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Freeper untenured 12/9/98 ".Graham basically charged that Clinton used Blumenthal to orchestrate a campaing to smear Lewinsky as a deranged stalker. The only thing that prevented the plan from taking off was the dress. Graham challenged all committee members to read the vast stack of press clippings he had supporting such a plan. He challenged women in particular because of the sorts of things that women have thrown at them in rape trials. Following that, explosions of points of order from Waters and Frank. To the surpise of none, Waters said that she was "offended" as a woman that she had any duty to respond to "wild" charges.."

Freeper report 12/9/98 ".I could not possibly do Mr. Graham justice, but he basically said that clinton had a plan like he had with all previous affairs. He knew if Monica talked, his political career would be over as well as legal problems starting. So he planted the thought in Currie's mind and Sid Vicious' mind that she came on to him, she was a stalker,etc., knowing they would repeat it and she would be destroyed. Hence the abuse of power. If not for the dress, his plan was to destroy her,also, as he had so many times with so many women. Lindsay said "this is not Peyton Place, this is abuse of power worse than Watergate." I'm paraphrasing...He just kept going on when all around him democraps were yelling and shouting at Mr. Hyde. I know I am not doing him justice, it was just MAGNIFICENT!!!."

Freeper Steven W 12/9/98 ".Before the Judiciary Committee, Charles Ruff, Clinton's lead counsel, proclaimed that if perjury before the grand jury could be proven, it would be impeachable, without a doubt! Then he went on to say that, of course, Clinton told the truth in the Grand Jury.."

Freeper Scott Mahrle 12/9/98 ".Before Graham, Rogan nailed Ruff. First, both agree that state of mind matters on Clinton's defn. of sexual relations. Rogan agrees that if evidence backs up pres's position on his state of mind, HJC would be wrong to conclude perjury. Then, Rogan gets Ruff to admit that if evidence shows pres's state of mind was not what his lawyers say it was, they should conclude perjury. Finally Rogan refers to several January interviews in which Clinton EQUATES IMPROPER RELATIONS WITH SEXUAL RELATIONS, beginning with Jim Lehrer interview. Ruff gets no time to respond. Then Graham hits him. What a way to end it!."

Freeper occupant 12/9/98 ".This should be a slam-dunk. Clinton knowingly lied in his civil suit deposition, in his grand jury testimony (impeachable if proven, according to Ruff), and by extension in his 81 "answers". According to the definition set before him in the deposition, his answer that he had not had "sexual relations" with ML would only be true if he NEVER touched her during any of their encounters. ML has testified in extreme detail of the many times and ways that POTUS did in fact touch her, and his defenders have not contradicted EVEN ONE of her statements made under oath. Not to mention the problem of how his DNA could get on her dress during a non-sexual encounter! [oops, I mentioned it] ."

Associated Press 12/9/98 Laurie Kellman ".``Third panel, no facts yet,'' Inglis, 39, said as the last panel testified Tuesday. Earlier, he took White House lawyer Gregory Craig to task for failing to agree that Clinton lied or committed perjury when he tried to cover up his affair with Monica Lewinsky. ``Did he lie to the American people when he said, `I never had sex with that woman?''' Inglis asked. ``He doesn't believe that he did,'' Craig answered. ``He does not believe that he lied.'' An incredulous-looking Inglis said: ``This is an amazing thing. ... You're taking back all of his apologies.''."

Associated Press 12/9/98 Laurie Kellman ". On Monday, Hyde chose Bono, the most junior of 26 committee Republicans, to stand with him at a press briefing before opening the committee's final round of impeachment hearings. She was the dark-haired, pinstriped California congresswoman standing with Hyde in front of 20 white boxes that once contained documents from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. Hyde delivered his statement, stepped back and let Bono, 36, take the microphone. As she does in nearly every public remark on impeachment, Bono invoked her children as inspirations for her vote -- which she has yet to divulge. Bono, one of the few non-lawyers on the committee, has brought a more personal note to the hearings than some of her colleagues. Last month, she asked Starr how the inquiry had affected his family life. On Tuesday, she asked Craig what he tells his own children about Clinton. ``How do you explain to them that your president has lied and that it's OK?'' Bono asked. ``Oh, it's not OK to lie, congresswoman,'' Craig answered. ``I say that it's the most important thing in the world to tell the truth all the time.'' ``The whole truth and nothing but the truth?'' Bono pressed. ``The whole truth,'' Craig replied. ``And I tell them that one of the reasons that the president is in such trouble is that he did not. He misled the American people. He misled his family. He misled his colleagues. And that was wrong.''."

CNN 12/9/98 ".The following is a censure resolution to be offered by Judiciary Committee Democrats, Reps. Rick Boucher (D-Virginia), Thomas Barrett (D-Wisconsin) and William Delahunt (D-Massachusetts), as an alternative to impeachment: It is the Sense of the Congress that - On January 20, 1993, William Jefferson Clinton took the oath, prescribed by the Constitution of the United States, faithfully to execute the Office of President; implicit in that oath is the obligation that the President set an example of high moral standards and conduct himself in a manner that fosters respect for the truth; and William Jefferson Clinton has egregiously failed in this obligation, and through his actions has violated the trust of the American people, lessened their esteem for the office of the President and dishonored the office which they have entrusted to him, Be it resolved that: 1. The President made false statements concerning his reprehensible conduct with a subordinate; 2. The President wrongly took steps to delay discovery of the truth; 3. No person is above the law, and the President remains subject to criminal and civil penalties for this conduct; 4. William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, by his conduct has brought upon himself and fully deserves the censure and condemnation of the American people and the Congress; and by his signature on this Joint Resolution, the President acknowledges this censure.."

NYT/AP 12/9/98 ".Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's office said Wednesday the White House made misleading statements in a 184-page report that concluded President Clinton committed no crimes in the Monica Lewinsky matter. In a news release, the prosecutor cited what his office called ``three of the many misleading statements in the White House submission'' issued Tuesday. The prosecutor said the White House report by Clinton's lawyers left out a key passage of Clinton's testimony in the Paula Jones case concerning whether he had ever been alone with Ms. Lewinsky. In the omitted passage, Clinton agreed that he had no specific recollection of ever being alone with the former White House intern. In another instance, Starr said the White House left out evidence that Clinton's secretary, Betty Currie, picked up gifts from Ms. Lewinsky last Dec. 28, the last day the ex-intern met with the president. The omitted evidence was a cell- phone record of a call from Mrs. Currie to Ms. Lewinsky. In a third case, Starr's office says the White House did not include testimony from Ms. Lewinsky in which she said she and Clinton had discussed what to do with gifts he had given her.." 12/9/98 ".ARTICLE I .On August 17, 1998, William Jefferson Clinton swore to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth before a Federal grand jury of the United States. Contrary to that oath, William Jefferson Clinton willfully provide perjurious, false and misleading testimony to the grand jury concerning: (1) the nature of the details of his relationship with a subordinate government employee; (2) prior, perjurious, false and misleading testimony he gave in a Federal civil rights action brought against him; (3) prior false and misleading statements he allowed his attorney to make to a Federal judge in that civil rights action; and (4) his corrupt efforts to influence the testimony of witnesses and to impede the discovery of evidence in that civil rights action..." 12/9/98 ".ARTICLE II .(1) On December 23, 1997, William Jefferson Clinton, in sworn answers to written questions asked as part of a Federal civil rights action brought against him, willfully provided perjurious, false and misleading testimony in response to questions deemed relevant by a Federal judge concerning conduct and proposed conduct with subordinate employees. (2) On January 17, 1988, William Jefferson Clinton swore under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in a deposition given as part of a Federal civil rights action brought against him. Contrary to that oath, William Jefferson Clinton willfully provided perjurious, false and misleading testimony in repose to questions deemed relevant by a Federal judge concerning the nature and details of his relationship with a subordinate government employee and his corrupt efforts to influence the testimony of that employee.. 12/9/98 ".ARTICLE III.(1) On or about December 17, 1997, William Jefferson Clinton corruptly encouraged a witness in a Federal civil rights action brought against him to execute a sworn affidavit in that proceeding that he knew to be perjurious, false and misleading. (2) On or about December 17, 1997, William Jefferson Clinton corruptly encouraged a witness in a Federal civil rights action brought against him to give perjurious, false and misleading testimony if and when called to testify personally in that proceeding. (3) Beginning on or about December 7, 1997, and continuing through and including January 14, 1998, William Jefferson Clinton intensified and succeeded in an effort to secure job assistance to a witness in a Federal civil rights action brought against him in order to corruptly prevent the truthful testimony of that witness in that proceeding at a time when the truthful testimony of that witness would have been harmful to him. (4) On January 17, 1998, at his deposition in a Federal civil rights action brought against him, William Jefferson Clinton corruptly allowed his attorney to make false and misleading statements to a Federal judge characterizing an affidavit, in order to prevent questioning deemed relevant by the judge. Such false and misleading statements were subsequently acknowledged by his attorney in a communication to that judge. (5) On or about January 18 and January 20-21, 1998, William Jefferson Clinton related a false and misleading account of events relevant to a Federal civil rights action brought against him to a potential witness in that proceeding, in order to corruptly influence the testimony of that witness. (6) On or about January 21, 23 and 26, 1998, William Jefferson Clinton made false and misleading statements to potential witnesses in a Federal grand jury proceeding in order to corruptly influence the testimony of those witnesses. The false and misleading statements made by William Jefferson Clinton were repeated by the witnesses to the grand jury, causing the grand jury to receive false and misleading information.. 12/9/98 ".ARTICLE IV.This misuse and abuse of office has included one or more of the following: (1) As President, using the attributes of office, William Jefferson Clinton willfully made false and misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States in order to continue concealing his misconduct and to escape accountability for such misconduct. (2) As President, using the attributes of office, William Jefferson Clinton willfully made false and misleading statements to members of his cabinet, and White House aides, so that these Federal employees would repeat such false and misleading statements publicly, thereby utilizing public resources for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States, in order to continue concealing his misconduct and to escape accountability for such misconduct. The false and misleading statements made by William Jefferson Clinton to members of his cabinet and White House aides were repeated by those members and aides, causing the people of the United States to receive false and misleading information from high government officials. (3) As President, using the Office of White House Counsel, William Jefferson Clinton frivolously and corruptly asserted executive privilege, which is intended to protect from disclosure communications regarding the constitutional functions of the Executive, and which may be exercised only by the President, with respect to communications other than those regarding the constitutional functions of the Executive, for the purpose of delaying and obstructing a Federal criminal investigation and the proceedings of a Federal grand jury. (4) As President, William Jefferson Clinton refused and failed to respond to certain requests for admission and willfully made perjurious, false and misleading sworn statements in response to certain written requests for admission propounded to him as part of the impeachment inquiry authorized by the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States. William Jefferson Clinton, in refusing and failing to respond and in making perjurious, false and misleading statements, assumed to himself functions and judgements necessary to the exercise of the sole power of impeachment vested by the Constitution in the House of Representatives and exhibited contempt for the inquiry. In all of this, William Jefferson Clinton has undermined the integrity of his office, has brought disrepute on the Presidency, has betrayed his trust as President, and has acted in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice, to the manifest injury of the people of the United States. Wherefore, William Jefferson Clinton, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States."

Washington Post 12/10/98 Guy Gugliotta ".Sometimes it looks like a good-natured pie fight. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) turns one of her patented blasts of outrage on Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.) for appearing to have condoned lying 10 years ago, only to have Hyde charmingly ask "unanimous consent that the gentlelady be permitted to finish her attack on me." Other times it's trench warfare. When smiling Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C.) says the "White House spin machine" is offering "no new facts" in the case, he is not laughing. Nor is Rep. Melvin Watt (D-N.C.) when he icily reminds Inglis that the GOP has provided nothing new, either, and "the presumption of innocence" remains "in favor of the president."."

Washington Post 12/10/98 Dan Balz and Eric Pianin ".House Republican leaders yesterday struggled to maintain the momentum to impeach President Clinton, as Democrats worked to develop support for an acceptable censure resolution that could include an admission of guilt by the president and a hefty fine. Apparently fearing defections before a vote next week on articles of impeachment, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.) sent a letter to the entire House, pleading with members not to make a public commitment on impeachment until his committee has completed its work.."

New York Times 12/10/98 Bill Safire ".If the House sent the charges against President Clinton to the Senate for trial, said White House Counsel Charles Ruff, it would be "putting the country through the horror that we all know would follow." Trying the President on such charges would be "a nightmare for the country." That is what has become the essence of Clinton's case against impeachment: horror. Nightmare. And how long would the unbearable senatorial torture have to be endured? Four months, say some; other Clintonites direly warn that the country would be "paralyzed" most of 1999. Not only that, say the scaremongers; because the Chief Justice of the U.S. would preside at the trial, the Supreme Court would be out of business too. This drumbeat of alarm is noisy malarkey. When asked when the Senate would take up an impeachment if one came over from the House, the majority leader, Trent Lott, answered, "Jan. 6." How long would the trial take? "Three days to three weeks," was his estimate. They'd have to work Saturdays.."

The Washington Times 12/10/98 Bill Sammon ".The White House winced yesterday as its own attorney conceded that "reasonable people" could conclude President Clinton gave false testimony, its own witness acknowledged the president committed perjury and a Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee said Mr. Clinton "lied under oath." ."

Reuters 12/10/98 ".``I do ask every member, especially the female members here, if you've ever done a rape trial you know what comes women's way sometimes -- 'They wear their skirts too tight and they're flirtatious and you've got to watch out for these tight ladies','' Graham said on the last day of a White House defense presentation before the panel. Both Clinton and Lewinsky have admitted to a consensual affair near the Oval Office that started when Lewinsky was a White House intern. Graham said it was Lewinsky's dress with the semen stain that FBI tests concluded matched the president's DNA which prevented the White House from assassinating her character. ``If she (Lewinsky) didn't have that blue dress proving a relationship, they would have cut her up,'' Graham said..Women's groups this year have struggled over how to respond to a scandal involving a president they see as having advanced women's issues but who acted in a manner they cannot condone. ``I do believe for a moment in time, the president of the United States used the full power and force of the White House to go after a young lady so that she couldn't hurt him politically and legally,'' Graham said. ``And that is far more like Watergate than Peyton Place.''

WorldNetDaily 12/10/98 David Limbaugh ".The purpose of this piece, though, is not to justify Nixon's conduct, especially with respect to governmental agencies. But it is to challenge the universally accepted assertion that such conduct was worse and more subversive of the Constitution than Clinton's alleged behavior. Nixon himself never testified nor submitted any sworn affidavits to any tribunal, judicial or legislative. Clinton clearly lied under oath numerous times in both civil and criminal proceedings and most recently to Congress, in his Responses to Henry Hyde's 81 Requests for Admission. The worst allegations about Nixon concerned subverting the Constitution by misusing the CIA and FBI. Yet both agencies are in the Executive branch of government under the direct authority of the President as Chief Executive Officer. Clinton, by contrast, directed his primary assault against another coequal branch of government, the judiciary. Historians and constitutional scholars will agree that the delicate separation of powers among the three branches is fundamental to our constitutional system of government. His war against the judicial branch constitutes a threat to this system. This attack on the judicial branch has consisted of overwhelming evidence of scores of perjuries, multiple counts of obstruction of justice and admitted attempts to mislead his party opponents and the courts. Perhaps more damaging than all of this, however, was his opprobrious mockery of the judicial system during his grand jury testimony by his ludicrous parsing of the English language as he feebly endeavored to explain away his civil perjury. And, as the chief exemplar of the moral values for the nation and its children, he has through his conduct and that of his defenders attempted to systematically undermine the American cultural heritage as to what constitutes right and wrong. He has defined deviancy down by shamelessly trivializing his misconduct and trying to redefine acceptable societal standards. If Clinton defenders and Watergate zealots insist on maintaining that "subversions of the Constitution" epitomize impeachable conduct then the rest of us should be prepared to meet them on their terms. How could there be a more salient example of subverting the Constitution than the president conducting thermo-nuclear war on the judiciary and the rule of law? ."

New York Times OP-ED 12/10/98 Marge Roukema, Rep (R-NJ) ". Many members of the House, including myself, have been dismayed by the President's evasive answers to the 81 questions presented to him by Representative Henry Hyde, the Judiciary Committee's chairman, as well as by the political circus created by David Kendall, the President's private lawyer, and the partisan tirades of the Democrats on the committee.."

NY Times 12/10/98 AP ".Speaker Newt Gingrich put lawmakers on notice today the House will convene next Thursday to debate any articles of impeachment against President Clinton approved by the Judiciary Committee. In a ``Dear Colleague'' letter prepared for all 435 lawmakers, Gingrich said any written report approved by the committee would be available by Wednesday. The brief letter never used the word ``impeachment.'' ."

UPI 12/10/98 ".Democratic counsel Abbe Lowell warned the House Judiciary Committee that President Clinton would not be the only one hurt and embarrassed if impeachment advances to the Senate for trial. The Senate, he said, would have to recall all the material witnesses in the case, including former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, who would be forced to repeat explicit sexual details of her relationship with Clinton on the floor of the Senate.."

UPI 12/10/98 "..Democratic counsel Abbe Lowell tried to put members of the House Judiciary Committee in President Clinton's shoes, to explain his verbal gymnastics during the Paula Jones civil deposition: ``He was being set up by Paula Jones' attorneys and Linda Tripp....He knew he was being set up....He set out to evade. He did not set out to lie.'' He then played a section of Clinton's grand jury testimony, when the president said: ``They were trying to set me up and trick me. Did I want this to come out? No. Was I embarrassed about it? Yes. Did I ask (Monica Lewinsky) to lie? No.'' ."

Judicial Watch 12/9/98 Larry Klayman ".. Dear Chairman Hyde: With our assistance, your staff has admirably researched, investigated, and confirmed serious criminal conduct committed by the President of the United States against Dolly Kyle Browning. This criminal conduct constitutes impeachable offenses. At the request of your staff, Mrs.Browning is in transit to Washington, D.C. to testify before the American public this week during the impeachment proceedings. We have been informed by sources, however, that for political and non-legal reasons, you are considering going against your staff and not calling Mrs. Browning as a witness before the Committee. If this occurs, Judicial Watch will regrettably be forced to expose what effectively amounts to a cover-up by you and those other Republicans who are once again putting political games ahead of the nation's interests.."

Reuters 12/10/98 Steve Holland ".President Clinton is open to a Democratic censure proposal that would condemn him for making ''false statements'' and leave him open to criminal and civil penalties, the White House said Thursday. White House spokesman Joe Lockhart said the White House was open to any proposal put forward by ``fair-minded people'' that seeks to end the Monica Lewinsky matter short of an impeachment of the president. ``I believe the elements of the proposal the Democrats put forward meet those criteria,'' he told reporters. Clinton, who has not commented in public on the impeachment inquiry this week, made what appeared to be an oblique reference to his predicament at a White House event on human rights Thursday. ``I have learned in ways large and small in the last six years that there is within every person a scale of justice and that people can too easily be herded into hatred and extremism often out of a belief that they have absolute truth and therefore are entitled to absolute power,'' he said. ``That they can ignore any constitution, any laws, override any facts.''."

UPI 12/10/98 Jennifer Brooks ".David Schippers, who drafted articles of impeachment for the House Judiciary Committee, told members that the account of President Clinton's actions detailed in the Starr report gives them all the evidence they need to justify his removal from office. Schippers, the committee's chief Republican counsel, brushed aside the legal and constitutional arguments the president's defenders have pushed for months. Instead, he went through independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report item by item, starting with the moment a 21-year-old White House intern flashed her panties at the president of the United States. "If this were only about sex, we would not be engaged in this debate," he said, but the president's response to Lewinsky "is illustrative of the character of the president." Also illustrative, he said, were the president's answers in his civil and grand jury depositions. Schippers rolled a series of segments from the previously sealed videotape of Clinton's testimony in the Paula Jones lawsuit. In one instance, Clinton flatly insists: "I've never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. I've never had an affair with her.".."

UPI 12/10/98 Jennifer Brooks ".Schippers' tone was sharply critical of the president. After showing one videotape of the Clinton deposition, he turned to the committee and asked, "Can you imagine trying to deal with this person?" Later, he ran through the list of people he believes the president lied to, from the grand jury and his Cabinet, to the Judiciary Committee and the American public. "There's no one left to lie to," he said. Referring to president's infamous defense that the truth of one statement "depends on what you mean by the word 'is,"' Schippers exploded: "This points out the president's complete disregard for the concept of the truth....'Is' doesn't mean 'was' or 'will be' so it wasn't lying." .Schippers also accused the White House of launching an orchestrated attack on Lewinsky's character, leaking stories to the media in which she was described as a "stalker," a "flirt," "a climber obsessed with the president" and a "child (with) serious emotional problems."

Reuters 12/10/98 ".Republican chief impeachment counsel David Schippers alleged Thursday he had found additional evidence that President Clinton obstructed justice and abused his power, but said he would not make it public at this time. ``We uncovered more incidents involving probable direct and deliberate obstruction of justice, witness tampering, perjury and abuse of power,'' Schippers said in his prepared statement to the House Judiciary Committee. But he said the Justice Department and Office of Independent Counsel had told him making it public now would compromise pending investigations.."

New York Times 12/10/98 Lizette Alvarez ".Almost immediately, the lifelong Democrat managed to rile committee Democrats. In his first appearance before the panel, Schippers told the members that there are "15 generations of Americans," who "are looking down and judging what you do." The remarks were immediately stricken from the record after Representative John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, the committee's senior Democrat, objected.."

Reuters 12-10-98 John Whitesides ".Clinton later told the Starr grand jury he had not paid attention to Bennett's statement at the deposition. The tape showed him looking in Bennett's direction as the lawyer spoke. ``Do you think for one moment, after watching the tape, that the president was not paying attention?'' Schippers asked.."

AP 12/10/98 ".After months of looking for a job -- since July, according to the president's lawyers -- Vernon Jordan just so happens to make the call to the CEO the day after the false affidavit was signed. ... Monica Lewinsky does not fit within the caliber of persons that would merit Mr. Jordan's direct recommendation to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Mr. Jordan was well aware that people with whom Ms. Lewinsky worked at the White House didn't like her, and that she was very unhappy with her Pentagon job. Vernon Jordan was asked if at any point during this process he wondered about her qualifications for employment. He answered no, because that was not my judgment to make..Do people like Vernon Jordan go to the wall for marginal employees? They do not, unless there is a compelling reason. The compelling reason was that the president told him this was top priority, especially after Monica was subpoenaed..

AP 12/10/98 ".The president wants us to believe that according to his reading of the deposition definition, he did not have sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky. That definition was an afterthought, conceived while preparing for his grand jury testimony. His explanation to the grand jury, then, was also false and misleading. The president does not explain his denial of an affair or of a sexual affair. He can't. Neither can he avoid his unequivocal denial in the answers to the interrogatories in the Jones case. These interrogatories were answered before any narrow definition of the sexual relations had been developed.."

AP 12/10/98 Sandra Sobieraj "."I'd like you to listen to the president's deceptions for yourself,'' Republican investigator David Schippers said as he cued an aide at the VCR. More than a dozen snippets showed Clinton hedging, stammering, scratching his head. He stared straight down, nodding again and again as his lawyer, Robert Bennett, read Ms. Lewinsky's denials of a sexual affair. Asked to vouch for her affidavit, the president leaned forward for emphasis: "That is absolutely true.'' He blinked rapidly, his lips tight in silence, as Bennett interpreted the affidavit to mean "there is absolutely no sex of any kind, in any manner, shape or form.'' Off-screen, Schippers concluded for the panel: "He's lying.''."

AP 12/10/98 Schippers ".The president then has lied under oath in a civil deposition, lied under oath in a criminal grand jury. He lied to the people, he lied to his Cabinet, he lied to his top aides, and now he's lied under oath to the Congress of the United States. There's no one left to lie to.."

AP 12/10/98 Schippers ".How fair have the president and his supporters been? Was it fair to procure and produce false affidavits from prospective witnesses in the Jones case, and thus subject those witnesses to prosecution for perjury? How about employing every conceivable means, including perjury and obstruction, to defeat the legal rights of a woman who claims she'd been wronged? How fair was it to stand by and allow his friends to attack that woman's character with remarks like, ``Drag a $10 bill through a trailer camp and you never know what will turn up''? Was it fair to Monica Lewinsky to construct an elaborate lie that made it appear that she was a predator who threatened to lie about a sexual encounter if the president didn't succumb to her advances? By the way, if the dress had not turned up, that story would have been President Clinton's defense today. The stage had already been set, the scenery was in place, and the actors had been given their lines. ."

The Poop Deck 12/10/98 by Freeper Thincat ".The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee this morning pulled what they believed was a surprise attack. Led by Sheila Jackson-Lee, they, demanded to have the majority tell them exactly which items of evidence attached to each of the four proposed charges that were expected to be voted on. At first it appeared they had caught the Republicans off-guard; but just as suddenly the Republicans began reviewing the evidence supporting the various charges and their eloquence in setting out the evidence was a thing to behold.."

House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary 12/11/98 ".Paul McNulty, spokesman for the House Judiciary Committee, made the following statement today after the President's remarks this afternoon: "Even in his most recent apology, the President continues to deny the serious criminal acts of perjury, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering he has committed and to rely upon technical legal arguments advanced by his attorneys. Everyone understands the pain he and his family are experiencing as a result of his behavior. But the question before the Congress is whether a President who commits such offenses, and continues to deny that he committed them, is fit to hold the highest office in the land. This is a question answered by the facts, not feelings, and guided by the Constitution."

Judicial Watch 12/11/98 Declaration of Dolly Kyle Browning ".When our Honorable President was informed that I had been subpoenaed, he directed his lawyers to prepare and send to me a Motion for a Protective Order and Motion to Quash the Subpoena Duces Tecum and Notice of Deposition, along with a brief in support of that Motion. (See Exhibit 1 attached hereto.) Those documents were sent to me with the message that I should file them and not testify against Defendant Clinton. I believed, however, that it was my civic duty to honor the subpoena. I did testify, and I testified truthfully..To support his lies, he offered into evidence a 3-page memorandum in his own handwriting that contained blatant lies about me and our relationship..Further, to bolster his handwritten lies, the Honorable President included the handwritten lies of a senior White House aide, Marsha Scott. (See a copy of these handwritten notes, and a typed transcription of them, attached hereto as Exhibit 3.)..This morning, I was very tempted to get on a plane and return to Dallas without doing anything more..Or, I could inform you about the lies and obstruction of justice that I witnessed. As a citizen, a lawyer, and an officer of the court, I can do no less. What you do with this information is up to you. The Executive Branch has attacked the Judicial Branch. The Legislative Branch may be duped into complicity.."

12/11/98 Clinton Speech ".As anyone close to me knows, for months I have been grappling with how best to reconcile myself to the American people, to acknowledge my own wrongdoing and still to maintain my focus on the work of the presidency. Others are presenting my defense on the facts, the law, and the Constitution. Nothing I can say now can add to that. What I want the American people to know, what I want the Congress to know is that I am profoundly sorry for all I have done wrong in words and deeds. I never should have misled the country, the Congress, my friends or my family. Quite simply, I gave into my shame... So nothing -- not piety, nor tears, nor wit, nor torment -- can alter what I have done. I must make my peace with that. I must also be at peace with the fact that the public consequences of my actions are in the hands of the American people and their representatives in the Congress. Should they determine that my errors of word and deed require their rebuke and censure, I am ready to accept that..."

A Whitewater Researcher summary 12/11/98 on Rep Barr ".PARAPHRASE: I believe Congressman Barr said, in essence, that the [President's]. statement on impeachment hearings this afternoon did not show sufficient contrition and acknowledgement that he had broken the law, and so the statement not only would not influence moderate GOP Congressmen to come over to the First Traitor's point of view, the statement would also likely have a further alienating effect. MSNBC also showed a video clip of Schumer, taped approximately at 5:08 PM EST. Schumer said that if the full House vote on Clinton impeachment were taken now, impeachment would pass (the full House).."

12/11/98 ABC News ".Loren Rogers:"Hal, what about public opinion? Will the Presidents speech make any difference there?" Hal Bruno: "There is a disconnect between what the public wants - they want him to stay in office - and congressional Republicans. In congress a monster is loose."."

FOX News 12/11/98 Carl Cameron and Brit Hume Prince Charles Freeper summary ".John Porter of Illinois reverses and now favors impeachment after a Clinton operative called and threatened to withold campaign cash from him. Developing..." continuing Freeper report adds ".In the midst of the lobbying, another moderate Republican on the White House target list came out for impeachment. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., will will vote in favor of impeachment, spokeswoman Yanik Fenton-Espinosa said. - FOX NEWS website story ."

12/11/98 Rep Bob Barr ".In a statement today, U.S. Representative Bob Barr (GA-7) blasted President Clinton's defenders for conducting a scorched-earth campaign to smear members of the House Judiciary Committee with false allegations. The statement followed an attempt by trial lawyer Alan Dershowitz to call Barr a racist, based on his appearance before a group in South Carolina called the Council of Conservative Citizens. In another case, White House operative Sidney Blumenthal has attacked Committee Member Lindsey Graham (R-SC). The National Enquirer, which is represented by Clinton Attorney David Kendall, also reportedly published an article today alleging an affair involving Committee Member Mary Bono (R-CA). Barr also noted a report in the New York Daily News today that White House Chief of Staff John Podesta is ordering prominent businessmen to pressure Members of Congress on the upcoming impeachment vote. "I am adamantly opposed to discrimination in any way, shape or form. For the President's henchmen to suggest otherwise, based on a brief appearance I made before a group in South Carolina to discuss the impeachment process, is outrageous. The fact is, I strongly disagree with many of this group's ridiculous views, and have said so publicly. "It is a sad day in our country when a Member of Congress cannot speak before a group without subjecting them to an exhaustive investigation to determine if one of their members has ever written an offensive or ridiculous column. Sadly, there appears to be no despicable conduct the President's defenders will not stoop to in order to protect him.."

Fox News 12/11/98 Freeper report ".The names are: Baker (LA), Norwood (Ga), Ros Lehtinen (FL) Diaz Ballart (R-FL) and Metcalf (WA)."

Freeper gocowboys 12/11/98 reports from AP and Washington Post observations ".What Schippers did not tell the committee in public session was that he still hopes to introduce evidence of wrongdoing other than the Lewinsky matter. In an interview last night, Schippers said he deliberately wrote "very broad articles" so he can revive lingering questions about Clinton's conduct later if he discovers more. "Hopefully, we'll get it out if they vote it out and send it to the Senate," Schippers said. "If it's wide open, we can get some additional evidence in." During the accelerated committee inquiry, Schippers made aborted attempts to probe Clinton's campaign fund-raising tactics as well as efforts by the president's allies to steer work to former associate attorney general Webster L. Hubbell while he was under investigation by independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr. Schippers told the panel yesterday that he found "very promising leads" including "incidents involving probable direct and deliberate obstruction of justice, witness tampering, perjury and abuse of power" but held off because of concerns by Starr's office and the Justice Department that disclosure would compromise pending investigations..."

ABC 12/11/98 ".Democrats were said to be ready to stiffen their censure proposal with a call for a financial penalty from the president. Away from the drama on Capitol Hill, former Connecticut Sen. Lowell Weicker, a Republican who later became an independent, announced his support for impeachment. ``I'm sure all of us would like an easy out, including the president and those like myself who supported him, but it's not provided for in the Constitution,'' said Weicker, who served in the House, Senate and as Connecticut governor. ``Lying is lying.'' ."

Capitol Hill Blue 12/11/98 ".As moderate House Republicans wrestle with the votes that will determine President Clinton's future, at least three conservative House Democrats say they will vote to impeach him for allegedly telling lies under oath. Rep. Ralph Hall, D-Texas, said he concluded that Clinton lied after he read transcripts of the president's testimony before the federal grand jury that investigated Clinton's efforts to conceal his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. ``I didn't believe the president because he wasn't believable, and he turned out not to have been believable,'' the 75-year-old lawyer said in an interview. ``I know what (perjury) looks like when I see it. I was a judge for 12 years.'' Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Miss., has said he, too, will vote to impeach. Taylor did not return a telephone message, but his chief of staff confirmed his plans. ``He said way before, as soon as this thing blew, if the president lied under sworn oath he will vote for impeachment,'' said Wayne Weidie. Indeed, in September, after Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr sent his report on the Lewinsky matter to Congress, Taylor said he would view perjury seriously. ``If it's perjury, yes, I will vote to impeach him,'' said Taylor, 45. Rep. Virgil Goode Jr., a lawyer from the tobacco and textile areas of southern Virginia, said he also believes Clinton had lied under oath when he denied having had sexual relations with the former White House intern. ``Do I think perjury is an impeachable offense? I do,'' the 52-year-old freshman told The Washington Post in an interview published Dec. 1, an interview that Goode spokesman Linwood Duncan said contained his only public comments until he votes on impeachment. ``For me the question is lying under oath. It's not a question of what he tells his wife or someone else.'' All three congressmen are members of the ``Blue Dog'' group of conservative House Democrats, and they regularly vote with Republicans against Democrats and the Clinton administration.."

Portland (Maine) Press Herald 12/11/98 Jason Wolfe ".Saying perjury "shakes the very foundation" of the justice system, a judge Thursday ordered a former Biddeford lawyer convicted of lying under oath to spend one year in prison. Justice Carl O. Bradford said Albert Lefebvre, 68, needed to pay a heavy price for a serious crime that all too often gets overlooked by prosecutors. And as a lawyer, Lefebvre had a duty to know better, the judge said. "If people feel that they can lie with impunity and totally ignore the sanctity of the oath, then this justice system is in serious trouble," said Bradford, who wore a stern look throughout the sentencing hearing in Cumberland County Superior Court. "As an officer of the court, Mr. Lefebvre, you have brought disrespect upon a noble and honorable profession."."

CNBC + FOX News 12/11/98 Freeper Steven W reports ".On CNBC last night and then on FOX News Channel this morning, the White House "censure" strategy was exposed - if the White House is able to obstruct the vote on impeachment by getting (so-called) moderate Republicans to vote, instead, for an (unconstituional) form of censure agreement, Clinton's lawyers will then have the "censure" (easily) overturned as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States.."

A Whitewater research excerpts 12/11/98 Washington Post Howard Kurtz ".EXCERPTS: "...Network television has spent the week admonishing viewers that...Clinton really, truly, absolutely might be impeached...."The country may not be paying close attention, but . . . the president is one step closer tonight to being impeached," ABC's Peter Jennings said Wednesday. CBS's Dan Rather spoke of "the growing likelihood of actual impeachment by the full House of Representatives."...NBC's Tim Russert said yesterday that Democratic Judiciary Committee counsel Abbe Lowell was "trying to say, 'Folks, this is really happening.'..."if it looks bad for them, the president will start calling members himself."...By last night Rather was declaring that the chances of impeachment "are increasing by the hour."..."Impeachment is the punishment," said radio commentator Rush Limbaugh. "Impeachment is the censure. It's then up to the Senate to decide what to do. . . . The censure crowd has got to be made to understand that impeachment is what they want when they say they want punishment."..."

Associated Press 12/11/98 Laurie Kellman ".Rep. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., and Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., announced Friday they would vote to impeach Clinton on perjury charges when articles of impeachment are brought to the House floor next week. "Having viewed the president's defense before the Judiciary Committee, I believe he has failed to refute these charges or overcome the evidence presented,'' Chambliss said in a statement. A spokesman said Chambliss would vote for two perjury charges and for obstruction of justice being weighed by the Judiciary Committee but remained undecided on abuse of power. Other lawmakers whose offices announced they would support impeachment are: -Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., who supports all four articles drafted by the committee. -Rep. Richard H. Baker, R- La. -Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-N.J., one of a group of key GOP moderates in the Northeast. -Rep. Jack Metcalf, R-Wash., who announced he would vote for impeachment on perjury, but was undecided on the other charges..Labor unions, presidential aides, Cabinet officers and friendly lobbyists were making calls on Clinton's behalf. The president himself made a new apology Friday just before the House Judiciary Committee approved the first impeachment article. Two undecided moderate Republicans, Reps. Rick Lazio of New York and Jon Fox of Pennsylvania, are traveling with Clinton to the Middle East this weekend. Another undecided Republican said Clinton's latest act of contrition was "sincere'' but not enough. "It's not enough to be apologetic. It's not enough to be remorseful. It's time for this president to tell the truth,'' said Rep. Billy Tauzin, R-La., a former Democrat who switched parties..."

Fox News 12/11/98 Bob Ireland freeps ".At 6:26pm EST the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives passed a second article of impeachment against President Clinton. The vote was for: 20, against: 17. [Lindsey Graham voted with the Democrats.]."

Wall Street Journal/NBC News 12/11/98 Freeper Rodger Schultz ".In a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, Americans by 52% to 39% think Clinton, to avoid impeachment and get only censure, must admit he lied under oath. Even 60% of core Clinton backers think his legacy will be tarnished. - Richard Gephardt, House minority leader, just stated that the "American people are overwhelmingly against impeachment."

Fox News Wire 12/11/98 Curt Anderson, Associated Press ".Judiciary Committee members debating historic articles of impeachment repeatedly cited their duty to set an example for children. Boy Scouts troops, school children, grandkids - they all turn up. But Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., spoke to her entire family, including some who have passed away, after the committee voted on party lines Friday to recommend impeachment. Reading as if from a will - "of sound mind, excellent health and clear conscience'' - Waters wanted her sharp opposition to the impeachment articles to be known to everyone from her 10-year-old grandson, Cameron, to "my 12 brothers and sisters, living and dead.'' ."

Freeper Mckarebear 12/11/98 observes ".Let's say that Bonnie and Clyde agreed that what they were doing was not bank robbing. Let's say that the Manson Family agreed that what they did to Sharron Tate was not murder. Let's say that Hitler and Goebbels agreed that genocide was something different. would those misunderstandings have saved them prosecution? Here they suggest that neither clinton nor Monica believed that oral sex was sex and, therefore, there is no perjury. Well, what if they had had "intercourse." could Clinton and Monica have agreed to say that that was not sex, either? What if they both agreed to testify that only anal sex is sex and they didn't participate in any anal sex. Would that have relieved them of perjury, too? I suppose that they could have also used the argument that they did not have sex at all. Knowing Clinton he might say, "I did not have sex. I had illicit sex. Sex is only between husband and wife." It is just astounding that an argument "They didn't believe it was sex." can be tolerated for even a nitwit like Robert Wexler.."

The Washington Times 12/11/98 Bill Sammon and Nancy E. Roman ".The White House, stung by a forceful argument for impeachment during the House Judiciary Committee hearings, attacked Republicans Thursday and pleaded with Congress to allow President Clinton to remain in office. Also fueling White House's concerns were reports that an increasing number of House GOP centrists were coming out in favor of articles of impeachment, prompting behind-the-scenes consideration of a nationally televised appearance by Mr. Clinton."

The Washington Times 12/11/98 Wesley Pruden ".Will Clinton's lawyers have tried everything else, so why not cite the Constitution's guarantee of separation of church and state? The president's men, who insist they can, too, recognize "reprehensible" behavior when they see it, concede that he's guilty of "sin." There the word was in, 70-point type on the front page of The Washington Post, the mouthpiece of the Democratic establishment. But sin is a theological concept, antiquated though it may be at the end of our enlightened century, and the state deals with transgressions of the secular law, not the law of God. Ergo, he's innocent. Ergo, this is nuts.. Mr. Clinton's defense after the DNA tests on Monica's dress revealed him to be the liar some of us always knew he was, was that well, OK, he did do "it" with his pants around his ankles and the girl on her knees, but that was not "sex." Maybe it was sex for the kneelee, but not for him. Even his friends hooted at that, probably even Barney Frank and Maxine Waters (definitely Barney), and the nation roared in ribald laughter. But nutty arguments, with repetition, infect the reasoning of presumably serious men who know better. Nonsense treated seriously swiftly becomes conventional wisdom. Consider the videotape of the president's Paula Jones deposition, played yesterday for the House Judiciary Committee.. The videotape of Mr. Clinton's testimony in a deposition for the Paula Jones trial, a trial he finally avoided by paying her off, throws in vivid relief one of the greater ironies of our time: the brutal and unforgiving facts finally teaching the most accomplished liar in American life that it's a mortal sin to tell a lie.."

New York Post 12/11/98 Steve Dunleavy ".If KENNETH Starr is a sleeping pill, then David Schippers could bottle himself as amphetamines. For two hours and 45 minutes yesterday, Schippers, the lead Republican counsel on the House Judiciary Committee, hit the Rayburn Building like a jackhammer on a hydrogen bomb. "The president has lied in civil depositions. He's lied to a criminal grand jury. He's lied to his Cabinet. He has lied to the American people and now he has lied to his Congress," Schippers said in his distinctive Chicago accent. "There is no one left to lie to." Of course, that is not technically quite true - he could still lie to the Senate. Never have I seen such a surgical dismemberment of a liar in my life as Schippers wielded the scalpel of law, fact, and poetic rhetoric. Schippers, the father of 10 children, is a registered Democrat who once studied for the priesthood and later headed up the Chicago Organized Crime Task Force. After yesterday, if there are 15 moderate Republicans from the Northeast who vote against impeachment, then someone put ear plugs in their ears and blinders on their eyes. The lead Democrats on the committee - John Conyers (Mich.), Jerry Nadler (N.Y.), Maxine Waters (Calif.) and Sheila Lee Jackson (Texas) - looked like they had scorpions in their shoes as Schippers hammered away, point-by-point-by- point, portraying William Jefferson Clinton as a self-indulgent, lying megalomaniac. "I think we all know what the sanctity of oath means to this president," Schippers said. "He has shown total disdain for the intellect of American people. "Lies are lies are lies. "Earlier this week, four former college football players in Chicago who lied under oath were indicted. "There is no such thing as non-serious perjury ... He has attacked the law-abiding fiber of the commonwealth ... a direct assault on the truth-seeking process." ..All I know is one thing. I hope if I do anything wrong, David Schippers is out of town.."

Wall Street Journal 12/11/98 Mark Helprin to the wavering Republicans ".If you think of the achievements of your predecessors, you need neither waver nor fear. Yours is the party of Lincoln. It was born of unpopular principle and did not hesitate to wage civil war and tear the nation asunder for the sake of equal justice. More recently and despite insult and injury from the advocates of accommodation it held the line at the end of the Cold War, to defend the principle of self-government. There is no end to principles it can support, no end to battles it can fight, and no brake on the number of adherents it can attract if it will operate courageously and in service of what is great and transcendent.."

The Washington Post 12/11/98 David Broder ".This is a president described by his own White House counsel as a man who "betrayed the trust placed in him not only by his loved ones but by the American people," a president who, the Judiciary Democrats said in their proffered censure resolution, has "violated the trust of the American people, lessened their esteem for the office of President and dishonored the office which they have entrusted to him."."

Freeper K.E. reporting 12/10/98 on Hardball - MSNBC ".Tom Delay, R. Texas - Majority Whip for House Reps. is NOT COUNTING VOTES. Says he is just expressing his own feelings against the Pres. Said he WOULD NOT VOTE FOR CENSURE, because: "Do you remember Chris, when Clinton was in Africa, and he found out the Paula Jones case was thrown out, well you remember what he did, CELABRATED WITH A CIGAR. WELL THAT'S WHAT HE WILL DO - CELABRATE WITH A CIGAR IN THE WHITE HOUSE AFTER GETTING CENSURE. Chris Laughed and kind of agreed. LOVED IT. He doesn't trust him or believe him.."

Freeper dencos about Senator Byrd ".No matter what the press is saying, or as a matter of fact, what my fellow Freepers are saying the man who will see to it the president will be impeached isn't Henry Hyde, Kenneth Starr, or even William Jefferson Clinton. It is Robert Byrd. Robert C. Byrd has served in the United States Senate since January 3, 1959, including three years as Secretary of the Senate Democratic Conference (1967-1970), five years as Senate Majority Whip (1971-1976), six years as Senate Majority Leader (1977-1980, 1987-1988), and six years as Senate Minority Leader (1981-1986). In 1989, Senator Byrd became Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, a position he held until 1995. He is now the Ranking Member of the Appropriations Committee. He was also elected by his colleagues in 1989 as President pro tempore of the Senate, a post that placed him third in the line of succession to the Presidency. With that honor, Senator Byrd achieved the distinction of having held more leadership positions in the U.S. Senate than any other Senator of any party in Senate history. In 1994, Senator Byrd was elected to a seventh consecutive 6-year term in the Senate, making him one of only three U.S. Senators in American history to achieve that milestone. Adding to these already historic accomplishments, on July 27, 1996, Senator Byrd became the first U.S. Senator in history to cast 14,000 votes. Once he made his statement "Mr. President, don't mess with this jury" the news black out commenced for the Senate. Clinton's fate is in his hands. He (IMHO) is the person who will either give the thumbs up or the thumbs down on the Clinton administration. Nothing, I mean, nothing has been said, for or against, Mr. Byrd in the media. It's almost like he disappeared off the face of the earth."

The State (Columbia SC )12/11/98 Michelle Davis ".Graham said the president laid the groundwork for a cover-up of the affair by telling top presidential aide Sidney Blumenthal that Lewinsky was a "stalker" type person," Graham said. On Thursday, Blumenthal contacted a reporter for The State and responded. "I deserve an apology from Lindsey Graham for his dishonorable, false statement, but I don't expect one," Blumenthal said. "I wish I had a better class of critic." Graham fired back with a letter to the president's lawyer Charles Ruff, a copy of which went to White House chief of staff John Podesta. "I find this attack on my character and honor to be less than appropriate while I am involved in the very serious process of impeachment," the letter said. "If Mr. Blumenthal had sought out the reporter to challenge the assertions I made yesterday, I would have had no objection. Instead he sought out the reporter to personally attack me." Later in the letter, Graham said he was "troubled that a high-level White House adviser would engage in this type of behavior during these very serious times." ."I didn't say anything (Wednesday) that wasn't based on the record and evidence," Graham said. "I'm just putting together part of the puzzle, and the puzzle is not looking good for the president."."

NY Times 12/11/98 Eric Schmitt ".With President Clinton's fate in the House hanging on a razor-thin margin of perhaps one or two votes, Republican and Democratic leaders are scrambling to insure that a handful of ailing, retiring or traveling lawmakers are present for next week's historic vote on impeachment. Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., had hip surgery last week that normally requires six to eight weeks of recuperation. But Miller's doctors have cleared him to travel -- so long as he's lying flat much of the way.Democratic aides worry about Rep. Henry Gonzalez of Texas, who is retiring this year after a 38- year House career. Gonzalez is 82 and missed much of the 1998 legislative year because of heart problems, although he returned in September. Rep. Harris Fawell, a seven-term Illinois Republican who is retiring this year, had a quadruple-heart bypass on November 13, but his aides say he is rested and ready to vote (although they won't say which way). .Republicans may have trouble reaching Rep. Jay Kim of California, who lost his primary race after pleading guilty to accepting $250,000 in illegal campaign contributions. Kim was sentenced to one year's probation, fined $5,000 and was required to wear an electronic-monitoring anklet for two months. Repeated telephone calls to Kim's offices in California and Washington went unanswered Thursday. .."

New York Times 12/11/98 Abe Rosenthal ".We know three things for certain, and standing in the muck of Bill Clinton's character amidst the remains of his Presidency, it helps cleanse us to think about them. We know that undertaking the impeachment process, wherever it leads, was what the Constitution provided for a President who had so betrayed the people as to lie to their faces and lie under oath, and even as he cringes and whines, so fears the consequence of his behavior that he despoils the meaning of contrition by refusing to admit what he did. And we know that the Clinton story is not the essence of America, nor close to it. It is one nasty episode in American history, which at least we confronted not sometime in the future when it was too late, but while he and we could confront each other. And we know, with gratitude to those who created America's particular system of government, that every national Election Day we will get a chance to select a leader. On such a day, perhaps the next, we will again choose a person whom voters can regard with respect while he serves and history will remember with approval afterward. Those are kernel American truths, whether Bill Clinton is allowed to serve out his second term or not. But there is no constitutional reason for Americans to carry for two more years this man who made himself the great American moral albatross.."

National Review Online 12/11/98 ".On October 28, 1998, six days before national elections to the U. S. House of Representatives and Senate, readers of several major United States newspapers were urged in a full page "open letter" from 400 historians to oppose "the dangerous new theory of impeachment" of President Clinton and to "demand the restoration of normal operations of our federal government." The historians were soon followed by 430 law professors publishing a letter to the Speaker of the House concluding that the President's offenses - even if proved - fall short of providing the foundation for a bill of impeachment. Few subjects are more important to the health of the American Republic than that of impeachment. The historians and lawyers who presume to inform the public that President Clinton in committing perjury and obstructing justice, among other malfeasances, has committed no impeachable offense do a great disservice to the integrity of the Constitution. For that reason, we have joined together as lawyers, law professors, political scientists and historians, most of whom have made careers studying the Constitution and litigating its many provisions, to correct the record. The anti-impeachment historians state that even continuing with an impeachment inquiry "will leave the Presidency permanently disfigured and diminished." To the contrary, dropping the impeachment inquiry would permanently disfigure and diminish not only the Presidency but the American system of government.If a president can lie with impunity to the American people about his own disgraceful behavior and his multiple perjuries, who can henceforward expect any truth to issue from the Oval Office? If he can lie to Congress on these same subjects, doing his best to deny a Congressional inquiry into the facts on which judgment must rest, who can remain confident that constitutional processes will retain any integrity? Alexander Hamilton, in words that bear repeating, said that impeachment is the proper response when a public official's misconduct results in "injuries done immediately to the society itself.".."

CAS List 12/11/98 Carl Limbacher ".David Schippers, chief Republican counsel for the House committee that is poised to vote out four articles of impeachment against President Clinton, revealed late on Thursday that Attorney General Janet Reno and Independent Counsel Kenneth Star are witholding key evidence of impeachable crimes from Congress. With next week's impeachment vote in the full House expected to be decided by a razor thin margin, Schippers revelation means that the president could survive in office despite clear and compelling evidence that he has committed high crimes and misdemeanors beyond those developed in the Monica Lewinsky investigation. In his closing arguments on Thursday, Schippers explained: "We have received and reviewed additional information and evidence from the Independent Counsel, and have developed additional information from diverse sources. Unfortunately, because of the extremely strict time limits placed upon us, a number of very promising leads had to be abandoned. We just ran out of time. In addition, many other allegations of possible serious wrongdoing cannot be presented publicly at this time by virtue of circumstances totally beyond our control. For example, we uncovered more incidents involving probable direct and deliberate obstruction of justice, witness tampering, perjury and abuse of power. We were, however, informed both by the Department of Justice and by the Office of the Independent Counsel that to bring forth publicly that evidence at this time would seriously compromise pending criminal investigations that are nearing completion. We have bowed to their suggestion."

New York Times 12/11/98 John Broder Freeper A Whitewater Researcher summary ".EXCERPTS: "...the Clinton White House has frequently misread the mood of Congress....The current White House optimism contrasts with a feeling as recent last weekend, when Clinton and his top aides were deeply pessimistic about the outcome....One senior Administration official said privately today that the White House was now engaged in wishful thinking and predicted that the House would vote to impeach Clinton next week....In another sign of danger for the President, a senior Republican aide in Congress said that four Republicans will announce on Friday that they will vote to impeach Clinton...."Short of a detailed, heartfelt apology from the President, I think he's sealed his fate," said Ken Johnson, (Congressman Billy) Tauzin's spokesman. "Right now, the only person who can save the President from the embarrassment of impeachment is the President himself."..."

MSNBC 12/12/98 Jay Severin ".This was the Lemming defense, and it has moved Bill Clinton pretty close to the cliff. What all the president's men needed to do was provide political cover for moderate Republicans (i.e. liberals) so they can oppose impeachment. Instead, they offered legal lectures, including colorful personal insults, like "craven," "zealot" and "fanatic." Whereas the mods hoped (begged) for new evidence, all they got was new spin. Clinton lawyers insisted that oral sex is not sex (nor, presumably, is armed robbery robbery); that things previously and universally known as criminal are now known as "wrong" ; and punishment is to be replaced by "contrition." In keeping with this brave-new-world-think, Congresswoman Maxine Waters will be declared "brilliant." Especially entertaining was the testimony of former Massachusetts governor (and, in reality, former Republican) William Weld, appearing as a presidential defender. A failed Clinton ambassadorial appointee, Weld finalized his divorce from the GOP by decrying impeachment and proposing a sissy censure. Thus does Bill Weld become a modern-age Tokyo Rose, aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of political war. Though Weld is not currently seeking public office, I hope he knows there is no statute of limitations on war crimes. I can guarantee him authentic Republicans will not forget this -- ever. ..The greatest danger for Clinton right now is not just that more and more Congressman may be leaning toward impeachment, but that so, too, may more and more Americans -- as they realize impeaching Clinton but keeping him in office is exactly the kind of weasel-proof punishment they had in mind all along. And that is why I predict Bill Clinton will, yet again, appear in person to plead his case one last time. If he does this, he will likely save himself from impeachment. If he does not, it will truly be the biggest gamble of his extraordinarily reckless public, and personal.

Wall Street Journal 10/10/97 Mark Helprin IMPEACH ".Here we stand in a clearing of the most difficult century of human history, wanting our deserved rest, and standing with us may be the most corrupt, fraudulent and dishonest president we ever have known. At the very least the president, before he became president, was at the heart of criminal financial dealings and bribery involving his wife and various felons who were his close associates. Upon his elevation to office, he worked hard to suppress and obfuscate the details of what he had done, while continuing in the same pattern as both he and the same and a new set of dishonest associates hid, withheld and destroyed records, purloined FBI files, used the IRS to intimidate opponents, plotted to cage government business, met with drug dealers, arms traders and mobsters, raised illegal campaign money, sold influence and shook down the Chinese.."

Freeper Bonaparte reports 12/12/98 on Reuters ".Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA), previously undecided, says he intends to vote for impeachment. Now watch for Rep. Chambliss (R-GA) to declare also..."

AP 12/12/98 Pete Yost ".Impeachment investigators for House Republicans interviewed three Arkansas witnesses whose accounts of a 1994 conversation between President Clinton and a woman differ from the president's sworn testimony. In the Paula Jones lawsuit, Clinton testified that presidential aide Marsha Scott overheard his 30- to 45-minute conversation with Dolly Kyle Browning at their 1994 high school reunion in Hope, Ark. Mrs. Browning, whose allegations she had an affair with Clinton became an issue in Mrs. Jones' sexual harassment case, says she discussed the affair with the president at the 1994 event. Clinton and Mrs. Scott dispute that account, and the president testified in the Jones case that Mrs. Browning was angry at him because he had ``never been her lover.'' Two of the three Arkansas witnesses stated in declarations to House Judiciary Committee investigators they don't recall seeing anyone in a position to have overheard the conversation. The third said a blond-haired woman -- who could have been Scott -- came up on two occasions to the pair, making it impossible for her to have overheard the conversation in its entirety.."

CNN 12/11/98 Freeper report by JeanS ".Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was asked last night how the work of the Supreme Court would be affected by a Senate trial of impeachment. She said it wouldn't be a problem because the Constitution directs that the trial begin at 1:00PM daily Mon. - Sat., leaving the mornings free. Since the SC hears all its cases and arguments in the morning, it wouldn't affect them.."

NY Times 12/12/98 Lizette Alvarez ".To hear Rep. Lindsey Graham tell it, his patience just plain ran out. After months of public wrangling over whether to oust President Clinton, Graham, the conservative firebrand on the Judiciary Committee with a penchant for moderation on the impeachment issue, went on the attack. "If people in America follow Bill Clintonspeak, we're going to ruin the rule of law, and he's not worth that," Graham said to Clinton's lawyer, Charles Ruff, at a committee hearing on Wednesday. "No one person in America is worth trashing out the rule of law and creating a situation where you can't rely on your common sense." "I can only believe your defense if I check my common sense at the door, and I forget the way the world really works," he told Ruff, during a caustic exchange.."I always asked, would this be more like Peyton Place or Watergate," Graham said outside the hearing room. It turned out, he said, "to be more like Watergate." The clincher, he said, came when Ruff failed to offer a credible defense of Clinton's actions, the worst of which was not simple perjury, he said, but using the power of the presidency to try to smear a witness, Monica Lewinsky, by painting her as a "sexual predator." "The way he treated Monica Lewinsky," he said, in exasperation. "His political interests were more important than the truth or welfare of the person he was involved in a sexual relationship with. He was using the office in a most sinister way." "The country is in trouble when you let politicians use the resources of their office to crush a citizen that may get in their way," Graham added, presumably to the cheers of many of his Republican constituents back home..."

Boston Globe 12/12/98 David M. Shribma ".In an extraordinary 15-minute period yesterday, all of the maneuvering, solemnity, drama, and historic high stakes of Bill Clinton's disgrace and defense were on full display. It began with the president of the United States, standing in the Rose Garden in the thickening dusk of a December afternoon, expressing his shame and his sorrow - and showing, for the first time in public, the fear of more humiliation to come. It ended with the solemn drumbeat of yeas and nays - single syllables uttered in conscience and headed for history - in the very same paneled committee chamber where Richard M. Nixon's impeachment resolutions were passed a quarter-century ago..But in saying that he would accept what had never been done before, the president was in fact campaigning for censure. The Senate's censure of Andrew Jackson in 1834 and the House's censure of James Buchanan in 1862 were not, in an expression that has new meaning in the 1990s, consensual.."

Arizona Republic 12/12/98 David Leibowitz ".This version had it all: The drawn face and halting tone, the obligatory citing of the words "shame" and "sorry." He looked powerfully contrite this time, wounded to the core. You had to admire the man's effort. On the Bill Clinton Biweekly Apology scale of 1 to 10, Friday's performance merited a solid 7.5. It would've been an 8, but the Russian judge docked the Pres for missing his dismount. Pun absolutely unintended. Unlike the following observation: Why is it, the worse things get for Bill Clinton in Congress and in public, the sorrier he seems? We have heard seven different Clinton apologies or near-apologies now, starting with the dismal effort of Aug. 17, the day he appeared before the Starr grand jury. His atonements have ranged from scathing to self-immolating, tearful to defiant. Clinton has begged forgiveness on two continents, in three nations, to Hillary, Chelsea, constituents, Christians, fellow Democrats, foe Republicans, and to generations yet unborn. If he's missed you, check your answering machine. Allow me to interject. ENOUGH ALREADY!."

12/12/98 Freeper mass55th reports ".I was brought to tears by Rep. Buyer's words when he spoke of the dying soldier left on the battlefield, alone with no one around to hear his last words. He penned them on a piece of paper: "I gave them today so that they would have tomorrow." I'm hoping that someone will be able to find this fine speech on the web and post it here. It was heartwrenching."

12/12/98 Freeper SuthunBelle transcription ".And then I thought about the World War II veterans, Mr. Hyde and others, a unique generation. They were truly crusaders. They fought for no bounty of their own; they left freedom in their footsteps. And I thought about something I had read in military history. After D-Day, they were policing up the battlefield and laying upon the battlefield was an American soldier who was dead. No one was around to hear his last words, so he wrote them on a pad. Can you imagine the frustration, knowing you are about to die and there is no one around to say your last words? I don't know what you would write, but this soldier wrote, "Tell them, when you go home, I gave this day for their tomorrow." "You see, part of my conscience is driven by my military service. I am an individual who not only is principled but also steeped in virtues and I use those to guide myself through the chaos. And then I think about people all across America, about America's values, and American charactaer, and I wanted to put it in plain-spoken words. "So when I think about America's character and commonsense virtues; I think about honesty. What is truth? Tell the truth. Be sincere. Don't deceive, mislead or be devious or use trickery. Don't betray a trust. Don't withhold information in relationships of trust. Don't cheat or lie to the detriment of others nor tolerate such practice. "On issues of integrity: Exhibit the best in yourself. Choose the harder right over the easier wrong. Walk your talk through courage, commitment, and self discipline. "On issues of promise keeping: Honor your oath and keep your word. "On issues of loyalty, stand by, suppot and protect your family, your friends, your community, and your country. Don't spread rumors, lies, or distortions to harm others. You don't violate the law or ethical principles to win personal gain. And you don't ask a friend to do something wrong. "On issues of respect: You be courteous and polite; you judge all people on their merits; you be tolerant and appreciative and accepting of individual diferences. You don't abuse, demean or mistrust anyone. You don't use, manipulate, exploit or take advantage of others. You respect the right of individuals. "On the issue of acting responsibly and being accountable: The issue is to think before your act, meaning you consider the possible consequences on all people from your actions. You pursue excellence. You be reliable, be accountable, exercise self control. You don't blame others for your mistakes. You set a good example for those who look up to you. "On the issue of fairness: Treat all people fairly. Don't take unfair advantage of others. Don't take more than your fair share. Don't be selfish, mean, cruel, or insensitive to others. "You see, citizens all across America play by the rules, obey the laws, pull their own weight, many do their fair share and they do so while respecting authority. I have been disheartened by the facts in this case. It is sad to have the occupant of the White House, an office that I respect so much, riddled with these allegations; and now I have findings of criminal misconduct and unethical behavior. We cannot expect to restore the office of the Presidency by leaving a perjurious President in office. "I yield back my time." ."

ABC News 12/12/98 Brian Hartman ".Having approved three articles of impeachment Friday, the committee today approved the final charge against Clinton: abuse of power. Following the 20-16 party line vote, the committee immediately took up a Democratic censure resolution..Rep. Lindsey Graham, R- S.C., turned the debate to more recent allegations of White House meddling. Waving an article printed from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Web site, Graham pointed out a passage quoting an anonymous Clinton aide issuing a threat to moderate Republican Rep. Jay Dickey, who has not yet decided how to vote on impeachment. "If Jay Dickey votes to impeach the president, it's probably an indication he will not run for reelection in 2000," the article quoted the aide as saying. "It's suicide - we will make sure it is." Dickey won reelection handily last month, but Clinton carried his district in 1996. So Democrats have been reminding him that an impeachment vote could threaten his chances next time around. "This needs to stop," Graham said. "I think it is important to know that this behavior, if true, is certainly out of line." .."

AP 12/12/98 ".For the half-dozen demonstrators who paced Pennsylvania Avenue on Saturday with placards demanding ``Impeach Clinton!'' their only White House audience was the regular stream of tourists and a team of chimney sweeps atop the West Wing. ..That sentiment was echoed on Pennsylvania Avenue by demonstrator Kathy Wood, a legal secretary from Burke, Va. Clinton's ``poor me, pitiful me, feel sorry for me, don't impeach me'' tactic only proves, Wood said, ``that they're in a panic in the White House.'' .."

AP 12/12/98 Ron Fournier ".Now that President Clinton has suggested ``censure and rebuke'' as a punishment, his few remaining escape routes are risky or grim. He may have unwittingly put himself one step closer to impeachment..Clinton's advisers struggled to plot his next move, as the president began a four-day diplomatic mission to the Middle East. One option is to offer more concessions to Republicans, particularly the two dozen or so moderates who hold Clinton's fate in their hands..To their dismay, Clinton stubbornly refused to give any ground on charges that he lied under oath. The closest he came was a weak third-person reference: ``It's hard to hear yourself called deceitful and manipulative,'' he said. Many Republicans insist Clinton must come clean to avoid impeachment..``The only thing he hasn't done is plead guilty to a crime. If he does that, they'll say he should be impeached because he pleaded guilty to a crime,'' said Lanny Davis, a former White House special counsel and informal adviser. Davis said he wished Clinton had canceled the Middle East trip ``to wage this battle himself.'' He suggests the president should attack House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, making the conservative nicknamed ``The Hammer'' a lightening rod for anti-impeachment sentiment. In past political battles, the party's target was outgoing House Speaker Newt Gingrich. ``I hope the president starts to fight,'' Davis said. ``The time for apologies are over.'' The aggressive approach is an emerging Democratic tactic. White House lawyer Gregory Craig said Saturday a House vote for impeachment would ``divide the country, gridlock the government and defy the will of the people.'' After the White House was accused of applying political pressure to GOP moderates, Judiciary Committee member Barney Franks, D-Mass., fired back: ``Any discussion of pressuring ... that leaves out the name of Tom DeLay is equivalent to debating impeachment without mentioning Monica Lewinsky.'' Frank's sister, White House communications director Ann Lewis, said Clinton's team also will begin to sound alarms about what the House is poised to do. The strategy is to rally the majority of Americans who tell pollsters they don't support impeachment. But it will be a chore. Though six out of 10 say they oppose impeachment, the number who want Clinton ousted has grown slightly. In one recent poll, nearly 90 percent of people surveyed said Clinton lied under oath..."

AP 12/12/98 Gephardt letter to Livingston ". If you are committed as you have been quoted as saying, to allow everyone an opportunity to vote their conscience, then it is imperative that the floor debate make an allowance for a censure alternative. I am respectively requesting that the Republican leadership construct a role that provides for the alternative of censure to be voted on with ample debate time so that every member can be fully heard on this most important issue. Such an allowance provides voice, not just only to the members, but to the American people who have overwhelmingly said they oppose impeachment and prefer the alternative course of censure of the president. Political advantage will surely side with the view of those members who wish to impeach the president -- an advantage that you have said should not be allowed -- if there is no provision made for the alternative of censure. The inevitable result of a process that limits members' ability to vote their conscience on impeachment and an alternative will most certainly result in a bitterly divided House.."

Reuters 12/12/98 Steve Holland ".The White House warned on Saturday of a grim scenario if the House of Representatives impeaches President Bill Clinton, saying it would divide the country and the government and ``defy the will of the people.'' White House special counsel Gregory Craig stepped grim- faced to microphones on a chilly gray day to denounce the House Judiciary Committee's approval on a party-line vote of a fourth article of impeachment against Clinton in connection with actions resulting from the Monica Lewinsky affair. The full House is expected to vote on the articles on Thursday, and the White House is scrambling to persuade moderate Republicans to vote against impeachment..."

12/12/98 Paul McNulty for HJC to Greg Craig, White House special counsel ".Following is a statement delivered by Paul J. McNulty, spokesman for the House Judiciary Committee, in response to the statement today by Greg Craig, White House special counsel: "I am dismayed by the words of the President's counsel today. After the President yesterday expressed regret to Congress and the American people for his behavior, today the White House strategy is confrontation, not contrition. By returning to the war room politics of partisan attacks, the White House undermines the sincerity and credibility of the President's words. Finally, if the White House wants to decide its course of action by opinion polls and surveys -- as it apparently thinks the Committee should -- that is its choice. The members of the Judiciary Committee, however, have a higher Constitutional duty that cannot be abdicated.".

Freeper Thanatos reports on Cspan ".Zoe Lofgren, as the HJC room was clearing, was asked, apparently, for her thoughts on the hearings and stated the following: "They are more interested in the Republican party than in the United Stated of America.".."

ABC 12/12/98 Gary Langer ".More Americans than ever believe Bill Clinton broke the law, but most still don't think it should cost him his job despite the House Judiciary Committee's vote to the contrary. Support for Clinton softened slightly after the committee's action Friday; 43 percent of Americans said they approve of its vote to recommend impeachment, and 38 percent favor the president's removal from office. Support for Clinton's ouster is up by 11 points since the Nov. 3 election, back to its level when the Starr report was released two months ago. Yet after what can only be characterized as a very bad day for Clinton, 60 percent of Americans still say he should not be impeached and removed from office. One reason is that, despite his faults, six in 10 still approve of his job performance. Another is that most continue to think his wrongdoing doesn't rise to the level of impeachment. An overwhelming 86 percent in this ABCNEWS/Nightline poll now think Clinton lied under oath about having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, up 10 points in the last few weeks. And 63 percent think he obstructed the investigation of his relationship with her, another of the charges against him.."

MSNBC 12/12/98 Jonathan Broder ".There were signs of disappointment and increasing desperation in the White House Saturday in the aftermath of the president's latest apology Friday, which drew condemnation from some Republican moderates who may be pivotal in next week's House impeachment vote. "IT WAS LIKE dj vu," a White House official told MSNBC. "With the exception that he would accept censure, there wasn't really anything new in his remarks." . Although a draft of Clinton's latest apology, obtained by MSNBC Thursday night, included the phrase "crossing the line," one White House official said the president edited it out of his Friday statement because of his concern that such an admission could have legal repercussions once he leaves office.."

Washington Post 12/12/98 ".EVEN AS THE House Judiciary Committee was voting out the first article of impeachment, President Clinton emerged from the White House to deliver himself of one more act of contrition. It was another opportunity for him to allow members of Congress to vote on impeachment based on the facts alone -- rather than on the facts as polluted by Mr. Clinton's continued failure to acknowledge them. And if substance was his goal, it was another opportunity missed. r. Clinton offered phrases such as "profoundly sorry," "profound remorse" and "the shame of wrongful conduct." But he acknowledged only that misconduct which is unambiguously unimpeachable. He noted that he has been called "deceitful and manipulative" and that such "harsh words" are "hard to hear." And though he apologized for having "misled the country, the Congress, my friends or my family" -- thereby suggesting that these harsh words were, in fact, true -- he once again sidestepped the lies at the center of any consideration of impeachment: those he told under oath.."

NY Post 12/12/98 Tracy Connor ".President Clinton fidgeted and blinked his way through the Paula Jones deposition - a strong indicator he was caught off-guard by the questions, body-language experts said yesterday. The nonverbal cues - in experts' parlance - broadcast deception and nervousness loud and clear and showed a different side of Clinton than was seen during his Sexgate grand-jury grilling...But McGraime said that as the lawyers dug deeper, negative cues appeared: *Clinton covered his mouth with his hand while reading definitions of sexual relations - an indication of doubt. *He frequently drank water, suggesting a dry throat, which is a sign of nervousness. *He pressed his hands into his cheeks, a "self- mutilation" cue that's a sign of frustration. *He crossed his arms several times, a defensive gesture he usually tries to avoid. *When asked if he'd ever been alone with Lewinsky, he tucked in his lips and hesitated - a deception cue. *He put his chin down and pulled it close to the body, like children do when "they've been caught in the cookie jar." *When talking about what gifts he gave to Lewinsky, he raised his brow, "an indication he's not sure of what he's saying." He also used "an uncharacteristic head-scratching gesture" that implies nervousness. Procter said Clinton's eye contact was a mess. "He looks up, he looks down, he looks away. He never directly focuses on the questioner," he said..."

NY Times 12/13/98 Adam Clymer ".A touch of dignity and a heavy dose of uncertainty surround the capital Saturday, as what seems to be the only city in America that takes impeachment seriously looks toward a House vote on articles calling for President Clinton to be removed from office. While few are predicting the result with much confidence, there is one area of agreement -- that the outcome depends on a dozen, or 20, maybe even 30, undecided members of the House..But Washington's expectations about the country's mood have proved wrong all year long -- and the polls that show the public does not want Clinton thrown out do not reflect much intensity. Except among African-Americans, it is hard to locate pockets of dedication to Clinton. Twenty-four years ago, Richard M. Nixon had his die- hards..."

NY Times 12/13/98 R W Apple, Jr. ".Representative John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, the senior Democrat on the committee, became so exercised at one point that he exclaimed, "This does sometimes, to some people, begin to take on the appearance of a coup. It's staggering." That produced an uproar among the Republicans. Representative Ed Bryant of Tennessee shot back, "This is the orderly process of the Constitution, not troops in the streets." ."

NY Times 12/13/98 Jodi Wilgoren ".As the Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment, the seriousness of the situation began to sink in around this historic village, where red plastic bags reading "Season's Greetings" covered the parking meters downtown, encouraging shopping by eliminating the cost of parking. Many people, like Janos, complained that the Monica Lewinsky scandal had dragged on too long and the investigation had cost too much, comparing the endless publicity to that of the O.J. Simpson trial. But people in this media-saturated region have refocused on the matter in recent days, and a number said it is time for Clinton to go, even as they worried that impeachment might be the wrong way to achieve this or would threaten the nation's high-flying economy and strong position in the world.. "I've been fluctuating all day long," said Claudia Smith, a trademark lawyer, as she waited at the YMCA for her son, Evan Davies, 5, to finish swimming lessons. "I'm torn." "The more I read about it, the more I change my mind about how serious this matter is," added Ms. Smith, who said she was tempted to stay in the car on Friday afternoon to listen to the Judiciary Committee debate on the radio. "It's not just jokes about the dress anymore." Indeed, the snickering has stopped and the bickering has begun. At the hardware store, a man with a couple of divorces under his belt said the president should be ousted, while his friend said the scandal was just about sex, nothing significant.."

New York Times 12/13/98 John Broder ".But a political ally who spoke with the president on Friday night, after the Judiciary Committee approved three articles of impeachment, said that Clinton was in a state of "disbelief" about the week's events. The president did not think he would lose his job, Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., said in an interview. But he has not yet reconciled himself to the strong possibility that the House next week will impeach him and plunge the country into a period of constitutional crisis.."

CNN TRANSCRIPTS 12/12/98 excerpts by A Whitewater Researcher ".U.S. SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN ORRIN HATCH EXCERPTS: "...HATCH: ...he has a pretty rough road ahead of him because I think his speech the other day really did not satisfy a lot of the moderates because basically, he never really comes clean with the American people, and I think that's what is bothering them. I know that is what is bothering Judge Starr....I said, look, don't lie to the grand jury, if you do, you are going to be impeached. He proceeds to lie to the grand jury....there is plenty of room here to impeach the president....the rule of law -- that's what has made this Constitution last for over 200 years. If we ever get to the point where the rule of law really doesn't mean anything, and we make excuses for the president, but nobody else, my gosh I tell you we will lose our constitutional rights and we'll lose our Constitution....Everybody I run into is very upset at the way the president has acted, very upset with the way he's handling the matters...if we're going to say that the president can perjure himself but ."

MSNBC - Charles Grodin 12/12/98 Summary by Freeper doughtyone ".Charles Grodin's opening presentation was one of desparation tonight. At times looking as if he were going to cry, and at other times resembling a crazed gunman moments before his attack, Grodin warned the American public. Bad things happen when liberal leaders get taken down. The world's economic system will fail. Children will go hungry. World peace will end. These were only a few of the dire situations blood- thirsty Christian conservatives are going to bring down upon this nation, if they don't wise up, according to Grodin... In the middle of his government smear, he mentioned Waco and Ruby Ridge, with most of the emphasis directed at Waco. "Look what the government did there!", urged Grodin. Evidently it completely slipped Grodin's razor sharp mind that Clinton's Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell directed the attack on the Waco compound. Surely Grodin feels that Ken Starr and Linda Tripp were behind that too.."

Freeper NIKKI-SIX 12/12/98 observes ".During the hearings on Friday, two things occurred that the press and most of you didn't catch. (1) A press article of some prominent newspaper was entered into the record by the Republicans stating that Sidney Blumenthal (White House) set up the 400 scholars that the Democrats kept referring to earlier in the hearings. I haven't heard one word by the Dems about what all the scholars say since then. (2) Sheila Jackson-Lee enters a letter into the record given to her by Alan Dershowitz. Not 30 seconds later, Rep. Conyers attempts to enter a Descimination charge (or at least a brief on it?) into the record that makes Hyde's jaw drop... There was a brief argument by the Republicans that it should not be a part of the record. Then Conyers backed down and stated he'd enter it as a sub report.." Son of Publius added ".I saw this live, Nikki, and it was a document submitted by Maxine Waters that truly chagrined Conyers muttered was regarding something about discrimination, the plight of Blacks in America, and the history of slavery. I took it as something Waters wanted to enter into the record in the midst of voting, so that for all history anyone who researched this impeachment would be subjected to her ideological diatribe. Conyers brought it to the chair's attention only very reluctantly (which shows you how bad it was), and backed down very very quickly when one member saw it for what it was and said it was in appropriate. Then Conyers said he would have it entered into the record "at another time." ."

Manchester Union Leader 12/13/98 Joseph W. McQuaid ".Many comparisons are being made in these historic days between the attempted impeachments of Richard M. Nixon and William Jefferson Clinton. There is one clear difference, at least to date. For all his misdeeds, Nixon finally had the great good sense and love of country to resign his office. President Clinton has given no indication that he will do likewise. Clinton partisans say that an impeachment would be bad for the country. The trial, conducted in the U.S. Senate, would tie up the country for months or even a year. Financial markets may be disrupted. The Chief Justice will be tied up with the trial, delaying the Supreme Court's work. Yes, they say, Clinton did wrong. He lied. He perjured himself. He may have obstructed justice. But let's not tie the country into knots with an impeachment. Fine, we say. The answer is simple, and has always been available to the President. He can resign. He can for once do the honorable thing and perhaps help repair the dishonor his actions have done to the White House and to the office and to the nation. If he will not do so, if he continues to delay, delay, delay and use every political and legal trick in the book, then the U.S. House of Representatives must and should do the honorable thing and vote his impeachment. To do anything less -- to plea-bargain -- only compounds the wrong that Mr. Clinton has done to the nation.."

The Dallas Morning News 12/13/98 Rena Pederson ". "The Clinton administration may have been a successful presidency, depending on how you define 'successful,' 'have' and 'may.' It is alleged to have begun on or about 1992, and may well have, according to administration lawyers, although the president himself has no specific recollection of the date or events that may or may not have occurred thereon, or after. The president admits this isn't helpful, but added that he had no desire to do historians' jobs, because they were out to get ..." .."

FoxNews 12/13/98 Terence Hunt AP ".President Clinton, dogged by the impeachment drama at the outset of his Middle East trip, said Sunday that he has "no intention of resigning'' in the face of House Judiciary Committee approval of four articles of impeachment. "It's never crossed my mind,'' a grim-faced Clinton said in response to a question from an Israeli reporter at a news conference with Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu. The president, who issued a fresh apology for the Monica Lewinsky affair on Friday, said he would not admit to having committed perjury. "I did not commit perjury,'' Clinton asserted. The testimony in which his Republican accusers say he lied was "difficult and ambiguous and unhelpful,'' the president said, but not perjurious. "I could not admit to doing something that I am quite sure I did not do,'' Clinton said.."

NBC Meet the Press 12/13/98 by Freeper Wil H ".On MTP Gephardt was trying to hammer home on "Censure" He argued that Censure is not a slap on the wrist, that it is significant, "Look at Newt Gingrich, Look at Barney Frank" Then he argued "it is not unconstitutional, Congress does it all the time, Congress issued a censure against the President going to Tianemen Square, we do it a lot" ."

Reuters 12/13/98 ".Republican House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde urged President Clinton Sunday to quit over the Monica Lewinsky scandal, saying it was the heroic thing to do. "Yes, I think the president should step down,'' Hyde said on the CBS Television show Face the Nation. "I think he could be heroic if he did that.''."

Fox News Sunday 12/13/98 by Freeper Mark8 ".Brit Hume predicts that in the next few days there will be a huge media blitz to persuade public opinion against impeachment and it will be very benificial to Clinton. Believes impeachment vote will fail."

NY Times 12/13/98 Tom Kuntz ".The president's refrain today is: Don't impeach me; censure me. But back in 1834, the argument was the other way around: Don't censure me; impeach me. That was the gist of President Andrew Jackson's written protest to the Senate against its 26-20 censure of his effort to scuttle the national bank. In effect, the president was admonishing legislators for running roughshod over the Constitution. (Does that ring a bell? Some things never change.) Here are excerpts from Jackson's protest. "The resolution of the Senate is wholly unauthorized by the Constitution, and in derogation of its entire spirit. It assumes that a single branch of the legislative department may for the purposes of a public censure, and without any view to legislation or impeachment, take up, consider, and decide upon the official acts of the Executive. . . . It is only in the exercise of its judicial powers, when sitting as a court for the trial of impeachments, that the Senate is expressly authorized . . . to consider and decide upon the conduct of the President. . . ."

ABC 12/13/98 by Freeper TexMex ".Jay Dickey (D-Ark) went public with the threat made by the WH staff that should he vote for impeachment, he had effectively retired from Congress, come election day 2000. Jay's courageous response was to read the threat on the air and, with a calm, steely stare into the camera, said he would vote for impeachment, not on censure, and the calls to his office supported that decision.."

Meet the Press 12/13/98 Russert ".Jerry Zeifman is a life-long Democrat and the former chief counsel of the 1974 Rodino House Judiciary Committee. In other words, he was the Demogogues' Schippers. He recently wrote an article in Insight which exposed the lie of the current Demogogues when they claim that in 1974, the Demogogues were so magnanimous that they dropped a charge that Nixon lied on his income tax return. No one can say it better than Zeifman himself, so here is the pertinent excerpt: . . . Attempting to rewrite the history of the Rep. Peter Rodino panel (to which I was chief counsel) defenders of President Clinton now cite the fact that in 1974 a majority of the House Judiciary Committee voted down an article of impeachment charging Nixon with tax evasion (a criminal offense). Democrats now are dissembling the truth by arguing that the committee concluded that his income-tax return was completely a "personal" matter and therefore was not impeachable. . . . . The truth is that before our vote the House Ways and Means Committee had audited Nixon's tax return and reported that the return showed Nixon had improperly taken a tax deduction for donating his personal papers. But they found no evidence that Nixon had knowingly, under penalty of perjury, failed to file an honest tax return. . . . . It simply is not true that the vote to reject the income-tax article was based on a determination that the filing of a false income-tax return was purely a "personal" matter, and therefore not impeachable. The truth is that neither the House Judiciary Committee members nor my staff had found any substantial evidence that President Nixon had committed income-tax evasion, which is a felony. If he had in fact knowingly committed tax fraud, a crime against the state, there would be no basis for considering it a purely personal matter. . . . . As for the question of the personal accountability of the president, his defenders -- including even some Democrats who participated in the Nixon impeachment proceedings -- now are intentionally misleading the present generation of Americans with still other disinformation regarding the true history of the Rodino committee's Nixon-impeachment proceedings. Yet, this morning on Meet the Press, Dick Gephardt repeated the same bald-faced lie and, almost as bad, Russert didn't call him on it. ."

This Week W/ Sam & Cokie 12/13/98 Henry Hyde by Freeper gocowboys ".During an exchange with Cokie Roberts who brought up the usual line about "a majority of Americans don't want Clinton impeached...", Hyde gave the most elequent reply ever heard regarding the solemn duty facing members of the House of Representatives this week, "If Jesus Christ had taken a poll, he never would have preached the gospel." He continued in a deliberate fashion to carefully explain the article and the process of impeachment, including the fact that the House has never censured any President. Sam Donaldson from Jerusalem, erned the bonehead of the day award for suggesting the White House was mistakenly not working the phones, pleading their case to members of the house. Bill Krystal finally gets one right when he explains that the White House cannot make a creditable case that Clinton did not committ perjury. The pundits see the writing on the wall. Virtually every "undecided" Representative was leaning towards impeachment this morning. The tide not only turning, it's running high.."

Freeper Voltage observes 12/13/98 "If popularity is more important than justice, then replace the jury with polls."

Reuters 12/13/98 Eddie Evans "."There is something objectionable about yet another example of verbally excessive breast-beating combined with the appearance -- devoid of the reality -- of candor," an editorial in The Washington Post said.."It is hard to fathom what gain Bill Clinton thought he could achieve yesterday in restating his remorse over the Monica Lewinsky case while still dodging the core issue of his deceitful testimony under oath," The New York Times said.."

Rainbow/Push Coalition Freeper A Whitewater Reseacher reports 12/12/98 JESSE L. JACKSON, SR. ".Chicago, we need you. The President needs you. But most importantly, the nation needs you. Thursday, Dec. 17, 1998, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Congressional leaders, ministers of all faith, state and local elected officials, civil rights and and non-profit organizations, and people of conscience will join together in Washington D.C. and tell the Congress not to impeach the President. We are urging you to come to Washington to join us. It is our patriotic and moral duty to do all that we can to heal the nation. We must rise above the partisan political fighting and preserve the best interests of our nation....In his private indiscretion, the President behaved inappropriately. By breaking the marriage vows, the President has caused tremendous pain in his family....But, the American people see that proportionality must be applied here. The President broke marriage vows, but not the Constitution. Let the punishment and the trauma created by it fit the crime.."

San Diego Union-Tribune 12/13/98 Robert Caldwell ".Finally, it's come to this. Bill Clinton's deceptions and egregious misconduct in office (his own lawyers admit as much) have presented Congress with three options. None is good for the country Clinton is sworn to serve... Option one: Congress, facing a tawdry mess the public is clearly sick of, could read the opinion polls, throw up its hands and do nothing. Fortunately, that's a non-starter, not to mention a moral and political cop-out and a constitutional abdication... Option two, Congress could choose the politically convenient half measure of formally censuring the president. A resolution rebuking Clinton would let members of Congress demonstrate their disapproval of the president's shameful, dishonest conduct while avoiding the harder choice of an impeachment the polls say consistently that most Americans oppose. But there isn't a word in the constitution authorizing Congress to censure a president. So Congress would be inventing a prerogative that would set an extra-constitutional precedent... But that, precisely, is what's wrong with censure. It's tactically facile but woefully deficient on principle. It would leave Clinton in office and utterly duck the central question of whether a man credibly accused of multiple felonies is fit to be president. Thus, option three: Impeachment by the House and subsequent trial by the Senate. Here, too, there are costs, quite sobering costs, to the country. Even if (as everyone expects) Clinton were to escape conviction by the Senate, and thus removal from office, impeachment by the House would inevitably weaken him.. President Clinton could yet spare his country by doing what honor should compel -- resigning the office he has admitted disgracing. If he won't, impeachment is the best of the unpalatable choices remaining.."

Freeper index wizard 12/13/98 warns ".I think the idea that short term that Rubin will once again use the treasuries dough to stir things up to the downside in the futures market has credibility. They just did the same thing to intimidate the repubs into coughing up the IMF money, it would not surprise me at all if they did the same thing to scare the pubs out of an impeachment vote..." and Cicero adds ".Clinton saved Rubin's bacon, and that of a lot of his friends, with the Mexican bailout, so it's likely he'll return the favor. If not the Fed, it could be his well-placed pals on the Street. Expect bombings, terrorist threats, stock market crashes, demonstrations and riots, and anything they can stir up before next Thursday."

12/13/98 Freepers noting threats . Ambrose ".I have seen several Clinton shills beginning to issue dark, thinly veiled warnings/threats about the unrest which will occur if the House votes to impeach Clinton. Chuckie Grodin was doing so on his show yesterday. Maxine Waters has made these same veiled threats as well. Considering how Waters helped encourage the L.A. Riots, this is no empty threat either..." Casse ".Geraldo has said that too. Geraldo, Derchowitz and a few more like them also have indicated that this was happening to Clinton because he is for the "blacks".". Right-Winger ".Apparently you folks didn't hear Wexler on tv the other night. Some one asked him, so what if clinton were impeached. What's the worst that could happen? He blustered for a few seconds then said that the American people would go into "open revolt". I figure he meant the unionists, blacks, and other clintonites, but, who ever knows what a Democrat means. Godspeed ". California Dave ".I remember hearing all sorts of people on TV saying that there would be riots in LA if the cops who beat Rodney King were acquitted. There would be riots. There will be riots and looting and everything if they get acquitted. When there verdicts were announced and they were indeed acquitted, guess what? There were riots and looting. Then those same talking heads were saying "see, I told you it would happen". It happened because they help to incite it.."

Meet the Press Transcript 12/13/98 Tom Delay and Tim Russert ".MR. RUSSERT: This is what you said about the president: "I don't believe a word he says." Why? REP. DeLAY: Because he has either lied or broken his word to me the four years that we have been a majority. MR. RUSSERT: To you personally? REP. DeLAY: Absolutely. MR. RUSSERT: On what? REP. DeLAY: Well, it starts on November the 19th, when the leadership made an agreement with this president to open the government, and he promised to balance the budget, save welfare, reform welfare, cut taxes and save Medicare. Within 15 minutes he reneged on that. We've had to deal with this president like that for four years, but that's not the point here. That i-my personal feelings about this president and what he has done in, I think, denigrating his office has nothing to do with the charges before us. MR. RUSSERT: If on Wednesday the president of the United States came home and said, "Saddam Hussein will not comply with United Nations inspections. We must attack him militarily today," would you take him at his word that it was necessary to do that on the day before the impeachment vote? REP. DeLAY: No, because he hasn't done that all this year. Remember about the time he was supposed to give the deposition in January, he sent the troops and rattled his sabres at Saddam Hussein? Nothing happened. Remember in November-I mean, in June he went to China after moving that trip from November to June, when he thought he was going to be in trial with Paula Jones? And then again in August he starts rattling his saber again and backs off. That's what's happening. MR. RUSSERT: So you're suggesting the president of the United States would use the military of this country in order to distract from his difficulties? REP. DeLAY: I'm suggesting that the president of the United States cannot be believed, and I think it's reflective in his foreign policy.."

New York Post 12/14/98 ".When someone has done wrong and goes before a judge seeking clemency, one of the key issues in considering such a request is whether the offender has experienced sufficient remorse over his conduct. The reason for this is simple. A person who experiences true remorse is living in a kind of prison - an emotional prison, in which he does not hide from facing the pain he has caused and the wrong he has done, but lives it, breathes it. The offender's physical incarceration is judged to be beside the point, because he is incarcerating himself. If there were any reason to believe that Bill Clinton had been humbled and truly brought low by his crimes and misdemeanors, the House would have cause to show him clemency - especially given the disruption that impeachment represents. But yesterday morning, he stood in Israel and said, with the trademark pout he cannot hide when things aren't going his way, ''I could not admit to doing something that I am quite sure I did not do. I did not commit perjury.'' He did. Everybody knows he did. The semantic games are over. The time of judgment is at hand.."

Wall Street Journal 12/14/98 ".What will be the next shoe to fall? Judiciary Counsel David Schippers warned that "we uncovered more incidents involving probably direct and deliberate obstruction of justice, witness tampering, perjury and abuse of power," but desisted in raising these incidents because the Justice Department and Independent Counsel said investigations were nearing completion. Democrats cried foul, but the history of the President personally and his Administration generally gives every reason to expect a lot more secrets remain to be exposed. Across town from the Judiciary Committee as it took its historic vote last week, for example, a federal judge was dealing with the Administration's handling of some 900 FBI files, an incident on which the President has supposedly been "exonerated." When Ken Starr said last month he wouldn't send a Filegate impeachment referral to Congress, it merely indicated he had found no evidence that President Clinton himself had been involved in the handling of the files. He didn't say the case was closed...There is also the campaign-finance shoe. We have before us a magazine called China Today, a Communist organ out of Beijing. And on the August cover of China Today is a new national hero, Ng Lap Seng. He's the famous figure from the campaign finance hearings who was sometimes known as Mr. Wu. Mr. Ng, recall, was the shadowy Macau moneyman who funneled more than $900,000 through Charlie Trie to the Clinton re-election effort. Our Micah Morrison reported in February on Mr. Ng's ties to both Asian organized crime and the People's Liberation Army in Macau. The China Today cover story highlights Mr. Ng's services for the home team. No mention of the Clinton scandals, of course, but we do learn that Mr. Ng has received another in a series of Chinese government plums, appointment to the Preparatory Committee for the Macau Special Administrative Region -- the group that will carve up the Portugal-administered enclave as it is handed over to the Communists in December 1999. Indeed, the skies keep opening up even as the impeachment hearings proceed. Last week, Rep. Lindsey Graham revealed how in the days after Mr. Clinton suggested to a credulous Sidney Blumenthal that Monica Lewinsky was "stalking" the President, allies such as Rep. Charlie Rangel began suggesting that "the poor child" had "emotional problems" and was "fantasizing." This would have been Miss Lewinsky's reputation today, thanks to the President's efforts, had she not saved the semen-stained dress, thanks to advice from Ms. Tripp..."

Reuters 12/14/98 ".President Clinton said Monday that it was not in the interest of the United States to proceed with his impeachment. ``I don't believe it's in the interest of the United States and the American people to go through this impeachment process and have a trial in the Senate,'' Clinton told reporters at the start of a meeting with Palestinian President Yasser Arafat in the Gaza Strip..."

WorldNetDaily 12/14/98 Joseph Farah ".It seems incredible that with all the investigations that have supposedly been conducted into Clinton administration corruption, that star witness Linda Tripp has still not been asked some very key questions about what she knows. That fact could change today as Larry Klayman's Judicial Watch is scheduled to depose Tripp for the first time. Here are some suggested areas of questioning for the irrepressible Klayman and one very courageous witness:.. What had she seen that made her believe her life might be in jeopardy? ..I believe Tripp, perhaps more than anyone else in the administration, can shed some light on who was orchestrating the plan -- which included the misuse of FBI files, the political abuse of the Internal Revenue Service, the hiring of private detectives, the use of a taxpayer-supported "secret police" operation and more.."

Washington Times Jerry Seper 12/14/98 ". President Clinton still faces criminal charges of perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering when he leaves office, whatever the outcome of the impeachment effort in Congress. Lawyers and others close to independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's investigation said prosecutors have not ruled out the possibility of new criminal indictments in the 4-year-old inquiry, which already has accounted for 15 convictions or guilty pleas. "It should be of note that Mr. Starr's [investigation] has not shut down since the delivery of his impeachment report to Congress," said one lawyer familiar with the probe. "He's still in business and that could be bad news for somebody." .. Some White House aides, speaking on condition of anonymity, have suggested over the past few weeks that a sealed grand jury indictment naming Mr. Clinton already has been handed up, although that has not been confirmed.. The Starr grand jury remains in session. The independent counsel, or a successor, has until January 2003, when the statute of limitations expires, to make a decision in the case.Mr. Starr has declined comment on his investigation, but last month the independent counsel's office publicly left open the possibility of future charges... The Starr probe, according to the sources, also could involve charges against first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and others. Prosecutors continue to focus on Mrs. Clinton's role in the legal representation of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association and the 1993 firing of seven White House Travel Office workers who were replaced by Clinton friends.."

Media Reaearch Center 12/14/98 Sam Donaldson ". At the top of the December 13 roundtable Donaldson told Cokie Roberts, Bill Kristol, George Stephanopoulos and George Will: "Many reporters who've covered the President all during thescandal, and who may have been pretty tough on him, are almosttoday beseeching the White House to get out there and fight, orwondering why at least he doesn't. For instance, the Presidentsays he will talk to any of these moderates who want to talk tohim, but he's not going to call them. What's wrong with calling aslong as you don't threaten them or do anything improper? Why notpick up the phone and say `sir, can I just at least give you myside of the case?.."


USA Today 12/14/98 ".A beleaguered President Clinton, questioned by reporters in Jerusalem Sunday, said again what he has said for months: That he will not resign - that in fact the thought had not even crossed his mind. But he should. Resignation is the most appropriate end to this episode. Not just because of the president's original lies, stonewalling, and failure to live by laws he is sworn to uphold, but because that abuse continues to this day. Day after day, the president and his spokesmen deny that a lie is a lie and cast those who question the president's actions as partisans bent on a vendetta...It is plainly apparent that, adultery aside, the president still doesn't understand what he did wrong, and that is unacceptable. At the core of Clinton's failings from the beginning of this scandal until now has been his willingness to put his own self interest ahead of the nation's welfare. He had an affair with Monica Lewinsky knowing full well that if he was discovered the nation would be put through precisely the kind of trauma it has suffered. But he did it anyway. Once caught, he tried to cover up.."

Newsweek 12/14/98 William Kristol ".Last week, the president's lawyers defended their man before the House Judiciary Committee. Or did they? Bill Clinton's team spent an awful lot of time acknowledging that his deeds are indefensible. Just look at the censure resolution proposed by Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, and more or less endorsed by the White House. It declares that the president "made false statements concerning his reprehensible conduct" and "wrongly took steps to delay discovery of the truth." Through these actions, the president "dishonored" his office and "violated the trust of the American people." All true enough. So why not impeach him? After all, in The Federalist No. 65, Alexander Hamilton argued that impeachment by the House and trial in the Senate is precisely the proper remedy for "the abuse or violation of some public trust." ..The only response to this particularly insidious abuse of the public trust is impeachment. Only impeachment, and a subsequent Senate trial, can remedy the damage this president has so recklessly and selfishly inflicted on the nation. Such a trial need not last long. It need not be a "horror." It will undoubtedly have its awkward moments. But it is the only way to reassert the rule of law and the primacy of the constitutional order. Only the solemn deliberations of United States senators, in a trial of impeachment, can now repair the damage done to our politics by a man who, entrusted with the greatest honor an American can have, thought nothing of violating his oath as a citizen to tell the truth, and thought nothing of mocking his oath as president to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.."

Newsweek 12/14/98 George Stephanopoulos ". The Republicans want $4.5 million--the cost of Starr's investigation of the Lewinsky matter. My guess is that Clinton will agree to pay whatever it takes. He'll hate it, and so will Hillary, but they'll do it if they have to. Clinton may also have to go beyond expressing his personal shame and contrition and admit he brought dishonor on the office of the presidency. The one thing I predict he won't do is admit that he lied. His lawyers--fearing a possible perjury trial--won't let him. And he doesn't want to admit that he lied because he has convinced himself he didn't. His advisers are torn. They're afraid that such an admission will give some an excuse to vote no to impeachment--but others the perfect pretext to vote for it.."

WorldNetDaily 12/14/98 Geoff Metcalf ".The legacy of the Bill Clinton administration will far exceed crude jokes, media manipulation, and thuggery. The Clinton administration is about to destroy the essence of America. The victims will be recorded in history by some never-to-be-read Ph.D. The names of victims will include "Equity," "The Rule of Law," "Honesty," "Fairness" and "Reason," as well as you, me, and hundreds of millions of Americans. ..The House Judiciary Committee has forwarded their Articles of Impeachment to the full House. They did so despite overwhelming odds. The mere fact they did their job is frankly astonishing. Despite the frowning Maxine Waters, the lisping ad hominem of Barney Frank, and the duplicitous dancing of Chuck Schumer, et al, the House Judiciary Committee actually did its job. By the way: Its job was to accuse. Its constitutional responsibility was to draft the indictment to be voted on by the full House. It could not, and should not have even wasted the time it did discussing punishing the president. Ain't their job.Can the institution of the presidency survive lowering the standards to a point where a proven liar, sexual predator, obstructor of justice, and abuser of power is acceptable? I understand the partisan rancor over this tragedy. However, I don't understand why more Democrats, for the good of their party, and the selfish territorial imperative of their own political viability don't call for their guy to resign.."

New York Post 12/14/98 Neal Travis ".WHILE President Clinton has been taking a lot of solace from the polls that show Americans are just too rich and content to want him impeached, a new survey should give him cause for concern. Next month's Redbook magazine contains the results of a dialogue with its own predominantly middle-class readers, the "soccer moms" that Bill and Hillary so like to cite as their base of support. The glossy just did an online survey of almost 2,000 married women and the results are not good for Slick Willie - particularly after he leaves office. Of the poll respondents, 41 percent say they'd stay married to the straying Clinton through the end of his term in the White House, then divorce him. (That's what a lot of us think Saint Hillary is going to do before re-embarking on her own career.) Another 36 percent would have left Bill as soon as they learned about his affair with young and silly Monica Lewinsky, even if it destroyed him politically. Only 23 percent would take a "stand by your man" attitude and try to forgive him, saying that marriage is "for better or for worse." ."

Chicago Sun-Times 12/14/98 Robert Novak ".White House Counsel Charles Ruff was winding up his defense of President Clinton before the House Judiciary Committee last Wednesday when Republican Rep. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina propounded a theory that momentarily caused pandemonium at the hearings. For undecided members of Congress who read the transcript, what happened could sway their vote toward impeachment on the House floor this week. Graham, a former prosecutor, pieced together grand jury testimony and news clippings to construct his scenario.... After first hinting he might vote against impeachment, he has researched the case against Clinton on his own. In pursuing that endeavor, Graham found what he called ``an elephant'' missed by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. The elephant was the grand jury appearance of Blumenthal, which was forced by court order. He testified that when the Lewinsky story broke last January, the president denied everything and told him: ``Monica Lewinsky came at me and made a sexual demand on me.'' Clinton said he ``rebuffed'' her, Blumenthal related. Suggesting that past sexual liaisons had ``caused pain for a lot of people,'' the president said, ``I'm not going to do that again.'' Clinton was quoted as charging that ``she threatened me'' and predicting Lewinsky would claim an affair with him to erase her image in the West Wing of the White House as ``the stalker.'' The news search instituted by Graham found a rapid echo of these accusations. While Clinton aides publicly disavowed assailing Lewinsky, the Associated Press on Jan. 26 reported that the White House ``began a whispering campaign that Lewinsky was `unstable.' '' That week, Time magazine wrote that Lewinsky was known as ``the stalker.'' The Baltimore Sun of Jan. 28 said that ``staffers remember her mooning about the Roosevelt Room hoping for a chance encounter with the commander in chief.'' Graham triggered a volcanic reaction from Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California (``wild allegations,'' ``a wild spin'') when he read aloud a January quote by Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel of New York: ``She's fantasizing, and I haven't heard that she played with a full deck in other experiences.'' Even assuming Rangel's statement was based on media reports rather than White House sources, what he said reflected the falsehoods passed by Clinton to Blumenthal and distributed to news outlets..."

Global News Wire 12/14/98 Jim Gibson ".The last thing that the Senate Democrats want is for the 2000 Presidential race to find them trying to sprint up that hill with the albatross of Bill Clinton hanging around their collective, strangled neck. Bill Clinton- he smoked marijuana, but didn't inhale...he spewed on Monica's dress, and somehow did so without having sex...he remembers clearly the chair he was sitting in (30+ years ago) when he heard that Martin Luther King Jr. was shot, but he didn't remember six gifts he gave to Lewinsky less than three weeks before... You get the picture, and it isn't particularly pretty.."

Sun Times Dennis Byrne 12/13/98 ".OK, so let's just forget this impeachment thing. As the Democrats have said, the president's conduct was just ``minor'' and ``private,'' without public consequence, right? Wrong. Here's what the president's misconduct has already cost the nation: Before our very eyes, the legal and moral underpinnings of the nation's laws against sexual harassment have been eroded, not by misogynist old reactionaries, but the very people who imposed these overreaching laws on the country--zealot Democrats and agenda feminists. Morale has been so damaged in the military and the criticism of Commander-in-Chief Clinton's double standard has reached such a pitch in the ranks that the Pentagon recently was compelled to remind the troops that public criticism of the president is, for them, against the law.."

MSNBC Web Site 12/14/98 Jay Severin ".Democrats now are at their final position of retreat, backs to the sea. They will totally abandon the pretense of dispute as to Clinton's crimes. They will concede he did it all. There's no time to argue quaint issues of guilt or innocence. Team Clinton has been reduced to a single, desperate argument: A trial in the Senate will be utterly catastrophic - surely triggering governmental paralysis, domestic and worldwide economic chaos, a dysfunctional Supreme Court, a dangerously divided citizenry, sunspots, crop failure, seismic abnormalities, global warming, pestilence and plantar's warts. Woe is us... And there is one more problem: in making their case that a Senate trial guarantees national, international, and intergalactic horrors, Democrats are simultaneously making the most compelling possible case for Bill Clinton's resignation in the event he is impeached by the House. Can't have it both ways.

MSNBC Web Site 12/14/98 Jay Severin ".Republicans have bet the farm on impeachment. If they don't win, they lose, big time. The GOP is fighting the anxiety that a vote for impeachment is political suicide. This is false. Most Americans apparently prefer a weasel-proof punishment for Clinton. That is precisely what impeachment would be. Voters equate impeachment with removal from office, but they are frankly ignorant. When they realize Clinton can be impeached (shamed and punished) yet remain on office, voters will not shun Republicans. It's a safe gamble. Republicans have a great deal more to fear from losing their conservative base (voters who neither forgive nor forget) than they do the potential long memories of anti- impeachment moderates, whose votes they probably never had to begin with. They must, so the logic goes, secure their base and "dance with the ones that brung them." Those voters are pro-impeachment. Republicans will make the case that a vote for impeachment is not just the right thing to do, but the politically smart thing. And there is one more thing. Republican members of the House are, vote of conscience notwithstanding, likely to form the impression that a vote against impeachment may guarantee them a conservative candidate primary challenge in their next election - one that party leaders will not merely tolerate, but encourage and even finance..

FoxNews AP Jim Abrams 12/14/98 ".One of a handful of anti-impeachment Republicans in the House today signaled a possible shift in position and asked for a face-to-face conversation with President Clinton to discuss his case. "If I had to vote today I would vote against impeachment,'' said Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., who has set a meeting with constituents for Tuesday night. He added, "I don't have the same level of conviction I had a week ago. ... I'm willing to reconsider this issue, especially in light of the fact that I'm having a community meeting.'' .."

ABC 12/14/98 Gary Langer ".Wearied by months of scandal, most Americans say Bill Clinton should give up the fight and resign his office if impeached by the full House - even while that's not the outcome they prefer. In a finding that seems to reflect public fatigue with the long-running Monica Lewinsky investigation, 58 percent say Clinton should quit rather than fight on in the Senate if the full House impeaches him. The majority, it seems, wants the scandal to go away - whether or not he goes with it. Majority support for Clinton's resignation if impeached is not the same as support for his impeachment and forcible removal: Sixty-one percent continue to say he should not be impeached and removed by Congress. And neither of these is the outcome most people expect: Seventy-six percent in this ABC News/Washington Post poll still expect Clinton to survive this scandal and serve out his full term. Support for impeachment rose from 27 percent Nov. 1, just before Election Day, to 38 percent after the House Judiciary Committee's vote Friday. (That's back where it was in mid-September after the release of the Starr report and Clinton's videotaped testimony.) That number stabilized over the weekend - neither easing back down, nor moving further against the president. Thirty percent say they feel "strongly" that Clinton should be impeached and removed from office, but 52 percent strongly oppose it. At the same time, considerably fewer - 29 percent - said they'd be angry if Clinton were removed.."

CNN 12/14/98 Freeper Summary ".In addition to Shays demanding a face-to-face with Clinton after his town hall meeting, CNN is reporting that Paul McHale - who had advanced a censure resolution - is going to vote impeachment if given no other alternative. Also mentioned three other Dems who are solid for impeachment and one more who is leaning that way (don't remember the name, sorry). That would put a likely 5 Dems in the impeachment bag...requiring Clinton to "turn" 15 Republicans. CNN says that 5 Republicans (including Shays) are in the anti-impeachment line... Looks to be close, but all the momentum seems to be going the impeachment way. While I'd hate for it to be close, there would be a certain irony if it only passed by the margin that the Dems provide...The process would then truly be bi- partisan despite the screams of the other side!."

Freeper summary from 'This Week with Sam & Cokie' 12/13/98 ".George Will (paraphrase): (The length of the Senate trial) This is an argument against impeaching anyone ever. The President can ignore Saddam Hussein whether he's on trial in the Senate or not. The President can still turn a blind eye to North Korea whether he's on trial in the Senate or not. George Stephie: This strategy may backfire against the administration. If the President is impeached and we keep hearing how the Senate trial will shut down the governement, he'll start getting pressure to step down for the good of the country."

Freeper report on WABC Radio, NY ".Formerly wavering Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey has declared he will vote FOR impeachment, according to WABC Radio (770 AM, NY"

The Review 12/12/98 Jack Ryan ".The hue and cry was almost deafening at times. Representative Robert Wexler (D-FL) seemed to suffer an out-of-body experience in his effort to minimize President Clinton's alleged crimes. He almost dared the GOP to impeach Clinton for "misleading" the grand jury and the American public. Basically, Wexler and the other 15 Clinton apologists on the judiciary dared the GOP to bring on the thunder..But in watching the hearings this week, I was continually amazed by the Democrat's verbal ineptitude-the inability to express complete and coherent thoughts, even those that often required words of two-syllables or less. Is this the best the Dems have to offer? Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) had a difficult time remembering what planet she was on, much less that the committee was not actually voting on the "first article of the Constitution". Her statement: "I rise today to oppose Article One of the Constitution", irrevocably confirmed to millions the suspicion that the left half of her brain knew not what the right half was doing..Rep. Waters, unlike President Clinton, knows what the word "is" is. Too bad that conjugating a simple verb or producing an intelligent sentence is as foreign to her as proper English. She thinks herself an erudite politician and is continually trying to prove it to anyone unfortunate enough to be within ear shot. When she stated that "I is of sound mind and body", we could only wonder with vigorous abandon whether she, herself, was committing perjury...Likewise, when she accused Rep. Henry Hyde of doing a "360 degree" turn on his stance on perjury, one could only wonder if Mr. Hyde was meeting himself coming or going. It was obvious that Ms Waters meant 180 degree turn...Their main argument is that, yes, the president may have lied, but it was just about sex. The argument is as lame as it is half-hearted. They say he should not be impeached for a little "white" lie. That is pure, unadulterated, homogenated, USDA choice, goose crap. The Dems cannot attack the substance of the allegations against Mr. Clinton, so they are forced to attacked the "fairness" of the allegations... "

The Review 12/12/98 D. K. Zimmerman ".The saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it," should have been heeded by the White House. Whether it stemmed from overconfidence, arrogance, or simple desperation in the face of a shift of congressional momentum in favor of impeachment, recent events have not treated President Clinton's defense kindly. One of the keystones of the demonization of Ken Starr has been that his prosecutors held Lewinsky incommunicado for the better part of a day, browbeating her mercilessly while refusing her counsel. This was the opening shot of an aggressive campaign to politicize the Independent Counsel, most recently denoted by charges of rampant leaks. "How could any decent prosecutor allow this to happen?" decried White House spokesfolks, one after another. Lewinsky's counsel, you may recall, was huddling with the various lawyers defending the key players, so they well knew the truth. Where else could they have gotten the story? Certainly Starr's office didn't leak it. Well, now we know the rest of the story. Court documents just released, prove that the judge in the case was satisfied no prosecutorial wrong had been committed, because not only was Lewinsky allowed to call her lawyer, the FBI tried to do so for her. All of the White House's slanderous lies proceeded uncommented by the prosecutors, because the issue was still under court seal. If Starr's office was such a sieve for reporters, why didn't this little gem get out? Doubtless the answer we will eventually receive is that with one or two technical exceptions, leaks from Starr's office will be found to be unfounded or unprovable, the best one can ever hope to achieve in proving a negative. Such is the cost of running headlong down the path to impeachment. As the legislative year and the Congress itself is rapidly drawing to a close, three factors motivated Chairman Henry Hyde, R-Ill, to hasten the process. The Democrats have denounced the entire process as taking too long for quite some time.... Despite their cacophonous screeching for a quick end, the White House demanded an opportunity to present their own witnesses and exculpatory evidence. The evidence turned out to be nothing new. Not one witness presented anything but an opinion that proceeding with impeachment would be wrong... In short, this week, the White House defense team presented exactly nothing new, but spin. But goodness how they spun. Apparently desperate for prominent names and figures, they resorted to dragging in witnesses who had already appeared or testified they believed the president had lied, obstructed justice, and abused his office, but not to an impeachable degree. They refused produce a single witness to refute testimony or evidence in the record. There were several thrusts in this week's spin. The nation simply can't stand a Senate trial as the Constitution dictates, the president doesn't believe he lied, and isn't it awful that the Republicans are so partisan. None stand up to close scrutiny.."

From Fox News Sunday 12/14/98 transcript by Freeper Rodger Schultz "..HUME:To some extent, the whole censure thing is a sham. The Democrats' sincerity about wanting it, the White House's sincerity in accepting it, and the moderate Republicans like Pete King's desire to have it, all are cast out upon by the fact that nobody did anything about it.."

ABC News 12/14/98 Freeper DC Agent ".ABC News reported at 4 PM that Rep. Zach Wamp of Tennessee will vote FOR impeachment. ALSO, I've been told by a personal friend of one of the three unnannounced Ohio Republicans that he's a "probable" for impeachment. I can't release his name at this time."

LA TImes 12/14/98 Carol Williams ".As once seemingly empty threats to impeach President Clinton moved within a few days of becoming reality this weekend, the view from abroad switched from one of amused disapproval of American puritanism to speechless anger at a politically driven quest to hobble the leader of the free world..."You're absolutely mad! You're raving mad!" conservative French lawmaker Pierre Lellouche told the American people in an interview with The Times. "How do you want this man to be president when he spends all his time with his lawyers? It impacts on everything he does, because whatever he does or does not do, everyone will put it on the account of his legal problems. . . . This guy has been destroyed." In the Arab world, where fears that the Middle East peace process could unravel have escalated with recent outbreaks of violence, analysts see the fate of regional security tied to that of the beleaguered president. If Clinton is impeached, there will be "a vacuum of leadership which could be harmful for global security," said Nabil Abdil Fattah, foreign policy expert at Cairo's Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies. Germany's new culture minister, Michael Naumann, warned that the public excoriation of Clinton is fomenting anti-American sentiment in Europe because the scandal is distracting attention from the more serious issues confronting the continent. In the foreign academic sphere, scholars have dispensed with droll pontifications about what they see as hysterical overreaction to a sexual peccadillo to warn of dire implications for Americans' ability to respond to global issues that are far more important.."

Reuters 12/14/98 ".Rev. Jesse Jackson will hold a ''prayer vigil'' outside the U.S. Capitol Thursday as lawmakers inside debate impeachment articles against President Clinton, the group sponsoring the rally said Monday. "We're calling to stop the impeachment process,'' Dina Anderson, spokeswoman for the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition in Chicago, said. She said the coalition was planning to send 20 busloads of people to the anti-impeachment rally from Chicago and buses would also be coming from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Boston.."

Washington Post 12/14/98 Helen Dewar ".With the House seemingly bent on trying to impeach President Clinton, advocates of censure are now turning their attention to the Senate as the more realistic focus of their hopes for a deal to avoid a divisive trial... For now, senators are holding their fire. Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.), Minority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) and other leaders have imposed a virtual vow of silence on themselves to avoid the appearance of meddling in House affairs or violating the oaths of impartiality that all senators will take as jurors for any impeachment trial. Only after the House approves one or more articles of impeachment, if it does, will the Senate begin to set up ground rules for a trial, Lott has said.."

UPI 12/14/98 Freeper Jai says ".Representative John Sununu, R-N.H., says ``given the breadth and weight of documented evidence against the president'' on substantive issues before the House, he is compelled to vote to impeach. . . . "

AP 12/14/98 Ron Fournier ".Running out of time and options, White House advisers said Monday they are increasingly pessimistic about President Clinton's prospects of avoiding impeachment in the House. "It's like a tidal wave moving against him,'' said Democratic consultant Harold Ickes, though he held out hope the tide could be reversed. Several other advisers inside and outside the White House complained that the president has made matters worse for himself with ill-advised statements. They said Clinton, who has survived many career-threatening scrapes, is surprisingly tone deaf to his GOP critics and unusually reluctant to turn advice into action. Still, top White House officials and leading Democrats put Clinton's chances in the House at 50-50. White House chief of staff John Podesta reminded aides at one meeting that their boss has prevailed in tough fights before. And House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt's team told the White House there were enough moderate Republicans still undecided to give the president hope.."

Freeper report on FoxNews 12/14/98 ".On Brit Hume's show (hosted today by Tony Snow) Fred Barnes indicated that Mark Souder of Indiana and Jack Quinn of New York are leaning towards impeachment or have walked back from their support of Clinton.."

CNBC 12/14/98 Jon Perdue by Freeper Jon in GA ". Diane Dimond, in a spot highlighting fence-sitting Republicans, stated that the calls within Congressman Ford of California's district were 50/50, but calls coming from outside the district were overwhelmingly against impeachment. She and the reporter then stated that the calls from outside the district sounded like phone banks, with multiple voices heard in the background making similar calls. Also stated that they had heard this from other members.."

Geraldo 12/14/98 Freeper go star go on Dershowitz ".is on Geraldo yelling about the Republicans are EVIL. He keeps shouting his racist lies about Bob Barr and evel call Delay, Lott, etc racist and EVIL..."

12/14/98 AP Alan Fram ".If the House impeaches President Clinton this week, there still could be weeks of maneuvering before the Senate begins its trial on whether to remove him from office, enate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., plans to hold the Senate's first meeting of the 106th Congress on Jan. 6. But even if senators quickly approve preliminary orders setting the stage for a trial, Clinton's defense team could request - and perhaps receive - more time to prepare for its first appearance before the senators, who will serve as jurors Underlining the uncertainties that abound over the little-used presidential impeachment process, there may be other delays, too. It could take additional time if Republicans and Democrats want to change the Senate's impeachment rules. And before arguing their case, the president's defenders might introduce a slew of motions seeking to dismiss the case or limit the evidence or witnesses.."

Electronic Telegraph 12/15/98 Hugo Gurdon ".CRIMINAL indictments that could put Bill and Hillary Clinton in jail have been filed by a grand jury, according to a report in Washington yesterday. The charges have not yet been formalised by Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel, but Whitewater grand jurors reportedly have decided that there is enough evidence to go ahead. The indictments are under seal and would not be disclosed until after Mr Clinton leaves office, either as scheduled in January 2001, or earlier if he is removed after a Senate trial. It means that while Mr Clinton's aides used television interviews yesterday to argue against impeachment, Mr Starr has caught the President in a pincer movement. If he admits lying under oath, coaching witnesses to lie in his defence, and obstructing justice, Republicans might decide that this belated candour is sufficient to forestall impeachment in the historic vote scheduled for Thursday or Friday."

Freeper icwhatudo 12/14/98 reports ".CNBC runs hit piece on Clinton. Claims Hillary has quit his defense. White House sources say relationship has never been so "icy". CNBC shows clips of her pulling away from his embrace. CNBC also showing clips of Bill Clintons comments saying reckless acts in office are also impeachable. Where the hell where these quotes(besides here at FR) for the last 10 months? USA Today joins in by calling for resignation. NY Times delivers CHINAGATE giftwrapped for the impeachment vote. Ron Smith, WBAL (Baltimore) has had a clip running for months to promo his show that states "When the media barons turn on Clinton, then it will be over..." Has the end game begun?..."

Freeper jefflamb 12/14/98 reports ".Congressman Fred Upton (MI-6) to vote for impeachment."

MSNBC 12/14/98 Andrea Mitchell excerpts by A Whitewater Researcher ". EXCERPT: "...Hillary Rodham Clinton has always stood by her man. And in the wake of the latest travails of Bill Clinton's career, she's still standing by his side, but she no longer appears to be rushing to his defense. Has the greatest crisis of the Clinton marriage changed the First Lady?...IT HAS HAPPENED many times in her long marriage to Bill Clinton - a public scandal that touches, and even threatens, their private life. In the past she has stood steadfastly beside him, offering advice, strength and very public shows of support....But not this time....This time Hillary Rodham Clinton is making it very clear that things are different....for the first time in 23 years of marriage, close friends say Hillary Clinton is no longer the president's "defender in chief."...In private, they describe an iciness between the Clintons they'd not seen in any previous family crisis....They perceive a distancing, perhaps even noticeable in public....Hillary Clinton...was seen brushing away her husband's arm... ."

Brian Williams and the News MSNBC 12/14/98 by Freeper Danno ".Brian was doing his regular feature where he does a tour of what is being said in the national rags. In Newsweek's Conventional Wisdom section the magazine attacked Schippers as something out of "Twin Peaks" (arrows down) and giving kudos to Charles Ruff performance before the HJC as rising above the legal hairsplitting so often charaterizing the President's defense. He went on the report about 3 or four more Conventional Wisdom excerpts that were comically and obviouslly pro-Clinton. To which Brian Williams chuckled about Newsweek's true colors...It must have appeared so blatant to Williams that he just couldn't help his comment..."

12/15/98 Washington Times Freeper Ambrose report ".Marcy Kaptur, D-OH, may vote yes. Another Democrat, Allen Boyd of Florida is also considering a yes vote. An aide to Billy Tauzin estimates 8 to 10 Democrats will vote yes.."

Clinton Investigative Commission Michael Neal Freeper A Whitewater Researcher reports ".As Capitol Hill moves toward the historic impeachment vote this Thursday, the final vote tally may come down to 2 or 3 "undecided" swing votes. The Clinton Investigative Commission (CIC) strongly urges all supporters of impeachment to keep up the heat on Congress! Please continue to CALL both the congressi onal and district phone numbers of the following Congressmen, as well as send FAXes and E-Mails. These Congressmen are being arm-twisted by the White House and Clinton's political machine, and they need to hear from real Americans like you. Your influence can make a difference. Several Congressmen---Reps. Chambliss, LoBiondo, Saxton and F awell---have now switched in favor of impeachment due to phone calls, faxes and e-mails from real Americans. Please circulate this list and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to contact Congress as well. Thank you....USE CREATIVITY...VIGILS A RE BEING HELD...**15 MORE "MODERATE" REPUBLICANS STILL UNDECIDED...**10 DEMOCRATS NEED TO BE CONTACTED... "

Washington Times 12/15/98 Frank Murray by A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "...The thorniest task for House Judiciary Committee Republicans assembling the report they will send the full House tomorrow is choosing which mem bers will prosecute if President Clinton is impeached Thursday...."I would expect a dozen will be chosen...It's a tough decision. They all want to be managers."...If, as forecast, the full House impeaches President Clinton Thursday, it then must approve f rom GOP ranks the impeachment managers who will go within a very few days before the full Senate to read or "exhibit" the articles of impeachment....The chief prosecutor is certain to be Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry J. Hyde of Illinois, who sponsore d the impeachment resolution. Others mentioned as likely "managers" include Reps. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. of Wisconsin and Bill McCollum of Florida....House members have always prosecuted impeachment trials in person, sometimes aided by private lawyers . Traditionally four to seven members of the accusing committee were chosen to do the job." ."

Andrea Shalal-Esa Reuters 12/15/98 "..Most Americans oppose the impeachment of President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair, but 58 percent feel he should resign anyway if the House of Representatives votes for a trial in the Senate. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released late Monday showed that 61 percent of the 1,004 adults surveyed did not want their representative in Congress to vote for impeachment, compared to 38 percent who did. But if the White House loses the impeachment vote -- only the second one in history on presidential articles of impeachment -- a sizeable majority thinks Clinton should quit rather than face a months-long trial in the Senate. ."

by A Whitewater Researcher New York Post 12/15/98 Brian Blomquist ".EXCERPTS: "...The move to impeach...Clinton picked up steam yesterday despite pleas for a "compromise" from Clinton and...Gore...."They're breaking, and it's not good for the president," a GOP leadership aide said....Even worse, one of the GOPers who was against impeachment - Rep. Chris Shays of Connecticut - announced that he had moved into the undecided category...."He [Clinton] still doesn't get it," Shays said...."It is starting to tilt ag ainst the president," acknowledged Rep. Peter King (R- L.I.), the most vocal of the four House Republicans against impeachment...."It's like a tidal wave against him," Clinton adviser Harold Ickes told The Associated Press....Rep. Jim Walsh (R-Syracuse)... announced yesterday he'd vote for impeachment....Rep. Jack Quinn of Buffalo...could still cross sides into the pro- impeachment camp...Other Republicans who came out for impeachment yesterday were Reps. Zach Wamp of Tennessee, Charles Bass of New Hampshire , Rick Hill of Montana, and Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey." ."

New York Post 12/15/98 Ray Kerrison by A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "...THE Republican Party, an uncertain...mush pile...through much of the Clinton criminal spree, has suddenly burst into its finest hour....It has become the party of principle...That is a rare and thrilling political phenomenon...this is a party to cheer...After months of waffling, appeasement and division, the GOP has aligned itself with the rule of law and the Constitution and...handed the rogue president and his bankrupt Democratic Party its worst nightmare....It's impeachment or nothing - and the Democrats are writhing in agony....The GOP has brushed aside wavering Newt Gingrich, deal-maker Bob Livingston, misguided Peter King - and marshmallows like Al D'Amato and George Pataki, who tremble at the thought of offending this dishonorable president....the GOP has chosen rectitude over vice, law over criminality, truth over perjury, honor over advantage, principle over will prevail in the long run....thank three men of pr obity and dignity: Henry Hyde, Tom DeLay and Lindsey Graham...."."

New York Post 12/15/98 Dick Morris by A Whitewater Researcher ". EXCERPTS: "...the more likely it looks that the Senate would acquit...Clinton, the more likely the House is to to impeach him....He failed to realize that, with a Senate acquittal seemingly certai n, the public would be apathetic about the possibility of a House impeachment vote....Clinton realizes that the only way to avoid impeachment is to confess that he lied - not misled or left out, not was vague or ambiguous - but that he lied, and to ask fo r forgiveness. Why hasn't he? Because he is scared to death of a criminal trial after he leaves office....the president is focused on an imaginary courtroom in the year 2001, where he sees himself on trial for the crime of perjury....he thinks that to con fess now is to put his neck in the noose later. He is terrified that Kenneth Starr already has a sealed indictment waiting for him when he steps into the helicopter to fly to Arkansas after leaving office....Polls show that 90 percent of America thinks Cl inton lied. If Clinton makes one more confession-less apology,.."

Washington Times 12/15/98 Pruden ".None of us, Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, rascal, rogue or patriot, can take any pleasure in the troubles Mr. Clinton brought on himself. History gave him the opportunity bestowed on only 42 men over two centuries of the nation's history, and he threw it away in behalf of lies to cover up a moment of unrestrained avarice for forbidden young flesh. When the rest of us heard America singing, all the president got was a thong in his heart. ...Just when it looked like we had become a nation of silly old granny women, blind to uncomfortable reality and eager to indulge the adolescent delinquent every cheap outrage his heart could imagine, a few men -- and, gasp, Republicans, at that -- stood up to say that he could nibble his lower lip raw if he wanted to, but enough was at last enough. This time, he would answer for what he had done and the public-opinion polls be damned. "This may be naive, or stupid, or probably both," concedes Rep. Henry Hyde, emerging as a staunch friend of the Constitution, "but I think a thermometer is not a terribly useful thing in matters of conscience and matters of principle ... if Jesus Christ had taken a poll, He would never have preached the Gospel."."

Wall Street Journal 12/15/98 Clay T. Whitehead ".Bill Clinton declared over the weekend that he will not resign the presidency. Richard Nixon, of course, said the same thing. When Nixon did decide to resign, in August 1974, Vice President Gerald Ford learned that he would become president with less than 72 hours notice. Yet the unprecedented transition flowed smoothly -- thanks in part to plans that had been developed over several months in case Mr. Ford had to assume the presidency. Al Gore and his friends should take note."

Union Leader 12/15/98 Richard Lessner ".We have scolded them more than once in recent months for a lack of backbone, so it is only fair that we recognize the fortitude Republicans in Congress have shown in the impeachment proceedings. GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee have withstood intense pressure from the Washington media, public opinion polls and the diabolical White House spin machine. Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde, especially, has declined to be sidetracked by Democrat antics and has kept his eye fixed squarely on the Constitution. Politics too often is a cynical business. Principles of duty and honor are not always respected. In the aftermath of the recent election disappointment, it would have been easy for Republicans to have dodged this unpleasant task. But they put their duty to the country ahead of politics and have soldiered on bravely. Well done! ."

WorldNetDaily 12/15/98 Joseph Farah ". The double-standards between what the Democrats were saying during the Nixon impeachment process and what they are saying now grow more glaring by the day. One of the latest examples of demagoguery emanates from the John Conyers wing of the House Judiciary Committee. The effort to follow the letter of the Constitution in impeaching President Clinton is being characterized in the latest rhetorical overkill as "a coup." My friend Jerome Zeifman, former chief counsel of the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation, reminds us that, should Clinton be removed from office through the impeachment process, he will be replaced by Democratic Vice President Al Gore, his running mate in 1992 and 1996. That's hardly a coup. Yet, many of the same Democrats now calling the current impeachment process a coup were in 1973-74 actually trying to engineer just that. "Ironically," says Zeifman, "as reflected in my recent book and personal diary, at the time of Watergate the position then taken by Mr. Conyers and the Congressional Black Caucus was an effort to replace Republican Nixon with a Democrat, then-Speaker Carl Albert." Zeifman recounts in a memo to Henry Hyde and Bob Barr yesterday that during the confirmation hearings on the nomination of Gerald Ford as vice president, Conyers, Rep. Robert Drinan, Elizabeth Holtzman and others opposed Nixon's selection, favoring impeachment first, which would have made Albert the president. "The present House Democrats who are characterizing the pending articles of impeachment as an attempt at a 'coup' are bringing dishonor on themselves and the Democratic Party," says Zeifman, a Democrat who favors impeachment on all four counts.."

jigsaw reports 12/15/98 that "Jack Quinn (R,NY) switches from Possible to Pro-Impeachment. According to Buffalo radio this morning, after watching the hearings and reading Clinton's 81 non-answers, Quinn has decided Clinton should be impeached.."

MSNBC 12/15/98 Tim Russert Freeper go star go ".Jack Quin and another Republican named McQue have anounced that they plan to vote for impeachment.."

Reuters 12/15/98 John Whitesides ".The number of House of Representatives members favoring the impeachment of President Clinton grew Tuesday as a Michigan congressman joined fellow Republicans in supporting the move...Most vote counters estimated between 10 to 20 House members were still truly undecided on what they will do in only the second presidential impeachment vote in history. With Republicans controlling the lame-duck House by 228 to 206 with one independent, Clinton needs to get about 15 Republicans to support him since at least three Democrats will vote for impeachment..."

Freeper cincinatus reports on Tribune Review ".Reps. Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey and Jim Walsh of New York, both of whom had been on Democratic-compiled lists of potential opponents of impeachment, said during the day they would instead vote in favor.."

Freeper phlap reports Campbell (R-CA) for impeachment (foxnews)

Scripps Howard News Service Rick Van Sant 12/15/98 ". U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch says while there currently aren't enough Senate votes for an impeachment conviction of President Clinton, ``that can change.'' `Support for impeachment is rising in this country,'' Hatch, R.- Utah, declared Monday night at a political fund-raiser...The four-term senator indicated he was surprised that more Democrats haven't called on Clinton to resign and avoid impeachment. ``Can you imagine if this was a Republican president,'' he said. ``I think we (Republicans) would have marched down to the White House and said, 'It's time to leave.' ``

Philadelphia Inquirer 12/15/98 Dick Polman ".Regardless of whether the Republicans are right to contest the poll findings of an anti-impeachment majority, there are other new numbers that would appear to give them comfort. If these numbers are correct, they suggest that the public's support for Clinton is soft beneath the surface -- that while they side with him, they will not go to the mat for him this week."

The Washington Times 12/15/98 Tod Lindberg ".All of which had the effect of focusing the question as follows: Why shouldn't Congress impeach the president for his lying under oath? Which is to say, ordinarily one would impeach a president for lying under oath. In those lies, the president would be flouting the law and bringing the presidency into disrepute. That's obvious. What makes this case so different -- or Mr. Clinton so special?."

12/15/98 UPI -S ".Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., says (Tuesday) the momentum in the House is in favor of impeaching President Clinton. Lieberman says he himself would favor a Senate trial even though he acknowledged that a senator could offer ``a motion to dismiss or adjourn.'' He would not do so, he said, adding, ``I want to review the evidence.'' ."

12/15/98 Wade the News Consultant reports ".Latest from DOJ source. (S)He has this from high-up political appointees at DOJ. 1. If final choice not made yet, is certainly to be made soon. WH running out of options, ideas and time. and is running on empty. 2. Scenarios are as follows. One more plea to Sheeple, poss. with Hillary batting clean-up. 3. Defiance, considered unlikely as all indexes are moving against him. All cross-sections are now saying he brought this on himself, why should we have to pay price. 4. If he is seeking net TV face time, the timing is the critical indicator. If he goes on after vote, adios now, or see defiance above. If before, it's show time, kids. Call Mayflower. 5. Even if he leaves, this will be far from the last we see of BC. If he goes to Hollywood, look for him to pursue a career in dealmaking, booze and bimbos. If he goes to "Smallville" to teach, write and reflect, then know we are seeing the preparation for a return. 8 years of "humanitarian" work,in 2006 he starts doing fundraisers for every Dem he can find, then targeting himself or HRC for something in 08. Sort of a political version of the Biblical trip to the wilderness 6. Indictments against some players are a sure thing. A quit and run helps there. Expectation is that they are already sealed at DOJ, and since No. VA Rocket Docket is still sitting, lookout for others! Strong possibility Nate Landrow (sp) will be indicted, along with members of the Secret Police, for trying to intimidate Willey. 7If he does not quit, much more will break, re: the Chinese, Canadian and Panamanian problems. 8. This whole issue will create a further racial undercurrent of separation of ideas and ideals. Just like O.J., opinion is deeply divided among the races.."

12/15/98 ".The Dulles area chapter of the National Organization for Women is backing impeachment for Bill Clinton, "as we continue to call for the president's resignation so that the nation be spared further turmoil." The group, which is at odds with its national leadership, said in a statement: "It is with pride that Dulles NOW activists watched the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee defend sexual harassment legislation, the indivisibility of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the rule of law and the Constitution. "December 11th and 12th, 1998, are now landmark days in the evolution of the American women's movement as Republican legislators, and Republicans only, sent the unmistakable message that the specific rights of women will not be mocked, abused or denied by even the most powerful officeholder of the land, without consequences."."

Freeper UnsinkableMollyBrown 12/15/98 reports ".At Monday's rally the Rev. Paul Moore upped the ante when he said, "I totally condemn what the president did ... but millions of people will suffer and die because the Republican Congress wants to get President Clinton for a personal sin."...."

ABC News ".Michael Forbes, Nancy Johnson to vote FOR impeachment."

Two Kids Dad Freeper 12/15/98 "Rohrabacher to vote FOR impeachment."

WABC Radio NYC 12/15/98 Charlie Rangel Freeper Tanniker Smith reports ".Moments ago, on Sean Hannity's radio show, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-Harlem) said he "would not be surprised if a number of members of the House stand up and walk off the floor in protest of the way this has been handled." He wouldn't commit as to whether he would join them or even if he knew for certain that anyone was definitely going to.."

Freeper report ".Lipinski (IL), Kaptur (OH), Kind (WI) and Boyd (?), all Democrats, will vote to impeach!."

Freeper bobby V observes 12/15/98 MSNBC ".

Freeper committed observes 12/15/98 FoxNews ". Alert: Dick Morris says Clinton will be removed from office.He also says he believes the . is "paralyzed by shame"."

Reuters 12/15/98 ".Potential Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes Tuesday announced a radio ad campaign urging impeachment of President Clinton, breaking a virtual silence by most presidential aspirants on the pending showdown on Capitol Hill. ."

AP 12/15/98 Curt Anderson ".``We're telling them to use Western Union because you can't get through to the Capitol any more,'' said Carol Shields, president of People for the American Way. ``The e- mails they're getting in Congress, they're not even reading any more.'' ."

Freeper Sean Mann on 12/15/98 Tripp deposition by Klayman ".Part of the deposition was posted elsewhere that lists the guts of Tripp's testimony citing FBI Files being used against Billy Dale in the Travelgate scandal But I haven't seen anyone else post the part about Linda testifying, on page 17, that "somebody" left on her chair a document listing all the strange deaths around Clinton. A handwritten note -- not Monica's writing -- said "Just thought you'd find this of interest." Linda took this to be a threat. When asked who she thought this might be, her attorney interrupted and this was table to a "confidential" time during the deposition..."

Yahoo! News 12/15/98 Deborah Zabarenko ".American feminists expressed outrage Tuesday at the push to impeach President Clinton, and women's movement pioneer Betty Friedan blamed it on ``a bunch of dirty old white men.'' ``Even if he did what he's alleged to have done, what's the big deal?'' Friedan said, referring to Clinton at a news conference with more than a dozen other women leaders. ``To have our will overthrown by a bunch of dirty old white men trying to use sexual issues wrongly ... to impeach a president, this is really a disgrace to Washington, to the Congress, to the United States,'' said Friedan, author of ``The Feminist Mystique'' and a founder of modern U.S. feminism..."

Daily Republican 12/15/98 Michael Quinn ".In a new poll announced today, it was reported that up to 75% of people who are approached by pollsters actually refuse to participate. Another poll showed the majority of those polled could not define the word "impeachment." Every poll I participate in on the Internet which is not stage managed by the liberal media indicates that the large majority know that Mr. Clinton is finished.."

Freeper LYNXCry reports ".Moderate Fred Upton (R)of Michigan votes for impeachment, and tells Bernard Shaw that within 24 hrs many more of the Moderate Republicans will be voting for impeachment....more."

CNN Inside Politics 12/15/98 Freeper report on Bob Franken ".At the end of his report, Franken said that even if Clinton was impeached on Thursday the trial in the senate would be dropped if the new house did not vote to approve the trial managers.."

Wade the news consultant back with more from DOJ 12/15/98 ".Source just called from "Very Happy Hour" (outside the DOJ building where (s)he works. Had meeting on other matter this afternoon with long time WJBC supporter who is now political appointee at DOJ. OVERALL IMPRESSION IS THAT CLINTON"S PLANS CAN STILL CHANGE MINUTE BY MINUTE, and THEY HAVE STOPPED GIVING ADVICE. Feeling among senior political types at DOJ now as follows. 1. WJBC's best option is resignation. There has not been one news item good for WJBC since May, and it will continue to go down hill even faster, (Trie, Willey, Canada, Starr's other stuff, etc. . All WH has been able to do is try to minimize the impact of the bad news. This has worked in some instances, but the severity and rate of bad news will increase. Clinton and his people have no good news on the horizon. The only things left are chapter two of Jimmy Swagart trick, meaning "I was lying to you on Monday" or naked dog-wagging. Neither works. (Remember that Swagart was picked up with another hooker about a year after the first "confession") Bottom line here: You can not win playing only defense! 2. He can not govern. Everything he does will be seen in light of his troubles. Take Iraq for example, if he attacks, it's WTD, if he doesn't, he's spineless and afraid of angering left wing of Dems. 3. Even if he wins, he loses. The disdain of the American public would grow day by day. Every tine he did something they didn't like, even if there was no connection to current problems, more opinion would change. 4. If he skates, Repubs will claim part of it was because Gore was not good enough. Hurts AG in 2000. BC and Dems can not answer the "Why not Prez. Gore Now" question. Either he (AG) is good enough or he is not. If he isn't ,what policy of this administration could AG not carry forward? If he is good enough, does BC think he has some "Divine Right of Kings" to remain? 5. Senate trial is more bad news. The amount of bad news can be tempered, but there is no good news for BC. YOU CAN'T WIN PLAYING ONLY DEFENSE!, and there is no offense available to them that has a shade of credibility to it! It would be very titillating and make OJ look like a boy scout. 6. Finally, Senior staff at DOJ considering their career options. No one in a legal career field wants to be associated with this admin! Many are looking for ways to separate themselves from Admin, sort of "I worked in _________ ,a completely non-political area." ."

Drudge 12/15/98 ".Apparently, one of the suggestions offered by the "more radical aides" is for the President to accept impeachment vote and declare war on the Republicans. Others suggest, more strongly, that he actually go down to Capitol Hill before vote, admit he lied, and answer questions.."

Orlando Sentinel 12/14/98 Myriam Marquez ". Talking around the truth, you see, is lying, but it isn't perjury if, deep in your presidential heart, you believe that your answer is truthful, within the parameters of definition 1, sub-paragraph 3, or whatever it was that Clinton's lawyers used in his deposition in the Paula Jones sexual-harassment case. .

Roll Call 12/15/98 Damon Chappie ".Impeachment procedures require that House Members appear at the bar of the Senate to argue in favor of the charges adopted by the House in the Senate trial, acting as prosecuting attorneys in a court presided over by the Chief Justice of the United States and populated with 100 silent, Senatorial jurors. If the House approves articles of impeachment this week, it would also likely pass separate, accompanying resolutions appointing House Members to present the articles at the bar of the Senate before Congress adjourns. But because this House expires, the House of the 106th Congress must reappoint the House impeachment managers and reauthorize their funding in January 1999. That must happen even though the actual articles of impeachment will survive and not require a new vote. If that reappointment fails, no trial may proceed, experts agreed. "My understanding is that nothing can happen without reappointment of managers," said Senate Parliamentarian Bob Dove. "If there are no managers, nothing can happen." Charles Tiefer, former House deputy general counsel under the Democrats, said that "House Members who prosecute a Senate impeachment trial need two things from the House. They need authority as Members of the House and they need funding." That view was echoed by Donald Wolfensberger, former GOP chief of staff for the House Rules Committee and a master of parliamentary detail. "If you have no managers appointed in the next Congress, well, it just stops there, then," he said. "The Senate cannot unilaterally take it upon itself to prosecute the case. The House has that responsibility," said Wolfensberger, now at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars.."

AP 12/15/98 Ron Fournier ".President Clinton was an ocean away from the impeachment debate when the tide began to turn against him. He was in Israel, the Gaza Strip, and, finally, aboard Air Force One when a wave of Republican moderates announced they would vote to impeach him. ``I wish he had stayed behind to wage this battle himself,'' former White House counsel Lanny Davis lamented. White House aides haven't given up, but they know the president is in trouble. The ranks of pro-impeachment Republicans have exploded since he left for the Middle East, leaving precious few GOP lawmakers still undecided when he returned Tuesday night. If he had stayed home, some supporters said, he would have been in a better position to influence the public and private debate. Yet top White House officials argue the trip didn't matter. There is little he could have done; so much is out of his hands.."


Independent Women's Forum (IWF) Press Release 12/15/98 ".The Independent Women's Forum calls on the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority to support reform of sexual harassment law in keeping with their position espoused today at the National Press Club against the impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton. In response to the extreme feminist criticism that the House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry is a "side show," the Independent Women's Forum asks N.O.W. and the Feminist Majority to join IWF in reforming sexual harassment law. Given that President Clinton lied merely about sex in his deposition in the now-settled $850,000 Jones sexual harassment suit: 1. Perjurious statements by a defendant in a sexual harassment suit shall be demoted from a felony to a misdemeanor. 2. Past instances of sexual harassment shall not be admissible evidence in a civil suit. 3. Holding elected office will immunize an individual from political or legal jeopardy involving perjury in a sex- related suit. 4. The "hostile environment" standard will not apply to firings , demotions or transfers of plaintiffs, close colleagues, or corroborating witnesses. 5. Sexual harassment plaintiffs must prove tangible harm. The IWF calls on N.O.W. and the Feminist Majority to demand that: The President pardon the drill sergeants from Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and all other Federal employees who have been punished for consensual sex with an employee, volunteer, or intern in their charge. Congress pass a "Sense of Congress" resolution forgiving all defendants who perjure themselves in cases involving sex-related offenses, and admonishing plaintiffs who continue to seek justice where perjury by the defendant is provable. Once again, while the feminists purport to speak for all women, they have proven that their national leadership lacks the common sense and integrity to even identify women's best interests."

MSNBC 12/15/98 David Bloom ".NBC says the President WILL be impeached. The votes are there. NBC then started to lay out the ways Klintoon would be able to wiggle out...

AP 12/15/98 David Espo ".``Even at this late date, there are compelling reasons to pursue a different course with a better solution for our nation,'' wrote Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware. But Rep. Bob Livingston, R-La., the incoming House speaker, said he believed censure is beyond the House's prerogative. And in comments to reporters, he made it clear he expects rank and file Republicans -- regardless of their views on impeachment -- to uphold procedural rulings on the floor that will deny lawmakers a vote on any punishment short of impeachment. Votes were expected by Friday at the latest in a post-election session of Congress unlike any other. Among those entitled to vote are 37 lawmakers who are closing out their congressional careers, some voluntarily, others because they were defeated..New York Republican Rep. Jack Quinn jolted the White House when he announced he was reversing positions and would support impeachment. ``My decision is based on the clear evidence of perjury and obstruction of justice as presented by the House Judiciary Committee in the last week,'' he said..Castle's letter offered a glimmer of hope for the president, but a punishing one. He called for a strong resolution of censure ``stating precisely the charges against the president, as well as a declaration that Clinton could face criminal charges and civil suits after he leaves office. Those measures ``must be combined with an agreement by the president to pay financial restitution of no less than $2 million in part for the costs incurred as the result of his wrongful actions,'' Castle wrote.."

Record Searchlight (Redding, California) 12/15/98 Tim Hearden ".Declaring that President Clinton has "dangerously and foolishly" tried to create "separate sets of rules" for himself and American, Rep. Wally Herger said Monday that he will bote for all four articles of impeachment.."

David Brudnoy Show 12/15/98 Nick Cobs ".Eleanor says Clinton resigned to impeachment. Hopeful Senate will turn his direction. BUT, Senate dynamics beginning to move against him. I have never heard her so choked up. "He did conduct himself rather outrageously."."

Rivera Live 12/15/98 Freeper Tom Flocco ".For two nights in a row, John Fund, Wall Street Journal Editoral Page Editor and guest on Rivera Live the last two nights, tells of a Republican Senator who will move to adjourn Clinton Senate Impeachment trial. Fund said he was not permitted to reveal his source or the Senator's name; however he promised to ask for permission to reveal the name as Geraldo pushed for a revelation on the air.."

AP 12/15/98 Larry Margasak ".The House Judiciary Committee's Republican majority, in a report prepared for lawmakers Tuesday, concludes that President Clinton ``disgraced ... the high office he holds'' and should be removed from it, The report, echoing the impeachment resolutions approved last week by the committee, also said Clinton should be disqualified from holding future office...A draft version of the minority report, by the Judiciary Committee's Democrats, concluded that ``We do not believe that the nature of the misconduct is the mettle with which the founding fathers intended impeachments to be made.'' Repeating a theme by Democrats in impeachment hearings, the minority report said that even if the allegations were true, they don't merit ``impeaching a president, thereby decapitating the executive branch and disenfranchising the electorate ....'' .."

Wade the news consultant with more from DOJ 12/15/98 ".Source just got off phone with friend who is also DOJ lawyer, but in another section. (S)He reports that (s)he has been summoned to a meeting in AM to help decide proceedure (with USSS, DOJ and FBI) for quick vetting out of possible vice presidential appointees. This would be like a very quick background check, for someone like Mario Cuomo who probably does not have an up to date federal level BI. Interesting, Cuomo's name was specifically mentioned. Asked if this could be done w/o knowledge or permission of WH. Answer: "Hmmmmmm.... but you know how WH is rather busy with other things right now........." 12/15/98 J. Adams ".Monday's White House Press Briefing was opened with the announcement that President Clinton would give his State of the Union Address on Jan 19, 1999 - unusually early. January 20th is a key date if the president chooses to resign on this date because, as of the 20th, Al Gore will be eligible to serve two full terms as President on top of serving out the final two years of Clinton's presidency. Therefore, if Clinton were to resign the day after his State of the Union address, Al will effectively be able to serve up to ten years as President. ."

Washington Post 12/16/98 Peter Baker & Juliet Eilperin ".President Clinton's chances of fending off impeachment deteriorated dramatically yesterday as nine key uncommitted Republicans and even one of his few GOP supporters declared that they will vote against him when the House opens its historic debate this week. Flying back to Washington from the Middle East last night, Clinton was returning to a capital where the momentum for impeachment grew so strong in his four-day absence that his most loyal advisers were despairing, with some White House allies already girding for the prospect of the first Senate trial of a president in more than a century. Quinn's desertion was a telling barometer of Clinton's troubles. Until yesterday, he had been among five Republicans who had said they would oppose impeachment. His change of heart, said retiring Rep. Bill Paxon, a fellow upstate New York Republican, was "devastating, devastating, devastating for the president." "I think the cat's out of nine lives," Paxon said. "That's a self- fulfilling prophecy, when people start believing the invincibility is gone." ."

Rush Limbaugh 12/14/98 "."Well, I've gotta tell you folks that I'm really proud of our guys. You gotta hand it to these people, hanging in there and opposing all of the pressure, all these forces out there saying, `But the polls say the American people don't want this'. I refer specifically to the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee and other Republicans in the House of Representatives at large.. And you've gotta praise Bob Livingston. I mean, Livingston, he could have chosen the easy way out and said, `yeah, right, alright, I'm interested in being perceived as fair and I am interested in being perceived at bi- partisan and I am interested in the Democrats liking me. I'm interested in all this.' Asked for a censure vote on the floor of the House. He said no. It's not in the Constitution. We're not going to have a censure vote on the floor of the House.."

Washington Post Michael Kelly 12/16/98 ".By the end of this week, William Jefferson Clinton may well be impeached, and this, while a wretched fate, would not be an undeserved one. In his endless quest to define presidential deviancy down, The Great Corrupter has given us a new looking-glass standard of behavior, wherein it is solemnly and stridently asserted that the sexual exploitation of a female employee in the White House workplace and the exploitation of other employees to further and hide this conduct are somehow private business; that lying under oath in a sexual harassment lawsuit, to subvert justice, is also somehow a private act; that further lying under oath, to subvert a criminal grand jury investigation, is yet still private; that even the baldest lies under oath are somehow not perjury, because only the Shadow knows the secret definition of "is" that lurks in the hearts of men; that perjury is somehow excusable as long as it pertains to sex; that the law, anyway, does not treat perjury seriously, and neither should we;."

Washington Post 12/14/98 Helen Dewar ".With the House seemingly bent on trying to impeach President Clinton, advocates of censure are now turning their attention to the Senate as the more realistic focus of their hopes for a deal to avoid a divisive trial. While incoming Speaker Bob Livingston (R- La.) has said that he believes the Constitution does not permit a censure vote in the House, some House leaders have suggested that's something the Senate could consider, possibly as an alternative to a trial on the impeachment charges. "It is something that really is the Senate's province," Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said yesterday on CBS's "Face the Nation." ."

NY Times 12/14/98 Nathan Lewin ".Some moderate Republicans in the House of Representatives indicated that they might vote against impeachment of President Clinton if he acknowledged that he lied to a Federal grand jury. But again yesterday, the President denied having committed perjury. He is aware that an admission of perjury could eventually be used against him in a criminal prosecution. However, a compromise could close this sorry chapter in American history, and everyone could go back to other business. The key lies in the Paula Jones lawsuit, which was settled out of court last month. The judge in the case, Susan Webber Wright, has indicated that she might consider citing Mr. Clinton for contempt of court in light of his acknowledgment that he did not volunteer the full truth during his deposition before her and may have misled the court. It would not be unprecedented to treat lies and deception in a judicial proceeding as criminal contempt. True, the person charged may be subject to jail and a fine, but the judge may announce in advance -- in order to avoid a jury trial -- that the offense will be punishable by less than six months in jail and a modest fine. It is possible for the judge to order no jail time at all or home confinement. ."

Newsmax 12/15/98 Linda Bowles ".You have to give the Democrats credit for chutzpah. Their official position is that the Republicans are really over a barrel because they have been forced to deal with a Democratic president who had sex with an intern in the Oval Office, told finger-wagging lies to the American people, lied under oath in a deposition in a sexual harassment suit against him, lied under oath before a grand jury in a criminal investigation, lied to the Congress in response to interrogatories, lied to his top aides, lied to his own lawyers, lied to the members of his cabinet, used taxpayer-paid employees and resources to cover up what he was doing, suborned the perjury of others, tampered with witnesses in a criminal investigation, participated in the concealment of evidence and orchestrated the character assassination of private American citizens. Democrats are trying to make a mole hill out of this mountain of shame. Thus far, their collective attitude toward blatant and unrepentant presidential lawlessness is indistinguishable from that of the criminal lawyers who were hired to use any and every means, including deceit and personal attacks, to protect Bill Clinton from the truth and from justice..."

The New York Times 12/16/98 AP ".Agonizing over which course to follow, U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays turned to his constituents to see how they felt about impeaching the president. He didn't get much comfort. Nearly 1,100 of his district's residents crowded a boisterous town hall meeting Tuesday night to share their opinions with Shays, a moderate Republican who had staunchly spoken against impeachment in the past but wavered in recent days. The sometimes rowdy and unwieldy crowd -- interrupting some residents in mid-sentence and either booing or applauding after every speaker -- attested to how divisive the issue is. When Shays took a hand vote, the crowd in the Norwalk Symphony Hall was evenly divided on impeachment. A few voted for censure.."

NY Post 12/16/98 Brian Blomquist & Vincent Morris by Freeper A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "...Clinton has just hours left to "pull something out of his hat" and save himself from the impeachment mudslide....Clinton's battle to save his job took a heavy blow yesterday - dubbed "Black Tuesday" by supporters - as 14 fence-sitting Republicans announced they would vote "yes" on impeachment....The most painful hurt came from four New Yorkers who said they endorse impeachment. One of the three - Rep. Jack Quinn - flip-flopped, joining the impeachment parade after initially opposing it...."It's a bad day," one Democratic aide said of the pro-impeachment movement. "We're about out of options."...White House aides watched with tears in their eyes as the House members joined the ranks of GOPers ready to vote tomorrow to impeach Clinton. It marks the first impeachment vote since 1868, when Andrew Johnson was impeached...."

The New York Times 12/16/98 Adam Nagourney ".In a day marked by a frenzy of electronic and in-person lobbying, 20 feminist leaders Tuesday held a news conference in support of President Clinton and than marched unannounced on the office of the incoming House speaker, Robert Livingston. They were granted a 20-minute session with the Louisiana Republican. It ended swiftly and sourly. "He was extremely insulting to the modern American women's movement," said Betty Friedan, the feminist who earlier dismissed the entire constitutional crisis as the work of a "bunch of dirty old white men trying to use sexual issues wrongly." The women complained that Livingston had insulted their feminist credentials, questioning how they could defend Clinton's conduct with a young woman intern. The interaction between Livingston and the women was probably one of the least successful examples of grass- roots lobbying in Washington Tuesday, no matter how colorful it proved to be. ("I did not insult one of them," Livingston said. "I resent that. They marched over without an appointment, and I said I thought my mother was as much a feminist as anyone in the crowd.") ."

Wall Street Journal 12/16/98 Jonathan Turley ".In 1649, Lt. Col. John Lilburne convinced a British trial jury that he should be acquitted of treason because he was "not guilty of any crime worthy of death." This was the first known case of "jury nullification"--in which a jury is asked to acquit a guilty defendant for political, racial or social reasons. Since Lilburne's trial, jury nullification has been used by every type of criminal actor whose guilt was beyond question. It had never been used by a president as a constitutional claim, however--until last week. In a change of strategy, President Clinton's advocates began arguing that even if he committed high crimes and misdemeanors, he is "not guilty of any crime worthy of removal." The adoption of a jury-nullification argument was a last resort for the White House. There is growing consensus among members of Congress and the public that Mr. Clinton has committed crimes in office, including perjury before a federal grand jury. It became vital, therefore, for the White House to assure reluctant congressmen that they could oppose impeachment in the face of such evidence. White House lawyers and law professors started arguing that it is improper to impeach a president when the Senate is unlikely to convict him. Since Mr. Clinton's party controls 45 Senate votes--well more than the 34 needed to acquit--his removal from office appears a remote possibility. Thus, Mr. Clinton's defenders argue, a House member who believes Mr. Clinton committed high crimes or misdemeanors can claim to be supporting the Constitution by not sending the matter to the Senate.."

The Washington Post 12/16/98 Judiciary Committee Report to Full House "."Equal Justice Under Law" - That principle so embodies the American constitutional order that we have carved it in stone on the front of our Supreme Court... In America, unlike other countries, when the average citizen sues the Chief Executive of our nation, they stand equal before the bar of justice. The Constitution requires the judicial branch of our government to apply the law equally to both. That is the living consequence of "Equal Justice Under Law." The President of the United States must work with the Judicial and Legislative branches to sustain that force. The temporary trustee of that office, William Jefferson Clinton, worked to defeat it. When he stood before the bar of justice, he acted without authority to award himself the special privileges of lying and obstructing to gain an advantage in a federal civil rights action in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, in a federal grand jury investigation in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, and in an impeachment inquiry in the United States House of Representatives. His resistance brings us to this most unfortunate juncture. So "Equal Justice Under Law" lies at the heart of this matter. It rests on three essential pillars: an impartial judiciary, an ethical bar, and a sacred oath. If litigants profane the sanctity of the oath, "Equal Justice Under Law" loses its protective force. Against that backdrop, consider the actions of President Clinton.."

New York Times12/15/98 R.W. Apple, Jr. ".Since his days as an undergraduate, his oldest friends say, Bill Clinton has believed that he could talk his way out of almost any predicament. He has usually been right. In every dark hour in his political career, Clinton has fought back. He has tested the political winds, then assembled political war rooms to carry the fight to the enemy. Sometimes he has counter-attacked, sometimes he has changed course. But always he has been verbal, vigorous, out in front. Something very different is going on now as he faces his gravest crisis. He is not talking much. When he talks, he digs himself in deeper. "He has lost his touch, at least for the moment," said a Democratic senator who is counted as one of the president's stoutest supporters. "His timing is off. His sense of what will fly is way off, too."."

WorldNetDaily 12/16/98 Joseph Farah ".People are surprised that a supporter of President Clinton would suggest -- no, urge -- that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde be stoned to death and his family killed. That's what actor Alec Baldwin reportedly said on a recent airing of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." "If we were living in another country, what we, all of us together, would go down to Washington and stone Henry Hyde to death, stone him to death, stone him to death!" said Baldwin. "Then we would go to their house and we'd kill the family, kill the children." People are shocked by the comment - - understandably so. But, as repulsive, inexcusable and hateful as it is, this comment is not really out of character with this administration or its defenders. Remember James Carville? He's told us over and over again that "This is war." He also suggested that Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr should be knee-capped. Some people laugh this stuff off, as Conan O'Brien's studio audience apparently did. But Hyde is not laughing. "I heard about it, and I'm sickened by it," he said. No wonder. Hyde has been the recipient of a series of death threats ever since he became the point man in the effort to impeach Clinton. He is under constant armed guard. "You have someone like that, talking in those terms, about killing your family? To kill my family because you disagree with me? To laugh about that? There are people out there, sick people, who are just waiting for a push. Excuse me for not laughing. He wants my family stoned to death by a mob. Imagine if a Republican said such a thing. I don't find the humor in it.".I would rather take my chances in mano a mano combat with Alec Baldwin than be put through the wringer of a politically motivated Internal Revenue Service audit. Isn't it ironic that not once during the impeachment hearings did anyone mention the fact that Paula Jones was audited within days of turning down a settlement offer from the White House? And she's hardly alone. Dozens of political enemies of the White House have been so victimized. The Clintons have been shrouded by mysterious deaths before they ever moved into the White House. Since then, they've been surrounded a rash of "suicides," professional hits and unexplained terminations. The administration can chalk it all up to coincidence, but the Clintons also revel in the fact that they are feared on Capitol Hill because of the doubts about Vincent Foster, Ron Brown, Jerry Luther Parks, Kathy Ferguson, Bill Shelton and others who have met an untimely demise that proved politically convenient and expedient to Clinton.."

Baltimore Sun 12/16/98 Gregory Kane "."See," they hooted, "that shows even Jesse Jackson has a fear of blacks committing crime." It showed no such thing, except that Jackson probably doesn't live in a predominantly black neighborhood, if he lives in one at all. His concern for the black poor obviously doesn't extend to actually living with them. Thus, it's no surprise that he's suggesting there should be one perjury punishment for the rich and powerful and another for the poor and powerless.."

Newsday 12/16/98 Bill Reel ".THE HYSTERIA emanating from opponents of impeachment, the gentle liberals who pride themselves on sweet reasonableness, is quite shocking. For years they've been admonishing conservative Republicans like your scribe not to be "divisive." That's one of their favorite words, which they apply rigorously to anyone who disagrees with them. Apparently. it doesn't occur to liberals that when they call conservatives unfair, fanatical and ayatollah-like because of our convictions, they're the divisive ones. Shame on their liberal selves! We conservatives are deeply hurt. ."

The Union Leader 12/16/98 Thomas Sowell ".Censure means less than a traffic ticket. You can ignore censure with no consequences. A later Congress can even repeal it. But impeachment is set in stone in the pages of history, whether or not it is followed by conviction in the Senate and removal from office. If you want a censure that sticks, then you want impeachment. When all is said and done, either the President gets away with perjury and obstruction of justice or he doesn't. Either way, it won't change the past. But it can make a huge difference to the future of this country.."

Washington Post 12/16/98 Linton Weeks ".On his House Majority Whip Web site, the man charged with the solemn responsibility of considering the impeachment of the president doesn't pule, mewl or mince words. "Clinton Must Resign" shouts the home page of Rep. Tom DeLay. Headlines crawling up the right side of the screen blare out "Clinton Should Resign for the Good of the Country" and "DeLay: 'No Censure for Clinton.' " Rather than using the page to solicit opinions, DeLay lays it on the line online. The Republican from Texas gives you his speeches, positions and his proposals straight...On the other end of the spectrum, a pro-impeachment site called Free Republic is a hurricane of online activity. It offers a message board for habitues, known as FReepers. Special boards such as "Calls for Clinton's Resignation!" and "Support Linda Tripp" have been set up. Here's a sample message: "Fellow FReepers, I don't know how the rest of you felt when you saw the vote being taken today but I got tears in my eyes. I hope to God the damage this man has done can be repaired. -- ladyjane" Free Republic has been named in a copyright infringement suit filed by The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. The newspapers hope to prevent the Web site from duplicating and distributing copies of their stories.."

Cspan by Freeper Crooner ".Rep Bob Nev (R-Ohio) announces for Impeachment.."

This Week by Freeper Rodger Schultz 12/13/98 ".GEORGE WILL :The public has spoken loud and clear, and what we're seeing, and watch carefully because we may not see again in our lifetimes, is a significant number of elected politicians saying, we're not listening to the polls. It's breathtaking, it's got Washington having a nervous breakdown. What if this happens repeatedly?."

MSNBC Freeper reports ".Just reported on MSNBC that Ohio's Congressman Ney will vote for impeachment.."

Freeper Wil H reports "Shadegg (R-AZ) declares for impeachment"

Freeper reports "Bilbray (R-CA) Yes"

The Union Leader 12/16/98 Jack Kelly ".Sometimes you have to see the absolute worst to appreciate the merely awful. America, having witnessed the degradations of President William J. Gomorrah, may soon owe an apology to the late Richard Nixon. Nixon, to be sure, had his faults. But he also had some redeeming virtues. He somehow inspired a loyalty among his subordinates that goes beyond my comprehension. I may never understand why Pat Buchanan, for example, still upholds Nixon as a conservative hero. But Nixon also was loyal, to a fault, to at least some of his lieutenants. He didn't leave them all hanging in the wind. There were some butts he was trying to protect besides his own.."

Detroit News 12/16/98 ".It's crunch time in Washington, and all manner of wild scenarios are being spun: There will be a "million-man march" to protest impeachment; the President himself will go to Congress and throw himself on the mercy of the House; a Senate trial would bring government to a grinding halt; Republicans will embrace "censure" as a way to avoid elevating Vice President Gore to the top job.."

Baton Rouge Advocate 12/16/98 Joan McKinney ".Women's rights activists campaigning to save President Clinton from impeachment met Tuesday with Speaker-designate Bob Livingston, R-Metairie, and came away saying they were very unhappy with Livingston's "attitude." "I did not insult anyone," said Livingston, adding that he resents any suggestion that he did. "If they feel insulted, I apologize to them," said Livingston. "I'm sorry, but I did not go out of my way to insult anybody."..In addition to meeting with Livingston, the 30 feminist leaders held an anti-impeachment press conference, gave a series of interviews, and met with House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt, R-Mo..."

The Orange County Register 12/16/98 ".Given the strong evidence that President Clinton perjured himself and abused his office, and his continuing refusal to forthrightly admit to his wrongdoing, the full House of Representatives has no choice but to vote to impeach him. The polls indicate the public believes Mr. Clinton committed the offenses detailed in the House Judiciary Committee's four articles of impeachment, but is still opposed to his impeachment. Yet the momentum for this action grows stronger each day as fence-sitting Republican moderates understand the constitutional mandate before them. The accusations of perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power are too important to overlook. The evidence, still unrefuted after hours of White House testimony before the House committee, is too overwhelming. The consequences of not acting are too forboding. Indeed, it's heartening to watch timid politicians take a stand for principle -- and prepare to do the right thing despite the potential political consequences..."

UPI 12/16/98 ".Rep. Michael Pappas, R-N.J., (Wednesday) became the latest moderate to announce that he will vote to impeach President Clinton, and urged the president to ``save his dignity and resign.'' Pappas, the third Republican to declare for impeachment in the past few hours."

NY Post 12/16/98 Vincent Morris ".The long-held White House assumption that President Clinton can survive a Senate trial wasn't looking like such a sure bet yesterday. With that in mind, Clinton aides and key Congressional staffers are increasingly turning their attention to the Senate and the looming battle there. Sen. Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut Democrat, said predictions Clinton will automatically triumph in a Senate trial are off-base. A minimum of two-thirds, or 67 votes, is required to convict. "It's only intuition," Lieberman told reporters outside the White House. "As far as I know, hardly any of my colleagues in the Senate have said how they would vote in a trial on an impeachment." ."

Freeper reports "Boehlert (R-NY) yes"

Freeper report "Tom Ewing - yes"

Freeper report "Leach (R-IA) - yes"

AP 12/16/98 Larry Margasak ".The House is likely to postpone this week's vote on impeachment if President Clinton orders airstrikes against Iraq, a congressional source said today after a meeting of top lawmakers in the two parties. Incoming speaker Rep. Bob Livingston, R-La., met with House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt and talked about a contingency plan in case of a military strike, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.."

AP 12/16/98 Alan Fram ".With a House vote to impeach President Clinton looking increasingly likely, White House aides are already pondering how to handle a Senate trial. Republicans hold only a 55-45 Senate edge, so it currently seems unlikely there would be the constitutionally required two- thirds majority 67 votes to remove Clinton from office. Nonetheless, worried by polling that suggests a softening of public support for Clinton, his aides are exploring whether they can avoid a trial or at least keep it brief. Polls show widespread but shallow public support for Clinton. At the White House, there is concern that public distaste for the matter might evolve into support for his resignation as the best way to end it.

UPI 12/16/98 "Some congressional Republicans are objecting (Wednesday) to the leadership's plan to delay the impeachment debate if there is a military strike on Iraq. Rep. Bill McCollum, R-Fla. , said, ``to delay the vote is to give in to Saddam Hussein.'' Rep. Steven Buyer, R-Ind., said, ``If the bombing starts five minutes before the impeachment vote, so be it.'' ."

MSNBC 12/15/98 Pete Williams A Whitewater Researcher reports ".EXCERPTS: "...For legal, political and personal reasons, this would not be an easy option for the president - to change his story now and say that he did lie under oath....THE FIRST PROBLEM is legal jeopardy. Clinton would be making a direct admission of a crime - which would be the most damaging possible evidence in a criminal case....And Ken Starr, the independent counsel, could always prosecute the president later for perjury..."...if...Clinton admitted to lying to the grand jury, he would make himself extremely vulnerable to an extremely aggressive prosecutor."...Political tide is turning against admission is political danger. Some members of Congress warn that such a change in his story now would admission would be personally difficult for the president..."

Freeper reports ".Yes vote for impeachment from Congressman Steven C. LaTourette."

A Whitewater Researcher - USA TODAY 12/15/98 Tom Delay ".EXCERPTS: "...Clinton's behavior has disgraced the office of the presidency...Even his most ardent defenders...have said his behavior ''violated the trust of the American people, lessened their esteem for the office of President, and dishonored the office which they have entrusted to him.''...So much for the argument that the scandal is a ''private'' ordeal and doesn't affect the execution of the president's public duties....The honorable thing would have been for...Clinton to admit his wrongdoing and resign for the good of the country. Instead, he chose to construct a stone wall of evasions, distortions, and outright lies. Every plea for the truth has been met with...spin...When the spin also happens to be a lie, a grave breach of trust has taken place between the president and the people who elected him to serve. When a grand jury and an oath are involved, it becomes a felony....the President...has committed felonies that...have disgraced the office he holds.."

New York Post 12/17/98 Ray Kerrison ".THE bell begins tolling today for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Nothing can save their disreputable co-presidency, not even a cynically timed bomb strike at Iraq. They have exhausted all their tricks - lies, stunts, stonewalling, frontmen, hitmen, shills, lawyers, sycophants. Even war. The president is going to be impeached, if not today, then in the days ahead. There is only one prudent course left for him, the Congress, the country and the Democratic Party. Resignation.. The central truth is that Bill Clinton's downfall is self-inflicted. He engaged in adultery, gross misconduct and vile abuse of power. He perjured himself to protect himself in a sexual-harassment civil case, he approved a false deposition, he tried to persuade others to lie for him, he perjured himself before a grand jury. He lied to his family, his Cabinet and the nation. To this day, he still denies perjury, he still lies. There is no hope because there is no defense. No one will rejoice in Clinton's tragedy. The American presidency is the highest political office in the world, whose grandeur is matched only by its grave responsibilities.."

New York Post 12/17/98 Ray Kerrison ".Immodestly, I warned the Clintons of the dangers of their re-election triumph. In the New York Post of Nov. 7, 1996, two days after the election as the Clintons swooned in euphoria, I mentioned the scandals and investigations awaiting them and the possible consequences. Said I, "The Clintons may yet live to rue the day they were re-elected - not to mention the media that supported them and the legions of women who fell in behind them." And so it has come to pass. Better to be a one-term president like George Bush than a two-term impeached historical disgrace, a name that will live in political infamy. Throughout the long dark night of this year in Washington, nothing is so startling as the shameless allegiance of those around the president... There is no end to the line of opportunists prepared to face the public in defense of a rogue president and a corrupt administration. It's amazing. Finally, there is the Democratic Party, once a great and important institution, which has now hitched its wagon to a reprobate president. No one in its ranks has had the courage or sense of destiny to stand up and denounce Clinton's misconduct and crimes. Not one has been truly repulsed by his behavior. Thus the Democratic Party today is an apologist for adultery, perjury, obstruction of justice, the ugly abuse of power and the sordid despoiling of the presidency. A philosopher 3,000 years ago foretold Clinton's downfall when he said, "Character is fate.".."

Washington Post 9/17/98 Spencer Hsu Scott Wilson ".Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.) will vote to impeach President Clinton on two articles of perjury and is still weighing how to vote on two other impeachment articles, a source said yesterday.."

Wall Street Journal 12/17/98 Greg Hitt ".Rep. Charles Stenholm is torn over impeachment. Rep. Richard Gephardt is trying to hold him together. The tension between the conservative Texas Democrat, who is weighing a vote against President Clinton, and Mr. Gephardt, the liberal leader of the president's party in the House, is emblematic of the angst among grim- faced Democrats as they returned to the Capitol to prepare for the first floor vote on impeachment of a president in 130 years."

WBAP Radio 12/17/98 Freeper BigBwana reporting ".Local radio talk show host Mark Davis just finished talking with Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX). Congressman Sessions said that they will resume the impeachment process within a day or two at the most. They will not let the process be postponed to the next Congress even if the Dog is still wagging. Basically, the decision was to halt the process and offer support for the troops for a limited time only. They still plan on finishing up in the House in time for Congressmen to get home for Christmas.."

The Toronto Sun 12/17/98 Peter Worthington ".If anyone else did what Clinton now acknowledges he did, that person would be fired."

CNS 12/17/98 TimGraham ".Liberal Democrats have insisted that Clinton's perjury and obstruction is not impeachable. But what will they say today when some prominent voices against impeachment are on record with a much looser standard of impeachment for Ronald Reagan, particularly for his failure to consult Congress before military action? Will they now support an article of impeachment for Clinton's use of arms without consultation in Iraq, not to mention Sudan? Will reporters ask about these quotes? March 16, 1983 Washington Post: "Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) told the crowd that President Reagan should be impeached and House Speaker Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. should give up his leadership post for failing to deal with joblessness. 'Why don't we impeach Reagan for incompetence,' Conyers said, drawing loud applause from the crowds Conyers said later that if enough people demand Reagan's impeachment, he would lead the effort in Congress." August 14, 1983 Washington Post: "Enough of these 'cream-puff' constraints on presidential war-making decisions, cries Rep. Don Edwards [D-Calif]. Impeachment is the only way to stop Ronald Reagan's 'illegal war' against Nicaragua." ."

Newsmax 12/17/98 J.S. ".One of the most common charges against the Christian Right is that it's not "truly" Christian. Liberals call the Christian Right harsh, intolerant, judgmental, puritanical, eager to impose its views on others, and generally opposed to the spirit of Jesus. If Jesus were here, we are told, he would be gentle, nonjudgmental, and pluralistic, on the side of civil rights, gay rights and the welfare state; he would abhor the negativism of those who profess to speak in his name. Unfortunately, the Jesus of the Gospels bears no resemblance to this nice liberal Jesus. Liberals would find him downright un-Christian... One trembles to say it, but all in all, Jesus probably wouldn't qualify for membership in People for the American Way. The Christian Right is at least much more in his style. Many of his sayings were so stern and frightening that they drove away his weaker disciples: "This is a hard saying," they would mutter; "who can accept it?" .After 2,000 years, Jesus is still hated. That may be the best clue to what he was and is; nobody today hates Julius Caesar. Caesar doesn't trouble you about your soul. But those who hate Jesus don't say so openly; they merely profess to admire a watered-down edition of his message, without the hard sayings. It comes down to this: Do we have souls, or not? If not, no problem. But what if we do? ."

The American Spectator 12/17/98 ".UNSCOM director Richard Butler and other members of his staff were feeding the United States, as well as Israel and the U.N., evidence of extensive Iraqi inspection noncompliance as early as December 7. But in his speech to the nation announcing the bombing of Iraq President Clinton contended that no action could have been taken before the evening of December 15, when Butler's official, complete report was handed over to the U.N.'s Kofi Annan. "Secretary Albright was getting almost daily reports from the ground in Iraq from UNSCOM personnel, and they were telling her Saddam wasn't cooperating," said a State Department source on December 16. "She was reporting the noncompliance to the White House. The president knew what was going on more than a week ago." The source said that at least two of the examples Clinton cited in his national address--the destruction of documents related to chemical weapons and the clearing out of a building, including the furniture--occurred within the first week of UNSCOM's return to Iraq. "The White House knew about everything going on over there," the source said. "If they'd wanted to, they could have started bombing seven or eight days ago with good reason and hard evidence. They chose not to do so."."

NY Post page 6: Irchard Johnson w/ Jeane MacIntosh and Kate Coyne ".LEFT-leaning Alec Baldwin didn't gain any fans when he called for death by stoning of Clinton adversary Henry Hyde. The weighty actor stood up during his stint on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" the other night and shouted: "If we were in other countries, we would ... all of us together would go down to Washington and we would stone Henry Hyde to death! We would stone him to death!" As O'Brien's bloodthirsty crowd cheered, the Clinton apologist continued his rant. "No, shut up! I'm not finished! We would stone [him] to death and we would go to their homes and we'd kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families!" The sick speech sparked an amusing public slap from Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass, who labeled Baldwin a Neanderthal ("he must have hair on his back, just like a real caveman") and called his antics "drooling reactionary extremism of the worst order." Hyde, the House Judiciary Committee chair, was disgusted. "I'm sickened by it," the Illinois GOPer told Kass. "To kill my family because you disagree with me? To laugh about that? There are people out there, sick people, just waiting for a push." Conan's reps stepped away from the mess, claiming, "It was Alec who said it, so it's his to deal with." Baldwin's camp said the angered parties were stiffs. "They ought to lighten up, it's a comedy show," said a rep for the chubby Clintonista. "Excuse me for not laughing," said Hyde, who has had a series of death threats and is under constant armed guard. "He wants my family stoned to death by a mob. Imagine if a Republican said such a thing. I don't find the humor in it." .."

12/17/98 AP Larry Margasak House Republicans are weighing a plan to start impeachment proceedings on the House floor on Friday and finish action on the four articles against President Clinton by Saturday even if U.S. attacks against Iraq are not completed, congressional sources said today. These sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Republicans were discussing a plan to allow 16 hours of debate for impeachment. The historic debate had been set for today, but Republicans grudgingly agreed to a postponement Wednesday after Clinton ordered airstrikes against Iraq. Debate on Friday and Saturday would defy the wishes of House Democrats, who have asked for a halt to impeachment proceedings until the air campaign is over in a few days..``Not that Saddam Hussein doesn't deserve it,'' said Solomon. ``But why now?'' Many Americans share Solomon's skepticism, according to an ABC News poll. Thirty percent of people who were polled after the military action started said they thought the president timed the action to try to delay the impeachment vote. Fifty-eight percent said Clinton should not be impeached, compared to 40 percent who said he should be. The poll, based on interviews Wednesday night with 510 adults, has a margin of error of 4.5 perce/ntage points.."

NY Post 12/17/98 Richard Johnson ".WHILE his Hollywood colleagues are lobbying the wavering members of the House Judiciary Committee on behalf of the Horndog-in-Chief, Robert Duvall stands alone in opposition. "I'm not a big Barbra Streisand fan. She said if George Bush were re-elected she'd move to England," he tells George magazine. "Well, let her move. Let her move! Fast! ... I always find that there is a catch with people like her, some form of hypocrisy. Barbra Streisand won't go to Colorado because they passed a law that was prejudicial to gays, but I'll bet she'll go to Havana, Cuba, where they quarantine gays." Duvall, who holds nothing back, also reveals why his third marriage, to dancer Sharon Brophy, broke up. She had an affair with the pool man, he fumed, "In my house!" ."

LA Times 12/17/98 Ross Baker ".A view that has gained considerable currency in the course of the impeachment hearings by the House Judiciary Committee is that the party-line votes and the rancorous debates were solely the result of Chairman Henry Hyde's failure to run the hearings in an impartial fashion and the Republicans drive to cleave monolithically to a pro-impeachment agenda. But it is important to recognize that when a set of hearings polarizes as rigidly as did this one, it is rarely the fault of only one side. It takes two parties to achieve bipartisanship and the Democrats were as much to blame for the acrimony that infected the panel as the GOP members. More so, perhaps. ith a few exceptions - most notably Rep. Howard Berman of North Hollywood and Rep. Rick Boucher of Virginia - the committee Democrats acted like a pack of Tasmanian devils. Perhaps because he is so fast with a quip, Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts set the tone by the indiscriminate nature of his attacks on the Republicans and a defense of President Clinton that consisted of little more than ragging on Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and griping about the fairness of the proceedings.."

NY York Times 12/17/98 Peter J. Wallison ".If there was ever any doubt that lying can be an impeachable offense, it has been erased by the latest confrontation with Iraq. Throughout the House Judiciary Committee's consideration of the impeachment question, the President's defenders argued that lying under oath or lying directly to the American people -- however regrettable -- was not an impeachable offense. Law professors and historians were marshaled to tell the committee that in using the words "high crimes and misdemeanors" the Framers had something quite specific in mind, and it was not the "low crime" (as a former counsel to President Clinton called it) of lying under oath. That the Framers had in mind, the committee was solemnly advised, were acts by a President that were offenses against the nation, abuse of office or, in cases of crimes like perjury that were personal to the President, only those offenses that impaired the President's ability to discharge the duties of his office. How strange it is, then, that events have conspired to demonstrate -- right before our eyes -- that lying can destroy the President's ability to lead the nation in the one area where his leadership is absolutely crucial, and for which no adequate substitute can ever be found.."

FoxNews 12/17/98 Reuters ".The White House said Thursday it would resume its last-ditch fight against the probable impeachment of President Clinton, after a brief pause while he unleashed U.S. bombs on Iraq. White House spokesman Joe Lockhart said a decision by leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives to begin its impeachment debate Friday, after postponing Thursday's scheduled start, meant a temporary suspension of the White House lobbying was no longer in effect. There were no plans for the president to make a public statement, but Clinton would be available to answer any questions lawmakers might have, Lockhart said..."

AP 12/18/98 David Espo ".Republicans on Thursday advanced the impeachment case against President Clinton to the House floor for a debate Friday, despite U.S. airstrikes against Iraq and a stunning admission of extramarital affairs by their new leader. Even allies of the president privately said they expect the House to pass at least one article of impeachment for the first time since President Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said a trial would follow in the Senate next year. Republicans responded with gasps then applause when Rep. Bob Livingston, R-La., in line to become House speaker, disclosed he had "on occasion strayed from my marriage.'' Members of the GOP rank-and-file were quick to draw a contrast between Livingston's situation and Clinton's alleged lies under oath about sex the core of the impeachment case against him. "I don't think we should feel uncomfortable proceeding to the floor tomorrow (Friday),'' said Rep. Asa Hutchinson, R-Ark.."

White House Bulletin 12/17/98 Freeper Stop the Insanity! reports ".The headline above is my headline. The article is from the White House Bulletin, an expensive daily tip sheet for lobbyists. Their headline is: "Undisclosed Material Said to be Helping Drive Republicans Toward Impeachment." The article notes that "Washington has been surprised over the past week by the fact that Republican members originally opposed to impeachment, primarily GOP moderates, have decided to come down on the side of impeachment." It says that Republican sources say that Hyde has met with members who asked about the undisclosed evidence referred to by Shippers during the hearings. "Specifically, some members are said to have spent a fair amount of behind-the-scenes time exaiming evidence regarding Jane Doe #5....That information, along with other information garnered by Shippers, is said to be helping persuade wavering members to support impeachment. Indeed, one House GOP source said this morning that any decision by Reps. John Porter and Mark Souder to support impeachment in the face of their earlier public statements against it would come because of that information." The article quotes a House Judiciary Committee source as saying "I can confirm the Chairman has made himself available to any members...who had questions regarding the facts, the evidence." The source said that evidence still under "executive session status" is available to members only and will not be discussed in the House floor debate.."

Today AP 12/17/98 Katherine Roth ".``I think Clinton should be impeached for killing Iraqi children,'' said Ariella Ghanooni, a University of Iowa student among 50 protesters gathered in downtown Iowa City``He said he hit Iraq because Saddam lied and cheated,'' said Abdel Bensrati, a New Orleans doctor protesting with about 30 others outside that city's U.S. District Court building. ``Didn't President Clinton lie to the American people?'."

PR Newswire 12/17/98 ". The following is a statement from Henry Hyde, Chairman of the United States House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary: ``The House of Representatives is faced with the grave constitutional duty of impeachment because of the actions of the President. Charges of perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power cannot be ignored. ``Let us be clear about one thing: we will not permit any terrorist dictator to derail the fulfillment of our constitutional responsibility while we continue to faithfully support our troops who find themselves in harm's way in defense of our constitutional system of government. ``Many who oppose consideration of articles of impeachment at this time are opposed to considering them at any time. They would undoubtedly prefer to end the impeachment inquiry altogether, and they know that a failure to vote on the articles this year is their best hope for achieving that goal. The extraordinary confluence of events at this time should not be an excuse for turning away from our constitutional duties. ``The morale of our fighting men and women is strengthened, not weakened, by the vindication of the rule of law.'' ."

Delco Times 12/17/98 ".U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon, R-7, finally announced yesterday that he will support the impeachment resolution against President Clinton. Weldon, of Aston, was one of many Republicans in the House struggling to decide which way to vote during the last few days."

Washington Post 12/17/98 Michael Grunwald ".Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) explained yesterday that "as a Christian country," America should forgive President Clinton, "for no one is perfect in this life." Rep. Jim Leach (R-Iowa) declared that the independent counsel's investigation was "too long, too expensive and too intrusive." Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz.) mused that an impeachment vote would be "one of the saddest moments in our nation's history." And Rep. Sherwood L. Boehlert (R-N.Y.) emphasized that he hopes the Senate will consider a censure resolution that would allow the president to remain in office.Nevertheless, Ney, Leach, Kolbe and Boehlert all announced yesterday that they will vote to impeach, joining a half-dozen other GOP holdouts, including Virginia's Thomas M. Davis III. [Details, Page A40] ."

LA Times 12/17/98 Alissa J. Rubin, Elizabeth Shogren and Edwin Chen ". Long before Friday's historic debate, the White House calculated that even if President Clinton were impeached by the House, the less partisan Senate would never expel him from office. Now, though, as Senate Republicans dismiss any talk of compromise and at least a few Senate Democrats speak privately of resignation, the White House is beginning to fear that Clinton may not find the Senate as friendly a forum as he once had hoped. So concerned is the White House staff that it already has shifted its lobbying focus from the House to the Senate, where Clinton has few friends.."

Yahoo! News - Washington (Reuters) 12/18/98 ".``At this point, it looks like they've made the decision to impeach the president the week before Christmas and that's what they're going to do,'' said Rep. Tom Barrett, a Wisconsin Democrat and Judiciary Committee member. Republican Rep. Jack Kingston of Florida said Clinton's decision to launch air strikes under immediate threat of impeachment made it clear that the impeachment process, including even a Senate trial, would not paralyze the country. ``The president has inadvertently taken the rug out from under the argument you can't have impeachment and conduct the business of the nation,'' Kingston said.."

Human Events, The National Conservative Weekly 12/18/98 Rep Tom DeLay ".The Constitution of the Univted states, which every member of Congress takes a sacred oath to support and defend before entering office, gives the House of Representatives no authority to censure the President...Members who in their hearts have concluded that the Framers did not intend high crimes and misdemeanors to include lying under oath, perjury or obstructing justice should have the courage of their convictions. They should vote no on impeachment. But, in keeping with the rule of law-as it is set out quite clearly in the Constitution-that is their only choice: yea or nay on impeachment...If the Senate finds the President guilty of high crimes or misdemeanors, the Constitution limits the punishment the Senate can mete out to removal of the President-which is immediate and automatic upon conviction-and a ban on his further serving in "any Office of honor, profit, or Trust under the United States." The latter punishment may or may not be imposed on a convicted President, depending on the discretion of the Senate. Beyond this very specific delineation of the impeachment power itself, the Constitution forbids the Congress from imposting a legislative punishment on the President, or levying a fine against him..."

SJMN 12/18/98 Cokie & Steve Roberts ".HERE'S A harsh truth about Bill Clinton. He has few friends who really care about him, particularly in Congress. And that helps explain why his presidency his plunged into such peril. Sure, his polls are holding steady, with about 60 percent of the public approving his performance and opposing impeachment. But those are strangers. The people closest to Clinton seem to like him the least. And these days that includes his wife, who is still so furious over the Lewinsky affair that she publicly brushed away his hand during their recent Middle East trip. As one respected Republican moderate told us: ``I've never known anyone in public life who's caused more pain for his friends.'' .."

Judicial Watch Press Release 12/18/98 ".Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman today said that the impeachment of President Clinton is being all but guaranteed by the Administration's desperate actions to divert public attention from the impending action by the House of Representatives. Klayman cited both the "Wag the Dog" strategy in Iraq and the last minute "outing" of Speaker-elect Bob Livingston's sexual history as calculated attempts to stave off impeachment. "First Clinton `wags the dog' in Iraq," Klayman said. "That only bought him a one-day stay, so the White House returned to an old favorite - the `Ellen Rometsch' strategy - and used it on Bob Livingston." The "Ellen Rometsch" strategy refers to Kennedy Administration's use of FBI files to blackmail Republican leaders who wanted to investigate the President's liaisons with the East German spy of the same name. Former White House aide George Stephanopoulos revealed on ABC's "This Week" that White House allies were implementing the "Ellen Rometsch" strategy against its political enemies. "We've seen the Clinton White House do this before," Klayman said. "This Administration has time and again attempted to silence its opponents by going public with secrets about their personal lives. It is likely that Clinton's designated attack dog James Carville was involved in the effort to smear Livingston, particularly given his ties to Larry Flynt, who put a bounty on the heads of Republicans..."

New York Times12/18/98 A.M. Rosenthal ".Bill Clinton has one great service he can offer to his country, only one now -- swift resignation. Democratic leaders, and his true friends out of government, owe it to him to urge him to resign, in the critical interest of all Americans, particularly those he is sending into action. The loss in credibility he earned with his quick decision to attack Iraq, although his impeachment was likely the next day, will dilute the chances of lasting victory over Saddam Hussein. He created two obstacles to eliminating Saddam -- a mountain of cynicism, and another of disbelief. The victims of a war that fails to eliminate Saddam will be not only Iraqis and Americans, but all who will be slaughtered one day by Iraq's chemical, nuclear and biological weapons.."

AP 12/18/98 ``The matter before the House is a question of the willful, premeditated, deliberate corruption of the nation's system of justice. Perjury and obstruction of justice cannot be reconciled with the office of the president of the United States.'' -- Hyde.

AP 12/18/98``The phrase `rule of law' is no pious aspiration from a civics textbook. The rule of law is what stands between all of us and the arbitrary exercise of power by the state. The rule of law is the safeguard of our liberties. The rule of law is what allows us to live our freedom in ways that honor the freedom of others, while strengthening the common good.'' -- Hyde.

AP 12/18/98 ``We are deeply offended in all sincerity from my heart -- we are deeply offended by the unfairness of this process. You are asking us to consider the most important act the Constitution calls on us to do. We are considering overturning the free choice and vote of over almost 50 million Americans. We are considering the most radical act our Constitution allows. We are considering changing the balance of power and the proportionality of the branches of our government.'' -- Gephardt.

``The facts establish a pattern of false statements, deceit and obstruction. And by committing these actions, the president moved beyond the private arena of protecting personal embarrassing conduct and his actions began to conceal, mislead and falsify -- invaded the very heart and soul of that which makes this nation unique in the world, the right of any citizen to pursue justice equally.'' -- Rep. Asa Hutchinson, R- Ark.

``Why can't we just pause for a second? Why can't we stop right here and come to our senses? The American people have made it very clear they oppose impeachment. They are looking for another solution, a just solution, a solution that condemns the president's wrongdoing, yet enables America to put this sorry spectacle behind us and get on with the country's business; a solution that brings us together as a nation, not one that divides us.'' -- Rep. David Bonior, D-Mich.

AP 12/18/98 ``I want to remind you that I am witnessing, in the most tragic event of my career in the Congress, in effect a Republican coup d'etat in process. We are using the most powerful institutional tool available to this body -- impeachment -- in a highly partisan manner. Impeachment was designed to rid this nation of traitors and tyrants, not attempts to cover up extramarital affairs.'' -- Conyers.

AP 12/18/98 ``If this country should ever reach the point where any man or group of men, by force or threat of force, could long defy the commands of our courts and our Constitution, then no law would stand free from doubt, no judge would be sure of his writ, and no citizen would be safe from its neighbors.'' -- Barr.

A Whitewater Researcher reporting on CSPAN 1 12/18/98 ".BREAKING: CONGRESSMAN PAUL MCHALE (D-PA) JUST ANNOUNCES ON U.S. HOUSE FLOOR THAT HE WILL VOTE FOR CLINTON IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES I, II, AND III.". Freeper tellw adds ".Now they're reporting on the floor that Dole supports impeachment.."

Freeper MoralSense observes 12/18/98 ".So far, the most moving speech I've heard (haven't heard them all) was by Rep. Campbell of California, one of the late-deciding moderates, who said "lying about sex" was really "lying about sexual harassment." He said "it hurt me" to hear Democrats say that, because it "denigrated the rights of all women who have had to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace." During his impassioned speech, the whole chamber fell silent..."

AP 12/18/98 ``Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, based on the facts, not based on my feelings, based on overwhelming facts, the president of the United States chose in August, months after being warned not to do it, he chose to lie to a federal grand jury. He abused the 23 citizens who were trying very hard to get it right. He abused the federal court system. It was his fault and no one else's. ``Ladies and gentlemen, any president of the United States, regardless of party, that goes to a federal grand jury in the future -- let it be said by as many members of the House that can say is: You're subject to being impeached if you do that.'' -- Rep. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

AP 12/18/98 ``And although I cannot defend President Clinton's actions, I can and must defend our Constitution. Our Constitution does not allow us, no, it does not allow you, to remove a president from office because you can't stand him.'' -- Rep. Thomas Barrett, D-Wis.

AP 12/18/98 ``To impeach for anything less than the highest of crimes is a distortion of the Constitution and hands a tremendous weapon to our present and future enemies, who will point to a weakened president and ultimately a weakened nation.'' -- Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Fla.

AP 12/18/98 ``Having taken the oath to God and having the right to stop the proceedings if it was difficult, and if a question required the advice of counsel, unlike any other American citizen having his attorney by his side, this president chose not to tell the truth. ``I cannot trust him again.'' -- Rep. Tom Campbell, R-Calif.

AP 12/18/98 ``No, sexual harassment is not less than any other offense. The president raised his hand, promised to tell the truth, promised to God to tell the truth, and did not. `On behalf of my five sisters and my wife, I cannot say that sexual harassment makes this less. On behalf of my own oath to God, I cannot look the other way.'' -- Campbell.

``So I appeal to every American to look deep into their conscience and weigh the consequences for our system of justice.'' -- Rep. Mary Bono, R-Calif.

``My instinct is to stand here and plead with you to consider the ramifications of what we'll do, but I fear this vote is a foregone conclusion. Sadly it seems to have more to do with our political affiliations and loyalties than anything else. And it must be said that what we do here today is to some degree driven by revenge. ``Some of my colleagues obsess about Slick Willie in the same way that those on my side of the aisle used to about Tricky Dick.'' -- Rep. Vic Fazio, D-Calif. 12/18/98 Christopher Ruddy ". I have related for some time a conversation I had with a Nixon family member. This family member said that the former President always said that he could have saved his presidency by creating a foreign policy crisis. "This would be easy for a president to do, the family member quoted Nixon. But Nixon "would have never done that, and he would never have risked American lives" the family member explained. Then the family member added that Nixon said Bill Clinton would not blink an eye to use a foreign policy crisis to save his presidency.."

Fox News12/18/98 Arshad Mohammed ".To hear White House aides tell it, President Clinton is dealing with the gravest moment of his presidency - his all-but-certain impeachment - by concentrating on everything except his political fate. As the House of Representatives began Friday to debate impeaching Clinton, the political equivalent of an indictment that will put his fate in the hands of a Senate trial, aides painted him as too busy with other matters to pay attention... "Is he out of his mind?'' asked veteran United Press International White House correspondent Helen Thomas. In between his many meetings Friday, the White House said Clinton had just one that touched on his probable impeachment - a session with wavering Connecticut Republican Congressman Christopher Shays that the president did not even request..."

MSNBC Brian Williams 12/18/98 Freeper report ".MSNBC reporting talks are in the works on the equivolent to a "backroom deal" . This would be worked out prior to reaching a Senate trial. He pays an amount in the 7 digits, makes some admission of guilt and is offered a guarantee of immunity from prosecution upon completion of his term. Starr would most likely not agree to this.."

Freeper report 12/18/98 ".Fox News just reported that Charlie Stenholm, D, TX will vote for impeachment.."

Jewish World Review 12/17/98 Thomas Sowell ".When all is said and done, either the president gets away with perjury and obstruction of justice or he doesn't. Either way, it won't change the past. But it can make a huge difference to the future of this country. And that is the real issue, not Clinton or Lewinsky or Starr or anybody else. If Congress says that the President of the United States -- and that means future presidents, even more so than the current president -- can violate the laws of the land without any real consequences, then that decision and that precedent will haunt this country long after Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr and all the others are gone and forgotten.."

FoxNews 12/18/98 Reuters ".His fate all but sealed with the stain of impeachment, President Clinton must now navigate an unpredictable and perilous course. His options are few as he prepares for trial in the Senate. Republicans will intensify demands for his resignation as soon as they impeach him, hoping that Democratic lawmakers and the American public will follow suit. Two Democrats took the bait Friday, saying the president must go if impeached. "There is going to be mounting pressure on him to resign after he is impeached,'' said presidential historian and biographer Robert Dallek. "People can forget about that,'' replied Vice President Al Gore. "Absolutely not,'' said White House press secretary Joe Lockhart. Clinton himself has ruled out resignation more than once. His closest associates don't think it's in the cards - at least for now. .Initial head counts suggest the two-thirds vote needed to oust Clinton doesn't exist in the Senate. But his advisers realize their boss stands on shifting sands, and the tide could move swiftly against him. Clinton wants to avoid the humiliation of a Senate trial. One option is to attempt to muster a majority vote to adjourn the trial before it really gets off the ground. Another is to forge a deal resulting in a censure, but no conviction. The trial could be held without summoning Monica Lewinsky or other embarrassing witnesses to the stand. Advisers say they haven't determined whether any of those routes are open to them.." Freeper jakenuts 12/18/98 ".Lott says there will be no deal in Senate In another development Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said in an interview with CNN that "there won't be any deal-making" to avoid a Senate trial if the House approves articles of impeachment. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott Lott said his reading of the U.S. Constitution and consultations with legal experts have convinced him that a trial is required. "I feel the Senate has to go forward with a trial," Lott said. That could be a blow to the White House, which has entertained notions of a deal if Clinton loses in the House."

AP 12/18/98 ".About 10 Republicans who were undecided on impeachment reviewed secret documents the House Judiciary Committee received from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's office, officials close to the lawmakers and the committee said. Judiciary Committee Democrats complained from the House floor that they weren't notified of the documents' availability to members. "We had not allowed any Democratic members to go over there, because we didn't know that they were permitted to attend,'' said Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, the committee's top Democrat. Conyers called it "an incredible violation of our democratic rights.'' Republicans said the House in October had authorized lawmakers to review the material that had not been released publicly by the committee. "Any member has had the legal right to go over to the Ford Building and examine the executive session materials,'' said Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R- Wis., said. Republican Reps. Christopher Shays of Connecticut, Mark Souder of Indiana, Gil Gutknecht of Minnesota and Greg Ganske of Iowa were among those reviewed the evidence this week, said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.."

Washington Post 12/18/98 Thomas Moriarty, Jr. ".There has been much media attention focused on moderate Republicans and the anguish with which they approach the coming vote on impeachment. "This will not be an easy vote for any Republican," wrote E. J. Dionne Jr. [op-ed, Dec. 11]. Apparently it will be an easy vote for Democrats. Is the Democratic Party so morally bankrupt that it is inconceivable to suggest that any of its congressional members may be struggling with conscience? I listened to one Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee insist that the president's offenses did not constitute crimes against the state.... Justice cannot be served in the absence of truth. For the president of the United States, a member of the bar, to seek to undermine the judiciary is a high crime indeed. Does the party that has always proclaimed itself the champion of the common man now seek special privilege before the law for the governing class? The president's behavior alone would suffice to separate the common man from his employment. The purpose of impeachment proceedings against the president is not to punish the offender, but rather to serve as a catharsis for the body politic and the public. The president's word under oath has proved unworthy of trust, yet Democrats seek his signature on a censure document. Just what would that signify?."

CNN 12/18/98 Dana Bash and Diane Sylvester and The Associated Press ". The House of Representatives has reached the 218 votes it needs to impeach President Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky affair, according to the latest CNN survey of lawmakers. House members will vote Saturday on four proposed articles of impeachment, charging Clinton with perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. Meanwhile, a fiercely partisan debate continued on Capitol Hill Friday evening, and Republican leaders showed no sign of permitting a vote on the Democrats' preferred alternative to impeachment: a stern condemnation of the president's behavior... Rep. Mary Bono (R-California) said if Congress turned a blind eye to Clinton's behavior, the effect would be to also ignore the problem of sexual harassment. Bono called impeachment "the only appropriate remedy." Democrats argued, though, that impeachment was intended for tyrants and traitors, not for a president trying to conceal an extramarital affair. "I am witnessing, in the most tragic event of my career in the Congress, in effect, a Republican coup d'etat in process," said Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan)..."

WorldNet Daily 12/18/98 Joseph Farrah ".Remember the mantra from the Clintonistas regarding the investigation by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr? "Four years and $40 million." I can almost hear the screeching political hacks passing themselves off as "journalists" -- people like Ellen Rattner and Geraldo -- joining in the chorus. "Four years and $40 million." What they were talking about, of course, was the length and cost of probing a series of scandals perpetrated by Bill Clinton. Yet, the length and cost weren't the fault of Clinton. Oh no. The most powerful politician in the world was simply a victim of a witch-hunt -- one that wasted time and taxpayer money. "Four years and $40 million." But let's put things in perspective. As president, Bill Clinton has wasted six years playing footsie with Saddam Hussein and squandered $5.5 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars on containing the Iraqi threat -- and that's before the costly Desert Fox operation launched Wednesday. On Wednesday alone, some 200 cruise missiles were fired by the Navy at Iraqi targets. Each one of those high- tech bombs cost about $1 million. That's $200 million right there, just on ordnance, in one day -- five times the amount spent by Kenneth Starr.."

Washington Post 12/18/98 Ron Fournier AP ".His fate all but sealed with the stain of impeachment, President Clinton must now navigate an unpredictable and perilous course toward a climactic Senate trial. Republicans will intensify demands for his resignation as soon as they impeach him, hoping that Democratic lawmakers and the American public will follow suit. Two Democrats joined the chorus Friday, saying the president must go if impeached. ``There is going to be mounting pressure on him to resign after he is impeached,'' said presidential historian and biographer Robert Dallek."

UPI 12/18/98 Freeper Brian Mosely reports ".Two Democrats called for President Clinton to resign (Friday), even though they say they will vote against impeachment. Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., said impeachment would diminish Clinton's standing as a world leader, a call echoed by Rep. William Lipinski, D-Ill.."

MSNBC 12/18/98 Freeper LYNXCry reports ".Chip Reed of MSNBC reported that Bob Barr made a reference to John Kennedy in his speech on the floor of the congress and off the floor Patrick Kennedy was irate. He was overheard by a producer of MSNBC to say "I do NOT want that racist to even speak about my uncle", or something similar to that. Reed made the comment, this will not be the last we hear of this as Kennedy doesn't know who he is dealing with. Bob Barr will not take well to be called a racist.."

Freeper polly g speaks with Senator Lott 12/18/98 ".Hi, everybody. I just switched from C- Span to MSNBC and heard that Hillary is going to the House tomorrow to speak to the Perjurcrats. Earlier today, while at work, I saw something about a possible deal in the Senate, and several people seemed to think that Trent Lott was behind it. I have personal knowledge that Senator Lott was in Jackson, Mississippi today. He came by my office. I told him that I was proud of his actions in the last week, and that I hoped he would not back down on his statement that there were no deals and that there would be a trial in the Senate. He replied that "these are times that try men's souls", but that he intended to stand by that position. I told him that I hoped so, and that many were watching him and praying that he will uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. He was very gracious. Perhaps I'm just being naive, but I was somewhat comforted by his remarks. I find it very hard to believe that he is working some sort of under-the-table deal, at least not this afternoon, when he was visiting everyone in the federal courthouse in Jackson, where he has a satellite office. My thanks to all of you for keeping me informed about all of the events taking place while I'm at work.."

Freeper report on Fox News 12/18/98 ". FOX News reporting entire Dem caucus to walk out of House session tomorrow after resolution to recommit fails. Breaking,..."

Fox News Wires 12/19/98 Jackie Frank ".Some say his trial on four separate charges for alleged perjury, abuse of power and obstruction of justice could be over in a few weeks, others raise the specter of government paralysis for months. Witnesses may not even be called and Clinton will not be required to appear. "If one or more (articles of impeachment) passes the House, I have read the Constitution, reread it, talked to experts. I feel the Senate has to go forward with the trial,'' said Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott of Mississippi.."

MSNBC Freeper summary 12/18/98 ".Brian Williams tonite in one of the weirdest tones and behavior (did anybody else think he seemed.... strange?) announced that Tim Russert and others have been 'hearing hints' all over Washington about George Mitchell and others involved in brokering a 'deal'. Didn't catch the whole story, but it sounded like they were trying to solidify a deal before the impeachment vote.."

BBC News website 12/19/98 "."Flabbergasted that he could be so reckless" The former White House press spokesman, Mike McCurry, says he has "enormous doubts" about President Bill Clinton's fitness for office. Mike McCurry: 'Enormous doubts' about the president Mr McCurry told the BBC's Newsnight programme President Clinton's behaviour was "surely reckless" and "contrary to the way you would expect a rational human being to behave". Asked whether he thought Mr Clinton was fit to be president, Mr McCurry, who had maintained his silence on presidential issues since his resignation in October, said: "I have enormous doubts because of the recklessness of his behaviour. "The nature of this particular affair and then the way he did conceal it really does raise some very profound troubling matters. Mike McCurry: "Flabbergasted" at the president's behaviour - "I feel the way most Americans and probably his own wife do: Deeply disappointed, and hurt and a bit flabbergasted that he could be so reckless," said Mr McCurry. Reliance on denial - Asked about the president's sex life, he said people close to Mr Clinton had spent a year relying on what appeared to be a direct denial of scandal. "I did not believe that there was a tortured definition of sex lurking behind that denial," said Mr McCurry. "I couldn't imagine that he would put himself in that kind of jeopardy when there was a whole army of inquisitors out there," he added."

The New York Times 12/19/98 Jeffrey Abramson ". As the prospect of President Clinton's impeachment trial looms, senators have been speculating about how to behave if they must conduct such a trial. Even before the House Judiciary Committee voted on articles of impeachment, several senators had invoked the ideal of the impartial juror as an exemplar. "We may have to sit as jurors," Senator Robert Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia, said in October in response to White House efforts to prevent an impeachment inquiry. "Don't let it be said that we allowed ourselves to be tampered with."..But in the end there is no way to take the politics out of impeachment. There are only ways to put substance back into politics. The Senate must work hard to justify the faith of the Framers in the ability of Congress to triumph over factionalism and represent shared values during moments of national crisis. Trent Lott, the Senate majority leader, recently suggested that the Senate could try President Clinton quickly, taking as little as three days but no more than three weeks. This speedy timetable makes sense only if senators already have their minds made up and do not really need to hear witnesses, determine the facts freshly or patiently sift through the President's legal defenses..."

Washington Post 12/19/98 ".During a private meeting of House Republicans this week, Rep. Stephen E. Buyer (R-Ind.) urged colleagues to inspect FBI documents that are not included in the public material accompanying independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's report to Congress, according to participants in the session. One member recalled that Buyer was "rather impassioned that all members should go to view all the evidence that was available." The specific documents at issue relate to a witness in the Paula Jones lawsuit, who swore out an affidavit denying an allegation that she was assaulted by Clinton while he was the Arkansas attorney general in the late 1970s. The woman later told FBI agents working for Starr that the affidavit was untruthful, but the agents reported that their interview with her was "inconclusive." The information concerning the woman was given to the panel by Starr and remains under seal in an area for "secured" information in the Gerald R. Ford Building..Sam Stratman, a spokesman for the committee's chairman, Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.), said the visits to the sealed documents were proper. When the House formally created its impeachment inquiry in October, Stratman said, it granted every member access to all the documents accumulated by Starr, including those not made public.."

Freeper report on Hardball 12/18/98 Chris Matthews ".Matthews just asked Congresswoman from Fla about rules requiring silence about evidence before the House that will be used in the Senate trial, for instance the rape of Jane Doe #5!!!! ."

AP 12/19/98 FoxNews ".U.S. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said Saturday he would begin the formal steps that could lead to a trial of President Clinton on the impeachment charges against him.. "The decision by the House of Representatives concerning the conduct of the President sets in motion a solemn process in the Senate of the United States,'' Lott said, adding that it was not yet clear when any trial would begin.Critics have warned that a Senate trial could paralyze the U.S. government for months. But Lott said that even if a prolonged trial is necessary, the Senate would continue to work on other issues such as education, taxes and reforming the U.S. social security system. "We will attend to the people's business,'' he said. ."

AP12/19/98 Jonathan Salant ".The 100 senators who will be asked for a verdict on President Clinton will face pressures that jurors in other trials never feel. One-third of them are up for re-election in two years. A half-dozen might run for president. Senators on both sides will be pressed hard to stand with their parties. Republicans had a large enough majority to impeach Clinton in the House no matter how the Democrats voted. But in the trial, Senate Republicans need Democratic votes to reach the two-thirds necessary for conviction. If the 55-member GOP majority holds together, 12 members of the opposing party -- more than one of every four Democrats would have to join them..Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R- Miss., so far has rejected any deal with a pledge that the Senate will proceed with a trial. He said Saturday, after the House passed two articles of impeachment, that he did not know when the trial would begin because the Senate first would have to rule on preliminary motions and pleadings. ``Senators will be prepared to fulfill their constitutional obligations,'' Lott said. But no one is saying the final verdict is a sure thing. ``Anyone who could predict the outcome isn't looking at immediate past history,'' said Sen.-elect Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. ``No one predicted the president would be impeached.''..Preparing for a trial is no small undertaking. The prosecutors the House approves for a trial would have to line up testimony of witnesses. Evidence would have to be submitted by both sides. The president would get to make his case. Legal challenges could occur. Plenty of uncertainty remains. Senators of both parties are remaining mum until they get the facts.."

12/19/98 Lindsey Graham "I want the American people to know that they don't know everything that is involved in this case yet, and they should keep watching"

AP 12/19/98 Nancy Benac ".The House of Representatives impeached President Clinton on Saturday for obstructing justice and lying under oath about his sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky, voting largely along party lines to send his case to the Senate. It was only the second presidential impeachment in American history. The House approved articles of impeachment accusing Clinton of committing perjury before a federal grand jury and obstruction of justice..It was the gravest moment of Clinton's political career. Five members of each party defected on the first article, voting 228-206 to impeach the president. The House then voted: -229-205 to reject a second article accusing Clinton of committing perjury in the Jones suit. More than two dozen Republicans defected to join Democrats. -221-212 to approve a third article accusing Clinton of obstruction of justice in the Lewinsky matter. Divided along party lines to the end, the House was stunned by the abrupt resignation of its incoming speaker, Rep. Bob Livingston, in the hours just before the vote..."

12/19/98 Helen Chenoweth ".We Americans place our faith and the strength of our nation not in individuals but in the strength of our law. Our law protects our rights and keeps us free. It is our law which has made America the longest surviving democracy in the history of the planet. Some would argue this matter is about personal conduct among consenting adults. As the writer Mark Helprin has observed, these issues before us today "are no more about sex than the theft of money from a cash register is about business. Perjury is not sex, obstruction is not sex, and abuse of power is not sex...." Indeed, they are not, Mr. Speaker, they are about the respect of and for the law and of and for the high office our President holds.."

AP 12/19/98 AP Tom DeLay ".Thank you Mr. Speaker. I don't know if I can make this speech. But I'm going to try. You know, believe it or not, I've been very depressed about this whole proceeding. When I came to work yesterday it really hit me what we were about to do. But, after this morning, it made me realize even more what this is all about. And I feel great about it because no matter, no matter how low we think we are, or depressed we are, this country shows us time and time again, how great it is. There's no greater American in my mind, at least today, then Bob Livingston because he understood what this debate was all about. It was about honor, and decency and integrity and the truth. Everything that we honor in this country. It was also a debate about relativism versus absolute truth. The president's defenders has said that the president is morally reprehensible, that he is reckless, that he has violated the truth of the American people, lessened their esteem for the office of president and dishonored the office which they have entrusted him. But that doesn't rise to the level of impeachment. What the defenders want to do is lower the standards by which we hold this president, and lower the standards, force our society by doing so. I cannot in good conscience after watching Newt Gingrich put the country, his caucus, his House above himself and resign, and I cannot stand before you watching Bob Livingston put his family, and I hope you'll think about his family, his friends, his House and his country above any ambitions that he may have.. I can't say this strong enough, this is God's country, and I know he will bless America.."

FoxNews Larry Margasak AP 12/19/98 ".President Clinton stood on the brink of impeachment Saturday in a House torn by partisanship and rocked by the sudden resignation of its next speaker. For the first time in 130 years, lawmakers were poised to vote on removing a chief executive for "high crimes and misdemeanors." A somber House engaged in final debate that was brought to an instant hush when Livingston called on Clinton to resign and then told lawmakers he was resigning from Congress next year because of revelations that he had extramarital affairs. "I must set the example that I hope President Clinton will follow," Livingston said. Within an hour after Livingston's announcement, Clinton called on incoming speaker Bob Livingston to reconsider through press secretary Joe Lockhart. Lockhart said Saturday the "politics of personal destruction must stop." Lawmakers pressed on with the impeachment debate after the stunning announcement, many visibly shaken. Rep. Tom Campbell, R-Calif., one of the last Republicans to announce in favor of impeachment, whispered his arguments, nearly in tears. "Bob Livingston has led by example," Campbell said, before explaining why he thought Clinton should be impeached..."

12/19/98 Henry Hyde ".I wish to talk to you about the rule of law. After months of argument, hours of debate, there is no need for further complexity. The question before this House is rather simple. It's not a question of sex. Sexual misconduct and adultery are private acts and are none of Congress' business. It's not even a question of lying about sex. The matter before the House is a question of lying under oath. This is a public act, not a private act. This is called perjury. The matter before the House is a question of the willful, premeditated, deliberate corruption of the nation's system of justice. Perjury and obstruction of justice cannot be reconciled with the office of the president of the United States. The personal fate of the president is not the issue. The political fate of his party is not the issue. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is not the issue. The issue is perjury -- lying under oath. The issue is obstruction of justice, which the president has sworn the most solemn oath to uphold. That oath constituted a compact between the president and the American people. That compact has been broken. The people's trust has been betrayed. The nation's chief executive has shown himself unwilling or incapable of enforcing its laws for he has corrupted the rule of law -- the rule of law -- by his perjury and his obstruction of justice. That and nothing other than that is the issue before this house."

New York Times 12/19/98 Francis Clines ".The raw passions were such that the House Democrats did not to hesitate to bellow "You resign! You resign!" at Speaker-elect Robert L. Livingston when he called from the House floor for President Clinton to quit the White House in the face of certain impeachment. Shockingly, stunningly, Livingston did just that. He quit in one breathtaking utterance, as if flicking a trump card onto the heap of impeachment angst festering before his eyes in the debating chamber. In his one and only stratagem in leading his fellow House Republicans, Livingston's decision struck Congress like a verbal bomb. Stunned Democrats saw their fury vaporized in an instant. They stood, almost staggering to their feet, and joined the Republicans in a prolonged, emotional ovation for Livingston and his undeniable self-sacrifice. As they stood, the Democrats sensed that Livingston had suddenly closed a trap on the President and his defenders..."

New York Times 12/19/98 Francis Clines ". "It is a surrender to a developing sexual McCarthyism!" declared Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York, a leading Presidential defender trying to rally Democrats around the argument that Livingston should not resign any more than President Clinton should quit under fire. But the Republicans were surging to the fore on the strength of Livingston's announcement, fighting tears as they rose to salute him as the ultimate political role model in the grueling impeachment process as it roared into the final minutes of debate.. "I have hurt you all deeply and beg your forgiveness," Livingston told the House, the nation and his family as he announced retreat. Only moments before, Democrats openly hissed Livingston as he firmly read his own judgment upon the President: "Sir, you have done great damage to this nation over the past year." Presidential resignation was in order, he continued, and then came the shouts of "You resign! You resign!" And as Livingston closed the circle on his career, he stunned the place into a collective breath of disbelief and somehow almost threatened to reduce the dark historic issue before the House -- the impeachment of the President -- into a matter of anticlimax.."

12/19/98 Jim Robinson ".President Clinton IMPEACHED by the House of Representatives! Article one - perjury. William Jefferson Clinton now goes down in history.... and down hard! Final vote to follow. Great job FREEPERS! The dark days of Clinton are ending. God Bless America!."