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Newsweek 10/5/98 Jonathan Alter "The scene was surreal--as if none of this had happened at all. On the same day his grand-jury testimony aired, I saw the president at an early-evening reception at New York University. He was up--too up--after his standing ovation earlier that day at the United Nations. His peer group--the leaders of the world--are solidly behind him, and annoyed at the U.S. Congress. Many are themselves oversexed politicians. Their fears of an arrogant United States have been replaced by fears of a crippled one. Some of the Latin American leaders apparently joked with Clinton that he's lucky: at least the coup against him is bloodless. The president of Uruguay told him: "Resist. Resist. Resist." And he will. All the way past impeachment to a full trial in the U.S. Senate. Resignation talk is pointless. The die is almost cast: awful partisan squabbling about sex as far as the eye can see. The president, Congress and the press-- locked up together in history's bedchamber. No exit. For anyone."

Stuart Taylor National Journal 9/26/98 "A woman asked Benjamin Franklin in 1787 what the Framers had created at the Constitutional Convention. His reply: ''A republic--if you can keep it.'' Franklin's words resonate today. Two extraordinary events occurred this week. Both shed light on the health of what the Constitution calls our ''republican form of government.'' The first was salubrious (if premature): the release of President Clinton's videotaped testimony before the Starr grand jury, providing a remarkable opportunity for all Americans to judge whether their president had committed impeachable offenses. The second event was profoundly disturbing (if unsurprising): The instant reaction to the Clinton testimony by media elites--who style themselves guardians of the Republic, educators of the masses, and tribunes of truth- -was little short of decadent. What mattered most in the Clinton testimony and the other material released this week was not the fresh porn that the press so happily deplored--and what dreary, dull porn it was--but the fresh evidence of his criminality. What mattered was whatever evidentiary light was shed on the question of whether he has committed (and is still committing) impeachable offenses. This obvious point has escaped the press. It has also escaped much of the public, in part because the press abdicated its claimed educational role while implicitly advocating government by plebiscite.What is news is that the nation saw its president plainly, recurringly, lie under oath to a grand jury. That's a sad commentary on the health of the Republic. Even sadder is the press's playing of this event as just another chapter in The Return of the Comeback Kid. "

Barbara Simpson Show KSFO San Francisco 9/27/98 Freeper Report, guest Gary Aldrich ". There are 2 more women at the White House who have had sexual relations with Bill Clinton.. Bill and Hillary would never be able to pass a background check if they needed a security clearance as required by ordinary channels.. Alrich states that whereas we now have a national dialogue about the now-famed "I" word, we will soon embark into discussions heavily laden WITH THE "T" WORD.."

Pat Buchanas 9/22/98 "Just as Watergate was always about much more than who covered up a minor break-in, so the scandal that roils this city now is about far more than whether Bill Clinton exploited a 21-year-old intern and lied about it under oath. Monicagate is a battlefield in the war for the soul of America, a war that is religious and cultural in character, as well as political..In the culture, Woodstock triumphed. Hollywood today celebrates values that are the antithesis of the patriotism, courage, fidelity and honor it celebrated only 40 years ago. But in politics, Woodstock was routed. The dominant figure of the new era turned out to be a Midwestern personification of the old virtues who had declared Vietnam "a noble cause" -- Ronald Reagan...With all the talk of "war," "scorched earth" and tearing open closets, this is clearly a struggle over more than Clinton's political survival. Believing Clinton's conduct to be inexcusably immoral, beneath any minimal standard of decency demanded of its leaders, traditional America means to purge him from office for living by Woodstock values that most of America's social and media elite also embrace..."

Various Freeper reports 9/26/98 on San Antonio Texas demonstrations: 1) the Bush for President signs were pulled and destroyed illegally and 2) an Air Force bus was used to move pro- Clinton people closer to the site of the fundraiser.

9/28/98 New York Times Lizette Alvarez "As Democrats and the White House, buoyed by polls, sharpened their attacks against Republicans Sunday, three veteran politicians said that there would be no deal between President Clinton and Congress until after the Nov. 3 elections..Heartened by recent national surveys that show a backlash against Republicans for their handling of the scandal and for releasing mounds of documents with lurid detail, Democrats continued to float alternatives to impeachment Sunday, displaying relief at the latest turn of events. His own confidence brimming anew, Clinton has now taken to lashing out at Republicans for putting "partisanship over progress, politics over people," as he said on Friday. Republicans bristle at the charge, saying they are busy passing legislation, including tax cuts and spending bills, while Clinton is off raising money, trying to change the subject and stirring up partisan animosity "This is just more of their pattern of conduct that goes all the way back to Arkansas, a pattern of conduct that's been established now by Ken Starr of lying, of covering-up, of stonewalling, and destroying your enemies," Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas, the Republican whip, said on the ABC program "This Week With San Donaldson and Cokie Roberts."."

Insight Magazine EZINE 10/19/98 Timony Maier "Beneath the surface of Bill Clinton's sex scandals quietly grows an even greater threat to the White House. Will Democrats' dirty money sink the president? The videotape rolled but the bomb didn't drop. President Clinton's evasive responses to the grand jury failed to ignite the doomsday explosion that some critics predicted. But although he bought some time, it may not be enough. Sex, lies and Lewinsky may be the least of Clinton's concerns. Two grand juries and three Justice Department inquiries are probing possible criminal charges concerning public abuse of power, and their findings could become part of the impeachment probe. It may turn out to be not about dirty sex but about dirty money.."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/27/98 Jim Abrams "Three veteran politicians suggested as possible mediators between President Clinton and Congress over the Lewinsky affair say there won't be a deal before the November elections. ``Probably not much can happen until maybe next year,'' said former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole. ``Right now, instead of a race to judgment, you are looking at a race to the election,'' said former White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, who appeared with Dole and former Senate Republican leader Howard Baker on NBC's ``Meet thePress.'' ."

Detroit News 9/28/98 Tony Snow ".Tellingly, congressional Democrats have never much trusted this man. He has betrayed them too often. Now come reports that the White House is using thug tactics to create a proxy for party unity. The Democratic National Committee evidently is threatening to deny funds to incumbents who refuse to stand by the president. It's hard to imagine which option is worse: losing the money or posing with The Big Creep. The Monica mess stirs up other, more profound issues, of course - including the question of whether we stand for anything... The Clinton lexicon is crafted not of words or letters, but of avarice and oil. His Bible features not only eloquence, but also convenient wording changes. When he recently sermonized before religious leaders, he revised the 51st Psalm, which mentions a broken spirit and a contrite heart. He talked instead of a broken spirit and a strong heart. (Soon after, he threatened to unleash his lawyers - something King David never thought to do.) Clinton has become America's patron sinner."

Bill McClellan St Louis Post Dispatch 9/28/98 "Let's imagine you're Dick Gephardt. Even when you were just an alderman in St. Louis, you always wanted to be president. Now you are one of a very select group - numbering, perhaps, no more than a dozen - who have a realistic chance of getting to the White House in 2000. You've spent the weekend in California, hobnobbing with the kind of people who can help get you there. You're a big deal in Washington and no slouch yourself on the national fund-raising circuit, but on this trip to California, you were strictly a member of the supporting cast. You were just another one of the dignitaries at a "Democratic Unity" dinner. The big draw was President Bill Clinton..Frankly, you're a little bit shellshocked. You remember what one of the Republicans said a few months ago: One more scandal, and the president's approval ratings will go over 100.. The thing you have to do is keep your distance from the president. He's tarnished goods. Let Gore carry his water. At least, that's what you thought. Now you don't know. The polls are unbelievable. Nobody you know can really explain it. Even the feminists have come out in favor of Clinton. Even though he lied under oath, it was only in a sexual harassment lawsuit. It makes no sense. Now you've seen the adoring crowds in California. It's like that everywhere, people tell you.."

9/28/98 Judicial Watch Press Release "On Monday, September 28, 1998, Judicial Watch will present its interim report to Congress, detailing substantial and credible evidence of impeachable offenses uncovered in its twenty lawsuits concerning the Clinton-Gore Administration. Specifically, the report deals with Clinton-Gore scandals commonly referred to as Filegate and Chinagate, and other matters, including the misuse of the Internal Revenue Service against perceived adversaries of the Administration. During the last week, officials of the Clinton-Gore Administration and their surrogates have boasted about how the Lewinsky scandal will not lead to the President's impeachment. As a result, they have tried to cut a deal with Congress. In fact, the Lewinsky scandal, however serious, is minor compared with the evidence of likely high crimes and misdemeanors which Judicial Watch has found in Filegate, Chinagate and related Clinton- Gore scandals. "After reading Judicial Watch's 145-page report, which is supported with over 2,000 pages of hard evidence, no longer will Clinton-Gore operatives be able to claim that the scandals only involve sex," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman."

9/28/98 Conclusion from Judicial Watch report to Judiciary Committee "In the last four years, Judicial Watch has uncovered substantial and credible evidence that warrants an impeachment inquiry concerning the activities of President Clinton and his agents. The serious breaches of personal privacy rights, witness intimidation, national security, and bribery, graft and obstruction of justice perpetrated by the Administration against the American people, cannot be addressed and rectified through censure, or even impeachment, however. To prevent this from ever happening again, Congress should not only vote articles of impeachment, and convict the President, it must require that criminal prosecutions follow any such removal from office. While Judicial Watch's cases and investigations are continuing, so too must the inquiries undertaken by, and in progress before, Congress. Now is the time for all concerned Senators and Representatives to put partisan politics aside, and move aggressively and seriously to clean up the rampant corruption which is destroying the very fabric of our democratic government. "

AP 9/28/98 Jim Abrams "Senior Judiciary Committee lawyers will visit Kenneth Starr's offices this week to review boxes of evidence the independent counsel has not forwarded to Congress, the panel's chairman said today. In addition to the evidence that Starr submitted earlier this month, he has 20 boxes of material gathered as part of his investigation of President Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky and alleged efforts to cover it up. Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde, R-Ill., said the bipartisan group of investigators will attempt ``to determine if there are any other documents ... relevant to the Lewinsky matter.'' ``I can't really predict what we'll do until we see what it is,'' Hyde told reporters.."

Wall Street Journal 9/28/98 C. Boyden Gray "It is easy to sense a degree of hopelessness descending upon the Capitol. Few in Congress have the appetite for months of impeachment debate, in part because removal is such a traumatic remedy. Yet despite the current talk of "compromise," it is difficult for many on Capital Hill to envision a workable, morally defensible alternative to the debilitating process of impeachment. The obstacles presented by most alternatives are twofold. First, as a legal matter, is the potential criminal exposure President Clinton faces for perjury and perhaps also for obstruction of justice. Accordingly, Mr. Clinton is unlikely to accept any deal without Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's advance agreement not to prosecute and without the promise of a presidential pardon or congressional immunity or amnesty. For this kind of protection to be possible, bipartisan congressional support would be essential--though difficult--to achieve. Second, is the bipartisan unease about giving the president a free pass for his conduct. Even if Mr. Starr might not be able to secure a conviction for perjury or obstruction, lawmakers are understandably reluctant to condone a seven-month spree of White House-assisted lying about workplace sexual encounters with a young subordinate. Presidential supporters argue that lying about private consensual sex is not an impeachable offense because everyone does it. But surely workplace sex-- especially when the White House is the workplace--doesn't constitute "private" conduct. The primacy of the rule of law is unsustainable the moment the definition of right and wrong is up for political grabs.."

AP 9/28/98 David Espo "A formal House impeachment investigation would not be limited to the independent counsel's evidence, Rep. Henry Hyde, the Republican overseeing the review, said Monday. Hyde strongly signaled he would vote next week in favor of opening such an inquiry. ``We're not restricted,'' Hyde declared at a news conference. ``We're the House Judiciary Committee, and we're trying to decide whether or not we should have an inquiry into whether there should be an impeachment.'' The committee will vote next week, a step that would lead to hearings and an open-ended, independent investigation by Congress into allegations of impeachable offenses by President Clinton.."

Freeper report of Ron Smith Show WBAL 9/28/98 "Ann Coulter was a telephone guest on the Ron Smith show today during his first hour (3-4pm). She was delightful to listen to; no doubt in her mind about grounds for impeachment in the Lewinsky case alone, never mind all the other evidence we are hoping will arrive from Starr and Klayman. However, Ms. Coulter said she thinks we are being set up again by all the predictions for a large Republican victory in November. As she wisely points out, if the Republicans do not register large gains, the Dems will say "See the Republicans failed to win a lot of seats; this shows the American people are against the impeachment process."."

9/29/98 LA Times Richard Serrano Marc Lacey "A week before the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on the matter, Chairman Henry Hyde for the first time announced Monday that he believes there is evidence to justify a formal investigation into the impeachment of President Clinton for committing perjury and attempting to hide his involvement with Monica Lewinsky. The Illinois Republican, who until now had been very careful not to tip his hand, revealed that he supports an impeachment inquiry even if all of the panel's 16 Democrats vote against it next week. ``I should think there is enough to warrant an inquiry,'' he said. Hyde also added, in a rather fdisparaging contrast, that a vote against moving forward could be seen as political cowardice."

Washington Post 9/29/98 Dan Balz "Thrown on the defensive for the first time since President Clinton acknowledged in August that he had misled the nation about his relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky, congressional Republicans sought Monday to refocus their political and public relations strategy for handling a likely inquiry that could lead to the president's impeachment. After a week in which the White House and congressional Democrats appeared to regain their footing, Republicans are second-guessing not only the decision to release the videotape of Clinton's grand jury testimony, but the pre-release suggestions by some of their colleagues who suggested it would be devastating to the president."

ABC "This Week" Transcription 9/27/98 ".SAM DONALDSON: Mr. Campbell, you're talking about the Starr report. There is intriguing part of that which talks about a woman, identified as Jane Doe number five, who apparently gave you, Paula Jones' lawyers, a deposition last January in which she denied in -- rather an affidavit, denied in her affidavit that there had been any sexual advance by Mr. Clinton way back in the late '70s. The Starr report says, in so many words, that she has now recanted that denial, that that affidavit that she gave you was false according to her. What can you tell us about this? DONOVAN CAMPBELL: Well, what we can tell you is, is that this is apparently one more example of a false and perjurious affidavit in testimony apparently sponsored by Mr. Clinton and foisted upon the federal court system. We intend to take action on that basis. We already have public pleadings filed to take the position that that affidavit and that testimony was false and we was intentionally coerced by Mr. Clinton or those in his camp. Now we have the Starr report in its appendix which confirmed that that affidavit was false and perjurious. And we're just wondering how much perjury and false evidence can the court system withstand before something is done.."

Court TV Freeper Report Prime Time Justice 9/28/98 "On Court TV's Prime Time Justice, Susan Carpenter McMillan said that the $1 million dollar settlement is off the table."

Drudge exclusive Tape #30 9/28/98 "The American public will soon hear Monica Lewinsky telling Linda Tripp how Vernon Jordan and President Clinton directly advised her to lie under oath! Lewinsky's stunning claims are said to be found on Audio Tape #30 in Starr's impeachment referral, according to congressional sources. Tape #30 is a face-to-face conversation between Ms. Tripp and Ms. Lewinsky, recorded under FBI auspices. The tape was made on January 13 at the RITZ-CARLTON in Virginia after Tripp was wired with a listening device attached to her inner-thigh. A female FBI agent put the wire on Tripp -- and took the wire off after the session, it has been learned. During the conversation, Tripp asked Lewinsky specific questions about the president's direct involvement in a cover-up. "I told her a whole bunch of lies that day," Lewinsky later testified to the grand jury. "I think I told her that -- you know, at various times the president and Mr. Jordan had told me to lie. That wasn't true." Tape #30 is being described by those who have heard it as one of the most damning pieces of evidence in the impeachment referral. "The tape gave me goosebumps," one investigator tells the DRUDGE REPORT. It is that tape that will likely be played in heavy rotation during any impeachment trial.."

Email Jonah Goldberg 9/28/98 Freeper report "This concerns a case that began back in 1991 when a psychiatrist had sexual relations with a patient who later sued. In 1992, she was sued by the patient and at a 1995 hearing, she lied to a judge. She was found guilty of obstruction of justice in April 1998 and was to be sentenced in Jul 1998. The point of all this, of course, is that it is a concrete, recent example of someone being charged, tried, found guilty and sentenced for lying in a federal case."

ABC "This Week" Transcription 9/27/98 ".SAM DONALDSON: Mr. Campbell, you're talking about the Starr report. There is intriguing part of that which talks about a woman, identified as Jane Doe number five, who apparently gave you, Paula Jones' lawyers, a deposition last January in which she denied in -- rather an affidavit, denied in her affidavit that there had been any sexual advance by Mr. Clinton way back in the late '70s. The Starr report says, in so many words, that she has now recanted that denial, that that affidavit that she gave you was false according to her. What can you tell us about this? DONOVAN CAMPBELL: Well, what we can tell you is, is that this is apparently one more example of a false and perjurious affidavit in testimony apparently sponsored by Mr. Clinton and foisted upon the federal court system. We intend to take action on that basis. We already have public pleadings filed to take the position that that affidavit and that testimony was false and we was intentionally coerced by Mr. Clinton or those in his camp. Now we have the Starr report in its appendix which confirmed that that affidavit was false and perjurious. And we're just wondering how much perjury and false evidence can the court system withstand before something is done.."

Court TV Freeper Report Prime Time Justice 9/28/98 "On Court TV's Prime Time Justice, Susan Carpenter McMillan said that the $1 million dollar settlement is off the table."

Drudge exclusive Tape #30 9/28/98 "The American public will soon hear Monica Lewinsky telling Linda Tripp how Vernon Jordan and President Clinton directly advised her to lie under oath! Lewinsky's stunning claims are said to be found on Audio Tape #30 in Starr's impeachment referral, according to congressional sources. Tape #30 is a face-to-face conversation between Ms. Tripp and Ms. Lewinsky, recorded under FBI auspices. The tape was made on January 13 at the RITZ-CARLTON in Virginia after Tripp was wired with a listening device attached to her inner-thigh. A female FBI agent put the wire on Tripp -- and took the wire off after the session, it has been learned. During the conversation, Tripp asked Lewinsky specific questions about the president's direct involvement in a cover-up. "I told her a whole bunch of lies that day," Lewinsky later testified to the grand jury. "I think I told her that -- you know, at various times the president and Mr. Jordan had told me to lie. That wasn't true." Tape #30 is being described by those who have heard it as one of the most damning pieces of evidence in the impeachment referral. "The tape gave me goosebumps," one investigator tells the DRUDGE REPORT. It is that tape that will likely be played in heavy rotation during any impeachment trial.."

Email Jonah Goldberg 9/28/98 Freeper report "This concerns a case that began back in 1991 when a psychiatrist had sexual relations with a patient who later sued. In 1992, she was sued by the patient and at a 1995 hearing, she lied to a judge. She was found guilty of obstruction of justice in April 1998 and was to be sentenced in Jul 1998. The point of all this, of course, is that it is a concrete, recent example of someone being charged, tried, found guilty and sentenced for lying in a federal case."

NY Post 9/29/98 Dick Morris "ANY trial lawyer will tell you that picking the right jury is a huge part of winning the case. When that jury is the United States Senate and the defendant is a president of the United States facing potential impeachment, the partisan composition of the jury is absolutely crucial. That's why Hillary Clinton has hit the campaign trial with such gusto on behalf of the candidates of her party..Hillary has her eye on another possible jury also - her own. Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr could go either way - indict Hillary or not. He probably has enough to pull the grand jury's trigger if he wants to, using the evidence he has gathered in his probe of the Castle Grande land deal. Hillary, you will recall, was the lawyer for Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association when it sought to evade the federal ceiling on S&L's real-estate holdings. Its trick: a phony sale of a parcel of property to Webb Hubbell's father-in-law. After the feds had looked away, Hubbell transferred the parcel to Madison. Federal regulators concluded that the transfer was a deliberate attempt to deceive them. And the Rose Law Firm billing records for the transaction mysteriously disappeared, then just as mysteriously re-appeared in the White House - with Hillary's fingerprints on the key page. If Hillary is found to have been a principal in the deal, she could be indicted. If she was just a lawyer, then the cup will likely pass from her lips..Privately, the Clintons always saw (Rev. Jesse) Jackson as a pain in the neck at best and a threat at worst. Now he's their new best friend. In any event, Bill Clinton is home free on the Lewinsky scandal. Voters simultaneously believe four things: He's doing a good job; he's guilty as hell of perjury and all the rest; he has a despicable character, and he should not be removed from office. While he's not going to win any more elections, he's survived Monica.."

Boston Herald 9/29/98 Margery Eagan ".Now Patricia Ireland and the National Organization for Women say only this president's politics matter. They're willing to overlook how, through Monica, he's managed to resurrect the virgin/whore dichotomy, the sexual double standard...Organized feminism is just so picky about the type of women it supports. Flashy Paula Jones, with her big hair and flourescent fingernails, never made the cut, either. But since she claimed to have recoiled at Clinton's advances, she won support from the religious right. Monica, a thong underwear flasher, had no chance with them.."

NY Post 9/29/98 Ray Kerrison "HILLARY Rodham Clinton, the co-president, is back with a bounce, jumping to the head of the pack again to help save her husband's neck. She did it in the Gennifer Flowers affair, through the Paula Jones unpleasantness and now she's doing it in the Monica Lewinsky mess.After weeks of bitter solitude, when she was forced to endure the appalling indignity of having her husband's lurid sexual escapades made public, Hillary has burst into the limelight with a five-state, fund- raising tour. She's suddenly high-profile, hip, bright, smiling, waving, ducking and weaving. It proves one thing: when it comes to brass, Hillary is as shameless as Bill. It is one thing for her to stand by her man. It is something else to go about the country, hailing him as some kind of national savior. That's sick."

Conservative News Service 9/29/98 Brent Baker "Nickelodeon managed to squeeze plenty of Clinton defending and liberal preaching into its half-hour "Nick News Special Edition: The Clinton Crisis" aired at 9pm ET Monday night..Boy Kid: "Perjury is when you lie under oath." Girl Kid: "Bill Clinton did do perjury.". Ellerbee wondered if it's hard to trust someone after they've lied. One kid demanded: "If he can lie, why can't we?" And another asserted that Clinton's a role model to kids so he should not lie. All this condemnation of Clinton was too much for Weingarten, who tried to dissuade the youths of their moral certainty of how lying is wrong by basically saying it's okay if it's in your "zone of privacy." Weingarten insisted: "I think one thing we can't lose sight of is that one of the principle things about this country that's special, is that we are everybody, including the President, has the right to privacy. I think the question here is whether or not anything Bill Clinton did within the zone of privacy affected his ability to lead this country.".."

Washington Times 9/29/98 Mary Akers "House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry J. Hyde said yesterday his panel has completed its review of the tens of thousands of pages of evidence against President Clinton and likely will vote next week to hold formal impeachment proceedings. "I should think there is enough to warrant an inquiry, but I've given up predicting how people vote around here," the Illinois Republican.The rest of the Starr material that the Judiciary Committee has approved for publication will be released Thursday. However, the vast majority of the evidence -- 80 percent to 90 percent -- will remain secret. Of the roughly 60,000 pages of documents that the panel reviewed last week, only 3,000 to 5,000 pages will be made public. The rest was deemed either too sexually explicit or unrelated to whether Mr. Clinton committed perjury when he lied about his affair with Miss Lewinsky and whether he otherwise obstructed justice.."

Washington Times 9/29/98 ".Consider the case of United States vs. Charles Sagg, Jr. Just last year, Sagg was facing charges for molesting his 10-year-old stepdaughter. The man had gone into his stepdaughter's room in the middle of the night; the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals describes what happened there: Sagg "took the sleeping child's hand, placed it around his penis . . . . The sleeping child remained asleep." Sagg did not contest this recounting of the facts; instead, he argued that he hadn't had any sexual contact with the girl, because the particular act in which he engaged did not fit the specific definition of "sexual contact" found in the criminal code. The definition of "sexual contact" at issue is in 18 U.S.C. section 2246(3), which states that contact occurs when the defendant engages in "the intentional touching, either directly or through the clothing, of the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or buttocks of any person with an intent to abuse, humiliate, harass, degrade, or arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person." Note that this definition is nearly identical to that used in the Paula Jones deposition, which stipulates that sex occurs when the defendant "knowingly engages in or causes contact (either directly or through the clothing) with the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or buttocks of any person with an intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person." Sagg tried to keep from going to jail by trying what might now be termed the Clinton Gambit. He claimed that he had not violated the statute because he had not touched any of the sexual parts of his stepdaughter's body. He had not touched her genitalia, you see; he had only touched her hand. As to the issue of "causing" contact with the genitalia of any person (that is, having caused the contact with his genitalia), Sagg argued that there was no "intentional touching" because the girl was asleep and thus could have no "intent." In other words, since Sagg was not doing the touching of any prohibited area (it was the sleeping stepdaughter whose hand was touching genitalia) he maintained that his conduct "though repulsive, was not prohibited by the statute." Prosecutors, as one might imagine, were unimpressed with this bit of sophistry. They responded that "the 'intentional' touching required by the statute referred to the defendant's mental state." That is, regardless of whose genitalia are touched, if the defendant intends that there is contact with genitalia and there is such contact, it is covered under the statute's definition of "sexual contact." The Clinton Gambit was too much for the Ninth Circuit -- a court not known for being unfriendly to novel, defendant-friendly interpretations of the law. The judges ruled with the government that the statute's definition of "sexual contact" did indeed cover the activity Sagg engaged in. The court cited the legislative record of the House of Representatives, which specifically states that touching is "intentional" if it is "the defendant's conscious objective." Sagg pleaded guilty to one count of Abusive Sexual Contact.."

Washington Post John Harris 9/29/98 "A loose coalition of unions and liberal activists is planning to raise several million dollars to be spent on television ads next month supporting President Clinton and accusing Republicans of pursuing personal scandal at the expense of other issues, according to sources familiar with the plans.."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/29/98 "The gloves are off and President Bill Clinton's attack dogs are out for blood. But many cash-started Democrats aren't happy about it. Clinton's supporters hope to raise up to $5 million for an election-season TV ad campaign that will attack Republicans' handling of impeachment proceedings. Although the White House is expected to claim they have nothing to do with the campaign, the effort fits a broad Clinton strategy to portray the GOP-led Congress as partisan and obsessed with the Monica Lewinsky investigation and Clinton confidant James Carville admits working with the group. The drive is raising eyebrows among Democratic operatives who are struggling to raise money for their candidates in Nov. 3 elections. These Democrats fear that party donors will be wrung dry for a campaign they suspect is designed to save the president, not the party's candidates.."

CAS List Carl Limbacher 9/29/98 "On Monday's night's Hannity & Colmes Fox News show, former Clinton advisor Dick Morris was asked about "Jane Doe #5", the woman in Ken Starr's report who told prosecutors that she gave a false affadavit to Paula Jones' lawyers last January. In that affadavit, she denied that Clinton had sexually assaulted her in the late 1970's. "Jane Doe #5" is known to be Juanita Broaddrick, who had told friends and associates in Arkansas that Bill Clinton brutally raped her in 1978. In the wake of her retracted denial, that allegation now stands. Dick Morris, responding to a question posed by Alan Colmes, said of the Juanita Broaddrick charge: "Rape trials are very problematic. It was date rape if it was anything. He didn't jump out of bushes with a knife. Look at Willie Kennedy Smith. The difficulty in proving that stuff is enormous - especially after 10 years." Now that the man responsible for Clinton's re-election has broached the subject of Juanita Broaddrick's alleged rape by Clinton - without denying the substance of the charge and even speculating on possible prosecution - perhaps the mainstream press will now feel compelled to cover the story.

WorldNetDaily 9/29/98 Nancy Phillips ".. Specifically, Judicial Watch sees "a pattern of conduct by this president and his agents that indicates he has run, in effect, a criminal enterprise from the White House to obtain and maintain hold on the Office of the President of the United States. Indeed, he is likely in violation of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)..This pervasive corruption, flowing from the Oval Office, is the common thread throughout the various "high crimes and misdemeanors" outlined in this interim report." ..The report was accepted yesterday by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde, who said he would read it and consider the evidence in his impeachment inquiry. It may only be a small consolation to Congress that none of the evidence in this report is even remotely connected to Monica Lewinsky or back-alley sex in the Oval Office. No, the crimes committed in the cover-up of the Lewinsky affair, Judicial Watch asserts, only demonstrate Clinton's capacity to commit "high crimes and misdemeanors." The "high crimes and misdemeanors" alleged in this report are of the first magnitude -- felonies that cut through the heart of the presidential oath to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States" and to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." .

9/29/98 Daivd Horowitz SALON "Salon's decision to expose Henry Hyde has put the nation's political crisis in a whole new light for me. Outside of Henry Hyde himself, and those close enough to be considered family, I doubt that anyone felt the impact of Salon's decision to disclose his 30-year-old affair with a married woman as viscerally as I did. I know Henry Hyde and, like many others on both sides of the political aisle, admire him as one of the most gracious men and thoughtful politicians in Washington. Like them, I think of Hyde as a leader of exceptional integrity (this regretted episode from his past notwithstanding) and, like them, I looked to him to provide the kind of bipartisan statesmanship that might have helped to guide the nation out of the morass in which it finds itself. I felt the article was unfair and mean-spirited, a gratuitous invasion of privacy, inflicting pain on a man who didn't deserve it and causing damage to the already tattered fabric of the nation's political life. Even more problematic, as a columnist for Salon, I was personally implicated by the article (even though, as a contract writer, I was not involved in any of the decisions that led to its publication). If I had any thought that I could avoid involvement, I had only to look at my mail from political supporters urging me to leave Salon and to dissociate myself from its callous act. To compound my dilemma, the author of the offending piece -- and one of the authors of the editorial defending its publication -- was a man I have known for 20 years and consider a friend, despite our political differences. The David Talbot I know is not a thoughtless and unscrupulous tool of the Clinton attack squad, as partisans of the right have suggested. On the contrary, David Talbot is a generous human being and a man of exceptional integrity. Indeed, it is these very virtues that created the dilemma confronting me, since it was David who was responsible for my opportunity at Salon. ."

Washington News Blulletin's Frontrunner 9/29/98 "..The NYT (9/29, A1, Mitchell) reported "some congressional Democrats expressed concern that Clinton allies were becoming too strident and treating the impeachment process like another campaign." Said Democratic Judiciary member Barney Frank: "I think Carville overdoes it. It would be wrong for any Democrat to forget that the President's mistakes are part of the problem." . Gephardt Complains About Carville's Demeanor. The W. Post (9/29, A1, Harris) reported House Minority Leader Richard A. Gephardt "is...irked at White House officials for what he believes was their approval of a bellicose public defense of Clinton Sunday by strategist James Carville." Aides to Gephardt " complained to the White House," about Carville's Sunday performance, and Gephardt "believes that Carville's partisanship is at odds with the more judicious tone he believes his party should be setting."..Insight (10/19, Maier) reports, "Justice sources tell Insight the independent counsel is looking at charging the First Lady with fraud, theft and perjury in connection with the mysterious discovery of billing records linking her to her work on the Castle Grande project -- a 1989 Arkansas real-estate venture that in the end was a 'sham' project that cost taxpayers an estimated $4 million." Insight quotes a Justice Department source as saying, "He could indict her right now. The only reason Starr brought her back twice to the grand jury is because she didn't tell the truth the first time around." ."

USA Journal 9/29/98 Jon Dougherty "Finally, a serious legal evaluation of the Clinton administration has been completed and released. Not surprisingly it didn't come from some bumbling and partisan congressional committee, it didn't come from Kenneth Starr, and it didn't come from some tabloid news journal. Instead, Americans can and should congratulate Judicial Watch's executive director Larry Klayman for his organization's single-handed compilation of the most compelling evidence to date against the Clinton administration - evidence which, if taken seriously by Congress, should seal Clinton's fate..But perhaps when more people have read Klayman's report, they will see that these scandals - Filegate, Travelgate, and Chinagate, for example - are much deeper and reach much higher than most people imagine. In that vein, lawmakers - even those appearing in the stolen FBI files commandeered by the White House and chronicled in Klayman's report - may be left with little choice but to impeach. Voters may accept no less and that is the way it ought to be.If most of the electorate, however, sees this report or hears of its contents, it's likely it won't matter to them how their elected representatives react. Americans are going to be furious at Clinton for so blatantly and so regularly abusing their trust and, quite possibly, for putting our very security in danger."

Conservative News Service 9/29/98 Ben Anderson "... But today's report did not come from Independent Counsel Ken Starr, instead it was sent from the independent group, Judicial Watch..Judicial Watch sent copies of the report to the House leadership including Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA), House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) and House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX). The Judicial Watch report to Congress is not covered under a specific law. Spokesman Dan Michaelis told CNS he knows of no precedent for such a report, but that Judicial Watch felt it was necessary for the Congress and the public to know what it knows. .House Judiciary Committee Spokesperson Michelle Morgan told CNS, Rep. Hyde (R-IL) would reserve any judgement on the Judicial Watch report.."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 9/29/98 Pat Griffith "Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group that has some 20 lawsuits outstanding against the Clinton administration, yesterday presented the House Judiciary Committee with its own "interim report" aimed at prodding lawmakers to go well beyond the Clinton- Lewinsky affair in considering possible impeachment charges against the president..Although many of the charges have been aired at congressional hearings without finding evidence of presidential wrong-doing, Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch chairman and general counsel, said his assorted investigations have gone further to uncover what the report called "crimes and other offenses" by Clinton "warranting his impeachment and removal from elected office." The report urged the House to consider the "additional evidence" he has developed, much of it stemming from the improper collection of some 900 FBI files of former Republican officials and lower-level employees early in the Clinton presidency and numerous charges related to campaign fund-raising in 1996. It claimed to show that Clinton "condoned, directed and effected" lawbreaking with help from first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, the late Commerce Department Secretary Ron Brown, Attorney General Janet Reno and top White House aides... "

Washington Times Jerry Seper 9/28-10/4 "President Clinton would still face indictment in the Monica Lewinsky grand jury investigation even if Congress backs away from impeachment hearings before the House Judiciary Committee, lawyers and others close to Kenneth W. Starr's ongoing grand jury investigation said yesterday. The independent counsel's office has targeted Mr. Clinton on as many as 15 felony counts of perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering in an attempt to cover up a sexual relationship with Miss Lewinsky, a former White House intern. "An indictment of the president has never been ruled out," said one source, a lawyer familiar with both the Starr inquiry and efforts by congressional investigators to uncover the facts of the Clinton-Lewinsky relationship.."

Washington Weekly 9/28/98 "Privacy Act Violations During the taped grand jury "appearance" of President Clinton, aired on TV last Monday, he was asked why he had not produced letters written to him by Kathleen Willey under the subpoena he had received from lawyers for Paula Jones. The letters, Clinton explained, had been in official White House files and not in his private files which he considered covered by the Jones subpoena. By his testimony, Clinton may have avoided another obstruction of justice charge, but he admitted, unwittingly, to a criminal violation of the Privacy Act. The letters were released, with his knowledge, to friendly reporters in an attempt to smear Willey as a witness in the Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit. The Privacy Act prohibits release of materials from government files on a subject without his or her permission. This violation of the Privacy Act fits a pattern currently under investigation by Judicial Watch that includes the release of Linda Tripp's employment forms and the illegal requisition of FBI files on Republicans. "It is clear that there is a pattern of Privacy Act violations in the White House that goes beyond FBI files. This is why it is so ironic that the President is so concerned about his own privacy, but not the privacy of American citizens," says Larry Klayman."

AP David Espo 9/29/98 "House Republicans are weighing a plan to give the Judiciary Committee virtually the same open-ended authority for President Clinton that the panel had during its impeachment investigation of Richard Nixon a quarter-century ago, GOP sources said Tuesday. The disclosure came as Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott cautioned that recent sharp Democratic criticism of GOP handling of the impeachment review ``undercuts everything'' - including the possibility of an eventual plea-bargain that would punish the president but fall short of impeachment..But several officials said the approach used in 1974 is being viewed as a model. They added that strong consideration was being given to using the same text that was passed during Watergate, replacing the name ``Richard M. Nixon,'' with ``William J. Clinton.'' The previous panel received authority to ``investigate fully and completely whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its constitutional power to impeach'' the president. Presenting such a proposal for consideration would enable Republicans to expand their inquiry well beyond Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's evidence concerning Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. It would open the door, for example, into other areas such as alleged fund-raising violations during the president's 1996 re-election campaign. At the same time, it would pose a dilemma to Democrats who are arguing the inquiry should be limited to Starr's evidence, yet are insisting the House follow a set of standards that guided the committee in 1974 under the chairmanship of Rep. Peter Rodino, D-N.J. The idea of an expanded investigation has hovered over the committee since Starr submitted a report that dealt only with his Lewinsky inquiry. Several committee members are eager to know whether Starr's far-flung investigation into Whitewater, a controversy over FBI files and other issues might include additional evidence of impeachable offenses.."

9/29/98 AP Laurie Kellman "``Bad conduct'' that brings the presidency into disrepute is enough for impeachment, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said today. But he refused to say whether President Clinton's affair with a former intern meets that standard. ``I don't want to pass judgment on that or answer that question,'' Lott replied, saying the decision would depend on additional facts. But, he allowed, ``It may be.'' The Senate Republican leader said that perjury and obstruction of justice -- two of the principal allegations against Clinton by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr -- would be grounds for impeachment. ``I think bad conduct is enough, frankly, for impeachment,'' said Lott. ``If you have brought disrepute on the office, that is sufficient.''."

AP 9/29/98 "President Clinton's supporters abandoned plans to raise money for an anti- Republican TV ad campaign as a long-running feud between the White House and congressional Democrats spilled into the open Tuesday. White House chief of staff Erskine Bowles met with Democratic congressional leaders late Tuesday, hoping to end a bitter exchange that threatened party unity just five weeks before the Nov. 3 midterm elections. Congressional Democrats suspected that the $3 million to $5 million ad plan was designed to help Clinton survive impeachment proceedings, instead of aiding cash-strapped Democrats running for election.."

NY Times 9/30/98 "The decisions by the House Judiciary Committee chairman, Henry Hyde, to insure greater fairness and openness in the examination of evidence in the Monica Lewinsky affair are sound on the merits. But they have a larger importance as encouraging signs that the debate over President Clinton's future can be kept moving toward some reasonably prompt resolution..This page advocates a negotiated settlement that would allow Mr. Clinton to remain in office in exchange for a censure based on his admission of lying under oath. We believe Mr. Hyde's handling of the Judiciary Committee opens the way for gradual progress in that direction. . But Mr. Clinton's gains in the past week should not induce him, his wife and their surrogates to adopt a war strategy or to count on Mr. Starr's unpopularity as a life preserver. Another wave of documents is coming on Friday. There may be more disclosures down the road. Come Oct. 9, many House Democrats are planning to vote for the full impeachment inquiry. Any White House plan to prolong matters or step up the sniping is self-destructive. Now that they have had a chance to contemplate the seediness of Mr. Clinton's behavior, most Americans do not agree with Senator Trent Lott that just "bad conduct is enough, frankly, for impeachment." But that could change, very quickly."

Weekly Standard Eric Felten 9/28/98 "PRESIDENT CLINTON'S "REBUTTAL" to the Starr report denies there are grounds for impeachment because the report fails to provide unambiguous evidence of perjury. Any members of the House inclined to take the word of David Kendall and Charles Ruff, the lawyers who penned the rebuttal, will want first to consult one of their colleagues, Rep. Alcee Hastings. The Florida Democrat is Congress's resident expert on impeachment, and his expertise is hard-won: Hastings is the only congressman who has himself been impeached... Hastings, then a federal judge, was impeached 426-3 by the House in August 1988 for taking bribes from the bench and committing perjury.What with the Constitution's protection against double jeopardy, Hastings had every reason to believe that his acquittal had ended the matter. It hadn't. Several years later, a panel of federal judges complained to Congress that Hastings had lied at his trial and manufactured phony evidence to exculpate himself. Under the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act, the judges asked the House to impeach Hastings. It did, and that's how judge Alcee Hastings ended up before a Senate impeachment committee in the summer of 1989, being tried on the very charges of which a jury had already acquitted him..The Hastings precedent does not bode well for Clinton. Alcee Hastings maintained his innocence at a criminal trial and was acquitted. But because the Senate suspected he had been guilty, it decided his protestations of innocence under oath had to be perjury. Such a standard for proving perjury is one the president cannot possibly survive. Clinton makes much of the fact that his current agonies stem from a civil case -- Fones v. Clinton -- that has been dismissed; but Hastings had a much stronger claim: The underlying criminal case against him had been disposed of when the jury had found him not guilty. Hastings was never caught in a demonstrable lie; Clinton's sworn lies, by contrast, have been extensively catalogued. .. Soon (Walter) Nixon's case was before the Supreme Court -- and it's here that things start to get really ugly for Clinton. The Nixon case gave the justices an opportunity to rule on this fundamental constitutional question.: The justices ruled 7-2 that the Senate's "sole power of trying impeachment" means the courts cannot interfere. Nixon's conviction stood. And so too the impeachment and conviction of Alcee Hastings. That is why, once the Starr report was delivered to Congress, the president's lawyers lost any right to challenge its findings in court. It is Congress, not the courts, that determines the admissibility of evidence for impeachment; it is Congress, not the courts, that determines whether the evidence is strong enough to prove perjury. And no doubt the Office of Independent Counsel had the Hastings and Nixon cases in mind when preparing its report to Congress. No doubt, because the solicitor general who convinced the high court not to meddle in impeachment was none other than Kenneth Starr. "

Weekly Standard 9/28/98 David Frum "..What the Clinton team most wants to go unnoticed are the parallels between the Clinton scandals of the 1990s and the Nixon scandals of the 1970s. But that parallelism is so glaring that Clinton defenders can no longer avoid acknowledging it, if only for the purpose of denying it.What was Watergate about? At bottom, it was an attempt by a president to conceal his wrongdoing by corrupting the institutions of government. And what is the Lewinsky affair about? The very same thing.. In both cases, the president suborned perjury: Nixon from the Watergate burglars, Clinton from Monica Lewinsky. In both cases, the president eventually found himself blackmailed by those he had suborned: James McCord and the Watergate burglars wanted cash; Monica demanded a fancy job in New York (not as somebody's administrative assistant). In both cases, the president tampered with witnesses. Nixon tried to coax John Dean into lying; Clinton coached Betty Currie. Even more striking, in both cases, perjury often manifested itself in the form of too-convenient amnesia. Chapin's defense, like Clinton's today, was that he provided the grand jury with legally accurate answers to ambiguous questions. In the Lewinsky scandal as in Watergate, the president's subordinates illegally leaked private information about perceived enemies. It was for having Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatric records stolen and then disseminated that Charles Colson went to prison; we are still waiting to see what will happen to the Clinton Defense Department officials who leaked to the New Yorker information from Linda Tripp's confidential Pentagon personnel records. Then as now, the president baffled his subordinates by stonewalling when it seemed that a swift confession and apology might still have saved him... Then as now, the president and his men insisted that their troubles had nothing to do with their own actions and were entirely the work of malicious, out-of-control prosecutors...Perhaps the most important political question posed by Watergate was this: For whom do the security forces of the United States work? Are they the president's henchmen, obliged to obey his every command on the theory (as Nixon memorably phrased it) that "When the president does it, that means it is not illegal"? Or do they owe their loyalty to the law and the Constitution? Watergate affirmed that it was the second course that is the correct answer, but President Clinton and his party apparently require a reminder. Perhaps his party needs it even more than he does. Ever since Watergate, the Democrats have basked in unprecedented moral self-regard.The appetites that led Clinton into perjury and obstruction are so ludicrous and so pathetic that it is hard for Americans to see the perjury and obstruction as criminal. But crimes are crimes, whether the person responsible for them is in the end a sinister figure or a sad one."

Chicago Tribune 9/30/98 Laurie Kellman ".Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris testified that presidential allies had mounted a ``secret police operation to go around and intimidate women'' who may have been involved with the president. But in an interview Tuesday, Morris said his testimony was based on no firsthand information and was a supposition based on his reading of affidavits and published accounts. ``I had no personal knowledge of the operation,'' Morris said.."

Chicago Tribune 9/30/98 Laurie Kellman ".Mrs. Tripp's taped telephone conversations with Ms. Lewinsky depict a mentoring relationship that changed once Mrs. Tripp was secretly wearing an FBI recording device. At one point on a recording, Ms. Lewinsky says, ``I wouldn't cross these people for fear of my life.''.

Chicago Tribune 9/30/98 Laurie Kellman ".White House adviser Sidney Blumenthal says he raised a question about Ms. Lewinsky with Hillary Rodham Clinton and was told not to worry, that the president was ``ministering to a troubled young person.''.

Chicago Tribune 9/30/98 Laurie Kellman ".Clinton's personal secretary, Betty Currie, by her third appearance before the grand jury, was taking notes in the grand jury room and was reminded that those notes could be subpoenaed..."

CNN Transcripts 9/29/98 "...BARR: On Monday, or perhaps Tuesday, Greta, what we'll be voting on in the Judiciary Committee is whether or not to recommend to the full House that we begin a formal inquiry of impeachment, which is not articles of impeachment. It simply tees up the issue and requires a vote by the House to authorize the Judiciary Committee, based on the evidence that we have thus far before us, to launch a formal inquiry which then could resul t in articles of impeachment. This was a similar step to that taken against President Nixon early in 1974 that eventually resulted in articles of impeachment being passed against him by the House Judiciary Committee....VAN SUSTEREN: Congressman Barr, is H illary -- will Hillary Rodham Clinton come out a hero?...BARR: She may come out of here with an indictment when all is said and done....How about valiantly having those records mysteriously reappear in the White House with her fingerprints on them? Is tha t valiant?... "

Freeper Jack Thompson 9/30/98 "I have corroboration of the Clinton Secret Police testimony."

Above followed by Freeper OnAMission 9/30/98 ".On May 12, 1994, The Wall Street Journal reported a story that fully corroborates Dick Morris's assertion to the Starr grand jury that Clinton's "Secret Police" were silencing women who had sex with Clinton. It is this: My best friend at Vanderbilt Law, Sam Jones, who is now partner to Bruce Lindsey, told me and others in 1992 that it was his job to "track down women Clinton was reported to have had sex with and do whatever it takes to silence them." Paula Jones's attorneys asked me for my affidavit in this regard, and I am listed as a trial witness in the Jones v. Clinton case. Dick Morris has got this story dead-cold-straight. This is big trouble for the Boy Pervert.."

AP Laurie Kellman 9/30/98 "The senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee today welcomed a Republican proposal to use Watergate-style rules to govern an impeachment inquiry of President Clinton but said he wanted limits on the subjects that will be considered.. The White House said today that Republicans were making an ``utterly ridiculous'' attempt to model the impeachment proceedings after the House investigation of Richard Nixon a quarter-century ago. ``The notion that there is any parallel is laughable,'' presidential spokesman Mike McCurry said. ..The 1974 minority report said the framers of the Constitution ``intended that the president should be removable by the legislative branch only for serious misconduct dangerous to the system of government ... .'' ."

AP 9/30/98 "Many American parents treat the Monica Lewinsky case as a chance to talk with children about morals and values and find it is leading to more family discussions of politics in general, says a poll released Wednesday. But parents polled by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press said almost half of teen-agers are losing respect for politicians because of President Clinton's troubles in the Lewinsky affair..Almost half of parents with younger children, ages 8 to 10, have not discussed the Clinton controversy with them and when such conversations occur, they are initiated by the children 70 percent of the time, the poll said.."

AP 9/30/98 "Paula Jones' lawyers have filed a final brief asking an appeals court to reinstate her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton. Their brief, a reply to arguments from Clinton's attorneys, should arrive by mail today at the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis, Mrs. Jones' lawyers said..."

PR Newswire 9/30/98 "Just days after Judicial Watch presented its 145 page interim report on Clinton "high crimes and misdemeanors" to the House Judiciary Committee -- detailing widespread violations of law in Chinagate, Filegate, IRS-Gate, and related matters -- Chairman Henry Hyde has announced that the impeachment inquiry will not be limited to "Monicagate." "Judicial Watch takes pride and is heartened that Chairman Hyde and the Republican Party are now listening to it. An impeachment inquiry cannot, as Democrats would like, be just limited to perjury and obstruction of justice over sex. Indeed, a review of the Judicial Watch interim report, which can be found on the Web at, will show perjury and obstruction in nearly every Clinton scandal. "There is nothing special to the Lewinsky scandal," stated Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Chairman. "The wholesale bribery and possible treason detailed in Judicial Watch's interim report -- coupled with the egregious violation of the privacy rights of Americans -- cries out for a full impeachment inquiry. Now that Chairman Hyde has acknowledged this will occur, Judicial Watch stands ready to assist in any way it can. In addition, Judicial Watch will continue to aggressively pursue its cases and investigations, so that justice can also be done in the courts," concluded Klayman. "

Fox News AP Deb Riechmann 9/30/98 "In 1974, Hillary Rodham, a 26-year-old lawyer fresh from Yale, researched impeachment and pored over the Constitution to see if there were grounds to force Richard Nixon from office. Today, as first lady, she's defending her husband from the very presidential impeachment procedures she helped to craft. Mrs. Clinton was one of 43 lawyers on the House Judiciary Committee's special impeachment inquiry staff. Boyfriend Bill Clinton, her schoolmate at Yale, turned down a chance to join the team and headed home to Arkansas to run for Congress. One of Mrs. Clinton's first assignments: researching American impeachment cases. There had been only one presidential impeachment - Andrew Johnson in 1868 - so most of her research, outlined in an unsigned chapter of an early staff report, involved the impeachment of judges. In a reflection of the murky, legal questions being explored in Congress today, the report cautioned that past impeachments did not "fit neatly and logically into categories.'' Impeachments fall into three broad areas of conduct, the report concluded: "1) Exceeding the constitutional bounds of the powers of the office ... 2) Behaving in a manner grossly incompatible with the proper function and purpose of the office; and 3) Employing the power of the office for an improper purpose, or for personal gain.'' The report stressed that the House had placed less emphasis on criminal conduct than on instances in which an official "violated his duties or his oath or seriously undermined public confidence in his ability to perform his official functions.'' ."

9/30/98 "People For the American Way today began filming a television commercial aimed at urging Americans to vote on Nov. 3 and urging Congress to move on to address the real issues facing the people. "The American people have been trying to send a message to Washington but some leaders aren't listening," said PFAW President Carole Shields. "Congress needs to tend to the people's business, not the parties' business. We're airing this commercial to make sure that message gets through. The American people want to move on." Shields said PFAW hopes to have the ad on the air by the middle of next week. The ad is being produced by Greer, Margolis, Mitchell, Burns & Associates. .."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/30/98 Ben Anderson "Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman hand delivered his 145 page report on his investigation into impeachable acts by President Clinton to Congress on Monday.. The scandals contained in the report are not limited to official appointees, but also include political operative James Carville and a number of reporters for Washington media establishments... Many Democrats have criticized the Starr investigation as saying it focuses on the president's private life instead of criminal acts. Klayman believes his report will further show the president and members of his staff did indeed break the law.Judicial Watch says it has "uncovered evidence that President Clinton personally participated in this operation by threatening "to destroy," and then defaming one witness, Dolly Kyle Browning, if she dared to tell the truth about their 30-year friendship and sexual relationship." In the "IRS-GATE," section, Judicial Watch outlines the chronology of actions by former IRS Commissioner Margaret Milner Richardson, agent Thomas Cederquist and several unnamed IRS officials who allegedly violated the free speech rights of Clinton's "political adversaries." The report alleges that a political enemy of the Clinton's came too close in its own investigation of the death of former White House Counsel Vince Foster and soon became the target of an IRS audit...In its quest to reveal to the public such activities, Judicial Watch asserts it filed a number of Freedom of Information Act requests only to encounter stonewalling and intimidation by the Clinton Administration. "In addition, Judicial Watch's attempts to uncover the truth were obstructed through perjury, obstruction of justice, intimidation and retaliation that has marred other recent investigation of Clinton scandals, including the Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky matters Judicial Watch completes its report with an aspect of the Clintons which has received little, if any, public attention. Outlining allegations in the formation of The Presidential Legal Expense Trust, Judicial Watch alleges the trust was "an illegal scheme, unlawfully soliciting and/or receiving something of value for the President, which violated the anti- bribery laws of the United States."."

Freeper summary of MSNBC 9/30/98 states that "John Gibson, Newschat on MSNBC, just announced that the WH has asked all (Democrats) to sign a petition stating they will NOT vote for iimpeachment."

Rachel Von Dongen 9/30/98 "President Clinton has consistently proved to be a financial boon for Democratic Congressional candidates, but some Republicans are now calling on their rivals to reject money Clinton helps bring in, arguing that they could soon be sitting in judgment of the fundraiser-in-chief.."Since when does a likely defendant give money to jurors? It is ridiculous to even ask the question," Ashcroft said. "The answer is never." "Obviously, the President and first lady have the opportunity to gain more than the mere political goodwill of people who will vote on impeachment," the Senator added. But Democrats call the conflict of interest argument nothing short of ridiculous..In another bizarre twist on the presidential scandal, Bill Cook, a Democratic college professor who is the underdog for retiring Rep. Bill Paxon's (R-N.Y.) seat, is returning a $500 campaign donation he received from the President's attorney, David Kendall, and at the same time is apparently endorsing the GOP argument. Kendall and Cook went to college together, but Cook issued a release last week saying he thinks it would be wrong to take Kendall's money. "I must return his contribution to my campaign because if I am elected to Congress, I may have to vote on the articles of impeachment against President Clinton," Cook wrote.."

9/30/98 AP GOP Impeachment Resolution ".Section 2. (a) For the purpose of making such investigation, the committee is authorized to require: (1) by subpoena or otherwise -- (A) the attendance and testimony of any person (including at a taking of a deposition by counsel for the committee); and (B) the production of such things; and (2) by interrogatory, the furnishing of such information; as it deems necessary to such investigation. Section 2. (b) Such authority of the committee may be exercised: (1) by the chairman and the ranking minority member acting jointly, or, if either declines to act, by the other acting alone, except that in the event either so declines, either shall have the right to refer to the committee for decision the question whether such authority shall be so exercised and the committee shall be convened promptly to render that decision; or (2) by the committee acting as a whole or by subcommittee.."

AP 9/30/98 Pete Yost "House Republicans unveiled broad, Watergate-style plans for impeachment proceedings against President Clinton on Wednesday, pushing aside Democratic demands to limit the scope of the investigation.. It also would afford Clinton's lawyers the right to cross-examine witnesses, attend all meetings and object to evidence. The proposed resolution makes no effort to limit the scope of the inquiry to the Monica Lewinsky affair -- a demand Democrats renewed on Wednesday. The committee's top Democrat, Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, decried any open-ended inquiry as ``preposterous.''.The resolution's language, ``in pertinent part, follows the Watergate resolution word for word,'' Hyde, R-Ill., wrote. ``Specifically, the resolved clause and the subpoena and deposition language are exactly the same.'' ."

AP 9/30/98 "Rights President Clinton would have in a House impeachment inquiry as laid out by Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee: --The president and his counsel shall be invited to attend all executive session and open committee hearings. --The president's counsel may cross- examine witnesses. --The president's counsel may make objections regarding the pertinency of evidence. --The president's counsel shall be invited to suggest that the committee receive additional evidence. --The president or the president's counsel shall be invited to respond to the evidence adduced by the committee."

Larry Klayman on MSNBC 9/30/98 Notes from Freeper "Elizabeth Ward Gracen "physically scared" Willey jogging incident brought up. Browning threats.. Gerry Spence talking about people connected to kennedy who were killed. Says every little cooincidence is supposed to be Clinton's fault Host says "we are not making this up-this is secret police and real witness comments".

PBS: The News Hour 9/30/98 Freeper report Orlando Patterson "On tonight's NewsHour, a Professor from Harvard University explained why Bill Clinton (whom he described as being an African American at heart) had every right to lie under oath about sex..According to Prof. Patterson, Clinton's 'right' to privacy "trumps" his obligation to tell the truth under oath!."

CNN 9/30/98 AllPolitics "As the House Judiciary Committee prepares to release thousands of additional pages of material about the sex-and-perjury investigation of President Bill Clinton, Democrats on the panel are working on an alternative to Republican plans for impeachment hearings..Some lawmakers have suggested a "censure-plus" could include a fine or a requirement that Clinton pay the costs of Independent Counsel Ken Starr's inquiry since January. Referring to poll numbers that show a majority of Americans do not want Clinton impeached, Conyers said, "Now is there anyone in the land that doesn't know that the American people want us to move on, that they've had enough? And so we're trying to find a proportional resolution to this problem that will comport to what I think is the mood of the nation and will still do justice to the legislative process that deals with the question before us." In addition to their own censure motion, Democratic sources tell CNN the Democrats want to set a time limit on the investigation and a limit on the subjects the committee will investigate.."

9/39/98 CNN AllPolitics ".With spin important to the future of any possible impeachment inquiry, Clinton Administration officials are eager to keep Democrats on the side of the president. Top White House aides are working quickly to try to quiet the latest wave of anger from congressional Democrats by assuring them that plans have been dropped to ask Clinton allies to fund a multi-million dollar ad campaign designed to boost the president's standing.."

Capitol Hill Blue 10/6/98 Doug Thompson "David Schippers, the lead counsel for Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, got personal when he closed out his presentation on the need for Bill Clinton's impeachment Monday.``And now, I would like, if I may, to make a brief personal statement," Shippers said. "I am speaking no longer as a chief investigative counsel, but rather as a citizen of the United States who happens to be a father and a grandfather. To paraphrase St. Thomas More in Robert Bolt's excellent play, A Man for All Seasons, the laws of this country are the great barriers that protect the citizens from the winds of evil and tyranny. If we permit one of those laws to fall, who will be able to stand in the winds that follow? ``Members of the committee, you're not being watched only by the individuals in this room or even by the immense television audience throughout the world," he added. "Fifteen generations of Americans, our fellow Americans, many of whom are reposing in military cemeteries throughout the world, are looking down on and judging what you do today."..What makes Schippers' remarks all the more extraordinary is the fact that he is not now, nor has he ever been, part of the great "right-wing" conspiracy that Clinton and his left wingnuts claim are trying to bring him down. Schippers is, in fact, a lifelong Democrat who admits voting for Clinton in both 1992 and 1996. Yet his disgust over the slime of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was obvious, and justified, during his closing remarks Perhaps, as the Democratic loyalists claim, Bill Clinton should not be impeached because he allowed a young White House intern to service his perverted sexual desires. And perhaps he shouldn't be impeached because he cheated on his wife and tried to hide it. But he should be impeached because the men and women who died defending this country deserve better than a lying, cowardly draft dodger named William Jefferson Clinton."

Freeper report from Fox News 10/6/98 ".As best as I could gather Conyers was saying that since the president asked for forgiveness and Conyers forgave him ,-then the president should forgive the Iraqi people and ease the sanctions against Iraq. I don't get the logic. He also said he was prepared to go to the first Lady for it "We go to her for everything else".."

Wall Street Journal 10/6/98 John Fund " THE CLINTON SCANDAL IS ABOUT MORE THAN the stale "it's about sex" vs. "it's about perjury" debate. National-security experts say there's another element: sexual behavior by the commander-in-chief so reckless as to subject him to the risk of international blackmail. It's an open question if the President-who, unlike other officials, doesn't get an FBI background check-could get a security clearance in his own administration. From agreeing to talk with the insecure Monica Lewinsky on short notice to extensive job searches, President Clinton did a great deal to keep her quiet, even though he told the grand jury that he fully expected her to share secrets with others. She ended up discussing the matter with eleven people. One of those was Linda Tripp, who recorded their talks. But what if Ms. Tripp had taken those tapes to Chinese or Iranian diplomats instead of Kenneth Starr? In fact, Mr. Clinton realized the security risk their relationship represented. The Starr report reveals that Mr. Clinton told Ms. Lewinsky that "he suspected that a foreign embassy was tapping his telephones, and he proposed cover stories" if they were ever questioned about their relationship. The President and Ms. Lewinsky had "phone sex" 10 to 15 times, so Mr. Clinton told Ms. Lewinsky that, if asked, she should say "they knew their calls were being monitored all along, and the phone sex was just a put-on." This laughable "explanation" wouldn't have helped much if a hostile regime had intercepted the explicit calls."

Chicago Sun-Times 10/6/98 Michael Sneed "Sneed hears rumbles that special prosecutor Ken Starr has his eye on indicting at least four current and former White House staffers..Harold Ickes, Sidney Blumenthal, Bernie Nussbaum and Bruce Lindsay. perjury and obstruction of justice charges stemming from the Paula Jones case ... and witness tampering.."

Detroit News 10/5/98 Tony Snow "By the time Congress completes its inquiry into Bill Clinton's impeachability, you're likely to hear a lot about Billy Ray Dale. Dale ran the White House Travel Office for eight years - until May 20, 1993. On that fateful day, he and his staff were herded into a room, fired and given an hour to clear out. Dale says the White House "was a family" when he arrived in 1961. (He was once even Caroline Kennedy's Santa.) More than 31 years later, he was stuffed in a seatless van and hauled away. Dale didn't know it, but he was about to become a poster boy for the abuse of presidential power. Hours after the putsch, then-White House lawyer William Kennedy III demanded that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) mount a criminal inquiry, claiming he was acting on "the highest authority" . The nightmare lasted 30 months - and a jury threw out the case in just 20 minutes Richard Nixon: He asked the IRS to go after political enemies. The agency refused and audited him instead. Clinton: The IRS not only went after Dale. It also audited Paula Jones and more than a dozen prominent conservative organizations. Nixon: He asked the FBI to snoop on some of his enemies. It refused. Clinton: The FBI went after Dale - and turned his file over to the White House months after Dale's ouster.."

Manchester Union Leader 10/6/98 Linda Bowles "FOR PERSPECTIVE, LET'S take a moment to listen to the brief comments of two men who have been quiet about the Bill Clinton follies -- until now. Former President Jimmy Carter, speaking to students at Emory University, said, "As one of the very few leaders who have served in the White House, I have deplored and been deeply embarrassed by what has occurred there." He added, "My own opinion is that the President has not been truthful in the deposition given in the Paula Jones case or in the interrogation by the grand jury." Former President George Bush, in a televised interview on NBC, said, "This office is strong. It's resilient." Then, with pure anguish registered on his face and deep sadness in his voice, he slowly added, "But I'm afraid, for now, it's been diminished." The truth is unavoidable. The essential fact we must accept and deal with is that Bill Clinton has dishonored his office, undermined the rule of law, misused his authority and committed felonies. And the essential question we dare not lose sight of is: can we, without doing further injury to our country, allow this reckless and warped man to remain in office? ."

PR Newswire 10/5/98 Judicial Watch "Yesterday evening, the Judicial Watch Interim Report, which is 145 pages in length with nearly 4000 pages of supporting evidence and documentation, was entered into the official record of the House Judiciary Committee's Impeachment Hearing. It details impeachable offenses with regard to Clinton scandals which have commonly become known as Filegate, Chinagate, IRS- Gate, and Trustgate, and was compiled from evidence gathered in Judicial Watch's 20 on-going cases concerning the Administration.``No longer can Democrats and other apologists claim that the Clinton scandals only concern sex.. ``In brief, the formal acceptance of the Judicial Watch report by the House Judiciary Committee is recognition that Judicial Watch is a major player in uncovering the full facts about the Clinton scandals. Judicial Watch thanks Congressman Bob Barr for his courageous and patriotic work on the Judiciary Committee, and for his having introduced Judicial Watch's report, without objection, into the Congressional Record,'' concluded Larry Klayman."

Los Angeles Times Syndicate 10/6/98 Cal Thomas "President Clinton is like a man with a bad cold - he tends to infect those with whom he comes in contact. The release of the latest batch of "supporting" documents transmitted to the House Judiciary Committee by independent counsel Kenneth Starr reveals how the president's lack-of-integrity virus infected one of our premier and most respected institutions - the U.S. Secret Service. Traditionally, the Secret Service has enjoyed the public's respect. Its image has been one of highly trained, dedicated, selfless men and women who are willing to stand between an assassin and a president. But testimony before a grand jury reveals that some agents either looked the other way or did and said things that helped the president avoid accountability for the way he behaved with Monica Lewinsky and possibly other women.." 10/6/98 Carl Limbacher "Two weeks ago, Ken Starr reported that nine of the 27 tapes supplied by Linda Tripp to the Office of Independent Counsel were copied from the originals, according to an FBI lab analysis. The FBI said one tape may have been tampered with, based on evidence that it was stopped and started during the copying process. Now, a transcript of Linda Tripp's tapes reveals that one such interruption in the recording process came at a crucial point in the conversation between Tripp and Monica Lewinsky. Just as Lewinsky was about to explain her mother's fears that her relationship with President Clinton could cost her her life, the official transcript notes a "tape skip," followed by another "inaudible" portion. Prior to this passage in the Nov. 20, 1997 recording, as excerpted from page A10 of Saturday's New York Times, Lewinsky has just told Tripp that she intends to hang up on Clinton the next time he phones her:."

Conservative News Service 10/5/98 Ben Anderson "The Judicial Watch report to the Judiciary Committee outlining "impeachable offenses" of President Clinton contains much of what many people expected of the Independent Counsel's interim report. But some conservatives are upset that the established media haven't included the report as part of their reporting. Delivered to Congressional leaders last Monday, the Judicial Watch report is a result of evidence uncovered in the discovery process of litigation the watchdog organization filed against the Clinton Administration. Like the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit, the Judicial Watch court proceedings included sworn testimony from individuals close to President Clinton. The report has generated little coverage among the established media and those in charge say it is simply because they were unaware of the report..."

Investor's Business Daily 10/6/98 Editorial ".They then usually follow that up with the pronouncement that ''President Clinton's actions don't rise to the level of impeachment.'' It certainly seems they have some idea what is impeachable. We would suggest that commission of felonies is impeachable. GOP Judiciary Committee counsel David Schippers says there is ''substantial and credible'' evidence Clinton may have committed 15 felonies. Perjury, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice were among the possible felonies Clinton may have committed.."

New York Post 10/6/98 Dick Morris ".After Clinton took office, the fire shifted to Hillary. Initially, America was shocked to hear that the First Lady, while married to the governor of Arkansas (then in his first term), had parlayed $1,000 into $100,000 through investments in the futures market. Jim Blair, the lobbyist for Tyson Foods (one of the largest businesses in the state) had advised her on those investments. Then came the revelation of her involvement in the firings of the White House Travel Office staff and of her possible illegal legal work for the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association. Under fire, Hillary added to the staff of defenders, strengthening the bulwarks which protected the Clintons from accusations of scandal. Layers of press people, lawyers and detectives existed solely for the purpose of shrouding in smoke anything that might prove embarrassing to the First Couple. But the wall that protected them also sheltered Saturday Night Bill - in his search for sex. What better environment would an adulterer seek than to have at his beck and call a staff of lawyers to shield him, press people to defend him and detectives to terrify his lovers into silence? Behind this screen and this shield, Saturday Night Bill lost any sense of self-restraint and figured he could do as he pleased. The dilemma for any of Clinton's supporters or friends is becoming increasingly clear. To defend him is to enable him to destroy himself. To criticize him is to point out to him the need for recovery and self-discipline. It is obvious that the well-intentioned efforts of those who protected Clinton from the charges of Gennifer Flowers caused a reckless sense of invulnerability which led directly into the arms of Monica Lewinsky.."

10/6/98 JEROME M. ZEIFMAN "As a lifelong Democrat and chief counsel of the House Judiciary Committee at the time of the Nixon impeachment inquiry, I believe I have a personal responsibility to speak out about the current impeachment crisis. And I believe my fellow Democrats on today's Judiciary Committee have a moral, ethical and constitutional responsibility to vote to impeach President Clinton. The positions taken by the president and his die-hard Democratic defenders in Congress and the media are indefensible. We are living in dangerous times. I believe the president has personally brought his office into scandal and disrepute. He has lied repeatedly to the American people, has lied under oath in the Paula Jones case, has committed perjury several times before a criminal grand jury. He has also lied to his own cabinet members and has apparently lied even to his own lawyers. Without asserting his Fifth Amendment privilege, he has directly refused to answer appropriate questions from grand jurors--an offense for which any other American would be held in contempt of court and jailed until he replied.."

The Philadelphia Inquirer 10/6/98 Peter Nicholas Thomas Gibbons Jr. "Police Commissioner John F. Timoney predicted yesterday that arrests would be made in the fight outside City Hall on Friday between pro- and anti-Clinton demonstrators. "My first question is, why wasn't there an arrest," Timoney said in an interview. "My sense is we're going to arrest some people. Everybody has the right to express their opinions. We've got to protect that right." ."

Washington Post 10/7/98 Ruth Marcus "A few months ago, when the White House was seeking to prevent independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr from questioning senior presidential advisers and lawyers, the legal argument came down to this: It's impossible to separate President Clinton's private life from his official duties. Now, as the House prepares to vote tomorrow on launching formal impeachment proceedings against Clinton, the White House is taking the other side of the public-private debate. Stressing that the president's alleged lying under oath in the Paula Jones case concerned the purely private matter of his affair with Monica S. Lewinsky, the White House argument is that such actions are not crimes against the state and therefore do not rise to the level of impeachable offenses." AP 10/7/98 "Paula Jones does not object to media groups seeing evidence in her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton, her attorneys said in court papers Tuesday. Media groups want the presiding judge to release evidence in the case as soon as possible. U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright said in a Sept. 1 order that she would release some materials beginning Sept. 28, if no challenges were raised by Sept. 15. Mrs. Jones' attorneys filed a motion on the deadline day saying Wright should release more materials than planned, including Clinton's videotaped deposition in the case."

Washington Times 10/5/98 Nancy Roman "House Democratic leaders are scrambling to keep defections down as they prepare for what is expected to be a bipartisan vote to begin formal impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. If the White House can keep Democrats from supporting the Republican-backed measure, it would be easier to tar a vote to begin an impeachment inquiry as pure partisanship. "The White House is in an aggressive mode as well it should be," said one Democratic strategist. Two House Democrats said they had heard of threatening calls from first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was described as calling the upcoming vote a test of loyalty."

New York Post 10/5/98 Steve Dunleavy "TODAY, as we face one of the longest and most painful days in history, waiting for the House Judiciary Committee's meeting on the frightening subject of impeachment, let's listen to a mother. She was suicidal six years ago and was young for her age. Those were the words of Marcia Lewis, mother of Monica Lewinsky.."

The Washington Times 10/5/98 Bill Sammon "Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's decision not to pursue a Secret Service officer's testimony that President Clinton might have had half a dozen affairs in the White House appears to undercut the Democratic argument that the case is "just about sex."."

Drudge Report 10/5/98 ".Behind the scenes of the Judiciary Committee a fight has broken out over Monica Lewinsky, even before the panel votes to hold any impeachment hearing! It has been learned that several Republican congressmen are now expressing serious concerns about calling Lewinsky to testify in person out of fear that the raw spectacle of a young woman being probed about her sex life on live national television would create complete backlash."

Washington Times 10/5/98 ".White House officials are prepared to force a government shutdown if it will distract from the president's impeachment woes, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott says. "They basically have told me, 'We'll wait and see. If it's to our advantage to shut down the government, we will. If it's not, we won't,'" the Republican leader said yesterday on ABC's "This Week." .."

Chicago Tribune 10/5/98 William Neikirk "WITH a vote near on whether to launch an impeachment inquiry against President Clinton, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde stepped close to saying Sunday that the president committed an impeachable offense if he lied under oath in the Monica Lewinsky case. The Illinois Republican, in the eye of the impeachment hurricane, gave two rare television interviews to present himself to the American people as a fair, non-partisan, reasonable judge of the president's conduct. But he made it clear he doesn't consider Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's allegations against Clinton a weak case.."

The Baltimore Sun 10/5/98 Jack W. Germond and Jules Witcover ".In the contest for the House, the speculation no longer centers on whether the Democrats might capture the 11 seats needed for control but instead about how many seats Republicans may add to their majority. And in the Senate campaign, it now seems possible for the Republicans to gain the five seats that would give them a filibuster- proof control. Given these political realities, is it any wonder that Democrats are being so restrained in their support of President Clinton in the threat to his presidency that has grown out of the Monica Lewinsky affair? The hard fact is that the Democratic Party has fallen into disarray during Mr. Clinton's six years in the White House. As the party's leader and prime symbol, he has been a disaster."

Philadelphia Inquire 10-5-98 By Anne Barnard "They want to see uncut TV news video of a clash during Clinton's visit Friday. A Montco man has filed a complaint. Police detectives said yesterday they planned to review news footage of Friday's City Hall rally as part of their investigation into an alleged assault on a Cheltenham man who said members of the Teamsters union attacked him as he protested against President Clinton..He said he believed John P. Morris, president of the Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters, placed his hat on Adams' head as "a signal" to trigger the assault. .."

Washington Post 10/5/98 David Segal " Standing on the steps of the Rayburn House Office Building, Larry Klayman last Monday delivered Judicial Watch's own impeachment report to Congress. As might be expected from a conservative group that has sued the administration more than a dozen times, Klayman and his colleagues have come to this grave conclusion: The commander-in-chief must go. To jail, preferably. The "Interim Report," as the document is titled, accuses President Clinton of a few rap sheets' worth of high crimes -- few of them Monica Lewinsky-related -- including bribery, graft, "likely" breaches of national security and theft of government services, not to mention civil rights violations and misuse of several federal agencies. For good measure, Klayman claims Clinton might have violated a federal racketeering law. In sum, the report alleges, the administration has been running "a criminal enterprise from the White House to obtain and maintain hold on the Office of the President of the United States."..But some of the most riveting reading is found in the "Filegate" chapter, which details allegations that the administration illegally obtained the personal FBI files of top Republicans. On Page 21 there's this keeper, a reprinted transcript from "This Week With Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts" in which former White House aide George Stephanopoulos discusses how the White House might counterattack GOP lawmakers stoking the Monica Lewinsky scandal. "And I think that in the long run, they have a deterrent strategy on getting a lot of ... [FBI files]," the report quotes Stephanopoulos as saying.."

Wall Street Journal 10/5/98 Jeffrey Taylor "While the House Judiciary Committee's latest document dump helps President Clinton by casting his adversaries in an unflattering light, it also shows important details Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee will probably pursue in impeachment proceedings. The evidence, among other things, suggests the Clinton administration was worried earlier than was previously known about independent counsel Kenneth Starr's interest in the president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. It shows the weak memory and elusive testimony of Betty Currie, Mr. Clinton's secretary, which is likely to get further scrutiny. And it establishes a connection, in Ms. Lewinsky's mind, between silence about her affair with the president and the prospect Mr. Clinton's powerful friends might help her get a desirable job.."

Philadelphia Daily News 10/5/98 Gloria Campisi "Teamsters' Union boss Johnny Morris clapped his hat onto the head of an anti-Clinton demonstrator. Then all hell broke loose.Clinton and Mayor Rendell were inside City Hall when the melee occurred. Rendell's spokesman, Kevin Feeley, called the fight "unfortuate." Over the weekend, he added that the anti-Clinton demonstrators "chose to make their views known in the faces of the Teamsters. That is not a good career choice." Feeley said yesterday he meant the comment as a joke."

NRP Radio Freeper Report 10/5/98 "Congressman Bob Barr just introduced the Judicial Watch Report to the Impeachment Hearing. It was a great move by all means. I have been waiting for its mention. Now it is in the record in the very most important place!! The hearing is moving along very well! At the very last moment Bob Barr moved to add the Judicial Watch report to the impeachment inquiry and Hyde okay'ed it. IMHO the Commitee Democats were taken by complete surprise"

CBS News 10/5/98 Freeper reports "Impeachment Inquiry passes - 21 Aye votes, 16 Nay votes. Straight party line vote. BoB Barr attempts to have statement by Majority Counsel, which was stricken from the record, re-inserted"

The Washington Post 10/6/98 Ruth Marcus "The House Judiciary Committee's chief Republican lawyer largely endorsed independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's view of the evidence concerning President Clinton and his relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky -- and, more importantly, Starr's assessment of the seriousness of Clinton's conduct. Republican counsel David P. Schippers repackaged some of Starr's proposed charges against the president but did not back down from any of Starr's essential conclusions about the president's alleged misdeeds. He jettisoned the most controversial count -- that Clinton abused the powers of his office, by, among other things, invoking executive and attorney-client privilege. But Schippers's roster of 15 impeachable offenses for the committee to consider represented an aggressive view of Clinton's conduct and the law. If anything, his language about the gravity of Clinton's alleged offenses was more forceful than Starr's. Although the allegations against Clinton may have arisen from his "sexual indiscretions," Schippers said, they represent "an ongoing series of deliberate and direct assaults by Mr. Clinton upon the justice system of the United States and upon the judicial branch of our government."."

New York Times 10/6/98 Eds. "The Associated Press summary of the House Judiciary Committee hearing Monday was admirable for its simple, concentrated statement of Washington's political mood and the constitutional quandary presented by a chief executive who has squandered public respect. "No one -- no Republican, no Democrat -- defended Clinton's conduct with Ms. Lewinsky or his testimony while under oath," The A.P. said. "The issue was whether the President's behavior constituted events worthy of impeachment." .Schippers's stinging recitation of the flurry of phone calls among Clinton, Betty Currie and Vernon Jordan should have convinced the President's lawyers that the last thing they want is impeachment proceedings or a Senate trial on obstruction of justice. Monday's hearing should likewise have convinced House Democrats that the Republican majority will never buy Lowell's theory on the acceptability of miniature lies. But they can probably move the Republicans toward a deal that allows this Presidency to run its full if inevitably disappointing course."

National Review 10/5/98 Ramesh Ponnuru, John Miller, Kate Dwyer " Among the additional counts of impeachment raised by Republicans today is a conspiracy count that is an excellent sign that the Judiciary Committee GOP is thinking aggressively. Ken Starr's last, abuse of power count has been widely maligned, even though--despite the common wisdom--it is powerful and altogether justified. Now, in essence, the committee has seen Starr and raised him. The conspiracy count would cast a wide net to include all those figures involved in obstruction during the Jones suit, including possibly Monica Lewinsky, who is heard on last week's tapes witness tampering for all she's worth. Now perhaps we'll begin to hear of a conspiracy beside the fanciful vast right-wing one.."

CNN/Allpolitics 10/5/98 "."Today, it is our responsibility and our constitutional duty to review those materials referred to us and recommended to the House of Representatives whether the matter merits a further inquiry. Let me be clear about this: we are not here today to decide whether or not to impeach Mr. Clinton. We are not here to pass judgment on anyone." -- Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-IIllinois), chairman."

CNN/Allpolitics 10/5/98 "."We are witnessing nothing less than symptoms of a cancer on the American presidency. If we fail to remove it, it will expand to destroy the principles that matter most to all of us." -- Rep. Bob Barr (R-Georgia). ."

The Washington Post 10/6/98 Richard Cohen "Regarding Bill Clinton's treatment of his secretary Betty Currie and the other "little people" in the White House, this much can be said: Some of what he did may constitute a high crime and some may amount to a misdemeanor, but a good piece of it, as put down on paper by the ever-helpful Ken Starr, is just plain repulsive. No matter what the law might say, some offenses are clearly offensive.."

The Dallas Morning News 10/4/98 Rena Pederson "Someday we may realize that the Lewinsky scandal was only one of the symptoms, not the real disease that's destroying the presidency. One wake-up call is coming Tuesday night. Frontline will air a sobering report called "Washing ton's Other Scandal." Technically, it's about the sewer of campaign fund raising. But the subtext is moral myopia and legal mummery The documentary is anchored by Bill Moyers, who is one of the few journalists who can slice to the nub of the matter by asking political henchmen dead on: "But was that moral?" Watch them try to weasel away. They resort to evasions about legality rather than morality. They can't seem to make decisions based on right and wrong, but by what is proscribed by law - as the president says, what's "legally accurate" or how you define what "is" is. This is like the teenager who brings the car home wrecked at midnight and says you didn't say not to drink and drive, you said back by 12.."

New York Times 10/2/98 Grand Jury Testimony about gifts - Betty Currie 1/27/98 " A.: Monica said she was getting concerned, and she wanted to give me the stuff the President had given her -- or give me a box of stuff. It was a box of stuff. ... Q.: What did you do with the box? A.: I put it under my bed.." 5/5/98 ".Q.: And did the President know you were holding these things for Monica? A.: I don't know. I don't know.." .Q.: Did you talk to him about it? A.: I don't remember talking to him about that, about the gifts. Q.: If Monica said you did, would that not be true? A.: If Monica said I talked to the President about it? Q.: Right. A.: Then she may remember better than I. I don't remember.,," 7/22/98 ".JUROR: How did you come to be in possession of the box of gifts, then? THE WITNESS: The best I remember is Monica calls me and asks me if she can give me some gifts, if I'd pick up some gifts from her. JUROR: And did she tell you what kind of gifts they were. THE WITNESS: She did not. JUROR: She didn't tell you that they were gifts from the President. THE WITNESS: She did not. JUROR: Did she tell you why she wanted you to pick them up? THE WITNESS: She wanted me to hold them.."

New York Times 10/2/98 Grand Jury Testimony about gifts - Monica Lewinsky 8/6/98 ".Q.: What did she say? A.: She said, "I understand you have something to give me." Or, "The President said you have something to give me." Along those lines. Q.: How long after you had left the White House did Betty call you? A.: Several hours. Q.: When she said something along the lines of "I understand you have something for me," or "The President says you have something for me," what did you understand her to mean? A.: The gifts. ... Q.: O.K. Let me just ask you some questions. Did you ever discuss with her the contents of the box? A.: I don't believe so. Q.: Did she ever ask about the contents of the box? A.: No. Q.: Did she ever say anything indicating that she knew from a prior discussion the contents of the box? A.: Not -- no, not that I remember...Q.: O.K. You could have given the items to someone else, a friend of yours, Ashley Raines or to your mother or just hidden them somewhere. Why didn't you do that? A.: I think -- I've come to sort of see this now. I don't know that I necessarily saw it then, but I feel now a little bit that me turning over some of these things was a little bit of an assurance to the President or reassurance that, you know, that everything was O.K. Q.: In your mind, then, were you giving these items not just to Betty, but really to the President as well, in a manner of speaking? A.: I think that was even more directly what I thought it was. Not that they were going to be in his possession, but that he would understand whatever it was I gave to Betty and that that might make him feel a little bit better.."

New York Times 10/2/98 Grand Jury Testimony about gifts - Bill Clinton 8/17/98 "A.: ... I did have a conversation with Ms. Lewinsky at some time about gifts, the gifts I'd given her. ... A.: ... My recollection is that Ms. Lewinsky said something to me like, "What if they ask me about the gifts you've given me?" That's the memory I have. That's why I question whether it happened on the 28th, because she had a subpoena with her, request for production. And I told her that if they asked her for gifts, she'd have to give them whatever she had, that that's what the law was. ... Q.: After you gave her the gifts on Dec. 28th, did you speak with your secretary, Ms. Currie, and ask her to pick up a box of gifts that were some compilation of gifts that Ms. Lewinsky would have? A.: No sir, I didn't do that. ... Q.: ... Did you ever have a conversation with Betty Currie about gifts, or picking something up from Monica Lewinsky? A.: I don't believe I did, sir. No.."

Washington Weekly 10/5/98 Edward Zehr "Where have all those highly moral Democrats gone? You know who I mean, Sen. Lieberman, Sen. Moynihan and Sen. Kerrey who expressed their moral outrage on the Senate floor at the dissolute behavior of President Clinton, not to mention a host of others, such as House Minority Leader Gephardt, who added their voices to the growing chorus of disapprobation. Suddenly the clarion call has fallen silent as these tribunes of civic virtue scurry off to their hidey-holes to await further developments. And all it took to accomplish this was a measly six-point bounce in Clinton's approval rating, hardly more than the margin of sampling error. Is that all a Democrat's virtue is worth these days?..Not that the mainstream press have been completely inactive. Upon noticing that six-point pimple in the polls, they proceeded once more to perform their celebrated minnow maneuver. For those who are new to this column, the mainstream press are wont to glide along in a certain direction, keeping perfect formation, until some anomaly in the news triggers a lightning fast reaction -- faster than the eye can see, the minnows flip in unison and are then seen to be swimming, perfectly synchronized, in the opposite direction. How this is accomplished is one of nature's great mysteries. No single minnow seems to lead the rest of the school, nor is there visible evidence of communication amongst the various fishies. They just do it, that's all..."

10/4/98 Editorial Richmond Times-Dispatch "Part of Bill Clinton's dubious legacy will be as the President who killed feminism. He didn't exactly murder it, but he drove it to suicide. The end came last week when feminist leaders gathered at the National Press Club to announce they were fully supportive of the Harasser-in-Chief. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Reams have been written about their disparate treatment of Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton -- though Thomas' alleged offenses can't compare with Clinton's pathological predation. But more consequential is that if Clinton prevails, much of what feminists fought for will be lost. For instance, sexual harassment will become permissible because perpetrators can simply lie. Under the Clinton precedent, they could hardly be prosecuted for perjuring themselves about sex.And having refused to condemn Clinton's behavior, feminists now can credibly criticize no one. If the most powerful man on Earth can prey on the lowliest worker (an intern), then what's wrong with a CEO suggesting a secretary trade favors? .George Stephanopoulos said it best about Clinton's treatment of Monica Lewinsky: What you read about the President [in the Starr report] makes it impossible to respect him. . . . He has sex with [Ms. Lewinsky] and perhaps doesn't know her name. When he's threatened by her, he suggests that, you know, 'Maybe we'll have a life together afterwards'; and then when she threatens him, he calls in an aide and starts to destroy her -- starts to say she was a stalker -- and it's just profoundly depressing to see that. ."

FoxNews 10/4/98 Henry Hyde and Tony Snow "....FOX NEWS ANCHOR TONY SNOW: How long do you think this deliberation will last? U.S. HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN HENRY HYDE: Again, my New Years resolution is end it by New Years. SNOW: That's what you want. HYDE: Depends on the Democrats. If they're forthcoming, they could give us a series of stipulations now, and- not force us to prove things. If they would do that, we could short-circuit this immensely. SNOW: Stipulations that... HYDE: About perjury, about things that we think the evidence shows...but are going to be driven through because of the presidential semantic gymnastics... SNOW: So if they stipulate to perjury, obstruction of justice, and the charges that Mr. Schippers lays out, it's all done by the end of the year. If not, we're in for the long haul. HYDE: Oh, that's the Emerald City of Oz. That would be wonderful. That won't happen.."

MSNBC 10/4/98 ".HYDE, R-ILL., and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., appearing on "Meet the Press" Sunday, offered two very different views on how the House Judiciary Committee will be handling the impeachment process. Hyde asserted that he, not House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., was in charge. He said so far neither he nor the speaker have disagreed on the process. But Hyde said if they did, he would proceed his way to ensure an impartial hearing. But Conyers blasted the process as unfair and said Gingrich and Majority Whip Tom DeLay, R-Tex., are the ones calling the shots in the process. He said those two leaders are talking about dragging out impeachment hearings until the Year 2000. Conyers said he would like the hearings over by Thanksgiving.. In the end, Hyde said the Judiciary committee will likely vote along party lines to hold impeachment hearings. He said even if it's clear that the Senate doesn't have the two-thirds vote needed to impeach the president, House members will proceed to do what he calls their "constitutional duty." .."

Freeper report on Rush Limbaugh 10/2/98 "Rush made some interesting information available Friday on his show. It seems that 100% of the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee has spent over 140 hours going over the evidence. In contrast, 6 Democrats have never darkened the door, and of the ones who HAVE taken the trouble to *look at the evidence, they spent about 20 hours doing so."

The Sunday Times UK 10/4/98 Zoe Brennan "SADDAM HUSSEIN is trying to import liposuction equipment into Iraq under the cover of humanitarian aid. Saddam, whose people have been crippled by sanctions since the Gulf war, has asked a United Nations committee to approve the item - which sucks away excess fat - for inclusion on a list of "essential" medical supplies. British officials believe the equipment, which has been requested alongside silicon breast implants, acne cream and dental lasers to whiten teeth, is intended for use by Saddam, his family, friends and supporters. The imports - some of which have already reached the devastated country - would allow Saddam's entourage to continue to pamper themselves despite sanctions designed to curb his brutal regime, according to Foreign Office sources.."

The Sunday Times UK 10/4/98 Jon Swain "UNITED NATIONS policy towards Iraq has been thrown into disarray by the disclosure that Richard Butler, the chief executive of the UN commission in charge of scrapping the country's weapons of mass destruction, wants to resign. Butler has been discouraged from leaving by Kofi Annan, the UN secretary-general. According to western diplomats, Annan has persuaded Butler to remain in his post until next year. However Butler's eventual departure could further destabilise the operations of the UN special commission (Unscom) following the resignation of Scott Ritter, a senior American arms inspector, in August. Ritter accused both America and Britain of allowing Iraq to evade its Gulf war disarmament obligations. Further resignations are expected. Unscom is not the only UN unit affected by unease over international policy towards Iraq. Denis Halliday, the humanitarian co-ordinator of the Iraqi oil-for-food programme, resigned in disillusionment last week at the end of a long and distinguished UN career..

AP Jim Abrams 10/4/98 "On the eve of House Judiciary hearings into possible impeachment proceedings against President Clinton, chairman Henry Hyde said Sunday the Senate so far does not have the two-third majority necessary to remove the president from office. Hyde also said he hopes to finish his impeachment inquiry by year's end but won't accept Democratic demands for limits on the investigation.. The Judiciary Committee anticipates no more material from Starr, Hyde said, and ``we are not seeking that. We're not out trolling for additional issues. But if they come to our attention we will deal with them.'' Hyde, who appeared on NBC's ``Meet the Press'' and ``Fox News Sunday,'' added: ``We don't feel bound by Ken Starr.''."

CNN 10/4/98 Ross Perot Freeper report "...PEROT:...I said his brain didn't work....he's taken something that causes him to behave erratically...He's admitted to former drug use in the past....all over Arkansas they're just covered up with stories about his problems with cocaine and what have you in the Mena (ph) airport...if every part of his brain is working correctly then he wouldn't be doing these out-of- control things that just devastate his family, lower the morality of the country, cause the American people to lose faith in their government..

Freeper report 10/4/98 on FoxNews Philadelphia (B. DeMaria) "Breaking:Fox News in Philadelphia just announced that Don Adams will be going to criminal court charging that John P. Morris order three (3) Teamsters to attack him during his anti-Clinton protest at City Hall, Philadelphia on Friday 10-2-98. "

USA Journal Online 10/5/98 Jon E. Dougherty "Union thugs began beating on Clinton protestors shortly after the President made his debut at a Philadelphia fundraiser on Saturday, and all he thought to do to "address" the problem is wink at his audience and say, `Hey - this is America. Those people have a right to protest if they want to." Profound, Mr. President. Thank you ever so much for such divine leadership. Now how about being a man and owning up to this divisiveness since you're obviously the cause of it? Clinton spoke not one word against the attackers because after all, `they have a right to defend his honor, don't they? Isn't this America?' This from the man who supposedly abhors all this `domestic violence'. Obviously not if that violence is a byproduct of support for him.."

Drudge 10/5/98 ".Working with the theory that the Lewinsky impeachment referral is too hot to handle, and an embarrassment to those who wrote it, Democrats on the Judiciary Committee will use their subpoena power to call Independent Counsel Ken Starr during the impeachment inquiry, according to committee sources. "Starr will be his own 'Starr witness,'" said a staffer for a ranking Democrat on the committee. "We'll let [Rep.] Maxine [Waters] work the questions." Calling Starr could turn into the minority's worst nightmare. "He knows this case inside and out!" laughs a Starr associate. "No one could outline the case better than Starr himself."."

The New York Times 10/5/98 William Safire ".6. Why is no outrage or dismay expressed by Clinton's traditional supporters at his unceasing degradation of Betty Currie? Here is a woman known for her good character cynically used by the President to facilitate acts of bad character, and a person known for strong religious values induced by peer pressure to ever-increasing forgetfulness while under an oath before her God. That offense by Clinton to a loyal and trusting human being may be unimpeachable, but it is unforgivable. 7. Why are we allowing White House spinmeisters to rig the coming evaluation of this"impeachment election"? American voters will decide on Nov. 3 if Clinton will be impeached. But the Clinton line is if Democrats merely "hold their own," that is to be interpreted as a ringing vote of confidence as if this were a normal midterm election. No sale. If Democrats gain strength in Congress, Clinton wins. If Republicans extend their majorities, he loses, because the voters' message to the House will be: impeach. If it's a breakeven, it's a wash, and unsignaled Senate jurors would just have to vote their consciences."

The Arizona Republic 10/4/98 Marianne Moody Jennings ".There are the New Age Democrats, whose motto is "Judge not lest we end up with all kinds of morality." Longtime advocates of the notion of more than one truth, their favorite and only known scripture is "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone," which always is followed by the exculpatory "Who am I to judge?" New Age Democrats have the moral rigor of Aerosmith and their alpha male is their modern-day Moliere, Jerry Seinfeld. Steel-mill Democrats are mostly Teamsters whose newfound party enthusiasm is the result of President Clinton's support for unions as well as his amazing ability to conduct extramarital affairs without his Yale Law School graduate wife ever catching on. It's a guy bonding thing. Their alpha male is James Carville..For Republicans, morality trumps politics. Republicans take the rough moral road and suffer the slings and arrows, but they will not dishonor a history of fortitude. They will stumble through this national crisis as the Democrats unite in self-interest and conquer. Republicans' statesmanship sprung from a common fiber of decency will be upped by gamesmanship sprung from self-interest factions. The games have begun, with the Democratic factions out in full Colosseum dress armed with bread and circuses as their Nero fiddles in a White House burning in infamy. The lions for the Republicans are surely not far behind."

AP 10/3/98 Bettie Currie testimony ".Q: Did he tell you why he was telling you those statements? A: I don't remember him saying that, no. Q: Okay. Specifically, the five statements that you previously testified about were as follows. . . The first was, "I was never alone with Monica Lewinsky, right?" The second was, "You were always here when she was here, right?" The third was, "Monica Lewinsky came on to me, and I never touched her, right?" The fourth was, "You could see everything, right?" And the fifth was, "Monica Lewinsky wanted to have sex with me, and I cannot do that." Is that an accurate rendition of the statements. . . A:. . . I'm going to say yes, but No. 5. . . I don't remember it as part of the litany of questions. Q:. . . You do remember the fifth comment. A: I remember that comment, yes. Q: It was just said to you separately? A: Correct. Q: Now, to each of these statements. . . you did respond, "Right," . . . A: I remember saying, "Right,". . . Q:. . . . I think you gave some examples of family, close friends, that you wouldn't log in those personal calls. Is that correct? A: That's correct. . . . Sometimes, well, the staff members, I didn't log in their calls. . . SOMETIES IF HE'D GET CALLS FROM PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD, I WOULDN'T LOG THOSE IN . . . "

Washington Post 10/4/98 John Harris "Hoping to quash the congressional impeachment process in its nascent stages, President Clinton in recent days discussed with Senate Minority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) organizing an effort to have Democratic senators sign a letter declaring that none of the allegations or evidence in the Monica S. Lewinsky investigation would merit impeachment, according to Democratic sources."

Organized Labor Accountability Project - 9/21/98 "A 1973 Supreme Court decision effectively made vandalism, assault and even murder by union officials exempt from federal anti-extortion law, and "the result has been an epidemic of union-related violence," according to a new study from the Cato Institute ( In "Freedom from Union Violence," author David Kendrick traces the history of labor law and union violence during the 20th century, beginning with the notorious case of a former Idaho governor murdered in 1905 by union mine workers who felt he had betrayed them by calling in federal troops during a strike.."

New Haven Register 10/3/98 Christopher Hoffman "Republican Gary Franks Friday again accused his opponent, U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, of neglecting the state while working all-out for the Democratic National Committee during the last presidential campaign. Franks, who made his comments during a meeting with the New Haven Register's editorial board, charged that Dodd spent 90 straight weekends out of the state during his time as general chairman of the DNC.."

Silicon Valley Logic 10/4/98 "It comes as no big surprise that citizens supporting impeachment are better informed about the contents of the Starr Report. To a certain extent, this may be a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, for if one believes that impeachment is warranted, one is more likely to carefully review the facts of the case.What is shocking, however, is that while 25% of those surveyed believed almost across the board that: Clinton committed no offenses, Clinton deserves no punishment, They are personally well- informed about the Starr Report, The Starr Report presents no facts about impeachable allegations, Their personal judgements about the case are accurate, These individuals were much less likely to understand the facts and allegations contained in the Starr Report.."

Chicago Tribune 10/3/98 NAFTALI BENDAVID ".But equally telling, many legal observers say, is what Starr apparently chose to leave out of the 17 boxes of documents he turned over to the House. The omissions are suggestive of the ongoing nature of Starr's investigation and remaining jeopardy for the president. Two major elements are especially conspicuous by their absence. The entire Kathleen Willey episode, involving accusations that a Democratic activist was groped by Clinton and then pressured to keep silent, merited scant mention in Starr's formal report to Congress and the voluminous supplemental materials. And Bruce Lindsey -- the most senior Clinton aide who helped coordinate the White House defense and whose reluctance to testify infuriated Starr -- was barely mentioned in Starr's formal report.."

Blue Bay Media 8/5/98 Robert VannRox "Politically, the future of the Clinton Administration is destined to be one of controversy. The inevitability of additional scandalous discoveries is now universally assumed. Yet, the horrors already discovered will be eclipsed by hereto unsuspected treasonous artifacts uncovered by spelunking investigators. ...Make no mistake. The Clinton Campaign Finance Catastrophe will be investigated. It will be exhumed and the evil, long buried under the sweet hedges of prosperity, will be exposed for what is actually is. Treason.."

Detroit News 10/4/98 "This week the House of Representatives is expected to vote on an impeachment inquiry of President Clinton. In the process, it will have to decide how broad its investigation should be. Democrats want to restrict it to sex: Monica Lewinsky and the president. Republicans have drafted an open-ended resolution that would let the House explore any credible allegations of malfeasance. The key passage reads: "[T]he committee is authorized and directed to investigate fully and completely whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its constitutional power to impeach William Jefferson Clinton, president of the United States of America." .The documents released by the committee last Friday make it obvious that Congress has plenty to investigate. The Tripp tapes have Ms. Lewinsky offering Linda Tripp bribes. Ms. Lewinsky suggests she has received coaching from the president on legal matters and that she feared for her safety if she should cross the president. Elsewhere, presidential pal Vernon Jordan seems to refute Mr. Clinton's sworn testimony that the two of them never talked about legal strategies in the case. One-time presidential political adviser Dick Morris asserts that the president has assembled a "secret police" force to snoop on some citizens and strong-arm others. These nuggets suggest some familiar questions: Did this president or his minions abuse power and betray the trust of the American people? Did the Internal Revenue Service harass Clinton's political enemies? Did the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) mount an improper prosecution of former Travel Office Director Billy Ray Dale? Did the White House leak Linda Tripp's personnel file to the press? Did the administration mislead investigators about the transfer of 1,000 or so FBI files to the White House? Add to this the possibility of future inquiries into fund-raising in the 1996 campaign - which the White House and the Justice Department have done their best to stall or undermine - and you have allegations of corruption without precedent in our nation's highest office.."

New York Post 10/4/98 ".But even if the Spectator wrote Hale a check for $1 billion, it's no business of the government's - unless the Spectator did so as a way of inducing Hale to give to give false testimony. By the way, Scaife's donations to the American Spectator are matters of public record, since the Spectator is a not-for-profit publication. Where's the crime? There is no crime. There is only the silence of supposedly passionate advocates for the First Amendment who have done nothing while a newspaper publisher and a magazine fall afoul of an investigation that should never have been undertaken.."

Florida Times-Union 10/3/98 Rodger Belcher, Letter to Editor "When politicians are found to be lying to the people and are removed for it, the country grows stronger at the expense of the politician. When politicians are found to be lying to the people and are not removed, the country grows more corrupt at the expense of justice. Politicians are expendable; justice is not!"

Philadelphia Inquirer 10-4-98 Susan Q. Stranahan "Don Adams of Cheltenham spent yesterday nursing bruises and a cut beneath his eye, the aftermath of his efforts Friday evening to demonstrate his "deep concern" for America and the conduct of President Clinton. Adams, 37, said he was knocked to the ground and struck by members of the Teamsters union during a rally outside City Hall, where the President was attending a fund-raiser. About three busloads of pro-Clinton Teamsters and 60 or 70 anti-Clinton demonstrators, many of whom were members of the Pro-Life Union of Southeast Pennsylvania, greeted the President and then continued their rallies. Several participants said tensions on both sides escalated as the evening wore on. Adams said he was carrying a sign that read: "Resign or Get Impeached," and "Liar, Pervert, a National Shame." He said he became embroiled in a shouting match with John P. Morris, president of the Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters, and several other union members. According to Adams, Morris removed the fedora he was wearing and placed it on Adams' head. Moments later, Adams said, he was knocked to the sidewalk by T- shirted union members. "I think it was a signal," said Adams, who is self-employed. His sister was pushed or fell on top of him and also struck, Adams said. Morris, in an interview on Channel 6, contended that Adams was the aggressor. Morris said Adams sparked the incident by hitting two women standing near him. Police quickly broke up the scuffle and took Adams to Allegheny University Hospitals/Hahnemann, where he was treated for the bruises and released. Adams' sister was not injured.. Kevin Feeley, spokesman for Mayor Rendell, said the incident was "unfortunate." Clinton, Rendell and Feeley were inside City Hall at the time. While the administration "does not condone" the actions of the Teamsters, Feeley said, "the anti-Clinton groups chose to make their views known. They chose to make their views known in the faces of the Teamsters. "That," said Feeley, "is generally not a good career choice."."

Reuters 10/4/98 "The White House Saturday denounced the latest release of documents in the Monica Lewinsky case as a massive dump of ``garbage'' that only shows Republicans are seeking political gain from Clinton's troubles. Spokesman Joe Lockhart also attacked reported plans by the House Judiciary Committee to expand the current list of 11 possible grounds for the impeachment of President Clinton to include new counts focusing on witness tampering, obstruction of justice and making false statements under oath. Lockhart told reporters that this expansion ``again demonstrates some of the concerns we've had about this being a partisan and unfair process.''. Across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, in Lafayette Park, a small group of demonstrators were holding up signs with other words for the president: ``Resign,'' ''Impeach.'' As evidence of the strong feelings about the case, small groups of pro- and anti-Clinton demonstrators clashed in Philadelphia Friday night outside City Hall where Clinton was attending a Democratic fund-raising event.."

Perot on CSPan's Washington Journal ""This man [Clinton] has done more to lower the moral base of this country than any other person in history," declared former presidential candidate Ross Perot on C-SPAN's WASHINGTON JOURNAL Sunday morning. Perot challenged President Clinton to release his medical records. On national television, Perot raised the charge of drug use in the White House. "We know Bill Clinton has a history of drug use," Perot charged on national television. "The question is, when did he stop. Is he still taking them? He took something to make him act irresponsibly. There has been talk of cocaine. Either he is, or he isn't." Perot continue: "If it's not drugs, his brain is not working right. He should go under oath [about taking drugs.] Where if he lies, he faces an automatic 20 years in jail."."

Chicago Sun Times 10/4/98 Robert Novak "Gerald R. Ford has not matched fellow former President Jimmy Carter in publicly assailing Bill Clinton's behavior, but in private, Ford tells associates he is appalled by Clinton's conduct. ``I can't believe he would do that, right in the White House, right in the Oval Office,'' said the 85-year-old Ford, who shook his head in disbelief. Members of the former-presidents club generally hold their tongues when it comes to their incumbent successor. Ford seldom has criticized Clinton's policies, instead attacking what he calls right-wing extremists in his own Republican Party..Sen. Bob Kerrey, the Senate Democratic campaign chairman, has privately spelled out to White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles that the outcome of the Nov. 3 midterm elections could imperil President Clinton's survival. According to Kerrey's calculations, 11 Senate seats out of the 37 up for election this year are really in play. Of those, only two offer the chance for Democratic pickups, while Republicans face nine such opportunities.."

Dallas Morning News 10/4/98 "We have reserved additional comment concerning President Clinton's personal travails until now so that all parties involved could fully establish their positions. That is now done. It is likely that the House of Representatives will approve a Judiciary Committee inquiry into whether the president should be impeached. Independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report, along with the president's own videotaped grand jury testimony, persuade us there are grounds for some articles of impeachment. It is difficult not to conclude that he lied under oath concerning his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. If so, he has committed perjury. And therefore violated his oath of office..Some argue, in effect, that committing perjury over a sexual affair isn't as bad as committing perjury over something else. We differ: Perjury in the highest office in the land is as bad, and arguably worse, than perjury elsewhere. Presidents have no right to a lower standard than everyone else.Does he best serve the country by hanging on after he has squandered his moral authority and literally and figuratively cheapened the office? Does he best serve the country after telling us by his example that lying under oath is OK, if slyly parsed? Does he best serve the country by, even now, blaming political enemies for problems that he alone created? Does he best serve the country by insisting on personal political survival at any cost, betting that he can charm his way through this scandal as he has skated through others before it?."

Freeper paraphrase of This Week 10/4/98 "Gephardt: An impeachable offense is a grave offense against the State, and none such has been charged against this president. George Will: Say a President, not this one, is found to be a child molester. Now, this is not a crime "against the state". Would it render him unfit for the Presidency, however: Gephardt: Well, let me just say, er, well ah, this is what the committee is charged to determine.."

AP 10/3/98 "Her words captured on a wire hidden under Linda Tripp's clothing, Monica Lewinsky spoke of how she feared crossing the White House by telling the truth about her affair with President Clinton, but also was loathe to help Paula Jones with her sexual harassment lawsuit ``For fear of my life, I would not cross these - these people,'' Ms. Lewinsky told Mrs. Tripp, who recorded their Jan. 13 conversation at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Arlington, Va., as FBI agents listened in.. In a separate call, Ms. Lewinsky, complaining about Clinton's tendency to ignore her, says, ``I think he's on drugs.'' Mrs. Tripp tries to draw her out: ``That's not so far-fetched, you know.'' Ms. Lewinsky, however, does not take the bait. ."

The New York Post 10/3/98 Marilyn Rauber and Brian Blomquist "Monica Lewinsky's mom feared President Clinton would have her daughter killed to shut her up - warning Lewinsky she might end up like Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick My mom's big fear is that he Clinton is going to send somebody out to kill me, Lewinsky confided over the phone to a horrified Linda Tripp, new transcripts revealed. The ex-intern's distraught mother, Marcia Lewis, told the Sexgate grand jury she mentioned Kopechne, the young aide who died in a car wreck in which Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) drove off the Chappaquiddick, Mass., bridge in 1969, as an example to her daughter. Lewis said she wanted to warn Monica of what happens to young women in politics who get involved where they shouldn't be involved.."

St. Petersburg Times 10/3/98 David Dahl "Were there others besides Monica? Testimony released by Congress on Friday gives new life to old rumors about President Clinton's alleged extramarital relationships. While offering no proof, the transcripts show that grand jurors heard about rumored affairs with several women and learned that his staff worried about the appearance of young women hanging around the president. According to the testimony, one Secret Service officer passed along rumors of six women linked to Clinton. The president's secretary testified that a top White House official had given her the names of three women she should watch out for. Even Monica Lewinsky suspected her secret lover was cheating.Among the Secret Service agents, Lewinsky's affair with Clinton was common gossip. "I mean, it was pretty much common knowledge that there was a sexual relationship going on between the two of them," Chinery told grand jurors.."

10/3/98 Report by B. De Maria "Yesterday's Clinton meeting in Philadelphia was stage by the Democrats. The assult on a fallen Clinton protestor and a sister who had to lay herself down on the ground in order to protect her brother from being kicked in the head by a Teamster made many of us sick in his stomach. In side present at the $1,000 cocktail party were: Philadelphia's Mayor Rendell, Congressman Fattah from Dan Burton'd House Committee and the Philadelphia Police Chief Timmeny. It is not certain what the Teamster's message was but they probably did enough damage on themselves and Philadelphia that it will take years to repair if it can be repaired at all. On Thursday the Teamsters were forced to hand over records to a Congressional investigating committee.."

Florida Times-Union 10/3/98 Editorial "It is obvious that a sizable segment of the population is uncomfortable with removing a president from office over a sex scandal. They don't like a legal affair being used as the basis for impeachment or resignation, even when serious violations such as perjury or subornation of perjury stem from the affair. If there had been nothing more than routine political disputes before last January, we would agree. One problem is that the Clinton chronicles do not fit into a 30second sound bite, to which the television generation is accustomed.. There are two reasons why these (a long list of other allegations) have not brought Clinton down. One is the ability of a governor, and even more so a president, to wield his power in a way that shields him from the ordinary legal processes. Another is that the liberal media paid little attention to Clinton's excesses until they became titillating..."

Philadelphia Daily News 10/3/98 William Bunch "They didn't have $1,000 to schmooze with the Leader of the Free World, or $5,000 to dine on rack of lamb. All the thousand or so people who lined the streets outside City Hall last night had were their vocal chords, a few placards and their opinions on scandal-scarred President Clinton who came to Philadelphia to raise money for the Democratic Party. ..But the friction between pro-Clinton Teamsters Union members and anti-Clinton protesters erupted into not one, but two separate brawls in which beefy Teamsters kicked and punched some anti-Clinton protesters. Blood was trickling down the face of one man and other protesters' signs were torn. No one was arrested, police said.."

Reuters 10/2/98 Alan Elsner "Female leaders of the Democratic Party said Friday it was time to put President Clinton's sex and perjury scandal behind them and focus on defeating Republicans in next month's congressional elections. ``I'm telling you to get over it and move on,'' former Texas Gov. Ann Richards told 750 women attending a fund-raising lunch which generated $300,000 for the Nov. 3 mid-term elections. Two of the six Democratic women serving in the Senate -- Carol Moseley-Braun of Illinois and Barbara Boxer of California -- are currently trailing in the polls against Republican opponents who have attacked them as hypocrites for being insufficiently tough on Clinton.. Thirty-four Senate seats, 36 governorships and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are being contested in the elections. The lunch was organized by Emily's List, a political action committee dedicated to electing women who support abortion rights.."

Sydney Morning Herald 10/4/98 "Following is the investigator's report summarizing the first interview with Linda Tripp after she contacted Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's office on Jan. 12, 1998:.Tripp was once on Air Force One when Bennett was also present, and she got a very bad feeling about him. Tripp believed that Bennett and the White House would try to destroy her based on what she had seen them do to other people who got in their way. .Tripp had never received any telephone calls from the White House since ``Whitewater'' began until after Lewinsky advised President Clinton the Paula Jones group had subpoenaed Lewinsky to testify in the matter. After that occurred, Lindsey telephoned Tripp. Lewinsky was a White House employee until approximately April 1996. Lewinsky worked as an assistant for legislative affairs while at the White House. Tripp is acquainted with Lewinsky due to Tripp's own past employment at the White House...Tripp met Behre today and brought the latest tape recording of Tripp and Lewinsky. Tripp and Behre listened to the recording and Behre ``had a fit'' because Tripp made the recording without Behre's direction. Tripp advised this particular tape is the most damaging of those she made because it contains the following dialogue (paraphrased): TRIPP: I'm going to tell the truth ... you're going to lie. LEWINSKY: If I lie and he lies and you lie, no one has to know. The ``he'' referred to by Lewinsky is President Clinton, and the alleged lies refer to denials to be made to Paula Jones' attorneys. Lewinsky also mentioned Vernon Jordan on the recording. When Tripp today spoke to Behre, he said he planned to discuss the recordings with a senior partner. Behre telephoned Tripp at her residence this evening and told Tripp she had placed Behre in jeopardy by her actions."

A Whitewater Researcher 10/3/98 "I am as shocked as anyone by the physical assault of Clinton protester by Teamster thugs in Philadelphia Friday night, October 2, 1998..Bottom line: In a major Democrat U.S. city, a giant Teamster local has repeatedly turned over a suite of offices and dozens of telephone lines in its union headquarters to allow the campaign organization of a Republican candidate for statewide office to do telephone polling and get out the vote telephone banking. I, personally, among many other Republican activists, have used these Teamster facilities, for hours, on behalf of a certain GOP candidate for statewide office. I have made hundreds of partisan Republican telephone phone calls from Teamsters telephone lines. Again, I make this disclosure not for a second to apologize for the violence of Philadelphia Teamsters. I am the last person to defend labor unions in general or the Teamsters specifically. I did want to build up FReeper morale with this disclosure; to advise my colleagues that the Teamsters attitudes toward Clinton, the Democrats, and the GOP and the conservative community are by no means a monolith, nationally. And I also hope my disclosure enlightens any Teamsters members who may be lurking on Whitewater File/FreeRepublic."

Drudge 10/3/98 "Former President Gerald Ford breaks his silence on the White House scandal on Sunday when he tells the House of Representatives that they should shame President Bill Clinton for his Monica Lewinsky sex scandal -- not impeach him. In an Op-Ed article in Sunday's New York Times Ford suggests that the most fitting punishment for President Clinton would be a rebuke in the well of the House, where he would stand and listen while Republicans and Democrats denounced his conduct. "Imagine a president receiving not an ovation from the people's representatives, but a harshly worded rebuke as rendered by members of both parties," Ford writes, in a prerelease obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.."

ABCNEWS 10/3/98 Josh Gerstein "The polls say most Americans want the president to keep his job, but that's not what most of the demonstrators who line his motorcade route are saying. Virtually everywhere he goes, in California, Texas, Ohio and elsewhere, angry protesters wave signs expressing their disgust: "Resign for America"."Impeach Clinton"."Jail to the Chief." And those are just the ones that can be mentioned here. The protests present a challenge to Mr. Clinton's political handlers and press strategists. Recently, the president has been turning down opportunities to appear at big campaign rallies and opting instead for small fundraising events, usually in private homes. There he is met by the sure support, or at least politeness, of campaign donors and Democratic activists."

AP 10/3/98 David Espo "Rep. Henry Hyde, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is hoping to conclude any impeachment inquiry as quickly as possible, perhaps by the end of the year, Republicans officials said Saturday. Hyde, R-Ill., is expected to signal his intentions in television interviews scheduled for Sunday, although he will not agree to a firm deadline for completion of the committee's work as Democrats have demanded, these sources added. Instead, Hyde is expected to refer to what one source, speaking on condition of anonymity, called a ``natural deadline in place'' by virtue of the calendar -- the expiration of the current Congress on Jan. 3. Impeachment proceedings could proceed after the new Congress is sworn in, but it is unclear whether there would have to be a fresh vote authorizing resumption of the work.."

10/2/98 WorldNetDaily Alan Keyes "Among the marks of statesmanship is the ability to recognize the moment for action -- when the time for deliberation and discussion is past, and the time for deeds has arrived. Sometimes such judgments are very difficult, which is one of the reasons that statesmanship is so rightly prized. But the question of whether the time has arrived to impeach President Clinton and remove him from office should not be a hard call for anyone with any pretension to statesmanship -- certainly not for a former president of the United States. I believe that it is pretty clear that we ought to remove this president right now, and I don't see why anybody would hesitate about it. But there are still people hesitating, including a former president who really ought to know better. No, not Jimmy Carter -- he has actually said some rather forthright things about the behavior of President Clinton. I am referring to recent remarks by Former President George Bush.."

WB17 in Philadelphia, News at Ten 10/2/98 Freeper report "WB 17 in Philadelphia last night in their 10:00 news broadcast gave the identity of the protestor beaten at the hands of the Teamsters. His name is Don Adam.."

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT 10/12/98 Gloria Borger"It was late in the evening, West Coast time, and the jet-lagged Democratic Party leaders just wanted some sleep. Their big-ticket L.A. fund- raiser declared a success (Madonna dropped by!), House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt and Senate counterpart Tom Daschle were ready to exit. That is, until the president pulled them aside and, for the next half-hour, briefed them--in intricate detail--on his interpretation of the polls. My approval ratings are up; the country doesn't want to impeach me, a frustrated president explained, incredulous that some Democrats have shied from defending him. Don't the members read the polls? To the leaders, it was a familiar refrain: It's all about me. If I'm OK, you're OK. Only they're not--and he drives them crazy.."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 10/3/98 David Brown "In a fiery oration Friday night, Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman compared the effort at impeaching President Clinton to the Boston Tea Party, declaring, "It's war." He predicted that investigations of Clinton ultimately could lead to revealing "what happened with the transfer of missile technology to the Chinese." "We are re-creating the beauty of the American dream," the Washington, D.C.-based attorney said. "In a legal way, we are taking the tea and throwing it overboard." .The sex scandal is "important" but it "has triggered an opening of far greater scandals," including misuse of FBI files by White House personnel and alleged fund-raising violations, he told about 200 people at Pop Edwards Restaurant. "We seized (the sex scandal) as an opportunity to put these matters in front of the American public," he said. "We have started a national debate on what it means to tell the truth. "Now that Congress has an interest ... we seized the opportunity to broaden the debate. "Our goal is to completely remove the corruption in the administration and to set an example so it never happens again," he said He said no American citizen is safe from Clinton's "secret police" who use "Gestapo-like tactics" to create a "totalitarian state" that intimidates the administration's enemies.."

Arriana Huffington 10/2/98 "President Clinton, according to Newsweek, blames the media for ``driving the impeachment train.'' It's the stupid media, stupid. In fact, what the media are driving is the obsessive coverage of this scandal -- not just at the expense of all other issues, but at the expense of all other scandals. We would expect important issues -- like health care, education and Social Security -- to be overshadowed by cigars, thong underwear and spunky dresses. But what the last eight months have made clear is that even other scandals, some of them quite juicy, cannot compete with this scandal.."

Philadelphia Daily News 10/2/98 Shaun Mullen "Each are referred to in Starr report documents as "Jane Doe." All four talked to Paula Jones' lawyers for her lawsuit. All were deposed later by the special prosecutor. All are said to have had sex with Bill Clinton. All are maintaining low profiles. They are: * Juanita Broaddrick... * Dolly Kyle Browning.. * Beth Gladden Coulson. State troopers assigned to Clinton when he was governor said he made about five daytime visits to the woman's home when her husband, an Arkansas oil company executive, wasn't around. Both deny the allegation. Clinton named her to an unexpired term on the state appeals court in 1987 when she was 32, prompting complaints that she lacked legal experience. She was defeated when she ran for reelection. Marilyn Jo Jenkins. Clinton visited the Arkansas utility company official at her apartment at least 10 times when he was governor, according to the troopers. She visited Clinton at the governor's mansion at least four times between the 1992 election and his inauguration, including a 5:15 a.m. visit the day he left Little Rock for Washington, according to one trooper. Both Jenkins and Clinton characterize the visits as innocent.. Then there's Elizabeth Ward Gracen."

AP 10/2/98 Larry Margasak "House Democrats today proposed to end any impeachment inquiry by Nov. 25 and provide an option for censuring President Clinton. Democrats announced their proposal -- a measure highly unlikely to make it past the majority Republicans -- even as the House Judiciary Committee was making public a second batch of materials from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/2/98 Carl Bearden "Many are fed up with the coverage of the president's troubles with "that woman - Monica Lewinsky." We are fed up with the Clinton administration turning its hired guns loose on the hearts and minds of the American people. Among the casualties have been innocent people and the truth. It is remarkable that Bill Clinton's spin doctors appear to have convinced many Americans to ignore their own eyes and ears and conclude that Kenneth Starr is a partisan villain. Prior to his selection as independent counsel, Starr had a sterling reputation built up over an entire career as a fair, reasonable and diligent judge. He had previously been selected by both Democrats and Republicans to investigate Republican Sen. Robert Packwood's sexual improprieties, which ultimately led to Packwood's resignation and the loss of a Republican seat in the Senate..Rep. Henry Hyde, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has acted with a sense of professionalism and integrity despite the personal attacks against him. It is not even necessarily in the Republicans' best interests to remove Clinton from office, allowing Vice President Al Gore to establish himself as an incumbent prior to the 2000 election. What we have really been seeing is Clinton war room tactics to portray the Republicans as partisan in an effort to derail constitutional proceedings."

Sun-Sentinel 10/2/98 William Gibson "Now comes the time, in this dark season of personal trouble, for President Clinton to look to his closest friends and political allies for support, forgiveness and solidarity in the face of potential impeachment. The president will have to rely on people he has let down many times before. While basking in the adoration of millions of voters and some star-struck hangers-on like Monica Lewinsky, Clinton has never been known for his personal loyalty. Unlike former President Ronald Reagan, who stuck with his tarnished pals to a fault, Clinton has had disposable friends. Liberal backers saw him retreat from their causes. Democrats in Congress felt betrayed when he made deals with Republicans. Defenders of his conduct have had to withstand denials, admissions and waves of apologies. Once they became controversial, a few Clinton appointees were quickly yanked or left to swim alone in treacherous waters. It's been tough being Bill's friend, and yet today he needs all the friends he can find."

King Features Syndicate 10/1/98 Charley Reese "Well, now you know. William Jefferson Clinton is, as Sen. Bob Kerry, D-Neb., said, one "unusually good liar." I'd say he's a world-class liar. I've never seen anybody else who can lie with such conviction. Now for a pop quiz. You have a man who is proven to have lied to his closest friends and supporters, who ruthlessly manipulated his people to peddle his lies for eight months. Question: On what subjects and on which occasions can you trust him to tell the truth? If you say "none", you get an I for intelligent. If you say "on any occasion," you get an EG for extremely gullible.."

Scripps Howard 10/2/98 Betsy Hart ".Looking at their (Feminist Groups) agenda on their own terms the bottom line is that they are willing to sacrifice untold numbers of individual women for what is to them the greater good of so-called women's issues. The president has used and abused countless women, even apart from those with whom he's had any illicit sexual relationship. Most important he's utterly humiliated his wife, whether or not she is a partner with him in this crime, and his daughter. Then there are the women he's lied to, hiding behind their skirts and using them as flaks to lie to the press and the American people on his behalf. Women like Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, whose appointment by the president the feminists once claimed as an example of his high regard for women. Countless other women may now find it's a different world out there when dealing with men on sexual matters in the workplace... So now look for most sexual harassment law, which the feminists themselves virtually wrote, to in effect be thrown out the window...In so defending such a man the sisters have shown they are willing to sacrifice any notion that women should be treated by men with honor, respect and honesty, much less as their equals. In effect the sisters have denied the personal dignity of women everywhere, all for the lofty goal of keeping partial-birth abortion legal.."


MSNBC 10/2/98 Lucianne Goldberg 7/17/98 Testimony ".GOLDBERG advised the book was about the Travel Office matter, "Filegate" and other things going on in the White House Counsel's Office..TRIPP was convinced she would be called to testify and that no one would believe her. TRIPP reminded GOLDBERG that CLINTON's attorney, ROBERT BENNETT, had already called TRIPP a liar. TRIPP told GOLDBERG that TRIPP pleaded with the young woman to tell CLINTON that TRIPP knew about their relationship. TRIPP felt this would cause CLINTON to settle the JONES case, freeing TRIPP from having to testify TRIPP advised that, if the information she had got out, it would be explosive.. TRIPP did not want to tape the calls as she thought it was "sleazy." GOLDBERG told TRIPP that the "machine" would destroy TRIPP unless TRIPP had irrevocable proof. TRIPP felt she was being betrayed by the young woman..GOLDBERG advised that a week prior to TRIPP going to Independent Counsel KENNETH STARR's office, TRIPP took a tape mentioning VERNON JORDAN to TRIPP's attorney, KIRBY BEHRE. According to TRIPP, BEHRE went "ballistic," because BEHRE had told TRIPP to stop taping phone calls from her home in Maryland, BEHRE said he was going to call BENNETT and get BENNETT to settle the JONES case. TRIPP said that BEHRE said she could go to jail. GOLDBERG eventually came up with JIM MOODY, and recommended him to TRIPP. After meeting with TRIPP, MOODY took a letter to BEHRE, indicating BEHRE was being dismissed by TRIPP and MOODY was now representing TRIPP. The letter was signed by TRIPP. BEHRE apparently said he needed seventy-two hours to finish typing transcripts to all the tapes.GOLDBERG advised that when she recently was quoted saying that LINDA TRIPP knew who prepared the "talking points," she was misquoted. GOLDBERG advised that she was on the show "Hardball," hosted by CHRIS MATTHEWS. Also appearing on the show was MATT DRUDGE. GOLDBERG said that she could not imagine that TRIPP does not know who prepared the talking points. When asked by MATTHEWS if she knew and if so, how she knew. When GOLDBERG did not answer, MATTHEWS filled in that GOLDBERG heard a tape. DRUDGE picked up on it and ran with the story the following day.."

Scripps Howard News Service 10/2/98 Joan Lowy "House Judiciary Committee members said Friday they will ask independent counsel Kenneth Starr to tell them if he has come up with any grounds for impeaching President Clinton beyond the Monica Lewinsky affair. Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde, R-Ill., has agreed to a request from Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, the ranking Democrat on the committee, that they ask Starr for ``a clear indication'' whether he will be referring further potential impeachable offenses to the House."

MSNBC 10/1/98 Deposition of Kathleen Estep (therapist for Monica Lewinsky) ".LEWINSKY's first appointment with LEWINSKY was on November 9, 1996. At their first meeting, LEWINSKY said there was something she would not tell ESTEP. LEWINSKY said she would tell ESTEP everything but that one thing. ESTEP found that intriguing. During this first meeting, LEWINSKY advised she was depressed because she had terminated a pregnancy. LEWINSKY went into details of her relationship with someone other than the President, who was the father of the child and with whom LEWINSKY had a short relationship..ESTEP recalls LEWINSKY saying her mother and aunt told her that LEWINSKY was one of many women CLINTON is involved with and they questioned his sincerity.LEWINSKY said they kissed, she performed oral sex on CLINTON and that he fondled her breasts..ESTEP thinks LEWINSKY said that CLINTON called in the middle of the night. ESTEP thinks LEWINSKY went to the White House in the middle of the night that night..ESTEP said LEWINSKY mentioned that, on one occasion, CLINTON was brought to LEWINSKY's apartment by the United States Secret Service at approximately 2 a.m. ESTEP advised that this is the only thing she can recall about that. ESTEP recalls thinking LEWINSKY may have made this up because the scenario of the President doing that seemed so incredible. Other than this one instance, ESTEP felt LEWINSKY was credible and well- grounded.."

Progressive Review 10/2/98 Sam Smith "After weeks of demonizing Linda Tripp, it's going to be interesting to see how the media handles news that Monica Lewinsky offered Linda Tripp money to lie in the Paula Jones case. According to AP, Lewinsky said, "I would be indebted to you for life. . .I would write you a check for the entire portion (of a condominium) I own in Australia." AP also said Monica told Tripp "Telling the truth could get you in trouble. I don't know why you would want to do that." . . .Perhaps most interesting is the line, "As long as you say it didn't happen, it didn't happen." If that sounds familiar, here's why. Talking to Genifer Flowers in an earlier sex stress management discussion, Clinton said "if they ever hit you with it, just say no and go on. There's nothing they can do....if everybody is on record denying it, no problem." ."

Newhouse News Service 10/2/98Joseph T. Hallinan "Testimony released Friday by Congress shows that Secret Service agents stayed close enough to protect President Clinton from assassins, but not, apparently, from himself. Despite suspicions that Monica Lewinsky and the president were having an affair, the officers routinely cleared the her appearance at the White House, at times even betting on how long it would take before the president met the former intern in the Oval Office. Yet his safety, they testified, was never compromised.."

AP 10/2/98 "Excerpts from Betty Currie's testimony before the grand jury on Jan. 28, 1998: . Q: While Ms. Lewinsky was an intern, do you ever remember her being in the area - the immediate area - of the Oval Office? CURRIE: I don't personally remember, but the likelihood is great. They do carry papers back and forth. ... CURRIE: Ms. Lewinsky came by the office I remember once as an intern, when she brought the President some pizza during the budget crisis.....Q: Okay. After Ms. Lewinsky left the White House and she was employed at the Pentagon - CURRIE: Mm-hmm. Q: Did she maintain contact with the President? CURRIE: After Ms. Lewinsky left the White House, yes....Q: On the occasions when the President and Ms. Lewinsky were in the Oval Office by themselves, approximately how long were they by themselves in the Oval Office, on average? CURRIE: If I had to give a guesstimate, sir, I'd say 15 to 20 minutes. ... Q: In our meetings the last several days, you've said you remembered two specific occasions that Ms. Lewinsky and the President were alone together. Do you remember them today , and can you describe them to the grand jurors, please.."

AP 10/2/98 Deb Riechmann "It happened quickly. One minute prosecutors were asking Monica Lewisky's mother if her daughter had ever called Hillary Rodham Clinton ``Babba,'' and the next she was sobbing before the grand jury. After two days of being quizzed about her daughter's affair with President Clinton, Marcia Lewis' emotional strength was sapped. She told prosecutors she'd never heard her daughter call the first lady that, but acknowledged that in her own family, ``Babba'' was a term used for grandmother. Then she started to cry.."

Scripps Howard News Service 10/2/98 Michael Hedges "Investigative documents released Friday paint a vivid portrait of deceit -- ranging from President Clinton's efforts to mislead his wife and closest friends, to the betrayal of Monica Lewinsky by her friend Linda Tripp, and Secret Service agents speculating that Clinton was having a half dozen affairs. The documents give a voyeuristic look into the mind of Monica Lewinsky during and after the affair with Clinton. And they give the most candid view yet of a White House in turmoil and confusion as the scandal broke and the president denied any wrongdoing. Key evidence that may become important in potential impeachment hearings include:-- Lewinsky told Tripp that she had been ordered to lie about the affair and urged Tripp to do the same. ``What he has told me is there is no way to get caught in perjury in a situation like this,'' Lewinsky said...Clinton's long time adviser Bruce Lindsey continued to refuse to answer grand jury questions about whether he helped hide the affair even after Clinton admitted an ``inappropriate relationship.''.Large sections of the tape transcript released Friday were blacked out, especially when Lewinsky described her sexual phone games with Clinton. In one, Lewinsky told Tripp about consummating phone sex with Clinton merely by talking about her trip to Bosnia. ``Now what does that tell you?'' Tripp offered. ``Your voice can do it.''.."

Freeper EyesWideOpen gives an eyewitness account of Teamsters attack on anti-Clinton protestors in Philadelphia ".Well, it seems the TEAMSTER thugs didn't care too much for his (Physicist) sign and proceeded to rip it out of his hands and break it up. Physiscist hand was slightly cut during the incident. As he proclaimed upon showing his hand to me: "I have bled for my country!" Little did we know the night had only begun..As a Clinton protester walked into the mob, they began to shove him. He was with his sister. Then, they tore the sign out of his hands. The anti-Clinton protester had some words. Then, the TEAMSTERS attacked him. He quickly fell to the ground, as the TEAMSTERS kicked and punched him. His sister, in an effort to help him, layed on top of him. He got up from the attack with a deep gash on his face and was completely dazed from the attack. He was quickly shuffled about 20 feet away by the police. About 10 cameras and 15 reporters followed him and interviewed him shortly thereafter with blood still running down his face. Johhny Morris, the head of the TEAMSTER UNION who appeared half-drunk himself, , then started takling to the media about the incident. He said that the "anti-Clinton forces provoked the attack" and that "The TEAMSTERS will do whatever it takes to defend this President."."

AP 10/2/98 "In a final salvo before a vote on impeachment hearings, the House on Friday released 4,600 pages of evidence that meticulously detail President Clinton's efforts to contain the Monica Lewinsky scandal as it erupted. ``It was not good,'' Oval Office secretary Betty Currie told the grand jury, recounting a midnight phone call she received from the president in which he warned that a news story about his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky was about to emerge. The evidence also lays bare Pentagon worker Linda Tripp's efforts to coach Ms. Lewinsky about her relationship with Clinton - all the while secretly recording their conversations on tapes that would be turned over to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. The evidence depicts Clinton sending Mrs. Currie on a mad-dash effort to page and call Ms. Lewinsky late at night as the story was breaking. ``Do you think you can reach Monica, see what's happening?'' the president asked. He also awakened his closest confidant Bruce Lindsey, who refused to tell the grand jury what he and the president discussed that night.The transcripts suggest that Mrs. Currie was precise in her recall of key events when she first was interviewed by FBI agents Jan. 24, but in later grand jury testimony became more uncertain. At one point in a grand jury appearance, Mrs. Currie was repeatedly pressed by prosecutors to confirm that Ms. Lewinsky had told her, ``As long as no one saw us - and no one did - then nothing happened.'' Without answering, Mrs. Currie asked if she could step outside for a moment and the jury's foreperson told her, ``You are reminded you are under oath.''."

Tripp Tapes 10/2/98 October 16, 1997 " MRS. TRIPP: If he -- if he is at all involved, this is right up his alley, too. He's got more connections in industry and every other thing than you can imagine. MS. LEWINSKY: Along with the ((WORDS DELETED)) too. MRS. TRIPP: Well ((WORD DELETED)) he's amazing. So between the two of them, he can --MS. LEWINSKY: Well, see, I don't really think -- I'm going to tell him that I don't think Erskine should have anything to do with this. I don't think anybody who works there should. MRS. TRIPP: I don't see how that's -- how that's a problem. MS. LEWINSKY: Because look at what happened with Webb Hubbell. I'm just saying --MRS. TRIPP: Oh, please. MS. LEWINSKY: I'm just saying --MRS. TRIPP. (Sigh)MS. LEWINSKY: You know? MRS. TRIPP: Yeah, but this isn't -- are you -- are you telling me that you think Erskine doesn't place people every day of the week? I mean, come on. That's how networking works.."

Tripp Tapes 10/2/98 "MRS. TRIPP: Well, let me put it to you this way. By hanging up and saying you're telling your parents and then hanging up the phone, you're saying a whole hell of a lot more than you could ever do in a 20-minute conversation. MS. LEWINSKY: I know. (tape skip) (inaudible) my mom will kill me if I don't tell him -- make it clear at some point that I'm not going to hurt him, because -- see my mom's big fear is that he's going to send somebody out to kill me. MRS. TRIPP: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. MS. LEWINSKY: So -- MRS. TRIPP: Shut up. MS. LEWINSKY: Well, that's what she thinks. MRS. TRIPP: Oh, my God. Don't even say such an asinine thing. He's not that stupid. He's an arrogant ((word deleted)) but he's not that stupid. MS. LEWINSKY: Well, you know, accidents happen.."

Freeper Hobbit reports 10/2/98 "According to Nightline, the transcripts said the Prosecutors asked Sid what he knew of the talking points, where he heard they originated from, and would he disseminate them himself. There was no sign of Starr pressuring him to tell him who he has spoken to in the media. And yet outside the courthouse he absolutely LIED and told the public that the prosecutors were only there to DEMAND that he tell them whether he had spoken to all the major media sources by name. When in fact he was the one who volunteered to the Procecutors who in the media by name he had spoken to. Also he ate up time in the GJ by asking to speak with his lawyer more times than a little boy asking to go to the bathroom in school.."

Washington Post 10/3/98 Juliet Eilperin Guy Gugliotta "The chief Republican investigator for the House Judiciary Committee will expand the current list of 11 possible grounds for the impeachment of President Clinton with new counts focusing on witness tampering, obstruction of justice and making false statements under oath, an informed source said yesterday. During Monday's scheduled committee hearing, investigator David P. Schippers plans to name former White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky as a co- conspirator in efforts to obstruct justice, the source said. He will cite other co-conspirators without naming them. While adding more counts to the list proposed by independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, Schippers plans to drop one of Starr's 11 counts, the source said. He will omit references to a presidential claim of executive privilege cited by Starr as evidence of abuse of power. Schipper believes the question of executive privilege is more the province of the judicial branch than Congress, the source said, asking "Who decides what's a frivolous privilege?" ."

FoxNews Tripp Tapes 10/2/98 ".TRIPP: ...Don't say `drop dead', or he'll send the Secret Service. LEWINSKY: I know."

FoxNews Tripp Tapes 10/2/98 ".MR. PYKE: Well, then, wouldn't there be logs showing her being over there?... TRIPP: I mean, yes, there are ... But the excuse and the justification will be that she is being mentored by his secretary... MR. PYKE: And of course, the secretary will cover, create a different story. TRIPP: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. As a matter of fact, I don't believe there's a person in the White House who would - who would not lie.."

Washington Post 10/3/98 Peter Baker and Susan Schmidt ".Two of President Clinton's closest confidants grew so alarmed as the first fragmentary reports emerged about his relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky last January that they devised an urgent but futile mission to persuade him to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit to protect his presidency. Grand jury testimony made public yesterday revealed that Washington attorney Vernon E. Jordan Jr. - urged on by White House deputy counsel Bruce R. Lindsey - rushed to the White House barely 36 hours after the president was grilled about Lewinsky by Jones's lawyers in his deposition, but failed to broker an end to the case.."

Washington Times Weekly 9-28 10-4/98 Bill Sammon "LINDA TRIPP is contradicting independent counsel Ken Starr by saying she told the grand jury she believes her former attorney made copies of her taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky, according to a source familiar with the investigation. Mr. Starr said in documents made public Sept 23 that many of the tapes may have been duplicated, and that if Mrs. Tripp "knew of their duplication, then she has lied under oath before the grand jury. The Office of Independent Counsel continues to investigate this matter.."

Minneapolis Star Tribune 10/1/98 John Brandl "..Why do I consider not telling the students that a couple years ago a Humphrey Institute staff member went to Camp David at President Clinton's invitation to help him write the State of the Union address? Why do some members of this year's graduating class who received a Presidential Management Internship not even acknowledge that that is what is taking them to Washington? Why? Because the president has disgraced himself, his office and, indeed, public service.Honor provides a counterweight to the attractiveness of the tawdry. And honor inspires. For good or, in this case, ill, the president is a moral leader for the country. The most inane argument for Clinton staying in office has it that if this affair drives him out then surely others will not wish to serve in public office. Who would be attracted to politics if Clinton resigns? Honorable people, one would expect. The greatest contribution he could make to the country in the rest of his life would be to resign now, to show that public service is noble work, that honor lives."

Reagan Information Interchange 9/30/98 Mary Mostert on Alan Keyes and Crossfire ".Fortunately, Crossfire had also invited a representative of the 10% of the black population who was probably more horrified than I was. Asked how he would "explain" the 90% black support for Clinton, Alan Keyes retorted, "I don't try to explain figures that come out of these polls, because I don't accept the poll. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that these phony polls really reflect anything that is really going on in the country. These phony opinion polls are like the oracles of ancient Greece and anybody who pays attention to them will be getting as reliable a response as the ancient pagans used to get from the oracles. They are phony. They exist only to manipulate expectations. "And, today, the expectation they want to manipulate is the expectation that, sadly, seems to be confirmed by the brainwashed Step-and-Fetch-It morally depraved like Tony Morrison. That is to say, an adulterous, lying, president who has betrayed his marriage vows, his oath to his country, who has sullied the Oval Office with the unbridled inability to control his lust for the sake of his promises and his country - SHE says that is typically black? "Apparently she didn't know my father. He was a soldier for 33 years and never disrespected his oath. He was somebody who raised his family, his children, to respect the truth and if he thought we DIDN'T respect the truth, he would beat us if thought we deserved it. "And, my mother - somebody who was somebody who actually respected God, and had faith in God and believed that his commandments were something you should respect. THAT is typically black as far as I'm concerned - the God fearing, law abiding, disciplined, family centered, hard working black people in this country. An adulterous, lying, manipulative president is not black in thinking." By then Bob Johnson was stammering, Bill Press was white-faced, Bob Novak was trying to keep a straight face and I was congratulating myself for having voted for Alan Keyes for President in the 1996 California primary.."

New York Times 10/1/98 Lizette Alvarez "David Schippers, chief investigator on the House Judiciary Committee, and his boss, Rep. Henry Hyde, bowed their heads together at a ceremony in Cleveland three years ago and left church a pair of papal knights..But President Clinton could do much worse than Schippers, a salty Chicagoan whose Democratic bloodline runs hard through a clan of police captains and firefighters, and, most recently, a "radical feminist" daughter. "When I say I'm a Democrat, that is not a title," he said, clearly relishing his role as outsider on the committee, "that is a commitment." .The fact that Schippers was the man chosen to face off against Clinton, a president he voted for twice, was a curious stroke on the part of Hyde and Republican leaders, who hope, against most odds, to maintain at least the veneer of bipartisanship during the inquiry. So far, the proceedings have been chiefly marked by raw party disputes, and Schippers has had little power to intervene.It is Schippers' task, as well as Lowell's, to analyze the evidence and determine whether Starr's case is legally sound, leaving it up to the committee to decide whether to go forward with impeachment..From the start, Schippers chose to ignore Washington's stable of lawyers and criminal investigators, bringing with him a team of specialists from Chicago, including former prosecutors, agents from the FBI and Internal Revenue Service, and the current tactical sergeant for the Chicago Police Department. He also brought his son on board as a lawyer, which left him open to charges of nepotism."

Reagan Information Interchange 10/1/98 Mary Mostert "."What (said person) did,...was he used the powers of his office to delay, impede, obstruct the investigation of (crime). He covered up and concealed the (crime) by those who did it. He misused government agencies to conceal the extent of the crimes that had been committed. He obstructed the investigations that were then undertaken to determine what the facts were. He abused his authority by obtaining confidential information from the (government agency), which he then misused in violation of the constitutional rights of American citizens. He misused the FBI, the Secret Service to conduct (violations) of American citizens. He maintained a secret unit in the White House to violate the constitutional rights of citizens and refused to provide information in a timely way to Congress,..." ."

Reagan Information Interchange 10/1/98 Mary Mostert ".If you smile while telling a lie, does that make lying not a lie? It appears that the defenders of Bill Clinton believe that and think the American people believe it too. Yesterday, in the last major Press Conference that Mike McCurry will hold before leaving the White House, he was asked:.Q Mike, one of the articles of impeachment against Nixon was lying to the American people. Do you not see a parallel there? And McCurry offered the following bald-faced denial of parallel: MR. MCCURRY: What Richard Nixon did, as the House Judiciary Committee looked at it, was he used the powers of his office to delay, impede, obstruct the investigation of an unlawful entry into the opposition party's political headquarters. He covered up and concealed the scope of the unlawful entry by those who did it. He misused government agencies to conceal the extent of the crimes that had been committed. He obstructed the investigations that were then undertaken to determine what the facts were. He abused his authority by obtaining confidential information from the Internal Revenue Service, which he then misused in violation of the constitutional rights of American citizens. He misused the FBI, the Secret Service to conduct unlawful wiretapping of American citizens. He maintained a secret unit in the White House to violate the constitutional rights of citizens and refused to provide information in a timely way to Congress, in contempt of Congress. So there's no parallel whatsoever.."

Freeper Wade the News Consultant reports 10/1/98 ".What will cost BC the presidency, and since he refuses to take the easy way out, will cost him any hope of redemption by more than 20% of the people living east of California, is the other more important issues coming down shortly. Judge Starr still has two sitting Grand Juries, DC and the Northern VA Rocket Docket. They are not sitting without purpose. They will return indictments of a number of people, especially involving intimidation of witnesses (Wiley, etc.) Hillary could easily be a target. In addition, there are still the China Intel sales problems and the Panama Canal issue (and that has not even hit the mainstream media yet.) .DOJ types see Clinton gone within 4 months. More later."

New York Post 10/1/98 "ANOTHER woman has surfaced in the Clinton Scandals who has even more trouble than Monica Lewinsky in keeping her stories straight. Jaunita Broaddrick, 54, apparently had told friends in Arkansas that Bill Clinton had raped her in 1978, when he was state attorney general and she was a volunteer in his campaign for governor. Dick Morris, during an appearance Monday on Hannity & Colmes' Fox News show, said he doubted a 20-year-old allegation would cause Clinton any further difficulty. Rape trials are very problematic, Morris said. It was date rape if it was anything. He didn't jump out of the bushes with a knife. Look at Willie Kennedy Smith. The difficulty in proving that stuff is enormous - especially after 10 years. In addition, Broaddrick has lost her credibility as a witness, having changed her story at least twice.."

USA Today 10/1/98 Judy Keen and Wendy Koch "Tripp took and passed the test on Sunday, said Paul Minor, who administered it. He was the FBI polygraph coordinator and chief polygraph examiner from 1978 to 1987..Tripp has immunity from prosecution, but it does not cover perjury..

World Net Daily EZINE 10/1/98 Joe Farah "While the Monica Lewinsky scandal is obscuring far greater crimes of the Clinton administration, there are many elements of this affair that serve to raise the deeper questions Congress should be facing in any inquiry of impeachment. The latest development in the story has Lewinsky telling Linda Tripp on tape that "I wouldn't cross these people for fear of my life.'' For fear of her life. Now, why would a former White House intern once amorously attached to the president of the United States fear for her life if she crossed "these people"? Obviously, Monica Lewinsky understands the way things work in the Clinton White House better than most Americans. That's what's so scary about this statement -- especially when you consider the long trail of unexplained deaths associated with Bill Clinton. Others have expressed similar concerns. I think of Luther "Jerry" Parks, the former head of security for Clinton, who moonlighted by keeping tabs on the would-be president's comings and goings for Hillary. He kept incriminating photos and tapes of Clinton. When Vincent Foster turned up dead in Fort Marcy Park in 1993, Parks told his wife he was "a dead man." A few weeks later, he was gunned down -- execution-style -- on the streets outside Little Rock. I think of Jim McDougal, the man who started the Whitewater scandal by implicating Clinton in his illegal banking and real estate dealings. He said last year he didn't expect to leave prison alive. Sure enough, he died under mysterious circumstances in a Texas facility a few months later.."

10/1/98 Dick Morris "THERE comes a time in the life of a presidential scandal when the cure becomes more potentially lethal to the president than the disease ever was. In legal terms, the cover-up becomes more of an issue than the misdeed it is covering up. As in Watergate, the Clinton scandals are entering this critical phase. First, there was the sex itself. People have always been willing to forgive that. Then there was the perjury, encouraging others to lie, the deceiving of a nation. Two-thirds of the American people clearly do not want to see the president removed even for these crimes. But now the scandal enters a new phase as evidence emerges of a systematic campaign to intimidate, frighten, threaten, discredit and punish innocent Americans whose only misdeed is their desire to tell the truth in public. Increasingly, it will be only these actions and these activities which pose a genuine threat to the ability of President Clinton to remain in office. He has survived the disease. Can he now survive the cure? Beginning as early as 1990, Clinton surrounded himself with detectives and negative-research specialists who collectively have become a kind of secret police force to protect his interests. Consider the public evidence of their possible activities:."

Landmark Legal Foundation 10/1/98 "Landmark Legal Foundation today filed a formal request with House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt asking him to remove House Judiciary Committee Chief Minority Counsel Abbe Lowell from his post. Landmark President Mark R. Levin said, "Gephardt's hiring of Lowell castes substantial doubt on his stated desire for a fair and nonpartisan impeachment process. Landmark is providing considerable evidence to Gephardt detailing Lowell's widespread political affiliations and his law firm's representation of numerous clients associated with the Clinton-Gore campaign-finance scandal. At a minimum, this creates an appearance of a conflict of interest by Lowell and may help explain why committee Democrats seek to exclude the campaign-finance scandal from any impeachment inquiry." ."

Washington Times 10/1/98 John McCaslin ".Talk about a tough job. How would you like to be the poor soul at the White House assigned the sordid task of sifting through President Clinton's fan mail? Take this letter, which arrived at the White House just this week, obviously not sent by one of the 68 percent of Americans who "approve" of the job our president is doing: "Dear Mr. President, "My wife and I have never talked to our children about politics, presidents, or the scandal that is currently enveloping our nation. I was curious to see what kind of impact you have made on our children and asked my 6-year-old daughter who Bill Clinton is. 'The president,' she said. "Prompting her to see if she knew anything else I asked, 'And?' -- and she responded, 'A liar.' "Thank you, Mr. President, for caring about our children. "Sincerely, Stoney G. deGeyter."."

Creator's Syndicate Tony Snow 9/24/98 " Here we are, nearly six years into the Clinton presidency, trying to figure out what kind of man we elected twice to democracy's highest office. A telling clue lurks in a tale told years ago by an Arkansas state trooper to David Brock. The trooper recalled that the president decided to court Paula Jones because the lass had drawn him into her clutches by projecting a "come-hither look." Years later, testifying before the grand jury impaneled by Kenneth Starr, the president declared that he hadn't had sex with another person, but merely with a pair of lips that happened to be attached to Monica Lewinsky. In both cases, William Jefferson Clinton described his sex life in odd, passive terms -- as if he were at best an observer. One infers from his comments that he regards himself as a target, an object of women's adorations and lusts. He is not Lothario. He is a machine through which lonely women process their harlequin dreams.."

Universal Press Syndicate Maggie Gallagher 10/1/98 "Clinton supporters are attempting to define the impeachment question thusly: Did President Clinton's conduct threaten our constitutional form of government? So Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., suggested on TV this week that judges who serve on "good behavior" may be removed for committing merely personal crimes, but that presidents are different. Excuse me, could somebody get that wad of spin out of my ear? I can't believe that I am hearing a public official actually making the claim that the president, who is immune from ordinary criminal processes such as indictment, can't be impeached for committing a felony."

Wall Street Journal Phil Kuntz 10/1/98 "Congress's top Democrats got on the phone with President Clinton recently to deliver a blunt message to the man whose fate they eventually will help decide: We need money. The Democrats' shaky electoral prospects, the members said, could worsen without a quick infusion of cash..Given the dynamics of the situation, congressional aides familiar with the conversation say, the president really couldn't say no. The reason: He knows electing more Democrats could help save him from being forced from office. And Republicans have an overwhelming fund-raising advantage..

AP 10/1/98 "Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr lacks evidence to support a major claim in his potential impeachment grounds against President Clinton, Democratic lawyers contend in an analysis prepared in advance of next week's vote on beginning a formal inquiry.Starr alleges that Clinton tried to obstruct justice by helping Monica Lewinsky find a job in New York while the former White House intern was being asked for testimony in Paula Jones' sexual harassment case against the president. But lawyers sympathetic to Clinton argue in an unsigned eight-page report, "The evidence makes it clear that Ms. Lewinsky's desire to leave Washington arose long before her involvement in the Jones case, and that the president provided her only modest assistance.".

Bill Bennett THE DEATH OF OUTRAGE 10/1/98 ".Earlier this year Dick Morris, President Clinton's longtime political advisor and confidant, who in 1996 was embroiled in a sex scandal of his own, appeared on CNBC's "Equal Time" and had this to say about the 1992 Presidential campaign:.In Morris's words, there was "a Nixonian pattern here of using federal money to hire private investigators to investigate innocent private citizens to develop blackmail material to compromise them to get them to lie under oath." According to Morris, the operation was run by Jack Palladino, a San Francisco attorney who heads one of the nation's most successful private investigative firms. Elsewhere Morris has described "a kind of secret police going on here that goes back to the 1992 Democratic primary campaign that's simply revolting. It is absolutely chilling." There is more. Democrat William Bradley, who has advised (among others) Gary Hart and Jerry Brown, has said that no other Democrat in his memory has made such extensive use of investigative firms as has Bill Clinton. According to Bradley, "A principal figure in this secret operation is Terry Lenzner, on of the most powerful and dreaded private investigators in the world . . . Lenzner's work for Clinton goes back at least to 1991."

Drudge 10/1/98 "LOS ANGELES TIMES: WHITE HOUSE GIVES APPROVAL FOR CENSURE; HOPES DOLE WILL CONVINCE CONGRESS ... MORE ... The paper is set to report that leading the censure movement is Lloyd Cutler, former White House counsel ! "Democrats working with Cutler include former Sen. George Mitchell of Maine and Leon E. Panetta, former Clinton chief of staff." ... MORE"

AP 10/1/98 " In a Jan. 13 conversation with Linda Tripp taped by the FBI, Monica Lewinsky said she was being urged to be untruthful in the Paula Jones sexual harassment and told Mrs. Tripp, ``I would write you a check'' if she did likewise. ``I would be indebted to you for life ... I would write you a check for the entire portion'' of a condominium ``I own in Australia,'' Ms. Lewinsky told her friend in a conversation captured on an FBI body wire worn by Mrs. Tripp.Ms. Lewinsky is quoted on the tape as saying she was told by others that regarding her relationship with Clinton ``as long as you say it didn't happen, it didn't happen.'' ."

AP 10/2/98 ".According to excerpts read to The Associated Press from a transcript of a Jan. 13 conversation captured on an FBI body wire, Monica Lewinsky made the following comments to Linda Tripp:. -Referring to someone else: ``What he has showed me is there is no way to get caught in perjury in a situation like this.'' .-''And like he also promised me a job anywhere I wanted to work, didn't he.'' In the transcript, the words ``didn't he'' are a statement, not a question.."

Freeper reports on LA Times 10/2/98 Jack Nelson "Picking up the story from the point Drudge left off . . ." the president, according to a senior aide, was ``strongly encouraged'' by Dole's comments at a recent meeting with Clinton at the White House. Dole, the aide said, told Clinton that while Republicans would move ahead with impeachment proceedings, they ``won't do anything to hurt the country.'' "."

Washington Post 10/2/98 Editorial "THE LIMITS that House Judiciary Committee Democrats have suggested imposing on the panel's forthcoming impeachment inquiry are mostly bad ideas that the Republicans are right to resist. The Democrats say their only goal is to keep the inquiry from being turned into a fishing expedition. No doubt that is a risk, but with one possible exception, the limits they were still discussing yesterday would create greater risks in the opposite direction of obfuscation and delay. The Republicans, if they abuse the impeachment process, will suffer mightily -- and deservedly -- in terms of precisely the public opinion that they seek to influence. Our guess is that the gravity of the task will be a greater discipline on them than any rule..

Washington Times 10/2/98 Richard Grenier "Bill Clinton's most fervent supporters these days are either black or in show business. As Clinton devotees from elite intellectual circles have fallen away -- the Rhodes Scholar-Ivy League crowd -- they've been replaced by the far wealthier Barbra Streisand-Steven Spielberg crowd -- certainly a greater asset when it comes to both publicity and fund raising. There were days in the first Clinton administration when all the talk was about how his life was filled with policy wonks and late-night debates on public policy. Now, as David Brooks noted in the Weekly Standard, the Lincoln bedroom seems filled with a rather different breed -- movie stars.."

Washington Times 10/2/98 Jerry Seper "President Clinton and longtime confidant Vernon E. Jordan Jr. engaged in a continuing dialogue over Monica Lewinsky's potentially damaging role as a witness in the Paula Jones lawsuit, according to Mr. Jordan's previously secret grand jury testimony. The testimony, part of a final batch of as many as 5,000 pages of documents expected to be released as early as Friday by a House committee, contradicts Mr. Clinton's Jan. 17 deposition in the Jones case and his Aug. 17 testimony before the Lewinsky grand jury. In each case, Mr. Clinton testified under oath that he did not know Mr. Jordan and Miss Lewinsky had discussed the case. But Mr. Jordan told the Lewinsky grand jury that he and Mr. Clinton talked numerous times about the case -- both on the telephone and during private meetings at the White House.."

WorldNetDaily 10/2/98 John Doggett "In 1991 liberals tried to destroy Clarence Thomas because they did not want a "black conservative" U. S. Supreme Court justice. When they couldn't defeat him on the merits of his qualifications, they falsely accused him of sexual harassment. Now, the same people who said Clarence Thomas was unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice say we should keep a confirmed liar and sexual pervert as our president. Clarence upset many liberals when he said that he was the victim of a "high tech" lynching. However, if you look at the facts, it's hard to come to any other conclusion. Both Clarence and Bill are Yale Law graduates. Bill Clinton did things that they never even accused Clarence of. Nevertheless, while the liberals continue to vilify Clarence, they want us to believe that Bill can do nothing that would justify his removal from office.."

NY Post 10/2/98 Editorial "Bill Clinton isn't the only person in the White House working furiously to devise a rationale to save his political hide in the wake of the Lewinsky mess. Now his wife's spinmeisters have come up with a cover story that makes even less sense than the president's "it wasn't really sex" defense.. This portrait of Hillary-as-victim is necessary for Hillary to maintain her viability within the system. For if she admitted knowing all along what was common knowledge among everyone on the White House staff and the Secret Service - namely that her husband was engaged in "a very serious offense" with a 21-year-old intern - then her public denials were part and parcel of an intentional effort to deceive the American people.."

NY Daily News Online 10/2/98 Timothy Burger "A key House Judiciary Committee Republican says Kenneth Starr's evidence suggests President Clinton committed up to 15 felonies - crimes that would have the average person facing 98 years in prison.. Graham said there were as many as "15 felonies that I've identified in my mind, along with others that would subject the President to 98 years in jail." He ticked off perjury, suborning perjury and obstruction of justice designed to "deny somebody" - in this case Paula Jones - "their fair day in court..But a House GOP source said the Republican Judiciary counsel, David Schippers, will likely make a presentation to the panel that is similar to Graham's assessment of Starr's case. Republicans said they were not eager to expand the inquiry beyond Lewinsky but needed flexibility - and no time limits - if new evidence comes in on other scandals, from Whitewater to Travelgate. "If any credible source submitted additional evidence of possible impeachable offenses," said Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-Va.), it made no sense to "set up a separate independent process or start . . . over again."."

The Oklahoman 10/2/98 Thomas Sowell ".You may be sick and tired of all the talk on talk shows from morning till night. But Starr has never been on any of those shows. Desperate efforts to blame Starr for something, somehow, somewhere, suggest that the hostility to him has been looking for a way to vent itself, without spending a lot of time looking at facts. What then is Kenneth Starr's real crime? He told us the truth when we were satisfied with lies. Nobody wanted to believe anything as ugly as what we now know. Kings used to kill messengers that brought them bad news and polls suggest that the public is not very different. If we didn't want to know, then a special prosecutor should never have been appointed. But to appoint a prosecutor and then blame him for carrying out the duties required by law is childish. Yet Clinton is blamed less for what he did than Starr is for telling us about it.. If your attitude toward a president's violations of the law is "Don't ask, don't tell," then don't appoint a special prosecutor. And don't expect to have a rule of law any more. When lies under oath become acceptable and revealing the truth provokes outrage, we are in big trouble. You'll find out the hard way, as those in power begin to ignore constitutional restrictions on their power."

WorldNetDaily 10/2/98 David Limbaugh "While not conceding that he has engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors, the White House and Democratic pundits are contending that President Clinton should not be impeached, irrespective of whether he has committed impeachable offenses. They argue that impeachment (and conviction) would be wrong for a number of reasons, including that it would thwart the will of the people by overturning his election and ignoring his high approval ratings. They also maintain that his policies are too important to be interrupted by his removal from office. While decrying the Republicans for partisanship and politicizing the process, it is the Democrats who are expediently injecting political issues into what should be a legal matter.. Conspicuously absent from the text of the Constitution and from any of the historical writings explaining it, is a requirement that either the House or the Senate in determining whether to impeach and convict, respectively, weigh the president's perceived performance in office, his current popularity or his policy initiatives against his alleged impeachable offenses..

NewsMax 10/2/98 Carl Limbacher "While most reporters stay focused on the central characters of Ken Starr's impeachment report -- Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp, etc. -- themost explosive new aspect to emerge from the Starr investigation may have to do with a name few Americans are familiar with. In the Starrreport, she is known only as "Jane Doe #5.". Few outside the White House, the OIC, Paula Jones' legal team, and news editors currently keeping this story bottled up know how damaging JaneDoe #5's story really is. For the story that Jane Doe #5, a.k.a. Juanita Broaddrick, no longer denies is the story she told her Arkansas friends years ago: that Bill Clinton, while state attorney general, brutally raped her in a Little Rock hotel room after she had enlisted to work in his first gubernatorial campaign.There were four witnesses who told NBC that Broaddrick had revealed to them years ago that Clinton had brutally raped her in 1978. One was a nurse who told NBC that she tended to Broaddrick after the assault,applying ice to the victim's bruised face and badly swollen lips. It was right after the attack that Broaddrick first revealed the rape, telling the nurse that Clinton had sex with her "against her will," NBC reported. ABC News released a statement from Broaddrick friend PhillipYoakum, who identified the nurse as Norma Rogers.."

Washington Post 10/7/98 Michael Kelly ". The defining moment for what it means to be a Democrat now, in the time of Clinton, sidled quietly onstage this week, on the afternoon of the day when all 16 Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee, in dereliction of their constitutional duty, voted to block an inquiry into whether a president who is of their party had committed impeachable offenses. .This was a Democrat speaking. But Schippers, who ran Attorney General Robert Kennedy's organized crime task force in Chicago, is a Democrat from another time. Every word that Schippers spoke, in his grave and sober and serious report, rested not on the values of any vast right-wing conspiracy, but on what were once the values of a vast (and now almost vanished) Democratic liberalism, a liberalism that knew that it was the office that was sacred, not the man; that it was the law that ruled, not the ruler. That was then, this is now. When Schippers spoke for the sacred law and for the old values, what was the reaction of the Democrats who sat listening to him in that committee room? They rushed to the chairman to complain that such talk was out of order. And Henry Hyde was happy to concede the point; if the Democrats wished to declare themselves opposed to even oratorical support for the rule of law -- why, that would be fine with the Republicans. Hyde ordered Schippers' remarks stricken from the record, and the moment was complete..Abbe Lowell, the chief investigative counsel for the Democrats on the committee, argued the case for the party's new values. The new values are: Law, schmaw. As Lowell explained, even if the president had lied under oath, even if he had obstructed justice, even if he had committed crimes -- it did not matter..This is where the party of Franklin Roosevelt wishes to stand? On the ground that it is permissible -- under certain circumstances, you see -- for a president to lie under oath, to obstruct justice, to break the law? To stand for this is to stand for "nothing but an appetite," to borrow Jesse Jackson's description of what lurked in the core of Clinton's soul. A party that stands for that must fall. "

Manchester Union Leader 10/7/98 Richard Lessner "It would be nice if our men and women in uniform could be confident that, when the President makes a decision to send them into harm's way, he does so solemnly, after due deliberation and in full recognition of the high stakes in blood and lives involved. With Bill Clinton, the National Embarrassment, such confidence is impossible. On one occasion, Nov. 17, 1995, while discussing with a key member of Congress his plan to send American fighting men into war-torn Bosnia, Mr. Clinton was simultaneously being serviced by Monica Lewinsky. Is it too much to expect that an American President, while contemplating sending GIs into possible combat, would give the matter his full and undivided attention?. Was the Lewinsky scandal really "only about sex," as the partisan Democrats huffed Monday when, on a party line vote of the House Judiciary Committee, they opposed even looking into the President's possible misconduct?."

The Washington Times 10/7/98 Greg Pierce ".A grand juror in the sex-and-lies scandal rebuked presidential adviser Sidney Blumenthal for --how shall we put it -- misleading the American people about his earlier testimony. Mr. Blumenthal, after his first appearance before the grand jury last summer, told the awaiting media horde that the prosecutors were mostly interested in his contacts with major newspapers, magazines and television networks. However, as newly released grand jury transcripts show, that never happened. "We had some serious concerns," the forewoman told Mr. Blumenthal. "The work we are doing here is very serious, and the integrity to our work as representatives of the people of the United States of America is very important to us. We are very concerned about the fact that, during your last visit, that an inaccurate representation of the events that happened were retold on the steps of the courthouse." Mr. Blumenthal's response: "I appreciate your statement." The New York Post, in an editorial yesterday, commented: "No wonder the Clintons love Blumenthal. Who else but a liar can so appreciate another liar?" ."

House Judiciary Committee 10/7/98 Letter to Hyde and Conyers 10/7/98 from Kenneth Starr: "I can confirm at this time that matters continue to be under investigation and review by this office. Consequently, I cannot foreclose the possibility of providing the House of Representatives with Additional substantial and credible information arising from those investigations that President William Jefferson Clinton committed acts that may constitute grounds for an impeachment under 28 USC 595 (c)."

Drudge Report 10/6/98 "Jerome Zeifman, chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee at the time of the Nixon impeachment inquiry, says that in 1974, Hillary Rodham wrote a memo urging that President Nixon be denied legal counsel in Watergate hearings! Zeifman made the claim on KIEV radio in Los Angeles on the George Putnum broadcast. In 1974, Mrs. Clinton was one of 43 lawyers on the House Judiciary Committee's special impeachment inquiry staff. "She wrote a memo where she found that there was no legal basis for President Nixon to have legal counsel," Zeifman said on Tuesday. Zeifman charged that Judiciary Committee Chairman Peter Rodino even agreed with Rodham's recommendation. "I told Rodino that I would immediately resign from the committee if Hillary's advice was followed," Zeifman explained. "Of course the president deserved to have a lawyer, regardless of what she believed."."

Daily Republican 10-7-98 Amy Williams "Joseph Lockhart, the latest White House spokesman, was under heavy pressure from press journalist's questions when he admitted president Clinton had been heavily involved in contacting House Democrats to urge organized resistance to an open-ended impeachment inquiry voted by the House Judiciary Committee on Monday...Evidence of a widening gulf between Democrats and the White House surfaced after closed door sessions Tuesday, according to congressional sources, as key Democrats openly exhibited the deep divide separating them from the White House agenda on the upcoming vote Thursday. Meanwhile, moderate Democrats announced their plans to support the open ended impeachment protocol. Making matters worse, Lockhart in a desperate move on Tuesday to short circuit the House vote, accused Republicans of seeking " embarrass the president!" It has been learned that president Clinton has been engaging in a last ditch daily effort to obstruct congressional procedures by 'calling in favors' and 'counting votes' he believes are needed to blunt the point of the House impeachment inquiry. The White House strategy is not working. And the president's poll numbers are not translating into Democrat victories in the November. Minority Leader Richard A. Gephardt(D) said at a caucus meeting "... [W]e are falling on our swords for a vote we're going to lose?" ."

Detroit News 10/7/98 Dina ElBoghdady "U.S. Rep. John Conyers, one of the men Democrats are relying on to save President Clinton from impeachment, made exactly the kind of unorthodox remarks Tuesday that make his party leaders nervous. As Clinton seeks forgiveness for his misdeeds, Conyers said, he should also forgive the Iraqi people by lifting U.S.-led economic sanctions against Saddam Hussein's regime. If Clinton does not respond to his request, Conyers vowed to go to the top -- by asking Hillary Rodham Clinton to weigh in. Might as well, the Detroit Democrat said, "we go to her for everything else." Conyers' remarks popped up one day after he led the failed Democratic effort to limit the scope of Clinton impeachment hearings endorsed by the House Judiciary Committee. The comments illustrate why key Democrats privately have fretted about his unpredictable style.."

Chicago Sun-Times 10/7/98 Lynn Sweet "David G. Schippers, the Republicans' chief impeachment counsel, on Tuesday brushed aside a White House defense in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Lewinsky's grand jury testimony that no one ever asked her to lie or promised her a job for her silence was merely a ``term of art,'' with no particular importance, Schippers said. ``I know of a lot of ex-clients of mine who are reposing in various jails who never told someone to lie--they just told them what to say,'' he said.."

AP 10/7/98 Sonya Ross "Trying to build support for her husband, Hillary Rodham Clinton met Wednesday with a group of freshman Democrats but rebuffed their suggestion that President Clinton quit opposing a broad impeachment inquiry by Republicans. The first lady met with about 30 House members who requested the meeting to discuss the Democratic Party's agenda in the November mid-term elections. But when the subject turned to Thursday's House vote on launching an impeachment inquiry, Mrs. Clinton argued on behalf of certain-to-fail alternative Democratic proposal plan an inquiry limited in scope and duration. Some lawmakers complained that embracing that alternative limited inquiry would make things tough for Democrats in vulnerable districts, according to participants in the meeting."

Investor's Business Daily 10/8/98 Robert Gettlin Daniel Murphy "For the third time in U.S. history, the House of Representatives will vote Thursday to begin the constitutional process of removing a president from office. There's little doubt that the Republican-controlled House will launch an open-ended, wide-ranging impeachment investigation of President Clinton. He'll join Richard Nixon and Andrew Johnson as the only presidents among the nation's 42 chief executives to face the possibility of formal ouster.."

Washington Post 10/8/98 Jim Moran "To show that House Republicans are excessively partisan in the incipient impeachment proceedings now before the House, some in my party are engaging in excessive partisanship of their own: They want House Democrats -- as many House Democrats as possible - - to vote along party lines against the impeachment inquiry that was approved late Monday by the Judiciary Committee. By voting no, the theory holds, Democrats will show the nation what a partisan "witch hunt" this really is. After all, one party shouldn't be able to impeach the president on its own. Such an approach is wrong on several counts. First, the paradox of a party-line vote for the purpose of showing our opponents' partisan zeal is not lost on a public that has grown tired of the constant spin and cynicism that infects our politics. On a matter as grave as impeachment, members on both sides of the aisle must feel free to vote their consciences and to follow the will of their constituents. And for Democrats to vote uniformly against the resolution that will set the ground rules for the impeachment hearings will unfairly tag our party as wanting to short-circuit what should be a legitimate search for the truth. It will prevent us in the last three weeks of this election from communicating the president's important message of saving Social Security first, fighting for managed care reform, improving education and protecting our environment."

AP 10/7/98 Gabriel Madway "On the eve of a historic vote in the House, moderate Democrats prodded the White House today to quit opposing the open-ended impeachment inquiry sought by Republicans. President Clinton and his wife both spurned the pleas, officials said."

AP 10/9/98 Terrence Hunt "Historic yes, but Thursday's vote was no surprise. The real suspense comes Nov. 3 when Americans elect a new Congress -- in effect picking the jurors who will hear President Clinton's case and render a verdict. The outcome of that election could draw a road map for the House's impeachment hearings and Clinton's future.."

The Washington Times 10/9/98 Frank Murray "Presidential attorney Robert S. Bennett's extraordinary formal admission that he unknowingly vouched for a lie to a federal judge is severely damaging for President Clinton. Ethics rules governing the Paula Jones sexual misconduct lawsuit raise the prospect that Mr. Bennett could be called to testify under oath about their deepest secrets in the case. "That is devastating to the president, because it penetrates his attorney-client privilege," said former New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Andrew P. Napolitano, who teaches constitutional law at Seton Hall Law School and publicly advised Mr. Bennett two weeks ago to take such a step. "It was legal dynamite, because Mr. Bennett as an officer of the court has determined in his own mind, with many more facts than anyone else has relative to this problem, that Bill Clinton has committed perjury," said Frank Slaby, a Maryland lawyer..."

Boston Globe 10/10/98 Michael Kranish "One day after a historic vote to launch an impeachment inquiry of President Clinton, some GOP members were suggesting that the hearings would focus mostly on whether Clinton was engaged in a coverup, rather than on his sexual relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky. As Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee met privately yesterday to begin developing their strategy for impeachment hearings, there were signals that the Republican-controlled committee is trying to avoid details on the physical nature of the relationship..''That is clearly where they are going,'' former federal prosecutor Joseph diGenova said about focusing on the alleged coverup. ''It makes a lot of sense. The coverup stuff is easier to understand, and it gets away from the unseemly and distasteful aspects of the story.'' .. The clearest sign of this strategy came, diGenova said, when the committee's counsel for the Republicans, David P. Schippers, announced his list of 15 possible impeachable offenses and added the allegation that Clinton and Lewinsky engaged in a coverup. Such a focus also would help Republicans draw parallels to Watergate, in which President Nixon was forced from office largely because of a coverup.."

Tampa Bay Online 10/10/98 "Like the bitterness between the White House and prosecutor Kenneth Starr's office, President Clinton's legal woes and his bills just keep growing. Clinton already faces an impeachment inquiry, but Starr is still at work. There is no settlement yet with Paula Jones. If an independent counsel is appointed to investigate campaign fund raising, the president could well fall within the scope of the inquiry. Clinton's legal bills as of several months ago were $4.5 million, said Peter Lavalee, administrator for the Clinton legal expense trust. That was before Clinton's grand jury testimony admitting an intimate relationship with Monica Lewinsky..Starr has important decisions to make on what to do with his inquiries into the Clintons' Whitewater land deal, on Hillary Rodham Clinton's work for a failing Arkansas savings and loan, on the White House travel office firings and on the FBI files controversy. In addition, Attorney General Janet Reno is investigating whether the president illegally benefited from Democratic advertisements during his 1996 re-election bid. She must decide by early December whether to name an independent counsel. If she does, Clinton would face the dubious distinction of being the first president to be investigated by two separate independent counsels."

Denver Post 10/11/98 Sue O'Brien ".Resignation, in fact, is the purest option. It is, exclusively, in the control of the person who resigns. Had Clinton resigned when he should have - the day he made his disastrous admissions to the grand jury and the nation - it would have been no more, or less, than a personal communication with all the people who have supported him: I've let you down. I've violated your trust. I've been a reckless steward of the ideals we share. That's an honorable transaction in which his dignity, and the nation's, would have been left intact. Had Starr and his congressional allies then pressed forward to indict this newly private citizen they so clearly despise, the judgment of the nation, I suspect, would have been swift and severe. Now, as the impeachment inquiry forges ahead, much of the value of a Clinton resignation has already been lost. As he is backed ever more surely into the impeachment corner, resignation becomes less an act of expiation and more an act of sheer necessity, a way to escape. What's left, however, is an opportunity to spare the people who lifted him up the long agony of setting him aside. Resignation is still more honorable than winning a Senate impeachment vote, at whatever cost to others, or negotiating a censure auto de feo, in which his own survival is the only goal, and a pound of flesh the necessary price. There's no way out of it. This president will be forever remembered more for the way he left office than the way he entered it. The days in which he can salvage some dignity are waning."

Richmond Times-Dispatch 10/10/98 ".(1) The country is not suffering a "constitutional crisis." Impeachment is a thread in the constitutional fabric, put there by the Founders. A crisis would arise only if the Senate voted to remove Bill Clinton from office and he refused to go. The nation's fate would then likely hang on the Army's choice between two sides of a divided government, for which there is no constitutional answer.."

Richmond Times-Dispatch 10/10/98 ".(2) The issue at hand is law, not sex. No one has proposed impeaching Clinton because he had an affair. That would be absurd. Clinton faces impeachment because he lied about it under oath in a court of law; because he permitted his lawyer to submit false testimony; because he suborned perjury; because he lied to the public and encouraged others to do so; and because he may have used the powers of his office to thwart the proper functioning of another branch of government by withholding evidence and intimidating witnesses. Such behavior strikes at the very foundation of the American system.."

Richmond Times-Dispatch 10/10/98 ".(3) This is not a "partisan witch hunt." Although only 31 Democrats voted for the open-ended inquiry proposed by Republicans, Democrats tendered and voted for their own inquiry proposal, which differed in extent -- but not in nature -- from the Republicans'. Of 435 Congressmen, 430 voted to hold hearings on impeachment. ."

Richmond Times-Dispatch 10/10/98 ".(4) Indeed, the ordeal is a creature of liberalism's making. Liberals, not conservatives, have erected the scaffold from which the Clinton presidency may swing. Feminist legal theory brought us sexual harassment law, without which Paula Jones never could have brought suit. Liberalism gave us Bill Clinton. And liberalism is largely responsible for Ken Starr.."

The American Cause 10-10-98 Pat Buchanan "Is William Jefferson Clinton the conscious agent of some vast right- wing conspiracy? Was he recruited by rightist professors at Georgetown to become a sleeper agent deep inside the Democratic Party -- to surface one day to lead it to destruction? What other explanation suffices for what Democrats are doing to themselves to save Bill? Under Clinton, the GOP in 1994 captured Congress for the first time since Dwight Eisenhower's first years in office. When the Asia- connection scandal broke in '96, theGOP extended its control to four years -- for the first time since the Calvin Coolidge administration. Last August, when the GOP looked as though it might lose the House, Clinton went before the grand jury and then confessed on TV to having deceived the nation for seven months. Now, the GOP is looking to November gains that may give the party more House and Senate seats than it has held since the Warren Harding era --and, possibly, GOP governors in our 10 largest states.Clintonites are confident that the Democrats will hold 40 Senate seats in November and that no Democratic senator will vote to convict even a guilty Democratic president. If they are right, the Democratic Party is about to commit suicide -- for Bill Clinton. You explain it; I can't."

New York Post 10/10/98 Brian Blomquist "President Clinton's lawyer could be called at impeachment hearings to testify about why he let Clinton swear that Monica Lewinsky's false affidavit was absolutely true, experts say. Legal experts said yesterday that lawyer Robert Bennett could also be called as a witness in possible contempt proceedings in the Paula Jones case, since Bennett read the affidavit during Clinton's under-oath deposition in the Jones case. On Sept. 30, Bennett sent a letter to Little Rock federal Judge Susan Webber Wright saying Lewinsky's affidavit - denying sex with Clinton - was false...I think it's fairly obvious the president used ^Bennett_ to perpetrate a fraud on the court and, as a result, the president has waived his attorney-client privilege for purposes of that fraud, diGenova said. Mr. Bennett could be called to testify in the ^Jones_ civil case, and he could be called to testify in the impeachment proceeding, diGenova said. It's up to the trial judge.."

U.S. House Judiciary Committee 10/5/98 Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Opening Statement U.S. Representative Bob Barr (GA-7) ".The facts of the case before us are not complex. Bill Clinton, first as Governor, and then as President, using the power entrusted to him, coarsely demanded personal favors from individual citizens. When one of those citizens refused, the Supreme Court voted unanimously to allow her access to the courts. Instead of apologizing, Bill Clinton continued to abuse his office to smear that citizen's name and block her access to justice. Instead of telling the truth to the court and a grand jury, the President lied. Instead of cooperating with the court, he obstructed its efforts. At this very moment, government and private employees are working under his direct orders to block this committee's efforts.We are witnessing nothing less than the symptoms of a cancer on the American presidency. If we fail to remove this cancer, it will expand to destroy the principles that matter most to us.. Anyone who has made it their goal to hide the truth, obstruct this process or use it for political gain, should summon up whatever tattered remains of honor they have left, stand up, and walk out of this room.."

The Times 10/11/98 Matthew Campbell "NOT usually camera-shy, Barbara Boxer, a Californian senator, has shown remarkable timidity when quizzed about the so-called "Zippergate" affair. At a Democrat gathering in Los Angeles she dodged reporters, saying a leg injury prevented her from standing up long enough to hold a press conference. Shortly afterwards she was seen dancing at a party. While other Democrat luminaries queued up to criticise President Bill Clinton for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, Boxer's avoidance of the subject was perhaps understandable. Her daughter is married to Hillary Clinton's brother: Boxer, 57, is part of America's extended first family.."

The Pioneer 10/11/98 ".As President Clinton is put through the wringer, there is unlikely to be any great tide of public sympathy for him. This is because he has asked for what he will be getting. There would have been no occasion for an impeachment inquiry had he resigned with dignity the moment the writing appeared on the wall in the Monica Lewinsky case. He not only did not do that but the White House undertook, obviously at his behest, intense lobbying with Democratic legislators, reportedly employing methods which came close to arm-twisting, to ensure that they did not vote for the inquiry motion..."

The Washington Times Jerry Seper about Kathleen Willey investigation "."The Independent Counsel's Office is looking to complete this investigation as soon as possible, and that is a fact, but a lot of information that surfaced during the Lewinsky inquiry remains under active review," said one lawyer familiar with the probe. "That information includes perjury and obstruction of justice charges concerning Mrs. Willey." According to lawyers and others close to the ongoing probe, the independent counsel believes the president lied under oath at a Jan. 17 deposition in the Paula Jones case and before the Monica Lewinsky grand jury when he denied improperly touching Mrs. Willey's breasts and placing her hand on his groin during a November 1993 White House meeting. Mr. Starr also is investigating accusations that the White House, along with Democratic Party loyalists, sought to pressure Mrs. Willey to keep quiet about the incident, asking her to deny that Mr. Clinton had made an unwanted sexual advance, the sources said.The specifics of the Willey encounter are important since Mr. Clinton agreed to a definition of "sexual relations" in the Jones deposition that included contact with a person's groin or breasts. While indirectly confirming accusations of oral sex, he denied having sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky because, he said, his only contact with the former intern was with her lips, which did not fall within the definition. "Let me remind you, sir, I read this carefully," he told the Jones attorneys.."

WorldNetDaily 10/12/98 Jane Chastain "If Mr. Clinton has truly repented, as he told a group of religious leaders at a recent prayer breakfast, he will seize the moment and make a public apology to Paula Jones. If Bill Clinton is ready to take re sponsibility for his actions, as he has indicated on his apology tour, he will ask forgiveness from Mrs. Jones. If Mr. Clinton is a man and not a mouse, he now has the perfect opportunity to prove it.."

Time Magazine Michael Weisskopf 10/19/98 "After 70,000 pages, it's hard to imagine that the office of the independent counsel has anything tantalizing left to deliver. But two weeks after his team dumped 18 boxes of evidence on the doorstep of Congress, Kenneth Starr quietly sent something else--a 44- word letter that has impeachment handicappers all over Capitol Hill buzzing. It is a plea to handle in confidence the investigative materials related to the President's alleged groping in the Oval Office of a volunteer and former Virginia campaign worker, Kathleen Willey. The letter was the first official indication from the independent counsel of what both Republicans and Democrats have been anticipating for weeks: that "another shoe" will drop..Starr refuses to say what these might be, but his Sept. 22 letter offers a clue. While Willey isn't mentioned, FBI interviews of her associates are, along with the warning that release of the materials "may compromise an ongoing investigation." What is intriguing about Willey's story is that if corroborated, it would parallel evidence of perjury and witness tampering in the Monica Lewinsky case now undergirding several articles of impeachment..But the three people whose statements Starr sought to keep confidential may figure in the process of getting there. Two of them--Dan Gecker, Willey's lawyer, and Marlene MacDonald, a Willey friend and co-worker in the White House--were in a position to corroborate her story. They were interviewed by the FBI. The third, major Democratic fund raiser Nathan Landow, is apparently being looked to for other answers. Investigators want to know if Landow, who knew Willey socially, tried to get her to lie. They are also trying to determine if private eyes were used to intimidate her, defense lawyers in the case tell TIME. Landow, who participated in a 1995 golf outing with Clinton in Jackson Hole, Wyo., has denied any wrongdoing. When called before the grand jury by Starr, he took the Fifth Amendment, the lawyers said.."

Roll Call 10/12/98 John Bresnahan "Anticipating the House may vote out articles of impeachment within the next 10 weeks, Senate leaders are wrangling over the details of an adjournment resolution that will allow them to quickly return to session if the House moves against President Clinton. Senate GOP leaders privately discussed the thorny issue last week, with one top Republican emerging from the talks to predict the House will approve, and forward to the Senate, articles of impeachment before the end of this year.."

New York Times 10/12/98 William Safire "Impeachment myth No. 1:Congress will never vote to impeach or remove a President in the teeth of opinion polls.2.The shortened attention span of the American people dictates Henry Hyde's "New Year's Resolution" -- hasty hearings and a snap decision from this Congress this year..3.The Judiciary Committee will limit itself to digesting and acting upon only the evidence submitted so far by the Independent Counsel..4.People are tired of lies about sex and want to move on..5.Democrats will call Ken Starr as a witness and turn hearings into a circus investigating the investigator..6.The simple pleasures of Monicagate can't hold a candle to the serious abuses of Watergate..7.Democrats will easily find 34 loyalist votes in the Senate to resist removal in the spring...8.With Asia and Russia in economic turmoil, refugees about to freeze in Kosovo and Saddam building weapons while thumbing his nose at the U.N., we cannot afford the distraction of firing our reckless leader.9.Cool heads will prevail to levy punishment short of removal."

The Weekly Standard 10/12/98 David Frum ".And although the Democratic congressional caucus had enthusiastically dedicated itself to impeding and obstructing every investigation into the president's misconduct, and although pro-administration talking heads are still blasting Ken Starr for uncovering the truth about the president, and although the party's so-called wise men are now denying that perjury is an impeachable offense, we are still supposed to believe that Clinton is an aberration whose offenses in no way reflect on the moral character of the party that twice nominated him and still seeks to protect him. But there's problem with this exculpatory reasoning. If the administration's difficulties were simply the product of Clinton's personal failings, the scandals would implicate nobody except the president and his staff. Instead, not only is the president in danger of impeachment, but four of his cabinet officers face charges of corruption and perjury remarkably similar to those in which Clinton himself is mired. No president has ever had as many of his cabinet officers on the wrong side of the law as Bill Clinton -- not Grant, not Harding, not Truman, not even Nixon.."

The Weekly Standard 10/12/98 Thomas W. Kirby "BESIDES FINDING NEW DEPTHS OF MEANING in the words is and alone, President Clinton has enlivened public discourse with his distinction between legally accurate and true. Legally accurate is his euphemism for testimony that is not false in the sense required for a perjury conviction. Thus, the president claims that, although he had sexual contact with Monica Lewinsky, it was legally accurate for him to deny the sex under oath, because he was really just outsmarting hostile lawyers who didn't know how to word their questions. This may be talented advocacy, but it is bad law.."

Manchester Union Leader 10/8/98 Richard Lessner "Perjury is a felony. It is, on its face, an impeachable offense and falls within the Constitution's standard of "high crimes and misdemeanors." Yet some of the National Embarrassment's Democrat defenders are saying that Bill Clinton's twice repeated perjury -- in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit and again in testimony before the federal grand jury - - does not rise to the level of impeachable offense. Why? Because, these apologists allege, the Constitution envisions only "crimes against the state" as grounds for impeachment. Perjury in a civil lawsuit, these defenders allege, does not constitute such a crime. These Clinton apologists are wrong. Perjury is a serious crime against the state. Our justice system, whether civil or criminal, depends upon people telling the truth in our courts of law. Perjury is treated as a serious crime because it undermines justice and the rule of law. This is why 115 Americans currently find themselves in prison for committing perjury in the federal courts.."

AP excerpt 10/8/98 "The House of Representatives Thursday launched the third presidential impeachment inquiry in U.S. history, pushing Bill Clinton's embattled presidency into a new stage of crisis. After an emotional and often angry debate, the Republican controlled House voted 258-176 to authorize an unrestricted probe that could range far beyond the fallout from Clinton's affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. In the end, 31 Democrats joined Republicans in approving the first presidential impeachment proceedings since Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal in 1974. No Republicans crossed party lines to oppose the inquiry, although one did not vote."

The Orange County Register 10/7/98 "..During yesterday's committee meeting, Democratic members gave perfunctory acknowledgements of the president's unsavory behavior, but reiterated the party line: Republicans are launching a sexual witch hunt, the independent counsel is out of control and the American people want the president to get back to the "business of the country." The key Democratic strategy - which failed in committee, but may be revived on the House floor this week - is to offer an alternative inquiry with a strict time limit and hearings restricted to the Monica Lewinsky matter. This is pure politics. Once a time limit is established, all the president's defenders need to do is stall the hearings until the deadline approaches. And limiting the inquiry's scope is indefensible given Democratic complaints that the president is being attacked mainly for an extramarital affair. Republicans want the leeway to investigate non-sex-related abuses of power. Apparently, it is the Democrats who want to stick to sexual- related allegations..Other crucial matters also need to be raised. Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr still is investigating the Whitewater land deal in Arkansas, the administration's gathering of 900 personal FBI files on political opponents, and the possible use of government agents to destroy the reputation of travel office employees as a pretext for replacing them. Another serious allegation: The administration hired aides to threaten and intimidate women who had affairs with the president and other potential witnesses against him. Judiciary Committee member Rep. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said, if true, such behavior would mean "Richard Nixon times 10." A bit of hyperbole? Of course. But Rep. Graham's advice is sound: The House must proceed with hearings to uncover the truth. It seems likely to do so, but it's too bad so many Democrats are undermining this process at every step of the way.."

Reuters 10/8/98 "A federal judge Thursday ordered the release of President Clinton's deposition and other potentially embarrassing files in Paula Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit against him. U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright said Clinton had not protested her earlier decision to unseal the documents so they will be released on Oct. 19. The sealed files to be released include the text of Clinton's pretrial testimony, in which he flatly denied having a sexual relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.."

Washington Times 10/8/98 Frank J Murray "President Clinton's attorney has officially informed a federal judge without fanfare that evidence she relied on in dismissing the Paula Jones sexual misconduct lawsuit was false, and that hes own assurances about its meaning are not reliable. Robert S. Bennett's letter to U.S.District Judge Susan Webber Wright was disclosed in papers that Mrs. Jones' attorneys put on the record yesterday in St. Louis. Mr. Bennett sent the letter Sept. 30 as an officer of the court, not the president's attorney, fulfilling obligations lawyers accept to disclose perjury that may be put on the record. Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr said in his report to Congress that Mr. Bennett did not know the statements were lies when he vouched for them to Judge Wright. Mrs. Jones' attorneys cited the letter in asking the 8th U.S. Circuit court of Appeals in St. Louis to accept the Starr report as unique evidence that Mr. Clinton obstructed justice in her lawsuit.."

Utah County Journal 10/8/98 Patrick Bryson ".No one on Clinton's staff has helped the president cover his indiscretions more than his own wife. I don't care about Clinton's statement that he was trying to protect his wife and daughter when he claimed never to have had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. His wife already knew and went on the offensive, claiming a great conservative conspiracy to bring down her husband's presidency. That wasn't an excuse spoken in ignorance. She understood the misleading message in that statement and by implication accused others of conspiracy. She had absolutely no conscience in misleading the American people herself, not to mention smearing the lives of people who only sought justice. She has continually lied about facts in the Whitewater case. She claimed to have done little work on the Castle Grande project and then couldn't produce the billing records. Suddenly, misteriously, those billing records showed up two years after being subpoenaed. As it turns out, she lied. Hillary did extensive work for Castle Grande, a front for James McDougal and his other Whitewater schemes. She lied about her cattle futures profit. First she said she did it alone, by reading the Wall Street Journal. Then it comes out that she had help by a fat cat from Tyson Poultry, who was making the buys for her. she claimed to have quit before Chelsea was born, but records show she made money well after giving birth..She had extensive involvement in the travel office scandal and then participated in trying to smear travel office head Billy Dale, so firing him and his people would seem justified. Hillary Clinton is a joke, hanging on to an unfaithful husband, not because she believes in marriage or forgiveness, but because she is addicted to the power that comes with being half of the "first couple." ."

Wall Street Journal 10/7/98 "At some point, an Administration has to be judged in part by the friends it keeps. There have been few tighter alliances in politics recently than that between President Clinton and the Teamsters, the nation's largest private-sector union. The grim side of this relationship was on display again last Friday in Philadelphia during the President's 97th fund-raising outing of the year. The Philadelphia Daily News reported "a group of beefy Teamsters kicked and punched some anti-Clinton protesters." One protester suffered two swollen black and blue eyes, bruises and cuts. He was later released from a local hospital.."

AP 10/8/98 Laurie Kellman "The House Judiciary Committee began drafting a list Thursday of potential witnesses in its impeachment inquiry, but lawmakers said they preferred waiting until after the November election to hold hearings. Sources close to the committee said it is likely to seek testimony from former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and her former friend Linda Tripp; Clinton's personal secretary, Betty Currie, and friend, Vernon Jordan, and Deputy White House Counsel Bruce Lindsey.."

Manchester Union Leader 10/9/98 Richard Lessner "William Jefferson Clinton no longer need worry about what legacy his Presidency will bequeath to the country. The Clinton place in history is now secure: He is only the third President in the 222-year history of the Republic to become the object of an impeachment inquiry. Despite all the dust thrown into the air by the partisan cadre of Clinton defenders, the Congress of the United States, solemnly and soberly, fulfilled its duty under the Constitution. Confronted with credible evidence of impeachable offenses committed by this President, the people's House of Representatives yesterday voted to open an impeachment inquiry. Efforts by some Democrats to depict this as a partisan Republican lynch mob were unpersuasive. The Republican leaders of Congress are following precisely the same procedure laid down by the Democrats a quarter century ago in the impeachment of Richard Nixon. The partisan wailing became doubly unconvincing when it came to light that six Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee never even bothered to review the mass of evidence gathered by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. Altogether, Republicans on the Judiciary Committee spent five times as many hours poring over Judge Starr's evidence than did their Democrat counterparts. Clearly, some are simply uninterested in seeking the truth.."

FOX News Channel 10/8/98 Carl Cameron Freeper summary "On Special Report with Brit Hume, Carl Cameron reports that not only did six Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee refuse to review any evidence at all, two of the other Democratic members were monitored as they signed in (to establish a 'record') and left immediately thereafter! ."

The Orlando Sentinel Online 10/13/98 Charley Reese "Of course Bill Clinton should be impeached. The man who took an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the United States clearly violated them twice by committing perjury. The excuse that what he perjured himself about is a personal affair and therefore the perjury doesn't count is childish. People often commit crimes for foolish reasons, but that does not excuse the crimes. The crime is perjury. What he lied about is irrelevant. Clinton's own Justice Department has prosecuted and put people into prison for committing perjury in civil cases. Why should he get a free pass?."

New York Post 10/13/98 Deborah Orin concerning the Jones case ".Many analysts believe the biggest political risk to Clinton is that Judge Susan Webber Wright, who tossed Jones' case, might hold him in contempt for his testimony denying that he'd had sex with Lewinsky. Wright last month said she had concerns about Clinton's sworn testimony - and raised the prospect that she might hold him in contempt. She could do so even without a request from Jones.."

US Newswire 10/13/98 White House Press Office Freeper notes the less than 3 hour notice. ".Clinton to Visit Maryland School for Education Event U.S. Newswire 13 Oct 10:35 Clinton to Visit Maryland School for Education Event To: National and Assignment desks, Daybook Editor Contact: White House Press Office, 202-456-7150 News Advisory: President Clinton will visit Forest Knolls Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md. WHAT: President Clinton holds education event. WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 1:05 p.m.."

New York Post 10/13/98 Dick Morris "THE president dined alone..His sole companion was his dog, Buddy... The night of the impeachment vote, Hillary was out campaigning. And on their 23rd wedding anniversary a few days later, she had an urgent state visit to Bulgaria..The White House is in disarray. While the administration spin machine tries to create the illusion that all is well inside the building, the reality is that White House morale has plummeted to an all-time low - worse even than in the dark days after the GOP victory of 1994..The exodus of the disillusioned is in full swing. Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, who had planned to stay through the end of the year, is leaving abruptly..Also headed out is George Stephanopolous' chosen successor, Rahm Emanuel - the man who integrated politics and policy.. Mike McCurry, too, has jumped ship, likely enraged that he was deliberately not told that Clinton had been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury - and so was left to face the press empty-handed..The original Arkansas team is long gone or facing prison. The re-election group knew when to quit. Now the last batch of professionals are leaving. Those who remain are besmirched as well, they just haven't taken the hint and left. Who can take Sydney Blumenthal seriously now that we know how Hillary pulled his strings by piously if ridiculously insisting that her husband was only ministering to a miserable young woman? How effective can Paul Begala be, now that he has been so often and so loudly wrong on the TV talk shows as he defended the president's conduct, based on the president's word to him? All the pros are gone..Even the lawyers are leaving. Former White House Counsel Jack Quinn doesn't even do TV shows anymore. How long can Paula Jones counsel Bob Bennett stay now that he has admitted to the court that Clinton lied to him and that Monica Lewinsky's affidavit - which Clinton let him peddle to the court in ignorance of the facts - was plainly false and deceptive? When the lawyers go, you know you're losing..

EIB Network 10/13/98 Rush Limbaugh Freeper summary "Rush Limbaugh said today he strongly believes that some Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee, who plan to subpoena Kenneth Starr to testify at the Clinton impeachment hearings, will charge the independent council with perjury, no matter what he says. That ploy, if successful, said Limbaugh, "will bring this whole thing (i.e., impeachment hearings) to a screeching halt." For the Democrats, after charging Starr with perjury, will then demand that the Clinton hearings be cancelled until their perjury charges against the president's accuser can be thoroughly investigated by Attorney General Janet Reno. He singled out Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and John Conyers as the three Democrats on the committee capable of stooping to such deceitfulness. He also believes Reno will act very sympathetically to the Democrats on the committee and will order a perjury investigation. After that the Sunday talk shows would join in the effort to get Clinton off the hook. "I fear for something like this happening," the talk show host said.."

Reagan Information Interchange 10/13/98 Mary Mostert ". In Clinton's speech at a fund- raiser last week, he was quoted as saying: "Your presence here gives us a chance to let America take a different course. And what I want you to think about is how all this business that we're debating now fits into the larger challenges facing America. I have now been President six years. I spent a lot of time working on problems like the awful killings in Bosnia; dealing with the leaders of Central Africa, where somewhere between 700,000 and 1 million people were hacked to death in the Rwandan Civil War, because they were of different tribes; working trying to end the old wars that date back 30 years in the modern era, and hundreds of years in history, in Ireland, the land of my forbearers; working in the Middle East." " And the thing that strikes me about all these conflicts is how much they have in common with racial and religious and political hatreds that we see in America. You know, if you look at lot of this politics, it's just downright hatred. And you almost want to say, hey, we should get a life, things are going pretty good for us, we should be grateful that we're Americans. And all these other people that share this country with us, they must not be so bad because we must be doing something right. And, besides, our whole creed says that if we all show up and work hard and pay our taxes and do the right things, we should be able to share this land together. "."And maybe it is the irony of this terribly painful moment, which I regret very much putting you all through, that we are being given yet one more chance to affirm our better selves. But I'm telling you, based on my experience, the right thing to do is the right thing to do. " " Thank you and God bless you." (Applause.) So, there you have it. If you think sodomy in the Oval office is immoral and destructive, you are basically on the same level as those who hacked Tutu women and babies to death in Rwanda. Those Hutu hackers have as much right to their opinion as you do, y'know. "Doing good" in the Clinton agenda, is the socialist agenda outlined by Joyce Cowley. It is not at all the same as "being good" - like in being honest, caring, compassionate and moral. The choice on November 3rd is between Clinton's socialist platform of "doing good" and the vision of our founding fathers of "being good." ."

The Washington Times 10/13/98 Bill Sammon "President Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Kenneth W. Starr, Linda R. Tripp -- even Newt Gingrich -- are being sized up as possible impeachment witnesses, but each presents dangers to Democrats and Republicans alike. "Everything is a gamble," said longtime Clinton adviser James Carville. "Nobody knows what to do with this thing. One of those rules that I think everybody is finding out is: Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it." More than anything, partisans on both sides of the aisle want to avoid the Oliver North factor. Democrats who thought they would make political hay out of the Iran-Contra figure in 1986 were blindsided by the jut-jawed Marine's popular appeal.."

Washington Times 10/13/98 John McCaslin "Speaking of blacks and Bill Clinton, did you hear what Bishop Earl W. Jackson had to say about the president? Probably not. Mr. Jackson is bishop of Exodus Faith Ministries and national president of the Samaritan Project, a non profit organization dedicated to solving social problems through faith, and "I am here to speak out for many African-Americans whose voices have not been heard in the matter of President Clinton's problems.". The bishop went on to say: "There is a disconnent between the Clinton-appointed leaders and many black Americans. Most black people are trying to raise and educate their children to be honest decent people. "The president of the United States looked into the camera, wagged his finger at the American people, demanded that we listen, and with a forceful, Oscar-winning sincerity, told an absolute lie. The idea that this is acceptable to the black community flies in the face of everything black people were taught by our parents."."

Yahoo News 10/15/98 Jackie Frank Reuters ". House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde said Wednesday the impeachment inquiry into President Clinton would focus on three core charges of lying under oath, witness tampering and obstruction of justice, but that no charges had been dropped.."

The National Journal 10/17/98 Stuart Taylor Jr. ".President Clinton's lawyers have rested his defense not on any serious contention that he is innocent of the perjuries and other crimes alleged in Kenneth Starr's report, but on the argument that even if he is guilty, impeachment would violate the spirit of the Constitution. The Framers, suggest Clinton's lawyers and an extended gaggle of liberal law professors, excluded such conduct as lying about sex from the category of impeachable offenses. This has a veneer of plausibility: The Constitution lists only ''treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors'' as grounds for impeachment, and the president's lies about making it with the office help don't seem very ''high.'' On inspection, however, this argument falls apart. Nothing in the Constitution, the Framers' debates, or the precedents justifies reading ''high crimes and misdemeanors'' so narrowly as to exclude crimes such as perjury and witness tampering, even if they grow out of private matters..President Nixon's argument that he could be impeached only if proven guilty of actual crimes was rejected, for example, both by scholars and by the House Judiciary Committee. The committee's staff said in a February 1974 analysis that the conduct ''need not be criminal.'' ..And most studies have concluded that serious crimes rooted in private conduct are grounds for impeachment. That was the conclusion of the 1974 staff analysis, which said that the post-1787 precedents support impeachment for ''behaving in a manner grossly incompatible with the proper function and purpose of the office.'' It was also the view of Professor Charles L. Black, whose acclaimed 1974 book, Impeachment: A Handbook, said that ''serious income-tax fraud by a president . . . would seem definitely impeachable.'' And it was the view of Professor Michael Gerhardt, whose 1996 book, The Federal Impeachment Process, said that even crimes ''plainly . . . unrelated to the responsibilities of a particular office'' are impeachable if they show ''serious lack of judgment or disdain for the law'' and thus lower ''respect for the office.'' .."

Freepr report on ABC News Chicago 10/16/98 ".ABC news radio WLS chicago just reported a "large crowd of hundreds, maybe thousands of protesters, mostly anti-clinton are waiting for Clinton to arrive at a fund raising lunch for the slime Moseley-Braun at the Union Club. Many large signs are to been seen, some saying "Prision for the Pervert" and Impeach the Felon!" "

AP 10/17/98 Pete Yost ".Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr is using a federal grand jury in Virginia to investigate the activities of a prominent land developer and Democratic fund-raiser who had contacts with presidential accuser Kathleen Willey, legal sources say. Starr's prosecutors are looking into whether Nate Landow tried to influence or discourage Mrs. Willey's testimony against the president. They also have been reviewing his involvement in a land controversy that was a subject of Senate hearings into alleged campaign fund-raising abuses, the sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Friday. A grand jury in Alexandria, Va., questioned Democratic political consultant Michael Copperthite for four hours Thursday about his contacts with Landow and his alleged threats against an attorney for the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian tribes of Oklahoma, the sources said. Copperthite had taken the Indians to Landow for help in re-claiming tribal land. The sources who described Copperthite's testimony are in the legal profession but outside Starr's office.."

The American Spectator 11/98 James Ring Adams ".Around the House Judiciary Committee, one question draws a pregnant silence. Will Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr be sending up more impeachment referrals? The glaring omission of Whitewater from the Monica Lewinsky report may not signify a dry hole, as the White House suggests. It may mean that Starr is working up his warehouse of evidence on Whitewater, Madison, and the compromised Resolution Trust Corporation criminal probe into a report that, like his last two products, will be painstakingly detailed, heavily documented, and apt to arrive on the Hill at an hour's notice..Nor is Whitewater the only possible subject for further action. The Independent Counsel's Office warned in the Monica report that it is still looking into Filegate, the Travel Office firings, and most ominously for the First Lady, "events related to the Rose Law Firm's representation of Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan Association." A grand jury has asked White House aides about apparent attempts to intimidate witnesses and prosecutors, and Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde has an incentive to look into that matter as well..One of the casualties of the television and computer age is the skill of close textual analysis. Most of the press, after the first nanoseconds of the Monica report's release, paid little attention to its introduction. But this text takes pains to place the Lewinsky sideshow in the context of a much more serious investigation..The tortuous pursuit of Hubbell explains much of Starr's delay in wrapping up the Whitewater-Madison-Rose Law Firm case. On April 30 of this year, after Hubbell finished 17 months in prison for fraudulent billing at Rose, Starr hit him, and his wife and his lawyer and his accountant, with a ten-count indictment for tax fraud. This was clearly a squeeze play, but it ran into powerful blocking...The Monica report describes itself as incomplete. A cryptic paragraph titled "Current Status of the Investigation" says in effect that events overcame the OIC's "strong desire" to wrap up "all phases of the investigation" before reporting to Congress. As the Lewinsky probe neared the threshold of the Section 595(c) provision for impeachment referrals, Starr judged delay "would be unwise." Nothing keeps him from making further referrals if other parts of his case reach the same threshold.."

Fox News Sunday 10/18/98 Freeper Report "..It's just happened. Tony Snow asked the BIG QUESTION! First to Mr. Barrett, D-Wisconsin. "Is it true that the Judiciary Committee is in possession of surveilliance videos?" Barrett looked shocked and passed the question to Lindsey Graham, who said he couldn't confirm that "off the top of his head", then quickly changed the subject. End of segment. Tony scored, I feel. The question still hangs.."

N Y Post 10/18/98 Robert Novak ".IN lobbying against a congressional impeachment inquiry, President Clinton made this telephoned plea and admission to undecided House Democratic members: I ask for you to be faithful to me as I was not faithful to you. It apparently worked. Democratic sources report that the president and Hillary Rodham Clinton, between them, changed at least 20 votes. Only 31 Democratic House members broke party ranks to support the impeachment process. One Democrat won over by a presidential phone call was Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey, a five-term congressman with an unusually serious Republican challenge this year. Pallone has told friends he was considering voting in favor of the inquiry until Clinton tracked him down in a hotel room.."

The Advocate 10/18/98 Marsha Shuler "It's time for President Clinton's tenure as the nation's chief executive to be over, two 6th District congressional candidates said Monday. But the third candidate in the race, Democratic challenger Marjorie McKeithen, said it's premature for her to judge the president without seeing more evidence and studying the law. Incumbent Rep. Richard Baker, R-Baton Rouge, said Clinton should resign after lying about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Democratic challenger Steve Myers said Clinton should be removed from office for the good of the country.."

AP 10/19/98 Larry Margasak "With no settlement of Paula Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit in hand, both sides forged ahead Sunday with plans to argue the case before the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Oral arguments are scheduled for Tuesday in St. Paul, Minn. where Mrs. Jones' lawyers will argue for reinstatement of the dismissed case and Clinton's side will contend there's no legal basis to revive her claim. The Washington Post, quoting unnamed sources close to the talks, reported in Monday editions that Clinton attorney Robert Bennett on Sunday telephoned his rejection of a $2 million settlement proposal by the Jones camp in which she offered to drop her lawsuit in exchange for $1 million from Clinton -- and an additional $1 million offered by a New York real estate developer, Abe Hirschfeld."

Insight Magazine 10/19/98 Timothy W. Maier "."No longer can Democrats and other apologists claim that the Clinton scandals only concern sex," Klayman announced after his report was accepted by the Judiciary Committee. "A review of the Judicial Watch report, which is endorsed by the House Judiciary Committee and complements the Starr report in setting the parameters for the impeachment inquiry, establishes that Clinton must answer for his conduct concerning the invasion of privacy rights of American citizens; the sale of seats and likely breaches of national security on trade missions; the misuse of the IRS to retaliate against perceived adversaries; and the illegal solicitation and receipt of monies into his legal-defense funds, which in the case of Charlie Trie resulted in more than $600,000 in Chinese cash being laundered at a time that the White House was passing national-security information to Trie." . More recently Klayman has sought criminal indictments against former White House chief of staff Leon Panetta and Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta in connection with the Chinagate scandal. Klayman claims they tried to conceal documents suggesting that seats on Commerce Department trade missions were for sale for $50,000 contributions to the Democratic Party. Hill swore to that fact in her deposition taken by Judicial Watch..."

AP 10/19/98 James Jefferson ".A federal judge today released several hundred pages of previously secret documents detailing the behind-the-scenes legal maneuvers in the lawsuit by Paula Jones that thrust the Clinton presidency into crisis. The documents include the court filing in which Monica Lewinsky, dubbed Jane Doe No. 6 by the court, tried to avoid testifying in the sexual harassment lawsuit by claiming she ``does not have any relevant information.''."

AP 10/19/98 ".Excerpts from the documents released today by the federal court in Little Rock, Ark., in Paula Jones' lawsuit against President Clinton.. REQUEST FOR ADMISSION NO. 45: Please admit or deny the following; On May 8, 1991, at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Ark., Defendant Clinton asked Paula Jones ... to have sexual relations with him (or words to that effect). RESPONSE: Denied.. REQUEST FOR ADMISSION NO. 51: Please admit or deny the following: While he was Governor of the state of Arkansas, Defendant Clinton had sexual relations with at least one woman (other than Hillary Rodham Clinton), and at least one member of the Arkansas State Police arranged at least one meeting between Defendant Clinton and the woman. RESPONSE: President Clinton objects to this request for admission in that it is intended solely to harass, embarrass and humiliate the president and the office he occupies. President Clinton also objects to this request for admission in that it pertains to subject matter beyond the reasonable scope of discovery in this proceeding. REQUEST FOR ADMISSION NO. 63: Please admit or deny the following: while he was governor of the state of Arkansas, Defendant Clinton had sexual relations with a woman whom he, as governor, appointed to a position as a judge in the State of Arkansas. RESPONSE: President Clinton objects to this request for admission in that it is intended solely to harass, embarrass and humiliate the president and the office he occupies. President Clinton also objects to this request for admission in that it pertains to subject matter beyond the reasonable scope of discovery in this proceeding.."

States New Service; Arkansas Headlines 10/19/98 ".U-S Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch says there are not enough votes in the Senate to convict President Clinton if the White House sex scandal goes that far. The Utah Republican DID predict for Fox News that the House would impeach the president on charges in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal... but he said there was NOT enough support in the Senate based on the current evidence to remove him from office. The Constitution says the president must be convicted by a two-thirds majority in the Senate to be removed from office... and Hatch says none of the 45 Democrats in the Senate is prepared to vote to oust the president. {End of Article} "

N.Y. Post 10/19/98 John Crudele ".By insisting that Ken Starr testify at the impeachment hearings, the Democrats have just about guaranteed that the Clinton scandals will whack the stock market again. Picture this. Starr takes his seat and the first question from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde is: Mr. Starr, why did you have an FBI agent of yours ask if he ever took Bill Clinton to the hospital with an overdose? You read here first and exclusively that Starr is pursuing the drug angle in his investigation. Remember, stocks peaked exactly when Monica Lewinsky agreed to become a snitch. So don't underestimate the danger this investigation poses for Wall Street - there will be more information coming out and it will be devastating. And the Democrats just made it easier.."

WorldNetDaily 10/26/98 Joseph Farah ".Picture President Clinton on the telephone trying to persuade a reluctant congressman of the absolute need for a bigger and longer commitment of U.S. troops in the Balkans. While he discusses these decisions of life and death for young American soldiers, a 21-year-old intern is on her knees performing fellatio on the president. ..What's amazing to me is that it is still a matter of debate in our society whether such reckless, irresponsible, degrading, illegal, immoral and stupid behavior warrants impeachment. Without question it does. And it warrants conviction and a life of public banishment, scorn and humiliation.In Washington, D.C., there is a city law that prohibits bosses from having sex with underlings. It is considered a form of sexual harassment when one partner has "power" over another. In the case of the world's most powerful figure and a (pardon the expression) entry-level employee, you're talking about an extreme illustration of the kinds of situations such laws were designed to prevent. So, forget, for a moment, the perjury, the cover-up, the abuses of power that have been uncovered by Kenneth Starr; the president committed a criminal offense the day he unzipped his fly and put his penis in Monica Lewinsky's mouth while, as he would say, he was "going about the business of running the country." Furthermore, we know this politician had a history of using his power to coerce women into such compromising positions..I could go on and on with the list of high crimes and felonious abuses of this administration -- treason and bribery among them. But still, even if Congress, the press and the independent counsel insist on limiting the scrutiny of this administration to Sexgate, there is every reason to impeach, convict and dispose of this human blight on the White House -- this "cancer on the presidency," if you will. If not, radical revision of our laws are in order. All the sexual harassment legislation passed by the president's political allies in the last 20 years must be scrapped. If they don't apply to the president of the United States, it is certainly unfair and hypocritical to hold ordinary Americans accountable to them. In fact, virtually all laws governing employer- employee conduct will need revision in the post-Clinton era.Somehow, Americans have forgotten what this scandal is all about. They've been conned into believing the issue is "an affair" the president had with a "consenting adult." Nonsense."

USA Today 10/26/98 Judy Keen ". Independent counsel Ken Starr says he'd be ''pleased and delighted'' to testify when the House Judiciary Committee holds impeachment hearings. ''I want to be of assistance to the Congress and cooperate in any way that I can,'' Starr said here during the weekend.. Starr also said: It was ''extraordinarily humbling'' to be in the WhiteHouse during Clinton's historic grand jury testimony Aug. 17. ''It was not a happy occasion for us. It was immensely sobering.'' His background as an appeals court judge and solicitor-general appointed by Republican presidents is not a conflict of interest. ''When an individual takes the oath of office, especially as a law officer and as a judge, one must be faithful to the rule of law.'' ."

Reuters 10/26/98 ".The White House said Monday it wanted a full discussion on the standards for impeaching the president rather than rely on the House panel hearing currently scheduled for Nov. 9. A subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee, which will conduct the inquiry into President Clinton's possible impeachment over the Monica Lewinsky scandal, will meet to explore standards of what constitutes impeachable conduct.."

Washington Post 10/27/98 Juliet Eilperin ".House Republicans are considering calling senior White House adviser Bruce R. Lindsey and Robert S. Bennett, President Clinton's lawyer in the Paula Jones case, to testify before the Judiciary Committee as part of its impeachment probe of the president, according to informed sources. Republicans see Lindsey, who repeatedly invoked executive privilege rather than answer questions before the grand jury during independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's investigation of Clinton, as a key figure in the administration's efforts to contain damaging information concerning the president.."

Washington Times 10/27/98 John McCaslin ". Susan Low Bloch, professor of constitutional law at Georgetown University Law Center, is circulating a petition letter among the nation's law professors "urging that the president's misconduct does not constitute grounds for impeachment." We see where the lengthy missive, obtained by this column and addressed to House Speaker Newt Gingrich, has been signed so far by 14 law professors, including Susan Estrich, manager of Michael Dukakis' presidential campaign, who now teaches at the University of Southern California. "Dear Mr. Speaker," the letter begins. "Did President Clinton commit 'high crimes and misdemeanors' warranting impeachment under the Constitution? We, the undersigned professors of law, believe that the misconduct alleged in the report of the independent counsel [Kenneth W. Starr], and in the statement of investigative counsel David Schippers, does not cross that threshold.". The letter acknowledges that perjury and obstructing justice "can without doubt be impeachable offenses," that a president who corruptly used the FBI to obstruct an investigation "would have criminally exercised his presidential powers," and that covering up a crime "furthers or aids the underlying crime." "But making false statements about sexual improprieties is not a sufficient constitutional basis to justify the trial and removal from office of the president of the United States," the letter concludes.."

Fox News/AP 10/28/98 ".More than 400 historians issued a statement today deploring the House's decision to conduct an impeachment inquiry, saying it could leave the presidency "permanently disfigured and diminished.'' "Although we do not condone President Clinton's private behavior or his subsequent attempts to deceive, the current charges against him depart from what the (Constitution's) Framers saw as grounds for impeachment,'' the statement said.."

AP 10/28/98 Larry Margasak ".The senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee has asked Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr to justify expansion of his investigation to the Monica Lewinsky matter and submission of grand jury materials to Congress, according to a letter obtained today. The letter to Starr by Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., was not approved by committee Chairman Henry Hyde. Democrats have made clear they want to make Starr a main focus of the impeachment inquiry, while majority Republicans want to concentrate only on President Clinton's conduct.."

Philadelphia Online 10/28/98 Shaun Mullen ".WILLEY OR WON'T SHE? Kathleen Willey has become the wild card in Sexgate. Insiders say her testimony could blow wide open two key aspects of the scandal: ** Documents unsealed this week in the Paula Jones case suggest that Willey anonymously called then-Jones attorney Joseph Cammarata in January 1997 and said "I had a similar thing happen" to Jones' allegation that Clinton exposed himself to her in a Little Rock hotel in 1991.. ** Willey, who wanted to avoid a Jones case subpoena, said in an earlier deposition that no one tried to influence her. She later changed her tune, acknowledging that a wealthy Democratic fund-raiser whose daughter worked at the White House had discussed her potential testimony with her. A Ken Starr grand jury is examining whether the discussion was actually intimidation and part of efforts by Clinton loyalists to silence people who could provide damaging testimony.."

WorldNetDaily 11/4/98 Joseph Farah ".Even the most rabid Clinton defender, I would think, would be hard-pressed to make the case that the modest shift in the balance of power in the Congress somehow represents a mandate for clearing Clinton. In fact, exit polls show far more people were motivated to go to the polls by their conviction that Clinton needs to go than by a conviction that he should remain in office. But all of that is really quite irrelevant -- or should be. The real issue remains: Is Clinton guilty of perjury, obstruction of justice and other offenses, perhaps yet unnamed? The election is beside the point. And that's the way the Republicans need to play this if they have any hope of recovering from the missed opportunity of 1998.."

WorldNetDaily 11/4/98 David Bresnahan ".The Senate is now weaker with the loss of Alfonse D'Amato (R-NY) and Lauch Faircloth (R-SC) and a vote for impeachment may now be even tougher to obtain. Hatch made clear when he spoke that great evidence will be needed than what is presently known if Democrats in the Senate are to be persuaded to vote for impeachment. That evidence may soon arrive if WorldNetDaily sources are correct. "I can assure you that Judge Starr has held back significantly to avoid criticism. He didn't want to be portrayed as trying to influence the election," said a source close to the independent counsel investigation, who did not wish to be identified. If that source is correct, additional evidence will soon be delivered to the House Judiciary Committee as preparations for a full hearing get under way. The evidence is said to contain significant supporting evidence of perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power.."

Drudge 11/4/98 ".A key staffer to Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde says that Hyde is planning to go 'full speed' ahead with impeachment hearings now that the election is over. "[The election] did not change a thing as far as the chairman is concerned," the staffer who requested anonymity told the DRUDGE REPORT Wednesday morning.."