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Betsy McCaughey Ross Lt. Governor New York
Carolyn McCarthy, Congresswoman (NY) - changed before election
Rep Mike Forbes

Fox News Channel 7/16/99 "…Mike Forbes believes that independence is the key to effective representation in Congress and it is an uphill battle…The people of Long Island have given me their trust and, to maintain that trust, I need to know as best I can how my constituents feel on the issues…."



RNC ORG- Rising Tide 1/6/00 Rich Galen "….. Never before in the recorded history of American politics have so many elected off i c i a l s left a party. Since Bill and Al were elected the poster boys of their party's politics and policies in 1992, 439 elected Democrats have joined the GOP. At this rate-more than one switcher a week-there won't be anyone left to turn off the lights at the Democratic National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill. The number of elected Republicans who crossed the aisle? Two. Though Democrats swear it's more, this lone pair of republican switchers go a long way toward explaining why the Democratic National Committee declines to keep track of such things. Three new Republicans from the federal, state and local levels of government-Billy Tauzin, a U.S. congressman from Louisiana, Dan Seum, a state senator from K e n t u c k y, and Chuck Clemons, a county commissioner from Florida-share their observations and experiences….."


Dave Donley State Senator (AK)
Thelda Williams Councilmember (AZ)
Peter D. Shumway Navajo County Supervisor (AZ)
Sam Standerfer Mohave County Supervisor (AZ)
Beverly Payne Mohave County Assessor (AZ)
Ms. Casey Prochaska Yuma County Supervisor (AZ)
Barbara Patrick Kern County Board of Supervisors (CA)
Nina Dean Toulomene County DA (CA)
Ben Nighthorse Campbell U.S. Senator (CO)
Greg Lopez Mayor - Parker, CO (CO)
Dennis Maughan County Commissioner (ID)
Larry Dolezal Lincoln County Commissioner (MT)
Mark Alden University Regent (NV)
Marv Teixeira Mayor, Carson City (NV)
Bill Copeland County Commissioner, Nye County (NV)
Mike McCormick DA, Humboldt County (NV)
Don Chairez District Judge (NV)
Lou Toomin State Representative (NV)
Nancy Kirksey Mayor, Woodburn (OR)
Jody Fischer Chair, Woodburn School Board (OR)
Kevin Mannix State Representative (OR)
Tom Campbell State Representative (WA)
Dave Mastin State Representative (WA)
Robert H. Hinton Commissioner, Jefferson County (WA)
Eli Bebout State Representative, Minority Whip (WY)
Bernie Thompson Sheriff, Kankakee County (IL)
David Stolman, County Commissioner (IL)
Eric Gregg, Saline County Board (IL)
Tim Bukowski, Sheriff, Kankakee County (IL)
James Giglio, Thornton Township Trustee (IL)
Andy Qunell, Crete Township Trustee (IL)
Aurie Pucinski, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County (IL)
Michael B. Healy, Davis County Councilman (IN)
James DeSana Mayor, Wyandotte (MI)
Norm Coleman, St. Paul Mayor (MN)
Michael Brandenburg, State Representative (ND)
John Breslow, State Auditor (NE)
Curt Donaldson, Lincoln City Councilmember (NE)
Debra Houghtaling, County Clerk, Sarpy County (NE)
Linda Wilson, City Council Chairwoman (NE)
Charles Curran, Montgomery County Commisioner (OH)
Dennis Helmick, Hamilton County Municipal Judge (OH)
Gregory Jolivette, Hamilton Mayor (OH)
Mark Smith, State's Attorney, Hughes County (SD)
Al Stein City Councilman, Bridgeport (CT)
Tom Fiorentino West Hartford School Board (CT)
VonzellWard Calvert County Sheriff (MD)
C. Edward Middlebrooks State Senator (MD)
Kay Hartled Register of Wills, Howard County (MD)
Michael Chiuchuolo Sheriff, Howard County (MD)
Chuck Curran County Commissioner (MD)
Edgar Wheeler State Representative, Bridgewater (ME)
June C. Meres State Representative (ME)
George Williams State Assemblyman, 7th District (NJ)
Gus Tamburro Mayor, Evesham (NJ)
Vincenza Restiano Yonkers City Council (NY)
Daniel Tissiere Town Supervisor (NY)
Leo Hart Troy Councilman (NY)
Timothy Whitesell Town Supervisor (NY)
Richard Martinkovic Liberty Town Supervisor (NY)
Charles J. Eber Monroe County Legislator (NY)
Edward Krebs State Representative, Lebanon (PA)
Patricia Carone State Representative, Butler County (PA)
Ralph Acosta State Representative, North Philadelphia (PA)
Thomas Stish State Representative, Scranton (PA)
Theodore F. Lindgren State Representative (VT)

Walter McGlockin Limestone County Commissioner (AL)
Richard Shelby U.S. Senator (AL)
Frank Burt, Jr. Baldwin County Commissioner (AL)
Billy Thompson Shelby County Commissioner (AL)
Donald Koontz Baldwin County Commissioner (AL)
Winford Turner Revenue Commission, Morgan County (AL)
Chip Beeker Greene County Commissioner (AL)
Steve Flowers State Representative (AL)
Jerry Glover Superintendent of Ed. Dale County (AL)
Jim Sullivan President, Public Service Comm. (AL)
Eddie Vines Tax Collector, Jefferson County (AL)
Gerald Allen State Representative AL-62 (AL)
Ward "Bucky" McMillan Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals (AL)
Ann Nichols Tax Collector (AL)
Dale Nabors School Board (AL)
John H. Ashbrooks, Jr. County Judge, Jefferson County (AL)
Michael F. Bolin County Judge, Jefferson County (AL)
John C. Calhoun County Judge, Jefferson County (AL)
Arthur H. Hanes, Jr. County Judge, Jefferson County (AL)
James D. Hard County Judge, Jefferson County (AL)
Mike McCormick County Judge, Jefferson County (AL)
J. Gary Pate County Judge, Jefferson County (AL)
Sandra Ross Storm County Judge, Jefferson County (AL)
Gerald S. Topazi County Judge, Jefferson County (AL)
Mike Richardson County Commissioner, Tuscaloosa (AL)
C.J. "Dutch" Higginbotham State Board of Education (AL)
Gorman Houston State Justice, Supreme Court (AL)
Bill Franklin Sheriff, Elmore County (AL)
Janice Clardy District Attorney (AL)
Mary Bucklew County Commision Chairman (AL)
Herbie Johnson Sheriff, Autauga County (AL)
Bradley Byrne State School Board (AL)
Whit Moncrief Coroner, Autauga County (AL)
Mac Gibson State Representative (AL)
Michael Nix District Judge (AL)
Jim Bennett Secretary of State (AL)
W. Van Davis District Attorney (AL)
David Barber District Attorney (AL)
Ralph Coleman District Court Judge (AL)
James "Billy" Patton District Court Judge (AL)
Vincent Schillaci District Court Judge (AL)
Dan Jones Sheriff - Montgomery County (AL)
Sibley Reynolds Circuit Court Judge (AL)
Richard Dorrough Judge (AL)
Steve Windom State Senator (AL)
O.J. McGriff Chairman, Chilton County Board of Ed. (AL)
Glenn McGriff Chilton County Tax Assesor (AL)
Chip Bailey State Senator (AL)
Ron Johnson State Representative (AL)
Tim Parker State Representative (AL)
Ed Austin Mayor, Jacksonville (FL)
W.D. Childers State Senator (FL)
Byrd Mapoles Chairman, Santa Rosa County (FL)
Donald R. Davis President, Jacksonville City Council (FL)
James F. Tullis City Councilman, Jacksonville (FL)
Nancy Dance Flagler School Board (FL)
Mary M. Johnson Santa Rosa County Clerk of Court (FL)
Sam Agner Taylor County School Board (FL)
Barbara Wood County Commissioner (FL)
Moses Floyd County Commissioner (FL)
Penny Haliburton Supervisor, Board of Elections, St. John's County (FL)
Joe Chillura Jr. Hillsborough Cty Commisioner (FL)
Nancy Rouse Hedrick Polk Cty Commisioner (FL)
Sandra Murman State Representative (FL)
Durell Peaden, Jr. State Representative (FL)
George Whitehurst Crestview Mayor (FL)
Tom Smith Crestview City Council Chm. (FL)
Everett Kelly State Representative (FL)
Harry C. Goode, Jr. State Representative (FL)
Roy Allen State Senator (GA)
Michael J. Bowers Attorney General (GA)
Nathan Deal U.S. Representative (GA)
Bob Durden Chairman / Public Service Comm. (GA)
Kathy Kesee Superior Court Clerk (GA)
Dan F. Pierce Chief Magistrate (GA)
H. Greg Adams Probate Judge (GA)
Rita Rainwater Chairman, Douglas County Commission (GA)
Franklin Thornton Sheriff, Walton County (GA)
William F. Howell Sheriff, Colquitt County (GA)
Ronnie Culbreth State Representative (GA)
Rick Holder Chairman, County Commissioners, Walton County (GA)
Marilyn Farmer Commissioner, District 6 (GA)
Cheryl Fisher Custer Rockdale County District Attorney (GA)
Tal DuVall Commissioner, District 10 (GA)
Kermit "K." Bates State Representative (GA)
Dan Ponder, Jr. State Representative (GA)
Jeff Lewis State Representative (GA)
Scott Tolbert State Representative (GA)
Sonny Perdue State Senator/Pres. Pro Tempore (GA)
John Schickel Boone County Jailer (KY)
Dale Zebert Alderman (MS)
Bill Cannon State Senator, SD 17 (MS)
John Roberts Alderman, Ward 4 (MS)
Edward Prisock Chancery Court Judge, District 6 (MS)
Carol Clifford Supervisor (MS)
Mike Mills State Representative, HD 21 (MS)
David LaRosa Supervisor, Harrison County (MS)
David Raper Mayor- Duck Hill (MS)
Lynn Weathersby Supervisor, Rankin County (MS)
C.T. Switzer, Jr. Supervisor, Harrison County (MS)
Larry Benefield Supervisor, Harrison County (MS)
Tommy Robertson State Senator (MS)
Bob Short State Representative, Harrison County (MS)
Mike Parker U.S. Representative,District-04 (MS)
Walter "Pud" Graham State Senator (MS)
Crowell Armstrong State Senator (MS)
Ted Foster State Representative (MS)
Bobby Howell State Representative (MS)
Rusty Fortenberry District Attorney, Covington, Jasper (MS)
Tommy Wood State Representative (MS)
W.E. Sluggo Davis Chancery Court Clerk (MS)
Charlie Williams State Representative (MS)
Gene Thatch Superivor (MS)
Barbara McCall Alderman (MS)
Emery Veazey Mayor (MS)
James Williams Councilman (MS)
Dan Moore Mayor (MS)
James Albert Riley Sheriff (MS)
Parker Pickle Tax Assesor (MS)
Don Dale Alderman (MS)
Thomas Carr Constable (MS)
Tommy Lewis Desota Cty Supervisor (MS)
Jessie Medlen Desota Cty Supervisor (MS)
Bob Sewell Alderman (MS)
Frances M. Cummings State Representative, Robeson County (NC)
Rick Greeson Superior Court Judge (NC)
Catherine Graham Clerk of Court (NC)
Jim Webb Superior Court Judge (NC)
Jayreen Manness District Court Judge (NC)
James Law State Representative (SC)
J. Roland Smith State Representative (SC)
Wes Hayes State Senator (SC)
Bob Waldrep State Senator (SC)
Harold Worley State Representative (SC)
C.D. Chamblee State Representative (SC)
Dave Waldrop State Representative (SC)
Ronnie Townsend State Representative -- District 7 (SC)
Woody McKay State Representative -- District 60 (SC)
Billy Boan State Representative (SC)
Molly Spearman State Representative (SC)
Stan Spears Adjutant General (SC)
John Felder State Representative (SC)
Holman Gosset Circuit Solicitor, 7th Circuit (SC)
Hugh Leatherman State Senator, SD-31 (SC)
Wade S. Kolb Jr. Circuit Solicitor, 3rd Circuit (SC)
George M. Duckworth Circuit Solicitor, 10th Circuit (SC)
Ben F. Grate County School Board (SC)
Jonny Rowell County School Board (SC)
Marion "Judge" Kinon State Representative (SC)
Rusty Crowe State Senator (TN)
Milton Hamilton State Senator (TN)
Bill Keatron, Jr. County Commissioner, Rutherford County (TN)
Julia Hughes Jones State Auditor (AR)
Phil Wyrick State Representative (AR)
Luther Hardin Former State Senator (AR)
Betty Dickey Prosecuting Attorney, Pine Bluff (AR)
Betsy Gwin Sedgewick County Commissioner (KS)
Vince Cook City Councilman (KS)
Steven D. Wilson LaFourche Parish President (LA)
Louis "Woody" Jenkins State Representative, Baton Rouge (LA)
Tom Ed McHugh Mayor - Baton Rouge (LA)
John Womack Mayor - Zachary (LA)
Richard "Buddy" Wilson East Baton Rouge Councilman (LA)
Judge Jewel "Duke" Welch 19th Judicial District (LA)
Judge Rosemary Pillow Baton Rouge City Court (LA)
Judge Byron Stringer Baton Rouge City Court (LA)
Francis E. "Hank" Lauricella State Senator (LA)
Donald R. Kennard State Representative (LA)
John Lavarine City Councilman (LA)
Billy Tauzin U.S. Representative (LA)
Joesph Harrison VP Assumption Parish School Board (LA)
Mike Foster State Senator (LA)
Craig Romero State Senator (LA)
Lawrence Chehardy Assessor, Jefferson Parish (LA)
Don Higginbotham State Representative (LA)
Steve Theriot State Representative (LA)
Jimmy Hayes U.S. Congressman (LA)
Ed Roy President, Lafayette Parish (LA)
Thomas Greene State Senator, Marigold (LA)
Sam Caruso Mayor of Slidell (LA)
Dan Flavin State Representative (LA)
Mike Michot State Representative (LA)
Randall Harris DA, Curry County (NM)
Dana Hudgins Creek County Commissioner (OK)
Billie Fuller District Clerk (TX)
Chuck Miller Judge, Court of Crimminal Appeals (TX)
Billy Ray Stubblefield District Court Judge (TX)
Ken Anderson District Attorne (TX)
Melvin L. Harborth Gaudalupe County Sheriff (TX)
Judge David Puryear County Court at Law 6 (TX)
Judge John Creuzot Criminal District Court 4 (TX)
W. C. Kirkendal DA for the 25th District (TX)
Judge David Christian Justice of the Peace (TX)
Wayne DuBose Justice of the Peace (TX)
Judge James O. Mullin Judge of the 43rd Judicial District (TX)
Billy Faye Schumacher County Judge, Moore County (TX)
Jerrie Marie Howe County Commissioner (TX)
Bud O'Shieles County Commissioner (TX)
Judge Gary "Ike" Fredrickson Justice of the Peace (TX)
John Cole Constable of Precinct 4 (TX)
Dwight Peschel District Judge 25th (TX)
Warren D. Chisum State Representative (TX)
George J. Filley, III District Attorney (TX)
George A. Crowley District Court Judge (TX)
Linda Motheral District Court Judge (TX)
John Weeks District Court Judge (TX)
Charles R. Ramsay District Court Judge (TX)
Randy Catterton District Court Judge (TX)
Shelly P. Hancock County Court at Law Judge (TX)
R.L. McFarlin, Jr. Hansford County Sheriff (TX)
Joe Hataway Ochiltree County Sheriff (TX)
Billy V. Bowen Hemphill County Sheriff (TX)
Malcolm W. Purvis, Sr. Montgomery County Commissioner (TX)
David McBride County Commissioner (TX)
Molly Maness Justice of the Peace (TX)
Bill Bailey Harris County Constable (TX)
King Russell Constable (TX)
Jim Montgomery Constable (TX)
Jodie Raymond Pryor Galvestone Constable (TX)
Greg Laughlin U.S. Representative (TX)
Mike Holzapfel Sheriff, Hardin County (TX)
Billy Clemmens State Representative (TX)
Pete Gilfeather District Judge (TX)
Jess Howell Sheriff, Wharton County (TX)
J.D. Johnson County Commissioner, Tarrant County (TX)
Alex Gonzalez Judge, Court of Crimminal Appeals (TX)
Jack Kile County Commissioner, Ochiltree County (TX)
Randy Stubblefield Sheriff, Gray County (TX)
Marie Myers District Clerk, Austin County (TX)
Robert Vincent County Commissioner,Lapanses County (TX)
Travis Herring County Commissioner,Lapanses County (TX)
Don Amerson Constable, Hays County (TX)
John T. Boyd District Court of Appeals Judge, 7th District (TX)
Gladene Woodside Tax Assessor/Collector Hemphill County (TX)
Dennis Cadra District Attorney, Andrews County (TX)
Douglas Eberhart Commissioner, Erath County, Precinct 3 (TX)
Louis Fromme, Jr. Commissioner, Goliad County Precinct 3 (TX)
Janelle M. Haverkamp District Attorney, Cooke County (TX)
Raymond Reese County Attorney, DeWitt County (TX)
Sam Oatman District Attorney, 33rd District (TX)
Judge Joe Martin County Court lawplace 1 (TX)
John Sharp Gregg County Judge (TX)
Royce V. Pruit Sheriff (TX)
Neel Richardson Judge (TX)
Joe Martin Judge (TX)
James Blackstock Judge (TX)
Gary Geick Judge (TX)
John Mann District Attorney (TX)
C.H. 'Terry' McCall County Attorney (TX)
Joe Pollock Sheriff (TX)
Dewey Hollingsworth Judge (TX)
Bill Johnson Judge (TX)
Janet Parker County Clerk (TX)
Betty Pate District Clerk (TX)
Wilburn Bednar Judge (TX)
Marilee Jost Judge (TX)
Billy Kothmann Commissioner (TX)
C.E. "Gene" Short Grayson County Commissioner (TX)
Michael J. McCormick Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (TX)
Rene De Alejandro Mayor, Robstown (TX)
Bob Anderson Grayson County Constable (TX)
Bob Anderson Hood County Commissioner (TX)
Rudy J. Cunningham Llano County Justice of the Peace (TX)
Wilbert Frank, Jr. Austin County Commissioner (TX)
Bill Freeman Cooke County Justice of the Peace (TX)
Donald R. Hicks, Sr. Dallas City Councilman (TX)
Betty Sue Hoy Llano County Clerk (TX)
Jimmy B. Johnson Donley County Justice of the Peace (TX)
Jimmy Strube Glassclock County Commissioner (TX)
Fay Vargas Donely County Clerk (TX)
LeRoy Hoelscher Glasscock County Constable (TX)
Bascom William Bentley III District Judge (TX)
Hamilton Hicks, Mayor of Wilmington (NC)
Billy Vandiford, Pitt County Sheriff (NC)
George Kirkpatrick, State Senator (FL)
Doug Peterson, Mayor, Bemidji Minnesota
Jerry Mackie, State Senator (Alaska)
Nancy Lorraine Hoffman, NY State Senator
Elmer Milford, Navajo Nation Council Delegate
Rudy Bradley, FL State Representative
Philip Williams, FL Sheriff Brevard County
Price Wilson, City Councilman Chipley, Florida (400th ) up to 408 on 6/2/99
John Dimaio- Mayor, Hackettstown, NJ
Mike Helmig, Boone County Sheriff KY, 413th
Willie Mathis, Jr Commonwealth Attorney 54 Judicial District KY, 414th
Dan Seum, Kentucky State Senator (#415)
Sen Bob Leeper – Kentucky State Senator

Influential Democrats, now Republican
Herman Badillo, elder statesman, first Hispanic Congressman (1970-78), the first Hispanic borough president (1965-69), deputy mayor (1978-79), candidate, unofficial mayoral adviser 5/9/99 Mike Collins "...Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today welcomed Navajo Nation Council Delegate Elmer Milford to the Republican Party. Milford is the 391st elected Democrat and the first elected tribal official to switch to the Republican Party since Bill Clinton became president.... "My decision to become a Republican was actually very easy," said Council Delegate Milford. "Republicans are the natural fit for Indian country. They believe that problems should be solved at the local level by those closest to the problems. Indian country also believes in local solutions to local problems, as opposed to big government mandates that often hinder rather than help Indian country."..."

Tampa Tribune 4/15/99 Lesley Collins "...Six months ago, an ebullient Rudy Bradley raised clutched hands with gubernatorial victor Jeb Bush in a swirl of confetti. Today, the Democratic state representative from St. Petersburg will make that allegiance complete. Bradley intends to switch political parties - making him the sole black Republican in the 160-member state Legislature, and just the second since Reconstruction. ``There's no gain in this for me,'' said Bradley, who turns 53 on Sunday. ``I stand for the little man in the dog fight. I'm doing this so I can more effectively represent the people in my district.'' ....The sheriff of Brevard County, Philip Williams, also will announce his switch to the Republican Party as GOP officials gather for an annual fundraiser in Orlando this weekend. ..."

Conservative News Service 5/18/99 "...Sheriff Philip Williams of Brevard County, Florida is the latest in a growing list of Democratic official switching to the Republican Party. According to a press release from the Republican National Committee, Williams is the 393rd elected Democrat to abandon the party since Bill Clinton assumed the presidency. RNC chairman Jim Nicholson said: "Under the leadership of Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida is becoming fertile ground for the Republican Party." Williams announced his intention to join the GOP at an event last Saturday saying, "I am proud to be a member of the Republican Party." He also said: "Today marks the beginning of a new relationship based on consistent philosophy-protecting families, strengthening neighborhoods and building up communities." ...."

Reuters 6/1/99 "...Republicans Tuesday welcomed the 400th elected Democrat, an Afro-American city councilman from Florida, to join their ranks since the 1992 election of Democrats Clinton and Al Gore. "We are the party on the move," Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson declared in a telephone interview from Florida. Nicholson traveled south to celebrate a total of 13 elected Democrats from the Florida Panhandle joining the Republican Party with a seven-city bus tour. Overall, the 13 raised the number of party switchers to the Republican party to 408 since the election of Clinton as president and Gore as vice president...."

Republican National Committee 6/25/99 "...Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today welcomed two more party switchers to the GOP. Boone County Sheriff Mike Helmig and Willie Mathis Jr., commonwealth attorney for the 54th Judicial District, both of Kentucky, today became the 413th and 414th elected Democrats to join the Republican Party since Bill Clinton was elected president...."

RNC website 7/12/99 "…Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today welcomed Kentucky state Senator Dan Seum to the Republican Party. He is the 415th elected Democrat to join the GOP since Bill Clinton was elected President. …"

The News_Enterprise 8/23/99 Katherine C Pearl "…The Republican Party became the majority in the Kentucky State Senate for the first time in history when Sen. Bob Leeper announced he was switching political allegiance to the Republican side. The switch was welcome news to Sen. Elizabeth Tori, R-Radcliff, who as the Republican whip now becomes the majority whip in the Senate, and other local Republican leaders. "I will remain the whip, but this time I’ll be the majority whip, which puts smiles on your face," said Tori, who was the first woman elected to GOP leadership in the Senate in 1996. Sen. Dan Seum’s defection to the Republican Party in July had left each party holding 19 seats in the 38-seat chamber, an unprecedented sharing of power. Leeper’s switch, which was announced late Saturday but expected to be made final this week, gives the Republican Party the majority, 20 seats to 18…."

Dallas Morning News 9/15/99 AP "....Lt. Gov. Rick Perry - who switched from the Democratic Party to the GOP a decade ago - welcomed a batch of party-switchers into the Republican fold Tuesday. But Mr. Perry said he won't campaign against incumbent Democrats in the state Senate, over which he presides.....Mr. Perry and the chief of the state GOP, Susan Weddington, hailed the switching of 15 current and former county-level officeholders from various parts of the state. State Democratic chair Molly Beth Malcolm said: "These officials switched out of a misguided sense of political expediency." One of those who changed, Leon County Commissioner Burel Biddle, said he was following what he believes in. "I finally decided to make the switch because their beliefs are my beliefs," he said of the GOP. ...."

Tampa Tribune 12/4/99 David Royse AP "…..The Blue Dogs may be a dying breed in Florida. The conservative wing of the Democratic Party dwindled further Friday with the defection of Rep. Joe Spratt to the Republicans. Spratt, of LaBelle, was the second conservative Democrat to switch parties in two days, following Irlo "Bud" Bronson, and the sixth House Democrat in two years to join the GOP. The Florida House now stands at 75 Republicans and 45 Democrats. The Democrats held a majority in the House as recently as 1995, when there were 63 Democrats and 57 Republicans. ..."

Associated Press 5/15/00 Leigh Strope "……Bill Clinton is almost gone from the White House, crime is down and tax cuts don't sell the way they used to. Some Republicans figure they might as well be Democrats. In a single week recently, two Republicans in the Legislature jumped to the Democratic Party in what former Democratic National Committee chairman Don Fowler said was the first such switch in South Carolina since Reconstruction. Reps. Mickey Whatley and Margaret Gamble, both moderate Republicans, said they were fed up with being bullied to vote against Democratic measures on education and health care at the expense of their districts. ……"

Florida Times-Union 7/31/00 "……Before last week, six Democratic congressmen had switched to the Republicans in the past seven years. All were centrists or conservatives. But U.S. Rep. Matthew Martinez of California is pro-abortion. He's an environmentalist. He voted for gun control and a minimum-wage increase. He opposed welfare reform and the balanced budget amendment. He sponsored President Clinton's community service bill. ...... A consistent ally of unions, he also has an 87 percent approval rating from the American Civil Liberties Union. Now he, too, has become a Republican. The party of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, he says, has moved too far to the left even for him. That's an ominous sign for Democrats……." 7/26/00 Juliet Eilperin "….. Eighteen-year veteran Rep. Matthew G. Martinez (D-Calif.) is planning to switch parties today, according to Republican sources. A longtime liberal from the Los Angeles suburbs who was defeated in a primary in March, Martinez bucked congressional Democratic leaders after he lost to state Sen. Hilda Solis. While the switch has no immediate implications for the close battle over control of the House - Solis is heavily favored to win the majority-Latino district - it demonstrates the extent to which the parties are jockeying for the majority…….."

AP News 7/26/00 Bart Jansen "…… A California Democratic congressman who blamed party leaders for his sound defeat in the primary this year has joined the Republican Party. Again. Rep. Matthew "Marty" Martinez said he told House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., about his decision a week ago. He sent a voter registration card to Los Angeles County on Wednesday to officially change parties. ……"I felt the Democratic Party left me. I didn't leave the Democratic Party," Martinez said at a news conference with Hastert. "I don't think bitter is the right word. The proper word is disappointed." ……."




CNN 1/27/2000 Jim Abrams "....Virginia Rep. Virgil Goode, who earlier this week announced he was leaving the Democratic Party, said Thursday he will join the House Republican Conference and participate in GOP policy sessions. Goode, a conservative who has frequently voted with the Republicans since his election in 1996, repeated that he will run as an independent in the fall election and is not formally joining the Republican Party. But Goode, at a news conference where he was surrounded by House GOP leaders, said that in a vote to choose the next House speaker he would pick Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., over Democratic leader Dick Gephardt of Missouri. ......."

New York Times 1/25/2000 Eric Schmitt "….Congress returned to work today after a two-month recess, with House Democrats wounded by the defection of one of their most conservative members, Virgil H. Goode Jr. of Virginia. Mr. Goode said he was switching to be an independent. On major bills, Mr. Goode, a two-term legislator, has voted more often with Republicans than Democrats, meaning it could undercut Democrats' goal of reclaiming control of the chamber. ….."

South Bend Tribune 2/15/00 Jack Colwell "….SOUTH BEND--Larry J. Jasinski, a former county council member from a family long prominent in Democratic politics, switched to the Republican Party Monday and filed for a GOP nomination for county commissioner. Republicans hailed Jasinski as a powerful hitter adding clout to their lineup as they seek to capture control of the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners. Democrats portrayed Jasinski instead as a weak hitter who struck out in their party, losing his last three races for Democratic nominations. ….."

Reuters via ETHERZONE 4/5/00 "…… EL PASO, Texas (Reuters) - The Democratic mayor of this border city has been expelled from his party for campaigning for Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush (news - web sites), Democratic officials said Tuesday. Party leaders voted at the weekend to oust Mayor Carlos Ramirez for a widely publicized series of national campaign appearances with the Texas governor. ``He's been stumping for Bush in L.A. and New Hampshire, always introduced as the Democratic mayor of El Paso,'' county Democratic Party chairman Jose Parra said. ``The Republicans are targeting the Hispanic Democratic vote.'' Parra said he could not remember the party ever taking similar action against an elected official. ……."


New York Newsday 9/13/00 "….. Former librarian leads Forbes in 1st Congressional District In what appears to be a stunning upset, insurgent Democrat Regina Seltzer held a slim lead over Republican- turned-Democrat Rep. Michael Forbes last night in a primary challenge that seriously jeopardizes his well-financed re-election bid in the solidly GOP Suffolk district. Although Seltzer, a former Brook.haven Town Board member, was not endorsed by the Democratic leadership, her surprising performance in the First Congressional District indicates Forbes was not welcomed into the party fold. Forbes still has the Working Families Party line in November. ……. Seltzer, who held a 39-vote lead in unofficial returns, claimed victory last night, but Forbes refused to concede……."

The Courier-Houma Today 9/5/00 Charles Lussier "…….Call it another blow for partisan politics in Louisiana. Hunt Downer, one of the state' s most prominent Democrats, will be working hard this fall to get a Republican into the White House.Downer is the head of the Democrats for George W. Bush. He is also leading up an effort to attract military veterans to the Bush camp; Downer serves as a colonel in the Louisiana National Guard.Downer said he has liked the Bush family for years, starting with the father." I was a supporter of President Bush," he said...." 10/10/00 Jim Burns "……Several more Democratic officials announced their support for Republican George W. Bush on Tuesday. They also said they have formed a committee called "Americans for Bush/Cheney" in hopes of getting Democrats and Independents to vote for Bush instead of Vice President Al Gore in November……..Among the Democrats endorsing Bush are Griffin Bell, the former attorney general under President Jimmy Carter. In a statement, Bell said, "George W. Bush will be a president who can bring Republicans, Democrats and Independents together. He has a proven track record of unity as Governor of Texas. This is a man of true bipartisan leadership, and I strongly endorse his candidacy."…….Another prominent Democrat supporting Bush is Florida Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford....... Other Florida Democrats who support Bush include former Lt. Gov. Wayne Mixson; State Rep. Bud Bronson from Kissimmee; Tampa Mayor Dick Greco and Fort Launderdale Mayor James Naugle. Steven Uhlfelder of Tallahassee, who served as legal counsel to the Clinton/Gore '96 campaign, also announced he is supporting Bush…….. Bush's support among Democrats reaches beyond Florida. Former House Armed Services Committee Chairman Sonny Montgomery of Mississippi is another Democrat who has announced he is endorsing Bush for president, and so has Rep. Ralph Hall (D-TX). Hall was one of five House Democrats who voted in favor of all four articles of impeachment against President Clinton……..Independent Rep. Virgil Goode of Virginia, who recently left the Democratic Party, announced that he, too, is supporting Bush…….."

AP 10/5/00 "…… DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - The Republican mayor of Iowa's second-largest city endorsed Democrat Al Gore for president on Thursday……Cedar Rapids Mayor Lee Clancey said she planned to vote for Gore because of his stances on education, taxation and women's rights……"

RNC Email 10/2/00 Jim Nicholson "……The day before Governor George W. Bush and Al Gore take the stage in Boston for their first presidential debate, Massachusetts Democrat State Rep. Brian Golden threw his support behind Governor Bush. "Democrat Brian Golden boldly endorsed Governor Bush because he has seen firsthand how Bush has successfully worked across party lines to enact bipartisan education reform in Texas - reform that has brought about dramatic improvements in test scores, especially among African American and Hispanic children," said Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson. …."

CNS News 10/3/00"…… Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mayor Jim Naugle, a lifelong Democrat, said Tuesday he is going to endorse Republican George W Bush for President. Fort Lauderdale is in a heavily Democratic area of Florida that the Clinton-Gore ticket carried in both the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections. One reason for endorsing Bush is that Naugle said he doesn''t like Gore''s proposed policies for taxation. "I see Vice President Gore making so many promises for so many new entitlements that I fear that working people in this country in the future are going to be saddled with tax rates that are just unbelievable. Sixty or 70 percent to pay for all this stuff. Every time you turn around, it''s a new program or a new entitlement," Naugle said. ……"


Insight magazine 9/23/00 Aimee Welch "....... Some of the most powerful Democrats in Texas have been campaigning for George W. Bush, extolling his leadership and providing a counterbalance against his liberal critics. What's going on?........ After 10 days of playing telephone tag with Insight, the loud voice of Dallas trial lawyer and Democratic chairman of the House Committee on State Affairs comes drawling over the line, live and in person. "Hi, this is Steve Wolens. Steven D. Wolens. The 'D' stands for delightful," the 20-year veteran of the Texas House of Representatives jokes by way of introduction. "It's not 'W' for wonderful." ..... Although flacks for the Texas Democratic Party have insisted to the media that no one should get the impression that Bush has strong support among Texas Democrats, surprising numbers of the state's leading Democrats have broken ranks unapologetically on the campaign trail to defend their state and Bush's record. In 1998 27 percent of Democrats gave Bush their votes to make him the first Texas governor in history to be elected to consecutive four-year terms. (He was re-elected with 70 percent of the vote.) ......"

St. louis Post-Dispatch 9/17/00 Jo Mannies "…… Just months after retiring as a Democratic institution at City Hall, former Alderman Geraldine Osborn is returning to politics - as a supporter of Texas Gov. George W. Bush. Her husband, former mayoral aide Bob Osborn, has volunteered at a couple of Bush's most recent events here. Geri Osborn plans to do "grunt work, licking envelopes" - as soon as she finishes unpacking. The couple moved a month ago to a new house outside Wentzville, after 41 years on Juniata Avenue...."

AP 9/19/00 "....HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (AP) -- A 71-year-old former librarian who spent a paltry $40,000 on her Democratic campaign for Congress won the primary against Rep. Michael Forbes by a 35-vote margin, officials declared Tuesday. The final vote from the recount of the Sept. 12 primary gave Regina Seltzer 6,077 to Forbes 6,042, said Suffolk County Democratic Elections Commissioner Neil Tiger. Seltzer will face Republican Felix Grucci, the Brookhaven Town Supervisor, in the Nov. 7 general election. ..... Forbes, a three-term congressman who switched parties last year, amassed a $1.4 million war chest, some of that coming from a fund-raiser last April that featured President Clinton. ......."

RNC Email to Radio Hosts 9/18/00 Jim Nicholson "…….. · The switch. Al Gore's campaign suffered an embarrassing blow over the weekend when longtime Democratic fundraiser Bill Batoff of Philadelphia announced he was dumping Gore and supporting Governor George W. Bush for president. Batoff, who says he has raised more than $100,000 for Gore campaigns dating back to the 1988 U.S. Senate race, served on the Clinton-Gore campaign's national board in 1996 and the Clinton for President National Finance Committee four years earlier. When Governor Bush went to Philadelphia for the Republican National Convention, he met Batoff at PA Governor Tom Ridge's home. Said Batoff: "I walk in and sit down, and lo and behold, I was met with honesty and warmth. I'm talking to (Bush) about issues I've read, and he said to me at the end, 'Bill, I'm asking for your support.' And I said, 'You've got it'." While Governor Bush reaches out to Democrats, Al Gore is still practicing the politics of class warfare - pitting American against fellow American. ……." 12/3/00 "….. Democrat Mayor Mark Lewis of El Cajon, CA, has announced he is switching his party registration to to the Republican Party. Lewis plans a press conference at 10:00am on Sunday, December 3, 2000, in San Diego. Lewis, in making the switch, will discuss Vice President Gore's attempts to deny the absentee votes of American servicemen and servicewomen to be counted in the Florida primary election: In a prepared statement, Lewis said, "Over 600,000 servicemen and women gave their lives in this last century to ensure American freedoms, including our fundamental right to vote….." 10/30/00 Robert Novak "…… Some Blue Dog moderate House Democrats have approached Speaker Dennis Hastert to discuss the possibility of crossing the aisle to become Republicans after the election. The names of these potential defectors are closely guarded, but congressional sources list three candidates: Ralph Hall of Texas, Collin Peterson of Minnesota and John Tanner of Tennessee. Hall has enthusiastically endorsed Republican George W. Bush for president. Tanner vigorously denied meeting with Hastert and said he has no intention of switching parties. ..."