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TWA 800


Aleman, Lucio Jr., 33, Oklahoma City.
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Almon, Baylee, 1, Oklahoma City.
Althouse, Diane E. Hollingsworth, 45, Edmond.
Anderson, Rebecca, 37, Midwest City.
Argo, Pamela, 36, Oklahoma City.
Avery, Saundra "Sandy", 34, Midwest City.
Avillanoza, Peter, 56, Oklahoma City.
Battle, Calvin, 62, Oklahoma City.
Battle, Peola, 56, Oklahoma City.
Bell, Danielle, 15 months, Oklahoma City.
Biddy, Oleta, 54, Tuttle.
Bland, Shelly Turner, 25, Tuttle.
Blanton, Andrea, 33, Oklahoma City.
Bloomer, Olen B., 61, Moore.
Bolden, Army Sgt. 1st Class Lola Rene, 40, Birmingham, Ala.
Boles, James E., 50, Oklahoma City.
Bolte, Mark A., 28, Oklahoma City.
Booker, Casandra, 25, Oklahoma City.
Bowers, Carol, 53, Yukon.
Bradley, Peachlyn, 3, Oklahoma City.
Brady, Woodrow, 41, Oklahoma City.
Brown, Cynthia Campbell, 26, Oklahoma City.
Broxterman, Paul G., 42, Edmond.
Bruce, Gabreon, 3 months, Oklahoma City.
Burgess, Kimberly Ruth, 29, Oklahoma City.
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Chipman, Robert, 51, Edmond.
Clark, Kimberly K., 39, Oklahoma City.
Clark, Margaret L. "Peggy", 42, Chickasha.
Cooper, Antonio A. Jr., 6 months, Midwest City.
Cooper, Anthony Christopher II, 2, Moore.
Cooper, Dana L. Brown, 24, Moore.
Cottingham, Harley, 46, Oklahoma City.
Cousins, Kim R., 33, Midwest City.
Coverdale, Aaron, 5 1/2, Oklahoma City.
Coverdale, Elijah, 2 1/2, Oklahoma City.
Coyne, Jaci, 14 months, Moore.
Cregan, Katherine, 60, Oklahoma City
Cummins, Richard, 55, Mustang.
Curry, Steven, 44, Norman.
Daniels, Brenda, 42, Oklahoma City.
Davis, Sgt. Benjamin L., 29, Edmond.
Day, Diana Lynn, 38, Oklahoma City.
DeMaster, Peter, 44, Oklahoma City.
Deveroux, Castine, 49, Oklahoma City.
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Eaves, Tylor, 8 months, Midwest City.
Eckles, Ashley, 4, Guthrie.
Ferrell, Susan, 37, Oklahoma City.
Fields, Carrol "Chip," 48, Guthrie.
Finley, Katherine Ann, 44, Yukon.
Fisher, Judy J., 45, Oklahoma City.
Florence, Linda, 43, Oklahoma City.
Fritzler, Donald, 64, Oklahoma City.
Fritzler, Mary Anne, 57, Oklahoma City.
Garrett, Tevin, 16 months, Midwest City.
Garrison, Laura Jane, 61, Oklahoma City.
Genzer, Jamie, 32, Wellston.
Goodson, Margaret, 54, Oklahoma City.
Gottshall, Kevin Lee, 6 months, Norman.
Griffin, Ethel Louise, 55, Edmond.
Guiles, Colleen, 59, Oklahoma City.
Guzman, Marine Capt. Randolph, 28, Castro Valley, Calif..
Hagerman, Crystal, 20, Dallas, Texas
Hammons, Cheryl, 44, Oklahoma City.
Harding, Ronald, 55, Oklahoma City.
Hawthorne, Thomas, 52, Choctaw.
Higginbottom, Doris Adele, 44, Oklahoma City.
Hightower, Anita C., 27, Oklahoma City.
Hodges, Thompson E. "Gene," 54, Norman.
Holland, Peggy Louise, 37, Oklahoma City.
Housley, Linda Coleen, 53, Oklahoma City.
Howard, George M., 45, Vallejo, Calif..
Howell, Wanda, 34, Spencer.
Huff, Robbin A., 37, Bethany.
Hurlburt, Anna Jean, 67, Oklahoma City.
Hurlburt, Charles, 73, Oklahoma City.
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Jenkins, Christi Y., 32, Edmond.
Johnson, Norma Jean, 62, Oklahoma City.
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Jones, Larry J., 46, Yukon.
Justes, Alvin, 54, Oklahoma City.
Kennedy, Blake R., 1 1/2, Amber.
Khalil, Carole, 50, Oklahoma City.
Koelsch, Valerie, 33, Oklahoma City.
Kreymborg, Carolyn A., 57, Oklahoma City.
Lauderdale, Teresa L., 41, Shawnee.
Leinen, Catherine, 47, Oklahoma City.
Lenz, Carrie, 26, Choctaw.
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Levy, Airman 1st Class Lakesha R., 21, Midwest City.
London, Dominique, 2, Oklahoma City.
Long, Rheta, 60, Oklahoma City.
Loudenslager, Michael, 48, Harrah.
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McGonnell, Betsy J. Beebe, 47, Norman.
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Shepherd, Karan D., 27, Moore.
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Sohn, Army Sgt. 1st Class Victoria, 36, Moore.
Stewart, John T., 51, Oklahoma City.
Stratton, Dolores M., 51, Moore.
Tapia, Emilio, 50, Oklahoma City.
Texter, Victoria, 37, Oklahoma City.
Thomas, Charlotte A., 43, Oklahoma City.
Thompson, Michael, 47, Yukon.
Thompson, Virginia, 56, El Reno.
Titsworth, Kayla M., 3 1/2, Lawton.
Tomlin, Ricky L., 46, Piedmont.
Treanor, LaRue, 55, Guthrie.
Treanor, Luther, 61, Guthrie.
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Valdez, Jules A., 51, Edmond.
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Watkins, Wanda L., 49, Oklahoma City.
Weaver, Michael, 54, Edmond.
Welch, Julie, 23, Oklahoma City.
Westberry, Robert, 57, Oklahoma City.
Whicher, Alan, 40, Edmond. (only SS agent)
Whittenberg, Jo Ann, 35, Oklahoma City.
Williams, Frances A., 48, Oklahoma City.
Williams, Scott, 24, Tuttle.
Williams, William Stephen, 42, Cashion.
Wilson, Clarence, Sr., 49, Oklahoma.
Woodbridge, Ronota A., 31, Edmond.
Youngblood, John A., 52, Yukon.

Media Bypass 11/98 Pat Shannan ".The first expert to go public with the ANFO discrepancies was USAF Brig-adier General (ret.) Benton K. Partin. Sitting in his living room in Virginia and merely looking only at photos in Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report was enough to catch his discerning eye. The exposed rebar on the severed columns at the third-floor level was adequate evidence for Partin. He knew that an air blast from a truck on the street could never remove reinforced concrete and steel. Then he noticed the remaining standing columns between the truck and the one taken out in the left center of the Murrah Building. He knew this was impossible, unless there were charges planted at the collapsed column. Partin noted three such columns from the magazine photos and found a fourth by viewing expanded fire department photos on a later visit to Oklahoma City. Later study revealed the macabre evidence of a fifth charge having been detonated underneath the children s nursery on the second floor. General Partin's credentials and military record are impeccable. Most of his 31-year career in the air force was spent in demolition. He headed up the USAF's Explosive Research Laboratory. If the FBI were really looking for the truth in this case, could they find a better expert witness than Ben Partin? The theory of the ANFO bomb exploding in a truck on the street and wreaking the kind of damage seen for blocks around is akin to a pea-shooter bringing down a spaceship.. General Partin's facts in evidence served to confirm what had been only theories of many others such as this writer who barely passed high school chemistry. But even those who flunked Physics and Logic could understand the Partin report. Apparently this group did not include the some 60 congressman and senators to whom Partin hand-delivered his eight-page letter on Capitol Hill. Only one had the courtesy to respond, said "It's too deep for me," and passed it on the FBI.."


FR Exclusive KAKC am 1300 Ken Rank/Craig Roberts/Boyd- from here on, as (KR)- On the line, Tonia Yeakey, by the way lets tell them Craig, her husband Terry was the police officer of the OKC police department, was the first one into the buildi ng after the bombing. Craig Roberts- from here on, as (CR)-Yeah, and the first to die of a questionable suicide afterwards. A year later he was found dead where? In a field two and a half miles west of El Reno reformatory a mile out into this field, his car was abandoned along a dirt road and there was a lot of blood in the car but hardly any blood at the scene. It turns out we found out later he was shot through the head, no gun was found, but it was a real (ruled) suicide. He also had 13 cuts and lacerations on his body on his wrists and elbows and jugular veins and they called it suicide...They wrote it off as suicide. And was he about to release a book? or... No he had gathered a lot of information and he was taking it out of town to hide it someplace in some mini- storage west of OKC that he had. We don't know if he ever managed to hide the stuff or not because he never came home. Tonia is his ex-wife at the time, she has 2 children by him and he had gone to her and asked her to be remarried because he wanted her to be covered by his insurance and his pension because he knew something might happen to him and he was real adamant about it, but we will let her tell that part and it is an obvious case of torture, murder and it was written off within minutes as suicide and it was ridiculous, but the funny thing was the Canadian County Sheriff's Office were the first ones on the scene and there she is.....Good morning, Tonia.."Well it actually started the day of the bombing, that he made some strange statement that at first, I wasn't able to put into any kind of logical order, but later on it began to make sense why he was making these comments. I got a call about 11:30 maybe 11:15 the morning of the Bombing from Presbyterian Hospital that said Terry had been injured and I needed to come down there and get him. . the strange thing was, The first statement that came out of his mouth was `Get me out of this hospital, no matter what you have to do, get me out of here.' I said OK. He was very adamant. I didn't know at the time that, I'd been told later, that he'd been threatened at the hospital. I didn't know where the source of the threatening came, but that's what I had been told later on, about a year after his death.. As soon as they loaded him into the car, he got very upset, started to cry a little bit, and said `Tonia, it's not what they're saying it is. They're not telling the truth. They're lying about what's going on down there.' I did try to press him a little bit and ask him some questions, but he didn't seem very willing to talk about it. It was just kind of a comment. 'It's not what they're portraying it to be.'."


New York Post 10/18/99 Daniel Jeffreys "....Carol Howe, who claims she tipped off the FBI about the Oklahoma bombing but was ignored, sells her life story for 500G. At 27, Carol Howe has already been a white supremacist, an FBI informant and the lover of an Aryan gang leader. She claims that weeks before the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing she warned the Justice Department that a terrorist attack at the Alfred P. Murrah Building was imminent. Sounds like the stuff that movies are made of, and it soon will be. This terrifying true-life story is also the project closest to Meg Ryan's heart. Through her company, Prufrock Productions, Ryan turns producer. And she has just enticed director Sydney Pollack ("Random Hearts") to take on material that many have deemed too hot to handle...... In the next report, filed on Sept. 26, 1994, CI-183 describes Mahon teaching her how to make hand grenades and claiming that a race war would begin in April 1995. She also reported that Strassmeir was in contact with an arms dealer who could supply C-4 explosive to "the cause." To assess her credibility, Howe was given several polygraph tests, which she passed convincingly. Howe claims one was administered after she told Finley that Strassmeir had talked about truck bombs like the one which destroyed the Murrah Building, and indicated he had a list of federal buildings in Tulsa and Oklahoma City that would make good targets. She repeated this before an Oklahoma grand jury, but the FBI has always denied they received a specific warning. (The FBI would not comment at all.) Howe says she could not understand why more was not done by the FBI to apprehend leading Christian Identity members, especially Strassmeir. (He was questioned, once, in January 1994, but quickly released.) ..... She is happy to have the money. Sources at Prufrock say she was paid over half a million dollars for her life rights. But she is scared of the consequences, for the movie will expose both the FBI and the vicious WAR/Christian Identity militias. In the end, it was that which made her decide to accept Ryan's offer. "I wanted people to know my version of what happened," she says. "I think it is the truth. Which means I believe McVeigh and Nichols did not strike alone. And those who worked with them will one day strike again." ...."

11/26/99 Arkansas Chronicle Tom Winters "…..A detailed 206-page secret report of an internal U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) probe was issued on November 18, 1999. In it are details of serious internal problems and flaws in the Oklahoma City FBI Field Office. That office investigated the 1995 death of federal prisoner Kenneth Michael Trentadue. That same office spearheaded the investigation of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing. Investigations into both cases, believed to be unrelated, ran concurrently out of the Oklahoma City Field Office. "If the chain of custody broke down in Oklahoma City, even slightly, with any of the Murrah Building bombing evidence or if any of the agents lied about it, then the McVeigh and Nichols convictions won't be worth the paper they're printed on." ….The Oklahoma D.A.'s "Wintory Report" relied heavily on Freeman's evidence collection and photos to determine that Trentadue's death was a suicide. In the civil wrongful death suit maintained by family members, most if not of all of Wintory's conclusions have been disputed. According to the OIG report, "In a polygraph conducted by the OIG on July 14, 1998, Freeman was found to be deceptive regarding his statements about the time he had processed the cell in relation to when he spoke with [FBI Special Agent] Jenkins." The report noted that Freeman's supervisor, Associate Warden Max Flowers, believing that Freeman was acting with FBI consent, ordered the cell cleaned up before outside investigators had a chance to examine it. The OIG investigators claim that when confronted with a failed polygraph test, and after admitting his perjury and lies, "Freeman did not appear to recognize the consequences of his lies. He stated after making his admission to the OIG, 'This really doesn't change the case facts. If I have to take a hit for it, then so be it.' " The report section dealing with Freeman concluded, "In sum, we believe that Freeman's false statements, repeated several times under oath, constitute serious misconduct and warrant discipline." The OIG's office reportedly referred Freeman and three other federal employees for federal criminal prosecution. The Reno Justice Department has declined to prosecute the cases, citing "lack of prosecutive merit." …."

Associated Press 3/12/00 Judith Kohler "…..Fighting in the Gulf War left Timothy McVeigh angry and disillusioned, he said in an interview broadcast Sunday on ''60 Minutes,'' and the clashes at Waco and Ruby Ridge showed the federal government will use violence ``as an option all the time.'' In the interview with CBS' Ed Bradley, McVeigh did not say he was innocent of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. The explosion killed 168 people. In his only other interview since his 1997 conviction, that same year with the Buffalo News in New York, he also refused to say if he was the bomber or knew who was. ….."

London Telegraph 10/21/97 Hugo Gordon "....... THE trial of Timothy McVeigh for the 1995 Oklahoma bomb was a government cover-up to shield FBI agents who knew about the plot but failed to stop it, according to a book by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard alleging massive corruption under President Clinton. With McVeigh already sentenced to death for the blast which killed 168 people, and Terry Nichols, an alleged accomplice, standing trial, the book's claim will spark anger, particularly in Oklahoma City where witnesses saw bomb squad officers before the explosion, and 70 per cent of citizens believe that the government is lying about it. The Secret Life of Bill Clinton includes a transcript of an official debriefing of Carol Howe, an undercover informant for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Howe warned that the Oklahoma federal building had been a target and said: "Strassmeir has talked frequently about direct action against the US government. He is trained in weaponry and has discussed assassinations, bombings and mass shootings . . ." ........."

London Telegraph 10/21/97 Hugo Gordon "....... Andreas Strassmeir, a former German army officer, had penetrated a neo-Nazi commune called Elohim City (God's City), from which, the book says, the terrorist attack may have been planned and executed. Despite this and despite interviewing more than 20,000 witnesses, the government has interviewed Strassmeir only on the telephone a year after the bombing when he had fled to Germany........Some 300 members of the victims' families are suing the government claiming that the bombing was a "government sting" designed to trap neo-Nazis but which went horribly wrong. There is no doubt that McVeigh was guilty, says the author, but the whole truth has been concealed because none of the witnesses who saw McVeigh with accomplices was called to testify by the prosecution. That would have led back to Elohim City and the culpable incompetence of the FBI and ATF, the book argues. ........"

Boston Globe 4/19/00 Stephen Kurkjian "......A member of the Russian Parliament who had been repeatedly denied visas to enter the United States because of alleged ties to organized crime was granted approval by the State Department last week to attend a program at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Josef Kobzon is one of 24 Parliament members who arrived in Cambridge to attend a two-week program run by the Kennedy School to instruct them on American government and politics. ....."

New American William Jasper 7/20/98 "……Alarm over flagrant abuses by federal investigators and prosecutors in the case, and concern that a major cover-up was underway to conceal evidence of multiple perpetrators, multiple bombs, and prior knowledge of the bomb plot, sparked a citizens' campaign led by Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key to convene a special county grand jury. Among the many things the grand jury has been examining are evidence and testimony that devastatingly challenge the central premise of the government's case. That premise holds that a Ryder truck loaded with some 4,800 pounds of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil (ANFO) was solely responsible for the death and destruction visited upon Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.......... From the start of our investigation, The New American has found the government's obstinate adherence to this tottering premise - in the face of monumental evidence to the contrary - to be one of the most troubling aspects of the case. And we have played a major role in developing and disseminating the evidence and expert testimony that thoroughly discredit this increasingly untenable position. ……The implications are profound. If internal charges were, in fact, used, it would have been impossible for McVeigh to have carried out the operation on his own, as the government contends. More hands - and much more sophisticated expertise - would have been required. Even more perturbing is the charge by experts that evidence of demolition charges on the building's columns would have been unmistakable to forensic investigators. Thus, the extraordinary rush to blow up the crime scene and bury the evidence before it could be subjected to independent examination is itself strong evidence of a cover-up...."

New American William Jasper 7/20/98 "……In this article, we present startling new eyewitness testimony concerning demolition charges removed from the Murrah Building and the men who may have planted them there, together with new expert testimony, recently released official records, and some of the most important evidence and supporting documentation that has been reported piecemeal in our previous articles on the bombing. This includes:

• World-renowned physicists and an assortment of scientists, engineers, and explosives experts who concur that internal charges must have been used.
• A series of Air Force test blasts on concrete structures corroborating General Partin's main contention that air blast from a truck bomb outside of the building could not possibly account for the pattern and magnitude of the damage to the Murrah Building's superstructure.
• A study by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which acknowledges that a truck bomb of 4,800 pounds of ANFO (as claimed by the government) would have been insufficient to cause the destruction experienced at the Murrah Building.
• Two eyewitnesses inside the Murrah Building who attest that they observed bomb squad personnel removing undetonated explosive devices from the building after the initial blast.
• A rescue worker who attests that she heard an ATF agent state that he had found an undetonated explosive device inside the building.
• Recently released government communiques and radio transmission logs indicating that undetonated devices had been found in the building during the early rescue efforts.
• Recordings of real-time, live television news broadcasts reporting official confirmations of multiple unexploded devices inside the Murrah Building.
• Early statements from government officials and terrorism and bombing experts - before the "official" line was laid down - that the explosives used were clearly very sophisticated, indicating it was the work of a "group" highly knowledgeable in explosive techniques.
• Five survivors of the blast who attest that they saw three men in the parking garage of the Murrah Building with wires, tools, and what appeared to be building plans several days before the bombing.
• Military personnel who reportedly saw McVeigh or John Doe No. 2 inside the building but were threatened with court-martial if they mentioned what they had seen……."

Parascope News 5/28/00 "……Despite Timothy McVeigh's guilty verdict, numerous unanswered questions about the murderous Oklahoma City bombing remain. Indeed, there are so many unanswered questions, it is amazing that the prosecution was able to secure a conviction at all. So pull up a front-row seat for the McVeigh lynching, folks, and contemplate a few of the contradictions in the official account of the OKC bombing before it all gets flushed down the memory hole. If this list doesn't make you paranoid, you must be one of them! ......

1. If the bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City was a terrorist reprisal for the Federal massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco, why were no BATF or FBI agents injured? Why was EVERY BADGE-CARRYING FEDERAL AGENT absent from work at nine o'clock on a weekday morning, their offices staffed only with civilian clerical workers?

2. When the word first got out that no Federal agents had been present in the building, the BATF produced its Resident Agent Alex McCauley who told a long story about his own heroism and that of a fellow ATF man who allegedly fell three floors in an elevator, walked away from it, and then helped rescue others trapped by the bomb. This was quickly exposed as a fabrication in an angry interview by building maintenance supervisor Duane James, who described McCauley's story as "pure fantasy". …...

3. Why was U.S. Judge Wayne Alley, whose office was located in the Federal building, warned several weeks in advance in a Justice Department memo to be prepared for an unnamed "terrorist act" directed against the Federal building?

4. Judge Alley made the above admission to the Portland Oregonian immediately after the bombing. He has since refused to repeat it or allow himself to be interviewed again. Why?

5. Why did Ken Stern fax warnings to Federal judges and officials, legislators, and prosecutors warning of a possible attack on a government building of installation on the second anniversary of Waco on April 10th, 1995, nine days before the OKC bombing?

6. "Norma," a witness who worked in an office building just down the street from the Federal building, told reporter Sherry Koonce what she saw prior to the explosion: "The day was fine, everything was normal when I arrived for work at about 7:45 a.m. There was some talk about the bomb squad among the employees at our office. We wondered what it was doing in our parking lot. Around nine I heard and felt a huge explosion. Then someone said it had to be a bomb, and we all knew. I remembered the bomb squad in our parking lot and knew what had happened." ….

7. Why did all mention of the facts outlined in questions 1 thru 6 disappeared from the news media after the first week of coverage of the bombing? …

8. By definition, a terrorist must take credit for his violence, or else there is no compelling reason to commit a crime. The specific purpose of terrorism is to gain a political end through the credible threat to commit future acts of violence. …. The only statement of alleged political motive comes from the very government which was attacked. Why is this?

9. Did the Alfred Murrah building warehouse documents relating to the attack on the Branch Davidians at Waco? If so, what happened to those documents? Were they destroyed? If so, were any copies kept elsewhere? If not, why not?

10. Will the missing papers, if any, affect former Attorney General Ramsey Clark's lawsuit against the ATF and FBI on behalf of the Branch Davidian survivors?

11. Why did the Director of the University of Oklahoma's Geological Survey, Dr. Charles Mankin, tell the media that according to two different seismographic records there were TWO blasts, the second approximately eight seconds after the first?

12. The news media initially reported that there were two explosions, based on eyewitness testimony. Why did this version of events disappear from print and the air waves within twenty-four hours?

13. According to the prosecution, McVeigh used an ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil) bomb to destroy the Alfred P. Murrah federal building. McGyver makes it look real easy on TV. But according to Department of the Army and Air Force Technical Manual No. 9-1910, entitled Military Explosives, ANFO requires a greater than 99% purity of ammonium nitrate, as well as a specific dryness, before it can be mixed with diesel fuel to create an explosive substance. …

14. Retired Air Force Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, former commander of the Air Force Armament Technology Laboratory, a 25-year expert in the design and development of bombs, urged Senators and Congressmen to delay the destruction of the Murrah building site. … General Partin's request to have the bomb site preserved in order to examine the possibility of a second explosion was ignored by the government. Why?

15. General Partin's press release, quoted above, was reprinted in the John Birch Society magazine New American. Based on this the news media launched an egregious and bogus smear campaign against General Benton K. Partin, claiming falsely that he was a member of the John Birch Society and therefore a "right-wing extremist". [General Partin's report has been widely circulated and reproduced, including an electronic version here on ParaScope. ….

16. There have been repeated studies done by a variety of accredited explosives experts and professional demolition contractors, such as former FBI agent Ted Gunderson. All of these have stated their professional opinion that the destruction of the Murrah building could only have been accomplished with top-grade military explosives, detonators, and careful placement of multiple charges. …

17. There is not a single piece of concrete evidence to connect either Timothy McVeigh or Terry Nichols to any militia or right-wing group. Why has the news media refused to acknowledge this fact and continued to spread the patently false assertion that McVeigh was a member of a militia group?

18. Terry Nichols has been married twice, once to a Mexican woman and once to a Filipina. Obviously, a man who marries women of color not once but twice and has children with them can hardly be called a racist. …..

19. Having allegedly just committed a coldly calculated, carefully and meticulously planned mass murder, why did Timothy McVeigh then suddenly turn into a Clouseau-like klutz and do everything but send up a flare to draw attention to himself? Why did he go speeding out of the state at almost 100 mph in a yellow car with no license plate, virtually guaranteeing that he would be stopped?

20. Timothy McVeigh is a highly trained combat NCO who won a Bronze Star for courage under fire in the Gulf. Having been stopped by a state trooper, being armed with a pistol, and knowing that he now faced either execution or imprisonment for the rest of his natural life, why did McVeigh make no move at all to defend himself or escape, instead surrendering like a little lamb?

21. FBI agents are said to have tracked down McVeigh's truck rental agency by finding a vehicle identification number (VIN) on the truck's rear axle. This axle was found either in the bomb crater, according to the mayor of Oklahoma City's initial press statement, or three blocks away according to the later FBI version. Which statement is true?

22. There is another problem to the Ryder truck tale. No rear axle on any vehicle manufactured in America is imprinted with a VIN, even after recent legislation forcing manufacturers to place multiple VINS on the engine, firewall, and frame to discourage chop shops. When queried, a spokesman for Ryder told reporters than it does not imprint additional VINS on its trucks. The only conceivable number available on a rear axle is a part number, but a part number couldn't lead to the identification of a specific vehicle. …

23. Did McVeigh use fake I.D. or his real I.D. to rent the truck? The FBI has relayed both stories as being true.

24. The FBI detained and interrogated Timothy McVeigh's young sister Jennifer and Terry Nichols' twelve year-old son. They announced in the media that both of them were suspects and that Jennifer McVeigh was facing indictment and the death penalty. These charges later vanished, and both young people were released. ….

25. Who is John Doe Number Two? Does he exist at all? The FBI first conducted a nationwide manhunt for JD-2 over a period of several weeks. Then they claimed that a U.S. Army soldier on leave, whose published photographs bear no resemblance whatsoever to the photofits, was JD-2. Then they claimed for some months that JD-2 does not exist, and that all the witnesses who saw him were mistaken. Now they are hedging again and say they have an "open mind" about whether John Doe Number Two exists. What's the deal?

26. In January of 1996, National Public Radio broadcast a half-hour special containing interviews with half a dozen witnesses who personally saw John Doe Number Two in the Ryder truck with Timothy McVeigh on the morning of the bombing. These witnesses all had one thing in common; other than a cursory preliminary interview by the FBI they had up until that time been approached by neither the prosecution nor the defense to appear as witnesses at the trial. Why not? Will any witnesses who saw John Doe Number Two be called to testify?

27. In the summer of 1995 a mysterious American named Daniel Spiegelman was arrested in the Netherlands for trafficking in stolen diamonds and antiques. In July of 1995 the Janet Reno Justice Department quietly applied for Spiegelman's extradition to the United States IN CONNECTION WITH THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING. ….

28. FBI informant and star witness Michael Fortier, who admits to trading his testimony for lenient sentencing on gun charges himself, claims that he and Timothy McVeigh scouted out the Murrah building several weeks in advance looking for the BATF offices therein. If that is true, why did Timothy McVeigh stop the Ryder truck at a gas station on the morning of the bombing and ask directions to the building? And why did he park the truck on the side of the building the farthest away from the BATF offices, when there was an available parking lot which would have placed the truck bomb almost directly under the seventh-floor windows of the BATF?

29. Why was the reaction of the Clinton administration, blaming right-wing radio talk shows for the incident and demanding the most draconian police state legislation ever proposed in the United States, so swift and obviously organized? The air of orchestration about the entire government response did not escape notice even at the time, and was commented on by a number of observers across the political spectrum….

30. Why did it take so unconscionably long for the trial of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols to begin? …."

Yahoo News 12/12/00 Judith Crosson ".....DENVER (Reuters) - Timothy McVeigh, who was sentenced to death for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, has asked a federal judge to halt any appeals on his behalf and to set an execution date, according to a document made public on Tuesday. ``I believe I am fully competent to make this decision. If the court thinks that a psychological evaluation is necessary to make certain that I am competent, I will submit to such an evaluation,'' McVeigh, 32, said in an affidavit filed with the U.S. District Court in Denver late on Monday. He gave no reason for his decision and his attorney Dennis Hartley also declined to comment. ......"

TIM TALLEY 10/17/00 Associated Press "……Oklahoma County District Attorney Bob Macy's office was disqualified from prosecuting bombing conspirator Terry Nichols on Monday by a state judge who said Macy had violated a gag order as well as the rules of professional conduct in a broadcast interview. The case against Nichols will be assigned to another Oklahoma prosecutor. ….. Nichols' lawyers had argued that the district attorney was too emotionally involved in the Oklahoma City bombing case and that that could prevent Nichols, already convicted in federal court, from getting a fair trial in state court…."


OKC Bombing
More OKC Bombing



Michael Dean Schroeder.

Katherin Andrade, 24
Jennifer Andrade, 19
Aldrick Bennett, 35
Susan Benta, 31
Mary Jean Borst, 49
Pablo Cohen, 38
Yvette Fagan, 34
Doris Fagan, 60
Lisa Marie Farris, 26
Ray Friesen, 76
Dayland Gent, 3
Diana Henry, 28
Paulina Henry, 24
Phillip Henry, 22
Stephen Henry, 26
Vanessa Henry, 19
Zilla Henry, 55
Novellette Hipsman, 36
Peter Hipsman, 27
Floyd Houtman, 61
Cyrus Howell, 8
Rachel Howell, 23
Star Howell, 6
Sherri Lynn Jewell, 43
David Michael Jones, 38
Michelle Jones, 18
Serenity Sea Jones, 4
Bobbie Lane Koresh, 16 months
David Koresh, 33
Jeffery Little, 31
Nicole Elizabeth Gent Little, 24
Livingston Malcolm, 26
Douglas Wayne Martin, 42
Lisa Martin, 13
Sheila Martin, 15
Abigail Martinez, 11
Audrey Martinez, 13
Juliete Santoyo Martinez, 30
Crystal Martinez, 3
Isiah Martinez, 4
Joseph Martinez, 30
Jillane Matthews
Alison Bernadette Monbelly, 31
Melissa Morrison, 6
Rosemary Morrison, 29
Sonia Murray, 29
Theresa Noberega, 48
James Riddle, 32
Rebecca Saipaia, 24
Judy Schneider, 41
Mayanah Schneider, 2
Steve Schneider, 48
Laraine B. Silva, 40
Floracita Sonobe, 34
Scott Kojiro Sonobe, 35
Aisha Gyarfas Summers, 17
Gregory Allen Summers, 28
Startle Summers, 1
Hollywood Sylvia
Lorraine Sylvia, 40
Rachel Sylvia, 13
Doris Vaega
Joanne Vaega, 4
Margarida Joanna Vaega, 47
Neal Vaega, 37
Martin Wayne, 20
Mark H. Wendell


Excerpts for WACO are covered in a separate DSL section



Sam Weaver, 14
Vicki Weaver
William Degan, US Marshall

The deaths concerning the tragedy at Ruby Ridge are listed here because some Freepers believe the inappropriate handling of the incident by the Clinton Administration was a precursor to Waco which was a precursor to Oklahoma City. Waco would have been listed anyway due to decisions made by Attorney General Janet Reno, appointee of Clinton. Oklahoma City would have been listed anyway due to suspicious circumstances involving the administration.

Chuck Harder – Interview 8/16/99 "…Chuck: I think it’s fascinating that there’s a name that comes up in the Waco matter that was in the Ruby Ridge matter, and it’s Lon Horiuchi. Who is this guy? JP: Yes. Lon Horiuchi is the one individual defendant that Judge Smith left in the case. We’d sued several individual defendants including Janet Reno, and Richard Rogers, the head of the HRT, the so-called Hostage Rescue Team of the FBI. And Judge Smith dismissed all those individual defendants, and he left in the United States Government as a defendant, and Lon Horiuchi. Lon Horiuchi is a member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team. He’s a sniper. He killed Vicky Weaver, an unarmed woman who was holding her child at the time at the Ruby Ridge standoff involving Randy Weaver and the FBI. The US settled a civil suit brought by Randy Weaver over that incident. The local district attorney of Idaho tried to bring a criminal charge against Horiuchi for homocide, but a federal judge determined he was immune from prosecution.


Letter to Alan J. Hirschfield from Gerry Spence re: Ruby Ridge "…I have said that I was attracted to the case out of my own pain. Let me tell you the facts: a crack team of trained government marksmen sneaked on to Randy Weaver's small isolated acreage on a reconnaissance mission preparatory to a contemplated arrest. They wore camouflage suits and were heavily armed. They gave Randy no warning of their coming. They came without a warrant. They never identified themselves. The Weavers owned 3 dogs, 2 small crossbred collie mutts and a yellow lab, a big pup a little over a year old whose most potent weapon was his tail with which he could beat a full grown man to death. The dog, Striker, was a close member of the Weaver family. Not only was he the companion of the children, but in winter he pulled the family sled to haul their water supply from the spring below. When the dogs discovered the intruders they raised a ruckus, and Randy his friend Kevin, and Randy's 14-year-old son Sam, grabbed their guns and followed the dogs to investigate.

When the government agents were confronted with the barking dog, they did what men who have been taught to kill do. They shot Striker. The boy, barely larger than a 10-year-old child, heard the dog's yelp, saw the dog fall dead, and as a 14-year-old might, he returned the fire. Then the government agents shot the child in the arm. He turned and ran, the arm flopping, and when he did, the officers, still unidentified as such, shot the child in the back and killed him.

Kevin Harris witnessed the shooting of the dog. Then he saw Sam being shot as the boy turned and ran. To Kevin there was no alternative. He knew if he ran these intruders, whoever they were, would kill him as well. In defense of himself, he raised his rifle and shot in the direction of the officer who had shot and killed the boy. Then while the agents were in disarray, Kevin retreated to the Weaver cabin.

In the meantime Randy Weaver had been off in another direction and had only heard the shooting, the dog's yelp and the gunfire that followed. Randy hollered for his son and shot his shotgun into the air to attract the boy. "Come on home Sam, Come home." Over and over he called. Finally he heard the boy call back "I'm comin' Dad." Those were the last words he ever heard from his son.

Later that same day, Randy, Kevin, and Vicki Weaver, Randy's wife went down to where the boy lay and carried his body back to an outbuilding near the cabin. There they removed the child's clothing and bathed his wounds and prepared the body. The next evening Weaver's oldest daughter, Sarah, sixteen, Kevin, and Randy went back to the shed to have a last look at Sam. When they did, government snipers opened fire. Randy was hit in the shoulder. The three turned and ran for the house where Vicki, with her 10-month-old baby in her arms stood holding the door open. As the 3 entered the house Vicki was shot and slowly fell to her knees, her head resting on the floor like one kneeling in prayer. Randy ran up and took the baby that she clutched, and then he lifted his wife's head. Half her face was blown away.

Kevin was also hit. Huge areas of muscle in his arm were blown out, and his lung was punctured in several places. Randy and his 16 year old daughter stretched the dead mother on the floor of the cabin and covered her with a blanket where she remained for over 8 days as the siege progressed. By this time there were officers by the score, troops, armored personnel carriers, helicopters, radios, televisions, robots, and untold armaments surrounding the little house. I will not burden you with the misery and horror the family suffered in this stand-off. I will tell you that finally Bo Gritz, Randy's former commander in the special forces, came to help in the negotiations.

Gritz told Randy that if he would surrender, Gritz would guarantee him a fair trial, and before the negotiations were ended, Randy came to the belief that I would represent him. Although Gritz had contacted me before I had spoke to Randy, I had only agreed to talk to Randy. But the accuracy of what was said between Gritz and me and what was heard by Randy somehow got lost in the horror, and Randy's belief that I would represent him if he surrendered was in part, his motivation for finally submitting to arrest.

And so my friend Alan, you can now understand the pain I feel in this case. It is pain that comes from the realization that we have permitted a government to act in our name and in our behalf in a criminal fashion. It is the pain of watching the government as it now attempts to lie about its criminal complicity in this affair and to cover its crimes by charging Randy with crimes he did not commit, including murder. It is the pain of seeing an innocent woman with a child in her arms murdered and innocent children subjected to these atrocities. Indeed, as a human being I feel Randy's irrepressible pain and horror and grief.

I also feel your pain, my friend. Yet I know that in the end, if you were the judge at the trial of Adolph Eichmann, you would have insisted that he not have ordinary council, but the best council. In the same way, if you were the judge in Randy's case, and you had a choice, I have no doubt that despite your own pain you might well have appointed me to defend him. In the end you must know that the Holocaust must never stand for part justice, or average justice but for the most noble of ideals -- that even the enemies of the Jews themselves must receive the best justice the system can provide. If it were otherwise the meaning of the Holocaust would be accordingly besmirched.

Alan, I agree with your arguments. They are proper and they are true. I agree that my defense of Randy Weaver may attach a legitimacy and dignity to his politics and religion. But it may, as well, stand for the proposition that there are those who don't condone this kind of criminal action by our government. I view the defense of Randy Weaver's case as an opportunity to address a more vital issue, one that transcends a white separatist movement or notions of the supremacy of one race over another, for the ultimate enemy of any people is not the angry hate groups that fester within, but a government itself that has lost its respect for the individual. The ultimate enemy of democracy is not the drug dealer or the crooked politician or the crazed skinhead. The ultimate enemy is the new king that has become so powerful it can murder its own citizens with impunity.

To the same extent that Randy Weaver cannot find justice in this country, we too will be deprived of justice. At last, my defense of Randy Weaver is a defense of every Jew and every Gentile, for every black and every gay who loves freedom and deplores tyranny….."

U.S.News 11/8/99 Mike Tharp "…..By the time he became a defendant in the current Waco case, Horiuchi had already been in an Idaho federal court on involuntary-manslaughter charges in connection with Vicki Weaver's death. A federal judge dismissed the case last year, ruling that "Mr. Horiuchi, rightly or wrongly, was clearly acting under orders authorized by the U.S. government to go shoot and kill an armed male adult because the threat to human lives had already been determined by his supervisors based on the facts then known to them." The decision is being appealed by the state of Idaho. Horiuchi and 10 other HRT snipers were flown to the Idaho siege after U.S. Marshal William Degan and Randy Weaver's 14-year-old son, Sam, were killed. They were positioned around the cabin when Randy Weaver, his daughter Sara, and their friend Kevin Harris attempted to go to a shed where Sam's body lay. As the trio neared the shed, Horiuchi fired once with his .308-caliber Remington rifle, equipped with a powerful scope, hitting Randy Weaver in the arm. He fired again as the group ran back to the cabin. This round smashed through the door, striking Vicki in the jaw and killing her almost instantly. The same bullet also seriously wounded Harris. Horiuchi later testified he did not see Vicki behind the door and that he believed Randy Weaver and Harris, who was carrying a rifle, posed a threat to an FBI helicopter hovering overhead. (According to Jess Walter, author of Every Knee Shall Bow, a book about the showdown at Ruby Ridge: "There were 11 snipers on the hill, and they all heard the same helicopter. He was the only one who fired.")…."

San Francisco Examiner 6/14/00 Bob Egelko "…..The FBI sharpshooter who killed the wife of white separatist Randy Weaver during the Ruby Ridge standoff acted reasonably and cannot be prosecuted for manslaughter, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday. The ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals drew a scorching dissent from Judge Alex Kozinski, who noted that the shooting of Vicki Weaver had been condemned by a Justice Department task force, a Senate subcommittee and another panel of the same court. Kozinski said the court was adopting a James Bond-style "007 standard for the use of deadly force" by law officers, allowing them to kill civilians who pose no immediate threat of harm. But a 2-1 majority said FBI agent Lon W. Horiuchi reasonably believed he was shooting at an armed and dangerous man in the doorway of a rural Idaho cabin and did not know Vicki Weaver was on the other side of the door, holding her infant child. ……"

Spokane news 7/26/00 Betsy Russell "…. Should federal agents who killed a woman and child and wounded two men at Ruby Ridge be immune from prosecution or lawsuits simply because they were doing their jobs? The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has answered that question two different ways -- and it's now being asked to rule again. "The case is highly significant, and raises issues of the greatest importance and of national concern," said Stephen Yagman, a Los Angeles attorney.. ……"

AP via ABC News 9/22/00 "…….The federal government paid $380,000 Friday to Kevin Harris, who alleged his rights were violated when an FBI sniper wounded him during the 1992 Ruby Ridge siege. The Justice Department announced the settlement of the last remaining civil lawsuit arising from the weeklong standoff at the Idaho compound of white separatist Randy Weaver. The government did not admit any liability as it paid Harris to drop his $10 million civil damage suit. ……. In 1995, the government paid Weaver and his three surviving children $3.1 million in the killing of Weaver"s wife, Vicki, and son, Samuel. Earlier this year, a federal appeals court upheld a lower court ruling that dismissed state criminal charges against the FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi. The same shot by Horiuchi, a member of the bureau"s hostage rescue team, killed Vicki Weaver and wounded Harris. ….."

AP 9/29/00 "…….A federal appeals court Friday agreed to rehear arguments on whether the FBI sharpshooter who killed Randy Weaver's wife during the 1992 standoff at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, can be prosecuted on manslaughter charges. In June, a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that Idaho prosecutors could not hold Lon T. Horiuchi responsible for actions taken in his official role as a federal law enforcement officer. On a request from prosecutors, however, the full 11-member appeals court will rehear the case at an undetermined time. ….." 12/21/00 David Kravets "......The FBI shooting of a white separatist's wife during the 1992 Ruby Ridge standoff was recounted in a federal courtroom Wednesday in a case that is testing whether federal agents are immune to state prosecution. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals didn't immediately indicate whether prosecutors would be allowed to try agent Lon T. Horiuchi on manslaughter charges for the death of Randy Weaver's wife, Vicki. ..... The federal government declined to prosecute the agent. ......Wednesday's hearing stemmed from a request by Boundary County, Idaho, prosecutors, who argued in court papers that the shooting was done by a ''wild-headed government sniper.'' The county asked the court to review its June decision that said the county couldn't prosecute the sharpshooter for ''actions taken in pursuit of his duties as a federal law enforcement officer.'' ......Attorney Ramsey Clark, arguing for the county, said the court must reverse that decision in a case defining ''when government agents can kill with immunity.'' ......"

Associated Press 12/20/00 David Kravets "..... The FBI (news - web sites) shooting of a white separatist's wife during the 1992 Ruby Ridge standoff was recounted in a federal courtroom Wednesday in a case that is testing whether federal agents are immune to state prosecution.The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (news - web sites) didn't immediately indicate whether prosecutors would be allowed to try agent Lon T. Horiuchi on manslaughter charges for the death of Randy Weaver's wife, Vicki. The federal government declined to prosecute the agent.Wednesday's hearing stemmed from a request by Boundary County, Idaho, prosecutors, who argued in court papers that the shooting was done by a ``wild-headed government sniper.'' The county asked the court to review its June decision that said the county couldn't prosecute the sharpshooter for ``actions taken in pursuit of his duties as a federal law enforcement officer.'' ......"


Department of Justice Ruby Ridge Report


Ruby Ridge



DEATHS – TRAGEDY - Columbine High School

Cassie Bernall, 17
Steven Curnow, 14
Corey Depooter, 17
Kelly Fleming, 16
Matthew Ketcher, 16
Daniel Mauser, 15
Daniel Rohrbough, 15
William ``Dave'' Sanders, 47 - Shot twice in chest while directing students down hallway to safety. Survived at least three hours until students were rescued.
Rachel Scott, 17
Isaiah Shoels, 18. Only black youth shot.
John Tomlin, 16
Lauren Townsend, 18
Kyle Velasquez

Dylan Klebold, 17
Eric Harris, 18


Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were caught breaking into a van in 1998 and were allowed to complete a juvenile-court diversion program to clear their records. Both completed 45 hours of community service and wrote apology letters. Their court officer was impressed. AP 4/22/99 David Foster reports "... Dylan Klebold was ``a bright young man who has a great deal of potential.'' Eric Harris was ``intelligent enough to achieve lofty goals.'' So reads a report written less than three months ago by a court officer assessing the future of the two gunmen who killed and wounded dozens of students Tuesday at Columbine High School......Last fall, Klebold and Harris made several class-project videos foreshadowing their spasm of violence, classmates say. In one video, ``they had their friends pretend to be the jocks, and they pretended to be the gunmen shooting them,'' high school junior Chris Reilly told the Denver Rocky Mountain News..... "

Times Examiner 5/12/99 Anne Huff "...The Forum entitled "From Eagle Forum to 20/20." The article told the story of Tara Becker's experience at Columbine High School with "death education." Becker explained that the subject of death was integrated into many of the courses at her high school. She said that death was made to look glamorous, that living was hard, and that reincarnation would solve their problems. Students were told they would always return in a much better life form. They would return to the "oversoul" and become like God. After one of the students at her school committed suicide, a "suicide talking day" was held and every class was to talk about death. Class assignments were for students to write their own obituaries and suicide notes. They were told to trust their own judgement in choosing whether to live or die. Becker said she began her desire to die in order to get away from "the enslavement her own body entrapped her spirit in." Death was made to look more glamorous than living, and she felt she would be doing the overpopulated planet a favor by removing herself. She said she thought for months about how to commit suicide. Becker gave the author a booklet called "Masquerade," which she had helped compile for one of her classes. The booklet was full of subliminal pictures and prose. She explained how she had been taught to use the hidden, double-meaning subliminals and how she had focused so much of her time and attention on death that she had tried to commit suicide. The article stated that reportedly, some teachers receive only three hours of training before teaching death education classes. Colorado is the home of outcome-based education guru William Spady. According to Spady, "the traditional subject based curriculum disappears" from OBE. Outcome-based education requires students to exhibit certain core values and beliefs before they are allowed to graduate from high school....."

NY Post 10/17/99 Tracy Connor "....The parents of Columbine HS gunman Dylan Klebold have stunned authorities by filing court papers blaming them for failing to prevent the teen's bombs-and-bullets rampage. In a bizarre twist of the blame game, Susan and Thomas Klebold served notice of their intent to sue the Jefferson County sheriff's department and school district. The papers charge that officials mishandled a complaint filed about Dylan's violent threats a year before he and pal Eric Harris killed 13 people and themselves on April 20. They contend that if investigators had told them about their son's Internet rantings and Harris' violent tendencies, they would have kept the two boys apart and prevented the mass murder...."

Detroit News 11/3/99 Cathy Young "…..When two teen-agers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., gunning down 12 classmates and a teacher before taking their own lives, the nation was united in horror and mourning. Six months later, Columbine seems to have become a microcosm for some of the uglier aspects of modern American life. For instance, shameless litigation (Klebold's parents have sued the Sheriff's Department for not warning them about Harris' violent tendencies). And racial antagonism. Initially, the families of the dead were all one grieving community. Now the parents of Isaiah Shoels, the sole African-American victim, stand alone, claiming they have been re-victimized by racism. They say the community has cast them out, put them on trial, branded them rabble-rousers. Meanwhile, many locals say it's Michael and Vonda Shoels who have rejected the community and made spurious accusations of racism….."

Denver Post 11/11/99 Howard Pankratz "….Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wanted to become cult heroes. Previously undisclosed videotapes show the Columbine High killers describing their actions leading up to the April 20 massacre, a Jefferson County prosecutor said Wednesday. "It is obvious that these guys wanted to become cult heroes of some kind,'' Deputy District Attorney Steve Jensen said. "They are making statements which they thought would facilitate that status.'' While Jensen wouldn't describe the videotapes as visual suicide notes, he called one of them a "memorial tape.'' ….."

DrudgeReport, CNN/TIME 12/12/99 Tim Roche "….. "I hope we kill 250 of you," Columbine High killer Dylan Klebold says excitedly on a secret home video viewed by TIME Magazine. "It's going to be like f__ Doom," Eric Harris says. "Tick. Tick. Tick. Haaa!... That f___ shotgun is straight out of Doom!" According to publishing sources, TIME magazine is set to unleash an blockbuster 20-page exclusive report, featuring details from 5 hours of home videos made by the two killers, in their parents' basement! ……The secret videotapes debunk previous press theories about the motivation for the slaughter -- and show the killers were more interested in Tarantino than Hitler! The boys discussed how they wanted movies made of their story, which they had carefully laced with "a lot of foreshadowing and dramatic irony," as Harris put it. The two discussed who could be trusted with the script, "Steven Spielberg" or "Quentin Tarantino." "Directors will be fighting over this story," Klebold said one of the videos….. There are no mentions of targeting victims by race on the tapes, according to publishing sources. ….."

Capitol Hill Blue 12/13/99 Doug Thompson "….Turns out Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris did not plan their massacre of fellow students at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, as a homage to the memory of Adolf Hitler. They just did it to be famous. That's all. Time Magazine is reporting this week that the two young misfits in Colorado made videotapes abut their plans to off hundreds of students at Columbine, an act they felt would make them famous so Hollywood "directors will be fighting over this story." …."

The Sunday Times (UK) 12/19/99 Andrew Sullivan "….The media helped the national conversation along. For a few news cycles, the slaughter was about race, as the murderers were reputed to have used a racist epithet before shooting a black student. Then it was about homosexuality, as rumours went the rounds of the web that either Klebold or Harris or both were gay. Then it was about religion, as born-again Christians claimed that one of the victims, Cassie Bernall, was selected because of her faith. Above all, though, it was about the nadir of America's youth, a symbol of an increasingly alienated, violent generation, wreaking revenge in once-safe places such as high schools in suburbia. Several months later, as facts begin to leak out, it turns out that the Columbine massacre was probably none of these things. Last week, Time magazine published details from Klebold and Harris's own videotapes and journals, elaborating in some detail the precise motives and goals of the crime. Klebold and Harris, it turns out, were not tormented or abused or hopelessly excluded from society. Their parents weren't completely negligent. They weren't ideologists dying for a particular cause. They were just evil. They knew what they were doing. They took full responsibility for it. They didn't blame their parents. They didn't blame society. They didn't blame the media. Although they had plenty of targets for their hate, they didn't aim their anger at any particular group or person. They planned merely to kill up to 250 people, in an elaborate, adolescent scheme involving rifles and pipe-bombs. Their motive? Fame and the empowering thrill of murder: the motives of innumerable obscure mass criminals before and doubtless after them…."

Boulder Camera 4/17/00 "……The videotapes made by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold show that tougher gun-control laws wouldn't have stopped the Columbine killers, Gov. Bill Owens said Monday. "I think the facts show that Mr. Harris and Mr. Klebold broke 17 or 18 or 19 separate laws to do what they did. There wouldn't have been any hesitation breaking several more," Owens said. Although Owens said he will push for mandatory background checks on all weapons sold at gun shows and raising the age from 18 to 21 for handgun purchases, he added, "Do you think these killers would have stopped had they had to go and get a background check at a gun show?" The weapons used at Columbine High School in suburban Littleton were purchased at an area gun show by friends of the two killers, officials said. In the videos, Harris and Klebold detailed their plan to kill hundreds of people in the school attack. ......... "

Denver Rocky Mountain News 4/6/00 Bill Scanlon "…… The Columbine High tragedy was caused in part by a curriculum that overemphasizes death and doesn't teach right from wrong, a Colorado state school board member said in a recent speech. "When all the kids' videos are about violence or sex, when kids are allowed and even encouraged to make such videos -- what do you think is going to happen with some of these kids?" board member Patti Johnson said Wednesday, amplifying remarks she made in Cincinnati last week. Her speech in Ohio was titled "The Real Killers at Columbine: A Curricula Gone Bad." Johnson said Colorado schools have too many teachers who encourage students to question the values taught at home and who push them to talk about death. ……….She was the catalyst last year behind a state board of education proclamation that Ritalin and other prescription drugs shouldn't be used to treat school children. She said the drugs Eric Harris was taking before April 20 may have played a part in the rage he and Dylan Klebold worked up to commit the act. Johnson also said discussions about suicide and death didn't by themselves cause Harris and Klebold to kill 12 classmates and a teacher before killing themselves. But she said schools that don't teach absolutes of right and wrong, that stress relative truths and that encourage students to find their own values are playing a dangerous game. "To Harris and Klebold, their decision was a rational one," she said. Johnson points to a lifeboat scenario popular in some classrooms, in which six or seven students decide which life is most expendable -- the disabled person, the rich man, the healthy doctor, the pregnant woman. ….. "Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did their own lifeboat scenario," Johnson said. "They didn't like blacks, jocks or Christians." ......"

Denver Post 4/18/00 Stacie Oulton "…..Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kept semiautomatic weapons in a bedroom, bomb parts in closets. They preened at home in combat clothes. They sat in plush velvet recliners in the Harris' basement, candy and whiskey at hand, chortling over the massacre they planned. How could their families not have known what the boys were up to? Can any parents know what's in their child's head and heart? The questions have haunted many in the year following the Columbine High School shootings, creating concerns about the state of today's parenting. Parents and professional experts on family issues say these are challenging times because more parents work and kids get bombarded with violent images on the TV and computer screens. But in many cases parents are responding with care and attention. And, although it can be difficult to find enough to spare, time. ......The greatest fears, says Diane Salerno, a mother of five who lives near Columbine High School, grow from what lies outside the family, not within it. "Parents are really worried and scared about the world their kids live in," she says. ……." 6/11/00 AP "….. MUSKOGEE, Okla. (AP) - A 13-year-old boy who fired shots in his school, wounding five classmates, was deeply influenced by the Columbine High School shooting, according to the boy's case file and testimony at a court hearing. Seth Trickey also took numerous prescription medications, had been receiving psychological counseling and was obsessed by military tactics, according to the records obtained by the Tulsa World. Authorities said at least 15 shots were fired during the Dec. 6 attack at Fort Gibson Middle School, hitting four students directly. A fifth student was hit by a ricochet and another boy found a bullet embedded in a book inside his backpack. ….."

Freeper Plummz 5/24/00 "….. Columbine Research Task Force, Lexington Herald-Leader ...... In a bizarre twist of events, Phillp M. Tkacz of Versailles, Kentucky was arrested April 25th apparently in his home at 337 Amsden Avenue for allegedly making bomb threats over the internet......Our readers will remember Tkacz as the fireman who reported to us that during a fire safety class in Lexington last summer he was shown forensic pictures of Columbine High School. Some of those pictures contained shots of large caliber shells on the roof of the school. Such might indicate a gunman was firing from the roof. Tkacz also reported the BATF instructor of the class said other accomplices were involved in the shooting.......,After his arrest, a number of articles were released by The Kentucky Post and Lexington Hearld Leader. They confirmed Tkacz was in fact a volunteer member of the Versailles Fire Department, though he quit late last year. …..The threats allegedly stemmed from Tkacz's internet messager screen name, "Schoolshooter_2000". Using this screen name, he posed as a school student from Colorado and claimed he would enact another shooting on April 20th. Tkacz said he would target a school in Arvada, Colorado. He apparently did not make any specific threats. Investigators found an assault rifle, handgun, and instructional manual on how to make bombs in his home. He was not in possession of illegal weapons or bomb-making materials. It does not appear he was preparing to enact a shooting.......On May 5th, Tkacz was indicted by a Kentucky grand jury and he now awaits trial. He faces charges of up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. A CRTF source has been in contact with Tkacz's mother, Carole, who lives in Chicago. ….."

Herald-Leader 4/27/00 Laura Oppenheimer "……The FBI has arrested a man it says was planning to stage a violent attack on the first anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings that wracked the nation last April. Police said an Internet trail led them to an instruction manual on how to make a pipe bomb, an assault rifle and a 40-caliber handgun in the basement of Philip M. Tkacz, a 23-year-old who lives near Woodford Memorial Hospital. Tkacz was arrested Tuesday and remained in custody yesterday. ...... Internet messages from the online name ``Schoolshooter_2000'' were electronically traced to Tkacz, who faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if he is convicted. FBI investigators said he portrayed himself as a teen-ager in Colorado who was organizing an assault at a high school there. ......"

Herald-Leader Laura Oppenheimer "…….. A court affidavit shows that pictures of two local schools appeared on the computer of Philip Tkacz, a 23-year-old who was arrested last week on charges that he planned to blow up a school on the anniversary of the Columbine tragedy. Tkacz appeared in federal court Monday, and attorneys for both sides recommended that he receive psychiatric testing. FBI officials said they traced messages from the screen name ``Schoolshooter_2000'' to Tkacz. A 40-caliber handgun, an assault rifle and a book on how to make a bomb were found in his basement, across the street from Woodford Memorial Hospital in Versailles. …….``Schoolshooter_2000'' sent messages in Yahoo! chat rooms indicating that he planned to kill or injure people and destroy buildings with the help of friends, according to court documents. ...... FBI agents say Tkacz's online profile listed his hobbies as ``guns, pipe bombs, getting even and bowling.'' Schoolshooter_2000 also said he belongs to a support group for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Colorado teen-agers who killed themselves after shooting 12 classmates and one teacher. ......"

Freeper Plummz "…CRTF has received information from a man named Phillip Tkacz who is a fireman for the Versailles Fire Department in Kentucky. In "mid July" he took a class in Lexington on firefighter safety in police situations. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) participated in the class. The agent who gave the class, William Donovan, is based in Washington D.C., semi-retired and is only involved in "large cases". He was present at Columbine High School three days after the shootings. He presented a number of forensic pictures from Columbine to the class. One pictured showed shell casings on the roof of the school. Tkacz says the casings were large, and likely .223 caliber. They were not 9mm or shotgun shell casings, as used by Harris and Klebold. The BATF instructor would not comment on who fired from the roof. Tkacz says that during the shooting, on television coverage, he remembers hearing reports of someone firing from the roof. Those reports have since vanished. (A researcher in Denver recently wrote to us that "...students have said, in a quiet manner I might add, that as they were coming out of the cafeteria, someone started shooting at them from the roof.")

…..One picture showed the body of Eric Harris as he lay in the library. His skull was fractured from the gunshot wound. Harris's pants were missing, and Tkacz says that the BATF instructor, "...wouldn't tell us why he wasn't wearing pants. I found that very unusual." Other pictures were shown of exploded pipe bombs, damage throughout the school, etc. The instructor said that the night before the shooting Harris and Klebold used the Harris home garage to break glass which was placed in the pipe bombs. Someone in the class asked whether or not Wayne Harris was involved in some way, and the instructor said he felt otherwise. ……. Tkacz later approached the instructor and asked him if he could have copies of the pictures, and he refused. He also asked about the possibility of more than two gunmen. Tkacz says that the instructor responded by saying that "off the record" he knew for a fact that there were more people involved.


Denver Post 7/27/00 Howard Pankratz "……The young men who have gone on murderous rampages at American schools lived in "virtual reality bubbles" that conditioned them to kill, a national expert on the psychology of killing told the nation's district attorneys Wednesday. "The kids who do this, they develop what I call a bubble," said retired Army Lt. Col. David Grossman. "They never experienced real death. They never experienced real suffering. All they've got to go on are TV, movies and video games." Grossman said that as killers such as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold plotted their revenge for imagined injustices, nobody - parents, teachers or anyone else - confronted them and popped the bubble. ………Grossman, whose book "On Killing, The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society" was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, believes visual violence has caused crime rates in Western societies to skyrocket in recent years. ……."


Kristi Beckel, 14
Shawn C. Brown, 23
Sydney R. Browning, 36
Joseph D. Ennis, 14
Cassandra Griffin, 14
Susan Kimberly Jones, 23
Justin M. Ray, 17

Larry Ashbrook, 47


TWA 800

Aikey, Jessica
Allen, L. (2)
Alex, Christian
Alexander, Matthew, Florence, S.C.
Amlund, Svein
Anderson, Jay, 49, Larson Woods, Mo.
Anderson, Patricia, 42, Larson Woods, Mo.
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Babb, David, 13, Volant, Penn.
Baszczewski, Daniel
Beatty, Charles
Becker, Michelle, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Bellazoug, Miriam, 30, New York
Benjamin, Arthur, Philadelphia
Benjamin, Joan, Philadelphia
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Berthe, Maurice
Bluestone, Nicolas, Pound Ridge, N.Y.
Bohlin, Michelle
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Brooks, Ruth, 79, Edgertown, Mass.
Bottaroni, Mirko, Fano, Italy
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Caillaud, Anthony
Carven, Paula, Bel Air, Md.
Carven, Jay, 9, Bel Air, Md.
Cayrol, Jacques
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Chemtob, Monique
Coiner, Constance, 48, Binghamton, N.Y.
Cox, Monica
Darley, Francois
Deboisredon, Cybele, Bordeaux, France
Delange, Sylvain
Delouvrier, Judith
Dhuimieres, Dominques
Dickey, Deborah, Montoursville, Penn.
Dickey, Douglas, Montoursville, Penn.
D'Lorio-Baily, Christine, Prato, Italy
D'Lorio, Pietro, Prato, Italy
Duarte-Coiner, Ana, Binghamton, N.Y.
DuPont, Guy
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Ersoz, Namik
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Feeney, Vera
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Foster, Rod
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Fry, Carol
Furlano, Rosaria
Gabor, Daniel, 27, Fayetteville, Ark. and Walnut Creek, Calif.
Gaetke, Daniel, Kansas City
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Gallagher, Claire
Galland, Jean Paul
Gasq, C. (2)
Gough, Ana
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Graham, Steven, 38, Naples, Calif.
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Johnson, Jed, New York
Johnson, Leonard, Springfield, Va.
Johnson, Eleanor, Springfield, Va.
Jones, Romana
Karschner, Amanda
Krikhan, Margot
Krukar, Andrew, 40
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Lacailledesse, Antoine
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Windmiller, Ruben
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Zara, Jean

Operating Cockpit Crew:
Capt. Steven E. Snyder, 57, Stratford, Conn.
Capt. Ralph G. Kevorkian, 58, Garden Grove, Calif.
Flight Engineer Richard G. Campbell, 63, Ridgefield, Conn.
Flight Engineer Oliver Krick, 25, Lake St. Louis, Mo.

Deadheading Crew:
Capt. Gid Miller, 57, Sarasota, Fla.
First Officer R.L. Verhaeghe, 48, Goldsboro, N.C.
Flight Engineer D.A. Eshleman, 35, Aurora, Colo.

Operating Flight Attendants:
Charbonnier, Jacque, 66, Huntington Station, N.Y.
Callas, Dan, 22, Philadelphia
Charbonnier, Constance, 49, Huntington Station, N.Y.
Christopher, Janet, 48, Stamford Heights, Penn.
DiLuccio, Deb
Lang, Ray, 51, North Massapequa, N.Y.
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Schuldt, Mike, 51, Safety Harbor, Fla.
Torche, Melinda, 47, Irvine, Calif.
Ziemkiewiicz, Jill, 24, Rutherford, N.J.

Deadheading Crew:
Aikens-Bellamy, Sandra, 49, St. Albans, N.Y.
Braman, Rosie, 47, Hoboken, N.J.
Dodge, Warren, 50, Brentwood, N.H.
Edwards, Daryl, 41, Jersey City, N.J.
Griffith, Joanne, 39, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Harkness, Eric, 23, Birchwood, Ohio
Hull, James, 46, Southampton, Penn.
Ingenhuett, Lonnie, 43, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Loffredo, Elaine, 50, Glastonbury, Conn.
Luevano, Eli, 42, Albuquerque, N.M.
McPherson, Pamela, 45, Atlanta
Simmons, Olivia, 50, Orange, N.J.
Warren, Lani, 48, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Federal investigators have never found conclusive evidence as to why TWA Flight 800 fell from the sky in a ball of flames

On the last data frame of the TWA Flight 800 Flight Data Recorder record. The FDR altitude data for Flight 800 at 00:31:11 (one second before the initial event) - Flight 800 was flying at 13,772 feet. At 00:31:12, Flight 800's altitude was registered as 10,127 feet! It's obvious that Flight 800 didn't drop over 3,600 feet in less than a second. There evidently was a large change in the outside air pressure around Flight 800.

7/17/98 Commander William S. Donaldson III lists 40 issues critical of the handling of the TWA 800 investigation. Two points of curiosity: 25. That the NTSB refused to accept the testimony of Captain Mundo, the flight engineer on the flight previous to FL800, who stated that he left ZERO fuel in the center wing tank, and 26. That the tail of the aircraft failed shortly after the nose came off."

Ian Willimas Goddard 10/8/98 "In a tape-recorded debate between Reed Irvine and James Kallstrom, who headed the FBI's TWA 800 crash investigation, Kallstrom is reported to admit that three ships tracked on radar near the crash "were Navy ships on classified maneuvers."..Kallstrom was recorded by Reed Irvine of Accuracy In Media on September 14, 1998 during a debate between the two over the phone. The tape recording was first released during a special meeting of the organization Judicial Watch. It was first made known to the public on September 28, with the pub- lication of a letter from private investigator Com- mander William Donaldson to Louis Freeh, head of the FBI, wherein Commander Donaldson states: "I...have in my possession a taped conversa- tion held on 14 September 1998 between Deputy Director Kalstrom (Retired) and Mr. Reed Irvine, Chairman of Accuracy in Media. That conversation puts Deputy Director Kalstrom on record with two startling new facts. He alleges: 1. The 30- knot surface contact was a helicopter. 2. Three of the surface radar contacts were U.S. Navy vessels conducting classified operations.".."

Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance made large donations to Democrats. A definitive agreement was announced 11/6/96 for Progressive Insurance to acquire Midland Financial. The CEO of Midland Financial -Charles H. ("Hank") Gray, III - died in the TWA Flight 800 crash about a month before the possibility of Web Hubbell working for Progressive Life Insurance was discussed between Hubbell and a White House aide.

AP 7/15/99 Glen Johnson "…Three years after TWA Flight 800 turned into a fireball in the skies off New York's Long Island, the end of the investigation is finally in sight. Investigators are certain that a fuel-air explosion in the center fuel tank brought down the Boeing 747 on July 17, 1996, killing all 230 aboard, but a final determination of the ignition source will have to wait until this fall or winter, Jim Hall, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said Wednesday in an interview…."

Reuters/Business Wire 7/14/99 Michael Rivero "…At the press conference, Tom Stalcup, chairman of FIRO [Flight 800 Independent Reserachers Organization], will release a brand-new analysis of the FAA radar data which contradicts the official theory that Flight 800 climbed after initial distress. This analysis clearly shows that the airliner's movement was radically different from the movements depicted in an animation produced by the CIA, and declared to be the official version of what happened. Although FIRO's analysis has not yet determined what caused these movements, it can now be safely stated that the CIA animation blatantly conflicts with the raw radar evidence and the eyewitness evidence it claimed to portray…."

New York Times (reporting Washington Post) 5/8/99 Associated Press "...The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had concluded within six months after TWA Flight 800 crashed off the coast of Long Island that mechanical failure was to blame, but the FBI sat on the report, The Washington Post reported. The paper says in Sunday's editions that FBI officials, still convinced terrorists had downed the plane, dismissed the 24-page ATF report, prepared in January 1997, as ``unprofessional and reprehensible'' and even persuaded a Treasury Department undersecretary to help them suppress it. The Post said it was November 1997 before the FBI acknowledged publicly that a mechanical flaw had ignited the Boeing 747's central fuel tank, causing the crash...."

7/21/98 CNS Scott Hogenson "A former National Transportation Safety Board member says he can no longer support the conclusion of the NTSB that a spark in a fuel cell caused the explosion and crash of TWA Flight 800 more than two years ago. Dr. Vernon L. Grose, who also served as a regular commentator on CNN during its coverage of the incident, told CNS in an exclusive interview that new evidence about the explosion indicates that a possible missile detonation may have brought down the airliner, killing all 230 passengers and crew on board. During a presentation of information Monday on the crash, Grose said he saw previously undisclosed evidence that a near-proximity missile explosion may have brought down the jet. "It disturbed me to see photographic evidence of impinging - bent in, not bent out - skin of the aircraft forward of the center fuel tank, and that is sufficiently primary evidence that should be explained away." Unlike some missiles that must make contact with or pierce a target before exploding, a near-proximity missile need only approach a target before detonation, with the ensuing shock or 'pressure wave' being sufficient to bring down the target.."

Insight 2/8/99 Kelly Patricia O'Meara by A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "...Boeing Co., in an attempt to limit its liability, may defend itself in civil litigation with the theory that the airliner was downed by a U.S. missile....Boeing's legal team already has raised the missile claim as a tool to chip away at the resolve and ultimate financial demands of the victims' families, hoping to reduce settlements by half...."At this point, Boeing is seeking a 50 percent discount on each case because of its belief that a jury will conclude a missile downed Flight 800,"..."Boeing attorneys will try to plant reasonable doubt and make a jury believe that a missile downed TWA 800."...They are convinced that in the absence of proof-positive that mechanical failure was at fault, it would not take much to get a jury to consider the possibility that a missile downed the flight...."In nearly 700 million hours of air time...only twice [in plane disasters] could they not be traced to a known ignition source. The first was a 737 that blew up in the Philippines...The only TWA 800."

The Village Voice 7/13/99 Robert Davey [TWA 800] "…As the investigation's third anniversary passes, the mystery is deepening. A few months ago, a retired army officer bearing impressive credentials approached the Voice as an intermediary for a missile expert with a story to tell. This expert is extremely fearful of losing his job—for more than 20 years he's been a military engineer who specializes in infrared missile technology. Assured of anonymity, he submitted to lengthy interviews by telephone and e-mail, detailing why he believes the investigation of TWA Flight 800 is a cover-up. After spending more than $40 million on the investigation, the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board have not found a definitive answer for why the center fuel tank exploded. Yet they have ruled out a missile as the cause. The NTSB believes an undetermined system flaw produced an electrical spark that ignited jet fuel vapors in the tank. Prior to the official embrace of this mechanical explanation, the missile expert was among several scientists invited by FBI agents to explore the missile theory. He was made privy to evidence suggesting that TWA 800 could have been shot down, consisting of eyewitness accounts of a "flare-like object" shooting skyward moments before the plane exploded. Later he examined the debris in the Calverton hangar. The missile expert has also been in contact with military labs where, he says, the chemists have been unable to make jet fuel vapor explode as the NTSB says it did in TWA 800's center fuel tank. "The labs told the NTSB there's a big problem—it can't happen." The NTSB wouldn't listen. He says, "They were adamant that [the labs] had to find something." The evidence adds up, the missile expert believes, to a "70 percent chance" that TWA 800 was downed by a shoulder-launched missile. Like others who have spoken to the Voice, the expert is exasperated with what he sees as a corrupted investigation. Asked why he is speaking up now, he says, "I wanted someone to look at the truth, not whitewash it away." …"

The Village Voice 7/13/99 Robert Davey [TWA 800] "…But it was the eyewitness accounts that most impressed the expert—the investigation has compiled more than 100 eyewitness interviews reporting a streak of light ending in a flash or explosion, apparently contradicting the official scenario. "When we discussed this with the FBI, they said some of these people were very credible," he recalls. "The most compelling account was from a female witness, as I remember, who reported something with a small flame rising from the ocean trailing a faint smoke trail. The flame was reported to have burned out after about six or seven seconds with a puff that was seen when it hit the aircraft at about 10 seconds. I can tell you that this testimony, if the recounting is accurate, is about as precise as you can get on what you would see from a shoulder-fired infrared SAM [surface-to-air missile]." …"The left wing root near the center fuel tank was clearly a potential impact point, since much of it was missing or badly damaged," he wrote in an e-mail. In an interview he added that together with the left-side wall of the center fuel tank and the left wing, these areas exhibited "a lot of damage which was not well explained, as far as we were concerned....The metal there looked like something very violent happened." The NTSB's reports confirm the view that the damage on the left side of the plane was of a different order from the damage on the right side….. The missile expert the Voice interviewed still insists that a forensic team should "take a real hard look" at the left side, and rule in or rule out a missile. But he also admits that the region of damage that would bear clues of the explosion of a shoulder-launched missile—which has a small warhead—would be quite small, and could easily be among the large areas of the left wing front spar and left side of the center fuel tank that are among the 5 percent of the plane that was never recovered. …."


The Village Voice 7/14/99 Robert Davey "...Voice interviews with a number of metallurgists and experts in explosives confirmed that unless investigators are able to identify the area-perhaps only a few inches across-where the explosion first impinged on the metal, it's impossible to tell what caused the structure to fail. One author of a book on explosives who has worked on government projects told the Voice, "You're looking at something bent and fractured, but to tie it to a pressure source is very difficult." Several metallurgists suggested that explosive residue on the debris would point unambiguously to a high explosion. In August '96, traces of PETN and RDX, both ingredients of the plastic explosive also found in some missile warheads, were indeed detected in recovered debris from Flight 800's passenger cabin. It seemed as if at last evidence had been found proving that a terrorist bomb or a missile had downed the aircraft. But shortly afterward it was claimed that a month before the crash the same 747 was used for a bomb-sniffing-dog exercise. Some of the explosives used, according to this account from the FBI, were apparently in poor condition and could easily have spilled...."

The American Spectator 8/99 John Roberts II "…The White House, with help from a Republican Senator, is sitting on evidence that could point to terrorism in the 1996 jet explosion. an FBI official has become a scapegoat in the cover-up. and the mystery remains unsolved…. . A recent federal appeals court ruling may shed light on some of the political mysteries surrounding TWA 800. On June 18, 1999, a three-judge panel affirmed Victoria Cummock's lawsuit against Al Gore and the Department of Transportation (see "Dissent of Flight 800," TAS, July 1997). Two years ago Victoria Cummock filed suit, claiming Gore pressured her to abandon a call for counter-terrorism measures, and refused to publish her 42- page dissent from the final report of the White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security. She demanded access to confidential files kept from her and to a secret annex to the commission's final report. In early discovery, Cummock was given limited access to commission records. One document she found was a memo from a CIAstaffer assigned to CIADirector John Deutch, who sat next to Cummock at most commission meetings. The CIA memo, written by an officer who intelligence sources say is normally assigned to clandestine services, drew on psychological profiling of Cummock. It said Cummock could be "kept in line if she believes progress could be made" but warned Deutch that she "could become a major problem" if she thought otherwise….. As Cummock's lawsuit goes forward, she may gain access to documents which would clarify the relationship between the commission's secret meetings and Clinton-Gore campaign fundraising. Cummock says the Clinton appointees "had a ton of secret meetings" with airline industry representatives. At the same time, the Clinton-Gore campaign and Democratic Party received more than $500, 000 in political contributions from the airlines. The disturbing prospect of a quid pro quo whereby the Gore Commission withdrew its preliminary security policies in exchange for 1996 campaign contributions remains open. John Cummock's widow is nothing if not persistent. "What I want now is to see the classified report," she said, "and write a dissent, classified or not. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but it's a matter of morals, and values, and ethics." …"

The San Jose Mercury News 7/25/99 Scott Holleran "... My parents missed our connection, but I was assured by the TWA flight crew that they would board the next available flight, Flight 800..... I learned that the airport official was wrong. Mom and Dad were alive--- they had missed that flight as well---and I was elated to embrace them..... It wasn't until we boarded the flight back to the United States that I began to question the government's investigation of the crash, when members of the TWA flight crew told me that flight 800 had been shot down by a Navy missile. This was weeks before an anonymous e-mail message made similar claims, and months before journalist and former Kennedy press secretary Pierre Salinger claimed that a French intelligence source had informed him of a conspiracy by the U.S. government to cover up a military mishap. "Friendly fire," let alone a coverup, seemed preposterous to me. As a journalist, I am inclined to be skeptical of unusual claims...."

The San Jose Mercury News 7/25/99 Scott Holleran "... First, authorities issued several conflicting statements....Second, the anonymous e-mail---though it contained plenty of false information---disclosed that a Navy aircraft had been involved in exercises nearby at the time of the crash. Much later, the FBI acknowledged that fact....Third, I'd noticed that investigators wanted to have it both ways. The National Transportation Safety Board's investigation was proceeding under the direction of the FBI, which was involved on the grounds that a crime might have caused the crash---but FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom would neither confirm nor deny the existence of criminal evidence..... The FBI seized an amateur videotape taken by retired commercial pilot Richard Russell, which he said showed radar images of TWA 800 being downed by a missile. Charges were filed against freelance writer and investigator James Sanders, who had obtained a piece of seat fabric that he said contained rocket resi- due. I wondered why the FBI had bothered with such supposedly meaningless claims---and, once they had, why they wouldn't release the video and seat fabric for independent evaluation.... "

The San Jose Mercury News 7/25/99 Scott Holleran "... hen the FBI's Kallstrom testified before Congress that his agency had tracked "all air and waterborne vessels in the area and conducted appropriate interviews. Yet the FBI did not dispute a report by Robert Davey, a Village Voice reporter, that radar in the area picked up four unidentified tracks. One of these, according to the NTSB was within three nautical miles of Flight 800 when it exploded. It's pattern was consistent with a surface vessel moving at 30 knots, the NTSB said. Perhaps most alarming was that the mysterious boat kept moving out to sea, even after the explosion. "He not only doesn't turn to render assistance, he runs," said naval Cmdr. William Donaldson, who believes a navy missile downed the plane. In early 1998, retired Adm. Thomas Moorer--- former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff--- added his name to the list of those who believe a missile destroyed the plane...Montbs later, a former member of the NTSB, Vernon Grose, also publicly cast doubt on the investigation after seeing the flight recorder analysis.....Last week, one of the investigation's own military engineers, a specialist in missile technology, told the Village Voice's Davey that he believes the plane was probably shot down by a missile and that the government is covering up the truth.... The entire investigation has seemed like an "X-Files" episode. ..."

The San Jose Mercury News 7/25/99 Scott Holleran "....At the time of the crash, 270 eyewitnesses across Long Island reported seeing a streak of light. After the FBI suspended the criminal investigation last year, Kallstrom, in an unprecidented move, asked the CIA to produce a videotaped explanation of the eyewitness accounts that specifically refutes the missile theory. At least one military pilot who saw the crash is unconvinced. National Guard helicopter pilot Frederick Meyer--- one of the closest eye-witnesses, who reported falling debris---rejects the CIA's animated recreation. Meyer described the event as "an ordnance explosion" And he ought to know what one looks like; the veteran pilot dodged missiles in Vietnam. Nearly 100 of the eyewitnesses said streak of light originated from the earth's surface..... proper scientific inquiry is not passive acceptance of ignorance; it is the relentless pursuit of truth. And the truth is what investigators---despite hightly desirable conditions for an aviation disaster inquiry---have completely failed to uncover. Instead, they have asserted repeatedly that the cause may be "unknowable," implying that TWA 800 is doomed to being an unsolved mystery. It is not. I don't claim to know what happened to the 747. But I do know that the truth matters....."

Aviation Week and Space Technology 9/6/99 James McKenna "....Federal investigators cannot account for a high-speed aircraft that was in a position to observe the explosion of TWA Flight 800 over the Atlantic Ocean more than three years ago. Data from the FAA's radar site at Islip, N.Y., showed an aircraft flying back and forth at speeds of about 350 kt. over the Atlantic south of Long Island for at least 10 min. before and 35 min. after TWA 800 crashed on the night of July 17, 1996..... Radar tracks indicate the aircraft was flying a northwest-southeast pattern. The tracks are of primary radar returns or "skin paint" from the aircraft. There does not appear to be any data on secondary radar returns to indicate its identity or altitude..... The presence of the unidentified aircraft was highlighted Aug. 27 by a group called The Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization, which recently analyzed radar data that the NTSB said it released in April 1998..... The information about the unidentified aircraft comes as an NTSB-led team is completing nearly a year. s analysis of hundreds of FBI accounts of eyewitness statements about TWA 800's crash (AW&ST May 17, p.58). The radar data puts the unidentified high-speed aircraft on a northwest heading at an undetermined altitude, with Flight 800 due north of it at about the 2 o' clock position and a distance of about 20 naut. Mi. at the moment the 747 exploded...."

Aviation Week and Space Technology 9/6/99 James McKenna "....Officials working on the analysis of the eyewitness accounts said they knew nothing of the unidentified aircraft. NTSB officials said they have no idea what the aircraft was. They said they initially examined radar data for evidence of a midair collision with TWA 800 and to identify civilian aircraft whose crews and passengers might have seen the 747. For information on military and sensitive government aircraft, they said, they relied on the FBI, which conducted a simultaneous criminal probe of Flight 800's crash. Then-Assistant FBI Director James K. Kallstrom, who headed the criminal probe, called it one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive in the FBI's history. As part of that probe, said Kallstrom (who has since retired), FBI agents accounted for the activities of all military aircraft in the area. He suspended the probe, saying no evidence had been found that a criminal act led to TWA 800's crash (AW&ST Nov. 24, 1997, p. 49)....."

NY Times 9/14/99 AP "....The wreckage of TWA Flight 800 was being moved to a smaller hangar Tuesday as investigators continued to try to find what sparked the fuel explosion on the plane in 1996, killing all 230 people aboard. National Transportation Safety Board Chairman James Hall, speaking on NBC's ``Today´´ show from the Long Island facility, said the move to a smaller hangar will save taxpayers about $4 million....."

Washington Post, The 6/1/00 Don Phillips "…..Investigators seeking answers to the 1996 explosion and crash of Trans World Airlines Flight 800 fired Stinger missiles into the air from a Florida beach last month to determine whether it is possible that streaks of light seen by several witnesses could have been missiles. ……. While investigators said they will need several weeks to analyze data from the unannounced tests, sources familiar with the tests said initial observations have turned up nothing to cast doubt on the National Transportation Safety Board's preliminary determination that no missile hit the plane. …….One source said it was extremely unfortunate that word of the tests began leaking out because it is possible that the data "will in the end conclude it [a missile] is extremely unlikely" and investigators did not want people to conclude that the tests were prompted by any new information. These tests will be seen at the August hearings along with hundreds of highly detailed tests and studies of almost every possibility and almost every system on the plane. ….."


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Alaskan Airlines

Freeper LarryLied "Perhaps it is too far afield, but it appears the Alaskan Airlines flight which went down several weeks ago was caused by a defective screw jack made in Communist China….."

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