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George Stephanopoulos
David Gergen
Dee Dee Myers
Dick Morris
Robert Reich
Ira Magaziner
Frederico Pena
Harold Ickes
Mike Espy
Roger Altman
Les Aspin
Leon Panetta
Hazel O'Leary
Warren Christopher
Lanny Davis
Franklin Raines
Richard Riley (rumored)
Robert Rubin
Mike McCurry
Thomas ("Mack") McLarty
Louis Freeh (rumored)
Abner Mikva
Lloyd Cutler
Navy Secretary John Dalton
Attorney General nominee Zoe Baird name was withdrawn
Attorney General nominee Kimba Wood name was withdrawn
Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights nominee Lani Guinier was withdrawn
Defense Secretary designate Bobby Ray Inman name withdrawn from nomination
Surgeon General nominee Dr. Henry Foster, Jr not approved
Three State Department officials resigned in protest of Clinton's policy toward Bosnia.
Defense Secretary Les Aspin
Deputy Attorney General Philip B. Heymann
White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum
Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell
David Watkins (Helicopter-Golf)
Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman
Treasury Counsel Jean Hanson
Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy
Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders
Federal Judge Lee Sarokin
Craig Livingstone
Deputy Secretary of State Clifton Wharton
Erskine Bowles Chief of Staff (rumored, rumor that he will run for governor of NC)
William B Gould, IV (NLRB)
Department of Justice, Criminal Division Head Jo Ann Harris (8/95)
Department of Justice, Office of Professional Responsibility 22 yr, Michael Shaheen (11/97)
Rahm Emanuel
James Sasser, US Ambassador China (rumored)
John Nakahata Federal Communications Commission chief of staff
Madeleine Albright (rumored)
Lewis Merletti, Secret Service director

Roger W. Johnson, GSA administrator
Paul Homan, Special Trustee Department of Interior
Charles LaBella, Justice Department prosecutor on Campaign Finance
Mari Carmen Aponte, withdrew from consideration US Ambassador to Dominican Republic
Paul Begala, White House aide
Alice Rivlin, Federal Reserve vice-chair
J. Brian Atwood, administrator of the U.S. foreign aid agency
Janet Yellen, chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers
Thomas R Hutson, Foreign Service officer
Togo West, Veterans Affairs Secretary
Victor Reis, assistant secretary of Energy for defense programs

Charles F. C. Ruff
Cheryl Mills


Reuters 12/5/98 ".U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin recently told President Bill Clinton that he wanted to resign shortly after the Christmas holiday, a Japanese newspaper reported on Monday..."

Associated Press 1/7/99 Philip Brasher ".A presidential appointee in charge of cleaning up more than $2 billion in Indian trust funds resigned abruptly Thursday and accused Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt of stripping him of the authority he needed. The departure of Special Trustee Paul Homan is the latest twist in a long legal and political battle that eventually could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars…."

CNN 2/3/99 AllPolitics ".Charles LaBella, the Justice Department prosecutor who headed a federal probe into President Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election fund-raising, says he is quitting as interim U.S. attorney in San Diego. LaBella told the Los Angeles Times he has decided to leave because Attorney General Janet Reno wants to replace him...."

Insight Magazine Jamie Dettmer and Timothy Maier ".Mari Carmen Aponte, who was handpicked by President Clinton to serve as U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic, has withdrawn her name from consideration after reports she was recruited to be a Cuban spy. According to a confidential intelligence memo delivered to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms of North Carolina, first published by Insight several months ago, Aponte allegedly cohabited with an agent of the Cuban intelligence service, known as DGI. The man, who was not named in the memo, later was identified in followup press reports as Roberto Tamayo. In October, eight months after Insight's exclusive story concerning White House security lapses and Aponte's relationship with the suspected spy (see "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" March 23, 1998) the former member of Clinton's transition team quietly stepped aside. It was only earlier this month that news emerged about her withdrawal. .. Nonetheless, Aponte subsequently was provided a top-secret clearance at the State Department despite serious objections from career officials. Prominent in the minority legal community, Aponte has been a contributor to various Democratic Party campaigns and has given $21,400 to the Democrats, including $1,000 to Clinton's election coffers. The president has had nothing but praise for Aponte, a native of Puerto Rico, and may appoint her to a post at the Federal Housing Finance Board, a regulatory agency, according to the Washington Times. .."

Fox News / NY Post 2/9/99 Freeper Kieri ".Bill O'Reilly on Fox News reported in his "Talking Points" segment that the NY Post is set to report that Betty Currie will quit as Clinton's oh-so-loyal secretary.."

Reuters 2/12/99 via NewsEdge Corporation ".President Clinton may soon lose some of his senior staffers, after retaining top aides to a large degree through the course of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, White House officials said Friday…. White House lawyers Greg Craig and Lanny Breuer, who were heavily involved in the impeachment saga, were likely to return to the private sector, officials said. One senior aide has also discussed leaving the White House, and additional departures are likely, an official said..."

Reuters 2/24/99 Randall Mikkelsen "…Paul Begala, a top White House aide who was one of the key figures in President Clinton's 1992 election, said he was resigning Wednesday to teach college students that politics "matters."…"

Associated Press 5/12/99 RON FOURNIER "...Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, credited with many of the policies that have spurred a lasting boom in the U.S. economy, is stepping down and will be succeeded by his deputy, Lawrence Summers...."

Reuters 6/8/99 Knut Engelmann "...Federal Reserve Vice Chair Alice Rivlin Thursday said she will resign, raising concerns that the loss of her voice of monetary moderation has brought the world one step closer to a rise in U.S. interest rates. The 68-year old Rivlin, a respected economist known for her moderate anti-inflation and strong pro-growth views, said she would resign on July 16 to join a prominent Washington think-tank and spend more time with her family.....Rivlin was director of the White House's Office of Management and Budget from 1994-1996 immediately before joining the Fed in its No. 2 position...."

AP 6/10/99 "....J. Brian Atwood, administrator of the U.S. foreign aid agency, announced Thursday he will leave his post July 9. Recently his duties as administrator of the Agency for International Development also have included directing relief operations for Kosovo......"

AP 6/7/99 Freeper Thanatos "...Janet Yellen, chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers, is planning to leave the Clinton administration, an administration official said today. …The CEA chairman is considered the president's chief economist and the three-member panel serves as the administration's in-house think tank on economic policy..."

American Spectator 6/99 John B. Roberts II "...On the morning of March 29, 1999, the sixth day of NATO's bombing campaign against the Serbs, American diplomats throughout the Office of the High Representative (OHR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina received an unusual message from their colleague in Tuzla. It was Foreign Service officer Thomas R. Hutson's last official e-mail to his associates. Hutson's message was a bombshell. He was openly attacking Clinton's Kosovo policy. "My personal reasons for retiring now have only been strengthened by the ill-conceived decision of NATO to bomb the Serbs," Hutson wrote. "This decision has unified the Serbs as no other event I have witnessed in my observation of the area for nearly three decades." "As for its impact on Bosnia and Herzegovina," he warned, "I fear that it has driven a stake into the heart of the Dayton accords." His e-mail closed with a quote from Abba Eban: "Diplomacy should be judged by what it prevents, not only by what it initiates and creates...Much of it is a holding action designed to avoid explosion until the unifying forces of history take humanity into their embrace."...Hutson tried first to shape policy from the inside. During a briefing on resettlement of Bosnian war refugees, Hutson alerted NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark to the difficulties of dealing with the Serbs. Using a Turkish word, inat, to describe the Serb temperament, Hutson told Clark the Serbs could not be bombed into submission. Inat, Hutson says, means irrational. The Serbs' attachment to Kosovo as a symbol of national independence is like a Texan's view of the Alamo. NATO would not easily force the Serbs to allow Kosovo to secede from Yugoslavia and join with Albania, the goal of the Kosovar liberation movement since the early nineties.....When he met with Albright, Holbrooke, and Fuerth in 1995 Hutson may have thought they were simply uninterested in his political solution to preserve the Yugoslav Federation and prevent war. He didn't realize the three were leading advocates of a new and radical use of military intervention around the globe. In the early nineties, when Clinton was still governor of Arkansas, they formed part of a small foreign policy elite convened by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to change U.S. foreign policy after the Cold War. Reports signed by all three recommended a dramatic escalation of the use of military force to settle other countries' domestic conflicts. Ironically, an institution dedicated to "International Peace" set the stage for Clinton's interventionist policies in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo, triggering the most widespread deployment of U.S. troops since the Second World War...."

AP 7/8/99 "…Veterans Affairs Secretary Togo West has told the White House he plans to resign in the face of criticism from veterans groups, The Washington Post reported in its Thursday editions. ….."

Investor’s Business Daily 7/8/99 "… Richardson forced Victor Reis, assistant secretary of Energy for defense programs, to resign. Reis' offense? Backing a plan in Congress to create a semi- autonomous unit within Energy to manage the nuclear arsenal…."

AP 8/8/99 John Solomon "...Cheryl Mills, the young lawyer whose spirited defense of President Clinton wowed onlookers at his impeachment trial, has declined an offer from her boss to make history as the next White House counsel, administration officials said Sunday. Mills would have been the first woman and first black to serve as the White House's top lawyer. She informed Clinton of her decision Friday after considering his offer for much of the summer, the officials said.....Podesta said Mills, 34, had some private sector offers, and "I'm confident she is going to continue to serve her community and to serve the public. That is what really motivates her.'' Mills has agreed to remain in the White House as acting counsel until a successor to Charles F.C. Ruff is named. Ruff, who served as presidential counsel during the most turbulent years of Clinton's tenure, is returning to private practice....."

Yahoo Reuters 8/11/99 "...The dollar stood unchanged against the yen and euro at midday Wednesday after relinquishing its meager gains earlier on rumors Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan might resign. ..."

AP 9/14/99 "....Cheryl Mills, who is resigning as deputy White House counsel, will join Oxygen Media on Oct. 4, the women's media organization announced Tuesday. Mills, who joined the Clinton legal team after the 1992 election, will be Oxygen's senior vice president of corporate policy and public programming. She will address women's access to civic, political and public policy issues. "Oxygen's commitment to educating, entertaining and improving the lives of women, and the communities in which they live, captured my interest in a powerful way,'' Mills said in a statement. ..." 11/4/99 Ben MacIntyre "…..JAMES RUBIN, the US State Department spokesman, has told colleagues he may quit in the next few months, to join the growing exodus from an Administration that is gradually losing both staff and unity. Mr Rubin, an adviser to Madeleine Albright, the Secretary of State and the official face of US policy during the Kosovo conflict, is married to CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour. His departure is expected to coincide with the birth of their first child next spring. Mr Rubin, 39, an arms control expert, said he had not made "specific plans" to step down. "Reports of my imminent departure are greatly exaggerated," he said, but friends said that with his wife based in London and their baby due in May, he was now actively preparing his exit. …."


AP via Harry Dunphy 11/9/99 "....International Monetary Fund Director Michel Camdessus, who guided the agency through the turbulence of the Asian currency crisis, announced today he will step down early next year. Camdessus had two years left in his third five-year term. The 66-year-old Frenchman had been under tremendous pressures over the past two years as he was forced to keep up a relentless travel schedule, flying from one crisis country to another to oversee multibillion-dollar bailout packages. ....."


Stratfor 11/15/99 "…. Michel Camdessus' recent resignation from the directorship of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) invites us to consider the effectiveness of the IMF and other international entities in managing the global economy. There has been much criticism of the IMF. Our perception is that more than a failure, the IMF has been largely irrelevant. From its management of the Third World debt problem to its mishandling of the Asia crisis, the IMF did not and could not understand the real forces driving economic development. The problem is not so much the people as it is the focus….."


New York Times 11/25/99 Richard Stevenson "….Joseph E. Stiglitz said Wednesday that he would resign as the World Bank's chief economist after using the position for nearly three years to raise pointed questions about the effectiveness of conventional approaches to helping poor countries….. A liberal with a strong belief that governments and institutions have a significant role to play in economic development and that market forces cannot be counted on to deal with every problem, Stiglitz challenged the prevailing orthodoxy among policy makers in Washington. He said that the monetary fund went overboard in Asia in demanding that the countries ensnared in the financial crisis cut their budgets, arguing that fiscal austerity sometimes extracted too high a price from poor people without generating a corresponding improvement in international economic confidence……"

Reuters 12/10/99 Steve Holland "….Barry Toiv, a deputy press secretary for President Clinton who has never really held a private sector job, has one now. Toiv announced Friday that he is leaving the White House at the end of the year to become a managing director at the giant public relations firm Burston-Marsteller. The mild-mannered Toiv, 44, whose previous idea for a change in his life was to shave his mustache, said: "I've reached the point in my life where it's time for a change." ….."


Associated Press 1/10/00 "....The No. 2 Democrat in the Florida House agreed to resign his leadership post Monday after Democrats said the veteran Miami lawmaker betrayed the party by casting what proved to be the deciding vote Republicans needed to pass an expedited appeals process....."

ASSOCIATED PRESS 1/20/2000 "….Sen. Bob Kerrey said Thursday he will leave the Senate at end of his second term. The prominent Democrat and former presidential candidate said it is time to return to a private life. He made his announcement at news conference with his two children standing by his side….. 'It's a deeply personal decision but I feel my spiritual side needs to be filled back up,'' Kerrey said. The decision could hurt Democrats' chances of making any gains in the Senate, which currently has a 55-45 Republican majority. Kerrey's seat was considered a safe one in a state that traditionally votes Republican…."

Associated Press 1/10/00 Robert Burns "....John Hamre, the deputy secretary of defense who oversaw the Pentagon's largely successful inoculations against the Y2K computer bug, is resigning to become head of a major think tank. In announcing the surprise move Monday, Defense Secretary William Cohen said he had recommended that President Clinton nominate Rudy de Leon to replace Hamre. De Leon has been the Pentagon's under secretary for personnel and readiness for the past two years and previously was undersecretary of the Air Force.'' ...... A native of South Dakota, Hamre will leave the Pentagon on March 31 and become president and chief executive officer of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, or CSIS. In a written statement released by CSIS, Hamre said he considered the post a ``once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.'' ......"

AP Wire 2/7/00 Barry Schweid "…..James P. Rubin, the voice of the State Department and a trusted adviser to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, will leave April 1 and be replaced by Richard Boucher, a spokesman for three of Albright's predecessors. In a statement Monday, Rubin gave no explanation why he was leaving his State Department post or where he was going. Rubin, 39, is known worldwide through television broadcast of daily department briefings and for being at Albright's side during international trips. Rubin spoke with rare authority, having been close to Albright while she was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and then in her more than three years at the State Department. ….." 4/4/00 "…… FBI Director Louis J. Freeh is job hunting, according to the Washington Post. With six sons to raise -- and one headed for college in the near future -- plus a huge mortgage on his Washington residence to carry, Freeh is feeling the salary pinch, sources close to Freeh told the Post. The 51-year-old's 10-year term as the Bureau's director still has three years to go, but it is said he can't cut it on his $141,300 per year salary. According to the Post, Freeh has a hefty $400,000 mortgage on his house, and the payments alone chew up a large chuck of his monthly income. Moreover, there are indications that his wife, Marilyn, shares his concern about dwindling finances……."

Washington Post 4/4/00 David Vise Lorraine Adams "…… Intermediaries are seeking higher-paying jobs in the private sector for FBI Director Louis J. Freeh, who expects to leave the bureau during the last several months of this year because of mounting financial pressures, sources familiar with Freeh's plans said yesterday. Freeh's 10-year term as FBI director runs until 2003, but the father of six boys - including one approaching college age - needs more income after 25 years of earning public service salaries far below amounts he could command in the private sector, sources said. Freeh is assessing his employment options in the same way he operates as FBI director: in secrecy. Private-sector associates of the FBI director have been contacting senior officials at financial services and legal firms in Washington and elsewhere, asking whether they would be interested in hiring Freeh…….."

Asociated Press 4/4/00 Michael Sniffen "……A senior FBI official denied a published report that FBI Director Louis Freeh is job-hunting and expects to leave office before the end of the year. ``He hasn't decided when he's leaving,'' the senior official said of the 51-year-old FBI chief whose tenured term runs through 2003. ``For some time he said he wouldn't leave any sooner than the end of the year, and everyone here expects him to stay longer than that,'' the official said. ….."

Reuters 9/8/00 Deborah Charles "……White House spokesman Joe Lockhart, a passionate defender of President Clinton during his impeachment saga, said Friday he will step down in October to hit the speech circuit. Lockhart, 41, plans to leave around Oct. 1, and is expected to be replaced by deputy press secretary Jake Siewert for the remaining months of Clinton's second term, which ends in January. The native of upstate New York said he was entertaining various offers in the private sector and would give some speeches while deciding his future. ..."

UPI 9/19/00 "......Though it's been public knowledge for weeks, Joel Klein, chief of the Justice Department's antitrust division, made it official Tuesday: He's leaving the department at the end of September. Klein, who shepherded the department's antitrust suit against Microsoft and greatly expanded his division's prosecutions, will be replaced by his principal deputy, Doug Melamed, as acting division chief until the end of the Clinton administration in January. ......... Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is poised to decide whether it will hear the Microsoft case this term or route it first through a federal appeals court in Washington. ......... In a ruling earlier this year after a trial, U.S. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson snapped the company in two and ordered Microsoft to curb its aggressive business practices. Jackson's order would break Microsoft into a Windows division and a rump company, but the judge stayed his own order until appeals are complete. .........Under the federal Expediting Act, the Justice Department has asked the Supreme Court to hear the Microsoft case on direct appeal, bypassing the lower appeals court. However, Microsoft has asked the Supreme Court to reject a direct appeal, and instead route the case through the lower appeals court, which has reversed Jackson on earlier Microsoft rulings. ......"

AP via TBO 12/18/00 ".... Jim Hall, who has overseen investigations into the TWA Flight 800 and John F. Kennedy Jr. plane crashes during his six-year tenure as head of the National Transportation Safety Board, was to announce his resignation, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Monday. Hall informed President Clinton in a letter that he would leave Jan. 18, although he has two years left at the post, the newspaper said. ...."

UPI News Article 12/15/00 Peter Roff ".....Two top staffers in a Democratic consulting firm have resigned in a disagreement over a plan to contact Republican presidential electors in an effort to sway them to vote for Al Gore when electors cast their ballots on Dec. 18. ...." 10/18/00 Bob Melvin "…….Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner Doris Meissner announced her resignation on Wednesday. She plans to return to work at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Meissner joined the INS in 1993, early in the Clinton-Gore Administration. Her last day as INS Commissioner will be November 17. Wire service reports indicate Meissner's likely successor will be INS Deputy Commissioner Mary Ann Wyrsch. The White House must first approve her nomination for the post……….. "

AP 10/16/00 "……. Barry McCaffrey, the White House drug policy adviser for five years, is leaving his job to pursue opportunities in the private sector - including mulling two job offers from universities to teach national security issues. In announcing the surprise move Monday, McCaffrey said in statement that "he was grateful for the leadership and support" of the Clinton administration. His resignation is effective Jan. 6, 2001, two weeks before President Clinton leaves office. ……"



From Associated Press 7/1/98 Administration
Anne Bingaman, assistant attorney general for the Antitrust Division, Department of Justice.
Patrick Griffin, White House director of legislative affairs.
Jack Quinn, White House counsel.
Greg Simon, chief domestic policy adviser, Vice President Al Gore.
George Weise, U.S. Customs commissioner.
Harold Ickes, White House deputy chief of staff.
James Blanchard, ambassador to Canada and Michigan governor.
Linda Hall Daschle, deputy administrator, Federal Aviation Administration.
Thomas Donilon, assistant secretary of state for public affairs.
Richard Rosenzweig, former chief of staff, Energy Department.
Lloyd Bentsen, treasury secretary and Senate Finance Committee chairman.
Steve Ricchetti, deputy assistant to the president for legislative affairs.
Elizabeth Rindskopf, general counsel, CIA.
Miriam Nemetz, associate counsel to the president.
Richard Roberts, commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Michael O'Neil, chief of staff, CIA.
John Duffy, counselor to the interior secretary.
Sally Aman, spokeswoman for Tipper Gore, wife of the vice president.
Michael Thomson, tax legislative counsel, Treasury Department.
Dan Tate, special assistant to the president for legislative affairs.


Organized Labor Accountability Project 10/98 "Harold M. Ickes, former Clinton deputy chief of staff and long-time alleged union/mob lawyer, who is thought by many to be at the center of the Clinton- Gore campaign fundraising scandals, recently started his own lobbying firm by opening the Washington office of his former NY law firm Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein. He is now reaping as much as $20,000 a month per client which includes the American Federation of Teachers, Service Employees' International Union along with SEIU's powerful affiliate, NY Local 1199 of the hospital workers' union. Ickes has access into the AFL-CIO and helped with the campaign to defeat California's Proposition 226. Now, he is trying to convince AFL-CIO boss John J. Sweeney into letting him represent the AFL-CIO. ''I expect we'll cut a deal soon,'' said Ickes. Yet controversies dog Ickes. On top of numerous Clinton-Gore fundraising probes, he has been implicated in the Teamsters mess. "As White House political gatekeeper, Ickes granted numerous favors to embattled Teamsters President Ron Carey. A House subcommittee is looking into whether he interceded with Labor Dept. officials and the U.S. Trade Rep. in exchange for contributions from the union." [Business Week 07/13/98] ."

New York Times 2/3/99 Philip Shenon ".Richard Holbrooke, President Clinton's choice to be the top American delegate to the United Nations, has agreed to pay $5,000 to the Justice Department to settle civil charges that he violated federal lobbying laws in his contacts with the American Embassy in South Korea, government officials and friends of Holbrooke said Tuesday.. The Justice Department had accused Holbrooke of violating federal lobbying laws when, shortly after having resigned from the State Department in 1996, he contacted the embassy in South Korea for help in setting up an appointment with the president of South Korea and other Korean officials.."


Washington Post 6/25/00 Charles Babington "…… President Clinton was so eager to tighten restrictions for those who might leave his administration and start lobbying that he signed a tough new executive order only minutes after taking the oath of office in January 1993. But now that his presidency is winding down and some top aides are considering lobbying careers, the White House is mulling whether to soften those restrictions. …….Clinton's 1993 executive order requires senior administration officials to wait five years after leaving the government before lobbying any federal agency for which they had "any responsibility." It imposes a lifetime ban on representing a foreign government…….. For more than seven years, Clinton has refused to alter the requirement that senior officials pledge to abide by the restrictions. But now the policy "is under review," White House spokesman Jake Siewert said in a recent interview. It is unclear what changes, if any, the administration might make. Siewert referred further questions to the White House counsel's office, which declined to provide details……."

Judicial Watch 12/29/00 ".....In Bill Clinton's final days as President of the United States, notwithstanding his and his wife's obvious plans to retake the White House in 2004 under a President Hillary Rodham Clinton Administration, the Clinton-Gore Administration has again shown its disrespect for ethics and the Constitution by using executive orders to pursue its purposes........ First, skirting accepted norms under the Constitution, Bill Clinton named a federal appellate court judge through a recess appointment to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth District. Rather than relying on the law, Clinton's appointment, by his own admission, was based on racial politics. Besides the impropriety of the recess appointment, this is an outrageously unethical basis on which to appoint anyone to government office, let alone a federal judge. ........Second, and not surprisingly, Bill Clinton revoked the one executive order that he entered that made sense; the ban on former White House officials "lobbying" the White House for five years after the close of his administration. This opens the door for the "moneychangers," including the President himself, to cash in on their years of employment for the Clinton-Gore White House. ......."

Washington Post 12/29/00 John Mintz "..... President Clinton yesterday revoked an executive order he signed on his first day in office in 1993 that barred senior officials of the White House and other agencies from lobbying former colleagues for five years. Lifting the five-year ban on lobbying means Clinton's top subordinates, those currently in government and those who have left, as well as appointees in the incoming George W. Bush administration, can start lobbying their former agencies after one year from their last day on the job. ....."