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Reuters via Yahoo! 9/28/00 Jim Loney "…..The Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez, the shipwrecked Cuban boy who was caught in a furious custody battle, sued Attorney General Janet Reno (news - web sites) on Thursday, claiming the federal raid on their home to seize Elian and return him to his father violated their constitutional rights.The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Miami, accuses Reno and others of violating the family's right to freedom of expression, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure and from use of excessive force by government...."

ABCNEWS 9/21/00 "…..Nine Cubans who survived when their plane crashed into waters off the Florida coast appear to be on the path to permanent residency in the United States...." 9/20/00 Luis Aguilar Leon "……. A few days after President Clinton's ``routine'' handshake with Fidel Castro at the United Nations, a major New York newspaper, lacking a photo of the handshake, provided separate photos of each leader with outstretched hand, basically suggesting the occurrence. ……… The New York Times, which apparently controls the negative, denounced the legerdemain, stressing the importance of preserving the ethics of the press. Of course The Times has every right to protect that ethic and to criticize its violators, just as I do to place The Times's conduct in perspective with some recent events having to do with Cuba. ……. One of the oldest methods of deception is to reveal part of the truth while concealing most of it. Subtlety is essential here. In this way, The Times, which considers itself the ``newspaper of record,'' does lead its readers to the debatable conclusion it wants them to reach. For instance, whenever The Times reports ``objectively'' on Castro, it omits the word dictator, and too-rarely mentions his repeated international condemnations for violating human rights. Take as an example the Sept. 2 edition, with its front-page photograph of Cuban school children in impeccable uniforms. ………. The caption read, ``A famous Cuban returns to school. Elián González and his classmates . . . in the first day of class, sang songs and proclaimed: We are communist pioneers; we'll be like Che!'' …….. Not to be a grinch, but did the world-famous Times photographers visit any other Cuban schools to compare them with Elián's pristine, spacious one? Did they see if the economic crisis wrought by the ``imperialist blockade'' deprives them of basic learning tools such as lunch food? Did they question whether Elián's school could be a false front to fool international visitors? Not on Elián's life……."

Reuters 9/20/00 Francis Kerry "…..Eight survivors from a Cuban crop-dusting plane that crashed into the sea were being interviewed by U.S. authorities on Wednesday at the start of a process to determine whether they stay in the United States or go back to the communist-ruled island. The doomed plane was whisked away from western Cuba on Tuesday in an apparent attempt to flee the country. ……. A 36-year-old man was taken by helicopter on Tuesday night to Key West, Fla., suffering severe head and neck injuries. The eight other survivors -- two men, three women and three children -- were set to remain on board the Chios Dream, being interviewed by Coast Guard officials, until late on Wednesday. ….. Cuba was still trying to clarify whether the incident was a hijacking or an asylum bid -- or both. ……."

Reuters 9/19/00 ".....A small plane with 14 people on board was hijacked from Cuba on Tuesday and was heading for south Florida, Miami police and airport officials said. ....... The plane was due to land at Miami's Opa-Locka Airport, Miami-Dade police spokesman Pete Andrews said.

Cynthia Paul, a spokeswoman for Miami International Airport, said 14 people were aboard the Russian-built Antonov An-2 Coltaircraft. ``Thirteen minutes ago it was still in Cuban airspace with limited fuel...we're told its a hijack,'' she said. ....."

Yahoo News 9/19/00 Reuters ".....A small Cuban plane with 16 people on board that had been hijacked has crashed in the Florida Straits and Cuban authorities have asked for U.S. assistance in a search, U.S. officials said on Tuesday. ``The plane is down, the Cuban authorities have asked for a water search,'' said Miami International Airport spokeswoman Cynthia Paul, adding she had no further details. U.S. officials said the plane, which left the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio earlier on Tuesday, was an Antonov An-2 with 16 people on board. ....."

Inside China 9/19/00 Reuters "...... China sees "enormous potential" in its friendship with socialist ally Cuba and will work to further increase political and economic cooperation between them, China's Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said on Monday. Tang made the comments at the end of a two-day visit to the communist-ruled Caribbean island during which he held talks with Cuba's President Fidel Castro, Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque and Vice President Carlos Lage. "My visit to Cuba was short but it allowed me to see the enormous potential in our cooperation," the Chinese minister told Cuban television after his discussions with Lage on Monday......."

9/19/00 Reuters "....Nine survivors and one body have been recovered in the Florida Straits where a small plane went down after being hijacked from Cuba, the Pentagon (news - web sites) said on Tuesday, citing the U.S. Coast Guard (news - web sites)......."

News Max 9/8/00 "……A Miami lawyer and radio commentator is facing trial after being arrested while trying to help raise bail for protesters jailed in the wake of Attorney General Janet Reno's predawn armed raid to snatch Elian Gonzalez. Immigration lawyer Grisel Ybarra is one of a handful of people to face trial out of the 435 protesters originally arrested in the aftermath of the raid, according to the Miami Herald. The rest were allowed to plead guilty and assigned to community service or so-called psychological counseling. Others, such as the brother of Miami Mayor Alex Penelas and an 11-year old boy, simply had the charges against them dropped. Incredibly, Ybarra is facing up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine, plus a possible investigation by the Florida Bar Association that could endanger her license to practice law, all for two measly misdemeanor charges involving her alleged refusal to obey police orders to stop blocking traffic. She is charged with resisting arrest nonviolently and disobeying a police officer's order. In pursuit of this two-bit case, prosecutors have compiled a court file on two misdemeanor charges of 200 pages, with testimony from 10 law enforcement officers, giving credence to her belief that she is being made an example to show the exile community what can happen if they dare confront federal power as they did in the Elian Gonzalez matter. "I am the example, so that the ghetto never rises again,'' Ybarra told the Herald. ….."

WorldNetDaily 8/31/00 Charles Smith "…….. Countering reports that Elian Gonzalez lays injured in a Cuban hospital with a broken jaw, a U.S. mayor said yesterday that he met with Elian Gonzalez last week and that the boy is "OK." Reports have circulated widely, particularly on the Internet, about a Miami-based doctor who claimed that Elian was recently beaten by his father and is in the hospital. Indeed, David Hoech, a retired doctor living in Miami with extensive connections inside the Cuban and diplomatic community, said: "We heard news that Elian was being treated for a broken jaw in a Cuban hospital. The next day, we established communication with humanitarian service entities and were told that he was in a Children's Hospital in Cienfuegos." ……… But the dire reports about Elian brought a rebuttal from Oakland, Calif., Mayor Jerry Brown. On ABC's "Good Morning America" yesterday morning, the former California governor said he met Elian last week, during a visit to the communist country aimed at enhancing relations between his California city and the eastern Cuban city of Santiago. Saying Elian is "OK" and not injured, Brown also discussed his views for improved trade relations with Castro and Cuba. ……" 9/1/00 Carl Limbacher "…… A federal judge in Miami has denied a motion from lawyers for Attorney General Janet Reno, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and INS Commissioner Doris Meissner to halt discovery in the civil rights lawsuit spurred by the government's April 22 seizure of Cuban boat boy Elian Gonzalez. The claim, filed by Judicial Watch in May, seeks damages in excess of $100 million on behalf of more than 50 plaintiffs, including Donato Dalrymple, who rescued Gonzalez from the ocean ten months ago only to have to turn him over at gunpoint to federal agents. Family friends and neighbors from Gonzalez's Little Havana block who say they were assaulted or otherwise harmed during the raid have also joined the suit………"

The Associated Press 9/1/00 "……Cuban officials announced Friday that Fidel Castro plans to travel to New York to attend the U.N. Millennium Summit, the first time the Cuban president has visited the United States since 1995. Cuba has requested visas for Castro and other top officials, who would arrive in two Cubana de Aviation jets at an undisclosed date, and has already discussed preliminary security arrangements with the U.S. secret service and New York Police department, the Foreign Ministry said in a press statement. The Millennium Summit, which begins Wednesday, will bring together more than 150 world leaders. ……"

The Associated Press 9/1/00 "…..Cuban officials announced Friday that Fidel Castro plans to travel to New York to attend the U.N. Millennium Summit, the first time the Cuban president has visited the United States since 1995. Cuba has requested visas for Castro and other top officials, who would arrive in two Cubana de Aviation jets at an undisclosed date, and has already discussed preliminary security arrangements with the U.S. secret service and New York Police department, the Foreign Ministry said in a press statement. ….."

Miami Herald 8/22/00 Rui Ferreira "……. Attorneys for two alleged Cuban spies were unsuccessful in a bid to bring a Cuban military officer to Florida to testify as a defense witness at their clients' trial. Jack R. Blumenfeld and William Norris, who represent defendants Luis Medina and Antonio Guerrero, visited Havana Aug. 6 to 11 to try to persuade Interior Ministry authorities to let the officer -- identified only as ``Col. Escalante'' -- appear live at the trial, which is expected to begin Nov. 6. The lawyers came back empty-handed and now hope that Escalante will submit a written deposition to U.S. District Judge Joan A. Lenard, who is hearing the case. ……"

The Cuba Free Press Project 8/17/00 Onelio Perez Rodriguez "….. Havana-Beginning in 1959, Cuba implemented censorship and prohibitions over open manifestations of ideologies; political, cultural or economic. The Castro government created a unsurmountable barrier so that the population would have no knowledge of the advancements, developments, prosperity and triumphs of the Western Nations. With this, he took the population to a point of complete ignorance about many events of great relevance. …… On the other hand, there is a great detail and time given to everything that happened in the so-called Socialist block Countries; exaggerating their successes while hiding their failures. It became evident that this had a clearly propagandist motive to show that only under socialism was a Nation able to develop and reach a consistent and leveled life style. Time took it unto itself to prove the contrary when the Berlin Wall fell, the USSR disintegrated and all the communist dictatorships disappeared from Eastern Europe. ….."

Vietnam Veterans of Florida State Coalition 10/4/99 Michael Benge "…… Cuban officials, under diplomatic cover in Hanoi during the Vietnam War, brutally tortured and killed American POWs whom they beat senseless in a research program "sanctioned by the North Vietnamese."(1) This was dubbed the "Cuba Program" by the Department of Defense (DOD) and the CIA, and it involved 19 American POWs (some reposts state 20). Recent declassified secret CIA and DOD intelligence documents, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal the extent of Cuba's involvement with American POWs captured in Vietnam. A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report states that "The objective of the interrogators was to obtain the total submission of the prisoners..."(2) ……….. According to former POW Air Force Colonel Donald "Digger" Odell, "two POWs left behind in the camp were 'broken' but alive when he and other prisoners were released [1973 Operation Homecoming]. ... They were too severely tortured by Cuban interrogators" to be released. The Vietnamese didn't want the world to see what they had done to them."(3) ………. POWs released during "Operation Homecoming" in 1973 "were told not to talk about third-country interrogations. .... This thing is very sensitive with all kinds of diplomatic ramifications."(4) Hence, the torture and murder of American POWs by the Cubans was swept under the rug by the U.S. Government. ……."

NEW YORK POST ONLINE 8/28/00 Laura Italiano Maria Malave "…..Dr. Charles Wetli, the chief medical examiner of Suffolk County, became an expert in the palo mayombe religion when he was a coroner in Miami, where the practice is not uncommon among Cuban-Americans. She was found floating, head up, in a knee-high jar of formaldehyde - a fully formed, perfectly preserved newborn girl with olive skin and a shock of straight, black hair. For now, she has no name, no mourners and no explanation. …….. But Manhattan police and prosecutors are sifting for clues in a grotesque collection of human remains and other black-magic relics from a Washington Heights apartment, where the baby was discovered after a tenant died in a car accident last month. …… Stillborn or murdered, the baby girl's body fell into the hands of 74-year-old Margaret Ramirez. Investigators believe that Ramirez, and possibly her son, Michael Grajales, 54, were, at the least, using the body and other remains in their practice of palo mayombe, an ancient Afro-Cuban religion related to Santeria. ……. Followers of this black-magic art - called "paleros" or "ngangaleros" - believe they can use human body parts to contact, and enslave, the spirits of the dead. The spirits are then compelled to do the palero's bidding - almost exclusively in the service of evil. "These people, these paleros, redefine evil," said one investigator, who asked not to be named. "You're dealing with the devil himself." ...... Ramirez was struck dead by a car July 17 while crossing the street near her apartment - the accident that led police to her West 164th Street chamber of horrors. ......, Her son, a recluse whose yellowed hair and beard reach down past his shoulders, became "extremely unstable" upon learning his mother died, and had to be escorted out in cuffs, Menig said. A Vietnam veteran, Grajales remains in a locked psychiatric ward of the Veterans Affairs Hospital on East 23rd Street. ……. Police found two skulls, one from an adult, the other from a 1- or 2-year-old child. The child's skull was in a ceremonial palo mayombe cauldron called an "nganga," and was coated with rotting flesh, dried blood and candle wax. ...... One recovered jar held pieces of flesh, floating in murky formaldehyde. Rank-smelling dirt - possibly gathered from a cemetery - was scattered on the floor, and statues of saints were in every corner. ...... A palo priest from Astoria, Queens, began equivocating when asked what purpose a baby's body could serve in his religion - at first asking if the body had been cut in any way (it hadn't), then pausing to think, then saying that he didn't know, and that such a use is "crazy, crazy!" "That's secret. That's secret," he added, brushing the question away with a wave of his hand. ……. "She would use the body to make an agreement with el diablo - with the devil," the priest said finally of the baby. "But it gave her no power. She didn't know what to do with it." ......... Ramirez's violent death was proof enough that she was in over her head, he said. Her spirits - maybe even the spirit of the baby girl in the jar - turned against her. "That could have happened, that the baby killed her," he said. "She may have paid with her life." ….."

Fox News 9/17/00 Terry Spencer AP "…..Lazaro Gonzalez pulled a brown paper towel from his pocket and wiped his eyes as the closing credits rolled during a preview of The Elian Gonzalez Story. Lazaro had laughed, shaken his head and bitten his lip while watching the nearly two-hour-long TV movie, which depicts the events that thrust his family into the international spotlight. He wept when the movie showed federal agents raiding his home to seize his nephew, 6-year-old Elian. And now he was angry. "Nothing is reality in that story," Gonzalez said. …….. The family's attorneys and advisers all said the movie, which airs on the Fox Family Channel at 8 p.m. EDT Sunday, does not reflect accurately what happened during the five months that Elian lived in Miami's Little Havana with his great-uncle Lazaro. ….. "Detail after detail was wrong - they couldn't even get the chronology right," said Coffey, who is not depicted in the film. Events shown in the movie as occurring simultaneously - such as Elian's December birthday party and the government's January decision to return him to Cuba - actually occurred weeks apart. The order of other events is flip-flopped. ……. Robbins said many witnesses and participants were interviewed, including Lazaro, and writer Dennis Turner then recreated the dialogue. Overall, he said, the movie is accurate in substance and tenor. "Nobody was a fly on the wall, but we believe the movie is extremely fair," he said. "We wanted people to understand why everybody fought so hard for that boy." ……. The more controversial scenes start after the boy's rescue, last Thanksgiving Day. Lazaro (Miguel Sandoval) is depicted as devoted to Elian but blinded by his attachment to the boy, by his unwillingness to anger Miami's Cuban-American community by returning him to his father, and by bad advice from Gutierrez and others. Lazaro's 21-year-old daughter, Marisleysis (former Miss USA Laura Elena Harring), is shown as a caring young woman who comes to view herself as the boy's mother. Coffey said the Miami family had one motivation: to fulfill the final wish of Elian's mother that he grow up in freedom. ……. But Robbins said his movie portrays the Miami family much as the national media did. "It is how they were viewed by the rest of the country," he said. …….Two other scenes drew hard anger. One shows Elian's first phone conversation with his father back in Cuba; Elian asks when he is going home. That didn't happen, Lazaro said. The boy would not answer when his father asked if he wanted to return to Cuba. ...... The other scene is the pre-dawn raid on April 22 in which agents from the Immigration and Naturalization Service snatched Elian from the Miami home. On film, the raid is slower and less chaotic than in reality. The agents use less force - for example, the film's agents do not fire pepper gas at the crowd outside the home, as real agents did. "They should have talked to us," Lazaro Gonzalez said. "We could have told them what really happened." ……"

Judicial Watch 9/5/00 "……A federal court judge in Miami, The Honorable Federico A. Moreno, ruled last week that discovery may proceed in a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of the family members, friends, and neighbors hurt during the Easter-eve raid on Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives' home. The $100 million lawsuit names Attorney General Janet Reno, INS Commissioner Doris Meissner, and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder as defendants. Judicial Watch represents the 54 plaintiffs in the case. The Clinton-Gore Justice Department had tried to stay discovery in the matter, but was overruled by U.S. District Court Judge Federico A. Moreno in an August 29, 2000 order that read: ……. The court has considered the motion and the pertinent portions of the record, and being otherwise fully advised in the premises, it is adjudged that the motion is denied. ……. The judge's ruling means that discovery may proceed in the case. Discovery would include obtaining government documents on the raid and depositions from those with information about it, such as Ms. Reno, Ms. Meissner, and Mr. Holder. (In an earlier decision, Judge Moreno ruled that the deposition of Elian Gonzalez might have to take place in Cuba, if it were to occur.) The lawsuit alleges violations of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights of the Elian protestors who had peaceably gathered the night of the violent raid. The plaintiffs were gassed, beaten, kicked, cursed at, and had guns brandished at them during the raid. The lawsuit also alleges battering rams were used on the protestors and elderly women were gassed as they prayed the Rosary……."

AFP 9/7/00 "……US President Bill Clinton and Cuban President Fidel Castro came face-to-face for the first time, White House officials said Thursday, while downplaying any significance to the encounter.They said Castro initiated the encounter Wednesday after a lunch hosted by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan for leaders attending the UN Millennium Summit."I understand it was initiated by Castro," a senior official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. ..."

NewsMax 9/12/00 Camille Paglia "……. Fidel Castro's propaganda agency, Granma, is trumpeting his handshake with Bill Clinton. In an account he gave his press agency, Castro inferred that he really did not seek out Clinton, the meeting as simply accidental. Castro reports that "following the lunch given by the UN secretary-general, after the opening session of the Millennium Summit had ended, we were told to walk to the place where the official photo would be taken. We walked toward that spot, almost one by one, along a narrow path among the many tables." ………"

AFP 9/9/00 "……Vladimir Putin will be the first Russian president to visit Cuba since the end of the Soviet era, and the trip later this year will mark a spectacular rapprochement between Moscow and Havana. Putin and Castro agreed Friday to promote closer economic relations between their countries, ties that have been essentially stagnant since the collapse of the Soviet bloc, a Russian diplomatic source said. Russia's Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Putin would make the trip by year's end. …."

The Miami Herald 9/9/00 Terry Jackson "……When Fox Family Channel's made-for-TV movie The Elián González Story debuts Sept. 17, it's sure to raise debate in South Florida both for the way it portrays some key players in the custody saga and over the factual basis for parts of the script. ……. In the film -- the first Elián project to reach TV screens -- Gutiérrez is portrayed as a political wheeler-dealer who put the political interests of Miami's Cuban exile community ahead of the González family's wishes that Elián's future remain a family matter. ``That's what I get for not taking their money,'' Gutiérrez said after being told about his character's role. ……. A spokeswoman for Fox Family Channel in Los Angeles reaffirmed Friday that the movie is based on interviews with people close to the Elián story, including an interview she said Canava did with Lázaro González. ……. Democracy Movement leader Ramón Saúl Sánchez, a key activist in the fight to keep Elián in the United States, and Spencer Eig, one of the González family lawyers, said they had not been interviewed, although both are major characters in the film. The movie, a copy of which was sent to the nation's television critics, is highly sympathetic to Lázaro González. …….."

CNS 8/10/00 Jim Burns ".....The Miami relatives of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez are upset that the Immigration and Naturalization Service plans to honor the team of federal agents that forcibly removed Elian from his Miami relatives in "Little Havana" over Easter weekend. "I think it's a waste of taxpayers' money," said Armando Gutierrez, a spokesman for Elian's Miami relatives. "Honoring people that went into the house with machine guns to scare the hell out of a little boy -- a house where there was no guns, just simple people. It's incredible and I never knew that they would honor people for doing that," ..."

UPI 8/9/00 "……Immigration officials Wednesday planned to honor the team of federal agents that snatched Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives and returned him to his father. The ceremony for as many as 131 agents is set for Monday and Tuesday in Glynco, Ga., the site of Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. The 131 took part in the raid, many of them in support roles. Commissioner Doris Meissner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service said she would be there to honor the agents "for a job well done" during the raid..."

Chicago Tribune 8/8/00 "……After a dramatic defection that took them from a Zimbabwe jail cell to several Swedish safe houses, two Cuban doctors finally have arrived at their intended destination: Miami. On Monday night, dentist Noris Pena Martinez, 25, and physician Leonel Cordova Rodriguez, 31, stepped off Delta Air Lines flight 885, the final leg in a journey that began two months ago halfway across the world. They were greeted at Miami International Airport by reporters and about 30 Cuban community activists carrying Cuban flags and roses. ……"

La Razon, Madrid 7/31-8/2/00 Alberto Rubio "……. Happened to check the news at one of my favorite websites, which has the latest articles re: Cuba and the largest online collection of newspapers from Spain and Latin America, they posted an article from a newspaper in Madrid about Nelson, the little boy Spain is calling the "Spanish Elian". I guess you could call him the reverse Elian, or the other Elian. …….. Castro impedes reunion of child with his mother exiled in Spain for two years! July 30, 2000 The reverse Elian, 10 year old Nelson, lives with his sick grandmother and suffers psychological trauma because he has not been allowed to join his mother in Spain. As the media and the world talked of Cuban castaway Elian Gonzalez and world opinion praised Fidel Castro for defending the rights of children to live with their parents, he all the while had another child hostage, Nelson Manuel Aguilera, and Castro ignored the mother's request for reunification. Cuban authorities were even cruel in their treatment of the child since they said to his face that they would never allow him to leave and see his mother as if they were carrying out a vendetta to say it to his face and even though Spain had granted the child a visa. ….."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 7/26/00 Paul Greenberg "….. I've got a five-dollar bet with another inky wretch here at the paper that this year's Pulitzer Prize-winning picture--the one that shows the federal trooper snatching a terrified little Elián Gonzalez out of that closet in Miami--won't win the Pulitzer. Why? It's politically incorrect. Besides, people don't want to think about this any more……..Elián is not just old news by now. He's not even history. He's well on his way to becoming an unperson, his every trace fading. The great, devouring beast that is the public's hunger for the sensational fell on this story and chewed it to death--day after day, sometimes hour after hour. Till fickle public opinion grew sick of the whole subject and anything to do with it……."

Freeper dejavu 7/22/00 "……. Sources tell me, immediately after he made his public decla- ration, he then asked for political assylum in Venezuela, (he was told that the ministry was going to give serious thoughts to his petition). THEN HE INFORMED THE MEDIA THAT HE WAS GOING INTO HIDDING, BECAUSE HE FEARED RETALIATION FROM CHAVEZ, OR WORST, THAT FIDEL CUBAN INTELLIGENCE WOULD PICK HIM UP BY FORCE AND TAKE HIM BACK TO CUBA. That was the last time he was seen. In my view, he should have gone straight to the American Embassy and requesting political assylum there. I think he would have had a better chance there, now his worst fears about Chavez came true, In my personal opinion, if he is lucky enough not to get caught by the Venezuelan police or the Castro Intelligence, his only hope is to cross the border into Colombia, and somehow find help to be able to get to the American Embassy in Bogota. Request assylum there, BUT REQUEST THAT HE URGENTLY NEEDS TO GET IN TOUCH WITH REPRESENTATIVE ILEANA ROSS-LEITNAM, SHE will make sure that he is given assylum. Lately, even the personel working in our Embassies, have orders (from top level of Government) to avoid giving political assylum to any cuban that wishes to defect, WHY?, Clinton does not want to make waves with Castro. The symbol of freedom and respect our Embassies stood for world wide,this Administra- tion has brought to the ground. That is probably the rea- son why the poor Rosabal is facing the predicament he is in now. Let us pray that he be able to escape the clutches of Chavez/Castro, and get to freedom. If he does, he will be able to tell the world the insides of the Castro commu- nist regime. I have a few contacts in Venezuela, and I will keep all of us informed on Rosabal s quest for freedom. ……"

Freeper Prodigal Daughter 7/21/00 "….July 21, just got news that another of Castro's estimated 1,500 security agents defected in Venezuela today. I have not heard anything more on the captain referenced in the article above except that Hector Fabian, a Cuban military expert, reported that the husband who defected in the 80's, Florentino Azpillaga, was apparently quite a defection. He was the supervisor of some 300 agents for Castro in Europe, (some were Cuban nationals but many Europeans and others) and when he defected, Castro tried to get them all called back or out of the way before all of the information was spilled, and apparently the information was pretty damaging because someone in England shot at Azpillaga and almost killed him……."

Las Vegas Sun 7/18/00 AP "……President Clinton has suspended for an additional six months a law that would allow Americans whose property was confiscated by Cuba to sue foreigners who use those assets to do business, his spokesman said Tuesday. The right to sue is contained in sanctions legislation approved by Congress in 1996. But Clinton has the authority under the law to waive or enforce the provision at six-month intervals. Clinton has consistently exercised his waiver authority since the legislation was approved. …….."

AP/Yahoo 7/18/00 Anita Snow "……With Fidel Castro in the wings, Elian Gonzalez was shown on state television Tuesday night reading the book that the Cuban president gave him to commemorate the boy's successful completion of first grade. As the camera panned over the dedication that the Cuban leader wrote to Elian in the ``The Golden Age,'' a children's book by Cuban independence hero Jose Marti, Castro's voice could be heard in the background reading it aloud. ``For when you are in the fourth or fifth grade and can enjoy one of the most tender works of Marti,'' Castro read off-camera. ..." 7/19/00 Jim Abrams AP "…..The House voted Wednesday to bar the rescheduling or forgiving of Russian debt until Russia shuts down its intelligence listening post in Lourdes, Cuba. Supporters said it made no sense to give Russia debt relief when it is pouring billions of dollars into an operation that props up the Havana government while eavesdropping on America's military, companies and private citizens. But the administration opposes the legislation, arguing that Russia, like the United States, needs intelligence facilities to monitor and verify arms control agreements. Many Democrats opponents of the bill said it was a continuance of a 40-year-old failed policy of trying to isolate Cuba. The bill passed 275-146. ……." 7/14/00 Carl Limbacher "……"Christ chose the fishermen, because he was a communist," Castro said during a National Assembly debate on the fishing industry. State media reported the wacky comments Friday. ……Castro's brother and second in command, Raul, naturally agrees. "I think that's why they killed Jesus, for being a communist, for doing what Fidel defined as revolution ... that is to say, changing the situation," he said. ….."

Reuters 7/14/00 "…..President Fidel Castro has met with Elian Gonzalez, the 6-year-old Cuban boy over whose custody the communist leader launched the biggest patriotic crusade of his four-decade rule, the government said on Saturday. In what was believed to have been the first meeting between the 73-year-old Castro and Elian since the boy's June 28 return from the United States, Castro ``was able to meet and greet Elian'' on Friday during a visit with his family, a short official statement said..."

Miami Herald Online 7/16/00 Sandra Garcia "…….In their first interview since defecting in Zimbabwe, two Cuban medical workers said Saturday they plan to go to the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, on Monday and make good on a written offer for asylum in the United States. Noris Peña Martínez and Leonel Córdova Rodríguez, who arrived in Sweden a week ago, told The Herald that they have recuperated from the trauma of being abducted and jailed in Zimbabwe for 32 days and now ``we want to complete the [asylum] process we began'' ..." 6/4/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Excerpts of a still-unreleased Clinton administration report on the April 22 raid that seized Elian Gonzalez indicate that the internal government review has exonerated a federal SWAT team charged with using excessive force. ……. Several of the conclusions reported by CBS are contradicted by accounts already on the record from Gonzalez family members and other eyewitnesses to the assault on the Gonzalez home. "Team members made no threats to use force against anyone in the home. ... No one on the team threatened to shoot anyone during the operation," concluded the probe. The assertion that agents didn't threaten to shoot anyone is contradicted by at least three sources present during the raid. ……Both Elian's cousin, Marisleysis Gonzalez, and the person from whose arms the boy was snatched, Donato Dalrymple, have repeatedly asserted that agents shouted at them, "Give me the boy or I'll shoot." …….. Just minutes after the raid, NBC camerman Tony Zumbado told his network that agents physically restrained him and "told me not to move or else they were going to shoot." ......" 6/4/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Another point of contention: "No team member struck anyone with a weapon during the operation," claims the report. But again, cameraman Zumbado's account of what happened to NBC sound man Gustavo Moeller flatly contradicts that denial. "My sound man got hit with a shotgun butt on the head," he said, adding that Moeller was "dragged outside - he was halfway in - and he was dragged to the fence and left there, and they told him if he moved they'd shoot." ......Kerry Sanders, a third member of the NBC crew, later told that he saw clear evidence of the attack on Moeller: "Gustavo doesn't make it in. Gustavo's outside. He said one of the agents takes the butt of his gun and bangs it right into his forehead, causing him to fall down. I saw the blood on his forehead." The report also challenges Zumbado's claim that he was assaulted during the pre-dawn raid. "I was kicked in the stomach and pushed down and they kind of like put their foot on my back...," the cameraman told NBC. Fellow crew member Sanders later gave this account: "Tony is hit in the stomach and goes down. And then the agent puts his foot on Tony's back and puts a gun to him and says, 'Don't move or I'll shoot.'" Zumbado was hospitalized four days after the assault, which Sanders said severely aggravated a pre-existing back problem. ......,, But according to CBS, the Clinton administration's after-action review showed that "no one was pushed or held to the floor in the Gonzalez home, that a video cameraman was not touched in the home. ..." ……."

Washington Times 6/2/00 "…..The Elian Gonzalez saga appears to be coming to a close. While many Americans have been pleased to see the small boy reunited with his father, it has to be considered what kind of life Elian - and his immediate family - will be returned to. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has been a tireless and significant actor in the Elian affair from the start, exploiting the case for political gain. Should Elian return to Cuba, as now seems more likely, Mr. Castro will continue to hold considerable sway over the life of every one of them. …….. The court's ruling wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement of the INS decision, noted Kendall Coffey, a lawyer for Elian's Miami relatives, who have tried to keep Elian in the United States. It simply stated that the INS had the authority to make policy on the Elian case and that the courts didn't have the jurisdiction to reverse it. President Clinton said Thursday the case was "about the importance of family and the bond between a father and son." Mr. Clinton's observation is misleading, since granting Elian U.S. asylum would have given Elian the option of living in the United States, not the requirement to do so. ...... It is a grim childhood. As an adult, the Cuban model hardly allows families to provide for their most basic needs. Religious people, including children, indure severe repression. The regime is the ultimate arbiter of what career one may choose……."

U.S. News & World Report 6/12/00 Toni Locy "……It's almost over. A federal appeals court closed the door on Elián González's Miami relatives by ruling that U.S. immigration officials have the power to decide that Juan Miguel González speaks for his son-even if he is a communist. The Miami family members can seek a rehearing before the entire U.S. Court of Appeals and appeal to the Supreme Court. That makes it tough to say how soon the elder González might take his son home to Cuba, but given the nature of the court's ruling, it looks as if that's more a question of when than if. ……… Second thoughts. The ruling came from the same trio of judges that seemed willing in April to consider allowing anyone to file an asylum application on behalf of a young child. Legal experts say the judges obviously rethought that position. But it wasn't easy. The contrast between the legalistic text of the ruling and the more emotionally worded footnotes indicates the judges were torn between distrust of Cuba's communist government and their conservative commitment to staying out of immigration matters. ……"

Wall St. Journal 6/5/00 Robert Bork "…… If anything good came out of the appellate court's decision that the Immigration and Naturalization Service had the authority to deny Elian Gonzalez's petition for asylum, it was that the court performed its constitutional duty admirably. In the process, it revealed that Bill Clinton and Janet Reno have been lying steadily about their role in this case, and debunked some of the fallacious arguments that seem to underlie the widespread support (even among conservatives) for sending Elian back to Cuba………The relevant statute provides that "any alien" present in this country "may apply for asylum." But as the court correctly pointed out, the statute left it to the INS to decide "whether a six-year-old child has applied for asylum within the meaning of the statute when he, or a non-parental relative on his behalf, signs and submits a purported application against the express wishes of the child's parent."……. The court also emphasized repeatedly that the INS could have chosen other policies: "It has been suggested that the precise policy adopted by the INS in this case was required by 'law.' That characterization of this case, however, is inaccurate. . . . When the INS made its pertinent policy, the preexisting law said nothing about the validity of asylum application." So much for the Clinton administration's false and self-serving claims that it was merely enforcing the law......."

Miami Herald 6/5/00 Mario Garcia "…… I have never felt such confusion, never awakened to feel like a citizen in limbo. Mario R. García is president of the García Media Group and member of the faculty of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg. There is a new Cuban American in the United States: melancholic, reflective, talking a little slower, wondering what that Anglo co-worker is thinking and trying desperately to put the Elián saga behind him. I know. I am of them. ………. For the first time -- and this may be one of the blessings following Elián -- we Cuban Americans are experiencing a sense of strange solidarity. ...... What matters most today is that we all are badly hurt by what has taken place since the rescue at sea of a little boy with a cute, photogenic face. ……."

Albuquerque Tribune Via WorldNetDaily.Com 6/5/00 Bob Schwartz "…..Somewhere between the flames of Los Alamos and the smoldering of our everyday news, a little boy has been lost. Just a few weeks ago, the clanging over Elian Gonzales was shattering the stemware. Now he has been tucked away in a poll-driven purgatory, surely to emerge grafted to his father and his obviously rented suit and tie. But Elian's fate still thunders in the head of Dagoberto Ruiz. Born and raised in Cuba, Dago is a very successful Albuquerque businessman. Every cell in his body believes Elian has been betrayed by the United States. He ought to know. At one time, he fought with Castro in the Cuban revolution. ……. Dago was jailed. After months, he managed to get out and get to the United States. Like most of the Cuban refugees flush from the Castro double-cross, he, his wife and infant child went to Miami. But he couldn't find work. Catholic Social Services channeled his family to Albuquerque, where the Hispanic bedrock might offer better footing, and it did. Although a part of Dago's heart is still nestled in Cuba, his take on the Gonzales' quandary is not particularly predictable. He thinks Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Fidel Castro, and Elian's Miami Uncle Lazaro should be charged with child abuse. He believes the solution is a constitutional one. The courts. Unlike many of us native Americans, Dago is still willing to put his patriotism and faith in that branch of government charged with finding, without asterisks, "the best interests of the child". ……… He believes the courts should have pre-empted the Barnum and Bailey media battle over the child, as well as the SWAT-adorned assault on his bedroom. That was the first moment, he says, he has ever felt sorry for and ashamed of America. ……He believes the boy should be with his father, but if they are both in Cuba, Dago is convinced, the courts cannot find that to be in Elian's best interest. In Cuba, they tear families apart to keep the communist regime together. Cuba is a country where another sugar cane-chopping kid is less useful than the inner tube Elian was rescued from. ….."

NewsMax 6/15/00 "…… has learned that Kirkland & Ellis, the former law firm of Ken Starr, has joined the legal team around Elian Gonzalez's Miami family. Kirkland & Ellis reportedly helped the existing legal team, headed by Miami attorney Kendall Coffey, prepare the appeal that is being filed today with the 11th Circuit in Atlanta. The new appeal will argue that the ruling by the 11th Circuit three-judge panel should be overruled. The appeal argues that a May Supreme Court decision involving a Texas case demonstrated the INS did not have the right to deny Elian an asylum hearing. The addition of Kirkland & Ellis, while bringing some higher caliber legal minds to the Miami family's legal team, also strengthens the legal team's ties to establishment Democratic party circles…….."

Reuters 6/15/00 Angus MacSwan "…..The Miami relatives of Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez launched a new bid on Thursday to block the boy from going home to Cuba with his father, asking a U.S. appeals court to reconsider its decision denying Elian a political asylum hearing. The latest legal move will further delay Elian's return to Cuba and a resolution to a saga that turned into a fierce political battle between Cuban President Fidel Castro and Cuban exiles in Miami and has provoked a national debate on U.S. policy toward the communist-ruled island. ……… Coffey said the appeal was based on the fact that the appeals court judges, while not explicitly endorsing the INS decision that Elian should go home with his father, had deferred to its authority as a government agency. A new Supreme Court ruling on a labor case showed that the court did not have to defer, he said. ``They felt they had to stand behind the INS decision. ... Now there are questions on giving deference in these kinds of circumstances. The extension of deference as wrong,'' he said. …….The appeal also insisted that the judges were wrong in their decision that Elian, as a child, did not have a constitutional right to a political asylum hearing. …..Coffey accused the INS of ``gross irregularities'' in its decision-making. The lawyers distributed copies of INS documents and notes they had obtained which they said showed the U.S. government was trying to appease the Castro government rather than acting in the best interests of the child. One handwritten note included the words ``Show Fidel we gave back child.'' ......"

Arkansas Democrat Gazette 6/13/00 Carrie Rengers "….. The federal Trading With the Enemy Act that Congress adopted in 1963 doesn't specifically mention President Fidel Castro as public enemy No. 1, but he was the inspiration for the trade sanctions, travel restrictions and spending limits the act imposes on American relations with Cuba. That didn't keep two members of Arkansas' congressional delegation from acceptng gifts from Castro worth more than the allowed $100 and bringing them into the United States. Berry, Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln and 14 other Arkansans each accepted an autographed box of Cohiba cigars from Castro. ……"It's a situation that you basically don't know what to do, but you do know you're not supposed to be rude,"says Democratic Rep. Marion Berry. He says that's often the case with a gift from a head of state. …..An employee at Costello's Cigars in Lttle Rock says each cigar is worth $25. Each box has 25 cigars for a total value of at least $625. …..Another source associated with the cigar industry says a box of Cohibas autographed by Casto "could easily be sold at Christies' auction for $10,000." …..According to the governing regulation, 31 CFR, Section 515.560, the limit on allowable imported goods is for "a foreign market value not to exceed $100." ……"

Judicial Watch 6/14/00 "….Your help is needed now! The patriots that were harmed in the illegal raid to seize Elian Gonzalez over Easter weekend are in need of your help to defend their rights and hold corrupt government officials like Attorney General Janet Reno personally accountable…….. On April 22nd, over 150 armed government agents attacked and raided the home and persons of Elian Gonzalez' Miami family and neighbors. At the time, dozens of Americans showing their support and gratitude for Elian and his family were gathered outside of the home. These patriotic Americans, present under the shield of the Constitution and gathered in peace were, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, gassed, beaten and abused by armed government agents acting under illegal orders of Attorney General Janet Reno, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, INS Commissioner Doris Meissner and others, working in collaboration with Communist dictator Fidel Castro. Thanks to our cases, we now have documents proving this Clinton-Gore Administration - Castro collaboration! See………..Judicial Watch has formed the Elian Justice Fund to fully support and assist those Americans harmed in this illegal raid through its court litigation against Janet Reno, Eric Holder, Doris Meissner and other corrupt officials in the Clinton-Gore Administration. They must be legally punished so this unconstitutional Nazi-like outrage never happens again in our great country!……"

Newsmax 6/13/00 Jack Thompson "…… Even more disturbing news today out of Miami: It was confirmed today on Spanish-language radio station WWFE (670-AM) that substantial monies raised by the station to secure Elian Gonzalez high-quality legal representation have remained unspent. Today, Dulce Cuetara, one of the three trustees of the the "Elian Legal Defense Fund," called into WWFE to explain what had happened to the funds received to make sure Elian had proper legal help. The trustee said that months ago $210,000 was raised from listener donations, 90 percent of which was in anonymous gifts of $20 or less, many of those $5 or less. To date $40,000 has been spent on expenses, leaving more than $170,000 still sitting in the bank. The trustees say the unspent $170,000 will be given to La Liga Contra Cancer, which helps provide cancer treatment to indigent patients in Miami. ….. That's nice. Should I be so bold to ask a simple question: Did anyone tell the many people who contributed to save Elian, including hard-working immigrants, that their money was going for a cancer cure? ….. The revelation that a substantial war chest has been available for months to retain expert legal counsel, and was never used, is just one more piece of evidence that the Democratic Party hacks who have controlled Uncle Lazaro and the Miami family had no intention of saving the boy. ….."

Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel 6/9/00 Luisa Yanez "……The federal agents who carried out the Elián González raid said they were the picture of professionalism, according to an internal Department of Justice report released this week. They uttered no foul words. Used no physical force. Shoved no guns in anyone's face. Used no tear gas. They went in, grabbed the boy and rushed out. Mission accomplished, the report states. But this week, one witness who was inside the house and says he has no stake in the outcome of the Elián case is challenging the veracity of the government's 51-page report on the controversial raid. "It's a pack of lies; a whitewash," said Tony Zumbado, 45, of Miami, the freelance NBC cameraman who ran inside the Little Havana house steps ahead of federal agents who stormed in at 5:15 a.m. April 22. …….."To read the report, you would think this was the most perfect, uneventful mission they ever carried out," said Zumbado, a veteran who has been on numerous police SWAT-team missions. Zumbado said the agents did everything they said they didn't do in their report. ……."The agents were physically and verbally abusive; they said every bad word in the book and kept me from doing my job," said Zumbado, who had become so tied to the story that other reporters had dubbed him "the Mayor of Camp Elián," at the media tent set up across the street from the home of Elián's Miami relatives. Others, including the boy's Miami family, attorneys and supporters who were at the house, have given a version similar to Zumbado's, but they were players in the drama. Zumbado was not. ……"

CNS Senior Staff Writer 6/9/00 Jim Burns "…… has learned that two Cuban doctors who were abducted in the middle of the night and jailed in Zimbabwe after making a highly publicized appeal for asylum have been granted "refugee status" to come to the United States. A source close to the case tells, the doctors will be traveling to Nairobi, Kenya "shortly" before they travel to the United States. It is not known when the doctors will be leaving for the United States or their exact destination. Leonel Cordova Rodriguez, 31, and Noris Pena Martinez, 25, were abducted by Zimbabwe armed soldiers last week and nearly shipped back to Cuba after they requested political asylum at the Canadian embassy in Harare. Zimbabwe authorities, for several days, denied they had detained the doctors. When they finally admitted to seizing the physicians, Zimbabwe officials also admitted they had tried and failed to return the doctors to Cuba. ……."

Washington Times 6/9/00 "…… The Clinton administration has insisted for months it acted independently in its handling of the Elian Gonzalez case. But Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) e-mail recently made public through the courts indicates that the White House was in very close, and probably daily, communication with the Cuban government to discuss the Elian case. Even more potentially damaging to the administration is an INS memo that strongly suggests the government agency first decided to return Elian to Cuba and later sought to find a legal justification for its decision. In other words, U.S. policy with Cuba, rather than the law, would have been the INS' overriding priority. ………..An INS e-mail dated Jan. 19 said, "DOS [Department of State] wants to have a daily conference call to coordinate press guidance and communications with the Cubans." If the INS were simply following U.S. laws, irrespective of the concerns of the Cuban government, then why would daily coordination for communications with the Cubans be necessary? This coordination would hardly seem appropriate if the INS were independently resolving immigration issues related to Elian. …….Meanwhile, an undated INS e-mail memo asks, "What is INS going to say if someone asks why, if the [regulation] didn't really require us to give notice [to Elian's father], we moved forward as we did?" The memo goes on to say, "As noted, it is my view that the [regulation] is clear. INS has no LEGAL obligation to contact the father. The INS may have no legal basis to make a determination on that issue." …"

Massachusetts News 6/13/00 "…….The boy was barely ashore before the Globe began printing large "editorials" on its front page. Only two weeks after his rescue, the paper printed a saccharine four-column piece on page one by a reporter it had dispatched to Cuba. It began this way: ……… "The first-grade classroom at Marcelo Salado Primary School contains a single green desk, on top of which rests a folded Cuban flag, six neatly stacked books, and a pencil holder. A message is taped to the back of the tiny chair: 'Elian, your seat is untouchable.'"…….."

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel 6/11/00 Luisa Yanez "……The NBC cameraman who disputed last week the official Department of Justice report on the raid to retrieve Elián González has been invited by immigration officials to tell his side of the story. Veteran cameraman Tony Zumbado, 45, of Miami, who was assigned by the network to camp across the street from the Little Havana home where Elián lived, said he is set to meet with officials at 2 p.m. Tuesday at U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service headquarters in Miami. "I'll tell them whatever they want to know," Zumbado said. "As a witness, I always thought they would talk to me before they issued their report, but they never did." ……. Zumbado, one of the only people inside the house during the raid who did not have a stake in the outcome of the Elián case, is disputing the agents' accounts of their behavior. He called the government's 51-page report "a whitewash." Accompanying Zumbado will be attorneys for NBC, which has filed an official grievance with the federal agency over the treatment its crew received during the April 22 pre-dawn raid. …….. The INS invitation came in the wake of Zumbado's disputing of the agents' claims that they did not manhandle anyone inside the house or use foul language or tear gas. Zumbado said they did all those things. …….Zumbado, one of only two journalists to make it inside the house footsteps ahead of the federal agents, said he was struck in the back, thrown on the ground and kept at gunpoint near the front door, which prevented him from videotaping the dramatic events unfolding inside the house. ……Meanwhile, agents outside the house struck his sound man on the head, he said. ……"

Nano times 6/13/00 Ken Guggenheim AP "…..The number of people who flew directly from the United States to Cuba jumped by almost 50 percent last year as travelers took advantage of eased restrictions aimed at planting democratic seeds on the communist island. Last year, the Clinton administration streamlined procedures for students, athletes, artists and other groups and individuals to visit Cuba. The administration also allowed a greater variety of direct flights, which previously operated only between Miami and Havana. ……."

Miami Herald Online 6/9/00 Chris Gaither Sandra Marquez Garcia "….. The United States agreed Friday to take in two dissident Cuban doctors who were abducted and jailed in Zimbabwe after making a high-profile bid for political asylum, paving the way for their arrival in this country within days, government officials and diplomats said. ……. The decision came after an INS official from Nairobi interviewed the physicians Friday in the Harare prison where they had been detained since Cuban and Zimbabwean officials tried to clandestinely return them to Havana one week earlier. U.S. Rep. Lincoln Díaz-Balart, R-Miami, who had been in touch with U.S. officials in Zimbabwe, said he was pleased with the outcome. ''I hope that these two physicians will soon be able to live in freedom.'' The INS move came two days after the United States forcibly repatriated Cuban baseball star Andy Morales, who was among 31 Cubans intercepted at sea. ….."

Judicial Watch 6/9/00 "……Further refuting recent spin by Clinton-Gore Administration spokesmen, additional Clinton-Gore Administration documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, Inc. in its lawsuits show that the Clinton-Gore Administration "collaborated" with Cuba on the Elian Gonzalez matter. Copies of these additional documents are available at Judicial Watch's Internet site at …. Just yesterday, the Clinton-Gore Administration turned over a December, 1999 e-mail showing that INS Commissioner Doris Meissner, as part of the most "beneficial" litigation strategy, sought to work with the State Department and the Communist Cuban government to arrange a secret meeting with Juan Miguel Gonzalez - despite evidence that he was being coerced by the Cuban government. Additionally, an undated e-mail produced last week shows that the INS knew it had no legal basis to act on behalf of Juan Miguel Gonzalez. The document states that the "INS is giving him rights in violation of law."………. "When will the Clinton-Gore Administration begin telling the truth about their collaboration with the Castro regime? As part of their 'litigation' strategy, they sought to conspire with Fidel Castro to obtain a secret meeting with Elian's father. The Administrations actions were despicable and contrary to what they had been publicly telling the courts and the American people, " said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton……."

Miami Herald 6/7/00 Chris Gaither and Sandra Marquez Garcia "…… A U.S. State Department official who monitors Zimbabwe said the abduction of the Cuban doctors -- yanked from their beds during a pre-dawn raid Friday by two machine gun-toting soldiers --was a brazen snub of the refugee agency's mandate to assess their asylum claim. ``This was more forceful of an intervention than you would expect,'' said the official, noting the long-standing bond between Fidel Castro and Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe. ``The government of Zimbabwe has chosen in this case to do Cuba a favor.'' United Nations officials asked authorities in Zimbabwe Wednesday to give them access to two asylum-seeking Cuban doctors believed to be in police custody in that country, but the government continued to deny knowledge of their whereabouts. …….In a letter to Zimbabwe's foreign minister, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees in Geneva asked to meet with Leonel Córdova Rodríguez, 31, and Noris Peña Martínez, 25, who have not been seen since Friday when armed security agents tried to force them aboard a flight connecting to Havana. ……"

Miami Herald Online 6/9/00 "…… Andy Morales's fame makes him vulnerable to reprisal. The Immigration and Naturalization Service's decision to repatriate Cuban baseball-star Andy Morales, after he and 30 others were stopped in the Florida Straits aboard a smuggler's boat, underscores the muddle that U.S. policy is toward those who seek escape from Cuba. ……… After the overloaded speedboat was stopped by the Coast Guard, an INS officer interviewed each of the 31 Cubans to determine if any met the international test for political asylum: The ability to demonstrate that they fled because of a ``well-founded fear of persecution'' for their political or other views. The INS officer determined that none met that test and thus had to be repatriated. Mr. Morales reportedly gave as a reason for leaving Cuba his desire to play Major League Baseball. That answer, while truthful, flunked him. Yet the odds are high that Mr. Morales will, in fact, suffer for acting on that dream. He is not just any freedom-seeking Cuban; he was the Cuban all-star team's third baseman, a household name whose home run last April helped humiliate the Baltimore Orioles. ……"

Miami Herald Online 6/9/00 Andres Viglucci "….. Embarrassed by the attempted defection of baseball star Andy Morales, the Cuban government Thursday disparaged his talent and suggested his career was in decline, while an agent hired by the athlete's relatives in Miami said the ballplayer may explore legal ways of leaving the island. Morales, meanwhile, arrived home in a small town outside Havana, apparently unscathed but with his personal and professional future very much in doubt. Morales was forcibly repatriated Wednesday by the U.S. Coast Guard after being stopped at sea with 30 other Cubans on board an alleged smuggler's speedboat. Cuban officials insisted that Morales -- the highest-profile athlete turned back to Cuba by U.S. authorities -- would suffer no reprisals, even as a government TV commentator minimized his contributions to Cuban baseball. ……."

AFP 6/10/00 "….. Luxury residence, limousine, bodyguards and private swimming pools are all now part of the daily routine for six-year-old Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez. Elian, leading the life of Riley with his family and entourage of school friends and a teacher shipped in from Cuba, is waiting for the outcome of appeals court hearings in the United States. The castaway-turned-VIP's high public profile has been curbed since the April 22 armed federal raid in which the boy was wrested from the grip of his Miami relatives. …….. The house was exchanged on May 25 for a more central location at the Rosedale estate in Washington's Cleveland Park area, a 2.6-hectare (6.5-acre) estate, used by the non-profit organization Youth for Understanding International Exchange. The family apparently wanted to be closer to stores, restaurants and other city attractions as well as to their lawyer Greg Craig. ……..Agents follow the limousine back and forth on trips to the tourist attractions made occasionally after classes taught by a kindergarten teacher brought in from Cuba. ….." 6/11/00 "…….Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is keeping two defecting Cuban doctors scheduled to come to the U.S in a Zimbabwean prison, diplomatic sources told the Miami Herald. Leonel Cordova Rodriguez, 31, and Noris Pena Martinez, 25, were due to fly from Harare, Zimbabwe to Nairobi, Kenya yesterday after the U.S. offered the pair refugee status, but thanks to maneuvering by Castro - a close ally of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe - they remain locked up at the Goromonzi detention center, the Herald reported this morning. Yesterday Castro tried to block their departure for the U.S., saying his government would issue them documents valid to travel anywhere in the world - except the United States, sources told the Herald. ……."

Fox News 6/7/00 George Gedda AP "…..The hopes of Cuban baseball star Andy Morales for a major league career in the United States were dashed Wednesday when the Coast Guard repatriated him and 30 others, five days after they were picked up at sea while trying to flee. A U.S. official in Washington said Morales was returned because he did not qualify for political asylum. Morales was among 31 Cubans who were repatriated after being picked up by a Coast Guard cutter last Wednesday near Key West. Two suspected smugglers were turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol, Coast Guard spokesman Robert Suddarth said in Miami. Morales is a 25-year-old third baseman who hit a home run last year in a 12-6 victory by the Cuban national team over the Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore. The decision to return the 31 was made by U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service agents who interviewed them. To qualify for admission to the United States, Cubans who attempt to flee must convince the INS they have a credible fear of persecution if they are returned. …….."

Miami Herald 6/6/00 Chris Gaither and Sandra Marquez Garcia "……. A desperate note written by two dissident Cuban doctors is the last trace of two would-be defectors who were reportedly abducted hours before a scheduled asylum interview in Zimbabwe, according to witnesses and diplomatic sources. Leonel Cordova Rodriguez, 31, and Noris Peña Martinez, 25, members of a Cuban medical assistance mission in Zimbabwe, were taken from their home by armed soldiers in the pre-dawn hours Friday, just days after making international headlines for publicly denouncing Fidel Castro. The hastily written note was slipped into the hand of an Air France employee Friday in Johannesburg, South Africa -- the country next to Zimbabwe -- as security agents attempted to force the doctors aboard a Paris-bound jet with a connection to Havana. Diplomats believe the two were returned to Zimbabwe after Air France refused to board the distraught doctors, who threatened to kill someone if placed on a plane back to Cuba. ……" 6/2/00 Ed Asman "…… Too much Elian? Yes, I know. A lot of you are sick of the subject. But the case just keeps chugging along, and it really is high drama that forces us to focus in on subjects fundamental to our way of life: the right of a father to speak for his young child; or equally important, the question of whether a father who subjects his child to the will of a tyrant is being abusive. Or simply the haunting imagery of a mother's self-sacrifice and Elian's miraculous survival at sea ...... Not that there aren't some silly moments to all this. Like a president impeached for flouting the law invoking the sanctity of "rule of law" to make his case for sending a refugee back to a Communist dictatorship. Some of the most ridiculous comments of all, however, have come from members of my own trade: journalists who have simplified the conflict into a straight-forward custody battle, as if Elian were being asked to move from Miami to Cincinnati. ……"

Miami Herald Online 6/6/00 Jay Lefkowitz "……. Thursday's decision by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was a bitter disappointment to those of us who wished for freedom for Elián González. Yet when Elián is finally dragged back to communist Cuba, as now seems inevitable, it won't be the fault of the three judges who handed down the ruling. Rather, as their opinion makes clear, the blame lies with President Clinton and his administration. ......... The court's unanimous decision to defer to an executive-branch agency -- even one whose policies and procedures that court clearly was skeptical of -- shows that judicial restraint is alive and well, even after nearly eight years of liberal judicial appointments. And despite the tragic consequences for Elián, in the long run Americans will be better served by a judiciary that generally defers to the decisions of the political branches and the specialized agencies that, unlike federal judges, politically are accountable. ……" 6/7/00 "……Some Clinton-Gore Administration documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, Inc. in one of its lawsuits show that the Clinton-Gore Administration "collaborated" with Cuba on the Elian Gonzalez matter. Other documents show that Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Commissioner Doris Meissner planned the January, 2000 visit of the Elian's grandmothers in consultation with Cuba and that INS knew that they could not seize Elian without a court order. Meissner also sought to hide the INS' role in orchestrating the Cuban grandmothers' visit. Copies of these documents are available at Judicial Watch's Internet site at ……… "These 'smoking gun' documents help prove what we've suspected - that the Clinton-Gore Administration was doing the bidding of Fidel Castro when they raided the Gonzalez home using 151 armed federal agents," stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. ….."

Weekly Standard 6/6/00 Christopher Caldwell "…… Last week's 11th Circuit opinion, which effectively resolves the Elián Gonzánlez case and clears the way for young Elián to be sent back to Cuba, leaves us feeling a sickening sort of vindication. At no point in the whole Elián affair were Clinton administration officials "upholding," "obeying," or "abiding by" the rule of law -- to take a mere sampling from the steady stream of cant that accompanied their pronouncements on the issue. They were making it up as they went along. Let us be perfectly clear about what the court ruled. It did not find that the White House was right to send Elián back to Cuba. (Although the president continues to insist, disingenuously, that it did.) No: The court found that the White House had chosen to send Elián back to Cuba by executive fiat, and there was nothing within the bounds of judicial restraint that the court could do to stop it. Elián will soon be on his way back to a totalitarian torture state not because U.S. law requires that outcome, but because the Clinton administration has decided to send him back. ……."

National Review 6/5/00 Jonah Goldberg "….In short, there's not much left to be said, and there's no one left to persuade. Almost every angle's been covered and the American people just don't care. So, Elián will go back to Cuba and everyone will be happy and peppy and bursting with love (what's that from?). Then, when Elián comes back to the United States in fifteen years or so, either on a raft - if Castro's alive - or on an American Airlines daily nonstop - if he's dead - and says "Why did you send me back there?" Americans in huge majorities will say they were against it at the time, etc. Indeed, this reveals the key reason why Bill Clinton will go down in history as a mediocre President. People don't remember the back story or context of a decision, they only remember the decision. ……."

Miami Herald/Wall StreetJournal 6/6/00 Jay Lefkowitz "……Thursday's decision by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was a bitter disappointment to those of us who wished for freedom for Elián González. Yet when Elián is finally dragged back to communist Cuba, as now seems inevitable, it won't be the fault of the three judges who handed down the ruling. Rather, as their opinion makes clear, the blame lies with President Clinton and his administration. The court's unanimous decision to defer to an executive-branch agency -- even one whose policies and procedures that court clearly was skeptical of -- shows that judicial restraint is alive and well, even after nearly eight years of liberal judicial appointments. And despite the tragic consequences for Elián, in the long run Americans will be better served by a judiciary that generally defers to the decisions of the political branches and the specialized agencies that, unlike federal judges, politically are accountable. ……."

Miami Herald 6/6/00 Ana Acle Jay Weaver "….. An attorney for the Miami relatives of Elián González has asked -- once again -- for a private meeting with the Cuban boy and his father, this time directing the request to attorney Gregory Craig. Reacting to comments Craig made on ABC's Nightline with Ted Koppel, suggesting that reunion requests go through him, the relatives' attorney, Linda Osberg-Braun, wrote Friday: ``As you know, the González family in the United States loves Elián deeply and wishes to see him and spend some time with him. Although they have their differences with Juan Miguel [González], he is certainly family, and it would be beneficial to Elián for the families to meet and mend their problems. …..``We have repeatedly requested a meeting in every way possible, and in our view, we have been rejected. Nonetheless, please consider this letter another formal request.'' ……"

Miami Herald 6/7/00 Elaine DeValle "….. The Associated Press has decided not to authorize the use of its now-famous photograph of the federal raid that whisked Elián González from his relatives' Little Havana home by a Miami radio station that wanted to put the image on billboards across the United States. The image of an armed agent pointing his gun in the direction of the 6-year-old rafter and Donato Dalrymple -- one of two men who found him in the ocean Nov. 25 -- was to be accompanied by quotes from Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and Thomas Jefferson in a campaign called ``Wake Up America'' aimed at swaying sentiment against the federal action. ….." 6/8/00 Carl Limbacher "…… The photo of a Clinton administration Border Patrol agent pointing a machine gun at little Elian Gonzalez as he cowers in Donato Dalrymple's arms is one of the most dramatic and revealing images in the history of photojournalism. So why is the American media behaving like it wishes Associated Press cameraman Alan Diaz never snagged the shot? …….. The day after the April 22 raid, major news operations like The New York Times, The Daily News, Newsweek, Time and others refused to run the sure-fire Pulitzer prize winner on their covers. …… Now a Miami radio station wants to put the photo on billboards across America as part of its "Wake up America" ad campaign; a public relations effort aimed heightening awareness about the brutality of the Easter weekend assault. But the AP is balking, telling campaign organizers that they want to "remain neutral." ……."

The Hill 6/7/00 Betsy Rothstein "…… House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) is continuing to push ahead with a low-intensity investigation of Attorney General Janet Reno's Miami raid in the wake of a three-judge panel's decision last week not to grant asylum to Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez. Judiciary Committee Democrats, meanwhile, believe the investigation is Hyde's way of seeking to avoid high-profile hearings he doesn't want, while appeasing the GOP leadership and other Republicans who don't want the boy returned to Cuba. "..."

Associated Press 6/7/00 "……City police officers created obstacles for federal agents planning to seize 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez and were considered a risk to the operation, according to an Immigration and Naturalization Service official. Miami police were deemed an ``assessed risk'' when INS agents stormed the home of Elian's Miami relatives on April 22, according to an INS memo described in Wednesday's Miami Herald. The May 4 report to INS headquarters from Robert Wallis, the agency's district director, said Miami police once used emergency lights and radios to alert Elian supporters that federal agents were in the six-block barricaded area surrounding Elian's home. At night, ``vehicles were often positioned directly behind barricades to deny vehicle entry'' and ``barrier locations were moved and access to additional streets was periodically denied until police commanders made adjustments,'' Wallis wrote. …… Wallis said the support of a local authority - whose name was deleted from the memo - was key to the success of the operation that removed Elian from the Little Havana neighborhood and reunited him with his father in Washington. …….Otherwise, ``local police would likely have impeded federal attempts to enter the subject area,'' Wallis wrote. ….."

Washington Post 6/8/00 Karen De Young "….. Two Cuban doctors who disappeared last week in Zimbabwe after announcing they planned to defect were visited yesterday by a U.N. representative at a prison outside the Zimbabwean capital of Harare, U.N. officials said. ……U.N. officials said the Zimbabwean government had told them where to find the men but had offered no explanation for their detention or comment on allegations they had been kidnapped by Zimbabwean security officials acting in concert with Cuban diplomats.......The Cuban government, in a statement issued yesterday through the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, said it was "not responsible" for the two doctors. It said they had decided to "renounce their legal status, becoming illegal aliens" in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government was in charge of the situation, the statement said, "because the doctors refused the assistance of the Cuban diplomatic mission" there......."

Washington times 6/8/00 Tom Carter "….. The Clinton administration coordinated strategy with "the Cubans" - presumably the Castro government - to return Elian Gonzalez to Cuba, newly obtained documents revealed yesterday. …….The documents, obtained by the public interest group Judicial Watch under a Freedom of Information Act request and subsequent court order, reveal:

• The State Department sought to work with "the Cubans" - presumably the Castro government -in how to manage the way the incident would be reported in U.S. newspapers and on television.
• INS Commissioner Doris M. Meissner ordered that discussions with Cuba on the grandmothers' visit continue "with the understanding that INS would not be involved."
• That the INS, to avoid official involvement, sought through contacts in Miami and Cuba to have representatives of the Catholic Church take on a public role as an intermediary.
Three months after the grandmothers' visit in late January, the Justice Department seized the boy from his relatives' Miami home in an April 22 predawn raid…….. "These smoking-gun documents prove what we've suspected all along, that the Clinton-Gore administration was doing the bidding of Fidel Castro when it raided the Gonzalez home using 151 armed federal agents," said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch……." 6/8/00 "…The two Cuban doctors who tried to defect, then were abducted by gun-toting soldiers and almost sent home to Cuba, have been found locked in cells in a Zimbabwe detention camp, the Miami Herald reported this morning. Leonel Córdova Rodríguez, 31, and Noris Peña Martínez, 25, were unharmed and locked up in separate cells at the Goromonzi Remand Center, about 18 miles from Harare, a United Nations spokesman told the Herald. After denying knowledge of their whereabouts for several days, Zimbabwe government authorities finally permitted a U.N. observer to meet for about an hour with the two doctors, both of whom had requested political asylum. ……. As reported in NewsMax Tuesday, the two would-be defectors were rousted from their beds in a pre-dawn raid by armed Zimbabwean soldiers, taken to the airport and flown to nearby Johannesburg, South Africa, where Zimbabwean and Cuban agents attempted to put them aboard a Paris-bound flight with a connection to Havana. …..After the doctors threatened to kill someone if they were forced to board the plane, the Air France captain refused to board them. They were then flown back to Harare and put in the detention camp. ......"

Associated Press 6/8/00 Jesse Holland "……. A Senate committee subpoenaed Attorney General Janet Reno on Thursday seeking all documents concerning the federal raid in Miami to seize 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez, and announced plans to subpoena the State Department as well. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (news - web sites) said the Justice Department has yet to turn over all of its e-mails and documents regarding its decision in April to storm the home of the Cuban boy's Miami relatives to recover the boy for his father, Juan Miguel. ``We want everything so if hearings aren't justified, we won't hold them,'' said Hatch, R-Utah. ``If they are, we will.'' ......... Hatch also called for a State Department subpoena after a conservative group claimed the government collaborated with Cuba's government during the fight over Elian. ……. ``I believe this modification is warranted so as to inform the Congress and the public of any involvement by the State Department and the Cuban government in the raid,'' Hatch said. ``If there was no such involvement, let's establish that. We will all be better served by getting the facts out.'' ….."

WorldNetDaily 6/8/00 Julie Foster "…..The Clinton administration collaborated with Cuba in the Elian Gonzalez matter, according to government documents obtained by Judicial Watch. ……."These 'smoking gun' documents help prove what we've suspected -- that the Clinton-Gore administration was doing the bidding of Fidel Castro when they raided the Gonzalez home using 151 armed federal agents," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. ………Additionally, Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner Doris Meissner expressly orchestrated the visit of Elian's grandmothers. Another message, dated Jan. 15, shows Meissner planned the January 2000 in consultation with Cuba, and that INS knew it could not seize Elian without a court order. Meissner also sought to hide the agency's role in the visit. "We spent a great deal of time discussing how the grandmothers' visit could be facilitated," the email reads. "The conclusion reached was that INS cannot assume the role of facilitator for this visit nor provide access to Elian. DM [Doris Meissner] was FIRM (sic) about not having any INS involvement in this initiative. If our conversations in Cuba can proceed with the understanding that INS would not be involved, then DM would be most interested in hearing more about this idea." ……."

WorldNetDaily 6/8/00 Julie Foster "…..But the INS memo clearly shows the agency was indeed involved in making the visit happen and that it even used the Catholic Church in the process. "Our contacts in Miami believe that the Catholic Church in Miami would respond to a direct (via Cardinal Ortego) request from the grandmothers for the church's assistance in scheduling a visit," wrote INS employee Janelle Jones in what she prescripts as a summary of a meeting with Meissner. "Miami's advice was to have the grandmothers use Cardinal Ortega's office to make contact with either Cardinal Law or Archbishop Favalora in Miami. Such a plea coming from the grandmothers would be very difficult for the church to ignore. Absent a direct request from the family, no one thinks the Miami church will get involved," Jones continued. ……"

Associated Press 6/8/00 Jesse Holland "……A Senate committee is considering subpoenaing Attorney General Janet Reno for e-mails and other documents relating to the federal raid on Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives to determine whether congressional hearings are necessary. …… Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the committee's ranking Democrat, said a subpoena would be just a ploy to explain why there haven't been any hearings on the controversy over the 6-year-old Cuban boy. Republicans ``would much rather talk about hearings than hold hearings,'' Leahy said, noting that the Justice Department already has turned over ``huge number of things that haven't even been read yet.'' …….." 6/8/00 "….. U.S. Coast Guard crews repatriated 42 immigrants to Cuba today, including baseball player Andy Morales, who was reportedly seeking asylum. The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Key Largo repatriated the 42 immigrants, who were from three separate groups intercepted on the high seas over the weekend, to Bahia de Cabanas, Cuba at 10 a.m. today. A Washington government official said Morales was returned because he did not meet the requirements for political asylum. ……".

Washington Times 6/9/00 Wes Pruden "….. Everybody got a piece of little Elian Gonzalez. There's less to send back to Fidel Castro than there used to be. Fidel got a live trophy, seized from the toothless Uncle Sugar. Bill Clinton got an assurance that Fidel won't flood Florida with robbers and rapists from his prisons, sinking Al Gore the way he sank Gov. Bill Clinton in Arkansas an eon or two ago…….. Greg Craig, who is but two ambulances short of a shyster, got a high-profile client, even if he did have to mooch his fee from Democratic fat cats in Georgetown after the National Council of Churches, a refuge of dying congregations with empty pews, was forced by internal outrage to balk at coughing up the dough. The odious Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, all bosom and bombast bereft of a pulpit to call her own, got an unexpected 15 minutes of fame for her part in dispatching little Elian back to her favorite satrapy, where he won't eat nearly as well as she does………Just when it looked like this sordid episode couldn't get any smarmier, it did. Government memoranda and e-mail unearthed by court order (thanks to Judicial Watch) reveal in stark detail just how desperate Bill Clinton, the State Department and the Clinton kiddie corps are to kiss Fidel where the flies are thickest. These internal documents reveal how the U.S. government "coordinated" with Fidel the strategy for sending Elian home, even the timing of the litigation, and how it tried to maneuver the Catholic Church into taking the heat for the betrayal of Elian. And finally, how the Clinton administration colluded with Fidel Castro over how to manage U.S. newspaper and television coverage of the incident - to give "guidance." A generation ago, a suggestion that a presidential administration was trying to "manage" the news caused an uproar that ruined the reputations of decent men. Now we shall see how the mavens of the American media, who have given standing ovations to Janet Reno for her politically correct mismanagement of the Elian affair, will react to the news that the Clinton administration sought the assistance of Fidel in pulling their strings……"

Washington Times 6/9/00 "……The Clinton administration has insisted for months it acted independently in its handling of the Elian Gonzalez case. But Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) e-mail recently made public through the courts indicates that the White House was in very close, and probably daily, communication with the Cuban government to discuss the Elian case. Even more potentially damaging to the administration is an INS memo that strongly suggests the government agency first decided to return Elian to Cuba and later sought to find a legal justification for its decision. In other words, U.S. policy with Cuba, rather than the law, would have been the INS' overriding priority……."

Washington Times 6/9/00 "……An INS e-mail dated Jan. 19 said, "DOS [Department of State] wants to have a daily conference call to coordinate press guidance and communications with the Cubans." If the INS were simply following U.S. laws, irrespective of the concerns of the Cuban government, then why would daily coordination for communications with the Cubans be necessary? ……."

Washington Times 6/9/00 "……Meanwhile, an undated INS e-mail memo asks, "What is INS going to say if someone asks why, if the [regulation] didn't really require us to give notice [to Elian's father], we moved forward as we did?" The memo goes on to say, "As noted, it is my view that the [regulation] is clear. INS has no LEGAL obligation to contact the father. The INS may have no legal basis to make a determination on that issue." (Emphasis in original.) The memo also noted that the INS should quickly move forward on finding appropriate answers to potentially meddlesome legal questions. "…….Apparently the INS was more concerned about how to cover itself in the media than abiding by the law. It should go without saying that the INS ought to have considered the legal questions first rather than how to "spin them" with the Cubans. The very fact that the agency pondered these legal questions retroactively suggests that another factor, presumably U.S. relations with Cuba, was the primary concern……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/9/00 Tom Carter "….A Senate Committee subpoenaed the Justice Department Thursday for documents on the seizure of Elian Gonzalez in an attempt to determine whether the Clinton administration worked with the Cuban government to return the boy to his father. The move by the Senate Judiciary Committee followed the release of documents by the public-interest group Judicial Watch showing numerous contacts between the administration and the government of Fidel Castro concerning the fate of the 6-year-old child……… "Given the importance of this issue and the history of the administration concerning the production of e-mails, campaign finance and Waco documents, I believe it is prudent to vote for this subpoena," said committee Chairman Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/9/00 Tom Carter "….Maria Cardona, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department's Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) denied that there had been any coordination with the Cuban government over Elian's fate. "As we do with any other case that involves more than one agency, these e-mails were talking about all communication going through official channels, which in this case was the State Department," Miss Cardona said. "It was in no way, shape or form about coordinating with the Cuban government. We are not in the habit of coordinating anything with governments with which we do not have diplomatic relations," she said………A State Department official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, was livid over a report in Wednesday's editions of The Washington Times, which quoted a Jan. 19 e-mail message from an INS official. The message, titled: "Re: Daily conference calls re: Elian," says "[Department of State] wants to have a daily conference call to coordinate press guidance and communications with the Cubans." The message shows regular contact between Washington and Havana prior to a January visit by Elian's two grandmothers to the United States……."


THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/9/00 Tom Carter "….The passions ignited by the Elian saga flared again Thursday after the INS returned Cuban baseball star Andy Morales, who along with 30 other Cubans was picked up by the Coast Guard off Key West, Fla., on May 31. U.S. officials returned the 25-year-old third baseman - known in the United States for once hitting a home run in an exhibition game with the Baltimore Orioles - on Wednesday after determining that he did not qualify for political asylum. Miss Cardona, the INS spokeswoman, said the refugees on Mr. Morales' boat were all given a chance to claim credible fear of persecution - the litmus test for political asylum - but did not meet that threshold. "This group was handled no differently than anyone else. There is no new policy," she said……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/9/00 Tom Carter "….Meanwhile, Judicial Watch released another batch of documents Thursday, one of which detailed an attempt by the INS to arrange a secret meeting between U.S. officials and Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, in Cuba. A Dec. 29 memo on a meeting of INS officials says: "The meeting concluded with discussion of re-scripting questions; calling on the [State Department] to discuss whether further signals could be sent to the Cuban government that they should cooperate with the interview."…….. At the time, U.S. officials had already interviewed Juan Miguel Gonzalez once at his home in Cardenas, Cuba, and determined that he was a fit parent for Elian. The INS then sought a second interview after Elian's Miami relatives had charged Cuban authorities with pressuring Juan Miguel Gonzalez to seek custody of his son. The memo discusses an optimal "litigation" strategy and proposes that the Cuban government "be advised that the U.S. government would not disclose to anyone that an additional interview would take place."…….."

Fort Worth Star Telegram 6/2/00 Bill Thompson "….. The Miami relatives of Elián González have vowed to fight on. These folks are goofy, but let's give them high marks for tenacity. They bring to mind the underdog in a boxing match I watched on television a few weeks back. The guy was trying to wrest a title from one of those big-deal champs who fires sledgehammer jabs and hit-by-a-truck uppercuts; the challenger lost the fight but won plaudits for his willingness to take a beating. So. Let's hear it for Lazaro González, Marisleysis González, et al., who endure knockdown after knockdown and eagerly bounce up from the canvas and stick out their collective chin as the U.S. government winds up to throw one more devastating punch. ……" 6/3/00 Dick Meyer "….. CBS News has obtained an unreleased government "After-Action Report" on the U.S. Border Patrol's dramatic, pre-dawn operation to seize custody of Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives on April 22. The report contains detailed, moment-by-moment descriptions of the actions of all six Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) team members who carried out "Operation Reunion." The key "debriefing results" contained in the report were:
* "No one on the team threatened to shoot anyone during the operation."
* "Team members made no threats to use force against anyone in the home."
* "Marysleysis Gonzalez was not touched in any way during the operation."
* "No force was required to remove Elian Gonzalez from Donato Dalrymple's arms."
* "No team member struck anyone with a weapon during the operation."
* "The fire selector lever on the MP-5 depicted in photographs (of a Border patrol agent, Elian, and Dalrymple in the bedroom closet area) positively in the safe position. It is virtually impossible to fire the weapon inadvertently or purposely with the selector in the safe position."..."

Insight Magazine 6/2/00 Henry Mark Holzer "…… Unfortunately, my former client Walter Polovchak retains the title of "The Littlest Defector," thanks to yesterday's decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, which unanimously upheld the INS' rejection of Elian Gonzalez's asylum application. …….But of everything that can be said about Elian Gonzalez's story, the most important point is what the decision of the 11th Circuit says not only about Elian's rights, but about the rights of all of us in the 21st century's administrative state to which the courts slavishly defer. Federal law provides that "(a)ny alien ... may apply for asylum." Since Elian is "any alien," the syllogism's logical conclusion is that "Elian may apply for asylum." But in the world of Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, the INS, anti-anticommunism, and the 11th Circuit, logic is subordinate to what the court's opinion called "... well-established principles of statutory construction, judicial restraint, and deference to executive agencies..." In part, logic was too formidable for the 11th Circuit, which recognized Elian could apply for asylum: "The important legal question in this case, therefore, is not whether (Elian) may apply for asylum; that a six-year-old is eligible to apply for asylum is clear." But there was more: "The ultimate inquire ... is whether a six-year-old child has applied for asylum within the meaning of the statute when he, or a non-parental relative on his behalf, signs and submits a purported application against the express wishes of the child's parent." In other words, Elian could apply, but since he was only 6, how could he apply? The court said the statute doesn't say how: "(t)he statute includes no definition of the term 'apply.'" This, according to the court, is a "gap" (the court's word) in the statute, and even though it is the duty of the courts, not administrative agencies, to interpret the law, the INS has the power the fill the "gap" with its own interpretation: "The INS, in its discretion, decided to require six-year-old children - who arrive unaccompanied in the United States from Cuba - to act in immigration matters only through (absent special circumstances) their parents in Cuba." As to the INS' conclusion that no "special circumstances" were presented even though Elian's father lived in a "communist-totalitarian" state, the court held that conclusion not unreasonable even while expressly acknowledging "as a widely-accepted truth, that Cuba does violate human rights and fundamental freedoms and does not guarantee the rule of law to people living in Cuba." The court's "restraint" and "deference" to the INS was not limited to allowing the agency to fill in the "gap: to a federal statute. It extended to an across-the-board ruling that the agency had acted "reasonably" in rejecting Elian's own application, in dismissing Lazaro Gonzalez's application on the boy's behalf, in concluding that Elian's father was not being coerced by Castro, in deciding that Elian's asylum application lacked merit, in making a preliminary negative assessment of Elian's asylum claim without interviewing him, in not accepting Elian's fears of persecution were he returned to Cuba. ….. "

Miami Herald 6/3/00 Jay Weaver Ana Acle "…..Despite a plea from Elián González's father to let him and his son return to Cuba, the boy's great-uncle in Miami said Friday he will challenge a major federal court loss in the hope of keeping the 6-year-old in the United States. Lázaro González said he has every intention of appealing Thursday's ruling by a three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which sided with the federal government's decision not to hear Elián's political asylum application. ''Of course, I'm going to appeal,'' González told The Herald, saying he must meet with his lawyers in a few days to decide the next legal move. Then he joked: ''That's the secret of warfare.'' ……"

AP 6/5/00 "……The armed Border Patrol agent photographed confronting a frightened Elian Gonzalez during the April raid in Miami says ``I never purposely pointed my weapon'' at the 6-year-old Cuban boy or rescuer Donato Dalrymple who was holding him. The agent said Dalrymple voluntarily released Elian ``without any sort of a struggle'' as the agent put his hand ``firmly against Mr. Dalrymple's chest'' to control his movements, according to Justice Department documents released Monday. An Associated Press photograph of the goggled, fatigue-clad agent holding an MP-5 submachine gun prompted many who sympathized with the boy's Miami relatives to criticize the raid as an excessive show of force. The relatives said they were terrorized by the raid. ……"


EtherZone 6/1/00 Eric McClam AP "…A federal appeals court sided with Elian Gonzalez's father today in the 6-month-old international custody battle, ruling that immigration officials were entitled to deny an asylum hearing for the Cuban boy. Under the ruling, Elian must remain in the United States for 14 days to give his Miami relatives a chance to appeal…… The judges, however, denied a motion by Elian's father to replace the boy's great-uncle Lazaro in the asylum case. Had the judge granted the motion, Juan Miguel Gonzalez would have been able to drop the asylum request and take him home to Cuba. …… Today's 33-page unanimous ruling affirms a lower court decision that the INS acted properly in rejecting the asylum application, filed on behalf of Elian by his Miami relatives. The judges ruled that because no federal law directly applied to the case, the INS was required to come up with a policy dealing with "the extraordinary circumstances of asylum applications filed on behalf of a 6-year-old child." The judges said it is up to the INS - not the courts - to determine the best policy….." 6/1/00 Mildrade Cherfils "….MIAMI (AP) - Protesters yelled, screamed and cried today outside the Little Havana home where Elian Gonzalez once lived after a court issued a ruling that could lead to the boy's return to Cuba. Some in the growing crowd of about 100 fell to the ground sobbing after the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision was announced in Atlanta. One woman vomited. Another fainted and had to be treated by paramedics. "The constitution is dead," said Roxana Rodriguez, a secretary. "There is no justice. Democracy and freedom have been thrown to the trash." But many called for calm, noting that the decision could be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. ….." 5/14/00 Lawrence Auster "…..The armed seizure of Elian Gonzalez was not only a lawless act of tyranny by the Clinton government, it was an announcement, for those with eyes to see, of the beginning of an age of tyranny in America. It is a tyranny that has been taking shape imperceptibly and informally over many years, but now is becoming so blatant and systematic that it virtually amounts to a new - if unofficial - form of government. …….. Under this regime, the executive, liberated from the Constitution and from any fear of genuine political opposition, does whatever it feels like doing, from character assassination campaigns against witnesses and prosecutors to missile attacks on foreign aspirin factories to the terror bombing of foreign civilian populations, while the major media, functioning in effect as a state organ, shapes an ignorant and malleable public into agreement with whatever the executive is doing. …… 5/14/00 Lawrence Auster "…..This is especially easy when the dissident is not a public figure but simply some poor slob whom fate has placed in the path of the left. Since the legions of the politically correct do not regard such a person as a human being like themselves, they don't have to observe even minimal decency toward him. …….. This may sound extreme, but experience is bearing it out. Just as property owners had no intrinsic value in the eyes of the Bolsheviks, and just as Jews had no intrinsic human value in the eyes of the Nazis, anyone who doesn't dance to the tune of America's dominant left has no intrinsic human value. …….. These are some of the thoughts triggered by The Washington Post's front-page hit job against Donato Dalrymple four days after machine-gun-toting INS agents grabbed Elian Gonzalez from his arms. ………I won't go into the details of this unbelievably filthy piece of "journalism," which has been adequately discussed elsewhere. What I want to emphasize here is what the article tells us about the liberals' devotion to the "little people." ……..But as soon as the little people are unfortunate enough to find themselves on the other side of an issue from the left, they become inconveniences to be swept aside. Their very insignificance - their relative lack of success in life, their lack of sophistication and media savvy, their quirks, their immaturities, even their very innocence - becomes the means the left uses to isolate and humiliate them. ……"

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 29 5/3/00 Peter Kornbluh "……Shortly after the CIA's botched paramilitary invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, President John F. Kennedy established a commission to investigate the failure and to consider whether the United States should conduct similar covert operations in the future……… It was not until December 1999 that the National Security Archive learned the reason for the hold-up: The Pentagon had simply lost the report. The Archive immediately requested the document under Mandatory Declassification Review, and the multi-agency declassification process, normally subject to a long, grinding backlog, began anew. This time, thanks to the expeditious efforts of officials at the National Archives and Records Administration, the report was declassified in less than four months, an astonishing achievement for a process that under normal circumstances requires years of patience. The National Security Archive can remember no other case where the concurrence of multiple agencies -- illustrated by the dates of the "Declass" stamps adorning the cover pages of each document -- was gathered so quickly. ……."

Miami Herald Online 5/13/00 Paul Brinkley-Rogers "……An INS spokesman said that arrest attempts rarely approach the paramilitary intensity of the raid on the Gonzalez home in Little Havana…….. But advocates for immigration rights say the scene was rare only in that it involved Cubans, who are not usually the target of enforcement actions by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Elsewhere, such tactics are increasingly common, the advocates say, the result of a decade of congressional actions that have turned the INS into the federal government's largest law enforcement agency. Boasting more armed agents with arrest powers -- 16,552 -- than any other federal agency, the INS now surpasses the Bureau of Prisons (12,587 agents), the FBI (11,285) and U.S. Customs (10,359) for firepower……."

Washington Weekly 5/8/00 Edward Zehr "……The Justice Department informed the 11th Circuit Court early last week that a social worker would be selected to visit Elian Gonzalez, the six-year-old Cuban refugee boy whom they had abducted at gunpoint and are presently holding incommunicado at the remote Wye River complex in Maryland. The boy will also be visited twice weekly by a child psychiatrist. The social worker and shrink are to evaluate Elian's present condition and report on it to their superiors who will then issue a status report to the court. And who was designated to select the social worker and the psychiatrist? Why, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), of course -- the same organization that provided the masked, machine gun toting thugs who illegally snatched the boy from the home of his Miami relatives. The INS is tasked to report the findings to the court (with complete objectivity, of course). You will no doubt be relieved to know that, according to the initial evaluation, everything is just dandy. ......"

Washington Weekly 5/8/00 Edward Zehr "……Do you really think the public will get the point? They have been almost as heavily sedated with propaganda as young Elian has been tranquilized with drugs. One of my most faithful readers recently sent me an e-mail wondering why there should be any question as to who should have custody of Elian. After all, this is purely a matter between a father and his son. And a relative of mine asked: "How can a foreign government have jurisdiction when it comes to something so basic as the right of a father to his child - however horrible the father may seem?" ……… Now these are all fine people and intelligent as well. But where did they get the notion that a father holds absolute chattel rights over his offspring, regardless of his fitness as a parent? That isn't the law and it certainly is not the way a family court would view this situation, even if it involved only American citizens in a custody battle for the father's illegitimate offspring. On top of that the point is mooted by the fact that the Cuban government, not the father, will have custody of Elian if and when he returns to his native country. ……. The fact that Elian was born out of wedlock, 2 1/2 years after Juan Gonzalez, the putative father, had divorced the mother, has been discretely slid under the carpet by our propaganda media. The fact that the father has never contributed to the boy's upkeep would weigh heavily against him in a custody battle. And the testimony of an eyewitness that Juan had physically abused the mother, sending her to the hospital, would probably be disqualifying if corroborated. In fact, it would doubtless carry considerable weight even if it were not corroborated......."

Washington Weekly 5/8/00 Edward Zehr "……so why doesn't the Clinton administration allow the law to take its course instead of employing police state tactics more appropriate to the Third Reich or a novel by George Orwell? The answer seems obvious -- if the administration allowed the law to take its course they would probably lose. The situation is very much as Alan Dershowitz depicted the legal implications of the raid on the Gonzalez residence: "They [the government] had a very easy remedy here. They could have gone to a court [and] got a court order, held the family in contempt. If the family refused to leave, then they could have gotten a warrant and arrested family members who were in contempt of court. ...They couldn't have because the family was not breaking the law." ………. "Only a Court Order Can Direct a Citizen. Nobody has an obligation in this country to listen to the executive. The executive, whether it's the president or the INS, has no authority over citizens of this country." ……… "You need a court order to tell a citizen of this country to respond to the INS. And it establishes a terrible precedent for Janet Reno or any other member of the administration to set deadlines, to give orders. Citizens do not have an obligation to obey the executive. They have an obligation to obey court orders." ......... "...the 11th Circuit wanted to decide, and that's exactly why the 11th Circuit ordered him to stay in the United States, and that's exactly why they didn't seek a court order, because they knew they wouldn't get one." ……….That is a pretty damning declaration coming from one of the president's most ardent defenders during last year's impeachment proceedings. He tells us in effect that the president is acting outside the law, indeed he shows absolute contempt for the law. And nobody lifts a finger to do anything about it. ……"

Washington Weekly 5/8/00 Edward Zehr "……Yes, but that's not all. There remains the question of why they took the law into their own hands, as well as the question of how they are getting away with it. Answering the second question first, this is what happens when the rule of law is flouted. Last year Derschowitz thought that it would be okay if the law were circumvented just a little, horrible bit in the matter of Clinton's impeachment because "it was only about sex," after all. Of course, it wasn't, but even if it had been, the effect of giving Clinton a pass when he had obviously committed perjury, a felony, was to immunize him from having to obey the law, in effect placing him above the law. It will probably embolden others who succeed him to ignore the law as well, thereby making a dead letter of the impeachment process, one of the most basic safeguards in the system of checks and balances set up by the founding fathers when they framed the Constitution. ...... Thus the good intentions of those who set out to give Bill a break last year has paid off in terms of unintended consequences already, and the end is not in sight……."

4/17/00 The Weekly Standard Tucker Carlson "…… In 1975, the National Council of Churches, an organization of about 30 mainline religious denominations, published an informational pamphlet entitled Cuba: People-Questions. Written in perfect irony-free Albanian-farm-report prose, the pamphlet offers church members a short history of U.S.-Cuban relations. ……Thankfully, the pamphlet explains, the Cuban people "overwhelmed the invaders" at the Bay of Pigs, and so allowed Fidel Castro to continue providing "free or virtually free" health care and education. "Later on the leaders are to call that socialism. The poor people call it great." ……. The pamphlet goes on to mock the thousands of penniless refugees who have fled Castro's regime, dismissing them as plutocrats "disgruntled with the equalization process" who have since been "ëliberated' from their positions of wealth." It applauds the "guerrilla and other grass roots movements" around the world that are "drawing courage from Cuba." It ends with this paragraph: ...... The Cuban people, as well as Fidel, have always made careful distinctions between the U.S. government, which they oppose, and the U.S. people, with whom they feel an affinity. In short, the Cubans think their revolution is proceeding apace-and it is the American revolution that is in trouble. It is their fond hope that as U.S. citizens prepare to commemorate the bicentennial of 1776, a new spirit will put them more in touch with their roots. . . .and with reality. ……." Amnesty Intenational 5/1/00 "…..In Cuba freedom of expression, association and assembly are severely limited in law and in practice. Those who attempt to express views, organize meetings or form organizations that conflict with government policy are frequently subjected to punitive measures including short term detentions, interrogations, summonses, official warnings, threats, intimidation, eviction, loss of employment, restrictions on travel, house searches, house arrests, telephone bugging and physical and verbal acts of aggression carried out by government supporters.......,, Some dissidents, including journalists, members of independent political parties and human rights defenders, have gone into exile to escape continual persecution. ...... Following Pope John Paul II's visit to Cuba in January 1998, there was a brief improvement in the human rights situation and about 100 political prisoners were released, including 19 people declared by Amnesty International to be prisoners of conscience. However, in late 1998 frequent detentions and harassment resumed……"

AP Breaking via 5/28/00 Anita Snow "…… Lawmakers and rice farmers from Arkansas began a trip to Cuba Sunday aimed at making agricultural contacts on this communist island and showing support for a partial lifting of a U.S. trade embargo. "We're anxious to see how we can provide products and open up trade with Cuba," U.S. Sen. Blanche Lambert Lincoln, a Democrat, said upon arriving Sunday night in Havana…."

AP Breaking via 5/29/00 Anita Snow "…..If the most famous child in Cuba returns to his homeland, he is likely to slip in quietly without the crowds, the cheers and the media frenzy of his time in the United States. Very few people are expected to get a glimpse of Elian Gonzalez, the first-grader lionized here as the "boy hero," the "symbolic child," the beloved "elfin prince." A national campaign that plastered the 6-year-old's face across billboards, placards and T-shirts will probably fade overnight. ……. Months ago, President Fidel Castro promised there would be no street celebrations, no parades. Foreign correspondents have been warned they will be lucky to see Elian's plane if his father wins permission from U.S. courts to bring his son home. ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/30/00 Dave Boyer "…..House approval of permanent trade relations with China is just one more complication for another thorny trade question that Congress has postponed until after its Memorial Day recess - exports to Cuba. Politicians from agricultural districts have been gaining votes in their battle against anti-communist factions in their effort to lift the 40-year ban on sales of food and medicine to Cuba. The House will debate the issue as part of the agriculture appropriations bill after it returns June 6. Some observers say it will be more difficult for Republican leaders to argue against lifting the Cuba sanctions when the same lawmakers worked hard to assure normalized trade with China, also a communist nation. That happened last Wednesday……."

Miami Herald 5/30/00 "…….U.S. immigration official Mariano Faget, accused of revealing secrets to a friend with ties to Cuba, was found guilty on espionage charges by a federal jury this afternoon. Faget also was convicted on charges of disregarding his oath of secrecy for personal gain. Jurors deliberated about three hours last Thursday, were off Friday and Monday, and resumed deliberations this morning. Faget, 54, a high-level Immigration and Naturalization Service veteran with an otherwise unblemished 34-year career, faces up to 10 years in federal prison. Faget admitted he lied to the FBI and that he disclosed classified information without permission - two things that formed the foundation for the government's case. ……" TIME Magazine October 28, 1996 Volume 148, No. 20 "….."But half a dozen Cuban-American Democrats who raised huge sums for Clinton in 1992 convinced the new President he could win Florida in '96 if he became even more anti-Castro than Ronald Reagan or George Bush had been. ...Senior Clinton aides call the cabal the "core group." It includes Maria Victoria Arias, a Miami lawyer married to Hugh Rodham, the First Lady's brother...Arias telephones Hillary frequently and often sends Clinton clippings from Florida newspapers..." ..." 5/31/00 John LeBoutillier "……Last week the family moved from the Wye River Plantation to Washington, D.C. No one has satisfactorily explained why - or Wye - the move. In the days immediately preceding the move I received e-mails detailing an "argument" not reported in the mainstream national news media. (I am so surprised!) ……. 1) Received several days before the move: "** UPDATE ** UPDATE ** UPDATE ** UPDATE ** UPDATE ** ** UPDATE ** UPDATE ** UPDATE ** UPDATE ** UPDATE ** DURING MY LUNCH BREAK ON THE RADIO 610 WIOD AM (NEWS STATION), THEY STATED THAT THE PRESS WERE WITNESS TO ABUSE FROM JUAN MIGUEL. WHILE AWAITING A PRESS CONFERENCE, REPORTERS HEARD ARGUING IN A CLOSED DOOR ROOM WHERE JUAN MIGUEL AND HIS FAMILY WERE. PER THE REPORTERS, JUAN MIGUEL WAS HEARD DISPUTING W/ ELIAN BECAUSE HE WOULD NOT PUT ON HIS "YOUNG PIONEER" COMMUNIST UNIFORM. DURING THE ARGUMENT, JUAN MIGUELS WIFE (ELIANS STEPMOM) WAS HEARD TRYING TO GET IN THE MIDDLE IN DEFENSE OF ELIAN. SHE NOW SPORTS A BRUISE ACROSS HER FACE." ………2) Received simultaneously as the move was announced: "You have been sent this message from WIZZ219@AOL.COM as a courtesy of the Washington Post ( THEY DON'T SAY WHY THEY WANT TO MOVE. THE NEIGHBORS ARE COMPLAINING OF TOO MUCH FIGHTING GOING ON (JUAN MIGUEL & WIFE) To view the entire article, go to……"

Granma International (Havana) 5/30/00 "….."Today we enter a new week in the ongoing battle of returing the boy Elian to Cuba, and in the second stage of his unconditional liberation, our people, our people, are preparing with all their hearts, and without fatigue, to combatively bring about the inevitable result: Elian's return to the Motherland and his reunion with all the family members here. Elian is currently surrounded by his father, his little brother Nersy, his teacher, his cousin, his little friends from school, and now, a new member of the family: Sinde, a small dog given by the gentleman proprietor of the estate of Wye Plantation, Maryland, where Elian lived for about a month before his transfer to Rosedale, in Washington, D.C. Elian is adapting, he is learning and although he is a bit distracted, in his child's mind the idea of "are we even going to get back to Cuba?" does not obsess him. ……."

Capital Alert 5/30/00 AP "…..Miami's former police chief used a credit card for a city-funded charity to charge $92,000 in personal expenses over a 32-month period while in office, according to a Miami Herald report Tuesday. Donald Warshaw's charges for clothing, sports tickets, expensive dinners and hotels reportedly showed up on the charity's credit card statements. Federal prosecutors are investigating Warshaw's charges on the charity credit card, in addition to charges on a card he used while chairman of the police department pension fund. …." Post 5/31/00 Sue Anne Pressley "…..Mariano Faget, 54, who came to the United States from Cuba as a teenager and later became a naturalized U.S. citizen, was an acting deputy director of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service in Miami when he was arrested in February on charges that he revealed secrets to a lifelong friend and business partner with connections to Cuba. ……Faget was the first immigration official ever charged under federal espionage laws. Although he had a high-level security clearance and occasional access to sensitive information, officials said, he is not considered to have done significant harm to U.S. national security. But the case is viewed by some counterintelligence officials as evidence that Cuba has built an extensive intelligence network, particularly in the Miami area. ……"

AP 5/30/00 "…..A U.S. immigration official was found guilty of espionage Tuesday for revealing secrets to a friend with ties to Cuba. Mariano Faget, 54, a naturalized U.S. citizen who came from Cuba as a teen-ager, took the stand in his own defense last week to say that he had "made a mistake" when he passed classified information to his lifelong friend, a businessman. The federal court jury also convicted him of disregarding his oath of secrecy for personal gain. …….. Faget, 54, was an acting deputy director of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service in Miami when he was caught in an FBI sting calling friend and business partner Pedro Font with the name of a soon-to-be Cuban defector. He had been warned the classified information was secret…….. "

NewsMax 5/30/00 "…..The Spanish edition of The Miami Herald detailed an interview between its correspondent Frank Sesno and former NBC reporter Ed Rabel. Rabel is now an activist seeking to lift the United States trade embargo against Cuba. Last week Rabel met with Elian's father, Juan Miguel. Rabel quotes Juan Miguel as saying that as soon as the 11th Circuit Court rules, he will immediately return to Cuba. Rabel says that even if the court rules in Elian's favor for an asylum hearing, he will still leave with the child. Here is a translation of the CNN interview based on what is reported in El Nuevo Herald: Rabel: "I asked him, 'How long are you willing to stay here?', and he said: 'I'll be here until the 11th Court makes a decision, then, no matter what the decision is, I'll return to Cuba.' ……"

Miami Herald 5/25/00 Francs Robles "…..A proponent of Elian Gonzalez's return to Cuba on Wednesday cited a comment she said the boy made as evidence the 6-year-old is eager to return to Cuba. The Rev. Joan Brown Campbell said that as an INS agent fiddled with passports and travel papers at the Wye Plantation retreat Wednesday, Elian looked at his father and asked, ``Does this mean we're going back to Cuba? I want to go home.'' ……… Immigration and Naturalization Service spokeswoman Maria Cardona said the government could neither confirm nor deny that Elian made the comment. She said the INS agent who was in the room at the time does not speak Spanish and said he wasn't focused on the conversations going on in the room. ….."

UPI via 5/25/00 "……Attorney General Janet Reno addressed a hotel banquet today while hundreds of her opponents and supporters in the Elian Gonzalez case demonstrated outside. Demonstrators competed for space on the sidewalk in front of the hotel, just north of Miami. A flotilla of six boats organized by anti-Castro leader Ramon Saul Sanchez cruised the Atlantic near the building. Haitians, a third group of protesters, demonstrated for treatment of immigrants from Haiti that is equal to that accorded to Cubans. Police estimated there were more than 600 protesters. Inside, Reno received a standing ovation from the audience, composed mostly of south Florida lawyers, before she delivered her speech. ……" 5/25/00 Jim Burns "…..The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) filed a complaint Thursday with the state of Maryland Board of Physician Quality Assurance, the state agency charged with licensing doctors, contending that Cuban doctors are illegally treating Elian Gonzalez. The group also contends that the communist island doctors have received approval from the US Justice Department. Doctor Jane Orient, AAPS Executive Director said, "based on the government's own reports, several Cuban physicians, who are not licensed to practice medicine in this country, have been providing medical treatment to, and possibly medicating, Elian Gonzalez while he has been residing on private property in the United States since the end of April." ….." 5/25/00 Alex Veiga AP "……Hundreds of protesters with opposing views on the seizure of Elian Gonzalez were divided by barricades Thursday as Attorney General Janet Reno arrived to speak at a dinner honoring Florida's first 150 female lawyers. Cuban-Americans angry about the return of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez to his Cuban father, Haitian-Americans upset about new federal rules that could separate families, and groups supporting Reno faced off, waving flags and signs and shouting their messages. More than 600 people gathered in the streets and on boats outside the beachfront hotel where Reno was speaking. ….."

Associated Press 5/25/00 George Gedda "……Elian Gonzalez and his family left their rural retreat on Maryland's Eastern Shore Thursday and relocated at a historic house in Washington near the home of Vice President Al Gore. Four vans pulled up at the house at 7:40 p.m. EDT carrying the Gonzalez family, his teacher and four playmates from Cuba, along with their adult family members. Elian was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. Gregory Craig, the lawyer for Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, said the family was moving to the capital so that the father can have more immediate access to Craig. The lawyer lives in the same Cleveland Park neighborhood of northwest Washington. ……"

CNN 5/25/00 AP "……Two Cuban doctors, among a group of 152 trying to relieve the crisis in Zimbabwe's state hospitals, were reported Thursday to have sought refuge at the Canadian Embassy here in a bid to defect. Leonel Cordova, 31, and Noris Pena, 25, told Zimbabwe's independently-owned Daily News they were defecting "to fulfill lifelong dreams of leaving Cuba forever." ..."

Judicial Watch 5/26/00 "…….Yesterday, Judicial Watch attorneys for Donato Dalrymple, and innocent bystanders, plaintiffs in the lawsuit brought against Attorney General Janet Reno, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, and INS Commissioner Doris Meissner, attempted service of process on Attorney General Reno prior to her scheduled speech before members of The Florida Bar in Bal Harbour, Florida. It was Judicial Watch's intent to serve Ms. Reno without fanfare as she entered the Sheraton Hotel, and a process server was there simply to present the Court papers to her. Despite this, service of process was obstructed by the Miami and Bal Harbour police on the scene, who told Judicial Watch's process server that Reno's FBI detail would not permit service of process. The process server then informed the police chief that this was a violation of law under 18 U.S.C. Section 1501, since it is unlawful to impede or obstruct service of process. Nevertheless, the police chief persisted on following the instructions of Reno's FBI detail……"

El Nuevo Herald (Knight Ridder Miami newspaper in Spanish) 5/27/00 Wilfredo Cancio Isla "……I saw this article in the Spanish Miami newspaper, and as usual, it wasn't reported by the American media so I roughly translated it, anyone is welcome to refine the translation. Activist say that Elian's father will take Elian back to Cuba regardless of court decision. ……… Elian's father is ready to return to Cuba as soon as the appellate court in Atlanta renders its decision about the legal case, even if the decision grants a political asylum hearing for his child. Ed Rabel, who is an activist for the American Alliance for Responsible Politics Towards Cuba said that Miguel Gonzalez told him that he would only stay in the U.S. until the Atlanta court hands down their decision. Rabel who is an ex-reporter of NBC met Friday morning with Juan Miguel in the D.C. residence where the family was moved to. Rabel's organization favors relations with Cuba. ….."

NewsMax 5/27/00 "……Cuban doctors are illegally treating Elian Gonzalez with the permission of the U.S Department of Justice, according to a complaint filed by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) late this week. Based on the government's own reports, several Cuban physicians, who are not licensed to practice medicine in this country, have been providing medical treatment to, and possibly medicating, Elian Gonzalez while he has been residing on private property in the United States since the end of April. ……… "As far as AAPS can discertain, these physicians are not licensed by any state in this country," said Jane M. Orient, M.D., AAPS Executive Directors. "Therefore, these physicians are illegally practicing medicine in this country, with the obvious nod of the federal government." ……" 5/24/00 Barry Farber "…… The best swordplay in the movies of my boyhood occurred when the good guy was completely unarmed and managed to kick the sword right out of the hand of the bad guy and bring him to heel. We can do that tomorrow to master swordsman Fidel Castro. ……. We are now in a state I never dreamed I would ever see. Our administration is doing the dirty work of a communist dictator with almost total media acquiescence. Thanks to polls that overwhelmingly favor the return of Elian Gonzalez with his father to Cuba, the jelly-spined Republicans have turned from giving Cuban communism a beating to giving Chinese communism great joy. ….."

UPI via 5/24/00 "……- Legal efforts to block a south Florida appearance of Attorney General Janet Reno have failed, so Cuban Americans are planning today to protest by land and sea. Supporters of Reno's actions in the Elian Gonzalez case also plan to be there Thursday. Both sides will be waving American flags. Reno, a Miami native, has been scheduled since November to appear at a banquet at the Sheraton Bal Harbour Resort honoring the state's first 150 female lawyers. The event is being held by the Florida Bar Association and the Florida Association of Women Lawyers. ……. The Cuban American Bar Association has formally withdrawn from the event. It said Reno violated the Constitution when she ordered the armed raid April 22 in which 6-year-old Elian was seized from the home of his Miami relatives and turned over to his Cuban father in Washington. ……"By honoring Reno as the keynote speaker, the Florida Bar is fanning the flames of ethnic tension in the Miami community," Armesto said in her emergency request Monday. "The Cuban American community is planning a protest demonstration to picket the event." ….."

St Paul Pioneer Press 5/23/00 Tom Still "….. Consider the legal situation at the time of Elian's seizure: A federal court had ordered that the shipwrecked Cuban boy not be removed from the country pending a determination of his asylum petition. Two days before the raid, the llth Circuit Court of Appeals had rejected the Justice Department's request to order Elian removed from the home of his Miami relatives, saying, ``We decline to proceed in that manner.'' Not satisfied with that court's ruling, the Justice Department decided to go judge-shopping. On Good Friday evening, the department sought a search warrant -- not from the judge familiar with the case, but from a night-duty magistrate. ……. According to the chief lawyer for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, that warrant was properly obtained. Others say it was secured with a supporting affidavit that seriously distorted the facts. In either event, the warrant was obtained under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41(b), an unusual rule to apply in what most legal experts would see as a civil custody case. ……… The Constitution says the executive branch has no unilateral authority to forcibly enter the homes of private citizens to remove innocent individuals without first seeking a warrant or similar order from a judge or magistrate. Only in dire circumstances can the government wink at the Fourth Amendment. In addition to the Fourth, other constitutional principles require a disinterested judicial branch to test the correctness of the executive's claimed right to search and seize. ….."

Miami Herald 5/23/00 David Kidwell "……. A high-ranking Miami official with the Immigration and Naturalization Service was arrested by FBI agents Thursday (Feb. 17, 2000)for allegedly spying for the Cuban government………. The involvement, however, of the Cuban diplomat, Jose Imperatori, in both the grandmothers' visit and the Faget case has prompted a lawyer for Elian's Miami relatives to ask the INS to completely review the case. In a letter addressed to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, attorney Spencer Eig on Tuesday (Feb 22, 2000) said the ``growing evidence linking Cuban espionage and INS consideration of the Elian Gonzalez case compels'' Elian's Miami relatives to request the review. …….. ….''

The New American 5/22/00 William Jasper "……… Castro's oppressive regime has trapped every Cuban behind the iron bars of fear, bars that still imprison Elian's father here in America and through which he dare not speak his true desires. …. The Elian happy-face photos are Exhibit A in Team Clinton's Elian "vindication" file. Obviously, this cute, cuddly family should be hurried back to Havana where loving "Papa Fidel" waits with hugs and kisses for all. However, we do not know positively whether or not Juan Miguel would elect to stay in this country if given a real opportunity to do so. But what we do know is that he has not had that opportunity thus far, and will not get one unless a miracle overcomes the Clinton-Castro police-state controls that surround him. We also know that there is abundant evidence from numerous credible witnesses that Juan Gonzalez knew in advance and approved of his ex-wife's plans to flee Cuba with Elian, and has wanted to escape to the United States for a long time himself:

• Spanish reporter Mauricio Vincent, of the socialist Madrid newspaper El Pais, says that Juan Miguel told him that he wanted Elian to go to the United States.
• Maria Isabel Martell, a first cousin to Juan Miguel Gonzalez, grew up with him in Cuba and arrived in the United States on June 23, 1999, five months before Elian was rescued from the sea. "I know for a fact that Juan Miguel wanted to come to the United States," Mrs. Martel has stated in a sworn affidavit. "…
• Yusledis Ortiz, the wife of Alfredo Martell, a cousin of Elian's father, has testified: "On several occasions, when I was living in Cuba, Juan Miguel stated, in my presence, that he wanted to come to the United States….."

Capitol Hill Blue 5/24/00 "……. "The liberal press" displayed prejudice against the "anticommunist" Cuban-American community in the coverage of the Elian Gonzalez case, according to a study released Tuesday by the Media Research Center (MRC). This conservative organization, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is dedicated to "documenting the prejudices of the liberal media" and, to that end, assembled a collection of writings and comments about the "Elian case" by reporters for the principal U.S. media outlets. …… MRC founder L. Brent Bozell III concluded that the liberal sectors of the media unjustly attacked the Miami relatives of the "little rafter" while singing the praises of Fidel Castro's government. The MRC also determined that the liberal media - in which it includes, among others, CNN, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time and Newsweek - justified the excessive force used by the U.S. Justice Department in the law enforcement operation which removed Elian from the house of his Miami relatives. The center also said that the media outlets in question consistently made light of attempts by the U.S. Congress to investigate the seizure operation. ……."

Capitol Hill Blue 5/24/00 "……. Bozell pointed out that the media have recently described Cuban-Americans using adjectives such as hardline, militant, opportunistic, dysfunctional and fanatic. He said that Newsweek had characterized Elian's second cousin, Marisleysis, as "fiery." At the same time, Bozell criticized the NBC network for beginning a news item about the case by saying: "Some suggested over the weekend that it's wrong to expect Elian Gonzalez to live in a place that tolerates no dissent or freedom of political expression. They were talking about Miami." ……"

Washington Post 5/24/00 Sylvia Moreno and Karen DeYoung "….The 6-year-old shipwreck survivor and subject of a highly publicized court battle over whether he should live in Miami with distant relatives or return to Cuba with his father, Juan Miguel, is moving to the Rosedale estate in the Cleveland Park section of Northwest Washington. At its request, the entourage is expected to move to the estate owned by Youth For Understanding International Exchange in spite of preferences by the State Department and the U.S. Marshals Service that it remain on the more isolated Eastern Shore. "If they decide they're going, the marshals are going with them," said one government official…….."

Weekly Standard 5/29/00 Christopher Caldwell "……"I think it's his school uniform," said Justice Department spokesperson Carole Florman of the white sailor shirt and blue scarf Elián González appeared in at Wye Plantation last week. The editors of Cuba's government newspaper Granma recognized Elián's outfit, and that's why they ran five pictures of him wearing it. It's the uniform of the Pioneers, the Communist-indoctrination group that Cuban schoolchildren are required to join. Pioneers are taught guerrilla warfare, sabotage, and gun assembly, instructed to inform on their parents' ideological deviations, and led in the singing of hymns to Che Guevara. "How Elián is educated is up to his dad," Immigration and Naturalization Service spokesperson Maria Cardona said. If so, Elián's dad is the only Cuban parent allowed to make such decisions. Elian Gonzales receiving instruction at Wye Plantation, Maryland The administration has allowed the Cuban government to set up a patch of Communist sovereignty on Maryland's Eastern Shore. ….."

Zenit News, EWTN 5/22/00 "……Cuban authorities have expelled a priest for opposing abortion. In statements to the magazine "Missionaries of the Third Millennium" of the Spanish Pontifical Missionary Works, Fr. Miguel Jorda stated that he was expelled from the country, "among other reasons, for defending unborn life. I distributed leaflets all over my parish with verses defending life and denouncing the present situation in Cuba, which, with 12 million inhabitants, registers 130,000 abortions a year recognized by the government. ……."According to Fr. Jorda, the high number of abortions is due to "the Cuban reality." And he explained: "Many people travel to Cuba for tourism and sexual commerce which, at present, is one of the principal sources of foreign exchange for the country. This causes an exorbitant number of abortions. The members of the National Health Service itself go to the schools and encourage pregnant girls to undergo abortions without further ado. Without telling them about the trauma it causes, without discussing the moral and ethical point of view. Presenting it as if it were the normal way. Especially, so that the cycle will repeat itself: another amorous escapade, another pregnancy, another abortion..."

Judicial Watch 5/22/00 "……IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA MIAMI DIVISION …… …Plaintiff, Donato Dalrymple, by counsel, hereby sues Attorney General Janet Reno,Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner Doris Meissner and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, in their personal capacities, for violating Plaintiff's constitutional rights while acting under color of federal law. As grounds therefor, Plaintiff alleges as follows:
1. This is an action for violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the United States Constitution….

9. After being treated for dehydration and sun exposure at Hollywood Memorial Hospital, the INS paroled Elian into the United States, without inspection, and released him into the custody of his great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, a resident of Miami, Florida.
10. Lazaro Gonzalez subsequently filed a petition with the INS seeking political asylum for Elian. Elian also filed his own asylum petition.
11. On January 5, 2000, INS Commissioner Meissner determined that Elian's request for political asylum would not be considered, claiming that Elian's natural father, acting through the Cuban Foreign Ministry, purportedly sought the boy's return to Cuba.
12. On January 7, 2000, Lazaro Gonzalez filed a petition in the Circuit of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida ("Miami-Dade Circuit Court") seeking temporary custody of Elian.
13. On January 10, 2000, the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court entered a Temporary Protective Order granting Lazaro Gonzalez temporary custody pending service of process on Elian's natural father and a full hearing.
14. On January 12, 2000, Attorney General Reno upheld Meissner's decision refusing to consider Elian's petition for asylum.
15. Elian proceeded to challenge the refusal to consider his asylum petition by filing a civilaction in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Gonzalez v. Reno, et al., Case No. 00-0206-CIV-MOORE. When the District Court upheld this refusal to even consider Elian's asylum petition, Elian took an immediate appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ("Eleventh Circuit").
16. During the pendency of the appeal, Reno, Meissner and various other persons cooperating with the Cuban communist government, including Gregory Craig, one of President William Jefferson Clinton's personal lawyers, arranged for Elian's natural father to travel to the United States to take custody of Elian and to thwart the boy's attempts to obtain political asylum in the United States.
17. Upon his arrival in the United States on or about April 6, 2000, Elian's natural father took up residence at a location in Bethesda, Maryland occupied and controlled by the Cuban Interests Section, the representative of Cuba's communist government in the United States. At all relevant times, Elian's natural father remained under the control of the Cuban Interests Section, which is cloaked with diplomatic immunity.
18. On April 12, 2000, six days after the arrival of Elian's natural father in the United States, the INS directed Lazaro Gonzalez to take the boy to Opa Locka Airport in Miami-Dade County, Florida the following day. The INS sought to transfer custody of Elian to his natural father.
19. In a letter to Lazaro Gonzalez that same day, the INS admitted it was ordering "successive transfers of custody" only, not revoking Elian's parole into the United States: "At that time, the parole of Elian into your care will be revoked, and care of Elian will be temporarily transferred to [INS Official Rosa R. Urquiola], who will bring Elian to Washington, D.C. Once Elian has arrived in Washington, D.C., he will be paroled into the care of his father."
20. On April 13, 2000, the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court dismissed Lazaro Gonzalez' petition, vacating the temporary custody of Elian previously granted by that Court.
21. In an April 14, 2000 letter to Lazaro Gonzalez, the INS again admitted that Elian's parole into the United States was not being revoked, but that the INS merely sought to transfer temporary custody of Elian: "Moreover, you are holding Elian without the consent of his father and without the consent of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Elian's current legal custodian under the immigration laws."
22. At no point was Elian's presence in the United States contrary to U.S. immigration laws. The INS only sought to transfer temporary custody of Elian while he remained in the United States.
23. On Wednesday, April 19, 2000, the Eleventh Circuit entered an injunction pending disposition of Elian's appeal.......
25. Despite their willingness to engage in what the Gonzalez family believed were good faith negotiations, the INS secretly issued an arrest warrant for Elian on Friday, April 21, 2000. The arrest warrant falsely claimed that Elian "is within the country in violation of the immigration laws and is therefore liable to be taken into custody as authorized by section 236 of the Immigration and Nationality Act [codified at 8 U.S.C. § 1226]." Again, however, at no point was Elian in the United States contrary to U.S. immigration laws. His parole into the United States had never been revoked, and the Eleventh Circuit had explicitly enjoined him from leaving the United States.
26. In addition, 8 U.S.C. § 1226, the purported authority by which the INS issued the arrest warrant, only allows the INS to issue arrest warrants for the purpose of placing aliens in removal proceedings. The statute states, in pertinent part: "On a warrant issued by the Attorney General, an alien may be arrested and detained pending a decision on whether the alien is to be removed from the United States." See 8 U.S.C. § 1226. The immigration laws do not authorize the arrest of a minor for the purpose of transferring custody, temporary or otherwise, and, again, the Eleventh Circuit had explicitly enjoined the removal of Elian from the United States. Thus, not only was the arrest warrant contrary to law, but its issuance was in direct contravention of the Eleventh Circuit's injunction.
27. Moreover, according to Richard Sharpstein, one of Miami's best regarded criminal-defense and immigration lawyers, the INS never arrests Cuban aliens without evidence that they have committed a crime. This restraint on the part of the INS is consistent with the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, which makes Cuban nationals eligible for U.S. citizenship once they have been in the United States for one year.
28. On information and belief, Reno, Meissner and Holder were familiar with, and knowledgeable about, immigration laws and the practice of issuing INS administrative arrest warrants, as well as the Eleventh Circuit's injunction, and thus knew or should have known that the arrest warrant was false and invalid.
29. On information and belief, Reno, Meissner and Holder directed that the arrest warrant be issued, or were knowledgeable about and agreed to and/or acquiesced in its issuance to provide a false legal pretext for a raid on Lazaro Gonzalez' home that they were planning jointly.
30. Also on April 21, 2000, and again despite engaging in on-going negotiations, through mediators Podhurst and Foote, with the Gonzalez family, the INS applied for a search warrant to enter the Gonzalez family's home and search for Elian pursuant to Rule 41(b)(4) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, a provision designed to assist federal law enforcement agents in retrieving kidnaping victims. The INS also sought and obtained a motion to seal its application.
31. The INS' application for a search warrant and supporting affidavit falsely claimed that Elian was being unlawfully restrained and was the subject of an INS administrative arrest warrant, among other demonstrably false statements.
32. Not only was the arrest warrant for Elian demonstrably false and invalid, but at no time was Elian ever "unlawfully restrained" by the Gonzalez family in Miami. Only days earlier, Reno herself admitted that, since Elian's arrival in the United States, Lazaro Gonzalez and his family "have acted as loving caregivers." ….
33. Moreover, in granting the injunction on April 19, 2000, the Eleventh Circuit had found that "Lazaro [Gonzalez's] interests, to say the least, are not obviously hostile to [Elian's] interests" and expressly declined to order Lazaro Gonzalez to present Elian to the INS for transfer of care to his natural father. See Gonzalez v. Reno, No. 00-11424-D, slip op. at 14 & 15 n. 16 (11th Cir. April 19, 2000).
34. The application and supporting affidavit also falsely claimed that the INS had revoked Elian's parole and that his remaining in the United States was a violation of the law. Again, the INS had not revoked Elian's parole, but only sought to transfer temporary custody of Elian, and the Eleventh Circuit had explicitly ordered Elian to remain in the United States.
35. Conspicuously absent from the application and supporting affidavit was a copy of the Eleventh Circuit's April 19, 2000 order and injunction, although numerous other attachments and exhibits had been included.
36. The INS did admit in the affidavit, however, that it maintained daily surveillance of Lazaro Gonzalez' home. The affidavit made no reference to any weapons being in the home. It made no reference to any allegations of mistreatment or harm to Elian by the Gonzalez family.
37. The affidavit also made no reference to the fact that Podhurst, Foote and others were feverishly mediating negotiations with Reno, the Gonzalez family and their attorneys, even as the application and affidavit were being filed.
38. The INS did not present its application for a search warrant and supporting affidavit to the Hon. K. Michael Moore, the federal district judge who had presided over Elian's civil lawsuit challenging the INS' refusal to even consider his asylum petition. Rather, the INS waited until 7:00 p.m. on Good Friday, April 21, 2000, when a federal duty magistrate, a Clinton-appointee not familiar with the case and notoriously "pro-government" in his rulings, was available to hear warrant applications. The magistrate issued the search warrant at 7:20 p.m. that same day.
39. On information and belief, Reno, Meissner and Holder knew that the application for a search warrant and supporting affidavit contained false misrepresentations and omissions.
40. On information and belief, Reno, Meissner and Holder directed that the false application for a search warrant and supporting affidavit be submitted to the magistrate, or were knowledgeable about and agreed to and/or acquiesced in the submission of these false and misleading documents to the magistrate, in order to obtain a search warrant and thereby have a false legal pretext for a raid on Lazaro Gonzalez' home that they were planning jointly.
41. On information and belief, neither the mediators, the Gonzalez family, nor their attorneys were aware that Reno, Meissner and Holder had taken steps to obtain a search warrant and an arrest warrant for Elian, or had planned a raid on Lazaro Gonzalez' home. Rather, the mediators, Lazaro Gonzalez and his family, and their attorneys continued to believe that Reno, Meissner and Holder were negotiating with them in good faith……
51. Before ordering the raid to seize Elian at gunpoint, Reno reportedly polled the officials negotiating with her at the Justice Department, including Meissner and Holder about whether to proceed with the raid. Reno reportedly pointed to each one in turn and asked for their thoughts. Everyone, including Meissner and Holder, reportedly agreed to commence the raid. According to Holder, Reno then gave the order to commence the raid and seize Elian by force. Meissner reportedly walked into the next room and telephoned her chief of staff, Mike Betraft, who was waiting at the INS command center a half-mile away, to convey the order commencing the raid.
52. Shortly before 5:00 a.m., Reno reportedly telephoned Podesta to inform The White House of the decision to commence the raid.
53. At approximately 5:05 a.m., two of the lawyers for Lazaro Gonzalez' family, Kendall Coffey and Manny Diaz, as well as Marisleysis Gonzalez, called Podhurst on a speaker phone in the Gonzalez family's dining room. They asked Podhurst if he had any news from Reno. Podhurst put Marisleysis Gonzalez and the family's lawyers on hold and reportedly called Reno.
54. At approximately 5:15 a.m, as the Gonzalez family and their lawyers were on hold with Podhurst, who in turn was speaking with Reno, a convoy of vehicles containing federal agents dressed in combat gear and armed with semiautomatic weapons drove up to the home. Other INS agents approached the house from the rear.
55. Acting at the direction of Reno, and with the knowledge, agreement, approval, and/or acquiescence of Meissner and Holder, a total of 151 heavily-armed federal agents, consisting of 131 INS agents and 20 U.S. Marshals, commenced a paramilitary assault on a private home to transfer of custody of a six-year old boy living openly with members of his own family, who Reno herself had described only days earlier as "loving caregivers."
56. The raid had been carefully-planned and rehearsed for nearly two weeks. According to Grover Joseph Reese, a former general counsel of the INS from 1991 to 1993: ……."

AP 5/20/00 "…..Cubans rallied for Elian Gonzalez's return Saturday, gathering by the tens of thousands and chanting the boy's name in front of a stage decorated with a gigantic photograph of the 6-year-old and his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez. ….."

Washington Weekly 5/22/00 Edward Zehr "…..Oh no, the reader thinks upon seeing the subtitle of this piece,not another article about Elian. But this series of articles is only incidentally about Elian -- it's really about us and what is happening to us. The Elian affair is like a mirror that reflects our hidden face, the one we never identify with ourselves because we always imagine that it belongs to somebody else…….For example, I get e-mail from people who have chanced to read one or more of these articles and drop me a cordial line or two just to let me know what a numbskull I am. After all, the way I tell the story is not the way they have heard it. If my version were correct it would mean that they have been grossly misinformed, and the implications of that are too terrible to contemplate……… It would mean that in order to be properly informed they would have to stop skating over the surface of issues such as these, letting the anchor people do all the heavy lifting, and start doing their own thinking. But thinking can be kind of like work. Besides, a lot of people just don't quite have the hang of it……."

The Wall Street Journal 5/19/00 "……Did the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals have in mind that Bill Clinton would allow the Wye Plantation to be transformed into an indoctrination camp for child Communists? If not, the judges should look at the photographs of Elian Gonzalez, depicted here in the official uniform of young Cuban Communists. ...... The photo of Elian was taken at the Wye Plantation, and published in the Castro-censored Cuban daily newspaper Granma ( The other photo was taken in Havana on the day that their caudillo dispatched Elian's four "classmates" to join him abroad in the name of family reunification. They wear the uniform of the Pioneers, the youth Communist league that originated in the Soviet Union -- red short pants, a white T-shirt, and a light blue bandana (the man on Elian's shirt is the 19th century Cuban patriot, Jose Marti). So Bill Clinton and Janet Reno have encamped a cell of Communist Pioneers at Wye Plantation under protection of U.S. marshals. ……."

Newsday, AP 5/19/00 George Gedda "…..Should a 6-year-old boy be taught communist ideals on U.S. soil? No, says Rep. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., who thinks it's a travesty that Elian Gonzalez and four school companions from Cuba are receiving classes each day from a teacher imported from Cuba. Elian has been at a rural retreat on the Eastern Shore of Maryland since a few days after he was seized by federal agents from his Miami relatives on April 22. His teacher and classmates, all from his hometown of Cardenas, joined him in Maryland a few days later. Also at the retreat are Elian's father, stepmother and half brother. The Gonzalez family is awaiting a court decision on whether Elian can return to Cuba, as his father wishes. While no details have emerged about the content of the instruction, Cuba has long relied on teachers to instill revolutionary values. ….."

Miami Herald 5/19/00 Frances Robles "……The impromptu school set up for Elian Gonzalez and his Cardenas classmates at the Wye Plantation is the newest cause for contention between the U.S. State Department and Cuban diplomats, who were told Thursday that the boy's study sessions are ``counterproductive and reckless.'' ``It's sticking a thumb in our eye,'' one State Department official said. Each morning at 8:30, Elian dons his Cuban school uniform and spends mornings learning math, gymnastics and other subjects. He's joined by four friends and taught by a familiar face: his kindergarten teacher from last year in Cuba. ……… Cuban diplomats were called to the State Department Thursday and told that the school setting was inappropriate. It followed an earlier warning that Elian's teacher, Agueda Fleitas, should not educate children unless she has a valid teaching certificate -- from this country, State Department sources said. ……."

Miami Herald 5/19/00 Ana Acle "……Weighing in on the legal dispute over Elian Gonzalez, three organizations from across the country have asked the appellate court judges to recognize a child's right to apply for asylum. Currently, the final decision rests with the attorney general. …….. ``It is essential that the U.S. asylum process remain as open to children fleeing persecution as it is to adults,'' said Mary Diaz, executive director of the New York City-based Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children, adding that the decision in the Elian case will have a far-reaching effect. ……Her organization filed one of four briefs accepted by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court in Atlanta, which heard oral arguments last week. Three argue for children's rights to asylum, another stresses a fit parent's right to speak for a minor. ……"

Miami Herald 5/7/00 Juan Tamayo "……Worried by Cuba's record of diagnosing dissidents as mentally ill, U.S. experts on Cuban psychiatry say they fear that Fidel Castro's decision to put Elian Gonzalez under lengthy psychiatric care in an isolated house if he returns to Havana will amount to a veiled attempt to ''brainwash" the child. ''Castro believes you've got to be nuts to oppose his government. So what does that mean for Elian?" said Frank Calzon, Cuban-born director of the Center for a Free Cuba in Washington. The Cuban government has long been accused of abusing psychiatry, like its former Soviet allies, to detain dissidents under diagnosis such as ''apathy toward socialism" and ''delusions of defending human rights." ….."

UPI 5/19/00 "…..The federal government and lawyers for the Miami relatives of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez remained at odds Thursday over terms of a family visit………The government wants a session with mental health professionals first, and the relatives do not…….. Elian's Miami relatives have been trying to see the boy since he was seized from their home in a raid April 22……. The State Department, meanwhile, lashed out at the school sessions taking place for Elian at the Wye River Plantation calling them "counterproductive and reckless." One unidentified official told The Miami Herald, "It's sticking a thumb in our eye."……"

Miami Herald Story 5/17/00 "…….. Good God, can Clinton commit every evil, even against a small child on American soil, and get away with it because of media complicity? Elian is in "seclusion" under INS control, but Cuba says he is wearing an appropriate communist youth uniform because that is part of "our" school system! ……… Is America soulless? Permitting a communist brainwashing school system to operate under the protection of Federal Marshals on U.S. soil? Have we gone mad to permit this? ……. The INS is running this sideshow in which Elian is the victim, but the INS spokeswoman says she knows nothing about it. We "think" it's his school uniform, she says, we don't have anything to do with it. ……. Nothing to do with it??? They let communist officials surround Elian every day. They let a communist teacher and school in. They allowed Castro to send over the communist uniform. They allowed Castro to send other kids and (of course) only one adult each over here (if it is even a parent, the other parent and any siblings are obviously hostages) to trick Elian into going back. Good God. is there nothing left of America? ….." 5/17/00 Jim Burns "…… Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL) along with 15 of his House colleagues Wednesday sent a letter to the Justice Department Inspector General, requesting an immediate investigation into the April 22nd government raid on the Miami home of Elian Gonzalez' Miami relatives. "We believe the so-called 'show of force' policy used by the Attorney General unnecessarily put lives at risk on April 22. We also believe that these actions merit an immediate and thorough investigation by your office," said the letter addressed to Justice Department Inspector General Robert Ashbaugh. ……. "It is our duty to do everything in our power to safeguard the fundamental Constitutional rights of the American people and assure that lives are not placed unnecessarily at risk by the use of force on the part of federal law enforcement, especially when other less violent alternatives exist." ……." 5/17/00 Carl Limbacher "…… The latest photographs from Maryland's Wye River Plantation show 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez dressed in the uniform of the Pioneers, Cuba's communist youth league, prompting concerns that the boy's political reprogramming has begun on American soil. A series of pictures that appeared Tuesday on the Web site of Cuba's state-run news service Granma show Gonzalez in a white shirt emblazoned with the image of Cuban patriot Jose Marti, with the Pioneer trademark blue scarf around his neck. Several other children, clad in identical communist youth league garb, are visible in other pictures released by Granma.. ……. "They did not even wait until he got to Cuba to start reconditioning him," Gladys Chong told the Miami Herald. "It seems communism has penetrated the United States," added her husband Ramon. In Cuba, first graders are expected to join the Pioneers and wear the uniform to school. If they don't, their parents are ostracized, labeled counterrevolutionaries and denied promotions at work, according to Jaime Suchlicki, director of the Cuban-American studies program at the University of Miami. ….." 5/18/00 "……. The FBI's former top hostage negotiator instructor says that the Miami raid to seize Elian by federal agents was "unwarranted" and should have led to firing of Attorney General Janet Reno. "The raid was unwarranted. It violated every thing that is taught by the FBI in handling situations like this," explained Robert K. Ressler. Ressler served with the FBI for 20 years and in law enforcement for more than four decades. He is a best-selling author and frequent media commentator. Ressler said he had has heard through his "grapevine" of Bureau contacts that the FBI opposed the raid and declined to participate after being invited to do so by Reno. ……." 5/18/00 "……. According to Ressler, in no way could the standoff between the family and the federal government be considered a hostage situation. Ressler is also a noted FBI psychological profiler. "The federal government and Reno went berserk," he said. He described how Reno and the Justice Department violated every cardinal rule in crisis handling:

* Reno didn't let negotiations run their course.
* Reno's deception was a dangerous precedent.
* Reno used excessive force.

Ressler said the use of more than 130 agents to make the raid means only one thing: The federal government decided to make a statement to the community by using a "show of force." The amount of force had no relation to the risks involved. ...... Had he been in charge, he would have followed textbook rules for dealing with such situations. Ressler said he would have first used minimal force. "I would have sent just two marshals, wearing suits, with briefcases, and maybe with a social worker to collect the child," Ressler said. If that effort failed or resistance was met, only then should the government have been escalated. Ressler argued that Reno's actions could have led to a loss of life. ……"

Washington Times 5/18/00 Tom Carter "….. New photographs of Elian Gonzalez, in the uniform of Cuba's communist youth Pioneers, taken at Wye Plantation in Maryland in the care of U.S. government chaperones, were cited by Miami exiles yesterday as "further proof" that he is being brainwashed there by "communist propaganda." A spokesman said the Justice Department was not concerned about it……… But the Cuban-Americans are. "I think it's appalling that this kind of communist propaganda would be allowed under the protection of the U.S. Marshals' Service right here in this country," said Spencer Eig, an attorney hired by Elian's great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, to seek political asylum in America for the boy……… Granma, Cuba's Communist Party daily, on Monday published five photographs showing Elian in the Pioneers uniform - a blue kerchief and white shirt with a logo of Cuban patriot Jose Marti on his breast. Granma said the photographs were taken at the Maryland retreat where Elian has been staying, but did not say when……." 5/28/00 Carl Limbacher "…. America's mainstream press has all but dismissed concerns that Elian Gonzalez may have been drugged during his stay at Maryland's Wye River Plantation. Only The Washington Times and the Fox News Channel paid attention after reported two weeks ago that Elian's Cuban pediatrician was caught carrying mood altering sedatives on her way to visit the boy, the kind of medication that could explain Elian's oddly tranquil demeanor just hours after his traumatic April 22nd gunpoint abduction from the home of his Miami relatives. ...... Thursday night FNC's "The O'Reilly Factor" picked up on a report first broadcast over the weekend by the Spanish language television network Telemundo……….. The Telemundo clip, featuring a Cuban doctor acknowledging to Castro the very real possibility that the six-year-old Cuban boat boy may have indeed been drugged while in America, should have sent shock waves through U.S. newsrooms from coast to coast. ………In fact, after the Telemundo report was first referenced Tuesday on the Free Republic website, could find no other media source, including Univision in Miami and the Associated Press in Havana, that could corroborate the stunning development. ……..If anything could be more shocking than the prospect that a six-year-old Cuban refugee is being drugged on U.S. soil while U.S. authorities pretend to be oblivious, it's the refusal of the American media to cover the story. ……"

Miami Herald 5/17/00 Tyler Bridges "…..Miami-Dade County and Miami police are seeking federal reimbursement for a tab of more than $4 million spent on law enforcement and street cleanup during the Elian Gonzalez case, local officials said Tuesday. The county and city want the state to declare an ``emergency'' that would allow them to collect the money from the Federal Emergency Management Administration. But the state agency that must approve the reimbursement request to FEMA said late Tuesday that the county and city police are not eligible, said David Bishop, a spokesman for the state Department of Community Affairs. …….Bishop said, however, that both governments could apply directly to the U.S. Department of Justice for reimbursement. ……"

SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE 5/18/00 "…… A minister who advises the father of Elian Gonzalez says the two are doing well together at a secluded retreat in Maryland. "The family's very, very happy together," said the Rev. Joan Brown Campbell in a phone interview. Campbell, who recently retired as general secretary of the National Council of Churches, has visited both Elian and his father in the past two weeks. She said that when she is with them "you sense you're with a family." ……"

Excite News 5/18/00 Andrew Cawthorne "…….President Fidel Castro, in a combative two-hour speech, said Wednesday that Cuba had already won in principle the six-month international custody dispute over 6-year-old shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez. Castro, 73, immersed in a massive and unprecedented patriotic campaign to bring Elian back to communist-run Cuba, said the boy's Miami relatives had lost the support of international opinion in their bid to keep the boy in the United States. "For all the things they invent, all the resources they use, they have lost the battle, legally and morally," he told a peasant farmers' rally in Havana on Wednesday. "They have lost it in U.S. and world public opinion." ……"

The Factor, Fox News Channel 5/18/00 Freeper Cincinatus' Wife "…….I just watched the tape of Bill O'Reilly's show The Factor on Fox News Channel -- The O'Reilly Factor -- specifically the segment with Mark Falcoff, PHD, with the American Enterprise Institute and a specialist on Cuba. ……I'm going to write out my notes. ……… A tape of Castro in a town hall meeting-type setting is run and Bill O'Reilly says Castro is saying he is going to talk with the doctor treating Eian about the drug rumors and that everything will become clearer. In the clip Castro is being Castro, pointing and talking. ……Bill O'Reilly relates that a doctor pointedly questioned (we don't see this but it is on tape and was aired on Telemundo out of Cuba and given to Fox News) Castro about the drugs and that Castro told him to, "Shut up!" (O'Reilly put emphasis on the "shut up" part.) O'Reilly said that it disturbed him and that shouldn't the govt. be drug testing Elian? ……"

Wahington Post 5/18/00 "…….Fidel Castro defended his country's human rights record, saying that communist Cuba has not been plagued with the disappearances, instances of torture and death squads of other Latin American nations. "This is the freest country in the world," Castro told a gathering of hundreds of farmers Wednesday. Still bruised by last month's U.N. vote to censure Cuba for rights violations, Castro challenged his listeners to name a single such act during his four decades in power. "Raise your hand if you know of a single disappearance" Castro said. ………. Latin American governments in the past often spirited away political enemies, leaving family and friends uncertain of whether their loved ones were dead or alive. Castro also said Cuba has had no extrajudicial executions or death squads that have surged periodically in other parts of the Western Hemisphere. ………"

Washington Times Letters to the Editor 5/17/00 Smith Bagley "……The Washington Times misrepresented the facts concerning the dinner that Elian Gonzalez and his family attended at my home on May 6 ("Elian gets a look at Georgetown fat cats," May 9). …….. I am the president of the Arca Foundation, based in Washington, which has sought to normalize relations with Cuba for more than 10 years. It was suggested by one of the foundation members that Elian would enjoy meeting other 6-year-old boys for an outing outside the Wye Plantation. Since both Gregory Craig and I are fathers of 6-year-old boys who are in school together, the decision was made late in the afternoon of May 5 that Mr. Craig would invite the Gonzalez family for lunch and an afternoon at his home and that I would invite them for dinner at my home, before they returned to their temporary residence in Maryland. …….. The only people who attended the dinner were the Gonzalez family, i.e. Juan Miguel and his wife, Nercy, Elian, his half-brother Hianny, and his cousin Yazmani; the head of the Cuban Interests Section, Fernando Ramirez, his wife Patricia, and their two children, ages 11 and 13; our children, ages 10 and 6; four of Mr. Craig's children, ages 6, 11, 12, and 13; and two Arca Foundation board members and their two children, ages 6 and 11. Some of the children spoke Spanish (our 6-year-old sons are learning it in school), and most of the adults were bilingual. The sole purpose of these gatherings was to offer a quiet afternoon and evening for the Gonzalez family and to introduce Elian to some children his own age. Nothing more and nothing less. ….."

Washington Times 5/15/00 Helle Bering "……Mr. Hoagland's readers were up in arms to be sure. But what they fumed about could not have been more different than what absolutely incensed readers of The Washington Times. ……"Readers were upset by different aspects of the Cuban boy's plight," wrote Mr. Hoagland. "But they were nearly all united by a boiling rage that spilled across pages of lined notebook paper, engraved stationery or e-mail. ………."Most took as their targets Elian's U.S. relatives or the Cuban American community in Miami. 'They got what they deserved,' was the general tone." …….This is incredible. Instead of raging against Fidel Castro, whose dictatorship drives Cubans to flee repression in the most desperate way, Americans (or at least Americans who read The Washington Post and write to Mr. Hoagland) despise the Cuban-American community because they unflinchingly oppose Mr. Castro.......The fact that none of them ever broke the law in relation to the Elian Gonzalez case, including Elian's Miami family, seems to have made no impression. (Of course, reading most press accounts or listening to the news, you would never actually know that was the case. ……..The Post even took it upon itself to cast aspersions on Donato Dalrymple, the fisherman who rescued the little boy, accusing him, of all things, of being a phony and an impostor, a carpet cleaner actually.) Spanish-speaking or Caribbean immigrants allegedly resent the political power and affluence of Cuban-Americans. A majority of Americans apparently feels it's time to end the U.S. embargo of Cuba, and those troublesome Cuban-Americans just won't let bygones be bygones. ………The responses received here at The Washington Times could not have been more different. Mostly, our readers were absolutely appalled at the abuse of government power on display on Easter Saturday when the raid went down in the early hours of the morning. They were deeply worried at what this means for the rule of law in the United States. ......"

Miami Herald 5/17/00 Marika Lynch and Frances Robles "…..The latest pictures of Elian Gonzalez showed the boy studying at the Wye Plantation and playing an instrument typical in Caribbean bands. But what angered Cuban Americans on Tuesday was the neckerchief the boy wore -- the uniform for the Pioneers, the youth communist league. Modeled after groups in the former Soviet Union, the Pioneers instill communist ideals through songs, schedule weekend trips to help with harvests in the countryside, and instruct children to repeat the group allegiance ``Pioneers for communism, we will be like Che [Guevara].'' …."

Reuters/Zogby/Yahoo 5/15/00 "……UTICA, N.Y. (Reuters/Zogby) - When respondents were asked in the latest Zogby America survey, whether the six-year-old Cuban refugee Elian Gonzales should return home with his father, an overwhelming 72.5% said yes, with only 17.9% disagreeing. In the same survey, however, when asked should Elian be returned to Cuba, a significantly less majority (56.6%) said yes with 30.9% disagreeing. When Cuba becomes part of the question, Hispanics disagreed that Elian should go home 46.1% - 39.1%, compared to Whites (58.4% yes, 29.8% no) and African Americans (56.8% yes, 34.4% no). …….. ……"

Washington Post 5/15/00 Hanna Rosin "……He could have been another pixie like Elian, except he arrived here constantly crying, his face mottled by chicken pox and a rash. Plus he came from an ideologically less interesting country. Still, 2-year-old Phanupong Khaisri turned out to be the perfect victim for another international cause. Since arriving at Los Angeles International Airport a month ago in the arms of strangers, the toddler from Thailand has galvanized a two-continent crusade against the horrors of the thriving underworld of international sex trafficking. Phanupong, nicknamed "Got," arrived in the immigration control line with a couple posing as sightseeing parents. When questioned by suspicious agents, the Indonesian man, Suseno Karjopranato, admitted that he and the Chinese woman, Chu Mwei Long, were not married and that the boy was not his son……. Only after the two adults were deported did Immigration and Naturalization Service officials fill in the blanks: The man, they suspect, is connected to a notorious international smuggling ring. The woman was destined to be a sex slave somewhere in America. The boy was a human decoy, designed to make them look like a family on holiday…….He had been rented to the man by his mother for something like $250, drugged and bundled onto the plane despite a raging ear infection. And it was probably the third time he had been used this way, his mother eventually admitted to Thai authorities……." 5/15/00 Carl Limbacher "……INS officials had decided to kick Elian Gonzalez's Cuban pediatrician out of the country after two American mental health professionals filed a secret report detailing the 6-year-old's condition, but changed their minds after the boy's father requested that the doctor be allowed to stay. When asked if the sealed report cited any "troubles or concerns" about Elian's stay at Maryland's Wye River plantation, INS spokeswoman Maria Cardona said, "There are details in there I can't talk about." ……. A psychologist and social worker designated by the Clinton administration to monitor Elian's progress have recommended extending visas for four of the Cuban raft boy's playmates, who arrived with Elian's doctor two weeks ago. ……… But Dr. Paulina Kernberg and social worker Susan Ley, who were assigned by the INS to report on Elian's progress every other week, saw no benefit to the continued presence of Dr. Ponce de Leon, The Miami Herald reported last Thursday. ….."

National Review 5/22/00 John Derbyshire "……The affair of Elian Gonzalez has also been a flare, revealing much about our political landscape. It has, for example, shown that reflective thought and intellectual complexity are not almost exclusive to the Right, while the Left is more monolithic and thinking impaired than ever. As a conservative journalist expressed it to a colleague: "I'm torn on Elian, really torn. But burns me is that the liberals are not torn. They are bright and breezy; they know exactly what they think." It is not so much a case of Yeats - "The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity" - as of Tolstoy: Happy liberals are all alike, while each conservative is distraught in his own way……."

Breakpoint 5/16/00 Charles Colson "……..The public was outraged, and congressional leaders announced they would immediately hold hearings. But then, after a few days, it was announced that the hearings would be delayed. And now, apparently, they've been shelved completely. Why? Doesn't Congress have an oversight responsibility when the Executive Branch exceeds its constitutional power and shreds our Fourth Amendment protection? Well, something intervened, and that something is called "polls." …… Polls today give us, not just opinion, but marching orders. Politicians read them, and act accordingly, unwilling to offend the majority before an election. ……. But how accurate are the polls in the first place? Most people say they've never been called, and neither has anyone they know. The fact is, most of us have answering machines these days, and Caller ID. People don't answer the phone for just anybody, and they don't waste time talking to people who say they're poll-takers and often are simply telemarketers. ……. The polls aren't random. Instead, they're getting information from a small group that doesn't screen calls and who will talk to anyone. I wonder if it's the wide sampling that pollsters claim. ......"

Miami Herald 12/4/97 Christopher Marquis "…….Prodded by anti-Castro lawmakers, the Clinton administration is scrambling to disburse $1.5 million in funds earmarked for democracy-building efforts in Cuba before a mid-January deadline, congressional sources said. Nearly a dozen Cuban exile and rights advocacy groups are in line for the federal funds, authorized by the 1996 Helms-Burton Act, but never distributed. Another $2 million has been budgeted for 1998. By law, the money is to be spent to distribute published material in Cuba, provide aid to political dissidents and their families, bolster democratic forces on the island and prepare for a future election. But 20 months after the approval of Helms-Burton, the U.S. Agency for International Development has delivered only one grant: $500,000 to Freedom House, a New York-based rights watchdog. ……."

Miami Herald 5/16/00 Jay Weaver "……..The Herald late Monday asked a judge to hold in contempt a police charity -- once overseen by fired Miami City Manager Donald Warshaw -- for repeatedly failing to turn over his credit-card bills charged to the group. The newspaper seeks to have Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Murray Goldman find in contempt Do The Right Thing; former Miami Police Chief William O'Brien; and the nonprofit group's chairwoman, Angela Bellamy, for defying Goldman's court order in October to release the American Express charge-card records. …….. The Herald has asked Warshaw several times since Goldman's order, including last Friday, to provide missing statements for his American Express card. ……… . "

Miami Herald 5/16/00 Frances Robles "…..Elian Gonzalez's Cuban doctor left the United States in a huff Monday, saying the U.S. government refused to extend her stay. Her return to Havana surprised Immigration and Naturalization Service officials, who said they never told Dr. Caridad Ponce de Leon that she had to go home. The INS caught up with Ponce de Leon in Houston. Told she could remain another two weeks, the pediatrician said she would come back another time. ''I came here confident that I would be allowed to stay for as long as I was needed,'' she said. ''I have every confidence that this will be resolved and that I will be permitted to return.'' ……."

Miami Herald 5/16/00 AP "…….If Elian Gonzalez returns to Cuba, his father will be powerless to stop the 6-year-old boy from being sent to work camps by Cuba's communist regime, lawyers for Elian's Miami relatives said Tuesday. In a 25-page court filing, the lawyers asked the three federal appeals judges handling Elian's case to reject an attempt by his father to replace a Miami relative as the adult who speaks for Elian. The parental rights Juan Miguel Gonzalez claims in this country would be denied in Cuba, where Elian would be separated from his father in a few years and sent to work camps for months at a time, the lawyers said. …….."

Washington Times 5/16/00 Antonio Benedi "……It is with great distress and pain that I find myself having to write a piece in defense of my fellow Cuban-Americans. I have been in total amazement in the last few months, culminating in the horrific scene of Saturday, April 22. To witness, in the last few months, the systematic and vigorous chipping away at an entire community of people is not the way I ever imagined my adopted country to behave. …….. I was born in Cuba and fled with my family after nearly two years of living under Fidel Castro's Marxist-Leninist government. My immediate family was one of the fortunate ones that got out. Leaving behind many relatives, friends and dreams. We arrived in the United States and built a new and prosperous life with our sweat and determination. Only now we see our fellow Cuban-Americans portrayed by some in the national media, and by the careful orchestration of the current administration, as a bunch of lawless, hysterical demonstrators, with a mob mentality. This misinformation was necessary to mold American public opinion so it would justify the military-type federal attack on an "American family's" home. The people of Cuba have a long history of respect and support for the United States. The national pride of a Free Cuba lives in every freedom-loving Cuban alive. Many Cubans bravely fought on U.S. soil in the War of Independence. ….." 5/16/00 Carl Limbacher "……Flanked by Cuban officials at Washington, DC's Reagan Airport on Monday, Dr. Caridad Ponce de Leon told reporters that her patient, six-year-old Cuban boat boy Elian Gonzalez, is doing "very well," then hastily boarded a plane to return to her native Cuba. Despite the pediatrician's reassuring words, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta has refused a request from The Miami Herald to release a report from two American mental health experts on the child's condition. …… The report's authors, Dr. Paulina Kernberg and social worker Susan Ley, declined to recommend extending the visa of Dr. Ponce de Leon, who was caught carrying tranquilizers on her way to visit Elian at the Wye River plantation last month. The sedatives Miltown, Valium and phenobarbitol were confiscated after U.S. Customs inspectors searched the Cuban doctor's medical bag. ……."Kernberg noted that the boy seems to fatigue too easily," The Miami Herald reported. In a formal report on Elian's condition to the court, the government appointed psychiatrist wrote: "During our visit, Elian seemed cheerful and at times elated, alternating with states of being quiet. I had the impression that he tired easily." Medical texts say that Miltown (one of the drugs confiscated from Dr. Ponce de Leon) can cause an "a false sense of well-being" and "drowsiness." ……"

Reuters 5/10/00 Andrew Cawthorne "……The Cuban grandparents of 6- year-old shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez made an emotional plea Wednesday to join the boy in the United States on the eve of a key court hearing in the nearly six-month custody dispute. Elian's four direct grandparents, and the parents of his father's second wife, are accusing Washington of "inhumanly" and inexplicably refusing them travel visas and thus preventing a full family reunion in the United States. "If they had any human feeling, they would give us the visas straightaway," Elian's paternal grandfather Juan Gonzalez, told a news conference in Havana. "This has struck us deeply. We don't understand why they are denying the visas." ….."

MSNBC 5/10/00 "……Elian Gonzalez dreaded being jailed if he returned to Cuba, a fear his father assured him was unfounded, a government-appointed psychiatrist and social worker reported Wednesday. Overall, the 6-year-old appears to be adjusting well to life again with his father, the specialists said in their report to an appeals court hearing the boy's custody case. THE COURT had asked for periodic reports from the psychiatrist and social worker ahead of an asylum hearing, set for Thursday……… NBC News correspondent Pete Williams reported that the two specialists said that Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, told them Elian said he was afraid of going back to Cuba because he feared he'd be put in jail. The father reassured Elian that was not the case, they wrote, and told Elian would go back by plane, not by boat, which seemed to calm the boy……."

Union Leader 5/11/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly "…… Elian dined in Georgetown Saturday night, with fabulously wealthy Democratic donors - facilitated by the attorney his father and Bill Clinton share: Gregory Craig. A police motorcade and federal marshals (at what cost to taxpayers?) escorted Elian, his family, and super-lawyer Craig from the secluded Maryland plantation they are staying at - over an hour's drive from Washington's tony Georgetown neighborhood - to the elegant Bagley home. The Bagleys' street was closed to other traffic for the rest of the night. ……. There they joined a dinner party including Smith Bagley (an R.J. Reynolds tobacco heir), Elizabeth Bagley (a former Clinton ambassador to Portugal) and some 20 other wealthy Democratic donors. …….. Now answer this: Who's playing politics with this boy? His semi-hysterical family in Miami, who are justifiably upset at the way they were treated by the ill-named Justice Department? Sen. Bob Smith, who may be fumbling the media coverage but is nonetheless fighting for his personal convictions? ……" 5/10/00 "…… With the Statue of Liberty looming in the background, Fidel Castro's estranged daughter joined one of 13 rallies nationwide today to support efforts to keep refugee Elian Gonzalez in America. "Standing here in sight of the world's most famous symbol of liberty, we must all commit ourselves to fight this battle for individual human rights and freedom," Alina Fernandez, Castro's exiled daughter, told a rally of 250 people at Liberty State Park, N.J. "We must continue to fight on behalf of all of the Elian Gonzalezes of the world, wherever they are, until the day they are truly free," said Fernandez. In an exclusive interview with's Stephan Archer, Fernandez warned last month that Elian would likely be harmed and taken from his father if forced back to Cuba.. ……"

The Orlando Sentinel 4/9/00 Karen Feld "…… If the United States sends Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba with his father, he will receive a hero's welcome in this city where he will live. Elian, 6, has become an icon in Cuba, and almost every child there knows his name. Children even wear T-shirts bearing his likeness. But to what kind of life will Elian return? ……… It's a sure thing that his daily life in Cardenas will be much different from what it has been since he arrived in Miami. ……. During a recent visit to Cuba, I visited Elian's hometown of Cardenas. After eluding my government handlers, I obtained a Cuban press pass ($60 and a bottle of rum) and, for $100, hired a driver for the two-hour ride from Havana to Cardenas, which has about 75,000 residents and is frozen in time. ……… Little appears to have changed there in the past half century. It is almost as though time stopped with the 1958 revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power. Buildings remain marked by bombs from that era. There are few telephones or televisions in the tiny homes, and the computer age definitely has not arrived here yet. ……. But Poveiano Felipe, 60, who drives a taxi, told me that in one way things are very different - the aspirations of the young for the fruits of capitalism. "You can't talk socialism with the youth today. They don't want to hear that. Everybody goes to school. There are very good social laws, but the economy is the problem. The youth want changes. They want another system. When people have money, they get rich and they think differently. Right now the mentality is changing because of tourism," he said. ……."

Reuters 1/20/99 "….Julia Taft, an assistant secretary of state handling refugee and humanitarian affairs, was named U.S. special coordinator for Tibetan affairs on Wednesday. She succeeds Greg Craig, the former State Department planning director who is now one of the lawyers defending President Bill Clinton in his Senate impeachment trial. Like Craig, Taft will continue in her current position while taking on responsibilities for Tibet, one of the most sensitive issues in U.S.-Chinese relations, officials said. The appointment was made by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright……."

The Daily Oklahoman 5/10/00 Mona Charen "…… THIS story began as tragedy -- a small child, motherless, adrift on the high seas in an inner tube. But it is now approaching farce. It seems that Elian Gonzalez and his father were the guests at a posh Georgetown party last Saturday night. The host was Smith Bagley, an heir to the R.J. Reynolds tobacco fortune and a friend of both President Clinton and Vice President Gore. ……. For several days before the big event, neighbors knew something was afoot. "No Parking" signs suddenly dotted the entire block. Some assumed that Clinton would be coming to dinner again………Sure, the nation approves of the administration's handling of the Elian case. They are content to have federal marshals break down the doors of law-abiding citizens, trash the home and threaten them with violence or death merely because the government has grown weary of negotiations. ……But the passivity of the public does not excuse the remarkable docility of the press in the face of this extra-legal behavior on the part of the Clinton administration. Ever since Elian was taken, the press has been content to be spoon-fed pictures of a happy child -- though no independent journalist has been permitted within 50 yards of the boy since his capture. ……"

The Daily Oklahoman 5/10/00 Mona Charen "…… THIS story began as tragedy -- a small child, motherless, adrift on the high seas in an inner tube. But it is now approaching farce. It seems that Elian Gonzalez and his father were the guests at a posh Georgetown party last Saturday night. The host was Smith Bagley, an heir to the R.J. Reynolds tobacco fortune and a friend of both President Clinton and Vice President Gore. ……. For several days before the big event, neighbors knew something was afoot. "No Parking" signs suddenly dotted the entire block. Some assumed that Clinton would be coming to dinner again………Sure, the nation approves of the administration's handling of the Elian case. They are content to have federal marshals break down the doors of law-abiding citizens, trash the home and threaten them with violence or death merely because the government has grown weary of negotiations. ……But the passivity of the public does not excuse the remarkable docility of the press in the face of this extra-legal behavior on the part of the Clinton administration. Ever since Elian was taken, the press has been content to be spoon-fed pictures of a happy child -- though no independent journalist has been permitted within 50 yards of the boy since his capture. ……"

The Miami Herald 5/10/00 Frances Robles "……At least three Cuban diplomats have been identified in police photo lineups as being among the dozen men who attacked a group of protesters outside the Cuban Interests Section last month. The identifications could lead to the envoys' eventual deportation. Washington, D.C., Police opened a misdemeanor simple assault case after the April 14 incident in which 11 victims, an eyewitness and Secret Service police say several men opened the Cuban Interests Section gates and attacked demonstrators standing on the sidewalk. No one was seriously hurt, and no one was arrested. ……."

Capitalism Magazine 5/9/00 Agustin Blaquez "……. The Cuban exiles living in the U.S. for 41 years have not learned much. The constant display of Cuban flags, signs and chanting in Spanish at demonstrations, excludes the American people who could be, and should be, our ally. The anti-Castro stand, rather than pro-democracy or pro-freedom, separates us from the rest of America. …….. I have noticed lately that average Americans are speaking out and strongly recent this attitude. If we want to communicate with the great majority in this country, especially since we are surrounded by a highly hostile press, we have to do it in ENGLISH. ……. Americans do not understand what we mean when we carry Cuban flags at a demonstration in the U.S. Are we anti-American? Are we pro-Cuba? ….."

Associated Press (via Yahoo News) 5/10/00 Catherine Wilson "….. Fidel Castro's estranged daughter joined in as demonstrators carrying U.S. flags rallied in more than a dozen cities Wednesday to show their support for the relatives of Elian Gonzalez who want the boy to stay in the United States. …… In Jersey City, N.J., Alina Fernandez, Castro's daughter, and Elian's great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, greeted each other with clasped hands in Liberty State Park, where they were to speak at a afternoon rally of about 200 people. ``This tragedy would not have happened if Cuba was free,'' Fernandez said. …….."

WorldNetDaily 5/11/00 David Bresnahan "…… A prominent national group of physicians claims Cuban doctors treating Elian Gonzalez are practicing without a license, and is asking state officials to step in and force them to stop. Jane Orient, M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, told WorldNetDaily she believes the doctors from Cuba are not licensed and may be using drugs to condition Elian before he appears in court. She said a letter of complaint would be filed today in Maryland. Elian, 6, suffered a traumatic seizure when he was taken at gunpoint in a frightening raid by government agents, according to Orient. She said she does not trust the "glowing reports" from unnamed government-appointed doctors that Elian has not suffered any adverse effects from the raid. "The child's being treated by Cubans who are not licensed to practice in the United States," said Orient. Does she believe Elian has been given drugs to control his behavior? "Sure," she said. "They may be using drugs, or maybe they're just using manipulation, isolation, seclusion, and threats and promises. I mean, how do you find out what's going on in there?" ........."

Miami Herald 5/11/00 Jay Weaver "…..Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives arrived in court this morning to fight what could be their last battle in trying to keep the boy in the United States. Lazaro Gonzalez, his daughter Marisleysis, his brother Delfin and their attorneys arrived at the 11th U.S. Circuit Court shortly before 9 a.m. Gregory Craig, who represents Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, also arrived, as did government attorneys. …….. The relatives were greeted by about 25 supporters outside the courthouse, many waving Cuban and American flags. By the time Craig arrived, the crowd had grown to about 100. ……. "

The Associated Press. 5/11/00 "…….What happens when children from abroad find themselves all alone in America? In the case of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez, it was political uproar, street confrontations, vast media exposure and an armed federal raid to return him to his Cuban father. For 2-year-old Phanupong Khaisri of Thailand, it was a brief confrontation between Thai civic leaders in Los Angeles and federal immigration officials that led to a court order temporarily barring his deportation. ……… "We didn't hear this kind of outcry about the approximately 8,000 Mexican children under the age of 17 that the United States government expelled in 1999." Last year, 4,607 children under 18 were in INS custody. On average, 475 are in custody at any time, the agency said, and they usually are deported within two weeks. ......"

Washington Times 5/12/00 "…… A three judge panel from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta has a daunting task before it: balancing two seemingly irreconcilable rights. It is right that a child, who reaches America, should be protected from a dictatorship that routinely coerces and punishes innocents to perpetuate its absolute power. It is also right that a father should have the rights to his 6-year-old child. The panel began considering these conflicting questions yesterday, when it heard oral arguments for and against granting Elian Gonzalez the right to apply for U.S. asylum. ………"

NewsMax 5/11/00 "……. Former Clinton impeachment attorney Greg Craig told the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday that his client, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, wants to decide what's best for Elian "free from any kind of manipulation from Miami or coercion from Havana." …….. But on Tuesday Craig admitted to a Burlington, Vt. radio host that he actually knows very little about what Elian himself may want for his future - or, for that matter, about anything else the boy has to say. ......, Why? Because Craig has never actually spoken to the six-year-old Cuban boat boy himself. …….

JOHNSON: I know, as you mentioned, you don't speak Spanish. But in talking to his father, has Elian at all backed off of the famed video where he says he doesn't want to go back to Cuba?
CRAIG: Well, my understanding is that Elian above all wants to be with his father and his family. And he's made it quite clear that he's eager to return home to see his friends. In fact, he's the recepient of a number of toys that he has saved to give to them when he gets back to Cuba. I think (Elian's previously expressed desire NOT to be returned to Cuba) was not a real problem. It was the product of whatever you can coach a six-year-old to say and to do. ……"

Newsweek 5/11/00 Catharine Skipp and Joseph Contreras "……Overnight, Dalrymple's image was splashed across television screens, magazine covers and newspaper front pages. Then came the awkward questions about his past. It turned out that Elián's real savior wasn't Dalrymple at all; the hero of the tale was actually his cousin Sam Ciancio, who dove into the ocean to save Elián. Dalrymple, who had been commonly identified as a fisherman, in fact had never fished prior to that November morning. He has also faced questions about his marital past. Dalrymple may be reluctant to discuss the topic for good reason. Newsweek has learned that in 1984, he walked down the aisle with a 14-year-old Broward County girl who was two years shy of the minimum marital age under Florida law. ……"

Miami Herald 5/12/00 Deroy Murdock "…… By snatching Elian Gonzalez from his great-uncle's Miami home, the Clinton-Reno regime tip-toed around or trampled at least half of the Bill of Rights' 10 amendments. Here are the constitutional guarantees that now lie tattered:

The First Amendment's freedom of the press provision could not shield an NBC News crew from abuse. Federal agents kicked cameraman Tony Zumbado in the stomach, yanked an audio cable from his camera and otherwise disabled his gear. He told NBC: ``[The feds] put their foot on my back and told me not to move or else they were going to shoot.'' …….. Soundman Gustavo Moller was struck in the head by another officer's rifle and ordered to be still or be shot. Moller told me he suffered a small gash, ``but because it was the forehead, it was bleeding a lot.'' ……..

INS Commissioner Doris Meissner told CBS that overwhelming force was necessary due to ``the possibility that there might be guns'' in the Gonzalez home. So what? The Second Amendment guarantees the right ``to keep and bear arms.'' If the mere presence of firearms on private property justifies such federal behavior, residents of the 40 percent of American homes with guns should sleep with their eyes open.

By using an improper search warrant, the Justice Department violated Fourth Amendment restrictions against ``unreasonable searches and seizures.'' This document was signed not during business hours by the federal judge hearing Elian's case, but on Good Friday at 7:20 p.m. by a magistrate unfamiliar with the matter. The warrant application claimed that Elian was ``concealed,'' which he wasn't, and that he's ``an illegal alien,'' which he isn't. The affidavit also failed to mention Lazaro Gonzalez's alleged weapons that supposedly required a SWAT team's response. ......

The Sixth Amendment includes the right to ``the assistance of counsel'' in criminal proceedings. Elian is no crook, but the spirit of this amendment suggests that he may see the lawyers who are arguing his asylum case. Elian's attorneys currently cannot contact him or even observe his condition while surrounded by U.S. marshals. ……..

The 10th Amendment reserves powers ``to the states respectively, or to the people'' that are not constitutionally delegated to the federal government. Nonetheless, Washington intervened in a child-custody matter routinely handled by state authorities. ……. The Justice Department alerted then-Miami Police Chief William O'Brien before ``Operation Reunion'' and reportedly ordered him not to inform Miami Mayor Joe Carollo. ………

Justice's contempt for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals insults the separation of powers. The department was not deterred by the court's refusal to grant an order to transfer Elian from his great-uncle to his father. When a three-judge federal panel rejected her plan, Jackboot Janet executed it anyway. Of course, all this could have been avoided had Reno simply waited until yesterday's court hearing to make her family-reunification case……"


c. 2000 Cox News Service 5/11/00 Bill Rankin "……A federal appeals court panel will decide ``in a few weeks'' whether 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez returns to Cuba with his father or gets the political asylum hearing his Miami relatives desire. …….During a hearing lasting an hour and fifteen minutes, three judges of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hammered away with questions from all sides of the issue. ….. The judges reminded attorneys that Elian's father wants to return his son to a totalitarian state and wondered aloud what kind of precedent they would be setting if they don't allow that to happen. ......" 5/9/00 Carl Limbacher "....... During an interview on a Burlington, Vermont radio station Wednesday morning, the attorney for Elian Gonzalez's father, Greg Craig, said that allegations the six-year-old Cuban refugee has been drugged by a Cuban doctor are "ridiculous." .......... WKDR-AM host Mark Johnson questioned Craig based on reports that several anti-depressants were confiscated from Elian's personal pediatrician, Dr. Caridad Ponce de Leon, while she was enroute to visit the boy nearly two weeks ago....

JOHNSON: Do you know what was taken away from his pediatrician?

CRAIG: This was the pediatrician that Elian has had from birth in the small town of Cardenas where he was born. And she was invited to come to the United States because she was a familiar person and a reassuring and a comforting person in Elian's life. And she came -- ah -- I don't know what was in her medical bag but obviously she was not informed that she could not bring the medication that she generally carried in the event of some kind of problem or illness. So those were taken away. I don't know what they were but I do not ascribe, you know, sinister motives to that event at all. ....

The medicines confiscated from Dr. Ponce de Leon on April 27th by Customs officials at Washington's Dulles International Airport were reportedly Milltown, Diazepam and phenobarbitol, sedatives that some suspect were used to mask the traumatic aftereffects of his gunpoint abduction last month. ........ Photos released by Craig just hours after the Clinton administration snatched Elian from his Miami home showed him smiling and hugging his father as if nothing had happened. Craig has cut off all independent media access to the Gonzalezes, fueling speculation that Elian may not be adjusting to his new life as well as the Clinton lawyer suggests. ........... Two doctors contacted by on Wednesday disputed Craig's claim that the sedatives found in Dr. Ponce de Leon's medical bag are routinely carried by pediatricians. ......... Speaking on condition of anonymity, a pediatrician at the New York University Medical Center said, "I would not expect to find Milltown as part of a pediatrician's standard medical kit." ........What about Diazepam, better known as Valium? "If it's oral, no -- not for a child. If it's in IV form, yes," said the doctor, explaining that IV Valium is used as an emergency anti-seizure medication for children. ......"You might anticipate that somebody would use those drugs to try to sedate somebody, but they're absolutely not considered standard children's medication." ......."

AP 5/9/00 "…….A judge on Tuesday upheld the mayor's firing of the city manager, part of a City Hall shakeup that followed the federal raid to remove Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives. Circuit Judge Steve Levine's ruling dissolved a court order issued last week that said Donald Warshaw could temporarily keep his job. Mayor Joe Carollo, not waiting for the ruling, had already named Warshaw's successor. With the ruling, Warshaw was officially out of a job. Carlos Gimenez was sworn in immediately as Miami's new city manager Levine ruled there was insufficient evidence to back up Warshaw's claim to hold onto office. ……"

Insight Magazine 5/29/00 "……A study of photographs of the April 14 attack on demonstrators supporting Elian Gonzalez reveals the identities of the Cuban "diplomats" who barged out of their compound in downtown Washington and took part in the unprovoked assault. ……. Some of the victims have filed formal complaints with police. Not all the Cuban officials were photographed in the acts of assault and battery, and some may not have laid hands on the protesters. Further study of photos and other evidence will determine which individuals actually committed crimes. As accredited "diplomats," the Cubans are immune from criminal prosecution ……"

National Review 5/9/00 "…….A Statement by Concerned Citizens, Washington Post ad, May 9, 2000

"By enforcing its own order, without the judicial imprimatur of a court mandate, the Justice Department has reinforced a precedent that endangers the rights of all American citizens." - Alan M. Dershowitz, Harvard Law professor writing in The Los Angeles Times, April 25, 2000

"The armed invasion of the home of Elian's relatives in Miami by federal officers combat-ready with the deadliest of military rifles, the shocking abduction of the boy seen around the world, are so unconstituional and cruel that they keep hope alive that this time the courts and congress will not allow the White House to get away with it." - A.M. Rosenthal, former executive editor of The New York Times, writing in the Washington Times, May 1, 2000

"Ms. Reno's decision to take the law as well as the child into her own hands seems worse than a political blunder. Even if well intended, her decision strikes at the heart of constitutional government and shakes the safeguards of liberty." - Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law professor writing in The New Yok Times, April 25, 2000

The Rule of Law

A Statement by Concerned Citizens

The Justice Department's armed, nighttime seizure of Elian Gonzalez, which all the world saw, has frightening implications for everyone in America. Although reasonable people may disagree about who should speak for Elian or where he should live, there should be no disagreement that such questions, in this nation, should be decided with full respect for due process and the rule of law.

Yet due process and the rule of law are precisely what are now at issue in this case. The president and the attorney general have insisted that the government had both the right and the duty to break into Elian's Miami home "to enforce the decisions of the INS and the federal courts." But the Executive Branch is not a law unto itself. Just two days before the raid, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals had rejected the Justice Department's request to order Elian removed from the home of his American relatives, saying "we decline to proceed in that manner." Moreover, the court expressed serious doubts about the Justice Department's reading of both the law and its own regulations, adding that Elian had made a "substantial case on the merits" of his claim.

In reaction to the court's opinion, the Justice Department apparently decided to take matters into its own hands. On Good Friday evening, after offices had closed, the department sought a "search" warrant not from the judge familiar with the case but from a night-duty magistrate, submitting a supporting affidavit that seriously distorted the facts. Armed with that dubious warrant, it launched an early morning paramilitary raid.

Given the court's already established jurisdiction over this case, the government's precipitous actions constitute a serious and deeply disturbing intrusion into the authority of the judicial branch of government, raising profound questions about the separation of powers. Because unilateral actions by the INS, in this case as well as others, raise serious quesions of civil liberty, we call on Congress to hold hearings to examine the implications for the rule of law in this nation.

William J. Bennett Linda Chavez Charles W. Colson Edward H. Crane Midge Decter Alan M. Dershowitz Robert Destro Bernard Dobranski Steven B. Duke Milton Friedman Edwin J. Feulner Maggie Gallagher David Gelernter Mary Ann Glendon C. Boyden Gray Nat Hentoff Gertrude Himmelfarb Michael Horowitz Jeane Kirkpatrick Douglas W. Kmiec Mark R. Levin Robert A. Levy William Mellor Theodore B. Olson Roger Pilon Norman Podhoretz Ronald D. Rotunda Abigail Thernstrom Stephan Thernstrom George Weigel

Sun Sentinel 5/3/00 James Davis "……Florida Methodists want an apology and a face-to-face meeting with national church leaders who set up a legal fund for Elián González's father without consulting them. "Our brothers and sisters in the Cuban-American community are insulted," says a statement by Bishop Cornelius Henderson of Lakeland, who added that the "unilateral action" by a national church board embarrassed him and other Florida Methodists. "It is painful to see one's church appear to lend support to a government whose record on human rights is not acceptable by Christian standards or the principles of the United Methodist Church," adds the letter, mailed recently to the 747 churches and missions of the Florida Conference. At issue is a defense fund set up in March for Juan Miguel González, Elián's father, by the General Board of Church and Society. The Rev. Thom White Wolf Fassett, staff director of the Washington, D.C.-based board, has told the denominational press that the voluntary fund was to ensure "fair and equal treatment for the father" in U.S. courts. He added that it was a "passive fund" for donations, not taken from church offerings. ……"

The Weekly Standard 4/17/00 Christopher Caldwell "……. "Of course, everyone seems to think it natural that Juan Miguel Gonzalez hasn't gone to Miami to see his son. He's been too busy, meeting with pro-Castro groups, from the Alliance for a Responsible Cuba Policy to TransAfrica, and chatting with the likes of Charles Rangel, Steve Largent, and Maxine Waters. This last has a truly vile record of cosseting Castro, one that extends to a 1998 letter asking the Maximum Leader to continue to offer "political asylum" to former Black Panther Joanne Chesimard, who fled to Cuba after being charged with-and later convicted of-murdering a police officer in 1973." ……"

World Magizine 5/13/00 Mindy Belz "…… In the past year it has supported clemency for 11 Puerto Rican terrorists, lobbied for gun control, and asked state legislatures to end the death penalty. It asked several states in the South to end sawmill operations in an effort to protect the forests. But the United Methodist Board of Church and Society (UMBCS) had profoundly little to say against the weapons-packed raid used to remove Elián Gonzalez from the home of his great-uncle April 22. The philosophical 180 can be readily explained: United Methodists in alliance with the National Council of Churches were instrumental in hiring Gregory Craig, legal counsel to Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Elián's father, as part of continuing solidarity with the Castro regime. Extracting Elián, even by force, was critical to their strategy to moot ongoing court proceedings, which could have led to granting Elián the right to remain in the United States. ...... The UMBCS is one of 13 national agencies operated by the United Methodist Church. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with a staff of 40 and budget of nearly $4 million, it is the largest church lobby in the capital. ….."

World Magizine 5/13/00 Mindy Belz "…… The controversy does not end in UMC halls. Reports began emerging in April that Dwayne Andreas, recently retired chairman of the largest U.S. grain processor, Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM), brought church agents together with Mr. Craig. Mr. Andreas, a highly controversial political campaign contributor, over the years has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to both Republican and Democratic candidates. In exchange, political analysts agree, his empire has received federal protection of the domestic sugar industry and subsidies for ethanol and grain exports-earning him the distinction, according to the Cato Institute, as the largest recipient of corporate welfare. In 1996 ADM paid $100 million in fines for price fixing. Mr. Andreas's connections to the NCC are assorted. Last year, when the council named former Atlanta mayor and UN ambassador Andrew Young as its president, Mr. Andreas made a $100,000 gift to the NCC in his honor. Mr. Young is a member of ADM's board. Mr. Andreas made two contributions to the NCC's much-politicized Burned Churches Fund: $1 million in 1996 and $200,000 in 1998. Also, ADM uses the services of Williams and Connally, Mr. Craig's law firm. Mr. Andreas boasts other connections, too. He owns property in south Florida, including at least one hotel. He is a major donor to Barry University, whose president, Jeanne O'Laughlin, agreed in January to host a meeting between Elián and his two grandmothers from Cuba. Mr. Andreas's wife, a Barry graduate, once chaired the school's board of trustees. Among Cuban-American leaders in Miami, Mr. Andreas was rumored to be the driving force behind the meeting, which backfired when Ms. O'Laughlin announced afterwards that Elián should remain in the United States for an asylum hearing ……"

Yahoo 5/6/00 Lisa Baertlein Reuters "…..Thousands took to the streets of Miami in a peaceful protest on Saturday to call for the removal of local mayors who supported efforts to keep Cuban castaway Elian Gonzalez with his Miami relatives. A racially and ethnically mixed group of demonstrators carried signs reading, ``One Country, One Flag'' and ``Keep Elian. Send back Carollo and Penelas,'' referring to Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas and Miami Mayor Joe Carollo. The rally, which a local television station said attracted more than 5,000 people, was larger than a similar demonstration in Miami last weekend supporting the federal government's April 22 raid to remove 6-year-old Elian from the home of his Miami relatives and reunite him with his Cuban father……."

Associated Press 5/6/00 "…… But Saturday night they went by police-escorted motorcade to the home of Smith and Elizabeth Bagley, who have been active in Democratic fund-raising efforts. Bagley is a foundation president and his wife is a former U.S. ambassador to Portugal. They are frequently guests at official White House dinners, most recently the White House Millennium Dinner last New Year's Eve. After about four hours at the Bagley home, the Gonzalez family sped away in their motorcade, apparently headed back to the Maryland retreat. ……Gregory Craig, attorney for Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, declined to talk about the gathering when contacted at home afterward. Craig, also a prominent Democrat with close ties to the White House, had been at the Bagley residence with his clients. ….."

Miami Herald, FIU Cuba News 3/8/98 "…….For years, Lupe and Rafael, a Havana couple, have plotted a way to keep their son away from Cuba's farm schools. They think they've found the answer in sports. …… Like other young people in Cuba, their 12-year-old son, Alejandro, faces the prospect of short stints at a boarding school in the country starting this year, and of full school years in the escuelas en el campo -- schools in the countryside -- after he turns 15. But Lupe and Rafael, who asked not to be fully identified, are adamant about keeping him close to home. They hope his swimming will do the job by landing him on a team that trains in Havana with the government's blessing. Teenagers need to live close to their parents, not on a farm where they are exposed to bad habits, an immoral lifestyle and terrible living conditions to get a mediocre education, they said. ``When you're a teenager, things get so confusing that parents must always be there,'' Lupe said. ……"

Law News Net/Miami Daily Business Review 12/20/99 Susan Miller "…… His story has made international headlines. It is the tragic tale of a 6-year-old boy whose mother so wanted to give him a better life that she risked her own and died in the process. Elián González's saga has touched many hearts, but there's another story that's taken place behind the scenes - it deals with how a high-profile political consultant in Miami has assembled a team of lawyers to represent Elián's U.S. relatives who want to keep him from being returned to his homeland. ………. It was just a day or two after Elián arrived here last month, clinging to an inner tube off Fort Lauderdale, that Miami lawyer Spencer Eig received a distress call of sorts. Armando Gutiérrez, a Miami political consultant, contacted Eig, asking for his help. ……"

Miami Herald 5/5/00 Frances Robles "…..At least two dozen Cuban diplomats, their spouses, kids and aides have logged visits to Elian Gonzalez since he moved with his dad to a rural Maryland plantation last week. Records obtained by The Herald show 10 Cuban government officials -- including some of the country's highest ranking officers -- accompanied Elian and his father Juan Miguel to the Wye River Plantation the day they moved there. Subsequent excursions by more than 10 others were reported to the U.S. State Department, which said that at least two Interests Section officers visit daily. On Saturday, eight children of Cuban diplomats visited Elian, along with the Interests Section's chief, Fernando Remirez. On Sunday, another diplomat brought two daughters and another friend. The visits have angered the Miami relatives of Elian, who say they believe the Cubans are engaged in brainwashing the boy. Juan Miguel's lawyer, Gregory Craig, did not return phone calls but has previously labeled such allegations ``silly.'' ……. U.S. government officials defended the visits Thursday, saying it is perfectly logical for someone engaged in protracted legal battles in a foreign country to have contact with his government's representatives. ….."

Itar-Tass Via Drudge 5/6/00 "……..Cuba's is an important partner of Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said in his letter to his Cuban counterpart Felipe Perez Roque. His letter was devoted to the 40th anniversary of reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries celebrated on May 8. … The Russian ambassador to Cuba, Arnold Kalinin, passed the letter to Roque at a solemn meeting which was held in Havana on Friday. …….. Ivanov congratulated Cubans in his letter. "The past years have shown that not dogmata, but common interests unite our countries - the striving to live in a safe and predictable world resting not on the monopoly of force and 'money bag', but on genuine equality of states and common sense," he said. ……"

ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 5/6/00 Jim Lovel "…… The latest effort to loosen the 4-decade-old economic embargo on Cuba has the support of Arkansas' entire congressional delegation. "The embargo hasn't worked, and it's a foolish thing to continue it," said U.S. Rep. Marion Berry, D-Ark. "We are hurting American farmers more than anybody," said U.S. Rep. Jay Dickey, R-Ark. Dickey supported an amendment to the annual appropriations bill for the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday that would lift the restriction on exporting food and drugs to Cuba as long as the items are not subsidized by the federal government. ….."

Washington Times 5/8/00 Nat Hentoff "…… Janet Reno says that "one of the beauties of television is that it shows what the facts are." In direct contrast to that facile statement, consider how much has been left out of television coverage of the taking of Elian Gonzalez - especially on Ted Koppel's widely respected "Nightline." ………. For instance, Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe - whose books on constitutional law have been quoted by the Supreme Court more than those of any other expert - said in the New York Times that Miss Reno's raid "strikes at the heart of constitutional government and shakes the safeguards of liberty." Mr. Tribe, it should be known, believed that the boy should be reunited with his father. …….. On April 27, Mr. Koppel's "Nightline" on ABC tried to bring light to this continuing constitutional controversy by presenting, for the first time, the man who led the raid: James Goldman, the Immigration and Naturalization Service's (INS) assistant director. Mr. Tribe's analysis of the raid was not mentioned……."

The Miami Herald 5/7/00 Juan Tamayo "…… Worried by Cuba's record of diagnosing dissidents as mentally ill, U.S. experts on Cuban psychiatry say they fear that Fidel Castro's decision to put Elian Gonzalez under lengthy psychiatric care in an isolated house if he returns to Havana will amount to a veiled attempt to ''brainwash" the child. ''Castro believes you've got to be nuts to oppose his government. So what does that mean for Elian?" said Frank Calzon, Cuban-born director of the Center for a Free Cuba in Washington. ….."

The New Australian 5/7/00 Gerard Jackson "……. I personally rate Stephen Romei (The Australian's New York correspondent) as one of the most repulsive journalists in the Australian media - and that is saying a lot. His reporting on the Elian Gonazalez episode is a case study in media disinformation and "doubthink" that should be carefully examined by anyone who is seriously concerned about the integrity of the media, or what passes for integrity. ……. Romei used a tissue of lies to justify Reno's Gestapo-like raid on the Gonzalez house. He claims that the INS had revoked the family's custody of Elian which, in his opinion, amounted to "kidnapping" by the family . Not true. Elian's uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, was under no legal obligation whatsoever to hand him over to the INS. A federal court had not only ordered Reno not to send Elian out of the country it also rejected her plea to hand Elian over to his father. Alan Dershowitz, a liberal Harvard law professor who even testified on Clinton's behalf during the impeachment hearings, said: "Citizens do not have an obligation to obey the executive. They have an obligation to obey court orders." ……"

The New Australian 5/7/00 "……. The Clinton Administration and its cronies are shamelessly spewing 'family values' arguments to cover their endorsement of a communist dictatorship that consumes all families, indeed all values, in the vicious control of a crazed despot named Fidel Castro. The grotesquely evil invasion of the home of the family who bravely defied power for the sake of one little boy's freedom and humanity is merely the true face of the "family values" the Left, always eager to cover for Bill Clinton, has embraced. ......... No one is more blind to the evils of Castro and communism than the American left. The Cubans, of all people, see that evil plainly. Their hatred for Castro is not an emotional state for which Prozac can be prescribed as a cure. It is based on the reality of Castro's inhuman system, which the Left blithely ignores when vacationing in Cuban resorts. Those on the Left point out the psychological pressures Elian has faced living at the center of a media storm, and blame the family who were trying to save Elian from slavery for exposing him to Disney World, toys, and freedom. ….."

AP 5/7/00 George Watson "……Attorney General Janet Reno was among 130 people honored Saturday night at an annual celebration of the nation's rich ethnic diversity held on Ellis Island. Speaking from the historic site where thousands of immigrants once arrived to enter the United States, Reno alluded to the case of Elian Gonzalez, the 6-year-old Cuban boy. She said that in the pursuit of justice, conflicts cannot always be avoided, leaving some people feeling betrayed. …….. Now is the time to rebuild trust, she said, adding, ``Let us reach out to start to listen to each other.'' Across the Hudson River in Jersey City, N.J., about 100 Cuban-Americans chanted ``Reno, Repent!'' and ``Reno, Resign!'' …."

Washington Weekly 5/8/00 Jerry Zeifman "…… Did Attorney General Janet Reno have the constitutional authority to use force to take Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives? In an article in the New York Times of April 12 Lawrence Tribe, a Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard, argued persuasively that she did not. ………. Professor Tribe is a liberal Democrat. His credentials as a constitutional expert are beyond dispute. He has noted that partisan squabbles have obscured the fact that Reno's actions "have violated a basic principle of our society [that] lies at the core of ordered liberty under the rule of law." He also noted that "Ms. Reno's decision to take the law as well as the child into her own hands...strikes at the heart of constitutional government and shakes the safeguards of liberty." ……."

Washington Weekly 5/8/00 Jerry Zeifman "……To address the Constitutional concerns expressed by Professor Tribe (and other Democratic civil libertarians such as Professor Alan Dershowitz and Nat Hentoff) legislation should be introduced expressly denying the attorney general the now controversial powers claimed by her. In leaving the resolution of such disputes entirely to the courts such an act of Congress would be consistent with the political positions taken in the present presidential campaigns of both Vice President Al Gore and Governor Bush. ...... One of Professor Tribe's most compelling arguments is that under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution "the executive branch has no unilateral authority to enter people's homes forcibly without taking the time to seek a warrant or other order from a judge or magistrate." In that regard, he emphasizes that although the agents who seized the child did have a search warrant: …… "It was not a warrant to seize the child. Elian was not lost, and it is a semantic sleight of hand to compare his forcible removal to the removal of evidence, which is what a search warrant is for. " ……"

Miami Herald 4/26/00 Andres Viglucci "…… Hours after the government forcibly seized Elian Gonzalez, Aaron Podhurst and three of the community leaders who led a failed mediation effort held a two-hour phone conference call about the negotiations with U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno in the office of Miami Herald Publisher Alberto Ibargüen, court filings revealed Tuesday. ……… Ibargüen said Tuesday that he listened in on the conversation on a speakerphone, but believed it to be off the record, meaning it could not be used by the newspaper or any of the participants. He told only Herald Executive Editor Martin Baron about his participation in the call, Ibargüen said, but instructed him not to tell others because he regarded Saturday's talk as private. ……. But in their court filing attorneys for the Miami relatives used comments purportedly made by Reno during the conference call as evidence to support their request that a federal appellate judge issue an order that, if granted, could alter the complexion of the legal battle over Elian's fate. ……."

Miami Herald 5/7/00 John Dorschner Damarys Ocana "…… Wall of silence splits the community as anger over Elian case is repressed At first, there were the arguments. Now there are the silences. …….. Since Elian Gonzalez was taken from Little Havana two weeks ago, civic leaders have talked about a need for healing, but interviews with dozens of South Floridians from different racial-ethnic communities reveal an anger so deep that healing seems a long way off. Yet, they say, it's frequently an anger that festers without words. ……… Even at the pastoral center of the Archdiocese of Miami, says Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Wenski, ``we have people working in the same office that arenīt talking to each other.īī ……. " 5/7/00 "……. Elian Gonzalez was treated to a party in Georgetown last night at the home of Elizabeth and Smith Bagley. They are big Democratic Party Campaign Contributors and very close to the Clinton Administration. ………The data [see original article] shows they are big money supporters of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore. They have recently held several fundraisers at their home in Washington DC. Contributions include $20K to the Clinton Legal Defense Fund. ……….. The wife, Elizabeth, is the former or current Ambassador to Portugal and therefore technically a State Department Employee. Al Gore's Campaign chair Tony Coehle got into big legal trouble while heading up the US Expo in Portugal. I am sure he worked with Ambassador Bagley. Greg Craig was also a former top official at the State Department. ……" 5/7/00 "……. There were a number of Cuba "Diplomats" at the "party" for Elian all guarded by US Marshalls. State Department Officials partying with Cuban intelligence officers in Washington DC? It warms my heart. ……….. What is a Cuban 6 year old who doesn't speak English doing with Georgetown Fatcats at a dinner party? I don't think they hired a clown or Barney the purple dinosaur as entertainment. ….."

AP-Breaking 5/6/00 Steve Karnowski "…….A member of a Cuban baseball team visiting here got into a car and sped off Saturday in a possible defection as his team was leaving the terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The player was a member of "Equipo Caribe," Team Caribbean, which is made up mostly of students from the University of Havana and some students from a technical institute in the Cuban capital, said Doug Hennes, a spokesman for the University of St. Thomas, which is sponsoring the visit. After a welcoming ceremony about 3 p.m., the student walked out of the Hubert Humphrey Terminal along with other players, coaches, staff and faculty members. Hennes identified the missing man as Mario Miguel Chaoui. ……"

AP 5/6/00 "……It was, perhaps, the one time when the passions spawned by the Elian Gonzalez saga degenerated into violence. The consequences could take months to play out. As night fell on April 14, about 15 Cuban men emerged from Cuba's diplomatic mission and assaulted a group of protesters demanding that the 6-year-old be allowed to remain in the United States. No one disputes the altercation took place. Still, three weeks later, sharply differing accounts describe what provoked it. Luis Fernandez, spokesman for the Cuban mission, said demonstrators jostled and spit at Cuban personnel and insulted women and children from the mission. ……… Brigida Benitez, a Cuban-American lawyer who participated in the protest, called Fernandez's account ``completely untrue.'' ``We saw no women (from the mission), no one was spat upon, and there was no physical contact until they came out and attacked us,'' she says. …… The State Department registered extreme concern with Cuban diplomats and demanded an explanation but has received none..''

Washington Times 5/8/00 Jack Kemp "…… Reasonable people might be able to disagree on whether 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez should be granted asylum in the United States or placed in the sole custody of his father. But one issue no one can ignore is that the Justice Department of this administration has, not for the first time, taken the law into its own hands. It is hard to escape the conclusion that the president and the attorney general believe the law is whatever they say it is....... It is patently obvious that the administration decided early on it wanted to expedite Elian's return to Cuba by getting him in the hands of both his father and Cuba's official representatives in the United States. From Day One, this case has been mishandled. The White House and the Justice Department have flipped from one position to another with little rationale - in law or policy - other than to suit the administration's temporary political convenience….." 5/8/00 "…….This petition is to be filed Tuesday, May 9, with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals by Donato Dalrymple, who rescued Elian Gonzalez from the high seas. Dalrymple is informing that Elian's current attorney, Kendall Coffey, has several conflicts of interest, including the fact he has been a close associate of Janet Reno's for many years and has close ties to the Democratic Party. Dalrymple points out that Coffey has yet to file a motion asking the to court to act on the government's illegal raid of the Gonzalez home. Dalrymple is requesting the court appoint a new lawyer to represent Elian's interests……" 5/8/00 "…….IN THE UNITED STATES 11TH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS CASE NO. 00-11424-DD …….. EMERGENCY FRIEND OF THE COURT PETITION OF DONATO DALRYMPLE COMES NOW, DONATO DALRYMPLE, as friend of the court, and states: STANDING AS FRIEND OF THE COURT …….
1. I was one of two individuals who rescued the plaintiff, Elian Gonzalez, when we found this little boy near death off the coastline of Florida, kept afloat only by a rubber inner tube……..
3. I was in fact in the home of Elian's great uncle Lazaro Gonzalez the night Elian was seized by federal officials. An Associated Press photographer took a number of photographs of the ripping of Elian from my arms at the point of a machine gun.
4. Therefore, I not only saved this boy. I was also the last person to have physical custody of him, in a unique sense, before the government took him, screaming in terror, from me. He did not want to go.
5. I am not a lawyer. I clean other people's houses for a living. I don't fully understand what "standing" means, but it seems to me that if anyone has "standing" to point out some facts to this court that you have no other way of knowing and that might help redress a terrible wrong, then I am the one to do it.
6. I saved the boy once; I'm here before you to save him again. Here are some facts of which you are not aware….."

Chicago Tribune 5/7/00 Mike Dorning "……High-octane Washington attorney Gregory Craig has made a few comments and passed out a few photos; a psychiatrist and a social worker come and go; a few carefully screened visitors pass the checkpoint and proceed sedately up the sweeping drive to Carmichael Farm, a privately owned property adjacent to the Aspen Institute's Wye River Plantation. ……. Sedate, discreet, screened and protected all describe Elian's enclave on the bucolic Eastern Shore of Maryland. The word moneyed also comes to mind. Nestled in an area long favored by East Coast blue bloods, waterfront estates like this cost millions. ……. After life behind the chain-link fence separating him from 24-hour crowds of demonstrators, news media and onlookers in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, the 6-year-old international celebrity now is screened from public view by an expanse of evergreen trees. Elian sightings stopped two weeks ago with the freeze-frame of INS agents bundling the child into a van on the morning they snatched him from his Miami relatives. ……" 5/8/00 John LeBoutillier "…… By now you have read the reports that a Cuban doctor dispatched by Fidel Castro to visit the Gonzalez family at the Wye River Plantation was stopped by U.S. Customs officials because he was carrying prescription drugs and is not licensed to practice medicine in the United States. …….. Two drugs of a nefarious and worrisome nature were confiscated. They were both extremely strong tranquilizers. …..The obvious question is to whom were these drugs going to be given? …… It seems logical that Castro dispatched this modern-day Dr. Mengele to Maryland to drug up little Elian to convince the boy that he no longer wants to stay in the United States. ……… Similarly they have now set up a mini-Cuban Mission at the Wye River Plantation. (A great line from a hilarious Tony Kornhiser column: "The Wye River Plantation is like no other plantation Juan Miguel has ever been to!") ……… While the American people are denied even a peep at this boy and his reunited family, these Cuban Gestapo agents are driving to and fro all over Maryland, all the while in direct cellular phone contact with Fidel himself. ….." 5/8/00 John LeBoutillier "…… Then on Saturday night a most unusual occurrence: a motorcade carries this Cuban family into Georgetown to the private mansion of a hugely rich Democrat, Smith Bagley, a longtime liberal fund-raiser. Greg Craig, formerly of Teddy Kennedy's staff, was in attendance. ………. Can't you see Juan Miguel and his wife as they perused the lavish furniture and artwork in the Bagley residence? Can you imagine the conversation between these two humble Cuban peasants who live in a two-room house in Cardenas so filthy that fish live in the gutter that runs in front of their front door. What must they think when they see the bathrooms in a Georgetown house? Flush toilets, hot and cold water and clean towels. In the Gonzalez homestead the bathroom consists of two holes in the floor. All the ostentation at Wye and now at the Bagley residence could have an effect on Juan Miguel, no? Could this be why the doctor rushed to the states with a little black bag crammed with drugs designed to put someone into a stupor? ......"

Miami Herald 5/8/00 Jay Weaver and Andres Viglucci "…… The influential lawyer for Elian Gonzalez's father paints pastoral pictures of the boy with his dad at the private Wye Plantation, set along a river flowing into Maryland's Chesapeake Bay. The apparently warm reunion, as depicted in photos and words by Washington, D.C., lawyer Gregory Craig, just might sway a federal appeals court to pave the way for their return to Cuba in a matter of weeks. Then again, it might not………. "

Miami Herald 5/8/00 Jay Weaver and Andres Viglucci "……And under most scenarios, the case could keep churning through the courts for weeks, if not months, to come. ……Among the possibilities, the experts say: …….. The court could simply dismiss the claims by Elian's Miami relatives, who are pursuing a chancy quest for political asylum for the 6-year-old boy over the objections of his father and the INS. Some experts contend that the reunification of Elian and his father, given common sense and the great legal weight of parental rights under U.S. law, dictates a dismissal. …….. If determined to carve out new legal principles on children's rights to asylum, the court could order the INS to hear a petition filed by Elian's relatives. The order would not guarantee asylum, which the experts say remains a long shot for Elian. ... The court could adopt other, less clear-cut options -- establishing Elian's right to request asylum, for instance, while ordering the appointment of an independent guardian to determine whether doing so is in the boy's best interest….."

AP 5/8/00 Russ Bynum "…….The frenzy surrounding Elian Gonzalez is expected to take a decidedly dry turn this week as the international custody case goes before the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. A three-judge panel is being asked to decide whether the 6-year-old Cuban boy should receive a political asylum hearing. …….. "There's no jury so there's no playing of the violin, there's nobody to make cry," Freer said. "That doesn't mean there's no emotional appeal sometimes, but this is all about what the law is." …… The judges are under no deadline for ruling in the legal battle that has pitted the boy's Miami relatives against his Cuban father and the U.S. government. The 136-seat courtroom is expected to be filled anyway. ………. The government has agreed to give five of its allotted 20 minutes to Gregory Craig, the lawyer for Juan Miguel Gonzalez, to argue that the father should be able to represent Elian if an asylum hearing is granted. The remaining 15 minutes will be used by government lawyers arguing that the 6-year-old is too young to apply for asylum without an adult acting in his best interest, and that that adult is his father, not his Miami relatives……… While the hearing is expected to take only 40 minutes, a ruling could take several weeks. But Freer said the case is on an "expedited appeal track" and an opinion is likely sooner rather than later. ……."

AP - Boston Globe 5/8/00 "……Sen. Bob Smith has strongly suggested that Elian Gonzalez is being drugged as part of an indoctrination effort and called the compound where he is being held ''a concentration camp.'' The New Hampshire Republican said the boy is being ''re-educated'' by other Cubans in preparation for an asylum hearing Thursday. ……….. ''Right now, this little boy is in a concentration camp on American soil,'' Smith said Sunday at meeting with about 30 supporters. ''It's surrounded by Communists. He's got his Communist playmates there so they can re-indoctrinate him. And he's not going to be with his father for long when he gets back to Cuba. He's going to one of those Cuban schools where he learns to be a good little soldier of the revolution.'' ………. ''They've already found tranquilizer drugs with the doctors. I think you can reasonably assume that on May 11 the little kid is going to come say 'I want to go back to Cuba,''' Smith said. …….. "

The Union Leader 5/8/00 Jody Reese "…….Even in his new position of authority as chairman of the politically important Environmental and Public Works Committee, Sen. Bob Smith hasn't toned down his politics. ……… Smith also said Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, had known about his son's trip to the United States, and had asked the Miami relatives to take care of his son until he could come to the United States to live. "The father didn't want him back. He had planned on coming here," Smith said. …… Smith afterward said he based this comment on information he received from Elian's Miami relatives. He said Elian's father "made no mention of having his boy come home" when Miami doctors contacted the family after the boy arrived here last November. "Fidel Castro was the first one to ask to have the boy come back," Smith said. ……… Smith added that Juan Miguel Gonzalez' father "called Miami to tell the relatives that they had left Cuba and 'we're heading to America.' . . . That came from Juan Miguel's own household . . . " Federal agents on April 22 stormed the Miami home of Elian's relatives, who have been caring for the boy, and returned him to his father. ……."

Miami Herald 5/9/00 Ana Acle "…… The Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez will travel this week to the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta, where they hope to speak to Elian's father during the appeal of the boy's political asylum case. If both sides of the family attend the hearing, it will be their first time in a room together. ….. But the Rev. Joan Brown Campbell said Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, will probably not attend because ``he's not needed there.'' …….. Elian's great-uncle, Delfin Gonzalez, and cousin, Marisleysis Gonzalez, will travel to Atlanta on Wednesday, the day before oral arguments. Great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez and family spokesman Armando Gutierrez will first travel to Jersey City, N.J., today for a Wednesday rally with Alina Fernandez, Fidel Castro's daughter. They would join the other Gonzalezes in Atlanta in time for Thursday's hearing. …….. Fernandez, who left her homeland in 1993 in disguise and with a fake passport, has denounced her father and agreed to speak before congressional hearings to support the notion that Elian should stay in a democratic country. ……"

Tampa Bay Online Network 5/9/00 "……. "First thing, I'd like to learn the language, perfect it, later study and of course ... to play professional baseball," he said. The 20-year-old Cuban college baseball player surfaced in Miami on Monday, two days after he left his teammates at an airport in Minnesota. He said he would apply for political asylum. Cuba's communist government, which generally does not comment on defections, has been silent about Chaoui's announcement. ……. "It was very difficult for me, but I had to do it, because I felt a bit tired and it was a decision to have liberty, to reconcile with my family here," Chaoui said. ……"

Miami Herald 5/9/00 Frances Robles "……For the first time since flying to the nation's capital aboard a U.S. Marshals Service plane two weeks ago, Elian Gonzalez appeared in public over the weekend -- at the home of a Washington, D.C., power broker who opposes the Cuba trade embargo. The boy's presence Saturday at the tony Georgetown home of Smith Bagley, grandson of tobacco magnate R.J. Reynolds and a big-time Democratic donor and fund-raiser, inspired criticism in Miami. ``What's he doing there?'' Spencer Eig, attorney for Elian's Miami relatives, said Monday. ``It doesn't look right.'' ……."

Miami Herald 5/9/00 Frances Robles "……The choice to hold the outing at the Bagleys made sense, the source said. Bagley is a wheeler dealer married to the former U.S. ambassador to Portugal. Elian was hardly his first famed guest: He's hosted Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barbra Streisand and Gen. Colin Powell. Bagley offered $10,000 to Bill Clinton's legal defense fund and is the money behind the Arca Foundation, an organization devoted to more contact and fewer trade restrictions with Cuba. As chairman, Bagley heads what is much like the Cuban American National Foundation of the other side of the Cuba debate. …… Arca's $72 million has offered millions to organizations that sponsor things like university study in Cuba and marine projects. In 1998, it gave $75,000 to the Miami-based Cuban Committee for Democracy, whose chairwoman is Elena Freyre. The group actively argues for a less hardline U.S. posture toward Cuba. Bagley is a former national finance chairman of the Democratic Party. ……."

Miami Herald 5/9/00 Frances Robles "……``Smith Bagley is financier of not the anti-embargo movement, but the pro-Castro movement,' said Jose Cardenas, director of the Cuban American National Foundation's Washington office. ``He's openly hard-core, low-key but very committed. He and his wife are the prototypical power couple -- wanting to impress their similarly minded friends with, `We are so tied in that we can serve up to you Juan Miguel and the little raft boy.' It bugs me.'' ………. "

WorldNetDaily 5/00 Sarah Foster "….Americans who support the right of Elian Gonzalez to be stay in this country will have a chance to take that message to the public next week in a nationwide series of demonstrations that organizers hope will focus public attention on the boy's plight -- and what sending him back to Cuba will actually mean for him. "A grass roots, ad hoc coalition of private individuals," is how Scott Holleran, southern California coordinator for the rallies, described Americans to Keep Elian Free, the sponsoring organization. "It is not affiliated with any religious or political institution or party," he told WorldNetDaily. The demonstrations, he said, will be held at 10:00 a.m., in front of federal buildings in 12 different cities -- including New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco -- on Wednesday, May 10, the day before Elian's asylum hearing is presented before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. ……"

Washington Times 5/9/00 Tom Carter "…..Elian Gonzalez, who may eventually have to go home to Fidel Castro, got a look Saturday night at the fat-cat Georgetown dinner party. A Georgetown dinner party may not be the dream of every 6-year-old visitor to the nation's capital, but Elian and his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, were the honored guests of Smith and Elizabeth Bagley, the tobacco heirs who ordinarily do not seat security guards or hotel clerks with rich lawyers, lobbyists and entrepreneurs at their fashionable table. Elian, unimpressed by the rich folks around him, spent much of the evening in the swimming pool and playing video games……."

Washington Times 5/9/00 Tom Carter "…..The 20 or so guests, who included diplomats and agents from the Cuban Interests Section, supped on smoked salmon, shrimp and fruit. Mr. Craig was said by the Drudge Report, quoting guests, to have "bristled" at suggestions that Elian was paraded past guests who later will be asked for campaign contributions. "Not one dollar changed hands," one of the guests said……. The Bagleys have lobbied for years to end economic sanctions aginst the Castro government. As heirs to the R.J. Reynolds tobacco fortune, the couple also have been major contributors to Democratic Party candidates. They have been frequent guests of Democratic presidents and Mrs. Bagley is a former U.S. ambassador to Portugal……… Since 1994, the Bagley's Washington-based Arca Foundation has worked behind the scenes, giving millions of dollars to organizations and Democratic politicians working to lift sanctions……. "Smith Bagley and the Arca Foundation is the pro-Castro lobby's sugar daddy," says Jose Cardenas, Washington spokesman for the anti-Castro Cuban American National Foundation. "Arca is a walkup window for free checks passed out to any and all comers with an ideological ax to grind against U.S. policy on Cuba."……"

Judicial Watach 5/3/00 "…..True to form, Republicans now have abandoned Elian Gonzalez and will not hold hearings on the unconstitutional raid of his Miami relatives house. This underscores the need for Judicial Watch to pursue its lawsuit against Janet Reno to uncover the real reasons behind the Clinton-Gore Administration's backing of Fidel Castro. Recently, the Court ordered that document production begin. ….."

New York Times 5/3/00 Lizette Alvarez "……..After a barrage of fiery talk critical of the Justice Department's raid to retrieve Elián González, Senate and House Republicans are distancing themselves from the case, no longer sure that hearings are warranted. Descriptions of "jack-booted thugs" and "storm troopers" have been all but muted in the last few days, replaced by a cautious call for answers, maybe even just written ones, from the Justice Department about its decision to send heavily armed agents into a private home. …… While several prominent Republicans, including Senator Trent Lott, the majority leader, still want to publicly delve into the Elián case, many others have come to realize that doing so could be a grand political miscalculation. …… "It could be turned into political theater, and I don't think anyone wants that," said Senator Don Nickles of Oklahoma, the second-ranking Republican in the Senate. He added, "I'd like to get some answers to some questions, but I don't think we need a big show." ……"

New York Times 5/3/00 Edward Wong "….Lawyers for the two parties vying to speak for Elián González in an Atlanta federal court case have filed legal briefs that passionately argue over how the boy's political asylum application should be handled. The documents show that the lawyers are trying to shape the legal battle into a question of which takes priority: keeping Elián with his immediate family, or shielding the boy from a Communist regime. …….. Mr. Craig said that only Juan Miguel González could speak for his son, as the I.N.S. had declared in January when it returned the boy's application to his Miami relatives without reading it. But Elián's great-uncle is asking the court to compel the immigration agency to grant the boy an asylum hearing. The court, which is scheduled to hear oral arguments on May 11, indicated in earlier rulings that the I.N.S. might not have been completely fair in ignoring Elián's application. ……. "It is absurd to assume that if Elián is returned to Cuba, his father will control his life," the lawyers said in their briefs. "Elián will be indoctrinated and incessantly monitored to assure that he does not wander from the revolution's dogma." …….. "

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 5/1/00 Andy Sere "…… The federal government's seizure of Elián Gonzalez has left the (common sense-filled) heads of many conservatives spinning. How could President Bill Clinton and Kidnapper General Janet Reno abuse executive power in such an unchecked, criminal fashion? The Right may never sink so low as to be able to comprehend such malfeasance. ………. One thing we do know: a President Bush (Dubya, that is) would never have allowed such a fiasco to occur on American soil, especially during Easter weekend. George W., if elected into office this November, will drastically alter the face of Clinton's existing government (translation: decriminalize it). A Republican administration would make an extremely palpable difference………. "

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 5/1/00 Andy Sere "…… How would Bush have handled the sticky Elián situation? To provide a full and adequate reply, we must dig deeper than the Oval Office. Upon Inauguration Day, the president completely revamps the personnel of the myriad of federal departments. Also, he often ends up making numerous judicial appointments, which last for life and comprise the whole of the federal government's judicial branch. ……. Clinton's appointments adversely affected Elián's case for freedom. Because Clinton appointee Janet Reno heads the Justice Department, a six-year-old boy now appears destined for Communist Cuba. On the contrary, a Bush attorney general would no doubt have allowed local Florida and district courts to decide the boy's future. The courts themselves, with Bush judges on the bench, would have affirmed Elián's right to due process from the very beginning, avoiding the guns-blazing showdown that occurred on the black morning of April 22......."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 5/1/00 Andy Sere "…… As for himself, President Bush would not have deemed this horrific scene "successful," "necessary," and, most laughably, "the right thing to do:" An armed-to-the-teeth federal marshal, wielding enormous and deadly firearms, finger inches from the trigger, targeting the terrified, lachrymose face of a little boy privately residing in a peaceful, loving, gun-free, law-abiding household at 5:15 in the morning of Holy Saturday……… Comparing the Clinton administration's policies to those of Governor Bush is like comparing Janet Reno to Cindy Crawford - so antithetical as to spur laughter. Name any major current issue, and you're likely to find Clinton and Bush on opposite sides of the fence - and that's a good thing. ……"

Weekly Standard 5/8/00 Christopher Caldwell "…….. Last week, Juan Miguel González filed a motion with the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals asking to be given the sole right to speak for his son Elián. The motion characterized Lázaro González, Juan Miguel's uncle, as an "intruder and uninvited meddler in Elián's life." His Miami relatives, Juan Miguel argued, had subjected Elián to "outrageous treatment." He, by contrast, wanted only the "chance to provide Elián all the love and devotion he deserves." ………. The court shot him down. How could it not? If Lázaro, Elivn's closest relative in the United States, had not "intruded"-especially when Elián's father greeted the news of his son's near-drowning by sitting on his duff 90 miles away and bellowing threats over a state-controlled propaganda network for almost half a yearóElián would have wound up in an orphanage. There is only one thing a civilized man in Juan Miguel's position would say to his uncle in Miami, and that is: Thank you. ……"

Village Voice 5/3/00 Nat Hentoff "…….. Congressman Jerrold Nadler, a loyal Democrat supporting the Reno capturing of Elián, told the April 24 New York Post that attorney general Janet Reno was "clearly dealing with fanatics" in that house. ……… Through the years, I have followed the cases of a number of Castro's political prisoners. One, Armando Valladares, spoke in April at Duke University. In prison for 22 years because he refused to place a card on his desk attesting to his fealty to the government, he told the student newspaper, The Chronicle, of "the urine and excrement from other prisoners the guards dumped on his face while he slept . . . and the fungus that grew on his body up to his eyes." (This was reported in the April 21 Wall Street Journal.) ……. Appearing on Chris Matthews's Hardball (MSNBC-TV), Bonior insisted that Elián must be returned to his father. Matthews asked him if Bonior's commitment to a father's rights would extend to a father under the Third Reich who wanted his son back in Germany. Bonior said his position would be the same. ……..Omitted from most of the discussions I've heard-including comments by friends of mine who fiercely opposed Stalin, Franco, and now rail against the butchers of Beijing's Tiananmen Square-is the ultimate fate of this six-year-old boy. On April 18, The New York Times reported that Elián would eventually live in a state-owned house which would also function as a school for Elián and "12 classmates, relatives, doctors, and psychologists." The boy, said a Cuban psychologist, needs time to "readjust." George Orwell wrote a book about that kind of state-controlled "readjustment." It's titled 1984. But even if Elián were to be placed in a regular Cuban school, he would be under the constant eye of Big Brother. Article 5 of Cuba's Law No. 16 of the "Children and Youth Code" mandates that "all adults who come in contact with the child set an example and help mold the child's 'communist personality.' " Article 8 "protects the child from influences contrary to communist development." ….."

Newsmax 5/1/00 Stephan Archer "……Since the Communist Revolution in 1959, Fidel Castro has attempted to portray his nation as a model of "socialism in one country." In creating his socialist paradise, Castro has developed one of the most repressive regimes in the Western Hemisphere, if not the world. Like many old-style Soviet satellite nations, the Cuban regime has been ruthless in persecuting religious communities. One community that has been singled out - to the point they have almost become extinct in Cuba - is the Jewish community there. ..."

5/1/00 State Department Freeper Bronco Buster "….. This report represents portions of two different sections of the Annual State Department "1999 Global Terrorism" Report concerning Cuba, cut and pasted together, with other countries clipped out. ……U.S. Policy Tenets
Our policy has four main elements:
First, make no concessions to terrorists and strike no deals.
Second, bring terrorists to justice for their crimes.
Third, isolate and apply pressure on states that sponsor terrorism to force them to change their behavior.
Fourth, bolster the counterterrorist capabilities of those countries that work with the United States and require assistance.
The U.S. Government uses two primary legislative tools--the designations of state sponsors and of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs)--as well as bilateral and multilateral efforts to implement these tenets…….. State Sponsors
After extensive research and intelligence analysis, the Department of State designates certain states as sponsors of terrorism in order to enlist a series of sanctions against them for providing support for international terrorism. ……
Through these sanctions, the United States seeks to isolate states from the international community, which condemns and rejects the use of terror as a legitimate political tool. This year the Department of State has redesignated the same seven states that have been on the list since 1993: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. ……"

The American Spectator 5/1/00 "…… Transcript of remarks made by Bill Clinton on April 29 at a White House correspondents dinner at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C.
Clinton: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen; President Page; President-elect Dillon; distinguished guests. I am really happy to be here. Happy to be reunited at long last with the White House Press Corps. (Laughter.) If I may, let me direct your attention to a photograph. (Laughter.) Taken just moments ago, it proves beyond a doubt that I am indeed happy to be here. (Laughter.) Now, wait a minute. It seems that my hair in that photo -- (laughter) -- is a little longer than it is tonight. (Applause.) So maybe I am happy to be here and maybe I'm not. Feel free to speculate. (Laughter.) Admittedly, looks and photos can be deceiving. Now, look at this photo. It's a recent one of the Vice-President applauding one of my policy initiatives. (Laughter.) But look a little closer. Those are not his real hands. (Laughter.) ……."

Stratfor 4/26/00 "…… What is extraordinary about Fidel Castro is that he is here at all. More than 40 years after coming to power, he survives. He survives in the face of the unremitting hostility of a superpower only 90 miles away. He survives in spite of these facts: his main patron, the Soviet Union, has disappeared, his ideology, Marxist-Leninism, is discredited, and his economy is in shambles. Despite the fact that an extraordinary number of ordinary citizens prefer to chance death at sea rather than remain in his nation, Fidel survives. …….. From the beginning, Castro has shown an extraordinary understanding of how to shape public opinion. It is difficult to think of any world leader, let alone the leader of a minor Third World country, who has been more successful not only at drawing attention to himself, but in generating a positive global image. His 1953 attack on the army barracks at Moncada led only to his arrest and trial; but his "History Will Absolve Me" speech at the trial sparked a movement. Even today, in the face of failure, human rights violations and isolation, he continues to generate support and admiration. ….."

New York Times 4/26/00 Elisabeth Bumiller "….. Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani said yesterday that he would not apologize for describing the federal agents who seized Elián González as "storm troopers," adding that it was "an appropriate criticism" directed not at the agents but at President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno. "I'm not going to back down from it," Mr. Giuliani said during a news conference at Shea Stadium. "I've been involved in law enforcement for a very long time. I've never seen a situation in which a 6-year-old was removed in that way." But Mr. Giuliani said that the term "was not intended as a criticism of the particular law enforcement officers carrying out the mission." "I understand the realities of law enforcement and who makes the decisions," he added. "Probably understand that better than most people. It was meant clearly as a criticism, and a direct one, of Attorney General Reno and Bill Clinton." ….."

The New York Times 4/25/00 Jim Chamberlain "……. Re "Raid in Miami Opens New Front in Struggle Over the Cuban Boy" (front page, April 24): Without putting a finger on the trigger, the administration has just shot its gun-control agenda in the foot. If the raid on the home of Elián's relatives in Miami was carried out with excessive force, then the supposed paranoia of those who arm themselves in case of tyranny begins to look more like realism. ….."

National Review Online 4/26/00 Dr Barbara Lerner "….. Elián and Marisleysis bonded - until Janet Reno stepped in. Are you a little queasy about how 6-year-old Elián González might be feeling right now? Not to worry, the Clinton Justice Department tells us. At the moment of his reunification with Juan Miguel, Elián "wrapped his arms around his father" and "looked very happy." Believe that? I do, and you should too. ……..Because if masked, helmeted strangers with machine guns broke into your house before dawn, dragged you, screaming in terror from the arms of your loved ones, threw a blanket over your head, and hustled you, in a cloud of tear gas, into a van that took you to a helicopter that took you to a plane where new strangers flew you to another city (Atlanta) where more strangers flew you to a military base on the outskirts of a third strange city (Washington), you'd be relieved to see a familiar face in the last place too. Any familiar face. Any familiar anything. ……. The unknown can be terrifying; for sheer panic-inducing power, unavoidable confrontation with it can push any of us - adults as well as children - off the cliff of sanity, into a limitless abyss, where we fall forever; helpless, dizzy, and nauseated, spiraling ever downward at ever increasing speeds. In that sick state, the sight or sound or smell of a familiar anything would give any of us a great, gut-untwisting sense of relief, and relief is a kind of happiness. Freud thought it was the primary kind, and I think it's what Elián felt, when he saw his father at Andrews Air Force Base on Easter Sunday. Color him happy. Happy, but scarred. Permanently scarred. That's my professional judgment, but it's not exactly the consensus view of my fellow pediatricians, family counselors and other new-age "healers," experts, and specialists who have been parading across our television screens, ever since the Clinton-Reno Justice Department "reunited Elián with his father." ……..

National Review Online 4/26/00 Dr Barbara Lerner "….. I've been watching Elián on television ever since he came to this country, watching intently as he interacted with his Uncle Lazaro and a host of other relatives and friends in Miami, and with Diane Sawyer and her psychiatrist-translator in his one much-criticized television interview, and I think the single most vivid and striking thing about this boy is the intensity of his attachment to the 21-year-old woman he calls "Mari," his cousin, Marisleysis González. ……I base that conclusion, not on his words or hers or anyone else's, but on Elián's body language, the one thing few adults and no small child can fake, the true window to his soul. With everyone else, Elián is sometimes passive and obedient, sometimes playful and oppositional, but always, always, a very separate little being. With his Mari, he is something else again. Whenever he is with her, his movements are perfectly synchronized with hers; they flow together to form a unity, and the love between them is palpable to anyone who can break free of abstractions and look, really look, for even a moment, at one very concrete and particular 6-year-old boy. ….."

Amnesty International 7/97 "……. On 13 July 1994 at least 35 men, women and children were lost at sea when the vessel on which they and others were attempting to flee Cuba sank some seven miles out from Havana. The 31 survivors were eventually picked up by coast guards and taken to shore where the 20 male survivors were detained. Several of the survivors allege that their vessel sank after it had been pursued and assaulted by three other vessels, apparently acting under official instructions, and that those on board were given no opportunity to surrender. The Cuban Government denied any responsibility for the sinking of the tugboat or for the loss of life, alleging that it was an accident caused by the irresponsible actions of those on board. However, Amnesty International has received compelling evidence, including eyewitness testimony from several of the survivors, indicating that those on board the three pursuing vessels employed excessive force disproportionate to the actual situation and seemed to be taking orders from a fourth vessel. They allege that their pursuers deliberately rammed the "13 de Marzo" and undertook other aggressive actions which deliberately put at risk the lives of those on board, none of whom, from the information so far available, even from government sources, were armed or in a position to seriously resist capture. If this was the case, Amnesty International believes that those who perished in the incident were the victims of extrajudicial execution. ……"

NY Times 4/28/00 Randal Archibald "……..His classmates blow kisses into the camera and promise hearty hugs when he returns. His relatives clown for the camera, with one donning a wig to the delighted squeals of the clan. Two cousins splash about in a swimming pool, show off karate moves -- in slow motion as dreamy violins play -- and romp with three puppies in an idyllic park that could be in, well, Miami. But it is not. It is Cuba, and it is a home video, shot in and around his hometown, Cárdenas, and sent to Elián González in Maryland as a sort of letter from home. The ostensible reason is to counteract any homesickness Elián may feel as he and his father await court rulings to determine whether the boy should remain in the United States as is the wish of Miami relatives who had cared for the boy after his shipwreck last November. ….But the indisputable message for Elián -- and perhaps Cubans who saw excerpts of the 41-minute video last night and this morning on television -- is that, whatever impressions they may have of Miami, life is good here, too. The video is part of the propaganda campaign President Fidel Castro has waged almost since the inception of the case. ……."

Worldnet Daily 5/6/00 Alan Keys "…..Increasingly, I wonder if there are any outrages that would be sufficiently ominous in their effects upon liberty and unequivocal in their moral perversity to awaken the American people to the tyrannical spirit that envelopes the Clinton White House……. A nation simply incapable of reading the signs of the times will not remain free. But what are we to make of a people that can stomach the Clinton administration's Gestapo raid and jackbooted kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez? I think that national complacency about the Elian seizure may mean that we are entering the final stages of our national surrender of the burdens of liberty. …… The settlement of disputes by the simple use of force, before the gentle methods of reason and persuasion are exhausted, is emblematic of barbarism. Janet Reno grew tired of such civilized methods at Waco and she -- and her boss -- clearly did so again in Florida this Easter weekend. The brief flare-ups of violence that resulted in each case should be warning flags to us of what it will be like when the Clintonites finally grow tired of pretending to accept the norms of free government and bold enough to explore more fully the barbaric alternatives open to them. Bill Clinton himself may be no longer holding power when this happens but he and his allies have been training a new breed of politician and truly now the young barbarians, the new totalitarians, are among us……."

Worldnet Daily 5/6/00 Alan Keys "…... The Clinton administration's complete disregard for this real significance of the Elian case is just one more indication of its refusal to acknowledge basic moral reality. Its contempt for the resolve of the Cuban exile community to keep Elian in freedom speaks volumes....... The Elian episode involves many questions that ought to be close to the heart of the American people. It is reminiscent of the days when slaves escaped from the Southern slave states and people had to choose whether to act to keep in liberty those who had escaped or cooperate in returning them back into slavery. The competing claims of authority and liberty -- when they are rightly articulated and understood -- have always been close to the heart of the American people. That competition can only be truly resolved by remembering the principle of human dignity which must govern both authority and liberty. ……. Even though many at the time of slavery did not see it as clearly as they might, the decision of how to treat the escaped slave inevitably involved also an examination of the fundamental basis for the liberty of all Americans. Dismissing the claim to freedom of the escaped slave was close indeed to dismissing the white man's own claim to liberty and self-government, as the Republic eventually came to understand at the cost of much blood......."

Miami Harold 5/6/00 Carol Rosenberg "…..The female federal agent who carried Elian Gonzalez out of his great-uncle's Little Havana home during last month's government raid has received multiple death threats and is now getting special protection, a U.S. government official said Friday. The official said authorities had analyzed multiple threats against Betty A. Mills, 33, and had found them to be credible. The official declined to describe the nature of the protection assigned to Mills. ……… Federal authorities have for the most part shielded the identities of agents who took part in the raid. Authorities, for example, have repeatedly refused to name the agent whose image was captured inside Lazaro Gonzalez's bedroom pointing a submachine gun in the general direction of Elian and Donato Dalrymple, who stood partly in a closet at the time of the raid. They have even refused to give a generic description of the agent's background, except to say that he was extremely experienced and well trained for such scenarios…….."

Insight Magazine 5/5/00 J. Michael Waller and Jamie Dettmer "……A study of photographs of the April 14 attack on demonstrators supporting Elian Gonzalez reveals the identities of the Cuban "diplomats" who barged out of their compound in downtown Washington and took part in the unprovoked assault. ......... Two weeks ago, news alert! cited U.S. Secret Service and Washington Metropolitan Police Department reports about how the Cuban officials planned and carried out the beatings of men and women who had gathered outside the Cuban Interests Section at the Swiss Embassy in downtown Washington (see "Cuban Diplomats Fight 'Hand-to-Hand Combat' Against Demonstrators," Insight Webwire, April 21). News alert! since has learned the identities of the Cuban officials involved in the unprovoked assault…… Some of the victims have filed formal complaints with police. Not all the Cuban officials were photographed in the acts of assault and battery, and some may not have laid hands on the protesters….. As accredited "diplomats," the Cubans are immune from criminal prosecution. …."

Associated Press 5/4/00 "……A House Appropriations subcommittee voted to lift sanctions on sales of food and medicine to Cuba, rekindling a thorny political issue for Republicans in Florida…..But the legislation's chances for final passage could be complicated by the furor over Elian Gonzalez, the 6-year-old boy that the Clinton administration is seeking to return to his father in Cuba over the objections of his American relatives. ……."


Conservative News 5/5/00 Jim Burns "……With the Elian Gonzalez case thrusting Cuba into the national consciousness, a House committee has seized the opportunity to push a bill that's been in the hopper for a while - a bill with shades of the Cold War era. On Thursday, the House International Relations Committee Thursday approved a measure to cut off debt reduction programs to Russia unless Russia shuts down its listening post in Cuba. Committee members agree that Cuba is using the listening post to eavesdrop on US communications. The measure includes a waiver that would allow the President to resume debt reduction programs to Russia if he deems them to be in the best interests of the United States. ……. During debate, the committee's ranking Democrat, Sam Gedjdenson (D-CT), said the United States should not penalize other nations for their espionage activities when the United States maintains several listening posts around the world. ……."

Yahoo (Reuters) 5/5/00 Lisa Baertlein "…….As Miami's city fathers stumble from crisis to crisis in the Elian Gonzalez saga, residents are showing their contempt by dumping enough bananas on City Hall's steps to start a small fruit-growing republic. Critics of Mayor Joe Carollo and his administration are strewing bananas singly, by the bunch and by the crate-load on the grounds of Miami's Art Deco City Hall. Messages are carved into some, others are ready for eating. Just in case they had missed the point, City Hall staff arrived for work one day to find the building draped with a yellow banner reading ``The Banana Republic of Miami''. …….. The protest campaign was precipitated by Carollo's actions after the custody battle over the 6-year-old Cuban castaway Elian, but draws on a long history of torrid and often corrupt city politics. Carollo was outraged that Police Chief William O'Brien kept him in the dark about the April 22 raid in which government agents plucked Elian from the home of defiant relatives in Miami. Unable to directly fire O'Brien, Carollo last week fired City Manager Donald Warshaw instead -- the man with the authority to ax the police chief. O'Brien then resigned. ……"

AP 5/5/00 Philip Brasher "……. Farm groups that want to sell food to Cuba have initiated a new battle in Congress over weakening the four-decades-old U.S. economic embargo on the island nation. A House Appropriations Committee subcommittee approved legislation Thursday that would permit exports of food and medicine to Cuba so long as they are not subsidized by the federal government. The measure, which was attached to an annual appropriations bill for the Agriculture Department, also would prohibit the president from including food and medicine in future embargoes of other countries without congressional approval. The measure was approved on a voice vote. Senators who oppose the embargo said they hope to attach the Cuba measure to the Senate's version of the USDA spending bill. The Senate overwhelmingly approved a similar Cuba measure last year, but it was later killed after Cuban-American critics of Cuban President Fidel Castro prevailed on House Republican leaders. ……"

Miami Herald 5/4/00 Jay Weaver "…..Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives have filed notice that they will appeal a family court decision saying the boy's great-uncle is too distant a relative to sue for custody in Florida. The court's ruling supports arguments made in federal court by both Elian's father and the U.S. government that Lazaro Gonzalez has no standing to represent the boy in his suit seeking a political asylum claim. The notice of appeal was filed Monday. But the actual papers aiming to overturn the family court decision will not be filed until after the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hears oral arguments in the federal case next Thursday. That delay will allow the Miami relatives' attorneys to argue that the state court ruling is not resolved. ``We're appealing all of the issues in the order,'' Laura Fabar, an attorney for the Gonzalez family in Miami, said Wednesday. She declined to elaborate on the grounds for appeal. ……"

Jewish World Review 5/2/00 Debbie Schlussel "…..In his conduct as the attorney of Juan Miguel Gonzalez (Elian's father), Craig --- a member of the District of Columbia Bar and a partner at the Williams & Connolly law firm-- violated multiple canons in the Rules of Professional Conduct governing attorneys in the District. ………. Rules 1.7 through 1.9, governing conflicts of interest, clearly state that a lawyer may not engage in the kind of representation that Craig is engaging in, here. "A lawyer who has formerly represented a client in a matter shall not thereafter represent another person in the same or a substantially related matter in which that person's interests are materially adverse to the interests of the former client. . . ." ……. Craig was Bill Clinton's personal attorney in the Lewinsky/Impeachment matter. The same Bill Clinton who wants to open up trade to Cuba. And this little fly, called Elian, is in the ointment. Craig was also a director of policy planning to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, one of the top positions setting foreign policy at the State Department. The foreign policy at the same State Department that's crawling with Castrophile bureaucrats who'd love to open trade with Cuba while its people suffer in tyranny. Craig also serves on the board of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The same Carnegie Endowment that wants to end the embargo with Cuba, so that its wealthy, elitist members, like Craig, might freely smoke a Cuban cigar. ……So does Greg Craig have a conflict of interest in representing anyone but Castro in this whole Elian saga? Ya think! What if Juan Miguel really wants to defect? Does anyone really think Craig would do what was in his client's best interest to make that happen? A poor Cuban guy versus the leader of the free, capitalist world and the leader of the captive cigar world. Hmmm. . . Which side do you think Craig is picking? He's got no business representing anyone in this case……."

NewsMax 5/5/00 Jack Thompson "……..Ten days ago Andrew Napolitano, former New Jersey State Supreme Court Justice and constitutional law professor at Seton Hall, penned an article for The Wall Street Journal makingthis point: The government raid seizing Elian Gonzalez was built upon "a tissue of lies." Its illegality provided a basis to challenge its results in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on May 11. Judge Napolitano also indicated that respected Miami lawyer Richard Sharpstein (whom he mentioned and quoted by name) had just been brought onto Elian's legal team to do just that. has reported in the last week that once it became clear to Kendall Coffey, head of the legal team, that the focus would be and had to be Reno's illegal acts and that his political benefactor, Reno, would be embarrassed by the arguments, with substantial fall-out in the Democratic circles in which Coffey travels, Sharpstein was told that his lengthy brief, which was already prepared, would not be filed. Sharpstein's rebuke by Coffey prompted this writer to write Coffey a letter that was also provided to our readers at this news site, which prompted a face-to-face meeting Wednesday between this writer and Armando Gutierrez, spokesman for the Miami relatives and close friend of Kendall Coffey. The meeting was not exactly a love-fest. As this writer entered the room to meet him, Gutierrrez wheeled in his chair, before introductions could be made ,and said: "You have written a letter very disrespectful of Mr. Coffey." I said, "Nice to meet you. What in the letter is false?" ……" 5/5/00 Dan Frisa "……The shock-troop tactics of the Clintons, in their armed raid on a Miami home, provide an apt opportunity for a renewed look at the Second Amendment - in a present-day, real-life context…… But now let's review the actual, horrible reality which was recently displayed for all the world to see: dozens of Clinton-armed combat troops, brandishing loaded, automatic weapons, breaking down doors and forcibly removing a child from his family! Though surreal by its very nature, this inexcusable abuse actually did occur, during Easter weekend, in full view of the world, in spite of a ruling by the United States Court of Appeals granting full due process rights to Elian. This is what happens when the rule of law is trampled by an out-of-control government, and this is what we are all subject to when those in power literally deem themselves above the law. …….. What are law-abiding citizens to think when the unthinkable happens? Where do we turn when our courts and our sacred rights are trampled? ……. It may well be time to give a second look to our Second Amendment and to ponder once again the wisdom of our founding fathers, who knew only too well the threat that an oppressive government posed: "...The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged" Rather than succumb to feel-good double talk, we would all do well to give thoughtful consideration to our own well-being and the guarantees that were intended to protect us - from them. ……" 5/5/00 Carl Limbacher "….. Using his state-run TV news service, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro attacked an advertisement about Elian Gonzalez in Wednesday's New York Times, mistakenly claiming that it was financed by The Cuban American National Foundation. The ads were placed by and underwritten by donations from readers outraged over the mainstream media's biased coverage of the Gonzalez story. ……….. On Thursday, CANF spokeswoman Ninoska Perez told radio station WQBA, 1140 AM, in Miami that Cuban TV news reported the CANF was selling souvenir items, such as the inner tube that saved Elian after his mother drowned in the Florida Straits, on the Internet auction site E-Bay, then using the profits to buy the Times ad. According to an account posted Thursday to the Web site Free, Ninoska played a tape recording of the Cuban TV report for the WQBA audience: "The money that these anti-Castro Miami exiles are making off of E-Bay is being used to pay for the Miami relatives' attorneys and also being used for the ads the CANF has placed in The New York Times," claimed the Cuban reporter. Apparently Castro's investigators used process of elimination to deduce that's Elian ad was paid for by the CANF. ……"

Philadelphia Inquirer 5/5/00 Linda Chavez "……A lot of folks would like the Elian Gonzalez case to go away, but it's not likely to anytime soon. What started out as an issue of one boy's fate has become a serious test case for the rule of law in America. Are the President and the attorney general a law unto themselves? Or must they, too, obey the Constitution, the courts and the laws as written by Congress? …….. Administration officials would like us to believe that their actions in the early morning hours of Easter weekend were not only justified, but compelled by law. Much of the media and the general public seem willing to accept the government's claims at face value. …….The issue of the department's search warrant has received too little scrutiny in the press: Justice Department lawyers obtained the warrant by filing an affidavit claiming that Elian was being "concealed" and "unlawfully restrained" and that the deputy director of the Immigration and Naturalization Service had ordered him arrested because he was "an illegal alien." But these statements misrepresent the facts. According to former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, writing in the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department cited these reasons because "the power that the government invoked to invade the house was that conferred by Congress when contraband or evidence of a crime is being hidden." ……… The Justice Department must have known it was on shaky grounds to obtain a search warrant. Why else would department lawyers have waited to obtain their warrant until after 7 o'clock on the evening of Good Friday, after most judges had gone home for the holidays - including the federal district judge most familiar with the case? ……"

soc.culture.cuba newsgroup 5/4/00 Clara M. Pichardo Freeper Prodigal Daughter "……A copy of a letter sent to Dan Rather by a Cuban-American from Miami came to my attention. I reproduce it here for the benefit of open minds.... It is not surprising to see how ignorant the majority of the American people are regarding world issues and the most elementary principles of democracy and human rights. Perhaps they are better informed about the rights of elephants, lobsters, whales, etc. But how can you blame them, if the ones that are supposed to enlighten them are narrow minded, ignorant, and misinformed themselves? ………Has anyone told you, Mr. Rather, that when Fidel Castro took power, 41 years ago, he changed the constitution, and it is now the State (Communist Party), not the parents, who have custody of children as the American public seem to think? ...... What is this I hear over and over that a six-year-old child does not know what he wants and has no right to decide where he wants to be? Since when is the law so clear to stipulate that only the parents can make decisions for minor children? Isn't this the same country (and I believe the only country in the world) where children divorce their parents? Isn't this the same country where the child can accuse a parent of abuse and be removed immediately to a foster home? "

soc.culture.cuba newsgroup 5/4/00 Clara M. Pichardo Freeper Prodigal Daughter "…………….Since you seem so suddenly moved by Elian's father's cause, let me ask you Mr. Rather, have you ever reported about the thousands of Cuban children who were sent by their parents to the U.S. in search of freedom to avoid the risk of having them indoctrinated in the worst of ideologies that is Communism? ……. Have you, Mr. Rather, ever informed the American public about the thousands of children, whose parents have come to Miami seeking freedom to build a better life, whose children are being detained by the Cuban Government as punishment for difference of ideology? ……… Have you, Mr. Rather, ever interviewed the relatives, or told the American public about the tug boat "13 de Marzo" which was sank by the Cuban patrol boats (under the same man now claiming for the unity of family) and drowned 23 children, whose bodies still remain in the bottom of the blood stained Cuban waters, since the Government, the same government who now claims Elian as a hostage of the "Cuban Mafia," has refused to dig out the remains and return to the surviving relatives to have a dignified burial. ……….. While criticizing the Cuban relatives for what you call "exploiting the image of Elian in a video", why didn't you ask Juan Miguel about the Two Million Dollar stage built by the Cuban Government to greet Elian when he is handed to the Cuban Government as a trophy for their victory against the Imperialist Yankees? ……….. Have you ever taken the time to listen to the rallies staged by Fidel Castro, where children are exploited to the extent that they are told to scream hysterical slogans full of hatred towards the United States? ……. Why are you and your colleagues now so interested in this story,when,for 41 years you have ignored the calls for freedom from the Cuban people,in and out of the island? …….. Where have you been, Mr. Rather, while thousands of dissidents are jailed, degraded and tortured every day for talking about freedom of expression and demanding the right to a democratic government? What happened to their children? Have you ever talked to the American public about their plight? ………… Did you ask Juan Miguel, if the freedom he is talking about, (e.g. free medicine, education, etc.) conform to the reality of what freedom is all about? Has anybody ever told you that while there are state-of-the-art clinics for foreigners with dollars, the Cuban citizen has to take his own bedding, water and towels to check into a hospital before receiving treatment? ……."

WND 5/5/00 David Bresnahan "…….Was atheist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro inspired to make a secret deal to repatriate 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez based on a fanatical belief in a Santeria prophecy? That's the story being told by WorldNetDaily sources including a foreign intelligence analyst and a respected syndicated columnist. When word of Elian's rescue was first made known in Cuba, it spread quickly among the Santeros -- followers of the polytheistic Caribbean religion Santeria. The story that was being told was so frightening to Castro that he reportedly became obsessed with his quest to bring Elian back to Cuba. …….. The Santeros told a story about a young boy who survived alone in the ocean for 48 hours, was not sunburned by the ordeal, and was saved from sharks by dolphins that played with him. Surely this must be the prophesied reincarnation of the El Egua, went the cry throughout the Catholic and Santeros communities. ……..The Santeria religion quickly issued the prediction that Elian was the divine El Egua -- one of a number of forms of the Christ child. The prophecy claimed that if El Egua remained in exile, Castro would fall from power, but if El Egua returned to Cuba, Castro would continue to rule. ……."

WND 5/5/00 David Bresnahan "…….Guillermo Cabrera Infante, a Cuban author living in exile in London, is a respected columnist for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. In a recent column, he confirmed that Castro is obsessed with bringing Elian back to Cuba because of the predictions of the Santeria. ...... "Soon after these predictions became known, Mr. Castro began his speeches, roaring threateningly, as he always does," said Infante. He made it clear that, for Castro, the "prophecies of the Santeros are becoming increasingly gloomy: Without the Child, there will be no Castro." ...... Whether he is El Egua or just Elian Gonzalez, it was indeed a miracle he was found alive. Strapped to an inner tube by his mother before she gave her life in the effort to find freedom, little Elian became a threat, perceived or real, to a powerful communist dictator. ……Within days of Elian's rescue, Castro was making demands for his return and canceled an historic visit to give a speech at the University of Washington during the World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle. ….."

The Wall Street Journal 5/5/00 Armando Valladares "……..I was in solitary confinement in Fidel Castro's tropical gulag -- where I spent 22 years for refusing to pledge allegiance to the Communist regime -- when I heard a child's voice whimpering. "Get me out of here! Get me out of here! I want to see my mommy!" I thought my senses were failing me. I could not believe that they had imprisoned a child in those dungeons. Later on, I learned the story of Robertico. ………. He was 12 years old when they arrested him. A captain in the political police had left his gun in his open car. When he returned to the car he saw the child playing with it. He slapped Robertico and took him into custody. The child was sent to an adult prison in Havana, where he was condemned to spend the rest of his youth. He would not be released until he reached the age of 18. ……."

Miami New Times 5/4/00 Bob Norman "……..Donato Dalrymple calls Elian Gonzalez his spiritual son. The Lauderhill man plans to play an ongoing role in the six year-old's life, even if the boy is returned to Cuba. After all, Dalrymple says, God selected him as a savior. "God led me to him. God helped me take him out of the water, and it was God that chose me to fight Fidel Castro for this little boy," Dalrymple said recently, upon returning to his home after six days in Washington, D.C. "God has a plan for me and I love the kid. I know he has a father, but that doesn't mean that he can't have somebody else. There is a bond between me and Elian that I think Juan Miguel will understand." Dalrymple regularly refers to himself as Elian's savior, rarely his rescuer. Heroic is another word he uses when describing how he plucked the boy from the sea on Thanksgiving morning and attempted to protect him from heavily armed federal agents the morning before Easter. ………" 5/4/00 Carl Limbacher "…….The Clinton administration used less force to take back the island of Vieques from Puerto Rican protesters that it did when it abducted six-year-old Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez at gunpoint. That's the contention of former Reagan administration national security aide Oliver North, who now co-hosts CNBC's "Equal Time." Thursday night North complained, "At 5 am in the morning when (Janet Reno) kicked in the door at a house in Miami, Florida, she brought 103 federal law officers who brought automatic weapons with them. "When she did the operation this morning in Vieques they used almost 250 federal officers -- but not a single weapon -- to round up 202 human beings. There was not a gun in the place, there were no arms in the place in Little Havana. And all you had were children and lawyers and one other adult." ……….. Thursday morning, NBC's "Today Show" reported that U.S. marshals, which comprised part of the contingent of federal forces on the scene in Vieques, were indeed armed, but kept their weapons concealed in order to keep the protesters' eviction as peaceful as possible. Other federal forces carried no arms whatsoever, the network reported. ……"

Orlando Sentinel 4/26/00 Myriam Marquez "……..Father and son are together again. Despite rantings on both sides in the Elian Gonzalez saga, no one wanted to keep father and son apart. Many people, though, want to save the 6-year-old boy from a terrorist regime. Nevertheless, the courts likely will rule in favor of Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez. Unless he seeks political asylum, he'll return to Cuba with Elian and the entourage of teachers, little friends and government psychiatrists (a.k.a. mind-control goons). Case closed. Might as well include the Skipper and Mary Ann in Castro's propaganda script. ……. Except Cuba isn't Gilligan's Island - no matter how foolish the old comandante looked recently, wearing sneakers with his olive military garb during May Day festivities to honor Cuban workers. Fidel Castro's dictatorship is neither benign nor funny - no matter how much some American businesses would like the U.S. government to view it that way and lift the embargo against Cuba. Once again, Cuba ranks among the world's worst human-rights violators. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights said so last month. ….."

Miami Herald 5/5/00 Frances Robles "……..At least two dozen Cuban diplomats, their spouses, kids and aides have logged visits to Elian Gonzalez since he moved with his dad to a rural Maryland plantation last week. Records obtained by The Herald show 10 Cuban government officials -- including some of the country's highest ranking officers -- accompanied Elian and his father Juan Miguel to the Wye River Plantation the day they moved there. Subsequent excursions by more than 10 others were reported to the U.S. State Department, which said that at least two Interests Section officers visit daily. ……. On Saturday, eight children of Cuban diplomats visited Elian, along with the Interests Section's chief, Fernando Remirez. On Sunday, another diplomat brought two daughters and another friend. The visits have angered the Miami relatives of Elian, who say they believe the Cubans are engaged in brainwashing the boy. Juan Miguel's lawyer, Gregory Craig, did not return phone calls but has previously labeled such allegations ``silly.'' ……"

Reuters 4/5/00 Andrew Cawthorne "……Shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez has restarted studying under a Cuban curriculum, and is emotionally transformed thanks to the reunion with his father and friends in the United States, according to his teacher. "We have witnessed the boy's advance and evolution," Agueda Fleitas said, from the rural mansion near Washington where she joined Elian and his entourage during the wait for a final court decision on the six-month-old custody dispute. Fleitas, who was Elian's kindergarten teacher in his Cuban provincial hometown of Cardenas, said she had set up a classroom for the six-year-old and four friends on a terrace of the secluded home in the Wye River compound of Maryland. "In maths, Elian has progressed well, in writing and reading he is a bit behind, but he is very enthusiastic and is learning fast," she added in the telephone interview with Cuban state TV. "We are amazed, and emotionally he's another boy." …….. Fleitas is part of a group of family, friends and specialists who have travelled from Cuba to the United States to take charge of what Havana calls Elian's "rehabilitation" after the traumatic stay with his Miami relatives. ……"

THE REAGAN INFORMATION INTERCHANGE 5/3/00 Aditya Mahendra Raval "……. Political fallout over the Clinton administration's decision to have federal agents seize Elian Gonzalez last month will be a subject of widespread speculation between now and Election Day. In Florida, more than 1,000 Miami-Dade County residents, most of Cuban descent, are taking out their frustrations on the Democratic Party by switching their party affiliations in the two weeks since the raid. David Lahey, supervisor of elections for Miami, ground zero in the Elian custody battle before the 6-year-old Cuban boy was whisked away to the Washington area by federal agents, says that in his county 291 Democrats have switched to "no party affiliation," while 842 have changed to the Republican Party since the raid. On top of this, Lahey notes that his office has received "several hundred" calls a day in the last two weeks from county residents asking how to change their affiliation. Lahey, who has been with the Elections Division since 1974, says, "I don't think I've ever seen a change of this magnitude." ……..The movement away from the Democratic Party in the midst of the Gonzalez matter appears to be the result of an organized, two-pronged effort. At least two Hispanic radio stations in the Miami-Dade County area are urging their listeners to switch parties. Louis Diaz, who served as a local organizer for some anti-government protests, has been urging listeners of his Radio Unica talk show to switch parties. The longtime Democrat has personally changed his party affiliation to Republican and says that he delivered 40 party-switch documents to the county office on Monday. ……"

USA TODAY 5/4/00 Skip Wood "…….Without doubt the most colorful owner in NASCAR's Winston Cup garage, Felix Sabates long has been one to deliver comic hyperbole about most any subject. But for the last several weeks, he has been quite serious when discussing one particular topic. Elian. Sabates, who came to the USA from his native Cuba in 1959 when he was 16, is steadfast in his belief that young Elian Gonzalez should remain in this country. He also believes that now that Elian is back with his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, a return to the communist country of Fidel Castro is all but inevitable. ….. ''At the end of the day, he will go back to Cuba and disappear,'' Sabates says bitterly. ''He will become one more communist and will grow up learning to hate America.'' ……"

The Daily Oklahoman 5/4/00 LA Times Syndicate "……Who stands to benefit if Castro is handed a huge propaganda victory with the repatriation of Elian and his father to Cuba? One beneficiary would seem to be Dwayne Andreas, former chairman of Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), one of the world's largest agribusiness companies. Thom White Wolf Fassett, the head of the United Methodist Church lobbying office in Washington, says Andreas recruited Craig to represent Juan Miguel. As Mark Tooley of the Institute on Religion and Democracy writes, Fassett is a longtime advocate of normalizing U.S.-Cuban relations. ...... Fassett flew to Cuba in March with Joan Brown Campbell, former head of the National Council of Churches and a Castro apologist. On his return, Fassett's agency, says Tooley, created a Humanitarian Advocacy Fund to raise money for legal fees associated with Juan Miguel Gonzalez's attempts to reclaim his son. The initial goal was to raise between $50,000 and $100,000. Fassett promised that no church money would go to the fund. After protests from within the church, the money was transferred to the churches' council. ………The fund quickly raised $50,000 and may have more in it by now. Where did the money come from and how did Craig come to be selected? The Board of Church and Society won't say, writes Tooley. But the Shareholders Watch Committee, a small group of disgruntled ADM stockholders, alleges that ADM and Dwayne Andreas were instrumental in retaining Craig. The committee also alleges that Andreas donated $10,000 to the United Methodist Humanitarian Advocacy Fund, which ADM denies. …….Whether the charge is true, Craig's law firm, Williams and Connolly, does legal work for ADM……."

AP 5/4/00 Tom Raum "……..Complaining that Moscow continues to spy on the United States from a Cold War listening post in Cuba, a House panel voted Thursday to restrict U.S. financial aid to Russia until it closes down the operation. The installation at Lourdes, just south of Havana, has recently undergone a multibillion dollar upgrade, said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., author of the legislation. Her bill to block new U.S. refinancing loans to Russia was approved by the House International Relations Committee by voice vote, despite Clinton administration objections. However, the panel attached a Democratic-supported amendment to give the president the authority to waive the restrictions if he deems it in the national interest. The move came even as another House panel, an appropriations subcommittee, took a step in the other direction, voting to lift sanctions on sales of food and medicine to Cuba. ........." 5/4/00 Jack Thompson "…… has reported that Kendall Coffey, the family attorney for Elian's Miami relatives, has been undermining the boy's legal chances to remain in the United States. One might expect the lead attorney to be focused on saving Elian from Castro. Not so, reports the Miami Herald in yesterday's editions. Coffey apparently found time to involve himself in the ongoing dispute between Miami Mayor Joe Carollo and his City Manager. The Herald revealed that Coffey has been fingered by Carollo as the person who called him and engaged in "extortion" - threatening to release personal information on Carollo - if he went ahead and fired the City Manager. ……… Here's the excerpt from the Herald: "On Monday, Carollo said he would begin an investigation into Warshaw's actions. He claimed that Warshaw had tried to extort him through an unnamed intermediary, later identified as Miami lawyer Kendall Coffey, a former U.S. Attorney. Coffey reiterated Tuesday that he had not engaged in any 'improper activity' but declined to discuss specifics of the conversation." ……"


NewsMax 4/28/00 Reed Irvine "…….One of the important but little-told stories of the INS raid on the Gonzalez home in Miami is the charge by two NBC cameramen that they were attacked by the federal agents and prevented from showing on television how the raid was conducted. The NBC crew had been selected to provide live coverage from inside the house for all the television reporters that were at the scene at the time of the raid. Gregory Craig, the attorney for Elian's father, had written to executives of 10 TV networks and stations, saying that there were news reports that the Gonzalez home in Miami "was being wired for full camera coverage of any effort by federal authorities to take Elian Gonzalez into custody." He requested that they refrain from broadcasting any such coverage. He urged them "to agree among yourselves that this is a line that need not be crossed in order to inform the public." ………… The ostensible justification for this request was that TV exposure was harming Elian, but the real reason was obviously a desire on the part of Mr. Craig and the governments of the U.S. and Cuba to keep the public from seeing images on TV that might turn more people against the government's efforts to send Elian back to Cuba. The Washington Post on April 25 reported that Attorney General Janet Reno had rejected recommendations of Justice Department officials that steps be taken to block media coverage of the raid. It said that two options that had been discussed were blocking the access of the media or getting a court order authorizing their removal from the area. The Post said, "Reno, however, rejected those options in favor of permitting the news media to do their job, provided that reporters, photographers and camera crews did not get in the way of seizing Elian or pose a physical threat to federal agents." ........."

INSIGHT Magazine 5/22/00 Timothy Maier "……..Fallout from the Elian Gonzalez fiasco shrouds Janet Reno and the Clinton administration. Congressional Republicans have launched hearings to see where the buck should stop. Enraged by the Fidel Castro-like tactics used in the seizing of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez, congressional Republicans im-mediately called for an investigation into Attorney General Janet Reno's decision to send armed federal agents to snatch the child from the home of Miami relatives in the dark hours of April 22. ……… Elian's cousin, Marisleysis Gonzalez, denounced the move: "Janet Reno and everybody else, don't say you came here with no violence and that this boy's okay! How can this boy be okay when he had a gun to his head?" Renowned Los Angeles child psychologist Robert Butterworth says Reno's decision will add to this child's long-term trauma. "I cannot believe that a government psychologist would have approved this plan. This sounds like tactics used by Castro." …….. Clinton approved Reno's actions immediately after he and Vice President Al Gore were grilled by prosecutors for four hours over possible campaign-finance abuses, wiping that event from the news with the certainty of a missile attack. A congressional probe of the home invasion may not have approval in the polls at the moment, but Republicans seem to be acting on their civil-libertarian principles. Even Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov. George W. Bush ignored polls indicating early public approval of the raid and blasted the Clinton administration. …….. House Republican Conference Chairman J.C. Watts of Oklahoma found it "troubling that the Clinton-Gore administration may be using selective law enforcement to pursue the Elian case with such overzealous vigor" even as it all but ignores enforcement of gun and campaign-finance laws, as well as laws against the stealing of U.S. nuclear and missile secrets. ……" 5/3/00 Clarence Page "……Armed immigration officers stormed into the house in the early morning darkness. They crashed into a bedroom and swept a young man away into custody. Afterwards, questions were raised. Was the use of so much force necessary? Was resistance offered? Was there any consideration of the physical safety and psychological security of the people in the house? Fingers of blame pointed everywhere. No, I am not describing the case of Elian Gonzalez in Miami. I am describing the case of Luis Gurrea of Van Nuys, Calif. ……… No, of course, you haven't heard about him. He has not been on television. Elian Gonzalez has appeared on TV a lot. So have several leading members of Congress who fume and sputter with rage and call for hearings about the armed Immigration and Naturalization Service agents who seized 6-year-old Elian from the home of his Miami relatives to return him to his father's custody. ...... But the media and Capitol Hill leaders find cases like Luis Gurrea's easier to ignore. There were no news cameras present in September when Gurrea and his wife, Mireya, were awakened by INS agents. Agents burst into the Gurreas' bedroom to take Luis away. He had overstayed his visa. His attorney had given him bad advice, he claimed. But just as federal officials chose not to come quietly to the door of Elian's Miami relatives, neither did INS agents come quietly to Luis Gurrea. ……Instead, his home was raided the way police raid major drug operations. Gurrea was hauled off in handcuffs and deported back to Argentina in 48 hours. …… There were no cameras, no big news coverage and not much due process, which is as it is for most immigrants who have been accused of overstaying their visas. ……."

THE REAGAN INFORMATION INTERCHANGE 5/2/00 Ann Louise Bardach "……Saturday night in late November: Fifteen Cubans, ranging in age from five to 65, straggled through a cluster of mangrove trees to the marshy shoreline of Cardenas, Cuba. They huddled around a 16-foot aluminum hand-crafted boat with a 50-horsepower outboard motor. Swiftly and quietly, they loaded the small craft with what little they would be taking: food, water, and some blankets. All the cash they had in the world was stuffed in their pockets. The group included two extended families, friends of longtime standing. There were the Rodriguezes, with their two sons, a daughter-in-law, and a next-door neighbor. And there was the Munero clan: Rafael, 49; his wife, Maria Elena, 48; and their two sons, including 24-year-old Lazaro--the mastermind, boat builder, and driving force of the escape. Accompanying Lazaro was his girlfriend, Elizabeth Brotons, a shy, sweet-faced woman of 30 with long dark hair and bangs along her broad forehead. With Elizabeth was her five-year-old son, Elian Gonzalez. ……. Also making the journey were another man and woman, and her five-year-old daughter…….All 15 had their own reasons for attempting the treacherous 90-mile journey, their own expectations, their own dreams. Some were seeking opportunity, some were fleeing a spouse, some loathed communism, and some simply wanted sharper clothes and a bigger house. But there was one immutable tie that bound them together--love and family, the twin casualties of the 40-year Cuban-American cold war. ……. Four days later, at around 6 a.m. on November 25--Thanksgiving morning--a fisherman named Juan Ruiz and a friend came ashore after an evening working off Florida's Key Biscayne. They saw two people shivering together on the dock. Nearby lay a large Russian-made truck inner tube that had carried them ashore. The young couple were the fleeing lovers -- 33-year-old Nivaldo Fernandez and his 22-year-old girlfriend Arianne Horta. "They were in really bad, bad condition," Ruiz said. Their bodies were latticed with sting marks from jellyfish; the man was almost delirious. ……… Three hours later and 35 miles to the north, off Ft. Lauderdale, two other fishermen spied a large black inner tube bobbing in the Atlantic. A small child was clutching its inside. The trembling boy was Elian Gonzalez, who, in a matter of hours, would become the poster boy for ideological foes on both sides of the Florida Straits. The three were the sole survivors to reach the United States. There is also a fourth boat survivor, Arianne Horta's daughter, Estefany. She is in Cuba, separated from her mother, just as Elian in Miami has been estranged from his father in Cuba. ……"

Creators Syndicate, Inc. 5/3/00 Paul Craig Roberts "……Americans could run out of freedom before they know it. Our 50-year struggle against the Soviet Union conditioned us to think in terms of external threats to our freedom. But the biggest threats to freedom usually come from within. Freedom is lost once a people come to believe that the ends justify the means. Polls show that this is what has happened in the case of Elian. Americans so favor reuniting the 6-year-old Cuban boy with his father in Cuba that they are unperturbed by Attorney General Janet Reno's lawless use of force that "strikes at the heart of constitutional government and shakes the safeguards of liberty." ……. Those are the words of Harvard University constitutional scholar and Clinton supporter Laurence H. Tribe. Alan Dershowitz, another Harvard law professor and Clinton supporter, agrees with his colleague that the Clinton administration acted lawlessly, calling the illegal seizure of Elian "a dangerous day for all Americans." …… There was a time when Americans would stand up and take notice of talk like this, but that was before Americans became so wrapped up in "ends" that they became inured to the "means." Inattentive, befuddled and spun by the media, Americans don't see how returning a boy to his father could possibly be a threat to their freedom. ……. In the public's consciousness, all that remains of the lessons of National Socialism is the four-letter epithet, "Nazi." But Hitler's power owed much to his lawless use of force. If a court decision went against one of Hitler's purposes, he simply ignored it. Once it became clear to Germans that Hitler would override opposition and law with force, an intimidated population became submissive. National socialist goals, such as full employment and restoring German pride and national borders, resonated with the media and the people. ……Hitler had as many media apologists as Clinton…….." 5/3/00 David Limbaugh "……Every time congressional Republicans fail to match their actions with their rhetoric, they lose precious credibility with the grass roots. That's one among many reasons they must follow up on their pledge to hold hearings on the government's seizure of Elian Gonzalez. Following the government's raid, Republican lawmakers scheduled a hearing and subpoenaed from Justice all documents related to the raid. When Justice said it couldn't meet the 24-hour deadline to provide the documents, Senate Republicans didn't utter the slightest displeasure and acted almost relieved to have discovered an escape route. The news wires speculate that Republicans lost their nerve after learning of polls showing overwhelming public disapproval of the hearings. I don't want to believe this is purely a matter of political expediency for Republicans. But it might as well be, in terms of how their retreat will be perceived. Can you imagine what would happen to our judicial system if a judge dismissed a case against a defendant because he failed to comply with a discovery deadline? ……."

INSIGHT Magazine 5/22/00 James Lucier "……The furor about the attorney general's role in the Elian Gonzalez case offers as good an occasion as any for Americans to examine who we are and where we are. For Janet Reno is a very predictable character in the transition of our civilization from government by law to a kind of totalitarian democracy and consensus of the moment - one that shows overwhelmingly popular support for arbitrary and brutal enforcement of administrative policy……… The late C.S. Lewis, novelist, Christian apologist and writer of charming books for children, saw what was coming in 1946. In That Hideous Strength, the third novel in his science-fiction trilogy, he described a world in which an academic group, the National Institute of Coordinated Experiments, or NICE, conspires to seize control of the university, the press, the government and law enforcement. They do this by promising the scientific reconstruction of the human race. Behind this pseudoscientific facade, the organizers of NICE are operating under diabolical power. All the public pronouncements of NICE are elegant examples of Clinton-style spin - yes, Lewis could see it coming. But in private, the members are a little more direct: "Man has got to take charge of Man. That means, remember, that some men have got to take charge of the rest - which is another reason for cashing in on it as soon as one can. You and I want to be the people who do the taking charge, not the ones who are taken charge of." ……"

INSIGHT Magazine 5/22/00 James Lucier "……Lewis even was prescient in his character of Miss Hardcastle, the head of the private police force of NICE - its attorney general, as it were: "Mark found himself writhing from the hand-grip of a big woman in a black, short-skirted uniform. Despite a bust that would have done credit to a Victorian barmaid, she was rather thickly built than fat and her iron grey hair was cropped short. Her face was square, stern and pale, and her voice deep. A smudge of lipstick laid on with violent inattention to the real shape of her mouth was her only concession to fashion, and she rolled or chewed a long black cheroot, unlit, between her teeth." Miss Hardcastle specialized in blackmail, falsifying evidence, getting acquiescence by threatening false prosecutions and isolating her victims. Reno does not smoke cheroots, which now are politically incorrect. But while she was prosecutor in Miami, she took on the case of Bobby Fijnje in which the 13-year-old boy was accused of molesting younger children who, after they had been worked on by Reno's psychiatrists, testified that Fijnje opened graves and ate baby corpses. The boy was taken away from his parents for more than two years, then tried as an adult at age 16 so that if convicted he would be thrown into prison with adult sex-offenders. Reno herself came to the courtroom to hear the verdict - which was not guilty. The Fijnje family was so devastated they went to start life over in another country. ......And then there was Waco, to save the children. It's all so NICE. ……"

AP 5/3/00 Michael Sniffen "….. A Spanish-speaking social worker with 23 years experience and extensive work with children was chosen Wednesday to help monitor Elian Gonzalez while an appeals court weighs the 6-year-old Cuban boy's fate. The government chose Susan M. Ley of Silver Spring, Md., who is in private practice and administers and participates in a mental health program in 16 urban parochial schools for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington. Ley and Paulina F. Kernberg, a child psychiatrist from Cornell University Medical College, will report on Elian every other week to the government and to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. Ley will make her first visit to Elian on Thursday, Justice Department spokeswoman Carole Florman said. She will be accompanied Thursday by Kernberg, who will be making her second visit to Elian. In the future, they will visit separately, Florman said. ……."

Reuters 5/3/00 "…….A government-selected social worker will visit Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez and his family at the Maryland compound where they are staying, the U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday. Department officials said social worker Susan Ley of Silver Spring, Maryland, would meet for the first time with the 6-year-old boy, who has been embroiled in an international custody fight since his rescue from sea in November, and his family. They said Dr. Paulina Kernberg, a government-appointed psychiatrist who met briefly with Elian and his family last month, would also go to the compound on Thursday for her first formal evaluation of the boy. Elian, his father, his stepmother and his baby half-brother have been staying at the secluded Wye River compound about 70 miles (110 km) east of Washington until a U.S. appeals court decides whether he should be allowed to go back to Cuba. ….." 5/3/00 Carl Limbacher "…..Greg Craig, the onetime Clinton impeachment attorney who now represents Juan Miguel Gonzalez, has declined to respond to reports earlier this week that a Cuban doctor was caught carrying tranquilizers to Maryland's Wye River Plantation, the temporary home of six-year-old Elian Gonzalez. Craig has restricted access to Gonzalez, making him available only to Cuban officials and Clinton administration representatives -- while releasing select photos that he says prove the boy is happy and healthy…….. On Friday Cuban officials themselves seemed to suggest that the drugs were intended for Elian, complaining after the drug bust, "It appears that Customs officials know what kinds of medicine Elian, his cousin and the rest of the children and adults may need." …….. The tranquilizer incident raises a number of other serious questions: If the drugs were not intended for Elian, then what was his personal pediatrician doing with them? According to U.S. medical experts, the tranquilizer Miltown should not even be given to children under six years old. Why does a children's doctor have such powerful adult medicine in her medical bag? ……"

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 5/3/00 "…….AMONG the many things about the Taking of Eli‡n that mystifies is Janet Reno's explanation of why her SWAT team couldn't wait any longer to storm that house in Miami's Little Havana. ……..No, what really impresses about General Reno's post-raid remarks is her explanation that the assault was necessary because she'd heard that the people in the house were armed. Oh. At the risk of introducing a little common sense into a discussion that seems to have polarized along ideological lines months ago, if the attorney general really believed those desperadoes in Miami were living in some kind of armed fortress (like the Branch Davidian compound?) then wouldn't that be a good reason not to make any sudden moves, to proceed with restraint, to wait 'em out? ……. If the General had really been worried about armed resistance, why not have a couple of unthreatening marshals in business suits drop by the house in broad daylight with a search warrant or, better yet, a court order to see if matters could be resolved peacefully? Isn't that what's usually done in child custody cases? If our attorney general really believed the family was armed and desperate, and reacted by dispatching a heavily armed battalion of agents under cover of darkness to a house where a six-year-old might be caught in the crossfire . . . .Well. To call that the height of irresponsibility would be to err, seriously. On the side of understatement….."

Miami Herald 5/2/00 "…….Cuban President Fidel Castro spoke with Elian Gonzalez's father by cellular telephone Monday morning in front of a May Day crowd gathered to demand the boy's return from the United States. ``Itīs Juan Miguel,īī Castro said after Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque handed him the phone. After listening, he told the crowd at the Plaza de la Revolucion (Revolution Square) that Gonzalez was sending ``special greetings to the people of Cuba from all the children and comrades who are [with him] now.īī Four of Elian's schoolmates and four of their parents, a teacher and a pediatrician last week joined the boy at the Wye River Plantation retreat in Maryland where he's staying with his immediate family. ``Many thanks and best wishes,īī Castro told Gonzalez. ``I will send you a copy of the speech I delivered here and will send you a [videotape] with the entire event.īī ……" 5/2/00 Lisa Dean "……What is happening in America these days? Perhaps a better question would be phrased, what is happening TO America? A series of rather unsettling events have been taking place in this country, all instigated by our government. First, of course, we have the widely publicized case of Elian Gonzalez. Whether you think that Elian should stay in this country or be returned to Cuba is immaterial. The manner in which the Justice Department and the INS handled the case was, at best, disgraceful. …….. While the Elian Gonzalez case is a widely publicized one, there are many other instances where the government is turning upside down the lives of Americans in a bullish, forceful manner with no regard for the Constitutional rights or respect for those citizens……… First, while we think that the manner in which the Gonzalez family was treated on Easter weekend was egregious, it is critical for us to realize that there is an increasing number of American citizens in this country who are being treated in a similar fashion through the countless property rights violations and lands seizures in the western portion of the US committed by the federal government on a regular basis. In many cases, armed federal agents using brute force are forcing unsuspecting land owners out of their homes or to sign a consent form acknowledging that their once private land bought and paid for with their hard earned money is now the property of the federal government……….. That's one area. Here's another. A year ago last month, federal banking agencies withdrew their proposal that would force banks across the country to monitor the account activity of their customers. The proposal was called, innocently, "Know Your Customer." …….. Let's take another example. On October 1, 1997 President Clinton announced the establishment of the National Directory of New Hires, a massive federal database that would contain personal information on every American citizen starting a job, whether full or part time, after the establishment of that database. ……. Employers would be forced to report that personal information to the government upon hiring a new employee. The idea behind the database was to catch those parents who owe child support……… These of course are just a couple of examples but they illustrate a larger point, namely, we in the US have gone from having a government that merely maintains order and encourages good to one that controlling its citizens and strong-arming them into doing it's will, which it defines as "good." ……"

ABC News 5/2/00 David Ruppe "…….A federal appeals court last week prolonged the legal battle over Elian Gonzalez when it refused to immediately consider a request by the boy's father that he alone be allowed to legally represent the child on political asylum matters. Had the request been granted, Juan Miguel Gonzalez could have immediately moved to drop the asylum request filed on Elian's behalf by a great-uncle, effectively removing the Miami relatives from the case. The court, instead, said it would take up the issue on May 11, when it hears arguments on Elian's asylum claim. But the victory for the Miami relatives may be short-lived. Legal experts say that while the Florida family members may be able to drag out the legal battle, ultimately they stand little chance of preventing the 6-year-old shipwreck survivor's return to Cuba with his father. ………. The reason, they say, is that since Juan Miguel Gonzalez has legal custody of Elian, he will be able to determine where Elian lives, regardless of whether or not the boy is granted asylum. ……. Elian's Miami relatives might hope to secure permanent residency status for the boy under a special law, the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act, which makes Cubans eligible for permanent residency after spending a year in the United States. But that too would in no way prevent Juan Miguel Gonzalez from taking Elian out of the United States, they say. ……"

The American Sentinel 5/00 Lee Bellinger, Brett Decker "…….THE AMERICAN SENTINEL has gotten word of the Clinton Administration's top-secret plan to shanghai ELIAN GONZALEZ back to Cuban authorities without risking any more embarrassing media images, such as when federal agents kidnapped the boy from his family without a warrant. Only hours before this issue went to print, a Democrat attorney in Washington, D. C. informed me that JANET RENO is plotting to deport ELIAN before judgement is made on his federal case on May 24th. A few calls to highly-placed sources confirmed the scheme. The upshot: While the courts have ordered that ELIAN could not leave the U.S.A. before the conclusion of his custody case, there are dangerous loopholes, including:
The Judicial stay does not specify that ELIAN must remain within the boundaries of the American mainland.
Seeing a hole in the ruling, Justice Department (DOJ) attorneys have connived to ship ELIAN to the U.S. Marine base on Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
This tricky move technically keeps ELIAN in the United States (since he would be on a U.S.Military base) while effectively sending him to Cuba before the court ruling.
Already in Cuba, ELIAN and his father could simply walk out of the military base and onto communist Cuban soil at any time, possibly even before the legal case is over……." 5/2/00 "…….Nobody is above the law in America - except the current president of the United States, his attorney general, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and its private army," wrote a shocked A.M. Rosenthal, former editor of The New York Times, in his syndicated column. And the case of Elian Gonzalez, Rosenthal wrote in a blistering attack on the Clinton/Reno handling of the matter, proves that Clinton and his henchmen "believe they can act on that conviction." ……… Describing Reno's raid on the home of the Gonzalez family as an "armed invasion ... by federal officers combat-ready with the deadliest of military rifles," the ex-editor of the Times - a newspaper that has strongly supported Clinton and Reno's actions in the Gonzalez case - stormed that the "shocking abduction of the boy seen around the world [is] so unconstitutional and cruel that [it keeps] the hope alive that this time the courts and Congress will not allow the White House to get away with it." ……… Insisting that "in the name of decency to the boy," it is important that Americans cut through the web of deceit they spun about the case that allowed Clinton and Reno to present it as one solely involving the simple question of returning a boy to his father. "It certainly is that - but not entirely," Rosenthal wrote. More importantly, he continued, the matter of "when, how and under what conditions should he be turned over to his father and brought back to Fidel Castro?" are questions that also count "a lot." ……"

newsmax 5/2/00 Jack Thompson "……At her weekly press briefing, after the INS seized Elian, Attorney General Janet Reno handled dozens of softball questions, with the most interesting one being this: "Do you plan to live in Miami when you leave the office of Attorney General?" With not a moment's hesitation, Ms. Reno smiled sweetly and said: "Why wouldn't I? It's my home." Yes, Janet, Miami is your home, and there are about 800,000 people, Cuban-Americans, who also call it home who would like to see you hounded day and night upon your return. The ancient Greeks called it "ostracism." Smart folks, those Greeks. …..Think of your return, Janet, as something like Sirhan Sirhan moving to Hyannis Port if he were to get out of prison for killing RFK, or maybe more akin to Judas asking for his seat back in the Upper Room with the remaining eleven disciples after the betrayal in the Garden. ……"

Miami Herald 5/2/00 Nestor Carbonell "……..The brutal taking of Elian Gonzalez has been portrayed by the Clinton administration and others as appropriate to reunite a father with his son. Sadly, that is just a facade. Behind the father's custodial claim lies a veiled refugee threat to the United States posed by a callous manipulator: Fidel Castro. Despite this, or most likely, because of it, the attorney general summarily denied political asylum to Elian, revoked the temporary custody granted to his great-uncle, Lazaro and ordered the boys forceful removal. …….. Leaving aside the shocking and unnecessary abuse and the fact that mediators were, at that very moment, negotiating in good faith with the attorney general, there are a number of unanswered questions that point to a deal with Castro: …."

Miami Herald 5/2/00 Nestor Carbonell "……..Why did the Justice Department change the Immigration Naturalization Service's December position that Elian's interests would be best served in a family court? Why did Janet Reno rely on a cursory INS investigation conducted in Cuba and on a brief meeting with Elian's father, Juan Miguel, at her office to conclude that he was a free agent and not coerced by Castro? Why did she disregard or ignore sworn testimony that Juan Miguel had called relatives in Miami to apprise them that Elian was on his way to Florida and to ask them to take good care of him? (There seems to be a Sprint phone bill confirming the collect call.) ........."

Miami Herald 5/2/00 Nestor Carbonell "……..Moreover, how could the Justice Department have determined that Elian's health and well-being were at risk in Miami based on the report of a pediatrician who did not even interview the child? Finally, why didn't the president and the attorney general wait for the impending decision of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on Elian's asylum request? ……" 5/2/00 "……Shortly after 11 a.m. today, MSNBC showed Republican pollster, Frank Luntz, conducting a focus group session with registered voters from Tennessee. The focus group was composed of men and women, blacks and whites, though I did not see anyone identifiably Hispanic in the group. The group's response to the "show of force" used to seize Elian from his Miami relatives home was OVERWHELMINGLY NEGATIVE. Both blacks and whites, women and men believed that the forceful seizure, and the experience of having a machine gun pointed at him, would leave an indelible scar on Elian's emotional life. Most agreed that the tactics used were wrong, with several saying that they "could not believe this could happen in America." ……."


Excite News (Linked from Drudge) 5/1/00 James Vicini Reuters "…..A lawyer for the father of shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez urged a U.S. appeals court Monday to let the two return to Cuba by dismissing their Miami relatives' suit seeking a political asylum hearing for the boy. "This father seeks to raise his family where he wants and how he wants. This right is no less important to people from Cuba than it is to Americans," Gregory Craig, the lawyer for Juan Miguel Gonzalez, said in a 17-page court filing. Craig, who asked to take part in the arguments before the Atlanta-based appeals court May 11, said prolonging the case against the father's wishes only damaged his 6-year-old son and his family. "Juan Miguel has determined that Elian's best interests lie in being with his father, raised in a stable home environment in the town where his father, stepmother, little brother, grandparents and first cousins were born, grew up and now live," Craig said. "Juan Miguel thinks that a 6-year-old boy found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean and now caught up in the American legal system craves the familiarity of his own bedroom in Cardenas," Craig said. ….."

CNN 5/1/00 "……In a rousing May Day celebration speech, Cuban President Fidel Castro took a call that he said was from the father of Elian Gonzalez and warned the crowd there is a danger the 6-year-old shipwreck survivor may not be allowed to return to Cuba. Castro told a crowd of tens of thousands of flag-waving Cubans, some wearing T-shirts emblazoned with Elian's likeness, that an appeals court in Atlanta could still block Elian's return. "The risk that the tribunal could decide that the boy has the right to ask for political asylum in the United States is real," said Castro. While Castro usually attends May Day festivities, he has not spoken at the event in years. Castro says Elian's dad sends 'special greeting' …..As he finished his speech, Castro picked up a cell phone and told the crowd that Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Elian's father, was calling. Still standing in front of a bank of microphones, Castro asked Gonzalez if he had anything to tell the crowd and said the response was: "On behalf of all of us here (in Maryland), a very special greeting to our people." ……." 5/1/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Nearly a month ago, pointed out that when 6-year-old Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez was born, his mother and father weren't even married. What's more, it's not as if his parents split up sometime after he was conceived. In fact, by the time Elian was born to Elisabeth Brotons-Rodriguez on December 6, 1993, she had been divorced from Juan Miguel Gonzalez for more than two and a half years. The couple split legally all the way back on May 13, 1991. Now, in her Town column, impeachment superstar-lawyer Ann Coulter contends that the odd timing of Elian's birth could have a direct bearing on any legal claim Mr. Gonzalez might have over Elisabeth's son under U.S. law. ……. "Indeed, at common law, fathers had absolutely no rights with respect to any children they bore out of wedlock. Of course, we've come a long way since marriage was considered a consequential institution. But still: Even in the swinging, post-sexual revolution America, a father's legal rights to an illegitimate child remains a highly contentious, and prodigiously litigated, matter." …….. Coulter points out that if Elian's case was treated like any other custody case, the Florida courts would decide "and Florida takes an especially dim view of the legal prerogatives of fathers who sire illegitimate children." …."

Miami Herald 5/1/00 Tyler Bridges "…. Miami Mayor Joe Carollo said this morning he is investigating possible misuse of city funds by fired City Manager Donald Warshaw, whom he also accused of blackmail. …… "The city manager sent an extortion demand to me that if I fired him he would take me out as mayor. ... would file criminal charges against me ... (and) I would lose my pension,'' Carollo said. "No city manager should be allowed to extort a mayor in any city in America.'' …….. Carollo said he has created a special committee and Warshaw will be subpoenaed to appear before the committee to provide answers about his role in a financial scandal last year involving Ronald Stern, an accountant suspected of embezzling city police pension funds before he committed suicide. A spokesman for Warshaw said he had no comment on Carollo's allegations. …….. Warshaw was dragged into last year's controversy because he had an American Express card issued to him that had as a mailing address the Police Department address of a youth crime prevention group once operated by Warshaw and Stern. Warshaw said at the time that none of the organization's money was used to pay his personal expenses. But Warshaw was also under fire for using a pension fund credit card to purchase $16,775 worth of Florida Panthers hockey tickets. Warshaw said he used the card by mistake. Stern reimbursed the pension fund for the expense. ….. Warshaw also used the pension fund card to pay for vacation getaways and at least one other trip with a girlfriend who became his fourth wife. ….."

Miami Herald 5/1/00 David Kidwell "…….. On a sunny April morning in 1986 in South Dade, FBI agents armed with 9mm handguns and 14 rounds each met up with what they thought were run-of-the-mill bank robbers in a stolen car. They were not expecting to face two .357 handguns and a Ruger Mini-14 assault rifle with a banana clip filled with wall-piercing .223 caliber rounds. Five minutes and 131 shots later, the bloodiest FBI shooting in history was over: two agents and two suspects dead, five other agents wounded just south of the Suniland shopping center in Pinecrest. That is the kind of tragedy that frames the way law enforcement officials think. Last week, congressional leaders promised -- then indefinitely postponed -- hearings to investigate what many critics suggest was an excessive show of force that played out on national television and on newspaper front pages around the country. Politicians lamented it. Civil libertarians screamed about it. The Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez felt violated by it. But the commander of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit, or BORTAC, that stormed the Gonzalez home is unapologetic. ….."

UPI 5/1/00 "…… Miami Mayor Joe Carollo Monday accused City Manager Donald Warshaw of extortion by threatening to defame him if he was fired in the fallout from the Elian Gonzalez case. Carollo fired Warshaw Friday, less than a week after the 6-year-old boy was seized from his Miami relatives and turned over to his father. Under the city charter, the dismissal is effective at the end of this week. Meanwhile, in Atlanta, the legal maneuvering in the Elian Gonzalez case is continuing. Briefs are being filed in advance of oral arguments May 11 of an appeal by Elian's Miami relatives of a federal court decision in Miami denying the boy a political asylum hearing. Attorneys for Elian's father are filing briefs asking for the removal of the Miami relatives from the case. Elian, his father and friends from Cuba remained at the Wye River Plantation on Maryland's Eastern Shore till the outcome of the court case. ……."

Jewish World Review 4/27/00 Linda Chavez "….. Leaving aside the question of who ultimately should have custody of Elian -- an issue about which reasonable people can differ -- the president's statement of the facts of the dispute are simply untrue. The federal courts have not decided that "Juan Miguel Gonzalez should have custody of his son"; no "law has been upheld." Indeed, the highest court yet to pronounce on the issue -- the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals -- last week, explicitly rejected the administration's request that it direct the Miami family to turn over the boy to his father. "We decline to proceed in that manner," the three judges wrote in their unanimous ruling. The INS is not empowered by Congress to determine final custody of minors or settle custody disputes. The INS is, however, charged with determining who may be granted asylum in the United States, so long as it does so within the law, as written. This issue -- whether Elian Gonzalez should be allowed to petition for asylum, and who may speak on his behalf -- his father, his Miami uncle Lazaro Gonzalez, or the boy himself -- is still very much an open matter before the courts. The court of appeals has not yet decided this issue, which will be argued on May 11th. The appeals court last week also issued this warning in reference to the INS's decision to withdraw Elian's asylum request because the boy's father objected. "It is not clear that the INS, in finding Plaintiff's father to be the only proper representative, considered all of the relevant factors -- particularly the child's separate and independent interests in seeking asylum." Moreover, the court said that "the INS cannot properly infringe on the plain language of the (asylum) statute or the clear congressional purpose underlying it. Nor can the INS properly narrow the scope of a statue through regulation." In other words, the INS is not a law unto itself, no matter what President Clinton and Attorney General Reno claim. ….."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/1/00 "…… 2) People in lawless nations like Russia and Colombia would give anything "for five minutes of Janet Reno," effused Thomas Friedman on PBS Friday night. He insisted the Miami Cubans had "kidnapped" Elian. Time's Michael Duffy argued Reno should have acted sooner. 3) Looking at the gun held by the SWAT team member in the infamous photo, ABC News reported "you see the safety is in the off position." And ABC reported the photo shows "the safety is on." 4) On Senator Bob Graham's charge that Clinton promised not to seize Elian at night, ABC relayed how "Lockhart also made an off the cuff remark that 5am may be considered early in the morning." 5) Jesse Helms "is just as much a dictator as Castro," upchucked liberal columnist Mary McGrory from her featured spot in theWashington Post. 6) They shout "Pioneers for communism will be like Che!" but a Washington Post reporter was unwilling to state as fact that the Castro youth group "imparts communist ideology." Instead, he attributed the charge to what "Cuban exiles claim." 7) Deroy Murdock investigated how the media don't care about how two NBC cameramen were prevented from taping the raid. Cal Thomas argued coverage proves "today's media have abandoned the watchdog role, becoming lap dogs to this administration." 8) CBS's Jim Stewart: "The real irony for Republicans, say some analysts, is that if they had acted months earlier when Elian's status was truly in doubt, they'd be the heroes now."……"

National Review 4/28/00 Zehao Zhou "……The whole Elian Gonzalez saga has been an eye-opening experience for me. I grew up in a Communist country myself, and I resent to this day the brainwashing, indoctrination, and government abuses I was subjected to as a child; I naively thought Elian would naturally be granted the privilege to stay in the U.S. and never have to go through the ordeal of growing up in a Communist country as I did. But I was wrong. I watched with disbelief as a freedom-loving American public sided with a practicing Communist, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, just because he was Elian's father. I was flabbergasted to see U.S. Representatives Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-Texas, appearing on national television speaking in favor of returning Elian from the land of the free to the land of despair and hopelessness. I was dismayed to see Rev. Joan Campbell, former head of the National Council of Churches, refusing to acknowledge that Cuba is not a free country where her fellow Christians are persecuted. I found it surreal that Castro's government is in full agreement with the Clinton Administration. Obviously, when the world's most notorious dictator and the leader of the world's largest democracy see eye to eye, something must be wrong. Needless to say, I find all this perplexing. The United Nations human-rights forum adopted a resolution on April 19 denouncing Cuba for repressing political-dissent and religious groups. The resolution was, interestingly, tabled by former Communist countries - the Czech Republic and Poland - and co-sponsored by the United States. Cuba has also recently made the very short list of "Worst of the Worst" nations in the famed Freedom House Human Rights Survey. The Cuba Elian is being sent back to is, according to U.S. State Department's most recent Human Rights Report on Cuba, a place where "education is grounded in Marxist ideology. State organizations and schools are charged with the 'integral formation of children and youth' and the Government employs forced labor, including that by children." " The same report clearly indicates: "Cuban Government continues to intimidate, detain, and arrest dissidents and human rights activists. Hundreds of political prisoners remain in Cuban jails..."

sun-sentinel. 5/1/00 Luisa Yanez "….. In Little Havana, they're calling this malady of the heart "Elián-itis." The symptoms are likely to leave those afflicted feeling angry, disenfranchised and betrayed. The sufferers are found exclusively in South Florida's Cuban community, where the collective psyches have been seriously battered by the way Elián González was taken by force and reunited with his father in Washington, D.C. The military-style mission. The sudden removal of the boy from their lives after five months of a Truman Show-like attachment. The backlash they feel from blacks and whites in the wake of their acts of insubordination toward the federal government -- the very government that took them in. Cubans are coming across as ungrateful, overly emotional and irrational. No one seems to understand their pain, they say. A racial and gender chasm akin to those in the O.J. Simpson case and the death of Princess Diana has developed in the Elián González case, some say. How did things go so wrong? some Cubans ask. ….. George Wilson, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Miami, said Cuban exiles are experiencing a loss in stature in the community, where they have been perceived as affluent and politically powerful with connections in Washington, D.C. ..."

SUN-TIMES COLUMNIST 5/1/00 Robert Novak "……. `There was no knock at all, none at all," the "fisherman" Donato Dalrymple told me over and over. But federal authorities insist the SWAT team crashed through the door in Miami to seize Elian Gonzalez because of no response to their knocking. Reason enough, then, for future Senate hearings into Attorney General Janet Reno's latest performance. ……. The current mantra from Democrats defending the Reno raid is that the Cuban boy and his father should be given "space"--freedom from congressional inquisition. In advance of the hearings, Immigration and Naturalization Service officials deluged the news media with their version of what happened. Demonization of Elian's Miami relatives continues, and Dalrymple (no fisherman but a house cleaner) has become the object of ridicule. In this atmosphere, putting people under oath to answer serious questions seems in order. Apart from foreign policy considerations in President Clinton's desire to please Fidel Castro are the raid's extralegal aspects, including force used to prevent television coverage. ......"

CNN News 4/30/00 "……. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service agents who seized Elian Gonzalez during the raid on the Miami home of his relatives on Easter Saturday celebrated their mission at a picnic in a park 15 miles north of Saturday's protest march in Miami. Pembroke Pines in Broward County, Florida, was the setting for the picnic, where INS district director Bob Wallace praised his agents and said it was a day of honor. "I've never held my head higher," Wallace said, holding up a T-shirt showing a picture of Elian in the arms of his father Juan Miguel Gonzalez. Across the picture were the words "Operation Reunion," the code name for the INS mission. "We've done something everyone said couldn't be done," Wallace added. ….."

Orlando Sentinel 4/30/00 Luisa Yanez "……The assistant police chief who accompanied federal agents on the controversial Elian Gonzalez raid is a trusted, long-time friend of U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno and may have played a more crucial role in the operation than previously revealed. Until now, the role of Assistant Police Chief John Brooks, 47, of Fort Lauderdale, has been described as little more than that of a glorified traffic cop whose job it was to clear passage for the federal caravan moving toward the Little Havana home in the pre-dawn hours last Saturday. ......... However, on the morning of the raid, Brooks had a direct telephone link to U.S. Justice Department officials involved in making decisions about the plan to take Elian from the home of his great-uncle, Lázaro Gonzalez, Police Chief William O'Brien has confirmed……. It is not clear whether Brooks and Reno were in direct telephone contact, but the two of them forged a working relationship in the 1990s when she was the Miami-Dade County state attorney and Brooks was an up-and-coming police officer. Four phone calls to Brooks on Thursday and Friday were not returned. A spokeswoman for the Justice Department did not return calls to discuss Brooks' involvement. ……." 4/28/00 "….. Who is Gregory Craig, the controversial attorney representing the father of Elian Gonzalez? Many people know him as a strident defender of scandal-plagued President Clinton during the impeachment trial. But few know Craig's curious background: anti-war protester, defender of John Hinckley Jr., adviser to Ted Kennedy. Craig might have biased the White House toward Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, or influenced Attorney General Janet Reno, critics say. …….. Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, brought Craig to the attention of the United Methodist Church, which is paying him. The liberal National Council of Churches administers a fund, supported by donations, to pay Craig, the church says. The church claims representing Elian's father is a humanitarian act. ......... Craig's connections to Clinton and Juan Miguel Gonzalez have raised eyebrows. Larry Klayman, chairman of the watchdog group Judicial Watch, has asserted that Clinton must have cut a deal with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. ….." 4/28/00 "….. During his student days at Harvard University, Craig led the anti-war movement. At Yale Law School, he met the Clintons. A top Washington firm, Williams & Connolly, hired Craig. The firm's attorneys fight their battles publicly and politically as well as legally. Craig fit right in. …… An early example was the trial of John Hinckley Jr., who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981. Craig helped come up with Hinckley's insanity defense. Craig has been active in Democratic foreign policy. At times he left the firm to take government jobs. In the mid-1980s he advised liberal Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., on such controversies as the war in El Salvador. …… Craig served on the boards of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Three years ago, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright chose him as director of policy planning, a key position at the State Department. He coordinated policy on Tibet - a highly sensitive issue, especially because Clinton met twice with Chinese leaders. ......" 4/28/00 "….. Associates say Craig puts people at ease. This quality helped lead Clinton's defense team to enlist him in September 1998, as the House impeachment inquiry was firing up. ….. Craig invented a new defense for each arena. Before the House Judiciary Committee, Craig said Clinton might have done wrong but did not break the law. In a notorious statement, he said Clinton's testimony in the Paula Jones case was "evasive, incomplete, misleading, even maddening" but not perjury. When that argument failed, Craig complained publicly the process had been unfair. "Nothing about this process has been bipartisan. Nothing about this process has won the confidence of the American people," he said. At the impeachment trial in the Senate, Craig was not outstanding. He zeroed in on the weakest charges and ridiculed them - for example, that Clinton said he had had sexual encounters with Lewinsky "on certain occasions" when it was actually 11, a distinction few people could see. ……"

Insight Magazine/Washington Times-via another website 7/20/98 Freeper Bronco Buster "…… The Cuban dictator is devoting a lot of his destitute island nation's budget to secretive biological- and chemical-weapons research. Will he share his germ arsenal with terrorists? Not far from Havana's picturesque harbor, where ogling tourists and curvaceous prostitutes ply Cuba's only thriving form of free trade, stands the Luis Diaz Soto Naval Hospital, flanked by a newly built concrete laboratory complex about 400 feet long by 300 feet wide. Inside the compound, along a 165-foot acid-resistant work table with built-in circuit breakers, military biotechnicians reportedly experiment on cadavers, hospital patients and live animals with anthrax, brucellosis, equine encephalitis, dengue fever, hepatitis, tetanus and a variety of other bacterial agents. Five chemical- and biological-weapons plants operate throughout the island, according to documents smuggled out of Cuba and made available to Insight by Alvaro Prendes, a former Cuban air force colonel who now is the Miami-based spokesman for the Union of Liberated Soldiers and Officers, a clandestine pro-democracy movement within Cuba's security services. ……."

New York Times Syndicate 4/28/00 "…….. NEW YORK - There may be outrage in Washington, threats of Congressional hearings and television talk-show jibes about police states that sanction the snatching of children at gunpoint. But in the country at large, the forcible transfer of six-year-old Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives to his father has been widely applauded, and Attorney General Janet Reno is being hailed as a hero. Since the start of the working week, the Justice Department has been deluged with bouquets sent by admirers from all over the United States. The switchboard has fielded thousands of calls - running nine to one in Reno's favor. …….", a Web site founded by Clinton's former adviser, Dick Morris, and frequented by the political cognoscenti, said that 59 percent of the almost 200,000 people who had responded to its poll had expressed disapproval of the forcible seizure of Elian. Polls taken by conventional methods show the figures reversed. Morris explained the discrepancy by saying that the voters in his poll were ``mainly from very politically active people,'' which only reinforced the point. ……Outside Washington, Elian's fate was seen throughout as a matter of parental rights and family values, while the political establishment tended to see it in terms of U.S.-Cuba relations and the emigre Cuban vote. There are reports - not denied - that the White House commissioned several polls in advance of Saturday's raid to monitor the state of public opinion. ......"

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....The dash to solve the impasse hit full swing 10 days ago, even as federal agents secretly simulated a raid on the Little Havana house that had been Elian's home since he was rescued clinging to an inner tube Thanksgiving Day. Janet Reno, the nation's top law officer, had dreaded using force in her hometown to snatch the 6-year-old boy to unite him with his father. But on Saturday, April 22, as Miami slept, a team of Border Patrol and INS commandos hammered open the door at 2319 NW Second St., threw aside protesters and raced to a waiting van with the terrified child. ......"

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....The last-minute negotiations suffered a setback when the chief Miami mediator says he stepped out of his house for a quick dinner -- just as Reno faxed firm settlement terms at 10:48 p.m. Friday. The fax sat in the exercise room of mediator Aaron Podhurst's home until 2:59 a.m. Saturday, when Reno sent her final offer, leaving the Miami side not fully aware of significant new terms until the last minute. Prominent civic leaders, trying to avert a damaging raid but wanting to give the Miami family a face-saving compromise, crafted a ''six-point term'' paper that never conceded custody of Elian to his father or his Miami family. When the carefully worded document -- penned by the family's lawyers and vetted by prominent exile leaders -- arrived at the Department of Justice, lawyers involved in three months of negotiations recognized it as a step back from earlier deals. ''What the hell is this?'' one Justice source said, describing the reaction to the family's offer. ''This is obviously lawyerly language. We said, What is going on here?'' Negotiators for Elian's Miami relatives say Reno waited far too long to let them know just how much she disliked their offer, leaving them with false hope........"

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....On the eve of the raid, Reno warned the Miami side that only a hand-over of Elian would resolve the impasse. But Lazaro Gonzalez, Elian's great-uncle and caretaker, went to bed that night without committing to give Elian back to his father during a ''family reunification.'' Two days before, he had promised an exile group he would never hand the boy over. By Friday, Reno was firmly resolved that the only way to get Elian was by a forced raid. Miami civic leaders faxed their terms at 4:52 p.m. At 7:20 p.m., the Department of Justice obtained a warrant to raid the Gonzalez home. Once Reno decided to use force, she moved swiftly April 22. She launched the raid 10 hours after securing the warrant, though the document gave her nine more days to act. Under pressure from the White House to resolve the standoff, she had the child removed shortly after talking to the president's chief of staff that morning. ....."

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....The last-minute negotiations were fraught with miscommunications. Reno was the only person speaking to Miami mediator Podhurst and Gregory Craig, lawyer for Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez. Neither side saw each other's faxed proposals in the hours before the raid -- only versions offered by Reno. Podhurst relayed information from Miami Lakes to the family lawyers in Little Havana. All agree this contributed to a failed deal......... Eight days later, some in Miami look back and see the prescription that had been written. ''We were headed for a showdown,'' said Armando Codina, a prominent Miami businessman who pushed to patch together a last-minute deal. ''Then you look at the proposals. They said they were close. They were not even close.'' ''We put all our money behind a horse that could not win,'' said Pedro Freyre, an attorney and advisor to the civic leaders. ''There was no legal way we could win.'' ......"

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....Tensions between the U.S. government and the Gonzalez family had been growing for months before federal agents stormed the house. To the government, it was a matter of parental rights: Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Elian's only surviving parent, was his rightful custodian. To Elian's Miami relatives and the city's exile community, it was a matter of compassion: Elian had fled Cuba with his mother for a better life in the United States, and the boy's Miami family would do everything in its power to give it to him. ......... On March 21, it widened when a federal judge sided with the government's decision to deny the boy a political asylum hearing. Lazaro Gonzalez appealed immediately. Behind closed doors, his legal team launched negotiations with government lawyers. Mutual distrust hung over the process. The negotiations went nowhere. The Immigration and Naturalization Service, concluding Lazaro Gonzalez would not surrender the child, cut off negotiations April 6 -- the day Elian's father arrived in the United States. From that day forward, the Department of Justice brainstormed ways to pressure the great-uncle to deliver the boy to a neutral site to avoid a potentially violent confrontation with demonstrators keeping vigil outside his home. ……."

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....Early the next morning, Friday, April 14, Reno met with U.S. Attorney Tom Scott and 30 other federal officials, all crowded into Scott's Northeast Fourth Street offices. Reno and Scott sat at the head of the room. The potential use of force was discussed. Reno initially expressed reluctance. It would be a last resort. Then-Miami Police Chief William O'Brien and his assistant, John Brooks, were summoned. Reno asked point-blank: If we have no choice but to physically take the child, would Miami Police be on board, given Mayor Joe Carollo's vehement vow that police would not assist in taking the child? City police wouldn't physically take the boy, O'Brien answered, but would provide crowd control and protect lives and property. Most important: O'Brien would make sure Miami Police pull their barricades aside so federal agents could reach the house. ……"

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....On Wednesday, April 19, with the raid drills in full swing and Justice bracing for an invasion days away, Reno's phone rang. It was Edward T. Foote II, president of the University of Miami and a friend from Reno's days as a Miami prosecutor. He wanted to talk about solving the custody clash. Foote said he had called Reno a few weeks earlier but was told ''nothing could happen until after the appellate court decision.'' With Elian's appellate hearing finally set, Foote called again. This time, Reno asked for help: Build support in the Cuban-American community for a deal to turn Elian over to his father, still waiting in D.C. ……."

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....Thursday evening, Saladrigas sat in the middle of St. John Bosco Catholic Church in East Little Havana with 11 other leaders, many Cuban American.......Once again, Basulto warned: ''I have information that they are ready to move.'' Saladrigas shook his head in disagreement. He said they were negotiating with Reno in good faith. Besides, he said, the negotiators were well-respected, civic-minded and longtime friends of the attorney general. ''It's going to be all right.'' ........... ''Lazaro did not want a handoff. Lazaro wanted all the family under one roof,'' said Mas. He said the terms discussed over coffee became the basis of a deal proposed to exile groups. ........ Throughout the day, the civic mediators kept busy, too. Podhurst stayed in contact with Reno. He told her there was movement in Miami. He and other civic leaders said Reno seemed open to a plan to bring the families together. ''She never said we had a deal,'' Podhurst said. ''She said, 'I like this. Let me see what I can do.' '' ''The attorney general did not voice an objection,'' Saladrigas said in a court filing. To the Miami mediators, that was cause for joy. By 3 p.m., Reno told Podhurst any proposal had to be in writing -- and to her by 5 p.m....... At 4:52 p.m., a one-page unsigned fax went to Justice from the office of Gonzalez family lawyers Coffey and Manny Diaz. ………"

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....At Justice, an entirely different reaction took hold. Reno's aides were so unimpressed by the offer they didn't share it with Juan Miguel's attorney. Twenty-three minutes after the 4:52 p.m. fax, Justice officials were pointing out deal breakers around a table in D.C. ''There was no specific commitment in this document that the physical custody would be transferred immediately to Juan Miguel,'' Florman, the Justice spokeswoman, said. ''It has them all living together until the resolution of all pending legal procedures, which sounded to us that they could bring other lawsuits and keep this going forever.'' The military mission moved ahead. ....."

Miami Herald 4/30/00 ".... Just before 7 p.m. that Friday, INS Senior Special Agent Mary A. Rodriguez appeared before federal magistrate Robert Dube in Miami, requesting a search warrant that would permit agents to seize Elian. She went after court hours, when few workers would be around....... At 8:30 p.m., they got the three Gonzalezes -- Lazaro, Marisleysis and Delfin, another of Elian's uncles -- to sign their proposal for a family meeting in Miami-Dade to work out differences over custody with help from a facilitator. They faxed a fresh copy to Washington. By then, Reno had already sent a Justice Department settlement proposal to attorney Greg Craig in Washington -- with far different terms than the Miami side proposed. It called for a meeting in suburban Washington and Elian's immediate turnover to his father. Craig rejected it. ''The plan was not to have a family reunion, i.e., to sit down, break bread and sing songs with the Miami relatives,'' Craig, a former attorney for President Clinton, wrote in an e-mail to The Herald. He said he never saw the Miami offer. If he had, he said he would have ended negotiations. ''That proposal -- which they characterized as a 'joint custody' proposal and which simply did not include clear, unambiguous, unconditional transfer of Elian's custody -- was unthinkable,'' he said. ''The only thing left for us to do was to travel to Miami, go to Lazaro's house, knock on the door and ask for his son,'' Craig wrote. ''We had a serious conversation about this idea on Friday night and told DOJ about it. Our safety would be the responsibility ofboth local and federal law enforcement.'' DOJ lawyers discouraged it. ......... Gonzalez family lawyer Jose Garcia-Pedrosa said he and others felt betrayed to learn later that Reno had been in such close contact with the father's lawyer. While they thought they were negotiating with the attorney general, they now believe it was actually Craig. ''Reno was answering to Craig, not the other way around,'' Garcia-Pedrosa said....."

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....At midnight, federal agents began assembling at FBI headquarters in North Miami Beach...... At 2:15 a.m. Saturday, Clinton told Reno to continue negotiations only if they held real promise. Otherwise, he told her through his chief of staff, move ahead. ...... The president told Reno that ''when a judgment was made that they were no longer moving toward a voluntary transfer of custody of the boy to the father, that they should go and remove and transfer the custody themselves,'' said White House spokesman Joe Lockhart. ......"

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....At 2:59 a.m., Reno faxed Podhurst a final offer. It said the family must agree to an immediate custody transfer to the father that morning and a meeting in suburban Washington, not Miami. Reno told Podhurst the family had until 4 a.m. to answer. Later, after the raid, the Miami negotiators expressed outrage, accusing Reno of springing a surprise. They said the 2:59 a.m. fax was the first time she made it clear a Florida family reunion was out of the question. But those nearly identical terms were in the 10:48 p.m. fax that Podhurst missed. ...... On Saturday, Podhurst said he didn't know about the earlier fax until much later. He and his wife had gone to dinner in Hollywood about the time it was coming over, he said. When he returned, he didn't check for incoming faxes. He said Reno didn't make specific mention of the fax, although she did make it clear in conversation during the night that Juan Miguel didn't want to come to Miami. Podhurst said he picked up the earlier fax when Reno sent a new one at 2:59 a.m. -- but thought it was a duplicate of the 2:59 a.m. deal. He set it aside. ......"

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....''They told me at first it was going to be a deal breaker. They didn't have the authority of the Cuban-American leadership,'' Podhurst said after the raid. ''I said, 'You can't say no to the attorney general.' I convinced the negotiating team, it took me 30 minutes, 40 minutes, to recommend Washington. And then I had to convince them to wake up Lazaro.'' By then, it was 4 a.m., past Reno's deadline. ...... Lawyer Manny Diaz didn't want to wake the family. ''You're asking me to go in and wake up a family that's been through a tremendous amount of anxiety?'' he complained. ''They're very tired. . . . This is not the most conducive of circumstances to speak to a client in a coherent fashion. ''Why can't we go home, take a shower, shave, change clothes and come back at 9, 10 in the morning?'' His colleague, former prosecutor Coffey, rustled from deep sleep, also wanted to continue the talks until 10. He now calls the Justice Department negotiations a ''charade.'' ''It was done to smash the negotiations, to be able to say they couldn't possibly make a deal with these people,'' Coffey said. ''They should own up to the fact that the process of negotiation was used to minimize the crowd outside the house.'' ......"

Miami Herald 4/30/00 "....''When they came Saturday, I was making my rounds -- you know, like a guard -- and saw them eastbound on Third Street. I ran to the back yard, screaming to Lazaro or anybody back there: 'They're coming!' Then I got gassed. . . . They gassed my dog. They were prepared. They had wire cutters. They knew exactly where everyone was. They stopped me cold, put a gun to me and said, 'Don't move!' They jumped the fence like they were hitting the beaches. ''Elian never had a chance. No one had a chance.'' ....."

Miami Herald 4/29/00 Andres Viglucci "……. Shortly after 7 p.m. on Good Friday, an immigration officer visited the home of U.S. Magistrate Robert Dube, who was on after-hours duty that night, with a request for a warrant authorizing federal agents to seize Elian Gonzalez. In the packet that agent Mary Rodriguez gave Dube was a standard Immigration and Naturalization Service arrest warrant for Elian as an illegal alien and a series of documents in which the government methodically built its case for permission to search the Little Havana home of the boy's relatives. Among them were INS letters to Elian's great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, ordering him to surrender the boy and, after he failed to do so, informing Lazaro that he was now unlawfully holding Elian. Dube signed the warrant, setting in motion the raid that reunited Elian with his father. ……… Now some prominent constitutional scholars, in a strange alliance with conservative activists and the Miami relatives' lawyers, are attacking the legality of the government's seizure of Elian. They say it violated the great-uncle's right to privacy….. Other constitutional scholars, immigration specialists and the Justice Department disagree, calling the debate baseless. They contend the warrant was proper and duly approved by a federal magistrate, and that the INS in any case has wide powers granted to it by Congress to search for and arrest illegal aliens such as Elian without a court-approved warrant. ……"

Miami Herald 4/29/00 Andres Viglucci "…….The argument of those who think the seizure was not legal turns on knotty legal issues, but boils down to this: The search warrant was improperly issued because it is meant for use only when there is suspicion of a criminal violation, or violation of a direct court order -- neither was the case in Elian's situation. And without that warrant, federal agents had no right to enter the home of a third party, namely Lazaro Gonzalez, to grab Elian. …….. Those who think the seizure was legal say its most unusual aspect was the existence of any warrant. ``Usually they just go in, knock on the door and grab someone,'' said Tammy Fox-Isicoff, a former INS lawyer now in private practice in Miami. ``It sounds like they went the extra mile in this case in asking for a search warrant, knowing they would be under scrutiny.'' …….."

Miami Herald 4/29/00 Andres Viglucci "…….The debate over the warrant has been marked by misunderstandings and errors. Tribe, in a column he wrote for The New York Times assailing the warrant before reading the documents submitted by the INS, erroneously said Elian was not an illegal alien, a mistake repeated by other critics of the raid. In fact, he is, said Fox-Isicoff and several other immigration experts interviewed for this article. Although physically present in the country, Elian is an ``unadmitted alien'' with few due-process rights under immigration law, and thus entirely subject to the control of the INS and the attorney general. When Lazaro Gonzalez disobeyed an order to turn over the boy, the INS revoked the parolee status that allowed Elian to remain in the U.S. temporarily. ……"

Time Daily Online 5/1/00 "…….Republican senators may be realizing there's little to be gained by flogging the Elian Gonzalez horse, but that message hasn't got through to Fidel Castro. As GOP legislators Sunday spoke a lot more cautiously than a week ago about the prospects of holding hearings into the Justice Department operation that reunited the boy with his father, the Cuban dictator did his utmost to extract whatever mileage he still can from a saga that had improbably rallied millions of Cubans against his fiercest foes. Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Orrin Hatch at the weekend postponed hearings into the raid, saying that the DOJ hadn't provided the documents requested by the committee. But given the fact that the government had been given only 24 hours to provide the documents, the decision may suggest wider misgivings in the GOP about the wisdom of proceeding with an inquiry to which polls show a majority of voters are opposed. CNN reports that Senator Hatch had been reluctant to call the hearing requested by Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, and had agreed to hold a single hearing narrowly focused on whether Attorney General Janet Reno broke the law in ordering the raid on Lazaro Gonzalez's house. "I think we ought to ask the basic questions, try to find out what happened, see if there's any change in the law we should consider and then move on to other issues," Senator Lott said Sunday. "We don't intend to have a long, protracted set of hearings." ……."

Washington Times 5/2/00 Tod Lingberg "……. Just what the Republican congressional leadership wanted: the wrong side of another 62 percent approval rating. In this case, it's the approval Americans express in polls for the raid by federal agents on the home of Elian Gonzalez' Miami relatives in order to reunite the 6-year-old shipwreck survivor with his father. Conservative Republicans, outraged by the photograph of the gun-toting federal agent confronting a frightened Elian and the man who rescued him from the sea, are demanding that Congress hold hearings. Democrats, with a few exceptions, are content to let the matter drop, and some have even taken to taunting the GOP over the fact that opinion is running favorable to the Justice Department and the Clinton administration in general: There they go again, preparing to immolate themselves for the sake of ideological purity by taking on the American people……"


Mike Reagan Radio Show 5/1/00 Freeper TexasGunRunner "……Mike Reagan returned to live radio tonight after a week of vacation. He was in Miami the weekend Elian was taken by Feds. Before he left for Miami, he was heavily leaning toward supporting Elian staying here. ...... He spent a day or so in Miami talking with numerous people and trying to get a feel for the situation. He is now saying that he thinks Elian should stay with his father for a couple of reasons:
1) If we don't send Elian back, the US looses the moral authority to insist that other countries return American children to the US.
2) Miami is seriously messed up. There is no free speech in Miami...Reagan's radio show would be pulled off the air in seconds for what he is saying because the Cuban exile community is controlling everything...broadcasting his views would put the lives of the radio sation's employees at serious risk...Cuban exiles are too prone to violence and terrorism ..."there is no freedom of speech" in Miami, because the Cubans are blinded by their hatred for Castro..."are the Cubans in Miami really any better than Castro" This was paraphrased. ......"

Washington Times 5/1/00 Diana Furchtgott-Roth "……. Senators and representatives of both parties have expressed outrage over the night raid that separated Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives and his lawyers, and the Senate has planned hearings about it. But, in stark contrast to its vivid rhetoric, Congress is avoiding using a powerful tool at its disposal that could bring Elian and his relatives together and gain information on a number of vital questions - the subpoena, an order that can be drafted by any congressional committee for a person to appear to help with its investigations. Once a subpoena is issued, it has to be obeyed. ……… A congressional committee holding hearings on the issue could subpoena Elian Gonzalez, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, and/or the Miami relatives to come to either a closed or open session to hear what they have to say. On March 29, on CNN, Rep. Robert Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, specifically cited the subpoena option, and said, "I would urge the majority that has all of those powers to consider any or all of them so that the child ultimately has his . . . due process." ……"

New York Times Syndicate 4/28/00 "……..There may be outrage in Washington, threats of Congressional hearings and television talk-show jibes about police states that sanction the snatching of children at gunpoint. But in the country at large, the forcible transfer of six-year-old Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives to his father has been widely applauded, and Attorney General Janet Reno is being hailed as a hero. Since the start of the working week, the Justice Department has been deluged with bouquets sent by admirers from all over the United States. The switchboard has fielded thousands of calls - running nine to one in Reno's favor. ……"

WWFE a.m. Miami 4/28/00 Jorge Rodriguez 04/28/2000 16:35:30 PDT by Prodigal Daughter "….. Cuban radio show being transmitted to Cuba from the WYE PLANTATION right now! 7:30 p.m. EST April 28, 2000. WWFE a.m. Miami just played part of a radio program that is being transmitted to Cuba of an interview of Elian, Juan Miguel and commie indoctrinators. This means that the Cuban "diplomats" and "reporters" are there now. Demand from this government that we the taxpayers are not going to pay for the cost. I can't pick up the Cuban station on my radio, I'm going to try to get it on the internet now, maybe someone with a shortwave can pick it up. Tomorrow they will probably be televising from the Wye Plantation to Cuba even though government "doctors" say the family should be shielded from the press for Elian's health. ….."

Freeper whoisjohndean 4/28/00 "…… I have just watched the tape of the raid from the outside of the front of the house for about the 1000th time. Now I guess I'm just slow, but it just dawned on me that all of those pictures from the outside front of the house, we never see any agents with guns. Hannity was showing it in slow motion and pointing out how one man was punched right in the face by the INS agent. What I take away from this is that the semi-automatic weapon was not needed to subdue the crowd, it was only needed to used against the family and the people on the inside of the house! They brought all the guns in the back door, and hoped that we would never know. ….."

Fox News Network/ CNN 5/1/00 Notes of Mayor Carollo's press conference Freeper Cincinatus' Wife "……. (Both Fox and CNN cut away in the middle, saying they'd let us know if anything important was said....) THEY'D LET US KNOW! The Mayor said this was the hardest news conference he'd ever held. He ran a video of City Manager, Donald Warshaw introducing him at an event with glowing and praise that Mayor Carollo wants to make Miami a better place. Then the Mayor read a letter he had recently written to Warshaw (pre-Elian) that asked him to explain and provide information regarding his (Warshaw's) charging to a credit card $16,775 worth of Panther tickets and his involvement with Ronald Stern, the Chief Financial Officer, under investigation for $1.3 Million stolen from the Miami Police Pension Fund. The Mayor said, in the letter, he wanted receipts and proof that this had been repaid to the pension fund and that if truthful and verifiable proof wasn't forthcoming, that Mr. Warshaw's termination was imminent. On Hannity Friday, the Mayor relayed that one of the players involved in this theft, had committed suicide and left a note regarding pay-offs. I don't remember if it was Ronald Stern. ……… Then Mayor Carollo said he had received word that Donald Warshaw had threatened him and said, if Mayor Carollo fired him he would take the Mayor out. ……."

Freeper Prodigal Daughter "……. I caught the last part of the press conference on local Fox affiliate and Mayor Carollo also read statements from either Chief O'Brien or Warshaw, I believe it was O'Brien, saying that he would not let any Miami police be used for federal taking of Elian. Carollo said this was reported in March 30 article in Miami Herald. We need to find that article. He also said that before he (Carollo) made any statements about not using Miami police for the actual taking of Elian, he first consulted with Warshaw and O'Brien and they were in agreement. Then you have Warshaw and O'Brien going behind his back and Brooks joining INS in their Easter raid of Elian. Disgusting! ......"

WorldNetDaily 4/28/00 David Limbaugh "…..Why are many of us so outraged over Bill Clinton's illegal bodily seizure of Elian Gonzalez? He's grossly abused his power before. He's twisted and broken the law before. He's misused the Justice Department countless times before. Why aren't we numb by now? What distinguishes this act so much that we can't let it go? I believe this Elian issue -- the whole thing, not just the raid -- crystallizes for us all that is repugnant about Bill Clinton and his sordid administration.... The nation is resilient enough to endure and survive his criminal acts. But he's done much more than break the laws. He has also distorted the law and subverted the Constitution to save his skin and serve his political ends. And in the process, he has corrupted everything and everyone around him. ……."

WorldNetDaily 4/28/00 David Limbaugh "…..While most of us regard the Constitution and the law as sacred institutions, as foundations to ordered liberty, Bill Clinton views them as convenient instruments for political manipulation. And this couldn't be more clear in the case of Elian Gonzalez. ... When the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals refused his request to transfer custody of Elian to his putative father he publicly misrepresented the Court's ruling. Then he fabricated a false affidavit to procure an illegal search warrant to justify an illegal and violent raid on someone's home. Then, after further corrupting the Justice Department and the federal officers assigned to do his dirty work, he audaciously claimed that he did it not to break the law, but to uphold it. Bill Clinton has bequeathed us a corruption so pervasive and contagious that it has tainted an entire party -- an entire political ideology. ….."

Sun-Sentinel 4/27/00 Ellis Berger "…..With a dramatic flair that won him ringing cheers and applause Thursday night from an overflow City Hall crowd, Miami Mayor Joe Carollo fired City Manager Donald Warshaw, the man he fought commissioners tooth and nail to put in office two years ago. But whether Warshaw was out was not clear as the night and the meeting wore on. Four of the five commissioners must back the firing within 10 days to make it official. ……. But none seemed prepared to do so Monday, despite the events that brought them to that moment: The emotional frenzy running through the city in the aftermath of Saturday's removal by federal agents of Elián González from his relatives' home in Little Havana. ….."

Sun-Sentinel 4/27/00 Ellis Berger "…..Police Chief William O'Brien, who knew of the raid 12 hours earlier, did not tell Carollo or anyone else outside two or three of his top commanders. One of them, Assistant Chief John Brooks, rode in the van that carried the child away. When Warshaw refused to fire O'Brien, Carollo vowed to fire the manager. Before doing so at Thursday's meeting, attended by about 200 people, Carollo first recited the 23rd Psalm and led the gathering in the Lord's Prayer. Another 500 people milled around outside City Hall in Coconut Grove, cordoned off behind police barricades, chanting "Elián!" and libertad! and waving flags. ……… After asking for a brief recess, Carollo returned to confront his once-trusted associate. "Mr. Warshaw, pursuant to the powers provided in the city charter, I hereby remove you from your position as city manager," he said to more screams and applause. "Your removal is effective as of 5 p.m. May 7." ……"

AP 4/27/00 "…….Only the city manager can fire the police chief, and Warshaw has said he won't do it, setting the stage for the confrontation. The police chief is answerable only to the city manager. The police chief had an hour of advance notice of the 5:15 a.m. raid, but has said he didn't want to tip off the mayor, who unlike O'Brien is Cuban-American and had openly sided with the Cuban boy's Miami relatives. "This was a police issue, not a political issue," O'Brien has said. The mayor is also demanding O'Brien's firing for letting the police department's second in command, Maj. John Brooks, get involved in the raid. Brooks rode in the van that whisked Elian away. Police said that Brooks did so so that other police officers on duty at the house would realize that it was an official action. Officers on the scene had only a moment's notice of the raid. ... Days before the raid, the mayor had declared that Miami police officers would not help federal agents remove the boy from the Little Havana home. ……."

Capitol Hill Blue News/CNS 4/28/00 Jim Burns "……The Law Enforcement Alliance of America, a Washington-based group of over 65,000 members that calls itself a "nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims and concerned citizens united for justice," have begun a petition drive designed to have Janet Reno "fired" as Attorney General of the United States. The petition reads in part, "Attorney General Janet Reno should be immediately removed from office for malfeasance and abuse of power. Janet Reno's infamous 5:00 am raid in the Elian Gonzalez case transcends the issues of custody, revealing a US government willing to invade private homes at gunpoint in violation of Constitutional protections." "Janet Reno's America", according to the petition, "is one where an American President and Vice President are allowed to obstruct justice with the complicity of the top law enforcement officer in the land." "We believe in an America where individual rights are protected from the power of the federal government, and not merely tolerated until the government's patience runs out. We, the undersigned, urge that Janet Reno be fired because her America must be rejected for freedom to stand." ……"

Sarasota Journal 4/27/00 "……."Que pasa Elian?" A little boy looked into our hearts and found us weak, indecisive, self centered and confused. He told us how happy he was to be with us and were embarrassed. We could not look into the boy's eyes. He could see too deeply. We had to remove him so that he could not see our cowardice. When his mother died the violent men she took him away from demanded his return. We hated the relatives who tried to protect him. We hated the voices that cried for freedom from tyranny. …… The gift of freedom that belonged to our ancestors is lost to us. We can not see the grace of freedom. We know only our lust, our greed and our material desires. We did not want to be reminded that we had become hollow shells without spirit or goodness. We could not allow Elian to continue to show us that our lives have no spiritual depth or moral courage. ...... We need not be afraid. We are protected from visions of light. The powers of darkness are firmly in control. They will not batter in our doors. We are not trouble makers. We care only about ourselves……."


Jewish World Review 4/28/00 Don Feder "…….THE COMPETITION is over at last. For years, we wondered what picture would come to symbolize the Clinton era -- the smoldering ruins of Waco, the president's shifty-eyed performance as he lied to a grand jury, the House voting to impeach him, bombs falling on Belgrade? But no, the image that will haunt us more than any other is an immigration storm trooper, in full combat gear, standing in the Lazaro Gonzalez home, pointing a submachine gun at the man holding a terrified Elian. A runner-up would have to be the photo of the child carried screaming from the house in the arms of a furious female agent. After waiting so long, why did they nab the kid now? Because when they're losing, the Clinton thugs get desperate. Last week, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against them on every count. It held that Elian cannot be taken from this country while his appeal is pending. Rejecting the administration's position, the court tentatively concluded that a 6-year-old can apply for political asylum and that the INS should take his wishes into account. ……"

Jewish World Review 4/28/00 Cal Thomas "…….WHEN THE FOUNDERS decided to offer First Amendment protection to the press, they reasonably expected journalists would serve as a watchdog on government. Today's media have abandoned the watchdog role, becoming a lap dogs to this administration. Coverage of the Elian Gonzalez affair again demonstrates the personal and ideologically driven agenda of the big media. From the way reporters referred to the dictator and violator of human rights as "President'' Fidel Castro (did I miss an election that earned him the same title as a president of the United States?), to the blatant editorializing they no longer try to hide, the big media bought the Castro-Clinton-Reno line, while joining them in demonizing the Cuban-Americans who do not enjoy the luxury of having been born into freedom, but had to earn it by risking their lives to escape a totalitarian regime. Reading Castro's remarks in the official Cuban communist newspaper, Granma Internacional, is like listening to any number of American reporters and anchors who parroted the Castro line. Castro said Elian Gonzalez had no right to request asylum. That's what most American media people and the "experts'' they chose to interview said. Castro called the Miami Cubans "Mafia'' and suggested they had kidnapped Elian. The demonization of the Miami relatives and Little Havana ("drunks,'' "unemployed,'' "violent'' were just some of the smears directed against them) was practiced by Castro and the U.S. media. All of the networks were bad (except Fox News Channel, on which I sometimes appear, which lived up to its claim of being "fair and balanced''), but the C's in the broadcast and CNN networks could easily stand for Castro. ……"

Wasington Post 4/28/00 Karen DeYoung "……."Immigration and Naturalization Service agents" charged with "setting up and executing the seizure of Elian Gonzalez" had "identified as many as two dozen potentially armed individuals--many known to have concealed weapons permits and criminal records" --around his Miami home who "agents believed were prepared to thwart any government operation," INS officials said yesterday. All of those individuals, the officials said, were involved in a structured security system designed to prevent Elian's removal from his relatives. They said the system included a five-man contingent of bodyguards around the family itself, one of whom had been seen by a government informer carrying a gun inside the Gonzalez house. These revelations were part of a concerted effort by the government yesterday to justify the level of INS force and weaponry used in the operation. Republican members of Congress have described the agents as "jack-booted thugs" and "storm troopers" and charged that unwarranted combat tactics were used against a defenseless family and a largely docile crowd of innocent demonstrators outside. ……."

[Flashback] The Seattle Times Company 12/17/98 "……President Clinton said in his televised address to the nation last night that by striking Iraq now, U.S. and British forces avoided a military action during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which will begin this weekend. "For us to initiate military action during Ramadan would be profoundly offensive to the Muslim world and, therefore, would damage our relations with Arab countries and the progress we have made in the Middle East," said Clinton, who throughout his presidency has declared his respect for Islam and has sought to convince Muslims that U.S. hostility to Iraq and Iran was not about religion. ……"


The Rape of Lady Liberty 4/26/00 Jennifer King "…….. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects - against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. ……….. Isn't it ironic. Those who protested the Vietnam War and mourned for the students killed by the National Guard at Kent State are now in charge. And they exhibit more fascist thuggery and disrespect for the Constitution than has any generation which preceeded them. Before the Feds burst through the door of the home in Little Havana, they knocked down NBC cameraman Tony Zumbago. Severing cables after butting him in the solar plexis, they informed him that there would be no video footage today. Didn't want to risk a "Rodney King" doncha know. ……. Cameramen had been shooed away. In case they missed any, Castro's lawyer Greg Craig sent out a letter asking the media not to show any images from the raid. The Clinton Administration didn't want any record of what was to follow. ……. First, riot-gear clad thugs threw tear gas into the unarmed crowd. Without knocking, they busted down the door of the tiny Gonzalez home, knocked over a statue of the Virgin Mary, rifle-butted a couple of the relatives and held two others, including a 5 year old cousin, at gunpoint....... The boy's surrogate mother, Marisleysis, screamed at them to stop - she would get the boy, but she didn't want him exposed any more horror. ….."

Associated Press 4/27/00 Justin Bachman "…..A federal appeals court Thursday denied a request by Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives to visit him and declined to appoint a guardian for the boy other than his father. But the court still kept the relatives' appeal alive. It put off a decision on the father's request that he be substituted for Elian's great-uncle as the boy's representative in the case. Such a move would allow the father to drop the appeal. The court told the father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, that he could intervene -- but the judges also said they would not consider whether to remove the great-uncle from the case until May 11, when arguments in the relatives' appeal are scheduled to be heard……." 4/27/00 Rachel La Corte AP "…..Miami Mayor Joe Carollo fired the city manager Thursday, just days after he demanded the man dismiss the police chief for failing to warn the mayor about the raid to seize Elian Gonzalez. Carollo had asked City Manager Donald Warshaw to fire Police Chief William O'Brien, saying he ``lost all confidence'' in the chief for not telling him that federal agents were about to raid the Gonzalez household early Saturday. Warshaw refused. Carollo insisted Thursday that Warshaw's firing had nothing to do with ``little Elian.'' Carollo said Warshaw has been criticizing him, lying and trying to turn department heads against him. The seizure of the 6-year-old Cuban boy has plunged City Hall into political turmoil. Only the city manager can fire the police chief, and Warshaw's refusal set the stage for the confrontation at a City Commission meeting Thursday night. Warshaw, who preceded O'Brien as chief, shook his head with a look of disgust as Carollo spoke. The city commission can overturn Carollo's decision if four out of five commissioners vote to do so. ….."

AP 4/27/00 "…..George W. Bush said Thursday that, if elected, he would make the decision -- not his attorney general -- in cases such as the fate of Elian Gonzalez that are a matter of ''national conscience.'' ''I would rely upon the advice of those who are fully involved in the case, but this seems like a decision that would have risen to the Oval Office to me,'' Bush said of reuniting the Cuban boy with his father...." 4/27/00 I. J. Toby Westerman "…….Cuban President Fidel Castro has declared that the case of Elian Gonzalez "is a lesson," and that in the future communist Cuba will actively seek to mold public opinion in the United States, according to official Cuban sources. "This is a lesson for us ... public opinion [in the United States] deserves much more consideration and should be taken into account," declared the Cuban dictator. "For me," said Castro, " there have been two important moments in which public opinion has played a key role -- during the Vietnam war, and in the case of Elian Gonzalez." Castro's remarks were reported by Radio Habana Cuba, the official broadcasting service of the Cuban government. Castro's intention to give "much more consideration" to American public opinion received little acknowledgment in the establishment media in the U.S. ……"

NewsMax 4/27/00 "…….Florida Governor Jeb Bush should convene a grand jury and attempt to indict Attorney General Janet Reno for Saturday's gunpoint abduction of six-year-old Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez. That's the opinion of former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano, who made the shocking assertion Thursday night on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes. Arguing that the Justice Department had gone far beyond what the law allowed in the Gonzalez case, Napolitano told Fox: "The search warrant was unlawful. The seizure of the boy was in direct violation of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. And Jeb Bush should go before a grand jury in Florida and ask that Janet Reno be indicted for kidnapping." Since last Saturday's pre-dawn raid, Napolitano has become one of Reno's more outspoken legal critics. On Wednesday he penned a forceful op-ed piece for The Wall Street Journal entitled, "Reno's Raid Was Based on Tissue of Lies." ………"

NewsMax 4/27/00 "…….Noting that the INS appointed Elian's great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez to be the boy's legal guardian and that Lazaro has already applied for Elian's asylum, Ponte wrote: "As veteran Judge Andrew Napolitano has observed, under federal law and INS regulations, once such an asylum claim is filed, the INS and Justice Department lose all power to remove the original guardian. If they could do this, the government could deny any asylum application a fair hearing merely by assigning a new and unfriendly guardian to his case." If the judge's argument turns out to be legally sound, it could have devastating implications for the Clinton administration. For instance, it would make the Justice Department's gunpoint abduction of Elian a gross violation of the law and perhaps provide the foundation for the kidnapping indictment Napolitano envisions. …… The former Superior Court Judge, who now teaches constitutional law at Seton Hall Law School, made the same case Wednesday on Sean Hannity's New York radio show: "The federal court had already ruled that (Elian) was lawfully in the house. Why? Because the INS chose Lazaro as the guardian. And the INS designated the place for the boy to live -- in Lazaro's house. Now the INS attempted to change that. But they made the mistake of attempting to change the idenitity of the guardian and the place of the boy's residence after the application for asylum was made. …." 4/27/00 Carl Limbacher "…….On its Thursday front page, the Washington Post has a field day trashing Donato Dalrymple, the man who pulled Elian Gonzalez from the Atlantic last Thanksgiving. Among other selected tidbits, the Post quotes his cousin Sam Ciancio, who dived into the water last Thanksgiving to pull Elian from his inner tube and guide the boy into Dalrymple's waiting arms. According to what Ciancio told the paper, Dalrymple kept changing his mind about what should happen to Elian. "He said it to me. He'll flip positions as many times as necessary to get on television and stay in good graces with the relatives." ……..After Elian's two rescuers traveled to D.C. earlier this month to meet Juan Miguel Gonzalez, their differences grew apparent. Dalrymple became an even stronger advocate for the boy's continued U.S. residency, while Ciancio told reporters he thought that Elian's dad should be allowed to take him back to Cuba. ……"

AP 4/26/00 John Rice "…..A delegation of Texas farmers, led by a congressman, ended a three-day visit to Cuba on Wednesday with a call for Congress to lift the embargo on food and medicine sales to the communist island. "With regard to Cuba, we feel the embargo has failed in spectacular fashion," said Donald Patman, president of the Texas Farm Bureau, at a news conference. "Texas farmers and ranchers could easily and profitably supply many of the products both used and needed here in Cuba." ……." 4/27/00 Jim Burns "……The Law Enforcement Alliance of America, a Washington-based group of over 65,000 members that calls itself a "nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims and concerned citizens united for justice," have begun a petition drive designed to have Janet Reno "fired" as Attorney General of the United States. The petition reads in part, "Attorney General Janet Reno should be immediately removed from office for malfeasance and abuse of power. Janet Reno's infamous 5:00 am raid in the Elian Gonzalez case transcends the issues of custody, revealing a US government willing to invade private homes at gunpoint in violation of Constitutional protections." "Janet Reno's America", according to the petition, "is one where an American President and Vice President are allowed to obstruct justice with the complicity of the top law enforcement officer in the land."……."

Reuters 4/27/00 "…….. U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno gave an emotional defense on Thursday of the raid to get Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez, describing how a couch had been shoved against a door to try to stop federal agents from entering the house of his Miami relatives. Reno, who gave the go-ahead to the predawn raid to seize the 6-year-old boy at the center of an international custody fight, said the agents had no choice but to batter down the front door to enter the house on Saturday. "People tried to throw ropes around the agents as they went into the house and obstruct their entry into the house. A couch was pushed up against the door to limit entry into the house," she told her weekly news conference. ……Justice Department officials later said the Cuban Americans outside the house held television cables, not ropes. Right before the raid began, the front door slammed shut, was locked from the inside and a sofa was placed against it, they said. ……"

Reuters 4/27/00 "…….. Reno, who ordered the raid to reunite Elian with his Cuban father after the Miami relatives had refused to surrender the boy, had tears well up in her eyes as she recalled what went through her mind as she made her final decision. "How he (Elian) would feel suddenly being put in the arms of a stranger? What would he think, how frightened would he be? And I kept thinking, I wish that I could see him when his daddy gets on the plane," she said, referring to the government aircraft that brought Elian to the Washington area. …….."

Source: Conservative News 4/27/00 Jim Burns "……The American Civil Liberties Union, saying it is "troubled" by the use of "a heavily armed SWAT team with guns drawn," is demanding that Attorney General Janet Reno show why such force was needed to remove Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives last Saturday. "If the Attorney General had reason to believe that such a degree of force was necessary, she should present that evidence to the American people without delay," said ACLU National Executive Director Ira Glasser in a statement. "Without question, law enforcement officers have a right to protect themselves. But in the wake of tragic incidents in which the use of excessive police force has resulted in unnecessary injuries or deaths, the Justice Department must explain to the American people why the degree of force displayed in this situation was warranted." According to Glasser, "The ACLU also has argued that the federal courts must have jurisdiction to review Immigration and Naturalization Service decisions on asylum applications." ……"

Mobile Register 4/27/00 "…….In the interest of balance, the Register's generally conservative editorial board turns over some space to two of the most liberal figures in the American legal world, both reliable allies of President Bill Clinton on almost every issue…... First, from Harvard law scholar Laurence Tribe: "I think it was a direct violation of the constitutional rights of the family whose home was invaded and of the child who was forcibly taken. ... No judge or neutral magistrate had issued the type of warrant or other authority needed for the executive branch to break into the home to seize the child. "The agency had no more right to do so than any parent who has been awarded custody would have a right to break and enter for such a purpose. Indeed, the INS had not even secured a judicial order, as opposed to a judicially unreviewed administrative one, compelling the Miami relatives to turn Elian over. The Justice Department points out that the agents who stormed the Miami home were armed not only with guns but with a search warrant. But it was not a warrant to seize the child. Elian was not lost, and it is a semantic sleight of hand to compare his forcible removal to the seizure of evidence, which is what a search warrant is for. ... "Ms. Reno's decision to take the law as well as the child into her own hands seems worse than a political blunder. Even if well-intended, her decision strikes at the heart of constitutional government and shakes the safeguards of liberty." ......"

Mobile Register 4/27/00 "…….ow here's famed liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz, also noting that the Justice Department never produced a court order: "I have a reason why they didn't go for a court order. They didn't go for a court order because they knew they couldn't get one. ... They Reno and the INS- acted lawlessly. They couldn't get one because the 11th Circuit had already turned down their request for a court order." ….."

Mobile Register 4/27/00 "……. Here's a fairly conservative former judge and law professor, Grover Rees, who served as general counsel for the INS from 1991-93. Yes, he was once the top lawyer for the agency whose agents seized Elian Gonzalez at gunpoint. "Last week, however, the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals delivered a stunning rebuke to the Justice Department, strongly suggesting that ... the department had mishandled the asylum case. ... Ms. Reno- dispensed with an immigration hearing that might have shed light on the extent to which the father, rather than the Cuban government, would actually exercise custody over Elian. ... "So when Ms. Reno says 'the law' requires Elian to be returned to his father and then to Cuba, she means nothing more than her own subjective judgment, conducted after an informal fact-finding process that consisted primarily of two interviews conducted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service with the father in Cuba. ……. "If this case had involved a 6-year-old West African girl whose mother had died coming to the U.S., and whose American relatives said she would be subject to ritual genital mutilation if sent back to her noncustodial father, it is hard to imagine Ms. Reno sending the girl back without an asylum hearing - much less sending 151 agents with semi-automatic weapons to effect the transfer."

AP 4/27/00 "…….A federal appeals court today denied a request by Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez for visits with him or for an outside guardian. The court accepted instead the government's offer of regular reports from a psychiatrist and a social worker. In a brief order, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta denied a series of requests from the 6-year-old Cuban boy's great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez, whose family cared for Elian for five months until federal agents returned him to his father on Saturday……."

MSNBC local Miami 4/21/00 "…..One of South Florida's powerful Jewish leaders gave support on Friday to Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives and their efforts to keep the six-year-old boy in the United States. Mothers Against Repression, often seen praying outside the Little Havana home, read a letter to protestors Friday morning addresses to the group by Norman Braman. Rosa de la Cruz reads Brahman's letter to other members of Mothers Against Repression and protestors. "We Jews must emphasize with and provide whatever support we can to Elian's courageous Miami relatives, who have elected to peaceable confront the Clinton administration and its interpretation of our immigration laws. To do otherwise would be to forget our own heritage," said Braman's letter. The letter comes after concern had been expressed from some segments of Miami's Jewish community over an Israeli flag being flown over Elian's Miami home. "I am so grateful to Norman Braman for doing this. I am extremely grateful and all the community is grateful," said Rosa de la Cruz, a member of Mothers Against Repression. ......" 4/27/00 Stephan Archer "……Fidel Castro oversees one of the most repressive regimes in the world - a regime that has consistently jailed and persecuted journalists. The American press, in all of their coverage of the Elian controversy, hasn't noted that in Cuba there has been no controversy over the case - because Castro won't allow it. In Cuba, the constitution hands control of the press over to the Communist Party. Freedom of speech and the press is recognized "in accordance with the goals of the socialist society." Official news is reported over state-controlled television, radio, or Granma, the Communist Party newspaper. The Castro regime has focused its police agencies to stamp out what was a growing and vibrant community of independent journalists. Last year, one group of freedom-loving reporters was dissolved after a crackdown by Castro's security services. During the crackdown some reporters were threatened by state security officers, beaten outright or thrown into jail. ……"

Source: National Review online 4/27/00 Mike Potemra "…… If someone raises a politically inconvenient question, he or she might be attacked for practicing "the politics of personal destruction." That this argument is abused in order to tarnish innocent people, however, doesn't mean that "the politics of personal destruction" is just a chimera of political rhetoric. It really exists; look at another story on page one of today's Post, and you'll see what I mean. A long profile of the guy who fished Elian Gonzalez out of the water traps him in trivial lies about how many times he's been married, airs rumors about his love life, and repeats attacks on him by a relative who calls him a "phony" and "a Kato Kaelin type." ...... Remember now: This is just an ordinary guy whose only claim to fame is saving a little kid, and becoming tangled up on one side of one political issue. Why on earth is any dirty laundry of his - whether it be true or false - a matter that deserves public airing? But this is what the attack machinery does: If some person gets involved in a political controversy, he or she becomes fair game for this vicious process; and this article about the fisherman shows how despicable the process can be. .........:

Miami Herald 4/26/00 Anne Martinez Truong Phuoc Khanh "…….After Saturday's raid to snatch Elian Gonzalez from the Little Havana home of his relatives, tensions ran particularly high within Silicon Valley's Vietnamese-American community, one of the few immigrant enclaves outside of Miami that share such a vehement anti-communist belief. They speak different languages, eat different foods and often follow different faiths. But when it comes to politics, Cuban Americans have more in common with Vietnamese exiles than their Hispanic brethren...." 4/27/00 "…….The following text is from a letter written by Gregory Craig and faxed to major networks on the Friday night before the Saturday raid in Miami. Janet Reno has claimed she ordered the raid only as a last resort. Craig's letter suggests the raid was in fact imminent as of the night before. Please note the fax machine time-and-date stamp at the top of the letter. Letter follows:
April 20, 2000
[addressed to major media outlets]
I am writing on behalf of Mr. Juan Miguel Gonzalez. ……..
We have read news reports that the house in Miami where Juan Miguel's son is being held is being "wired" for full camera coverage of any effort by federal authorities to take Elian Gonzalez into custody. I am writing to ask that you please refrain from broadcasting any such coverage.
As you know, Elian Gonzalez is only six years old. His father is the only person who has the legal and moral authority to speak on his behalf. He does not consent to this kind of exploitative television coverage of his child and respectfully requests you not to participate in or use any such coverage. ………
We appeal to your humanity and to your decency to resist the invitation from Lazaro Gonzalez and others in Miami to further exploit this young boy. ……
We recognize that if one network accepts this kind of coverage, all networks would feel obliged to do an (sic). For that reason, we would urge you to consult with each other and to agree among yourselves that this is a line that need not be crossed in order to inform the public. ……"

San Jose Mercury News 4/27/00 James Pinkerton "…….THE elite media are so eager to see Elián González returned to Cuba that they will not only slant their coverage of the story, but even forfeit their First Amendment right to cover it fully. By any fair reckoning, the most important image coming out of Saturday was the Associated Press photograph of the armed and armored immigration agent seizing Elián inside the González household in Miami. Indeed, many media outlets ran it prominently, often alongside the photo, taken later that day, of Elián together with his father in Maryland. But even as early as Saturday afternoon, CNN anchor Gene Randall worried aloud that the AP photo was getting too much play. As if to assuage Randall, the New York Times couldn't fit the picture on the front page of its Sunday later editions, and on Monday, none of the three major news magazines used it for the cover. But the most remarkable act of restraint came from NBC. It had a cameraman, too, on the scene in Miami on Saturday morning. Yet that cameraman, Tony Zumbado, was unable to film because he was stopped from doing so by federal enforcers. ``We got Maced, we got kicked, we got roughed up,'' Zumbado said of himself and his sound man. Zumbado's words were reported on NBC's own air, and in many print venues. …….. So where's the outrage at this blatant act of media-bashing and story-stifling? Not only was a journalist prevented from doing his First Amendment-protected job, but he was physically assaulted. What would have been the reaction if an NBC camera crew had been beaten up by Justice Department agents acting on orders from, say, Reagan-era Attorney General Ed Meese? Every dean of a school of communications in the country would be denouncing ``police brutality'' and ``Orwellian tactics.'' ......" 4/27/00 "……..Elian Gonzalez now says that he wants to go back to Cuba with his father, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Gonzalez made the startling comments in the presence of American and Cuban officials on Wednesday in Maryland, according to a legal source directly involved in the case. "He loves his father, and his father wants him to return to Cuba. And Elian wants to please his father," said the source. "No court can break the bond between a father and his son." Juan Miguel Gonzalez asked an appeals court on Wednesday in an emergency petition for the sole right to speak for his child. At the White House, the president has told his advisers that the decision on where the boy should live must, in the end, be decided by the boy's father. ……"

Orlando Sentinel 4/27/00 John Rice "…….Cuban President Fidel Castro says if his agents had raided a house to retrieve Elian Gonzalez, they would have gone unarmed -- though he refused to directly criticize U.S. officials for using guns. "You can see obviously that the people were well-trained," Castro said Wednesday, referring to photos of the raid Saturday that took the 6-year-old child from the Miami house of his great-uncle. "They did it well." He noted that U.S. officials used weapons in Saturday's raid because of reports that there might be weapons in or near the house. But in Cuba, he said, "we do it with unarmed people. That is within our idiosyncrasy and our habit that one has to risk one's life." He said Cuban border guards were trained to board vessels unarmed. …….."

Chicago Tribune 4/27/00 Nevtali Bendavid "…….As Republicans prepare for hearings on the raid that whisked 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez from Miami, they also are focusing on a surprising target: Gregory Craig, the lawyer for Elian's father, who was an outspoken attorney for President Clinton during his impeachment trial. Some Republicans suggest that might have biased the administration toward the father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, or even created an inappropriate "back channel" to Atty. Gen. Janet Reno. "It appeared that attorney Greg Craig was very much involved, and as perhaps he should be, but that he even had veto authority over the agreements or agreement that might be reached," Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) said this week. ………. The accusations against Craig are sure to focus more attention on a lawyer who has played a highly visible role in two of the more explosive recent national dramas: the Monica Lewinsky matter and the Gonzalez case. …….. The United Methodist Church says it views representing Gonzalez as a humanitarian act and is paying for Craig's service through a special fund that accepts contributions from church members and others. The fund is administered by the National Council of Churches, an umbrella group to which the Methodist Church belongs. "The churches saw a need here and stepped in," said Carol Fouke, spokeswoman for the National Council of Churches. "The conspiracy thing sounds totally preposterous to me. It sounds really crazy." ......"

Jewish World Review 4/27/00 Thomas Sowell "……AFTER THE SEIZURE of Elian Gonzalez by heavily armed marshals in the early hours of the morning, the spin from the Clinton administration -- echoed by CNN and CBS -- was that Elian was now reunited with his father. But, even before this raid was launched, the Cuban government itself revealed that Elian is destined to go to a special place being prepared for him in Havana -- not in Cardenas, where his father lives. There will of course be photo ops of father and son together and such other staged events as the Castro regime may find politically useful but, in the end, Elian will be sequestered in his own little re-education camp in Havana. There, with a dozen of his classmates and such other personnel as are necessary for this operation, he will undergo reorientation toward the views that the Communist government wants him to express. None of this is new. The Soviets did it more than half a century ago. The Chinese Communists called it "brainwashing." But Eric Hoffer said it better when he called it "soul raping." Why the classmates? Anyone familiar with the process of brainwashing knows that confronting the targeted individual in the presence of people he knows is part of that process. If we want to talk sense, rather than repeat political spin, then we are talking about Elian Gonzalez being returned to Castro, not to his father. ......"

NewsMax 4/26/00 Carl Limbacher "……Freelance NBC cameraman Tony Zumbado has been hospitalized as a result of injuries sustained when agents for the INS and Border Patrol beat him and his soundman, Gustavo Moller, as they were trying to film the Clinton administration's gunpoint abduction of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez. Zumbado was the scene's designated pool reporter, whose video footage from inside the Gonzalez home was to be fed to all major broadcast and cable television networks. But the beating by gun-toting federal agents left both Zumbado and Moller incapacitated for the duration of the three-minute raid, depriving television audiences around the world of live video coverage of the dramatic confrontation. ….."

Capital Hill Blues 4/27/00 Ann Coulter "…….Let's just consider the initial presumption that a father gets custody of his son. The law is indeed clear, at least to this extent: That "law" refers only to legitimate children. …….. Elian is Juan Miguel Gonzalez's illegitimate son. Elian was neither born nor conceived when Juan Miguel was married to his mother. Nor did the father ever rectify Elian's bastardy. According to The New York Times, Elian's parents were divorced in May 1991; Elian was born on Dec. 6, 1993. The woman with whom Elian has been forcibly reunited is not, as she is called, his "stepmother." She is the woman now married to the man who knocked-up Elian's unwed mother. ………. Consequently, even if Elian's mother had taken him from, say, Indiana to Florida and died on the way, the father back in Indiana would not necessarily be awarded custody. Indeed, at common law, fathers had absolutely no rights with respect to any children they bore out of wedlock. Of course, we've come a long way since marriage was considered a consequential institution. But still: Even in swinging, post-sexual revolution America, a father's legal rights to an illegitimate child remains a highly contentious, and prodigiously litigated, matter. ……. The Supreme Court last weighed in on the legal rights of unwed fathers in 1989 when it cut off all of the father's rights to his child, including visitation. The court did so without consideration of the father's fitness as a parent. So first of all, it is not "the law" that the biological father of a child, unmarried to the mother when the child was born, is automatically entitled to so much as visitation rights -- much less custody. …….. If Elian's case were a simple domestic custody case, Florida courts would decide the matter, and Florida takes an especially dim view of the legal prerogatives of fathers who sire illegitimate children. Just last year, a Florida appellate court described the rights of an unwed father to his biological child as "a mere inchoate right to establish legal fatherhood." …….."

Media Research Center 4/25/00 L Brent Bozell "…….I ran into an old friend recently, a foreign policy expert who has spent much time in recent years in the former Soviet Union and China. "The next administration will be sorely tested," he told me. "Our enemies want to know if our lack of resolve is just Clinton's ineptness or indicative of America's decline." No need to test us. That our government could do what it did to Elian, and that anyone could defend this atrocity tells me our nation has lost its identity. Land of the Free? Not anymore………. No, what really shocks is the reaction of so many national pundits, in the name of objective news analysis, attempting to justify this barbaric action. For months there has been a steady drumbeat of negative press about the Cuban-American community, at times dismissive, sometimes openly hostile. These were just "angry demonstrators," a "mob" turning Miami into a "banana republic." And that was that.......,, Now that it's over, it's time for damage control, and those same reporters are gracing our television sets, or putting pen to paper to spin, spin, spin. We hear on ABC's Good Morning America how an emotional Reno "wept" because "she did not want this to happen." NBC trots out a professor from Tufts University to tell us that the moon really is made out of Swiss cheese: "I think the [Miami] family has really abused this child," to which Katie Couric concurs, "Because we forget the impact all these protestors treating him like some kind of saint is having as well. That must be confusing for a little boy."......... Over on CBS, Bryant Gumbel declares that "the Miami relatives never, never, ever recognized the right of the father to have custody of the boy," a line flatly contradicted by one of the negotiators who maintains the Miami family had done precisely that hours before the raid. Back at NBC again, we see reporter Jim Avila shamelessly carrying Castro's water as he files one report after another, including a feature on the boy's grandparents. "They started the fight for Elian," begins the propaganda piece. "Energized an island. Went to the United States in a failed mission to bring him back. And now that father and son have been reunited they walk triumphantly through the Gonzalez family home town." Avila reports that one "says Elian finally sounds happy."......"

Miami Herald 4/27/00 "….Gregory Craig said he told federal officials Friday night that Juan Miguel Gonzalez would go to Miami to demand Elian. Hours before Border Patrol agents snatched Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives, an ``angry'' and ``frustrated'' Juan Miguel Gonzalez was ready to come to Miami and demand that his Miami relatives give him his son, attorney Gregory Craig said. ``He had concluded that the only thing left for us to do was to travel to Miami, go to Lazaro's house, knock on the door and ask for his son,'' Craig said. Craig said that he told the Justice Department on Friday night that Juan Miguel was willing to make the trip to the Little Havana home of Elian's great uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez. ……."'s Conservative Politics 4/27/00 Ted Gausmann "…….Even though he was unwilling to admit it at the post-raid press briefing, President Clinton was ultimately responsible for approving the military-style assault that removed Elian Gonzalez from his U.S. home in Miami. Any disapproval from the president during one of several pre-raid status briefings would have halted the operation. Instead, he chose to dust off the Clinton-Gore Handbook for Conflict Resolution (Copyright 1999, Albright and Company, Kosovo) and apply the lessons learned in the air war against Serbia to the Administration's dealings with Elian's Miami relatives. Here are ten guidelines from the Handbook common to both operations:
1) Demonize the "enemy" by spreading negative personal information and using speculative, long-distance psychological analysis.
2) Feign serious negotiations while planning the initial attack.
3) Support those individuals and groups who align themselves with communists.
4) When possible, attack at night using overwhelming force.
5) Claim humanitarian motives for initiating violent assaults.
6) Put innocent civilians at grave and unnecessary risk.
7) Offend Christians with attacks over Easter weekend.
8) Deny mistakes, wrongdoing, or heavy-handed tactics until embarrassing photographic evidence contradicts the party line.
9) Attempt to stifle media reporting of any aspects of the story that may reflect poorly on the Administration.
10) Hide the President behind the skirt of a female cabinet member, giving her the responsibility (and blame) for policy decisions. ……"

WorldNetDaily 4/27/00 Tanya Metaksa "……On the heels of the Clinton administration's playing up of the first anniversary of the tragedy at Columbine High School in Colorado, they gave the American people first-hand instruction in the art of violence reduction by pointing automatic weapons at a 6-year-old boy in Little Havana, Fla. This administration is following the fallacious maxim, "do as I say, not as I do." ……. Most parents understand that their children learn by example, not by a lot of talk. We have been lectured by the media and by sycophants of the Clintons to reject violence and guns as evil instruments. They say, "guns are evil, let's ban them all." They sponsor gun buy-backs, they sponsor legislation to put locks on guns, and they sponsor public relations campaigns to portray law-abiding gun owners as evil. …….. Then INS agents garbed in black armor break down the doors of a peaceful family who is at that moment, 5 a.m. on Easter Saturday, still negotiating with the attorney general of the United States and point fully automatic firearms at the inhabitants. They scream, "give me the boy, or I'll shoot you." interspersed with other violent and vulgar epithets: a scene that should give every American pause. The scene and the picture are etched in my mind: a picture of a government completely out of control. …….. Yet, the Internet portal Excite ran a poll on Monday, April 24, 2000, and Tuesday, April 25, 2000, asking online respondents whether they "approved of the action taken by the government to remove Elian Gonzalez from his relatives' home in Miami?" The results were a shocking 62 percent Yes and 35 percent No. ……. Those numbers remind me of Senator Bob Dole's rhetorical question during the last days of the 1996 Presidential election, "Where's the outrage?" Is this nation incapable of outrage over acts of violence without being told what and how to think by the media? ….."

New York Post 4/27/00 Deborah Orin "…….IN THE Senate, Democrat Bob Graham of Florida is seen as a careful, methodical centrist who keeps his word and is respected by both parties. Hardly the universal view of President Clinton. So it was pretty telling when Graham charged that Clinton made - and broke - a personal pledge to him that there'd be no nighttime grab of Elian Gonzalez. The White House denies this, but guess who most Democrats think is telling the truth - Graham or Clinton? Graham says he asked for a no-night-raid pledge and Clinton told him: "We can do that." Maybe, in Clinton-speak, that really means: "We can - but we won't." Cute, huh? But Graham's stunning accusation that his president is a liar caused barely a ripple among other Democrats, even though Graham is (or was) a top 2000 veep prospect. ……."Clinton is a lame duck and, anyway, we're now sort of desensitized to the sort of charges that, pre-Clinton, would have shocked us," says one Senate Democratic aide. Graham's outrage shows the Elian Factor is really hot in Florida politics - even if it turns out to be a wash politically in the rest of the country. ….."

Newsmax4/26/00 John LeBoutillier "…….Despite widespread pessimism among those who want Elian to remain a free human being in a free country, I remain quite hopeful that Elian will win the battle to stay in America. Here is why:
1) The national news media is hopelessly biased in favor of Castro and Clinton.
2) The only political 'check' on the Clinton administration - the Republican Party - has been AWOL on this issue since Elian was fished out of the water on Thanksgiving.
3) The issue has evolved into a typical People magazine human-interest story: "Boy lost at sea reunited with Dad."
4) Many, many Americans - despite what they would admit - have a racist view on Elian. I wonder, if Elian was a little blond boy from Minnesota, would so many Americans be so dismissive of the entire affair?
5) The "heat" and passion surrounding this issue will cool now.
6) The addition on Monday of Miami lawyer Richard Sharpstein to the Miami family's legal team will be the single biggest development of this matter. Sharpstein will soon emerge as the hottest new lawyer in the country. …….. We now are about to see the Elian case through a new lens. The entire matter is now going to be determined in the worst venue for Clinton, in court. …….. Clinton may be able to manipulate a compliant news media and an ignorant public, but he cannot and will not be able to pull his shenanigans on eleven federal judges, none of whom will ever need Clinton for anything - and most of whom deplore his lawless conduct as president. ….."

USA Today 4/27/00 Jack Kelley "……Despite the polarizing rhetoric, the bitter custody battle over Elian Gonzalez appears to have brought the United States and Cuba closer together politically and even raised expectations of a softening of the 38-year-old U.S. trade embargo. ''Suddenly the U.S. and Cuban governments are on the same side of an issue,'' says Wayne Smith, who led the U.S. Special Interests section in Havana from 1979 to 1982. ''They both want the boy returned to his father...."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 4/27/00 Jo Mannies "……Former Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner Gene McNary of Ladue says the Elian Gonzalez case "was mishandled from the beginning." McNary, a Republican, headed the agency under President George Bush. He says Attorney General Janet Reno could have avoided the scene Saturday - where armed agents stormed the house and took the boy - by simply seeking a court order requiring the Miami relatives to produce Elian in court. He's confident the family would have complied, since they were using the courts in their own bid to retain the boy. McNary also believes that the matter no longer was an INS issue after the federal appeals court ruled last week that the boy couldn't be deported. ……"

Massachusetts News 4/27/00 "……Janet Reno Did Not Follow the 'Rule of Law' Read the Court Opinion and Decide for Yourself What the U.S. Court of Appeals Said "[N]ever have INS officials attempted to interview Plaintiff [Elian] about his own wishes....It does not appear that the INS ever spoke to or interviewed Plaintiff [Elian] before making this determination." INS' own regulations require that it should have interviewed Elian. ……… "The [INS] Guidelines provide asylum officers with information about how to talk to and interview a young child about his asylum application. The Guidelines repeatedly stress that the kind of questions which should be asked and the kind of answers which should be expected varies according to the age of the applicant and that special care should be taken when interviewing young children. The Guidelines also say that 'Asylum Officers should not assume that a child cannot have an asylum claim independent of the parents...'" INS' regulations even instruct its officials on how to interview children. …….. "

Massachusetts News 4/27/00 "……The INS did not follow the law when Janet Reno decided that the father is the only proper person for it to choose. "Even if the INS is correct that Plaintiff needs an adult, legal representative for his asylum application, it is not clear that the INS, in finding Plaintiff's father to be the only proper representative, considered all of the relevant facts - particularly the child's separate and independent interests in seeking asylum....It does not appear that the INS ever spoke to or interviewed Plaintiff before making this determination." ......"

Massachusetts News 4/27/00 "……This Court will not grant INS' request that custody be given to the father and it is anticipated that the boy will stay in Miami until an expedited hearing is held before this Court during the week of May 8 -- unless the INS agrees to the arbitration procedures available in the Court and a change in custody is agreed upon by the parties, i.e., Elian and the INS. "The INS, in its response to Plaintiff's motion, said it would consent to an injunction requiring the INS to bar Plaintiff's departure from the United States if this Court also entered an order directing Lazaro Gonzalez to present Plaintiff to the INS, as directed by the INS, for transfer of care to Plaintiff's father. We decline to proceed in that manner.... "To decide Plaintiff's motion and to preserve his right to a day in court, we need only address the issue of Plaintiff's removal from the country. We need not decide where or in whose custody Plaintiff should remain while this appeal is pending. This Order only prevents Plaintiff's removal from this country....Plaintiff, in his reply brief, requested that this Court order mediation in this case. Although we may direct the parties to participate in mediation...we choose not to do so at this time. Nevertheless, we encourage the parties to avail themselves voluntarily of this Court's mediation services." ……." 4/27/00 Carl Limbacher "…….Lawyers representing Elian Gonzalez and his Miami relatives are considering asking the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta to find Attorney General Janet Reno in contempt of court for violating its order last week which denied her motion to transfer custody of the boy to his reputed biological father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez. The reasoning for asking the court to hold Reno in contempt would go something like this: Reno was told no transfer was going to be authorized by the court, but she went ahead and took the boy anyway - by force. ……"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 4/27/00 "…….2) Sans rebuttal CBS's Byron Pitts relayed the INS psychiatrist's analysis of Elian, how he "was not traumatized during Saturday's raid." ABC's Linda Douglass remarked how Elian "likes to cuddle" with his father, but at least noted a retort from Cuban-Americans. NBC's Jim Avila promoted Cuba's "honor" and need for more visas. 3) Cuba is a "nationalistic" nation, "not primarily a communist country," Jim Avila insisted to Don Imus, though he simultaneously claimed that Elian comes from a family of "true communists." 4) She ripped him from his house at gunpoint and won't let him see those who cared for him for five months, but Today's Katie Couric told INS Commissioner Doris Meissner she's gone "to extraordinary lengths" to make Elian "comfortable." 5) Geraldo: "Republicans who invoked family values and the rule of law in their attempts to impeach Bill Clinton" are "now blasting the President for upholding both those ideals." 6) Former judge Andrew Napolitano in the WSJ: "A review of the affidavit on which the warrant was based shows that the raid was constitutionally flawed, unlawful and repugnant to the...spirit of the then three-day-old decision" of an appeals court. ……"

Philadelphia Daily News 4/27/00 Arlen Specter "……From the start, I have said that 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez should be reunited with his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, at the earliest possible time. While I hope the father and son will stay in the United States instead of returning to Cuba, that is a decision for the father to make.. …….The taking of Elian was not a customary INS raid to seize a suspected terrorist or violent criminal. There was no urgency in initiating action that could have led to a response from the uncle's family which could, in turn, have led to the use of deadly force, especially where there were ongoing negotiations for a peaceful resolution of the dispute. The INS was correct that whatever action was taken had to avoid a potentially hostile crowd gathered in front of the uncle's house, which they used to justify the 5 a.m. raid. ........."

WWW.NEWSMAX.COM 4/27/00 "……It took five days, but at long last NBC News is finally asking the Clinton administration why it had Border Patrol and INS agents beat up its camera crew, which had been designated to provide live video coverage for all TV networks from inside the Gonzalez home as the feds seized Elian. "It's fair to say that our people weren't able to do their work because of the action of agents," said NBC News Vice President Bill Wheatley. Clinton administration G-men repeatedly struck the network's freelance cameraman Tony Zumbado and his soundman Gustavo Moeller. Both were then held at gunpoint as agents carried out the raid. (See: NBC Cameraman Hospitalized After Elian Raid Beating) Wheatley complained about the attack to INS Commissioner Doris Meissner, who has yet to respond. ……"

Intellectual Capital 4/27/00 Thomas Lipscomb "…….It's official. With the Elian Gonzalez case the formerly free press of the United States has finally become a full-time propaganda agent of the Clinton administration. ……… Only a month ago, the press chose to ignore an assault by Secret Service agents on 10 members of the press presuming to ask Senate candidate Hillary Clinton questions during the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Newsday columnist and editorial board member Marie Cocco attacked an Internet reporter for simply repeating an account by a WABC cameraman present. This week Newsday's parent, The Los Angeles Times, carried a puff piece on the Secret Service headlined "Candidates and Their Protectors" and omitted the incident entirely. If the press is willing to ignore attacks by Clinton's police on its own members these days, why should we expect them to care about their federal assaults on ordinary citizens? ......... The New York Times buried one of the most remarkable news photos of the past half-century: Associated Press photographer Alan Diaz's picture of a screaming INS agent in full SWAT armor pointing a loaded submachine gun toward Elian Gonzalez and his rescuer, fisherman Donato Dalrymple. It ran a smaller black-and-white version on page 16. Its front page carried a full-color picture of a happy face reunion provided by Clinton and Castro's shyster Gregory Craig next to a fan-magazine article about Janet Reno's "Difficult Call." One can imagine what a real newsman like Ben Hecht or Murray Kempton would have made of Reno's latest "save the children" foray. ……."

NY Daily News 4/27/00 Rosen "…….The uneasy peace that has long existed among Miami's ethnic groups has been shattered by the battle over Elian Gonzalez. The tug of war over the 6-year-old Cuban castaway had sharply divided the community. The rift was widened further Saturday morning, when feds snatched Elian at gunpoint from the Miami home where he had stayed for five months. That move that sent thousands of angry Cuban-Americans into the streets of Little Havana. The problems could intensify today, when Cuban-American leaders try to bring the city to a standstill by urging supporters to stay home from work and businesses to close. "It is a tragedy, but it's split this place wide open," Dan Ricker, a local businessman and political watchdog, said of the battle for custody of Elian. "You have 450,000 Anglos who are really disgusted with this whole thing, and the African-Americans are saying, 'You've been ignoring us for 20 years. You break down our doors all the time.'" ……"

Boston Globe 4/27/00 Ellen Goodman "……..Put aside the dueling photos of the same boy terrified at being taken from his great-uncle's home and delighted to be in his father's arms. Put aside the hysteria of a delusional cousin Marisleysis, imagining herself the boy's mother, saying the attorney general has no idea what it's like to be a mom. Put aside, if you can, even the partisan politicians for whom the boy is a pawn on a political planet. This case moves now to a cooler climate. The next stop is the US Court of Appeals in Atlanta, where the judges are slated on May 11 to hear the matter of Elian as alien. The spotlight moves to the signature scrawled by a 6-year-old at the bottom of an INS application. It moves onto the child's right to claim asylum against the wishes of his parent. Little more than a week ago, the Appeals Court ruled that under the law, ''any alien ... irrespective of such alien's status, may apply for asylum.'' The boy they call the plaintiff may be only 6, but in the words of the court, he ''appears to come within the meaning of `any alien.''' ''Not only does it appear that plaintiff might be entitled to apply personally for asylum,'' they continued, ''it appears that he did so.'' ……"


THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/27/00 Jerry Seper "……A federal appeals court has enjoined "any and all others" - including the Justice Department -from allowing Elian Gonzalez to be taken to the homes or offices of Cuban diplomats, where he might be held beyond the authority of U.S. courts. Attorney General Janet Reno and her lawyers were told to "explain why the [appeals] court should not now appoint someone, acting as a friend of the court and special guardian ad litem to report to the court directly on [Elian's] condition and care as well as the circumstances of his present custody." The court's order, signed Tuesday, went largely unreported until yesterday. The order, by Judge J.L. Edmondson of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, was a remarkable rebuke of Miss Reno and the Justice Department. "To ensure that there is no misunderstanding about the terms and intent [of the court's earlier injunction]," wrote Judge Edmondson, "I have determined to issue this single-judge temporary order clarifying the pertinent injunction."…….. Miss Reno earlier had promised to keep Elian in the United States while his asylum appeal is pending, but the clarification seemed intended to remind Miss Reno and the Clinton administration that they are under a court order and obedience is required - not requested……"

New York Times 4/27/00 Adam Clymer Lizette Alvarez "……Juan Miguel González today asked a federal appeals court to let him intervene in the asylum case involving his son Elián and to oust the boy's great-uncle Lázaro González from the proceedings. If the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, in Atlanta, grants both requests, the case brought by the great-uncle could become moot and the father and son could return to Cuba. Attorneys retained by Lázaro González said on Monday that the boy was seized last weekend as part of a plot to end the case. The father's brief, submitted by his lawyer, Gregory B. Craig, condemned Lázaro González as "an uninvited meddler in Elián's life" who maintained "a circus atmosphere" in which the boy was "paraded every day in front of mobs gathered in the streets of Miami." The brief follows a motion filed earlier this week in which lawyers for the great-uncle asked that an independent guardian be appointed for Elián. Mr. Craig argued against a court order sought by those lawyers that demanded that the boy be kept away from Cuban diplomatic property where he might be out of the jurisdiction of the appeals court. "To Juan Miguel," Mr. Craig wrote, "the possibility of taking Elián to an embassy or hiding behind diplomatic immunity is non-existent." ……" 4/27/00 Carl Limbacher "…….The White House spin doctors had already put out word that if the Miami Gonzalez's and their friends keep up the public pressure for Elian -- they would strike back -- leaking very negative private and personal information to the press. To be sure the White House knows everything about the players who oppose them -- they just need to tap into their files at the IRS, FBI, you name it. The White House strategy of extortion and blackmail worked so well during the impeachment process, why not use it again? The Clinton administration never reinvents the wheel. They no doubt remembered how Waco worked so well. Eighty people killed and Janet Reno came out a hero. ..."

Washington Post 4/27/00 Michael Leahy "……Three nights after a federal agent found him trying to hide in a cramped closet with Elian Gonzalez in his arms, Donato Dalrymple sits in his Georgetown hotel room at midnight, ready to talk for hours, his body clock by now like a Vegas lounge singer's. ….. Oliver North rushed up to him a few hours ago to call him a hero. Some CNBC lovelies sought his attentions and autograph. And just five minutes ago, in a cab coming back from yet another television interview, he heard Howard Stern say his name on the radio. "Howard Stern! Howard Stern!" he is exulting. "It was just too cool," says The Fisherman. ……. Elian may be gone, but Donato Dalrymple, aka The Fisherman, is in demand. "Did you know Elian liked to lick my face?" he asks, apropos of nothing. The thought hangs there while the phone in his room rings and rings. He ignores it. He wants to talk about Elian licking him, for no moment is more revealing about what Elian Gonzalez has meant to the life of Donato Dalrymple, or about how a child's tragedy can become a middle-aged man's deliverance. ……"


Roll Call 4/26/00 Morton Kondracke "…….Instead of adding to the child's already-traumatic experience, President Clinton could have personally intervened to reunite the boy's family while the courts worked out the issues of whom he lives with -- and where. Reno, with Clinton's backing, stubbornly decided that the boy belong with his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, and sent armed U.S. agents to grab him in a 5 a.m. raid, clearly terrifying the child. …… The raid was a tactical success in that no one was seriously hurt. Probably it was a political success in that most Americans favor custody for the father. But no one should claim that it was done for the benefit of little Elian. The child's interests would have been served by a shared-custody arrangement, preferably in Miami. And President Clinton could have personally called the parties to effect it. …….."

Miami Herald 4/26/00 ElNuevo Herald Charles Cotayo "…..More than 40 Hispanic Catholic priests from South Florida plan to send President Clinton a letter in which they censure his administration's decision to remove Elian Gonzalez by force from the Miami home of Lazaro Gonzalez during one of the holiest of Christian observances. ``Democratic governments always have respected religious holy days. You [Clinton] chose to conduct a nighttime raid in the midst of one of the most sacred of Christian seasons, trampling on the religious sensitivity of our community and the entire nation,'' the letter says in part. Signatories include Msgr. Armando Balado of St. Raymond's church; the Rev. Francisco Santana of the Ermita de la Caridad; the Rev. Victor Hernandez, a Jesuit superior; the Rev. Juan Quijano of St. Vincent de Paul's regional seminary; the Rev. Pedro Corces, vocations director of the Miami Archdiocese; and Msgr. Emilio Vallina of St. John Bosco. ``We had hoped that respect would be shown to the Holy Week,'' wrote Vallina to El Nuevo Herald. ``The answer was painful, because violence can never be a means to solve conflicts.'' ……"

Jrry Seper 4/26/00 THE WASHINGTON TIMES "…… A federal appeals court has enjoined "any and all others" - including the Justice Department -from allowing Elian Gonzalez to be taken to the homes or offices of Cuban diplomats, where he might be held beyond the authority of U.S. courts. Attorney General Janet Reno and her lawyers were told to "explain why the [appeals] court should not now appoint someone, acting as a friend of the court and special guardian ad litem to report to the court directly on [Elian's] condition and care as well as the circumstances of his present custody."…… The court's order, signed Tuesday, went largely unreported until yesterday. The order, by Judge J.L. Edmondson of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, was a remarkable rebuke of Miss Reno and the Justice Department. "To ensure that there is no misunderstanding about the terms and intent [of the court's earlier injunction]," wrote Judge Edmondson, "I have determined to issue this single-judge temporary order clarifying the pertinent injunction."…….The court had pointedly refrained, in the injunction last week, from requiring that Elian be taken from the custody of his relatives in Miami. Two days later, Miss Reno gave the order that sent agents armed with a battering ram, tear gas and submachineguns into the Miami home at 5:15 in the morning……"

United Methodist News Service 4/26/00 "……A legal fund established for the father of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez -- and supported only by voluntary contributions -- has been transferred from the United Methodist agency that created it. The National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. (NCC) assumed responsibility for administering the fund on April 19. The executive committee of the United Methodist Board of Church and Society had created the Humanitarian Advocacy Fund about six weeks earlier. With the transfer, the fund has been renamed. Contributions are now going to the "NCCC, Gonzalez Fund" at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York. Money already received by the board will be transferred to the account. …… he Rev. Thom White Wolf Fassett, staff head of the United Methodist board, said that the change came about in response to concerns expressed by the denomination's finance agency. He said the finance agency had indicated that the board is not allowed to raise money without pursuing certain steps outlined in the Book of Discipline, which contains rules of the church. "This is not an appeal to the (United Methodist) church. This is not an appeal we've made to anybody. It's a passive fund" for voluntary contributions, Fassett said. ……."

AP 4/26/00 Rachel La Corte "…… Shops reopened and people returned to work Wednesday, a day after a general strike in Little Havana to protest the seizure of Elian Gonzalez. But the protests over the pre-dawn raid by federal agents are far from over. About 80 people, including college students and others upset with the government's action, left for Washington, D.C., in a caravan of cars and buses Wednesday. Messages written on the windows read: ``Justice for Elian,'' ``Elian's S.W.A.T.'' and ``We'll never forget you Elian. ..."

Drudge 4/26/00 "…..The WASHINGTON POST is planning a Page One, Above the Fold hit on Elian Gonzalez fisherman Donato Dalrymple, publishing sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT. POST reporter Mike Leahy has filed a 2,300-word profile of Dalrymple. "Did you know Elian liked to lick my face?" Leahy quotes The Fisherman. In a cab coming back from "yet another television interview, he heard Howard Stern say his name on the radio. 'Howard Stern! Howard Stern!' he is exulting. 'It was just too cool,' says The Fisherman." ……"

NewsMax 4/26/00 "…….Federal judge James Robertson ordered today that the Justice Department immediately begin making public documents related to its handling of the raid on the Miami home of Elian Gonzalez. The judge's order comes 24 hours after Judicial Watch, a public interest law firm, asked for an emergency hearing for expedited release of public documents under the Freedom of Information Act. Elian Gonzalez's Miami family, including Lazaro and Marisleysis Gonzalez, attended the hearing to show their support for Klayman's actions. "The judge's swift act is very unusual. He recognizes the strong public interest in this case, and clearly ordered the government to begin producing documents," Judicial Watch chairman Larry Klayman told Robertson gave the government until May 12 to respond to Judicial Watch's suit, but said he wanted documents turned over by the government immediately, and said he would supervise the process carefully. ……"

4/25/00 Jim Robinson "……Well, there are two wars going on here. One is for Elian, the other is for our Constitution. I pray that the battle for Elian turns out to be what's best for him, and I really sypathize with his situation, but it's also none of my business and there's nothing I can do about it. It's in the hands of the Court…………The war for our Constitution IS my business and I intend to see it through. Bill Clinton personally ordered this illegal and unconstitutional gestapo raid and I want to see him impeached for it. This is one of the grossest abuses of presidential power that I can think of. This makes his abuses of Paula Jones and his perjury (that he got impeached for) look like child's play……….. Janet Reno torched 80 innocent men, women and children in a raid very similar to this one and no one was held accountable. Though very much less in scale, this is every bit the equivalent of the government abuse of power and violation of individual rights as we saw in Tianamen Square. ……….This is the top person in a national government and world power using the full force of his office and all the government forces at his dispoal to squash an individual………These Nazi monsters have shredded our Constitution one too many times. IMPEACH them NOW! Do not let gestapo raids become the norm for America!……."

Claremont Institute 4/26/00 Mackubin Thomas Owens "…..Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives should have known the jig was up when Dr. Irwin Redlener, "the government's chief medical adviser on Elian," started making the morning talk show circuit. Dr. Redlener is not a psychologist or psychiatrist, nor had he ever actually met with the boy. …….. Nonetheless, on the Tuesday before the pre-dawn raid in Miami, Dr. Redlener informed Attorney General Janet Reno that Elian "continues to be horrendously exploited in this bizarre and destructive ambiance." Elian's Miami relatives had psychologically abused the boy, he told Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show. "We think he should be rescued from there."……… In April 1851, federal marshals in Boston arrested Thomas Sims, a 17-year old slave who had escaped from Georgia. He was held in a courthouse guarded by police and soldiers for nine days while his case was argued before a federal commissioner. When the commissioner found for Sims' owner, 300 armed deputies and soldiers took him from the courthouse before dawn (sound familiar?) and marched him to the Boston Navy yard where another 250 soldiers waited to place him aboard a ship that would carry him back into bondage……."

Claremont Institute 4/26/00 Mackubin Thomas Owens "…..The real question here is this: is America obligated to return someone like Elian Gonzalez to a place like Cuba? The best analysis of this question that I have seen comes from John Eastman, a California attorney (and a brilliant student in a class on Law and Economics that I once taught many years ago). As Mr. Eastman observes, the common law and English statutory law, from which much of American law emerged, held that a slave, whether an adult or child, escaping to free territory from the jurisdiction of his or her enslavement was deemed to be free. "That rule was not followed in the United States," says Mr. Eastman, "only because of an explicit constitutional provision [viz. Art. IV, sec. 2, since abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment] to the contrary. But the fugitive slave clause no longer applies. Thus the correct inquiry is not whether Elian's father wishes for him to stay in the U.S. or return to Cuba, but whether the Cuban regime is tantamount to slavery. If it is the latter, then the case for recognizing Elian's freedom is compelling." The evidence supports the contention that Cuba is tantamount to a slave state. Thus, like Millard Fillmore in 1851 and Franklin Piece in 1854, President Clinton is doing the dirty work of a despot who thinks of himself as the owner of other human beings. The Holy Saturday raid in Miami was shameful. Like the Bostonians of 1854, we should drape our buildings in black, hang the American flag upside down, and play a dirge to liberty……."

New York Times Editorial (Paper) 4/26/00 Superior Court Judge Andrew P. Napolitano "…….The Elian Gonzalez case is a custody dispute. In Florida, as in ALL states, custody disputes are addressed by state family courts, NOT federal courts. They focus on one paramount issue: What are the best interests of the child. They do not focus on the interests of a parent, nor the interests of a president, or the interests of a foreign government. Has there ever been a case of a child's custody being changed by the force of the federal government without a specific order authorizing it?……."

New York Times Editorial (Paper) 4/26/00 Superior Court Judge Andrew P. Napolitano "…….The agents who assaulted Lazaro Gonzalez's house early Saturday morning did have a search warrant. But a review of the affidavit on which the warrant was based shows that the raid was constitutionally flawed, unlawful and repugnant to the language and spirit of the then three-day-old decision of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The decision ordered Ms. Reno to keep Elian in the U.S. and denied her request for an injunction requiring Mr. Gonzalez to turn the boy over (to his father)…….."

New York Times Editorial (Paper) 4/26/00 Superior Court Judge Andrew P. Napolitano "…….True to form, the administration lied to the American people. The first effort to hide the truth was the application for a search warrant. The Immigration and Naturalization Service didn't present it to Judge Michael More, the federal district judge in Miami handling the case. (Which was the proper and correct procedure.) Rather, the INS waited until after 7 PM on Good Friday, when (it was apparent that the Judge would no longer be available) and, a federal duty magistrate, not familiar with the case and notoriously pro-government in his rulings, was available to hear warrant applications……….. The affidavit presented to the magistrate was signed by Special Agent Mary Rodriguez of the INS. Ms. Rodriguez told the Federal Magistrate that Elian was being "concealed" at Lazaro's home. She told him that the boy was "unlawfully restrained" there. And, she told him that the INS Deputy Director of Investigations James T. Spearman Jr. had already ordered the arrest of Elian because the boy was "an illegal alien". It was upon these outright lies that the federal magistrate issued a search warrant…….."

New York Times Editorial (Paper) 4/26/00 Superior Court Judge Andrew P. Napolitano "…….Thus the power that the federal government invoked to invade the house was that conferred by Congress when contraband or evidence of a crime is being hidden. That was hardly the case with Elian, who was often present, for all the world to see, in Mr. Gonzalez's front yard. Moreover, the INS itself had designated Mr. Gonzalez as Elian's guardian. And they had placed the boy in his great-uncles house, revoking that parole just nine days before the raid. What the affidavit omits is as revealing as what it says. Ms. Reno justified her agents' use of tear gas, guns, and violence by claiming a fear of weapons in Lazaro's house. Ms. Rodriguez's affidavit says nothing of the kind. Ms. Reno claims she seized the child for his own best interests. There is no allegation in Ms. Rodriguez's affidavit of mistreatment or likely harm to Elian by his Miami relatives. Ms. Rodriguez also didn't tell the magistrate that Aaron Podhurst, a well-respected Miami lawyer and longtime friend of Ms. Reno, was feverishly mediating negotiations between lawyers for the government, Elian's father and Lazaro Gonzalez even as the affidavit was being filed………"

New York Times Editorial (Paper) 4/26/00 Superior Court Judge Andrew P. Napolitano "…….The application for the warrant is also troubling because, according to Richard Sharpstein, one of Miami's best regarded criminal-defense and immigration lawyers (and, as of Monday, a member of Elian's Miami legal team), the INS never arrests Cuban aliens without evidence that they have committed a crime. This restraint on the part of the INS is consistent with the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, which makes Cuban nationals eligible for U.S. citizenship once they've been in the U.S. for a year………….It is clear that the "search" warrant was just a pretext to get into Lazaro Gonzalez's house. No legitimate federal purpose was served by the raid. Elian was lovingly cared for by blood relatives; he was not "involuntarily restrained"; and a federal appeals court was soon to hear his appeal of Judge Moore's denial of his right to apply for asylum. A simple court order, sought with notice to Elian's lawyers, could of peacefully transferred custody……."

Washington Times 4/27/00 "…….Images of American flags burning in Little Havana, Miami, have flared tempers in this country. The sad spectacle caused a deep impression on many Americans, especially since some of the culprits presumably were immigrants from Cuba, who have every reason to thank America for her hospitality. Most Cuban-Americans understand that. Police officers said flag-burners were a minority among the protesters in Little Havana. Demonstrations test the democratic spirit of a country, but they often lure a deviant element. America shouldn't let the actions of a bad few define its attitude towards Cuban-Americans in general. America stands, to most Cubans, as a revered symbol. Given the repression they were forced live under, Cubans who make it to America become champions of liberty and lawful society. It was precisely because of their American idealism that their reaction to the White House's legally questionable commando raid on the Gonzalez home was so strong. But the unrest in Miami has prompted some Americans to question U.S. immigration policy towards Cubans. Cubans who arrive on U.S. shores are routinely given U.S. residency. This is in stark contrast to U.S. immigration policy towards most other aliens, who are summarily sent back if caught in the country………"


THE NEAL BOORTZ SHOW 4/26/00 "……Do you understand what may have happened last week in Miami? I mean, do you clearly understand what Bill Clinton may have done? I'll tell you one person who does understand. That's the person who sent me this e-mail message:
I have listened to you for a couple years now and always thought you were a little paranoid - always talking about government forcing people to do things with guns, etc. But I am now FRIGHTENED for the future of our country after that outrageous raid on Saturday. It truly reminds me of things that I've read about that occurred in Nazi Germany. Maybe you aren't as paranoid as I think. I have written all of my representatives (by snail mail) expressing my support for hearings on the raid.
Democrats also understand what happened in Miami last week .. and it looks like they're in full panic/attack mode.
Laurence Tribe and Alan Dershowitz are both liberals. They're both law professors at Harvard, widely considered to be the number one law school in this country. Tribe is often mentioned as a future Supreme Court nominee. When it comes to the law, and to the rule of law, they know their stuff.
Both of these law professors have suggested that Clinton's actions last Saturday morning were flat out ILLEGAL --- a violation of the Constitutional rights of the Miami Gonzalez family and of Elian.
Do you understand the meaning of that word ... illegal? It means against the law. We're talking about Clinton completely ignoring the law --- again --- for his own political gain…………"

THE NEAL BOORTZ SHOW 4/26/00 "………. GOOD GAWD, BOORTZ. CAN'T YOU JUST DROP IT? No. Sorry. I can't. The left would love it. Those who value security over freedom would love it. I can't just drop it. It's just too damned important. ………. Since the day he took control at the White House Clinton has exhibited an absolute disdain for the law. Hillary's health task force met in secret --- a violation of the law --- and it just went on from there. The law is all we have to restrain the power of those in control of the machinery of government. That machinery is the machinery of force, of war. Can't you folks just sit back and consider --- just for a moment --- what happens when our politicians are unrestrained by law in their use of force?……….IN THE MEANTIME ....... You know what Clinton's up to right now, don't you? He has Elian and his father isolated - away from friends, away from the Miami relatives - isolated on that Maryland plantation. Clinton is going to bring up some of Elian's classmates from Cuba to help Elian get readjusted. Readjusted to what? Life in Cuba, that's what. Where did we first hear this idea about sending Elian's classmates to America? It wasn't from Clinton. It was from Fidel Castro. Clinton is now in the process of fulfilling and implementing Castro's agenda………." 4/26/00 Chris Ruddy, John LeBoutillier, Jack Thompson and Carl Limbacher "…….Innocent and peaceful protesters, barricaded more than 75 feet from the home, were assaulted by federal agents who -- without warning -- fired tear gas and pepper spray. This is the same group of protesters who had been singing the National Anthem of the United States. There was NO immediate cause to attack the protesters and storm the home. No one was in any danger. There was a custody case working its way through the courts. In America we resolve legal disputes in court. Without a court order, federal agents stormed the home of law-abiding citizens and seized a person. Even liberal legal experts like Alan Dershowitz and Laurence Tribe say that Clinton and Reno acted illegally, that they had no court order. Still, the real culprit in this outrage is the American media. ………. When a photograph was taken showing this monstrous act of a machine gun toting federal agent seizing a boy from his bedroom - the press has quickly tried to deep six it. The photo didn't even make the cover of the New York Times, USA Today or Time magazine. Newsweek only ran a tiny reproduction of it. How can these outlets claim to be objective. Shame on them! ….."

AP (AOL) 4/26/00 Walter Mears "……..Congressional Republicans are risking a political backlash - again - with their drive for Senate hearings on the Elian Gonzalez custody case and their attacks on the administration for seizing the boy with a show of force to take him to his Cuban father. This time, it wouldn't be unexpected, as it was when they suffered at the polls in 1998 over issues they thought would work to their advantage, impeachment and, earlier, government shutdowns over budget deadlocks. And this time, it probably won't have much impact on the elections six months away, unless the controversy drags on. …… Still, it has been a problem issue for candidates in the 2000 campaign since the Immigration and Naturalization Service ruled early this year that Juan Miguel Gonzalez should have custody of his son, rescued after his mother died in a boat wreck fleeing Cuba. So the candidates have tried to sidestep a choice in which favoring parental rights puts them on the same side as Fidel Castro. ……"

M\ 4/26/00 Carl Limbacher "…….Freelance NBC cameraman Tony Zumbado has been hospitalized as a result of injuries sustained when agents for the INS and Border Patrol beat him and his soundman, Gustavo Moller, as they were trying to film the Clinton administration's gunpoint abduction of six-year-old Elian Gonzalez. Zumbado was the designated pool reporter at the scene, whose video footage from inside the Gonzalez home was to be fed to all major broadcast and cable television networks. But the beating by gun-toting federal agents left both Zumbado and Moller incapacitated for the duration of the three minute raid, depriving television audiences around the world of live video coverage of the dramatic confrontation. Zumbado's NBC colleague, reporter Kerry Sanders, was outside the Gonzalez house in the pre-dawn hours on Saturday and talked to Zumbado and Moller seconds after the raid ended. ……"

Miami Herald 4/25/00 Jay Weaver Ronnie Greene "……At 2:59 a.m. Saturday, Reno faxed a final offer that demanded physical custody of Elian be turned over to his father, and a family reunion be in Washington, D.C. …….. The document, released for the first time Monday, differs sharply from the family's last written offer, faxed at just before 5 p.m. Friday, which called for a Miami meeting and suggested Elian would stay with both his father and Miami relatives. ……… The family's proposal, which had the blessings of major Cuban-American leaders in Miami, boiled down to several key terms: The Miami relatives wanted to require that Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, live with them in a temporary residence in Miami-Dade County during the boy's federal court appeal for a political asylum petition. ……. Reno's demands, written 10 hours later, directed that Elian and his relatives go to the Miami Federal Courthouse on Saturday at 3:30 a.m., where he would be in the attorney general's custody. Later Saturday, Elian and his relatives would drive or fly to Washington, not Miami. In Washington, Juan Miguel Gonzalez would take immediate custody of his son. ………. ''We thought maybe the family will finally give on these points,'' Cardona said. ''Unfortunately 3 a.m. came and went. It became clear by 4 a.m. this was going nowhere.'' ……"

Miami Herald 4/25/00 Jay Weaver Ronnie Greene "……''I told them you cannot oppose the attorney general of the United States,'' Podhurst said Monday. ''If she says Washington, it's Washington. If you don't do it, I'm gone.'' The negotiators say they worked hard and ultimately convinced Lazaro Gonzalez's Miami lawyers to go along with Washington. But at the time of the 5:15 a.m. raid, the key family member -- Lazaro Gonzalez -- had not yet signed off on the new site, Podhurst said Monday. ''It was true that Lazaro Gonzalez had not yet agreed to that change,'' he said. But no one suspected a raid was afoot. ''I took the 4 o'clock demand from Reno to mean that she was getting impatient with us,'' Podhurst said. ''We had moved the ball tremendously.'' …….."

Freeper First_Salute "…..Then ... here, are the remarks of Mark Levin, at the Landmark Legal Foundation; which remarks (of "F. Lee Levine"), were read on Rush Limbaugh's show last week. These remarks were provided to me by a friend "close to" the news buz: Subj: 11th Circuit's Decision re Elian Gonzalez.
1. It's an extremely blunt and well-written opinion. The bottom line, said the court, that we must grant the injunction because otherwise Elian might forever be denied his day in court. In other words, he could be spirited off to Cuba…..
2. The INS tried to make the case that Lazaro Gonzalez had failed to turn Elian over to the INS when directed to last week, and therefore he should be denied the injunction because he was in violation of the INS's directive. The court made clear that Elian, not Lazaro, is the plaintiff. And this is a point the court emphasizes repeatedly, i.e., Elian Gonzalez has rights provided to him by Congress under our immigration laws.
3. The court said that this case is about the interpretation of 8 U.S.C. Sec. 1158(a)(1), which states in relevant part: "Any alien who is physically present in the United States or who arrives in the United States ... irrespective of such alien's status, may apply for asylum in accordance with this section ..."……
4. In an important footnote, footnote 9, the court states: "To some people, the idea that a six year old child may file for asylum in the United States, contrary to the express wishes of his parents, may seem a strange or even foolish policy. But this court does not make immigration policy, and we cannot review the wisdom of statutes duly enacted by Congress. If Congress intended -- as evidenced by the plain meaning of section 1158 -- that a school-age child (such as plaintiff) be able to file personally an application for asylum, this court and the INS are bound to honor the policy-decision made by Congress."…….
5. The court noted that the INS's own regulations strengthens Elian's position. And it pointed out that the INS Guidelines for Children's Asylum Claims (issued by the Dept. of Justice in December 1998) "envision that young children will be active and independent participants in the asylum adjudication process." Among other things, those guidelines state that "Asylum Officers should not assume that a child cannot have an asylum claim independent of the parents." ……
6. The court added that "The INS has not pointed to (nor have we found) statutory,regulatory or guideline provisions which place an age-based restriction on an alien's ability to apply for asylum." …..
7. The court said that even if the INS is correct that Elian needs an adult as his legal representative for asylum application, "it is not clear that the INS, in finding plaintiff's father to be the only proper representative, considered all of the relevant factors -- particularly the child's separate and independent interests in seeking asylum." Remember, the INS has not even interviewed or met with Elian.
8. Finally, in granting the injunction, the court said in another important footnote, footnote 16: "The INS, in its response to plaintiff's motion, said it would consent to an injunction requiring the INS to bar plaintiff's departure from the United States if this court also entered an order directing Lazaro Gonzalez to present plaintiff to the INS, as directed by the INS, for transfer of care to plaintiff's father. We decline to proceed in that manner." In other words, the court was not comfortable ordering the transfer of Elian to his father without knowing more…….."

Freeper First_Salute "……. And "this just in," from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, one of the judges makes a clarification --- IN THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE ELEVENTH CIRCUIT No. 00-11424-D D. C. Docket No. 00-206-CV-KM …… ORDER …..Plaintiff, Elian Gonzalez, by and through his next friend, Lazaro Gonzalez, has filed an "Emergency Motion for Enforcement or, Alternatively, Clarification of Injunction Pending Appeal." In this motion, Plaintiff requests, among other things, that this Court enter an Order clarifying the present injunction (issued on 19 April 2000) pending appeal; Plaintiff asks that the clarifying order specifically enjoin the removal of Plaintiff to a place within the geographical boundaries of the United States but arguably not within the Jurisdiction of the courts of the United States. Plaintiff also requests, in his motion, that this Court appoint some person to safeguard and protect the interests of Plaintiff, given that he has been removed from the physical custody of Lazaro Gonzalez. Defendants are given an opportunity to explain - in writing, not to exceed 25 pages, and no later than 4:00 p.m. (Atlanta time), on Wednesday, 26 April 2000 - to the Court why we should not grant Plaintiff's motion. In their writing, Defendants should especially explain why the Court should not now appoint someone, acting as a friend-of-the-court and special guardian ad litem, to report to the Court directly on the Plaintiffs condition and care as well as the circumstances of his present custody. I do not suggest that any person might attempt to circumvent the terms of our present injunction. But to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about the terms and intent of the injunction - and to allow sufficient time for Defendants to show cause and to allow full consideration of Plaintiffs present motion by a three-judge panel of the Court - I have determined to issue this single-judge, temporary Order clarifying the pertinent injunction. This Order does not supersede or otherwise limit the terms of the 19 April injunction; that injunction which was ordered by our three-judge panel remains in force and effect.
THEREFORE, It is ordered and directed that:
(1) Plaintiff, Elian Gonzalez, is ENJOINED from going to any place within the United States lying beyond the power and jurisdiction of the Courts of the United States, including, but not limited to, any place that is or may be entitled to diplomatic immunity;
(2) Any and all persons acting for, on behalf of, or in concert with Plaintiff, Elian Gonzalez, are ENJOINED from aiding or assisting, or attempting to aid or assist, in the removal of Plaintiff to any place within the United States lying beyond the power and jurisdiction of the Courts of the United States, including, but not limited to, any place that is or may be entitled to diplomatic immunity;
(3) All officers, agents, and employees of the United States, including but not limited to officers, agents, and employees of the United States Department of Justice, are ENJOINED to take such reasonable and lawful measures as necessary to prevent the removal of Plaintiff, Elian Gonzalez, to any place within the United States lying beyond the power and jurisdiction of the Courts of the United States, including, but not limited to, any place that is or may be entitled to diplomatic immunity. ……."

ap 4/25/00 Martha Irvine "…….Cuban Americans angry over the Elian Gonzalez case plotted their next moves Tuesday in the midst of a strike that shut down much of the neighborhood and other parts of Miami. It affected even baseball, America's pastime and a Cuban passion. ``I will buy nothing today,'' 70-year-old Angelo Gutierrez said. ``And on Saturday I will march in protest.'' Talk of a mass protest has been circulating since federal agents seized the 6-year-old boy over the weekend. Others said they would ride in bus caravans to protest in the Washington area. On Tuesday - called ``Martes Muerte'' or ``Dead Tuesday'' - businesses kept iron gates closed, workers stayed home and thousands of students skipped school. Police said there were four arrests for disorderly conduct and other charges, a far cry from the violence last Saturday. Larger corporations closed some operations - seven supermarkets shut their doors and a McDonald's in Little Havana closed, its flag at half-staff. ……"

Jewish World Review 4/26/00 Linda Chavez "……"WHEN ALL EFFORTS FAILED, there was no alternative but to enforce the decisions of the INS and the federal court, that Juan Miguel Gonzalez should have custody of his son. The law has been upheld, and that was the right thing to do." So declared the president of the United States on Saturday, explaining why federal agents armed with military assault rifles seized 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives in the pre-dawn hours that same morning…..The problem is the president lied, as he has on so many important occasions in the past. ….." 4/25/00 "…….Harvard professor Laurence Tribe, writing today in the New York Times, says the Justice Department had no legal authority to seize Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives. The liberal Tribe, often touted as a possible Supreme Court nominee, concludes Janet Reno and the Clinton administration "violated a basic principle of our society, a principle whose preservation lies at the core of ordered liberty under the rule of law." Tribe notes that "under the Constitution, it is axiomatic that the executive branch has no unilateral authority to enter people's homes forcibly to remove innocent individuals without taking the time to seek a warrant or other order from a judge or magistrate" - absent the probable cause a crime is being committed. As for the "search warrant" obtained by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Tribe writes, "no judge or neutral magistrate had issued the type of warrant or other authority needed for the executive branch to break into the home to seize the child." He explains that the search warrant is "not a warrant to seize the child" and that the government needed to have "secured a judicial order." Tribe concludes that Reno's decision was "worse than a political blunder," a decision that "strikes at the heart of constitutional government and shakes the safeguards of liberty." ……" 4/25/00 "…….Renowned Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz defended President Clinton against all comers when he was charged with lying in Sexgate. He even testified on Clinton's behalf during the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearings. ……… Appearing on Zahn's Fox show The Edge, the professor got into a heated debate over Elian with former Arizona senator Dennis DeConcini.
After Zahn gave him the floor, the one-time Clinton defender minced no words:
DERSHOWITZ: They should have gotten a court order. They should have sought to hold the family in contempt. And if the family refused to comply with the court order, then they could have issued contempt citations and arrested the family. But I have a reason why they didn`t go for a court order. They didn`t go for a court order because they knew they couldn`t get one.
ZAHN: Why?
DERSHOWITZ: And they acted lawlessly - they couldn`t get one because the 11th circuit had already turned down their request for a court order, and the family would have argued that giving the child over to the father, at this point, would moot the case in the 11th circuit because, predictably, within a few days, Greg Craig will come out with a hand-scrawled little note from Elian saying he now withdraws his application for asylum. …… This is established to really confirm the terrible precedent that the administration can act without court approval and break into the home of an American citizen. …….. You know, the picture of Elian smiling is the picture of the day, but the picture of the gun-toting INS agent coming into the house is the - is going to be the precedent, the picture in the history books. It`s a dangerous day for all Americans. ….."


ETHERZONE 4/26/00 Phil Brennan "……According to Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, he held a weeping, guilt-ridden Janet Reno in his arms in the wake of Reno's Raid on the house where Elian dwelt. Yeah! I have a picture of that, a tearful Attorney General seeking solace from the odious Eric Holder as she contemplated what she'd wrought Good Saturday morning in Little Havana. Aside from the fact that going to the duplicitous Holder for comfort would be something akin to seeking solace from a rattlesnake, I'm willing to bet that Fraulein Reno was anything short of overjoyed at the results of her blitzkreig on a bunch of defenseless Cuban exiles. ……"

WashingtonPost via Drudge 4/26/00 Michael Sniffen"….. A child psychiatrist who interviewed Elian Gonzalez for the government recommended that his Miami relatives reconcile their differences with his father before they are allowed to visit the 6-year-old Cuban boy, a Justice Department spokeswoman said today. Dr. Paulina F. Kernberg, of Cornell University Medical College, advised Immigration Commissioner Doris Meissner that "Elian needs more private time with his family and she believes that before the Miami relatives see Elian they need to work out their differences with Juan Miguel," Justice spokeswoman Carole Florman said. Kernberg spent 21/2 hours Tuesday with the Gonzalez family at their new retreat on Wye River Plantation on Maryland's Eastern Shore. She spent some time alone with Elian, some alone with the father and some with the entire family including his stepmother and 6-month-old half brother, Florman said. …… "The doctor reported that Elian needs to feel there is no tension between his family and his Miami relatives before any sort of extended family meeting," Florman said. ……"

WorldNetDaily 4/26/00 Jon Dougherty "….Before last weekend's Easter "gift" to the relatives of little Elian Gonzales -- which amounted to staging an armed invasion of the Gonzales home using federal INS border agents dressed like Marine Recon wannabe's -- I generally shared Elizabeth Farah's position that the boy be reunited with his father and sent home to Cuba. Sorry, Liz. I love ya, but ... thanks to the monumentally stupid decision by the Clinton administration and Janet Reno's "justice" department to "reunite" this boy in this manner, I have changed my mind. I now side with your old man and my boss, Editor Joe Farah, and share his outrage over this as well as the incredulity expressed by Capitol Hill Blue's Doug Thompson. ……. Initially I thought the administration really gave a damn about this boy; you know, they've always been "child advocates" and base all of their domestic policy decisions on what's best "For The Children." They really blew it with Elian. Nobody in his or her right mind would have ordered this boy to be "reunited" with his father in this manner. Nobody who really cared about his well being and mental fitness, and certainly nobody who had any kids of their own, would have ordered such an operation take place. ……."

Newsmax 4/26/00 Dr. James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D. "…….. An accurate picture of the events that took place this past weekend in Miami, Florida, is steadily making its way out of the murkiness. New legal filings submitted reveal the true intent and objectives of the parties involved. It seems that the Justice Department of the United States has filed papers arguing that Elian does not want to have an asylum hearing after all. The Justice Department's moving papers also inform the court that sending the boy back to Cuba would not be the least bit harmful to the child. ………. This new maneuver by the Justice Department smells as if it is a rank attempt to open the door to whisking Elian silently back to Cuba without a court hearing………. Still, there is a threshold fact that seems to have been lost amidst the shock and spin of this woeful incident. The moment that the three-judge panel of the Eleventh District ruled that Elian could remain in the United States, his status was altered. The boy was no longer here illegally. The court, in essence, had granted him temporary legal status. ........., And so, at a minimum, it is disconcerting that prominently displayed on the backs of the heavily armed invaders of the Gonzales's home were the words "Border Patrol." The temporary legal status granted to Elian by the court effectively removed the jurisdiction of the INS and the border patrol from the entire matter. ……"

Newsmax 4/26/00 Dr. James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D. "…….. The Clinton/Reno tag team indicated that the only option available to the United States of America, the most powerful nation in the world, was to change the custody of a child, at the point of a submachine gun, without the inconvenience of a court order. This action is unprecedented within the American legal system. Issues of child custody, along with all legal considerations involving the family, such as marriage, divorce, adoption etc., have always been the exclusive province of state law. ………… But now a new attorney, Miami lawyer Richard Sharpstein, acting on Elian's behalf, has filed papers in response. In addition to seeking a court appointed guardian, he has correctly pointed out that the supporting affidavit to the search warrant on which the government relied for its authority was defective. This affidavit alleged that Elian Gonzales was an "illegal alien." Since the court had granted him temporary legal status, this cannot be relied upon. The affidavit also alleged that Elian was "hidden." As it turns out, he wasn't then, but he sure is now. ……"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 4/26/00 "…….1) NBC's Lisa Myers uniquely noted Al Gore's break with Reno on Elian and how liberal Laurence Tribe called the raid a "direct violation" of "constitutional rights." Myers and FNC picked up on Bob Graham's charge that Clinton promised not to act at night. 2) Questioning Joe Lockhart, The Early Show's Jane Clayson ignored the Graham charge, but Today's Matt Lauer pressed him about it. On Meet the Press Eric Holder maintained they did not go in at night: "We waited til five in the morning, just before dawn." 3) Thomas Friedman in the New York Times: "I gotta confess, that now-famous picture of a U.S. marshal...pointing an automatic weapon toward Donato Dalrymple and ordering turn over Elian Gonzalez warmed my heart." 4) "Crazy family," the Chicago Tribune's James Warren belittled the Miami relatives. Newsweek's Joe Contreras blamed the raid on "the intransigence of the Miami relatives." Larry King insisted it's "hard to argue" Elian wouldn't be "safer" in a Havana school. ………"

The Washington Times 4/26/00 Dave Boyer and Jerry Seper "……..Senators dissatisfied with Attorney General Janet Reno's explanations yesterday for the armed seizure of Elian Gonzalez said they will hold committee hearings next week on the use of force in the federal raid. "She could not give a good answer," Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said of his pointed question to Miss Reno on why force was needed to take a 6-year-old boy from his Miami home. Sen. Connie Mack, Florida Republican, emerged from the 90-minute closed meeting with Miss Reno at the Capitol and said, "I just don't believe what I heard in that meeting makes me any less concerned about the use of force by our government." Some Democrats who attended the meeting were equally unsatisfied with the attorney general's answers……."

Center for Reform 4/26/00 J Culbertson "……..COWARDICE, that is the only way to describe to motives behind this weekend's raid in Miami. After losing a battle in the Eleventh District Federal Court, the Clinton Administration decided it was time to act, the Courts, the People, and the Law be damned. After all, this is the age of spin and rule by fiat, of stroke of the pen - law of the land, of elitism and winning by any means. But then things haven't changed all that much. Perhaps the Easter weekend was fitting for the raid when one views things historically. Joe Carollo, the Mayor of Miami described the Clinton Administration as "atheists" he went on to say "They don't believe in God." Perhaps he is right, the evidence is on his side……… When Christ was put to death on the cross, it was done in violation of the law. Everybody with an interest in seeing Christ die it seems took shortcuts and ignored the law. Even in the brutal times of 2000 years ago under barbaric rule by the Roman Empire there existed a form of due process, which was ignored. …….. In Atlanta, the Eleventh Circuit pointed out that the Justice Department had not properly handled the Elian case by not considering the wishes of the young boy, in fact the Justice department had not interviewed him as required by law in order to make any determination whatsoever. Rather than follow the clear wishes of the court, shortcuts were instituted. Janet Reno a sort of new age Judge Dredd in a dress, acting on cue from the White House decided that she was the "LAAW" (editors note: LAAW is the Sylvestor Stallone pronunciation from the movie where Judge Dredd was judge, jury and executioner set in a bleak future.) So much for due process. ……."


US Newswire 4/26/00 "……The shocking scene of U.S. Border Patrol Agents pointing an automatic weapon at 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez and the fisherman who saved him is unfortunately a frequent occurrence in the United States today. ……The National Directory of Environmental and Regulatory Victims lists 100 stories of personal tragedy, including stories of innocent citizens who were unjustly targeted by federal agencies employing their own police forces in a heavy-handed manner. A few examples:
-- North Carolina businessman Earl Peck was arrested by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Agents in a SWAT-like raid in1995 for allegedly selling bear meat illegally, although the meat had been purchased from a USDA-inspected supplier and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture found nothing illegal. Although a U.S. Attorney dropped all charges, Peck was unable to re-open his once-thriving business because of uncertainty over what the federal government might do. He is now financially ruined
-- Last year, U.S. Marshals burst into the Pittsburgh home of Bob Learzaf, cuffed him, put him in leg irons and hauled him to jail because he opposed an order from the U.S. Forest Service to burn a cabin that had been owned by his family since 1923. A judge later ruled that Learzaf, who had hired an attorney to fight the Forest Service order, had been wrongfully arrested.
-- In 1993, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Agents, with a CNN camera crew in tow, raided the home of Paul and Emma Berger, an elderly Montana couple, after informants claimed that the couple was using pesticide to kill bald eagles. Berger was coerced to allow the lead agent to enter and search his home -- not knowing that the search warrant did not include the house or that the agent was wearing a hidden CNN microphone. Cleared by a jury of harming eagles, the Bergers sued the federal government for violating their right against unreasonable searches. After six years of litigation, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for the couple.
One reason for these increasing instances of heavy-handed law enforcement is the proliferation of agencies with law enforcement authority. These include the FBI, the Treasury Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service…….."

Jim Burns 4/25/00 CNS "…….Attorney General Janet Reno met Tuesday for almost two hours on Capitol Hill with Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and other senators to answer questions about Saturday's raid in Miami by government agents to snatch 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez. After the meeting, one Florida Senator said he was stunned at what he heard and wants Senate hearings on the matter. …….. Sen. Connie Mack (R-FL) told a Capitol Hill news conference after the meeting, he intends to ask Sen. Lott for permission to hold Senate hearings on the action. Mack said he asked Reno if Elian's biological father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez was informed of the Saturday morning raid before it occurred and Mack was stunned by Reno's answer. "The question that I have asked was the father informed of the possibility of there being gunfire in the house and was he prepared to put his son at risk, a second time. The answer I got back was yes, that he was. I am stunned by that. We've all questioned why the father wasn't here during the first four months," Mack said. ………… Mack also said, "I cannot honestly believe that during a time in which there were serious negotiations taking place and that the father would in essence agree to sending armed men into a home in Miami to take his son at gunpoint." ……."

Neal Boortz 4/26/00 "…….I Just a little information about the warrant that Clinton used in an attempt to justify the Saturday raid. The Federal District Judge in Miami who is handling the Elian matter is Michael Moore. He has full knowledge of the case. He would normally be the one who would issue the order or warrant allowing the Clinton posse to enter the home and seize Elian. Obviously Clinton didn't want to go through Judge Moore to get his warrant. Perhaps that is because the allegations contained in the warrant were going to be lies --- and Judge Moore would figure that out in a heartbeat. So, the Clinton posse waited until after 7:00 Friday night when they could go to some federal duty magistrate who had no familiarity with the case and get him to sign the warrant. The warrant said that Elian was "concealed" in the house. He was not. The warrant also said that Elian was an "illegal alien." Again, he was not. A federal court had already ruled that Elian had applied for asylum and, thus, was not an "illegal." So ... again. The Clinton Administration used it's most common weapon ... lies……."

Orlando Sentinel 4/25/00 Myriam Marquez "……..My two sons woke up Saturday to a picture of a frightened child in a fisherman's arms, cowering in a closet and staring down the barrel of a gun. We were about to leave for Miami to spend Easter with my parents. When I got back to the office Monday, this note from a Wildwood man awaited me: "Still don't believe in jack-booted government thugs?" I had spent the previous, tumultuous 24 hours comforting my mother, who, in the 41 years since Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba, never, ever had spilled so many tears for a child not her own. But who hadn't wanted to cry for Elian Gonzalez? He had been in our hearts since that special November day when two fishermen found him clinging to an inner tube near Fort Lauderdale, with dolphins nearby seemingly guarding the then-5-year-old Cuban boy. ……."

Orlando Sentinel 4/25/00 Myriam Marquez "……..The boy whose mother risked all to leave a communist country soon became the special child who would save Cuba. Castro was the first to understand Elian's special status. Word in Miami spread with each Cuban-American who returned from visiting family on the island since December: Talk in Cuba was that Castro wanted Elian back with a vengeance because the boy represented Elegua, the mischievous boy-god in the Santeria religion, an Afro-Cuban version of black magic. Without Elegua, the santeros had told Castro, he was doomed. You laugh. But many of us who know Castro's history didn't. The exile community, even those who abhor Santeria, understood that Castro would not be stopped. The dictator who for more than three decades closed all Christian churches and Jewish synagogues had always allowed the open practice of Santeria. It was a struggle of good over evil. Each side had its own set of villains. ……"

Wash Post 4/26/00 Christopher Thorne "……He still can't go home, so little pieces of Elian Gonzalez's life in Cuba are being brought to him in America as his family, the courts and the U.S. Senate consider the 6-year-old's fate. In the latest stop on his five-month odyssey, the young boat wreck survivor was moved to a secluded and wooded Maryland retreat where there's lots of room to play. There, he awaits visits by his former kindergarten teacher and a 10-year-old cousin, perhaps as early as today……Rubin said that at the request of Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, four friends of Elian will be allowed visas to visit him for about two weeks. Each will be accompanied by one adult family member. Visas for the former teacher and a cousin who Elian is said to be very close to had been approved nearly a month ago but not used. The Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, a supporter of the family, said the visits are important to create "a sense of normalcy for him about the life he has lead and will lead." ……"

The Washington Post 4/26/00 Michael Kelly "……Understanding what the administration did in the gunpoint seizure of Elian Gonzalez begins with one incontrovertible fact: In taking the child by force, the attorney general, with the approval of the president, risked the child's life. …….. The forces of the government stormed the home of Elian's great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, in a manner prescribed only in situations where armed resistance is reasonably expected……... What legitimate justification could there be for taking this risk? Well, one would be that Elian was in danger or was being harmed in some way or was a hostage. But he wasn't. Prior to the raid, the best that the Justice Department had been able to offer were the opinions of several friendly "experts," none of whom ever examined or interviewed Elian, to the effect that he was being psychologically abused, a charge also much bruited by Gregory Craig, the attorney for Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Elian's father. But not the slightest evidence was offered for the claim--which is anyway not of sufficient gravity to warrant a potentially lethal assault. Now that Elian is back with his father, Craig says he sees no signs of trauma in the boy, who he says has easily reunited with his father. ……"

April 26, 2000 The White House Office of Communications "……REMARKS OF THE PRESIDENT ON ELIAN GONZALEZ 04/22/00……. The Department of Justice, under the leadership of Attorney General Reno, went to great lengths to negotiate a voluntary transfer. Even yesterday, the Attorney General worked very hard on this late into the night, showing great restraint, patience, and compassion. When all efforts failed, there was no alternative but to enforce the decision of the INS and a federal court that Juan Miguel Gonzalez should have custody of his son. The law has been upheld, and that was the right thing to do……. I am well aware that this has been a difficult time for all the parties involved. But let's remember, as I said from the outset, the most important thing was to treat this in a lawful manner according to the established process. This was, in the end, about a little boy who lost his mother and has not seen his father in more than five months. I hope, with time and support, Elian and his father will have the opportunity to be a strong family again......."

AP 4/25/00 Christoper Thorne "…….He still can't go home, so little pieces of Elian Gonzalez's life in Cuba are being brought to him in America as his family, the courts and the U.S. Senate consider the 6-year-old's fate. In the latest stop on his five-month odyssey, the young boat wreck survivor was moved to a secluded and wooded Maryland retreat where there's lots of room to play. There, he awaits visits by his former kindergarten teacher and a 10-year-old cousin, perhaps as early as today. "There's an understanding that he's going to be here for quite some time," said State Department spokesman James Rubin - also announcing visas would be expedited for four of Elian's playmates to come from Cuba. "A young 6-year-old ... needs to have someone to play with." Rubin said that at the request of Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, four friends of Elian will be allowed visas to visit him for about two weeks. Each will be accompanied by one adult family member. Visas for the former teacher and a cousin who Elian is said to be very close to had been approved nearly a month ago but not used. …… "

NT TIMES 4/26/00 Tom Friedman "………Frankly, I liked both pictures. Yup, I gotta confess, that now-famous picture of a U.S. marshal in Miami pointing an automatic weapon toward Donato Dalrymple and ordering him in the name of the U.S. government to turn over Elián González warmed my heart. They should put that picture up in every visa line in every U.S. consulate around the world, with a caption that reads: "America is a country where the rule of law rules. This picture illustrates what happens to those who defy the rule of law and how far our government and people will go to preserve it. Come all ye who understand that." ……."

NewsMax 4/25/00 Jack Thompson "……Sharpstein said his filings will likely request to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for a surrender of the boy on the following grounds:
1. The "search warrant" was fraudulently obtained in that it is falsely alleged in the supporting affidavit, signed by INS Officer Mary Rodriguez (not the woman sprinting out to the van with Elian wrapped in a blanket), that Elian was both "hidden" and an "illegal alien." The facts are that Elian's whereabouts, contrary to this allegation by Justice, were fully known to the entire world. Further, he was not in any fashion an "illegal alien." He already had filed pending his petition for asylum. "Ilegal aliens" is a legal term that would not include those who have filed a petition for asylum, particularly not Cuban immigres, who are presumed, under the Cuban Adjustment Act, to have a right, under the law, to remain. Such emigres are defined as legal aliens under the statute.
2. The Attorney General was personally involved in a fraudulent scheme to seize the boy in that she a) used a fraudulently obtained affidavit with which to illegally seize the boy, whose issuance was improperly concealed and sealed from opposing counsel b) while she pretended to be negotiating in good faith with "central mediator" Aaron Podhurst and others to convince them that a raid would not occur while negotiations were ongoing. While pretending to be negotiating, she was in fact planning the raid, even conducting the raid while negotiators were on the phone. This makes the entire scheme by which the boy was seized a violation of the 11th Circuit's guarantee of the unimpeded litigation process of the asylum claim "Reno, in a phrase, was the central architect of a monstrous trick," said Sharpstein. …….
Presently, Greg Craig, Juan Miguel's father's attorney, is prohibiting Elian from meeting not only with Elian's family but more importantly with the boy's own attorneys thereby impairing Elian's litigation of his asylum claim "This holding of the boy hostage," said Sharpstein, "by opposing counsel must stop. It is unthinkable. It also violates the 11th Circuit's order directly." Court papers prepared by Sharpstein and seeking an order from the 11th Circuit commanding the surrender of the boy to a guardian may be filed with the court as early as this week. ……" 4/25/00 David Horowitz "……LET'S BEGIN with the big lie-that Elian Gonzalez was separated from his father by his Cuban-American relatives living in Miami, and that father and son were reunited by Janet Reno's INS storm troopers. (What else can you call them, given their pre-dawn assault on a private home to snatch a child who was not a hostage, at gunpoint?) The entire premise of the Elian drama-that the Miami relatives have kept the boy from his father-is false. Elian was separated from his father not by Lazaro Gonzalez and company, but by Fidel Castro: the world's longest surviving and most sadistic dictator, a man who has murdered and tortured personal friends and close political allies, reduced his people to a state of abject poverty in which all children just a year older than Elian are denied milk by government decree, and made the entire nation an island prison. ……… There has not been a single day in the four months and two weeks of separation that Juan Miguel Gonzalez could not have been reunited with his son in Miami. For anyone privileged to live in a democracy, where individuals enjoy the basic human right to pursue their personal happiness, it boggles the mind that Juan Miguel Gonzalez would not have rushed to the side of his son five months ago, when he was rescued from the sea that took his mother's life…… It boggles the mind that Juan Miguel Gonzalez would arrive in the United States only to sit tight in an embassy house in Maryland, rather than travel the short trip to Miami to visit his son. ….. But Juan Miguel is not a free man. He is a prisoner of Castro….."

NewsMax.Com Carl Limbacher 4/22/00 "……Legal Analysts Comment on Raid
Andrew Napolitano, legal analyst for Fox News and a constitutional scholar had this exchange today on Fox with Eric Holder, Reno's second in command at Justice:
Napolitano: Tell me, Mr. Holder, why did you not get a court order authorizing you to go in and get the boy?
Holder: Because we didn't need a court order. INS can do this on its own.
Napolitano: You know that a court order would have given you the cloak of respectability to have seized the boy.
Holder: We didn't need an order.
Napolitano: Then why did you ask the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for such an order if you didn't need one?
Holder: [Silence]
Napolitano: The fact is, for the first time in history, you have taken a child from his residence at gunpoint to enforce your custody position, even though you did not have an order authorizing it.........."

Miami Herald 4/25/00 Frances Robles "……. ``Elian looked dazed, looked scared, looked confused,'' Dr. Gustavo Cadavid, an Immigration and Naturalization psychiatrist who escorted the boy on the flight that brought him to his father's arms, said Monday. ``He was just scared.'' …….. Interviews with the two doctors on the flight from South Florida to Maryland show Elian was at first befuddled, suffering from old psychological wounds and new ones, but still willing to make friends with strangers. He displayed deep anguish for the loss of his mother, affection for his new family and delight at the first sight of his father, Juan Miguel. …….."

Miami Herald 4/25/00 Frances Robles "……``He didn't have a scrape,'' said Quiñones, who said the boy was not administered any medication or any tranquilizers. ``He was so friendly.'' Once deemed fit, Elian boarded a prisoner transport plane with two U.S. marshals, two INS agents and the two doctors. ``He wasn't saying anything,'' Cadavid said. ``But as we took off, he did ask, `Where am I going.' '' They told him he was headed to Washington to see his father. When he wanted to know whether he would see his great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, and his cousin Marisleysis Gonzalez, he got a hazy response. ``It depends on you and your dad,'' Cadavid told him. Elian didn't scream, didn't flail his arms around but gazed out the window while tears rolled down his face. ……"

Miami Herald 4/25/00 Frances Robles "……At a refueling stop in Atlanta, he decided against speaking to his father by telephone. He woke up looking refreshed and decided to talk to his father after all. ``There were two faces: The first was confused,'' Quiñones said. ``When he woke up, he was a different boy. He was very friendly, happy. Everything was fine.'' …….."

Miami Herald 4/25/00 Frances Robles "……After correcting himself, Cadavid tried cheering him by telling him how close they were to seeing Juan Miguel. Elian pressed his face to the window but Daddy didn't appear. ``Boy, oh boy, all of a sudden there was a smile, joy,'' Cadavid said. He starts waving and waving, but the father didn't see him.'' Suddenly, a familiar voice echoed in the cabin: ``Elian!'' ``Elian jumps. The boy runs to his father. The father runs to his son,'' Cadavid said. ``You could hear a pin drop. Everybody was choking up. The father said `I thought I was never going to see you again.' '' Juan Miguel thanked the federal employees over and over as he hugged his silent boy. ``A very sweet moment,'' Quiñones said. ……"

Miami Herald 4/25/00 Frances Robles "……An hour later, the doctors visited again, this time at the Andrews Air Force Base apartment, where Elian was running around showing off his new Batman T-shirt and baby brother.... " Freeper Prodigal Daughter adds "…..That Batman shirt is a setup to confuse Miami relatives and all Miami Cubans, because as I posted before, Castro was giving a speech blasting Batman shirts in favor of Che t-shirts since he saw Elian wearing a Batman shirt in Miami.. ……"

Reuters 4/25/00 "…….A U.S. appeals judge on Tuesday barred Cuban castaway Elian Gonzalez from going to a Cuban diplomatic mission in the United States in response to concerns of his Miami relatives that he could end up beyond the reach of the U.S. courts. Judge J.L. Edmondson of the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta issued an order clarifying the injunction issued by the appellate court on April 19. The injunction barred Elian from leaving the United States pending appeal of a Miami federal court ruling that dismissed the relatives' bid to win an asylum hearing for the boy. ……… Elian was put in the temporary custody of a great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, who says Elian should not have to grow up in communist Cuba. His father, Cuban tourism worker Juan Miguel Gonzalez, has said he wants to take his son home. Armed U.S. agents snatched Elian from Lazaro Gonzalez's Miami home in a predawn raid on Saturday. The boy was reunited several hours later with his father, who had traveled to Washington on April 6 to reclaim his son......."

Reuters 4/25/00 "…….Edmondson's order also barred anyone else from taking Elian to a place with diplomatic immunity and ordered the U.S. government to take ``reasonable and lawful measures'' to prevent such action. ``We asked that any Cuban diplomat or agent of the Cuban government not have access to Elian because it defeats the spirit of the asylum claim,'' Bernstein said. Edmondson told the Justice Department to respond to the motion by 4 p.m. (2000 GMT) on Wednesday. The Miami relatives repeatedly have said Elian's father is being pressured by Cuban President Fidel Castro and they feared the 6-year-old would be similarly influenced. They have said the boy does not want to return to Cuba and applied for political asylum for him. But a U.S. District Court judge backed a government decision that Elian's father speaks for him. ……."

Reuters 4/25/00 "…….The family was taken from the base on Tuesday to an estate at Wye River, site of 1998 Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, an hour's drive east of Washington. A Justice Department official said a site had been chosen where both sides of the divided family could be brought together. He said no Cuban official would be residing there......"

AP 4/24/00 "……Four Florida Marlins players, including starting third baseman Mike Lowell, plan to miss Tuesday night's game against San Francisco to honor a call by Cuban-Americans for a work stoppage over the Elian Gonzalez case. Marlins general manager Dave Dombrowski said the team will respect the decision of any of its employees to support the protest. He said the club's front-office workers, players and coaches would be excused with pay for the day. "I agree with it 100 percent," Marlins manager John Boles said. "The skids were greased when I recommended them to do it. There are more important things in the world than our game with the San Francisco Giants. Not a lot, but this is one of them."......"

ABC News 4/25/00 Reuters "……Senate Republicans grilled Attorney General Janet Reno on Tuesday on the use of force to seize Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives and said they would launch hearings to probe the raid. But opinion polls showed most Americans approved of Saturday's nighttime raid and the return of the 6-year-old boy to his father, and political analysts questioned whether Republicans would gain from making the seizure a political cause. ………. A Justice Department official said a site had been chosen where both sides of the divided family could be brought together, which has been one of the demands of the Miami relatives. He said no Cuban official would be residing there. "We were looking for a place that would be good for a youngster to have the ability to enjoy himself on the grounds and also a place where potentially the two parts of the family might be able to get together and be comfortable, be close to one another and yet not be on top of one another," the official said. …….Some of the relatives, who had cared for Elian since he survived a shipwreck off Florida last November, have been trying to see the boy in Washington but have been repeatedly turned away from the air force base. ......"

ABC News 4/25/00 Reuters "…. The Senate Judiciary Committee will launch hearings the week after next and may call government officials, lawyers and members of the Gonzalez family to testify, he said. "I just don't believe that anything I heard in that meeting makes me any less concerned about the use of force by our government," Florida Republican Sen. Connie Mack said. "I am deeply troubled ... horrified that our government would use armed force in a family home to remove a 6-year-old child at gunpoint." …. Reno, who has said she had "no regrets whatsoever" about the operation, was accompanied at the meeting by Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and Immigration and Naturalization Service Director Doris Meissner. In the afternoon, Reno and her Justice Department team were given a standing ovation for the operation at a White House event, where they were praised by President Clinton, who appealed for the boy and his father to be given peace……."

ABC News 4/25/00 Reuters "…. State Department spokesman James Rubin said Juan Miguel Gonzalez had asked for expedited visas to bring four of the Elian's playmates over from Cuba to the United States and the visas would probably be given quickly. ……. Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota said, "Janet Reno told all of us this morning that the possibility that there were guns in the house existed." ……… "

New York Times 4/26/00 Juan Forero "……Little Havana's shops, restaurants, cafes and markets were shuttered today as thousands of Cuban-Americans infuriated by the federal removal of Elián González heeded a call by exile leaders for a one-day work stoppage. About 10 percent of Miami-Dade County workers, 2,580 people, and 10 percent of nonessential City of Miami workers, another 260 people, used their personal days to stay home. Schools remained open, but about 3,900 of 20,000 public school teachers stayed home, as did 115,000 students, nearly a third of enrollment. Essential services continued to be provided, government officials said, noting that buses and Metro Rail operated and the Port of Miami and area airports were open. In much of the city it was business as usual, but it was clear from the deserted streets in Little Havana -- and from the eased traffic flow on normally congested highways -- that untold numbers of people in the 800,000-strong Cuban exile community had not gone to work. Many businesses in the neighborhood, from Versailles restaurant to Sedano's Supermarkets to L.P. Evans used car lot, were closed. ......At least six players for the Florida Marlins baseball team vowed, with management's backing, to sit out the evening home game with the San Francisco Giants. Other major league players and coaches planned to skip evening games as well. And the Miami-Dade County Commission called off today's meeting because 6 of 13 commissioners said they would not attend. ……Meanwhile, some took to the streets, waving Cuban flags on corners or driving their cars in honking caravans………"

Washington Post 4/26/00 Peter Slevin Amy Goldstein "…….Sen. Robert C. Smith (R-N.H.) said he doubted a custody dispute had ever been settled with assault rifles. Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) called federal agents "jack-booted thugs." New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said Elian Gonzalez had been plucked from his relatives' home by "storm troopers." In fact, many SWAT specialists say the dramatic photograph of the armed lawman in green battle dress reaching for Elian simply shows the way raids are commonly conducted whenever law officers fear they could face weapons. Textbook assault tactics call for swift entry and a show of force so impressive that anyone considering resistance would quickly think again. When things go right, the guns are only for show and the raid is over almost as suddenly as it began. "The shock effect allows you to gain control and dominate a house, a room, whatever you happen to be going into in a hurry," said Woody Johnson, former chief of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team. "You're going in fearful of the worst-case scenario."......"

Washington Post 4/26/00 Peter Slevin Amy Goldstein "…….Attorney General Janet Reno ordered agents to seize Elian after, she said, negotiations to reunite him with his father broke down. She defended the pre-dawn raid, conducted by agents carrying a warrant. When the Gonzalez family refused to open the door, the agents broke it down. "They said, 'You are going to have to take him by force,' " Reno said of Elian's Miami relatives in a PBS interview Monday. "There was information that it might be possible that there were guns in the crowd or in the home. . . . What you saw was a law enforcement operation that went the right way."...... Elian's case is not unique in its use of armed law officers in a child custody matter. Several states and the District require that police officers, rather than social workers, carry children away after a judge has ruled in abuse and neglect cases that they would be safer elsewhere. Psychologists say Elian's exposure to battle-ready agents was unusual, but not unheard of. Police often retrieve children in abuse or custody cases, and sometimes a police station is used as a neutral site for parental visits in acrimonious custody disputes……" 4/25/00 "……The Senate opens hearings next week on the Elian Gonzalez custody battle, particularly the tactics used by armed federal agents in seizing him from his Miami relatives. Majority Leader Trent Lott announced the investigation today just hours after Attorney General Janet Reno explained to Republicans and Democrats why she ordered the use of force………. I just keep asking, was that necessary?" Lott told reporters at the Capitol, where the Senate Judiciary Committee will conduct the inquiry.The Mississippi Republican said the Senate should not wait for courts to act on the question of Elian's legal status. Sen. Connie Mack, R-Fla., urged that there be an investigation, saying he continues to be "horrified" that federal agents stormed into the private home. "It is just not American," he said. ...... Florida's other senator, Democrat Bob Graham, called for the immediate reunification of Elian, his father, and the family members who have now traveled from Miami to Washington to see the boy. Graham said "reunification is still in Elian's best interests" now that the boy is in his father's custody. Brandishing copies of the agreement that was still being negotiated with the relatives at the time of the raid, Graham also continued to insist he had a pledge from President Clinton that such an overnight raid would be prevented. We can do that," Graham quoted the president as saying in the Oval Office weeks ago......." 4/25/00 "……Both the Senate and House are moving - albeit slowly - toward an investigation of the Miami raid. On the House side, the same Judiciary Committee that probed President Clinton for impeachment has begun a "preliminary inquiry" into whether a full investigation of Reno's actions is in order. House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde of Illinois tells ABCNEWS that first he wants all the relevant information so that a probe does not "go off half-cocked." ...... Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch is not talking hearings, but the Utah Republican has sent a letter this week to Reno demanding all Justice Department documents having to do with the warrant issued Friday night allowing federal agents to enter the Miami relatives' home early Saturday. ……." 4/25/00 "……In New York, Vice President Al Gore tried to separate himself even more from the administration's handling of the Elian case. "I would have handled it differently," the Democratic presidential candidate told National Public Radio. Republican candidate George W. Bush wants Elian to stay in the United States, and the father, too. I would hope that the administration would explain to the father that if he so chooses he can raise his son in freedom," Bush told reporters, "that the father can stay here in the United States of America." ......" 4/25/00 "……Attorney General Janet Reno, who has voiced "no regrets whatsoever" for the raid that helped return Elian Gonzalez to his Cuban father, met Tuesday with lawmakers on Capitol Hill but did not satisfy her mostly Republican critics. ...... Amid tight security, the attorney general showed up for a closed-door session with a bipartisan group of 11 senators selected by Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss. She said nothing as she entered the building and a special elevator that took her to a secure room on the fourth floor of the Capitol... DeLay, speaking in Montana on Monday, referred to the agents who raided the house as "jackbooted thugs." ...... "

Cnn 4/25/00 "……Andrews Air Force Base to Carmichael Farm, a private residence in rural Maryland near the Wye River Plantation……… Juan Miguel Gonzalez, and others in his Cuban family were no longer staying at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington. "Today at 12:45 p.m., the United States Marshals Service moved Elian Gonzalez and family from Andrews Air Force Base," spokesman Drew Wade told reporters. "The family is moving to an undisclosed location domestically. The Marshals Service will continue its protective detail on Juan Miguel Gonzalez and Elian." Wade declined to answer questions. The announcement came shortly after some of Elian's Miami relatives drove to Andrews where, for a fourth straight day, they were turned away from the base in their effort to see the boy. ......"

Cnn 4/25/00 "……Almost one-third of greater Miami's 2.2 million people is of Cuban extraction and about half the work force has Cuban roots. Sam Aladdin, who is of Indian descent, closed his self-service laundry in Little Havana in support of his Cuban-American customers. "We are losing money, but what are you going to do?" he told CNN. "You have to make sacrifices somewhere along the line to gain victory. That is the only way you can do it." Enrique Diaz, president of the Popular Discount drug store chain in Miami, said he was giving all 450 of his employees the day off with pay. "What we want to do is just be a peaceful people and stay home, calm," he said. ......"

Cnn 4/25/00 "……Back in Miami, Gutierrez charged the federal government with hypocrisy. "The ... government was pushing so much for the family to get together ... and now, the tables are turned and they won't allow the family to see the boy. So it shows that they were on one side only and all they care (about) is ... what Fidel Castro wanted." ......... His father, backed by Cuban President Fidel Castro, has said the boy belongs with him in Cuba, while the Miami relatives, with the support of hard-line anti-communist exiles, say he should grow up "in freedom" in the United States. ….."

Boston Herald 4/26/00 Don Feder "……The competition is over at last. For years, we wondered what picture would come to symbolize the Clinton era - the smoldering ruins of Waco, the president's shifty-eyed performance as he lied to a grand jury, the House voting to impeach him, bombs falling on Belgrade, the mourner in chief slobbering over grieving families? But no, the image that will haunt us more than any other is an immigration storm trooper, in full combat gear, standing in the Lazaro Gonzalez home, pointing a submachine gun at the man holding a terrified Elian Gonzalez. A runner-up would have to be the photo of the child carried screaming from the house in the arms of a furious female agent……"

Boston Herald 4/26/00 Don Feder "…… After waiting so long, why did they nab the kid now? Because when they're losing, the Clinton thugs get desperate. Last week, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled against them on every count. It held that Elian cannot be taken from this country while his appeal is pending. Rejecting the administration's position, the court tentatively concluded that a 6-year-old can apply for political asylum and that the Immigration and Naturalization Service should take his wishes into account. Attorney General Janet Reno insists the home invasion was necessary to ``uphold the rule of law.'' But the administration lawfully could have granted Elian asylum, or let the family courts determine custody, or simply have left him in the care of his Miami relatives until the matter was resolved. Instead, in the predawn hours on the day before Easter, they stormed the Gonzalez home like the security forces of a police state. Clinton has finally convinced me of the case for gun control to this extent: While he and Reno are in charge, no federal agent should be allowed to carry firearms. ... When this administration speaks of the rule of law, it's hard not to gag…."

Judicial Watch 4/25/00 Larry Klayman "……Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit to uncover the real reasons behind Janet Reno's and the Clinton-Gore Administration's bizarre action in backing Castro and risking life and limb in the Elian Gonzalez saga. This morning, the public-interest government watchdog filed an emergency motion before The Honorable James Robertson of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, asking that the Court order the immediate production of all documents by the Justice Department concerning the Elian Gonzalez saga. Judge Robertson has just issued an Order calling for an emergency hearing on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, at 2:30 p.m. in Courtroom 16 of the Federal Court House at Third and Constitution Avenues, N.W. Judicial Watch will invite Lazaro Gonzales and Marisleysis Gonzalez to attend the hearing. ......"

Charley Reese Columnist 4/23/00 Orlando Sentinel "…..In the fall of 1995, ADM's chairman, Dwayne Andreas, met with Fidel Castro for dinner in New York. In July 1996, Andreas announced that he was going to Cuba to see Castro. He said he contemplated building a refinery in Cuba but would do it through a Spanish subsidiary because of the trade embargo. In 1997, a Spanish company invested $65 million in Cuba for a refinery for the production of alcohol from molasses. In October 1999, Martin Andreas, senior vice president, said ADM would consider constructing a vegetable-oil plant in Cuba if the market were open. Last January the Cuban government announced that it is moving toward consideration of a joint-venture type of relationship with ADM. In February, ADM announced plans for another trade exhibition in Havana in December………."

Charley Reese Columnist 4/23/00 Orlando Sentinel "…... Remember the meeting with the grandmothers at the home of the president of Barry University? Dwayne Andreas is a large contributor to Barry University, and his wife is a graduate and is past chairman of the board of trustees. The president of the university was initially in favor of returning Elian to his father -- until the meeting with the grandmothers convinced her that the Cuban government was calling the shots. Last October, Andrew Young, an ADM board member and member of the public-policy committee, was installed as president of the National Council of Churches, an old left front group, which has taken the lead in urging that Elian be returned to his father. Gregory Craig, the high-priced lawyer who suddenly materialized to represent Juan Gonzalez, who couldn't afford two seconds of Craig's time, is part of a law firm that also represents ADM. Craig is ostensibly being paid by the National Council of Churches…… A leftist church group and a high-priced lawyer, both with ADM connections, pop up to lead the campaign. And, no surprise, the big American news media jump on the same bandwagon..........Castro, by the way, has already said Elian will be sent to a boarding school in Havana, where Cuban psychologists will straighten out his mind. Castro's daughter, who lives in Spain, had already warned that would be Elian's fate if he's handed over to the dictator. ...... The Cuban exile community has always known that the question is not one of familial custody but one of freedom or a kid being sacrificed to a ruthless communist dictator. ......"

News With Attitude 4/25/00 "…..The warrant reproduced below, is nothing more than a totalitarian effort to defy the true rule of law; the Constitution.
April 24, 2000
United States District Court

In the Matter of the Search of
TO: S/A Mary A Rodriguez, U.S. Immig. & Natz. Service and any Authorized Officer of the United States

Affidavit(s) having been made before me by S/A Mary A.Rodriguez who has reason to believe that on the premises known as
in the SOUTHERN District of FLORIDA there is now concealed a certain person or property, namely

I am satisfied that the affidavit(s) and any record testimony establish probable cause to believe that the person or property so described is now concealed on the person or premises above-described and establish grounds for the issuance of this warrant.
YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to search on or before 5-1-0 (not to exceed 10 days) the person or place named above for the person or property specified, serving this warrant and making the search (at any time in the day or night as I find reasonable cause has been established) and if the person or property be found there to seize same, .leaving a copy of this warrant and receipt for the person or property taken, and prepare a written inventory of the person or property seized and promptly return this warrant to U.S. MAGISTRATE JUDGE DUBE as required bylaw.
Robert L. Dube
21 Apr 00 7:20 P.M. at MIAMI, ......
This is beyond Orwellian. To obtain a warrant by claiming that the child was concealed is bizarre. It is a fraud. They also did not present this to anyone or leave a receipt with anyone. They petitioned the 11th Circuit court to order that the child be transferred to his father. That petition was refused. The 11th Circuit Court was well-aware the child was at this location. And the court's decision explicitly rejected Reno's request for transfer of custody. There was no probable cause for the search. That a magistrate would issue such a warrant is truly frightening and disgusting. The corruption and and contempt for the law seeded by this rogue administration is beyond belief….."

The Search Warrant 'Trick' 4/24/00 Jack Thompson "……First off, you don't get a search warrant for anything other than inanimate objects. INS Commissioner Doris Meissner was asked on CBS's Face the Nation: "What were you searching for?" At this point, gales of laughter among lawyers had to follow her answer: "The boy." You get an arrest warrant to seize a person. But Elian is not a criminal, so no arrest warrant would be appropriate either. When Eric Holder, number two at Justice, was asked by Judge Andrew Napolitano why the government didn't get a court order authorizing the raid, Holder said, not knowing of the trick with the search warrant, "We didn't need an order." Napolitano, then correctly, pointed out that they sure did, since they asked for one from the 11th Circuit. ……… So, the government, knowing they couldn't get an order authorizing the forced taking of the boy, went to a lowly magistrate and got a useless search warrant ... useless legally. But useful on Sunday talk shows so that they could falsely but plausibly say they had a "court-ordered search warrant" authorizing the raid. But Bob Shieffer, in his common sense training, understood that this was not a search; it was the first change of custody in American history without a court order and at the point of a gun. ......... The warrant, in order to be issued, required Reno's Justice Department to assert that the boy, Elian, was a "concealed person"; that is, that the Justice Department did not know where he was by virtue of his being hidden. Did not everyone on the planet except Janet Reno know where the boy was? All the media of the modern world were in front of Elian's house because everyone knew he was there! He came out almost every day to play. If he was to be taken, without a court order, which the 11th Circuit refused to give, then he would be taken from that house and that house only. But "concealed person" is the word required on any search warrant......."

Landmark Legal Foundation 4/25/00 "………Landmark Legal Foundation today filed a "Friend of the Court" brief with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta alleging that Greg Craig, attorney for Juan Miguel Gonzalez, and the Justice Department are denying Elian Gonzalez the right to pursue his claim for political asylum and to meet with the lawyers who have represented him throughout the appeal. The Justice Department may have transferred physical custody of Elian at gunpoint last Saturday," explained Landmark President Mark R. Levin, "but they did not - and do not have the right to - prevent him from consulting with independent legal counsel. Greg Craig and the U.S. government are denying him those rights." In its "Friend of the Court" brief, Landmark notes that Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Elian's father, opposes Elian's request for political asylum. It is therefore impossible for Juan Miguel Gonzalez and his attorney to pursue Elian's application for political asylum................By allowing Mr. Craig and the government to restrict access to him, Elian cannot pursue his basic legal rights. Mr. Craig and the U.S. government, at a minimum, had a duty to petition a court to appoint a guardian ad litem to protect Elian's legal rights if they were going to deny him access to his current lawyers. Moreover, by having frequent, direct and exclusive contact with Elian rather than his lawyers, Landmark alleges that Craig may be violating the rules of professional responsibility prohibiting attorneys from attempting to obtain evidence or gain an advantage by directly influencing an opposing party. Landmark also noted that the Court has the power, on its initiative, to ask the Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner and the Attorney General to show cause why they should not be held in contempt of court......." 4/25/00 Jack Thompson "…….One of Florida's top criminal defense and constitutional attorneys has joined the the legal team working to free Elian and return him to his Miami family, has learned. Miami attorney, Richard Sharpstein, a former Assistant State Attorney and Major Crimes Prosecutor who worked under then Dade State Attorney Janet Reno, joined the team yesterday to help prepare the next major legal action. ......... Sharpstein, successful and nationally known for his representation in high-profile criminal cases, is law partner with his lawyer wife Janice Burton Sharpstein, who is an expert in immigration law matters. Sharpstein has said that Elian Gonzalez was taken pursuant to an illegal and thus void "search warrant," (this same analysis was made at NewsMax days ago) which may provide only one of a number of bases to convince the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to return the boy either to the Miami relatives or to a third party, a guardian ad litem, to serve as the boy's legal guardian during the pendency of the asylum litigation. Such a guardian ad litem approach, points out Sharpstein, would allow both the boy's father and the Miami relatives to see and spend time with the boy. ......"

Drudgereport 4/25/00 "……ELIAN BOMBSHELL: BOY NOT READ HIS RIGHTS BEFORE 'ARREST', SAYS WITNESS; POSSIBLE MIRANDA VIOLATIONS PUT JUSTICE ON DEFENSE Elian Gonzalez may have been arrested for being an "illegal alien" last weekend in Miami, court documents show -- but the boy, according to witnesses, was not read his rights and has since been blocked access to his lawyer! "He was under arrest? No one read the boy his rights before they took him! I was there!" said fisherman Donato Dalrymple, who was last to hold the boy before he was "arrested" by Immigration and Naturalization Service Special Agent Betty Ann Mills.......... A "warrant for the arrest of alien" was signed by James T. Spearman Jr., Deputy Assistant District Director, US Department of Justice, on April 21. ……… In the early 90's the INS agreed to inform people arrested as illegal aliens of their legal rights and to offer them the opportunity to consult a lawyer. Last week, Miranda rights were reaffirmed by the Supreme Court. ………. A Justice Department spokesman told the DRUDGE REPORT on Tuesday that the raid was lawful and supported by court order, but the spokesman denied the boy was "arrested", noting the "arrest warrant" was included in a document dump on the case -- "by mistake."......"

FoxNews 4/23/00 Jonathon Broder "…….Was it legal for the Clinton administration to send armed officers into the Miami home of Elian Gonzalez's relatives and forcibly return the boy to custody of his Cuban father? That question is now at the center of a legal debate that has some accusing President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno of violations of the law. "What we're seeing is the emergence of a police state," said Roger Pilon, a legal affairs expert at the Cato Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington. "There was no court order. To say this was followed according to the rule of law is an absolute falsehood." Florida Republican Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, a critic of the administration, called the INS raid an "Orwellian monstrosity" and a "Gestapo-style action." But Maria Cardona, a spokesperson for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, whose agents conducted the pre-dawn raid on the Miami home of Elian's relatives, said in fact the agents did have a legal warrant, issued by a Miami magistrate, to enter and search the relatives' home for the six-year-old boy. And in returning the boy to the custody of his father, Cardona said Reno was acting not only in accordance with both INS and federal court decisions, but also within the attorney general's powers to assume ultimate authority over any illegal alien in the United States, especially if that person is a minor. ........."

FoxNews 4/23/00 Jonathon Broder "……."The court never addressed the issue of who should have custody over Elian while he awaits a decision," Cardona said. "In fact, the court specifically said they were not addressing the custody issue." As a result, Cardona said, the administration interpreted the court ruling as clearing the way to return Elian to the custody of his father, as ordered by the INS in January, because the court had alleviated the fear that he would be taken back to Cuba before the appeal was over. The father, Juan Miguel Gonzales, has been in the United States since April 7. Michael Zeldin, a former federal prosecutor, said the administration could argue that the court ruling left intact the January decision by INS Commissioner Doris Meissner that the child belonged with the father. "Had there been a line in the ruling that said the court is vacating Doris Meissner's decision while it decides this matter, then Reno would have been enjoined from acting," said Zeldin. "But there was no such language. So she is free to act under the terms of Meissner's decision. The only thing she can't do is remove the child from the United States before the court decides the asylum question." ......"

FoxNews 4/23/00 Jonathon Broder "…….Despite the reassignment of custody, the 11th Circuit Court will hold a hearing May 11 to decide whether Elian, as a minor, has the right to file for political asylum. If the court establishes that Elian has such a right, the issue then will become who has the legal standing to file the claim -- his father or his great-uncle. Under U.S. law, it is very rare for a great uncle to gain the standing to get custody. "There are a lot of children in the U.S. who have relatives who are better off than their parents," Morrison said. But children are rarely taken from parents and given to relatives unless there is evidence of abuse or negligence. "We don't deny parents custody based on politics," he said. Pilon complained that Reno's reassignment of custody has effectively neutralized any decision the appeals court might take to allow Elian to apply for asylum because it is unlikely Elian's father, Juan Miguel, would do so. Spokesperson Cardona says critics like Pilon are trying to create an issue where none exists. "It's more than not likely that Elian's father won't apply for asylum," she said. "Juan Miguel Gonzales has said from the very beginning that he doesn't want him to apply for asylum. So that's not even an issue." …….. "

Drudge 4/25/00 "……..During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon in Washington, Senator Bob Graham [D-Florida] said the president made a commitment to him during an Oval Office meeting that he would not take Elian Gonzalez at night:
GRAHAM: I met in the Oval Office with the president and with John Podesta... the first point I raised, which came from community members who said that there is a level of tension and anxiety being imposed on this situation as a result of the fact that nobody can go to bed at night, because there's no assurance that the child won't be taken in the middle of the night. Therefore the family has to stay up all night--the child's staying up all night...
And I said, Mr. President, could you commit that this administration would not take this child at night? And he turned to Mr. Podesta and said, We can do that.
QUESTION: Was Joe Lockhart in the room?
GRAHAM: Well, Joe Lockhart was not in the room when the statement was made.
QUESTION: Who was in the room?
GRAHAM: The president of the United States, John Podesta and myself. The statement was, We can do that. And I would...
QUESTION: Do you think the president lied to you?
GRAHAM: ... Let me say--the United States government is a large and complex government, and whether decisions that are made at the highest level get properly communicated to other levels, I don't know. ……" 4/25/00 Jack Thompson "……..NewsMax has obtained an exclusive interview with the newest member of Elian Gonzalez's legal team, Miami lawyer Richard Sharpstein. has learned that court papers prepared by Sharpstein could be filed as early as this week. Sharpstein will seek an order from the 11th Circuit commanding the surrender of the boy to a guardian. Sharpstein said his filings will likely request to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for a surrender of the boy on the following grounds:

1. The "search warrant" was fraudulently obtained in that it is falsely alleged in the supporting affidavit, signed by INS Officer Mary Rodriguez (not the woman sprinting out to the van with Elian wrapped in a blanket), that Elian was both "hidden" and an "illegal alien."
The facts are that Elian's whereabouts, contrary to this allegation by Justice, were fully known to the entire world.
Further, he was not in any fashion an "illegal alien."
He already had filed pending his petition for asylum.
"Ilegal aliens" is a legal term that would not include those who have filed a petition for asylum, particularly not Cuban immigres, who are presumed, under the Cuban Adjustment Act, to have a right, under the law, to remain.
Such emigres are defined as legal aliens under the statute.

2. The Attorney General was personally involved in a fraudulent scheme to seize the boy in that she a) used a fraudulently obtained affidavit with which to illegally seize the boy, whose issuance was improperly concealed and sealed from opposing counsel b) while she pretended to be negotiating in good faith with "central mediator" Aaron Podhurst and others to convince them that a raid would not occur while negotiations were ongoing.
While pretending to be negotiating, she was in fact planning the raid, even conducting the raid while negotiators were on the phone.
This makes the entire scheme by which the boy was seized a violation of the 11th Circuit's guarantee of the unimpeded litigation process of the asylum claim.
"Reno, in a phrase, was the central architect of a monstrous trick," said Sharpstein.
Additionally, statements made by Florida Senator Bob Graham may also be introduced in court papers demonstrating that President Clinton was a participant in the ruse. Graham has stated that Clinton personally assured him the boy would not be seized in the dark of the night.

Sharpstein said that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals may be petitioned to appoint a guardian ad litem, that is a third party, to serve as both the temporary custodian and also advocate for the interests for the boy, separate and apart from the interests of the Miami relatives as well as those of the father. This approach, says Sharpstein, would give the boy what he needs: an opportunity to decide, as the 11th Circuit indicated even a six-year-old boy might be able to do, where he wants to live. .........Presently, Greg Craig, Juan Miguel's father's attorney, is prohibiting Elian from meeting not only with Elian's family but more importantly with the boy's own attorneys thereby impairing Elian's litigation of his asylum claim. ……"

Cato Institute 4/24/00 Deroy Murdock "……Saturday's Nacht-und-Nebel-style seizure of Elian Gonzalez by armed U.S. agents resembled Munich 1940 more than Miami 2000. The abuses of power and excessive force in this revolting episode epitomize a federal police state that has goose-stepped from Ruby Ridge to Waco and now to Little Havana. ……….. At 5:15 a.m. -- while attorneys for the young Cuban refugee negotiated his status with Justice Department officials -- eight Immigration and Naturalization Service officers used a battering ram to knock down the front door of Elian's great uncle, Lazaro. Wielding machine guns, the body-armor-clad agents knocked over a picture of Jesus Christ and a statue of the Virgin Mary on Easter Eve. They then kicked down another door inside the Gonzalez home. According to Elian's cousin, Marisleysis Gonzalez, federal agents held her at gun point while one screamed, "Give me the f - - - ing boy or we'll shoot you." An NBC cameraman said federal gunmen kicked him in the stomach, hit his sound man with a rifle butt and yelled, "Don't move or we'll shoot." …………. A Border Patrol agent in a helmet and goggles soon pointed his assault rifle at Elian and the man who shielded him in his arms -- Donato Dalrymple, one of the fishermen who rescued him from the Atlantic Ocean last Thanksgiving. As Elian hollered, "Help me! Help me!," he was whisked away in a white van driven by yet another federale whose face was hidden in a ski mask. Onlookers, meanwhile, were kept at bay with pepper spray. …… This nauseating episode -- captured by TV cameras and Alan Diaz, an intrepid Associated Press photographer -- looked more like a kidnapping than an official act of the United States government.. …"

Cato Institute 4/24/00 Deroy Murdock "……This raid supposedly was triggered after Attorney General Janet Reno decided that talks with the Gonzalez family had collapsed. Attorneys for the Gonzalezes say they spoke by phone with Reno and her subordinates late into the night and faxed proposals back and forth to Justice headquarters in Washington. "For Janet Reno to say that negotiations had broken down at the time of the raid was an utter, utter lie," Barbara Lagoa, one of Elian's attorneys, told Fox News Channel. ……"

Cato Institute 4/24/00 Deroy Murdock "……The 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled April 20 that Elian Gonzalez himself may have the right to seek political asylum in the United States, even against his father's wishes. The decision that Elian is entitled to a day in court -- specifically a May 11 INS asylum appeal hearing -- argues against his immediate transfer to his father. Juan Miguel Gonzalez is currently influenced, if not thoroughly controlled, by Cuban functionaries. ......,The Circuit Court also chastised the Clinton Administration for ignoring Elian's desires. "According to the record, plaintiff - although a young child - has expressed a wish that he not be returned to Cuba," the three-judge panel wrote. "It appears that never have INS officials attempted to interview plaintiff about his wishes." "It is not clear that the INS, in finding plaintiff's father to be the only proper representative, considered all of the relevant factors -- particularly the child's separate and independent interests in seeking asylum." ……."

Cato Institute 4/24/00 Deroy Murdock "……. Just last April 17, the Justice Department released a letter from Dr. Irwin Redlener claiming that "Elian Gonzalez is now in a state of imminent danger to his physical and emotional well-being in a home that I consider to be psychologically abusive.........Adding further to all this intrigue is the fact that Dr. Redlener is a pediatrician, not a psychologist. As such, he is as qualified to comment on Elian's state of mind as a psychologist is to treat him for chicken pox. Beyond that, Dr. Redlener never even spoke with Elian. Unless Dr. Redlener is clairvoyant, he seems entirely unable to evaluate Elian's psyche. Redlener, it transpires, also served on Hillary Clinton's health care task force in 1993 and chaired the 1992 Clinton-Gore National Health Leadership Council. He is little more than an Administration flack with a stethoscope. Add to this that Juan Miguel Gonzalez is represented by President Clinton's top-dollar impeachment attorney, Greg Craig. Nothing about the Elian Gonzalez case is as it seems......."

AP 4/25/00 Michael Sniffen "…….Attorney General Janet Reno has gotten dozens of bouquets and thousands of calls of support for reuniting Elian Gonzales with his father. The office of Reno's secretaries was a riot of color and smelled like a florist shop as more than 50 bouquets, vases, boxes of flowers and other floral arrangements arrived by midday Tuesday with more on the way in. Every open, flat surface and most of the floor was covered with flowers. "On my God, I can't believe this," Reno said when she returned from a day of meetings on Capitol Hill and at the White House. ……"

Drudge Report 4/25/00 Martha Irvine AP "………Workers stayed home, students skipped school and businesses closed Tuesday as Cuban-Americans called a general strike that shut down Little Havana but barely slowed the rest of the city. The protest over the Elian Gonzalez case brought honking cars and Cuban flags to the streets of Little Havana, where fires and violence broke out Saturday after armed federal agents grabbed the 6-year-old Cuban boy in a pre-dawn raid. ………. ``We are in mourning,'' said Angelo Gutierrez, 70. ``I will buy nothing today.'' The rest of the Miami metropolitan area went on with its day. Scattered businesses closed their doors and the morning traffic in the city was lighter than usual. The airport and Port of Miami suffered no difficulties, officials said. …….."

Boston Globe 4/25/00 John Donnelly "…….Every presidential election for a generation, the Cuban-American vote in South Florida has played a significant role in the race for the state's prized 25 electoral votes, often giving strong support to Republicans but switching in large numbers to Democrats in 1976 and 1996. Now comes the odyssey of Elian Gonzalez. The Clinton administration's handling of the 6-year-old boy's case is likely to solidify Cuban-American support for Republican George W. Bush this November, political analysts and pollsters said. But even if the Cuban-American community becomes a solid Republican voting bloc this year and for years to come, its influence on the Florida vote and by extension on national politics and US policy toward Cuba is in serious question, analysts said. The fight over custody of Elian has rallied the community like no other issue since the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961, but the outpouring of emotion has also created strong feelings against the Cuban-Americans in Florida - north and south of the Dade County line. Recent polls show that more than three-quarters of African-Americans and non-Hispanic whites in South Florida favor the boy's reunification with his father. ......"

Miami Herald 4/25/00 Karen Branch "…Scores of Cuban-American Democrats on Monday registered their protest of the Clinton administration's predawn seizure of Elian Gonzalez by severing ties to the Democratic Party. 'I've always voted Democratic, said Isidro Perez, 74, who on Monday went with his wife, son and daughter-in-law to the Miami-Dade elections office. All four Cuban-Americans switched to independent-voter status. ''We loved this country, and look what it did to us. ......,, In interview after interview, those leaving the Democratic Party said what clinched it for them were photographs and TV footage of federal officers taking the 6-year-old from his Miami relatives' home at gunpoint. About 60 made the switch with the help of a clerk at the Latin Chamber of Commerce in Little Havana. Dozens more either showed up in person at the county elections office or called in for advice on making the change, election workers said. ''The worst was them putting a machine gun in Elian's face, said Marta Acosta, 58, of Little Havana, who along with her husband switched to the Republican Party on Monday at the chamber office. Tears welled up in the eyes of Miriam Cruz, 52, after she switched from Democrat to the GOP:''It's the only weapon I can use to help Elian…."

The Los Angeles Times 4/21/00 Alan M. Dershowitz "….The U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals got it exactly right in its recent opinion enjoining anyone from removing Elian Gonzalez for the United States and suggesting that Elian, though only 6 years old, may have a right to be heard by the Immigration and Naturalization Service as well as by the court. On the issue of the injunction, the court simply has preserved the status quo and prevented the case from becoming moot. If Elian were returned to Cuba, and the court were later to rule that he should stay in the United States, it would be impossible for the court to enforce that ruling. But if Elian remains here and the court were to rule that he must be returned to Cuba, then such a ruling could easily be enforced. Thus the court acted in a traditional manner by enjoining his removal from its jurisdiction......."

The Los Angeles Times 4/21/00 Alan M. Dershowitz "….The court's second point, though more controversial, is compelling. The statute provides that "any alien who is physically present in the U.S. or who arrives in the United States...irrespective of such alien status, may apply for asylum." The court has suggested that this statutory language, especially the breadth of the term "any alien," may well apply even to a 6-year-old. It has not decided what weight, if any, the INS and the courts should give to the expressed views of a 6-year-old. Yet it seems clear that the views of the 6-year-old should at least be taken into consideration. It also seems clear that a 6-year-old child who has expressed the wish to be given asylum should have a lawyer who can speak on his behalf………When the case is argued before the United States Court of Appeals in early May, at least three parties should be represented: Elian's father, Elian's Miami relatives, and Elian himself. The lawyer representing Elian should have an opportunity to confer with his client as well as with the other parties and present what he or she believes to be Elian's view. The court will then be in a better position to assess the conflicting claims in this case……"

Associated Press 4/25/00 Tom Raum "……At the request of Juan Miguel Gonzalez, four playmates of his son, Elian, will be allowed to come from Cuba to visit him here for about two weeks, the State Department said today. Spokesman James P. Rubin said visa requests from the four will be dealt with on an expedited basis once they are received. One adult will be permitted to accompany each child. Rubin noted that the department issued visas almost three weeks ago to Elian's former kindergarten teacher, a pediatrician and a male cousin. They have not used the visas but may do so at any time, Rubin said. ………. The Marshals Service remained with the family for protection, said Marshals spokesman Drew Wade. ……. If necessary, Reno said, she would enforce the federal order that the boy not be removed from the United States until a federal court rules on the issue of whether he can be granted political asylum over the objections of his father. ......,, Also on Monday, the Justice Department released previously sealed court papers saying U.S. immigration officials had probable cause to believe that the boy was ''being unlawfully restrained'' at the Gonzalez family residence in Miami. The affidavit -- supporting the request for a search warrant -- asks permission from a federal magistrate to execute the search warrant at night ''in order to meet the least amount of resistance from any crowd gathered outside the home, ensure the safety of Elian Gonzalez and protect the officers executing the warrant.'' ......"

Freeper spycatcher "……."...false imprisonment is the unlawful restraint of another person's liberty. As technical as this sounds, false imprisonment in fact can happen in many common situations. False imprisonment can of course occur by such outrageous acts as kidnapping, but also can occur by the simple act of blocking a door and precluding somebody from leaving the room when they want to. A California case, Scofield v. Critical Air Medicine, Inc., recently held that false imprisonment may occur by fraud or trickery, such as when an air transport service tricked an accident victim into getting into an airplane based on the false representation that the service had been authorized to pick up the victim. Even though the victim eventually got to where he was supposed to go without ever learning of the deceit, a false imprisonment claim was successfully made against the air transport service. The victim does not need to know of the imprisonment while it is occurring, such as occurs when the victim is tricked into getting into a vehicle, or when the victim doesn't realize that the restraint on his or her mobility is wrongful..."

NY Times 4/25/00 Laurence Tribe "……Where did the attorney general derive the legal authority to invade that Miami home in order to seize the child? …….. Under the Constitution, it is axiomatic that the executive branch has no unilateral authority to enter people's homes forcibly to remove innocent individuals without taking the time to seek a warrant or other order from a judge or magistrate (absent the most extraordinary need to act). Not only the Fourth Amendment but also well-established constitutional principles of family privacy require that the disinterested judiciary test the correctness of the executive branch's claimed right to enter and seize. …….."

NY Times 4/25/00 Laurence Tribe "……Although a federal court had ordered that Elián not be removed from the country pending a determination of his asylum petition, and although a court had ruled that the Immigration and Naturalization Service could exercise custody and control of Elián for the time being, no judge or neutral magistrate had issued the type of warrant or other authority needed for the executive branch to break into the home to seize the child. The agency had no more right to do so than any parent who has been awarded custody would have a right to break and enter for such a purpose. Indeed, the I.N.S. had not even secured a judicial order, as opposed to a judicially unreviewed administrative one, compelling the Miami relatives to turn Elián over…….."

NY Times 4/25/00 Laurence Tribe "……The Justice Department points out that the agents who stormed the Miami home were armed not only with guns but with a search warrant. But it was not a warrant to seize the child. Elián was not lost, and it is a semantic sleight of hand to compare his forcible removal to the seizure of evidence, which is what a search warrant is for………..To be sure, our courts have allowed immigration officials to obtain areawide warrants to search workplaces for illegal aliens, and Congress has by statute empowered immigration officials to search, interrogate and arrest people without warrants in order to prevent unlawful entry into the country. But no one suspects that Elián is here illegally. ...... Either way, Ms. Reno's decision to take the law as well as the child into her own hands seems worse than a political blunder. Even if well intended, her decision strikes at the heart of constitutional government and shakes the safeguards of liberty. ........."

Washington Times 4/25/00 Wes Pruden "……..But why would the president of the United States, even this president, stoop to being a surrogate for Fidel Castro? "The Clinton haters," as the Clinton apologists derisively call the millions of Americans who can't forgive what the man from Hot Springs has done to the national institution they cherish above all others, may mark it down to just something a man with no character and no core would do to an innocent child. "Look," they say. "Any man who would hold his wife up to pervasive humiliation, scarring his daughter for life with the recitation of the rape, ridicule and abuse of women left in his wake, wouldn't flinch at inflicting middle-of-the-night terror on a 6-year-old boy trying to recover from the ordeal at sea that claimed his mother before his very eyes.".........

Washington Times 4/25/00 Wes Pruden "……..Perhaps. Everything is politics for Bill Clinton, and he is still spooked by the prospect that Fidel could do it to him again. When Fidel emptied his prisons in 1979, sending thousands of drug dealers, rapists, murderers and petty thieves to America on the Mariel Boatlift, many of them were interned at Fort Chaffee, near Fort Smith, in Arkansas, where Mr. Clinton was the governor. They eventually rioted, trashing the neighborhood, and public outrage cost Mr. Clinton a second term as governor. He thought it had ruined his career. He knows what a repeat of that would do to Al Gore. He is determined to do anything to appease Fidel now, and the maximum leader knows it……."

Washington Times 4/25/00 Wes Pruden "……..Once the Cuban community of Miami was effectively demonized, the president was free to do anything he wanted, secure in the expectation that the American public, fed up with Spanish-speaking immigrants, would quietly acquiesce. The president not only had the cover of the public-opinion polls indicating a majority in favor of returning Elian to his father even if it meant returning him to Cuba, he had the cover of the demands of black politicians to send the boy home. Reps. Maxine Waters of California is never happy about anything and Charles Rangel of New York keeps his lip at the ready. Fidel is the only Cuban they have a kind word for. All the president has to worry about now are the Republicans. (No giggling, please.)….."

National Review online 4/24/00 Kate O’Beirne "…….As long as Elian's Miami relatives were determined that the child's rights be protected, there was nothing they could have done to prevent Janet's Reno armed assault on their home. Once the federal appellate court held that Elian should not be denied the opportunity to make an asylum claim, the Clinton Administration had to move quickly to deny him that opportunity. After a few more days of publicizing photos that could adorn father-son J.C.Penney ads, Mr. Gonzalez's attorney will announce that, back in the bosom of his blended family, Elian has had a change of heart and wishes to withdraw his asylum claim. Some legal experts believe that such a declaration would end the pending court case, exactly as the Miami family feared. ……"

National Review online 4/24/00 Kate O’Beirne "…….His cousin, Marisleysis Gonzalez, only begged that Elian not see the guns so threateningly wielded. In sharp contrast, Elian's father refused countless offers to be reunited with his son peacefully, if not permanently. It was Juan Miguel Gonzalez, either freely or under Castro's orders, who made a non-negotiable demand that was irreconcilable with Elian's legal rights. Once the INS agreed to satisfy his demands, at all costs, his son was likely to be terrorized. A loving father, who claims to be free from Castro's control, would have been in Florida with his son months ago. Once he finally arrived, he would have walked across broken glass to see his son for an hour. A loving father would be haunted by the realization that his actions resulted in his terrorized son's cries of "Help me. Help me." Elian's Miami relatives are losing in the court of public opinion, but they have passed Solomon's test with flying colors. ......"

The Associated Press 4/24/00 Brigitte Greenberg "…….Crying in anguish, the cousin who took care of Elian Gonzalez for five months said President Clinton lacks the moral authority to denounce violence in schools because he allowed federal agents with guns to seize the 6-year-old. A group of Miami relatives and their supporters who followed Elian to Washington have been trying to keep the boy in America. They were turned back twice in attempts to enter Andrews Air Force Base in suburban Maryland, where Elian is staying with his father and stepmother and 6-month-old half brother. Today, cousin Marisleysis Gonzalez, 21, and Elian's great-uncles, Lazaro and Delfin Gonzalez, left their Washington hotel to, as she put it, "try to speak to whoever we have to speak to" in order to see the boy. She denied she and the other Miami relatives pose "a risk for Juan Miguel ... we are in his territory now." Juan Miguel Gonzalez is Elian's father. ……… At a news conference Sunday, Marisleysis Gonzalez shouted: "Why stand up on TV and say we need to make better about the crimes that are being done in school when you're the first one to give an order to break inside a house and (grab) a kid with a gun in his face? "It's not only the criminals and people outside with guns. Now it's the government, too," she said, practically spitting out the words. With tears streaming down her face and a pink and blue bag of Easter goodies, she pleaded to see the boy…….."

The Associated Press 4/24/00 Brigitte Greenberg "…….Sen. Bob Smith, R-N.H., who was helping the Miami relatives of the boy in Washington, accused the Clinton administration of surrendering the boy to his father to appease communist dictator Fidel Castro. "There was no hesitation on the part of this administration to sacrifice innocent lives to achieve their own agenda, and the agenda this time was diplomatic relations with Fidel Castro, so Elian was expendable," Smith said during the news conference on Capitol Hill. "I'm ashamed of my government." The senator, who had tears in his eyes as he held a bright pink Easter egg intended for Elian, called for congressional hearings and an investigation. "This is no longer about Castro," Smith said. "It is now about President Clinton and Janet Reno's abuse of power." For the second straight day, Smith and the Gonzalez family, including great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez, were turned away from the air base. …….."

Fox News 4/24/00 Freeper magellen "……Bob Smith on Hannity and Colmes read from the "Arrest Warrant" that revoked Elian's residency. The same "Warrant" says Elian has the right to counsel. Bob Smith said he tried to bring Elian's counsel to him but was turned away……" Adds Freeper Invictus "…..He also reported that the INS has petitioned the court to revoke Elians standing before the court so as to revoke any need for a hearing IN COURT. ……" 4/24/00 Cong. Asa Hutchinson/Arkansas "…….After Saturday's INS raid of the Gonzalez home, I am expressing my concern with the Justice Department's heavily armed raid to seize six-year-old Elian Gonzalez and urging the Judiciary Committee to hold hearings into the federal government's recent pattern of reliance on excessive force in dealing with the American public. I find it disturbing that our federal government, sworn to protect and defend the life and liberty of the American public, has displayed an increasing pattern on force - excessive force - in dealing with that same public. ...... I see the recent armed raid on the home of the Gonzalez family in Miami as the latest of a series of decisions by the Justice Department to resort to the use of force. There is currently an investigation into the department's armed raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco that resulted in the death of 76 individuals. ……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/25/00 Jerry Seper "……Attorney General Janet Reno yesterday vigorously denied that anyone doctored the photographs of a smiling Elian Gonzalez that have been released since federal agents snatched the 6-year-old Cuban shipwreck survivor from his Miami relatives and reunited him with his father. The photos have been challenged by the Miami relatives as being phony, manipulated in some way to superimpose an old photo of a smiling Elian with his father. They charged that his hair was longer in the new photo than it had been when he was seized from their Miami home early on Saturday and taken to Andrews Air Force Base where his father awaited him……… Access to Andrews Air Force Base, where Elian, his father, stepmother and half-brother are staying, has been tightly controlled since the boy arrived. Requests by the media, including The Washington Times, that they be allowed to take photos of Elian and his father have been denied. Gregory Craig, attorney for Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, has made available a handful of reunion photos - all taken at Andrews Air Force Base - each showing Elian in smiling and friendly poses with the father he had not seen for five months. The photos are part of an ongoing effort to negate the impact of "the photograph" - a searing Associated Press image flashed around the world showing a helmeted Border Patrol agent pushing an automatic rifle toward a terrified Elian during the predawn raid in which the boy was seized. Mr. Craig, a Washington attorney who represented President Clinton during the impeachment hearings, has said a decision on when the boy could be photographed would be made by his father…….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/25/00 Jerry Seper "……On Saturday, the Gonzalez family posed for private pictures, one of which received nearly equal billing on Sunday with that of the photo of the federal agent and Elian. That photo, of Elian with his father, stepmother and half-brother, was taken by a federal agent with a throwaway camera belonging to Mr. Gonzalez. A photo of Elian and his 6-month-old half-brother was taken by the father. New photos released on Easter showed Elian walking arm in arm with his father, playing soccer, having a lunch of black beans and rice, sitting on his father's lap and smiling with his father, half-brother and stepmother on a bench……. Fred Sweets, the AP's assistant bureau chief for photos, said the first two photos were delivered to the media after they had been developed at a one-hour photo shop at a Washington-area drug store. He said he examined the negatives from those photos and believed they were authentic………. Mr. Sweets said the Easter photos were part of an undeveloped roll of film hand-carried by Mr. Craig to the Associated Press bureau in Washington. He said that film, also from a disposable camera, was developed in the AP's photo lab and that after examining the negatives, he determined they were "authentic."……."

Washington Post 4/25/00 Karen DeYoung "…….In arguments filed in federal court yesterday, the Justice Department said that there is no evidence that Elian Gonzalez helped prepare or understood an application for political asylum that bears his signature, no evidence that he would meet the standards for granting asylum and no reason for his Miami great-uncle's views on these matters to outweigh those of Elian's father. ………. At the same time, the department argued, there is no basis for the court to conclude that Attorney General Janet Reno and the Immigration and Naturalization Service violated the law or administrative guidelines in refusing to consider the application for asylum. The 85-page brief, filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta, asks for the appeal of great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez to be dismissed…………. "

Washington Post 4/25/00 Karen DeYoung "……."The question here is not whether Elian 'may' apply [for asylum], but whether he 'has applied,' " the government's brief said. Three pending asylum applications, two signed by Lazaro Gonzalez, and one by Elian, "are otherwise identical. None is written by Elian. None purports to be a statement by Elian of what he thinks has happened or will happen to him if he returns to Cuba. None contains information that came from Elian. "Someone else filled out those applications," the brief said. "Some adult, whether Lazaro or his attorneys, decided that he would speak for Elian. But another adult, Elian's father, exercising his parental authority, has objected to this. This case is, therefore, not about whether Elian has spoken about asylum. It is about which of two adults will be allowed to speak about asylum for him: his father, with whom he has had a close relationship all his life until they were separated under traumatic circumstances last November; or a distant relative."…….The brief repeated the steps the INS took to assure itself of Elian's close relationship with its father and of Juan Miguel Gonzalez's genuine desire to return with his son to Cuba. It noted the high standard an applicant must meet "to prove that he suffered past persecution or will suffer future persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion. . . . Evidence of widespread human rights violations" in the country in question, it said, "is not sufficient."……."

TIME Magazine October 28, 1996 Volume 148, No. 20 "……But half a dozen Cuban-American Democrats who raised huge sums for Clinton in 1992 convinced the new President he could win Florida in '96 if he became even more anti-Castro than Ronald Reagan or George Bush had been. ...Senior Clinton aides call the cabal the "core group." It includes Maria Victoria Arias, a Miami lawyer married to Hugh Rodham, the First Lady's brother...Arias telephones Hillary frequently and often sends Clinton clippings from Florida newspapers..."

Washington Times 4/25/00 "……Does the end justify the means? "The bottom line is that it was successful," said Doris Meissner, INS Commissioner, to CBS's "Face the Nation," by way of explaining the government's outrageous, pre-dawn invasion of the Gonzalez home. Americans must face the terrible fact that such a sentiment reverberates with more echoes of dictatorship than democracy. Ms. Meissner, of course, is the same official, who, three hours after the child's pre-dawn seizure, tried to assuage concerns for a scared little boy with news that Play-Doh had been provided on the aircraft that spirited him away from Miami. "The squeezing of Play-Doh is the best thing that you can do for a child who might be experiencing stress," she said. The mind boggles. "We do not believe he has a right to apply for asylum," she said, adding, chillingly, "His father speaks for him."…."

Washington Times 4/25/00 "……Why is that chilling? As Jose Garcia-Pedrosa, one of the Miami family's lawyers, pointed out in response, Ms. Meissner has effectively endorsed the government's effort "to eliminate somebody's right to an appeal by a commando raid." ……."

Washington Times 4/25/00 "……Did the U.S. government even want a peaceful solution? Despite the charges that the Miami family, in Miss Reno's words, continuously "moved the goal posts," it looks more and more like it was the U.S. government that wouldn't play ball……. Consider the oddity of Mr. Craig's reaction to this development, as reported by the New York Times: "Word of renewed negotiations was not greeted warmly in Washington," the paper reported. " 'It had a huge adverse impact on Juan Miguel's confidence in [Miss Reno],' " Mr. Craig said of the new round of discussions laid out by Miss Reno. Why? Wouldn't that "loving father," as they say, hang on for a peaceful solution to avoid the trauma of a nighttime raid? …….. There is compelling evidence that a solution was in fact at hand. Mr. Podhurst, Carlos M. de la Cruz, chairman of the board of trustees at the University of Miami and of Eagle Brands, as well as the Miami family's lead lawyer Kendall Coffey, have all attested to this. "I believe a deal was within minutes, or an hour away," Mr. Podhurst told NBC on Monday………" 4/25/00 Carl Limbacher "…..Senator Bob Smith was interviewed by phone on Mike Savage's #1 rated show on San Francisco's KSFO. Smith told Mike he was shocked when he arrived at Andrews Air Force Base and was told -- though he was a U.S. Senator -- he was barred from entering the base. He was also surprised when he was greeted at Andrews -- not by military officials who alone should have jurisdiction at the base -- but armed federal marshalls who explained they were in charge at Andrews. …… Savage quickly explained to his audience what you have is a "putative coup." By that, Savage said, federal officers demonstrated on the raid of Elian's home -- and the efforts to bar Smith from the air base -- that their loyalty is not to the Constitution but to the President himself. ……"

Associated Press 4/24/00 Pete Yost "…..Trying to keep a federal court decision intact that would return Elian Gonzalez to Cuba, the Justice Department said Monday that U.S. officials have properly weighed the wishes of the 6-year-old boy's father against the asylum request from family relatives in Miami. "It would be a substantial intrusion into the realm of parental authority for a distant relative to be able to trigger government procedures concerning the parent's 6-year-old son that could seriously disrupt the parent-child relationship and family stability," the department said in an 83-page appeals court filing in Atlanta. ……."The question here is not whether Elian will be allowed to apply for some minor benefit against his father's wishes," said the Justice Department. "This is a question of whether a 6-year-old will live in another country apart from his father's." …..The department noted that there is an "absence of evidence that Elian will suffer persecution if he returns home." ......"

Associated Press 4/24/00 "………The Los Angeles Times said there is no foundation for allegations that a Times photographer covering the Elian Gonzalez story in Miami threw rocks at police and then photographed the action. Carolyn Cole, 38, was arrested Saturday on felony charges of throwing deadly missiles during violent protests in Little Havana, Miami police Det. Delrish Moss said. Cole "was seen throwing two or three rocks and then picked up her camera and proceeded to take photographs," Moss said. Times Editor Michael Parks said Sunday that the newspaper is seeking immediate dismissal of the charge against Cole, one of four news photographers arrested during the protests. "Carolyn Cole was covering the protests in Miami as a news photographer, not participating in them, and her photographs published in the Times make that clear," Parks said in a statement. ………. "In arresting Cole and detaining her for more than eight hours before releasing her on bond, Miami police prevented her from continuing to report a story of national importance," Parks said. "We see this as an abridgment of the people's right to know under the Constitution." If convicted of the charge, Cole could face up to five years in prison. ……"

World Net Daily 4/24/00 Joe Farah "….. "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." --Amendment IV of the U.S. Constitution ...... "Give me the kid! Give me the f-----g kid!" That's what it came down to on the Elian Gonzalez standoff Easter weekend. Brute force by the federal stormtroopers. ……… Remember what Janet Reno had said about this case earlier. "... Not whether, but how best to reunite Elian with his father in the least disruptive manner possible." While that quote is fresh in your mind, take another look at the image of the military-clad, helmeted, rifle-wielding fedcop scaring the 6-year-old kid. ……."

ABC News 4/24/00 "…… 'She Did Not Want This to Happen' But Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder told Good Morning America today that a key element of the plan was still in dispute - that custody of Elian be transferred immediately to his father. He also said that Reno was personally saddened that the raid was necessary. Another source at the Justice Departmenrt shed light on details of the 11th-hour negotiations: From the Justice Department's view, the talks ended at 4 a.m. when Reno she felt negotiations had hit a wall and she received a unanimous go-ahead recommendation for the action when she polled her aides. She gave the order a few minutes after 4 a.m. …….. At 4:21, Podhurtz called Reno and asked for a few more minutes. Reno said she would give him five and he jokingly asked for six. Reno said he had five minutes and said they must have the child immediately, the source said. Either get in the car and drive him out of there or agree to let him leave in a car we send, Reno reportedly said. That time elapsed and the staff decided that while Podhurtz was negotiating in good faith, the relatives did not intend to produce the child. And while Reno was taking his calls, in her mind, the negotiations had ended, the source said. Reno did not make the decision easily, a number of sources said. ……. "I held the attorney general in my arms, and she wept," Holder said, explaining the events after the raid. "She did not want this to happen." ……."Although there was a great show of force, there was never a great use of force," Holder said. Federal authorities said the force was required, in part, because at least one weapon had been seen at the house prior to the raid, The Miami Herald reported. A former Miami police officer who headed up the family's security detail earlier told police he had a concealed weapons permit and was seen frequently at the home with a handgun strapped to his ankle. After the raid, authorities conceded there were probably no guns in the house when they retrieved Elian, the Herald reported……"

US Newswire 4/24/00 "……The following was released today by the Law Enforcement Alliance of America: On the heels of the night-time raid by federal agents seizing a little boy hopelessly embroiled in a custody battle gone bad, the Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) takes the stand that Attorney General Reno should resign or be fired. "There are many disturbing aspects to this raid, not the least of which is that the Department of Justice took provocative and unwarranted action and then left it to local law enforcement to clean up their mess" stated Jim Fotis, Executive Director of LEAA. Equally disturbing is the amount of force used to resolve this matter. "A basic law enforcement principal -- although Janet Reno can't seem to operate this way -- is to use the minimum amount of force needed to accomplish a task and overcome resistance. Every street cop in America knows this is the standard that is applied. This has been the standard that local cops have used to defend themselves from needless prosecution by Reno's DOJ for offenses much less serious that what has occurred here," Fotis continued. ….."

US Newswire 4/24/00 "……By sending in over 100 federal agents, many armed with machine guns which appear to have been pointed at children and other innocent bystanders, this administration not only put these people in an inexcusably high-risk situation, they also significantly damaged the public's confidence in law enforcement, especially among minorities………."I believe that this administration has proved that if this had been local officers involved in such an action with as much force, targeting minorities, the DOJ would be preparing to file criminal charges against those officers. It is time to stop the double standard. Janet Reno and those in the Clinton/Gore Administration that supported this action should be held accountable," said Fotis. ……. Additionally, by sending in agents with automatic weapons, the agents themselves were left with fewer options to resolve the situation if there had been some active resistance encountered. Fotis, who before his retirement as an officer from New York was almost killed by a suspect shooting at him from point-blank range, observed that, "When a submachine gun is in your hands an officer has considerably fewer options when encountering resistance that does not require deadly force." ………

US Newswire 4/24/00 "……"If this administration really believed in the rule and power of law as they claim, why not first send two or three agents to knock on the front door in the daytime and ask for the child to be turned over, relying on the strength of the law rather than the force from the barrel of a gun. Had this administration tried to resolve this situation with less force, DOJ would be in a much better position to defend the escalation of force we all tragically witnessed," Fotis said. "It bears repeating that the parties in Florida were represented by counsel, had been taking their case to the courts, had been talking with the media and others about this situation and there had been no hint or suggestion of violence. The tactics we saw deployed by this administration were the types of tactics usually reserved for rescuing someone who has been kidnapped or is in immediate danger -- and this was clearly not the case here," Fotis concluded. With more than 65,000 members and supporters, the Law Enforcement Alliance of America is the nation's largest coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims, and concerned citizens dedicated to making America safer. ……"

FOXNEWS: BOB SMITH INTERVIEW W/TONY SNOW 4/24/00 Freeper Goldi-Lox "….. "Tonight on Fox News, Senator Bob Smith told Tony Snow, that he and the Miami family were met at the gate of Andrews Air Force base and denied access by Federal Marshals and MPs, who told him the Air Force Base was under the control of Federal Marshals and the Justice Department. Senator Smith had called ahead requesting a small place for the family who had been up before dawn, had their home destroyed and needed a place to regroup and write a correspondence to Elian to tell him they were O.K. They were all turned away at the gate. " (Posted on another thread by Cincinatus' Wife) I saw the same interview. This is incredible. THE DOJ - an executive Branch (Unconstitutional anyway) taking over a MILITARY BASE!!!!! Federal Marshals at a Military Base? How can this be? Where is the authority? Where is the jurisdiction? ….Where is justice? ….."

4/22/00 "……. U.S. Senator Wayne Allard (R-CO) issued the following statement concerning the Justice Department's seizure of Elian Gonzalez early Saturday morning in Miami, Florida. The type of force used this morning by the INS and Justice Department clearly was not justified, Allard said. Negotiations between Elian's Miami family and the Justice Department were ongoing, and the appellate court proceedings were scheduled to resolve this issue peacefully. Allard also stated that he was disappointed that the Clinton Administration choose Easter weekend to undertake such an operation. For the American people to have to see the terrible pictures of semi-automatic weapons being pointed in the face of a six year old boy on Easter weekend is terrible. added Allard. ….."

NY Post 4/24/00 Dick Morris "…… IN the dark of the night after Good Friday, using the armed might of the United States of America, Attorney General Janet Reno intervened in a child-custody case and sent in a SWAT team to kidnap a traumatized, small, 6-year-old boy. Imagine the planning: Agent A will get the babysitter; Agent B will take out the teddy bear……… Why was it so vitally important that a little boy, already mandated by a federal court to stay here until his asylum petition is adjudicated, be returned to his father at this particular hour? Why did they have to act suddenly in the dark of the night? ……… Because Fidel Castro can make Bill Clinton jump any time he wants to. ......, His unique power stems from the refugee crisis in Arkansas in 1980 that Bill Clinton thinks cost him the governorship. Elected as the boy governor in 1978, he was defeated only two years later. Over dinner at the Four Seasons Restaurant in December, 1981, (a dinner attended by my wife, Bill Clinton and a nubile 18-year-old) Clinton loudly condemned Jimmy Carter's disloyalty and blamed him for his defeat. "I hate Jimmy Carter," he told us. "Carter called me," Clinton related, "and said that he needed to carry Florida [in the primary against Ted Kennedy]. He begged me to take the Cuban refugees off his hands and promised he'd take them back before the election." …… In 1995, when the Cuban Air Force shot down a Cessna aircraft used by Cuban exiles to drop leaflets over Havana, Clinton spoke to me again of his fear of Castro. "If I make him mad, he'll dump the Cubans on me again," he worried aloud. "I've got to be careful on this one." ………Earlier this year, Castro again warned that, if provoked, he would dump more Cubans as the 2000 election approached. Once again, the warning seems to have sent Clinton into a tizzy……."

NY Post 4/24/00 Dick Morris "…… How can Hillary now pose as an advocate for children as she approves of this cruelty toward a little boy? How can she piously denounce the NYPD when she backs her husband's use of force against a terrified family? Having opined that "it takes a village" to raise a child, she now is part of an administration for whom it takes a SWAT team. Al Gore looks like a wimp for his ridiculous statement opining that he wished the situation could have been resolved in Family Court. Just such a court rejected jurisdiction earlier this month, as the VP well knows. ……. Those who worked to re-elect Bill Clinton did not think he would use his power to terrify little boys or knock down the doors of U.S. citizens in a custody battle. He should be ashamed, deeply ashamed, of himself. He knows well the damage a violence-plagued childhood can inflict on a little boy…….."

CNSNEWS.COM 4/24/00 Jim Burns "…….Saying he was appalled by the Clinton-Gore administration's decision to forcibly remove Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives, House Speaker Dennis Hastert is calling on House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Illinois) to conduct hearings into the administration's tactics in the case.......... Hastert said Congress has "an appropriate oversight function under our Constitutional system of checks and balances." Hastert indicated he believes the raid was premature, since Elian's safety was not in question. "I know of no threat to the safety of Elian that necessitated action, when negotiations were underway and local officials were expressing confidence that a peaceful solution could be found. It was, after all, this same Justice Department that placed Elian with his Miami relatives to begin with. It is nonsense for the Attorney General to say she had no more options. Further negotiation was clearly available to her and was warranted." Hastert said Elian's case should be decided by a family court, "where a fair and proper custody hearing could be held." ……."

National Post 4/24/00 David Frum "……. Clinton's justification for sending Elian back to Castro is founded on lies ……….. Americans have been encouraged by their press and their government to think of the Elian matter as a custody dispute between a loving father and a collection of more or less eccentric relatives. They have been told that the Clinton administration finds itself on the father's side of this dispute only because of its commitment to law. They have been urged to recognize the ideological motives of the Miami expatriates, even as attention has artfully been directed away from the ideological motives of those who have taken the pro-Castro side. This publicity campaign has largely succeeded: The polls show some two-thirds of Americans want Elian deported. But like so many of the Clinton administration's campaigns, this one too is founded on lies. ……"

National Post 4/24/00 David Frum "……. The first lie involves the all-important question of custody. To whom, exactly, is Elian being surrendered? The answer comes from Fidel Castro himself, in a statement reported in the government newspaper Granma ( As soon as he is delivered to Cuban authorities, he and all his former classmates will be placed in a "special school" under the supervision of carefully chosen agents of the Castro regime in order to create "the best possible conditions for the boy's reinsertion" into Cuban society…… Castro, however, insists that the reunification would take place "with his teachers, his doctors, his psychologists and his classmates to prevent that child from continuing to get sick." ……"

National Post 4/24/00 David Frum "……. In what sense is Elian sick? He's sick, from Castro's point of view, in that he returns from his sojourn in the United States with infectious observations. Children, as Art Linkletter used to observe, say the darndest things. Cuba is a country where children lose their milk ration as soon as they turn seven years old. All children over the age of 11 are required to work for four to six weeks as unpaid agricultural labourers. The U.S. State Department's report on human rights in Cuba notes that the Cuban government encourages child prostitution as a means of enticing foreign tourists to the country. Elian's seen a country in which children can expect a very different kind of life, and until he's learned to hold his tongue, he will represent a danger to the regime. First on American soil, and then when he is returned to Cuba, little Elian will be quarantined, for months and maybe for years. It is to something like prison, and not to his father's house, that the people who support Elian's return to Cuba are really consigning him……"

National Post 4/24/00 David Frum "……. The second lie in the Elian case is the Clinton administration's explanation of its actions. One would have supposed that invocations of the "rule of law" by this most lawless of presidents would by now provoke more skepticism. For seven years, Bill Clinton has violated one law after another, from the laws against perjury to the laws against taking cash from foreign governments. For seven years, he has defied court orders to produce documents and answer questions……. The technical legal question in the Elian Gonzalez case is this: Is Elian entitled to an asylum hearing before an American court? For five months, the Clinton administration has argued that he is not. Last week, the Miami relatives at last managed to get their case before a federal court of appeal, and a three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit immediately and unanimously held that it was the Clinton administration that was breaking the law. U.S. law says that "any alien" making an asylum claim is entitled to a hearing. Elian is such an alien. Therefore, he must be allowed a day in court before he is ejected from the country. Tragically, it was Elian's legal victory that may have prompted the Saturday morning assault on his uncle's house….. "

National Post 4/24/00 David Frum "……. The third lie pertains to ideology. It is of course absolutely true that the Miami relatives have an agenda: They want to save their nephew from one of the world's most inhuman regimes. But those relatives' many enemies in the press and in the U.S. government have their agenda too: They want to rehabilitate that regime. …….. Just to clarify matters, let's imagine a hypothetical situation. Let's imagine that it was not a six-year-old Cuban boy who had washed up on the beaches of Florida: It was a six-year-old girl from Mali. The girl's father in Mali intended to follow the local custom of mutilating her genitals. To save her, the girl's mother had bought passage on a little plane and smuggled her out of the country. The plane crashed, and the mother died. The girl survived and was now living with family in the United States. The father sues, and demands that the girl be reunited with him, her only remaining parent, in Mali. Is it remotely conceivable that Bill Clinton and Janet Reno would have taken the father's side? And that the New York Times and CBS News and every bien pensant from Saskatoon to Stockholm would have ardently applauded? ……"

AP 4/24/00 Will Lester "……The White House today blamed Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives for forcing the government into the armed seizure of the boy, asserting that ``none of this had to happen'' if they had respected the law and allowed him to be reunited with his father. The administration also said it was proper for federal agents to carry weapons when they stormed the house. ``There was information that there might be guns in the house, out in the crowd,'' presidential spokesman Joe Lockhart said. President Clinton felt the raid was ``the right thing to do and was the only alternative remaining,'' Lockhart said. ``All of this could have been avoided. None of this had to happen. This happened because the family did not respect the legal process here that dictated the father should be reunited with the young boy.'' Earlier today, Attorney General Janet Reno refused to second-guess the government's actions. ``I have no regrets whatsoever,'' she said. ……" 4/24/00 "…… Appearing live on ABC's This Week with Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson, Florida's Democratic Senator Bob Graham angrily denounced the federal raid on the Gonzalez home in Miami. Roberts interviewed Graham live as he stood in front of the Gonzalez home. ………
GRAHAM: Because I stood in the Oval Office with the president of the United States and I said, Mr. President, this is a very sensitive issue that's happening in my community, one of the things that has made it so tense is that people feel insecure 24 hours a day. There needs to be some commitment by the federal government that they will not attempt to take this child in the night time so that there can be an relaxation of that tension.
The president of the United States made that commitment to me that there would be no taking of this child at night, I felt that my-the promise had been made to me had been abrogated. I don't know if the president knew that the decision was being made by lower echelons within his administration, but it was a clear commitment which was violated……..
GRAHAM: There was an insensitivity, a crudeness to this, to do this one of the most deeply religious periods of the year, to do it at a time when families are reflecting on spiritual values to do it in the middle of the night.
To do it when honorable members of this community such as Kendall Coffey, Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin, Erin Pothurst (ph) and others had been negotiating in good faith and felt that they were very close to an agreement, had signatures on the bottom of pages to do it under all of those circumstances was absolutely intolerable, unnecessary, outrageous and has left a scare on this community and particularly scare deep in the minds of this little boy and I suggest a lot of other children as to what can happen in the middle of the night. ……."

Martin Niemoller 10/14/68 Congressional Record, Page 31636 Freeper loveliberty "…… According to Harry W. Mazal, the exact text of what Martin Niemöller said, and which appears in the Congressional Record, 14, October 1968, page 31636, is:
When Hitler attacked the Jews I was not a Jew,
therefore I was not concerned.
And when Hitler attacked the Catholics, I was not a Catholic,
and therefore, I was not concerned.
And when Hitler attacked the unions and the industrialists, I was not a member of the unions
and I was not concerned.
Then Hitler attacked me and the Protestant church -
and there was nobody left to be concerned. ……"

Drudge Report 4/24/00 "…… Senior FBI officials were against this weekend's Justice Department/INS action in Miami, it has been learned. "Director Freeh expressed his concerns about the operation," said one official familiar with Freeh's thinking. "The feeling here is that the house should not have been stormed." Other senior officials at the bureau were directly opposed to the nature of the action. The FBI director shared his feelings with Attorney General Janet Reno in conversations, according to one agency source. It was not immediately clear if Freeh responded with a written memo conveying his concern……"

Worldnetdaily 4/24/00 David Limbaugh "……. What is the difference between Elian Gonzalez's deceased mother and the Clinton administration? One risked Elian's life in the noble pursuit of freedom. The other risked his life for the infernal cause of slavery. These things we know with certainty: Bill Clinton is far better at projecting empathy than actually feeling it. He rarely acts in his official capacity without heavily weighing the political consequences. He faced great political risks in removing Elian from his Miami relatives. There was absolutely no urgency requiring Elian's immediate removal from those relatives. And it is utterly nonsensical to place a child's life at serious risk in the name of protecting him (except perhaps to such unbiased child experts as pediatrician Irwin Redlener). We must conclude, then, that something other than the child's best interests motivated Clinton to remove him at gunpoint in the dead of night. Indeed, Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., remarked that "one of the mysteries is what is motivating the administration to act in such a perverse way." Perhaps only Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro know what that motivation is. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of whether or not Elian should be allowed to return to Cuba with his father, you cannot credibly defend the administration's uninterrupted pattern of deceit and betrayal in this case……."

National Review 4/24/00 Robert George "…….Every picture tells a story, don't it? Be happy, friends, that even in the 21st century - following one of the bloodiest hundred-year periods ever visited upon mankind - one truth still remains: The pen is still mightier than the sword - or in this case, the camera is mightier than the semi-automatic machine gun. For a long time to come, The Picture may be all that remains ingrained in the nation's collective memory. Even - especially - for those of us who believed Elian should be reunited with his father, The Picture causes those heartfelt beliefs to turn into ashes in our mouths. The hard, cold steel from the barrel of a true assault weapon drives nearly all other views out of the mind. …….. We are face-to-face with an administration, even if it might be doing the right thing, will still do it in the worst, most dehumanizing, way possible. Click. After the events of April 22, 2000 (a date that might live forever in infamy - call it Elian Day now, instead of Earth Day), several things come sharply into focus. Aside from Fidel Castro (and, arguably, Juan Miguel Gonzalez), there can't be many people who can really be considered "happy" about The Raid……."

The Associated Press 4/24/00 "……Military escorts brought a few reporters onto the Air Force base where 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez was staying Monday but made sure the press got nowhere near the Cuban boy. The media have been kept outside the gates of Andrews since Elian arrived there Saturday morning for a reunion with his father. But Andrews is also home base of Air Force One. About a dozen reporters scheduled to accompany President Clinton to New York City were allowed onto the base Monday, amid unusually heavy security……."

Drudge 4/23/00 "……. Immigration and Naturalization Service Special Agent Betty Ann Mills, who held Elian Gonzalez in her arms as they left his relatives' Little Havana home, told an associate this weekend that she has "no regrets" about the raid and rescue operation. "I have no regrets, and I love my work, but this was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life," Mills told the associate, who asked not to be identified. Mills, 33, of Hollywood, Florida, is an 8-year veteran of the agency. She accompanied Elian during his flight to Maryland, aboard a U.S. Marshals Service plane……… "The boy was thrashing and screaming, it was very difficult for Betty," said the insider……."

WorldNetDaily 4/24/00 Geoff Metcalf "…… George Washington once observed, "Government is not reason: It is not eloquence, it is Force. ... like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." So, nineteen days BEFORE a court hearing, 130 federal agents reportedly under direct orders from the President of the United States and his sycophant Attorney General, forcibly kidnapped a six year old boy. I'm not sure whether it is coincidence, irony, or subtlety or accident that the date of this latest abuse of power under the color of authority occurred on the birthday of Vladimir Lenin? The choice of a religious weekend exacerbates the obvious insult and injury. ………" Associated Press 4/23/00 "……. "Today is a truce," between Cuba and the United States, Fidel Castro declared Saturday, praising U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno and immigration officials for reuniting Elian Gonzalez with his father. As the child's grandparents joined hundreds of thousands of Cubans in celebration, Castro proclaimed the boy's return to his father's arms a reprieve in the conflict between Cuba and the United States.. "This is a day of glory for our people," Castro said. But he added: "Tomorrow the battle continues.". Castro called the father and son reunion "a victory shared" with President Bill Clinton and Reno, along with other U.S. officials and the American people as a whole.. About 400,000 people were called to a historic sugar refinery to celebrate the breakthrough in the personal and political drama that has gripped the island for five months.. Castro praised the consistency shown by Reno and other officials in their determination to reunite father and son "even though they were scared" about the repercussions of their actions.. "Today is a truce, perhaps the only one in 40 years -- one day," Castro said.. ….."

AP 4/23/00 "…….Cuban defector Orlando Hernandez said Elian Gonzalez was abused when he was taken away in an armed raid by federal agents. Hernandez, a star pitcher for the New York Yankees who defected three years ago, disagreed with the U.S. government's treatment of the 6-year-old boy on Saturday. ``This was real abuse,'' Hernandez said Sunday through an interpreter. ``I never thought something like that could happen in this country.'' Hernandez, who like Gonzalez was rescued at sea, said he was ``very saddened.'' ``When I woke up yesterday and saw the news, I felt they were taking the freedom of my kid,'' Hernandez said. ``The words of Janet Reno and (Bill) Clinton were not the most convincing. The happiness of the kid should come before politics.'' ……"

UPI/ 4/23/00 "……. Gregory Craig, the lawyer for Elian Gonzalez' father, strongly denied allegations that a phony photo of Elian and his father was distributed Saturday after the reuniting of father and son, declaring it "absolutely authentic." "No, no, no, it's not phony," Craig told United Press International, saying it had been taken with a throwaway camera by a federal marshal. Craig said the curtains in the house where the family is staying at Andrews Air Force Base were visible in the photograph. He said he was in the house and could verify the surroundings. ……… The photo offset the devastating effects of a picture of a federal agent in riot gear brandishing an automatic weapon and demanding that a frightened Elian be turned over during a three-minute raid on the Miami home of Elian's great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez. Both pictures were displayed worldwide on the front pages of newspapers and in television programs. According to Elian's cousin, Marisleysis Gonzalez, the photograph could not have been taken Saturday, because it showed Elian with longer hair than he had when he was removed from his Miami relatives' home by federal agents Saturday morning. "That hair is not Elian's," she said. "I cut hair ... It's my hobby ... Three days before, I had given him a haircut," she said, pointing to what she said was longer hair in the Saturday afternoon photographs, released by Craig. ……." 4/23/00 Jim Burns "…….Saturday's raid on Elian Gonzalez's home in Miami has caused many observers to level sharp criticism at Attorney General Janet Reno - including one Arizona Republican congressman who has called on Reno to resign. "It is thuggery, pure and simple, and Janet Reno must go," Hayworth said in a television interview Saturday. Hayworth called the raid was a "victory" for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. "What Bill Clinton and Janet Reno did this morning was to conduct an armed raid on a private residence in Miami at the behest of Fidel Castro," Hayworth said. Hayworth also accused President Clinton of trying to "appease" Castro throughthe Elian Gonzalez case………" 4/24/00 John LeBoutillier "…… Last week in DESPERATE PEOPLE WILL DO DESPERATE THINGS I mentioned how last Wednesday's Atlanta Federal Court decision was a massive blow to Clinton and Reno. In fact, Clinton was infuriated to have a Reagan-appointed Judge, a Bush-appointed Judge and - yes - even a Clinton-appointed judge slap him in the face for violating Elian's rights. Can't you just picture Clinton as he read their opinion aboard Air Force One? That petulant, punk mouth getting small and angry and his arrogance being unleashed on Janet Reno with a terse, "Get it done!" It was at that moment that the raid was put in motion; any further negotiations were similar to those the Japanese conducted in Washington DC in the first week of December 1941. Those talks, as Reno's were with the Miami lawyers, were simply to lull the opposition into a state of "unreadiness" for the surprise attack to come. Indeed Clinton was angry at the Atlanta court. So he set out to regain control of the boy. Undoubtedly he and the lawyer he shares with Fidel Castro, Greg Craig, deduced that if they could gain control of Elian, then they could set the agenda for what is to follow:
1) They will now try to cancel the appeal for an asylum hearing by trotting a "re-educated" Elian out in a few days claiming he "can't wait to get back home to Cuba." If the Atlanta court falls for that, it's all over. They'll drop the appeal and the poor boy will be Lear-jetting back to his Havana hellhole that day.
2) If the Atlanta court decides - and I predict they will - to continue with the May 11 appeal, then Clinton/Craig have a fallback plan…….
3) Please understand one thing: when those Atlanta Federal Judges saw the seizure of Elian on TV, they were extrememly angry with Clinton and Reno. All federal judges, except those appointed by Clinton himself, must be furious over the way Clinton has brazenly broken the law during his seven years in the White House……"

Newmax 4/22/00 John LeBoutillier "……. Add the name of Elian Gonzalez to the list of American POWs lost in the war against evil, communism and, as Mao said, "power that comes from the barrel of the gun." Make no mistake about it: Elian was captured today by the forces of Castro and Clinton precisely because he and his supporters were winning in the battle to discredit the Cuban regime that Clinton tacitly supports. Wednesday's court decision was a huge setback to Castro and Clinton. Thus, they wanted to regain the upper hand by seizing control of the boy. This seizure was tantamount to the capture of a POW. Elian is now going to be held hostage by Castro and manipulated and propagandaized to demonstrate how he, Fidel, is so powerful that he can get the President of the United States to do his bidding! ......
1. Associated Press photographer Alan Diaz' soon-to-be infamous photo of the INS Storm Trooper pointing an assault weapon at - a clearly terrified and traumatized - child will haunt Clinton and Reno forever. It will also probably earn Diaz a Pulitzer.
2. All the left's nonsense about "the evil of guns" and "gun control" just went down the toilet….
3. Janet Reno will never be allowed to live In Miami again. Good!
4) Clinton and Reno - and, of course, Castro - could not care less about the welfare of the boy. If they did, they never would have traumatized Elian - permanently - by this guns and gas operation.
5) Gore and the Democrats can kiss off Florida in November's election.
6) The federal courts will react to this illegal seizure of Elian. I predict that when all is said and done, the federal court process will order the boy back into the custody of his Miami relatives.
7. A distinguished former congressman told me today that he feels this military assault was actually designed to "mask some other crime by Clinton." ...
8. The day after Clinton was elected in 1992, a Democrat told me, "Bill Clinton is the Antichrist." How prophetic - and especially on Easter weekend when Christ died for us - and for freedom of the soul. Elian's freedom has "died" today. Perhaps it will be resurrected in federal court.
9. In 1968, when Bobby Kennedy was murdered by a lone assassin, WPIX Channel 11 in New York put the word "Shame" on the screen for a full and uninterrupted 24 hours. Today that word - "Shame" - should impact all who voted for Clinton and all who wanted this action to take place. Shame on you all! And why don't you move to Cuba?
10. Reno and her lackies are now saying the "gun wasn't aimed at the boy." Yeah, sure. And oral sex under the Oval Office desk wasn't sex, either.
11. This entire episode will have political impact for weeks and months to come. ..." 4/23/00 "……..MR. RUSSERT: But first: This photograph, was it necessary? With us, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder. Let me start with you. Two weeks ago, sir, you were on this program and I asked you about such an operation. Let me roll that tape for you.
MR. RUSSERT: You wouldn't send a SWAT team in the dark of night to kidnap the child, in effect?
MR. HOLDER: No, we don't expect anything like that to happen. We will do what is necessary to reunite father and son, however.
(End videotape)
MR. RUSSERT: Why such a dramatic change in position?
MR. HOLDER: I'm not sure I'd call it a dramatic change. We waited till five in the morning, just before dawn. We used the intelligence that we had. We talked to the operational people and they told us that given the size of the crowd, the problems that we might not be able to anticipate if we did it later, that when we went in was the perfect time to do that, which we did. And I have to point out that we went in with a minimum number of agents. Eight people were in that house for about three minutes or so and Elian was safely and successfully removed from the house.
MR. RUSSERT: What wouldn't the Miami relatives agree to that prevented a negotiated settlement?
MR. HOLDER: They would agree to nothing ......" 4/23/00 "……..MR. RUSSERT: Why not get a federal court order ordering the relatives to turn the child over?
MR. HOLDER: That was unnecessary. We had an order from a judge who said the government was acting appropriately. We had an order from INS that said that the child had to be transferred. The vast majority of INS decisions are made administratively; that is, without the involvement of the federal courts. We saw no reason to make this one any different……
MR. RUSSERT: Even if the 11th Circuit Court rules that a six-year-old can, in fact, apply for asylum, is there any indication that the Immigration Service would grant such asylum?
MR. HOLDER: Well, it's hard for me to imagine a situation in which a six-year-old would have the ability to make those kinds of life-altering decisions. Does that mean that every time we have a group of kids who come from a foreign land, from some different part of the country, from a different part of the world, and they're at Disneyland and decide that they like the United States and want to claim political asylum, contrary to the wishes of their parents, is that something that we should respect here? I think not. A lot of this is in many ways illogical……" 4/23/00 "……..MR. RUSSERT: Eric Holder, thank you very much. Now joining us, Republican whip Tom DeLay. Mr. DeLay, what is your reaction to the events of yesterday?
REP. DeLAY: Well, Tim, I was-when I saw what was going down, I was outraged. I was sickened. And afterwards, I was ashamed that the United States government, for the first time that I know of, has raided a private home without a court order and taken the case of a custody of a child away from the courts and put it into the executive branch.
MR. RUSSERT: There was, in fact, a court order.
REP. DeLAY: There was no court order. There was no court order that gave them permission to raid a private home of American citizens.
MR. RUSSERT: No search warrant?
REP. DeLAY: No search warrant, nothing. In fact, they claim that they didn't need one. Yet, they went to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and asked for one. If they didn't think they needed one, why did they ask the court for one?
MR. RUSSERT: Will there be...
REP. DeLAY: The court did not rule on that issue, yet they took it into their own hands to go into a private home of American citizens. I think that's outrageous and it's frightening.
MR. RUSSERT: Will there be congressional hearings?
REP. DeLAY: You bet there'll be congressional hearings. We're going to find out-I hope that the judiciary branch will be as outraged and will exercise its constitutional rights, too. I think both branches, the legislative branch and the judiciary branch, should look into this in depth, because this is a frightening event that American citizens now have-can expect that the executive branch, on their own, can decide whether to raid a home……." 4/23/00 "……..MR. RUSSERT: Mr. Holder, I'll give you the final word.
MR. HOLDER: Well, as I said, I was asking the congressman, before he said this was a custody matter, and I said, 'Well, there was a state judge who had the ability to rule on that and said that this was a matter to be determined by the federal government acting under the administrative authority that it has applying-in-with regard to immigration law. I'll give him the opportunity. Was that state judge wrong?
REP. DeLAY: The point is that the 11st Circuit Court of Appeals said that you were wrong and that they should hear the asylum matter and not-and that the INS was wrong. In fact, the INS didn't even contact Elian or interview Elian until yesterday.
MR. RUSSERT: Mr. DeLay...
REP. DeLAY: This has been a bungled mess, and we all know it.
MR. RUSSERT: Mr. DeLay, if, in fact, the 11th Circuit rules that Elian cannot apply for asylum, that he is too young, will you then support the decision that he stay with his father and return to Cuba, if that's the father's wishes?
REP. DeLAY: I have always supported a decision by a court, unlike the Clinton administration and Janet Reno. They want to take it into their own hands and not let an impartial panel of judges decide……"

Drudge Report 4/23/00 "…… Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives are now talking about filing a massive civil lawsuit, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. "These people have had their civil rights violated and we feel there will be a legal remedy in the civil courts," a source close to the relatives said late Sunday. "We may invite anyone who was injured in the raid to join the suit." Sources cautioned that case law has not been fully researched, but lawyers for the relatives are working on this theory: If the White House acted without a specific court order and without the 11th Circuit's go-ahead, it puts them in line for a civil lawsuit by everyone strong-armed outside of the house and those inside of it. A recent Supreme Court decision said that federal agents couldn't bash down a house door without a detailed warrant. Therefore, those involved in the raid could be liable -- personally……"

Reuters (via Yahoo News) 4/23/00 Maggie Fox "…… Elian Gonzalez, the 6-year-old Cuban castaway at the center of an emotional custody battle, was kept sequestered with his father on Sunday while politicians, officials and relatives who had been caring for the boy jostled over whether the government was right to use armed force to seize him. Justice Department and Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) officials defended the three-minute raid on the Little Havana home of Elian's great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez, in which armed agents charged in and grabbed the boy. …….. INS Commissioner Doris Meissner agreed. ``His father speaks for him. He is with his father,'' she said. Meissner said the raid was completely legal and that the INS agents who seized the boy had a warrant to enter the house duly issued the night before. ``We had a search warrant, which we got from a federal judge around 6 o'clock that evening. It was a perfectly legal, properly carried out operation,'' she told CBS. The first polls suggested U.S. public opinion supported the raid. A poll broadcast on CNN showed 57 percent of Americans supported the way in which Elian was seized, while 37 percent opposed it, with more men than women backing the raid. ……"

Newsweek 4/24/00 Evan Thomas Martha Brant "…… Están aquí!" "They're here! They're here!" someone cried out. It was just after dawn on Saturday. The Miami relatives of Elián González and various of their advisers and hangers-on were awake, or half awake, in the cluttered living room of the small bungalow in Little Havana. Some were sitting around a speakerphone, in negotiations with the Justice Department. Or so they thought, before two federal agents in black body armor jumped the back fence, and eight more burst through the front, firing stinging pepper spray and shouting, "Get down! Get down! Give us the boy!" Elián himself was lying awake on the couch with his great-uncle Lázaro. Donato Dalrymple, the fisherman who first plucked the Miracle Boy out of an inner tube off the Florida coast on Thanksgiving Day, swept Elián into his arms and ran into a bedroom, where he stood in a closet as the boy cowered. An AP photographer snapped the photo of a black-helmeted, begoggled federale menacing the fisherman and his terrified charge with an automatic weapon. ……….. Attorney General Janet Reno later pointed out that the agent's finger was off the trigger and the gun was pointed away, but it didn't matter. Nor did it matter that the Feds would have been foolhardy to go into the house unarmed, considering all the red-hot rhetoric of the past weeks and months (including some very real-sounding threats of violence). The photograph was destined to become a martyr's icon in Little Havana and a talking point for politicians who want to take potshots at the Clinton administration. It was, in any case, probably the inevitable outcome of Reno's emotional, well-intentioned but sometimes uncertain handling of an impossible situation. ……" 4/23/00 Larry Klayman "……Judicial Watch has petitioned the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to order the Reno Justice Department to release all records concerning the Elian Gonzalez saga. This became necessary when the agency typically stonewalled and did not produce one document in response to Freedom of Information Act Requests. With the use and display of deadly force in Miami today, and the real possibility of another WACO style massacre, it is more important than ever for the American people to learn the real reasons why the Clinton-Gore Administration and its pliant Attorney General would become the law firm for a Communist dictator, Fidel Castro, who continues to oppress and murder his own people. Once these answers are known, Judicial Watch will take further legal action. ……"

The Associated Press 4/23/00 Anne Gearan "……It started with Waco, in the first year of the Clinton presidency, in the first months of Janet Reno's tenure as attorney general. Now, in the waning months of that turbulent term, it happened again with Elian. In the two national dramas that bookend Janet Reno's seven years as a Clinton appointee, the country's top cop faced tough judgment calls that could mean life or death, violence or peace. In each case, the public chose sides while Reno played a waiting game. Hoping to avoid the use of federal force, she deliberated publicly, slowly and in her customary blunt fashion. In between Waco, in April 1993, and the end game of the Elian Gonzalez custody saga in April 2000, she has angered and confounded Republicans and Democrats alike, and become probably the most visible and publicly recognizable attorney general since the Kennedy years. ………"

The Associated Press 4/23/00 Anne Gearan "……Reno took very public responsibility for the decision to use force at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, where some 80 sect members died after a 51-day standoff with federal agents. Republicans on Capitol Hill accused the attorney general of negligence and survivors are suing the government in federal court. The standoff took longer in Miami, where Cuban exiles, Cold War partisans, politicians and others hardened their positions over the 150 days Elian spent with his Cuban father's Miami relatives. Reno, herself a former Miami prosecutor, negotiated personally with a family lawyer right up to the moment that agents burst in. Unlike Waco, no one was hurt and Reno called this raid a success. ........."

Drudge Report 4/23/00 Janelle Carter AP "……Some point to a missing tooth. Others say it's the hair. Still others allege signs of government-induced drugging. In the hours since young Elian Gonzalez was taken from the home of his Miami relatives, conspiracy theories abound over photos of the child released after he arrived at a military base to be with his father. Attorneys for Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, released pictures of the family Saturday after government officials brought the 6-year-old Cuban boy to Andrews Air Force Base, just outside of Washington. Critics have closely scrutinized the father's photo with one captured during the raid just hours earlier by a free-lance photographer for The Associated Press. In the AP photograph, Elian is being held by a friend as a government agent holds an automatic rifle. In the pictures with his father, critics say Elian's hair is longer than in the AP photo and that he appears to no longer have a missing tooth. ……"

4/23/00 AP "…….Some analysts say the Elian Gonzalez case could sow the seeds for better U-S/Cuba relations. Cuba expert Philip Brenner calls Elian's forced removal from his Miami family a ``watershed'' moment -- because it could undermine the power of the Cuban-American community. It was a move many Miami exiles resisted, and Brenner believes the group's influence on Cuba policy may never be the same. ……"

Washington Post 4/24/00 Stephen Hunter "……. It is one of the most disturbing images of the year: a burly federal officer, helmeted, goggled, wearing a flak jacket, battle fatigues and shooter's gloves designed to protect the hand but permit the prehensility of the trigger finger, confronting a screaming child and the man who protects him. And, of course, he has a gun………. The officer, wearing a Border Patrol patch on his vest, is holding it one-handed by the pistol grip, his naked shooting finger indexed over the trigger guard, the butt stock unanchored in the cup of his shoulder. The gun looks terrifying, as it is designed to look: a black, plastic-shrouded apparition with a bleak little snout, a curved ammunition magazine containing 32 rounds of what are almost certainly hollow-points, a strange bulge forward under the muzzle, which is but 15 inches from Elian Gonzalez and Donato Dalrymple……….. The gun is a German-manufactured submachine gun that goes under the designation MP-5, a short-barreled 9mm weapon that has been famous in action and movies since May 1980, when British SAS troopers armed with it successfully assaulted the Iranian embassy in London, killing all but one of the terrorists who had commandeered the building and murdered a policewoman…….."

AP 4/23/00 "…… Law enforcement officials should have known they did not need machine guns and tear gas to seize Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives, Sen. Bob Graham said Sunday. "If law enforcement's intelligence didn't know what was happening in that little house right in back of us for five months, didn't have an absolute 100 percent understanding ... there was a mammoth failure of law enforcement intelligence," said Graham, a Miami Democrat and former two-term Florida governor. ….."

Miami Herald 4/23/00 "…… The Herald rarely publishes editorials on the front page. We believe this event warrants an exception. -- The Publisher A shocking raid, a call for calm...... In the aftermath of Saturday's shocking predawn raid by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, it is imperative that Miami remain calm. Only the Cuban government and its dictator benefit from violent behavior that brings shame to this community. ………. Miami needs a complete accounting of the events preceding the raid. The scenes of overwhelming force from yesterday at dawn shock the conscience. A separate question is whether the raid was even necessary or was a betrayal of those who were on the verge of achieving a peaceful transfer. ……Even as agents were battering down the door to enter the Lazaro Gonzalez house at 5:10 a.m., Attorney General Janet Reno was on the telephone with one of Miami's most respected civic leaders, Aaron Podhurst, discussing the shift of Elian's custody. Mr. Podhurst and others -- including University of Miami President Edward T. ``Tad'' Foote II and business executives Carlos de la Cruz and Carlos Saladrigas -- had worked round the clock over the preceding 48 hours as mediators between the government and the Miami family to arrange for the transfer. ……."

Drudge 4/22/00 "……. WANTED: INS AGENT BETTY MILLS, FOR SEIZING ELIAN GONZALEZ WITHOUT A COURT ORDER MILLS, 33, IS A RESIDENT OF MIAMI... SHE HAS BEEN WITH THE INS FOR 8 YEARS... SHE IS WANTED FOR QUESTIONING BY US CITIZENS. ….." 4/22/00 Carl Limbacher "……Elian's Miami relatives, joined by Bob Smith of New Hampshire, attempted to meet with Elian today and his father, Juan Miguel at Andrews AFB. Military officials, however, refused to allow the Senator and the relatives to enter the AFB. They were turned away......."

AP 4/22/00 Alan Diaz "…..As the government operation unfolded, Alan Diaz, 43-year-old freelance photographer on assignment for The Associated Press, was inside the house with his camera. ...... "They're here! They're here!" a cameraman shouted in the darkness. Then, suddenly, all was chaos. Somehow, before a team of federal agents went in, I hopped a fence and ran inside the modest home where Elian Gonzalez had lived since he was rescued from the ocean on Thanksgiving Day. Inside, family members screamed. I heard the door slam shut behind me. "Go to the room - go to the room," someone said, directing me to the bedroom Elian shared with his cousin Marisleysis. I rushed in and fumbled for a light switch. Elian wasn't there. …….. I banged on the bedroom door of Elian's great-uncle Lazaro. Angela Gonzalez, his wife, opened the door. Elian was in a closet, cradled by Donato Dalrymple, one of the two fishermen who had rescued him. Dalrymple clutched Elian in his arms. The boy was crying, asking adults, "Que esta pasando" - "What's happening?" "Nothing's happening, baby. Everything's going to be all right," I said. What else could I say to the child whose saga I had chronicled for almost five months. ......"

AP 4/22/00 Alan Diaz "…..We waited. Angela watched the locked bedroom door. Thirty seconds passed. Agents banged on the door, then broke it down and burst into the room, guns raised. "What's happening?" Elian asked again, through tears. I was nearby. "Back off," the agents told me. A U.S. Border Patrol agent, wearing green riot gear and goggles and holding an automatic rifle, confronted Dalrymple, who was clutching the frightened boy. I stood, back against the wall, shooting photographs as agents grabbed the boy. As they left the room, I started to follow. "Back off!" an agent screamed. I stopped. …… In the living room, agents had pinned Lazaro on the couch. He was in a rage, crying, wanting to go after the child. ….."

Reuters 4/22/00 Tom Doggett "…… Leading Republicans condemned the Clinton administration Saturday for using armed federal agents to remove Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives, comparing the pre-dawn raid with the tactics of Cuban President Fidel Castro. Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush said he was "profoundly saddened and troubled" that the administration could not negotiate a resolution to the custody battle and instead "decided to use force to take a little boy from the place he calls home in the middle of the night". "The chilling picture of a little boy being removed from his home at gunpoint defies the values of America and is not an image a freedom-loving nation wants to show the world," the Texas governor said. ......"

The Associated Press 4/22/00 John Rice "……Cubans smiled, wept tears of happiness and rushed to tell neighbors the news of Elian Gonzalez' reunion with his father Saturday, a breakthrough in the personal and political drama that has gripped the island for five months. In Elian's hometown of Cardenas, a family friend, Gustavo Fernandez, said he had spoken with Elian and his father, Juan Miguel, and that the 6-year-old boy did not seem traumatized by his removal from the home of his Miami relatives. ``They're doing well,'' said Fernandez, who was staying in Juan Miguel's home during his absence. ``That boy is bright as a candle.'' Cuban state radio first alerted the news shortly after 5 a.m., after federal agents stormed the house of the Miami relatives who have fought to keep him in the United States. ……"

National Review online 4/22/00 Rich Lowry "……. What Janet Reno - and, for that matter, the administration she so slavishly serves - has never understood is that governmental power is a dangerous thing, to be wielded always with a sense of restraint and judiciousness. It must never be used in a manner that seems arbitrary or unaccountable, or the fragile sinews of democratic consent begin to fray. Saturday morning in Miami-just as at Waco and during the impeachment scandal-the administration has done its part to undermine public respect for American government and the nation's laws. Shame on them. Reno has made a farce of all her earnest arguments for returning Elian to Cuba-the rule of law, the psychological health of the boy - by snatching him away by force in the middle of the night. Instead of letting the courts unravel this complicated case and leaving the boy at peace in Miami where he seemed to have bonded with his new makeshift family, Reno made a powerful statement: power doesn't emanate from the courts, but from the barrel of a gun-literally. It was appropriate that men toting the guns this time had black jackets with yellow "INF" letters, so evocative of the yellow "ATF" markings on the back of the men who raided Waco. ……"

MSNBC 4/22/00 Freeper Jamaly "….. The cameraman for NBC News was just interviewed on MSNBC. He was IN THE HOUSE when Elian was captured. Brian Williams asked him if he considered it excessive force. He said "well, I was kicked in the stomach and my sound man was hit in the head WITH A GUN and dragged outside and told not to move or they would shoot him". He said "if he had been the father he wouldn't want his child treated that way." Sounds EXCESSIVE TO ME! ….."

Associated Press Online 4/22/00 "…….The scene in Lazaro Gonzalez's bedroom could hardly have been more dramatic: a federal agent wearing green riot gear, a helmet and goggles was carrying an automatic rifle when he confronted a man holding a frightened Elian Gonzalez in a closet. The chilling moment was captured Saturday by an Associated Press photographer and transmitted to newspapers and broadcasters around the world. The attorney general was asked about the image at a news conference where she defended the approach to taking custody of the 6-year-old Cuban child. AP free-lance photographer Alan Diaz said Elian was crying and yelled to him, "Que esta pasando?" - What's happening? - moments before a federal agent burst into the bedroom room where he was being held. ……. At a news conference in Washington, Attorney General Janet Reno was asked whether the photograph had raised the question of excessive force. "One of the beauties of television is that it shows exactly what the facts are," Reno said. "And as I understand it, if you look at it carefully, it shows that the gun was pointed to the side, and that the finger was not on the trigger." ......"

Associated Press Online 4/22/00 "……President Clinton said today the government had no alternative but to take 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez from the home of Miami relatives after negotiations failed to find a voluntary transfer to his father. He said Attorney General Janet Reno made the right decision, and he supports it. "The law has been upheld, and that was the right thing to do," Clinton said. ……"

Fox News 4/22/00 Freeper CT "……. Fox News has reported that Cuban-Castro attorney, Greg Craig has asked in a formal letter to networks that scenes of Amerika's Police State action not be shown. Fox went on to say that they would not honor the request. We only watch Fox. So I ask those watching other networks, are you seeing the same level of utter violence and intimidation Clinton's jack=booted thugs used to seize the boy? Freedom of the press??!! And if they won't show this in all its ugly detail, what does that say about the state of network reporting? ……" 4/22/00 Christopher Ruddy "…….
7:10 a.m.
An angry Miami mayor Joe Carollo has arrived at Lazaro Gonzalez's home and is now visiting with the relatives. The mayor has been quoted as saying that "today is a dark day in America." The mayor says that he was not consulted prior to the raid.
"These people are atheists. They don't know God. This is not a military camp. There was no need for this," the mayor said.
7:00 a.m.
Two armed security guards, who waded into the crowd to assist technicians for Univision (The Spanish-American Network), were mistaken for government officials and chased by protester's down the street in front of Lazaro Gonzalez's home.
Miami police assisting their escape were overwhelmed and chased from the area as well. There continues to be no police presence at the home, as thousands of Cuban-Americans join the protest.
Although the air is filled with police helicopters.
6:40 a.m.
Ramone Sanchez, leader of the Cuban-American group in Miami was carried away by others after being butted in the head by INS troops.
The mayor of Miami says the Justice Department "must guarantee that Elian will not be taken from the United States." The mayor says that he was not consulted prior to the raid.
6:30 a.m.
The crowd continues to swell in front of Lazaro Gonzalez's home, as police helicopters fly overhead. ….."

ABC 4/21/00 Linda Douglass "…… Federal agents seized Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives before dawn today, firing pepper spray into an angry crowd as they left for Washington with the crying and screaming 6-year-old boy. More than 130 armed agents of the Immigration and Naturalization Service arrived in white vans shortly after 5 a.m. and used a battering rams to knock through the home's chain-link fence and front door. The agents, clad in camouflage with guns held up, found Elian in a closet with his great aunt and one of the fishermen who rescued him on Thanksgiving Day after the shipwreck . A short time later, a woman and man brought Elian out of the home and put him in one of the vans, which sped off. "If we had been armed, this would not have happened. I have lost faith in the government," Elian's great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez said. ......"

Associated Press Online 4/22/00 Terry Spencer "……Some threw rocks and shouted in anger. Others waved signs and flags - Cuban and upside-down American ones. One man stalked through the crowd with a baby doll pinned to a cross, fake blood streaming from its hands. Across Elian Gonzalez's Little Havana neighborhood today, hundreds of Cuban Americans poured into the streets, denouncing the government for snatching the 6-year-old from his great-uncle's house on the day before Easter. "This is like crucifying the Messiah all over again. This is a slap in the face to the Cuban-American community and the Christian community," said Ralph Anrrich, a social worker helping the family at the house, where more than 500 people had massed by midmorning. ......"

ABC News 4/22/00 Reuters "…… Heavily armed U.S. agents burst into the Miami home of Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez on Saturday "like soldiers" and physically snatched the boy from the arms of the fisherman who rescued him five months ago, the child's relatives and friends inside the house said. "They said 'give me the boy or I'm going to shoot. I'm going to shoot. Give me the boy. Give me the boy.' I said please, don't let the boy see this," a weeping Marisleysis Gonzalez, the 21-year-old cousin who has been described as a playing a mother role to Elian, told reporters. She and others who witnessed the stunning predawn raid aimed at ending a bitter standoff between warring relatives and reuniting the 6-year-old Elian with his father said the federal agents pointed guns at relatives and friends when they stormed in, breaking doors and shouting. …….."

Reuters 4/22/00 Deborah Charles "…..President Clinton said on Saturday he supported the decision to send federal agents to snatch Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives in a predawn raid. Clinton, who was briefed through the night on the Justice Department's plans, gave the green light for federal agents to remove the 6-year-old in order to return him to his Cuban father once it was apparent efforts to negotiate a voluntary return had failed. ``I supported the decisions that were made...and I believe that it was the right thing to do,'' Clinton told reporters at the White House. ``The law has been upheld.'' ……"

United Press International 4/22/00 "…..Angry Cuban Americans blocked several intersections and started a handful of bonfires Saturday in the hours following the seizure of Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives. There were no injuries, but there were as many as 10 arrests. Demonstrators in Miami's Little Havana section started at least four fires with tires and trash in the middle of the street. Several items were thrown, including newspaper racks and trash cans. ….."

AP 4/22/00 "……Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez wrapped his arms around his father and looked happy in a dramatic reunion Saturday hours after he was seized from his relatives' house in Miami, Justice Department officials said. "He (Elian) looked very happy and Juan Miguel was crying," a Justice Department official said when asked to describe the reunion at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington. The official said Juan Miguel Gonzalez boarded the boy's plane the moment it arrived at the base and spent some time with him before leaving the aircraft. She said Elian hugged his father tightly as the father carried him off the plane. ......" 4/22/00 Chris Ruddy "……When I arrived at the scene outside of Elian's home the smell of tear gas was still in the air. I was there just minutes after Federal Marshals had conducted a gestapo raid on the home of law abiding citizens -- to snatch a young child. This is the first time in the history of the United States federal agents using rifles settled a custody case. I had been up about 5 AM and was planning to pick up syndciated radio host Michael Reagan, to bring him to Elian's home. Michael told me last night he had brought with him cuff links worn by his father as president. This cherished gift from his father Michael planned to give to Elian. This reminded me of a speech Ronald Reagan once gave in Miami. He promised Cuba would be liberated. He reportedly brought the house down with cheers. Though Reagan tore the Berlin Wall down, Cuba is still not free. In fact, Castro's Cuba is among the few Stalinist regimes left on the planet. That's why Elian's mother risked the shark infested waters to bring her son here. This is why so many -- and we still don't how many -- have died escaping Fidel's "paradise." ……"

The Associated Press 4/20/00 "…..In his strongest statement to date on the Elian Gonzalez case, President Clinton said today he knows of "no conceivable argument" for preventing the boy and his father from being reunited. He spoke after the father appealed to the American people to help him regain custody of his 6-year-old son. Clinton commented a day after a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta said that Elian must remain in the United States until the court decides whether he should get an asylum hearing. A hearing was set for May 11. Clinton said the ruling erased any argument for denying a father-son reunion. He and Attorney General Janet Reno earlier had a 45-minute conversation on the subject. ......"

UPI Wire 4/20/00 "……In the wake of the federal court order that Elian Gonzalez stay in the United States at least until next month, President Clinton thinks the 6-year-old should be reunited with his father "in a prompt and orderly way," a spokesman said Thursday.. "

CubaNews 4/17/00 Guillermo Cabrera Infante "……..- Every year Santeria, the African-rooted religion popularly practiced in Cuba, publishes a horoscope. The Santeros ``toss the coconut shells'' and forecast the future according to whether the shells fall flesh-side up or down. The Santeros have tied the future of the Castro regime to the fate of the Elian Gonzalez, who is to them the reincarnation of Elegua, a kind of Christ child. The position of the coconut shells foreshadows ills for the ``tribe'' of Cuba and a worse fate for the ``chief,'' Fidel Castro. ………. A little background: The Virgin of Charity of El Cobre is Cuba's patron saint, known familiarly as Cachita. Legend has it that the Virgin Mary appeared to three Cuban fishermen floating on the high seas. This image is revered by the Cuban people. Her equivalent in Santeria is Ochun, half virgin and half whore. ``The extremely popular Ochun,'' as Lydia Cabrera describes her, ``. . . who shares dominion over the waters.'' Many Catholic believers have no doubt that Elian is the reincarnation of the Christ child, who, according to Santeria, is one of the 21 forms that the Elegua takes. ......... As soon as the Santeros learned of Elian's fate (the boy had been rescued at sea, saved from sharks by the appearance of dolphins and after 48 hours in the water under a blazing sun did not show the burns and sores typical of those rescued at sea), they declared that he was a divine Elegua and that if he remained in Miami -- in other words, in exile -- Fidel Castro ``would fall.'' ……..The Elegua had to be returned to Cuba for the protection of an atheist dictator who believes all of the Santeros' prophecies......." 6/28/00 Jack Thompson "……The below analysis will appear at NewsMax shortly. I put it before FreeRepublic now because of emails I am getting asking "Where is Judicial Watch?" They are in the vortex of the maelstrom, a most imperfect storm:……. The Dred Scott decision, handed down by the Supreme Court on March 6, 1857, ruled that a black slave was not entitled to a hearing on whether he could remain in a free state in the North. He was not afforded due process of law because of his color. The decision led to the Civil War. …….Today, 143 years later, the same Court, this time with a black man sitting on it, is going to decide whether a child is entitled to due process. If not, he will be returned to slavery. Miami's Cuban Americans are braced for this blow as would be a defenseless boxer whose arms are ensnarled in the ropes of the ring that were supposed to fence in a fair fight. ….."

Judicial Watch 6/28/00 "…….Judicial Watch, on behalf of the Miami Gonzalez family and Elian, has moved the lower court to vacate its earlier decision on the basis of newly discovered evidence. The motion is intended to allow Elian to remain in the United States, pending further Court proceedings. Otherwise, he will be forced to return to Communist Cuba this evening……"

Washington Times 6/28/00 "……America should say farewell to Elian Gonzalez. Today, a court order keeping the six-year-old Cuban child in this country expires and the Supreme Court isn't expected to extend it. Fidel Castro will likely have Elian back on his island soon……As Cuban soothsayers had predicted, Elian has acquired mystical qualities that belie his age and size. He has become the miracle child, the baby Jesus, the hope to many Cuban-Americans. The Cuban priests of Santeria, a religion with African roots popular on the island, have insisted that Mr. Castro's power was inextricably linked with Elian. Mr. Castro must bring the boy, who they believe to be the son of the deity Elegua, back to Cuba if he wants to keep his grip on power, they have said. ……..Mr. Castro has effectively used Elian to score a public relations victory. Initially, it seemed as if the Elian case would highlight the desperation of the Cuban people under Mr. Castro. Elian's mother gave her own life and risked Elian's to find freedom. The Cuban community mobilized with such fervor to keep Elian in the United States because they were so intimately aware of the suffering on Mr. Castro's island. ...... Surprisingly, though, Mr. Castro came out on top. Take this comment from NBC's Katie Couric, for example: "Some suggested over the weekend that it's wrong to expect Elian Gonzalez to live in a place that tolerates no dissent or freedom of political expression. They were talking about Miami," she said. The U.S. media put Cuban-Americans' strong opposition to sending Elian back to Cuba in the harshest light, while lending Mr. Castro a legitimacy he scarcely deserves……."

George W. Bush for President 6/28/00 "……Texas Governor George W. Bush today issued the following statement on Elian Gonzalez: "I am saddened when the land of the free sends a young boy back to communist Cuba without a fair hearing in family court. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Gonzalez family, and I hope that one day Elian will live in a free Cuba and be able to choose for himself whether to return to America." …."

National Review 6/28/00 "……Elián González has been returned to his father in Cuba . . . which is to say, to Fidel Castro, self-appointed father of that nation.. ….. We learned, or were reminded of, the following. That most Americans do not know what life is like in a Communist country. That an energetic executive supported uncritically by the mass media, and with a well-drilled party in Congress and a judiciary well-seeded with hacks, can do anything it pleases to Americans and their liberties, under any flimsy pretext it can think up on the spur of the moment. That our left-wing elites actually like Castro and his system and will go to any lengths to ingratiate themselves with him, regardless of the interests of their own nation. And that penniless immigrants who work hard for decades to establish themselves as middle-class Americans are regarded with contempt and loathing by those same elites, especially when they manifest signs of religious belief. …."

ABCNEWS.COM 6/28/00 "……Seven months after a boat wreck left him stranded in the Florida Straits, 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez is boarding a plane to return to Cuba. As they prepared to board a plane for Havana, Elian's father said they were glad to be on their way home at last. "We are happy to go home," Juan Miguel Gonzalez said in English before he turned and headed for the plane. ….."

BBC 6/28/00 Tom Gibb "……For Cuban President Fidel Castro the "battle for Elian" has been a win-win situation from the start. For the past seven months he has used the case to sustain a massive propaganda campaign in Cuba, aimed at winning back the island's youth to patriotic and revolutionary values. ……At the same time it has given him the perfect platform in the United States to campaign against Cuban American leaders he regards as his real enemies, and try to isolate them from Washington. He has been able to do all this at minimum risk. As usual, the veteran Cuban leader was careful to pick a battle which he knew he should win. ……From the start legal experts in the United States said that if Elian's father went to claim his son, there would be little that the Miami relatives could do about it. This has been reiterated repeatedly by the US courts which have found in the father's favour. ……"

Internet 6/24/00 Jorge Benitez Sagol "……..I am writing to apologize for all the terrible things we Cubans have done to you while living in the United States. Please let me begin with my own humble plea for forgiveness. …… Forgive me for being too Cuban, too Spanish, too European, and too white. I know how painful it must be for you to have Spanish-speaking Caucasians living on your soil. ……I also beg you to forgive my Afro-Cuban brothers and sisters for being descendants of the Yoruba people of West Africa, one of the most highly cultured and sophisticated African ethnic groups. It is not their fault that they're both intelligent and beautiful or that they overcame the horrors of slavery with courage and dignity. Nor there is any malice in their ability to live in harmony with their white compatriots. I ask you to forgive them for being thoroughly Cuban. ……. On a collective level, please forgive us for having a strong work ethic, for being educated, and for enjoying a certain level of economic prosperity. Forgive us for paying our taxes and obeying your laws. ……

Above all forgive us for having served in your armed forces and for having suffered casualties in your Vietnam War out of all proportion to our numbers. ……. Forgive us for having transformed Miami from a sleepy Southern town into a thriving, world-class metropolis. Also forgive us for having successfully run major American corporations such as the Coca-Cola Company. Forgive us for not being a burden on your social welfare system. Forgive us for being economically self-reliant. …….Uncle Sam, forgive for actually practicing family values instead of simply talking about them. Forgive us for loving our extended families and our children and for treating our elderly with affection and respect. ……Forgive us for enjoying life, for being both passionate and compassionate, and for sharing whatever we have with those who are less fortunate. Forgive us for our humanity. ……… Please, Uncle Sam, I implore you to forgive us for participating in the political and civic life of your nation. Forgive us for becoming U.S. citizens. Forgive us for voting in your elections. Forgive us for having elected Cubans to all levels of government. And please, please forgive us for having alienated our Latin American cousins by defending your interests in the region. ...... Oh, and by the way, could you find it in your heart to forgive us for choosing freedom over fascism. ……"

Washington Post 6/21/00 Eric Pianin and Karen DeYoung "…… House Republican leaders said yesterday that they are willing to drop their opposition to the sale of food and medicine to Cuba, clearing the way for the first major relaxation of economic sanctions against the communist island in four decades. The decision marks a dramatic shift in policy toward Cuba, fueled largely by farm-state Republicans frustrated over the loss of billions of dollars in agricultural sales and by churches and humanitarian groups that contend the sanctions hurt innocent people while failing to undermine President Fidel Castro. ….."

San Diego Union-Tribune 6/21/00 Georgie Anne Geyer "……. The president is out everywhere, indiscriminately "legacy-seeking," and if that takes him to Havana, so be it. U.S. companies, backed by the farm lobbies, are out trying to get what they dream to be the "new Cuban market." Meanwhile, utopians on the American left are sure that, by thus "opening" to Fidel Castro, the Cuban caudillo will change overnight. My, my, it's really a wonder to think of all that has come out of the strange (and as yet unsettled) case of 6- year-old Elián González! And as he and his parents await court procedures, the entire geopolitical situation he has come to personify is changing in amazing ways. ………In public, for instance, administration spokesmen have said carefully that the Clinton administration has not changed its policy on the containment of Cuba at all. Yet, their actions without exception belie that contention. …..It is now clear that, in the case of Elián, the administration worked in conjunction with the Cuban government to get him back to Cuba. This even took the form of colluding with the Castro government. Indeed, State Department documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch, reveal an administration official writing that the State Department "wants to have a daily conference call to coordinate press guidance and communications with the Cubans." ………"

Miami Herald Online 6/22/00 "…… Their ``crime'' was to seek asylum from Cuba's repressive regime. The two Cuban doctors haven't broken any law. Yet Leonel Córdova Rodríguez and Noris Peña Martínez have been jailed for 19 days in Zimbabwe. Their ``crime'' was to seek asylum from Cuba's repressive regime, which has spared no dirty trick to keep them from freedom. ……. Now Zimbabwe's equally reprehensible government is turning the screws on these doctors, refusing to release them and treating them to increasingly harsh detention conditions in flagrant disregard of internationally protected human rights. ……``It's gone beyond anguish,'' Dominik Bartsch, a spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, told The Herald last week when Drs. Córdova and Peña weren't freed as was expected on Friday. ……..Commendably, local officers of the U.N. refugee agency have taken pains to help the Cuban doctors. After the apparent attempt by Cuba and Zimbabwe authorities to deport forcibly the doctors back to Cuba failed, the UN agency found where they were being detained, validated their legitimacy as refugees, has visited them daily, brought food and sought to persuade diplomatically Zimbabwean authorities to turn them over. ......"

Associated Press 6/24/00 Nicole Winfield "…..President Fidel Castro urged some 400,000 rallying Cubans on Saturday to keep up the pressure on the United States to return Elian Gonzalez - and to continue their protests against Washington even after the boy is home. "Not even when Elian and his valiant father return to Cuba with their family and close friends will we take a minute's rest!" Castro said in a message read on his behalf at a rally in the eastern city of Holguin. Cubans have a "sacred duty" to keep fighting against the U.S. embargo on the island, laws that allow Cubans who reach U.S. soil to remain and America's "incessant policies of subversion and destabilization" against the Cuban revolution, the message said. The rally was held a day after a federal appeals court in Atlanta refused to review the case of 6-year-old Elian, forcing his Miami relatives to take their appeal to keep him in the United States to the U.S. Supreme Court. ….."

Washington Post via Drudge 6/23/00 AP Eric McClam "……A federal appeals court refused Friday to take another look at the custody battle over Elian Gonzalez. The 12-member 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request for a rehearing from the Cuban boy's Miami relatives, who are seeking to keep him in the United States. A three-judge panel of the Atlanta-based court had ruled against the Miami relatives earlier this month. The decision to grant a rehearing before the full court had to be approved by seven of the 12 judges. ….."

Judicial Watch, 6/24/00 Jack Thompson "……. Friday, the day that the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals said to Elian "no mas," I had the pleasure of sitting next to Judicial Watch's Larry Klayman at a dinner honoring his client and my friend, Donato Dalrymple. It was a night of many tears in a room full of broken hearts. …….. Larry handed me the Atlanta court's short opinion along with his assessment of it: "The court doesn't even mention the INS documents that show collaboration between Clinton and Castro to subvert rather than implement asylum law. What we intend to do, what we must do, is persuade Kendall Coffey (the head of Elian's legal team) to go back to the trial court in Miami and inform Judge Moore that we have discovered new evidence that shows the government is lying." Klayman went on to say that Elian has next to no shot in the Supreme Court and that a new evidentiary hearing is the only chess move, and a valid one at that, left to the boy. ….."

Miami Herald 6/24/00 Elaine DeValle "……. Reaction in South Florida's Cuban-American community to the latest Elián González court decision -- or defeat, in the view of many -- was subdued Friday. By late afternoon, there were no protests. No flag-waving on the corners. No traffic blocking or work stoppages. Not even a lot of bristling on Miami Cuban radio. …….. Only WWFE-La Poderosa (670 AM) talked about the judges' ruling not to grant the family an appeal of an asylum request denial. And commentators did so without calls to block the streets or paralyze the airport. Their biggest weapon, they said, would come in November -- with the vote to oust the Democratic administration from the White House. ….."

Judicial Watch 6/24/00 "……Conventional wisdom has the Elian legal team taking an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court of the incorrect legal decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, which was reaffirmed yesterday. Judicial Watch will file another amicus curiae brief in support of the Elian legal team. While this avenue should be pursued, there is another, alternative option as well……… Since the lower court's decision refusing to grant Elian an asylum hearing was procured through fraud - as key documents discovered by Judicial Watch showing Clinton-Gore Administration collusion with the Castro regime were not provided by the Immigration and Naturalization Service - the Elian legal team should petition the lower court to vacate its judgment, since it was obtained fraudulently. As the same time, the Elian legal team should move the lower court to enjoin Elian from leaving the United States, as the lower court reconsiders the issues based on the newly discovered evidence. …."

AP 6/24/00 Pascal Fletcher Reuters "……Cuba's President Fidel Castro said on Saturday a U.S. court ruling against efforts to keep Elian Gonzalez in the United States was ``encouraging'', but he pledged his country would not rest until the Cuban castaway came home. ``The encouraging news received yesterday ... will not allow us to let down our guard,'' the Cuban leader said in a personal message read out at the start of a huge pro-Elian rally of more than 400,000 Cubans held in the eastern city of Holguin. …… Castro did not attend the event personally but was represented by his brother, Armed Forces Minister Raul Castro. In his message, he gave a guarded welcome to the refusal by a U.S. appeals court Friday to reconsider its decision against granting Elian a political asylum hearing in the United States. ……."

UPI 6/23/00 Michael Kirkland "……Miami relatives of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez will look to the Supreme Court for help now that the full 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to help them keep the boy in the United States. A family spokesman, Armando Gutierrez, said Friday that papers will be filed with the court on Monday. Gutierrez said, "They're not going to give up." The Supreme Court said Friday the relatives' earlier request to block the boy's departure is still listed on its docket as "pending." ……" 6/18/00 Carl Limbacher "….. Last week Elian's Miami legal team filed an appeal with the 11th Curcuit Court in Atlanta. noted that the Washington firm brought into the case by the Miami legal team is Kirkland & Ellis. Jack Thompson, writing on, has noted that Kirkland & Ellis, a Chicago-based firm, has long standing ties to the Democratic Party. In fact, in previous election cycles the firm's PAC has donated disproportianately to Democratic candidates. This year the firm has donated to Hillary Clinton's Senate camapign. has also noted that Kirkland & Ellis served as Ken Starr's private firm while he was Independent Counsel. It is important to note that the appelate brief filed on behalf of Elian last week was prepared and signed off by Kirkland & Ellis partner Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh had been brought into Kirkland & Ellis by Starr, after serving with Starr as associate Independent Counsel. ……"

Sun Sentinal 6/17/00 Luisa Yanez "……. Attempts by Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives to see the boy one last time have been rebuffed by his father, but other South Floridians are getting audiences with the 6-year-old. ……. In a new twist in the case, Sam Ciancio, 41, a Broward County roofing company owner who plucked Elian from the waters off Fort Lauderdale, flew to Washington this week and visited for hours with the boy and his father Tuesday. …… Ciancio, who with the help of his cousin Donato Dalrymple saved the boy's life on Thanksgiving Day, offered few details about the meeting. "He's very happy, I can tell you that much," said Ciancio, whom Juan Miguel invited to come to the Rosedale estate in Washington, expenses paid. ……. Nowadays, Ciancio appears to have a direct pipeline to Juan Miguel. Days after the raid, Ciancio said he was among a few people informed the federal agents would take the boy April 22 -- by way of a 4:15 a.m. telephone call. The raid went down at 5:15 a.m. ……… "

Newsmax 6/19/00 "…… It was bad enough that Elian Gonzalez's first venture out from his detention at the Wye Plantation was to the Georgetown home of wealthy donors to the Democratic Party. Elian is, no doubt, a trophy for the Democratic Party and for Castro. Apparently, the Cuban government wants to pay homage to its pagan gods for its custody of little Elian. Yesterday, Elian, his family, and an entourage of Cuban officials were escorted to the Silver Springs, Maryland home of a Cuban-American. The next door neighbor forward forwarded us pictures of the event. The neighbor insists the Gonzalez party were participating in Santeria activities. Santeria is an afro-Cuban religion in which animal sacrifices are performed regularly to help the practitioner succeed in his endeavors. It has long being rumored that Castro and his thugs are involved in these practices which some refer to as voodoo. ……"

NewsMax 6/19/00 "……. Yesterday Elian, his father and their Cuban entourage attended a Father's Day outing at the home of a man identified in the press as a "Cuban diplomat." The man, Pedro Sierra, resides at 12719 Connecticut Avenue in Silver Spring, Md. A reader lives next door and took photos and offered commentary. ……… "In one photo, Elian can be seen through the bushes holding a box. While most of the kids played in the backyard of the house, Elian was not allowed to be in the backyard for anymore than a few minutes at a time. "Even though he tried to get out several times, he was prevented from so doing. ……."In another photo it can be appreciated to the left of the Central AC unit, what appears to be a Gargoyle like figurine. It is a Santeria Deity, plain and simple. It used to be located by the main entrance of the house on the steps leading to the front door. Some have said that it is an effigy representing Eleggua, the opener of the roads in the Santeria pantheon of deities. ……"I am thouroghly convinced that Divine Providence is at work here. For Elian to wind up next door to a Cuban family while visiting a Cuban Santero's house can't be considered a coincidence. A Higher Power is at Work here. ……"

NewsMax 6/19/00 "……."Also notice the Cuban 'diplomats' in control of everything. During the brief moments Elian was allowed to be outside the house, he was constantly followed by one or two 'operatives' (lady with sidearm). He was never let more than two steps away from his 'watchers'. "The house where this affair took place is a private residence owned by a Santeria Babalao, not a diplomat. Notice in this photo, he is kneeling while holding something in his hands. ……… "The area directly in front of him is the area where the Bata drummer(s) and musicians were located and chanting Santeria Yoruban Music also known in Cuba as 'Toque de Santo'. What was Elian doing in there? Whatever happened to the happy, carefree smiling kid we became so used to and enjoyed watching him while he was playing outside the Miami relatives' house? Why is Elian so sad looking? Is this sadness the reason they are keeping this kid away from the public? ......"

AP 6/20/00 "….The U.S. government and Elián González's father urged a federal court today to reject an appeal by the boy's Miami relatives, end ``the excruciating delays'' and let him return to Cuba. …..The government agreed in a separate filing Tuesday, saying Lázaro González was ``wide of the mark'' in asking the full appeals court to hear the Miami relatives' appeal. ...... The Miami relatives had made the request Thursday, and the court gave the father and the U.S. government until Tuesday to respond. Seven of the 12 judges would have to agree to hear the case for it to come before the full court. A court clerk said Tuesday there was no timetable for that decision. …….If the full appeals court rejects the rehearing, the Miami relatives would have seven days to take their case to the Supreme Court. ….."

NEWSMAX.COM 6/19/00 Carl Limbacher "…….Apparently, the Cuban government wants to pay homage to its pagan gods for its custody of little Elian. Yesterday Elian, his family and an entourage of Cuban officials were escorted to the Silver Spring, Md., home of a Cuban-American. The next-door neighbor forwarded pictures of the event. The neighbor insists the Gonzalez party was participating in Santeria activities. ….. Santeria is an Afro-Cuban religion in which animal sacrifices are performed regularly to help the practitioner succeed in his endeavors. …It has long being rumored that Castro and his thugs are involved in these practices that some refer to as voodoo. …..Another reader also witnessed the Santeria conclave yesterday and reported, "Based on what I saw and heard, I believe the information provided by the next-door neighbor with respect to Santeria activity is reliable." …..He continued: "I can tell you that the sound of the drums was deafening at times, and that Juan Miguel was drinking heavily. The neighbor also pointed out a Santeria relic visible through the window of the house. All this activity took place under the noses of the U.S. Marshals Service and INS agents. ……."

Freeper ALOHA RONNIE 6/28/00 "…… !!!!!NEVER FORGET...As things were jumping at DULLES International Airport this afternoon a FoX News Channel Legal Expert Guest stated that BILL, HILLARY and CASTRO's Personal $850.00 an hour Attorney -GREG CRAIG- was required to tell JUAN MIGUEL -while in this country- that he had the Right to Declare Political Asylum. And if he didn't...then he violated Rules of the Bar. ..."

NY Times 6/29/00 David Gonzales Lizette Alvarez Reuters "……As the boy was swept up in the arms of his grandfather, his schoolmates began singing the Cuban national anthem, as the television announcer described the scene "Look at the torture they said Elián would be subjected to," the announcer said, referring to the claims by Cuban-Americans that the boy was being returned to a grim fate. "That is passion. That is affection." ……… Despite the excitement of the small crowd at the airport, Elián was quiet, waving at times to his friends. No public remarks were made, and Cuban officials did not plan any news conferences or rallies. ……. In Miami today, supporters of the Miami relatives gathered outside the Little Havana house to mourn Elián's return to Havana. A few lashed out at reporters and cursed the Clinton administration. Many praised the Miami relatives for their persistence, and expressed disbelief that most Americans believe Elián belongs in Communist Cuba. ……. "We are devastated that at this very moment Elian's going back to live in a country where he'll never be free, to a country where his father will simply not be allowed to give him the freedom that his mother, Elisabeth Brotons, wanted so desperately and died for, to a country of tyranny and dictatorship," said Armando Gutierrez, the spokesman for the boy's Miami relatives. …….. "

Reuters 6/28/00 Andrew Cawthorne "…… Shy but smiling, 6-year-old shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez returned home to Cuba on Wednesday, ending a bitter 7-month custody dispute and handing a major political victory to President Fidel Castro. Elian, whose personal tragedy unleashed a bitter family feud and another flashpoint in the turbulent history of Cuba- U.S. relations, flew into Havana's Jose Marti international airport on a private jet from Washington…….. ``Our dedicated teachers should carry out the task of converting him into a model boy, worthy of his history, his charms and his talent, so that he may always be a normal citizen, as well as a symbol, an example and a glory for all the children of our nation, and a pride for Cuba's teachers,'' the communique said. ……. "

Washington Times 6/29/00 Tom Carter "….For the boy's relatives in Miami, it marked a final and bitter defeat. Elian, who became a symbol of 40 years of enmity between Cuba's Marxist regime and nearly 1 million Cuban-Americans, often seemed oblivious to the fuss. Millions of Americans, however, were touched by images of the boy playing in the yard of the Miami relatives, shrieking while being seized by armed U.S. agents and then smiling in the arms of his Cuban father after their reunion……… "How many more women and children must die before the world hears the cries of the Cuban people?" family spokesman Armando Gutierrez asked. "Elian's mother brought him to this great country seeking the promises of our Statue of Liberty," Mr. Gutierrez said…… Through June 11, the Justice Department spent $1.8 million on the case…….. "What Clinton has done, in effect, is to throw a 6-year-old boy over the Berlin Wall," Mr. Diaz-Balart said in a statement. "Elian has been placed under the control of a bloody tyrant."…….. "Today's Supreme Court decision on Elian Gonzalez casts a long shadow over our tradition of freedom," said Rep. Tom DeLay, Texas Republican and the majority whip. "Ignoring his mother's dying wish to bring this boy safely to the United States is an affront to our guiding values and beliefs. It can never be in a child's best interests to live under communism."…….In Miami's Little Havana, there were tears of anguish and resignation………. "This boy was not given a chance to defend himself," said Ester Granda, 74. "That kid is not going to his father. He's going back to Fidel."……"

MSNBC 6/28/00 keith Morrison "……What sort of world will the boy inhabit, back in Cardenas? What kind of life waits for him here? Indoctrination at the youth Communist league in preparation for life in what an opinion piece in the New York Times called "a brutal, corrupt, impoverished dictatorship? Or, as they would say in Cuba, a safe, decent place with a future that values children above all? Is either argument right? In Cuba, that's a complicated question. ......... With no money from the eastern block anymore and an American embargo throttling the island, times have been rough, Elian Gonzales is returning to a very poor country, which, nevertheless, can point to several successes ...... If Elian is sick, he'll be treated in a hospital that looks decidedly rudimentary by U.S. standards. But Cardenas boasts twice as many doctors you would expect to find in an American city the same size. Elian is more likely to become a healthy adult in Cuba than in any other third world country. …… Housing? Even the government admits it's inadequate. Most apartments and houses are old and small and often crowded with whole extended families. But no one is homeless, certainly not Elian who will return to a house and bedroom that is considered swank by Cardenas standards. ……..Food? a few years ago,there were serious shortages. Some say there still are. But a look at the markets in cardenas, elian's hometown, reveals a wealth of basic foods, though not the variety we are used to in the U.S. ………There are millions of people in America who believe in their hearts that Cuba is going to take this boy back and like all other children in Cuba, force him into a society in which they cannot think what they want to think or say what they want to say. …….. Perez says Elian would not have to join the COmmunist Party. In fact, you might be surprised to know that very few Cubans are invited to join the Communist party. The best jobs used to go to party members. Sometimes they still do, we were told, but increasingly skill is considered more important than political connections. ......... As is one other thing, which may be the ultimate irony. In today's Cuba, membership in the Communist Party does not necessarily guarantee a better life, but access to the American dollar does. ……. For instance, on a main Cardenas market street are privately owned produce kiosks where you can buy rice, beans, and vegetables. And you buy those things with Pesos, very cheaply. But for almost everything else you have to shop in the government-owned dollar stores. Much has been made of Juan Miguel Gonzales' access to dollars from his job in the tourist industry. But in fact virtually everyone has dollars now. They must. 'Dateline' was given rare, unlimited, access to these dollar stores and here ordinary Cubans -not just the party elite-were buying everything from corn flakes to cooking oil, to blue jeans, to stereos. Most of these products are only available in U.S. dollars. ...... It's estimated that a half or more of Cubans now have direct access to dollars, mainly from tourism and money sent from 2 million Cuban family members living overseas. …….For Elian, "tomorrow" will most likely mean a lifetime of celebrity in a country that will want to ensure he succeeds. In the long, strange adventure of Elian Gonzales, this may be the ultimate irony. By claiming so publically that Elian would go home to a harsh life of depravation and maltreatment, Castro's Miami enemies have helped make sure that no matter how Cuba evolves, Elian will be very well treated indeed. ….."

Reuters 6/29/00 Sue Pleming "…….U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno said on Thursday she had harbored hopes right up to the end that the father of Elian Gonzalez would choose to remain in the United States with his little boy rather than return to Cuba. Elian, the 6-year-old shipwreck survivor whom Reno referred to as a ``special little boy'', returned to Cuba on Wednesday after the U.S. Supreme Court put an end to seven months of legal battles with the child's Miami relatives who did not want him to return to the communist island. ``In the end, he is with his father, and I am glad of that. I just wish he were with his father in a democratic, free country,'' Reno told a weekly news briefing. …….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/30/00 Jerry Seper "……. The Cuban government paid for Elian Gonzalez's chartered flight to Havana through a Miami firm headed by a woman whose $22,000 donation to Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate campaign was returned when it was learned the woman had ties to a convicted drug smuggler. Vivian Mannerud Verble heads a Miami-based firm known as Airline Brokers Company Inc., which arranged all of the chartered flights to and from Havana involving Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, his grandmothers and other Cubans. Mrs. Verble has been linked to convicted drug trafficker Jorge "Gordito" Cabrera, a Cuban-born U.S. citizen sentenced to 19 years in a Florida prison and fined $1.5 million for his conviction in the transportation of 6,000 pounds of cocaine into the United States. ……It was that connection that prompted Mrs. Clinton's New York senatorial campaign in April to return the $22,000 donation - the "the largest single contribution" to her soft money fund. Campaign officials returned the cash after determining the donation was "inappropriate," according to the first lady's spokesman, Howard Wolfson. ……"

The Washington Times 7/10/00 Nat Hentoff "….. A team of Cuban psychologists is currently monitoring Elian Gonzalez in his temporary classroom before he returns to his former school in Cardenas. Back in that classroom, Elian's education - like that of all Cuban children, will conform with Article 39 of the Cuban Constitution (adapted in 1976): "The education of children and young people in the spirit of communism is the duty of all society." And Article 5 of Cuba's law No. 16 (the Children and Youth Code) "requires all adults who come in contact with the child to set an example and help mold the child's 'communist personality.' "….."

The Guardian 6/29/00"…… Once he was reunited with his father, Elian Gonzalez was able to regain the ``life of a child and not an icon'' but he will still need help in Cuba to cope with the trauma of losing his mother at sea, his U.S. government-appointed psychiatrist said Thursday. …… In her first interview since finishing consultations with the 6-year-old shipwreck survivor, Dr. Paulina Kernberg told The Associated Press the boy lived with fear, uncertainty and stress in his first five months in the United States. ……. Kernberg was among the doctors appointed to help the warring sides of the family arrange an emotionally smooth transfer of the boy back to his father……..Dr. Irwin Redlener, a pediatrician who in April also consulted with the government on Elian's case, agreed. Redlener visited the Cuban family socially for two hours on May 31 and said Elian ``looked terrific ... like a completely normal 6-year-old.'' …… Redlener is a professor of pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and president and director of community pediatrics at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore in New York. He assembled the panel of mental health specialists, including Kernberg, at the request of the INS. ……"

NewsMax 6/29/00 Miguel A. Faria Jr., M.D. "……. With the latest court rulings, it's obvious the political and legal battle for the fate of Elián González is no longer about whether "he belongs with his father" or parental custody, as has been cleverly sold to the American people by the liberal media. He has been forcibly reunited with his "father" and has now been deported. The conflict really was always about something deeper, between freedom and oppression, and, distilled to its essence, about the perpetual struggle between good and evil that every generation must face. …….. The media has described Juan Miguel as "fit and loving of his son," but was he really? In a fit of angry machismo, while still in Cuba, he threatened to come to Miami and shoot as many people as he could. It took him four months to get here and he then insisted, surrounded by Cuban agents, that he wanted to take Elián back to Cuba. Is it loving and fit to want to take the child back to totalitarianism? He said he feared for his life in going to Miami to claim and pick up his son from his uncle's home, even though his uncle Lázaro González had invited him to do so peacefully. ……All this time after arriving here from Cuba, he stayed in the Cuban Interest Section near Washington, D.C., in a known nest of Cuban spies and communist agents who have nothing but hatred for the United States (or at the house of an alleged Cuban diplomat in Maryland, which amounts to the same thing). Is that the normal behavior of a "fit and loving father"? …….."

Judicial Watch 6/28/00 "……At 4:03 p.m. this evening, Judicial Watch received word that the lower court refused to grant Elian Gonzalez a "stay of execution." The public-interest law firm recently uncovered evidence that the Court had received incomplete and false information from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in making its initial findings in the Elian matter…….. The Court's order offers scant reasoning for its finding; only that even if the INS had prejudged the issue pursuant to an apparent "deal" with Castro's Communist Cuba, it could have always changed its mind up to the point it claims to have issued its final decision on January 3, 2000……….. "Judicial Watch inherited this case at the 'eleventh hour,' when the patient, Elian Gonzalez, was already on his deathbed. It did everything it could do to prevent perhaps what is the greatest legal injustice experienced thus far in the new 21st Century. However, on behalf of Judicial Watch's clients, Donato Dalrymple, and the patriotic Miami Cuban-American community, we are disappointed, but hardly finished. Together we will pursue justice against the illegal and criminal actions of Attorney General Janet Reno, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, and INS Commissioner Doris Meissner, and others in the Clinton-Gore Administration who not only trampled on the rights of the Constitution with their illegal raid of April 22, 2000, but also basic human decency," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. "We are confident that we will find, in our various cases on behalf of the Miami Cuban-American community and all Americans, judges and juries with the courage to bring about justice," added Klayman. ……."

Reuters 7/9/00 Nelson Acosta "……Amid shouts of ``Freedom! Freedom!'', leading dissidents and former political prisoners joined Cuban Catholics Sunday in celebrating a mass for all prisoners on the communist-ruled Caribbean island.``Let us pray for prisoners, whom the Church never forgets,'' Cardinal Jaime Ortega, the Archbishop of Havana, said in a homily at the mass held in the Cuban capital to coincide with the Catholic Church's worldwide day of prayer for prisoners...."

The Boston Globe 7/11/00 "….."The June 28 photograph on Page A3 of Cuban-Americans demonstrating in the Elian Gonzalez affair reveals a growing problem in the United States: obesity. Each person in the photo appears to be from 50 to 100 pounds heavier than any human being needs to be. Had they remained in Cuba, they no doubt would be much, much thinner and perhaps healthier." ……"

EFE Spain 7/11/00 "……Maria del Pilar Navarro Alvarez, a former Cuban intelligence officer, is under government protection in the United States after fleeing Cuba last week, a local paper reported Tuesday. According to El Diario de las Americas, Navarro Alvarez, 48, arrived in Florida on a special flight from Colombia. The former captain with Cuba's Intelligence Directorate worked in the counter-intelligence section that focused on CIA operations. The Miami-based Spanish-language newspaper cited sources who said Navarro Alvarez identified several Cuban agents and their collaborators in Washington during debriefings with U.S. officials. The former Cuban official is currently under the protection of the FBI, the sources added. ……."

Miami Herald 7/3/00 Mark Fineman "……With more than 300,000 people gathered Saturday in a sweltering downtown plaza here, Cuban President Fidel Castro and his ruling inner circle delivered the nation's first official reply to the return of castaway Elián González: a defiant declaration of yet another ideological battle against the United States. The new official targets: U.S. immigration and trade policies toward the island. …….. ``We don't care who becomes the next U.S. president,'' Castro said in a statement read to the rally. ``None of the aspirants inspire confidence in us. It's useless for them to try to win a few voters by investing unnecessary time in declarations and promises against Cuba. . . . Four decades of underestimation and humiliating failure should be enough'' for Washington to realize that ``Cuba was, is and will continue to be free forever.'' ……"

Orlando Sentinel 7/6/00Charley Reese "….. Well, it's no surprise that the Supreme Court sent Elian Gonzalez back to a communist dictatorship and ruled that Nebraska could not legislate against infanticide. After all, the same court had earlier seen a threat in a student leading a prayer in a football stadium. Not a good week for children, as far as the Supreme Court went. Not a good week for morality or the Constitution either. I'm sorry to see Elian being taken back to Cuba, but I'm even sorrier to see so many Americans ignorant of or indifferent about the communist dictatorship in Cuba. Remember, I said sorry not surprised. A recent news story reported that 80 percent of the seniors from the top 55 colleges and universities -- including Harvard and Princeton -- scored a D or an F on a 34-question American history test. The people who did the study said that 99 percent of the students could identify Beavis and Butthead, two sick television characters, but that only 23 percent identified James Madison as the principal framer of the Constitution……"

Washington Times 7/3/00 John McCaslin "…… Inside the Beltway has obtained a letter sent in recent days to Cuban President Fidel Castro by Youth for Understanding (YFU) -the group that played host to Juan Miguel Gonzalez and his son, Elian, at its Northwest Washington estate - applauding "the values and culture" that exist under the communist leader. "Your Excellency, receive from Youth For Understanding our most cordial greetings and our profound sentiments of respect and admiration for the culture and life of Cuba, as it exists," writes Sally Grooms Cowal, president of YFU. ….."

Miami Herald Online 7/8/00 Chris Gaither "……They are expected to come to the United States from Sweden. Two Cuban doctors who languished for more than a month in a Zimbabwe prison after seeking political asylum left the country Friday on a commercial jet for Stockholm, Sweden, according to diplomatic and U.S. government sources. ……Once in Sweden, Noris Peña Martínez and Leonel Córdova Rodríguez are free to go anywhere they want, the sources said, including the United States, which offered to take the doctors in shortly after the Zimbabwe government attempted to deport them back to Cuba. ``In Stockholm, they will decide what they want to do,'' said a Western diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity. ``There's nothing to prevent them from leaving. They have U.S. recognition.'' ……."

Miami Herald 6/20/00 Amy Driscoll, Jordan Levin, Frank Davies "…… A Miami-Dade policy that prohibits the county from doing business with anyone who has dealings with Cuba came to an abrupt end Monday under a broad ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in a Massachusetts case. ``Today's ruling precludes Miami-Dade County from enforcing our Cuba policy,'' said Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas. ``While disappointed with today's decision, we will, of course, follow the law.'' ….. Assistant County Attorney Robert Cuevas said the ruling means the county can no longer prohibit the use of public facilities by Cuban artists or deny contracts to companies with ties to Cuba. Nor can it require them to swear in a ``Cuba affidavit'' that they have never had dealings with the island nation. ……" 6/29/00 Jason Pierce "…..Too little, too late, is the attitude of one Cuban-American leader, responding Thursday to Janet Reno's suggestion that she would like to make amends with her fellow Miamians. At her weekly news briefing in Washington, Reno said, " I say to all of those that are speaking sharply and are feeling hurt, I would like to talk to you. I would like to let you know just much I care about you and care about the community and what it [the Elian Gonzalez case] has done for a city I love." However, Ramon Sanchez, president of the Cuban Democracy Movement, doesn't think Reno's offer to make peace will go over well in Miami's Cuban exile community. …."

Houston Chronicle 6/28/00 Scott Holleran "….It finally happened: Elian Gonzalez has been sentenced to a life in communist Cuba on the grounds that a father's claim on his son supersedes the child's individual rights. President Clinton, Attorney General Janet Reno, members of Congress and the media, a majority of the American people and, with its terse refusal to hear a plea for political asylum on Wednesday, the Supreme Court, have exhibited an unprecedented unity in rejecting the Founding Fathers' sacred idea of inalienable individual rights. ……… Instead, they have embraced and celebrated the notion that rights are not absolute -- not without a father's consent, even a father who lives under a brutal regime in which consent is meaningless. The nation will get what it deserves; Elian will not. ……"

Newsmax 6/24/00 Jack Thompason "……America learned with the death of Gary Graham that our legal system protects murderers and punishes innocent little boys. Gary Graham was the beneficiary of 19 years of due process that, until his execution, thwarted the jury's verdict. ......... Elian Gonzalez, however, who has done harm to no one, is on a judicial fast track back to an island prison more daunting than the one that housed Graham. His mistake was being protected by patriots. One could say cynically that he should have killed somebody. If he had, he'd have enjoyed 19 years of due process in this country. ……"

Detroit News 6/29/00 Henry Paine "…...The Cuban boy's story is a case study in how the lack of ideological diversity in the Washington press corps has seriously damaged its ability to report a major story. As a respected Los Angeles Times poll recently found, 90 percent of Washington news reporters voted for Democrat Bill Clinton for president - in contrast to an electorate that never gave him more than 49 percent of the vote. Monolithically left-wing in their views, Washington's news reporters ignored key developments in the Elian story and presented an insulting stereotype of the Cuban-American minority. So biased was the coverage that only readers of Washington's small circulation conservative publications and the nation's largest conservative editorial page would have received a complete picture of developments in the case. ….."

Detroit News 6/29/00 Henry Paine "…... On Jan. 31, the conservative Weekly Standard magazine broke news that Elian's father had initially expressed an interest in his son's staying in the United States, calling his Gonzalez relatives in Miami to alert them that Elian and his mother were on the way. On Thanksgiving Day, the boy's uncle, Lazaro, then called Juan Miguel to report the boy was safe, and the father asked that he take good care of his son. Phone records confirmed the calls. ……Not until after Cuban dictator Fidel Castro demanded the boy's return - and a full five days after his son's whereabouts were known - did Elian's father step forward to ask for his son's return. This key fact was ignored by the mainstream press. But it demanded answers: Why would a father wait five days to demand his son's return? Why had he changed his mind? Why did Castro speak for the child first? ……."

Detroit News 6/29/00 Henry Paine "…... A curious reporter for the Wall Street Journal's editorial page (not its news section), James Taranto, traveled to Miami to talk to Cuban-American immigrants about the mental stresses of living in Cuba. What he found raised serious doubts about Juan Miguel's state of mind. … Refugees told of family members in Cuba who were punished, sexually molested or held hostage by government officials because their relatives had committed the crime of fleeing the island. …..Ominously, the Journal editorial page also learned that Juan Miguel's new wife had left behind another child when they left to pick up Elian. Was that child a hostage? ……"The image of a mental prison recurs often in conversations with Cuban immigrants here," wrote Taranto. "They talk about wearing la mascara - the mask - to hide their true feelings. They describe a process of self-censorship in which they don't allow themselves even to think certain things, lest a counterrevolutionary sentiment slip out in an unguarded moment." …."

Detroit News 6/29/00 Henry Paine "…... On April 10, the Weekly Standard gave a disturbing look at the family climate to which Elian would return. Reported the Standard: "It's the Cuban constitution of 1976 (article 38, Clause C) that requires Communist indoctrination and military training for grammar-school children. The Cuban school system keeps a permanent file shared with the secret police (the expediente acumulativo del ascolar) on ideologically suspect children and requires faculty to interrogate children concerning the ideological integration of their parents. The Cuban regime dragoons 98 percent of school children into the paramilitary 'Union of Communist Pioneers' and that requires children, starting at age 10, to attend summer indoctrination camps (escuelas al campo). Constitutionally, parental rights obtain "only as long as their influence does not go against the political objectives of the state." ……"

Detroit News 6/29/00 Henry Paine "…...But America's newspaper and television readers read or heard none of this in news reports. The Washington press corps continued to cover the Elian story as if it were merely a custody fight to return Elian to Kansas, not to what Freedom House calls one of the most repressive regimes on earth. …….."

UPI via 6/27/00 "…..The Justice Department and the Cuban father of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez asked the Supreme Court Tuesday not to prolong "this ordeal" by granting a request from Miami relatives that the boy be kept in the United States for futher legal battles. A lower appeals court has ruled that Juan Miguel Gonzalez can take his son back to Cuba after 4 p.m. today. ……"

Yahoo – Reuters 6/27/00 "…… Cuban castaway Elian Gonzalez was spending what could be his last night in the United States on Tuesday, set to return to Cuba with his father as early as Wednesday afternoon at the end of a highly politicized seven-month battle over his fate. Only a last-minute injunction by the U.S. Supreme Court would stop the child from leaving. …….. Making the pill even more bitter to swallow for Cuban exiles who fought to keep the 6-year-old in the United States rather than letting him go back to the communist-ruled island, Elian's expected departure coincides with moves in the U.S. Congress to ease Washington's four-decade-old economic embargo on Havana. ……"

NewsMax 6/27/00 "…… E-mails obtained by Judicial Watch and shared exclusively with show that Florida Governor Jeb Bush played a greater role in the Elian Gonzalez case than had previously been known. Though Bush publicly supported letting Florida state family courts resolve the custody dispute between Elian's Miami relatives and his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez - the same position taken by his presidential candidate brother - the Florida governor never made Elian's case a personal cause celebre and rarely addressed the matter unless asked by local media. …….. But mid-January internal Immigration and Naturalization Service e-mail traffic indicates that Bush's office had taken a sharp interest in the case and had researched legal precedents that might have allowed the 6-year-old Cuban boat boy to stay in America. ……."Yesterday, I returned a call from Governor Bush's Office (FL) and spoke to his deputy chief of staff, Frank Jimenez," wrote one INS lawyer to another. "I got an earful (the governor was next to him while we were talking). Attached is an e-mail he sent me this morning regarding some case cites he thinks may be relevant and which (in his opinion) may show that Elian's case is not unique. "Please make sure these cites get to the right person at INS for review." ….."



AP via Florida Times-Union 8/14/00 "…….As the Democratic Party readies for the official nomination of Al Gore later this week, its standing among Cuban-Americans has hit a new low-point - a perilous factor in a critical fight for Florida's electoral vote. Cuban-Americans account for 8 percent, or 400,000 of the anticipated 5 million Floridians voting this year. The Democratic National convention this week isn't likely to help attract that segment of voters, many say. ..."

Inside China Today 1/1/01 AFP ".....President Fidel Castro met with a high-level military delegation from China which was concluding a four-day visit to Cuba, the daily Juventud Rebelde reported Sunday. The meeting took place Saturday just before the delegation, which was led by Chinese People's Liberation Army commander Fu Quanyou, left the island. During the visit, top Cuban and Chinese military officials signed a military cooperation agreement, though no details of the agreement were released. The delegation also visited Cuban military units and air bases, where they watched exercises....."

Ether Zone 12/29/00 Elvira F. Hasty, Ph.D. ".....I prayed for Elian's safety for days. I knew exactly what those Cuban Americans in Miami were thinking and why they had rallied behind that little boy against all odds. The news media not only ignored their side of the story, but they went further as they became accomplices in this cowardly act by Clinton/Reno/Castro. CNN personnel even wore large laminated tags with the inscription "Welcome to Elian's Camp, the Banana Republic" over a yellow banana with a Cuban flag. Along with the media, politicians like Bob Beckel, Senator Leahy, Rep. Maxine Waters, and Rep. Serrano called us "Mafiosos" and "thugs." When "The Picture" appeared, it did not make headlines in any of the major newspapers or magazines. The media buried it and resurrected a smiling Elian reunited with his father in a photograph provided by the high paying Clinton attorney, Gregory Craig. The media compromised professionalism in order to protect a shameless amoral president who had become their ideological leader and for them, the end justified the means. After all, the public had already grown tired of Elian and his story. Next please! .......The Cuban Americans were not crazy. They were not paranoid about Castro and communism. They were not seeking revenge. The Cuban Americans knew first hand what would happen to Elian in Cuba. ......After the closest presidential election ever, the media finding itself in the side of the Sore Loser Gore dares to be again critical of Cuban Americans, blaming them for stealing the election for GWB as a revenge for Elian. It is interesting to note that it was Al Gore and the liberal Democrats who for a period of five weeks turned this country into a "Banana Republic". Where was CNN? No tags this time? Listen well all of you in the media: WE, THE CUBAN AMERICANS, ARE VERY PROUD TO HAVE OVERWHELMINGLY VOTED FOR GEORGE W. BUSH. Our vote meant much more than mere revenge. We wanted to restore dignity in the White House, to deter the impending disaster of Clinton/Gore socialism, to stop another madman for becoming a dictator, and to preserve freedom and constitutional rights for all Americans. We united and rallied behind GWB because we saw "A Clear And Imminent Danger" loom in the horizon as, we heard Al Gore Jr. speak those "populist" words at the Democratic Convention; as we saw the Democrats using divisiveness as a weapon; as we learned of the executive orders given to solidify the power of the Executive office; and as we feared the lost of freedom. ...."

Washington Times 12/21/00 Andrew Cain ".....President Clinton accepts some blame for Vice President Al Gore's election defeat, noting that his administration's seizure of Elian Gonzalez might have cost the vice president "a lot of votes" in Florida. ....."

AP via TBO 12/26/00 ".....Cuba's parliament thanked Cubans Tuesday for supporting the fight to repatriate Elian Gonzalez, saying the battle has made their revolution strong as it enters the new year. "Our victorious Revolution enters the new millennium with a firm and sure step," Cuba's National Assembly said in a message published by government newspapers on Tuesday. Such positive messages are common in the days leading up to anniversary of the Jan. 1, 1959, victory in the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power...."

Macon Telegraph 11/21/00 Janelle Weber "….In a case of Elian Gonzalez in reverse, a man claims his ex-wife took off for Cuba with their 5-year-old son, and the federal government is offering to help get the boy back. Jon Colombini, 31, discovered last week that his son, ex-wife and her boyfriend were missing. He believes his Cuban-born former wife has returned to her native country with the boy, since she has relatives there. "I'm going to do whatever it takes to get my child back," said Colombini, who has joint custody of his son Jonathon. The FBI and the State Department said they are working to get the boy back. ..."

The Miami Herald 11/19/00 Frances Robles Glenn Garvin "….. PANAMA -- Three Cuban Americans, all veterans of the long undeclared war between Fidel Castro and the island's exiles, were taken into custody Friday after Castro warned Panamanian authorities that the men planned terrorist attacks during the Ibero-American summit here. Luis Posada Carriles, the admitted mastermind of a bombing campaign that killed an Italian tourist in Havana three years ago, was detained along with Miami residents Pedro Remón and Guillermo Novo, both of them members of the defunct anti-Castro terrorist group Omega 7. …."