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This is an abbreviation of the full Waco Timeline as envisioned by Freeper archy to help all of us in our research and analysis. Sources for the information are on the Waco Timeline.


19 APR 1529 In Germany, Lutheran leaders in fourteen cities lodged a "protest" demanding freedom of conscience and the right of minorities. The German Lutheran Reformers became known as "Protestants."

19 APR 1721 Birthday of Roger Sherman, signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

19 APR 1775 The shot was fired that was heard round the world. It was the day those colonists drew their line in the sand at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge and America's War for Independence began

00 XXX 1831 William Miller studied end-time prophecies and in 1833 concluded the world will end in 1843; revised to 1844

00 XXX 1844 Prophecy failed; Millerite movement began to disintegrate; one of the strands, which developed into Seventh-day Adventism, believed 1844 marked the beginning of the time of the end

19 APR 1861 Lincoln orders blockade of Confederate ports, beginning the Union side of the War Between the States.

00 XXX 1863 The Seventh-day Adventist Church becomes recognized; influenced by Ellen White, a prophet who revealed the church as God's chosen people at the end time

00 XXX 1911 Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

00 XXX 1915 Ellen White died; no further prophets recognized by the Seventh-day Adventist Church

00 XXX 1928 Germany established gun control. From 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

00 XXX 1929 The Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, approximately 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

00 XXX 1929-1931 Victor Houteff believed he was a prophet and was disfellowshipped from the Seventh-day Adventist Church; he formed the Davidian Seventh-day Adventists, "The Shepherd's Rod". Its most important teaching is that God will establish a literal kingdom in Israel, ruled by Jesus Christ and his lieutenant, the "Antitypical David."

00 XXX 1935 China established gun control. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents were unable to defend themselves and were rounded up and exterminated.

00 XXX 1956 Cambodia established gun control. From 1975 to 1977, one million "educated" people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

19 APR 1943 Warsaw Uprising: A handful of Jews attack the Nazi occupation force in the Warsaw ghetto: "a ragtag, half-starved group of Jews took 10 handguns and made asses out of the Nazis" (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership)

19 APR 1948 Birthday of Colonel in charge of Waco related CAG unit.

00 XXX 1955 Victor Houteff died. His widow Florence Houteff assumed leadership; Benjamin Roden contested leadership, saying he was a prophet.

00 XXX 1955-1959 Ben Roden founded the Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventists (BDSDA). There are various other splinter groups formed from the Davidian Seventh-day Adventists

00 XXX 1962 Ben Roden and his followers took over New Mount Carmel, formerly headquarters of the Davidian Seventh-day Adventists

22 NOV 1963: President John Fitzgerald Kennedy shot to death by sniper fire during noontime Dallas motorcade.
00 XXX 1964 Guatemala established gun control. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

00 XXX 1970 Uganda established gun control. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated 19 APR 1939 Connecticut finally approves the Bill of Rights.

00 XXX 1971 BATF raid: Maryland boy scout leader, volunteer fireman, and gun collector shot four times

00 XXX 1976 to Waco Seige - Bill Buford ATF chief in Little Rock

00 XXX 1978-1984 Lois Roden, Ben Roden's widow, became president; had a vision of the Holy Spirit as the feminine aspect of the trinity; traveled widely; attracted many believers.

00 XXX 1981 Vernon Howell arrived at Mount Carmel Center as the handyman.

00 XXX 1982 Senate Subcommittee found that BATF agents regularly: "Trampled upon the Second Amendment" by chilling the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms by law-abiding citizens; "Offended the Fourth Amendment" by unreasonably searching and seizing private property; and "Ignored the Fifth Amendment" by taking private property without just compensation and by entrapping honest citizens without regard for the right to due process of law.

00 XXX 1983 Howell claimed divine inspiration; began cohabiting with Lois Roden

03 JUN 1983, Lawrence Co, Arkansas; FBI killing of Gordon Kahl

00 DEC 1984 FBI assault on Robert Matthews head of the "Order;" siege ended in a fire caused by a military magnesium flare dropped from a helicopter by the FBI

00 XXX 1985 Howell and his young wife Rachel Jones went to Israel; received a major revelation from God that he is the Antitypical Cyrus; he decided to change his name to David Koresh;

20 APR 1985 BATF assault on 80 member Covenant of the Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA) – multiple firearms and explosives; Fed agents found 33 gallons of cyanide when they invaded The Covenant, The Sword and Arm of the Lord compound in northwestern Arkansas

03 NOV 1987 To settle the BD leadership dispute w/Koresh, Roden dug up a man dead 25 years, put the casket chapel, and said that whoever could raise this man from the dead was the one to lead the Davidians; Koresh reported the action to the Sheriff's Department but was told his wrd was enough, so he went out to take pictures of the body; Roden caught them, there was a gunfight; Koresh and seven other Davidians were charged with attempted murder .

00 DEC 1987 Koresh and seven Branch Davidians turned themselves in when the deputies came to arrest them for the shoot out with George Roden

25 APR 1988 Koresh's seven followers were acquitted, and the jury hung 9-3 in favor of Koresh's acquittal. Koresh paid up 16 years of delinquent taxes, which allowed him and his followers to move in . They found a methamphetamine lab and large piles of pornographic material. They burned the pornography and reported the meth lab to the DA's office; 40 foreign nationals from Jamaica, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand entered the US and used the address of the Mt. Carmel as their point of contact; most of the foreign nationals overstayed their entry permits or visas

21 DEC 1988: Pan Flight 800 to New York crashes following the explosion of a bomb, killing 259 people on board and 11 residents of the Scottish town of Lockerbie.

00 JUN 1989 (summer) Roden was approached by a man who claimed to be the Messiah; Roden split the man's head open with an ax and he was charged with murder, found not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to a mental hospital

19 APR 1989 47 Sailors on USS Iowa died in explosion

00 JAN 1990 ATF black agents filed suit in federal court claiming discrimination

00 XXX 1991 to 1995 – Carlos Ghigliotti (FLIR investigator) worked for FBI as expert in environmental dumping cases

00 XXX 1991 When LaVerne, California police demanded Koresh return their child to Robyn Bunds, he did so immediately

00 XXX 1992 BATF raided home of Louis and Kimberly Katone seizing $100,000 in legally owned collectible firearms. Kimberly miscarried after being shoved against a wall

00 FEB 1992 (JAN-FEB) Robert Cervenka heard machinegun fire coming from the compound property at night; he believed it to be 50 caliber machineguns and possibly M-16 machineguns; UPS employee Larry Gilbreath observed invoices to Mag Bag were for firearm parts and accessories as well as various chemicals

02 XXX 1992 to 04 XXX 1992 Koresh allowed Texas Department of Protection and Regulatory Services and McLennan County Sheriff's Department personnel to inspect Mount Carmel on three occasions

27 FEB 1992 Joyce Sparks, Texas Department of Human Services, Waco, Texas on a complaint from outside the State of Texas, that Koresh was operating a commune and that he was sexually abusing young girls; Sparks talked to a young boy about 7 or 8 years old, was escorted thorough part of the building where she noted a lot of construction being performed.

06 APR 1992 Sparks visited the compound and talked with Koresh; she noticed a trap door in the floor at one end of the building; she could see a ladder leading down into a buried school bus from which all the seats had been removed; at one end of the bus she could see a very large refrigerator with numerous bullet holes; Koresh said that the bus was where he practiced his target shooting in order not to disturb his neighbors; Koresh, he told her that he was the "Messenger" from God, that the world was coming to an end, and that when he "reveals" himself the riots in Los Angeles would pale in comparison to what was going to happen in Waco; that it would be a "military type operation" and that all the "non-believers" would have to suffer.

30 APR 1992 The child abuse investigation was closed.

00 MAY 1992 Lieutenant Gene Barber, McLennan County Sheriff’s Department, Waco Texas received information from Gilbreath; though he had made deliveries there for years, Gilbreath became concerned when he would stop at Mag-Bag to make a delivery, a phone call would be made to Mt Carmel and he would be instructed to go there, but when he got to Mt Carmel, he saw several manned observation posts and believed the observers to be armed; two cases of inert hand grenades and a quantity of black gunpowder were delivered by Gilbreath to Mag-Bag; payment was in cash

00 XXX 1992 The Davidians were producing their own line of hunting clothing including a hunting vest which had dummy grenades sewn into the fabric

04 JUN 1992 Davy Aguilera BAFT Special Agent met with Barber

08 JUN 1992 Aguilera interviewed Dave Kaupert, Olympic Arms Inc; Glen Deruiter, Manager, Sarco Inc.; Cynthia Aleo, Owner/Manager, Nasard Gun Parts

09 JUN 1992 Barber contacted Aguiera that Gilbreath delivered 90 lbs of powdered aluminum metal and 30/40 cardboard tubes and two parcels w/a total of 60 M-16/AR-15 ammunition magazines; search of National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record showed that neither Koresh nor Paul Fatta had machineguns registered to them; search of Firearms Licensing Section of BATF showed that neither Koresh nor Fatta nor Mag Bag were licensed as Firearms dealers or manufacturers. Aguiera notes in the affidavit "Because of the sensitivity of this investigation, these vendors have not been contacted by me for copies of invoices indicating the exact items shipped to the Mag-Bag. "

23 JUN 1992 No active BATF investigation from here to 07 DEC 1992 (3 minor exceptions)

07 JUL 1992 ATF Agents Jimmy Ray Skinner and Davy Aguilera visited McMahon (Koresh associate) - while there, McMahon called Koresh; Koresh invited the agents out to inspect what he had but they declined

00 OCT 1992 ATF under a new round of discrimination complaints by black agents

00 NOV 1992 Clinton Elected; ATF agents discussed the need for military support with Lt Col Walker, the ATF’s Defense Department liaison.

06 NOV 1992 Terry Fuller, deputy sheriff McClennan County heard a large explosion and observed a large cloud of grey smoke at Mt Carmel

08 NOV 1992 Cervenka heard bursts of gunfire at 2:45 pm

13 NOV 1992 Aguilera learns from UPS via the Sheriff’s Department that Marshal Keith Butler was a machinist by trade and a Davidian; sometime afterwards it was determined he had been convicted for drugs

15 NOV 1992 (approx) 60 Minutes contacts BATF about sexual harassment; BATF was already under scrutiny for racism, fraud, mismanagement; Congress was considering eliminating the BATF or turning their activities over to FBI or Secret Service;

00 DEC 1992 BATF Director Stephen Higgins said there was no probable cause to obtain a warrant; ATF agents requested CQB training by US Army Special Forces (after incident Treasury investigation does not refer to the request); US Attorney Johnston said the ATF had discussed capturing Koresh outside the compound and then searching inside but "inexplicably" the plans shifted to a "big paramilitary" raid.

04 DEC 1992 In a meeting between ATF (Chojnacki, Royster, Cavanaugh, Dunagan, Aguilera, Lewis, Petrilli, Buford, K. Lattimer, Williams, Carter, and John Henry) and Lt. Col. Walker – Walker said they would have to pay for military equipment unless it were to be used in anti-drug operations; Carlos Torres interviewed Sparks

07 DEC 1992 Dormant BATF investigation resumes

11 DEC 1992 ATF Special Agent Viegra met w/representatives of Gov Richards to discuss use of military; he was told there would have to be a drug component to make use of Operation Alliance; Aguilera interviewed disgruntled ex-member Robyn Bunds in California; she discovered a machinegun conversion kit in California that Paul Fatta, Jimmy Riddle, and Neal Vaega came and picked up

14 DEC 1992 ATF began looking for a drug connection; Operation Alliance received a fax from ATF requesting assistance from the Texas Counterdrug Program which included the National Guard. Lt Col Pettit signed off on the request; the fax did not mention suspected drug violations in the compound; the fax was on "Houston SAC letterhead" from the RAC of the ATF office, Dunagan.

16 DEC 1992 Marc Breault (embittered x-Davidian living in Australia) fax to Aguilera suggested that a methamphetamine lab had once been seen on Branch Davidian premises (neither the warrant before or after the 28 FEB 1993 raid referred to suspected drug violations;) Aguilera informed Lt Col Walker that he received the fax

17 DEC 1992 Chojnacki met with Kallister, Aguilera and Lt Col Walker; Walker told Chojnacki that DOD could provide non-reimburseable military support if there is "suspicion of drug activity." Aguilera was instructed to "actively pursue information from his informants about a drug nexus."

17 DEC 1992 to JAN 1993 – ATF Intelligence Research Specialist Sandy Betterton searched criminal records to determine if Branch Davidians had ``some'' prior drug offenses; only one Branch Davidian had a prior narcotics conviction.

00 JAN 1993 to JUL 1993 - US Army military unit, Joint Task Force 6, was under command of US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) and the United States Atlantic Command (USACOM); a Special Forces Operational Detachment with supporting aviation was part of a Rapid Reaction Support Unit assigned to JTF 6 in early 1993 for a six month period.

00 JAN 1993 – Gordon Novel (CIA affiliated, investigator for Davidian civil attorney Ramsey Clark) heard from a "close friend" Mike Hall that the Waco raid would not succeed. Novel called General O'Graham (Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and on the Board of Directors of Novel's security company) and asked "Danny, what is going on?" Novel asked. "He says: 'I don't know.' He says, 'but whatever it is,' he says, 'it's national security.'"

01 JAN 1993 – Bill Buford (ATF since 1976, Little Rock, 10 yr FOB) began assisting in the investigation calling x-Davidians about sex abuse in Texas; Buford interviewed Mrs. Poia Vaega of Mangers, Auckland, New Zealand disgruntled ex-members

06 JAN 1993 – Texas National Guard Counterdrug UC-26 overflight of Davidian residence and Mag Bag (auto body shop) showed a "hot spot" inside the residence and 3 persons as "sentries"; Richard Garner, Chief of Special Operations Div ATF request on ATF Headquarters letter to Col Judith Browning Dir of Plans and Support, Office of the Department of Defense Coordinator for Drug Enforcement Policy and Support requesting loan of various office equipment, a refrigerator, cots and sleeping bags to be made available on 11 JAN 1993 as ``part of Defense Department support for counterdrug effort.''; Aguilera interviewed Jeannine Bunds, disgruntled ex-member

07 JAN 1993 Aguilera interviewed Deborah Sue Bunds, disgruntled ex-member

08 JAN 1993 Aguilera interviewed Marc Breault, disgruntled ex member (American citizen living in Australia though in California at the time); Breault said Koresh wanted an "Anarchist's Cook Book", which outlines clandestine operations to include instructions and formulas for manufacturing improvised explosive devices.

13 JAN 1993 Aguilera interviewed Gilbreath to confirm information from Barber ; US and dozens of other coutnries sign Chemical Weapons Convention, banning the use of agents including tear gas during wartime. Three months and six days after signing the convention, the FBI used CS on the Davidians.

14 JAN 1993 – Alabama National Guard under "memorandum of agreement" w/ Texas National guard conducted aerial photography; neither had sufficient authority per their own regs

15 JAN 1993 Col. Browning letter approved the 06 JAN 1993 request, to be provided by the Regional Logistics Support Office in El Paso, TX

20 JAN 199 Clinton sworn in

22 JAN 1993 Army Special Operations Command ATF "requesting a MOUT site, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, tents light sets, heaters, generators and other military items of equipment." ; Bradleys were sought to remove casualties

25 JAN 1993 Aguilera interviewed David Block, disgruntled ex-member; he saw a metal lathe and a metal milling machine which were normally operated by Donald Bunds and Jeff Little; Bunds was designing a "grease gun/sten gun" on an Auto Cad Computer; Koresh wanted Bunds to design a "grease gun" which they could manufacture; Aguilera stated in the affidavit that a "grease gun" is a machinegun following after the design of a World War II era military weapon; Block observed a .50 caliber rifle mounted on a bi-pod along with .50 caliber ammunition, Aguilera said it was a British Boys, .52 caliber anti-tank rifle; Aquilera’s affidavit submitted

28 JAN 1993 (approx) ATF request for military assistance: "on-call" seven armored Bradley fighting vehicles, 100 gas masks, 500 sandbags, 90 sleeping bags, 15 night vision goggles, a water tank truck, ten tents, including one for "VIP sleeping" and one for "VIP meeting," electric generators and smoke generators "to cover two square kilometers with concealment smoke."

00 FEB 1993 (before the raid) BATF had come to suspect that Koresh had violated Chapter 53 of the IRC which requires that certain firearms be registered and taxed. (weeks before the raid) William M. Reece, a manager in the BATF was accused of stealing $1.5 million in BATF operational funds

02 FEB 1993 Operation Alliance request of the Commanding General of JTF-6 for the use of Special Forces personnel; Lt Col Philip Lindley US Army Special Forces Command Staff Judge Advocate was notified after which the request was limited to "coordination on Army ranges and teaching ATF how to develop an operations order. "

03 FEB 1993 Lt Col Lindley memo stated the ATF request would make the military an active partner in a domestic police action, a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act

03 FEB 1993 to 25 FEB 1993 – Texas National Guard conducted 5 more reconnaissance/surveillance overflights

16 FEB 1993 US Army Special Forces Command Sgt 1st Class Greg Handy, Sergeant First Class Chris Dunn and SSgt Cordell W Ackley left Fort Bliss for Fort Hood to survey training sites.

17 FEB 1993 Handy, Dunn and Ackley met with Hood's range control office to secure use of Hargrove MOUT (Military Operations Urban Terrain) Training Center; they also met with ATF agents Kenneth King and Bill Buford, team leaders of Special Response Units assigned to execute forced entries through second-floor windows at Mount Carmel.

19 FEB 1993 Handy, Dunn and Ackley returned to McGregor Range; ATF agents went over and asked Koresh to go shooting; he agreed and provided the ammunitions; the agents even handed him their guns

22 FEB 1993 Entire Detachment (Dunn, Handy, Staff Sergeant Jon F. Wilson, Ackley, Captain Clyde Moore SSgt. Michael J. Dooney, SSgt. Steven M. Fitts, SSgt. J C. Burkhardt and SSgt. Robert R. Moreland) returned to Hood; Dunn and Wilson met ATF point-of-contact, agent Kris Mayfield

23 FEB 1993 Democrat Congressman Charles Schumer introduced the Brady Bill; BATF Agent Darrell Dyer along with William Krone wrote a plan for the raid which was not distributed; Breault had also contacted the FBI, accusing Koresh of a number of other crimes besides child abuse. A February 23, 1993 FBI memo, obtained by the Dallas Morning News, stated that no information had been developed to verify the allegations of "child abuse and neglect, tax evasion, slavery and reports of possible mass destruction."

24 FEB 1993 At Fort Hood, ATF leaders met with the special forces troops assigned to train them; the advisers helped construct a mock-up of Mount Carmel and opened the rifle range for ATF's sharpshooters, who practiced shooting from a range of 260 meters; troops impersonated Davidians to help training.

25 FEB 1993 to 27 FEB 1993 Eight man team of Green Berets trained more than 50 ATF agents at Ft Hood with limitation: Army medics could train how to treat "battlefield" injuries but could not attend the raid, Berets could train in the use of sophisticated firearms, but could not teach them close-quarter battle tactics, Berets could teach how to develop an attack plan but not participate in preparing or rehearsing a specific plan; Affidavit by Davy Aguilera BATF for arrest warrant ; ; Military sources say training included flash-bangs, after-hours "room-clearing, fire-and-maneuver and building takedown" methods and "subjects Special Forces are forbidden to teach civilian law enforecement"

26 FEB 1993 World Trade Center bombing; BATF memo said "this operation will generate considerable media attention, both locally [Texas] and nationally." BATF public relations director, Sharon Wheeler, called reporters to ask them for their weekend phone numbers; Investigative reporter Carol Vinzant wrote: "… In the jargon of at least one ATF office, the Waco raid was what is known as a ZBO ("Zee Big One"), a press-drawing stunt that when shown to Congress at budget time justifies more funding...."; codename for the raid was "showtime"; Higgins called Simpson back w/I an hour and in a three-way conversation that included Noble, got them to revoke their order less than 44 hours old to cancel the raid because it was too dangerous.

27 FEB 1993 Waco Tribune-Herald began a 7 part series on the Davidians "The Sinful Messiah" The piece was the result of an eight- month investigation and interviews with "more than ten" former members of the group, some supplied by CAN, and quoted a man "deprogrammed" by Ross (CAN.) AP reported "about 75 Branch Davidians, an offshoot of the Seventh-day Adventist Church …. have a large arsenal of high-powered weapons … Australian private detective who has investigated the group for 2 years alleged that its latest leader, Vernon Howell, abuses the children of his followers, boasts of having sex with underage members, claims at least 15 wives and believes all women in the world belong to him……group has military-type assault weapons...50-caliber weapons, AK-47s, AR-15s, Israeli assault rifles and 9mm handguns…." ; although ATF’s request for 3 Texas National Guard helicopters and 10 personnel was for "command and control" they informed the National Guard personnel that the helicopters would be used as an aerial diversion during the raid itself, even assigning one to hang from a monkey sling outside the helicopter to film the raid.

28 FEB 1993 BATF raid at Davidian church near Waco, TX; several residents killed; 4 BATF raiders killed and several wounded/injured, and church leader David Koresh wounded by BATF submachinegun fire; Bill Buford injured.

00:00 (morning) KWTX-TV cameraman James Peeler asked postman for directions to the compound w/o realizing the man was David Jones, Koresh’s brother-in-law; ATF agent inside the compound excused himself and reported that the ATF had lost the element of surprise

09:30 ATF (more than 100 law officers) began to execute the warrants; 45 minute shootout; LeBleu fires on Koresh with a silenced H&K MP5SD submachinegun; 4 federal agents killed (Todd McKeehan and Conway Le Bleu of New Orleans, Steve Willis of Houston, Robert Williams of Little Rock. All had been assigned to Clinton security); a 2 yr old killed; 15 agents wounded (Buford – on 2nd floor team - among them); Koresh wounded in hip and wrist; Buford shot a Davidian

[Autopsy reports on the 4 agents show they were killed with 9mm "armor piercing" ammo. (the feds had that type of ammo; the Davidians mostly had .22 and .223); Three died from head wounds; one to the back of the head, on two the entry wound was behind the right ear, the exit wound was the left temple; the 4th died from a chest wound that hit the heart (with the body armor used the only rounds that could go through that armor were BATF issue) ]

09:48 ATF Agent Roland Ballesteros approached shouting "Police! Lay Down!"; ATF James Cavanaugh said the ATF couldn’t call 911 though they had fax machines, telephones and computers; ATF asked Dan Maloney KWTX-TV to call for an ambulance; Davidian Wayne Martin had called 911 for 20 minutes to try and stop the shooting –screaming about gunfire from military helicopters, "Another chopper with more people---more guns going off. Here they come" seconds later, he added. "More firing . . (government officials deny any gunfire from the helicopters that day)

10:00 (approx) ATF Deputy Director Dan Hartnett called FBI Associate Deputy Director Gow for assistance of FBI negotiators; Gow called SAC Jamar: Jamar sent Supervisory Special Resident Agent (SSRA) Byron Sage; At FBI Headquarters, the SIOC was immediately activated and was manned continuously for the next 51 days

12:00 p.m. (afternoon meeting) ATF Headquarters in Washington, D.C., Larry Potts, FBI Assistant Director for the Criminal Investigative Division, and Associate Deputy Director Gow were briefed on the situation in Waco by ATF Deputy Director Dan Hartnett re deployment of FBI HRT, FBI negotiators and SACs - Texas Rangers were also immediately deployed

02:29 p.m. Koresh demanded that he be able to broadcast his religious teachings over the radio before he, or any one, would come out of the compound.

04:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m. Koresh’s broadcast on Dallas Radio KRLD three times

04:30 pm 1630 hours the Army recorded a request from the ATF for 10 Bradleys15 MAR 1993 Koresh mentions they have a box of parachute flares and describes the death of one ATF agent in his door

04:55 p.m. Several ATF agents were ambushed by three individuals as the agents crossed a field near the compound; ATF agents returned gunfire, killing Michael Schroeder and capturing Delroy Nash. Robert Kendrick escaped. Schroeder’s body was not removed.

07:55 p.m. FBI contacted CNN and requested that it conduct no further interviews of persons inside the compound.

08:25 p.m. CNN agreed

08:55 p.m. Two children came out: Angelica Sonobe, age 6, and Crystal Sonobe, age 3.

09:42 p.m. Two children came out: Renae Fagan, age 6, and Neharah Fagan, age 4

10:57p.m. FBI began setting up closed-circuit cameras within hours after arriving in Waco on Feb. 28, 1993


28 FEB 1993 – 09 MAR 1993 Jamar refused to allow Texas Rangers to finish investigating the area behind Mount Carmel Center

00 MAR 1993 Secret CIA meeting concerning CAG (Combat Action Group) participation in Waco (CAG participation was authorized by Joint Chiefs of Staff); General Peter Schoomaker (had once headed the Army's secret anti-terrorist unit Delta Force and now is at U.S. Special Forces Command at Macdill Air Force Base in Florida) visited Waco and later attended briefings with Reno

01 MAR 1993 McMahon and Kilpatrick (Koresh associates) called ATF office in Pensacola; agents told them to avoid talking to media or FBI; Treasury Department official (2nd highest) Roger Altman flew into Waco to visit Buford in the hospital; Texas Rangers deployed; FBI sent its Hostage Rescue Team to Waco; US Attorney Bill Johnston advised Hartnett to stop ATF shooting review; Morning Edition interviews Koresh who said 2 babies died; at 7:30 acting Attorney General Stuart Gerson was briefed and he briefed Clinton; at 9:30am Ron Noble Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Law Enforcement and Steve Higgins, Director of ATF made the official decision to turn over the scene to the FBI; phone lines cut except 2 to dial out to the negotiators; FBI agents in armored vehicles deployed; 10 children sent out

01 MAR 1993 – 19 APR 1993 FBI requests for military assistance: the loan of M-1 Abrams tanks, helicopters and big combat engineering vehicles, training in the use of 40 mm grenade launchers; at least one commando from the elite British Strategic Air Service came to Waco as an observer.

02 MAR 1993 Special Operations Commanders memo to Joint Chiefs and the FBI said they had carried out "observation of operations in Waco, Texas" – stamped "secret specat"; 2 children came out; Koresh made audiotape to air on CBN and KRLD and promised to come out after they aired; 4 more came out (2 elderly women and 2 kids); Koresh said that God told him to wait;

08 MAR 1993 FBI asked DOD to send prototype robots to Waco;

03 MAR 1993 "Mag Bag" searched; CNN reports 2 elderly women being charged w/ attempted murder; Koresh raged – FBI intervened and US Attny backed off; 1 child and a bag of puppies came out; Schroeder’s body recovered

04 MAR 1993 1 child came out; [redacted]; Koresh remark "What happens when . . . this all gets heated and you get somebody and these cars go flying, you know, 40, 50 feet in the air out towards the lake?" and "You know, America does not have to be humiliated or destroyed"

05 MAR 1993 1 child came out; FBI learned the compound had its own water supply (well and pump); Koresh said he was preparing to do battle with authorities since 1985 and threatened to "blow the tanks to pieces"; Schneider wanted to give Peter Gent’s body to FBI – they refused unless 2 people came out with it;


06 MAR 1993 David Koresh says he isn't killing himself, isn't coming out of his lair yet and isn't Christ; that they would only come up when God tells him to; Schneider says "…I really -- I'll tell you the truth. I -- it wouldn't surprise me that they wouldn't want to get rid of the evidence. Because if this building is left standing, you will see the evidences of what took place……"; in negotiations with the FBI Koresh says "Well, I'm saying y1all keep negotiating with us and stuff. But woe to the bloody city. …."

07 MAR 1993 BDs complaining about delay in milk and no access to the media; Koresh stressed that only he knew the secret of the Seven Seals; he also said that if he were right about the Seven Seals, "you're mine!"

08 MAR 1993 Three robots shipped to Waco w/2 civilian engineers, a Marine Corp major and an Army Captain; FBI faxed formal assault plan to White House at the request of Webb Hubbell; planned but aborted was a strategy to drug the BDs water supply; 3 men left compound; Peter Gent buried; 6 gallons milk delivered

09 MAR 1993 electricity cut and then restored; Schneider outraged over movement of armored vehicles said "we can take you out!"; BD’s first put hung a single white sheet; then for 2 hrs a sign "God help us, we want the press"

10 MAR 1993 electricity cut again; BD’s walk out and around compound;

11 MAR 1993 Wilcher learns that Koresh had extensive CIA background; BATF Deputy Associate Director Dan Conroy denied contact w/media prior to the raid (which was later proven false)

12 MAR 1993 Janet Reno sworn in; 2 adults came out; [redacted] ; electricity cut off for the remainder of the siege

13 MAR 1993 [redacted]

14 MAR 1993 FBI began using bright lights to disrupt sleep

15 MAR 1993 (approx) Meeting of 20 special operations experts incl FBI/Delta to discuss Waco as a case study; Cullen (, a senior case officer with the CIA's Special Forces Group) proposed using chemicals to render BDs unconscious – plan rejected as a risk to the weak; [redacted]; BD Schneider and Martin came out to meet w/Sage and Sheriff Harwell; Koresh jokes about blowing up someone's head

17 MAR 1993 FBI began broadcasting audiotapes from those who had exited

18 MAR 1993 Sage spoke w/BDs over the loudspeaker; played conversations w/Koresh; HRT used armored vehicles to remove compound’s diesel and gasoline storage tanks

19 MAR 1993 2 adults came out; [redacted]

20 MAR 1993 The 2 BDs (Branch and Whitecliff) held in jail;

21 MAR 1993 Spillage of 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel on south side of complex; 4 Delta Force "observers" deployed (not revealed for 6.5 years); 2 adults came out; Koresh answer to FBI question about why he asked God whether to wait "Because I didn't want Him to destroy you."; 5 more adults came out; FBI played very loud music

22 MAR 1993 FBI began pushing to use tear gas in writing; Clinton acknowledges 3 of the 4 ATF dead were bodyguards; Sage went via armored vehicle and spoke via bullhorn; field telephone delivered to the compound

23 MAR 1993 1 came out; AUSA Johnston complained to Reno about FBI’s handling of crime scene; FBI learns the press may bring in a parabolic mic to pick up what was being said; FBI orders all agents to say nothing they didn’t want to hear on TV or in print

24 MAR 1993 Flood lights, Tibetan chants, Christmas music and tapes of negotiations played over loudspeakers; Louis Alaniz slipped through perimeter, knocked on compound door and entered

25 MAR 1993 Armored vehicles removed motorcycles and go-carts

26 MAR 1993 Jamar told FBI headquarters he wanted to bash the compound w/ 60 ton tanks; armored vehicles remove 8 vehicles; another male slipped through the perimeter and entered the compound

27 MAR 1993 Lights, music and helicopter activity through the night; BD’s hold up banner "Tank Broke Phone Lines"; a new phone was delivered; Schneider remarks "you can burn us down, kill us, whatever."; armored vehicles began clearing the front of the compound; Loudspeakers broadcast sirens, squawking birds, laughter; Schneider said 2 people were guarding Jesse Amen and Louis Alaniz (who slipped through perimeter)

28 MAR 1993 Jamar proposed to FBI Deputy Directory Potts that he wanted full "discretion" to carry out a "mass" tear gas assault; response was that they had authority for an emergency operation only if they got wind the sect was about to commit mass suicide; another person tried to enter the compound but was arrested; FBI continued using armored vehicles to clear cars, fences, trees; BD’s held up children in the windows

28 MAR 1993 – 01 APR 1993 Dick DeGuerin (Koresh attorney) visits compound and notes evidence of helicopter fire

29 MAR 1993 Jamar’s permitting DeGuerin to visit Koresh was criticized by AUSAs and Texas Rangers who were concerned he might advise Koresh to destroy evidence

99 MAR 1993 FBI received a fax urging agents to "step aside" and let the Texas Rangers negotiate a peaceful solution and have a grand jury investigation.

30 MAR 1993 Special Operations Command responds to FBI’s request for assistance; report forwarded to Defense Secretary Aspin and the Joint Chiefs, led by Gen Colin Powell

31 MAR 1993 At Reno’s instruction, Mark Richard Criminal Division, Department and FBI supervisors met with SAC Jamar, AUSA Johnston, Texas Ranger supervisor, US Attorney Ederer

00 APR 1993 Webb Hubbell remarked in his book "The FBI said that if we didn't go forward with it, maybe it was time to turn things over to the Texas Rangers while the hostage rescue team retrained. I could tell they didn't relish that idea"

01 APR 1993 Mark Richard reported to Reno; Senior Prosecutor Ray Jahn assigned; DeGuerin and Zimmerman met with SAC Jamar and told him they instructed their clients not to speak to law enforcement except to arrange a final surrender; Jamar consulted US Attny’s Office and decline to recognize the attorney’s instructions

04 APR 1993 Jesse Amen left compound

05 APR 1993 Newsweek reports the federal agents may have shot their own men

07 APR 1993 FBI activated two "flash bangs" to keep a person from leaving the building; Jamar and Rogers announced they decided not to try to fight a fire if one broke out during the gas operation; FBI Swat video said they were not to tear holes in compound to insert gas

08 APR 1993 Schneider confirmed everyone would come out and predicted an unspecified chain of events that would surprise everyone

09 APR 1993 Schneider came out and was flash-banged; another male exits and is flash-banged; FBI says they would not even try to fight any blaze that broke out despite the cautions of Jahn; Treasury official Ron Nobel writes "Web Hubbell, associate attorney general [designate], is so concerned about the potential impact of our review . . . that he plan[s] to raise it directly with the president. . . . [I]f we don't throw some 'bone' to the Justice Department . . . this may exacerbate Hubbell's concerns"; Schneider gives Koresh letter to FBI – says last page is very important; FBI began to finish plans for CS tear gas; discussions began with Reno

10 APR 1993 HRT began installing concertina wire around compound; Schneider dropped off second Koresh letter to FBI; microphones inside indicate that Schneider not Koresh ditated the letter; [redacted]

11 APR 1993 FBI flash-banged another person trying to leave; ATF still had 136 agents on the scene;

12 APR 1993 Sessions, Clarke and Potts briefed Reno (and Hubbell) on the tear gas option; individual arrested at a roadblock trying to get into the compound

13 APR 1993 HRT notes stated that the FBI's chief tactical commander and the Army officers were summoned to Washington to ``brief White House -- liaison Hubble (sic),'' adding ``Hubble want (sic) military expert's opinion of the operation.'' ; Koresh recounts the original raid on FBI tape as ATF firing first and insists their own tapes and evidence would prove it

14 APR 1993 Second briefing of Reno included Dr Harry Salem chief scientist for life sciences at the U.S. Army Chemical Biological Defense Command, Col Boykin of Delta Force and Gen. Schoomarker; Reno was persuaded that tear gas wouldn’t harm individuals or ignite; DeGuerin told Jamar that Koresh would exit after writing a manuscript about the Seven Seals; Robert M. McNamara ATF headquarters memo says the DOJ does not want Treasury conducting interviews which could be used against themselves; 6.5 years later Cullen said they were told in a CIA briefing that more than 10 Delta would be actively participating in the attack; FBI began to gather information about the Davidian’s water supply

15 APR 1993 FBI flash-banged a male trying to exit, he tried again and was flash-banged again; FBI reported that water storage tank in the rear appeared to be full; [redacted]

16 APR 1993 Hubbell reported that Reno’s answer was no; Sessions, Clark and Potts asked to see Reno personally; Reno wanted documentation; Koresh confirms he will come out after writing the manuscript "I'm giving you the simple answer. Yes. Yes. Yes. I never intended to die in here."

17 APR 1993 Reno received documentation and approved the tear gas plan; Louis Alaniz (first to sneak in) came out; FBI notified of Reno’s decision that evening and began preparations

18 APR 1993 Reno briefed Clinton; "Triangle" landed in Dallas-Ft Worth; Carlos Ghigliotti (FLIR expert now deceased) said the FLIRs from the nights before show the FBI was monitoring the water supply – and remarking that the water supply was shrinking; three hospitals including Parkland in Dallas notified to reserve burn beds; Delta penetrated the building (they had on several occasions) and saw Koresh w/I 6 feet and radioed Tactical Operations Center for permission to grab him – w/I minutes the word came back from the Justice Department "No, we already have a plan in place."; armored vehicles began to remove the remaining vehicles from in front of the compound; [redacted]


19 APR 1993 FBI attacks church with tanks, automatic weapons fire, gas. Inhabitants killed; Clinton called Reno approx 10:00am; Clinton was chatting w/Riady and John Huang while watching the event; FBI’s arsenal incl 250 40mm high explosive rounds; local firefighters kept away for almost 45 minutes; prosecutor notes agent fired "three rounds into kitchen & at same time less than 30 sec later he saw white smoke." ; samet agent fired military pyrotechnic tear gas rounds at a bunker near the compound; Clinton toured Holocaust museum; Gore remarks on 50th anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto uprising Warsaw, Poland;

05:55 --Tanks go to front east and west of building and back of the gymnasium.

05:59--FBI tells a Davidian the gas attack is about to begin..... "This is not an assault!" Sage shouted "Do not shoot. We are not entering your compound."...."

06:00--FBI loudspeakers begin demanding surrender, continue through the morning. Bradley vehicle begins delivering "liquid ferret tear gas rounds," i.e., gas grenades, into the underground tornado shelter; 0600 Tank inserts 6 canisters (1.5 gallons) of CS and over the next 6 hours FBI shot 400 Ferret rounds at 3.7 grams each.

06:04--Agents allege Davidians are firing on the tanks FBI opts to speed up delivery of gas, begins launching first of 400 gas grenades into the building.

06:05 Voices recorded from inside the compound: praying, talking about fuel, pouring and fires

06:07-6:31--Tanks poke holes in building and insert gas at front east and west sides of building. Four Bradleys deploy gas grenades through the windows.

06:41 someone threw the telephone outside the front door of the compound. [redacted]

06:45-7:04--Tanks deliver more gas grenade rounds to every part of the building.

07:30--Tank rips hole in front east first floor of building and inserts gas; Tank inserts 6 canisters of CS

07:58--Tank breaches a hole in the second floor back east corner of building. Tank rips into second floor womens' quarters.

09:00 Tank inserts 4 bottles of CS

09:10--Davidians hang out banner that reads, "We want our phones fixed.

09:17--Tank breaks through the front door, wedging doors against barrier.

09:28--Tank enlarges the opening in middle front of building; may have collapsed stairway near kitchen at this time. "CEV2" breaks down and a new CEV2, which is not equipped with tear gas, replaces it.

09:47 an individual exited the compound and retrieved the telephone. However, the telephone lines had been cut, and contact was never re-established [redacted]

10:00--(11:00 Eastern Time) Attorney General Janet Reno leaves the Justice Department for a speech in Baltimore. Calls President Clinton at this time.

10:00-11:00--Bradleys continue delivering gas grenades through various openings.

10:30--Bob Ricks holds FBI press briefing and announces, "We're not negotiating," and mentions plans for dismantling building if necessary.

10:41:58--Infrared video camera begins taping.

10:47:16-10:52:57--Period of missing infrared video tape. Gordon Novel saw the missing 5.5 minutes of tape in New Orleans with Former CIA Colby; it shows them using blinding lasers and pushing a blade to drive the Davidians back into the compound.

10:42 until 12:16 - no sound on the tape

11:16:27 the tank or CEV (combat engineering vehicle) first appears.

11:18:40-Q1 the tank starts to demolish the rear wall of the gym. This continues on until 12:09:02-Q3 when the tank leaves the rear area of the gym. There were a total of 19 instances that the tank penetrated the gym.

11:19-26--Tank begins demolition and enters fully into the gymnasium.

11:23:02-Q3 & Q4 the tank has penetrated the gym for the 6th time.

11:23:23 the tank is completely inside the gym.

11:24 No government agents are visible in the approximately 200 aerial photographs that the FBI shot …. Caddell found a five- or six-minute gap between photos around 11:30 and another 10-minute gap from 11:45 to 11.55

11:24 Caddell "…Even if an infrared camera could detect sunlight reflections from falling leaves, glass, water puddles, metal, etc... that would not explain these flashes, which are seen only on the (back) side of Mount Carmel from 11:24 until 12:12 p.m.… Are we to believe the sun shone on April 19 for only those 48 minutes, and then only on the side of Mount Carmel not visible to the media?"

11:24:16 to 36: shots from two locations into hole made by CEV in gym.

11:24:17-Q2 two unknown subjects appear from underneath the tank.

11:24:30:16-Q2 and 11:24:36-Q1 the unknown subjects shoot into the hole made by the tank in the gym wall.

11:24:50-Q4 and 11:25:04 there is a response in the form of gunfire from the inside of the gym directed at the 2 unknown subjects.

11:26:04-Q2 the tank breaks through the front wall of the gym.

11:26:13-Q1 and 11:26:27-Q1 additional gunfire comes out of the gym directed at the 2 unknown subjects. This gunfire has pinned down the 2 unknown subjects on the ground.

11:26:26-Q1 the tank backs over the 2 unknown subjects. The approximate height of the tank is 20 inches and 6 feet in width between the tracks.

11:26:39-Q4 one of the 2 unknown subjects is clearly visible exiting out the hole in the front wall of the gym the tank previously made. The unknown subject turns to the right into the courtyard.

11:28:04-Q1 and 11:28:14:04-Q4 there is gunfire emitting from the position the unknown subject was seen at 11:26:39-Q4 (the courtyard) the direction of this gunfire is into the structure.

11:28:18-Q4 and 11:28:22-Q4 there is a response of gunfire coming out of the structure.

11:30-35--Tanks continue demolition of gymnasium. Tanks smash into both the front door and the middle front of the building. Agents try to call into compound. FBI steps up operations. Tank smashes through gymnasium wall and roof collapses.

11:30:09-Q4 and 11:30:15-Q4 there is gunfire from the same area in the courtyard directed into the structure.

11:31 an agent is heard on the radio traffic of the incident to report, "It's coming down."

11:33:51-Q4 there is gunfire between the gym wall and the swimming pool. The direction of this gunfire is into the structure (possibly unknown subject #2) since the infrared signature from this weapon is different from the rounds fired in the courtyard.

11:34:32-Q4 there is one gunshot directed at the unknown subject that is running and hiding between the gym and the swimming pool.

11:34:33-Q3 and 11:34:34-Q3 unknown subject is being shot at.

11:34:45-Q4 and 11:38:31-Q3 there is gunfire coming out of the structure.

11:38:34-Q3 and 11:38:36-Q3 an unknown subject is seen hiding in front of the tank.

11:40--FBI claims last gas grenades delivered.

11:43:34-Q4 is the 3rd time the tank enters the front middle section of the structure. This is the side facing the cameras from the media. The tank enters the front part of the structure on numerous occasions and is fired upon every time it enters the structure.

11:43:36-Q4 and 11:59:03-Q3 there is gunfire from the second floor front side directed at the tank.

Unknown time--Tank boom rams through window and wall of the second floor old arms' room.

11:45 Tank inserts 4 canisters of CS

11:52--Tank smashes into front door again. Both front doors have are pulled away from the building.

11:55-11:59--Gymnasium dog run collapses; tank smashes around inside gymnasium.

11:56--The FBI claims tank through front door destroys surveillance device.

12:01--A loudspeaker message mocks Koresh: "David, we are facilitating you leaving the compound by enlarging the door. David, you have had your 15 minutes of fame. . .Vernon is no longer the Messiah. Leave the building now.

12:03:59-Q2 unknown subject appears next to the tank in the rear of the structure.

12:04 FBI claims Davidians started fire in front hallway. Arson investigators found no fire began here

12:05:17-Q2 1st time the tank inserts the boom into the corner of the front tower.

12:06--Tank rips away part of the east front corner of exterior wall, ground floor level; boom smashes into second floor.

12:06:18 Last tank ram

12:06:24 CEV-1 leaves structure, possibly clipping southeast corner tower while turning away.

12:07:41 A small heat signature is observed in the southeast corner tower window, second floor, immediately over where CEV-1 had been operating a minute or so before.

12:07:42-Q4 the fire is now visible in the infrared spectrum coming out from the window of the second story tower.

12:08:11--Infrared photo shows large fire already developed on dining room wall and tank sitting north of collapsed gymnasium roof. News video shows tank west of dining room from which smoke is seen billowing.

12:08:12-Q4 unknown subject comes out of the tank and shows up at 12:08:51-Q3 shooting at the other unknown subject that appears at 12:08:34-Q4.

12:08:17-22--Infrared photograph shows two large flashes in end of dog run.

12:08:18 Fire detected first floor dining room.

12:08:31-Q4 and 12:08:32-Q3 a cluster of thermal anomalies appear at the corner of the gym.

12:08:34-Q4 and 12:08:44-Q4 unknown subject runs from the area where the thermal anomalies are. The subject hops over the rubble and hides in the gym.

12:08:49 A large heat signature is observed at the rear of the dining area and at the base of the tower.

12:08:51-Q3 and 12:08:52-Q3 there is automatic gunfire into the area where the unknown subject at 12:08:44-Q4 was hiding.

12:09 appearance of distinctive white smoke characteristic of M-651 pyrotechnic tear gas grenades on video shot by a Waco television station

12:09:02-Q3 rear tank leaves the area.

12:09:07 Tank departs after demolsing gym.

12:09:12 A large heat signature appears in the front windows of the southeast tower. A long heat signature is observed streaming in the wind and spreading to the adjoining roof of the front of the structure.

12:09:25--Infrared photo shows second floor front fire is well developed. Tank sits outside church area throughout fire.

12:09:31 A very large heat signature, consistent with fire and hot smoke, is seen breaking out around the eaves of the southeast tower.

12:09:44 A very large heat signature, consistent with hot smoke, gas or flame, is seen at the rear of the structure in the vicinity of the dining room area.

12:09:45--Chapel fire first visible on infrared. Approximate time Graeme Craddock escapes from the west side of chapel and makes way to concrete building next to water tower. He hears gun shots fired from within building and "elsewhere. "

12:09:50 A small heat signature is observed in the windows of the chapel on the southeast side of the structure.

12:10--One FBI agent 300 yards south of building claims he sees a man start fire near the piano, in the area where front doors had been. News video shows no fire in this area for at least another 5 minutes. Another FBI agent north of building notes collapse of gymnasium.

12:10 FLIR footage shows at least two automatic weapons being fired into the rear of the dining room, the only remaining undamaged exit from the now-burning building…at least 15 people were found shot to death at this location.

12:10:00 A small heat signature is observed in the windows along the back of the front corridor of the structure and is consistent with hot gas, smoke and possibly flame travelling down the corridor.

12:10:22 A growing heat signature is observed in the wreckage of the gym and is consistent with fire growth from the chapel.

12:10:40--Infrared photo shows room between chapel and collapsed gymnasium on fire and dining room wall fully inflamed. Gymnasium fire meets chapel fire.

12:10:41 to 12:11:15 numerous rounds shot from center of courtyard, directed at structure……Past this point, nothing of importance since fire overloads FLIR, but visible media and the soundtrack of FLIR indicates that gunfire did continue…….Total number of events that occurred between 10:41:57 and 12:16:13: 198.

12:11:05 Firebrands are seen blowing off of the southeast corner tower roof and are sucked into hole in chapel area wall by ambient external wind and internal venturi effects

12:12--An FBI agent notes fire in gymnasium.

12:13--The FBI calls fire department.

12:16 a male left the compound from the second floor roof.

12:20-12:25 Approx.--Four story tower collapses. News videos show tank smashing into front of building as it burns, possibly preventing Davidians from escaping. Chief negotiator Byron Sage has a trophy photograph taken of himself with the burning Mount Carmel in the background. Huge fire ball explodes near concrete room.

12:20 - 12:30, seven additional individuals came out of the compound and were arrested. At approximately 3:10 p.m., the last survivor emerged from the compound. A total of nine Davidians survived the fire.

12:25 numerous agents heard what they described as "systematic" gunfire in the compound.

12:34--Fire vehicles arrive, but are held back by the FBI.

16:00 David Keys, a 17-year veteran of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said that over an hour before Texas Rangers took possession of the Mt. Carmel site, his superiors ordered him to permit a white van to enter the area "to pick up a body" He saw an empty body bag inside the white van. Keys also says that he saw something as big as a door being loaded into a U-Haul truck.

Hallway (room next to the kitchen)
7 - Steve Schneider - gunshot wound, mouth
8 - David Koresh - gunshot wound, mid-forehead

20 - Jimmy Riddle - gunshot wound, mid-forehead
21 - Steven Henry - gunshot wounds
22 - Phillip Henry - multiple gunshot wounds, head and upper torso

Inside Pantry (room next to the kitchen)
31A - Aisha Summers - gunshot wound to the left chest
31D-E - parts of human skull, 11-14 yrs., gunshot wound to left skull
43 - Lisa Ferris - gunshot wound to the left head
44 - John Doe - gunshot wound to the left chest
45 - Mary Jean Borst - gunshot wound of the back
47 - Jane Doe - gunshot wound to the head
53 - Jane Doe 5-5.5 yrs. - gunshot wound to the left chest
66 - Jane Doe - gunshot wounds to the left back and thorax
67-B - infant - gunshot wound to the head

Pantry Roof
34 - Sonobe - gunshot wound of the head
35 - Shari Doyle - gunshot wound left posterior head
36 - David M. Jones - gunshot wound of the head
39 - Novellette Hipsman - gunshot wounds of the head and chest
41 - Neil Vaega - gunshot wound to the head ......"

20 APR 1993 Wilcher received initial information that Waco was a mass murder; an FBI HRT member turned over 11.308 caliber shells and all 24 .223 shell casings to the Texas Rangers (sniper post)

23 APR 1993 Former FBI agent Gary Aldrich noted Clinton’s reaction was "Howdja like the way I defended the FBI just now-did you hear the press conference I just gave?" Aldrich response included "Mr. President, since you asked, I must say I'm just a little confused at the characterization of this as a mass suicide. I can't see how children can make a decision to commit suicide." "Well, hmm, ah, well, these kids were badly abused. Reminds me of a similar circumstance in Roman times, when the forces of. . . "

26 APR 1993 International Workers Bulletin remarks "There was no talk of constitutional rights for the Branch Davidians; none of whom was ever convicted of a criminal offense before they were wiped out to the last man, woman and child."

27 APR 1993 Wilcher received confirmation of the 20 APR 1993 information

28 APR 1993 Reno told the House Judiciary Committee that none of the tear gas devices were capable of causing the inferno

99 APR 1993 (after the siege…) the bodies which were being kept semi-frozen in two trailers under FBI control were liquefied when electricity service stopped; the FBI bulldozed the bunker to rubble; Cullen heard from associates in Delta Force that the secret unit's involvement there amounted to far more than observation or tactical discussions; Cullen said "The bureau was very concerned. They weren't quite sure what David Koresh had inside that building anyway"; years later FOIA documents indicate Special Forces Operations Command (Delta Force, Navy Seals and others) at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida was heavily involved in helping the FBI in Waco; in 1999 Texas Department of Public Safety said that evidence in the hands of Texas law enforcement personnel may support the account given to Mr. Cullen.

00 MAY 1993 Texas Ranger searched the sniper post and found two additional shell casings, including one .308 shell stuck under a closet door and another shell of unspecified caliber buried in sand from sandbags; Army Special Forces Command memo states that 3 of its personnel watched the 19 APR 1993 tragedy;

03 MAY 1993 Wilcher received specific information on how the 20 APR 1993 information was carried out

05 MAY 1993 Wilcher’s originally scheduled appointment with Reno

12 MAY 1993 government officials, citing a need to fill holes and cover trash and raw sewage for safety and health reasons, rolled bulldozers across the burned-out ruins, further depleting the inventory of evidence.

13 MAY 1993 A document was written as a synopsis of the 14 APR 1993 meeting with Reno, Col Boykin, Gen Schoomaker and others; the after the fact memo stressed the military only played a "supporting role" and that they understood the legal restrictions on their activities

21 MAY 1993 Wilcher gave a 100 page report to the Department of Justice. On the cover page he says "….The lives of key participants, other witnesses, and even myself are now in grave danger as a result of my passing this information to you..." This is the first outside report of Delta Force involvement at Waco - it was not confirmed until summer of 1999

00 JUN 1993 FBI Agent Charles Riley said he heard shots fired from a sniper post occupied by agent Lon Horiuchi

11 JUN 1993 Wilcher disappeared

18 JUN 1993 (according to a memo allegedly written by Wilcher's informant/Client Russbacher) Wilcher was picked up at his apartment, questioned in Vienna, VA for about 2 hours, fed pizza and at 3:40 p.m. given .025mg of Curare via DSMO (as stabilizer) applied to the coating on a Pepsi bottle whereupon he died. His face was disfigured and his body placed in the trunk of a grey Ford Victoria (Maryland plates) and taken to his apartment where he was placed on the toilet.

23 JUN 1993 From the Death Report 93-875. At 1000 hours Ms Sara McClendon called the missing persons section of the DC Police complaining of a possible missing person. Lt. Quigley responded along with the DC fire department to Wilcher's home. Paul David Wilcher's badly decomposed body was found. The report says cause unknown, found inside bathroom, wearing striped shirt. Doctor Carol McMahon pronounced him dead at 1430.

30 JUN 1993 RICO civil filing was scheduled with Judge Parsons in Chicago, but the judge also died similar to Wilcher and all the documents disappeared.

00 JUL 1993 Alexander Horvat interviewed Gunther Russbacher in prison. Gunther said that it was the Delta Group Special Forces that went into Waco.

01 JUL 1993 Gunther Russbacher smuggled the alleged memo out of prison via handwritten notes. He writes in all caps "RENO IS IN ON ALL OF IT" and in the left margin "Sessions has been notified."

09 JUL 1993 Attachment to the Wilcher report reads like an after action report and describes a WMD at Waco and claims 12 shot before the fire was set. It is titled "Discussions with William Sessions" and "Do not publish names. Quid pro quo" The quid pro quo is for safety of the ones who wish to come forward about Waco

19 JUL 1993 William Sessions FBI Director was abruptly fired.

20 JUL 1993 Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster was found dead of an apparent suicide in Fort Marcy Park, just outside Washington, D.C. That evening, White House aides Patsy Thomasson and Margaret Williams, led by then White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum, secretly searched Foster's office and removed key documents

00 SEP 1993 (in the fall of 1993) Treasury Report insisted the drug investigation was valid; Walter Dellinger, counsel to Reno, concludes that Reno could disclose grand jury information to Clinton not just for national security purpose (not disclosed for 6.5 years, a top official said the memo was invoked "very, very rarely" in national security cases…)

XX OCT 1993 A review of the FBI's tear-gas assault exonerates the FBI and Justice Department. Later, Harvard professor Alan Stone files a dissenting report blaming the FBI.

08 OCT 1993 Richard Scruggs, a friend of Reno and head of Justice Department intelligence division wrote the 350 page after action report; Justice Department said in the report that the FBI and ATF acted responsibly and Koresh was to blame; the report was "The gas delivery systems the FBI used were completely nonincendiary"; to the contrary, the FBI told Justice w/I months of the raid it had used incendiary devices but the information was not made available to Congress or the public; the official reports do not mention the hole in the bunker roof or the involvement of ATF dealings with Special Forces senior officers

00 DEC 1993 On the last page of a 49 page report given to Justice and the Texas Rangers, the FBI said it had found "a fired U.S. military 40 mm shell casing which originally contained a CS gas round" and two other "expended 40 mm tear gas projectiles;" only the first 48 pages of the report were turned over to Congress

00 XXX 1994 Waco television reporter, Joe Calao, found footage of what appears to be smoke rising near the Davidians' storm shelter between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. on April 19, hours before the fire started shortly after noon; Calao consulted numerous tear gas experts, who concluded that the FBI must have been using pyrotechnic rounds that morning, based on the clouds of smoke and gas; Calao said he contacted the Justice Department for comment, and then-spokesman Carl Stern told him the camera must have captured a cloud of dirt, not smoke; evidence missing during the criminal trial appeared 5 years later – among these was a watch cap worn by Michael Schroder; BATF started visiting private gun owners who held FFLs and hitting them with zoning violations, even though they were in compliance with all state and local regulations.


00 JAN 1994 Texas Ranger was approached by an FBI agent just before he testified in the federal criminal trial; the FBI agent reported that the "thumper round" found was used against a door ``in an attempt to knock it down.''

14 JAN 1994 Waco Investigators Revered Roger Howard, his 17 year old son Manual Howard and James Ray Dobbins – died 1/14/94 – they were hit and struck by a car with 2 men in it

XX FEB 1994 Jury convicts five Branch Davidians of voluntary manslaughter and two of weapons charges.

00 APR 1994 Former FBI spokesman Bob Ricks asked Reno about Waco, she replies "I don't think the American people care about Waco anymore."

29 APR 1994 BATF raided home of Ron and Elaine Miller, the search warrant was not signed

25 MAY 1994 BATF raided home of Harry and Theresa Lamplugh. When the Lamplugh's lawyer requested a copy of the warrant for the raid, the local federal judge sealed it and it remains sealed to this day.

13 JUL 1994 BATF stormed Monique Montgomery, shot her four times. They raided the wrong house.

00 AUG 1994 Roger Altman resigned in August 1994 due to his involvement in the Whitewater investigation

00 SEP 1994 BATF raided the North Carolina Military Museum, and confiscated the museums legally owned collection of weapons and deactivated military memorabilia.

00 XXX 1994 (or 1995) Waco Investigator Eddie Pack – died a mysterious death from a burst of microwave energy causing cancer, he supplied footage to McNulty early on

00 Feb 1995 Clinton introduced a counterterrorism bill; the Department of Defense would be assigned an increased role in assisting in the investigation of domestic terrorism incidents in which chemical and biological agents were used (the military can be utilized in cases of terrorism in which nuclear weapons or devices are suspected or confirmed)

19 APR 1995 Murrah Building in Oklahoma bombed, purportedly in retaliation for the Waco massacre. 136 people killed; no BATF were on site, however, as they'd taken an unannounced day off

00 MAY 1995 Memo states that US Special Forces were ordered not to video tape anything that happened on 14 APR 1993; Washington Times reports of Lisa Foster interview disclose Foster’s distress about Waco and his own role; Foster’s suicide note said "FBI lied in their report to the AG (attorney general)."

00 JUL 1995 In testimony, William Sessions and Webb Hubbell defended the decision to use tear gas.

02 JUL 1994 Steve Higgins stated "As the former director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), I have personally answered my share of similarly posed questions. …….With all that has transpired, what will another round of hearings tell us?

00 XXX 1995 Roden escapes from mental institution and was caught outside the Israeli consulate in New York City; he claimed to be Jewish and said PLO trained hit men were trying to kill him; Four members of the Minnesota Patriots Council convicted of conspiracy to use deadly toxin ricin to kill federal agents and law enforcement officers

XX APR 1995 Several civil lawsuits filed by family members of Branch Davidians and survivors are consolidated and transferred to U.S. District Judge Walter Smith, who presided over the criminal trial.

XX JUL 1995 Two congressional subcommittees hold joint hearings over 10 days in an attempt to provide "a full accounting" of what happened at the compound.

15 JUL 1995 Senior associate White House Counsel’s highly sensitive "copies of original notes" were in her gym bag in her car when they were stolen; White House Counsel Abner Mikva had argued that the White House documents were too sensitive to be given to the House investigators

21 JUL 1995 Tim Evans (Texas defense attorney) in testimony furnished sensitive government memoranda that showed prosecutors had instructed federal investigators not to generate any unfavorable material about "what went wrong" that might make them the subject in an inquest

00 AUG 1995 Frontline interviewed Dr Nizam Peerwani Chief Medical Examiner for Tarrant County about the Waco autopsies; Q: You did pick up cyanide though on 40 victims? A: Yes. Q: And there's no way to tell if in fact the cyanide that was produced in the process of gassing had any role in the deaths of the victims? A: Let's put it this way. We did not attribute CS gas as a cause of death in any of those cases

01 AUG 1995 In the hearings, Rep Chuck Schumer was more concerned about conspiracy theories than the possibility of a military assault at Waco

22 DEC 1995 Gordon Novel saw the missing 5.5 minutes of tape in New Orleans with Former CIA Colby; it shows them using blinding lasers to drive the Davidians back into the compound.

00 XXXX 1995 The Justice Department dumped 100,000 documents on the committee 3 days before the hearings, in them was the 49th page that was previously omitted; FBI Agent (profiler) Peter Smerick’s report criticized FBI headquarters for not continuing the siege; Justice Department report lists one (not the three previously claimed) Davidian seen starting a fire; Justice Department said an independent arson team was assembled by the Texas Rangers, but the Rangers said that was not so;

27 APR 1996: Former Director of Central Intelligence [CIA director] William Colby, 76 drowned while canoeing in the Wimocico River near Colby's home in Rock Point, Md.

06 MAY 1996 Retired CIA Director William Colby – died in a canoe accident 5/6/96 – he had provided information to McNulty

XXX JUL 1996 Gordon Novel gives FLIR to Carlos Ghigliotti to examine.

00 JUL 1996 House Co-Chairmen Bill Zelliff and Bill McCollum said the Pentagon refused to give them almost any information citing "national security"

31 JUL 1995 FBI Public and Congressional Affairs office, John Collingwood letter to Senator Robb said "two SAS soldiers visiting at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, requested and were granted a courtesy visit."

XX AUG 1996 A federal appeals court upholds the convictions of six Davidians, saying federal agents did not use excessive force in trying to arrest Koresh.

02 AUG 1996 Dissenting opinion to the House report on Waco: blurring of lines between domestic law enforcement and military operations; need to study the FLIR tapes; documents showing interference with collection of evidence and cover-up; never allowed to test weapons to see if they were illegal; House report said the involvement of the White House was either from Acting Assistant Attny Genl Stuart Gerson to McLarty – or Gerson to White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum; Bruce Lindsey also kept informed; House report says the President should have accepted Reno’s offer to resign

06 OCT 1996 Interview with Gordon Novel he said the propane tank Paul Gray swore before Congress was blown up is in StarTech’s hand, dead empty, never been filled; also University of Maryland was paid .25 million to attribute to explosion over the church vault as 100 gallons of propane – statement is false;

17 OCT 1996 Interview with Gordon Novel (in prison) he says he saw the D Plan that was used to genocide the Davidians; he said there were gun shots, the press was kept away, no one was allowed to fly over, the bomb material was detasheet in a 20 inch camping container;

00 DEC 1996 Washington Post requested a full copy of the FLIR tape but was refused by Justice because of "National security issues"

99 XXX 1996 Hardy remembers talking to Carlos Ghigliotti outside his office about Infraspection Institute (FLIR experts) remark "If anything happens to me, you'll know why."; military scientist at National Air Intelligence Center told Justice Department lawyers that FLIR could record gunshots at Waco, government never pursued his proposal for tests

000 XXX 1997 Captain John Perry at Justice Department’s request used an infrared camera and concluded he could not rule out the possibility that flashes on the tape were gunfire without performing field tests, but government did not pursue; Maryland Advanced Development Laboratory (a defense contractor) used its VIPER computer program to determine the flashes on the Waco tape were not gunfire.

05 JAN 1997

Clive Doyle, BD survivor reported a fire destroying 3 small buildings at the former compound, leveling the home of Amo Bishop Roden, former wife to George Roden and 2 museums she used to chronicle the group’s history including the 1993 standoff.

18 APR 1997 Citizens continue to produce new books and films cataloguing compelling evidence

27 APR 1996: Former Director of Central Intelligence [CIA director] William Colby, 76 drowned while canoeing in the Wimocico River near Colby's home in Rock Point, Md.

00 JUN 1997 Lewis Merletti who led the Treasury Departmnt investigation sworn in as Director of the Secret Service

17 JUL 1997 Treasury makes Blanket Purchase Agreement with Anteon; Vector (the FLIR expert for the Danforth’s investigation) is a division of Anteon

23 NOV 1998 There are three factions of pro-Koresh Branch Davidians: Clive Doyle, Hidden Manna, Ron Cole. The anti-Koresh Branch Davidians: Amo Paul Bishop Roden (x-wife of George) believes she is the prophet and not him, George Roden, Charles Pace of Canada, Doug Mitchell

08 DEC 1988 George Roden’s died, later ruled natural, heart disease; he was found outside Big Spring State Hospital (mental institution) where had been a patient since 1989 and previously fled twice before

10 DEC 1998 IsraelWire reports on George Roden’s death; Court case over ownership of Mt Carmel in process

11 MAR 1999 Statement to the House by Charles L. Cragin, Principal Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Delores M. Etter, Ph.D., Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Science and Technology) and Deputy Director, Defense Research and Engineering Major General John Doesburg, Commander, U.S. Army, U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command Mr. Raymond Dominguez, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Forces and Resoruces "…Specifically, the President has signed Presidential Decision Directive 62 (PDD 62)-the Combating Terrorism directive-which highlights the growing threat of unconventional attacks against the United States. ……..Because we see this training mission as one more attuned to civilian agencies, facets of this program are being transferred to the Department of Justice……. This will also have the benefit of placing the training and equipping roles in one location, as part of the "one stop" shop consistently requested by first responders.. …"

00 JUN 1999 Texas Rangers renewed inquiry in June, at the direction of DPS Public Safety Commission Chairman James B. Francis Jr. in response to questions raised concerning some of the evidence; Francis gave the order after inquiries from an independent filmmaker (McNulty) and a lawyer (Hardy); Ranger Sgt George L Turner memo says he recovered a "thumper round" from the scene;

XX JUL 1999 Smith pares the number of defendants and plaintiffs in the wrongful death lawsuit, but rules that the case can reach trial.

27 JUL 1999 Francis told Dallas Morning News that evidence in possession of the Texas Rangers calls into question the federal government's account of the deadly federal assault and subsequent fire, that he wants to turn the evidence over to federal district court Judge Walter Smith; US Dept of Justice is trying to block the Texas Rangers from releasing the evidence;

00 AUG 1999 In a series of emails to US Attorney Bill Blagg, prosecutor Bill Johnston sent increasingly specific warnings that that the Rangers had evidence of pyrotechnic gas being used; Mr Blagg passed the information to his superiors; Dave Hardy prepares affidavit about his 1997 conversation with Infraspection Institute about FLIR

04 AUG 1999 Justice Department filed motion agreeing to hand evidence to a federal judge, but asked it be turned over to the US Marshal’s Service for safekeeping;

08 AUG 1999 Judge Smith issued an unprecedented order instructing every agency of the U.S. government to turn over every document, photograph and piece of physical evidence in any way related to the incident.

15 AUG 1999 (approx) Ranger Sgt. Gordon identified the shell casing as part of a U.S. military gas grenade known as an M651; with help of U.S. Army experts, the ranger was able to determine the two-day period in which it was made at a North Carolina factory in 1969

24 AUG 1999 Danny Coulson, former FBI official said the agency fired 2 pyrotechnic tear gas grenades long before the fire started;

26 AUG 1999 Justice Department denied use of pyrotechnics; Johnston wrote the chief spokesman to complain his warnings had gone unheeded; Department of Defense document confirmed that members of a classified Army special forces unit were in the area when the FBI's hostage rescue team used tanks to assault the compound with tear gas; Francis suggested Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh need to expand their inquiry to address what the Delta Forces did;

27 AUG 1999 Former CIA officer Gene Cullen said that he learned from Delta Force commandos that members of the secret Army unit were "present, up front and close" in helping the FBI in the final tear-gas assault on the Branch Davidian compound; he heard the detailed accounts of the military's active involvement from "three or four" anti-terrorist Delta commandos as he worked with them on an overseas assignment in 1993; Reno considering the appointment of an outside investigator

28 AUG 1999 Keith Ideman (member of Special Forces and Special Operations from 1975-1992) says he spoke yesterday to a Delta Force commando who was present at the final tear-gas assault on the Branch Davidian compound; he said pictures from Waco released this week by the Texas Department of Public Safety have been mistakenly identified by the department as gun silencers and suppressors belonging to David Koresh and his followers which were found inside the compound after the fire; he says they are actually concussion grenades manufactured by a company, Defense Technology, and purchased by the FBI;

30 AUG 1999 White House went to work to neutralize the potential effects of these discoveries; the national press "crumbled into stunning passivity" trotted out push-polls and asked the questions the White House wanted asked; Pentagon said 3 Army Special Operations officers were present but were not involved even as advisors;

31 AUG 1999 Johnston stated that he was presented with a copy of a 5 year old document last week after officials divulged that the FBI had, in fact, used pyrotechnic tear gas but was ordered not to discuss the specific wording or handwritten notes; Johnston wrote Reno that individuals/components w/I DOJ may have long withheld evidence from her and the public about the pyrotechnics; first discovery in government records of the involvement of the Special Forces Operations Command at a Florida Air Force helping the FBI and BATF prepare for the raid with technical and equipment support; memo (from Michael E. O'Connor, Army Operations Command watch officer) was discovered wherein the FBI tried to conceal that it had a top military armor expert visit Waco to "assess’ the situation and then meet to Reno to discuss discuss "tactical contingency plans that may be used to bring the situation in Waco, Texas, to an end." The two officers were Brigadier General Schoomaker and Colonel Boykin – approval was by General Heldstab. The memo records that top executive officers, major Army commands such as Three Corps and Force Command and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command were also informed;

[WorldNetDaily's military source observes that in the five years since the two officers in the memo met with Reno about Waco, they have, between them, collected six stars -- a nearly unprecedented rate of advancement. Boykin, then a colonel has gained three stars to become a lieutenant general in command of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, and Schoomaker, then a brigadier general, quickly gained three stars to become commander in chief of the United States Special Operations Command, the ultimate leader of all Special Forces units, Ranger units, Air Force Special Operations wings and all Navy Seals, making him arguably one of the most powerful men in the military, after the Joint Chiefs of Staff. ]

00 SEP 1999 Judge David Pareya, one of four McLennan County officials to order autopsies on the Davidians, said he "has lingering questions about some of the deaths." "Pareya said he had no choice but to rule the cause of death for many Davidians as unknown because the FBI would not supply him with the results of the ballistics tests,"

01 SEP 1999 Department of Justice challenged judge’s authority to take control of evidence; Justice Department sent federal marshals to the FBI headquarters to impound new, previously undisclosed evidence; the evidence includes an audio tape requesting and receiving permission to fire pyrotechnic rounds; Judge Smith ordered government to turn over evidence by 01 OCT 1999 or face contempt charges;

04 SEP 1999 In a half hour in her weekly press briefing, Reno referred to the truth a total of 25 times.

07 SEP 1999 Melissa McDowell, GOA investigator revealed that there was a discrepancy between the counts of number of specilal forces soldiers sent to Waco but that Pentagon officials asked the GOA not to contact the Special Forces directly; she was also not allowed to write down information about when the soldiers were at Waco; also unresolved was the supply of 250 40mm high explosive rounds to the FBI HRT – who asked for it and why;

09 SEP 1999 Reno meet with Senator Danforth to discuss the scope of his inquiry; Texas Rangers discovered expended US military illumination flares "star parachute flare"; Timothy McVeigh’s trial lawyer said he believes full disclosure would have eliminated the motive for the Oklahoma City bombing; Volunteers begin rebuilding Mt. Carmel

10 SEP 1999 It was revealed that parts of the Texas Rangers’ report on evidence contain classified military secrets; Judge Walter Smith was furious when US Marshals hesitated to carry out his order to seize the contents of an entire BATF (Waco) office and massive storage locker; the chief US marshal spent hours consulting with his agency’s headquarters in DC and the US Attorney’s Office

12 SEP 1999 Francis said "There is some evidence that might indicate that they were more than observers," law enforcement officials and civilians have provided first-and second-hand reports on Delta Force activities; Tarrant County Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani said he would like to look again into the deaths of sect members who died of gunshot wounds; Texas Ranger Sgt Joey Gordon reported that the FBI had taken all of the 35-mm film, negatives and reference material [crime scene photos] into their possession, and only a limited number of photographs were returned to the Texas Department of Public Safety; Steven Barry, retired Special Forces sergeant who sometimes trained Delta Force members in a sworn statement quoted a friend in the Delta Force as saying the unit set up a tactical operations center during the siege that was staffed by 10 to 20 soldiers; another friend in the Delta Force told him that the unit's "B" Squadron had been ordered to "take down" Branch Davidians; Barry said he understood from his experience in the Special Forces that "take down" meant to kill people identified as terrorists.

13 SEP 1999 Texas Rangers reports a dozen spent rifle cartridges of a type often used by snipers were recovered from a house used by the FBI; 12 .308 caliber casing, 2 dozen Israeli-manufactured .223 caliber casings

14 SEP 1999 Johnston was abruptly removed from the case along with his boss, Blagg; Edward Allard (FLIR expert, physicist, 10 years in Army’s Night Vision Laboratory) said that any layman can look at what I looked at and say it’s gunshots; McNulty asserts the newly found blue knit cap worn by Schroeder might contract ATF reports that he was shot from a distance; after Judge Smith ordered US marshals to begin seizing evidence, the government decided not to fight his demand for all evidence

16 SEP 1999 Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals denied a motion to recuse Judge Smith from the civil trial

17 SEP 1999 Attorney Alan Woll, co-author of a memo on the use of presidential powers to use the US Armed Forces indicated the attack on Waco was not necessarily illegal under federal law

20 SEP 1999 USA Today reported that the M651 canister was launched by the FBI in an attempt to crash through the plywood roof of a concrete bunker adjacent to the main compound to seal off a possible escape route.

21 SEP 1999 Justice Department cleared Edward Dowd Jr (newly appointed deputy to Senator Danforth) of improper lobbying against Missouri gun rights measures while US Attorney in St Louis.

24 SEP 1999 Senate Republicans created a task force to investigate Waco and the Justice Department and FBI as a whole; US Marshals supervised a truck believed to be hauling tons of evidence to Waco

29 SEP 1999 Senator Danforth is seeking information from journalist Dan Gifford, exec producer of Waco: Rules of Engagement; Gifford is concerned "For all I know, this process might have been set up to see who has been talking and smite them," he said"

30 SEP 1999 Steve Cain, 20 years audio and video expert w/ US Secret Service and IRS Crime Lab in Chicago said he found repeated anomalies on the tapes "There's so much editing on this tape, it's ridiculous" . "And it appears that either insert edits or other types of over recordings were made by the same or different video camera sources;" Justice Department sent "first-generation" copies of original infrared tapes to Mr Caddell attorney for plaintiffs in civil suit; inexplicably included in the opening minutes of that tape is an eight-minute portion date-stamped April 16; Maurice Cox, retired satellite imagery analyst and mathematician 33 years on secret government photo-reconnaissance projects said he shares Cain’s concerns; Oracle Enterprise License Contract established between Anteon Corporation (Vector/FLIR) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF), U.S. Customs Service, (Customs), Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) and Chief Information Office within Departmental Offices (CIO).

09 OCT 99 Colonel Rodney Rawlings contradicted the FBI’s claim that they didn’t know the BD’s were going to destroy the compound - in saying "You could hear everything from the very beginning, as it was happening." Rawlings said he heard bug transmissions from speakers in an FBI monitoring room at the FBI's main Waco command post

10 OCT 1999 Carlos Ghigliotti, FLIR expert hired by House committee on Government Reform said "I conclude that the FBI fired shots on that day". "I conclude this based on the ground-view videotapes taken from several different angles simultaneously and based on the overhead thermal tape. The gunfire from the ground is there, without a doubt.";Ghigliotti focused on three videotapes taken by news agencies that day and the new audio tape, which is part of an FBI surveillance video; Judge Smith granted Danforth access to evidence in the civil suit

14 OCT 1999 Military estimates 6,000 pages of its documents are classified; CIA, FBI, Treasury, ATF and Justice also have secret documents; Treasury has asked if 3 of its documents are exempt under executive privilege; Dallas Morning News observed that although the compound was ringed with FBI closed-circuit cameras and secret government sensing devices, and the cameras were in use, written statements from FBI agents and technicians show that recordings were made, no videotape from the surveillance cameras has ever been made public by the federal government.

20 OCT 1999 Lawyers for the plaintiffs proposed recreating a scene with conditions similar to the standoff’s final hours.

27 OCT 1999 Government lawyers reject the plaintiff’s challenge for a field test

99 OCT 1999 Danforth investigator visited Graeme Craddock, an imprisoned survivor; the talks were secret; Craddock gave another sworn statement later that month that provided new evidence that the Branch Davidians started the fire

01 NOV 1999 Allard described (New Yorker article) the reaction of Danforth’s people to the FLIR information he showed them

03 NOV 1999 Judge Smith angrily warned that government faces contempt proceedings w/I two weeks if the lawyers do not surrender every federal document relating to the Davidian standoff; White House is withholding one classified document; 751 original FBI documents which were thrown away mistakenly will have to be replaced by photocopies; FBI memo indicated other documents appear to be missing – only a few photocopied pages have been found from two notebooks used by Danny Coulson;

15 NOV 1999 Danforth has asked the FBI to conduct ballistic tests on the guns they used; Danforth and plaintiff’s attorneys persuade Judge Smith to do the field tests; Justice may try to invoke executive privilege or other legal exemptions to block plaintiffs and even Judge Smith from examining certain documents

22 NOV 1999 Francis reports that a search did not turn up the cannister the Texas Rangers were looking for. ``We don't know where it is. It may be in the FBI's lab. That's the only other place that we know it could be. Nobody else has had access to that except FBI agents over the years.''

00 DEC 1999 Hardy visited Infrared Technology and Ghigliotti showed him some of his work; he told me the whole operation [at Waco] from the start of the siege to the end was funded out of the drug forfeiture monies that are supposed to be used only in the war on drugs

04 DEC 1999 St Louis Post Dispatch reported that there was no evidence to support McNulty's claim that the government may have used a high explosive "shaped charge" to blow a hole in a concrete bunker in which children had taken refuge.

24 DEC 1999 Danforth and Congress could not find in the evidence: the 44 mm pyrotechnic tear gas projectile that reignited the Waco investigation last summer....... Its disappearance could be evidence that a cover-up began shortly after the siege, investigators say...... A photographer for the Texas Rangers - identified by sources as Kent Kincaid - photographed the projectile immediately after the siege. But the projectile was not listed on an inventory of evidence, sources say, and it has not been seen since

29 DEC 1999 Civil lawyers deposed a member of the Delta Force, hidden behind a screen with 4 Defense Department and Justice to confer with about his answers.

01 JAN 2000 Memos from the Justice Department detail misgivings and objections from psychological experts.

13 JAN 2000 A newspaper claim that a single photo now proves federal forces did not shoot at the Waco Branch Davidians has come under heavy criticism by a documentary producer, as well as FBI, CIA and other officials

18 JAN 2000 Government attorneys failed to meet a federal judge's Tuesday deadline to turn over all evidence

19 JAN 2000 Plaintiff’s attorney say they have developed evidence that suggests a Delta Force agent may have fired on the compound

20 JAN 2000 U.S. District Judge Walter Smith has approved Danforth's request for temporary custody of human tissue and bone samples; Danforth wants an independent toxicologist to conduct tests

21 JAN 2000 2 US Army Delta Force technicians testified that their primary mission was helping the FBI use sophisticated surveillance gear from their unit and that they had no direct knowledge that any Delta Force personnel participated; the two soldiers acknowledged that one sergeant sent in initially and a sergeant there at the end were combat arms specialists

26 JAN 2000 Plaintiffs attorneys complain that the Defense Department stated they did not fire guns ``based on currently available information.''

28 JAN 2000 Danforth asked Judge Smith for permission to perform independent testing on tape recordings made from FBI surveillance devices

31 JAN 2000 Danforth used a polygraph on a Delta Force commander last week; the soldier and his two colleagues each said they filed no written report to document what they saw at the end of the siege

03 FEB 2000 Plaintiffs lawyers have conceded that the agent [Horiuchi] will probably be dismissed, despite recent revelations about evidence that could support the gunfire claim

; Justice lawyers argued that U.S. government can't be sued even if its agents' judgment calls prove negligent

14 FEB 2000 Though Richard Scruggs admitted disclosing classified information, the Justice Department did not prosecute him, Scruggs is a friend of Reno and the former head of its intelligence division who wrote the after-action report saying no incendiary devices were used and Koresh was to blame

16 FEB 2000 Jamar told his story to House investigators

23 FEB 2000 Livingston Fagan, a survivor, said he shot at ATF agents – the first admission of a Davidian firing at the ATF agents that died

24 FEB 2000 Coulson acknowledged that sending tanks into the Branch Davidian compound was inconsistent with the Washington-approved plan for ending the 51-day siege

25 FEB 2000 Federal prosecutors attempt to access Johnston’s files

26 FEB 2000 Department of Defense has been asked to declassify thousand of documents for the Reno testimony; Worldnetdaily found out why the military has classified some of the documents: "Portions of the documents were found to contain information concerning military plans, weapons, or operations; and vulnerabilities or capabilities or systems, installations, projects, or plans relating to the national security, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security."

29 FEB 2000 Caddell asked Judge Smith to dismiss Kathryn Schroeder and Rita Riddle as plaintiffs

00 MAR 2000 Hardy recalled his conversation with Ghigliotti that he'd seen FLIRs from nights before 4/19, and that it was apparent that the FLIR aircraft was being used to monitor the Davidians' water supply; he also showed him some footage where it was clear, beyond any doubt, that a man was moving in the wreckage of the gym. The guy gets up from behind one pile of cover and races to another. In between, you see a very long flash that exists only for an instant -- much longer in terms of physical length than could be attributed to a gunshot. He said that was a bullet imaged in flight--he'd imaged them before, while flying past shooting ranges

02 MAR 20000 Cain said the tapes of the surveillance recordings from April 19 that Justice lawyers described as originals to the Waco federal court all appeared to be copies

05 MAR 2000 Texas Rangers report that the photographer's field notes show the projectile was "located about 200 yards northwest of the [compound water] tower"; the device probably was fired from behind the building, and not from the area where FBI officials have previously said that only two such devices were launched that day; discovery of a melted mass of bluish plastic among the evidence inventoried by Danforth and Rangers; the plastic is about the size and weight of one of the non-pyrotechnic ferret rounds used by the FBI; the rounds have blue tips on milky white bodies, and the blob of plastic is an identical shade of blue; it was recovered from the bunker deep within the compound

09 MAR 2000 Caddell asks Judge Smith to fine the Justice Department for violating the deadline to hand over documents

12 MAR 2000 Government concedes that the Fort Hood test may pick up muzzle flashes; Gordon Novel announces that he believes the cameras at Fort Hood will be altered in a way to ensure they do not detect gunfire based on his suspicion on the fact that the British-based company supervising the test is owned by a U.S. defense contractor that has done past work for U.S. intelligence agencies, the defense department and the FBI

13 MAR 2000 Caddell drops the claim that FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi fired at the Davidians

15 MAR 2000 Plaintiff’s make a number of allegations about the evidence being flawed, suspect or missing

18 MAR 2000 Ghigliotti faxed his preliminary House FLIR report to Hardy

19 MAR 2000 Allard suffered a stroke; Ghigliotti told Hardy the reenactment test was worthless because the helicopter wasn’t at the same altitude, the temperature was 20 degrees lower and certain calibration tests weren’t done; Fred Zegel (another FLIR expert for the plaintiffs) suffered a lethal level of blood poisoning and spent 10 days in the hospital;

20 MAR 2000 McLennan County Sheriff Jack Harwell dies of heart attack at home

21 MAR 2000 Each side had different views of the initial results of the test; both sides claimed victory

22 MAR 2000 US Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments 24 APR 2000 concerning the extra sentencing of the survivors

24 MAR 2000 Judge Smith granted the government’s request to limit Reno testimony in the civil case to 2 hours

28 MAR 2000 Reno testified she never gave approval for tanks to demolish the compound and does not believe the FBI did so intentionally

29 MAR 2000 Danforth called Monty Jett, an FBI expert who supervised the reloading of canisters used to insert tear gas - to testify before a grand jury;

30 MAR 2000 Hardy call to Ghigliotti

31 MAR 2000 Both sides indicate Vector may be experiencing difficulties similar to those that their infrared experts have faced in analyzing digitally computerized copies of the test data; Judge Smith threw Lon Horiuchi out of the case

99 MAR 2000 Ghigliotti told Hardy that he had met with both majority and minority of the committee; from Hardy’s notes of the conversation "…Kevin Binger, chief of staff to Burton, wanted report rewritten his way. …..Shots from side of tank. He had been showing the FLIR of a tank hatch opening and a guy coming out of the CEV to the Demo staff members; they agreed that the hatch opened but some didn't agree they could see the person. They knew by name the person under that hatch. Guy dismounts and shoots at a Davidian. Something about audio track at another point says tank is in pursuit of an unidentified subject. …."

02 APR 2000 Patrick Kennedy fire report concludes that nobody today can be sure how the blaze started, but argues for negligence as a promoter of the fire; Dick Reavis (Waco investigator/journalist) recalled that FBI Bob Ricks exclaimed "Oh, my God! They're killing themselves!" - and the theory of Davidian suicide was born; at the trial two fire experts, William Cass of the Los Angeles Fire Department and James Quintiere, a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Maryland, testified for the prosecution

17 APR 2000 Caddell wrote Danforth asking them to interview Ghigliotti; government acknowledged it is missing 30 original negatives from the first of at least seven rolls of film

19 APR 2000 Hardy called Ghigliotti and got a message "tape finished. Thank you for calling."

23 APR 2000 Vector Data Systems submitted its report finding that none of the 57 thermal events identified on the 19 APR 1993 video came from gunfire; 6 weapons fired at Ft Hood produced muzzle blasts

24 APR 2000 Judge announces that court expert's preliminary study of infrared videotapes made during the final hours of the siege found no firearm muzzle flashes from either federal agents or cult members.

29 APR 2000 Carlos Ghigliotti, 42, found dead, badly decomposed

00 MAY 2000 The agent who flew the surveillance plane that took infrared videotapes of the siege of the Waco complex later wondered if the tape's audio had been erased at FBI headquarters; he was surprised to find out later that there is no sound on the tape from 10:42 a.m. until 12:16 p.m. - the critical time when the government accelerated its plan to insert tear gas

02 MAY 2000 Caddell asked Judge Smith to impound all related information in Ghigliotti’s office; Hardy in an interview w/Sarah Foster of Worldnetdaily "I think he may have known too much. Carlos told me he had discovered things that were much, much worse than anything that had yet come out." ……"

08 MAY 2000 A McLennan County jury has decided that neither the surviving followers of David Koresh nor the widow of another former Branch Davidian leader are legitimate trustees of the Branch Davidian church

10 MAY 2000 Court experts release final report on the simulation of aspects of the siege, which finds that flashes seen on a videotape were sunlight reflecting off debris, not government gunfire.

11 MAY 20000 Vector filed a 65 page report

13 MAY 2000 Laurel Police Department said that according to the autopsy report, Ghigliotti’s death was of natural causes, a heart attack brought on by arteriosclerosis

27 MAY 2000 Judge Smith ordered a jury trial for the Davidian civil case and dropped counterclaims against the estates of Branch Davidian leaders as well as some surviving adult sect members who recently dropped their lawsuits against the government

12 JUN 2000 Smith decides the question of whether government agents fired on Branch Davidians during the final hours of the siege will not be considered by the advisory jury. Instead, Smith rules he'll take up the issue later when a court-appointed expert - who was ill and could not attend the trial - is available to provide testimony.

19 JUN 2000 The $675 million wrongful death lawsuit against the government begins.

14 JUL 2000 An advisory jury decides the government bears no responsibility for the deaths of the Davidians. Smith takes the jury's decision under advisement, saying he will issue his final ruling when he takes up the gunfire issue.

21 JUL 2000 An outside investigator assigned to probe the 1993 siege and fire at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, Friday completely absolved the government of wrongdoing in the disaster. Former Sen. John Danforth said in a report that David Koresh, leader of the group, and several others were entirely responsible.

20 SEP 2000 Judge Smith rules that the government was not responsible for the gunfight or the fire. He also ruled that no agents shot into the burning compound. Dallas Morning News 9/21/00 Lee Hancock