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Monica Lewinsky's affidavit uses the term "President behaving inappropriately" so does the talking points.

New Yorker journalist Mayer may have quoted the wrong copy of Tripp's Form 398. Linda Tripp filled out one in 1987 for the Pentagon and another in 1991 for the Bush White House. The New Yorker article used language that doesn't appear in Tripp's Pentagon record and Bernath's diary notes that the "wording of questions and warnings were different on the version of the form she signed."

Kirby Behre, Linda Tripp's ex-lawyer, was recommended to her by White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum. Three partners at Behre's law firm - Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker - have close ties to the White House. The law firm website does not allow access to the bio of Kirby Behre, who was was recently appointed to a plum position in Washington DC overseeing the appointment of District Court of Appeals justices. An unusual appointment for a non-partner in the firm. Behre tried to get Tripp to destroy the Lewinsky tapes, and when she wouldn't, stated the tapes would get her thrown in jail.

White House and others characterizations of Lewinsky being overwhelmed by prosecutors in a hotel v. the OIC letter to Brill "During the five hours while awaiting her mother's arrival, Ms. Lewinsky drank juice and coffee, ate dinner at a restaurant, strolled around the Pentagon City mall, and watched television.........As they left the Ritz Carlton, both Ms. Lewinsky and Ms. Lewis thanked the FBI agents and attorneys for their courtesy."

Kenneth W. Starr said his office never asked Monica Lewinsky to secretly tape-record conversations with President Clinton or his friend Vernon E. Jordan Jr. -- an assertion contradicted by sources close to Miss Lewinsky.

Monica Lewinsky's first lawyer, Francis Carter said "I had no idea of any connection between Vernon and her and any job search . She never mentioned it and neither did Vernon." Carter said Lewinsky did not ask him to hold off filing the affidavit while she waited to secure a job, as it has been reported based on secretly tape-recorded conversations with Linda Tripp. Lewinsky signed the affidavit January 7 1998 but it was not sent until nine days later. Before the date it was sent, Lewinsky received a job offer from a company Jordan referred her to. Carter said: "The timing of the affidavit and the job was never on my radar screen at all. That was an after-the-fact revelation to me." Jordan showed an interest in keeping in touch, calling much more frequently after sending Lewinsky over to see Carter.

Regarding Clinton and Lewinsky, Mike McCurry on 2/17/1998: "Maybe there'll be a simple, innocent explanation. I don't think so, because I think we would have offered that up already."

According a Drudge Exclusive, logs reveal that Monica Lewinsky went into the White House when Hillary Clinton was gone.

The US News & World Report (6/29/98) published a misleading story based on 2 of the 20 hours of taped conversations of Lewinsky - emphasizing the pre-subpoena timing of Lewinsky's job search and not mentioning the extraordinary job search assistance provided after the subpoena in the Jones v Clinton case. The article also omitted to mention that James Fallows, chief editor for U.S. News & World Report, was a recent Clinton appointee. He was appointed to the Commission on United States-Pacific Trade and Investment Policy. Clinton appointed Yah Lin 'Charlie' Trie" to the same Commission.

According to Drudge on Fox News, Monica Lewinsky's resume says she "trained interns" and has a top secret clearance.

7/6/98 Landmark Legal Foundation Mark Levin "So far, Mr. Clinton has lost every constitutional argument he has taken to the courts. The United States Supreme Court rejected Mr. Clinton's assertion of civil immunity in the Paula Jones sexual assault lawsuit. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Hillary Clinton's attorney-client privilege claims, forcing her to give Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr notes taken by government lawyers who were improperly representing her in the Whitewater investigation. The Supreme Court rejected the Clintons' request to even hear the case on appeal. A federal district judge ruled against Mr. Clinton's expansive claims of executive privilege and attorney-client privilege, which were asserted by Mr. Clinton to prevent his top aides from testifying before a federal grand jury. Mr. Clinton has now appealed those rulings. And the same judge refused to recognize the Clinton administration's newly fabricated privilege, the so-called Secret Service Protective Function Privilege. This, too, has been appealed by Mr. Clinton."

7/8/98 NY Times Stephan Labaton "As Linda Tripp returned to the federal grand jury investigating the Lewinsky matter, Maryland officials said Tuesday that they had begun a separate criminal inquiry into whether Mrs. Tripp violated a state law that makes it a crime for one person to record a telephone conversation without the consent of the other.But any prosecution against Mrs. Tripp could be problematic because she has received two grants of immunity, one from the Whitewater independent counsel's office and the other from a federal judge in a sealed order, lawyers and other people involved in the Lewinsky matter said Tuesday. .."

Bill Press said as Crossfire was going off that "we should let the girls mud wrestle to settle this" referring to Linda Tripp and Monica.

Newsweek 7/20/98 ".NEWSWEEK has learned that none of the Secret Service employees interviewed by Justice claims to have seen Clinton and Lewinsky in a compromising situation. Still their testimony could be embarrassing. At least two officers said they believe they saw the president and the intern alone together."

7/12/98 Washington Times ".In a telephone interview yesterday, Mrs. Goldberg quoted Miss Lewinsky as telling Mrs. Tripp on tape: "[President Clinton] has told me he's going to lie. I'm going to lie. Why can't you lie?" "I heard that [tape] late last fall, and I've kept quiet about this bombshell until now. But I've decided I'm tired of Linda's getting beaten on the head," Mrs. Goldberg said.."

7/12/98 UPI "Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, says if President Clinton were subpoenaed to testify in the Monica Lewinsky investigation and refused, that may constitute an impeachable offense. Appearing on NBC's ``Meet the Press'' today, Hatch said: ``If (Ken Starr) can't get an agreement with Monica Lewinsky's attorneys, he ought to indict her, list the president as an unindicted co-conspirator if that's what it comes down to and then subpoena the president. And if he doesn't come in and at least -- as presidents are presumed to do -- tell the truth about what happened, then I think that's a very serious problem.'' But the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee added that while some people believe such a refusal would clearly be an impeachable offense, ``I personally believe we have to be very, very tight on what we use for grounds for impeachment.''."

7/8/98 Quinn in the Morning Larry Klayman ". we now have found out that Jane Mayer, when she sought to justify how she got the information about Linda Tripp's prior record, made up quotations. Why did Jane Mayer, then, create a quotation, that Linda Tripp's father had told the stepmother, [Jane Lowe Davis (?)], who we deposed, that in fact it wasn't a prank, that she should have been arrested. That Linda Tripp was a liar. When I asked [Jane Lowe Davis (?)] whether she had ever said those things, she couldn't remember ever having told Mayer that, and said 'probably not, because in fact the father never told me those things.' She couldn't remember that."

7/13/98 John Kass Chicago Tribune "Sooner or later, President Bill Clinton will have to answer questions about former intern Monica Lewinsky, possible presidential perjury and obstruction of justice in the White House.. What's significant is that this belief is held by Minority Leader Richard Gephardt of Missouri, the institutional voice of the Democratic House. ..Gephardt is the first of the top centrist Democrats to veer from the White House line."

7/13/98 Washington Times Joyce Howard Price "."I believe as the investigation continues and when a report is filed, or if an indictment is handed up ... evidence will actually be revealed," lawyer Joe Murtha said yesterday on "Fox News Sunday."."

CBS News 7/13/98 Scott Pelly "CBS News has reviewed sealed court documents that show Ken Starr's Secret service dragnet is much broader than previously known, reports CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Scott Pelley. Starr is asking where the president slept on dozens of specific dates. For the first time, the Special Prosecutor is also seeking evidence from the agents who are closest to Mr. Clinton. The secret service has been hit with a subpoena that demands "all records of any nature whatsoever. ..indicating the location and activity of President Clinton for the period July 1, 1995 through April 15, 1996.." Those dates match Monica Lewinsky's employment at the White House. But Starr also wants records for 49 specific dates after her White House employment ended. The subpoena asks only for records covering the overnight hours -- from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Many of the dates appear to have been chosen because they match dates Lewinsky is known to have visited the white house. Other dates cover nights that the president was traveling."

7/14/98 Rob Fournier AP ".Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr has subpoenaed the head of President Clinton's security detail to testify in the Monica Lewinsky investigation.Two government officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Tuesday that Special Agent Larry Cockell was subpoenaed and that others in the elite security team could soon follow."

7/15/98 CNN Crossfire Freeper Yikes reports "Being very careful in his choice of words, Lanny Davis tonight said on Crossfire that he hoped that Janet Reno and her DOJ were giving serious thought tonight to "suspending" Ken Starr's investigation. ."

CAS Mailing List 7/15/98 Carl of Oyster Bay "The press breathlessly reports Ken Starr's subpoena of Clinton body-man, Secret Service agent Larry Cockell. Mike McCurry fumes that the invasion of presidential privacy is unprecedented. Meanwhile, all concerned seem to have forgotten that several agents from the presidential security detail have already let the cat out of the bag, giving accounts of furtive extramarital Clinton sex and other private moments to author Ron Kessler, who quoted the agents at length for his 1995 New York Times bestseller, "Inside the White House"."

8/16/98 Capitol Hill Blue "Secret Service agents often overheard President Bill Clinton discuss his fondness for oral sex and one agent reports the President said Monica Lewinsky could "suck a tennis ball through a garden hose." That's the word going around the Secret Service offices on Pennsylvania Avenue, right next door to the White House.In fact, Clinton's crudeness often made the agents uncomfortable, especially when he would make the comments in earshot of a female agent.."

7/16/98 AP " The Clinton administration today asked Chief Justice William Rehnquist to intervene after the U.S. Court of Appeals refused to stop Secret Service officers from testifying in the Monica Lewinsky investigation. The Justice Department filed the request at the Supreme Court less than an hour after the appeals court refused to reconsider an earlier decision ordering the Secret Service personnel, including President Clinton's chief bodyguard, to testify. The appeals court had sent a strong message to the Justice Department by saying none of its nine judges available on the case wanted to intervene and that it was unlikely to win before the nation's nine justices. The department's ``likelihood of success before the Supreme Court is insufficient to warrant further delay in the grand jury's investigation,'' the appeals court said."

7/16/98 Silicon Valley Logic ".The three appeals judges, writing for the full eleven-member appeals panel, called the Justice Department's actions in appealing the case frenetically "absurd". The ruling overrode a stay the same three judge panel ordered only three hours earlier to ensure proper opportunity for full appeals court review. In the interim, networks hailed the stay as a victory for the Justice Department, Secret Service and Clinton, stating that the ruling from the full eleven member DC appeals panel might take "days, even weeks". The lightning-quick three hour decision by the appeals court judges makes it clear that justices from both political parties believe the Justice Department arguments have little legal merit. Judge Silverman, one of the eleven appeals judges, issued a detailed opinion in which he wrote that thte administration and its officers had "declared war on Kenneth Starr, and therefore, on the American system of government".

The Daily Republican 7/20/98 Howard Hobbs "The Clinton administration has been shocked and disappointed with appellate and Supreme Court rulings this past week. Word of the latest judicial setback arrived on Friday after chief justice William Hubbs Rehnquist refused a Clinton administration urgent request that Secret Service agents be exempted from testifying before special prosecutor Kenneth Starr's federal grand jury investigating possible perjury, witness tampering, and perjury by president Clinton.When news reached the Clinton White House on Friday, it hit home with a vengeance. Clinton's legal team is still reeling from the Supreme Court's opinion last year in striking down a dubious expansion of presidential powers in a law signed by Clinton adding unconstitutional presidential line-item veto authority. .Friday's decision by justice Rehnquist set the stage for grand jury testimony by White House aide, Bruce Lindsey. In the Lindsey ruling, the Appellate judge said Starr's needs for information on the possible commission of criminal activity by Clinton, were so great the president could not avail himself of an executive privilege claim. Making matters worse, immediately after justice Rehnquist ruling upholding the D.C. Appellate Court, The White House filed another appeal on grounds of attorney-client privilege they claimed is absolute and would possibly block any Lindsey testimony. The latest Clinton administration move might result in a delay of a month or more depending on whether or not there is another Supreme Court appeal involved. "

7/20/98 MSNBC "Three Secret Service officers are prepared to testify that they saw President Bill Clinton alone with Monica Lewinsky, sources told NBC News on Monday. The sources also said that a retired Secret Service officer (Robert Ferguson) who quit in May after a dispute with his superiors was called last week before the grand jury investigating allegations surrounding Lewinsky - a selection apparently aimed at heightening anxiety among fellow members of the protective corps."


7/19/98 DRUDGE FOOTNOTE: The Secret Service employees who testified last week in Washington appeared in front of a different grand jury than Starr's regular courthouse panel. Why the rush? The only clue, according to FOX NEWS hotshot David Shuster, came in a footnote to a document prosecutors filed with the Supreme Court. The footnote hinted that Starr's office was in possession of "extraordinarily sensitive information." That information apparently was filed under seal, but the footnote alluding to whateveritis was all it took to throw case watchers into panting and ranting with curiosity all weekend...

WorldNetDaily 7/20/98 Geoff Metcalf "Why have s.o.b.'s (supporters of Bill) fought so very hard to preclude the Secret Service from testifying? A baker's dozen of judges from Chief U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson to Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist have all ruled that there is no such thing as "protective function privilege." Judge after judge has ruled they are "NOT convinced that compelling Secret Service personnel to testify before a grand jury regarding evidence of a crime would place presidents at peril." Yet notwithstanding the overwhelming consonance of the courts, Clinton's defenders of the indefensible continue to assert all those judges are wrong. Why continue the fight? In the wake of the long list of Clinton crimes (real and perceived) it is ironic that the character flaw of a garbage mouth could prove more fatal to a president than perjury, suborning perjury, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, campaign finance abuse, trading military secrets, and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Go figure.."

Washington Times 7/20/98 "No more Mr. Nice Guy. That was the reaction at the White House last week after federal Judge Laurence Silberman ridiculed pleas that Secret Service agents not be forced to testify in the Monica Lewinsky matter. CNBC's Geraldo Rivera, an unabashed critic of independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, read a statement from an anonymous White House source Thursday night. Here's an excerpt: "The White House is stunned by the judge's tone, which does nothing but escalate the harsh rhetoric in this matter. We are mad, we are upset, and we are getting into battle mode. There is going to be a lot more hardball played. What little cooperation the White House has been giving to Ken Starr will dry up immediately. He will have to fight for every page of documents, and he will never, ever get the president of the United States to testify without a fight."

CBS Radio Scott Pelley 7/23/98 ".CBS News has learned one officer talks about a few tense moments when the President of the United States could not be located. At the grand jury, Secret Service officers are being asked about conversations they heard between the president and Lewinsky. Sources tell CBS News one of the officers tells a story about one weekend day when the president could not be accounted for. Sources say the officer retells events this way: On a weekend in early 1996, the president was believed to be in the Oval Office but did not answer a phone call there. An officer knocked on the door but there was no answer. Harold Ickes, the deputy chief of staff was summoned and walked into the Oval Office with a Secret Service agent. The oval was empty. The Secret Service control room was called and confirmed the president was in the area of Oval Office. In a matter of moments Ickes and the agent found Mr. Clinton and Lewinsky in a study that adjoins the president's office. The officer says he does not know what was happening in the study. The officer who tells this story has been before the grand jury in recent days.."

7/26/98 CNN AllPolitics "Top Republicans Sunday warned President Bill Clinton that refusing to honor independent counsel Ken Starr's grand jury subpoena in the Monica Lewinsky case could have serious political consequences -- including the possibility of impeachment.."

Capitol Hill Blue 7/26/98 Doug Thompson "Senior Democratic leaders have told President Bill Clinton they feel momentum is shifting towards independent counsel Kenneth Starr and he must comply with a grand jury subpoena or face serious problems on Capitol Hill, Congressional sources told Capitol Hill Blue Sunday. In private conversations with the President, senior Congressional Democrats as well as party leaders have told Clinton that he has no choice but to testify before the Whitewater grand jury about his relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.A growing belief among Democrats that Starr's evidence against the President is mounting. At the very least, more and more Democrats fear Starr can make a case for perjury. Some wonder if Starr has more evidence pointing to obstruction of justice than previously believed; Internal Democratic party polls show the number of Americans believe the President is hiding the truth about his relationship with Lewinsky continues to increase. While Clinton's popularity numbers remain high, Democrats fear that a failure to testify will be seen as tacit admission, which could erode the numbers; ."

Deroy Murdock 7/27/98 Washington Weekly "Neither sex, lies nor audio tape seem to hold the American public's attention anymore. According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, 83 percent of adults are "tired of hearing about" the Monica Lewinsky probe. Perhaps their interest would be piqued if they focused on the cloak-and-dagger aspects of this scandal. From secret files to vandalism to a disappearing cat, this case looks more like a John Grisham thriller than the Playboy channel: (*) In what could be a scene from "The Pelican Brief," federal Judge Royce Lamberth on July 10 ordered the seizure of Pentagon employee Clifford Bernath's computer. ..(*) The White House apparently has its own dossiers on Lewinsky, Tripp and former White House employee Kathleen Willey..(*) Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr is investigating possible efforts to intimidate Kathleen Willey.(*) Former Village Voice media critic Doug Ireland wrote an article entitled "Of Closets and Clinton" in the March 30 issue of The Nation, a liberal opinion journal. He interviewed three Washington reporters who "confirmed to me that Sidney Blumenthal, the White House media counselor, had indeed been spreading" stories on "the same-sex orientation of a member of Starr's staff." Two say they discussed this with Blumenthal directly while a third reporter said he witnessed Blumenthal making such comments to another individual. Ireland added that, "Two of the members of the media I spoke to about the Starr allegations also said Blumenthal had described at least two other media figures to them as gay.".

7/20/98 Capitol Hill Blue Doug Thompson "More agents assigned to protect President Bill Clinton have asked to be reassigned than in any Presidential detail in recent memory, Capitol Hill Blue has learned. Although agents who seek reassignment are not required to give specific reasons, several agents openly expressed their dislike of the President and his behavior, sources close to the President's protective detail have confirmed. "It's never been necessary to like the man an agent is sworn to protect," says one ex-agent, who asked not to be identified. "But when you despise the man, it's harder to do your job." Since Clinton became President in 1993, at least four "heads of detail" have sought reassignment and the Secret Service detail as a whole "has turned over several times," a previously unheard of situation in a job that is usually sought-after as the pinnacle of the profession.."

NY Daily News 7/20/98 Timothy Berger Kenneth Starr has demanded White House entry records for President Clinton's private attorneys, renewing speculation that he wants to crack Clinton's lawyer-client privilege, a knowledgeable source told the News yesterday.By nailing down when Kendall and Bennett visited the White House, lawyers said Starr could be seeking documentation of meetings in which Clinton jeopardized his attorney-client privilege by including political advisers or others not covered by the privilege." Comment from Freeper Clarity " You guys may be onto something. If the Court of Appeals rules in Starr's favor on the pending appeal regarding Lindsey and attorney-client privilege, then it opens up all otherwise privileged discussions between the President and Bennet and/or Kendall where Lindsey was present, since his presence constituted a waiver of the privilege.."

CNN 7/21/98 "Independent Counsel Ken Starr and lawyers for President Bill Clinton, the White House and Monica Lewinsky all showed up Tuesday morning for a U.S. Court of Appeals hearing on alleged news leaks by Starr's office, sources tell CNN.Sources told CNN the morning's closed-door appeals hearing is on U.S. District Court Judge Norma Holloway Johnson's secret ruling in recent days sanctioning Starr for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information to the news media. According to lawyers familiar with the investigation, Johnson's order included steps preventing Starr from gathering certain evidence. The lawyers say Starr, who is attending the hearing this morning, appealed Johnson's decision to the Court of Appeals.."

ABCNews.Com Josh Gerstein 7/21/98 "Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr faced off with private attorneys before the U.S. Court of Appeals today as a three-judge panel considers whether to block an investigation into alleged leaks of grand jury information from Starr's office. President Clinton's attorneys David Kendall and Robert Bennett joined Monica Lewinsky's lawyers Plato Cacheris, Jacob Stein and Nathaniel Speights for the secret court session this morning. Neil Eggleston, a private attorney who represents the White House in independent counsel matters, also attended. Court records obtained by ABCNEWS show that, on June 26, Judge Norma Holloway Johnson issued an order about the alleged leaks. The ruling itself remains under seal, but sources say it calls for lawyers in Starr's office to turn over documents or even provide testimony on the leaks issue."

Drudge 7/21/98: "The first congressional hearing touching on the Monica Lewinsky mess may open shortly. Bill Richardson, globe-trotting diplomat and former congressman, appears to have a clear path for Senate approval as energy secretary, but not before questions about his job offer to Monica Lewinsky. "We are going to hit him with some pointed [Lewinsky] questions," one well-placed Hill Source said Tuesday. "It will be the first time Monica Lewinsky becomes an issue of official business on Capitol Hill.".According to case intelligence, Lewinsky's spontaneous conversations with Tripp may directly contradict Richardson's own public explanation of the situation!."

Washington Weekly Carl Limbacher " With the concept of "Secret Service Protective Privilege" crumbling just hours after Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist got his hands on it, one of the last lines of Clinton defense may have evaporated.The press better not bet the farm on Secret Service silence. Because three years ago, the only previous time agents who'd guarded Bill Clinton were queried about his behavior, they weren't shy about telling the truth. And amazingly, the accounts they gave Ron Kessler for his 1995 best selling book, "Inside the White House", sound exactly like the stories told by the Arkansas state troopers.That Secret Service agent decided to remain anonymous, since he was actually still working at the White House when he spoke to Kessler. But another retired agent, William Bell, had no qualms about speaking out on the record. And his account of Mrs. Clinton's temper tantrum goes a long way to explain why neither Clinton has ever been popular with the Secret Service.The agents' testimony could prove particularly explosive if it in any way corroborates an allegation reported last week by NBC's Tim Russert. Russert claimed that congressional sources had told him that some agents had "facilitated" liaisons for the president, much as the Arkansas state troopers had."

New York Times Don Van Natta 7/25/98 ".According to an adviser of Clinton who insisted on anonymity, Clinton expressed "strong" feelings in a recent conversation that he did not want to appear in person before Starr's grand jury, which is impaneled at the federal courthouse near Capitol Hill. The adviser said Clinton views Starr's inquiry as unfair, politically motivated and even illegitimate. When told about those remarks, a member of Clinton's legal team said the president is prone to fits of anger and frustration with the six-month-old Starr investigation."

New York Daily News Kathy Kiely and Thomas DeFrank ".A senior Clinton adviser said the pace of the talks picked up recently after Starr issued an ultimatum to the White House. "There have been ongoing discussions between the lawyers for weeks," the adviser said. "Finally, Starr called our bluff. Basically, he told us that he would subpoena the President of the United States if we didn't work something out.."

CNN Website ".In a related development, House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt said in an interview on CNN's "Evans, Novak, Hunt & Shields" program that Clinton should testify before the grand jury if subpoenaed."

US News 8/3/98 Julian Barnes ".White House officials concluded that their best public- relations strategy in the face of a possible subpoena would be to go public with the message that Clinton is trying to cooperate..Starr's prosecutors will accept nothing less than testimony in which they can directly question the president, either before the grand jury or in a deposition.Some aides.say privately they are worried that Starr's lawyers would attempt to catch Clinton in lies or contradictions.Last Tuesday, at a closed-door hearing in a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., presidential lawyers argued for the right to interrogate one of Starr's most aggressive prosecutors, Deputy Independent Counsel Jackie Bennett, about whether he had illegally leaked information to the press. Back in February, the New York Times broke a story about the testimony of presidential secretary Currie before the grand jury.If Kendall secceeds in his bid to depose the prosecutors - something legal experts say it is virtually unprecedented by lawyers for a target in a crminal case - Kendall could have the opportunity to learn what Currie has told Starr's prosecutors.U.S. News has learned that since Kendall's accusation, Bennett has walled himself off from information regarding Currie, in part so that he will have less to reveal if he is eventually deposed by the White House."

7/22/98 The Hill David Dorsen "Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr seems to have a strategy to indict or impeach President Clinton. The Starr plan I envisage entails obtaining from Clinton detailed testimony relating to Monica Lewinsky under oath in a criminal case. The public may not much care if Clinton lied in a civil deposition, Starr may reason, but it will care if he lies in a federal criminal case. Starr would push to have Clinton appear before a grand jury or as a trial witness in a criminal case. .."

The Progressive Review 7/98 "White House spin concerning sanctity of the Secret Service's "protective function" is seriously undermined by the fact that no administration in memory has been so indifferent to, and arrogant about, security concerns. For example: -- The maligned former White House FBI agent, Gary Aldrich, reports in his book, "Unlimited Access" numerous examples of security breaches either by intent or carelessness.Aldrich also reports that Hillary Clinton told the Secret Service agents in public to "stay the . back, stay the . away from me! Don't come within ten yards of me or else!" When her guards have argued with her, she had said, "Just ... do as I say, okay?" The improper collection of 1000 FBI files by the Clinton White House. The obstruction of police investigators following the death of Vincent Foster. Encouragement of lying to FBI agents by White House staff. .Finally, Aldrich (who has proved more perceptive about sex and security at the White House than most journalists) makes this comment: "Every time one of the members of the first family countermands efforts to guard him or her, an agent prepares a memo noting the event. The memo goes into a Secret Service file so that the agents, and the agency, are covered. It's called the CYA, or 'cover your .' file." ."

Drudge 7/28/98 ".Monica Lewinsky agreed to cooperate with investigators after she was hit with a 'mountain of evidence' -- notably: information that she left behind in the hard drive of her computer! Prosecutors also are in posession of love notes Lewinsky had written to Clinton, receipts a gifts, local phone records, even receipts for taxi trips to the White House, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. The amount of evidence Starr's team collected left little room for Lewinsky to wiggle. Lewinsky's hard drive was filled with incriminating notes, e-mails, documents taken by Lewinsky. She used the hard drive like a diary, investigators quickly determined. "She was trapped," a source close to the action explains. "She was, in effect, busted... she left behind an evidence trail that was 10 miles long."

NY Times 7/28/98 Don Van Natta Jr. John Border ".Both Clinton and Ms. Lewinsky did deny under oath that they had a sexual relationship. But in discussions leading to the immunity deal, Ms. Lewinsky told prosecutors this week that she and the president had a sexual relationship that began in 1995 and that he made several efforts in December to persuade her to deny it in Paula Jones' sexual misconduct lawsuit against him. ..Under the immunity arrangement, Ms. Lewinsky is also prepared to testify that the president told her that he planned to deny a relationship in his deposition in the Jones suit, and if they both denied it, no one would know the truth, the lawyers said. She is also prepared to say that the president encouraged her to tell investigators that her many visits to the White House after she lost her job there in 1996 were to see Betty Currie, Clinton's private secretary, and not the president himself, the lawyers said. .Ms. Lewinsky's account of her conversations with Clinton in which he urged her to deny a sexual relationship echo a similar story told by Gennifer Flowers during the 1992 presidential campaign. She said that Clinton told her to deny a relationship if reporters asked and he would do the same and no witnesses could contradict them. After years of denials, Clinton admitted in his January deposition in the Jones case that he had had sex once with Ms. Flowers, in 1977."

CBS Website Pelley says the former White House intern has agreed to provide not just testimony, but also physical evidence of her alleged affair with President Clinton. CBS News has learned that Lewinsky has told prosecutors about two critical areas of investigation. First, the gifts: In the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit, Lewinsky received a federal subpoena to produce each and every gift, including dresses, accessories and jewelry, given to her by Mr. Clinton. Instead of turning them over, Lewinsky brought the gifts to the White House and gave them to Mr. Clinton's secretary. A major focus of the investigation appears to be centered on who asked Lewinsky to return the gifts. Another key point is the so-called talking points. Lewinsky has admitted giving her friend, Linda Tripp, notes on how Tripp should testify in the Paula Jones suit. Lewinsky says these so-called talking points did not originate with anyone in the White House or the president's attorneys. Sources say the talking points are no longer a major focus of investigation."

Investor's Business Daily 7/29/98 Rep Bob Barr "Bill Clinton is the first sitting president to be subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury. Will he obey the law? He's failed to comply with its edicts before. And now Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr looks poised to become an unwitting accomplice in Clinton's campaign to erode the rule of law. Clinton wants to testify before a federal grand jury under terms and procedures not allowed the average citizen. According to reports, the president says he will ''honor'' the grand jury subpoena by staying home. One proposal would have the president talking to a video camera with his lawyers watching - and possibly coaching -his every move and word... If any other American were summoned before a grand jury, he would drop everything and make himself available. Otherwise, he'd face contempt charges. If this president is given special dispensation, a terrible and debilitating legal precedent will be set. And Americans will be justified in concluding their president is indeed above the law. The president should be given the same choice as every American: Testify with the same limitations and rights as any other citizen, or don't testify and face the consequences. To offer him any other choice is unjust and unfair. And, from a practical standpoint, it's probably counterproductive.

7/29/98 AP John Solomon "Amidst a maelstorm of legal maneuvering, President Clinton agreed Wednesday to break six months' silence and provide videotaped testimony regarding his relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The session under oath with Whitewater prosecutors was set for Aug. 17 -- with the president's attorneys present.. Clinton's arrangement with Starr averted an unprecedented presidential appearance under subpoena before a federal grand jury where witnesses appear without counsel. Starr agreed to withdraw the subpoena to accommodate Clinton, and the president will delay his Martha's Vineyard vacation to testify. His testimony, under oath, will be made available to the grand jury."

7/29/98 AP John Solomon ".Senate Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said independent counsel Kenneth Starr apparently is examining Clinton for three possible crimes -- perjury, causing someone else to commit perjury, and obstruction of justice. ``We're now in the closing throes of this,'' Hatch said. ``... It's in everybody's interest to get this over with.'' .``This is not a discussion about sexual propensities or sexual peccadilloes,'' said Hatch. ``Obstruction is a very serious thing.'' Noting that Starr's investigation already has cost $40 million, Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the senior Democrat on Hatch's committee, was blunt: ``Wrap this sucker up!''"

7/29/98 AP John Solomon ".a potential conflict between Mrs. Tripp and Ms. Lewinsky's account emerged. Sources familiar with Lewinsky's account say she is prepared to testify that she authored the so-called talking points she handed Mrs. Tripp on Jan. 14 that suggested possible testimony in the Jones lawsuit. Ms. Lewinsky has told prosecutors, the sources said, that no one from the White House assisted the effort and the document was mostly a compilation of things she had previously discussed with Mrs. Tripp. But Mrs. Tripp on Wednesday adamantly denied any role in the talking points. ``I have testified to the fact that I had nothing, let me repeat, nothing to do with preparing the so-called talking points. Allegations to the effect that I contributed to or assisted in any way with the creation of the talking points are as illogical and as they are patently false,'' Mrs. Tripp said.


Freeper report: CNBC Michael Barone 7/29/98 made a comment that the justice dept in Iowa ( which make it federal ie Justice dept) had just sucessfully tried and convicted a case so simlar to Clinton sex prejury - and obstruction- and that justice dept was bragging about it..

7/29/98 Deborah Orin NY Post "President Clinton now faces a window of just a few days left when he can 'fess up and tell all about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky - otherwise he's stuck gambling that stonewalling will work. And it's a real gamble because Clinton can't be sure what Lewinsky has told prober Ken Starr - and polls send mixed signals on whether the president's public support might now be at risk."But the truth is, no one knows where this is going to go. Polling now is nonsensical - it tells you nothing. But if and when we get to questions of cover-up, he's in trouble. People may say, "Wink, wink, we know he's lying' - but they'll think it's much more serious when they hear details." If Clinton doesn't 'fess up, it's unclear what options he has left other than stonewalling and insisting that Lewinsky is lying.."

Washington Post 7/29/98 Lloyd Grove ".At 2:41 p.m. in the jampacked White House press room, McCurry commenced his afternoon briefing. On a genuinely sad day - the president at that very moment was preparing to eulogize the two Capitol police officers who had died trying to stop a rampaging gunman - the press secretary arrived in somber pinstripes to fence with the White House regulars. His jaw set in a thoughtful frown, McCurry announced the president's reaction to the Lewinsky news - "I think that he's pleased that things are working out for her" - which in turn produced a reaction of its own: collective eye-rolling. "What do you mean, he's pleased things are working out for her?" "You mean the president sees this as a good development, Mike?" "What do you mean, 'working out for her'?" So it was off to the races. The reporters jabbed with sharp questions. McCurry dodged and deflected, or tried to confuse the issue with humor. The press jabbed some more. McCurry pushed back. Made a joke. Smiled winningly. Changed the subject. And so on. "What are the president's thoughts about Monica Lewinsky at this point?" "Did he send her a note, Mike, of congratulations?" "In a news conference a few months ago, the president said he would never resign. Is that still his thinking? At this McCurry bristled. "I don't even know why on earth the question would get posed." "Mike, elaborate on the president's mood ... " .There were some typical exchanges with CBS White House correspondent Scott Pelley, who bombarded McCurry with the grim sonorities of a prosecutor: "Mike, in the Roosevelt Room when the president said he had not had sex with Monica Lewinsky, was he telling the truth at that time?" "I believe so, yes. ... " "Mike, you said that the president has told the truth. If Miss Lewinsky - " "I said I believe he has told the truth, correct. That's what you asked." "Is there a difference?" "Well, I believe he has told the truth. I don't think there's a difference." "So you're not willing to state flatly that he has told the truth - it's your belief?" McCurry took refuge in philosophical terminology: "I can only report what I can ontologically know, right?."

Freeper East Side VRWC 7/28/98 "ABCNEWS World News Tonight, July 28, 1998 Jackie Judd On ABC's World News Tonight, Jackie Judd said that, although Monica Lewinsky will not testify that thePresident directly told her to lie, she will testify that he suggested "hypothetical" examples of what her testimony could be. And Judd also said that Monica identified the person who wrote the "talking points." The summary of Judd's report, posted here, reports the former but not the latter point. .."

Freeper FirstFlaBn 7/28/98 "NBC News Lisa Myers According to Lisa Myers on NBC News tonight, a "source outside Starr's office" says the deal included "tapes from her telephone answering machine allegedly of phone messages from the president." Meyers also hinted at Lewinsky verifying earlier stories about the return of gifts."

7/28/98 USA Journal "Several prominent Democratic lawmakers and pundits have begun to urge President Clinton to comply with a subpoena to appear before the Monica Lewinsky grand jury. The subpoena, issued nearly two weeks ago, was not announced by the White House until news of a gun battle within the Capitol building erupted last Friday. Two Capitol Police officers died in that shootout, and two others were injured. Critics said that the timing of the release of the information regarding Clinton's subpoena was in "extremely poor taste," though most people don't believe there was any so-called conspiracy in the matter. Many of the country's top Democrats were speaking for Clinton's compliance with the Starr subpoena. ." listed were George Stephanopoulos, Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun [D-IL]. Sen. Joseph Lieberman [D-Conn.].Rep. William Lipinsky [D-IL]. Rep. Rod Blagojevich [D-IL] Rep. Dick Gephardt, Democrat House Minority Leader. ex-White House deputy counsel Lanny Davis.

7/28/98 AP News Analysis Ron Fournier "As former White House intern Monica Lewinsky moves into prosecutor Kenneth Starr's orbit, the president is left with few options -- and none are very attractive.It is possible, said a lawyer in the president's camp, that Starr subpoenaed Clinton to put pressure on him to testify -- while quietly approaching Ms. Lewinsky with an immunity deal that makes testifying dangerous for Clinton. ``He's been completely boxed in,'' the lawyer said. ``It's checkmate.'' "

Freeper Ken Cook 7/29/98 ".Gary Aldrich was on the Howie Carr radio show from 4PM to about 5PM EST to discuss his imminent vindication. Howie asked Aldrich if the "handwriting was on the wall" concerning Bill Clinton. Aldrich replied it was more like "handwriting on the freeway." Aldrich PREDICTED that Bill Clinton would resign by Labor Day. He maintains that Starr has "far more" on Clinton than just Lewinsky. (Of course, we all know that!) Starr will nail Clinton and his gang for misuse of government funds, intimidation of witnesses, obstruction of justice and perjury among other things. (Sounds like RICO to me) Aldrich said that at least (if not more) than 15 Secret Service agents have already talked to Ken Starr and that they have identified many other witnesses who Starr is in the process of locating. It is the Secret Service who will ultimately bring Bill Clinton down. There are many patriotic agents who are disgusted by what they've witnessed and are more than happy to tell Starr all about it. Aldrich also predicted that the GOP stands to pick up many seats in this year's congressional elections. The fact the GOP has control of Congress since 1994 and now control the lion's share of governor seats across the nation should speak for itself. Despite what the polls say, the majority of Americans do not support Bill Clinton and the Democratic party. Howie brought up the drug angle. Asked Gary Aldrich point blank if he knowledge of Clinton using drugs in the White House whether it be "smoke or powder." Aldrich was reluctant to answer this question directly but did say that he "would not be surprised" that Clinton used drugs in the White House. However, he did say he would be surprised if Starr included it in his report Aldrich went on to say that there is a "pro-drug" culture among White House staffers. Many of them see drugs as a lifestyle choice. Nothing Clinton does surprises Aldrich. He "does not want to believe" that Clinton was involved in Arkancides but states that Clinton is certainly capable of knowing about them and covering them up (WOW!). Aldrich believes that Lindsey will soon cut a deal or be indicted. He believes this will happen "very soon." He feels that Starr has Clinton already and DOES NOT NEED his testimony in front of a grand jury. Aldrich believes that the subpoena of Clinton is merely "pro forma" and it does not matter to Starr one way or the other whether Clinton complies with it. Clinton is a dead duck either way. .."

7/30/98 Drudge on George Putname Show KIEV "I did some comparing of the Talking Points and Clinton's testimony. Hold on to your teeth. There is an identical line. And the talking points were written BEFORE his testimony. There was an identical line. Same wordage. What in the world was going on back there. " "I think Starr has got the entire case sealed. I don't think there's even a question mark, in my mind, I've been briefed on some other things I can't go into exactly at this hour...but I'm putting my money in rubber bands."

7/31/98 New York Times John Broder Don Van Natta Jr. "Prosecutors are seeking genetic testing of a dress belonging to Monica S. Lewinsky that she says contains physical evidence of a sexual encounter with President Clinton, lawyers close to the case say. Lewinsky turned the dress over to the office of the Whitewater independent counsel, Kenneth W. Starr, on Wednesday, lawyers said. It had been kept for the past several months in the New York apartment of Lewinsky's mother, Marcia Lewis, putting her in jeopardy of an obstruction-of-justice charge for concealing evidence that prosecutors had sought in a search of Lewinsky's Watergate apartment this year. Lewinsky and Lewis were given broad grants of immunity from prosecution this week in exchange for providing full accounts of Lewinsky's relationship with the President. They also agreed to turn over evidence, including the dress and answering machine tapes containing messages to Lewinsky from the President, the lawyers said. The messages were innocuous, said a lawyer who had heard them. In one, just before Christmas last year, the President told Lewinsky that the brother of his private secretary, Betty Currie, had died. In another, the lawyer said, Clinton said, "Hey, it's me. Sorry I missed you." ."If there is no sperm on the dress, that's the end of the hysteria," Scheck said. "If there is, there is no legal basis for the President to resist giving a DNA sample, a simple swab from the inside his cheek." . The procession of witnesses before the grand jury continued today, with seven Secret Service officers appearing before two separate panels at the Federal courthouse.Hyde said the House was "not bound" by Starr's report, and he added that the Judiciary Committee might decide to obtain evidence themselves. "

The London Telegraph Ambrose Evans-Pritchard "The booming US economy came to a sudden halt in the second quarter of this year. The Clinton presidency is now following suit in the third quarter. . But after years of ineffectual dithering, Kenneth Starr has at last got the bit between his teeth. Something must have nettled him. Mutterings about his incompetence within the legal fraternity, perhaps, or more likely an arms-length White House smear campaign that saw a private investigator hired to watch his social life. (It was alleged, falsely, that he had a mistress in Little Rock.) In recent days, Mr Starr has secured the grand jury testimony of 11 Secret Service agents who work in the presidential protection detail. One of them reportedly served as a "facilitator", procuring "come hither" women spotted by the President on his trips around the country. It will be interesting to see if this agent can match the tally set by my good friend L D Brown, former corporal in the Arkansas State Police, who has testified under oath that he solicited more than 100 women for Bill Clinton during a two-year stint at the Governor's Mansion in the 1980s. This Secret Service testimony seems to have convinced Mr Starr that he finally had enough evidence to move against the White House. He promptly issued Bill Clinton with a summons to appear before the grand jury, the first such subpoena ever served on a President. In quick succession, Monica Lewinsky's lawyers announced that she had agreed to a deal with the Office of the Independent Counsel, promising "full and truthful testimony" in exchange for blanket immunity from prosecution. Her mother, Marcia Lewis, who seems to have been an assiduous promoter of her daughter's Oval Office trysts, also struck a deal. And if that was not enough, Mr Starr won a separate victory when a federal appeals court ruled that Bruce Lindsey, the President's closest confidant at the White House, did not enjoy attorney-client privilege and would therefore have to testify as well. It has been a long wait, but it now looks as if the shoe really is going to drop.I hesitate to conclude that Bill Clinton is doomed, however. What if he puts on one of his magnificent, lip-biting, teary acts of contrition in the Oval Office, with the whole nation watching bewitched on television, and ends with an admission of the Lewinsky affair and a plea for forgiveness? . It would be utterly nauseating, yet it might very well work in the mushy, sentimental, post-Christian morality of fin de siŠcle America. He may skate yet, as they say in Arkansas."

NBC News 7/30/98 Chip Reed NBC is reporting that Vernon Jordan is no longer a target of Ken Starr's investigation. Reportedly, the silence-for-job angle is no longer one of the areas of focus. Monica effectively exonerated Jordan of any wrong.

7/29/98 AP Laurie Kellman "Preparing for a report from Independant Councel Kenneth Starr, House Democrats have quietly increased the size of their staff for dealing with any possible impeachment proceedings against President Clinton.."

The American Spectator 7/28-8/3/98 E. Emett Tyrrell, Jr. ".Here at The American Spectator we have been of two minds as to what Starr was going to bring down on the President. Byron York has argued with the utmost intelligence that Starr's report to congress will be narrowly focused. I have been of the opinion that his report will be vast, embracing wrongdoing from the Clintons' larval stages in Arkansas, including cover-ups of the Travel Office, Filegate, the RTC investigation, and on to the Monica business. Whoever is right, it looks like Starr's work is about to leave the Clintons with no escape. The hot summer we predicted last Spring has come."

7/31/98 LA Times Robert Jackson Ronald Ostrow "Investigators for independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr have asked the FBI to test a navy blue dress that belongs to Monica S. Lewinsky for DNA evidence that might match President Clinton, legal sources said Thursday..One legal source familiar with the dress said it is doubtful that it would produce any DNA markings that could be traced to another person. "The importance of the dress is probably exaggerated," the source said. "There are no noticeable stains on it." Lewinsky told Linda Tripp, her onetime friend, in a phone call taped by Tripp last year that she had kept the dress as a souvenir because it contained Clinton's semen stains, according to previously published excerpts of the tapes.An official familiar with FBI techniques, told the dress had no recognizable stains, said that "with techniques today you can determine trace evidence in truly minute amounts."."

NBC Robert Windrem 7/30/98 "In the investigation of the president, a Navy blue cocktail dress that Monica Lewinsky said contains proof of a sexual relationship with the president, could speak volumes. Attorney Barry Scheck, who served as the DNA expert on O.J. Simpson's legal defense team said a test for DNA on the dress could take a "day or two" and would be very conclusive even if the evidence is more than a year old. ..He said FBI analysts would do what's called a photomicrograph of the dress to find any stain that might contain sperm heads - the tip of the spermatozoa... He said the president's DNA would show up even if it's a year old - if the dress hasn't been washed with detergent."Stains that were years old have been successfully tested," he said. He said even if the dress had been dry-cleaned, it would not inhibit the DNA match. However, detergent ruins the test because chemicals open up the sperm head cells and wash out the DNA, he said. If needed, a more extensive test, called a Restricted Fragmented Length Polymorphism test, could be done and would take two to three weeks, but Scheck said such a test is highly unlikely in this case. Scheck, whose Innocence Project at Cardozo Law School has helped free 35 prisoners with the aid of DNA testing, said if the president's DNA was found on the dress, he would have little choice but to provide DNA samples under current law."

7/30/98 Reuters "More Americans are ready to consider impeaching President Clinton, opinion polls suggested Thursday, amid reports that Monica Lewinsky has provided physical evidence of their alleged sexual affair. Two new polls showed an increased appetite for impeachment proceedings, with one showing a rise in the last month and another showing a solid majority in favor of using impeachment to determine whether Clinton should be removed from office.

7/31/98 MSNBC "BREAKING: MSNBC: PETE WILLIAMS: VISIBLE STAIN ON LEWINSKY DRESS MSNBC anchor Linda Vester, quoting MSNBC correspondent Pete Williams, says that DNA testing is being performe on the Lewinsky dress and that a visible stain has already been found. Vester, quoting Williams: "There is definitely a stain on that dress."

7/31/98 FOX NEWS CONFIRMS!! "Rita Cosby has learned from law enforcement officials that there is a visible stain on the dress. But it will take several more hours to determine if there is enough DNA material to test. "

7/31/98 David Shuster Fox News . Fox just reported that Linda has testified that Lindsay threatened to "DESTROY HER", after Linda became embroiled in the Willy sexcapade. Linda told the Grand Jury that .he told her " You need to be a team player, you have 2 kids to worry about."

7/31/98 LA Times Gerald F Uelmen "Why should he provide Starr with information that the counsel has been unable to get elsewhere on his own? If one were to ask any criminal defense lawyer in America what advice he now would give Bill Clinton if he were not president of the United States, one would receive a remarkably consistent response: "Take the 5th."."

In contradiction the Kendall's assertion that a videotape would be provided to the Grand Jury, NBC Claire Shipman on 7/31/8 said that Clinton will testify via closed circuit TV and the grand jurors will be able to ask questions, relayed to prosecutors.

WRKO AM Boston Freeper Yikes "WRKO is reporting that Ken Starr will take an indefinite leave of absence from his Chicago law firm. No other details."

MSNBC 7/31/98 "As President Bill Clinton told Americans on Friday that he is anxious to testify about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky "completely and truthfully," the nation's attention was riveted on a navy blue cocktail dress that NBC News has been told contains a visible stain - a stain Lewinsky says is evidence of a sexual relationship with the president. Shortly after Clinton's unexpected statement, sources told NBC News that a cocktail dress that Lewinsky has turned over to prosecutors does have a visible stain on it. Lewinsky says the dress holds physical evidence - semen stains, sources have told news organizations - that will prove she had sexual relations with Clinton. The FBI lab in Quantico, Va., was conducting DNA tests on the garment on Friday. "

To Freeper Wright is Right From Freeper Gary Aldrich "Attention Freepers. FBI lab report is in! Trained FBI lab aides have confirmed that Monica's dress has RICO spilled all over it! Hang in there........ Gary Aldrich, Author: Unlimited Access"

8/1/98 NY Post Deborah Orin, Brian Blomquist Marilyn Rauber "Most Americans think President Clinton can end the Sexgate probe if he'll just 'fess up and admit sex with Monica Lewinsky, a bombshell new poll shows. . Rumors raced around Washington like wildfire of a possible Clinton mea-culpa speech where the president would drop his original claim he "never had sexual relations with that woman."A congressional source insisted Clinton's current chief-of-staff, Erskine Bowles, was calling lawmakers on Capitol Hill to get reaction to a possible Clinton mea-culpa speech, but a Bowles aide denied it. Bowles has been returning calls from lawmakers and isn't exploring a possible mea-culpa speech, said spokeswoman Amy Weiss Tobe. But a Democratic strategist insisted Bowles has indeed called lawmakers to float the trial balloon, adding: "Some people gulped. They read into it the admission that Clinton has something to confess." .Several sources said the poll-fixated White House has been conducting frantic surveys, ever since Starr subpoenaed Clinton in the case, to test possible strategies. "

AP 8/1/98 Pete Yost "A pivotal meeting in reaching Monica Lewinsky's immunity deal took place a week and a half ago in the Chevy Chase, Md., home of prosecutor Kenneth Starr's ethics adviser, Sam Dash, who has known Ms. Lewinsky's two lead lawyers for more than two decades.."

Progressive Review Online 7/31/98 "New York Post's financial columnist John Crudele -- who has been ahead of the curve on the Clinton scandal story -- writes that Starr will present Congress with a 300-page report and that, contrary to other media accounts, the House Republicans are ready and waiting to move ahead on impeachment. "That means, of course, that Starr believes Clinton committed 300 pages worth of offenses that can get him kicked out of office even before Lewinsky's agreement entered the picture earlier this week. "A very reliable source tells me that Starr has decided to include Lewinsky's story in the report, but not - and this is very important - wait until President Clinton's testimony can be digested before moving the document to Rep. Henry Hyde of the Judiciary Committee. So the White House won't have the opportunity to stall the situation in the courts." Crudele sees trouble in all of this for the financial markets and reports that the July 30 rally was "engineered through some mysterious, heavy buying of stock futures contracts early Thursday morning." This is not the first time in the Clinton years, incidentally, that there have been signs of government manipulation of the futures market in order to create the appearance of financial stability."

7/30/98 MSNBC Severin "The president of the United States is in a spot of bother. Bill Clinton awoke today wistfully recalling the good old days (last week) when he was merely a suspected adulterer - as opposed to a suspected perjurer and obstructer of justice. You never know how good you have it until things suddenly turn much worse. AND WORSE it is. This Nixon impersonation is becoming eerily realistic. It's starting to give even Democrats the creeps. At this rate, in a few weeks the president's "allies" in Congress are going to make rats running off a sinking ship seem indecisive by comparison."

American Spectator 7/31/98 R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. " .Press and his fellow apologists have yet to perceive that the President's current predicament has been ensured by the Office of Independent Counsel. Starr has displayed the kind of diligence and courage, steadfastness and intelligence, that might well land him an honored place in American history. They cackle that all Starr has on Clinton is mere sex. They recite the millions Starr has spent and the years that his quest has taken, and they say, as this public idiot Press did the other day, "With [this] one admission Monica Lewinsky exposes the total absurdity of the entire Starr investigation: It's all about sex." .The hour of the Big Bang approaches. And while the die-hard apologists are larfing it up about the derisible Judge Starr, let me remind you of an historian's judgment about the last great presidential crisis of this magnitude, Watergate. Said he of President Richard Nixon, "the runaway Presidency had been checked by the recalcitrance of institutions--the independent judiciary, the free press, the investigative power of Congress." Note that each of those institutions is even now being targeted by this Administration for harassment and smears. And the historian goes on, "Still, these institutions would not have been effective had they not happened to be manned, at the critical conjunctions, by courageous individuals, ready to accept the risk and obloquy of becoming Enemies of the President." The judgment is that of Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. in his hortatory book The Imperial Presidency. Schlesinger proceeds to quote Walter Lippmann in a passage that may sober up some of the President's cackling apologists. During Senator Sam Ervin's hearings in the summer of 1973 Lippmann wrote, "Watergate shows how very vulnerable our constitutional system is. If the national government falls into the hands of sufficiently unprincipled and unscrupulous men, they can do terrible things before anyone can stop them." ."

NY Times Bruce Weber 8/2/98 "The Hamptons didn't exactly offer President Clinton a red carpet and a clamorous ovation this weekend. The greeting was more confused than that, more complicated, muted.."

The New York Times Maureen Dowd 8/2/98 "Here is a consumer tip I never thought I'd find in The New York Times: "If semen is found on the dress, prosecutors would then probably seek a saliva or blood sample from the President to determine if the DNA matched," read the lead story on Friday about President Clinton's travails. "Such a stain would retain DNA material for many years, unless the dress had been cleaned with detergents, said experts in DNA testing. Dry cleaning alone would not remove it, nor would storage under poor conditions, they said." Hints from Heloise meets White House coverage. Forget money laundering. Now it's just laundering.."

US News 8/10/98 Kenneth Walsh, Major Garrett Marianne Lavelle and Julian Barnes ".Bill Clinton reluctantly agreed to be questioned on closed-circuit television at the White House on August 17. It will, finally, be his day of reckoning..Given that his comments will be closely scrutinized for perjury and possible evidence of other crimes, the possibility of impeachment proceedings is no longer a mere abstraction. Whatever the outcome, Clinton will be the first sitting president to testify before a grand jury as the target of a criminal inquiry. He will have to endure the humiliation of answering detailed questions about the most intimate aspect of his private life--his sexual activities..Some congressional Republicans believe Starr may deliver a report to Congress that extends well beyond Lewinsky matters. Under this theory, the report would encompass all the Clinton-related matters Starr has looked into over the past four years-- including the so-called Whitewater, Travelgate, and Filegate investigations--using details from all of them to argue that Clinton engaged in a pattern of deception, obfuscation, and obstruction. .. For prosecutors, the obstruction case has always been the most substantive. Lewinsky has offered to testify that Clinton described to her hypothetical language that could be used to conceal their relationship. Such evidence is not definitive proof of obstruction of justice. But combined with the allegation that Clinton reviewed what he knew about Lewinsky with his personal secretary Betty Currie, a conversation that could be interpreted as coaching his aide to align her recollections with his in case she was called to testify in the Jones case, prosecutors believe they have the foundation of an obstruction case.. In deciding to testify, Clinton has placed himself at considerable risk. If he did not tell the truth last January when deposed in the Jones case, in response to the question about "sexual relations" with Lewinsky, he faces two problematic options. Either he admits to committing perjury then, or he risks committing perjury again by repeating his Jones testimony--this time before a federal grand jury. A second perjury would mean that Clinton's defenders could no longer argue that Starr was building a case out of an essentially trivial matter.But it may not be exactly a he-said, she-said case. The president will face a massive amount of potential corroboration collected by Starr over six months, including Secret Service testimony, sightings by White House staffers, White House logs of visits, 20 hours of Tripp-Lewinsky telephone tapes, and the recording made of Lewinsky when Tripp was wired by the FBI. .. Nonetheless, while the nation and most lawmakers have yet to decide if committing perjury in the Jones case qualifies as an impeachable crime, several Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have already decided it does. "To commit an act of perjury is unacceptable," says Rep. Charles Canady of Florida. "It's not a matter we can simply wink at." The other issues involve the broad themes of witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Did Clinton obstruct justice by allegedly suggesting ways Lewinsky could conceal their affair? Paul Rothstein, a law professor at Georgetown University, says that depends on whom and what the cover stories were for--for friends and associates, for a court affidavit, or for a deposition. "If they were actually discussing her testimony in the Paula Jones case, that would definitely be illegal," Rothstein says. "It would definitely be suborning perjury, possibly obstruction of justice. It's witness tampering." But even then, Rothstein adds, Clinton may have an out, because the lie must involve something material to the case. "It has to be capable of influencing the judicial proceedings in which it is given." And a federal judge in Arkansas ruled that evidence regarding Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky was not essential to the Jones case.. A source very close to the president told U.S. News that Clinton realizes he must tell the truth to the grand jury or Starr will make a convincing case of perjury--and Congress will then begin impeachment hearings. Clinton is said to understand that even if those hearings didn't lead to actual impeachment, they would put the country through a lengthy trauma and would paralyze him and his administration.Still, sources say that both Mrs. Clinton and Kendall adamantly want him to stick to his earlier denial. And there are no plans at the White House for the president to make any mea culpa speech at this time. If it happens, Clinton strategists say, it would not be before he gives his August 17 testimony. Starr's questions will help his legal team to determine exactly what evidence the independent counsel has--knowledge that could be vital in crafting a mea culpa that would win public sympathy and blunt any counterattack by Starr's office.. White House advisers are concerned that Starr will deliver his report just before the midterm elections--as a bombshell designed to hurt the Democrats in November. Then, according to this thinking, which assumes continued GOP control of Congress, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde will give Starr two or three days to present his findings on national TV in January or February, with no questions allowed until later. Democrats worry that Starr will effectively present a mini-soap opera detailing Lewinsky's time at the White House, with spicy riffs on her romantic entanglements with the president, and this will cause the country to turn on Clinton. Republicans have already agreed on how to proceed once the report arrives. First, they will try to sequester the report. Despite the media feeding frenzy they know will ensue, Republicans want to keep it closely held until a handful of lawmakers can review its contents and recommend to the full House whether public hearings are warranted. Sequestering the report will require a change in House rules that currently permit any member to request a copy. House Democrats are expected to comply. "We want to keep it under lock and key," says Hyde. "We don't want people just piling on like it was a sale at J. C. Penney." .Unlike some senior Republicans, Hyde sees no reason to conduct hearings on the report unless the goal is to draft, debate, and vote on articles of impeachment."We want to do this in as much of a bipartisan way as possible," he says. "Whatever we do will be criticized for its partisanship. When this begins, I am going to paint myself with shark repellent every morning." ."

US News 8/10/98 Kenneth Walsh, Major Garrett Marianne Lavelle and Julian Barnes ".Starr's score card. Four years ago this week, Kenneth Starr took over the Whitewater investigation. The results so far: Indictments: 19; convictions: 12; acquittals or mistrials: 2; indictments thrown out by courts: 7; indictments reinstated by higher courts: 3. Highest-ranking official forced from office: Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker; highest-ranking official named by Starr as an unindicted co-conspirator and allowed to remain in office: Deputy White House Counsel Bruce Lindsey; lowest-ranking official named as an unindicted co- conspirator and forced from office: Bill Watt, a Little Rock traffic judge. Longest prison sentence: 3 years, to Jim McDougal, who died in prison after serving less than a year; most time served: 21 months, by Susan McDougal, including 18 months for contempt of court and 3 months for a Whitewater conviction. Money spent on investigations through last September: $35 million; number of lawyers on Starr's staff before the Lewinsky investigation: 18; lawyers added since then: 10. Witnesses who have appeared before grand juries in the Lewinsky investigation: at least 59; witness with most grand jury appearances: Linda Tripp (8). Number of times Starr questioned Bill Clinton about Whitewater and related matters: 3; times he questioned Hillary Rodham Clinton: 3. Number of reports issued: 1 (a finding that White House lawyer Vincent Foster committed suicide).

NY Post 8/2/98 Brian Blomquist "Sexgate investigator Kenneth Starr may slap White House Counsel Chuck Ruff and top lawyers in his office with subpoenas this week, sources said yesterday. The subpoenas could go out right after the White House announces tomorrow whether it will appeal recent decisions that Deputy White House Counsel Bruce Lindsey doesn't have attorney-client privilege and must testify for Starr, the sources said. Ruff and other members of the White House Counsel's Office, including Cheryl Mills and Lanny Breuer, are expecting subpoenas from Starr, the sources said. Officials claim that Ruff and other White House lawyers, knowing they might be called to testify, have consciously stayed in the dark about intimate aspects of Clinton's relationship with ex-intern Monica Lewinsky..

NY Post 8/2/98 Deborah Orin ".Once again, the hot news was whether President Clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky, but now it turned out she really had saved a stained dress as a love token - and the FBI was testing it for Clinton's semen, just the way a crime lab might test for a rape suspect's DNA. .."Ginsburg was almost a metaphor for the case - it was hard to take it seriously as long as he was Lewinsky's lawyer," said a Democratic strategist. With her husband in peril, Hillary Clinton took control, telling the world that her husband was the victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy even though Lewinsky was a Democrat who'd gotten her intern's post through a fat-cat pal of Hillary Clinton herself... Then came yet another bombshell - yes, there really was a dress and Lewinsky had turned it over to Starr, who had given it to the FBI for testing. Wannabe media watchdog Steve Brill now looked a laughingstock for ridiculing the story..Once again, the Clinton presidency is on the line and most Americans agree their president should have to give blood or hair samples if Lewinsky's dress bears semen stains. So on Aug. 17 when Clinton testifies, he faces the riskiest choice in his presidency - whether to cling to a story that most Americans think is a lie, and risk being forced to give a blood sample like a common criminal. His other options, equally dicey, are to take the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination like a mobster, or to say he lied to protect his wife and daughter and hope Americans will forgive him.Surely this wasn't what Clinton was thinking of during his 1996 re-election when he worried aloud about how history will see him."

Washington Post Dan Balz and Susan Schmidt 8/2/98 "Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr has issued hundreds of subpoenas over the course of his four-year investigation. He has served them on Arkansas rogues, convicted politicians, White House aides, Secret Service officers, and even friends of interns. But none may be more important than one dated July 17, 1998. It snared the president of the United States.Starr's moves were all the more effective because they marked a break from his usual patterns and therefore surprised his doubters. Starr, who has shown no patience in the past for recalcitrant witnesses, suddenly offered an olive branch that brought Lewinsky to him. And, after months of unsuccessful efforts to negotiate for their testimony, he abruptly got tough with the president and the Secret Service. "These were aggressive strategic moves, and probably reflect Starr's desire to bring this to conclusion as quickly as possible," said John Bates, former deputy to Starr who is now in private legal practice..Little is known about what the Secret Service employees have told the grand jury, other than they have been asked about times and dates of Lewinsky's Oval Office visits. In court papers seeking their testimony, Starr described the Secret Service testimony as some of the most important evidence his office is seeking. His office, he said, "is in possession of information that Secret Service personnel may have observed evidence of possible crimes while stationed in and around the White House complex." .At a time when many legal experts - and some of the president's advisers - were arguing against testifying on the grounds that it would put the president too much at risk, it became clear that Democratic lawmakers would not support a protracted battle over the issue.Leaks about what Lewinsky has told prosecutors, particularly any disclosures of physical evidence, could be instructive as he prepares to testify. "The leaks are clear signals to the president by people who don't want him to commit perjury that it may not be just a 'he-said, she-said' case," said George Washington University criminal law professor Stephen Saltzburg. .. In an ABC News poll, 68 percent of those surveyed said they believed Clinton and Lewinsky had a sexual relationship (it was at 53 percent in January), but 63 percent approved of the way he is handling his job as president and 57 percent said they would oppose impeaching him for lying under oath about the affair. In the welter of polling data that gushed forth, there was one interesting finding, however. A poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News asked the public to state which of the key players in the drama they liked least. Linda Tripp led the pack at 32 percent. The president was next at 22 percent, followed by Starr at 21 percent. Monica Lewinsky, whom many in the White House and elsewhere regard as a damaged witness against the president, turned out to be the least unpopular of the group. She was liked least by only 13 percent of those surveyed."All of this speculation about what's good and what's not presumes a familiarity with the facts," one Democratic strategist said. He added, "If Starr is writing a report with [Lewinsky's] testimony, her mother's testimony, Linda Tripp's tapes, the Secret Service and all the corroborative evidence, it seems that when all this is put together, it makes it a different story than it was yesterday."."

Roll Call 8/3/98 Jim VandeHei "With Democrats grumbling that there isn't enough time left before November elections, Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill) last week said Republicans wouldn't delay hearings on a report from independent counsel Kenneth Starr. Hyde, when asked about Democratic complaints that it would be unfair to hold hearings in the fall, said: "I would not share that view because this is an onerous duty and I think the American people are entitled [for Republicans to act] regardless of the calendar." ."We are not bound by the report, nor confined by it," Hyde said. ."

NY Post 8/3/98 Steve Dunleavy ".The photo of Al Gore scratching his head while Bill Clinton pledges to tell the truth may be the one of the most telling visions since Gary Hart was seen with a girl on his lap on a boat called Monkey Business.It is one of the few pictures I've seen of Al Gore in months, apart from the tragic moment in the rotunda honoring two brave, fallen officers. In newspaper terms, when it comes to photo ops, the vice president has been the incredible shrinking man. The other day, I was at the Irish cultural center called Langan's, speaking to my social scientist, Eddie Kavanaugh. My eyes were as wide as silver dollars. .I never believed these words would be coming from my mouth: "Do you know the New York Times and the Washington Post are almost doing as good a job as the New York Post in nailing the Clintonistas?" Professor Kavanaugh looked at me as if I'd just gotten off the boat and was speaking sign language. "What plane just arrived from Venus, and how did you get a visa, you numbskull?" the professor said. "Don't you understand that the New York Times and the Washington Post and the Washington establishment realize it's all over for Bill Clinton? "But they're going to make sure, the Washington establishment, that Al Gore, their boy, is assured." ."Simply this. If ever there was a Washington establishment guy who is going to be protected by the Katherine Grahams of the Washington Post or the Sulzbergers of The New York Times, it is Al Gore," he said, looking at me as if I had just found El Dorado. .. Clearly, the liberals are already circling the wagons and telling Bill Clinton to take a long walk off a short pier. "You don't see pics of Al Gore unless he is scratching his head when Bill is pledging to tell the truth, nothing but the truth," Kavanaugh said. "You don't see him saying anything. You don't see him doing anything. You don't hear anything from him. "Al Gore is the invisible man. Because a little down the road, the Washington establishment wants to portray him as the incredible hulk." Professor Kavanaugh rests his case."

Capitol Hill Blue D. Thompson 8/3/98 "Democratic Congressional leaders are demanding a face- to-face meeting with President Bill Clinton "as quickly as possible" to discuss what they feel is a crucial "apology to the American people" regarding his long-denied relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Hill sources told Capitol Hill Blue Sunday. As evidence continues to mount that Clinton has lied about having an affair with Lewinsky, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate conferred by phone throughout the weekend to discuss a dwindling list of options available to the President. "The time has come for the President to come to Jesus," said one senior Democatic aide. "His support is rapidly eroding within his own party. He has to come clean as quickly as possible or his presidency is effectively over." House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt contacted the White House Sunday and demanded that Clinton meet with he and other party leaders as early as possible to discuss the President's upcoming testimony to Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr's grand jury and what they feel now is a "mandatory full explanation to the American people," sources said."

Freeper report 8/3/98 "Mutual News Radio is reporting that the White House is refusing to deny that Clinton has been subpoenaed for a DNA sample (which in White House speak usually means he has)."

Freeper A Whitewater Researcher 8/3/98 "BREAKING: MSNBC: STARR WINS APPEALS COURT DECISION ON LEAKS EDIE MAGNUS MSNBC ANCHOR: ...NBC News has learned that a appeals court decision on leaks---you'll remember there has been an ongoing fight between the White House and special prosecutor Starr over the issue of leaks. The president's attorney David Kendall has accused Mr. Starr of essentially misconduct, of leaking information to the media. There is an appeals court decision which went in favor of Ken Starr, which means that David Kendall, the president's lawyer, is not going to be allowed to ask Ken Starr questions, to depose him or his deputies under oath or to ask any questions during any upcoming hearings that may be held on the subject of leaks. So, this particular decision goes in favor of Ken Starr.... MSNBC CORRESPONDENT CHIP REID: ...(Judge Norma Hollaway Johson has been overruled)...David Kendall is not going to be able to grill Ken Starr or his top deputy Jackie Bennett. The appeals court has ruled in Ken Starr's favor. The appeals court order is being reviewed by both (Starr and Clinton) sides, redacting portions they believe should not be made public---then the appeals court will look at it, and the redacted decision will be be released. Appeals court may allow release of some portions of the opinion the parties wish to be redacted. Public release of redacted opinion probably later this week....

AP Wired John Solomon "As President Clinton's aides dampened speculation that he would change his story about Monica Lewinsky, a federal appeals court refused on Monday to block prosecutors from questioning presidential confidant Bruce Lindsey. The administration's emergency request, for an order to block the testimony, immediately went to Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Supreme Court officials said. Rehnquist could decide the issue himself or send the matter to the full nine-member court. Even as Clinton aides fought to stop Lindsey, the deputy White House counsel, from having to answer questions, another White House lawyer who has played a key role in the legal battles in the Lewinsky case was subpoenaed to testify Tuesday before the grand jury, legal sources said. The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Lanny Breuer was expected to appear as ordered, signaling that the White House's efforts to block its own lawyers from testifying on grounds of attorney-client privilege was nearing an end. Breuer has helped the White House handle subpoenas and document requests in the various investigations involving the Clinton administration.At the White House, the presidents' advisers played down the possibility that Clinton would reverse previous statements and admit to a sexual relationship with the former White House intern, a strategy suggested by some Republicans and Democrats over the weekend as a way to avoid impeachment proceedings.An outside adviser to the White House acknowledged, however, that much of Clinton's inner circle remained anxious to learn the results of FBI tests on a dress Ms. Lewinsky provided to prosecutors, which she claimed contained a stain from a 1996 sexual encounter with the president. "

Drudge 8/3/98 "NEW YORK TIMES: DNA TEST RESULT IN! Forensic scientists at the FBI crime laboratory completed a first set of tests on a blue dress that Ms. Lewinsky turned over to prosecutors, the NEW YORK TIMES is reporting in Tuesday editions.... The TIMES does not report the results: "The first test, performed under extremely tight security -- the result was being very closely held..."

AP 8/4/98 "Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist today rejected the White House's effort to keep prosecutors in the Monica Lewinsky case from questioning its lawyers about their advice to President Clinton. "

Wall Street Journal 8/4/98 Editorial "Everyone from Dick Morris to Orrin Hatch suggests that all will be forgiven if President Clinton confesses and apologizes. Never wanting to disturb an emerging consensus, we've given some thought to what Mr. Clinton might say: Yes, I lied about Monica, and now that the evidence is growing incontrovertible I have to admit it. I did that to protect my innocent wife and child, and am sure they will forgive me. And yes, I advised Monica to lie, pretty much the way I advised Gennifer Flowers to deny the same stuff years before. And yes, I put into motion events in which Monica asked Linda Tripp to lie, and also threatened Ms. Tripp if she wouldn't do it. I apologize to the American people.Now's the time to admit I was in the middle of arranging hush money for my good friend Webb Hubbell. And yes, I put Craig Livingstone up to ransacking the FBI files. And yes, I told my good friend Governor Jim Guy Tucker he was the target of a criminal probe on Whitewater. And yes, I had my good friend Vincent Foster sign a fraudulent tax return for 1992, omitting the gift I received from Jim McDougal when he assumed the Whitewater debts. I sincerely hope this didn't have anything to do with Vince's suicide. I apologize to the IRS, and will send a check for the taxes owed.I want to apologize to Paula Jones for all the loose talk about trailer trash and $100 bills. That's not right. I guess Kathleen Willey's life is ruined too. Kathy, seriously, I do apologize.I want to apologize to the staff workers that Hillary and I fired from the White House Travel Office. I shouldn't have let my good friend Harry Thomason talk me into that. And the IRS audit we ordered up for UltrAir, sorry about that. My lawyers said then, "Mrs. Clinton does not know the origin of the decision to remove White House Travel Office employees." That was a lie, and I'm sorry my good friend David Watkins had to take the fall for it. I guess that means I need to apologize to Travel Office director Billy Dale for getting the Justice Department to indict and put him through a trial; I felt good that a jury acquitted him in two hours.And yes, I met in the Oval Office in 1995 with Bruce Lindsey, John Huang, James Riady and Joe Giroir to set up a conspiracy to violate the campaign finance laws. The money received from Asian interests, not to mention AFL-CIO contributions in violation of the Beck decision, were the key to my 1996 election, and for this I extend deepest apologies to Bob Dole. In fact, I'll even apologize to Al Gore for making him my bag man at the Buddhist temple fundraiser; sorry, Al. And renting out the Lincoln Bedroom to so many people I never met before; I hope you'll forgive me for that, too. I'm sorry about the drug dealers who snuck in without my knowing it for White House photo-ops. And Charlie Trie fleeing to China? What more can I say?For anyone out there who's had to deal with my private investigators, Terry Lenzner or Jack Palladino, you have my blanket apology.On Whitewater, there's a whole host of people I'd like to apologize to but time permits only a couple. Jim, you were right about Hillary and me being a tornado in people's lives. I'm trying to fix that here tonight. I'm sorry Susan had to do so much hard time rather than say whether I told the truth at her trial. There were also a bunch of Administration folks who had to resign for giving me a "heads-up" on my Whitewater problems, and I'm real sorry for what happened to them. And I apologize to that Resolution Trust woman, Jean Lewis, for the smear campaign we waged against her; that was bad advice, and I shouldn't have taken it. This goes back a ways but it's time for me to apologize to Dan Lasater about that Little Rock cocaine conviction; Roger's testimony against you Dan was really the only option; I hope my pardon helped. Federal Judge Royce Lamberth deserves my apologies. My lawyers' reluctance to come clean with him over Hillary's Health Care Task Force drove him to say a government "should be held accountable when its officials run amok." And he was right about that. I shouldn't have told all those people who testified to the D'Amato committee to claim loss of memory; that kind of set a bad precedent. And yes it's true that Hillary's $100,000 commodity coup was a well-disguised bribe from Jim Blair and Tyson Foods. I stiffed the Tyson folks in 1979 when they wanted to put larger trucks on Arkansas roads, but have made up for it, and Mr. Blair has owned us ever since. Finally I want to take this opportunity to apologize for the lies I told to Col. Holmes concerning the ROTC, and I guess I should apologize to the guy who took my place in Vietnam. So now I can say that I sit before you tonight with a clean conscience. I ask the American people who elected me to forgive me for misleading them for five years, and I promise never again to tell a lie, engage in illicit sex, obstruct justice or abuse the powers invested in my high office. I hope after the little time we've spent together here this evening that I have earned your trust. God bless the American people for their infinite understanding."

Scott Pelley CBS 8/4/98 ".sources tell CBS News Lewinsky also gave investigators a photograph. CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Scott Pelley reports that the photograph is one of dozens taken of the president and Lewinsky, but it is unique and of interest to investigators. Sources say the photo carries a personal inscription that Lewinsky says was written by Mr. Clinton. The inscription is said to be very personal. Lewinsky concealed the picture from an FBI search, along with the dress and the answering machine tapes."

Washington Times 8/5/98 Greg Pierce "If President Clinton decides to make a full confession, as so many pundits and politicians are now urging, a reader suggests that he receive the same punishment as House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Last year, Mr. Gingrich agreed to settle an ethics complaint against him by paying the costs of the House investigation out of his own pocket. "If it was good enough for Newt to be punished that way, doesn't it seem right that the president should also have the same burden placed on him?" the reader asked."

Fox News 8/6/98 Freeper go star go reports "Fox News has been told by sources close to Monica Lewensky that she will testify that she had help from Bruce Lindsey to write the talking points".

Jim VandeHie 8/6/98 "If independent counsel Kenneth Starr sends a report to Congress, Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill) may allow only some committee members full access to the report and grand jury material, the Illinois Republican said Tuesday. .

8/6/98 Creators Syndicate Tony Snow ".An extraordinary thing has happened lately. When pressed to discuss the president's behavior, Bill Clinton's friends have given up talking about facts and have lashed out against moral standards, instead. A few of the more famous claims: -- Nobody cares about adultery. -- Nobody cares about whether the president had sex with Monica Lewinsky, even though he swore under oath that he'd never had such relations with the intern. -- Nobody cares whether the president gave gifts to "that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" even though he said in sworn testimony that he couldn't remember doing such a thing (His exact words: "I don't recall. Do you know what they were?").-- Perjury doesn't matter when it concerns little stuff, like adultery. Everybody lies about sex. -- Perjury isn't an impeachable offense. It is not a high crime or misdemeanor. -- You can't blame him for obstructing justice. Ken Starr and the others are just engaged in a partisan vendetta.The chief executive, alone of all elected officials, promises to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. If he'll lie to a court, why trust him with the oath of office? "

MSNBC 8/6/98 "Jim Kennedy, a spokesman for the White House counsel's office, issued a brief but pointed statement hours before Lewinsky began her testimony: "We are hopeful that Ms. Lewinsky's grand jury appearance is a sign that this four-year investigation may soon be coming to a close.As prosecutors prepared Lewinsky, 25, for the grand jury appearance, NBC News was told that the FBI has finished conducting a first set of tests on a cocktail dress that Lewinsky reportedly has said contains physical evidence of a sex act with the president. The dark blue dress has been sent to a second lab for the results to be double-checked, sources said. "

Arianna Online Arianna Huffington 8/6/98 ".Far more interesting is what was going on the same day in an editorial board meeting with Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman at the Record-Journal in his home state of Connecticut. Lieberman was more outspoken than he has ever been before. ``(The president) definitely has a serious problem,'' Lieberman said. And then he went on to challenge the White House spin by saying that this case is not about sex or adultery. ``I do think the ultimate point here is a question of obstruction of justice and the validity of an oath taken,'' he elaborated. ``We have his clear denial and, therefore, if (the DNA testing) comes back differently than he said, then he has some explaining to do.'' He added that he is ``trying to be restrained and judge-like'' because as a senator he would, in fact, end up as a judge if Starr's report leads to the filing of articles of impeachment. .."

8/7/98 AP Larry Margasak "President Clinton's lawyers have provided enough evidence to indicate prosecutor Kenneth Starr's staff probably violated grand jury secrecy laws, a federal judge has found according to court documents released today. Lawyers for Clinton and White House aides ``have established prima facie violations'' of the secrecy rule that prohibits disclosure of any grand jury material, U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson ruled. Johnson ruled that even one news article with leaked information could establish a violation. ``The court finds that several articles establish prima facie violations,'' she said. The records also show that the U.S. Court of Appeals rejected Starr's efforts to stop Johnson's investigation, allowing her to continue to collect evidence and hold a hearing to determine if Starr's office should be punished.."

8/6/98 CNBC Geraldo Live Dee Dee Myers and Geraldo Rivera ".Dee Dee Myers, why hasn't the president simply denied the possibility that a stain exists? DEE DEE MYERS FORMER CLINTON WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Because he can't. If he could of, he would of, Geraldo. As soon as Monica Lewinsky---weeks, to the affect that Monica Lewinsky said the White House didn't participate in the writing of 'the talking points', the White House was all over the place making sure there wasn't a reporter on the face of the earth who didn't know that she said that. In this case, it wasn't denied, quite simply in my opinion, uh and again, it's speculation on my part, but it wasn't denied because it can't be denied. ."

8/6/98 Office of U.S. Representative Bob Barr "."The president should be given the same choice as every American: Testify with the same limitations and rights as any other citizen, or don't testify and face the consequences. To offer him any other choice is unjust and unfair. And, from a practical standpoint, it's probably counterproductive." .In an article published in today's Atlanta Journal- Constitution, U.S. Representative Bob Barr (GA-7) strongly criticized a plan to give President Clinton amnesty in return for "pouring his heart out" to the American people. Barr wrote, "The American justice system is the fairest in the world; primarily because we hold everyone equal in the eyes of the law. Granting special treatment to the President by absolving him of a crime -- even before we have a report from the prosecutor detailing what the evidence is -- sends a message to the American public that this principle is no longer operative. "It also doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that allowing the President broad immunity from punishment for perjury, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering, will result in disastrous consequences in courtrooms everywhere. It would set a precedent whereby criminals could receive amnesty in return for a tearful mea culpa and a promise to "go forth and sin no more." How many criminals wouldn't trade an apology for a conviction any day, if offered the opportunity?," Barr continued. ."

Dallas Morning News 8/7/98 Opinion ".Ms. Reno has only herself to blame for this sad state of affairs. If she had not so stubbornly resisted the good advice of legal scholars and her closest aides, she would not be a hair's width away from the full Congress issuing a criminal citation against her. Contempt of Congress is a misdemeanor carrying a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a fine of $100,000. The specter of an otherwise decent attorney general being carted to jail is painful to contemplate."

8/7/98 Linda Deutsch AP "Whitewater figure Susan McDougal, who spent nearly two years in prison for refusing to testify against President Clinton, expressed disdain Friday for Monica Lewinsky's decision to testify before a grand jury. ``I'm really glad I'm me and not Monica Lewinsky today,'' Mrs. McDougal said outside court after a brief scheduling appearance for her upcoming embezzlement trial, which begins Monday."

1996 NAIS Convention in Austin Texas "This year's NAIS convention received a surprise visitor from Arkansas, NAIS member Sam Tatom. Mr. Tatom is the former state police commissioner and former chief of police of Little Rock. His close cousin happens to be the President Of The United States.."

Capitol Hill Blue Larry Margasak AP 8/7/98 "Putting Kenneth Starr on the defensive at a critical time, a judge has ruled that ``serious and repetitive'' disclosures of secret grand jury evidence from his investigation warrant a hearing that could lead to penalties against prosecutors..Her ruling orders Starr and his staff to appear at hearing in which they must rebut the leak allegations to the judge's satisfaction or face penalties ranging from civil contempt of court to referral to the Justice Department for possible criminal charges. ..Starr said in a statement Friday that his office didn't violate grand jury secrecy rules and ``we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that fact to the district court.'' Downplaying the significance of Johnson's ruling, Starr said the threshold for ordering such a hearing is low because ``the courts must presume that the media reports are entirely accurate.'' He suggested some of the leaks could have come from witnesses or lawyers who don't have to abide by the same secrecy requirements as prosecutors."

8/7/98 Drudge on Judge N. H Johnson ruling ".The court also finds that the Fox News report aired on May 6, 1998, regarding Mr. Starr's comment to the press about the court's opinion on executive privilege establishes a prima facie violation of Rule 6(e)(2) and a violation of the court's order that the parties receiving the opinion not discuss it with the press. Within a day of the court's releasing the opinion on May 4, 1998, the press began reporting that the court had issued a ruling with regard to President Clinton's executive privilege claim and that the court had denied the claim. The day after the leaks, Mr. Starr told reporters in front of his home that he believed the opinion was a ``magnificent ruling.'' This comment not only confirmed for the press that the court had indeed made a decision but also revealed that the substance of that decision was favorable to the O.I.C.."

8/8/98 Freeper BobS on Drudge with Rangel and Traficant: "Traficant warns that Clinton's perjury will be a serious issue for Democrats, and there will be vote to impeach if he lies to the Federal Grand Jury. "

ABC 8/7/98 Josh Gerstein ".Several lawyers interviewed by ABCNEWS said the president could face bar sanctions in connection with his alleged actions in the Lewinsky case, even if Independent Counsel Ken Starr never brings formal charges against him. The most likely venue for such discipline would be Arkansas, where Clinton was admitted to practice law in 1973, after he graduated from Yale Law School. Court records show he remains an active, licensed attorney in the state. .."

8/8/98 Philadelphia Enquirer Colbert King "I know the chorus by heart: "It's not about sex, lies or the obstruction of justice. It's all about an out-of-control, right-wing independent counsel who has spent $40 million over four years in a mad search for incriminating evidence to end a Democratic president's glory days in the White House." Excuse me, but I'm hearing a different tune. Since the news broke in January about allegations of an affair between the President and a young White House intern, this sorry tale has been about sex and . . . character. It remains to be seen whether anything in Bill Clinton's rumored extramarital life rises -- or sinks -- to the level of felonious behavior or an impeachable offense. And it may well be that Clinton's faithfulness to his wife is between them and has no bearing on the job he's doing. But as sure as this is another sticky summer in Washington, the starting point for the legal wrangling between President Clinton's lawyers and independent counsel Kenneth Starr over executive privilege, Secret Service testimony and attorney-client privilege was sex. And that's what has so many Clinton supporters privately gritting their teeth. .I hope Clinton is telling the truth. The alternative is too pathetic to contemplate. It would mean that the President -- who, like other high-profile public figures, is a magnet for groupies -- did not have the strength of character or the sense of obligation to his high office (let alone the respect for his family) to resist the temptation to exploit his power advantage and get it on with an obsessed, star-struck, infatuated young woman who was hoping to leech onto her political idol.."

8/8/98 Bonnie Erbe Chicago Sun Times "We are about to witness one of those political axis turns that comes perhaps once in a lifetime. We are about to watch the Democratic Party lose its stranglehold on the black vote. In the long run, the change will be good for both parties and will help take the sting out of the race issue in party politics. Well, we are about to experience a similar turnabout on black voter party allegiances. It was not so long ago that then-Gov. Strom Thurmond stormed out of the 1948 Democratic Party convention over a racial dispute and joined the Republicans, then the party of segregation. but in the 1980s, the late Republican strategist Lee Atwater recognized the importance of the minority vote and coined the "big tent" description of the Republican Party. Ronald Reagan's party offered blacks little by way of public policy. But Asians and Hispanics joined up like purchasers of snow cones on an August day. In the early '90s, with the large-scale emergence of the black middle class, more blacks placed tax reform on the top of their agenda and welfare reform at the bottom."

8/8/98 AP Walter Mears "Al Gore is only a bystander as President Clinton tries to cope with the case of the White House intern. But the vice president is said to be a core figure in the investigation of questions about Democratic fund-raising practices - and that could haunt him as he runs for a promotion in 2000. Despite the Monica Lewinsky sex and cover-up investigation, Clinton is holding high in job-approval ratings. That is to Gore's advantage, since popular presidents almost invariably boost the prospects of their preferred successors. Let the president's standing sink, and it could turn that asset into an undertow. ."

Freeper Wade the News Consultant report 8/9/98 on This Week with Sam and Cokie ".Dee Eden Myers: (former WH press sec, describing mood between Bill and Hillary. ) " I believe they are communicating through their lawyer, David Kendal. Not speaking to each other, but through Kendal." Of course, she has spousal and L/C privilege, so there is no "legal" need for this. .Donaldson: "This is not going to go away just with a mea culpa. This is serious and congress will treat it as such.".Finally, the BIGGIE (Somebody) "DOJ/FBI deep into previously undisclosed/unreported very serious campaign financing vio. More to come,."

Freeper A Whitewater Researcher 8/9/98 "Woodward and Bernstein lamented Clinton's plight on Meet the Press this morning and hastened to plead that what Nixon did was worse. W&B's advocacy of and apology for Clinton were totally to be expected from the two highly biased, prejudiced "journalists". Woodward said it would be "rational" for Judge Starr to drop his entire Clinton investigation! However, I completely agree with Ann Coulter who said on Drudge's TV program yesterday that what Clinton has done is much more criminal than what Nixon did. Coulter said that Clinton's crimes come from the top down, and that "Nixon didn't wear the latex gloves during the Watergate burglary". I also agree with former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese, who has said that the single Clinton crime of Filegate is far worse than anything Nixon ever did.Surprisingly, even W&B agreed with Russert when the latter said that an investigation into alleged "leaks" by OIC Starr is laughable, given the denials of OIC Starr involvement by the many journalists covering the Clinton scandals and the vast leaking activities of the Clinton White House. "

Reuters 8/9/98 "Former Sen. Bob Packwood says that after he was forced from office by sexual harassment accusations, President Clinton called to cheer him up. And Packwood does not believe Monica Lewinsky had sexual relations with the president, The New Yorker reports in its Aug. 17 issue. The Oregon Republican resigned in October 1995 amid allegations he made unwanted sexual advances to 17 female employees and colleagues, solicited jobs from lobbyists for his former wife and altered his personal diaries to obstruct an ethics investigation."

8/9/98 Tim Russert Show - Freeper Report "When asked about Starr's forthcoming report, Hume expects Starr will seek public release of the report, or a summary thereof, from the court. Hume noted Republicans are hiding under their desks, and a strong change in public opinion would be necessary to give them the courage to act. The American people need to be informed to support impeachment by the House. ."

8/10/98 Washington Weekly Marvin Lee ".Speaking of FBI files, GOP political consultant Ed Rollins last week on Larry King Live revealed that he thought an article once written by Sidney Blumenthal on Rollins was based on his FBI file. Rollins said he couldn't prove it, but the implication is interesting. Blumenthal's colleagues frequently accused Blumenthal of writing for the White House. They were vindicated when he gave up writing and actually joined the White House. If the White House used Blumenthal to air dirt collected from FBI files, that would be a prima facie violation of the Privacy Act. No sooner had Blumenthal joined the White House before he sued Clinton critic Matt Drudge, with the knowledge and consent of the President. Blumenthal's lawyer in that endeavor is one William McDaniels, who has an interesting history. He represented two figures of the Iran-Contra affair, Duane Clarridge and Thomas Clines. Both were CIA officials active in the clandestine Nicaraguan Contra resupply effort where Barry Seal also worked. When Seal faced drug charges in Florida he was, in turn, represented by one Richard Ben-Veniste. Ben-Veniste is now acting occasionally as a defense lawyer for Bill Clinton."

Capitol Hill Blue Daniel Harris 8/9/98 "The White House refused comment Sunday on speculation by ex-White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers that the President and First Lady are only communicating with each other through attorney Bruce Lindsey when the topic is Monica Lewinsky..Other White House sources, however, say the relationship between the Clinton appears to have cooled in recent days. The smiles, they say, seem more forced. Part of the tension, many feel, is directly related to the President's upcoming grand jury testimony."

8/9/98 CNN John King "Linda Tripp gave Independent Counsel Ken Starr a notebook she says chronicles dozens of conversations with Monica Lewinsky that detail the former White House intern's alleged relationship with President Clinton, an attorney involved in the case told CNN Saturday. The attorney, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, described the notebook as "a chronicle of Monica's complaints" about the president."

Dana Milbank US News Online 8/17/98 "I was meeting with a top Clinton aide in the West Wing, as it happens, when Bimbroglio erupted anew on Monday afternoon. The news was just coming in on CNN (that's how White House advisers, shut out by Clinton's lawyers, get their scandal news these days), and so I was afforded a glimpse of spin central before Clinton's defenders had rehearsed their lines. We had been talking about such matters as Clinton's subpoena from Starr when an assistant poked his head in to say that Clinton friend Bruce Lindsey had lost his claim of lawyer-client privilege, an unexpected setback for the White House. The aide, his guard down, seemed stunned, incredulously demanding more information--but he quickly recovered. "I'm not worried about any of this," he said reassuringly. An hour later, as I was leaving, the assistant delivered yet more bad news: "Have you heard? Monica's talking to the prosecutors." The aide, in a remarkable display of discipline, retained his studied calm this time. ."

Vicky Stamas Reuters 8/9/98 "The head of a leading women's activist group urged President Clinton Sunday to address the nation about the White House sex-and-perjury scandal, as a new poll showed support for Clinton wavering among women. "I think he must not only testify truthfully ... but I also think that the people in this country want to hear him and want to be able to look at him and judge for themselves," Patricia Ireland, president of the National Organization for Women, told "Fox News Sunday."."

LA Times 8/11/98 Ronald Brownstien and Marc Lacey "As the clock ticks down toward President Clinton's historic testimony to a federal grand jury next Monday, a growing number of Democratic strategists and officeholders are calling on him to make a dramatic gesture to defuse the controversy -- even if that means publicly acknowledging mistakes in his relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky. Their restiveness reflects concern that the scandal could blot out any other Democratic message and thus endanger the party's prospects in the November elections."

Reuters 8/11/98 "A booming U.S. economy has buoyed President Bill Clinton's approval ratings despite the Monica Lewinsky scandal but some experts say his fortunes may change as growth slows and stock prices tumble.``We are beginning in some major indicators to see the economy slowing at the same time as the stock market is taking a hit,'' Zogby said. ``If that continues, people could start to get jittery. Even though they may not care about the scandal, they may be concerned that what it will do is preoccupy a president who has to be clear-headed to deal with the economy.'' "

Washington Post 8/12/98 Ruth Marcus "When the allegations involving her husband and Monica S. Lewinsky first arose seven months ago, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton attributed the investigation to a ``vast right-wing conspiracy.'' Now, she is blaming her husband's legal difficulties on anti-Arkansas bias as well. ``I think a lot of this is prejudice against our state,'' the First Lady said in a telephone interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette published Tuesday. ``They wouldn't be doing this if we were from some other state.'' ."

Houston Chronicle 8/12/98 Laura Ingraham "PRESIDENT Clinton has an uncanny ability to compartmentalize, to stay on message. This is something we are hearing a lot these days -- from reporters and supporters of the president.Given his personal value system, Clinton's impervious, upbeat exterior is not a virtue. It is a sad hoax. It smacks of the sort of deep denial usually associated with alcoholics or chronic gamblers -- the old "I don't have a problem" mentality. Yet the president's "business-as-usual" approach during the past six months portends something much more distressing than a mere psychological infirmity. It means that he has convinced himself that it doesn't matter what most Americans think about his character. Today most people believe he's a liar, a cheater, a guy who takes advantage of a star-struck young woman, then sends out his wife (on whom he cheated) to beat up his detractors for him. They hear him demand truth and integrity from tobacco and insurance companies but then see him hide behind his lawyers and claims of privilege when questions are asked about his own integrity.."

Drudge 8/11/98 "WASH POST: "The report is expected to lay out evidence against the president and the procedures used to gather it, along with voluminous supporting material such as grand jury transcripts, physical and documentary evidence, and the secret tape recordings made by Linda R. Tripp of her conversations with Lewinsky...".

Washington Post 8/12/98 Susan Schmidt and Peter Baker "Two Secret Service officers have offered differing accounts of a purported visit to President Clinton's office by Monica S. Lewinsky, prompting independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr to ask for information from Justice Department lawyers who interviewed the two men, lawyers close to the case said.. Muskett has said the president was in the study and that he observed Lewinsky leaving the room. But Byrne has said Muskett gave him a different account of that incident, telling Byrne that he came upon Clinton and Lewinsky in an intimate situation, the sources said. .."

New York Times 8/13/98 David Rosenbaum " The first article of impeachment against President Richard Nixon that the House Judiciary Committee approved 24 summers ago charged Nixon with obstruction of justice. Among the dozens of actions the committee placed in that category were Nixon's instructions to the CIA to block an FBI investigation, his approval of hush-money payments to the Watergate burglars, and his obtaining information from a federal prosecutor in order to pass it along to aides who were under investigation. he inquiry into President Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky is in a different realm. But the prevailing view in political circles is that the most serious accusations against the president involve obstruction of justice and that these are the matters Congress is most likely to focus on if it begins consideration of impeachment."

8/12/98 Salt Lake Tribune Rich Hood - Kansas City Star "Forget about Monica Lewinsky. There is another woman in Washington who knows far more incriminating information about President Clinton than the star-struck vixen, or victim, from California. The other woman is Janet Reno, the attorney general of the United States, and thus far she's not talking. Reno, who apparently covets her plush office far more than recognition for rectitude, has managed to stifle a needed investigation into how far the president, Vice President Al Gore and top members of the Democratic National Committee stretched the law in collecting campaign contributions for Clinton-Gore in 1996."

.AP Karen Gullo 8/12/98 "Trying to halt a judge's investigation into whether he leaked grand jury evidence to the news media, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr suggested that his contacts with reporters be treated the same as those with confidential informers. Starr argued that he could not disclose evidence of his office's contacts with reporters ``without revealing confidential investigative information,'' court documents now made public show. To bolster the argument, the prosecutor cited a 1981 court case that established an ``informers privilege'' that allows the government to keep secret the identity of a person who furnished information about criminal activities to protect them from possible retribution."

MSNBC 8/12/98 "Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr has decided to send Congress a report on his investigation, and has already drafted hundreds of pages that focus on the allegations around Monica Lewinsky, NBC News has learned.STARR won't finish the report until after President Bill Clinton testifies Monday, and while it could be sent to Congress by Labor Day, mid-September is more likely, NBC correspondent Lisa Myers reported. Starr's team believes it has compiled a list of possibly impeachable offenses, Myers said. The team has made a tentative decision to focus on the Lewinsky investigation and limit the report to the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, which led to the allegations that Clinton and Lewinsky had a sexual affair."

NY Times 8/13/98 Don Van Natta Jr. "President Clinton's new legal defense fund has raised in excess of $2 million in just six months, enriched by a new campaign that largely blamed Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr for the first couple's financial plight, according to several supporters briefed in recent days on the fund's progress."

CAS Mailing List Carl Limbacher "Former prosecutor turned cableTV legal maven Cynthia Alksne has a theory which is said to be the talk of Washington. She hypotheisizes that President Clinton, even if Monica Lewinsky did in fact give him oral sex, didn't commit perjury when he denied it in his Paula Jones deposition. How so? Because, says Alksne, presiding judge Susan Webber Wright limited the definition of sex during the questioning, inadvertently narrowing the meaning in a way that may give Clinton an out.."

8/13/98 Roll Call Online Ben Jones by Raymond Smock "Dear Mr. President, You know me and I know you, so let's cut to the chase. I am not one of those sanctimonious virtuecrats out hustling a book or a television ministry. I'm just a citizen who cares deeply about our country. Many of us in the Democratic party feel that the advice you have been getting at the White House has managed to put you between a rock and a hard place. Since I am a progressive Southern Democrat like you, I thought you might be interested in my two-cents worth.. It appears to me that your choices are very simple: First of all, if you are innocent of these accusations, there is simply not a thing to worry about. As soon as you are cleared, people like me, who believe that you have committed adultery, perjury and obstruction of justice, will owe you a serious, honest and very public apology. I will be the first in line. Your exoneration will be cause for celebration. That won't explain why you have stonewalled this revelation of innocence for six months, but I'm sure there must be some good reason. If, on the other hand, our suspicions are correct and you are guilty of this illegal behavior, then you must take a bold, decisive and honorable action. You must resign..Well, that's my advice. Do the honorable thing. Step down. The nation will be grateful. And you will be well regarded in the future. Mr. President, I have bad news for you. The last dog has died. Yours truly, Ben Jones Former Rep. Ben Jones (D-Ga) served in the House of Representatives from 1989 to 1993"

Fox News 8/13/98 O'Reilly report from Freeper DebMcB "Last night on the O'Reilly report was one of the most starteluing and humourous moments I have seen during this scandal. Rep. John Conyers, an known Clinton supporter, was introduced by host John O'Rielly as "A defender of the Presidnet" and Conyers sputtered and quicky replied, "I am not defending the President." "I am on the judiciary committee and receiving" the report, he continued. He said there was no way he was going to defend this President in this matter. FOX is fast becoming the primier channel and those of you with cable should demand it from your carrier."

Fox News 8/12/98 Hannity and Colmes report from Freeper tellw "Ex-Dem Rep. Ben Jones (GA): "I don't know why more people aren't outraged about this whole thing. Maybe it's just that we live in a soap-opera culture and people see this as just big-celebrity entertainment or something. But the future of this country is at stake and the credibility of the president of the United States is foremost in that future and I think this president has failed us. ... He's carried this lie through six months, it has diminished the institution of the presidency and it has weakened our country and that is why I think he should avoid an impeachment proceeding and do the honorable thing and resign"

8/13/98 Drudge Report "Days after this space first reported the Monica Lewinsky story last January, CNBC's Geraldo Rivera called the President of the United States a "pig" on his national TV show. RIVERA LIVE January 23, 1998, Friday Geraldo: "If this is true, getting oral sex from a 21-year-old, then he's a pig. He may be a good president, but he's also a pig..." During the next six months, Rivera would experience a shift in opinion of the president. During Rivera's media journey on the Lewinsky case -- he would switch from calling the president a 'pig' to declaring love of the man. RIVERA LIVE August 6, 1998, Thursday "

Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg VA William Davis 8/13/98 "It is likely that we will very soon have conclusive proof, or at least overwhelming evidence, that the President has lied under oath. At this point there will be no reasonable alternative but to remove him from office. It seems surreal that it should be necessary to explain why a known felon cannot be allowed to hold high office, but apparently it is. It seems that a lot of people are prepared to overlook perjury, on the grounds that it was "only" about sex in a civil case. This has it exactly backwards. These lies should give us pause precisely because they were about an essentially minor matter. If the President will commit felonies merely to cover up embarrassing facts, how can we possibly imagine that he would tell the truth about more weighty matters when he is not under oath? .

8/14/98 AP John Solomon "President Clinton's advisers are moving toward a strategy in which he would tell the grand jury he had a personal relationship with Monica Lewinsky and insist he did not commit perjury, then give a televised address to the nation afterwards, sources familiar with the preparations said today.."

8/14/98 Slate William Saletan "President Clinton's stonewall collapsed with this morning's New York Times headline: "President Weighs Admitting He Had Sexual Contacts.". But this is the first time anyone has reported that Clinton himself has discussed a confession. The difference is huge..Either you've got something to confess or you don't.. "Clinton has not settled on this [confession] approach," says the Times. "The advisers cautioned ... that the strategy could still change as the President continued to examine the legal and political implications of various courses." No, it can't. The irony of the past two weeks is that from the moment Clinton agreed to testify, the only way to keep his options open was to keep the confession option publicly closed. Now that it's publicly open, all other options are closed.."

Silicon Valley Logic 8/15/98 "Several sources close to the Paula Jones case stated Friday that the definition of sexual relations handed to Bill Clinton before his deposition clearly included "either-way oral sex" and most all other types of non-traditional sexual gratification. The sources indicated that it was "nearly impossible", "ludicrous", "just plain silly", and "legally untenable" for Clinton to claim that he was not aware that he was perjuring himself, if indeed there was any manner of oral sex between himself and Ms. Lewinsky. More importantly, the sources agreed that the tight focus of the Clinton camp on parsing legal definitions of sex is intended to distract focus from the other thirty or more potential perjuries in the President's deposition, as well as from evidence implicating Clinton in obstruction of justice. .."

FoxNews/Reuters 8/15/98 ".U.S. television networks are gearing up for Monday's scheduled grand jury testimony by President Clinton with the kind of zeal that one White House correspondent called "Gulf War mode.'' The networks have recalled star anchors from vacation, lined up the pundits and scheduled special prime- time programming, all to cover a story likely to yield just one snippet of new video tape: that of independent counsel Kenneth Starr entering the White House."

The Oklahoman Editorial 8/16/98 "IS it proper for a great nation to be preoccupied with the "private" sex life of its president? Ted Koppel, host of ABC-TV's "Nightline," asked the question in a different way when he delivered the commencement address at Stanford University: "Is even the president of the United States entitled to a private life?" He answered: "If the president has athlete's foot, he's entitled to keep that private. If he has a heart condition, he's not. The standard is whether or not it will have an impact on the rest of the country." Koppel addressed that impact. He said, in which a"When people in large numbers, consistently reward bad behavior, then, inevitably, we perpetuate that sort of behavior. ... By our failure to judge or act decisively on moral issues as individuals, we contribute to a collective caricature of tolerance; a universal lack of discrimination ... lmost everything is reduced to a form of entertainment ... "."

Chicago Sun-Times Robert Novak 8/16/98 "Advice to the House Democratic Caucus from Minority Leader Richard Gephardt not to ``engage in hypotheticals'' about President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in advance of his grand jury testimony was quickly disregarded by a notorious party renegade: Rep. James Traficant of Ohio. On the Fox News Channel Aug. 8, Traficant not only speculated about Clinton's fate but did it in doggerel: ``If it's on the dress, he must confess. If that dress don't fit, they must acquit.'' He went on to warn ``I will vote to impeach him'' if Clinton perjures himself before the grand jury. ."

Electronic Tribune 8/16/98 David Wastell "THE United States Congress will decide within the next two months whether to begin moves which could lead to President Clinton's impeachment in the wake of his testimony tomorrow in the Monica Lewinsky affair. As Mr Clinton and his advisers spent the weekend discussing how he can limit the harm caused by admitting sexual contact with Miss Lewinsky, members of the House Judiciary Committee were put on stand-by to consider a report by the special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, in three weeks."

Washington Weekly 8/17/98 Carl Limbacher ".Yet it's been widely reported that during her eight days of testimony before Starr's grand jury, key Monica-gate witness Linda Tripp was grilled on a broad range of topics covering potential crimes by high Clinton officials over a five year period. By some accounts, 60% of Tripp's testimony was said to deal with matters other than the Lewinsky case, presumably Travelgate, Whitewater and Filegate. On Friday, while filling in on Rush Limbaugh's radio show, Tripp friend Tony Snow put the figure at 90%.."

Pittsburg Tribune-Review Chris Ruddy 8/16/98 "If some press reports are to be believed, Bill Clinton doesn't have to worry about the worst happening tomorrow when he sits down before a television camera in the White House to give testimony to Ken Starr's grand jury. Those reports may be wrong. Immediately following Monica Lewinsky's receipt of "transactional" immunity from prosecution, major press outlets reported that she had admitted to a sexual relationship with the president but denied any attempt by Clinton to get her to lie or to obstruct justice in the Paula Jones civil case..Clinton may be in for a little surprise. A source familiar with Starr's inquiry has told me that Lewinsky has, in fact, implicated the president in efforts to obstruct justice. According to the source, Starr's office leaked misleading information to the contrary so that Clinton wouldn't know what to expect when he faced the grand jury. The credible source claims Lewinsky has verified and confirmed claims made by Tripp and by Lewinsky herself in Tripp's tape recordings of their phone conversations. Lewinsky has also gone well beyond that, telling Starr's investigators much more. As the source points out, Lewinsky had little choice but to fully and honestly cooperate.."

8/16/98 Capitol Hill Blue "President Bill Clinton has admitted to senior aides and his wife that he did have an "inappropriate relationship" with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and is now prepared to admit that relationship to the Whitewater grand jury and the nation, two advisers said Saturday.Although the weekend had been set aside for the President and his attorneys to prepare for his historic testimony on Monday, the President has avoided the sessions. His attorneys have complained they have not had as much time with him as they would have liked.."

AP 8/16/98 "The word from the shadowy world of private espionage is that a tape of President Clinton's video grand jury testimony today will be probably in someone's hands by Monday night.The only foolproof way to avoid this, private investigators said, is to do exactly what the president doesn't want to do: be in the same room as the grand jury.."

NY Times 8/17/98 "The events that will bring Starr to the White House Monday were set in motion well before Clinton became president. During the 1992 campaign, The New York Times published an article describing the involvement of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Whitewater Development Co. and the role of their partner, James McDougal, an Arkansas ally who had once run a failed savings and loan. That article prompted federal regulators to look more closely at Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, and they emerged with suspicions of criminality in 1993, possibly by the president or his wife.With that, Starr felt he had enough to seek a broadening of his mandate. And there was something more, the lawyers have now disclosed, that hinted at a coverup and played a role in the decision. They say that Mrs. Tripp told investigators that when she had worked as a White House secretary in the counsel's office, she saw a memorandum with a notation by Hillary Rodham Clinton related to the dismissal of the White House travel office.Starr had never seen such a document, suggesting the possibility that evidence in a case he was investigating had been destroyed. Never cited publicly, the alleged missing memorandum became an important element in Starr's argument to the Justice Department that there was a multifaceted White House pattern of obstructing justice.. But when it came time for Ms. Lewinsky to sit down with prosecutors in late July, she was stunned at how much information they had. ``They knew everything,'' Ms. Lewinsky told a friend. And her immunity deal mandated that she tell the whole truth, or face charges of perjury. A friend said, ``She held nothing back.'' .Clinton's advisers have said that he is considering acknowledging that he had sexual encounters with Ms. Lewinsky, a concession that might deflate talk of impeachment. But prosecutors are certain to question Clinton about more than sex, and those answers could prove more significant to the outcome of the investigation.They will ask the president if he urged Ms. Lewinsky to return gifts he had given her after they had been subpoenaed by the Jones lawyers. They will also ask whether the president had anything to do with efforts to find Ms. Lewinsky a job in New York and whether the efforts to find her a job were made in order to keep her from truthfully testifying in the Jones case. ``It has become a cliche that this investigation was never about sex, but it really isn't,'' said Barbara Olsen, the Starr partisan. ``It's always been about lies and coverups.''"

8/16/98 From Freeper Wade the News Consultant "Clinton's testimony tomorrow is virtually meaningless. Starr already has the evidence to bring very serious charges against Clinton, either by way of congressional action, (impeachment) or criminal (indictment). .Source says there is very deep teeth mashing at various Demo watering holes in DC tonight. Perhaps it is the greatest punishment that he remain in office. Each day he will arise from bed knowing he is the msot disrespected President in our history! The prize was so close, political immortality. Now he is but a person people wil snicker at forever! ."

8/17/98 NY Post John Crudele "WALL Street will be watching intensely as President Clinton goes before Ken Starr's grand jury today and hoping that nothing goes wrong. But something can go wrong. Very wrong. And here's why. Ken Starr has not spent the last six months questioning Secret Service agents and others only about an alleged affair between Monica Lewinsky and the President. In fact, some of the Secret Service agents who were questioned never even guarded Clinton in the White House. A former agent who is a source of mine has checked the background of those agents questioned by Starr and has determined that some were only on the security detail while Clinton was newly elected and still living in the governor's mansion in Arkansas. They couldn't have information about Lewinsky - she was still in high school back then. ..And a lot hasn't come out publicly yet about Linda Tripp, the woman who started all of this. Here's what my sources have told me: She was originally introduced to Ken Starr as someone who had a story about drug use in the White House. Not necessarily that Clinton used drugs - just that drugs were available near the Oval Office. When she surfaced months ago with a story about this woman named Lewinsky, FBI agents attached to Starr's detail were reminded that Tripp was the woman claiming to know something about the White House and drugs. Sources tell me that Tripp, Lewinsky and the Secret Service have all been asked about this.."

Vince Morris NY Post 8/17/98 "The answers President Clinton gave six months ago could come back to haunt him. Experts say Clinton should expect Starr's lawyers to ask him virtually identical questions to those Paula Jones' lawyers posed last January, such as: Did you have sex with Monica Lewinsky? Did you lie or ask anyone else to lie about it? Did you try to find her a job or pay her money to buy her silence? But the president will also likely face a new set of questions about whether he orchestrated a coverup of his relationship with Lewinsky after Sexgate exploded last January. Plus, Clinton will almost certainly be asked to explain what he knows about how Lewinsky's infamous blue dress became stained. Starr's challenge is to cull earlier testimony into questions that force Clinton to give precise answers, rather than the somewhat squishy ones he gave to Jones' lawyers.."

Washington Post 8/16/98 ".By the end of the day, even Clinton's personal minister, the Rev. J. Philip Wogaman, was pulled into the vortex of analysis that swirled around Clinton's pending testimony in the grand jury investigation of his alleged affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Wogaman appeared on CNN's ``Both Sides with Jesse Jackson'' to say that perhaps the nation should be more forgiving of the president. ``King David did something that was much worse than anything that President Clinton is alleged to have done. And King David, if I read my Bible correctly, was not impeached,'' said Wogaman, senior minister of Foundry United Methodist Church.."

From Freeper Wade the News Consultant on 8/18/98 ".This consensus from the cafateria at DOJ XXXX division meeting this AM. All were amazed by BC last night. With so much riding on speech, everything was wrong. Words were wrong, demenor was wrong, leagl tactics were even worse. If State of the Union was a needed homerun, this was a lazy pop fly by a tired, disheveled batter. Group is mostly lawyers and the like. Tehy say BC should have been ready for any blindside. They were most interested in reports of the ONE HOUR break Clinton took around 3:30. They say this says more than any words ever could. Think waht is going on in Grand Jurors minds while they just sit there. Also, despite directions not to do so, GJ probably watched case on TV over weekend and on TV last night to see the critical network reactions. They expected one thing and got a snarley, angry, guilty appearing president during the day and the same thing last night. If there are any lines, everything he said last night will backfire on him was another repeated though, Final rwaction as they headed upstairs was even better. One said......."and these guys... both of them (BC and HC) are lawyers?!?!?! Does the spousal privlige prevent an errors and omissions (legal malpractice) action!?!?" ."

ABC Sam Donaldson 8/19/98 reported that Clinton has been asked to submit a DNA sample.

Wall Street Journal Editorial 8/20/98 "President Clinton's remaining defenders assert his problems arise from a sexual vendetta, but meanwhile a host of other scandals has been pushed off the front pages. Take, for example, the ongoing saga of the Teamsters Union: its illegal election, its convicted money- launderers, and its connections with AFL-CIO headquarters and the Clinton-Gore campaign. The Teamsters mess would presumably be covered if Janet Reno actually did appoint an independent counsel on the broader Clinton-Gore campaign funds violations, but she has not done so. She is again reconsidering, under pressure of a possible contempt of Congress citation, and the latest speculation is that she is contemplating that an independent counsel look at the fundraising activity of former deputy White House chief of staff Harold Ickes."

New York Post Deborah Orin 8/20/98 "DEAD man walking. That's how lots of scared Democrats see President Clinton. They watch in a state of paralyzed fear because they don't know what shoe will drop next. Or stained blue dress. Or gold and navy love tie. ..Almost overnight, the talk is that Clinton's only hope of survival is to make history as the first-ever president to be officially censured by Congress for his behavior - stamped, if you like, with a Scarlet Letter A for adultery. ."

Capitol Hill Blue 8/21/98 Daniel Harris "White House Correspondent Monica Lewinsky Thursday told Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's grand jury that President Clinton lied in his testimony Monday when he claimed their sexual encounters were one way. Sources tell Capitol Hill Blue that the former White House intern, obviously upset over what she considers Clinton's "trivilization" of their relationship, said the President also told her they would be together after his term ended in 2000. Clinton Monday claimed he did not perjure himself in a deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case when he denied having sexual relations with Lewinsky because he was only on the receiving end of oral sex from her and did not participate actively in their numerous encounters in the White House. Lewinsky contradicted Clinton's claim directly and provided graphic details to the grand jury, saying the sexual activity between her and Clinton included sessions where he: .Legal sources say all three activities constitute "sexual activity" as defined in the Paula Jones case and suggest that the President committed perjury not only in the Jones deposition, but also in his grand jury testimony on Monday. .Sources close to Lewinsky say she feels "hurt and betrayed" by Clinton and now feels that the President was using her as "a sexual plaything." ."

New Republic 9/7/98 Dana Milbank "The howls of "betrayal" began even before Ken Starr's questions to the president ended Monday afternoon. "As aides here wait for this testimony to be over, it is very hard to describe the sense of betrayal many feel," reported CNN's John King. By the next morning's papers, the whole administration seemed to be reeling from the treachery of its boss. "Within the White House last night, there were crosscurrents of fury and betrayal," The Boston Globe announced. "Shock and betrayal" were the Chicago Tribune's words, and "the sting of his betrayal" was the Los Angeles Times' version. The New York Times weighed in with a front-page story reporting aides' "feelings of betrayal." The reports were half-right. There was indeed a feeling of betrayal in the White House Monday night--but among the press corps, not the White House staff. Clinton aides, to be sure, were ready to impale the chief. But for them to claim shock and betrayal after these seven months--and, indeed, these last six years--would reveal a profound naivete, if not self-deception, about the Clinton character. The press, on the other hand, had good reason to feel let down. Clinton hadn't performed the groveling mea culpa the pundits demanded. We wanted Clinton on his knees to justify seven months of pursuit.

Washington Post 8/22/98 Peter Baker "President Clinton testified this week that he gave Monica S. Lewinsky several gifts during a weekend meeting at the White House shortly after Christmas, the last time they were together before their secret affair triggered a criminal investigation, sources familiar with his account said yesterday. Clinton and Lewinsky met on Dec. 28, nine days after she had been served with a subpoena demanding her testimony about their sexual relationship and just before she was offered a job in New York arranged by presidential friend Vernon E. Jordan Jr. Clinton testified that he gave her a throw rug, a pin and an Alaskan stone carving as farewell presents, the sources said.

8/21/98 Jill Lawrence USA Today " Scandals and bombings come and go, but one thing remains constant: the wariness with which many congressional Democrats regard President Clinton. The prodigal son didn't get much of an embrace from them in public this week, and behind the scenes there was fury. "In terms of anger and disappointment and horror, on a scale of one to 10, privately many people are 12 or 13," says Democratic strategist Alan Madison, CEO of DCS Group, a public affairs firm. Not good news for Clinton when the worst is likely yet to come. ..

8/22/98 Karen Gullo AP "Investigators working for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr have called two people before a grand jury in Arkansas and questioned others in a probe of alleged payments to the prosecutor's top Whitewater witness. Caryn Mann and her son Joshua, both of Rogers, Ark., have alleged that witness David Hale received cash from people working for the conservative American Spectator magazine. They testified before a panel in Fort Smith, Ark., Mann's lawyer said. The grand jury was already impaneled to hear cases at the federal court for the state's western district."

Drudge 8/22/98 "In a bizarre daytime sex session, that occurred just off the Oval Office in the White House, President Clinton watched as intern Monica Lewinsky allegedly. It has been learned that several major news organizations have confirmed the shocking episode and are now struggling to find ways to report the full Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton grossout. Media Bigfeet are trying to reconstruct one sex session that reportedly took place as Yasser Arafat waited in the Rose Garden for his scheduled meeting with the president! ."

Chicago Tribune 8/22/98 Michael Tackett Roger Simon "With the grand jury phase of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation winding down, the White House on Friday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether one of the president's closest associates must testify about certain conversations concerning Monica Lewinsky. White House Counsel Charles Ruff issued a statement reiterating his belief that, as a general rule, the traditional attorney-client privilege should cover government lawyers and officials. While he cited no individuals by name, Ruff's most immediate concern involves the much-sought testimony of Deputy White House Counsel Bruce Lindsey. "Our appeal reflects our strong belief that the long-standing legal principles according attorneys and their clients the right to have confidential communications apply equally to government lawyers and officials, including the president," Ruff said in the statement."

Fox News Channel Excerpt 8/21/98 "FOX NEWS ANCHOR TONY SNOW: Welcome back to Special Report. I'm Tony Snow, in for Brit Hume. Now that the Ken Starr grand jury has heard from the president and Monica Lewinsky, you'd think prosecutors might be taking a break. Wrong. Fox News has learned that the Office of Independent Counsel has moved into overdrive, and that investigators want to get a report to Congress ASAP. Fox News Correspondent David Shuster has the story. FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT DAVID SHUSTER: Fox News has learned that Kenneth Starr and his staff are now working almost around the clock. The prosecutors believe, according to sources, the evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors is overwhelming. On Capitol Hill, lawmakers are already prepared to vote before the election on a timetable for possible impeachment hearings. But one attorney close to the Office of Independent Counsel predicts that lawmakers will be surprised by the depth of the case, and the amount of evidence not previously reported. The attorney is confident they will vote to launch hearings against president Clinton immediately. Fox News has learned the heart of the case involves alleged obstruction of justice, and that will go beyond the efforts to retrieve presidential gifts..Sources tell Fox News that by sticking with his claim that he did not engage in sexual relations, Mr. Clinton will face a perjury case for dozens of different statements. One of them was prompted by Bob Bennett, the president's own attorney, in the January deposition for the Jones lawsuit. At the end, he asked Mr. Clinton: BENNETT: ...In Paragraph eight of (Miss Lewinsky's) affidavit, she said this: "I have never had a sexual relationship with the president. He did not propose that we have a sexual relationship...." Is that a true and accurate statement as far as you know it? CLINTON: That is absolutely true."

4/14/98 Camille Paglia Salon ".American politics has certainly degenerated into "I Spy," with temperature readings of the presidential brain pan taken by voyeuristic snapshots of probably staged tableaux. "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," tartly replied Freud to a suggestive query about his omnipresent phallic stogie. Stuffing a cigar in one's mouth does seem an odd way to celebrate being freed from litigation over a charge of Invitation to Fellatio. "Don't ask," say conservatives to Bill, and "Don't tell," say liberals to Paula Jones..Tobacco is their Satan -- forbidden to the young and the poor but permissible in choice luxury form to Bill and his cigar-chomping buddies in private or on the golf course.."

Washington Post 8/23/98 Dan Balz and John Harris "From the day he announced his candidacy in 1991, President Clinton has been running against Washington. But as he struggles to save his embattled presidency, aides recognize that Clinton's fate increasingly depends on elected officials, particularly the congressional Democrats he has traditionally neglected. For the first time in seven months, Clinton's lawyers may lose their tight grip on information and strategy. ..Some White House aides are delighted that they may at last be winning liberation from lawyers, and are free to fight using the political war-room tactics that the Clinton team has relied on so often in the past. "We were in a legal arena that was completely closed," said one senior administration official. "Now we are in a more public, more political arena." "

Los Angeles Times James Pinkerton 8/25/98 "The paradox of Bill Clinton's current situation is that those who want him to go should want him to stay. And those who want him to stay should want him to go.."

AP Deb Riechmann 8/25/98 " So far, the notion that President Clinton should resign is just a murmur in Congress, an idea advanced by a handful of mostly conservative voices. In the 1970s, talk of a resignation by President Nixon started with a few lawmakers -- liberals in that case. But the voices grew as the Watergate tale unfolded. After Nixon surrendered the famous "smoking gun" tape in which he virtually confessed to obstructing justice in the Watergate affair, Clinton, then an obscure congressional candidate from Arkansas, joined the chorus of politicians calling for Nixon's departure. "There's not any point in his putting the country through an impeachment since he isn't making any pretense of innocence now," Clinton told the Arkansas Democrat in August 1974. Now, 24 years later, it's Clinton who has admitted wrongdoing. But at this juncture, his resignation seems implausible to most.."

Arizona Daily Star James Pidd 8/25/98 "Because of Clinton's spinmeister work, I tuned into his supposed mea culpa speech. I was prepared to witness an apology to the American people that I hoped would at least be sincere. I heard him apologize to his family but certainly didn't hear him apologize to anyone else. In fact, one of the people he should have singled out for an apology was Ken Starr. Instead he continued his vicious attack and lied again to the American people when he blamed Starr for the length of his investigation. There is only one person responsible for the length of this investigation and it is none other than Clinton.."

Washington Post 8/26/98 Howard Kurtz "Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune says President Clinton should resign. So do Garry Wills of Time and Lars-Erik Nelson of the New York Daily News. So do the Denver Post, Washington Times, Orlando Sentinel, San Antonio Express-News, Anchorage Daily News, Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader, Economist and Weekly Standard. All of which raises an intriguing question: Does this flurry of he-must-go pieces have any real impact? Does the clamor make the unthinkable more thinkable?

Reuters 8/26/98 Deborah Zabarenko "Powerful, charismatic, isolated and bored, President Clinton fits the profile of a man ripe for sexual compulsion, according to therapists who treat this disorder. Called sexual addiction, sexual compulsion, success syndrome or even the ``Clinton syndrome,'' men who suffer from it are driven more by a desire for risk and an inability to deal with emotions than by a hunger for sex, the therapists said. While none of the therapists cited have personal knowledge of Clinton's case, they agreed that his behavior is in line with the disorder."

AP Calvin Woodward 8/27/98 "Kenneth Starr probably drove his high school football team as nutty as he is making the White House now. After a team loss, Starr, then writing for his school paper, would go after the despondent players, making them talk, figuring it all out. ``He has that type of tenacity, that he's going to stick with it until he's finished with it,'' said Roberta Mahan, his homeroom teacher from Sam Houston High in San Antonio. Indeed. As the independent counsel investigating President Clinton's past, Starr keeps at it -- a slow, steady, relentless drip of inquiry feeding a voracious appetite for evidence.."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Jane Fullerton 8/27/98 "Independent counsel Kenneth Starr has appealed last month's dismissal of the tax-evasion charges against former Associate Attorney General Webb Hubbell, his wife and two Little Rock associates. In court papers filed this week with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Starr disputed a federal judge's ruling that the case lay outside the scope of the independent counsel's jurisdiction and violated Hubbell's Fifth Amendment right against self- incrimination.."

Arianna Huffington 8/20/98 "Now that their elaborate cover-up has failed, the Clintons are offering a TV drama script to explain away the inescapable conclusion that the first lady, too, cold-bloodedly lied to the American people..If you prefer not to believe that Mrs. Clinton is easily deluded and in serious need of help, you have to believe that she knew all along. And that she, too, misled the public over those seven months -- all the way back to the ``Today'' show when she told us that she and her husband know ``everything there is to know about each other,'' and that ``this is not going to be proven.'' Even worse, she invented a network of scapegoats, the infamous ``vast right-wing conspiracy,'' on whom the public could vent its anger. The president defiantly asserted on Monday that all this is between his wife, his daughter, and their God. ``Even presidents have private lives,'' he said. Unfortunately ``it's nobody's business but ours'' was the right answer back in January -- not now. And, incidentally, if this is all so private, why was Time magazine fed the intimate details of the first family's whirlwind healing process? ."

Washington Post 8/28/98 Juliet Eilperin "At a time when most Republican political leaders are keeping a cautious distance from the controversy enveloping President Clinton, House Majority Whip Tom DeLay has launched a campaign that he hopes will put pressure on the president to resign. Over the past few days, the Texas Republican has mobilized the formidable resources of his Whip Office, calling staffers back to Capitol Hill from vacation so they can research political history and fax any relevant information to lawmakers who are spread around the country on recess. It is now the congressional clearinghouse of scandal, where members can find everything from President Nixon's popularity rating in the midst of the Watergate crisis to Clinton's comments as a congressional candidate at the time.."

New York Post 8/28/98 John Crudele "IS it time to rig the stock market? Somewhere in Washington right now you can bet there is an official who is thinking about such an outrageous move. And if the market's problems persist for a couple of more weeks, that idea might even start to sound less onerous. Then, if the investing public begins to panic and Wall Street scores some really impressive setbacks (not a mere 357-point Dow drop like yesterday) the notion of the government's rescue of the market might really gain some momentum. The clincher, I believe, will come when the political woes in Washington increase.. "

8/28/98 US News Marianne Lavelle, Julian Barnes, Kenneth Walsh ".Many of his staunch defenders were dismayed. As of last week, at least 17 newspaper editorial boards had called for his resignation. On Capitol Hill, 10 Republicans--and even one retiring Democrat--likewise demanded that he step down. But the surest sign Clinton was in trouble was that Republican leaders were so pleased with the political turn of events that they scarcely raised the issue, talking instead about their legislative agendas. Democrats were shaken and fearful. They publicly conceded they would reserve judgment until they saw the prosecutors' evidence--a stunning change from even the previous week when most Democrats were dismissing Starr as a prosecutor out of control.."

Washington Weekly 8/28/98 Carl Limbacher ".Internet bloodhound Matt Drudge is fond of saying that he "goes to where the stink is". And Lord knows, with his thus far undisputed report about President Clinton's Oval Office abuse of tobacco products with that woman Miss Lewinsky, Drudge demonstrates that there's plenty of Clinton stink to go around. Democrats worry that with one more seamy tale like the semen stained dress, Americans will regurgitate their leader like a cat coughing up a bad hairball.."

New York Times 8/29/98 Katherine Seelye " Embraced by his most ardent supporters, an emotional President Clinton said Friday that he had been wrestling with the process of forgiveness -- both as a seeker of it from his family and the nation, and as one who forgives his enemies. "And so it is important that we are able to forgive those we believe have wronged us, even as we ask for forgiveness from people we have wronged," the president said, apparently in references first to Kenneth Starr, the Whitewater independent counsel, who has been delving into the Clintons' lives, and then to his wife and the nation.."

The White House Bulletin 8/28/98 "Over the last few days Washington has been abuzz with word that President Clinton will be tied to another woman in such a way that might indicate perjury and obstruction of justice. As Democrats on the Hill report, this is the question from Starr's team that caused Clinton to take a one hour break from his testimony before the grand jury. Referring to the rumor, a White House official said this morning, "Anywhere from one to six" women are rumored to be connected to Clinton. As for the rumor's veracity, however, the official said, "We don't know anything about it. We don't know what they are talking about." As for the one hour break in testimony, the official said Clinton was asked about a "completely separate subject," adding, "He actually never stepped out of the room for an hour. That is myth. He may have been out an hour total. But it had nothing to do with this current rumor." Asked if the subject that caused a break in Clinton's testimony was one already known to the media, the official responded, "It is a completely separate subject." ."

Capitol Hill Blue 8/29/98 "Sources close to Independent Counsel Kennth W. Starr's investigation of President Bill Clinton told Capitol Hill Blue Friday that the investigation all but wrapped up Friday with Clinton confidant and White House lawyer Bruce Lindsey's testimony to the grand jury and the staff is now busy preparing the report to Congress..But completion of the investigative phase doesn't mean Starr is ready to shut down his office. Once group of prosecutors is working on the report to Congress while another group gears up to handle activity that will come out of any impeachment activity by Congress and to deal with any court cases that may result from the investigation.."

AP U.S.News & World Report Ted Gest, Harrison Raihie, Richard Newman, Richard Chesnoff, Joseph Shapiro, & William Hostein ".Mrs. Clinton accused Republicans of ``poisoning the atmosphere'' of politics in hopes of keeping voters away from the polls in the upcoming congressional elections and Clinton said he is so appalled at the thought that Republicans might regain the White House in two years that he would run for a third term if not barred by the Constitution. ``If it weren't for the 22nd Amendment, I'd give the American people another chance to elect or defeat me because I believe in what we're doing,'' Clinton said. ."

8/31/98 JWR Thomas Sowell ".Even in the unlikely event that the law authorizing special prosecutors is renewed, it may never again be possible to get people of the high caliber needed for that office. Look at what has happened to Kenneth Starr. Here is a man who was making far more money as an attorney in private practice -- a man with an impeccable record as an appellate judge and as Solicitor General of the United States, a man highly respected by members of both political parties and with an enviable reputation that caused the New York Times to praise him as "non-partisan" when he was appointed to this office. Today, after a non-stop smear campaign by White House character assassins and their media allies, his public approval rating is lower than that of a convicted criminal like Susan McDougal.."

8/31/98 Yankee Sage "Late last week, Albert Mohler, Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, called on the Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock to "make clear its own convictions" and condemn the "serial sin" of the church's most prominent member, Bill Clinton."

Cal Thomas ".There was Jackson, quoting Scripture and asking why Falwell won't forgive Clinton's admitted affair with Monica Lewinsky. And there was Falwell saying that forgiveness was one thing, but the ability to lead was quite another, and he believes Clinton has lost that ability. Of far greater significance than what these two men predictably said about Clinton was the message preached at the Washington National Cathedral last Sunday by its chief priest, the Rev. Nathan D. Baxter. You normally expect to hear sermons at this cathedral more in tune with liberal theology and liberal public policy. Baxter confounded that notion. In a sermon titled "Fig Leaves, Politics and Christian Faith,'' Baxter not only criticized President Clinton and his defenders for treating his relationship with Lewinsky as private, he also blasted the morally squishy public, as depicted in opinion polls, for placing morality far behind economic prosperity. ."

CAS List 8/31/98 Carl of Oyster Bar "Starting last week, news began to leak out that Betty Currie's testimony supports the President - and not Monica Lewinsky - on the critical question of who ordered presidential gifts returned to the White House. .Come again? Do they mean to say that the 24 year old intern with the bad typing skills and negligible legal savvy took it upon herself to overrule the Leader of the Free World? Are they telling us that Monica all by herself hatched and executed the gift return plot, making both she and Currie parties to obstruction of justice? How plausible is it that Lewinsky herself would orchestrate such a scheme - and that Betty Currie would blindly go along with it? How believable is it that the President's personal secretary would be taking orders from little Monica - without any direction from the President himself? Especially since those orders supposedly contradicted the President's expressed advice? ."

AP 8/31/98 Libby Quaid "A Senate Judiciary Committee panel will summon legal scholars next week to debate whether the president is subject to criminal law, Sen. John Ashcroft said Monday.Ashcroft has made it clear he thinks the House has enough information to act independently of a report from Starr."

New York Post 8/31/98 Dan Seligman "..On Aug. 18, the morning after the disastrous four- minute speech from the White House Map Room, the Times said Bill was confronting the habit that has driven ... his political career in an almost addictive way ... his habit of stonewalling, of misleading by omission or concealment or fabrication or failure of memory ... So, for openers, he has been untrustworthy throughout his political career. And he hasn't changed in office. The verdict on Aug. 19: Judgment and a sense of moral proportion have always been missing elements in this Administration (Aug. 19). Always! Ahem. Would it be impolite to ask why, against this background, the Times endorsed Clinton in 1996?."

Reuters Steve Holland 9/2/98 "President Clinton, forced to break his silence on Monica Lewinsky, said on Wednesday he believed he had expressed sufficient regret over their relationship and had no plans for a formal apology. At a Kremlin news conference with Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Clinton said the scandal was not affecting his work, even though some fellow Democrats are in uproar, he is under pressure to resign and faces the possibility of impeachment. ``No, I've actually been quite heartened by the reaction of the American people and leaders throughout the world about it,'' he said when asked whether his effectiveness had been damaged. ``I have acknowledged that I made a mistake, said that I regretted it, asked to be forgiven, spent a lot of very valuable time with my family in the last couple of weeks and said I was going back to work. I believe that's what the American people want me to do.'' ."

Drudge 9/2/98 ".Whitewater star reporter David Shuster reveals that prosecutors are "not planning to include any grand jury testimony in the report to Congress." FOX NEWS Shuster reports that once the report is issued, as early as next week, prosecutors will wait for Congress to request specific supporting material such as grand jury transcripts, audiotapes, videotapes, and other evidence including the FBI's written analysis of Monica Lewinsky's dress! "This process means that prosecutors will not have to contend with court battles over the release of secret grand jury testimony... Because once the report is issued, grand jury witnesses will have to square off against Congress, not the independent counsel. As for the president, prosecutors feel no obligation to show the report to Mr. Clinton or his lawyers, according to the report.."

National Review's Washington Bulletin 9/2/98 ".Whether President Clinton can be criminally prosecuted before impeachment and removal from office is a debatable question as a matter of law.. Some have concluded that Kenneth Starr therefore cannot indict the President. But Barbara Olson, a founder of the Independent Women's Forum and legal commentator, argues that this doesn't follow. Starr could forward any indictment to the Congress as part of his report rather than to a court-and she argues that he should. The advantages of this course would be threefold. It would sidestep the constitutional issue of trial and punishment. It would also make it harder for the White House to make the report part of its Starr-v.- Clinton narrative: the indictment would be the grand jury's handiwork. And an indictment would save taxpayers from having to pick up Clinton's legal fees, as the independent-counsel statute would otherwise require.."

AP 9/2/98 "Prosecutors have gathered evidence that President Clinton talked to Monica Lewinsky about her desire to return to a White House job after she was transferred to the Pentagon - and asked for help from an aide who was unaware of any relationship, according to legal sources. When Ms. Lewinsky's efforts to return to work at the White House failed and she began looking for a private job, Clinton again turned to White House aides, asking in January if they could provide a favorable recommendation for Ms. Lewinsky's past White House work, the sources told The Associated Press."

Weekly Standard 8/31/98 Fred Barnes "JOHN PODESTA, the deputy White House chief of staff, gathered a dozen "talkers" in his office two days after President Clinton addressed the nation about Monica Lewinsky... Podesta suggested several things, such as polls, they'd do well to mention on the tube. He cited results of post-speech surveys that showed both Clinton's job-performance rating and public distaste for Ken Starr's investigation as high as ever. Later, an aide explained the White House intends to emphasize to the gulf between anti-Clinton sentiment inside the Beltway and the more favorable climate for the president outside Washington.. Now the scandal has entered a new phase that's far more perilous for the president. Call it the Watergate phase, because the scenario that unfolded a quarter-century ago is likely to repeat itself. In Watergate, people did not instantly rise up and demand the head of President Nixon. Instead, the Beltway (Democrats, moderate Republicans, the press) led and the people eventually followed. The scandal was more than a year old before Nixon's poll numbers began to decline sharply. This time, too, the Beltway (Ken Starr, the press) is leading. The public, whose support for Clinton is as shallow as it was for Nixon, will fall in line.."

NY Times Magazine 9/6/98 Michael Winerip about Kenneth Starr "."In retrospect," Millsap says, "as I piece together Starr, the thing at the core of everything is his church faith. Ken was always independent and sure of himself, his ability and his beliefs of what's right and what's wrong. He was following his own light -- he didn't give a hoot about the group. When we were in church as kids, we knew we were out of step with the mainstream, because we believed what others didn't and we understood we could be subject to persecution -- it was part of the yoke that made us special."."

New York Post 9/6/98 Brian Blomquist "..Congressional aides said they believe some House Democrats will give speeches admonishing Clinton's behavior when they return from summer recess on Wednesday..Some Democrats already are starting to talk of publicly releasing all of Starr's report so that Democratic candidates facing re-election this fall won't be misled on Sexgate by White House spin. And some state party leaders are saying that if Clinton knows that the report will be mortal, he should step down to save the party. Clinton knows what's going to be in the report. We don't, Pauline Woods, former vice chair of the Georgia Democratic Party and a current member of the Democratic National Committee, told The Associated Press. If it's something that will hurt every candidate, he needs to step down. If not, he needs to stay and fight, Woods added.."

The Times London 9/7/98 William Rees-Mogg "It is not a good idea to make a charismatic sociopath the leader of one's party, or the President of one's country. When the Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey says that President Clinton's conduct is "immoral", he is entitled to say that. He lost a leg in Vietnam when Bill Clinton was dodging the draft in Oxford; he ran against Clinton for the nomination in 1992 and in 1996 observed that Clinton was "an unusually good liar". When Senator Joseph Lieberman says that the President has "compromised his moral authority", he should add an apology of his own. Senator Lieberman should say "sorry" to the American people for helping to persuade them to elect and re-elect a morally defective President.."

New York Post 9/4/98 John Crudele ".While a Friday isn't usually a good day for capturing the news media's attention, if it (report to Congress) does come today Starr might be trying to take advantage of the three-day Labor Day weekend. It will, in particular, give Wall St. an extra day to absorb its contents. Oddly, it's concern over the possible behavior of Monica Lewinsky that seems to be causing Starr to rush his Congressional report..The second report - the one going to the three-judge panel - could take weeks, or maybe months, to finish. It is this report that will eventually be the basis of any criminal indictments, say sources. This report will show a pattern of alleged crimes, mostly committed in Arkansas. The report will draw a picture of a criminal enterprise being run in that state with then Gov. Clinton's knowledge. These alleged crimes would probably be prosecuted under the nation's racketeering statutes. Starr is likely to decide that Clinton, as a sitting president, cannot be indicted for alleged crimes. But the president will probably be named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a number of cases..I'm also told by sources that Starr still hasn't decided whether to pursue a case against Hillary Clinton for fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice. That decision may be more of a political one than a legal one and may have to be delayed until other events transpire..As of this week, sources say Starr seemed inclined to limit the Congressional report to the events surrounding Monica Lewinsky. And while that might seem narrow, that one sequence of events could lead to an array of charges - from perjury and obstruction of justice to abuse of power. Aside from using government employees to coerce possible witnesses, Clinton is likely to also be accused of using jobs - particularly high-security positions at the Pentagon and in the Defense Department - as rewards. Particularly, Starr is looking into women, like Lewinsky, who were given jobs to isolate them."

Coffee Shop Times 9/3/98 Zack Nguyen "Do we live in a republic, where the Constitution is our nation's highest secular law and no one, no matter how powerful, is exempt? Or do we live in an opinion poll democracy, where right and wrong is determined by who can marshal the most public support, and raw vote totals determine whether a politician should be held accountable for his actions? ."

LI>Freeper report Fox News David Shuster 9/3/98 "Starr's office has met again with Monica and Linda for "wrap-up testimony", as the home stretch gallop continues. Starr's office staff from Little Rock has begun arriving to help in the case summation."

Fox News David Espo 9/4/98 AP "Speaker Newt Gingrich, Democratic leader Dick Gephardt and other top House leaders will meet next week to review plans for receiving an expected report on President Clinton from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, officials said Friday.."

Freeper report on MSNBC 9/4/98 "RNC Spokesman Pat Harrington said that after Clinton's "apology" on Aug. 17, her county courthouse in South Carolina was swamped with Democrats asking to switch their party affiliation."

9/4/98 Capitol Hill Blue Douglas Thompson " When the news broke shortly after 6 a.m. today, the commentators gushed breathlessly . The President had finally said it . He said that he was sorry . However , Bill Clinton isn't sorry about what he has done . He ' s only sorry that he finally got caught in a situation that he could not lie his way out of .."

9/5/98 Howard Kurtz Washington Post "The Monica Lewinsky frenzy has produced yet another bizarre media development: public speculation about an alleged article about a sexual rumor that no journalist has confirmed. Fred Barnes helped put the rumor in play last weekend on his ``Beltway Boys'' show on Fox News Channel. He declared that ``politicians, newspaper reporters, TV people all around town were talking about the possibility that there's a second intern who was sexually involved with the president.'' ."

New York Post Deborah Orin 9/5/98 "President Clinton waited too long to say I'm sorry. His political fate is out of his hands now and rests on whether Kenneth Starr has truly damning Sexgate evidence, analysts say.. The apology doesn't make a drop of difference - it's just more foolishness from his spin doctors, said presidential scholar Stephen Hess. He told us exactly what his level of contrition was on Aug. 17 ^in his first defiant speech about his affair with Monica Lewinsky_. We're not dumb enough to fall for this apology now.Until now, the White House has been able to paint Clinton's accusers as sluts or liars and turn the president into a victim who deserves sympathy. But it has now become a bunker, like the Nixon White House during Watergate - out of touch with reality and the growing danger Clinton faces.."

New York Post 9/3/98 Deborah Orin "JITTERY Democrats keep waiting to exhale over the I- didn't-inhale president - but Sexgate only gets worse. Especially for Democratic women. In fact, 1998 could be the Year of the Woman Undone by Bill Clinton, as high-profile feminists in Congress risk paying with their political careers for the president's hanky-panky. Like Clinton in-law and sometime Camp David guest Sen. Barbara Boxer of California. Boxer led the charge against Republican Bob Packwood, but has been gentler about the president's sexual peccadilloes. Now Boxer is in a dead heat with Republican Matt Fong - 45-45 percent in the latest poll. Their first debate focused on Clinton and charges Boxer is a hypocrite. The smart money says she's a goner. In Illinois, there's Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun, who was in hot water for links to Nigeria's dictator. She's tied with conservative Republican Peter Fitzgerald, but the betting is she's a goner, too, with charges of Sexgate hypocrisy as the final blow."

Baltimore Sun 9/5/98 "Worried about political fallout from White House scandal, Gov. Parris N. Glendening is distancing himself from President Clinton -- bowing out of a presidential visit in Silver Spring on Tuesday and pulling the plug on Clinton's planned fund-raising trip here next month, according to sources familiar with the governor's plans. ."

Boston Globe 9/5/98 John Ellis "Evaporating political support leaves Clinton no choice but resignation By John Ellis, 09/05/98 In the Paula Jones deposition that led to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, President Clinton was asked the following question: ``Did you have an extramarital sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky?'' ``No,'' he replied, lying. With that response, Bill Clinton set in motion a chain of events that inexorably will lead to his being disbarred from the practice of law in Arkansas. The Arkansas Bar's Code of Ethics requires it. The question then arises: If he's not good enough for the Arkansas Bar, what in the world is he doing in the Oval Office? The answer is he must resign..Democrats must now write another narrative; the script that ends with President Clinton's weepy farewell from the White House lawn. If they do not, then they will relegate themselves to minority status for years to come. Clinton has betrayed them as he was betrayed us. His removal from office is no longer a political matter. It is a matter of honor."

Chicago Tribune AP 9/4/98 ".And Democratic leaders across the country, fearing Clinton's legal troubles could drag down their candidates in Nov. 3 midterm elections, were talking openly about the prospect of a presidential resignation. ``If it becomes a problem for our candidates and our leadership, then he really needs to assess where the party will be in the next two years and take a long view of what's down the road, and look at it from the party's view,'' said Philip Parington, chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party. ``He's got the ball.'' ."

Universal Press Syndicate 8/21/98 Garry Wills ".When Time magazine called me Monday night after the president's speech for a contribution to the special issue it was editing on the scandal, I wrote, more in sorrow than in anger, that I think he should resign. I have generally been a supporter of Clinton, and I share most Americans' extremely low opinion of Kenneth Starr. But for me, those are the very reasons he should leave. Even if Clinton can survive the case Starr will be able to build on his now-admitted lies, the president will be dragged along in a mire of doubt, suspicion and ridicule for the rest of his term, doing himself and his cause no good. The polls support him, and that too is a reason for resignation. If he steps down now, for the good of the country, there will be forgiveness, even admiration. If he goes after the inevitable slide in the polls, it will look like he is being forced out.."

New York Post 9/5/98 Deborah Orin "Too little, too late. President Clinton waited too long to say I'm sorry. His political fate is out of his hands now and rests on whether Kenneth Starr has truly damning Sexgate evidence, analysts say.. The apology doesn't make a drop of difference - it's just more foolishness from his spin doctors, said presidential scholar Stephen Hess."


Atlanta Journal and Constitution Jim Wooten 9/6/98 "The public's right. Enough of this. Enough chatter. Enough speculation about what Bill Clinton meant to say in his combative and unapologetic address to the nation. Whether he is truly contrite, as he suggested in Ireland on Friday, just doesn't matter anymore. The next phase is at hand. Fish out the hip boots. Steel the nerves. Unpleasantness - the congressional duty that is to be done and the desperates' dirt that will be thrown - this is now our fate. Preserving the rule of law, however, dictates that the public bear it all, no matter how long and unpleasant the ordeal. Realistically, the options are down to resignation or impeachment."

US News Online 9/14/98 Michael Gerson "It was only a matter of time before William Bennett, editor of the bestselling Book of Virtues, turned serious attention to vices of a man he calls "a corrupt and corrupting president. And the volume that resulted--The Death of Outrage: Bill Clinton and the Assault on American Ideals--may turn out to be both a piercing commentary on the Monica Lewinsky scandal and a defining event within it.."Once in a great while," Bennett writes, "a single national event provides insight into where we are and who we are and what we esteem." He fears that arguments by Clinton's defenders, if accepted by the public, will amount to "an unthinking act of moral and intellectual disarmament."."

Washington Post 9/6/98 John Harris Peter Baker ".`His mood is as deeply sad as I've seen him,'' said an adviser who described Clinton as ``quite disoriented'' and ``very stricken'' by events of the past three weeks. At times on his foreign trip, he gave the appearance of a haunted man -- his face drawn, his voice subdued, his eyes weighted by bags."

LA Times 9/6/98 Doyle McManus Ronald Ostrow ".The Report is being written now.But almost everyone expects it to be a turning point: a single, clear declaration of charges against the president and perhaps the beginning of the end -- either of this scandal or his presidency. A battle of leaks and trial balloons has broken out to shape public and congressional opinion for the day the report arrives.."

Washington Post 9/6/98 Susan Schmidt ".Another adviser, predicting a ``devastating'' report, called Clinton's decision to deny that he lied in the Jones case ``tragic.'' This adviser and several others faulted the president and his personal lawyer David E. Kendall for a legal strategy that they said now all but requires Starr to detail sex acts in or near the Oval Office, although people who agree with Kendall's approach believe that Clinton's tortured definition of sexual relations was a necessary defense against the serious accusation of perjury in the Jones case. Kendall declined to comment yesterday.."

NY Post Steve Dunleavy 9/6/98 ".Bill Clinton is a lousy president. America's approval rating of him stemmed from the economy. Joe Six-pack, no insult intended, didn't realize it was a Republican Congress and a casino called Wall Street that drove that comfortable economy. Now we are not so sure.."

Baltimore Sun 9/6/98 Jonathan Weisman "Nervous Democrats and emboldened Republicans will return to the House this week from a monthlong recess to find a tectonic shift in the political landscape that threatens to swallow Bill Clinton's presidency.."My phone has been ringing off the hook all day based on Mr. Lieberman's speech," said Rep. Gerald B. H. Solomon, a New York Republican who is drafting a resolution on how the House should handle an investigatory report from independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, expected within weeks. "It's an unbelievable shift" in public opinion. ."

Washington Weekly 9/7/98 Marvin Lee "The Office of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr has finally learned to play the game of politics and is confounding the White House by releasing contradictory leaks about its report. Some leaks say the report has already been sent to Congress, others say it will be by Labor Day, still others say to expect it by the end of September. Some leaks say it will be all about sex and only cover Monica Lewinsky, other leaks hold that it will include a pattern of perjury and obstruction of justice.."

Agence France Presse 9/6/98 "."The president would be fortunate actually if there was a censure resolution ... if it was a balanced, fair censure resolution," Representative James Moran, a Democrat from Virginia, told Fox News. "I now don't think that's really an option. I think we're bound to go through with impeachment proceedings." But Moran said independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr would be "honorable" by delaying his report on Clinton until a new Congress is seated next year.."

Washington Times Ralph Hallow 9/7/98 "."Democrats are petrified by the news of the stock market," says Democratic strategist Brian Lunde, once a close ally of Mr. Clinton's. The economy "is the only issue holding up the party and Clinton," says Mr. Lunde. "For a lot of people, the only reason to be supportive of the president is they are giving him credit for the good times. "If there no longer are good times, there is nothing to catch his fall." ."

AP 9/6/98 "The head of the Southern Baptist Convention says President Clinton should resign from office ``before he is instrumental in corrupting all our young people.'' Paige Patterson, president of the nation's largest Protestant denomination, said Clinton, also a Baptist, should resign ``for the sake of the country'' and seek forgiveness for his personal transgressions."

WorldNetDaily 9/7/98 Geoff Metcalf ".It has been widely reported that Congressman Dan Burton is flawed. He has admitted to having had an affair, and having fathered a 15-year-old son he had not previously publicly acknowledged. President Bill Clinton has kinda, sorta admitted to a couple of affairs, and has routinely lied, and compelled others to lie. However, the two tainted politicians are as different as right and wrong ... or are they? These two political rivals are VERY different in many ways. The way each man is handling the embarrassment is very telling of the character (or lack of character) of the men. Clinton's "bimbo eruptions" have become legend. The president's "inappropriate" relationships, and the attendant lies, obfuscation, and policy of "deny, delay, destroy" have been routine and ongoing. Clinton has lied to most everyone around him, and has imposed on supporters to lie for him (presumably without their knowledge in some cases). Burton's infidelity wasn't only known and discussed within the privacy of his family, but he also assumed responsibility for it. He pays child support, and he has endeavored to protect not only his own political persona, but also the innocent son he fathered and his previous girlfriend. That is to Burton's credit. However, unanswered questions which may soon be revealed could further undermine and potentially destroy the congressman's credibility and career..Friday before the stuff hit the fan, two of my colleagues, Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan interviewed Congressman Burton on KSFO in San Francisco. Burton told them he has received "extortion letters" that he has now turned over to the FBI. He also reported having received "Federal Express packages that had been opened and the contents had been photocopied." The implication of this under reported fact is clear to those not blinded by partisan b.s. Someone was trying to blackmail Burton over his sexual past. By the way, that IS A FELONY, and if (as is being suggested) it originated in the White House with Sid "Vicious" Blumenthal or Harold Ickes, the political consequences will be epic... "

St. Louis Post Dispatch 9/7/98 ".From polls taken in Missouri and Illinois, Clinton, for the first time, fell below 50% (47.3) in Missouri and was barely above water in Illinois at 50.7%. This is a dramatic slide is due to a continuous pattern of scandals and questionable behavior by the Clinton administration and not just the Lewinsky scandal according to pollster John Zogby. He further said that Missouri and Illinois are "bellweather" states and as such portend quite ominously for Clinton. ."

Time 9/14/98 Richard Lakayo ".For once the federal government is going to produce a document that won't collect dust on library shelves. Sometime between now and the end of this month, the report of independent counsel Kenneth Starr is expected to be sent to Congress, where it will promptly explode. Washington is bracing itself for a text unlike anything it has ever handled, with interludes that describe, in all too fascinating detail, half a dozen or more anatomical engagements between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Depending on how vivid it is, Starr's report could be the closest thing to pornography ever issued by the Government Printing Office.."

Washington Weekly 9/7/98 Carl Limbacher "What is the story Sherry Densuk was told? Why did the White House investigate her and discover her brushes with the law when it appeared she might talk to the independent counsel? Her lawyer, Keith Watters, may have provided a clue as to what she knows when he was interviewed by Sean Hannity last week. Hannity: When you say second-hand do you mean from the person who was involved with the President? Watters: The person told her some information concerning the President. My client has no way of verifying it because she didn't witness it. She was just told something."

Reuters 9/7/98 Alan Eisner "The mid-term election campaign kicked off Monday in the shadow of the Monica Lewinsky sex and perjury affair, with Republicans scenting a major breakthrough and Democrats hoping to avoid a scandal-induced meltdown. .``Starr is crippling to Democrat candidates trying to run their own campaigns,'' said John Frerejohn, a political scientist with the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, who is himself a Democrat. ``There are shoes waiting to drop but nobody knows exactly what they are. They don't know how to react, what to defend,'' he said. ..Republicans, who traditionally enjoy a money advantage, are already running television advertisements speaking of the importance of honesty and integrity, without mentioning Clinton by name.."

MSNBC Joe Johns 9/7/98 "With the Monica Lewinsky scandal looming over Washington, members of the House officially return from their traditional August recess on Tuesday, facing a lot more trouble than they'd hoped for. Democrats, and some Republicans, had hoped an apology by President Bill Clinton for misleading everyone about his sexual affair would reconcile some of the issues. Instead, it has inflamed the political climate, causing many of the president's would-be defenders to retreat or revolt.."

New York Times 9/8/98 James Bennet " President Clinton's private lawyer requested on Monday that Kenneth Starr, the independent prosecutor, allow him to review at least a week in advance the report Starr is preparing for Congress, in a sign the White House is readying a defense against possible impeachment hearings.."

UK Telegraph 9/8/98 Hugo Gurdon "A DEEP split opened up at the White House yesterday between presidential advisers arguing that President Clinton can save his job only by sincere contrition and others insisting that he must go to war against his accusers in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The President is being urged to sack Sidney Blumenthal, the official who urged Hillary Clinton to speak out against the "vast Right-wing conspiracy" that she blames for the crisis threatening to bring her husband's political career to a humiliating end. Mr Blumenthal, a former journalist, is known to White House reporters as "Sid Vicious" for his tendency to vilify the President's political opponents. Other advisers in line for the chop are Rahm Emanuel and Paul Begala, who have orchestrated a smear campaign against prosecutors and any witnesses with evidence of presidential wrongdoing. But these "spin warriors" are reported to be fighting back, urging the President to get his White House "war room" on highest alert to discredit his enemies.."

Roll Call 9/8/98 Ethan Wallison "Ex-Sen. Alan Simpson still remembers a time when even a crusty ol' cowboy would sooner bolt the Senate chamber than mix it up with one of President Clinton's best friends.."

Jewish World Review 9/8/98 Cal Thomas "Soundings from the White House indicate Clinton will reach into his familiar trick bag and may try to pick a fight with congressional Republicans again over self- described efforts to "protect our children'' and shut down the government. It won't work this time, not only because we've seen this tired act before, but because the Ken Starr report is about to land on Capitol Hill with an impact that will send shock waves throughout the nation.."

9/8/98 AP Mike Smith "Rep. Dan Burton pleaded for voter support Saturday, a day after the man who questions President Clinton's integrity admitted that he fathered a child in an extramarital affair. He drew a standing ovation from about 100 supporters gathered at a fire station for his first public appearance since his admission. ``If you chose to keep me around for a while, I'll try not to let you down,'' Burton said.. The conservative Republican acknowledged the affair in a statement Friday after days of pressure from media outlets who had been trying to interview the woman and their teen-aged son. Burton said he wanted to take full criticism and deflect attention from the two families. The relationship occurred while Burton was serving in the state Senate and the woman was working for a state agency. ``I have apologized to my wife and family, whom I love. I apologize to my constituents. We live in a society that rightfully depends upon people taking responsibility for their actions. I have done so in this matter,'' Burton said in a statement issued Friday. While Burton has been outspoken in his criticism of Clinton, he has focused on fund raising and other matters, not the president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky.."

National Journal's Cloakroom 9/8/98 Charlie Cook "While Congress awaits Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report, and more concrete indications of the Monica Lewinsky affair's impact on the mid-term elections, there have been some important developments in the 2000 presidential election campaign. For better or worse, the next presidential campaign begins on Nov. 4, the day after the forthcoming mid-term election..In every respect, polling, fundraising and likely endorsements, Gore was in the catbird's seat..Then the world turned upside down, as the political community's negative reaction deepened to Clinton's attempts to put the Lewinsky scandal behind him."

Freeper Hang'EMHigh's MSNBC 9/8/98 Report "Klayman and Aksne both remarked that not only isn't Starr obligated in any way to provide an advanced copy, but that he is legally PROCLUDED from doing so."

Roll Call 9/8/98 Morton Kondracke "Only weeks ago, it seemed that a major part of Bill Clinton's legacy would be an ideologically transformed and politically revived Democratic Party. Now, the President's legacy figures to be not only personal disgrace but also Democratic devastation. When Clinton came to power in 1993, Democrats held 258 House and 57 Senate seats. Now they are down to 206 in the House and 45 in the Senate. This November, owing to Clinton's self-indulgence, deceit and abuse of power, Democratic leaders privately admit they face the prospect of losing at least five Senate seats and as many as 25 House seats. That would leave them 77 House and 17 Senate seats below where they stood when Clinton became President. Some legacy..Moreover, the groups within the party most likely to suffer defeat this fall are moderate "new Democrats" and conservative Blue Dogs -- the kinds of people with the type of ideas the party needs to win swing districts and nurture any hope of regaining power.."

Stock Smart via Drudge 9/8/98 (UPI S)"Senate Republican leader Trent Lott, R- Miss., says (Tuesday) he is against President Clinton's lawyers receiving an advance copy of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's impending report. Lott says the White House would use such an opportunity to delay possible punitive action in the House of Representatives, such as impeachment hearings. "

Los Angeles Times Syndicate Suzanne Fields 9/8/98 ". The president wasn't spineless, but spin- less for once. Ah, now that made sense. The vast White House communications apparatus for the first time had been rendered useless. Bill Clinton was stuck with the truth (if not quite the whole truth, or nothing but the truth), and this time the truth did not seem to be making him free. Even James Carvile had to lower the decibels, at least a little. Gone were the focus groups, the pollsters, the market-testers, all the picadors sent out to soften up the bull. There was simply no pageantry, no color, no smiling aids or supportive wife, only a sterile spectacle growing more sordid by the hour.."

Michael Reagan's Hot Topics 9/8/98 Mary Mostert ".In an effort to somehow take the heat off Bill Clinton, the media was apparently provided some information about a past indiscretion of Indian Congressman and key Committee Chairman Dan Burton. (Those 900 FBI files are probably full of juicy stuff like that." What better way to take the heat off the President than to whip up anger and disgust about an enemy? After all, on nationwide television Clinton strategist James Carville warned this would happen. "This is WAR!" Carville exclaimed some months ago. Unfortunately for those hot on the trail of the story, who clearly had been given the name of the woman involved back in the 1980s and who had been camping on her lawn waiting to reveal her identity, Dan Burton called their bluff. Before the article was published he stepped forward and issued a statement in which he confessed to the affair, which had occured during one of the three times in his 38 year marriage that he and his wife was separated. He also confessed that a child had been born from the affair and that, "With my wife's knowledge, I have fulfilled my responsibilities as the father. In an effort to protect the privacy of those involved, it was decided years ago among all parties that this matter would remain private."."

Freeper report on Rush 9/8/98 ".Rush said that Bruce Lindsey when asked what his job at the White House was these days, he replied I spend alot of time studying the 25th amendment. "In case of the removal of the President from office, or of his death, resignation, or inability to discharge the powers and duties of the said office, the same shall devolve on the Vice President, and the Congress may by law provide for the case of removal, death, resignation or inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what officer shall then act as President, and such officer shall act accordingly, until the disability be removed, or a President shall be elected. "."

Fox News 9/8/98 "President Clinton's political woes deepened Sunday as Democrats further distanced themselves from the president, with one senior senator declining to rule out the possibility of impeachment.. On Sunday, a day after Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening nixed two campaign appearances with Clinton, more top Democrats criticized the president despite his first formal apology last week about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Republicans continued to question Clinton's ability to lead the country and said impeachment proceedings were likely. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott told NBC Sunday that he doubts whether Clinton has the integrity needed for the presidency and whether a mere censure is adequate."

US Newswire 9/8/98 Karen Raye Executive Director of WISH "The WISH list, the leading organization supporting pro-choice Republican women officeholders, today urged President Clinton to resign from office. WISH president Candy Straight said that Clinton's recent confession of sexual relations with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power in the workplace. Compounding his poor judgment, the President's deliberate lie and his elaborate efforts to cover up his actions indicate an untrustworthy individual and one who believes he is above reproach."

Washington Post 9/8/98 Laurie Kellman "The independent counsel's report on President Clinton should reach Congress ``this week or next,'' Senate Republican leader Trent Lott said Tuesday as anticipation rose on Capitol Hill. Kenneth Starr told President Clinton's lawyer he opposed letting him see the report early. ``You are mistaken in your views as to ... your right to review a report before it is transmitted to Congress,'' Starr wrote presidential attorney David Kendall. The prosecutor, responding to Kendall's letter asking for access to the report a week early, wrote, ``I suggest you address your concerns to the House of Representatives'' after any report is delivered under seal there.."

ABC News 9/8/98 Hether Naher "Sources close to Kenneth W. Starr's office tell ABCNEWS that an executive summary of the Clinton investigation report reads like an indictment alleging perjury, witness tampering, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. ABCNEWS' Jackie Judd says an executive summary of the report has already been drafted, and the final version of the report will be followed by almost 1,000 pages of documentation-including lurid details of President Clinton's encounters with Monica Lewinsky-to demonstrate that the president lied under oath when he denied having sexual relations with the former White House intern.."

MSNBC 9/8/98 "Kenneth Starr has written a letter alerting Congress that on Friday he intends to deliver a report alleging that President Bill Clinton committed potentially impeachable offenses, sources told NBC News on Tuesday. Earlier, the independent counsel rejected an attempt by the president's lawyers to get an advance copy of the report. THE SOURCES said the letter was expected to be delivered Wednesday, the same day congressional leaders were to meet to decide who will take delivery of the report, which is expected to include allegations that Clinton committed perjury, obstruction of justice and, possibly, abuse of power."

Investor's Business Daily 9/9/98 Editorial "It's easy to get caught up in the turmoil that often engulfs our national leaders. But presidents come and go. The business of America is business - not politics. Long after Bill Clinton has faded from memory, the products, services and ideas of America's entrepreneurs will endure. Neither government nor politicians are responsible for America's economic growth. The best they can do is create a framework of laws - hopefully one in which free enterprise can thrive and the people can prosper.."

Washington Post 9/8/98 Donald Baker "A Clinton-free Maryland Gov. Parris N. Glendening (D) did the right thing politically by distancing himself from the troubled president, if parade watchers yesterday in Greenbelt and Gaithersburg are any gauge of public opinion. Democrats at the two suburban Maryland Labor Day processions generally applauded Glendening's decision over the weekend to say "no thanks" to joining Clinton at events in the Free State. And perhaps even more indicative that it was a smart move by Glendening, Republicans criticized him for showing disrespect to the president.."

MSNBC 9/8/98 ".AS CLINTON EMBARKED on a busy public schedule designed to showcase his domestic agenda, Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., suggested that a call by the president's legal team for an advance copy of Starr's report was a delaying tactic. "I wouldn't be surprised if they go to court to try to block it," Lott told reporters during a briefing on the Senate floor, referring to Starr's report.."

MSNBC 9/8/98 Jay Severin "I cannot, for a fact, tell you what Clinton's end-game strategy will be. I can, however, tell you that the best of the bad choices at the president's disposal is the strategy his top advisors are pushing for. With dizzying suddenness, this case is now about impeaching Bill Clinton - or not. And it is up to the White House to make the case for "not." It isn't merely urgent; it is a matter of political life and death."

National Review 9/8/98 Washington Bulletin "The White House has screamed about alleged leaks from special prosecutor Ken Starr's investigation for months. Now Clinton lawyer David Kendall wants a leak of his own: in a letter to Starr, he calls it an issue of "fundamental fairness" that the President receive his own private copy of the Starr report one week before it goes to Congress. This would give Clinton's legal team a chance to pen a reply that might serve as a sort of appendix to the official report. It would also give them an entire week to devise a media spin strategy. Ken Starr has now given the White House the brush off it deserved."

New York Times 9/9/98 Lizette Alvarez "Two more Senate Democrats Tuesday delivered stinging rebukes of President Clinton, condemning what they said was his "dishonesty" and "immoral" behavior.. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., who is related to Clinton by marriage and who is locked in a tough Senate race. A short while later, another Democrat who also faces a tough re-election bid, Sen. Ernest "Fritz" Hollings of South Carolina, took aim at Clinton Tuesday in his home state, saying: "We're fed up. The behavior, the dishonesty of the president is unacceptable."."

Tribune-Review Pittsburgh 9/9/98 Editorial ".As the AP's H. Josef Hebert reported Tuesday, Clintonites want to be able to rebut the Starr report point-for-point to ``provide Clinton's Democratic allies on Capitol Hill with ammunition to argue against starting impeachment proceedings as well as influence public perceptions.'' That is, they want to be able to spin the legal process. Again... Obviously, Mr. Kendell and his associates plan to present a vigorous defense of President Clinton. But, considering the circumstances, there's now only one appropriate forum left to mount that defense - at the president's trial.."

WoldNetDaily 9/9/98 Joseph Farah "There are all kinds of scenarios emerging under which President Clinton will leave office. Impeachment is one possibility. Resignation another. Paul Weyrich, of Free Congress Foundation, has floated the idea that Clinton might even step down temporarily under the provisions of the 25th Amendment, permitting Vice President Al Gore to serve as an interim acting president while Clinton seeks treatment for his sex addiction or other psychological problems, then re-emerges as president after "successful" therapy. No pardon is acceptable. Clearly, that's why the 25th Amendment is now getting close scrutiny at the White House. Clinton and the ultra-lawyers he surrounds himself with want a painless exit. He wants to do what he has done his entire life -- escape the consequences of his actions, make a clean getaway, commit the perfect crime.."

AP Larry Margasak 9/9/98 "Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr today sent Congress a report and supporting evidence of possible impeachable offenses by President Clinton, posing the gravest threat to a president since Watergate, a source familiar with the investigation said.."Many of the mistakes that President Nixon made are being made all over again,'' declared former Senate Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., in a floor speech in which he added that lawmakers should be careful not to rush to judgment.."

Freeper Big Ezy 9/9/98 Reports "CBS, NBC, ABC all reported Starr is bringing back witnesses who told conflicting stories to determine if anyone lied before the GJ.Starr's office has said do not be suprised if INDICTMENTS FOLLOW according to all 3 networks.."

AP 9/9/98 Libby Quaid " Could the president be subject to criminal indictment while in office? ..Torricelli, who said the question might be moot because special prosecutor Kenneth Starr does not appear to be pursuing indictment, bristled when George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley went beyond the constitutional issues at hand to comment on Clinton's conduct. ``The Constitution cannot protect the president or guarantee the president that his conduct will never be subject to criminal investigation,'' Turley said. ``Only the president can guarantee that. Only he can choose conduct that stands clear of the criminal line.."

NY Times Don van Natta Jr. 9/10/98 "Quietly one day in July, Kenneth Starr, the Whitewater independent counsel, filed a motion with a three-judge panel here seeking permission to send secret grand jury material to Congress. At the top of the motion was ``In re: Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan Association,'' the Arkansas bank related to the failed Whitewater land deal that was Starr's first investigative mission more than four years ago. But his sealed July 2 motion sought permission to turn over to the House of Representatives grand jury testimony and other evidence of Starr's last investigation: into President Clinton's liaison with Monica Lewinsky and accusations that he attempted to cover it up. Five days later, the three judge panel granted Starr's office the authority to turn over that material to the House, which Starr elected to do Wednesday in dramatic fashion when his lawyers dropped 36 boxes on Congress' doorstep with only 15 minutes' warning.."

9/10/98 London Telegraph Ambrose Evans-Pritchard ".Theatrics cannot save him. Last night the report of Judge Kenneth Starr was delivered to Congress. At the absolute minimum, it will accuse the President of committing wilful, premeditated, and repeated acts of perjury before a US federal court, and almost certainly before a federal grand jury as well. Under the US code, this is a felony offence that carries a five-year prison sentence on each conviction..The rest of the material gathered by the Office of the Independent Counsel over the past four years - the findings in the Filegate, Travelgate, and Whitewater affairs - will probably be deposited with the panel of three judges who appointed Mr Starr. It will be held in reserve, available for use by the Judiciary Committee if, and when, it needs to demonstrate patterns of abuse of power. This is not because the evidence is exculpatory, but because prosecutors prefer not to mix a rock- solid indictment with charges that are even fractionally less compelling. Mr Starr, in effect, is eliminating Mr Clinton with a single rifle shot. But it is well aimed. Events will now move with vertiginous speed. This is not Watergate, where the proceedings went on for months. This time, the House of Representatives may not need to hold hearings of its own. The Starr report, I hazard, will be more than enough. Once the members of the Judiciary Committee have examined the text, in all its shocking and prurient detail, they will acknowledge that the President is a borderline sociopath who must be removed at once. Few Democrats will get in the way of this thundering steam train. The articles of impeachment will be sent across to the Senate for prompt attention. If Mr Clinton cannot be induced to resign he will face an expedited trial of impeachment. This is my seat-of-the-pants prediction. The spectacle could begin and end much faster than the world expects..Mr Starr dipped his toe in these waters and pulled it out again quickly. It was all too much, and mostly impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. This is immensely disappointing to those who want to see Mr Clinton brought to book for all his sins. But the authorities never managed to convict Al Capone for the St Valentine's Day massacre. In the end, the most violent American gangster of the 20th century went to prison for fiddling taxes. Prosecutors take what they can get. When Mr Clinton is forced from office, I suspect it will set off an avalanche of revelations. The American media will be merciless now they know they have been fooled. We will discover more skeletons from this presidency and - at long last, perhaps - we will find out what really happened in the Clintons' Arkansas. "

Scripps-Howard News Service 9/10/98 Joan Lowy "House leaders tentatively decided late Wednesday that they will make public all 445 pages of the report independent counsel Kenneth Starr has delivered to Congress detailing possible grounds for impeaching President Clinton."

Chicago Tribune 9/10/98 Naftali Bendavid ".Starr spokesman Charles Bakaly confirmed Wednesday that Starr's investigation is not winding down. ``The Office of Independent Counsel's investigation is still continuing,'' he said. Washington attorney Jeffrey Jacobovitz cited one likely avenue for Starr: perjury charges against key witnesses.. Some of these matters (FBI Files, etc.) may have been included in Starr's report to Congress Wednesday. But all of them will be recounted exhaustively in Starr's final report to the special three-judge panel that appointed him. ``That report is likely to be extremely damning in its conclusion,'' Turley said. ``Simply stating that there is a lack of evidence to secure conviction does not mean that the report will vindicate the Clintons. Quite the contrary, Whitewater appears to have involved clearly criminal acts by individuals close to the first couple.'' Others are not so sure."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/9/98 ".In his mainly ceremonial role as chief security official of the House, Sergeant-at-Arms Livingood received a call from Starr's office at 3:45 p.m., saying the vans would arrive in 15 minutes. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Georgia Republican, and House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt of Missouri were not told that the report was being transported until minutes after it was in the Capitol driveway.."

MSNBC Lisa Myers 9/9/98 "...An FBI lab report on Lewinsky's blue cocktail dress: a law enforcement source outside Starr's office told NBC News that the semen on Monica's dress was found to have virtually the same DNA as a sample provided by the president. And Brian, if you thought this report was the end, think again. Ken Starr's investigation continues tomorrow. The grand jury will be in session and we may even see some indictments down the road. NBC NEWS ANCHOR BRIAN WILLIAMS: Lisa, what concerns are there about content? We know from sources inside and outside this case that there are some surprises in here; there are some chronologies and re-telling of certain instances that may come close to turning the stomachs; certainly lead some American families to turning the TV off. How's Congress likely to react to that? MYERS: Well, one source who's familiar with some of the graphic details says that Congress is going to be horrified when they read this report. Part of the problem is that the president, in claiming that his previous testimony was legally accurate, really opened the door, in fact almost compelled prosecutors to lay out the specifics of various sexual encounters to show that the president knew that when he denied a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, that he was in fact actually having a sexual relationship with her.... "

William Safire 9/9/98 NYT ".The most authentic moment of his Presidency was his defiant assertion last month of wrongdoing and victimhood. With no phony lip-biting or spurious apology, he delivered his essential message: I regret that I was caught, but it's my private life so get over it. That true baring of his soul was soon inundated by leaks from his frustrated speechwriters of their rejected draft, which expressed sorrow and apologized to all including Monica. His stalwart wife had rejected such self- flagellation. Let Clinton be Clinton, advised Hillary, and the nation got a four-minute glimpse of the real man reading his own words and legal evasions. In return, the President -- with unremarked gallantry -- pretended to have lied to his wife for seven months after the scandal broke, thereby giving cover to her vast-conspiracy defense when they thought the charges could not be "proven true.". If Clinton remains in office, we will examine a new Independent Counsel's evidence of far greater abuse of power in the stolen '96 election.."

Drudge 9/10/98 "EXCLUSIVE: REPORT INCLUDES UP TO 30 COUNTS OF IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES There are approximately 30 separate impeachable offenses outlined in the Starr report that was submitted to Congress on Wednesday, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Several sources close to the case describe the 'overloading' of evidence that was included in the report.."

Freeper Bob Evans reports on CNN 9/10/98 "At Janet Reno's weekly breifing today it was anounced that she is reviewing whether the Justice Department should get involved in possibly defending the insitiution of the Prtesidency."

Roll Call 9/10/98 Jim VandeHei, Ethan Wallison, John Bresnahan "Legislators from both parties agree that a White House "scorched earth" policy of releasing damaging information with a purpose to intimidate could constitute a separate impeachable offense.."

Freeper report 9/10/98 "Yhatzee, your source may be onto something. On the Fox News Channel, David Schuster has been reporting (all morning) that three grand juries are currently in session. One of them is the gj that normally deals with DC drug cases, and (according to Schuster) they are expecting an indictiment from this one plus possibly one other. Another article has been posted on the subject here on FR--or, if you're finding FR as slow as I am, keep your teevee set to Fox News Channel. They seem to be the only ones reporting this. If it's true, it's huge!."

USA Today 9/10/98 Judy Keen Edward Pound "... The allegedly perjured testimony, the lawyer says, covered Clinton's relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Starr has been investigating whether Clinton encouraged her to lie under oath about their relationship or otherwise obstructed justice. In the report, Starr also concludes, the lawyer says: Clinton obstructed justice at least in his efforts to find Lewinsky a job, which may have been meant to sway her testimony in Paula Jones' sexual- harassment case against the president. A longtime Clinton friend, Washington lawyer Vernon Jordan, engaged in no wrongdoing when he tried to help Lewinsky find a job. Clinton committed perjury in his Jan. 17 deposition in the Jones case. The president did not suborn perjury. The lawyer declined to discuss the specifics underlying Starr's conclusions.. "

9/10/98 Fox News David Schuster Freeper report "Fox News is reporting that court clerks are expecting indictments are coming. When Starr deputie Jackie Bennett arrived today he was asked about indictments and he just smiled. More to follow"

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. 9/10/98 ".The report is long and written in the arid prose of the legal profession. The easy excitement will not come until one gets to the vast documentation attached to it. Particularly memorable will be the testimony. Some of the testimony that will complete Clinton's ruin comes from women he has preyed upon. But, my agents tell me, testimony from his friends is also damaging. Particularly devastating is the testimony of Vernon Jordan and Harry Thomason. As I say, the major charges have to do with Clinton's tampering with witnesses. The witnesses are those involved in the investigation of Monica Lewinsky's lurid affair with the President, about which he has lied under oath. The other occasions for witness tampering stem from the Paula Corbin Jones sexual harassment case--though in the old days it might have been called an indecent exposure case, then known as a morals charge.."

UPI 9/10/98 "President Clinton continued his stream of personal and public apologies for the Monica Lewinsky scandal, expressing his remorse during a closed-door meeting with top Senate Democrats. After the meeting today, Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle said Clinton reassured the senators ``there were no surprises'' awaiting them in the report sent to Congress by independent counsel Kenneth Starr.."

CNN 9/10/98 "President Bill Clinton's legal team launched a last-ditch effort Thursday to delay the public release of hundreds of pages of Independent Counsel Ken Starr's report to Congress, CNN has learned. Clinton's private attorney, David Kendall, met with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde and Rep. John Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the committee, to ask for a three-day delay in the public release of portions of Starr's report, sources said. But White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry would only confirm they were seeking prior access to the report.."

Reuters 9/10/98 Deborah Zabarenko "One day after independent counsel Kenneth Starr sent his report on the Monica Lewinsky case to Congress, grand jurors in the probe of alleged White House misdeeds were back at their posts Thursday. By moving the documents to Capitol Hill, Starr transfered responsibility for the investigation of President Clinton to lawmakers, who must decide whether to launch impeachment proceedings. But others close to the president, who are also included in the independent counsel's investigation, could still face indictment, and that is something that the grand jury must determine."

Reuters 9/10/98 James Vicini "Attorney General Janet Reno said Thursday she retained confidence in President Clinton, but admitted that Americans were concerned about the allegations that could lead to impeachment proceedings..Reno said the Justice Department was reviewing what role, if any, it might play in any impeachment proceedings in representing the office of the presidency, as opposed to Clinton personally. ``We're in the process of trying to sort through our responsibility to make sure that we do it right,'' she said.."

Freeper report on KTOK-AM 9/10/98 Jerry Bohnen, Reporter "According to Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe (R), a number of leading Democrat congressmen have asked the President to resign. Inhofe would not identify them because he was told in confidence. However, he did mention Moynihan in the very next sentence talking about the erosion of support. Inhofe still maintains his position that the President must step down, now."

ABC 9/10/98 Gary Langer "After months of public tolerance, Bill Clinton's support has eroded in a new ABCNEWS poll, with a majority of Americans now saying they think he did break the law in the Lewinsky scandal-and about half saying he should pay with his job if that's the case..Perhaps most dangerous for Clinton is that a bare majority, 51 percent, now say he should be impeached if he encouraged Monica Lewinsky to lie under oath, up eight points in the last three weeks. Forty-six percent favor impeachment if he perjured himself, up 11 points. Fifty-four percent, moreover, now think Clinton did do something illegal in connection with the Lewinsky matter-up from 42 percent in an Aug. 21 poll.."

Fox News 9/10/98 "The world's hottest unpublished manuscript - the report on the scandal investigation into President Bill Clinton - will cause a huge traffic jam when it is put on the Internet, experts said Thursday. But it is unlikely the World Wide Web in its continuing role as the town crier of the late 20th century will come crashing down as a result of the traffic.."

Fox News 9/10/98 Pete Yost AP ".The report, which lawmakers expect to make public Friday, will cite specific contacts the president had with Mrs. Currie last December and January and with Ms. Lewinsky in July 1997 - both during critical periods in the Jones lawsuit - as evidence of efforts to thwart the litigation, the sources said. The report details what prosecutors assert was a pattern of lying by Clinton and an effort to sustain such lies by using government employees and resources after Starr's criminal investigation expanded to the Lewinsky matter in January. The evidence ranges from a false statement Clinton approved for his press secretary to put out on the morning the Lewinsky story broke Jan. 21 to the legal battles he allowed his aides to fight to block access to witnesses, the sources said. ."

National Journal Cloakroom 9/10/98 "Gary Bauer, of the Campaign for Working Families and the Family Research Council, is widely considered to be a likely Republican presidential contender in 2000. In "Resign," airing in the pivotal caucus state of Iowa, Bauer calls on the man he hopes to succeed to resign. The chilling spot opens with a close side view of a television, its blue glow filling an otherwise dark room. Voiceovers from news reports on the Monica Lewinsky scandal are heard, including President Clinton's January claim that he "did not have sexual relations with that woman." As a commentator is heard saying "Everyone lies about sex!" the shot has zoomed out far enough to show three captivated teenagers watching the screen. Bauer then appears, calling on Clinton to exit for the good of such young people."

Washington Post 9/10/98 John Harris "President Clinton made a private apology to House Democrats yesterday morning in the rarefied confines of the White House residence. Six hours later he made a public apology in the everyday surroundings of a downtown Orlando hotel.."

National Review's Washington Bulletin "Conventional wisdom says that Monica Lewinsky's immunity deal and President Clinton's decision to testify gave a desperate Ken Starr the case he'd been looking for all along. Not so fast. Starr originally received the court's permission to send a report to the House in early July -- more than two months ago and before Lewinsky and Clinton made their fateful choices. The report was going to be made July 13th, but was delayed after Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) called on Starr to get a deposition from the President. That means Starr was ready to release damaging charges of perjury, obstruction of justice, and perhaps other offenses before Lewinsky and Clinton testified. Since then, Starr's report has only gotten stronger.."

AP 9/10/98 David Bauder "Despite several barriers that make it a hard story for television, networks prepared coverage plans Thursday for when Kenneth Starr's report on President Clinton is released to the public. It's the type of news event -- release of a voluminous document -- that is perhaps least made for dramatic TV. Networks faced the prospect of digesting the complex report and conveying its high points on the air under intense competitive pressure.."

Freeper Report 9/10/98 KVI Radio "I believe I heard Rep. Linda Smith (R-WA) say on KVI radio (Peter Weissbach show) that the Starr report includes obstruction of justice charges relating to Travelgate and the FBI Files. Smith stressed that she had not seen the report but was basing this information on what she had heard from others."

MSNBC 9/10/98 Mike Brunker "While maintaining a brave public face after their Thursday morning meeting with President Bill Clinton, Democratic senators privately told the president that they are not sure he will survive the fallout of the release of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report, sources told NBC News.. But the main message they imparted was, "Your credibility is shot," one participant said. .."

Washington Post 9/11/98 Richard Morin David Broder "For many Americans, the White House scandal is just the latest symptom of broad and deep moral decline. Everywhere they look -- in the newspaper, on television, in their own neighborhoods and even within their own families -- they see eroding values... They link the White House escapade to their broader worries about the lack of respect for tradition and authority, to the coarse content of the movies, television and music, to personal dishonesty and sexual promiscuity..Large majorities of men and women, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, blacks and whites, young people and old, the wealthy and the poor sense something has gone terribly wrong with the country's moral compass..The survey revealed a growing ``morality gap'' in the perception of the two parties. The percentage of Americans who say they trust the Democratic Party to encourage ``high moral standards and values'' has never been lower, dropping from 33 percent in July to 26 percent last month. But the poll also found that Republicans have not greatly improved their reputation: 41 percent of those surveyed said the GOP was the party of values and morals, unchanged from July but up slightly from a year ago..Nine in 10 Americans agree that the country ``would have many fewer problems if there were more emphasis on traditional family values.'' At the same time, nearly as many -- 70 percent -- agree that ``we should be more tolerant of people who choose to live according to their own moral standards even if we think they are wrong.''."

Freeper report (Ann Khan) on MSNBC "John Gibson reports from tomorrow's Wash Post that Monica serviced Clinton while on the phone with a member of Congress. His panel was stunned.."

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 9/11/98 "HILLARY Clinton is more than just an injured spouse. She is also the target of a wide-ranging criminal investigation by Kenneth Starr that has yet to reach its final conclusions. There is no constitutional mechanism for impeaching the First Lady of the United States. If Mr Starr finds evidence of serious wrongdoing, Mrs Clinton could be indicted, put on trial, convicted and sent to the federal penitentiary like any normal citizen... Two federal grand juries continue to hear witness testimony that could put her in jeopardy. Mr Starr has already secured the criminal convictions of Jim and Susan McDougal, the business partners of the Clintons in the Whitewater Development Corporation, as well as the former Governor of Arkansas, Jim Guy Tucker.."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/10/98 Daniel Harris Teresa Hampton "Unconvinced Democratic Senators told President Bill Clinton Thursday that he has lost vital support on the Hill and the release of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report on Friday may signal the end of his presidency. Clinton was reportedly near tears as Sen. Harry Reid (D-Neb) told him that he "didn't just let us down. You betrayed us." Sen. Bob Kerry added that when Clinton asked: "Do you trust me?" he responded with "No, I don't." .``I'm not sure all the members of the Democratic caucus fully grasp the seriousness of the situation presented'' by Starr's report, said Rep. James Moran, D-Va. He said if the report is devastating, ``I fear they are going to be changing the whole tenor of this discussion.'' ."This report will make people sick, absolutely sick," says one source familiar with the graphic descriptions of sexual activity between Lewinsky and Clinton. "It establishes a clear pattern of deviate sexual behavior by the President of the United States." But sources say the report is not limited to sex. It also portrays a White House obsessed with blocking any and all investigation of the President's activity and one willing to obstruct justice, tamper with witnesses and use all the power of the Presidency to stonewall Starr's investigation.."

Washington Post 9/11/98 Lisa de Moraes "Martha Stewart, role model for millions of American women, has dumped President Clinton. Friday's broadcast of her daily television show, ``Martha Stewart Living,'' was to have been devoted entirely to a lunch visit by Clinton. Taped in June at Stewart's Westport, Conn., studio, the get-together was to have been the crown jewel of the show's sixth-season premiere week. Instead, amid speculation that Clinton might face impeachment over his testimony in the Monica Lewinsky affair, the president got the hook from Stewart and her staff.."

CongressDaily National Journal 9/11/98 ". ."A majority of this Congress does not agree that the president should have this material first," Solomon declared. Another alternative offered by Rules ranking member Joseph Moakley, D-Mass., that would have limited the screening to Hyde and Judiciary ranking member John Conyers, D-Mich., also was defeated. Conyers argued that Gingrich and Gephardt had agreed to leave the preliminary screening of 2,600 pages of appendices and 17 boxes of support materials up to Hyde and him.."

Washington Post 9/11/98 "THE HOUSE is apparently going to make independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report on the Monica Lewinsky case public as early as today. It seems to us the right decision. In the end, it is the public -- not just Congress -- that is going to have to pass judgment on the president's conduct in this ugly matter. The judgment has to be informed. The president's defenders were arguing yesterday that he was entitled to an advance look at the contents of the report, which would permit the White House a simultaneous rebuttal. But there will be plenty of time to hear the president's side. He had eight months, after all, in which he could have spelled it out, and chose instead to deny what he now struggles to explain. If parts of the report turn out to be rebuttable, we have no doubt, on the strength of its record, that the White House will quickly find them and strike them down.."

New York Times 9/11/98 "The House of Representatives' plan to release a large portion of Kenneth Starr's report is correct because it recognizes the need for the public to reach an informed decision about President Clinton's conduct in office and his political fate. House Speaker Newt Gingrich's call for decorous, fair debate is also encouraging and an affirmation of Congress's ability to avoid partisan warfare during times of national crisis.."

CAS List Carl Limbacher 9/11/98 OYSTER BAY "An on air commentator with a major TV network told me privately Thursday night that Ken Starr's report will contain information about Clinton's involvement with a second White House intern. My source cited an account from a lawyer familiar with Starr's report, passed to him through two intermediaries. Though the sourcing is somewhat remote, this commentator has a good deal of credibilty and is not the type to pass along wild eyed rumors. He believes the second intern story based on what his source told him. My source divulged this information in the context of a conversation where I warned that Thursday's news reports do not point to any specific new bombshells in Starr's report, which I suggested would enable the White House to eventually finesse Starr's report. If the second intern story is true, Clinton's Wednseday and Thursday assurances that there would be no new bombshells, made to Congressional Democrats Bob Menendez and Tom Daschle, were false. If the other shoe drops, a la intern #2, Democrats on the Hill will likely want to lynch their fearless leader.."

Sunday Times of London 9/20/98 Matthew Campbell Tony Allen-Mills ".When news spread that investigators had found a video sequence showing Clinton ushering a dark-haired woman into the Oval Office hallway where he used to linger with Monica Lewinsky, many in Washington leapt to an instant and erroneous conclusion: a new "smoking bimbo" had been found who might finally shatter the president's efforts to win back trust and respect. It eventually emerged that the woman was not a "mystery intern", as several media outlets reported. She was Lenora Steinkamp, a 49-year-old kindergarten teacher from Arkansas who has been a close friend of the Clintons since they were neighbours 20 years ago in Little Rock..For veteran Clinton-haters, the most startling revelation had nothing to do with Steinkamp's White House visits but the fact that she was the second woman linked to Clinton this year whose husband had killed himself...It was in September 1986 that Steinkamp's first husband, Wallace Blaylock, was found dead at their colonial-style home. Blaylock, a restorer of historic houses, was said to have been having financial problems. Police said he had shot himself while his wife was out getting him some anti-depressant medicine. Steinkamp remarried two years later and moved to Washington after Clinton became president. In 1993 she was filmed jogging with Clinton. The next year her second husband, Richard, was named general counsel for the Office of Federal House Enterprise Oversight, an independent unit within the housing and urban development department.."

Washington Post 9/30/98 David Broder Claudia Deane Excerpt/Summary by a Freeper ".According to Washington Post/ABC poll released today "The public says, by a 55 percent to 42 percent, that Congress should drop the matter. But among likely voters, a 53 percent to 45 percent majority says hearings should be held. Likely Republican voters favor formal hearings by 6 to 1 while likely Democratic voters are 3 to 1 opposed." The story goes on to say that while the survey indicates that a larger proportion of Republicans is expected to turn out on election day, there is still fear of a backlash against Republicans as impeachment nears. Two- thirds of those polled said they don't trust Clinton, yet just about that many say he should remain in office. Yet half those polled said that if it is shown he lied under oath about having an affair with Lewinsky, he should be impeached and removed, and, on a separate question, three out of four said they believed he had lied about that matter.."

Freeper reports the latest from DOJ ".Wash is awash with talk of further reports/indictments vs. Prez and his aides. The TV live trucks are still parked in front of the District Courthouse 24 hours a day. Both the Northern Va. and DC Grand Juries are still sitting! DOJ source sees great importance in this. Thinking at Justice coffee klatches is that only two maters fell under purview of the No. Va. Grand Jury. Any actions against Monica could have been brought there as some part of the case against her, i.e. The live taping with Tripp took place there. Certainly it was venue shopping, but there is nothing wrong with that. However, all actions re: ML and her mother are moot. That leaves an even bigger fish.. The Kathleen Willey matter. There is substantial, credible, physical evidence of threats made against Ms. Willey to scare her into not testifying against POTUS. This included killing the families cat, slashing tires on car, etc. Belief is that they emanated from Lenzer and others, described by Dick Morris as the "WH Secret Police." This could add up to serious felony charges including witness intimidation, tampering, etc. There is also a very serious charge, often called Interference with Justice. Usually brought by judges against lawyers who have committed or participated in frauds, malfeasance, etc. in a case before the courts. Judges do not like anyone messing with their courts, so this can be very serious. ."

Freeper reports the latest from DOJ ".On the DC side, there is still WW itself, with all its Case Grande, Madison, etc permutations. Jim Guy Tucker was not given virtual immunity for no reason. Starr is still (appropriately) angry about Hubbell et al and wants his legal piece of flesh for Hubbell's broken promise to cooperate. Felling is that and indictments will reach high enough to impact BC and HRC, even to the point of naming her (or even him!) as unindicted co-co-conspirators. Remember, unindicted co-conspirators never get convicted. but they never get trial to clear name, etc. No DC Grand Jury would ever convict HRC or BC of any crime, even with a video taped confession. Further indictments of aides and associates would bring further heat on POTUS and FLOTUS. and also on fence-sitting politicians. ALSO. BC suggestion to Dem congressmembers that they "vote their conscience" was a clear indication that only purpose as to avoid embarrassment from huge loss in today's vote! Departures of Bowles, McCurry and Emanuel are big losses to BC. and there are more to come, perhaps as soon as immediately after election. More to come.... "

TalkDaily 10/14/98 Rush Limbaugh ".Let's look at the record, the Democrats have been trying to derail the Starr investigation for the last four years and they have failed at every turn. It slowed the train but they've not derailed it. Let's look at the record: #1 Republicans win the House in 1994, #2 Republicans repeat the House win in 1996, #3 Starr gets 11 or 12 convictions in the Whitewater scandal, most of them friends or business associates of Bill, #4 Starr wins almost every court battle with the President in his investigation, #5 Starr gets Monica to turn State's witness against the President and obtain vital contradictions of the President's testimony by members of his own staff, Vernon Jordan, and the Secret Service agents, #6 after Starr's submission of his report to the Judiciary Committee in the House, they and the full House vote for impeachment inquiry of the President, only the third time in history. This latter vote included only five Democrats who didn't vote for an inquiry. #7 President makes public confession of illicit affair with Monica in the White House, confirming everything in the Starr report. #8 In spite of a ferocious counter-attack by Clinton's legal team, none of the facts of the report are denied. Only Starr's methods are criticized and questions as to whether the wrongdoing rises to the level of an impeachable offense. Not one sentence in the Starr report has been refuted. The White House makes no effort to deny any of the facts in this case... " ."

AP 10/15/98 Linda Deutsch ".TV journalist Sam Donaldson told the nation's editors on Thursday he expects President Clinton to resign from office if a House of Representatives probe finds that he committed crimes. Although admitting he was "just dumb'' to predict a Clinton resignation within days when the Monica Lewinsky scandal first broke last January, Donaldson said he's renewing the prediction on different terms. "Certainly the president will continue to fight hard,'' Donaldson said. "But at some point, if the evidence is there, I say he's going to resign.'' Donaldson made his remarks in an address to the Associated Press Managing Editors national conference. "At some point, the American public will have to decide which is more important - if the president they like remains in office or if the rule of law is upheld. I believe it will be the rule of law.'' .."

Washington Times 3/27/98 Akers ".House Judiciary cmte chair Henry Hyde named a former federal prosecutor -- a registered Democrat --as his chief counsel to investigate why [AG] Janet Reno did not appoint an independent counsel to investigate charges of campaign-finance violations. This investigation could expand into impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. David P. Schippers, 68, is a defense lawyer from Chicago who served for years as an assistant U.S. attorney for Northern Illinois and during the late 1960s was chief of the Justice Department's organized crime and racketeering section in Chicago.."

Time-CNN Website AP 10/28/98 ". Referring to the experience of the Paula Jones case, President Clinton's lawyers are asking a court to delay a woman's lawsuit against the president until after he leaves office. In a court filing Tuesday before U.S. District Judge William Bryant, Clinton lawyer David Kendall asked that Dolly Kyle Browning's defamation case "be held in abeyance until the expiration" of the president's term.. "

The Pioneer 10/29/98 Laalit Lobo ".Ahmedabad-based artist Mohsin Shaikh, however, has an altogether different reason to brush up the most powerful man in the world. He says Clinton's criticism of India's nuclear tests and the subsequent economic sanctions prompted him to depict the "immoral Cinton" on canvas. He adds: "I was particularly piqued that a pervert and a liar like Clinton should question the propriety of India conducting nuclear tests even when it is well known that we are a responsible country and conducted the tests only to meet our legitimate security concerns." A set of 11 paintings based on Clinton's escapades with Monica are being exhibited at an art gallery in Hauz Khas Village in the Capital. Predictably titled 'Clinton and Monica', the exhibit was inaugurated by noted journalist, author and columnist Khushwant Singh on Tuesday. Mr Singh was all praise for the paintings and termed them "beautiful and not vulgar."."

Insight on the News 10/26/98 Timothy Maier ".President Clinton may be headed back to court. Not for Monica Lewinsky or Paula Jones but for Henry Cisneros, the former secretary of housing and urban development. Clinton is listed as one of Cisneros' character witnesses, but the defense may have a change of heart and not call the president to the stand during the six-month trial scheduled to begin Nov. 4, the day after the midterm elections, involving lying about payoffs to a mistress. Considering Clinton's own legal troubles and his confessed mendacity, say legal experts, his credibility surely would come under attack during cross- examination by Independent Counsel David Barrett.."

The Washington Times 10/29/98 Bill Sammon ".President Clinton, just a week away from an election viewed by many as a referendum on his personal behavior, was forced yesterday by an eleventh- hour Republican TV advertising campaign to again publicly confront the Monica Lewinsky scandal..On CNN, Rep. John Linder, Georgia Republican and chairman of the Republican National Campaign Committee, scoffed at the Democratic response as "whining." GOP pollster Kellyanne Fitzpatrick said the White House had been "caught flat-footed" by the new ads. Although they are running only in selected media markets, the ads gained the kind of national exposure that money could not buy yesterday when Mr. Clinton was asked by a reporter to respond to the question posed by a woman in one of the spots: "What did you tell your kids?" "What people ought to say to their children is that when someone makes a mistake, they should admit it and try to rectify it," Mr. Clinton said at the Rose Garden news conference. "When people do that, if they do it properly, they can be stronger in their personal lives, in their family lives and in their work lives." Mr. Clinton did not mention that he steadfastly denied his affair with Miss Lewinsky for seven months, admitting it only when it became apparent that prosecutors had found his DNA in semen on Miss Lewinsky's dress."

Philadelphia Inquirer 10/30/98 Thomas Ginsberg ".Gov. Whitman, an avowed supporter of women's and abortion rights, delivered a scathing attack yesterday on feminists, including some of her own backers, for being "hypocritical" about President Clinton's behavior in the Monica Lewinsky affair. Whitman, who already had called for Clinton to resign, said in a speech at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government that she was "perplexed by the reaction of so many feminist leaders to the situation. . . .They've been absolutely silent -- silent as never before in their history." The New Jersey governor's comments were significant because her position as a Republican supporter of abortion rights has earned her respect nationally among many feminists -- and also scorn from conservatives.."

Drudge Report 11/2/98 ".White House intern Monica Lewinsky told Linda Tripp that President Clinton would cancel dates with her when he was flared with blisters, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned from multiple sources in and out of government. "He would tell her to stay away, that he didn't want to see her for sex when he was flared-up," one source with direct knowledge of the situation reveals. Any and all references to what Monica Lewinsky was told and possibly saw regarding President Clinton's health were redacted from public versions of information released with Ken Starr's impeachment referral."

The New York Times 11/2/98 Neil Lewis ".As Congress ponders how to deal with the charges against President Clinton, several prominent legal scholars are warning that some of the proposals to censure the president in a compromise to avoid impeachment may be unconstitutional. Professor Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law School has been the most vocal of those who have been saying that the Constitution appears to prohibit Congress from pursuing some of the most talked-about proposals, including enacting a bill that would censure Clinton and impose a fine. Article One of the Constitution, which defines the powers of Congress, forbids Congress from enacting any "bill of attainder," a term historically taken to mean a legislative punishment of an individual who is not a member of Congress. "If Congress decides that impeachment is the wrong path, people might be inclined to gravitate to some sort of censure, but that creates real problems with the Constitution," Tribe said in a recent interview. He said legislation that would censure Clinton and impose a fine to cover the cost of the independent counsel's investigation of Clinton's misleading testimony in the Paula Jones case would be flatly unconstitutional.."

The Daily News 11/9/98 CORKY SIEMASZKO ".Flamboyant former wrestler and Minnesota Gov.-elect Jesse (The Body) Ventura body-slammed President Clinton yesterday for cavorting on public property - the White House. Saying the President sullied the Oval Office with kinky trysts that could have been conducted in a "motel room," the shaven-headed shockmeister capped his debut on the political talk show circuit by suggesting the First Lady stay home and butt out of Minnesota politics."

N.Y.Post 11/30/98 Deborah Orin ".Hanks, a moderately conservative Democrat, also left the door open to making his own Ronald Reagan-style entry in politics, possibly with an eye on the White House, in an interview published in this week's New Yorker magazine. Hanks' remarks are the first public Sexgate-linked break between Clinton and Democrats in Hollywood, many of whom joined Barbra Streisand in ardently defending his sex-and-lies with Monica Lewinsky."

FoxNews 11/30/98 ".Tom Hanks now "regrets" ever giving $10,000 to President Clinton's legal defense fund because of what he has learned about the Lewinsky matter. Hanks, a Democrat, also left the door open to making his own entry in politics, possibly with an eye on the White House, in an interview published in this week's New Yorker magazine. Hanks' remarks are the first public break between Clinton and Democrats in Hollywood, many of whom joined Barbra Streisand in ardently defending the president after the Lewinsky story broke. "We gave ten thousand bucks [to Clinton's legal defense fund], very early on," Hanks told the magazine, adding that he now "regrets" helping Clinton pay for his lawyers. "In all honesty, in the light of events since, it would be awfully hard to say now, 'Oh, here, let me help you out with this problem," said Hanks, the star of good-guy flicks like Forrest Gump and Big.."

Fox News 11/30/98 AP ".A day after a magazine reported that Tom Hanks said he regretted giving $10,000 to the Clinton legal defense fund, the actor said Monday he still supports the president.."I do regret that the country is still going through the entire affair,'' Hanks said. "I do regret that we still have the need to pay attention to such things and for a moment or so I might have questioned my original intentions.'' Hanks stressed that he is still behind Clinton. "You couldn't get a bigger supporter of the president than I am,'' Hanks said.."

The Washington Times National Weekly Edition 11-30 to 12-6 Mary Jacoby ".A Florida man whose 1994 wiretapping conviction was overturned has received a judge's permission to forward a legal theory to the Maryland grand jury investigating whether Linda R. Tripp violated wiretapping laws.. Kevin Wood of Panama City, Fla., a former Air Force officer and electrical engineer, wrote a friend-of-the-court brief arguing parallels between FLorida and Maryland laws on wiretapping. Both states, he said, prohibit "interception" of private conversations by uninvilved third parties. That is not what Mrs. Tripp did when she secretly recorded telephone conversations with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky about her affair with President Clinton, he argued. "Interception implies eavesdropping by a third party," Mr Wood said on November 25, Mrs. Tripp "was listening to the words that Monica Lewinsky consensually was broadcasting to her. Lewinsky intended that Tripp hear her words! In Maryland, Howard County Circuit Judge James Dudley agreed to make Mr. Wood's solicited brief available to the grand jury foreman. "It's a theory of law that's been successfully applied in Florida and is worthy of review as it applies to Maryland." said Tripp Attorney Anthony Zaccagnini.."

Drudge Report 12/5/98 ".Last summer, problems with a server in a West Wing computer system caused a blockage of up to 100,000 e-mails -- e-mails that may now be resubpoenaed in the ongoing House impeachment inquiry. INSIGHT magazine is set to report an exclusive on the 'lost' e-mails on Monday, according to publishing sources. The White House is busily and secretly undertaking a complicated e-mail reconstruction effort. White House spokesman Barry Toiv confirms to INSIGHT the discovery and secret review of the lost White House e-mails. Many of the e-mails are said to involve the Lewinsky matter... Developing... "

Detroit News 12/30/98 Editorial ".When feminists find themselves on the same side of an issue as pornographer Larry Flynt, it ought to cause them to do some soul-searching. Yet the comments of prominent feminist leaders about L'affaire Lewinsky remain utterly devoid of intellectual integrity. They seem more interested in keeping in office someone promising to promote their special interests - such as hiring quotas and government child care - than in their self-avowed principles. Nowhere is this clearer than in the area of sexual harassment - the cause that feminists appear to be abandoning after they championed it for much of this decade. There wasn't more than a whisper of protest from organized feminists about the excesses of sexual harassment when a six-year-old boy in Lexington, N.C., was suspended from school for kissing a six-year-old girl. Yet Betty Friedan, matriarch of feminism, now blithely dismisses the president's misdeeds with a subordinate more than half his age: "What's the big deal?" .. And perhaps the most dramatic transformation has been that of University of Michigan law professor Catherine MacKinnon - the inspiration behind much of the sexual harassment regulations and rulings. .. As she was quoted in the Christian Science Monitor: "Consent is a myth; any sexual advance is harassment and a violation of the law." Yet soon after Monicagate broke, Ms. MacKinnon wrote in the New York Times that what President Clinton did to Ms. Lewinsky was not actionable because it was not "unwelcome" - in other words it was consensual and therefore not harassment. Many rational people may agree with Ms. MacKinnon's belated conclusion. But the fact that it took Bill Clinton to become a victim of their excesses before she made this distinction speaks volumes about the agenda of modern-day feminists. They no longer want equality. They want power - and, like the male "hierarchs" they often criticize, they are willing to go to considerable lengths to get it. ."

SVL 1-5-98 ".Jan 3, 1998 - White House Chief of Staff John Podesta sent a memo to then-Deputy Chief of Staff Evelyn Lieberman on Oct. 16, 1996 regarding the firing of two White House employees. The memo, buried deep inside a thirty megabyte file in the supplemental information accompanying the Starr Report to Congress, refers to the two former employees by name, along with the circumstances surrounding their dismissal: ..."I've also enclosed a brief memo on our (White House) correspondence operation. It was in bad shape when I came in. We got rid of Monica and Jossie not only because of 'extracurricular activities' but because they couldn't do the job."... "

Sunday Times (London) 1/10/99 Matthew Campbell ".Flynt, whose haggard features and rasping voice have become a regular feature of television news bulletins, has been confined to a wheelchair since a man enraged by an inter-racial spread of photographs in Hustler shot him in 1978. The same white gunman admitted shooting and wounding Vernon Jordan, the Washington lawyer, Mr Fixit and Clinton confidant who is a key figure in the Monica Lewinsky investigation. "Flynt always wanted to be a political player," said Paul Krassner, a former Hustler publisher under him. "He got what he wanted." ."

Press Secretary briefing 1/15/99 Quoting Joe Lockhart Freeper wyopa ".Q Joe, the President referenced 900 constitutional scholars in his statement this morning. What's that a reference to? MR. LOCKHART: There is a group that put out a newspaper advertisement some months ago -- Q Right, that was 400. MR. LOCKHART: Right. And that group has continued to grow and it's at somewhere between 800 and 900 now. Q Is there somewhere we can reference who these people are? MR. LOCKHART: I think -- was the original signatures, was that Cass, Sunstein? Yes, I think if you go to someone like Cass, Sunstein, I'm not sure who the other organizers are. But it's been a continual effort that has continued to sign up. And the last time that they did something I think they referenced a number like 850 or 900."

Scottsdale AZ tribune 1/26/99 Penelope Overton ".Squeezing witnesses, threatening relatives and secretly taping Private conversations - it may not be pretty, but ifs the best way to investigate a president, said Samuel 'Dash former ethics adviser to independent counsel Kenneth Starr. These aggressive tactics outraged some Americans, who thought that Starr abused his powers, Dash told law students at Arizona State University on Monday. The public fury proves that most of America does not understand the legal underpinnings of impeachment, said Dash, who also was the Republican counsel in the impeachment hearings for Richard Nixon. "Don't blame Starr," Dash said. "He's only doing what federal prosecutors do everyday. When it comes to getting the president's friends to talk, you can't say pretty please. It just doesn't get done like that. You have to scare them." ."

New York Post 1/29/99 Jerome D Levin PhD. ".THE president displays all the classical signs of sexual addiction: recklessness, risk-taking of truly monumental proportions, unsuitability and inappropriateness of his sexual choices, apparent compulsivity, irrationality manifest in the sheer madness of getting involved with Monica Lewinsky, apparent loss of control - a re-occurring and enduring pattern of acting out sexual behavior over his entire adult life, in disregard of consequences to self and others, and, indeed, of reality itself. He displays denial and projection of blame, psychological defenses pathognomic (i.e., defining of the disease) of addiction which was particularly evident in his grudging, angry speech in August. More inferentially, the case shows the use of sex to meet unconscious needs. The notion of behavioral addiction, including sexual addiction, is a relatively recent and controversial extrapolation from the widely accepted notion that alcoholism and chronic drug use are diseases - addictions.."

Freeper Raven 2/3/99 observes ".The irony of Sid - passing false stories - like the stalker and sueing Matt Dridge for passing a false story.."

FoxnNews 2/5/99 Freeper imdoug reports ".Starr is looking into whether there was a taping system that caught Clinton talking to Jordan and telling him to get Lewinsky a job and to tell her to get rid of the gifts. This would be a violation of the subpoena the White House was issued several months ago.."

svl 2/7/99 Freeper tgiles ".White House aide Sidney Blumenthal is all but certain to get canned from his job as chief White House smear artist after being caught lying under oath before Congress about his public trashing of Monica Lewinsky... According to former White House aide George Stephanopoulos, the White House has pledged to fire the anonymous "smear artist" when there is sufficient proof of whoever it may be: "I've talked to John Podesta in the White House. He said if you know the person who's doing it, we will fire him in a heartbeat." -Stephanopolous, "This Week", 9-98 .."

Judicial Watch Press Release 2/8/99 Judicial Watch ".A former White House intern testified that Vernon Jordan gave her "counsel" and career advice over the course of several private lunches and dinners. Stacey Parker, who later became an aide to White House official Paul Begala, met Jordan while she was an intern for George Stephanopoulos. She was questioned on March 18, 1998 in the Filegate lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch on behalf of those former Reagan and Bush staffers and others whose FBI files were illegally obtained and misused by the Clinton White House. At the time of her deposition, Ms. Parker was an assistant to Clinton aide Paul Begala. Judicial Watch deposed Ms. Parker because, among other things, she had handled a facsimile from James Carville to the Clinton White House's "Opposition Research Office," where a number of former Carville employees and campaign workers were employed. Ms. Parker testified that Jordan "offered me counsel in the past. I have, I have, I consider him a friend." She said that Jordan "kind of tried to help me figure out what I'd be interested in doing. But he - I'm not aware of any phone calls he's ever placed on my behalf or any actions he's done on my behalf to assist me in getting a job." When the issue of Jordan's "counsel" of Ms. Parker came up in the videotaped deposition, Clinton Administration lawyers heatedly objected and demanded a break in the deposition, presumably to consult with Ms. Parker. One Clinton Administration lawyer was heard to exclaim off the record, "Oh, God."."

Drudge 2/11/99 ".It now appears increasingly unlikely that Starr would take the highly controversial step of indicting Clinton during the 23 months remaining in the president's term, if he were to charge him at all, the WASHINGTON POST is reporting Friday editions. "The recent departures of some of Starr's senior aides lends weight to the idea that there is no plan in place to pounce," Susan Schmidt and Ruth Marcus report in the POST.."

New York Post 2/15/99 Vincent Morris ".Independent counsel Kenneth Starr broke no laws when he told reporters about details of his Sexgate probe, a new report says. The ultra-secret report - prepared by a "special master" who was appointed by a federal judge and whose identity has not been disclosed - was delivered to District Court Judge Norma Holloway Johnson. Johnson will read it before ruling on whether Starr did anything wrong, according to Newsweek magazine. The revelation comes amid speculation that Attorney General Janet Reno is contemplating a formal move to dump Starr - a request she'd first have to clear with a judge.."

Reuters 2/15/99 John Crawley ".Lawmakers appearing on television talk shows said the country has been through too much already to suffer through a criminal indictment of the president. The New York Times, meanwhile, reported in its Sunday editions that a rift has developed among Starr's prosecutors on whether to indict Clinton. ``There is no question that the independent counsel has the power to prosecute the president, to indict him, but having come through this trauma, I certainly hope that if that's on his mind, he doesn't do it while the president, Bill Clinton, is still our president,'' Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut Democrat, told the CBS program ``Face the Nation.'' ."

CNN All Politics 2/15/99 Ted Barrett ".Independent Counsel Ken Starr's grand juries will be back at work this week, even as many Washington lawmakers from both parties say it's time for him to wind up his investigation. One grand jury, known as 97-2, which heard evidence in the President Bill Clinton- Monica Lewinsky scandal, is scheduled to meet Tuesday and Thursday, according to U.S. District Court officials. .A separate grand jury, known as 97-4, which heard secret evidence from Starr during the weeks Congress grappled with the issue, is scheduled to meet Wednesday and Friday. ."

NY Post 2/17/99 Brian Blomquist Freeper A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "...Sexgate Judge Susan Webber Wright yesterday said that "now is the time" to decide if Clinton should be found in contempt of an order that struck the White House like a thunderbolt....Wright told other lawyers involved in the Paula Jones case that she might find Clinton in contempt for denying in the Jones suit that he'd had sex with Monica Lewinsky and filing Lewinsky's affidavit into the record...she might also slap Clinton with a contempt finding for violating her gag order by talking about his sworn deposition twice with his secretary, Betty Currie...Wright doesn't need to hold a hearing if she wants to find Clinton in contempt for denying sex with Lewinsky, since Clinton made those denials in her presence, during his sworn deposition in Washington in January 1998....But if the judge wants to take up Clinton's conversations with Currie, she'll probably hold a "show cause" hearing in which Clinton...would have to explain why he's innocent....Punishment for contempt can take numerous forms, including jail...."

Associated Press 2/17/99 ".Judge Susan Webber Wright will not be asked to step aside from the Paula Jones case, in which she is ready to consider holding President Clinton in contempt, sources on both sides of the case said Wednesday.."

Scripps Howard News Service 2/17/99 Michael Hedges ".President Clinton is exposed to a range of penalties as well as legal and political headaches if a federal judge pursues contempt charges against him over his testimony in the Paula Jones case, experts said Wednesday. Clinton's honeymoon from sex- related scandals barely outlasted the Presidents' Day holiday as U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright said Tuesday that with impeachment resolved ``now is the time for the court to consider the contempt issue.'' The judge, who presided over Clinton's sworn deposition in the Jones sexual-harassment case in January 1998, unexpectedly raised the contempt issue at the end of a conference call with lawyers in the Jones case who are squabbling over legal fees. The comment rocked the White House and Clinton's legal team, which had sought a respite from scandal after surviving the second presidential impeachment trial in U.S. history..Clinton has several reasons to be concerned if Wright decides to hold a hearing on whether he has demonstrated contempt for her, legal experts close to the case said. Those reasons include: -- With Wright in the room, Clinton, under oath, made a number of apparently false or misleading statements about his relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, ranging from denying a ``sexual relationship'' to saying he had no ``specific recollection'' of even being alone with her. -- Clinton also watched without comment as his lawyer, Bennett, issued an affidavit from Lewinsky into the court record in which she denied any type of sexual contact with Clinton. Bennett was forced to tell the judge in September that ``portions of (Lewinsky's) affidavit were misleading and not true ... `` -- During the January 1998 deposition, Wright specifically warned Clinton not to say ``anything whatsoever about the questions'' he had been asked. But the president called secretary Betty Currie to work the day after his deposition and told her some of the things he'd been asked about Lewinsky. -- Some legal experts believe Wright has signaled that she is most concerned about the use of the false affidavit by Lewinsky. ``The purpose of the affidavit was to corrupt the judge's rulings in the case,'' said Mark Levin of the Landmark Legal Foundation, a conservative legal group that filed an opinion in the Jones case last year calling for a contempt finding. ``That is the core of the contempt, in addition to the lies surrounding the affidavit.''.."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc. 2/18/99 ".This week Judge Wright put the lawyers on notice that she will be entertaining briefs on whether Bill Clinton's outrageous testimony in Jones v. Clinton amounted to contempt of her court. Anybody who watched the video can reach his own conclusions about that question. It may all depend on how much respect you have for now antedated values like the sanctity of oaths, the integrity of justice, and the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Certainly perjury and obstruction of justice no longer seem as serious now that the Senate of the United States has devalued those charges.,,,, "

Washington Times 2/1/99 Editorial ".Through his words and deeds he expressed contempt for the judge, no less than for the case against him. That is why Judge Wright is correct to consider citing the president for contempt: Out of all the unruly events of the last year, contempt is the one charge against Mr. Clinton that unambiguously fits his crimes.. According to the president, though his non-sex with Monica Lewinsky was inappropriate, he was entirely in the right when denying their affair to the lawyers and to the court. In other words, Mr. Clinton held Susan Webber Wright's court in contempt. He had contempt for Paula Jones. He had contempt for Mrs. Jones' lawyers. He had contempt for Judge Wright. He had contempt for the Supreme Court. The plaintiff's lawyers were able to ask only those questions that Judge Wright allowed. If -- as Mr. Clinton claimed -- the bulk of the questions were without legal merit, designed merely to embarrass and humiliate, then Judge Wright was to blame. The president accused the judge, in essence, of being part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Mr. Clinton's very explanation of his lies is that the entire proceeding was contemptible: The president asked the American public to share in his contempt for Judge Wright's court. If ever there were a case for holding a litigant in contempt, this is it."

Wall St Journal 2-18-99 Op Ed ".One of the more unremarked upon aspects of the Clinton story is how poorly he's fared whenever his version of law or reality gets before a federal judge. The losing and feckless series of privilege claims are the most prominent. Now District Judge Susan Webber Wright says she will consider whether the President committed contempt in his Paula Jones deposition.."

The Hill 2/17/99 David Dorsen ".Two weeks ago, The New York Times reported that Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr had concluded that he had the constitutional power to indict a sitting president and was considering three options: First, not indict President Clinton while he is in office. Second, file an indictment in the near future. Third, file an indictment under seal, thereby keeping the indictment secret until it is unsealed when Clinton leaves office. Last week, The Washington Post said that Starr was concerned about the havoc created by indicting a sitting president. These stories suggest that the irrepressible Starr might soon indict Clinton, but keep the indictment under seal and secret until the president leaves office. Filing an indictment under seal is not uncommon and indictments can remain under seal for considerable periods of time. Most often an indictment is sealed to allow the authorities to arrest a defendant before he learns of the indictment and possibly flees, but courts have said that the government can seal an indictment "for any legitimate prosecutorial objective or where the public interest requires it." The defendant has a considerable burden to show the sealing was improper.."

Washington Times 2/19/99 Frank Murray ".Federal courts have never decided if a president may be cited for contempt, but have been openly skeptical about the constitutionality of what Chief U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright has in mind for President Clinton. Until today, the issue was theoretical, but the Little Rock, Ark.-based judge appears ready to cite the president for "misleading" her court and perhaps also for leaking testimony given under seal.. "Certainly a jail -- or a dungeon, it may be - - is not a fit place to perform the duties and functions of president," the Supreme Court ruled in 1866 in forbidding any order to the president enforceable by contempt penalties, arguing that such penalties could effectively remove a president without impeaching him. "He is, as president, above the power of any court or any other department of the government," said that 19th century ruling that is still cited... "If she finds him in contempt and imposes a fine, I think it's theoretically possible for her to order him to be incarcerated and suspend the imposition of that sentence, but I don't think she has jail in mind," Mr. Olson said..If Judge Wright cites Mr. Clinton for contempt, she is expected to limit the sentence to a fine or an order that he reimburse Paula Jones and her attorneys' deposition costs. She could also notify the Arkansas Bar of her action, jeopardizing Mr. Clinton's law license. A contempt finding could be a major factor in disbarment proceedings pending since September before the Supreme Court of Arkansas' disciplinary arm.."

3/8/99 National Review Kate O'Beirne ".Sir, the girl is here with the pizza," Betty Currie announced to the president, ushering Monica into the Oval Office and the Lewinsky scandal into history. Bill Clinton's secretary did a lot more than help satisfy her boss's appetite for late-night snacks. Without her connivance, there might have been not much scandal at all. Still-despite her enabling role and convincing evidence that she lied repeatedly under oath-Currie, in the eyes of Washington, ends the scandal as she began it: an innocent bystander.. "


N.Y. Daily News 2/21/99 Dave Saltonstall "...One day after detailed allegations emerged that President Clinton sexually assaulted an Arkansas woman in 1978, a key Republican ally of the White House said that, if true, Clinton should resign. Rep. Christopher Shays of Connecticut, who voted not to impeach Clinton, made the comment after reports surfaced about Juanita Broaddrick, a businesswoman who says Clinton forced her to have sex in an Arkansas hotel room in 1978. "If this story is true, then I think the President should resign," Shays told the Daily News yesterday from his Stamford home. "The problem is, how do you prove if something like this is true or not?" ...Questions about the account did little to stem the fallout on Capitol Hill, where some lawmakers said they felt their votes to impeach Clinton had been vindicated. "I think this is a very credible case," said Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), who voted to convict Clinton.... "

Freeper M. Thatcher reports a post from Juanita Broaddrick’s son 2/24/99 "…To: Physicist Hi Physicist, this is Kevin Hickey. I appreciate your kind comments and those of the other people that have posted. My mother and I read this website daily and I can tell you that you are all a great comfort to her. You can't have enough people supporting you when it comes to something like this. There is no possible way to comment on every accusation that is made against us, but there is one from my radio interview yesterday that I do want to comment on. Someone posted on here yesterday that it sounded like I was trying to be "fair" towards Clinton. I assume this was referring to my comments about Starr not using my mother's story in the impeachment process. The point I was trying to make is this: Regardless of the outcome of the vote, in my opinion it was not proper to have Congressmen going over to some building and privately and secretly reading about the situation involving my mother. If they are going to use it as evidence, then give it the treatment it deserves and bring it out for all of us to see and present it properly. If not, then don't use it at all. I just felt like the whole process (trial) was cheapened by the way my mother's testimony was handled. I did not mean that this was not fair to Clinton. I could care less if it was fair to him or not. My point was that it was unfair to my mother. Once again, thank you for your support and keep fighting the good fight. Kevin Hickey…"

Reuters 2/27/99 "....Monica Lewinsky said in a taped television interview that she ignored her mother's advice to end her affair with President Clinton, and that she now believes the president is sorry only that he got caught, Newsweek reported Saturday. "Lewinsky says she believes that at the start of their relationship, Clinton was genuinely remorseful over the affair. Now, she tells (Barbara) Walters, the man she sees on TV is all politician, sorry only that he got caught,'' Newsweek said in a news release ahead of its next issue, which hits newsstands Monday..... "

New York Post 3/3/99 Neal Travis "…ISRAEL blackmailed President Clinton with phone-tapped tapes of his steamy sex talks with Monica Lewinsky, a blockbuster new book charges. The price Clinton paid for the silence of the Mossad spy agency was calling off an FBI hunt for a top-level Israeli mole allegedly installed at the White House. The allegation appears in "Gideon's Spies - The Secret History of the Mossad," written by respected author Gordon Thomas and due out next week. Asked for comment, White House spokesman P.J. Crowley replied, "The only thing I can possibly say is we'll skip the book and wait for the movie." Israel has denied conducting spying operations in the United States. But hints about the Mossad connection to Sexgate surfaced in evidence given to independent counsel Kenneth Starr last year. Lewinsky testified under oath that after a session of heavy petting and oral sex in the White House, Clinton told her that a foreign embassy was tapping the two phone lines in her D.C. apartment…."

UPI 3/3/99 Freeper Marcellus "…The White House won't comment (Wednesday) on allegations in a new book entitled ``Gideon's Spies _ The Secret History of the Mossad,'' which claims Israel tapped President Clinton's phone conversations with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Author Gordon Thomas charges Clinton paid for Israeli silence by calling off the search in the White House for a Mossad mole. Spokesman David Leavy said it was U.S. policy not to comment on such questions though he stated, ``Obviously, we're not aware of a mole at the White House.'' 2/3/99 Josh Fine about Yale mock trial Freeper L.N.Smithee "…When the jury returned they found the ex-president guilty of one count of perjury and not-guilty on five of the other counts. They found his statements about whether he had been alone with Lewinsky to be perjurious. Cronin asked that the ex-president be placed into custody pending sentencing. Cronin said both sides wanted to prosecute the Yale alum, but he won the coin flip. Cronin said he believes the case against Clinton would be strong-if it ever goes to trial. "If tried properly, the prosecution should win this case," Cronin said. "Whether it would happen, I don’t know." …"

The Bulletin's Forerunner 3/4/99 "… According to an overnight ABC News poll of people who watched the Lewinsky interview, Lewinsky's favorable rating went up 11 points from 24% before the interview to 35% after the interview. Also Clinton's unfavorable rating went from 58% among viewers before the interview to 69% after it. 52% also blamed Clinton for the affair, while only 19% blamed Lewinsky. 29% blamed them both equally…. Said one veteran aide: "Bill Clinton has got a problem. If he weren't president he would be in counseling. . But I don't think because he's got a sickness, that corrupts everything about him. . He is a great president." Another "senior Administration official said of the Broaddrick allegation, "I think you have to be troubled by it; she seems very credible." …The Washington Times (3/4, Gertz, Sammon) reported Clinton "aides called the assertions 'nonsense.'" Said David Leavy of the National Security Council: "We're not aware of a mole at the White House." White House Deputy Press Secretary Barry Toiv "called the book by British writer Gordon Thomas 'nonsense. To tell you the truth, booksellers ought to consider selling it in the fiction section.'" Rep. Bob Barr, Georgia Republican, "called for an investigation into the book's assertions," saying: "While this report is unconfirmed and we should not jump to any conclusions, it highlights the serious concerns raised by President Clinton's repeated reckless conduct with Monica Lewinsky." The book's author, Gordon Thomas, "said he did not believe the Mossad used the tapes to blackmail the FBI," adding, "These tapes are the stuff of blackmail. . "No one is suggesting they blackmailed the president." …"

BBC 3/4/99 Andrew Morton Freeper marshmallow "…Monica Lewinsky was left deeply traumatised by having an abortion during her affair with President Clinton, her biography has revealed. The former White House intern was so depressed that she underwent lengthy therapy to try to come to terms with the termination. But she had become pregnant by another man with whom she had a relationship during the time that she and the president were lovers and she never told Mr Clinton about her abortion…."

NewsMax Inside Cover 3/4/99 "…Less than three weeks after Sen. Trent Lott and his timid crew made a mad dash for the impeachment exits, the New York Post reports a charge which, if accurate, suggests that Monicagate was, after all, about crimes that threatened U.S. national security. That's the kind of allegation for which even President Clinton's defenders said they would consider giving him the boot. In his upcoming book "Gideon's Spies", Gordon Thomas claims that the Israeli spy agency Mossad secretly taped 30 hours of Clinton-Lewinsky phone-sex, then blackmailed the President to shut down an FBI investigation into a Mossad mole, dubbed MEGA, installed inside the White House. If true, Clinton's termination of a duly authorized FBI investigation to cover-up his own wrongdoing would mirror Nixon's smoking gun order to torpedo the FBI's probe into Watergate. Only this time what was being covered up was a good deal more serious than a third rate burglary…."

Capitol Hill Blue (The Rant) 3/4/99 Doug Thompson Freeper Quaker "…Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton were made for each other: A spoiled, manipulative little bimbo and a corrupt, sex-obsessed politician willing to risk everything for a quickie blow job in the Oval Office…."

Capitol Hill Blue 3/4/99 "…Monica Lewinsky's sworn testimony is at odds with parts of her book and TV appearance, while assertions she makes about former friend Linda Tripp conflict with evidence gathered in

Kenneth Starr's investigation…. And Ms. Lewinsky told prosecutors that after being subpoenaed in the Paula Jones case, she transported the dress stained from an encounter with Clinton to her mother's New York apartment, where it was stored in a closet. Though she criticized Starr on many points in her book and on TV, Ms. Lewinsky has never disputed Starr's characterization of her mother -- as one of the 11 people to whom she confided her relationship with Clinton. Ms. Lewinsky says she was being used by her then-friend Mrs. Tripp to set up the president of the United States. Mrs. Tripp said it was the other way around, that Ms. Lewinsky was trying to set her up. The evidentiary record and Ms. Lewinsky's own words seem to support Mrs. Tripp…. "

Washington Weekly 8/29/99 Marvin Lee "…Little Rock Police Department last week responded to a report of 576 books stolen from the office of author L.D. Brown. Apart from the books about $6 in change was missing from the office. The police officer who arrived at the scene Monday was told by the building manager that the theft was a delicate matter. The title of the missing books is "Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation." An investigation by the Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) revealed that a security company had reported to the police that the outside door to the office building from which L.D. Brown sells and markets the book was found propped open at 4:20 a.m. Monday morning. "The LRPD apparently scared away the burglars. If they hadn't done that we probably wouldn't have one book left," Brown says. He explains that the burglars had to get through an electronic entry door and two locked doors to get to the storage room where the books were kept. …."