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TOP OF THE NEWS 8/26/00 "…..Not to worry, says the National Transportation Safety Board, the cause of the TWA tragedy was sloppy routing by Boeing of some low-voltage wires to the central fuel tank. In future, the Federal Aviation Administration is not going to allow such sloppy routing. ...... According to the NTSB, such sloppiness allowed coupling between frayed high-voltage and low-voltage wires. When a high-voltage pulse somehow got coupled into the practically empty -- except for some fumes -- fuel tank, it was like a sparkplug igniting the fuel-air mixture in the engine of your SUV. According to the NTSB, the "explosion" of the ignited fumes 1) instantaneously chopped all electrical power to the cockpit, 2) blew off the whole front-third of the plane, 3) ruptured the wing fuel tanks and 4) set fire to the resulting fuel-air mixture, which burned until the aft two-thirds of the plane hit the water. ……Oh, yeah? ……" 8/26/00 "…..In tests of an almost empty central fuel tank, the NTSB apparently had some difficulty getting such a low-pressure fuel-air mixture to deflagrate. But the NTSB fuzzed up the issue by calling the deflagration "an explosion." They announced that they had been able to get a simulated TWA 800 fuel tank to "explode." Well, that's not a lie, but then it's not exactly the truth, either. …… But in the TWA 800 tragedy, we know that something supersonic -- something that was over before the sound of it could reach the cockpit sound recorder -- instantaneously chopped all electrical power to the TWA 800 cockpit. A concurrent powerful blast wave separated all of aircraft forward of the wing -- including the cockpit -- from the rest of the plane. ...... Then the fuel tanks in the wings of the plane "deflagrated," burning brightly for many seconds. ......" 8/26/00 "…..All that is consistent with what hundreds of people on the ground reported. First, they heard a detonation, then they looked and saw a big explosion, then heard a big explosion and then saw a brightly burning fire which lasted for many seconds. ……. " 8/26/00 "…..You think we ought to tell the NTSB what we suspect, that some person or persons unknown, did to TWA 800 what had already been done to Avianca 203? Don't bother. Here is an excerpt the report of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, an official Party to the NTSB TWA 800 investigation: ………An explosion did occur within the center fuel tank during TWA Flight 800. We have not been a party to any evidence, wreckage or tests that could conclude that the center tank explosion was and is the primary contributor to this accident. ... We find that its explosion was as the result of the aircraft breakup. The initial event caused a structural failure in the area of Flight stations 854 to 860, lower left side of the aircraft. A high-pressure event breached the fuselage and the fuselage unzipped due to the event. The explosion was a result of this event!………" ………. By "high-pressure event" they mean a detonation, a supersonic shock. Like from a bomb, detonated inside, or a missile warhead, detonated outside, which penetrated the central fuel tank. Like, what the FBI claims happened on Nov. 27, 1989, to Avianca Airlines Flight 203. ……." tony Blankley "……The Gore Commission produced a tough preliminary report, and at a Sept. 9, 1996, press conference Mr. Gore publicly asserted the need for those changes. And then, all hell broke loose - but for Mr. Gore, not for the terrorists. "Within ten days, the whole [airline] industry jumped all over Al Gore," Mrs. Cummock reported. On Sept. 19, Mr. Gore sent a letter to airline lobbyist Carol Hallett, promising that the commission's findings would not cause the airlines any loss of revenue. The next day the Democratic National Committee received a $40,000 contribution from TWA. In the next two weeks Northwest, United and American Airlines donated $55,000 more…………. In the following two months (leading up to the November 1996 presidential elections) American Airlines donated a quarter of a million dollars to the Democrats. United Airlines donated $100,000 to the DNC. Northwestern upped its anty to $53,000. In all, Mr. Gore and the Democrats collected almost half a million dollars between the election and the day - two months before - that Mr. Gore assured the airlines his commission wouldn't cost them any money.
At the time, White House spokesperson Ginny Terzano refused either to confirm or deny that Mr. Gore personally solicited the airline contributions. But that is not what got Victoria Cummock's dander up.
In January 1997, Mr. Gore's staff circulated a draft final report that eliminated all security measures from their findings. Not only Mrs. Cummock, but CIA Director and fellow Commissioner John Deutch complained. So Mr. Gore pulled back the draft. In February Mr. Gore finally came up with the classic Washington ploy. The final report called for sensible new procedures that would cost the airlines millions of dollars: 450 high tech bomb detectors, more training for airport security, criminal background checks for security personnel, increased canine patrols. But Victoria Cummock noticed one thing was missing - there was no timetable to accomplish these requirements. She informed the vice president that without timetables, the report was "toothless" and she couldn't support it, but instead would file a dissent.......... It was a classic Washington victory. The policy wonks got their proposals noticed, the airlines got their bottom line protected and Mr. Gore got his party the money. The only losers were the passengers, who got no increased security from terrorism. So, when Mr. Gore actually had a chance to fight, rather than talk about, the powerful special interests on behalf of the little guy, he turned his money-stuffed coat and protected the interests that bought him.
In an open meeting on Feb. 12, Mr. Gore stated that he would leave room in the final report for Victoria Cummock's dissent. A few minutes later at the White House, as Mr. Gore presented the final report to President Clinton, the vice president announced that the report was unanimous. Both of those Gore lies are on video tape. NBC's Dateline has the tapes……..And so Mrs. Cummock went to court. Not on behalf of some conspiracy theory, but on the right to see commission files that were denied her and the right to file a dissent. She only wanted the commission's own findings to be enforced. After winning in the D.C. Court of Appeals last year, she is slowly gaining discovery of the commission's secret files….. has already found one interesting document in the secret commission files: A letter to Mr. Gore from his now famous convicted felon fund-raiser Maria Hsia. In that note she talks about the successful fund-raiser at the Buddhist Temple and asks the vice president for help in getting government funding for her to be part of the Project Citizenship initiative. …….."

Associated Retired Aviation Professionals 9/6/00 Jerry Cimisi "…… In a phone interview some days after the NTSB hearing, now retired TWA pilot Al Mundo, who had brought the plane into New York from Athens late on the afternoon of July 17, 1996, explained not only the fuel system of the plane, but detailed his reasons why the center wing fuel tank would not have been the initiating cause of the explosion or explosions that destroyed Flight 800. ...... "We had left Athens that Wednesday morning," said Mundo. "The center wing tank would have been full." ............ "We turn on both of the center wing tank fuel pumps. The center wing tank has two pumps, which work at twice the capacity of the other four main tank pumps; their fuel flow is at fifteen pounds per square inch (psi), the center wing tank pumps put out fuel at thirty psi. ……… "The cross feed valves are open, which allow fuel from the center wing tank pumps to go to the number one, two, three and four engines. We shut off the pumps from the number one main and its reserve and the number four main and its reserve. We leave the pumps on from two and three as back up, though because they are working at a rate only half that of the center wing tank, it's the center wing tank that is supplying fuel to the engines. At that point the two and three main tank feed is there as a backup. Anyway, at this point the center wing tank is supplying fuel to all the engines. …….. "Eventually, as the center wing tank burns down to about 3,000-4,000 pounds of fuel, the fuel begins to feed from the number two and three main tanks." When the fuel quantity in the center wing tank gets low, a light for each pump begins to blink on the flight engineer's panels. "When the light gets steady," said Mundo, "you turn off the pump for that light. ……. "Then you turn on the fuel/water scavenge pumps in the center wing tank to drain any liquid remaining. " ……….. With the feed from the center wing tank now turned off, all four engines are being fueled from the number two and number three main tanks. ……"

Associated Retired Aviation Professionals 9/6/00 Jerry Cimisi "…… Mundo went on: "When the plane landed in New York, the center wing tank guage in the cockpit would have read zero pounds. It is possible that the underwing center wing tank fuel gauge could have read 300 pounds, which would be about fifty gallons. This is not an unusual discrepancy." ...... In the first few days after the Flight 800 investigation Mundo asked a TWA official what exactly the fuel use log had shown in regards to the quantity of fuel in the center wing tank upon arriving in New York. "He told me," Mundo said, "that the log, which is placed in the Flight Document Envelope and normally kept for ninety days, could not be found. This was an abnormality." …….. He added that whatever level of fuel existed in the center wing tank at that time would not be entirely composed of fuel. "All fuel contains some water. It's the same with the gas in your car. Fuel is 6.7 pounds per gallon; water is heavier, 8.34 pounds, so the water goes to the bottom of the tank. This combination of water and fuel is what the scavenger pumps transfer to the number two main tank." …….. In sum, the center wing tank of the plane that was about to become Flight 800 was empty or nearly empty before leaving New York in the late afternoon prior to its evening takeoff to Paris. Because of prevailing winds, planes usually carry more fuel when going west than when going east. "And then," said Mundo, "you also have to consider the distance youâ€(tm)re travelling. Athens to New York is a lot farther than New York to Paris." ......"

Associated Retired Aviation Professionals 9/6/00 Jerry Cimisi "…… Now we get to one of the crucial points of the NTSB theory about the volatility of the center wing tank. Mundo said, "There is the assumption by the NTSB that the fuel was heated by the air conditioning packs below the plane to a temperature that caused the fuel and fuel vapors to reach an explosive level." ......... This is an assessment with which the majority of the media concur. A New York Times article from Wednesday, August 23, the day after the NTSB hearing began, stated, "the nearly empty tank, which had been heated to an explosive state while the twenty-five year old jet sat baking in the sun for nearly three hours before taking off." ……..... "This is something they should have tested, but they didn't, exactly. The NTSB flew a plane across the continental United States, trying to duplicate the conditions of the Athens to New York flight, but in the summer the air over the land would be warmer than over the North Atlantic" and of course the plane would not be in the air for as long as on an Athens to New York run. Nobody knows exactly what the temperature in the fuel tank was when Flight 800 took off from New York. …….. "

Associated Retired Aviation Professionals 9/6/00 Jerry Cimisi "……"Flight 800 took off for Paris at about 8:15 p.m. on the evening of July 17, 1996. A nearly empty tank has more fuel vapor than a tank that is full. Government investigators speculate that the vapor-ridden center wing full tank was ripe for an explosion" instigated by the as-yet unfound electrical source. …….. But Mundo pointed out that the center wing fuel tank is vented to relieve the pressure inside the tank. "With an aircraft in flight," Mundo said, "you have a Venturi effect over the vent outlet. The more the speed, the less the pressure. When you're in a car and someone's smoking and you open a window, the air pressure outside is less than the pressure inside and the greater pressure inside pushes the air outside; the smoke will be sucked out of the car. The air rushing outside the plane would create a great suction that should have decreased or eliminated any buildup of vapor in the tank." …….."

Associated Retired Aviation Professionals 9/6/00 Jerry Cimisi "……Former TWA pilot Al Mundo then talked about another aspect of the electrical spark theory: on Good Friday, 1995, when he was flying the plane that would become Flight 800 in July, 1996, the aircraft was struck not once but twice by lightning. …….. The plane did not explode. ……… "We were descending into Rome. We were at about 13,000-11,000 feet. There were two strikes of lightning, about three minutes apart. There was a loud bang, and a yellow flash; initially there was no indication of anything wrong in the cockpit." …….. But a photoelectric cell activated an inerting gas whose purpose was to smother any fire or smouldering that could be caused by an electrical spark. This was done on the first lightning strike. ...... "The damage incurred was extensive. The plane was out of service for a week," said Mundo. …….. But despite the damage that had been inflicted by the two lightning strikes, the plane was able to land safely. The inference is obvious: if the plane that expolded fifteen minutes out of JFK in the summer of 1996 was brought down by an electrical spark igniting the center wing fuel tank, why didn't two lightning strikes, which would certainly supply infinitely more voltage to the electrical system of the plane than the theorized stray spark, cause the aircraft to be blown apart? ......"

Associated Retired Aviation Professionals 9/6/00 Jerry Cimisi "…… Early on in the Flight 800 investigation, Mundo learned that there had been sooting found on the right wing vent system. "It seemed strange to me that if the explosion was initiated by the center wing tank, why would there not be sooting on both sides of the wing? I contacted personnel in the investigating team and suggested they check those records from the 1995 flight to determine if the sooting came from the lightning strikes. I was later informed that the records could not be located." ……… Mundo was questioned by investigators "about five days after Flight 800," he said, but the extent of the questioning was solely on the character of the Athens to New York Flight. The former pilot continues to feel that government investigators have not pursued the obvious lines of inquiry raised above" or, if they have, such tests or studies have not been made public. ……."

TWA800 Expert Panel Blackout 8/22/00 Ian Goddard "…..While the U.S. media faithfully blacked out the press conference of a panel of independent experts who disagree with the official investigation of the TWA Flight 800 crash, Agence France Presse cites it. Of particular note is that the flight data recorder (FDR) expert who examined the black boxes claims that four seconds were removed from the FDR data. ……. Indeed, one FDR second found in the NTSB's 1997 report was suddenly erased from that report at ( the NTSB's website shortly after former Navy crash investigator William Donaldson presented an analysis about that erased FDR second which concluded that it indicates a missile strike: ……"

AFP 8/22/00 "……..An independent panel of experts on Monday lambasted the results of an official investigation into the 1996 fatal TWA Flight 800 crash, and maintained its theory the plane was downed by a missile. ……… According to the Flight 800 Independent Research Organization (FIRO), the official investigators had concealed crucial pieces of information from a final report to be presented Tuesday and Wednesday. ……… Aviation consultant engineer Glen Schulze, who analyzed the so-called "black boxes," also claimed that information was missing. "Four seconds of data has been removed from the Flight Data Recorder when the FBI was in charge of the investigation," he said. …….. Lending his weight to the argument of possible foul play, retired United Airlines pilot Richard Russell claimed he had received a copy of radar data showing a small object flying next to the plane that indicated a possible missile. ……. "An (air traffic) controller has identified the target as potentially being a missile," Russell said, declining to identify his source of information. ……."

Fox News/AP 8/22/00 Randolph E Schmid "……Four years after TWA Flight 800 plunged into the ocean, killing all 230 people aboard, investigators have reached "the inescapable conclusion" that the plane was brought down by an explosion of fuel vapors in its center wing tank. "The bottom line is that our investigation confirmed that the fuel-air vapor in the center wing tank was flammable at the time of the accident, and that a fuel-air explosion with Jet A fuel was more than capable of generating the pressure needed to break apart the center wing tank and destroy the airplane," said Bernard S. Loeb, director of aviation safety for the National Transportation Safety Board. ……….Loeb summarized the investigators' findings as the board began a two-day session discussing the crash, its causes and possible safety measures that need to be taken. Loeb indicated the investigators have yet to determine exactly what ignited the blast, but said an electrical short appears the most likely cause. ……."

Washington Times 8/23/00 Randolph Schmid "…..Despite all the fears and conspiracy theories, the conclusion is "inescapable" that an explosion of vapors in a fuel tank is what brought down TWA Flight 800 four years ago at a loss of 230 lives, a top federal investigator concluded yesterday. Investigators "cannot be certain" what ignited the blast, but the most likely cause was an electrical short in wiring inside the tank, said Bernard S. Loeb, aviation safety director of the National Transportation Safety Board. The physical evidence, he said, "leads to the inescapable conclusion" that the plane was brought down by a fuel-air explosion inside the center wing tank. As the meeting wore on, Robert Swaim of the aviation engineering section expressed the frustration of investigators seeking the source of ignition. "I would love to walk in here with a molten piece of wire and say, 'Here it is,"' he said………. The NTSB findings, however well documented, are unlikely to be accepted by dissenters with theories ranging from bombs to a Navy missile to air turbulence………. Some contend the government is trying to cover up the real cause, and one group, calling itself the TWA 800 Eyewitness Alliance, ran a full-page ad in yesterday's Washington Times insisting missiles brought the plane down…….. "It is unfortunate that a small number of people, pursuing their own agendas, have persisted in making unfounded charges of government coverup in this investigation," Mr. Hall said. Bomb and missile blasts leave distinct patterns, Mr. Loeb explained. "High-energy explosions leave distinctive damage signatures such as severe pitting, cratering, hot gas washing, and petaling. No such damage was found on any portion of the recovered airplane structure," he said. Tiny traces of explosive discovered in the cabin were probably left over from exercises testing bomb-sniffing dogs conducted on the plane days before, investigators said…….."

Excite News 8/23/00 "…..AP - Federal investigators say an explosion of vapors in the fuel tank caused TWA Flight 800 to plunge into the ocean, killing all 230 passengers aboard, but four years after the crash they are still unable to pinpoint what ignited the blast. A solid body of circumstantial evidence points to an electrical short as the cause, but there was not enough wire recovered from the wreckage to know for sure, said Robert Swaim of the National Transportation Safety Board. "I would love to walk in here with a molten piece of wire and say, 'Here it is."' said Swaim, who spent four years looking for the source of the ignition. Swaim's conclusions came Tuesday on the first day of a two-day meeting to study investigators' reports on the crash and its cause. …… While wiring inside the fuel tank is very low voltage those wires are bundled together with higher voltage wires and a short could have been carried into the fuel tank, investigators said. Air and fuel had been heated by an air conditioner positioned underneath the tank while the plane was delayed for three hours prior to takeoff. That helped to make the tank volatile when it climbed in altitude, NTSB investigator Joseph Kolly said. Given those conditions, a spark as weak as the static electricity transferred between a person's hand a metal doorknob would have been sufficient for an explosion, Kolly said. ….." 8/22/00 Reed Irvine "…… On July 17, the fourth anniversary of the TWA 800 tragedy, a group called the TWA 800 Eyewitness Alliance sponsored a news conference together with independent investigators of the crash. Two eyewitnesses to the crash, Michael Wire and Dwight Brumley, spoke. They were both singled out as excellent witnesses by a CIA analyst in a document that was released by the National Transportation Safety Board last April together with the FBI reports of its interviews of 755 eyewitnesses. Wire and Brumley were amazed and angry to find that the CIA had misrepresented what they told the FBI. .........
Michael Wire was standing on a drawbridge on the south shore of Long Island gazing out over the water when he saw what he described at first as a "cheap firework" rising from behind a house not far away that was blocking his view of the horizon. He called it "cheap" because it kind of zigzagged as it went up. It didn't behave like a Roman candle. When it got high in the sky it leveled out and sped out to sea. He lost sight of it momentarily, when near the spot where he last saw it there was an explosion so strong that when the shock wave hit several seconds later, it shook the 70-ton bridge. He then saw a fireball that fell toward the ocean. ………
Dwight Brumley, a retired Navy electronics warfare expert, was a passenger in a northbound airliner that was abut 7,000 feet above TWA 800 when it blew up. Looking out his window on the right side of the plane he caught sight of a bright light below that was moving north at a high rate of speed. He said that as it peaked and pitched over he saw two explosions, one after the other, followed by a fireball that elongated as it fell into the sea. The passenger in the seat behind him, a Mr. Nugent, told him he had seen the cabin lights of an airliner before it blew up. The light Brumley saw speeding north could not have been TWA 800, which was flying east. It was the plane whose cabin lights were seen by Nugent just before the explosion. ......"

ABCNEWS 8/23/00 "…… Investigators of the deadly crash of TWA Flight 800 believe the design of the Boeing 747 aircraft and its fuel tanks were at least partly to blame for the tragedy, ABCNEWS has learned. They also cite government certification of the safety of the plane and the tanks, sources familiar with the investigation of the crash told ABCNEWS' Lisa Stark today. Investigators, on the first day of a two-day NTSB hearing on the crash, today said an electrical short circuit outside the center fuel tank of Flight 800 likely sent excess voltage through wires into the tank, igniting flammable vapors and causing the jet to explode. ......... Boeing officials today stood by the aircraft design. "The design with the air conditioning packs under the center wing tank is a very common design for Boeing and other manufacturers. It is fully certified by the FAA," Russ Young, a Boeing spokesman, told ABCNEWS today. "We'll wait to hear what the NTSB has to say tomorrow." Both Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration, which certifies plane and part safety and design, have long held to the philosophy that to prevent explosions, jets had to eliminate ignition sources, but not necessarily tank flammability……… Another Boeing official today told ABCNEWS that reduction of ignition sources and flammability went hand-in-hand....... "We think that both ignition source reduction and flammability reduction are really complementary and not mutually exclusive," said Ron Hinderberger, director of airplane safety for Boeing. "We think that both of them are needed in order to ensure that we can have the most safe system that we can possibly have." ......"

CBSNEWS 8/22/00 "……Four years after TWA Flight 800 exploded and plunged into the ocean, federal investigators ruled out any sabotage or missile as the cause of the explosion that brought down the Boeing 747 and killed the 230 people on board. The National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday during the opening of a two-day public meeting to release its final report that evidence confirms what they've long suspected: the jumbo jet was blown apart in flight on July 17, 1996, by a catastrophic explosion of the plane's center-wing fuel tank shortly after takeoff. Bernard Loeb, director of the NTSB's office of aviation safety, said the most likely cause of the crash involved electrical wiring leading to the center-wing fuel tank. …….."

NewsMax 8/26/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Accuracy in Media chairman Reed Irvine appears to really have gotten under the skin of the National Transportation Safety Board. This past Tuesday in Washington the NTSB offered its final report on the July 1996 crash of TWA 800. ……… Irvine says all the evidence points to a missile. Irvine helped form a new group called the "TWA Eyewitness Alliance." The alliance, with AIM's help, took out two large ads in the Washington Times denouncing the government conclusion. …….. Just before the NTSB meeting this past Tuesday Irvine decided to hand out copies of the ad in the lobby outside the meeting hall. A security guard quickly told Irvine he would have to stop. Irvine explained that this was public property and there was a little thing called the First Amendment that allowed him to do it. ......... Minutes later the guard came back and said the building was leased by the government, and that he would have to quit handing out copies of the ad or be escorted out of the building. "The only way I will leave is if you carry me," Irvine told the guard. Irvine went limp and laid on the floor. The guards picked the 150 pound media critic and deposited him street side. Several TV cameras were there, including ABC News, which aired the footage of Irvine being forcible removed. ……"

Citizen Investigator 8/28/00 Tom Shoemaker and Richard Hirsch "……At this time we cannot prove that one or more missiles struck TWA Flight 800. We have no obligation to supply such a proof at this time. Our obligation is to chronicle the considerable collection of TWA Flight 800-related facts which may point towards missile involvement that have not been adequately addressed by officials over the past 49 months . We do not want to close our own study without a more careful examination of that possibility. ……We think it is as fair for us to discuss a possible missile shoot-down of TWA Flight 800 as it is for the NTSB to discuss the possible explosion of the Center Wing tank as being the cause of the crash. Our "proof" is as good as the "proof" being given by the NTSB at its public meetings. The truth of the matter is the NTSB has working theories for the reasons for the disaster. Working theories are not proofs: they are nothing more than professional speculations. In the absence of a proven causation scenario we each must choose the explanation that is most believable to ourselves,insisting that the final belief rests firmly on factual evidence, fact-based inferences, and critical and careful thought rather than free-floating speculations. ......"

Citizen Investigator 8/28/00 Tom Shoemaker and Richard Hirsch "……2: Some of What We Don't Know About TWA Flight 800 ………

1. The NTSB's CWT scenario is unproven. The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) insists an explosion of the large, almost empty CWT (Center Wing Tank) destroyed the aircraft. But the NTSB cannot explain what initiated it. The NTSB also cannot get a CWT to explode without resorting to different fuels and contrived ignition schemes. …….. More evidence is becoming available now which indicates certain fuels may, in fact, exhibit explosive characteristics over a wider range of conditions than previously believed. The weight of evidence accumulated over the past four years, however, counsels that aircraft fuel systems are incredibly safe and reliable rather than incredibly quirky, volatile, unstable, and dangerous. ……."

2. All possible explosives tests have not been carried out by officials. Nitrates, which are ingredients of many explosives, were found splattered on a piece of wreckage located close to the point where the aircraft exploded. But the NTSB has not performed the tests needed to further identify the possible origins of those deposits. ………. This is still true. Incredibly, tests on residues found within TWA Flight 800 wreckage that are well known components of explosives including military munitions and projectile fuels were not carried out as a consequence of official decision-making…. .

3. The CVR may contain additional information. The CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) within the aircraft recorded a loud noise just before it stopped recording at the moment catastrophic structural damage was taking place aboard the aircraft. To this day the NTSB cannot identify that sound ………… This is still true. ….

4. Official tests of the "red residues" have not been definitive. To counter the suggestion by a journalist that certain red residues found on interior wreckage of the aircraft were residues of missile exhaust, officials have stated those residues were traces of a glue routinely used to attach fabric to seats. These officials have never fully used their test facilities to compare the glue's chemical composition with that of the found residues. ………… This remains true. A fair-minded person would settle for a "test-off" of the fabric in question by a prestigious and completely independent laboratory to end the debate on this topic between officials and critics. Such a fair analysis has never taken place. ….

5. The official "canine dog exercise" as a source of explosives residues is unconvincing. Explosives residues found in the interior wreckage of the aircraft have been explained away by officials as having been inadvertently deposited during a canine explosives test the month before the disaster. Information concerning that canine exercise strongly suggests it was performed aboard a different aircraft altogether. ………… Still true. Explosives residues were found in multiple places on the wreckage of TWA Flight 800. To claim an innocent genesis for the presence of such residues, officials pieced together and circulated the story of a police canine explosives detection exercise taking place aboard the doomed aircraft weeks before the disaster. Proof of that exercise aboard that particular aircraft remains incomplete...and if the last elements of that arguable scenario collapse, there is no benign explanation for bits of explosives being found within TWA Flight 800. ….

6. The radar tapes have never been shown and definitively explained. A radar tape of the accident showing the destruction of the aircraft was leaked to the public. Immediately after the accident a FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) technician stated the tape showed a possible intercept of the aircraft by a missile. Such an interpretation was later dismissed by officials. Persons possessing the tape were threatened with federal prosecution, and the tape remains under official wraps to this day…………… And that was the saga of only one radar tape. Official explanations of what that tape showed and didn't show were so varied it was never clear what the simple truth of the data was. There were many more radar sites having a view of the disaster. Their original data has not been freely shared with the public by officials. Radar data records supplied by officials have been selectively cropped, resulting in incomplete views of the complete crash environment.

7. Eyewitness information has been suppressed. Eyewitnesses to the tragedy were not interviewed in a timely manner. Some eyewitnesses waited months to be interviewed by officials. Direct eyewitness testimony was excluded from the NTSB's December, 1997 TWA Flight 800 Baltimore Hearings. In most disasters eyewitnesses play a very positive, major role: in this case eyewitness information has been hidden by officials. …………… Officials claimed CIA and NTSB animations were based on eyewitness input: the problem lies in finding any eyewitness who believes his or her inputs were followed by those animations! For a considerable time, the NTSB did no eyewitness interviews. Then they were allowed to eyeball FBI eyewitness reports, but not allowed to have copies of them. More recently (just this year) eyewitness data has been released to the public. ….

8. Unknown vessels were close to the victim aircraft when it exploded. After more than four years following the disaster, officials refuse to identify some of the radar tracks passing quite near the victim aircraft. At least one of those unidentified tracks was virtually underneath the aircraft when it exploded. Immediately after the explosion it fled the scene instead of arriving to lend rescue and recovery assistance. Officials continue to refuse to identify that vessel. …………. The identity of that vessel is still not publicly known. ….

9. The Flight Data Recorder's information needs further interpretation. When private researchers noted abnormalities in the FDR (Flight Data Recorder) records of the victim aircraft, the NTSB simply drew a line through the suspect data and stated that data belonged to another flight. Additional FDR abnormalities remain unexplained almost three years after the crash. …………. Still true. ….

10. The armed services have not been sufficiently frank. Despite initial official denials that military exercises had been scheduled for the ocean areas just to the south of victim aircraft's flight path, it was later determined that military exercises had indeed been carried out not far from the disaster scene. The numbers and types of military ships south of Long Island at the time of the accident were also initially minimized and misrepresented by officials. ……………. These confusions persist. ….

Citizen Investigator 8/28/00 Tom Shoemaker and Richard Hirsch "……Some of the independent researchers have concluded that three different missiles struck TWA Flight 800...some will tell you Middle Easterners fired those missiles...some will say those Middle Easterners entered the U.S. with their missiles from Canada...and that the missiles themselves are known to have come from a specific nation in the Eastern Hemisphere...some will say the Navy fired missiles...some will try to name the ship from which the missiles were fired.....some will name the specific type of missile for you...some will delineate for you what data radar tapes they have never seen contain ...some will tell you the government knows terrorists destroyed TWA Flight 800 and has chosen to protect the terrorist murderers for domestic political reasons ... but even when argued long and passionately such ideas remain speculations, not facts.......... These speculations presented as facts are hurting the serious independent investigation work. The constant release of a myriad of unproven charges does more to muck up the investigation than to help it. The speculators sometimes appear to believe that their personal conviction is really all the proof they need to make their case. ………For all the energy invested in those speculations, their proponents would be hard pressed to prove such a case as a fact in a court of law or even in a decent high school debate tournament. At times there appears to be an overwhelming urge to attempt to bridge the chasm between speculation and proof with a leap lightened by the abandonment of weighty but necessary facts. This is a prescription for disaster that can be avoided. ……… Plain talk among the researchers should be able to separate beliefs from facts. There is no disgrace in an investigator admitting his hypothesis is a few facts short of a proof. Traditionally that admission has spurred researchers to refine their techniques and redouble their efforts.........." Newsmax 4/26/00 Michael Hull "…. Chris Baur and Fritz Meyer were New York Air National Guard pilots who witnessed the crash of TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996 and flew straight to the scene. ......
Baur stated: "Almost due south of the helicopter, there was a hard white light, like burning pyrotechnics, in level flight. I was trying to figure out what it was. It was the wrong color for flares. It struck an object coming from the right and made it explode." Baur saw a streak moving from his left to his right and towards the TWA aircraft.
Meyer said he saw "a streak of light moving from my right to my left." The streak that Meyer saw was traveling in the same direction as the TWA flight. The streak was red-orange in color and ended in a yellowish-white explosion that looked like the detonation of an anti-aircraft shell. "It left a cloud of smoke just like a flak explosion," Meyer said, and "one to two seconds later, there was a second, hard explosion almost pure white in color. Immediately thereafter there was a third explosion and a fireball". (March 10, 1997 Aviation Week and Space Technology)

Newsmax 4/26/00 Michael Hull "…. On July 29, 1997 the Riverside Press reported that Meyer was convinced he had seen an "ordnance explosion" near the plane. He commented: "The explosion of the fuel was not the initiator of the event. It was one of the results. Something happened before that which was the initiator of the disaster." ......... The two pilots were describing separate missiles: both missiles exploded and the fuel from the aircraft then ignited in a "fireball". ...... "

Newsmax 4/26/00 Michael Hull "….In March 1998 Meyer spoke to the Granada Forum (a conservative organization located in Hollywood, CA) and described an interesting phone call he had received which supported his position that he and Baur had witnessed two missiles. …. "After my picture appeared on television I received a phone call one night from an anonymous person - the person just got on the phone and said: 'You don't know who I am but I work for Sikorsky'. …. He said there is a tape -- and I don't think it is a tape -- I think it is a digital disk -- there is a tape of the Sikorsky radar which shows two targets approaching TWA Flight 800 before the impact -- one a high speed supersonic and one subsonic. The Sikorsky radar is not up in Bridgehampton - the Sikorsky radar is in Riverhead - it's actually just 5 miles north of the Suffolk County airport, which I was flying to. It is a remote site run by the U.S. Navy Virginia Capes authority and they lease the digital information to Sikorsky so that when helicopters are out there being tested, Sikorsky has the most sophisticated data radar that the Navy has watching their helicopters. When I went down to talk to my congressman in Washington, an assistant of his showed me a list of all the data that the FBI said they were holding -- all the documentation. I looked for this particular tape on it because the gentleman on the telephone had told me that the FBI had come in the next morning and confiscated it -- he used that word. The tape was not on that list and so in an interview in Washington I told Congressman Traficant that I didn't see this radar tape on the list that the FBI had given to Congressman Forbes. After my interview with him, Congressman Duncan sent a letter to the FBI specifically asking for this tape by name - just nailed it down and said: "Do you have this?" Even though it wasn't on the inventory that they presented to the Congress, they then admitted that they did have it in their possession -- said it didn't show anything unusual -- but refused to release it to anybody." (A video of Meyer's presentation is available from Dennis Whipple, 2315 Marine Avenue, Gardena, CA 90249.) ......"

Newsmax 4/26/00 Michael Hull "…. Rosa Gray Khalilch saw "double orange flares" streak upward and explode into a large orange fireball. The flares were arcing and trailed by gray smoke. ……… Tom Stalcup, a research assistant in the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, Florida, interviewed Barbara Pacholk on January 28, 1998. Pacholk said she saw "two objects" rise from the surface. The first object exploded near the tail and the second near the nose. She also noticed two large navy vessels on the ocean. One of these vessels, Pacholk declared, quickly left the area after the tragedy. ……… Frank Lenahan and his wife were sitting on their outside deck when Frank saw "two red streaks", very vivid in color, ascend. He brought this to the attention of his wife who turned and saw one of the streaks go west to east, straight across the horizon just above the dune line. They didn't follow the streaks all the way up as they assumed they were fireworks. ……"

Newsmax 4/26/00 Michael Hull "…. On the evening of June 26, 1996 the Coast Guard received a report of 'three red flares' launched 25 miles south of Shinnecock Inlet - approximately the same location that TWA Flight 800 would explode exactly three weeks later. This report came within hours of the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia conducted by Saudi dissidents funded by Iran and believed to have been directed by Osama bin Laden. An air and surface search was carried out which found nothing out of ordinary. There was no one in distress on the ocean. ………This incident was brought to the FBI's attention on March 17, 1997 when Philip E. Kuhlman, a resident of Moriches, New York sent a letter to James Kallstrom (who headed the FBI investigation into TWA 800) in which he wrote: …….. "I am a retired SA (Special Agent) of the FBI who incidentally resides in the vicinity of the area where TWA flight 800 came down. I feel constrained to write this letter to you in view of all of the furor recently over the possibility of TWA flight 800 being brought down on July 17, 1996 by friendly missile fire. This letter could indicate that possibly flight 800 might have been brought down by hostile missile fire. On Monday, July 22, 1996 I belatedly read the following newspaper article which appeared on page 186 of Dan's Papers, July 5, 1996 edition under the heading of 'U.S. Coast Guard Blotter'. (Dan's Papers is an Eastern Long Island weekly newspaper.): ......... A sailing vessel hailed Coast Guard Station Shinnecock on channel 16 VHF-FM at sunset on June 26, reporting three red flares. The Coast Guard 41-foot Utility Boat responded to the reported position, 25 nautical miles south of Shinnecock Inlet. Station Shinnecock searched throughout the night, along with a Coast guard helicopter and a fixed wing plane from Air Station Cape Cod, with no results. The Coast Guard rescue helicopter returned at sunrise and found no evidence of any distress." …….. Mr. Kuhlman continued: "Upon reading the above, I became curious when I realized that this 'red flare' incident occurred on the same day of the week, a Wednesday, as the downing of flight 800 only three weeks earlier. It also happened at approximately the same time of day and at approximately the same location. I wondered whether this could be a test missile firing on June 26, or perhaps could it be a failed attempt to bring flight 800 down on that date?" ……….. When no reply was received from Kallstrom, Kuhlman wrote to Dan's Papers commenting: ……… "Concerning this letter I sent to Kallstrom, much to my chagrin and amazement, I never received an answer from either him or one of his subordinates -- not even a brief letter advising me that his matter had been checked out and found to be of no significance. Believe me, in the good old days, when I was still with the FBI and might have been one of the men called upon to assist in the handling of this matter, Mr. Hoover would have insisted that a letter of this nature be answered." ………"

Newsmax 4/26/00 Michael Hull "….Kuhlman continued: "Did it (the FBI) know beforehand -- the identity of the 30 knot vessel that was picked up by Islip radar that evening? (July 17, 1996) This was a large, 50 foot-plus ship, that had been at sea more or less under the path of Flight 800 and which had steamed away, going Southwest, afterward, over the horizon. There has been no official identification of this ship and there has been no evidence that this vessel, right beneath the breakup of Flight 800, ever radioed anyone of what it must have witnessed. Well, in view of this unidentified ship revelation on the night that Flight 800 went down, my curiosity has again been aroused as to the possibility of this vessel being identical with the mysterious 'distress' vessel on the evening of June 26, 1996." (Kuhlman's letters may be read in their entirety in the 'Interim Report on the Crash of TWA Flight 800 for The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Aviation, U.S. House of Representatives, July 17, 1998'. This report is available on the internet at ……….."

Newsmax 4/26/00 Michael Hull "…. In a December 17, 1996 article The Washington Times stated: …… "An official with the Defense Intelligence Agency, spy arm of the Pentagon, has informed congressional staff members that, in his opinion, a shoulder-fired missile brought down TWA Flight 800. The same DIA official, described as an expert in missile technology, told the staff members last week that he personally was called in by the FBI in the days following the explosion of the TWA jet to assist with witness interviews." ……. The article went on to report that a congressional source present at the briefing by the DIA official reported: "In his opinion, the plane was brought down by at least one shoulder-fired missile" and then the source remarked, "When he said that, we all took a deep breath." …… After seeing the CIA video depicting the U.S. government's explanation of the crash, witness Barbara Pacholk told the New York Post (November 19, 1997): ........., "I know what I saw, I saw several fires go across the sky. One hit the plane at the tail and the second hit at the front, just before the wings. The fire came from both ends and met in the middle and exploded. Then the nose dropped, hung there for a minute. I understand that when a plane bursts into flames the flames fall, but this was a fire going up towards the plane. I wouldn't accuse anyone of wrongdoing, but I'm definitely still wondering what happened." …….."

Newsmax 4/26/00 Michael Hull "….Commander William S. Donaldson USN (Ret.) - former Officer-in-Charge of Carrier Battlegroup's Air Traffic Control Center, pilot and military accident investigator, developed additional eyewitness evidence that two missiles were fired towards TWA Flight 800. Donaldson located the firing points of the missiles by triangulating witness bearing lines as described in his 'Interim Report on the Crash of TWA Flight 800 for The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Aviation, U.S. House of Representatives, July 17, 1998'. The report, which was provided to Congressman Traficant, may be read on the internet at ......... A missile was fired from a location one nautical mile off shore and three nautical miles east of Moriches Inlet. ………. The second missile was fired approximately 10 miles out to sea from a surface vessel that sailed away from the disaster at 30 knots. ………"


The America Spectator 6/18/97 John B Roberts II "…… When he was putting together his White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security late last July, after the explosion of TWA 800, Bill Clinton took the trouble to call Victoria Cummock personally and ask her to join. Cummock, who had lost her husband over Lockerbie on Pan Am 103 eight years before, seemed a solid, logical choice. Since her husband's death she had devoted so much time and effort to improving airline safety that Newsday labeled her "the airlines' most tenacious foe." Aboard Air Force One -- en route to a New York appearance to share the grief of the families of TWA 800's victims -- the president convinced Cummock that he sincerely wanted to develop stringent new counter-terrorism measures for America's airlines. Vice President Al Gore, he added, would head the new Commission. She agreed to join. Now Victoria Cummock has filed suit in federal court against Gore and the Department of Transportation, charging that the vice president pressured her to abandon her call for counter-terrorism measures and refused to publish a 42-page dissent she had filed, despite promising her publicly at the Commission's last meeting that her dissent would be included in the official report. Her suit demands access to the internal memos and files she claims Gore's staff withheld from the commissioners, so that if necessary a new dissent can be prepared. Al Gore, she believes, sold her out. ……"


Airline Fuel Tanks Deemed Safe 8/16/00 Randolph Schmid AP "….A three-year study launched in the wake of the crash of TWA Flight 800 has concluded that airline fuel tanks are safe, industry trade groups said Wednesday. ``The world's commercial aircraft fleet continues to be safe and that includes the fuel systems,'' said Robert Peel, director of air worthiness and technical standards of the Air Transport Association, the airline industry trade association. He said more than 100,000 work hours were spent inspecting 990 aircraft operated by 160 airlines as part of the program launched in August 1997. ……Questions about the safety of airline fuel tanks had been raised during the investigation of the crash of TWA Flight 800, which exploded on July 17, 1996, crashing into the ocean off the coast of New York's Long Island. All 230 aboard the Boeing 747 bound from New York to Paris were killed. ….." 8/16/00 ".......TWA FLIGHT 800 crash witnesses fed up with the official investigation formed the "TWA 800 Eyewitness Alliance," which published a full-page ad in the Washington Times today demanding that the government tell the truth about the crash. In bold-face type they proclaim: "WE SAW TWA FLIGHT 800 SHOT DOWN BY MISSILES AND WE WON'T BE SILENCED ANY LONGER ... We, the eyewitnesses know that missiles were involved. We don't know who launched them, but we know that for some reason our government has lied and tried to discredit all of us to keep that question from being addressed. ... The claim that our evidence is worthless is false and we want to know who is behind it. Hundreds of us SAW what happened. The FBI, the CIA and the NTSB must not be allowed to get away with this cover-up by defamation of the eyewitnesses." ....... See Full Ad: ........" 8/16/00 ".......It was shortly after the crash, after I'd interviewed several witnesses that I realized there was something here. Each of these people who I contacted based on their names reported in the media was telling me about the same thing, about a rocket that rose from a low elevation fairly close to shore and that flew out to sea, headed south, trailing smoke in its path. That flight path was at 90 degrees to Flight 800's path, so it could not be Flight 800. The rocket ended in a small explosion -- the initial crash event. When I accumulated all witness accounts from which a line- of-sight could be established, I found that the rocket that they observed came from the same area, and the area was not the same as the crash. I then triangulated those accounts . Even the accounts from which reliable line-of-sight could not be established were looking in the same general area. Not long thereafter retired Navy crash investigator Commander William Donaldson published his own triangulation of many more accounts than I had and his were based on interviews on location. His triangulated close-to-shore launch site is almost the same, one or two miles off my triangulation: With the release of the NTSB report we discovered that the FBI had also triangulated missile-witness accounts and the FBI had triangulated accounts to virtually the same close-to-shore location both Donaldson and I independently determined: . These accounts are a human recording of what happened.


TWA Flight 800 Eyewitness Databases:


ABC News 7/16/00 David Ruppe "…… The government’s investigation of the TWA 800 crash, considered the largest and most expensive in commercial air disaster history, has been controversial from the start. In the days following, nearly 100 of more than 700 eyewitnesses interviewed by the FBI described seeing a streak of light move from the Earth leading to an explosion, which seemed to suggest a missile had struck the Boeing 747. ………. All that investigators will say they know for sure is that the plane’s center fuel tank blew up. To date, no single source of ignition for that explosion has been identified, although investigators feel they have closed in on several possibilities, all of which they say point to some form of mechanical malfunction. ...... "

ABC News 7/16/00 David Ruppe "…… But’s examination of the main arguments and evidence used by various government agencies to dismiss the missile theory reveals a degree of conjecture, along with disagreements about key eyewitness accounts. …….. The most compelling case for the missile theory is made by the 755 FBI records of eyewitness interviews, which were recorded on standardized FBI "FD-302" forms typically used by the bureau in court. Recently posted on the Internet and given little notice by the press, the FBI records seem to tell a dramatic story of a missile striking the plane. Ninety-six of the eyewitnesses — from boats, from the Long Island shore, and from a nearby jet and helicopter — described seeing a streak of light or what appeared to be a flare moving up from the Earth and eventually leading to an explosion over the Atlantic, according to the FBI reports. ……. Donaldson has posted the FBI forms, obtained from the NTSB, on a Web site. ......"

ABC News 7/16/00 David Ruppe "…… Initially, "everyone thought this was an act of terrorism," says then-FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom, who would lead the bureau’s investigation into the crash. "I assigned 500 additional agents to look at the missile theory. We thought there was a likely chance it could have happened," he said. ......But as FBI and NTSB investigations progressed, federal agencies publicly began to discount the likelihood of a missile strike. Kallstrom said the FBI exhaustively investigated one lead after another, and conducted forensic tests, with no results. …….."

ABC News 7/16/00 David Ruppe "…… But some critics charged the CIA analysis — an unusual endeavor for a commercial air disaster investigation — seemed curiously non-comprehensive. ......... The analysis, for instance, did not take into account all of the eyewitness testimony. It was produced as the FBI gradually fed the CIA just 244 of the 755 eyewitness accounts, a CIA official later acknowledged. ……. Also, CIA officials told an NTSB panel their theory about the crash was largely supported by the testimony of a single eyewitness to the crash, whose account appeared at odds with many others, but whom analysts had determined was highly reliable. ......,, Moreover, that key witness’s testimony at first didn’t fully support the CIA’s theory, a CIA analyst told the panel. The witness at first told the FBI that the streak of light originated from the Earth. Only when interviewed for a third time did the eyewitness give the FBI an account that better matched the CIA theory — based on radar, satellite, physical and other evidence — that the light had originated high in the sky. …….The CIA "had all of the evidence that we thought were worthy of consideration," says Kallstrom. "Those were the best witnesses, which had the best location. They had the best recall. They were articulate. They were people who we thought were not just making up stuff because they heard it on the radio." ……And Kallstrom notes the CIA’s analysis was derived from far more than the key witness to calculate what might have happened to the plane. "[W]e gave them the product of 12 different radarsof [a] satellite atomic clock, and [the satellite] saw the infrared explosion of the plane, so we could pinpoint that. We had all of the facts of the flight data recorder. We knew where all of the witnesses were. You know the speed of sound, the speed of light." The CIA analysis is "conjecture, based on a lot of evidence," Kallstrom says. ......"

ABC News 7/16/00 David Ruppe "…… The NTSB has been examining a number of other possible causes such as faulty wiring, a malfunctioning fuel pump, a possible spark of static electricity, and sulfur deposits in fuel. ……… A Washington Post story in June reporting the NTSB had test fired Stinger anti-aircraft missiles in April, as part of its TWA 800 investigation, raised some speculation the board might after all be seriously considering the missile theory as it prepares to make its final report. NTSB officials, however, seemed to suggest the test was something of a formality, more about covering all of the bases than finding new answers. ......"

ABC News 7/16/00 David Ruppe "…… William Gallagher is one of the more than 100 witnesses to the crash of TWA flight who says he saw something streaking upwards from the surface, followed by an explosion. An F.B.I agent interviewed him three days later. ……… Even though it’s been four years since the crash, the commercial fisherman says his memory of those few seconds remains clear. Unfortunately, he says, his memory of the crash does not coincide with the government’s explanation of the tragedy so far. ......... Gallagher, who was at sea about 10 to 12 miles west of the airplane when it crashed, wrote down his observations a few days after the tragedy and drew a diagram of what he saw to make sure he would not forget the terrible details. "It looked like a red flare heading up into the sky from the horizon. Then the flare became a big white ball of light. Out of that came two orange streaks. One went down and the other arced up a little before coming down," he said. ......... Gallagher was heading toward his homeport, Point Pleasant, N.J., on his way back from a squid fishing expedition on July 17. He said he was standing on his boat facing east, and estimates he was close to four miles from the New Jersey shore, when he saw the single red streak shooting up. He believes that red streak could have been a missile, but admits, "no one really knows what happened." Although he has read reports of the government’s explanation this far, those reports don’t account for the red streak he saw heading up, and not down, he says. ........."I know what I saw," said Gallagher, who was never called back for a follow-up interview by the FBI. "I just wish the government and the media would really investigate what I and a lot of other people saw. I think they’re waiting for us to forget."......"

Associated Retired Aviation Professionals 7/14/00 Cmdr. William S. Donaldson, III - USN, Ret. "…….Eyewitnesses to the tragic crash of TWA Flight 800 will hold a joint press conference Monday, supported by three separate groups of independent crash researchers. The eyewitnesses will tell their stories and the independent researchers will discuss the current progress of their investigations. While each group differs in some of the details of their analysis and conclusions, they are united in the belief that the NTSB's theory is a complete fabrication, unsupported by the evidence uncovered so far and that other evidence is being withheld or ignored by the NTSB and FBI either through sheer incompetence or through an overt desire to avoid the embarrassment of the real cause of this tragic crash…….."


NEWSMAX 7/10/00 Carl Limbacher "……Independent investigator James Sanders has new evidence that could amount to smoking-gun proof of a cover-up in the investigation into the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800. While on Long Island this week to interview eyewitnesses to America's worst unexplained air disaster, Sanders tipped to his latest find - photographs of crash investigators tampering with key evidence as they reassembled the plane's carcass at Long Island's Calverton air base. …….. Sanders himself was prosecuted last year for receiving seat fabric from the reconstructed plane from a TWA employee, which he promptly had analyzed by a California lab. The result? The red streaks on the fabric were found to be consistent with rocket fuel residue. ……..When the government claimed the residue was glue, the mainstream press looked the other way - denying Sanders the vindication that would have rendered any prosecution moot. Both Sanders and his wife Elizabeth were found guilty of conspiracy by a New York court last April. They are currently appealing their convictions. ………"

NEWSMAX 7/10/00 Carl Limbacher "…… For four years the FBI and NTSB have maintained there was no compelling physical evidence that showed the plane was hit by a missile, arguing instead that TWA 800 went down after the center fuel tank exploded. But Sanders told late Monday, "I now have photos showing investigators in the process of bending the metal down so that they could say the explosion was caused by an internal event." …….The new cache of evidence sounds voluminous. "It's stacks of pictures and documents, I think it must be about a half-pound worth of material," Sanders said. …….. If the photos are as dramatic as they sound, it may not be so easy this time for the mainstream press to bury its head in the sand. ……"

Washington Post, The 6/1/00 Don Phillips "…..Investigators seeking answers to the 1996 explosion and crash of Trans World Airlines Flight 800 fired Stinger missiles into the air from a Florida beach last month to determine whether it is possible that streaks of light seen by several witnesses could have been missiles. ……. While investigators said they will need several weeks to analyze data from the unannounced tests, sources familiar with the tests said initial observations have turned up nothing to cast doubt on the National Transportation Safety Board's preliminary determination that no missile hit the plane. …….One source said it was extremely unfortunate that word of the tests began leaking out because it is possible that the data "will in the end conclude it [a missile] is extremely unlikely" and investigators did not want people to conclude that the tests were prompted by any new information. These tests will be seen at the August hearings along with hundreds of highly detailed tests and studies of almost every possibility and almost every system on the plane. ….."

Freeper Bonaparte 1/8/00 "….Lewis is indeed a very heavy, long-term contributor to the Democrats. Verify here (too long to copy/paste. Type in Lewis, Peter. Then look for all contributions under Lewis, Peter B. for each time frame)... Gotta wonder if the Charles Gray you mentioned is related to the James P. "Jim" Gray who was running for Congress in California when he received a contribution from Lewis….. Speakaing of James P. "Jim" Gray (possibly related to Charles H. "Hank" Gray), here is a most curious judicial opinion, delivered several years ago -- by one Judge James P. Gray of Santa Ana, California...

Online search is sure turning up a lot of drug-related citations for Judge James P. Gray. Here's a lengthy letter he wrote to WH drug czar, Barry McCaffey, calling for an end to the illicit drug prosecutions and specifically mentioning marijuana as a great California cash crop... "

NewsMax 1/7/00 "….. Monday, launches a multi-part series based on a new book entitled Altered Evidence. …… July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 was downed by missile fire, according to eyewitnesses and the physical evidence. The Justice Department framed and indicted a journalist whose investigation of government lawlessness associated with this event placed senior members of the Clinton administration at risk. The journalist's wife was harassed by the Justice Department, intimidated and - when she refused to turn on her husband - indicted. Altered Evidence tells how the Justice Department vilified and prosecuted the journalist and his wife while major media obediently published government propaganda as news while misrepresenting or spiking the other side of the issue. Altered Evidence reveals how the Judicial system allowed the First Amendment to be excised from the courtroom - how the Justice Department stood before the Court, without smirking, demanding that government lawlessness not be part of the journalist's defense….."

NewsMax 1/7/00 "…..But when over one hundred witnesses see evidence indicating a missile shot down a commercial jetliner, it is a mystifying event to major media rather than compelling evidence. The standard of evidence required to put an American citizen to death is considered by major media to be far too low a standard to use when investigating wrongdoing at the highest levels of the federal government. Within our judicial system an inference can be drawn from circumstantial evidence. If senior members of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) leak false information to major media, an inference can be formed of a consciousness of guilt. But within major media, such events are mystifying……"

NewsMax 1/7/00 "….. Altered Evidence provides compelling evidence that: The FBI and NTSB altered radar data presented to the press in December 1997 in order to hide a major military presence in the immediate area of TWA Flight 800 when it was shot down; The NTSB and FBI altered the Flight 800 reconstruction at Calverton Hangar to hide evidence of damage caused by a missile, and have blocked the publication of photos revealing the Altered Evidence; The FBI and NTSB conspired to misrepresent the reddish-orange residue found on seats in rows 17, 18 and 19, claiming it was 3M 1357 HP Adhesive; The FBI and NTSB altered the debris field to create a "mechanical" facade; The Clinton administration, at the highest levels, including the Justice department, controlled the cover-up; and A journalist and his wife were maliciously vilified, harassed, persecuted and framed by the same FBI and Justice Department officials placed at risk by his investigation…."

Following are several confidentials to Alamo-Girl via email [credentials withheld to maintain confidentiality]

"….Below are some very soluble points dealing with the aircraft.

1) 5" 54 guns have a radar range of 9 to 12 miles using the Mk 86 gunnery system.
2) They are dual purpose: Surface to surface and surface to air.
3) RAP (Rocket Assisted Projectiles) rounds have increased range and accuracy when used in conjunction with a laser illuminator
4) When fired, a RAP round resembles a shoulder fired missile delivering a 75 pound warhead to the target with proximity capability using PD (Point Detonation), also called "steel rain" by the Iraqi's; or expanding rod ammunition (perfect against aircraft.
5) Burn time is about 3 to 5 seconds expanding the range significantly. When viewed from a distance this could resemble a shoulder fired weapon, but the need for a discriminating radar to see the projectiles would be required. Muzzle blast would not be noticed from over the horizon.
6) The weapon would travel at a rate of 10,000 to 20,000 fps.
7) If any crews were shooting at drones that day, and the aircraft wandered into the target area, it could have been subjected to fire, but scrutiny by trained radar crews in "gun plot" would have seen the IFF/UHF code of the aircraft…."

"…..The air force doesn't have a clue as to the capabilities of a cruiser or a destroyer. The Mk 86 gunnery system is separate from any other radar on any ship using it. The guns can fire at a rate between 30 and 40 rounds per minute with pinpoint accuracy. A projectile does not have to connect with the target, hence the term "proximity" fuse. Odds are somebody stomped on the foot pedal (this triggers the gun to shoot - we don't say fire in the navy, that's a bad thing) after the target was acquired. Remember, I said laser illuminator, this would cause the projectile to briefly behave like a missile. For all intents and purposes to a layperson, this would resemble a missile. The closest ship was 2.9 miles (nautical 6080 feet per mile, times 2.9, divided by the average muzzle velocity = distance covered in less than two seconds, do the math (6080 ft x 2.9 mi)/ 15000fps = 1.17 seconds; determine elevation 18000 ft. Compute your approximate angle(45.592 degrees). Divide elevation by the sine of the angel and you get the aircrafts range( 25196 ft). Divide by average muzzle velocity (15000fps) = 1.7 seconds. I'd say that's some displacement, wouldn't you? Add in some elevation, wind, and gravitational behavior constants for ballistic projectiles and there you go. The time is fractionally increased.. ,,,:

"….Had a thought, possibly the missile angle is the right way to go, but the ship that was the closest was not the item to be looked at. Here are some numbers to back up my thought.
1) Stinger is out of the question - Range is not sufficient to put the blast fragmentation warhead of the missile into close "proximity" Yes, the aircraft could have sustained damage, but only enough for the pilot to declare an emergency.
2) Next closest "bird" would be RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile). This is a new missile in the Navy's inventory, travels at about mach 2, and would take about 7 to 8 seconds to hit its target from the range of the nearest ship, but that platform does not carry RAM. It can reach out to about 12 kilometers(7.5 miles), but the consideration needed is - what ships carry that weapon program? In most cases it is ships that have limited engagement capability. This would include carriers, gator freighters, and all auxillary's (not including AD's or AS's). It would have to be something that steams regularly and is a threat for its potential for forward air power, amphibious landing capability, or fleet logistics……"

"….. With some simple research, I can tell you what ships were in the area that carry that weapons platform… but I don't have the full picture. The reason why I say this is because if someone used a RIM 67 Block II C variant, it would have looked like Cape Canaveral.

Remember the formula I sent you, it is comprised of the heighth of the aircraft, and any nautical mile range of any ship(s) (this is a horizontal length coordinate to a point on a map) in the area.


Find the tangent first, altitude of aircraft divided by the range of any ship. Inverse the tangent and you get your arbitrary angle in decimal degrees. Then divide the sine of that angle by the altitude of the aircraft, this will give you the hypotenuse, or true angle to the aircraft. Rate x Time = Distance. Mach 2 is about 1450 mph (2127 fps) at sea level, and see if that fits into the timing curve (7 to 8 seconds) given by some of the witnesses. Stick to the math, it will prove itself out.

Another thing about RAM:
1) Radar seeker head with
2) Infra-red lock-on capability
3) Weapon is fire and forget, like the Stinger, but more capable - it will
a) determine range to target
b) will determine cpa (closest point of approach)
c) Has a proximity fuse capability
d) Launcher can carry up to 22 weapons I believe with ripple fire capability, several rounds, at least two would be required to down a 747….."


"….No squid did this, too many eyes. The saying is you can tell how small a ship is by the speed of a rumor going from the bow to the stern. But somebody, like an EW (Electronic Warfare) specialist saw radars engage the target. The SLQ 32 would have seen it. That's an ECM/ESM system every combatant in the fleet has.

Radar engagement would be required prior to launch. RAM has to have target acquisition, and radar lock prior to launch, or the thermal seeker won't engage. The weapon is small enough, like a 127mm (5"), or Stinger, that you would have to have discriminating radar to see it. The SLQ 32 is in essence, a threat warning radar, and is very discriminating, it would see the energy from the radar director. This is classified stuff, nobody will talk to you about it! The web has listings of ships that carry SLQ 32 (we call it slick 32) so you can see what it looks like. (Yahoo, military, weapons, ships).

Remember, angle of attack is the controlling factor as to range from the target, and rate times time equals distance. Those two formulas will give you the quintessential Sherlock Holmes determiner of who could have launched that bird. Known factors:

Aircraft elevation: 13000 - 13500 The pilot could have easily responded to an inflight emergency from this altitude. A 747 weighs tons, so it would cover the 3000 plus feet for breatheable O2 in seconds.

Burn time of possible visual on missile (when noticed): 7 - 8 seconds. That is horizontal time, 13000 plus feet is nothing for vertical displacement with a ship launched missile. The angle from which the event was viewed would have confused a layman unacustomed to that type of event. One must think three dimensionally, thank God for college calculus!…."

Associated Press 1/8/00 "….A wealthy U.S. businessman was reportedly released without conviction after being caught trying to enter New Zealand with more than 3 1/2 ounces of hashish and marijuana. The man's name was suppressed from publication in New Zealand. However, today's Cleveland's Plain Dealer newspaper named the businessman as billionaire Peter B. Lewis. Lewis, 66, is the chairman and chief executive officer of the insurance company Progressive Corp., based in Mayfield Village, Ohio. He has helped bankroll the California-based Americans for Medical Rights, which seeks to legalize marijuana for medical use. …. "

The Seattle Times 12/9/99 James V Grimaldi "….The Boeing Co. said this week that the lack of evidence as to what sparked the blast that downed TWA Flight 800 three years ago points to an ``external source,'' such as a bomb or missile. Boeing's statement in court documents Tuesday is the strongest to date revealing an aggressive legal defense that blames the 747 crash on a bomb or missile -- which the FBI and National Transportation Safety Board long ago ruled out. ``That the NTSB in over three years of exhaustive investigation has been unable to identify any potential ignition source aboard the aircraft suggests that an external source caused the explosion,'' Boeing said. ``Unless and until such time as a cause is determined, ignition sources external to the aircraft -- of any type -- cannot be ruled out.'' …." 12/13/99 David Bresnahan "….Radar sends a signal out which is reflected off any object it hits and comes back. Each sweep of the radar creates a new echo, or image on the screen. The time between sweeps is 4.69 seconds, according to Donaldson. "The one thing that you're going to focus in on tightly when you look at the radar is the sweep after the initial breakup of the aircraft. If it's hit by a weapon, you're going to have metal pieces going in the direction that the weapon hit the airplane. No matter if it's an anti-aircraft shell or a missile," explained Donaldson. In the event of a missile strike to a large commercial aircraft, the extremely high speed of the missile would carry the warhead right through the plane "almost like it's not even there," said the Air Force source. "I can't over emphasize this point. This is not theory, not speculation, but hard physical evidence," Donaldson told Rep. John Duncan, R- Tenn., in a recent report to the Subcommittee on Aviation. Duncan has not yet replied and could not be reached over the weekend….." 12/13/99 David Bresnahan "….The radar data not only seems to verify Donaldson's theory, but it also supports accusations of a deliberate cover-up of the facts. Donaldson will present his evidence today at a press conference at the Surveillance Expo in Crystal City, Md. "To me that's as good as any fingerprint would ever be in any kind of a mystery case. That takes away any doubt. It is (an) extremely high probability that is the actual missile body. I mean, how do you get a piece of metal to go that far -- half a nautical mile -- in seven seconds? There is no way. You're not going to get that amount of displacement in that amount of time (unless it is a missile)," described Donaldson in a phone interview from his home over the weekend. ….." 12/13/99 David Bresnahan "….Donaldson believes that just after the final transponder signal from TWA Flight 800 was received, the plane was hit by a missile. The loss of a transponder signal indicates that the plane lost power. The next radar contact shows debris to the side of the plane, which Donaldson claims is an indication that a high velocity projectile went right through the plane at that point. Each sweep of the radar shows a radar echo for that moment only. There are 4.69 seconds between sweeps. Each radar contact upon successive sweeps shows the debris rapidly moving away from the side of the plane at a very high velocity. Although the missile does not appear on the radar prior to hitting the plane, Donaldson said that is not unusual. It travels so fast that there were only one or two radar sweeps before it hit, and a missile is configured in such a way that it does not reflect radar very well. The jagged pieces of the missile exiting the plane are better radar reflectors and would show up more easily, according to Donaldson…." 12/13/99 David Bresnahan "….Some of the parts were blown as far as 3,200-ft. by the second sweep, in less than 9.4 seconds but more than 4.69 seconds. By measuring the course of the ejected material and back tracking to its intersection with the aircraft's track, the time of the explosive event can be calculated. The missile debris exited the plane and covered 3,200 ft. in 7 seconds, according to Donaldson. "It's just like a murder detective in a shooting in an apartment. He'll stick a pencil in the bullet holes in the wall to see the angle the bullet entered the wall. You do the same thing here and it's pointing right back at a boat that was in range of a shoulder fired missile," said Donaldson. "There's just no way that metal could be where it shows up unless it was hit by a missile," he added. …."





Federal investigators have never found conclusive evidence as to why TWA Flight 800 fell from the sky in a ball of flames

On the last data frame of the TWA Flight 800 Flight Data Recorder record. The FDR altitude data for Flight 800 at 00:31:11 (one second before the initial event) - Flight 800 was flying at 13,772 feet. At 00:31:12, Flight 800's altitude was registered as 10,127 feet! It's obvious that Flight 800 didn't drop over 3,600 feet in less than a second. There evidently was a large change in the outside air pressure around Flight 800.

7/17/98 Commander William S. Donaldson III lists 40 issues critical of the handling of the TWA 800 investigation. Two points of curiosity: 25. That the NTSB refused to accept the testimony of Captain Mundo, the flight engineer on the flight previous to FL800, who stated that he left ZERO fuel in the center wing tank, and 26. That the tail of the aircraft failed shortly after the nose came off."

Ian Willimas Goddard 10/8/98 "In a tape-recorded debate between Reed Irvine and James Kallstrom, who headed the FBI's TWA 800 crash investigation, Kallstrom is reported to admit that three ships tracked on radar near the crash "were Navy ships on classified maneuvers."..Kallstrom was recorded by Reed Irvine of Accuracy In Media on September 14, 1998 during a debate between the two over the phone. The tape recording was first released during a special meeting of the organization Judicial Watch. It was first made known to the public on September 28, with the pub- lication of a letter from private investigator Com- mander William Donaldson to Louis Freeh, head of the FBI, wherein Commander Donaldson states: "I...have in my possession a taped conversa- tion held on 14 September 1998 between Deputy Director Kalstrom (Retired) and Mr. Reed Irvine, Chairman of Accuracy in Media. That conversation puts Deputy Director Kalstrom on record with two startling new facts. He alleges: 1. The 30- knot surface contact was a helicopter. 2. Three of the surface radar contacts were U.S. Navy vessels conducting classified operations.".."

Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance made large donations to Democrats. A definitive agreement was announced 11/6/96 for Progressive Insurance to acquire Midland Financial. The CEO of Midland Financial -Charles H. ("Hank") Gray, III - died in the TWA Flight 800 crash about a month before the possibility of Web Hubbell working for Progressive Life Insurance was discussed between Hubbell and a White House aide.

AP 7/15/99 Glen Johnson "…Three years after TWA Flight 800 turned into a fireball in the skies off New York's Long Island, the end of the investigation is finally in sight. Investigators are certain that a fuel-air explosion in the center fuel tank brought down the Boeing 747 on July 17, 1996, killing all 230 aboard, but a final determination of the ignition source will have to wait until this fall or winter, Jim Hall, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said Wednesday in an interview…."

Reuters/Business Wire 7/14/99 Michael Rivero "…At the press conference, Tom Stalcup, chairman of FIRO [Flight 800 Independent Reserachers Organization], will release a brand-new analysis of the FAA radar data which contradicts the official theory that Flight 800 climbed after initial distress. This analysis clearly shows that the airliner's movement was radically different from the movements depicted in an animation produced by the CIA, and declared to be the official version of what happened. Although FIRO's analysis has not yet determined what caused these movements, it can now be safely stated that the CIA animation blatantly conflicts with the raw radar evidence and the eyewitness evidence it claimed to portray…."

New York Times (reporting Washington Post) 5/8/99 Associated Press "...The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had concluded within six months after TWA Flight 800 crashed off the coast of Long Island that mechanical failure was to blame, but the FBI sat on the report, The Washington Post reported. The paper says in Sunday's editions that FBI officials, still convinced terrorists had downed the plane, dismissed the 24-page ATF report, prepared in January 1997, as ``unprofessional and reprehensible'' and even persuaded a Treasury Department undersecretary to help them suppress it. The Post said it was November 1997 before the FBI acknowledged publicly that a mechanical flaw had ignited the Boeing 747's central fuel tank, causing the crash...."

7/21/98 CNS Scott Hogenson "A former National Transportation Safety Board member says he can no longer support the conclusion of the NTSB that a spark in a fuel cell caused the explosion and crash of TWA Flight 800 more than two years ago. Dr. Vernon L. Grose, who also served as a regular commentator on CNN during its coverage of the incident, told CNS in an exclusive interview that new evidence about the explosion indicates that a possible missile detonation may have brought down the airliner, killing all 230 passengers and crew on board. During a presentation of information Monday on the crash, Grose said he saw previously undisclosed evidence that a near-proximity missile explosion may have brought down the jet. "It disturbed me to see photographic evidence of impinging - bent in, not bent out - skin of the aircraft forward of the center fuel tank, and that is sufficiently primary evidence that should be explained away." Unlike some missiles that must make contact with or pierce a target before exploding, a near-proximity missile need only approach a target before detonation, with the ensuing shock or 'pressure wave' being sufficient to bring down the target.."

Insight 2/8/99 Kelly Patricia O'Meara by A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "...Boeing Co., in an attempt to limit its liability, may defend itself in civil litigation with the theory that the airliner was downed by a U.S. missile....Boeing's legal team already has raised the missile claim as a tool to chip away at the resolve and ultimate financial demands of the victims' families, hoping to reduce settlements by half...."At this point, Boeing is seeking a 50 percent discount on each case because of its belief that a jury will conclude a missile downed Flight 800,"..."Boeing attorneys will try to plant reasonable doubt and make a jury believe that a missile downed TWA 800."...They are convinced that in the absence of proof-positive that mechanical failure was at fault, it would not take much to get a jury to consider the possibility that a missile downed the flight...."In nearly 700 million hours of air time...only twice [in plane disasters] could they not be traced to a known ignition source. The first was a 737 that blew up in the Philippines...The only TWA 800."

The Village Voice 7/13/99 Robert Davey [TWA 800] "…As the investigation's third anniversary passes, the mystery is deepening. A few months ago, a retired army officer bearing impressive credentials approached the Voice as an intermediary for a missile expert with a story to tell. This expert is extremely fearful of losing his job—for more than 20 years he's been a military engineer who specializes in infrared missile technology. Assured of anonymity, he submitted to lengthy interviews by telephone and e-mail, detailing why he believes the investigation of TWA Flight 800 is a cover-up. After spending more than $40 million on the investigation, the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board have not found a definitive answer for why the center fuel tank exploded. Yet they have ruled out a missile as the cause. The NTSB believes an undetermined system flaw produced an electrical spark that ignited jet fuel vapors in the tank. Prior to the official embrace of this mechanical explanation, the missile expert was among several scientists invited by FBI agents to explore the missile theory. He was made privy to evidence suggesting that TWA 800 could have been shot down, consisting of eyewitness accounts of a "flare-like object" shooting skyward moments before the plane exploded. Later he examined the debris in the Calverton hangar. The missile expert has also been in contact with military labs where, he says, the chemists have been unable to make jet fuel vapor explode as the NTSB says it did in TWA 800's center fuel tank. "The labs told the NTSB there's a big problem—it can't happen." The NTSB wouldn't listen. He says, "They were adamant that [the labs] had to find something." The evidence adds up, the missile expert believes, to a "70 percent chance" that TWA 800 was downed by a shoulder-launched missile. Like others who have spoken to the Voice, the expert is exasperated with what he sees as a corrupted investigation. Asked why he is speaking up now, he says, "I wanted someone to look at the truth, not whitewash it away." …"

The Village Voice 7/13/99 Robert Davey [TWA 800] "…But it was the eyewitness accounts that most impressed the expert—the investigation has compiled more than 100 eyewitness interviews reporting a streak of light ending in a flash or explosion, apparently contradicting the official scenario. "When we discussed this with the FBI, they said some of these people were very credible," he recalls. "The most compelling account was from a female witness, as I remember, who reported something with a small flame rising from the ocean trailing a faint smoke trail. The flame was reported to have burned out after about six or seven seconds with a puff that was seen when it hit the aircraft at about 10 seconds. I can tell you that this testimony, if the recounting is accurate, is about as precise as you can get on what you would see from a shoulder-fired infrared SAM [surface-to-air missile]." …"The left wing root near the center fuel tank was clearly a potential impact point, since much of it was missing or badly damaged," he wrote in an e-mail. In an interview he added that together with the left-side wall of the center fuel tank and the left wing, these areas exhibited "a lot of damage which was not well explained, as far as we were concerned....The metal there looked like something very violent happened." The NTSB's reports confirm the view that the damage on the left side of the plane was of a different order from the damage on the right side….. The missile expert the Voice interviewed still insists that a forensic team should "take a real hard look" at the left side, and rule in or rule out a missile. But he also admits that the region of damage that would bear clues of the explosion of a shoulder-launched missile—which has a small warhead—would be quite small, and could easily be among the large areas of the left wing front spar and left side of the center fuel tank that are among the 5 percent of the plane that was never recovered. …."


The Village Voice 7/14/99 Robert Davey "...Voice interviews with a number of metallurgists and experts in explosives confirmed that unless investigators are able to identify the area-perhaps only a few inches across-where the explosion first impinged on the metal, it's impossible to tell what caused the structure to fail. One author of a book on explosives who has worked on government projects told the Voice, "You're looking at something bent and fractured, but to tie it to a pressure source is very difficult." Several metallurgists suggested that explosive residue on the debris would point unambiguously to a high explosion. In August '96, traces of PETN and RDX, both ingredients of the plastic explosive also found in some missile warheads, were indeed detected in recovered debris from Flight 800's passenger cabin. It seemed as if at last evidence had been found proving that a terrorist bomb or a missile had downed the aircraft. But shortly afterward it was claimed that a month before the crash the same 747 was used for a bomb-sniffing-dog exercise. Some of the explosives used, according to this account from the FBI, were apparently in poor condition and could easily have spilled...."

The American Spectator 8/99 John Roberts II "…The White House, with help from a Republican Senator, is sitting on evidence that could point to terrorism in the 1996 jet explosion. an FBI official has become a scapegoat in the cover-up. and the mystery remains unsolved…. . A recent federal appeals court ruling may shed light on some of the political mysteries surrounding TWA 800. On June 18, 1999, a three-judge panel affirmed Victoria Cummock's lawsuit against Al Gore and the Department of Transportation (see "Dissent of Flight 800," TAS, July 1997). Two years ago Victoria Cummock filed suit, claiming Gore pressured her to abandon a call for counter-terrorism measures, and refused to publish her 42- page dissent from the final report of the White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security. She demanded access to confidential files kept from her and to a secret annex to the commission's final report. In early discovery, Cummock was given limited access to commission records. One document she found was a memo from a CIAstaffer assigned to CIADirector John Deutch, who sat next to Cummock at most commission meetings. The CIA memo, written by an officer who intelligence sources say is normally assigned to clandestine services, drew on psychological profiling of Cummock. It said Cummock could be "kept in line if she believes progress could be made" but warned Deutch that she "could become a major problem" if she thought otherwise….. As Cummock's lawsuit goes forward, she may gain access to documents which would clarify the relationship between the commission's secret meetings and Clinton-Gore campaign fundraising. Cummock says the Clinton appointees "had a ton of secret meetings" with airline industry representatives. At the same time, the Clinton-Gore campaign and Democratic Party received more than $500, 000 in political contributions from the airlines. The disturbing prospect of a quid pro quo whereby the Gore Commission withdrew its preliminary security policies in exchange for 1996 campaign contributions remains open. John Cummock's widow is nothing if not persistent. "What I want now is to see the classified report," she said, "and write a dissent, classified or not. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but it's a matter of morals, and values, and ethics." …"

The San Jose Mercury News 7/25/99 Scott Holleran "... My parents missed our connection, but I was assured by the TWA flight crew that they would board the next available flight, Flight 800..... I learned that the airport official was wrong. Mom and Dad were alive--- they had missed that flight as well---and I was elated to embrace them..... It wasn't until we boarded the flight back to the United States that I began to question the government's investigation of the crash, when members of the TWA flight crew told me that flight 800 had been shot down by a Navy missile. This was weeks before an anonymous e-mail message made similar claims, and months before journalist and former Kennedy press secretary Pierre Salinger claimed that a French intelligence source had informed him of a conspiracy by the U.S. government to cover up a military mishap. "Friendly fire," let alone a coverup, seemed preposterous to me. As a journalist, I am inclined to be skeptical of unusual claims...."

The San Jose Mercury News 7/25/99 Scott Holleran "... First, authorities issued several conflicting statements....Second, the anonymous e-mail---though it contained plenty of false information---disclosed that a Navy aircraft had been involved in exercises nearby at the time of the crash. Much later, the FBI acknowledged that fact....Third, I'd noticed that investigators wanted to have it both ways. The National Transportation Safety Board's investigation was proceeding under the direction of the FBI, which was involved on the grounds that a crime might have caused the crash---but FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom would neither confirm nor deny the existence of criminal evidence..... The FBI seized an amateur videotape taken by retired commercial pilot Richard Russell, which he said showed radar images of TWA 800 being downed by a missile. Charges were filed against freelance writer and investigator James Sanders, who had obtained a piece of seat fabric that he said contained rocket resi- due. I wondered why the FBI had bothered with such supposedly meaningless claims---and, once they had, why they wouldn't release the video and seat fabric for independent evaluation.... "

The San Jose Mercury News 7/25/99 Scott Holleran "... hen the FBI's Kallstrom testified before Congress that his agency had tracked "all air and waterborne vessels in the area and conducted appropriate interviews. Yet the FBI did not dispute a report by Robert Davey, a Village Voice reporter, that radar in the area picked up four unidentified tracks. One of these, according to the NTSB was within three nautical miles of Flight 800 when it exploded. It's pattern was consistent with a surface vessel moving at 30 knots, the NTSB said. Perhaps most alarming was that the mysterious boat kept moving out to sea, even after the explosion. "He not only doesn't turn to render assistance, he runs," said naval Cmdr. William Donaldson, who believes a navy missile downed the plane. In early 1998, retired Adm. Thomas Moorer--- former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff--- added his name to the list of those who believe a missile destroyed the plane...Montbs later, a former member of the NTSB, Vernon Grose, also publicly cast doubt on the investigation after seeing the flight recorder analysis.....Last week, one of the investigation's own military engineers, a specialist in missile technology, told the Village Voice's Davey that he believes the plane was probably shot down by a missile and that the government is covering up the truth.... The entire investigation has seemed like an "X-Files" episode. ..."

The San Jose Mercury News 7/25/99 Scott Holleran "....At the time of the crash, 270 eyewitnesses across Long Island reported seeing a streak of light. After the FBI suspended the criminal investigation last year, Kallstrom, in an unprecidented move, asked the CIA to produce a videotaped explanation of the eyewitness accounts that specifically refutes the missile theory. At least one military pilot who saw the crash is unconvinced. National Guard helicopter pilot Frederick Meyer--- one of the closest eye-witnesses, who reported falling debris---rejects the CIA's animated recreation. Meyer described the event as "an ordnance explosion" And he ought to know what one looks like; the veteran pilot dodged missiles in Vietnam. Nearly 100 of the eyewitnesses said streak of light originated from the earth's surface..... proper scientific inquiry is not passive acceptance of ignorance; it is the relentless pursuit of truth. And the truth is what investigators---despite hightly desirable conditions for an aviation disaster inquiry---have completely failed to uncover. Instead, they have asserted repeatedly that the cause may be "unknowable," implying that TWA 800 is doomed to being an unsolved mystery. It is not. I don't claim to know what happened to the 747. But I do know that the truth matters....."


Original Sources Blanquita Collum Radio Show - WMVU - Manchester, NH 8/31/99 majordivit reports "…Commander Donaldson just said that the white house interferred with the salvage operation of TWA800. Evidently, there was a fully capable salvage ship from Weeks Marine operating in the Atlantic which had been directed by the FAA and the NTSB to go and begin salvage operations of the TWA crash site until the white house intervened and instead directed the Navy to perform the salvage operations. According to Donaldson, the Weeks Marine salvage ship could have recovered the fuselage of flgt800 in a day and a half. Instead , it sat on the sidelines while the Navy didn't begin salvage operations for several days…."

Insight 9/2/99 Paul M Rodriguez "…Until recently, reporters avoided launching public smear attacks against one of their own. And certainly in my experience as a veteran newsman, journalists would never roll over and allow government bureaucrats to use them to slime their colleagues. Yet that precisely is what recently happened to an Insight reporter whom I asked to unravel a new mystery involving the doomed flight of TWA 800. Specifically, the reporter -- Kelly Patricia O'Meara -- was detailed to find out why recently unearthed radar tapes never seen before showed significant numbers of "hits" compared with previously released government radar tapes. And why were so many of the new blips passing beyond the crash site into a military no-fly/no-sail zone? Government investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, the FBI and the military previously had said such data didn't exist or stated bluntly there was no such traffic. …..Armed with documents -- interestingly, at one point supplied by an NTSB employee -- O'Meara's assignment was simple: Ask the NTSB why the "new" radar data had not been previously released and determine what the data actually showed….."

Insight 9/2/99 Paul M Rodriguez "…Notwithstanding the dog-eat-dog mores now prevailing in Washington, it still came as some surprise to me how NTSB officials managed to convince a legitimate writer at a competing news organization -- the Washington Post -- to try through innuendo to intimidate the Insight reporter for leveling aggressive questions about the data at testy and flippant bureaucrats……"

Insight 9/2/99 Paul M Rodriguez "…NTSB Managing Director Peter Goelz decided not to complain to any of Insight's top editors -- including me -- about what he felt were "extraordinary antagonistic" questions from the magazine's reporter. Instead he went to Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz….."Kelly O'Meara was questioning Goelz about secret government radar reports that she said show plenty of activity nearby on the day in 1996 that TWA Flight 800 crashed," Kurtz wrote in the Aug. 23 issue of his newspaper. "The government says it found no evidence to support theories that the plane was downed by a missile," Kurtz continued. And later he quoted Goelz as saying: "She really believes that the United States Navy shot this thing down and there was a fleet of warships." Kurtz wrote these words without interviewing O'Meara. And he wrote it after being told by me that the reporter hadn't yet returned from the Goelz interview, so there was no basis to judge the accuracy of the bureaucrat's rendition of events. Moreover, I recall telling Kurtz, missiles and such were not the issue for the magazine, but the issue was what may be on never-before-seen radar data. "If anyone has questions about [the reporter's] bias, wait 'til they see a printed product," I was quoted by Kurtz as saying. Otherwise, "it's just carping about an aggressive reporter."…"

Insight 9/2/99 Paul M Rodriguez "…An examination of the transcript of the reporter's interview, however, paints a different picture from the one Goelz portrays and Kurtz displays. It also puts into context the so-called rude reporter's tactics. It demonstrates, perhaps, how nervous, worried and reactive bureaucrats become when faced with tough questions and persistence. Challenged with straightforward questions, they evade or turn flippant. Curiously, O'Meara never brought up in her Aug. 20 interview the theory that the plane had been shot down. It was the NTSB officials themselves who raised it, as they did in subsequent interviews with me on Aug. 23 and Aug. 25. They were the ones who also brought up errant-missile theories -- only, admittedly, to mock them….."

Insight 9/2/99 Paul M Rodriguez "…there are significant differences from the previous publicly released NTSB reports and the newly acquired radar data. And the differences beg questions, such as why are there are two versions of what supposedly are the same set of data? What does the new information show? Do the blips represent military, civilian or commercial boats and planes on the new radar tapes? Why are so many targets moving beyond the crash site into a military no-fly/no-sail zone? And, certainly not least, why were these additional targets scrubbed or otherwise not reported in previous published NTSB reports? In response to such commonsense questions posed by O'Meara -- they were not loaded ones nor did they presuppose anything -- NTSB officials speaking to a tape recorder in plain sight were evasive, mocking and circular in their answers. And, again, contrary to what Kurtz quoted Goelz as saying, it was the NTSB officials who first raised the issue of missile conspiracies in the Post story. In the actual interview they limited the scope of such off-the-wall chatter to Internet conspiracy theorists….."

Insight 9/2/99 Paul M Rodriguez "…Loeb and Goelz subsequently confirmed to me that the NTSB had, in fact, left out much of the additional and "new" radar data obtained by Insight and that, indeed, it will lead to further questions. But that said, they also maintained that in the final analysis it doesn't matter what additional information comes out because in their judgment nothing will change: A mechanical fault brought the plane down. Fine. Insight was not questioning that or any other conclusion, but it was -- and still is -- questioning the handling and release of the radar data If conspiracy theories are fueled, it will be partly because the NTSB saw fit to play fast and loose -- for whatever reason, innocent or not -- with material that should have been released to the public promptly, clearly and professionally….."

Baltimore Sun 9/19/99 Tom Bowman "...The National Transportation Safety Board is expected by March to issue its final report on the crash of the Boeing 747 and will point to an electrical failure, which ignited vapors in a center wing tank, said a top NTSB official, who requested anonymity....But retired Navy Cmdr. William S. Donaldson III, 55, a combat pilot during the Vietnam War who investigated a dozen Navy crashes during his 25-year career, points to another cause: a shoulder-fired missile from a terrorist aboard a speedboat some three miles away. Thomas Stalcup, 29, a doctoral candidate in physics at Florida State University, has another explanation, backed by dozens of other amateur TWA 800 sleuths: A military "special operations" exercise supported by a "fleet" of fast-moving ships off Long Island Sound accidentally fired a missile that brought down the plane. Neither man has concrete evidence to support his theory. They blend portions of evidence, from radar blips to bomb residue. They argue that the government's conclusions of a vapor explosion and a rising, crippled aircraft are impossible. And from eyewitness accounts, they conclude, on their Web sites and in media conferences, that a missile can be the only reason for the crash. When they ponder the government's explanation, they see incompetence and cover-up. They dismiss an investigation that has cost $40 million and included the FBI, the NTSB, the CIA, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire-arms and scientists from government labs and private universities....."

AP 11/1/99 "….Federal agencies failed to share important information with each other a previous time they investigated the crash into the Atlantic of a big airliner that had taken off from New York, a congressional report says. The criticism Monday of the handling of the investigation of TWA Flight 800 came as crash experts assembled again, this time to try to determine why EgyptAir Flight 990 fell into the waters off Massachusetts. The assessment by the General Accounting Office said that a report by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, which pointed early on to the explosion of a center fuel tank as the cause of the TWA crash in 1996, was never forwarded to the National Transportation Safety Board. The ATF provided the January 1997 report to the FBI, but the FBI never sent it the safety board, the report said. Had the FBI immediately provided the report to the safety board, changes might have been implemented sooner in the Boeing 747's center wing fuel tank, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and other critics said Monday…."

ASSOCIATED PRESS 10/31/99 ".....THE WASHINGTON POST, in Saturday's editions, quotes National Safety Transportation Board officials as saying the Boeing report could have helped them focus on the problem - fuel tank overheating - that was an apparent factor in the explosion of TWA Flight 800 over Long Island Sound in 1996. According to the newspaper, Boeing produced the report in 1980 but did not give it to the NTSB until this June.....The General Accounting Office, which conducts congressional probes, in recent months has been interviewing employees at Boeing and the Air Force, which commissioned the 1980 report. The newspaper quoted sources as saying the investigators have no evidence of an intentional cover-up. "This was too important to fall through the cracks," Sen. Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the subcommittee that oversees airline disaster investigations, told the newspaper. Grassley said the TWA 800 tragedy could have been prevented if Boeing had volunteered its report after a 1990 fuel tank explosion on different model Boeing jet, a Philippines Airline 737, at the Manila airport, killed eight people....."

Washington Post 10/30/99 Michael Grunwald "…. The Boeing Co. studied fuel tank problems in one of its jumbo jets in 1980--16 years before similar problems in a similar jet apparently contributed to the explosion of TWA Flight 800--but failed to give its report to safety investigators until this June. Congressional investigators are probing why Boeing never told the National Transportation Safety Board that it had completed a report on center fuel tank overheating in its E-4B, the military version of the civilian 747 that went down over Long Island Sound in July 1996. Safety board officials believe the report could have helped focus the TWA 800 investigation on mechanical failure much earlier, and one senator argued that its conclusions could have helped prevent the tragedy if they had been released after a 1990 fuel tank explosion. ….."

Boston Herald 11/8/99 ".....While the federal government has ruled out sabotage in the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800, The Boeing Co. has continued investigations into theories the 747 jetliner was destroyed by a bomb or missile. The Seattle Times reported Sunday that chemical and metallurgical tests were performed Thursday on the TWA wreckage, aimed at finding microscopic remnants of a bomb, a missile or shrapnel. The newspaper cited unidentified sources familiar with the tests. ``Boeing has not ruled out any possibilities,'' spokeswoman Susan Davis told The Associated Press on Sunday. Despite the government's dismissal of the missile or bomb theory, Davis said, ``Until a cause has been identified, we'll look at all the possibilities.'' ....."

Boeing News Release 11/5/99 "….Congressional investigators say The Boeing Company did not intentionally withhold a 1980 study on fuel pump performance in the E-4B. The 19-year-old report on fuel tank heating in a military version of the Boeing 747 was prepared for the U.S. Air Force. "The General Accounting Office investigators found no evidence of a conspiracy on Boeing's part to withhold the study," Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of Judiciary subcommittee on administrative oversight, said Thursday. Boeing said the report was not given to National Transportation Safety Board investigators probing the 1996 TWA Flight 800 explosion because its civilian airliner division was unaware of the report prepared by the company's military unit. "That document was not withheld," Boeing Chairman and CEO Phil Condit said earlier this week. "It was a question of finding it. It was a document about fuel pump performance that in retrospect bears a resemblance but, by the way, has to do with a configuration that is entirely different (than a commercial 747) under a different use. It would not have changed the outcome of the investigation.'. ….."

Seattle Times 11/7/99 "….. At the demand of Boeing attorneys, chemical and metallurgical tests were conducted Thursday to scrutinize Flight 800 wreckage in search of microscopic remnants of a bomb, a missile or shrapnel, according to people familiar with the tests….In the past few months, Boeing has been reviewing FBI interviews with witnesses, many of whom claimed that they saw a sliver of light streaking toward the aircraft before it exploded. FBI and Central Intelligence Agency analyses discounted the sightings as mistaken. For the past year, Boeing also has refused in court records to rule out a bomb, air-to-air missile, surface-to-air missile or improvised explosive device in the July 1996 crash in which 230 people died. And, as part of a legal strategy to defend against a Flight 800 lawsuit, Boeing has continued forwarding a theory first posed to the NTSB: that a missile exploded outside the 747 and a flaming fragment pierced the fuselage and ignited the center fuel tank……"

Philadelphia Daily News 11/4/99 John Allen Paulos "….Trans World Airlines Flight 800 crashed off Long Island in 1996. Swissair Flight 111 crashed off Nova Scotia last year. John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane crashed off Martha's Vineyard last summer. And now Egyptair Flight 990 crashes off Nantucket. Four recent flights ending in tragedy off the Eastern Seaboard. Confronted with these plane crashes and the nonstop media coverage and speculation that accompany them, one might be excused for momentarily entertaining some strange ideas about a link among them. Indeed, some news reports have even implied that the Atlantic seaboard is a new Bermuda Triangle……. Humans have an innate tendency to attribute significance to anomalies and coincidences….. Our ability to separate the possible from the probable tends to deteriorate under this torrent of information, leading us to speculate about cause and effect based on the flimsiest of connections….." 11/15/99 James Traficant "….Congressman Traficant sends letter to NTSB chairman James Hall requesting an explanation of discrepancies concerning differing U.S. Navy accounts of vessels in the vicinity of TWA 800. From Traficant's letter: "How do you account for these discrepancies? Does the NTSB believe that the center's report may have been compromised because it did not take into consideration all of the Navy ships in the area at the time of the crash?" Traficant also addresses NTSB secerecy concerning the Bruntingthorpe fuel tank explosion tests: "When will the NTSB's report on the tests conducted in Bruntingthorpe be made part of the public docket?"…."


The New York Times 12/5/99 Matthew Wald "….Engineers investigating the crash of T.W.A. Flight 800 in 1996 have used a part from another Boeing 747 to demonstrate how a possible short circuit outside the plane's center fuel tank could have detonated the tank. ….. The wires on the part, called a terminal block, are supposed to carry only a few thousandths of a volt of current, but researchers ran a current of 170 volts into the block. In a new terminal block, that short circuit would not cause a spark. But the 170 volts made the copper-sulfur deposit blow apart with a flash and a pop……. "

SSA William A Tobin Former Chief Forensic Metallurgist, FBI Crime Lab 5/10/99 Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts "….Submitted by Counsel for William Tobin: Stephen M. Kohn …….. Mr. William A. Tobin, a former Supervisory Special Agent ("SSA") for the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI") was requested by the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts to testify and provide prefiled testimony for hearings on the "Administrative Oversight of the Investigation of TWA Flight 800." As a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Mr. Tobin is required by his FBI employment contract to submit any written material, including written testimony before the U.S. Congress, to the FBI for prior review of its content. This rule remains in effect even though Mr. Tobin retired from the agency on March 31, 1998. ... Mr. Kohn also represents three former FBI employees in a federal law suit concerning proposed DOJ regulations related to FBI employee protection. WILLIAM. A. TOBIN……. In September, 1974 Mr. Tobin was assigned as a forensic metallurgist in the FBI crime laboratory in Washington, D.C. In 1976 he was promoted to a Supervisory Special Agent and in 1986 became the civilian equivalent of the FBI's Chief Forensic Metallurgist. In this position, Mr. Tobin was the leading expert, nationwide, in the law enforcement community on forensic metallurgy (i.e. the examination and analysis of material's deformation and damage). In this position, Mr. Tobin was qualified as an expert witness on behalf of the FBI or the U.S. government in over 200 local, state and federal courts……In regard to the July 17, 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800, Mr. Tobin arrived in New York at the crash reconstruction site on August 4, 1996. He devoted his efforts as the FBI's chief metallurgist at the crash reconstruction site for 89 straight days, and as necessary thereafter. The science of metallurgy is the only scientifically appropriate discipline to evaluate metal damage and causes of the metal damage of the recovered parts of Flight 800. Mr. Tobin was the most scientifically qualified and experienced metallurgist involved in the evaluation of the crash damaged materials in the law enforcement community.

Mr. Tobin repeatedly raised concerns to FBI personnel and officials who were in control of the "criminal" investigation of the crash of TWA Flight 800. Mr. Tobin will answer questions regarding the concerns he raised, the bases for these concerns, the administrative response to these concerns and the impact of these concerns on future disaster/public safety investigations……. At the TWA crash investigation site in Calverton, New York, Mr. Tobin stressed the importance of strict adherence to the professional scientific process, despite the pressures from federal law enforcement officials in charge of the investigation. The actions of Mr. Tobin, and other investigators at the crash scene, prevented a false identification of the cause of the crash. Had Mr. Tobin and others succumbed to the pressure to validate the "bomb" or "missile" theories, the public safety of the American people would have been betrayed…..’

Insight Magazine 8/27/99 Kelly Patricia O'Meara & Paul M. Rodriguez "…The National Transportation Safety Board has released radar data from the night TWA Flight 800 crashed that reveal radar-blip activity omitted from earlier reports. New radar data relating to the July 17, 1996, explosion of TWA Flight 800 that went down off the coast of Long Island, N.Y., inexplicably have just become available. The well-publicized previous data focused narrowly on a 20-nautical-mile circle centered on the crash site and was the basis of the FBI's conclusion that there was little air or naval traffic in the selected area at the time of the crash. But that restricted data pattern, it turns out, is only a subset of a larger radar field. The new data just obtained by Insight from sources at the National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, show that between the perimeters of a 22-nautical-mile circle and a 35-nautical-mile circle, a concentration of a large number of radar blips appears to be moving into a well-known military warning area closed to civilian and commercial traffic. The anomaly presented by the additional data is as yet unexplained. The Clinton administration previously has stated that no concentration of military vessels was in the area that night. Indeed, the Department of the Navy specified that the closest naval vessel was the USS Normandy, 185 nautical miles to the south…."

Sacramento Bee 8/27/99 AFP "…Two groups that claim a missile brought down TWA Flight 800 in July 1996 said Friday that just-released radar data showing an unidentified ship near the blast tend to support their theory. They called on Congress to investigate. Government officials have said mechanical failure, not a terrorist attack, brought down the Paris-bound Boeing 747 off New York's Long Island, killing all 230 people aboard. The data, obtained in June from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), show many ships in the area, including one just 2.9 nautical miles from where the plane went down. "There were 30 surface vessels in the area. Only one, the closest, has not been identified," Tom Stalcup, the director of the Flight 800 Independent Research Organization (FIRO), told a press conference. "After the explosion that everyone could see 20 miles around, the ship, about 2.9 nautical miles away, did not turn around," he said, showing an animated re-creation of ship and airplane travel when the Boeing crashed.

Some 130 witnesses said they saw a glowing arc climb into the sky - like a rocket or a missile - seconds before the aircraft exploded, he added. ….NTSB investigators explained that phenomenon by saying that part of the Boeing's fuselage had broken off and briefly climbed before slowing down and falling. But Stalcup said the radar data contradict the NTSB because they show acceleration, which corresponds with a rapid fall towards the ocean, adding "the plane did not climb after the explosion." …."

UPI Hil Anderson 8/27/99 "…The Flight 800 Independent Research Organization (FIRO) and the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals said at a news conference today that their analysis of the radar data pokes holes in the federal government's conclusions that the disaster was caused by a fuel tank explosion rather than a missile fired either by a terrorist or, accidentally, by a Navy warship or plane…. The presentation, which stretched some three hours, came up with little in the way of a smoking gun that would prove any of the missile theories, and was aimed more at the evidence that was used, and not used, by the official investigators. The analysis of the air traffic radar images from Islip, N.Y.provided two routes of attack on the fuel tank explosion scenario. It aimed to cast doubts on the accuracy of a CIA computer simulation thatshowed the doomed plane rapidly gaining altitude immediately after the fatal explosion, a scenario that has been used to explain the fiery streak flying into the sky that some witnesses on Long Island reported seeing. It also indicated a good deal of air and surface activity around a restricted military area, dubbed W-105 by the Navy, which was activated the day of the crash. Thomas F. Stalcup, a member of the Florida State University physics department and the head of FIRO, said tracking the new radar images shows the Boeing 747 picked up speed in its final moments, meaning the aircraft was descending rather than climbing, which would have caused it to lose speed. "It is clear to see that the radar data doesn't follow the simulation data," Stalcup said. "The conclusion can be drawn that the plane did not climb." The radar information also provided a wider view of the area where Flight 800 went down, showing some 30 ships sailing in formation and patterns that could indicate an active naval exercise. The ship that attracted the most attention was an unidentified blip that crossed the airliner's path at about 30 knots a short time before the crash. The ship, which Stalcup said was larger fairly large, has never been identified and continued sailing toward W-105 as the airliner went down. What was unusual about the activity around W-105 picked up by radar, Stalcup said, was the seeming lack of reaction by the ships and planes to a fiery explosion that should have been clearly visible to the crews. None of the ships altered their course or seemed to make any effort to head for the scene to offer assistance…."

Freeper Trailer Trash report on Cspan 8/27/99 "…Eyewitness fisherman up now. He saw what they thought was a distress flare go up.Curious why it was white instead of red.Then he saw two red objects go down. He thought it might have been a flare parachute on fire or something …..Another trawl captain who was 12 miles away told a very credible story. The same thing. Thought it was a flare or fireworks since it was close to the 4th of july. He said that the streak going up made a slight but sharp course correction before it made a large explosion! He noticed that the two resulting fireballs parted with different trajectories indicating that they were of different mass. The witness was a clear headed and very credible looking fellow. He reported the incident to the coast guard as a possible distress situation. He was questioned on the scene by a guard 41 footer. So it's official. One of the Donaldsons investigators also said that a citizen witnessed a high speed cigar boat leave a harbor at a high rate of speed to the southeast. After the incident the coast guard called upon all vessels to stay clear from the scene. All citizens with radios altered course accordingly. But the suspect high speed vessel didn't alter its course. I guess this information must be available from recorded radar data…."

Freeper Registered on Cspan 8/27/99 "…Donaldson is great, said he's willing to take on anyone from the NTSB with his credentials in any debate, in any forum. An old man, I think an "Admiral Hill"? just spoke a few minutes ago and said it could not have been friendly fire, because too many people would have talked. He did say that there is intelligence that the gov. had knowledge of an impending terrorist incident and that's why they had the military people in the area, which is one possible reason for the coverup.(IMO This old man is a real bright puppy.) There were 30 ships in the immediate area of the crash that did NOTHING, NOTHING, after the crash. They are asking the media to investigate this….Eyewitness was great and new radar data with animation shows 30 boats, many on parallel courses previously undisclosed by NTSB!!! …"

Southampton Press Publishing Co. 7/24/97 W Michael Pitcher "…Official documents faxed mistakenly to a Riverhead resident recently show that the Federal Bureau of Investigation two months ago was investigating whether pieces of debris found among the wreckage of TWA Fight 800 were the remnants of an aerial target drone used by the U.S. Navy and other armed services in training exercises. The FBI apparently has since determined that the wreckage was not from the aerial target. The information came to light after a fax meant for the FBI's facility in Calverton was sent to Riverhead resident Dede Muma, who forwarded a copy of the fax to this newspaper….. The object shown in the fax was identified this week by Jane's Information Services in Alexandria, Virginia as a Teledyne Ryan BQM-34 Firebee I, an air or surface-launched recoverable aerial target. The Firebee has a wing span of 13 feet, and is approximately 23 feet long. It can travel at speeds up to 635 knots with a maximum range of just under 700 miles. The targets are used all over the world, including within the military "warning areas" that come as close as about 10 nautical miles off Moriches Inlet in the Atlantic Ocean. The Navy practices shooting down drones within the warning areas. Theories that a missile downed TWA Flight 800 began immediately after the crash when many witnesses reported seeing a streak of light arcing up toward the plane before it exploded. One theory, popular on the Internet, is that U.S. Navy forces were conducting exercises south of Long Island the night of the crash and sent one or more targets--like the Firebee--aloft. The theory proposes that a missile fired at that target from either a plane or submarine instead locked on to the TWA 747 and brought the plan down. …Ms. Muma said she called the FBI when she received the first fax. She said the agency's initial reaction was "Oh, s---." After the initial shock wore off, Ms. Muma was told to "send it along to them, and destroy the original." She said she asked what would happen if she didn't do so, and was told "we'll have to investigate you." Unfazed by the threat of investigation, "I told them it's D-E-E M-U-M-A, Roanoke Avenue, Riverhead, the farm with the buffalo," said Ms. Muma. She is married to Riverhead farmer and real estate entrepreneur Ed Tuccio, who has about 15 buffalo at his Roanoke Avenue farm. …"

Freeper luther kirk on Cspan 8/27/99 "…Admirals Hall & Morrer emphatically repudiated the CIA reconstruction today. They stated that it would have been impossible for TWA 800 to INCREASE forward air speed while climbing after loss of engines. This is pretty significant news -- the fmr Chm. JCS publicly denouncing the official CIA/FBI/NTSB conclusions. Folks, this one is beginning to get cracked wide open. Time to face up to it…." 4/5/99 Cmdr William S Donaldson III – USN, Ret to Boeing TWA etc "…Over the last four months our investigation into the loss of TWA Flight 800 has produced information far surpassing that contained in our July 20, 1998 Interim Report to Congress. We can now prove, before a jury or other independent fact-finding body, that the aircraft was shot down. We can also explain why the Administration covered it up and expose some of the methods they employed to do so. Your corporations are being scapegoated and defrauded by Administration officials because, had the truth about this incident been reported before November of 1996, it could have derailed the reelection of Clinton/Gore. Exposed now, it could send guilty parties to jail for Misprision of Felony Homicide. We can provide your attorney's with witnesses, documents, or reference material that will support the following text:……"

CNN 2/28/00 Christine Negroni "…..The FBI may be poised to declare the crash of TWA Flight 800 a mechanical malfunction, and airline officials aren't happy about it. At TWA's headquarters in St. Louis, the airline's spokesman called illogical comments by FBI Director Louis Freeh that a mechanical cause was likely because no evidence of a bomb or missile had been found. In fact, the airline's spokesman accused the director of not leveling with the American people. "You don't leave the field by saying, 'Well, we haven't been able to prove theory A or theory B, therefore it's probably theory C, although we can't prove that one either, thanks very much,'" said Mark Abels. ….."

10/28/97 THE PRESS-ENTERPRISE (10/28/1997) Mark Henry Palm Springs "…… The disappearance of civic watchdog Jeremy Crocker while researching the crash of TWA Flight 800 last year has left his two sons baffled and searching for any sign that their father is still alive……… Crocker, a longtime Palm Springs resident whose father built the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, was last seen Dec. 9 at the downtown Los Angeles library where he did much of his research on the crash…….. His preoccupation with the airline crash included countless hours of research in libraries and on the Internet. He did not trust the government's probes of the crash and believed a projectile knocked the airliner from the skies. He created mathematical models and studied the aerodynamics of the crash and similarities to other air disasters worldwide…….."

The Winds "…….Crocker's work had come to the notice of Peter Ford, a Los Angeles radio host. Just five days before his disappearance, he had been a guest on Ford's program where the subject was TWA 800. Ford indicated that Jeremy Crocker was "abso- lutely convinced that there was a lot of foul play involved" in the downing of TWA Flight 800. Continuing his research on December 9, 1996, Crocker traveled to Los Angeles where he put some of his current findings into an envelope and mailed them to Ford. That was the last anyone has heard from Jeremy Crocker. …" (Hard Copy, November 27,1997).

Ian Goddard "……Not only is the evidence of a missile hit being disappeared, but a human being who was gathering evidence of a missile hit also disappeared. [7] Jeremy Crocker spoke on KIEV radio about TWA 800 five days before he disappeared, back in December 1996. Before he disappeared, he sent a graphic that he made to fellow researcher Tom Shoemaker that suggests he may have acquired in- side evidence that something (a drone?) was launched from the Block Island airport (drones are usually launched from land)……"

Ian Goddard 5/1/00 "……3.5 years after the TWA Flight 800 crash, the NTSB released their witness report containing over 700 eyewitness accounts. [1] Yet over a month after that release, the NTSB has not posted their witness report (Public Exhibit 4A) to their on-line library of Flight 800 reports.[2] Fortunately, making the witness accounts available to the public matters to some people, such as the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals (ARAP). ARAP is painstakingly converting the over-1000-page report into a publicly accessible PDF format. [3]……… Why is the NTSB keeping the eyewitness accounts as far away from the public as possible? Robert Donaldson of ARAP explains why: "When you read the actual reports you will see that it is clear that the witnesses did not 'see the aircraft in various stages of crippled flight', they saw something streaking up from the surface." Interestingly many accounts are of rockets that streak upwards and explode, yet nothing fell out of the sky, suggesting that other rockets were fired, not only those that witnesses saw take out Flight 800……."



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Deadheading Crew:
Capt. Gid Miller, 57, Sarasota, Fla.
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Operating Flight Attendants:
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