misinterpreted."...."

World Net Daily 10/20/99 Walter Williams "....Having been invited to be the inaugural speaker for Valencia Community College's Millennium Lecture Series, I looked forward with considerable anticipation to my trip to Orlando, Fla. But en route to the airport, my secretary relayed a telephone message from Allen Byrd, a reporter for the Orlando Business Journal, that dampened some of my enthusiasm. The reporter, having just learned of my Sept. 29 lecture the previous day, was wondering why the college had not sent out its usual plethora of press releases and media faxes, especially considering that the lecture was the first of a major lecture series. According to Byrd's interviews, reported in the Oct. 4 edition of the Orlando Business Journal, there were two explanations. The first, from the college's public-relations department, said that, "Williams is so popular that to have publicized the visit would have created an overflow crowd." That led Byrd to conclude, "Indeed, the college was so concerned it did not even tell its own public-relations department that Williams was coming. Orlando Business Journal did." Byrd says, "The second, entirely unofficial and completely off-the-record reason came to our attention by way of a quote: 'We do not want to give the appearance that Valencia shares his (Williams) views and that we believe this is the way African-Americans should act.'" Valencia College staffers were acting under the instructions of college president Paul C. Gianini to keep a lid on my appearance. The president's response to his faculty electing me as guest lecturer is just another example of today's deceit, dishonesty and cowardice that has become part and parcel of America's institutions of higher learning. As such, it's more evidence that colleges and universities are undeserving of American trust and generosity......"

The Wall Street Journal 10/20/99 "...."When I became president, there was one independent public charter school in all of America. With our support, there are 1,100 today. My budget assures that early in the next century, there will be 3,000." --President Clinton, 1999 State of the Union address. Another lie, it turns out. When it comes to actual treatment of the nation's fledgling charter schools, the Clinton Administration follows another policy: It tortures them. Consider what it is doing to Louisiana's United Charter school. Back in 1995, Louisiana lawmakers surveyed their failing schools. After decades of desegregation orders, mandatory busing and so on, Louisiana school kids, half of whom are black, ranked 49th in the nation in overall achievement. Distressed, legislators passed one of the nation's more far-reaching laws for charter schools--public schools that are given autonomy to try their own educational approach without bureaucratic oversight....This didn't sit well with Mr. Clinton's civil rights czar, Acting Assistant Attorney General Bill Lann Lee. To Mr. Lee and his fellow crusaders at Justice, it seems, the actual welfare of flesh-and-blood students ranks a distant second to abstract notions of "rights." Tucking a 43-year-old court desegregation decree under their collective arm, Mr. Lee's attorneys descended on Louisiana to block United Charter....."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/21/99 Deirdre Shesgreen "....Black lawmakers called on President Bill Clinton to use his recess appointment powers to bypass the Senate and put minority and women judicial candidates on the federal bench. Legislators unveiled the unusual strategy during a rally on Thursday, organized by Washington-area African-American lawyers and law students to protest the Senate's rejection of Ronnie White's nomination to the federal bench in St. Louis.....The president can appoint judges and other officials to posts when the Senate is in recess - although the power is not invoked often and was never intended to allow the president to bypass the Senate confirmation process....."

The Kansas City Star 10/23/99 Steve Kraske, Scott Canon David Goldstein "......Two black members of Congress, including Rep. William Clay of St. Louis, have branded Missouri Republican Sens. John Ashcroft and Kit Bond "racist" for their work in defeating Ronnie White for a federal judgeship....... "Today, these smears have gone too far," Ashcroft said in a statement. "An accusation of prejudice or racism is meant to hurt, and it does hurt. Every person is a special creation of God. I believe that the same God who judges all of us by the contents of our characters, not the colors of our skins, calls on me to do no less." ....... On Wednesday, House Minority Leader Tom Daschle, a South Dakota Democrat, complained that the GOP was demonstrating a pattern of "anti-minority sentiment." The most recent example, Daschle said, was the embattled nomination of former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun, an Illinois Democrat, as ambassador to New Zealand. He also cited White's defeat. A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott dismissed the allegations. "Playing politics with race doesn't help heal any wounds. It only reopens them," spokesman John Czwartacki said....... "I will continue to support African-Americans for the federal bench because America needs their strong minds," Ashcroft said. He said he would not consider race as part of the appointment process. "Every American should recognize that African-Americans have suffered discrimination and been victimized many times over," Ashcroft said. "Because African-American leaders charge that members of the community are victims of racism again, in the White nomination, I can understand how some African-Americans believe them. "Their charge is both false and divisive."...."

Boston Globe 10/23/99 Shelley Murphy ".....A federal judge has ruled that eight white Boston police officers may go forward with their civil rights suit against the state's civil service administrator because he failed to stop the city from promoting blacks over whites solely because of their race. The officers filed the suit in May against the city and James J. Hartnett Jr., the state's personnel administrator, alleging discrimination. The eight white officers and three black officers all scored 84 on a civil service promotional exam, but only the black officers were elevated to the rank of sergeant. .....Chief US District Court Judge William G. Young ruled Wednesday that ''Hartnett's attempt simply to shrug off his authority to prevent what is alleged to be a known and admittedly race-based appointment policy... is unacceptable.'' ....."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 10/24/99 Mark Davis ".....By virtue of my American birth in this century, do I carry obligations to atone for sins of past centuries? That was the question on the table last weekend at the Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters, where I was on a panel discussing reparations for slavery. First, the obvious. Slavery in this country was awful. One of the greatest inhumanities to man in recorded history. We should be ashamed that we ever allowed it. But now the rest of the truth: we should be proud that we put a stop to it. And we should be glad today no matter what color we are that we are in what has become the greatest country in world history. But that message wasn't going over big before an audience largely made up of reparations advocates. "This country hasn't done anything for us," challenged one young man. When I suggested that modern America has offered him the opportunity to be freer and more prosperous than he would be had his lineage remained rooted in Africa, the room grew noticeably colder....."

Associated Press 10/24/99 Libby Quaid "....Missouri Republicans, upset over charges of racism against Sen. John Ashcroft, are circulating a photograph taken 39 years ago of Democratic Gov. Mel Carnahan in blackface makeup performing a minstrel show. Carnahan is challenging Ashcroft for his Senate seat in 2000....... Research by the Missouri Republican Party turned up the 1960 photograph of Carnahan in his hometown paper, party chairman John Hancock said in an interview Sunday. The image of Carnahan, then 26, and his brother, Bob, singing in a white minstrel quartet and wearing blackface makeup, was published in 1960 in the Rolla Daily News....... ``I know a little bit about it, because I'm a ragtime pianist and a historian of that whole era,'' Hancock said. ``Minstrelsy isn't lighthearted. It's one of the most degrading, derogatory mockeries of an entire race of people that has ever existed......." 10/26/99 Linda Bowles "….When Democratic leaders begin to rail about the evils of "the politics of personal destruction," and cluck about how harmful such tactics are, it may be viewed as an announcement that they are about to launch campaigns to assassinate the character of those who do not agree with them…… For example, to thwart criticisms of flagrant violations of campaign-finance laws -- from renting out the Lincoln bedroom in the White House to soliciting illegal contributions from the Chinese -- Democrats are conducting a valiant crusade for campaign-finance reform…… With the election more than a year away, President Bill Clinton and Senate minority leader Tom Daschle are already on the stump clearly saying that Republicans are racists, and in the same sentence, saying they are not saying any such thing. Apparently, it is the operative attitude of a number of key Democratic leaders that if you do not automatically vote to confirm black judges and ambassadors based on their skin color, without regard to their attributes and qualifications, you are obviously a racist. It should be obvious, and is to the unobstructed mind, that the opposite is true……"

AP 10/27/99 Laurie Kellman "….With the father of a shooting victim supporting them, Democrats on Wednesday took up President Clinton's call for anti-hate crime legislation, calling the Republicans blocking it ``racially insensitive.'' …… The racism charge flared earlier this month when the Senate rejected the nomination of Missouri Supreme Court Judge Ronnie White to be U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Missouri. Democrats from Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota to Rep. Maxine Waters of California accused Republicans of rejecting him because he is black; Republicans cited his record on the death penalty and drug enforcement. On Wednesday, against the backdrop of an escalating budget fight, Democrats leveled the charge again as they pushed for Congress to take another look at legislation that would add crimes motivated by sexual orientation, gender and disability to the list of hate crimes - race, religion, color or national origin - already covered by federal law….. `A crime is a crime,'' said House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas….."

Charleston Post and Courier 10/16/99 Herb Frazier "…..Knapp, the father of two boys, was in critical condition at the Medical University Hospital. He has been in the intensive care unit since Oct. 16 when he was beaten by a mob in North Charleston. Knapp and Gary Thornburg were attacked near Bexley Street and South Rhett Avenue. Thornburg, 34, was hurt but released from a hospital. Knapp, 35, and Thornburg are white and the 11 suspects charged with beating them are black. Black people attacking two white men led to speculation the assaults were racially motivated, but Knapp's family has said they believe robbery was the motive…… "

Charleston Post and Courier 10/19/99 Herb Frazier "…..Police arrested seven people, including five juveniles, Monday in connection with a beating in North Charleston that left two men injured, one seriously. A mob of more than a dozen people attacked Troy Knapp, 35, and Gary Thornburg, 34, early Saturday near Bexley Street and South Rhett Avenue, North Charleston police said…… Two adults, Lafayette Knots, 21, and Ivan Brown, 20, both of North Charleston, also were arrested. The seven suspects were charged with two counts of second-degree lynching, which is an act of violence inflicted by a mob. Police were still looking for five other suspects Monday night, Jellico said…… Turner said he has heard the beatings grew out of tension from an arrest that was made after shots were fired Friday night outside a school dance at North Charleston High School. Knapp's family suspects that he and Thornburg were attacked because they are white, Turner said. Police say the attackers were black, but do not think the beatings were because of race….."

Charleston Post and Courier 10/20/99 Herb Frazier "….. Bail was set Tuesday on eight people, including four juveniles, each charged with two counts of second-degree lynching in the mob beating of two North Charleston men. A ninth suspect, a 14-year-old boy, is expected to appear at a 2 p.m. hearing today in Family Court, police said……. Knapp was in critical condition Tuesday at Medical University Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said…North Charleston Det. Cpl. Jerry Jellico said robbery appears to be the motive for the attack that came moments after shots were fired outside a dance at North Charleston High School. The bicycles that Knapp and Thornburg were riding were taken and the two were beaten, he said. Jellico continued to rule out race as a reason for the attack. But he told Magistrate Jack Guedalia that one of the suspects, Lafayette Knotts of North Charleston, told police that as the white men rode by a group of about 20 black people, Knapp cursed them and used a racial slur. Jellico said none of the other suspects heard Knapp curse them or use a racial epithet Before the bail hearing, Jellico said that Thornburg told police Monday that he did not hear any racial statements made by the attackers….."

Charleston Post and Courier 10/16/99 Herb Frazier "…..The suspects are accused of "stomping, kicking and beating the victims down," he said. Knotts is accused of hitting Knapp in the head with a pipe, Jellico said. He said Knotts is also suspected of being the mob's "ringleader." He allegedly said, "Let's get them" when the group saw Knapp and Thornburg, Jellico said……Several blocks from the school, Knapp and Thornburg were riding their bikes down South Rhett Avenue and were approaching Bexley Street when they met the group of about 15 to 20 black males and females, according to the arrest warrants. They turned down Bexley Street to try to avoid the group, the warrants said. But the group chased and caught them outside a Bexley Street house, police said…… "There was no sense to this," Angela Knapp told Guedalia. Knapp has undergone two brain surgeries, and "we don't know if he will ever wake up." …."

Naples [FLA] Daily News 10/23/99 AP "….The head of the state's minority business office has resigned after accusations she improperly used her position to help a political group fight to preserve affirmative action. Veronica Anderson has been executive director of the Minority Business Advocacy and Assistance Office since 1996. Her salary was $78,340….. The resignation came two days after a report by the inspector general for the Department of Labor and Employment Security concluded that Anderson used state employees, tax money and public property to help support the activities of Floridians Representing Equity and Equality….."

The Tampa Tribune 10/25/99 William March Marilyn Brown "….Hillsborough County school district officials deny using race to discriminate in hiring, especially during a teacher shortage. A local lawyer with a discrimination lawsuit against the Hillsborough County school district contends that he has evidence that principals are told to deceive teaching applicants because certain jobs are reserved for blacks. The accusation is based on documents gathered in the course of the lawsuit, attorney Ronald Fraley Jr. said Friday. ``The school system encourages, as official policy, for principals to misrepresent the reason for its employment decisions.'' Fraley represents special education teacher Laura Filips, who sued the district a year ago alleging she was ordered to transfer to another school because she's white….."

Center For The Study Of Popular Culture 10/25/99 "…..Senator John Ashcroft, who last week came out in opposition of Judge Ronnie White's nomination to the federal judiciary, made succinct his opposition was based entirely on Judge White's consistent anti-drug enforcement, anti-capital punishment record, including a stunning opinion to grant a new trial to James Johnson, a convicted multiple cop-killer. Law enforcement groups throughout Missouri were squarely and actively against Judge White's confirmation, as was Moniteau County Sheriff Kenny Jones, whose wife was murdered by Johnson in a handgun ambush through a window at their home. In the face of this evidence, Reps. Waters and Clay somehow still managed to call Ashcroft a racist……"

AP 10/25/99 Scott Charton "....Gov. Mel Carnahan apologized Monday for appearing in blackface at a minstrel show 39 years ago, and lashed out at Republicans for unearthing a 1960 photo of the performance. ``I feel like I've grown,'' said Carnahan, a Democrat who is challenging Republican Sen. John Ashcroft for his Senate seat in 2000. ``I certainly regret my participation in this kind of theater, and I sincerely and readily apologize for my insensitivity of 39 years ago,'' the 65-year-old governor added. ..... "

World Net Daily 10/25/99 Joseph Farah "....Imagine how the national press corps would handle the following story: Two black men in their mid-30s ride their bicycles down a city street about a block and a half from one of their homes. Seemingly without provocation, a group of white men and teen-age boys surrounds the pair, knocks them from their bikes and begins stomping them. The angry crowd pummels the two men with their fists, feet, a pipe and a yellow trash can. The attack leaves one man in critical condition and in a coma. The other is treated at the hospital and released. Eight people, including four juveniles, are each charged with two counts of "second-degree lynching" in the mob beating. Three other suspects are still being sought and another 14-year-old boy is expected to be arraigned in family court. Just prior to the attack, according to a relative of one victim, shots were fired outside a school dance. When police arrested a white suspect, one of his friends was heard saying: "Yeah, we are going to get us a black boy." The attack on the two black bicyclists occurred a few blocks from the school....... Well, would you be surprised if I told you that precisely this happened just last Monday in Charleston, S.C., and not one national news outlet has picked up on it until now?...... So what gives? I'll tell you what gives. Every detail of this story is exactly as I related it to you in the beginning of this column with one exception -- the victims were white and the perpetrators were black. Oh, now you get it....."

Boston Globe 10/25/99 Cindy Rodriguez "....Ratha Paul Yem, a Cambodian refugee who lives in Lowell, is angered that he is no longer considered a minority. He has lived with the ''model minority'' tag since he arrived in 1976, and suddenly, he has been stripped of even that. Last week, the College Board pulled Asian-Americans out of the minority category in a study on academic achievement. It placed whites in one category, Asians in another, and separated blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans as minorities, saying Asians outperform them. The move reflects an ongoing reassessment to determine which groups should receive special consideration in education and hiring and how they should be defined....."

AP, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/25/99 Jennifer Loven ".....Slinging accusations of racism, the Congressional Black Caucus on Monday urged President Clinton to bypass Senate confirmation of former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun as New Zealand ambassador and use a politically risky maneuver to install her in the post himself. The congressmen, joining other black leaders and Senate Democrats, are seeking to link Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms' threat to block Moseley-Braun's nomination with what they view as unusual delays in the nominations of several minorities....."

INSIGHT Magazine 11/22/99 Stephen Goode "....When today's leftists say that 'whiteness' is an oppressive social construct that must be destroyed, David Horowitz calls them bigots opposed to black success. Recently, the onetime leftist and now conservative writer and activist David Horowitz received an e-mail from a friend that carried a quotation from the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Moscow, dated 1943. The order had been sent to communists abroad, including the Communist Party in America. . . . . "Members and front organizations must continually embarrass, discredit and degrade our critics," the 56-year-old directive began. "When obstructionists become too irritating, label them as fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic." But above all, "constantly associate those who oppose us with those names that already have a bad smell." Why? Because "The association will, after enough repetition, become 'fact' in the public mind."..... . . Sontag's radical posturing has become a leftist commonplace today, Horowitz says, especially among white liberals at elite institutions. Lecturer Noel Ignatiev, a former sixties radical, for example, several years ago launched "Whiteness Studies" at the prestigious W.E.B. DuBois African-American Studies Institute at Harvard University. Among other things, Whiteness Studies argue that "whiteness" is a "social construct that is oppressive" and must be "abolished." The motto of Race Treason, the name of Whiteness Studies' academic journal, is "Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity." ......"

Las Vegas Review-Journal 10/31/99 Vin Suprynowicz "....But today's brand of "multiculturalism" goes much further, doesn't it? Our children's textbooks are increasingly filled with the historically bankrupt fantasy that Betsy Ross and Molly Pitcher had as much to do with winning the American Revolution as Washington and Jefferson; that the American Indian was some kind of mystically enlightened ecological steward; and that today's black American is directly descended from an ancient race that built the pyramids of Egypt and had already developed electrical storage batteries before the birth of Jesus. What gives? The answer, of course, is that today's "multiculturalism" is in fact a sharply limited political agenda sold under false colors. The goal here is for a small segment of the academe with giant chips on their shoulders to monomaniacally strip the pictures of dead white males out of our history books and replace them with pictures of blacks, Indians and women. ....And if you really want to upset a modern "multiculturalist," point out that he or she seems curiously intolerant of some "cultures" within modern America -- cultures with documentable thousand-year pedigrees -- where the cultural divisions are not discernible by skin color, at all. As I recently read the introduction to the 1994 Barnes & Noble edition of the esteemed archaeologist Ewart Oakeshott's "The Archaeology of Weapons," I was struck by the passage where he describes the attitude of the ancient Greeks and Romans toward their arms as being totally different from "that extraordinary romantic veneration for their arms so characteristic of Teuton, Celt, and Indian -- and on the other side of the earth, the Japanese." ...."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/31/99 Jo Mannies, Mark Schlinkmann "....Pick a race, any race, in statewide or St. Louis politics over the past decade. It's almost always about race. Someone gets accused of being a racist. Someone else is blasted for "playing the race card." Each blames the other for starting it. Everybody calls for dropping it. Nobody does. ...... But Wendel adds that Missouri also is living up to its image as a mirror of the nation. The rising profile of racial politics, he says, "testifies to the pervasiveness of the race question in American history." "And it's going to get worse, not better," he predicts, as Missouri, like the rest of the nation, becomes more racially diverse, with more ethnic groups competing for political power and influence. "In Missouri and Illinois," Wendel concluded, "It's simply a stark political reality that race is of primary importance." ....."

Chicago Sun-Times 10/31/99 Robert Novak "....While Senate Democratic Leader Thomas Daschle publicly accused Republicans of racial insensitivity, Vice President Al Gore privately indicted the GOP for racism in a conference call with more than 100 prominent African Americans. Gore cited Republican opposition to former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun of Illinois as ambassador to New Zealand, and the Senate's rejection of Missouri Supreme Court Judge Ronnie White as a federal district judge. Mobilizing the black vote is viewed by the vice president's advisers as central to his presidential campaign...."

Fox News-AP 10/29/99 M R Kropko "…..Authorities ordered a high school closed today and arrested four students, saying they uncovered an apparent racist plot by students to stage "violent acts'' there. Several South High School students admitted planning an attack with guns and explosives, similar to the one carried out by two students at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., last April, The Plain Dealer reported today. Mayor Michael R. White this afternoon said two guns were confiscated when police carried out four search warrants Thursday night, but no firearms or explosives were found at the school. White said four students had been arrested and were being held on charges of inciting to violence, false alarm, aggravated menacing and ethnic intimidation, and inducing panic. He called the plot racially motivated and said the suspects were white and the school has a majority black enrollment……"

The American Partisan 10/28/99 Linda Prussen-Razzano "…. The most pitiful part of this whole debacle is the damage being done against individuals who are true victims of racism. I've seen racism in action; I've seen preferential treatment on the job towards whites, whereas hardworking African-Americans and minorities were overlooked because they don't fit the preconceived "picture of success." In my investigative work for insurance companies, I've used the stereotype of "the dumb blonde" to catch vendors and salesmen attempting to perpetrate fraud against insurance carriers. I would not be so successful with this ploy if the folks with whom I was conversing didn't hold their own dumb preconceptions. By overusing this damning label to justify their hysteria, the Liberal Left is damaging the credibility of reasonable and justified allegations of discrimination. They do a disservice to the genuine fight for equality, in all things, for all people. Moreover, I find it ironic that the Liberal Left, who love to use the word racism, fail to see the obvious bias being shown by the mainstream media against Dr. Alan Keyes, an African-American Conservative Christian Presidential candidate. Despite the fact that he has won several straw polls, is a declared candidate with a mobilized national grassroots organization behind him, and is a favorite among the Christian Right, his name continues to be omitted in press coverage. They were more than happy to replay the famous "dragging scene" from the Atlanta debates, but heaven forbid they mention that the Republican party has the first African-American presidential candidate in the 20th century with a predominantly white majority base….."

Weekly Standard 11/1/99 "…Tom Joyner, host of a popular, nationally syndicated morning radio show with a predominately black audience, and Tavis Smiley, a host on the cable network Black Entertainment Television, recently took aim at computer superstore CompUSA. The two charged that CompUSA-get this-didn't spend enough money advertising to blacks (perhaps on BET and Joyner's show?). Over the course of 10 weeks Joyner and Smiley used their shows to hammer at CompUSA, calling the company's top executive James Halpin "ebonically challenged" and complaining that CompUSA had an all-white executive board-it didn't. After weeks of public pounding, Halpin the other day did what any corporate honcho would do these days-he groveled for two hours with Joyner and Smiley in the law offices of Dallas mayor Ron Kirk. Halpin then went on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, said that CompUSA had unwittingly discriminated against blacks, and then promised to hire a black ad agency….."

Associated Press, St. Lopuis Post-Dispatch 10/28/99 Libby Quaid "….Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan and the Democratic Party are seeking a "clean campaign'' pact from Sen. John Ashcroft and the state GOP to keep their 2000 race for Senate "out of the gutter where it currently resides.'' The proposal was faxed Wednesday evening to Ashcroft in Washington and Republican Party Chairwoman Ann Wagner, who hours earlier had sent her own letter asking for an end to recent "hurtful politics.'' Carnahan telephoned Ashcroft's Capitol Hill office this morning to talk about the letters, and an Ashcroft spokesman said the senator will return the call. Leaders of both parties said the exchange was a positive first step. Rhetoric from both sides grew fiery when The Associated Press broke the story Sunday that Republicans, infuriated by accusations of racism against Ashcroft, had distributed a 39-year-old photograph of Carnahan wearing blackface makeup in a small-town minstrel show. The race issue arose after Ashcroft worked to defeat the nomination of the Missouri Supreme Court's first black judge, Ronnie White, to the federal bench…..The AP obtained the image from a GOP source on condition of anonymity, and party officials denied leaking the picture….."

Sarasota (Fla.) Herald Tribune 10/27/99 Chad Binette "….A North Port police officer acted professionally after he pulled over the president of the Charlotte County NAACP chapter Oct. 18 for speeding, and he didn't use racial profiling, top city police officials concluded Tuesday. Leonard Chappell, 18600 block Lake Worth Blvd., Port Charlotte, filed a complaint that calls "the stopping of a carload of African-American citizens, merely because of their skin color . . . morally and criminally wrong" and accuses city police of having a "widely known reputation for fostering" racial profiling. Officer Eric Stender pulled over Chappell's vehicle about 1:20 a.m. Oct. 18 on U.S. 41, near Tuscola Boulevard. Stender's radar gun had clocked Chappell's speed at 62 mph in a 45-mph zone, police said….."

The Washington Times 10/26/99 Dave Boyer "....The Democratic Congressional Black Caucus yesterday urged President Clinton to use wholesale recess appointments for more than 250 pending nominees to bypass purported racism by Senate Republicans in five cases."Those in the Senate who seek to railroad this process with a litmus test for color and race are undermining the Constitution," said Rep. James E. Clyburn, South Carolina Democrat, and chairman of the black caucus.His proposal would ram through 221 nominees for civilian posts ranging from the judiciary to the board overseeing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, plus dozens more military appointments without further Senate action...."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/26/99 Jo Mannies "...."If Carnahan had misgivings about appearing in a minstrel show, why did he do it three years in a row?' asked John Hancock, executive director for the Missouri GOP. ... Gov. Mel Carnahan, who has acknowledged appearing in blackface in a 1960 Kiwanis minstrel show, appeared in minstrel shows the next two years as well -- while also serving as municipal judge in Rolla, Mo.....Roy Temple, Carnahan's former chief of staff and now executive director for the state Democratic Party, said Carnahan had related the facts Monday as he recalled them. "He just couldn't remember every detail, This is a time and place that is pretty far removed from where he is today,'' Temple said......"

New York Times 10/27/99 Eric Schmitt "....Under criticism for his handling of a racially sensitive nomination, Sen. Jesse Helms says he will hold a hearing next week on the choice of former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun to be ambassador to New Zealand if the Clinton administration supplies internal documents on accusations that she used money from her 1992 campaign for personal use and never declared it as income. But Senate Democrats and administration officials criticized the offer on Tuesday, saying it amounted to an extraordinary demand for sensitive data by Helms, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. "It's clear that Senator Helms does not intend to move this nomination forward in the near future," said Barry Toiv, a White House spokesman......"

Original Sources 10/26/99 Mary Mostert "…. I can only assume that sometime in the recent past some Democrat pollster did a poll on what might get the American public interested in the Year 2000 elections and came up with race baiting as the way to go. All the sudden the airwaves are saturated with the apparent notion that no black or female nominated by Bill Clinton could possibly be treated the same as a white male nominee, but MUST be approved regardless of their qualifications, or lack thereof, for the post they are nominated to fill….. The notion that each American should be judged by their competence has been totally abandoned by the Democrats who now identify EVERYONE by the color of their skin, gender or sexual preference. If they are not white males they are not expected or required to meet minimal character, skill or competency standards in order to get whatever it is they are after. This, I might note, is because the Democrats, and the Republicans for that matter, who want to give "minorities" special rights and an easy ride do not believe that blacks or women are CAPABLE of meeting high professional standards. Therefore, any effort on the part of, say, the U.S. Senate to maintain high standards for Clinton appointments to judgeships or ambassadorships, is being attacked as "racist." ….." 10/26/99 Carl Limbacher "….It's too bad for Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan that he isn't related to Bill Clinton. If he had been, his Republican opponents probably wouldn't have made an issue of a 39 year-old photo depicting the governor as part of blackfaced minstrel show cast. And even if the GOP had pressed the issue, a Carnahan-Clinton connection could have spared the governor from any embarrassing coverage….."I certainly regret my participation in this kind of theater," Carnahan began his mea culpa on Monday, saying he'd grown a lot since 1960. Haven't we all. Well, at least with the exception of Bill Clinton. The President has yet to apologize in the two years since a photo emerged showing him hamming it up in an Afro-wig with a musical group that called themselves "The Boogies". The incident happened at a tony Martha's Vineyard soiree during the First Family's 1997 summer vacation….."

Detroit News 11/3/99 Cathy Young "…..When two teen-agers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., gunning down 12 classmates and a teacher before taking their own lives, the nation was united in horror and mourning. Six months later, Columbine seems to have become a microcosm for some of the uglier aspects of modern American life. For instance, shameless litigation (Klebold's parents have sued the Sheriff's Department for not warning them about Harris' violent tendencies). And racial antagonism. Initially, the families of the dead were all one grieving community. Now the parents of Isaiah Shoels, the sole African-American victim, stand alone, claiming they have been re-victimized by racism. They say the community has cast them out, put them on trial, branded them rabble-rousers. Meanwhile, many locals say it's Michael and Vonda Shoels who have rejected the community and made spurious accusations of racism….."

Daily Oklahoman 11/6/99 Cristy Watson Melissa Nelson "….An Oklahoma City principal sued the NAACP and members of its local chapter Friday claiming they made false allegations that tarnished her reputation as a principal and a professional counselor. The lawsuit filed in Oklahoma County District Court claims the NAACP libeled and slandered Douglass High School Principal Sally Cole…… At issue is a petition circulated by members of the organization and presented to the Oklahoma City School Board in September. The petition demanded an investigation into allegations that Cole used profanity in front of students, falsified grades, carried a concealed weapon, mismanaged funds and was hostile to parents. The lawsuit calls the defendants' actions "extreme," "outrageous," "beyond all possible bounds of decency," "atrocious" and "intolerable." "What's been said is a lie," Cole said Friday. "It's important to me that I say, 'Look, these things are not true.' I have to stand up." ……"

NY Times 11/11/99 Elisabeth Bumiller ".....Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani announced an undercover sting operation Wednesday that will take away the cabs of drivers who refuse to pick up minority passengers. His decision came less than a week after the actor Danny Glover complained that several New York taxi drivers had refused to pick him up because he is black. The operation, also aimed at cabbies who refuse to take passengers to places they want to go, usually minority neighborhoods, is to begin tomorrow at 7 a.m. with 150 police officers and taxi inspectors...... "

The State Newspaper 11/11/99 Chuck Carroll "….Gov. Jim Hodges stepped deep into politically treacherous territory Wednesday night by offering a concrete proposal to lower the Confederate flag from the State House dome….. So the Democratic governor called for the NAACP to suspend the tourism boycott it has called against the state. He acknowledged that the sanctions have "focused our attention on this issue," but said they are now "creating obstacles." As a reciprocal act of good faith, Hodges said he personally would urge Republican House Speaker David Wilkins to push through a bill recognizing slain civil-rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.' s birthday as an official state holiday -- immediately upon the NAACP's suspension of its sanctions. South Carolina is the only state that doesn't have a King holiday. Hodges delivered his plan in a speech at the Columbia Urban League's annual dinner, where the proposal got a frosty reception from civil-rights leaders, but won praise from some business leaders who want the issue resolved….."

San Antonio Express-News 11/10/99 Cecilia Balli "….The University of Texas law professor who made headlines two years ago by saying that African-Americans and Hispanics can't compete academically with Anglos stirred up another controversy with UT students Wednesday when he joked about race and reiterated his belief that minorities are less qualified college students. "Obviously, blacks and Mexican-Americans are not academically competitive with whites and Asians," tenured constitutional law Professor Lino Graglia said in a high-profile debate over affirmative action policies. "That's why there are preferences. If they were (as competitive), there wouldn't be preferences." Graglia dismissed another panelist's argument that minorities are equally qualified as "all fantasy," and noted scarcely any African-Americans have test scores and grades high enough to get into prestigious public law schools in Texas and California…..When a female Indian honors student asked him if he was satisfied with the idea of all-white law schools, Graglia candidly shot back: "You don't have to worry about an all-white law school. The Asians will come in numbers. The Indians are very dark. They'll be very far from white." Half of the students in the 500-member audience broke into a hearty laugh. The other half shook their heads in disbelief….."

wall street journal 11/10/99 "….So Jesse Helms is going to let Carol Moseley-Braun be confirmed as U.S. ambassador to New Zealand after all. Well, fine, but the real story here is why President Clinton would nominate the ethically-challenged former Illinois Senator in the first place. Our view is that she's part of a transparent strategy to play the race card in next year's elections. But don't take our word for it. Here's how the liberal New Republic put it: 'The animosity between Helms and Moseley-Braun was hardly a secret when the administration made the appointment.It's possible Clinton strategists saw this as a win-win situation: If the Senate waved her throough, great. Alternatively, if Helms blocked her, Democrats could brand the whole GOP a bunch of white supremacists.' Which is exactly what Democrats then did. …… Mr. Clinton accused 54 GOP Senators of racism merely for opposing one of his judicial nominees…… This is overkill right out of the playbook of New York's racial polarizer Al Sharpton. Poison the political well so that newly energetic Republican attempts to attract black votes will fail on deaf ears…… The bad faith here is amazing because Democrats know the racism charge to be entirely false……"

Orlando Sentinel 11/11/99 Charley Reese "….Some say that Southerners are still fighting the War Between the States. In fact, despite our efforts at reconciliation, we are still being attacked by Yankees and scalawags. A scalawag, by the way, is a Southerner who sides with the carpetbaggers. Southerners proud of their ancestors, for example, have been told that their convention business is not wanted by the Adams' Mark hotel chain. I hope Southerners will oblige this corporation and never darken its doors. I certainly will not. In reply to a letter politely complaining about rude service during a convention at the Adams Mark in Mobile, Ala., Fred S. Krummer, president of the hotel chain, replied: "We employ a significant number of minorities in our hotels, predominantly African-Americans; these important people in the delivery of our services find it nearly impossible to work effectively in the environment created during your conventions. I understand their discomfort and I also understand your service complaints and, therefore, I have concluded that it would be best in the future for your organization to seek accommodations in hotels that might be able to serve your needs more effectively than we." I called Krummer to verify the contents of the letter. He said that some black employees, incensed by the Confederate Flag, refused to provide services to the convention participants. He said he sympathizes with both the employees and the organizations but that he simply doesn't like being in the middle and genuinely believes that his hotels could not provide those organizations with services……Those organizations no longer welcomed at an Adams Mark hotel are the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Order of the Confederate Rose. Now, all of those groups are genealogical organizations. All are non-racist. All are made up of decent people who range from bankers to lawyers to judges to doctors to working men and women who have in common being a descendant of a Confederate soldier or Confederate official and a love of American history……Those who have the biggest stake in tolerance should not themselves be intolerant bigots. ….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/10/99 Deirdre Shesgreen "…..The Congressional Black Caucus asked President Bill Clinton Wednesday to use his recess power to appoint six African-American judicial nominees to the federal bench when Congress adjourns for the year. Missouri Supreme Court Judge Ronnie White's name was not on the list. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-District of Columbia, said Wednesday that the black caucus would like Clinton to renominate White but have heard that White doesn't want his name resubmitted…… Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, rejected the suggestion that race has ever played a role in the consideration of judicial nominees and has said that a large proportion of nominees confirmed this year have been women or minorities. Hatch also dismissed the idea of recess appointments. "That isn't the way it works," he said. "You just can't push the system that way. It takes time to process these judges. If we get one complaint, we have to go back and investigate."….. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, said he wonders whether the call for such recess appointments is more in the interest of outside groups than in the interest of the nominees. "Why would someone want a one-year appointment to the bench?" Leahy asked……"

Associated Press 11/10/99 "…..A spokesman for Gov. George W. Bush on Wednesday disputed a claim by James Byrd Jr.'s family that he never telephoned his condolences or offered to attend the funeral after the Jasper man was dragged to his death behind a pickup truck. "That's wrong,'' Bush said Wednesday in South Carolina when asked about the family's claim. He said he called a member of the family and "has the evidence to prove it.'' Later in the day, Bush spokesman Scott McClellan provided The Associated Press with a copy of the telephone bill that shows a two-minute call from Bush's private phone in the governor's office on the night of June 10, 1998, to James and Stella Byrd's home telephone in Jasper. The Byrds contend that Bush, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, never contacted the family…."

AP via 11/10/99 Frederic Frommer "….The Judiciary Committee's senior Democrat defended Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch on Wednesday against Democratic accusations that Senate Republicans were blocking blacks from federal judgeships. ``The argument has been made that your committee has been reluctant to move nominations based on race or gender,'' Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware told Hatch, a Utah Republican. ``There is absolutely no -- no -- distinction made by you'' on that basis. ``I realize I'll get political heat for saying that, but it happens to be true.'' ……"

Fox News – AP 11/9/99 "….South Carolina's largest religious denomination voted overwhelmingly Tuesday in support of lowering the Confederate battle flag from the Statehouse dome, joining the NAACP's call to remove the banner. The South Carolina Baptist Convention's resolution, passed at its annual meeting, asks the General Assembly to consider moving the banner to a "public place of heritage, honor and recognition." "We want to be a force to achieve racial harmony," said Mike Hamlet, pastor of North Spartanburg First Baptist. About 1,100 delegates are attending the meeting, but resolutions are not binding on individual churches...."

AP 11/9/99 ".....A black janitor was charged after he admitted leaving hate notes signed by the Ku Klux Klan on the doors of two black lawmakers, authorities said. Darryl E. Gray, 35, who works for the state Office of General Services, was charged Monday with two counts of second-degree aggravated harassment, state police Capt. Gerald Meyer said. If convicted, Gray's could be sentenced to up to two years in prison......"

AP 11/9/99 "..... The survey of 600 voters across the state by The St. Petersburg Times and The Miami Herald published Monday shows that Florida voters, by a margin of more than two to one, would ban public race and gender preferences. When the issue was labeled specifically as affirmative action, the margin increased to four to one. In heavily Hispanic Miami-Dade County, the margin is slightly narrower. The poll results may mean the state's affirmative action programs could be in trouble....."

Salon Magazine 11/8/99 Chris Colin "….In July 1998, a white professor said "nigger" before a classroom of white and black college students. By the end of the month he had lost his job. It seemed like a normal enough day in Ken Hardy's introduction to interpersonal communication class at Jefferson Community College in Louisville, Ky. The adjunct professor had wanted to talk about taboo words and their historical evolution. How did they work to support dominant paradigms? he asked his class. How did ordinary words take on the taint of the taboo? The students seemed engaged, rattling off a list of slurs that have traditionally oppressed marginalized groups: "girl," "lady," "faggot," "bitch." Then a student said the word "nigger" and Hardy, in taking up the conversational thread, repeated it…… But first-year transfer student Julia Pierre found the earnest discussion of language quite beside the point. Pierre, one of nine blacks in the 22-student class, didn't want to hear the word "nigger," regardless of the context. She said so, and the effects were devastating……"

San Francisco Examiner 11/5/99 Julian Guthrie "…..Ignoring a federal judge's warning that using race as one factor in school admissions is possibly unconstitutional, San Francisco school officials defended the use of race and, for the first time, said it would remain a factor in determining who is admitted to top-ranked Lowell High. And, during a special meeting of the Board of Education on Thursday night, another significant change in the district's proposed new enrollment plan was introduced: Children who live near the district's prized alternative schools no longer would be guaranteed a seat. Instead, kids applying to alternative schools - considered among the best in The City - would be admitted if they increased diversity. "Students will be assessed based on whether they will contribute to diversity at the school," said Eric Boutwell, the district's director of information technology services. "We will select students with the most diversity." …."

Sacramento Bee 11/6/99 Laura Mecoy "….Republican Senate hopeful Ron Unz called for an end to race- and ethnicity-based programs Friday, saying they will give rise to "white nationalism" in this country and that would be "very damaging." "America and California face a choice of two separate paths we can pursue: One is what I would call the new American melting pot," he told a group of reporters at a breakfast meeting. "The other possibility is what I would call the rise of white nationalism." The Silicon Valley software designer, who bankrolled the 1998 initiative that ended bilingual education in public schools, called for a return to the "melting pot." He said immigrants to this country should be assimilated and affirmative action programs based on race or ethnicity should be eliminated. Any favoritism, he said, should go to someone with a low socio-economic status….." 11/5/99 Thomas Jipping, JD ".... The race-baiters have finally put their cards on the table. In urging President Clinton to use an anti-constitutional method for appointing judges, they demonstrate that racial politics matter more to them than even the Constitution itself. When the Senate rejected the nomination of Ronnie White to the U.S. District Court, the reaction of some seemed almost irrational. They could not, after all, argue that Senate Republicans, individually or collectively, indiscriminately oppose Clinton nominees. In fact, even after almost five years of GOP Senate control, Mr. Clinton was 323-0 before the vote on White...... Vacancies had dropped to the level that Mr. Clinton's own Justice Department says is "virtual full employment" for the federal bench. They could not argue that the nominee's record was free of controversy. On issues such as the death penalty, White is the most liberal member of the Missouri Supreme Court......White's record on crime was so liberal that that 77 of the 114 sheriffs in the entire state of Missouri - both Democrats and Republicans - warned about the nominee's record. Dozens of prosecutors, the Missouri Federation of Police Chiefs, and the National Sheriffs Association all strongly urged defeat of the nomination.......Though the defeat of a nominee whose record is so activist and whose law enforcement opposition is so strong is not surprising on the merits, the controversy here is not about the merits but about racial politics. The race-baiters' strategy is simple: claim that the Senate will not confirm certain nominees because of their race, and then demand that the president bypass the Senate and appoint these nominees anyway. Many Senators DID NOT KNOW Ronnie White's race until, minutes after the vote, Senator Pat Leahy proclaimed there is now a "color test" for nominees. He tagged in House members such as Rep. Maxine Waters and William Clay who upped the ante by calling Missouri Senators John Ashcroft and Christopher Bond racist. Mr. Clinton now appears poised to use the "recess appointment" procedure to achieve what the Senate has rightly denied him. He will attempt to appoint judicial nominees including Ronnie White (who has already been defeated) and radicals such as Marsha Berzon and Richard Paez WITHOUT Senate consent......" 11/5/99 Thomas Jipping, JD ".... While the Constitution requires Senate consent for judges to serve, it also allows the president to "fill up vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate." This temporary appointment expires at the end of the next session of Congress. This is the mechanism Mr. Clinton used to appoint homosexual activist James Hormel to be ambassador to Luxembourg without Senate approval. This move would have at least three devastating results. First, it would overturn the legitimate results of the Constitution's process for appointing judges. Article II of the Constitution provides for presidents to nominate and, subject to Senate approval, to appoint federal judges......In fact, no president has EVER, by recess appointment or ordinary re-nomination, tried to appoint a judicial nominee who had been formally defeated by the Senate.......Second, this move would create an illegitimate process for bypassing the Constitution's framework for governing the country. The Constitution allows a narrow, temporary exception to the Senate-consent rule only for filling vacancies that "happen during the recess" for an obvious reason...... The Constitution's focus is on when the vacancy occurs, not on when the appointment occurs...... Third, this move would signal that racial politics matter more than anything else. It would make a racial spoils system standard operating procedure. Never mind the record, never mind the merits, never mind the Constitution, never mind democracy, just base everything on race. Most Americans thought we had left that system behind......"

Frontpage 11/8/99 Benjamin Kepple "….THE ONE QUESTION that supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal, convicted murderer of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner, never want to answer is whether their man is innocent or guilty. They complain about the unfairness of his trial, allege that the "racist" Philadelphia Police Department intimidated eyewitnesses, and conjure up half-baked stories about evidence tampering. They gladly expound on how everyone from Abu-Jamal's first lawyer to Judge Albert Sabo to Governor Tom Ridge is responsible for sending Mumia to the gallows…." 11/4/99 "….Onetime White House political guru Dick Morris alleged Thursday night that First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton once insulted him by suggesting that as a Jew, he was obsessed by money. "That's all you people care about is money!," Mrs. Clinton shouted, after Morris requested a pay raise during a meeting while Bill Clinton was governor. Morris, who is Jewish by birth, told Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes" that Hillary's anti-Semitic outburst came as she "exploded in anger" over his request. Morris says his account of Hillary's anti-Jewish insult will be included in Gail Sheehy's upcoming biography of the first lady, "Hillary's Choice." …."

The Reagan Information Interchange/Washington Times 11/2/99 "…..A politician in blackface and the liberal record of a black judge dominate politics in Missouri and raise the ugly and divisive specter of racial politics nationwide. Project 21 members deplore the use of the "race card" and the threat it now poses to a fair and impartial judiciary……. Although many senators said they were unaware of White's race, critics are calling the vote racist. Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), the former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, said, "Senator Ashcroft and Senator Bond [R-MO] are both racists, have acted in a racist manner [and] the Republican conference of the U.S. Senate has acted in a racist manner." Ashcroft responded that "Americans of all color are entitled to effective protection from violent criminals and illegal drugs" and opposed White for his "poor record" on those issues. Ashcroft has a 90% favorable voting record of black judicial nominees and made many African-American appointments as governor of Missouri……"

The NY Daily News 11/13/99 John Leo "… Bias stories are now a staple of modern journalism. No big-city daily seems willing to go to press without two or three, whether valid or not. Recent entries include obituary bias (too many men dying, not enough women), pizza-delivery bias (Domino's asks customers in high-crime areas to meet the delivery man at the curb), anti-Muslim bias in New York City regulations on street vendors ("They want to put you out of business because you're Muslims, because you're Egyptians. ...") and bias in federal nutrition policy (milk shouldn't be recommended because some minorities are lactose-intolerant)…."

The NY Daily News 11/13/99 John Leo "… The long debate about racial disparities in mortgage approvals seems like an echo of the heart-care issue. Blacks are rejected about twice as often as whites, and most of us assumed bias was the explanation. But in September, the federal government's Freddie Mac released a report showing blacks are almost twice as likely as whites to have bad credit histories. As The Washington Post clearly and courageously reported on page one, whites making $25,000 a year or less had better credit ratings than blacks making $65,000 to $75,000. Very bad news, but the truth….."

AP 11/13/99 "….First the good news for and about black America: The country's surging economic tide is lifting African-American boats to unprecedented levels in the areas of employment and income. Now the bad. In key sectors - including educational attainment, access to health care and incarceration rates - blacks continue to lag behind whites. Those findings in ``The State of Black America 1999,'' published annually by the National Urban League, sum up the African-American experience. ..."

WorldNetDaily 11/12/99 Jon Dougherty "….A great example of the administration's skilled use of racist propaganda was the creation of a false epidemic of "racially motivated" church arson. Beginning in 1995, following what was said to be a "rash" of such burnings and bombings, the president proclaimed the existence of this major crisis, blamed it on whites, apologized on behalf of the entire white population, then created the National Church Arson Task Force to "deal" with the "problem." For good measure, Clinton threw in a story about his "personal experience with this kind of hatred," when, as a boy, he witnessed many such burnings in his own home state of Arkansas. Within days that story was disproved, exposed as a cheap propaganda stunt by a shallow man. Even the vice president chimed in, and Reno -- at Clinton's urging -- vowed to get these white "racists" for the hatred they were spreading. Well, well. After much of the smoke has cleared, can you say, "hoax"? After four-plus years of investigative work and after examining the origins of 834 church fires, Clinton's precious task force has discovered that relatively few of them were "racially motivated." In fact, in the most recent "breakthrough" in these cases, investigators have arrested two people who burned dozens of churches because they were avowed satanists. Yes, they're white, but they're not racists mind you. They're admitted, avowed satanists -- people who hate God and churches attended by people of all races and denominations….."

AP 11/12/99 "…The NAACP stood firm in its plan to boycott South Carolina until the Confederate battle flag is removed from the Statehouse dome, snubbing the governor who offered to fight for a Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday if the tourism boycott was called off. The boycott will begin with the new year and ``will be augmented by other action as necessary,'' the NAACP said in a written statement. At least 80 groups have canceled conventions and meetings in the state since the boycott was announced ..."

San Jose Mercury News via AP 11/12/99 "…..America will not be one huge melting pot in the next century and there's no need to fear English won't be the national language, demographic experts say. Only 10 states will be racially and ethnically diverse by 2025, providing economic growth with a younger, more educated population, according to experts at a national conference convened Thursday to predict the future of American cities. Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Texas will be the multiple melting pots, the experts said. In contrast, nearly 20 states -- most in the Midwest -- will experience slower economic growth and a largely white population….."

AP 11/11/99 "….DECATUR, Ill. (AP) - Fights at football games are nothing new in this blue-collar town, where one bumper sticker reads, ``My Kid Beat Up Your Honor Student.'' But a fight nearly two months ago - and the resulting expulsions of several black students - has stirred Decatur like nothing before, bringing the Rev. Jesse Jackson to town for days of negotiation and protest. In one sense, it's a dispute over whether the punishment fit the offense. But in a town already struggling with racial issues, the debate has been framed in terms of black and white. ……Jackson said Thursday that he will ask the Illinois attorney general to investigate whether the expulsion violated the students' right to due process, and he accused the school board of leaking private information about them. School officials, meanwhile, are reluctant to abandon their zero-tolerance policy on violence……"

AP 11/11/99 "….The tension became evident three days before the fight at the football game when a black teen was shot to death by a Decatur police officer. Police said the youth fired a gun at police, and two investigations concluded last month that the officer was justified in returning fire. But some black activists doubted that conclusion. And some black residents question why there aren't more blacks in leadership positions….."

Jewish World Review 11/18/99 Thomas Sowell "…As a black male, I have for years either rented a car or had somebody pick me up to drive me to places in New York where I had to go at night, because I was not about to stand around waiting for a taxi to pick me up. There were no problems getting taxis in the daytime in midtown Manhattan, but night is a different ball game. Do I resent having to make special arrangements? Of course. Do I blame the cabbies? No. Given the crime statistics, do I have a right to demand that taxi drivers risk their lives for my convenience? What am I going to say to the widows and orphans of dead cabbies?…."

AP via 11/18/99 Michael Sniffen "….Racial prejudice motivated more than half the 7,755 hate crimes committed in 1998 that were reported to the FBI, the bureau said Thursday. As in 1997 and 1996, racial prejudice was the most common motivation for hate crimes, accounting for 4,321 incidents in 1998. In order of magnitude, there were 1,390 incidents attributed to prejudice over religion, 1,260 over sexual orientation, 754 over ethnic or national origin, 25 over disabilities and five over multiple prejudices, the FBI said. …."

Fox News 11/18/99 Tom Stuckey AP "….The NAACP is criticizing college entrance exams as unreliable and unfair to minorities and is appealing to American colleges to stop using the tests as the primary factor in admissions. At the same time, the NAACP says that until colleges reduce their reliance on such exams, states have an obligation to provide money to help minority students prepare for the SAT and the American College Test. The stand was contained in a resolution adopted by the civil rights organization's board last month……"

THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY 11/18/99 George Getz "….The Federal Reserve Board is quietly trying to enact a proposal called Regulation B, which would encourage banks to label customers by race, gender, and ethnic background before approving their loans, the Libertarian Party warns. "There's only one way to describe Regulation B: Backward," said Steve Dasbach, national director of the Libertarian Party. "Race should have no more to do with who gets a loan than it once did in deciding where people could sit on a bus. This embarrassing throwback to the Jim Crow era should be withdrawn immediately." ….."

Fort Worth Star Telegram 11/18/99 V Ried Howard "…..Well, hip-hip-huzzah! Carol Moseley-Braun got herself confirmed as an ambassador. We ought to be mighty pleased with the person we are sending to represent us -- someone who cries when she doesn't get her way. I am speaking of her dismal display on the Senate floor about the granting of a patent to the Daughters of the Confederacy to use the Stars and Bars as part of its insignia. Her reason for making such a public display? The Stars and Bars is a "hateful" symbol of racism. Guess what? If we want to talk about flags representing hateful racism, let us look to the good old Stars and Stripes. Look at the things that have been done under it, for it and because of it. We subjugated the Native Americans and stole their land under that flag; we had slavery under it; we stole a kingdom (Hawaii) under it; and many other racist, hateful things were done under it….."

Boston Globe 11/18/99 Jeff Jacoby "…It's beat-up-on-cabbies time in New York City. Some 150 undercover police officers have hit the streets, ready to nail any taxi driver they catch failing to stop for a black passenger or refusing to take passengers to certain neighborhoods. Operation Refusal, the crackdown is called. Operation No Income might be a better name, since a cabbie cited by the city immediately loses, at least for a while, his means of earning a living: His hack license is suspended on the spot, and his vehicle is taken to the nearest police station. Following a hearing, first-time offenders can expect a fine of up to $350; three offenses and the cabbie's license is revoked for good….. Are there hate-addled drivers who are so steeped in prejudice that they would rather forgo a fare than let a nonwhite passenger sit in their cab? Possibly. But it's a strange sort of racism that kicks in when a black man hails a cab, only to disappear when the passenger at the curb is a black woman. Stranger still when it affects not only cabbies who are white but those who are themselves dark-skinned……"

Daily News 11/18/99 Stanley Crouch "….Jesse Jackson is in the middle of the squabble over how long six black students should be expelled from a Decatur, Ill., high school for being part of a wild fight at a football game Sept. 17. Initially, the students were kicked out for two years. Jackson has led demonstrations, been on camera and been arrested amid a whole lot of singing and finger pointing. And because Jackson has become such a powerful man in these United States, his going to Decatur reached all the way to the top of the Illinois ladder. Gov. George Ryan stepped in and started negotiating the terms of the expulsion with such gusto that the two years were reduced to one. The local school board stands behind that reduction, although Jackson still wants the students' cases reviewed by January to see if they can be readmitted then……"

The San Diego Union-Tribune 11/18/99 Susan Gembrowski Jeff Ristine "….More than 250 students attended a rally at San Diego State University yesterday to protest tougher admissions standards that led to a 31 percent decline in African-American first-time freshmen and a 28 percent drop in Latinos admitted to the campus this fall. "This is having a critical impact on diversity," said Kahli Brown, a senior African studies major. "We are here to voice our anger. . . . We will not have SDSU become an all-white campus." ….. Last week, in response to one trustee's concerns, university officials decided to accept in fall 2000 all first-time freshman applicants who are residents of San Diego and Imperial counties if they meet Cal State's eligibility requirements. The "eligibility index" for freshmen is derived from high school grades and test scores…… Ethan Singer, associate vice president for academic affairs at SDSU, said 60 percent of first-time minority enrollees are from outside San Diego and Imperial counties. "The university's view is that everyone should be competing on an equal basis," Singer said. …."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/17/99 Thomas Sowell "…. W.E.B. Du Bois once said that the problem of the 20th century world was going to be the problem of the color line. Like many ringing predictions, it missed the mark by a wide margin. The biggest atrocity of this century against any people --- the Holocaust --- involved people of the same color as those who killed them. So do the current atrocities in the Balkans and in Africa. In one sense, however, Du Bois was right. The biggest political problem of this century for black Americans has been the fight to abolish the color line, epitomized by Jim Crow laws in the South. With a new century approaching, it is by no means clear that the biggest problem facing black Americans is still the problem of the color line. Indeed, that problem has already been superseded by another: self-destruction, both cultural and physical. …."

The New York Post 11/17/99 Susan Brady Konig "….HIGH school football's in the news these days, but not for what's happening on the field. There's that Illinois mess where students were expelled for brawling in the stands at a game. And in Texas, public school kids want to pray before a game. Which group gets the support of the Reverend Jesse Jackson? The thugs in Decatur -- he's not only trying to get them re-enrolled ahead of the already fair deal offered by the school board, but he's getting himself arrested and comparing the whole battle to Martin Luther King Jr. in Birmingham and black South Africans under apartheid. Meanwhile, the kids in Texas' Sante Fe school district are up against the Supreme Court in their efforts to pray. The one thing we don't want kids thinking about is God, for goodness sakes. We wouldn't want to offend anyone….."

American Partisan 11/16/99 Michael Allen "…. Free speech in the US is constantly being attacked by the government and those censors who see the state as their tool. Yet, in recent times, the freedom to think has been battered even more severely. Political correctness is the most visible symbol of the attack on free thinking that is being conducted by the government and academia. These two institutions are often partners in the cause, as events in Illinois illustrate. On November 12, the Illinois State Supreme Court refused to hear Matthew Hale's appeal of the state bar ruling against him. The bar held that Hale, the leader of the white-supremacist World Church of the Creator in East Peoria, was unfit to serve as an attorney due to his opinions on matters of race. …."

Jay Hughes, Associated Press 11/16/99 "….The Rev. Jesse Jackson was lead away in handcuffs by police today after he, parents and ministers tried to force a confrontation over the treatment of six students expelled for a brawl. Jackson and his followers fought their way through a mob of reporters and cameramen to the edge of the high school property. There an officer cuffed the hands of an unresisting Jackson behind his back. Several officers lead him away, while another videotaped the arrest. Jackson and representatives from the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition had met with school officials this morning to discuss the expulsions in an effort to prevent a confrontation. The meeting ended shortly after noon with no agreement reached. ….."

Associated Press 11/14/99 Dennis Conrad "….A standoff over the expulsion of six black students for fighting continued Sunday as the Rev. Jesse Jackson led a chanting group of some 2,000 people through the streets of this blue-collar town and threatened to stage mass civil disobedience unless the dispute ends soon. …… The six students were expelled for two school years after allegedly taking part in a brawl in the stands at a football game Sept. 17. A seventh withdrew from school during expulsion hearings. The students are black, but Jackson has said it was not a question of racism but whether the students were treated fairly….."

NewsMax 11/12/99 Michael Salvage "..... They say that the fish rots from the head. For some time the odor within the amoral civil rights movement has been coming distinctly from Jesse Jackson's corner. Jesse's hate racket, for that's what it is, must be shut down at its head exactly the way they've shut down organized criminal mobs under RICO statutes. The Rainbow-Push Coalition must be investigated to see who supports the shadowy group of agitators. If criminal capital is found, the RICO laws must apply. The fact is that the Most-Reverend Jesse "Hijack-son"operates like John Gotti. He's hijacked this nation. He holds the race knife at everyone's throat. His inflammatory words ooze with bias and recrimination. He threatens riots if he doesn't get his way. And he hides behind his skin color and his quaint pastor's title to keep from ending in the slammer where he belongs. Extortion was a federal crime the last time I checked! ...."

Kathy Gambrell, Associated Press 11/13/99 "….The NAACP has filed a second lawsuit against the gun industry, calling for oversight of gun sellers in an effort to identify those involved in illegal sales. A lawsuit the civil rights organization filed in July alleges that manufacturers negligently market handguns and that such action has led to disproportionate numbers of injuries, deaths and other damages among minorities…..The lawsuit names distributors AccuSport, of Ohio, Ellett Brothers of South Carolina and RSR Group of Florida as representatives of the defendant companies. Lawyers hope to win class-action status and sue 122 distributors….."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 11/13/99 "…. The Illinois Supreme Court has refused to consider a ruling by the Committee on Character and Fitness to deny white supremacist Matt Hale the license. White supremacist Matt Hale vowed Friday to take his quest for a law license to the U.S. Supreme Court after the Illinois Supreme Court refused to consider the case. The ruling issued Friday leaves in place a decision by the Committee on Character and Fitness to deny Hale a law license.. ."

The NY Daily News 11/13/99 John Leo "… Philip Morris came under fire last week for targeting women and minorities in cigarette ads. An anti-smoking group charged that the "Find Your Own Voice" ad campaign is clearly aimed at impressionable ethnic girls. "It's a blatant act of racism," said Mohammed Akhter of the American Public Health Association. But attacking Philip Morris for advertising bias is wrongheaded. The tobacco industry isn't trying to kill minorities and women. It's trying to kill us all. So it pursues every segment of the potential death market. ….", Inc. 11/23/99 Glynn Custred "….For generations racial segregation stifled the opportunities of bright, energetic young black Americans. In the '60s the walls of artificial separation began to come down, thus opening up for the first time new avenues of opportunity. Opportunity by itself, however, is never enough; one must recognize the opportunity and seize it. In today's world the best way to do so is through education, for the best positions go to the best educated. A black minister in Chicago, Jesse Jackson, understood this reality quite well. Through an organization he called PUSH, Jackson extolled black children to study hard and strive for excellence….Today, however, Jesse Jackson no longer preaches self-discipline, self-reliance, and academic achievement. Instead he preaches what writer Shelby Steele calls the "Can't Do Philosophy." This philosophy proclaims that black achievement depends not on the efforts of individuals, but is instead contingent on external forces such as middle men like Jesse Jackson who extort special concessions and racial preferences from the white establishment. This doctrine also holds that any talk of black strength and self reliance endangers racial preferences and must therefore be suppressed…..This is a pernicious doctrine indeed since it requires blacks to continually plead weakness when strength lies so close at hand; a doctrine that discourages the only real means of individual success and thus eventual group advancement….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 11/23/99 Greg Pierce "….The New Republic, which is not exactly unfriendly to Vice President Al Gore, is a bit perplexed by his campaign manager. Here's how the magazine put it in the Dec. 6 issue: "Among the many remarkable statements Al Gore's campaign manager, Donna Brazile, made to The Washington Post on November 16 was the following blanket description of Caucasian males. '[Brazile] will not let the "white boys" win,' the Post reported. Brazile said that was not a description of 'gender or race, it's an attitude. A white-boy attitude is "I must exclude, denigrate and leave behind." . . . They don't see it or think about it. It's a culture.' 'It is the sense of entitlement,' explained the Post. 'And that she will not have.' Since when, we wonder, is the phrase 'white-boy attitude' not about gender or race? …."

Jewish World Review 11/22/99 Thomas Sowell "…. -- RECENTLY I WAS SURPRISED to learn of a highly successful black architect whose career began back in the 1920s and of a black engineer and inventor from even further back, in the 1870s. With all the attention being given to various blacks during "Black History Month" and other such celebrations, it seemed strange to me that so little attention had been paid to these two men. There has also been a remarkable lack of interest in some academically outstanding black schools, despite much political hand-wringing over the problems of black education. Put bluntly, some kinds of success seem to be swept under the rug, while other minor figures are inflated for the sake of racial breast-beating….."

Boston Herald 11/22/99 Don Feder "…. The federal government demands to know my race and threatens to fine me ($500) if I refuse to answer questions it has no right to ask. I received a form letter from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, admonishing me that I have not as yet returned its Survey of Business Owners and Self-Employed Persons (Form MB-1 or MB-2). For tax purposes relating to supplemental income, I am considered self-employed, even though my ``business'' has one employee - me. Form MB-2 has six questions. All concern race or gender….. There is no designation ``American.'' The purpose of this inquisition is alluded to in the instructions. ``These data are needed . . . in order to provide a framework for assessing and directing federal, state and local government assistance programs'' - in other words, loans and subsidies reserved for minority businesses. My government wants me to become its partner in crime by facilitating its game of racial plunder….."

Providence Journal 11/30/99 "….The Washington Post recently published a glowing profile of Donna Brazile, the no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners campaign manager for presidential candidate (and Vice President) Albert Gore. Ms. Brazile, who is best known for being fired from Michael Dukakis's presidential campaign for publicly accusing George Bush of having an affair, had a lot of interesting things to tell the Post reporter: She's tough, she said, she gets things done, and she has provocative things to say about her fellow humans. Take male Caucasians, for example. Ms. Brazile told the Post that she is determined not to "let the `white boys' win" this election. She did not mean to indict all white boys, she explained, since she was describing an "attitude. [The] white-boy attitude is `I must exclude, denigrate and leave behind.' They don't see it or think about it. It's a culture. It is the sense of entitlement," she added, and that, concluded the Post, "she will not have." ….."

Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune 12/3/99 Tabatha Barham "…..The Sarasota County branch of the NAACP is asking the Sarasota County School District to review the contents of a play at Venice High School and remove all costumes and dialogue that illustrate hatred, bigotry and violence. The request was sparked by photographs published in some editions of Thursday's Herald-Tribune advancing the school's play, "The Foreigner." One of the photos depicts a scene in which a frightened boy is taunted by two other boys portraying Ku Klux Klansmen, including one holding a gun. [More specifically, the boy was seated on a couch with two hood-clad actors standing within a few feet of him. One held a mock rifle. The photo's caption simply stated the location and dates for the play and noted that it was a comedy.] ……"The picture was taken completely out of context," Parrett said. "It (the scene) depicts the violence that is in our society, but not in our play." Parrett said that in one of the scenes shown in the paper, the Klansmen are trying to intimidate the boy. But he doesn't let them and they run away. "The play shows how ignorant and cowardly hate groups can be and how knowledge and education overcomes the ignorance," Parrett said……"

The American Partisan 11/19/99 Bob Yoho "….. In Decatur, Illinois, six black students were recently suspended for fighting and starting a riot in the bleachers of a football game. Unfortunately for the students the violence was captured on videotape. Sadly and predictably, the Rev. Jesse Jackson has now entered the fray in defense of the rogue students. "Let it be clear," Jackson said, before leading a march of protesters from Decatur Civic Center to MacArthur High School, "We'll be back again and again until our children are back in school. Too many children are being left behind - suspended, expelled, jailed." "Save the dream; save the children; reclaim the children," the protesters chanted. "Leave no child behind. Keep hope alive!" But is Jackson really preaching hope or hokum? When LA police officers were videotaped beating Rodney King, Jesse insisted that they must be punished. However, when young, black felons-in-training are captured on videotape, Jackson thinks we should give them a pass……"

Washington Post 11/21/99 Erik Abjornson "…. Donna Brazile, Al Gore's presidential campaign manager, recklessly slandered white men [Style, Nov. 16] when she declared that the "white-boy attitude" forces white men to "exclude, denigrate and leave behind." This, Ms. Brazile sagely tells us, is part of white culture. I, as every white man should be, am deeply offended by her accusation. Such blatant racism on the part of a senior staff member in a presidential campaign is deeply disturbing, especially when it comes from one who is supposedly a champion of civil rights. Race relations will never improve as long as the Braziles of the world can extol their brand of racism and not be held accountable….."

11/22/99 David Horowitz "….Jesse Jackson has betrayed the civil rights movement by defending young thugs who need to be punished, not babied. You could be forgiven for thinking that I'd hired Jesse Jackson to launch his campaign in behalf of the "Decatur 6" to promote my book "Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes." The book is about the moral degeneration of the civil rights movement into a hustle designed to keep "racism" alive. The book opens with a tour of the National Civil Rights Museum, which is housed in the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn., where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, and which features among its exhibits a large portrait of Elijah Muhammad, the racist kook who founded the Nation of Islam. It is as though a portrait of the leader of the Hale-Bopp comet cult were to be placed inside the Jefferson Memorial. The Decatur 6 are a group of low-life gang-bangers who participated in an explosion of thuggery at a high school football game in the small town of Decatur, Ill., spreading panic through the stands and endangering the safety of innocent bystanders, including women and children……"

Associated Press 11/19/99 Philip Brasher "….Checks for $50,000 each have gone to more than 2,400 black farmers as the first payments from the government under a civil rights settlement between the growers and the Agriculture Department. The farmers are among 18,000 producers who filed claims under the settlement, and about 70 percent of those are likely to be approved, said Alexander Pires, their lead attorney. Under terms of the settlement, farmers who can show some evidence of discrimination are entitled to $50,000 each and have outstanding loans forgiven. An additional $12,500 is being sent to the Internal Revenue Service in the name of each farmer to cover the federal income taxes that he or she would owe on the settlement……"

WorldNetDaily 11/19/99 John Doggett "…. I'm old school on this one. Thanksgiving is not just a day or a weekend, it is a state of mind. Thanksgiving is the day that I acknowledge that I give thanks every day that the Creator chose America as my home. I didn't always feel this way about America. After all, when I was born in San Francisco in 1947, it was darn near illegal to be black. I now teach at the University of Texas at Austin. However, when I was born, they allowed no one who looked like me to teach or even attend my university. Nevertheless, as the ad says, that was then, and this is now. Tens of millions of Americans of all colors and creeds first fought the scourge of slavery and then moved on to root out legal segregation. In fact, the history of America is one of a profound commitment to the very concept of equality. A commitment that is unmatched by any other civilization ever known to man. ….."

New York Times 11/27/99 "….The federal court decision that struck down raced-based admissions at the University of Texas in 1996 was promptly decried as a barrier that would not only exclude black and Hispanic students from university life but also diminish their professional prospects and their role in the next generation of Texas state leadership. But three years after affirmative action was decreed dead, the flagship university at Austin is admitting as many minority students as it did under affirmative action -- thanks to a state law guaranteeing college admission to all students who graduate in the top 10 percent of any public high school….."

AP via Cable News Network 11/19/99 Leigh Strope "…. South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges urged legislators Thursday to set a date to vote on removing the Confederate battle flag from the Capitol dome. The flag has flown there for three decades and survived sporadic efforts to lower it. This year, the NAACP announced plans for a national tourism boycott of the state to pressure the state to remove it. Now Hodges, a Democrat who earlier said he would not revive the issue, said lawmakers need to act on the banner. "Everyone needs to see some definitive day or dates whereby some final action will be taken," Hodges said Thursday. Hodges also said he wants the NAACP to delay its boycott until the Legislature votes. That won't happen, state NAACP Conference of Branches President James Gallman said Thursday night….."

Reuters (via Yahoo News) 11/29/99 "…..The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday said it will decide the constitutionality of a New Jersey hate crime law that allows the judge to increase the sentence when the defendant acted with a biased purpose. The high court will consider arguments by a New Jersey man that the stiffer sentencing provision -- increasing the maximum possible punishment by 10 years -- violated his constitutional right to due process under the law and should be decided by the jury at trial, not by the judge at sentencing. Charles Apprendi, a pharmacist, was arrested on Dec. 22, 1994, for firing several rounds from his rifle into a nearby single family home. The residents were the only black family living in his all-white neighborhood in Vineland, New Jersey. Apprendi used as targets two black Santa Claus decorations hanging on the front door. ……"

NY Post 11/27/99 "….. For those desperately seeking a way to solve the problem of how to increase minority enrollment in elite state universities without using affirmative action -- which has been ruled unconstitutional -- new laws in three states must have seemed like a godsend. But a new report suggests strongly that educators more interested in social engineering have merely replaced one problem with another. In Texas, the top 10 percent of graduates from each and every high school are guaranteed a place at the state university campus of their choice, regardless of how they've performed on standardized admissions tests. (In Florida, the automatic-admit level is 20 percent; in California, 4 percent.) And minority enrollment in those Texas schools has climbed back to the levels seen before courts threw out race-based admissions systems. But far from guaranteeing that the system will be composed of academically elite students, the new program has created a two-tier system in which students from impoverished inner-city and rural schools simply can't keep up with college-level work…."

Jewish World Review 12/6/99 Jeff Jacoby "…. BILL BRADLEY LIKES TO TALK about race. He likes to talk about it a lot. He has made it a central theme of his presidential campaign. He describes how his career with the New York Knicks gave him keen insights into racism. He says he became a Democrat because "it was Democrats that stepped forward ... in the Senate and cast their vote for the Civil Rights Act in 1964." (Actually, Republicans voted for the bill en masse while nearly one-third of the Democrats voted against it.) His campaign web site ( offers the full text of not one, not two, but five separate speeches on race, plus an excerpt on the subject from his 1996 autobiography. ….."

Jewish World Review 12/6/99 Nat Hentoff "…..THREE STATES have figured out a way to increase college admissions for minorities without depending on what has become traditional affirmative action. Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has proposed that the top 20 percent of high school graduates be automatically admitted to public colleges and universities, no matter what their SAT scores. In California, the top 4 percent of each high school's graduating class will now automatically get into the University of California system. In Texas, the top-ranking 10 percent of every graduating class are being admitted to any of the public campuses they prefer…… In Texas, the percentage of blacks and Hispanics in freshman classes on most of the selective campuses has increased...........

The State 12/9/99 AP "...The Confederate flag doesn't belong on the Statehouse dome or the grounds, state Sen. Darrell Jackson says. The only compromise the leaders would accept during a meeting with Gov. Jim Hodges was a plan to move the flag to the Confederate Relic Room, WIS-TV reported Wednesday. Jackson, D-Columbia, introduced the bill that is garnering NAACP support...... The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is calling for a tourism boycott of South Carolina to begin Jan. 1 and end when the flag comes down from the Statehouse dome. Although the design is included in the state flags of Georgia and Mississippi, South Carolina is the only state to fly the flag that opponents say is a symbol of racism and hatred. Flag supporters say it honors those who fought and died in the Civil War....." 12/4/99 Stuart Taylor Jr. ".....BRAZILE ... WILL NOT LET THE "WHITE BOYS" WIN. And that's not a description of "gender or race, it's an attitude. A white-boy attitude is 'I must exclude, denigrate and leave behind,' " Brazile says. "They don't see or think about it. It's a culture." It is the sense of utter entitlement. And that she will not have. That is how Washington Post reporter Robin Givhan quoted Donna Brazile, Al Gore's campaign manager, deep in a glowing Nov. 16 profile. Imagine the same statement-but with "white boys" changed to "black girls"-being made by George W. Bush's campaign manager. It would have touched off a national sensation. Legions of Democrats would have demanded-and promptly received-apologies, but these would not have stilled the clamor. The campaign manager would have been banished from public life, perhaps forever. And Bush's candidacy would have been severely damaged, with dozens of follow-up stories probing every corner of the Bush camp for other signs of infection by racism. So how did Donna Brazile's little slur play? Well, the authors of two letters to the editor of the Post found it offensive. So did The New Republic, in a brief item (republished in the Washington Times): "Since when, we wonder, is the phrase 'white-boy attitude' not about gender or race?" So did the Providence Journal-Bulletin. And that's about it: As of Dec. 1, I can find no other mention, in any publication, of Brazile's comment. One reason for this, of course, is that "white boys" and other slurs directed at white males are habitually shrugged off, based on a double standard that is understandable in light of our history of racial oppression, but far too forgiving if we want a future of racial tolerance....."

Reuters 12/8/99 Arshad Mohammed ".....President Clinton was blindsided Wednesday when asked why none of his top White House aides were people of color. The president was visibly taken aback at a news conference when a reporter asked why seven key White House jobs had never been held by minorities during his administration and immediately challenged the questioner. "I disagree with that. What are they?," Clinton said. The reporter named the jobs as chief of staff, national security adviser, press secretary, counsel, domestic policy adviser, economic adviser and senior adviser/counselor. The president appeared to be flummoxed by the question, saying he had tried to hire several minorities for the jobs and noting that women had held many of them. He also argued that many of his Cabinet officers had been minorities......"

Reuters 12/8/99 Thomas Ferraro "....For the second time in two months, the Republican National Committee on Tuesday accused Democratic Party Chairman Joe Andrew of waging a racial smear campaign against it and asked him to stop. And for the second time, Andrew refused to back off. He said through a spokeswoman that Republican actions and rhetoric support his contention that they have been unfair to minorities. "It appears we struck a raw nerve,'' said Jenny Backus, press secretary for the Democratic National Committee. RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson, in his letter Tuesday, ripped into Andrew for saying this week that Asian Americans felt ''singled out'' by the Republican-led congressional probe into the 1996 Democratic fund-raising scandal. ....."

Yahoo Texas News 12/7/99 "….The Dallas City Council tomorrow is expected to take up a resolution that would provide money to the descendants of slaves. The City Council's Municipal and Minority Affairs Committee has already endorsed the resolution which mirrors federal legislation on the issue. Some Council members are expressing strong opposition. Donna Blumer says the resolution would lead to racial division, not harmony The Dallas "Morning News" reports that the resolution specifies that the city of Dallas would be under no financial obligation….."

AP via 12/9/99 "….A judge ruled Thursday that prosecutors can proceed with criminal charges against four teens accused of participating in a football game brawl. The case sparked a national debate over zero-tolerance policies on violence in schools and brought the Rev. Jesse Jackson to this central Illinois town to protest. The four teens -- Roosevelt Fuller, Gregory Howell, Coryell Spates and Courtney Carson -- are charged with mob action. Fuller also faces aggravated battery and misdemeanor resisting arrest charges……"

STAR-TELEGRAM 12/14/99 M Deller "….Administrators are expected to recommend that Gloria Nelson, an African-American teacher, be suspended for 10 days without pay for telling her third-graders that some studies say black people have smaller brains than white people….."

Associated Press 12/14/99 Michelle Mittelstadt "….Nationally syndicated radio shock jocks Don Geronimo and Mike O'Meara picked on the wrong person when they made derogatory on-air remarks to an official from a Texas border town that gained international attention when it decided to conduct its city meetings in Spanish. The pair, who hectored an El Cenizo city commissioner with obscene comments and told her that residents who don't speak English "should get on their burros and go back to Mexico," were the targets of a complaint filed Tuesday with the Federal Communications Commission….."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 11/12/99 Terence Samuel "….. It was the end of a wide-ranging, year-end news conference, and Bill Clinton was suddenly at a loss for words. It was a surreal moment. The master showman knocked back on his heels, boxed in by a question that he clearly did not anticipate. It wasn't a question about impeachment or Monica Lewinsky, but about race, usually a Clinton strong suit. The question: Why, after all his talk about diversity and inclusion, had he surrounded himself with decision-makers who were mostly white men? ….." 12/13/99 Richard poe "…..I stumbled across two disheartening statistics. The first were nationwide poll results showing that 83 percent of African Americans would support a ban on all gun sales, except by special police permit. The second came from a Department of Housing and Urban Development survey of public housing residents, indicating that 68 percent believe that allowing police to conduct random searches for guns, without warrants, would improve safety in their projects. Like those elderly tourists in Moscow, black Americans are clearly fed up with crime. And who can blame them? Fully 50 percent of all murder victims in the U.S. are black. But, like those short-sighted tourists, many African Americans appear dangerously willing to tolerate police-state tactics, in exchange for safer streets. An authoritarian crackdown might well succeed in curbing crime. Did not Mussolini get the trains running on time? But African Americans would be naive to expect our government to continue working in their best interests, once it has stripped them of their liberties. With the NAACP suing gun manufacturers and Jesse Jackson stumping for stricter gun laws, black leaders seem to have fixed their cross-hairs squarely on the Second Amendment. But not all African Americans are jumping on the bandwagon….."Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety," chided Benjamin Franklin. In the end, history will judge whether our generation cared more about saving its freedom or saving its skin. Should we manage to retain any semblance of our constitutional liberties, it will be thanks to the courage of men such as Roy and Niger Innis, who dared to speak out when all around them were silent……"

Salon Magazine 12/13/99 David Horowitz "….. Twenty-five years ago Monday, my friend Betty Van Patter disappeared from a tavern on University Avenue called the Berkeley Square and was never seen alive again. Six months earlier, I had recruited Betty to keep the books of the Educational Opportunities Corp., an entity I had created to run a school for the children of the Black Panther Party. By the time the police fished her battered body out of the San Francisco Bay in January 1975, I knew that her killers were the Panthers themselves. At the time, the Panthers were still being defended by writers like Murray Kempton and Garry Wills in the pages of the New York Times, and by then-Gov. Jerry Brown of California. The governor was even a confidant of Elaine Brown, who had hired Betty and whom Huey Newton had appointed to stand in for him as the Panther leader while he was in "exile" in Cuba…… In pursuit of answers to the mystery of Betty's death, I subsequently discovered that the Panthers had killed more than a dozen people in the course of conducting extortion, prostitution and drug rackets in the Oakland ghetto. While these criminal activities were taking place, the group enjoyed the support of the American left, the Democratic Party, Bay Area trade unions and even the Oakland business establishment. (The head of Clorox, Oakland's largest company, for example, sat on the board of the Education Opportunities Corp.) ….. Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that to this day not a single organization of the mainstream press has ever investigated the Panther murders, even though the story is one that touches the lives and political careers of the entire liberal establishment, including the first lady and the deputy attorney general in charge of civil rights for the Clinton administration. Both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Lann Lee began their political careers as law students at Yale by organizing demonstrations in 1970 to shut down the university and stop the trial of Panther leaders who had tortured and then executed a black youth named Alex Rackley. This silence is even more puzzling since, despite the blackout by the national media, the details of the story have managed to trickle out over the years. This has been the result of efforts by me and by my colleague Peter Collier, by radical journalist Kate Coleman, by Hugh Pearson, by the nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting, New Times magazine and one or two others, including most particularly David Talbot and David Weir, now editors at Salon. ….."

NY Times 12/13/99 James Sterngold "…..More than a dozen Asian-American organizations are forming an ad hoc coalition to speak out on behalf of the scientist indicted on charges of mishandling nuclear weapons secrets, fearing he has been unfairly singled out because of his Chinese descent. Various Asian-American groups, including the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, the Chinese Physics Association and the Asian American Manufacturers Association, continued discussions today after holding a three-hour telephone conference following the arrest of the scientist, Wen Ho Lee. …… "We're going to support him morally and monetarily," said Bill Chang, president of the Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California, which has a thousand members. "I'm not saying he's not a criminal, but that this has to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt and the process has to be fair," Chang said. "From what I've seen so far, this looks like prejudice and overkill." ….."

Investor's Business Daily 12/13/99 Tyce Palmaffy "…..Violence in the schools made national headlines again last month. This time, however, it was the punishment, not the crime, that drew a swarm of media attention. The controversy swirled around the Decatur, Ill., school board's decision to expel seven students for their roles in sparking a brawl at a high-school football game in September. Guided by the school district's "zero tolerance" policy against violence, the board had kicked the students out of school for two years. What elevated Decatur's discipline policy to the national stage was the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson's charge that racism was behind the board's decision to sanction the students, all of whom were black, so harshly…… The Decatur episode wasn't an isolated event. Across the nation, a decade-long crackdown on school discipline has sent expulsion and suspension rates soaring…..The deadly school shootings of the past few years have only quickened this trend. Upwards of 80% of school districts have adopted so-called "zero tolerance" policies similar to Decatur's. ….. Kicking them out of school is the easy, and popular, part. It lets teachers regain control over their classrooms while losing their most troublesome students, making it a no-lose situation for them. Their students, too, will likely benefit from fewer distractions and increased attention on academics rather than discipline……But expelled kids don't just disappear. Left to the streets, their troubles may multiply as they get mixed in with the wrong crowd and fail to gain job skills. Spurned by the education system, they may drop out of school altogether……. "

Newsmax 12/15/99 Michael Savage ".....Trains, planes, cars, rockets, telescopes, tires, telephones, radios, television, electricity, atomic energy, computers, and fax machines. All miracles made possible by the minds and spirits of men with names like Ampere, Bell, Caselli, Edison, Ohm, Faraday, Einstein, Cohen, Teller, Shockley, Hertz, Marconi, Morse, Popov. Ford, Volta, Michelin, Dunlop, Watt, Diesel, Galileo, and other "dead white males." ...... The great majority of "booms" past and present have been brought about by the genius and inventiveness of that most "despicable" of genders, the dreaded white male, or, to be exact, by specific, individual white males. This is not to discredit the many contributions coming from non-whites, but fact is fact. Our most important and consequential inventions have come almost exclusively from white males. Curse me, or all white males, if you wish; that changes nothing....."

San Jose Mercury News 12/15/99 ".... Faced with yet another court ruling saying that race should not be a factor in personnel decisions, the Boston Police Department will abandon a 19-year practice of bypassing white officers to promote minorities, a policy that has divided a generation of officers. In response to a ruling by Suffolk Superior Court Judge John Xifaras, Boston Police Commissioner Paul F. Evans said Tuesday that he would no longer skip over white officers with higher civil-service scores to promote minority officers with lower scores in order to meet affirmative-action goals....."

ABC News Online 1/8/00 J Jennings Moss "…..A headline on a Web site for Arab-Americans says much about the climate in that community: The Sky Is Falling. After the arrests of several Algerians, many of whom are suspected of planning terrorist activity, Arab-Americans say they're being unfairly targeted by law enforcement and wrongly stereotyped by the public……For years, Arab-Americans have had to confront the stereotype of the fanatic, militant Arab bomber. That hostile climate intensified with the December arrest of Algerian national Ahmed Ressam for allegedly trying to bring a car loaded with explosives into the United States from Canada. A series of other arrests followed Ressam's. Two weeks after his capture, authorities in New York, Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles have questioned scores of Algerians and others who may - or may not - have ties to terrorist organizations. Some were held on immigration violations…….. "

Associated Press 1/7/00 "…..ABC on Friday became the second of the four major networks to announce a deal with the NAACP to promote diversity in its ranks, agreeing among other things to tie executive bonuses to success in employing minorities. Earlier in the week, NBC announced its own agreement, removing the threat of a boycott that the NAACP began considering last summer when it drew attention to the lack of minority actors on new fall shows. ABC's deal is similar in that it concentrates more on changing the behind-the-scenes operations of the network in the hope that it eventually makes a difference in what goes on the air. …."

Associated Press 1/7/00 "….Vice President Al Gore's campaign said today it's standing by campaign manager Donna Brazile, who was accused by Gen. Colin Powell of playing "the race card" by saying Republicans would rather have their pictures taken with black children than feed them…." Powell wrote that his involvement in numerous charities and youth organizations is intended "to help feed, educate and spiritually nourish all of America's children, black and white, and not just for a photo op. And I do so as a Republican." He said Watts' "dedication to the youth of America is well known." He reminded Gore that "we both know that political leaders from both parties in Congress, statehouses and city halls across the country are hard at work on the problems of America's children." ….And he asked that the Gore campaign "not start the new century by playing the polarizing 'race card' which immediately contaminates and destroys the opportunity for open debate on issues of importance to our children." …."

Trenton (NJ) Times 1/8/00 Nick Manetto "….Saying he was sending a message that hate crimes will not be tolerated, a Superior Court judge sentenced a former Mount Holly councilman to jail time for his assault and verbal harassment of two black men in a bar. Robert Byham, who is also a veteran of the Mount Laurel police department, was ordered to serve a monthlong term over a series of weekends on a work detail. The sentence starts on Jan. 29. ..."

Houston Chronicle 1/8/00 James Kimberly "….The black former state trooper who says he was traumatized by a decade-old birthday party in which his white co-workers donned Ku Klux Klan hoods was the one who requested the party in the first place, his former supervisor said Friday. Sgt. Roy Henry, who managed the Livingston Department of Public Safety office for 16 years, said Darron Anderson, now 35, requested the birthday party after seeing photographs of a similar party thrown for another black trooper four years earlier.Quanell X, spokesman for the Black Muslim Movement who has acted as Anderson's media liaison, called Henry's story "an outright lie." ..."

Associated Press 1/7/00 Jim Davenport "….With a bell ringing for South Carolina's Confederate War dead, Confederate flag supporters began a three-day rally Friday at the only statehouse where the Confederate flag still flies from the dome. The Confederate flag, with its field of red and star-studded blue cross, is seen as symbol of hate by some opponents. But groups like those gathering at the rally see it as a symbol of Southern heritage. South Carolina remains the only state that flies the flag above its Statehouse, and the NAACP has called a tourism boycott of South Carolina until the Legislature brings it down. The three-day rally shows ``it's OK for us to care about and promote our heritage,'' said the Rev. Bobby Eubanks, a spokesman. ….. H.K. Edgerton, a former NAACP chapter president from Asheville, N.C., joined in reading the names. Too many people ``can't understand the love black people and white had for each other in the South'' he said. ``If the NAACP is successful, all you will have done is alienated white people who have been very tolerant.'' …."

Christian Science Monitor; Boston, Mass.; 12/17/99 Robert Kilborn and Lance Carden; "…..John Huang, who admitted raising illegal contributions for the Democratic Party, gave his first public testimony on the scandal. Under a grant of limited immunity, Huang testified that he wasn't aware of any wrongdoing by [President] Clinton or Gore in the fund-raising scandal. Although Huang expressed remorse for his illegal activities - for which he was sentenced to a year's probation and fined $10,000 - he accused some lawmakers and others of "unjustifiably demonizing me and other Asian-Americans."

Washington Post 1/3/00 Charles Fried "….The central theme of the annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS), which begins this week in Washington, is "A Recommitment to Diversity." The only plenary panel consists of the head of Bill Clinton's civil rights division, a gay rights and disability rights activist, a former lawyer for the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund and a critical race theorist. All estimable people, and in a sense quite diverse, but in case you didn't get the point the program announces, "In the last several years, an assault has been launched against diversity efforts. Court decisions . . . as well as statewide referenda . . . have limited affirmative action and diversity efforts. These actions go to the very heart of the diversity goals of the AALS." Of course the term "affirmative action" means racial preferences, and "diversity" means diversity as defined by the racist census categories enshrined in much of our preferential and set-aside legislation and programs. As the roster of speakers and topic announcement make clear, diversity certainly does not mean -- though this is supposed to be a meeting of scholars and intellectuals -- diversity of ideas or points of view, unless your idea of diversity is the full gamut of opinions from left to far left….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 12/16/99 "…..Whites, blacks at Lincoln U. share classes but little else. Decades after segregation was outlawed, it persists at Lincoln University in Jefferson City. Only now, it's not laws but a social wall that separates people. Lincoln was founded by black Civil War veterans. Today, the school is 70 percent white, but blacks dominate the dorms, the fraternities and sororities, most social activities and, after they graduate, the alumni association. Whites, a presence since the 1950s, complain that they feel unwelcome…."

AP 1/5/00 "….NBC struck a deal with the NAACP on Wednesday to systematically find more minorities to write, produce and direct its television shows, removing the threat of a boycott against the network. ABC said it had reached a similar agreement, though the NAACP did not immediately confirm that. Kweisi Mfume, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, predicted accords would be reached soon with ABC, CBS and Fox...."

San Diego Union Tribune 1/7/00 Joseph Perkins "….Are black Republicans traitors to their race? Donna Brazile, Al Gore's campaign manager, apparently thinks so. She cannot fathom how any correct-thinking black would vote for any candidate who isn't a Democrat like her boss….. "On the other hand," said she, "the Republicans bring out Colin Powell and J.C. Watts because they have no other game. They have no love and joy. They'd rather take pictures with black children than feed them." This is precisely the scurrilous, cynical message that the party of Gore promulgates among black voters to keep them locked in the Democratic column. The only thing unusual about Brazile's comments is that they were loud and public. Usually, the Dems prefer to keep their political race-baiting on the down low. The sad part of it all is that many -- but certainly not all -- blacks accept the Democrats' slander uncritically. They have been persuaded by racial demagogues, like Brazile, that the Republican Party is anti-black and that, therefore, no Republican candidate, no matter who he or she is, is worthy of black votes…… Indeed, on a range of issues, black Americans have more in concert with Republicans than Democrats. This was borne out by a 1996 report published by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington, D.C. research organization. According to the report, a majority of blacks supported school prayer. Most favored a proposal (proffered by the Republican Congress) for a $500-per-child federal tax credit. Most agreed with "three strikes" crime laws. A plurality endorsed school vouchers. And most favored no benefit increases for single mothers on welfare who have additional children. Perhaps the most surprising survey result reported by the Joint Center is that 60 percent of blacks identified themselves as either moderate or conservative….."

WorldNetDaily 1/7/00 David Limbaugh "…..Not long ago, when political discourse was a trifle more civil, liberals often subtly implied that conservatives were unconcerned about the plight of minorities. But with the Clinton/Gore era of racial politics in full bloom, it is now open season on conservatives, including African American ones. The Washington Times reports that Al Gore's controversial campaign manager Donna Brazile went right for the jugular recently in an interview with Brazile, who was fired during Michael Dukakis' 1988 presidential campaign for implying George Bush was having an affair, set her sights this time on certain prominent African American conservatives……. The notion that conservatives are also racist is just a barbaric extension of this argument. Al Gore repeated this infernal idea in his most recent debate with Bill Bradley. Those who advocate reducing transfer payments are racist because a "disproportionate number of the poor are minorities -- African Americans and Latinos." So it is no longer enough to accuse conservatives of heartlessness. Now they are full-blown racists. Because they encourage self-reliance, legitimacy, reducing the welfare state and fair tax policies, right-wingers are portrayed as prejudiced against minorities. Isn't it time that conservatives called for an accounting? What about the facts? …."

New York Post 1/7/00 Marilyn Rauber "….The lone black Republican in Congress and retired Gen. Colin Powell blasted Al Gore's shoot-from-the-hip campaign manager yesterday for suggesting they're GOP tokens. In separate letters, an angry J.C. Watts accused Gore campaign chief Donna Brazile of "racist remarks," while Powell, the ex-Joint Chiefs of Staff boss who was wooed by the GOP in 1996 as a potential presidential candidate, said he was "disappointed and offended." Powell also rebuked Gore for letting Brazile play the "race card." …… An indignant Powell detailed his volunteer work "to help feed, educate and spiritually nourish all of American's children, black and white and not just for a photo op. And I do so as a Republican." "Let's not start the new century by playing the polarizing race card," he wrote to Gore. Watts claimed Brazile's comment amounted to a personal attack and "a cheap political stunt." "Those remarks have cheapened your campaign and alienated black Americans who resent being used as political pawns," Watts wrote Gore….." 1/5/00 "…Mr. Vice President, I am writing to express my anger over the deeply offensive remarks your campaign manager Donna Brazile made about me, Colin Powell and all other Republican African Americans. Her racist remarks quoted in the Washington Times this morning are appalling. Attacking black Republicans for not caring about other blacks is a cheap political stunt that only hurts and divides Americans. Racist remarks such as hers go beyond whatever political motive she may have had and degrade our entire society. I am particularly outraged by her claim that black Republicans would rather "take pictures of children than feed them." She has personally attacked two black Americans who have worked hard to help African Americans, particularly children. ….. I find it particularly ironic that she would condemn black Republicans for having "no love and no joy" when her own remarks are so bitter and hurtful Unfortunately for you, I believe those remarks have cheapened your campaign and alienated black Americans who resent being used as political pawns. I urge you to take strong action to make sure Ms. Brazile doesn't further damage your presidential hopes. After all, a president should lead all Americans. Sincerely, J.C. Watts, Jr. …."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1/6/00 Michelle Malkin "….ACADEMICS, agitators, public-relations specialists and professional grousers. They are the self-appointed spokespeople for the Asian-American community. As an American of Asian descent, I have three words for the mouthpieces of my "community": Speak for yourselves. A vociferous clique of these Asian-American activists formed recently to defend jailed nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee. They've drummed up $70,000 for Lee in recent months; more fund-raisers are planned. Lee's support group is based on bogus ethnic unity. The organization blames the media, the feds, the courts and Congress for conducting a race-based lynching of Lee….."

New York Times 1/20/2000 "…..Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said today that he would seek an additional $10 million to $15 million in next year's budget as part of an effort to recruit more scientists, particularly Asian-American ones, for the government's national laboratories. The proposed budget increase is part of a broader effort by Mr. Richardson to respond to charges of discrimination against Asian-American scientists at the nuclear weapons laboratories since the firing last March and subsequent arrest of Wen Ho Lee, a Taiwanese-born scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, in connection with the government's investigation of evidence that China had stolen American nuclear secrets. In addition, Mr. Richardson appointed a new ombudsman, Jeremy S. Wu, former deputy director for civil rights at the Department of Agriculture, to investigate accusations of discrimination throughout the Department of Energy…."

Today's WH Press Briefing 1/19/2000 "…. Q Joe, since the President and the Vice President have both asked the South Carolina legislature to take down the Confederate battle flag from their state capitol, will the President ask that in the State Department and the Kennedy Center, flags of Mauritania and Sudan be taken down because they have black slaves in these two countries today, or is that not considered important? MR. LOCKHART: I don't think that it's fair to equate the two subjects together, and I'm not -- Q Well, there are no slaves in South Carolina -- MR. LOCKHART: -- aware of any move there. Q You mean, that's not important? MR. LOCKHART: April? Q On that Confederate flag subject, you did say that the President opposes the flying of the Confederate flag. Has he sent a letter to the Governor, rather, of South Carolina, or will he do anything -- MR. LOCKHART: No, I think the Governor of South Carolina isactually trying to mediate this situation in trying to find a solution to the problem. I think the President made his views know yesterday through me because there's such intense interest in it now, particularly with the marches over the weekend. I think, though, that the Governor down in South Carolina is trying to find a solution to this…."

Today's WH Press Briefing 1/19/2000 "…. Q Joe, if the President believes that the Confederate flag should be taken down from a public building because it offends some blacks, does he believe that -- MR. LOCKHART: It's not the view that the President expressed, so next question -- Q Let me finish my question, please. MR. LOCKHART: No, that's not the view he expressed, so let's go around a little bit….."

Today's WH Press Briefing 1/19/2000 "….Q Joe, does the President support Jesse Jackson's call for a boycott of Georgia because of the state flag, in view of his signing a bill to make one of the stars on the Arkansas flag representing the confederate states? MR. LOCKHART: Let me try to break that down, because there has been a lot of misinformation in some of the reporting on this. I made the President's views on the flying of the confederate flag clear yesterday to the reporters traveling with us to Boston. On the Arkansas state flag, that is a historical reference to the different governments that Arkansas has been under in their history -- whether it be France, whether it be England. So trying to compare them is like trying to compare apples and oranges. I think what's important to remember here is the spirit in which this flag was raised in South Carolina in 1962, not 1862. This was at a time where it was done in defiance of the civil rights movement, symbolic of their opposition to desegregation that I think has moved this country along, and that's why the President opposes it….."

Los Angeles Daily News 1/10/00 Sherry JoeCrosby "....Mayor Richard Riordan has challenged plans to put up street banners throughout Los Angeles flaunting provocative messages on race relations and stereotypes, citing their potential to offend. Riordan vigorously objected to one banner with a message about "White suburban kids" that alludes to prevalent media images of black urban, gun-toting teens. Others deal with various aspects of race, ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic status. The banners, part of a race relations program for teens administered by the city's Human Relations Commission with public and private schools and championed by Councilman Mike Feuer, were supposed to be unveiled Thursday during a ceremony at Grant High School in Valley Glen. "The bottom lines that there is a public campaign that has the potential of offending members of the community," said Noelia Rodriguez, deputy mayor and spokeswoman for Riordan. ...... In the latest banner controversy, Riordan was personally disturbed by one stark black-and-white sign with a message reading, "They were White suburban kids shooting, not Black. I was relieved." Underneath the message is a profile of a black man...."

World Net Daily 1/19/2000 Joseph Farah "….Some 46,000 people marched to South Carolina's Statehouse on Martin Luther King Day to demand the Confederate flag, which they described as a symbol of slavery and racism, be taken down. The state of South Carolina is the target of a boycott by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People because of its display of the banner…… This is not merely a First Amendment issue. I not only support South Carolina's decision to fly the flag as a symbol of its heritage and tradition, I personally think we ought to be waving the Dixie flag in celebration of a great dream of freedom and in memory of how that dream was vanquished by brute force. The trouble is that most people today really think the Civil War was fought over slavery. It was not. In fact, Gen. Robert E. Lee was adamantly opposed to slavery, while the butcher of the South, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, had no problems with it. Few people understand today that there was slavery in the North as well as the South. Patriots like Lee fought for states' rights. That was a noble fight then, and it remains a noble fight today. In fact, today is Lee's birthday. He was a great man. His memory is done a tremendous disservice by the furor over the flag he carried with honor…… Look what has happened to our country since the Civil War. Look at the power that has accumulated in Washington. Look at the way tyranny and centralized authority is destroying liberty and the notion of self-government. That's what is being lost in the debate today….."

Denver Post 1/20/2000 Al Knight "….Two, or is it four, controversies over Civil War flags and memorials have recently developed a single theme that threatens to get out of control. President Clinton has unwisely joined with Democratic presidential candidates Bill Bradley and Al Gore in condemning the fact that the Confederate flag flies over the South Carolina Capitol. These worthies have all condemned the practice as particularly hurtful to the feelings of black citizens, whose ancestors were enslaved when the Civil War began. Politics, as much as feelings, however, seem to be driving this issue. After all, the Arkansas state flag, contains symbolism of the Confederacy as does the state flag in Georgia. Yet no one has condemned President Clinton for signing legislation as Arkansas governor for maintaining the current design, although it too has surely hurt some feelings, if not his own……" 1/19/2000 Scott Hogenson "…..There have been protestations of late against South Carolina's flying of a Confederate battle flag over its state capitol. Advocacy groups like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, as well as politicians including Vice President Al Gore and former Senator Bill Bradley, have called for the removal of the flag because they say it is offensive to some and represents bigotry…… Using symbols as a political tool is devilishly clever and effective. Symbols are inherently subjective in their use and interpretation, so they can be twisted and manipulated in almost any way one sees fit, making them ideal platforms from which to launch attacks on opponents. The trick to using symbols as a political weapon lies in perception. It's been said that perception is reality….. A good case study here is the swastika. Used for centuries in Asian culture as a symbol of prosperity and good luck, the swastika became a symbol of terror earlier this century, thanks to Adolph Hitler and his fellow National Socialists who brought Germany and the rest of the world into perhaps the most horrific war ever waged on this planet…… So what do we say to the young students of the Red Swastika School in Singapore? Is their symbol and motto of "Respect, Magnanimity, Trustworthiness and Alertness," a facade for a more sinister, Hitleresque agenda? The premise is absurd, but it illustrates a point: Those who condemn symbols in the name of cultural inclusion many times denigrate the culture of others to whom the same symbol is benign or even positive in its connotations……" 1/21/2000 Carl Limbacher "…. Radio talkmeister Michael Savage, also a columnist, wasn't on the air with his new national program for a day before the thought-police began an effort to have him removed. Savage launched his Talk Radio Network ( program this past Monday and suggested that Martin Luther King's Birthday should not be a national holiday. For uttering such blasphemy Savage was the subject of a city council meeting this past Tuesday in Newark, Ohio. Reverend Rauch, also a city councilman, urged the city's elders to condemn local radio station WCLT and Savage. Savage, Rauch said, "really, exceeded, in my mind, the area of freedom of speech." So shocking was Savage, Rauch added, "I never thought I'd ever say that I prefer Rush Limbaugh to somebody." …."

The St. Petersburg Times 1/23/2000 Bill Maxwell "…Another Martin Luther King Jr. Day has come and gone, and, again, too many African-Americans nationwide have trashed King's dream and everything he fought and died for. St. Petersburg, where I live and work, is an example of a city where blacks acted shamefully on King's holiday. At least five brawls erupted, and bottles and rocks were tossed at police officers as hundreds of people gathered Monday night in the black community following the annual parade honoring the slain civil rights leader. ….. Here is what Maj. Cedric Gordon, a black officer in charge of patrolling the area where the disturbance occurred, told the St. Petersburg Times: "I would describe the crowd as juveniles and young adults having what they consider wholesome fun." ….. Is this man, along with his "juveniles" and "young adults," out of his mind? Nothing is wholesome about throwing rocks, bottles and bricks at police cars. Nothing is wholesome about about trying to flip a police cruiser. And absolutely nothing is wholesome about throwing objects at police officers themselves. Such behavior is stupid. It is potentially deadly. Is this what Gordon calls fun? At the very least, Gordon should apologize to everyone who believes in King's dream for America….. If we want the rest of the world to embrace King's enduring dream and celebrate his holiday, we must learn how to act. We must show others that we -- African-Americans -- respect King. Getting drunk, smoking dope, fighting and trying to flip police cruisers smear King's legacy and mock the special day honoring this great man who won the Nobel Peace Prize. …."

The Dallas Morning News 1/23/2000 Randall Robinson "…. Human-rights advocate Randall Robinson, 58, says America should compensate African-American descendants of slaves. In a recently published book, The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks, Mr. Robinson argues for a national discussion on reparations. America, he says, "will never be whole until it deals with the vast economic gulf between blacks and whites that was created and sustained by 364 years of slavery and discrimination." …… Q: Why do you believe reparations are a remedy? A: The United States government participated in the legally and socially endorsed repression of black people. The government benefitted financially from slave labor. Wealth was generated from that labor and that wealth passed on. Slaves and the descendants of slaves never benefitted from the wealth that was created. Others have, but not African-Americans…….. Q:Has a cost been calculated? A: The reason I didn't put a figure in is because I didn't want to divert attention from an important public discussion of this…… One economist, at Georgetown University, has estimated unpaid net wages to slaves would amount to $1.4 trillion today. He estimates the value of money diverted to whites because of slavery, segregation and employment discrimination at $10 trillion. ….."

The Associated Press 1/19/2000 H Joseph Hebert "…..A six-month Energy Department investigation has found evidence of racial profiling and an ``atmosphere of distrust and suspicion'' toward Asian Americans at nuclear weapons labs because of the uproar over alleged Chinese espionage. But Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, vowing to stamp out such profiling, insisted Wednesday that Taiwan-born scientist Wen Ho Lee was never singled out or fired from his job at the Los Alamos National Laboratory because of his race. Nevertheless, Asian-American scientists widely believe they have been unfairly targeted because of their race since Lee's dismissal last March for security violations, according to a task force report on racial profiling in the department……"

[VA] Cavalier Daily 1/20/2000 Rakesh Gopalan "…. The Center for Equal Opportunity has released a study that alleges a black student is 111 times more likely to gain admission to the University than a white student with similar test scores and class rank. The study was released last month, nearly a year after a similar study was conducted by the same Washington-based think tank. The previous study found that a black student was 45 times more likely to be admitted to the University than a white student with similar academic credentials…….. "

The Edgefield Journal 1/21/2000 "….The much-vaunted economic boycott against South Carolina that was instituted by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, has so far, failed miserably. Despite the fact that over 80 groups, mostly small black associations and family reunions, have announced that they are boycotting South Carolina, tourism in South Carolina is up dramatically over the same time period last year. The effect of a boycott is not measured in the number of cancellations, it is measured in the number of people who come despite the boycott...."

Washington Times 1/20/2000 John McCaslin "…. "What a shock to see a photo of the flagpole atop the state capitol in South Carolina. They're flying the federal flag," says Lew Rockwell, president of the free-market Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Ala. "The U.S. government's flag has no business on a state capitol, and indeed it never flew there until [Abraham] Lincoln wrecked the decentralized republic of the framers." Mr. Rockwell explains further in an article titled "Rebellion: Two Kinds," or why the civil rights movement is beloved and the Confederacy is hated. Hint: It has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with consolidation….."

The Washington Times1/20/2000 "…. First, it was Tawana Brawley - whose story about smeared feces, rape and assault at the hands of white policemen in upstate New York turned out to be a lie - whom The Rev. Al Sharpton championed. Unabashed at later revelations about the story's fraudulence, Mr. Sharpton, along with Robert "Sonny" Carson, went on to agitate the black community of Crown Heights, where days of violence in 1991 against Hasidic Jewish residents culminated in the murder of Yankel Rosenbaum. In 1995 came the move on Freddy's Fashion Mart, where Mr. Sharpton cheered on and participated in two months of protests against the Jewish-owned Harlem store. This ended with the torching of the store, killing five young Hispanic women and a black security guard trapped inside. After a tragic police shooting last year left Amadou Diallo, an unarmed Guinean immigrant, dead in the Bronx, Mr. Sharpton convinced the bereaved family to cancel a scheduled meeting with New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, subsequently kicking off weeks of mass protests against the mayor and the New York Police Department. Now Mr. Sharpton is considering the cause of Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate candidacy….. Mrs. Clinton is hardly a lone political pilgrim seeking Mr. Sharpton's blessing, as noted here recently. Those dueling Democrats, Al Gore and Bill Bradley, in their ongoing game of top-this, both displayed their Sharpton seals-of-approval at the Iowa presidential forum this week. Asked whether they would meet with Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Gore replied that he already had, at least in a group, while Mr. Bradley said that he'd already paid a personal call to Sharpton headquarters last year. By bowing to Mr. Sharpton as kingmaker in New York circles, these three prominent Democrats have surely signaled that racial unity is not what their campaigns are about, not by a long stretch. Mrs. Clinton came, she hugged, she pandered, thus rendering the act of Mr. Sharpton's political beatification by the Democratic Party all but complete. Shame on her….."

NY Post 1/26/2000 "…..The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday took a big step toward undermining the pernicious notion in ethnic activist circles that "disparate impact" is automatic proof of racial discrimination -- and that aggressive federal intervention is needed to stop it. By a 5-4 vote, the court placed strict new limits on Washington's ability to veto proposed changes in the way state and local elections are held. The ruling will relieve pressure on states covered by the 1965 Voting Rights Act -- including parts of New York -- to create minority-majority districts to counter perceived racial discrimination….."

Los Angeles Times 1/24/2000 Julian Weissglass ".... It may be surprising, as reported recently in The Times, that upper-middle-class white families "work the system" to gain an advantage for their children on the SAT. Many people believe that the SAT is designed to provide colleges a fair method for making entrance decisions. In fact, the development of the SAT was influenced by a desire to decrease access by certain ethnic groups, and it continues to play that role. Both IQ tests and the SAT originated during an era of fear of the new immigrants from eastern and southern Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries....."

NY POST 1/24/2000 Gersh Kuntzman "….IF SHE had been in the room, Hillary Rodham Clinton's whole political life would've flashed before her eyes. There, in front of a predominantly black audience at the Rev. Al Sharpton's annual Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration, was a black preacher making apparently anti-Semitic remarks. Warming up the crowd, the Rev. Charles Norris launched into a bitter tirade about how he had once been fired by "a Jew" -- emphasis on the word "Jew" -- named Miller. But it turned out all right, Norris said, because he got another job with "another Jew named Jesus Christ." Clinton later condemned the remarks that she hadn't even heard, but Hillary-haters were quick to capitalize. "You lie down with dogs like Sharpton," many said, "and you get up with fleas." …… Many people would like to hear that Norris' office walls are covered with pictures of Louis "Hitler Was a Great Man" Farrakhan, Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson or Khalid "The So-Called Jew" Muhammad, or that I caught him at his desk composing a Sunday sermon condemning Jews as the bloodsuckers of black America. But on the walls are only pictures of Norris' two sons and five grandkids, and the sermon he was finishing up was about King Nebuchadnezzar. And he does not feel good about what he said last week. "It was not my intention to insult anyone, and I certainly wouldn't do it again," he said……. "

UPI 1/24/2000 "….Members of the Chinese-American community in Los Angeles have launched a fund-raising drive for suspected spy Wen Ho Lee, saying the high-profile investigation into the physicist has cast a cloud of mistrust and suspicion over all Asian Americans in the defense industry. The Committee of 100, an organization of Chinese American leaders in the Los Angeles area, is leading the effort and has raised about $4,000 for Lee's defense fund and are appealing for more donations…."

Quad City Times 1/26/2000 Anthony man John Patterson "…..A conspiracy exists to throw black students out of school so there will be inmates to populate an ever-growing number of prisons that are being built to provide jobs for whites, The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Tuesday. The civil rights activist dubbed the practice the "Decatur syndrome" because he said that city's schools provide a textbook example of what he was talking about. Jackson issued his indictment of Decatur and the state and national education and prison systems during a summit he convened in the state capital…… Although the city was the only place Jackson named, he said the situation is duplicated all over. "There's a Decatur syndrome in America, which we must address," he said. "It started in Decatur; it will end at the United Nations." ….. ‘

San Francisco Chronicle 1/25/2000 Yumi Wilson "…. Lawyers for San Francisco went to court yesterday to force two of Mayor Willie Brown's political supporters to turn over documents as part of an investigation into alleged abuses in the city's affirmative-action contracting program. City Attorney Louise Renne filed a complaint in Superior Court to force the owners of Charlie Walker Trucking and Scott-Norman Mechanical Inc. to comply with a December 10 subpoena for documents related to their certification as businesses eligible for contracts set aside for disadvantaged minority-run outfits. ``Charlie Walker Trucking and Scott-Norman have flatly refused to comply with these lawful subpoenas,'' the complaint said……"

New York Press 1/24/2000 Russ Smith "….First, there was Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile's comments a few weeks ago calling Colin Powell and J.C. Watts Uncle Toms. That was on top of her bragging that no "white boys" are going to control this campaign. She has yet to be fired. Now, there's the wholly contrived controversy over the Confederate flag flying in South Carolina…… Why is it now, with a Republican primary approaching, that the NAACP has called for an economic boycott of South Carolina until the flag comes down? Because that group is a pawn of the Democratic Party….."

United Press International 1/25/2000 "…..Police have arrested one of the six high school students expelled for fighting at a football game last year in Decatur, Ill. Roosevelt Fuller, 18, is charged with aggravated battery, domestic battery and aggravated assault for allegedly beating his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend and two of her teenaged friends. Fuller is one of six black students originally expelled for two years for brawling under the school board's "zero tolerance" policy for violence...."

Associated Press 2/2/2000 Bob Lewis "....A bill that would allow police officers to ticket motorists who drive without wearing seat belts is back, and this time with support from both parties as well as black lawmakers who last year helped defeat the measure. Del. William P. Robinson Jr., D-Norfolk, said at a news conference Tuesday that he has dropped his opposition to legislation allowing police to stop cars in which either the driver or a passenger is unbuckled. ...... Robinson, who is black, last year opposed a bill making failure to wear seat belts a primary offense because of concerns that it would heighten harassment of black motorists. Robinson said he changed his mind about the bill as a result of a study by Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tenn., showing "no rational nexus between requiring youngsters to buckle up and the phenomenon we know as 'driving while black.'" He said the study showed that deaths and injuries from failure to wear seat belts is greater among black people than other groups...."

The Minnesota Scholar, via CASNET Winter 2000 William Meehan III "....If there is any doubt that the campus Culture Wars are still being fought, and that the side defending academic freedom, intellectual substance, and individual merit is still losing, the story of the Applied Psychology (APSY) Department at St. Cloud State University (SCSU) is convincing. The APSY story is an exposé of the typical campus malaise created when an institution of higher learning loses sight of its mission, embracing instead an extreme ideology of Political Correctness, a dogma anathema to the purpose of a college and to the idea of liberal learning in a free society. This is the saga of how such a university carries out this misguided objective in a most intolerable way: by facilitating an attack on academic freedom, academic standards and academic quality, and by employing double standards in the discriminatory enforcement of policies. The APSY Department is in complete disarray, about to be divided into two divisions, the result of almost two years of turmoil. To date: The University is splitting the department because six of the twenty-two APSY faculty want a separate department for themselves. The six separatists also have accused the department of several "isms" and moral turpitude--all uninvestigated accusations that appear to be the only reason for the split. Meanwhile, ten professors ("APSY 10"), united to prevent the division, have prevailed in a complaint of discrimination. The finding--that College of Education Dean Joane McKay and President Suzanne Williams discriminated against the APSY 10 based on race, gender, and age-went unannounced, as did the exoneration of three professors on charges of racism. Moreover, minority graduate students toss around ugly accusations of racism under "free speech," while four white professors remain defamed. What is more, the President has proven to be a blatant ideologue. It's a university at its worst. ....."

News and Observer 2/2/2000 Dennis Paterson AP ".....Michael L. Hatcher had argued that he unfairly received a longer sentence after he and another man robbed two Hispanics in Winston-Salem in 1998. Hatcher and his co-defendant took a car, wallet and jewelry from the two Hispanic victims. They were convicted on two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon. Hatcher and his co-defendant picked Hispanic victims because they believed that Hispanics routinely carry large amounts of cash, he argued on appeal. And they believed that Hispanic victims would be less likely to report the crime to police. But Hatcher said he did not have any personal prejudice against Hispanics. A Superior Court judge ruled that since the victims' nationality made them a target, Hatcher should get a longer sentence for a "hate" crime. Hatcher was sentenced to 108 months to 139 months in prison on each of the two counts, with the sentences to run consecutively. .....But Judge Donald Smith, writing for the three-judge appeals panel, said the law requires only that a victim be targeted because of their race, religion or national origin. "There is no language in the statute to suggest a limiting requirement that the defendant harbor animosity toward a race or ethnic group," Smith wrote. "Accordingly, a finding of this factor may be made any time the defendant targets a person for victimization because of his race or national origin." ...."

USA Today 2/2/2000 david Cole ".... Tuesday's New Hampshire primary set one record few noticed: It marked the first time prisoners could vote in the state's presidential primary -- and, possibly, the last time, too. Prisoners won the right to vote in a lawsuit under the New Hampshire constitution, but the state has appealed to New Hampshire's Supreme Court. Some predict a state constitutional amendment if the Supreme Court rules for the prisoners. New Hampshire was not alone in barring persons convicted of crimes from voting. Another 45 states and the District of Columbia also deny the vote to offenders in prison. Of those, 32 extend that bar to those on parole, and 14 states prohibit ex-felons from voting for life, even after they have fully done their time. But, as both Democratic presidential candidates have urged, it's time we rethought this practice of ''felony disenfranchisement,'' which denies the vote to nearly 4 million Americans and overwhelmingly affects poor and minority citizens.....In Alabama and Florida, 31% of voting-age black men are barred from voting as a result of a felony conviction. That's easily enough to swing results in close races. Nationally, 13% of black men are disenfranchised for this reason, many for life, as compared to less than 2% of white men. ...."

Jewish World Review 2/1/2000 Ann Coulter ".....VICE PRESIDENT Al Gore, Bill Bradley and John McCain have all denounced the Confederate battle flag as representing slavery and have demanded that it be removed from all public buildings. Whenever I hear white people somberly opining that the Confederate battle flag symbolizes slavery, I can't help wondering who their friends are. Do their friends support slavery? Does anyone -- apart from a few demonstrably insane losers? ...."

Dallas Morning News 1/28/2000 Craig Flournoy "…. Two black leaders in Dallas testified at Al Lipscomb's public corruption trial that civil-rights activists routinely accepted secret payments from white benefactors. But two scholars, including one of this country's leading authorities on the civil-rights movement, say they know of no evidence to support that claim. And a veteran of three decades of community organizing in Dallas says he never received confidential cash payments. Mr. Lipscomb, a longtime member of the Dallas City Council, testified that he regularly accepted envelopes stuffed with cash from a white benefactor, Yellow Cab Co. owner Floyd Richards. Mr. Lipscomb, 74, was convicted Tuesday of 65 bribery and conspiracy counts. Sentencing is pending. ….."

American Partisan 1/28/2000 Robert Yoho "….The time has finally come for the public to seriously question the mental stability of self-proclaimed civil rights leader, the Reverend Jesse Jackson. After the court upheld the expulsion of six black thugs from a school in Decatur, Illinois, Jesse has been a man without a real mission. In short, the reverend is quickly losing his slim grasp of reality. Claiming there is conspiracy by white, racist school officials, our nation's newest conspiracy theorist has coined the term "Decatur Syndrome." Jesse has charged that racist school board members are actively seeking to expel young black students from school so that these same young blacks can fill our prisons, making jobs for scores of other racist white workers……."

The Orlando Sentinel 1/30/2000 Charley Reese "….Equal opportunity doesn't always guarantee equal results What do 19th century slave owners and 20th century proponents of affirmative action have in common? The answer is simple. They share a belief that blacks are basically inferior and cannot compete with whites on an equal playing field. That was how slave owners rationalized slavery. That's how proponents of affirmative action secretly rationalize their position. No other conclusion is possible. To argue for a double standard -- one higher standard for whites and another, lower standard for blacks -- is to state implicitly the belief that blacks are inferior. That's why Ward Connerly, a black American, is outraged by affirmative action. I think that it's time for all Americans to examine their beliefs and spit them out. We have for too long hidden behind euphemisms, slogans and evasions. Do you believe that blacks are inferior or don't you? If you do, then, at least, have the decency to say so. Go ahead and say it: Yes, if you ask blacks to meet the exact same standards that whites are expected to meet, many of them will fail. On the other hand, if you don't believe that blacks are inferior, then say so. Say, as Ward Connerly does: Stop insulting us with this paternalistic attitude that, without your help, we can't make it. A federal court made it plain that affirmative action is based on black inferiority. After examining the entrance requirements for state universities in Mississippi, the court found them to be identical for all students regardless of race. Then the court said that identical entrance requirements constitute discrimination against blacks……"

The Orlando Sentinel 1/30/2000 Charley Reese "….People seem to have forgotten that the purpose of the civil-rights revolution was to knock down legal barriers that prevented black Americans from enjoying their full rights as American citizens -- not as blacks or minorities but as Americans. That was done 36 years ago. Nowhere within the borders of the United States can anyone point to any law, ordinance or rule that in any way whatsoever impedes black Americans from exercising their full rights. What some people need to realize, of course, is that equal opportunity doesn't mean that you will get equal results. There may not be any legal barriers to my running in a marathon, but I don't. There were no legal barriers to my becoming a brain surgeon, but I chose not to. And when I score low on mechanical-aptitude tests, it's not because the tests are culturally biased. The problem in that case is not the test but me……. What politicians and liberal journalists, along with the professional racists, are doing today is playing a racist game. They want racial quotas -- except, of course, in the field of sports. There, it is all right if 13 percent of the population occupies 60 or 70 percent of the slots. ……."

Detroit "Free" Press 2/11/00 Frank Stafford Joseph Lupton "…..Our recent research has discovered that this nation faces several challenges when it comes to wealth and savings. While many Americans have increased their wealth, most African Americans have not. At the same time, wealth gains have prompted many people to get deeper into debt, which could be a long-term problem. There is a base-line wealth gap between blacks and whites. For every dollar of wealth the median white household (the household with 50 percent of the others above them and 50 percent below them) held in 1999, the median black household held barely 9 cents. This gap has not changed much during the past 15 years…….."

Detroit "Free" Press 2/11/00 Frank Stafford Joseph Lupton "…..So, part of the wide wealth gap between African-American and white families (estimated medians in mid- to late 1999 of $7,500 and $84,400, respectively) is significantly the result of how they choose to invest their money, or what is known as portfolio choice. Our research has shown that choosing to hold stocks or even a bank account depends on whether one's parents held such assets. Low ownership rates from prior generations can carry over to the current generation. Others have pointed to the historical gap in access to financial markets by African Americans. Even today, more than two-fifths of African-American families report that they have no bank account. Possibly this generational influence will weaken as discussions such as this make these choices more a part of public dialogue. The stock market coverage may one day rival the coverage of professional football, if it doesn't already! …"

World Net Daily 2/5/00 Jon Doggett "….I am an American of African descent who believes that the principles of the conservative movement are central to the survival of our nation. My choice to be a conservative upsets white liberals. In fact, one of them called me a nigger this week because I quoted Senator Jesse Helms in support of my opposition to the U.N. So be it; I can take that. But what really chaps my hide is when racist white liberals claim that I am alone -- that no other Americans of African descent are conservative. Here are the facts. According to the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, the leading African American think tank, only 1/3 of African Americans call themselves liberals. One third of all Americans of African descent call themselves moderates and 1/3 call themselves conservatives. In fact, 27 percent call themselves Christian Conservatives. One of these individuals is Dr. Melvin L. Johnson, pastor of the Heart of Christ Community Baptist Church in Brazoria, Texas. ……" 2/4/00 "…."The counterintelligence people, it's like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. They just come and get you one day," says Adam Ciralsky to 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl about the day the CIA informed him that he was under investigation. In his first interview, to be broadcast on Sunday, Feb. 6, on CBS, the former CIA lawyer says he's not a spy and was targeted for investigation because he is a religious Jew. 60 Minutes has been told by current and former intelligence sources that ethnic profiling along the lines alleged by Ciralsky has become a tool used by the nation's spy catchers to root out traitors. An example of the CIA's ethnic profiling, Ciralsky says, was the agency's creating of what he calls a "Jewish resume." In a background summary of his life, Ciralsky says, the CIA ignored all secular information about him in favor of the religious, mentioning his college minor in Judaic studies but leaving out his international affairs major, and pointing to his Hebrew study while ignoring his Spanish classes. ..."

APBnews 2/4/00 Rick Sarlat "….A white motorist has filed a federal lawsuit against the city and two police officers alleging his civil rights were violated when he was pulled over in a predominately black neighborhood and searched without probable cause. Without their knowledge, someone was standing nearby with a video camera on the night of March 28, 1998, filming Officers Brian Sanders and Kenneth Fleming as they strip searched Robert A. Hluchan Jr., handcuffed him and rummaged through his BMW. The tape was made public when Hluchan's lawyers filed suit. The suit alleges that after the search the officer's went to the house of Hluchan's girlfriend, who is black, and her grandmother, where he'd been just prior being pulled over, and searched the house without a search warrant or permission……"

ABC Talking Head Show 2/6/00 Freeper sigi "….. On ABC this morning Sam Donaldson is ripping McCain a new body cavity. He flatly accused him of taking money from a racist editor of a magazine supporting racism. He flogged him with the racist charge, and then banged him on the head with the South Carolina flag. He asked him these rude and grotesque questions in McCain's own home! ...,,:

Virginian Pilot 2/7/00 Larry O’Dell "…..Over the emotional objections of black Democrats who warned of voter intimidation, the House of Delegates on Friday approved Republican-backed legislation requiring Virginians to show identification at the polls. Del. Jerrauld C. Jones, D-Norfolk, reminded his fellow legislators that the people who once occupied their seats imposed poll taxes and other laws designed to discourage blacks from voting. ``While those days may be gone by, the effects from those actions still linger on today,'' Jones said. ``We cannot ignore our history.'' He said some people don't carry identification, ``but they're equal and they should be able to vote. ..."

USA TODAY 2/8/00 "…..The Statue of Liberty has long stood as a beacon of hope to immigrants. But National Park Service researchers are looking into the possibility that Lady Liberty may have been intended, at least in part, as a monument to freed black slaves. And if that's true, it could lead to a change in how the park service portrays the 114-year-old monument's history. An unsourced text began appearing on the Internet several years ago and quickly spread the theory that the widely accepted history of the Statue of Liberty is not true, says Rebecca M. Joseph, a Boston-based park service anthropologist. The Internet report said that the statue ''was intended as a monument to the abolition of slavery in the United States and that the original model was a black woman,'' according to Joseph. ……"

NY POST 2/9/00 Eric Fettmann "….IMAGINE my surprise at learning that I'm at the center of a raging Internet controversy that is now officially being investigated by the federal government. According to an Associated Press story this week, National Park Service researchers are seeking to determine whether there's been a century-long coverup of the true history of the Statue of Liberty -- whether, in fact, the statue was intended as a monument to black troops and the abolition of slavery. Moreover, according to a widely circulated Internet document, the statue's original model was a black woman -- but the design was altered so as not to offend the South. The cited proof? According to the Internet, it's a photo and article in the June 17, 1986 New York Post -- an installment in a 10-part history of the statue which I wrote for its centennial celebration. Like most Internet rumors, this one has a kernel of truth to it. But it's been exaggerated and combined with outright misinformation. Yes, the true story of this magnificent monument is far more complex than most people realize -- but it's certainly no racist coverup designed to "promote white supremacy at the expense of Black Pride." ……. Bartholdi adapted the statue from a failed project to construct a giant lighthouse at the entrance to the Suez Canal in Egypt; the structure was to portray a robed Egyptian woman, holding a torch, standing on a fortress-like pedestal. But the khedive of Egypt rejected the project as too expensive. In 1870, Bartholdi prepared his first sketches of "Liberty Enlightening the World," which closely resembled the Egyptian statue but included the broken chains of slavery at her feet. Later that year, he redesigned the face -- using as a model not an African woman but his severe-faced mother, Charlotte (Liberty's body was modeled on the sculptor's mistress, Jeanne-Emilie Baheux de Puysieux). As for the photo of the supposed "African" face featured in The Post, the picture is not -- as incorrectly captioned -- an early model, but shows the actual face that now stands over New York Harbor. The photo, as shown in Marvin Trachtenberg's marvelous 1976 architectural history of the statue, shows Liberty's head during contruction on what was then Bedloe's Island shortly before its dedication in October 1886. It appears "black" for a simple reason: the copper statue's original color was not the familiar green we see today -- the patina that naturally occurs over the course of repeated exposure to the elements -- but a much darker orange-red bronze. ……. (Actually, as the oxidation process continued, the statue first turned pitch black before reaching its current green hue, as Bartholdi knew it would.) But there was no African model and the statue was never meant to portray a freed slave. Nor was there any "racist" uproar that forced Bartholdi to alter his design. ….." 2/9/00 Carl Limbacher "…..It was his and hers ethnic slurs for Bill and Hillary Clinton this week, with the President insulting the Irish on Wednesday and the First Lady revealing what seems to be her stereotypical view of New York Jews the day before. Referring to the disintegrating peace process in Northern Ireland, Mr. Clinton told reporters that all parties would have to "belly-up to the bar" and work towards a resolution of the conflict. It was the second time in five months that the President, a supposed model of ethnic tolerance, invoked a barroom analogy while talking about Irish unrest. In October Clinton complained to reporters that Irish antagonists were like "a couple of drunks walking out of a bar for the last time. When they get to the swinging door, they turn right around and go back in and say I just can't quite get there." On Tuesday Mrs. Clinton took her US Senate campaign to Rochester, New York, where she outlined a plan to make prescription drugs more affordable. Inexplicably, the First Lady invoked what sounded like an ethnic stereotype for Jewish New Yorkers to make her point. "I was always told that New Yorkers never pay retail," Clinton said, suggesting that even the state's most savvy bargainers are being gouged by the big pharmaceutical companies. ….."

Jewish World Review 2/9/00 Walter Williams "…..THERE'S A STORY about a visitor to an Indian reservation who sees a Bureau of Indian Affairs officer uncontrollably crying. He asks, "Why are you crying?" The officer sobs, "My Indian died." The officer didn't give a hoot about the Indian, he was worried about his budget that was determined by the number of "his" Indians. How much truth is in that story is one thing, but it surely has application to the plight of many black college students. Here's a question: What serves the interests of black college students the most, a college admitting as many as possible or a college having as many as possible graduate? The answer depends on where you sit, and I'll say why after a few statistics….."

AP 2/13/00 "…..The controversy over the Confederate flag has reached the rodeo grounds. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is banning event participants from flying the banners because they are a divisive, politicized symbol, a show executive told the Houston Chronicle on Friday. The Confederate battle flag has always been a common sight at some of the Houston rodeo's concerts and in the barbecue cook-off area...."

Washington Post 2/12/00 Lisa de Moraes "….UPN's new black-cast sitcom "The Parkers" was the most watched series last fall among African American viewers. Among whites, it ranked No. 126--out of 128 programs. Yes, television viewing in the United States these days is a segregated experience for the most part, according to the latest study on black and white viewing by New York-based media buyer TN Media. Eight of the top 20 series among African American households featured casts entirely or mostly made up of black actors...."

Jewish World Review 2/11/00 Larry Elder "….-- "CAN ANYBODY explain this to me -- why is it that nearly all our contestants are white men? I'm a white man, so you know I have nothing against them, but come on. We would really like a little more diversity." Last week, Regis Philbin, host of "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?" greeted viewers with that editorial. Of the nearly 100 "Millionaire" contestants so far, only a few women sat in the "hot seat," and no blacks, Hispanics, or other racial minorities. A problem? Who's complaining? The NAACP? No. La Raza? No. Dennis Rodman? Poet Maya Angelou once complained about the lack of racial diversity on "Jeopardy." But Host Alex Trebek promptly welcomed Angelou, or any other qualified person, to apply. We welcome all, he said, but first you apply and qualify. …."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 2/12/00 Valerie Schremp "…..Late Thursday night, as Chris Bellers stood gassing up his truck at the Citgo station off Butler Hill Road in south St. Louis County, he looked over at the Ku Klux Klan Adopt-A-Highway sign on Interstate 55 and thought, "That's gotta go." So he drove at least 10 miles to the 24-hour Home Depot off of Watson Road. He bought a hand saw. He drove to a parking lot near the KKK sign, climbed a fence, and started cutting. Bellers, 23, stumbled down the hill with the sign and post and managed to throw it in the back of his truck. Missouri Highway Patrol troopers on surveillance arrested Bellers on the parking lot just after midnight. ……. Bellers said his decision was spur-of-the-moment and he hasn't been in trouble with the law before. "I just found the thing offensive," he said. "We all know why. It's the Klan. I don't think they ought to be advertising, and I don't think they ought to be advertising with state money." …… The battle has extended beyond the sign tear-downs. A 672-square-foot billboard with the message "Freedom of Speech Protects All People, Even When They're Wrong" was erected along the highway last month as a response to the nearby signs. Bellers said with sarcasm that he guesses "freedom not to be offended isn't protected." Still, he doesn't regret what he did, even though he fears he may lose his job. ….."

Daily Republican 2/11/00 Sam Goldman "….The Diversity Hoax is a collection of essays by members of the University of California, Berkeley's Boalt Hall Law School class of 2000, the were the first to have been admitted after passage of California's Proposition 209 barred the use of racial preferences in university admissions. Most Berkeley students and faculty had strongly opposed the measure, but conservatives, and even some liberals, among the class never dreamed that their legal education would be taken hostage by affirmative action activists for whom the "marketplace of ideas" had no room for dissent. The Boalt students' stories are appalling. One class was invaded by protestors, who demanded that white students give up their seats for minority members whose applications had been rejected. The professor was hooted down when he explained that he would teach only actual Boalt students and was forced to dismiss the class. David Wienir reports rumors that a Caucasian piñata was smashed by irate students, behavior that would almost certainly be prosecuted as a hate crime had white perpetrators destroyed an effigy of a person of color. An anonymous contributor to The Diversity Hoax imagines a "White Person's Anonymous...the only place at Boalt where I feel I don't have to apologize for the color of my skin," in an "almost nonfiction" essay….."

Daily Republican 2/11/00 Sam Goldman "….Speech codes are a particularly nasty product, popular with the campus left. These rules, some form of which exists at most major universities, penalize behavior believed to create a "hostile environment" similar to that proscribed by some kinds of sexual harassment law. In practice, speech codes makes an actionable offense of any kind of communication that anyone finds upsetting. The Diversity Hoax details some of the worst excesses of the speech code fad, which reached a height with the well-publicized Penn "water buffalo"case of 1995. Kors and Silverglate keep the smug editorializing to a minimum--a smart move, since anyone who finds nothing wrong with the statement that there is "no place [at the University] for something that doesn't show African Americans in a positive light" by the University of Missouri's Equal Employment Opportunity director of probably won't be convinced by any book. Kors and Silverglate also report the draconian procedures that many schools used to prosecute speech offenses. Hearings were carried out in secret and alleged offenders were often denied the opportunity to speak to a lawyer or be represented by a faculty advocate. Due process, clearly, was less important than enforcing consensus. ….."

Daily Republican 2/11/00 Sam Goldman "….The Shadow University's final chapter mercifully details the defeats that the advocates of stifling political consensus have suffered in the courts and public opinion. They describe the remarkable coalition of students and administrators, liberals and conservatives, lawyers and reporters, who are, like The Diversity Hoax essayists, the only good guys in what is otherwise a race to craven submission. Politicians, particularly, have been reluctant to speak out, for fear of alienating powerful constituencies. It is a testament to just how bad things are that Alan Dershowitz appears as one of minor heroes of MIT's speech code fight……"

Nando Times (Online) 2/16/00 Geir Moulson "…..Experts at a U.N. meeting Wednesday said Wednesday that the United States could do more to curb the use of the Internet for racist material while upholding freedom of speech. "New forms of communications technology such as the Internet are being used to support the dissemination of racial hatred," Mary Robinson, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, told participants in a three-day seminar on racism. Speakers noted the legal challenges of controlling Internet content in, and originating from, the United States, where the First Amendment of the constitution guarantees freedom of speech. There are an estimated 250 to 400 self-proclaimed hate groups in the United States with their own Web sites. ……"

Frontpage Magazine 2/17/00 Karina Rollins "…..IN FORTY YEARS, the political left has gone from fighting racism to creating it. It views every social ill, every cultural trend, every minute statistic through the prism of race and sex, demanding "proportional representation." Thus, if 12 percent of Americans are black, then 12 percent of lawyers, accountants, and horse breeders must be black. If 51 percent of Americans are women, then 51 percent of elected officials and construction workers must be female. Anything less is seen as proof of the evil workings of race or gender discrimination. Such group-think disregards individuality; it ignores that different people simply have different skills and talents. The bean-counters, however, put down their abacuses when the topic is pro sports. Sure, they complain that too few blacks are quarterbacks or head coaches, and assume that racism must be to blame. But they never ask why so many blacks are wide receivers, point guards, sprinters. Surely it is not discrimination that keeps whites from playing these positions. So what explains the disproportional representation? The politically incorrect question: Why? The politically dangerous answer: Race……."

United Press International 2/15/00 "….San Antonio police Tuesday arrested an 18-year-old black man in a case officers said they were investigating as a possible hate crime. Obie Weathers was arrested at his telemarketing job in the San Antonio suburb of Live Oak, and charged with the aggravated assault of Ernest Johnson, 62, during a robbery. Police Sgt. Ernest Celaya said Weathers will be charged with another aggravated assault on a 63-year-old man and the brutal murder of Norma Petrash, 82, who was beaten to death in her home. All of the crimes took place within the same six-block radius, and all within the same 24-hour period earlier this month. All three victims are white. Celaya would not confirm one detective's statement that Weathers had told officers, "I hate all white people." But Celaya said the case is being investigated as a possible hate crime……"

The Orange County Register 2/16/00 Hanh Kim Quach "…..An Internet site the Assembly Democrats have linked to their own Web site condemns black Republicans as "Uncle Toms" and calls the Republican Party the "white-wing." Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa, D-Los Angeles, whose office is in charge of compiling the Assembly Democratic Caucus' Web page, said he's never heard of the Afronet Web site and doesn't know who created the link. Afronet is listed as a "resource" on the Democrats' page, Assembly Republican Leader Scott Baugh of Huntington Beach said he didn't think Afronet should be linked to a government-controlled site. …… One article calls black conservatives "brainwashed house negros" and calls white Republicans "racist." "The articles can be construed from a white perspective as being anti-white," Atterberry said. "But there are certain lifestyle issues that African-Americans go through that whites don't go through." ……. But Republicans took offense. The link, said Assemblyman Ken Maddox of Garden Grove, "demonstrates duplicity on the part of the Democratic Caucus to publicly bemoan racism, yet promote it on a state Web page." ……Ward Connerly, a University of California regent and a black Republican, called it "a form of racism." "While the Democrats are talking about the Confederate flag in South Carolina and pounding their chest about affirmative action, maybe they ought to take a look at their own circumstances," he said. ……"

New York Post 2/16/00 Michael Kelly "…..Consider the courtship of the Rev. Al Sharpton. In the genteel press, Sharpton is carefully referred to by euphemism -- community leader, activist. Actually, he is a professional monger of racial hatred, a career inciter of race-violence. Sharpton first came to national attention during the 1988 Tawana Brawley hoax, in which he enthusiastically spread the incendiary lie that a black teenage girl had been assaulted, smeared with feces and raped by a group of white law enforcement officers in upper New York state. That he libeled innocent men and fostered racial enmity seems never to have bothered Sharpton. In 1991, Sharpton helped stoke the outrage of the black community of Brooklyn's Crown Heights, following the accidental killing of a black child there by a car in the motorcade of the orthodox Rabbi Menachem Schneerson. The days of violence that followed culminated in the street mob-murder of Yankel Rosenbaum. In 1995, Sharpton supported a racist and obviously explosive street protest against a Jewish-owned Harlem clothing store, Freddy's, which was accused of attempting to drive a black record store out of business. In a rally broadcast on his weekly radio program, Sharpton spoke thusly: "We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business on 125th Street." Also broadcast were these statements by protest leader Morris Powell, head of the 125th Street Vendors Association: "We're not going to stand idly by and let a Jewish person come in black Harlem and methodically drive black people out of business. We are going to see that this cracker suffers. Reverend Sharpton is on it." On Dec. 8, after two months of rhetorical violence, protester Roland Smith entered the store armed with a pistol. Screaming "It's on now, all blacks out," Smith opened fire. He set the store ablaze, and then shot himself. Smith killed seven store employees, most of them minorities. Afterward, Sharpton said he had only been seeking to mediate. In pursuit of black votes, Bill Bradley, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore have all wooed Sharpton. Bradley and Clinton have been open and enthusiastic about this……" 2/14/00 Steve Dunleavy "….. IF THERE is nothing to fear except fear itself, why the hell am I terrified? Simply, it's because if justice truly prevails in the weeks ahead, the Rev. Al Sharpton will have a field day. Let's talk of my concerns. First: My inalterable belief that Chuck Schwarz, the former cop and Marine, had nothing to do with the horrible crime against Abner Louima. Second: The four officers charged in the Amadou Diallo tragedy are about as guilty of murder as I am. Third and most important: What irreversible social earthquake will Sharpton trigger if, indeed, true justice should prevail in both of the above agonies? Is he setting the stage for civil blackmail? I have seen for a long time what Sharpton's mindless race-baiting can do to decent humans of all races. For many days in Poughkeepsie, I saw the results of what Sharpton did in the disgusting sham of the Tawana Brawley case. Together with two other clowns, he shattered the life of prosecutor Steve Pagones over one of the most concocted, ongoing and vicious lies I have ever seen. I saw Crown Heights explode after Sharpton lit a match near a tinderbox and proclaimed it had nothing to do with him. And Harlem saw eight people die in the arson of Freddy's Fashion mart on 125th Street after Sharpton talked about the owner as a "white interloper." ……"

Boston Globe 2/14/00 Susan Milligan "…..In an apparent effort to win more of the black vote here, Vice President Al Gore met secretly yesterday with the Rev. Al Sharpton, the controversial preacher. Emerging from the building where Gore's daughter, Karenna Gore Schiff, lives, Sharpton refused to discuss the meeting, saying only, ''It was a good meeting, I'm not going to say anything more.'' The late-afternoon meeting seemed to come as a surprise to several senior members of the Gore campaign staff. Reporters caught Sharpton leaving the Upper East Side building. ……."

Los Angeles Times 2/15/00 Augustin Gurza "…… The caller's voice bristled with anger and sarcasm. Somehow I had managed to disgust him with a column about the closeness of Latino families and how some, like mine, grow apart under the pressure of assimilation. "I'm sick and tired of your racist column in El Tiempo de Los Angeles," said the anonymous reader, mockingly converting this newspaper's name to Spanish and pronouncing it with pomposity. The very premise of the family column was racist, he argued….. Still, my sarcastic critic is not alone. Never have I been called a racist as often as I have since starting this column last year for The Times on Latino culture and ethnic issues. Reader reaction on this point is not just random. There's an ideological underpinning to these accusations, based on a conservative challenge to multiculturalism as racism in reverse. ……. The question of reverse racism makes the matter much messier. If the oppressed hate their oppressors, is that racism too? Not necessarily, by this definition, since victims would have to believe in the inferiority of their victimizers. Not all hate based on race is racist hate. Nowadays, even once-legitimate remedies to racism are considered racist themselves. That includes affirmative action, although nobody ever advocated minority preferences because whites are inferior. It's gotten to the point that some critics dismiss as racist any assertion of racial pride or cultural identity. Diversity and multiculturalism are "the new racism," argues Michael S. Berliner of the Ayn Rand Institute in Marina del Rey, a think tank that promotes capitalism and individual rights. ……" 2/14/00 Justin Torres "…. Anti-population control activists are outraged by the Clinton Administration's budget proposal which they said "smacks of racism" because it focuses on the urban poor, a group that is disproportionally African-American. The budget proposal unveiled by Clinton includes a 16 percent increase for contraception and family planning measures aimed at "over 5 million low income women." The extra $35 million for fiscal year 2001 "will be used to prevent over a million unintended pregnancies [per] year by improving the delivery of comprehensive reproductive health services," and to "increase the accessibility of contraceptive counseling and services [and] provide effective contraceptives to those in need," according to the executive summary that accompanied the budget…….. For a 'family planning' program to draw in a disproportionate number of African Americans, either by accident or design, smacks of racism," said Steve Mosher, president of Population Research International. "This effect is particularly unconscionable given that African American birth rates, for the first time in history, have now fallen below replacement."..."

Los Angeles Times 2/15/00 Robert Scheer "…..Now we understand why O.J. was acquitted. Now we know why a jury of his racial peers--drawn from a community with a long history of abuse at the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department--would take his word over the police and blithely accept that damning evidence of guilt could have been planted by the cops. The scummy truth seeping out of the LAPD's Rampart Division is a shocker to most of us who have never experienced the dark side of law enforcement. But others, particularly in the minority community, know well the double standard, the racial profiling, the planting of evidence, the us-them mentality in which the end justifies the means--and the end is framing you. ……."

Reuters 2/15/00 "…..The Confederate battle flag atop South Carolina's Statehouse, which has become a presidential campaign issue, is a personal "affront" and should be removed, retired Gen. Colin Powell said Monday. Powell, a prominent black Republican mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate or Cabinet member, said the flag was a symbol of the racial segregation he encountered in the South in the early 1960s. "I'd take it down," Powell said in response to a question at a Houston news conference. "When I look on the state Capitol and see that flag and I remember 1962, it's an affront to me and it ought to be an affront to all Americans." Powell was referring to his experience driving through the segregated South on his way to military training in North Carolina in 1962, the year the flag was placed on South Carolina's Capitol dome. "I had to go nonstop the whole way because there wasn't any place in all those states where I could find a motel that I could put my wife into on my way to Vietnam to fight for my country," he said. ….."

National Review Online 2/14/00 Jonah Goldberg "…..First off, he's black. Did you know that? Well, it seems that this is news to a lot of journalists. Indeed, by all rights Alan Keyes should not exist. He is akin to a square circle, a well-read Alec Baldwin, a chaste Bill Clinton, a white Al Sharpton. Indeed, it is the refusal of the national media that has prompted me to write this column. That, and the endless haranguing from Keyes supporters. I don't much like being on the same page as US News and World Report. Last month in Iowa, Keyes won a sizable number of votes from the sort of people East and West Coast liberals think are physically incapable of seeing beyond race. Indeed, the people who get their daily programming from the New York Times op-ed page are incapable of imagining that there are conservative, pro-life, church-attending white folks who could be comfortable with a black doctor, policeman or school teacher, let alone a black commander-in-chief. And yet these are the people who voted for Alan Keyes…..…..It's worth remembering that in 1988 numerous "serious" commentators considered Jesse Jackson's failure to win the Democratic nomination a barometer of white racism. "A black man can't win" was the mantra at the time……"

AP 2/25/00 "……Sen. Ernest ``Fritz'' Hollings, D-S.C., called Bob Jones University ``a national embarrassment'' and said he might support a Senate resolution condemning the fundamentalist Christian college for its views on Catholicism and interracial dating. Hollings said Thursday he would consider supporting the resolution, which Sen. Robert G. Torricelli, D-N.J., plans to introduce. Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., said Friday he would introduce a similar resolution in the House. ``If it's worded properly, I might support it,'' Hollings said. ``I'm embarrassed by the racism, the bigotry, the prejudice.'' ``It's a national embarrassment ..."

ABC Raw News 2/25/00 Reuters "…..A prominent Jewish group on Friday charged Yahoo! Inc. violated its own rules by hosting alleged racist and anti-Semitic clubs and asked the popular Internet portal to shut down the extremists' sites. Yahoo! clubs include bulletin boards and chat rooms that allow users to post pictures and text. But under the Internet portal's service agreement members are not allowed to post content that is hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable. The New York-based Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has mounted a public campaign of letter-writing and press releases charging that contrary to its rules, Yahoo! hosted dozens of online clubs whose members support white supremacists and racist hate groups, including the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the National Association for the Advancement of White People, and the World Church of the Creator. ......"

Unversity of Houston Daily Cougar Online 1/28/00 Adam Elrod "…..In the beginning, the American Civil Rights movement, led by Rev. King, was a quest for equal opportunity. It was an endeavor that was rooted in deep-seeded Christian values, a fundamental belief in the equality of man, the moral fallacy of injustice, and the premise that each individual, given the freedom to do so, can achieve to his maximum potential. Fast forward to the present state of the civil rights movement in America. Led by people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Donna Brazile, and trumpeted by the NAACP, the "civil rights movement" is no longer what Dr. King envisioned. Donna Brazile, an African-American woman, civil rights leader, and the head of Vice-President Al Gore's Presidential campaign staff said, referring to their upcoming bout with the Republican Party in the Presidential race, "I will not let the white boys win. That is not a description of gender or race, it's an attitude. A white-boy attitude is 'I must exclude, denigrate and leave behind.' They don't see it or think about it. It's a culture. A sense of utter entitlement." This is not exactly judging "not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character," as Dr. King so eloquently stated. Jesse Jackson, the leader of the "civil rights movement", referred to the Jewish segment of New York City as "hymetown", an obvious attack against Jewish-Americans, and, again, not exactly in the spirit of the words of Dr. King….."

Associated Press 2/25/00 "….The Secret Service blocks many black agents, including some who guard the president, from promotion to senior management positions, three black agents alleged in a discrimination complaint filed yesterday with the agency. The agents - all of whom have worked on details protecting President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore - cite a pattern of discrimination involving performance evaluations, assignments, training, promotions, transfers and "a racially hostile work environment." They are seeking an official agency finding that their rights have been violated and an order barring the Secret Service from any form of discrimination. ……"

WorldNetDaily 2/23/00 Jon Dougherty "…..But don't ever imagine you can challenge their right to say and think what they wish. They're on the side of "righteousness," don't you know -- as defined, of course, by all the leftists. At one point in our country's history, we used to use that line of reasoning to control slaves and other "enemies" of "conventional wisdom." At one point, Hitler used it to control his political opposition. …… For example consider the ridiculous nature of anti-tobacco advertising. It's "against the law" to advertise cigarettes in most venues today, but the same people who have championed this ban don't mind seeing Budweiser lizards or Jack Daniels plastered all over the same venues. ...All guns are bad -- taboo -- Americans are constantly told. Even a large banking conglomerate like Citibank refuses to do business with people who do business in weaponry. But it's OK to do business with other businesses that hype sex and violence -- as if neither of those two vices actually hurt people. ……If you're a Christian and you talk publicly about your faith, you're either branded as some sort of extremist or you're disregarded as unrealistic. Witness the numerous sportscasters who were uncomfortable talking to St. Louis Rams' winning quarterback Kurt Warner who unabashedly credits his skill and performance to the Almighty. …….If you're white -- and specifically a white guy -- then you're inherently racist. But if your skin is any other color in this country, you're somehow immune from being a racist, even though you may espouse anti-white rhetoric and blame "whites" for everything that has gone wrong in your life. Anything "liberal" or associated with the Democratic National Committee is good. Anything "conservative" or associated with the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party or anything right of left is worse than bad -- it's dangerous…….Only kids who are educated in public schools learn the "right" things, while kids schooled at home or in parochial/private settings are considered freakish and disadvantaged. And the list goes on. …."

Ap 2/23/00 "…..The parents of a 13-year-old girl have filed a federal complaint against their school district alleging that the girl has been subjected to racial discrimination and harassment in school. The complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights accused the suburban Baldwinsville School District of "cruel and unjust punishment" and failure to act on civil rights violations. According to Mildred and Roger Booker, who are African-American, their eighth-grade daughter, Elizabeth, was subjected to racial slurs by fellow pupils, denied immediate medical treatment after being "assaulted" by another pupils and "segregated" from other pupils by being confined to a cubicle for a month for talking in class. …."

CNN 2/23/00 "……The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down Hawaii's practice of letting only people with Hawaiian blood vote for leaders of a program that benefits descendants of the island's original residents. The voting restriction allows unlawful racial discrimination, the justices ruled by a 7-2 vote. "A state may not deny or abridge the right to vote on account of race, and this law does so," Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the court as it invalidated a provision of Hawaii's constitution. A white Hawaii rancher had challenged the state's limits on who can vote for trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, which administers state funds and proceeds of public land to aid people descended from original Hawaiians. …..The office, created in 1978, administers a $300 million trust that provides economic, social, health and education aid for about 200,000 residents of Hawaiian blood. ….."

NEWSMAX 2/23/00 Carl Limbacher "….. New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman complained to Al Gore on Tuesday about his claim during Monday night's Apollo Theater debate with Bill Bradley that "racial profiling practically began" in her state. Gore leveled the charge against Bradley without citing a single shred of evidence, after the former New Jersey senator called on the VP to get President Clinton to sign an executive order banning the practice………"I understand that you were trying to make the point that Senator Bradley did little, if anything at all, to address the problem of racial profiling during his 18 years as a United States Senator," Whitman wrote to Gore. "On that point you are absolutely on target." Then came her zinger about Clinton: "You must have misspoken when you alleged that racial profiling 'practically began in New Jersey.' The fact is that racial profiling is a national problem that the President and the Department of Justice have indicated goes well beyond state borders. If the public record is correct, in 1988 Governor Bill Clinton sanctioned a program by Arkansas State Troopers that profiled Hispanic drivers. The program was declared unconstitutional by federal courts and was the subject of a consent decree." In fact, as reported here yesterday, then-Gov. Clinton even tried to revive Arkansas' racial profiling program after the court tossed it out. ……"

Los Angeles Times 2/22/00 Claudia Kolker "…..With a mix of revulsion and urgency, people in communities from Florida to Oklahoma, Missouri to Texas, are also beginning to study their bloody pasts.- The outlines often are similar* an individual lynching turned into a full-fledged pogrom. In some riot-wracked towns, such as Harrison, Ark., black populations vanished so completely--having fled or been murdered--that scholars liken the results to ethnic cleansing. The new will to confront those awful times, say historians, echoes a worldwide trend of recognizing, apologizing for--and sometimes compensating --crimes against particular groups. The first task, not an easy one, is to assemble the fragmented, second- or third-hand, accounts. Then, the questions get even harder. …….. But researchers may never truly know what happened in the small town of Elaine, perched on the Mississippi about 25 miles from Helena. As in other places where riots broke out, the most graphic events of the Elaine attack were described by newspapers, or trial transcripts. Absent, however, are crucial details: black death counts, property documents, methodical eyewitness interviews….."

Intellectual Capital P.Sheldon 2/17/00 David Horowitz "…..A NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE COACH has a mediocre season and is released by the team. Jesse Jackson fires off a letter of protest. In Michigan, a thirteen-year-old murderer faces sentencing as an adult. Al Sharpton flies into the state and holds a press conference accusing racists in the criminal-justice system of trying to take "our children." …… (Shades of Decatur, Ill. where Jackson defends teenage thugs expelled from school in the same familial voice.) Hollywood launches a season where black characters rarely make the cut on the television shows on the big four networks. The NAACP threatens boycotts and two networks agree to racial quotas. The largest "civil rights" demonstration in nearly a decade is organized in South Carolina to protest the flying of a rebel flag. These recent events have two features in common: From the perspective of the civil-rights movement they claim as their legacy, they are all laughable charades; and their only shared purpose is to keep alive the idea that whites are racists and are responsible for the problems of African Americans. The reality is quite different. The civil-rights struggle was won 30 years ago. What passes for civil rights these days is a political shakedown and a racial hustle………. Sixty-five percent of the millionaires on the Green Bay Packers, the team that fired coach Ray Rhodes, are black…….. the fact that homicide is a prime killer of young black males is integrally connected to the number of homicides committed by young black males. (A black is six times as likely to die of homicide as a white, while 94 percent of the killers of blacks are also black.) Treating youthful black murderers as adults is about taking black life seriously. Sharpton has no interest in black children in the inner city, however, or in anyone, in fact, except himself. …… If the race card is power to Democrat politicians, it is money and power to race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton. Once upon a time, Jackson would make demagogic harangues in inner-city communities about "racist" liquor distributors who were targeting the African American population. Budweiser is currently running commercials featuring black racial stereotypes. Ordinarily, this would be a Jackson two-fer. In the old days, Jackson attacked Anheuser-Busch for a lack of minority ownership among its distributors. But today Jesse Jackson's lips are sealed. Possible reason: Two of Jackson's sons were recently given the No. 1 Budweiser distributorship in Chicago, worth $33 million in annual revenues. And they got it, against all competitors, for almost no cash down….." 2/20/00 Bruce Sullivan "……In the wake of his distant third-place finish in the South Carolina primary, Republican presidential nomination candidate Alan Keyes said Sunday that "racists in the media" have conspired to give him as little television exposure as possible to keep fellow African Americans from hearing his conservative viewpoints. "The broadcast media is the media that is watched by most black folks in America. They don't get a lot of the cable channels. And as a result these racists don't want black people to know that the most capable candidate in this race has a black skin," said Keyes on CNN Late Edition……."

Washington Post 2/18/00 Terry Neal "…..A liberal public interest group today asked John McCain to repudiate and fire a top South Carolina adviser who has written racially charged articles. He refused. Also today in South Carolina, George W. Bush testily defended his decision to speak at Bob Jones University, which bans interracial dating and whose leaders have made anti-Catholic statements. And he continued to be pressed on whether South Carolina should remove the Confederate battle flag from its capitol. The day's events underscore the complicated role that race is playing in the primary here, where both candidates are trying to appeal to minorities as well as moderate white voters. Despite the candidates' efforts to avoid or downplay them, racial controversies continue to dog Bush and McCain in voter forums and news conferences. ….. It even came up in a very personal way as McCain spoke in unusually strong terms about his North Vietnamese captors when he was a prisoner of war. He was questioned by reporters on his campaign bus about an e-mail message being circulated that referred to an article in The Nation magazine that cited his use of the word "gook" to describe his captors. …."If anybody doesn't believe that these interrogators and these prison guards who tortured me and my friends were not cruel and sadistic people that deserve the appellation gook. . . . There's no appellation that could be bad enough. I'm referring to our prison guards." he said. "I will continue to refer to them probably in language that might offend some people here...I hated the gooks and will continue to hate them as long as I live." ….."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/18/00 Ann Coulter "…. When the same cop-hating demagogues now lynching four policeman in Albany, N.Y., show one-half as much self-righteous rage and hatred for the criminal predators in their midst as they do for the police, I will take their claims of terror at the sight of a policeman seriously. Somehow, it never works that way. The only criminals cop-haters despise are the (fortunately rare) ones who happen also to be cops. That is not the case with the four New York City policemen on trial for murder right now: They were not criminals. They were good cops with lousy jobs that no one wants, but everyone needs. A couple of years ago, their jobs sent them to a dangerous neighborhood looking for a vicious and prolific rapist. He had struck 43 times over an eight-year period in predominantly black areas of the city…..Certainly, those sworn to uphold the law can sometimes be criminals, see, e.g., the president of the United States. So can ministers, gurus and Peace Corps volunteers. But for all four officers to have decided to commit a murder that night, you're not talking about one thug cop. You're talking about the Manson family on the New York City police force. But Manson had a difficult childhood. He is even a cult hero to some. These guys are just cops. They can be lynched….."

Freeper Burkeman1 summary 2/18/00 "…… ……The corruption of the DC police is a widely known but little discussed fact. Several years ago a DC cop was caught on television gunning down a crazed homeless man with a knife taped to his hand, in broad daylight, in front of the White House. The Homeless man (white by the way) did not have a hostage, was surrounded by cops, and was merely waiving his arms about and ranting when he was shot. The officer in question (black by the way) was thirty paces away when he fired. There was little public outrage and the Cop suffered little in way of repurcusions. ……… The DC police force is overwhelmingly African American. Think that had anything to do with the lack of public outcry? In fact, on more than one occasion the DC police force has been caugt on tape delivering beatings to suspects that make the Rodney King beating video look like love taps. but since it is Black cops beating the hell out of black suspects little is said by the media. Certainly- Janet Reno won't start an investigation of the DC police force for "civil rights" violations like she has in New York. ……"

St. Louis Post Dispatch 2/19/00 Paul Shepard AP "…..Wide racial disparities exist in the numbers of school children disciplined under zero tolerance programs, but that does not necessarily mean racism is at work, as critics like Jesse Jackson claim, an Education Department official said Friday…. ``I'm not saying the disparities are proof of anything, but there is at least smoke,'' Harvard University law professor Christopher Edley said at a commission hearing. His comments came in response to figures showing that for the 1997 school year, black children made up 17 percent of all U.S. students but 32 percent of those suspended. Hispanics made up 14 percent of students and 13.5 percent of those suspended, while whites accounted for 63 percent of students and 51 percent of those suspended, according to Education Department figures. ``A numerical disparity does not by itself prove discrimination,'' Norma Cantu, assistant secretary of education for civil rights, told the commission. Cantu said the disproportionately high suspension rate for black students predates new zero tolerance policies and goes back as far as the mid 1970s. In the same way mandatory minimum sentences and three-strike sentencing laws have been used widely as a no-nonsense way to battle crime, zero tolerance policies in schools have grown since the 1994 Gun-Free Schools Act passed. …….."

2/19/00 J C Watts "…… House Republican Conference Chairman J.C. Watts, Jr. (R-OK), issued the following statement today in response to the president's radio address on Black History Month: "As an African-American Congressman, I agree with some of the president's ideas on the government's role in healing the racial divide, as well as helping close the monetary gap in our country," said Watts, the highest-ranking minority member of Congress of either party. "But unlike the Clinton-Gore Administration, Republicans don't equate the word 'minority' with an inability to determine one's future. We place our trust and resources directly with the people who we are looking to help…….. "Since coming to Congress in 1995, it has been my goal to pass the American Community Renewal Act (ACRA). This measure offers an array of tax incentives to encourage prosperity in struggling urban and rural communities. Sadly, too many of these communities are minority communities. "The Republican Congress passed this bill last summer, authorizing more than $2 billion in tax incentives for these communities. Weeks later, the Clinton-Gore Administration turned its back on these communities and vetoed our measure - damaging the hopes of millions of Americans struggling to achieve the American Dream..….."

EWTN 2/16/00 "…..Father Richard Welch of Human Life International, called to task talk show Host Oprah Winfrey for allowing herself to be used to promote condoms, the pill, abortion, and sex education this week. Jane Fonda and her now-separated husband Ted Turner, persuaded the superstar to speak at Fonda's 5th annual conference of G-CAPP, the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. The "Lunch With Oprah," held Monday, 14 February, at the CNN Center, was sold out. Her mere presence, moreover, gave much clout to G-CAPP, which promotes nearly everything from explicit sex ed for kindergartners to homosexual families. "It's sad and disgraceful that one of America's most popular TV stars would, by her presence, lend credibility to the sexually libertine and sexually suicidal agenda of Jane Fonda and Ted Turner," said Fr. Richard Welch, president of Human Life International. "It is scandalous that her fame is used to advance practices and policies of sexual behavior, abortion and the destruction of the family that are a virtual program of genocide against African-Americans." …."


Associated Press 3/2/00 Todd Spangler "…..The man accused of fatally shooting two people and critically wounding three others singled out whites, according to witnesses. One former hostage said today the gunman told a fellow black, "Not you, sister," as he threatened to shoot other hostages. Ronald Taylor, 39, was arrested Wednesday after surrendering following the shootings at his apartment building and at two restaurants and a brief hostage-taking at an office building……. All the people shot were white males. But authorities stressed that the motives for the rampage may be more complex that racial animosity. "There have obviously been some racial overtones, but he appears to be an angry young man," Wilkinsburg police Chief Gerald Brewer told NBC's "Today" this morning. "He was very angry apparently at a lot of different things, but one can draw a lot of different conclusions from that." The trouble started Wednesday after three maintenance workers - two whites and a black - went to Taylor's apartment to fix a door. "He said, 'You're all white trash, racist pigs,'" John DeWitt, one of the maintenance workers, told The Associated Press. "He looked at me and said, 'You're dead.'" …."

Associated Press 3/2/00 Todd Spangler "…..- Police said today that the black man charged with shooting five white men in a Pittsburgh suburb had "anti-white" writings in his apartment. Ronald Taylor, accused of killing two and critically wounding three others, singled out whites, according to witnesses. One former hostage said today the gunman told a fellow black, "Not you, sister," as he threatened to shoot other hostages. Taylor, 39, was arrested Wednesday after surrendering following the shootings at his apartment building and at two restaurants and a brief hostage-taking at an office building. …… Lt. John Brennan, of the Allegheny County police, said today that a search at Taylor's apartment Wednesday night found writings he characterized as being angry at whites. He refused to disclose their contents and said he could not make them available to the public. "They were just some of his thoughts. It was basically anti-white, anti-Jew," Brennan said. ….."

Islamic Views 2/28/00 Ali Asadullah "…… To attend a Louis Farrakhan event, I am told, is to experience one of the most powerful religious speakers of our time. Even to listen to the man or watch him via the Internet, is an experience that is hard to forget. Combining the skill of a classical revivalist preacher and the thrust of the message of nationalism and Islam, Farrakhan, like few other men, can fully captivate an audience for hours on end.. ……..To place so much importance on Farrakhan might make many Muslims uncomfortable. After all, he is yet to openly renounce the various elements of practice and belief of the Nation of Islam that separate him and his movement from mainstream Islam. Additionally, there is the problematic issue of accusations that he was indirectly involved in the assassination of Malcolm X. In recent years however, Farrakhan has gone about the laborious task of remaking himself. Gone is the inflammatory rhetoric disparaging Jews and Whites. Absent is talk of spaceship theories and other controversial Nation of Islam concepts. Replacing these, is discussion of mainstream Islam and conversations between Farrakhan and mainstream Muslim leaders and thinkers. He comes off as someone moving in a direction consistent with an eventual closing of the circle that would fully integrate the Nation of Islam with the with the larger Muslim Ummah. ….."

The Detroit News 2/28/00 Gary Heinlein "….. White men are successfully suing the state and collecting millions of dollars over complaints that once came only from women and minorities -- job discrimination claims. They say the State Police, Department of Corrections and other agencies have been stacking the deck against them in a misguided effort to help females and blacks get ahead. Settlements and jury awards totaling nearly $2.8 million have gone to a dozen men in the last five years. At least six pending cases could cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands more. Reverse discrimination lawsuits also crop up increasingly in private business and local government. ….."Reverse discrimination is a growing phenomenon," said attorney Curt Levey of the Center for Individual Rights in Washington, D.C. "If nothing else, white males are aware of their rights -- or at least what is feasible." ….." 2/28/00 AP "…..An already contentious fight over a bill that would force schoolchildren to recite part of the Declaration of Independence turned angry Monday when some lawmakers said the proposal is offensive to African Americans. The racial question forced the bill's Senate sponsor to table the measure after nearly 90 minutes of emotional debate on the Senate floor. …… They objected to the clause that says, "All men are created equal" because when the declaration was written, that basic democratic principle did not apply to black people. "I was affected by how offended my African American colleagues in the Legislature were over the legislation in its current form," said Baer. ….."

Washington Post 3/11/00 Jim Nicholson "……In two news stories in two days, your paper identified Al Sharpton as a "civil rights activist" ["Juror Says Weak Case Made Diallo Verdicts Inevitable," Feb. 28; and "McCain Attacks Two Leaders of Christian Right," Feb. 29]. In truth, of course, Al Sharpton has made a career out of violating people's civil rights. Among the most infamous examples:
* The Tawana Brawley fraud, in which Sharpton ruined the career of an innocent assistant district attorney by identifying him as one of a gang of white men who kidnapped and raped a 15-year-old black girl. It was a hoax--Tawana Brawley had not been kidnapped or raped by anyone.
* The Crown Heights pogrom that Sharpton incited against Jews in Brooklyn. Following the death of a black child in a traffic accident, Sharpton set off four nights of rock- and bottle-throwing attacks on Jewish homes, culminating in a mob surrounding a young Talmudic scholar, Yankel Rosenbaum, and stabbing him to death.
* The incitement of a massacre at Freddy's Fashion Mart in Harlem. Speaking of the store's white owner, Sharpton promised "to make this cracker suffer." Following a Sharpton-led demonstration, one protester set the store on fire, killing seven people--most of them black and Hispanic……." Press 3/11/00 Shannon McCaffrey "…..Calling the Rev. Al Sharpton a promoter of racial hatred and bigotry, a conservative Florida congressman introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to condemn the flamboyant preacher. Rep. Joe Scarborough also called on Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore to denounce Sharpton. ''Al Gore is an Al Sharpton Democrat and Al Gore's Democratic Party is the party of Al Sharpton,'' Scarborough said Friday. ''The fact that the Democrats' presidential candidate and other leaders of the Democratic Party continue to embrace the most mean-spirited, racist extremes of their party is disturbing,'' he said. The House Republican's attack came as Rudolph Giuliani's advisers also talked up Sharpton's relationship with Hillary Rodham Clinton. …… While mainstream politicians once kept their distance from Sharpton, many Democrats trolling for votes in New York City's black community now actively court him. Sharpton has toned down in recent years, swapping his trademark jogging suits and gold chains for coats and ties, and distancing himself from his controversial past. Gore met privately with the reverend in February, and the first lady met with him on Martin Luther King Day. Sharpton has not endorsed either candidate……"

Wsj 3/10/00 Betsy McKay "…..Coca-Cola Co.'s new chairman and chief executive officer, Douglas Daft, said he will tie his compensation to diversity goals and create an executive position to develop strategies for promoting minorities. The moves come as Coke faces a lawsuit by current and former African-American employees accusing the soft-drink company of racial bias. In a memo e-mailed Thursday to employees world-wide, Mr. Daft said Coke will establish "a series of goals, objectives and targets" for achieving diversity throughout the company "over the next few months," and that "everyone in the organization, including the CEO, will be held accountable for meeting them." He added that his "success and compensation" will be tied to meeting the diversity goals, "and the same will be true throughout the management ranks."…."

AP 3/10/00 "……Leaflets urging whites to fight for their rights were distributed near the neighborhood of one of five white people shot last week, allegedly by a black man. The leaflets read in part, "Black Crime: White Victim ... Are You Next? Say No To Political Correctness! Stand Up And Fight! Our Race Is Our Nation!" The text was superimposed on a circled cross that included the words, "White Power." Ronald Taylor, 39, is accused of fatally shooting a maintenance man March 1 at his apartment building in nearby Wilkinsburg and of shooting four more people - killing two - at fast-food restaurants. …….."We very much expected something like this. It's the pattern of organized hate groups to exacerbate the existing tensions within the community," said Ann Van Dyke, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. ….."

Salon 3/6/00 Earl Ofari Hutchinson "……Why are black leaders silent on black hate crimes? Their failure to denounce violence against whites, like the suburban Pittsburgh killings, cedes the moral high ground to white supremacists……. March 6, 2000 |In the Pittsburgh suburb of Wilkinsburg, Joseph Kroll, a middle-aged maintenance man, was busily going about his repair duties in the apartment building where he worked. Joseph Healey, an elderly former Catholic priest, was enjoying a bite to eat at a nearby Burger King restaurant. Emil Sanitelevici, a physics student at the University of Pittsburgh, and two other men were eating at a nearby McDonald's restaurant. Then, in a moment of rage, Ronald Taylor gunned down Healey, Kroll and Sanitelevici and seriously wounded the other two men. These heinous killings almost certainly were racially motivated: Taylor is black; the three men killed and the two men wounded were white. But unlike after other hate crimes, no black leader or organization immediately rushed forth to vigorously denounce the shootings. There was no expression of outrage from black communities, and there was no demand that Taylor be harshly prosecuted under the federal civil rights hate crimes act if he shot the men because they were white. Worse, some blacks quietly shrugged off the killings with the bitter remark that whites have been killing blacks for years and getting away with it, and that there has been no massive explosion of white outrage at the lax treatment of white killers. ......"

Education Week 3/8/00 Jeff Archer "….. African-American students in the elementary grades may have the most to gain from scholarship programs that let children switch from public schools to private ones, suggest two new studies co-written by voucher researcher Paul E. Peterson. But the research also shows that the benefits are far greater in mathematics than in reading. In fact, black students in grades 6-8 who took part in one such program scored somewhat lower in reading than similar students who remained in the public schools. The studies-to be presented at a school choice conference at Harvard University this week-focus on privately financed scholarship programs serving low-income students in Dayton, Ohio, and the District of Columbia. The research is the latest in a string of studies in which the Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard, which Mr. Peterson directs, has examined so-called privately funded vouchers and found some positive effects. ("N.Y.C. Voucher Students Post Modest Gains," Nov. 4, 1998.) Still, Mr. Peterson said the new studies reveal fresh information. ….."

Reuters 3/9/00 "…… President Clinton said Thursday that Amadou Diallo, the African immigrant whose shooting death by police stirred turmoil in New York, might not have been shot if he had been a white man in a white neighborhood. ….."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 3/6/00 Deroy Murdock "…..The NAACP seems more interested in fictional black characters than real black people. Kweisi Mfume, president of the Baltimore-based civil rights group, has generated headlines lately for pressuring the four TV networks to address what he calls a "virtual whitewash in programming." Last summer, Mfume threatened to boycott the networks "because none of the 26 new shows slated for the fall season have a minority in a leading or starring role." NBC and ABC have agreed to develop more minority parts. CBS and Fox continue to negotiate with the NAACP. Earth to Planet Mfume: How about the black folks down here on the ground?….."

WorldNetDaily Jon Doherty 3/9/00 "……An Army post has forbidden a retired officer from displaying Civil War-era historical memorabilia of black Confederate soldiers, claiming the display is offensive, even though it was set up to honor Black History Month. Ed Kennedy, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who taught history at the Army staff college for three years and now lives near Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, said he is perplexed by the order to remove the display from the post's Command and General Staff College. According to Kennedy -- who is white -- the display was created to honor, not demean, blacks and to educate people who might not have known that many blacks indeed served willingly as southern soldiers. Kennedy said in order to prevent hurting anyone's feelings, his group -- Sons of Confederate Veterans -- purposefully decided not to place a Confederate flag in the display, even though it dealt with a Confederate theme. ….."

Reuters 3/8/00 Bill Rigby "……Aetna Inc. (NYSE:AET - news), the No. 1 U.S. life and health insurer, is considering making an unprecedented public apology and restitution payment over profits it made from insuring slaves in America 150 years ago. The life insurance policies, issued in the 1850s, were one of the first lines of business underwritten by the Hartford, Conn.-based insurer, which now has 47 million customers worldwide and annual revenues of $26 billion. Payments on the policies were due to slaves' owners, not the slaves' families. An apology from Aetna would be the first from an American corporation over its involvement in slavery of black Americans. ….."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 3/6/00 Charles Morse "…… Marxist theoretician and African nationalist Frans Fannon, in the early 20th century, developed the idea that race conflict equals class conflict as a means of birthing world socialism. The left has subsequently developed "race consciousness" to further conflict between the races. The desired result is an empowered state which, acting as a white knight, steps in to save the citizenry from the planned anarchy. Race has been exploited with a measure of success in America by the left and this has poisoned the well of genuine civil rights in the process. Our Achilles heal is our race problems. The left exploits this by fanning the flames of racism. Setting one race against another proved so successful to the left that they have further defined categories in which to exploit conflict. These include ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and others. Their solution, although rarely articulated, is stronger and more invasive government i.e. socialism. Several ancillary goals are achieved as well on their road to utopia……… "

New York Post 3/5/00 Rod Dreher "….. IF the Straight Talk Express had ventured into Mount Morris Township, Mich., The Bronx, or Wilkinsburg, Pa., this past week, it would have had its tires shot out. I'm not literally talking about the John McCain campaign bus, but using it as a metaphor for honest public discussion. Straight talk about race, guns, and culture is an unwanted fugitive in a society that would rather live in denial than face unpleasant truths. In Michigan, a 6-year-old boy shot and killed a first-grade classmate with a handgun stolen from his guardian's house. The usual suspects clamored for more gun control, though it is hard to see how laws can prevent a crackhead uncle from leaving a stolen pistol within reach of a child. The little boy, we now know, is a monster who has been in serious trouble at school from Day¤1. His father is in jail, his mother is an admitted drug addict, and the kid was being raised in a drug den by male relatives. This is not the fault of the National Rifle Association. This is the fault of the boy's family and the degraded, immoral culture they chose for themselves and that poor child. Growing up in a world ruled by gangsta values, which extol the virtues of law-breaking, cruelty, drug use and the power of firearms -- that's what made a murderer of this boy. And that, not specious claims of white racism, or the NAACP's obnoxious accusations against the gun industry, is why African-American males between the ages of 15 and 24 are five times more likely to be wounded or killed by guns than whites in the same demographic group...." 3/6/00 Charles Colson "…..At the University of Massachusetts last month, a coed told police that a man had grabbed her from behind, slashed her face with a knife, and then ran away. At Duke University, in North Carolina, a black doll was found hanging from a tree near a gathering place for the Black Student Alliance. At North Carolina's Guilford College, a white student said she'd been assaulted by men who scrawled a message on her chest -- one that suggested, to put it mildly, that she was too friendly with blacks. And at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, a lesbian coed told police that two men had punched her in the face while shouting anti-gay slurs. These stories are truly awful. But there's just one problem: They're all a pack of lies. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that every one of the students made up the supposed incidents, apparently for political reasons….."

Reuters 2/7/00 "….Remembering the Alamo is not what it used to be in Texas. The state marked the 164th anniversary of the fall of the old Spanish mission on Monday amid signs that traditional views of the 1836 battle were changing…….. Since then, there has been no forgetting and very little forgiving of the supposed Mexican atrocity. Texas history has generally portrayed the Mexicans as villains who murdered brave Texas freedom fighters in the cause of tyranny. But on Saturday, the estimated 600 Mexican soldiers who died in the battle were honored at a ceremony near the Alamo. Speakers recalled the hardships the soldiers endured and their heroism under the harsh command of Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna…….. Even the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, who have controlled the Alamo since 1905 and jealously guarded its status as the ``Shrine of Texas Liberty,'' joined in giving the Mexicans their due. ``Men from both sides died just where we're standing right now and we have to always remember that both sides gave their lives,'' said Mary Carmack, chairman of the Daughters' Alamo committee. This newfound equanimity after 164 years of acrimony is tribute to the healing power of time, but also the rise of the Hispanic population in Texas. ….."

Washington Post 3/8/00 Sue Anne Pressley "…..An estimated 10,000 demonstrators converged on the state Capitol here today to tell Gov. Jeb Bush (R) they will not sit quietly as he dismantles Florida programs permitting race and gender preferences in state contracts and university admissions. The rally--billed as one of Florida's largest civil rights demonstrations--coincided with Bush's annual State of the State address, in which he repeated several times that his alternative plan, the One Florida Initiative, "is working." It also marked the opening day of the two-month legislative session. Not lost on the protesters, however, was another important date observed today, the 35th anniversary of the violent "Bloody Sunday" march in Selma, Ala., that was one of the watershed events of the modern civil rights movement……"

Louisville Courier Journal 3/4/00 Sheldon Shafer "…… To preface this, this is a continuation of sorts of a thread I started a couple of days ago. Louisville's mayor (who is mayor over a rapidly disintigrating urban core, while the bast majority of the people live in the areas contiguaous to city limits) fired the police chief for allowing valor awards to be presented to two officers who were forced to shoot and kill a dangerous, evil little punk who presented an immediate threat to kill them with a stolen vehicle. Three or four black activists had adopted this fine specimen as a standard bearer, and the actions of the mayor were clearly pandering to the mouths. As a result of the firing, the entirety of the subordinate command resigned. As you read this, consider whether you could make such a financial sacrifice over principle. One of those commanders (Fifth District) is a cousin of mine and a fellow parishioner, and this really hurts his family……"

Louisville Courier Journal 3/4/00 Sheldon Shafer "…… All nine Louisville police commanders who resigned to show support for former Chief Gene Sherrard have made a pact not to apply for the vacancy, they said yesterday. That includes Greg Smith, who was named interim chief. The commanders and many others on the force insisted that public protection won't suffer, despite the resentment over Sherrard's firing. "There won't be one hitch," vowed Maj. Michael Dossett, who resigned yesterday as 1st District commander. "The No. 1 message is that public trust and safety is foremost in our minds." ….. Sherrard had assembled "the best command staff in 20 or 30 years" on the Louisville police department, said Detective Doug Sweeney. "Morale was the best it had ever been......:

Washington Times 3/6/00 John McCaslin "…… Environmental Protection Agency employees are outraged over the latest course offering for bureaucrats on March 22, published here verbatim: "Enroll in [Office of Solid Waste's] White Folks and Diversity Course. White folks often want to participate equally with people of color in creating a multicultural work environment, yet are unsure of their place in it. To participate equally, whites need an awareness of white culture with its strengths and weaknesses, as a component of a multicultural workplace. It is also necessary for whites to learn how to be better allies with people of color in creating positive change." Says one EPA official we spoke to: "This obviously scored pretty high on what I call the 'Flame Index' here, and I've gotten plenty of expressions of disbelief from inside the agency."….."

Denver Post 3/8/00 Susan Greene "…..Denver systematically has discriminated against white male contractors under the city's 10-year-old affirmative-action policy, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. The decision is a blow for Mayor Wellington Webb, whose administration has spent eight years and nearly $2 million in tax dollars defending its ordinances promoting minority- and female-owned businesses. "This is near and dear to the administration," said Scott Detamore, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Concrete Works of Colorado Inc. "I would imagine that, while a brave face is being put on it, this is a very serious, a very personal loss." ……"

Reuters 3/5/00 "……Coca-Cola Co, facing allegations of racism, could face a U.S. boycott, a representative of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) said on Saturday. Atlanta-based Coca-Cola, the world's largest soft drink company, denied allegations last week that it discriminated against black workers and engaged in a campaign to fire or reprimand black dissenters who raised concerns about racism at the beverage giant. Last year, a group of former and current black Coca-Cola employees filed a lawsuit alleging the company tolerated a pattern of discrimination in pay scales, promotions and performance reviews. Coca-Cola has denied the charges. A court is considering whether to grant class-action status to the case. ….."

Las Vegas Review-Journal 3/5/00 Vin Suprynowicz "…..It isn't really about race. It hardly suffices for the "multiculturalists" that the children of successful black judges and businessmen now go peacefully to school with wealthy white kids. Nor did they ever much care that the main victims of their racial quotas (at least here in the West) turned out to be not white Americans, but rather deserving Asians, whose forebears were an oppressed minority. No, the goal of the "multiculturalist" movement -- a goal so dominant that even basic literacy is happily sacrificed -- is to infiltrate the American middle class with the offspring of the liberals' "new plantation," the fatherless welfare homes of our crime-infested inner cities. The result? A 6-year-old boy -- passed from hand to hand since his father was jailed for a home invasion and finally living in a fatherless crack house full of drugs, stolen guns, and other loot -- shot a first-grade classmate to death in Michigan last week. ...Such crimes occur only in the mandatory government schools. In private schools -- where admission is selective and voluntary, and kids who misbehave are expelled -- such horrors are virtually unknown. Nor do we see home-schoolers committing such crimes (though the statists never tire of warning us home-schooled children will not be "properly socialized"). …..This tiny killer is not some innocent who picked up an unfamiliar object and brought it to "show-and-tell." While on parole in December, his father, Dedric Owens, asked the child why he had committed violent offenses that led to his earlier suspensions from school. According to Genessee County Sheriff Robert Picknell, "He said that the kid told him he did it because 'I hate them.' " ...... Gee, where could the kid have copped that attitude, in a society where whites who victimize blacks because of their skin color receive "hate crime sentence enhancements," while racism is hardly ever mentioned in the prosecution of black murderers who declare, "You're all white trash, racist pigs." …."

Newsmax 2/4/00 Ken Hamblin "….. Aids now is officially recognized as the No. 1 killer in sub-Saharan Africa, slaughtering 10 times more black Africans than have perished from tribal warfare. That fact became official a few weeks ago, when Vice President Al Gore pledged to put the African AIDS crisis on the world's security agenda. Seated in the president's chair at the United Nations, Gore outlined a new American policy designed to combat the African AIDS epidemic -- an epidemic which, time and time again, I have attributed largely to the lax, amoral sexual behavior of many in black Africa. Gore did not address that possibility. Instead, he announced to the world that the White House has asked Congress to cough up 150 million of our tax dollars for research and prevention programs in Africa…… I've been trying to bring the African AIDS problem to the attention of African-Americans for a long while. But, to judge by the e-mails and telephone calls that come into my syndicated talk-radio show, many black Americans are determined to remain in denial because they're put off by the way I deliver my message about the crisis in darkest Africa. Apparently, they don't like my refusal to coddle the victims when I talk about the rampant sexual misbehavior which threatens to substantially reduce the African population. Apparently they don't care for the urgency of my warnings that the premature deaths of several generations of black Africans eventually could make black Africa a virtual wasteland. Apparently they would rather watch their black brethren be buried in early graves than open their eyes to the undeniable facts that are staring them in the face. Certainly, those facts are grim, none more so than the deaths of black babies who never had a chance to live. Even grimmer, in its way, is that those deaths would never have occurred were it not for the promiscuous behavior of black Africans and careless drug use in our own United States. ….."

UPI 2/29/00 "…..Some prominent black scholars are studying the possibility of a class-action lawsuit and legislation to secure reparations for the descendants of slaves in America, The Boston Globe reported Tuesday. Critics of the idea, however, warn such a move could set back race relations. "We are looking at what's the viability of legal action and political viability of legislative action, and then more morally, how can we get beyond the history of slavery to think of ways to comprehensively remedy it," Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree Jr. told the Globe. Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., chairman of Afro-American Studies at Harvard, said he plans to ask the board of Harvard's W.E.B. Du Bois Institute to study the question. A dozen other black intellectuals are backing the effort, according to the Globe. ….."

Yahoo 3/2/00 Reuters "……Federal authorities have begun a hate crime investigation into Wednesday's deadly shooting of five white men by a black gunman in a suburb of Pittsburgh, an FBI official said on Thursday. FBI Special Agent Dennis Lormel told Reuters in an interview that federal investigators have notified the Justice Department about their probe and have begun working with local police who are interviewing people who witnessed the bloody rampage. ``We are now looking at this case as a hate crime,'' Lormel said. ``We have alerted the Department of Justice that we have opened a preliminary investigation.''..." 2/29/00 Nancy Parello "….. Black legislators are fighting a proposal to require New Jersey schoolchildren to recite a part of the Declaration of Independence. They say it's offensive because "all men are created equal" didn't apply to blacks in 1776. The racial question forced the bill's Senate sponsor to table the measure Monday after nearly 90 minutes of emotional debate. "It is clear that African-Americans were not included in that phrase," said state Sen. Wayne Bryant, who is black. "It's another way of being exclusionary and insensitive ... You have nerve to ask my grandchildren to recite (the declaration). How dare you? You are now on notice that this is offensive to my community." ….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/3/00 Joyce Howard Price "…..The FBI said Thursday it is investigating Wednesday's shootings of five white men by a black man in Wilkinsburg, Pa., as motivated by racial hatred. "We are now looking at this case as a hate crime," FBI Special Agent Dennis Lormel said. "We have alerted the Department of Justice that we have opened a preliminary investigation into a civil rights crime." Ronald "Dante" Taylor, a 39-year-old black man, was accused Thursday of singling out whites as targets in a shooting rampage in a Pittsburgh suburb. The gunman killed three whites and wounded two others after telling a witness he would "not hurt any black people." "The general tenor was that he wasn't shooting anybody but whites," said Lt. John Brennan, commander of the homicide squad for the Allegheny County Police Department……."

The New York Times 2/26/00 "……At a breakfast last month in honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Rev. Virgil Wood, a pastor in Providence and president of the Ministers' Alliance, a group of African-American clergy in the state, announced a campaign to remove the word "plantations" from Rhode Island's official name. Most people probably don't realize that its full name is State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Resentment over the name has simmered in the state's small black population for years to little effect. But the conflict in South Carolina revived the issue, igniting a new debate over the state's slave-era history. ......" 3/2/00 Bob Melvin "…..Black activists and the parents of Amadou Diallo met on Thursday with the number two official at the Justice Department and urged him to file civil rights charges against the four New York City police officers acquitted in the shooting death of the West African immigrant. After the meeting, nearly 2,000 demonstrators marched around the Justice Department building seven times, chanting "No justice! No peace!" and waving placards and flags. Many protesters were bused in from New York and New Jersey..." 3/2/00 Samuel Maull "….. A white couple has asked a state appeals court to let them regain custody of a black baby boy that was born to them because of an embryo mixup in a Manhattan fertility clinic. Richard and Donna Fasano of Staten Island want the infant back because they say the boy's genetic parents have broken an agreement that guaranteed that the birth mother, Mrs. Fasano, could visit the boy periodically. The boy was born to Mrs. Fasano, 37, along with a white boy on Dec. 29, 1998. ..."

WorldNetDaily 3/3/00 Julie Foster "…."It may not be a matter of church-state separation, but it is definitely a matter of professional competency," said Scott, who told "The Oregonian" any biologist who leads students to discount the theory of evolution is doing a disservice to them. But the college science department's former chairman, Bruce McClelland, wrote a letter recommending Haley be promoted from assistant to associate instructor last month….. Despite the recommendation, Haley was given written complaints Monday that were filed by other faculty. Vice President of Instruction Bart Queary gave the letters to Haley saying they represent a "serious and persistent issue." "If this is such a 'serious and persistent issue,' why haven't I heard anything about it before now," asks Haley. Queary also told the professor he had complaints of his own, but did not formalize them in writing. According to Haley, Queary suspects the teacher of racism as a result of an educational video Haley showed in class. The video relates an African folk tale explaining the origin of the leopard's spots as the fingerprints of an Ethiopian. Haley says the complaint is unfounded since Danny Glover, a black actor, narrated the tale. ……... Queary said the college is investigating complaints from three students and five women faculty members that Haley tends to belittle women by questioning their intelligence. Haley denies the charges and points to his record as evidence. He taught for seven years at the College of St. Mary in Omaha, an all-girls school. While there, Haley was selected by the pupils to receive the Student Senate award. "They've been trying to get me for three years for teaching creationism and couldn't, so they then came up with this women thing," Haley said……"

MSNBC/The Nation 3/3/00 Randall Robinson "…..Well before the birth of our country, Europe and the eventual United States perpetrated a heinous wrong against the peoples of Africa and sustained and benefited from the wrong through the continuing exploitation of Africa's human and material resources. America followed slavery with more than a hundred years of legal racial segregation and discrimination of one variety or another. It was only in 1965, after nearly 350 years of legal racial suppression, that the United States enacted the Voting Rights Act. Virtually simultaneously, however, it began to walk away from the social wreckage that centuries of white hegemony had wrought. Our country then began to rub itself with the memory-emptying salve of contemporaneousness. (If the wrong did not just occur, then it did not occur in a way that would render the living responsible.) ...... BUT WHEN THE BLACK LIVING suffer real and current consequences as a result of wrongs committed by a younger America, then contemporary America must shoulder responsibility for those wrongs until such wrongs have been adequately righted. The life and responsibilities of a nation are not limited to the life spans of its mortal constituents…… Randall Robinson, a graduate of Virginia Union University and Harvard Law School, and the founder and president of TransAfrica, is the author of "The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks" (Dutton)."

Associated Press 3/4/00 Tim Molloy "…..Racist writings describing hatred toward whites, Jews and Asians, were found in the apartment of a black man accused in a shooting rampage that left three people dead in suburban Pittsburgh. Court documents released Friday said police found one paper called ``The Satan List'' that contained the names of businesses referred to as ``targets.'' Meanwhile, Ronald Taylor, 39, was arraigned Friday on a third count of criminal homicide after a third victim died. On Wednesday, Taylor - who acknowledged to a judge that he has a history of mental illness - apparently became enraged over work being done at his apartment and began screaming racial epithets at repairmen. Authorities said he shot one of the men, killing him, set the apartment on fire and walked to two fast-food restaurants, where he shot four others. All five victims were white. That, and the writings, led police to charge Taylor with ``ethnic intimidation'' - a hate crime. The FBI is also investigating for possible civil rights violations. ….."

UPI 3/4/00 "…..Bob Jones University will end its interracial dating ban, the university's president announced on CNN's "Larry King Live" Friday night. "In fact, as of today, we have dropped the rule," the university president, Bob Jones III, said on the show. The decision was made because criticism of the policy has tended to obscure the university's Christian mission, Jones said. "We have a broader testimony," he said. Jones admitted that the policy may have hurt the university's image and the image of conservative Protestantism. "I don't want to hurt the church of Jesus Christ," he said. The university has been in the center of a storm following a visit there by Texas Gov. George Bush. It has been criticized by many for its policy on dating and what has been described as its anti-Catholic agenda. Arizona Sen. John McCain has used Bush's visit to the university to accuse his main opponent for the Republican presidential nomination of pandering to the party's Christian right. ……"

Reuters 3/1/00 "……One of the nation's oldest and costliest school desegregation cases has been revived, placing the struggling Kansas City, Missouri, public school system back under court control at a time when it is struggling for survival. On Tuesday, a three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the 23-year-old desegregation case would remain active, despite a decision by U.S. District Judge Dean Whipple to dismiss the case with the declaration that Kansas City schools were finally providing students equal education regardless of race. The appellate panel also ruled that Judge Whipple be removed from the case. Whipple erred by dismissing the case without hearing additional evidence, the panel found. …..The district's poor performance recently led state officials to strip the district of accredited status, leaving the school system in danger of being taken over and restructured by the state. …."


The Oklahoman 3/14/00 "…….. RACIAL terrorism is sweeping the land. We're not talking about the riots associated with the Rodney King affair, but verbal terrorism. It pops up any time a race-baiting demagogue such as Al Sharpton sees an issue which he can seize. A boycott is threatened. Resignations or reprimands are demanded. Pressure is brought to bear. In some cases, the outrage has a legitimate reason for being, but what happens when racial terrorism is much ado about nothing? It happened a year ago when an aide to the District of Columbia's new mayor was forced to resign when he used a certain word in a conversation with two subordinates. The man's "crime" was that he used the word "niggardly" in a proper way. The word means "miserly." For that choice of a word, a man lost his job because pressure was brought to bear. Racial terrorism struck again. It struck in Oklahoma City with the incident involving a cartoon in the Oklahoma City University student newspaper. The cartoon, which originally appeared in a Pittsburgh newspaper, became the target of racial terrorists despite the fact that the cartoonist's point was to condemn racism, not promote it. As in the case of the "niggardly" comment, the racial terrorists don't get what's going on around them. It doesn't matter, really, because race baiters need something to seize on. Anything will do. ……"

The Oklahoman 3/14/00 "…….. The most vocal defenders of free speech in recent years have been members of the political left. They even defend pornography. Yet we have heard few liberals defend the mayoral aide's correct use of the word "niggardly" and his right to say it without reprimand. We have heard few defend the cartoonist's depiction of racism or Mark Twain's masterpiece or the OU professor's logic in defending gun rights. In the first three examples, we can only conclude that when it comes to free speech, liberals waive their interest when it might be perceived as going against the wishes of the race baiters. They might call this politically expedient or "sensitivity." We would call it gross pandering…….Free speech is for all in this country. There should be one standard, not two. The left is fostering a climate of free speech suppression by playing along with racial and gender terrorists. Instead of standing up to them, they join hands or -- worse -- remain silent as the right to free expression slowly erodes under the constant drip of political correctness. ……"

New York Post 3/26/00 ANGELA C. ALLEN, MARK STAMEY, ROCCO PARASCANDOLA, FRANKIE EDOZIEN, ERIKA MARTINEZ and ANDY GELLER "…….Fury over the police shooting of Patrick Dorismond erupted at his funeral yesterday when protesters hurled bottles, rocks and metal barricades at riot cops and burned the American flag. At least 27 people were arrested and 23 cops injured as a crowd of 10,000 gathered outside a Brooklyn church. The rocks and bottles -- some filled with urine -- began flying soon after Dorismond's casket was carried from Holy Name Roman Catholic Church in Flatbush. Chanting "Giuliani must go," some demonstrators also hurled bricks and metal pipes at cops. Using their nightsticks to knock away the bottles, the cops fired tear gas and formed a human barricade to handle the pushing, shoving and shouting protesters. When the tense standoff finally ended an hour later, the street was littered with broken glass. Two police cruisers and a telephone booth were smashed. ….The Rev. Al Sharpton, who led the funeral procession, blamed the presence of police -- 500 uniformed cops and 300 Community Affairs officers -- for the violence. ......"

Pulitzer Corporation - Post Net 3/26/00 Bob Kenney "……Now that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has settled its rift with Adam's Mark Hotels and wants to bring 45,000 youth to St. Louis for its convention here, tens of thousands of citizens in St. Louis want to tell the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to keep their anti-white racism out of our town. We want them to cancel their meetings here entirely, because they are not welcome here. The citizens of St. Louis do not need anti-white racist Christian organizations who are committed to leftwing diversity in our town. In addition, the vast majority of these Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Youth live in white separatist neighborhoods which are the result of what the Post-Dispatch refers to as "white flight" areas. ….."

Austin American Statesman 3/26/00 AP JohnZenor "……-When the former black militant Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin was arrested in rural Alabama, some Muslims say it only perpetuated an ugly stereotype that Muslims are violent radicals. The former Black Panther, who changed his name from H. Rap Brown upon converting to Islam, is accused of shooting two sheriff's deputies--one fatally--in Atlanta. He was caught last week in Lowndes County, the same backwoods region of Alabama where he helped lead a voting rights push in the 1960s. ``There's a lot of misconception in the media that all Muslims are bomb-carrying terrorists, and they get a bad rap,'' said Richard Penaskovic, an Auburn University professor of philosophy and religious studies. ``Any religion where people pray five times a day, my hat's off to them.'' ….."

Associated Press 3/26/00 Paul Shepard "…..For New York Rep. Major Owens, D-N.Y., the terminology of war does not overstate the alarm, dismay and dread that black lawmakers felt when Republicans took control of the House almost six years ago. "We were shellshocked, simply shellshocked," Owens said. "We had a number of good people poised for leadership positions, but when we lost the House, it was over. We just lost it all." As loyal liberals in a party that had to inch to the political center to work with ruling Republicans, black and other minority House members found themselves without political capital on Capitol Hill. That could change if Democrats should win back the House in the fall election. Few are anticipating the voting more eagerly than black lawmakers. ……… "The Republicans took absolute control and reversed most legislation favored by minorities," Walters said. "The minority members of Congress didn't have any power on key committees. Whatever impact they had was lost." ….. Rangel, almost certain to chair the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee in a Democratic Congress, said the past six years of reduced clout have taught black lawmakers a need to be more resourceful to accomplish their goals. ….."

Newsday 3/25/00 Susan Parrott AP "……The NAACP is calling on Gov. George W. Bush to remove an image of the Confederate flag from the Texas Supreme Court building. NAACP President Kweisi Mfume said Bush should push for the removal because it's the morally right thing to do -- not because the civil rights group may organize a tourism boycott on Texas similar to one in South Carolina. ''I would hope the governor does not need the NAACP to appeal to him, but that his heart would appeal to him,'' Mfume said. ''The intolerance the flag represents should not be condoned in any public building.'' Mfume spoke Friday at a regional conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Fort Worth. Gary Bledsoe, president of the Texas chapter of the NAACP, on Friday reissued his call for Bush to remove the Texas plaque, calling it ''a symbol of racism, division, and hatred.'' ……. Bush, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, has said he is studying the request. When asked in South Carolina about that state's flying of the Confederate flag from the state Capitol, Bush said voters should decide the issue. ….."

Heads Up 3/26/00 Doug Fiedor "…….The Constitution, being the law of the land, the Clinton administration may truly be about the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States. Like the pigs in George Orwell's Animal Farm, some of today's government officials do things to harm people simply because they want to, and through immoral manipulation of already bad laws and court procedures, they can get away with it. The fact is, they are racists as well as unconstitutional pigs. That's right, gun control is racist. Ask a Polish Jew who is over sixty years old how things could have changed if they were all well armed in Warsaw in the 1930s. Ask a young ghetto mother raising kids alone in New York City or the District of Columbia how she feels totally unprotected in her apartment at night. ………"

The New York Times 3/23/00 David Firestone "…….The man once known as H. Rap Brown has not explained his actions on the day when the police say he shot to death a sheriff's deputy. But his lawyer has already begun his defense: "The system" conspired to frame his client. "He will be fighting the system until the day he dies," the lawyer, J. L. Chestnut of Selma, Ala., said in a lengthy interview published today in The Selma Times-Journal. "He will not be the first or the last black man framed by the system." But that system -- in the parlance of 1960's radicalism, the entire political and legal establishment -- has changed utterly since the days when the former Mr. Brown, now known as Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, first encountered it as a student volunteer in the South. In 1964, when Mr. Brown began knocking on the doors of black sharecroppers to register voters, as a volunteer with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the notion of black political power was so distant as to seem unimaginable. But 36 years later, Mr. Al-Amin faces a vastly different system. In Atlanta, the mayor, Bill Campbell, is black. So is the police chief, Beverly Harvard, and the Fulton County sheriff, Jacqueline Barrett. So were the two deputies of Ms. Barrett whom Mr. Al-Amin is accused of shooting as they were serving him an arrest warrant on minor charges, Ricky Kinchen, who was killed, and Aldranon English, who was wounded. And so is the man who is likely to prosecute him, District Attorney Paul L. Howard Jr. of Fulton County. In Lowndes County, Ala., where Mr. Al-Amin fled on Friday and was captured on Monday, the sheriff, Willie Vaughners, is black. So is Mayor John Jackson of White Hall, the small town where Mr. Al-Amin was found. And so is John Williams, the Lowndes sheriff's deputy who captured Mr. Al-Amin. ......"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 3/23/00 Bill Rankin "……. A contentious extradition process to bring Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin back to Georgia to face charges that he killed a Fulton County deputy and wounded another could be just the first of many difficult steps in bringing the former Black Panther leader once known as H. Rap Brown to trial. His trial likely would be one in which the entire Fulton County Superior Court bench might be required to recuse itself. Fulton County deputies keep order in the judges' courtrooms, and a number of the judges attended the memorial service Tuesday for slain Deputy Ricky Kinchen. "We will certainly consider the issue of possible recusal," Chief Judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore said. "That issue would be on anyone's mind." ……… " 3/24/00 Carl Limbacher "……. Though Rudy Giuliani has vowed to avoid personal attacks on Hillary Clinton in New York's senate race, on Thursday Clinton ally Jesse Jackson called the New York mayor "mental" and said he sounds like "a disturbed person." Addressing students at Manhattan's Martin Luther King High School, Jackson skewered Giuliani over his handling of last week's shooting death of Patrick Dorismond, the third unarmed black New Yorker to die by police gunfire in thirteen months. Saying that police deserve the benefit of the doubt until evidence to the contrary emerges, Giuliani unsealed court records showing that Dorismond had a history of violence going back to his teen years. ……. Jackson picked up the attack where the First Lady left off, telling the high school audience: "There's something that is not well about (Giuliani's) response to unarmed people being shot by police. This consistent reaction for the police who shoot unarmed people before even asking for information, without showing sympathy for the victims.... that sounds like a disturbed person. There's an ugly consistency, and people are beginning to see that Mr. Giuliani's reaction to these things is not just meaness, it's mental." ......" 3/24/00 Joseph Sobran "……. The "progressive" community-news media, politicians, and various moralists at large-is in a lather about "hate crimes," demanding federal legislation to combat them. The trouble is that nobody seems to know exactly what they are. There are of course notorious and stereotypical examples-racial lynchings, gang murders of homosexuals-about which there is no room for doubt. But when we move to other cases, we find ambiguity. If one man kills another in a rage over a homosexual advance, is that a "hate" crime? What if a father kills a pedophile who has tried to seduce his child? Would that be a "hate" crime? The very word "hate" has become tendentious. White murders of blacks may receive nationwide attention as hate crimes, but black murders of whites-which are far more numerous-are rarely treated as hate crimes; seldom do the media describe them as "racially motivated." When a six-year-old fatally shot a classmate in Flint, Michigan, recently, the media tried to conceal the fact that the killer was black and the victim white. And maybe race had nothing to do with it. But on the same day, a black man in Pittsburgh went on a violent spree, killing several whites at random after announcing his intention to shoot white people, and there was no media uproar about racial hatred, such as we have come to expect when whites commit "racially motivated" violence………….. In fact, progressive-minded folks consider it hateful to call attention to such obvious facts about interracial crime. They like to remind us that America is a particularly violent country, but they refuse to recognize the amazing disparity between blacks and other races. The least violent states-the Dakotas, for example-are those that are virtually all white; their crime rates are as low as those of Norway and Japan. I'm probably committing a hate crime by noticing this fact………"

3/23/00 Joe Hughes "……. SAN DIEGO -- Dozens of police officers descended on the Kearny High School campus yesterday after racial tensions between groups of students escalated into pushing, shoving and fighting, authorities said. No one was injured. The only arrest was unrelated to the disturbance. Several students were briefly detained for questioning. The confrontation was the result of mounting racial tensions between Asian and black students, said Lt. Tim Smith of the San Diego Unified School District police. …… The one arrest was of a student smoking on campus, police said. ….."

Washington Post 3/20/00 Joan Biskupic "…… The Supreme Court today let stand a lower court ruling that said public schools cannot make enrollment decisions based on race. By rejecting the Montgomery County appeal and requests from educators nationwide to intervene, the high court has left administrators in a quandary over how to ensure classroom diversity. The justices' action, while setting no national precedent, reinforces its recent trend of signaling that it believes the era of special consideration for racial minorities - to compensate for past segregation and increase opportunities - is over. In an impassioned brief invoking Brown v. Board of Education, the National School Boards Association and dozens of other groups had urged the justices to take the "magnet school" case and rule that local educators have discretion to mix students by racial backgrounds: ......,"Now, even more than 45 years ago, we understand that 'separate ... [is] inherently unequal.' In the U.S. today, it is not just that 'separate is inherently unequal'; but separate is academically deficient," the school boards association wrote. ……." 3/22/00 Thomas Jipping "……Life in these United States is becoming, in the words of the philosopher, nasty, brutish, and short. Power is replacing principle when it comes to some of the great moral issues of the day. Those who once condemned racial discrimination as immoral when they were on the receiving end today defend racial discrimination as useful and even necessary now that they are in its driver's seat. Today the game is called "diversity." In Piscataway, New Jersey, a few years ago, the school board downsized a department and had to fire either a white or black teacher. They had equal seniority but the white teacher had experience. They fired the white teacher because, they said, the black teacher provided diversity. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit said this was actually just plain old race discrimination. At the University of Texas Law School, white applicants had to meet higher standards than minority applicants because, they said, minorities helped create diversity in the student body. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said this was just plain old race discrimination. ......"

Associated Press Online 3/20/00 "……- A former Black Panther leader wanted in the fatal shooting of an Atlanta sheriff's deputy was captured in Alabama Monday when he was spotted in a shed by federal marshals and began firing at them, the FBI said. Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, who was known as H. Rap Brown, was arrested in Lowndes County, Ala., west of Montgomery, Agent Theodore Jackson said. Jackson said Al-Amin was spotted about 6:30 p.m. and was arrested about three hours later in Autaugaville, Ala. Al-Amin was spotted peering out from a shed, and he immediately began firing shots at the team of U.S. marshals who spotted him, Jackson said. He ran from the shed into a wooded area with marshals chasing him. Jackson said shots were fired on several occasions during the pursuit. …….Al-Amin came to Atlanta in 1976 after converting to Islam while serving five years in prison for his role in a robbery that ended in a shootout with New York police. In recent years, he has been the spiritual leader of a mosque and operated a small grocery in Atlanta's West End. ......" 3/10/00 Larry Elder "……Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Ronald Taylor, a black man, allegedly guns down five whites, killing three. What followed became a textbook case on how contemporary American journalism deals with race. The suspect's motive could not have been more clear. A black neighbor quoted Taylor as saying, "I'm gonna kill all white people." A white maintenance man described Taylor as disruptive ever since he moved into the apartment building, "Whenever he saw me, he'd call me a racist pig, or white trash, or he'd make a point of walking past me and brushing up against me. He just didn't like me." Yet the media leaned over backward to avoid any appearance of racism. News anchors cautioned that we don't know whether Taylor's alleged hatred against whites was the "primary" or "sole" reason for the shootings. Pardon me. When did they add that requirement? The Hate Crimes Sentencing Enhancement Act defines hate crime as: "Crime in which the defendant intentionally selects a victim, or in the case of a property crime, the property that is the object of the crime, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation of any person." No mention of hatred as a "sole" or "primary" motive. Even the police issued mild, tentative statements about whether they considered Taylor's actions a hate crime. "There's a lot of hostility in this individual," said Wilkinsburg Police Chief Gerald Brewer, "so I think it's a little premature to simply define this as a racist event." A little premature? ……In August 1999, white supremacist Buford Furrow gunned down several people at a Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles, and shot and killed a Filipino letter carrier. In the three days following the shooting, over 150 newspapers wrote nearly 200 articles about the slaughter. ...... The killing of Wyoming gay student Matthew Shephard brought screaming headlines and around-the-clock coverage. So did the dragging and killing of black Texan James Byrd. ......"

The Salt Lake Tribune 3/22/00 Thomas Sowell "….. As politicians scramble to get votes this election year, those seeking the votes of blacks are pulling out all the stops in denouncing "racism" and promoting paranoia. If they cannot find enough racism for their purposes in the present, then they go back into the past, reliving the march to Selma or even resurrecting racial grievances from World War II, more than half a century ago. The point of all this activity and rhetoric is to show that liberal Democrats are friends of blacks, so that black voters will be friends of liberal Democrats on election day. However, these politicians are being friends to blacks in a way that is too much like the way that Iago was a friend to Othello -- feeding his suspicions and promoting his paranoia. Iago's purpose was to lead Othello to his own self-destruction, while liberals want no more than to get out the black vote. However, the difference in intentions does not mean that there is likely to be a corresponding difference in results. No one who encourages you to look backward when there are unparalleled opportunities in front of you is really a friend. Nor does a friend encourage paranoia or belligerence that is likely to make you worse off than if you put your energies into something more likely to improve your own well-being. ….."

AP 3/22/00 "……. A DNA test has again failed to link a descendant of Monticello slave Tom Woodson to Thomas Jefferson, according to a retired pathologist who performed the test. Woodson's descendants claim he was the son of the third president and slave Sally Hemings. Eugene A. Foster, a former pathologist, conducted the DNA test on the Rev. Thomas Woodson of Dayton, Ohio, a descendant of Tom Woodson's third son. The analysis did not find a match with the Jefferson family Y chromosome, which passes unchanged from son to son. ...... Previous DNA tests by Foster showed similar results with other descendants of Tom Woodson, and linked the Jefferson family's Y chromosome to descendants of Eston Hemings, the youngest son of Sally Hemings…….."

UK Electronic Telegraph 3/19/00 David Wastell "…… MOVES by Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida, to dismantle racial preferences for black and women job seekers are likely to be adopted nationally if his brother, George W Bush, wins the White House. Huge protests in Tallahassee, the state's capital, have marred the governor's introduction of an alternative to "affirmative action", the programme intended to redress decades of discrimination against blacks, women and minority groups in America - but which has instead discriminated against white men. Mr Bush has been jeered at public hearings in Florida and accused of racism by his critics, despite seeking black support for the rethink. But despite the civil rights backlash in Florida, Mr Bush's brother, the Republican presidential candidate, has made clear that he also opposes affirmative action based on quotas and racial preferences, and is expected to support moves to end it throughout the United States if he wins the election in November. ……"

Chicago Tribune 3/19/00 Robert Kaiser "……..The last Confederate hero of Todd County lies beneath a headstone etched with an image of a pickup truck, a rebel flag flying from the toolbox in the back. The man in the grave drove a pickup just like it. One bright winter day on U.S. Highway 41 south of town--out past the BP Oil station and the railroad tracks and Guthrie's black neighborhood, where the road straightens and unfurls past fields of wheat and grazing horses and grain bins--history caught up with Michael Westerman, 19, and his bright-red truck. A carload of black teenagers, angered by the sight of the Confederate flag--and possibly by an ethnic slur Westerman was said to have uttered miles back at Janie's Market--raced alongside him as he drove south through tiny Sadlersville, Tenn. One of them, a 17-year-old from Chicago whose mother had sent him to live with relatives in Kentucky to keep him out of trouble, fired a .32-caliber bullet into Westerman's heart. It was pure Southern tragedy, a defining moment that seemed to encapsulate decades of American racial strife down here where life purports to be gentle……." 3/16/00 "……As Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker entered the field for his first appearance since he was sent for psychiatric evaluation for expressing politically incorrect opinions, the fans made their view of him clear. He was cheered as no other ballplayer in memory. The entire stadium rang out with rebel yells and hurrahs. He was their hero, a man who faced and survived the ruthless and pestering civic elite. Fans were registering their opinion in the only way they are permitted under the present authoritarian system of speech control. This is civil disobedience, 2000 style. Quite frankly, most people have had it with the PC racket, particularly as it affects race relations. They are sick of being told to toe the line, and sick of government regulations and programs that loot liberty and property in the name of equality. Though we are not permitted to discuss this in public, this is the great sleeper issue of the current political moment, and it is the Democrats who are going to face the backlash. ……"

The Associated Press 3/17/00 "…….The former black militant once known as H. Rap Brown was being sought today after two sheriff's deputies were shot as they tried to serve a warrant accusing him of assault. It was unknown whether Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, as Brown is now known, fired the shots that wounded the Fulton County officers Thursday night. "We do not know if he is the shooter or not," sheriff's spokesman Capt. David Chadd said. One deputy was in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital and the other was in guarded condition. ……. Al-Amin was a leader of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and justice minister of the Black Panthers, which rose to prominence in the 1960s. Known then as Brown, he once exhorted blacks to arm themselves, saying "violence is as American as cherry pie." ...In 1967, he was charged with inciting a riot in Cambridge, Md., where he had told about 400 blacks: "It's time for Cambridge to explode, baby. Black folks built America, and if America don't come around, we're going to burn America down." ….." Magazine 3/17/00 "……. Speaking in Macedonia, Bill Clinton said: if any group is being killed en masse "because of their race, their ethnic background, or their religion, and it is within our power to stop it, we will stop it." Note the inclusion of racial discrimination. It is not enough that people are being killed. The killing must be driven by racism. As a smart politician, Clinton knows that almost no one is prepared to argue that even peaceful racists have rights. Indeed, demonizing people in this way legitimizes the most violent treatment by the State. In the conventional view, domestic racism is checked by civil rights, which abolished the freedom of association. Does the US government have jurisdiction to enforce civil rights around the globe? No more than it has the jurisdiction under the Constitution to tell the people of the states whom they can hire and fire, or include or exclude from their commercial relations. Moreover, just as killing thousands of people with bombs is not rights enforcement, neither is trampling on free association. It is an attack on the classical-liberal conception of liberty itself. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbade perfectly peaceful action (discrimination) undertaken on what Richard Epstein calls forbidden grounds. Hence, the motivation, not the action itself, was proscribed. But how can bureaucrats know motivation? They can't, so the teeth of quotas were added. ……"

ABCNEWS.COM 3/17/00 "……A search is under way for a former Black Panther after two sheriff's deputies were shot in an exchange of fire outside an Atlanta business. Police say officers confronted a suspect after trying to serve a warrant for theft and impersonating an officer at an an Atlanta community store. One deputy was in critical condition today at Grady Memorial Hospital; the other was in serious condition. Authorities believe the suspect also was wounded. Atlanta Police Chief Beverly Harvard said one of the deputies, Aldranon English, identified the man who opened fire as Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin - the name by which H. Rap Brown, former justice minister of the militant Black Panthers, is now known. English "has positively identified [Al-Amin] as the person who fired upon the two deputies," she said at a news conference. ……. Once a Black Panthers Leader In the 1960s, Al-Amin led the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and was the justice minister of the Black Panthers. Al-Amin encouraged blacks to arm themselves by saying "violence is as American as cherry pie." …."

Sierra Times 3/10/00 Larry Elder "……Ronald Taylor, a black man, allegedly guns down five whites, killing three. What followed became a textbook case on how contemporary American journalism deals with race. The suspect's motive could not have been more clear. A black neighbor quoted Taylor as saying, "I'm gonna kill all white people." A white maintenance man described Taylor as disruptive ever since he moved into the apartment building, "Whenever he saw me, he'd call me a racist pig, or white trash, or he'd make a point of walking past me and brushing up against me. He just didn't like me." Yet the media leaned over backward to avoid any appearance of racism. News anchors cautioned that we don't know whether Taylor's alleged hatred against whites was the "primary" or "sole" reason for the shootings. Pardon me. When did they add that requirement? ……… The Hate Crimes Sentencing Enhancement Act defines hate crime as: "Crime in which the defendant intentionally selects a victim, or in the case of a property crime, the property that is the object of the crime, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation of any person." No mention of hatred as a "sole" or "primary" motive. ……In August 1999, white supremacist Buford Furrow gunned down several people at a Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles, and shot and killed a Filipino letter carrier. In the three days following the shooting, over 150 newspapers wrote nearly 200 articles about the slaughter. …… On November 11, 1999, in Kansas City, an Ethiopian man shot and killed two co-workers and wounded a third person. All the victims were white. The Ethiopian shooter, who also shot and killed himself, left a letter referring to "bloodsucker" whites. To date, how many newspapers carried a story about this apparent race-based shooting? Eleven…….In Michigan, a six-year-old girl is shot and killed by a six-year-old boy. In these cases, the media inform us much, much later that the bad guys are black. Were it the other way around, how long before Al Sharpton holds a press conference, with a somber Kweisi Mfume of the NAACP by his side? ...... Sooner or later, the mainstream media and the white-man-done-me-wrong black leadership must face the facts. Black/white interracial crime is almost entirely committed by blacks against whites. By ignoring this, and holding black criminals to a different standard, the media heighten tension and divisiveness. The President's traveling Advisory Board on Race urged Americans to be candid with one another on race. Somebody tell the media......."

AP 3/13/00 Libby Quaid "….The Bob Jones University controversy that dominated much of the Republican presidential primary campaign is bubbling over into congressional races. Democrats, eager to regain control of Congress, are trying to tie Republicans to the fundamentalist Christian school in Greenville, S.C., that, until earlier this month, had anti-Catholic statements on its Web site and forbade interracial dating. In the Senate, Democrats pushed a resolution condemning the school, while in the House, the party's fund-raising arm distributed a memorandum on Bob Jones' policies and urged candidates to use it to attack Republicans. ''Your Republican opponent may be asked about his/her reaction to (Republican presidential candidate George W.) Bush's handling of the Bob Jones visit,'' says a memo from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. ''Consider issuing a press release, holding a news conference, or writing a letter to the editor to highlight your feelings on the national Republican Party's alliance with right-wing extremist groups.'' ……. Ashcroft said he ''really didn't know about the specific teachings of Bob Jones University'' and fired back that Carnahan offended Catholics by vetoing a ban on a type of late-term abortions. Ashcroft said he will return the degree only if Carnahan returns campaign contributions from abortion-rights groups. ''The injection of religious bigotry and racial animosity into this campaign is a real shame,'' Ashcroft said. ……"

The Hartford Courant 3/13/00 "….. His homecoming last month after living in self-imposed exile for nearly 40 years was bittersweet, said Preston King in his faint British accent. Sweet, because a pardon from President Clinton lifted the threat and stigma of an undeserved prison sentence that had shadowed him. Sweet because Mr. King, 63, could reacquaint himself with long lost friends and once-familiar places in his hometown of Albany, Ga. Bitter because he had returned home to bury a brother. And bitter because of a separation that never should have been. Mr. King made a good life for himself in England. He is a professor of politics at the University of Lancaster and the father of two grown children, one of whom is a member of Parliament. Nevertheless, his exile was unjust. In 1961, an all-white jury convicted Mr. King of draft evasion. Learning that he was black, the draft board in Albany had stopped referring to him as Mr. King and began addressing him as Preston. The young graduate student said he was willing to serve, but only if the draft board called him by the same respectful title it had used in correspondence when it assumed that he was white. The draft board arrogantly declined….. "

Associated Press 3/14/00 "……Rarely has an American religious group changed its doctrines so radically and so swiftly. And rarely have the implications been so weighty. To throaty cheers of ``Allah akbar!'' (God is great!) from more than 20,000 followers at his annual rally recently, minister Louis Farrakhan reconciled with archrival Imam W. Deen Mohammed and proclaimed the Nation of Islam's entry into the Muslim mainstream. If the Nation's faith becomes fully acceptable to Mohammed's orthodox blacks and the larger body of immigrant Muslims - though, with the mercurial Farrakhan , nothing can be certain - a unified and strengthened Islam could gradually remake the American religious landscape. Orthodox Islam has always abhorred the Nation, believing it distorts the Muslim central profession that "there is no god but God and Mohammed is his Prophet." The Nation has taught that "Allah appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad" and that this mysterious Detroit teacher was also the messiah of Muslims and Christians. After Fard Muhammad disappeared in 1934, his successor, Elijah Muhammad, came to be revered as the final prophet instead of Mohammed of Arabia. And despite Islam's brotherhood ideal, the Nation proclaimed that whites are inferior "devils." It advocated racial segregation and demanded that blacks be given their own territory within the United States. ……"


Los Angeles Times 3/29/00 AP "……A federal appeals court has agreed to reconsider claims by minority educators that California's teacher qualifying test is discriminatory. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Monday that a majority of its judges voted to set aside a panel's 2-1 ruling upholding CBEST, and order a new hearing before an 1 1-judge panel. The California Basic Educational Skills Test has been required by state law for teaching, counseling and administrative credentials since 1983. It consists of multiple-choice questions in reading comprehension and mathematics and two essays to measure writing skills. It is given six times a year and can be repeated indefinitely. The most recent state figures showed that 100,000 people a year took the test, 70% passed on their first try and 82% to 85% passed eventually. But there were significant differences among ethnic groups, particularly in first-time passage rates: 80% for whites, 60% for Asians, 47% for Hispanics and 37% for blacks. The state says the test is set At an eighth- to tenth-grade level and screens out only the unqualified. Organizations of Latino, black and Asian educators contend that there was no proven connection between CBEST and teaching skills, and that teachers should be judged on their classroom performance. ….."

Nando Times 3/27/00 "……Charles Apprendi Jr. says he was high on alcohol and drugs - not pushed by racial hatred - when he fired shots into the home of a black family in his predominantly white neighborhood in 1994. "It was just criminal mischief. That's all it was. I had no idea it was a black family's home," he insists. A judge saw it differently. He determined Apprendi's actions were motivated by prejudice and imposed a longer prison term under New Jersey's hate crimes law, one of the first adopted in the country. Apprendi, 47, is challenging his sentence in a case to be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court this week. His lawyers argue that a jury, using the most stringent burden of proof, should have determined whether the crime was motivated by bias and warranted the additional penalty. "Our question is how and to whom do you prove it," said Richard Singer, a professor at Rutgers-Camden Law School assisting in the appeal. "Our argument is that anything that dramatically affects the sentence should be proven beyond a reasonable doubt." ….."

3/29/00 Jim Nicholson "……Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today responded to Al Sharpton's libel suit based on a letter to the editor published in The Washington Post. The Chairman's statement follows: "I stand by my statement to The Washington Post: Al Sharpton is no civil rights leader. He is a hatemonger, an anti-Semite and a racist, and for him to be a political partner of Al Gore and Hillary Clinton, for Hillary Clinton to honor him by spending Martin Luther King's birthday with him, for him to be given the first question at a Democrat presidential debate, for him to be recognized as a leader of the Democrat Party, is shameful. "I welcome this opportunity to better inform the American people about Al Sharpton's record. "There should be no place in either of our great political parties for such hateful and divisive figures. That's why we in the Republican Party have unequivocally rejected David Duke, and it is why I am today calling on Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party to finally - belatedly -- reject Al Sharpton. "One more point: It is ludicrous for Al Sharpton to claim that his reputation has been damaged. Anyone who knows anything about Al Sharpton knows what his reputation is -- and has long been. "I say it again: He is a hatemonger, an anti-Semite and a racist." …."

New York Post 3/29/00 Murray Weiss "……THE cops involved in the shooting death of Patrick Dorismond didn't know the unarmed man was wounded until after they knocked him down in a struggle outside a Midtown bar, The Post has learned.. …… The officers acknowledge that Dorismond was fatally wounded apparently without realizing the trio with whom he was scuffling were undercover copsand not street people searching for drugs. In a tragic chain of events that took "less than 15 seconds" to unfold, the cops told investigators, Dorismond became "instantly insulted" and enraged when a scruffily dressed undercover detective asked him where he could buy some "Krill"street slang for crack cocaine. …….. During the ensuing fray, Vasquez yelled "Police! Police!" and drew his Glock 9mm after someone shouted "Gun! Get the gun!" Vasquez believed the shout came from Dorismond. The cops say they feared it was a call for a weapon. But it is possible Dorismond shouted after spotting a gun tucked in the waistband of one of the plainclothes cops. Vasquez's gun fired accidentally, the officers say, after Dorismond grabbed the barrel and struggled with Vasquez. By this point, uniformed cops were also on Eighth Avenue, rushing to the scene between 37th and 38th streets. …….Initially, the three undercover cops say, none of them knew the shot came from one of their weaponsor that Dorismond had been hit in the chest. ….."

New York Daily News 3/27/00 Emily Gest Tracey Tully "……Mayor Giuliani stood his ground yesterday, forcefully defending the police amid calls for the top cop's resignation and polls showing he's losing political muscle in the aftermath of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. Calling it an "orchestrated attack on police," Giuliani condemned Saturday's bottle-throwing, flag-burning protesters who faced off against cops during Patrick Dorismond's funeral. "Decent people don't throw bottles at funerals," said the mayor, who hailed the cops' "restraint and professionalism." Police had to "save little babies because their mothers were foolish enough to have them in that crowd. Babies were being stomped by people," the mayor said. "The crowd almost trampled and killed some children that the police had to save." ......"

Wash Post 3/22/00 Debra Viadero ".......If the researchers studying the reasons why black and Hispanic students continue to trail non-Hispanic whites in academic achievement were pressed to say one thing for certain about their work, it might be this: The usual explanations aren't good enough. Poverty can't explain all of the achievement gap, they would say, because grade and test-score disparities crop up even in middle-class communities with integrated schools. And peer pressure-fears that classmates will accuse fellow minority students of "acting white'' for excelling in school-won't do it either. If that were the reason, why would learning differences show up even in kindergarten-when children of every color want nothing more than to please their teachers? "We know what the causes aren't. We know what we thought were the causes weren't as important as some other things," said Meredith Phillips, a co-editor of The Black-White Test Score Gap, a 1998 book on the subject. "And the traditional liberal and conservative explanations don't explain much." The lack of knowledge is surprising since the gap has been documented since at least the 1960s. Between 1970, when the National Assessment of Educational Progress first began taking the national pulse on student achievement, and 1980, black and Hispanic students made great strides in narrowing the gulf that once separated them from their white peers. .......And, most troubling of all, the disparities are greatest at the high end of the achievement spectrum-the statistical pool where the nation's future leaders swim. Failure to close the gap could ultimately mean failure on the part of American society to integrate all of its institutions from the bottom to the top......."

SierraTimes 3/28/00 ".......Today, the Campaign for a Colorblind America announced that an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court has been filed in the nationally watched case of John Goode vs. the City of Austin and Fine Host Corporation. This is a racial discrimination suit against the City of Austin filed by an African-American BBQ seller who was improperly fired for not agreeing to accept special treatment based on his race. The case was dismissed at trial by Austin Judge Sam Sparks. The Fifth Circuit declined to reverse Judge Sparks solely because they found Goode did not have standing to challenge the City's racial preferences program he is black and the program purports to benefit blacks. Mr. John Goode, the owner/operator of Mr. Bones BBQ, filed suit on March 6, 1998 against both the City of Austin and its contractor Fine Host Corporation after his contract to sell BBQ at city venues was terminated simply because he did not wish to certify himself as a minority/women business enterprise (M/WBE). ......"

Washington Post 3/29/00 The Associated Press "......New York City Public Advocate Mark Green today called for a judicial inquiry into Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani's release of the sealed juvenile records of Patrick Dorismond, the unarmed man killed during a confrontation with police. In papers prepared for filing in state Supreme Court, Green asked the court to investigate how Giuliani and Police Commissioner Howard Safir obtained the sealed records and whether the disclosure violated the law........ Giuliani said that releasing the information was legal because Dorismond's death ended his right to privacy. But Green, the city's No. 2 official and a Democrat, cites legal precedents in which judges have refused to release sealed Family Court records of deceased individuals........ Giuliani has contended that the criminal records show Dorismond, 26, had a propensity for violent behavior. But the GOP mayor's unsympathetic response to the shooting of Dorismond has hurt him with voters. He has refused to offer Dorismond's family condolences or meet with black community leaders......"


Associated Press 3/30/00 Timothy Williams "…….Responding to President Clinton's mild comments about the police department's recent shootings of unarmed black men, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani ripped into Clinton on Thursday, questioning his "tactics" and foreign policy expertise…... On Wednesday, when asked whether the New York Police Department had a racial problem in the wake of four police shootings of unarmed black men in the past 13 months, President Clinton responded: "There is now ample evidence that the crime rate can go down and the tenor of community-police relations can go up. It's largely a matter of the right sort of politics and consistent effort there." ……… Asked to respond, Giuliani on Thursday questioned the president's motives and compared the remark to comments made by the president last month after a jury acquitted four white police officers of criminal charges in the shooting death of unarmed African immigrant Amadou Diallo. "The president's motives are the president's motives and you are gonna have to assess them," Giuliani said at a City Hall news conference. "It's very, very similar to after the Diallo verdict when the president pronounced that it was a racial situation when the forelady of the grand jury, who was African American, had said that it wasn't and that was a verdict by a jury of four African Americans and eight whites, and the president somehow -- who didn't sit at the trial, didn't know any of the evidence -- determined that it was a racial incident." Giuliani added: "So you know, you have to assess the president for the president that he is." ……"

Wall Street Journal 3/31/00 Paul Gigot "…… Osama bin Laden is the famous terrorist; Spence Abraham a little-known Republican senator from Michigan. Their only link is Arab ethnicity, but that's been enough to make Mr. Abraham the target of a nasty political fear campaign. "Why is Senator Spencer Abraham trying to make it easier for terrorists like Osama bin Laden to export their war of terror to any city street in America?" asks a newspaper ad with photos of the two men side by side. At least Mr. Abraham isn't depicted wearing a turban. This and more is the handiwork of FAIR, the least accurate acronym in politics. It stands for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group of population-control zealots whose goal is no immigration at all. FAIR is pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into deceptive TV, radio and newspaper ads aimed at damaging Mr. Abraham before his re-election bid this year…….."

Boston Herald 3/31/00 Dave Wedge "…… The Boston Licensing Board yesterday tossed out charges that a South Boston pub hung up stuffed monkeys to make fun of Black History Month, leaving black leaders outraged. ``They have no backbone,'' City Councilor Charles Yancey, who is black, said of the board after it ruled there was no evidence to support allegations of racism against Tom English's Cottage on Emerson Street. The three-member board unanimously voted to dismiss charges that the bar's February ``jungle'' display was put up to mock Black History Month. In addition to about 20 stuffed monkeys hanging from fake vines, the exhibit included African native statues, straw huts, parrots and black-faced coconuts, among other items. Owner Tom English, who did not attend yesterday's hearing and did not return a phone call seeking comment, contends the ``tropical'' display had no racial overtones and was simply put up to ``bring warmth into the bar in the dead of winter.'' His attorney, Christopher Weld, refused comment on the board's decision. ……"

Omaha World-Herald 4/2/00 Franklin T. Thompson "……. Ready. Set. Let the phone calls, name-calling, and mud-slinging begin. This African-American male of moderate political persuasion has done the unthinkable: Traded in years of unwavering political allegiance to the Democratic Party for something more satisfying. I have joined the Republican party, and life suddenly has become very interesting. In 1994, I was stuck in neutral, looking for a reason to become a Republican. I praised Democrats and Republicans alike for contributing to the greatness of our nation, but I also challenged the leadership of both parties to engage in dialogue aimed at creating a new and refreshing alternative. Nonetheless, I can no longer resist the lure of stability. "Jackass." That is what I was called one day, while talking ot a black Democrat as we boarded a bus headed for the Crossroads [a local shopping mall]. At each stop, the verbal assaults grew more: "sell-out", "white boy", "Uncle Tom", "Repelican", "six of one, half a dozen of the other." They're all curious pseudonyms that mean the same thing: In Nebraska, African-Americans are supposed to stay true to the party of JFK. They say it is a rule written in the Book of Liberal, but I'm not sure I believe it. ……"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 4/3/00 Joshua B. Good and Richard Whitt "…… Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin says the government is out to get him. For at least five years in the 1990s, that was true. From 1992 to 1997, the FBI and Atlanta police investigated the former black militant once known as H. Rap Brown in connection with everything from domestic terrorism to gunrunning to 14 homicides in Atlanta's West End, according to police investigators' reports, FBI documents and interviews. As part of its investigation, the FBI paid informants inside Al-Amin's Community Mosque in the West End neighborhood. Al-Amin is the mosque's imam, or prayer leader. The Atlanta Police Department's intelligence squad compiled a list of 134 people associated with Al-Amin, most of them members of the mosque. The list included dates of birth and Social Security numbers. For some it also included criminal history and suspected roles in unsolved crimes. The intelligence squad identified Al-Amin's "inner circle," a group of eight Muslim men who detectives believed were Al-Amin's closest associates. One of the inner circle is now in prison for voluntary manslaughter. Despite five years of investigation, Al-Amin was never charged in any of the slayings. The FBI investigation ended in February 1996. The Atlanta police investigation ended in August 1997. Those investigations could factor into Al-Amin's current criminal case. He is charged with multiple counts of murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery in the shootings of Fulton County sheriff's deputies Ricky Kinchen and Aldranon English. Kinchen died the day after the attack. …..In his only public comment on his arrest, Al-Amin called it a "government conspiracy." ….."

Washington Post 4/3/00 Michael A. Fletcher "……Hundreds of demonstrators set off from a dusty square in the heart of this historic city today on a five-day march aimed at intensifying the pressure on the South Carolina Legislature to remove the Confederate battle flag from atop the state capitol. A multiracial group of celebrities, business people, religious leaders and the mayors of South Carolina's largest cities voiced support for the march. They say the flag must go - not only because it is profoundly insulting to the many African Americans and others who see it as a racist symbol, but also because it is hurting the image of a state that has made great economic strides in recent decades……"

FAST - Zogby Academic Life Survey 4/18/00 "……One of the nation's most controversial issues is not at all controversial among America's college students. Four out of 5 say colleges should not use racial preferences in admissions decisions, a new survey conducted by Zogby International finds. While 84.3 percent of students say ethnic diversity on campus is important, 86.4 percent say meeting academic standards is more important in admissions decisions than achieving ethnic diversity. And 92.7 percent oppose giving preferences to blacks and Hispanics, favoring fair enrollment instead. Four out of 5 students say lowering entrance requirements for some students, regardless of the reason, is unfair to the entire student body......."

Greensboro NC News and Record 4/17/00 Denise Becker "……The young students chatting and laughing while they sip milk and eat breakfast in the cafeteria at Siler City Elementary are much like those in schools across the state. But the throng of children filling the tables here provides a graphic illustration of the cultural transformation that has engulfed this small Southern town -- and one that is inevitably coming to many Piedmont cities. Latino, African-American and Anglo children sit side by side, some speaking Spanish, others speaking English. In a town still largely segregated when it comes to housing, churches and social events, the schools are one place where the races are actively mixing day after day. Yet this integration has not come without cost or friction. The schools are devoting more and more of their budgets to English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, teachers are trying to meet challenges they weren't trained for, and many parents, unhappy with the racial mix or convinced their children are getting shortchanged, are pulling their kids out. …….As recently as 1994, white children made up nearly 55 percent of the students at Siler City Elementary, with African-American students making up about 36 percent and Hispanics about 9 percent. By 1997, however, white students accounted for only about 38 percent of the school's population. The percentage has continued to shrink: 33 percent in 1997-98, 28 percent in 1998-99 and 21 percent this year. At the same time, the Hispanic population in the school grew rapidly: to 22 percent in 1996-97, 30 percent in 1997-98, 39 percent in 1998-99. Today, Hispanics make up nearly 44 percent of the students at the elementary school and more than 50 percent of this year's kindergarten class. African-Americans account for about 31 percent ofthe school's population. ……"

Orlando Sentinel 4/16/00 Charley Reese "……. A Cuban friend of mine said he was saddened to discover during the Elian Gonzalez controversy how many Americans hated the Cuban exiles. I'm sad that he feels that way. Americans who really know the Cuban exile community don't hate its members. If you wanted to rate people on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the most patriotic, the most self-reliant, the most industrious, the most willing to volunteer and, if necessary, sacrifice themselves for their native and adopted countries, the Cuban exile community would be a 10-plus. The problem is that leftist twits, who infect the American communications media and academia like body lice, are forever slandering the Cubans, depicting them as anti-democratic right-wingers or old Batista supporters or outright fascists. They routinely have accused the Cuban community in Miami of exploiting the little boy. …….. Only two groups have exploited Elian Gonzalez. One is the news media who camped outside the Miami family's home, without permission or invitation, to photograph the little fellow every time he came out of the house. That is exploitation, not to mention an invasion of privacy. ……The other exploiter of Elian Gonzalez has been Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba, whose usual attitude toward Cuban children trying to flee the island is to have his goons drown them, shoot them or put them into prison. Anybody who thinks that Castro really gives a damn about Elian is a fool. His only purpose is to make the United States look bad. …….As a matter of fact, when the boy's body was laid on the deck of an American fishing boat, he had reached America and should have been granted asylum. Then his custody could have been settled in a calm way in a family court. Instead the Immigration and Naturalization Service has denied him asylum and decreed that no one could speak for him except his father in Cuba, effectively denying him his day in court. Other children who have living fathers have people appointed to speak for them in American courts fairly routinely......."

Washington Weekly 4/17/00 J. Peter Mulhern "…….. How could so many people have forgotten so much in such a short time? A public that is largely supportive when our government sacrifices a small boy to appease a communist dictator has to be suffering from amnesia. Castro announced his intention to have Elian Gonzalez reeducated to purge him of the taint from his sojourn in the United States. That announcement should have made every spine tingle with horror as we collectively recalled the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Soviet penal psychiatry. Instead it disappeared down the memory hole. Just a decade after winning the Cold War many of us have forgotten what that war was about. Many others can't forget because they never understood. ………."

Chicago Sun-Times 3/28/00 John O’Sullivan "…… My attention was caught by a small item in the British press: Police in Gloucester are cracking down on racism by entering restaurants in disguise to listen for racist conversation. In the first week of "Operation Napkin," one man was arrested for racially aggravated harassment. Another was overheard mimicking an Indian waiter, but the police decided that his behavior did not warrant prosecution. "Goodness me," said a friend. "Isn't Fawlty Towers near Gloucester?" …….. George Orwell was less certain. In 1984 he foresaw an England in which the most serious crimes would not be rape or robbery but "thought-crimes." And the evidence for thought-crimes has to be sought in the nearest equivalent to thoughts: private conversations. Such intrusive policing in America as well as England is commonly justified by two arguments: First, that bad thoughts, like ethnic stereotyping, lead to criminal acts; and second, that certain bad thoughts--notably racism but also sexism and homophobia--are dispersed throughout the community and must be vigilantly repressed if we are not to return to Jim Crow. Neither argument holds water. Stereotypes tell broad truths about a group; comic stereotypes provide harmless amusement, and if hostile stereotypes sometimes stimulate a crime, the remedy is to punish the crime--not the thought. Besides, survey evidence shows that most Americans are tolerant traditionalists who believe that there are such things as group qualities, that not everyone in a group shares them, and hey, that it's their life anyway. ……"

Media News Group 4/13/00 Laura Counts "…….Seventeen members of a Senegalese dance troupe finished a performance at Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall on Sunday and apparently melted into the East Bay's large West African community. The 33-member Ballet d'Afrique Noire was forced to cancel the last three shows of its 12-week U.S. tour after half of its young members -- apparently tempted to seek a new life here -- disappeared after a post-show party. The remaining dancers and musicians were on planes back to Senegal on Wednesday, said Jane Hermann of ICM Artists Ltd. in New York, which organized the tour. They had work visas that expire in a week but were contingent on their employment with the troupe. ……. But the Berkeley performance was apparently a convenient place to drop out, since the East Bay has one of the largest West African dance communities in the United States. ……The dancers, who were in their 20s, were probably motivated by dreams of a more prosperous life here rather than politics, the source said. Senegal's political situation is stable, and many Senegalese have been celebrating the peaceful transition to a new opposition government earlier this month after 40 years of socialist rule. ……"

Yahoo News 4/15/00 AP "…… A son of NAACP president Kweisi Mfume has been sentenced to four years and nine months in prison for federal drug and weapons convictions. Ronald T. Gray, 29, pleaded guilty last October, admitting he sold cocaine in Washington for more than two years. At his arrest last May, federal Drug Enforcement Administration officers found cocaine, a scale, packaging materials and $8,500 cash at his District of Columbia home. ``Mr. Gray was a calculated drug dealer,'' U.S. District Judge Henry H. Kennedy said Friday, before giving him time less than minimum recommended under federal sentencing guidelines. A drug conviction for amounts of cocaine between 3.5 and 5 kilograms carries penalties of 70 to 87 months in federal prison. ……"

Boston Globe 4/2/00 Stephen Kurkjian "……. In the past decade, 12 off-duty or undercover police officers have been shot to death or wounded by other policemen after being mistaken as felons, according to a Globe survey of the largest cities in the nation. All but two of the officers were black. The shootings, which have killed five black and one white officers and wounded one white and five blacks since 1992, are prompting representatives of several minority police organizations to urge their members to consider refusing undercover assignments until adequate safety measures are in place. The shootings, the latest of which was thekilling in January of an off-duty Providence Police Department sergeant, Cornel Young Jr., do not include possible woundings in smaller communities, physical beatings, or events in which errant shots were fired. But the known casualties have some police commanders weighing whether the dangers faced by minority undercover officers, who make up much of the first line of defense against urban crime, are too great. ''It's the nightmare of policing,'' said William J. Bratton, the former commissioner of the New York City and the Boston police departments. ''We rely greatly on minority officers to combat crime this way, but in doing so we face exposing them to unintended dangers.'' ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/13/00 Larry Witham "….. The Rev. Leon Lipscombe began to notice "the high energy" and "great mood swing" around 1990. The Sunday excitement was changing his African Methodist Episcopal (AME) denomination. "The good thing it did was get people back into church," says Mr. Lipscombe, pastor of Allen Chapel AME Church in Southeast Washington, D.C. "But the shouting doesn't last," he says. "You have to sustain them with a good theology." The excitement is called "neo-Pentecostalism," a defining feature of black Christianity today. It's a middle-class movement that is producing megachurches, combining the vitality and stage presence of black worship with social outreach, educational attainment and business success. In considering the state of American religion, an observer has to look at the new spiritual seeking and the pluralism brought with immigration. The other force for change, many authorities argue, is rising from within the black religious experience. Some of the neo-Pentecostal black churches, with the music-concert quality of their worship services and promising social contacts, are bringing men back to the sanctuaries. Still, on a typical Sunday in most of the country's 45,000 predominantly black Christian congregations, the pews are 80 percent filled with women……… "

The State 4/13/00 Joseph Stroud "….. In a day of high drama at the State House, the S.C. Senate voted on the 139th anniversary of the firing on Fort Sumter to remove the Confederate flag from the State House dome. A square version of the flag would be placed on a 20-foot staff behind the Confederate soldier monument under a compromise measure that passed by a 36-7 vote. The compromise -- which also would remove the flags from the House and Senate chambers and provide new protections for historic street names and monuments all over the state -- goes today to the House of Representatives. Speaker David Wilkins and other GOP leaders offered a similar measure Tuesday. Many rank-and-file House Republicans have said in recent weeks that the only compromise they could accept would place the flag near the soldier monument. ……"

AP breaking news 4/13/00 "…..A man charged with killing three people and wounding two others in a shooting spree was ruled mentally competent to stand trial, prosecutors said Thursday. Ronald Taylor, 39, is accused of fatally shooting a maintenance man March 1 at his apartment building in Wilkinsburg, east of Pittsburgh, setting his apartment on fire, then shooting four people - two fatally - at fast-food restaurants. Taylor had been sent to Mayview State Hospital for a mental evaluation…….. Writings found at Taylor's home expressed hatred for whites, Jews, Asians, Italians and others, police said. Taylor is black. ….."

Dallas Morning News/L.A. Times 4/12/00 "……Border Patrol agents may not consider an individual's "Hispanic appearance" as a factor in deciding whether to stop motorists for questioning near the U.S.-Mexico border, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. "Stops based on race or ethnic appearance send the underlying message to all our citizens that those who are not white are judged by the color of their skin alone," the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in a 7-4 ruling. "Such stops also send a clear message that those who are not white enjoy a lesser degree of constitutional protection - that they are in effect assumed to be potential criminals first and individuals second." The decision by the San Francisco-based court will probably add fuel to the growing debate over racial profiling by law-enforcement agencies. The Justice Department is conducting a major study of the issue in response to complaints that police agencies across the nation engage in such conduct. The American Civil Liberties Union said 200 police departments track racial and ethnic information to help assess the validity of complaints about race-based traffic stops and similar practices. ……"

The Detroit Free Press 4/14/00 Dawson Bell "…….African Americans who have lived in Michigan for 10 years or more would be eligible for up to $330,000 in slave reparations under a bill introduced this week by a Detroit lawmaker. State Rep. Derrick Hale, D-Detroit, said he introduced the legislation to pay reparations through an income tax credit because it "is time we started taking our obligations seriously" to the descendants of American slaves. ……." 4/4/00 Carl Limbacher "………. Fidel Castro has a trump card in the Elian Gonzales standoff -- and it may be the reason Bill Clinton is so anxious to return the miracle raft boy to the arms of the Cuban dictator. In fact, Castro's revenge could be far more damaging to Vice President Al Gore's presidential bid than any political fallout from sending little Elian back. Before his impeachment, the most searing moment in Bill Clinton's political life came in November 1980, when he lost Arkansas' governorship to Republican Frank White after just one two year term. Clinton was America's youngest governor at the time, a genuine rising political star. But President Jimmy Carter's decision to ship thousands of Cuban refugees to the state cost Clinton the election. Twenty years before little Elian was plucked from the ocean, Castro decided he'd show Americans how costly our open door policy for Cuban refugees could be. He released tens of thousands of criminals from Cuban prisons; rapists, murderers, theives along with hundreds of mental patients, and put them on leaky boats headed for US shores. They became known as the Marielle boatlift people. Faced with a Marielito crime wave that promised to wreak havoc with his popularity in vote-rich Florida, Carter immediately began transporting the unwanted Cubans out of the state. On May 26, 1980 Carter ordered twenty thousand Marielitos to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. ………. Clinton pleaded with Washington for relief, counting on the Democratic president and former fellow southern governor to bail him out. Instead Carter's Pentagon told him, "Prepare to receive another ten thousand Cubans from other military installations around the country." The issue became such a political burden that Clinton borrowed a page from Arkansas' most famous racist politician Orval Faubus, who battled President Eisenhower over the Little Rock desegregation crisis of 1957. "I'll defy the whole United States Army," Clinton promised, if Carter sent more Cubans to Arkansas. ……….. Could Fidel be blackmailing Clinton with the same nightmare scenario over Elian Gonzales? ……"

WASHINGTON TIMES 4/3/00 Thomas Elias "……. OAKLAND, Calif. - You can't get much more explicit than the anti-AIDS advertising campaign Alameda County officials are mounting here on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. One black man lies atop another, both naked, two empty glasses and a liquor bottle beside them. An unused condom lies on the floor nearby. That's the ad campaign that now adorns small billboards, postcards, business-size plastic cards, condom packages and matchbooks. "Been there. Done that. Get HIV tested. It could save your life," says the slogan on each of the advertising items. The signs are being posted in areas most likely to be frequented by gay black men.[racial profiling?] The smaller items are given away in nightclubs, adult video stores, bathhouses, bars and other known gay hangouts. The shock ads are the county health department's response to a state of emergency declared in 1998, when AIDS officially become the number one killer of African Americans ages 25 to 44 in Alameda County, bumping homicide out of that spot for the first time since the early 1960s. ……. The campaign is aimed primary at blacks because they are five times more likely to contract the deadly HIV virus than whites or blacks. Blacks make up just 18 percent of the county population, but account for 42 percent of its 5,400 active AIDS cases. ……"

AP 4/5/00 "……….Just days after two crosses were burned outside a predominantly black church, a fire bomb was thrown into another one just a few miles away, authorities said. Sumter Country investigators said there is no evidence that the incidents were related or racially motivated. Sheriff Tommy Mims said the county does not have a history of race-related crimes. The fire bomb, which was thrown through a window of St. Paul AME Church on Monday, did not ignite. It was unclear why the device failed, sheriff's Maj. Anthony Dennis said. The crosses that burned were at Goodwill Presbyterian. They had been put in front of the church to celebrate Lent, the 40-day period of penance between Ash Wednesday and Easter. "For something like this to happen, it really hurts the black and white folks in Sumter," said the Rev. Richard Baxter, pastor of Goodwill Presbyterian, the county's oldest black church. ……"

Washington Times 4/7/00 Marc Levin "….. Has anyone noticed that the most vocal political leaders in favor of returning Elian Gonzalez to communist Cuba are liberal minority members of Congress? Examples include Connie Meek (Florida Democrat), Maxine Waters (California Democrat), and José E. Serrano (New York Democrat). Whatever one's ultimate view is as to whether Elian should stay or go, this fact illustrates a disturbing disregard on the part of left-wing minority leaders for fellow racial or ethnic minorities who espouse conservative or even patriotic views. Indeed, Mr. Serrano recently wrote to Vice President Gore, "For the sake of votes in Florida, votes that already belong to Governor Bush, you have angered Latinos and African-Americans, including many members of Congress." Mr. Seranno and other minority leaders' attempt to pit their racial and ethnic groups against the Cuban-American community is the latest iteration of the "Uncle Tom" indignity that has been so vitriolically directed at black conservatives such as Clarence Thomas. This is not just a matter of circumstantial evidence, although it is exceedingly difficult to explain why black and Hispanic congressmen from states other than Florida would have any more passion for the Elian case than their white counterparts. Of course, one could naively assume that this controversy rose to the top of their collective agendas simply out of a genuine concern that Elian be reunited with his father. However, this could not explain the shocking remarks of Mr. Serrano on the April 3 edition of "Hardball" on CNBC. When asked a simple question by Chris Matthews as to whether Cuba is a free society, Mr. Serrano initially said he didn't know because he did not live there. When pressed again, he retorted that it is "free in some ways." As to whether their system was better than ours, Mr. Seranno would only say the two are "different." Finally, when questioned specifically about whether free speech exists in Cuba, Mr. Serrano replied "absolutely."........."

Associated Press 3/30/00 "…..A judge has approved a permanent injunction barring the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a white supremacist and numerous other protesters from demonstrating within 50 feet of any Decatur high school. The ruling by Macon County Circuit Judge James A. Hendrian extends a temporary injunction he granted in December after Jackson came to Decatur to protest the expulsions of six black students for fighting in the stands at a football game. Superintendent Kenneth Arndt called the ruling barring Jackson and white supremacist Matt Hale ''good news.'' Lewis Myers Jr., lead counsel for Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, said he plans to appeal. ''It's just more of that board building walls rather than bridges,'' Jackson said. ……" 3/30/00 Richard Poe "……. It's official. New Yorkers love race riots. The more violence Hillary provokes in our streets, the better we like her. That, at least, is the implication of a new poll released by Zogby International. Less than a day after rioters in Brooklyn hurled bricks and urine-filled bottles at police, Zogby announced an unprecedented leap in Hillary's popularity. Hillary had been trailing Giuliani for months, by as much as 7 points in early March. Now she has jumped ahead three points (45 percent to Rudy's 42.3 percent) ……" 4/19/00 reposted Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. ".......... While government policies are destroying communities all over the country, Washington bureaucrats are fabricating new ones based. on egalitarian ideology, and imposing them through federal police power. The 11,000 residents of Vidor, Texas, know about this, for they experienced this social engineering at first hand. At 5:30am on January 13, 1994, media vans rolled into the small community, followed by U.S. Marshals and enough police cars to surround a housing complex. They were escorting a van marked "Department of Housing and Urban Development," which carried two black women with seven children between them, a single black man, and a single black woman. The government was moving them into the complex for purposes of social engineering, under 24-hour police watch. For months, the national media had smeared Vidor as a bastion of racism. HUD secretary Henry Cisneros and his deputy Roberta Achtenberg, head of HUD's racial enforcement and a lesbian-rights lawyer of anti-Boy Scout fame, had decided that Vidor was too white. Four blacks who had lived there last year had complained that the citizens were inhospitable. In particular, Vidor residents were accused of being rude to Bill Simpson, who chose to move out. A few days later, a fellow black man shot him to death in a nearby all-black town, a crime that the media tried to pin on Vidor. But none of the former residents were denied their right to live wherever they wanted, and no one in Vidor broke the law. No one was robbed, raped, or even touched - which is more than can be said for most cities in this country. More to the point in our post-Waco era, no one was even "stockpiling weapons." Undoubtedly, Vidor has its share of unfriendly types, but mostly its people just want to be left alone. And what's wrong with that?......... "

The Associated Press 4/19/00 Gillian Flynn ".......Two white police officers have been cleared in the death of a black off-duty officer that they mistook for a suspect. The shooting sparked city protests by blacks and a federal civil rights probe. A grand jury spent about two months reviewing the conduct of Officers Michael Solitro and Carlos Saraiva in the death of Sgt. Cornel Young Jr. before deciding no criminal charges were warranted..."

Original Sources 4/26/00 Mary Mostert "…… It's Black-on-Black Conflict, Not Black-on-White Conflict Causing Anarchy in Africa. …….. In the last year we have seen anarchy hit various areas - Indonesia, once a thriving nation who had people with the money and desire to pour into the Clinton 1996 Presidential Campaign, Kosovo, a province in the nation of Yugoslavia, the Horn of Africa and now Zimbabwe. ……… At the height of the Elilan controversy I posted a news story about the economic impact of the growing anarchy in Mugabe's Zimbabwe which seemed to irritate a reader who had never seen any mention of the problems in Zimbabwe in the dominant media. "Why don't you tell us what's going on there, Mary?" …….. The reader had a good point, but, frankly, I long ago came to the conclusion that the entire continent of Africa could drop into the sea and it wouldn't make the front pages of the Washington Post. For all the liberal left's talk about concern for the "Africans" or the "African Americans," the fact is, they really are not interested in what is going on in Africa, as was illustrated by Clinton's total disinterest in the death of hundreds of thousands of blacks by genocide but created a war because 1400 Albanians died in 1999 in Kosovo. He didn't mention the 600 Serbs who also died. ....... Americans particularly have a romantic notion that the problems of Africa are all caused by conflicts between whites and blacks. Actually, the worst problems are always between various black factions and tribes, not between whites and blacks and that is playing out now in Zimbabwe. ……"

Original Sources 4/26/00 Mary Mostert "……Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born on Feb. 21, 1924, in Kutama, Southern Rhodesia. He taught in Southern Rhodesia and then in Ghana where he came under the influence of Kwame Nkruma. In 1960 he returned to Southern Rhodesia. Finding the black nationalist movement of Joshua Nkomo too tame, he helped organize the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU). His group advocated deposing by force Rhodesia's white government. In 1964 he was arrested for speaking against the government and imprisoned for ten years. ……… Mugabe was released from prison in 1975 and, with Nkomo, helped organize guerrillas in the Patriotic Front (PF) to oppose Rhodesia's white-ruled government. The war ended in 1979 when whites agreed to a new constitution allowing black rule, and in 1980 Mugabe became prime minister. He formulated a Marxist-socialist government. He has been re-elected every since - a perfect example of the saying, among many blacks in South Africa and Zimbabwe - "One Man, One Vote, One Time." The guerrilla warfare in Africa that did away with the white man's rule has generally been only transferrance from one tyranny to another. ……."

Original Sources 4/26/00 Mary Mostert "…… Back in 1970 a constitution, dubbed an instrument for retaining white rule, was adopted which allowed for a republic with a president and prime minister; a Senate of 23 members and a House of Assembly elected by separate white and black voter rolls, eventually to have 50 representatives each. In order to vote, one had to have paid income tax, which most blacks, of course, did not then and still do not pay. The 1979 Constitution is the one that Mugabe attempted to change to approve the seizure of white farms. …….. Only, his new Marxist based provision to allow him to take the white man's land was not approved by the voters, much to his surprise. So, since then he has encouraged "squatters" to simply move in on white commercial farmers and take their land. About 800 of the 4500 white owned farms have been taken over in that manner. Many blacks, in a country where there is now, after 20 years of Mugabe's communist government, 50% unemployment realize that most of the jobs in the country revolve around the white commercial farms and other industries, mining and steel, which were built with the white man's know-how and investment. ......"

Original Sources 4/26/00 Mary Mostert "…… "Few blacks were among the mourners, but there were several farmers whose land has been targeted in the wave of illegal farm occupations. Some have had their crops burned, have seen workers beaten and have had homes attacked by arsonists. "'Things can't get much worse,' one friend and farming neighbour of Stevens said. "'It looks like we are going to become refugees, which is a bloody scandal,' he said. 'It is very dark at the moment,' he said. ……. "The farmer said he was unlikely to invest between Z$10-million and Z$12-million (about R1,7-million to R2,12-million) needed to plant next year's tobacco seedlings. The Zimbabwe dollar, which was worth $1.58 when Mugabe took control today is worth only .26. So much for the value of a Marxist economy. ……… "Mugabe has personally endorsed the occupation of more than 1 000 white-owned farms. He is demanding that Britain and other international donors fund a land distribution programme to give farms to hundreds of thousands of landless black people. ……."

CNS News 4/27/00 Scott Hogenson"….. The University of Iowa has closed the matter of a top official there who called white men "the root of most evil," according to a university spokesman who said the institution's position on the case goes no further than the official's apology. Interim Director of University Relations Steve Parrott refused to say whether university officials had discussed the April 20 comment by Ann Rhodes, the vice president for university relations. When asked if the University of Iowa considered the matter closed, Parrott said, "as far as we're concerned, it is." "We're just not going to talk anymore about it," Parrott told "Ann apologized. That's the university's position." …… Rhodes made her controversial remark during a news conference last week when she was asked about a suspect who was apprehended in connection with a bomb threat and a series of racist e-mails at the university. "I figured it was going to be a white guy between 25 and 55 because they're the root of most evil," Rhodes said last Thursday. The suspect in the case was identified at Tarsha Claiborne, a black woman who was a student at the university's College of Dentistry. ……"

UPI 4/26/00 "…..Psychologists, historians and politicians told a city council hearing on reparations that black slave labor built the United States and the time has come to compensate descendants of slaves. Twenty-five aldermen had signed a resolution calling for Wednesday's emotional hearings at City Hall on a measure sponsored by Dorothy Tillman, a South Side alderman, urging Illinois and Congress to hold formal hearings on reparations. Tillman supports a bill sponsored by Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., seeking congressional hearings on the question of reparations to blacks. Lerone Bennett, executive editor of Ebony, the nation's largest black-owned magazine, and author of a dozen books on Africans in America said 205 years of chattel slavery in the United States, followed by "105 years of forced labor and peonage" is "as much a crime as the (Nazi) Holocaust and apartheid in South Africa." "We're not talking about welfare. We're taking about back pay," he said. "It's time to repay it with interest. ……"This is not now and has never been an intellectual pursuit. Illinois was almost a slave state," said Bennett, who wrote the black history primer "Before the Mayflower." ……"

AP 4/27/00 Susan Parrott "…… Citing studies showing low rates of seat belt use among black youths, U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher called on mayors Thursday to help get black children in their cities to buckle up. A recent study found that blacks in their teens and 20s are half as likely to use automobile safety belts as whites and Hispanics in the same age group. ``Clearly, wearing seat belts saves lives,'' Satcher said at the annual meeting of the National Conference of Black Mayors. …… He told the city leaders and high school students that traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for blacks age 15 and under, and the second leading cause for those age 15 to 24. ……. " Lil’freeper adds "…I smell some PROFILING!!! Someone go tell the good Revs. Jesse and Al, this is an OUTRAGEOUS use of statistics!! …."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 4/22/00 Tillie Fong "……. Some Colorado Arabs and Muslims are calling the new film Rules of Engagement racist for its portrayal of the people of Yemen. The film depicts them as vicious, hateful and murderous, they say. "We are tired of being bashed, and we're not going to take it anymore," said Husni S. Sayed, 47, a computer engineer consultant, who belongs to the Islamic Center of Fort Collins. "This movie ... portrays all people of Yemen as liars and cheaters. It basically portrayed Yemen as fertile ground for breeding terrorists, and we're objecting to that." ……"

Project 21 New Visions Editorials (National Leadership Network of Conservative African-Americans) 1/2000? Mike Green "...... NBC's Today show recently brought tears to my eyes. In disbelief, I watched our nation's mainstream media honor Margaret Sanger, the woman who single-handedly gave birth to Planned Parenthood and the abortion movement. The movement that is responsible for literally millions of terminated souls, including more than 1,200 abortions of African-American children each day! ...... As Katie Couric heralded this bigoted, racist woman as a heroine for the millennium, my jaw hit the floor. Sanger was described as vivacious, warm, healing and powerfully driven. Ellen Chesler, a Sanger biographer, said Sanger wanted simply to liberate "women to experience their sexuality free of consequence." ........While noting Sanger wrote for a socialist weekly and published her own newsletter called The Women Rebel, No Gods, No Masters, NBC failed to mention that she proposed in some writings that Negroes like my parents and grandparents be given the choice of segregation or sterilization. NBC told of Sanger's battles with the Catholic Church, her arrests and self-imposed exile to escape further imprisonment. .......... It was further revealed that she abandoned her husband and three small children "for the cause." Sanger's grandson said she was so devoted to her "cause" that she was seldom home to care for her own children. One daughter died of pneumonia at the age of four.............Witness the misery and anguish massed in the communities we now call ghettos and government housing - where a Planned Parenthood office is readily accessible to encourage abortion and sexual freedom. Compare those communities to non-minority suburbs and tell me that Sanger's undermining of the minority family structure has not been achieved. Why was this not covered? ......."

Washington Times 5/9/00 Robert Stacy McCain "…….They collect millions of dollars for their crusades against hate groups, but do so-called "watchdog" organizations exaggerate the dangers posed by neo-Nazis and other racist movements? Laird Wilcox thinks so. A Kansas author and editor who has spent decades researching what he calls "fringe" groups, Mr. Wilcox says the total numbers of active, organized extremists on the right is not much more than 10,000. "Because of their nature, it's very difficult to come up with firm numbers" for such groups, Mr. Wilcox says, but estimates "the militias are probably 5,000 or 6,000 people. The Ku Klux Klan are down to about 3,000 people. And the combined membership of all neo-Nazi groups are probably just 1,500 to 2,000." ……"

Washington Times 5/9/00 Robert Stacy McCain "……."There is an anti-racist industry entrenched in the United States that has attracted bullying, moralizing fanatics, whose identity and livelihood depend upon growth and expansion of their particular kind of victimization," Mr. Wilcox wrote in his 1999 book "The Watchdogs." Naming such organizations as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), based in Montgomery, Ala., Mr. Wilcox claims "the anti-racist movement has become a massive extortion racket." The SPLC, founded in 1971, has amassed an endowment of $113 million through the efforts of co-founder Morris Dees, who served as finance director for Democratic Sen. George McGovern's 1972 presidential campaign. ……. The SPLC has consistently exaggerated the size and numbers of extremist groups, says Mr. Wilcox, who for more than 20 years has edited the "Guide to the American Right" (now in its 24th edition) and the "Guide to the American Left" (in its 21st edition), each of which lists hundreds of organizations. …… In 1992, for instance, SPLC's Klanwatch division claimed there were "346 white-supremacy groups operating" in the United States. But, says Mr. Wilcox, "in terms of viable groups . . . the actual figure is about 50." ….."

Washington Times 5/9/00 Robert Stacy McCain "…….But Mr. Wilcox is not the only critic of the SPLC. Former employees of the organization have called the SPLC "a joke" and "evil," and have called Mr. Dees "amoral." Former black employees have claimed they were discriminated against by the SPLC, according to press accounts. ………. The SPLC has also been criticized by left-wing writer Alexander Cockburn, who said Mr. Dees raised millions "by frightening elderly liberals that the heirs of Adolf Hitler are about to march down Main Street." …….. In "The Watchdogs," Mr. Wilcox chronicles several recent scandals involving anti-racist groups, including:
• The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which monitors anti-Semitism, was scandalized in 1993 when the FBI accused one of its paid investigators, Roy Bullock, of using confidential information from San Francisco police inspector Tom Gerard to compile computerized files on political groups. …..
• The Center for Democratic Renewal (CDR), an Atlanta-based group begun in 1979 as the National Anti-Klan Network, sparked a national media uproar in 1996 by claiming "a well-organized white-supremacist movement" was responsible for an "epidemic" of arson attacks against black churches in the South. ….. Within months, journalists and law enforcement officials had concluded that church-burnings had actually declined, that racism was a motive in less than half of the arsons, and that white churches were more often targeted by arsonists.
• Political Research Associates (PRA) is based in Cambridge, Mass. In 1992, the Rev. Francis S. Stryokowski was forced to resign after PRA analyst Chip Berlet "conclusively identified" the 76-year-old Catholic priest as having attended a 1988 meeting of the "Anti-Communist Confederation of Polish Freedom Fighters." …….

It is not surprising that these groups use accusations of extremism, according to David Horowitz of the Center for the Study for Popular Culture. "The extreme left . . . needs the extreme right to justify its own agendas," says Mr. Horowitz, a former leftist who is now a popular conservative author. "That's the way it worked in the '60s." …….. Left-wing groups "exaggerate these dangers" from white supremacists, Mr. Horowitz said.. ……"

AP 5/4/00 Paul Shepard "……Civil rights advocates said Thursday they hope a new report indicating massive racial inequities in the justice system will ignite a national dialogue and push lawmakers to action. ``This isn't just about a group of civil rights folks crying about injustice. This is about saving our justice system,'' said Raul Yzaguirre, president of the National Council of La Raza. The report, ``Justice on Trial: Racial Disparities in the American Criminal Justice System,'' was released by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, a Washington D.C.-based civil rights coalition celebrating its 50th anniversary. …..Among the findings in the 90-page report:
-Nearly 74 percent of all those deported by the Immigration and Naturalization Service are of Mexican origin even though Mexicans are less than half of all undocumented people in the United States, according to Immigration and Naturalization Service figures.
-Hispanics are likely to be released in only 26 percent of their cases while non-Hispanics are likely to be released before trial in 66 percent of their cases, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.
-Blacks who killed whites were sentenced to death 22 times more frequently than blacks who killed blacks and seven times more frequently than whites who killed blacks, according to crime researcher David C. Baldus. ……"

UPI/CBS MarketWatch 5/5/00 "……The Mississippi Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit on Thursday that claimed the state's flag, which has the Confederate battle flag in one corner, is racist and should be changed. The court ruled that the flag did not violate the constitutional rights of black citizens. Justice Ed Pittman wrote that the state's legislature, not a court, should determine what is on the state flag. "The decision to fly or adopt a state flag rests entirely with the political branches," he wrote. "In this case, the NAACP failed to offer proof that the flying of the state flag deprived any citizen of a constitutionally protected right." ……"

AP 5/5/00 Thomas Sheeran "……The leadership of the United Methodist Church prayed for forgiveness last night for racism that prompted blacks to establish their own Methodist churches. "We're taught about unity and love. Hopefully, this will bring love and forgiveness,'' said Calvin Williams, a black delegate representing the Baltimore-Washington area at the church's General Conference. The General Conference, which sets policies for the 8.4-million member denomination, meets every four years to set policy. The conference set aside the evening for a reconciliation prayer service. More than 1,000 delegates plus a guest choir from black congregations from the Cleveland area prayed, sang and heard personal testimonies about racism in the church. ……" 5/5/00 Sam Francis "……. White Southerners who defend the Confederate flag are generally accused of wanting to fight "the war" all over again. In fact, most of them just want to defend the heritage the flag symbolizes, but if it's a war you're looking for, the enemies of the Confederate flag, white as well as black, are eager to oblige. ………. In South Carolina, where efforts to remove the Confederate battle flag that flies over the capitol dome have repeatedly failed, the NAACP and its Big Business and Republican Party allies are thumping the war drums once again……… The state's Democratic Senate has already passed a bill that would take the flag down and put it in "a place of honor" on the capitol grounds. But the NAACP's race warriors will have none of that; they want the flag not only taken off the capitol but consigned to oblivion. "Your heritage is our slavery," they and their followers like to rant at demonstrations against the flag. …….. Of course, in saying that, they are actually saying that American blacks are not really part of American civilization, which is defined in large part by the heritage its past created. If all black Americans can see in the American past is their own slavery, oppression and exploitation, how can they claim to be part of the nation? And why would they want to be? ...... Even if slavery were all the Southern and Confederate past offered, the blunt truth is that racial slavery existed for a far longer time under the American flag than under the brief four years of the Confederacy…."

AP 5/1/00 "…….Outside the courthouse where two black men charged in the beating death of a disabled white man are to go on trial this month, David Duke accused the media Monday of not saying enough about black-on-white hate crimes. ''I'm here to call attention to the massive epidemic of hate crimes being committed against white Americans across the United States and to expose the lack of coverage that exists on this issue in both America and locally,'' said Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader in Louisiana and president of the National Organization of European American Rights. ..."

London Telegraph 4/29/00 David Derbyshire "….. THE elderly are more racist than younger people because of physical changes in the brain, a team of American psychologists claims. Research published this week says prejudice should join wrinkles, forgetfulness and aching joints as an inevitable side effect of getting old. The findings could also support Clive Soley, chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, who was reported as complaining that many over-65s were racist and so unlikely ever to vote Labour. The researchers from Ohio State University believe that racism and other forms of prejudice can be connected to the loss of mental faculties in the frontal lobes. ….."

Press Release 5/15/00 Patrick Rooney "……Los Angeles - Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (B.O.N.D.) FounderRev. Jesse Lee Peterson today denounced Sunday's 'Million Mom March' as a "phony sideshow produced by the new slave owners - liberal, elite whites". "Seeing the parade of black faces at this march is just another sad, disgusting example of how liberal-owned blacks are being used to destroy our Constitution and country. Time and time again we are told how children are killed by gun violence, yet we don't hear the full story," said Rev. Peterson. "We never hear how that child who was killed is often a member of a gang, often has no father in the home, and often was born to a mother who had irresponsible sex out of wedlock. Why don't we hear the whole story?" ……" 5/15/00 Darren McKinney "…….It has taken nearly two years, but Mayor Anthony Williams now has completed an astounding transformation from colorblind, apolitical technocrat to color-obsessed racial politician. In The Washington Post's lead Metro story on Sunday, April 16 ("Mayor Wants Inner Circle to Reflect City"), Mr. Williams discussed his administration's intent to continue filling its senior manager ranks with African-American and other minority candidates, thereby denying equal consideration for qualified white candidates. ……… "One of the legacies I want to leave is that one of the finest-run cities in the country was run by an African-American team," the mayor told The Post. ……Though that declaration may seem noble on its face, some of the mayor's aides aren't shy about their hopes that these race-based appointments also will help silence local critics who have questioned whether Mr. Williams is "black enough" to run the city Marion Barry dominated for almost 20 years. ......"

The Arizona Republic 5/15/00 Tessie Borden "……For some U.S. Border Patrol agents, it's a source of pride. For others, it's an inside joke. And for still others, it's a dirty little secret. That's the kind of tug-of-war that Hispanic agents, some of them naturalized U.S. citizens, face every day: a covert conflict between who they are and what they do. About a third of the 8,300 Border Patrol agents on the force are of Hispanic origin. That's the highest percentage of any federal law-enforcement or civilian agency, said Rob Daniels, Border Patrol spokesman in Tucson. ''We're probably the only federal law-enforcement agency that requires Spanish instruction,'' Daniels said. ……..Some of the agents - the Border Patrol doesn't know how many - are born in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, the same countries that birth the thousands of people they are trying to keep from breaching U.S. borders. ……"

U.S. Newswire 5/4/00 "…….The Mexican American Association of Southern California (MAASC) demanded today that Andrew Cuomo, the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), resign for Hate Crimes committed against it's Chicano employees on their Cinco de Mayo Holiday. Mike Ramos, a long time Chicano activist, accused "Cuomo of endorsing and supporting the hate crimes of HUD supervisors by turning a blind eye when those crimes were committed against HUD employees of Mexican American descent. " Ramos charges Cuomo with reprisal and vengeance after employees complained that HUD violated it's own Fair Housing laws by excluding minority real estate brokers from selling its inventory of repossessed homes." …….."

LA Times 5/16/00 Hugo Martin "……Huntington Park's mayor, whose anti-immigration comments touched off a firestorm in this heavily Latino community, stepped down from his mayoral post Monday night at the urging of his doctor and family. Mayor Tom Jackson, the only white on a City Council representing a town that is 92% Latino, also apologized, saying, "I should never have made those statements." ...... Before Jackson stepped down, more than a dozen of his supporters defended the longtime councilman, insisting that he has been a steadfast supporter of the city's immigrant community. "This guy is not a racist," said resident Valerie Slaughter-Vejarano. "Maybe he just needs a good scriptwriter." ......"According to a tape recording, Jackson said that while he is happy that Mexican immigrants shop in the city's thriving business district, "we have to come to the realization that the entire country of Mexico cannot come to California, and if we make it tough for them to come here, they won't come. . . . They have their country, and we have our country and we cannot constantly be doing something to make their life easier." Jackson said afterward that he was referring only to illegal immigration and that he was not criticizing Mexicans in general. …."

Reuters 5/16/00 Adolfo Garza "…….Some residents of southern Arizona, fed up with the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico, plan to keep on taking matters into their own hands, saying the U.S. Border Patrol is not doing its job. Tension has risen along the Arizona-Mexico border in recent weeks as Cochise County ranchers step up a campaign of making citizens' arrests of immigrants who trespass on their land. Mexico accuses them of hunting down Mexicans like dogs. Over the weekend, a group calling itself the Concerned Citizens of Cochise County and the California-based American Patrol, a citizens' group that also seeks to stop illegal immigration, announced plans for a "Shadow Border Patrol" that would "keep track" of the U.S. Border Patrol's actions. …….Roger Barnett, a Cochise rancher who has participated in illegal immigrant roundups, said there were no other options. "It's just out of control," he said in an interview. "The U.S. government is not protecting its citizens." He said illegal immigrants who cross his ranch leave behind a trail of trash, clothes and blankets, and some defecate on his property. "They're a bunch of hoodlums," he said. ……."

AP 5/16/00 "……HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (AP) - An independent investigator said he found no evidence that top police officials in this wealthy Chicago suburb ordered officers to target black and Hispanic drivers, but said they may have tacitly tolerated biased attitudes. Racial profiling ``was not officially sponsored by the command staff. But on the other hand, it wasn't officially rooted out and condemned,'' Thomas Sullivan, a former U.S. attorney, said at a news conference Monday. The city hired Sullivan to investigate the police department after three current and two former officers filed a federal lawsuit in 1998. Among other things, they allege that they were ordered to target minority drivers. Of the 75 past and present officers he spoke to, Sullivan said only three said it was policy to target black and Hispanics. …."

The Associated Press 5/16/00 "……A local NAACP official has been suspended after urging members to support Republican George Allen in Virginia's U.S. Senate race. Paul C. Gillis was stripped of his post as Suffolk branch president last month by Kweisi Mfume, national president and chief executive officer of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. In a letter, Mfume accused Gillis of violating NAACP policies against partisan political activity. Mfume said Gillis' action put the NAACP in danger of "irreparable harm." Gillis, 54, a former state NAACP president, said he was singled out for supporting a Republican. ......"

Associated Press 5/15/00 "…….Penn State quarterback Rashard Casey and a high school teammate beat an off-duty police officer until he was unconscious because the white officer was at a bar with a black woman, police said Monday. ``What are you doing with him? You should be with us. You're one of us,'' Casey and Desmond Miller told Officer Patrick Fitzsimmons' acquaintance at the River Street bar early Sunday morning, according to Hoboken Police Chief Carmen LaBruno. Casey and Miller are black. ….. Casey, who led Penn State to a victory in the Alamo Bowl last year, punched Fitzsimmons, 34, as he was walking to his car, LaBruno said. Casey and Miller, both 22, kicked the officer in the head once he fell, and continued to kick him after he lost consciousness, LaBruno said. ……Prosecutors are deciding whether to try the assault cases as bias crimes, which would double the maximum prison terms Casey and Miller could serve from 10 years to 20 years. ……. The only evidence of a bias crime comes from Fitzsimmons' acquaintance, not from eyewitnesses, said Edward DeFazio, Hudson County's deputy first assistant prosecutor. ……"

LEIGH STROPE 5/10/00 The Associated Press "……As protesters burned Confederate and Nazi flags outside South Carolina's Statehouse Wednesday, Republican House leaders looked to force a vote on a plan to remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol's dome. Earlier in the day, the state's first official celebration of Confederate Memorial Day, someone vandalized the Confederate soldier monument in front of the Statehouse, spray painting the words "take it down, don't put it here" in red on the granite base. ……"

Washingtonpost 5/10/00 David Bauder "……Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan admits his complicity in the 1965 murder of Malcolm X while seated across the table from the civil rights leader's oldest daughter in a "60 Minutes" interview to be broadcast Sunday. Attallah Shabazz later issued a statement thanking Farrakhan for acknowledging his role and said: "I wish him peace." Shabazz, then 6, saw her father gunned down in the Audobon Ballroom in Harlem on Feb. 21, 1965. Three men with ties to the Nation of Islam were convicted in the slaying. A year earlier, Malcolm X's criticism of Nation of Islam spiritual leader Elijah Muhammad had caused a bitter split with church leaders, including Farrakhan. Farrakhan called Malcolm X a traitor and wrote, two months before the killing, that "such a man is worthy of death." …..Farrakhan has denied ordering the assassination but later admitted to having "helped create the atmosphere" that led to it. ……"

American family Association 5/11/00 Chad Groening "…… (American Family Radio) - On a recent visit to Arkansas, President Clinton received the support and praise of Black clergymen. But one Black pastor believes Blacks are being deceived by Clinton and the Democrats. Jesse Peterson, a Los Angeles-based pastor and activist, believes liberal Democrats, not Republicans, are the true enemies of this country. "The liberal Democrats have brought destruction to our country," Petterson says. "It has not been the Republicans. The Republican Party has been blamed for everything and demonized in a manner that they look like the enemy, when in reality they are the friend." ……… "When we first started, I was called 'nigger', and I still am at times--or 'Uncle Tom' or 'Sell Out.' I've been banned from three stations in the Los Angeles area. We've gotten all kinds of threats because they saw me as a sell-out." ......But Peterson says he loves the truth and will continue to speak the truth about Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party. ….."

FIREHAT 5/10/00 Norman Liebmann "…….For minorities, life has become a scavenger hunt for fancied slights and grounds for baseless lawsuits. It would be a great convenience for America if the blacks brought their entire "seek-and-destroy" mission for illusory grievances to court all at once, declare victory, and go to the free throw line. Where once Americans were minority's benefactors, they are now being intimidated into becoming their prey. That must end. ...... Civil Rights leaders sermonize with self-righteousness while supporting rapturously (for heavy recompense) the rapist, traitorous, perjurious, perfidious, and perverted Bill Clinton, who could not get Jack the Ripper to appear as a character witness in court on his behalf for fear of damaging his reputation. ……"

U.S. News & World Report 6/5/00 John Leo "….For three weeks this spring, minority students at the University of Iowa's College of Dentistry were the targets of menacing E-mail and a bomb threat. Red noodles were left on the doorstep of a black student, with a note suggesting that they represented a dead black person's brain. Surveillance tapes were set up. The FBI located the computer used in the E-mail threats. A black dental student, Tarsha Michelle Claiborne, was arrested and confessed.

U.S. News & World Report 6/5/00 John Leo "….Campuses are developing new doubts about reports of race and gender crimes. Last year, the Chronicle of Higher Education published a roundup of campus hoaxes, cautioning that this "flurry of fabrications doesn't necessarily suggest a trend." But it certainly looks like a trend. Race and gender are the dominant concerns at colleges today. Sometimes the temptation to prove that racism and sexism pervade campus life leads people to fake incidents. At Spokane Community College, a racist and sexist letter from "Whitey" appeared in an advice column in the student newspaper, the Reporter, last year. After campus protests about the letter's derogatory language about women, gays, and minority students, the newspaper's editors admitted that "Whitey" was a fictional character they had created to raise awareness about racism on campus.

Arizona Sun, via CASNET, a free, moderated email list 5/30/00 Herbert London "…….The interim chancellor at the University of Connecticut recently began an investigation of the university's prestigious Center for Survey Research and Analysis. What prompted the investigation by Chancellor Fred Maryanski were protests by some faculty members over a survey, commissioned by the National Association of Scholars affiliate, revealing a majority of professors in Connecticut's public universities and colleges opposes racial preferences in academic hiring and admissions. …….Stephen Balch, president of the National Association of Scholars, expressed deep concern over Maryanski's investigation. "One of our premier survey research organizations is being subjected to crude ideological pressure simply because a small vocal group of critics is unhappy with the results of one of its surveys." Balch added, "The very fact of an official inquiry, whatever its conclusions, puts the Center for Survey Research and Analysis on effective notice that it can ask 'politically incorrect' questions only at its peril." ……"

The Miami Herald 5/27/00 Phil Long "…..Two black men were convicted Friday of murder in the kicking and beating death of a white man in a case that jurors decided was a hate crime, carrying harsher penalties, because one of the convicted killers had said he was going to ``hit the next cracker'' he saw. The case was unusual because it used Florida's hate-crime law against black defendants for an attack on a white person. Authorities say it's the other way around in the large majority of hate-crime cases brought nationwide. And in 27 hate crimes charged in Duval County from 1993 to 1999, all involved whites attacking blacks. ….."

Capitol Hill Blue 5/24/00 "……. "The liberal press" displayed prejudice against the "anticommunist" Cuban-American community in the coverage of the Elian Gonzalez case, according to a study released Tuesday by the Media Research Center (MRC). This conservative organization, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is dedicated to "documenting the prejudices of the liberal media" and, to that end, assembled a collection of writings and comments about the "Elian case" by reporters for the principal U.S. media outlets. …… MRC founder L. Brent Bozell III concluded that the liberal sectors of the media unjustly attacked the Miami relatives of the "little rafter" while singing the praises of Fidel Castro's government. The MRC also determined that the liberal media - in which it includes, among others, CNN, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time and Newsweek - justified the excessive force used by the U.S. Justice Department in the law enforcement operation which removed Elian from the house of his Miami relatives. The center also said that the media outlets in question consistently made light of attempts by the U.S. Congress to investigate the seizure operation. ……."

Capitol Hill Blue 5/24/00 "……. Bozell pointed out that the media have recently described Cuban-Americans using adjectives such as hardline, militant, opportunistic, dysfunctional and fanatic. He said that Newsweek had characterized Elian's second cousin, Marisleysis, as "fiery." At the same time, Bozell criticized the NBC network for beginning a news item about the case by saying: "Some suggested over the weekend that it's wrong to expect Elian Gonzalez to live in a place that tolerates no dissent or freedom of political expression. They were talking about Miami." ……"

NewsMax 5/24/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Is Hillary Behind Anti-Italian Attacks on Lazio? Is Hillary Clinton using anti-Italian stereotypes against her Senate opponent Rick Lazio? She's done it before in a New York Senate race -- and the Clinton friendly New York press let her get away with it. But for Barbara Olson's Hillary bio Hell to Pay, the first lady's anti-Italian smear-mongering would have gone completely unreported: …… "Consider former United States Senator Alfonse D'Amato who, after a bruising year investigating the Clintons, was on the comeback trail in New York until he ran smack into Hillary. She raised more than a million dollars for his victorious opponent and publicly ridiculed him as 'Senator Tomato.'" …… Pretty ugly stuff. Yet in the closing weeks of the campaign, the same reporters who ignored Hillary's slur made a federal case out D'Amato's private reference to Rep. Chuck Schumer, his Jewish Senate rival, as a "Putzhead." …..Such is New York's turbulent ethnic cauldron that the race probably turned more on D'Amato's widely publicized, albeit behind-closed-doors, comment than anything Clinton did for Schumer. Meanwhile reporters kept Hillary's "Senator Tomato" barb hushed-up. ……"

UPI 5/22/00 "……Coretta Scott King, the wife of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., says the United States should cancel Africa's foreign debt to U.S. banks as part of reparations for slavery. King said America has done nothing to compensate blacks for centuries of injustice. "It may be a long time before a cash settlement becomes a realistic possibility but one thing the United States could do right now that would have very little adverse impact would be to cancel Africa's debt to U.S. financial institutions. This debt is terribly burdensome," said King at Illinois College's 166th commencement Sunday. ….." 5/20/00 Steven Yates, PhD "…….Roughly a year ago I was in Columbia, South Carolina, traffic with my windows rolled down (it was already very warm in the Southeast), and chanced, at a red light, to come up behind a jukebox-on-wheels. Y'all know the type. The car, a huge Bronco, was throbbing so loudly you could almost see it bouncing up and down to beat. It was plastered with bumperstickers. Although the driver's face was invisible from my angle, I could see from an arm dangling outside the driver's-seat window that he was black - probably either a teenager or in his early 20s. A member of the hip-hop generation in good standing. ……..This experience stands out in my mind because not only was the "music" excessively loud, but the lyrics were readily audible. What reached my ears was a steady barrage of the sort of filth in which many "hard core" rap groups specialize. It is one thing to hear about how rap lyrics verbally assault and degrade black women, and another to sit there in listen to it. There were references to every sex act you can imagine and some you probably can't. The descriptions were explicit, very detailed, and presented in predictable four-letter language. And we weren't exactly talking about consensual behavior here. This guy was "rapping" about rape, for all practical purposes!…….. " 5/20/00 Steven Yates, PhD "…….There are many black youth in the 12 to 25 age bracket who seem to have a penchant for obnoxious behavior: as if they are daring others - especially anyone white - to say anything about it. Their peers (and, to a great extent, their "leaders") have encouraged this. If any white person said anything to object, it would automatically be construed as "racially offensive," and depending on the situation, the white person could find himself in serious trouble. ……. "

N.Y.Times 5/20/00 "…….California's decision in 1996 to outlaw the use of race in public college admissions was widely viewed as the beginning of the end for affirmative action at public universities all over the United States. But in the four years since Californians passed Proposition 209, most states have agreed that killing affirmative action outright would deepen social inequality by denying minority citizens access to higher education. The half-dozen states that are actually thinking about abandoning race-sensitive admissions policies are themselves finding that the only way to enlarge the minority presence in college without such policies is to improve dramatically the public schools that most black and Latino students attend. ….."

NY Daily News 5/13/00 John Leo "……..Police in Gloucester, England, are cracking down on racism by entering restaurants in disguise to listen for bigoted conversation. In the first week of Operation Napkin, one man was arrested for unacceptable table talk. Another was briefly detained for mimicking an Indian waiter. Maybe children can help the police by becoming amateur speech cops at home. Columnist John O'Sullivan notes that an official 1999 British report proposed criminalizing racist remarks made in the family home. ……. A picnic to honor Jackie Robinson led to a furor over alleged racism at the State University of New York at Albany. Some 40 students insisted that the word "picnic" originally referred to the racial lynchings of blacks. They were wrong. "Picnic" comes from a 17th century French word for a potluck meal. ….."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 5/15/00 Charles Morse "…..The truth is that European and American civilization is superior to any other. This is attributable to our philosophy and developed moral principals and has absolutely nothing to do with physical attributes such as melanin content in the skin. Western cultural superiority hinges on a single principle and that is the degree in which the West has extricated itself from collectivist tribal or racial consciousness. Race consciousness is what Taylor and his ilk is promoting and claims as intrinsic to our culture. ……… What emerged in the west, due to a convergence of Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman concepts, was the development of the free, sovereign individual, operating in his own interest and living life on his own terms. Tribalism was increasingly subordinated and valued as a voluntary, private association separated from law. The individual was free to create, invent, develop surplus capital and establish all the institutions that have been a hallmark of furthering human progress. The free market tends to favor achievement over arbitrary physical appearance……. America is the ultimate manifestation of western civilization with our high degree of respect for individuality and limited government. Racial, ethnic and religious considerations are seen as private and personal matters. When we haven't practiced these principals we have fallen short of living up to the meaning of our creed. Our success depends on an atmosphere that fosters individual achievement rather than one that focuses on accidents of birth………When I asked my guest to explain the phenomena of a non white intelligentsia and the fact that non whites in this country are obviously partaking in all of the successes of our western "white" culture, he could not answer me other than to belittle the numbers. Obviously his eugenic, biological theories are false and easily disproved. This didn't stop him from forging forward and attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator of my listening audience. While I don't think he was successful, I take such demagoguery very seriously. Novelist Ayn Rand referred to racism as "barnyard socialism". Like the Communist, the racist denies the individual credit for his achievements. The Communist attributes achievement to the theft and "exploitation" of others while the racist attributes it to an accident of birth. Both systems deny basic humanity and are anti-freedom………"

Associated Press 5/18/00 "…..A day after the 46th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling outlawing segregation in the nation's public schools, education experts said Thursday that schools are becoming more divided along racial and ethnic lines. "The rise of segregation is a peril to opportunity in this society," Harvard University Professor Gary Orfield said at a National Education Association panel discussion on how the many promises of integrated education offered by the landmark 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision have gone unfulfilled. ……… Orfield said enrollment patterns since the late 1960's, when most school districts began court-ordered desegregation remedies, shows the trend toward resegregation of the races is growing despite rising numbers of minority enrollments. Latinos are the most segregated sector of the population, said Orfield. He added that few, if any, major desegregation efforts adopted after the 1954 decision were focused on Latino students. ……."Latinos experience more segregation than blacks in the deep south," he said. ……."

UPI 5/17/00 "……. The Chicago City Council voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to urge Congress to hold formal hearings on the question of reparations for descendants of American slaves. The 46-1 vote followed an emotional hearing April 26 on a resolution by South Side Alderman Dorothy Tillman, urging Illinois and the federal government to study the issue. "The issue of reparations is being talked about all over the country," Alderman Ed Smith said. "It is not being talked about in Congress. Congress does not want to deal with the issue." Similar resolutions calling for hearings on reparations have been approved by Detroit, Washington, Cleveland and Dallas, backing a stalled bill for congressional hearings sponsored by Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich……."

AP 5/18/00 Bart Jones "…… Pirates have gone down in history as drunken, bloodthirsty terrors of the high seas who wouldn't think twice about slicing off a captive's ear or sending him down the plank. But a close examination by some historians has found that pirate ships may have been one of the earliest places in modern society where blacks attained equality with whites. Despite slavery on the mainland, black pirates on the ocean had the right to vote, could bear arms, got an equal share of the booty and were even elected captains of predominantly white crews. ……"

Jewish World Review 5/18/00 Joseph Perkins "……. "We have stubbornly refused to take prevention seriously when it comes to guns, to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and children." -- Bill Clinton "There is no greater threat to the health and safety of our children than tobacco." -- Al Gore "Some of these young people have problems that are symptoms of nothing more than childhood or adolescence." -- Hillary Rodham Clinton ……..The president, the vice president and the first lady do a lot of talking about children and the myriad threats to their well-being, including guns, cigarettes and psychiatric drugs (like Ritalin and Prozac). ...... Yet for all their professions of concern for the nation's children, neither Bill Clinton, Al Gore nor Hillary Clinton had anything whatsoever to say about the recent report from the National Center for Health Statistics revealing that in 1998, 1,293,567 babies were born out of wedlock -- "the highest number ever reported." ………But they refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence, from the National Center for Health Statistics, among others, that clearly shows that the life chances of a child born out of wedlock (like the 1,293,567 illegitimate babies brought into the cruel world in 1998), raised in a one-parent home, are considerably worse than a child born and raised in a family with both a mom AND dad. ......Indeed, a child growing up in a one-parent family is six times as likely to be poor as a child growing up with two parents. He or she is two to three times more likely to have emotional and behavioral problems (which may explain, in part, why use of Ritalin among preschoolers increased 150 percent between 1991 and 1995, and antidepressants, such as Prozac, more than 200 percent). The children of one-parent families are more likely to drop out of high school, to get pregnant as teen-agers, to use illegal drugs, and to engage in unlawful activity. …….So the 1,293,567 babies born to unwed moms in 1998 are all, by definition, at-risk children. But again, this administration that is so preoccupied with kids and guns, kids and tobacco, and kids and Prozac, has completely ignored this critical children's issue. ……"

AP Wire 5/18/00 Colleen Valles "…….The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a class-action lawsuit against California, claiming it has failed to provide the "bare necessities" to a disproportionate number of poor and minority students. The lawsuit alleges that disadvantaged students are being taught at schools without adequately trained teachers and where rats roam, ceiling tiles fall and there are broken toilets. "The conditions are so bad that if these schools were prisons they would be shut down," ACLU attorney Peter Eliasberg said Wednesday. …….. The ACLU claims that dilapidated schools house a disproportionate number of poor and minority students, preventing them from having the same opportunity to get a good education as their middle-class and white counterparts. They are also far more likely to have uncredentialed teachers, according to the plaintiffs. The ACLU is suing to have the state fix the schools and provide enough credentialed teachers at all schools. Attorneys also want the state to set up an agency to then monitor schools to make sure they remain safe and clean. ……." 6/7/00AP "……Federal courts should never have blocked Texas universities from using race-based admission polices, state lawyers told an appeals court Wednesday. The action went against U.S. Supreme Court rulings, the Texas lawyers told a three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. A separate three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit ruled in 1996 in favor of four white students who sued the University of Texas, saying its law school did not admit them because of their race. The ruling led to an injunction by U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks banning universities from using race as a factor in admission policies. Wednesday's hearing was on the students' appeal of Sparks' awarding them just $1 in damages and cutting their attorney's legal fees in half, to about $775,000. ……" 6/8/00 Richard Poe "….. LIKE MOST AMERICANS, I am appalled at the prospect of having to pay reparations to blacks.. But my reason for being appalled is somewhat different from the mainstream. Having written a book about the relationship between Europe and Africa in ancient times, I have learned that whites might have just as good a reason to demand reparations from blacks as the other way around. My book Black Spark, White Fire points out that the ancient Egyptians were a mixed people, at least partly black, a fact which no anthropologist disputes. According to the one-drop rule favored in America, partly black means black. Egypt was the dominant imperial power of its day. It subdued and enslaved neighboring peoples. Under the conquering pharaoh Thutmose III (1479 -1425 B.C.), Egypt's vast empire stretched from deep in the Sudan to the Euphrates River in Syria. My book takes the controversial position that the Egyptians were also accomplished seafarers, whose war fleets may have reached Greece, parts of which they conquered and colonized. ......Black people seem to enjoy contemplating the possibility that their kinsmen may have conquered, enslaved and ruled Europeans. And why shouldn't they? It is only human to idolize the conqueror, the explorer, the colonizer, the empire builder. Blacks are no different from whites in admiring this sort of behavior. Deference toward the conqueror is encoded in our genes. Yet many blacks who have read my book fail to get the point. They exult in their ancestors' conquests, yet turn around and tell whites that we must be ashamed of ours. ......" 6/8/00 "…..CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker reports what stands out about the latest ad by the Bush campaign to target Hispanics is its messenger: George P. Bush, the son of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife Columba. "I'm a young Latino in the United States and very proud of my bloodline," says the young Bush in the ad. "I have an uncle that is running for president because he believes in the same thing: opportunity for everyone, for every Latino. His name, same as mine: George Bush." ….."

Miami Herald 6/2/00 Leonard Pitts ‘….. All hate crimes fed by same sickness I have no tears to shed for Terrence McCray and Ledel Lawrence. Last Friday, a jury in Jacksonville, Fla., ruled that these two young black men - 19 and 21 years old, respectively - were part of a mob that last summer beat to death a mentally disabled man named Gregory Griffith. Because Griffith was white. …. It seems necessary, given the way agents of intolerance have gathered to the case like flies gather to a dung heap. Career racist David Duke, for instance, emerged from his hole to claim Griffith's murder as rallying point for his odious cause. …. For the record, the FBI reports 792 actual hate crime incidents against whites in 1998. That same year saw 2,901 such incidents against blacks, a disparity made even more striking by the fact that blacks are the statistical minority. ……. Some have suggested that the killing has received less national attention than it might if Griffith had been black. There may be something to that. I suppose you could argue that the hate killing of a white man resonates differently in cultural conscience than that of a black one. There is, after all, context to the latter, an awful historical record that freezes the blood. But that argument only gets you so far. Because in the end, what does resonance matter to those who grieve Griffith's loss? What solace does context offer those who struggle to understand how a man can be murdered for some happenstance of birth? ...... At the bottom line, Griffith's murder means just what it would if he were black. Means that there remain among us people pathetic enough to hate on account of color. If the murder itself didn't drive that fact home, the response to it certainly should……"

New York Times 6/2/00 David Johnston "……Lawyers for a group of black agents who have filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the Secret Service asked a federal judge today to stop what they said were efforts by the agency to intimidate their clients. The lawyers said the retaliation had taken several forms, including forced transfers to jobs with less responsibility and warnings by senior official to some of the black agents that their careers could be in jeopardy as a result of the class-action lawsuit. A spokesman for the agency, James Mackin, denied the accusations, saying: "We have not in any way engaged in any retaliatory actions or practices and would never do so. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind." The accusations of retaliation underscored the heightened tension at the Secret Service since May 3, when the black agents filed a lawsuit on a broad array of personnel policies. ……" 6/17/00 John Carney "…… Grim news greeted New Yorkers in the aftermath of last weekend's Puerto Rican Day Parade. Three men were stabbed near the end of the parade route and several women were sexually assaulted and robbed in Central Park by a gang of parade goers, according to published reports. Fox News Channel televised a video-tape showing young men clad in the Puerto Rican flag bandanas assaulting and molesting several women. To make matters worse, at least one of the women claimed that New York City Police ignored her when she reported the attacks……..For years the horrors of the Puerto Rican Day parade have been an open but unspoken secret in New York. Nearly everyone knew why almost everyone else was stealing away and staying away on this particular June weekend but seldom was the politically-incorrect sentiment spoken aloud. There was good reason for the reticence. When the television show Seinfeld portrayed its lead characters encountering the havoc of the parade, the Puerto Rican branch of the Ethnic Grievance Syndicate charged everyone involved with racism and exacted a pledge that the episode would never again be shown. A few years ago the editor of the New York Post had been fired for crossing the PR-EGS. In New York, you don't mess with the Syndicate...."

Sun-Sentinel6/15/00 Karla Schuster "……Don't be fooled by progress, National NAACP Chairman Julian Bond said on Thursday, warning that moves to end affirmative action signal a "full-scale attack" on the civil rights advances won over the past 30 years. "The removal of the more obvious forms of discrimination has made it too easy for too many to believe all forms of discrimination have disappeared," Bond told the National Baptist Sunday School and Baptist Training Congress, which is holding its annual convention here this week. …… Calling affirmative action "the spoils of a righteous war," Bond decried movements in several states, including Florida, to dismantle racial preference programs as a "racial version of 'Don't Ask-Don't Tell' that must be fought with the same vigor Jim Crow laws were in the 1960s. ……"

Atlanta Journal Constitution 6/16/00 Henry Unger "……After several days of marathon negotiating sessions, attorneys reached an ageement in principle Wednesday to settle the racial discrimination lawsuit against Coca-Cola. The agreement covers 2,000 current and former black employees in the United States. Terms of the deal weren't released, and the money the class of employees will receive hasn't been finalized. ……In an order signed shortly before 5 p.m., U.S. District Judge Richard Story said "additional procedures, consisting primarily of work to be performed by experts, are required to finalize the amount of monetary relief this agreement will produce for the class." ......"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/16/00 Liz Trotta "…..A "wilding" attack by a gang of youths who sexually molested and robbed young women in Central Park earlier this week has triggered charges that police on the scene did not intervene because the melee involved mainly Puerto Ricans and blacks. Six suspects have been arrested so far in the investigation, which involved as many as 60 mostly Puerto Rican men stripping, groping and in some cases robbing more than 30 young, mostly white women - including a 14-year-old girl -after the annual National Puerto Rican Day parade on Sunday……. At least four victims have said police officers rebuffed them when they asked for help. Two of the women, New Jersey college students, have announced they will each file $5 million lawsuits against the city, saying police failed to protect them……Michael Meyers, executive director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, said he thinks the police were, in effect, calling in sick because of their low morale in the aftermath of the politically disastrous Abner Louima torture case and Amadou Diallo police shooting……. "They're so angry at being targets of community abuse that they've slowed down," he said. "No pay increases, no support from public - in the back of their heads they're thinking, 'They're not going to want us to be aggressive and get in conflict with young minority people.' "……."

Drudgereport 6/15/00 "……Vice President Al Gore passed over his controversial campaign manager Donna Brazile on Thursday and reached outside of the ranks to replace his ailing campaign chair. The move caused immediate outrage among Brazile supporters inside of the campaign, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, with several staffers even suggesting that sexist motivations may have been a factor in the decision! …… "The job should have gone to Donna," said one insider. "Gore always defaults to the white boys!" Brazile, the first African-American woman to serve as manager of a presidential race, has been a source of inspiration for the battered campaign, say insiders. ……"She is the real star of this campaign," said a Gore source. "I can't believe she was overlooked for the top job." ….."

Houston Chronicle 6/14/00 Edward Blum Marc Levin "…..Six convicted killers awaiting execution on Texas' death row are likely to have their sentences overturned because their race is alleged to have been a factor in the punishment phase of their trials. In response to a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned another Texas murder conviction, Texas Attorney General John Cornyn stated he would not object to amending the appeals currently pending in federal court by the attorneys of the six defendants. As a result, most criminal defense lawyers now believe that these men -- three blacks and three Hispanics -- will never face the executioner's needle. …… In commenting on these current death-penalty cases, Cornyn acknowledged, "It is improper, especially in assessing the death penalty, to consider someone's race." This is unequivocally correct. ……"

Buffalo News 10/18/98 Dan Herbeck Lou Michel "…….The beating death of Gary P. Trzaska was vicious beyond belief. As the 41-year-old man lay on the pavement near the corner of Broadway and Titus Avenue, his teen-age attackers repeatedly jumped high into the air, landing on his head with both feet. That wasn't enough. They took a chair from a nearby self-service laundry and pounded him with it. Virtually every part of Trzaska's body was kicked or pummeled. Almost every internal organ was severely damaged. ……. As the beating proceeded, witnesses said, they heard the two main assailants laughing and saw them taking time out to celebrate their efforts with high-fives. ……Officially, the motive for the slaying is described as robbery, because the killers took his wallet. But they left behind more than $200 in cash and an expensive watch. ……Trzaska's family and friends believe there was another motive, and they have asked a new hate-crimes task force to investigate the killing as a possible hate crime. "Whether it was racial, or because he was gay, or for whatever reason, we refuse to believe this was a routine robbery," said George Boos, Trzaska's housemate for the past 10 years. "We don't want the police to investigate this just as a robbery. We want to know why this happened." …….Trzaska was white, and the three youths who beat him to death were black. ……"

UPI 6/13/00 Paul Singer "…..Members of Congress are planning to introduce a resolution next week that would put the Congress on record apologizing to African Americans for 200 years of slavery…… The resolution - which was introduced but not passed in the 105th Congress - would apologize for the role of Congress in establishing and perpetuating slavery until the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment on Jan. 1, 1865……" 6/13/00 Richard Poe "……Just two weeks on the job, and already I'm stepping on toes. Most letters in response to my article, "Black Pharaohs and Reparations" were positive. But a vocal minority of readers objected. "The ancient Egyptians were a mixed people, at least partly black. ..." I wrote. "According to the one-drop rule favored in America, partly black means black." Some readers thought this a "politically correct" statement, unworthy of a conservative. ……. I beg to differ. Politics is a poor indicator of how someone will side in the debate over Egyptian "blackness." Arch-liberal Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., for instance, is a strident critic of Afrocentrism. In his book The Disuniting of America, he declares that African Americans have no business identifying with ancient Egypt, since their ancestors came from the opposite side of the continent. ……"Africa contains some 850 distinct ethnic and linguistic groups," says Schlesinger. "Any homogeneity among slaves derived not from the African tribe but from the American plantation." ….That's a liberal talking. On the other hand, some of the kindest endorsements I have received for my book Black Spark, White Fire have come from the right. "A book whose time has truly come," writes black conservative talk-show host Armstrong Williams. "It is refreshing to hear the Afrocentric theory of ancient Egypt argued so persuasively, from a viewpoint that is neither liberal nor conservative, black nor white." ……." 6/13/00 Bret Baier "…..In October, Troy and his friend Gary Thornburg were heading home - riding bicycles on a quiet Charleston street. "As they were coming up they encountered a large group of black males," said Cpl. Jerry Jelico of the North Charleston Police Dept. Police say an angry mob attacked the two men, knocking Gary out and brutally beating Troy with pipes, trash cans and physical force. A large part of Troy's skull - which was broken in two places - had to be removed to make room for the swelling. As well, severely damaged sections of his brain had to be taken out - and now Troy can barely function. ...,,"And for what?" asked Tony Chase, the victim's friend. "It's senseless. He didn't do anything to deserve this." …….. Fourteen adults and three juveniles were arrested and charged with second-degree lynching, a mob beating charge. Seven of them were indicted, one had charges dismissed and the rest were released on bond. …….Defense attorneys would not comment, but the prosecutor did talk about the case - a black-versus-white crime where racial hatred is not being considered by the justice system. …… "In South Carolina, there is no hate crime where racial motive would come into play," said prosecutor David Schwacke, adding that "we haven't been able to establish hate as a motive." He acknowledged that if it had been 17 white suspects and two black victims, hate would more likely be considered a motive, based on common perceptions of race crimes. "I think there would be people raising that as an issue," he said. ….."

AP 6/12/00 Jim Vertuno "……Two plaques bearing symbols of the Confederacy were removed from the lobby of the state Supreme Court building despite calls from Confederate heritage groups for a public hearing. The plaques were replaced during the weekend with new ones that say equal justice is available to all Texans "regardless of race, creed or color." They note that the building was constructed with money taken from a Confederate pension fund and dedicated to Texans who served in the Confederacy. Confederate heritage groups complained about the "dark of night" removal and promised legal action. The original plaques contained a quotation from Gen. Robert E. Lee and included symbols of the Confederate battle flag and seal of the Confederacy. …….The Texas chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and others called the original plaques offensive to minorities and had asked Gov. George W. Bush, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, to have them removed. ….."

Houston Chronicle 6/12/00 Polly Ross Hughes "….Two plaques -- one bearing the Confederate battle flag -- were removed from the Texas Supreme Court building over the weekend, sparking protests Monday aimed at Republican presidential candidate Gov. George W. Bush. The governor's replacement of the old Confederate plaques with newer, carefully worded ones drew applause from the Texas chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People but prompted immediate anger from Confederate history buffs. ……. Confederate heritage groups complained that they were denied a public hearing on the matter and called the Friday night removal "the latest outrage." They vowed to push for the return of the plaques, which had hung on the court building for 45 years. ……. "They just couldn't let any citizens be heard. They had to be like thieves in the night and put those new plaques up without any question," said Kirk Lyons, a lawyer representing the Southern Legal Resource Center, which fights attempts to remove Confederate symbols. ……"We're seeing the Confederate flag hauled down, pulled down and spat upon all over the South," he said. ……"

Boston Globe 6/12/00 Ann Scales "…..Beverly Daniel Tatum, the dean of Mount Holyoke College, used to draw blank stares during lectures when she asked audiences to name a well-known white person working to stamp out racism. But after President Clinton launched his ''One America'' initiative three years ago to help bridge the nation's racial divide, his name started popping up in those conversations. Tatum, who was a panelist at Clinton's first town-hall meeting on race, offers the anecdote as proof of the ''symbolic value'' of the president's racial reconciliation efforts. …….. But his book on race - which was to be the capstone of Clinton's legacy as a racial unifier, the signature accomplishment of ''One America in the 21st Century: The President's Initiative on Race'' -may become a casualty of time……"

Orlando Sentinel 6/13/00 Charley Reese "…….Trouble is the American consensus is falling apart, and all the trends are toward accentuating differences not assimilation. I'm not sure that Americans realize how important assimilation and consensus are. America is a nation that is defined purely by beliefs, not by geography or race. If people get to the point where they no longer share core beliefs, then the country will fly apart or have to be forcibly held together by a dictatorship.. …….. In the Southwest, there are plenty of Mexicans who are openly saying they will -- with immigration -- take back the Southwestern states for Mexico. And if gringos don't like it, they can leave. Just recently a Mexican activist publicly announced a $10,000 bounty for any Mexican who kills a U.S. Border Patrolman. The situation out there is getting serious, and nobody in Washington or in the national news media seems to care. God knows they do not want to be seen as a critic of a minority. If they can't muster up a little courage, they may one day find themselves a minority victim of a new majority. ……."

Orlando Sentinel 6/13/00 Charley Reese "…….American blacks, by any measure, are better off today than at any time in history, yet more and more black leaders seem intent on fanning the flames of racial animosity. I heard one black demagogue the other day on the radio who had a simple rule: If you were white and disagreed with him, you were a racist; if you were black and disagreed with him, you were an Uncle Tom. End of discussion. ……… Look at the Confederate flag flap, which I'm sure you're sick of reading about, as I am sick of writing about it. Fifty years ago there was no controversy. North and South had reached a consensus: The war was a great tragedy; the brave men on both sides should be honored. In the South there was a feeling of respect and reverence for the Confederate soldier, but, at the same time, most folks agreed it was better that the Union was preserved. All agreed that slavery had been a curse. In those days if a band played "Dixie" it always followed up with "Battle Hymn of the Republic," or vice versa, and everybody cheered both. Now playing "Dixie" is forbidden; children are being expelled or suspended from school for displaying a small Confederate emblem; and there is a national campaign to remove all vestiges of the Confederacy from public view. Kansas City even issued a decree that no car bearing a Confederate sticker can use a public parking lot. ….." 6/8/00 AP "….. The Philadelphia NAACP filed a lawsuit yesterday on behalf of ex-felons who are prevented from voting after their release from prison. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, challenges a state law that prevents ex-felons from registering to vote for five years after they get out of jail. "We will pursue this issue in both state and federal courts for as long as it takes to win," said J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. According to the Sentencing Project, a criminal justice think tank in Washington, D.C., about 1.4 million ex-felons nationwide have permanently or temporarily lost their voting privileges. ……Up to 40,000 blacks in Pennsylvania have been disenfranchised because of the state law, the NAACP said. ….."

Toledo Blade 6/9/00 Rose Russell "….. Just when some local black churches begin responding to the need to sponsor programs on HIV and AIDS awareness, they are now being called on to address another, related concern. For decades some social problems weren't as much a priority as spiritual and civil rights issues in the black church. But it has expanded its role, doing such things as hosting health fairs where blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes checks are made. Now the church is being challenged on equally touchy matters as AIDS and HIV: Sex education. Indeed, parents who prefer to teach abstinence are in a Catch-22. They know that young people face peer pressure and are constantly bombarded with messages about sex. ……A Chapel Hill, N.C., public health practitioner wants the black church to teach youth sex education. In her research, she found that 76 per cent of the black clergy surveyed in North Carolina would agree to hold meetings on sexuality for youth between 11 and 14. But that figure is high because those clergy already know how important these issues are. They have had conferences on AIDS and drug and alcohol prevention. …..About 30 per cent of them wouldn't permit homosexuality to be the focus of such discussions, and only 6 per cent would agree to distribute condoms from the church. ….."

Houston Chronicle 6/6/00 James Kimberly Lisa Teachey "….. Attacked as a racist by lawyers, second-guessed by his peers, psychologist Walter Quijano on Tuesday stood by his racially charged testimony that caused the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a Texas man's death sentence. As a social scientist, Quijano said he could not ignore statistics that show a young Hispanic man is more likely to be arrested for a violent crime than a young white man. The former psychologist for the Texas prison system testified about the statistics while being questioned by a Collin County prosecutor in the punishment phase of the murder trial for Victor Hugo Saldano. Quijano's testimony prompted the Supreme Court to overturn Saldano's death sentence Monday. "I have never felt racist in saying those sorts of things," said Quijano, 51, a native of the Philippines. "The lawyers can look at 100 pieces of paper and say only five are good for us, let's only talk about five things. I cannot do that as a scientist. I have to talk about everything." ……"

Boston Herald 6/7/00 Don Feder "…… To paraphrase James Dean, they're tearing my country apart. Here come the hyphenated Americans - shouldering chips, axes ready for grinding, convinced that anything bad that happens to one of them is the product of a vast conspiracy. Last week, the Association for Asian American Studies called on its members to boycott federal research facilities over what it regards as the scandalous treatment of Dr. Wen Ho Lee. This could be serious. Since three-quarters of the association's members are in the humanities, if the boycott succeeds, who will deconstruct literature at federal research labs? …….. Stephen Sumida, a professor at the University of Washington, says everybody in the group ``knows that the `suspect pattern' of treatment of Asian-Americans goes back to the internment of Japanese-Americans in World War II.'' ``Snow Falling on Computer Tapes''? It's nice to know that you can be a member of a group that accounts for more than one-quarter of all Ph.D.s awarded in the hard sciences and technology at American universities and still have a persecution complex. ……."

N.Y.Times 6/7/00 Steven Holmes "……Staff Sgt. Harry Feyer was parking cars and looking glum when the four platoons of Bravo Company, including his own, came marching toward him up a long grassy hill on their way to the winter graduation. ……..Striding beside them were his fellow drill sergeants, shoulders back, chests out, their full-dress uniforms a deep green backdrop for clusters of glinting medals and rainbows of ribbons, their brown Smokey Bear hats cocked aggressively low on their foreheads. Sergeant Feyer, six feet tall and lanky, might have been among them. Instead he stood apart in his mottled fatigues and dusty combat boots, directing traffic outside the dingy yellow gymnasium where the ceremony was to be held. It was a duty he had volunteered for. It was his one-man protest. ……… Sergeant Feyer was angry that he had been denied an award given to the top-performing drill sergeant at the end of each basic-training cycle, an award he felt he deserved. True, it didn't look like much -- just a cheap bronze-plated statue, a generic eight-inch-tall figure of a sergeant. But in the pressure cooker that is the United States Army, winning even a small award could help make the difference between promotion and stagnation, between a better life for his family and just scraping by. And he knew why he had lost out, or believed he knew: because he is white. No white drill sergeant had won the award since the company was founded in April 1998. Of the five given out, three had gone to blacks and one to a Hispanic. The one time a white sergeant was selected, he gave the trophy back when a group of black sergeants kicked up a fuss, saying he didn't deserve it. ......" 6/5/00 Earl Ofari Hutchison "……. But when you strip it all away there are four reasons, not 10, why Horowitz does not believe African-Americans should receive reparations for America's history of slavery. ......"
Argument No. 1 -- A handful of Southern planters, not the U.S. government, business or whites in general were responsible for and profited from slavery. The U.S. government encoded slavery in the Constitution, and protected and nourished it for a century…..
Argument No. 2 -- Slavery is long past, blacks are living better than ever, and besides, they have already gotten their payback with welfare, social and education programs, civil rights legislation and affirmative action programs. Really? So why did a recent poll by the National Conference for Community and Justice, a Washington, D.C., public policy group, find that blacks are still overwhelmingly the victims of racial discrimination? ….
Argument No. 3 -- Reparations will make everyone hate blacks more. Most Americans agree that slavery was a morally monstrous system that wreaked severe pain and suffering on America. ….
Argument No. 4. -- There's no precedent for paying blacks for their suffering. This again is dead wrong. The U.S. government admitted it was legally liable in 1997 to pay the black survivors and family members of the two-decade-long Tuskegee, Ala., syphilis experiment….. "

upi 6/7/00 "……Human Rights Watch said in a report released Wednesday that blacks are much more likely to be imprisoned for drug crimes, even though more whites use drugs. The report, "Punishment and Prejudice: Racial Disparities in the War on Drugs," looks at 37 states. In a statement, the organization said the report "includes the first state- by-state analysis of the role of race and drugs in prison admissions." It said all of the 37 states send black drug offenders to prison at far higher rates than whites….

JWR 5/26/00 Michelle Malkin "……. IN BATTLE, the only colors that should matter are the colors of the flag under which a soldier serves. In tribute, the same should hold true. Our draft-dodging, pander-happy president disagrees. Next month, President Clinton will hand out military awards based on dubious claims of racial discrimination. This preferential treatment based on race is an insult to all brave veterans. ......, Thanks to an aggressive campaign by prominent Japanese-Americans, 21 World War II veterans of Asian descent will receive "upgrades" of their Distinguished Service Crosses. All but 2 of the honorees are Japanese-American. With a wave of President Clinton's pen, their crosses - the nation's second highest military citation for "extraordinary heroism in action" -- will turn into Medals of Honor. The MOH is the highest award for life-risking acts "above and beyond the call of duty." No one questions the heroism of the Asian-American veterans who will benefit. But were new facts unearthed that warranted these belated upgrades? No. Instead, the racial grievance lobby made a reckless blanket assertion that the U.S. military was guilty of discrimination by association. ......" 6/7/00 Patrick Goodenough "….. The European Union has passed legislation aimed at combating racism in the workplace, marking the first time EU member states will have social policy dictated by Brussels. Critics call it a further step toward deeper European integration and further erosion of national sovereignty. The new law has been criticized for reversing the burden of proof in cases where an employee claims discrimination on ethnic grounds. Firms accused of discriminating against staff members on the basis of race will have to prove their innocence in civil court cases. ….." 5/30/00 David Horowitz "…..10 Reasons Why Reparations For Blacks Are A Bad Idea For Blacks, And Racist, Too…… IT BEGAN AS a fringe proposition favored by the politically extreme. But the idea that taxpayers should pay reparations to black Americans for the damages of slavery and segregation is no longer a fixation of the political margin. It is fast becoming the next big "civil rights" thing………. So what is wrong with the idea? In truth, just about everything. Examined closely, the claim for reparations is factually tendentious, morally incoherent and racially incendiary. Logically, it has about as much substance as the suggestion that O.J. Simpson should have been acquitted because of past racism by the criminal courts. Its impact on race relations and on the self-isolation of the African-American community is likely to be even worse…….
1. Assuming there is actually a debt, it is not at all clear who owes it. ….
2. The idea that only whites benefited from slavery is factually wrong and attitudinally racist...., If slave labor created wealth for all Americans, then obviously it created wealth for black Americans as well, including the descendants of slaves. Free blacks in the antebellum United States surely benefited from the free labor of slaves, along with whites. Are they to be exempted from payment of the debt just because they are black?...
3. In terms of lineal responsibility for slavery, only a tiny minority of Americans ever owned slaves. This is true even for those who lived in the antebellum South, where only one white in five was a slaveholder. ….
4. Most Americans living today (white and otherwise) are the descendants of post-Civil War immigrants, who have no lineal connection to slavery at all. ….
5. The historical precedents generally invoked to justify the reparations claim-that Jews and Japanese-Americans received reparations from Germany and the United States, respectively-are spurious. .... Jews do not receive reparations from Germany simply because they are Jews. Those who do were corralled into concentration camps and lost immediate family members or personal property. Nor have all Japanese-Americans received payments, but only those whom the government interned in camps and who had their property confiscated. …..
6. Behind the reparations arguments lies the unfounded claim that all blacks in America suffer economically from the consequences of slavery and discrimination. ……..Thus, to take the most obvious case, Oprah Winfrey may have been a sharecropper's daughter in the most segregated of all Southern states, but-victim of slavery and segregation or no-she was still able to become one of the 400 richest individuals in America on the strength of her appeal to white consumers. This extraordinary achievement, which refutes the reparations argument, is echoed in millions of other, more modest success stories, including those of all the prominent promoters of the reparations claim, even the unhappy Robinson. No wonder the only argument against these obvious counterfacts is that all successes must be exceptions to the (politically correct) rule…..
7. The renewed sense of grievance-which is what the claim for reparations will inevitably create-is neither a constructive nor a helpful message for black leaders to be sending to their communities. ….
8. This raises a point that has previously remained off the radar screen, but will surely be part of the debate to come: What about the "reparations" to blacks that have already been paid? Since the passage of the Civil Rights Acts and the advent of the Great Society in 1965, trillions of dollars in transfer payments have been made to African-Americans, in the form of welfare benefits and racial preferences (in contracts, job placements and educational admissions) -- all under the rationale of redressing historical racial grievances.......
9. And this raises another question that black leaders might do well to reflect on: What about the debt blacks owe to America-to white Americans-for liberating them from slavery? This may not seem like a serious question to some, but that only reveals their ignorance of the history of slavery and its fate. Slavery existed for thousands of years before the Atlantic slave trade was born, in virtually all societies. But in the 1,000 years of its existence, there never was an anti-slavery movement until white Englishmen and Americans created one. ….
10. The final and summary reason for rejecting any reparations claim is recognition of the enormous privileges black Americans enjoy as Americans, and therefore of their own stake in America's history, slavery and all. Blacks were here before the Mayflower. Who is more American than the descendants of African slaves? For the African-American community to isolate itself even further from America would be to embark on a course whose consequences are troublesome even to contemplate. ….."