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RACISM 6/24/00 Dan Frisa "……..The traveling sideshow of the Rev. Jesse Jackson pulled into Texas and the national media spotlight Thursday evening to cavort at the long-delayed execution of the convicted racist murderer Gary Graham. For an entire week in 1981 Graham inflicted murder, armed assault and mayhem on numerous victims while taunting them as "honkies" and threatening to send several to "honky heaven" as he shot, raped and robbed them. ……… This, then, is the animal who has attracted the support of the usual crowd of media hounds and rabble rousers: a racist murderer who has availed himself - for 19 years, 30-odd judges, 20-odd proceedings and countless lawyers - of every possible benefit of the protections afforded by our legal system. ………Enter the Rev. Jackson, the Rev Al Sharpton, actress Susan Sarandon, Bianca Jagger and a host of Democratic Party activists, all working in concert to stoke the fires of racism for political purposes. In fact, their feeding frenzy got so out of control and outrageous that racist murderer Graham was compared to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in one giant leap of lunacy by Jackson. ......... Ironically, and thankfully, their over-the-top hyperbole has worked to marginalize them even further from the mainstream of rational thought on such a serious issue. To witness these antics is to understand their agenda is an attempt to divide people in furtherance of their narrow personal and political agenda, to enhance themselves while tearing down society. ………An intellectual discussion, in fact even an aggressively and passionately argued one, is to be encouraged, because it is such a necessary and integral part of our process. However, the shameful sideshow in Texas, in the name of a racist murderer, serves only to widen the gulf between us - which, it now seems apparent, is their ultimate aim......."

National Review Online 6/22/00 John Derbyshire "……Suppose every adult commits precisely ten crimes a month. Suppose also that every crime has one perpetrator and one victim; and that every perp selects his victims at random from among the other 99 townsfolk. How will this community's crime statistics break down by race of perpetrator and victim? You can do the math yourself quite easily, but here are the results:
white on white – 773
black on white – 107
white on black - 107
black on black - 13
A lot of people find this result counter-intuitive. Since there are so many fewer blacks than whites, shouldn't they be committing fewer of the inter-racial crimes? Ah: But perps of both races have far more white victims to choose from than black: It's 88 versus 11 for black perps, 87 versus 12 for whites. Without any ill intentions at all-without any "hate," in fact-the inter-racial crime rate breaks even. And this is assuming that blacks and whites are equally prone to commit crimes. If in fact, as Department of Justice statistics show, blacks commit crime at a higher per capita rate than whites, we shall have a majority of inter-racial crimes being black-on-white. So it proves. The most recent year for which the National Crime Victimization Survey issued a full report was 1994. In that year blacks committed 1,600,951 violent crimes against whites, while whites committed 165,345 violent crimes against blacks. Less than 15 per cent of these inter-racial crimes had robbery as a motive; the great majority were assaults and rapes. "Hate crime," anyone? ……"

FOX News 6/22/00 "……Gary Graham, the convicted killer scheduled for execution Thursday evening, may not be the only one to face deadly force at the Huntsville State Prison in Texas. Graham has promised to 'fight like hell' on the trip to the death chamber. The New Black Panthers vowed Thursday to use "whatever means necessary" against any groups that might try to thwart the demonstration they have planned for Huntsville. ……. "We will not be the aggressors against anyone, but if anyone is the aggressor against us we will give them all the hell they come looking for," Black Panther spokesperson Quantell X told the Fox News Channel Thursday. ……Calling Texas Gov. George W. Bush the "No. 1 killer of black men in this country," Quantell X said his group was preparing for confrontations with groups like the Ku Klux Klan, who are also expected to have a strong presence at the execution. ….."You don't take a butter knife to a gun fight," Quantell X said, stopping short of saying specifically that his group would be armed. But last week, the New Black Panthers staged an armed protest at the Texas Republican convention. ….." 6/22/00 Carl Limbacher "……Surrounded by gun-toting members of the New Black Panther Party, Minister Quanell X warned demonstrators outside the Huntsville, Texas death house that there might be "civil unrest" if Gary Graham is executed Thursday night. …….. "I asked the people to get out of the way because if civil unrest takes place we don't want children to be trampled, children to be hurt. So I asked for anyone with children present to take the children away from the confrontational lines." …….. When asked if his Panther entourage was armed, Minister X said, "You know, I saw the Ku Klux Klan. They were riding in a bus behind us. And they were armed. You're damned right, we're armed." ……Asked if the group's guns were loaded, Quanell X said, "No wise general would come before the whole world and divulge all of his strategic plans to the world. But I would have to be a damned fool to allow men to come up here with empty guns." ……Last Friday Quanell X led 15 AK-47 toting Panthers clad in black paramilitary gear in a march on the Texas state GOP convention in the heart of downtown Houston. …….Tonight, the Panther leader said he didn't know how the protesters would react to Graham's execution, but added, "Whatever happens here, you can't blame anybody here. You have to blame (GOP presidential candidate) George Bush. You have to blame a wicked criminal justice system....." ……"

WBAL 6/22/00 Ron Smith "…….Western intellectuals have a grand time scoffing at the backwardness of religious fundamentalists, particularly Islamic fundamentalists. Secure in their supposed freedom of thought, they worry in their columns and their magazine articles about the threat to honest inquiry and debate posed by the mullahs of the Iran, the insurgents in Algeria, and the militants in Egypt. How retrograde, how unenlightened, how repulsive the enforcement of religious dogma seems to them. …….. The Supreme Court rules that invoking God before high school football games in Texas violates the First Amendment, and that non-believers or believers in other faiths must be protected from the beliefs of the majority being inflicted upon them. …….

WBAL 6/22/00 Ron Smith "……. Our own taboos are enforced as rigorously as those of the Islamic world. But they are not the taboos of the Southern Baptists or the Catholic Church, rather the patchwork quilt of totemic beliefs of the political left. You think, perhaps, I exaggerate. If so, consider this. In Egypt and elsewhere in Muslim nations, writers and others who utter heretical thoughts are harassed and sometimes imprisoned. In Germany, France and Canada, such folks (whose heresy is to question the dogmatic assertions of the leftists) are harassed and sometimes imprisoned. The only thing that keeps Thought Crimes from being similarly punished in the United States is the First Amendment, which is under attack even as you read this. ………. Many devout Christians of our time witness the intelligentsia's relentless attacks on their faith and conclude we live in an age of skepticism and disbelief. But the fact is we humans must have faith because we are wired that way. What changes with time is not the amount of faith, but the direction it takes. Established faiths give way to new ones. And our society is very little different than, say, the Egyptian, in enforcing conformity…….."

The New Australian 6/19/00 "….. My last two articles stressed that one of the consequences of Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign has been a rising crime rate. To undermine Giuliani's support it was necessary for Clinton and her media allies and other liberal supporters to smear his success in combating the city's crime rate. This was done by launching a relentless campaign of vilification against the NYPD which they portrayed as a trigger-happy rogue force permeated with racist attitudes …….. The Clinton campaign had the desired effect. Giuliani and NYPD were successfully demonized and the prejudiced view of most blacks and Puerto Ricans that the police are agents of racist oppression were reinforced further. This resulted in a forced retreat by Giuliani and the demoralization of the police force. Interviews with 28 police officers by the Daily News gave a good indication of how far Clinton has succeeded in her war against the police. These officers contended that the department was forced to unofficially implement a double standard in dealing with minorities. ……… The department's unofficial policy of going light on minority law-breakers gave us the Puerto Rican Day Parade riots in which scores of young blacks and Puerto Ricans threatened and sexually abused women while some police, fearful of accusations of racism and brutality from Clinton and her media troopers, turned away. Even more sickening, we now have the race-baiting Al Sharpton accusing the police of not doing their duty. This is the same shyster who was in the forefront of Clinton's callous anti-police campaign. ……."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 6/18/00 Eugene Kane "….. Ernest Germanotta, a once-anonymous golfer at Lincoln Park, says I have it wrong. "It was a hate crime!" Germanotta, 62, is a semi-retired electrical contractor who was part of a trio attacked by a group of black youths last month at Lincoln golf course. …… Two cars of black youths shouting racial slurs confronted the group, pelting them with cassette tapes and other objects before getting out of the cars and giving chase. ……The group beat Germanotta while he was on the ground, kicking him in the face, head and torso. One other man was knocked to the ground by the pack, but Germanotta was the only one injured in the attack. …..His partners, Chuck Carter and Bill Ford, are black; Germanotta is white. Which is where the "hate crime" aspect comes into play. …..The column cited the furor over the Lincoln Park golf course incident as an example of how "some people are so anxious to prove their anxieties are well-founded . . . cries of outrage were heard about an imaginary plague of 'hate crimes' committed by blacks even though two of the men attacked were African-Americans!" Germanotta called Friday to take issue with that comment, and to set things straight. "They (black golfers) weren't attacked, I was the only one. Bill Ford was pushed to the ground; I think they pushed him down to get at me!" ……"

AP 6/19/00 Richard Pyle "……As police reported a 17th arrest in last week's Central Park sexual attacks, black spokesmen blamed rap music, President Clinton's personal behavior, and cutbacks in youth programs for helping motivate the wilding. Lonnie Hopson, 18, was picked up early Sunday after acquaintances identified him based on amateur videotape, said Officer Valerie St. Rose, a police spokeswoman. Charges against the Queens youth were pending. …….. Hopson was the latest of 17 young men facing possible criminal charges in the June 11 attacks on women by a swirling mob after the Puerto Rican Day parade. More than 50 women have told police they were doused with water, chased, stripped of clothing, or physically assaulted. …….. At last four women have declared their intention to sue the city on grounds that police failed to come to their aid. At a Central Park news conference, a group calling itself the New York Leadership Alliance announced a campaign to combat violence against women and "restore a greater sense of pride and respect within the black community." ……… Radio personality Bob Law said the group wanted to "pool our resources to combat a serious decline in morality and integrity within our community." "We think the behavior of the police is inexcusable, but the challenge nonetheless remains for responsible black men to step up now and provide a model for what men and fathers should be," said Law, who is black. "To women around the city, this is our pledge to you -- we will launch this campaign that will eliminate domestic violence, that will restore a sense of respect and integrity to the way women are treated . . . particularly in the African-American community." ......"

Reuters – Drudge 6/29/00 "……Hispanic-American leaders demanded Thursday that the U.S. Senate apologize for its treatment of Energy Secretary Bill Richardson at a contentious hearing on security lapses at the Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory. Calling Richardson a "national treasure and hero," the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda said senators were insulting to the highest-ranking Latino in the Clinton administration and tried to derail his political career. …… "Without having completed their investigation, members of the U.S. Senate, during an internationally televised hearing, publicly humiliated Secretary Richardson, casting a shadow on his character and smearing his public image," said Manuel Mirabel, chairman of the coalition of some 35 Hispanic-American groups. ……."

New York Resident newspaper 6/13/00 Marc-Yves Tumin "……. In his June 7-13 New York Press open letter to Schools Chancellor Harold Levy, Doug Ireland spells out his program to proselytize for sodomy in the guise of HIV/AIDS education. Ireland objects to parents having a say in condom demonstrations in the city schools: "They're available only in private at the request of students - but since kids are rarely told of this option, they almost never ask, especially since they're afraid of the embarrassment (and there's a parental opt-out)." …….. What a catastrophe - they're ashamed! One of the goals of militant homosexuals is to deracinate any sense of shame through graphic imagery and frank discussions that break down the barriers of modesty. Ireland appeals to the morally bereft: "Waiting until high school to teach kids how to protect themselves just isn't working...." …….. And Ireland wants to urge children in grammar school to sexualize prophylactics: "Unless the importance of condom use is impressed upon these kids before they start having sex, it doesn't take. Indeed, eroticizing the condom as part of sexual play from the beginning is a sine qua non of effective safe-sex education." …….. Describing Harvey Milk High School, dedicated to homosexual propaganda, Ireland ululates that "hundreds of kids [are] desperate to escape from the reign of terror they experience in the other schools." The real reign of terror is organized by politically correct totalitarians who crush any dissent. ……Ireland touts openly gay State Senator Tom Duane, who is promoting the "Dignity For All Students Act," one goal of which is to "create programs to foster harassment-free school environments" - in other words, to brainwash impressionable children. ……. A pernicious aspect of the gay influence is the overwhelming proportion of blacks and Latinos in the public schools, whereas the gay propaganda is fostered by a small white homosexual elite. That the gay-rights movement is disproportionately white and privileged gives the lie to claims of victim-status equivalency to African-Americans who were brought here as slaves. ……"

National Review 6/27/00 Rich Lowery "…… "I think ownership is freedom." Oh, how I long for politicians to say these words! And how little did I expect ever to hear them from George W. Bush. But there he was, at a dinner for the Congress for Racial Equality last night in New York City, giving one of the best stump performances I've seen from him, trotting out an entirely new (and really quite profound) campaign theme: ownership. …….. I don't know whether it will become part of the permanent Bush arsenal, but it sounded good last night. Bush seemed particularly charged up to be speaking to a black audience, and rather than garbling his applause lines he leaned into them just right, catching the waves of applause and riding them to crescendos of minor passion. Afterwards, a slightly incredulous colleague asked: "Was that his usual stump speech?" Well, it was - just delivered effectively, which makes all the difference in the world. In the current Broadway play, The Real Thing, a writer compares his craft to a cricket bat, composed of multiple pieces of wood. If one of them is just slightly off, a ball will feel like a rock, dead off the bat. But if all of them are perfect, a ball will sail off the bat miraculously, into the distance. The little things make a huge difference……"

AP 6/27/00 Timothy Brown "……A black teen-ager who was found hanging from a tree in his front yard in what investigators ruled a suicide may instead have been killed for dating two white girls, the Rev. Jesse Jackson says. Jackson asked Gov. Ronnie Musgrove and the U.S. Justice Department to launch an investigation into the death of 17-year-old Raynard Johnson. ……. Standing under the pecan tree where Raynard's body was found by his father June 15, the civil rights leader said Tuesday that the death "had the smell of Emmitt Till all around it, and these questions have to answered." Till was a black teen-ager killed in Mississippi in 1955 for supposedly whistling at a white woman. ….."The two young white girls and Johnson had been dating each other; that did not sit well with some people," Jackson said Monday. …..The Marion County Sheriff's Office investigated the hanging and concluded that the honor student took his own life. "He had no marks on him, no other injuries. There were no broken bones, no gunshot wounds, no stab wounds, and he was not beaten up," county Coroner Norma Williamson said. ……"

The Detroit News 6/27/00 "…… DETROIT -- The American Civil Liberties Union plans to file a lawsuit in federal court today seeking to block the state from handing out $100 million in scholarships. The group's attorneys, on behalf of five students who did not qualify for the $2,500 Michigan Merit award, will ask a judge for a temporary restraining order preventing the state from issuing checks in August. Mark Leyda, executive director of the Michigan Merit Awards in Lansing, said about 38,000 Michigan high school students who graduated this spring have qualified for the award. "I'm hopeful we may get to 40,000 when all is said and done," Leyda said. …….. Students can use full $2,500 scholarships if they attend a Michigan college or technical school; $1,000 if they attend an out-of-state school. Those students going out-of-state can use the remaining $1,500 over the next seven years if they later choose to take classes in Michigan. The scholarships are awarded to students who get passing test scores on the Michigan Education Assessment Program tests, under a 1999 state law. ……. The ACLU will argue that the scholarships violate the constitutionally protected civil rights of the students who didn't receive them. ……..State officials denied that charge. "The MEAP test has been checked up, down and sideways. This is not a racially biased test," Leyda said. ……"

The Detroit News 6/28/00 David Guralnick "…..Racial tension heightened Tuesday over last week's death of a shopper at Fairlane Town Center mall as a civil rights group made plans for a town meeting to discuss a possible boycott or other protest. At the same time, Geoffrey Fieger filed a $600-million lawsuit on behalf of the victim's family and a Detroit radio personality demanded black church leaders get involved…….The family of Frederick Demondre Finley, 32, said he died Thursday because he was an African American, a victim of racial profiling by Lord & Taylor department store security guards who accused his family of shoplifting and attempted to steer them back into the department store…….Store executives said they regret the death, but maintain the plain-clothes security guards were doing their job when they stopped Finley and his family on a suspicion of shoplifting on Thursday. During a scuffle, a guard caught Finley in a choke hold, which led him to lose consciousness and,ultimately, die……."

Washington Post 7/2/00 Sue Anne Pressley "……In a historic and hard-fought moment, the Confederate battle flag was finally lowered at noon today from atop the South Carolina Statehouse dome where it had flown since 1962. Minutes later, a group of Civil War reenactors in gray uniforms hoisted a smaller version of the banner onto a 30-foot pole in front of the statehouse, at the Confederate Soldier Monument. An estimated 3,000 onlookers on both sides of the issue reacted with emotion. Opponents of the flag cheered as they watched its descent from the dome, while supporters shouted, "Noooo!" Then the supporters, decked out in Rebel hats, T-shirts and capes, and waving their own Confederate banners, cheered and whistled as the replacement flag was raised in its new spot on the Statehouse grounds…….The brief ceremony was the result of a compromise reached by state lawmakers in May. The compromise fell short, however, of at least one intended effect - bringing a halt to a tourism boycott of the state……."

New York Post 7/3/00 Michael Meyers "….. IT'S not the students but the tests that are dumb, says the ACLU of Michigan and its multiculturalist allies. They're suing to ban the standardized tests exams that are the state's sole criterion for awarding merit scholarships to students going to college. The exams, administered in the spring of 1999, showed pitiable results for minority student test-takers - "adverse racial impact," reads the ACLU's legal complaint in perfect legalese. Only 1 in 14 black test-takers got a scholarship, 1 in 5 Hispanics, and 1 in 5 Native Americans, compared with 1 in 3 white test-takers. …….. So a coalition of civil-rights and civil-liberties groups got mad and sued the state of Michigan, alleging "discrimination." They don't get it: How could 1 in 3 whites get the coveted scholarships but only 1 in 14 blacks, unless something's wrong with the test? Unless the state drops its standardized tests in reading, math, science and writing - or adds more subjective, softer evaluative criteria like recommendations and students' grade-point averages - the ACLU and its coalition of race grievants will proceed, branding the state of Michigan and its scholarship tests as "racist." ……."

AP 7/2/00 Jay Hughes "…….Prior to Benjamin Smith's deadly rampage last Fourth of July, there was little known about -- and little interest in -- the racist church to which he belonged. But over the past year, the World Church of the Creator has found a national platform and has seen its membership increase. Its leader, Matthew Hale, claims to have adherents in most states and says membership to the East Peoria-based group has doubled. …….. The World Church of the Creator has become a ''magnet for young volatile white supremacists,'' the suburban Chicago hate-monitoring group Center for New community said in new report. The report was released to mark the anniversary of the two-state rampage by Smith, who shot 11 people, killing two: former Northwestern basketball coach Ricky Byrdsong, 43, and Won-Joon Yoon, a 26-year-old college student from Korea. ………. Smith, 21, committed suicide as police closed in on him. Eight months before his rampage, he was profiled on the World Church of the Creator's Web site as ''Creator of the Month'' for his efforts to distribute racist literature. …….". 7/3/00 Don Feder "…… I wish to publicly apologize for my whiteness. I realize my pigmentation is a serious transgression, and I am profoundly sorry for it. This confession is prompted by a story in The Boston Globe (multiculturalism's in-house newsletter) concerning a conference on "whiteness" that took place at Simmons College a week ago. The gathering of "100 liberal activists, religious leaders and academics" explored ways of "dismantling racism by focusing on white culture and the privileges that come with it." For the left , racism is always unicultural, the exclusive province of Caucasians. …… The idea seems to be that if whites can be shown how privileged their pigmentation has made them, they will repent and get behind racial quotas, multicultural brainwashing and reparations for slavery. ….. The problem, says conference organizer Paul Marcus, is that many whites don't see themselves primarily as such. He's right. Days, even weeks will go by when I don't think about my whiteness, which really should be foremost in my consciousness. …….Still, all that I've accomplished I owe to my racial identity. I coasted through high school, college and law school. Teachers took one look at my pale face and said this man deserves a B-plus average -- forget homework, tests and final exams. ……And when it came time for my wife and I to buy our first house, we didn't have to scrimp and save for a down payment. I didn't have to pay bills on time to establish a good credit rating. The mortgage loan officer based his decision exclusively on our coloration. ……….Truth be told, that's how I got a job in journalism. I can still recall the words of the editor who hired me: "Fellow white man, welcome aboard. Would you like your own column?" …….."

Reuters 7/5/00 "…..U.S. Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson said on Wednesday he would lead a two-day march in Mississippi this weekend to draw attention to the "mysterious" hanging deaths of black men in the once deeply segregated Southern state. Jackson, president of the civil rights group Rainbow-Push Coalition, said the planned march was prompted by the death of Raynard Johnson, a 17-year-old black teen-ager who was found hanging from a pecan tree outside his family's house in Kokomo, on June 15. Local authorities ruled Johnson's death a suicide, but Jackson said there were suspicions local whites had targeted the teen-ager for dating white girls in the small town, about 150 miles south of the state capital, Jackson……."

Detroit News 7/6/00 Evan Gahr "…….He is not exactly Martin Luther King. But in Spokane, Wash., convicted felon Muhammad Shabazz Farrakhan could emerge a genuine civil rights pioneer. Along with an incarcerated murderer and other criminals he recruited from jail, Farrakhan (who says he has no Nation of Islam ties) claims Washington's criminal disenfranchisement law discriminates against minorities because so many are imprisoned. His federal lawsuit echoes arguments made against similar laws nationwide. Once again, the civil rights cause has been perverted to render individual behavior all but irrelevant. …….After all, if you think criminal disenfranchisement harms "persons of color," there are two obvious solutions: Change the law or change behavior. The civil rights lobby has opted for changing the law. ….."

AP 7/6/00 Libby Quaid "……An audit found the Small Business Administration misspent millions of dollars earmarked to help minority businesses win federal contracts. The agency has promised to repay the money, which came from other agencies. The findings by the SBA's inspector general prompted a strong rebuke from Sen. Christopher Bond, chairman of the Small Business Committee and frequent critic of the agency. The SBA treats the funds for minorities as "a honey pot they can dip into to sweeten other programs," said Bond, R-Mo. …….."If taxpayers ever want to see how a government agency can look the other way while tax money is being used for everything but its intended purpose, all they have to do is read this report," Bond said Thursday. ……"

Los Angeles Times 7/7/00 David Savage "…….President Clinton has tried for seven years to appoint a black jurist to the conservative, all-white U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., but none of his nominees has been given even a hearing in the Senate. The struggle illustrates dramatically the conservative hold on power in parts of the South, legal activists said. ……..….."In fairness to the Republicans, they don't see this as a race issue but one of ideology," said University of Massachusetts professor Sheldon Goldman, who studies judicial nominations. Senate Republicans have said that they want to prevent soft-on-crime liberal activists from winning lifetime seats on the federal bench. …….."

RUDGE 7/12/00 John Drake Ellen Sorokin "……Alexandria, Va., investigators kept racially sensitive details of the stabbing death of 8-year-old Kevin Shifflett a secret from their own police officers, law enforcement sources familiar with the case told The Washington Times yesterday. The sources said they were not told that the stabbing of Kevin, who was white, may have been racially motivated - information that could have led officers more quickly to the killer. "The information was held back. That should not happen when this is a serious homicide," said a law enforcement source familiar with the case. …..Alexandria police told The Times early in the homicide investigation that investigators did not believe race played a role in the April 19 killing, and that Kevin's attacker did not say anything during the slaying. But new details recently revealed about the case contradict those statements. ……"

Washington Times 7/12/00 "….Has anyone seen Jesse Jackson around lately? Kweisi Mfume? Al Sharpton? ……..In April, a man armed with a knife attacked and killed an 8-year-old boy named Kevin Shifflett as he played outdoors in the Del Ray section of Alexandria. Then he fled, apparently by cab. Police searching for the suspect initially found the trail cold, then focused their attention on a paroled felon whose DNA matched evidence found in the getaway cab…….As it happens, the so-far-unnamed suspect is black, and Kevin Shifflett was white. The Washington Post has turned up evidence to suggest the suspect had racial motives for the slaying. It seems that a witness to the attack says the suspect was yelling "something to the third-grader about hating white people before slashing his throat." Police previously had not mentioned the racist overtones of the attack…….."

Washington Times 7/12/00 "….There's more. Police have possession of a note found in a hotel room where the suspect had been staying which says, "Kill them raceess whiate kidd's anyway." There's more still. The suspect had previously been convicted of malicious wounding following a 1993 incident in Alexandria in which he brutally attacked a stranger with a hammer. The victim in that assault, Leonard Riddle, says his attacker called him "whitey" before the beating commenced. Sounds like hatred from here……So where are Mr. Jackson and company? Not here. It seems that only white-on-black crime, not the reverse, constitutes a hate crime. …. "

CNS News 7/11/00 Joe Dana "…….Evidence suggests that the slaying of an eight-year old boy in northern Virginia last month was a racially motivated crime. One witness says the murderer shouted racial slurs during the attack and, according to published reports, police found a written note at the suspect's hotel room that contained a threat to kill white children. While many in the nation's capital discuss tolerance for minority and homosexual groups, the Virginia murder of Kevin Shifflett, a white child, is drawing little attention as a hate crime………. In 1998, more than one-third of the victims of race-related hate crimes were white, according to FBI records. The reality causes many to believe that the roles of racism are reversed more often than acknowledged……… When President Bill Clinton invited the families of hate-crime victims to the White House in April, no one was on hand to speak about victims who had been targeted because they were white. The family of Matthew Shepard was present, not because they are white, but because their son was the victim of a homosexual-related hate crime. According to the FBI, in 1998, there were nine racially motivated murders committed in the US; five of the victims were white. "I don't think society is ready to see us as victims yet," says civil rights activist Anastasia Guarnotta, who works in Boston on cases that involve European-American victims. She says she fights not only hatred, but also lethargy, from people who don't acknowledge anti-white violent crime…….."

Electronic Telegraph 7/5/00 Ben Fenton "…… WHITES will cease to be the majority in California next year, a portent for the future of America, demographers said yesterday. Figures gathered by the California Department of Finance indicate that the proportion of the population counted as white - non-Hispanic people of European or Middle Eastern origin - will fall below 50 per cent in the next 12 months. …… It will make California the only mainland state to have a white minority. Hawaii has a majority of Asians and Polynesians. With Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois all becoming racially mixed at a rapid rate, it is thought that America will lose its majority of white people by about 2070 at current rates. ……"

Sun Hearld Online 7/12/00 Alex Rodriguez "…….For many black Americans, the hanging death of 17-year-old Raynard Johnson from a pecan tree in his own front yard evokes not only memories of a terrible era, but also suspicions of a modern-day lynching even after two separate autopsies concluded the black youth committed suicide. Johnson's family and other local residents of this tiny Mississippi town suspect foul play, and they are joined by Rev. Jesse Jackson and other civil rights activists demanding a federal investigation into the death. Officials said Raynard Johnson's mother and brother will meet with Attorney General Janet Reno in Washington today. ……Although two autopsies, including one commissioned by Johnson's family, found no evidence of foul play, his relatives and friends insist his personality and behavior in the days leading up to his death do not point to suicide. ……." 7/12/00 David Royse "……An administrative hearing judge upheld a state plan to ban consideration of race in college admissions Wednesday, rejecting a challenge by the NAACP. The ban was part of an overhaul of Florida's affirmative action programs announced earlier this year by Gov. Jeb Bush, who said the programs weren't working. The replacement plan Bush offered can be put in place immediately, university officials said. ………Bush's ''Talented 20'' plan guarantees college admission to the top 20 percent of each graduating class at Florida's public high schools, something the governor has said should boost minority enrollment. …….The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People challenged the change on behalf of a black Miami high school sophomore. It argued the rules were invalid because only individual universities can make admissions decisions. ……"

The State 7/12/00 AP "…..South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon says he will continue investigating a possible lawsuit against the NAACP, which has vowed to expand economic sanctions against the state because the Confederate flag still flies on Statehouse grounds. ……… "I am very disappointed to hear of the NAACP's decision to extend and expand its secondary boycott of South Carolina," Condon said Wednesday. ……Condon said he had taken no formal action against the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People other than having lawyers in his office review laws on boycotts. ….."

National Review Online 6/19/00 Brett M. Decker, editor of the American Sentinel "…..Considering diverse levels of compensation, one alderman, Carrie Austin, weighed in that "there's not enough money in this world that would be satisfactory." Nevertheless, quite a few civil-rights leaders are willing to take a stab at a number. Demands include a multibillion-dollar economic-development fund for urban and rural blacks, $10 billion for all-black universities and the current market value of the 40 acres and a mule that Union authorities guaranteed former slaves at the end of the Civil War. Approximating the value of the latter real estate at $25,000 per head, the tab to cover this nation's 35 million blacks would easily reach into the trillions. ......,, Those who think the coming November election is a low-stakes affair, should consider the fact that Detroit Rep. John Conyers has vowed that reparations will be the first legislative item he will pursue if Democrats regain the House this fall. Conyers, who has introduced reparations bills every year since 1989, is the ranking member on Judiciary and will become its Chairman if the elections go south for the GOP. ……"

Washington Post 7/7/00 Josh White Patricia Davis "…… A handwritten note saying "Kill them raceess whiate kidd's anyway" was left behind in the hotel room rented by a suspect in the slaying of Kevin Shifflett two days before the 8-year-old boy was fatally stabbed in Alexandria, hotel and law enforcement officials said. ...... The note, written on the back of a Virginia Department of Corrections memo, is believed to have been penned by the 29-year-old suspect and may prove to be key evidence linking him to the killing, a law enforcement source said........A witness to the April 19 attack told police that the killer, who was yelling as he headed toward Kevin, said something to the third-grader about hating white people before slashing his throat, a source said. The suspect is African American, and Kevin was white……"

Tampa Bay Online 6/9/00 AP "…..Community activists trying to lure black voters are planning a drive to provide ballots to more than 4,000 jailed inmates. Members of the Miami-Dade County chapter of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida met Saturday to discuss ways to encourage nonvoting blacks to make their voices heard. In addition to the idea of a voting drive at the jails, the group discussed plans to distribute voter registration forms in black neighborhoods and offer voting literature at welfare locations. The initiative is part of a voting drive headed by State Sen. Kendrick Meek, D-Miami, and outgoing state Rep. Tony Hill, D-Jacksonville. …….."

NY Times - Associated Press 7/9/00 "…..An open coffin at a funeral displayed the battered body of a gay black man who was beaten to death and then repeatedly struck by a car. The father of Arthur ``J.R.'' Warren Jr. ordered the open coffin Saturday at Mount Beulah Baptist Church ``so they could see what they had done to his son,'' said mourner Rick Ravenscroft. ……. Gay rights groups have demanded that police and prosecutors say whether the murder is a hate crime. However, Marion County Sheriff Ron Watkins has downplayed speculation the murder was linked to Warren's sexuality and said there was ``no indication'' it was a hate crime. ...... Two white 17-year-olds allegedly confessed and are charged with first-degree murder, but authorities have refused to divulge their motive. Their names were not released because of their ages; the prosecutor has not yet decided whether to try them as adults. ...... Investigators thought it was a hit-and-run case until a third teen-ager told them he had helped clean up the crime scene. ….." 6/30/00 "…… There's nothing the left does better or enjoys more than playing the race card against conservatives, who are inevitably labeled as facists, Nazis, racists and worse as soon as they appear to be headed for victory. On Thursday it was Texas Gov. George W. Bush's turn, who's up 13 points against Vice President Al Gore in the latest CNN-Gallup presidential poll and who suddenly finds himself a target of media race baiters like New York Times columnist Bob Herbert. …… After Bush wowed the crowd at Monday night's Congress of Racial Equality dinner with a stunningly good speech, Herbert swung into action in a column titled "A Different Republican?" …..Is Bush really so different from the old-style Republicans, the columnist wondered -- folks who he and most other liberals suspect are nothing more than closet KKK members? But Bush is harder to smear on this count, with "compassionate conservatism" on his lips and record support in his home state from blacks and Hispanics. Time for plan B: guilt by association. And so Herbert asks, "What about the company he keeps?" ….."

Greeley Tribune 7/2/00 Angie De Vine "…… This Fourth of July weekend, one Greeley woman is fighting for her First Amendment right to fly the Confederate flag. Jessie Jacobs has hung the symbol of the Confederacy during the Civil War, along with the American flag, on her front porch for the past five years without any problems. She hangs the two flags on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, she said, because she had relatives who fought for both the North and the South during the Civil War. But on Friday, someone lit her Confederate flag on fire, melting its nylon material. The American flag in front of her home in the 1600 block of 11th Avenue was untouched. …… "I'm very angry," Jacobs said, adding that whoever vandalized the flag had to climb over her fence to reach the flag. "How dare they come onto my property and destroy my flag." Jacobs said the flag was burned sometime between 12:30 and 4 p.m. Friday. She was inside her home during that period of time but did not hear anything. ……South Carolina was criticized earlier this year for flying the Confederate banner, which some say is a symbol of slavery and oppression, above its state capitol. The NAACP boycotted the state and tourism numbers dropped. …….."

Jewish World Review 6/28/00 Amity Shlaes "……. Increased racial integration of pupils is finally being achieved by raising standards in schools for both black and white. America has failed repeatedly over the decades in its attempts to integrate schools, and some of the more spectacular of those failures have taken place in Arkansas. All the more interesting, then, that Arkansas is the setting for a school that is fast becoming a new national model of integration. The school is Portland Elementary, located in poor, catfish farm country. ….. The reason for this change can be summed up in a single word - standards. ……"

CNSNEws 6/29/00 Jerry Miller "…..When it comes to hiring, the all-Democratic, 12-member Massachusetts Congressional delegation, the most liberal in the nation, does poorly in terms of affirmative action. According to a survey done by the Boston Herald, not a single House or Senate staff is led by member of a minority group, while all senior aides are Caucasian. ……. Combined, the Bay State House members employ only 15 out of a total of 151 staffers - less than ten percent. Similar surveys done in 1991 and 1994 revealed a 10 percent minority-staffing pattern. Then, like now, minorities occupied virtually none of the senior level positions......."

LewRockwell.Com 6/29/00 William L Anderson "……. My student still smolders with resentment as he tells me his story. He was driving on the freeway, being passed by other cars, when the dreaded blue lights appear behind him. He pulls to the side of the road and is approached by a police officer. The officer looks inside my student's BMW and sees the young man's mother sleeping in the back seat. After writing the speeding ticket, the officer leaves the pair alone………The young man has a friend who was traveling to Atlanta for an early morning job interview, driving a Ford Explorer. Near the Tennessee-Georgia border, state troopers pull him over and begin to search his vehicle. During the search, in which they pull off door panels and do other damage to the interior, they constantly ask him how he could afford such an expensive automobile. After finding nothing, they drive away, the vehicle's interior a shambles. The driver, shaking uncontrollably, sits in the driver's seat and weeps following this humiliation……..Both men are black and seem to be part of a national law enforcement trend called racial profiling. Police records show that large numbers of blacks and Hispanics find themselves pulled over on highways for various moving violations. In fact, statistics have shown that when compared to white drivers, blacks and Hispanics have a higher probability of being stopped by police, who invariably want to search their cars for drugs……."

CNSNews.coom 6/29/00 John Nowacki "……I seem to recall President Clinton having called for an end to racial divisiveness at some point in the past six years. If I remember correctly, he has also suggested that he'd like political discourse to be a little more civil. If that could happen, it would be a wonderful thing. But as to whether he was actually in earnest . . . well, I'm feeling a bit skeptical………. Clinton and the members of his party have found race baiting to be a useful tactic in their efforts to cow Republicans into confirming some of his activist judicial nominees. After the one and only defeat of a Clinton judicial nominee in October, the Democrats went all out to paint the vote as being racially motivated……… The result? Some Republicans are even more frightened to oppose a nominee because of his judicial philosophy, when that nominee comes from a certain ethnic background. They got burned, badly, and they don't want to go through that again…….Of course, Clinton and the Democrats know this. Clinton favors judicial activists, and he has deliberately selected activist minority nominees whenever possible. ….."

Raymond Kent 6/29/00 "…..
TO: Strobe Talbott, Undersecretary of State, Department of State, Washington , D.C.
FROM: Raymond K. Kent Emeritus Professor of History, University of California,
Several news services have quoted your statement that the Greeks are a nation of "hysterics." This is a racist statement. It confuses the indignation of Greek People against war crime, crime against peace and humanity perpetrated through 78 days of bombing Yugoslvia by the U.S. dominated NATO. No amount of official and mediatic propaganda will be able to whitwash the crimes. You pretend to be beyond passion and apparently think that what we did in Yugoslavia is so astute and noble that, say, the Greeks had nothing but imaginary grounds for a misguided and misdirtected anger. Would you like to debate Kosovo with me? A widely televised public forum acceptable to both would be just the ticket. I am a historian by craft, fluent in Serbo-Croat, and have followed the details of Yugoslavia's deconstruction for the past decade. The record of Mr. Clinton's foreign policy team in Yugoslavia is so despicable that a mere open and undoctored debate on it would render huge service to the American People, so savagely manipulated by both our government and corporate media. I will even spell-out the Appendix B of the Rambouillet "Peace"Plan. I have a printed copy.

My second point is rather different. You were once Mr. Clinton's room-mate as a Rhodes Scholar. You have thus had an extended access to him over the years of his Presidency. More than that, you are one of those unelected officials who shape our foreign policy behind closed doors, never accountable to the American People. I am obviously not privy to the geo-political and strategic stupidities to which you are attached. Yet, I am aware that these often end-up hurting innocent civilians in far-away places. I think a time is coming when people like you will not be able to get their secret jollies and get away with egregious foreign-policy errors. Some forms of serious follow-ups can and should be worked out for each individual case. I thus ask you to aplogize to the Greek People in public for a really offensive remark Should you refuse to retract and apologize in some meaningful fashion I will get in- touch with Greek-American and Philhellenic organizations and suggest to them to demand that you be dismissed from service in our Federal Government. If Mr. Clinton does not respond by firing you I will lobby for all American Orthodox votes against Al Gore. They run into millions, especially in the electorally pivotal states. Why would I do all this and why am I contacting you? Well, I do not want my neighbors' growing children to be exposed to terrorist attacks with portable toxins or mini-atomic devices because you and other influential foreign-policy people cannot keep the arrogant mouths shut, to say nothing else. My first pre-lobbying step is to post this letter on several germane E-mail networks and it is only fair to let you know in advance.

You are also reputed to be a Russian expert (I do not know of any major work that you have penned) and the most influential government official in constructing our relations with Russia There was a moment in time when the American and Russian peoples could have really gotten together. Unfortunately, a lingering cold-war mentality and your inability to shed it and/or turn it around just "blew" that chance. Russia and China are back together. Our repeated slights and humiliations of Yeltsin's Russia have produced Putin. It is a whole new ball-game now. Western Europeans have perceived NATO for what it is -an American hegemon otherwise irrelevant in Europe outside (temporarily) the ex-Yugoslav space. A Russo-German alliance is in the wind. A recent OP-ED article in the New York times from a friendly German pen has warned us to cut out our arrogance abroad which your statement on the Greek people underlines for all to see.

You do not know or else refuse to accept just how much hate is escalating against us abroad, not at governmental levels (where hiding takes place) but underneath them, especially among the middle classes. Mr. Clinton has even assembled a group of our younger Turks to combat abroad opinions and feelings deemed "adverse" to the United States. I have personally spoken to hundreds of Arabs and Africans in Europe as well as many French people leading ordinary lives. There is an anti-American groundswell out there. What we did to the Serbs via NATO is the triggering mechanism of this phenomenon (and noumenon), to use Greek words. We did it by coming to believe our self-inflicted propaganda, slated to mislead the American People into supporting a war without body-bags, propaganda which is proving to have been either very much exaggerated or entirely false. Our obsession with a "disobedient" Milosevic has produced the insane policy of punishing and demonizing with sustained physical and cerebral brutality an entire and honorable people, our former allies who lost some twenty-five percent of its six milliion population in WWII alone. At that time, the Serbs saved and returned to duty some 500 USAF pilots who parachuted from planes damaged during the bombing raids on Roumanian oil fileds.

But, what honor can we expect from a President who plays with a cigar while toying at the same time with Monica and a Congressman on the phone, from a Secratery of State whose family was twice given warm hospitality by the Serbs and who did everything before and during Rambouillet to create a climate allowing her to bomb the Serbs, from a Secretary of Defense who tells the American People that the Serbs had killed a 100,000 Albanians in order to justify a gross violation of our most sacred document, the Constitution, from two American Generals who are throwing tantrums in public for not being allowed by NATO civilian authorities to kill a couiple of million Serbs and reduce" Serbia to ashes" (phrase uttered by Adolf Hitler when the Serbs defied him on 27th April 1941 and by Secretary Cohen during the so-called "air war"), from people in our foreign-policy establishment who worked themselves up into frenzy when Serb police at Kosovo caused some "collateral damage" in fightinon hand. With such company, Mr. Talbott, I can even come to feel sorry for you.
Raymond K. Kent, Emeritus ….."

The American Partisan 6/19/00 Lawrence Henry "….."Yeah," he agreed. "I coulda bought a $550,000 house in Sleepy Hollow. But who'm I gonna sell it to? I'm a black man - you can't take this wrong, now, you understand? - but who would I sell a house like that to? I couldn't find any other black man to buy that house." Unspoken was his conclusion - as I told my wife when I related the story - that a white man or woman wouldn't want to buy the house from him, or wouldn't give him a good price for it. "Why would he think that?" Sally asked. "For whatever reason," I said, "that's what he did think - that's the important thing."………. This man, in other words, had made a rational decision not to buy an expensive house because he expected that, when he sold it, he might lose money, or might not make as much money as he should. He made his decision based on what he saw as a rational estimate of racial characteristics - i.e., that not many other black people had enough money to buy the house, and that some resistance might enter into the transaction if he were to try to sell to a white buyer……… Several things - including the fact that this man drove off from the service station in a late-model S class Mercedes-Benz, and that the figure of $550,000 was quite specific - led me to believe that he wasn't pulling my leg. He really could have afforded a half million dollar house. ……..People make this kind of decision every day. It amounts to a kind of so-called "racial profiling," that pre-judged evaluation of racial characteristics so widely excoriated today in police procedures. Under the rationale that condemns such judgment for the police, my companion ought to be condemned for not taking out a half million dollar mortgage. Does that make sense?……"

Salon 6/23/00 Jonathan Foreman "….. Shocked by the bizarre attacks? Don't be. This was just a small taste of what life is like for black and Hispanic women in many parts of New York. …….. Whether it was New York Police Chief Howard Safir excusing his officers' inaction by saying they couldn't be everywhere or the pages of commentary and punditry that refused to confront the ethnic and cultural dimension of the incident, the orgy of dishonesty in the aftermath of Puerto Rican Day was almost as dismaying as the Central Park "wilding" itself. ……… It became savagely comical as more and more photographs and videos of the alleged perpetrators were published in the papers and on TV. Even as newsfolk waxed concerned about our society's shocking tolerance of violence against women, egged on by gleeful spokespersons from organizations like NOW, everyone pretended not to notice that nearly all the guys who soaked, stripped and molested up to 50 women in the park were Puerto Rican and black. ......,In its patronizing, racist way, the media pretended it had just seen the manifestation of some kind of generalized social problem -- a conclusion unfair both to the wider society and Puerto Ricans and black communities. Much of the behavior caught on video may be shocking stuff for New York Times writers and most of its readers, but it's par for the course in many Manhattan neighborhoods north of Central Park. ….."

Los Angeles Times 6/21/00 Carl Ingram "…….An anti-profiling bill that would require police officers to give their business cards to motorists, pulled over in traffic stops cleared a pivotal Assembly hurdle Tuesday. Proponents of the heavily amended proposal said drivers could use the cards to file complaints against officers who they believe stopped them because of their race or ethnicity. The Assembly Public Safety Committee, dominated by Latino and African ,American Democrats, approved the bill 5 to 0 over the opposition of witnesses from minority communities and the American Civil Liberties Union. ..."

Toogood Reports 6/21/00 Charles Morse "…..An organized, trained, uniformed, and heavily armed Militia marched through the streets of Houston, Fri. June 16, reports the Houston Chronicle, and yet, there has been little national media coverage, no discussion from the usual commentators and savants, and no comment from the White House. The gun control lobby, the anti-militia crowd, and their assorted left-wing camp followers have been silent. Even though this private army was reported to be carrying AK-47s, which have been illegal in the U.S. since the 1930´s, the Houston DA´s office doesn´t expect to file charges. Far less evidence of illegal weaponry resulted in the Waco home invasion and subsequent holocaust in April 1993. Why the double standard? ……. This militia was part of the "New" Black Panther Party. Along with the National Black United Front and the New Black Muslim Movement, the Panthers were "protesting" outside the George R. Brown Convention Center while the State GOP was being addressed by Laura Bush, wife of the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee. The issue, which prompted the Panthers to don their jack-boots and black uniforms, was the death penalty, particularly as it pertains to the scheduled execution of convicted murderer Gary Graham. That the Black Panthers would advocate against the death penalty, given their own well-documented history of executions against "traitors", is in and of itself the epitome of hypocrisy......." 6/22/00 Carl Limbacher "…… The Houston, Texas contingent of the New Black Panther Party will be armed and ready for a 'gunfight' with the Ku Klux Klan at the site of Thursday's scheduled execution of convicted killer Gary Graham, Panther Information Minister Quanell X told Fox News Channel Wednesday night. "It wouldn't make any sense, sir, for us to take a butter knife to a gunfight," said Minister X, when FNC's Tony Snow asked if the Panthers would be armed during their own death watch protest. ……The Panther spokesman said he had information that an armed group of Klan members planned to travel to Livingston, Texas to demonstrate in favor of Graham's execution. ……On Friday, 15 AK-47-toting Black Panthers emerged from a stretch Humvee limousine in downtown Houston and marched on the Texas state GOP convention. …..The armed protest took place just yards from the podium where Texas First Lady Laura Bush addressed the convention 90 minutes later. ……"

Jewish World Review 6/22/00 Jeff Jacoby "…….TEXAS HAD NO HATE CRIMES LAW on the books when James Byrd Jr. was dragged to his death behind a pickup truck. Nor did Wyoming when Matthew Shepard was tied to a fence and beaten to death. And that, Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy and others claim, is why a federal hate crimes law must be enacted. ……..Perhaps Clinton and Kennedy believe that an applicable hate crimes law might have prevented the Byrd and Shepard murders. How then do they explain Buford Furrow? California, like 41 other states, already has a hate crimes law, but that didn't stop Furrow from opening fire last August on a group of Jewish children in a Los Angeles community center, then killing a Filipino-American letter carrier. Illinois's hate crime law didn't deter Benjamin Smith from a shooting spree that left nine people wounded and two dead -- all Jewish, black, or Asian. ……..Perhaps Clinton and Kennedy keep invoking Byrd and Shepard because they believe that a hate crimes law would have ensured that the murderers in those cases were vigorously prosecuted. …..But that can't be it, either. Of the three men who so savagely killed Byrd, two have been sentenced to death and one is to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Both of Shepard's killers have also been sentenced to life. One of them, Aaron McKinney, was facing a death sentence when Shepard's parents proposed a deal -- two life sentences in exchange for a permanent gag order that prevents McKinney or his lawyers from ever appealing the verdict or discussing the case in public. In the Buford Furrow case, meanwhile, federal prosecutors in California are seeking the death penalty. …….."

Jewish World Review 6/22/00 Jeff Jacoby "…….There is no way around it: A law that cracks down harder on criminals who harm members of certain groups by definition goes easier on those who target victims from other groups. If a gang of skinheads decides to crack some black or Jewish skulls, Kennedy's bill would empower federal prosecutors to go after them. If they decide to simply crack skulls at random -- or to go after illegal immigrants or fat people or dwarfs or businessmen -- Kennedy's bill leaves them alone. ......"Equal protection of the laws must apply to all Americans," Kennedy said during the Senate debate. "That's what this is all about." ……..No, what this is all about is precisely the opposite. Equal protection means telling all would-be criminals that they will be punished fully, regardless of the identity of their victims. The bad bill passed by the Senate declares that some victims are more deserving than others. That is not a message that should be allowed to stand. ........."

NewsMax 6/23/00 Carl Limbacher "……GOP presidential frontrunner George W. Bush will be the guest of honor at the Congress of Racial Equality's "Harmony Awards 2000" dinner Monday in New York, while Vice President Al Gore has apparently snubbed the group's invitation. In a press release about the event, National CORE Chairman Roy Innis said he looked forward to welcoming the Texas Governor and hearing his message on race relations. "The strong support that the Governor receives from minorities in Texas suggests that he knows something about the subject." ……. "We would have welcomed Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic candidate, with equal enthusiasm and courtesy, if he had accepted our invitation," said Innis, who promised that if Gore sends a representative "he or she would be recognized." ……. "Some members of the African and European lines of Jefferson descendants have come together, in mutual reconition, as a family.... For this reason we honor Jefferson's descendants as symbols of racial harmony." ......: 6/24/00 Bill Kaczor "……A federal jury convicted a white man of hate crimes and other charges Friday for setting off two pipe bombs that terrorized predominantly black Florida A&M University. Lawrence Lombardi, 42, was convicted of two counts each of possessing and using bombs, causing destruction with bombs and using bombs to cause harm because of race or color...."

INSIGHT Magazine 6/23/00 Woody West "……. Here is a multipart challenge for urban sociologists to parse. And bear in mind that, while these vignettes involve New York City, trends that wash across the land often have their genesis there. ……… First, the Rev. Al Sharpton, America's most vociferous racial demagogue, continues to promote demonstrations against supposed excessive use of force by New York City police, including the sad and accidental shooting last year of Amadou Diallo, for which four police officers were acquitted of felony charges by a jury. ……. Second, Sharpton, to whom both Hillary Clinton and Vice President Al Gore have paid solemn homage (though Gore initially fibbed about the meeting), was quick to berate New York City police for failure to provide vigorous enforcement during June's vicious "wilding" in Central Park. Sharpton charged that police stood by while dozens of women there were robbed, stripped, groped and assaulted by howling mobs of young men after the Puerto Rican Day parade on Fifth Avenue. ..... The antagonism toward police, the notion that they are repressive, brutal and racist, has become an ideological tenet among enterprising "activists." This despite the fact that in most cities members of racial and ethnic minorities now are significantly represented in law enforcement. ……."

Toogood Reports 6/24/00 Nicholas Stix "….. As I write this, the number of women claiming to have been attacked during the June 11 wilding spree in New York City's Central Park has risen to 53, while the number of perpetrators has fluctuated from an estimated 60 at one point, to 33, and presently back up to 42. Nineteen men have so far been arrested, one of whom was eventually cleared and released from custody. Amidst the charges and counter-charges that have flown back and forth, one has been notable by its absence: That the attacks were racially motivated. Race is the 800-pound gorilla no one wants to talk about……… Every single one of the 33 suspects -- those under arrest, as well as those still at large -- is black or Hispanic. A decisive majority is black. (Odd, considering the event was Puerto Rican.) So naturally, the first New York Times dispatch spoke of an "excess of testosterone." Had a white mob set upon black women, we would be hearing about many things, but testosterone would not be one of them. And in the case of a white mob, the Times would not have initially refused to publish the photographs of suspects still at large that the police had released, along with a plea by Police Commissioner Howard Safir for help from the public in bringing the suspects to justice. It must have been short on space that day. The "newspaper of record" only deigned to publish the photographs after every other New York daily already had……….At this point, the story is that the men went on a wilding spree from about 2:00 p.m. until 6:30 or so, in broad daylight, in a park full of tens of thousands of visitors, with a thousand or so police officers within shouting distance (4,000 of New York's Finest, or ten percent of the entire department, were on hand for that day's Puerto Rican Day Parade). The perpetrators sprayed women with water, before proceeding to rob them, rip their clothes off of their bodies, grope their genitalia, and in several cases, manually rape them (forcing their fingers into unwilling women's vaginas). In the case of a French couple visiting the city, the mob held down the husband, who could see half-a-dozen members strip his wife naked, and then take turns jamming their fingers into her......." 6/23/00 Edward Blum Marc Levin "......The membership crisis that has plagued mainstream Christian and Jewish denominations for the last 25 years may be spreading to inner city black churches as well. ........ According to Carl Ellis, president of Project Joseph, a Tennessee-based Christian ministry, about two and one-half million American blacks classify themselves as Muslims. He believes that if the conversion rate continues unchanged, Islam could become the dominant religion in black urban areas by the year 2020.......... Considering that in the early 1930's there were only a few dozen black Muslims in the United States, Islam's growth has proven to be nothing short of incredible. Throughout the country, one cannot attend a black community event without the acolytes of the Nation of Islam visibly in attendance; well-dressed young men, arms folded, at attention, awaiting orders from their leader---the imam. In nearly every major American inner city, one can find a mosque, Islamic cultural center and school, and a halal butcher shop. ........ According to Muhammad, blacks once ruled the world, but were overturned 6000 years ago, when a renegade black scientist---Mr. Yakub---created the white race. ..... The new white race's reign over blacks was to end in 1914. Pipes speculates in a brilliant article published this month in Commentary magazine that this "history" offers blacks a palpable reason for their underachievement and weakness: white evil. It has the benefit also of "motivating blacks to prepare themselves through discipline and hard work to seize power." ......... Ellis believes that the traditional black church may have grown too Eurocentric and in the process, abandoned the strict moral and cultural leadership it once championed. ......For the great majority of young men in America's black ghettos, a father is tragically absent from family life. It has been estimated that over seventy percent of black births are out-of wedlock and the pathologies that exist in our inner cities find their genesis here. The Nation of Islam fills that void with an external discipline that young men of all races typically need........"


Drudge 7/14/00 ".....**World Exclusive** **Contains Graphic Description** ......Hillary Clinton has angered Jewish voters in New York and nationally with her controversial support of a Palestinian State, and her startling embrace of Yasser Arafat's wife. ......... Now, as the race comes down to the wire, a new book is set to explore the first lady's feelings about Jews and anti-Semitic sentiments held by certain Rodham family members........ Biographer Jerry Oppenheimer's new book STATE OF A UNION: INSIDE THE COMPLEX MARRIAGE OF BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON will not be released by HARPERCOLLINS until Tuesday, but the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal: In one particularly shocking passage in the book, Oppenheimer quotes a campaign official who describes an angry attack by Hillary in which she screams at him, "You fucking Jew bastard!" ......Two sourced eyewitnesses confirmed to Oppenheimer that they heard the verbal assault........"One anti-Semitic slur slung in anger hardly defines a person, and Hillary has always had a tendency when angry to go for the gut," Oppenheimer writes........But, unfortunately, according to UNION, that was neither the first nor the last time Hillary had used such a slur. And there is a darker side to the story......."

New York Post 7/16/00 Gregg Birnbaum "…….Hillary Rodham Clinton's "Jewish problem" just got worse. The Democratic candidate's alleged anti-Semitic outburst in 1974 - which surfaced Friday - could damage her Senate run by "freezing" or reducing her already-weak support from Jews, experts said yesterday. ……The charge that Clinton unleashed a slur is made by three named eyewitness sources in a soon-to-be-published book, "State of a Union," by Jerry Oppenheimer, a celebrity biographer who was a reporter for the National Enquirer. ...... In the book, and in an interview on Friday with The Post, Mary Lee Fray claims an enraged Hillary Clinton called Fray's husband, Paul, a "f-ing Jew bastard" during a heated argument after Bill Clinton had lost his bid for Congress in Arkansas. Paul Fray was the campaign manager. ......"

Charleston-Gazette 7/14/00 AP "…..A gay black man was beaten to death because he wanted to reveal a sexual relationship he claimed to have had with the teen-agers accused of his murder, sources told The Associated Press on Thursday. David Allen Parker of Grant Town and Jared Wilson of Fairview, both 17, are charged with first-degree murder. They are accused of beating Arthur "J.R.'' Warren to death last week, then running over his body in a staged hit-and-run. …. "

Paul Farhi 7/15/00 Washington Post Staff Writer "…….As a hovering news helicopter watched, a throng of officers - some with guns drawn - punched, kicked and grappled with a burly black man in Philadelphia. The melee Wednesday went on for 28 seconds before the stunned and bloodied suspect, Thomas Jones, was led away in handcuffs. Within hours, television footage of the incident was broadcast around the world…….In the Philadelphia arrest, it's not clear how much resistance Jones - who police said is 6-foot-2 and 245 pounds - is giving because he is obscured in the video by police. One eyewitness told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Jones struggled with arresting officers. Another witness said Jones refused orders to get out of the police cruiser he had commandeered earlier. Both may have been factors in the police response……."

New York Daily News 7/16/00 Edward Lewine "…….A former campaign worker confirmed to the Daily News yesterday that he overheard Hillary Rodham Clinton call a fellow staffer a "Jew bastard" in 1974, as quoted in an upcoming book. But he also thinks it was a comment made in anger not a reflection of anti-Semitism. "It was the heat of battle," said Dallas businessman and former campaign worker Neill McDonald. "She was just PO'd." The Clinton campaign was quick to blast the story and provided a parade of local Jewish Democrats in support of the embattled First Lady………. Apparently, Hillary Rodham - who was not yet married - blamed campaign manager Paul Fray for losing the race and used the slur in front of Fray, Fray's wife and McDonald, all of whom are quoted in the book……. "I was right outside the door, making sure no one else entered," McDonald said. "I heard basically what's been reported."…….This fight has been recounted in at least six books on the Clinton, but without the detail about the alleged slur. ……" 7/20/00 Carl Limbacher "…………..The memo sent to Clinton's "Jewish Advisory Committee" by campaign aide Karen Adler also included talking points on how to trash Paul Fray, his wife Mary Lee and Neill McDonald -- the three witnesses who say they heard Hillary call Fray, a "f - - king Jew bastard" in 1974. ……….. "There were some talking points included with the memo -- basically stuff that was outlined from newspaper reports about Hillary's accsuers," Jewish Week reporter Adam Dickter, one of the journalists targeted in the memo, told WABC-NY radio host Steve Malzberg late Wednesday. …….The memo itself urged supporters to conceal the Clinton campaign's role in the effort: ……… Dickter told Malzberg, "I received seven or eight phone calls from people saying that they wanted to go on the record on this subject," adding that he found the rapid succession of the messages left on his answering machine Monday night "suspicious." ...... Of the Clinton strategy to deceive reporters Dickter said: "It probably wasn't a smart move.... The picture that comes out of it is that of being very, very concerned about the impression being left by the alleged slur, and frankly, the appearance of not having confidence that people would take (Hillary's denials) at face value." ……."

Washington Post 7/21/00 Helen Dewar "….. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), under fire from President Clinton and the Congressional Black Caucus for his handling of minority and female nominees to the federal bench, lashed back yesterday at what he called "race-baiting politics." …..Clinton sharply criticized Senate Republicans for blocking the nominations of five black and Latino judges to federal appeals courts. "The president's reckless and unfounded accusation of bias has encouraged others to make even more reckless and more unfounded charges," Hatch said, referring to the black caucus, which earlier this week said Senate Republicans' treatment of nominees demonstrated racist and sexist tendencies………" 7/17/00 Beth Harpaz AP "…The Anti-Defamation League Monday defended Hillary Rodham Clinton from an accusation that she used an anti-Semitic slur 26 years ago while conservative Jewish leaders lashed out at her and her Republican opponent for Senate, Rep. Rick Lazio, said he didn't know whom to believe. ……. The ADL said in a statement that it takes Clinton at her word that the accusation is false. ''Her public record shows no evidence of anti-Semitism and we do not believe her to hold negative views about Jews,'' it said. ……But Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a leader of Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish community, said, ''There is no statute of limitations for racism or anti-Semitism or bigotry.'' ….."

AP Wire 7/20/00 "……..Civil-rights and gay-rights leaders and the family of a murdered gay black man urged the No. 2 official at the Justice Department on Thursday to bring the federal government into the case in which two 17-year-olds are charged. If tried as juveniles by local authorities in West Virginia, white cousins David Parker and Jared Wilson "could walk out of prison in three years" in a killing that was fueled by racism and sparked by hatred for the fact that victim Arthur "J.R." Warren, 26, was gay, said David Smith of the Human Rights Campaign. ……… "

NewsMax 7/20/00 "…… Fifteen months before she was accused of calling a former campaign aide a "Jew bastard," First Lady Hillary Clinton publicly urged Americans to confront those who would dare to slur others on the basis of race or religion. "It isn't enough to look deep into our own hearts and say we find them free of hatred," the first lady said at an April 12, 1999 Millenium dinner at the White House. "We have to do more. Every time we let a religious or racial slur go unchallenged or an indignity go unanswered, we are making a choice to be indifferent, a choice to constrict the circle of human dignity; a choice, I believe, to ignore history at our children's peril." ….."

Tampa Bay Online via Drudge 7/18/00 Chris kahn AP "…..Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said Tuesday the Confederate flag was an integral part of American history and removing it from public places doesn't cure the country of racial problems. "The people of the South are bigger than the Confederate flag," Farrakhan said. "But the Confederate flag is a part of the history of the South." The Confederate flag represents the "America of yesterday," Farrakhan said. …… "If we are upset as black people they're flying the Confederate flag, you should be upset about flying the American flag," Farrakhan said. "Because all the hell (that slaves) caught, we got on the next flag." ……." 7/18/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Sources in Arkansas told mainstream reporters at least a year ago about Hillary Clinton's use of anti-Semitic language, but they and their editors decided to withhold the bombshell revelation from the American people. "The State of a Union," a new book by former UPI reporter Jerry Oppenheimer on Bill and Hillary Clinton's marriage, has forced new scrutiny on 26 year-old allegations that the first lady called former campaign aide Paul Fray a "F--king Jew Bastard." But it turns out that Oppenheimer was far from the first reporter to get the story. ……. NBC's Andrea Mitchell admitted Monday night that Fray recounted the incident, complete with Hillary's anti-Semitic slur, during an interview for the network's "Dateline NBC" program in 1999. …..But NBC News editors decided to kill the report on the sensational allegation because there were "too many questions about Fray's credibility," Mitchell said. …."

CNS News 7/18/00 Paul Weyrich "……. The Senate has passed a so-called hate crimes bill which, should it become law, endangers the liberties of all who are not part of a protected class. In fact, the legislation, pushed by Senators Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, a Democrat, and Republican Gordon Smith of Oregon, so expands the number of protected classes in this country that the only group not now covered is white males who are not handicapped. …… That's right. Every other group, including racial minorities, the handicapped, homosexuals, and women all belong to a protected class. ………So for the first time in American history there are two classes of people before the law in the United States. Those who are of a protected class whose crimes will be regarded just as they are - and those white males, who under this theory are the oppressors, and who therefore must be guilty of hate if they commit a crime against any one of the protected class. The only way a white male can now escape being charged with committing a hate crime is to commit the crime against another white male. Then the crime will be judged solely on its merits. …….."

Newsmax 7/17/00 Carl Limbacher "…… In an deal that could be spell doom for Hillary Rodham Clinton's political career, her husband's former key advisor Dick Morris has agreed to help one-time Clinton bodyguard Larry Patterson encourage other witnesses to the first lady's bigoted outbursts to come forward. …….. Last year Patterson told exclusively that he heard both Bill and Hillary Clinton use derogatory terms for Jews such as "Jew Bastard" and "Jew Mother F - - ker" during the six and a half years he guarded them in Arkansas. ……. Over the weekend the ugly story caught fire with the mainstream press, when three former Clinton aides told reporters Mrs. Clinton called one of them a "Jew Bastard" in 1974. ……Patterson's charges involve multiple incidents and are much more recent. ……..The first lady issued an angry and emotional denial on Sunday. But if even one more witness surfaces to corroborate Patterson's claims, Hillary's Senate bid could be toast in a New York minute. ……."

The Weekly Standard 7/24/00 Roger Clegg /Glynn Custred "…….California voters outlawed discrimination in public employment, education, and contracting. At least they thought they did. On November 5, 1996, voters in California passed Proposition 209, a statewide ballot initiative that ended affirmative action preferences there. The initiative amended the state constitution to provide: "The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting." ………The wording of Proposition 209 closely tracks the language of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, reaffirming the intent of that landmark federal legislation. But the grievance industry, also known as the civil rights establishment, and the academic intelligentsia fought hard against the ballot initiative. Immediately after its passage, a variety of groups challenged its constitutionality in court, arguing that it amounted to illegal discrimination for the state to ban, uh, discrimination. They lost. But for them, the battle had only begun. ……..Jesse Jackson called on California officials to "defy, challenge, resist" the law. He bused in supporters and led an anti-209 march across the Golden Gate Bridge. The vice mayor of Oakland promised to "chip away" at the law until its effectiveness was negated. Across the bay, when San Francisco mayor Willie Brown was asked on local television whether he would obey the law, he answered flatly, "No." In fact, the city expanded its municipal contracting preferences. A Los Angeles County affirmative action officer told USA Today, "I am very defiant when it comes to something that had no business being voted on." ……."

New York Daily News 7/19/00 Richard Cohen "…….Is Hillary Rodham Clinton an anti-Semite? That is the gist of an accusation that dates to 1974 when, furious about her future husband's loss in his first race for Congress, she allegedly excoriated Bill Clinton's campaign manager, Paul Fray, calling him a "Jew bastard." Fray is backed in his accusation by his wife, Mary Lee, and another campaign worker, Neill McDonald, who was standing outside the door and insists he heard everything. ……… As usual with a Clinton scandal, contradictions and loose ends abound. Fray, for instance, isn't Jewish. His paternal great-grandmother was, but he himself is a Baptist. To use a Jewish slur on a Baptist is both inexplicable and a sheer waste of anti-Semitic invective………" 7/19/00 Jon Dougherty "……The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is interested in "advancing" the cause of blacks. Well, some blacks, anyway. But not all blacks; only those who toe the NAACP's political line get NAACP "support" and praise. Like "women's rights" groups who, ironically, defended President Bill Clinton when his trysts with Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky were made public, the NAACP is also picking and choosing -- hypocritically -- the "causes" it will take up on behalf of blacks. …….. For example, black lawmakers who supported a South Carolina measure removing the Confederate battle flag from atop the capitol building in Columbia to a "place of honor" elsewhere on statehouse grounds were labeled "weak-kneed, shifty-eyed, back-bending" legislators by the NAACP's leader, Kwesi Mfume. Could you imagine the outcry from the establishment leftist media if someone like David Duke had made such remarks? The outcry of "racist!" would still be reverberating throughout the countryside. …….Yet, those comments can be equally equated with racism as it condemns people because of their ethnic makeup, albeit in a back-door manner. ….."

AP 7/20/00 AP "…….A white female professor has sued Florida A&M University in a tenure dispute, claiming black men are favored in promotion to top faculty jobs at the historically black school. Gloria Horning, a journalism professor, alleged in the civil rights suit that she was hired on a tenure track in 1993 and was not told until last year that a doctorate was required. …….. Horning, who has a master's degree and 10 years experience as a television producer, said in the suit she was denied tenure because she is a white women employed at the predominantly black university. ……"

Reuters 7/19/00 Solomon Kane "…….GALVESTON, Texas (Reuters) - A Ku Klux Klansman who was beaten up by black inmates while behind bars has been awarded $55,000 in damages by a jury in federal court, officials said Wednesday. Larry Webster, 42, who acted as his own attorney in the case, said jailers in Galveston County endangered him by putting him in a cell with blacks even though his Klan affiliation was well known. Webster was kicked in the face and suffered an elbow injury when his fellow inmates ganged up on him in a 1993 attack he said was racially motivated, said Galveston County attorney Don Glywasky. ......... "He said he should be in an all-white cell...he thought the jailers were being deliberately indifferent to his safety," Glywasky told Reuters. ……."

New York Post 7/20/00 "……"Yesterday, Clinton campaign staffers committed to paper, and then faxed around town, a solicitation to dissemble on behalf of the first lady. In more formal circumstances, the memo might be termed subornation of perjury. …..The memo urged members of the campaign's "Jewish Advisory Group" to call reporters at Jewish newspapers and "let them know that you know Hillary and you know that she would never make these kinds of anti-Semitic or racist comments. "Attached are Talking Points on this issue" - presumably to guide those who don't "know Hillary" as well as they might let on. ……. "I would appreciate it if you would call these people as concerned citizens," wrote campaign aide Karen Adler. "It is important that you do not say that you [are] calling because the [Hillary] campaign asked you to, but because you are outraged with what was said about her." Spontaneity can seem so genuine, don't you know. …..The memo bore the fax stamp "HRC for Senate, Inc.," so it will be tough for the campaign to fib its way out of responsibility for it. So look for the blame to be assigned to overanxious, very junior staff members……." 9/21/99 "…….Hillary Clinton, a candidate for U.S. Senator from New York, has been courting the Jewish vote and has even suggested she has Jewish ancestors. Hillary's desire to woo the Jewish community is understandable, but retired Arkansas state trooper Larry Patterson says Hillary Clinton is no friend of the Jewish community. During the six years Patterson guarded the Clintons, he said their deep-seated anti-Semitism became apparent in slurs they hurled at each other. Bill Clinton also frequently told Jewish jokes. Patterson made the revelations in a new two-hour audiotape More than Sex: The Secrets of Bill and Hillary Clinton Revealed! published by …….."

The Detroit News 7/30/00 "…….The National Urban League's annual State of Black America report confirmed the existence of a divided black America . The report noted continued growth in the number of solid black families that can be called middle class. But it also recorded a widening gap between high-income and low-income blacks. Bridging this chasm will require a greater emphasis on families and educational attainment. ……. The Urban League report is not the first to show encouraging economic news for blacks in home ownership, employment and business growth. The latest figures from the Census Bureau show median black household income in 1998, the latest figures available, was $25,351, up from $21,027 in 1994. In the past five years alone, affluent black household income has grown almost three times as fast as the overall rate of growth in upper income brackets. The most financially successful homes are comprised of a mother and father. ……."

The Washington Times 7/27/00 Kenneth Smith "……It wasn't enough that Jennifer Gratz had to take on the University of Michigan and much of the civil rights establishment to try to fulfill a dream. Now one of the biggest corporations in the world, mighty General Motors Corp. (GM), is standing in the way. Why? Apparently it's because Miss Gratz, who happens to be white, has the wrong skin color……… The school first put her on the waiting list, then rejected her. She was stunned. She was also skeptical because she believed her academic record was better than that of persons she knew had been accepted…… Although she didn't know it at the time, others were also suspicious of Michigan admissions practices. Working with professors at the school who had obtained admissions records through Freedom of Information Act requests, lawyers with the Washington-based Center for Individual Rights (CIR) discovered that the school was actually running a segregated admissions system: If minorities - African-Americans, Hispanics and others - obtained certain scores, they were automatically accepted. If members of disfavored ethnic groups achieved the same scores, they enjoyed no such guarantee. Many would go onto a waiting list to be admitted only if no minority candidate was available to fill the slot. In 1997, CIR filed a class-action lawsuit against the school on behalf of Miss Gratz and others who had suffered from Michigan's racial manipulations, charging the school with illegal discrimination…….."

Newsday Online 7/28/00 Laura Meckler AP "…..Vice President Al Gore has never spoken out about memorials in his home state honoring a Confederate war hero and former Ku Klux Klan leader, leading some Republicans to whisper about a double standard. …….Nathan Bedford Forrest is honored across Tennessee, including a bust in the state capitol, a state park in his name and a large statue in Memphis over his grave. ''We could not find any indication that Gore has said anything or taken a position on it,'' said Doug Hattaway, spokesman for Gore. …..Supporters of George W. Bush point to Gore's silence on Forrest in suggesting a double standard. …….Forrest, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, is believed to be the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, though he ordered it disbanded in 1869 because of the group's excessive violence……."

ABCNEWS 7/28/00 Andrea Robinson "…….Emboldened by its multimillion-dollar tourism boycott in South Carolina, the NAACP is stepping up pressure against other government-sanctioned displays of Old Dixie symbolism, targeting state flags that bear the Confederate emblem in Mississippi and Georgia. Beyond those states, the NAACP also is reviewing pedigrees of other Southern state flags, including those in Florida, Alabama and Arkansas. Florida still retains and enforces a law that protects the Confederate flag from mutilation...."

CNN 7/28/00 Sean Loughlin "……African Americans will make up 4.1 percent of the total number of delegates at the Republican National Convention, an increase when compared to the last GOP gathering, but still far behind minority representation at Democratic conventions. A report by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a think tank in Washington, found that 85 of the 2,066 delegates at the Republican convention, which kicks off Monday, are black. ..." 7/29/00 "….. Vice President Al Gore has never spoken against memorials in his home state honoring a former Ku Klux Klan leader, leading to charges of hypocrisy and a double standard. Tennessee honors KKK and Confederate war hero Nathan Bedford Forrest with a bust in the state capitol, a state park and a large statue in Memphis over his grave, the Associated Press noted. …… And the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is illustrating how it long ago became a tool of the Democratic Party. While it has attacked Bush's silence on the flag, the Memphis chapter admits it has never targeted Gore in its occasional protests of Forrest memorials. ``I can't blame him. We didn't ask,'' said Johnnie Turner, executive director of the Memphis chapter of the NAACP. ``We voiced our opposition on the local level.'' ……… Now the issue is out in the open, and the ball is in Gore's court. But he wasn't talking Friday. Reuters reported he was in "vacation mode" in Wrightsville Beach, N.C., and all he would say is, ``Everything's going fine.''……"

UPI 7/28/00 Lou Marano "…..An orthodox rabbi believes political bias caused a Jewish "watchdog" group to play down a charge that U.S. Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton hurled an ethnic slur at a campaign aide during President Bill Clinton's failed run for the House of Representatives in 1974…….. Rabbi Daniel Lapin is president of Toward Tradition, a faith-based conservative group with headquarters in Mercer Island, Wa. On Thursday he said: "Three eyewitnesses have made a credible allegation in a book by a best-selling popular biographer that the First Lady once used an anti-Semitic slur. Other witnesses add that she often used such language. Yet the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) immediately issued a press release accepting her denials."……." 8/1/00 Dan Rather "…..Onstage Monday in Philadelphia's First Union Center, a striking tableau: People with disabilities. Women. And minorities galore - a sea of black and brown faces. ……In the audience, a sea of white faces. In what quick glimpses one could catch of the Republican congressional candidates, a decidedly white, middle-aged, and male demographic. ……Welcome to the 2000 Republican National Convention, a study in contrasts and paradoxes. A place where rhetoric does a careful pas de deux with reality. …….. That's what the Republicans' Philadelphia show is all about: Acting liberal so that moderates won't think they're extremists......."

National Review 8/2/00 Jay Nordlinger "…..It's not every day that a behind-the-scenes foreign-policy adviser is asked to speak during prime time at a national convention. But then, if you have Condoleezza Rice, you don't keep her behind the scenes. You do what George W. Bush did - thrust her into the spotlight. Bush is no dummy; he knows a star when he sees one. ….. The story is told of a man who was attending a symphonic concert for the first time. The soloist was Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, the German soprano who was once known as "the most glamorous woman in Europe." When Schwarzkopf took the stage, the man gasped, "And she sings, too?" The same can be said for "Dr. Rice." To put it bluntly - and what is the Internet for, if not to put things bluntly? - she is a drop-dead, traffic-stopping, ten-alarm beauty. ….. Dizzyingly enough, she was even better on content. She hit every right note. She spoke of the "power of truth and honor." She explained why her father, in the Jim Crow South, became a Republican: The Democrats made it too difficult to register to vote, and the Republicans were happy to have him. (She did not relate something she told me, last summer: Her mother was so beautiful and gracious, even the horrid Democrats gave her a pass.) ......In accounting for her own affiliation with the Republican party, she uttered what may prove to be the most thrilling line of the entire season: The GOP "sees me as an individual, not as part of a group." If only other Republicans would emphasize this vital quality! They would hardly ever lose. And Rice's words were a refreshing contrast to Colin Powell's heavily group-conscious speech of the night before. ......When Rice had finished, you could practically hear the entire hall - and the country outside it - sighing over her. A year ago, I predicted that, if George W. Bush is elected president, Condi Rice will be "rock-star big." She has taken a little ribbing over that. But nothing could be easier to predict. ……"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 7/20/00 Clarence Page "……IS there an undercount of white hate-crime victims? It is easy to be skeptical about that charge. After all, it tends to be voiced most often and loudly by those who never wanted hate-crime laws to be passed in the first place. …….Nevertheless, I, for one, take the charge seriously. As an African-American, one of the groups that hate-crime laws were written to protect, I have a vested interest in making sure everyone, including white people, is equally protected by them. ……. ………… For example, the FBI's annual hate-crime reports list "Hispanics" as a victim category, but not as a perpetrator category. As a result, Calabro points out, "A Hispanic victim is counted as Hispanic, but a Hispanic perpetrator is counted as white." Maybe. Or, as I pointed out, a Hispanic perpetrator might wind up being counted as black, if the label fits. "Hispanics" come in all colors.. ……. Nevertheless, Calabro's complaint led me to think about the biases police, the press and politicians may have about who commits hate crimes. ………"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 7/20/00 Clarence Page "……For example, a white immigration lawyer went berserk and killed five people - a Jewish woman, an Indian man, two Asian men and one black man - in a late April shooting spree in Pittsburgh. Police found a typewritten note, and media labeled the killings a possible "hate crime" within 24 hours. But media and police seemed much less eager to attach the "hate crime" label to a similar killing spree two months earlier by a black man, Ronald Taylor, who shot five whites, killing three, in the Pittsburgh suburbs. Police found "hate writings" in Taylor's apartment that were aimed at Jews, Asians, Italians and "the media," news reports said, but they omitted the term "hate crime" from most reports. I had to call the country prosecutor's office to confirm that, indeed, Taylor had been charged under Pennsylvania's version of laws that enhance penalties for hate-motivated crimes…….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 7/20/00 Clarence Page "……Talk shows and Web sites have been buzzing more recently regarding the fatal stabbing of a white 8-year-old, Kevin Shifflett, by a black man, while the boy was playing in front of his great-grandparents' home in Alexandria, Va., in April. Witnesses said the man made comments about killing white people during the attack. A note was later found with the phrase "Kill them racist white kids" in broken and misspelled English in a hotel room where the prime suspect had stayed. Yet, more than a week after the note was found, authorities were reluctant to call the crime a hate crime, even in media interviews. ...... Suspicions were further inflamed when The Washington Times reported that investigators had withheld racially sensitive information from their fellow officers, as well as the public. How come? Given how hypersensitive issues of race and ethnicity can be, I am not quick to fault officials who want to downplay the issue when it is not germane. But, with hate crimes, it is the whole point of the law. ......"

National Review 8/1/00 John J. Miller & Ramesh Ponnuru "……. George W. Bush can't exploit race in this election the way Republicans have in previous years, writes Judis, because - grab hold of your seat! - "over the last eight years, Clinton has substantially defused race issues." Surely Judis can't mean the man who played the race card on Sunday at a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago: "I'm worried about the people now that I've tried to put on the court of appeals, who are African- American or Hispanic, who are being held in political jail because they can't get a hearing from this Republican Senate." …….. Political jail. Interesting term - and politically loaded. Clinton had just finished attacking Dick Cheney for opposing a 1986 House vote that called for the release of Nelson Mandela from his South African prison - and official U.S. recognition of the African National Congress. Cheney has explained that he opposed the resolution because of the ANC provision. Clinton left that part out, railing against "an amazing vote cast by [Cheney] when he was in Congress against letting Nelson Mandela out of jail." He added, "That takes your breath away." ……Far from substantially defusing race issues, Clinton may be America's slickest race baiter. Just last month, at his talk to the NAACP, he blamed Jesse Helms for blocking his attempts "to integrate" the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. In May, he criticized Texas senators Phil Gramm and Kay Bailey Hutchison for their opposition to one of his court nominees, a man who happens to be Hispanic. Someone asked Clinton if that makes them racists. "I'm not saying that. You have to ask them, and people can draw their own conclusions," replied Clinton. ……"

Reuters 7/31/00 Anthony Boadle "……Reaching out to Hispanics like no previous Republican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. George W. Bush (news - web sites) is making inroads into the United States' fastest-growing ethnic electoral group, Latino supporters said on Monday. …..Bush has rid the Republican Party of its anti-immigrant stance of the 1990s and is drawing Hispanic voters away from their traditional Democratic allegiance, they said. …..``They are listening to Bush because they see him as a different kind of Republican,'' said Raul Romero, the party's National Hispanic Outreach coordinator and a Texas delegate to the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. ……."

Washington Times 8/1/00 Bill Sammon "…..Colin Powell, who was one of the only black faces on the dais at the 1996 Republican convention, was surrounded by so many minorities and women yesterday that it looked like a Democratic convention. …… Liberals were skeptical of what they called a calculated display of diversity by a party they routinely demonize as intolerant and even racist. But speaker after speaker in and around the GOP convention hall yesterday insisted that Mr. Bush's "compassionate conservatism" is far more appealing to minorities and women than the big-government paternalism of liberal Democrats……The most politically potent testimonial came from Mr. Powell, the only black to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Although the Gulf War commander differs with Mr. Bush on abortion and affirmative action, he hailed the Texas governor's politics of inclusion. "He has been successful in bringing more and more minorities inside the tent by responding to their deepest needs," Mr. Powell said in remarks prepared for delivery. "He will bring to the White House that same passion of inclusion. I know he can help bridge our racial divides."……."

Washington Times 8/1/00 Bill Sammon "…..Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colarado, a Democrat-turned-Republican, was among the speakers at yesterday's "diversity lunch." The American Indian lamented that his old party solves problems by creating government programs. "Democrats tend to say, 'We are going to help you,' " Mr. Campbell said. " 'We're going to take care of you poor folks because we know you can't take care of yourselves.' "…….He contrasted this paternalism to the Republican agenda of "empowering folks. It's telling people like American Indians, 'We're going to help you create an atmosphere in which you can be a success like everybody else.' "….."


Jewish World Review 8/7/00 Ann Coulter "……YOU NEVER BECOME so aware of race as when reading a New York Times news report on a Republican gathering. (It's funny how the people who are most vociferous about race are always upper middle-class Manhattanites who hire black women to clean their toilets.) In a typical New York Times observation about a George Bush rally, one sentence began: "Like all the crowds Mr. Bush has drawn during the last five days, the ones today were overwhelmingly white ..." ......Needless to say, the Times was duly indignant about all the blacks at the Republican Convention, denouncing the Republicans for their "strategic deployment of blacks as props," calling it a "form of minstrelsy" and "dressing up in blackface." Republicans may not be winning huge majorities of black votes, but at least we don't think we own them. ………. The real oddity about the parties is that the Democrats can't get white men to vote for them. Except in the landslide election in 1964, Democrats haven't been able to get a majority of men to vote for their candidate in any presidential election since 1944. ……"

Times/U.K. 8/10/00 Ian Brodie "……A SPATE of anti-Semitic slurs appeared on the Internet after the choice of Joseph Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, as Al Gore's running-mate on the Democratic presidential ticket Mr Lieberman said that despite the slurs he was convinced that Americans would vote for him based on what they thought of him as a person and whether he could do the job. "I don't kid myself, I'm sure there are some anti-Semites out there, but the American people are so tolerant," he told CNN. His answer was clearly intended to stifle any suggestion that Mr Gore may have stirred up an anti-Semitic problem that could put the Democrats at a disadvantage. ……"

CBSNEWS 8/9/00 "…….The president of the Dallas NAACP branch has resigned under fire following his suspension for making what the organization called "anti-Semitic" comments about Al Gore's running mate, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the first Jew named to a major national party ticket. "I can't support the leadership of the NAACP. Large amounts of money are being given to them by large corporations that I have a problem with," said Lee Alcorn, who said he had been anticipating a break with the NAACP and announced he has formed his own civil rights organization, the Coalition for the Advancement of Civil Rights. NAACP President Kweisi Mfume suspended Alcorn on Wednesday, saying he found his comments on a Gospel talk show about Lieberman to be "replusive" and anti-NAACP." ……… "

Jewish World Review 8/7/00 Nat Hentoff "……JUST AS the New Haven, Conn., train was leaving New York's Grand Central terminal, a white woman sitting next to me turned around sharply to listen to a conversation. The black conductor, who had been genially collecting tickets, was now standing next to a middle-aged white woman who looked confused. The conductor was trying to explain to her that if she didn't have a ticket, or didn't have the money to buy one, he'd have to put her off at the next station -- 125th Street. That thoroughfare is in the center of Harlem. "It's the rule," the conductor said. "I have no choice." The white woman beside me put down the romance novel she had been reading and said, to no one in particular, "He can't put her off on 125th Street!" ……… "Tell me," the conductor said to the woman, who saw herself as a good samaritan, "would you be saying this if I were letting a black woman off at 125th Street?" ……… "Would you," the conductor said again to the good samaritan, "have any objection if I were to put a black woman off at 125th Street? Why don't you answer that?" The concerned passenger snapped back, "Yes, I would!" "Really?" the conductor said derisively. "What you are really saying is that because 125th Street is in a black neighborhood, it's a dangerous neighborhood." Without answering that question, the samaritan, looking down at the woman at the center of the discussion, asked the conductor, "How much is her ticket?" …….Frowning, one of them handed her, without a word, a five-dollar bill. I hadn't noticed anyone else, including me, volunteering. It was as if we were all paralyzed in acute embarrassment. The samaritan marched over to the conductor and thrust the fare at him. He punched out a ticket and handed it to the woman from Darien, who let it fall in her lap. …….. Getting off the train, I asked myself why I hadn't stood and backed up the sole samaritan. Well, because I knew why the conductor had been so angry. He felt that his entire community, his family and his friends, were being stereotyped. But the good samaritan didn't understand that. And that was why the conductor wasn't able to acknowledge that the samaritan's fear of what might happen to the woman from Darien -- wandering drunk in Harlem -- wasn't necessarily due to racism, though it could have been. He, because of his life experiences, believed that it surely was. But why had I been silent? Because I didn't want him to think that I was a racist?….."

Washington Times 8/10/00 Ralph Hallow "……Mr. Alcorn defended his comments yesterday, saying they weren't intended to be anti-Semitic but rather to convey his political disagreement with Mr. Lieberman's positions. In an interview with The Washington Times, he said: "The larger question . . . is this: If you have a Jewish candidate, can you then be critical of his political positions and not be accused of anti-Semitism?
"Some in the African-American community feel uneasy with this relationship. They feel the Jewish community has benefited from the black community, which hasn't shown reciprocity," he said………Mr. Alcorn said he works closely with Jewish organizations and that "there is a history of friendship between the two communities." Still, he said, "It's generally known the Jewish community has the money."…….NAACP national Chairman Kweisi Mfume yesterday called Mr. Alcorn's comments "repulsive, anti-Semitic, anti-NAACP and anti-American."……….Mr. Alcorn said he has received many telephone calls from blacks and whites who said they agree with him and who ask whether one purpose of having Mr. Lieberman on the Gore ticket is to elicit guilt among voters for considering opposition to the Gore-Lieberman team. Hours later, though, Mr. Alcorn resigned and said he had anticipated breaking with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He continued to defend his remarks as legitimate political criticism and blamed "certain elements" for the furor…….."

Washington Times 8/10/00 Ralph Hallow "……Blacks and Jews have a long history, sometimes antagonistic, sometimes friendly. A generation ago, Jews were the strongest black allies on civil rights.
However, a survey last year of 900 blacks and 850 whites found 37 percent of blacks saying Jews had "too much influence," while 19 percent of whites held that view, according to David Bositis, pollster for the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a black research organization. Current black leaders have stoked the flames of animosity between the two groups……….. Former NAACP national Chairman Benjamin Chavis invited Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to a summit of black leaders. Mr. Farrakhan has described Judaism as a "gutter religion," praised Adolf Hitler and condemned Jewish power brokers in Hollywood for being the "greatest controllers of black minds, black intelligence." A poll two years ago found 49 percent of blacks gave a "favorable" rating to Mr. Farrakhan, while 61 percent of Jews had an "unfavorable" opinion of him…….The Rev. Al Sharpton, a black political leader courted by top Democrats including Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mr. Gore, once led a violent campaign against a Jewish store owner that resulted in fire bombings and deaths. He has derided Jews as "interlopers" and "diamond merchants."
The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a White House ceremony yesterday, referred to Jews as "Hymies" and to New York as "Hymietown" during his 1984 presidential campaign……."

New York Times 8/10/00 Frank Bruni "...... Making his seventh campaign trip to California since he won the state's Republican primary early this year, Gov. George W. Bush today spoke a little Spanish, described his education and tax proposals as efforts to help less affluent Americans and headed straight for counties with relatively large percentages of moveable, malleable voters in the center of the political spectrum. ....... It was more than a glimpse into how Mr. Bush, the Republican presidential nominee, planned to challenge, or at least seem to challenge, Vice President Al Gore for California's 54 electoral votes. It also illuminated the Bush campaign's strategy from this point forward: to select the places that, and seduce the people who, tilted Democratic in the last two presidential elections but could be made to lean in the other direction this time around. ......."El sueño Americano es para todos," Mr. Bush said at the train station in Oxnard, north of Los Angeles, where he began a ride on the rails up the California coast. The Texas governor was saying that the American dream is for everybody. ......"

New York Posts 8/9/00 "…..Al Gore's choice of a Jewish running mate, Sen. Joe Lieberman, won't cost him votes, because anti-Semites vote Republican anyway. That is what some on the left want us to believe. It's nonsense, of course. The left has long tried to portray the GOP as a nest of racists and anti-Semites, suggesting that its own ranks are as pure as the driven snow. But the truth is quite different. …… Sure, there are Jew-haters on the right. But there are enough on the left, too. For years, the Anti-Defamation League has called attention to bigotry on both sides of the political spectrum. …… Indeed, it is the left, not the right, that backs policies with racist underpinnings and anti-Semitic outcomes. What else is affirmative action if not a belief that minorities can't compete with whites unless given a government boost? Meanwhile, Jews - only 2 percent of Americans - are never considered "minorities" for affirmative-action purposes. ......So the quotas and "goals" the left seeks come, in large measure, at their expense - plus that of non-Jewish whites in general, and non-Jewish white men in particular, and ... "

New York Post 8/9/00 Deborah Orin David Seifman "…….Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton - both of whom have had tensions with Jews - yesterday hailed Al Gore's choice of Joe Lieberman for vice president as a sign that barriers are falling for all. …… Sharpton - who in the past has sparked controversy with verbal attacks on "diamond merchants" and "white interlopers" - also sent Gore a letter hailing him for a choice "that transcends the nation's history of exclusionary politics." Jackson said the choice shows that "another barrier has fallen and a new opportunity has risen," adding that "fascists" have been both anti-Semitic and anti-black. But Jackson also told The Wall Street Journal that Lieberman must convince Arab-Americans that he'll be "fair" on the Mideast and "convince [voters] that he puts public policy and law above religion." …….. In 1984, when Jackson first ran for president, he touched off a firestorm by referring to New York as "Hymietown." Later that year, he charged that Democratic nominee Walter Mondale didn't even interview him for veep because Jewish leaders wanted "to make me a pariah." ….. The efforts by Sharpton and Jackson to energize black support for Lieberman came as some analysts wondered if Gore's veep pick risks decreasing black turnout this fall because of past black-Jewish tensions. ….."

Washington Times 8/9/00 Greg Pierce "……Newspapers and TV alike are hailing the selection of of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, Connecticut Democrat, as the first Jew on a major-party presidential ticket, which is true as far as it goes. But it should be noted that the first candidate of Jewish ethnicity to appear on a major-party ticket was Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican presidential nominee. Mr. Goldwater's father, Baron, was raised and died in the Jewish faith. His ancestors were Polish Jews named Wasserman - the name was changed by Barry Goldwater's grandfather, the first to arrive on these shores. However, Baron Goldwater married an Episcopalian named Josephine Williams. …….."Since there was no organized Jewish religion [in Arizona then], Baron followed the Jewish custom of allowing the children to be raised in the faith of their mother," Lee Edwards writes in his book "Goldwater: The Man Who Made a Revolution." ……"

AP 8/9/00 "……The NAACP is considering suspending its Dallas branch president for the words he used in criticizing Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the first Jew named to a major national party ticket. Lee Alcorn, Dallas NAACP president, said Vice President Al Gore's selection of Lieberman as a running mate was suspicious. The comment sparked outrage from the Jewish and black communities. Speaking on a KHVN talk radio show Monday, Lee Alcorn, president of the Dallas NAACP, said: ``If we get a Jew person, then what I'm wondering is, I mean, what is this movement for, you know? Does it have anything to do with the failed peace talks?'' Alcorn continued, ``So I think we need to be very suspicious of any kind of partnerships between the Jews at that kind of level because we know that their interest primarily has to do with money and these kind of things.'' Kweisi Mfume, national president of the NAACP, condemned the remarks as ``repulsive, anti-Semitic, anti-NAACP and anti-American.'' ….."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 8/10/00 Kathleen Parker ".....There's a fabled maxim among journalists: "If your mother says she loves you, check it out." Which is to say, there's no better profession for cynics, though most don't start out that way. Most enter the field as idealists certain they can save the world, or at least compel the occasional political indictment........... Experience disabuses most of such noble notions. Long hours, low pay and few friends outside the newsroom eventually produce a different kind of creature. After 23 years with newspapers, I understand the cynicism. The trick is to prevent cynicism from interfering with fairness. Unfortunately, most of us fail at least some of the time. Most covering the Republican Convention may have failed entirely......... To say the media are biased against the Republican Party is like saying Hitler was anti-Semitic. A majority of journalists are at least Democrat-sympathizers. In the 1992 presidential election, 89 percent of journalists voted for Bill Clinton, according to a 1995 study by The Roper Center and The Freedom Forum. Do reporters let their personal biases influence the way they cover politics? Um, let's see: Are reporters human? Never mind........It's easy to understand the cynicism. Where is the diversity? The better question may be, where are the reporters when diversity happens? Where were they when Rep. J.C. Watts, R-Okla., called a press conference Thursday afternoon? At a convention criticized for its pale complexion, Watts' appearance with a few dozen fellow African-Americans had the visual impact of a spontaneous oasis.......Suddenly in the midst of White Wonderland (the media, not the convention) materialized a crowd of black people eager to talk about conservatism and their man, George. Did you see the story? Didn't think so. Why? Because J.C. Watts is a black conservative, which constitutes non-news in the media tents. Perhaps the same non-news perspective is what kept the networks from covering Watts' speech before the 1996 Republican Convention. Cynicism or censorship? ......."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 8/10/00 Frank del Olmo "..... Now that the Republican Party--or to be more precise, Texas Gov. George W. Bush's presidential campaign--has laid on its "We Love Latinos" shtick at the GOP convention, expect to hear a lot more about the so-called "Latino vote" as the Democrats prepare to open their convention here next week......... In the 2000 campaign, many in the news media have focused on Latinos as the "new" voter bloc that might decide a close election between Bush and Vice President Al Gore........ It's going to be more complicated than that. What could determine how Latinos cast their presidential ballots is the difference between the "Los Lobos vote" and the "Vicente Fernandez vote." And right now the Bush campaign seems to grasp the distinction better than the Democrats........ The Republicans even went so far as to have Fernandez, the popular Mexican singer who is the best-known interpreter of traditional ranchera music, sing at their Philadelphia convention the same night Bush gave his acceptance speech.

It was a remarkable gesture that the English-language media largely missed. However, it boggled the minds of Spanish-speaking reporters who were there. .....This brings me back to the important distinction between the Los Lobos vote and the Vicente Fernandez vote. ......Los Lobos, the popular Chicano rockers from East L.A., are among the entertainers who will be featured at the Democratic convention. Their most loyal fans are second- and third-generation Mexican Americans. About two-thirds of these assimilated citizens always vote for Democrats. ....... But after the fiesta his people put on in Philadelphia, Bush can start whittling away at the two-thirds of the Latino vote that usually goes to Democrats. He began doing that by reaching out to the Latino voters who are naturalized immigrants--people for whom Vicente Fernandez's traditional music is a warm reminder of home......." 8/9/00 Carl Limbacher "……..With relations sometimes strained between black and Jewish Americans in recent years, Vice President Al Gore's decision to pick Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate prompts a key question: Will African-Americans enthusiastically vote for a Jew on a presidential ticket? While generally effusive in his praise for Lieberman, Rev. Jesse Jackson reminded Fox News Channel's Paula Zahn Tuesday night that the Lieberman pick could backfire. ZAHN: How much anti-Semitism do you think still exists in this country? JACKSON: Alot. I think that the challenge in this instance, you know, ultimately when blacks are under attack, the attack is very open and people gain from attacking blacks and using code words that are sometimes not so coded. …….. But to attack Jewish people in the same way is to in fact get a real response. So many people won't say a thing openly about (Lieberman's) religion. They'll say it in another way -- maybe at the polls. ……But I do hope that the moral challenge of removing the religious barriers, or race and gender barriers, I hope America will rise to that high ethical standard in this campaign...... "

Todd Purdum 3/10/95 New York Times "…….Joining the growing political debate over affirmative action, the Senator who is the new head of a centrist Democratic group with close ties to President Clinton said today that preferential policies based on race and sex were "patently unfair" and had helped lead to a breakdown in society. "When we have such policies, we have the effect of breaking some of those ties in civil society that have held us together, because they're patently unfair."……… "You can't defend policies that are based on group preferences as opposed to individual opportunities, which is what America has always been about," said Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, the new chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council. "When we have such policies, we have the effect of breaking some of those ties in civil society that have held us together, because they're patently unfair," he added. "And those who are the victims of them and lose out when choices are made based on group preferences as opposed to individual ability naturally become disaffected from the process." ……."

Todd Purdum 3/10/95 New York Times "…….Mr. Lieberman, who has known Mr. Clinton since the President's days at Yale Law School, said that "this business of deciding by group, in a sense, is the flip side of the argument that has flared up here in the last year about genetics, if you will, and the argument that some make that some groups are genetically less able than others. "That's an un-American argument," he added. "And it's an un-American argument because it's based on averages, not on individuals. And that's the same when we come to group preferences and quotas. America's about individuals, not about averages or groups……"

The Las Vegas Sun 8/8/00 AP "…..Seven white police sergeants in a Miami suburb who sued the Hispanic chief of police for reverse discrimination have been awarded $1.4 million by a federal jury. The suit claimed Hialeah Police Chief Rolando Bolanos favored Hispanic officers over whites when staffing prized units such as homicide and narcotics. The officers who sued were assigned to patrol and dispatch duty. The officers on Monday were each awarded $200,000 for lost wages and benefits since 1996. All but one officer waived claims for pain and suffering, and that officer was awarded $10,000. "The jury recognized that discrimination is discrimination, no matter what form it takes," said Michael Feiler, attorney for the sergeants. "These officers risked a lot by coming forward while still with the force." ……"

San Jose Mercury News 8/2/00 Dion Nissenbaum "…….Were it not for a stalled building permit, Abel Maldonado -- the baby-faced son of California farmworkers -- might not be stepping onto the national stage Thursday as a new voice in the Republican Party's efforts to woo Latino voters. Bureaucratic barriers to his expansion plans so frustrated the young Santa Maria farmer that he decided to take his gripe to City Hall: He became a city councilman. Fueled by family money, Maldonado quickly conquered politics in the central coast city. In five years, he climbed from city councilman to mayor to state assemblyman. Now, the 32-year-old son of Mexican immigrants is taking on his biggest challenge. Thursday, Maldonado will deliver the first-ever convention speech in Spanish to Republicans gathered in Philadelphia. ……"

Time Daily Online 8/2/00 Jessica Reaves "…… It's tough to upstage a lovingly prepared video retrospective of Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. But Condoleezza Rice may have done just that Tuesday night, when she took the floor at the GOP convention to tout George W. Bush's heretofore invisible foreign policy prowess. The former Stanford provost (she took a leave of absence to serve as Dubya's unofficial foreign policy adviser) gave a rousing speech, bringing the delegates to their feet and cementing her place in a Bush Cabinet. ......... It's generally understood that Rice is first in line to become W.'s national security adviser, and tonight's speech showed everyone why. Her fierce, articulate message, namely that the United States' interests abroad and at home would be best served by Bush's sensible leadership, was punctuated with personal Bush anecdotes: She's seen the governor interact with Mexican, Russian and Chinese leaders, and she was pleased with the results. And if anyone can convince the American people that George W. Bush is capable of defending America's place in the world, it's probably Rice. A Republican superstar even before Tuesday's speech, Rice, 45, has precisely the kind of inspiring American success story that has served as a thread through the proceedings in Philadelphia this week. ….."

Daily Express (U.K.) 8/6/00 Tim Shipman "….. HER name is an Italian musical term for sweetness but it is Condoleeza Rice's clinical intellect rather than her prowess at the piano that has shot her to international attention. Dubbed a "steel magnolia", 45-year-old Ms Rice is likely to become the first black person or woman to hold the crucial post of National Security Adviser to the world's most powerful man if her boss George W Bush wins the race for the White House in November. After emerging from the shadows this week to address the Republican Party convention in Philadelphia, her next grand stage could be as the US President's fireman at times of international crisis. A university professor at 26, Ms Rice's story tells how ability can triumph over racism and sexism in the stuffy, patrician world of American politics. ……. At the age of 10, during a family trip to Washington, she stared through the White House gate and told her father: "One day, I'll be in that house." She was right. Her rise has been meteoric. Having been taught by Josef Korbel, father of US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, she became a Professor at Stanford, then an adviser on Russian affairs under Bush's father. She returned to Stanford as their youngest ever provost, the first black or woman to fill that taxing administrative post. She has never married. …….Born in Birmingham, Alabama, the heart of the civil rights movement, Condi lost a childhood friend in the notorious 1963 Ku Klux Klan bombing of a black church. Her father was a university administrator, her mother taught music and science, but her paternal grandfather had to fight racism to rise from a poor farming background to become a minister of church schools to educate other blacks. ….."

The NY Times – Opinions 8/6/00 Orlando Patterson "……A lot of people have made fun of the charade of inclusiveness last week at the Republican Convention, as one black or Hispanic speaker after another trooped to the podium. But George W. Bush is likely to benefit from the rainbow parade for a simple reason. The Democrats have made their own mockery of inclusion. ……… Just as the G.O.P. platform calls for cultural and ethnic policies favored by the party's fringes, belying Mr. Bush's eloquent pleas for racial equality, Al Gore has succumbed to the left wing of his party on issues of race. Both candidates, knowing that most Americans now genuinely favor inclusiveness, have spun cobwebs of centrist deceit, projecting images of moderation that bear no relation to the underlying intolerance among hard-liners of their respective parties. ……… What is disturbing about Mr. Gore's campaign is that he has yielded to the established minority leadership (like the Congressional Black Caucus and some minority mayors), which is now committed to a conception of inclusiveness that eschews genuine social and cultural integration. …… "

FrontPageMagazine.Com 8/7/00 Larry Elder "…..We live in an era when radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger catches fire for calling homosexuals "biological errors." On the NBC program "Will & Grace," critics attacked the show when a character referred to her Salvadoran maid as a "hot tamale." Yet calling low-income, uneducated Caucasians "white trash" is perfectly OK. ….."

Jewishworldreview 8/7/00 Debbie Schlussel "……"We believe rights inhere in individuals, not in groups. We will attain our nation's goal of equal opportunity without quotas or other forms of preferential treatment." --Republican Party Platform, 2000 ….. "We must understand the cynicism that is created when, for example, some in our party miss no opportunity to roundly and loudly condemn affirmative action that helped a few thousand Black kids get an education, but hardly a whimper is heard from them over affirmative action for lobbyists who load our federal tax codes with preferences for special interest. Overcoming the cynicism and mistrust that exist and raising up that mantle of Lincoln is about more than just winning votes. It is about giving all minorities a competitive choice. We deserve one! It will be good for our party and it will be good for America." -- Colin Powell, 2000 (Speech to Republican National Convention, 7/31/00) ...

Jewishworldreview 8/7/00 Debbie Schlussel "……"Not too long ago, as a Teen-Age Republican, I was always told by the people in the Party, "Republicans believe that the only limits to what you can achieve should be your own talents and intellect. Republicans don't believe in reverse discrimination or quotas. Republicans believe in true equality under the law, not equality of result." …….But that's not what Powell told us Monday Night. Which is odd, considering he succeeded to the top spot of the only government organization where racial preferences in hiring do not exist --- the military. While Powell may insist "I'm a proud product of affirmative action," the fact is that Clifford Alexander, Secretary of the Army under President Carter, wrote in a recent New York Times op-ed that the notion Powell benefited from any such racial preferences is simply false. And he ought to know. He brought Powell up through the ranks and put him on the path to becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff -- based on merit alone.

Chronicle of Higher Education 8/11/00 Leo Reisberg ".....One recent fall at the University of California at Berkeley a black student proposed turning her family history into a fictional short story, peppered with socioeconomic commentary. This, she told her professor, John H. McWhorter, would be her senior honors thesis. The months passed with only two visits from the student and no written drafts, while Mr. McWhorter's white students consulted him once or twice a week. At the end of the semester, she handed in a family tree -- sketched in pencil on notebook paper. The professor never saw her again. ......... In another class, a black student turned in a midterm examination that was so bad that Mr. McWhorter wondered whether he had attended the lectures. Even after that disastrous midterm, the student rarely appeared in class. His final exam was worse, and he never turned in a final paper. Not surprisingly, he failed the course. "Sad as it is to say, I have gradually had to admit that this sort of thing has been the norm for black students I have taught," the professor writes in Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America (Free Press), to be published this month. ...... Mr. McWhorter, a black associate professor in Berkeley's linguistics department, who flirted with controversy in the past when he argued against the use of Ebonics as a teaching aid for black students, now tackles affirmative action. In the book, he calls for an end to racial preferences in college admissions. ......." 8/7/00 Daivd Horowitz "......With a unified base, Bush is moving to the center, while Gore continues to alienate his base with the selection of Sen. Joe Lieberman as his running mate. The Republican convention has redefined the Republican Party as the party of the American majority. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, it is a party infused with a vision, committed to a cause and united behind a leader who is not afraid to lead. ........In Philadelphia, the Bush campaign repositioned the Republican Party as a party of diversity, inclusion and opportunity -- the party of American ideals. For four nights, the Bush message was this: We are committed to reuniting our nation by treating everyone according to his or her merit, by tearing down our internal walls between rich and poor, black and white, and all minority groups, by extending opportunity to everyone. We will reach out to every willing heart and leave no child behind. This is the framework of an American governing party. If Republicans stay the course and remain faithful to these goals, they will win. Already, Bush's compassionate conservative message has helped him cut into Gore's Democratic base, a base that will not exactly be energized by the selection of moderate Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman as Gore's running mate. ......" 8/7/00 Daivd Horowitz "...... Shortly after leaving Austin, I wrote a booklet called "The Art of Political War," which explained the political problem this way: "How is it that Democrats are able to campaign on Republican programs and ideas -- balanced budgets, welfare reform, family values -- and beat Republicans who have been championing these issues for decades? My answer is that Republicans do not understand (as Democrats do) that politics is war conducted by other means; that it is a war of position, and that you can only win by linking your agendas directly to the interests of women, children, minorities, working Americans and the poor." I was pleased to see Dick Cheney use my line about politics being war conducted by other means. But I was even more gratified by the way the entire convention projected an image of caring and inclusive conservatism. ......."

Washington Times 8/7/00 Donald Lambro "……George W. Bush left last week's Republican National Convention with his party united, renewed and armed with a right-of-center agenda aimed at a larger and more racially diverse electorate. The Bush campaign message is that he is "a different kind of Republican," and that the GOP is now a different kind of party than it was in the 1990s. And it is true that to the degree that Mr. Bush is appealing more aggressively to blacks, Hispanics and other traditionally Democratic voting blocs, he is driving the GOP into new political territory. But there were also familiar elements of Ronald Reagan's Republican Party visible at the convention in the themes and outreach strategies that Mr. Bush is pursuing in his presidential campaign. …… Mr. Bush is taking Reagan's initiative a huge leap forward by fighting harder for minority voters than any Republican presidential nominee has ever fought. The news media and pundits ridiculed the number of blacks and Hispanics who were on the convention stage, compared with the overwhelmingly white delegations on the floor. But Mr. Bush is making his pitch to minorities on some very appealing grounds: educational choice, lower taxes and opening up access to the middle class. All these ideas began and were promoted in the Reagan era and its aftermath. Mr. Bush has also restored two other issues to the forefront of the GOP's agenda: immigrants and free trade. Mr. Reagan championed them, but they lost their luster in the 1990s when he left the stage. ……Like Mr. Reagan, Mr. Bush sees ambitious, hard-working immigrants as a key element of the ever-growing U.S. economy and a pivotal, expanding voting bloc for the GOP. In his speeches, Mr. Reagan treated immigrants as heroes and campaigned for their votes. When he left the presidency, the GOP seemed to turn against immigration and lost ground because of it (especially in California). ……"

The NY Times 8/11/00 Lizette Alvarez Julian Barnes "……A California congresswoman who is an ally of Vice President Al Gore said today she might be willing to change the location of a fund-raiser she had planned to hold at the Playboy mansion during the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. Democratic leaders had pressured Representative Loretta Sanchez to move the event. After she refused, the Democratic National Committee yanked her from a coveted speaking slot at next week's convention and said they were considering removing her from a high-ranking party post. ...... Ms. Sanchez told NBC News on the Today Show that if she could find another high-profile venue to hold the fund-raiser for her political action committee, Hispanic Unity U.S.A., she would be willing to move the event. ……"Al Gore's campaign team suggests they're embarrassed by the idea of having a Democrat fund-raising event held at the Playboy mansion," said Jim Nicholson, the chairman of the Republican National Committee. "They may not like talking about it, but they sure do enjoy that Playboy money." ......, For Mr. Gore, the quandary comes at a most inopportune time. Just this week, he selected Senator Joseph I. Lieberman as his running mate, a reserved Orthodox Jew who publicly excoriated President Clinton for his affair with a White House aide. ...,,:

New York Daily News 8/11/00 Lars Erik Nelson "....... Lee Alcorn, a Dallas black activist, was bounced from the NAACP after saying blacks should be suspicious about Sen. Joseph Lieberman and other Jews "because we know that their interest primarily has to do with money. ..." This is a fairly typical anti-Semitic remark, and Alcorn apologized for it as he resigned under pressure, saying he had expressed himself poorly. Now here's Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of the left-leaning magazine Tikkun: "Joseph Lieberman will ... give greater prominence to the tendency in the Jewish world to subordinate values and spiritual goals to self-interest and material success." That is, Jews are primarily interested in money. "That was a pretty crude formulation," Lerner conceded over the phone yesterday. And he is paying a price for it, receiving mail and messages accusing him of being "a self-hating Jew." But Lerner insists he was trying to make a point: Lieberman, Al Gore's choice for vice president, has aligned himself with - and helped to align the Democratic Party with - corporate contributors and wealthy powerbrokers rather than championing traditional Democratic concerns for the poor and oppressed. This is the point Alcorn says he tried to make, though his words were clumsier than Lerner's........"

WorldNetDaily 8/11/00 "....... Can anyone fairly deny that when it comes to name calling, insults and innuendo, conservatives are fair game? They are called racists and anti-Semites, and are said to be worthy of death, but no one seems to consider such words hate speech or even inappropriate. Last Friday on CBS's "The Late Show with Craig Kilborn," a violent graphic flashed briefly on the screen. The words "Snipers Wanted" was superimposed over footage of George W. Bush accepting the Republican nomination at his party's convention in Philadelphia. ........ Is this not reminiscent of militantly liberal film star (excuse the redundancy) Alec Baldwin's call to violence against Henry Hyde and his family on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"? ........ . Did anyone in the media or anyone else on the left condemn Baldwin for hate speech? By the way, the enlightened, love-filled audience was cheering. ....... An arguably more subtle statement was made by CBS's Dan Rather in his recent commentary about Al Gore's selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate. "The prevailing logic in the Democratic camp has been, anyone who won't vote for a Gore-Lieberman ticket because Lieberman is Jewish wouldn't have voted for it in the first place." I don't know if Rather was speaking for himself there or other proud owners of "the prevailing logic," but his statement bears scrutiny. Please read it again, carefully. ............ I ask you: How does it logically follow that those who won't vote for Gore-Lieberman because Lieberman is Jewish wouldn't have voted for them in the first place? Let's break it down. Anyone who won't vote for Gore-Lieberman because Lieberman is Jewish is (obviously) anti-Semitic. They (the anti-Semites) wouldn't have voted for Gore-Lieberman in the first place. The only people who wouldn't have voted for them in the first place are Republicans. Therefore, Republicans are anti-Semitic. I see no other plausible explanation. ............ Anti-Semitism isn't the only charge, as we all know. Democratic National Committee General Chairman Ed Rendell, referring to the Republican convention, said, "No four-day convention can overcome decades of Republican neglect of African-Americans." This isn't just a "sticks and stones may break my bones" thing. False charges of bigotry and racism are very damaging. So are calls to violence, even if made by those self-exalting leftist brats in Hollywood who seem to escape all scrutiny because of their allegiance to the politically correct ideology. When you think about it, aren't these false charges of racism almost as odious as racism itself? Isn't the chief complaint about so-called hate speech that it incites people to violence? ......"

San Diego Union-Tribune 8/11/00 Joseph Perkins "……Marie Cocco has come out of the closet. On national TV, no less. In a post-Philadelphia, pre-Los Angeles appearance on the Cable News Network gabfest, "Reliable Sources," the New York Newsday columnist all but acknowledged that she hates Republicans. And that she hates black Republicans even more. Cocco related that, "I didn't speak to a single black journalist who was there (in Philadelphia) who really approved or was persuaded by the sort of minstrel show, frankly, that they thought was going on at the convention." Well, which black journalists exactly did she speak to? She sure didn't exchange words with me. And to whom exactly was Cocco referring as "minstrels?" Colin Powell? Condoleezza Rice? ……"

The NY Times 8/11/00 Douglas MacKinnon "…….There has been a good deal of talk from the Gore campaign and pundits questioning the seriousness of Gov. George W. Bush's desire to reach out to minority and poor communities. Some have suggested that this effort is newfound, an act or a false religion. But I know Mr. Bush is sincere about the Republican Party becoming more inclusive of minorities, because just over a decade ago, when I was a junior staff member on his father's campaign staff, he talked to me at length about that very same commitment. ……….Back in 1987 and 1988, I worked on the presidential campaign of then Vice President Bush, helping to write speeches and doing research for his campaign manager, Lee Atwater, and his deputy, Ed Rogers. I was a minor league player in big-time politics. But because I worked with Mr. Atwater and Mr. Rogers, I had a certain access that most did not. ….. On more than one occasion Mr. Bush walked in and found me sitting at his desk. The first time this happened, I jumped up and apologized. He told me to sit down in his chair while he sat in a guest chair in front of the desk. ......, During our several conversations, he asked about my background and how I had come to work on his dad's campaign. I told him that I was far from a stereotypical Republican. I told him that I had grown up on welfare, that my family had been homeless a number of times, and that I had spent much of my childhood in inner cities, where I was often the only white kid in class. …….Mr. Bush almost immediately began asking me if I thought the G.O.P. was doing enough to reach out to black and Hispanic voters. I told him it was not. He then proceeded to tell me why the party had to do more, that it is was not rocket science to get it done and that for the party to grow and survive, we had to reach out. ………What struck me most about those conversations more than 12 years ago was that Mr. Bush was not trying to spin or impress anyone, because there was no one to impress. There were no cameras, no reporters, no senior staff members -- no one. It was just he and I, a junior campaign nobody, sitting in his office talking about the need for the Republican Party to snap out of it and start talking to minority voters. He was sincere, he was animated, and he was a bit angry at his party. ….."

Reuters 8/11/00 Arthur Spiegelman "……. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez bowed to career-threatening pressure from the Democratic Party Friday and agreed to move a major Hispanic fund-raiser from the politically incorrect Playboy Mansion to a more sedate location. In a rambling statement televised on local news stations, the once rising Democratic Party star said, "Our decision is that we will be moving to a different location." …….. She did not say where, but a source close to the situation told Reuters it would be held at B.B. King's Blues Club at Universal Studios' City Walk. ……. Bill Farley, a spokesman for Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, told Reuters, "I think Loretta Sanchez just got beaten up by a bunch of white guys in Washington and this is a lose-lose situation for her and for the party. Vice President Al Gore is going to need the Hispanic vote in California." …….. Democratic leaders threatened to come down hard on Sanchez if she did not change the venue for a fund-raiser for a bipartisan group that encourages Hispanic voting, Hispanic Unity USA. ………They said she would not be allowed to speak at the Democratic National Convention which starts here next week and might have her credentials revoked. They also discussed having her removed from several party jobs. ......... Democratic National Committee National Chairman Joe Andrew said Sanchez would now be allowed to speak at the convention on Tuesday night. ……. "For the Democratic leadership to force her to kowtow to their wishes is outrageous," said Raymond Estrella, an Anaheim banker who sits on the steering committee of Hispanic Unity USA. "How stupid can you get? Playboy is hardly even porno. Besides, it's just a venue. It's not like we're going to have naked women running around." ......But Andrew disagreed, saying, "The Republicans have just finished a convention in which they maintained that the previous Democratic administration lacked moral character. We don't want people distracted by these attacks." ….." 8/13/00 Carl Limbacher "…….Vice President Al Gore's selection of Joseph Lieberman as his running mate provoked a serious split in the leadership of the Democratic Party's most loyal constituency on Sunday, as two politically prominent African-Americans attempted to handle the anti-Semitic hot potato tossed at them Friday by Nation of Islam chief Louis Farrakhan. ……… "Louis Farrakhan and anyone like him should not be welcome in the Democratic or Republican Party," Harlem congressman Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., told CNN's "Late Edition" when asked about Farrakhan's charge that Lieberman, as an Orthodox Jew, might be more loyal to Israel than to the United States. …….. But when host Wolf Blitzer asked about Lee Alcorn, the Dallas NAACP president who was forced to resign Thursday after criticizing Lieberman as a "Jew person" whose "primary interest is money," Rangel grew defensive. …….. "The problem we have (is) that we have professional Jewish people who make a living out of searching out anti-Semitism," said the congressman. "And they find it easier to reach out and to get some black that's out of step with the rest of the black community, and to point that out as being black anti-Semitism, when they know throughout our country we have anti-Semitism coming from whites that are more powerful and do more damage, but they don't single them out." ……."

BET Network 8/13/00 Freeper icwhatudo "…..Appearing on BET, (Black Entertainment Network) from above the convention floor, Ms. Waters stated that "There's No Requirement For Me To Support This Ticket" and stressed certain "concerns" the black community had with Mr. Liberman. Ms. Waters said the democrats wasted an opportunity to appoint a black to the VP spot. She went on to talk about how sometimes a mother will have to let a child burn her hands to teach her a lesson-implying that black voters are not excited and may sit this election out to send a messege to the democrats. ……When challenged by a moderator from BET that "you do realize that your stance could mean a Bush victory and 3 Supreme Court justices being appointed by him?" Ms. Waters replied: "Look, I am only responsible for myself, others will have to take the blame for their actions" This could be a bad sign to the DNC who have not won a majority of the white vote in decades and have depended on large voter turnout programs in the black community who have given over 90% of their support to democrat candidates. Relations between the black and Jewish communities have often been strained with even Jesse Jackson, a planned speaker at the convention, calling New York "Hyme-town". ….."

Lew 8/11/00 William Anderson "…….While peacefully minding my own business the other day, I was informed by NBC Nightly News that I am a racist, bigoted, Jew baiter. Since I had not known such things about me before, I was interested as to what were the criteria that determined this evil state of mind that I seem to possess. According to NBC, if I don't vote for the Al Gore-Joe Lieberman ticket this November, I am all of the above. Now, the anchorman, John Siegenthaler, did not say those exact words, but I was able to pick up his not-so-subtle message pretty easily. I don't plan to vote for a guy named Joe next fall, so I guess I must live with the heavy burden Mr. Siegenthaler has placed upon me. So be it……… From what I remember about the 1960 campaign, Kennedy made no special mention of his religious preferences. He told Americans he would not be taking orders from the Pope and asked to be elected on his record and campaign promises. With a little help from voting gremlins in Cook County, Illinois, and in Texas, JFK became the first Roman Catholic to live in the White House……… While invoking the Kennedy campaign, Gore and Lieberman have taken a much different tact. Instead of asking voters to elect them on their merits, these politicians are all but ordering voters to choose them because Lieberman is Jewish. …….." 8/14/00 Anthony Breznican AP "……Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says he plans to question the politics of Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman but fears such scrutiny could be misconstrued as anti-Semitic. Farrakhan said Sunday that he wonders where Lieberman, the first Jew ever chosen for a national ticket, stands on issues such as affirmative action, school vouchers and reparations for slavery. …….. He questioned what the Connecticut senator's relationship with Israel would be and whether it would influence the White House's policy on the Middle East. ''It would be wrong to judge someone on their faith, but it's right to judge them on the issues,'' he said. ''If we question Mr. Lieberman on the issues, don't use cries of anti-Semitism to stifle the debate.'' The Muslim leader campaigns for black empowerment, but has drawn criticism for statements against whites, Jews and gays. He once called Judaism a ''gutter religion.'' ……."

NewsMax 8/14/00 Carl Limbacher "……New York firebrand Rev. Al Sharpton added his voice Monday to the growing chorus of black leaders expressing concern about Democratic vice presidential pick Joseph Lieberman, calling the selection of the first Jewish candidate to run on a national ticket "political racial profiling." ………. Sharpton's comments echoed those of Lee Alcorn, the Dallas NAACP chief who resigned last week: "I'm concerned about, you know, any kind of Jewish candidate, you know, and I'm concerned about the Democratic Party," Alcorn told a Dallas, Texas radio station. "I'm sick of the Democratic Party taking the African-American vote for granted. And we don't ever seem to get anything out of our vote other than, you know, well, I'm a Democrat and, you know, Democrats have always taken care of our interests." ………. Besides Alcorn and Sharpton, the nation's two most prominent black leaders, Minister Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Jesse Jackson, have also expressed concerns about Lieberman. On Friday, Farrakhan called for Lieberman to take a loyalty test: ......Two days later, Jackson defended Farrakhan's suggestion, telling ABC News: "Now here's a Jewish person who must meaningfully address Protestant groups and Muslim groups and give them a sense of comfort on the question," he said, adding, "I'm convinced he can pass that kind of loyalty test." …….. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) is said to have expresssed resentment that Gore overlooked African-Americans in his VP search. According to an account on, Waters told Black Entertainment Television late Sunday that, "There is no requirement for me to support this ticket." could not confirm Waters' comment by press time. Astonishingly, Sen. Lieberman himself was not asked about the wave of black resentment his nomination has caused during appearances on five national news shows Sunday. ......,But in a later interview with USA Today, Lieberman addressed Farrakhan's dual loyalty charge, saying, "My first and only loyalty is to America." The Connecticut senator said that comments like Farrakhan's "do hurt, but they have been by a distinct minority."......"

Chicago Tribune 8/14/00 Bob Greene "…….If there is an unusually large difference between what the polls predicted, and how the real vote came out -- and if the polls project a much larger vote for Gore-Lieberman than Gore-Lieberman end up getting on Election Day--then you will have a pretty accurate and scientific measure of anti-Jewish prejudice. As for George W. Bush, his best move when the first ugliness about Lieberman's religion surfaces -- and trust me, it is a question of "when," not "if" -- will be to say that he doesn't want the support of anyone who hates one of his opponents because of that opponent's religious faith. It will be even better if Bush means it..... ...... And chances are that the polls will continue to show this all the way up to the day of the voting. Count on it: Every poll will show that the huge majority of Americans say that a candidate's religion is not a factor in presidential politics. So why will the polls be so important this year? Because of what they will tell us after Election Day. Not the "what do you think of a Jewish candidate?" polls. But traditional polls -- "Which candidate will you vote for?" ……. If there is an unusually large difference between what the polls predicted, and how the real vote came out -- and if the polls project a much larger vote for Gore-Lieberman than Gore-Lieberman end up getting on Election Day--then you will have a pretty accurate and scientific measure of anti-Jewish prejudice. …….Because a unique feature of the secret ballot, as we have it in the United States, is that no one will ever know how an individual person voted. A person might be approached by a pollster and -- afraid that he or she will appear anti-Semitic -- say that he or she is voting for Gore and Lieberman. Then, alone in the voting booth with the curtain drawn, the person can vote the other way. ……"

The American Spectator 8/14/00 Wlady Pleszczynski "……..Their act clearly isn't together. Last week they spent a news cycle or two cracking down on Loretta Sanchez and her determination to host a fundraiser at the local Playboy mansion. Regardless how the issue was finally resolved, the damage was done, confirming Gore is now suffering from a chronic case of the jitters. He picked on the little gal because he's not strong enough to go after the big fish. And so team Clinton and Clinton came to town early, hogging all the fundraising and demanding all the spotlight. Monday night is going to be theirs, and it promises to be the biggest night of the entire week. The three next days devoted to Gore will seem like leftovers. hen, of course, there's flavor of the week Joe Lieberman, who continues to apologize for displaying religious exuberance when he should be swearing oaths to separation of church and state. His uncharacteristic high last week will doubtless find him in uncharacteristic depression before all this is over. As it is, since Wednesday he's probably done more double-talking and back-tracking than he had over his entire career. You have to wonder how good he's feeling about himself these days……"

USA Today 8/14/00 "……In the late 1980s, the Rev. Al Sharpton was viewed as a racially divisive activist. But in the year 2000, top political candidates from Al Gore to Bill Bradley to Hillary Clinton have sought his support. Sharpton, along with Martin Luther King III, recently met with USA TODAY's editorial board to discuss plans for an Aug. 26 march on Washington to highlight the issues of racial profiling and police corruption. .......
Q: But what about Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush's foreign-policy adviser?
A: I respect both of them. I don't agree with their politics, but they've made achievements. Blacks ought to be in more than one party. Just as we challenge the Democrats, we ought to challenge Republicans as well. There are some things, such as affirmative action and racial profiling, that blacks in both parties ought to challenge. ......,

Q: Do you think that Al Gore will do a better job of delivering than Bush?
A: Earlier this year, we were able to get Gore and Bill Bradley to debate in the black community. We felt they were not dealing forthrightly, Gore in particular, with the questions of racial profiling. I would hope Gore's better, but there is nothing that guarantees that. That is why we're going to challenge both parties. ......

Q: What do you think of the selection of Joe Lieberman as Gore's running mate?
A: I was a little offended that there were no black candidates even on the consideration list. I'm not saying a black person should have been the candidate. But I can't believe it's the year 2000, years after Jesse Jackson ran for president, and we still don't have a black considered for vice president by the Democratic ticket holder. .........

Q: Why do you think that is?
A: I would like you to ask Mr. Gore. Is there not a black qualified to be considered to be vice president by the Democratic Party, which clearly depends a lot on the black vote? That does not make Lieberman a bad choice, but it's almost as if you're dealing with political racial profiling. ........."

FOX News 8/14/00 Freeper Report "……All through the Republican Convention, every talking head said, "there are more minorities on the stage than in the hall. Democrat spinners played the race card all through the Republican convention, promising their convention would reflect America. You want to know why? FOX News just had a report which fully explained it. FOX News said, every democrat state party receives a mandate, specific percentages of how many minorities their state delegation must contain. Susan Estrich defended this practice. She said the party tells the white guys, "Look, we want our party to open itself up to minorities. This isn't about image, it's about inclusion" ......... The FOX reporter explained how it works. Each state, depending on it's population, gets a quota. They must include a certain number of blacks, women, latinos, asians, native americans, disabled, and homosexual. For instance, California must have 16% blacks, Utah must have 1%. The Fox Reporter conducted an interview with a Latino homosexual, and he said, he was certain his chances of being selected as a delegate were enhanced because he was a Latio gay man. ......The FOX reporter then interviewed a republican official who defended the way republican delegates are selected. They attend the convention based on merit, their local activism. …… Now, read the AP article on this subject. Take note of how the writer calls the ethnic, sexual, and gender quotas as "goals". No mention of them being mandated. ........."

Chicago Sun-Times 8/14/00 Robert Novak "…..While picking Lieberman has been described as a bold stroke because of his religious faith, his selection on the contrary reflects the Democratic desire to win by being pleasant. The Democrats, traditionally prone to internal bloodletting, are matching the Republicans in seeking the 21st century model of the antiseptic political convention. Nothing demonstrates this desire better than the insistence by the Gore campaign that Rep. Loretta Sanchez close down her fund-raiser planned for Hugh Hefner's Los Angeles Playboy Mansion. Democratic leaders grumbled that news-starved reporters made too much of a trivial incident. In truth, it is anything but trivial. Sanchez, a two-term House member from Orange County, Calif., is surely no political heavyweight. But she had been lionized inside the party for having vanquished gadfly Republican Bob Dornan in 1996 in a previously GOP stronghold, named as one of the two co-chairmen of the Democratic National Committee and given a speaking berth at this week's convention. ......... It was, therefore, no small matter that the party hierarchy threatened to strip her of these honors if she went through with her Playboy Mansion gig (forcing her humiliating surrender after a day or two of defiance). ...... The Democrats, no less than the Republicans, forbade public controversy. While challenging the validity of delegates used to be a Democratic way of life, there was not one Democratic credentials fight this year. ……"

New York Post 8/16/00 Deborah Orin "…..New tensions flared between blacks and Jews yesterday over Al Gore's vice presidential pick as the Anti-Defamation League accused the Amsterdam News of running an anti-Semitic editorial. That flap erupted as vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman calmed tensions with black delegates to the Democratic convention by pledging to back affirmative action - and denying he'd ever opposed it - and downplaying his support for school vouchers. ……. After Lieberman spoke to the convention's African-American caucus yesterday, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) - who'd been threatening to "sit out" the election - said she's ready to back Lieberman. ……. But the Amsterdam News, the New York City black weekly, ran an editorial claiming Jews bought Lieberman's slot as the first Jew on a national ticket, saying: "Gore and his minions did it for the money." ……"Jews from all over the world, especially in Europe, Africa, Israel and South America, will be sending bundles of money ... America is being sold to the highest bidder," claimed the Amsterdam News editorial by publisher Wilbert Tatum, whose wife, the former Susan Kohn, is Jewish. ……"

Nat Hentoff 8/16/00 "....In her August 10 New York Times column, Joyce Purnick wrote that Jewish New Yorkers were "exultant" and felt "validated" by Al Gore's laying of hands on Joe Lieberman. We Jews, she wrote, were "exuding the kind of pride we haven't seen since Israel won the Six-Day War in 1967." ...... The Jews who spoke to me-and all but one were Democrats-were furious and disgusted. They and I did not feel validated by a cold, manipulative political move to distance Gore from a priapic president. ...... And there was Lieberman, thanking God, who led us out of Egypt, for this "miracle"! Then, like a "court Jew" of centuries ago, Lieberman shed his vaunted principles to be part of the team that had lifted this Jew up to be inside the pale. ........ " 8/16/00 Carl Limbacher "......Two days before Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman flip-flopped on affirmative action as a peace offering to the Congressional Black Caucus, the group's former chairwoman California Congresswoman Maxine Waters demanded he change his views. ....."He's gonna have to bend," Waters told Black Entertainment Television's "Lead Story" on Sunday. "He's gonna to have to get more in line with what I think is the base of the party." ....... The left-leaning congresswoman left no doubt she was ready to play political hardball to get Al Gore's vice presidential pick to tailor his thinking on quotas and school vouchers: ....."Well they do it all the time. I've worked with elected officials who once were anti-choice, who are now pro-choice. It's a matter of where they think their best interests lie....They do what's necessary. It's a matter of a power play now." ......."

The NY Times 8/16/00 Jodi Wilgoren "…….Banging on desks and stomping their feet, the students chant daily -- not just multiplication tables and state capitals but big thoughts, too: "Knowledge is power, power is freedom, and I want it." Their teachers carry cell phones, on call for homework help at all hours. Parents sign contracts enumerating daunting demands -- if they slip up, their children can be punished. ……. KIPP Academy, a pair of public middle schools in poor sections of Houston and the Bronx, requires 70 percent more class time than its counterparts -- including Saturday and summer sessions. Its black and Hispanic students consistently get top scores on standardized tests. …….. As the national political debate focuses on the question of how to raise achievement among poor and minority children, KIPP, founded five years ago by a pair of young Ivy Leaguers, has drawn keen attention from left and right, idealistic do-gooders and entrepreneurial free-marketeers. Honored last year by the liberal Children's Defense Fund, the school was highlighted at last month's Republican National Convention, where its pupils were on stage, rapping, "Read, baby, read." ……."

NY Post 8/16/00 Deborah Orin "…..New tensions flared between blacks and Jews yesterday over Al Gore's vice presidential pick as the Anti-Defamation League accused the Amsterdam News of running an anti-Semitic editorial. That flap erupted as vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman calmed tensions with black delegates to the Democratic convention by pledging to back affirmative action - and denying he'd ever opposed it - and downplaying his support for school vouchers. ……But the Amsterdam News, the New York City black weekly, ran an editorial claiming Jews bought Lieberman's slot as the first Jew on a national ticket, saying: "Gore and his minions did it for the money." "Jews from all over the world, especially in Europe, Africa, Israel and South America, will be sending bundles of money ... America is being sold to the highest bidder," claimed the Amsterdam News editorial by publisher Wilbert Tatum, whose wife, the former Susan Kohn, is Jewish. ……"

Wash Times Fox 8/16/00 Carl Cameron w/Fox Freeper MindBender26 reports "……"CNN and MSNBC made passing references Monday night to the Democratic Party's racial, ethnic and sexual orientation quotas for state delegations," the Media Research Center reports, but only the Fox News Channel spent much time exploring the subject. FNC co-anchor Brit Hume wondered if boasts of "inclusion" were "in any way undercut with the public by the fact that this is achieved by a fairly rigid system of quotas?" Reporter Carl Cameron said the targets for the California delegation were for 26 percent of its delegates to be Hispanic, 16 percent black and 9 percent Asian. Other goals included 1 percent Indian, 10 percent disabled and 10 percent homosexuals. …….. Mr. Cameron then discussed the topic with a homosexual activist from Ohio, noting how there's even a requirement for "transgender" delegates. ……"

National Review Online 8/16/00 Michael Graham "……The media were nearly knocked out of their skyboxes Tuesday night when the completely unexpected happened at the Democratic National Convention: ……. There's actually a story breaking in L.A., and the talking heads stationed at the Staples Center aren't sure how to handle it. Senator Joe Lieberman offered an obtuse (CNN reported one delegate even calling it "Clintonesque") explanation of his position on affirmative action, particularly Proposition 209 in California. He claims he never supported it, that quotes of his which seem to support the anti-affirmative action ballot measure are somehow out of context, etc. …….. The press is in a bind because the need to fill the gaping news hole of their extended convention coverage leaves reporters no time to cover any actual news. And the ongoing schism in the black community over Sen. Lieberman is definitely the day's big story. …….. So you have situations like NBC's Jim Miklaszewski interviewing California congresswoman Maxine Waters and insisting that Sen. Lieberman had supported Prop. 209. "That is not what Sen. Lieberman said to me...I am certain he would not lie about this..." ……."

AP, Yahoo 8/15/00 Jeannine Aversa "…..Sen. Joseph Lieberman appeared to win over some wavering black delegates Tuesday when he told them he supports affirmative action, shoring up an important Democratic Party constituency. ``Let me talk about affirmative action because questions have been raised,'' the Democratic vice presidential candidate told a gathering of some 300 black delegates called by the Congressional Black Caucus and the Democratic National Committee's Black Caucus. ``I want to talk very specifically about it,'' said Lieberman, who made the meeting his first order of business on arriving in the city hosting the Democratic National Convention. ``I have supported affirmative action. I do support affirmative action. And I will support affirmative action,'' he said to applause. …… Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who had expressed doubts about Lieberman's stances on some issues, told reporters after meeting privately with Lieberman that she now backs the Democratic ticket led by Al Gore (news - web sites). ……"

The Washington Post 8/14/00 Thomas B. Edsall and Hamil R. Harris "……Al Gore's presidential campaign today began an effort to counter emerging resistance to vice presidential nominee Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman among some African American Democrats, who have questioned his stands on affirmative action and education and suggested he may cost the party support in a key constituency. …….. The Gore campaign has asked black leaders to mute questions about Lieberman until the campaign can prepare a full-scale presentation on the vice presidential pick for the African American community. ……THE CAMPAIGN has assigned Labor Secretary Alexis M. Herman and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) to defuse black reaction to Lieberman's support in 1998 for California's Proposition 209, which banned state-funded affirmative action programs, and his endorsement of state-funded vouchers allowing parents to move children from public to private schools. ……" 8/15/00 Jeannine Aversa AP "……The Gore campaign on Tuesday sought to allay concern among some blacks about Joseph Lieberman's stand on affirmative action, saying he has a strong civil rights record. ''This is someone who was went down to the South and marched'' in the 1960s, Gore campaign spokesman Chris Lehane said as Lieberman prepared to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. Shoring up support among blacks, a key Democratic constituency, was one of Lieberman's first orders of business after arriving in the city hosting the Democratic National Convention. ……In 1998, Lieberman supported California's Proposition 209, which banned state-funded affirmative action programs, and he has opposed what he describes as racial quotas. ….."

San Diego Union-Tribune 8/15/00 Joseph Perkins "…..Maxine Waters was blunt. She's unhappy with her party's ticket. And she won't be terribly disappointed if Al Gore and Joe Lieberman go down to defeat in November. "My grandma used to say, 'Sometimes you have to get your fingers burned to learn a lesson'." ……. And the lesson that Gore and the Democratic Party need to learn, said Waters, the five-term black congresswoman, is that the party's standard-bearer has to take care of his political base before targeting other voter blocs. …… As far as Waters is concerned, Gore hasn't taken care of black Democrats, the party's most loyal constituency. That's because Gore has selected a running mate in Lieberman whose views on affirmative action, school choice and criminal justice are, to Waters' mind, anathema to the black Democratic faithful. ……."

CBSNEWS 8/15/00 AP "……The morning after the speech she didn't give, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez won't rule out planning a future fund-raiser at the Playboy Mansion. On top of that, Hugh Hefner will vote for Al Gore anyway. ……… Asked how she felt about how Democratic Party leaders handled her, she replied, "Let's say I've been treated better before." Later that morning, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner had more to say about Sanchez's treatment. ……… "I have always thought and would like to believe that the 'D' in Democratic Party stands for diversity. I think in this particular case, the Democratic Party has been behaving like right-wing Republicans and in a very brutish way related to her. The tactics and the amount of pressure that were put on her are unconscionable," he told The Early Show. …… New Mexico delegate Daniel Ivey-Soto said he is angry with the Gore campaign for interfering with Sanchez's event, though he will still back Gore for president. "I have a problem with the Gore campaign being Thought Police in terms of dictating where non-party events will take place," said Ivey-Soto of Albuquerque, who is Latino. ……"

Houston Chronicle 8/15/00 Elmer Smith "……LEE ALCORN was not supposed to be on the menu at Black Entertainment Television mogul Bob Johnson's elegant dinner party in Washington, D.C., last Wednesday night. But somewhere between the crusted salmon and the vanilla mousse, Johnson's guests started serving up heaping portions of diced Alcorn. Diners at Johnson's hillside manor included Labor Secretary Alexis Herman; Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents the District of Columbia in Congress; and various columnists and commentators. ...... Every important black voice in America rose up in righteous indignation, accusing Alcorn of everything from classic anti-Semitism to sheer stupidity. Mfume called the comments "repulsive, anti-Semitic and anti-NAACP." ......... Back at Bob Johnson's elegantly appointed dining room, some people who really know the "frustration of being an African-American in politics" had moved beyond damage control to assessing the ultimate impact. And while nobody in the room will say so for publication, it was tacitly acknowledged that Alcorn's remarks reflected a latent distrust that bubbles just beneath the surface of a still-important black-Jewish partnership. That partnership may never be more important to the Democratic Party than now. ......"

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/15/00 Tod Lindberg "……As Democrats convene in Los Angeles (I write this before the first night's festivities have begun), what's striking is that Republicans, in the form of the Bush campaign, for the first time seem to have had some success giving Democrats the needle. It's hard to see how else to characterize the response of a number of Democrats to the charm offensive the GOP conducted in Philadelphia. Begin with the podium. The GOP, with J.C. Watts front and center, presented an image of itself as a cheerfully diverse group. This was nothing especially new; Republican conventions past have tried to create similar impressions. Democratic partisans were quick this time as before to draw a contrast between the diversity at the podium and the whiteness of the crowd. Except that the people on the GOP podium weren't exactly susceptible to the charge of tokenism. Mr. Watts is not merely the only black GOP member of Congress. He is also one of the top leaders of the congressional majority, and his communications shop has brought a new degree of sophistication to the GOP political operation. Condoleezza Rice is a key foreign policy adviser to George W. Bush. Colin Powell is Colin Powell, one of the most widely respected men in America. Democratic partisans could and did complain that the GOP podium looked like a gathering of Democrats. But wait. Why, from the Democrats' point of view, was that bad? Or consider Dick Cheney's refrain: "It's time for them to go." Vice President Gore used that very line to good effect in 1992, and that is no doubt exactly why the Bush-Cheney campaign revived it. Not only because it was good, but also in order to steal it. The Bush team did so in the knowledge that Democratic activists would understand the terms in which they were being taunted, but that people hearing the speech would just hear a good applause line. The needle again. Or consider the issues Mr. Bush has elevated: not just tax cuts, but Social Security, education, Medicare - all issues on which Democrats have traditionally maintained a huge advantage. In fact, in the bipartisan Battleground Poll conducted in June, Mr. Bush led Mr. Gore in dealing with education and Social Security - and trailed him on "improving health care," an issue that ordinarily favors Democrats overwhelmingly, by only 7 percentage points. Some Democrats have found it annoying beyond description that Mr. Bush is campaigning on "their" issues - and achieving some success to boot……."

New York post 8/17/00 Fredric U Dicker "…….New York's top elected black and Jewish Democrats yesterday condemned the Amsterdam News for an ugly anti-Semitic editorial. But Jesse Jackson, who delivered a rousing speech to New York delegates at the Democratic National Convention, repeatedly refused to criticize the newspaper's claim that money from Jewish contributors was used to "buy" Joseph Lieberman's place on the party's ticket. ……"It is harmful," state Comptroller Carl McCall, the first African-American elected to statewide office, said of the editorial in the weekly paper that bills itself as the voice of Harlem. ……Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who, like Lieberman, is an Orthodox Jew, called the editorial "obviously anti-Jewish ... The sentiments play on old stereotypes that have absolutely nothing to do with the issues of the day. ……"

Boston Globe 8/17/00 Jennifer Braceras "……A specter is haunting the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. It is the specter of Latino voters defecting en masse to the Republican ticket this November. Behind in the polls, the Democrats are nervous that George W. Bush may be on the brink of replicating, on a national scale, the success he achieved in Texas winning the votes of large numbers of Hispanic Democrats. ...... It was for this reason that the Democrats sought so desperately to get Mexican-American congresswoman Loretta Sanchez back in the convention lineup after she capitulated to their demands to change the site of her fund-raiser from the Playboy mansion. But to no avail. After experiencing the Democrats' strong-arm tactics, Sanchez refused to speak - leaving the Democrats embarrassed that their convention will feature only one prominent Latino speaker, actor Jimmy Smits. ………. The Democrats have good reason to be worried that blunders such as these may cost them with our community. America's 5.5 million Hispanic voters are concentrated in the key electoral states of Texas, California, Florida, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey. About 35 percent of this constituency supports Bush - a significant shift since 1996, when Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole captured only 12 percent of the Latino vote. With aggressive outreach strategies by the Bush campaign, this number may grow. ……"

Boston Globe 8/17/00 Jennifer Braceras "……While both parties seek to appeal to Hispanic voters by showcasing prominent Latino supporters, the media's treatment of this phenomenon has not been even handed. The Republican convention in Philadelphia is criticized for featuring Latinos and other minorities on stage, while the Democrats use of racial, ethnic, and gender quotas to compel diversity among their delegates is barely mentioned. ……..But the architects of the Republican convention were not trying to pretend that the membership of the GOP mirrors the diverse ethnic makeup of this country. Rather, they sought to send a message to all Americans that Republican ideals are color-blind and that conservative policies, which seek to empower the individual, are more compassionate than entrenched, inflexible policies of welfare-state liberalism. ……."

The New York Times 8/20/00 Jacques Steinberg "......Many educators predicted catastrophe two years ago when Californians voted to dismantle the state's bilingual education system. By their action, voters had immediately forced a million Spanish-speaking children out of math, science and social studies classes taught in their native language and into yearlong crash courses that immersed them in English as if it were a cold bath. ...... But across this state, which is home to 1 of every 10 of the nation's public school children, many of them native Spanish speakers, such prophecies have not materialized. Indeed, since the law went into effect in the fall of 1998, students who arrived in school speaking little English have been improving in reading and other subjects at often striking rates, particularly in elementary school, according to preliminary state standardized test results, the most recent released this week. ......"

Denver Post 8/20/00 Al Knight "…..Affirmative action is a term that should be permanently retired. It can mean anything, and therefore means nothing. The phrase was so misused and abused at last week's Democratic National Convention that it has earned a long rest. ……. Speaker after speaker declared allegiance to affirmative action, usually without knowing what that term means. Joseph Lieberman, the Democrats' vice presidential nominee who once called for a complete review of race-based group preferences, last week proclaimed, "I have supported affirmative action, I do support affirmative action and I will support affirmative action." ………. Familiar as the term is, most Americans have long-since forgotten (if they ever knew) where it originated. It was President Lyndon Johnson who employed it in 1965 as part of an executive order. The order required federal contractors to "take affirmative action" to see that "employees are treated fairly during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color or national origin." The term doesn't appear anywhere in the 1964 Civil Rights Act and, in fact, the sponsors of that act specifically pledged that it would never be used to "give preferential treatment to any minority group." ….."

WABC Radio 1210 AM Freeper 8/19/00 worriedaboutUS "……. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the band on Gore/Lieberman's paddleboat playing "Dixie". (Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton). Isn't this the song they want banished forever? I remember when the Confederate Flag controversy was going on, there was even a demonstration for the "Dixie Chicks" to change their name. And there definitely was a controversy calling for the banning of this song. Harry Alford of the Black Chamber of Commerce on C-Span today said it's sad that African Americans cowtow to Democrats when their policies are harmful. ….."

Philadelphia Inquirer 6/16/00 Linda Chavez "….. The Democrats promised a "people's convention," full of working Americans whose lives mirror the electorate's. They promised "real diversity" in their ranks, not the carefully scripted, minority podium speakers the Republicans offered……… For starters, neither group of convention delegates are "average Americans," a majority of whom don't even bother to vote these days, much less run for election as convention delegates. Both Democrats and Republicans are wealthier than most Americans, according to a New York Times survey, with 57 percent of both parties' delegates earning more than $75,000 a year, though Republican millionaires outnumbered Democrats 2-1. ……. So, what about diversity? Democrats seem to have the edge here, at least in numbers. Almost 1 in 5 Democratic delegates is African American, compared with only 4 percent of Republican delegates. But blacks represent only 2 percent of Republican voters overall but 19 percent of all Democratic voters. Black GOP delegates, therefore, represented twice their proportion of all Republican voters, while Democrats were simply on par. ……. What's more, the much-maligned cavalcade of black, Hispanic and women speakers at the Republican convention were actually more diverse in their backgrounds, professions and life experiences than the Democratic speakers appear to be. Virtually all of the high-profile minorities at the Democratic convention are politicians or advocacy group heads. ……"

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/14/00 "……U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez withdrew as a Democratic convention speaker after a clash with party leaders over her plan to hold a fund-raiser at the Playboy Mansion. "We will honor her request," said Jennifer Backus, Democratic press secretary. "We are disappointed." She said Sanchez made the request early Monday. She had been scheduled to speak Monday afternoon. Sanchez, of California, had agreed to move last weekend's fund-raiser to another location after party leaders revoked her speaking slot in the convention schedule. Her speaking role was then restored…….." 8/19/00 Ann Coulter "...... With less than five months until the ethnic cleansing begins (as the media views George Bush's imminent swearing in next January), the media have gone into full battle mode. There is not even a pretense of objectivity anymore. The adversary press has entered full-throttle Gore campaign mode. ........... One of the most peculiar tropes of the media division of the Gore campaign are the hard-news stories promoting the media's own pet theories about the Republicans' real objectives and beliefs. It is repeatedly stated as fact, for example, that Republicans have forsaken the black vote, and gave many blacks prominent roles at their convention solely in order to appeal to soccer moms. ...... This is a classic example of people who generalize wildly and illogically from their own experiences. The New York Times is composed primarily of addled liberals who presume all whites share their own bizarre attitude toward blacks. Liberals think blacks confer cache on them and therefore believe that anyone surrounded by blacks must be operating from the same psychological compulsion. ...... In fact, only liberals are obsessed with the world's perception of their attitude toward blacks. And only liberals think Republicans should be chasing the votes of liberal suburban "soccer moms" or New York Times' reporters. George Bush surely harbors no crazy illusions that he will get the votes of white liberals, anyway. ....Still, The New York Times repeatedly asserts that Republicans are using blacks as props to win the almighty soccer mom vote (or in the Times' parlance -- "suburban," "white," "independent" or "moderate" voters). ....." 8/19/00 Ann Coulter "...... ... "The truth here is that the party has written off black voters for this election and is directing its entreaties to the white, moderate suburbanites who abandoned the party in the last two elections to vote for Bill Clinton." (Aug. 2, 2000) .......... In that last article, the author accused Republicans of engaging in "a symbolic form of minstrelsy" for their "strategic deployment of blacks as props and symbols." Let's examine that proposition -- the claim that blacks were moved around like props at the Republican National Convention. In my recollection, the only prime-time black speakers at that convention were Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice -- who do have some merit apart from being black. There apparently were also gospel singers and break dancers, but there were also country music singers and a professional wrestler. This was the entertainment portion of the convention. Were the Republicans supposed to make do with four days of Milli Vanilli? ...... At least Republicans don't take black votes for granted. ......"

Judicial Watch 9/12/00 "……Today, Notra Trulock, the patriotic Energy Department whistleblower who exposed the breach of national security at the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, will file a complaint for defamation against Wen Ho Lee and others who have "scapegoated" him to divert attention away from the massive national security breaches at the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab under the watch of the Clinton-Gore Administration…….. As Wen Ho Lee attempts to skate from charges that he breached national security - and uses the race card as a convenient tool to scare politicians and the courts from proceeding - Mr. Trulock is fighting back and will not tolerate this blatant use of the race card to smear his good name……"Mr. Trulock wants to hold accountable those who would smear him to cover up the greatest breach of national security in our nation's history," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. …."

Associated press 9/11/00 "…..A 16-year-old honor student has been told he could be suspended from school if he wears a T-shirt depicting Confederate heroes and a rebel flag again to school....... Officials at Central High School gave Joel Roberts a discipline notice Friday for wearing one of the ``Legends of the Confederacy'' T-shirts he bought at a Civil War memorabilia sale. They said the shirts are ``potentially disruptive'' and could cause racial tension at the school. The shirts show the faces of Confederate heroes like Robert E. Lee and contain a small insignia of a Confederate flag…….. Delana Roberts said that she and her son will abide by the decision, though she believes it violates the right to free speech. Freedom, not racism, is the issue, she said....... ``He's not a racist, he's not a bigot, he's just a kid,'' Roberts said. ``He has friends who are white, friends who are black, friends who are Cuban. A lot of them don't even know what the Confederate flag stands for.''……"

David Horowitz Replies to Jeffrey Blankfort's "America the Evil" 9/10/00"……. WELL, A REAL discussion. That is a surprise, and a welcome one. You write, "If you are black or brown, none of the above are true." Come again? If you are an older black woman you are going to be asked for your ID more than if you are a young white male? Don't think so. How many of the ID queries are racial, and how many are because aspects of a criminal profile are present? (You might want to read my article on profiling "The Death of the Civil Rights Movement" at before you reply)………. On what grounds are you making the statement "black men and youth go to prison for crimes for which white men and youth receive probation and counseling"? Are you aware that sentencing is dependent not only on the nature of the crime but also the criminal profile of the defendant? If this is just the tired and incredibly lame argument about crack vs. powder cocaine, don't even bother to reply…….. What don't you understand about the fact that blacks are not only not leaving this country but are dying (literally) to get in? What's your explanation, if it's not that life is better here for them than it would be anywhere else they can think of going?……… Oh, and you can stuff your privileged white male baloney. You're not talking to the brainwashed politically correct here. One in three black males are indeed convicted felons. This is a serious social problem that has nothing to with racism (unless you want to talk about the leftwing racism that produced the welfare system and destroyed inner-city black families.) Your implication that they are in jail because they lacked high paid legal defense rather than that they are criminals is laughable. It's true that O.J. Simpson had high-paid legal counsel and got off. It's also true that he killed his wife and a stranger. So..."

David Horowitz Replies to Jeffrey Blankfort's "America the Evil" 9/10/00"……. You ask: "Do you think (America's great wealth) was developed here?" Yes…….. Your explanation of the deterioration of the economic and social environment in Sub-Saharan Africa after independence just shows how ignorant of African conditions you are. Unless you are complaining that the colonial powers didn't root out tribalism. Because it's the combination of tribalism and socialism that has taken Africa down. Lumumba has been dead forty years. What about the misery Nkrumah inflicted on Ghana, Mugabe on Zimbabwe and so on? How do you blame Europe for the massacres in Rwanda? Why is South Africa now the rape and murder capital of the world with a raging AIDS epidemic and a leader who thinks the AIDS virus is a western plot?…….."

Washington Times 9/12/00 Jerry Seper "…… A Georgia congresswoman who last week accused Vice President Gore of having a low "Negro tolerance level" yesterday retracted the accusation, saying her comment was "never intended for public distribution." ……. Rep. Cynthia A. McKinney, a four-term Democrat, said accusations concerning Mr. Gore's lack of racial tolerance posted Aug. 31 as a news story on her congressional Web page were part of a press release still "in the editing process." ……. In a statement issued yesterday, Mrs. McKinney said her comments were never meant for public release, but she does not explain how they found their way to her Web site, nor does she deny making the accusations. It also was not clear whether she was pressured by anyone, including the Gore campaign, to issue the new statement…….."

AP 9/12/00 Jim Davenport "…….Wal-Mart said Tuesday that it will no longer sell a popular barbecue sauce in six Southern states because the manufacturer sells merchandise with racist overtones. Maurice Bessinger's mustard-based sauce was removed from shelves of eight Sam's Club stores in North Carolina and South Carolina two weeks ago after a consumer complained about the Confederate flags at Bessinger's restaurants. Wal-Mart, which owns Sam's Club, said Tuesday that after investigating the complaint, it will remove the product from more than 90 Wal-Mart stores across the South. The discount retailer sold the sauce only in Southern stores...."

AP via ABC News 9/13/00 "…. DECATUR, Ill. (AP) _ Three of the teens whose expulsions from school for a football game brawl set off protests _ and a campaign by the Rev. Jesse Jackson _ have been charged with robbery. Roosevelt Fuller, 19; Errol Bond, 17; and Bruce Manns, 17, were arrested after another teen-ager, an acquaintance, told police they and a fourth teen beat him Tuesday and stole $120. ……. "

FrontPageMagazine.Com 9/5/00 David Horowitz "…… Al Sharpton's "Redeem the Dream" march focused on racial profiling as our number one civil rights issue. No one bothered to mention that the reason young black males are stopped so frequently by police is that they commit roughly 40% of violent crimes, while constituting only 6% of the population. ……."

St. Petersburg Times 9/7/00 "……Joel Roberts says he doesn't hate anybody. He concedes that, if his black schoolmates were offended, he might even think twice about pressing the issue he now faces at Central High School. But Roberts, 16, is convinced that his school is wrong to keep him from wearing any of his three "Legends of the Confederacy" T-shirts, which feature portraits of Confederate generals and -- more to the point -- an assortment of Confederate flags. Roberts says the shirts represent his interest in the Civil War and his appreciation for Southern heritage……"

Washington Times 9/9/00 Jerry Seper "…..Rep. Cynthia A. McKinney, four-term Georgia Democrat, said she was saddened but not shocked by revelations last week by black Secret Service agents involved in a discrimination lawsuit who said a limit had been placed on the number who could serve on Mr. Gore's security detail. "Gore's Negro tolerance level has never been too high," she said in a news brief on her congressional Web site. "I've never known him to have more than one black person around him at any given time. I'm not shocked, but I am certainly saddened by this revelation."……. In a pending lawsuit filed in February with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Secret Service was accused of failing to promote black agents to management positions despite performance ratings showing they were qualified. ….. During a news conference last week, 10 black agents named in the suit called on Mr. Gore to show the necessary "moral leadership" to end racial discrimination in the Secret Service. They said Mr. Gore was aware of complaints of racial problems within the agency and on his security detail, but made no effort to address them…….."

UPI 9/7/00 "……Hillary Rodham Clinton, in New York City Thursday to give a speech on her comprehensive initiative for education, was called a "Jew Hater" by two members of the audience……. The Secret Service hustled the two men outside the hall at Queens College where they joined other members of Kahane Chai, a radical Jewish group, who were demonstrating. No charges were filed by the New York City Police Department. "Hillary hates Israel," shouted Benjamin Peker, 19; and Jodi Posner, 21, both of New York City………."

Judicial Watch 9/11/00 "……Today, Attorney General Janet Reno, on behalf of the Clinton-Gore Administration, will "happily" enter into a plea agreement with Wen Ho Lee - the individual who still cannot fully account for classified information which he removed from the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratories - by allowing him to plea to one felony count with no additional jail time………. This outrage effectively seeks to exonerate the Clinton-Gore Administration itself of gross negligence and/or complicity in the massive security breach at the Los Alamos Nuclear Labs. In addition, it will clear the way to reach a similar watered-down plea agreement with John Deutsch, the former head of the CIA and an individual who sits on the Board of Directors of Investigative Group International, Inc., Terry Lenzner's private investigation firm, who has been accused of similar wrongdoing. Many people thought that Deutsch was now being prosecuted because it would not contrast well with Wen Ho Lee, who claimed outrageously that he was being singled out for racial reasons……. "Both Mr. Deutsch and Mr. Wen Ho Lee should have "the book" thrown at them. This is not an issue of race. It is an issue of national security. Thanks to her bungled investigation, Attorney General Reno had a self-made excuse to again let individuals in the Chinagate scandal go free. This is a national disgrace, which Judicial Watch will not stand by and watch," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman…… ….."

Judicial Watch 9/13/00 "……Today the Clinton-Gore Justice Department entered into a plea agreement with nuclear physicist Wen Ho Lee, the man who was accused of perhaps the largest breach of U.S. national security in American history. Importantly, the plea agreement resulted after Judicial Watch's client, Notra Trulock, the former Energy Department head of counterintelligence, was accused falsely of singling out Mr. Lee for investigation on the basis of his Asian-American heritage……… Judicial Watch, which represents Chinagate whistleblower Johnny Chung, would be the first to defend the rights of any Asian-Americans who were wrongly singled out by the Clinton-Gore Administration for prosecution, while Caucasians in the White House, such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and others, get off scot free………. However, the attacks against Notra Trulock constitute not only a vicious use of the "race card," but a convenient way to deflect scrutiny from the allegations against Wen Ho Lee and others in the Clinton-Gore Administration. For this reason, on behalf of Notra Trulock, Judicial Watch filed a defamation lawsuit against Wen Ho Lee yesterday. It is neither just nor fair to try to "save one's own skin" by improperly smearing another," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman………. "The hard fact is that prior to his plea agreement, Mr. Lee could still not account for the missing tapes containing alleged nuclear secrets," added Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton……… "There is something that is not quite right here. When Mr. Lee and the Clinton-Gore Administration are exonerated and Mr. Trulock - who alerted the nation to the largest breach of national security in American history - is defamed, defiled, and persecuted, our justice system has truly broken down. We are committed to righting these wrongs!" added Klayman. ……"

Baptist Press 9/13/00 Todd Starnes "…….On the eve of the anniversary of this century's deadliest church shooting, Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush promised to aggressively fight religious bigotry and said the Clinton Administration should be held accountable for labeling Southern Baptists as 'perpetrators of religious hatred.' ……… "People who belittle people of faith are exhibiting bigotry," Bush told Baptist Press, the national news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. "That bigotry comes in the form of anti-Semitism, anti-Catholicism -- in some movies recently produced --, and anti-Southern Baptist. It's religious bigotry pure and simple. Our nation is founded on religious freedom -- the principle that people ought to be able to practice religious freedom and speak their mind, freely." ……..Bush made his remarks during an interview with Will Hall, the SBC's vice president for convention news, following a rally in Louisville, Ky. Bush, a born-again Christian, said he was particularly disturbed by comments the White House made about Southern Baptists just three months after seven Southern Baptists were gunned down during a worship service at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. …….During a December 1999 press conference, White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart accused Southern Baptists of being, "perpetrators of religious hatred." The response came following a question about Southern Baptist evangelism efforts towards Jews. …….. "

2000 Kentucky Kernel via U-WIRE via News.Excite 8/31/00 Justin Williamson and Ben Dusing "……The question arose: Who's the bigger hate-monger? The Rev. Al Sharpton or Pat Buchanan? The debate grew out of a discussion regarding the politics of hate, an exchange rendered timely by the current presidential campaign. …….. Both Buchanan and Sharpton have left their mark on the present political landscape: the former is himself a candidate for the nation's top political post, while the latter exercises his influence through "back-alley" meetings with candidate Al Gore. Both are men of stature who receive attention from the national press. Both seek not to unite, but to divide. Both are extremists. …… The writers of this column find the political muscle of both men deplorable and a sad commentary on the nation's electorate. …… Consider Buchanan. How can a man who has clamored for a "cultural war" pose as a viable candidate for the presidency? How can a public figure who has refused to acknowledge the great tragedy of the Holocaust hold himself out as representative of the populace?......... But wait. Perhaps just as alarming is the fervent clamoring of New York's own Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton's record is long but hardly distinguished. Indeed, where does one begin? Tawana Brawley? The fire at Freddy's? Perhaps we should begin with why Sharpton is so dangerous. If Sharpton were simply a fanatical leftist (we're not certain that he is, but that's the side that courts him) encouraging a small group of easily influenced yet non-influential radicals, his identity would be unknown. But that is not the case. …… Somehow, Sharpton has risen to the national stage. He has met with Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. ……. Moreover, he has met with Justice Department officials regarding ongoing federal investigations. (In his role as an activist, we find this to be entirely unacceptable.) His rancorous shouts emanate from the megaphone of any racially charged event. Consider this: Sharpton actively endorsed the picketing and boycott of a Jewish business in Harlem, a protest that resulted in eight deaths after a street vendor set fire to the store. ……"

New York Times 9/5/00 david Berreby "……Allen J. Hart, top, a social psychologist at Amherst College, and Prof. Elizabeth A. Phelps, above, a neuroscientist at New York University, are among the researchers studying what happens in the brain when it perceives race. ….. After a decade of mapping brains in tasks like recalling numbers, perceiving facial expressions and using verbs, neuroscientists have recently homed in on a much more controversial subject: the act of categorizing other human beings. In recently published papers, two separate teams of brain scanners joined by social psychologists describe how one particular part of the brain becomes more active when people look at members of a different race. Scientists involved in both studies emphasize that the work does not mean racial differences are more scientifically real than, say, ghosts or leprechauns -- both of which would also produce measurable effects in the brains of people who were scared of them. Nor are they surprised that looking at people from a different race causes changes in the brain. ……"

Boston Herald 9/17/00 "……..Something is out of whack in the Justice Department's report on federal death penalty cases. The headlines and lead paragraphs about a ``racial disparity'' against blacks aren't backed up by the relevant facts. Among defendants in federal cases carrying a possible death sentence since 1995, 80 percent were minorities. Of those for whom approval of a request for the death sentence was sought (about one in four) from the Justice Department by U.S. attorneys, 74 percent were minorities. Of those for whom approval was granted by Attorney General Janet Reno (about seven out of eight of the submissions), 72 percent were minorities. ...... In other words, request for approval of a death penalty request were made and approved for minorities proportionately less often than they were charged with the relevant crimes. Since neither the department's review board nor the attorney general is permitted to know the race of the defendant in cases they receive, it's hard to see what the concern is about, or what Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder means when he says ``minorities are overrepresented'' on federal death rows. They are overrepresented only in the sense that they are overrepresented among defendants in the first place, a long-recognized fact of great concern and a point noted by Reno in rejecting calls for a moratorium on the death penalty and urging more research. ……."

New York Post 9/17/00 Rod Dreher "…….THE federal government's bungling has made a martyr out of Wen Ho Lee, who now appears to many people to have been the victim of racial profiling. As a result, we are about to enter a dangerous period of American public life, when national security could be imperiled by a politically correct backlash. …… Whether or not Lee was unfairly prosecuted because of his ethnic background, the fact remains that China is engaged in a massive effort to recruit men and women like him as intelligence agents. …..Put another way, the Chinese communists themselves engage in racial profiling against Chinese-Americans - just as the KGB did with Russian-born Americans, and the Nazis did with Americans of German descent. "They do it all over the world," says James Lilley, an ex-CIA official and former U.S. ambassador to China. "They target these people and use them for obvious reasons. It's the language, it's the culture, it's the vulnerability." ………Nicholas Eftimiades, the Defense Intelligence Agency senior intelligence officer whose 1994 book "Chinese Intelligence Operations" is the standard reference work on the subject, says there is no question Beijing focuses on overseas Chinese as potential intelligence assets. ……."

Washington Post via Frontpage Magazine 9/11/00 William Raspberry "……It's not the expansion that bothers me. If you're going to have hate-crime legislation, surely you'd want it to cover the most likely targets of hate crimes, and this would include gays and lesbians. But why would you want hate-crime legislation in the first place? I assume I don't need to point out that I oppose hate--that I am particularly bothered by hate directed at people on the basis of their group membership. What bothers me a lot more, though, is the violence produced by that hate. I certainly want that outlawed. But it's outlawed already. What activity covered by the legislation would go unpunished (or insufficiently punished) without it?……. Hate-crime legislation finally turns out to be an attempt at thought control. It says we'll punish you for what you did, yes, but also for what you were thinking when you did it. It says we'll punish you not merely for your racist or anti-gay behavior but also for your bigoted beliefs. How can so many thoughtful people believe that punishing thought is a good idea?……"

Rueters/Etherzone 9/9/00 "…… Burger King, the world's second largest fast-food chain, faces a boycott threat from African-American leaders over a dispute with a black businessman in Detroit, the Miami Herald reported on Saturday. The Rev. Al Sharpton planned to make the boycott call in New York on Monday, when he would urge African Americans to stop eating at the hamburger chain, the Herald said. A Sharpton spokesperson told Reuters on Friday that he planned to announce such an action against a major Miami-based company but he declined to say which one. A Burger King spokeswoman told Reuters on Friday the company had no knowledge of any possible boycott although she noted a pending dispute with Detroit restaurateur and entrepreneur Lavan Hawkins. ……… According to the Herald, Burger King hired Hawkins to help it expand into inner-city markets. He filed a suit against Burger King in April, saying it had discriminated against him. He also said the company had broken a promise to help him open 225 inner-city restaurants…….. Burger King then sued Hawkins, saying he owed it more than $6.5 million in royalties and loans. ……"

Electronic Telegraph 9/9/00 Pjilip Selves Broughton "……SHUNNED by his fellow world leaders at the United Nations, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe took his message of racial revenge to Harlem, where an adoring black audience compared him to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. …….. Robert Mugabe: 'What we hate is not the colour of their skin but the evil deeds which emanate from their colour' Mr Mugabe said his land seizure programme was an effort to "right the wrongs inflicted on us by British colonialism". A series of earlier speakers had roused the crowd by mocking the British as "the Yorkshire-pudding British", saying they cared more about "the poaching of elephants than the killing of African children". ……. With Zimbabwe's economy spiralling into disarray after 20 years of his autocratic rule, Mr Mugabe is becoming an international pariah. In recent years his support has also ebbed at home. But in Harlem, at the Mount Olivet Baptist Church, black radical groups championed him as both a hero of African nationalism and a fighter against white economic dominance. ……. The audience referred to themselves as members of the black diaspora and to Mr Mugabe as "our real president"……." 8/31/00 Ward Connerly "……. The Clinton administration just doesn't seem to get it. They want us to believe that to right America's deplorable history of racial classification, we need to expand racial classification. Not only does America's "One-Drop Rule" -- one drop of black blood makes you black -- still reign, but now it also applies to all other federally protected racial minorities. The truth is, racial classifications are wrong. They were wrong when they omitted 2/5 of each black from the Constitution, and they are just as wrong today. No amount of hand-wringing or good intentions can change that. …… The story of Bethany Godby is a case in point. With a black father and a white mother, she does not fit into any racial box. She does not regard herself as black or white, and routinely checks different racial boxes on various school forms. …….."

Wall Street Journal 8/31/00 Heather MacDonald "….. The Rev. Al Sharpton's status with Washington's Democratic elite just keeps on rising. Last Friday, he commanded an audience with Attorney General Janet Reno and White House aides to demand a federal monitor for the New York City Police Department. Mr. Sharpton has also demanded, and won, meetings with Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Charles Schumer of New York and former presidential hopeful Bill Bradley. Last year he shared the stage with President Clinton at a Justice Department conference on police misconduct. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission glorified him as an expert on policing in its recent report attacking the NYPD. Mr. Sharpton's transformation from racial agitator to "statesman" appears complete……… But it's time for a reality check. If Mr. Sharpton's high-placed admirers are indifferent to his history of racial rabble rousing and character assassination (exemplified by the never-repudiated Tawana Brawley hoax), they should visit New York to see what their ambassador for minority rights is doing for racial harmony and police-community relations there. ….. New York has a new police commissioner -- Bernard Kerik, a decorated former narcotics detective and, most recently, head of the city's jails, where he engineered a 90% drop in inmate violence. Mr. Kerik faces two challenges: to keep the crime rate falling and to improve police-community relations. Mr. Sharpton is determined to see him fail at both…….."

Original Sources 8/30/00 Mary Mostert "….. Efforts to close down the Boy Scouts of America by opponents of the Supreme Court Decision upholding the Scouts' First Amendment rights are carbon copies of the efforts made in Arkansas by segregationists in the 1950s to close down the public schools by opponents of the Supreme Court Decision to uphold blacks Fourteenth Amendment rights. The history of those opposing both decisions suggests that the initial success of the anti-First Amendment crowd may not be the final answer. …….. In the Spring of 1957, the Little Rock Schools, in a voluntary, not court ordered, decision selected 17 black students to attend the previously All-White Little Rock Central High School. On September 2, 1957, almost exactly 43 years ago, Gov. Governor Orval Faubus called out the Arkansas National Guard to surround Little Rock Central High School to preserve the peace and avert violence that may be caused by extremists who came to Little Rock "in caravans." ….. On September 3, 1957 Federal District Judge Ronald Davies ordered desegregation to start the next day. ……. On September 4, nine black students attempt to enter Central High but are turned away by the National Guard……."

AFR News 8/31/00 Robin Burchfield "…… Many black organizations in America are united in their push for school voucher programs. Project 21 is one such group which supports vouchers. According to their website, Project 21 is an effort of the National Center for Public Policy Research to "promote the views of African-Americans not traditionally echoed by the nation's civil rights establishment." Group director David Almasi tells CNSNews, "Everybody talks about how bad the inner school systems are. A good vital solution to that problem is school vouchers." But, he says, the big liberals who are against this--like Al Gore and Jesse Jackson--also are the ones who send their children to private schools

Yahoo 9/1/00 AFP "…….The face of the United States is changing under the relentless flow of immigration, taking on more Asian and Latin American features, according to Census Bureau estimates. By the end of July, there were 32.4 million people of Hispanic origin in the United States, 44.9 percent more than ten years ago, while people of Asian and Pacific origin numbered 10.5 million (a 50 percent increase since July , Census Bureau estimates said. The demographic shift is most noticeable in Florida, Texas, New York and California. ……… But while immigration was 98.6 percent European in 1890, it was 75 percent non-white last year, according to the Population Reference Bureau. …….. Natural demographic growth through high birth and low mortality rates keeps the US population of immigrants relatively young, Census Bureau demographer Fred Hollmann told AFP. ……. "

RealClearPolitics 9/1/00 Tom Bevan "…… Nearly 100,000 people gathered last weekend in Washington to celebrate the 37th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. The event, entitled "Redeem the Dream," used the anniversary to call for an end to racial profiling and police brutality. But instead of the hopeful, inspiring message Dr. King delivered on that day in 1963, this year's audience was treated to the divisive rhetoric of Kweisi Mfume. In his speech Mr. Mfume, President of the NAACP, exhorted the crowd, "We are tired of walking while black, getting arrested for breathing while black and living while black." Does Mr. Mfume truly believe this is reflective of the typical African American experience in America in the year 2000? ………. As former liberal Harry Stein writes, "it is precisely the perception of an ongoing racial crisis fueled by white racism that keeps them in business." ……… Just two months ago at the 91st annual NAACP national convention Mr. Mfume launched a gruesome diatribe on the issue of police brutality: "But what we do not support are all those others who believe that that badge and that night stick and that gun and that uniform have somehow given them the authority to take away the rights of others. They want to stick plungers up us. They want to beat us with telephone books and billy clubs. They want to smack on us and spit on us in the station house. They want to hold us down while we're being sodomized. They want to abuse us in our own communities and speak to us like dogs." Unfortunately, Mr. Mfume consistently chooses to speak in terms that sensationalize and divide people rather than unite them. Mr. Mfume recently warned of a great "plague" in American that "has resurfaced with great abandon. A national scourge of insensitivity and intolerance." Would Dr. King be proud of such fear mongering? ……"

The Daily Oklahoman 9/1/00 "……..WERE a white judge to overtly increase the number of white people as potential jurors in the case of a white man accused of killing a black man, there would be an immediate cry of outrage and calls for the judge's removal from office. This week in Oklahoma County a black judge overtly tampered with a jury pool because she believed a black defendant faced trial before a jury that was too white. In what's been called an unprecedented decision, District Judge Susan Bragg decided that a pool of jurors selected at random was not black enough. Incredibly, Bragg admitted that she didn't know if case law supports her decision. She just thought it was the right thing to do…….. The right thing to do? Is it her job to determine the "right" thing to do or is it to uphold the law? Is it her job to bring a racial quota system to county juries or is it to make sure an impartial jury is seated to hear evidence? In any case, it appears there's ample case law to determine that Bragg's decision was improper……"

Black Men with Guns 8/21/00 "…….THE FIRST NIGHT of the Democratic convention featured a no-holds-barred attack on the Second Amendment. The Democratic women members of the United States Senate led by Diane Feinstein denigrated gun owners, self-defense, and, of course, the National Rifle Association (NRA). " …….. As the cameras panned across the delegates on the floor of the Staples Center, one saw them cheering Senators Feinstein, Boxer and Mikulski as they excoriated Governor George W. Bush for signing a right-to-carry law in Texas - a law which granted law-abiding and peaceable Texas citizens the right to defend themselves outside their homes for the first time in over a century. Watching on television, I wondered if any of those folks in Staples Center knew that the roots of gun control in the English-speaking world are deeply buried in racist soil. Arms control has been a tool of the majority used against vulnerable and weak minorities. In 1181, the Jews in what is today Great Britain were disarmed and left helpless against the pogroms waged against them. Five hundred years later, in the colonies settled by men and women seeking religious and economic freedom from the British crown, slaves were not allowed the use of arms………. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation and the victory of the Union over the Confederacy, most legislatures in the defeated Southern states passed laws denying blacks the right to own firearms. Although the U.S. Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 in order to keep Southern legislatures from enacting "Black Codes," it didn't stop the passage of bans on handgun sales in South Carolina or laws against small, inexpensive, and easily concealed handguns - the nineteenth century version of today's "Saturday Night Special" laws. The Black Codes made it easy for the Klu Klux Klan to run rampant -- burning crosses, harassing, terrorizing, and killing blacks in their communities. In Monroe, N.C., during the decade of the fifties, the Klan was still practicing intimidation. They were driving through black neighborhoods terrorizing the homes of the leaders of the Monroe chapter of the NAACP, especially the home of the chapter vice president, Dr. Albert E. Perry. In 1957, the Monroe chapter of the NAACP initiated their struggle for self-defense. Sixty members of that chapter became affiliated with the National Rifle Association……."

Columbia Daily Tribune 9/2/00 George Mazurak "…… At 28, Clay Strawn is going bald. He said that shaving what's left on top of his head just makes sense, though he sports a shaggy goatee. Early yesterday, one of four assailants who attacked him on the street called him "skinhead" shortly before he lost consciousness. They were black. Strawn, who is white, contends the attack was a hate crime. "I can't see any other reason those guys would jump me," Strawn said. He did not know his assailants, and he wasn't robbed. The suspects were all in their teens, he said. He was treated for injuries at University Hospital, where he remained until 3 p.m. yesterday. The assailants "blacked my eye, broke my nose and three bones in my foot. I've got a bruise along one jaw. They chipped one of my teeth and hit me in back of the head really hard," he said. He only remembers the first blow, to the back of the head. He said the other injuries occurred as he lay unconscious on the sidewalk. "After I hit the ground, I heard one of them say, 'Take that, skinhead.' " ……."

U.S. News & World Report 9/11/00 "….. URBAN STUDY . . . but scores are up Black students who used school vouchers to switch from public to private schools in three cities have made substantial academic gains, according to a new study that has given potent research ammunition to voucher supporters. Researchers from Harvard University, Georgetown University, and the University of Wisconsin compared students in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Dayton, Ohio, who had received privately funded vouchers via a lottery with similar students who had applied for scholarships but didn't get them. After two years, black students who moved to private schools scored more ..."

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/29/00 Bruce Fein "….. The touted educational benefits of racial and gender diversity to justify university admissions preferences are a hoax. To borrow from Gertrude Stein, there is no there there……… That arresting finding is documented in the thoughtful decision of United States District Judge B. Avant Edenfield in Johnson vs. Board of Regents of the University of Georgia (July 24, 2000). The judge thus held unconstitutional the showering of bonus points on non-white and male applicants to the University of Georgia in a quest for student body diversity…….. Whether racial or gender diversity, ipso facto, promotes educational objectives has been heatedly debated for decades since the United States Supreme Court's fragmented ruling in Regents of the University of California vs. Bakke (1978). A 5-4 majority there concluded that racial quotas in state colleges or universities violate the equal protection mandate of the 14th Amendment. In other words, government is barred from pursuing racial diversity for the sake of diversity……… In a solo opinion, however, Justice Lewis Powell hinted constitutional approval of race or ethnicity as a "plus" factor in evaluating applicants on the hunch that student diversity is educationally enriching. But since Justice Powell floated that speculation, no empirical evidence has substantiated a nexus between academic goals and a racially diverse campus. The omission is exceptionally telling because of the enormous incentive of affirmative action champions to discover even straws to sustain racial or gender preferences against repeated and successful constitutional assaults……"

New York Times 8/22/00 Natalie Angier "…..Scientists say that while it may be easy to tell at a glance whether a person is Asian, African or Caucasian, the differences dissolve when one looks beyond surface features and scans the human genome for DNA hallmarks of "race." …….. Scientists have long suspected that the racial categories recognized by society are not reflected on the genetic level. But the more closely that researchers examine the human genome -- the complement of genetic material encased in the heart of almost every cell of the body -- the more most of them are convinced that the standard labels used to distinguish people by "race" have little or no biological meaning. They say that while it may seem easy to tell at a glance whether a person is Caucasian, African or Asian, the ease dissolves when one probes beneath surface characteristics and scans the genome for DNA hallmarks of "race." ……"

Washington Times 8/28/00 Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder "…… Let's get something straight. There is no question that, in the past in America, blacks have been scammed, mistreated, bamboozled, two-timed, double-talked, triple-crossed, brutalized, exploited and abused. But why blame us? We were not even in the neighborhood at the time. Did anybody ever meet a Jew who handed him his card, and said to give him a call at his plantation? Did you ever see a Jew with a cotton ball? Jews don't like cotton balls. They like matzo balls……….. The truth is that while all of the mistreatment of blacks was going on in America, Jews were also slaves. But they were known by different names, like "serfs," "peasants" or "indentured servants," and lived in huts with hot and cold running anti-Semites in freezing places like Poland or Russia. And yet, anti-Semitism is a consistent theme in African-American culture……..An Anti-Defamation League poll showed that while only 12 percent of Americans are anti-Semitic (which is nothing to brag about, particularly if you are a Semite), 37-38 percent of African-Americans are anti-Semitic. Like all polls that seek to register a socially unacceptable response, the numbers are probably artificially low…….." 8/21/00 Carl Limbacher "……. "In interviews, Orthodox leaders regard Mr. Lieberman as a worthy representative of Orthodox Judaism," reported Friday's New York Times in an article about how the Democratic vice presidential candidate balances his public life with his private faith. While the Connecticut senator does not always follow Orthodox teachings down to the last detail, the "compromises" he has made to accomodate the demands of secular life are acceptable to his co-religionists, assured the Times. Brooklyn Rabbi Yehuda Levin, a leader in the Orthodox community, begs to differ most emphatically. He complains that while Lieberman may observe Orthodox dietary laws, keep a kosher household and obey the rules of the Sabbath, on the big political issues that will impact every American, Lieberman is anything but Orthodox. Or as the rabbi put it to on Sunday, "The Emperor has no yarmulke." ……"

UPI 8/22/00 "……The former campaign director who claimed that the first lady called him a "f---ing Jew b------" after Bill Clinton lost his race for Congress 26 years ago passed a lie-detector test arranged by the New York Post……… "I proved it today. I knew I was telling the truth all along. The truth will set you free-and I'm free of this question," Paul Fray told the New York Post after he was informed he had passed the test…….. "I don't want the people in the state of New York, and particularly the Jewish community, to attach any undue significance to this," he added. "I want her to win the race. If I was a registered voter in the state of New York, I would vote for her. She will make an excellent senator."….."

NY Post/Michael Kelly 8/23/00 "……. The Jewish people have had a hard road, but they always endured the challange because their faith in higher powers enabled them to bear the consequences of maintaining that faith. Enter Joe Lieberman, or "hollowman" as he will now be remembered. Here is a guy who for years stood proud, kept his integrity and his faith, and stood for something his people could be proud of. ......... Enter Algore. ……… Of course, Mr. lieberman's denial of all his old positions for his own personal gain, (ie: the VP slot) has probably damaged any progress he might have made for his Jewish heritage. I'm an old hippy, we don't see color and race, etc. but we see lies, denials, and changing everything you ever said to benefit yourself. ……Now when we reflect on the first Jewish person to run for national office, we'll remember how he sold out good solid convictions to help a liar get elected. And then, if they loose, he will have sold out his Jewish heritage for nothing, and all that will be remembered is how he changed his spots to comply with Algore, who will be remembered as a politian who would say ANYTHING to get elected, who declared that Clinton was one of the greats, demeaning all those who were truly great. ……"

The Houston Chronicle 8/22/00 Edward Hegstrom "…… Dale Wortham, an old-time union organizer with a barrel chest and stubble beard, struts onto a north Houston library construction site, where he is determined to practice a phrase of Spanish he learned moments earlier. "Cuanto te pagan? (How much do they pay you?)" the big man from the AFL-CIO demands, pointing his stubby finger at a baffled sheetrock installer. ……… In years past, a representative of the nation's most powerful union might have gone to a work site to intimidate nonunion immigrant workers. But Wortham assures that he has come here as a friend, ready to make sure that the Hispanic workers are not cheated out of the wages they are supposed to be guaranteed while working on a government-funded job. His methods are as rough as his Spanish is imperfect, but Wortham, 42, gets results. Since they began checking wages at government-funded work sites a couple of years ago, AFL-CIO representatives estimate they have forced contractors to pay more than $150,000 in back wages for nonunion and mostly Hispanic workers. Wortham says he takes pride in his new role helping immigrants. ......"

New York Times 8/25/00 Kate Zernike "…..A gap between test scores of black and white students that had narrowed through the 1980's widened from 1990 to 1999, according to results released yesterday by the federal Department of Education, with the average black 17-year-old reading only about as well as the average white 13-year-old. …… Most perplexing, officials said, is that the gap is widest among children of the best-educated parents, where average scores by white students remained relatively steady while those of blacks fell back toward the lower achievement of the late 1970's. ……. That data suggest that what was once considered an urban problem, the consequence of poverty and disadvantage, has become a suburban problem, too, one that may result from lower expectations by teachers, a lower number of black students taking tougher courses, or different attitudes about education among black students. ……. Such disparity in test performance, which has also been seen from analysis of SAT scores, has become one of the most challenging issues in American education. Evidence of a similar pattern in these tests, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, is more indicative of the situation in American schools because it includes students from all groups, not merely those who are seeking to go to college. ......" 8/27/00 "…… Gotcha on videotape! Faced with fighting costly phony race discrimination lawsuits, restaurant chain Denny's caught a minority couple red-handed when they tried to claim they were discriminated against. Denny's troubles began in 1994, when the 1,800-restaurant chain settled a $46 million class action lawsuit filed on behalf of hundreds of black customers who claimed they were refused service at Denny's. Since then it has been seen as an easy target for plaintiffs who allege they have been discriminated against. …….. Enter attorney Jon K. Stage, a lawyer for Denny's owners, Atlanta's Advantica Restaurant Group Inc. Stage was defending Denny's against a lawsuit brought by Miami residents Ronald Flagler and Janet P. Jones, who claimed that they were victims of discrimination at a Dade County, Fla., Denny's. Stage said the first thing he did was go looking for any videotape taken during the time of the incident. ……….. Stage waited until the plaintiffs were deposed and had restated the charges leveled in the original complaint before he sprung the trap, handing a copy of the incriminating tape to the couple's lawyer. "After further investigation, we decided to withdraw from the case since we didn't want to violate Florida Bar rules or Rule 11," Rubin told the Law Journal, referring to the federal rule penalizing lawyers for bringing frivolous litigation. ……. Undaunted, the plaintiffs, hired another lawyer, Miami's Oscar Syger, who promptly dropped the case when confronted with the videotape and threats of sanctions, according to Stage. ….."

AP 8/25/00 "……..Someone scrawled an anti-Semitic message in the local Gore-Lieberman campaign headquarters, a Democratic Party activist says……… Bob Ray, president of the Democratic Action Club, said he arrived at the office Thursday and found ``No Jew in the White House'' had been written in ink in large letters across two large erasable boards and a planning calendar…….."

Boston Herald 8/27/00 "…… Hispanic students in California are giving concrete proof of a truth that drives the you're-no-good-unless-you're-a-victim crowd absolutely bonkers: Students who come to school without English do much better if taught in English from the start. Two years ago California voters approved a law requiring all school districts to teach ``overwhelmingly'' in English, but permitted superintendents to grant waivers. ……. It inadvertently produced a rare controlled experiment: In Oceanside, Superintendent Ken Noonan, a strong supporter of the usual ``transitional'' bilingual education, granted only 12 waivers in 150 applications from 5,000 students with limited English; in the very similar community of Vista nearby half the eligible students sought waivers and all were granted. ……. Noonan was stunned - and converted. His Spanish-speaking third-graders went from the 11th percentile in reading English to the 22nd in just two years; fifth-graders moved from the 10th to the 19th percentile. Yet in Vista the third-graders went from 13th to the 18th percentile and the fifth-graders did not gain at all, remaining at the 12th percentile. ......"

AP 8/24/00 Anjetta McQueen "……Virginia Walden-Ford grew up a true believer in public schools. Her father was a top administrator in the District of Columbia school system and her sisters taught there. But she now thinks blacks should get government financial aid to attend private schools. On Thursday, she joined a group of black parents, educators, pastors and politicians to launch an ad campaign for the idea that's been championed by Republican presidential candidate Gov. George W. Bush. ……. ``This is the first time I've seen a way for black kids to get out of bad schools,'' said Walden-Ford, the mother of a teen-age charter school student and past proponent of unsuccessful efforts to bring publicly funded vouchers to the District of Columbia. ……. The nation's more than 8 million black school-age children should have the means to leave bad public schools, she said. Black Democratic leaders traditionally have opposed the idea. ``Vouchers are a tax break for parents who already have children in private schools,'' says Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D- Ill. ……."

Washington Post 8/28/00 Jay Mathews "….. African American students in the District and two other cities have moved ahead of their public school classmates since they transferred to private schools with the help of vouchers, according to a new study. The report, which compares the students' reading and math scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills over the first two years of the voucher programs, is unusual. It compares public and private school students who have similar motivations and family backgrounds. This was possible because voucher awards in the three cities were made by lottery. Researchers, then, were able to compare students who won vouchers with students who did not win them but wanted them, demonstrating similar motivations…….. The study showed that those moving to private schools scored 6 percentile points higher than those who stayed in public schools in New York City, Dayton, Ohio, and the District…….The effect was largest in the District, where students with vouchers moved 9 percentile points ahead of public school peers…….."

National Review 7/27/00 Mark Jaeger AP "….. State investigators and a nationally recognized pathologist said Wednesday there was no foul play in the hanging death of a black teen-ager, which had prompted accusations that he had been lynched. The death of 17-year-old Raynard Johnson, who was found hanging from a pecan tree outside his rural home on June 16, was self-inflicted.... The Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Johnson family have maintained that the honor student was killed by racists angry over his relationship with two white girls….."

Bloomberg 8/28/00 Jonathan Capehart "……Marcus Mabry was angry. The senior editor of Newsweek International was moderating a panel discussion on AIDS and the African-American community at the 25th anniversary convention of the National Association of Black Journalists. Barely anyone had showed up. To maximize attendance, no other session was scheduled to compete with the two-hour discussion. Not even the nation's chief medical officer, Dr. David Satcher, the U.S. Surgeon General, who happens to be black, was a compelling draw at the panel for the conventioneers two Saturdays ago………. With a reserved tone and demeanor that belied his fury, Mabry urged those in the cavernous ballroom at the Phoenix Civic Plaza - - about 75 of 2,683 convention registrants -- to go out and ``instill a sense of shame'' in those who did not attend…….. Lord knows he was right. Blacks are the new face of HIV and AIDS. A look at the latest statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta shows a catastrophe in the African- American community. And if there is anyone better suited to sounding the alarm, it is a black journalist. AIDS is the No. 1 killer of black men and women between the ages of 25 and 44. Last year, the rate of new AIDS cases reported in the U.S. among blacks was 66 per 100,000 in the population. Hispanics come in a distant second at 26 per 100,000. The rate for whites was 7.6 per 100,000……Black women account for 64 percent of new HIV infections among American women……."

Associated Press 8/28/00 Jeffrey McMurray "……Often lost among the four flags standing outside Rep. Cynthia McKinney's Washington office is the one that's missing. In McKinney's doorway, you can find banners of the American Stars and Stripes, the Olympic games, DeKalb County, Ga., and one commemorating prisoners of war. ……. But the official flag of Georgia - the one that includes a large Confederate X - is nowhere to be found, even though state flags are customary office decor for members of Congress. ……. McKinney and fellow Georgia Democrat John Lewis, a former civil rights leader, choose not to display the flag because they find it divisive. Yet it's a quiet protest - one that was never really announced. …….. "

New York Daily News 8/28/00 Stanley Crouch "……. I have been writing for some time about the problems of public education. I also have been highly critical of the elements in popular culture that encourage young people toward illiteracy, brutishness, hatred of women, whorishness and mindless materialism. Now we find that these troubles are combining in yet another way: as obstacles that prevent black kids from doing well in society. ………. It is often difficult to talk about these things, because those who function on the racist circuits of our nation describe poor academic performance by black kids as proof of inherent inferiority, the intellectual quicksand of bad genes. ……. Such people will be thrilled to learn that according to a newly published study, the gains in reading scores that black kids had made in recent years to narrow the gap with white kids have begun to fall away. Whether in the low or middle or upper middle class, black kids are not performing as well as their white counterparts. …… Even white kids who are less than well-to-do are performing better academically than the black children of well-to-do parents - parents who have graduated from college and always believed in hard work. ………. I think the real traitors are those who, whether aware of it or not, are embracing so-called street knowledge and all the anti-intellectual attitudes that come out of the worst extremes of so-called hip hop culture. …….. For almost 40 years, black people were told that they are more akin to formerly colonized peoples, like West Indians and Africans, than they are to the rest of America. But by blood, experience and accomplishment, black Americans are far more related to this land and its people than to any land or people outside it. …….Now a confused idea about white middle-class standards has polluted even the black middle class, which results in too many black kids who should know better trying their best to be "ghetto."……."

Philadelphia Inquirer 8/25/00 David Boldt "…… A new educational advocacy group seeking to repair one of the largest and most peculiar disconnects in current American politics announced itself in Washington yesterday. ……… The Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), headed by former Milwaukee superintendent of schools Howard Fuller, intends to provide a national voice for the overwhelming majority of African American parents who tell pollsters they favor more educational options for low-income parents. ……. This is a task of which the civil rights establishment clearly wants no part......., The NAACP, the congressional black caucus and the leading organization of black educators have all lined up monolithically against tuition vouchers, charter schools, tax credits for K-12 education expenses, public-private ventures to operate schools, home schooling and all the other "options" Fuller's group wants to have considered...."

New York Post 8/26/00 David Seifman Brian Blomquist "……. Mayor Giuliani yesterday blasted Attorney General Janet Reno for meeting with the Rev. Al Sharpton at the White House, where a federal probe of the NYPD was discussed. "I think that's rather extraordinary, and it sort of indicates the political nature of the whole thing," Giuliani said at City Hall. "The city hasn't met with Janet Reno. Maybe you get the point of the political nature of the whole thing." ……. Eschaveste said the focus of the meeting was racial profiling. When the leaders asked for federal oversight of the police departments in New York and Los Angeles, Eschaveste said Reno was mum. ……"

Los Angeles Times 8/20/00 Frank Del Olmo "...... .The Democrats just blew the best chance they had to win over undecided Latino voters before this fall's election.. .... To be fair, the Democratic National Convention did feature many more Latino speakers (and the obligatory entertainers) than the Latino variety show the Republican Party tried to put on two weeks earlier in Philadelphia. But a lot more had been expected of the Democrats. They were, after all, meeting in the city with the biggest Latino population in the nation. And in a state where, two years ago, new Latino voters helped Democrats win control of both houses of the Legislature and every statewide office from governor on down, save one. ...... You wouldn't know that from the rude response the convention gave one of those California officials, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante--the only Latino given podium time during prime time on the convention's final evening. Bustamante's speech was supposed to counter the Spanish speech that another Latino Californian, Assemblyman Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria), delivered on the final night of the GOP convention. Bustamante's remarks were every bit as heartfelt--a tribute to immigrant Mexican parents and the family values they instilled and a valiant effort to link those enduring values to his party and its candidate, Al Gore. But although it was delivered in English, Bustamante's speech was largely ignored by the delegates, who talked loudly and tossed beach balls while awaiting other speakers. Afterward, the sense of disappointment among Latino delegates was palpable. ...... "I'm just so let down," said California state Sen. Martha Escutia of Whittier. "Cruz was the only one of us the Gore people gave a chance to speak." ......So while the GOP left Philadelphia with Latinos talking about Maldonado's speech, or the surprise appearance of popular Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez, the Democrats left Los Angeles with Latinos talking about the Loretta Sanchez-Playboy flap. ......"

Drudge 8/20/00 "..... Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile recently called George W. Bush a "White Cracker" and declared herself "like the eight wonder of the world" last week in Los Angeles during the Democratic National Convention! "I'm a woman, 40 years old, whose birth certificate says 'Negro.' With all that laying on top of me, nothing scares me," Brazile told the NEW YORK POST's Cindy Adams. "My whole life's been a victory. This will be the first campaign an African- American woman ran to victory... I'm like the eighth wonder of the world." "My only power is my mouth, therefore I have been known to upset people," Brazile told Adams. ....... Meanwhile, Brazile, who was fired from the Dukakis '88 campaign for spreading sex stories about President Bush, could be headed for new trouble with her freestyle method of campaigning. ......" 8/21/00 Michelle Malkin "...... She is one of the most self-serving, hate-filled, race-obsessed politicians in America. The Democratic Party doesn't just embrace her. It kneels at her feet. Los Angeles Congresswoman Maxine Waters reigned supreme this week when Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Lieberman appeared before a black audience to "explain" himself. The Connecticut senator's sins? Opposing affirmative action and supporting educational vouchers that benefit minority children. Lieberman, once a courageous voice for equal opportunity, has now been schooled: Pander hard and keep your dissenting thoughts to yourself. ....... After throwing a hissy fit in the press because she had not been personally consulted about Al Gore's veep picks ("I never had the opportunity to talk to anybody about it before he was decided on as the vice-presidential choice," she whined), Waters gave her benediction. The skilled publicity hound dissed and then kissed Lieberman for the cameras; a cheek-to-cheek photo of the couple appeared in newspapers across the country. ....."

Foxnews 9/19/00 "……. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, has professed to being a "long-time admirer" of an ultra-Orthodox hospital in Jerusalem that refuses to perform some procedures for mixed Jewish-gentile couples, a policy that some observers say would not be legal in the United States. Lieberman praised the hospital in remarks made May 28, at Jerusalem's King David Hotel. His wife, Hadassah Lieberman, who worked as a paid consultant for the hospital, arranged the speech. The hospital has a rigid policy against in-vitro treatment for mixed couples, a policy that has been strongly criticized by the Israeli secular medical establishment as discriminatory. ……. If, for example, Karenna Gore Schiff, the daughter of Lieberman's running mate, Al Gore, sought the treatment, she would not be able to receive it at Shaare Zedek hospital. Karenna is married to Drew Schiff, who is Jewish. ……. Lieberman has publicly condemned discrimination throughout his career. Commenting on group preferences in 1995, Lieberman said, "Not only should we not discriminate against somebody, we shouldn't discriminate in favor of somebody based on the group they represent." …….In a statement to, Mrs. Lieberman said she resigned from her job as a fund-raiser for the hospital in August to devote all her time to her husband's vice-presidential campaign. She said she was unaware of the hospital's policy and was "distressed" when learned about it recently. ……"

Jewish Bulletin of North California 9/8/00 "……The lawyer for a former CIA staff attorney who says he was fired by the spy agency because he is an observant Jew is calling on President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore to intervene on behalf of his client. Lawyers for Adam Ciralsky filed a civil action suit in a U.S. District Court in Washington last month against CIA Director George Tenet, General Counsel Robert McNamara Jr., and other CIA and FBI officials for what they describe as "outrageous, constitutionally investigations and disciplinary processes" conducted against their client. But the plea by Ciralsky's lawyer -- together with an appeal the lawyer reportedly made to Sen. Joseph Lieberman -- may elevate the case from a purely legal matter to a political one. Gore, with Lieberman as his running mate, has made challenging anti-Jewish bias into something of a campaign selling point. Yet the court documents filed on behalf of Ciralsky assert that during Gore's watch, the CIA discriminated against a Jewish employee. ……"

Los Angeles Daily News 9/18/00 AP "…..While military recruiters say they don't have trouble finding minorities to enlist, they find obstacles in persuading minorities to join elite units. The concerns are borne out in the statistics, with only 13 percent of the U.S. military's elite force made up of ethnic minorities. Of the 8,775 Army, Navy and Air Force special unit commandos, 1,180 are classified as ethnic minorities. "Perception is a very strong thing," Army Brig. Gen. Remo Butler told The San Diego Union-Tribune. "Perception is reality." …….. A belief held by some in minority communities is that racial discrimination runs rampant in elite units such as the Navy SEALs and Army Green Berets. Concerns about overseas assignments common in elite units conflicting with family obligations could also be a deterrent for some minorities. …….Butler added that whether racism exists within elite units, it is possibly the perception that minorities may not be as welcome that contributes to the lack of African-Americans and Latinos in the Special Forces. ……." 9/18/00 Tamala Edwards "…..An internal poll shows soft support for the vice president among black Americans. It could be crucial in a tight election... Though Al Gore's campaign is crackling along in the general population, there are problems in some surprising places. Among African Americans, who traditionally have been givens in the Democratic column, an internal poll conducted by the campaign shows the vice president's support among blacks to be wide but soft, with only 45 percent of respondents saying they were definitely going to vote. "You want to be up around 60, 65 percent for certain," says South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn, head of the Congressional Black Caucus. "This is not good." Indeed, the concerns welled up when Gore campaign chairman Bill Daley and campaign manager Donna Brazille met recently with some CBC members. The black legislators argued, some reportedly in strong language, that Gore needed to ramp up efforts with black voters, including ads in black papers and on minority radio - and soon. ….."

Macon Telegraph 10/9/00 Don Schanche Jr. "…… In the aftermath of the U.S. government's disastrous prosecution of scientist Wen Ho Lee, professor Jeng-Nan Juang made a decision. "I don't want to get involved in any U.S. government research any more," said the associate professor of electrical engineering at Mercer University's School of Engineering in Macon. Juang is one of many Asian-American academics and professionals in the midstate who have looked at the Lee case with concern, seeing potential implications for themselves.........."

The Jerusalem Post 10/6/00 "…….Al Gore is naming as his "senior adviser on ethnic Americans" a man who has openly praised Hizbullah and who in 1997 called "for the Arab League to reinvigorate its stand on the boycott" of Israel. The appointment of the president of the Arab American Institute, James Zogby, to this position in the Gore-Lieberman campaign is evoking concern among some Jewish leaders and anti-terrorism experts in the United States. ……. "Zogby has not only made comments that are incendiary but he has also made comments that are antisemitic," a terrorism expert, Steven Emerson, said. "This represents a legitimation of this man's views. This is a guy that's openly supported the Hizbullah, openly condemned anti-terrorism efforts; he has condemned the Jewish lobby in ways that make [white supremacist politician] David Duke look mild, and this is an outrage." ……"

New York Daily News 4/22/99 Sidney Zion "……. The guy who answers his phone doesn't know it, but Joseph Zogby, the founding director of the Palestine Peace Project and a virulent foe of Israel, has been out of there since August when he signed on as an assistant to Martin Indyk, head of the State Department's Middle East desk. The phone guy told me that Zogby was still the director of the project and put me on hold while he tried to find him. Then he gave me voice mail. I called State and eventually was told that Zogby had resigned as head of this anti-Israeli joint part of his father's Arab-American Institute because it was an obvious conflict of interest. ……… But the real question is why the State Department hired a man who calls Israel a "monster" comparable to South Africa under apartheid, a man who accuses America of "willful ineffectuality" in the Middle East. Joe Zogby, the son of James Zogby who is the leading lobbyist for the Palestinians, now sits at the side of Martin Indyk, Jewish-American, the assistant secretary of state for Middle Eastern affairs. ……….. A story goes with it, as Damon Runyon would say, and what a day I had on the phones and the faxes! It started with Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, who discovered Zogby's articles blasting Israel in terms usually reserved for people like Slobodan Milosevic. ……"

Reuters/ABC "……Giant insurers Aetna Inc. and New York Life Insurance Co., among others, are set to come under pressure to hand over details of slave insurance policies they sold 150 years ago following a new law passed in California this weekend. The move could be the first step toward compulsory hearings to determine if they should make reparations - possibly worth millions of dollars - to black slaves' descendants. The move comes soon after California's Insurance Commissioner threatened to close down some European insurers' operations in the state unless they honored Nazi-era life insurance policies…….." 9/28/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Vice President Al Gore's defenders no doubt dismiss the story of former Gore family housekeeper Mattie Lucy Payne, whose account of being kept in the car during the 1950's while the family ate in all-white restaurants appeared on the Drudge Report Wednesday. But another little known story from Al Gore's past raises the same kind of questions. ……. As a 25-year-old investigative reporter for Nashville's Tennessean newspaper, Gore went after several local politicans on the city's Metro Council. He suspected corruption and spent countless hours pouring through local zoning records hunting for evidence…….. The incident is recounted by Newsweek reporter Bill Turque, in his biography "Inventing Al Gore." "Gore's inquiry was no secret on the Metro Council, and it frayed already tense relations with some members.... His youth, his powerful connections at the Tennessean, and their smoldering resentment of his father (Albert Gore's vote against the 1964 Civil Rights Act hadn't been forgotten by some black members) only deepened the council members' suspicions." On a hunch, Gore targeted Morris Haddox, a popular up and coming African-American council member. The young reporter and his editor entered into a highly unusual arrangement with Nashville law enforcement, where they basically dangled a bribe before Morris just to see if he'd take it. ……."

NY Law Journal 9/28/00 "…….. A national lawyers' committee released a report this week calling on law schools and firms to take new initiatives to increase racial diversity in the profession and also to provide more pro bono services to people of color. The committee, Lawyers for One America, was formed last summer and is sponsored by law firms and other legal organizations, including American Lawyer Media, the Law Journal's parent company...."

House Science Subcommittee 10/5/00 Freeper SVTCobra "……… A House Science Subcommittee hearing led by Sensenbrener (R-Wi) yesterday was nothing short of astonishing. It was broadcast on CSPAN late Wednesday. The topic was racism within the EPA and retaliation by management against whistle blowers. The chief complainant was an African American Ph.D who worked at the EPA and made formal complaints in 1997 to EPA Administrator Carol Browner herself and the EEO Office claiming that her superiors were racist and made racist remarks to her. After she complained and informed Congress of a pattern of racism at EPA, her superiors retaliated against her. ….. Sounds like Anita Hill but this was racism instead of alledged sexual harassment. ……"

Riverfront Times (St. Louis) 9/11/96 C D Stelzer "…….. "Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)administrator Carol M. Browner has withdrawn from all decision-making responsibilities concerning the Times Beach cleanup, The Riverfront Times has learned. Browner recused herself from addressing any aspects of the controversial Superfund project in an internal agency memorandum dated April 5, 1995, which apparently has never been made public. The administrator's office in Washington, D.C. provided the RFT with a copy of Browner's statement last week upon request. ……. News of Browner's withdrawal follows the initiation of a DNR inquiry into whether stack emissions samples were handled properly last November, after a trial burn at the Times Beach dioxin incinerator near Eureka. Earlier this year, the DNR issued a permit for the burner based in part on the results of those tests. Opponents of the incinerator, including the Times Beach Action Group (TBAG), raised concerns last month about a potential conflict of interest, when they discovered International Technology Corp. (IT), the incinerator operator, partially owns Quanterra Environmental Services, the lab that handled the samples (Twice Burned, the RFT, Aug. 28). ……"

Jerusalem Post 10/6/00 "…….Al Gore is naming as his "senior adviser on ethnic Americans" a man who has openly praised Hizbullah and who in 1997 called "for the Arab League to reinvigorate its stand on the boycott" of Israel……… The appointment of the president of the Arab American Institute, James Zogby, to this position in the Gore-Lieberman campaign is evoking concern among some Jewish leaders and anti-terrorism experts in the United States…… "Zogby has not only made comments that are incendiary but he has also made comments that are antisemitic," a terrorism expert, Steven Emerson, said. "This represents a legitimation of this man's views. This is a guy that's openly supported the Hizbullah, openly condemned anti-terrorism efforts; he has condemned the Jewish lobby in ways that make [white supremacist politician] David Duke look mild, and this is an outrage."………. The Gore campaign, which initially denied that the appointment was taking place, said the position is unpaid. A spokeswoman for the Arab American Institute said Zogby would remain president of the institute while working for the Gore campaign……. "I am delighted to appoint Dr. Zogby as the Gore/Lieberman campaign's senior adviser on Ethnic Americans. He has been instrumental in mainstreaming Arab Americans into the political process," Gore said in a press release……The executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Matthew Brooks, said that, combined with Gore and Lieberman's outreach to Rev. Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan, the Zogby appointment "calls into question where this administration really stands and how much interest they really have in the Jewish community."……..As recently as this past year, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, called Zogby "an antagonist." According to the Zionist Organization of America, Zogby has compared President Bill Clinton's 1995 executive order banning donations to terrorist groups to McCarthy-era abuses, and termed Israel "Nazis" and Israeli actions "a Holocaust" during the 1982 Lebanon ……"

Washington Times 10/11/00 Robert L. Woodson Sr. "……In D.C. Superior Court this week, the owner of the only pizza company that delivers to all of D.C., including its most dangerous urban neighborhoods, sits defending his company against a charge of racism. …….. Never mind that the Domino's store in question has an all-black staff - manager, cooks and delivery men. Frank Meeks and Team Washington are facing a $30 million lawsuit alleging discrimination because the driver delivering a Domino's Pizza to plaintiff Jim Bell refused to take the pizza to the door of his house on the unit block of Q Street SW. Mr. Bell, a lawyer, also is plaintiff for a similar case in the U.S. District Court and is the attorney for black clients in another suit (for $9 million) against Domino's in Prince George's County. In the D.C. case, he alleges that Domino's discriminates against blacks because the driver refused to get out of his car and walk up to his door……"

Wall Street Journal 10/10/00 "…… Until a last-minute rebellion from Democrats who'd previously supported the bill, the New Jersey state assembly looked set to pass a measure that would have called for the state's schoolchildren to follow their Pledge of Allegiance with the opening passage from the Declaration of Independence: ……… "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." ………New Jersey's Democrats couldn't choke that down. In the end, none would vote for the measure, the result of a slightly surreal debate in which the Declaration was found to be anti-black, anti-women and too pro-God. ……." 10/10/00 Carl Limbacher "…….A spokesman for Democratic vice presidential hopeful Joe Lieberman said Monday that "nothing is in the works" regarding a meeting with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, despite Lieberman's claim last month that he was "looking forward" to the get-together. At a New York press conference to promote his October 16 Million Family March, Farrakhan expressed his disappointment that Lieberman had backed away from his invitation, telling reporters, " I guess the pressure got to be too much." …….. On September 26, the Orthodox Jewish Democrat told Urban America Radio that he "admired" and "respected" Farrakhan, who has in the past called Jews "bloodsuckers" and "wicked deceivers who have wrapped their tentacles around the American government." …….. On Monday, Lieberman spokesman Dan Gerstein said that the candidate might meet with Farrakhan after the election, but not until he renounces past statements deemed to be anti-Semitic. ……. The Farrakhan snub couldn't have come at a worse time for Democrats, who were worried about African-American voter turnout even before Vice President Al Gore began sinking in the polls. A CNN/USA Today/Gallup survey released Monday showed Texas Gov. George Bush with an eight-point lead in the presidential race. ……."

UPI 10/11/00 Peter Roff "……..American Jewish organizations reacted with concern Tuesday to the appointment of Arab-American activist James Zogby to a senior advisory post within the Gore/Lieberman campaign…….. As reported by United Press International last week, Zogby, founding head of the Arab-American Institute, has been named to a volunteer post within the campaign as an advisor on ethnic-American groups. Jewish organizations, whilst emphasizing their support for ethnic diversity, were suspicious of Zogby's background as an advocate of Palestinian rights and long standing critic of Israeli policy………… But the most outspoken criticism - and perhaps the least surprising - comes from Matt Brooks, executive director of the partisan Republican Jewish Coalition, who says angrily, "Zogby's organization was a signatory to a issued on October 2 that called the Israeli actions on the West Bank murder and asked that all foreign aid to Israel be cut off so that the American taxpayers are not forced to be party to such immoral behavior... He now has the ear, the access, and the respect of the Vice President. Together with the overtures to the Rev. Al Sharpton and Senator Lieberman's outreach to Louis Farrakhan, the appointment of James Zogby raises significant questions in the Jewish community about the judgment of the Gore/Lieberman ticket to the concerns of Jewish-Americans."......"

Charisma News 10/10/00 Andy Butcher "……. A prominent black charismatic leader is urging fellow African Americans to renounce a decades-old taboo and vote Republican in next month's election. Carlton Pearson says that it is time to "level the playing fields" and recognize that while the Democratic Party has taken its lock on the black vote for granted, the GOP now offers positive change. …….. Pearson, senior pastor of Higher Dimensions Church in Tulsa, Okla., and presiding bishop of more than 500 churches and ministries in the Azusa Interdenominational Fellowship, has made his appeal in an editorial in several leading newspapers, copies of which he has sent to pastors across the country. ……. In a cover letter, Pearson said that he wrote his commentary not to attack the Democratic Party but to highlight the Republican Party. If the two-party system was good for America, it was good for African Americans too, he said. "We should have influence on both sides of the aisles of Congress-in both parties. I want us, as leaders to be able to influence the thinkers and lawmakers." ….."

Fresno Bee 10/10/00 Angela Valdivia Rush and Felicia Cousart "…….. When Buchanan High School senior Nathan Martin greeted a close buddy on campus last week, he asked "Whazzup?" and then said the "n-word." Because both students are African-American, Nathan said, he was merely using some slang, a term of familiarity with a friend. But Buchanan High officials don't see it that way. Nathan's mother said the school told her Monday that her son would be suspended for two days for using the "n-word." Clovis Unified officials said a suspension was under consideration because a racial slur was used, a violation of Buchanan guidelines. "We have two ethnic students who are calling each other words that would not be acceptable if a white student was calling them that word," said Rene Errotabere, area superintendent overseeing the Buchanan region within Clovis Unified. "So, to be consistent, we are saying that is a racial slur no matter who speaks it, and we are taking consistent action," he said. ......"

Washington Times 10/6/00 Wesley Pruden "....... Jim Lehrer has Al Gore's permission to get tough in next week's second presidential debate. No more softballs (not even softballs of color). Al regrets (he says) that Jim Lehrer didn't "act black," posing questions pertinent to black voters the way Bernard Shaw of CNN would.........In the mouth of anyone else, this would be the worst kind of racial profiling, but we have to forgive Al. The only blacks he knew growing up were the bellhops at the Fairfax Hotel who met his limousine when he arrived home from the cricket match at St. Albans, waiting to carry his books upstairs......... Al has a famously tin ear on race. His Secret Service bodyguards say he's not comfortable around blacks. Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, a black woman, tried to bring this up, too, until she was told to sit down. "Shut up," the Democratic Party elders advised..........Al's first real job was as a reporter at the Nashville Tennessean, in the era when Southern newspapers relegated "black news" to back pages, invariably captioned "News of Our Colored Friends." Most of those of us who grew up in the South of that era have tried to outgrow the tin ear, but Al, alas, never did. ........ He got it wrong about Bernie Shaw, who is a reporter, not a "black reporter." If he were a piano player Bernie would play on the white keys as well as the black. ...."

Washington Times 10/6/00 Gerald Mzejewski "......The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, for the first time in its 91-year-history, is helping to pay for ads critical of particular candidates, including Mr. Allen and two other Republicans from the South and Midwest. The ads are co-sponsored by the Sierra Club, which picked up most of the tab........... The NAACP says the ads are factual and issue-oriented, and, according to NAACP board Chairman Julian Bond, they stop short of endorsing Mr. Allen's opponent, incumbent U.S. Sen. Charles S. Robb, a Democrat.......... But some critics of the NAACP's shift said the organization seems to have become little more than an extension of the Democratic Party. "It's very hypocritical," said Paul Gillis, the former head of Virginia's NAACP. Mr. Gillis was disciplined earlier this year by national NAACP officials for endorsing the Senate candidacy of Mr. Allen, who served as the Republican governor of Virginia from 1994 to 1998........ Mr. Gillis, now president of the group's Suffolk chapter, said Mr. Bond and NAACP President Kweisi Mfume are "pimping the black community." The Virginia Senate race enters its final month as one of the most watched races in the country.........."

The VP Debate Freeper RightonTheLeftCoast Joe Lieberman ".... "You're human, like we are."....... Now, just what was that all about? A white man comforting a black man that he's human "just like we are"?...... Moderator Bernard Shaw, who is black, had just confessed to a "boo-boo", a minor procedural shuffle that had resulted in a moment of slight awkwardness when a question on racial profiling was followed by a question on sexual orientation, both going to Sen. Lieberman rather than alternating to Sec. Cheney. ........ Was this a case of racial overcompensation? One Jewish correspondent and one black correspondent both flashed on that interpretation independently. Apparently, it's not so much the "You're human" part of the comment, it's the " we are."....."

Conservative News Service 10/5/00 Cheryl K Chumley "…..Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman has been denounced by members of the Jewish community for his views on homosexuality and abortion just hours before he is due to debate his Republican counterpart in front of a national audience. ….. "We want the Christian community to know how Lieberman is viewed, and that's as a scandal and an embarrassment," said Rabbi Yehunda Levin with Jews for Morality, during a Thursday news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. …….Levin's criticism also comes at a time when the Republican Jewish Coalition has expressed "disappointment" with Lieberman's stated "respect" for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a man criticized by many for his alleged anti-semitism, but whom Lieberman has said he would like to meet……….. The RJC has asked that Lieberman reconsider his plans to meet with Farrakhan, because of the minister's past statements concerning Jews and Judaism, which he called a "dirty religion."………. "Orthodox Jews are waking up to his tremendous mountain of inconsistencies. Tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews ... are reacting in shock and disbelief," Levin said, adding that Lieberman was "now claiming [to be] an observant Jew. That means you basically observe what's good for you politically and you observe what's not good for you politically." ……."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 10/2/00 Mark Trapp "…… Racism in this country just isn't what it used to be. Blacks in this country have endured slavery, segregation, lynchings and cross-burnings and been deprived of civil rights such as voting privileges. They have overcome all of this and more. Today each of these abuses is looked upon with abhorrence, as they should be, by all people of good will, be they white, black or otherwise………. Compare these past atrocities with what passes for racism today. In Warwick, Rhode Island, for example, members of the Warwick Affirmative Action Commission are complaining that Mr. Potato Head is racist. The State of Rhode Island earlier this year began a tourism campaign based on the children's toy, manufactured by Hasbro, Inc., which is based in the state. It involved placing dozens of six-foot Mr. Potato Heads throughout the state. One statue called 'Salty Spud' was dressed in bright orange rain gear and carried a fishing net. Another statue was dubbed 'Edgar Allen Poe-tato' to honor the writer who once lived in Rhode Island……… The controversial statue 'Tourist Tater' was painted dark brown to appear suntanned and wore an ill-fitting Hawaiian shirt, glasses and a hat. It was placed outside the Warwick City Hall. Donna Fishman, the chairman of the Rhode Island Affirmative Action Committee said that members of the group "are definitely offended by the stereotypical look." Stereotypical to whom? Blacks? Potatoes? Tourists? Sunbathers? What is racist about this? I wonder if anyone bothered to ask Ms. Fishman. What would she say? Potatoes are racist? Dark potatoes are racist? Tan people are racist? Hawaiian shirts are racist? What? Ms. Fishman only stated that "Until we walk in the shoes of black people, some of us may be more insensitive of how [something] appears to minorities." I don't know what kind of shoes black people wear, but if it causes them to think that Mr. Potato Head is racist, perhaps they should get some new shoes…….."

AP 10/2/00 "….A Kansas youth suspended from school for three days after he drew a picture of a Confederate flag lost a Supreme Court appeal Monday. The court, without comment, turned away arguments that the suspension violated the youth's freedom of speech and other constitutionally protected rights. ……. T.J. West was a seventh-grader at Derby Middle School in Sedgwick, Kan., when in spring 1998 he made a 4-by-6 inch sketch of the Confederate flag during a math class. West later told his assistant principal a friend had urged him to draw the flag, and that he knew what it was but not what it meant. ……West also knew drawing the flag violated a "racial harassment and intimidation" policy the school district had adopted after incidents of racial tension in 1995. The policy banned, among other things, students from possessing "any written material, either printed or in their own handwriting, that is racially divisive or creates ill will or hatred." ……"

AP 10/2/00 "…..An experimental elementary school that makes children's race a factor when selecting its students survived a Supreme Court challenge Monday. The justices let stand rulings that the school run by the University of California has a justifiable reason for considering race and therefore does not violate the rights of the children it turns away. The Corinne A. Seeds University Elementary School, run by UCLA's Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, has 460 students - 4-year-olds to sixth-graders. The "laboratory school" is used to study racial groups' learning skills and recommend new teaching methods. Aiming for a particular student population, the school's officials take into account applicants' race and ethnicity, sex, family income, dominant language and other factors. The class of 4-year-olds that entered the school in 1995 was a typical one - 39 percent white, 22 percent Hispanic, 13 percent black, 9 percent Asian and the rest mixed-race. ……."

N.Y. Times 10/1/00 Barbara Whitake "…..African-Americans and Hispanics have a much greater chance of being stopped by the police in San Diego than whites and Asian-Americans, according to the results of a survey released this week. The survey, conducted for the San Diego Police Department in the first six months of the year, found that whites and Asian-Americans had an 8 percent chance of being pulled over while African-Americans and Hispanics had a 14 percent chance. The chances were calculated by comparing the ethnic breakdown of those stopped in traffic with the number of people of driving age in San Diego. …… The survey found that while blacks are 8 percent of the driving age population in San Diego, they accounted for 12 percent of the traffic stops and 20 percent of those searched. Hispanics, who are 20 percent of the driving- age population, made up 29 percent of the stops and 50 percent of the searches. ……."

N.Y.Times 9/30/00 Somini Sengupta "……In a trendy stretch of town called Buckhead, the seemingly frivolous business of clubbing and cruising has turned into a matter of civic soul-searching, revealing how easily the city's delicate fabric of race relations can tear. The focus of the tension is Peachtree Road, the main thoroughfare cutting through a largely white enclave of grand houses and million- dollar condominiums. Until recently, the Village, as the section of Buckhead is known, was a largely white scene. But in recent years, frustrated by the dearth of clubs and bars in their own neighborhoods, Atlanta's affluent young blacks, a growing community, have been drawn to Buckhead spots. …….. And lately, the Buckhead revelry has drawn the ire of some residents, which in turn has drawn accusations of racism. Civic groups have tried to roll back closing hours to 2 a.m. from 4 a.m., and pressed the police to enforce laws against cruising, loud music and other infractions. ……"

AP 10/2/00"…… The NAACP's Fort Lauderdale branch and its president are being criticized for their connection to a convicted felon who allegedly posed as an attorney while working as a paralegal for the organization. According to court records, branch President Roosevelt Walters referred clients seeking help in resolving discrimination complaints to Brian Nieman, a Golden Heritage member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. That means Nieman donated $1,500 to the organization. …….. But some questioned Neiman's tactics, according to court papers. They said Nieman threatened defendants with NAACP protests and boycotts and bullied them into settling cases. Some clients said they were coerced into accepting paltry settlements and into making contributions to the organization, records showed. ……"

RNC Email 10/2/00 Jim Nicholson "…… "Last week, Joe Lieberman proclaimed that he has 'respect' for Louis Farrakhan and would like to meet with him. And on Fox News Sunday yesterday, Gore campaign chairman William Daley suggested that Al Gore approves of Lieberman's statements. Daley told anchor Tony Snow that Mr. Gore 'would like Joe Lieberman reaching out to different people.' ……. "Such political pandering is a terrible mistake - not just for Joe Lieberman's credibility, and not just for the Gore/Lieberman campaign, but for the entire nation. ……. "As reported by Reuters and other reputable news organizations, Farrakhan has called whites 'devils.' He has referred to Jewish, Arab and Asian businessmen in black communities as 'blood suckers.' As Elliott Abrams, Chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, pointed out in a 9/29/00 letter to Lieberman, Farrakhan has made 'despicable attacks on the Pope.' ……… "It is not only Republicans who find this distrubing. Dov Hikind, a Democrat and New York State Assemblyman, responded today in the New York Post, asking Lieberman: 'Who's next? David Duke? Neo-Nazis? ……"Similarly, the Anti-Defamation League on Friday released a statement saying that Mr. Lieberman, by meeting with Farrakhan, would be 'legitimizing a bigot, an anti-Semite and a racist, who continues to spout his message of hate.' And the American Jewish Congress, noting Farrakhan's 'vicious anti-Semitism, his friendship with America's worst enemies such as Moammar Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein,' added: 'There is good reason why no reputable political leader of either party has been willing to meet with Farrakhan.' ……"

Reuters Health 10/3/00 Emma Patten-Hitt "……The HIV/AIDS (news - web sites) epidemic continues to have a disproportionate and devastating impact on communities of color, according to the Surgeon General and Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. David Satcher, speaking at the United States Conference on AIDS here. ``When the AIDS epidemic started in this country in 1981, it was viewed as an epidemic predominantly of white, gay men. That was partially true for a while...but there's been a dramatic change,'' Satcher said. Satcher talked about the latest HIV/AIDS statistics, collected from July 1999 to June 2000. The figures show that the African American and Latino communities are disproportionately overrepresented in the number of new HIV infections. Black and Latino women are especially hard hit, making up 78% of newly reported HIV cases among women, he noted. ……According to the data, African Americans, while making up only 12% of the population, account for over 50% of the estimated 40,000 new HIV infections and almost half of the total cases reported. Latinos make up 11% of the population, yet account for an estimated 19% of new HIV infections and 19% of total AIDS cases reported. ……"

WCBS New York 10/3/00 "……Five Jewish leaders detailed three anti-Semitic assaults and slashings in Borough Park, Kensington, Flatbush and on the B and F trains, WCBS 880 reports……. The alleged victims were ultra-Orthodox Jews who believe they were targeted because of their black hats and other conservative clothing, Hikind said……."

Reuters/Variety David Horowitz 10/3/00 "…….. Is Wen Ho Lee guilty? Wen Ho Lee illegally removed 400,000 files from the nation's top nuclear weapons lab during a period of years when he had repeated contacts with Chinese government scientists and at a time when the Chinese Communist dictatorship was systematically stealing the secrets of America's most sophisticated nuclear arsenal. His response to the FBI investigation was that of a seemingly guilty man. He destroyed files in his possession and repeatedly tried to break into the lab after his access was denied. Yet, Wen Ho Lee has acquired an almost martyr-like status as a victim of government persecution, and even of government "racism." ……Begin with Clinton's peculiar apology (without explanation) for a prosecution he himself was responsible for. The U.S. Attorney who handled the Lee case is Clinton's friend and former college roommate. Within a week of Clinton's apology, he was in New Mexico to raise money for the same prosecutor's run for a state office. The argument of some of Lee's supporters that an anti-Chinese bias was behind an intemperate Justice Department prosecution is hard to square with the fact that the current Deputy Attorney General in charge of civil rights is Chinese himself..........

Reuters/Variety David Horowitz 10/3/00 "…….. Columnist William Safire and others have suggested a more plausible explanation. The zealous pursuit of Lee followed the release of the bi-partisan Cox report detailing the theft of America's nuclear arsenal by the Chinese government. Much of this theft took place during Clinton's watch. Moreover, the Clinton Administration had been aggressive in lifting security controls on satellite, missile and computer technologies particularly instrumental in developing nuclear-tipped ballistic weaponry. The Clinton Administration had then sold those technologies to the Chinese. The Cox Report had come on the heels of congressional investigations by government oversight committees into the unprecedented access given by the Clinton-Gore Administration to Chinese military and intelligence officials and their agents, possibly in exchange for illegal contributions to the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton-Gore campaign. Senator Fred Thompson had opened his hearings with the charge -- based on CIA testimony -- that the Chinese government had systematically set out to influence the presidential elections of 1996, which put Clinton and Gore in the White House. More than a hundred witnesses called to testify about these facts took the Fifth Amendment or fled the country. Finally, among the charges leveled at the Clinton-Gore team was that the Administration routinely authorized electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens (some seven hundred wire taps were approved) but that the Administration had turned down the FBI's request for a tap on Wen Ho Lee. In fact, this was virtually the only tap the Clinton Justice Department refused………. In sum, the zealous prosecution of Wen Ho Lee, according to this theory, took place only after a period of endless foot-dragging and dangerous laxity on security issues, followed by the sensational revelations of the Cox Report. At this juncture, Clinton's personal political interest dictated a vigorous effort to establish his vigilance, particularly in relation to the security threat from the Chinese. Only when his personal political jeopardy was over (for example, now) was he able to resume the posture of minimizing the problem itself......."

FoxNews 10/3/00 AP "…….Last week a group of eighth-grade girls were told not to wear shirts with the Confederate symbol because they might offend other students. Defying the order, the girls wore the shirts to school Friday and brought additional shirts for other students. "It was enough to cause a disruption," Harris County Superintendent Susan Andrews said Monday. "They were suspended for defying authority." Some of the suspended students' parents complained to Andrews that if white students were not allowed to wear the flag-emblazoned shirts, then black students should not be allowed to wear the hip-hop FUBU brand. FUBU, which stands for "For Us, By Us," is a New York-based clothing company founded by four black men in 1992. The clothes feature vibrant colors, oversized styles and prominent logos. The brand has spread from urban areas to malls and department stores nationwide. ......Andrews decided Friday that neither FUBU clothing nor shirts with the Confederate flag would be allowed at Carver Middle School this week. But after meeting Monday with a group of black parents unhappy with her ban on FUBU clothes, Andrews said she would let students wear the FUBU brand after this week if it didn't cause a disturbance. No problems were reported Monday. ….."

Massachusetts News 10/00 Ed Oliver "........ At a Fistgate workshop named "Teachers Coming Out," a Cambridge teacher in a middle school told how she used a holocaust class to set the stage for an announcement to her 12- to 14-year-old students that she was a lesbian. But she has upset at least one Jewish person with her announcement. Brian Camenker, who is president of the Parents Rights Coalition, tells Massachusetts News: "As a Jew who had extensive family in Eastern Europe before WWII, I find the use of the Holocaust to promote homosexuality themes to children to be extremely offensive and outrageous. ........... "Moreover, the teacher's use of sophisticated propaganda techniques on middle school children is offensive to all parents. She is using fear and emotion to turn their minds against the values they are taught at home. Unfortunately, it has become routine that parents are not told of this. These horrible tactics of deceit are used by schools to promote homosexuality across Massachusetts." ...... The teacher, Susan McCray from Somerville, teaches a humanities class at Graham and Parks School in Cambridge. Shocking the Students In a 14-page handout given to workshop participants titled, "Looking Inside the Desks: One Teacher's Coming Out Story," McCray demonstrated that she put a lot of thought into preparing for her big "coming out" day. She detailed the methodical steps she used to steer discussion of the horror of the holocaust into a discussion of her personal sexual proclivities. ........"

MSNBC 10/3/00 "......NOTRA TRULOCK, the former head of counterintelligence at the Energy Department, testified Tuesday that a New York Times reporter had told him that Richardson identified Lee as the primary suspect in the investigation. It was Trulock's first public comment on the case since he abruptly resigned from the Energy Department in August 1999 amid growing controversy over his role in the Lee case........ "One of the reporters involved in the publication ... told me directly that Secretary Richardson had provided to him the name of Wen Ho Lee," Trulock testified at a hearing before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee that is looking into the government's handling of the Lee case. Asked if he could name the reporter, Trulock replied, "James Risen, New York Times."........."

MSNBC 10/3/00 "......Lee's lawyers have filed a Privacy Act lawsuit against both the Energy and Justice departments claiming that Richardson, among others, leaked Lee's name to various news organizations. ......Risen was one of two New York Times reporters who in March 1999 broke the story of an alleged spying incident at Los Alamos National Laboratory in which China had obtained U.S. nuclear secrets. Lee was not identified in the initial story, but his name surfaced in a follow-up report in The Times and in stories by other news organizations, including, several days later....... The Energy Department did not immediately responded to request for comment on the charge by Trulock, who has himself been accused by senior Energy Department officials of making Lee the focus of the agency's investigation of alleged spying owing to what one investigator claimed were "racist views toward minority groups."........"

MSNBC 10/3/00 "......At Tuesday's hearing, Trulock disputed the characterizations of his views and charged that Energy Department investigators Robert Vrooman and Charles Washington had made false public statements about his conduct during the investigation. It was Washington who charged in a sworn affidavit filed on Lee's behalf that Trulock had exhibited "racist views toward minority groups." Vrooman, in a similar affidavit, charged that Lee had been unfairly targeted by Trulock and others because he is a Chinese-American. Vrooman, who retired from the Energy Department last year, was himself reprimanded by Richardson for allegedly failing to assist the FBI investigation of suspected Chinese espionage. Trulock said both Vrooman and Washington, as well as other senior officials at the lab and in the FBI, had been briefed throughout his investigation and had never expressed concerns about its direction until public criticism erupted following the near-collapse of the government's case against Lee. He said he has filed lawsuits alleging libel and slander against Richardson, Vrooman, Washington and Lee in an effort to clear his name......."

New York Post 10/3/00 Michael Meyers "..... LET the first question to Al Gore in tonight's debate be: "Will you condemn your running mate Joe Lieberman's plans to meet with Black Muslim Minister Louis Farrakhan?" ......... Why is Lieberman reaching out to the likes of Louis Farrakhan, and why is he getting a pass on it from his fellow Democrats? Does he really believe that being "inclusive" means he must legitimatize an unvarnished, unrepentant black bigot simply because the polls say that bigot is America's No. 1 black leader? Could it be that Lieberman doesn't know of Farrakhan's record, of his penchant for racial demagoguery and defamation? ........ What is there about Farrakhan's organization and "religion" for Lieberman to "respect?" The tenets of Farrakhan's Nation of Islam - as decreed by its Perfect Messenger Elijah Muhammad - are crystal clear: The White Man is the devil; the "black race" is superior. The Nation of Islam is as much a religion as the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizens' Councils, whose faith avowed belief in white supremacy and the idea that white culture needed to be preserved through separation of "the races." .........So, the second question to Gore must be: "What is it about Minister Farrakhan's 'work' and philosophy that you and your running mate respect?" .......Farra-con preaches the gospel of race, and in so doing he stereotypes, scapegoats and castigates whites in general, and minorities like Catholics and gays. But, as Anti-Defamation League head Abraham Foxman explains, "Anti-Semitism is a special hatred" of Farrakhan's - as Farrakhan professes to know and speak "the truth" about Jews. ......"

Newsday Online 10/4/00 ".... DUESSELDORF, Germany (AP) -- Assailants firebombed a synagogue in the western city of Duesseldorf on the eve of the 10th anniversary of German reunification, police said Tuesday. No one was injured and damage was minimal. Police were questioning two youths, ages 15 and 16, and were not ruling out a right-wing motive. A prominent Jewish leader condemned the attack and demanded better protection for Jewish institutions in Germany. ....." 10/1/00 Carl Limbcher "…… Republican senate candidate Rick Lazio criticized Democratic vice presidential hopeful Joe Lieberman on Sunday for proposing to meet with Nation of Islam chief Louis Farrakhan. ….. Last week, Lieberman told American Urban Radio that he admired and respected Farrakhan, who has in the past called Jews "bloodsuckers" and "wicked deceivers" who have "wrapped their tentacles around the American government." …….. "Of course I'd be open to sitting and talking with Minister Farrakhan," the Orthodox Jewish candidate told AUR's largely African-American audience. "I think it's a great idea....I look forward to it." "I have respect for him.... I admire what Minister Farrakhan is doing," Lieberman added. ……"

9/27/00 Hannity Radio The Gores kept their children's nannie locked in the car while they ate at a "Whites Only" resturant. Freeper Paradox "….. The ONLY thing this could do is to make Al admit that his father was somewhat less than loving of his fellow darker man.. it really says nothing about Al's himself, other than he has been misrepresenting his father to everyone. He can go on TV and cry about how tough it was to do the right thing in the Old Tennessee, and how he fights doubly hard, because of what he saw, to do the right thing NOW.. and all the liberals will shed a tear with him and his poll numbers will go up a bit... "

Drudge Book Exclusive 9/27/00 "……"Our parents said to work for good white folks -- and that's what we did!" Those are the shocking words of Mattie Lucy Payne, 89, housekeeper and nanny to the Gores of Tenneessee. …….. On some occasions the Gores would take Payne on trips to Washington, where Al Sr. was Senator. On those rides, Payne recalls being kept in the backseat of the car -- as the Gore family dined in 'Whites Only' restaurants! …….. Payne says she complained bitterly about the high temperatures in the car while she waited. …. "Albert Jr. would bring out a sandwich to the car because I was not allowed in the restaurant," Mattie Lucy Payne told a local reporter. "We didn't know any better, that's the way we grew up." ......" 9/21/00 Maurice Thomas "…… The Confederate flags, and slavery tracts and tapes at Maurice Bessinger's Midlands barbecue restaurants are costing him more business. North Carolina-based Food Lion on Wednesday announced it will remove Bessinger's barbecue products from 118 stores in South Carolina, making it the second retailer to pull the products in response to Bessinger's expression of his views. Last week, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. removed Bessinger's products from eight of its Sam's Club stores in the Carolinas and about 100 Wal-Mart stores in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky. ……. Along with his mustard-based barbecue, Bessinger's West Columbia restaurant sells slavery tapes and tracts with titles such as "The Biblical View of Slavery." …… An excerpt from one tract reads:"... Many of those African slaves blessed the Lord for allowing them to be enslaved and sent to America. Because what they had over here was far better than what they had over there." ……"

USA Today 9/22/00 Amy Holmes "……Oprah Winfrey may be America's most powerful black woman, but even an appearance with daytime TV's queen didn't halt Al Gore's slide among minority female voters. A bipartisan poll this month found Gore's support among that historically Democratic constituency dropped 10 points in just over a week. Time magazine reports that Gore's own internal polling finds support among black voters ''wide but soft, with only 45% of respondents saying they were definitely going to vote.'' …….. This may explain, then, why Gore took the extraordinary step this past weekend of personally attacking a sitting Supreme Court justice. In one of a whirlwind of speeches before black audiences, Gore reeled off a list of the administration's minority appointees, ending with the kicker, ''53 judges and not a Clarence Thomas among them!'' …… Note he named Thomas, not Antonin Scalia or another conservative justice. Gore's ugly insinuation: Thomas is a discredit to his race. …….. The comment was improper, uncivil and beneath the dignity of his office. Most seriously, it raises doubts about Gore's judgment and his respect for the separation of powers integral to our democracy. ……."

AP via 9/21/00 Greg Toppo "…..On Election Day, nearly 1.4 million voting-age black men -- more than one in eight -- will be ineligible to cast ballots because of state laws that strip felons of the right to vote. ''Here we are, 50 years after the beginning of the civil rights movement, and we actually have an increasing number of African-Americans who are disenfranchised each year,'' said Marc Mauer of The Sentencing Project, which analyzed 1996 Justice Department statistics along with Human Rights Watch. …… Disenfranchised black males account for 35 percent of all Americans now barred from voting because of felony convictions. Two percent of all Americans, or 3.9 million, have lost the right to vote, compared with 13 percent of adult black men. ……."

Houston Chronicle 9/20/00 Carlton Pearson "…… For as long as I can remember, both sides of my family have been registered voters with the Democratic Party and unquestionably -- and often without thinking -- voted the Democratic ticket. …….. But when Ronald Reagan was running for president in 1980 -- primarily because of his emphasis on moral and ethical integrity, and his conspicuous embrace of conservative concerns regarding faith in God and the church, I changed parties and voted Republican. I have done so ever since. ......For the first several years after changing party affiliations, I was a "closet Republican," primarily because Republicans and their party platform have been considered the enemy of African-Americans and other minorities. ….. In my opinion, the "one-party system" for African-Americans has been our curse. …….. When I saw Vice President Al Gore pandering to the NAACP crowd, even emulating the stereotypical oratory of African-American preachers, my stomach turned. He and his liberal Democratic cronies assumed that if they played the music right, we'd dance to their tune. I was insulted by his presumption and disappointed by our gullibility. …… Yet while the majority of African-American leaders have career commitments to the Democrats, there is a small but growing number of black urban professionals ("buppies") who are reconsidering the long- and short-term benefits of our carte blanche commitment to the party's liberal agenda. Within the African-American community, there are some definite conservative instincts and inclinations. To those people, I would say: It's all right to be black and Republican. …… African-Americans are making more money, seizing more opportunities and accessing more power and influence than ever before. We've never before realized the powerful advantages of a capitalistic society. But after decades of strong, forceful and consistent civil rights activism and the continuing influence of the powerful and prophetic dreams of Martin Luther King Jr., African-Americans -- particularly the baby boom generation -- are beginning to experience different options and political dispositions. ………Sure, there were more minorities on the Republican National Convention stage than among the delegates on the floor, but you have to start somewhere. How could there be more minorities on the floor until there are minorities on the stage with whom they can identify? It is far more effective to address African-American concerns from within the party than from outside it. Retired Gen. Colin Powell had much greater impact and influence on issues such as affirmative action and broadening the appeal to minority concerns during the Republican convention in Philadelphia than he would have had during the Democratic convention in Los Angeles. …….. As African-Americans, let's leverage our political options by removing the unspoken taboos associated with party affiliation. I think George W. Bush could be a powerful catalyst for change. This could be a great new start for the two-party system, especially as it relates to people of color. There is no better time to be a black Republican than now. ……."

Fox News 9/20/00 AP "……A congresswoman who created a stir when she arranged a Democratic fund-raiser at the Playboy Mansion has canceled another event rather than change the format because President Clinton's schedule changed. Rep. Loretta Sanchez was scheduled to be hostess Sunday for a dinner with Clinton. However, she called it off rather than turn the event into a reception to accommodate changes that limited the time the president would have available. Sanchez had wanted donors to experience "a nice, intimate evening with the president,'' said her spokeswoman, Sarah Anderson. "It's really important to her that people who want to be a part of the process and contribute to the (Democratic National Committee) get a good experience,'' Anderson said. ……"

A.P. (CNN) 9/20/00 "……Hoping to illustrate its diverse enrollment, the University of Wisconsin at Madison says it doctored a photo on a brochure cover by inserting a black student in a crowd of white football fans. "We did it in this one instance, and it really was an error in judgment," University publications director Al Friedman said Tuesday. ….."

Yahoo News 9/20/00 Randall Mikkelsen Reuters "…….Leaders of one of the nation's largest black churches saluted President Clinton on Wednesday as a ``black man masquerading in a white body,'' who absorbed political blows for championing African-Americans. ``A lot of the blows that he took were because he would not forsake us,'' said Bishop Chandler Owens of the Church of God in Christ, speaking at the church's annual bishops conference. …….. Owens introduced Clinton after a succession of bishops in the 8-million member church hailed the president for defending affirmative action, intervening in Haiti and working to advance blacks. ……. ``I told the president when he first got elected that he was a black man masquerading in a white body,'' Owens said, as Clinton roared with laughter. ``The president is laughing, but evidently he believes that.'' ……. But with his eye on the political ball, Clinton told the group the best way to extend his legacy would be to elect Democratic Vice President Al Gore to succeed him, and to elect first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and other Democrats to the U.S. Senate. ``All we've done for the last eight years is set the table. And the feast is still out there,'' he said……"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution online 9/19/00 Mary MacDonald ".....A white teacher who said a racial slur in her fourth-grade classroom while trying to discipline two black students who had used the same word against each other will be reassigned to another school in Cobb County, the district announced Monday. Cheryl M. Mewborn also will receive a three-day suspension without pay and will be required to attend diversity training, said Jay Dillon, spokesman for the Cobb schools. Mewborn, 42, is a first-year teacher at Bryant Elementary School, where the incident occurred Aug. 30...."

St Paul Pioneer Press 9/19/00 Laurence D Cohen "...... Sociologists making us all victims of victimization The college kids barely had time to unpack when the warnings began: Don't smoke. Don't drink. No unprotected sex. No drugs. But no one ever warns them about the real danger lurking inside those ivy-covered walls. Stay away from the sociologists. ..... Those sociologists are a sneaky bunch. They creep out beyond the sociology department and teach urban studies and African-American studies and feminist studies and all sorts of victimization studies, some of which have been promoted to make-believe departments of their very own. But don't be fooled. They're still sociologists. ....... The sociologists know that the road to tenure, promotions and fat grants from loopy foundations is filled with victims, so the curriculum is overloaded with beleaguered women and minorities and misunderstood criminals. When Youngstown State University in Ohio launched its Center for Working-Class Studies in the early 1990s, it was considered groundbreaking: Part of the focus was going to be blue-collar white folks. Neither of the co-founders was a sociologist. Although many academic disciplines maintain the pretext of objective exploration, the sociologists have pretty much transformed themselves into knee-jerk advocates. Take the nuttiest thing you ever heard a left-wing Democrat say out loud and you can find it in a sociology textbook or journal article.......... In his book ``Jail: Managing the Underclass in American Society,'' sociologist John Irwin is in the mainstream of his profession when he complains that jails treat people like, well, you know, prisoners. ........ In the real world, one need only look at welfare reform to see how irrelevant sociologists and their colleagues in the social worker community have become. After decades of watching academic sociologists and social workers craft and defend a destructive welfare system that provided perverse incentives for victims to stay victims, it took a gaggle of ideologically driven politicians and economists to fix the mess, with financial incentives to do the right things and avoid the wrong things. That isn't called sociology; it's called Economics 101......"

NewsMax 9/18/00 Mike Gallagher "......But no one seemed to notice one little missing gesture: When Gore came out onto the stage, he wouldn't kiss her. Every TV talk show I've ever seen features a male host kissing a female guest, or a female host getting a kiss from the male guest, usually the traditional peck on the check. And when Gore and Winfrey sat down, Oprah even complained, "I was hoping for a kiss." Now she was probably referring to the famously staged smooch that Gore gave Tipper at the convention, but wouldn't you think that would be the perfect opportunity for the vice president to reach over and give her a little kiss? Nothing doing. He wouldn't budge and just sort of nervously laughed. Could this be an example of what Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney meant when she wrote of Gore's "low Negro tolerance level"? ......" 9/21/00 Maurice Thomas "…… The Confederate flags, and slavery tracts and tapes at Maurice Bessinger's Midlands barbecue restaurants are costing him more business. North Carolina-based Food Lion on Wednesday announced it will remove Bessinger's barbecue products from 118 stores in South Carolina, making it the second retailer to pull the products in response to Bessinger's expression of his views. …….. Last week, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. removed Bessinger's products from eight of its Sam's Club stores in the Carolinas and about 100 Wal-Mart stores in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky. Food Lion officials last week said they had no plans to remove Bessinger's products. But spokeswoman Wendy Melton said her company decided to stop selling Bessinger's products based on "a lot of facts we were not aware of in the beginning." ……"

UPI 10/16/00 "…..Accelerant was used in a fire at a Syracuse, N.Y. synagogue fire, federal officials said Monday. "It certainly was an arson," U.S. Attorney Daniel French said. "But it's premature to call it a hate crime. We don't know the intent of the perpetrator or perpetrators. Nobody should make any conclusions." The fire at Temple Beth El at 10:50 p.m. Friday occurred in the synagogue's first-floor office. No one was in the temple at the time of the fire, but neighbors said they heard a loud noise right before the fire broke out. Federal investigators said they have not determined whether a bomb was used but they said that evidence from the fire has been sent to the FBI laboratory in Washington for analysis. ….."

WSJ 12/26/00 "..... After eight years of color-by-number Clinton appointments, deemed evidence of the Democratic Party's "racial sensitivity," liberals are now complaining as George W. Bush breaks color barriers and makes history. Retired General Colin Powell, as Secretary of State, will be the third highest-ranking official in the Executive Branch, third only because he turned down the second spot and wasn't interested in running for the first. Condoleezza Rice is to become the first black woman national security adviser. She won't be the first black in the post; that was Mr. Powell, who served under yet another Republican meanie, Ronald Reagan. .......Referring to Mr. Powell and Ms. Rice, Rep. Alcee Hastings, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and a prominent fixture on cable news as a spokesman for black America, told Fox News that "those kinds of people . . . are not the kinds of champions that would be helpful, and they don't have a following" in the black community. E.R. Shipp of the New York Daily News described Mr. Powell and Ms. Rice as "safe Negroes." These views deserve to be addressed. .......Racial bean counting is, of course, a preoccupation of Democrats and the media, and we suspect Republicans instead will concern themselves with job performance. But a GOP so used to being attacked on this front can't help but enjoy watching the President-elect hoist liberals by their own identity politics, which paint Republicans as racist by nature and which were used to an unprecedented degree against Candidate Bush despite his equally unprecedented efforts to court black voters. A famous NAACP commercial associated Mr. Bush with dragging a black man to his death. ......Mr. Bush has simply filled these two substantive posts with two substantive individuals who happen to be black......"

Newsday 12/26/00 AP "..... Decrying her as the ''queen of racial profiling,'' the Rev. Al Sharpton promised Tuesday to lead the fight against New Jersey Gov. Christie Todd Whitman's appointment as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. ''She is not symbolic of a governor who reaches out,'' Sharpton told a Harlem news conference. ''She has a cloud of racism over her. ... There's a warning signal sent by this nomination, and we intend to fight it.'' ...... Sharpton's specific complaint was that Whitman failed to show sufficient concern about the targeting of black motorists on the New Jersey Turnpike ....."

New York Post 12/27/00 Michael Meyers "…… READING is not a fundamental tenet of the seven principles and days of Kwanzaa, the made-up "African-American" cultural holiday that began yesterday. So it's not surprising that the current regime of race leaders at the NAACP, under the guidance of one African-American named Kweisi Mfume, didn't bother to read much less heed its own policy against taking sides on candidates for office (elective or appointive) before rushing to oppose John Ashcroft, President-elect Bush's pick for attorney general. …….. Mfume claims that Ashcroft's selection is an insult to blacks and proof positive that black Americans were right to vote (in a Kwanzaa-like show of racial unity) 9 to l against presidential candidate George W. Bush. Ashcroft's sin, according to the gospel of the NAACP, is that while in the U.S. Senate he disagreed with the NAACP too many times on civil-rights issues, including on affirmative action and hate-crime legislation; he "voted to approve only three of 15 legislative issues supported by the NAACP . . ." That, says Kweisi, is "outrageous" - the same sentiment he had for the views of presidential candidate Bush, particularly on hate-crime laws, as was featured in a blatantly partisan NAACP ad during the campaign. ………… Neither Ashcroft nor Bush should worry. The Kwanzaa crows' racial rhetoric may convince TV producers to put them on to bellyache about a nomination, but few Americans will seek the truth about a nominee in an NAACP press release. …. Bush won the presidency, and he is entitled to have as his attorney general a guy who reflects his own philosophy, not the NAACP's. And it is simply reprehensible for the NAACPniks to imply that Bush's nominee is a racist or that he won't uphold the laws of the U.S. simply because they gave Ashcroft an F on their report card. ……Ashcroft is widely regarded as a man of integrity by his former colleagues in the Senate, including some liberals. And a man of integrity, whatever his personal views, knows that as attorney general he is obliged to uphold and to enforce the laws of the United States, and that it is Congress that makes those laws, and the U.S. Supreme Court that is the final arbiter of whether a law passes constitutional muster. No one man can nullify the laws of our democracy. …….."

Houston Chronicle 12/26/00 "…… In war, to the victor go the spoils. In political campaigns, to the supporters go the influence and access. So, President-elect George W. Bush would have been well within the bounds of this truism to have written off black Americans, who voted for him at the rate of only around one in 12 (one in 20 black Texans voted for Bush), as a constituency lost to Democrats. But, to his credit and the benefit of the nation, Bush has extended a hand to black church leaders to look for support for conservative policies he believes will appeal to the larger black community. …… Last week in Austin, Bush met with African-American ministers from around the country, a group that included Houston's Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell. The action is typical of Bush, known during his governorship for building coalitions across racial and party lines. ….."

NBC Meet the Press 12/17/00 Freeper Abortion Abolitionist "..... About 24 minutes into Meet the Depressed, Tim Russert was interviewing the Reverend Jesse Jackson when a small pop echoed through the set. The transcript went like this:

TR: ...and a Hispanic White House Council. Democrats had the White House and never did anything like that.

JJ: And that's the good news but Colin Powell comes out of a policy...

[off screen pop, Jesse's eye's get big, he crouches down, eyes going rapidly back and forth]

TR: That was just a light bulb, sorry.

[JJ gives TR a long dirty look, takes another good look around, and then slowly continues while pulling his head up out of his suit] ......"

FoxNews 12/17/00 Freeper rintense "...... President-Elect Bush named three more cabinet posts today at 2:40pm. Included with the not-so-secret choice of Condolezza Rice as National Security Advisor was Al Gonzalez as Chief Counsel, and (WOO HOO!) Karen Hughes as Conselor to the President. ...." 12/17/00 Carl Limbacher "...... A noise on the set of "Meet the Press" had the Rev. Jesse Jackson ducking imaginary bullets on Sunday, in the apparent belief that assassins had broken into NBC studios to rub him out. The incident took place as MTP host Tim Russert reminded Jackson that President-elect George W. Bush's first Cabinet appointments include Gen. Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Al Gonzalez - two blacks and a Hispanic. ....... Russert challenged the civil rights leader with the observation, "Democrats had the presidency and never did anything like that......Just as Jackson began to respond, a loud crashing noise echoed throughout the studio, prompting him to hunch his shoulders and duck while his eyes furtively scanned the room. ....."That was just a light bulb. Sorry," explained Russert, as the nervous reverend stroked his chin in the apparent anticipation that a second volley of gunshots would erupt at any moment. ....."

Washington Times 12/18/00 "..... President-elect George W. Bush made his first appointments on Saturday. The selection of retired Gen. Colin Powell for Secretary of State and Stanford Professor Condoleezza Rice for National Security Adviser are impressive and speak volumes about the kind of team Mr. Bush wants to assemble. Mr. Bush additionally named Alberto R. Gonzales, a Texas Supreme Court justice, as White House counsel. Asked yesterday at the Texas governor's mansion whether these "minority" appointments sent a message to the nation, Mr. Bush answered in the affirmative. The message? That this country offers great opportunities to those who work hard and make the right choices in life. That's all..... On the plus side, Mr. Powell will inject much needed aspect of seriousness and authority into U.S. foreign policy. Unlike Madeleine Albright, presumably Mr. Powell will not sing duos with Russian prime ministers, do the hula with North Korean school children or run after Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in high heels and demand that he come back and sit down. ......"

Washington Times 12/18/00 "..... Given their accomplishments, Mr. Powell's and Miss Rice's appointments are obviously not the result of Clinton-style bean counting. In an odd way, perhaps that is why the nation's black leaders, still angry and smarting from Vice President Gore's loss, sadly have failed to applaud them. In an interview with The Washington Times editorial page this fall, Miss Rice explained why she had switched from the Democratic Party to the Republicans. "I am a Republican because I believe in the power of individuals," she said. "I believe in the the power of the markets, I believe in small government and in placing family first. My values are conservative values. The color of you eyes or you skin should not matter. . . I got very tired of being a Democrat and found that I was only asked to speak on minority issues." Mr. Bush has shown that he wants competent people around him, judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. That's a good start. ....."

Boston Herald 12/18/00 Joe Fitzgerald "..... In the reconciling spirit he needs to employ, George W. Bush revealed the other day that he has agreed to meet with Rev. Jesse Jackson, raising a hope at this address that our president-elect has among his gifts the ability to suffer fools gladly. ......When last heard from, which in his case is never long enough, Jesse was threatening to hit the streets on Inauguration Day, or perhaps Martin Luther King Day, railing that Bush is without ``moral legitimacy,'' having employed ``Nazi tactics,'' that ``voting while black'' is the nation's newest crime, that our present Supreme Court simply reworded the Dred Scott decision, that . . . well, you get the point. This man makes Al Sharpton look like Winston Churchill. ........Jesse may preach the Gospel of ``peace on earth, goodwill to men,'' but in no way does he personify it, nor would he find those noble aspirations advantageous to his agenda, for what's a rabble-rouser to do when no one's upset, when no one's got a bone to pick? ....."

The New York Times 12/18/00 William Safire ".....The biggest gamble of the past election was made by the African-American leadership. The N.A.A.C.P. sponsored the most extremist ad attacking Republicans since L.B.J.'s discredited "daisy spot" of 1964. The Rev. Jesse Jackson went all out to paint the G.O.P. as a hotbed of reaction and its standard- bearer as a danger to the hopes and jobs of black Americans. .....Even now, as most Democrats follow Al Gore's lead in accepting the election verdict and looking forward, Jackson keeps the resentment pot boiling with calls for investigations and unofficial recounts. ...... The good thing about the all-out effort was that it turned out black voters as never before, inducing many to vote for the first time. Creating that voting habit is a net gain for the nation. The bad thing about it was no hedging of the bet; black voters were motivated to vote as a bloc for one man and one party. As a result, Bush received less than 8 percent of the black vote, the worst for a Republican since the lamentable Goldwater "Southern strategy" campaign. ......In terms of black self-interest, the trouble with the African-American vote is that it is not in play. It is now more than ever locked up and delivered, seemingly beyond the reach of Republicans and taken for granted by Democrats. Representative J. C. Watts and a tiny cadre of black Republicans understand this. ...."

FoxNews 12/18/00 "..... The Rev. Al Sharpton is expected to announce Monday his intention to file suit against Burger King over its treatment of blacks. The announcement followed Thursday's federal court decision that cleared the fast-food company of a black Detroit businessman's claim that the chain reneged on a deal to let him open more than 200 restaurants in urban areas...."

AP via FOX 1/1/01 Larry Margasak ".....Civil rights groups will publicly confront Democratic senators and demand that they vote against their former Republican colleague, John Ashcroft, for attorney general, civil rights activist Jesse Jackson said Monday. Jackson said the groups, joined by organized labor, will concentrate their lobbying away from Washington and confront lawmakers at public events such as Martin Luther King Day celebrations this month. The effort also will try to defeat the nomination of New Jersey Gov. Christie Whitman as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. ......"

Barbara Sherlock 1/1/01 Tribune ".....Contending the nation's prosperity under the Clinton administration eluded the poor of Chicago, three South Side pastors joined together Sunday in a pledge to reach out to Republicans for help. "We are here today, hopefully, to express a new leadership for a new Englewood and surrounding communities," Rev. Gregory Daniels said at a news conference at Beth-El All Nations Church, 6250 S. Justine St. ...... Saying they represent traditionally Democratic-voting congregations totaling about 1,000 parishioners, the pastors denounced "the monarchy and dictatorship style of the local Democratic machine," announced their respect for President-elect George W. Bush and extended an "an olive branch" to Gov. George Ryan. ....... "We need someone to start the healing process in this country especially in Chicago, and begin a dialogue with Republican leaders on how African-Americans can benefit from the Bush presidency," Daniels said ....."

UPI 12/20/00 Kathy Gambrell ".....President-elect George W. Bush plans to meet with religious leaders Wednesday to explore possible implementation of faith-based social service initiatives, part of the "compassionate conservatism" he touted during his campaign......... The meeting will involve a multi-denominational group of about 20 leaders to get feedback on how to tackle a variety of social ills using the religious community, Bush advisers said......... Among the religious leaders slated to attend the meeting are Rev. Tony Evans of the Oakcliff Baptist Church in Dallas Texas and Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas......... The Bush transition team denied press reports Tuesday that Bush planned to evade talks with black leaders of the civil rights movement, opting instead to appeal directly to black ministers to garner support. Sources pointed to the multi-denominational and multi-racial character of the group the president-elect will meet with in Austin.......... Jackson said that while he supported Bush meeting with religious leaders, he found it "interesting" that Bush traveled to Capitol Hill last week and met with congressional leaders but failed to talk with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. ..... Other Bush supporters suggested that he did not need to make any kind of end run around black leaders. ...... "His record [on race issues] speaks for itself, said Caldwell, adding that Vice President Al Gore had only one black manager out of 200 people on his vice presidency staff. Conversely, he added, 18 percent of Bush's gubernatorial middle managers were black.......:

Fox News 12/19/00 David Koeppel ".....Reparations for the American descendants of black slaves continue to be a hot-button issue, and a new California law only promises to make the controversy even more heated. The law takes effect in January, and will require state insurance companies to reveal a little known secret: that some of those companies and their corporate ancestors sold slave insurance during the 18th and 19th centuries. ....." 12/21/00 Larry Elder "...... Reverend Jesse Jackson recently phoned president-elect George W. Bush. Presumably, Jackson called to begin a working relationship. Remember, the black vote went almost exclusively to Al Gore, accounting for nearly 20 percent of Gore's votes. Why, then, should George W. Bush begin a "working relationship" with Jackson? Only a couple weeks ago, at a pro-Gore rally, Jackson thundered, "Today we stand surrounded, Jeb Bush on one hand, Miss Harris on the other, George W. and Cheney comin' from behind, the Supreme Court of Florida. But we will not surrender. Our hopes are alive. Our dreams are alive. Our faith is alive. God will see us through. It's dark, but the morning comes. Don't let them break your spirit." ....... Apparently, Jackson got no satisfaction from his call with Bush. A few days later, in Los Angeles, Jackson pronounced Bush's presidency "a coup d'etat," noting "justice delayed is justice denied." Obviously, Bush's black appointees -- Colin Powell for secretary of state, and Condoleezza Rice for national security adviser -- don't impress. ........"

CBSNEWS 12/20/00 "......President-elect Bush's latest overture to black Americans, an invitation to black ministers to discuss "faith-based solutions" to social problems, ran into skepticism from some black clergymen. Several ministers said the session, scheduled Wednesday in Austin, Texas, is an attempt to split black leaders and gloss over hard feelings that many black Americans hold toward Bush for the election outcome in Florida, which awarded him the Electoral College votes necessary to win the presidency. ...... "Here's another one of those old schemes of divide and conquer," said the Rev. Amos Brown, pastor of Third Baptist Church in San Francisco and a member of the city's board of supervisors. Brown said Tuesday, he was not invited to meet with Bush. ......But Bush was more optimistic about the meeting: "This is not a political meeting. This is a meeting about how to help faith-based programs improve people's lives." ......"

AP 12/20/00 David Ho ".....Demonstrators who shut down a global trade meeting in Seattle last year and brawled with police at the Republican National Convention plan to show up in force for President-elect Bush's inauguration next month. Organizers insist the protests, for a variety of causes, will be orderly and peaceful and that any violence will be the fault of police. ..... ''George Bush will not go one block down Pennsylvania Avenue without being confronted with signs and banners and other creatively done messages of the movement that says 'No' to the death penalty, 'No' to racism, 'No' to voter disenfranchisement,'' Brian Becker, co-director of the International Action Center, said at a news conference Thursday. ....." 12/22/00 John Doggett "...... Some people are getting hot and bothered by Jesse Jackson's antics, and that's exactly what he wants. Because his real audience is not President Bush; it's the Democratic Party. He's trying to prove that he "owns" the black vote. And the best way, he believes, is to make a lot of noise and threats until he gets a seat at the new leadership table of his party. ...... My friends, a full scale range war has erupted over who will lead the Democrats during the next two years. All Jesse is doing is placing his claim for a piece of the leadership pie. ....... He is like Al Gore in a way. He has a desperate need to be important. So he will do anything, make up any story, say whatever he must say ... to get attention. Now that I have "outed" him, let's wish Jesse luck. Because if he becomes a major Democratic power broker again, they can kiss their chances of regaining control of Congress goodbye. ....."

Reuters/ABC News 12/23/00 "......The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said on Saturday it will oppose President-elect George W. Bush"s nominee for attorney general, outgoing senator John Ashcroft, because of his positions on civil rights and affirmative action. "It is outrageous for President-elect Bush to select someone who has consistently opposed civil rights and affirmative action to be responsible for enforcing the nation"s laws," NAACP President Kweisi Mfume said in a statement. .......He said Ashcroft blocked President Bill Clinton"s nomination to a federal district court of Missouri Supreme Court Justice Ronnie White, the first black to serve on the state"s highest court, and voted against hate crimes legislation. ......." 12/23/00 Julie Foster "..... Keeping his pledge made last year to "hold this event every year until Jesse Jackson repents of his ways and stops attempting to tear the races apart for his own personal gain," Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson yesterday announced details of his second annual "National Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson." Founder and president of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, Peterson again scheduled the event to coincide with the nation's celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday -- Jan. 15, 2001. ...... "Jesse Jackson is out of control -- he has become a national embarrassment. He is a self-serving racist, a problem profiteer, who with the help of the liberal media, has co-opted Dr. King's dream and turned it into a nightmare," said Peterson. ....."

National Council for a Republican Congress 12/23/00 Marc Levin ".....Today, the National Council for a Republican Congress (NCRC) called the NAACP's attacks on Bush Attorney General nominee John Ashcroft "baseless and misleading" and blasted the NAACP's announcement that they will formally oppose Ashcroft's nomination. The NCRC is responding specifically to the following statement by NAACP Chairman Kweisi Mfume: ...... "It is outrageous for President-elect Bush to select someone who has consistently opposed civil rights and affirmative action to be responsible for enforcing the nation's laws. Ashcroft has one of the Senate's most negative voting records on civil rights. He received a grade of "F" on each of the last three NAACP report cards because of his anti-progressive voting record, having voted to approve only three of 15 legislative issues supported by the NAACP and other civil rights groups." ......NCRC First Vice Chairman Marc Levin, after reviewing the NAACP report card (, stated, "It is bogus to use the NAACP report card as a civil rights barometer, as most of the 15 votes have more to do with political partisanship than equal justice. For example, who would have thought that perjury and obstruction of justice would be termed civil rights by the NAACP? Yet, two of the fifteen votes used by the NAACP in their 1999-2000 report card are the Clinton impeachment votes." ......"

Houston Chronicle 12/24/00 Rob Elder "...... In the late `70s and early `80s, when the Soviet Union was still a superpower locked in a Cold War with the United States, Rice was teaching at Stanford University and just beginning to establish her reputation as an expert on military affairs in Europe. I was writing editorials about arms control. She became one of my sources. ..... I was dating the woman with whom Rice shared a house. The three of us spent some good times together; and those times showed me characteristics of Rice that over the years have helped bring her twice to the White House -- this time as a president's chief mentor and adviser on national security. ...... I'm not saying that 20 years ago I predicted that this young black woman from Birmingham, Ala., -- a city so segregated when she was a girl that it still had "colored" and "white" drinking fountains and restrooms -- would someday become the first female national security adviser. Nor did I foresee that on the way up she would be provost of Stanford. Or serve on the boards of the Hewlett Foundation, Charles Schwab Corp. and Chevron, the last of which has named a supertanker for her, thus creating a fantastic trivia question: What ocean-going ship has a name with two e's and two z's, and also includes something you eat? ...... But it was obvious, even back then, that Condoleezza Rice was a superachiever. She already had been a piano prodigy at age 3 (her name is the Italian musical term for "play it sweetly") and a competitive figure skater and a college freshman at age 15. ....."

The Telegraph (India) 12/24/00 "......After the controversy over racial discrimination, Coca-Cola is facing another public storm for an offence it may not even be aware of. Muslim religious leaders and clerics in Lucknow have issued a fatwa against Coke, asking Muslims in the country and across the world to boycott the fizzy drink as they are "certain" that the words Coca-Cola when held against a mirror reads "No Muhammad No Mecca" in Arabic. An enraged Maulana Kalbe Jawwad, religious head of the Shias, said: "It is blasphemy. ....."

U.S. News & World Report 1/3/01 Kenneth Walsh "...... At first, President Clinton's naming of Roger Gregory as the first black judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond seemed simple. But the move was also a time bomb for George W. Bush and one of several bits of mischief that Clinton, ever the master pol, is making for his successor. ......Clinton tapped Gregory, a Virginia lawyer, last week during a congressional recess, a rare procedure that he said came in response to Republican stalling on a longtime vacancy. Now the Republicans will have a problem if they oppose Gregory when his formal nomination comes up for a vote next year. "This guy will already be on the bench, and they will have to actually unseat him," says a Clinton adviser. .....The appointment is also designed to complicate Bush's efforts to win Senate confirmation for John Ashcroft as attorney general. Ashcroft has blocked at least one other black judicial nominee, saying he was weak on crime. ......."

Fox News 1/3/01 Sharon Kehnemui "...... Some groups oppose John Ashcroft for attorney general - but the Senate is expected to confirm him. Some African-American leaders already have called Bush's election illegitimate after the post-Election Day battles in Florida. And they have become incensed over Bush's selection of Ashcroft, lambasting the former Missouri senator's voting record and charging him with racially motivated political maneuvering. ........ The Rev. Al Sharpton told reporters Wednesday that protests are being planned for Inauguration Day, Jan. 20. "As George Bush raises his hand to be sworn in the 43rd president of the United States, thousands will raise their hands to uphold the Voter Rights Act that his selection [of Ashcroft] in our judgment is a major affront to," Sharpton said. ........ Rev. Jesse Jackson arrived on Capitol Hill Tuesday afternoon to meet with Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.C., and other Democrats to encourage them to reject Ashcroft's nomination. ..........Ashcroft's defenders have pointed to a number of accomplishments to deflect the criticism. As Missouri governor from 1985 to 1993, Ashcroft signed into law a state holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr.; established musician Scott Joplin's house as Missouri's only historic site honoring a black individual; created an award honoring black educator George Washington Carver; named a black woman to a state judgeship; and led a fight to save Lincoln University, which was founded by black soldiers. ....."

Chicago Tribune 1/4/01 John Kass ".......So Jackson is blustering and playing the race card, and warning about protests during Martin Luther King Day ceremonies later this month. ...... Silly me. I thought it was all about Jackson helping out his ally, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, and trying to bluff Ashcroft, who just might decide to investigate how hundreds of millions of dollars in Chicago taxpayer money gets shoveled to Daley's pals. .......... "Those who are with the civil rights agenda must not choose collegiality over civil rights and social justice," Jackson told The Associated Press the other day. .......How beautiful. Imagine, though, if Jackson held himself to the same standards he demands for others. .........He's kept his mouth shut during serious racial episodes in Chicago--incidents in which blacks were physically attacked by whites with clout. But by zipping his lip, Jackson avoided offending City Hall and the Daley organization. ......These people weren't attacked by symbols or words. They were attacked by bullets and rocks. The shooters and the throwers had some measure of political influence. ....... But Jackson didn't lead a series of protests. He was Mr. Hush. Now, though, Jackson's demanding accountability from others. ....."

Chicago Tribune 1/4/01 John Kass ".......Meanwhile, most reporters--particularly the TV kind--are too polite to mention Jackson's 1984 "Hymietown" remark, or the judgment against Sharpton for slander in the fictitious Brawley affair. .......... In Chicago, Jackson was strangely quiet during the aftermath of two racial incidents. ....... In May 1999, Police Sgt. Selles Morris, in full uniform, was attacked by a gang of drunken white teenagers on 87th Street. He made the mistake of suggesting they were drunk and telling them to go home. ......So they tried to smash his skull with rocks and used the `N' word, the `F' word and other words involving skull crushing. .......After the arrests, several kids were cut loose in the police station. Others were charged with simple misdemeanors. It was an election year. Daley and the 19th Ward crew wanted this one hushed up. So it was quashed. Morris kept his mouth shut too. So did Jackson, who, if history is any guide, is usually drawn, loudly, to such events. ......"

National Review 1/4/01 Ann Coulter "...The Left will berate President George W. Bush for making insufficiently diverse appointments, even though his major appointments so far largely exclude white men, as liberals prefer. .... Four women, three blacks, one Arab, two Hispanics, one Asian - even a DemocRAT. ......,,Though "as" ethnically diverse as Clinton's Cabinet (New York Times, 1/3/01), "strikingly diverse" (Washington Post, 1/3/01), and that it "arguably [will] be the most ethnically diverse Cabinet in history" (Baltimore Sun, 1/3/01) - Bush won't get any credit. ......Diversity isn't what the Left ever really wanted anyway, anymore than the feminists cared about sexual harassment. All their multicultural, sensitivity claptrap is just a means to attack their ideological enemies. As the New York Times "reported" after mentioning the extreme diversity of the Bush appointments: "At the same time, he has chosen for the most critical domestic policy posts figures who are acceptable to his party's conservative wing." ...... What does that mean, "at the same time"? It's hard to imagine a newspaper reporting on President Clinton's "looks like America" Cabinet, and then following up with something like "at the same time, they are acceptable to the party's liberal wing." ........" 12/29/00 Carl Limbacher "......Last week, when the New York Times printed a deposition from New York City black activist Al Sharpton, who was compelled to detail his curious personal finances as part of a defamation lawsuit brought by a man he defamed as a rapist, you might have expected a firestorm of publicity. ......After all, Rev. Sharpton -- apart from his false claims against Dutchess County prosecutor Stephen Pagnones -- has thrust himself into the national spotlight lately by promising to march on president Bush's inauguration and repeatedly denouncing Bush EPA pick Christie Todd Whitman as "the queen of racial profiling." ....... But the media has been fairly silent on Sharpton's testimony, despite its indication that he has developed the Leona Helmsey-like habit of running his personal expenses through his corporation, Rev. Als (no apostrophe) Productions.

Neither has the press pressed Sharpton on his under oath claims that he owns almost nothing while seeming to have "access" to all the acoutrements of a first class life-style. .......Not so former congressman and columnist John LeBoutillier, who confronted Sharpton Thursday night on the touchy topic while sitting in for Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes." ......."

NewsMax 12/28/00 Carl Limbacher "..... Rev. Jesse Jackson was pressured to curtail his vituperative attacks on President-elect George Bush by his financial backers on Wall Street, one of whom told him to call Bush personally to make amends...... That's the charge from Village Voice reporter Peter Noel, who argues in this week's issue that Jackson has been compromised by his ties to monied interests who don't want to alienate the new administration in Washington...... "These contributors told Jackson, 'You better hold this down because we won't back you anymore if you are adverse to the new administration in Washington. We certainly can't give you the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and all these other perks if you are out there taking shots at the new president..." And so on Dec. 14, Jackson called Bush and talked about "healing the nation and bringing it together."......."

The New Haven Register 12/31/00 Ben Wattenberg ".....At this time eight years ago, President-elect Bill Clinton was trying to put together an administration "that looks like America." How many blacks would there be in the major posts? How many Latinos? How many women? How should "two-fers" count? .......Fast-forward to this month. President-elect Bush, too, is well on his way to picking a Cabinet that looks like America, with blacks, Latinos, women, as well as white men. Some things have remained the same, but some things have changed - for the better, and for the weirder. .....Judging from Bush's choices so far, we will end up with a Cabinet that looks like a demographically balanced portrait of Republicans, many of them lawyers. Many of them will do fine jobs. ....... But this time we do not have the degrading spectacle of choosing a government-by-bean. We do not have high profile and divisive fights about race, ethnicity and gender. This time around you don't hear people saying, "I lost out because that job had to go to a tan skirt." ....... The weird part approaches transmogrification. Some Democratic black activists tell us that Secretary of State-designate Colin Powell and National Security Director Condoleeza Rice don't really count as blacks because they will deal with foreign policy, not with the principal domestic goals of the congressional black caucus. Mel Martinez of Florida, Secretary-designate of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, should not really be counted as a Latino because he doesn't sign on to the goals of some self-styled liberal Latino activists. ......It's the ideology, stupid. Thus, Clarence Thomas is not really black; he's a conservative. In the Reagan administration, certain feminist advocates refused to regard U.N. Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick as a bona fide woman, because, by their lights, she held conservative views on many issues. ......."

The Dallas Morning News 1/5/01 Paul Pringle "…..Antonio Gonzalez is in the business of breaking down ethnic barriers in politics, so he was heartened to see President-elect George W. Bush name six minorities to his Cabinet. But Mr. Gonzalez, president of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project in Los Angeles, says one of those nominees has rendered the diversity of the Bush team bittersweet. She is Labor Secretary-designee Linda Chavez, the conservative author and columnist who has railed against affirmative action, bilingual education and increases in the minimum wage. …… "This is the first Republican administration that has taken diversity seriously at the top level, and that's a very good thing," Mr. Gonzalez said. "Linda Chavez, however, is a hard pill to swallow." …….. Ms. Chavez's Hispanic detractors describe her as "the Latina Clarence Thomas" and the especially stinging "non-Hispanic Hispanic." They also say her nomination is likely to undo much of the good will that Mr. Bush fostered with his other minority Cabinet choices, all of whom are considered more moderate. ….."

London Telegraph 1/2/01 Tim Butcher "..... SIX years after the end of apartheid South Africa is to rewrite the history taught in its schools, ending the emphasis on "white" events such as the Great Trek and the frontier wars with African tribesmen. ...... For generations of South Africans history began with the arrival in 1652 of Jan van Riebeek, who founded the Cape colony as a victualling station for Dutch mariners. A commission entitled "SA History Project" has been set up by the education minister, Kader Asmal, to write a more balanced history for children. ......But the report gave a warning that the prejudiced version of history from the past should not be replaced by a more modern prejudiced version favourable to one or other ethnic group in South Africa. Opposition politicians agreed. A spokesman for the opposition Democratic Alliance said: "If it leads to the African National Congress's version of history being shoved down our pupils' throats, we could not support it." ....."

Wall Street Journal 1/3/00 "...... The early distortions have already started. The Web site devoted to second-guessing the New York Times, nailed the gray lady for quoting Ashcroft rhetoric depicting the gruesomeness of partial birth abortion as if it applied to all abortions. Columnist Anthony Lewis writes that in opposing the nomination of Missouri Supreme Court Justice Ronnie White as a federal judge, Senator Ashcroft "focused on one case in which Justice White had dissented alone. It was the conviction and death sentence of Brian Kinder for rape and murder." In fact, the Kinder case, over whether the trial judge should have recused himself after a public statement attacking affirmative action, was a rather secondary issue. Another lone dissent, involving the case of police killer James Johnson, led directly to Judge White's rejection by the Senate in 1999. ....... In fact, while Missouri's Governor for two terms, Mr. Ashcroft appointed the first black to the state court of appeals. He also signed into law the holiday honoring Martin Luther King, and established his state's only historic site honoring a black. As Senator he voted to confirm 26 out of 28 black Clinton nominees to federal courts. In losing re-election, exit polls found he won half again as many black votes as George W. Bush managed in Missouri......" 1/5/01 Don Feder "….. By far the most toxic trend in our society is the obsession with what's called diversity -- the notion that the shape of a person's nose, skin color or family's origins is more important than what's in his heart and mind. With three blacks, two Hispanics and an Asian-American in his Cabinet, you'd think George W. Bush would have satisfied the quota crowd. Instead, there's grumbling about the groups that aren't "represented" -- like Jews. ….. Sidney Zion, a columnist for the New York Post, laments the fact that there aren't more lamentations over this ominous omission. "Is this the Silence of the Lambs, or are American-Jews so secure as to not give a damn about a Jew-free Cabinet?" Zion fumes. ….. It might be noted that White House press secretary-to-be, Ari Fleischer, is a member of the tribe, as is former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith, Bush's chief domestic-policy advisor. …… But what really matters: a potential Cabinet officer's political philosophy -- and whether they have the commitment and experience to get the job done -- or which boxes they check on the Census form? ……."

AP 1/4/01 "…… Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings today agreed to develop a strategy for challenging Florida's Electors on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), which met earlier today. ...... During the meeting, Congressman Hastings urged his colleagues to formally challenge the acceptance of Presidential Electors from Florida, despite the fact that no Senator has committed to join him in this effort. Congresswoman Carrie Meek and Congresswoman Corrine Brown, both of Florida, joined Congressman Hastings in urging this show of leadership on the part of the CBC. …. Congressman Hastings also urged CBC members to join him in reaching out to Democratic Senators to co-sponsor the challenge and thereby make it legal. ……"

Houston Chronicle 1/5/01 Michael Hedges Karen masterson "…..The Rev. Jesse Jackson promised to mobilize nationwide opposition to Ashcroft's nomination. ……. "You cannot very well go to a Martin Luther King celebration on January 15 and vote for an Ashcroft," Jackson said Thursday. He accused Bush of nominating Cabinet members who would "unravel 50 years of civil rights law." ……The tactic of Jackson and others is to link a broad group of activists, including women's organizations, labor unions and environmentalists, to lobby their home state senators to vote against Ashcroft. …… A flood of news releases from liberal groups in the anti-Ashcroft coalition increased Thursday. Typical was one from the Violence Policy Center, an anti-gun group, which said if Ashcroft were confirmed, "the National Rifle Association will be running the Justice Department." ……On the other side of the political divide, conservative groups vowed to defend Ashcroft. Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group, threatened to file libel and slander lawsuits against "the ultra-left-wing groups which have vowed to destroy (Bush nominees) with charges of racism." ......" 1/5/01 "….. Microsoft, one of the great success stories in the history of American enterprise, has spent hundreds of millions to defend itself against claim that it is a monopolist. But just as that ridiculous suit is burning itself out, particularly with the change of regimes in Washington, the enemies of Microsoft have launched another sneak attack. …… The company now stands accused of-what else?-racial discrimination in hiring and promotion. A $5 billion class-action suit has been filed by former and present employees claiming that they have been damaged by an institutionalized racial bias (a "plantation mentality") at Microsoft……… And guess who has been assigned to adjudicate the case? Thomas Penfield Jackson - the same judge who couldn't use a computer at the outset of the monopoly case but later divined that the company should be split into two parts, which is to say destroyed. This man has it out for the company…….." 1/6/01 Carl Limbacher "….. Vermont Senator Pat Leahy said Thursday that attorney general designee John Ashcroft will have to answer charges that he's a racist during his senate confirmation grilling. "He'll have to answer questions in that regard," the ranking Senate Judiciary Committee Democrat told a home-state radio host, while adding that he didn't personally believe Ashcroft was guilty of the charge. ….. Earlier in the week, the former Missouri senator met with Leahy in a private closed door meeting on Capitol Hill in hopes of allaying the powerful Democrat's fears about his nomination. Leahy said that while the meeting helped, there were still issues he needed to address publicly. …… Leahy's mention of the late Missouri governor prompted a question about Carnahan's early 1960's blackface appearances in three Missouri minstrel shows. ......,"Why weren't Democrats critical of (Mel Carnahan) with this whole blackface episode?," asked Johnson. "Now that's certainly not something you'd condone." "A number of people were (critical of Carnahan's minstrel shows)," responded Leahy, "myself included, spoke out at the time." ….Clearly uncomfortable, the Vermont Democrat explained that when the truth about the ugly episode emerged, "(Carnahan) had to go to the African-American community, speak about what it was, and had to make his peace with them." ……Leahy said that black leaders themselves "had to make the ultimate determination about whether they accepted his explanation. Apparently they did." ……"

New York Daily News 1/6/01 John Leo "….. Black conservatives have paid a heavy price for holding views that run counter to the line set by the civil rights establishment. ...... For more than 30 years, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, both economists and columnists, have faced hostile crowds, hate mail and death threats. Most of this comes from opposing affirmative action and arguing that racism cannot be blamed for crime, poverty, illegitimacy and poor school performance. ….. Because disagreement means ostracism, conservative black intellectuals can expect to be shunned. ……"There is an awful lot of conservative sentiment in black America, but at the moment, the party line is ruthlessly enforced," said Shelby Steele, author of "The Content of Our Character" and a fellow at the Hoover Institution. …."

Indianapolis Star 1/2/01 Jackie Cissell "......A reader responded to my Dec. 19 column that discussed why black Americans need a seat at George W. Bush's table by calling me a token black Republican. He never responded to the specific points I made, he just resorted to name-calling. Black people who dare to have a different viewpoint than the masses of our race have been called "Uncle Toms" or classified as "not really being black." ....... So what does it mean to be "really black?" There is a new movie out in which one character tells the other to act black. The fellow grabs his crotch and says something vulgar to a woman passing by. ....... A few years ago, the debate swirled around The Cosby Show: Cliff, the doctor, and his wife Claire, the lawyer, had four kids and lived a successful, upper-middle-class life. The criticism levied at that time was they were not an "authentic" black family. .....Consider the reaction of Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., an African American, to the appointment of the first black woman ever to the post of national security adviser and of Powell as secretary of state. Instead of cheering them on for their achievements, Hastings said, "They're not the kind of champions that would be helpful and they don't have a following." ........ If you live outside the inner city or don't like pigs' feet, does that make you un-black? If you like classical music or speak French, does that affect your blackness? If you have your child in a private school or if you invest in the stock market, maybe that endangers the black status. If your child plays the cello or excels in school, does that make him not really black? What if you picket a rap performance or don't understand the seven principles of Kwaanza, does that make you not really black? God forbid, a black Republican! ......"

The Associated Press 1/2/01 Greg Toppo "......Civil rights groups will meet in the nation's capital this week to discuss what they contend was widespread denial of blacks' voting rights during the 2000 presidential election. In an event advertised as a ``national emergency summit,'' leaders of the NAACP, the National Urban League, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and other groups will meet Thursday at Howard University to ``shape a response to the denial of voting rights'' in the Nov. 7 election. ......Among events mentioned at a related gathering Tuesday was a plan by the Rev. Al Sharpton for a ``Shadow Inaugural'' march on Jan. 20, Inauguration Day, to the Supreme Court building in Washington. .....``This is not over,'' Sharpton said Tuesday. ``George Bush was selected by the judges, not elected by the people.'' ......"

The Associated Press 1/3/01 Janelle Carter ".....Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday urged black lawmakers still smarting from the presidential election controversy to respect and work with President-elect Bush. ``From the moment he takes his solemn oath a great responsibility will rest in his hands,'' Gore said. Gore spoke to the 38-member Congressional Black Caucus in a special swearing-in ceremony for black lawmakers before the new Congress officially convened. ...... ``Across America there are real and continued disagreements about the issues,'' Gore said. ``You must choose to heal our nation's divisions and move this country forward. ......"

World Net Daily 1/2/01 Bill O'Reilly "..... In the United States we have something called "the misery industry," where people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton build fortune and fame by promoting racial disharmony instead of true integration. Here's what Congressman Charles Rangel, who endorses the "misery industry" says about your humble correspondent in New York Magazine: "Is he (O'Reilly) for the working man? Yeah, if you're Irish and blue-collar and Roman Catholic. ... I see a lot of O'Reilly's in the post office. I met a lot of them in the Army." ....... Congressman Rangel, it seems, cannot accept that a person can be for the working man across the board. No, it has to be ethnically driven in his mind. That's because Rangel buys into the "misery industry" where any advice on how to improve conditions for American blacks that doesn't come wrapped in entitlement paper is rejected out of hand. ...... For 40 years the most powerful nation on earth has tried to pull African-Americans out of poverty by giving them money and holding their hands. That strategy has failed for two reasons. First, because there was no personal discipline demanded from those who received the entitlements and second, because the freebies became a lifestyle onto itself. But few dare say that. .......The keys to escaping poverty lie in hard work, education and personal responsibility. This is what the Jesse Jacksons of the world should be preaching. But that is a tough message. It is far easier to blame all failure on the white man and the historical atrocities that rained down upon the black race. The blame is not a lie but it simply does not help the poor. Only true opportunity can do that. ......"

National Review Online 1/3/01 Mark Levin "........ Let's hope White's failed nomination is, in fact, an issue at the Ashcroft confirmation hearing. Clinton and his Senate friends - not Ashcroft - have much to explain. ...... Here are the pertinent facts. Deputy Les Roark of the Moniteau County sheriff's department went to James Johnson's house to investigate a domestic dispute between Johnson, his wife, and his wife's daughter. After Roark talked briefly with members of the family, and was returning to his car, Johnson shot Roark twice, including in the back of the head. When Johnson heard Roark moaning, he shot Roark in the forehead, killing him. ....... Johnson then loaded his car with guns and ammunition and drove to Sheriff Kenny Jones's house, where the Jones family was celebrating Christmas. Johnson fired a semiautomatic rifle through a window, hitting Jones's wife five times, including in the face, neck, and the back of the head. She died in front of her family. ......... Next Johnson arrived at the home of Moniteau County Deputy Sheriff Russell Borts. He shot Borts multiple times through a window, hitting him in the chest and the face as Borts was on the telephone. Borts survived. Johnson then went to the sheriff's office. As Cooper County Sheriff Charles Smith was leaving the office, Johnson shot him four times, including in the face and head, killing Smith. And as Miller County Deputy Sandra Wilson arrived later at the sheriff's office, Johnson shot her through the heart as she was climbing out of her car. She died on the pavement. ........... Johnson appealed his convictions to the Missouri supreme court claiming a myriad of constitutional violations, including ineffective assistance of counsel. Among other things, Johnson alleged that his counsel mistakenly used certain evidence at trial that undermined his PTSD defense. ..... The court noted, in part, that Johnson called experts to support his PTSD defense, and that these experts did not rely on the perimeter evidence; that Johnson testified he never told his counsel he was responsible for the perimeter evidence; and that, most likely, the PTSD defense failed because of the weakness of the theory, i.e., that Johnson was suffering from Vietnam-related flashbacks. The Missouri supreme court wrote: "One particularly persuasive point focused on the confession of Johnson made to the authorities shortly after his arrest, a confession in which Johnson recalled in much detail that his targets were the sheriff and his deputies, not the Viet Cong. ... .....

National Review Online 1/3/01 Mark Levin "........White dissented. He wrote, in part: "This is a very hard case. If Mr. Johnson was in control of his faculties when he went on this murderous rampage, then he assuredly deserves the death sentence he was given. But the question of what Mr. Johnson's mental status was on that night is not susceptible to easy answers...While I share the majority's horror at this carnage, I cannot uphold this as an acceptable standard of representation for a defendant accused of capital murder. I would hold that Mr. Johnson received ineffective assistance of counsel, was prejudiced thereby, and is entitled to a retrial." ....... White's rejection by Senate Republicans had nothing to do with race and civil rights, and everything to do with law and order and victims' rights. Republicans should insist that the murdered victims' families be allowed to testify at Ashcroft's hearing. White's Democratic supporters should be forced to face these families and explain why White was qualified for a lifetime promotion to the federal bench. And the police officers who recovered their brothers' bodies and carried their coffins at their funerals should be heard from as well. ......John Ashcroft was right to oppose White. He has nothing to apologize for. ....."

NY Times 1/3/01 "....."The three choices definitely broaden the new cabinet's ethnic composition. Mr. Abraham is Arab- American, Ms. Chavez Hispanic and Mr. Mineta Japanese-American. What they do not add is significant ideological diversity."....."

Newsmax 12/18/00 Carl Limbacher "..... . Millionaire agitator Jesse Jackson is still having a world-class hissy fit over the victory of President-elect Bush. Jackson, who has admitted having frequent communication with failed Democrat presidential nominee Al Gore, said today that Bush's election was "without legitimacy," Fox News Channel reported tonight. There will be a "week of moral outrage" in mid-January and protests at federal buildings across the nation during "the crowning" of Bush on Jan. 20, Jackson said.......,, It is still a mystery why the former civil rights leader is so desperate to continue the failed coup attempt of Al "Low Negro Tolerance" Gore. Political observers can only speculate about what Gore might have promised Jackson......"

Reuters 12/18/00 Sra Tippit ".....As President-elect George W. Bush (news - web sites) continued building his new administration on Monday, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, meeting in Los Angeles with religious and civil rights leaders, questioned the election's legitimacy. Blacks, Holocaust victims, college students and other Democratic-minded Americans were intentionally excluded from the voting process, Jackson said, by a right-wing conspiracy that engineered delays and fraudulent vote counts. ...... ``What we have is a coup d'etat led by the U.S. Supreme Court (news - web sites),'' Jackson said at a press conference. ``The civil rights struggle for votes to count will continue,'' he added. ....."

National Review 12/18/00 Stephen Bronars, John R. Lott Jr. "..... Who would have won a statewide manual recount in Florida? ....... First take the Palm Beach standard. The 60,000 undervotes in Florida represented the biggest expected pick-up in any manual recount. In Palm Beach, their method found that 8 percent of the undervotes indicated a clear preference. On a statewide basis that amounts to 4,800 new votes for either candidate. Gore would have to take 60% of these undervotes to overcome Bush's lead. ...... But Gore was extremely unlikely to take much more than half of these new votes. The key issue is that Florida Democratic voters were about 10% more likely than Republicans to abstain from voting for president. Had the abstention rates been equal, the recovered votes gained in the manual recounts would be proportional to the machine vote totals. Instead, in Palm Beach, Gore received 66% of the machine votes but only 60% of the manually recounted undervotes. Sixty percent may seem promising, but Palm Beach is more liberal than the state as a whole, so such a margin was unlikely to hold up statewide. ...... This pattern held across other counties as well. In manual recounts, Gore consistently picked up a smaller fraction of the undervotes than the corresponding machine votes. Just as the polling data already had indicated, Democratic voters were less enthusiastic with their presidential choice than were Republicans, and Democrats apparently left their presidential vote blank at a higher rate than Republican voters. ......."

Roll Call 12/18/00 Susan Crabtree "..... President-elect George W. Bush plans to reach out to various Democratic leaders with a visit to Capitol Hill this week, but he has yet to defuse a powder keg of tensions among African-American Members set to explode if he fails to quickly address the alleged voting-rights violations that occurred during the election. ...... Despite the burst of bipartisanship since Vice President Al Gore conceded last week, many members of the Congressional Black Caucus said they plan to bypass all of the inaugural festivities because of the alleged voting-rights abuses. ...... "I think I will not have healed by that time and will not be prepared to be in a celebratory mood," said Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.). "I will definitely not go [to the inauguration]," said Rep. Donald Payne (D-N.J.). "How can I go when the legal apparatus put in place by [Bush's] campaign disenfranchised my people to exercise their God-given right to vote? His [inauguration] party is not a place for me." ......"

Roll Call 12/18/00 Susan Crabtree "..... Despite widespread resentment in the caucus, Bush may find a receptive ear in Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas), the CBC's newly elected chairwoman. Although she has criticized several of Bush's Texas policies, she said she personally likes him and they enjoy a good working relationship. ...... However, in a statement released Thursday, Johnson warned that Bush must actualize his campaign promise to leave no one behind, saying that should include leaving "no voter behind." ...... In ominous terms she warned that the election battle has left deep scars. "The wounds on Lady Liberty ... may be deeper than some think and are dangerously close to becoming infected," she said. ....... Bush could ease tensions, Carson suggested, by ensuring a thorough completion of the Justice investigation. Payne added that the CBC is watching closely to see how the new administration will handle the new census and the complaints that minorities are systematically undercounted. ...."

CNN 12/19/00 Freeper Rabidralph ".... I was just watching CNN at 5:35 pm and Judy Woodruff was discussing President-Elect Bush's meeting with pastors and grass roots organizations tomorrow, in Austin. Her guests were Rev. Eugene Rivers of 10 Point Coalition, in Boston and a gentleman named Robert Woodson. Woodruff took pains to point out the lack of support from the black community. Rivers and Woodson took turns telling Judy that Jesse, Al Sharpton and others like them do not speak for all black Americans. Judy squinted her eyes, pursed her lips and looked at her notes as if to find the Democrat Manifesto that says all blacks love Jesse. .....The two gentlemen became more eloquent in their reasons for supporting Dubya's invitation, much more than I could do them justice here, but Judy could not interrupt them...."

FOXNEWS 12/19/00 Sharon Kehnemui "...... George W. Bush has already nominated a pair of African Americans to significant posts in his administration, yet this has done little to stem the disappointment and hurt felt by many blacks in the wake of the 2000 election. ....... "That leaves only treasury and defense as departments that haven't had a secretary of color," said Hugh Price, president and CEO of the National Urban League. Powell broke the color barrier for the national security adviser position during the Reagan Administration. ..... Still, many African-American leaders are suspicious that Bush is naming minorities as window dressing for his Cabinet. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., said that if Bush really wants to close racial divisions, Powell and Rice are not good choices. ....... Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) vice-chair-elect Elijah Cummings, D-Md., is somewhere in the middle. He said he is willing to give Bush the benefit of the doubt that he wants to heal lingering racial wounds, but it's a little early to make any judgments. ......"I applaud President-elect Bush for choosing Colin Powell and Ms. Rice," Cummings said, but "it's not just the first few days. The question now becomes what happens over the next 30 days." ......Cummings said Bush has agreed to meet with the CBC, probably in the first half of January. That's another "step in the right direction," he said. ...."

Fox News 12/19/00 Freeper report ".....Fox News ran a clip of a State Department outreach meeting to minorities at Howard University. Powell, who is on the Board of Howard did not get an invite! So he crashed the meeting, sitting in the front row. Mad Maddy was presiding at the podium. Charlie Rangle said an invintation had been sent. Guess its in the mail - NOT!....."

Editorial 12/19/00 Bill Henslee "..... The Democrats have begun a concerted and subtle attack on Colin Powell and Condalzza Rice. It is clear that their protestations of bipartisanship are hollow. ..........No, the attack line goes, it is not their experience--but their lack of recent experience in the new world after the cold war. Jimmy Carter's UN ambassador McDaniel trotted out this line Sunday on the talking head shows. And it has been expressed by various members of the Democratic school this week. ..........Thomas Friedman wrote today in the NYT: "After all, a lot has changed since the Bushies were last in office eight years ago. The world has moved from a cold-war system, in which our biggest threats and opportunities flowed from whom we were divided from and which was symbolized by the Berlin Wall, to a globalization system, in which our threats and opportunities now tend to flow from whom we're connected to, and which is symbolized by the World Wide Web." .......... Now think about this line of argument for a moment. For one thing is means that no one (at least no Republican) is competent to be Secretary of State or National Security Advisor since their party has been out of power. Not to put to fine an edge on it, this argument would have disqalified any Democrat who came into office after the twelve years of Reagan and Bush. .........The most egregious error of this argument, however, is that the argument assumes that these thoughtful, experienced people somehow lost their ability to think and counsel the President after being out of the center of power for a number of years. ...... Having watched the children wreck the room while the adults were out of power, I doubt this is so. Can anyone point to an area of the world where the Clinton administration's policy has made us more friends or advanced our national interest over the past eight years? ......But watch the entire Democratic school of fish make this controlled turn and use this argument against these fine Americans in an attempt to politicize foreign policy. It's absolutely amazing to see them all spout the same talking points--without regard to the nation's interest. ......"

Washington Times 12/20/00 Jerry Seper ".....Accusations that Florida blacks were denied access to polling places as part of what the Rev. Jesse Jackson called "a systematic plan to disenfranchise black voters" remain under investigation, although no evidence so far has surfaced to support the charges. Allison Bethel, head of the Florida Attorney General's Office of Civil Rights, said investigators have not discovered "any grand scheme" - as charged by Mr. Jackson and others - to deny blacks and minorities access to voter precincts during the Nov. 7 election, although the probe is continuing......... "We haven't received any hard and fast evidence to suggest that the problems people had in voting was intentional," she said. "What we have found at this point is a need to educate the voter and reform the system, although we can conclude that the problems had a disproportionate impact on the black community."......"

FoxNews 12/14/00 Ben Nuckols "......George W. Bush can legitimize his presidency by investigating allegations that black voters were treaty unfairly, the NAACP said Wednesday. Kweisi Mfume, president of the civil rights group, said said only an assurance that voters would not have their rights violated in the future could assuage those who feel that Bush "stole the election" from Vice President Al Gore. "We believe his (Bush's) first act ought to empower his attorney general and his Justice Department to do a sweeping investigation of all these allegations nationwide and particularly in Florida, so that blame can be laid where it ought to be," Mfume said. ........ Michael Steele, chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, dismissed the NAACP's allegations of voter intimidation and disenfranchisement. "It's a mild form of race baiting, blaming our problem on the white man because you don't like the outcome," said Steele, who is black." "Show me the evidence that says there was fraud. I haven't seen it, no one has produced it, it doesn't exist." ....." 12/15/00 "...... While Jesse Jackson, Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus have earned media coverage for attacking the Florida presidential election, other black voices have received less attention from the mainstream media. A number of prominent black Americans believe Jackson and his supporters are seeking not fairness but personal gain and status in the Democratic Party........ Starr Parker, president of the Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education, a group that promotes "faith-based and free market solutions on issues of race and poverty," says Jackson is in the streets demonstrating because "he's getting ready to lose everything." ......."He knows that the policies of George W. Bush are going to work very effectively for the underclass and the poor," said Parker. Blacks are "going to look at him and say, 'You have been lying to us,' " she said. ........Kevin Martin is on the advisory council of Project 21, an initiative of the National Center for Public Policy Research that promotes black views not traditionally represented by "the nation's civil rights establishment."

"Do you think for one second Jesse Jackson is concerned about black voters? No. He's concerned about Jesse Jackson," said Martin. "....."

Hardball 12/15/2000 Freeper Lizzie "......Catch this show on the late re-run if you can. When they do their "panel" at the end, they start talking about Cabinet appointments. They go to DeeDee Myers in LA and she says surprisingly nice things about the appointments of Colin Powell and Condi Rice and how these are really good, substantial appointments and it'll be interesting to see where Bush goes from there. She even makes mention of how "tortured" some of Clinton's appointments were in the attempt to be sufficiently diverse. You would NEVER have spotted her as a Dem partisan. .......THEN they go to the pathetic Patricia Ireland, who blurts out an INANE remark about it "just looking like afirmative action all over again" and EVERYONE ELSE just GROANS at the ridiculousness of her remark. The contempt on Chris Matthew's face when the camera goes back to him is priceless! .........And BOTH Matthews and DeeDee Myers come down on her, saying that these are CLEARLY people of considerable substance who have long-standing relationships with Bush and (unsaid) only an idiot would think there was even a hint of "afirmative action" in either appointment. ......"

UPI 12/15/00 Lou Marano ".....White Democrats won't distance themselves from the public statements of Jesse Jackson this week, but a noted black professor is pulling no punches. "I have nothing but contempt for (him)," said Edward C. Smith, head of the American Studies Department at American University. "All that talent going to --such a waste." Even before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of President-elect George W. Bush late Tuesday night, Jackson was promising to "take to the streets" with a "civil rights explosion." (He later said that nonviolent demonstrations are "explosions.") ....."

Independent/U.K. 12/15/00 Andrew Gumbel "...... On day one as America's president-elect, George W Bush chose to play it cool: he did not rush to Washington to oversee his own transition team; he didn't even resign as Governor of Texas. Instead, with a boyish grin on his face and his right hand firmly in the grasp of his wife, Laura, he went to church. ......"The governor decided that he wants to start this on a message of prayer and healing," said Karen Hughes, his communications director. .......The president-elect played no part in the ceremony and sat immobile in a front-row pew for the hour-long service, but the script could have come straight from campaign headquarters. Heal the nation, implored Kirby Jon Caldwell, an African-American minister from Houston, imported to give a sense of Mr Bush' much-vaunted commitment to "diversity". "Heal the great divide; let your reconciliation flow with your peace," the minister continued. ......"

CNSNews 12/14/00 Christine Hall ".....While Jesse Jackson, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus have earned media coverage for publicly deriding the Florida vote recount as unfair to black voters, other African-American voices have received less attention from the mainstream media. ........A number of prominent black Americans believe Jackson and his supporters are seeking not fairness but personal gain and status in the Democratic Party........Starr Parker, President of the Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education, a group that promotes "faith-based and free market solutions on issues of race and poverty," says Jackson is in the streets demonstrating because, "he's getting ready to lose everything."......."He knows that the policies of George W. Bush are going to work very effectively for the underclass and the poor," said Parker. Blacks are "going to look at him and say, 'you have been lying to us,'" she said. ......Kevin Martin is on the advisory council of Project 21, an initiative of the National Center for Public Policy Research that promotes African American views not traditionally represented by "the nation's civil rights establishment." "Do you think for one second Jesse Jackson is concerned about black voters? No. He's concerned about Jesse Jackson," said Martin. "They're not out here about voters or votes being counted. They're out here about the power that is represented behind them. They know that with the Republicans in control, they have no one to give them a soap box to stand on or a microphone and parade their victims around." .........Martin faults Jackson for living an elite life that's far removed from the people he claims to represent......"I've lived here in Washington, D.C. almost all my life, and I remember when Jesse Jackson sent his son to private school, Sidwell Friends, the same school that Chelsea Clinton went to. But he's opposed to school vouchers," Martin said. "You never hear anyone saying how, before the cameras are rolling, Jesse Jackson arrived in a limousine." ......"

US News and World Report 12/18/00 John Leo "...... We are once again in the midst of a great wave of overheated racial rhetoric. Jesse Jackson, of course, is in the lead. Black voters didn't double-vote, mismark ballots, or run into any normal Election Day foul-ups. No, they were victims of "a systematic plan to disenfranchise black voters" and "a clear pattern of voter suppression." Attempting to repair his relationship with Jews, Jackson identified three targets of ballot oppression: Holocaust survivors, Hai-tian boat people, and American descendants of slaves. Other black leaders seemed in no doubt that something had been intentionally perpetrated upon blacks. "African-American voters were disenfranchised-period," said Congresswoman Corrine Brown. ............Donna Brazile, Al Gore's campaign manager, was quoted as saying that "in disproportionately black areas, people faced dogs, guns, and were required to have three forms of ID." The weird reference to dogs and guns obviously linked the Bush brothers with Bull Connor, Birmingham, Selma, and the hard-core racism of the past. This theme came up during the campaign too, thanks to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The NAACP's National Voter Fund ran ads on black radio stations, saying: "There are many ways intimidation was, and still is, used to keep African-Americans from voting. Mobs, guns, and Jim Crow. Ropes, dogs, lies, and hoses." And the NAACP was responsible for the TV ad that recreated the horrific dragging death of James Byrd and all but accused George W. Bush of the murder. This disgraceful ad, which had some of the tone of Nazi propaganda films about Jews, played a central role in undermining Bush's appeal to black voters. In Texas, Bush got 5 percent of the black vote, compared with about 25 percent in his reelection campaign for governor.........."

PRNewswire 12/14/00 "......Prominent clergyman Carlton Pearson (pastor of Higher Dimensions Family Church -- a 5,000 member multi-racial congregation; and presiding bishop of 500 churches), spent this past summer campaigning to increase African-American support for President-elect George W. Bush. Now that the contested election has been finalized, Bishop Pearson is charging his party to do much more in order to win the support of African- American voters who voted for Vice-President Gore in a 9 to 1 ratio. ...........The low percentage of African-American votes for Bush emphasizes the ineffectiveness of the GOP to appeal to the overall social sentiments of the African-American community. I have worked with the GOP more this election than at any time in the past. I conclude that the gulf between blacks and Republicans may not be so much caused by Republican contempt, as is assumed by many African-Americans, as it is caused by the Republicans' simply ignorant political disregard for the African American vote. Most of what the GOP has accomplished during the post-World War II era has occurred without the involvement and interest of African-Americans. Here are four initiatives the Bush administration can undertake to win the respect and support of the African-American community.

1) Faith Community -- Bush has strong ties to the faith community, as do most African-Americans. Bush should tap into this common bond by reaching out to African-American clergy just as Rev. Jesse Jackson and Vice-President Gore did during Election 2000 which I'm sure helped Gore win such overwhelming percentages of the African-American vote.

2) Political Appointments -- The Bush administration must recruit for visible positions of power, African-American democrats who blacks respect to help open the doors of reconciliation between the two parties.

3) Tax Relief -- President-elect Bush must speak to African-Americans where they live. During the campaign, there was no concerted effort to make the Republican tax cut attractive to the average middleclass or workingclass African-American. The party must show blacks how the tax cut will not only benefit wealthy blacks, but also those on the other end of the spectrum.

4) Rhetoric -- Lastly, African-Americans respond to rhetoric and they pay close attention to what politicians say or don't say. Many blacks still remember George Bush Sr.'s Willie Horton political ad to derail Michael Dukakis' 1988 presidential bid. President-elect Bush has a supreme opportunity to change the buzz words that have often defined the Republican party as the Evil empire to many black Americans.

If the Bush administration and the Republican party make a strong bid to garner African-American support, we African-Americans, have no choice but to echo what Vice-President Gore said in his concession speech: "I call on all who stood with us to stand with him." ......."

12/13/00 Freeper Mamalucci FoxNews "...... Did anyone see David Horowitz on Fox this afternoon with Shep Smith? He was telling it like it IS. Called Jesse Jackson a "shake down artist", and stated that McEntee is under federal indictment for election fraud, and that the democrat party should be distancing itself from these "kind of people".

The GOP needs to have Horowitz on television as much as possible. He is not afraid to acknowlege, and to engage in the political war being waged. ....."

FoxNews 12/13/00 Patrick Riley "..... Capping a case that has been watched closely by colleges, politicians and legal experts across the country, a federal judge OK'd the University of Michigan's current affirmative action policy, allowing officials to continue considering race when admitting new students. The 3-year-old legal battle - based on lawsuits brought by two Michigan applicants who argued they were rejected and discriminated against because they were white - could make the U.S. Supreme Court its next and final stop. Michigan's provost, Nancy Cantor, hailed the decision handed down by U.S. District Judge Patrick Duggan as a "real victory" for the university. ....."

AP 12/11/00 ".......The agreement - given final approval by a federal judge Friday - divides the money among 1,100 current and former employees who sued in 1991, charging they were shut out of fair competition for non-political jobs in the [Education Dept] agency's 3,600-worker headquarters. It also gives 34 employees what are essentially retroactive promotions. "This will put qualified, hard-working African Americans in postings justified by their work," said Harold Lee, one of the workers' lawyers. The agreement does not require the agency to hire or promote people based on race. ....."

Newday 12/7/00 "……The Rev. Al Sharpton said he cannot afford to pay $65,000 to the former prosecutor he slandered with comments about the faked abduction and rape of a 15-year-old girl. ''I keep hearing (in the media) that I'm supposed to have houses in the Bahamas, or at least a yacht,'' the civil rights activist said in Thursday's Poughkeepsie Journal. ''I've been investigated by the Internal Revenue Service, and if Uncle Sam can't find anything, I sure don't have anything.'' ….."

abcnews wire Reuters Wire 11/23/00 "….. In a landmark test of California"s ban on affirmative action programs, the state"s Supreme Court Thursday struck down a city program encouraging outreach to women and minorities for public contracts. The state Supreme Court said the San Jose, Calif., ordinance requiring firms bidding for city business to show they use minority and women subcontractors or have attempted to contract them for work was a clear violation of Proposition 209, the 1996 measure which ended affirmative action programs in the nation"s most populous state...."

Palmetto Journal 11/27/00 Andy Jackson "….. The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), the nation's largest Southern Heritage organization, has asked the Justice Department to investigate an attack on one of its members, a South Carolina resident, as a Federal hate crime. …… The SCV has also posted a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the man who followed Bill Calliham and assaulted him outside Calliham's home in suburban Columbia, S.C., on the evening of November 16. …..Calliham believes he was attacked because the vehicle he was driving displays a state license plate with the SCV logo, which is the Confederate Battle Flag. The SCV agrees. The SC DMV issues specialty plates including the SCV license plate under a law passed allowing all non-profit groups to have their own license plate. All of these specialty plates are listed on the DMV's web site, except the SCV one. ….."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/18/00 "…..A federal raid of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke's home stemmed from allegations that Duke gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars he raised for white supremacist causes, court documents said. According to papers filed in U.S. District Court here Friday, Duke was considered a ''high roller'' at casinos in Mississippi, Louisiana and Nevada, betting money he solicited from supporters. A search warrant affidavit made public Friday cited four confidential informants and numerous casino records. ….. Agents from the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service and the Postal Inspection Service raided Duke's home Thursday, carting off boxes of papers and a rifle. ….."

Etherzone 11/16/00 Jeff Kallman "..... One of the least obscure truisms of contemporary life is that the cumulative record of the Rev. Jesse Jackson equals that of an agitationist blowhard. He spoke once upon a time, believe it or not, in terms from which one drew reasonably that he bespoke self-reliance as a resuscitator for black people and other American minorities. But the record since has heaped to the point where that time is about as vivid to memory as the identity of the two who served up the pitches Roger Maris whacked to tie and break Babe Ruth...." 11/9/00 "..... Have African-Americans, who historically voted Republican up until the election of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956, become so indoctrinated with left-wing race hatred propaganda, and so imbued with left-wing notions of authoritarian government, that they are out of reach for the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, today?........ Ninety percent of the African-American vote, according to Diversity Inc., went to Al Gore and only 8 percent went to the Republican George W. Bush....... Were African-Americans swayed by the racist hate campaign of Gore, which, essentially, branded Bush a racist? ........"

Newsmax 11/7/00 Carl Limbacher "..... In the last days of this year's campaign, Vice President Al Gore, Senate candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband have made regular appearances at African-American and Hispanic churches. .....Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., whose namesake is both a reverend and one of the Democratic Party's most vocal boosters, was challenged on the issue Monday during a Tennessee radio interview on WLAC-AM by "Nashville This Morning" hosts Steve Gill and Terry Hopkins.

GILL: Let me ask you about this. It's against IRS regulations for politicians to campaign from the pulpit. Why are these politicians campaigning in black churches?

JACKSON: I'm not totally convinced that's true in the African-American community. Certainly there's a separation of church and state. But in our community there's little distinction between our religion and our politics.... And so in many African-American churches born out of experience in this country, the role of the churches has evolved into a very, very active political institution which has been very effective for a number of causes in the black community.

HOPKINS: And that supercedes the law?

JACKSON: Absolutely. Oh, absolutely.

Wall Street Journal 10/12/00 John H. McWhorter "……. Not long ago the school board in Nyack, New York, released figures showing that even in this affluent area -- a suburb located on the Hudson River north of New York City -- black students' scholarly achievement scores lag considerably behind whites'. Many black parents have decried the publication of these figures, claiming they have led to a flare-up of racial tensions and have unfairly fostered the perception that black students are dumb…….. The parents' response is founded upon an assumption that their children's performance lag is due to manifestations of systemic racism. This argument can be made for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, but in Nyack the problem remains even among middle-class black students, a tendency now documented across the country……….. The problem is traceable less to present-day racism than to the legacy of past racism. Much evidence suggests that even middle-class African-American students are barred from the highest scholarly achievement by a culturally ingrained wariness of school as a "white" affair. This problem has its roots in slaves having been denied access to education for centuries, and was focused in the late 1960s by black power ideology, which responded to racism by seeking a separate identity defined in opposition to "whiteness." Despite its positive aspects, such an identity automatically casts nerdiness as "white," and therefore alien and even treacherous……."

AP 10/12/00 "…… TOULON, France (AP) -- The door of a synagogue was doused with gasoline and set on fire in southern France, police said Thursday, in the latest in a series of anti-Jewish attacks across the country. The flames were quickly contained Wednesday evening and damage to the synagogue in La Seyne-sur-Mer in the Var region was minimal, police said. The incident brings to 22 the number of anti-Semitic incidents since the start of the month. On Tuesday night, a synagogue in Trappes outside Paris was all but destroyed by fire. ….."

The Associated Press 10/12/00 Michael Graczyk "……Bush, responding to remarks from Democrat Al Gore about hate crimes legislation and the 1998 dragging death case, wrongly said during Wednesday night's presidential debate that ``the three men who murdered James Byrd ... they're going to be put to death.'' Byrd, 49, was chained to the back of a pickup truck by three white men and dragged to his death along a bumpy country road outside Jasper, about 125 miles northeast of Houston. Two men, John William King and Lawrence Russell Brewer, were sentenced to death in the case. A third, Shawn Allen Berry, received a life sentence. Bush acknowledged the error afterward. ``Listen, we all make mistakes,'' he said in post-debate appearance on ABC. ……. But Gore's campaign insisted the comments jeopardized the case, and it distributed a statement from Laurence Tribe, a Harvard University constitutional law professor, who said Bush's comments were shocking because appeals are pending. ….."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/11/00 "…… FACT In the case of the brutal killing of James Byrd Jr., Texas prosecutors sought the death penalty for all three perpetrators; the juries sentenced two of the three to death. The third received a life sentence. TEXAS HAS A HATE CRIMES LAW * In 1993, Texas passed a hate crimes statute that enhances punishment in cases in which the offender intentionally selected the victim primarily because of the offender's bias or prejudice against a group. * In 1997, Governor Bush and the Texas Legislature passed legislation strengthening the hate crimes law by increasing the minimum jail sentence for misdemeanor hate crimes. (House Bill 1333) ….."

Washington Report 7-8/98 "……. Arab Americans from across the United States gathered in Washington, DC May 6 through 10 for "Vote '98: A Winning Strategy," a national leadership conference co-sponsored by the Arab American Institute, Palestinian American Congress and the National Arab American Business Association. ...... Vote '98 featured a keynote address by President Bill Clinton, the first by a sitting U.S. president to an Arab-American organization (see article on p. 27 concerning Clinton's speech and see box on facing page for the full text of AAI President James Zogby's introduction of the president), remarks by the Reverend Jesse Jackson, panel discussions by members of Congress, academics and policy makers, sessions at the White House, meetings with elected representatives on Capitol Hill, and panel discussions with Arab ambassadors and Palestinian diplomats. ……. On the domestic level, delegates and presenters focused on the developing political role of the Arab-American community in the United States. Many Arab-American leaders compared their warm reception on Capitol Hill and at the White House for Vote '98 with a decade earlier when members of Congress would return "Arab money" given to political campaigns. In contrast, dozens of Arab-American candidates now are running for local, state and federal office in 1998, and many were on hand to discuss their campaigns. ……"

National Review 11/6/00 Stephan F Hayes "…….Al Gore campaigns on the Constitution's three-fifths clause. Jesse Jackson invokes the 1896 Supreme Court decision legalizing racial discrimination. Louvan Harris graphically describes a modern lynching. And Janet Reno raises the specter of denying minority voters their right to cast ballots. …….. Those tuning in to the 2000 presidential election since Thursday could be forgiven for thinking that slavery, segregation, lynchings and the right to vote are among the top issues in the 2000 presidential election. They're not. But, Democrats believe, they are among the surest ways to get minority voters to the polls. …… Gore, campaigning in a black church Saturday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, suggested that George W. Bush is speaking in code when he discusses his vision for the Supreme Court. Gore, of course, is happy to interpret. ….. "When my opponent, Governor Bush, says that he will appoint strict constructionists to the Supreme Court," Gore said, "I often think of the strictly constructionist meaning that was applied when the Constitution was written, how some people were considered three-fifths of a human being." ….. Even for Al Gore - whose race-baiting Democratic primary rival Bill Bradley called "particularly offensive" - this is a new low. ……"

Massachusetts News 11/6/00 John Haskins "…….The reason that black voters are choosing pro-abortion Democrats is because they do not know about the racist agenda that was advocated by the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, according to a nationally renowned black physician, John R. Diggs, Jr., who addressed a cheering crowd of almost 1000 people at a fundraising banquet for A Woman's Concern last week in Waltham. …….. "Black voters have consistently supported Democrats and liberal politics because they have bought the lie that the 'right' to abort their children is in their best interest," said Dr. Diggs. He said that Sanger's agenda is succeeding in removing countless infants from the African-American community every year. …….. Sanger was motivated by the eugenicist goal of minimizing the population of blacks and other economically disadvantaged ethnic groups, whom she believed to be inferior, Diggs said. She intentionally targeted black ministers to encourage their communities to embrace abortion as a method of birth control. She specifically feared they would see the racist motivation behind her vision. Diggs told Massachusetts News: "Unfortunately, by and large, they never have," while noting some exceptions among black ministers. ……."

Neal's Nuze (Neal Boortz) 11/6/00 "…….This morning I was listening to ABC's Charles Gibson interviewing Al Gore. Gibson made references to George W. Bush's belief in a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. In making that reference Gibson stated that the Constitution says that Blacks are only four-fifth's human. That is absolutely and completely untrue. NOWHERE in the U.S. constitution does it say that Blacks are anything less than 100 percent human. In fact, the humanity of blacks is no addressed at all. I've written ABC news and asked for Charles Gibson to either tell us where in the Constitution we can find this passage ---- or issue a correction. ……"

Nando Times 11/5/00 AP "…..James Byrd Jr.'s sister graphically recounted her brother's 1998 murder behind a pickup truck in Texas as she campaigned with Al Gore Sunday and charged that Texas GOP Gov. George W. Bush "did nothing" to help her family. Louvon Harris, at an outdoor rally with Gore, Bush's Democrat presidential opponent, spoke of how her brother was fatally dragged. "They spray-painted him black, chained him to a truck, dragged him three miles. His head came off, his arms - dismembered his whole body," Harris said to a crowd on the lawn outside Philadelphia's Memorial Hall. ……. Following Byrd's death, there was a clamor in 1999 to toughen Texas hate-crimes law. The debate grew rancorous as some lawmakers sought to extend hate-crimes protections to homosexuals. Saying "all crime is hate crime," Bush declined to intervene. The bill died……"

Jewish World Review 11/4/00 Binyamin L. Jolkovsky "…… Binyamin L. Jolkovsky Largest American Jewish weekly endorses Bush, Lazio Talk about a 'November surprise.' The Jewish Press, the largest independent American Jewish weekly, with subscribers in nearly every state and many overseas, this week bucked much of the Jewish establishment by endorsing candidates Gov. George W. Bush for president and Rep. Rick Lazio for U.S. Senate. The move comes at a time when both men are facing the political fights of their lives, with polling in each respective race indicating a dead heat ..."

New York Post 11/5/00 Vincent Morris "......Al Gore yesterday spoke of salvation and painted the election as a choice between good and evil as he urged black voters to help him win his home state of Tennessee on Tuesday. "I am taught that deep within us we have the capacity for good and evil. I am taught that good overcomes evil if we choose that outcome . . . I feel it coming," Gore said as he predicted victory in Tennessee. ...... Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes blasted Gore's remarks as "beyond the bounds of responsible political discourse." ......"

UPI 11/5/00 ".......Vice President Al Gore Saturday night addressed racial issues with some of the most heated rhetoric of the campaign, but then staged a dramatic gesture of racial healing by inviting dozens of congregants at a black church to join him in crossing the river to a mostly white union rally........" 11/2/00 Rick Montgomery "......A niece of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. visited Kansas City on Thursday in hopes of boosting African-American support for Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush. Alveda King of Atlanta, who was 17 when her uncle was assassinated, said she publicly embraced the GOP three years ago because of the party's views on abortion, school choice and limited government. ......."Right now it's like we're back on the plantation, and the master is big government," she told The Kansas City Star after a visit to Paseo Baptist Church. "African-Americans are expecting the government to rescue them." ......"

Nando Times-Nation 11/4/00 Paul Shepard AP ".....A group of civil rights and class-action lawyers who have won billions of dollars in court are preparing a lawsuit seeking reparations for American blacks descended from slaves. The project, called the Reparations Assessment Group, was confirmed by Harvard law professor Charles J. Ogletree and appears to be the most serious effort yet to get American blacks compensated for 244 years of legalized slavery. Lawsuits and legislation dating back to the mid-1800s have gone nowhere. "We will be seeking more than just monetary compensation," Ogletree said. "...."

David Horowitz 11/5/00 Freeper Mean Daddy "……Consider the fact that no liberal or feminist group has proposed making rape a hate crime, while rape is universally regarded as an act of hate. Could the reason be that such legislation would jeopardize another protected group - African American males - who commit over 40% of such crimes?……"

New York Daily News 10/27/00 LARRY COHLER-ESSES and EDWARD LEWINE "…… The American Muslim leader whose support for Mideast terrorists led Hillary Rodham Clinton and George W. Bush to return his campaign contributions works for the State Department, the Daily News learned yesterday. Abdurahman Alamoudi has been employed for three years as a goodwill ambassador abroad, giving lectures on religious tolerance in the U.S., a State Department official said. …… But as recently as last weekend, in a speech at an anti-Israel rally across the street from the White House, Alamoudi again passionately defended Hamas, a Mideast terrorist group - and also embraced the terrorist organization Hezbollah, which has claimed responsibility for the 1983 blast that killed 239 Americans at a Marine barracks in Beirut. Clinton and Bush returned $1,000 campaign contributions last week to Alamoudi - a board member and former executive director of the American Muslim Council - because of his defense of Hamas. …….. Despite his anti-Israeli rhetoric, a State Department official told The News that Alamoudi has gone on six State Department junkets since 1997, with honorariums ranging from $100 to $200 per day, plus hotels and travel. "He's been traveling primarily to Muslim countries to address the topic of Islamic life in the U.S., including the rights of Muslims in America as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the status of the American Islamic community," the State Department official said. "He's had overwhelmingly positive evaluations from our missions abroad." …. Alamoudi returned just this month from a trip to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. ……In June, Alamoudi told the Muslim publication Al-Zaitounah about himself and the American Muslim Council. "We are the ones that went to the White House and defended what is called Hamas," he said. ……. Hezbollah is a Shiite political and guerrilla group in Lebanon. In addition to the deadly bombing at the Marine barracks, it also took responsibility for a 1983 blast at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut that killed 61 people. ….. In a phone interview yesterday, Alamoudi at first challenged the account of his Saturday speech, which The News reviewed on videotape. "You better check your Arabic," he said. Told he had given the speech in English, Alamoudi replied, "It was in English? Oh my God, I forgot!" …… Alamoudi's attorney, to whom he referred all further questions, confirmed that the Muslim activist did do work for the State Department. "That's what makes all this so ridiculous," Stanley Cohen said. ……."

Washington Post 11/1/00 Howard Kurtz "….. The Rev. Michael Eric Dyson said, "There is a skepticism on the part of many black people they are not sure of [Gore's] intimacy with black culture, even though they agree with his viewpoints in many areas, there is no certain familiarity with black people. Clinton developed a trust and confidence with black people that was built up over the years."..."

Ralph Z. Hallow 11/2/00 THE WASHINGTON TIMES "...... Strong support from black voters helped carry President Clinton to victory in 1992 and 1996, but analysts say his last-ditch effort to maximize black turnout cannot carry key swing states for Al Gore on Tuesday. …… ``I never say it's not doable, but getting the black vote out is tough in my experience _ let alone in the record numbers needed to defeat Bush,'' said Bill Drew, a Democratic campaign adviser in Wisconsin……… The National Assocation for the Advancement of Colored People has mounted a $9 million effort _ known as ``Operation Big Vote'' _ intended to boost black turnout. Mr. Clinton has recorded special appeals that will be delivered by computerized telephone calls to black households……… ``Clinton, Gore and the NAACP are trying to get the black turnout up to 12 percent of the total votes cast, from the 10 percent it was in the 1996 presidential election,'' said Republican pollster Ed Goeas, who with Democratic pollster Celinda Lake conducts the bipartisan Battleground 2000 nightly tracking poll……." 11/1/00 Carl Limbacher "….. Ever since reported exclusively on Friday that Senate candidate Hillary Clinton tried to camouflage a donation from terrorist-sympathizer Abdurahman Alamoudi on her Federal Election Commission filing, her rival Rick Lazio has been pounding her with the news. Initially the mainstream press ignored NewsMax's scoop. But Lazio and his backers didn't. And the latest polls show the candidate's persistence has begun to pay off. …… A day after our report that the Clinton campaign changed the name of Alamoudi's employer from "American Muslim Council" to "American Museum Council" on FEC records, team-Lazio called it a cover-up. (See: Hillary Caught in Pro-Arafat Fund-raising Cover-up) …….The revelation made it almost impossible to believe Mrs. Clinton's claim that she had no idea about Alamoudi's anti-Israeli sympathies, the Long Island Republican argued. ……"

FrontPageMagazine.Com 11/1/00 Lowell Ponte "...... The promoters of hate-crime legislation argue that crimes motivated by "hate" should be punished with special severity. But this contradicts the standard liberal line. Leftwing lawyers have long argued that criminals should be treated more leniently, if it can be shown that they acted from irrational, emotional impulses, or under the influence of negative cultural programming. Is that not the case with hate criminals? Liberal logic thus demands that racial hatred be treated as a mitigating - not an exacerbating -- factor in the sentencing of criminals.... "

The Associated Press 11/1/00 "......Citing the nation's history of racial discrimination, black members of Chicago's City Council are blocking a proposal to require the panel to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before every session. The opponents highlighted the pledge's final phrase, "liberty and justice for all." ...... "Unfortunately, this country has not embraced all of those concepts," Alderwoman Freddrenna Lyle said. "There is a lot of work to be done in this country," Alderman Ed Smith said. "There have been some problems. We all know that." ......... "

The Associated Press 11/1/00 John P McAlpin ".....In a ruling accusing prosecutors of misconduct and a former state attorney general of bowing to political pressure, a judge dismissed charges against two troopers involved in a 1998 shooting that ignited a public outcry over racial profiling. Superior Court Judge Andrew Smithson said overzealous prosecutors turned grand jury proceedings into a "mini-trial" and repeatedly violated the troopers' constitutional rights....... "Members of society engaged in law enforcement deserve no less protection from the criminal justice system than that which is afforded to other citizens," the judge said. ....... Troopers John Hogan and James Kenna faced attempted murder and assault charges following the April 23, 1998, shooting that wounded three minority passengers in a van stopped for speeding on the New Jersey Turnpike. Hogan and Kenna, who are white, said they fired at the van thinking the driver was trying to run them over ......"

New York Post 11/2/00 Rod Dreher "...... EVER seen the Guggenheim bow toward Mecca in prayer? Visit your local mosque to see a Monet? If so, you must be a drunk, a nut, or completely in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Team Hillary apparently can't tell the difference between a Muslim and a museum. They have been caught red-handed fudging the name of the American Muslim Council on a June 30 Federal Election Commission filing. ..... On the Hillary document, it reads "American Museum Council" - an innocuous-sounding name unlikely to catch the eye of those examining the report. When it came out that the Muslim group and its leader, Abdurahman Alamoudi, have ties to Arab terrorist organizations, the Clinton campaign returned the money. Now it's asserting that the Muslim/museum flap is just a typo. .... A typo?! What do they take us for, a pack of clod-brained Gomer Pyles? .......Hillary is asking you to believe that it makes no sense for a New York Senate candidate in trouble with Jewish voters to cover up campaign cash received from an Islamic organization. ....."

Wesley Pruden 11/3/00 THE WASHINGTON TIMES "……Nobody baits a race with race quite like a desperate liberal pol. Not so long ago it was the segregationist Democrats who knew just when, with exquisite timing, it was time to inject racial politics into a swiftly closing campaign……. Thursday night before the Tuesday primary was the usual H-hour. A good smear, racial or not, needs 48 hours to ripen, but you don't want to give the target time to exploit the inevitable backlash once the voters identify the source of the stink……… That's why the Gore campaign waited until last night to spring the evidence of a 24-year-old drunk-driving arrest against "the old" George W., before the power of grace, repentance and redemption made a new man of him……… But a good racial smear has nuclear killing power. …….. It's regarded as ugly stuff now, but some Southern Democrats remember how it was done. Al Gore, for example, has practiced more than mere kissin' techniques from Kissin' Jim. That television commercial blaming George W. for the dragging death of James Byrd in Texas is as vile a piece of campaign literature as we've ever seen, designed solely to inflame racial passions with the depiction of as horrific a crime as we've ever seen. The NAACP made the commercial, and is paying for putting it on the air in carefully selected markets, and of course (wink) Al Gore and his campaign (nudge) had nothing to do with it……" 11/2/00 Anthony York "……In a move sure to send shock waves through New York's Senate race, the American Muslim Alliance is set to endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday. The alliance will also endorse Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush. "This is the first that we're hearing of this and we would not accept such an endorsement if it were offered," said Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson. "This is an organization that has made statements counter to the things that Hillary believes in. If you look at the AMA's Web site, there is a statement on there indicating the belief that armed violence is an acceptable political tool." …… Last week, Clinton returned a $50,000 donation from the group, in addition to a $1,000 donation from Abdurahaman Alamoudi, former executive director of the American Muslim Council. Alamoudi has made recent statements voicing support of the Arab terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, but the alliance is considered a more mainstream political group. That hasn't stopped Lazio from calling the alliance's contribution "blood money." ……"

The Associated Press 11/2/00 Laura Meckler "…..The NAACP said Thursday that black voters have received fraudulent phone calls invoking the name of the historic civil rights organization and urging them to vote for Republican George W. Bush. The NAACP reported the calls to the attorneys general in Michigan and Virginia, where the recipients live, and to the Justice Department, asking for investigations. ``We take these incidents - and we do not know how widespread they may be - very, very seriously,'' said NAACP chairman Julian Bond. The group said it was aware of four voters who received the calls. ...... The nonpartisan National Association for the Advancement of Colored People does not endorse candidates, though its political arm has run commercials critical of Bush. ……"

Battleground Poll 11/2/00 Arlen Williams "..... According to the Battleground Poll, the share of minority women intending to vote for George W. Bush has increased from 17% on October 25, to 23% on October 31st. This is a new high for Bush, since tracking poll began, September 10th. The effective debut of the NAACP "dragging ad" was approximately October 25th-26nd. During this time, the share of minority women intending to vote for Al Gore has decreased from 69% to 66%....." 11/2/00 Carl Limbacher "….. Hillary Clinton's senate campaign has come up with what it hopes will be the silver bullet that stops Rick Lazio's relentless attacks over the first lady's fund-raising with Mideast terrorist sypathizers like Abdurahman Alamoudi. Among the 18 million potential donors who received a recent Lazio fund-raising letter was none other than Mr. Alamoudi himself. "I may not have the President of the United States in my corner," Lazio's letter explains, "But that's OK, I'd rather have you." ….."

National Review 10/26/00 Roger Glegg "….. The NAACP has been airing television ads this week across the country, attacking Gov. George W. Bush for his failure to support a hate-crimes bill in Texas. The NAACP is also running radio ads attacking Republican candidates for the Senate and House, and similar ads in black newspapers around the country. All told, the NAACP - through its National Voter Fund - is spending $2 million on its media drive. …… The campaign is problematic on several levels. To begin with, this kind of partisan campaigning is unprecedented for the NAACP, which still claims to be a nonpartisan organization. (Indeed, the NAACP suspended the president of its Suffolk, Virginia, chapter earlier this year because he endorsed a political candidate. Of course, the endorsed candidate in this case happened to be a Republican who is now a target of the NAACP's ad campaign.) ……. None of this is to say that the NAACP should not have the right to become essentially an arm of the Democratic party and shameless shill for racial preferences. But by doing so, the organization forfeits any claim to the moral authority it once had. And it is cannot seriously claim to be "totally nonpartisan," as it is still claiming. ...... Second, the ads themselves are irresponsible and inflammatory. ……. In the first place, two of the three murderers of Mr. Byrd were given the death penalty; the third was sentenced to life. A hate-crimes statute would not have punished them any more. In the second place, Texas already has a hate-crimes statute. Thirdly, reasonable people can surely differ over whether the expansion of that law that Bush opposed was really necessary and wise. And finally, Bush said that he would sign the bill if it reached his desk, and has supported a federal hate-crimes bill. So to equate Gov. Bush's rather limited opposition to one particular bill with killing James Byrd "all over again" is racial demagoguery, pure and simple. ….."

FrontPage Mag 10/26/00 "……. WHEN IS A HATE CRIME not a hate crime? Perhaps when the victim is white and the perpetrator black. ……. In April, Kevin Shifflett, an eight-year-old white boy playing in his great-grandparents' front yard in Alexandria, VA, was slashed to death in broad daylight by a knife-wielding black man screaming anti-white epithets. …… The national media, which have been quick to give saturation coverage to hate crimes against blacks and homosexuals, have all but ignored the Shifflett case. The murder hasn't become fodder for the presidential debates. And Jesse Jackson and the NAACP certainly haven't discussed it much. Now, in the latest twist, it appears that the defendant will not even be charged with a hate crime. ...... Another curious twist came when federal authorities declined to press hate crime charges, instead deferring to Virginia's state courts. ……. But Alexandria Commonwealth's Attorney S. Randolph Sengel, a prosecutor in the case, told that he is powerless to prosecute this case as a hate crime. "There's no applicable hate crimes law in Virginia," he told on Tuesday. …….Those developments came on top of an already controversial handling of the case by authorities in Alexandria. In July -- nearly three months after Shifflett's murder--law enforcement sources familiar with the case revealed the suspect's race to the Washington Times. The same sources also disclosed that Alexandria police had intentionally concealed the suspects race for the sake of racial sensitivity. ……..This cover-up followed a preponderance of evidence suggesting a racial motive behind the heinous April 19 stabbing. Authorities found a note in a hotel room where Mr. Murphy had stayed prior to the killing that read, "Kill them racist white kids," in mangled English. DNA evidence found in a taxi cab used to flee the scene matches Mr. Murphy's, and seven years earlier, Mr. Murphy was convicted of another racially charged attack, in which he assaulted a white man with a hammer. ……"

Fox News 10/26/00 Adrienne Mand "….. As the debate over states flying the Confederate battle flag continues to rage, a lesser-known cousin to the Southern Cross is making a comeback. The Bonnie Blue inspires both feelings of Southern pride and of bigotry that opposing sides of the debate see in the Confederate flag. Some see the Bonnie Blue flag, which includes a royal blue field with a single white star, as an alternative to the controversial battle flag. Miniature and full-sized Bonnie Blues are popular items at the bookstore at Shiloh National Military Park in Shiloh, Tenn. …."

Associated Press 10/26/00 Jay Reeves "…..Alarming some sheriffs, the NAACP has signed up more than 11,000 new voters in county jails across the Southeast this year. The nation's largest civil rights group described its campaign Thursday as an historic attempt to preserve the electoral rights of prisoners. But a law enforcement group in Alabama worries the drive could lead to inmates banding together to oust sheriffs and other county officials they don't like. ''They could elect their own commissioner. All they'd have to do is bloc vote in a small county,'' said Brice Paul, director of jail services for the Alabama Sheriff's Association……The NAACP this year has registered about 11,400 prisoners to vote in Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee, said Synamon Baldwin, regional director of prisoner re-enfranchisement for the group……" 10/26/00 "…….The Tonight Show" recently invited me to discuss my book, "The Ten Things You Can't Say in America" (St. Martin's Press). Jay Leno's producer showed the greatest interest in the first chapter, "Blacks Are More Racist Than Whites." This chapter, too, provoked the most interest during my interview with the "American Urban Radio Network" (the same group Sen. Lieberman recently addressed when he professed his admiration for Minister Louis Farrakhan). Are blacks really more racist than whites? ……….. But what about Colin Ferguson? In 1993, Ferguson, a black man, boarded a Long Island Railroad commuter train and proceeded to mow down white passengers, killing six, wounding 19. Before the killings, Ferguson made frequent outbursts declaring his hatred against whites. …… But somehow, Ferguson never became Exhibit A for black racism and hatred against whites. In fact, when Nassau County executive Thomas Gulotta called Ferguson an "animal," Jesse Jackson accused Gulotta of "stereotyping"! Most Americans, quite reasonably, considered Ferguson an abhorrent, hateful, deviant murderer, not some symbol for black bigotry. Of course, both cases -- the Byrd killing and the Ferguson rampage -- are aberrant instances of racial hatred. But where we see black/white crime, the bad guy is usually black. ….."

Boston Globe 10/26/00 Jennifer Braceras "…… It's that time of year again - scary tricks time. No, I'm not talking about Halloween. This October, it's the Democratic race-baiters - not the ghosts and goblins - who are attempting to scare the American people. ……. Desperately afraid that Al Gore might lose the election, and knowing that a strong voter turnout among African-Americans remains critical to a Democratic win, Gore's supporters last week released a supposedly independent advertisement that gives new meaning to the term ''race-baiting.'' ……. The ad is as powerful as it is vicious. It starts with a grainy black and white picture of a pickup truck dragging a chain behind it. Viewers can't see what the chain is dragging, but the implication is clear. Then, a voice. It is the daughter of James Byrd, the man dragged to death in Jasper, Texas. She says, ''When George Bush vetoed hate crimes legislation, it was like my father was killed all over again.'' Wow. I guess this is what is known as ''energizing the base.'' ……..The tactic is not new. In 1998, Democrats ran radio advertisements which suggested that anything other than a vote for the Democrats was a vote in favor of church burning. The new pickup truck commercial sends an equally demagogic message - that a vote for George W. Bush is a vote for racial hatred. ……This, of course, is ridiculous. Reasonable people, including liberals, can and do differ on the wisdom of expanded hate crimes legislation. (After all, two of the barbarians who murdered Byrd were sentenced to death. The other received a life sentence. What would a hate crimes law have added?) But Gore and his supporters are not interested in a reasoned dialogue on the issue. They are interested in winning an election. And so, in order to get out the vote, they resort to scare tactics that fan the flames of racial mistrust. ......" 10/27/00 Carl Limbacher "...... Senate candidate Hillary Clinton claims she didn't know until Wednesday that a June 13 fund raiser she attended in Boston was sponsored by the American Muslim Alliance, a group that supports the kind of violence currently being perpetrated against Israel by minions of Yasser Arafat. And when she found out about the AMA's sponsorship, she says, she decided to return their $50,000 in campaign contributions immediately. ....... But though Mrs. Clinton claims that the identity of the event's hosts had been concealed from her, has learned the Muslim group in charge of the fund raiser was entirely open about its role. Indeed, the AMA even boasted about the success of the occasion on the group's Web site the very day of the event. ...... Their report, headlined "AMA Massachusetts Holds Fundraiser for First Lady Hillary Clinton," suggests it would have been all but impossible for Mrs. Clinton not to know that the AMA was her benefactor. ......." 10/27/00 Carl Limbacher "...... And Hillary clearly understood that her hosts were concerned the U.S. war on terrorism might be too harsh. In her speech, "Mrs. Clinton vowed to pursue fairness and justice in the issue of secret evidence and the Anti-Terrorism Act," the AMA Web report notes. ......Then there's the $1,000 contribution the first lady accepted (then returned this week) from Abdurahman Alamoudi, the American Muslim Council official who attended the Boston event. "We are the ones who went to the White House and defended what is called Hamas," the New York Daily News says Alamoudi once boasted. ....... Federal Election Commission records show Alamoudi actually contributed the money on May 25, less than two weeks after Mrs. Clinton attended another suspicious fund raiser, an event her campaign went to great lengths to keep secret. ..... The May 12 event where Alamoudi apparently pledged to contribute the $1,000 was held at the Washington, D.C., mansion of Hani Masri, a business associate and confidante of Yasser Arafat. ......On May 26 the Jewish Forward reported: "The event, which sources said raised more than $50,000, was closed to the press, which wouldn't have known about the event anyway, since it wasn't listed on Mrs. Clinton's public schedule." ...... In the same report the Forward revealed: "The president of the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute, Yigal Carmon, said of Mr. Masri, 'I am not sure this is the best ally a candidate for the U.S. Senate should choose,' especially for someone running in New York, with its substantial number of Jewish voters. MEMRI has done extensive research on the Masri family's control of the Palestinian Development Investment Co. and its ties to Mr. Arafat." .........Beyond trying to cover up her fund raising with Arafat sympathizers, Mrs. Clinton may have even attempted to hide Alamoudi's American Muslim Council ties. Her campaign's FEC filing actually lists Alamoudi's employer as "The American Museum Council." ......"

Denver Post 10/29/00 Al Knight ".......The organization's [NAACP] Voter Fund is currently running the most inflammatory ad campaign of the current election cycle. It's being aired in 10 states at a cost of $9 million, most of it paid for by a single donor whose identity is being kept under wraps. ..... The ad contains a chilling partial re-enactment of the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, Texas......... The NAACP defenders say this ad is nothing more than an effort to pass a new Texas hate-crimes statute and that it isn't a smear campaign against Bush. That claim is not believable. The Texas Legislature isn't in session, and the ad is being run outside of Texas. ......... This ad, the text of which doesn't specifically mention Al Gore, is nonetheless part of Gore's campaign. To the degree that it inflames racial sentiments and encourages blacks to vote a straight Democratic ticket, he benefits. ......He has not renounced the ad, although a number of other major political figures in both parties have. .....In fact, there is at least the suspicion that Gore wants the theme expanded, since he has expanded upon it himself. In a speech the other day, according to a Washington Times reporter, Gore reminded a campaign audience that Byrd was killed in Texas and that Matthew Shepard, the gay University of Wyoming student, was killed in Wyoming. What Gore was saying was that one man was killed in Bush's home state and the other in the home state of his running mate, Dick Cheney. ....." 10/27/00 Carl Limbacher "...... These tactics have been adopted at the 11th hour only because the murders of Byrd and Shepard have not proven to be good arguments in favor of hate-crime laws. Both of these cases involved capital offenses and, in fact, in the case of Byrd, two men were sentenced to die and one was sentenced to a life term. Nor has anyone complained that Shepard's killers - both of whom received life sentences - got off easy. ......Texas has a hate-crime statute that the prosecutors in the Byrd case decided not to invoke on the grounds that it would not inflict additional punishment. Wyoming had no such statute covering homosexuals, but it is doubtful that, had there been such a statute, it would have increased the life sentences already meted out. ...... The NAACP ad isn't about the relative merits or demerits of the Texas law. Its only purpose is to suggest that Bush is unconcerned when innocent black men are brutally murdered. ...... The NAACP's official Web site contains a list of 10 issues of top concern to the organization. A Texas hate-crimes statute is not on the list. What is on the list, in seventh place, is a national hate-crimes statute. What the NAACP presumably wants is a federal law that would make it easier for the federal government to in tervene in those cases where state authorities don't do their jobs. That was not the case in Texas, where a white prosecutor and a mostly white jury convicted three white defendants and sentenced two to death and another to life in prison. ........"

Time 10/29/00 Viveca Novak ".......The music is ominous, the footage grainy: a pickup truck with Texas plates, a chain tied to the bumper, something unseen hooked to the other end as the truck pulls away. The voice is that of James Byrd Jr.'s daughter, recalling her father's 1998 death and George W. Bush's refusal to back a new hate-crimes bill. The kicker: "We won't be dragged away from our future." ........ The Byrd ad, running in 10 states where black voter turnout could make the difference, is part of a $2 million- plus campaign by the N.A.A.C.P. National Voter Fund. The group said it had always planned to replace the ad with a less graphic version. But Heather Booth, the group's executive director, makes no apologies. "Sometimes the truth hurts," she says. .......... "

Nbc 10/29/00 Freeper steveh "...... Another (NBC) TV news late today (10/29/00) showed Gore speaking at another Black church. Gore seemed to be giving a typical stump speech about how we tried the old way of government, and that failed, and we won't do that again. Then the minister took the microphone and lead a chant which went something like "More with Gore! More with Gore! More With Gore!..." ...... I believe the church was in Michigan. ....... I believe this was at least the second week Gore was using a Black church for giving a campaign speech, where the first one was when Gore went to Texas for the weekend (Oct. 22, Dallas, Pentacostal church). ........ "

New York Times 10/30/00 Dean Murphy "......Hillary Rodham Clinton said today that she respected Islam and did not intend to offend Muslim Americans when her campaign decided last week to return political contributions from members of a Muslim American organization. "I think every American deserves to be part of our political process," she said. "I have no difficulty with that at all."......... Mrs. Clinton, speaking to reporters aboard her campaign bus on Interstate 90 between Cheektowaga and here, said it had been difficult at times navigating the ethnic politics of her newly adopted state. Mrs. Clinton's decision to return $50,000 in contributions from members of the American Muslim Alliance has been interpreted by many Muslim Americans as pandering to the state's influential Jewish voters, a perception Mrs. Clinton and many prominent Jewish supporters have disputed......."

Washington Times 10/30/00 Bill Sammon "......President Clinton yesterday begged blacks to choose the "outstretched hands" of Al Gore over the "clenched fists" of George W. Bush in an 11th-hour bid to rally core Democrats without alienating scandal-weary swing voters...... "I am pleading with you," the president told the congregation at Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington. "Talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors, talk to your family members, talk to your co-workers - and make sure nobody takes a pass on November 7th." Mr. Clinton said it would be a "terrible mistake" to elect the Texas governor, who is leading the vice president in virtually all national polls. The president said the election will have a "huge impact" on racial profiling, affirmative action, the appointment of black judges and America's relationship with Africa. He even mentioned slavery. Mr. Clinton pointed out that while Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers considered slavery wrong, they still owned slaves........ "Look, these guys weren't stupid - they knew God created somebody besides white male property owners," said the president, prompting laughter and applause. "So what did they pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to? To form a more perfect union......."

New York Times 10/28/00 David Firestone ".....On black radio stations and in newspapers, from pulpits to mailboxes to answering machines, Democrats and civil rights organizations have begun an effort of unprecedented size to increase the turnout of black voters in next month's presidential election. In several close states, Vice President Al Gore's chances may hinge on the effort's effectiveness....... Advertisements proclaiming "Lift every voice and vote!" have been placed on the screens of Magic Johnson Theaters before movies, and on Black Entertainment Television. Students at black colleges are being urged by entertainers to vote, and congregants at thousands of black churches will hear the same message on the Sunday before Nov. 7. Organizers for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have even registered more than 11,000 prisoners at county jails around the South....... One of the most promising tactics gets under way this week, when telephones in black neighborhoods will begin ringing with a recorded message from President Clinton, urging a vote for Mr. Gore. Similar calls by the president in 1998 on behalf of Democratic candidates in Georgia were considered an important reason black voters represented 29 percent of the total turnout, up from 19 percent in 1994........."

Delaware Co. (PA) Daily Times 10/28/00 Kathleen Parker "...... Race-baiting is alive and well, but the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has set a new standard with its anti-Bush/hate-crime TV ad. The ad, which plays off the horrific dragging death of James Byrd, makes the notoriously vicious tactics of Republican campaigner Lee Atwater --- once dubbed"the Babe Ruth of negative politics" --- look like a wet-nosed puppy. ....... Atwater, recall, was the mastermind behind the comparatively innocuous"Willie Horton" ads in 1988 telling how then-presidential candidate Michael Dukakis' prison-furlough program as governor led to Willie Horton's escape from prison and subsequent rape of a woman. ......... Even though the Horton ad ostensibly was about liberal attitudes toward crime and punishment, critics correctly labeled it race-baiting, because it played on whites' fears of the demonic black man and cast blacks into the stereotypical mold of predator. Horton was black, his victim white. ........But the Horton ad was mere child's play compared with the NAACP's Blair Witch-ish ad, featuring a Dickensian chain being violently raked along a dirt road. No vehicle, no people, just the chain and the dust, up close and brutal the way it might have looked to James Byrd as he was being dragged down a Texas dirt road to his unimaginable death. .......... Just like the proposed legislation its creators want to advance, the ad balkanizes Americans. By giving special status to certain groups ---- basically everyone but white males --- we do little to protect potential victims and everything to further stratify a society that badly needs racial cohesion. You can imagine the three animals who murdered Byrd:"Whoa, Bubba, wait a minute, we can't do this! The feds'll prosecute us for hate!" ....... No one doubts that the men who killed Byrd were hate-filled. But aren't all criminals acting on some degree of prejudice, if not red-raged hate? How do we define hate, and how do we prove or disprove a causal relationship? ........." 10/30/00 David Horowitz "…….And on itself, there are these words: "When faced with one of the most horrendous crimes motivated by racial hatred in recent memory, Bush chose to sit on the sidelines and not lead in expanding and strengthening laws against those kinds of crimes." ...... A pack of fear-laced lies…..The men who murdered James Byrd by dragging him behind a pick-up truck in Texas two years ago, have been condemned to death or life imprisonment by Texas courts under existing Texas law, which includes a hate crimes bill……… Moreover, the most horrendous crime motivated by racial hatred in recent memory was certainly not Byrd's lynching, which took place two years ago, but the murder of an 8-year-old white boy named Kevin Shiflett last April, in the very shadow of the nation's capital. Kevin Shiflett was murdered by a 29-year-old African American, who screamed racial epithets at the youngster and slit his throat, while Kevin was playing on the sidewalk. In contrast to the killing of Byrd, which was the subject of presidential hand-wringing, Capitol Hill grand-standing and national editorial outrage, Kevin's murder was not even reported as a racial crime. To this day, it has been systematically and consciously kept out of the public eye. Collaborators in this suppression include local authorities, the media and every hypocritical organization - the Democratic Party and the NAACP foremost among them - that claims to oppose racial violence and stand up for civil rights. ...... For four months following the atrocity, the local police in Alexandria Virginia, where the crime took place, actively suppressed the racial identities of Kevin and his attacker. Now that the racial identity of perpetrator and victim are known, and the racist motive of the attacker is clear (he previously tried to strangle a white person and left racist notes in his hotel room), the crime has still not been declared a "hate crime," and the nation still could care less about Kevin Shiflett and his fate……."

New York Daily News 10/30/00 Leslie Kasimir "……. Ahmad Jaber, a New Yorker since 1982, has voted for a lot of Democrats over the years. Bill Clinton. David Dinkins. Jimmy Carter. But all that is now in the past…….. On Nov. 7, this American Muslim, an obstetrician-gynecologist from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, says, he'll vote Republican. "It's a tough choice - we might not agree with what they all stand for - but we're voting for [George W.] Bush and the other Republicans," said Jaber, 53. …… Jaber and other Muslim New Yorkers interviewed yesterday say they were infuriated by Democratic Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton's decision last week to return $51,000 in contributions from American Muslim groups after the Daily News reported that their members have advocated armed conflict with Israel……. "At least he [Bush] did not raise his voice and say I am against Muslim contributions," Jaber said…..Bush, in fact, returned $1,000 from one of the same contributors identified in the Daily News story…….. Muslims said they are more upset with Clinton for giving in to politics and returning the funds in an attempt to curry favor with Jewish voters. …. Clinton said the checks were being returned because of "offensive" and "outrageous" anti-Israel statements made by officials of the Muslim groups……… Her decision only contributed to feelings that the U.S.' 6 million Muslims are being ignored by politicians. "We feel that we have all been neglected," said Jaber, 53, chairman of the Islamic Mission of America, a mosque in Brooklyn Heights. "Now we want our voice to be heard." Although greatly outnumbered by Jewish voters, many in New York's Muslim community say they believe their votes should matter - and can make a difference……."

Town Hall 10/26/00 Thomas Sowell "...... Because only an ugly appeal to fear, envy and lies gives the vice president any hope of scaring enough people away from Governor Bush and into his column on election day. ......The race card is one of those ugly scares. Blacks must be told that racism threatens them if Bush and Cheney win. Already hints and charges of racism have appeared whenever some liberal judge has failed to get confirmed by the Senate, when that judge happened to be a member of some minority group......... Al Gore and Hillary Clinton have already embraced racial demagogue and riot inciter Al Sharpton. Senator Lieberman has even said that he would meet with Louis Farrakhan. When the Gore-Liberman ticket is trying to appeal to both Jews and antisemites, you know that "inclusiveness" has been carried to the point of desperation. ......With the black vote already solidly in the Democrats' column, why such extremes? Because it is not just a question of who blacks will vote for, but how many will bother to vote at all. If blacks become comfortable with Governor Bush, many may not see enough reason to vote for Gore, or at all. Not only is Bush in step with blacks on vouchers, black kids in Texas score higher on tests than black kids in states with liberal governors. ....." 10/26/00 Carl Limbacher "..... Nearly a week after a key New York Democrat was quoted saying there was "no way" he could back a presidential ticket with a Jew on it, both Vice President Al Gore and New York Senate hopeful Hillary Clinton have declined to condemn the statement. "There is no way there is going to be a Hadassah in the White House," the Rev. Al Sharpton reportedly announced to a crowd at the opening of a new Manhattan night spot last week, invoking the unmistakably Jewish first name of Sen. Joe Lieberman's wife to make his point...."

Nealz Nuze 10/26/00 Neal Boortz "...... This brings me back to the subject of hate crime laws. This has been one of the principal platform for scaring black voters to the polls to vote for Al Gore. Hate crime legislation is about criminalizing thought. It's about making an emotion an element in a crime --- and making emotion punishable. ....... Let's look at the Texas case the race warlords are invoking to frighten black voters. It's the James Byrd case --- the incident where three white bigots draged Byrd behind a pickup truck until he was dead. All three of the murderers were convicted. Two got the death penalty - one life in prison........ Even though two of the murderers are going to die --- that isn't enough for the left. Nobody seems to have an idea how you can punish these pigs any more than you do by putting them to death .... but that's not the issue. The leftists aren't unhappy with the punishment doled out to these murderers ---- they're unhappy because they're being punished for their actions and not for their emotions and thoughts....."

Nealz Nuze 10/26/00 Neal Boortz "......"Hate" is any negative thought, expression or feeling against leftist dogma, or the people who promote that dogma. "Hate" is the expression of any opposition to any position promoted by a member of any protected minority group or any liberal or left-wing policymaker or politician......... That brings us back to Joseph Lowery. He called me a "Gore hate monger" yesterday for no reason other than the fact that I am opposed to his election as president and that I have expressed my opinions that Gore is dishonest, a liar, and a big-government politician........You have to listen to everything these leftists are saying. On the one hand they're pushing hard for some type of law that makes "hate" a crime - or an element of a crime. On the other hand they're tagging expressions of disagreement with leftist political objectives and politicians as "hate speech" and the people who express those positions as "hate mongers." ........ Follow all of this to it's logical conclusion. It takes you to a time in this country where people can be punished for thoughts, utterances, expressions and writings which anger those holding political power. That's the ultimate goal of the leftists pushing the "hate crimes" agenda. ....."

Associated Press 10/25/00 Burt Herman ".....Anti-Semitism is on the rise again in Germany, new statistics confirmed Thursday as authorities took the first step toward banning a far-right party accused of fanning hate. ''A country that had gas chambers for the annihilation of millions of Jews cannot tolerate organized anti-Semitism,'' Interior Minister Otto Schily said Thursday at a Duesseldorf meeting of ministers from Germany's 16 states. ...... In Duesseldorf and at a later meeting of state governors in the eastern city of Schwerin, all but two states voted to ask the country's highest court to ban the National Democratic Party. The action is the government's most visible response to Germany's worst wave of neo-Nazi violence since reunification a decade ago. .....A July bomb attack at a Duesseldorf train station injured 10 immigrants, six of them Jewish, and plunged the nation into months of soul-searching about whether Germany has learned the lessons of its Nazi past. ....."

Bush Cheney 2000! 10/25/00 ".......Texas Governor George W. Bush was endorsed today by more than 500 Latino business leaders across the country. He was also endorsed by the Board of Directors of the Hispanic Business Roundtable (HBR), and the majority of the board members of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC). "The Hispanic Business Roundtable is endorsing Governor Bush because he is a leader with a proven track record. He is a man who will reach out and unite this great country of ours and his policies will help thousands of Latinos achieve the American dream," said HBR President Mario Rodriguez, CEO of Jonathan Grey & Associates, Inc. in San Clemente, California. ...."

Fox News 10/24/00 "....... Influencing elections with piles of cash is nothing new in American politics. But the NAACP is putting a new spin on the process to turn out the vote this election. In Huntsville, Ala., the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People isn't exactly buying votes - instead, they are paying volunteers $3 a head for each person they register to vote. Calling the fee a "bounty," the NAACP has blanketed Huntsville with signs and ads encouraging citizens to cash in by signing up their neighbors. ........ While paying people to sign up voters may be a great incentive, it's sparked quite a controversy in Alabama. According to Alabama's attorney general, the process is legal. As long as the organization is not buying or selling votes, there are no laws on the books to prevent people from being paid to register voters. .......But Alabama's secretary of state said the scheme is inappropriate and demeans the election process. "I think it sends the wrong message," said Alabama Secretary of State Jim Bennett. "I don't think Martin Luther King would engage in this sort of act. People ought to register to vote out of pride of being a citizen." ......"

Massachusetts Live 10/24/00 Heidi Perlman "......The Rev. Al Sharpton called the arrests of three men in the stabbing of Boston Celtic Paul Pierce an example of racial profiling targeting people associated with the hip-hop music industry. Although he said he deplored what happened to Pierce, Sharpton contended that "two wrongs do not make one civil right" -- and authorities went after the wrong men simply because of ties to rap music. ......... Sharpton was in Boston Tuesday to attend a pre-trial conference for Tony Hurston -- one of three men arrested in the Sept. 25 stabbing of Pierce at a Boston nightclub. ...... Pierce was stabbed nearly a dozen times at The Buzz Club in downtown Boston, and spent several days at a city hospital recuperating from surgery. He has since begun playing again with the Celtics. ........ Prosecutors said Hurston, 31, initiated a fight with the player by attacking him from behind, and then punched and hit him on the head with a bottle as he lay on the ground. Police also arrested Trevor Watson, 34, and William Ragland, 28, and accused the two of joining in and stabbing Pierce in the face, neck and back with a knife. ....... The three are associates of a rap group, Made Men, and at least two members of the group were in the nightclub at the time of the attack. ........"

10/24/00 Freeper Xgman "……. Mort Kondrake says he is outraged [NAACP ad against Bush]. Well Big Deal. Why is the NAACP not under IRS investigation ? Take a look at this material found at the NAACP web site. By the way, if the pickup truck with the chain dragging down the road isn't in absolute violation of the law, what the hell is? It's amazing how quick CHARLES ROSSOTTI--the Clinton IRS butt-boy--has been all over groups that may, or may not, be even remotely associated with the GOP--yet not a peep from the IRS Commissar in this case. ……….When you go to the NAACP web site at You won't find a link to this material. It's been buried. I got it off a search engine. …… It talks about the NAACP and the IRS CODE restrictions it must abide by to maintain its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. …..The link after this material (below) is active on the site, but omits any reference to the tax status or ramifications for political activity.
Non-Partisan Political Policy-----{
NAACP policy prohibits the endorsement of any candidate or political party in the name of the Association, National Office, Branch or any other units of the NAACP. Nothing in NAACP policy infringes upon an individual's right to support the party or candidate of his personal choice if it is made clear that such endorsement does not in any way commit the NAACP to support a candidate or political party.
A careful review of Internal Revenue Service guidelines indicates that the NAACP and other "not-for-profit" organizations can participate in nonpartisan voter activities without jeopardizing their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (see Attachment II: "What Is Legal in Non-Partisan Voter Registration, Education and Get-Out-The-Vote", prepared by the National Coalition on Black Voter Participation, Inc.) ……
Here's the active link with no IRS references: ……"

Fox News with Brit Hume 10/24/00 Freeper foreshadowed at waco "….. I was just watching Fox News Report with Brit Hume--Guests Mara Liason, Mort Kondrake, and some man named Sammon from The Washington Times--they showed clips of an NAACP ad to be released shortly in 10 swing states--black and white ad--visual--close-up of the back of a pick-up with a chain attached to the hitch and the truck movement suggested to be fast as the road below speeds by--voice over--James Byrd's daughter says that George W. Bush, by not signing hate-crimes bill, makes her feel like they're killing her father again. Very powerful visuals. ………….Kondrake says he is outraged that the NAACP is trying to link Bush to this tragedy--and that they are using Byrd's daughter in a shameless way--to say not signing a bill is the equivalent of murdering her father again. Sammon says that Gore recently said on the stump that Byrd was killed in GW's state of Texas and Matthew Byrd, the gay man crucified, was killed in Cheney's Wyoming! Mara Liason says that Gore is just trying to rev up his base--but does admit the language he uses is incendiary--she cites similarities to Gore accusing Bradley indirectly of being responsible for racial profiling during the debates by suggesting it began in New Jersey. ……."

AP 10/23/00 ".......The Texas health commissioner resigned Monday after being accused of making racially insensitive comment s to a black former employee. William "Reyn" Archer III, 46, whose 1997 appointment by the Health and Human Services Department's governing board had been approved by Gov. George W. Bush, had taken heavy criticism during the past year from minority groups over comments he made about Hispanics and blacks. Bush had supported Archer through his previous controversies but pulled back last week, calling Archer's latest comments "inappropriate......."

WBRC, Birmingham, AL and WAAX, Gadsden, AL 10/23/00 Freeper OldSmaj ".....First reported on WBRC AM radio out of Birmingham, repeated on affiliate carrier, WAAX, AM 570 out of Gadsden, AL. This alledged to have occurred in Huntsville, AL. The NAACP is paying a $3.00 per head bounty on new voter registration. Each new registrant is required to be briefed on differences between political parties, before bounty is paid. Alabama Attorney General states that the bounty may not be illegal, but certainly presents a wrong impression. Others quoted as calling it "sleaze" on the part of NAACP....."


Dallas Morning News 10/22/00 AP ".... . About 300 demonstrators bearing Confederate battle flags and shouting rebel yells marched to the state Capitol in the rain Saturday, where they rallied against the removal of Confederate monuments from state buildings. Women wearing petticoats and men in gray Civil War uniforms marched alongside others wearing Confederate flag T-shirts, all waging the same debate unfolding in state capitals and on high school football fields across the South. "Put our flags back," the crowd chanted. ......In June, two plaques displaying the Confederate battle flag and quotations from Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee were removed from the lobby of the building at the request of the NAACP....."

David Morgan 10/22/00 Reuters "......This year's presidential race is the most important in recent memory for black Americans and is likely to produce the largest black voter turnout in at least a decade, NAACP President Kweisi Mfume says. ``The pundits and the pollsters are overlooking the importance of the African-American vote,'' Mfume said in an interview. ``The impact of the black vote will probably be greater than it has been in the past 10 or 12 years.'' ......"

Washington Times 10/23/00 "……..According to the most recent Gallup poll, Al Gore is trailing George W. Bush by 10 points, the largest margin for either presidential candidate in three weeks. With just 16 days before the election, Democrats find themselves in desperate situations that require desperate measures. Part of the problem identified by Mr. Gore's advisers is perfunctory support among a key constituency: black voters. ……. Enter the fevered push by Democrats to get blacks to vote. It began with a decision to spend massive amounts of money in swing states with large black populations. …… It would be nice - but hardly reasonable - to think that his efforts were an exercise in what George W. Bush calls "affirmative access," simply inviting more minorities to participate in the political process. But this exercise is self-serving, of course. Mr. Gore knows that the bigger the minority turnout, the better his chances……. Apparently he will say almost anything to achieve that end. Try to imagine what would happen if a Republican were to suggest his candidacy had God's endorsement. Mr. Gore had no problem claiming God's imprimatur. "I'm asking you in your sermons to do the work of the Lord here on earth," Mr. Gore pleaded. Rev. Ronald Williams of Portland, Ore., got the message loud and clear. ......In addition to claiming God for the Democratic side, campaign strategists know the power of fear. Accordingly, the vice president has recently become more vocal about "hate crimes" legislation. It provides an opportunity to point to the racially charged murder of James Byrd in Texas. In the second debate, Mr. Gore was quick to segue to this topic from a barely tangential question on racial profiling. ……. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is adding its own partisan attacks to those of Democrats. The organization is running ads citing the Byrd case, quoting his daughter to the effect that Mr. Bush is himself a racist murderer. "So when Governor George W. Bush refused to support hate crimes legislation," she says in one ad, "it was like my father was killed all over again." In view of ads like this, it's a wonder Mr. Bush has any support left among minorities……… "

Washington Times 10/23/00 Nina Shokraii Rees "…….It's no surprise to see education become a hot campaign topic again, but something is altering the political landscape: School choice. No longer can reforms such as scholarships and vouchers be brushed aside. As Vice President Al Gore recently said, "If I were the parent of a child who went to an inner-city school that was failing . . . I might be for vouchers, too."……. The latest poll by Phi Delta Kappa, a national education group, places parental support for school choice at an all-time high of 60 percent. The Joint Center for Economic and Political Studies, a think tank specializing in African-American issues, shows support for school choice among African-Americans at 60 percent, including two-thirds of Baby Boomers and more than 75 percent of blacks under 35. A national organization called the Black Alliance for Educational Options started a pro-voucher campaign this fall.,…."

Dallas Morning News 10/22/00 Rena Pederson "……. The brainy foreign policy adviser [Condoleezza Rice] not only has been coaching the presidential candidate for debates, she is proving a formidable campaigner. Like they say, the girl's got game. ……. If Gov. Bush wins the fall election, she's a good bet to become a Cabinet superstar as national security adviser. To realize how remarkable that is, nobody ever accused other foreign policy advisers - like Brent Scowcroft or Zbigniew Brzezinksi - of being inspiring speakers. Condoleezza Rice is. ……. ……Those who saw her speak at the GOP convention last summer may remember the outlines of her background: Born in segregated Alabama. Entered college at 15, graduated Phi Beta Kappa at 19. Got her doctorate at 26 and served on national security teams in the Reagan and Bush administrations. Proved so tough she literally took Boris Yeltsin by the elbow and showed him down the hall. Proved so smart she was selected provost at Stanford University in 1993 and is on leave now. ……Her portfolio includes playing piano with a chamber group and having an oil tanker named after her - a Renaissance woman with an edge and a winning, gap-toothed smile. ……..If Gov. Bush is elected and she and Colin Powell both are included in the Cabinet, it could do as much for education as foreign policy. Because to her, the two are inextricably linked. ……. Dr. Rice began her Austin speech by describing the thrill of helping draft policies as the Berlin Wall was falling and what it was like being "on the right side of history." But she warned we have to take stock of who we are and where we want to go if we want to stay on the right side of history, saying, "We can't be a confident nation abroad if we are not confident at home." …..So who are we in her eyes? We're believers in individual rights who are still making revolutions from the bottom up, not the top down, like the Internet boom started by lone dreamers with a new way to do things. We're believers in community and philanthropy, which she says provides the climate that empowers those individuals. ...... She said that when she switched to international politics, she didn't ask herself "is this something a black woman from Alabama should be interested in?" She credited her parents, both educators, with communicating to her that she should decide what she wanted to do and accept no limitations. "We need to communicate that to all of our kids, because I can tell you, if we ever lose in America that part of our common identity, that part of our common belief, we will not be able to lead in this complex world, we will protect, we will build walls, we will not be the anchor of a world that believes that enterprise, hard work, individual responsibility - with community help - is the way that you build fruitful, strong and functioning democracies, brick by brick, day by day, stone by stone," she concluded, summing up her world view in one, breathless, 90-word finale. ……"

Peoria Journal Star 10/17/00 William Raspberry "…….. Maybe Jim Bell, whose discrimination suit was thrown out of court last week, really did believe Domino's Pizza intentionally discriminated against and "humiliated" him and his black neighbors in Southwest Washington by requiring them to come out to the curb to pick up their pizza deliveries. And maybe racism really is the reason pizza delivery companies across the nation are refusing to deliv er to certain parts of town. …….. But maybe it isn't. D.C. Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff thought it wasn't, at least in Bell's case. She ruled that Domino's policy of allowing its drivers to determine where they would make to-the-door deliveries and where they would require customers to meet them at the curb was a matter of driver safety, not racial profiling. ……. What interests me now, though, is the assumption behind the complaints: that if race is a possible explanation of the problem we're addressing, then it must be the explanation……. So many of our problems are made more intractable because we insist on viewing them exclusively through the window of race. We have trouble getting a grip on slavery in Sudan -- not because we are indifferent to slavery, but because it's harder to mobilize us when both the slaves and the enslavers are black. (Pre-liberation South Africa, with its clear black/white motif, may not have been easy to solve, but it was a snap to choose sides.) …….We don't know how to talk about the absence of chain-store outlets in some parts of the city except in terms of the corporations' unwillingness to serve black people. ……..We've virtually lost our ability to talk constructively about our failing schools -- not because we are incapable of generating ideas for improving education but because we've run out of white people on whom we can blame academic failure. (You can still get us motivated to oppose vouchers, if you are careful to describe vouchers as an anti-black trick of the white man.) …….." 10/21/00 "……..For several months, I have been seeing a remarkable energy within the evangelical community as the November elections draw near. I truly have not seen such a vigorous groundswell of anticipation regarding the elections since Ronald Reagan first claimed the White House in 1980. I believe this unified spirit is the result of eight tumultuous years of a Clinton administration that has dishonored and disrespected the history of honor within the Oval Office. A USA Today cover story on Thursday, Oct. 19, noted that Republicans are "more fired-up than Democrats" regarding the election on Nov. 7th. I believe this is largely the result of the influence of evangelical voters……… In my own People of Faith 2000 effort, we sincerely believe that we have enrolled and energized several million evangelical voters who would not have voted on Nov. 7th without this effort. However, in the USA Today article, Republican pollster Bill McInturff warned, "I've seen a lot of elections where the Democrats mobilize their base in the last 10 days, and the Republican advantage in intensity evaporates." That is a legitimate caution, especially when one considers the devious tactics the White House team is willing to utilize to secure a win for their candidate. They will do virtually anything to stir Democrats to action in the days prior to the election. President Clinton actually went into a black church in 1998 and warned black voters that Republicans were manning the polls to prevent African Americans from casting their votes. And he got away with it. ......"

Electronic Telegraph 10/19/00 Peter Foster and Philip Aldrick "….. AN Islamic extremist has defended a leaflet and poster campaign exhorting British Muslims to "kill the Jews" and wage a holy war against Israel. Jewish leaders are demanding the prosecution of those responsible and seeking talks with Jack Straw, the Home Secretary. However, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohamed, the leader of the Islamic fundamentalist group al-Muhajiroun, said its leaflets, which have appeared in London, Manchester and Birmingham, were merely a warning not to support the state of Israel. ..." 10/20/00 Carl Limbacher "……. New York Reverend Al Sharpton who called the VP Al Gore's selection of Joseph Lieberman "political racial profiling" 3 months ago, has dissed the VP pick once again. According to Cindy Adams' NY Post column on Friday, Sharpton attended the opening of Ashford & Simpson's new joint, the Sugar Shack. As Sharpton entered the room, he blurted out, "There is no way there is going to be a Hadassah in the White House" - a reference to Lieberman's wife. According to Adams, Lieberman fans who were present grabbed cell phones before those words even finished passing through the Reverend's lips. ..."

LA Times 10/19/00 Josh Getlin "...Starting this weekend, thousands of Jewish voters in New York will receive a Republican mailer with a photograph of Hillary Rodham Clinton hugging Suha Arafat, the wife of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The message: Jews cannot trust Clinton to protect the security of Israel. "Mrs. Clinton tries to paint herself as a friend of Israel, but her actions prove otherwise," said Dan Allen, spokesman for the New York State Republican Committee, which is producing the brochure. "She needs to be called on these things, and that's what this mailer will accomplish." ..."

Independent (UK) 10/18/00 Ian Burrell "…… Britain's Jewish community was on a state of alert yesterday after the stabbing of a Hasidic theology student as he sat wearing a skull cap and reading psalms on a London bus. ……. David Myers was stabbed about 20 times in the chest, face, arms and legs by a man wielding a six-inch hunting knife. Police are treating the attack as racist. Mr Myers is in a serious but stable condition in the intensive care unit of a London hospital. The stabbing, at 11am on Monday, has created a sense of panic in the north London district of Stamford Hill where the assailant struck. The area is the centre of London's Orthodox Jewish community. ……..Mike Whine, a spokesman for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said the attack may be linked to inflammatory statements from Islamic militants, who have called for attacks on Jews worldwide after the clashes between Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East. Mr Whine said: "We have been getting calls from people in the Stamford Hill area. They are really panicky." ……."

Arlington Morning News 10/18/00 Kevin Shay "……The Justice Department is investigating allegations raised by U.S. Rep. Martin Frost and other Democrats about possible voter intimidation in mostly African-American neighborhoods in southeast Fort Worth. …….The matter stems from a newsletter called "The Sister Soldiers" that has been distributed in Mr. Frost's district in southeast Fort Worth in the past few months. The 24th Congressional District also includes parts of Dallas, Grand Prairie, Arlington and Mansfield. ……Some editions of the newsletter claim that some African-American Democratic campaign workers have illegally obtained and sold the absentee votes of elderly and shut-in people, a practice Democrats denied. ……. The leaflets' authors said they were "going to be videotaping your [campaign workers'] movements." A newsletter also states, "Who is the Jew who give [sic] $100 million to Israel and $1 million to the southeast side of Fort 'Apartheid' Worth?" …….."

Hannity, WABC 10/18/00 Freepe rMia T "……Dick Morris to Hannity: Bush Showed "Brilliant Insight, Intellectual Dexterity" in debates [as opposed to Algore, the minutia-spewing, vision-less mental midget) Dick Morris to Hannity: Bush Showed Brilliant Insight, Intellectual Dexterity in debates when he identified the most insidious racial profiling to be automatic school promotions, i.e., the assumption that poor minorities cannot achieve...."

Union Leader-New Hampshire 10/17/00 Deroy Murdock "….. FACING THE TIGHTEST national election since 1960, Democrats have rolled out the race card to boost black turnout. Answering a question on racial profiling at the Oct. 5 Vice-Presidential debate, Sen. Joseph Lieberman said a black Presidential adviser was "surrounded by police for no other cause than anyone can determine, than the color of his skin." -"The only thing that was ever profiled in this incident was the car," Montgomery County, Md., police captain William O'Toole told the Associated Press on Sept. 26. Nine days later, Lieberman ignored these details. ......"

Media Research center 10/16/00 Tim Graham "…… Will the networks take the opportunity today on the occasion of Louis Farrakhan's "Million Family March" to explore vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman's declaration that he "respects" and would meet with Farrakhan, who's called Judaism a "gutter religion"? Nearly every Lieberman conflict with Jewish groups and religious figures has been ignored....August 7: Lieberman's first problem with fellow Jews came on CNN's Larry King Live. King asked: "Wouldn't most Orthodox Jews be pro-life?" Lieberman dodged: "And like everything else in Judaism, ultimately, it's up to each of us to decide what we think is right." Network coverage? Zero…….… September 18: At a $4.2 million Hollywood fundraiser, Lieberman went soft on DNC donors: "We will nudge you, but will never become censors." Longtime ally Bill Bennett broke ranks with Lieberman, publicly scolding him in the Wall Street Journal. Network coverage? Zero……… October 7: Despite the protests of rabbinical groups about attending a gay-agenda fundraiser on the eve of Yom Kippur, Lieberman spoke at the annual Human Rights Campaign fundraising dinner. AP reported Lieberman "promised that a Gore administration would give gay men and lesbians federal civil rights protections for the first time." Network coverage? Zero………."

Bill O'Reilly & Wall Street Journal 10/11/00 Tom Thornburg "…… Last night on O'Reilly a reporter from the WSJ stated that the oil recently released from our National Reserves, was released to "questionable" oil brokers. Apparently these "oil brookers" are going to distribute the oil to areas of the greatest need. The Wall Street Journal in looking into these "brokers" chosen by the Administration found that they wern't the professionals that the Energy Department claimed. One was a company connected to Jesse Jackson. This "professional company" (minority)was created only last month at the end of August. It has no prior experience in oil whatsoever. ….. The other "oil broker" chosen is a young black census taker who lives in a low-income appartment with his parents. He has NO oil experience whatsoever, but will become an instant millionaire over this deal. There is also concern that this "oil brokering" group will send only 1/3 of the oil released to the American people. The other 2/3rds may be ear marked for sale to Europe where the price is higher and the profits greater. ……"

AP 10/17/00 "…..A 50-year-old white man who police said came to the aid of a black man being harassed with racial slurs in a bar was seriously beaten by five white men, according to authorities. The group of men allegedly used their fists, feet and a baseball bat to beat and seriously injure Thomas C. Swiader Jr. The state employee had surgery this week in which four metal plates were inserted into his face, according to police. ……Swiader's son, Thomas, and another man, Anthony Roby, tried to intervene in the Oct. 7 attack outside the Willow Inn bar in Albany and also were beaten by the group, police said. The black man wasn't hurt. ….."

Washingotn Times 10/17/00 Reed Branson "……A small but growing number of Southern history buffs, grappling with the emotional symbolism of the Confederate battle flag, have rediscovered another, less familiar battle flag -the flag Confederate soldiers called "the Bonnie Blue." With its deep blue field and single white star, the flag that was paraded around Jackson in 1861 to celebrate Mississippi's secession from the Union is little known and has so far not irritated those who want to erase Confederate symbols from public display……."