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AP 9/11/98 "Reading the graphic descriptions is disgusting. It's not the way normal people act.'' _ Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va.

AP 9/11/98 "``The pattern of conduct here constitutes the defilement of the office of the president and I think that's something the American people will conclude if these facts are substantiated.'' _ Rep. Charles Canady, R-Fla.

AP 9/11/98 "``The Starr report will reinforce the strong case for the president's departure made by Bill Clinton's own words. ... The decent and honorable thing for the president would be to resign. His refusal to do so forces the country to make a terrible decision.'' _ Sen. John Ashcroft, R-Mo.

National Review Online's Washington Bulletin 9/11/98 ". Starr is clearly playing for keeps. And he was arguably also pushed into this level of detail by the President's weasly attempts to say his answers were "legally accurate." It remains to be seen how the public will react to this-revulsion at the president or at this whole process?--but the report definitely proves that Clinton was a frat boy on the make in the White House. Anyone familiar with the post-adolescent dating scene will recognize the Clinton- Lewinsky relationship, with its flirty eye contact, its gamemanship over her phone number, the worries about whether he is really serious about her. Here was the leader of the free world trying his hardest to dodge the adults in the White House so he could he could engage in this reckless fling. How reckless? At one point, Clinton was apparently worried that a foreign embassy was onto his relationship with Lewinsky-let's hope it wasn't Red China! It also appears that Betty Currie-that paragon of virtue according to the White House- was in effect pimping for the president, facilitating his relationship with Lewinsky. Starr seems to have definitively nailed the president on perjury, both in the Jones deposition and before the grand jury (so much for the president's constitutional duty to take care that the laws of the U.S. are faithfully executed). Against the perjury charge, the White House will attempt to use the "no-hands" defense--and hope that, if that doesn't work, the public at least will want to avert its eyes. ."

National Review Online's Washington Bulletin 9/11/98 ".The White House hammers a couple of themes particularly hard. One is "private," i.e., this is a private matter for which the president has already apologized. According to the report, "the OIC report is left with nothing but the detail of a private sexual relationship told in graphic details with the intent to embarrass." Where have we heard that before? The report then goes on to outline what constitutes impeachable offenses, and in this case emphasizes another theme: "public." Impeachment is for crimes against the state, according to the White House. It must focus on public acts. So the message is clear: Clinton's offense was private, therefore not an appropriate matter for impeachment.."

The Pioneer 9/12/98 "It remains to be seen whether President William Jefferson Clinton of the United States is impeached. Even if he is not, the presidency will end for him, whenever and whichever way it does, not with a bang but with a whimper. In fact the whimpering has already started with the man holding what is reputedly the most powerful office in the world appealing piteously over television and radio, for forgiveness and another chance to put his dalliances behind and his presidency and life in order..As for reaction in India, few will shed tears over the exit of a US President whose Administration has been transparently pro-Pakistan on the Kashmir issue and which has persistently refused to condemn Islamabad for its escalating campaign of terrorism against this country. Besides, its blatant assertion that while it had the right to rain missiles on Mr Osama Bin Laden's terrorist camps, India ought to desist from hot pursuit of Pakistan-sponsored terrorists as that could spark off a war, would be remembered as one of the most glaring application of double standards in the international sphere."

AP Terence Hunt 9/11/98 "It was the most humiliating day of Bill Clinton's presidency. The stained blue dress. Telephone sex. Oval Office intimacies. All that and more, spelled out in lurid detail in a report alleging 11 grounds for impeaching the president, including perjury and obstruction of justice. After nine months of intense investigation, Clinton's future now rests with an anxious Congress facing re-election in just 54 days. Lawmakers have not confronted the explosive idea of presidential impeachment in 24 years - - indeed, it has arisen only twice in history -- and there is no certain roadmap for them to follow. The most likely scenario calls for public hearings next year. The most immediate test will come Monday when lawmakers return to town after a weekend of talking with constituents back home.``The public now has no choice but to make up its mind,'' said Republican pollster Frank Luntz. ``It's no longer hypothetical. It's no longer up for debate. The only thing open for debate now is how the president will be held accountable.'' Democrats are nervous about polls suggesting that Clinton's behavior has demoralized Democratic voters and that they will stay home on Nov. 3. Republicans increasingly hope Clinton will lead his party to the biggest electoral disaster since 1974 when Republicans were vanquished after Richard Nixon's forced resignation.."

The Hindu 9/12/98 Editorial "ALL SEEMS OVER bar the prurient hilarity on the Internet. Mr. Bill Clinton, who came into the White House more than six years ago with a missionary zeal for democracy and liberalism around the globe, has few options left to try and save a Presidency already in embarrassing suspended animation. Mr. Clinton's supporters, who must still be a sizable majority, must hope that he will resign rather than be pushed out, though it is certain that he will prefer to go down fighting. As he prepares for a last-ditch battle, one unmistakable factor is evident. In hardly a fortnight, Mr. Clinton has been transformed. On August 17 when he addressed the nation after his testimony before the grand jury there was a noticeable note of defiance as he said ``thanks for watching and good night.'' By the beginning of September he was in a pathetic apology mode, ready and willing to say sorry from foreign soil.. But by his monumental effort to hide the truth and subvert evidence Mr. Clinton lost the trust of his people, lost his own moral authority to rule. The loss of credibility amid what is claimed to be mounting evidence against him raised genuine questions about Mr. Clinton's fitness for office.."

AP 9/11/98 Ron Fournier "President Clinton promised over breakfast that he would wage a ``vigorous defense'' against impeachment. By lunchtime, he was dominating airwaves with a report accusing prosecutors of ``dangerously overreaching.'' Ahead on TV and on the Internet, too, the president and his backers were lightning quick Friday in challenging Independent Counsel Kenneth's Starr's report of possibly impeachable offenses. Their rebuttal landed at Capitol Hill offices and on the Internet an hour before Congress unsealed Starr's report. Hit quick. Hit hard. Hit often. It's an old Clinton strategy that he hopes will carry him through the most perilous chapter of his bumpy political career. The president is trying to avoid a stampede of Democratic desertions, raise questions about Starr's report and trap Republicans in partisan games..Vice President Al Gore has put two of his top aides at Clinton's service, ordering them to help shore up support among Democrats.."

AP 9/11/98 Anne Grearan "Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report on the Lewinsky affair makes a solid case that President Clinton had a sexual relationship and lied about it, but Starr is on shakier ground when he alleges obstruction of justice and witness tampering, legal analysts said. Lawyers said Starr's case is strongest when detailing numerous visits, phone calls, notes and gifts Clinton shared with Monica Lewinsky, or such physical evidence as the blue dress stained by what the FBI lab concluded was almost surely Clinton's semen. The case is weakest when dealing with allegations that Clinton tried to get others to lie for him, lawyers said Friday.. ``He lied in the (Paula Jones) deposition and he lied to the grand jury,'' said Peter F. Rient, who was an assistant prosecutor in the House Watergate investigation in 1974, before reading the report. Clinton is apparently in greatest danger when his own statements are compared against one another or against the testimony of others. When he admitted an affair in his testimony last month before a grand jury, after months of denial, ``at that point the rubber plainly hits the road,'' said Eric M. Freedman, a Hofstra University law professor.."

London Daily Mirror 9/12/98 Brian Reade "AS Bill Clinton wept at breakfast for forgiveness, I hope it made every citizen proud to live in this wonderful little country, Britain. And thankfully not America. Because this shameless 11th hour attempt at emotional bribery would surely never happen here. Not yet.Not while we all watched live on coast-to-coast TV with a full breakfast in our stomachs and a clean carpet beneath our mouths. The President claimed his speech to 325 of the nation's religious leaders in the East Room of the White House was all about him taking his first step on The Path To Repentance.But it wasn't. It was a skilled rogue, a seasoned actor, reading from a highly-crafted script, Crying In The Last Chance Hankie. "I have a determination to change. I have repented. I have what my Bible calls 'a broken spirit'.."

Washington Post 9/11/98 Marc Fisher David Montgomery ".Within an hour of the report's release, thanks to the Internet, the nation began history's first simultaneous reading of smut. In coffee shops and exercise gyms, at soccer practices and cybercafes, Americans expressed exasperation, amusement, sorrow and anger as they scanned the voluminous text, stunned by its explicit version of the president's sexual behavior..For most of this year, Americans confounded the pundits by insisting that their support of the president was undiminished by increasingly persuasive accounts of his sexual misdeeds. Yet many Washington insiders, Republicans and Democrats alike, persisted in their belief that when finally confronted with what Clinton had done, the American public would turn on their president with a vengeance. But the first reactions to the report and its startlingly graphic descriptions of the relationship between Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky were of a different sort of revulsion - a visceral feeling that, while hardly anyone could stop reading, this was a body of material that citizens simply weren't supposed to see.. Readers looked for support for their partisan views - evidence that Starr had gone too far, or proof that Clinton ought to be bounced from office. But the pro and anti camps were united in one emotion - sadness. .."

Freeper Report 9/12/98 "Ms. Currie testified that she suspected impropriety in the President's relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.(404)..(407) Ms. Currie helped keep the relationship secret. When the President wanted to talk with Ms. Lewinsky, Ms. Currie would dial the call herself rather than go through White House operators, who keep logs of presidential calls made through the switchboard.(408) When Ms. Lewinsky phoned and Ms. Currie put the President on the line, she did not log the call, though the standard procedure was to note all calls, personal and professional.(409) According to Secret Service uniformed officers, Ms. Currie sometimes tried to persuade them to admit Ms. Lewinsky to the White House compound without making a record of it.(410) In addition, Ms. Currie avoided writing down or retaining most messages from Ms. Lewinsky to the President. In response to a grand jury subpoena, the White House turned over only one note to the President concerning Ms. Lewinsky -- whereas evidence indicates that Ms. Lewinsky used Ms. Currie to convey requests and messages to the President on many occasions.(411) When bringing Ms. Lewinsky in from the White House gate, Ms. Currie said she sometimes chose a path that would reduce the likelihood of being seen by two White House employees who disapproved of Ms. Lewinsky: Stephen Goodin and Nancy Hernreich.(412) Ms. Currie testified that she once brought Ms. Lewinsky directly to the study, "sneaking her back" via a roundabout path to avoid running into Mr. Goodin.(413) When Ms. Lewinsky visited the White House on weekends and at night, being spotted was not a problem -- in Ms. Currie's words, "there would be no need to sneak" -- so Ms. Lewinsky would await the President in Ms. Currie's office.(414)."

London Daily Telegraph 9/12/98 Ambrose Evans-Pritchard "RUMOURS have now become facts. Allegations dismissed by the White House for five years as tabloid trash and Right-wing invention have been corroborated in legal documents, under the jurisdiction of the US Circuit Court of Appeals. Not just corroborated: outdone. The harshest critics of Bill Clinton would never have dared to suggest that he performed sex acts on an intern, in the Oval Office, with a cigar. Mr Clinton can complain that he was ensnared by his enemies, but his proven behaviour as President speaks for itself.. Private citizens are routinely tried for these offences and, if convicted, are sentenced to long terms in prison. The President cannot be held to a lower standard. He misused the Secret Service and the White House staff to further his illegal cover-up and tried to bully his elderly secretary into committing perjury...As a man devoid of shame, Clinton will try to hang on to power if he thinks there is the remotest chance of winning an impeachment trial in the US Senate. At the White House, they are adding up the numbers. To beat impeachment, Mr Clinton needs the support of 34 Senators. So long as he retains the rump of the Democratic Party, he can afford to lose the "nervous nellies", the moralisers, and those with razor-thin margins facing re-election in November..I doubt that threats will work. The Democrats face slaughter in the mid-term elections. For 30 years they have struggled to rehabilitate themselves as a respectable party, after getting caught smoking dope, throwing rocks at police, and fornicating on public lawns in the heady days of the 1960s. And now they have to answer for a party leader who licks macadamia nuts off the stomach of a 22-year-old intern in the Oval Office, and uses the machinery of government, illegally and systematically, to prevent an Arkansas clerk proving in court that she was summoned to Bill Clinton's room like a slave girl, and told to give satisfaction The latest Battleground Research poll shows "restoring moral values" has leapt to the top of the public agenda, overshadowing the worthy causes of the Democrats."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/11/98 ".``To excuse a party who lied or concealed evidence on the ground that the evidence covered only 'personal' or 'private' behavior would frustrate the goals that Congress and the courts have sought to achieve in enacting and interpreting the nation's sexual harassment laws,'' Starr wrote.``That is particularly true when the conduct that is being concealed - sexual relations in the workplace between a high official and a young subordinate employee - itself conflicts with those goals.''. The Starr report discloses for the first time that DNA tests conducted by the FBI almost indisputably determined that semen found on one of Ms. Lewinsky's dresses matched a DNA sample provided by Clinton, placing the odds that it wasn't his at 1 in 7.87 trillion. And it lays out in graphic terms several sexual episodes between Ms. Lewinsky and the president, alleging from Ms. Lewinsky's account that they had oral sex as he talked several times on the telephone to members of Congress, and that in one encounter an unlit cigar was used as a prop. It also says they engaged in explicit phone sex on 12 to 15 occasions. Prosecutors said they were providing such detail to prove their case that Clinton lied before the grand jury when he insisted he gave ``legally accurate'' testimony in January when he claimed he did not have ``sexual relations'' with Ms. Lewinsky. ``It is unfortunate but it is essential,'' Starr wrote. ``The president's defense to many of the allegations is based on a close parsing of the definitions that were used to describe his conduct. We have, after careful review, identified no manner of providing the information that reveals the falsity of the president's statements other than to describe his conduct with precision.''."

London Telegraph 9/12/98 Ambrose Evans-Pritchard "It was a media putsch that toppled President Nixon in the Watergate scandal. The elite press, overwhelmingly Democratic, forced the pace of the judicial inquiries with frenzied energy and relish. This time the great metropolitan newspapers and the television networks have been dragged kicking and screaming to the story. Republican sin is fair game. Democratic sin is a "private matter". In some cases the press has played an active role in suppressing the truth, arguably allowing themselves to become propaganda instruments for the Clinton White House. Sidney Blumenthal, who wrote a scathing profile of Gennifer Flowers, the woman who nearly destroyed Mr Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign, has since joined the White House as a top aide and has masterminded a "scorched earth" campaign against Mr Clinton's critics. The double standards have been insidious.."

Washington Post 9/12/98 Ruth Marcus Roberto Suro "As they consider the allegations against President Clinton in the coming weeks and months, members of Congress will have to navigate between two sharply conflicting views of the facts, the law and the proper standards for impeaching a president. Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's report to Congress and the 73-page rebuttal released by Clinton's lawyers present stark contrasts on every front: what exactly the president did with the former intern and others caught up in the case; whether his effort to conceal their relationship amounted to obstruction of justice and perjury; and - most fundamentally - whether or not Clinton committed crimes, his actions were so serious as to warrant removal from office.."

Fox News Crier Report 9/11/98 Freeper Reports "Dick Morris, former Clinton ally, admits to Crier that the "Whitewater" aspects of Starr's report are not done yet and that Hillary is a primary target."

Federal News Service 9/11/98 Orrin Hatch ".They sent it to the House. And, by the way, David Kendall is not the one who is going to determine what's impeachable, what isn't. It's the House of Representatives. And they can use almost any standard they want to to determine what is or is not impeachable. And as you read this, I have to say that some will try to make this just purely a sexual matter, and they'll try to say this is purely a private matter. But I don't see anything that I've read so far that indicates that Judge Starr is saying that he should be impeached because of the sexual relationship. It's because of other matters that are very significant that apparently he is saying impeachment is a consideration. And that's a very important distinction.."

Creator's Syndicate 9/11/98 Pat Buchanan ".But this episode needs cloture now. The swaggering, cocky Bill Clinton of weeks ago, with his rakish "I'm-going-to-get-away-with-this" attitude, was an exasperating figure, but that Clinton could better command a country than the pathetic puppy of today, burbling endless, whiny apologies in which he does not believe. And the hypocrisy here has reached the unhealthy range. To watch liberals who supped at Clinton's table turn and bite him, as the polls turn, and wail about his "immorality" validates Harry Truman's insight that if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog..But with Russia in crisis, the Mideast embers glowing, the specter of Islamic war rising on the Afghan border, and smoke in the cockpit of the Global Economy, this soap opera has gone on long enough. Congress ought to stay in session until the matter is settled..The full House, then, should vote quickly on one question: Did Ken Starr deliver "sufficient and credible evidence" of "high crimes"? If not, end it there. If the evidence warrants a trial, get it over to the Senate, and let's get on with that trial. As for Whitewater, Filegate and Travelgate, Congress should vote to instruct Starr to report on whether the president was wrongly investigated -- or narrowly escaped indictment. The truth, and the whole truth, will not prevent the poisoning of politics from this sordid affair, but it may help make the poison pass out more quickly."

Freeper Report ".Ms. Currie informed several Secret Service officers that the President was "irate" that someone had disclosed to Ms. Lewinsky whom he was meeting with.(741) Ms. Currie told Sergeant Keith Williams, a supervisory uniformed Secret Service Officer, that if he "didn't find out what was going on, someone could be fired."(742) She also told Captain Jeffrey Purdie, the Secret Service watch commander for the uniformed division at the time, that the President was "so upset he wants somebody fired over this."(743) .Later that day (December 6), the uniformed Secret Service officers at the Northwest Gate were told that no one would be fired -- so long as they remained quiet. According to Sergeant Williams, Ms. Currie said that, if the officers did not "tell a lot of people what had happened, then nothing would happen."(754) The President told Captain Jeffrey Purdie, the Secret Service watch commander for the uniformed division at the time, "I hope you use your discretion."(755) Captain Purdie interpreted the President's remark to mean that Captain Purdie "wasn't going to say anything," and he in turn told all of the officers involved not to discuss the incident.(756) One officer recalled that Captain Purdie told him and other officers, "Whatever just happened didn't happen."(757) Captain Purdie told another officer, "I was just in the Oval Office with the President and he wants somebody's ass out here. . . . As far as you're concerned, . . . [t]his never happened."(758) In response, that officer, who considered the Northwest Gate incident a "major event," "just shook [his] head" and "started making a set of [his] own notes" in order to document the incident.(759) ."

Salon Magazine 9/12/98 David Horowitz "And so, the unraveling begins. The Starr Report -- with 500 pages of text about multiple "impeachable" offenses -- has been released. Senior voices in the president's own party have already stepped forward to state the obvious, and also the fundamental: that the president's behavior has been reprehensible, immoral, irresponsible and dangerous; that no chief executive can function if he is widely perceived as a compulsive liar; that a president without credibility, in a world fraught with peril, is a national security risk; that the Oval Office is not a private bedroom, but a people's symbol. Ronald Reagan refused even to remove his jacket in the White House, out of respect for the office. Let alone drop his pants. To debase the presidency and to cover it with shame ought to be an impeachable crime in itself. And yet the denial continues, and the war goes on.."

Salon Magazine 9/12/98 David Horowitz ".The Clintonites' defense (and their line on Starr's investigation) is quickly summarized: 1) Until the Lewinsky affair, the lengthy and expensive inquiry into the Clintons' affairs turned up nothing that would justify it; 2) The Lewinsky affair is about sex; 3) Everybody lies (and would even perjure themselves) about sex. This argument misrepresents (or misunderstands) 1) the significance of the Lewinsky affair in the fabric of Starr's case and 2) The importance of character in the construction of lies... This is a man who can't even tell the truth about his own golf scores and who has been publicly called "an exceptionally good liar" by a senior senator from his own party -- not out of bitterness, but in awe. Unlike people who may lie only about sex, a pathological liar is an abusive, narcissistic and ruthless individual who does not really care about the hurt he inflicts on others. The lies about Billy Dale were both gratuitous and cruel. The seven months of lies about Monica Lewinsky, to friends and foes alike, were brutal betrayals of trust, abuses of party and country alike..

Salon Magazine 9/12/98 David Horowitz ".It is both Clintons -- husband and wife -- who are responsible for this crisis. In the latter days of the presidential crisis, the nation has lapsed into a kind of nostalgic sexism. As usual the White House masters are in control of the spin: Hillary didn't know; Hillary is a victim. Well, Hillary is no victim, and it is demeaning to the first lady, and everything we know about her, to consider her one. Maybe it is true that no one understands another person's marriage, as Hillary suggested. But one thing we can be pretty sure of is that Hillary knew in January her husband was cheating and that he was lying about it to the American people. Hillary is, in every way, President Clinton's collaborator and co-conspirator. Beginning with Whitewater, she has been the co-author of the schemes that led to the investigations, and the co-architect of the war against them. This imbroglio is not just about President Clinton's women. If it were, it would be over already. But it is far more serious than that. What the crisis has come down to really is the narcissistic passions of two people who are apparently willing to take down everything -- from the judicial process to the office of the president -- and everyone -- from their political enemies, like Starr, to their most loyal supporters and pathetic instruments, like Betty Currie and Monica Lewinsky -- in order to feed their personal desires and to protect their political power. This is why they will not go until they are made to go, and why it is important for our nation's leaders, regardless of party, and the American people, regardless of politics, to see that they do. "

New York Times Editorial 9/12/98 "Until it was measured by Kenneth Starr, no citizen -- indeed, perhaps no member of his own family -- could have grasped the completeness of President Clinton's mendacity or the magnitude of his recklessness. Whatever the outcome of the resignation and impeachment debates, the independent counsel report by Mr. Starr is devastating in one respect, and its historic mark will be permanent. A President who had hoped to be remembered for the grandeur of his social legislation will instead be remembered for the tawdriness of his tastes and conduct and for the disrespect with which he treated a dwelling that is a revered symbol of Presidential dignity. By using that great house for sad little trysts with a desperately star-struck employee, by skulking around within sight of nervous Secret Service agents, by conducting erotic telephone games while traveling without his wife, Mr. Clinton has produced a crisis of surreal complexity. The crisis will have to be resolved at the imprecise point where legal and constitutional principles intersect with controlling political reality. A President without public respect or Congressional support cannot last.."

NY Post Richard Johnson Jeane MacIntosh 3/2/98 "REVLON boss Ron Perelman seems to be using the White House as the firm's private recruiting ground. Though "Zippergate" headliner Monica Lewinsky was cut from the Revlon roster after news of her alleged affair with Bill Clinton broke, the Manhattan-based company did find a spot for another White House alum, Tracy Davis. Sources say Davis landed a public relations post in Revlon's ad division, Tarlow Advertising, in early January, around the same time the cosmetics conglom was deciding whether to take on Lewinsky. Before heading to New York, Davis toiled as an assistant in the White House social office.. "Tracy is a tall, thin, straight-haired brunette," a spy told us. "She has lots of attitude and can toss it around." .And then there's Perelman's latest girlfriend, Eleanor Mondale. Clinton's longtime running mate, the beautiful blond broadcaster has gone jogging with him several times over the years."

AP 9/13/98 "Paula Jones feels vindicated by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report to Congress on President Clinton's relationship with a former White House intern, her former spokeswoman said Saturday.. "HAD PAULA NOT continued to be very strong and carry through with her convictions, we would have not known what a very disturbed president we have," Susan Carpenter-McMillan said. Starr's report alleges that Clinton committed perjury - both in Jones' lawsuit against the president last January and again in his grand jury appearance last month..."

AP 9/13/98 Peter Yost "President Clinton's lawyer greeted the release of Kenneth Starr's report on Monica Lewinsky by asking, "Where's Whitewater?'' Starr says he wants to address that and other questions as soon as possible. "All phases of the investigation are now nearing completion,'' Starr said in Friday's referral to the House on Clinton's sexual relationship with the former White House intern. "This Office will soon make final decisions about what steps to take, if any, with respect to the other information it has gathered,'' Starr's report states. It added: "Those decisions will be made at the earliest practical time.'' Starr has two important cases pending. He is appealing the dismissal of a tax-evasion indictment against Webster Hubbell, paid $450,000 by friends of the president while Hubbell was under criminal investigation by Whitewater prosecutors. The report, delivered to Congress last week and made public Friday, says that before the Lewinsky investigation erupted in January, prosecutors were investigating "whether a relationship existed between consulting payments to Mr. Hubbell and his lack of cooperation, specifically his incomplete testimony.'' Starr "was investigating whether Mr. Hubbell concealed information about certain core Arkansas matters, namely, the much-publicized Castle Grande real estate project and related legal work by the Rose Law firm, including the First Lady,'' the report said.."

Fox News 9/13/98 David Espo AP "The House of Representatives is increasingly likely to vote for a formal impeachment inquiry in the next few weeks, congressional officials said Sunday, a step that could ratchet up the political jeopardy confronting President Clinton. Republicans, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that if it takes such a step, the House would not necessarily limit its inquiry to Kenneth Starr's review of Clinton's sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky and his attempts to deny it under oath. Instead, these officials said, the House Judiciary Committee might be empowered to range over numerous other issues, from Whitewater to Clinton's involvement in questionable campaign fund-raising in 1996. Democrats would vigorously oppose any expansion beyond Starr's report, one aide said Sunday night..Such a vote, if it occurs in the next few weeks, would take place in the shadow of the mid-term elections. As a result, it would leave Democrats in the position of having to choose between a deeper investigation of Clinton on the one hand, or laying themselves open to campaign charges of attempting to cover up his alleged wrongdoings on the other..That type of lawyerly defense drew dismissive reaction from Sen. Bob Kerrey, D-Neb. "The president's going to lose if they continue to do that,'' Kerrey said, appearing alongside Hatch on CBS' "Face the Nation.'' "He is being very badly served with this legal hairsplitting,'' agreed Hatch. "I think the president has a chance of getting through this, if he'll quit splitting legal hairs, if he'll quit playing this legal game.'' At the same time, the White House's counterattack against Starr was achieving success among the public. A CBS poll, taken Saturday, found 60 percent of those responding believed Starr included numerous lurid sexual details in his report to embarrass the president. Only 33 percent believed it was to prove perjury..Even before Judiciary Committee members have a chance to complete their review of Starr's evidence, officials expressed a growing belief that the House is likely to take the next step and vote a formal impeachment inquiry. It would be up to the panel to recommend such a step, and the entire House would have to approve it. It is not clear whether such a vote would be preceded by a public hearing. Republicans have talked for months about the possibility of convening a hearing, possibly to permit Starr to lay out his evidence, and for a representative of the president to offer a rebuttal.."

Chicago Tribune 9/14/98 Naftali Bendavid "Monica Lewinsky was in the office of Vernon Jordan, a powerful figure in the worlds of law, business and politics, to discuss Jordan's attempts to find her a job. But suddenly the Dec. 19 meeting took a very different turn. Lewinsky abruptly asked Jordan about the future of President Clinton's marriage. Struck by the unexpected question, Jordan asked if she and Clinton had a sexual relationship and she said no..Lewinsky, though, assumed Jordan did not believe her denial. She figured the prominent attorney knew ``with a wink and a nod that I was having a relationship with the president,'' she told a grand jury..Starr's references to Jordan are not flattering. He is portrayed as being, at least in this episode, Clinton's fixer, a man who takes care of problems. As Starr describes it, Jordan helped Clinton get Lewinsky a job to keep her quiet, oversaw her legal arrangements and kept the president informed of her legal and emotional status. The big question, perhaps, is whether Starr will file criminal charges against Jordan, striking another blow at Clinton's inner circle. While parts of Starr's report seem to point to a possible indictment, Starr also pointedly allows for the scenario that Jordan was merely an unwitting dupe of Clinton...Three clear questions arise as a result of Starr's account: Did Jordan knowingly help Clinton obstruct justice by using his formidable contacts to find Lewinsky a job? Did he obstruct justice himself in his discussions with Lewinsky about her role in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case? And, in urging Lewinsky to throw out notes she had written to Clinton, did he tread close to the edge of the law?..Lewinsky wrote what Starr called a ``peevish'' letter to Clinton on July 3, sarcastically beginning ``Dear Sir'' and, in Starr's eyes, obliquely threatening to reveal their affair if she was not rehired at the White House. Clinton became angry at Lewinsky, she testified, warning her that it was illegal to threaten the president of the United States. winsky was becoming a peril to Clinton, according to Starr's storyline. One obvious solution was for Clinton to get Lewinsky a job in New York, which she had hinted she might accept. That would keep her quiet -- and far from the White House. On Dec. 31, Lewinsky and Jordan had breakfast at the Park Hyatt Hotel and Lewinsky mentioned that she had drafts of notes she had planned to send to Clinton. Jordan said, ``Go home and make sure they're not there,'' which Lewinsky promptly did, Lewinsky said. Because Jordan knew that Lewinsky had been subpoenaed about whether she had a relationship with Clinton, those instructions sound suspicious. Of course, if Jordan did not believe the relationship happened, they appear far more innocent.."

Newsweek 9/21/98 Evan Thomas Michael Isikoff ".As Bill Clinton faced the grand jury, via video hookup from the White House on Aug. 17, he was asked, one more time, whether he had engaged in "sexual relations" with Monica Lewinsky.. Staring into the camera, Clinton replied, as he had during his deposition in the Jones case last January, that he had not.. Testifying under oath only three days later, on Aug. 20, Lewinsky complained that the president's description of no-hands sex "suggests some kind of service contract--that all I did was to perform oral sex on him and that's all this relationship was." Though she testified that she wasn't sure Clinton knew her name until after the third sexual encounter (he had been calling her "Kiddo"), Lewinsky described him as an avid lover. On Aug. 26, she testified how many times the president "touched and kissed her bare breasts" (nine); how many times he "stimulated" her genitals (four), and how many times he brought her to orgasm (three; once multiply). Then there were the 15 episodes of phone sex, and the cigar. The intimate particulars were so lurid that Lewinsky was spared from stating them directly to the grand jury. She was allowed to give her sworn testimony privately, in the office of the independent counsel, under questioning from female prosecutors.."

9/13/98 Enquirer Editorial "President Bill Clinton has lied his way out of the most powerful office in the world. To endure such a dishonest man as our national leader is more shame and humiliation than America can tolerate. He needs our prayers. He deserves our forgiveness if he sincerely repents. He needs professional help. But he cannot remain in the White House. If he lacks the basic decency, honor and sense of duty to resign, he should be impeached. To those who have followed Mr. Clinton with increasingly alarmed scrutiny, as we have, the Starr report on Friday confirmed our worst fears that America elected an immoral liar. Twice..The digging continues in Travelgate, Filegate, Whitewater and other White House sinkholes. Mr. Starr issued the Lewinsky findings because he was compelled to do so by law, as soon as he found "substantial and credible information . . . that may constitute grounds for an impeachment." He found plenty, including numerous examples of perjury -- in the Paula Jones sexual harassment civil case against the president and, incredibly, later in grand jury testimony. ..Mr. Starr is not finished. But Mr. Clinton is. .Watergate is no benchmark for impeaching a president, but comparisons are inevitable. And it boils down to this: President Nixon perverted the political system; President Clinton has perverted the presidency. Both lied and used the massive power of the White House to cover it up. Their own deceit held the seeds of their destruction. America didn't stand for a lying president then, and it's no time to start now.."

Washington Post 9/14/98 Dan Balz George Lardner Jr. "President Clinton's advisers flooded the Sunday talk shows yesterday in an effort to blunt the momentum building in Congress for a formal impeachment inquiry, but Republican and Democratic lawmakers warned the White House that more legal hairsplitting about the president's actions could doom his hopes of staying in office. .For now, public opinion continued to side with the president on the issue of whether his actions added up to impeachable offenses, according to a new Washington Post Poll and other surveys. White House officials continued to hold out hope that, if the views of the American people remain consistent, members of Congress may think twice before launching impeachment hearings later this year or next year. .Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) said he was alarmed by what he called "a disconnect" between the president's repeated apologies in recent days for his relationship with Lewinsky and his lawyers' aggressive defense of his denials of that relationship over the past eight months. Lott warned that such a strategy almost guaranteed impeachment proceedings. "Unless something changes, I don't see how they avoid it," he said on "Fox News Sunday." Lott, who served on the House Judiciary Committee that voted articles of impeachment against President Richard M. Nixon in 1974, said the evidence in Starr's report that Clinton lied to the grand jury on Aug. 17 and in his Jones deposition "is overwhelming." .There is talk among Republicans of expanding any inquiry beyond the Lewinsky scandal to include other topics that both Starr and Congress have been investigating. They include the Whitewater land deal, the firings in the White House travel office and the improper acquisition of FBI files on hundreds of Republicans from previous administrations. But one congressional source said Democrats would be "unalterably opposed" to any broad-gauged inquiry..Members of both parties said Congress should move expeditiously to get the matter resolved but disagreed over how quickly it could be done. Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.) said Congress should aim to finish before the new Congress is sworn in next January. But Lott said he saw no way that an impeachment inquiry could be conducted that quickly. "We should not delay," he said. "At the same time, I do not think we should rush to judgment." "

Newsweek Howard Fineman 9/21/98 ".This is Bill Clinton as Kenneth Starr wants you to see him. In November 1995, the government was shut down over the budget; U.S. troops were about to go into Bosnia. The president was needy, and busy. So during his first sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky, while they were fondling each other in a darkened hallway next to the Oval Office, he invited her into his small study when the telephone rang. As he chatted, according to Starr's report, the 22-year-old intern "performed oral sex" on Clinton. Two days later, she was back to deliver... pizza. She knew the routine. In the study, she later told Starr's investigators, she "performed oral sex" on the president while he lobbied a congressman for aid to the Balkans. In the 14 months that followed, Clinton had eight more sexual encounters with Monica. They had 15 phone-sex conversations. Then he lied about it to his aides, to the country and under oath. Starr thinks punishment should come next: for a perjurer and systematic obstructer of justice who deserves to be impeached and removed.."

Newsweek Howard Fineman 9/21/98 ".This is Bill Clinton as Bill Clinton wants you to see him. After nearly a month of halfhearted apologies, he unburdened himself at a prayer breakfast in the White House last Friday--only hours before Starr's report was to be released on the World Wide Web. The president told the story of how, preparing for the Jewish High Holidays, a Miami lawyer named Ira Leesfield had come across a Yom Kippur prayer he thought the president should see. He gave Clinton the "Gates of Repentance" liturgy on a trip to Miami last week. The economy had recovered, he told the president, and now "you can have your own recovery." In the East Room, the president conducted a one-man ecumenical service. There were Old Testament echoes of Ecclesiastes. "Now is the time for turning," the president read. "Turn us around, oh Lord, and bring us back toward You." There were Southern Baptist sentiments. "I have sinned," he declared. "I have repented." Clinton prays forgiveness comes next: for a flawed man trying to do right. The president promised to rely on "pastoral support" to help him stay on the right path. He would be stronger and better for his ordeal. He would be a lesson in the wages of sin and the possibility of redemption. He would be saved.."

Newsweek Howard Fineman 9/21/98 ".No, you don't. The first read of the documents, the polls and the pols indicate that the Starr Report itself won't cost Clinton his job--though it's hard to imagine it won't cost him what's left of his dignity and moral authority among all but the most loyal Democrats. One thing seems certain: people agree with Starr that perjury is a grave matter. If Clinton lied under oath in the Jones case, 49 percent think he should be removed; a 56 percent majority think he should leave if he perjured himself when testifying to the grand jury in the Starr investigation. But do we all really want to go there? Apparently not--so far.Among Democrats on the Hill, there was more panic before the report was released than after. Party sources say that contributions from telemarketing had actually spiked upward last week. "At least we know exactly what we're up against now," a top White House aide told a group of Democratic staffers.Republican polltakers tend to find more than Democratic ones, but there is a consensus that the president's troubles are certainly not good news. In a conference call among Democratic consultants last week, the word was: don't panic. Separately, though, at least one of them advised clients to steer clear of the president if necessary. "Recognize," consultant Alan Secrest told clients, "that you will NOT be judged... in terms of your level of support for Bill Clinton." Some worry that the report will draw Republicans to the polls as a way to protest President Clinton's actions. "Will our voters respond in kind to protect Democrats?" wondered California media consultant Bill Carrick. "Let's hope so."."

The Arizona Republic 9/13/98 Marianne Moody Jennings "Give that man a cigar, as it were. We have arrived at a point when I can no longer fulfill my obligations to write presidential analysis and commentary and still remain in good standing in my church. .My mother was appalled when the Nixon tapes were released, because the language was so coarse. We have canceled my mother's cable channels, for we dare not expose her to CNN. How far we have come. Speaking as a wife, with presidential moral leadership issues aside, I resent the husbandly example of Bill Clinton. When most men his age are focused on bursitis and cracked heels, Mr. Clinton behaves as a college freshman who has been drinking from a kegger hose. Further, will no one give to Mrs. Clinton the barbaric yawp she so needs, "Show a little dignity!" ..But for every conspiracy of silence, there is a dedicated prosecutor. Such a prosecutor is deeply offended by those who ignore the law and impose their will at great expense to others and no cost to themselves. To these prosecutors, the law is the great equalizer. And so they wait for a crack in the conspiracy of silence. For Mr. Clinton, the crack in the conspiracy of silence was a 21-year-old intern who fancied herself a Wallis Simpson. Kenneth Starr is such a prosecutor, and his report is not about sex. What Mr. Clinton and Monica Lewinsky did was immoral, irrational, irresponsible and reflective of a man in deep need of psychological counseling. To the extent an apology is relevant, it is so only in the context of this bizarre relationship. The significance of l'affaire Lewinsky was its entre into the conspiracy of silence. Beneath that conspiracy, Mr. Starr found all manner of mischief, all of which appeared in Article 1 of the impeachment against Mr. Nixon. ."

Jonathan Alter Newsweek 9/21/98 "Live by the word; die by it..All last week Clinton's words were a road map to his narcissism. He has repented for the sin, but not the spin. But first, let's get our insults straight. The president is a liar who desecrated the office; the prosecutor is gratuitous and power mad..The greatest surprise in this whole story is the ongoing gap between the elites--who now almost uniformly despise Clinton--and the people, who have stuck with him so far. The economy is an incomplete explanation. The tangled web the president weaves may destroy him. But it is also what has kept him alive.

Stuart Taylor Jr. Newsweek 9/21/98 ".Gerald Ford had it right. In 1970 the then GOP congressman said that "an impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history; conviction results from whatever offense or offenses two thirds of the other body considers to be sufficiently serious to require removal of the accused from office." In other words, the decision to impeach or remove a president (or a judge) is inherently a political decision, not a legal one. So for all the titillating detail and technical legal points in Ken Starr's report, Bill Clinton's fate will not ultimately turn on the niceties of criminal law.The outcome will depend on whether Congress decides that Clinton has so irredeemably broken his bond of trust with the American people that they should undo the 1996 election. And that, in turn, will depend on the American people. For all the august language in the Constitution, it's really up to them."

Freeper report 9/13/98 Ruffled Feathers "The Same source who told Ruffled Feathers - correctly 2 weeks ago, that the Starr Report was ready to go, has some interesting information about what's to come. The Lewinsky report, was exactly what David Kendall has said it is -a personal attack on the president, designed to embarrass and humiliate Bill Clinton. But... For Damn sure... Starr hasn't even begun to show his hand. In the course of the 4 year, 40 millon dollar investigation, Starr has uncovered a vast array of criminal activity by the First Felons. Racketeering, Bribery and indeed a startling number of violatins against the RICO act. Source said, Bruce Lindsey is extremely nervous about his role in these events.If the American people were shocked by Starrs XXX recommendations to Congress, they will be blown away, by the other criminal activities that will go public, if Bill Clinton trys to make good on his promise to *fight this to the bitter end*. "

Freeper report on Referral 9/13/98 "After Mr. Carter drafted the affidavit, Ms. Lewinsky spoke to the President by phone on January 5th.(287) She asked the President if he wanted to see the draft affidavit. According to Ms. Lewinsky, the President replied that he did not need to see it because he had already "seen 15 others."(288)"."

New York Times William Safire 9/14/98 Op-Ed "..President Clinton's defense, however, is disappointingly weak: admit sin but deny crime, and beg forgiveness for lying while continuing to lie. The central fact making a mockery of his misty-eyed "repentance" is this: he refuses to admit, even now, that he and Monica Lewinsky had a sexual relationship. That phrase was precisely defined by a Federal judge to include oral sex and intimate touching. He denied it falsely in his Paula Jones deposition; he repeated the false denial before a Federal grand jury; and even today he would have the nation believe that he never once touched Ms. Lewinsky's proffered bosom during their 10 Oval Office assignations. Nobody believes him because his look-ma-no-hands assertion so patently defies common sense... Thus, his continued lying is not irrational. He runs great financial and legal risks in telling the whole truth. That's why we see his legalistic contortions and semantic evasions that turn truth on its head. Clinton's tactic is to limit potential loss. But this continued lying will expose his false contrition, erode popular support and hasten his political demise.."

New York Times William Safire 9/14/98 Op-Ed "The scope of the Independent Counsel's initial referral is too narrow: Ken Starr was hired to look into worse abuses than the cover-up of a sex scandal..Starr is duty-bound, after these four years, to come up with indictments or criminal informations on the Whitewater obstruction, the Clintons' abuse of Justice Department prosecution to make places for travel office patronage, and the invasion of 900 F.B.I. files by White House snoops. Or to report on those investigations if they exonerate Hillary, Bruce Lindsey, Craig Livingstone et al, which would force calumniators like me to eat crow and thereby lessen impeachment heat. ..Surprises may be in store. "All phases of the investigation are now nearing completion," Starr promises in his report. Do they show a pattern of deceit and delay, of stonewalling and spinning, of perjury and abuse of power on heavy political matters -- Clinton habits so dramatically demonstrated in the cover-up of a sex scandal?."

Freeper USNA74 observation 9/13/98 "Kelly Flynn, a single female officer, had "sexual relations" (in whatever tortured definition WJC wants to use) with a man who presented himself as un- married. When confronted, she lied about the relationship (and she wasn't even under oath). Despite being a fast-riser and the only female B-52 bomber pilot in the Air Force, the military kicked her out and she narrowly avoided a courts-martial. But remember, the reason the military (read Bill Clinton's administration) pursued this case so vigorously and bounced her out is not because of the sex, it was because she lied about it (and didn't follow orders to stop the contact). They said they had lost their trust and confidence in her because of her lying. She wasn't censured. If it's good enough for Kelly Flynn, it's good enough for the Commander-in-Chief."

9/13/98 San Jose Mercury News editorial "That is not an easy thing for us to say. We endorsed him with enthusiasm in 1992, and less enthusiastically, but with hope, in 1996. When he first campaigned here six years ago, Clinton seemed too good to be true: a man of obvious intellect, radiating charm, he was both an articulate speaker and a good listener. Unfortunately, that first impression was too good to be true. Along with those assets he had huge liabilities, as the nation has painfully learned. Bad judgment. Flawed character. Disrespect for the law. A crass willingness to abuse other people and the prerogatives of high office. He also had the brazen ability to lie convincingly -- to his family, his staff, his Cabinet. In the White House. In a deposition, to a grand jury. Under oath. On television, to the entire nation. He looked us all in the eye, and lied. His sworn duty is to protect and lead the United States. Instead he has dragged it into a crisis born of his personal fallibilities. He has behaved scandalously. He has shattered the dignity of the office of the presidency. He has broken the law. An honorable man would leave of his own volition.Kenneth Starr's report to Congress is not a revelation but a confirmation. It contains little that is new, except for salacious details -- but these add moral weight to Starr's accusations. They destroy Clinton's last vestiges of pretense that this was not a sexual relationship."

Washington Weekly 9/14/98 Marvin Lee "Starr's report was met with disappointment and anger by those who have followed his investigation closely since Whitewater. It covered only the Monica Lewinsky affair. Why focus on a silly private affair when there are so many criminal allegations in Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate and the Foster investigation? Starr's report itself gives the answer to this question: From the outset, it was our strong desire to complete all phases of the investigation before deciding whether to submit to Congress information -- if any -- that may constitute grounds for an impeachment. But events and the statutory command of Section 595(c) have dictated otherwise. As the investigation into the President's actions with respect to Ms. Lewinsky and the Jones litigation progressed, it became apparent that there was a significant body of substantial and credible information that met the Section 595(c) threshold. As that phase of the investigation neared completion, it also became apparent that a delay of this Referral until the evidence from all phases of the investigation had been evaluated would be unwise. Starr assures us that his investigation is still ongoing regarding "events related to the Rose Law Firm's representation of Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan Association; events related to the firings in the White House Travel Office; and events related to the use of FBI files." And Starr characterizes Linda Tripp as "a witness in three ongoing OIC investigations." In addition to those mentioned above, that would seem to include the investigation into the White House handling of Foster's papers after his death. The report further adds this time frame: "All phases of the investigation are now nearing completion. This Office will soon make final decisions about what steps to take, if any, with respect to the other information it has gathered". If, eventually, no indictments or referrals come of these investigations, Starr can expect to face the wrath of those in the one-third of the electorate who have followed these investigations closely, and in opinion polls consistently expressed the belief that what has been uncovered so far make the President unfit to hold the office of the President. As for the remaining two-thirds of the electorate who have consistently expressed support for the President, their attention can only be gained with simple stories of sex, lies and adultery. The same goes for the mainstream media. So now we have the Monica report. The reaction of these key supporters to the report will have a significant bearing on whether the President is impeached or thing is clear. Clinton has broken the law and must be tried, and if convicted, must serve his sentence (woe to the President that dares pardon him). Enterprising reporters will have no difficulty finding in federal prison inmates who serve because of behavior similar to that of the President: an alleged sexual harassment charge followed by perjury, subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice. If the rule of law is to be maintained, the belief of the people in the judicial system must not be destroyed by letting the President get away with crimes that his Justice Department has put others in jail for. "

The Pioneer 9/13/98 Narayan Keshavan "The Starr report, perhaps the steamiest 445-page document to roll out of the US Government printing press ever, exploded on the Capitol Hill and much of the world like a Tomahawk on Saturday. The report, exposing kinky passion and alleged criminal activity, is slowly, but surely, distilling the William Jefferson Clinton presidency into the bawdiest joke in US history. Independent counsel Kenneth W Starr has laid bare every conceivable, and perhaps unconceivable, detail of the sexual hijinks between the President and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky..One of Mr Clinton's loyalists, Rep Cynthia McKinney, a Democrat from Georgia, said: "We are all poorer because of the mistake of a man who has squandered an historic opportunity, disgracing himself in the eyes of the world and his family." Another staunch Clinton defender, Rep Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat from California, was more harsh in her comment: "What a jerk!" Capitol Hill sources told The Pioneer that what left many lawmakers shocked was the revelation that Mr Clinton was having oral sex with Ms Lewinsky while speaking over phone to three Congress members. This, among other sensational details in the Starr report, guarantees that the House will hold impeachment hearings on Mr Clinton's fitness for office, lawmakers asserted. "It clearly means impeachment hearings. I don't think there's any doubt at all," said Rep George Radanovich, a California Republican, who had on Friday introduced a House resolution seeking Mr Clinton's resignation. "I just can't imagine that there will not be impeachment hearings," said Rep Jim Moran, a Democrat from Virginia.. Rep Henry J Hyde, the Illinois Republican who heads the Judiciary Committee, which now takes the lead in determining whether to open an impeachment hearing, said: "Please don't forget when all the distractions and definitions have been pronounced, at the end of it all, we are about one mighty task -- to vindicate the rule of law."."

AP 9/12/98 Anna Driver Reuters "Americans woke up Saturday to something not usually found in their morning newspapers -- X-rated content warnings on news about the sexually explicit report accusing President Clinton of possibly impeachable offenses. Editorial pages on the day after independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr's report was released publicly on the Internet were filled with scathing condemnation of the president's behavior, calls for his resignation, and cautious ``wait and see'' attitudes.. The Starr report invoked the wrath of many editorial writers, some of whom called for the president's resignation. The Cincinnati Post said ``Clinton should spare the nation the agony of a protracted, ugly (impeachment) process -- and which, even if he succeeded, would leave him a political cripple. He should resign.'' The Washington Times wrote bluntly, ``Go, you despicable man, go and be gone.'' An editorial in the New York Time raged ominously: ``A president without public respect or Congressional support cannot last.'' The paper is often supportive of Clinton's policies but took him to task for using the White House for ``sad little trysts with a desperately star-struck employee.'' The Los Angeles Times also wrote of a crippled presidency, and said, ``Meanwhile, the nation will have at its head a severely wounded president, his credibility shattered, a laughingstock to some, a reprobate to others.'' Many editorial writers said that the specter of presidential impeachment and the charges in the report were so grave that the report deserved careful consideration from Congress as well as the American people. A Miami Herald editorial read, ``...Congress and the public must show the calm dispassion that, thus far, neither Mr. Clinton nor Mr. Starr has been able to muster.'' The Tennessean in Nashville said in its lead editorial Saturday, ``People can judge President's actions,'' and urged ''It is imperative, particularly in this election season, that constitutional procedures be followed with caution and with no rush to judgment.'' And the Cincinnati Enquirer added ``The presidency hangs by a frayed thread. Nothing is a greater public concern than judging the fitness of Bill Clinton to remain in office ... Mr. Clinton had his chance to tell his side from the most powerful pulpit in the land. He chose to lie instead.''

9/13/98 Drudge report ".The DRUDGE REPORT has uncovered a shocking White House video that shows President Clinton sneaking into a private space just off the Oval Office -- the same area Monica Lewinsky serviced Clinton -- with a young mystery woman! The tape runs slightly more than 10 minutes and was obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT in Washington late Friday on condition that its origin and owner not be disclosed.."

Copley News Service San Diego Union Tribune George Condon Jr. "It is a measure of the trouble facing President Clinton that, even after suffering through perhaps the most humiliating day in the history of the presidency, it is almost certain that worse is still ahead..No presidential tears -- and they seemed near as Clinton apologized once again yesterday morning -- can wash away the tawdry reality that is so starkly presented in the 445-page report from independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr. There have been so many leaks that there is an air of familiarity to the immoral acts outlined in the report. But that in no way reduces the shock of seeing all the allegations laid out in one scathing volume..Even the day of President Richard Nixon's resignation was less humiliating than the release of this report. "I can't think of anything to compare," said Bruce Buchanan, a presidential scholar at the University of Texas. "Nixon had days similar to this. Andrew Johnson had days when he was marginalized . . . but never on terms of moral turpitude. This takes us into a realm of outrageous violation of the moral expectations of the office." But instead of denying the behavior, the White House officials have settled on a "defense" that, in effect, says: We agree that your daughters, wives and sisters are not safe with the president. And we agree that his behavior is appalling. But, hey, that does not mean it is impeachable. They may be correct on that score. It is, after all, up to the sometimes skittish members of the House of Representatives to determine what are and are not impeachable offenses. And there is nothing in Starr's report to match President Richard Nixon's willingness to wield the might of the federal government -- the FBI, the CIA, the IRS -- to achieve political goals. But the shame of having Americans reading about his sometimes kinky sex life outside the bonds of marriage is certainly not the end for Clinton. There is much more ahead: hearings to be televised, audio tapes to be heard, stained dresses to be held up to inspection, public ridicule to be endured, boxes of evidence to be uncrated and pored over. In the end, this president is likely to be discredited, humiliated and stripped of all moral authority. But he also could retain his office until Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2001.In general -- and this speaks volumes about how far Clinton has sunk -- it was good news for the president that the general reaction from Democrats was simply disgust at his sleazy behavior. None of them rushed to the cameras to call for impeachment..Clinton's ace in the hole, added Sabato, is that his fate is controlled by "millions of people who are repeatedly naive and gullible. They hold the balance of power."

9/12/98 Cincinnati Post Editorial "Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr's report to Congress marks one of the greatest embarrassments in the history of the American presidency. In relentless, convincing, excruciating detail, it lays bare the sexual and emotional relationship between the president of the United States and an immature, flirtatious young intern - and the efforts undertaken by President Clinton to conceal the relationship. Relatively little of what has been released is new or surprising. But that doesn't make it any less bad. The case for perjury, especially in the Paula Jones deposition, is strong to the point of being undeniable. Clinton repeatedly lied under oath in depositions in a civil lawsuit, and he lied under oath to a federal grand jury. The case for obstructing justice is also convincing, though perhaps not as simple to prove. But Starr's report makes it clear that Clinton not only tried to cover up damaging evidence and keep Monica Lewinsky from telling the truth about their relationship, he also lied to his top aides knowing they would convey false information to the grand jury..But this is about more than the legal question of whether President Clinton is guilty of ''high crimes and misdemeanors,'' the intentionally ambiguous standard set forth in the Constitution. It's fundamentally a political and practical question: does this man deserve to finish his term, and if he does, can he govern effectively? The answer on both counts is ''No.'' ."

AP 9/12/98 "The report that kills,'' said a headline in the French tabloid Le Parisien. "Bill Clinton executed on the Internet..Britain's Independent newspaper, which carried a huge chunk of text, worried that U.S. leadership was in doubt. "With Russia in crisis, NATO crying out for leadership in Kosovo, nuclear tensions high in the Indian subcontinent and economic difficulties threatening to destabilize large regions of the world, now is not the time for the leader of the world's remaining superpower to be tripping over his own trousers,'' the paper said. .Feeling was particularly strong in Asia. Calling the report "vivid and disgusting,'' the major Japanese newspaper Asahi said the United States needs strong leadership now because of the Asian economic crisis, fluctuations on the U.S. stock market and the threat of terrorism against Americans. "If this damages the credibility of American politics as well as the leadership of President Clinton, it can no longer be treated as a personal problem,'' said an editorial in Sunday's edition. "

New York Times John Broder Don Van natta Jr. ".The report contains accusations of crimes for which Clinton could face criminal prosecution if he leaves office through resignation or impeachment. Some prosecutors in Starr's office want to keep the Federal grand jury here in operation for another year to indict him.. The authors then place the blame squarely on the President for the slow pace of the investigation and the catalogue of lies told to the grand jury by Clinton and his lieutenants. "The President has pursued a strategy of deceiving the American people and Congress in January 1998, delaying and impeding the criminal investigation for seven months, and deceiving the American people and Congress again in August 1998." In perhaps the most damaging portion of the report, prosecutors say that Clinton lied under oath five times, both in the Paula Jones deposition and in his grand jury testimony last month, when he denied that he had had "a sexual affair, a sexual relationship or sexual relations" with Ms. Lewinsky.."

Fox News 9/12/98 Will Lester AP "Americans are almost twice as likely to believe Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's version of events concerning President Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky than they are to believe the president's account, according to a poll. That could pose problems for the president because Starr claims in his report that the president tried to sway Ms. Lewinsky's testimony, a claim the president has denied."

Katharine Seelye New York Times "Monica Lewinsky told investigators that Vernon Jordan, a top Washington lawyer and longtime confidant of President Clinton, directed her to destroy evidence of her relationship with Clinton, according to the Starr report made public Friday. Jordan was also actively involved in seeking a job for Lewinsky, and when he succeeded, according to the report, he called up Clinton and declared: ``Mission accomplished.'' As part of his investigation over the last several months, Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel, has been trying to determine whether Jordan had asked Lewinsky to lie under oath about her relationship with the president. Jordan has emphatically denied that he asked her to do so..Several days after she was subpoenaed on Dec. 19, 1997, Jordan advised Lewinsky to throw out copies of notes that she had written to the president, she testified. She was afraid that her erstwhile friend, Linda Tripp, had seen them. ``According to Ms. Lewinsky, Jordan said: `Go home and make sure they're not there,' '' the report said. Lewinsky testified that she understood that Jordan was advising her to throw away any copies or drafts of notes that she had sent to the president. It said Lewinsky then went home and discarded copies of about 50 notes she had written to Clinton.."

9/11/98 NOW Patricia Ireland "In the wake of the president's sexual relations with an intern in the White House, women's progress is surely at risk -- less from the president's appalling, albeit unfortunately common, behavior than from the impact of this scandal on electoral politics in 1998 and beyond.. We call on Congress, the president and business leaders to launch a national campaign to stop sexual harassment and sex discrimination. From the Oval Office in Washington, DC to the Ford manufacturing plant in Chicago, all employees -- women and men alike -- deserve to be respected for their abilities, to have support in balancing their family and work obligations, and to be free of harassment, discrimination and assault in the workplace. Protection of these most basic employment rights must be strengthened and enforced..."

Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh) Jeff Domenick 9/12/98 "Looming impeachment proceedings against President Clinton have diminished the position of the United States as the world's only superpower, hampered relations with our allies and may embolden rogue nations and terrorists, experts said Friday..R. Daniel McMichael, a consultant on national and international security affairs, said he is greatly concerned. "Anytime a head of state is weakened, it's a golden rule that the rogues will be taking advantage of that," said McMichael, a Shadyside resident. "A weakened president certainly makes the U.S. more vulnerable to adventurism by foreign powers and foreign groups.".All of the experts polled agreed a quick resolution to the crisis is best - either by dropping the inquiry, through Clinton's resignation or moving the impeachment process forward as fast as possible.."

9/12/98 Boston Globe John Ellis ".There is and will be no escape, of course. The charges on the table are serious and substantial. The Office of the Independent Counsel accuses the president of perjury, witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power. The case for perjury seems open and shut. The rest of the charges are, at some level, inarguable. They are the lies compounded. We've watched them develop over the course of the last eight months. The White House has adopted a four-part political strategy to deal with its final crisis. Its components are contrition, proportionality, defamation, and delay.."

AP 9/13/98 "While others on the White House staff stewed about Monica Lewinsky hovering around the Oval Office, Betty Currie came to work on weekends just so President Clinton could sneak the former intern into his office. A faithful churchgoer, the presidential secretary suspected an affair but didn't want to know about it, abruptly stopping the talkative former intern once from telling her details. She sometimes asked Secret Service officers to keep Ms. Lewinsky's visits off the books, and used the code name ``Kay'' on message slips. She retrieved subpoenaed presidential gifts from the former intern's apartment and was summoned not once, but twice, by the president in what prosecutors believe was an effort to coach her testimony. And when finally called to testify, Mrs. Currie told it all to prosecutors - providing what could be among the most damaging testimony to propel impeachment proceedings against her boss, according to a report to Congress by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.."

Freeper Republican 9/12/98 (summarized) on mini bombshells in the Referral 1. Podesta's testimony that Clinton asked Richardson to find a job for her - while on a flight to Latin America, 2. Currie gave 3 different versions of testimony about whether she informed the President, 3. Currie and Clinton had a second meeting and 4. Clinton's call to Monica about Betty's brother, leaving a message - seems he may have also talked about the subpoena, 5. Currie's actions to avoid Gooding.

9/12/98 Marilyn Rauber Brian Blomquist New York Post "President Clinton showed an uncanny ability to juggle business with pleasure, talking by phone with two congressmen and a top aide while getting oral sex, Kenneth Starr's report says. Clinton apparently showed off his impressive talent the first time he and Monica Lewinsky ever had sex, the report says. Lewinsky said in their first encounter during the November 1995 government shutdown, they were grabbing and kissing each other in the hall near the Oval Office when he got a phone call. Lewinsky said we moved from the hallway into the back office, where she performed oral sex on him while he talked on the phone with a member of Congress..Lewinsky also claimed she performed oral sex on Clinton on Easter Sunday in 1996 as the president discussed campaign strategy on the phone with political guru Dick Morris.."

9/12/98 Marilyn Rauber New York Post ".The day after he privately lashed out at Health Secretary Donna Shalala for suggesting he lacked moral leadership, Clinton admitted he's wrestling with the pride and the anger which cloud judgment, lead people to excuse and compare and to blame and complain.."

New York Post 9/12/98 Gersh Kuntzman "Freud famously observed once that even though a cigar is the ultimate phallic symbol, sometimes it's just a cigar. Now we find out that sometimes it's also a sex toy.."

New York Post Rita Delfiner 9/12/98 "Constitutional-law experts sharply disagreed yesterday on whether having kinky sex with an intern and lying about it are grounds for impeaching a president.. Hamilton believes Starr's report does outline grounds for impeachment because the president is the head of the branch of government charged with enforcing the laws and there is credible evidence he has undermined the judicial process. These are impeachable offenses, but the Congress is not under an obligation, she said. They have discretion on whether to impeach."

9/12/98 New York Times Robert Schuller "Now that the report of Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel, has been delivered to Congress, the big question is, What does the future hold for President Clinton? Will he finish his second term? .Now, nearly two years into his second term, we find our country deeply divided by a breach for which President Clinton himself, by his own admission, is responsible. It is not a breach between Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, but a breach between those committed to high and honorable morality and those who live on a sliding scale of immorality or amorality. The breach is evident in his own family and his own marriage.."

Freeper post from Starr Report "Mr. Bowles, the White House Chief of Staff,(446) confirmed Mr. Podesta's account of the President's January 21, 1998, statement in which the President denied having a sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky. Mr. Bowles testified: EB: And this was the day this huge story breaks. And the three of us walked in together -- Sylvia Matthews, John Podesta, and me -- into the Oval Office, and the President was standing behind his desk. Q: About what time of day is this? EB: This is approximately 9:00 in the morning, or something -- you know, in that area. And he looked up at us and he said the same thing he said to the American people. He said, "I want you to know I did not have sexual relationships [sic] with this woman Monica Lewinsky. I did not ask anybody to lie. And when the facts come out, you'll understand."(447) Mr. Bowles testified that he took the President's statements seriously: "All I can tell you is: This guy who I've worked for looked me in the eye and said he did not have sexual relationships with her. And if I didn't believe him, I couldn't stay. So I believe him."(448) Mr. Bowles repeated the President's false and misleading statement to the grand jury. "

Gordon Liddy Show 9/12/98 Freeeper Report "New Starr report is 2600 pages long."

New York Post 9/14/98 Deborah Orin "...I think it's all unraveling. What people are starting to wonder is, if the president gets away with lying under oath, then why should anyone touch the Bible and swear to tell the truth in court? says Zogby... Zogby thinks it will take time for the tawdry mess to sink in with the public, time for people to debate over the water cooler whether the president should get away with lies when 6-year-olds get punished. And to get turned off by the weasel words of Clinton lawyers who claim that sex isn't sex, lies aren't perjury, and it's fine for the president to self-righteously talk up the V-chip to keep raunchy pictures off TV but conduct XXX-rated behavior in the Oval Office. Both Goeas and Zogby predict the moment of truth will come after the November election, in which every sign says the Democratic Party will get killed - and it will be seen as a thumbs-down referendum on Clinton. There are also some big land mines ahead for Clinton that could produce new explosions: Clinton lawyer David Kendall is accusing Starr of taking some witness testimony out of context and demanding that it all be released. Be careful what you want - you'll get it. And still more tawdry, yucky details. The judge who dismissed the Paula Jones lawsuit has hinted she may hold Clinton in contempt for lying when he denied sex with Monica Lewinsky. That would kill any claim that lying in the Jones case didn't really matter. And of course if the stock market goes down, Clinton is in big trouble. There will be an early test today when Clinton comes to New York to raise more campaign cash and some of the state's most respected Democrats, like Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan, plan to stay away.The basic problem is that Clinton puts his own personal interests ahead of the country, Black said. If he really had a sense of shame, he'd be gone already. "

Washington Times Jerry Seper 9/14/98 "Kenneth W. Starr's case for impeaching President Clinton is only the first public accounting in a massive ongoing investigation --contrary to White House claims that the Whitewater probe is dead..Mr. Starr will soon make decisions on final reports to a three- judge panel of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and possible indictments, the report added. Mr. Clinton's personal attorney, David E. Kendall, attacked the Monica Lewinsky report this week as a "hit-and-run smear campaign," saying it was nothing but an attempt to damage the president with "irrelevant and unnecessary graphic and salacious allegations." He asked, "Where's Whitewater?" But the report's introduction notes that Mr. Starr's four-year Whitewater probe, all but forgotten in the crush of sordid public revelations of Mr. Clinton's sexual dalliances with the former White House intern, continues to target a number of areas:.."

New York Post 9/14/98 Steve Dunleavy "HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON has made it clear she does not want to resign, so to maintain her presidency, she has to get going when the going gets tough. .Joseph Mercurio, a leading political consultant, said yesterday on Meet the Press: On one hand he ^Clinton_ is asking forgiveness, and on the other hand he is fighting Starr tooth and nail. On Friday, Clinton said he wanted to talk to the American people and put legal arguments aside. And what do you think he gets his lawyers to do? Exactly what got him in trouble in the first place. And that is trying to thread a Sherman tank through the eye of a needle by using yadda, yadda legal talk. Hillary, in comparison to the rest of the White House wackos, has an IQ as high as Everest. And she is not going to let these mouthpieces in pinstripe suits shoot her down. Their continual insistence that Clinton did not commit perjury is bordering on the laughable. Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington University, and one of the saner minds on the Beltway, said of Clinton doubletalk and outright lying: We have to stop this foolishness. He took an oath to God ^in front of a grand jury_. Brit Hume, of Fox television, added a slightly more Runyonesque comment:If this was a court of law, the judge would have to recess for 10 minutes while the jury stopped laughing. ..And that is why Hillary has to walk past Bill's locked bedroom today, go to the Oval Office, and return White House lawyers Kendall and Ruff to private practice. And then they can defend bank robbers caught in the act of a heist. Then they can argue: Your honor, he did not spend any of the money he stole. He returned it to the cops immediately and he says he's sorry. I respectfully ask that my client should go free. He's very sorry. "

Washington Times Mary Ann Akers Joyce Price "Congressional Democrats urged President Clinton yesterday to drop his legalistic denial of perjury and instead try to reach some kind of a plea agreement with the House Judiciary Committee to avoid impeachment. "If you come and say that to the American people -- that 'I'm legally correct, I didn't have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky,' --you're going to lose," Sen. Bob Kerrey, Nebraska Democrat, said on CBS' "Face the Nation" yesterday. Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, complained that Mr. Clinton "lies by being technically accurate. I wish he would stop it. I wish he would have learned that 'I didn't inhale' ... is just not worthy of him and everybody sees through it. "He's not 14 anymore trying to outsmart the principal."..On "Fox News Sunday," Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said it's clear Mr. Clinton perjured himself, adding that Mr. Clinton has said as much himself. Robert Reich, labor secretary during Mr. Clinton's first term, advised Mr. Clinton not to engage in "legal sophistry." "If he lied, he should say he lied," Mr. Reich said on CNN's "Late Edition."."

Washington Times 9/14/98 David Lambro Joyce Price "Democrats and Republicans alike say the sex-and-lies scandal that has brought President Clinton to the brink of impeachment may have already rendered him ineffective for the rest of his term. "We really have to make a decision here as to whether President Clinton can continue to govern," Senate Judiciary Committee member Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican, said yesterday on CNN's "Late Edition.".Said Mr. Zogby: "The real issue is whether he will be able to effectively mold public opinion and transform it into a governing agenda and I think that the answer is no. He's wounded and that is only going to get worse. Can he get anything done? I don't think so."."

Washington Times 9/14/98 Nancy Roman "Even here in one of the most liberal, safely Democratic congressional districts in the United States, President Clinton is in trouble. One Democrat in the hotly contested race for the congressional seat once held by John F. Kennedy and House Speaker Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill says the president should consider stepping down. And scores of voters in the district and in neighboring Cambridge voiced anger and disappointment with a president most of them supported."The personal choices the president has made doesn't show a very good sense of judgment," said John Upton, an architect in Boston who voted twice for Mr. Clinton. "I'm kind of on the line. It's a very serious issue, and he should be held accountable. Whether he should step down, I don't know."."

Chicago Sun Times 9/14/98 Robert Novak "The feckless White House attempt to delay release of the independent counsel's report and, following that, yet another attack on Kenneth Starr are viewed by cool, old Democratic heads as the latest of multiple blunders that climaxed Aug. 17. This was the day President Clinton spent four hours before the grand jury and four minutes before television cameras--two appearances that may have doomed his presidency. That his brief speech was a disaster was immediately obvious. But only in the last two weeks have his supporters realized there is a strong case that he perjured himself before the grand jury--as alleged by the Starr Report's Ground No. 2 for impeachment.``Clinton will say anything--anything,'' one Democrat told me.``Idiotic'' was by no means the harshest description of this tactic by Democratic politicians.The rebuttal reads like a legal brief and confirmed that the lawyers are still in charge at the White House.The result has been the president's circumlocutions, topped by his politically self-destructive statement Aug. 17 that his deposition denying sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky was ``legally accurate.'' The Kendall style persisted with the rebuttal dwelling on definitions of sexual relations--a tactic justifying the Starr report's salacious detail. Another Clinton lawyer, former Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor, is a skilled, experienced politician. But he may have committed the gravest mistake of all by winning his argument for the president to appear before the grand jury. Robert Bennett, Clinton's private lawyer in the Paula Jones case, contended in vain that only misfortune could result from such an appearance. The president could expect no mercy from Starr's lawyers, bearing the scars of years of lashing by the White House, including continuing threats of disbarment..."

San Francisco Chronicle 9/14/98 Debra Saunders "THE PRESIDENT is a misogynist. A man cannot esteem women and treat them as he has treated his wife, his daughter and Monica Lewinsky. A man cannot respect women, while spreading the gospel that oral sex is not sex, at least for the male recipient. Bill Clinton is willing to set sexual relations back decades -- worse, many feminists seem willing to let him -- to an era when it was acceptable for a man to fool around, expected that he treat the workplace as a sexual playground and a given that he would expect pleasure, without giving any in return.The Starr report describes Lewinsky servicing the president while he chatted on the phone with other pols. Can you think of a more sexist picture? Is this the future America wants?

AP Jim Abrams 9/14/98 "President Clinton should stop his attorneys' ``legal hairsplitting'' with Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr if he wants to save his presidency, say lawmakers preparing to sift through thousands of documents related to Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky..Key Republicans said Hyde's panel might be empowered to go beyond Starr's investigation of Clinton's sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky to other issues including Whitewater and questionable fund-raising activities by the Clinton- Gore re-election campaign in 1996. But a Democratic congressional aide said Democrats would vigorously oppose such an expansion.."

CNS Ben Anderson 9/14/98 "A House Resolution introduced Friday is calling for President Clinton "to immediately resign the Office of President of the United States." Representative George Radanovich (R-CA) is sponsoring the resolution which cites obstruction of justice, false testimony, seduction and a failing memory on the part of President Clinton as so destroying the integrity of his office that he needs to resign immediately.."

CNS Ben Anderson 9/14/98 "A majority of Americans are ashamed to have Bill Clinton as President of the United States and more than two-thirds see him as a negative roll model, according to a poll released today by New York polling company Zogby International. "Are you proud or ashamed to have Bill Clinton as your president?" the survey asked. 50.1 percent said they were ashamed while only 31.9 per cent said they were proud that Bill Clinton is President of the United States. .While Clinton's job approval rating fell 3.8 percentage points to 55.0 percent since August, Zogby suggested that such a higher number is simply an indication that people are satisfied with the direction in which the country is moving.."

Washington Post Bradley Graham 9/15/98 "Throughout the controversy this year stemming from President Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky, the nation's military leaders have had little to say in public about the crisis embroiling their commander-in-chief. Privately, some acknowledge deep concerns that the president's adulterous affair and misleading statements may cause a devastating and irrecoverable erosion in his standing among service members and further damage sagging morale in the ranks.."

L.A. Times 9/15/98 Ronald Brownstein "In the capital, Democratic office-holders are scattered and conflicted on how to respond to the scandal now threatening to consume Bill Clinton's presidency. But the latest polls show that around the country rank-and-file Democrats are surprisingly unified -- not in endorsing Clinton's conduct, but in resisting any action that might force him from office..``For Democratic voters you really are getting down to that basic question now, and there is near unanimity that they want him as president,'' says Democratic pollster Guy Molyneux. Still, McInturff notes the scandal may have its largest impact this fall not by driving Democratic voters to Republican candidates, but by persuading Democrats to simply stay home out of disgust. (That's what happened during the GOP landslide in 1994.) The Times survey found no evidence of that, but other recent polls have shown Republicans displaying considerably more interest in the election than Democrats."

Scripps-Howard Joan Lowy 9/15/98 "Facing the possibility of significant election losses because of the sex scandal that has enveloped President Clinton, Democrats must weigh whether it is better or worse for them for Clinton to remain in office. Thus far, relatively few Democrats have called on Clinton to resign and even fewer that he be impeached. That could change if public opinion shifts against the president.. ``Democrats will try for censure because they think that's the way out, but what they are not clearly focusing on is that it is a road for another electoral disaster,'' said University of Virginia political science professor Larry Sabato. Sabato predicted Democrats will suffer serious losses in Senate, House, gubernatorial, and state legislative races across the country if Clinton remains in office.An uptick in Republican turnout in what is otherwise expected to be a low turnout election could shift the outcome in a dozen or more closely contested House races and deliver the GOP the additional five Senate seats they need to prevent Democratic filibusters."

Dallas Morning News 9/15/98 Richard Whittle "The House Judiciary Committee could vote this week to unveil the Aug. 17 videotaped grand jury testimony in which President Clinton admitted ``intimate contact'' with Monica Lewinsky. The videotaped testimony is among the sealed materials independent counsel Kenneth Starr submitted to the House last week along with his 445-page report on the Lewinsky matter.."

FOX NEWS 9/14/98 Freeper Report "Dick Morris was being interviewed on Fox news and just said words to the effect that Hillary Clinton could be indicted..... "

NY Times 9/15/98 James Bennett " It is surely the strangest debate ever to transfix the nation's leaders: Does oral sex constitute sexual relations, and did President Clinton lie when he testified that it did not? The consensus on Capitol Hill is that it does and he did..But despite increasing pressure from Congress, Clinton has no intention of saying that he perjured himself when he denied under oath that he had had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, his advisers say. To do so would be to declare that he broke the law. And an admission like that, some of his advisers say, would make impeachment proceedings more likely and might also expose him to criminal prosecution. But some of Clinton's advisers acknowledge that his defense against perjury is politically if not legally weak. On the NBC program ``Meet the Press'' on Sunday, White House counsel Charles Ruff seemed to be preparing for the possibility that the public may not accept the perjury defense. He said that perjury was ``clearly not'' an impeachable offense.."

Fox News 9/14/98 Freeper Excerpt "Steve Grossman, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, offered high praise for Clinton, reeling from revelations in independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report to Congress that he received oral sex from Lewinsky on a number of occasions then tried to argue it did not constitute sexual relations. Said Grossman: "Mr. President, it seems to me that you have demonstrated, at least in my adult lifetime, a higher commitment to the kind of moral leadership that I value in public service, in public policy, than any person that I have ever met.'' "

AP Pete Yost 9/14/98 "President Clinton is again delaying the testimony of top aides in the Monica Lewinsky investigation including confidant Bruce Lindsey, renewing a claim of executive privilege abandoned in June, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr disclosed in his report. Starr's referral to the House revealed that Clinton is keeping Lindsey and White House lawyers Lanny Breuer and Cheryl Mills from testifying about contacts with the president. Mills is declining to testify about contact with presidential secretary Betty Currie, a key grand jury witness, and Breuer is refusing to discuss contacts with the president about Mrs. Currie. The earlier claim involving Lindsey covered contacts with grand jury witnesses..``I strongly felt we should not appeal your victory on the executive privilege issue,'' Clinton replied. Four days after making that statement to the grand jury, Clinton filed his notice of appeal on Breuer."

New York Post 9/14/98 Editorial "It is a measure of Bill Clinton's current predicament that his defenders do not dispute the mountains of facts and evidence presented in the Starr Report. The case for Bill Clinton, then, comes down to two legalistic arguments: 1) His repeated lies under oath do not constitute perjury or obstruction of justice. 2) Even if they do, they are not impeachable offenses because they only involve sex, not a flagrant abuse of presidential power..But that reduces the argument against impeachment to a simple question of Bill Clinton's motives: Committing perjury merely to cover up a sordid little tryst isn't really a crime, his defenders say. Only perjury and obstruction of justice on a Nixonian level concerning public policy justifies removal from office. But the Constitution and the Supreme Court are the great levelers of American politics. And when the Supreme Court renders decisions based on the Constitution, it does not set one standard for presidents and another for everyone else. As Kenneth Starr made clear in his report, the Supreme Court has been outspoken on the question of perjury and the seriousness with which it must be challenged - no mat-ter what the initial motive. "In this constitiutional process of securing a witness' testimony," the Court wrote, "perjury simply has no place whatever. Perjured testimony is an obvious and flagrant affront to the basic concepts of judicial proceedings. Effective restraints against this type of egregious offense are therefore imperative." In short, the Court ruled, "perjury is an obstruction of justice." And nowhere in their many opinions on the subject did the justices ever add the words, "except when it's only about sex." Bill Clinton could have avoided the abyss that now confronts him had he simply uttered two words - "I'm sorry" - to Paula Jones in the settlement negotiations that almost reached fruition three years ago. Instead, under the "scorched-earth" policy that is the hallmark of his administration, the president stonewalled and unleashed his pit bulls to tarnish Jones' reputation.."

Reuters 9/14/98 "Democratic leaders in Congress warned President Clinton on Monday his defense in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, based on a legalistic definition of sex, was crumbling and he risked losing support in any impeachment battle.."

Boston Herald 9/18/98 Don Feder ".Who's responsible for the creep in the White House? The soccer moms - who were smitten by Clinton's caddish charm. He was so sensitive to women's concerns. He felt their pain, as well as parts of the anatomy of any young woman within his reach. Democrats - who, after 12 years in the executive wilderness, hungered for positions and patronage and were eager to undo Reagan's legacy. They knew that Clinton was the dictionary of sleaze but maintained the mafia code of silence for the sake of the party. Now, their party is about to be stranded on Billigan's Island. The greedy interests - teachers, labor unions, trial lawyers, feminists and radical hustlers, who put political or pecuniary considerations above the general welfare. In 1996, the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed the nation's most prominent lawbreaker, its president hailing Mr. Eleven Impeachable Offenses as a "tough crime fighter." Members of my estate who worshipped at feet of clay - Anthony Lewis, Geraldo Rivera, Bryant Gumbel, and Eleanor Clift. The last, in her desperation to find mitigating circumstances for the Lewinsky liason, observed that at least Bill's babe wasn't jailbait. Co-President Hillary Rodham Clinton - who sold her soul for a pottage of power. She could have pulled the plug on the "Kiss-it" boy in '92. Hillary didn't know what Bill was up to the way Admiral Yamamoto didn't know what the Japanese Fleet was doing in the North Pacific in December 1941. Those who bought the line that if the president acts like a rutting pig in his private pen, it's none of our business - Unwittingly, they presided over the divorce of government and ethics. Too many Americans have spent the past six years in denial, with their eyes fixed on the Dow and their consciences, not to mention their critical facilities, on hold. Clinton isn't the only one who should hang his head in shame"

Fox News 9/14/98 "President Clinton and top Democrats tried to reassure the party faithful Monday that the fallout over the president's sex scandal will not torpedo Democratic chances in the Nov. 3 mid-term elections. Amid fears the Monica Lewinsky affair will allow Republicans to add to their majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate, Clinton argued "the adversity of the moment'' was not the real danger facing Democrats in November. Instead, the real danger facing the party is that supporters may think the economy is going so well now that "things are peachy-keen'' and they do not need to go vote, he said. "Remember, our problem is complacence,'' Clinton said. ''Our problem is people thinking things are good now.'' ."

Washington Post 9/15/98 David Broder Terry Neal "Within a half-hour of Congress's release of independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's report last week, reporters were calling to ask Jay Nixon if he still planned to attend a big Democratic fund-raiser featuring President Clinton next month in St. Louis. Nixon, the Democrat challenging Sen. Christopher S. Bond, R-Mo., said he wasn't sure. But this week, Nixon decided he would attend. And he found what he hopes is a way to benefit from the situation. On Wednesday, his campaign will begin running television commercials featuring Nixon's wife, Georganne, talking about his Eagle Scout past and shots of their family at church -- drawing a sharp contrast with Clinton..But walking that tightrope will not be easy. ``The problem for Democrats,'' said Republican consultant Ralph Reed, ``is how to express an appropriate degree of disapproval for the president's misbehavior without totally deflating the enthusiasm of Democrats and losing the turnout they need.''. Former representative Patricia Schroeder, D-Colo., came down on the other side. She said she was warning her old colleagues ``they can't be out there trying to be an extension of the legal team. That is very dangerous for the party. They have to deal with the fact that this is not the role model we want for the Democratic Party.''

Chicago Tribune 9/15/98 Naftali Bendavid "A congressional censure of President Clinton would be, in a sense, completely meaningless and yet deeply significant, historians and legal experts said Monday. Censure, an idea that has gained momentum in recent days, would be meaningless in that Congress could not slap Clinton with any tangible penalty, such as a fine, reduction in power, or removal of privileges. But it would matter in other ways, by damaging Clinton's public standing and his historical legacy -- significant punishments in themselves. Such an action by both houses of Congress would be unprecedented. The Senate censured President Andrew Jackson in 1834, and the House rebuked President James Buchanan in 1860. But no president has ever faced chastisement by both houses of Congress at the same time. In fact, censure has been almost exclusively a way for the House or Senate to punish their own members.But more illuminating than Congress' punishment of its own members are the few times it has chosen to censure or rebuke Executive Branch officials. These are completely non-binding actions with no basis in the Constitution, but they do send a powerful message, experts say..

Freeper report Oprah Winfrey Show 9/14/98 "... out of Oprah's mouth.."this isn't just about sex.. it goes far far deeper than that." .The audience keeps bringing up about the LYING!!!."

Freeper report MSNBC 9/14/98 "Tonight Congressman John Kasich of Ohio called for the resignation of Clinton. His words were strong and showed the courage and morals we expect from a leader.."

CNN John King 9/14/98 "Backup documentation accompanying Independent Counsel Ken Starr's report provides strong enough evidence for the House Judiciary Committee to proceed to a full- fledged impeachment inquiry, several sources familiar with the material have told CNN... The sources also told CNN that there is a strong case made that the president committed perjury. The information in the backup materials is also likely to call into question the president's denial that his relationship with Lewinsky fell under the definition of sexual relations he was given during his testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit, the Democratic sources said.."

Electronic Telegraph 9/14/98 Ambrose Evans-Pritchard "A FORMER girlfriend of President Clinton, Marsha Scott, has emerged as a central figure in the obstruction of justice and witness-tampering case against the President. Ms Scott, deputy director of personnel and part of the tight-knit "Arkansas Group" at the White House, was given the task of handling Monica Lewinsky in the summer of 1997, when the volatile young woman was making veiled threats to reveal her "extra-curricular" activities in the Oval Office.But though outwardly "hip", she is a key player in the power politics of the Clinton administration. In 1994 she was put in charge of the contentious "Big Brother" database at the White House. She was the principal conduit between President Clinton and the former associate attorney-general, Webster Hubbell, after he was jailed for fraud. There is currently an investigation under way by the independent counsel, Kenneth Starr, to determine whether Mr Hubbell was paid several hundred thousand dollars "'hush money" to secure his silence in the Whitewater scandal. Ms Scott was one of the last officials to spend time with Vincent Foster before he was found dead in a Virginia park, with a gun in his hand, on July 20, 1993. According to FBI documents she was closeted with Mr Foster for up to two hours on the afternoon before his death. She claims that she cannot remember what they talked about. The same day, she reported in person to President, according to hand-written notes of her FBI interview. This detail was later censored out of the official documents, a significant omission. The FBI was apparently trying to shield Mr Clinton from possible entanglement in the events leading up to Mr Foster's death. Long-time observers of the Clinton White House say that Ms Scott serves as the President's trouble-shooter, with the special assignment of making sure that the inner circle stays united."

Washington Post 9/15/98 Robert Suro "Whether they stood watch outside the Oval Office or merely tended the White House gates, Secret Service officers and agents were witnesses to the amorous drama portrayed in independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's impeachment report, offering corroboration of Monica S. Lewinsky's private meetings with President Clinton. Six current or former members of the Secret Service testified that Clinton spent time alone with Lewinsky in or around the Oval Office, and Starr cites them to contradict the sworn testimony of the man they are sworn to protect. More than 20 others appear in various points of the report mainly to back up Lewinsky's account of when and where she visited Clinton. Clinton's personal attorney, David E. Kendall, took on the Secret Service Sunday during an appearance on ABC's ``This Week,'' alleging that one of the most dramatic incidents in the Starr report involving the Secret Service ``first of all, is not something that I think, in fact, happened.'' The disputed incident occurred Dec. 6, 1997, the day after attorneys for Paula Jones advised Clinton's lawyer that they intended to call Lewinsky as a witness in their lawsuit. . After she left, Clinton met with Capt. Jeffrey Purdie, the watch commander for the uniformed officers on duty, and told him, ``I hope you use your discretion,'' an instruction Purdie relayed to his subordinates as ``whatever just happened, didn't happen,'' according to testimony from Purdie and other Secret Service officers. Top officials at the Secret Service began reviewing the Starr report's account of the episode over the weekend and have determined that it occurred, according to a senior administration official. ``They just let it die because basically they had made a big mistake letting Lewinsky know what the president was doing,'' the official said. ``That would have been a mistake under any circumstance. So they were covering for themselves, not for Clinton.'' In his TV appearance Sunday, Kendall said of the episode, ``The president testified in his grand jury testimony that that did not happen.'' However, the Starr report cites the testimony of nine members of the Secret Service, including two senior officers, to recount the incident."

9/14/98 NYT Felicity Barringer "Scattershot anger and disgust at President Clinton, combined with pervasive anxiety about the potential use and misuse of constitutional impeachment powers, left many editorial pages groping to find analytic prescriptions to ease the dilemmas facing Congress and the President. At least 25 newspapers have called for the the President's resignation, including 7 that circulate 250,000 or more papers on Sundays: The New Orleans Times-Picayune, The Seattle Times, The Des Moines Sunday Register, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The San Jose Mercury-News, The Tampa Tribune and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Albuquerque Journal on Sunday called Clinton "morally unfit to continue in office," while The Seattle Times said, "Without moral authority, the President cannot lead." ."

NYT 9/15/98 David Firestone "She was presented to the world by President Clinton as the family "role model" of the White House, the upright, churchgoing secretary whose fear-stricken appearance before a grand jury in January generated several days of needed sympathy for an Administration under siege. But Betty Currie, who has presided at the gate of the Oval Office for the last five years, played a far less savory role for the President beginning in 1995, according to the report released on Friday by Kenneth W. Starr, the Whitewater independent counsel. After Clinton and Monica S. Lewinsky began their affair, Ms. Currie facilitated their clandestine meetings and often helped Ms. Lewinsky bypass the system designed to note all Presidential visitors, the report says."

Scripps-Howard/St Petersburg Times 9/15/98 Mary Jacoby "Vernon Jordan has been President Clinton's friend, adviser, golfing partner and political fixer. Now, the trusted insider also may be the anchor around his neck. Of all the damaging pages in independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report, Democratic legal advisers say the section detailing Jordan's efforts to aid Monica Lewinsky in the weeks before the presidential sex scandal broke may prove most troublesome to Clinton. That's because Jordan's description of what he told Clinton about his efforts to help the former intern find a job and file an affidavit denying a sexual relationship in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case directly contradicts much of Clinton's sworn testimony. And Jordan, a former civil rights leader turned Washington power broker and lawyer, is perhaps as close to Clinton as anyone."

9/15/98 Investor's Business Daily Matthew Robinson "For the White House and its allies in the media, the Monica Lewinsky scandal is about one thing: sex. But to four of America's former attorneys general who recently spoke with IBD, the controversy swirling around President Clinton and his aides is about something far deeper: the rule of law. The bipartisan group of four former attorneys general, including top cops from the Carter, Reagan and Bush eras, have worked together twice before on legal questions related to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's probe of Clinton. The first time, in the spring, they wrote a letter defending the right of Starr to do his job. The second time, they joined forces to file a friend-of-the-court brief in June opposing the White House's claim of a ''protective function privilege'' for Secret Service agents. What is their concern? Simply put: the rule of law."

Washington Post 9/15/98 David Broder "..But several members of the House have been censured to no political effect. And no one knows the real impact of a congressional censure on the chief executive: It could dangerously demean him in the eyes of the world, or it could leave him feeling free to lie again when convenient. The constitutional remedy for serious abuse of office is the impeachment process. Many wise and experienced leaders of both parties I talked to say they cannot envisage Clinton being removed from office by this route for the wrongdoing alleged by Starr. .But I was struck by what I heard from Joe Califano, an ardent Democrat and former Cabinet officer. "If impeachment goes forward, that is all that will happen in the next Congress," Califano said. "I think Clinton is finished as a serious president, whether he stays in office or not. He's lost his credibility, his moral authority." Califano said he had been thinking back to the time, 30 years ago, when Lyndon Johnson told him and Harry McPherson, both presidential aides, that he had decided not to seek reelection, because, as Califano said, "he could no longer lead on either of the things that were important -- Vietnam or civil rights." Any successor -- even Richard Nixon or Robert Kennedy -- would "have a honeymoon with Congress" and be able to do things he himself no longer could, Johnson said. Johnson did not resign, because an election was only eight months away. Clinton still has 28 months to serve. "I don't know if Clinton even thinks that way," Califano said. Let us pray that he does. "

AP John Solomon 9/15/98 "President Clinton's denial in January of a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky cost more than the personal embarrassment of Kenneth Starr's report. Taxpayers will foot a bill of at least $4.4 million, The Associated Press has learned...The figure - which doesn't include the costs the administration bore fighting legal battles that delayed Starr, the future costs of witness reimbursements or the other aspects of Starr's investigation - may become a political weapon against the president. Some already are discussing the possibility that Congress could demand the president pay restitution to cover some of the costs of the investigation as one form of punishment that might also include a vote of censure."

World Net Daily 9/14/98 Joseph Farah ".We've lost our moorings -- just as surely as Bill Clinton has. America is morally, politically, intellectually, spiritually adrift. There are no anchors aboard. No compasses. The USS America is at the mercy of the winds and currents, and most on board don't care. As long as the crew is serving them fine food and entertaining them, the passengers don't give a second thought to their fate or their ultimate destination. In a way, Americans are getting just what they deserve. Their choice of leaders reflects their own inadequacies and shortcomings -- their own cowardice. No wonder they look at Bill Clinton without judgment. To hold him accountable would mean holding themselves to a standard of accountability. They like looking up to see a leader who is every bit as dysfunctional, soulless and lost as themselves. It's comforting, in a perverse way. And psychic and material comfort is the only standard by which Americans today measure their lives, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness. It's not an easy observation or admission to make, my fellow Americans. But somebody has to say it."

WorldNet daily 9/15/98 WorldNet Daily David Bresnahan "Indictments of a number of people close to President Clinton are expected soon, according to sources close to the investigation of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. Clinton will be forced to testify in a number of the trials, and his testimony will play a part in the indictments that will eventually come against him and against Hillary Clinton after they are out of the White House, the sources say. Starr hinted at his intentions in his recent report to Congress, and sources close to the investigation have confirmed that the Starr investigation has a bombshell ready to drop. Additional evidence is also being prepared for Congress, according to several sources familiar with Starr's secretive strategy..Clinton is not the only one in Washington who should be worried about what Starr's plans are. "The investigation is not over, and the indictments are about to come out," said an attorney familiar with Starr's legal staff and their plans. "They've been holding back on indictments of others until they got the report to Congress taken care of. Jordan, Ickes, Carville and the gang know they will soon be indicted. Everyone in the White House is in desperation mode. They are on code red." Starr also reportedly has plenty of evidence about other women besides Monica Lewinsky. "I think he (Starr) was trying to spare the country the shock of the extent of the problem. It's not really needed for impeachment, so he left it out," claimed the source who said the full details of the many women in Clinton's life will likely be revealed in future indictments.The Starr grand jury in Virginia has been keeping very tight security on the identity of witnesses. Vans ."

Washington Times Jennifer Harper 9/15/98 "In just over two weeks, the number of newspapers around the country calling for President Clinton to resign from office has almost tripled. On Aug. 28, there were 15 papers on the resignation roster. As of yesterday, the number had risen to 40 -- and now includes USA Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Detroit Free Press. The editorial in USA Today, which has a nationwide circulation of over 1.7 million, was lengthy and outspoken. "The time for the president to leave is not after months of continued national embarrassment, but now," it states. "Bill Clinton should resign ... because he has resolutely failed -- and continues to fail -- the most fundamental test of any president: to put his nation's interests first."."

New York Post 9/15/98 Dick Morris "YOU can be sure Hillary Rodham Clinton didn't much like Kenneth Starr's report to Congress. But the two sentences that she must have minded the most had nothing to do with sex, her husband or Monica Lewinsky. For her, the most ominous sentences in Starr's report to Congress are: Evidence is being gathered on ... the Rose Law Firm's representation of Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan Association ... All phases of the investigation are now nearing completion. Now, Hillary is waiting for the other shoe to drop. This reference in the Starr report is threateningly specific.. If Starr finds Hillary did something wrong, there would appear to be no legal obstacle to stop him from indicting her. For Hillary, Monica is a sideshow. Castle Grande is the main event.."

NEW YORK POST 9/15/98 DEBORAH ORIN "Most Americans say they're ashamed to have Bill Clinton as their president - and his support could be the kiss of death for Democratic candidates, a new national poll shows. The survey of likely voters found they're 3-to-1 against candidates who voice strong support for Clinton or have the embattled president in to campaign for them.."

Freeper report on Fox News David Shuster 9/15/98 "FOX News David Shuster is reporting that the Whitehouse is STILL pursuing Executive Priviledge claims for Bruce Lindsey, Cheryl Mills and Lanny Brewer and has made that appeal to the Supreme Court. Shuster reported that the OIC has further questions relating to the Monica Lewinsky story that these three individuals have refused to answer. Shuster went on to say that FOX was the ONLY news service reporting this continuing Executive Priviledge claim."

AP Terence Hunt "President Clinton announced today he is strengthening his White House damage-control team with attorneys and lobbyists with extensive experience on Capitol Hill to deal with the threat of impeachment hearings from the Monica Lewinsky affair. Greg Craig, a senior State Department official who once worked for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, is joining the White House as an assistant to the president and special counsel to coordinate the response to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report to Congress on the Lewinsky matter.."

ABC Heather Maher ABC".. As the House grapples with its response to the 445-page report from Independent Prosecutor Kenneth Star, and the Judiciary Committee plows through dozens of boxes containing material too sensitive for immediate public release, the video tape of President Clinton's grand jury testimony has suddenly become the most wanted piece of evidence. House Judiciary Committee members were holding intense discussions in private today over whether to release what could be yet another public embarrassment for the president. Several Republican members of the Judiciary Committee told reporters today that they see no reason why the tape should not be released, an opinion House Democrats have said privately they do not share. If it is released, say sources familiar with the president's testimony, the public could get a glimpse of Clinton's moods during intense questioning-angry at times, at others, argumentative, and at one point, laughing-in stark contrast to the contrite figure he has sought to portray in recent days.."

Baltimore Sun David Folkenflik 9/15/98 "After reading Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr's report, two more Maryland Republican lawmakers Reps. Roscoe G. Bartlett of Western Maryland and Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. of Baltimore County -- called yesterday for President Clinton's resignation.."

Reuters 9/15/98 ".At the same time, Rep. Henry Hyde, the Illinois Republican who heads the House Judiciary Committee, warned Clinton supporters not to dig into the private lives of members of Congress to find embarrassing and unsavory details. - - He warned that ``efforts to intimidate members of Congress or interfere with the discharge of their official duties in relation to the impeachment matter could constitute violation of federal criminal law.'' ."

ABC News 9/13/98 via Rush Freeper report "In a hilarious performance by Clintonista barrister David Kendall, he clumsily bobs and weaves questions from Sam and Cokie...then George Will socks him in the gut with the last word. ("GEORGE WILL: I gather your answer to Sam is, he could remember being alone with Ms Lewinsky when she was delivering pizza, but not when she was delivering oral sex?) ."

MSNBC 9/15/98 Mike Brunker ".Starr's report charges that the president perjured himself in his deposition in the Paula Jones' lawsuit and in his grand jury testimony on Aug. 17. That testimony could soon could be made public in the House's impeachment review, but Democrats are likely to oppose release of a videotaped version of Clinton's appearance before the grand jury..Clinton was questioned at the White House, and his testimony was taped as it was fed live to the grand jury at the federal court house. One Democratic lawmaker, speaking on condition of anonymity to AP, said Monday his party was likely to oppose release of the video because there are no tapes of other witnesses. Sources familiar with the testimony, who would not be quoted by name, told AP the tape would show instances where Clinton flashed anger or argued with prosecutors for pressing him on questions of a sexual nature."

Washington Post 9/16/98 George Will "."It should not be surprising that there are graphic details. Nobody should be surprised to find gambling in a casino." -- David Kendall So, at this White House, a cigar in an intern and oral-anal contact are as unsurprising as gambling in a casino. That is something to ponder while awaiting the next presidential sermon on the V-chip.."

Chicago Tribune 9/15/98 John Kass ". But, if you want to learn something about Clinton as a leader, I refer you to the part about the pizza date with Monica Lewinsky at the White House. That was also the night that Clinton was on the phone with a powerful Alabama Republican congressman, H.L. "Sonny" Callahan. What we didn't know is what they were talking about. Now it's emerging that they were discussing sending American troops into harm's way in Bosnia--putting our sons and daughters into a dangerous place that is full of death. The president needed a vote from Callahan--chairman of an appropriations subcommittee that controls billions of dollars in foreign aid--for the peacekeeping mission, which would augment an international accord being developed in Dayton, Ohio. But while he was on the phone, Clinton was simultaneously occupied. White House intern Monica Lewinsky was performing oral sex in the Oval Office. Imagine someone receiving those favors while they're talking to you on the phone. Now imagine that the subject you're talking about is literally about life and death.."

Washington Post 9/16/98 Peter Baker Juliet Eilperin "Undaunted by White House objections, the House Judiciary Committee yesterday prepared to release the videotape of President Clinton's Aug. 17 grand jury testimony as Republican leaders rebuffed suggestions that Congress forgo an impeachment inquiry in favor of a resolution censuring the president. Making public the tape of the four-hour interrogation about Clinton's affair with Monica S. Lewinsky could be another damaging political blow for the president following last week's release of independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's explicit 453-page report about Clinton's activities. Aides fear the sight of Clinton being grilled - particularly in moments where he appears angry, defensive or evasive - could be a far more powerful political image than even the salacious Starr report narrative of his sexual encounters with the onetime White House intern. The tape, they assume, will be shown repeatedly on television networks and possibly used by some Republican candidates in the fall congressional elections.."

L.A. Times 9/16/98 Judy Pasternak "Charged with protecting the United States' innermost sanctum and the person of the president, the ranks of the Secret Service are filled with trained observers. No wonder, then, that uniformed officers and plainclothes agents at the White House noticed the dark-haired young woman who carried a manila folder when she visited President Clinton, most often on weekends and holidays. They also figured out that Clinton's secretary sometimes came to work just to let the woman in and out. And they remarked upon the fact that within minutes of Monica Lewinsky's arrival at the executive mansion, Clinton invariably headed for the Oval Office and, within minutes of her departure, returned to his living quarters. ``Like clockwork,'' Secret Service Officer Brent Chinery testified to the grand jury investigating Clinton's relationship with the former White House intern.."

CST Ether Zone OnLine 9/15/98 "Reliable sources have told the Zone that indictments are eminent. Bruce Lindsey is one of the names being touted by our sources. Alert Zone readers will recall our August 6th report, naming Bruce Lindsey as the co-author of the infamous "talking points" memo. Curiously, Starr's referral to Congress is all but empty on Lindsey and the talking points memo. Sources have told the Zone that Starr's bombshell finale is waiting in the wings. In addition to other indictments, the final report on Whitewater to Filegate is still in the making.....Developing story"

NY Daily News Timothy Burger 9/16/98 "President Clinton exploded in anger during his Aug. 17 grand jury testimony when asked about using a cigar as a sex prop - and it's all on a video that could become public this week, sources said yesterday.Clinton "looks weaselly" on the portion of tape - denying that he lied in January when he testified he did not have sexual relations with ex-White House intern Monica Lewinsky, a knowledgeable source said. The President also is "very combative" in parts of the video, a second source said. According to some network reports, Clinton stormed out of the room at one point."

Freeper Report 9/15/98 National Journal Hotline "More resignation calls: Former 18-term Rep. Neal Smith (D-IA), Clinton alma mater Georgetown U. Hoya newspaper.."

Washington Times 9/16/98 Bill Sammon Mary Akers "The videotape of President Clinton's combative testimony before the Monica Lewinsky grand jury is expected to be released by the House as early as tomorrow, although his newly strengthened legal defense team is fighting to keep it secret.."

Washington Times 9/16/98 Editorial "If the Democrats have their way, President Clinton's videotaped grand jury testimony will not be made public. "There is a consensus [among Democrats] that tape should not be disseminated." said Jim Jordan, spokesman for the minority on the House Judiciary Committee. "This is a political stunt, it's political theater." Over the next few days the Democrats on the committee will try to keep the majority from releasing the tape. There is no way to understand or explain that effort other than as an attempt to obstruct the process of considering Mr. Clinton's fate. That Democrats on the Judiciary Committee would try to cover for the president at this early stage in the game does not bode well for bipartisan comity..The president's supporters (those few who are left) have been attacking the Starr report by suggesting it does not accurately reflect the full body of testimony and evidence. Mr. Kendall and White House counsel Charles Ruff have both said that Mr. Starr's opus cannot be trusted until it is tested against the boxes of raw information still under lock and key. And yet then the Democrats want to keep that very information under wraps. In one rare instance, the president's lawyers have it right: For the public to judge the Starr report, it has to have access to the supporting documents and materials. One of those supporting items is the president's videotaped testimony. As much as he would like to, Mr. Clinton can't have it both ways. Releasing the underlying evidence cannot be done piece-meal or selectively without raising questions about obstructionism and cover-ups from both sides of the aisle. All the boxes need to be opened up for public inspection, including the one with the grand jury videotape.."

AP 9/16/98 "President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky at the White House was ``damaging to the work place'' but was not sexual harassment, the president of the National Organization for Women said Tuesday.. ``I do not believe this is his private life,'' Ireland said, noting that the Clinton's trysts took place in a work- place setting, with a significantly younger staff member. ``What Clinton has done, while not illegal, and not impeachable, nonetheless is very damaging to the workplace.'' .."

Washington Times 9/16/98 Donald Lambro "Democratic leaders are expressing widely contradictory views about President Clinton's sex-and-lies scandal, betraying growing disagreement about what the party's line should be in the face of a likely House impeachment inquiry.. While the DNC and the White House have been trying to halt the erosion of support for the president among Democrats in Congress and around the country since the Starr report came out, there appeared to be few indications that it was working.."

Las Vegas Review-Journal 9/16/98 Vin Suprynowicz "... If Kenneth Starr hadn't been graced with a veritable potlatch of tape-recorded evidence, sworn statements, White House phone and visitor logs, and even DNA tests (who woulda thunk it?) sufficient to make any normal prosecutor's jaw drop, this White House would still be selling last January's line, that Ms. Lewinsky is some deluded little hussy who invents hot fantasies about older men ... the latest in a line of trailer park trash run in by the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to bedevil the Most Ethical President in History. ."

USA Today 9/16/98 Steven Komarow Bill Nichols "The nation's top military leaders have told President Clinton they'll be asking for a budget increase to keep U.S. armed forces ready for conflict. But the relationship between the president and the military, a tug of war under any circumstances, has been complicated further by the scandal that has diminished his stature. In a meeting Tuesday with four-star commanders at Fort McNair in Washington, Clinton sounded receptive. "Readiness must be our No. 1 priority," he said. But the shadow cast by his trysts with Monica Lewinsky - an affair that people in uniform are all too aware would have ended their military careers - raises a broader question. Can Clinton be a credible commander in chief and control the Pentagon's budget? ."

New York Post 9/16/98 Editorial "It's been a key part of the official White House mantra for months now: Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr has wasted over $40 million of the taxpayers' money and all he's come up with is a sex scandal. First of all, as those with a firm grasp on reality understand, Bill Clinton's presidency isn't in peril because he used a cigar as a sex toy. The offenses at hand aren't moral (or, rather, not exclusively moral), they're criminal - to wit, perjury, witness tampering and obstruction of justice. And as for the cost of Starr's investigation, some interesting figures have come to light, along with a new perspective on who should rightly pay the price. Responding to an inquiry from Sen. Frank Murkowski (R- Alaska), Starr's office prepared an accounting of how much it has spent specifically probing the Monica mess. The cost as of Aug. 31: $4,393,923, including staff, travel, rent and supplies. What's most glaring about this figure is that it could all have been avoided had the president simply told the truth last January. Instead, he spent seven months stonewalling Starr's investigation and deceiving the American people.."

9/16/98 Jim Abrams AP "Rep. Jim Moran, a moderate Democrat who for six years has been closely allied with President Clinton's political agenda, is suggesting that Clinton consider resigning. "There clearly is some hemorrhaging going on within the Democratic Party, within the Congress as a whole and particularly within the country,'' the Virginia Democrat told reporters Wednesday.."

ABC 9/16/98 "The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee-and one of the key people sitting in judgment of President Clinton over the Starr report-said a story published today in an Internet magazine claiming he once had an extramarital affair was an "obvious attempt at intimidation." Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., characterized the allegations in a Salon magazine report as the work of White House staff. But he did not deny that 30 years ago, he had an affair with a married woman named Cherie Snodgrass. During his congressional career, he has been an outspoken critic of abortion and is often regarded as a symbol of the party's conservative tradition. "The statute of limitations has long since passed on my youthful indiscretions," Hyde said in a statement Wednesday. "Suffice it to say Cherie Snodgrass and I were good friends a long, long time ago. After Mr. Snodgrass confronted my wife, the friendship ended and my marriage remained intact." Hyde said the only purpose in reporting the affair now was to intimidate him in his role as chairman of the committee, which is considering the allegations against President Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky scandal..Almost as soon as he got the Starr report, Hyde warned his members that things might get rough. He pointed to media reports that the president's supporters might try to dig up dirt on them, saying: "White House staff attempting to disseminate derogatory personal information about members of the House Judiciary Committee." He called it "the `scorched earth' policy." Hyde made clear any effort to intimidate committee members could amount to an obstruction of justice Even before he wrote that memo, he had learned that the president's allies might be spreading a story about him. Two reporters have told ABCNEWS that a senior White House official tried to peddle a story to them that Hyde once had a girlfriend.

Reuters Jackie Frank 9/16/98 "If impeachment is too much, and a public apology not enough, Congress may decide instead to censure President Clinton and possibly slap him with a multimillion dollar fine..DeLay, appearing on CNN's Late Edition, called censure "a political cop-out" that would have no impact. "Even if we censured the president we can't even send him to stand in the corner," he said..Whether it is called censure, rebuke or reprimand there is no provision in the U.S. Constitution for such an action against a president. But there is a precedent. In 1834 Sens. Daniel Webster, Henry Clay and John Calhoun pushed through their chamber of Congress a censure of President Andrew Jackson. They did so because they opposed his firing of Treasury secretaries, who refused to carry out orders to transfer federal funds out of the U.S. bank. Jackson rejected the Senate's censure motion as unconstitutional, and the House of Representatives did not go along with it.."

Washington Post 9/17/98 Howard Kurtz "A bitter new sexual controversy erupted on Capitol Hill yesterday after House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.) acknowledged to a left- leaning magazine that he had a five-year affair with a married woman in the 1960s..Podesta said he told Hyde that if anyone at the White House had any involvement with the story, "they'd be fired immediately." Podesta added: "We've been subjected to this ugliness ourselves and know how painful it is." If a staff member was involved, he said, "I will personally kick anyone's ass out the door." White House aide Sidney Blumenthal and other officials denied during a senior staff meeting yesterday that they had worked with Salon on the Hyde story. ABC News reported last night that two unnamed journalists say a senior White House official had peddled to them a story that Hyde once had a girlfriend. McCurry said he had called ABC and "violently objected" when the network, citing confidential sources, refused to tell him the name of the White House official allegedly involved. Ironically, Hyde issued a memo to Judiciary Committee members Monday about news reports that Clinton's allies "may be attempting to collect and disseminate derogatory personal information about members of Congress" as part of a ",'scorched earth' policy." He said that "efforts to intimidate members of Congress" may be a violation of federal law and that the panel would refer such matters to the Justice Department if necessary."

FoxNews 9/16/98 Crier Report - from Freeper ChicagoVRWC, Dr. Laura says "If he called me right now and asked what he should do, I'd say he should step down."

Washington Post 9/17/98 Juliet Eilperin Guy Gugliotta "The House Judiciary Committee is slated to meet today in secret session to decide whether to release President Clinton's videotaped grand jury testimony and other evidence concerning his dealings with Monica S. Lewinsky. The meeting comes after several days of internal debate on the panel over how much material to make public. Democrats on the panel have been uniformly against releasing the videotape. Among committee Republicans, there was some caution about appearing too partisan in releasing salacious material that duplicates or adds unnecessary detail to the already public report by independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, but there appeared to be fairly broad agreement to release as much information as possible. "The presumption should go in favor of public disclosure," said committee member Rep. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.), noting that the House voted 363 to 63 in favor of releasing the report. "There is a consensus." ."

Washington Post 9/18/98 Gene Weingarten "For months, it has been apparent that Kenneth Starr does not like the president of the United States. Now it is apparent why. The Bill Clinton portrayed in the independent counsel's report is a man of unnerving appetites and odd philosophies - part Rasputin, part Machiavelli and part leering adolescent. His world is one where words have no fixed meaning, treacheries come easy, truth is so slippery it cannot be seized, and human congress is quick, transactional, and above all, cheap. This is Ken Starr's Clinton.."

ABC 20/20 9/16/98 Freeper Report Sam Donaldson and Chris Wallace did a small profile on Betty Currie tonight. They told the myth of Currie during Jan-Feb versus what she actually testified to under oath. Had Stephanopholis and Tony Campanello(sp) upset that Clinton would put Currie in the position she was in. Neither could believe that she did what she did, and felt Clinton used her loyalty.

Nightline 9/16/98 Theresa Freeper summary: Koppell says the public is divided into three parts. Those who want Pres gone. Those who want him to stay. Those who are wavering. The release of the Pres. Grand Jury testimony will cause the middle to break either way. If they are mad, hearings will go forward. If not President will get punishment harsher than censure, milder than impeachment. Punishment will be something like paying back investingation or loss of his pension.

Washington Post 9/17/98 Editorial ".It is true that the president's long effort to stonewall any inquiry is not conducive to feelings of mercy now. It is also true that the videotape exists because Mr. Clinton was given special consideration; instead of appearing at the courthouse, he testified in the White House while the grand jury watched via closed-circuit television. But this was a privilege freely granted by Mr. Starr in proper deference to the office of the presidency.."

Washington Post 9/17/98 ".For all these reasons, we return almost by default, for now, to the impeachment process. The House should conduct the constitutional inquiry. There's time enough to do it right. The Republicans have a stake in making sure that in fact it is done that way, that it does not turn into a kind of weekly political taunt. The Democrats have a similar responsibility. The risk of tying the country up, and the president down, for some period of time, seems less to us than the risk of coming too quickly to the wrong result.."

Investor's Business Daily 9/15/98 Matthew Robinson "For the White House and its allies in the media, the Monica Lewinsky scandal is about one thing: sex. But to four of America's former attorneys general who recently spoke with IBD, the controversy swirling around President Clinton and his aides is about something far deeper: the rule of law. The bipartisan group of four former attorneys general, including top cops from the Carter, Reagan and Bush eras, have worked together twice before on legal questions related to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's probe of Clinton.."

Washington Times 9/16/98 Bruce Fein "Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's 445-page impeachment report to the House of Representatives brimming with more than 1,600 footnotes is virtual proof beyond a reasonable doubt that President William President Clinton orchestrated an attempt to corrupt justice in the Jones vs. Clinton sexual harassment lawsuit and in a federal grand jury investigation of himself by lying under oath, tampering with witnesses, and otherwise attempting to sabotage the truth-finding function of the federal judiciary and investigating grand juries. That behavior betrayed President Clinton's unique constitutional obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, not circumvented. That unflagging duty is emphatically not a matter between the president, his God and his family, but affects every citizen in the United States whose liberties pivot on the rule of law and confidence in the integrity of the judicial system and law enforcement.."

Washington Times 9/16/98 Bruce Fain ".Mr. Clinton's attempt to corrupt justice in many respects mirrors Article I of the three impeachment articles voted by the House Judiciary Committee against President Richard Nixon in 1974. Paragraph 1 charged Nixon with making and causing to be made false statements to lawfully authorized investigative officers, which finds a parallel in Mr. Clinton's lying to the grand jury and orchestrating sister lies by senior White House staff members. Paragraph 2 accused Nixon of withholding relevant and material evidence from law enforcement officers, similar to Mr. Clinton's scheming with Miss Lewinsky to evade a subpoena for his gifts to her. Paragraph 3 reproached Nixon for condoning false statements given to law enforcement officers, like Mr. Clinton's condonation of Miss Lewinsky's false affidavit in the Jones case. Paragraph 8 indicted Nixon for, "Making false or misleading public statements to the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States into believing that a thorough and complete investigation had been conducted with respect to allegations of misconduct on the part of personnel of the executive branch of the United States and personnel of the Committee for the Re-election of the President, and that there was no involvement of such personnel in such misconduct." ."

News Tribune 9/16/98 Leonard Pitts Jr. "A sign of the times: Three years ago, Congress considered a bill to stop people from posting pornography on the Internet. Friday, Congress posted its own: the impeachment report from independent counsel Kenneth Starr. For Bill Clinton, the self-styled Comeback Kid, these are the worst of times. He has promised a "vigorous" defense. Which is a frightening thought. Especially since all he's got left now is legal hocus-pocus and factual hair-splitting that doesn't obscure, much less excuse, the hideousness of what he did. I think it's time for Bill to call it a presidency.."

AP David Espo 9/16/98 "Speaker Newt Gingrich told fellow Republicans on Wednesday that President Clinton's own account of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky depicts him as a ``misogynist,'' GOP congressional sources said. Gingrich argued forcefully for releasing a videotape of Clinton's grand jury testimony. The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that at a closed-door meeting of GOP lawmakers Gingrich detailed Clinton's version of events in his relationship with the young aide -- multiple episodes in which the president received oral sex without touching her sexually and with no instances of sexual intercourse. If that account is to be believed, Gingrich said, Clinton's behavior is that of a ``misogynist,'' a word whose dictionary definition is a hatred of women.."

Washington Post 9/17/98 Dan Balz Helen dewar "In the gallows humor that has enveloped the Democratic defenders of President Clinton, success in saving the president is measured day by day. And in the eyes of many of those same Democrats, the White House strategy for assuring the president's survival is being developed on roughly the same schedule. ``I think their only strategy right now is to get through the day,'' a congressional Democrat said Wednesday. ``If they have a long-term strategy, they haven't shared it with us. They're all breathing a sigh of relief that he's still standing after the report (of Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr).''..Over time, the president's advisers believe, public opinion may save him, if the polls continue to show no significant erosion in his approval rating and the public remains opposed to impeachment. But White House officials and their Democratic allies recognize that public attitudes may be more complicated than the polls suggest -- and that the mood could shift depending on what else people learn about the president's behavior.."

9/17/98 Neil Lewis "The Paula Jones lawsuit that is at the heart of the charges leveled against President Clinton by independent counsel Kenneth Starr is re-emerging to pose new political and legal threats to the president, lawyers in and outside the White House said Wednesday. A judge in Little Rock, Ark., dismissed the sexual misconduct suit in April to the relief of the president and his advisers. But a federal appeals court in St. Paul, Minn., that is set to hear arguments next month on whether to reinstate the lawsuit will now be asked to consider Starr's charge that Clinton lied when he testified that he had not had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.."

Harvard Crimson 9/15/98 "Not such a long time ago, we liked Bill Clinton. Twice, this page endorsed his candidacy for the highest office in the land. For the last six years we have stood by his agenda. And it is because we still stand by that agenda-because we still care about things like poverty and child care, affirmative action and gay rights-that today we call for Bill Clinton to resign.."

MNBC Lisa Myers "No matter what kind of agreement President Bill Clinton works out with Congress, he still has to contend with a prosecutor who wants to indict him and pursue other offenses, legal sources told NBC News. These sources say Starr will loom as a threat to the president for many more months, perhaps a year. IF CLINTON were to leave the presidency; either through resignation or impeachment; legal sources familiar with the investigation said Starr is likely to prosecute him immediately. And these sources said Starr is not likely to sign onto any deal unless Clinton tells all.."

Reuters 9/17/98 "Attorney General Janet Reno, the only person who can fire independent counsel Kenneth Starr, said Thursday she has not read all the details of his report citing possible grounds for President Clinton's impeachment. ``I've not read it in detail,'' Reno said at her weekly Justice Department news briefing when asked about Starr's report, submitted to Congress and released Friday, that listed 11 possible impeachable offenses by Clinton. ``From what I have heard, nobody would really read it in detail. They would read it and find out the substance of it and what the issues were, but there are some details that I don't think I have to read,'' Reno said."

Fox News 9/17/98 ""The Cincinnati Enquirer, which earlier called for President Clinton's resignation, blasted the president again on the day of a scheduled visit Thursday, calling his fund-raising stop "odious.'' Across the Ohio River, a Democratic congressional candidate said he had better things to do then appear with the embattled president, who faces possible impeachment proceedings stemming from his White House sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky. .The Cincinnati newspaper printed an open letter to Clinton saying, "You are arriving ... to visit the home of your friend and generous contributor Stanley Chesley - without even the pretense of a public appearance to justify the cost to Cincinnati to ensure your safety and convenience."

Freeper Report 9/17/98 "MSNBC reported that Cohen and Albright are going over to congress to meet with Hyde and Conyers at 3:00 PM today."

Jewish World Review Paul Greenberg 9/17/98 ".For any Southerner, even one not familiar with Faulkner or Flannery O'Connor or Richard Wright or Robert Penn Warren, the indelible stain in Bill Clinton's testimony is his treatment of Betty Currie. In the official proceedings, she's the president's secretary and an employee of the United States government. If this were a novel, she would be the faithful Dutiful employee? Currie and Big Boss black servant whom the white boy misleads and involves in his mischief, and who winds up paying the cost. It's an old story.."

AP 9/17/98 Terence Hunt "After his campaign of humble contrition, President Clinton's videotaped testimony promises to resurrect the picture of a man who dodged answers, split legal hairs and fumed at prosecutors. That is not the image the White House wants Americans to remember. Clinton's lieutenants worry the tape could undermine the carefully nurtured appearance of a president seeking forgiveness. Also, that snippets from the four hours will wind up in Republican ads before the Nov. 3 election and contribute to Democratic defeats.."

National Review 9/17/98 "NR: Were you at all disappointed in the report-that it didn't include Filegate, Travelgate, and other matters? Rep. DeLay: No, because the report says that those reports are coming. I consider this an interim referral. I intend to make sure that everything is included in the inquiry for impeachment--that we look at all the reports, at all of the investigations done by the House. I think we can establish a pattern of conduct of this President that could lead to impeachment. NR: Do you expect another report from Starr? Rep. Delay: I sure do. NR: Is that just conjecture? Rep. DeLay: It's in the report--page 19. NR: What did you think of the Salon story on Mr. Hyde? Rep. DeLay: I think it was despicable that the White House has committed an assault on the House of Representatives by bringing up a thirty-year-old affair. It's amazing to me that they still don't get it. They can't recognize a man of character when they see one. Henry Hyde is the most respected member of the House. He's obviously done what every person of character does when they've done something wrong-they confess it. They apologize to those that they have hurt and they change their ways and accept the consequences.."

Roll Call 9/17/98 Jim VandeHei "Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) told a closed-door meeting of top Republican leaders Tuesday that several Congressional investigators may file reports to Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) this Congress outlining possible grounds for the impeachment of President Clinton, according to sources in the room. Hyde, who did not attend the meeting, told Roll Call that he has the jurisdiction and authority to expand an impeachment inquiry to cover evidence unearthed by Congressional investigations, but that he has no plans to do so any time soon. "Under our resolution, we can look at anything we want," Hyde said Tuesday evening. "I am not seeking material. But if it comes, we have a duty to" review the findings. Gingrich's comments, according to informed sources, reflect a growing belief among key Republicans that independent counsel Kenneth Starr may file another impeachment report to Congress dealing with Whitewater and Filegate. If he does, Gingrich and Hyde believe evidence uncovered by Congressional investigations could augment Starr's case and help weave together a pattern of stonewalling, perjury and obstruction of justice, the sources added.."

Roll Call 9/17/98 Jim VandeHei ""Based on media reports, the Speaker was merely pointing out that there are a number of chairmen with oversight responsibilities that may have information relevant to the possible submission of further information by Judge Starr, information which could be of assistance to Chairman Hyde and [Judiciary ranking member John] Conyers [D-Mich.], if such an event occurs," said Gingrich spokeswoman Christina Martin. At the meeting, Gingrich mentioned three committee chairmen who may send reports to Hyde for consideration: House Government Reform and Oversight Chairman Dan Burton (R-Ind.), who is investigating Clinton's fundraising during the 1996 elections; Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.), whose Education and the Workforce subcommittee on oversight and investigations is looking into the invalidated Teamsters election in 1996 and the White House's role in a questionable money swap scheme; and Rep. Christopher Cox (R-Calif.), who is probing Clinton's decision to allow China to obtain sensitive military technology. Burton and Cox have told Gingrich that they have evidence that may be relevant to an impeachment inquiry, according to two senior leadership aides. Cox's investigation into allegations that Clinton traded sensitive weapon technology for campaign contributions may offer Hyde the most explosive, impeachable evidence, according to GOP leadership sources. "There have been several veiled references in leadership meetings that he may have something close to a [smoking gun]," one GOP leadership source said. Cox refuses to discuss what his investigation is finding. Democrats would react with "complete and total outrage" if Hyde expands his inquiry, according to a senior adviser to House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt (D-Mo.).Cox -- chairman of the Select Committee on U.S. National Security/Commercial Concerns with the Peoples Republic of China -- has interviewed almost two dozen witnesses behind closed doors in recent weeks and will complete his investigation by year's end. DeLay and other GOP leaders have urged Cox to wrap up his investigation prior to November's elections, the sources said, but it's unclear if Cox can write a final report so soon.."

AP 9/17/98 "A few donors to President Clinton's legal defense fund want their money back, now that Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr has issued his report. Four small givers -- contributions totaling less than $150 -- have written to the fund, requesting refunds. The counsel for the legal defense fund, Richard M. Lucas, said they would get their money back.."

International Herald Tribune Paris 9/18/98 Brian Knowlton "A leading Republican angrily demanded Thursday that the FBI investigate the source of a report that Representative Henry Hyde, the chairman of the House committee examining allegations against President Bill Clinton, had an extramarital affair 30 years ago. The Republican, Tom DeLay, the House whip, said, ''We have reason to believe that top aides, with access to the White House, have orchestrated a conspiracy to intimidate members of Congress by using their past lives as an embarrassment.'' The White House vehemently and repeatedly denied any connection to the story about Mr. Hyde, which was first reported by Salon, an Internet magazine that has been supportive of Mr. Clinton. Should the FBI find a link, however, Mr. DeLay said, ''This could be added to the impeachment inquiry.'' ."

NY Post Deborah Orin 9/17/98 "SEXGATE or not, President Clinton yesterday kept insisting: I feel very good about where I am in relation to the rest of the world. His post-Sexgate chats with world leaders, the embattled president reported, were very, very heartening to me and convinced him he still has the moral authority to lead. Which is precisely what has Clinton's fellow Democrats enraged. As they see it, Clinton thinks Sexgate is all about Me, Me, Me - and doesn't care what it's doing to his country or his fellow Dems..Other Democrats see it as a Clinton-caused disaster that hurts a lot more than the president. Which is why Democrats now privately say impeachment is only a matter of time - and some big-name Democratic senators could soon publicly call on Clinton to step down for the national good. ."

Reuters David Morgan 9/17/98 "Miss America has a word of advice for Mr. President -- resign if you lied under oath about your relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Kate Shindle, an AIDS activist who on Saturday night ends her one-year reign, says she and Bill Clinton both have jobs that put the office holder at the mercy of public respectability.. ``If you want to have a division between your public life and your private life, then indiscretion should be relegated to some place other than the Oval Office,'' the willowy brunette, a drama student from Northwestern University, told Reuters. "

Freeper Report on CNBC 9/17/98 Brian Williams Show "Brian Williams announcing thatThe New York Times is about to request the President to Resign his office. Williams is commenting on the fact that 125 Newspapers have already demanded the Prez to step down right now. Seems that a tremedous and growing number of America's mainstream Press is completly out of touch with their readership. Dont't they know that 63% of the population wants (Clinton) to remain in office. Don't these newspaper people watch TV?."

AP 9/17/98 "Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a Clinton loyalist who expressed a ``sense of betrayal'' when the president admitted having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, rebuffed his recent effort to discuss it with her. Feinstein, D-Calif., said on CNN's ``Larry King Live'' show Thursday night that a White House aide called her while she was on vacation to relay Clinton's request to talk with her. ``I said 'I really don't want to talk about this to him right now.' I need to work it out in my own mind. I am doing that,'' Feinstein told King.."

Washington Post 9/18/98 Charles Krauthammer "There is an unbridgeable conflict, we hear, between President Clinton's legal defense (I broke no laws and committed no perjury) and his political defense (I've sinned, forgive me, and let's move on). It goes like this: On the one hand, Clinton cannot admit to perjury because the independent counsel is still out there and loose. Ken Starr could, if Congress does not impeach, try to indict a sitting president. Or, more likely, he could wait two years until Clinton is out of office and indict him then..But before jumping to the solution, let's establish the premise: Clinton did indeed commit crimes. Let's pick two out of many. (1) Perjury. Clinton's defense --Fine. But there is no semantic escape from this: When presented with Monica Lewinsky's deposition stating that she didn't have sex with him and asked if it was true, Clinton responded "absolutely true." . (2) Obstruction of justice. The day after his Jones testimony, Clinton called in Betty Currie and prompted her with patent falsehoods -- "We were never really alone," "I never touched her, right?" etc. Clinton claims that he was just refreshing his memory. But since these are statements that both he and Currie knew to be false, he was refreshing not his memory but his perjury -- and seeking hers. ."

9/18/98 The London Telegraph Ambrose Evans-Pritchard "AS far back as December 1996, the White House was discovered disseminating material from a 330-page report called the Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce, a collection of remarkable profiles and annotated press cuttings prepared at taxpayers' expense by the President's legal team. The report was not intended for publication. It was shown to a few selected journalists thought to be sympathetic to President Clinton. They were encouraged to use it as a crib sheet for articles on the so-called anti-Clinton movement, some of which appeared in print. The document was forced out into the open when the Wall Street Journal reported its existence, setting off a clamour of protest.."

USA Today 9/18/98 Bill Nichols "President Clinton ventured into America's heartland Thursday, one of his few trips outside Washington since he admitted he had an improper relationship with former intern Monica Lewinsky. The reception was rocky, to say the least. "You have disgraced yourself and the presidency," read Thursday's editorial in The Cincinnati Enquirer, which called on Clinton to resign. "Unless you leave now, the nation will be dragged through more months of sleaze and mendacity. Each day you remain makes it harder to remove the stains you will leave on our White House."."

AP Larry Margasak 9/18/98 "The House Judiciary Committee voted today to release the videotape of President Clinton's grand jury testimony and an additional 2,800 pages of material from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation. After long hours of partisan wrangling over two days, Committee Chairman Henry Hyde said the committee agreed to release the material after deleting 120 portions deemed sensitive or offensive..The White House immediately denounced the committee's action..``There was a general view among the Democrats not to reveal anything, and there was a general view among Republicans to reveal as much as possible,'' Hyde said. He added that Republicans agreed to ``responsible redactions to protect people whose names and vital statistics and involvement in this was very peripheral.'' ."

AP Larry Margasak 9/18/98 ".--Clinton's attorney, David Kendall, said in a statement that Starr had earlier refused a request to destroy the Aug. 17 videotape after it was viewed by a grand juror who was absent for the president's testimony. The only purpose for preserving it, the lawyer contended, ``was to ensure its public release and embarrass the president.'' Starr, in response, said, ``We concluded that we could not comply with this request. Federal law required us to transfer to the House ... the videotape, along with all other substantial and credible information that President Clinton had committed perjury and other felonies. ... We cannot and will not destroy evidence of a crime.'' ."

Washington Post Howard Kurtz 9/18/98 "The disclosure of a 30-year-old extramarital affair by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.) provoked an extraordinary display of acrimony yesterday as Republicans tried to blame the story on the White House and presidential aides complained that they were being unfairly smeared. One White House official decried what he called "a Salem witch trials atmosphere," and a former official, Lanny J. Davis, called the GOP "close to McCarthyism." But House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) maintained, without offering evidence, that the story was unleashed by "the president's attack dogs," and the Republican leadership demanded an FBI investigation."

Fox News 9/18/98 "President Clinton's videotaped grand jury testimony, transcript and 2,800 pages of documents sent to U.S. Congress by independent counsel Kenneth Starr will be released at 9 a.m. EDT Monday, a congressional source said Friday. The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the materials in the investigation into Clinton's affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky would be distributed to members of Congress, the press and the public.."

Fox News 9/18/98 "Television preacher Rev. Robert Schuller said Friday he believed President Clinton lied to him during the meeting earlier this year when he denied that he sexually harassed Paula Jones..Asked if Clinton has the moral authority to lead the nation, Schuller said: "He doesn't have the moral authority to lead me.''

Fox News 9/18/98 "A senior Iranian cleric Friday described President Clinton as a "sexual sadist'' and urged Iranian President Mohammad Khatami to expose the United States during a visit next week to New York. "This gentleman (Clinton) has been a sexual sadist since his youth...This (sexual) act has not been a simple one. It has been carried out in a way which is humiliating for the female sex, in a hurtful and horrible way,'' Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said in a Friday prayer sermon. "It is such a person who rules over America,'' Jannati told crowds of worshippers gathered on the Tehran University campus and in nearby streets."

Claire Bickley 9/17/98 "To millions, Elizabeth Gracen will forever be linked to the fall of a powerful man. "He died in my arms," she says, speaking, of course, of her role in the 1990 TV movie, The Death Of The Incredible Hulk. .You were thinking of someone else? Then-Arkansas Governor, now pig-boy U.S. President Bill Clinton, perhaps, with whom Gracen had a one-time sexual encounter? Fifteen years ago. Everyone who hasn't fooled with a loser or three, step forward. Now get over it."There was a lot of pressure on my family and friends, people were being staked out. I was a little bit afraid for my own safety at one point. It's just not an area where you're safe." She pauses, then says, "I would never have said what I just told you a month ago.".

Conservative News Srvice 9/18/98 Bruce Sullivan "As President Clinton's political party flounders in a sea of controversy his crew of Democrats, while not exactly mutinous, are grumbling a bit louder that he should release the helm to Vice President Gore, and resign before the ship sinks. "There clearly is some hemorrhaging going on within the Democratic Party," said Rep. Jim Moran, (D-VA), a moderate Democrat who has been a staunch supporter of the President's political agenda. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Moran said that he could think of no "way other than a resignation" by Clinton that would "stanch that flow." .."

Jeff Fadnews 9/18/98 "What Sidney Blumenthal is within the Clinton White House, Geraldo Rivera is to talk TV. Last night, Geraldo detailed the recent account of Henry Hyde's thirty year old indiscretions along with a 1970's magazine article which alleged Newt Gingrich received oral sex in an extramarital affair during his first marriage. From this, he would appear to surmise a parallel between the indiscretions of these men and the behavior of President Clinton. He attempts to persuade his audience of a great hypocrisy in that Hyde and Gingrich could themselves criticize Mr. Clinton's actions. That Geraldo would stoop to this form of twisted propaganda in defense of Bill Clinton destroys his own reputation as a credible journalist. Whatever the true facts may be; were these men engaging in reckless sexual activities with subordinate employees? Did they do so in their public offices provided for the purpose of conducting official government business? Did they employ other subordinate employees to facilitate their sexual escapades? Did they lie repeatedly to their staff and their constituents if and when discovered? Did they employ subordinates in an attempt to cover-up the truth and obstruct justice? Did they perjure themselves and attempt to suborn the perjury of others in official legal proceedings? If the answer is yes, then the comparison is warranted. If not, it is a transparent and sickening attempt to distract attention from the egregious offenses committed by President Clinton at the expense of others. Since Geraldo has seen fit to depart from responsible journalism, perhaps he should rename his show, "The Geraldo Enquirer", or "The Geraldo Star". Geraldo Rivera should be ashamed of his program this Thursday evening. He has chosen to embrace the corrupt guerilla tactics of Bill Clinton and his administration. That he has provided a platform for the White House propaganda line and executed its policies, is an insult to the intelligence of his viewers. This is but one more sorry example of how Bill Clinton, our president, is affecting the conscience and character of our country--"monkey see, monkey do".

Times of London Ian Brodie 9/18/98 ".MONICA LEWINSKY had the highest level of security clearance when she was working at the White House and Pentagon while having an affair with President Clinton. The clearance was granted after extensive checks into her backround by the FBI when she was promoted from an unpaid trainee to a White House staff job in the Office of Legislative Affairs. Ms Lewinsky kept the clearance after she was transferred from the White House to become a confidential assistant to Kenneth Bacon, the chief Pentagon press officer. She had been moved by White House officials, who realised she was spending too much time around the Oval Office and was too persistent in her efforts to be near Mr Clinton. However, her security clearance was not reviewed after her transfer. If new checks had been made, they might have uncovered her sexual liaisons with Mr Clinton.."

Washington Times Wes Pruden 9/18/98 "Bill Clinton's admission/confession/concession that he lied about Monica inevitably brings up another crucial question: What else has he lied about? Nobody, not even James Carville, can any longer doubt that Paula Jones was telling the truth (and probably the whole truth and nothing but the truth). Kathleen Willey, Elizabeth Ward, Sally Purdue and all the other ladies of sultry summer nights in Mr. Clinton's tawdry past are telling it like it is, too...Everything that Bill Clinton has ever said, everything that has ever been said by others in his behalf, will be re-examined now. This is the Clinton legacy."

NY Post 9/18/98 John Crudele "BILL Clinton will be forced out of office. But it won't happen quickly or without a lot of disruption to the country. That's my opinion, based on years of research and many recent conversations with people who are in a position to understand what is going on. Wall Street isn't nearly as clear on the outcome..Investors can expect this sort of tug-o-war over the next few weeks and months. Here is a list of scandal-related events that'll pull the market down. These will be interspersed by periods of calm, during which the market will probably attempt to rally.."

Deb Riechmann AP 9/18/98 "One by one, the calls for President Clinton's resignation keep coming. A congressman here, a newspaper there, a commentator someplace else. But few see this resignation refrain swelling into a roar anytime soon..But the Clinton administration is bracing for a possible new round of resignation calls next week following the release of the president's videotaped grand jury testimony and more material detailing Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Right now, about 10 percent of House members have urged Clinton to resign, as have a few senators. At least 125 newspapers have suggested that Clinton step down. More than 100 Clinton critics assembled near a Boston home where Clinton attended a Democratic fund-raiser Thursday and chanted for him to leave office.."

Wall Street Journal 9/18/98 Paul Gigot " " I was just in the Oval Office with the president , and he wants somebody ' s ass out here . " Thus did Secret Service Captain Jeffrey Purdie follow orders that turned President Clinton's private scandal into an abuse of a public institution. Whatever one thinks of his sex life, Mr. Clinton's willingness to treat Secret Service officers like Arkansas state troopers deserves scrutiny as an impeachable offense.."

Freeper Report on Oprah Winfrey 9/18/98 "Flipping through the channels I caught a few minutes of the Oprah Winfrey Show. She argued against the Clinton defenders. She said she owns two corporations run by male bosses and that if either boss had carried on affairs with employees she would let them apologize and pray and seek forgiveness BUT SHE WOULD FIRE THEM. She also had an African-American religous figure on explaining that Bill Clinton was not in the right on this.."

9/8/98 Letter to William Cohen from Christopher Ferris "As a fellow alumnus and a 1977 vintage U.S. Army ROTC distinguished military graduate of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, I was truly pleased to see that you recently visited with soldiers of the Army's 10th Mountain Division to praise their patriotism. You have not forgotten that the foot soldiers of freedom are the brave infantrymen of the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines who lead the way, unto death if necessary, in defense of our revered Constitution and our rock-solid Republic. Today, however, I write to you about another matter of vital importance. With all due respect, Sir, I must remind you of your obligation to suspend any DoD security clearance (Confidential, Secret, Top Secret or Top Secret code word levels) of any government employee who engages in acts of moral turpitude, who engages in deception or deceit, who evidences possible emotional imbalance or psychological instability, or who engages in sexual acts which make him or her susceptible to blackmail, all of which behavior patterns potentially place national security information at extreme risk. Your colleagues at CIA and DOE have similar obligations when any government employee possessing sensitive CIA security clearances or DOE security clearances (relating to access to nuclear weapons-focused information) is suspected of engaging in misconduct which could compromise classified defense information..."

Ron Fournier AP 9/18/98 "Congress should impeach Bill Clinton because resignation is too good for a president who "mocked, demeaned, belittled and lied" to America, Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson said Friday. "While resignation might be easier for America, it's not best for America," Robertson told 3,000 religious activists. Some waved signs that read, "Impeach Clinton." In scolding tones, Robertson opened the two-day Christian Coalition conference by accusing Clinton of turning the Oval Office into a "playpen for the sexual freedom of the poster child of the 1960s." He also called Clinton a "debauched, debased and defamed" leader.."

Neil Lewis 9/19/98 New York Times "President Clinton's lawyers and advisers said Friday that they were forced to agree to the videotaping of his grand jury appearance last month in order to win other concessions the president wanted from Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel. .For example, among the problems Clinton's advisers expect in endless television replays of his testimony is one early sequence in which the president engages in an odd colloquy with one of the prosecutors over whether he is prepared to "tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth," especially the phrase, "the whole truth.". "

New York Post John O'Mahony 9/20/98 "An angry generation of twentysomethings would like to see Monica Lewinsky drop silently off the face of the Earth. A poster girl for their post-Generation X she's not, they said - she's more like a blot on the landscape.."

Augusta Chronicle Editorial 9/18/98 "Americans are finally finding out what's happening with over 900 private raw data files (mostly on Republicans) the White House unlawfully ordered the FBI to turn over. They are being used to blow the whistle on decades-old sexual peccadillos of some prominent Republican lawmakers.. The denial is a joke. For weeks well-connected Clinton operatives, formally unattached to the White House, have been warning Judiciary Committee members that if they move toward impeachment, they better be prepared to have their private sex lives exposed. One of the purveyors of that ``scorched earth'' threat, the left-wing, online magazine Salon, even quoted unnamed White House sources to that effect in early August! ."

Boston Herald 9/18/98 Joe Battenfeld "President Clinton's already crumbling public image -- and his shaky support among Democrats -- could suffer a lethal blow with the release of an explosive grand jury videotape next week. Even loyal Democrats are now privately questioning whether Clinton's legendary political resiliency will finally snap. "I think it's over," one prominent local Democratic official said this week. ."

New York Post Steve Dunleavy 9/19/98 "KIDS across America will be watching a cross between Deep Throat and Raging Bull on Monday instead of Little House on the Prairie because Bill Clinton's lawyers are idiots.. It was David Kendall, Clinton's brain-dead lawyer, who demanded that Clinton not be pictured going into a grand jury like common folk. It was David Kendall who demanded that grand-jury rules be changed that could not be changed for you and I. It was David Kendall who bargained away constitutional law and ended up getting a video he now wants to burn.."

New York Post Marilyn Rauber Brian Blomquist 9/19/98 "Americans will get to watch President Clinton's evasive answers to the Sexgate grand jury Monday - and read Monica Lewinsky's account of how he fondled her and talked dirty over the phone..The GOP-led panel deleted 120 portions of the testimony - most of it lurid descriptions of how Lewinsky gave the president oral sex in his study and bathroom, as well as references to other kinky sex acts. But sources said explosive accounts of how Clinton undressed Lewinsky and gave her orgasms, and their raunchy phone sex will be made public around 9 a.m. Monday - as soon as hundreds of copies can be printed.."

AP 9/19/98 "A growing number of Americans think President Clinton should consider resigning, according to a Newsweek poll that also found 41 percent now believe Congress should begin impeachment hearings in the aftermath of his White House affair with Monica Lewinsky. The survey released Saturday found that 46 percent now believe Clinton should consider resigning, compared with 39 percent who felt that way a week earlier in another Newsweek poll. There also was a substantial one-week increase in the number believing impeachment hearings are warranted -- from 35 percent a week ago to 41 percent in the new poll.."

Ottawa Sun R. Cort Kirkwood 9/20/98 "Never has a man with so little shame gone so far with so little to offer. Bill Clinton, the 60s boy who dodged the draft and lied about it, committed adultery and lied about it, smoked pot and lied about it, and committed adultery again and lied about it, is still president of the United States. Clinton has to go, but for a very good reason that has nothing to do with the legal nits about perjury, witness tampering and obstruction of justice now under debate in Congress. Clinton isn't just an exploitive and manipulative cad. He is a pathological liar. He doesn't meet the minimum standard required for a man to lead a great nation. Indeed, he meets no standard at all because he does not acknowledge standards even exist, which was, of course, the creed of his generation: standards are bad because they hold people accountable for what they do and say. In Clinton's America, the only moral certainty is that morals and standards are an uncertainty and may not exist at all. Truth is what you convince people it is. .."

Orlando Sentinel 9/20/98 Editorial "If President Clinton manages to weather the political storm, his effectiveness would shrink dramatically. For the good of his country, he should resign.."

ABC "This Week" Michael Smith Freeper Report 9/20/98 "Sidney Blumenthal's attorney appeared on "This Week With Sam Donaldson And Cokie Roberts." George Will mentioned on a previous show that Sidney Blumenthal was "shopping around" a story about Hyde and had contacted a couple of reporters at ABC. Blumenthal's attorney vehemently denied this on the air. Evidently, ABC knows otherwise and Sam Donaldon engaged him in a debate over it. It would seem that the two reporters in question would like to come forward and make public statements to the effect that Blumenthal is lying and that he did, in fact, approach them about the Hyde story. Donaldson was attempting to get Blumenthal's attorney's okay to allow the reporters to be released from their "confidential source" pledge of secrecy. Blumenthal's attorney became somewhat combative but seemed to agree that the unnamed parties should come forward. He intimated without specifically saying so that he would file lawsuits against them for slander if they did make public statements to this effect. Sam Donaldson was super-charged over this issue and left me with the impression that he intends to make this into a news item in the next couple of days"

Washington Weekly 9/21/98 J. Peter Mulhern (Peter the Lawyer) ".The OIC's referral clearly demonstrates that the President of the United States is a criminal. The idea that it can be good for the country or for the presidency to leave a criminal in the White House for more than two years is contemptible nonsense. Clinton has disgraced himself and defiled his office and we all know it. Every day he remains in office further degrades the presidency. He brings the government into disrepute, coarsens public life, and makes a mockery of public integrity. Those who believe we can avoid impeachment typically argue that Clinton's crimes are too petty to warrant a high constitutional remedy. Common criminals, they tell us, shouldn't be impeached. Impeachment should instead be reserved for extraordinary criminals, for people who pose an imminent threat to the constitutional order. Consider the implications of this argument. If we accept it, the President of the United States would have a four-year grace period during which he could commit a wide variety of criminal acts without suffering any tangible consequences. Only the president's own sense of shame would limit him, unless he declared himself president for life or sought to outlaw the opposition party by executive order. ."

Hartford Courant 9/20/98 Editorial "At the beginning of each of his two terms, Bill Clinton put his hand on his family's Bible and repeated, "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States ...".Asking for a president's resignation is a rare event, as it should be. No newspaper, least of all one that has twice endorsed Mr. Clinton for president, could arrive at this decision lightly. The people elected him, and their decision shouldn't be dismissed easily.."

Detroit News 9/20/98 Thomas Bray "It was worse than a crime, it was a blunder, as a French statesman said of the execution of a prominent aristocrat by Napoleon. Likewise, what Bill Clinton has done may be worse than a crime. It was a blunder. And in the end, that's what may drive him from office. The American people tend to be a forgiving lot - too forgiving, perhaps. But they can no longer avoid the conclusion that a man who would engage in such desperate, pathetic acts and lies is no longer fit - if he ever was - to be president. ."

New York Times 9/20/98 John Broder Don Van Natta Jr. "According to two New York Times reporters, in an article detailing Clinton & Starr's mutual dislike for each other, a small passage seems to go unnoticed. In the part of the story describing the time around Hillary's 1996 Grand Jury appearance, this passage: "In October 1996, Carville began a campaign to raise questions about the integrity of Starr and his assistants. Carville's efforts were not lost on Starr, who soon realized that he was engaged not merely in a legal inquiry but in what Carville has often described as a war. Mrs. Clinton was one of the commanders, pressing aides daily to find negative material on Starr and make sure it got into the hands of reporters, according to a former White House official involved in the effort. 'She was continually frustrated that progress on that front did not happen more quickly,' this official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. Carville, White House officials and Democratic Party researchers delved into Starr's legal clients, the political affiliations of groups he spoke to, the financial interests of his central witnesses and the political ideology of his lieutenants. Much of this material did find its way into newspapers and later into online magazines." ."

Washington Weekly 9/21/98 Marvin Lee "At a closed-door meeting last Tuesday, House Speaker Newt Gingrich told top Republican leaders that several congressional investigators may file reports to the Judiciary Committee outlining possible grounds for the impeachment of President Clinton.."

Fox News Sunday Freeper Michael Smith Report 9/20/98 "On Fox News Sunday, Tony Snow asked Rep. Maxine Waters (D) CA if President Clinton lied in the Paula Jones deposition when he said he did not have a sexual relationship or an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Her response:"We don't have any of the facts yet." At one point, Snow began laughing out loud because of how ridiculous her non-answers were."

New York Post 9/19/98 Marilyn Rauber Brian Blomquist ".The tape also shows Clinton playing desperate word games - like debating the meaning of the word is when prosecutors demand to know why he didn't contradict a statement by one of his lawyers that there is absolutely no sex of any kind between the president and Ms. Lewinsky. It depends on what the meaning of the word "is' is, Clinton says, adding: Actually, in the present tense, that is an accurate statement.."

Insight Magazine Timothy Maier 10/12/98 ". Insight has learned that Bill Clinton's handpicked political partner, Vice President Al Gore, has been pressed by close confidants to resign rather than support the president. But his own legal problems also could force Gore's exit. Will Gore become the next Agnew? .."

Pioneer 9/21/98 Narayan Keshavan "DEMOCRATS HAVE never feared Monday as much as now. For, that is the day when President Bill Clinton's videotaped grand jury testimony and the xxx-rated sexgate documents are to be released. These politicians and some pragmatic White House aides are concerned that if Mr Clinton's support in the polls dips further, the President will forfeit important support among congressional Democrats.."

Plain Dealer 9/16/98 ".But the President ' s lurid sexual acts are not what is most at issue , here , nor is Starr ' s description of them . What is lurid in the doing , is lurid in the telling , and Judge Starr tells it , only because it is essential to the main concern : the President 's truthfulness , past , present , and future."

Chicago Sun-Times Robert Novak 9/17/98 "At a high-rollers fund-raising luncheon Monday in New York City, low-key Democratic National Committee Chairman Steve Grossman delivered a Bill Clinton tribute that surely will cause unintentional, untold troubles for his party's candidates over the next six weeks. With the prospect for impeaching President Clinton rising and his real standing in the polls falling Grossman expressed "our prayer" that the president will keep providing "moral leadership to the country." That followed this delivered to Clinton's face: "You have demonstrated to the country the kind of moral leadership that I value in public service and in person, that I have ever met." The eyes of Republican politicians lit up when they spotted those quotes in Tuesday mornings's newspapers. Republican National Chairman Jim Nicholson faxed Grossman's quotes to party leaders across the country, with a recommendation that they be given to every Republican candidate for confronting Democratic opponents.."

Roll Call 9/21/98 Jim VandeHei "Despite the dramatic collapse of bipartisanship on the House Judiciary Committee, top Republicans and Democrats expect Congress to initiate a full-blown impeachment inquiry against President Clinton in early October. Just minutes after the House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to release Clinton's videotaped deposition and related testimony today, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said: "I expect an impeachment inquiry will be [approved]." ."

AP Darlene Superville 9/21/98 ".With the House in recess for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Clinton broadcast was the day's big news. Inside the House press rooms, dozens of eager reporters anxious for copies of the videotapes and the two-volume report caused a mild frenzy.."

AP Richard Ostling 9/21/98 "The head of the Reformed Church in America on Monday joined a few other leading clergy in calling for President Clinton to resign. The Rev. Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, in a statement written before the release of Clinton's videotaped testimony, said the president's ``personal moral failure and persistent dishonesty'' have created a political crisis..Other leading clergy who have recommended resignation include: the Rev. John Hurst Adams, senior bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church; the Rev. Herbert Chilstrom, retired presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; and the Rev. Paige Patterson, president of Clinton's own denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention.."

AP Rob Fournier 9/21/98 "Monica Lewinsky considered President Clinton ``my sexual soulmate'' until long periods of inattention made it painfully clear that their relationship would not last. ``I feel disposable, used and insignificant,'' she said in a handwritten note to the president. Asked by grand jurors on Aug. 20 to describe their relationship, Ms. Lewinsky said, ``More love, with a little bit of obsession, but definitely love.''.Ms. Lewinsky circled dates in her pocket calendar every time she met or talked to Clinton. Her home computer's memory was filled with letters -- some never sent -- to the president and her friends. By the time she first testified, prosecutors had compiled for grand jurors a lengthy chart detailing the affair. She called it ``the highlights of my relationship with the president.'' The chart outlined the affair with shorthand notations, such as ``non-verbal connection'' on Aug. 9, 1995 and ``pizza night'' Nov. 17, 1995. .Following his Aug. 17 address to the nation confessing the affair, Ms. Lewinsky told grand jurors that Clinton seemed to dismiss their relations as a ``service contract.''."

FoxNews 9/21/98 Pete Brush "The world watched with emotions ranging from laughter to disgust Monday as President Clinton's Aug. 17 videotaped testimony to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's Washington, D.C. grand jury was broadcast live by numerous news organizations. The unedited broadcast - punctuated with moments of emotion from both the president and, to a lesser extent, those questioning him - marked another bizarre chapter in the unfolding Lewinsky scandal. In addition to the testimony, 3,183 pages of evidence chronicling Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky were released. News web sites and other major sites on the Internet are posting the material in its entirety..The tape portrays Clinton as sometimes angry at prosecutors' questions and other times bitter at how the Paula Jones lawsuit precipitated the criminal investigation - and the meat of Starr's report to the Congress on possibly impeachable offenses. ..In the third hour of the videotaped testimony, Starr's prosecutors commence with questions of a graphic sexual nature, including questions about "the insertion of an object" in Lewinsky's genitalia. At this point, a visibly seething president looks to his lawyer for guidance. And in an exchange in the fourth hour of the videotape, Clinton is asked about his recollection of telephone calls he made from a Virginia hotel room to Kathleen Willey. Clinton said he did not recollect calling her or touching her in any inappropriate manner. When pressed on the details of his relationship with Willey, Clinton, becoming angry, accuses the independent counsel's team of bias. "I am not going to answer your trick questions," Clinton said. Near the end of the video, Starr's team asks the president a specific question on behalf of the grand jury about oral sex: "'Did Monica Lewinsky perform oral sex on you?' They would like a direct answer yes or no." Clinton's answer was similar to others he gave when asked questions of a graphic sexual nature: "I believe that that was not covered in the defintion of sexual relations as it was given, I will refer you to my to my initial statement." .."

Freeper DC Agent WMAL Radio 9/21/98 reports "Rep. Jim Moran, Democrat, cracks on Clinton." More comments. says there is clearly lying under oath.wants Clinton to put National interest above personal interest.

9/21/98 Oliver North report by A Whitewater Researcher "On Friday, September 18, Oliver North hosted his nationally syndicated radio show from the Christian Coalition's Road to Victory annual convention, held this year at the Washington D.C. Hilton and Towers. One of Ollie's guests was Ralph Z. Hallow, national political reporter for the Washington Times. Ralph said the following (paraphrase) on the air: The Congressional Democratic leadership wants Clinton to step down before November 3rd, and the Democrat leadership would support Congressional impeachment action if Clinton does not resign. The Democrats are particularly outraged that, after struggling for decades to overcome a McGovernesque hippie/free love social image, the Clinton scandals have taken them back to square one. The Democrats fear a bloodbath for them in the November 3rd elections. The same day, I spoke with a conservative member of Congress who agreed with Hallow's analysis. The conservative member of Congress said that Clinton will resign when he realizes he doesn't have enough votes. Both Hallow and the conservative Congressman said there are enough votes in the U.S. House to impeach Clinton right now.."

Weekly Standard 9/21/98 William Kristol ""Get on with it." Sound advice about impeaching the president from Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the Democratic senator from New York. "Listen," Moynihan continued, in a television appearance three days before Kenneth Starr sent his report to congress, "we can have this all behind us in six weeks' time if we just get on with it.... You get that report from Starr, let the Judiciary Committee in the House decide whether ... there have been impeachable offenses, and let the House vote. then get it over to us (in the Senate), and let us decide .... We have nothing more important to do in the nation's interest." As of now, however, House Republicans aren't following the senator's advice. Instead, Speaker Newt Gingrich seems determined to move at a snail's pace."

New York Times on the Web 9/21/98 Todd Purdum "He goes to work, they go to work. He keeps his chin up, they keep their heads down. But nothing is quite the same for President Clinton and his senior aides, advisers and friends these days, and they make little pretense that the White House is other than a shaken, static place, groping for a way to survive. "He doesn't talk about this," said one longtime aide, speaking, like all his colleagues, on condition of anonymity. "I honestly don't know who he's talking to." But, this aide added of the president, "There's now a whole man I've never even met. I don't believe anything any more from him." Another longtime adviser said: "He's always pretty tough, resolute when we talk," but added, "I try to really avoid saying, 'How are you feeling?"' One senior aide in a Cabinet department, who has been with Clinton since the 1992 campaign, said: "The one thing that dominates over there more than anything else is a sense of sadness, especially among what's left of the old guard. They're having a wake for someone who's not dead yet." .."

EWTN News 9/17/98 "Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh told children in his diocese this week that, despite the best efforts of President Bill Clinton's defenders to say otherwise, there really is a right and wrong in moral matters. In a letter entitled "Right and Wrong" addressed to the youth and published in the September 18 issue of the official diocesan newspaper, Pittsburgh Catholic, Bishop Wuerl said that right and wrong is "determined by God's law, not public opinion polls ... and we have to be courageous enough to admit our sins and accept correction." He added, "The message is a clear one. There is right and wrong. God's law is our norm. Morality and integrity are very important in our personal lives and the life of this nation." "

Roll Call 9/21/98 John Bresnahan "Senate Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) was privately threatened last week with the loss of his committee chairmanship by some of his more conservative GOP colleagues because he offered conciliatory statements to President Clinton on the Monica Lewinsky scandal, according to Republican insiders. While the possibility is remote that any such action would be taken against Hatch, the latest dispute, kicked off when Hatch suggested that censuring Clinton might be sufficient punishment for his relationship with Lewinsky, marks the second time in recent months that Hatch has made public statements that have angered fellow Republicans for being too friendly to Clinton. Several GOP lawmakers, including included Sens. Rick Santorum (Pa.), Spencer Abraham (Mich.) and Rod Grams (Minn.), strongly criticized Hatch for the censure comment during a closed-door Senate GOP policy meeting last Tuesday.."

AP 9/21/98 John Solomon "President Clinton's lawyer cited crises in Iraq and Asia, the legality of Linda Tripp's tape recordings and concerns about grand jury leaks as he declined a half-dozen invitations from prosecutors for the president to testify about Monica Lewinsky. The repeated refusals made prosecutors in Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's office increasingly angry, according to letters that detail a previously secret war of words between Clinton lawyer David Kendall and the prosecutors. ``This exercise ... makes clear that the president has no intention -- and never has had any intention -- of cooperating with this grand jury or this investigation,'' Deputy Independent Counsel Robert Bittman wrote in one letter in April.."

Freeper CWW reports on NBC Nightly News w/ Tom Brokaw 9/21/98 "First, NBC called its News Cast "THE WHITEHOUSE IN CRISIS: JUDGMENT DAY." Next, NBC Broadcasts numerous ridiculous statements by the POTUS. Next, NBC states that POTUS's "moral and character standing has plumeted." AND "calls for impeachment and resignation are increasing." Quotes from NBC Man/Woman on the street interviews -- women were the most critical. Here are their quotes: Man #1: "He's an embarassment to the country." Woman #1 "A country embarassed for and by its President." Woman #2 "A fallen poliltical hero who will do anytning to save himself." Woman #3: "How does a Rhodes scholar not understand that oral sex is sex?" Woman #4: "He completely undermined everything he stands for because he can't keep his pants zipped!"."

BBC 9/21/98 Dominic Casciani "Americans were paying as much attention to the performance of President Clinton as to his words as they watched the tapes of his evidence about the Lewinsky affair. Body language is everything in politics. Sweat on the lip, nervous movements or a smug look could mean a lot more than what President Clinton intended to say. Summoning the experience of years of perfecting the art of political presentation, the president started well. A starched shirt, a gold-brown tie and a warm glow in his cheeks. The bags under the eyes could be forgiven as an occupational hazard that comes with being the leader of the western world. But at other times his mood shifted from embarrassment, through evasion to defiance. Faced with some searching questions about his private life, the president raised his voice and gesticulated wildly. At other times he appeared almost mute and lost in his private thoughts. As the questioning began, he presented a defensive front, arms folded and a steely look fixed on the camera.."

Reuters 9/21/98 "A White House aide spoke to college pals for a reality check, lawyers speed- read evidence on the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and press-office staffers readied a quick response to President Clinton's sexually explicit testimony on television. The White House's renowned spin machine, knocked off stride recently by the flood of sensational developments in the Lewinsky scandal, scrambled Monday to respond to the broadcast of Clinton's grand-jury testimony on his affair with Lewinsky and the release of a mountain of evidence. Taking a page from Clinton's successful campaign playbook, the White House launched its counter attack even before the president's four-hours of videotaped testimony had finished playing on national television. ``That the president's conduct does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense should now be clear to everyone,'' White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry said in a release that echoed earlier responses to the scandal. But officials also acknowledged that the still-growing scandal was forcing them to improvise as they go along.."

AP John Solomon 9/21/98 "By turns humble and defiant, President Clinton tussled with prosecutors over ``the truth of my relationship'' with Monica Lewinsky in grand jury testimony released Monday by Congress and broadcast unedited across a broad spectrum of American television..The president resisted persistent efforts by prosecutors to get him to admit that he committed perjury last January in the Paula Jones lawsuit when he denied ``sexual relations'' with Ms. Lewinsky. Prosecutors expressed exasperation and grand jurors forwarded a question to the president asking on what legal grounds he could refuse to answer the questions. ``Look, I'm not trying to be evasive here. I'm trying to protect my privacy,'' Clinton snapped. At another point, he said: ``I can't explain why I didn't answer every question in the way you seem to think I should have.'' Painfully aware that the video footage ``will be forever in the historic annals of the United States,'' Clinton lamented that he had ``to contend with things no previous president has ever had to contend with.'' A member of Clinton's own party signaled the president's troubles were far from over. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, said he was ``coming around to the belief that there's something deeper here, that the president maybe has something wrong with him in terms of how he approaches this. I don't know whether it's an illness or something like that, but I don't know how else to explain what he did.'' ."

Alam Fram 9/21/98 AP "Some Republicans said President Clinton's videotaped testimony contained no explosive confrontations or telling gaffes that could prompt a dramatic shift in the public's view of the Monica Lewinsky affair. A Democratic supporter said Monday that Clinton's behavior with the young intern suggests he may have an illness. Other Republicans said Clinton's testimony lacked a clear-cut, decisive blow that would seal his impeachment. ``It will just compel us to go forward,'' said Rep. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a member of the House Judiciary Committee, which will help decide the president's fate. Graham said the tape shows Clinton evading questions about whether his behavior with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky constituted sexual relations, a key element in determining whether he committed perjury. To resolve that question, the judiciary panel will have to question other witnesses in the matter, he said. ``I don't think you'd make a case for impeachment based on this tape,'' Graham said in an interview. ``There is not a knockout blow'' on the tape by itself, he added.."

AP 9/21/98 "President Clinton never turned over to prosecutors a novel about phone sex that Monica Lewinsky says she gave him as a gift. But White House records indicate it once sat on the shelf of the president's private study. Among the mountain of evidence released Monday by Congress was a White House inventory taken at one point of all the books Clinton kept in his private study. ``Vox,'' Nicholson Baker's steamy novel about phone sex, was listed on a shelf right between volumes entitled ``Churchill on Courage: Timeless Wisdom for Persevering'' and an Air Force report, ``UFO Crash at Roswell.''."

9/21/98 AP "Monica Lewinsky says she told President Clinton's friend, Vernon Jordan, that she shared sexy telephone calls and physical intimacy with President Clinton. Jordan referred Ms. Lewinsky to a lawyer to help her avoid testifying in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit and also helped her get job interviews in New York. Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report alleges that the job hunt was part of a plan to obstruct justice by encouraging Ms. Lewinsky to stay silent. Clinton and Jordan denied any wrongdoing. In a handwritten proffer that Ms. Lewinsky prepared for prosecutors, she said that Jordan advised her to ensure that notes she had written for Clinton were no longer in her apartment. She also said she informed Jordan she didn't plan to turn over all the gifts Clinton had given her, even though they were under subpoena. Later, in her grand jury testimony, Ms. Lewinsky also said she told Jordan about ``phone sex'' with the president.."

Freeper Normally a Lurker observes of Clinton's Grand Jury Testimony "In his testimony before the Grand Jury on Aug. 17, 1998, Clinton used phrases such as "don't know, don't remember, don't recall, etc." 268 times. (Only 504 questions were asked, but such phrases were used multiple times in response to some questions.)

9/21/98 Sandra Sobieraj AP "Looking boxed-in on a small-screen stage, President Clinton glared at the prosecutor's graphic interrogation: Did you touch her there or there or there? Clinton dabbed a napkin at the moisture on his upper lip, paused to contain his indignation. ``I will revert to my former statement.'' Could he have stained Monica Lewinsky's dress? A flash of derision. ``You asked me for a blood test, so that's a question you already know the answer to.'' He bought a moment to compose by reaching for his Diet Coke, which from the hollow clank of the can, sounded empty..themselves, watching on closed-circuit TV, who wanted a ``direct answer ... yes or no'' about one particular encounter. Clinton offered 89 words in reply, none of them yes or no..Presciently, he worried the videotape would get out..Wisenberg complained about Clinton's ``extremely lengthy'' answers and suggested he was filibustering away the allotted four hours. Tme and again, Clinton betrayed bitterness when recalling the Jan. 17 deposition in Paula Jones' lawsuit that launched the Lewinsky investigation. He attacked the Jones camp's ``wrecking ball'' on his life. He jabbed an accusing finger and pounded the table. ``I wanted to be legal without being particularly helpful,'' he said of his deposition denying sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky -- testimony the prosecutors allege was perjury.."

Reuters 9/21/98 ".President Clinton's videotaped testimony Monday gave both sides of the political aisle in Congress plenty of ammunition as the House moved toward a likely formal impeachment inquiry. Republicans, who pushed for the public airing of the tapes, decried the "sad sight'' of Clinton testifying before a grand jury about his relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and blasted him for what they described as evasive answers. But Democrats said the tapes showed a Republican preoccupation with the election-year release of salacious sexual details designed simply to embarrass Clinton.."

USA Journal Online 9/22/98 Jon Dougherty ".. There is no question that Clinton perjured himself in the Paula Jones testimony. After telling America that he indeed did have a relationship with Monica Lewinsky, his denial of that fact - under oath - in the Jones case constitutes an automatic lie in my book. Add to this the obfuscations and flat-out refusals to answer other questions put to him, and you end up with a troubled president who was obviously searching for ways out of this debacle. I can't say he found them. At one point a prosecutor asked Clinton to give a `yes' or `no' answer to the following question: "Did Monica Lewinsky perform oral sex on you?" She says she did - several times - but rather than give the prosecution that simple `yes' or `no' answer, Clinton embarked on a three-minute dissertation of how he'd already answered that question "to the American people" and "in earlier testimony" - only nobody can find that testimony and no one remembers him mentioning it during his August 17th attempt at a mea culpa..Then came the attempts to redefine American English. Clinton sparred with prosecutors over what the word "is" really means in relation to earlier testimony about his denial of having sex with Lewinsky, tried to redefine the true meaning of the phrase "sexual relationship" to mean intercourse only - not sodomy or oral sex - and became impatient with follow-up questions reintroduced by prosecutors who were trying to get straight answers on their original points. ..The president not only looked the part of the dishonest co- conspirator during this testimony, but was so obviously lying that if Congress still refuses to move toward impeachment of this man, then rest assured lawmakers were never serious about removing him from office to begin with. That may be the ultimate tragedy of this whole Clinton presidency.

Judicial Watch 9/21/98 Larry Klayman "FROM THE SUBSTANCE and demeanor of the President's testimony its clear he wasn't telling the truth. Each time that a crucial question was asked he either looked away from the camera or asked to take a break, sometimes to go to the men's room. This is a commonly used litigation trick to allow the witness to consult with counsel. If he was honest he would just say he needed to consult with counsel. Although the Preseident clearly wasn't truthful, the video of his testimony probably is a net gain for him since he is generally calm, collected and contrite..As for the written documents released today, anyone who believes that the "talking points" were written by Monica Lewinsky probably believes the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale. The talking points are clearly written by someone with a legal background--a person skilled in dealing with sexual harrassment cases and legal defense strategy. They are not the work of a 24-year old "expert" on phone sex."

New York Times 9/22/98 Editorial "The sound was buzzy, the picture less than crisp and the man at the center looked somehow smaller or at least more ordinary. Eyes blinking, his mouth set in a taut line, President Clinton looked like an ordinary man defending the ordinary lies he had concocted to hide an ordinary affair. The political bottom line was obvious. The four-hour tape of his Aug. 17 grand jury testimony will not destroy Mr. Clinton straightaway, and as an exercise in boil-lancing, it may help him. A contrarian might even argue that this performance, while indisputably one of the most low-rent moments in White House history, will do him less harm than the disastrous speech that he delivered later that same day. .What was not as evident as the spinners had predicted was the President's famous nose-purpling rage. Indeed, his tight control and forced geniality before the grand jury probably account for the explosion that took place later that evening.."

Scripps-Howard 9/22/98 Ann McFeatters "President Clinton's videotaped testimony to a federal grand jury, shown on TV and the Internet Monday, will not derail the impeachment train barreling though the GOP-controlled Congress. He did not bolt out of his chair in anger as leakers insisted he did. He did not ``lose it'' when asked for embarrassing details about his behavior with Monica Lewinsky or when pressed about whether he understands what it means to lie under oath. But in four hours of testimony, broadcast in its entirety around the world, Clinton came across under questioning by lawyers who work for independent counsel Kenneth Starr as an artful dodger desperate to avoid being seen as a perjurer or an obstructer of justice.Time after time, Clinton showed his skill as a linguistic legal acrobat when he used tortured logic to insist that oral sex did not constitute sexual relations, when he quibbled with common understandings of what ``is'' and ``alone'' mean.."

Manchester Union Leader 9/22/98 Richard Lessner "Trying to get Bill Clinton to tell the truth is as futile as nailing Jell-O to a wall. Not that Mr. Clinton often tells outright, bald-faced lies, although he is not above letting go the occasional whopper when it serves his purpose. Generally, however, he is a more skilled deceiver. He shaves the truth, skirts around it, bends it, dissembles, hedges, speculates. Mr. Clinton frequently lies by telling half-truths. All the wiles of this artful dodger were on display in Mr. Clinton's repulsive videotaped grand jury testimony televised yesterday. A slippery Bill Clinton was alternately unctuous, paranoid, self-righteous, smug, contrite. He was everything but honest, forthright, truthful. Bill Clinton is an unusually good liar."

Daily Princetonian 9/22/98 Editorial Board ".. We reserved opinion until yesterdayˇs release of his testimony before Ken Starrˇs grand jury. After a lengthy discussion and vote, we believe President Clinton is a disgrace to his office and has lost the ability to lead. A national figure should never have to answer personal, explicit questions about his sexual behavior, yet President Clinton put himself in that position. We fault him not on moral but ethical grounds: A president must tell the truth. How we got to this tragic era in American history is a moot point. .. The Clinton presidency is crippled and we call for his resignation.

National Journal Charlie Cook 9/22/98 "At this point, only a fool would predict the outcome of the death battle between President Clinton on the one side and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and congressional Republicans on the other. Obviously, Clinton remains in a tenuous position, confronting a hostile Republican majority and nervous and soured members of his own party on Capitol Hill, and a public that is largely revolted by revelations of his relationship with a 22 year-old intern in the Oval Office suite. Having said all of that, Clinton does not appear to be in a political free-fall, at least in terms of public opinion. Most expected the bottom to fall out for him immediately after Starr's report was released. It didn't happen. At this writing, the first overnight polls are not in, but it does not appear that the release of the videotapes of Clinton's grand jury appearance and 2,000-page appendices of supporting documents from Starr will do the trick either. With very little left to the imagination from the Starr report, whatever outrage that could occur already may be factored in.."

Washington Times 9/22/98 Editorial "Yesterday the nation not only saw the president lie under oath but saw him do it deftly and smugly. Anything but contrite, Mr. Clinton gloated about besting the lawyers for Paula Jones -- if they failed to notice that his answers were non-responsive and then missed their chance to nail him down with follow-up questions, well then that was their own darn fault, the president said. After watching Mr. Clinton in action for four hours, however, it is hard to fault the attorneys who were representing Mrs. Jones. The number of responsive answers the president gave to prosecutors' questions can be counted on the fingers of one hand. He zigged; he zagged; he ducked; he dodged. But most of all he just plain didn't answer the questions asked of him..But if Mr. Clinton thought that he came out of his grand jury testimony the victor, he was sorely mistaken. His parade of legalisms, evasions and affronts to the language and common sense came across as -- a parade of legalisms, evasions and affronts to the language and common sense. ."

AP 9/22/98 on editorials ".The New York Times calls it ``one of the most low-rent moments in White House history.'' And the paper warns Clinton against demanding that Americans ``endorse his lying.'' In The Washington Post, the editorial calls on Congress to open a formal impeachment inquiry, saying it's fairly evident Clinton lied under oath. There's a similar sentiment in today's Dallas Morning News, which calls on the House Judiciary Committee to ``move with dispatch.'' The paper says Clinton has brought ``turmoil and shame'' to the White House. USA Today says the tape reinforces its view that Clinton has ``so abuses his office'' he should quit. The paper calls Clinton's grand jury performance a ``national embarrassment.''"

AP John Diamond 9/22/98 "Lawmakers see impeachment proceedings against President Clinton as likely but are willing to hear a direct appeal to Congress by the president, an option the White House is actively considering. Struggling to digest a historic but wrenching avalanche of testimony, the people who now hold Clinton's future in their hands say the president may have gained some sympathy with the airing of his grand jury testimony Monday in the Monica Lewinsky affair..A CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll taken Monday showed the president's approval rate rising to 66 percent, compared with 60 percent Sunday, and his disapproval rating down to 31 percent from 34 percent. Those favoring impeachment and removal from office fell from 35 percent to 32 percent, and those who said he should not be impeached increased from 60 percent to 66 percent, roughly the same figures as recorded a week earlier. But there was no significant difference in those who thought he should resign -- 39 percent on Monday, compared with 40 percent Sunday. The poll of 631 adults nationwide had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.. "

NY Post 9/22/98 Neal Travis "EVEN as President Clinton was swanning around the United Nations yesterday trying to use the world stage to divert attention from Sexgate, his foreign-affairs machine was at the breakdown point. As PAGE SIX noted yesterday, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has her knickers in a knot over Clinton's (stalled) nomination of her ambitious rival Richard Holbrooke as U.N. ambassador. It gets worse. This will be strenuously denied, but I'm told Albright - conspicuously not among those Cabinet members standing up for her scandal-impaired leader - recently submitted her resignation. It was not accepted, at least for now. Clinton and his closest advisers realize the last thing they need is for key appointees - particularly the highest-ranked woman in the history of American government - to be perceived as leaving a sinking ship.."

FoxNews AP 9/22/98 "The next moves for the House Judiciary Committee include one big decision and several smaller ones: whether to begin a formal impeachment inquiry and what to do with 16 boxes of still-private documents. The committee has until Sept. 28 to decide how to handle the additional evidence submitted by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. It includes testimony from Linda Tripp and Vernon Jordan.."

The committee has also just received President Clinton's deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.

John Diamond AP Fox News 9/22/98 "Lawmakers see impeachment proceedings against President Clinton as likely but are willing to hear a direct appeal to Congress by the president, an option the White House is actively considering. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., said today Clinton should come to Capitol Hill and answer questions, but questioned whether it would change anything. "Any time the president comes forward and comes clean in a formal setting ... it would probably be a positive development," Lott said. The problem, he said, is what happens after that. "The whole thing is demeaning for the country," Lott said, blaming Clinton for allowing the controversy to drag on so long. "It's just sad. I don't know of any other way to describe it." .

Weekly Standard 9/22/98 David Tell "During his January 17 th , 1998 deposition in the Paula Corbin Jones civil suit, President Clinton was asked this rather simple question : " At any time , were you and Monica Lewinsky alone together in the Oval Office ? " Clinton answered , " I do not recall , " and then launched a longish speculation about how it was " possible " that she had brought him documents to sign " once or twice " on weekends. The Jones lawyers next tried several times to pin down the president on whether he and Lewinsky had ever been alone together in the hallway adjacent to the Oval Office. Clinton responded that Lewinsky had once been in the hallway to deliver a pizza -- but " I do not believe she was there alone " and " I have no other recollection " of such a circumstance. "I don't believe we were alone in the hallway , no . " One more attempt , then . " At any time , have you and Monica Lewinsky ever been alone together in any room in the White House ? " Clinton squirmed a bit at this all-encompassing query. " I think I testified to that earlier , " he finally said . " I think that there is a , it is -- I have no specific recollection " of any encounter with the woman beyond a " general memory " of the pizza and documents, and " I do not remember" anything the two had ever said to each other."

Freeper report on Hyde Capitol Hill Press Conference 9/22/98 ".. If inquiry passes, then we would go into hearings, and president's counsel would be welcome. President could testify; we won't invite him, so as not to embarrass him, but he is welcome to participate. Executive session committee meeting Thursday. Committee is in possession of Linda Tripp tapes. We will look at film of deposition in a few days. I received letter from Ruff and Kendall making allegation today--my staff advises this is not so. I don't know about censure---very premature, if it gets that far. The Senate would make that decision."

Washington Times 9/22/98 Balint Vazsonyi "Democratic congressional leaders have joined with others in calling for plain language in dealing with President Clinton's affairs. The following is an attempt to explore how far we might go in doing just that.. The fact that censure is not part of the constitutional process is being carefully hidden from Americans bombarded daily by pollsters..Even more troubling is the absence of resignations and the reticence of many in public life to deliver the level of condemnation that could at last dampen the laughter fits the Clintons' must be having nightly at our gullibility. Some, as we have seen, hang on for the cause. For others, there is a more ominous explanation. Message from the White House: If Americans insist on repossessing their country, there won't be a whole lot left of it. Before they are through, no person of stature --dead or alive- will be left standing. Deploying a network of operatives, they have been systematically destroying every image from America's past and smearing enough among the living to make the rest tremble."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette John Starr 9/22/98 "It must be difficult to be a Democrat in these parlous times. The survival of their party depends on their ability to save the presidency of a scoundrel in whom they no longer believe. What they are doing is not right. It is not moral. It is not ethical. However, it's the only thing they can do. Their political futures are at stake. If Clinton goes down, they and the party go with him. Bill Clinton has no political future. The best he can hope for is congressional censure, an "honor" not accorded to any previous president. If he is censured, he gets to stay in office, but his grandiose plans to change America become a footnote in a history book. He'll have less influence with Congress than Al Gore does.."

Freeper Rob in Atlanta reports 9/22/98 "Wow! Every 87 seconds on average, President Clinton simply could not recall the details of his relationship or conversations with Monica or any other person. Only Monica had sex, he NEVER touched her in 18 months, Monica had "problems with her upbringing", Monica was a liar & Monica was a "good girl"."

Guardian 9/22/98 Dr. Richard Wiseman "President Clinton's body language as he gave evidence to the Grand Jury revealed a man struggling to keep himself together, who did a pretty good job of it, but, at certain points, betrayed his true fear. This was a man who was very worried when he walked in, discovered it wasn't as bad as he had expected, became a little bit confident - and suddenly found out it was a bit of a nightmare. He was a man trying to keep control but, occasionally, the mask dropped - for instance, when he was asked about the cigar episode and looked genuinely shocked. Early on, he gave the impression of extreme nervousness. He had a high blink rate and maintained very high eye contact, which is what people do to give the impression they're not nervous, when in fact they are. He coughed a lot, sipped water and Diet Coke frequently, and his voice cracked."

New York Post 9/22/98 Editorial "Bill Clinton's presidency did not end yesterday with the release of his videotape. What America saw yesterday will not force his resignation. That was the outcome so many people had hoped for - both Republicans and conservatives, who loathe Clinton; and Democrats and liberals, who sense a catastrophe coming upon them in the November elections. Even without a smoking gun, yesterday marked an important turning point. After eight long months, the circus is over. The grand-jury testimony is out. The facts gathered by Kenneth Starr are all on the table. It doesn't appear that there will be any new stunning revelations. What you've seen is what you've got. And what you've seen is almost indisputable evidence of perjury, and somewhat disputable evidence of obstruction of justice. What you've got is a choice - whether a man who has committed multiple acts of perjury on two separate occasions in two separate legal proceedings can be permitted to continue as president of the United States.."

Clinton testimony 9/22/98 Freeper notes "Mr. Wisenberg: Mr. President among the many remaining questions of the grand jurors is one that they would like answered directly without relation to, without regard to inferences, which is the following: Did Monica Lewinsky perform oral sex on you? They would like a direct answer to that, yes or no? Clinton: Well, that's not the first time that question's been asked. But since I believe, and I think any person, reasonable person would believe that that is not covered in the definition of sexual relations I was given, I'm not going to answer, except to refer to my statement. I had intimate contact with her that was inappropriate. I do not believe any of the contacts I had with her violated the definition I was given. Therefore, I believe I did not do anything but testify truthfully on these matters. "

AP David Espo 9/22/98 "Republicans intend to bring a formal inquiry of impeachment to the House floor within the next two weeks, GOP sources said Tuesday. But Democrats renewed talk of a lesser sanction for President Clinton, perhaps a censure along with a financial penalty..In particular, Clinton's lawyers wrote the Judiciary Committee contending that Starr's report included 150 pages of ``gratuitous and graphic sexual details,'' At the same time, attorneys David Kendall and Charles Ruff wrote, Starr excluded this statement that Monica Lewinsky made before the grand jury: ``No one ever asked me to lie and I was never promised a job for my silence.'' ."

Letter 9/22/98 John Thompson, Attorney to Honorable Susan Webber Wright ".You recently indicated in a footnote that you may indeed enter an order directing Bill Clinton to show cause why he should not be held in contempt for committing perjury in your presence during his deposition in the above- styled cause. As a witness listed by Paula Jones's attorneys to be called at trial, I urge you to do just that. My best friend in law school, Sam Jones, is a law partner to White House Deputy Counsel Bruce Lindsey in the Little Rock firm of Wright, Lindsey & Jennings. Sam told me that it was his job, under the direction of Lindsey, to silence women who had committed adultery with Clinton. This is witness tampering. Sam has executed an affidavit filed with you that he never told me that, but there are third-parties to those conversations who can swear otherwise. There are thus layers and layers of perjury committed before you. ."

NY Post Malcom Balfour 9/22/98 "President Clinton is losing Hope. As millions watched the videotape of the First Philanderer testifying before the Sexgate grand jury yesterday, residents of the tiny Southern farm town where he was born were shaking their heads in disgust. We were all so proud to have a president from our little state, said Ginger Tolleson, owner of Ginger's Beauty Parlor, in the heart of Hope. But now he's nothing but an embarrassment, she said sadly. He should never have let this go on.."

Reuters 9/22/98 June Preston "Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said on Tuesday he believed President Bill Clinton had ``not been truthful'' to a grand jury over his affair with a White House intern. ``As one of the very few leaders who have served in the White House, I have deplored and been deeply embarrassed by what has occurred there,'' Carter told Emory University students in his first public comment on Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky.."

Electronic Telegraph 9/22/98 Ambrose Evans-Pritchard "DO you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? I do. It was downhill from there. The prosecution explained the "important function of the oath in our judicial system". They told the President of the United States that the purpose of the oath is "calculated to awaken the witness's conscience". With barbed menace, they added that he could face criminal prosecution for perjury and obstruction of justice if he tried to mislead the grand jury. The warnings fell on deaf ears. President Clinton had already made the decision to obfuscate, deceive and lie, whatever the cost. There was a moment, perhaps, when he could have saved his presidency. If he had admitted perjury in the deposition given last January, in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit, he might just have negotiated a retreat to a half-way defensible position. He could have argued that his testimony last January was "not material", given that the case was later dismissed by the judge. He could have repeated the mantra that the Jones lawsuit was financed by his political enemies with the sole purpose of inflicting damage, that he was the victim of a carefully constructed legal trap. Many Americans would have accepted this line of argument. But it is not the nature of the man to admit guilt. Caught in a lie, his instinct is to fall back to another lie. When he chose to do so before the grand jury, in a criminal investigation, he crossed the point of no return.."

Small Business Survival Committee 9/16/98 Raymond J. Keating (Chief Economist) The Entrepreneurial View #14, ".Based on what we already know, if Congress fails to impeach Bill Clinton, the message will be clear and ominous for our nation. Congress will be saying: A pattern of adulterous, perverted acts in the workplace is OK. Using women for sexual relief on the job is OK. Lying and perjury are OK. Misusing government or company resources-in effect, stealing-to cover up one's wrongdoings is OK. Using colleagues, subordinates and friends to cover up one's wrongdoings is OK.."

Jonah Goldberg 9/22/98 NR "I apologize to my readers in advance. In the next issue of National Review I suggest that Clinton's stable of spinners were "incinerated" by the Starr Report. Alas, one of them has already risen, Phoenix-like, from the ashes of his own shamelessness. Paul Begala is back. Last night he was on Larry King Live and Nightline. His beard is gone, but his condescending prattle is still there. Since there's no laugh-track you'd think he was serious when he suggested it was the Republicans who spun Clinton's testimony tape. You'd think he was serious when he implied that we should take his word for anything. Koppel had it exactly right when he asked Begala why shouldn't we think you're simply lying again? I'd tell you what Begala said, but I didn't bother to listen.."

NR 9/22/98 with Rep Rogan (R-CA) ".NR: We heard a lot last week about how damning this would be, how he would stomp out angrily. Rep. Rogan: I assumed from the beginning that was the White House spin, or spin from Clinton's defenders trying to build this thing up into something that it wasn't so that the public would perceive it as a dud. And in fact I was speculating with the press last week that was they did. I guess that after a year and a half it can already be said that I've been in Washington too long. I've been a student of the White House--I've read Howard Kurtz's book, so I've figured out how the whole thing works. NR: What's the Democrats strategy in the Judiciary Committee? It seems to be just to create a partisan fight over anything so they can call the process partisan. Rep. Rogan: That's what their strategy appears to be. First of all, [last week] they were revolting against the leadership of their own party and the overwhelming majority of their party. For them to come out and say that releasing this material is partisanship at its worst is intellectually dishonest. Because 75 per cent of every Democrat in the House and 100 per cent of every Democratic leader in the House voted to release the material. By contrast, 75 per cent of every Democrat on the Judiciary Committee opposed release from the very beginning, and has continued to try to litigate that issue with their bitter and rancorous characterizations.."

AP Douglas Kiker 9/21/98 "Paula Jones' lawyers on Tuesday disputed President Clinton's assertion that her lawsuit was "bogus,'' calling the statement an effort to "rationalize his inexcusable behavior.'' Donovan Campbell, one of the lawyers, also scoffed at Clinton's explanation for denying "sexual relations'' with Monica Lewinsky. "Apparently, Mr. Clinton, a trained lawyer and past law professor, is one of the few human beings in this country incapable of understanding the definition of sexual relations,'' Campbell said in a statement. "Criminal defendants are sent to jail every week in this country based on that definition,'' which came directly from the United States criminal code, Campbell said.."

Weekly Standard Scrapbook 9/2/98 "."Additional events" are under investigation, including "possible perjury and obstruction of justice relating to former White House volunteer Kathleen Willey" as well as "the possible misuse of the personnel records of Pentagon employee Linda Tripp." Hmmm. Last summer, the Pentagon inspector general's investigation on the illegal release of Tripp's confidential files to New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer by Defense spokesman Ken Bacon and his then-deputy Cliff Bernath was mysteriously side-tracked. Maybe Starr's prosecutors are about to fry some bacon.."

9/22/98 ABC Brian Hartman ".By Monday, the House is mandated to release 16 more boxes of transcripts and other supporting materials from Starr's sex and perjury probe of the president. All but four boxes, Hyde said, have been pored over by committee staff. Included in those boxes are transcripts of grand jury testimony from some of the major players in Starr's investigation: Clinton pal Vernon Jordan, White House secretary Betty Currie and the woman who started the entire investigation by turning over secretly recorded conversation with Lewinsky-Linda Tripp House Democratic and Republican leaders plan to meet Wednesday with Hyde and Conyers to discuss the logistics of what looks to be an inevitable vote on impeachment later this year. The full committee also will meet Wednesday to vote on which bits of the thousands of remaining documents should be deleted before their release Monday. A heated partisan debate is expected over whether Tripp's tapes should be made public. And as the Judiciary Committee continues sifting through Starr's documents, the independent counsel presses on with his investigation. Sources tell ABCNEWS the grand jury may meet later this week.."

NY Post 9/23/98 Brian Blomquist Vincent Morris "In a one-two punch, the House Judiciary Committee could soon release another videotape of President Clinton on the griddle - this time facing Paula Jones and her lawyers. Committee Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) said yesterday the Jones video could be released early next week. That would let millions of Americans watch Clinton's first reaction to questions about Monica Lewinsky - and his first sworn claim that he never had sex with the ex-intern.."

NY Post 9/23/98 Deborah Orin "PRESIDENT Clinton could say it was the best sex he NEVER had. Monica Lewinsky says Clinton worried about getting addicted to their sexual trysts and they turned each other on, both in person and over the phone - but Clinton says it wasn't real sex. In fact, by Clinton's tortured definition of sex, it's possible to argue that if Paula Jones had carried out his alleged demand for oral sex, she'd have been the only one having sex (since he claims the performer of oral sex has sex - but the person being pleasured doesn't). Ergo, there would be no way for Jones to charge Clinton with sex harassment since she was the only one having sex.."

Wall Street Journal 9/23/98 George Priest "The debate over the appropriate punishment of President Clinton's misdeeds has focused chiefly on whether Mr. Clinton lied under oath and whether such lying is an impeachable offense given the context of a "private" sexual relationship. In Kenneth Starr's report to Congress, the first five of 11 grounds for possible impeachment consist of different episodes of lying. But the real question of obstruction of justice is not whether the president lied, but why he lied. The question of motivation gets scant attention in the Starr report and was addressed only briefly in Mr. Clinton's grand jury testimony. As a result, the president and his defenders have been able to invoke the natural reticence that all of us feel about sex and to raise the question of whether the charge of perjury is justified at all when it concerns answers to questions that seem intrusive. Buried in the Starr report, however, is strong evidence that the president's lies were the product not of reticence or embarrassment, but of a conscious effort to obstruct justice in the Paula Jones case. Mr. Clinton's motivation for lying becomes apparent in the sequence of events related to the sixth and seventh impeachment grounds. Just as Watergate began with a "second-rate burglary," the Lewinsky scandal began with Mr. Clinton's alleged unsuccessful 1991 propositioning of Ms. Jones. ."

Washington Post 9/23/98 Michael Kelley " .On the subject of lying, here truly is where words fail. It would be far, far easier to count the times Clinton did not lie in his grand jury testimony than to count the times he did. He lied in his opening statement, when he said that his sex activity with Lewinsky had not consisted of sexual relations as he "had understood the term to be defined" in the Paula Jones deposition. From that beginning, he lied on and on, covering half a dozen subjects, ranging from his efforts to retrieve his gifts to Monica Lewinsky and his efforts to coach his secretary Betty Currie to lie, to the precise nature of his sexual activity with Lewinsky, to his Monica-related dealings with co-conspirator Vernon Jordan. He lied about his past behavior, and he lied about his past lies. He lied by omission, by evasion (more than 140 times he said he could not remember a past action), by obfuscation and, when all else failed, by direct statement.."

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/23/98 Loveland "City council Tuesday night voted to demand immediate impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. The measure was adopted by a vote of 5-0, with two abstentions after a sometimes emotional debate. Council member Brad Greenberg, who led the effort, said it may have been the first such local resolution in the United States.."

Washington Times 9/23/98 John McCaslin "Remember how, when the Monica Lewinsky allegations first surfaced eight months ago and President Clinton, just one day after his State of the Union address, took off for La Crosse, Wis., 20,000 people jammed into a downtown square to rally behind him? Come to think of it, the White House couldn't have staged a better photo-op if it bombed a second aspirin plant in Sudan."

Ruddy News 9/23/98 Andy Thibault "Wounded, though not yet down for the count, Bill Clinton is vulnerable to more serious scandals. Foremost among these is the missiles-for-cash arrangement with Communist China. Earlier this year, Jeff Gerth of The New York Times broke the story on how a cash- hungry president overruled the Pentagon and sold satellite technology to a front for Chinese military intelligence. But the Gerth reports stopped short. They failed to look past the role of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. The White House, bothered by objections from the Defense and State Departments, had transferred decision-making about such technology transfers to Brown's Commerce Department. Still untouched by the major media are Democratic National Committee bagman John Huang and Huang's and Clinton's corporate masters, the Lippo Group. Still buried from public consciousness is the Chinese arms issue. With the recent reports that both North Korea and Communist China could strike us with nuclear missiles, public interest, indeed, public safety demand that these issues come to the fore.."

Washington Post 9/23/98 Guy Gugliotta Juliet Eilperin "House Democrats across the country registered a dramatic shift in public opinion in favor of President Clinton yesterday, enabling them to breathe a bit easier for the first time in weeks. "It's as if the boil was lanced, and the fever has broken," said Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.). "Last week the calls were coming in 3-2 against the president, but today it's three- or four-to-one in favor." ."

Washington Times 9/23/98 Frank Murray "President Clinton's lawyerly evasions may have nailed him into a box so tight that he would need a presidential pardon or an immunity deal before he could appease Congress by admitting perjury, legal analysts say. Without such legal protections, any "confession" Mr. Clinton offers to Congress to clarify his tortured definitions, inferences and euphemisms in his videotaped grand jury testimony could become "Exhibit A" for the first prosecutor who dared indict him. Because the power to indict will hang over Mr. Clinton until the statute of limitations expires on Jan. 16, 2003, many legal analysts believe the president must cut a congressional deal to end the crisis. ."

Cinncinnati Enquirer 9/23/98 Lisa Donovan "President Clinton's grand jury testimony strengthens a case for perjury, Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Cincinnati, said Tuesday. "The more evidence I view, the stronger the case for perjury appears to be," said Mr. Chabot, a member of the House Judiciary Committee.."

WorldNetDaily 9/23/98 Joseph Farah "...Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the testimony is Clinton's unbridled arrogance. He boasts about his unwillingness to be "helpful" in his Jones testimony. When asked if he honored his oath to "tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth," the chief law enforcement official in the nation split legalistic hairs. What an example he sets for America. His half-truths, his purposeful deceptions, his cynical distortions, his damnable lies may redefine jurisprudence for the next generation. Perhaps it will become known as "the Clinton Doctrine." It certainly will unless Congress acts swiftly and decisively to remove from office this dangerous pretender to the presidency"

AP 9/23/98 Larry Margasak "House Speaker Newt Gingrich today rejected talk of an immediate deal with President Clinton to avoid a possible impeachment inquiry despite polls showing most Americans don't want the president removed from office.."

USA Today 9/23/98 Jill Lawrence "By the time President Clinton's videotaped grand jury testimony appeared on television this week, most journalists and those who read or listen to them fully expected to see the president erupt in anger at some point and storm out of the room. But he didn't. And that was a major reason the prevailing judgment on the videotape quickly jelled at "less damaging than expected." If the president's irate exit never happened, where did rumors about it begin? And what kept them going? Were journalists set up by spinners? .He said the story he wrote later that week did not mention the incident. "By then I'd been able to talk to members And where were the famous White House spinmeisters during all of this hubbub about the furious, red-faced president storming out of the room? Working the phones and the television talk shows, but not to deny the walkout rumor. The White House staff had been told it wasn't true, but they admit privately they did nothing to stop the talk because it worked to their advantage. If viewers expected to see Clinton explode, and he didn't, they might think more favorably of him. Schieffer was among those who did not receive a correction call, although he says the White House has "never hesitated" in the past to tell him when he has been wrong.."

Freeper observes "Did Juanita Broaddrick retract her denial of Clinton Sex Assaul?" - from the appendex of the Starr report p74 "... on Friday, January 2, 1998, Jane Doe #5 signed an affidavit in which she denied that the President made "unwelcome sexual advances toward me in the late seventies."(202) (On April 8, 1998, however, Jane Doe #5 stated to OIC investigators that this affidavit was false.)(203) .202 920-DC-00000962-63 (Jane Doe #5 1/2/98 Aff.)..203 Jane Doe #5 4/8/98 Int. at 6..NBC's Myers, in a 3/28 report re-broadcast throughout the weekend on MSNBC: "The explosive new allegation tonight is that President Clinton sexually assaulted a women twenty years ago" in AR. In court documents, Jones' attys claim Clinton "'forcibly raped and sexually assaulted'" Broaddrick, then "'bribed or intimidated her' to remain silent..From Yoakum's '92 letter to Broaddrick: "I was particularly distraught when you told me of your brutal rape by Bill Clinton ... how he bit your lip until you gave into his forcing sex upon you."..Myers also noted "there was another woman at that hotel that day, a nurse and friend of Broaddrick, who says she iced her friend's face after the alleged assault.".On "Meet the Press," NBC's Myers: "Potentially it's the most explosive allegation out there. Juanita Broaddrick has never tried to sell any story. She has never gone after the president. She is a nurse who built a nursing home business. She is a respected member of her community in a little town in Arkansas. ... She's neither confirming nor denying anything, and I think the key is going to be will she be subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury and what will she say? ... This would not be a consensual relationship if it occurred. It also may be viewed, some would see, as part of a pattern. You do have the Paula Jones allegations. You have Kathleen Willey saying she was groped. I mean -- so I think that, you know, how the American people receive it will be determined, in part, by whether she goes public and whether she seems credible and how she comes across, if she does it" ("Meet," 3/29).."

9/23/98 Statement by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde: "... The President had 8 months to tell the truth, but instead he sent his staff out to declare his innocence to the world. Now the Democrats want to shut down an inquiry of his behavior in 30 days. I think the American people want and deserve a full, fair, and independent review of the allegations against the President, not a quick peek or passing glance. The House only received the Independent Counsel's report 2 weeks ago. The Democrats' mixed messages are thoroughly confusing and reveal a disturbing pattern: On the one hand, they want an expeditious process, on the other hand they attacked us last week for moving too quickly. On the one hand, they say we have all the materials we need to wrap this up in 30 days. On the other hand, they say we need more materials from the Independent Counsel's office before we can fairly resolve this matter. On the one hand, they say we should follow the Watergate precedent (which took 9 months to do its work). On the other hand, they want a timetable which was specifically considered and rejected by the House in 1974.Finally, the White House continues to assert quite falsely that the Committee's actions are being dictated by the Speaker. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any statements to the contrary are merely political spin intended to undermine the credibility of the Committee's process.

Reuters 9/23/98 "Republicans laid down a new challenge to the White House Wednesday, saying presidential aide Bruce Lindsey must testify to Ken Starr's grand jury before consideration of the Monica Lewinsky scandal can proceed in Congress. Republican congressional sources said the White House must waive privilege claims asserted by Lindsey before the grand jury investigating President Clinton's affair with Lewinsky. ``We can't go ahead with the process until we have the facts,'' a Republican congressional aide close to the issue told Reuters.."

Freeper report on Hardball 9/23/98 "On Chris Matthews' Hardball, pollster Zogby said that, although there was some shift in his poll results after the release of the grand jury tape, they were not significant and that they would most likely not last. Seemed very confident of this. He said Clinton's poll results always get a boost after any appearance on TV no matter what the circumstances, but it's just a temporary bump and never lasts. (Even happened after the Aug. 17 fiasco, but reversed after a couple of days.) He also commented that several of the numbers are very close to the point where Clinton can no longer govern. Sen Grassley commented that the calls to his office had been overwhelmingly in favor of resignation or impeachment, but shifted to about 50-50 after the grand jury tape release. But he said they are already shifting back towards where they were before. He also commented that he thought the "job approval" numbers meant nothing. Said that a former senator from Iowa had lost big time at the polls some years ago, but a month later was still getting 65% job approval ratings.."

Ben Stein USA Today 9/23/98 ".Nixon wearily shook his head. "No," he said. "Nations do not react well to being threatened." He thought for a moment. "Neither do individuals," he added. "Human beings like to act out of dignity, not out of humiliation." No one likes pushiness I have been thinking about Nixon's words lately in connection with the plight of Bill Clinton. Among the many lessons to be learned about life from the situation, one of the biggest, and the least remarked, is that it usually comes back to haunt you if you try to treat people in a free society as if they were dirt, try to control them and push them around. If Bill and Hillary Clinton had known this, and believed it, their lives would be very different now.

New York Times 9/24/98 William Safire ".Real life is the coming Resolution of Inquiry by House Judiciary. Serious new digging will begin. If the voters elect a Republican House on Nov. 3, the next Congress will hold hearings, draw up articles of impeachment and vote on them, probably in the spring. The resolution should not be limited to the President's unrelenting perjury in the Lewinsky affair. That may well be a high crime against the judicial system, but I think no consensus for removal will be formed around lying under oath about one case of illicit sex, even by a chief executive with a young employee. We must have more from the Independent Counsel about other crimes: Whitewater, Travelgate and Filegate abuses of power. We need to know all Ken Starr knows, and then Congress will dig deeper into leads his investigation provides.."

Washington Post 9/24/98 Guy Gugliotta Juliet Eilperin "There are tens of thousands of pages left. There are raw FBI files and grand jury transcripts of testimony by Vernon E. Jordan Jr., Betty Currie and Secret Service agents. The Linda Tripp tapes are there, but Monica S. Lewinsky's fabled blue dress is not. House Judiciary Committee staff members are still reading, and have already made hundreds of proposed redactions to the remaining material from independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's investigation of President Clinton's involvement with Lewinsky.."

Freeper jimbo123 observation from Starr report Appendix "White House call report shows Vernon Jordan called WJC on 12/19/97 and left message that he spoken to Debra Schiff.."

Washington Times 9/24/98 Nancy Roman Mary Akers "House Speaker Newt Gingrich yesterday rejected a request by Democrats for a 30-day time limit on the impeachment proceedings in the House, saying it would be dangerous to set an arbitrary timetable. "I don't understand how people can rush to a solution before they finish the investigation," Mr. Gingrich said. Rep. Henry J. Hyde, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which will take the first vote on any articles of impeachment, agreed. "The president had eight months to tell the truth, but instead he sent his staff out to declare his innocence to the world. Now, the Democrats want to shut down an inquiry of his behavior in 30 days. I think the American people want and deserve a full, fair and independent review of the allegations against the president, not a quick peek or passing glance," Mr. Hyde, Illinois Republican, said in a statement.."

Washington Times 9/24/98 Bill Sammon "Linda R. Tripp is contradicting independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr by saying she told the grand jury she believes her former attorney made copies of her taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky, according to a source familiar with the investigation. Mr. Starr said in documents made public Monday that many of the tapes may have been duplicated, and that if Mrs. Tripp "knew of their duplication, then she has lied under oath before the grand jury. The [Office of Independent Counsel] continues to investigate this matter." But Mrs. Tripp has since confided in friends that she told the grand jury that a former attorney, James Moody, may have made copies of some of the tapes, according to the source, who is sympathetic to Mrs. Tripp."

AP Glen Johnson 9/23/98 " The Monica Lewinsky investigation may be remembered for unsavory details, but one of its hallmarks will also be the litigation surrounding the legal privileges presidents enjoy -- or, thanks to President Clinton, no longer enjoy..``If he (Bruce Lindsey) had come in here today still not claiming any privileges and simply telling me he wasn't going to answer the questions, he would be in D.C. Jail by now,'' Chief Judge Norma Holloway Johnson brusquely told lawyers on Feb. 19, according to one document.."

AP 9/24/98 Lawrence Knutson "Feminist leaders urged the nation's women Thursday to demand the Republican Congress drop efforts to impeach President Clinton or hound him from office..According to polls taken in recent days, women remain slightly more inclined than men to support President Clinton and were a bit more inclined than men to like the president and his policies.

Fox News Patrick Riley "Though public attention has shifted away from Kenneth Starr since he dumped his report and supporting evidence onto Congress' lap, the Whitewater independent counsel has not yet packed up and gone home. In what's being referred to as a "biproduct Lewinsky investigation," Starr is quietly continuing his grand jury proceedings to look into possible legal infractions of those involved on the margins of Sexgate. Two of the grand juries set up by Starr are meeting twice bi-weekly in Washington, D.C., and Virginia. Reportedly still under scrutiny are Linda Tripp, Deputy White House counsel Bruce Lindsey, White House steward Bayonai Nelvis, and two individuals involved with the Kathleen Willey aspect of the saga.."

NY Post 9/24/98 Vincent Morris Marilyn Rauber "President Clinton was desperately dialing for a deal yesterday, but there was no sign he could stop the House from voting to launch an impeachment inquiry in two weeks. The White House said Clinton had called more than a handful of members of Congress to hear them out, to hear what their sentiments are, to see what are the avenues that are available.."

Washington Times 9/21/98 William Bennett "If President Clinton is allowed to serve out the remainder of his term, it will have profoundly negative cultural consequences..Consider a few of the cultural messages that will be sent if we do not repudiate him. 1. It's acceptable for presidents to subvert the rule of law.. 2. Forgiveness is a pretext to excuse moral wrong. 3. Private character doesn't matter.. It would be a travesty, and frightening, to legitimize Mr. Clinton's ethics. Every perjurer will claim Bill Clinton as his legal father and every adulterer will claim him as his moral father.."

Coeur d'Alene Press 9/24/98 AP"Cecil Andrus, the only man elected Idaho governor four times and the interior secretary during the Carter administration, predicts President Clinton will resign next spring.."

AP 9/24/98 Larry Margasak "The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said today he has no plans to expand an impeachment review beyond the Monica Lewinsky matter, but that legislators would consider any relevant information on President Clinton's fitness for office. Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., said the committee would send a resolution calling for an impeachment inquiry to the full House in the first full week in October. He said he is not seeking ``to widen the scope'' of an impeachment review. ``But if a further referral comes to us (from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr) we certainly would take it,'' Hyde said at a news conference.'' He added that the committee was not limited to considering only material from Starr, and that ``there may be other matters that we feel bear on the main question of the fitness of the president for office.''."

Wall Street Journal 9/24/98 Andrew Napolina "The Paula Jones case is far from dead. On Oct. 20 the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hears oral arguments in Ms. Jones's appeal of Judge Susan Webber Wright's dismissal of the case. Meanwhile Robert Bennett, President Clinton's chief lawyer in the case, faces an overriding reality: Because his client has perpetrated a fraud upon the court, he is ethically obligated to withdraw from the case.."

O'Rielly Freeper Report Fox News "O'Rielly just reported that Monica stole two presidential letters, one to a congressman and one to a military leader and mailed them to her former lover in Washington as proof of her affair with the Pres. . So much for national security.."

Washington Post 9/25/98 Peter Baker "President Clinton's lawyers are quietly exploring a financial settlement with Paula Jones so that she would withdraw her pending appeal and finally end the long-running legal battle that led to the crisis now threatening his presidency, according to sources familiar with the situation. Attorneys for Clinton and Jones have conferred in recent days about whether a deal can be reached before an appeals court hears oral arguments next month on her bid to reinstate the sexual harassment lawsuit that was dismissed by a Little Rock, Ark., federal judge in April, the sources said. ``There's some talk going on,'' said one source who did not want to be named.."

LA Times 9/25/98 Richard Serrano "The House Republican who will preside over any hearings on the fate of President Clinton set a speedy timetable Thursday for opening a formal impeachment inquiry and announced that he may broaden his investigation to include matters beyond the Monica S. Lewinsky scandal. Rep. Henry J. Hyde, R-Ill., said he expects his House Judiciary Committee to vote Oct. 5 or 6 and the full House to vote by Oct. 9 on whether to convene hearings to determine if Clinton committed perjury or obstructed justice in concealing his sexual liaisons with the former White House intern and, if so, whether he should be impeached. But whether the House inquiry will expand beyond the Lewinsky matter depends on what the committee receives from the office of Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr, Hyde said. It could encompass other White House controversies -- such as the Clintons' involvement in the Whitewater real estate development in Arkansas before his presidency, irregularities with confidential FBI files and the firing of the White House travel office staff. ``We want to hear anything and everything -- good, bad, indifferent, exculpatory, accusatory -- that bears on the main question,'' Hyde said. ``There may be other matters that we feel bear on the main question of the fitness of the president for this office.''."

Reagan Information Interchange Mary Mostert 9/24/98 "The great debate on television shows lately has discussed whether or not Bill Clinton has lost his "moral authority" to lead. They emphasize over and over that Bill Clinton's "sex life" is private and has nothing to do with his ability to lead. This is often said in the same breath as "He's gotten a lot accomplished - the economy is strong, people are employed." For the life of me I can't understand how anyone who was alive in America in the last four years can make a statement like that. Somehow the media have convinced Americans, who live in a free country and who elect the people that lead them, that President Clinton, all by himself, has somehow been responsible for the balanced budget, the (at least until now) humming economy, Welfare Reform, millions of new jobs.."

AP Pete Yost 9/24/98 "As Congress plows through his report and voluminous backup materials, prosecutor Kenneth Starr is moving ahead with the rest of his criminal investigation. He summoned two lawyers before a grand jury Thursday to talk about the White House's compliance with subpoenas.. ``All phases of the investigation are now nearing completion,'' Starr said in his referral to the House of possibly impeachable offenses by the president.."

Brigitte Greenberg AP " The question of whether President Clinton should be impeached was debated Thursday by scholars at Yale Law School, the very place where Clinton learned so well how to parse his words. The only thing the experts could agree upon was that the Yale faculty, at least not today, does not advocate students twisting the law. ``I worry, do we teach you that all that counts is your brains, your creativity? I worry that we teach you the Constitution means whatever you can make it mean,'' Professor Kate Stith told about 300 law students who packed a law school auditorium. ``How can you lie under oath if there are no lies, if words have no meaning, if ... it all depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is?'' she asked.."

Freeper report on Jerry Hughes program with Bob Barr "Here are some of the comments from the interview today. Quotes may not be exact, but they will be very close. Hughes: The Starr report addresses a statement by a woman who denied some type of an attack or physical incident with Mr. Clinton then changed her story indicating that the incident did, indeed, occur. Are you looking into that? Barr: I can not comment publicly on that. Hughes: Can I take that to mean there is there another foot to fall on President Clinton? Barr: There is much more to come. More will be coming out.."

Providence Journal 9/25/98 "We've received quite a few calls and letters referring to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr as the man who somehow ``released'' to the dismayed public his report on the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal and the videotape of President Clinton's Aug. 17 testimony on the subject. This reflects widespread ignorance and misunderstanding about the role of the independent counsel (aka, the special prosecutor). Here are some correctives. -- The independent counsel is appointed by a panel of three federal appeals court judges after the attorney general makes a recommendation that such a counsel be named to investigate possible violations of the law by a federal official. -- The counsel's request to pursue areas of inquiry that expand on or diverge from the ones originally agreed upon by the independent counsel and the attorney general must be approved by the attorney general and sent on to the judicial panel if there are ``reasonable grounds'' for further investigation. While Mr. Starr's investigation began with Whitewater, Atty. Gen. Janet Reno and the three-judge panel permitted him to pursue the Lewinsky matter when there appeared to be substantial grounds for believing that the situation involved violations of the law, such as perjury. The attorney general, by the way, can remove an independent counsel for violations of the law. -- The House of Representatives, not Kenneth Starr, decided in a 363-to-63 vote, which included a large majority of the Democrats , to release virtually the entire contents of Mr. Starr's report to the public -- The House Judiciary Committee, on a party-line vote, not Mr. Starr, voted to immediately release the videotape of Mr. Clinton's testimony to the grand jury.."

9/25/98 Will Lester AP "The American public's support for President Clinton has bounced back after the release of his videotaped testimony, and polls indicate Republicans in Congress have slipped in public approval of their handling of the president's legal troubles..But with elections approaching, it is significant that people considered more likely to vote preferred Republican candidates for Congress in the upcoming elections by 50 percent to 41 percent for Democrats. And 39 percent of the more likely voters favored impeachment, compared to 29 percent who wanted censure of the president and 31 percent who wanted to drop the investigation.."

L A Times 9/25/98 Elizabeth Shogren "For years, high-tech businessman Mitchell Kertzman was one of those big donors Democratic Party officials counted on to buy tickets whenever President Clinton visited the Silicon Valley for top-dollar fund-raising dinners. In the 1996 election cycle, he contributed more than $150,000 to the reelection coffers of Clinton and other Democrats. But when he is asked now to make a donation or attend a fund-raiser--like the one Clinton is headlining for the Democratic National Committee in Silicon Valley tonight--he says he cannot sign such checks anymore. Prodded by his wife, Kertzman has come to believe that Clinton should resign. Clinton "has become ineffective in his job. There is so much that needs doing. You need someone who is effective--not two years of Clinton abuse by the Republicans." Kertzman is not alone. A small but growing number of generous donors in Silicon Valley--one of the president's strongest bases of support--is having second thoughts. Offended by the president's affair with onetime White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky and his months-long denial of it, they are showing signs of disaffection.."

USA Journal 9/25/98 Ted Byrne ".Look, it was Mr. Clinton who abused a young intern in the Oval Office. And it is Mr. Clinton who is apologizing to anyone who will listen. It is not the Presidency that is apologizing or repenting. Neither diddling interns, nor begging mercy are part of The Presidential Job description. The most jarring part of Clinton's videotaped testimony was hearing such ugly questions being put to, "Mr. President." The Starr interrogators should have referred to him only as Mr. Clinton."

Washington Times 9/25/98 Jennifer Harper "Feminist leaders gave President Clinton a protective spot behind their skirts Thursday. "His strengths outweigh his flaws," said Patricia Ireland, president of the National Organization for Women, who joined 15 other feminist leaders at the National Press Club to warn against Mr. Clinton's possible impeachment."This sounds like the feminists have become policy prostitutes," said Barbara Ledeen of the Independent Women's Forum, a conservative group. "They're willing to sell out the real interests of women to play partisan politics. It's an embarrassment. They're actually betraying feminism." ."

Philadelphia Daily News 9/24/98 Shaun Mullen " UP IN THE OVAL OFFICE. Evelyn Lieberman had a lot on her hands when she was Bill Clinton's personnel chief. But no job was more important for Hillary Rodham Clinton's former top assistant than being on the alert for good-looking females who might be spending a little too much time with the boss. In late 1995 and early 1996, about the time the president's affair with Monica Lewinsky was taking wing, at least two pretty young women were transferred because Clinton kept flirting with them, according to a former White House aide.. Barbara Altes, who worked on the phone bank of volunteers in the basement of the governor's mansion in Little Rock, Ark., after the 1992 election, says she found herself alone with the president-elect one day. Clinton, she says, pinned her against a wall with his forearms, looked at her with puppy-dog eyes and said, "Even presidents need hugs, too." An inappropriately long hug followed. "Here's the ultimate alpha dog, and he wanted my woman," responded her husband, Steve, when asked to comment. "Of course, Clinton wants every woman, which devalues the compliment." ."

CNN AP 9/24/98 Summarized by Freeper "Representative Schumer of the Judiciary Committee has a conflict of interest. Hillary Clinton is Fundraising for him."

National Review 9/24/98 Judge Robert Bork "KENNETH STARR has now filed his report with Congress, and it is unequivocal. This being Washington, almost every politician instantly equivocated... Not one of the eleven items that Starr thinks are "substantial and credible information that [in the words of the Independent Counsel statute] may constitute grounds for an impeachment" depends upon sex. Five of the counts allege perjury by the President, five allege obstruction of justice, and the final count states that Mr. Clinton's actions have been "inconsistent with the President's constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws." If any one of the first ten counts is borne out by the evidence, the eleventh is automatically true. Sex is not the gravamen of the report but merely the predicate for the cover-up allegations. If a man was charged with lying about a break-in and inducing others to lie, you might, if you were brainless, say the whole thing was just about a "third-rate burglary" and therefore not grounds for impeachment. To prove the charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, a prosecutor would have to prove the burglary, just as Starr, to prove his charges, had to establish the sex.."

New York Post Vincent Morris 9/25/98 "House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde yesterday said his panel's probe into whether to impeach President Clinton may branch off to Filegate, Whitewater and Chinagate. Hyde said he'd prefer that the Monica Lewinsky-centered impeachment inquiry not cast a very wide net but added that it's possible the probe may broaden. There may be other matters that bear on the question, said Hyde, when asked if he would investigate issues besides Clinton's sex-and-lies with Lewinsky. Hyde's 37-member Judiciary Committee gets first crack at determining if Clinton ought to be impeached. Hyde laid out a tight schedule for handling Independent Counsel Ken Starr's report citing 11 possible grounds for impeachment. Hyde wants a committee vote Oct. 5 or 6 on whether to begin an impeachment inquiry. If the resolution is approved, as expected, the full House votes on the matter on Oct. 8 or 9, which could set hearings and a full investigation into motion beginning after the November elections. A finger- wagging Clinton yesterday insisted it's time to change the subject when asked if he sees any way to avoid an impeachment inquiry..At 10 a.m. today, Hyde's committee is to consider which of the remaining Starr documents should be released to the public next week. The documents in question include the Linda Tripp tapes as well as transcripts of grand-jury testimony from presidential pal Vernon Jordan, Secret Service agents and others Starr questioned during his probe. Starr is still probing Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate (the firing and smearing of career travel staffers to make way for Clinton cronies) and possible obstruction of justice in efforts to keep volunteer Kathleen Willey from testifying that Clinton groped her (he denies it). White House lawyer Michelle Peterson yesterday testified to the Sexgate grand jury on White House compliance with subpoenas. Three other White House lawyers are refusing to testify, claiming executive privilege.."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/25/98 "This week began with the public airing of Bill Clinton's grand jury testimony where he claimed this whole sordid mess started because of a sexual harassment lawsuit he said had absolutely no merit. And the week is ending with word that Clinton is considering an out-of-court settlement of that same lawsuit. Yeah, we know. Why is the First Felon suddenly so willing to pay off Paula Jones, the former Arkansas State employee that Billy said was only a shill for his political enemies? .You see, down in Little Rock, Federal Judge Susan Weber Wright is poised to release all the material in Jones's lawsuit against Clinton. Part of that material involves information about "Jane Doe #5," a woman who reversed a statement denying that Clinton raped her while he was Attorney General of Arkansas. Rape? Could it be that the "alpha male" of 1600 Pennsylvania, the President who has to beat sexually-crazed women off with a stick (or a cigar) has, on occasion, forced his attentions on unwilling women? You got it, boopie. Billy doesn't like to hear the word "No." ."

Washington Times 9/25/98 Bill Gertz "U.S. and British authorities are investigating how a Russian-design Scud missile was imported illegally by a weapons collector in California, The Washington Times has learned. "This is a full-blown missile," said John Hensley, a senior agent of the U.S. Customs Service in Los Angeles. "The only thing missing is the warhead." A Scud B missile and its mobile transporter-erector launcher -- minus the warhead -- were seized Sept. 2 by customs agents in Port Hueneme, Calif., about 35 miles north of Los Angeles, said officials familiar with the case.The missile system was licensed for importation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. But paperwork in the case was falsified, and the missile system was not "demilitarized" -- rendered inoperable -- as required by import rules, Mr. Hensley told The Times."

CAS 9/25/98 Carl Limbacher "Why would Bill Clinton's Paula Jones legal team suddenly be interested in settling the Paula Jones suit; a case that was tossed out of a Little Rock courtroom nearly six months ago? There's one reason and one reason only - Julia "Juanita" Broaddrick - and the information about her that's expected to be made public on Monday, when Judge Susan Webber Wright releases all the material in Paula Jones' case files. On Friday the Associated Press confirmed reports that have been circulating on the Internet for days that a "Jane Doe #5", while under questioning by Starr's prosecutors, had retracted her sworn denial that Bill Clinton attacked her two decades ago. The AP noted that Jane Doe #5 - "is an Arkansas woman identified in March court papers in which Mrs. Jones attorneys say they had gathered evidence suggesting that Clinton may have sexually assaulted her in the late 1970's..." The AP does not name Broaddrick specifically but it was she who was identified in NBC and ABC News reports on March 28 as the woman who told four people in Arkansas that Bill Clinton raped her in 1978. Clearly, Broaddrick is "Jane Doe #5". To make matters worse for Clinton, the London Telegraph reported on March 30 that Starr had subpoenaed an audiotape made by Jones' investigators where Broaddrick reportedly says that she suffered a "traumatic encounter" at Clinton's hands, which "turned her life upside down" and caused her to "flee to California for a lengthy period." Broaddrick would not go into detail on the tape because she did not want to "re-live the ordeal," the Telegraph reported. ."

9/25/98 PR Newswire "Just days after the Office of Independent Counsel (0IC) estimated its bill to the nation due to President Clinton's 7-month deception on the Lewinsky matter, a closer examination by the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union (NTU) finds that other government costs bring the total tab for taxpayers to nearly $17 million ``While the nation debates the political and social costs that the Lewinsky scandal has exacted, our analysis demonstrates that there is also a substantial financial cost to taxpayers,'' observed the study's author, NTU Policy Analyst Tom McClusky.."

U S Newswire 9/25/98 Sen John Ashcroft "Democratic candidates who make themselves beholden to the President for campaign money are damaging their credibility as jurors in a potential impeachment proceeding, U.S. Sen. John Ashcroft (R-Mo.) said today. Ashcroft called on Democrat candidates for the Senate and House to decline fund-raising help from the President, in order to strengthen public confidence in the integrity of an impeachment proceeding to remove the President from office. "Since when does a likely defendant give money to jurors? It is ridiculous even to ask the question. The answer is, 'Never,'"."

AP Terence Hunt 9/25/98 "In an odd political twist, President Clinton campaigned Friday for a Democratic congressman who skipped his own fund-raiser and hurried to Washington -- to vote against Clinton's ``fast track'' trade legislation. Clinton, putting the best light on the situation, had a different reason for Rep. Glenn Poshard's absence -- although a White House spokesman originally said the fast-track vote was the cause. The president said Poshard, running for governor, was in Washington to vote against a Republican-backed election-year tax cut, which also was before the House.."

Freeper Gipetto reports 9/25/98 "Just spoke to the Law Firm that represents Paula Jones and asked them why they are looking to settle their sexual Harrasement law suit. A spokesperson for the firm said he could not talk about the nature of the law suit, but told me that the reports that are coming out today about "The jones camp looking for a 500K settlement w/o a formal apology" are inacurate.."

Yale Herald 9/18-25/98 Sumit De "George Washington cut down a cherry tree but could not tell a lie, so he confessed to his mother. Bill Clinton, LAW '73, carried on an extramarital affair in the White House for the better part of 18 months. He could not tell the truth, so he lied to his wife, daughter, Cabinet, and the American public. Neither episode has a lot to do with Washington or Clinton's true ability to govern. Both stories say a lot about the actual men. And that is what is really at issue here: Clinton the man.Even more important than the technicalities of the law that Clinton broke is the covenant he broke with the American public. When we put Clinton in the White House, we trusted him to behave in a certain way-- especially while in office. Whether it is fair or not, presidents in this day and age are supposed to be on the job 24 hours a day. They are supposed to show reverence towards those institutions that symbolize the greatness of American democracy and government, such as the Oval Office.If someone lies to me, my opinion of that person falls. I lose my trust in him, and I try to avoid him as much as possible. That's all I want to do with Bill Clinton, and I have a hunch most people want the same. "

Freeper report 9/25/98 Lindam "Yes, I just heard this too, on Hannity and Combs. Sean Hannity said the media knows who it is, but "out of respect" he will not name her now. The informations will be out early next week, and will be a part of the Starr Report. He mentioned there are witnesses of some type to substantiate the story, and rape was mentioned. Maybe this is why El Rushbo was playing games with his audience today? He, like other members of the media, knew this was coming!"

AP Ron Fournier 9/24/98 "Democratic leaders said Friday they may make November elections a referendum on the ``mean-spiritedness and venality'' of impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. ``We will be saying Democrats are the party of issues and Republicans are the party of investigations,'' said Colorado Gov. Roy Romer, general chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

AP 9/25/98 "The House Judiciary Committee agreed Friday to release audio tapes that Linda Tripp made of her conversations with Monica Lewinsky, as Republicans and Democrats vied for political position in advance of next month's vote on a formal impeachment inquiry. In a daylong session behind closed doors, the panel also agreed over objections of some Democrats to make public thousands of pages of still-secret documents that Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr gathered as part of his eight-month sex- and-cover-up probe relating to President Clinton's affair with Ms. Lewinsky. The panel deliberated as Clinton, struggling to quell talk of impeachment, accused Republicans of placing ``partisanship over progress, politics over people.'' The White House complained again about the ``lack of fairness and bipartisanship'' in the committee's proceedings. ``The decision to publicly release ... secret grand jury material ... violates the American people's sense of decency and fair play,''."

NewMax EZINE 9/25/98 Carl Limbacher "Here's the list of women who have thus far publicly acknowledged having sex with Bill Clinton: Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Elizabeth Ward-Gracen, Bobbie Ann Williams, and Sally Perdue. The list of other women who say he tried his best but failed to consummate the encounter for one reason or another includes Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, rock groupie Connie Hamzy, and airline stewardess Christine Zercher. (Jones and Willey have attested to Clinton's crude sexual approaches under penalty of perjury. Jones and Bobbie Ann Williams have passed multiple lie-detector tests.) Lord knows how much longer this list will grow when Judge Susan Webber Wright unseals all the testimony in the Paula Jones case. But they all do it -- right? ..Contrast Burton's forthrightness in not only admitting his sin, but supporting the child financially for years behind the scenes -- with Clinton's own game of sexual dodgeball. While governor, Clinton's press secretary never denied Williams' allegations. Yet Clinton refused to comply with demands from local Little Rock clergymen that he take a blood test to establish the paternity of the boy. Meanwhile, Chelsea Clinton's probable half-brother has grown up in poverty because of Clinton's failure to step forward and support the boy. Next to that, Dan Burton looks like Mother Theresa. But the press smells no scandal in the fact that the president is likely a "deadbeat dad." And so 6-year-old questions about Danny "Clinton" Williams continued to go unanswered.

New York Times 9/25/98 Richard Berke Janet Elder " viewed...unfavorably by 38 percent. The speaker's unfavorable rating is 34 percent... While no national poll can measure the mood of voters in individual congressional districts, it can provide clues to how the election could unfold. There are signs that Republicans at this point are in by far the stronger position.. When conditions are applied that reflect typical turnout in a midterm election -- that is, with about 34 percent of eligible voters casting ballots -- the Republican advantage is 50 percent to 41 percent. If turnout is unusually low, the gap would widen to 53 percent to 41 percent.... "

MSNBC John Gibson 9/25/98 Freeper report "I was engrossed in this site when I heard one of the women on TV say "John, I used to work in the White House and I know lots-LOTS of women that the president has made terrible salacious remarks to." Got my attention. John wanted more info and she said Clinton would talk dirty to women and if they responded, he would talk dirty to them more and then that was all. John still acting like this was shocking to him, & trying to find more out.."

Washington Post 9/26/98 "The call goes out from the White House every morning at 11 to some two dozen Democrats. The recipients include Washington lawyers and lobbyists, political consultants, administration officials, and -- the ones who talk the most -- pollsters. Their daily conference call is devoted to one complex subject: how to save Bill Clinton's presidency.."

Charlotte Observe 9/22/98 Dan Chapman Rebeccas Cook "The Piedmont on Monday was home to a rare constellation of prominent political stars, Republicans and Democrats who couldn't help but inject President Clinton and his troubles into a handful of hotly contested congressional races. Clinton's videotaped grand jury testimony had just begun when former Vice President Dan Quayle, campaigning at Wingate University for Republican U.S. House candidate Robin Hayes, called on the president to resign..

NY Times 9/26/98 Neil Lewis "Seeking to give President Clinton a stronger position as Congress considers impeaching him, his lawyers are involved in intense negotiations with representatives of Paula Jones and may reach an agreement in the next few days to settle her sexual misconduct lawsuit against him, advisers to both parties said Friday... A senior White House adviser said that the suddenly vigorous effort to end the lawsuit was being propelled by a political calculation that doing so would help Clinton present the best case to Congress to battle any impeachment proceedings...Mrs. Jones' advisers say she no longer feels a need to prove that Clinton behaved in a sexually irresponsible manner, given the avalanche of detailed material about his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.."

Boston Globe John Ellis 9/26/98 "Here are four things the House of Representatives will never do. It will never agree to Senator John Kerry's proposal that President Clinton testify before the Judiciary Committee in exchange for an expedited vote on impeachment. It will never agree to Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe's suggestion that Clinton be reprimanded and the criminal case against him deferred until 2001. It will never agree to an ersatz plea-bargain arrangement. And it will never agree to censure. Clinton will be impeached by the House. You can go to the bank on that.It is the opinion of the House Republican leadership that the perjury case against Clinton submitted by Starr is open and shut. The case for obstruction of justice and abuse of power is viewed as only slightly less convincing. But that's not why the GOP-controlled House will inevitably vote to impeach the president. They will do so because Republican primary voters and caucus attenders - their core constituents - are insistent that Clinton be removed from office.."

Freeper Email Don in California 9/26/98 "RE: Chicagoland Freepers Turn Out in 1,000s to protest The Bent One ya know the first pervert is going to be out here in San Diego on Saturday, and the protests are growing by every minute, one of the local afternoon talk show hosts rick Roberts, ( ) is doing a digital audio tape from that {snicker} 36% of the american people that dont like him. real outrageous. and funny as heck. anyway he is going to courier a copy to the rich lawyer's home in rancho santa fe, and a copy to the white house, and GET THIS !!!!! the secret service has contacted him and told him to lay off of clinton, he is in their face and getting even more pronounced on the radio, hee hee hee hee.."

Boston Globe Adam Pertman 9/26/98 "The Oregon Democrats running for governor and Congress have not disguised their views of President Clinton: They support his policies, condemn his adultery, and prefer that he stay in Washington rather than campaign for them.."

NY Post 9/26/98 Deborah Orin "President Clinton is playing Let's Make A Deal in the Paula Jones case because he needs to cut his losses - and avert the threat of a legal whammy packing a political punch. Unless there's a deal, Clinton risks that Judge Susan Webber Wright will rule him in contempt for lying when he swore he didn't recall being alone with Monica Lewinsky, much less having sex with her. If the judge finds him in contempt, it will solidify the fact that he broke the law and that this is not about sex, it's about lies, said Republican strategist Eva Pusateri There's also the risk that the three-judge panel, all Republican appointees, could revive the Jones case later this fall, just as impeachment hearings begin. Clinton is now having trouble particularly with women and Catholics. If he doesn't do the deal ^with Jones_, sex harassment is back in the news and it will hurt him with women voters, said GOP pollster John McLaughlin..

NY Post 9/26/98 Marilyn Rauber "Americans will get to hear Linda Tripp's secretly taped girl talk with Monica Lewinsky - but many dirty bits will be bleeped out, the House Judiciary Committee decided yesterday. The panel, in a unanimous decision, agreed the famous tapes that sparked Sexgate prober Kenneth Starr's sex-and-lies investigation should be made public, along with the last 60,000-plus pages of evidence from Starr's seven-month probe. However, the committee also made hundreds of cuts, editing out substantial chunks of the Tripp tapes on which Lewinsky describes in raunchy detail her sex acts with Clinton, calls the president and his secretary Betty Currie obscene names and gossips with Tripp about other people's sex lives. Also being bleeped, sources said, are some Jewish jokes that some might find offensive. They were told by Lewinsky, who is Jewish.."

Washington Post Ceci Connolly 9/25/98 "Democrats believe they've found a way to turn the scandal engulfing President Clinton to their advantage at the polls on Election Day. With a little help from House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr and a Republican Congress that has not accomplished much this year, Democrats say their once-demoralized core supporters are now fired up to fight back this November.."

National Review Kate O'Beirne 10/12/98 "FORGET Congress's reaction to the President's perjuries, obstructions of justice, and violation of his oath of office. Bill Clinton's ultimate fate is thought to rest with a jury of one. Following his contrition tour, Washington eagerly awaits a public absolution from his wife for his latest violation of their marriage vows. The media expect that Hillary will declare at some point that Bill remains fit for marriage, thus neatly placing his "just sex" offenses in the private sphere of their bizarre marriage.Hillary Clinton joined the Lewinsky cover-up in January, and her recent play-acting is merely the latest evidence of her complicity. Just as the President's taped grand-jury testimony reveals his tortured lies, Mrs. Clinton has her own taped record of her willingness to lie to the public. On the Today show on January 27, she bought valuable time by attributing the Lewinsky allegations to that "vast right- wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for President." She claimed that she first learned of the Lewinsky scandal when her husband looked up from the Washington Post and declared, "You're not going to believe this, but . . ." The President now admits that he learned the scandal was going public three days before the Post story appeared; it's ludicrous to think that his wife would have been kept in the dark as her husband consulted with his lawyer and aides.."

9/26/98 Laurence McQuillan Reuters "The finger wagging was back as a confident-sounding President Clinton Thursday delivered a feisty challenge to Congress to focus on ``what's best for the American people'' rather than his sex life. As White House officials privately rejoiced that Clinton did not lose public support when his videotaped testimony was released Monday, the president's verbal swagger returned during a Rose Garden event aimed at hailing some good economic news.."

9/26/98 Capitol Hill Blue "David Letterman said traffic was so bad ``I had to squeeze through spaces that were narrower than President Clinton's definition of sex.'' Fellow comic Bill Maher dreamed up a cream rinse that the president could use ``after a day of splitting hairs.'' The Clinton-Lewinsky melodrama is playing out against a riot of ribald humor. Late-night comics and no-name Internet meanies alike are intravenously hooked to it. Never mind getting booted. Might President Clinton get hooted from office? The Center for Media and Public Affairs, which tracks the content of late-night comedy with numbing precision, has never seen such a torrent. But Clinton seems inoculated, says Robert Lichter, president of the research institution. ``What's remarkable is that Clinton is a laughingstock and it doesn't seem to matter,'' he said."

AP Peter Yost 9/25/98 "As Congress plows through his report and voluminous backup materials, prosecutor Kenneth Starr is moving ahead with the rest of his criminal investigation. He summoned two lawyers before a grand jury Thursday to talk about the White House's compliance with subpoenas. One area still open is investigation of possible perjury and obstruction of justice stemming from former White House volunteer Kathleen Willey's allegation that President Clinton made an unwanted sexual advance on her. In his videotaped grand jury testimony, the president denied he made an advance. Mrs. Willey, like Monica Lewinsky, was among women subpoenaed to testify against the president in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit. From White House staffers' gathering of FBI files to Hillary Rodham Clinton's legal work for a failing Arkansas savings and loan, Starr is trying to wrap up his four-year criminal probe of the Clintons. Also still open is Starr's investigate whether presidential aides lied about whether Mrs. Clinton had a role in a purge of the White House travel office in 1993. ``All phases of the investigation are now nearing completion,'' Starr said in his referral to the House of possibly impeachable offenses by the president.."

MSNBC 9/24/98 Jay Severin "War and politics have in common several things. Chief among them is that when you are confident of victory, you do not retreat and sue for peace. So if Democrats really believe public support for Bill Clinton is solid, why is Sen. John Kerry demanding an immediate armistice?.. Queer as it is, politics is not entirely immune to the laws of physics. What goes up (Clinton support) must come down. The president is at the apex of his defense trajectory. The window of opportunity is closing. He must deal now. But the problems with a deal are many. For openers, Congress isn't a local district attorney's office dealing with a common criminal. That body simply is not constitutionally authorized to plea bargain, even with such an uncommon criminal as the president of the States. Another barrier to a deal - especially to a quickly arranged one- is politics. Democrats want and need a deal more than do Republicans, and the GOP knows it. In a deal, both sides give and both sides get. But a deal is in the eye of the beholder. To Democrats, a deal means a parking ticket: censure and maybe a fine in return for admitting to lying (but not perjury.) To Republicans, a deal means the gas chamber: Clinton's resignation in return for a promise not to be criminally prosecuted.."

Birmingham Post-Herald 9/26/98 "The U.S. House of Representatives should proceed with a formal impeachment inquiry, even though President Clinton and his allies seem to think they have finally found a way out of their troubles. The good cheer of the Clinton crowd derives chiefly from a positive public reaction to the videotape of President Clinton's testimony before a grand jury and from the release of some relatively favorable material from Kenneth Starr's investigation. There's an irony here. Some Democrats in the House, though not most, opposed public disclosure of the independent counsel's handiwork as unfair. They were overlooking the democratic imperative that the public be fully informed of any possible grounds for presidential impeachment, but in losing the battle they may now believe they have won the war.."

AP 9/26/988 "For those who criticize the moral failings of others, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has some advice - heal thyself. Virtue should be taught by example and not by pointing fingers, said Thomas, who has seen more than a few fingers pointed his way. ``Does character matter? The answer is, emphatically, yes,'' the justice told a group of Catholic judges and lawyers Friday. ``Character always matters. But it is your character that matters, not your neighbor's.'' ."

Freeper Reports 9/26/98 "I don't know if this was already mentioned, but in addition to the rally in San Francisco last night, there was a terrific rally of about 1,000 in San Jose to give Clinton an "earful." I was there, and it was awesome. It was reported smack-dab on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News this morning. Clinton protesters outnumbered Clinton supporters by about 100 to 1 "

Freeper Reports on Fox News 9/26/98 "Ann Coulter was right on the money last night on Hannity and Colmes when she predicted the Democrat reaction to Clinton when the rape charge surfaces. They'll say, "C'mon. The big boss should get one free rape!" Sadly, this is what they'll say."

San Francisco Chronicle Carla Marinucci John Wildermuth 9/26/98 "Thousands of fired-up demonstrators, some cheering and others jeering, turned out to greet President Clinton and the first lady last night as they returned to the Bay Area to download political donations from both high-tech and hard-core supporters.. But while cheering crowds of supporters showed that many in the area are sticking with the president, at least as many angry protesters made it clear that, even here, Clinton is a long way from putting his problems behind him. ``Resign swine,'' read one sign carried outside the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, where a crowd of about 2,000 people, most opposed to Clinton, gathered as the president made a brief stop. ``Fire the liar,'' said another. ."

Washington Times 9/26/98 Jerry Seper "President Clinton would still face indictment in the Monica Lewinsky grand jury investigation even if Congress backs away from impeachment hearings before the House Judiciary Committee, lawyers and others close to Kenneth W. Starr's ongoing grand jury investigation said yesterday. The independent counsel's office has targeted Mr. Clinton on as many as 15 felony counts of perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering in an attempt to cover up a sexual relationship with Miss Lewinsky, a former White House intern. "An indictment of the president has never been ruled out," said one source, a lawyer familiar with both the Starr inquiry and efforts by congressional investigators to uncover the facts of the Clinton- Lewinsky relationship."

Freeper report on Tim Russert's show on CNBC 9/26/98 "I was not able to copy down what Schieffer said other than he admitted to being told by "Democrats on the Hill" that Clinton's behavior before the grand jury was "stormy". Tim Russert said he wanted to pin a medal on Bob Schieffer for admitting he got a story wrong. Schieffer then explained that he had been told by "Democrats on the Hill" who claimed to have seen the tape that the president was combative and stormed out of the room at one point. He did not name his sources."

The Sunday Electronic Telegraph 9/27/98 David Wastell "LINDA Tripp's secretly taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky will be heard by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, after the Congressional committee investigating President Clinton voted unanimously to make them public. Democrats are gambling that the sometimes raunchy "girl talk" between the two women, during which Miss Lewinsky discusses details of her relationship with the President, will help to make the political case against impeachment..John Whitehead, director of the Rutherford Institute, which financed Mrs Jones's civil action against the President, said yesterday that unless the White House agreed to settle the matter she would press ahead with a contempt of court complaint this week.. But key conversations in which Miss Lewinsky discusses ways to cover up her relationship with the President and her search for a new job will be included..The Republicans believe they can pick up an extra five or six seats in the Senate, which would put them just a handful of votes away from the two-thirds majority needed to impeach Mr Clinton. Last week the White House began preparing Democrats for a bad result. John Podesta, the deputy chief of staff, warned party officials not to overstate their prospects. But there is a growing fear among Clinton allies that a rout on Nov 3 would cause the President's support among Democrats to crumble, with key senators including Joseph Lieberman and Daniel Moynihan preparing to come off the fence and call for his resignation.."

Washington Post 9/27/98 "As he attempts to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit, President Clinton has consulted with his former chief fund-raiser, who assured him that he could raise the money necessary to resolve the longstanding suit, according to sources close to the White House. Terence R. McAuliffe, a lawyer and business executive who headed up finances for Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign, told the president he will not let him leave office bankrupt from the various legal issues that have dogged him throughout his tenure, sources said. That would free Clinton to find a compromise with Jones to drop her pending appeal.."

ABCNews.Com 4/2/98 ".Mrs. Jones' Response tenders further new evidence of witness- tampering and coverup by Defendant Clinton involving (name deleted) about whom Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr subpoenaed information from Mrs. Jones' attorneys three days ago. This recently gathered evidence describes an act of forcible rape allegedly committed by Defendant Clinton when he was Attorney General of Arkansas against (name deleted) and subsequent strident efforts by Defendant Clinton and his agents to suppress all testimony of this assault through bribes and/or threats apparently issued to (name deleted) and her family. Competent evidence of such a rape would, of course, be admissible to directly rebut Defendant Clinton's global pronouncement in the published portion of his deposition that: "in my lifetime I've never sexually harassed a woman...I never have, and I wouldn't." Because of the overwhelming number of instances in this case of Defendant Clinton and his agents committing suppression of evidence, perjury, subornation of perjury, witness-tampering, and obstruction of justice, Mrs. Jones contends that both Defendant Clinton's Motion to Strike and his Motion for Summary Judgment itself should be denied outright by the Court."

The Sunday London Times Andrew Sullivan 9/27/98 ".Monica's ratings are now scarcely higher than Kenneth Starr's, and far, far lower than Bill Clinton's, which seems particularly cruel. Starr has his supporters. He even has a wife to go home to, and a great job as a lawyer. His fame will doubtless win him even greater fees in the future. Bill Clinton spent last week being given a standing ovation by the United Nations general assembly and was fawned on by Nelson Mandela. The backlash of sympathy for the president was temporarily in full swing (I give it a couple of weeks) and his wife was busy fundraising to warm applause in New York. And Monica? I have no idea. What I do know is that she must have spent most of the past fortnight feeling mortified. Washington gossip has it that she is borderline suicidal. And I don't blame her. Ask yourself this question. Who is more isolated in this whole affair? Brutalised by interrogators, exploited and abandoned by her lover, Monica has no base of natural support..The truth is, the difference between Monica's popularity and the president's is entirely a function of sexism. What this affair proves is that sexism is still very much alive in America, and kicking in the rest of the world, and is just as common among women as men. Men, after all, are still allowed to express their sexuality and are secretly admired for it. But women are branded as sluts if they so much as whisper that they enjoy sex and might want it with more than one man in their lifetime. In this affair, Clinton is regarded as a lad who couldn't keep his pants on. But Monica is a tart. One is forgiven. The other is stigmatised for good. Even though Clinton committed perjury in four hours almost as many times as most of us blink, and Monica told the whole truth, at great cost to her privacy and dignity and future, Clinton emerges bloodied but with a reserve of goodwill, and Lewinsky doesn't emerge at all. To all intents and purposes, her life is finished. If she hasn't had cosmetic surgery already, she'll need it in the future, if only for a disguise.."

The Ether Zone Online 9/24/98 "Twenty,unopen boxes lie in wait at Starr's office. Sources have told the Zone that these boxes contain additional material to Starr's investigations. Reams of info on Whitewater to filgate are waiting to be unleashed. The Grand Jury was also in session today, to review indictable material.As the Zone reported on the 15th, indictments are eminent. Starr's stategy will ultimately bring Clinton to his demise.."

Washington Post 9/26/98 Guy Gugliotta Juliet Eilperin "The House Judiciary Committee decided yesterday to release tens of thousands of pages of documents covering President Clinton's involvement with former White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky, including edited versions of taped conversations between Lewinsky and her former friend, Linda R. Tripp, and the grand jury testimony of key witnesses such as Tripp, Clinton secretary Betty Currie, and the president's friend, Vernon E. Jordan Jr. .Both parties agreed to withhold release of an FBI interview with a woman initially called as a witness in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case regarding reports she may have been sexually assaulted by Clinton 20 years ago. The woman signed an affidavit in the Jones case swearing she had had no such contact with Clinton, but the Starr report said cryptically that she later told investigators her affidavit was false. According to sources familiar with the FBI interview, the woman became upset and the interview was inconclusive.."

9/27/98 Freeper surfer summary of Tim Russert's Show "On Tim Russert this evening, Bob Schieffer just revealed that a story he broke regarding the President's demeanor during his Grand Jury appearance was a campaign of mis-information orchestrated by Democrats! Bob Schieffer (Face the Nation) went on to say he felt pretty bad about the story and that the White House and Democrats wanted him and the public to be mis-lead on what they were about to see on video tape.."

9/27/98 Freeper report ". The 'exculpatory evidence' that has been claimed missing from the Starr Referral, is actually there. McCurry (paraphrased) "They left out the part about Monica Lewinsky saying she was never asked to lie." STARR REFERRAL, Grounds For Impeachment, Part VI, Section (A), Third Paragraph: "Ms. Lewinsky has stated that the President never explicitly told her to lie." THERE IT IS..... AND IT CONTINUES.... "Instead, as she explained, that they both understood from their conversations that they would both continue their pattern of covering up and lying about their relationship"."

9/27/98 Freeper report this Week "This Week--Donovan Campbell, Paula Jone's Lead Lawyer just stated that the Starr Report shows that Clinton's Camp attempted to tamper with Jane Doe's testimony by having her submit a false affidavit. They will pursue this until the final settlement is made, the last page signed or the court case concluded in their case."

Meet the Press 9/27/98 Freeper report from transcript ".MR. RUSSERT: Do you believe lying under oath is an impeachable offense? REP. HUTCHINSON: In my judgment, lying under oath would be an impeachable offense. I think that there is room for debate as to the Constitution and the impact on our society. But I don't see how you can conclude that what would be a criminal offense that people go to jail for-and if you look at whether- we've impeached judges-the three impeachments this century have all been about perjury under oath, and so it's hard to reach the conclusion that it would not be an impeachable offense.."

Freeper report 9/27/98 "Finally! DeLay actually laid out the outrageousness of the President-- "who has his finger on the button," the one who decides whether or not to send our sons and daughters to be killed in war--talked to Sonny Callahan about just such an issue while he was being "serviced" by Monica Lewinsky during the Government Shutdown. ."

Washington Weekly 9/28/98 Marvin Lee "In the attic of the U.S. Capitol is a room that you can only reach by entering an elevator labeled "Authorized Personnel Only." The elevator opens into a hallway with a door guarded by a Capitol Police officer. Behind this door, the "Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China" has been meeting in closed sessions for the past month reviewing classified intelligence gathered by the FBI, CIA, NSA and Pentagon on the transfer of sensitive technology to China and the funneling of illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese military to the Democratic Party. Some of the classified evidence is so sensitive that it could not be trusted to Democrats on the Burton Committee, already looking into public aspects of the Chinagate scandal. That was the reason the Select Cox Committee was formed. In fact, the specific information that prompted the formation of the Committee is not yet known to the public. (emphasis mine) Selected largely for their high security clearances, the nine members include three that have the highest security clearance available: Chairman Chris Cox (R-CA), Ranking Minority Member Norm Dicks (D-WA), and Vice Chairman and former CIA analyst Porter Goss (R-FL). Most Committee staffers are on loan from the security agencies. Six come from the FBI, three from the CIA and four from the Pentagon."

Washington Weekly 9/28/98 J Peter Mulhern "Bill Clinton has no defenders left, aside from the ones on his payroll. He still has allies in Congress and the press. But nobody with a double-digit IQ and a reputation to preserve is defending Clinton. He has no substantive case to present. Instead his allies are attacking the president's enemies..All the criticism of Ken Starr's supposed excesses is grounded in the assumption that it really doesn't matter much if the president is guilty of perjury, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy to obstruct justice. The critics don't think the crimes Ken Starr set out to investigate are important enough to justify the use of normal, proper prosecutorial tactics. When he does his job they commence frothing at the mouth. Starr's critics are tragically wrong. It matters very much if the president is a felon."

NY Times 9/27/98 Todd Purdum "To meet Bill Clinton is to like him, even his enemies agree. But to know him is not necessarily to love him, even his friends acknowledge. In fact, it is the people who know this president best -- from his own former aides to his wary fellow Democrats in Congress -- who have been most disappointed and angry about his handling of the Monica Lewinsky matter, and who have held it against him more harshly than a detached and distant public...One senior aide to the Democratic leadership said of the president: "Look who he hangs out with. Hollywood types." It is an irony of Clinton's reputation for friendship -- and his lifelong card-file of thousands of "Friends of Bill" -- that he has virtually no intimates, especially among his political peers.."

Sun Times 9/27/98 Lynn Sweet "With a House Judiciary Committee vote to begin an impeachment inquiry a little more than a week away, Chairman Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.) declared himself in control of the contentious panel. Hyde's unusual declaration of independence came after two weeks of skirmishes between Republicans and Democrats on the committee over the release of evidence sent to the panel by special prosecutor Kenneth Starr..Later, Hyde's tone was more serious. ``Frankly, I was selected to chair this committee, presumably not as a delegate of the speaker's office but as a person who has some autonomy,'' Hyde said. ``We've tried to exercise it, and we'll continue to do so.'' ."

The Washington Post 9/27/98 Editorial "IT IS NOT every day that a party in a celebrated, high- profile civil lawsuit pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle litigation he has already won. Yet in the latest twist of the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, lawyers for President Clinton are apparently negotiating -- once again -- with lawyers for Ms. Jones to settle her suit against Mr. Clinton. Lest anyone forget, the president won this suit; he was granted summary judgment in the case by U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright back in April. The ruling was touted as a major victory for him. It is a little odd that he should now be considering whether to pay Ms. Jones a large sum of money to drop her soon-to-be- argued appeal. Odd but hardly inappropriate. It is also not every day that a defendant in a civil suit is caught corrupting evidence in that suit. Mr. Clinton has been shown to have perjured himself in his testimony and to have, at the least, tacitly consented to perjury by others and to noncompliance with legitimate subpoenas. None of the false testimony figured in Judge Wright's decision to throw out Ms. Jones's case, but it is not difficult to imagine that, on appeal, Mr. Clinton's behavior might color the views of the judges. Nor is it difficult to imagine that, should Judge Wright's decision be reversed, Mr. Clinton's conduct could injure his case at trial.."

NY Times 9/27/98 Davis Rosenbaum "Republicans in Congress insist that they will not be deterred in their investigation of President Clinton by polls this week showing the public's disapproval. "It won't affect what we do," said Representative Bill McCollum of Florida, a senior Republican on the Judiciary Committee. "We are determined to do this fairly and objectively and not listen to the polls at all." Representative Henry J. Hyde of Illinois, the committee's chairman, asserted, "We're very blessed to live in a nation of laws, not governed by opinion polls influenced by political spin."."

Washington Times 9/27/98 Terry Neal "In a remarkably scathing and personal denunciation of his old political foe, Dallas billionaire businessman H. Ross Perot tonight declared that President Clinton "is mentally and emotionally unstable" and an immoral misfit with a "defective brain" whose behavior threatens no less than democracy itself. And he was just getting started.."

British News Syndicate Kevin Dowling 9/27/98 "British investigative journalist Kevin Dowling has released an article for publication to a variety of British and American news organizations, charging that foreign intelligence agencies were bugging the Watergate apartment telephone of Monica Lewinsky, and was able to obtain material used to blackmail the Clinton administration into shtting down a probe of widespread espionage in Washington.."

NY Times James Bennett Jill Abramson 9/28/98 "..With help from Democrats in the House and Senate, the White House is trying to obtain from Starr an accounting of how he persuaded the Department of Justice in January to authorize him to broaden his inquiry to include President Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. A Democratic effort to do just that failed in a strict party-line vote in the House Judiciary Committee on Friday. ``That was defeated, but it's going to come back in many different ways,'' one senior Clinton strategist said Sunday, speaking on condition of not being named. ``This is a coordinated, strategic approach.''."