Revised 11/3/99


CORRECTIONS AND FEEDBACK 5/19/99 Dan E. Moldea "....One of these anonymous Freeper-heroes, known only as "giotto," wrongly credited me for authoring an article I did not write and had nothing to do with. The original piece, minus the fake byline, appeared in the May 4, 1998, edition of the Washington Weekly, another right-wing, anti-Clinton publication, which still spends much of its time trying to prove that Vincent Foster was murdered..... After friends of mine complained, "giotto" filed another post, saying: "'The Mob President' is apparently not by Dan Moldea, but rather by someone on the Washington Weekly staff. ..." Despite this clear retraction, the article continues to be reproduced on a variety of web sites, including the Free Republic [and its so-called Alamo files]--and still appears under my byline...... Other than posting this statement, there doesn't appear to be anything I can do to stop this disinformation...."

Alamo-Girl to Freeper moldea "...The information [DSL] is my cyber-notepad. Every time it is posted I appeal for Freepers to post their corrections, edits and additions. In fact the table of contents always has this statement: "The DSL does not propose any theories or answer any questions. The DSL is dynamic, subject to continuing authentication, editing, correction and expansion Please post your corrections, edits and additions. Draw your own conclusions." The correction was never posted to the Downside Legacy and I never saw the retraction. Of course, now I know about it ... it will be changed. Please accept my apology. Here is the erroneous mention of your name. It was authentic as to the original post, but as you have pointed out - it is not accurate, in that you did not write it. Your name will be removed from the following:...[the 5/4/98 excerpt] ... Your name appears in two other sections as follows. If there is any inaccuracy in these excerpts, please let me know. If they are accurate excerpts but you wish to protest the content, please leave me a note and I'll work something in there for you....[other excerpts] ...Thank you for your cooperation. Integrity in the DSL is very important to me...."

Freeper giotto 5/19/99 "...First, I am very sorry that I caused this confusion. The wonderful immediacy of the Internet is also one of its dangers. Like the dandelion, the mistakes can spread irretrievably. As to how I managed to get the idea that you had written the article: I found it on the Washington Weekly website. There was no byline, but a large ad for a book by you was displayed at either the top or bottom of the page. The name Dan Moldea was in large letters, and I somehow linked the article with your name....."

5/19/99 Dan Moldea to Alamo-Girl "...Thank you for your correction earlier in the day. I was very impressed with how quickly you responded. The mainstream media should take note. Obviously, I disagree with the spin that the Washington Times, the Republican National Committee, the Landmark Legal Foundation, and people like Bill O'Reilly have placed on my activities. I hope that I am not the monster that they have portrayed me as; my defense for anything and everything can be found on my web site. Thank you again for your professionalism..." 10/30/99 Carl Limbacher "…. Correction: During his Judicial Watch address Chung thanked members of the FBI's Los Angeles Counterintelligence Group for protecting his life after he turned state's evidence. Sources familar with Chung's security arrangements confirmed on Friday that he was protected by armed bodyguards during the event but indicated that those guards were not members of the FBI, as was previously reported…."